Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 25, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 25, 1862 Page 8
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8 T SALES AT AUCTION. Auction notice Hi K v \l MAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS SUPERB HOi bElli.LD Kl'RNITLRK AND WORKS OK ART. AO.. The property of a fam 1* decUuinie housekeeping. AT PUBLIC A Lid ION. oil lh.s day (Tutad?y), Mart-h 25, At the rlenaiil resid'nue, 48 Went sixteenth street, between I-dtn an hum avenue*, sale eumaaenetng at U o'clock. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, ROSEWOOD AND BLACK W ALNUT SUITS. BRONZE AND ORMOLU CHANDELIERS. VELVET MEDALLION CARPETS, SEVRES AND DRESDEN CHIN \ ORNAMENTS. U1EK AND MANTEL MIRRORS, BROCADE AND LACK CURTAINS. ARTISTIC BRONZE STATUARY. OIL PAINT1N0S, BY EMINENT ARTISTS, OAK BUCKET, EXTENSION TABLE, BOOKCASES, ETAHERKS, CENTRE TABLE, CHIN V, CLASS AND SILVER WAKE, SHEFFIELD TABLE CUTLERY, TABLE LINEN, ROSEWOOD CHAMBER FURNITURE laiuH XIV (tyle; MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. The auctioneer* wuulil vail the panic liar alleuliowof their friends slid Ihe public to this (ale, utv catalogue comprising the laigest ami richeat aaaurUiient of Household Funulure oliereU at auction this season. The hoi ae waa I'urniaheil less than eight mouths ago, auil la in complete urdvr. The Turin turn was all to order by city makers, and ia of the best des riptiou. Dining rooma?two full 81111a, covered with three .adored (Attn brocatel, Etagerea, Statuary marble lo,>a Sevrriary au<l Bookease, plate giaaa doora; Antique aud 0"ibic Reeptlon Chairs, Console Taltea, Kueoignure*. Cabim-it; Brume Clock, figures to match; elegant wl< Embroidered ljti'A TtlrtAlrd tmnnk dh.4. . turn .., .?M, <lt'. r. i ( *. ? tot VnseA Antique Bronze Vases; Art sti< Bronzes; r r 'trial Night and Morning, Poetry,Music, Rembrandt, Cr d Oil Palming*. two Match Fuintings by < o'e, sun .se nun Sunset by J W. Boardman. Winter S ere on the N"vi>, Scene on the Tiber at Rome, by Legrend the As-mnptlutt ol the Virgin. after Murrlllo's celehrmc.l puliuugin 'he Louvre gallery, Parle; Marine Views by Deb it, FruilFiflee. original, by Rousln ; ma. nlliernt ee.en octave roscw ood 1 lajioforte, matte by citv makers, Canterbury, Stool, L Ter, Music Books. Chambers?Solid art . d rosewood Bedstead, Bureaus Armo;re-a-?.'!*cc. Shaving Mand, Bidda. Commode, Hair andtHnrin M itiresws, Cottiiferpsnee, Sheets, blankets, China Toilet Sets, Oval Mirrors. Diumg rooms?Stiver Coffee Dm Cash"-, Dinner and Tea Service, Pilcher, Napkin 'Biege.t Spoon*. Forks, Knives, Salvers, Oyster Tureen, ivory kundle Table Cutieijr; China Dinner Set, 1H0 pieces; Tatoe, Ki tension Table, 16 feet craw; Arm ChairA aul .gut sat the Uuue un the morning of the sale. .V. B ?S -ariers wishing to attend the sale wt.l take the Fifth ana Sivth avenue rare or stages at the Astor House, Si Ntcho.m or Metropolitan Hotels, leaving at Sixteenth ? et, a lew doors from the house. ASSIGNEE'S SALE. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, RICH FRENCH PLATE PIER AND MANTEL MIRRORS, SUPERBLY CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, SILVER PLATE. AC , AC.. Purchased at a cost of over $15 (J00. On Tuesday, March 25, at 1U>^ o'clock precisely. All the superb and cosily Furniture, Paintings, Statuary and Works of Art, rosewood Drawing Room Suits, elegant seven octave Pianoforte, Minors, Velvet Carpets, Ac., contained In the residence No. 20S Weat Fourteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Tbe auctioneer calls the special attention of tbe public to this sale, aa being the largest and richest assortment of Household Furniture ott'ereu at auction this season. The furniture was all cade for the present owner, and is in good order. The whole will be peremptorily and absolutetv told without reserve. DRAWING ROOM FURNITURE consists of carved rosewood Etageres, marble tops and Frencb plate doors and back: lady's Work Table, inlaid with mother of pearl; rosewood Centre Tab'e, statuary marble top; full suits of Drawing Room Furniture?elegant Tde-ute e Sofas, two Arm, two Reception and eight oval back Chairs, carved rosewood frames and covered in three snored satin brocade of ibe most expensive description: two Console Table*, inla d with buhl ana tortoise shell; Br.xade an I Lace Cnrislns, French plate Pier and Mantel Minors, with rich gilt frames: superb Sevres and Dresden China Vnt'S, richly decorated; Parian marble Statuettes of tbe Season a artistic bronzes, lenresenting Night and Morning. Pandom, Painting, Puetrv, Music. Crusaders, Ac.; antique lava Vases, from Uerculaueum and Pompel; ebony Caid Table, Velvet Caroets Rugs. Turkish Easy Chairs, bronze Clock, runs one mon h; Gil Paintings, by Rousseau, Ionian, Huntington. Cole, L-grand. and other eminent artist*. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, carved legs and case, four round corners, finished all round, inlaid with pe.. . and solid pearl ke> A coat $600; Music Rack, rosewood Stool,'covered in bro.ade; en.nroidercd Cloth Cover. Books and Music; hall rosewood Hatstand, Oilcloth, Stair Gerpet, Ac. Caambera, second story? Rlenly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style LouisXIV.; Bureaus and Com mode* to makb, Wardrobes, Dressing bad Toilet Tables, Shaving Stands, Bookstand, Couch. Arm Chans, Cur's.ns Shades. Curnb e.?. Hair Mat rc-.scs, Berf.i and B"d<1iiig. deptor.ited t'hlr.s To i>: 8-:*. Minora, Din.n K><uh Furniture nf very kind, T.