Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1862 Page 7
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tr What was the Navy Department doing when all these preparations of the enemy were going forward? What did it do in the way of ironclad gunboats? And what has it done since the late catastrophe at the mouth of the James river? The Monitor, built by the enterprise of a private citizen, can, like the Merrimac, destroy mere wooden vessols; but it is by no means certain that she can do any material injury to the rebel steamer, which, even in that case, is not compelled to give the Monitor battle, but may, from her superior speed, sail away from the Union gunboat. If nothing better can be done, would it not be advisable to shut the Merrimac up in Norfolk by sinking some stone-laden bulks in Elizabeth river? The French Reuki. Agents in Paris.?In i the correspondence found upon Mrs. Norrii, of Baltimore, who has just been released on pa role by the government, was a letter from Paris, in which acknowledgments are made of ' the valuable services rendered the Confederate cause by certain French citizens of America, residents in the French capital. We were already aware of this fact, from the industrious manner in which journals like the Patrie and CorMtvtUmnd were fed with articles against the North, all bearing the stamp of an intimate - acquaintance with our domestic politics. One of the most active and unscrupulous of these French secessionist sympathizers has been M. Gaillardet, for many years editor of the Courrier des Etais Unit. This person, who has retired on a competence derived from this country, still does small jobs in tho literary back line, and was amongst the first to lend the aid of his pen and personal influence, such as it is, to the rebel Commissioners. That he did so without a substantia) consideration no one who knows him will believe. This, however, we will do him the justice to say, that if the federal government had offered him a higher price Tor his services he would have made no scruple about accepting it The Tribune and thk Official. Reports.? The Tribune, in another attempt to refute oar charge of its meanness with regard to the mutilation of the official reports, says "a lie well stuck to is as good as the truth." They verify this maxim by again asserting that they published in General Culloin's report to General Halleck the very words we accused them of suppressing, lney say tney nave proved our fahity by giving date, page, column and portion of column in which it appears. This further shows their mean attempt to mislead the public. The report ot General Cnllom to General flalleck is not published In the placo Indicated by them at all; but an entirely different report to another General, which document they obtained through the censor at Washington, and that, despite their meanness, they dared not have altered, as the fraud would have been sooner discovered. They mutilate reports-to headquarters at a distance because they fancy they are not so likely to be found out Vain delusion. The eyes of Argus, as represented in an outraged public, will still find the Tribune, as it has always found it, mean la every word it utters. A Call for Gkvekai. Frkmont.?Whore is General Fremont? He is wanted just now at Cumberland Gap, or in the neighborhood of Knoxville, Tennessee, to intercept the flight of the rebel army of Virginia. It must go out in that direction, for General Burnside will render its flight through North Carolina somewhat hazardous. Cumberland Gap and the region round about it, through which the great Southwestern railways from Richmond pass, are in the Mountain Department of General Fremont. Let him look to it, or he may be too late to reki.,n,iAM /vf v>;<> %ucvu kuc uiuiiuuio ui uia iuiovuuii tauipai^u. The President has givon him the opportunity for a blaze of genuine glory. Let it not be lost. New York is not the place now for General Fremont, nor is Washington. He should be at his post, among the mountain passes of East Tennessee. Hurry forward, General Fremont. Every officer of the army in charge of a military department is at his post except General Fremont. Gk.vkiul on Strateoy.?The 7V?bune devotes a long article to "President Lincoln's strategy," the object of which is to show that in military atrutegy he is superior to McClellan, which is an insidious stab at the President for appointing such a man to the chief command of the army. But whatever Mr. Lincoln may or may not know about military strategy, certain it is Greeley ha* found out before this that the President is a master of political strategy, and has completely ontgencrallctl the abolitionists and spiked their guns. Hence their rage anil the attacks of the 7Yilrunt upon him over the shoulders of General McClellan. Why does not Field Marshal Greeley accept the proffered command of tho black brigade, composed of runaway niggers with pikes of the John Brown pattern ' The laU* Lieutenant Hidden, of the Lin* roln Cavalry. IlKiistt'AKriiie FIRJH N. Y. V Cavalry, I CA*r Uifn . Ve., March IS. 1SB2 / Bib?It bocomus mv panful duly to forward herewith a series oi resolutions adopted by the commissioned otti cers or my regiment, expressive of l lisir proionnd gnof for tbe ilt-nth of your gallant ? -n. First Lieutenant Harry B Hidden, and In thoir name to c-indole with you iu (bit your sad lisroavement. His family and friends have this Consolation, melancholy though it be, thai no soldier ever died a braver or nobler duAlb. May a kind Providence, sho dorlb all thing* well, assungc your grief. I atn, sincerely, yom friend and ubedieut sorvaut, ANDREW T. McRKYMOLDS, Colonel First N. Y. V. cavalry. Fjtoi ii Hinnav, Ksq., No. 72 St Mark a place, Maw York city, N. Y. IllADQVABTKRI FlRST BrIOADC, FtR.1T DiTIIIOI. i Msr h 13, ISM 1 Coi.osvt?I enclose yon tnjr report lo (len-rai Franklin in -emlKHltuiA the htah onlnlnn nl tin- aunailron oi nmt rain. lit tin ler my command In tlm late advance on Slaiiasii* Ksapcclt ully. your obedient .ml, J'. KKAKtvY, Hrl.-atler ili-neral. ColoiThl McRetuolos, Kirst (Lincoln Horn New Y irk cavalry. lli*d?u?ktkni Kmsi New Yoke Cavalry, t 15, l?i;j ( At a meeting of the ofl'.eers of the Klral New York (Linjoin) rivalry regiment, held at Camp Kearny, Ya , ou .Saturday e\- ning, March 15, Immediately on the retnm of the regiment from the advance to Mannsa*. for the purpose of eiprekalng their aeiillinent* r'.anlliig the death t.