Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1862 Page 11
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HOABUINO AND liOOOISG. A SUIT OK HANDSOMELY FURNMHBD BOOMS TO ft be li t, with board, um private table, on the aaeoiid lloor >f n very eonvenh nily located unci Ural class bouse near the touth lerry, Br?ia.,lyn. Kumry private. Apply at 1*1 Con.{reaasUeot. lour doors west of llenry street. A HANDSOME BUT OK KOOMS ON T1IK SECOND Uuor, with egcelleiii Hoar I. either separate or together, biuicr at So clock. 104 Haul Twenty-hrst street, Qraiuercy 'art. at 36 EAST TWENTIETH STKKKT, NEAR BROADrV. way.?Hoard?A aairo .il noor front Room (singm or on mite); nl-o, other very u. ana I Itooma for gentlemen ami lliusi Aral claaa. Modern louvenienees. Ben raier-ne a off rail. A GENTLEMAN AND WIKK OK TWO GENTLEMEN can obtain mo Rooms and Hoard, In the lir.Uvo ol a tinall American family, at pri. en 'o suit th tiinea. Ilouae lonlalna the modern improvements. la ties', quiet und comfortable. Apply at 1j6 Luni Taeuty-thlrd atrect, near Second tveaue. AIIIOIILY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, without children, occupying a llratcluaa ho ,ae, will let a ;holcc ol liaudaoiuely I hi uialied Rooms, with Hoard or private table. En0iiati and French a[ oteii. Apply at 48 East Bleeeker street, near Broadway. A LADY LIVINO yl'ITK ALONE, WOULD LET A nicely l uruialicd Room to a gentlemen and lady, lull Hoard for lady, with ull the c.mlortsot a home, l'rice motarate. limine liaa all the mod. rn linprovementa. Inquire itNo. 11 Amity street, lour doora I'rom Broadway AOKNTLEMAN AND WIKK OR ONE OR TWO SIN cle gentlemen can obtain a large and picaaant Koom, on he third Hour; al-o, will hav~ ou the 13th of April an entire teoood Floor. Terms moderate. Family private. Referencea liven and required. ISO East Eighteenth street, between second and Third avenues ? ufunl n .. II . I- ...II U D ,ei<OU UOII ITCH D wlllun a pleasant drive nf tlie city, will rm-eivu in her <onaebold a lady expecting to require kindness, care and tome alien Hon. House ia delightfully located, accessible by all or water, contains bath, gas, hot and cold water. Ac.; use >f piano a;d carriage if desired; family small and unubtru. live. Address Bon dejour, station Q Host olllcc. New York* Board -an eligible apartment in a very small, unobtrusive family 10 let, with Hoard, to an Invalid or a lady expecting to require medical eare, kindness and home n t-nllon. hor location, terms, Ac., apply to or address Dr. Thiers, No. 1,217 Broadway, near Twenty ninth treet, New York. BOARD.-A FAMILY ON FOURTEENTH STREET would like to let their Second Floor, furnished or unurnislied. to a responsible fam ly, and one lhat will be pernauenl. Terms are reasonable. Referenoea given and re|uired. Address Spencer, llerald odice, or statiou O, corner f Fourth and Twelfth streets. BOARD.-A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL I.RT TO A genllenvan sud wife (withoui ohll-lr.n), or two single genlemen, a Parlor, with large B-drooin adjoining on the ootid floor, in a Aral class h.ioo diwii bouse, contslning si) he modern improvements. The rooms are furnished ivitli .ew rosewood luriiiture. Terius moderate. References exhanged. No. 70 East Tweuty-sevenlh si reel, near Fourth venue. Board in a private family. A merchant, residing III the central part of the city, living more room than he requires for his own family, otild take a gentleman and wife (without children) to -oard from the 1st of May. Tim lions i la a modern brown looe flout, and the apartments are highly desirable. Pares would liml this a pleasant and comfortable home. Beat f reterences given and required. Address Merchant, box I.6UU l'< a lliue. JOAKD ON 8TATKN ISLAND?WANTED, BOAHP, J by * angle gentlemen. with ? private faintly, on S aim land. North aide preferred. Address, slating terms, I. A. I., bos I.TUi Post olllce, N. Y. )0AIU> WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, IN A PRl I vsle mnl rrspeilable family; best reference given, Ail ess H. A. W? 143 Sulfolk ittwil. YOAKD WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS > wile, in a private family, and desirable lo atlou, liepen Sixth and MsdUoti aveimea and lint below ITninn uare Front runin and bedroom in second story of a very eaaantly situated house preferred. Address U. It. A., bus 3 Herald ollk-e, staling location, terms, Ac. ?OARI> WANTED?IN A HOUSE WHERE BUT FEW boarders are taken, by an eld rly hidy and tunyming l.i lie men, near Broadway, and beltve-n Bond s'reet an I nion sipuire; two Booms cniiinnini sting required; lerina nst be moderate. Address B. A. Shaw, box Bust lie*. tOARD WANTED?COUNTRY BOARD WANTED, BY J a genii man and wife. In a oiintry family, when they I ve im o:h'T bonrdera prelriri il, and where iliey can have the comiiirta of a I'uiinlry home; pi nty oi milk, Ac. Adess, with rvery particular, pri. e, dlMiancn from the clly, ana of ?<v< as, Ac., NovasenlU. Herald oflh e. LOAKD WANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, IN If a plain private family (Galbolic prelerred), where there Belter ui no boarders. Address, elating terms, which must I reaxi .aide, W. L., Herald oflh-c, lor three days. loAUIHNG .-LADIES WISHING BOARD DURING p edwHneMM can llnd evi-iyihlng requisite to piom >t>I iiihi a small, gntltd Am liits fsaaily. Apesy at m 111rih >1 . ihlrd house Horn N-dth Main, WtUlsMOsrg liOARDING AND LODGING.?A DESIRABLE SUIT OK l( It a, with lull board, in ilu- hist clasahouseNo,I I -i Tweniy-fonrth sir. ei, apposite the Fifth Avenue lloti-l, I iIn- whole lloor cau be obtau.e I If desired. IROOKLYN BOARD.?ONE OR TWO COUPLES OAK |t obtain Hoard with a private fanily la AdntpU street, lir M el I le avenue in a tine .uio n.i.i.n, ?... -n.1 Iler throughout. KnUTciicra exchanged. Terms ?1D per ek. Ail'lie.?i Mr. WiUon, I ox 130 Herald ottlce, (orotic ek. OA ICL> IN BROOKLYN.?TWO SINGLE OEM TLB > men or it family nil! hit.I h n-iitly fuiiiilied Buck Parlor (lr.i Ho >r. AUnBu'k Pallor with Bedroom on serond >r, with Ko.irJ, at221 Statu atreet. Very dra table location, ma reiy low. OA It I) IN BROOKLYN?StjUAltB ROOMS, NE STLY Inrniahed, with Board, In a p* rata family, i:i ibe Inny of (arlion and l.aaylie avenues. T rn? $1 to SO. Iti 111li-o id Sit Abel, lit 141 Ion !an<\ N Y. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?A OENTLKMAN AND IMS wife, or two single gi nllemeu, i itti obtain Hoard and Liarnt, by applying at 47 llmr) sired, live minutes Ik of Kultou or Wall atroct ferry. OARD IN BROOKLYN.?A l'ARTY OK SINGLE GENI llwH wial.init g'.o | B ?r I, la a pita<ant location, a if hIflvc minutes' walk ol Wall atic.t or Houth Imj,DM I it by call ng at No. 38 Butu atraat, with nfim . n i Iv 1 i ,, in Slay. OARD IN BROOKLYN-M CLINTON STREET, BE I trt?o-?i Harrison and Bitgraw. ou or two pleasant lima, w iili gooj Board, ar* oil r d on moilaraia tri in>. loac lii >i clara. References rx eh.ngod. IROOKI.YN HEIGHTS.?TO LET, TWO HANDSOME I I) rurnlabed Rooms. wltb Board. to a gentleman an I I- or anight gentle n-n, naa bit obtained at 18 WlEotr I'd, tin minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. Noremniul I lat of May. IROOKI.YN HEIGHTS.?AT NO. 97 STATE STREET, I gagatr of Cttawa. yon a ay aocara a par?Bl suit ui III Booms, with X ... I and aiib? a'.tial ;u < ommodationa. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?AN ELBOANT 81'IT Of I K.Miina on tlrat lloor in I , t h Hoard, to a linall faun Iirf.-r.-n -i a required. o'clock. Apply a; 79 tiinb.a aired. Ill NlltY BOARD WANTED-A GENTKF.L FAMILY, I consisting ot in a adniia. h h alrouaol procuring ooaa fi led, W Inn ffflf Mile* Ol NnvYuik and of easy .. MM j e.innoi afford to pay h!*li Bn ud, ona".|ii"Ully thev dn letpe i an> InxMtles, I nt a ... plain, whuljaoine iare. rraa M., I ox 34 Post office, Fordham, N. Y. lyUNTKY HO \RD WANTED?l'Ri t.M THE 1ST OK M AY I and Ini the amninrr aeaaou, by a party .-onaiatnig ol ad I ail ilia and two Hdiyii, within twenty mBeaof New Iiii i "i r??y ? ? ?. Apirnii ii:? ! rniaii-'tl or n.i'tir Goo I fare reunlf-il. irrma in'tat lie moderate, oa-e- pref?ired. Ad In ea, a'atlng full panktin', J ...? j ;.u s ? Vin k r ?t in NTKY BOARD WANTKD-BY A LADY AND slighter, In a plain farmer's family, if a auttal'la place lo iih! perman 'nt anting ncnW ran In made for the A Mrraa, po*t p*ld, II 1 ,tvl 1,109 1*001oBf, N V. NISIIKD KO'iM.S TO I KT-TO SINiU.K OI Nl.S, ilii or wnhotit Huar I, m fin A Weal Washington place, to Washington Parade Uioiod. NISHKD ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, pply at M Collage pla.-. MSIIED ROOMS TO J.KT-TO OKNTMiMEM nli, In a llrai <l*aa lie a- mi, nIfh all modem tmprorcItii* heal of wfciunora given and required. No. 9 ngtnii pi,ice. S'OHOMK ROOMS, WITH BOARD,?A PKW MMl>lr gentlemen, or g-nScni' n and iv.vra, an he am urn0.1 * nh p -aaai.l ll.Hinie n' 4iH Fourth 'reel (Albion Rel'ciifiii ea eat hanged. Dinner at fl o' lock. kIK AND KM A lil. ROOMS- SECOND STORY mill, havtngclnaeta, with lint and enld water; will be lib Moaid, to a g-n lo.nau an I liia wife or aliicla (tenin Apply in lid .St. M ira'a place, Eighth at I eel Dinner R'.leroir lie eiclianged, Nl'fiKMKN ? V PRIVATE KAMII.Y DESIRES 1, . gentleman, w.t?o n Hmti i, a neatly I nriilalisd |I ... ,l Pantry, wl h !