Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 21, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 21, 1862 Page 6
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6 srrrvri"** wa\ted-r .kmales, 4 ladvwishes to fi^'d ? plare jpoh her A * smeUcae, Wtiom sne c*n ri o"m en l u ? tim-v neat, f? hf l sawer; i? V hl chiuul erwork. Can bu acen st her rresent ew>l4yer s. West 47th St., uii Thurstoy and Friday. A YOUNG GIRL waf.fti A sIT i'att OR to go tr a , veiling*" Alia led' ^ family, or would go aae*ewar,:e ? cf a steam-hip. > an give gn.,.1 city referenoes. Call at :i7 Park "U, room No- rM first door, between the hours of 3 and-6 . e'eiock. A SITUATION WANTED-BY a YOUNG OIRL. TO lak'o?/e of one or tw o children and do plain sewing. Call at i)S ath av. >, respecttrle GIRL WISHES A 8ITUTATION as i ' ha, b n.ia 4 and wa tress, or as nurse and seaiiistrecs; , Ytnod reterencc gi>eu. CaJ for two days at 43 State at, Brooklyn. A young lady op intelligence and repineinem wt*be? to obtsiu a miuation as hounekeei er in a w'dnwer'n family; is thoroughly competent to tako charce of a household in all its brum hes. Uneicemtionable reference. Ad-liess for one week M A. R., station D, New York. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do acneral hutiaework, or would do eh.nnberwork and welt'rig has the beat of city reference from her laet place. Wan he seen for two daya at 90 Baltic at., between Smith and eyt, Biookly*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, AS eook; ia willing to aaslst In the washing and ironing; wo abjection to go a short dlstan-e In the country for the mminer; S*?<1 reference. Csu to seen st 62 West 21st st. auruer of 6th av., third door j A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG woman, as nuw arol so mistress or to do chamb rwork and en*. In a small private family; b -st of reference given. Can be ?-on in her present situation, 66 Lexington ev., until enna^ed. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABI B WOman. as g-od cook, wash-mud ironer; beat of city refe Bag ami Ironing. Can be Men lur two <iay? at 211 7lii av., Meond floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPBCTBLE GIRL, to do chain) erwora and watting: baa no objecil-n to do geaerml hoiiMWora in a small private family; la a first ran Caber and ironer. Haa the best of city referencea Caaba n for two da?s if not eulted ai 240 Warn 16th en, bei ween 7tb and 8th eve*., in the rear, first floor. AYOCSO UIKL WISHES A SITUATION AS TOOK, ' la a prvate family; la a good washer an<1 ironer. Can 1 prg references. Call for two days at 138 Smith il.,*\er the Bu>cj (tore. f A SITUATION WAN TED?BY A WON GIRL. TO DO t general ho .sewoi k in a email family, or a* chamber. Mark. Good city reference* Call at 73 Weal 19th at., be- 1 Maei a 6th and 7tb area, front basement. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART, INDUBTRI- ' cue girl, to do pla.u "iioitlng or general housework, I* an 1 Cclient wa?htr and ironer and good rook; neat, eeonomlz! and obliging, and very highly recommended; will try to r gtoaae at moderate wages Apply at 121 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. AM AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress, or aa chambermaid and to 1 Mb plain sewing; can gtvr good city reference. A; ply for two i Nye at 366 4:h av., top floor. ( AS COOK.?A RESPECTABLE PERSON WISHES A afL -Una;.on as cook; is an excellent rook and would assist with part of the waahlbglf required; fcaa the best ot r? fc- I renee. Call at 468 6th av., between 28th and 29th sir. for t two days. A MOST RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WITH THE BEST of city reference, wishes a "Itualinu to do general bouse- < work. In city or country; wages not sc much sn object as a Kid home; would do cbambcrwork and waiting In a board- " Kg house Call at 163 Clinton St., net Grand. LAU.NDBESS.-A YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A SITU- i ation as laiinoress and chambermaid, or chamber:..aid and seamrtrrs,; he* eight year*' ref'-rence from her lart f Ce. Can b? seen lor two days at 226 West Houston it., In store, near \ ai Ik. i Seamstress.?wasted, a situation, bt a re , enecUbie young woman, as thorough *eatnttress, In a rrate tatnllr; ba? the nrjr bth of dl; reference. Call at a vut 3utn Bt, near 6tb av. Situations wantud-by two respei table j g.rla, "j do cl amber-work or watting; beat of nty rrfe. senc? can rtegueo. Can be aecn for two day at lit east i k'ii at., Crat Boor. Situations wasted-by two respectable { glrl?: one as rook, and the other ?e chambermaid The r kewl ot city r ferem-ce ft v- n from last employer. Call for two davaat ij1 wee !:'tb at., tt tar 7th are. , SITUATION WASTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS / fir?tclaas waitress. or -could do rbamberwork a I t |. has tbe out city refer, nee from ber ,?a' place w iters be haa lived five years an i four months. Apply at No 12 a Baa 824 at. 1 Wanted?BY a RESPECT VBLE WOMAN, A SITUA- f, lion as chambermaid an <l waitress, or to take . arc of kUdrru and do sew .ng. no o ' w ro a eho. t distance a tat the country. Good reference. Cell for two <leyBei667 ' tt,l*trteaf eothet. m Wanted-a situation, by a re-!'e' table p young woman, as ccuk, waeber and iron, r, or would have no objection to do general housework. Best of city | i referen :e given If rctiiiired. Call at 17 Sheriff ?.* tip eta.ra, ' front room, for two day a. j "'wt'anted-by a rkspfc fami,e *01 no olftl. a , YY situation aa aeam?tres? or nurse; la ap.ibl* of taking ' are of a baby from 1?a birth. Reference If required. ta.l v at M tbeet Z7tb at., between 6th end 7tb ave?. fl titantbd?by a youno womtn, a situation to 1 YY cook, araeh ati l iron, or would be wiliiu, tu .ocb .tn- | Barwork and awlat ? Lb the waahiiig and ironlnf. Good city ?, rrfr -tn e If required. Call at fJl Eait llib at., t-cond flour. tack room. _ WAWTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO do chain berw^rk and waiting or to take rare of ?liiU ' Bran and du plain aewing. in urtitch al.e would glveer. ire I aati?fa twin. The beat of city reierence. Can t>?aeenat21 ' Weal 1311 M. for two days. a ? ..I, e WJJPAMTED?A SITUATION AS GOVERN! SB. BY A e YY young lady, a graduate of a North?rn aaaiinary. AdAreas for three days allaa E. C rile, I'oet oSea, Hn-ukijn | IITANTED?A SITUATION Ad NURSE AMD SEAM ; TT atrraa, ly a young gin; heat of refere n- Call at 4V ' tub ar , between Mat and 3Zd aU . In the fancj afore. WANTED-A SITUATION, BTA RE?PE< t tBI.E GIRL. " aawaltras*; one who thoroughly undf inamti her bu- * Wnaas-no objections to ae-lat a chamber*! ta If reomrad. ' the beat of elty reference can be (Iran. Can be arch for tw> ays. if not engaged at I* Usieaard at. r WAMTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE a yonug wouia i,*aa eo>-? ?. d lutidresa. r chambermaid t And laundreaa; th? beat of rv y refer toe f? ,ut h?.i iaat plaec, where she can be aecn, IK L utigv a*. WA.MTED-A PLACE, AR CM BL AM Alb ANU aeamatroas, bya r.-ry < > ,' rsiy neat and thorough ly tniatwortliy g-rl; reenrome at au*h by a lady with f arhotii the ha? eereed Tor aeacrwi years. Call for two day; M 143 Weat 36th at. Y1' * .V T E [>? A PLACE. AS CHAMBERMAID AMD ft aeautatreaa; la willing to aaMai u> fins Ir 'utn^. Can be ( well recommended. Call at 40>#th .it*. \1-AMTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WON VN. TY a situation as co<>k, In a prtvute famf * - a re?pe<-ta bie , boarding houae: la an atoe'lent c<^,k;gbi' eference gt-i-a ? Caii at IW A'tat Houston atreet. Ural Uvoi. . , Ylf ANTED?HT A RESPBCTABLE E.N JLtHH PERSON. ww MhwiiuuMUii'ii ?nn virniiri'll, rn *apanie 01 'iking the nil** -barge of a -hlld from Ita birth ; do objeet'on to do cbarobcrwu-k. Batiafacwrj lef-reneet. Apply for twodajaat N * . . ?t . N-w Vjrk. 1 WAKTKD-A BITCATIOW. ?Y A YOt'NO OIRL, SIX teen rrara of ?,?. u cham 'erna.d and wilfM or to , take care ..f children Call at ?7 Wi.