Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1862 Page 5
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1 penes. 1 agree with Um right honorable gentleman that there* great inconvenience in discussing a question ef national policy upon a resolution like this, and 1 hardly know what reasons induced my honorable friend tocuoh his motion in theae terms; but 1 take it that his ob eel was to eiicii the opinion of the government and this House. He geeks, I apprehend, n-tto biud the g. verament to any particular courre but that thwe of >.s who agree with him, as I do, should exorobs to her Majesty a ministers whst 1 believe to be the reelings of the commerce of this country (hear) tb it we should, if necessary, sirenthen the heeds of the govermneut in negotiating wiih other Fowers. (Hut", hear.) Itiaaquestkat, no doubt, for nogotist Ion with other Powers, and B)U?l be left in the hands of ths government. Whether Um InntioQ ought to bo tu ths form of an address to the srown or of s resolution is really a matter of very miner importance, and certainly would not call for tho decided opposition which has been offered to this proposition by the right honorable gentleman. The right honorable gentleman will not listen to it at all. He ays, " You might es well agitate whether there shall "be privateeribg or not, or whether you will upset the whole Declaration of Parte, es even entertain this question." And he quarrels with my honorable friend tho Member for Lirerpool for not agitating questions which we all thought settled. Again, he says, " You rauke a general motion and confine your speech to a particular point." Why, it is that particnlar point to which we see desirous to press on the attention of the government. (Hear, bear.) I am aa anxious as any ens for the supremacy of the navy of this country, but I cannot understand bow yon can advance that supremacy by damaging your commerce and yoer snip ping interest. (near, uoar.j ijo you n?u w Mjr that your navy woulo be lees effective if it were not bound to protect your mercantile marine, cr that you will have lees naval force to employ galDal your enemy if it were freed from the duty of conveying? Why, what country has most commerce aSoat, meet property to be seized? Surely England. What country would gain most by the preservation of that property? It is England. (Hear, hear.) You say that your Meet in war is to injure your enemy. What country would be so much injured in war through her commerce as England? It might have been a question, before the Declaration of Paris was signed, what course we ought to have taken. Bui there U not the tlightent doubt in my mind that if yew with to benefit your commerce, and at the tame time to increase yourcflkiency at a belligerent at tea, you eapSi gravely to consider the motion before ui. The right honorable gentleman says that the Duke of Wellington burnt bouses in Spain. Well, but you don't want to take a merchant ship fuel ("hear," and a laugh), and therefore the right honorable gentleman's argument entirely falls. The right honorable gentleman adverted to the suggestion of a Congress, and said that ir you are to expect a meeting of diplomatists to consider tbu welfare of oemsseree you must watt till the (ireck kalends. For my part I do not see why a Congress should not meet and discuss this question to the Interests both of commerce and of Europe. I do not know what course my honorsMs friend will follow, but 1 have heard with regret the announcement that the government will not entertain this question, and that they will not do it because the United States did not adopt this principle towards the Southern States. Why, that is the esse of a struggle between two great sections of one country. and not an International dispute. It therefore constitutes no ground for opposing the views of my honorable friond. 1 ilrmly believe that, sooner or later, this principal will prevail, tHear, hear.) It may be resisted by the present administration; and yot 1 had certainly thought, from the speech which my honorable friend quoted that it would hot have encountered opposition from the noble viscount's government. (Hear, hear.) I thought from that language that tho noble vteeount bad seen that it was necessary to moderate the errors of war, and that ino government was disposed aa much aa possible to protect the private property at their own countryman aa well aa of others. But, whatever course iho government may take as to the resolution or my honorable friend , whether they object to it as too general or not pnt in proper form, 1 am confidant that tha time will come when the Ho. se will not tnm a deaf ear to the prayer which is addressed to it by theat majority ol' the commercial interests Oi tha aeon try. (Hear.) Mr. Comnor moved the adjournment of the debate. Lord PiLmAoK.?1 have no objection to the motion of my honorable friend, for I think this is a question or tha greatest possible importance to the interests of the country, and one, therefore, which requires to be fully dHsaaaed. (Hear; near.) My own opiakm is?and I hope thu it will be the opinion or the House?that the principle which the honorable member from Liverpool recommebds, if carried into jura diet, would level a fatal blow at tbe naval power of thit country, and would be an ad of po. Uiecai tuuidt. (Cheers.) 1 therefore hntirely concur in the saollon for adjournment. (A laugh.) We shall be perfectly ready to assist the honorable member In lining dap for resuming the debate. Mr. Baieurr.?I hope the noble lord wtil give us a whole Bight, for it is a great disadvantage to have an important question like this brought en after some other subject has bean discussed. (Hear, hear.) Urn nobis lord, hasexpdaaaed a very confldapt opinion on the gueation very Bench at variance with that quoted bp toe honorable gentleman opposite. I hope when he rises to address the Heoee so the main question thnt he will revert to hie old pinion. (Hour.) Lord Pauinatmn.?1 am willing to let the debate 'come on the drat thing on Monday night next. (Hear.) Iho debate was then adjourned until Monday night. The Execution of Captain Gordon. WHAT TUX XXBTKJt HALL ARISTOCRATS THINK OP < ' . AUK ACT. [From the Loudon Herald, March 10.J The banging of a captain of a slaver, uaugbt t? flaprante delicto, would be an event in tha history of any government, but must be lodked upon as something still mure extraordinary in that of the federal States. Nothing is better known than that, for a great number of years, the TensOls used in this iniquitous truffle were, almost without exception, oqui|>ped in Yankee ports,supported by Yankee capital, and under the command ol Yankee captains. At the verymumeut that the abolitionist meetings at Boston and New York were pouring out on the traffic Hie vials of wrath "at which even our Exeter Hall, iu its most mfla iwuiB, wu?n ana auwu ifUHi, uwra weru vesMis in the two ports quietly hastening on preparations which everybody srouud, except the State Marshal, knew could bay* no uieunmg except the business branded to so odious on Wainy. in our own attempts to enforce the benellcent legislation which tho exortlons ol our philanthropists had at length made a j art m the law of nations, our chief obstacle was always the United States. They would do nothing themselves to suppress the traihe, and the excessive susceptibility they were ever assuming ab >ut the honor of their tlaac allowed us to do little more, The traffic was as much carried on in American bottoms as that of cotton, and the vexatious diltiicuilies which they Interposed between our cruisers end the efficieut performance of thoir duties in reference to American croft undid the philanthropy of years, and made the immeuso expenditure we wore annually devoting to the service ad but uoelofS. It must be owned, to the credit of Mr. Buubansu, the late 1'resident, thai when, to avoid tbe complications that menaced a suspension oi tbe pesceiul relations of lbs two countrte, we practically abandoned ear right to assure ourselves of tbe genuine character of a suaiiectad voasel whirb hoisted tbe American ling, he was not slow to take active measures to diiehurge that fort of the convention by which the Mates beuiiu them selves actively to concur in the business of suppression. The number ef slavers since then broagbt unaor adjudication ty the American cruioors has vindicated the bomi ftdo, which was at that time under some suspicion, and among the eaptursa one of the most remarkable ?M, unquestionably, that of the brie, under the couinsand ef the Captain Gordon whose execution id narrated In oar impress ten ef to-day. sees It must be admitted, however, that tho friends ef tbe lave who have looked to this strong measure oh a great lemon must Tend with some disappointment the disgusting Incident# which have marked this execution. They ore certainly as revelling as any which the liveliest imagination coald have created priori ror the purpose ef discrediting capital executions. It has long been hold as a correct