* of bath muni adjoining. a '? ^ i'*t IfoiHJon ?i?t, ooritorof M^aiior.^.il. A. iridEH, IIAN iNO TAKKN A IIOOK in Vi-.l I'irt street, wonl I Ilk- to in, t with a man Hi, . alan in i tin ? ulngl" g. n'len n do. ; | ? permanvu: ml p eiaani Imnie. lit"*. I I f ihlij mad tji;I. Addtcaa E? Ueiald ,|g,e. A. with large or siua I Uuum, at a moderate pries, at Vti 3rand street, Jersey City. A LAIIUK, HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT Room. oa the aaooud utirv of a hiiuae In a Ann, quint locality, with all modern improvements; or, the whole Se xmd Floor, with ward, may be obtained by a gentleman and rife, or a lew single gentlemen, with the best of rrfrreu"es, it 184 West Twenty lourth street, uear Eighth aveuue. A KTltlUTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A SPARK Room, would let It to a gi u leinan and his wife or two single gentlemen. Inquire at lit East Eighteenth street, near Irving film o. A WIDOW LADY, DELIGHTFULLY SITUATED IN tv. the country, In a health v location, near the Hudson, demau l? nk? . '?, , , l,..? |? .,,,1 ,?l,i They will have the comforts of a bonm and u mother's cure. English, French and music thoroughly taught by n < ompe,ent person. Best refereuce. Address Couutry, bos307 l'ual filler. A LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH A FAMILY DEdining housekeeping who would consider their Board in equivalent for rent, with tin- privilege el taking a few fleet boarders, Reference given. Address Furnished House, station C, for two dm h. A HANDSOMELY JrtJRNISMED FRONT PARLOR AND rV B 'drooin, on third Hour, to rent, with Board, nt reasonible prices, in the first house 36 West Twelfth street, near Fifth a/.-niie. Bo inoviiu' in May. AT 54 SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE ABOVE Fourteenth street.?To let, with Hoard, a large and nnall Front Room, on fourth Hour, to a lady and geutleuian >r single fell temen. Rrfei cures exchanged. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK ONE OR TWO SIN" li gle gentlemen, can bt r.ecomti o lated tvph pleasant Rooms, with or without Beard, at 42 West Fifteenth street, jetweru F.I Hi and Sixth ute.iucs. AT 122 NINTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF rV Broailwry, a genlleinaii and wife or sin ,1? gentlemen tan obtain pleasant R loins, with Board. The house contains .be modern improvements. BOARD.?ONE OR TWO OENTLKMKN MAY HAVE Board at 83 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner tt sis o'clock, HOARD?THE LADY OF A PHYSICIAN KESiniNO single gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. ] 1(U> NINTH STREET, NKAR BROADWAT-TO LET, i IvU a laige Parlor ou lh? Dial lloor, lo a gentleman ami J wile, ur two aiugb: peutlemen. Alai single and double Rooms to gentlemen. No tuoviug at M ty. References ex- 1 changed. 1 PRINCB STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELE- i J-tJU gantly furniahcd Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, t with all the convenient* a Tor housekeeping complete, lu. 1 eluding gaa and Crotun water, to let to resp ictabie fumble* ur single gentlemen. 1 L*f? BLEECKEIt STREET, OITOSITE DKPAU ROW - i iUU A handsome front Room on the third I'our, furnished ( ur unfurnished, with Boat d. gas, hot an I eohl water, large I closets, suitable lor a gentleman and his wile; n > moving in May. References exchanged. 1 m/\ ELM STREET, NEAR SPRING -FURNISHED ' lu Apartments for immediate occupancy. The lowest ' rents in the city, considering the convenience of economy In housekeeping. Best bedding and furniture, with rauge, cook- c ing utensils and linen complete; gas and Crolou. t 9<M EAST TENTH STREET.-A FEW UENTLEMEN ! eon lmve Board for $3 5!) per week. Also a gentleman ami wife eun have a small Parlor, with H diatom, for $7. Gait ami bathroom included. Kooiu, furnished or uii- I I uMii.thrd, with Hoard. I 'JQd FOURTH STREET.?DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH ' OO X hatii and pantries ullaohed, lo lei, furnished or tutfurnished, with Board. Will be le*. together lo a patty of gentlemen, oi separately. Between Broadway and Bowery. I References exchanged. < - I SALES OK REAL ESTATE. 1 A DESIRABLE CHANCE FOR FARMERS.?FOR sale, a large uml valuable Fill m, within two hours of New York by two railroads. There are 230 acres, 40 or which are woodland, the balance being In a tine stule of eultiva 1 lion, mere ts a large ami iiuiiutome uouote niiiue, wntcn 1 Una just been painted, and a tenant house up m it; mi apple orchard, and a large, young pea'-h orchard or 1,700 lree?, ju?t coining into full bearing?the latter will alone pay the [; barns, stable*, rattle ahcda and c granaries. To a practical farmer there are few auch opportunitlea offered. The lore I ion la. and has atway a been, free f from rhilia and fever, and is porf-ctly healthy and very acceaalble. A lar^e poiHon of the p money may re- I main upon the place at 6 perueul. Thia farm Hill be r.old for a price to make it a desirable investment. No oilers for exchange will he entertained. The cropa In the ground and now on hand go with the farm. Apply personally or by letter to DANIEL GAKKISON, ltU W at Thirty.tilth street. s A desirable leasehold property FOR sale t or exchange?On East Htswdway, near Market street. Pour story brick Ho tse, 21x61 feet, well rented; price low; also other Property in New York and Btouklyn. I CHAS. E. MILLS, No. 34 Celar atrect. ) A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED II0V8E FOR SALE.? It it four atot lea, brown a one, 2.1x00, situated on a wide atrect, and contains all modem improvements; the lurnilure is all very hand.'ome end nearly new; the whole as it lands will be ?o!d for Iria lltaii the Value of the houxe alone. Apply to 0. E. M ILLS, 24 Cedar street. A LOT. 21.I0XD5 FEET. ON TENTH STREET, BE tween Fifth and Sixth avenues, logethi r with a very comfortable two story and attic House, 21.10x40 feet. Price low and tcrrna easy. Apply to CI1AS. E. MILLS, 31 Cedar street. A HOUSE, BARN AND OTHER OUTHOUSES, NEW. with two acr?? liout Luid, beautifully located in New Canaan, Conn. Goat $I,SOO; ottered for less than $3,n00. . Eighteen acres adjoiuint; < an be had. Apply at JM6 Fut on i street, Brooklyn Piano R Mints. I .j A BEAUTIFUL FARM IN NEW JERSEY. FREE FROM IncttmhrarcuK?2S8 acres; would trade lor et'.y property? ; price (0,300. 167 do., $4,03). Both have good butldluga,fruit, Ac. Other Pasans at alt prices and lo a'tona. c W. 11. MKLICtt, 407 Broadway. 6 A HOUSE, STABLE AND LOT ON HOUSTON street fur sale or lo let. The home la four stories, brt k, 2S\?J, u ith ext'naion. In fine order, with modern improvement*. Turn is a line brink Sub.'' In the rear, wt:h entrance from Mercer street. Lot 29x109. Tamil tax*. ' A|)|ily to ( HAS. E. MI LBS, .14 C dar street. J BROOKLYN, CLWroX AVENUE. PROPERTY, FOR Sele.?Six Lole, first class Dwelling House, 40x40. file/./a, furnace, raajp, pat, bath and uloaet, water, Ac. ; Subie. fronting on Vaiiderbiil avenue; garden has abundance of fruit, \ peaches, cherries, pears, two kinds of grapes and ornainen- ; lal noes. Apply on the premises, third ho tie southwest of Clinton avenue from My r tie avenue, or at 31 Spruce Itreet, New Yoi k. i Brooklyn proper it w anted?in exchange 1 lor a country neat at Tarrylowu, Westchester county, New York, twrut.v-flve nillea irom Netr York city. Apply to or address ROBERT GRAVES, 99 Liberty sircet. New Yo.k. " COUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE OX OLDFIKLD POINT. ' Long Island?'10 acres, with English cottage, siirroonded | by fuie-i trees, all necessary outbuildings, lac lawn, tour acres ill young orchard of choice fruit, ornatnenial trees, " shriibb"iy, vines, Ac. Good tieaeh for haihing. fishing, Ac. tl. tt. HUTCHINSON, No. M Wall street. ( CIHOICK GARDENING LAND FOR SALE AT A 1 J bargain, within three miles of the city, very rich and f rtlle so;l. Terms easy and Immediate possession, Apply ( to L T. liEIlGEN. i'J C. dar street, from Id to 3 o'clo.