Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1862 Page 6
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6 sittatiowh wasted-fkmalki. AfddNi; ulKi. wants a SITUATION to GO f RA veiling ? IU a or la.mlv, or would go 4* ?ut?arue ? of tram-hip. t au give good city references. Call at 37 Vara at mom No. 2, firwl Hour, between the hours of Iiu4 6 'dork ___ A situation wanted-by a respectable American young laily. (n rttrud A mil. n ry, dry xoods i fancy store. Apply tor three day* at 761 Mouroo at., hail Skier, iron. 10 a m 11 3 P m A german girl wishes a situation in a priv.. i?, to do washing aud ironing audtaatemi f chiton n; good retcreiue given. impure ol Mr a. Penae, MO 4iAt 11 *t.,corner of 6th are., second floor. Wanted?a place, as chambermaid and fan.atrvmj la willing to assist iu flue ironing. Can be well reroutiue udeil. Call al Mki6lh av. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a Da by to wet nurse at Iter house; good n-ference if regnlrrd CaiJ'at U) North 4th at., WlUiuuiaourg. WANTED-BY A lllC.HLY RESPECTABLE GIRL, who h.ta Brat class references, a situation as chamberaaatd and to assist with the washing and ironing, or to do ehamberwork and waiting; would have no objections to vck for a small family. ?"all for one day at i67 Greenwich ?t third door, ironi room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, wh-her and Ironer, no objccflkm to do general houacVurk in a amail private family; brat ty ref re?ce. Can be secu for two days at 126 West 2fith bt, between 7th and 8lh ava. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yot'ng WOMAN. A situation as cook .,uJ good washer and Ironer; best . ity reference from last place, where sae lived two year". Call al 12J West 17th at. WANTED?A SITUATION AS KIRST CLASH CtX)K; understands baking in all its branches; U a good wa.-her Ad4 tronerr; no objection t.fthe coniUiy; is wilting to make kerw lt gtnrrally uaeitil. Call for two days at 12 Ciansevoort M, between 4ik and Htidsouats. Goud city reference. SITUATlvns wji.h t.u? AHaM who has a perfe<t knowledge <>f the manufacture of the different kiu<ln of brandies and Oqi."irs equal to the imported, offers hi* ucrvfe* to the trade at liberal terms. Sample* tor f\aui nation will be fi rwarded by a.ldrenung A. G., box lthl Herald office. A FARMER.?AN AMERICAN, OF LONG expertenoe, wishes to take a tarin on share*. or work lor wa|['*, understand* the taking rare of con*and the milk bvunesi; ran give the best of refer nces. Address it. S. A., box ItC Herald office. An employer who has no further use fob the services of a Q: St clas* bookkeeper, accountant and orresfomicut, is ties iron* of procuring hfm a situation tvh re Ri* services, combined w'itb Inm. sty and ttdclity, would he apprecia cd. A wholesale hardware house preferred. Address for three days W. H. I. P., Herald office. A young man, acquainted with the retail drug trad*, wishes a situation in a wholesale drug bouse, where he can have active work to perform; uuexcepllanable testimonials and references furnished. Address Industry, Herald ofGce. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, ASA porter in a store; is willing to do any kind of work; beat of city reference given. Cull at IF City Hall place, In the basement, for two days. (COACHMAN.?A SITUATION WANTED. HY A REJ spectabk- young man, who understand* hi* business; has had many years' experience; is a good and carolul driver; has hsd much experience in grooming and treatment af borate; will be found willing and obliging; good citv reference. Address E. I)., yi West lJth St., or box 212 Herald bffke. IMPORTERS ATTENTION.?HAVING TR WELLED for years through the W est, selling imported liquors, wines and segars, and satisfied to posses! numerous \aluah ? Sosine s friend*. I offer my -en ices 10 s uae v-liable import g house. Ma isfactury references given. Aidix as Integrity, Madison square, p st office. SITUATION WANTED?AS FARMER AND UARDF.Xcr; Is willing to take charge of a small farm and garden; tan raise any quantity of vegetables; understands the management of horses and cattle: hasten year's experience in Mb >s country and can produco the best of city references. In autre for Robert Irwin, at Mr. Alfred Brtdgcinau's, S76 and 7a Broadway, for two days. SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNG M IN IN A banker's or broker's office, or any place where a good Judge of bank note* i* required The best of reference given. Address or tore? days B C , Herald office. T\*AN TED-BY A YOUNG MAM, AC.E 24, A SITU Avv tlon,either in the city or country, in any respectable wholesale house ot business; rtn write a good hand and understands single entry bookkeeping; has been in the liquor, dry good* ami office business in thin city for the last twelve years. Can produce Al city references. Address Frrderick, bo* 166 lieraid office. WANTtD?A SITUATION. 1)1 V HERMAN YOUNG man, who U well experienced in the c.otli and trimming business, also understands the hut, cap and l'ur trade; can gi-e the best recommendations; uo objection to accept a situation In the country. Address L. "B., box 1-t Herald sfltae* WANTED-A 'SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAS, TO drive orses; I' a eel milker, willing to work and fiftske biluSeU generally aeml: can come well l-ecomiuended. Clo. for two days a> 14 I n un flare, South Brooklyn. WASTED?A SI rUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young man, sn American, as porter in a store; good reference* given. Address .1. T , box 112 Herald office. WASTED?BY A YOUNG MAS, WHO has A thorough and practical knowledge of the manutorturlas of all kinds of liquor, alar, an extensive city acquaint- I Mr. a situation in some Al ho'ise. Any one in want of such A person will address Cognac. ITersld office. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAS. A SITUATION AS AS s!slant bookkeeper or entry Clerk: will work modeISM wages; tvuukl not obja-t to go West; can jure fUK>d t eSpttn?ndatiuue. Address t'"V., box 207 II cruel od>ce. ^ HELP WASTED-SALES. A~ w0*d to agents. "WATTS ON THE MIND." Is not so interssrlng a study to nor agents as WHAT'S IS THE PACKAGE, Stapiy be ansc ihey CAS make money and DO make money by engaging in the sale of the only VALUABLE PRIZE STATIONERY RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE In the market Bur Stationery;* superior.and our Jewelry constts of FORTY YAEIEtIE.-'. esoh article manufactured w ith ARTISTIC TAtiTE. We pot in each package a beet'lful and life-like enGeneral georoE b. Xoclellan, ??k?. IB valuable R-I I pes. 6 sheets Ladies Billet Paper, t sheets Commercial Note 6 B'lS Envelopes. Paper. X line Bteel Pons. B sheets Ladies' Note Paper I tine Pencil. B white Union Envelopes, .a i sheet Bio,ting Paper. colors 1 Arcoiiimodation Penhold-T. B Ladies' white Union Envelopes. Also. A VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWELRY. wkkb miafl free. RH KARDs A CO., 1?J2 Stmu atreet, New York. Aokntr wasted-to SF.U. THE Br. ST I'RIZF ST A ttnnr ry Paekagea in the market. We have aeveraita xtctiea, both with and without Jewelry: can unit everybody; tl>? aril. le? In oar package* are ot good quality." and ue gin ran tee aati*factl<n; dn lara free. HASKIXS .t CO., S6 Boekman atreet. N. Y A OF. NTS! ATTENTION" -1 BBAt'TIFI'L MICROacupe, magnifying jta'iinva, lor Jh renta (alitor); live f different power*. 91. Mailed free. Addrcaa P. I- B tviu, feci 22" Boat' D. M i-a A CENTS! IX) TOP WANT TO MAKE SUDDEN K<>R .pineal Then hurry up ! Send tur -ample | air*of. ur patent Skirt Snpp iter* arid Die -* II., dera. wailed teee, with rirenlar, for "iSaenla A. KI< HARDS A CO., N> w London, Conn AMAN WANTED-T.. \--!ST IN \ UOH1 IN D"OR Caah Bualnoaa, paying a hendaome weekly In tnly $AI0required. A a .a Par n? , w ith $t>io, in Tia.eUiug BiMtuen pa, ng 1,0*1 per mii'h ' I I) < tSE A t 0.. H* R It'way. j Apalfsmax wanted-in a clothing store, a ample npn, who i* a, qualnted with the Du*iu> *? uud i a giro food city reference '".m apply at fill Greenwich j DRl'OCf.EBKWANTr.n-IN A first clans peswriptlon eatahllkl ment. One thor >ughlv acunainted with the bnalneaa may ij ply, with refer dceg to oouipeMD'-y, Ac., at "it Broadway. I MEDIATE BMPt.OTXENT -B1 MAILING IS CENTS m money to W. HOOD, 157 M- tiroe atr-ot. New Yum. you of'! receive a bte * lalntng a a , ret of an artl'. e n great I len and hy whl.h fig 4er wrek tan he made. rORTKIt WANTED-A STEADY YOUNG MAN Ml >T Conn wo 1 re, ,, ruauded for hoooa y ana lt,d i*m Am , nly at A. 1" i?J at J , 51 0AthAlloc it ^Pi? K PACKKK8 WANTEI>.?FOt'R PFIitfOFH. WHO *? * *T ft, # 1 ; * king pOVD 1 a??.