-iS h, 8ilier?aii\ l> ogy TsJdaCutiery, Dining Table, ac. No postponement. Cartmen in attendance to cart, pace or hip good* for purshuaei t. J). D.CaULKINH. A uctiouetr. Auction notice -r. w. westcott, auctioneek peremptory sale OP beautiful furniture ?t all descriptions, with a raro collection op paintings and elegant parlor ornaments. AN extraordinary opportunity for housekeepers, Al the Elegant Dwelling House, 1.12 West Twenty.first street, esr Seventh avenue. This (Tuesdayi afternoon, at 3 o'clock, precisely. COMPRISING the e|itmlg CONTENTS OF THE The whole comprising a collection seldom offered at auction. Consisting of rosewood sad walnut Parlor Suits, tn Brocatel and Hair Cloth, elegant Centre and Pier Tables, Lady's rosewood Secretary, damask and lace Curtains, four splendid Pier sad Manlsl Mirrors, two superb rosewood Etageres, Turkish aad Arm Chairs, Tapestry Carpets, magniiicent Parlor Vases, Bronzes, marble Statuary, with a number of Roe Paintings, richly frained; Chandeliers, corner Etasere, with marble tops; superb Pianoforte, with music Cabinet; Abodes, Jewel Cases. Ac. CHAMBERS AND DINING BOOM. Elegpnt rosewood liesdateads, with dressing Bureaus, Conimi des and Wash stand* to match; rich Chamber Suit. In erven repa, Tete-s-Teles, Spring Seat Chairs, Card and Sofa Tables, Rockers, Flower Vases, valuable Engravings. Hair sad Spring Mattresses, Beds and Bcddlnc, Oval Mirrors, Refa Bedsteads, Lounges, rich China, Cut Glass. Silver Ware,Ivory and Silver Cullerv, and Bedroom Furniture of every description. All to be told, rain or shine. Catalogues at house N. B.?Housekeepers will find this rale worthy of special attention, tbs whole being in perfect order. Auction notk e.-e. roth, auctioneer. An eitrsordinary opportunity for HOUSEKEEPERS AND THE TRADE HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. medallion, BRUSSELS AND THREE PRY CARPETS, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, this day, March 25, at 128 Waverley place, between Warhington square and Sivth avenue, ?ale commencing In the afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, consisting of two beautiful Parlor Hutu, i-onMMinc oi om r>uia,Tet?-a-reie, one Arm ctiair, two Reception and Tour medallion barked Chairs. row wood marble BlaKeres, Corner and Bookstands. nne Paintlags, Lacr Curtain*, filiation. Vane*, Parlor ornaments, rosewood. aaabugany and bark Walnut Bodateads, Bureaus, Waahstand*, Solas, Tete-a-Teten, covered la hair cloth and damask; easy Chairs, priiic ?cat Chairs, Lounges, Rtsker*. Mirrors. Ckaka, Curia,ns,, tea Tables, hair Maltrea*e?, Bed*. Bedding. Blankets, E\teu?i?n Tables, Dining Chairs, Sofa Beds, Olas*, China and Silver Ware, tabic Cutlory, Buffet, Mirrors, Engravings, beautiful Brussels, Tap. sIry and Ingrain Carpels, Oilcloth*. Stair Carpels. Chandelier*. Ae. Bate positive. All the goods must he removed within forty eight hours after the sale. Terms caah. Sale rain or hine. J^UCTIOK NOTICE JOSEPH L. SMITH. AUCTION r HANDSOME PARLOR FURNITURE, SEVEN OCTAVE PlANOiORTE. BRUSSELS AND THREE PLT CAKPETH, Ac. At public sue Ion this day, Man h 2ft, at 11 o . lurk precisely, at the reeidenee No 137 Bant Eighth street, near Broadway, consisting sf two elegant Parlor Butts, covered In hroratel and rep*; marble top Tables, Etagere*, Mirrors. Clocks, Curtain*. vesewond and mahogany Bedroom Suit a Hair Maltraaae*, Sofa Beds, Lounge* Tea Tables, Mirrors, Bhauen, Olaa*, China and Silver Ware. Table Cutlery, Paintings, Reck, ra, Cprtng Sent Chairs, Bullet, Dining Chairs, Ac. ale positive Auction notice.-thib day, at 10 o clock, by LOCKWOt?D BKOH A UNDEHHILL, Aocilonrors, IP Murray and 113 Warren street*, large and attractive ?aie oi Or n tie men a Puruiabiog Usoda, Parts made Neck T.e*. Bu* sender*, Me. A ten Silk*. Dress Good*. Bhawla, Linens, Em. broideries, Domestics, Hosiery and Woolens, in great vs. rtcty BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS. AUCTIONEER?THIS day. at 10)6 o'clock, hi his salesroom. 711 Nassau street, near Pulton struct, a large assortment of ilouaehold Furniture, viz ?Kb gant rosewood Pallor Suits In brncatbl. Centre Tables, mahoaansffofaa, Arm Chairs. Parlor Chairs, Ran kers, Velvet, Brussels and Tapestry Csspeis. French Bedsteads, Dressing HiiltMk Waahatenda, M,rrora, Hair Mattraases. Pslllassas, PNatMif Beds. Bo Inters, PUhiwa oiled walnut and enamelled Nadradfehjffult*, Secretary and Library Boobrase*. Louuaes, Dining Eileu?lou Tables. Butfet*. Ac. Catalogues and goodmgfcw ready for exantinatl< n. David d. euae. aktione*V will sell, this day. *3i> i'imI atn et. nt > a. Chalra, Carpel#, Bureaus, B d?iw<t. Dtnlua. Eileoaion and other Ta.vea, Lounges, Bofaa, IHBtauida. Halietanda, Children's Criba and Cradl'S, M.f.'