-k. ' LA A It M, SI ITABI.K FORA DAIRY, TO LET-12.1 ACRES 5 r liest bin-clay garden soil, good bouse and barn; one hour by rail; quarter of a inllo Irotn depot; cotuinutation fare eight cents; will exchange. __ DR. DKK1CK, 407 Fourth street, N. Y. LA ARM FOR SALE?BETWEEN NOW AND THE 9ril 1 r ol April next, cuiitaluing 40 a< res ot arable l. nd, ullu it- I ed one mile from the Itihway d'pot;a very de liable toca t on o a gentleman's routiliy residence. For further i arUcii an inqn re of C. C, IIOKr', I'osirnasii r, it It hiay, N J j tjAARM FOR SALE OR TO LET.?A FARM OF 900 1 a res for s.iie or to let, on Kalun a Neck, lluiillng'on, L I I. lmpilre of the owner, on the larm, or si his residence, comet of Ailislie and Leonard streets, Bionklyn, E. D. ' JOHN CA8SIDY. LAARMS, COL'NTRY SEATS AND RESIDENCES, 1'E.NN- , 17 rylvani i and Western Isinds and all VsiletlcS of Property and Businc s os.l-or exchange; negotiated, ,J and l'aitn rslilpChances of mod desirable eh 'Meter " BOUT11W1CK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. IjAOR SALK-A BARGAIN-A THREE STORY ANI) j I summit liri k House and Lot, 196 West Thlrty-thlr J , sire d, ciinlelnlng all the tnuderu Iniprovniei.ts. ' Price J (I 9 XI; $3 0 Ht inn remain oil mortcago. Apply lull ,M. rlAILKY, 224 Broome street. j FOR BALE?A HOUSE AND FULL CORNER LOT IN 11 Williainsturg, in Fit ?l street; lager b'cr aalo n. Asia '! I eautii ill \ ilia Mte In Newark, N. J-. Sd feet front on MooM Pleasant avenue, running ihrouyh 2 s) feet to Broad street, au I 90 I'eet front ou Broad street; will be sold vrty cheapen l I on easy terms. Apply to W. LONKY, 93 Fourth sir et, Wit f llnmslmrg. j' PiH>r S VLB?A LARGE, FIR8TGLA88, brow N STONE front Itouss, 29x6.>, No. ItQ M uiisoti avenue, near Thirty 1 ioiii ;n unci, urn it in the \ ci> u M 11 annrr, iu?'hu<i I ilooi a J ami wnlntit M.i r?. Inquire on tlic prcmlaos, or at No. 71 1 E iM 'fwrtitj stith street. T^OR SALK-TIIB TIIUKR STORY AND ATTIi' IIIOII 1 amop House, 21) by .Ml fwl, It (lonriirtn place, Tnlrty- !. thtiil urt'ft, between Kahili ami Ninth aveum*. frloe >11,10). A|>|>ly to W.K. L TAVI.UII, 70 Wall at reel. IpOR SALE?>.,0*1 KA' II. POOR THREE ITORT AND | L I to iiirnt In i. a llon-ps, liaril nnlMmit walla an,I marble V mantela, Nix. II. 10, 17 ami 10 Flushing avenue, ii-.irt)h b vl-lon a return, Brooklyn. Fic i dip anil Pultun f?rr/cara n pnaa tint Ii0'n??. Two-thlrtl* of the pur ha?e in nmy . an ie- a man on bou.l ami mortgage. Apply to TllttMAH OIL- II HKIIT, ueit to the ptemi-ca. No. I V or at 171 ami 17- Canti* row, IT oat Washington mark' t, .V, lf| I Aim SAT.E-A XICB little rvit.M OP N ACRM, ,5 1 with Sto'k ami i!ro|.a, handy to the i lly, In New Jersey. at Will I e a'Id a'a ' argatn. AHo one of a? treii a res, a nl' ? n little iilu:is. at 0:3 Oiccnwl.h street. C. MALCOLM. | I NOB HAI.E-OB TO EXCHAXUB FOR XBRCHAX- ,, dlae, ttvn i rat else* brown front lints**, l.i the c city oi litooklyn, within live mlnutra' walk ot the Ktilion Hi anil Catharine ferries. A| p y to KOHTEIl A LOI'ER, No. 4 Band* iiml, Brooklyn. * lj*OII HALE?A NICE COTTAGE IIOI'HE, BltlflT p, L moms, an ar-rn anil a half of (mind, Ural rnte out . holldlngs, Ice hou-a tllle', fruit and ahrubberjt, and ev. ry. thins In goo I or h rt on" m In (mm Key toil iRnt finding; t, fain cent* from X"W York; prlc- ?,t*]iV one lull'can remain. A.>1 ly at No. 9 W at Broadway, Io the se J atoie. j FOR HALK-FO"R COUNTRY RK VTlt, OX lltl FAR. 2 ami river, beautifully lo atml, having a line river If nt. tarrtTy ihtm '.1. h : *vIII lie until, in wlioh- or In pari, on II n 1 ml tei m*. I UK LAN II. IIINCKLKY A CO., til N n?*? a rwl. J T/OK RALE?A BA'IOAIN, IN WIM IAMSHrilO, THE C on ill, ae?| three aimy tiri k llnnir, with t n o Fury ex. ,, iniiun ii r II , all'inl-d in fo Uh Fourth alrei-l, liv m nnt"? il wvlk frnm I' rev. Tlipretnlae* are in porfprt order. Una, p hot mnl i-otJ water, A". The hatul* one I'l r'?, Ur o prla anil other Firnltore <>ti the prentfciea nm* h- lin-l II ileaim'. Apply m W. J. TOWART, tiff HoMlh rtiTt, -i j.'Ohkai.i: nui iiouhk no. lis east twentieth -I J" atri et, v i'ij ''ll 10 a if" 'ml n*nt ol $1 kl per year. Alio 1 ?ooin ?on t P'ylnit property "> Br mklyn to exchange for a 1 larinur .'Mii'iy at. A|i|iljr at above. a lAOIt ft VLB. A FARM OK ACHES, IVI IN W'lnH, < JJ mi I, n lalatnl, near lailroail anil >t amboat landing. It will lilt f r I - '.hin rtm ciittif the Improvements. ' Apply to WARREN A HIIADLY, No. to Union square. ' VORHAI.K t Nl'i: I'M'M, iiiNTMNINii 00 ACKER. , P titrated In Umlthtown, L I. Raid larin has n go nl 1 SowM atol good mitbnlldlnsailatid Well Impttal. Fornir* ( i er n ii Honiara Inquire at No. ilHamlllnav nu", Hon li i Brooklyn, 1 Milt ft VLB i li I' ? 5 kCBBR it: 7, AND, I a* Stewai i s llo nl, on ilio Ma-adatnKcd ml, three mi < 11" ii William* burg, neat tlie Union in o eonrai; "? ? ??"?w,!8: J'uik iiciiiwiKimV' i NEW YC BOARDING AND LODGING. ^ VERT DK8IRABLK ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURuiahed. to tat?-To gentlemen without Board, in the mo- ? dern huuM- IS Ninth atreai, between Filth and 8ixth avenue?. I ? ? ? I WANTED?BY A SINULE GERMAN GENTLEMAN, A j " furnished Room, with hot and cold water, breaklaat ? and tea, ami dinner at 6 o'clock, with u?? of olano. Loct tion not above Sixteenth street. Terms, without tire, mustbe $5 }? r week. Only tho?e having hot and cold water in the room may apply. Address K., box 3,<MK? Post otl;o , lor J three day a. 1 WANTED?A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, FOR A I aingle gt-u leiuau, in the vicinity of the Br? voort Houae. Terms rutfot he mode rale; boarding house keepers need not I an ply. Address, with tcruia, location, references, Ac., box J la') 1'oat ufllce. r Wanted?rooms near broadway and union 1 square, with or w.t'iout Breakfast, by a gentleman; or iiarl or n small House by two, furnished or on- 1 furnished The house must be iu good order. Address A. J B. F., Herald office. 1 WANTKD-IN HUDSON CITY. N. J . A PLEASANT I Room Tor gentleman and lady, with Board for l.idy \ only. Addre's Hudson City, box 144 Herald olllce, statiug location and terms, whtcb must be moderate. j (JjQ PER WEEK FOR A l'KKTTY FURNISHED ROOM, t <PO with full Board, <o a gentleman and wife, including a ess, in u lirst class house. Also Rooms for geutleuieu. $4 to | %i p -r week. 1U2 West Twenty sixth slreet, near Eighth avenue. 1 00 UNION SQUARE.?A SUIT OF WELL FUR- I nished Roo ms, overlooking the square, to let, with 1 Board. Also one single Room, c on UNION SQUARE, FOURTH AVENUE.?A SUIT I Ov ot furnished Rooms io let, with Board Also two * siugle Rooms. j 7Q SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD ' 1 <7 way.?To let handsomely lurniabed Rooms to siugle J gentlemen; the location ie near all His lirst class hotels and Dlai-CH of amtlftprrifklkt Koiiftlnir riiiun Istiiulin <>i AN. 1 SON IIOL'SK. QO GREENE STREET. ABOVE SPRINU.?ALSTON ( UfJ Hvuie. Kle^nnily furtiiuhud (uiU uf Room*, ga?, Crotuu and every eouveiiient-e for liomekeenlug econumleal- 1 lv- pf ii'ilhi rl v anfluKU f.. p r.unp<l3I.L r.MllU. ? >KK HKKALD, TUKSDA Y SAL.BS OF REAL. ESTATE.^ FOK 8ALE-A GOOD Ml )i.VAKl.i;i BUSINESS, with 8 uv'k worth thout fjhl The ownet of this h<n wen doiu4 well here for right veare; a Jood selling place for Hole ware; reutcheap; the bed aland. The reason lor hilling a :h - o.wier ul.l move in hia own house and store. Call at 107 East M.utb atreet, or at the atoie 1IU hut Tw enty lourlb greet. POR SALE?A NEW THREE 8TORY BRICK HOUSE, on Fort tlreeiie place, near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn, loa all the modern Improvement*. Moat l>e aohl and will live u great bargain. Inquire at 47 Ptue atroel, basement, few York. _ For sai.i: a beautiful residence, near the depot at New Bruuawlck. New Jersey, desirable for a rttred family or merchant doing buvineea in the city. Fur articular* inquire of WARREN 11ARDENBERUII, M Tall street. I7IOR SALE-A VALUABLE PROI'ERTT ON THE C ilne of the New Jersey Railrna l, consisting of five dwelling llousot, Grocery Sture, Distillery and 1(W acrea of ;oo l harming Land. Alao a Farm of SO acres; price (1 .30(1 or particulars inquire of WARREN UARDENBERCH, 58 Vull atreet. r\OR SALE?THE COTTAGE HOUSE AND LOT NO. 87 r Thirty-eighth atreet, hear Madison avenue; one of he beat lotatiom in the city: the house U In perfect order nid ean lie aeeti from 12 to 3 o'clo k only; term* easy. Ap>ly ou tha prrtntiea. For bale?on mount hope ridge, tremont, only thirty minute*' ride by Harlem Railroad from Twenty-sixth street depot, and two miuutes' walk west lrora >ut, snd containing about 200 Iruil iw:>, mine of which aro inw bearing; good stable mid covh house; abundance of I?ft wa'.cr, and a splendid well, with pipes Inside of bouse mil bathroom; marble mantels in parlors. Thin cottage has lU't been decorated throughout, and commands a tine view, 'landing on high around, fifty feet above the railroad track. Vpply to J. H MKEKlr, on the premises, or at 27 East Sighieenth street, New York. Terms (5,500. FOB SALE?THB CHEAPEST H0U8B IN THIS CITY; a firm class three story high stoop brown atone Uouse, 10x52: lot 2Uxl25, in Thlrtjr-tlrst street, near Broadway. Price 17,500. IRELAND A WEBB, 82 Cedsr street CIOR SALE OR TO LET AT HACKENSACK-A NEW L Dwelling House, con-alning eleven rooms, fronting un Essex >treet, three minutes' walk lr?m depot. R >ut 2303. Possession Immidlately. Inquire of W. II. MKLICK, 407 Broadway; S. D. MAKING, 17 Beach street, N. Y., or of IOHN MAKING, Hackensack, N.J. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-A SPLENDID COUNTRY Seat and Kaim ol about 125 acres; large house, tenant louse, barn, carriage houses, ice house, Ac ; splendidly situated, abundance of fruit, well watered ; 1^ hour Irom hecity;,500; uucncumbered. Apply to P. L. VAN 3EVENTER, 193 Kultou street, N. Y. For sale or exciiange-a valuable mill Properly at Green Bay, Wis., with 28 lots of ground ind 1,511) acres of pine laud, with everything requisite tor tarrying on a large business. Will lie exchanged for imnoved Western land or for n al estate In New York or New leri-ey; title perfect; no incumbrance. Price for the whole 85,101. Inquire or P. L. VAN DEYKNl'KK, 195 Euliou itreet. For sale or exciiange-a first class house tutWest Thirty-second street, near the Fifth avenue, me of the best situation* In the city. Tlie bouse Imsalltlia noderu improvements, built in the very best manner anil in 1 st rale order. T-rina easy. Address C., box 1,798 Post ?Ike. For sale or to let?in mount vernon, westChester county, a good two story and attie House, with arge Lot, corner of Fifth avenue and Fourth street. For [Ntrliculars inquire on the premise*. For sale or to let-at new Windsor, two miles south of Newburg, a beautiful Cottage, eoiuniandinga line view of the Hudson and Highlands, with 13 acres it IhiuI, including carriage house; orchard, tierrl.-s, Ac., in sound uiuc. Apply to e. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine m eet, N Y. For sale, to let or exchange, for a less priced house In the city, the new four story House, No, 108 Lexington avenue; brown stone, high stoop, and ull the Tioderu improvements. Anotv from 8 to 10 A. M and A to 7. I'. M., to W. CLARK, 90 Twenty-sixth street. For sale or to rent?a farm of 125 acres, witli geoJ Dwelling House and outbuildings. In excellent irder, three miles from Newark, on the road to Newark. A H use and Lot st Roseville. Newark, N. J., with good [irdcn, all in excellent order. The Belleville Freestone Quarry, at Belleville, N. J., with ;en a; res of land, all ready for uitarrt ing. JOHN WHITEHEAD, Newark, N. J. Hotel or roardinj house, with outbuildings, twenty-one miles from New York, on the Morris tud Essex Railroad, New Jersey (good location and line Stance lor bus nesa), for sale cheap, at a great sacrifice, the >u n r going Wrs ; an ex ellent chance to inike money. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. 2MALL PRODUCTIVE FARM, STOCK IMPLEMENTS fruit, Ac., in Jersey preferred, w anted, in exchange for a lesimble Store or a three story brick House, large building, or private use. In Brooklyn. Apply corner of South Sixth ind Sixth streets, Williamsburg, In the express otUce, tor 'ight day.". iitanted to purchase. for ca8h-a km all XT Cottage, with Stable, Ac., and not less than half acre >f ground, on the Hudson, between Carmansville. and Tarryown, with water Iron', good view, grounds Mate fully laid rut, in perfect order, and in every way a desirable neighltorlood and location. Price not to exceed $6,000. Answers 'rom parties conforming strictly with the above will meet xrlth prompt attention. None other noticed. Addreas H., mix 1,143 Post oillce. 97 O EAST BROADWAY FOR SALE?20.9 BY 78ulO High stoop, brick, two story ami attic and liaae" nent and extension of four rooms. Modern improvements I'rice $7,tfl), $3,1X0cash. Apply to HOMER MOR.JAN No 1 Pine street. ?1 onn WILL BUY A TWO STORY BRICK HOUSE anil lull Lot In the best part of Harlem. Terms if payment made very easy. Apply to A S. DUNCOMB, No. I Pine street, o.Ucea Nos. 1 and 2. POll SALE. A OOOD CnANCE FOR A MAX WITH A SMALL CATV. pl'al ? Stock and Fixtures or the oldest L irk nn t Uun. imilh eslahlixhrneni in Newhurg, New York, Ibrsale cle p Jca'h of proprietor the tees in lor s lllug. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO.. No. 8 Pine street. A beautiful microscope, magnifying 800 ft Hume, for iMrents (silver); lire of dllTrienl powers, $1. ilail d (me. Addreaa F. L. Bnwen, tox '?!?, Bunion, Mane. A RARE CHANCE?ANY PERSON WISHING TO ENgag in biiMncaa may p ircliaae at a bargain Iho Stu K in J Put ires i?l" an old established If irdware Store. A 1Ireaa I, A., Brooklyn Pint o'tci, with real nam*. Bakery kor sale.?corker store, the best In Suih avenue; every part Plied up new, everything n the bent of oriler; not one ai tn-1 w anted to carry on thu nialnraa; u good eitabliabeil trade, doing a good ca'ah bnalieas, mnatiy ?ver thn counter. I'lve year*' ! aac. R.nt very otr. For pull in pi,re in tbe bakery, 819 Sixth arcpie. corner of Thirty-liral a rout. II. H. t'l'SllMAN. r aoal yard for sale-situated on one of U tim nn at prominent itmro Khiarea In the i lly ot Brookyn; ans Fnltou avi-nue, Prhe low. corner liquor store for sale?on a first U late arenue, doing a good business. K.-aaon for ,el log nadr known on the prcmlaca. Addn aa A. B. C., station A, Iprint atreei. N > agenta need apply. Dental practice and residence for s w.k ? Twenty inllea, or about one hour by rail from New loik; location healthy and line; liouae modern, twelve l.irge oom.s, healilea a large bcement; gar fmnace, water, l ablr . Ac : pracuee ol twenty yeaisstanding, nml Hint elaaa; ill. < $lll,MI0. Aildrera J.iinea H. Kul ttdge, 11 raid olli.e. IAOR SALE.?THE SPLENDID AND WELL KNOWN L' place of anine iii"iil, known aa Mag'-r'a Pallaade Park, a In rewith offered for rale, under v. ry ad/aiilageoua i nndltin,a. The proprietor, hating eaiahlianed a perm inent lainl i?a. In Washington, la unable In all -ml In bmh. Thine wlahit; In acquaint ill inrelrea with the lerma, Inipilrc at the nenuaea, I loin now till the luidill-ol April at the inrtheat. VAI. MAUER. Propr.clorof Pallaade Park, W- ehawhci , N J. LAOR SALE-A COAL YARD, IN ONE OF THE ItEsr C loeation-anl doing a In at late bnalneaa. For pailluuiri mill al 7e Ludlow street. laor sale-at re kg eh reservoir, within two L mil a m Jci>fy < IIjr f'rry, 4, IS7 ton* hi |>u ? I'aaaalo e. 1'itip .uali will lie received by J AS It. TIIO.M PSON, Hi any Cliy. i >-i mi caay li> r< sponsible i>hi tin L"V>lt SALE?'THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A P neatly lit tod up Porter House; ? tooil location, own11?nt in iv lal steamboat landings; m>M ou aomini ul -ii k< '*. A tp>o I ban 0 lor agentleman or laly. Appiy ul IMi Ipring alieel, ii ar Hudson. Eton SAI.K -TIIK OLD ESTABLISHED OOTPKB AMD * limit.Ii Saloon |I7 Simh avenue, lor less I ban bill lis v?. to, anil How <1olnK ? S" >d business. Satisfactory reasons .r selling the in me. Apply on the prrmmea. /OK SALE?IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST CLASS I*IIOl tograplilc Gallery, doln {an egcelleul bumies*. Address H. s., Sot l,7M x. V. Putoffice. VIOIl 8AI.E-A LARUE CORNER OROCKRY AND LIf cpior Slme, w Hi a valuable lease, lining a largo bar ul". In an eirellenl lurollon, twenty year* established, fill mil rhvjp. U.miiI rci.a >ni for selling. .! r.TRAVKR, I id Chatham street. JH>R SALE?A LIQUOR STORM, WHICH IS DoINU A 7 largo business, situated ill llmoklyn. the Nary ar<l uati', wli Te there are ou r 4,1**1 men working. Ii Ii ilir t lig ation lu the imlghboi ho< d, mi l la a a ire c'laomtn iuk" money. Ib a'un lor selling. the owner haa uro amirs ml r.animt attend lo both. Apply ai 5J I'ilt street, N. Y , In ie ii pior atom 7<0R HALE-A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR " store, oil th? Nlnib eveno-. Oilier hua|ne?a la the sole i use ul selling. Apply to I'K IKK OKOLIO, No IJ Centra r-el, or.IOIIN I1LAN Y, mat Ide works, Thirty eighth street, ear Broadway. AO It SAI.K?AT A BARGAIN ONE OF THE IIEST . llrne-iire In Brooklyn. U.i ih-e iiwk, nah trade, low nl. t\ l.o> or pin ol atock in.iy be bad. Inquire of J. IIAKLKS, HI A Untie lirml. Hiu <klyu, between ID A M. n I I F M NOll.'ilLK-A t.R >CEItY AND LIQt'OR STORK. HK ' ri'lpia irom $ltt io fII per . I, ?'loti anion h- ?url<anl, Ft ee |W; )early rent tieO. The o* m i of tlie ropeity wta.iea 10 retire from the bualneaa. Will five a nm? I or lour or flvo j?*r< Addreaa J. B., lit rrlil otln-e, for ro ilaya. IjlOU BALK-A SHOW CASH NINB FRBT LONO, WITH lo:kaaiul k'-ya, Jual aa good aa new; 11 chiap. Apply I No. 7 t'cdar atreal, up a'alra. roil BALE?Til K STOCK AND FIXTURES OF STOKE 7 No. Ml (Irani street, comprising alngl- ami double oivllna l'in*, Flatola In variety, Uin-e Maiiofany Counter ??c?, Flatting Treble, llodaand Kcela, alioiit 30 I'liltcrt Hutes ercusaton M'iakat*, In prima order; OunSiorka; A'nmonlion; lot III Hardware, Cutlery, An ; man Shelving and !o inlets, will aold I lieap, in lota or separate arti ll a. lbs wmr, l-alns in the army, giving up tlm bualneaa. MOR SALE-TEN STEAM ENUINES AND BOILER* P from three to llfty hora? power, of all deacrlptlnna; one 'upper Still ouinpl te, three S eam I'nmpa, one Hydraulic 'iitnp, one la ,e Wooden lank, holding p.tkto gallona, for uleoltt ap. by Tll'tS. K. MILLS, III Wall street. Miilf SA1.F. AT A BATK1AIN?A TIUFR AND PROVIP aimi Si-iiid, also a I'oullry Stand, together or acpuratc. tpi ly at S3 Eaaei Market. NAS it rOMM POR v KOI TI STORY house kok aV.o.?II tvo been but little need; will atao sell Parlor ">i. p t?, three double Bedilcada unit elk Dining Room ham; the owner li abo it removing to Ibo country. Apjiiy >/ note to A. O., ho? 2,(VS3 Fort ollh c. 1' or OK STEEL I Oil SALE.?LOT OF THE BEST J Hnot'd She t Steel. No l i rute, about 100 Iba.; cost 17 eittf?n III b aold lor It)' uu - , n lb. Inquire of X. TOW NS