| h t \j v< )>ap r? tan biwi *ia a lyr unjrl at foo t vtnqpm. bv *\ yi) ti* n tin#** fr m 4 u> 6 ?u?l t rotn 91o 10 oVttr * I* M., J. w liumi ! 'e f Um Hov?ri of Bnid* way an'i V..t.5-u lane. w' 'in'.ir.K - i i,>,i:h - 9 - * n.r ** *r\ ^ * i 1,11)3 ! ? # * oltK?, #t?vrifn # tnd ?. *-? n^iM | '*!?>! AN WANTED-T I.IRFftAL SALAKV A Nl> . ; hi in-* t * i jmI i b> * ii-> 1'nilr <:1"..K and mantflla t|ini"?' to on" wl.n haaa r??h *ud ?! "ti I o>* tf"d". All j |r^?- Vh Hill.ib, b I Till*,"' ujlc, r^NITKO STATES MAHINK COIlPi) ?WANTED, FOR thn I nluil SiatA* Miri'io Curt TIM ?* a'I iiiiaairw l lui-l, lit ?"*n ll?? ?t? of 1 i i.l A ?> ra and not ' a-a -ban ? f?" 4*t In h 7 b M' . ? nib", ?d ? tb ibe ' <iii?nnt of tlia-it oareau and c ?. i,,im r n ?r"go at I Bilnvni nia to y iiiiik .ntnaolUi m 'bl- .. for i ar- 1 ttrular" ap|i)y ?i th* Martno R*--i?rW", P>u?bit av"'ine, | Itronklva,oral tha r? i n r,nl r ?. t- i. i t w Viirk. WrANTED-A ItftRAU OAJ.ilW ' ?P. vr,io | v demand h ? iiuair.a?? In all I * h ' Wftiww-A for ??i ri"'/?nn A||il, til (Vm ?? ' f. ' "T r?t'i? o'elo k A M YV ANTED--A tOUNU NAN, To 'i.WRdT fOTtKE ll r 11 ?' tin" '"il' ?' I'l V a' Ira' rat" I mi ** "| ' .10 I 1i*va - it * - j i .* , ai, nad ni iimnl" A !i?m, ? th r?*nr>i,c"? au<t in 11 ?<> arj . Kaitrnad, tx 1 1 IJI* P. ?t oil, Yl" V in ED-TWO BOV-i, ro WAIT <?N r A Mil IN a TV lining I 1I0OU, lo.iai I ' l'l? ? J U 30" W*?2i. ng'tw *l \I7VANTED?TWO 'M.M FOR OH0< ERV -r ma TV n i >ot. , alt juoo I .r i ?, (i i to ! ti j' tr )' -,!?! ov m in , ' itfn i <i?ai w Ltv ?iH? a rati'l to E hud- and California A*.pi.v "i No 7 ''ha'Tinm wj V H.--I ?!' ! '? J" I'1 Ai.t'ol ... .... | \V' ANTED-fOJl A FEW V EI KS, A UOi Vt l|t? CAN ! TV ?t -a auj ? a??i' io n<,t'ii aad a*1 l?* i ii? a s vi. 17 ear an twr'f'm. At?tioe ; pittr, AMP II-,ti 1 t,T U'A^rEJ-A l*>:.\( rif'AL VAN, WHO r t N INFI.l < i'i trmtA in i i :j. rf ani' Mai,'< bi ok n?. -f ,r i 1 a, at j t i-Jix A n 'A - Jl AS, Ho'al'l MRa. \\f AN IEP? V ROY TO OPEN OYSIERV AND AM8IRT - TV il??i D< Apin/iuK W (NDt I r . 1 i Ain frotn V o 2 A. N it, iKil^J A ROV TO Of'EN OYyrKR# |N ^ "A tt ? "f ini-Hia ai VJT firwid**', iiA-tA""., jj. a?.i Mm fI, ANrErt-A BuT To rnx IN RM iW t'AHIi.- i,yp. j . TT ac-j?t .mad I" lh# b'Jjibft*t ol? ?#?<! apji v t iK in. I I J# Pnrra?iAr H. aw ra,";l wri'tr JPi ' jdt.ij, Ik'(wt*p I Wai'a aad W|!l?r ita 'j h HELP WAKTEO?PEMALE>< All families and good skkv ants wiu. kind the largo t e.d eatabhahed Inailiute at the o. rir r of <4.1 av and lien -I . (or Ucrniu, English, Irish an 1 Ancn an women. Mrs. Floyd in attendauee. Good plane# a ways ready. Protestants wanted afwaya. CA)OK WANTED.?A OOIID AND COMPETENT COOK, with good wage*., euhci r'r neb orGeuuau, ,Mn *' r?' a good plate bv iw ly ng by le b r, addressed to B. B H , Herald oflen. Terma and qualifications to be staled ?i the app.icallOU. VI 1L1.1NEKS WANTED.?TWO Gt>OD MILjL'NI RS JM. and g'xai first class trimmers. Apply at No. 1? cletch* er at. _ SKIRT HANDS WANTED?3# OR ?0 GOOD SKIRT handa w II hud stea t euiplo\ ineni. alao a g< forewoman. at the Coumblan Skirt factory, U'J Duaoe street. N. B.?Noil** but good banc a need a I p y. Tir ANTED?TWO VOI'NG LADIES FOR A FIRST VV < lam reiail ribbon, Lint ral wag* a w ill be paid to thoae '.bat aull Ap, ly at 307 CaUul at. W ANTED?AN EXPKRIENt'EDSILK MILLINER, KOR the ooiintry; alao, an ekprneueed xaleswoinuD, lor .bo n. i lie;'* iie|iunuieut. ail at J. Higgius, lltitiUi ave., N. YYY' ANTED?A UIIIL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK TT in a -i.oni lamiiv; m at be a poo i cook, was er an i fro i r a German, woo * peaks En ln>h, prel'errtd. None no* d apply who bje* t -o doing anything connected vt.ili general homework Beat ol' reference required. Apply at lib Allen ?L, alter S o clock P. M. VV ANTED?A FIRST RATE COOK. A FRENCH WOTT uau nreferred. Apply a'. It} Bieecker at. TIT ANTED?A nOt'SE SERVANT, TO WAIT ON TIIE TT table ol a small *aiuliy, and who can attend an infant. Apply at 153 Uleeeker at. WANTED?A t.IUL TO ATTEND BAR; ONE WHO njeratanila the business preferred. Apply l'oi two daya at 113 Grand at. WANTED-A YOUNG GERMAN WOMAN, AS COOK TT washer a d Honor, in a! Auiainan family. T" one who t-nirougbiy understands her business good^wage" will be given. None others need apply. <-ua ui ou ui 2tilb Ml. TITANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER; It o.e who Is willing to do general housework. Apply at 84 Christopher st. WANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL, TO TAKE It care of chlldr. n ami uo light rhomb rwors. Wages no', to exceed $4 per month. Apply at -06 West 4'Ad et. WANTED-A FEW EXPERIENCED HANDS, FOR head ureases and dress caps. Only hist rate hands need apply at 441 Broadway. W ANTED?A YOCNO GIRL, TO DO THE WORK OK A II small family; must tiring ihe test of recoiumeodaliuns for honesty and suhfieiy ; wage* low, work light, and a g>.od eom.uriaOle heme. Apply at 17 Weat 31st at., before 12 o door. XITXSTED-A PROTESTANT CHAMBERMAID AND IT bcamstrvas; must bo well recommended, and a neat sewer. Apply at 141 U est 14ih st., irom y to 2 o'oiock. WANTED?A YOL'KG WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOl'SEworlt m a small family of four persons; she must lie a good washer and Iruiirr; none but tbose capaole need spply, with city reference, at 28 Waverley place for two days. WrANTED-.V .APABLB, NEAT AND WILLING GIRL. TT us (Uiamneiiuai l aud waitress; must bung reference from her last place. Protestant preferred. App.y at 368 6th ST , from 10 to 12 A M. TV"ANTED-FIFTY GIRLS TO MAKE WOVEN TAPE II skirt*. None but experienced hands need apply at 376 Broadway, up stairs, in the rear of the bUildiug. "WANTED?A FEW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO II earn a very prutitable business lhat Is steady summer and winter in ail cities; it will pay $16 to $2U per week at least, and can be practiced at home. Call and seeforyeurs< lies at 141 Grand street, between Crosby unit Elm streets, *> cund lloor. Terms lor instruction very low. Dr. R. LOVE, invenior. "\V' ANTED? A GIRL TO TAKE CAKE OF A CHILD AND II do pl.ilu revving; one who undv rounds operating on Wheeler A H ilscu's ?cw;ng machine preferred. Apply aaer Id o'clock A. M. at 173 Ead36th st. tv anted?a forewoman for the cloak de- j II pa: tine in; one who has had experience aa culler In a Br-; cass cay b .ire. Apply fur three days at W. K. Roberts, 262 Bowery. ^ 11 "ANTED?A (SEAMSTRESS FOR A PRIVATE FA ML VV ly ; ..u<: who mu pcrate a Wheeler A Wilson machine preferred; will be required to do light waiting; best o! references necessary. Apply at 09 West 13d si., near 6;h av., bell ho. 2. WANTED?TWO YOUNG LADIES FROM A FIRST ?lasa retail ribbon i top.'. They must be thoroughly acrptainted with the Broadway retail trade. To stieb a liberal salary will be given. Apply at 307 Canal et. WANTED?A GIRL TO COOK, WASH AND IRON, IN YY a mnall Amen- an family. must understand her business thoroughly and bring guodelty reference; German prer< ml Abptj at lid East 15lh It. Wranted?A SERVANT, who IS A good PLAIN YY cook, washer and inner, anil is willing lo make herself generally useful and pleasant, and can bring good references. Apply at 1.34 West 43d St. WANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND trimmers. To experienced hands good wages given. Apj ly at 346 canal st. WANTED?TWO YOUNG WOMEN, TO GO WITH A YY family to Cattlornia; only respectable parties, well recommended, need apply, as, if suitable, they can reu.n their sliuatkins after arriving there and good wages. Apply to-day or Monday at 378 6th av., first floor, front. U'ANTED?A GIRL TO DO THE GENERAL HOUSE YY work; must t>e a good washer and trouer and ouns well recommended from ner mat plane. Call for two days at the Basement door cf 46 West 16th st, near 6th are. WANTED?BMBROIDEF-BHS ACCUSTOMED TO YY working bn Slik embroidery Hi a.frame; also lew good eotton embroiderers, ai Lrpd A Tat lor s, corner of Broadway -and Grantee, entrance In Grand si. WANTED?SPO fi0TT<5N-HOLE HANDS, AND 89 OPErators with their olrn machines. Singer's No. 2 or Wheeler's No. 4, to make small anhy tenia, at No. 42Dey treat, up stairs. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY OIRL, TO WASH AND Iron rod do general housework; city reference required. Car at 112 julftvan st. "WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OP A YY little girl 1^0 year* old (Ge man preferred); she must embroider and sew nicely. Apply at 288 4th St., from 10 to 12 _ Wanted-a girl, to do gbneral housework. YY A snlart, tidy one may apply at 08 Hoyt st., corner of Dear. Brooklyn t1tantkd-millinkr8.-three milliners and ?T t*u trimmer* waUVSd, at L. Binria millinery, All Bm?dw?y. Also two apprentices and one rnclM maker, frame makers, w;re frame nfakera wanted. in nprr clam khumm and three tki*. 111 tuers wanted. None others ueed apply at Madame Sa .mob's, 'j)i Dlvlaiou at. TH* TRADBI. ZT3 A FIRST CLtiW OAltbENEK, EXPERIENCED IN all d* partiuenta n: gardening, fruitina!. grape, vegetable aotl flower cnlturrf, in open ground as well under (law. wants a sltiiatlnu; be h..a ;;'K>d reference. Addiea* Ilorti- I rultnrist, Herald ofN, ? Boat bi ildek-> and ship carpenter* want rd, to contract to b'tliil 4?r p et launch ?; all materials and room wMl b- furuinMn; and ala? a rapalle nnpertatenAe:,t. FnrtmlWr p.irt!tul*ra apply to O. K. Itigeraoll, ill South at . N. Y. immediately. TO 1" AINTEKS ?THE fUBBCRlBKR OFrERK FOR sale i it - tuck, trade, Ac , ?f Ma old established paint shop, now doing v tp.od hnslnt s*. To a party v. tatting loaUrt bus aril tlua it an opportunity seldom me' with. J. W. KoWE, Mil Canal street. TO ARTIFH JUL FLOWER MAKERS.?WANTED INI nie.iiate ly At' pi od bands Pi wm It en arilli al llnwers. To g . id. bauds a udy u.ointment wilt be girtn. Apply to JOHN t HENDERSON, Mi Broadway. \%r ANTED IMMKDIATELT?TWO OR THREE OOOD ?T Pax net slers Apply tinting lite sot al mom -Ub O "ar I llouae, between I and 5 and 7 anil H I'. M. UTANTED-A MAN AS t OTTER AND RALEHMAN IN a hue do. e. Cueaeeplifinable reteienue an to taxability will tin required. Inquire of S Cauticil, 11.1 Broadway. U- VNT1.D?HOOP SKIRT MAKER*. APPLY AT 9l 1.. sole st., t'ii alalia. PHKMC II VDVEHTIsKMEIiTN. I III i* i r.i rnv.^i M-im, ? vioiuuAi run J -on e'V, et nyant de Imimee recuuiman l.v llmi- ilenji* one i > e (Padrreaor an 109 Broadway. lsa?#. ni'itl. f'NK Fll-I.fc FRANCA1SK DE-TKfc: SK PLACER i ttina ? I""mm" de < iianirji el rouili'H on ItoiiM d? i I'MlmNf else,- ra tnaitree. pu ir d-uf joui*. (3 W ? 17'-h ?i.. bet-*Mg Mb an-i (Mi ?? . WATCIIK*, JKWFXItt, Ac. \I J. it. COHEN*. -*J6 HKOADW AY, CORNER OP Dunne atrerL SI'-. ?*i (If Under W aicbM... 00. nanot ps i e I In on RUrai L . M its ht? fl SB r linn Oiiii Cylinder (' irbli. 1A C< in IK)id Li-vei Wu ibet .. ?l 111 " KI III Mn C> l.nder II' litlii* CaWla... 10 0" 1.1 01 VivrLevvr Hunting OaRea. 12 8" SUM IK id Cylinder IIuittln|Caa*a .... .. 21 (I " Ki'O Gold Lever ll\ ding Cas?e(. 31 <*> " Hill Solid Oold Simla.... I 0> a ?"? " i ty solid Hold SlMvr HuUOOH IBlal " t Yl .n- in -is.of Pint 2 m a 30 ftnU'l O ild i.nrli (t i d Chatna "in It ai Ho Id U?'d Chatelaine Md Pin ....WOO 16 lit s ..I I It I it v - I bnina ... ?0? H It) Flue tcmlry nni! Wm-bee or ati dn. rlpltona ?' efialiy |uw J ilren, to ?tlU the tune*. a 1 ASH ALU Tc Til K yi RATION. WHAT ARK (AU ? D . no'idOf?Cryataliri d ipi..rtr fmnd nn'jr ;u i iiif i .a, . 11 pMtahed t re*, nihil- real dmoionda, ell lie > eipia' Or i I nancy On e*h i 'km and for aile i i o'.lENS. .'ins Brnadwnj ooraerof DiwmiIn \ T I OH EN S. BUOAOWAY, A FEW I ADiKR'UOI.D sY Watalie* lot Hale, pay *dv tniat*. ai (."2, warranted In e\ - v it rpett. Aleo, to pay advam-a*. open ra a d hunting raw Rii. lah pa'eal Iner W *P lu ?, ?eijr' sieap A'Oralis mi i.i |lii an I'm., and la-lie*' Jewelry -if an deauri|s?io-ii r.(? cfats (i aan %i rot' A'.v ARTICLE or 9.J\J hitta y *r. r? n, this caM ? ool n > g | T?U at,f"a*. 1/ i\ | t J R '-rry/Nt ? ti It f I 11*1 * ? .gjf | Vr H aVw t "I! . v IOPRPH H COI ' N I V . ' ?ttm1 J.j ' I f P I ' ta | SPOHT1NU. A LARGE LOT OF iukiKC vo iTil Ti E > r ai 'T lul.-i nninOei of Mi - a i,* v Hit c in i t >: -r it ' I earle'f of Hilar Rlrda i . ?r , ry 'e? hi - . ,|a ai W Bill iiiwa. , New Vol? lsAVIli VTINIPI Floh SALE?THE Rl HOOMER YAc'i 'T Jl I MKT, N .Ah !> I -aa, ,n i.?-rfcri order hulll n |)K7. draw"(leeiaHhOl-t ceoire Loar i. Apply al 4( Wi el E*e??nO nreei. Ii'ii AM'IA Rt Ti.ER, NO : PKI h RUE 11 A* ALL TIIR |7 i:i . Ht"d* for at or a and ai Rii-vr'it ?nfali(Mf 'Mepe l ure ?.nd FJea Eiiennli ilor, .at i en i t noiue llntit'r "Breeding, Training, lti?e*?e? A of |> ga > II. P'H IsoRtJed, irtiMiirRc. Nadtcic* tv (< i m?e? \KW YORK UKHALI), SAT ttoahome aho loooihg. AT MO A) EAST TWENTY FIFTH HTRKET, BETWEEN isou m|J Fourth aveum s. hua suutely lumisued Roo "? to lei, with or without & private table. A DESIRABLE SVIT OK ROOKS, WITH Kl'LL Board, u tie first I .as house ho. u W el Tweuly fO' rib street. oppos.te t-.e Filth Avenue Hotel, or the wuole Kloer eon be o latn.'d tl' <1. * re I. A private family have a front room, forn,.-n. d, to let, with or without b ard. K lereii is exchanged. Apply at 200 Weal Vweutj -secund street. A SUIT OK HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO be 1 t. w |u loan:, or a private tame, uu the ?e. uml lloor of a very convent* utly UKatrd and tirst clave house near the South erry, Hroo ,yn Fanny private. Apply at Stitcugr e.i sit eel, lour duo.'S eest of ll ury street. ATiENTION is CALLED ro THOSE LIVINO IN IIOe is una "ourding nouses to un estao.isuu, nl >>p ne at N . 110 M O-'ouga street, anil furnished wilh everytiling necess..ty ut ucusekn p u,, in oruer liiut a laiiuly may have a coin; letr home and liv, a a >ow rate. AII1UHLY RKBKECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, wil ,nu children, occupying a tlrst elass house, will let a cbolee i f handsOBo ly t'urnis ie i Rooms, with Board or prtvnte Ishlf. English and French s.oken. Apply at 18 East Bleu ker street, uear Broadway. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE AOCOMMOdate I wih Board (B. ?rd for tile lady only) house strictly private, lu a g od loeatl. u, near Uniou square, w th l>R'.h ? * i git*. fail at-ti East FmeeutU street. A ROOM WANTED?FOR TWO YOUNG .LADIES, IN a , rival' ia:ally, it i It Boa: d on Sunduy s only; locution from Tenth In Twenty-fil th street, and between Four b and Sixth avenues; I rms not to ex .ed *3 per week. References exchanged. Address M M., Union square Post ulll'.e. A GENTLEMAN AND niS WIFE or TWO OR TH REE s.n pe genitrm a i >n he an on.modthit w ith a pleasant furnished Room ami Board in a sntull private 1'aunly, in auisi able ovation, 67 Alortou stieit, east ?f Hudson. Rclertn esevchanged. An ENTIRE SECOND FI.OORj ALSO a PARLOR ON u<lritllwr,u)let ffmBMH, ma family orjomnmm and their wives; rooms elegantly furnished anil house modern, with all llie eoiiveuicnoes. Reference re'' lire'!. Ak p.y .it :a Wait Twelfih> ml A LOCAL PHEd- i.. It IN THE METHODIST EPIScopal chinch desires Bear.I In a respectable family be. longing to the same church fur about three week*. Ad-iress J. W. J., lie raid cUicc. A private german family, residing on west Twenty-third at reel, wouki like tu ae.umriiO.iaU' a auil wile, or two sing] - gentlemen witn ahaudroinrly furni hed or uufumishi d large noot Parlor, with all the commi t* of hone, on moderate terms; house and neighborbooil hist e.ass, references exchanged. Call at Ib'J Broadway, room No. 'J, from 10 to 12 o'clock. Also a suit of I a: lor Id.lilturc will be taken In i-aymeut, or lor.asli. No May moving. A FEW, SINGLE OK MARRIED GENTLEMEN CAN have pleasant Rooms, wiiu lull or partial Board, in a private family. Lounmn desirable far business men. Convenient to and west of Broadway, Apply at 124Spring street. Referenda* exchanged. Board?the lady of a physician, residing within a pe asant drive of tLecity, will receive in her household a lady rxpectins 10 require kindness, care and home atieuuon. House is delightfully located, accessible by rail or water, contains balh, gas, hot and cold water. k<~,- use of piano and carriage If deused; laniily small and u unburn, sivc. Audress Boo Hejour, station G ro?t ollh c. New York. BOARD ?AGENTLEMAN AND WIFE Oil TWO SINGLE a utlcmenean ou atu a neatly furnished front Room and Bedroom on .bird th or, with Board; also single Rooms, for gentlemen, at No. 3 West Washington place. Board-near Washington sou are, 107 waver ley place.?Gentlemen or a laniily can no accommodated wuh Board and pp'u.