Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 24, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 24, 1862 Page 1
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FRANK LK8LIH CONTAINING 'RANK LI8L1K CONTAINING FRANK X-ESUF. CONTAINING FRANK LESLIE CONTAINING FRANK LESLIE CONTAINING FRANK LEBL'E CONTAINING FRANK LESLIE CONTAINING FK.VMJt LESLIE CONTAINING FRAaK LESLIE CONTAINING FRANK LESLIE CON AINING FRANK LKSI IK PICTURES 01 FRANK LESLIE CAPTURE OF NEtfTl FRANK LESLIE CAPTURE OP NEWPEBN.' FRANK I.MMB OAI'TUKB OF NEWBERV' FRANK LESLIE CAPTORS OF NEWBEKN FRANK LKHITE CAPTURE OP NEWBERN FRANK LL.SLiii CAI'Tl'RK OF NEWIIRUN fRANK LLS1 IK CAPTURE OF KKWUEIIN! RANK LKSIlti CAPTt'RB OF NEWBEKN FRANK LESLIE CAE TURK OF NLWRKKN FRANK LESLIE CAI'TCKK OF NEWBEKN, '"ANK I.KSI.IR CAPTORK OF NEWBEKN! FRANK LK8MB CAPTURE OF NEWHKKN, FRANK LESLIE CAPTURE OF NEWBEKN. FRANK LESLIE CAPTURE OF NEWBEKN, FRANK LESLIE CAPTURE OF NEWBEKN. FRANK LESLIE CAl'TU Kit OF NEWBEKN! FRANK IJiSLIE CAPTI'i<B OP NEWBEKN. FRANK LESLIE CAPTORS OF NEWBEKN. FRANK LESLIE CAPTCKK OP NEWBEKN. FRANK LESLIE CAPTURE OF NEWUEHN. nov FRANK LKSI.IF. SKETC1IE8 BY UIS SPECIAL FRANK 1JJSLIK AKTIsT, MR. Rt 1IELL. FRANK LESLIE AUK). VtiMtf ILVlIl.' AilFUlO AVL< .]< CtmiUK PRANK LKSM ii "vv """orruK ' " "0!* K BOMBARDMENT OP I.ESUK HUM 11aKiDlh.Nr OP r&M!5 BOMBARDMENT OP ?i})S2 i'SHHS BOMBARDMENT OP {RANK l.ESLIK BOMBARDMENT OP tS^2S fE8HS BOMBARDMENT OP PRANK LESLIE BOMHAKEMKNT OP PRANK LESLIE BOMBARDMENT OP FRANK LESLIE BOMBARDMENT OP PRAJISH LEHLJE BOMHAKD.MBN T OP FRANK LESLIE ISLAND NO. 10, PRANK LEHI.lK Jsl.AND NO. 10, PRANK LESLIE ISLAND NO. PL PRANK LKSIJIi ISLAND NO. 10, PRANK LESLIE ISLAND NO. 10, WANK LESUK ISLAND NO. 1U, WANK LESLIE ISLAND NO. >? SJaNK IJWL1B ISLAND NO. 10, PRANK LESLIE ISLAND NO. ML PRANK LESLIE ISLAND No! 10, 55^25 H&HS SKETCHES By'MIS SPECIAL FRANK LtHLIK ARTIST ?5fdir 11 * DENIWK LOVIE. PRANK LEsLlR ?L?t 55^25 ACCURATE PICTURES WANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES ?2222 S ACCURATE I'lcn:RES ! WANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES WANK LESLIE ACCUUATK PICTURES i WANK LESLIE ACCULATJS PICTUKK8 i wank Leslie accurate pictures J ??222 "22FS accurate pictures 3 PRANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES P PRANK LESLIE ACCi RATE PICTURES ,V PRANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES If ?5A2S HH!UK ACCURATE PICTURES 9 'RAW LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES 7 !ft?35 fS':UK accurate pictures -j PHJ NK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES * WaNK LESLIE ACCURAIH PICTURES j WANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES PRANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES PRANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTURES WANK LESLIE ACCURATE PICTUKKS Wank Leslie ?r m* wank leslie. OArruits>oK fort clinch, fl%., WANK USsrik capture op port clinch; kla ?{JANK LESLIE CAPTURE-OP POHT CLINCH, FLA ! ?2225 CAPTURE OP FORT CLINCH KLA. WAW LESLIE CAPTURE OK KURT CLINCH, KLA.; ?2225 J**hlie capture ok fort clinch kla ?2225 H^HSf CAPTURE OK FORT CLINCH, K! A. ?2225 "?? ' ? CA1TURK OK KOKT CLINCH KLA. CAk'Tii f4|? FORI' CLlMCIl! KLA *?