| Lu-uie. uuant II. H Hidden, of Company II, Colonel A. T. M. Key. nolda *11 called to Ihn abaii, and l.iantenant C. Thomson appointed He' rctary. Colonel M' Haynolda riplained the on. 1 Id ol the meeting. In a law olo iiicnt tvorde paid a licit fondling tribute to the worth or the un eaaed. On uioti hi. a committee, consisting ol Major* Ogle and Hani and aud Captains Bennett, rilearM and Count Ho* li, was appointed to draft suitable rcaoltilinna. After a abort consultation the eoiumlltae reported the ful owing:? Wlierea , we are suddenly i||am ll> ciiBlemplate the removal trom our midst ol Lieutenant H. M. Hidden, of dliitnpauy II, who met a sold cr's death ?l Ilia hands his country'# enemies, on Sunday, the 'JUi Inst., at Sangstar* S ation In hla death we Imva |-mt an esteemed lllead, a gillani soldier and a hrtlllaui social eoin|?inlon. While far In ailvanee Oi the artnv, at laelie.l in a small i oimnaml lor Hie tnir|Kine ol iiacertailiiliK the Inc.turn and atraiiulh ol the rue. tny, h < wms called upon to perform alraordiuary service* and to n I in cripi unusual haiuiahli a. lie shrank from no emergency, hut w aa ony tiei anslous to lie placed w here Hie danger wit greatest. Wlndi liitall) brought fin e to fane wlili an oppoa ug lone, far ?ii|ertiii to ills its regards mitnoers, he dill inn he~Ttatr it moment, hut at tin- head ot lo'irie-n men charged H|*m on* bundf -l and itiiv well annul inianiry, dtlving them tiom tint uald, capturing thirteen prisoner*, and utterly dispersing the ennrw lon e, while, cnlltn* Ills yvny >4 i the title cr eomniaitiilng the <u. mv, kiln brilliant < n eer a a* Stilled lure cr by a single ho. killed hllo .n-t.mllv. ill the language of his, oninniidiug n:lii sr, " It. den hit* llli,aiiMt uI, In the aa it hla life, the e. hole < avalry service lieha* uuo i V for It ? n w c.-a ' it it therefore, Keaol veil. That we, the ol!.. era i f the New V.nk is valiy, do most Kinieii ly legict In.a i.l our '.-ir-niad frh n i pnnlon. Mi mien* tit II. II Hidden. talenls as all dill cr, and wlio-u Mprrlir social qualities en* Ilea red alike to Ida Idol I, er ulli i rs and to ina suboidlnates, Keaolrcd, Thai wo extend to tb-i friends aul r ladveg of NEW YOJ the deceased our vanned sympathise, end ainoerely regret that our duties in the held would not permit us to pay to hie remains that attention which we should otherwise have claimed aa our privilege to do. . He solved, Thai a nop* ol the above proceedings. together with the report of Uenrrml Kearny, be luruisned to the friends of the deeeaNed, thai they i>e published in the Hew York papers, aud that they be preserved among the records of the regiment. The resolutions were unanimously adopted. On motion, Colonel McKeynolds was reuurated to procure a sutrcieut number of photographs of the deceased to supply each olhcer with a copy. Ou motion, the meeting adjourned sine die AND W T. McKKYNOLpS, Colonel Kirst New York Volunteer cavalry, Chdlriuan. CurrOKD Thomson, Secretary. THE FIQHT AT ISLAND NUMBER TEN. Canto. March 24,1802 A special despatch to the Chicago Tribune, dated Saturday night, gays the gunboat Mound City flred twenty shot at the middle batteries with considerable effect. Our officers with a glass counted five rebels killed at a single hot. On Sunday our mortars fired with couslderable regularity, but the results were not ascertained, owing to the unfavorable condition of the weather The balloon reconnolsance did not take place. Chicago, March 24,1802. a special uespaicn io ido umcago mount, aaiea dido o'clock Sunday night, od Island No. 10, says that tbo firing oontlnuos slowly day and night, at Intervals of half an hour. Our Are is mostly concentrated upon the upper Uhttspy, which Is now fairly to pieces. This battery baa not replied fur two days?only one gun can be neon In position, and that M probably a quaker. The batteries on the main shore are also mysteriously silent, and the encampments grow smaller day by day. Transports still continue flying about, apparently carrying away troops. The river is still rising, and everything is overflowed. The rebels wers drowned out of some of tnelr batteries and were attempting to erect new ones, but the well directed Ore of eur mortars prevsnts them. A special despatch to lbs Chicago Tiwu$ from Cairo ays ? Tha officers of tbs steamer Lake Erie No. 2, which left Island No. 10 at eleven o'clock laat night, saw a large Are near the Kentucky shore, which kept increasing as they got up the river. It was supposed to be the rebel transports Ignited by tbs bursting of shells. FROM THMTCNNESSEE RIVER. Cauto, March 24,1S62. An arrival from the Tennessee river says 8,000 men under General Wallace, visited Adamsvilte, eight miles from Pittsburg landing, wbsre there was understood to be s large rebel force. On arriving there they found the rebels gone. Armed rebels are concentrating at Corinth, where a stand will bs made. All unarmed recruits ara being sent to Decatur, Ala. At Memphis all rebel stores are being removed to places of safety, us the event of an attack by the Union forces. There is but little known at Memphis of the movements at Island No. 10 outside of military eirolss. The Superintendant of the Mobile aud Ohio railroad placed fourteen locomotives and two hundred cars at the disposal of General I'otk for the traaspertatton of troops , toCoriath. j Beauregard Is at Jacksen, Tennessee. On Tuesday tbs bridge scrota Turkey creek, on tbs Mobile and Ohio Railroad waa burned by Union troops. NEWS FROM THE FEDERAL CAPITAL Wtisuwrer. March 24, 1842. ' BIWT.iTlOKl BltMDTIMA TUB BiTTI C M 11IT* T OlflT Documents have recently eome to light which complete the wanting page of the btelorjr ?l the battle of Bull run. They are altogether independent of any opinions that may be entertained in reference to the conduct of General McDowell. These documonte eoneiet of orders to General Patterson from General Scott. The moat important are datee July 13 and 11. The one of July IT Informed General Patterson I bat General McDowell would attack Manassas on the 17th, and Instructed General Patterson to take eare of Johnston and bis rebel army. It also advised Him that the time of the three months' men was nearly out, and teas then valuable,and ordoring htm, if the three months' men would not stand by him, that he should entrench himself and bold bis position until reinforced, but not to retreat to the Maryland shore. H* was instructed to watch Johnston cloaely. On the 17th General Soott instructed General Patterson thai General McDowell's first day'e work had driven the enemy beyond Fairfax Court House, and ordered that General Patterson should eee that Johnston did not amuse bur. with e email torce in rront while hereinforced seeuregtrd et Manassas with ms mala body. Psttsrson was instructed that it Johnston commenced to retreat oe should etlacs htm, end wae reminded that be had s feres superior in numbers to Jonnsioo s; and If he did net uses >ae rebels and follow ibem, to march dlrecny by erces atarcnee sta Leesburg to join General McDowell ta iters cedars General Scott complained or Patterson'* oo? writing *r telegraphing to blni, but leaving him to bear of Die movements through newspapers. This makes e conclusive esse against General Patterson. On account or tb* good conduct ot the Pennsylvania regimeuta now in in tn* field these erdersbav* been hitherto suppressedThey ere sow to o* made public in luxtiae to history. MO COUNTERFEIT TREASURY NOTES IN CIRCULATION The story vet sfiost about counterfeit treasury note* ha* been carefullr probed to ihe bottom, and found to b* without auy foundation Not only ere there no counter, felt* afloat, but measures have been taken by Treasury Department to insure the detection of any who shall at. tempt to counterfeit iham URN. IHIRLDS' WOUNDED ARM TO BK AMPUTATED A rumor i* current here this evening that Gcueral Shields win be obliged to have bis left arm amputated oa arcount ot the wound received at the battle nror Winchester It is well authenticated, but is stilt not crodlled. Th. Cot* of stationery Knrnlthrd Con* (t n ational Committee*, ro TUV EDITOR OF TIIE HERALD. Heei OrnfK, H?r** or KKPKRMivTATirm, I Wa?hi*cjiom, March 2*1, lWh! f Voir tv?ah:ngton telegraphic correspondent report* me In Ihlt morning's Hkrai.d *s having rerentiy submit tea to i ha House a re|tort of the amount of stationery furnished to the various committee*. footing up, in th* aggregate, tho rum of |181 ,Sh.'