-anl Rooms. References exchanged. Dinner at A BOARD.-an eligible apartment in a VERY small, unobtrusive family to let, with Board, to an Invalid or a aiyexpecing to require medi al care, kindness an i home a t-ntinn. For location, terms, Ac., apply to or address Dr. Thiers. No. 1,217 Broad wny, near Twenty-ninth street. New York. Board wanted?my a young lady, in a privatc family oi with a widow- lady; she is engaged daily; 1 . alien must be between Fourth and Twentieth streets ami i. ..... , i Lll-,1. ....... .... 1,1.1,.... U U V ,l:i. on i Fourth si root. Board wanted?sy a gentleman, wife and Ren ant; partial uo lrd only for the gentleman. The room- :011ft be lira; rLaes, on second floor; location m.exeept unable, between Tenth anJ Thirtieth streets ami 8iuh anil Fourth avenues. The advertiser wishes to make a permatient arrangement. No boarding houec keeper nerd apply. Andreas* box 1,01# Post ollice. BO.\IU> WWrKD?BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS wiie, with large roout, unfurnished hut carpeted, or a smAll parlor and bedroom, with board, tire, ga? and water, \ eituaieil between Fourteenth and Twenty-ninth streets, and Fourth'and Seventh avruoce. Addreea D.,box 2,316 New York 1'ont olliue, staling teriruj. which must be moderate, location, Ac. Belereiice required. Board wanted?for a family of rempegtahiiitv, consisting of husband and wife, three suns, a^ed 18, 13 and 5, daughter 13. Three or tour Room*, with Ous. Water, Ac., required. Uouae must he good and location tlcsirabie. Any private lantlly desirous of reducing expenses may hnd this a pleasant and satisfactory arrangement. Address P., box 2,6m Post other, with particulars. Board wanted-by a young lady, where she could assist in sewing us an equivalent for her board, or par: payment; these b .!ng good acro.umodutoua may answer. References cxco.-ugea. Address 11. O. C., Herald office. Board wanted.-a highly respectable family of four adults wish Board from May 1 In some flrit claaVprlvate lamily. Any faudly wishing to reduce expenses for the coining year will lind this so excellent opportunity. The moat unexceptionable reference given. Address, with full particulars, W., oof 371 Post Otlio . Board wanted?fob a ubntlbman, wife and child, lour years* uf ago; would like a from Houm sod Bvcrooffi ou the second Uour; In a private fann y preferred, or where there Are but few boarders. Location below Tenln street and west of Broadway. Terms nut to exceed $11 p*r weak. Reference* glvan and required. Address V.J. O., sure at J. C. Allen, 9$ Cortland strjet. Boardlno ?three gentlemen can bb accom mudhied wllh Board, or gentleman and their wives, iu a private houxo, No. 37 Java street, Oreeopoint. R-femire required. Board wanted in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and lady wishes Board In a private family ; full Board f r lady only; wishes to furalah their owu room. Ti-rms not over Ada week. Wauled by the la: of April. Addresa Write, box 140 Herald office. Brooklyn heigiits.-pleasant rooms, with Board, at 37 Cranberry street, beta- en Willow end Columbia. Situation deslrabl*-, flfe minutes' walk of Wall street and Fulton feiTly. Boarder8 WAKVEDONTHK HUDSON?A FAMILY, owning a villa Jit the beaks of the Hudson, convenient In the elty by -allroad or bodl, would list to make an arraugrment with a family of fu ir or flto grown person', or two gent'emch and'heir wive*, without entldien, lor Board, from May 1 to Rtwbnibrr. If oratred a separate tkble woi'M be liirnishcd. The honta- ha- wale.' auugat Uiroughout; i;.i?veoi' -U'ii s fgr h itUn] and I athing an J sta'mng Tor horror. Re l>ri:!c ee ex-hanged. Address YlllaJIVji 2S9 rbst office, N. T novjrmr boars-fob * family giving i f V houH-k'-'pInc it'll)?iii m |tM ue Nimnrrln th* rouutry?Liu-IIP airy room*, ivllh Ural rlta, Utbh', att olf'itd a' A lair rat*, In u |A??aut.y located hoow on tbe Hu.lwm, two minntea ?.tlk I rum h ruilroiul drool ami air&niboal Ian line. Dliiianc* on* hour from the nty VddrraaOreanbur^ Hoim?, Dublin' Kerry, New Yer*. /10I STRV BOARD WASTED-FOR FOCK MONTH*, \J bv a gentleman, wife, i h'l'1 and tini ?< , ruti-i |jp In a healthy totality ahd within Thirty rumnleaof lk> rttj. Ad. dr. ,a. alai Ofl term*, hl'na'.oo and uirui of atcew, W. T., box f.Wje NAw York Fixt Of if FURNISHED RiKiMS, KoK OETTLEMEN ONLY, IN' a motion butli It unit, j. - and Imth, ai No. M Don In.. It rent. NEATLY Ft'RNI SHED LODi.IV; HOONM TO LET? At ..V', jipr ulal.l AIm), ronton hy tin- ?. ? B. i a Hunt i?i and I27 t?rand 'i?.;,on.i donlr.uu tlnail'iMf, PLFASANT ROOM- \t |T!I BOARD, MAY HE <'B I nil. rt I y rpplj H it M Wo?t Twenty f ,urlh at .i I, twi'*n Fifth and HltlK .iron SEVERAL RIMJT.E i.KNTLEMKX t'AN BE AUUOM modal, d wl'h I rii aiel Km. n* and Hoard, at N '.,J Wi:j. ugh y atml, Ri-iofciyn. Referenda exchange rPO LET?FI'RNIHHNO HI DROOM AND I'tRLOBON 1 : rat f oor, wilb or al hont board, t!v minor , irorn Km k allp fori). Iti'iulre at M Second aired, Wl li ur.a , jr. rpo let?a nimmn non room kd bed' X room au.u.u.u*. ?* ibr: nun noor, u. a uuail p.nal" family, to one or tiro gpntlnnpn, at 74 Amor atrppi. \'ERY DESIRABLE EDO MB, T t A NDAoMELV FI.'R ntah'd, in la1?To gi nilma. n ? liht i: H ird, in tl.e mo. dorn bun c 81 Ninth -tree*, betw*"ii Fifth at I Sixih avonr ?. TX7 AN TED?BOARD . iR t TOP NO MARRIED CODT? pie i In , private tunilli prefe; red), fiom May l T. riria lanal I* moderate An lir a", eating teru.a, Ac., Archibald. li. raid ?So*. w a MED-A PARLOR AN. BEDROOM OR IBt'OND It flour, with modern Imp tore menu, lur a gentleman, wife end ohlM; alto a Room for err*ant; prlrair lablr ri quired; ail oat ion Iwti.een Fourth nnd FonrMealb nirrota, mb,I Fourth and Hum vm in Add r*e, aiinu panic O. 1' 1.. Una I ?fli,**. U'ASTKD-B'iARO. FOR A I.ADY AND l.TTTf.K <iIRL, In a pi ivate family. T. him w t tu tarred *4 pet w.i a Location a ""h .1 Tl'rltlrh and v at of Hiiih ..m nor, Addrraa E. W. Hnin'd ofllu L'nt (orptlona'ole rv ferciier given an t required. it'J TU gA-BO*' DINU AT * <?> t.U \NU STREET.?A P*' a '1 man 1 ' I* " f .i.?1 tkt v or i ,r jc ^mru tan I u'-r and rrtn f,tri \ Itamna, win. *.v< ?.. bathroom Aim m (Haio w?,>.rd In i u U117 101 board No moving la May OQ BR AMI ifrRJRF.T, I RONTINi; T JOIiVHl'lKK >fi 1 i?( uiih ft ir 1 tii 11 ,11 .. it<, M ,, ft on l; "J* Mia I?rg.> froal ?<- V-" 'f * >, t 1 < -nf'j Inrrlah. I, aultai le 1'ti a la* illy ?ir tiro t nlawii hum all thr m t-1 an Impnovoarnn a; no muting In May, 7(i ; 1.1 1 .nil .. (if 1 .,v hk ?(>. 4 ?7 > .. ?To ! ' haii lnotiiaiy fa .il<' ?.i It ?<n, < in alii* ? gaiiilmneaj thr location ia t.-a, atl tha firat el ? h lata mii| vl* <a of atn 'MstiM I. ttaadlnt rr,<. ufi-a 11.1, .< HON IIOUSE (tonUKF'T HTREF.T ABU K m'RIMO-ALSTON \ %J*f /i i' 1 of Komi,*, ra?, f ri 1 ' 1 < '"a1"1' t > ??e v 3 "tmrntcal lj. i?-?i '> 1 ? ' ? ' ?; 1 f.aiila* or 1 am*, aa'-nitM n. Rant n? to ,a rmi unjl t . anta. ni ' ' I . M.A'T - ( ' It 0 1 ft Nl) H,IA 1) ) .. Illl |I 0 ' If.' If, .. <11'it thntr I. M . ' f 1 -i I ? il.'M . ?, All I n.... ri? 11, I.iii . K jI". U < >? J ?'i i' a i.y it i rwju i 1- >1(11 nfuirtook I nji ' 11 Ani flii'ihtM 11. It iii'. I* iii, t, j jitios 1 an !.< ti< >' *' 1 1 | tt'1 th*lr *v r . nu ra .< of *' IV ' :ai. ifi rm*cv h HMJT -ST t i.aIR lntf t>K.?ELE I i) ) (Ml/ 'ri.>- K, ? I* ' a a-tnel'-d, m. I . t. lit * *ii hnn -*piiic u.inpl-tt, to. cimi 11; > . ' r.iD* !? ? ij r??p.xtabig faoiiiiaa or tingle gMit ei. to m| HItEKCKER HTKEET, SIX BtAIVKM WRdT OF ) Hi nt t* ajr?A n*w hiinaa, nl(h all Ilia Wo i?rn lmpiDv. mMi'a ?Tlaamnl Konnia, with e*ceHani Hnar l, fr in | i05 o|tiitr?t? BrexkitiUrOD f t??i4larc ?' Hit J A 4 (t'CiOitf I UBDAY, MARCH 22, 1862 BOARDING AMD LODGING. 910 ELM STREET, NEAR SPRING?FURM18HED iiivl Apartments lor uiiin.u.eU: occupancy. Tim lowe.t r- IIJ in Uie city, consider 11,y ine oonv. uku.c of economy la hou*> keeping. Best bedding iiiid furniture, with range, cooking utensils and luiea uoinj lute , ga* and Onion. O0 4 EAST TENTH STREET. -A FEW GENTLEMEN navl'l (an have Board lur ?.t i?l per week. a gunt. man anil ? ifc can have a await I'ailor, with U droono, for