-koffal.. Brook.yn. XX7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RF.BrBiTABtE YY married I .dy. aa wet rnr?e hea loai her own ba'iy, a tew weeka old. Catl at 173We?;i&ib at. ueai dtbar, fni two dajra 1 W~~A!tTED~A BITIATTOW AS NCRSE AND PLAIN t newer, or aa ebajnuermald and to aeaiat In 'he waihmg r and Iron lag, baat eily ratgrwre |i' a Call at 115 We at ISth^at. WANTED-A RITCAT10M. TO DO CHAMBERWORK , Add to aaaiet iu the waahlna and lr-tie , . .? \ city poferf oco If requirad. Call at 71 Weai ?7th at . br'watn lb and 7th ara. * Rl.rAN TED?BY A RB9PECTABLE MARR RD WON Alt, . IT a t>abr to wet uurae at bar ho iaa, good reference if ie I q. tred Call alSOR' rtltdth at, WUhamttmrg. I WANTKD-A BITCATIOB, BY a UtflOfABLI I young woman, a? rtrat rate cook and undue,ai. ta an l klad'of pattrr; it an earalleat waaher aad lioner and haa tbe '>e*' ot mi/ referent* itr botb cooking and wanking. Call at 4Tl at ae., ope do e from l?th at. I TXTA>Ub-A BITUATION, BY A BBBPBCTABLB ] " /onng Woman, aaeooi, waaber and Irooert would bara no ihjectloa to do a*nazal houaework Ki aamall pnrate fa- < rni'T Beat of elty re'erenco. Can be aaea for two day* kt I Sweat Bbh at , between T'h and 8tb art. M^ANTBO-MT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A MTU A Y Y tloii aa wot nurae la mar-la 1 and healthy, with k I re h 1 tire it of i*.iA, ii' e "I II n'o go OIH (I od r 'eicnce. Call ' at Iheaornero khla' and <Hti a*.,top lloo'. on Bra. W ick. WANTED-RY A YOCNQ WOMAN, THIRTY YEtKS of age, a iwmn in a trad-aman'a farnlir: i nter. maad.cno.lmt waiking and inn., a. la a ? ?d biead b.a r; 1 101??-" "?? "* ; TV ANTED? BY A WtiMAN, A BITl'Af Y t o.I to do gei erai hmiWWork; la * goon piala cook and Srat rate naeberand Ironer ? "? rat-renoofrom la-i i.Lw e . CaU at M 'Jiaaw Ml., ?\?vu4 kgvf^yul ijfcm, I A renee i roni nei u?"i p.? 11 reqmrau. lu ge nen lor im day* ?i 1?^ Hth at., between 5th and 6th ava. A\0n*0 WOMAN WIHSES A SITUATION AS COOK in a mi.all i iivkie famly. nr to genera! housework; la ?( <.?'1 cook aud itrat rate washer and Inner: la very at' ady and haa good refnence. Can be seen at lll}? Wett 24ih su, ha the rear, second Door. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, AS cook, washer aud Iruner; city reference from las: pl'ce; ae oh ection to the country: would do chamberwork and washing. Call for two daj a at 502 9th nr. A RES PEC TABliE YOI NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUat,on to do general housework; excellent reference can be given. Cell for two day * at 164 Water St., Brooklyn. ' A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE A yo ng girl, as chambermaid and wnitreas. or to do hamnerwork and fii * wushluu and irontng; the beat of city reference. Call at 1(11 West 27th at., for two days. A FRENCH DRESSMAKER DESIRES TO GO OCT BY the day. Apply at 99 Houston St., In the candy store, for two days. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO OET A SITUATION FOR a young girl, in New York or Brooklyn, aa waitress, or le take tare of children. Call at IS Monroe p are, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOman, to dogen-ral housework in a small private family; the best of cttw reference. Call at 96 East 13th at., between M and 4th avea. A YOUNG W^MAN WISHES A SITUATION TO OOOK, waah and Iron iu a -mall private family. Best of city I referenrea from her last place. Call at 212 West 25th et. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as rook, is a first rate washer and ironer an l understands all kinds of family baking. Call for two i Bays at 499 6th sr., r>ou 7, ncar.Vith st. Good city reference. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO. man. an r ik : h.4M r i oh ierLirm u> %.nn\+i with tho waati. SITUATIONS WANTEDwKK WA1.E?. TVTaNTED-A SITUATION, by * RESPi CTABI.B It youu.; ( iiiwn. ?s uo..I pla u took, waaher and ron'f, or to do general huti-?wor?, or , bamhe. work ami waiting; icfer- not fiotu Lul p-ace. Call for two drya at 74 Pa< ite at., B. klyn. W ANTED? A SITUATION AS WET SI'R I, BY A ' yonugGe < an woman, rity refer**? given. On.l at 1,411 Ur aim.t, 1 uli 4 o'clock, ironi room, lop floor. WA.NTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS " cn?.,.biiu.a..l ?4 waoicoa, or ? uurae, waGi r j:,4 kroner. Call lui i?oOA>? a. 3m! l?l av., between 17 lh and 1Mb ?ta. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A W Ct> auuu ;o tl |>o, n or cbaiubei work, ami p. ?iu aowiug in a u.l,a o; city Can areu al 3o W.a lorn at. XCANTED-A Sirt'ATION, BY A PROTESTANT GER?? man girk a? , Qauiberiuai.l. Apply at 24/ Wei. 3Uih at., fourth floor, front room. IV'ANTiil>?BY IIEG PREsEST EMPLOYER, A SITUT? a inn . aa chant mnnal I ami waitresaand to . o flue waahing; ui.<l iai .mli plain, the country pre fcuvd. Apply at 146 M ..llaou av. TyANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL. A ?f a-t utlon aa chainoein.aid aud eean.sHesd. l'a.Tatdl4 ava. A, a. c u , Uoor, iront room. Y\r AN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. ?T a uuaiiun as wet nuim. ; wo 14 tako thu baby to her houae. Goon ri'ferru.c ,. Coll at 10 Haiutun it., for two day*, rc,.r houae. HELP WAVTKO-KKMALES, ALL FAMILIES AND UcK)D SERVANTS WILL KIND the ulj establi shed InMuute, a. the cum. r 01 6 li v. un ! Ilili at., tor German, Engl ail, I-isil ami Ann-rlc u women. Mr*. Floyd in attendance. Good places always ready. Prolei.aula wauled alway s. American and foreign intelligence office, on the E..iopean plan.?Tuts establishment, d> ly licensee, and kept by a gentleman connected wlih similar oilices iu (be prmcd) ai i itica of tbe Old World, will be leund the tnofct suitable lor U> ? wishing o secure the sendees Of servants 01 all nations. L. I'.JlK lit'SEN, Proprietor. 175>? Elm street, New York. AT THE FRENCH INSTITUTE OF M. C. OAILLARD. 51 siith avenue, etupioyeis tan duuu the most efficient French, Engll-h and Ann ricau server*, males and females, oi all capacities, and tlrst c.ass servants tl.e mi t desirab.e situations 01 the city and country. 61 Sinh avenue, near Washington place. A LAUNDRESS IS WANTED IMMEDIATELY, IN A priva e family , sin must be a competent, lirst rla-s servant iu all respects: must be a tinisl.' d t tench tint r, ut.d and.-island her bit siness thoroughly. Apuly at 309 4th avc., between l&1 and 24M ?ts. A LADY'S MAID IS REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY; SHE must understand her business In every, hair dressing, dre-sniakitia. Ac. A| piv, wl;h testimonium, to U< oahain A BedeU, 3c'7 and 30y sth ave., between ifcld and 24tu iu. (dOOK WANTED ?A GOOD AN'd COMPETENT COOK, J tvith good wage?, e.ther French or Get mun, can I e.r of a good place by up ly tig by JelSt r, addressed to B. H. B., Herald odloe. T ruia and t|Ualifleiu.ons to be stated in the application. COOK ?WANTED. IN A SMALL ENGLISH FAMILY, an English or S oteh cook; she would be requite i to assist iu washing and ironing; none but those who thoroughly un leiaisnd their bu iimss need apply. Cal. at 119 Waverley ulace. between 9 and 11) A M. TIT ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED NCR8E, TO TAKE VV the en.ire charge of a child seTen inuutha uld. None bin a wringing il.e best recommendation, need ap ph. To Burb a one a good home and liberal wanes will be uJ?red. Apply at So. 3 K agent place. WANTED?TWO YOl NO LATHES FOR A FIRST TV class retail ribbon at.ire. LIU ral wages will be paid to those that ill Apply at 3t/7 Canal at. WANTED?A GERMAN OK AMERICAN WOMAN, HETV ttrieiithe ol it :.nd .0. .a chambermaid; must rome well recommended. IO'tnlre nl 79 Spr.ngst., of Anaon House. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED SILK -MILLINER, FOB TV the country ; alao, au experienced saleswoman, tor the nill.nery departiuent. Call at J. Hlggins', 12<iGth ave., N. YWANTKD-A PROTESTANT GIRL, AS CHAMBERTV maid and wai'rraa. Eu,..iab preierred, in a private j amtly, near tbe city, one b?nr by railroad. One wuo can 1 time well re. omm-uded from last place, f.,r ability, uispogiion, character, Ac., may apply at 63 E tat 40.h at. WANTEP-AT CITY LAUNDRY, 241 CANAL STREET' 1 VV irouers for new shirts. luculre at the taunurr, alter I o'clock A. M WANTED-A WOMAN, TO COOK WASH AND IKON 1 VV tor a family in Brooklyn. Apply in Baltic at, third ' irlek house beu.w Yanderbxlt av." WANTED?A GIRL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK , VV in a small family; must be a good eook, washer and ' loner; a German, who speaks Bu.lteh, preferr. d. None ! iced apply who object to do ng anything connected w,th ' jeneral housework. Beat of reference required. Apply at 166 Alien at., alter 2 o'clock 1*. M. IVTANTED-A GIRL TO DO THE OE-sERAL IIOISEVV work of a small taiuny. Inquire at 13 Garuen ?t., liuaik< n. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED WAITRESS, WITH II iTtMMl f'itv r#?rrdii?in.'tl.l:?fli?ii1 pp.t!wiilunl nraTorro.! 