*?? { WLIK CAP lURK OF FORT CLINCH, FLA. 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BANKS' DIVISION FRANK LESLIE WKNER4L .RANKS' DIVISION FRANK LESLIE OKAiREAL BANKS' DIVISION FRANK LESLIE GENERAL BANKS' DIVISION Frank i.khliE general banks- division FRANK I.KSLIK GENERAL BANKJ' DIVISION FRANK LKSI.IB GENERAL BANKS' DIVISION FRANK LKHLIK GENERAL RANKS' DIVISION FRANK I.BHLIR GENERAL RANKS' DIVISION FRANK LKHLIK GENERAL BANKS' DIVISION KRANK LESLIE TAKUTo *?ANK LESLIE Pof?e??lon ofwunfeMter, Ym., Loin frank lesuk sfti*" bjr h" 'rt*1' mn FKANK LESLIE f 1 f fr15? ?.u,rts: or fbabk lrsubb ISJSS HfSHfe PAPER to bo iMuetl ILL KckwiU t>? jfRiCir ipoHS juperlnr lo knythlai cv?Atlempifl FltiNK i*!HS b' ,?W 1'Apor In Ike frank i sat il n?1"P'otur?* "? "?" FRANK LEslJI R& *?<f * "" *1 FRANK Ho!Fir .rf J'0''<A F-Ciirs ? eopy, ?rtl*r Prank I'p?it5 ?,"?? 0?"r ?"* ?I"?l'r. VM^r?!H5 IO N?WS DEALERS. teas LfctfJ ^VrwoU''" D,u,t [E NE i THE BOI The Famous Island N Gunboats "~i NEW MADRID W? / /Mom SMITHILq, 11 \ LANOIN^X % ? J^) POINT PLEASANT A A *r\ ?a\ A ro\ ^ ^ E ? i s , Waters k 8 A-^Und *o. It, >?ftfly ftrtlM?rebel. ? B?Ftoalng be.Uery ' Arry mg ?2 p< n???* g?ii?t? rebel. O-Bwiiwii at ?rp*r *,h| ?f i?t*n<t Vo. m. 1>?VpC?r rube# battery, of tin hrnvy gun*. *T>o BnmlinrdmeMt ?if Ulnnil *o. |0. I OPERATIONS VP TO TH* ib'fH HWli II Ron* I ? ?01M? ?N VIOOHOVScV?A RKBW. B8ii>KV Vto , / WiSKim, rrr. Givsoat Kui?, (?c? tin.ita Acovr lm j\p N'o H>, 1 , MtssianrrrT Knots, March id, ISC2. j Aher the mortar be #0'cca?ed flrlng yi-nterday after ' noun?tbay having rucoeedml m untuavkiug a furmUuble rebel buttery of el* harj git?e, About a m>te above ihe ' hi ad i'f the itlam? ?tbuy cauie buck up tbu river ?U> il it , telle and laid by For Phe night. The night i-am-ed efl quietly, and tbr morning dawned ' annplciOU.<ly. The Ami in blowing diagona'ly >cii?l the river from ilia immU>?n?l, which carrion the tie'.We nn.iy eft frit as generated, giving us a cleur view of the rebel work*. Thora the; lie,equalled under ami nf in the high 'bluff1, a score of gune vitibla over lbe|r trrraatworkatroo|? drawn up in large bodies, a??l ibeir white tenia and log buta bi tokening thaui to ba luliy an numerous ua ere bad antielpalad. At daylight the Flag Officer gave ordera to the mortar busts to reaume their pneitiont of yocterday. The gunboat! took tbe.r pla.ios in the ttreau>, and at hair |uiri Igbfo'clock wa ueie ready forllia Cray to commence. At Bftean mlnataa to nine o'clock, Commodore Kooie i out hitcompliments with hit alern iaiboaid gun, aod the enemy replied with a eouplo of iho'n. Captain Mayna iliar bail Imen lioey twee (Inflight getting h.n rooilars Into position, and at nine gave the upper m gun battery i UH? of hi* natal. From nino until a quarter in ten thcrowns nothing upon either aide,aca fag of truca had left Ihn fapahip to go below TUa flag letnrned a lit tin bolero ten, and Its arrival waa atgnalled by a gnu ( from lha Ronton. l>om ten o'clock nnuJ iw*in ilia flr ,ng continual! at Inter vale, but about twelve aba niort ra opened up to earnest. During lha tore noon heavy Bring * aa baud in the dl. ractlon of Near llodrld, and speculation araa rife aa to whether