$7 Gah and bathroom Included. Koow, furnished or unfurnished, with Board. G I Q BROADWAY?PLANTER 8 HOTKL.-FAMI'iO lira or sin.le (jcutli dc.lrlng |Htrinuneut or transient Heard w.U tin lat ibis house elegantly lurnuhad Roots b and a generous table at reasonable prices, lo alnio la unsurpassed for strangers or business gentlemen. Diddcj at 6 o'clock. FINANCIAL. * ~ ALL GOVERNMENT' < LAI MS, PRIZE MONEY A VD ARREARS OK PAY, *ls> buDMTY A Nil PEN.-IONR ADJlhi'EU, COLLET ED AND CASHED, for ofllci rn, so.diem and (allnra. - nd their r? latives throurhout ihr I'ni'r.lS a ten, by J. D MoKGAN a co., Arn>> and Navy Bankets, 2J3 Broadway, New York. C1HEV1CAL HA Net, NEW YORK, MARCH 21. 1S62.? > Forty-hint dividend.?The IV. sidcrit and Directors of tiiia t ank have tuts day declared a dividend of MX per cent, payable to stockholders on and after Tuesday, the 1st day of April next. By order of to. 1 oar,I. G. O. WILLIAMfi, Cashier. OKF1, E OF THE LOGAN COUNTY MINING AND M inula, turin Company, No 30 l'lne street. New York, Man'i 17, IbJ-.?'j' 0 scni annual In ere. t on the bonds ot this CWnpany, due April 1. . .11 he paid at this odlce, or at the haiku,.; house of Joseph IV. Dur.s, 25 State street, Boston, on p.centum 1. v 1 the coupons. BKVJ. P. WEYMOUTH, Treasurer. PARVS.-VIHIIEKS TO PARIS WILL SAVE TROUBLE a. ,1 by applyiuy to JOHN ARTHUR A CO , nt- to tne Bri'ish mid Amricn, Bank cud I Exrhanye oftlces, House, Etc ate and General Agents and Wine Merchants. 10 rtte Cfnttlcli <DO. successor to I is lather, csiabiisiied th.ny ve irv. Checks on the various tanks uf t.iit Britieii iashed t the lilyheet premium without toniHiisxion, th'.K avoiding 'he Inconvenience of circular nolo* or letter* of credit, r'ut dure, Btouzcs, Work* of Ait, Ac., purchased on communion, Foreign Wince, In i'a?ki cr Mttldik US, 6 PER CEN T ONE YEAR OE RTIKIOATEB AND . Quartermaster-.' Vouchers bought aud nolo, or ?*>Ilecl?.l by UVERMoKK, CLEWS A CO., bunkers, 41 and 43 Wall street. UNITED STATES CERTIFICATES OF DEBT ISSUED to contractors wanted. ROBERT SEW ELL, 72 Wall ureei. UNITED STtTES SIX PERCENT ONE YEAR CERTIFICATES AND QUARTERMASTERS' CERTIFICATES ISSUED TO CONXlt xCTOilS. Wanted, by RICHARDS KINCSL.VND, Banker and Broker, Mo. 4 Btoad xtrerl, New York. AO eriA W ANTED?FOR ONE YEAR OR LONGKR, iPAuHiU on renl ctai* u New Jersey, four mile* irum the City liall, Now York, wot Ji three time* the atHO'inu G >od bondsmen. Principal*, or responsible persona will adurea* B. M., to* 204 H< raid office. * linn TO 94U.IW0 WANTED-TO AID IN THE tJJ^tA.UUU establishment of the manufacture of a 1? articm fully secured a* a monopoly an l yielding largo profit*. Should the partit a prefer, only a email amount need be Invented in the munutaeiure to at eure the agency lor tbo ale*, which ran be made for caab a'niuat without limit. A more desirable opportunity never oeeurred for the Investment ot capital, uur lor tue employment of the time and mema of a but ine-a man. None but first e'aaa principal* need it| ply to H . bos 2,.Vd, New York i'oat office, to w tucti the advertiser will attend Hi the Irxl day* of April. <?Q?J nnn TO DO AN ON PRODUCTIVE REAL ipOOtUyU Estate?In this city or Brooklyn, In auma to suit applii ant*. h1?o money to tin eat in pureha*fBg mortgage* ; none i ut principal1) need answer. Address Loan, box 112 Herald ollice, for two days* <H7 Z. nnn -MONEY TO LEND ON BOND AND V a *-'.Uv"tj, in rig ge. in any auma from 91. 0a .il upward*, en tirat claaa approved real estate aecurity In New York or Brooklyn. Also i 15.01)0 to l>e lent oil good lai ins. K. SALTONSTALL, ll Wailatieet. 16&I OFFICES. A T 66 N'ANNAU STREET.?A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND .21 broker, inak< * liberal auvanc on Diamond*, Watehes, Jcvvelr , Ac., or buys them at full Value, at his private ollice, 00 Nassau Href, room No. 2, up stairs. Busiutaa vonii ileutfal. > TJ. H. BAUhiN'GEK'S, COMMISSION BROKER.? ai This old tsUilixhed office advances the highest sums ou, or buys for cash, diamonds, a t or onset; watehee, pearls, plate,"lure, merchandise, optical Instrument*, Ac. No. 212 Broadway, room 13, up stair*. AT 77 BI.EEOKER STREET?TUE HIGHEST CASH price advanced on Diamonds, Watcher, Jew lry, Silverware. Pianos, S'-gura. Dry Goods, Ac. Taw nbi ekers' ti< ki is bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Biecckcr street, up stair-. INDIA CAMEL'S HAIR SHAWLS BOUGHT FOR CASH, 1 or taken in exchange for diamond jewelry. Cash paid for Diamonds. Applv only from 9 till 10 A.M., and from 2 till 3 I*. M. B. W. PLUMB, Diamond Broker, 512 Broadway. Money to luan. Liberal advances made on diamonds, Watches, Plate undJr.welry, or bought for cash, at the highest prices. Persons having old Gold or Silver to sell cannut do belter than call on LOUIS ANKIC1R 723 Bioadway, Money to loan?in sums to suit, on watches, Diamond*. Dry God* arid all valuable Personal Property, Silver Plate, ic. Apply to R WOOD, ti2 Fulton street, f ond floor, front room, from 9 to 4 o'clock. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PURCHASED FOR CASH, X at 448 UrooBie meet, four door* Ironi Bioa.deay, of all kinds of cloihfcijf. In large Ar small lota. On hand and lor sale?Business (Tools, 92 : CatstmeM Pantaloons, 91 50 ; cat*, Ml .wtita eacu. GSOHGB I.BT1E, foiualsainn Jierrna^. IlOrsicM, RIKIIHi, AC., WANTED. ASMAIX HOUSE WANTED lifMBDTATKLT-RBNT nut to usohed 9AVI; must have modern Improvcmsnts; location from Fourth t> Sn'h Aveoue and from Fourth to Twctity-tlflh stioet. Will buy'he Furniture, If for aale reasonably, for caah. Address Edwin, station A, street Post office A HOlflK WANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE adults for a pvh . hoarding house; ot.e partly furnished preferred; mutt b* btlw-en dev. ntli and Lexington aveu*?* and above Eighth street, and pvs*e**lrn wanted Apr J I. Would hoard the or a physician In part payment. Address S M. H., station E. A SMALL COTTAGE, OR PART OF A HOUSE, WANTe<l, for a fsinlly of grown peraous. In Hebogtu, Jersey ('By or New York, not loo far up town, for which a good t< u*bt ii\ay b* evpeoC'd; rent from $150 to 9209. State Foe*, lion, numi.-r or rooms, water, Ac., * Aldaeaa immrdiotelf f'nunt, box 137 Herald ollice. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WISH TO RENT A few Boon.* to single ii'lcinen, wi h or without partial B .nriJ. Term* moder*'*. Lo-attoii d< itrable, gy East Seventsvittb street, pea*Irving plto e. COUNTRY DRUG STORK, W1TII SMALL CAPITAL, > aud not idoru ti.iyn twelve hours' ride from New York, wanted, or a good lo- a'ion to ppen one. Addre**, suiting amount W. P. l irtts, Syracuse, N. Y. f'vr.rc. UTCKE.-WtXTKD TO pi rf iiase, a GOOD I ' ?*?ail Di t Store, well located, with uuarUuen;* sin a:1c 1st a faiuliy: part ca*ir will lib paid, bu'anee on easy trick Add v* t> M. ii , box 202 Herald office I iJtt'U STOHE WANTED?.?ANY ONE JIAYJNO \ 1." Ur j H">' < or ?nl?-, In a i;'" 'I l'?alily, or.rili from $4U) to *Xl ran nn J a h runtotnrr hy arid r.a*l tig, iinwcdiakaiy, l'ljj.irlan, lift Yu irW. t -Uking wfrkly r*i- ?, to at Inn, *i , hH'RMHHBD KOOMri wAim.D-TiiRlK OR KOI R Ih i a for hoti*ekr*plny. In a good !).o -> Itorhnorl, rlo r li 'I Br* klyn or Jeraey U4'J . M : 11. ic 11 Ai.' I,.", aiaubg k run, womb miua: l>c reaaenab e, 13fl H -111! r.y. .1 *JABT OF A HOUSE WANTED.?TH8 LOWER PART, A ?rut Cmr, ar i our or both ' a-"fneiit?, wlih nop or *wo Etoitibunia, for u family of twoot tliiw; i u chli uon Locokl>>n iviUiio a abort w.'iik of Mrtiiiliollkau llut'l A lililil. v i PM h i. nfrXM(An. I, ?jf a house aantkd-fourtoblx rooms' it- I ? I ' '-ir I" IIrrrt about liOO, baurora I nrJ and h th <rtniMi iinmruiata puMewnon; only ! r.- Ill '..'i'll... a ' . 'lira, bo* s 2ts i'lt ??fH ?. w*\lr, KwRXIBUBD COTTAUB wax TED?PROM 4^ M iy unl'l O tiAnr; nuifcl t-P wllhln 19 ffllaaln "f Ihr i ir i <1 .i iVpnt "f famhoat Innilhi*. and banlkhy 1**jitv, R'iiUk l'ooavent MOA Addraya, with paru-nilarn, T., I .|]% Pout oiTIPO. _ I YA7ANTED?AN OKKJc'E FOR A PHYSICIAN. BEtt t-.^n T"'rllii!i ml Thiiy flh atrai'ta; nnnthrr Focal Mill Hoard lb Iho fmtifl nonro. a'tdraaa Co in K, IS Taniii auaau Ura>rri)-t<) hunt in the ooi jiiry, a small ;m akotf u. rouiainitu iib nii alx Ikinma, Willi ;i ?ion|i |iirrr of Oronrnl ntiai-lird, hp.ilkhv lonatlon anil ?a?y aooiai I- mil eieaadiag f.\>' \ . 134 llrral.I OBOP, _ ____ U*ANTED?A HE if i LAM KOUIl J-fOHY FUR n <h II in i, ii i*h all ni?io?m Impmrpawnta, Natwaon t HI I | i i IN MM " I i aaa inn li iryi'i- - on hi ony ika funiiwue li a naiisfa. lory numriit in ? I i-'ip.