maxim, that no man, whatever he may do in New York, need (ear the galkiws 11 be baa a thousand dollars in bid pock si. Captain Gordon was of course In the position as to money to lest tbe axiom; and K would seetn that after the jury had been persuaded to And him guilty, the judge to pronounce sentence and the President to order execution, the government were (kr from sure that they could givo it effect. Tbe first danger wba that of a rescue, which was urgud on tne public in the name of justice in public handbills, professedly signed by a former Mayor of Brooklyn. To provIda against this, we ara told, eighty marines wera drawn up. under the orders of e certain Captain Cuban, their muskets loadod with boll cartridge and capped, tbe bayonets fixed and themselves posted in the yard of the New York prison, under the gallows, ready to await all comers. This danger met, there remained another, tho prisoner bad taken a large dose of tnchuine, supposed (o have bseo given bitn by his wife, and had all but usoaned the hands of the law soma six boars bo;ore tbn fixod as lbs tune for his execution, when itf agents obnervuig the death struggle, assisted bun with stimulants and kept biru allvo long enough w C? through With tbo operation which It wus in Mr iiiibMS to e<e that be diU not escape. Ha was writbing in convulsions, wlilch ssomed to iocrsass in violence with sorb return of the fit. L?kjaw Qsst In, at times lasting for hair en hour, during which he eoiild neither talk nor groan, half alive, half dead, whiskey was given him every few mo meats to restore vitality or deadeu pain; and thus, sullering through hours an agony grsater than uny the scaffold could know, atupified by the alee hoi, wblcn alone leaves sufficient vitality to carry him through the process of hanging, deadly pale, asking for more wlilsk.-y, with a ssnselet* smile, bis head hanging over his nboelders,and weering the black cap jauntily on one side, hw Umbo hanging, refusing to perloim their functions, he wus lifted to bis place on the scaffold, and twang up in the air to die, as I or ad such a man could I die, the death of a pirate. After ouch n recital wa muol fain own that the law after all was battled, though no thousand dollars may have been paid, Per surely the idl tie corse, writhing under the inffuence of strychnine end whiskey, thus swung up In the public gets, was no more Oerdon the slaver than the ley figure st the shop doer le the tailor whoso druse it wears The lew bad eondeamed h man, it eiscutsd scarcely the image of one. TBI INVA8I0H OF MEXICO. rnrllamsnttry Plctwre of the Allied C?aftderntlen Agelmtthe KepmbHe?Why the United Suites Sympathises With the Mentcaas?<Cabinet Explanation ?f England's Intentions, he., Ac. In the House of Commons on lbs 10th of March Mr. Hiuit iT .il roes to ask for some information respecting the present position of aflhirt in Menleo and the belligerent rights arising out of tbst posiMon. It woe well known to nil that lor the hot quarter of e century Mexico had been In n continual state of civ H war. The peace of that country was constantly broken by armed partisans or ambitious aspirants for supreme power. War, almost lo extermination, was waged pneoners were put to death, property wes confiscated by the suceessful party, whichever it might be. Hut, however deplorable might ho tbo pOailtion of foreign resulonte in the country woe Mill worse. They were tbo objects of plunder to each party in succenefco, forced loons were e> | NEW Y< torted from them, or, if tbejf refused to ?on tribute for them, they were cut into pri b?q, end were domed all the protection which Um administration of the luwg in oiviluted counlriea pro video for foreign residents. But of ell the foreigners it Mexico those who suffered most were the English, for two reasons?because tliey were richer then others, and also because it was known that their own government would not interfere to procure redress for them. When they appealed to the navy on the station they were told that the commander had no orders, and when the consuls reported to the home government the only replies were threats that were never carried out and promises that were never fulfilled. Even the specie trains that were convoyed by armod guards were stopped aud robbed, travellers were murdered, and at last a consul was assassinated. Eor that outrage no redress was obtained, and then The house of another consul was attacked, and a large amount of properly under his official charge was taken away. The commander of an English man-of-war was waylaid and nearly murdered, and at last matters reached such a pitch that the interests or merchants resident at home were affected, and then they pressed the matter upon the consideration of the government. In former times the English government had always been able, and not unwilling, to redrets tho wrongs of their subjects abroad; but times had changed and that was ao longer the case now. It appearod Unit the English government were notable, or If able, were not willing, by themselves to redress the wrongs of their subjects abroad, and, therefore, in such cases always sought the aid of onr neighbors across the Channel. That appeared to him a vesy inconvenient practice. He did not at all undervalue the importance of the French alliance, but still the bonds of alliance might be drawn loo tight. The inconvenience bad bean felt in China, when our expedition was delayed by the incompleteness of tbe French arrangements. It wee not pleatalit ftiLhor to read iha nuaationa that vera nut. in tha French Senate as to whether the English could be trusted iu Mexico, nor the observations that they were tired of helping England to redress her grievances, and that the money ipent in the Crimea and China would hare bam better tmnloyed in invading England. Still, the co-operation of the French in oar enterprise against the Mexicans might be unobjectionable, and it was better that we should be acting together than fighting against each other. But there the alliance ought to have stopped; but It was Judged necessary to have further assistance, and of all people in tbo world we selected the Spaniards for our allies, the very worst allies we could have chosen for such an undertaking, as everv person acquainted with the feelings and prejudices of the Mexicans must have known. It appeared to be inevitable that all seceding colonies should entertain feelings of bitter hostility towards the parent country. The Americans had retained not very amiable feelings towards ourselves, but the Mexicans entertained feelings of dire hatred towards all Spaniards, aud yet thesa wero tbo allies we had adopted upon the present occasion. The Spaniards maintained that tho Eng lish had invited them to help, whilo here it had been stated that the oilers came from Spain. But, nut content with that acknowledgment of our weakness, and not believing that the united forces would be suiliciont for the expealiion, wo had cast about for other allies, and applied, above all, to the Yankees to help us. hicery one must be fully aware that thep-liiy of the Americans had been quite different from ours. When they had any grievances In Mexico, real or fancied, they undertook to redress them for themselves. More than that, they had a doctrine which they ostentutiousl.. put forward?the Mouroe doctrine?declaring that no European l'ower had any right to redress any grievances in America, or to meddle iu (lieall'mrs of that continent from the north pole to Capo Horn. But when the Americans had a grievance agnibst M.-xico they redressed it by annexing Teas. They also ap preprinted California, with its rich gold mines, aud, besides this, had their eyes upon tho rust of Mexico when it suited them. (A laugh.j So they said, "You are beating up for recruits against the Mexicans. But they are republicans as we are. They break the laws and repudiute their engagements at pleasure as we do. Their liberty is exactly like ours?that is, every man may do what be pleases with reference to the law. It Is only a case of the big eagle and the little one. (Laughter.) ho we must decliue your offer." Everybody must be pleased that such an offer met with such answer. Then the three Powers came to an agreement, like the class of persons of whom it was said that there was boner, even among them. These honorable towers agreed Oust there should be no "grabbing;" lh-re was to be no monopoly of spoil; each was lo behave like a gentleman and an hottest man. Aot one of the three seemed to Inset the other two, to ute cujTfemrrn mat rcauccu to turning, ana teas then tignrd and ualed. Bat somehow the first tiling these honest people did was to quarrel. Tbo Spaniards made a dash. They probably thought that the English ware always slow, while the * ranch were lb the ttablt vl' appropriating all the glory. Bo I ha Spaniards resolved to be beforehand, and to monopolise the honor themaeives. When the Spaniards landed, the Mcxlcaqe naturally said, "Here are our old anemias. We are goinf to bate a Spanish king sat over us." They withdrew from Vera Crus, relying en the pestilential season, which would, no doubt, prove their best ally, and perhaps make a second Waicheren of this expedition. They ordered the inhabitants, on pain of death, to abstain from any intercourse with the invader*; they destroyed all the provisions in the neighborhood, and retired to points where they oouid meet the enemy. Really, one could hardly credit that a government like our own?an honorable and a manly government; one conspicuous for ages all over the world for its truth and probity and theiulUIment of its engagements?should have sent to Mexico as their foreruuuere repudiating Spaniards who had been driven away from all the great exchanges of Europe for their bad faith in money manors. (Bear, hoar, and a laugh.) However, so it was. The Spaniards were sent to preach financial honesty to the Mexicans,and to teli them what a dreadful thiug the repudiation ol debt was. Now one of the questions he wished to ask was, '-Are we at ptaet oral war with Mat.oY If wt were at war, token was thai old fatnioned p.uelamatUn} wi.ich out.hi to bt usual before any nation was invaded with whom we were at peatcY (Hcur, hear.) He looked in vem lor a proclamationuf war; but no found a peace manifesto, which looked as thuugb it had been copied front the Chlucsc?