the report a wore from fronds or fees. Rut the general supposition ironed to be that tba rebel trana porta were attempting to run past the (.atari battnriee, and the raporta we board ware from Goimral I'ope'a una, Bred at then a? they paced. At noon the ateemer Terry arrived from Columbia* and Cairo, where ehe been with despair lies froui Commodore Fonte. r F. M.?The mortar beau bare been Bring euntmu- I early all Hie afternoon. The rebe'a renin In have qui! * flrlug entirely, but it is certam rhat Island No 10 i? not ^ evacuated, fer the tall *m<<ka a tacks of ahalfdo/rn ' atMraera are vieible between the island and Tenner**,> ' bore, and thaoutlinoaof the steam ram are dlscernahie against the head of the iilaod. I.nug rows of tenia are 1 insight, and allenl battcrlas are seen all along 11 shore. A rebel steamor baa bee*sunk m tbe mam than- J net, and la now In plain rlaw from our^gotitli^ During n the day, at intervals, a white flag haa beed gnoviug from r the towar sod of lbs upper baitsry. b it If is as sr J! Uloetl that it la notbiDg mora II au * r|b<?) k thr rebel t< W ?0 NEW YORK, MOND. iSARDMENT o. 10?-Its Batteries a ?The Union Gunboat M I 5 MftMrV I QRTaeLOwuPtw&ii 11KJCx3l* RIVER*** |ij ijfel M I S S 0 I \\ A d\ V n OB. rt--St,rcnd, or ? bf>Utry, of trt fUM. P? fitdt bluff bftttory. O?Sown* bhiff boiUrjr. W?gunboat*. /? l I' aoapci l*. Ii-ot, con*?(|<>?>i>tly f.'omioodcro Fn *? lua Ira 1 > Krpt up upon it, aeJ It I* bullaeart that, a Mv*?l toe ippanr Mi tlio tublom of drfoat to tUo tut Wry At half p.iat four ? olor.h l.tuul Karth a baMary of lit iacopd i gimei.t lllllioia artilinry J?r,rt?., or. tha Wanoct ihoro, under cover of ttia genUais, aim e|iewad upon 'ow atoameia lr>Dg in Umi Mr cm ?air lb viand. Thay flred ? fair hoi.da. wtiea * tin. rom trehol And fill among ilirm, woo ml ng tbrau men?ooa of tneni ??v?ioly. (lur bra not lioi lirennd to tha rebel feel, aid Bono ilruva tha in out >

angi-pf our guiia. Tim Aiio?; cotii inoari until <ark, whe rv withdraw a lew Immlrad y&Ma up the river. V .1 he exception ef Hume tolouging (n ttia kr|||)ar; con any, there hat a beau no eannalt nn our aula to lion|(h wo >.a\ a (Ira?l ovar Uirna hundred i B?. t aim akrl U*r Mlaal??l|i|jl Rlrtrt'orrcapomlrnrr. O* Bo?*i> MrKiaai Air.v, Know Hickmak. Kv.,) AtAniwinin run Mimta-erri Horn, V M.nrh lft, IhOJ. ) lYlpqf ikr "ninrr Alt* 'a Ni-lnnem, Ky.?Apjt'ranct < IKt ?Vie~/Vcii?a "/ ''** i'tr-i-lt -like. I'nion Al>iuH ifoiv-nml-^CkiielUtt I'nh.iM by th* h'brh ' Woe-do/> /V"i?i^i?ii i aio fUmtiii Mo. 10,rfe. I fluaad my U-?*cr tome what abruptly laai nlglii, I irder to aand it bark to Cairo tiy ttia Kvaosvilie ataaioai ahii It want up :ia bearer of deep* U lire from Coniti.odor note, and aa eunee<|uaace irft mnny thing* unwritie Hint wouli! perhaps Interest U.e reader. Hickman id ,l> teal of jnei ce for Uk.I mm. county, Kentucky, ami i m? ilnrt nponaud ikI'-t a lugb bluR at the east side <>f lb *taat|aip|)l mar. fifteen m.Ies bxlo* Columbus,thirty tight from ( airo, aiul Unrty-flv# miles above Island Nc 10. Ilia connected by rail nib Union rny and Mom <his(aud by a ro indalinot course with Coliitnliua. Tit llstancc from lb* place (o l.ihou Cliy,wbero there ar low