> Allow mo to correct tlio statement of your oorr*apou<lcnt by substituting *1,885 lu rhe pim e <>l $181 ,H8o. ami it will tlion, I think, agree with lb* report referred to Very respectfully, WILLIAM S KINO, Postmaster Hnieo of Itepresciitatlvea. I?tw nebel Unnboaf*. CiitCAfio, March 24,1SC2 i gentleman Just from Now Orleans nays the robe a are building thirteen gunboats at that place, to b? completed toon Ocath of Colonel Murray. Harri-iush, I'a , March 24, 1862 fht Legislator# adjourned to-day on learning of the death of Colonel Murray, of the Kighty fourth Pennsylvania regiment killed al the battle of Wmcbeater yea lerday Conilrniatlon of the Death of Captain Franklin Burhanan. PillLaMti ruiA, March 24.1*62 rhe BuV*t\n ta informed that the relatives of Captain rrnnKiio nn-iiennn. oi ion r*o?i iu?j, nave raccirou p<* in'ot mutton nf tux death at Norfolk, from wound" he received in lb* laie naval engagement In Hampton (load" Sale of a Railroad* Alton, III , March 24, 1802 The Terra Haute, Alton and .It I/mi Is Railroad waa void al auction to-day, l?y order of the foiled Stale" lilatrlrt t'utirt It was bid off liy Robert Bavard, 3. J Hldcnatnl others, lor tho b< iielll ?vf tba itockholdors, lor tbo aum of $4 00,000 Aodrnv or Miatc ? Madame da l.uaaan, an arts! favor-.hiy known to our public an a coocarl i> I lifer, niakna her debut tomorrow evening in the "Kavorita " Tlila lady ia a must accomplished nmatrian. ha" a boititiul nuido sprint vulco,and tin" been for some tunc in training for the ttage Ureal confidence in expreesc I as to bar success. wlncb. tf realized. will add another to tha ll*t of hotna educated singer* that we have contributed to tbc Opera Court Calrndar?>1'ltia Day. St rit?.vi:,?'ocKT?t'lHit ii?I'nrt I --Non 11M. 1*76,1676, 1346, 24. 1763, 1899, 1404 1316, ;?67, 13144, 1.19S 1640 1383, 1178, 2097, 1432, 023. 436. 128. lino, 1309' MTI.KMH Cocar?Part 1 ?No* d(i05, ?1m6, 2017, 3019 1376, llil, 1097, 1609 IT01. 171)3, lleft, 1707, nop 1711. 1713 I'ltrt 2?Not 1804, l"t>6, 1808, lHltl, 181*. I'arto. ? No* 2863, 1391. I1V.6, 15TM*, 1601, 1803, 1007 1000, 1011, low, 1386, 737, 1076, 1077. l\,rt i._.\0 830. C.iM'.t'v-.' l'tM? - fart 1.?Nob. 78, 164. 167, 189 170. 176. 1 TO, ISO, lb-1. I nn 3.?Noa. 129,130,108 30! 108. 106, 10" 1 *0. ArrltaU nntl Dcpartttm. A It It! Y AI.-'-. If A ?t M?nf. ? Sip?in?pl|t ll*tt"?- R ltmtc*)t? (liaise, tlapt T TI111111 I -ci- Mitthlhl H'ui, t' f ihl-.c cr, II NVl*. II Th' i ni.rl, I. It 11 ir-l- K H tl?ie?, T IVel, M Klv, II UcQ'iiianii.T Putsch' uiaiaD, l! U uke, M Ja vt. iK HERALD, TUESDAY", NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL Th? Public Defence Bill?The RUltln Bill?The Broedwejr Railroad SchemeCrowds of Lobbfltei Arriving, Ac. Albany, March 24, 1862. Both houses ere laawaioo louiglit, encaged in third reeding of bills. Some tWleeu bills were read the third time and penned the Senate, but none of general importance. In the Assembly, the bill to prevent "shysters" from practising in the police courts of New York and Brooklyn, was passed. Raymond's Public Defence bill,coming up for third reading, was laid over, with the intention to incorporate one of the other bills on that subject with it. The Solect Committee on the bill for the reorganisation of the militia, reported that bill, and it was ordered to a third reading. The parties pushing the Broadway Railroad are drumming up their forces to move the bill ahead to-morrow morning. It will require a two-thirds vote. A large number of New Yorkers arrived to night, each with some particular axe to grind in the Legislature. The hotels are crowded. Teams are still crossing on the ice. One ferry boat however, is running. Tbe Theatres Last Right, rADBf*. Colman's .popular comedy of "The Heir at law" wa| given last night tot the first time at this establishment It was exceUeetlr cast, ths Dr. Paartoas of Mr. Mark Smith being particularly worthy of commendation. Nona of the rerlred piecea which have boon produced her4 hare given more genuine aatiafaction. WINTER GARDEN?" CAMILLE." In the preface to last night's programme at the Wintei Garden we find the following abundant inducements sol forth for the reproduction of Hiss Heron's great repro seutation of Camille:? It is now Ore years since, at this rery season, Matilda Heron appearing flrst in New York in this character, clutched the dramatic diadem with a bound, aud won from the universal press of city and country the title ol the greatest actress of our time. Her personation ol Camille was acknowledged as the most splendid exbibi tlon of intense passion and depth of eariicstuess ol woman's love ever presented on the stago. Night after night, for thirteen weeks, the house was crowded from pit to dome, and hundreds hung with terrible interest ovor tho trials of the true but fallen woman, beautiful even in her fall. Matilda Heron is still the same Matilda Heron. Camille is still the same Camille. This very enthusiastic bit of dranaatic history, although somewhat highly colored, Is substantially true; and thai long and remarkable season of Camille is too freshly remembered by our stage-patronizing {citizens to roquirs any further description of the play, the plot, or the intensely dramatic development of the deep and unfortunate passion of the outlawed, self-sacrificing and un happy "Queen of the Cornelias," as rendered by Mist Heron. In the the opera of "Traviata," enough of th? sad story is preserved to give a dramatic unity and pat ho to the beautiful muslo of Verdi; but in the play ( as dono by Miss Heron, the blanks are Oiled up, the connecting incidents are all retained, and the romance becomos the living history of the parties before us. Misa Keren's Camille is evsn better as it appeared to us last night than it waa five years ago. She has se thoroughly studied it, aud she so evidently believes it to be absolutely true in ail its details, and so applicable to the ertiel despotism of society in certainoases, that she goes into the werk of Ha representation before the public with the faith of a martyr aad the seal of a reformer. Thepiay last evsning went smoothly and quietly on, aad the audience was remarkably still, uatil the opening of the fourth act, whan at that terrific scene between Armand (Mr. Barton niu/t VMUIiIJi M? MW WUMI ^ MI . ff MIA/k/ UIWO WW very successful effort to bring down the house. It ni difficult, however, even in his One clothes, to separate Weieot from I'ncle Pete and Uncle Tom, and Mr. Prior, if anything, was a little too rough in his manner to merit ths success whlen he achieved in behalf of bis son and daughter. We cannot believe that even Paris, with all Ks curiosities,can produce-a woman who would listen With patience to the appeal of Monsieur Duvall as done byMr. Prior. Mr. Barton Hill, In the sceno referred to, and throughout the play, justly share* the honors of the house with Miss Heron, He is a good actor, and has thus far Improved hie reputation with the public in every important character which he has assumed. Of the other personages of the play it will suffice to say that they were satisfactorily given; and if they fell short in any particular point we are sure the