1 ?ali at 11 Earn 12th at. > 117ANTED?A FIRST R ATE COOK; A FRENCH WOM tnau preferred. Apply at 153 iJlee.ker *.. 11*'ANTED?A HOUSE SERV INT, IO WAIT ON TUE I ?T table el a Kinall tamlly. aU'l who cau attend an in- ' ant Apply at 153 Bieecker at W'ANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK Omi ?b , uiuRrstand* iter and an give ,ooJ efereucee, can apply at A) Uruve st. j UJANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK, ' goodwaahera nuer, with c:iy recumtuentUui. n*. Apply irom a to 11 at 1,/ Oxfurd ?t., near Fait u avenue, Ir nielyn. rV-ANTED-FIKTV GIRLS, TO MAKE WOVEN HoOP i IT shirt*; nunc but the best expem nce.i ban.I* need it I. t tiff leu bote for lb- fk.rt btia.-ir- At- y at the Now York * floating Be,| sitiit Company , u 37j Broadway, in tie ear ol ihe building, up stair*. II-t.srnD-A girl, AS ohamebricaid wo to Is- i It slut in taking care or children in * private family. i i| I -J between the hours o: 11 ana 2 at 2oi West 22a si., I ?o Hour* east of 3th ?r. |: UL'ANTED-A SMART. TIDY GERMAN OIRL, TO DO IT general h"uiework in a pr rate lumily; must lie a tun) washer and iroller. Call at 11 Cornelia ?t., iu th? base :eut, for i?o day*. ,17ANTED?A RELIABLE PROTESTANT NURSE TO "I liike the < u Ir. charge Of time ihl die i, t'ruiu ,nc to it yearn old. Only ?nrh a: have > 1 iu that eapaeity need * I with refer! nceg. iwrweec 10 and 12 o clock, ut 33 W.?t tin ?t., near A b ave. 11'ANTED?LAMF.S' DRESS, CAP MAKERS; GOOD <> ?T w .rkvr? will Cu t cotiiUnt empioym-nt at llyWeat 1 liuR. [UaMED-A YOUNG GERMAN OR FRENCH OIRL, It to lake charge v tw o rhllareu; One wh. can < mbi dder; c ag-? $5. Apply at 2 i lib ot? opposite Washington e-piar-, 1 lVAXTED-A CLEAN GIRL, TO DO TIIE HOUSE- FT wnrk of a email taniiij ; mu?t be# good waaher and * -oner, and eewer and Willing I'j work for low wagca. b ,pply * 3o3 3d at, u.ti av. D . after 10 A. N. b THE TllADKb. ~ ljo.vt itiLDUi and ftrnr airimM waht O ed. lo contract to bulid *i> feet laun b??; a:i material# , r,d room will be turn'.nhn.l; ami alio ratable #nperinteijd- , nt. Por furtbar parti?ulata apply to O. B. Ingeraull 24# louth ah, M. Y., Immediately. 1AP MAKERS WANTED. APPLY AT GENIS'8. U3 ) J Broadway. ( po brass moulders-wanted to hire, a max j L fully competent to uili mr'tk lor ehcatiilii?. nalla anrl t l the coding "f the mm*. To a person eon.paMil to bll the above dtoatlon a li ?ral eompenaatlon and i lea I) empl .jrinen' will he giien A Idrr*# ? U. Van Uie- , on, but 176 Sovrark, It. J., or call at No. IS Arcb ?tree'. r) PAINTERS.?THE fll BSi RIBEK OFFERS FOR i aa> tbr (took, treue, Ae., of nla ?.d entehltaiied paint 1 hop, r,? doing a good buainte. Tat party w tailing u> start laiiiev# thia ia au opportunity seldom met with. J W. rowl, 842 Canal afreet. rwo or three tin hoofers wanted?this i morn int. at lb'. 7th av. rix rooters wanted immediately. applyto E. B STEAD, IS Sd av., corner of lit hut. j rtrANTED immediately?TW# f?R THREE GOOD TV llat a, Apple during the w.ek at room M Hrard Houae, between ? and a and 7 and fl P M. iitanif.d-several competent workmen, rt r "t ^raighienlna and baring United SUK? rifle hartel*, to inch a* understand their bualueaa thoroughly good wages ind me# .y erapp ;-raeni will b?, and nu others need an- 1 >1/ to A. T. Br: wn, *4(1 Ellrabeih it., eorn- r of Heater. W ANTED?immediately, A photoo RAPHES, TV who und.-r*las>ie copying. Call at 313Canal at. , llr anted?TWO good silk hat curlers. in* TT quire at 3< Broadway. IV ANTED?HOOD LTTHOORAPHI0 PRINTERS * V Api 'r at* A Lalng'*, 117 Fulton it. FKKtvcH AtmwniBMiim. f'N .1A RDINIKR PBANCAIB, CONXAI8SANT PAR. L falirmfnt win e'ai, ei ayant de bonne* ft-commandalone, da?lrr use place. 8'adteaaer an (WV Brm 1* ay, oaseneat. PROPOSALS. r tl'ARTEKWASTEK f)EXERAL'8 OFFICE, I \,J WndHwrna Citt. March II, IAB2. f W.rerun?a; Mhlp laland, Mixiaalppf two light draught lleainora, aimed tor towing hoaaa. Propcaale. aiatlr.g tarma and time at which they will ha Inllanat M Ship laland, with dcacrlptlon* of the boat* of'rod will br rr.#etr#d a' tho o?oe of the Qiieriermatter Irnerat until It!" Slat of March. Prjpotgl* ahnuld be coreloped aud codortad?"Propoaala lor it a* nlr.a'e fur flluii U.aoil," and addraeaed to the duartaruaatcr General Waaiiiiution, D.C. M. C. MEIUS, yuariermaatrr General. SEALED PBQPOBALB ARE INVITED TILL THE IMli day of March, IH82, at ISM., for purehaitng from the government lha Hides and Tallow, tlienfa and H. rna, r.ngu. a, Chuck* and 8hl?s or all the Bear Cattle naad by the Army of the Potomac, aicapt thota killed .wltbtu the ancient limit* of th? Dia nclof i el'iinol*. No uid win te entertained no lew the bidder la preaent to icap uid to hi i bid I t Hides, Tallow. Ar, obtained at the rlak of tho con. tractor. He will be held aemvnntsMe for Hides, Ac., of all animal* killed, wbtthrr"hs geia tuein or not. n# tdda to I* Iterated to Major A. Brekwith, C. S? V. 8. A., Wellington, D, C.*' The time for opanln* the hi 1* of Ihr ab0r? advertisement poatponed dltll the 22d of March, |a?2, at 12 M. ivtau. Ptfjl X MOT FL, NO III WAV Kit LEY PLACE. ONE l ick from Itroadway ? Hoam.a to let for aoiilica and ngia gi nt a,r,(n *i moderate prlcee. Table i'wAt at ala <ViV.ll P. II* " J[ 0 NEVF FORK HERALD, FI HELP WAITEIM1ALEI1. A WORD TO AGENTS. "WATTS ON THK MIND" Is not t<> Int -estiiie a stuffy to our agents as WHAT'S IN TiIK PACKAGE, itnply be< ?uv they CAN make money ana OO .nake money by ctigatiiii 11 ''> * sa " of th?- only VALl'ABIJi PRIZE STAT'ONEKY ' RECIPE PACKAGE AND KNtELOPE <n tt>? market. Our Stat o ry is superior, an 1 our Jewelry c msUti of POKTV \ AKlRllKr tcb ems; mactured v lUt AUTISTIC TASTE. We put in eaeh package a beautiful and fil'o-11Ice engruviu,. of UKNIRaL GEORGE B McCLELLAN, (!?"' 78 Ta'iUeb . R Ilpes. 4 SilPfl!, Utiles' * .CI ?ur. -. 6 Oliueta Commercial Note 4 Buir Envoi i. .. Piper. 3 Hum 8'rol ' ..a. 6 sheets Ladles' Note Paper. I line Pe i t. 4 while Cuiuu Envelopes, in 1 sheet Hlo' nit Paper, col urn. 1 A'oo annotation ivnhtiUler. 4 Ladi ' white Vnlon Enveioifs. Also, a VALUABLE PIEGK OP JEWELRY For Turner part uu.? send for one of our circular*, vthl'h W' mail Iron. Rlt'k.AKI>S A CO., UU Nassau street. New York. A OENTa WANTED?TO SELL THE BKST PRIZE STA ?*m. .leiui, i ncaa," h in no' u.arsei. we na,e several va both aIi.i tu.i I hum Jewelry: i.vtn null every tv>dv; Hi* A' ti' If - In o ir packages are ot good quality. ami we guarantee a* i-futiui, circulars free. HAMtiNS A CO., 3d Bee. mat. AnH,K Y. A CENTS! ATTENTION!.?A BEAfTIFl'L MICRO, siope, mugoit'} ingOiM lines, for 2S cents (silver); live of differi-ur powers, gl. MaTfidfree. Address F. L. B wen, bos 220, Bom. l, M.t*a. * Agents; do tor want to make bidden for. tunes V Tnen in ri v up 1 Send fur "ample pairs of our patent Skirl Supporters and Drm Holders. Ma le ! Tree, wuh 1 nnai, l'ur 23 cents. A. RICHARDS A CO.. New London, Conn. BOY WANTED?14 OR is YEARS OF AGE , ONE THAT und r>iund* tue iio-ci busiueu, mav apply between 11 and 12u'iT(i. at the Kin * O' uuty Hme , enrner of First an i Scuii, S- \ uih streets, Williamsburg. Spice pal kers wanted?foi r persons who arc expo* e-iced a. | a king pnund ami half pound pnp rs, can liud si a ly employment at good wag a, by appiyin>; within thre" aye, from 4 lo ' > and I rum V to 1 i o rlock 1* II., et J. Williams, ollloe f ihe Howard House, corner oi' Broadway and Maid- n lane. STATIONER'S CLERK WANTED.?ADDRESS 8TAtinners, Uux 1.163 Post, stating experience, utnl salary required. ITNITED STATES MARINE CORPS-WANTED, FOR J ihe L'nited Slates Marino C irjm, 70d able bolted unmarried men, .?tween the ages of IS and 40 years, and nut less thau 5 f-ct 4>i in h's ii gh. M.nors will ho enlisted with the consent of their narems and guar liana. There are great inducement* to yuurig men to enlist In this corps. For particular-applt at tlie Ma tn Ka-rtoks, Flushing avenue, Hrookiyn, oral the reeru. ing rendoxvous, Id Bowery, New York. WANTED?A NICE INTELLIGENT LAD fO WAIT ON a gentleman an.I g.. 1th a carriage, a eharucter for honeatv and suOriity i.idispemutble. Inquire lor Peter, at M Di.uai '. H stable, 23 V\ est 12 u rt., about the middle of the day. TyANTED-A YOt'.NG .MAN, TO GO WEST, TO TAKE i Brut rat> bookkeeper and have hud aome experience in railroad ueeountn. Addreaa, wth ref.rcnoea and view a< to salary, llailtoad, box 1,735 1'Ont otltce. 