tome three or four ruhel regiments encamped, t lily ulxtul fifteen at ilea, though in the present atala ? ha road* on* *? iW Uilok, if b? bad to travel It, ibat 1 t an naarar Olty. /bo town la wall built up, having man rery Ana residences and public beddings,especially aloe be edge of the bluSh Until of tbo business locality, an n fioa view of (be rtvar from above, ./tint above thi own, aud directly fronting UDe river, I aaw a bank n artb freshly thrown up, wbicb I did and ntlll beliove It 10 a part of a foi tiihration, though the people of ibe plar.r insure mnthnt there boa navar been any ooneiderabb KHtyof troops nearer ibau Colon City. Tl?a prevailinj leouliarity el' Iba place I found to be mud?deep, nlicby lasty mud?mud o vning liTst oonmoahip, II not a ream elation to Hint or Cure, I ha clly contains about font housund lububltanls'. When wo came wttlun night of the town m descried arge numbers of people ii|iou lha 'rvree, and many uj?a sirsabat'k en the nrnw el the lull but not a flag was lly ng, nor did a sign or word escape by wlm-b we onuld ell whethur they were ft tends or foes. There were no nlfbrmn. nowader. and we bnd charity to bolieve tho. i rieftda >n we newed the landing, however, there wsa o lack of "signs add, tokenn of loyalty fur m.three y ,tu|d we nee n window*ay pic U, graced liy (cma.e pie tie, from wlihji did,not wave hanukeichiefs ant >RK H AY, MARCH 24, 1862. OF ISLAND nd the Surrounding R< s, Mortar Boats and Tr S 0 u B I .HEAVY TIMBER f p A Wj^, V * |MfS>oSNVILLE f s $ / S S / P P / RIDDLES POINT jf J J ? 1 //A (I f SI 21 ?*l! . Tiebef fori, one and * l-nlf roilea he* w New Madrid. O ? O?Kobe I encamiiminta. p p p r-rittWioH,' Uobet heartiputrtcrfi fcr upper 1-atlory. X?riplCB'K UiD'tDK 0 rok-r? p-ecting n* a cord la I weld,me. Two or three buuao* 1 uoteil paiticularljr lor the eoihurumi-c "netiuer 1n which tho:r fulr inmaten *aiut*<l up. ami I derided tn cull theie, t-huuhl opportunity ornir, ahd awortain, if a poealhle, Uio Mate of rrelinH of tho locality. Ami, hip , pity, theoe 'aeiun arrived.for Klig ORicur h'oole .IccHed lo remain horo unlit dayliybt; no, aiter ilcap.ilchliig my | * taller, I eatinlereil on aliore In aaerrli of item*. ? My Or*t fouiul M|MllUM( ?ii .lodge J H. Patia t i ho preaent thief of the City court, who ha. I ni?t returned Irom n *!e*e ofekaecenflnrment In the tail at M-mphie, 1 lor tbo rime of refuting to take [ho o?ih of nlWgiaiMe lo * the Conioileratv Statu-. J found In in -t sli.uneh Ctilonlei, |(. anil orer happy al onr arrival. Tho Judge wh* arretted on the !9ih ?f January, together with Hon. K. faro, n Mayor of tho city; H. K. Mitlett, Henry Kni-nigc arid 0. i, r. Hallctt,indmboraof tbo (It) ConacIt.ami J. H. Kmc. , , .Inalu eoflbe To'i e. Mr HulUitl h. el ill In | r;? oi 'the reel were released ii|*?n taking an oath not total-: up arm* again# I. the I aiifeiluime Malfl 1 Made the at i- ipiainiam t-rf acteial of lln-aeironih-iriaii atuMo.-iiii liioiri , lo be alcnmh I n .ailat*, and they ifelrmtin O mr lomltora who ya> o atery evldeio i-?