.w?iHwMand Bsdding, Wardrobss, Writing I>< -ska Ixc k ngOlaatvrv.Tllorka. Oaa Futures, Ar. EDWARD SCIIENI K. Ai't'TIONKKK SUPMItM HUCMBHULU FLKNITL'RE By EDWARD Si HKNt'K. Title day, i&th mutant, at II 'clock, at bia salesrooms, Noa. 1m and 1s7 Broadway. a Ur ge a?d elegant a -wort men I ol Brat class Household Kunnlure, comprising Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Ro m Suite, tM oUrrslrgani fawlllH. (iEo[ ~h(>lbb<?ok. al l TIOveer, oinix 1)1 J Broadway?Will ?ell, on Thursday. Kerch 27, at 10^ clock, all the hcauti ul furniture contained in house No. ? Uieene atrert, near Bleecher. Rowm o 1 and Chamber Suite. Pier and Mantel Mirrora, Mruasris Carpets, Ac, HENRY II LEE DC. AI< Tl< >N BBR?SPKi IAL BALE Ol choice Old Wmea. Kegara. Ac?HENRY H. I.BEDS A < < i. will aell at ?Ui lion on Wedneaday, March 2A, at II o'clock, at the aa earoom No 23 Nassau aireet, special sale, w-tj aupenor old t* n?a. Rtandb a, Begara, Ac., late the property of an old mi|?>rling and jobbing house formerly engaged in the Nmthrrn trail*, constating of a eery aelect slock of the fineet brands and vintage* evtant, In bottles, eases and demljonna, to be sold in uuanliiiea to suit, and ful l auar.inteen. Including a aelect Ineoics In i-aaea of ons do/en Such, bottled In London. Also, H<* k?, 13M; old Tuckei in.iu Siirriy. eer> eh'd e old Blue S.-al Port and Reaeree B iurnpn. Ai?o, the following goods heretofore reserved ? About eighty dorm very chslce L. I>. .Jamaica Rum. do. True Cognac Bmndy, old C tbinet and Nectar Whiskey. Sher rlea boo Mailelms Champagnes, leading brands. Sale |>e. r u p or v No h.-r giaala mtmlttc Also, the balance of I Ilklltae Havana Heg?r?. nut ating of Operaa. H-galtaa, i oiiiuiBtn, Lotidrea, I&arrnelaa, Prmaadon, Ac , Ac., with other weewrlto UHinfer N HF.RTS At CTIONKBR AadhlKKk S SALE of F.LEt.aNT CABINET FI R. UlTCRfi. Reina the entire *t"< k of a tlr?t i laaa manufarti.rrr HF,*RV W(WU A l!0. will wll on r<i>?dav Mm I. JH, at LI o'ii<*k, at their aaleeroama, i.Mi Broadway AM EM I HE BTOCK or HH'II CABINET ECRMITT'RF., < "inpriaing in t.*rt carved roaewool Karior Huita. Mi walm, brwatel, velvet, pluah, rnuelln and ball 'loth ; roaewond. walnut, oak and nuaboganv marble ion Centre Tablet, richly arved an'td roeewood and walnut Ellrabelhlan and Louie V'iaiorre R?d?ieada, eneewood Armoiree, Wardrabea, Be. relariea. Etegeroa, Ac. Alan. Kirhlr carved eolM ?>eew.?o.! oak. walnut and mahogany BiUleta: Eil-naton Aning TaNee. Trench |.late Pier Mirrora, In niaealte Kllt rranMR. TurkiM Loungee an.l Eaay Chalre, a..l'd#onk and walnut LminRre. Mr. To be aoht loaltuelv without any .eaerve. Termaraah. Catalnguea at hale. By inter. KARA K. KBLLOUti. MBM fcNRY B 7IBKTH."JR! Al CnONKKK SHERIFF* SALE-Lt MUEH, AC. MENMT WOOH A CO., will Lell on Thuredav, Marrh IS at II oVIiwk. at the footof (tanaeniori atreet. about W.KAIfeet fuglnia Wlnle (Ja. Knee* and Pine l.umber J AM KB LYNCH, slu-rdT The above aale lapoatponed mull V bdav, March 34. at the mine and place. JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff. The above aale la further adjourned until FRIDAY. MAItt II lis, at the aame time and place, when it will jaoitlreljr take |d iee. JAM KB LYIfCH, Hh rltf. Hemrt C. RCRIHNER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM III Naaenii atrmt.?HKNHY C. SCRlllNER will g|y. paiiu nlai atientlon ui aali a ai auction of IBviaehoid Furniniie * .. ai pileato dwaillnge, iVtiet <!?'lining houae tee flag are /tolled l? caii, NEW Yi RALES AT AVCTIOR. HENRY H IIKErS. JR., AUCTION KB K. SHRIMPY s SALE?OEKICK kUKNlTl'RB. Ac. HKMU A <>t l> A i u. w .J ? it. ou T. e-da>, !<')? o'clo. W, ai No. dl Lluerty sr eel, up t irs, a lot of fi.rniiure, consf-Ung of Drshs, Chairs, Tables, Lounge, Iron Sale. Cutting Machine, Button*, A' _ By order JOHN KELLY, tele Sheriff hum Kblli, Dsputy She nil JOHN U VANDBWATER, AUCTIONEER. AUCTION NOTICE. BY a. jol'kneay, Salesroom No. 37" Br adwsy, TUESDAY march 25, 18J2, large and special s?le on VeWst, Willon, Brussels. Tapestry, Me-autJU, Ingtaln and Ven"u<iU CARPETS. The whole comprising it aod assortment of first class goo..a, iu srery rurjety^of pattern. English and American Oilcl..'h<, ot a 1 widths and patterns. A LSI?, WILTON. velvet ANB HKl SSEL8 RUGS, MATTINGS, 0-1. 5 A < i. gouql'A, Ac. T! is -a will rmnras a general variety of goods well worthy ?i alisuU n. uud will be sold in lois to suit purdlM'Tht , iVrms car h. ' JOHN H. hurley, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, THIS Jay, at 2 o'ciock, at 4-14 Caual street. Chandeliers and O..B V'l. lures, Curiam" sud Cornices, Keather Beds, Hair >i a:reuses. Blankets. Cuuifnrters. Sheets, Pier and other Mirrors, Brussels, Three-ply anil other Carpels; Rugs, Oilcloths. Can to u Railing. Waslislands. Ilauacks, mahogany and other Bedsteads, Sofa Beds and Lounges, marble top and other Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Crockery and Kitchen Ware, Stores, Ac. Pawnbroker's SALE?THIS DAY, AT I0? O'CLOCK, at hEUH|^INURAUAE'S salerooms, 26 New Bow eiy, by order oTwIhu. C. Cohen, licensed pawnbroker, corner of Broome and Columbia streets. PAWNBROKER 8 SALE.?W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL, this day, at 10)* A. M.. at 196 Bowery, up stairs, a large assortment of Women's Clothing, Blankets, Oollts, Beds, Pnlows, Ac. By order of W. A R. SIMPSON. RI. HAZELL, AUCTIONEER. . WUITTEjlORE A HAZELL wlU sell at auction, this way. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, Ac., Id lots to autt purchasers, comprising in part Saws, Axes, Hatchets, Augers, Gimlets, Screws, Dress Cocks, Taps Measures, Compasses, Piucers, Clamps, Piles. Braces. Rules, Trowels, Ouages, Tobacco Boxes, coat, hat and wardrobe Hooks, Pencils, Ac., Ac. Table aud Dessert Cutlery, Ac. ALSO, CLOCKS. Invoices eight day and twenty-four hour Clocks and Timepieces. SA J. BOGAKT. AUCTIONEERS.-THIS DAY, AT 11 o'clock, at the action rooms No. 1 North William street, small lot of Pancy Goods, Trimmings, Hats and Caps, Ac. Wednesday, March 26, At lO^s o'clock, at the auction rooms, ustable's sale of Parlor, Bedroom and Ktuihen Furniture, Office Desks, Mirrors, Counters, Ac. Sales this day, at the exchange, By A. J. BLEECuEK, SON A CO., Houses and Lots, In Thirty eighth sireet, Fourteenth street, Twelfth street and a splendid Country Heat at Morrisania. SHERIFF'S SALE.?DRY GOODS, Ac. CHAMBERS A FAIKC11ILD, AUCTIONEERS, Salesroom 113 Nassau street. Will sell at their salesroom, on Wednesday, March 26, at 11 o'clock, a Urge stock ot seasonable Delaines. Paramattas, Lawns and S immer Dress Goods, Hosiery, Gloves, Handker chiefs. Shawls, Kibbous, Parasols, together with a variety of small Wares and Fancy Goods. JOHN KELLY, Late Sheriff. BOARDING AND LODGING. A SPLENDIDLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR^ with a Piano, to let to one or two single gentlemen; also a single Room. Inquire at M Prince street, a few doors west of Broadway. APLEA8ANT FURNISHED ROOM, IN A SMALL private family. Tenns moderate. References exchanged. Mni?e * lib modern Improienseals. 170 Wesl Thirty-fourth street. A FRONT RuGM ON SECOND FLOOR OF 7?S BROAD" way. bet veru Eighth and Ninth streets, to let to a g< ntleman. furnished, bathroom on same floor; house has modern improvements and in a pleasant location. AOENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE single gentlemen .an find an elegant and home in a small private family. House Oral class, with modern iuipioveraeiila. Three minutes' walk from South terry and ten minutes' from Wall street. Apply at 13* Amity street, Brooklyn. A FEW BOARDERS WILL BE TAKEN ON RBASONADle terms, in a quiet family, at 11* West Fourteenth street, whs will make a comfortable home for them. Dinner at 6. A single man desire8 board with a private family, in the neighborhood of Twenty-aevemh street and Eighth avenue. Address, with terms and number ot family. A., hot 191 Herald office. BOARD-A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR A GENIteman and wife can be aci ommodatcd'wtih pleasant Rooms and Board in a genteel, respectable family. Locution pleasant and convenient to the car*. Apply at 587 Broome street, between Hudson and Yarick stie is. References exchanged, Board.?a private family would let a handsome suit of Rooms on second floor, iinfurni-hsd; also a handsome front Room and Bedroom on fourth floor, nhely furnished. The houso Is large, first class, new, brown stone, with all the Improvements. The location one of the best In the city. Iuqutre at 106 West Thirty-fourth street, lear Broadway. Board wanted.-a gentleman and his wife desire a nratlv furiiisbe I front Room, on the second or thirf floors. Partial board for the gentleman. Must be in a house of respectability, between Amity and Twent> ?ev*nih Hi oudway and Seventh avenue; price SKIper jn<mth, Permanent If milted. Raiercnce* given and mi nil J. Adders- E. H , box lt)U Herald oAue. Board wanted in rrooklyn-kor a yocno inarrieu lady, would like to l-oard with an experienced nur*e; term* mum be moderate. Atldresr, with paru ulars, O. L>on, Herald oflice. Furnished rooms to let?with or without par lal Hoard, la a private fu'iily, to (tingle gentlemen, with u>e of pan balii, Ac.; all the comfort* of a home. Apply a' 54 Jane atrret, between Eighth avenue and Hudwin at. Furnished rooms on fifth aTe.vue.-the en tir?S oiDd Floor, with bath, he., will be let permanently to a party of gratlem-n uo reaannahle lerma aodreaa Thomaa, ateta n D, Bill: Houaa, with name. NO 40 bond STREET -A SUIT OF ROOMS AND two tingle Rnoma to let, with or without Board. Theae rixmii are central and deniable. Rooms, with -board.-a few single gentle ten. or gentlemen with their wtvee, emte accommodated with pleaaant Rooms at SI Clinton plahu Reform -ea exchanged. Rooms?handsomely furnished, in suits or tingle, w let, to gentlemen, without board, at IS Eaat Sixteenth atreet, between Union wpiare and Fifth avenue. Bo nee ha* all modern imp rove menu tit ANTED?ABOUT THE FIFTEENTH OF APRIL. by ?1 gentleman, Board and pieaaant Reoma, for nnn-etf a>d *lf?, between Fourth and Sixth nveauea, ha law Tk.rtyftrat atreet. Addreaa St. Laarrc?? -, Herald office, giving terra*, location, deacripuan of rtxnaa, 4c, WANTED-A FRONT ROOM, EITHER ON THE FIRST or Mwod floor, with Board, (or a lady, in a houac with the modern im| to. eiuenu. Itmaai haa pleaaaut location, and luDmurDt lo can or atagra. (laud hard indiapenaahie. Addr?oa. atating termr. w bich mnat i a reaaonaWe, M. L , Herald office. Helrremdi cn ht-ued 11 fk MACDOL'UAL STREET. NEAR BLEKCKER?IS 11U now ofa-ned aa a private family hotel, or the reception of aiugle g> linemen or auali fannliea tired of boar. nay. Fartlea deaiTou. of hmiaekeeplng ran bod every < otreenlenre at the above atabiialmieiit. mf HRTSTIE STREET. ONE DOOR ABOVE Broome atreet ?Kurnlalie.. Kooaia to let, with or arttiMiut board. Ala? a front and bark Baaement to let, mutable for a do-tor'. oiliee. 