liN'D, 111 Fiuo atrca.?(.(. mi Uoor, , MAliUH 25, 1862.-TK1F ^r?a 8AI'K* MILLINERY FOR HALB-CHEAP FOR CASH, TUB Stock, Fixtures and (loud Will ol a limt claa Mllllurrjr Establishment un Broadway. S itisfactory reasons given for selling. Inquire at 9 a ay, up stalra. |>ltOPELLEB KOK SALE. FREIGHT OR CIIABTEB, J. adapted to Inland navigation, of 140 Ion* burthen. Inquire of Captain A I). TATE, li,l Chambers street STEAM KNOINB FOR SALE, WITH LOCOMOTIVE boiler, cylinder21 by 81, luchea; can le sceu running. Inquire of WOOD A llL'UIlES, Silversmiths, 103 Fulluu street. TO flATTERS.?A FIRST RATE CHANCE FOR A IIATtcr to buy Hie Futures and Furniture ot an es'ablubed (12 years) Hat Stole; reut of stoie ia reduced. Apply at 11 l'ark row. ?rao -PATENT for sale, extremely CHEAP (must be sold), of a very valuable, useful and ueeeaaary article, affording extremely large profits; cheaply got up, aud good chance to notice inO'iev. Also several others. bOLTLWICK k WOOD, 82 Nassau street. HOUSES, llOOitls, Ae? TO LET. Anew krown stone hioh stoop house to IrtforSfiiO. 80 East Twenty-seventh street, near Lexington avenue; all modern convenience, f urnace, hot and etild water throughout, built, range, trusb tuba, dumb waiter from kitchen to arring room on top lloor. A very line bouse, uututble for a amall lauuly. May be aeen from 2 to t o'clock. For oarda to sae the liouae apply to JOHN FOLEY, 163 Broadway, or at 88 Lexington avenue. A DIN I NO 8AI.OON TO LET OR LBA8E?AI.RO A two and a half atory liouae; also Building in rear of house, used tor shop; located at 1.1 Thomas street, N. Y. Inquire of E. L. A B. T. lit'RMIAM, till Hudson street. A LARUE COTTAGE HOUSE, THIRTEEN ROOMS, 2X acres en dosed, plenty of fruit; aeven mile* from Sooth lert y by the cars and stages; run every hour. Inquire of JAMES RUFUS SMITH, U William street, or J AMES FA It LESS, 7? East Twenty-third street. AT MORRISANIA-TO LET OB FOR SALE, A VERY conveulsnt two alonr attic and basement double Outluge, with large garden; location healthy and pleasant and easy of access. Apply to P. ERNST, Ml Sixth avenue. New York city. A FINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET OR FOR sale, only one inile from Harlem bridge, Westchester county ; a modern built two alory attic aud basement brick House, with I0X Lots, tastefully laid out, In a superior, healthy and pleasant neighborhood. Apply to P. ERNST, 311 bum hv. line, new *orlt city. A HOUSE TO LET. IN BROOKLYN-CONTAININO ten rooms, water, gas, bath. Ac., in a pleasant neighborhood, about tell minutes' walk from Fulton ferry, t'au be set II urtcr 12 o'clock at 183 Adam* street. Hcnl $330. A COUNTRY SEAT TO RKNT-AT TllliOO'S NECK, Westchester county. Apply lo D. J. COSIER, 162 Wrst Kouit cntli street, before U o clock A. M. A NUMBER OF SMALL GENTEEL MODERN HOUSES to let?Well located, on Twenty-fourth, Twenty-tilth anil Twenty.eighth B'.reets and on Lexington avenue. In fine order; all Improvements; gas chandeliers, Ac. Keut from $C0 to $ 101. Call and see the-e houses STEPHEN A. FIERI.K 4 CO , No. 6 Fine street. COUNTRY PLACE TO LET-SITUATED AT RYE Neck, at the entrance to the harbor of Mamaroneek, sni rounded on thr-e sides by the waters of the Sound, consisting of dwelling house, barns, stables, Ac.; 14 .irrra of laud, good kitchen garden, fruit, Ac. Arenas by steamboat and by New Haven Railroad. Apply to GEORGE U. JACKSON, 201 Centre street. CtOUNTRY AND TOWN HOUSE COMBINED TO LET? I On Washington Heights, a han laome residence, live miles from Madison square and oue and a half from Central Park, containing 16 rooms, with alt the modern improvements of aciiyhouss; eoueh house, stables and all other requisite outbuildings; fruit and shade trees, tlowcr and kitchen garden; will be rented low to a good tenant. Apply at the coal oQlce corner of 152d street ami Tenth avenue. Desirable summer residence to let. The furnished Cottage (the residence of the late Mr. John Sloau) at the Neversink Highlands, Thompson's Landing. The lottago Is in exrrlleul condition, and has eight rooms comfortably furnished. The grounds include tour seres of garden and lawn, and three acres (if required) of farmland The outbuildings are stable, tarn and carriage house, with Ice. bathing and boat houses. Accessible from New York by boat, twice a day. In two hours' time. Location, tea view and bathing facilities unsurpassed. Kent $400 per year. Apply to Mr. PLOWMAN, 119 Leonard street, New York, between 10 A. M. and 3 P. ?!., daily. Furnished house to let?possession ivth April.?A nicely Furnished House to let, suitable for a small family, in a nice location; owner will board with the occupants; rent $900. Apply for cards of admission to C. M. LEVY. 46 Weal Washington (dace. Furnished house to let.-the first class three S'.ory brown stone House, No. 113 West Forty* s ven'h street, elegantly furnished, will be rented from May 1 lo an acceptable tenant. Apply lo the owuer at Taylor A Brown's, 3X1 Ur. cnwicli street. Furnished and unfurnished houses to let, 139 East Thirteenth street, furnished; $1,300 a year, unfurnished $9C9| 119)4 East 1'htrieenlh slrce', $700; 84 West Fourteenth street, partially furnished, $l.fi0ll; No. 102 East Twenty second street, $75 ); 169 West Tweuy fourth street, $700. Apply to T. E. HERNANDEZ, 127 West Twcnty-lirst a reel. HOUSE TO LET?84 EAST TWENTY SECOND STItEET, brown atone, wllli all the modern Improvement*. Also Carpet on the Door lor sale cheap. Inquire on the prcuiue*. House to let and furniture for sale?in a very desirable and central locution, suitable lor a ladies' boarding hoi a ?. The furniture eouamla of a mod su|>erb and ample aiioptv, and m ill be ao'd cheap If apple d for lmmediately. For p irtIonian, inqune f li. B. HERTS, J". ISO If roadway. Hotel to lease.-tiie stevens house, late Delmoniro.'s, No.S3 Broadway, New York, baring been put in thorough repair, painted aud supplied with the conveniences of a modern lira! class hotel, i? now offered to lease upon favorable terms to a suitalde tenant. The furniture may be purchased III o i reasonable terms. Apply to hewlett a torrance, No. 6 Bowling Green. or 10 homer morgan. No. 3 Fine street. Half of a private house to let?consisting of Are rooms, pantiles and Crotun ;in i;ood order; mil $10 per tnnntb. Inquire on the premises, No. 86 fifty-fourth street, west of Sixth arenoe. LOFTS TO LET.-THE THREE SPACIOUS LOFTS, 108 Litierty s'reel, extending through to Cedar street, now o copied by Me.sra. J. Straus*, Bros. A Co. In itilre of D, KICll AltOS, 74 B.ioaduay, up stairs. ON THE HUDSON RIVER, A STONE HOUSE TO RENT I'm nished, or for sale or exchange. Commands an unrivalled view. WM.O. WKTMOHB, CI Wall slreet. Rooms with steam power-rooms of all Bl/.esand ateady power, to let. In the exteusirc building on the eornera of Delaneey, Maogin and Tompkiria afreet*, nt rent* 23 |>er cent b -low those atked elsew bcrr. Apply on the premises. STAMFORD, CONN.?TO LET, A NEW HOUSE. HANDKomely located, eonvcnlcnt to city, lias truit and ornano nt il tree*, fin atnlile and gardi-u. Fur particular*, ?pP'y in II. .MII.LKK. 112 East Seventeenth street., bu, m-iu i.e.i, ruui* ma* I, O lull front, three ht 117, attic mi l ba-cincnl brl. k Ho .se tsutli ami its*, rem $7 A*. Only rvspoustole persons need apply from II till 3 oYI ick. STORK TO LKT.-A FINE STORK AND TWO ROOMS in new hone- HI Dlvisi u street, Irom lat of April or May, occupied at pit unit >4 a boot store. It la a good aland for any business, ill Division street, near Chatham. oteam power and rooms to let-in the 0 buildings Km. 44(1, 41.1 anil 430 M ater street; all lulls, 25s4U lee:, with hatchways, hoist wheels, Ac , well lighted, trout noil rear; location rood, anil premises MinaUlo I'm almost uny luannlartiuiag hualnes?. Apply at 231 South at. QTEAliY STEAM to LET. -LARUE AM) O small Rooms; well lighted; steam holstwuy; pi s<e**lon Immediately. Apply at 4!