117ANTED?A PERSON GOING TO CHICAGO. VVIIO I IT will ..'ke charge or pair o i.orscH. None need apply but hose acO'iaLom-d to hor'o and who can mve reference. Can on aeeu at 119 Fifth a.vuue, before 11 o'clock in the morn ins. ! TIT ANTED?A CLERK IN AN EXCHANGE OFFICE; Tv aim r uro-i deik pod a ollertor. AiPl.v at 131 Fulton at., Mi'ichanta C it*' lt'i.;:siry ofUi-e. Situation* piopu:ed (fof reapectalili pai tie? n all mercantile brauebca and i Reference to flrat claaa hone-a. WANTED-A BOT TO ATTEND A PAPER STORE. Appiy at (be corner of 9th at. and titb tv., at 9 o'clock. WANTED-TWO OR THREE MEN OP GOOD ADdreea to eoiicit for the itr uikiyn Directory. Those ac- j customed to 'licit advert.a m-nia preferred. Call tor two , Jaja, hetw ecu 'he ho'iru of 2 and 3 r. M., a. 212 Adnata at., ^ Srwoklyn. j. Lain, compiler. / WANTEP-A SMART HONEST BOY. WHO UNDER undathe wuiui.' of In. tiea; none but one wh - underit nde hi- buainesa need apply. Call at 192 Fulton at. , a', J basement. 1 TETAVTBD?A SMART TO NO MAN TO ATTEND A It butter .Und; one that can otne well recommended; j no other need ajiply. ing lrr at 1-u) Waahtiigl n Market. I, 117 AN TED?A SMART, ACTIVE BOT. FROM 13 TO 17. a V* wi.o real; a n ur oy and with ma par-uta; aa ar y | It a'.l.^ At jjbj '.o li. S. il lla, ;!81 Broadway, ' run 9 to 10 WANTED?# MEN FOR STEAMERS. 2 BOY8 FOR J trader dcerka, 2conductor*, 2 brukemen, Sporf.ia, a I drivers, tlu.e kep.-r f..r a marble yard, 4?lr.itio b travci. xtewai U*for ? aicamboat, i?o enirvelerk. Apr y ftl r N J. 7 Cha ham mpiarr. \V AN I'ED-A HOY, TO KILL IN SHOW CARDS. ONE ] n accustomed to'he mta-m?a only need apply to?BoOert t M. t-'urreiuer, tinu? Curd Writer, 387 Broadway, between a W hlte ana Walk- i ? a 1 TVANTED?A VOi'NO MAN, IN A LIGHT OFFICE 1 ?? hu lu-d"; in ui-viiii; . capita o: itntot.'ft cau meet J with a rood 'Jt'i ' ii, I i.pitie alter 11 o'clu a ul SMALLEY * t Co., Eieha.,ge Bp t- rs 447 Fourth avenue. b YOliH WANTED?IN A COMMISSION PAPER WARE- 1 ho -e; ru t,; t u.:anU at-u.e.'- .mneri seen- J rftle ftt figure, ol a willing dispooi-lin, anil re-ide with tile < p rent*. Adore**, with inference, Terrell, box No. 3,307 t, foatoasa. f 1 7 Z B? iWERY-WAN l'ED, 2 FIREMEN, WITH OOOD I LIU i* imm r a it-. - I, a a? a waiter, At J in i- r ftodh i.rvuu:, fto I hii.ut l-oy tor laiuttv,.. x. Apply nrly at ol'Sa.iA.N A S11 AIDES' Eniploj-.ient ofUce, ITS li Bow ry. r SITUATIONS WAKTED-MALKS. " A MAN VIO 1IAB A 1'EKiKOT KNOWLEDGE OF the man . ...inn: of the ''liferent kind* o urau he* and ^ Minora e.p 1 to the mpor ed, oiler* ...?* io the 1 -ift leal lib r :-ru>. Simple* t .re-nminauim will be forvalued ry a . -?.riK A. U., "OX 120 Hi-r.ld lli e. ^ ok active bisiness hakits, a k ItOodac.oii. ant, ii'1 .amiliar mIl Ik. . .veeping b.. mu- n [le or doublf <t J, '?* r-1 a * tutlmn in noine responsible, t .?i..?eul, wi.eie at principal i.r a-i-mant 1 iiioak. p r, he.- ..era. c-ill cor o' buaineM ?;; i.t, lie ' ledges.i. soli t.. rn.ii m* ser. iep* ua. m n i uesiraule to k lieeuip. j-rft. A d.ii-'.B >x 140 HeraldofQce. '' A SITUATION WAMbD-HY A VOL'XQ MAN, A fx cod (>* . im , ua 11.' j > ! r , auctioned i k iisi-uui, or T got porter ll?;? > -r?, * I ; max, hirn*e,f generally useful < udv.orKfOi moile, ,iie wag. a. H i ere uce git en. Address I* l>., bo> iio HtnU ofl i< r? \ YOCNt) M \N All ID 20, AND WHO HAN TWO 1 y?M i' CSV-neii.-e cmnn.ivdon house, 1 " rrlte* * fair h in t, an 1 Is "a ticallv (onversunt will, the K Ipanlah iai>c are ieaue? a suuailoii'. Salary not ro mu b I u obj ci a* a pcr-naurul place. A dress A. D, box 1.327 *o?t udi , New Turk. y A' TOl'N . MAM, 21 TEARS OF AfJE, W \NTS A H1TI*. ' s.ion as oxcbn an In a pr Vile family, in the , lly or J1' ountn ; ba* od e ,'ereue" from ins ,a*t emi lover. Call " t lji'8 Mr.a Iw i, l i He i -re. near 34 h st. V farmer.?an american, of i.bxo expe- ^ Heme, wishes to Sir a i arm n , share*. or work inr '* rages, und rsisn. Hie taking eure oi row* and toe milk b u?ln???:-an rli' the b o. references. AddiessO. H. A., A K>I lid Ml f? '1 Otlli'R. 4 TOUNil orkman, 10 tears OF A??E, who has ^ TV ip e in n. outnmnsion and banting bus ne**, t> irntild ko to ,e p.a. 1 <> a similar, or any other men ao.lie I' irsn-b; ba* lbs "?*t of r-fern, es; ar?,- salary not si m en iu object aa cmp o. incut. Address U. It., boa 3/19 Post 1 MR ' nOACHMAN-A SITUATION WANTED, BY A HE- *1 O ape tel le young man, wun mid. r-ian,i? hia business: I' Ina had many yrais expenancs; is a good and csreiiil Irlrer. has had inn, ii "i|<ri-ij,'e'a gr iomin and treatment 1 if horaea; *111 lie found wiling and obliging; good eitv refe- ' ?n?e. Addreaa E. D., 91 Wett 19th at., or boa 212 Herald c< . - - fj IMPORTERS ATTENTION.?ha\ INO tu WELI.ED " L foryiar tfcmOtfa the wast, selling imp i:?; Un r, 1 vines and e <ara, and -a I fled to posaesi numerous vsluah n " ualne a Irb-nds, I oiler in/ services lo a ,me reliable Import a ng io use. Ha la'aet. ry rri?reine3glvea. Addri-aa Inlcgri y, a fadi on aqoaro, p. at oitee. l: N'uTICR to farmers?wanted, hy a boy 17 ] V an of ace. a tit. at on to wora on a farm} Is smart tn '. wining to work. Adores*, slating 'eima. Ac., W. II. tt., a >na 203 Herald otlice. c N'OTICE ?A MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN HOME good store, whero be can make himself rueful; Is act ' ti'rslifof work; wsnti a atnal salary: can lend Sue employer ?>?)oi |1,'MW. Aadi. saD T., ?>o? 106 Herald ollke. r, situation wanted?*s farmer and harden. 1 kj er; ! willing to take eharge of a small farm and garden; raise any ituantity of wjetahlos; understands the ma* \ i. gem nlo. horses ltd flatt'.e. has one year's expert,m,a in i 11,Is ,'oiintrv and can Droll). e tn* has. ofeitB re en n,. s In. t juirc lor K .oert I wm, a' Mr. Alfred Bring-nane, Mb a:.d I J7r> Broadway, fur two day*. 1 Wantkd-bt a voi-no man, aof. u, a si it \ i tlon.either In the city or country. In any reapecuhi* wholesale bouse of buainriR, can write a good hand and un. ? deratand* (ingle entry bookkeeping; hue been in the liquor, 1 dry goo<l? ana oOlee buiincu In thl* city for the lent twelve , year*. Can produce At city reference*. Adilreie Frederick, bo* 106 Herald ofUee. vi'anted-a situation, hTa "respectable cii?. ? ff mi*klon boiike, bye TWl* tn"n Irom WfltbTD New t York, who I* stile to eontroltoiialgnmrnt* of p ndure. M ittw- < factory reference* given. Addrcai Commailoo, hot US Herald ohbe. " TlrA!*TF.D?A SITUATION. by A GERMAN YOUNG i ?* m*n, who l? well ciper.emwd In the cloth end trtminlng 1 bukinraa; klto under* *n,i* th* nni, cap an-' for trade; can I give tue bent recommendation*; no objection to acept a ; situation in the country. Ad lira* L B, bo* III Herald oBce. ( XtTANTED?A SITUATION. by A YOUNG MAN, TO ' YY drive horae*. li a good uiilker, willing 10 m? and make himself generally uaefal r?n c me well recommended. ! Otll for two day* at M I'niOf) |>la> e, Bo?lk Brooklyn. II' A N I K0?A SITUATION, BV A RESPBCTABLC TY young tnan, an American, ae p irter in a store. good refer'neca given. Address J T , bo* I I'd Herald nlBce. It" NTF.O-A SITUATION HT A YoUNO MAN, IT e-iher ae bookkeeper, raehter or raleiman. ettn give goo .? renc*. Addreks II II , Herald Office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MARR.FD MAN AS farmer or plain gardener; le accustomed to *11 kind* of farm woak, the rare of hor*e? and cattle. Bn' of reference* given from hi* lad place. Apply at ereddreie Bernard Mr. Leer, KH PIvlMoe *t- | ULrASf fBD?by A you NO MAN, A SITUATION AS ' YY plan gardener; understand* the care of hnrae* and ' ? **. 0?o<1 reference if required Call at, or A' dreaa ' .lemmy, M chryaib st. | RAILROADS. ~ Hudson riyek railroad.?trains for albany, i Troy, the North and Wot leave Ubainucis ?treel at T ' and II A. M.. and 3N), Sand III P M I NEW YORK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, Nona and West. Winter arrai.gen.ent, lomni'ncing Monday, No*. 4, 1SBI, i For Albany -Id *? A. M, Btpreaa Mail Train, from Twet- 1 11 ,i , ire depot ' For all local '*in? *ee Time Table. I JVUN BIRUULLL, AMigtaav liipctjpHtylttt, , i I 'sORSKS, CARRIAGES, AC. BRE'VBTEK A CO., OK BROOME STREET, MaNUKACTI RERs OK KINE CARRIAGES FOB TOWN AND < Ol NTRY, AND First i uo- ROAD WAGONS, luvuean lu-peoton ol a varo tj of v< hides, exclusively