(a iuugh)? one of I hi: most bombastic, luIliiled, high stilted documents that ever was penned. This peace proclamation was backed.of course, by scuio rified cannon,a lew thousand solders and a very large tt ct. It told the Mexicans that the Allies had come lor their good; very much like some Herman ladies, in tlio reign 01 George 11., who told tbo English ixsople, "Wo liate come lur all your goods." (Laughter.) .-'o tho r-paniurds said they had no private obj.els to soive. They only wished to assist the naiivcs in forming a good government. At tbo eud of tho pr> clamauou were these remarkable words, "Ail this is quite true." (lighter.) Surely every Englishman must fuel a blush of shame at the iieceMity of sucu an attestation.showiug as ildtdacousciuusuess that the word of those who .rained the dvcumeut was not likely to betaken, there having bucu uo proclamation of war, were we at peace with ilex lew This could hardly be, for if taking armed possession of one of the largest fortresses m America was uot a state s.i* Maav ha hupHlu know/ I Iwi m*l!i nit-ff Af tha wnvB dun. MM, tor ltMauce, that a large Met and army iroin Cteibourg link possession of Southampton, ami the commander e Mid, "We come as friends. wc have some little grletantes le complain of, bat we won't aeitle thorn here; we will go to Wanton to do that." This would b? a parallel caso to tbe joint possession of Vera Cruz. He should net omit to mention that ui tfaia precoma tien tbe Mexicans were told that tlie/ uiuet pa/ for tbo coming, tbe going, and 'be staying of tbe all tec And, besides tins, ear.b of the high contracting parllae bad a separate bill of items, The English bill wls "to murdering a consul,'' so uiuii/ pouud.a, "to sleaiitig so much money from unulber consul;" "to shootlug at a commoilereand breaking ble leg." se mucli,and soon. (Laughter.) Each of tbe Utree t owers bad a nice little account current; and be arked again, was this state of things war or pcacef Evidently tbe Hpaa large tbought it war, becaase t>ea. Pritn had Congrats iated his troops uron tbe great victory they bad obtaiaed. Thar wds very touch like simc other victories of which we bud recently lieaid a good deal, in whtcb one man was killed, two wounded and eeveral hundred frightened. (Laughter.) At Vera Crux, bowerer, no eae waa billed or wouuded, whatever; yet the Spanfcrndt were coagratulated la ttiia map d meant style. The Allies divided the fortrcaa be tween tbeui. set b having a quarter, sad tbe Eoglisb wore put luto una quarter se Olthy and pestilential thai it waa impuMibla le describe it without disgust. Tbe Allies were dividedtn their counsels, some were fur goiug into Mexi co, aaMM Iter embarking their troepe. At all eveats, the landing in tbo country to insist upon tbo luiaimeet cf / sabss of rodress, whatever terms might he used with regerd to It, wee a slats of war. And. then came all ibose heiligsrt-nl rights that appertained to war, and among the in tbe issolug of letters of marque. Not being a party to the Couveution of I'aris, the Mexicans bad ail tbs rights which existed before tbe convention. New, be wished to ask whether informal ion had reached lbs government that there were Msxicau agents in tbs Tniied Elates having commissions to m out privateers to prey upon English commerce; If such information had reached His government, what measures bad been when to prevent that conduct, and if such intormutton bad nut reached them, whelber any steps would he taken III anticipation of such an evsntr It was very easy tossy that by the law of net mas pr Km tears could not bo titled out, because as the coast was tocupitd by the English tieel uo privateers could sail from any Mexico port, and they would have no right to sail from a neutral. Hut what reason bad people losay that tbe Americans would not allow It. fur tbstr International lew was not the old Intimations! law of Europe, which they held to be as antiquated as the nations which acknowledged It, hot a law which they laid down for their own guidance. Tberelore, there was uo security, unless a sireng effort wan made by the English government ibui the Americans would regard the law af o nions, and any body who knew anything ?f tlie peojile ol the Stale* would know what pleasure would be felt at the fact of privateer, nominally eotnmanded by a Meiicau, oatruing Kughsh niercliuutmeo ou the cuaat of Mexico. He had even the statement which ha had menttono<l In America* paper a?they were eat a very good authority, but If Uiey knew anything at all they meet know what waa going an In Naw Yerk, and what mode blm more anxious waa that our coloalau were afraid ol It, and thay knew what waa taking pince nt tba other aide of the water much baiter tbau we did. (Hear .bear). Mr. Laiann aald ha thought the honorable gentleman had lunched very lightly upon the real cauee of onr raped It Ion to Mexico. There war* far more grievance to complain of than tboee mentioned by the bouorable gun ttemea. Not to ge bach eery far let# Mexican btetbry, it would be entDcwnt to aay that three or lour years ago a party, known aa the Church party, poesesaed lb* government, aad made us* ef their ntmoet eBor-U to excite hatred agaiual forelgneri. Their cry waa, "Death te the foreigners!" Prom the papers which had boon laid on the tabic honorable gentlemen would be able to judge hew far that party had carried ont their policy, ana b?w that cry had mceeeded. He need scarcely remind the beuse that an F.oglixh aad French Coneul were murdered, that after a victory every ottlcer that waa taken?M In number?waa bnrbarouaiy pat to death, and various other atrocities were committed. So infamous wm the conduct of the authorities that Mr. Mathew, her Majesty's thin gs d'Aflaire, wee compelled to leave the capital, and, when deing so, he placed a sum of $000,Out) in n room of the British legation, and set a seal upon tho door, trusting that the aeal would be e protection to the property. He had scarcely lert, however, when the authorities violated ins seal, broke open the room, and seized upon the whole or that money, which belonged to the Kuglwfa bondholders (Hear, hear.) At that time the cunati. tafWnai party wad established at Vera eras, they re / DKK HERALD, TtJESDAY, gamed tbe real of the country in a abort time, tbe capita] alone remaining in tbe ban 4a of tbe i church party. Captain Dunlop then entered into convention with Juarex for the payment of i debte doe In Britiab aatuecte, and tbe arrange. mi-iit of certain claime. A portion of tbe cuatoma' duea I of Vera Cruz and Tumpioo waa to be aaaigtiod to the liquidatkui of tboae debta. That convention waa conclnded ia i tbe time of Lord Derbys administration, it waa referred to thia country, and was ratified by Lord Derby'a govern i mont. Tbe convention not being carried out was succeeded by an additional one, aim signed by an officer in tbe British service. At that time tbe couetilutiuoai parly were full of promiat-a, should tbey be enabled to get back to Mexico, but aatheir success increased tbey neglucled what tbey bad undertaken to do. In a short tints a considerable sum of money, which aleo belonged to British bondholders, was seized on by persona in the employment ef the authorities. It was the custom in that country to sond down property under charge of convoys, but the convoy which guarded this money wee attacked and tbe money plundered. Upon the representation of Mr. Glenn!