>9 Water street, between Pike anil Rutgers slips. rrTo TTkt-tii e mansion iiousb, formkrly~occu 1 p eil by the subscriber, with roa h house, stable, gurden iiiul twelve ai res of land; aitiutlou perfectly hrallhy, m ar West Farms, Westchester county, and ten iniles from the t'lty Halt. The house Is newly painted and paltered anil has alllheuiol. ru improvements. To a desirable tenant II will lie rested low. Impiire of WM. WATSON, :M I'ark plau?. TO I-ET-TO A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY THE Heroitil nod Third F.oors of the daahable l.ottse -Ml V esl Twenty-seventh sir el, rotitalnina aU llie iiiijib rti improvements, gas tlituiea, Ae. The family in the ho is-cms sis ol three silnlta. Possession given the 1st of Apilt It desired. To 11 tli a.r.ihle tenant it will be let riots umide. Inunite al 'M8% West Thirty-lhlrd street, or ut 80 Wall stri el, III the ha .Anient. rpo LET?AT 1,251 BROADWAY, CORNEK OK THIRTY X Hint atiect, one large Mini' and Btu nwal, lurmcrl.r ? cttplrd aa a market; i>a*emciit nine feci lu I ha clear. lulllimn w ill Into remain mil nay lilt portion of Iho rant, limit '.KM. Alto two H'orcannd Dwelling, 1.21.1 and 1,215 Biuadway; rent $501) each. Alan Dwelling 1.211 Broadway, ton. damn: or four iwhim; n m $Ii) p i in nilh. Inour-oi I'. M. LANtJTOM, OH Weal Thlrlynrat at root, coal otll e. rl LET?HOUSE, WITH STABLE IN THE REAR, 029 Wa dilnginti atrrrt. The honai' i oiitania nineteen room a, wIth sat, water and aewei. The autilu haa alt large atallt, wlih room lor *t;nn, gaa, w.itit and aewcr loading from It to aatrt r ?ii atrrrt. It la a very deatrabln location lor a < artman or o?pr> aaman n lulling to be urar bla liable. Apply on tim promlaon, fro LET?DWELLING FART OF HOUSE NO. *? JL llroadwiiy, comer of Nineteenth alract. amiable for a it nailing or toi lortt porpoaca; would anil a (I'llllat, tailor, mlllii cr ot dicannakrr. lmpnra ol A. M. CONWAY, on the pfWMlaea. rpo I.ET-TO A GENTEEL FAMILY, IIALF OF A A Ilouaa, (untitling ol lwopar!?i>, with lidding door* and cUamb'tlcra, and two ball liednmnit, on accond lluor; Iwo large front rooma, wltli privilege in bxlhrooma, rlot'Ot, puntriea, Ac , on third floor, anil Iron! haacinnnt; aep.ualn meter. T'rnia rary Iraaot'.abl '. The remainder ol ths liouta o copied by ilia on nera. hutb.iud and wife. In pilre at lt)2 Krai Tim ly -ceninl atieet. TO LET?A SMALL KNOLIHII BAsKMKNT, 174 LAST Twenty-thlnl alrr t, with arary conreiilenea; will be renta*! to a giH'dbi-n int. Apply to A. LI YlNtiSTON, 12 Beckman ttreel. TO LET?THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY ENGLISH bi-? merit Hour", 57 Wott Thirty HI til airrrt. Ilia In a flrit rlaaa iielahlatrhond, In complete order, fnrnllhed wllh gat llmirea and all the modern ituprorenieira. Alro large More 7o William atreet. Apply to SAMl Maiden lane, TO LET?A GOOD SIX ROOMED COTTAGE, WITH ON E to live a< rca ol rery ttn-- lamd, forty.flea nilnotea by eaia IPim n imn lerry, iprK'iijN, ospm near mr nnnv-, hi every hair hmu ; r-nl low. Apply tu Mr. LKKCII, r-al ea. aip Mil, Jamaica. L. I. rro let?tart or tiib hours mo. m st. mark s A pin- o. Tim Flral Flior $400 a year, and the Hp floor M.(f Apply on ibo premlara, or of the ow ner. J.K IIEIt. N AN DEB, in Weal TWeniy-nrst afreet. TO I.ET?A FIRST (I.ASS BRtCK HOUSB, IN N m-ark, N. J., containing M rooina and modern Ini* proromints, limiting on a public puk; ilie flnr?t a inailon in the i Ity, and wltli n nve mlnuiei walk of the depot. I. irge girden ailacliod, Kent $.VA). AiUlrcea Imx did ('oat other, Newark, N. J. rro LET?FROM MAY I, OR WITH IMMEDIATE DOS 1 alon, the new brown -tone front limine, lis Ka*i Tinny lifth street, n. ar Tlilid atamie, wilih all the modern Improvemania. It "lit very low to a good tenant. TO I.ET?STORK AND LOFT, 3d BY AO. RENT VERY low, let separate; hoist wheel, ga?, waier, aide and aky, on New Bowery, adjoining corner of Janata atreat. Inquire, from IS! to 1, of 1, M. RHODE. _ TO LET-IN JERSEY CITY, ONE TWO STORY AND I ?a. meiit Bilelt limine, aeeond Soar iront Barrow, In Or and atr?<)l. gaa and water, Rent titll. L.K SHEET. HO ITS IBS, nouus. &C? TO (ill. r LET?THE THREE 8TOKVAMU BASEMENT brick House 14 Warren pUeu (Charles street), Bear Greenwich avenue. Tue bouse is A) 51 iret, Ibreu (vans deep on each floor, has all the model u uopioveineuts, aaJ well' al uluted for oue Urge or two smalt families. Kor further in'orinatiou or for permission to euuuiue. apply h> MOSES D8VUE 10 Jefferson Market. TO LKT-ITRS'ISIIED ROOMS, IN SUITS UK SIMULK, lu bruwu a oue bouse XI Hon cry, vn-y il-airanle. Aiai, tlie same nt (il4)? Broadway, second story, near Houston street Appiy uu the promisee. A large Une corner il .u.oj to let iiniiieuiately at Kill Houston slri et, corner of Crosby, luquirc uitbin. TO LET-A COKNEB STORK IN TIIB KIK8T tVAKI); a good stand lor grocery and liquor business. Apply to CI I AS McCAY, 3'J and 41 C nam tiers street. U ulted Slates M initial's ollico. rl^&IsKT-AT M1DD1.E VILLAGE TOWNSHIP NEW town, L I , a cottage llnuse and garden, with Urge uooryard, peiily of fruit and abrubbery, rent 1116 per annum, i'oss s.i >n immediately. The above piece with 84K acres, best of land, good luigc barn and outbuildings, plenty of fruit, Ac., is fur sale very low. T> rins easy Stages pass the door almost hourly. Inquire at No. il West Broadway, lu the feed store. rpO LET?TIIE DWELLING HOUSES K4 AND IX? A Charlton street, witli all the modern improvements. The houses will lie put ill good order lor good tenants at very moderate reals. Apply to MAKTIN WATERS, 122 Cbarlton streel. r LET?THE POUR STORY RltOWN STONE HOUSE, tu uerfect order, 22U West Thirty-second street; has gas flxtures, and contains all the extra modern lmpruvniueiihr, loci on uaexcepliunab'e Apply to KUBEKT UhllEK, Jr., 19k West Thirty-fourth streel. TO LET?THB FOLLOWING THREE 8TORY HIGH sloop brick Houses, viz., 244, 246, 248, UU and 2&1 West Thirteenth street, containing all the mod m Improvements. Kent ?17S per annum. Apply to ROBERT USHBlt, Jr., 152 Weat Thirty-fourth street. TO LET?AT WEEHAWKEN, N. J.. A VERY DE sirabtr Perm, suitable for a farmer, market gardener or country residence, with good house, barn and outbuildings, the property of the late Woi. S|iencer, Ave minutes'walk from the Weehawksn ferry. Kent R4UU. Apply on the premise a TO LET?THE THREE STOllY AND BASEMENT brick House 1U)Thompson street, near Prince; iiaa gas, bath, range, Ac.; will be let cheap to a gooil tenant; can be seen b<-tween the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 P. M. Apply to KAI.PI1 JL ANDERTON, ill) Grand street. TO LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, A LARGE FIRST CLASS Store, 2.x 100 and cellar. No. 230 (Jrand street, suitable for a dry goods or alio; store; will be fitted up to suit the tenant. 11. W. KELSEY, 12! Urand street, Williamsburg. TO LET-IN EAST BROOKLYN, SEVERAL DWELlings, built in cottage style, with all modern impi-ovemenls, gas and Knlgcwood water; near the ears. Inquire of P.P. O'BRIEN, builder, Skillmau street, between Myrtle and Path avenues. Rent from $'2u0 to $390. fllC LET?THE LARGE TWO AND A HALF STORY X brick House 393 Hrooine atreet, near Broudwuy; all tbe luoderu improvements; gas fixtures and chandeliers to let with tbe house. Inquire on the premises. rilO LET?THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BASEX inent House* 333, 339 and 'Ml West Thirty-fifth street, replete with all the modern Improvements, brown stone fiont to the secoud floor, large bay window, statuary and Italian marble mantels, vestibule marble, walls hung with handsome paper, handsome gas fixtures and chandeliers, speaking tubes, Ac , all In good order. Kent $<2)0. Also House 119 West Thirty-fourth street; rent $7UU. Inqulieut S. SPARKS, 337 West Thirty-fifth street. TO LET?THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE HOUSES, at reduced rents:? 'I'd) Second avenue, four story English basement, ltd East Thirteenth street, lour siory brown stone do. 132 East Thirteenth street, lour alory brown stone do. 291 Second avenue, four story English basement. 176 East Fifteenth street, thrco story, high sloop. 137 East Nineteenth street, three story, high stoop. 162 East Thirteenth street, three story, high sloop. 21 Stuyvesant street, three story and attic. 1AM East Thirteenth street, four alory, high stoop. 2I0M East Twentieth street, three story English basement. It Livingston place, brown stuns four alory English basement, opposite Sluy vessut square. 13 Clinton place, between Fifth uveuueand University place. 190 K ist Twentieth street, three story English basement. 201 Ea-d Eighteenth street, three story, high stoop. 09 West Twentyoixth street, brown stone, high stoop. 83 West Foit/-uith street, three story, high stoop. Apply to THOB. MACFARLAN, 139 E ?at Tenth street. rpo LET-LOW, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, X from May 1, to respectable tenants, houses 290 and 292 West Twenty-fourth street, in the rear of Loudon terrace, with nil tbe modern improvements, and In good order. Inquire at 238 West Twenty-acooud street. r LET?TUB FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE, WITH basement aud parlors, 01 Pitt street. New York. CAROLINE FACKKER. TO LET-A NEAT COTTAOB HOUSE, CONTAINING ten rooms and six closets; situate on the north aide of Eighty-ilmd street, between Third snd Fourth avenues; rent reasonable lo a good tenant. Apply to J. A. SILLICK, house ' snd land ageut, Eighty-sixth stieet, between Tuird snd Fourth avenues, or at 197 Fourth avenue, uearTwclith street. TO LET?