deficiency failed to bo noticed id the absorbing interest which was commanded by Camilla. The play will be gtven this evening, and the house will again be full, and doubtless for as many nights to come as this attractive drams shall be repealed. ACADEMY or MUSIC. "Masaniello" was produced for the third Ume (his season at this house last night, with a markod improvement upon tho first representation, and more than ordinary success. The ballet was excellent, and the exquisite dances introduced by Senorita Cubes ware warmly encored. The skirmish between the rebel and royal troops was very effective and the eruption of Vesuv ius was well managed. Miss Hinkley, as Elvira, sang charmingly; Brignoti, as Masaniello, was In good voice; Susmi, as Plotro, was splendid as usual, aad the other characters were well sustained. The house was moderately full and fashioua hie. On Wednesday Madame de Lussan will make her dabui In "fa Favorite." and on Friday Madame D'Angri, who is said to be the best contralto, with the exception ol Alboni, that lias ever visited this country, is announced to make her Orst appearance in Uio "Barblero de Sivi glla." The drbut of these artists will doubtless draw large houses. Madame D'Angri wilt make her second ap|>ear. aocc at the matinee on Saturday, when "Linda di Clia mounix" will be the opera produced. On Thursday "Ma aanioilo" will do given at mo urouaiyn AC.iueiuy. UAMI.ET. AT MAKT TKOVOBT'a THEATRB. Shakspere's ' Hamlot" was prosented At Mary Pro voat's theatre (Broadway, near Broomo stroct) last evening, with Mr. J. Wiikcs Booth in the prinnpa character. For so small a theatre tho play was well pul upon the stage, and the anting wax much above lh< aver ago Mr. Booth's Hamlet is not no excellent and eonaistent a iierfdrmance as his Kit-hard Third 01 Charles de Moor, but it is very well read throughout and has evidently boen carefully studied. The melan ch.ilic, philosophical scenes were only good, but whet the action was hurried! and the passion intense, Mr Booth was more like himself, and marvellously like hit father. I tended I y his forte is in'melodramatic; ratbei than in quiet, classical, intellectual characters. Mr ltyer'a I'oloniiis, Mr. Baker's (iravedlgger, and Mr. Col Iter's Laertes, deservo especial mention Mrs. Knrrcn't Certrudo wns, as usual, good. Mrs. Chanfruu h okel and sang well in Ophelia. The other characters were creditably represented, with the exception of Mr. Carter's King Claudius. To-night Mr. Booth plays l'escara. in Shells' < Apostate"?a part just suited to bis powers, which ueeds only age to be great. SHIPPING NEWS. Port of Mew York, March '44,186*. Below. I'ark It Colcord, 7 da)I troni Cardenas Hrlg Vesta (Itr). ft days from Cardenas. Bohr Joseph Crandell, S3 day* from Cadis.?(All by pilot boat K/ra Nye, No Si. Crlstndoro'a Hisir Dye, Preservative and Wigs, the Im-sI In the world, whoieaale and retail, and the dye privately applied at No 6 Astor Honor. Hill's Hntr Dye, AO Cents, Blatek or bron n, the beat In use. Depot No. i Barclay street, and sold by all druggists. Barry's Trlropltrrous Is the Beet and cheapest article for dressing, beautify ing, curling, cleaning, pieservtng and restoring the hair. bailies, iry it. Bold l.y all druggfata. Braistlful Cain pie* Ion ? I.a tret's Bloom of Youth or Lijuld I'enrl, lor preserving and tieautllytiig the Truaaca.? March A Co.'i Radlrnl Cure Truaaea, Shnnldri Mrm ?? and Dr. Wadaworth'a Uterine Kle valor?a cuperlor article. No i Veary alrcet, Aator Hoime, opposite the church. Wlnatit's Inillnn lilnhnrnt la a Bur* cuie lor Rheiunallain, Neuralgia. Ac. DcpotBI Ban l,ijr ill Oct' Chilli anil Fever Can Only Be Kircctnalljr cured hjr llollnway'a I'llls They act directly on the llvn and contain no mlncrala. I.ndlea Can Conanlt, Kmc, a Phyalrlan of their own act. by railing at 79 Weal Thirl).eighth street. K npt nrr and Varicocele Cared.?Dr. ItllJd.v oMlcc No 2 Barclay aired. The Oreat Pile Remedy.?If Von nee trouhlcd wllh Idaadlni, blind or Itehtng plica, uae Dr. Witmer'a Mile Sup|aiailory. Il la a tcrialu aud permanent our*. Aneii I nil Bower; A Down Town Merchant, liming paaaed aeural alrepUa* tiiirlila, illalurlied li; Ilia agonies and cries of a si Hi ring child, and hemming con vtnerd thai Mia. WINSLGW 'Ci Soothing Hvnin was just the Crll' l" needed, procured a supply lor the child. On reach lug home and ai >|ilaliiliiiK hla wile with what he had done, ah' refilled to li.ive II ailmlinsp'tril 10 the child, aa alie waa stiOngtjr In farof of homeopathy. Thai night the child p?s,r.l in anller n|and the parents wilhoiit sleep Returnlug bnnic the dm lo lowing. the Iniher found the hah* atiil ivora- , and while < imt'inplaHiig another sleeplcs* night, the inothi r stepped IroM the room to aurnd in aomc domrano duties, and h-ll the lather with the child. During her ahaen.c he ailinluialered a portion of the >- milling Syrup 10 llo haht mid aai I nothing. That night all hand, alcpt well, and the little It'llow awoke In the morning hrtchliind loippy. The niothri wsa delighted w ith the sudden and wonderful change, nnd, allhnngh at (Ir.t offended at the deception |Tae. ih cii iijion h*r. I a, continued to uac the syrup, and atlDi'i ing crying i ahu > nno r -to ,, night* have dP appeared. A single trial of the ayrtlp never yet lolled lo relieve the bahy and over.eiuv tho prejudice* of the mother, MARCH 25, X862.-TRIPLM MAILS FOR EUROPE. Brilliant Operations of General Burnside's Division in Forth Carolina?The Capture of Fewborn, Beaufort, Ac Map of the Position?The Continued Successes of the Union Forces Throughout the Country?The Latest Mews from Mexico, Cuba, Ac., 4kc., Ac. The Cunard mail steamship Africa, Captain Stone, will leave this port on Wednesday for Liverpool. The mails for Europe will close in this city at half past nine o'clock in the morning. Thk Nkw yosi Hkbalo?Edition for Europe?will be ready at half-past eight o'clock In the morning, and will oonlain a full and highly iatereetmg account of the Operations of the Burnside Expedition in North Carolina, resulting in the complete Defeat of the Rebeis, the Capture of Newborn and Be., fort, the Burning of the Rebel Steamer Nashville, and the Instruction of Fort Macon, accompanied with a Map of the country, showing its strategical and geographical importance. It will also contain accounts of the Battle and Defeat of the Rebels near Winchester, Va., Of the Advance and Progress of the Union Forces in the West and Southwest, and ail military movements of interest of the past week, The Latest News from lfexlce and Ouba, sad a large amount f other interesting reading1 Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, six cents. ' Sampson Low, Son k Co., No. 4T Ludgate Hill, London, England,will receive advertisements and subscriptions for the Hsiuld. i Official Drawings or mnrray, Eddy di Cot's Kentucky and Missouri State Lotteriee. Kbktuokv. Extra Class 13'j?March 24. 1862. 60, 10, 16, 1. 71, 38, 5i?, 40. 3, 53. 10, 43, 54. i Kbwtvckt, Class 140?March 24, isa. 49, 37, 3, 1, 61. 7?. 25, 10, 27, 14, 42. 11, 40. i Circulars sent tree of charge by addressing eltner to ' MURRAY, BODY A CO., f Covington, Kjr., or St. Louis, Mo. Oflleial Drawings or the Kentucky and Delaware State Lotteries. KaNTuoar?Extra Class 87?March 24.1862. 1 23, 19, 73, 70, 6, 58. 62, 34, 47, 38. 5, 57,7. Dblawabb?Class 181?March 24, 1861. 1 24, 34, 19, 71, 6, 4, 1, 75, 23, 52, 44, 17, 70. Circulars sent by addressing JOHN A. MORRIS A CO.. Wilmington, Delaware, or Covington, Kentucky.