1 Of their u? . . iiianiilacturt', ?uii of llieir jmiui excellence of STYLE. qi'au Y AND HN1SH. The acknowledged super.only of their ROAD WAGONS Will be x rictly maintained, anil in addition To the po| ul ir style* introduced by thein during The two |'Sot ? sous, they desire to call special . Attention to tin- style foi ISO. * > "THE GENTLEMAN'S WAGON," * r Now rc oiy for inspection at tlu ir ONLY place OK BUSINESS, 372 and iH Broome, coruer of Molt street. I TjViR RALE?A COACH AND OPEN BAROUCHE, IN | A' good order. Apply to ROBERT, No. 1 West TwentyJ ?e. etitb street. For sale-a large close cahriaoe, prici #!>*). also a two horse Cuupe, price $tdU, both In splendid order; csn be seen at No. 4 D pan row, Bloecker street. ? Kor further parllculsrs apply at XI riue street, room N . 4. ? | TOR HALE-A TROTTING WAOON. NO TOP. VERT 1 tIDAY, MARCH 21, 1862. rlSAHClAL. ATiiANTTC SWINGS BANK, Chath iui i ,u , .h i), r of New Bowery. OPEN DAILY From 28 ernia to 8...UX) rw elred on deposit. Bis rMr c* in it.I rest alio .veil uii mum of $AU0 and under Th ? Buna n .min d Jt4,..'i7 20 d .ring the punt year Biun than il has paid .>ut D i > i lw made on or before April w .1 receir lot-ivst a. frnui that date. Juseru P. Coomch, 3. o y. W. U. VAN FELT, I'rta'L ARMY AND NAVY I'AV AND BOUNTY OFFICE, ROBERT 31.WELL. ,T Wall street. Fensloaa. B<?iinj, Baca ?-,.y a..d Prtte Money collected Volunteer-d.u.narked lor uiswbt.ity and tbe haira of thin* who have tied ire requested locali. Prize money promptly collected for sailors. . *OOD INVF.PTMI'NT?FOR SALE. THE BALANCE Vl due on two bis. mortgu ee ou two h sfea, adyuu .n, im n other, in Kaa; Vi t' euth street, amounting to ahum $. 'JO; the original amount of tnort ages was $j,000. Tin a;,i my lor lour house-, vvliieh Tinted Before the war foi ovei $2,000a ye .r, will go with the m o, with a corn mission o - hi ?o .-ent in the cole .ilon ot the renta. In quire of HENRY R. JONES, iifl Cbrysiie street OFFICE OF J1IE LOGAN COUNTY MINING ANE Maoufai tui ng tlotnj any, No 30 I'lue street. New Yolk March 17, ISO.'.--'1 i.e sciui-annual intereat on the bonds ol tols ca npaiiy, due A| ill 1, will he paid at ihia office, or at tilt hai.kln, house of Joseph W. Duvia, 26 Stale street, Boston, on prescutatiuu of the c ouuoua BBNJ F. WEYMOUTH. Treasurer^ US. 6 FEU CENT ONE YEAR CERTIFICATES ANE . Ouanurmaatcr*' Vonehi ra bought and sold, or collect ee by LIVEKMgKE, CLEWS A Co . banners, 41 and 43 Wall street TTNITED STATES CERTIFICATES OF DEBT JSSl'EE U lO COUtl'UCtOIS Wan ed. ROBERT BEWELL. 72 Wall streat <K9 Hfift WANTED-KOR ONE YEAR AT 7 PES VP?j.UUO cent pei annum or a bonuaou first class security, by corporation note arul slock collateral, worth live Lines the amount. V par , uUrs apply to Notary Public. No. 38 Wall aired, rear build nf, LOAN offices. At hi grand street, ihiike doors west of Broadou)?Mm. . v.- . ,i ou Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry Flute, Dry Ocmis and |iersonol pro* lily of eiery descrlp'ton. or no . hi aud , oy JOSEFF CKSON auctioneer aud hi .he' AT 480 HROaDWa.-UKNKY uyman advances on IJiam uda. set u oiiae' ' buys tbo aamefor cash, alas advances oo WaL.bca driver I'tateand all Feraonal Properly rlHNliY HYM.vN, 480 Broadway AT J. H. BAKRiW .B1.S. CiiMMlSsDN BROKERThis old ea .olia.,,d utii'> -it- ugheal sums on. or buys foi cash, I'lsior.nds, si u si, .'.riches, pearis. p ate, tins, m, i hanotaa, op. cai mod utuvuta, A No 212 Broadway, room J. c, stairs. Atmnabnau btrkkt - a. honiiiman, diamond broker, wakes 'w?' ,n: ,nce? on Dunn lUda, Watches. Jewelrv, Ac., or boys ibem .;1 value at 1.1 - privateotlioe, bd Nassau street, lOuin No i. op elans Busin-U cout) hernial. , INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SH.OVt: BOUGHT ZOR CASH. <11 taken in exchange Inr aiamonu jetveny Cash paid for Diamond*. A. iij nly (mm 9 till 10 A M. and fromli till 3 P. M. B. W. i'Ll MB. Diamond Broker, ill Broadway Money to loan. Liberal advances made on diamonds Wat' lies. Plata andJrwelry, or bou.hi for cash, at the Inchem prices I'm soils navii.x old Gold or Silver to sell cannot do better than ca.tcn LO IS ANltlCU, 723 Broadway. Money to 10 uf~in bumb to suit, on watches. Diitmon 1? Di 1 Go <da and ail vuluable Personal Prop 1 ty. Silver Plate. '< Apply to R WOOD, 62 Fulton street, second Boor,fl<ont roam, .. oiii 9to 4 o'clock. xjawnbrokehs' tickets purciia8ed-oe all A kinds uf < lothing in large <>r inn I quantities On hand and fur "ale. Hi mnru Coat", S3, Cass mere Panlx, $1 60; Vesta, :>0c.u la. O. LEVJE. HOUSES, R On nS,&C.,J\VANTED, A WELL FURNISHED KUR STORY HOUSE wanted, between Fourth and Tw enty-fifth street*, near 1 road way; wuuln prefer the nwaer to remain as partial qulvalent l or lent, wi'h perm.sMon tu receive three or four irst rlaas boarr. re I nexcepuoMble references given. Iddieea H-, b >* i i) Ueiald otB *. 4 COUNTRY COTTAGE WANTED-ABOUT TWENTY fa. miles trom the <-: > : r at : roiu $100 to jlAt; must hade trees and tacihitor bulling. Ada teas O. II. 1,, ierald ufii- \ SMALL HOUSE WANTED IMMEDIATELY-BENT null, iiceed fiat) -uust have muderu tmpr< vein. nta; jcatmn Irotn K iirth In .sisih avenue and from Fourth to 'urny-firth at aei. WEI lev be Fur It are, If fo a*ie roaouably, forcaah. Anurias L-.w In, slat on A. Spring street 'oat i mce. ANY PERSON OCCUPYING TIIEIB OWN HOUSE, CX who would lire to let the first or so und boor thereof, mndai mely tirnished, to an elderly ct.tleuiau and his rife and daubter. may hear of prompt, i 'Sponsible tenants iy addressing, with (uil particulars, isosUitttan, cart of Godrev, 861 b roadway. FURNISHED HOU'-E WANTED-BY A SMALL PRII? tate taiiiily, ! a oil heiuv. n h-v. neenth an 1 Thirtjr,ist'treet-and Kunr at.d - aT"Uii< ; near Mad * ,n qiiare prelerrcil. Address C. W. S , box 1,076 New York 'o tudlee. fTOUSE AND STABLE WANTED-IN THE VICINITY Ll of Fifth-vm o, o. ataiml) of lour adults. Andreas, lattng lowest r -ni. exs- i I'v.^moii, and at what hour the iou-i can bi seen, vli n, j,C74 Post ofliee. aOUHE WANTED?EITHER THE WHOLE OR LOWei p.r of u rood ilo?-e, .01, ,.inin all the modem onro e cn a, loud'- ' in respeeis le neigh o.bona, i as f he Bomry iuu helo v i'weiiiti i- t, Seventh ward preerred. Apply at ui ? !di, as 19H South street. aOUHB WANTED- Bf:: WREN BOM) AND TIIIR. lb th street and I ourtn and Sixth avrnm s, infirm'h I?ml In ,,oo Oi i -r; to u'aui I tnod> n inpio dinents, i.: ding .'.an, u ll,,. i i, i BMW upwards, and not to xoi-.u $1.01*). AJ .r -a, .ui! particulars,tj., ox GJO Post I! C'. IITANIED? A HO' SE AND A TEW ACRES OF LAND 11 uras ,-,111 ncnt .but h i nl<]o .vanus r > y H tui.- -1Je o ur city inc. nmt n >i to etc etl > r annum. AJlt< A. M H>iuld<IU e. l\'A TED-A KUR. 1SIJBD HOUSE, OF SMALL DTH m niton in * . I ik'hoiiioorl up town, t at il, liy a .timll lauit of li.?? jj?? *i'nr. Terms must bo toast .c. A itlr -? t a : 1 I'ott ulllce. 1TA.NTBD?A aKc'ONH HAND STEAM ENGINE AND T? ti t.'T, si t? . >r Kn | .a* ?-lu-Aie, of II ot ?i oiaepoaet. Alt | l ou :.miti ruth, It; atinrea*lr.i{ s :int to ending on Oil v ilLES DLdUIS, il Manlcu Ian:, will tret. Willi a > auntie. 17ANTED?l;Y A SMALL FAMILY OK ADULTS, A 11 inrntrB" IIuna , where lite rent w uilil tie taken In >afil, by a party 1 -, or a widower. Reference! Mimretf. A. ,iea? - i?., ?iu ton K. i urn r. rwiv a juxiMt ia.i, litFf t? I I'll l:i II ' r . fty.lifts ??!. inotucr 0 in iii'l iioaru iD itao .11.e Lome. A m i u Room E, 15 rn i> at reef. V " AM KD- U AIl l M S l ull IIOI SKKEKt'IMU. Ft i, uu fNM Mr, ei w Tbintinlh II ft, l>> a 1,1'nt'. n...u mii ' i it.', no cl.lMicn T>rum unm r mo I. rme. Aidr with ! ill ii.irti.ulai>, Uru y. lioi 1..' 1. rail. Ill ?. At ANTED?BY A S"l!.li FAMILY OK UROWN PER. it mm MW/mlt II uw ih miner would ikuilirri-n in Dnai.l, loan... alow Fo t>-?i v. u h air. it, tw-'Ci. Ma .ixm ami 8 itn vrouri; r< ferenws n..bat.t'?J ililmi K ?., Ilcralu u :.ce. ATANTED?MAY 1, IN NKW YORK OR BROOKLYN, FT 0> a shi'.i ii'mii. Wild mum in am. a 8. o .<1 |t|m or irec or o n Kihiiik, w. b e<? an.I wa*r, rem iuikI. iate, *jr prompt. AMiraa T 8.. boa i.Ul Pu?l oiliie. V'ANTED-HY a Tor no M \RKIKl> COUPLE, TO mil a tinall uu'iirui-Le I tl.mae iu ibla ell) . rent not i nc. ,i (Vai,. r w?ul3 mar Pai l ol a .louae al.n a rePortable party In amua llr-i olaaa locality. A.i.l.aia, wlib ill iwrncuUra, A.iauaa, i.u'. a.405 Poet oHioe. ATANTED?KoCK ONFl'ttKIAHKD ROOMS ON ONE FT Hour, a lib K?* an nslci, between Br .adaayr ami Semil avrn .e. lor a .a...:l) oOnaUiliif ol Iwu mulct an 1 >>n? -i.t mi ?n R.iareu.ea racuaiined. Auurena W. T., a.alt. n i pom mum _ A/ANIED-TO RENT IN TUB COUNTRY, A SMALL If iwo a too Cowaca, >iiiiai>ni| abaul m Ku-mi, wna small p.ere ol Uru in I alia aed, beallby local,on and riey .....lit lr, us 1-ltf. R.