#, tbs cousul at Mexico,# part of tbe money wag given back as belonging >to British subjscta; It waa, however, again seized upon under various pretences, but was after wards restored and divided among Krench, British and other claimants. Sir C. Wyke was about that period gent out aa Envoy Extraordinary from thia oountry; but in the meantime Mr. Mattbow had recognized tbe government, on the condition that tho grievances of'British subjects should bo redressed and British claims made good. Upon tbe arrival of Sir CharleajWyke, however, those promo-en unfortunately were not fulfilled, and but little change had taken place in the state of things in Mexico. Since his arrival thero murders bad been ri!?k several Englishmen bad been brutally killed, on redrssa had bean granted; and not only tbai, but the whole of the claims of British subjects had been repudiated. Though the authorities b id agreed to pay back the sum that had been scandalously plundered, they evaded that premise by saying that It was a personal matter, and that those who had been engaged in it should be tried. A mock trial took place, and the person chiefly compromised was acquitted on the ground that it was not a robbery, but only "an occupation"?the money was only "occupied." A tax upon tbe capital of all foreigners was soon after Imposed. and that was varied by a repudiation of tbe debts of foreigners for two years. Sir Charles Wyke having thus failed utterly to obtain redrwsa, suspended his relations with the Mexican government. The honorable gentleman had said tout the English government, finding that they could obtain no repress, united for the assistance of Spain and France. But was that so? Most undoubtedly not. Tbe Spanish government had claims as well as tint tuglush; they entered Into a treaty which appeared to tnin exceedingly moderate, anil that treaty having baud grossly violated they bad a right to demand compensation. The Fronch government also had pecuniary anil claims for the murder of a Consul and other persons. Indeed, two or three mouths ago the French Minister was shot at, and no apology or redress was given to the (irench government. But before the English government had moved the Bi>ani'k government hail already taken slept, and our action was neurly simultaneous. Thu honorable gentleman complainod that wo permitted the Spaniards to arrive in Mexico before ourselves. There was some misunderstanding in that. U appeared that the Spanish governor at Havana, understanding that an expedition was to take place, bat not being aware that any ete, s were to be taken by France or Kngland, had sent out troops as early as possible. The Spanish government explained how this happened, and the explanation was deemed satisfactory. He thought that his honorable friend was in error when he stated that, in taking the steps they did, the SpuDish government, wished to have "the first share in the grab." What happened aroso from somo misunderstanding, and from that time there had been no reason to complain of tbe results of tbe prior <>ccu{iuiiou. His honorable friend said Mint when the English arrived they found the place already oocupied, aud that the English troops were placed in a building ton disgusting to be described. In this respect his honorable friend was misinformed. The statement ricolvcd by the government was to the effect that a small body of English marines was at first lodged iu a building just quitted by Spanish troops outside the town, but that upon a rcpresention being made tbe best building In Vera Cruz was assigned to them. Nor did he believe that his honorable friend was well informed when he said that scar latiua bad broken eut among the English troops. Certainly no confirmation of such a report had reached the foreign oiuco. dm nonoruuir irienn una commented on a certain proclamation which had been issued,antl he ww somewhat inclined to agroe with his honorable friend in this particular. The government did uot approve that part of the proclamation in which it woa said that the object of the intervention of foreign troop* in Mexico wan to enable the Mexicans to form a government. So far from that being the eaJe, the fapeih ori the taMe shotted fkut the object in going to Maticj wcu mo', to inter/ere in infe-n-ii < ffairt, but suMy for the jmrpoee of claiming the flue fulfilment of cngagemem* Mode between the Mexican government and this country. Hud for the due protection of Snsiirh lift and propmly. (Hear, hear.) ihc British government were, of course, anxious that a l'ower with which they were dosiroua of being on friendly terras should be roipueruled, and that Mexico,rich in natural resources,should occupy that position among the family of nations to which it was entitled; but the hugltsh force had gone there, not to collect bad debt, but solely to obtain iluit justice which this country was entitled to demand. His honorable friond made some remark about be British government apply log to the United-stales for aid. That wot not thr. rav. The government of the United Slates was asko.l to uuile in the expedition for the purjaise of obtaining redress for injurious acts, and be thought that in this resjieci, the Powers signing the convention had sh/un a proper rerpn t for the Undid Slates, indeed, they could uot nave done lens, and be believed that the government of il.u United States lully appreciated the course taken by the three Powers. His honorable rriond said that tne Unllod Stales answered by saying that, so far from helping the foreign cXieduion, they would help the Helical s. That was not so. What tuey said wus that Ihoy wore anxious to preserve the ind -pcndeiice i f Mexico b,v altordlng that country the means of discliarguig its just b* to the tliroo Powers; but whether anything woula come of that oiler he wus unable at present to say. His honorable friend asked whether this country wus At peace or at war. Uc thorghl it wus uot at vac bo far Iroiu that be tug the case, the tost a 1 vices statol that tiie goveruuient ol which Juarez was the chief had shown u disposition to treat with the Allies and to concede their just uetnauos. He trusted that such concession would be made, and that the necessity fur violent meaauii's might be avoided. Hts honorable Inend had also aaked whether letters of raarque had issued Tne government had nut positive lulormaiiou on the point, hut reports had .eacbed ihcm to the etleet that agents of the Mexican government had been sent to New York and to other ports in the Not them dluKM furnished with letters uf murituc. The government had uot hitherto heard tlial any such letters had been issued, bat they hud adopted menus to protect lirillab commerce and property by isforming Sir A- MUnx that Mexican a .enu unth Utters of maryu- were sup/ oetd to be in the United Slates; and there coin be no dm-bi that a good account us,aid be sicca by tlutl Admiral a) ang privateers attrmpting to interfere with British comment. (Hear, bear.) MSW8 KHOM MKXICO IN PARIS. A despatch Iruni Farts, ut March II, xaj s?'lb* Patri* of Ibis eveuinj; stales that lb* uiiktkin vf oeueral Scott to Medio liia been unaortaken to conclude a convention witb Juarez ailowiti( au immediate indemnification of the Powers. It uoukNlein that tbla would prove a real protectorate. lb? Paj/t pretends to have received Information that the Alllles have advanced without opposition tu the vicinity of Mexico. lathe Corp*Legislator onMarch 11 Baronlbtvldopposed the vieWe of M. K?vt?. M. Keller denied that there wan any groundfor the complain (a accumulated against the. I'apal 'government. He maiatalned that the unity of Italy won a Mazziuiaa idea, mike beeUle to the church and to France. M. Keller astad tor a diatlnct explanation wbather a vote or confidence waa required, with the object of prolonging the occupation of fiume, or to eupport an arrange in eul the rejection ef which would bring about the withdrawal ol the Preach troops. He considered it impossible to yole the Addisec Hue year. The Paris La Palrit of March l'i ban the following ? The L -gialative body In aow occupied with the bki for regulating the general budget of expense* and receipts for I MX Coalerinabiy to the lenatue.Ujnsultuiii, of the SIM imcember, 1M1. ana to the principle* ei Disbud by the Minister of F inance* in bia report d tholMih Jaauaiy taut, the budget will only comprise the ordinary receipts and oxpandttnrs of tha State. A special law., which wHI shortly bo presented to the Legislative body, willautbui ize tbo extraordinary expenses for 1M3 within Urn limit ?f the resource* available for thut service. The urdiliary expense* for the budget of 1803 amount* ta 1.TM.8V1,877f., and are divided into four pai is;?Public debt and dotations, general service* of the ministries; expenses of levyiug taxes, he.; repayments. Tbe receipts fur 1803 are calculated by La Pntrie nt 1,746,600,7331' , which would give a balance of 1S.C0S,8j0f. In tavor of the receipt*. Great llrltaln. The steamer which run the blockade at Wilmington, N. C., aud arrived at Queetirtown, wnn the Annie thuds. Tbe ahlpMarian bad arrived at Liverpool from ho m bey. During the passage she fell In with, lb* brig Esperio, bound from Ionaon to New Ylirk. The crew were in a starving condition. Tbe Maria supplied tbem with provisions Twenty thousand pounds of Australian gold bad arrived in K.ugland and oil* hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds of New Zealand gold waa r? malt. The steamship 'Acta, from New York, arrived at Queen*town on the lOtb instant, nt ten o clock A. M. ~ General Miramoo bad arrived al Cadi* and waa about to proceed to Madrid. ______ Italy. Tbo Turin Jforimmto of March! contradict* tha Oath reports that enrolment* are beta* made in tbo nam* of Garibaldi, and aula* that lb* general ban simply return mended ibe exlensivb of tbo national rifle abeoting movement. The imtta soyi ?Wear* informed that the oonfereneo between Garibaldi and Stgnor RaUxti baa bad Tory im portent reaulta, of o nature to eaeretee a greet Induence over I be deetintea of the country. The Mnrqute do Villeaanrtna I* spoken of for tbo Mintsteref Foreign Affairs. A meeting ef the majority m the Chamber of Deputise will be held for Ui* purpose of agreeing upou their policy towards the new Cabinet. A despatch from Genoa of March say*:?a meeting of three hund ed populkr delegate* was bbld*ld-day, In the Pagauiol theatre. A greet crowd amembted. Garibaldi, who had accepted tbo presidency of tbe meeting, was much cheered ou entering tbe building, la bio speech be said:? I am happy to preaide at this meeting of tbe representatives or the great Italian family. 