Prlxes Cashed In All Legalized Lotteriee. Information given. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, 19 Wall street, New York, upstairs. Sadak and Kalntrnde Is Still on the boards at Barnum's, and as popular aa ever. Commodore Nutt, Hippopotamus, Ac., are to be seen at all hours. Capt. Ericsson.?At Fredericks' Photograph Gallery, 6RT Broadway, lin|>ertal and Card Photographs I of this Eminent Magiueer on exhibition and fur sale. The Navel Expedition.?All About to procewd with the expedition now lilting out ahould not fail to provide themselves with one of the Delano Patent Life Preserving Vests, the only reliable life preserver (for the protection of persons from drown n;) maiiurn-Uwed. Call and see them. Salesroom of the Delano Lite Preserving Vest Company at the stole of J. Agate A Co., Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, 204 Broadway, opposite the City Hall. A Pare Tobacco?Yellow Bank Tobncco.?Goodwin's Pure Yellow Bank Tobaeco, free from all Impurities, for sale by ail lobaccu and segur dealers, aud at wholesale by E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, 209 Water street. Batchelor'a Hair Dy#.?The Best 1st the world; luuruUeitiL reluUilAsud Hold adplied It BATCIIBLOB'S Wig Factory. 16 Bond sterol. Married. Burnt?HAiinsxaxBdH.?On Saturday,March 32,by Rev. James r. Hardenbergh, D. D-, Wm. A. bt nn to Margaret Vax Kijocuk, daughter of the officiating clergyman. an vt iuii* ciij. Carlyi.k?Skmpior.?On Monday, March 24, by Rar. O. Thatcher, Edward & Carlwb, of Connecticut, to Mian elizahktii ssmfloit. Philadelphia papers please copy. , Hows?Raymold.?On Monday, February IT, by tho Rev. Kvan W. Johaaon, rector of St. Michael's church, Jawh H. Hows to Mrs. Makoarktta Kay hold, alt of Brooklyn. Died. Andbrhow ?On Sunday morning, March 23, Asm. T. Andkbsom, in the 66th year of his age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from Trinity chapel. Ahmktoko.?.On Sunday, March 23, William Armstbono, aged 43 years. The triouds and acquaintances of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, Trom his late residence, 144 Kasl Thirty-second street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Bonci.sR.?On Thursday. March 13, at JefTcrson, Frederick county, Maryland, of dropsy, Mr. Thomas Alrxandsr BoTKLMt, late of Philadelphia and Virginia. 1 Hhown.?On Mouday, March 24, Mrs. (1. Brown, the bei loved wile of John Brown,a native or England, in tho 64th I year of her age. The relatives and frlonds of the family aro respectfully ii,.ilul li>*ll*nil Km riinnral thin f'I'minl, v , aflurti.u... at halt past one o'clock, from her lata residence, No. 220 g Churoli street. Camknon.?On Sunday, March 23, after a lingering ill1 ness, DAMiRLCAinwoN, aged lft years, 3 mootha and 21 ' days. Oh! Daniel, dear, 'lla hard to part. It tears the corda around our hoarta, But soon to heaven wn hope to meet, , And sit with you at Jesus' feet. The relatives and friend* of the family arc respectfully invited to attond the funeral, from tho residence of his parent*,54 Chrystiestreet, this (Tuesday) aftornoou, at two o'clock. Cadb.?On Friday, March 14, suddenly, at Colchester, Conn., RaymoniiG. Caiux,formerly of Bn.o.lyn, N. Y. Datsr.?At his residence, in Westchoster county, ou Monday, March ?J4,1'HiLir Datkh, m the OUlh year of his ! age. 1 Notice of funeral in to morrow's paper. i Kacan. ?Ou Sunday, March 2:1, of consmni tkm, I'riix.rr, , youngest daughter of Thomas and tho late Margaret Kagun. aged 16 years,2 mouths and 2days. ' The funeral will lake place this (Tuesday) aftornoou, at r two o'clock, from the residence of her father, No. 1,386 Broadway, corner of Forty-ninth street. ' Flood.?On Sunday morning, March 23,at bis residaii< o, in Astoria, I,. I., I'linur Flood, aged 66 years. i Tho funeral will take place this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'ulock. from hts lato reeidsuce. The fi ieud* aud relatives are rospoctfully invited to attend. 1 GAimirrr.?On Sunday, March 23, Frahcis UARRrrr, late of Lieburn, county Antrim, Ireland. 'Ilie funeral will take place this (Tuosdsy) afternoon, at halt post ono o'ehxk, Irom his late residence, No. 220 , West Twenty.flfth streot. , I Mahah.?On Sunday, March XI,after a long illness, Mrs. , Gkacr Uaiian, wile oi ICrtward (iaban, of Killisbniidra, county Cuvan, Ireland, aged 00 years. Iler friends aud thoxo of the family are invi'ed to at teurt tho funeral, this fTuesday) afternoon, at one ' o'clock,Irom her late residence, No. 10 J?un* street. litMULf.?Killed in a skirmish ut NaahviUe, Tennessee,.Units Wiu.srr Ckkssit, in the I9th year of hiange, lato of Company B, First Wisconsin regiment. The only child of Mary R. Greenly, of Milwaukee, dsughtor of the lato John Towusnnd, Ks |., and widow of thu late I'hiio T. Greenly, M. I). '1'is sweet to dio for one's country. IIavtord.?At I'eekskill. N. Y., on Holurdsy. March 22, Hks-ii r, wile of Andrew llanford, in the 7lat year of . her ago. The relatives and friends of the family nro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, MWMMi from her lute residence. furnaces will beat tho dqiot at I'eekfkill on the arrival of tho tram that leave < Chain bora street at half past seven, to cotuoy the friends to the funeral. Kikkkikii. ? irnSunday, March 23, at Flushing, I,. I., i Josseti C. riscKxr.r, iufant sou of Lieutenant James I.J. and Carrie Kiersted.aged 2 years and eight months. 'J toe funoral will take place this (Tuesday) afinrnoon, at two o'clock, from the residence <* P. M. W. Kedfl Id. No. 1,129 Broadway. Tho relative# and friends of the taml'y are Invited to attend witlmst farther notice. Idivr.?On .Saturday, March 22, at his residonco, No. luT SI. Mark's place, Commodore L'riaii P. Lkvy, United Slates Navy. The friends of lh? deceased and of the family, officers or the navy and army, the members of the Historical Society, the members of ths Society Library, the members of the Dramatic Fund Association, and the members of the nncient and honorable fralornity of Free and Accepted Masons are invited to attend tho funeral, at his late residence, thin (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock precisely. Lisas.?On Sunday, March 2.1, i'Hiur Lisas. Jr.. a?cd 35 /earn and " mouths Hie friends ol tho Umily aro respectfully invited to atlond the funeral, on Wednesday morning. at half-past nine o'cluvt, from III* lain re? denne in Hamilton street, near Path avenue, Brooklyn. Tin- remaina will bp taken to St. ,'am'a' Cathedral, In Jay street, where sol'mti roptietn muse will be said, end from thence will be interred in IhslVmoteiy of Ilia Holy Croas at Klalbusii. I,amu. ?Ufi Monday, Mar< {> 24, MahvC. Lamm,daughter of Shier and Mary latinh, aged ft years, 11 months and 24 days. Tho friends of the inmily are invited to attend the fmiei al, frein the residence of her iiarnnta, No. ftl Hutier street, Brooklyn, on Wednesday afternoon, al two o'clock. rtaugortlos papers please copy. I.aWRkkc a ?On Monday, March 24, Mast K. Lawrrmcp, i in tile .Villi year of Iter age The friends and relatives of tho family are respectfu'ly Invited to attend the ftinutal, Iroin hur late resilience, 141 West r?