1 Hi BLEEOKER STREET, SIX BLOCKS WEST OF X I U Broadway?A new Hunre, with all the modem iru provementa: plraaant Rooma, with en client Hoard, front ?3 50 lo 46 per week. Break! aat from 6 to 9. Dinner at 12% and 6. IIOlflES, ROOMS, AC., WAITED. HOUSE WANTED-REKT ABOUT $50); Mt'ST BE In a rekjieclabie iirlghborbood; blgb .loop preferred. A olre-a J. T., at Ro^era' te o* .tore, Broadway and Twelfth atreet. WANTED-BY A FAMILY OF THREE OKOWN FFRaoiia ? part of a nice Houae, aecond floor preferred eaat aide of Broadway, from Fourteenth to Thirty third atreet-. Addreaa lor two daya, atiting rent and ailualluii, D. la., care of M< > r 4 Schirnn-r, 7W Broadway. WANTED-A MEDIUM SIZED HIGH STOOP HOl'SE, with all the modern improtemruta and In a good neighborhood helwrcen Ko irteenth and Twenty-eighth Irene and Lexington and Seventh avenue*; rent, $501 to $'>6n, which will be paid hall yenrlv tr. advance, with aeconty if denlicd. Addrem P , boa 4,131 Poat office, for three daya. WANTED?TO HIRE OS A LEASE. A COTTAOE II?n?e, loc ated near <ine ol the prln. Ipal enttan ea to the Central Park Addreaa, ataOrig rent, loallon, aire. Ac., j s. E , Herald office. tlTANTED?FURNISHED, FOUR OR FIVE ROOMS, vv for houaekeeplng, lor a "mail family; hot flbove Tw.-i. ly tifth .treet, between Fourth and Seventh arenuee; rent not Ui exreed $25 per month. Adireaa W., office, iur inrrr u WANTED?A NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE IN A nice location betwaru Rleenkrr and Twentieth street', and Third and Eighth avenue*, rent from tiWI U JTiM. Hon aemion Immediately Addrtaa V K B., mallon A, Sptlngat. VL'ANTED-A MEDIUM HIZED HOUSE, FULLY OR Tf |?itiaily Inrnlahed. of partlr* who aonld be willing ts iionrd tor rent, w.lit the pr.vilrge of taking ? few boarder*; nm*t he piraaaiitly located and contain all the modern im proietnenu. Ba*l ol re.'eri nee* pten Addrtaa M. H., Ma. tkin D WANTED-IN HLOOMINHDALE, CARMAN8VILLE OR rwnnh Bergen, a mot litUa 'image. lor uOont glihl per iwr All) perm in hat log such will find a good tsnaut. AndRaao K Taylor, .11 Farlt row. VL'ANTKD-A SMALL serOND HAM) UPKH.IIT ?? Spain Holler, anoiil lfe or 2 huree power, for renlau. rnnt nue. Apply at Pattella Hotel. 279 and 2S1 Greenwich ttreet, n.rner is Warren street. U'ANTED -TO III RE TWO OR TIIKEE ROOMS, SUIT able for hlinneag purposes, location Aietwrei>4lHh ami Eighth arennee, ami Hlrerfcei and Twentieth mreeta Apply to J. HARRISON, 215 Siith avenue. ''ANTED?FURNISHED," FOUR OR " FIVE ROOMS, lor lio iaegeeplng for a mnall tainlly, not above Tnrrn ty lifth stnat and between Konith and Sevciith avenue*; rent hot to exceed $25 per month. Addrea* W , lleiald oilier, for three ilffy* U'ANT I) TO HIRE?W ITlI I* It IVILEOK OK PI Kil...inr, a wn.ill Farm. wlih a more on It. in a bumnee* locality andeg?y of acceat, near a aU-aniboat landing or I all I tan I depot. Adiirn* immediately with partit isare, Mr Ua?i< et , illation D, Bible llouae, New Yor* (M I Lim ABD At HI NTH. OCvl.HT AND AURIST-DEAFNESS, DlBCHARllES froweihe Ear*, Nol?e? In ihe Head, ttilnilne**. fnlatainaIh it. Oratiniaied Lld?, Illmne** and Weakneiw ,>< -Ignt, anil a ; Dmaaaeaef lh' Eye and Ear cured tiy Dr UltAt KS, ae) Hio.iiWBy, Mew York. UonanltaMao free, pemonaily oi by latter. OllK HERALD, TUESDAY, IIOl'SKS, ROOMS, ?kC., TO LET< \ NUMBER OK HOUSES TO LHT?WE8T' TWKNTY* kcvuiI tin el. between Ell th and Bi' th aveuues; Wea' Th.rt. logitb atierk between ,Vina -id l' nib a> en ues; si* Hun.* iu Twenty seventh iuy.'I, ax Uou at lu Thirtythird street, Im.r Hui ?a uud ?? , 11 it Fourth nven .v. Eg th street, Tenth sit ret, So n ! A nw. ill rents trom $0.1'. $1 *500, t'M ? 00 S7<?' $ ?' i.U'1 $ (R Alio Parts uf i .< ?m'*, >n-o ?l l i.'itio'ii; a xo privit# s abtes on. with a iol i.I'o. < 0, suitable Mr a carpenter. Apply to JOHN EUKlBiU.N, till Fourth around. \< O M'RV PL ICE TO LET?FOR A GENTEEL mall family- a I'm o , Dining R uin, two B.driea I. hil h n with cattien, fruit and > tabic room; onlv 12 miles Irti'it he* Yo X .iiv, ttliti liirce from Rochaway. Fur parliCttJ.t su ply to or address Hrx. O'Connors, 541 Greenwich at. \NEAT THREE STORY AND BASEMENT HOUSE, lu Weal Striven'h street, between St ah ami Seventh avenues (No. 158), tu let; possession about the 15th of April H re jciretl. Alao. Ilou-es 140 ami 142; all iu rood order and unable for genteel families. Inquire at 310 West Kllleeulh ?ire?t. Apart op a house to let to a pamily ok grown persona, belnc the upper part of the English basement house 154 East Thirty-Ill th street, consisting ?f the second story and part of the third story, with bathroom, wtiter closet, gas, cellar and nantry; rent moderate. The best ot references required. The rest of the bouae is occupied by the owner. Apply iroin 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. The rooms to be seem only from 10 to 13 o'clock. A SMALL PRONT ROOM TO LET-FURNISHED, with all conveniences for housekeeping. Rent $1 94 per week, fell for three days at 45 Rivington street. CTOUNTRY COTTAGE HOUSE, NEATLY FURNISHED , J gardens, stable, Ac, at New Monmouth, N. J. Very healthy situation. Rent $300. Access per Rarllan and Delaw.ire b ay, steamboat and railroad. Also a Farm House, partly furnished; rent $100 per annum. Inquire at 47 Amity street. COAL YARD TO LEASE-CORNER OF JANE AND West uresis, 88 by 235 feet, long established, properly tilted up, and doing a large business. The premises will answer well for a lumber card, or lor anv nurnose rauuirine vacant ground. Ap.ily to HENRY REEVED corner of Canal and Centre streeta. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?133 EAST THIRTY, third Street, ft rat houae eaat of Third avenue; a snug three atorr brown atone frent, with all modern Improve. luents, and neatly furnished. Apply aa above. Furnished house to let-a small high loop brick House: haa ten rooms and bath room and gnu throughout; full* furnished and has a Ane large yard. Rent moderate. In Twelilh street, near Broadway. Address Furnished Houae, stauon D. Bible House. Furnished restaurant to let-a basement, furnished complete, to let, or fixtures for sale and premla s to rent separate. Apply at 45 Cortlandt street. House and grocery btqre to let?and Fixtures for sale; now doing a large cash trade. Call on the premises, corner of Delanvey and Mangin streeta. TT0U6K TO RENT?NO. 28 WEST TWELFTH STREET, XI near Fifth avenue, sixteen rooms, brown stone front, with modern Improvements. Price $1,0X1. Apply to C. PARTRIDGE, 26 West Twelfth street, or 209 Peari. PART OF A nOUSE, FURNISHED.?TO LET. THE luiver part of a three story House, furnished complete, Including piano; or the Furniture will be sold and place let. Apply at 96 Stanton street. TO LET-THE SMALL TWO STORY HOU8E NO. 60 Amlt.v street, corner of Amitv place. Bath, gas, Ac. Apply to JOHN B. IRELAND, 124 Nassau street. TO LET-A FIRST CLASS TEMPERANCE GROCERY, Hay, Flour atid Feed Store, of eight years' standing, wiih Stock and Klituie*, now doing a good bnsineas. Inquire at 215 South Nintn street, Brooklyn, E. D., or U. L. JANVEIN, 164 South street, New York. TO LET-A LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE; GOOD LO. cation, up town, near Broadway; the house has a number of good paying boarders; will be let to responsible parties at moderate rent. Address, with real name and residence, Gale, Madison square Port oflice. TO LET?A VERY FINE ROOM, WITH EXTENSION, on be second iloor, and Jtoiun on ttie fourth tloor, to ler, w Ith Board, at lib Second nveuue, between Seventh and Eivh'h streets, ind within three nnnutes' walk of Broadway. Hoik.' first ciass, with the modern improrementa. TO LET-FURNISHED, IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, having all modern improvements and in one of the best locations in the city, an entire Floor, suitable for housekeeping. For particulars inquire at No. 182 West Fourteenth street. r LET?TWO SNUG BRICK HOUSES, IN COMPLETE order. Nos. 18 and 21) Belhune street; gas and water; a moderate rent Also two Collages In Jersey City, six rooms each; water and gas. Rent $M per month. Apply at 365 Bleecker street, to T. CL'DBIRTH. r LET?THE FINE, OLD STYLE ENGLISH BASEment House, 36 Hammond street, between Waverley place and Fourth street> lot 50 by 116 feet; baa all modern improvements, with large garden, grape vines and fruit trees in abundance. Will be rented low to a good tenant. House 26 feet front. Apply to ARTHUR LEARY, 87 Beaver street. r LET-IN WILLIAMSBURO, A THREE STORY and basement brick House, near the ferries; baa water, bath, stationary tubs, gaa llxlurea. heater, range, good yard; best street, desirable for a genteel family. Rent low. Call at 264 Front atreet. New York. wtf? if/iT'ow wn ka nnifn ctbvkt- io X 33xfiO, having an eitrmlM 18x30. The location it very desirable, either an a residence or for business purposes. Kent low to a (tool tenant, Possession given immediately. Apply to E. iOL.ES. 68 Wall street. room No. 4. r LET-TUB COTTAGE HOl'SE 137 WEST THIRTYfourth street, containing all the modrrn improvements, water, gas, speaking tubes, range, Ac. Apply to B- T. BABBITT, 88 and 70 Washington street. TO LET?THE DWELLING HOUSE NO. 110 EAST Eighteenth atrcet, near lmng place. Can be aeen from 12 to 4 u clock. For terms, Ac., apply at No. 10 or 132 Eaat Nineteenth street. TO LET?TO A PHYSICIAN, A DESIRABLE OFFICE, in an English basement bouse, in Jhpenty-lniirth street, near the Fifth Aeeune Hotel., Herald TO LET-BETWEEN FIFTH AND S[U AVEM E8, at No. G6 Forly-iillh street, the thraa^vy brown stone fiont House; also, at No. 31, a new four st^fc brown alone front House; both to lie let low to good icmtnBL A. TKKADWELL, 103 Cl^fcers street_ TO LET-IN BOUSE No. 47 AMITY STOBBT, TWO atauous Parlors and Extension K,nm. Rent (o3u per aunuWL Also front BiMuetit Parlor haa separate street entrance d hit. Ren; (1011 Suitable for pbyMclan'aJiuaiuess or a private tsm ly, Ac. Call at 4/ Annty sireet. TO LET-TUE LARUE, THREE STORY HOUSE 1H3 Mulberry street, near Broome. Con;aioa fifteen rooms, With gaa throughout,end has good, dry under cellar. Rent $723. Can be seen alter 10 A. M. Inquire at Jtt Eaat Nineteenth street. rLBT-lN BROOKLYN, A TWO STORY BASEMENT llou-e, in good order, with four tots of (1 round and a Ham. situated