>f xiim-re loyally >iwuhg tho?e laiter we o M-. K. PVatlgh end in* entire laiuily, ciuif -Ming (>t Ina will-, riaogh'i i , ron, daughter In-law an-l * In law (Mian Is. I.. Thill ip*. of ohm, ami fori.wiry from Terry, Wyoming ooopiy. New ! York). Ttiie family iioaei vo uioro than a V ooWct: ftr eerier iy if ihi nnp of ahuae was ot er em pi led upon the head* of innocent wtem for ronsc.erce sake ihm I* the ia?r They hail W-en ilrien from M.aaisippl IO I u in ietincaece to anntnCKJ, enil would ? bate Ixirn eitilod liom even lliie iocalilr, w'ere >1 not for the fuel ib?' the rebel lead*'* ilni<?1 not lei ibem en ape lo a free Mlota to rotate the tnle of their gi e'-?uce? >11 the Mnioutilanwurred in the eta'rinetil that the raaenrt why we ware not met w I'll Union Saga ?ud I Dion ulioere woe bet-note tin y were mil of the furuier aud overawed from tillering tha 'attar. f found a few people hare, howerar, who were anything eiae than tuiunu-lr, mm and wotneu who weie ea proud ?f their aeaeaaion ame< edentr anil tee ae a llaliinmra |ieac<? k would be w ith a brara tail-feather but h would eat but littla, but would *1' and Hand around under atom-bed hate and eol'ed honuela, peering at ottr (tinboata aoil trocpt, equating tobacco Jun.e and tawing ahn.-p about everything thai bore any r.mblame to Unionism. Out tbo U'niontats felt confident that n lib the lUluenua of tba preaenre of an oocaeloual gunboat vitil Ihey could maintain tbair pooiltona and principles Wa lafl Hickman at daylight tint mornmg. ami etearned leieuraly down to our preeonl anrbornga, live milae above leland No. 10. .luat bafora wa dioppod anchor wc enrae in eight of tbu relial gunboai flranipua, lying ,|uat bo>ow our preeent Ipcntinn. Wa Sred Ave abote at bar. aud the "dngtad" down the river with all speed A fog now coming up promisee to delay ua for n few bom a, and na a elaantar it going to Cairo 1 muat tend Una by liar or not parh? pa for a day or two NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. FosTweas Momma, March 22, 1M2. tba (ttemar Arago, from Now Yoik, arrived bare iaal night. A flag f truce If day brought ba< k a French oAoer from Noribtlr. No newo or nowapot oi a wero received. Fifteen milao of leiegrtphlc table wira wait undor run this morning. Tbo Uernuac g atld undergoing repaiia at the NorMk I Navy Yard. E R A I NO. 10. " jbel Fortifications and ansports. j/ f KEN^ilCKY r l| // STATE LINE /Y& LOW LAND 8. HEAVY TIMBER FOR MILES XV AT PRESENTALLOVEBFLOWED 4 NESSE i ^^sfeRRIWEATHERS r-fhM.n gbli'ivwlA. If?M'Tl^r linula. JT-?Yout\H (ruwtb o( oi'on vnod lr??9. J'-Vo. 10 b.r. I r- -? njini i nri^pin i", FISASTFRS AT SEA. F.oes of Ihc Slil|i t'rran .Monarch, of New York?Arrival of the Ganbout Arooelook At Phllntlt I pitta. end the Steamer "axon at Itostoii, from the Disabled Krlgnte Vermont. The ship Jamts R Kralsr. Caption Pel.ino, Arrived at this port lest rip lit from London, reports:?Uurth 14, latitude nt dog. 04 mill., longitude 61 dep. "0 min ,fe:l in with schooner Oliver H. Booth. sixteen .trym from Al uaodrinfor New York. Supplied b*r with provisions Kr.,and took from bsr six of the .rev. of .