<-iity-lli st street,on Wednesday at tor noon, at one o'clock, wiltiout further invitation. Maiisnam.? On Mi nday morning, Mareh 24, at his residence, 184lh street, Fort Washington, In the With ysat of his age, MArrisw MaRsiiam., The relatives and friends of tho family arc Invited to attend the funeral, at SI. Ann's chapel, lS2d street and Kingsbrldgo road, on Wednesday ultoinoon, at two o'clock Hudson Kivor lUilroad cars leave Chambers slrcel depot at 12 M and Thirty-lirat street depot nt 12:25 P. M. MirRMsky.?On Sunday, March 2.1, of hrsln favor, Miriuti Morrday, in the ,15th year of his age Hio friends snil relatives et thefamlly are fcspeclfully reiosl.d to atlond the funeral, this (Tuesday) after , SHKKT. noou, from his UW residence, 4M Tenth moM.itoM o'clock, without further invitation ll< sloe pupere please copy. McC'a csi-a nd?(hi Wednesday,February 26, in Cube, of cjusu caption, Kbamcis MuCacsi.asd, a i .tive of Dun gaunon, county Tyrone, Ireland, aged 25 yeare, 1 mouth ami 3 day*. The deceased was a lieutenant In Company K, Second regiment N. V. 8. Ifand enjoyed the esteem au<1 good will of his comrades, to whom be wits ei,<tekred ty hie excellent dispoeitiou and his sterling qiwlitiea or head aud hoart. May he rest in piece There will be a High Mass celebrated for him in St. Peter's church, in lurclay street, ou Wednesday uiorniug, at ten o'clock The friouds ana acquaintances are reepeotfully invited to atteud. O'Cogjtoa?on Monday, March 24, at half-past six P. M , Mas* A** O'Commor, m the 22d year of her age, a ualivo of tho parish of D irrow, Kings county, Ireland. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend tho funeral, which will take place ou Wednesday atte noon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her mother, No. 107 Kaat Thirteenth slrcot. yi AcaiNiiusn.? At Mount Vernon, Wostcheslor county, New York, on Monday morning. March 24, Tsrisu, wife of David (juackinbush, in the 26th year of her age, after a brief illness. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her father-in-law, lietuamin Quackiubush, No. 767 Greenwicn street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Interment at Greenwood. Koss.?On Monday, March 24, Ktbuna Kuzahkjh, yo ug#<l daughter of Francis A. and Sarah A. Koss, and granddaughter of Thomas J. and Dorelha Marshall, aged 6 yers and 14 days. From pain nnd sulTrtng now she's free, Her face on earth no mere we'll see; But, angel like, she lives on high, A.blessed spirit in Aha sky. Relatives and friends are hereby invited "to attend the t ntieral m lVailnnmlnw sflamnM at turn fi'rltirk frtim tho residence of tier parents, East Fifty secondatreel, be* tween Second end Third avenue*. Rsinh.?A| Woel Farms, Westchester county. on Sueday morning, March 23, Mr. David H. Rama, printer, in the 80th year of hia age. The relatives and friends of the family, and those of his si a in law , John Sutherland, of Morriaania, are respectfully invited toattond the funeral, from the Church of the Holy Martyia (Rev. Mr. MUletfa), la Forsyth street, u<-ar Canal, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Mr. Rains was one of the founders of the New York Typographical Society, the members of which, and also the veterans of 1812, are requested to be present at the funeral, without further invitati n. Stkpiisns.?On Sunday, March 23, Gaomia W. STtiWMB, son of tho late rotor Stephens, ageJ 24 years and 6 months. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, this day (Tuesday), at twelve o'clock, from the residence of Ins stepfather, T. M. tiravos, No. 82 Hudson street, without further notice. Mil kkmamn.?In Hudson City, N. J., on Monday morning, Ma ch 24, K. A. Siiik-vmahn, of Aarau, Switzerland, in the 39lh your of his ag e. Ihe friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hit late residouce, corner of Nuwurk and Chestnut avenues, this (luosday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Skkukant.?On Monday, March 24, Sarah Skkokamt, the bolovod wife of William Sergeant, No. 60 William street, of congestion of the lungs, aged 23 years and 11 months. The remaius will betaken from No. 43 White street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at ono o'clock, to Greenwood Cemetery, where friends are respectfully invited tealtend. Northamptonshire (England) papers please copy. Smith.?In Jersey City, suddenly, on Sunday evening, March 23, of apoplexy, Jobs E. Smith, in the 74lh year of liis age. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday afternoon, at three o'clock, from the Reiormod Dulch church, in South Bergen, N.J. wilmams.?On Monday, Mnrch 24, after a short illness, Towkutv Wilmams, aged 48 years, 11 months and 8 days. In stillness or death I'm sleeping, Far away where strangers dwell; Far from all those scenes of pleasure. And the home 1 love so well. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funernl services, at his late residence, No. 308 South Third streol. Williamsburg, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Wilms.?On Sunday, March 23, Karo Srrros Wneow, only child of Edward and Adeline IS. Wilson, aged 8 mouths and 8 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to alteud the funeral, from the rosidence of his father. 182 Columbia street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invttatiou. 7 PKHMINALi. CHILDREN TAKEN FOR ADOPTION; ALSO CHIL(lien adopted to good koini-a, at Madame PAKSA.LI.E li, 319 Weat Twelfth street. CLARA?I WISH TO 8RE YOU, 8AME HOUR AS heretofore, Tuesday. Should you be unable to come send me word before twelve o'clock. Don rafae santos.-information wanted of the ahove named peraou: la a nali.e ol Cuba, about 20 year* of age, 6 fuel 3 inches high. When last h-aril from, In E*pteinl>er lost, wan residing at Fort Edward, N. V. Any person leaving aurb Information wllh Julian Faguaga, 30 Broad atreel. u|i aiair?, will laeeiye a liberal reward. 1,1 A. X.?ALL WILL BE EXPLAINED. THERE IS XU. a letlerln the otllce nddresaed to you irom E. U. L. IF JOHN T. HENDRICKSON, WHO IS AT PRESENT on or waa formerly a conductor on the Second or Third Avenue Railroad, will aend Ilia addreea to U. K. W.. care of P. C. Godlrey, Union square Pont ofllce, he will hear of aotnethlng to lila advantage. IF MR. DOUR, FROM AUOUSTA. OA.. WHO WAS aeen standing on Pine street, louveraing with a gentleiiinn. on Monday, will aend hla address ti Jamea Winter, Esq., station F, uii will hoar of an old lrland. MISS EMILY D.-EXCUSE MF. FOR NOT RF.COtiMZ. lug vou at onoe when 1 iiaaaed you on Broadway >cstenlay morning. Tell me. did you arer get the note I mail led for you at the Union aquara 1 oat olllceT Address J. O., box .1,664 Poet oRlce. LOIT^IiMDTOUlIP. IjlOUNO-A CANAL BOAT. THE OWNER CAN H/.VE the value by proving property and paying expense,.. .. applying to T. Slmonxon, Tompklnarlllc, S. I. LOST-MARCH 10. A BRACELET OF RED SHELLS, St. Mark's place, or In going up Third avenue to Tulrleeulli aired, tu reliiru will lie liberally rewarded. AddiesaS. D. V. S., hot .1,326 New York Poet office. LOST-CERTIFICATE NO. 3,362, DATED OCT. ft, |SH|, for two shares of the piaferred Hock ol tin- Mori m Canal and Hanking Company, ol New Jersey, in the name of Sarah Mar a Watyb, who will apply to add company fur a new certlirale. IOST-ON MARCH II. A CERTIFICATE FOR FIFTY J Shares of ihe Nicaragua Accessory Transit Company No. I.4SI, Issued lo Daniel Kiaaam. All person* are cannoned against nogotiiuug the same. The Under will be liberally rewarded liy returning the same to T. F. Hally, 30 Pine street, basement. LOST?ON THE 241II INST., A BLACK POCKEThook, on Broadway, between Ninth nn.l Thirteenth streets, containing notes and a cheek, valuable only lo the owner, as payment liaa lieeu slopped. The Under will lie Ilia-rally rewarded by leaving the same at Juuan'a Hotel. 