1 deplore the absence of the representatives ot thueo provinces still axeluded fnra our Union. Garibaldi took an oath to deliver those provinces, end i exhorted tha people to concord, and the Union of tbe forces of the nation in the same manner ?s the fatrtt i are bound together Then, he ooniinnsil. we shad vail i qinsh nit tyranny, and extend freedom lieyond the Peninsula to every ei.alnvtd people.

A despatch 1 rem Naples of Mar oh g says?A bomb MARCH 255, TRIPI shell beret this afternoon near lb* Church of Ful* Br (its, but without injuring anybody. Immadialaly e this becoming known, a popular demonstration too place. Hboute wore raised of "Eoviva lluiia," "Jtoyiv Garibaldi." Tarkcy. A despatch from Constautiaople w March T says The negotiations for the conclusion of tho loan ar making satisfactory progress the last assembly with insurgent chiefs atCetigD< having evidently proved the participation of the Monte negrtns in tbo disturbances in the Herzegovina, the fort has informed the i'owers that it is compelled to renounc its system of moderation lowarda the M< ntenogrini Omar Pasha is ma.-ter of all the importaut poaitlons. Cabouli JCOendi and Muhemet Pasha have proceeded t Syria. Egypt. The Viceroy of Egypt has signed the contract for tb loan of 40,000,000 trance. Prussia. The King of Prussia has dacided to accept the resigns tion tendered by the ministry. Poland. Warsaw was quiet. Greece. The insurgents at Naupha, Greece, contine to orgrnlz themselves for defence. Commercial Intelligence. THE LONDON MONKY MARKET. Monday , March 10,1862. The demand has been moderate ami a.ilea do nut exceei 5,000 bales, 2,900 on speculation and for export. Price irregular. Monday Pventno, March 10,1862. The English fends have to-duy again shown an increas of strength Consuls for money opened at 93};, ad viuiccd to 93}; and closed at 93/; a };. For the account 93};. The discount market was unaltered, and in th Stock Exchange the rate is 1 % par cent. French rente closed at at 69f. 90, . American securities fully maintained their recent rise aud I imed Suites lives were purchased at another ad vaiice or 1 per cent. - March 11,1862. There has been a quiet market in eotton to day, Hi Alios amounting to 4 000 bales, one half on spocillatioi and for ex|>orl. Prices steadier. Stock Kxchanok, Wkdnksday, Marcb 12, 1862?Noon. Consols for money 93}; to 93} Do., for the account, April 10 93}; to 93} STATE OF TRADE IN MANCHESTER. The Manchester market was quiet but Urm. LIVERPOOL BRKAD8TrFK8 MARKET. Flour dull and 6?l. lower. Wlicut declined Id. a 2d. fo the lower qualities. Corn declined 6d ; sales of mtxei at 29s. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. Beef quiet and steady. Fork dull and unchanged. Bu coullrm. hard active and Is. higher. Tallow steady. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. Bouk?Sales small at 12s. 6d. for common. Suga quiut and steady. Spirits of turpentine nominal. Cufio steady. Kieo Armor. Ashes dull. Linseed cil firmer sales at 36s. LONDON CORN MARKET. MoNnAY, March 10,1862. Wheat dull at lost week's rates. Flour quiet in retal at last week's quotations. Barley, teas and beans, slow Indian corn?White, 33s. a 35s.; yellow, 31s. a 33s. LONDON PRODUCE AND PROVISION MARKET. Monday , March 10,1862. Sugar quiet. (Wee slow. Tea quiet, but iirm. Amei icon turpentine,64s. Tallow Arm. 7 SPECIAL. NOTICES. And vet another veteran gone.?veteran of tin- wiir of 1H12 will meet at the Her. Mr. Miliet church, iu Forsyth street, near Canal, on this day (Tuesday at 12}; u cloi k P. M., with the usual badge of mourning, t pay the last tribute m respect to ourdereased brother David H. Reins, in the Noti year uf hiti ago. J.e? every tea ran attend; our ranks are breaking Coat we do net knot wtio may to; mmnuou-tl nest. Bv awer. II RvYsOSU, Briuadl rGeneral. ARM DAl.LY, Coletud. Isaac M. Puvra, Adjutant, A MATCH AGAIN SI' THE WORLD IOR >10,000. Come* off on Saturday, Mgreli 2?. Look out A MEETING OK THE JUNK AND BOTTLE DEALERS ol New York unit hrix.kUn, will he, belli ju 42 Kline atreet, New York, oh Tin a aj evening, March 25, at 7} o'c.o. k. Biriiiea* of iniDvr.uiiee will be transacted and the are rei|uekted to be prelum. CH1EMICAL BANK, NEW YORK, MARCH 31, 1053.) t.e I nn.?Tl.c Slo th- Idem ol thin Hunk arc hereby nc tilled llwt ike Annual Uwii lor Director*anil fur Insim lort>, at tlic not untiling eloetlou. will la- Uelil ut the Baukln, Uimrc no Miiinly, tlie 7lh day ef April next, between th huui* of one aim two o'clock. O. G. WILLIAMS, Oaabler. CONSULATE GENERAL OK FRANCE REMOVED W N? 2 Howling Given. Nuw Yokk. Mar b 22, in,.'. (TONSULATK OK SI'AIN, NEW VOIIK. MARCH. 21 J 1NJ1 ?It being o: inter. *1 i" Hie Marine inaiiranee Cora I anv "Nitvieni t'uuilanu." ol Uarceloaa, Spain, to knot another the Spuinau bii; "Nm va !' iitla,1, Cajbun Dm Lma Knape, lvpit ii wiik |o?t on ihr 7th of Mareh, IMOl, In tin river D.ieti', I'rnvlneo of Canutrlnea, north of Manila, wa Insured in any pari of the Uiiln u Stntea, anv perton rngul >aul ol the Mime will pleaae to curnmuulia'.c it to lb un lendgned, Coin.ul o: Spain. KKANCI8CO STOCGHTON. SPECIAL.?MR. P. O'ORADY, RECENTLY OK Till Steven* limine, B o-t .w.iy, liaa removed to No. 75 Krnailwai. earner of Eighth Greet, where he will be hupp; to meet hln toriner trn'.ml* and patriot*. WE WOULD CALL ATTENTION TO THE SALE O' valuable propel tylo be Mild ut auction by K. II. LCD LOW A CO., ihia nay (T.ieaday), at 12 o'clock, at the Mi l cnunia' E .cuange. CLINTON PLACE (Eighth aircet) valuable llnuu! No. 7< EAST HOUSTON STREET, No. 43, mar M .loerry at reel Aim koine Nob a, A**eta, .*c. I'ai ticnl.i: I at I lie ulbee. 3 Pine atreet. labctwasisr MR. DK CORDOVA hua nucii engaged to deliver hi* hmr.oroua and hlglil; eun naming Loctnre, "MONEY," At CLINTON HALL, On TUESDAY E? KNINU, 2.., at 8 o'elo.k. Ticket* in be bail ut the door. JIISCELLANEOUB. A YOUNG MAN ABOUT STARTING IN THE MILI bua ue> a women in contract wuh a farmer lor mi dollar* worm o. M.W per day, rroiu the lat of April; the H in Mat will uku twoiollura wuilh per day; w li tlve gun city property aa aecur.ty. A lure** P. KIcli Ler. Siiteeull Greet, bctwecu avenue* B and c. CAASII WILL BE PAID KOR NEWSPAPERS, BOOK! J Taiiiplilei* or waaln paper I rout bank*, lus-uam e utile! lawyrr'a olhcr* i adv. riming agendo*. Theui.ver.lM-r ?l l?y ca*h fur at my, ut <>4 John atreet. baaciueul, or at ori-aa by leltei I.AHESH BTTthK RECEIVED DAILY IN PAILS, TUB! 1 Itrkin* and ualrieai aim varioua grade* ol good lot price.. Butter lor aalc at the luareat whuleaal* price*. by H B IJ5W IS, 71 Veaey atreet, N. Y. Henry c. sckibnek, real estate and gb> eral Auctioneer, iwiearuoin til Naaaau aareet, aiei do?rs south of Brekmau atiML Particular attend** gtev In ?ale? of Real Eatale, Block*. Bene a. Horaea, Carriage Km iiltora and Merefwndtae generally, either at the ami nana or elarw here. Kt.k EataM. Blurbs; Ytaaela, be., vet be aoM at tHe Meccttanis- RiehMte, wnen preihrivik Refi rvnuea?E. D. Hewn, Earn, Pre*n,em Meetmnkw' aal Tradera1 Bank: Frederick R l.ce. Ran P real deal Nt.rti-Mr Fir* InsuiuiKf I'.unqiMgri taucO. Barker, Kaq., I Kulgeia Fir* IBeuiauea Cm?vaiiy; John F. Baliry, hmi.,?i Broom* uwi. IRON RAILING.?WANTED, 130 FEKT. SUTTASL1 lor a fbucr. No nlijri-tton to around hand ir In urdei I'rk* inua, l>* km. Ailunea W. B. 11., box 2.7M New Yor Prtat o?re. J^OW, SON A BENB0W8 SOAI'S AND PERFUMERY. MR. O. H. BENBOW, of ih" alwve lirui, mj long know b I the A inert an Trade, lnforinahla frtrnda anil im t on> tha (the pu t iciahlp having expired with Mr. Uwi he nee lake in Hi p?rtni-rrhl|i hli ion, llenrjr Bcnbow, who ha* been in.xo Juan cmiuei leil with the lete llrm. O. II. Henbuw hevte Cuvlianrd the aharc i f the bnalneaa belonging to Robci ow, Sr., whit wan the- original proiirb tor of LOW'S BROWN WINDSOR SOAP. AC. Banbnw A Son ?ill nmtiniie the manuUrtiiie ol that ?