^hip Ocrm Mousrcl), w hi.'b foundered st sea on iho tth in. tint. 1 h i oiirsr H Booili bn-1 previously Ikll In with a boat belunging lb Uio Oman Honor'b. containing the second i.. is, i'Sipouter, his to n, nnrt nuiect uof tbe citw of vessel. They wake the follow top rejiori:? The tVesn Monarch, Capt. Page, rnicd frtm Xaw York i Mart It ft. Willi a cargo of wheat, flour, frr., bound to I Iverpool, and expar.creed vory lieiivy weather on the WU in latitude 38 dag. longitude l?0 deg. In ring a \ It lent gnle from southwest aliifleo osrpo, aid In weiring the alitp wee struck bp very heavy teas, which swept the d? kj el ever) thing moveable, and the cargo rc shifting Hie > easel a uidcnly spuing aleak to attrh an ex tout that it was impossible to do anything with it. Th > boats were ordcted to ha got out, when four ware imms. diatolv put ovorl ard nnd e|"u?.?ie, the largest of which was soon filled end rnt Adrift by one of the teimeu la It, lio supposing I h?t mou would get tu and swamp li, They itato that tlicy then attempted to rcsih the \at*el rgsii but oowld not, and aha watt roi-n out or eight. When they lofi Captain Tago, tba first officer, and the remainder of the crow were still on board tba tbfp, and tha boats alongside. 8he bad then nineteen feat or water to lbs hold, and was aettltrg very ra't. Tba I arpantar bad bis log broken tn getting in the boat. After remaining forty-eight hours in the boat they were picked up by the erbooncr Oliver II. Booth, from Alexandria fbr Mew York, and subsequently six or them transferred ta the shtp Janes K. kceler, who sup plied the sihraoer with provisions, cordage end a chronometer. Captain Daiatio advising then ta go to Bermuda, which they said they would do, as tbry were in want of eails, he. They then ihaped their course far that place. Tha following eargo wae on board tha Ocean Mo naroh:?10JII1 barrrl# flout. 10.SW bushfla wheat, 83,774 busha'a corn, lC?nerees beef, 76 hogsheads pork, flg.oao paunda Ullow, 298.443 pounds Urd, 730,WO pounds bacon, 7,000 pounda sbouiders, 10 liersas tongues. If r tetania, .Vhreb M, ISM. "a? UwAme'. ATT?*Vx.k, J t-r.!w?*iit OommnadSHj loo '1 iiwaivnt, fbtcb eefaJ from ItsMi en the M, Ban e* ' ' ,D. PRICS TWO CENTS. arrived hurt fibo reports rolling in with the Vermen^ oo tbc morning of the 7th in latitude )? 23, longitude 68 JO On the 6<h t-te experienced a hear; gale and cotW do nothing for the crippled firlf te. On theOtfcr,' wL le attempting to araist tho Wru.ot, she loot box foreto; mast, pipe and maintopmasr. The next nigbt ehd lust her foretopmaet, end left the Vermont on the IMJj loet., alter tho Faxon roll 1" with her During the uu terv. 1 bo reudeied ber eiery assistance in hie power,' towing ber part of the t:mo, th>t captain b<lr.g untiring In bsS exertions to assist the Vermont during nine dayt sho remained alongside. j One of tho crow of the Vermont was loat ?verboarA when abo lest ber rudder on the 24th Two other* died from exposure, and aexoralrwcre frostbitten, 'the dBcois were e'l well. On the 16th she fell in with the a? hocner Oliver f?< P> otb, of Ponghltecpeie, in dlslrt-ca, bo . ,d for Vew Yoilt from Georgetown, 1). C., having run the rebel blocked^ of the Potomac and receiving severai shots. Kbewad supplied with crew, eai:e and provmicm rrcm the Ver, moot. She bait on boat U sixteen of the i row of Utt Bttifk Oc?.<n MoD.itvli, baTtng raved twenty-two fro i the wreuu. bis being Irani ferred to another vOncol. , Boston, March 23.1M2 Tbo str.