corner of De Kalb avenue and Scben.k street, where the ears |s??? every lew ailnntes from Fulton ferry. Forlurtner particular* inquire on the premises or in me store opjNiatle, or in the coal yard. South Sixth street, near Grove, Jersey City r LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY. THE First Fluor of a two story In use, consisting of a Iront and back room sad twu bedrooms, with pantry and wardrobe; haa a nice garden in iront, pcauwasion to suit. Apply at 183 Eaat Fortieth street, east of Hecend avenue. rLET-A GROCERY 8TOR15, AND STOCK AND Fixtures for sale; rant (MO mr month, good reason for selling will be given. Appiy at lltl Elrabcth (treat. rLET?THRKB OR FOUR ROOMS. TO S1NULE gvntiemen, with or without breakfast. In a private faniiiy in Tweiith street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues ; or to a centiennui and wife far housekeeping. Address A. J. E , box 2,121 Poat office. TO LET?GENTEEL APARTMENTS ON FIRST AND second boors of 114 Bast Tweiry-eigbth street, Orst and e-ond Floors of 123 East Twenty-eiibih street, three room*; 308 Third avenue, three do.; I44i Third aventia, and around Floor ol J4d Eaat Forty-filth street, live rooms, with gas. J. R. WILCOX, 183 Fifth avenue, corner af Twenty-third street. TO LET-TIIE SMALL GENTEEL TIIRLE STORY AND attic Uouui 3C and fit! East Twenly-tilth at. (will be put In splendid order), at $SUU, adapted only for lour or tire peranus; also a line Collage, 10 East Twenty rlphth street, at $3AU, and a eery genteel House near Lesinpluii avenue on Twenty-eighih street, at $430. J R, WILCOX, 186 Fifth arse nue, corner of Twenty-third street TO LET-TO A SMALL. RESPECTABLE FAMILY, THE Upper Part or toe modern built three story house. No. O Third street, near Second avenue. The apartments are convenient and ?ounected. supplied with hot and t?id water, balhr-cm, separate gas meter,,*e. Can be seen after ten A. M TO LET-FIRST CLASH SPACIOUS AND LIGHT Kooms si Mid Broadway, well adapted for ait.eta, atonal men or any laahionabln business requiring publicity, fm-s rooms are situated over a runfeclloiiery store which Is suited dally by all tbe best families up town. TO LET OR FOR 8ALE-"I1E SMALL, WELL FINISHed lour story brown stone front Huure No. 29J West Thirty-fourth street; also, ine small lour story IImine H6X West i hlny-seoond street, near Sittb aven te. The houses are in perfect order, an I possesion of either ran be had mi mediately. Rent very ioW- App.y to PINDAR A MIHIIOP, M Nintn a?e., or JOHN M PINaNEY, 17 Nssaa-i ?l. TO LET OR LEASE-NO. 143 EAST BROADWAY, A three story brick House, with all tbe modern Improvemenu Vt , I be rented to a respectable family at a moderate ra e Aopiy to II SOI.OM-iN. iw i natham sweet. TO LET OR LEASE-TWO OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL Houses, situatei on Clermont terra- e, Newtown, L. I.; each n-iuae contains thirteen rocrns, has all tb-t modern tin prm eineiite, w ith large garden and aliaded Inwn in front of two n res, with - Inoilar carriage road, completely proteeted Iro n l .e ma c r a-l. only two minutes from ran road depot ami thirty live minutes from New York. For further psrtl(Hilars apply to A. HAXTEK, on the premises, or to SAUL EL LORD, corner of ilran-l and Chryst-r streets. ACC MONTHLY ?Fi.'RMsllED THREE STORY BAKE V?W utanl Drl'K ilouae, hatiiiaeiiieai neighborhood in h.ota.jru, healer, rltandelteta, water, range, coitaerealorj an t vel>#i carpeu. ape-da a cm to all frrrlra; an eatraordinar* opportunity. A|,|i.7 at 229 Pearl atr. at, New York, or II Keromt plate, Brooklgn. EHENCII ADVEUTINEMENTA. ON DEMANDE INR CUI8INIERK KRANCAI8B delta uue petite tauulle hTan. ante. 8 adreaeer an 14 keel vuti gt. UNE EILLK KRANOAliK IJE8IKE HE I'LA ER DANS une t.unole connate Uottoe u eniatna. 8 aoreaa* 1 et. .4 \? h,t? at., liaaemeiit. LTNE (M.'IHINIERE rRANTAlKE (VRAI CORDON i oleut, a $26 one fimnne de eltamore, contort! re el < oide ,ae de prenlt> re lerce. a $18; one ante a $12; t tie roilmrlere de Carta, uoiivetlement arrlaer, a $12, tin i-ulainler et on waiter tin premier ordre.dea lionnea il enlanta, CatholluUea >1 Prnteeiairte^i one nonne d < ntanta Anglatae, <:? p.?.

mler ordre; one gooeernante Anelaiae, parlant Kranrate, el de* frmine* tie eltainhre et liotinea d eniaiita Krahcalaea tieairnnt a coin|atgticr d ta fainlLire en Europe, deimandenl ;? * piantr dan* tie utinBee malaoh*. 8'atlreaaor de attite a I'A ^ence Krantal*e de M. C. OAlLLAKD. 