- I r >i >:oo l ylhp i'ri* or midrib- of April; A<f rr?? S M K . wall. n II UMKTED?HY V FAMILY OF FIVE DROWN PER. a inx, a f irmant i Monro, Willi nil this modei n Imat mail,p.. X, IhI*. Ill klip I'll Hi anl Hlvlli nveaima, ''linrbaforp on fa- tit) of Mnjr, A ' rpx? A. II i<, Imx 14" Ho ?M oUIcp, firing full ilrp" nplioti of hnn a. Ika lorali u ami tba l iwut prtc". tyANTI.D-4 Ft'RNI>ffK0 HO! HE FOR THE YEAR,' lean' *.. ' n-; i*n' nm ti e *? ? .I $ik.<(. Adi|r< ?? O , boi 3,4 i4 I'on oitn*. WAKTfP-TlinRK ?,! ^"'It RnOMS MX TUB it . onn 01 1 r fntlonmn m I wile, In the Nlu'h ?*nl M'.?t i. nn >,il I.) I4I1 l>oiIniol,mii'I hnr.' ill" mv'rrli iniur>.vt^ii?iiU. li.ll / il ti OJ'.f I f I0> per iimitli. Ad<Tr"? il I n. r?M nlHor. ft/ANTED 11V A KAJIU.y or T1IRKR PERSON*, \N IT ' ' II . i fm v 1 I. 1 mm $1,1**1 to >l.3n?? ?.!l' ? PAI'I) *115'. * lit bo located b Iwdnn Kunr Inuiiib Mi i To. nljr-li In - n'0l?,?nd licltvirn Third ?ii.l Rivlh If mt'l. AddfWanE C 1,'nloi iridiro l*o?'oC.ei W*A?i rFIV-AKOl'T THE MT OF APRIL, A KNAf.L It I I 10, <>i'h biYnkfmt. ?,.* ?r, 1 bi'hnmm, lor a mngle got Hhmii !? ilnu betwtei. Tamh I a id Twenty' igbil. 1111 ?i-. MxlTbird ?nd Rl*(h *t?i|iii-? Ad- 1 rtr.'>* f rinor?iiiy? ? illti* m ? -*birh ii.iiiI bo m'?lei iio, K 4. T., Hiitiun Ol'ml Ol r. Ui-fcinBO-FART or A IfOl'SB, liv AN AMERICAN I ft.tub* of *1 jIihj finnl and '.? k rnr.m, u Itn s| sin) j tWO I.K'l I t*'l r " ,lli4 ''11 4 liKlf, ?hd -re laigi* an.I . ro I h*:i bedim 1 1 a' ? ??, 1 moil Tonlh an 1 Tlilr'io'"h itrct*and ! I .i a' an i I _ a VilHi. ? I - < - *' ? wl.h purlieu It r* ami terms, wblrh mud i><- ? Meratr tyANTKT)-,* HIXT OK 41'ARTMRJITS ON 0<R ?? )r ill nre?i? riaitt# u?ti(libc,rn ml. <n nl> . T1 rtt. e?b street, by a family ?t three adult* ami rue Infant. A-idrest. Aimi .iivuiu, Hn'el I OIBT. nrANTKO TO KKNT-ON THE 1ST Of MAT, Vf |t.?ii, N?* Vi.rk. or III Hoi. ?NI, * an aII , ?Hh 1 w?l? r Mod Ml) itiiiltrt IrnuiOfuo en's, by e srorll f stills; rent tiot to r?c?!til AddiMi Oscar oit'.io. UfASft f> IMMF.DI ATELV?HANlibOMHLTFt'HMMi* "I, Iijr A dnitli iKUTi and hlseltr, ? ParlMyBebsoonii wlih tiMilnnmii an>l 'od-i, Hnr^ani'a Room and > mm a kind Inret.o.-t: l?rni* must no molttHC, A'ltffas Wlt)? f >U P*MR"jJ?rt. T. * . UfTilt odloe I HORSES, CARRIAGES, M, AVHRY NEATLY BI'ILT PHAETON FOR BALK?HAS All extension tup, xnaft i.ud pole, ?nil bu been only one sraron running la ibe country, Inquire At MEust Tnlrty-socond street. TJRKW8TER A CO., 1> OK BROOME STREET, MANUSACTt REUS OK KINK CARRIAUES FOR TOWN AND COUNTRY, AND Pirn uiMA ROAD WAGONS, Invite an In-pocton of a varli ty of vehicles, exclusively Of their own manufacture, and of their ueunl excellence of _ STYLE, QUALI IY AND FINISH. The acknowledge,! superiority of their ROAD WAOONS Will be Hirictly maintained, and In addition To the po| elur styles introduced by theut during The' two oust re isons, they desire to call special Attention to the style for 1JW2. "THE GENTLEMAN's WAUON," Now ready for Inspection at their only place ok business. 373 and 'all Broome, corner of Moll street. Business wauonh, ok every kind, constantly n h.nid, or made to order, such us Grocer's, Bak r's, Milk and Express. You will find this as faroruble a place to purvlitsu at as can be fouu I, and every article wart ante I as represented. STEWART'S Wagon Factory, Fifty third street, bet wren Broad iray and Eighth avenue. Board your horses at tattersall-s stables' c?i nei Thirty-ninth street ami Sixth avenue, because It te the best arranged, most c-unmodlous and bent conducted stable In New York, having an exercising ring free to all boarders. Auction sales of Horses, t.'.irrill. c, Ac., every Tuesda , at 13 o'. lock. WM. WITTERS, Auctioneer. fUBMAOU, HORSES AND HARNESS FOR SALE ? \J it*) new Coaches, Un its, Calashes, Kockawaia, Top and and Open Bugttire, Sulkies and Chaises; Grocers', Express stlif Rusine.vs Wa Ons of all kinds. Also a large lot of second hand Cnrr ages and Wagons, thirty Horses and Harneaa. No, 10 Necine atree' and 184 rulbn avenue, Broukly n. Foil SALE?A COACH AND OPEN BAROUCHE, IN good order. Apply to ROBERT, No. 1 West Twenty te.enth sirept. For kale?two stallions, oxe black, sixteen bauds high, and was sired by the old Cawuus M. Clay, hp is 7 years old, ami hulf brother to George M. Pati hen, atta trotted in public In 2:38; the otlior a I ay, 16 hand* high, 5 years old, sired by ihp Otango county Haiiulitontun; la not trained; they were boih ruled by the ow ner. For particulars address i). B. Amos, UWuveltvllie, Rockland cottuiy, N. Y. For sale?a doctor s wagon and harness, tor $76. Inquire in the baaetneutof 49 Houston street, between Mulberry and Mott. For kale?at a baroain, a second hand C< upe, In fine order, almost as good us new, made by one of the best manufacturers iu this city. To be seen lor one w res at the carriage repository of Messrs. J. M. Qulmby a Co.. 620 Broadway. For hai.b-by a person going to Europe, a Boggy, but little used, built by Stivers A Smith. Also far utile at a nominal price, a Sleigh. Inquire at McDonald's stable, on Twelfth street, near University place. For kale.?a horse, wagon and harness will bo sold chenp, as the owner bus no further use for them; suitable for any city business. Inquire at 14 Thompson street. Horses for sale-at the waverley hotel stables, coiner of Ninety-sixth stiect and Bloomingdate toa 1. Is open with a line assortnn nt of road Horses for single or double harness; also, saddle Horses. Gentlemen wishing norsps are invited to mil and examine before pun-basing elsewhere. At the above stabtes Horses, Wagous and Harness bought and sole on commission. 0. W. a J. W. JENKINS, Proprietors. orre WANTED?A YOiTNG.~hi7lnd, KIND AND stylish Mare, 1S>? bards high, good traveller; speed not essential. Must be of a dark color: a ow prie d horse to 1st takeu in exchange, difference paid in cash. Address for ono week liorse, Godfrey's Union square Post oflice. Miner * ktkvenk."" ~ 72, 74 and 76 WALKER STREET, flrst door cast of Broadway, M ANl'KACTl KLKK of lirst class CARRIAGES and light WAGONS, of the latest fashionable styl< s and improvements, and tor elegance id' Hnlsh, sty Ic and durability are equal to any in this market, to which wis invite the inspection is purchasers, Notice?for kale, for keep,"one brown Mare, at the stable of Heading A Armstrong, 129th street end Third avenue, Harlem, on Thursday, March 27, a- 12b'#ocA, noon. HEADING A ARMSTRONG. One double aND one SI ngi.eex PRF.K8 wagon. In first rate order, alao two II irse* and Harness, all good, for sale. Aimlv at Freneh'a Hotel from It* A. m. to 2 P. M. Also, one or Wilder'* [intent large size safes. GADDLE HORSE?WANTED^ I GOOD HORKE, O broken to both saddle uud harness, kind, afraid of nothing and a free traveller. Address box 4,7u7 Now York Post office. Wanted?a saddle horse, of good style and .tction: uiust be perfectly sottnd and kind. Apply to JAMES CONNOLLY, 30ft Seventh avenue. Wanted?'to purchase for cash (to sell again), a splendid f-air of Coach Horses, for a grntl"niiin's family. They nuim be very stylish, sound, without fault, and not over-ix or seven years old. Address Livery stable, t ox 89b New York l'o-t 1 U.I particulars. WANTED?A SECONDHAND COUPE BUT LITTLE used. Apply t> W. II. WEBB, 2U0 Lewis street. HOTELS. Furx HOTEL, NO. 11) WAtEiLEY PLACE, ONE block from Broadway ?Room* to let iori?niiln ? and single ii-ui cmeo at moderate price*. Tabic d'hote .. t nix o'clock 1*. M. PATTEN'S HOTEL?nos. 277, 279 AND 281 GREENwith street, between Murray and V\ airen street*,. onducted on the European pis nor otherwise, as may be desired. Restaurant and lunch counter at all bourn. JAMES JKNKINsON, Proprietor, late of tbe Railroad aud Adams House, ( Albany. misckllabieoust ~ A RTICLES FOR TKAVELLER8.-TR1?8K8, BAMS, HAT J\. and Dress Bosea, elegant Paris made ladle*' Travelling and Shopping Bag*, Ae . Ac JOHN CATTNAC1I, Manufacturer and Importer, SB Broadway, corner uf Wall street, and 70o Broadway, near Fourth ataeel. TJRITI8H CHEMICALS FOR SALE?BY THOMAS XJ ANDREWS A CO., inn porter*, 196 and 188 Cedar street, New York. Soda A-h, from 48 to M per cent, all ibe different br.ind* and qualitle*. Caustic Soda, full atrentb; Ci per cent Sal Soda. Tbo beat Newraatle Bi-c?rb. Soda?Lee ?, Alhusen'a, Burnett's and other brands. All of the above In quantities to suit, from one package to an invofoe of DO tonal la store, attest or to arrive. Bronchitis and kindred diseases, si is? Bring the reeuRa of nearly twenty years' special treatment by Dr. w. W. HALL, Editor of ' Hall's Journal of Health, ' $f a year, 42 Irving plans, New York. Brudie's dyspepsia pills-a sake and rkliable remedy for every disease originating in a disordered slate of the stomach. Your druggist sella them. D S. BARNES, general agent, Wl Broadway, New York. CH'NTRACTORB FOR SPRINliFlELD RIFLES not / having facilities ftr executing the same, < an be put in the way of dMng so by addressing Uun Material, box 104 I Herald office. DOOR8, bashes AND Bl.fM)H?CHEAPER THAN anywhere else; beat quality and dry. N P. KIMBALL, 7* Beekman street. XFAItMH, ?