*m*bip Saxon bus arrived from a orulse after the VorUii ut. tbo r?pcrtecn the 15th, at 10 a. m ,in latitude M deg. 60 run., lou. ,i ;de 66 lop 46 miu.,aav* tbo Vermont Ui t<v.v of the t ntled States gunboat Arouetook,from Boston. Hie Aroostook had been in company with her fcr coven dr and had lorn ft.h k or tack, bouts. Ac. At 6 P. M. rlic stood for Philadelphia to repair. There wry an unknown schooner ? company with tbo Vermont, which hnd ou board two holds' .trowo of tlio ship Monarch, Capt. Page, from 1 "w York for I.ivrrpool, foundered in ? rrle on tbo 7ifo. Capt. Page and two Ktr.aU boats at e .till ..drift. On con ing up with the Votn>- ut the caxon supplied bar witUratlN.a rodder ami two ei.ipcariioc.Uis. The rod. dtr was h et in hanging it. The Saxon took n hawser from the sliij and cumiutu-.d lowing; but at brtf paek six P. 11. the hawser part. . id a heavy southweatgalo coining on, K?t eight of her. He saw Per Again on the 17'h, hut tho rea being too heavy cvuid not get wiit'..a ball. On the 18tb ho vie..-ceded in tli owin;;:. tetter on bc<ardt informing thorn (hat we had oniy four days'coal nnd would tot'.ru for a-ri.-taoce. Tbej parted compia.y at fo c P. 11., latitude bh r.7, longitude 03 1'4. JKPOETAiiT FROM WINCHESTER, VI Battle Between Cen, Shields' Division and the Rebel Army. Complete Victory of the Union Forces Over the Rebels Under Generals Jackson, Smith and Longstreet. HEAVY LOSS ON BOTH &0E8. GEN. SHIELDS SLIGHTLY WOUNDED, &r, &>c.| &c. WAsnivoitiR, Mar-.b 23,1862. Tekgrnphiu de-spat h'-s reeeivedhere from Win-heeter, dated tset Right ut half past ten My : ? A flight rktrmlth ec -urrod tti.i n'Hrmwn about a mil# and a half from Winchester, on (he ?ir.i*b'jorj rood, between a f-orliuo of General ch.tM<i'troops ami the rebels cavalry with four piece* of a. I ilery. Tlie eiitmy with lewe as hjou as our gun opaneel Are. (me mm was killed an our ride, ao<1 Geuersl h'tuel Is suffer*. aalight injury in (bo left arm, above the elbow, from a I'ragn.i-iii t>f a shel' which buret near bim. A prlamer brought tn In ni;-ht eayn, the enemy were :.<l?r the ini 1r??ioij our truo/ bud Iefi IVu.eln ati-r, anil ta.ceral Jackriit'a fori as wvi r i the road from i-atbourg uuder i be eoaw inapretaiua, ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS OP TUB B?TTLF. Wmmwrrm, Va.. March 23 3 P. if. j nav e jum come in ironi mr very iroi.l or ih ImllloC?'d, three miles out. We have a hicvrtl a c< mplot* v ictory over tla-cral Jackson, taken two guns ami ou<+ ti'iit, kii't-J at leant Mite hundred end wouadeu 'wtce ea many. Our lone ie la. ge. bat probably not over one hundred .am fifty killed ami wounded. Our iMt del well, ai d trek a pu nt many re> ?krf-.' The enemy's in full retreat. wia.-iiraiNt, March 33?10 p. m. he have thia day achieved a glorious victory over the mnbinad forcee of Ceuorale Jeckron, Smith and i.eng. ft reel. The battle was might within four in ties of i hat placo. U raged from (mlf-pun ten o'clock th.e morning until >leii.. The enemy'd ati? >gth *ie about 13,000. Tb* itiriiglh of out divltion wen not over 3,000. Our men In klilod and wounded ie not asccrtaiued, but Hli ary. The eneruy a lots it double that of our*. We have captured a larpe immhor of prleonere, some oC their guns, and the ground ia strewn with the arms ihay litre thrown oway in the!.