<tpe rior article, having had the aoln management lur aevera Ti-arr. Alan, of HONBY, GLYCERINE. rANCY SOAPS. POMADES, PERFUMES, BRUSHES, AC. The Quality of whleh, they guarantee equal to any Importei Into the American market. Buyera tolling Kir laml the preaent year are renucateil t eiannur our good a and prloea, without incurring tna oldkga Ui in to pun hate. BENBOW A BON. No. 12 Little Britain. London. MRS. ERNESTINE MORRIS, LKTTER WRITER ANI Copyiat, at her rvoma, iU Broadway, aecoud i.ooi (Irntleinrii, $1; lad ire, 30 cent*. Oflice hour* from 10 A V Ull 1 P. M. N. To which the baa added ahirt making an plain aewlng In nil Ita brnochea. VfARBLE MANTELS.?THE SUBSCRIBER INFORM IKL the public that lie la telling Manlrla, Ac., cheaper tlia a pee ton In the Imelneaa. Tho?* wlahlng to pnrchaae ahmtl aoon at A. KI.ABER S Marbln yard, 113 Kaat Blghtaeal a tree i, weat of Third avenue, New York. PARTIES HAVING USEFUL ARTICLE8 OR INVE1 tlnna they wlah Introduced to the government or nrinj by a ruMKMiaihia peraoo acquainted with the lieadx of the d> Coi'lRft'll"' "uf HF* Mating particular*, Waahitiglot SAVE TOUR MONEY.?A. PARKER, SM SREENWICI atreat, aeU* boat fliigat tfured Ham. 8a.: beat Pamll Huap (Bunkeve), box, ftjgc. ; pure Rtarch, b?i, ? ote.; grae anil black Tea, 80c., auperlor cargo * oupg Hjraon, 62c , Tftc and |1. Off CENT8-NO MOKE POOR BREAD.-A PKENC1 ZJtJ recipe for making the heat bread, however poor th Uo- r Every housekeeper ahrmld harve It. Thouaanila ar lifting It with entire aatlafactlnn. Sent on receipt of 26cent by addreaalng Dr. H. Oltlton. Brooklyn, N. Y. FOR lAUhmi ROHOONBH YACHT JULIET, NBA IW tuna, In perfect order, built in 1667, draw* feet will out centre board. Apply at Aft Went Eleventh street. WANTBD-A PEW YOL'Nd PUPS; BREED NO 01 jact. Apply to SvVIT/.KK A COIXINS, to* olllc Niblo's Harden, between the buur* ol 11 A. \l n<! 8 P. M. Yacht?for bale, a part hailing yacht, o lilteen tuna burthen, copper faateued throughout an built In the beat workrrwnllke manner, with a fine mom caldn, finely fitted tin, With all the aeooiamodaumia to mat her a comfortable yacht. Can be seen by applying to LUl'l STRoBKM; aoutb end of Warraa atreat, leraey City. iE SHEET. i- nimcuu ? 4 tlantkTsavings bank. k a (.hatha vi sqpake-opbn daily. A DEPOSITS PROM 25 CENTS TO li.uui RECEIVED S.i percent interest alio* ed on sumaol KMX)and uud.-r; fivr per cent no sums our thai Amount. D. -]>o?ita made un or belure April 1 will receive interest as from tlvst .late. M. D. VAN PELT, President. CHARLES D BAILEY, Treasurer. e Jokkpb P. Coopbb. SecretArjr. t. /CHEMICAL BANK, NEW VOIIK, MABCH 21. l> \j Korly-tirst dividend.?The President oud Directors of e this bank have ibis day declared a .p ai teyly dlvtuend ,.f via ' per cent, payable to stockholders on and niter Tuesday. the 1st dav of April ueat. By order of ll.'- Board. ' U. Q. WILLIAMS. Cashier. o XTEW YORK, HARCII 21, 18*2.?DIVIDEND NOTICE. 1\ Toe Board of Directors of (lie Hull's Head Hank have tula day declared a semi annusl divinAlid ol lour ll) per cent, payable to the stockholders on and after the 1st day ol April next. The traualer booka in I be cl> a -d from this date 'o April 1. inclusive. By order of tha hoard. g vv. willett, Cashier. OKPICIAL?TREASURY DEPARTMENT, MARCH 21, 18(12.?Holder* ol liunda ol Inn United Slmes, dated Oetob. r 1, Ihtil an I payable three yeara from date, are haieby Dulii.ed that piovisiouuu* been made for the payment In roiu f l coupouauf aeuil annual intereat which will ImhOiiv uuo on the lvt of April proximo, agreeably to their tenor, by .he Tr asutcr of the l.uiu d Stuiev at Washington, by toe Awi taiii Irenurer* ut Bohiou, New York uit.t Philadelphia, and by ILe Depositary of the United States at Cine i.ioiii Ubio. AH such lotipona, together with schedules shewing the number and auuniiu of each coupon, and the iiggrntatc aura oi'ca di parrel must be prcvenied for sainiimtlon ann verlIbailoU at least three full liuvioesa davs before payment. 8. P. CIIAHK, 8 croaryot the'freasuiy. OKKI0K OK THE LOGAN COUNTY MINING AND ll,, t, ,if,., .|?dn. -1',V.. Oil',..,. Or...> V..,.. V.,,li Murcli 17, 1.K2.?Tbe aemi-unnuul interestsou the bolide 01 ttilw eoinpuny, duo April I, will la* paid at this uiliuo, or :u tlio bunking eouse oi Joseph W. D ri?, 25 Statu street, Boston, _ ou pres. utaliou ol the tampons. fi _ JBEN.I. K. WEYMOUTH. Treamner. '? rpo CAPITALISTS.?$35,000 WANTED ON BOND AND e JL mtuTgace, on gopd impruvod real estate in tbiaelty, g worth over $1. U.UOd, und iu now routed lor over $9,91X1* your. For particulars apply to W. II. MITCHELL, 77 , Cedar street. U8. ii 1'KK CENT ONE YEAR CERTIFICATES AND Ouarterim ?t". >' Vouchers bought und sold, or cdiieeto.i by LIVEltNOItE, CLEWS A CO., bunker*. 41 and 43 0 Wall allcrl " TTNITKD STATES CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTED VJ ucss, bought au 1 bold, by E. MORRISON, 17 Nassau street. ' 1TNITED STATES QU ARTE ltjl ASTERS' CKKTIFIU eate* issued lo coutruelors, ?n I six pel rent one year'* oertiticates bought und bold, by RICHARDS KINUSLAN'D, Bunker aud Bioker, No. 4 llruad street, Now Yor... NIT" ANTED?$11,000 ON PRODUCTIVE KM ti, ESTATE , W in Brooklyn, worth mere Ilka twee the uuinunt. ' None but priiu .pals need apply. Address C D., lor two duyu, Broinvlyu Post other. WAN TED-NEW YORK. AND NEW HAVEN AND Second Avenue R.dtuud mock, by ALBERT' 11. N1COLAY, 52 William street. r ?& IWlfl TO i OAN O.N BOND AND MOHT.I Uili , '* Mr on Ri ut E title iu ill s city or 111ookl n. iu ' suuisol Sl.UOJund upturns; .tlso $.15,00.) to In rest ill pur1 cvasing made Mortgages. Apply lu A. SERGEANT. 1". Wall tlreot, _* QOC AAA TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. ?POU?UUv7 on improved pro|ierty in this city and Btoeklyu, in m.iuh lo sun applicants. Only principals uee.t apply tod. \\ ET/.EL. at lie Knlckrrboeker Lile Insurance Company, 11.0 Broadway, only from 1 till 3 1*. M. LOAN OFFICES. ~ AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS street.?.MONEY TO LOAN lt> .niv am >11111 on Dlninontia, WateheH, Jewelry, Ac., by * the wen know a and old established ISAAC, broker aud t outinlo ion uirichatn, Nn. 9 Cuatnbers street. N. B.?Nu busl~ lb s* transacted un Salnrduy. * A TOO BROADWAY-HENRY IIYMAN AHVANCF.S ON I, Jx. Diamonds, set or itnaei, or buys tne eivtue mr u; also >1 advances un SV itches, silver I'lateaud mi 1' :ra" Fi'opjrty. r, UEMtY 11V MAN, TVJ Biowtauy. "v t T lid NAN.YU* STREET.?A. HONXOMAN, DIAMOND A brnkei, makes libcrrT .hlvamesou Diainonii*, Wglebes. Jeweir.. Ac., oF but* Litem ut I nil value, at hi* nr.vale otliee. CO street, room No. 2, up slmi. Business couli UCUUal. At 111 urand street, three books west ok Broadway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Good. and paraoual property ot every duiwrtpiton. or bought and soft, by JOSEPH A. J ACKSO.Y, auctioneer aud broker. Liberal advances made on diamonds. Wutcl ci, Plate aud Jew. lr,\. or bo<i(lit for raah. at tlie i ht^lir.t i.riros. i enioiiH haviui: old Oold orSUvar to m ' y not do better than rail do LOUIS ANRIUH, 72J Broadway Money to lknd.-abraham j. jaokson, no. 6o Wab-er air wi', uuar Broadway, (late at l.eaue street), i limns Moii"v In , .rge or amail sunn, mi W.tehes, Dlaraonda, Jewelry, rilver Ware, Uuns, Dry GoOU, Wearing Apparel g anil Personal properly ?f every dosei ipllon. Money to lend-on diamonds, watches, jew elry, Silver, Dry Hood*, and Perioral Property of all descriptions. Article* ran i.r rerieomrtl at any time > wltkln one year. II. BARNAKD, 21 Third avenue. Pi ivute, entrance ball door, Money to loan?in sums to suit, on watches. DIuiiioiiiIk. Dry Goods and ail valuable Personal Proi peity, S.ltoi I'l.iie, ac. Apply to R. WOOD, lit Kultuii street, v aeeotid Itikir, front room, tiom U to 1 o'clock. ? PAWNBROKER'S TICKETS PURCHASED EOR CASH, a JL ol sll kinds of Clothing, Cloths, Diamonds, Ac., in lurip! >- or small uuantttlea. O i baud and lor tale, Business Coat., e 92; Cart I mere l'anialoiuis, $1 2A per pair; Linen i'aiilrloons, t>2)i cents, 118 Hivmtnc street. GEORGE LEVIE. CoinmlkHion Mercliant. \ COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES, ' 4 SILENT l'AKlNEll WANTED?'WITH KJDJU J\. to $* tOJ, in uu uAltl)l:Ktlo<l liuttlutiM, paying over two ,, lioudri (1 |K*r ' cot; want ot only preventing ti?t exienI" mult, Aii> person buying nmdy money run make a aniv In'* vpHimeut N.Utioir un> trouble, fur |< .1 ticulura addivM.t with p real name, for three *J. la. K , Godfrey'* Pout oilier, , Hmadwuy. No agents need apply. u PARTNER WANTED.?WANTED A PARTNER. WITH J. a >mall capital to tat an equal interest in ill Etli.opiun troupe already lorined. J )i s ,? a r.rst class truup , and ran bow-in any time by a.idivsihig C. Weston, box 119 llt-ruld olllci. PARTNER WANTED?WITH KKOM S2.0.1J TO $i,l)JO, |f 1 to lake ahsrgu of tbe sales and Itdairclal departH.rnt oi a inaiiuliicliirm? business, in till' hardware line, parties i an treat Willi u. principal by addressing II, W. L,., Herat I oil ice. PARTNER WANTED?WITII *20J TO SAX). IN AN - X established nian tincturing ..usuics; over MJ per cent pi oil is; large order, on liand to.'; a eOud opening for tile i Ignt hind oi a man. Cull on H. liUUIlEn, No. la Bedford ( Blrret. Hear West HullatOll street. { partner WANTED?IN the PRODUCE COM mis.? i i on buhimoM in taiarii*. alr<>Hoy ? niniutiptl. Any goo 1 ti mull Will llivtRl in f.iMi uul |,i\p fotioiy rclnreu??, uuy ?