} VRDKNS, if RAPE VINES-CALL OR SEND A' for particulars ?>l Kane a cetenrated rerlliuer, win a jiahl* enormouscropa, auinasamg nil other manure* m p urr and price, yielding food to the plant and property to the ground. Sample* ean also tie aren at the agent'*, W. L. ROSE A <'0 , HI Cedar street, near Broadway. Ikon pipe wanted?about seventy-ftve feet ' 4"r Di or I '? second hcnd Steam l'lpe. Andres* ho* 2,412 Poat otdec. J^OW, SON A BEN BOW I! soaps AM) 1krfimery. MR. U. II. BENBOW, of tbi ilwve firm, no long known to the Altierhan Tr:i tie, Informal)!* friend* and patron* that (the pailoaiafctp hana|u|4M with Mr. Low) he has taken into |>Aitnvr>)tlp hi* aon, llonry Bcnbow, who ha* bem ninny j<ar* cnnnritcd with the inteflim. O. 11. Betibow hating p rchaaed the *h ire of the tmvncsa belonging to Uo > rt Low, Sr., who wa* the original proprietor of LOW 8 HltiiWN WINDSOR SOAP, AO. Bcnbow A Son will continue the manufacture 01 thai aupe. run art tide, having had tie ante management for "varal f- fcf*. Alao, of IONEY, GLYCERINE. FANCY SOAPS, POMADES, PERFUMES, BRUSHES, AO., Hie ninthly of which, they guarantee equal to any imported Into the American market. Buyer* < til In* the present year are ated to ei nniae our goods and prio a, without Incurring the obligation to purchase. RENRoW A SOW. No. 12 Little Bit .itii London. Mrs eveline morris, letter writer and copy*', at her roiuna, 748 Bi oadway, ?< ,,ni tioor. ih ntl nu n, fl ledie*, 110cent*. Private tnati uu'ion given. Ten, ?j 0 Oittco hottta ii'oni SO A. M. till 4 P.M. S. H ? it,e innenta copied with nealtti** and a"< uraey. Marble rartels.?the ritbscrtmr irpormr the puull that lie I* aelling Mann la, dr., heuptr than any i*r* n In II e hn* net*. Tlto-e n tailing to purchase should e hi soon a. A KI.A BKH s Marb # yard, 115 tnil Eighteenth atreet. wrat o' Third avenue, New York. VTO CHIMNEY BURNERS.-AGENTS WANTED, TO La *e i llml n'a) p itcut Kerosene Oil Burner, for fluid lamp*, ta olrc* no chimney ur alteration el the lump*. Sample *ent on receipt of lour red elan,pa. Call on or addrera JUSEI'il lltllllN, Ti Dimne kircct, hi. Y. PARIS NOTABLE TWADE*MBN, i.*< e t ioi.*bi>?Brpiy rrqmatift mr ?ipn<iin* .i,?. rro. in* nam ami EipiiIiiu DrPan ?, Ar , No. 11 >ie Ue CkoiSPnl. Jkwki i.?r ro ii >f?Kiui*eh. 31 no Noiit p m. Aiiaiiailop. I'hiii>m?m> i k Ann VUX'I*?L' lioj a id Ella, inakoia In tb<: Pa* jr. I'alala K o nl, 13 ami 13 tlalario Mmitpniabr (.* Cm-* a ? Col' a Orjmtalo, 1)1 inn r SpiTki ?, y, l'Bla.n Kuial Uaiarlr Wnntpptialpr, 21 and 22. Ool.IXWltil AN!) Jl.WFl.UH-W iOao, 44 mi <lr I'Ar' I??0P, lioar tho loon 10 Priced ill I nown llginea. pUliUI'lHT WITHOUT rOST.-rilOTOURArilEKB JL and uianufin lin r? wliO ilealift to bp rnn'ted w i p i.nlpp' al rntaloti p of tho tnlprratlnnal riiot?giap!i *ifli r (I'niiiplolr jiitpfpatlonnl iIpa phii'o*r?)>h'?> nrp i-.m)!... M ; npiirt name* mid mtdrp?? (litrp 1)to out ag-ni, Mr. ! Edmund i'u.vino, ;< rv Vo k, 6.A5 B na iWHy; London vO lv*<l i L i ?i' irr, P?rli, Vliioi'iiiio*, 23 R 10 dp?* nri'l'rt<, Bpi'IIii 3 Trauma aw* ?tr*?rt; Ltabon, 113 liar An ml* PARTIES II WINO tfsEPUL ARTtOLEH THKT Willi I InlrodnopJ to lh* B'lVPMiintnt i r aim), by r i|?n dole |ar? ill w ii i I* * q i?U'.""1 *vi h In ad* of o artim nil, o ay adirwaa Witablogtan bo* 1M llar?i c ha ai n . . aril. Coldia. c AVK YOUR Ml NtV-A PARKER 119(1 LKNWIOIl O atnql. Bell* to h gai to rod ; i. . p,,, ,|y Ho.ip Mill kojpl, I t, 5 )0ir? Mia* 'b. h..\. 9W...; L orq ami I tick 'l"*i, '>, ?> j" nor oargo Yviina 11. a u n2, 7ft.', and gl. IKi OK vLJvl ItVoHTf. ill' K, PltOVtMOffM A* . E-i IV B*r: ?, or* .y aI," an I jv illtr, wi i i*? ft r. Bl*linfl tj JAllfcS ttStNULLV A A h 'VD 1" onth a?r:i ,p, no tho Inwpat t- iUi* ^ 'run i.kntlman * no'T^vi irud* h7r" iiiK I A trilji n?p at ? > dv'a, No. it <,'*nlr? atrfcl, trill And htm 1 ln? Oay i haturdiey), from it to t.P M I o atokd and "' d M ' TEKRAFIR JnlNUtf. ~\xfA*T}.b-~h PMAl.!/ IRON SArr," ABOUT TWO TT le-t a | ,?r?? Rarriog'a n>?*ii prefer e-L Apptf At II L* > ( place, Hit* Pkot atrpPl Al?A PI.OM TABLE BI'iONRHN " WITH MOTOR Tl ilPAlara. Thd nMl?rai(n< 4 will ?ond Ihm rBin?bl? K?oil# lo tttaii'irBoinrp Kranoti Brandy and Tamaloa Rum, pq .a' V> fm^ii'.ad; ftoata toil. 4A can'a fBllnn. EDaUwr |l to MVHICAL. A BARGAIN TO A CABII PURCHASER. -SPLENDID seven octave PiaaotorM, nil modern lin?rovm?fiHL round corners, overstrung Una*, 'Call-jjmd keia U1 m.nJ price f&iu for JlfiO, also one for $1(0. MoDONALD A CO., M* Bowery; near poor J, 8l. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for aale?elegautly carved tegs and ru. overstrung baas, full iron plain, lined with aatinwuod; lia* nil inodern Improvements; made to order; been in use seve? months; cost $600, lor $2*1, tin bluing .Stool and Voter. AIM Parlor Furniture at a sacrilke. Inquire at 70 Weal 'fa-entrail th atreet, near Sixth avenue. A SOPRANO AND BASSO DESIRE SITUATIONS IN A Protestant ehurrh In this eh., or vicinity. Are rum I lias with tue Ep a -opal service. Terms moderate. RefeMocgk Horace ? aleia. 481 Bros Iway, with whom a note may ha left. Could furuiah a quartette If deairetl. Address B. and N. H. A TENOR, COMPETENT TO TAKB CHARGE OF A choir, desires an engagement ruber to conduct or -ins In a quartette. Address S. H. P., bo* 202 Post office. Governess.-a drench ladv, well edi'cated, and po^ve using a thorou h knowleogc of the Spanish language, desires a situation ua gov. rueaa In a respectable private fit nil ly. In nddit on to the F, eucb and Spanish lan* guage*, she ta qualitied to loach the ua .at English h auche* and the rudiments of inua o. No jbie, tioa to the country or to travel. Ileferencea exchanged. Apply at 23 Washiugton place. GRAND PIANOFORTE WANTED TO PURCHASE?lit must he in very rood on e , and made by either Chickenng or Stelnway_ No humbug lepltea will he attended to. State price, Ac. E. 8. Herald unlet. MUSIC ALMOST GIVEN AWAY?NO HUMBl?G.-OU*> whole stuck of the beat Music (no old fashion print*} below printing cost, at two cent* a j ag \ Whoever Is lit want of Music will wave at least 75 per c nt In calling on us. Wl Jiave alt. Catalogue 15 cents. P. A. WUNDKltMANM. 518 Broadway. ORGANIST.?CI!R. E. HEXING. TEACHER OP THE organ, piano and vocal music, is desirous of obtaining * situation as organise References? E lw. Hodges, Music* Director, llenry C. Tituni, the Rev. Dr. Muhlenberg, Iter, Dr StotintoivM. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES.?WB ARE NOW ariliua uur Pianofortes at greatly reduced prices for caf h. 1'ui tlt'H wishing to obtain a knit class Pianoforte 41 war rati-K arc invited to call LICIITE A BRADBURY8, 421 Broome street, N JT. PIANO AND FURNITURE FOR SALE AT A SACKI: dee; must be disposed of Immediately. The PiouoforMis 7 octave, elegant rosewoodcai \ all modern improvements! cost $300 but ten months ago; will t,o sold for $141), llottM V to let, rent low. Apply at 127 Twenty-flrst street, ueasTliird avenue. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONiuud Alexandre Organs, a id T. tiilbvrl A Co.'s celebrated jKolinn Pianos, are the finest instruments far parlor ana t\ church- s now la use. A large assortment can be seen at IhS. ?. new wurerootns, No. 481 Broa 1? ay, between Grand and Broome streets, w hich will be sold at extremely low pries* Pianos and Melodeons, from sundry makers, new and second. < hand, to let, and rent allowed if purchased us per agreement Monthly payments received for tBe Fame. Sheet Musi* Music Books and all kinds of Music Merchandise at wad, prisea A pianist in attendance will try new music. TO EPISCOPAL AND OTHER CHURCI1ES.?AN OR> gsnisi and piecentor, peifoctly familiar with the ser? vice, wish situations, together or separately: will, If desiredform a choir out of the congregation or bring an experienced quartette. Only moderate salaries asked. Address R. V. B. i Organist, Herald office. 