- (light. The cavalry ia etill ia puianit of ths retreating rebcle. Tli particular! cannot be accurately aicerta ned until d iy light. City Inti-lllgrnre. A Lrst CmiP" STin.-Mv?Yeeicrday evening one at tie roldtors ef th > new feflm nt, known a* Lee Flnfang Tor doe, or I/wl Children, returned to the headquarter of the raglmunt In a condition savoring ...mewhul of iot xlcaiim. He liad had leave for the day, aod had, aa it j; I ca ?, taken advantage of Ibe time "to make merry with hie Mends. ' On ai riving at the barrack! lb* ml ? lo'd whs tiumd i n dutr and lhn?nld.*r ? .lint. \t<rod to t*.*a Irtn.hut wiia put buck by th? remind. Hu ti.e i became <>b?lrepeiou>i, and a* h? pertigted to force ?n etttr.mce, the guard a<b>, t?d very f< rethie argument* by priding him three timer with hi* bayonet. (t.o ria!> m in the chert, the deepest and mnrt Hvin, but the doctor dte* not think (hat it haa reached the lungs; the next thrurt ip on the hip, and the la*t, a rnpcr(1. .ml wound, ob the thigh. The wounded men ie a native ol thie cwuatrv, la iwi oly two jrcarl of age, and ia named Jutncr finrrelty. n* ig now under the able care of Dr. t. !,. Utile, the r evident attrgmn of the New York FloaI ital, who eipiearoa a > oulitlenl hope Ibat be will racover. FiBt ts Karr Hor^ro* FTrrrr ? Between eight and site Vc'ock last night a Are broke out oa the second floor of the building No. 2V E?s? Honeton it reel, in a lodge room uaod by two Hebtew Soolo'tae, named Krennderhaft tVnbllhaettgekelb Ycreia .iim! t'ereioiobo SchweaUra. l'boentire ct.nieuU of Hie ro ni' were deatroyed; ioae u? the Societies aV.ut no Inewrance. The rumllure Mb Ibe lodge roOine ia owes I by Abrrro dinger, who aleo occupies the flret floor aud beftuieot ae a User beer saloon and dwelling dam ge by tire and water about flflOO; la. sural on furniture $700 in lbs PariBo InsuranceCompany , and ??0U <>n Uger i>eer eatoon and lodge rooms la lb* liowerv Insurance C' mpeny. The bit lid tag is owned by C r Pinrkney. It m damaged about |300; eaid to bo la* aured Tlie fl>w. it siipponed, waa caused by car?ieeaanaaof *otne numbers of the Lodge. Killco waits I'stmxo a Ream Vina.?Job* Craiae, a gardener, rsaiding at No. 139 Kaat Tbirtr-flfth street. wfcut pruning a gfapovlna In raal Tanth atraat, a faw daya ago, fall aad brok-b'a log. Th* Injurvd man waa ri morad In lb* Naar Ynik li ji^Kal, but Dolwltbalaadlug ovary alien'lull waa |aM bim,ba dtad yatorday from thn effbciaoi lha afcnrk. C irrnrr Wilday hold an inquaat on the body. PMMHd nat forty flva yonra of age, aad a a* a oatlvaof trained. RaiLNOAB Aouna.Tr.?Ooruatr Ran nay was notified ! boid an inqueat gealerday upoa tbo body of J. bo Wud, who dlod at tba Near York Ura.nUI from Ibn atlbrta of lajurtM accidentally received on rbc Uib inat. by being ma ovar on tba Hodaoa Kivar Radread. Finer ba*n or raa Sraooa --f\'Oiim?ioia Abraboa 8b inoaaoo, of Staten ta'and, looa f"?r baa abad 'ael ereattf a'. bnWWaf, Itfitig it* VV U?k*e la aar bay (MS

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