-ut UL1 . Xi'CCd.nj Aoln Arl'l< ult box H Herald udlee. ______ 11TASTEU-TWO OK THKEE ITRNISHED ROOMS IT on tlx Ukunil Iwur, hi * low rent, ."tltvecn Bi tom-r ml Fourteenth struts* hum west 01 iiio.uway. lor a oral in. |?rt/. Inquire <Ji uBIFfJN * BANNISTER, Mo. 3 . tor paoe. II'ANTED- Al'Attl HEN TS, B. V VERY SM \LE A MSIT rli-iu laml.y. ??c mhI lieu , in Tenth Ward or rkinily; ent not to es-ved 912 per inouth; M?l ol reftiea'.e glreu. tldre??J. T. M., Her.ud ollloc. IE*antkd?i'iiiieV- 31 rouft lit klt n murks II K nine. In a ivarea en. htca ton, ?ul ?!.|r fur honw f| iiig, T.jr ? gentleman and wife fleaa* give low eat pi .or o good permanent t?uaut. M i?t be U. of eiatc. Addre?? !< (i.iumt. Iletalt i 01 e U'ANTEli?A rlRST r L A SB Ft > t' R* BTO RY FUR ritrhud llotiae, wilh al. raodrn Improvement'', between pouriu and Siatli mvenue* ann Eighth nnu Twenly-flfth ftrecta; would buy the furniture if a eati?fa< tnrjr opporttllit v ti olTer-d I'mta-eei-in by Ilia brat or nodule of A| ril. Id'trues 8. X. I'., station D. _____ ______ II* ANTED?IN BROOKLYN." NEAR THE CAM OB II ferry, two Rooms, lor a Ud\ an t siirnot. lurnlshed, viih every eouven,"ii<a for bona keeping; one or both on he first boor: no inoy ng on let May ; r. Icrenees eiehenge.l: eime mint ba teasonanta. Audi e?a M. L., bot 125 Uersld UM. ____________________________ |Vr ANTK0?BV A *MALL FAMILY, A MODERN BUILT TV linuw, rr ill not u> eined Ml); or Part of aJD'nee, Tlif about $?!" In a o'l nalghi oruo >d. Weal of Klltli av*. me. heluw Thirtieth street, Adores*. with particular*, Ifot.a*. Herald odin. urXnTU T<1 LEABE?ro* AThHM Of TEAM, A TY Country Heat or Farm of from twelve to fifty acre* <<f uiltlraled land, witn lame house dud neretnary out,milduga. The hoti*a mini contain at laa*l t* amy room*, *nd '<? ousted within tan inlnotaa' walk of a railroad atation or ilearnboat landing, aa In* place I* required for afirairlaM imily hot*', r..- equation muit bo perfectly healthy, within twenty wilea of tnl* city, Hudaon rleer preferred. %-M. *?a, giving lull portleutare, T. C B , hoi A.G35 Poet office, New tort. rir ABTlin^TO RKMT-FROE THE IgfOF KAy7~A f Y moderate *l/.eJ Nlnnghter Ho a?, with a larg* yard ind Ida houaa euac d, in tha neighborhood of Firat and lemnd rennet oWwatn Houaton and math atraai*. Ad]r?*a T. L, 75 Canal atraai, auttag altuatlon and term*. COAL. C"fMBEKLANfl COAL AT ?A W PBR TON -JUST RBreived, Cum- trimid owl lor amltk'a, of auparior malitv, whl h will ha delivered at tba above reduced price, alao,cont'antly on baud, Loonat Mnuutaln, Lehlgn, Red A ah, arid Cannot Co;. I ol the heat quality and for able at the loweai market nrloe. TlION. TRUSLoW, JR., MB Eaet Founaentli Itreet, New York; loot 01 Month T*ttlb etreel.W tlllametiiirf. Llrdere can be vent By poal, ar left In boiae at 109 Pearl urrel, jr J4I Water etteet. ___________________ jiT A l\ ?I AM MOW DELIVERING A EUPERIOR lp;x ll/i quality of Coal for family uoe, wall arreened, it $1 40 par ton of 2,<AM pounds. Aim Liverpool and Cauntl L'oal. at 106 Win Eleventh elreet and 151 Eiiihth avenue. A HEAKTT. 4! ,4 7 Pi -R?I> ARB COAL?I A* NOW DELIVER. I l). 1ng?a anpertor quality of R?l Aah Coal at fl 71 par ton; fulTwelgbt guaranteed , White Aeh $4 Mi per ' A C. CLARKE. No. | Wan Eirvatab at. near ?rvadw?y, t 1' little lined; will be sold cheap, as lbn owner bail do turner uk? for It. Apply to T. NOitlnS, lis C.mluu place, near ? > Sixth avenue. 1 Fok sale-a pair of gray hares, seven and 1 eight rears old; fast tro lira; a superior roan team. Also a lour "eat bait' lop bov Wagon. as good as new, with a 1 ' pair of light Harnca*. Apply at 06 Irving plate. a ; BENJAMIN WALKER. , For sai.e-200 new carriages, light family 1 Kockawuy*. lop ami no top Buggies, business and grot us c ' \\ agoiis; 10J set ond tiauu tl image-, all ety.oa, S3 Hora-l and n Fon e-; 7ft sets Humes, Ac., ai 10 Kevins street, and 101 ii Fulton-aveuue, mid No. 9 Flalbuah avenue, Brooklyn. For sai.e-two stallions, one bi.ack, mxteen bauds higii, and Waa sired by the old Cassias M. Clay, h It 7 years old, and half brother to Oeorue M. Fab-hen, and I ' trolled in public In 2.3S; the other a l av, 6 hands high, 9 years old. aired by ihe Otange county iia; la not , trained; they were both raised by the owner. Kor puriicuLrt I address D. B. Amos, Blauvelivillo, Rockland county, N. V. j[ For sale.?a horse, waqon and harness c will be sold cheap, as tha owner has no further use tor tin m . suitable for any city buaineaa. Inquire at 11 Thump. . I auo street. I for sale-a pair ok bay trotting horses, o C well matched, ail am seven years old. all souud and ? ind; ean trot In 2 50 to the pole. Also a handsome Dog J ait R. McKay's stable, 121 and 119 Twenty-'.hird stieet. ? ' I0R sale, VERY low-a VERY CONVENIENT ? r Roekaway. with jole and shuts, front seat to reverse, ^ ?n extra front seat, lainpit and other extras. Address 0, box i l,2al) Post olUce. v Four horses for sale cheap?also one j close Coaen. one light Wagon, one single llnmess; also q iho I rami: Stable, wltli lease of ground. Apply for two days in i.roadway, lietween Kifty-eighih mid Ffity-uinth streets, opposite the main entrance to Central Fork. j Horses for sale?at the wavfblby hotel a siables, coinei of Ninety-sixth street ani Blooming- v daliproa.i It open wl'.h a hue assortment of road Horses tor single or double harness: ntso, saddle Horses. Gentle- ? men w tailing horses are inviteil to call mid eiumlne before n ;.i.icha?ins elsewhere. At'he above s anies Horses, Wagons J and Harness bought and sold on oommls-ton. a G. W. A J1W. JENKINS, Proprietors. p House wanted-wanted, a very stylish 1 llorse. about I5>4 hands h'.xh, not over seven years old, -? for which a reasonable price will be given. Address J. L. 8., " box 192 Herald office. f Miner a btevens. 72, 74 and 7? walker street, , tiret door eatt of Broa-iwr.y, MAN I'FACTl'KERS of tn-st I class (CARRIAGES and iighl WAGONS, ol' the latest fash- i, lonabie styles and improvements, and for elegance of ttnlsh, y style and durability are equal in any in this market, to which Z. we tnvlts the inspection of purchasers. . Notice.?for sale, for keep, one brown j Mare, at the stable of Heading A Armstrong, 129th \ atreel and Third avenue, Harlem, on Thursday, March 27, at 12 o'clock, noon. HEADING A ARMSTRONG. ~ TXONIFS? FROM NINE TO rorttTRFM ITtvnn UTCUT 1 X~ warrantedkind. For sale cheap, at Forty-second street, p lutwtes Fifth and Sixth avenue*. GEO. BRONHEY. I Saddle horse.?wanted, A good horse, (3 broken to both saddle and harness, klud. afraid of no- *1 thing and a free traveller. Address box 4,7*7 Now York <* l'oat office. rt Stylish saddle horse for sale-dapple ? ET.iy, 7* old, 16J4 hand* high, Messenger breed: x: would make a linn family carriage Hurae. Can Dj aeon at At West Broadway, New York. WANTED?A CANADIAN PONY, 14 TO 15 HANDS J high, aound and fast, In exchange for a ciose panel ol Rockaway, seals six, made by Lawrence. Address Kocka- N way. Herald nthce. fa tlranted?a 8 addle horse, op ttood style TT and action; must be perfeellv aonnd and k?nd. Apply i to JAME9 CONNOLLY 'JKt Seventh avenue. jf Wante11?TO PURCHASE FOR CASH (to SELL to again), a splendid pair of Coach Horses, for a gcntl - b( man's laniily. Tt.ey tuuai he very stylish, sound, without m fault, and not over ?lx Or scteiivesrs old. Address Livery hi Stable, box HS6 New York Post nit :c. with full particulars. at aitan1ed?A BAY HORSE OB MARE LONG TAIL It sty Ph, 15,'s hands high, sound, kind and gentle in J every re p-.'it; one that can trot In three minute*, for which Jr I will trade a gray horse, sound kind and gcntl", that ran Ci trot in 2.50 and 14)4 hands ii gh, and wagon, almost new:, M made by Br<-wst*r A Co. For particulars address W, box ? 140 Herald oSM, tor t-.vo th)" I MISCELLANEOUS. PJ Brushes ok every description at the brush ~l fa> lory, M ( earl Street, Harp-1 '? building. A'.l articles i at the lowi'M factory prl i s. Paint Brushes of superior fualHyconstantlyoaWtl, .toiiN k. liOJ'PLL. Hard times.?cheapest prices <?f range Casting, in the city. Westei Ashi, Beebc, Piece and ? Ingram Range Cs-ting*. Aworted ?ire, of Grata'S, from 50 J to 76 cents; ail n/c? >. C/Vts ?ud Cross Pieose, 30 estnts aa piece; all kinds of F,ounce Castings. 