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 61 QOUVERnctir street, consisting ot seven Rooms, in a small, ro |M'ct?ble family. (J. e nid CrotOfS water t .ougli the house, with privilege of using hath. Inquire on the premises. TO LET?THE WHOLE OR A PART OF A LAIUJE three glory House, with all the uioderu improvements. Inquire at 27 Market street. ISO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, AT Kiapleiou, Staten Island, near the ferry; has large grounds, good gulden, good water In the yard, aud stands on high ground, overlooking the bay. Narrows, city of New York, Ac. Apply to C. BAKTLETT, 78 Cedar street, at 12 o'elo k. r LET?AT STATEN ISLAND, THE SPLENDIDLY situated Country llesldeu-e. with garden, ltwo. orchard aud c melt house, near the Four Coin-rs, and occupied by U. lie senbrrg, Esq. Also an Kit liah basement lions", 3.3 West Thirl) tilth street, near Eighth avenue; all modelu improvements'. rent |6tlO. Inquire of M. UK8C1IE1DT, arth tect, 11 Wall >trcct, bctwroa lUaud 12 o'clock. TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, No. Ill Fourth all eel; relit 6660. Apply to S. S. 111N MAN, No. 3 Mrnad street. r LET?FURNISHED. A TWO HTORY AND BASK, mrnt brick Collate House, in Weal Twenty-fourth street, near Ninth avenue, lor 66U0 per year to a vet-p nstble party. Apidy at 111 Nassau street, au Hon room. TO LET?THE THREE STORY III till STOOP BRICK House 128 East Fifty-third street, w ills all the model u linptoveineiils, with a three years' lease, at per yes*. Apply on the ptemtses. TO LET-AT LOW RENT. THAT LAROE AND ELEgant linen story attic and basetneul llouae, 304 East Broadway, junction of Orand street, eotitain ug all tlie modern tmpruvements. For particulars apply to JOSEPH MeUl'lRK, MS Seventh street, bclura 11 A. M., or at 13d East Forty-utnth street, after 4 1*. M. TO LET-THAT DESIRABLE FOUR STORY AND hisetuenl House, IMS Flint aveu le, near Ninth street, (outlining water, gaa, Ac.; we.l adapted lor two or more reapceihinc familtea. For* apply to JOSEPH McOUIKE, 8<i Seventh street, or to Mrs. McOOvVIN, 20 S euttd avenue. TO LET?ON 111TH STREET, BETWEEN THIRD AND Fourth avanuea, user Central Psit, two well hnUhed Cottage Houses, right rooms, g*s fixtures, and flue yard and outhUlldinga; taeihtlea good for getltng down town; reul 6200 a j ear. Inquire at Pearl street, or on the premise*. rro LET?1.11'llEIt To A LADY ami uentleman A or two geutleinen, a b ick Parlor, lurtiiahed or unlurnished; unturniahed, $3 per week; furnished, with us* of trout Parlor and bath, 66 P r week. Board lor lady it required. No ill East Twenty.llitid street, n at Third ave, riM) LET-TWO FIRsT CLASS THREE STORY AND .1 bavenietil Dwelling Houses, with all the modern 1 til p. oreincnia and in good order. No. 78 Twelfth street, be. tncen Huh and Mvlli avenues, and No. U Hank street, lie LEVY, MA Tweuly-iuurth atrvrt, near Kenulb h'vmih', belore 10 o'clock A. M.orlrom 4 to 6 I*. M. rro I.KT-OSE FLOOR IN A CORNER HOUSE (WITH x the owner), conaiatlng of two large parlora, with cliandelfera, Ino Lir.e and and one email Cedroom, kitchen, with range, tdalionary mini and l at iroomj alio aepnrale vault anil gav meler. Apply at 101 I.ait Thirty-lu.irth alivet, i ctwcen scrum! and Tmid aeon ilea. rpo LET?THE SAI-OON UNDER ODD FELLOWS' x Hill, llo -token, N. J., fnrnlvhed or uulnriilahed. Inquire In tne *a:?un oi -M. It. DEM AIIEST. rro LET?furnished, the cottaoe ofwilltam X Ko idrign, Ka.p, at 4'IIIton. SUten I-I ind. t'ui t rim and Iwrtlcoiara apply lo Mr. JAN1N, Mi Mm a.lw.iy, Appialacr a D partinenl, or addreaa T. J., New York amine. To lbt?tiie desirable four story brown alone llouae*, No A J E.iai Twrtily-'ighlh atieet, Itu-.oni*. and JSJ Weal Thirty-tuuith ?tr >1, |j rooini, lent f1.0a? and Staid; Immediate poeacaaion given Apply on the preiniaea oi ai p r lull. rito LET?TIIS SMALL GENTEEL THREE STORY X ri d In I k llouae ate tVeat Thirty ti nd atrei-t, neai Slitli avenue caraand Bioadway alag. a Apply to E. C. (.'LINE, IIM Weal atieet rpo LET-IN Ol'TTKNBURU, NEW JERSEY. RENT X low, two llouaea, ona aui a'JW Lira bakery, with new ovenanogiM.ln. il of Water; the other will be let out Id roon a Both have viable# atta- bed. To b? aeon by applying to s.p.lre DWYEIt, t at ma preiniaea, oi at huhler A Flnck'a brewery, r let.?AN elegant STORK and dwelling on Fulion av> nur, Brooklyn. S re Mi |?. I In .b p>li, plain glaaa ironl and ailver plated ?a?h Apply to E. MA'.'OMHKH, No. I'.(t Fnlti.n avenue, Mrtioklyn. rro let?a genteel tiihkk story, high basex inetit and .-eliar Dwediilg, 100 IV.-at Toll ly-lhn d at.; haa Inaible maiitela, waali bavin-, water clove la, ve.ttbnle door*, gaa, both, hot nnd cold water, an I haa jud I* en papnie.l and Minted II. ill $.*W. Apply lo G. S. UKEI.NSW ARD, lib We*t T.ilrty-third alreet, or H L HULL. IH Wall alivet. TO Mir?A SUIT OK FURNIMfKI) IIU Mi; l nr. r..a. lire llilt >1 llo ir hoi-o *0 KhM Tw -alvbret aireet, ?|?> poaile Uram.T y I'.uk, aintabl* lor a l?mi y, wtili private table if iltaired. limine Ural Uaa and beanlli nlly Iih'?H, TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, A FIRST I'LIDK IIOI'HK, with Iha Furniture, lit one of lh? I > a' on < within tiro ininoi. a walk 01 tim e; Hie mnur will l?>?rd with the pirty. Iwpilre of WKollUh W. Hltu .v.N, corner o|' Nnaaa>i ana I'm* aire la, under Diinean, nhcrmaliA to.'a, rpu l.KT-A Klitsr CLASS MM'K STORY HOVBI. X newly painted and papered. H,i'ha and water etoaela below and a nivo. tiaa nod gun II11 urea Ihro aim it. A very d. airabli- ivalucnce lor a private lainlly. Apply at 261 Greene afreet, TO LRf?IN WILLIAMBBITRO, IN ONK OK TIIK HliST loualltlei. Within tin millut -a of H.nilh Seventh atri-et lorry, three B.inemrnte anil live Knout* on ae oiol llnnr In a mall, iea|iei table Innnl), rent moderate) Wrr iMI eichanged. Apply nl 121 South Highlit airei t. . TO LRr?A KOI It ATOBY HOIT-R IN K\ST THIRTY third alreet, between Leilnumn an I Third avonnea; cuhtoi II roomv ?.i> i n I llilu-e?, dinnb waller, huh, 11 a I, range. Alan, Klrat Story an I Haaement and Second Slot/, right tooiiia, with linnrorementa, At ply to K. H. IIONI), 21 Nnaaait street, or at 101 Bnat Std at., b twe n Lcilngt in and 31 ava. rpo lkt riiRAP?onb door from uowkiiy, in 1 Kliat ntreet, lour Lulls, 36 liy SJ luet. Apply to A. SMITH, SIS Bowery. TO LKT OR KOR 8ALR?TWO TIIRIiR STORY AND baaement honaea, modern Improvement", on Lee arenne, neai Roan at reel, W lllamabura; nm nr lor ante at war prices. For fceya .* apply to A. OWLS, voltage Uvnae, Roaa at rev I, vornei of Lev avenue. u HOD8ES. HOOMS, *C.. TO LET. ^ TK? LET. FOR MALE. OK TO XCMAMUB-A FUKuish.d Hiium iu Hoboaeu, lirst dun, Ibt.-e storks; with W4t?r, gas, range, Ac. , situation No 4 liio.uil.elil piour, a-mnili boo mi abore fifth street, In llloom'ield sired; house Aril* ru?'ortably iui niab.'d, wllli h use and furniture tor 94i> |ier >1111111111; will sell at $4 00 on favorable lerma, or would x.'ii tigs for a Ural clam House, well I v an d In RlAU2.i?1?' *?rth?bout 96,1441. Apttly on the premisesor to LMMl.i, W AlmVYifKTIl. 1J7 IVari street, New York. T?''ST OK I-EASE?A LARGE Til REE HTOIiY BRICK J 11 mac, win. Store, 131 H| ring sir el, near llrerne, ia oc . |nod i y a pawii miter, and U rut'aMe for any business; will be put iu older and rented low _ A SKKilKANT, No. IS Wall street, I'O LEA8K?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING dlt Broadway; s ore 111) by 23 fur t; alortoa, with baof* thi'titani under basttmeiil; would lu.'ikc a line aaloou; Of each lloor acpa'ately; two upper lloora hare lieen tilled ua for lodge room? Impure,.! M GALBKAITU, Eso., 127 FulUni atreet. or A EAtlLESON, 738 Broadway, rr? LEV8B-TK N LOTH OK GROUND, SITUATED A between forty wrond and Forty thiid etie. U, frontinc mi the Eaat river; bulkhead with water 30 leet deep; suits ble for storage, a loond.y or the nianiifarttire ol heavy machinery, where good wharf accommodation* are required. Aivly hi the Cedar depot, on the premises. TO LEASE, FOR AT LEAST TEN YEARS?A RAIL' road Stallon, fourteen tntlea from Jersey City; Dwelling. I'oat Otliee, Agency, Ac. Au excellent stand for a more. In in bar, Ac. A capital chance. _ W. H. K, 407 Broadway. TO RENT-VERY FINE STORES ADJOIN1NO TUB Bull'a Head Bank, on the Third avenue, between Twenty-filth and Twenty-.tilth atreeti, 65 feel by 30 feet 6 Inches, eleia Illy fitted up. Kant $703 per annum Alao large Baaeuieiita, light and airy, $230 per annum, to let with Mores If wanted. Apply on the premises, or to JAMES WATSON, M Chambers street, room No. A. TO RENT-A NEW COTTAGE HOUSE, S? WEST FOBty-sixih street; marble mantels and grates, gn and Crolon, good cellar and large yard ; renl $230 and Crolon walac tax; or the upper part, constating of live rooms and pan tries, will ha runted to a small family. Apply on the premises, od to WM. OSBORN, No. 3 Chambers street. TO RENT-TO A SMALL FAMILY. THE SECOND 8TOry ol hotttie 237 Weal Twenty-third atreet, consisting of four rooms, with privilege of bathroom, lauudry and tubcellar. TO RENT OR FOR SALK-A DESIRABLE COUNTRY residence, alios ed up,n the Fanatic river, in the village [ of Belleville, N. J.; a lar^e double atone home, coutatulng thliteen rooms, besides basement, kitchen and cellars; in the midst of a beautiful lawn of about one acre, with line old shade tree*. The grounde extend to the river shore, giving >i>ix*rttinily to enjoy the fishing, boating and bathing. Stagee and ateainboata run each eix trlpa daily to Newurk, in t-onneriion with ibr trans to New York. Communication with Wall etreet inaide of an hour. It' ill $150. Apply to W. H WKMillT, 16 Wall alreet, up etaira. Stables wiU he built If desired, end rent proportionately increased. To kent ob lease?a beautiful country kbaide lie, on the old Kuigsbridge road, near Cai inansville, a pleaaaut, old faahinned ilntise, with gaa and water; line view, healthy location; stable und garden ; terms modeia'.e. to suit the limes. Apply to II M. 1SKOADII IIKST, corner or 14tith street and Tenth avenue. Post oillce address, Washingt>n Heights. The lower fart and two rooms on third story nf house 162 West Thirty-seventh street to let; house has all the modern Improvements; rent $100 per annum. Inquire on the premises. The upfer fart of housb 12; fourth street to let, to a small family, without children; reul $376. To be seen I rum 10 to 4. The fine modern hichi stone stoop three story brick House. 