7i>7 Broadway, at Ihe olllce. I08T? A SMALL UED STONE BREASTPIN. IN KIKTII J avenue, near Thirtieth atreet, about 6 oClock on Sunday afternoon. Tin Under will please leave the mime (whldi la valued as a gilt) at Manhattan Eire Insuranco utile, 01 wall street. and receive a reward. TOST-OK TUESDAY, MARCH 1S.A HANK HOOK. NO. J IsS.Kff Any person who ha. possession ol It will pleaac ri-luin it la llie How. ry Savinga Hank. BKWAK1M. dh,- REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY BVKNTNO, COR) neroi Canal street ami Broadway. a large i It. k Newfoilii'llau.1 Dog; w hile ajn.i un hia breast. Any iieraon returning him to E. M C..jr'?, Corner Canal and Klin streets w ill re. tlve the above reward. $r.|k Itl-.WARD. ?LOST, ON THURSDAY AKTKRNOON oil 30th mat., between 4 and 6 o clock, in going iroin Milton atrcet lo Broadway ami Bond atreel, in a Seventh avenue aiage, a large sired Gold Watch, detached lover, Johnaon. inaher. The above reward will lie pa d to the under upon leaving the name at the oilice of Ueo. W. Leg. getl, No. 2y Cliff atreet. Hhr/k REWARD-LOST, A BROWN LEATHER PORTE. tj)oo nionnale, containing a diamond and two dollar., on Ranirdajr ulubi. In lludaon river cara, th> n Thirtieth street to Ninth avenue. Red Bird line alag" to corner of Bioalw.ijr and Thirty.aerond atreet, and through Thlrtyaeeond atreet lo fifth avenue. The above reward will be pai I I..r the ring alone I y applying at ft) Raat Thirty III th at IT. IT""! TI inirFiwa. HAMBURG AMERICAN RACKET COMPANY, d Hi AM TO LONDON, HAMHURO. HAVRE AND SOUTIIAMrTON. The lavortt nrat claaa and elegant iron tuall at. ain.hii> SAXONIA, If. Rhlera, commander, earrymg the United Slalea mail, aatla irom pier 21 North river, foot of Kullon atreet, positively on lay, the Mh of April, and takca paa.eugeia tor London, Hamburg, Havre and Southampton at the following rates:?Slrat cabin, Jlnu, aecond cabin, 1*1, Steerage, $35. T he BAVARIA will sneered the Maxonlann April 19. For passage apply eii'lnalvely to C. B. RICHARD A tJOAS, 131 Broadway, New York. For siianohae, ciiina.-the elb.iant first Haas clipper ship KITTY SIMI'SON. < ipiam Mayo, will aall positively cn TH I RSDA V, March 87 ll-ia llrat. -lass cabin accommodations lor two more paaaena.-r.. Apply on tavartl. at Pier No. 17 East river, or at L. II. SIMPSi.N s, Si Sooth atreet. Australia pioneer link, carrying the lulled Stale. Mall?The new British bark .11 LI A ANN, of llong Konr, I. now rapl.lly loading for Shlm-y. N. 8. W., at pier 26 East river, and will be deapaichad |H>aiuvely llth April Haa superior ac.ommodallona for Aral cabin passengers. The fast sailing ship SOUTH AMERICA la now rapldr. .naditig and will hare quick deapaieh for Melbourne. Haa au|mrlnr nrrommodallona for llrat and second rahln paaaenKi. For rrenht or passage apply to R W. CAMERON, W) eer atreet. XTKAMBOATI. rrilh HTIAMRUAT lir.ll. I,AW, I'AIT. J. R. VAX 1 Kirk, will Ibavs lor Now Brunawtc h, making thr Intrrmr.tlatr landings. Irom l oot of Robinson Itrvnt, At 2 30 P. M. R' lornlng, will Iratrr rvsry morning (Sunday rjr.nt.d > from Nrw Hruiiswit'k *1 6 A. M., Wood's taunting South Amlioy, IVrth Antboy, Tott.n'a, Wuodbrldgr, Rissrlllr, Union, Ohelson. UIU.L.IARDH. AI.ARUK STOCK OK K1.W AND SECOND HAND Milliard Tablrs, with Philan's Combination Cushions, lor nil- si lirt<-os to milt thr tIntra. I'llKl.AN A COUUKNUKR. 63 to 69 Crosby St.. N Y I Toll HALK OR RXCHAM1K FOR RKAL ESTATE?A Hillhtrd KsUsbllahmriil, In a I.rst rain location, doing a g'sxl iiuainnaa. Addtrsa Coat ollivv, station F, 4118 Tlnril art-nun. XTOTICK - W II. ORIFFITIf WIUU REPAIR T A HUES is pttl mi his improvrd Combination Cushions, fitrnlah Clolh i u s, lialls. Cur Uiathrrs. furnlali Pliaik snil Hllllsril Taldra thirty per cont rlirstiof than ran br Imuiiht rlarwhrrn. W. It. UK1KK1TII, 140 CuUun slrtct. 7 MIICELLAXEOVI. j^TTENTION, CASH Bl'YKKS. PRINTS AND DOMESTICS PUB CASK BUSS A WHKKLOCE. 390 Broadway, offrr for sale, much Ih-Iow the market, their large stock of MERRIMACK, WAMSUTTA. COCHKt O, AMOHKEAO. RICHMOND. CHICOPEK, UNION and other POPULAR PRISTS. Ale >, DOMERTICS and COTTONADES, purchased lor cash laet season. Amo, hosiery, woollensTwhite oood8, notions and STAPLE DRESS OOOD8. BLISS A WHEELOCK. 3#.i liroadway. AN IMPORTANT WORK ON PIIYSIOLOGY-PABIS, Lnudun ami New York?Medical Adviser and Oulde.? A new edition, revealing lire facta obtained by uuatomy aud experiments in the Pieinh and English hospitals, Ac , including a Ir-atiae uimii the dls'-uars ami weaknesses afHtrting Inn human family from ignorance of their causes, by an eminent New York physician. Sen I free to any addreaa for SI . 7. L " 1 Yeaey aireei, Aator House, or RO? & TOUhKY, 121 Natutau street N. Y. Anderson s one price carpet establibumeat, No. 99 Bowery. Now ia the time to tiuy English Carpels and OUclotha, before the great advance in prices. All cooda guaranteed. Now go and buy. Look for HIRAM ANDERSON, No. 99 Bowery. AT $1 SO. DOUBLE SOLE WATER-PROOP BOOTS AT JONES', 10 and 12 Aun atreet. Pour diderent alylea at $4 SO at JONES', 10and 12 Aun alreet. At oimbrkde's, am broadway, $4 photograph Albuma (fur lifiy picture*) retailed at $3. Artistic monograms engraved on steel Dies, by UIMBItKDE, and stamped in colore. Articles for soldiers, at points occupied by Union traopa, should be Heal by HARNDBN'S EEPRESS, 74 Broadway, al halt ratea. AT 104 KULTON STREET-WEDDING CARDS. THESE celebrated Engraved Wedding Cards sold only by WE EVBBDELL'8 SONS. Established 181A CNRUTCHE8 AND CANES FOR THE MILLION?AT J the manufacturer's, C. PINNELL, No. 2 Cortlaudl street. /30RN8, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS. EN LA HQ EH V7 jointa, and all disease* of the fecLctirea without |>Ma or incouvenience to the patient, by Dr. ZACHAKIK, Surgeon Chiropodist, 760 Broadway. Keiera to physicians and surgeons ol the city. DR. PLUMKR'K PATENT LASTS FOR EASY FITTINO boots. used by HUNT, 430 and 829 Broadway. Fine Dress Boot*. $6: Piteut Leather Bouts. $7; Balmorals, a new kind, copper 1 listened, very durable, $3 50. DR. ADAM LAURIE's LIFE PILLS-PREPARED l'roin a plant that grown in the tea districts of China, are a certain cure lor nervous debility, neuralgia, ticdolurexux, St. Vitus' dance, Indigestion, dyspepsia, lm potency aud all net vous disorders $1 per box; post free by mail. GEO. BULPIN, Agent, 429 Broadway, New York. IjUIKNITURE AT COST.-J. BOYCK. AT iiis MANIT factory and Ware rooms, 90 aud 98 East Houston street will oiler his entire stock of superior custom made Furnltura ot every description at cost until April -0, when the balauoe will be sold at auction to close the business. Like the advance of the orand army of the Potomac under McClollan la the rush of the million Tor the imperishable Carte des Visile, at $2 and $3 per dosen, by MEADE BROTHERS. 