25 per cent cheaper te' Lian any other man lit New York. All hinds of Range Brik J*( constantlyoi hand. P.C, PBWliI, in>ibaanxaiiwnt, '* 1MI IMTION r HENCIi BKANDY?ANY PERSON WISH " ing for a receipt fir manuiacturiiig t r?uuv atawt of 4ticcmg per gallon, y lik-li IN rea . lly fit r ft iu to *.'>)? r J can h*?e Hie ?am - hy addr.samg, enclosing $1, Xannfaetnrer, box 133 Herald office. ?ti MAKHJ.E MANTELS.?THE SUBSCRIBER INFORMS 81 ibe pulli ihitIi* i' 'telling Mil Rir? chM)Mrtluii // any per-on In the business Thow* wliming to purchase anonld cu;l nO'i'i k A Kl.AUKIS S h'rrble yard, 113 Ea-'i Eighteenth atrcet,B'eat oi Tltlrd avenue, New tork. be VTO CHIMNEY Bl HNEK3 ?AOENT3 WANTED, TO .il esll (Dudin'a1 put ' K mvne Oi. Burn'r, f"i fluid 'a< lamps: IB lUires no < bltnncy or aiieiutlnn of the lamp*. Hum- c'l pie -<111 on rv, eiui of four i' <1 t'Hinnii. Call ->n or JOSEPH DODIN, 22 Dm ne eiu-a?, N. Y. ^ CAVE YOl'R MONEY.?A PARKER, tUti GREENWICH d? O atreet. idle heat Sugar Cured Hams, Sc.; hi ri Family J" Soap (Huek?.ve>, ho*, Stfe.; pure Starch, box, 6fa.; green on and hlack Tea, 80c.; yperlo. cargo Young Hvmu, S2c.t 78r., _ and >1. H CTKAM TABLES. 10.H FEET LONO, MADE BV WOOD- '* O ward. In pared order, eoat 4N5. pri<e %3>i. .tlao, a El auptrn F.enrh plate Pier Minor. with rlrbly rsrred oaae. r,k eo?l #225, rrke ?8&. AMdy a' 33 Willow aired, Brooklyn, or near Full n ferry. TO DEALERS IX COFFEE. RICE, PROVISIONS AO.? f Euiplv Barrel*, of every alxe and quality, w ill dc l?r- * niahe.l hy JAMES CONNOLLY a SON,:W0Berenth avenne, ou the Unreal l?rma. La TO BARBERS AND PERFUMERS.?OIL OF BAY, a 1 \ery aupvrlor article lor the nnuufiattuic of Bay Hutn, for *a!c in an* quantity hy A AMES P. DOllERfY, 1?3 8,1 M'VU! B lane. JJJ WOOLLEN RAHK FOB SALE?AT NO. 74 PINE A atreel. JJJ WANTED.?ANY PERSON HAVING A BOOK KTA- " llnneiy ami NewapapcrHuirc fur aala will hear oi'a purrhaaer by addre?-lng B. L II., Herald oltie", a'a'lng price, .. rent of aiore, and alan the amount of bur;ne?a done and 'I amounted mock on bund. A TIIK KEBELLIUN. ~~ & ABMY SHOES?A/XW PAIRS EXCELLENT QUALITY oak taunrd a-wed Army Booteta for a?U hy UE 'KWE E. WHITE, MCliff atieel. . IALAOS, BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL ' OLORS * JP StalTa. Meuntuuia. Trimminga, Raglea, .-<peat Hen' 4o Ornamental painting and embroi eriug ?u silk. hoiek a graham, w7 dnane aiteel. RECRCITS WANTED .-EIGHTY SI VKNTII lit.: ncnt New York Volunteer*, Men in Vernou, V? t. men (trail ing to enlUt will he paid $2 at the time t>i v. net " rncnt at the 53 Chatham Btrce.t, Now York. Relief [ ticleUgiven for their lamiliea immedla'clt. X <i H BdSWORTH CI M?jor E g''y .'m . | ' lUrmdny. F The best chance is offered for a few davs by ih? Flrat n-fcimp i .No* Vol k volunteer*, l? tboeu [ ?lablng turnlim Sworn In for twoyrnrs 1 rem l.iat April it * ha* but thirir ii nwullii mum to ?< rv. I'nllurmy, *> . fur- * n,rltad at <.uc- Pay pommt-nora from uf nllattw-itt, " and men fornarded lo Nrwpori'a Nnwt, Vi., whore r*al? S' m?nt i* pli-a'antly local' I, l Hrg in i.irrarka, with beda, M atovi>?, Ar. Apply a' oure t" I.l> hi n.tnt I' jioncl J FRED U PIF.KsON, It Broadiva/. H vriiiiini: idti<-. r. w "fTOE I' N TEE IIS FOR TWO OR THREE YEAR!", OR 1 \ 'he war, (discharged lor dt-.ibtllty, *< .,) al-o three -a tuonth. volunteer*, and lb* twdmv.m.i Itelra or all au?U, ? re reii'ieitad lo cail on F. Koiri if Is Nn., hi -iiret, room ?< N". 6. F WANTED-FOR OOWPANV D, Firtri REOIMFNT (Exoataloi Br gt'l-J Uulted Sint' a Volutil: era fifty abin ? bodied mm. fur whom *| per man wtltb pdu. At.twenty t Soung melt lor iton-cniniitiaatoned cffli-ra, pay from if 1,'to t '22 |r i month. Clothing an 1 eubaialeree fimBd Immediately |? alter mustering. Inuolre at ojloe Htatfn I*Lnd ferry, foot . of Whitehall street. W. H. SICKLE*. Captain. Wanted immediately-a yu aktkhm astkii and Millar, with aurae capital, inr a legnurut ?"w i,i ihn T a*a> of war. Aodreas, wt.b nam# and referanct<. Col. tlcBiT I A Urban,:Ncw Vork Post olllce. ,( WANTED IMMEDIATELY'?FOR HWAIM'H OAVALRT. tha only cavalry regiment aoth .nied lo b- rnla-rt In thia Staia, twaniy-llvn nfbn. ana W?< .smith ?nd two inusl. * dan*. Apply p> t'aptalt ABiU'iaoii, My. if Court atrset, J Brooklyn. e| l OTH REUIMKNT Of INFANTRY, U. 8~A~BY PER I \.?t mlaalan of lb* Adjutant Oenera', IT. 8. A., officer* of _ theTwellth Infantry are author ted to rait* theiroirs <*im- _ (Mtilr*. One compare, und r commas I of th* tin leraigned, I will l>? raised in tbin etty. No.i commlaainned r>m< eu in # pointed a^r ot*a oust tun. A. J DALLAS. ^ T' Twelfth fnllrd States Infantry, r*?l altlbg officer. M 71 Chatham street, N. Y ttlLUARDI, J A LA RUE HTWOK OF KLW AND HEt'OND HAND * Bildat <LT*bies, with "hdau's Combination Cushions, for sale mi price* to auk the Dme* " I'll EL AN A CULLENDER, 68 to 99 Crosby St., N. T ~ Billiards-roR sale, a splendid stock of * new and second hand Table*. at reasonable price*. _ Tables to let and Bagatelle TMde* for sale. Orders by niall attended to by W H. GRIFFITH. ltd Fallon street. " REITAVRANT8> ~ * TERRAPIN LCNCII WILL BE SCRIED IP AT 1 8AVl>V-i, ,s,, gCentre treet, this Is* (Friday .at II 1 o ' In-I A M N. S.-i lis Luueh Unarm will appear ui their t HI* uuilnrms t ~ MCSICAXm J A M AO NIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE R( >SEWOOD l'l ANOIV furl** for ooii*. nit 0*1 rod or .,u ' case, overstrung ia*x, full iron plate, lined with mum wood, lira ail modern in prove mm ts; made to order; heou In u?e seven rnonilirl ost $.'00. will bo rold lor $230 in ludlu, stool aud cost r, Ilro I' .r or Furniture at a so. rilii-e. Inquire at 70 Weal 'weniy.-ixib street, near Sixth ar. n .a. \ SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD GILBERT PIANO, with r und loruirs, Iruu none, carved dark, near,a law, lor $1.0. one at $123; one x x octve at $100. Prln.3 1 Co. ,.nd m ixnu k Hamlin's M I menu* and Harmonium 1 2 whole**l< and reta l, at low r.i a or for rent. Ro-ewood 'irno at $1 per month. S. T. GORDON. 700 Broadway. A N ALTO, EXPERIENCED IN FIRST CLASS CHOI it tX Miming, de.lres an eu^a,,ciii. lit In an evauslical churcla ii Now Vora orvir.nity. Tn,,,, moderate. Address Uumq eaetier, 126 Wert Forty.fourtb street. A YOUNG LADV, TEACHER OF MUSIC, WI8HB8 A tX few pupils, at price* Iro n *d to $1 i p r quarter; or will ve lessons in a family aa cmni enxation for > otrd. Bestof fe retire* given Addrexx, by letter, Mi*w B. it., earn o| I harieuberd A Luis, 76a Broad w ay. I Depot of tub Alexandre organ, For Churches, Ohap o> 8, html* and Drawing Boonnj IOLE MEDaL OP HONOR a*. TtT^inlraranl Exhibition of 1635. Thia ma?niilcentlustrumem (patented In the Unitnd Staled fay 3, ISM), which the brilliant |>ei'formance of THALBEKO, VILA NO-.''A and MLLE. WELI.IB lave rendered aa popular In Am lea aa in Europe, has been .doplcd by tbe greatest aitisix and ctnposer? or both couti. lent*. 1OTTS0IIALK, LISZT, ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac.. At*. The Alexandre Organ Is celeb, sted fur the solidity and pre. 1st in of Its mechanism, ax well as lor the fullness and poteen f in tone, und the remarkable quality 0! keeping pui feelip D tune in all climates. Prices at the. depot, $U, $50, $100, $160, $186, $233, $36% 13011. $340, iti 10. , A descriptive circular sent to any address on application to E. FABRKUCKITeS, Jr.. 203 Broadway, mporter of Buason Accordeous. Vio.ins, Viodn Strings, Ad. [J10R SALE CHEAP?A PIANO, SEVEN OCTAVE, ROSE. C wood, with all the latest Improvements, very handsoind nd brilliant tune. Warranted in every respect. Price $13% 'nil this forenoon for n bargain at 166 Hester street m. SaMKLBON. GOVERNESS.?A FRENCH LADY, WELL EDUCATED* JT and possessing a thurou.h knowledge of the fi|ainlgli tuguage, desires a situation as governess In a respectable irivate family. In uddit on to the Fiench and Spanish lan., she is qualified to teucli the usual English branches .4V. ,UIi .uumi.ciivo u* IUU0IV. ?u uujn uuji iu vuc wumrjr ?.?? o travel. References exchanged. Apply at 23 Washington lace. tffl'SIC ALMOST GIVEN AWAY! NO HUMBUG I?IB U 1m only in r< am to lite ad tlinen thai we clTer ouS .-hole stock -l Musi; b- lo>v print nit ?nl at two cent! a page, Vhocver .a n wa 1 of muai will 11 dll to their greatest ad? milage to call uu tie, wl.. re t.h-v at utile to save entreaty* re per cent. We hamuli. Co 'n e 15 cut.. P. A. WU ? D K1 '.M ANN, 'Ij Broadway. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES.?WE ARK NOW L selling ..tir Plauofori- H at greatly reduced price, foe nsb. Parties wishing to obtain a tint clan Pianoforte at rar rate* ace invlf d to call LIGUTE A HKADllURYS, 121 Broome street, N. T. ; PKNOR.