411 PIANOFORTES TO LET-AT $2, $2 80, $3, $5, ANE: jJL i eui I key.?d ACohiin J6 ucr mouth each, or for sale th? ch ajk'st in New York. Ol i P.unos taken in-exchange. Muslg taiiglit and Pianos tuned by Prof. Dl'MSDAY, 200Crand st. a?17K? A MOST SPLENDID 7 OCTAVE PIANO. Pile), with beautiful curved legs and lyre, large roan* comers, serpentina mouldings on the bottom, two rows of rosewood mouldings on top, overstrung buss; cost $t00 B few months ago, will be sold ut $178 if applied for soon, at 48 lligh street, Brooklyn. I-YM'IU CTIOW. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS GOT ernessina respectable family; she is coni]ietent ol tcaclilng all brancbesol English, also plain sewing and fane; work, and has u knowledge Oi music; or is fully capable Ot taking a situation as sulrswotnaii In a store. Salary not SO much of an object us cmpl, yrnent; can give the best city reference. Address No. ID,-) West 20th St. ATEACnER OF EXPERIENCE DESIRES TO INstruct a small class or individuals, two or three hours dailv, in ihe English brancucs, Classics and Music; terms moderate; g ,ud reference. Address for three days, Tulor( box 160 Herald eilico. ___ ASIDE FROM BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP AND other commercial oeeomplishmenta taught at PA I NE'E Mercantile Colleges, C2 Bowery, and 28J Fulton street, Brooklyn. ample provision* are made for the instruction of loreign. " i MERICAN SCHOOI. INSTITUTE," 896 BROAD JV way.?tb hools all 1 families supplied with well quajle fled tea< hern, an 1 parking whh school circular* wlthont charge. Wanted, a superior lu.y teacher of English. Muuto ?ud bra win* lor a lirst cla?* B.ston family; native FrenoM lady for a school near Sew York. Ocntieinan a< Vice l'rlnc.pul, in Connecticut. O. S. WOODMAN A t'O. . A LADY CAN RECEIVE A MEDICAL EDUCATION, by addressing Burgeon, Button D, New York. Board1no seminary.?spring term of for* Edward Institute begins M roll 37. $36 for 14 wet.ka. Teacher accompanies students from New York. Can lie win at Howard House from I to 4 p. M. Tuesday and Wednesday, March 26 and 36, or address Rev. Joseph E.King, Fort Edward, N.JT. German teacher wanted-by a young man, resident of Brooklyn preferred. Address, statin* terms, which must be moderate, Jatnes, bos 3,883 New YorR Poet office. _ fTVJElKPANISH language ir taught, ah hkkS bL to fore, by Otprlano OorrUto. Apply at 16 West Twenty {tilth street, three doors from Broadway. rACHEK WANTEfle-IN A BOARDING SCHOOL, M few miles f rom ton city; a gentleman competent to Instruction lu French, Greek and the mathematics. A.ldrsM u ur (i _?u.? IDS llsrald office, slallne wheie the Dartv can to Men on Raturday, 22d, between 11 if. M. and 8 f. X." / DANCING ACADHAIIKB. ~ Adodworth'k danoino academies, . No. 304 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty sixth lb, New York, N<>. 137 Montague aireet, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuei iaye and Fridays tn Brooklyn, CLASSES?Wednesdays and Satnrdaye In New York. Circular! for terini, Ac., may be had at either academy. BILL1AKD8. ^ A LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND SECOND 1IAN0 Billiard Tablet, with Phchin'a t omblnaMon CuibloaSk for aale at prices to suft the times. I'll ELAN A COLLENDER. 63 to 69 Croaby at.. N T Billiards?for sale, a splendid stock of new and second band Tables 20 percent lea* than ran be bought elaewhere. Tables to let and Bagatelle Tables for sub' Orders by mail attended to by W. HTORIFFITII, l$g Fulton i treet. i FUKHITURB. J A BEDROOM 81 IT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE, Iff all colors, of warranted manufacture; al-o eoll4 t'bestnnt Chamber Suits, plain ami ornamental, .1 II. F. KARKINUTO.VS, No. 308 Canal street, opposite WoostW. Eetabhaued In A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASH Hi Dflb hold Ktirnliurv for sale *t asaerhtce.?7 octave ro ?oo?S Pianoforte, cost $S0U, for $230, Including Stool and i over J rosewood Parlor Nu t. coat i.Vtu, for A Id, one do. Klager<s. Paintings, Beast ads. Bun mis. Carpets and Mate t ri HMS, Chandeliers, Mirror-, Clocks, Ornaments, at half ot igtnal ro-t. In jultC at 7o W. at Twcntj-smn street, near Kiith avenue. Bargains in furniture-the undersigned. being anout to give up Itouait .ecplng, on or al'Ottt t tie lai o: Apt II re at, is now offering b?* entire s.ock of P'rnttiiroj at half value. A splendid Vein t '"arpet, eft tiII suit of PurlOf Furniture, and n great many ut tl< le? oo numerous to men* lli.u, lire Ml ixiuna to n? w.u ri-naruiraa 01 cue*. MMI'KI, I I < k .?u .... 1 1 k-r e . , V V. I ENAMELLED CHAMBER HI ITS OF ITRNITl KK? !i III *11 r jlor. ami utile-, at wboleaale end retail; th? lergeM atock in the city. Hulls $*> end uptvarde. A!-*', rolhl walnut SultJ, Mattc<-?<'?, Pallia--''*, Ac. WA HllEN WARD, 277 Canal atrert, four doort eatt of Hi .ml ,t ey, T.MRST ill.ASS ENAMELLED FURNITURE IIUK A" da mated end grained, aolul walnut and oak He'.-i; Hull# at i2i an I upwarla; Mettre**r?, Spniu; Beds A'-. J. W. FISHER A CO.. Manuriu-tiirf i , ?5n Broadway. between BleerkeraDd Bonds! re, IM. t-tUKNIlURE BOl'UHT.?ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD Fniuliuro bought tor vas'i und a good price glon. All i all* or a note addretaed Furniture, 17# Third avenue, new Thirty-fourth ttrcct, ? 111 he promptly intended io N It.?A good aasortment of eertind hand Furniture for anlc. FURNITURE WANTED TO PURCH A SR.?SECOND hand or new Furniture wanted, In large or am. II lute, fi.rcaah Bixika nnut'taaed for cash. Addresa A M ( ah. Hi raid oifls-. ________ I WANT TO BUY FROM ?.*) TO gl.tUlO WORTH OP aecond hand Purnllure. Partiee breaking up him lu-epini", by aridroiiin a line to .1. O. B., Hudson atrert, will find a caah enatoraer. Country cm.Is attended to. STORAOE FOR FURNITURE -PARTIES BREAKING up hoiiaekeeping can have thidr furniture, minor*! iwlntinga, planus, tninka, Ac,, atored In the elegant lofts la thwfree atone hiitldlng WS Hro..dway, nearly oppovl.e the Metropolitan Hotel. Apply In " piano aturc to T. H HERRI , 46H Broadway, comer Uran I (tree!. "i 11 is KMirj.ijiirn, h'L.tOS, BANNERS AVI) REGIMENTAL COLOR? Hufl. V .mill Ut,, Kaaln, hpt-ar, Ac Orntnii'iual twmtliik nhdinilirnl .miiiu on mlk. IIOJEK A OR \il aM, 97 DuaM ttrtat. a i IL IT ART MEN, ATTFNTtON.-a COMf'F.NT mam i?l .tliohiit 3") n.ti air. tily reemittd. run o'ltnlu a KlrtA LLulenmc* in * revlmor.l now in Viritlult (Third urUil-ryD Foi | .1' In |u)t? ?i l?V> Br vl *?y, 10 the te .irti.irt. 'I'lli. HF/ tnlAM n IS OFFERED for a FEW DATS 1 ly tfi Firm rig,u?.'iil New Fork Tolunlcem, thing l.iml.M, Sworn In fur two jrrtrt from fcttl April it lit* L ' Cili . i n m?mlit more lo trrve. Uniform*, .* , nir* on.-. t'ay i'vnni no t front dtttof on! ittiucnl, and o.' >i f?i ward. I to Hewpon't Newt. Va? where l it repli ri i. i ittiit'v Ufai i.i, IK*.1 .|? in bnirankt, ultl b.rit. A| l> > tl ouc.* ' I-1 Jl. uaiil Colonl J. I'll ED. . nil. us', 21 l!r?? Iwey Recruiting Beer. \fOL' STEERS FOR TV 0 OR TIIRKE VE 1KB, OS II.1 will, (.llvFtrqed for dtttMllif, I ,| mI*? tirtS inonlht'int?tr? and Ur widow* >nu heut or .i.l > oh, Hi r -, i?*l>td i > I n F. Ko. in*. Id Nation atr ol, toofli F i A ^ "WANTED-FClR OOMFNNV 0. FIElII REGIMENT ft i Kmoi 1-1 < "r Ode) Unlvd Sun* Volunteer*. hfty ..bit ha'dle.l in II, tot whom s3 f r ui?:i will h paid. Alio (?. nly (tin met lor non r-ommin.on 1 Qiixrt, pa* funn >17 t? 2 i ie-i i jtllt. Cloth Inn ?n I - "Inn ?' > round;dliUel? f.. r mi (erini. In lull* u. i<: e RlMen 1 tin ml fettr, tool I A hll-i.?U *li tl. V.'. II SICKLES, Captain. Wanted immediately?for mvaim-hcavalkt. the uiilF ftitlry refirnenl anlhurlii-i lo In. raited I* Ihu Bute, twenty f io nien, o. i ncumltli and 'wo mnt|. i a ?. A| pi/ .o Caplaln An. . on, No. IS Out *t eeli' Brooklyn. _ _____ _* rflTII REGIMENT of INFANTRY, V. a.-hy fee* O mutloo of I' l Adjutant Genital, II. 8. A., oil)Cera tf I lie fwrlflt lufn'niry tre Authnri ed in ralm their own citA" null a. Dae co . J tnr, mul. r "Owiiiiatd ol th? nude. algnftf, will lo r?l*ed 'a ihla city, Noncoinuile*,nne I o(T ert apt polnled afieroiaini/tllon. A.J. DAI.I.AH, Twelfth United SiAtc* Infantry, ncrullirg vlteee. ;?cuaiha?tirww? N. Y

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