233 Broadway. PATENTS FOR NEW INVENTIONS. Messrs. MUNN A CO., proprietorsof the Scientific American, No. 37 Park row, New York, continue to solicit Patents in the United Stairs and in all ioreign countries, on the most reasonable terms Consultations and pamphlets of advice tn English and German tree on application at the ofltoe. Messrs. M. A Co. have been engaged In soliciting patents over sixteen years, and more than tlfteen thousand patents have been granted through their agency. jgMITH 4 BROTHER'S NEW YORE PALE EE* iU. In whole, half and quarter casks, brewed from the choicest barley malt and hops. Brewery lW and 100 West Eighteenth treei, N. Y. STRONG'S PATENT ABMY TRUNK AND PORTABUE Bedstead combined, ooruer of Warren stresl and Broad' i, way. POLITICAL. w NOTICE.?NATIONAL UNION CLUBS OF Till* city.?Accordtug to the constitution of the Central Committee, article 9, as follows, the several ward eluhashalt elect three delegates to this committee, at the meeting tn March of each year, aud transmit to the secretary prior to the first Friday In April following the credentials or suck delegates. By order. JOHN C. HAM. President. o. S. Holdkk, Secretary pro tern., 307 Broadway. VllRlimRB. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE, I* all colors, ot warranted manufacture; atwi aoltd Chestnut Chamber Suits, plain and ornamental, at H. F. FARICINGTON'S, No. 308 Canal street, opposite Wooster. Established tn 19u. A private family, oivinu up housekeeping, have isint Furniture for sale very cheap; also a P ot Apply at :U Summit ((real, near Ham.lion avruue, South. Brooklyn. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FIRST CLASS HOUSE* hold Furniture tor aale at a aaerllloe. Ha. en octave rosewood I'Uuolorte, coal $.101) tor $2A0, lie lolling Suiol aud Cover; ruaewood Pailor Suit, oust $1IU1, tor $141; do. $S0; Klagerea, Paintings, Bureau*. Bc.Ut. ail>., Carpets, Mal* treaaes, Chandelier*. Mirrota. C'.ocks, Ornament*, at half coat. Inquire at 71) Went Twenty sixth street, near Slxth.av. Bargains in furniture-the undersigned, being a Hint to give up houataecptng, en or almut the 1st o, April next, la now oIIim tog in-enure xto k ot Furniture, at hult value. A splendid Velvet Carpet, a|'.ull auil of Parlor Furniture, and a great tuaoy aitnlea loo aumeroua to meiilion, are all bound to be aold reaartllesj 01 mat. samuel tuck, 301 Bleeckrr atreel, N. T. Enamelled chamber suits of furnitube~ In all color* and style*, at urholeaala and retail; tba largest atock in the oity. Suit* $30 and upward*. Alao, aolld walnut Suit*, Mattreaaea, Pallta**e*, Ac. WARREN WARD, *77 Canal alreet, four door* euat of Broadway. First class enamelled furniture?plain. decorated and grained, aolid walnut and oak Seta; Suite at$3Uanil upward*; Mattrenxea, Spring Beds, Ac. J. W. FISHER ? CO., Manufacturer*, tiAO Broadway, between Bleeckeracd Bond a tree la. Furniture boeuht.? all kings of household Furniture bought tor cash and a good price given. All rail* or a uoio addressed Furniture, *79 Third avenue, near Thirt. -fourth all eel, will lie promptly attended to. K. B.?A good iuMH'tmrut of aecond hand Furniture for acle. 1,1 URN ITU RE, CARPETS, BOOKS. LIBRARIES AND J? Pamphlet* iiouglit for ready itionay at 123 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth alreeta. Furniture wanted?sufficient to furnish a small hottaa, lor which will be exchanged aoine real eatale at the Weat, taat Improving In value; a liberal ex ipUKNITl'KK ?KIKST CLASS FURNITURE FOR SALE 1 at (he private tealdeiioe 1A Livingston place, in ar Second avenue and Seventeenth street; everything necessary foe housekeeping. Rosewood Piano, nearly new; ra??wood Parlor and B> droom Furniture. (iai hxiures, I WANT TO BUT FROM ??) TO SLOW WORTH Of second hand Furniture. Partiea breaking up houscheetinr, l'v addressing a line to J. O. b., Hudson street, will bud a cash customer. Country calls atteuded to. OFFICE FrRNITPRE WANTED-KOR TWO OFFICES; unlet Le good, also shelving. Address Furniture, bag I1,121 Put ollice. PLIMPTON'S rARLOR BEDSTEADS AND other Unit ciaaa Furniture sold at wholesale and retail. Also furnished by moutlily payments at ltl Tenth at., lurmeily National Academy of Design. ~ WATCI1KA, JEWELRY, Ac. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds.-the best imitation ever ottered to the pulilie la our Farts double cut Calllornla Diamonds. Hctng rut by real diamond lapidaries from selected crystalled quarts, and mounted In ib carat i.'dd. the best lodges are deceived For sale only at J. T. THOMPSON'S jewelry store, 421 Broadway, three disirs above Canal street. \STKOIsOUY. Astonish inti?maoamb morrow, seventh daughter, has a gift ?| foresight; tells how aoon sad how often you will marry, and all yon wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no |ay. 'Lit ky charms tree. Her equal Is nol to be found. Her Magic Image Is now In lull operation?1*4 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price IB cents. Oentlemen not admitted. * AHTONISIIINU.-madame morrow. seventh j daughter, has a Kttt ot lorealghl; tells how soon and how otP n you will marry, and all you wish to know, evan your very thoughts, or no pav. Lucky charms iree. Her equal Is not to be totind. Her Eagle Image la now In full operation?dm Ludlow street, below Houston. Price SB cms. Oentlemen not admitted. AST HO LOU 1ST. ? J II ST ARRIVED FROM BALTIMORE. Mil., the young and beautiful Madame HENRI, who has''tested the wildest sensation In all the Stales. Madame Henri shows a eorreet likeness, writes the name you will marry, give* goo I luck, Ac. Her reception rooms are No. M We.i Bioadway, corner of Leonard street, over the clothing am e A BONA FIDE AitTROLOOIST THAT EVERT ONH can depend on, la Mme WIL.-ON, who tella the object ol your visit aa aoon as you en er she tells the past, present and fnltitv ol your life, and warns you of dangers, and brings auereaa out of the most perilous undertakings. N. B.?Celebrated magic charms. No. I*# Allen street, between Houston and Rtanlon streets, over the bakery. Charges for ladles and gentlemen, bO cents. __ CORA A. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT t'LAIRVOVANT.? Medical and business c naultatious day and evening. The ?< len-v she tthlnula so satlsls. tortly lo all that It is uu. neceaanry to give Illustrations of ihe astonishing results. She Continue* at J.H Division street. . Mrs adpik banker. the well known sriRiT TNI Mo until and Clalr.o ant. out bo aonaulted <lai f at hor mom?, 2<2 Konrth avrnna, noar Twi tuy-aecond etrvrt. Med leal and bualneae advice given. MIS* DAY ib. CANADIAN OIPBRT, palmist amd Aatrologlat, No. IfJ Wnat Twelfth atrcct, mu bo ewn? exited on nil bnatne*<. Cnntldentlal letter* written. Charm* for love or btiiinew. look* nntnhrra given. l-?d|.? jr emit a Hi nllonion #B< onu. i'om" kikI mm fur rottraeif. NB?WHO HAS NOT HKAKD OF TIIE OF.I.B hratod Madame PRKWATKR, who ha* roin<>ro<l to No 1*8 Raat Thirteenth at root, between Kirat and Sorond avenue*. ami who osn no i on-ulled with entire aati?fni-tlmif She li?* no o>|iiaL She toll* tho natnoo. Iiitnre wifo or htiaha.ut, alao that ol her t Utter. If yon wlali troth give her a dfi. Il' /r BOWKUY. NKAR HltOOMK STItKF.T.-M ADMIK It ?? ) WIlHlKK, Clairvoyant and glrt. il Spanish lady, on vrlla the inystnrtea or Imority, leva, Marriage, ahaem lilenda, alfknaaa; nrearrihea madldnaa for all diacaact. Mill lucka auiubt ra, properly loat or atotcu, 4e,

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