-A TENOR WITH FINE QUALITY OF VOIcrf' L Is open tor an cngag< incut, troui 1st*. May next. I* 0 rst class quarle te: is faintllar with the Eplm opal service, refers an eugag-im-nt in one of the np town churches. Ad. rcsa A. G., bos 127 Herald U1 -. [WANTED?A CONTRALTO AND TENOR FOR AN IT Episcoj al Church; vol- s mis bo well cultivated anil ntlrely acquainted with the mo lent style of church singing, 0 others need apply. Airtrcss 8. O., nor 113 Herald ufflce. . WANTED?AN ORGANIST OR ? HOKISTER, OF UNBX. rV ceptionahle musical, to form a llr?t class Cuoia 1 a promliiuut church in this city. Aduress Mutic, box 1,KA ost ofllce. ?Q A MONTH.-A YOUNG LADT, EXPERIENCED Bf JO tearhing, wishes a few nior -, upl.s lor the .PiauofortsA 1 their residences. Particular ait. ntlon paid to beginners, ddress Teacher, box 111 Herald oihce. v 0 PIANOS TO LET.?AT 79 WEST THIRTY-FIRST* street, near Sixth avenue, are P ..noe to let, at varktia rices, at low rates, to suit the tiuies; also some Pianos fos lie. iT7??A MOST SPLENDID 7 OCTAVE PIANO, )A I cl. With beautiful carvel lee. an . lui*. I,. irners, Berponiine tnouldtngq ou the bottom, tiro rows of wewoo'l moulding! on top, o< rsirung baas; coat $400 m w months ago, will fee told at $175 if applied for aooa, a# t High street, Brooklyn. instruction. L young lady, experjknced in teaching* and who has studied under English masters, is desiroua ' obtaining a few additional p.pll* fur the pianoforte, la ew York or Brooklyn. References can be given to Mia rallies where she is at present engaged. Terms $0 BSD is iter. Address'L., uo* 2.14*6 New Yore Post office. L teacher of twelve years' successful exl perlenee in city pr ued schoo's, wishes a situation aM rinclpul, where, if the engagement prove mutually sailvtacry, he may have a reasonable prospect of a permanent >me. /laving aimed to r>e fully "up with the times" la odes ot Instruction and discipline, ha wilt hope to promotw s own repulatioo as a teacher by promoting the eiticieacp id reputation of the school cor. mltted to his care. AddrasM sachsr, 170 Kuilon street, New York. ???? -- ? - '4 I OERM AN LADY, FROM HANOVER, WELL QUALIw L lied to icaoh her language, wishes a tew pupi.s more, in give the best of reference*. Terms moderate. Addresf tss Wortmaun, No. 06 East Kitt uth stieet. iN ACCOMPLISHED LADY TEACHER, WH<3, Y speaks German. Fianoh and English, wishes to giva ivatc lessons in a school or family. Address T. N., Herakl Qce. i young lady of refinement and exl'kL rleuce, with a thorough Kngllso education, having jueg turned from the boulh, w ish, n to make an engagement as sidcat governess In a private family, or as ussiutant in ? buol. Address lor one woek, b. J., station A, Spring street. i YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS OOYL ernes*iu a respectable family; she is couipi tent og aching all branches ot Engligu, uImi plain "ewingand fantw ark, and has :i knowledge o musi ; oris lull/ capable of king a situation as saleswoman in n store. Salary nut sa iic i of nit onji ui ?s i ui|u ym-ni, o-n give the best city res renoe. Address N .. lwi YV . rl 20lh it. i CAKD.?OLIVER b. GOLDSMITH'S WRITING AND L Bookkeeping Rooms, W Br a twav, corner of Wortlai reel, and No. 6 Fourth uvenue, below Eighth street. Pita te Instruction to uduits, m lies or gentieraeu. Class lu? ruction us usual. American scnooL institute," mm broad-' way.?H hools und families supplied with well uuali* d teachers, and parents with actio >1 cirulata wifb'uiv urge. Wanted, a supeiior la ly teach'T of English, Mu<k] d Dancing lor a lirst class Boston family; native Frewls ly for a Mihoo near New Y'rk G- nt >m?n a-Vbe I'rlu-. Jul, in Connecticut. <1. B. WOODMAN A CO. TEACHER OF EXPERIENCE DESIRES TO in? L strict a emailclasa or Individuals, two or three knur* lie, in the English branches, Classics and Music; I'-rmS oderate; g .tul ri iercnce. Address tor three days. Tutor* i IC ' Herald o lice. [ LOCUTION TAUGHT?STAMMERING CURED. , J Thf V'cal Gyn.i ar.uin. 25 Kam i wi'nty seveutb e'r,el| ir etioceaefnl operation. Thorough courae lri Call.stheclr% ip m *i perf> el development given to the vocal and re-.pllory "igana lor Hie cultivation 01 Orator/ or Muuc. SenJ call lor new circular. . ?? RENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?PROP. EL 1 ELLF.K1.NG, Bin Bro-dwa.., leaiabltahed lu 18 2, *11} relvi appi.-atloin for p.-ivab luetructlou in the abo< e ami nnle?. 'ftiiKUft ee. Lani,ueaiigla:ec aux etraecere, Ureekg kUn, translating, Grammar, Uiamauc Reading. wk;bpanisii language is taught, as herb . toiore, by Ciprleno Oorrino. Apply at M Weil Twenty llh a. met. ihri e doora from Broadway. WO ENGLISH GENTLEMEN, WHO HAV8 BEE J# edi ~au-1 and nave oomlneu honora at ona of the EngllaB nt era.'tea, will be happy to inatrU'l the rone of gvtitlemem their own htntaaa for oue or two boon per dlein, in claaaies id malheuiatk", in all their branvhea For terma and utheC irtici.Ura addrraa Alpha, boa 180 Herald olDov. ? EACHER WANTED?IN A BOARDING SCHOOL, A few mllea from the city; a gentleman competent to give ati (Ion In French, Greek and the luaihematica. AdilreaB W <)., box 100 liarald o;u e, elating whe.cthe p .rty cam ! m n on Saturday, 22d, between 11 A. m. and S P. M. DANCING ACADEMIES. ^ I DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMIES, L No. 'JIM Klftb avenue, cor. Tweoty-elith at.. New York, No. 137 Montague etreet. Brooklyn. CLASSES -Tueeuaye and Friday ? u Brooklyn. d CLASSES?Wedneadnye and SHturdaya in New York. f Circulara for terma, Ac., maybe had at either academy. FVRMTURB. L BEDROOM SUIT OF EN AMELLED FURNITURE, IM nil colore, of warranted manufacture; alao aollif h?-?;i. :? Chamber Suite, plain and ornamental, at II. F, ATlitlNGTGA'S, No. 388 Canal etreet, oppoalte Wouster* am Halted la MM. 1 '..IKGE ASSORTMENT OP FIRST CLASS HOUSEV told Furniture for aula at a eicrllioe? Seven ,>cl*?a roseo.J I'l.i. ofoi te, cost $MMl, for fjjo, lti<l>id,ng rlool and > or;ro?ewcod Parlor Hull. eo,t $ luu, lor 9140; urc do. foe 0; BUg-rea, Palntln ?, Hnr im, Bed*teadn, Carpets .^ire,..,* r,,;.n1t hi-r*. Mlrn>i?,c; ?'k.JOroauieutF. at ha't le rrl*in*l mat. iai|uin at iO tVeal fwen j-aiilliatreet, r?r Hulh ainnue. JABUAINS IN FURNITURE.?THE UNDERSIGNED, beluga"'.*!) to gtvr ip liuuaeke'-plng, "B or about the 1st April n. it, la iiowr mining bi? entire eiouk of Furniture, l hi,If ralue. A splendid VeTcrtOai iet, ;i|full "tit of Pari,,e urnltnro, m darieal mini a.tlrlea >>o numerous to man* jo, aie nil bouiiu to be ao,<l rea. riilra- of coat. SAMUEL TUCK, m Hleeckar street, N. T. WiAMhl.I.ED CHAMBER SUITS or FURNITURE-* !i In all roli,ra and atjria*. at who.aside and reull; tba rarat atock In the city. Hull* $10 and upward* Alto, aolKf alit'.it Hint*, Mattm.arr Pallia**** .Ac. WARREN WARD, m Canal street, ' four Uaora east of Broad* ay. , iMRST CI,ASS EN AMBIXED FURNITURE?PLAI1C, ' dc ,raod and grsiued, solid walnut and oak Bat*; Suite 1 IManit upwards: Mattresses, Hpnng Bad*. Ac. ,f. tV, FISHER A CO.. Manufacturers, # MO Brnadwar. between Bleacher atid Bond street*. iu RXITURE BOUBUT.-AIX KINDS OF IIOBSEHOLO " ' K irnlaire Imught lorcaah and egood prloa glroo. All jls or a note addressed Fnrtniur*, *7S? Tltjrd avrnur^neiy hk ly-fourtll atieei, win wpran. .... ... sod aaaoftnu-ut of aacond hand Furniture for aale. nUBNITURR WANTED TO rUftCHAHB.-R* ONQ ' band <>r n?w furniture wanted, lo large or email li.tau ;routi. Book* pureaaead for aaan. Addreaa A. M. CaafcT [ raid oBr*. FURNITURE WANTED.-!* NEWLY MARRIED (001 J pie, deatrouaof huttaekeaplng, wlah lo purcnaae frond no to tK' hundred dollar* worth of Furniture. A general Morunrnt required. Partle* having the Mm*, cheap foi rah. roajf addreaa R. C. lurgeaa, atatlon A, Kprlng atreeld LjtORNITl'RE.-ANT PARTY Wis HI NO TO DIBPOSBt P of a?me Furniture to a r.aah cnat nier will pleaaa adw reaa ? oi utry, bo.i 141 Herald .aoe, elating where IIoan UA sen. He.otiu band furniture utaWra will pleaae not apply J FRIDAY, MARCH ?1, AT 1 O'CLOCK, WILL HELL k Houaehdld Furniture of lid (Jrand aireal?Tue Bugle, jm WANT TO BUY FROM ?*> TO 11,000 WOATTI O? , [ aei-ond hand P iinltnre. I'artiea breaking npIbuerkaeM t,'. by addreaa nr a Hue to J. O. H . 'A"H Huiaou ltr#C?, * 10 nd a t??U uuaivMir, Lduun / <.?u? etwndod I9i

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