216 Adams street, Brooklyn, 26x66 tert; large garden, lull,pf liowcra and grapes; bath, cloaotSL furnace and gas; live minutes of Wall street und eight Of Fulton ferry. Kent $601). WEST THIRTY-THIRD STREET.?THE SECOND Floor of the modern built bouse II Boorman place, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, and opposite the grounds ol the Blind Institution, will be rented low to a small familywithoui children. I-ocalloll in every it sprit desirable ana convenient, end house has all improvements. Apply from! A. M. to 6 P. M. -TO LET, THE HOUSE 286 WEST THIRTYVxUU, third street, containing all the modern improvements. Will be let for the above low rent if applied for ioa mediately. F. 8. EDWARDS, 93 Liberty street. ?THREE STORY AND HIUH BASEMENT House, HO West Forty-fifth street, between Sixth ave.iue and Broadway. 61 feet deep, handsomely finished, lofty ceilings, parlors elegantly decorated, gas, bath, and la excellent order, will be lei. Immediate po a seion if requlr ed. Inquire on the premlsea. UOIHEH, ROOMS, &C., WANTED. A DENTIST, WITH STRICTLY PRIVATE PRACTICE, requires, from May 1, ouu laiga Room (unfurnished), with privilege or reception, irom 1010 4 o'clock, in a furnished Parlor, of a llrst claes modern bouae, between Fourteenth and Twenty-filth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenueo. Kent $300 lo $.'3)0, Keferen es unexceptionable. Will keef his own servant. NB.?None but first claaa and peimn iicnt | ariles need apply to Alpha, ataliuu D, Eigbtbsireel. A HOUSE WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN LADY. the ouciipauii would board out the runt and ad mit a tew tlrsl clasr boarder*. References exchanged, Address II. B. 8., Broadway Port office. A SMALL HOUSE FOR A PRIVATE FAMILY want. ed?Iii a good n ighborhood, free from tenement houaea bet ween Fifth and Fifty-fourth atreeta; rent not to esc-ed $60); brat security given. Addteaa boa 97 New York l'oal office. BROOKLYN.?HOUSE WANTED. BY A SMALL PW rate lainily; a neat two atory brick linos- (new prelerred), in a plenaant neighborhood; most be In good order and have halh, gas and modern Iniprovenietit'. Address, staling location anil rent, which uiuai be uiodeiate, 8.,boz2,366New York Post office. Drug siore wanted.-any one iuvino a Drug Stoic lor sale, in a good locality, worth sboul $&?, ran lind aea h purchaser by nddressmg Physician. 261 Mantoe street, staling particulars, Ac.; or good fliturta bought lor a retail atoie. Ifour unfurnished rooms on one floor with J??, water, A- ., want- -d lor a Isiiillv couaiatlng of two ladles and one gentleman. Must Is- below Twenty fourth street, and a pi lv..l- house ptefcrred. B< at ol retereucea given and rf-|i<ired. Addri a* O., station D. Furnished floor or part of a house wanted?In a good bsatlou, consisting ol Par.or, two large ari-l o< e small Hedr-rmi and K t ben, with eveiy convenience for housekeeping, by a rrap>c ab.e small family; most be well furnished. Poas-rSiOi " ? man- of April. Kent not to eacredjDM pei aimuhi. Ad reta.for three days, J. II., lf-ia'd office. House wanted.-any party having a moderale sized tirsl - lass House, between Fourth and Sliia avenues and Twenty-Illth and Tblrly-eighth atieeta, which they are dispo-ed to sell at a bargain, will please address, mining location and loweal pike, C. L. K , box I,ISO Poet office. House wanted?furnished or partially liirmehed. iii a g-md lo- ality. It must be ttrat elaaa and i on'miii nil iii di-rn imprir ll will be '-artfully uWd and ocriijii-0 by .1 email pruaie lamily. without young children. I'oeaaaalon ropmed by lal uf May, fi r one or two yarn. Krum $1.21*1 to $1.Hub yearly rent will be patJ. Addrcea I nil I.9U8 l'o*t oRee PAUl.OK AND BEDROOM UK SIKULE ROOM WANTe 1?In the ualghlMirboot ol Kittb aveuur ami Klitaenth at re"). AiMrnin, ateting rent and tluor ol room, Room, it Knit Kilt' eutti at net SMALL HUU.SK WANTKD?WITH ALL MODERN IV. I rorem -nia. Kent m-l to exceed $4t>l. Lo allou beIwi-i n Fourth and Hen-nth an nuel and Hlercker and Twi uty third ntreeta. Would buy loin* Kurnlture and Carneta. Unexceptionable relet en-e aud aecuiity. Addreaa Tenant, elation 11. STEAM KKUIME W ANTED?FKOM TWENTY TO llmly horae power, ?Ith Holler, Ac., In exchange for* K-'ioaeut- Oil Kautory, new, and In sue ea-fitl o|M-ralio?. Addreaa Meant Engine, boa 2,777 foal otlke, N. Y, WANTED?A MEDIUM SUED BROWN KTONB Home, by a small prirate lamily, unlurn'.ahed, or with parlor carpet*. l/K-aiioo betwe. n Sixteenth and Tlitrty-alath atreela an I Tlnrd and Eighth avruoea. Kent not to exoced 97UU. Ileal referen da given. Ad.lreaa box 2,819 l'oat ollice WANTKD?KUR THE SUMMER SEASON, BY A PRIvate lamily, a funnelled Cottage or Farm llouae at Long Branch or In thr vliuiiity; near the water preferred. Add eaa, gtrliig pn ticiilara aa lolo- atiou, Ac., Jaa. Ilettderaoli. boa II l'oat ollire, N. V. \\'ANTKD-IN BROOKLYN, TAUT OK A HOUSE 11 dower |iait preli rrei) in a Ural- la>-a neighborhood, for a family af two adulta, with the prlr I -ge of teaching a cl.iaa of pupil*. Addreaa, atat ng trriua, which must l>e tuodi-rat *. llouae, atailon C, N. Y. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE, ?iih nil tin- modern ImpioYeinonta, aiiltabla fur lira mall f imlll 'i, b lw e? n Se-oud ami Fouith a ve n 11 ea a ad Truth ami Twentieth ilreeia. Km not tu ri. eed $460 pat auiiiiin. Addrtsa lluuae, box i,<KkJ I'oetollhe. VLrANTED-AS ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR, AND ONE TT or two H>< mia on lha Ihlr I floor, with all modern unpiovetnenle, by a a- n tenia? and hl? wile. In a home with amell laiully and no ililldrn. locution b'tween Twenty, aecond ami Thu ly fourth iin-eie, and Lexington and Sixth an nuel: good reference! given and required. Addreaa B , I'Oi No. i roil oIDca. Waniep-y small furnished IIOl.'sK witiiim hill an honr'a Hde ol New York, with la< llltiea lot but ilng, boating and llalilng?vegeiable and Irul: gardena la diepeniibte. Addreaa, auting rent, location, Ac , Jo niton. Herald odice. H PANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A 8EO. ond Floor, unfurnished, suitable tor lionaeaee(iing. In a private ln> use and In a genteel neighborhood The bouaa nniit have the mod ru Improvements. Addreia, atatlng all pul tienlaia, E. P., box 2< 0 ileral I olllre. Utantkd-a basement (hioh stoop), or ttltrd K H'm on parlor Ibror, In Forty-in-end itieet, betweoa Filth and s venth avenues. Address M. D , / Weat Forty(mirth rtr rt WANTED?TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ON SECOND tloir, gai an I w.ner; be alb n b-iwrru Lexington and SiMh arennaa and tnnii Twelith io Thlnleih atree'i, wilt pay $11111 p?r year. Refrren ea exchanged. Addreaa M. A U. all) Carolina, .DTweifth alieat. Ni> notice will ba taken ol aniweia nnleiaatailng lerrna \\j ANTF.D?BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY Of M lour a ml a. lour or live Kuo ni on the ie. ond floor, ?lth water unit waate pipe, wh -ia there la but one otliea faintly. Arldrcaa Chailea II. En.ipp, boa MS New Yink Pud olllne. WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, PART OF A llo'iae and Interment; moat have all ooliveiilenceanod be plenaantly located between F'lltli end Nlnih avenuea,, ?m below fxvi nly ilfth ilrre'. Addreae, giving | aribtilnrs A. B. I',, box 2,21b Post oilier. Would join a parly and hire a wboia bona'. WANTED? k sm all house, IN a RK.dPKOTAHLB Jf lc*-ility up to.wi, e-oit or w *t. Ai r m 001 Iw roH oflicft, vinHiu trrinii, wit!? of hum ' AY9 ANTED?A HKOOJiP A'tLK FOR JT Ii<tii4i-kr?|ilii,:, by >? ininuy << * A merle in; ail* !' <! between Spring ?n<1 Hank, Htula-m mi l (ir rnivl h ar i'K whore there l? but one t amlljr. K>nl nun bo moderate. Addrean J. N. 8 , Herald ufflee. _ UfAJfTKJJ?A HOI SK, LOCATED HKTWKKN KIOIITH mi.I i'?rn y feu tli nine an.1 Fourth and Auth av* nnr? li ninat bi provided with all llir tn > !crn linpr ivw mi'nta, and adapted In every war 10 a genteel ramllv of tioard era. A>ldre?a X. I.. 8., bi.x 4,721 I'oal olllee, a.dtliigt Tiua and ,ien< ribiin: prembed. WANTED TO RBNT-IN HROOKI.YN, A MoDERATH r? n? .1 tinned, of right or teu rooma, with pat and wu tor. Muat Ian ghnlen attar hod, anil ba about tan mil ? (ioin the f. rtten or convenient to the tan Addrraa t?a xm Pod oUleo.

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