>!?..t.u *u ?uual tine, el iu tUtt ubotu bu?liM*?a. Axdiv** S. Bol.var, 33ft Broattw?y. J' rpiIK C IRAKTNERSIIII* HERETOFORE EXISTING, ij L between tue i.d leraigncd, umtcr the lira. name ul tiymi |. * llcnrn, la tbla liny d.moived by mut'ial eOi.aoni. Tli bualneaa will be 'MrrlcU ou liy John iiearn, wlo will ulau pay all llie drht* or the n mi in. . Na? York, Mare.. 8, Uttt MICHAEL. RYAN. | JOHN HEAKN. ' mo A LADY OR HUNTLEY AN.?I HAVE A NICE X kouae, lolly fi.rulaheu, in a g. u.eel In. alloc, capable (it . bidding thlry bonrdeaa. 1 want n pwftner With from $W9 to ' fl.uQO ready caab. Good chance. Add re a* A. 11., lltsield n oR?? ' ' ' ' ^ ' ' I t -WANTED. A PARTNER, WITH TR1H ? "if .AT a ii-FPffl , liliMI W ju MtlMIVMnf Wun*. UtWJ winrtn* 4iofi good health may h.aroi at rbauce to luvoi a umal aMonnt In a Kite bualn. ad. where the trade w-ttt be caah jl Aitdfeea Merrill, bex 191 Herald olUrc. * (CAiin ?PABTWKH |WANTED?THE ADVERTISERViJvU. fur ihrr.: j i ar. ac.ka pailuer iu a good nate u'.?l E nraa, .leairvaa falthfal, temia-rab-man, to take the place of r hie lata banner, deoeaaud. It M paling over $17 ail*>. clear g R-lereneea en hanced. Adaread P., box 141 Herald oMcd. 411 nnn ,:A!,H AND a^'pe partner wantkdipl.UUU In n leviuiaale oiekera .e buaiueH, tally aaUldiahed. and tn?kliig noin $fi,(h)0 to glO.'kl.l per year. Lolatbxi aadanaoi'anaii Ibe tutt beat. Addreaa Broker, box 0 ltd Herald ollive. n <?1 IWW) ~A ^?ACrMlAL HATTER DBS1RBS A, , ipl.liUU, l?r.y, with about itae above amount, to buy a o.n -in littrreet ot a liat Maoiifautory,. loc.Lted la IM beat * puaigeaa portion ol (lie city; la a money making bualnea*. anu 4an in. ii.Uii.ei to any extent. Apply at ltdl New Canal atreid, IU ih .loir. d ftth |W|/t?MIIOULD THIS MEET THE RYE OP X paiiy Willi vlie above aiu .uut, who la de inula ol engaging It a rwapeetable bneined-, that will realize blin lioiu (4.IMU to $A,tkkl per auuniu, he .an pud audi ou oppmnnlty Ivy g.ldreiaibg A. L.,l>ox 10S H e m M ottlw. fKlVUlA -WANTED. A MAN TOJ INVEST THIS tPj??UUl/? aua. equally with the adrartiaertu a vary p.i aaanl iaM> Imames*?a monopoly, by which a large lor1 tune ean be re.Ui/nd In n rare abnilRnte. No axenla or humbug* Motived. Inquire beln.o 10 A. M. or 1 to 9 P. M. of ? M JA' KM)t, 7T Weal Thirty.terond aire-t. ' A* J) (Win ?A P K KM N HAVING THE A l"l'< H NT uitrut M tiuiirr iu rr|iinrat ui mvir lery, In tonlHratftin, wlahca a partnor. Applailuut Ifreived lb I* day only by addreaalng Arttlh-ry, iwi iui Herald ollii---. Tub jmrij unawrring may 0" (Uhfl atlrat-.r h Uva ? <6*ji /iluV TO liwu.-PAKTNEB WANTED? EITHER r. <Tm>''uU active or alleat. to <arry through a buaiiieaa I. operation which la aafe, reapcctable and pr-iiiinule. Cad In d limn on I'KTKR H ERBlN, ifver Market Hank. ||>i e A A OABH AND ACTIVE PAKfNEK WANTED Pd-OUU Tu j-.ta ihe ailvertlaer, whu will Inveel a Ilka amount, in a manufa- tiirlni: buaineaa, aede, permanent and n very piarttable. A tun rortuna. Aaeuclallon urat elaaa. rj Addreaa 8. A. W., hok IUJ Herald olBcr. ____ a?r;rwwk to An^ouo^-APARTNER wanted, in a V''iVUu manufacturing bnalneaa, with the a hove . aim Hi nt. (iuoda mild for caan and of daily uaa. AddtaaaJ, |* r. Mhiher, bot S.S87 Poet odlce. New York. h dtp: lhfm -ANA<?TIVE PARTNER WANTtb, WITH i. ?? J.l/UU. tlila amount. In ah old eaui-llabed 8hip Ubaadlery, doing a good trade; alan baa a wall aelncted stork on hand, a* ladehtedneaa. I'aphal ilealrad to etriend the U bualueaa. Addreaa lor threa daya J. 8. L., Ilorald oiOco. y _ COAL. yVuMBKKLAND COAL AT $6 10 PEXTOlT^JlJiiT^wl Yj calved, Oumherland coal Tor amlth'a, af an pa liar II qualitv, which will ba delivered at the above reduced price, le Alao. coneiaiitly on hand, Locnet Mountain, Lehigh. Red Aah, e andCannel Coal of'the-beat -duality and for aale at Ifca loweat a, market price. TIIOH. TRURLOW, JR., 366 Eaat Koiinaentb atrcet, New York; loot of South Tenth atreet. WHIIaambam. Order a can be aen l by poat, or left la boxea at 309 Pearl atrret, or Z4l Water ureal R 7P, -RED ARH COAL.-l AN NOW DBLIVEE,. ?P r I init a wipenor quality of Red Aah Coal at 64 76 par ion; full weight guaranteed; White Aah $4 40 per ton. E. C. CLARKE, No. A Weet Eleventh el., near Broadway. WINES AND LI<tVOR8. p ?>r;n PARKS OF FINE OLD "HKNNEIWY" AND id AdtJU "Otard 'Cogmui Brandy, aleo6.ica.ica ul-l "Double iy Diamond" Mlerry Winn (12 piait bolllea in a r*?e). the hala laiK-e of a large etock im|mr.ed lor a Brat elaaa drnnglat (alnea iS f tiled), for aaie at Si a taae. lauvnt one-half Ha cunt). to nay adianrvt. Baldwin * CO..W liberty atreeV 5 HALBH or RBAl BBTATK. 1 A SUMMER HOTEL FOR SALE O.t TO LET? tor sale or to lit, for it term of yea K Met c .U-ehi .e a rut" desiraule prrmlMi, the pro, ert.v of tie .tU-J tint' Raymond, Ee<|. in the vnhtge of fotriuel, Putnam ouu ty. V w Yore. The is large,. onslru. t el o the hot materials, ami is peculiarly uda t ?i " an t i.v SUMMER HOTEL, . containing, a* I' d a. A LAIICE S ..BEK OF AVAILABLE ROOMS; eilenau|? mug K> o n, large ami uln Kichen, Laundry. Batbrooma. i,?? Aimurutu*. and a w Tor tailing supply or. fine, toge.ner with Outhouses, Ac., among whlcbf are CARRIAGE HOUSE AND STABLES There are p u nr.e? of land, part of which ts laid oat an& prr| are 1 toi cultivation, tor garden purpurea, and the house is aarrouuited bv a large and beautiful lawn, tastefully set nut with the < lunoeet varieties of Irutt and ornamental trees, all of which are in a thrifty condition. Tiie Mausiun is situated four miles from lake mahopac, of which it commands a sphnlidvte.v, and i'snds upon ? heautilul natural elevation on the borders of the celebrated LAKE GLKNK1DA It U at all times easy of access via the Harlem Railroad, ami Is within u very short dtsiancc of Brewster's station. The roads In the neighborhood are excellent, and the Mailing, shooting, boating and bathing facilities unsurpiusd; and In all respects it ou'ns superior sdvantagus over any other watering place in the stclnlty. ii will he sold or leased on the most reasonable arms. Fop orders to In.-pect the premises and for further |>art,vulare apply to ti. H. LIVINGSTON. Uurinet. f uinuui county, or Us JOHN J DRAKE, lid Nassau stieet, N. ? fork. A HANDSOME FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT House for agJIe, eligibly located in West Forty luiril street, near Broadway. The property is now uttered top $o,lXh', with easy terms of pap mrul, and is cheap. If not instantly contracted for the pn e will he advanced. 0. O. PRATT, ST Vine street, room Mo. 9. A FOUR STORY DOUBLE TENEMENT HOUSE AND rear House tor sale. In a good location, between Fourth and Madison avenues, hiin tug In a yearly rent of Jt'JUO. Will tie sold at a huigaiu. Apply to JOHN JicKIBBIN, Na. MS Fourth avenue. ) A BEAUTIFUL PLACE AT THROUGH NECK -FOB IX sale or exchange, an elegant M msiou, containing all Iho eoareuiena s of a 1 if-1 clusj. . iiy i ekl tuner, with all neeeasa. ry outbuildings. an unsurpassed wnter Iront of more than two thuit an t lout, with heavy sea wall, hue lawn, trun and forest trer?, Ac. Apply to CIIAl'NCEYJJARNARD, No. 4 Pine ft. TJK.OOKLYN PROPERTY FOR KALE?A COM PERTH I) three Hlory Prick House, 61 l,afityetir avenue, corner of Elliott plat e, containing all modern improvements ano possession immediately; also two of those lour rtory Prtoa 8:oivs, on Pulton Senile, Pelw'en Lawrence ami Bridgo streets. The above property will lie sold on easy terms by WILLIAM MAOKEY, 9.1 Ktillon avenue. Tit ARM KOB SALE?A KIRS T CLASS KARM OK TW? I hundred acres with flue improvements. and eligibly ioe.itcd on the Hudson river. Hut a small amount of cash wanted, the balance call runiain on mortgage lor a term of years. Apply to iti VAC BiUGS. ill N ussuu street. i.1ARM FOB SALE OR EXCHANOE?FOR CITY OR L \illu property., on the llarh ui Railroad, V2 miles from New York, with 208 acres of Land; house of style, tilled in with brick, built two yean* sane, and contains bathroom, range, Ac.; has two bay windots and large planus overlooking a great extent ul country; outlmil ling* ample nnd In goo 1 order; pre SIS.UU). Apply to ihe on iter, at STEELE A CO. S No. It I'urk row, opposite the Aslor lloiisc, between the hours of Id and 12, on Tuesday, We 1m s lay and Tuursday of ibis week. f'Oli pale?AT A BARGAIN, A DIORAMA ok austrnlla, all complete, showing the gold regions, forest, plants, wild aitiniuls and birds, never exhibited in the United Slates. Will exchange for real estate or merchandise. 11. BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. HOB SALE?SIX YEARS' LEASE OK THE wbolr* I sale and retail Lbpior Store and Kremiseo, corner of Beach ami Hudson streets;one of the best stands In the city; a chance seldom to be met with. Inquire In the store. gior sale?a fine country seat and karm up 1 100 acres, beautiiully located wtthln a mile and a oua;u r of the depot at New Brunswick, N. J., with all the reunion* outbuildings and farmer's cottage; al?o stock, implements, Ac., ana. If desired, tbe furniture will be sold low. This Is a fine reside, me for a g-uUeinuri doing business In the city. Moil of tip pur base 'money < au r. u,a.n on boud and mortgage at sU per cent, and pur. pnymeut will be taken In city proi ei iy. Address Edward Flash, 62 Broad street, N. t. For sale-a great bargain, tub two stobt In iok aud basement Collage Il nse, in good order, on Eighlyt >rst street, anulb side, between Seanod and Third art-bin**. Hottse 21 by 40, Lot 25 by 105; Stable In the rear. Immediate possession. Apply to CHARLES JAKK1T, 138 East Thlrty-tiftb street, near Third avenue. IjtOK SALE?DAIRY FARM IN OHIO, 161 ACR E8. UN' Incumbered; will keep forty cows. Woul-i linn for dry goods, or lor a first clam house In New York or Brook, iy ii. Address A. W.. I o x 1,642 Post oUloe. j^orkale in jersey city?a house and lot, * MiBuuumTtuuutuiiui lat: UlU-icru ilDJJlKVKUUHH, WW near ilie ferry, or wiilexc.iange Tor * Karin within 30- titles of New York city knit near a railroad drpot. Alio three Lot* <-u Sixty-eighth street, near Broadway. Ternut very easy. Kur further pirtlcuhur* apply to the owner, 75 West street. 17I0R KALK CHEAP?At SMALL. COTTAGE HOUSE A and L it, un llt-tti street, Harlem, ninety- feet west trans Tnlrd avenue, suitable fop a store or dwelting. It lao?iy two minutes' walk from the bridge. Title perlect Inquire on the premises. For sale cheap?ok long island, two parks within thirty-live rnlles of Brooklyn. May be cold in one or divided. All necessary biilliltugs, fruit, wood, Ac., end sto-k if desired. Terms easy. Title iirrfeet. The proprietor is now in the city. HENRY KM Hi illSON, 17 Wall sfiiel. tilOK SALE OR EXCHANGE?A THREE STORY, HIOH ft >up. brown s oue House, newly painted throughout, and having all the modern improvements, situate In Weak Twenty-reveuLh street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, will l>e sold or exchanged for a bouse pi higher value, situate In Ma lison or Lexlng on avenues, ai ore Thirtieth street, and the uiU'ercnce paid in cash. Address box 2,1011 New York Post oilier. tiQK SALE OR EXCHANGE (NOT MUCH MONEY wanted)?A three story wooden House and Lot, built expressly for a oakery; good well of water and stable for a lior*'; In the thrlviug village of Gotten burg, N. J., opposite Seventieth street. New York. Knr further particulars apply to S(litre UiVVEK, near the premises' ur at3/ West Twenty- r lirat street. New TorV. FOR-SALE OH TO VET?THE POUR STORY ENGLISH basement HweiUuu House U7 4 by about SO, lot KB leet deep) N? IMS Second avenue; also for sale. Jot) share* of New Haven Railroad stoek. Q.iKM to man on bond and mortgage 111 deferent sores, Inquire of N. W. SfUYYEBANT, Jr., and C. B{BCHENCK, 1(2 Bruailway, room 4. . Ipou SALE OK TO LET?THE POUR STORY ENG' lisfa Interment D'wellnn; House 293 Third avenue, west side. Also for sale, 21)1 shares ot New Haven Railroad stock; SAOIM) to loan <m l*iud a id mort tape In dill -rant sums. In quirt 01 xs. w. miivcsam, jr., 132 if roadway, room No. 4. . FURNISHED HOUSE FOR SALE?ENGLISH HA8Kinfui, tour story biuwn fi .nl, with >11 modern improvements and in the must period ordnr; worth $13.01)0: will ba sold tor $ln.QUO; Sti.iliKi run remain on bond ami mortgage. Address House, I?1 x 2,44'J Font office. PEACE PROSPECT-L?KORTV YEARS' LEASE OW lyii a I joining Wh.tjey House, corner of Broadway and Twr|ttli s.ieet, f.n naie. Whitney's occupant oilers $3,740 A year lor four Upper Honrs, to c nincct corresponding. Sea Bluer kers Auction Maps, at;., far W< dues, ay, tldlh insk rpilIKU AVENUE PROPERTY FOR HALE.-THE FOUR 1 suiry new brick House 2SxOO. with basement, vault* and ail lk< modern lniprovcnients, situated on the northeast corner of Third aeruttv and Fiftieth street. Inquire at IIS East Fifty-third street, hrst house i > the comer. UN?'RECEDENTED BARGAIN. TO CLOSE OUT ? Kami ler sale Ifr New .l.rary, eenssti/nf of 419 acres cf' I eaittll ui farming land, convenient to a ramus I -laiion and water aavlmilou to Phlladslphit and New j 4U asUen troul the toriner; 1UU acres under, flue fence and eieellrnt cutuvatun; 400 peacn, **> aprde, also other Irult trees la beariuu condnloii, together with growing rrope of rye and wkeat, arrets! acres la cranberro-s; socrie 20 acres ni btaefc. mu lt, at piereut so highly valued aa a fertiliser. u|" n which isgruwiugilhrtlty cedars, rurulahtng tsncfag material; tw? g.od ltirmbouses. 100 tcetof liaiue, tumta ntng alinndarnea t ataliliuM and other out buildings; wells at each house ah* lhc barn, rpu- stream of living water running laterally aero # the prnpe.-jy, together with seven tows, sight bead of young cattle, lsu( horsrs, lourteen swfne, an almhOance of poultry, wagon a hgrncsa; and other toole, now is ion upon the larm ; guiHl liome and shtpphiK markst within thrrh miles. All Tor the mm ol $13,1)01; $9,000 ol w hich ran remain on Urns to suit tmrrhaarr, at nil |irr cent Inti fast; title Indisputable. Fur |>artlcularsaddress Relh K. Kent, Brooklyn, N Y. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE-ALL THAT V Lot af ground, fronting eu Uamiltie street, opposite m? head of Varlck, and extending tin oucli lo Lcroy street, with the West Presbyterian etihrh rwmuo* On Oneirism gnu. [ and niany euluable Hullcliiesuii Lroy street. The whole will lis isdd tognthsr or. .NvldesL Well osSoalajedformmihss. tur.rig puipases. Apply to hTlil'llEN A. PIERCE A CO., ho. 4 I'inc street. -nfANTlUt TO PURCHASE?A DWELLING, WITH I Tr i full Lot, In s good neightHirln.od; lerms $1,1110 in cash, the fh-fiiatning capital, lo be paid off I" rent of $Mff or $400 A / year1, Address, with lull particulu. Honesty, Broadway l'osl olUoe. K/WI ACRES OF SKLRtJTKD ILLINOIS LAMM FOR > wii;r?In p ircrls to suit purthuHfrs TnU \n a chance thai In NtPioiM oll?Ttnl lo nitta m ami prottitbto luveM- [ meal. (Jri'M liMiiii't'tiH'iim ottered 11 cu.h purchaiiers. Apply th .TO. W^USTArF, J7 Turk row, mom U. , <21 KOU A GOOD TRUCK, FRUIT AND BER- , Pi-yOf/U rjr Knrm of IS Sir ?; 20 mile* in New Jemey, nor railroad, aclinula, Ac.; good fruit and herrlca now on tb? farm, giaal hfTll.ftng?; flnr rlrw of is,- l*Wt.itr river. Trrma wui'j A bargain. R. BLAKE, ii Cliambera .tract. TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. ~ , AN AMERICAN LADY, IS REDUCED CIRCl'Maiahco, wiareh to .oriu the acquaintance or a gentlemaii with a view to nutlrigiuny. Onu retired fioni the tnr- , moil of thl? life will And a lady of cultivation and pleaa!n( addreu by iuddtug bia wlahea, 11 mutually agreeable, A. B. C., Union aqitare rnif olhre. AWERYIlMt, I.AMRft AND GENTLEMEN -IT YOU wish to get the fnd value lor your caalntl' Clothing, Carpet., Furmtnrr and Jewelry, the beat yvit ran do la to .end a note.n the well known dealer, K. HARRIS, IM Seventh avenue There yon may he rohvtneed yon will be dealt with to Kni*aalialaction. For Dremea trom Iflu $30, lor Coat. frm til $16, lor PefltafruM $1 to $4 Plenae do not I urge t la call on or addrosa F. Harrla, 140 Seventh avenue. Ladies attended by Bra Harris. ' VoUNO LADY, OF FLKAAINO API'KARANCA DB- j aire* to form the acqualounce of a Iwchrior or widower With a view n> matrimony i age I torn 30 to 44. AddroaW for three day. Mia. Klchardeon, atatlon A. Spring atreet SIJOOKE8' DANOIN# ACADBHY, No. M BMMB treat.?All the la.hlnn.ble nalios, in-one nonrw vC mb*. Thlaaohool la open ad taejwar WIM/, BOIKKB EVERY VEONESDAY EVENING until nnd Imtudlag Aprti I* >_ in ATTAINS OB LIE lil A.HA NTS HA VINO UN ATTACH- . \J eil com panic., or purl, of laimpnnioa, and parties .Mill .^-1^- wiiekmo In BiUi'h lhair nimmahik Ia. a tint claaa regSnant at Aleraudrta, Virginia, ran do ao by ad- ' dreaalng or railing oo U?l* >. Wert. W Broadway, fc. jf. TAirPOWERS TREATS ALL DI8KA8KB OK LADIES IJ with unparalleled aeueeaa. He oen be oonaaked at 10 Lelght street. Attenda couaunlly. D~~ i ward, an rxperibrced and sutdrfirkcui i>b> ansae end surgeon, cae be consulted a* usual. OI-, , hoe B LaUht atrref) private en I fence. Ftuura from ft A. M. till 9 P. M. dally. . 4 , T" IIE LADY WHO OFFERED KOR SALE A LARllQ aired aeeond band Mink Far Bat, or any other prraom wlahliift to dlap<?'< or aueb an artlrle reasonably, may bear of a purchaser by addressing a mote, a taring aire, prior, quality f and where to be teen, to . Hrowne, elation D, New York. 1 O VKKSONSTT MA DA XI K^SAH V AO BAD'S ACADE? i Zr my, ttlH Urot'lwuy, w rill make any one nrollolent In ?H . the fnahtenahle itaecea and qnadrtilca The only plaeel whore genth'UKM priL- Uc - imaisdlaRljPwllk lady deucera Lesabns evsry day and sventeg.

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