51 Stilh tie. C'NE PI RdONN'E NOI VELLKMENr ARRIVEE IJK Carta deane trouver dea joutnrea poor tatre lea roliea, e .e coniiatt lea derineiea Ddtlveaotea de Carta 8 atlrfioer an 5At hilt av. HOTEIeft. TNMUX MOTEL, NO. Id WAVER LEY PLACE, ONE r Mock from Hr >a Iwajr.?Kooota to lei, for laonllea ami ample gentlemen, at moderate prleea. Tald# d'hote at an MARCH 26, 1862?TRIP1 aitfugaamirrs. EW BOWERY THEATRE. Sole Proprietor Mr. J. W. Liugard FAREWELL ENGAGEMENT, for live uigbls "Oil. of MR. U L. KOI. Tbe romantic drama ?f the ml l.eteek Of toledo. The grand comic pantumine of ASPHODEL. OK THE MAGIC PEN, and the favorite drama of HANDSOME JACK. THE HIGHWAYMAN. J^AKXUM S AMERICAN MUSEl'M. the world never SAW the like. the world never saw the like. the world never saw the like. the world never saw the like. novelty heaped upon novelty. novelty heaped upon novelty. novelty heaped upon novelty. novelty heaped upon novelty. $f> worth exhibited eor 25 cknt8. is worth exhibited eor 26 cents, ft worth exhibited for 26 cents. $6 worth exhibited for 2* cents. The immense combination of attractions to continue but a few days lonuer. the earth! the sea! and the AJRI alike contributing to the wonder of this GRAND OLD TBMPLB OK NOVELTIES. Every department ot Animal Life represented here, beguuiing with the human race and ending with the merest animate ma. every quarter of the globe contributing its uuota to the general fund of novelties here. the great living hippopotamus i from the ancient Nile, celenrated in history and in song. the great living sea lion i from the wetiern shores of the continent?from the FaciAe ocean. THE LIVING WHALE I from the northern seas?the coast of Labrador. the monster LIVING ANACONDAS I from the jungles an I forests of South America. THE CURIOUS AND STRANGE WHAT IS 1' from the wilds of Africa?the Torrid /.one. THE LIVING LEARNED SEAL! jrom the f rosen regions of the North. T11E MADAGASCAR ALBINO FAMILYt and the MONSTER GRIZZLY BEAR I from the California mountain!. Thru is every quarter of the worldrepreacnted. in 10me interesting and instructive novelty, at ibis world renowned establishment. But this la only a mere fraction of the attraction*! COMMODORE NCTTI COMMODORE NCTTI COMMODORE NCTTI THE FAMOUS 13,000 NUTT a representative of our ow n native wonders, THE SMALLEST MAN OK HIS AOS LIVING, and the greatest curiosity known, is to be seen, as well as the shove, at all hours .every day and evening, lie sings PATRIOTIC AND CoHIC SoNUK, DANCES T1IE SCOrTlriCHE AND SAILOR'S HORNPIPE, and gives the celebrated GRECIAN STATCES. THE AQUARIAL GAKOEN, o cupymg one of the large saloune, with its myriads of beautltiil Living Fish, is alone worth double the price of admission to tb>* Museum. THE OOKOEOCS ORIENTAL SPECTACULAR DRAMA, SADAK AND KALASKADE, which Is produced EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, at 3 and 7O'clock, is the most beautiful to be iound in tfcu city. Yet, with all these attractions, the price of admission remains si only 23 cents. Children under ten, 1ft cents N. B.?THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMI'S closes hU exhibition on Saturday, April 3. Tin: tt HA1 IS lTr neit Saturday. Academy of mi sic. THE LL1I1N BROTHERS Have the honor of announcing to the New York public that they will ON MONDAY, April 14. 1862. I Appear in the hrai of a reries of those recherche and entertatniug SOIREES MAOIQUES, Which have already won for them the praise of both prese and public in the prim ipal cities of Europe. The vast stage of the Academy will be transformed, by the LUBINS, Into a grand CAGLIOSTROM ANTHEl'M; OB. LL'BINIAN CABALISTIC BOUDOIR, Furnished in the uioei coiuplele and artlsiiu manner, with an apparatus, paraphernalia aud MI8E EN SCENE Of unusual gorgeoiisnens. The performances of the LUBINS will be found entirely original in conception und design. GREAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, 383 BROADWAY. ANOTHER SFENDID BILL FOR THIS EVKNINO. The gifted Insh Comedienne, Vo-sllst snd Dan souse. MIS8 KATIILEKN O'NEIL MISS KATHLBEN O'NEIL. MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL. miss Kathleen oneil, MISS KATHLEEN O'NEIL. miss KATHLEEN O'NEIL miss KATHLEEN O'NEIL. miss KATHLEEN O'NEIL mjss KATHLEEN O NEIL la new SONG8, NEW sondml new eomic 8CENA8, ^ including her great origiutl "seeaaiion" ymg. THE HEAt TIFUL ZANFKETfA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANKKETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANKREITA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFKEITA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA la NEW AND MORE DARING ACTS ON THE TIGHT HOPE, ON THE TIGHT ROPE. ON THE TIG lit HOPE, ON TUB TIGHT ROPE, eieeutlng tbe must grin > iul pirouettes WITHOUT A BALANCE POLE. THE GREAT CANTERBURY GYMNASTIC TROUPE, A8HTON, KEEKE, HOGLE and CAI'POLO. io tbcir wonderful leulx. BILLY H1RCH and BEN COTTON BILLY BIRCH and BEN COTTON BILLY BIRCH and BEN COTTON BiLLY BIRCH and BEN COTTON BILLY BIKCH and HEN COTTON BILLY BIRCH and BEN COTTON IB their glorious Ethiopian cstravanan/as, songs, nances, Ac. MLLE ADELAIDE 1'RICE, MLLE. ADELAIDE PRICE, mlle. adelaide price, j. a. herman, j. a. herman, r. m. carroll, byron christy, w. robs, W. N. SMITH, george germaine, harry wilson, ALL APPEAR In an entire change of p-ograinme. GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AT i P. M. City assembly rooms, 446 broadway, to let. FOR BALLS. CONCERTS. LECTURES, At Apply to the Janitor, oiNoe up stairs. Madame Ernestine de villiers, irving Hall.?Gruid Vocal and Instrumental Concert, on Wednesday e\enlng, March 34, assisted by Madame Br nkerhotf, Messrs. S. B. Mills, L. Tliemas, Molienbaner, Master Mernado, Ardovani UallaUer. Admission, $1. MUSICAL. A MAMMY!CENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Planofor.< Tor sale?Elegantly rarrad laps and caae. 11 the modern Improvements; made In order; been In line even month*; coat $500; for $250. including Stool ?nd Cover. Parlor Furniture at a aacrince. Inquire at 70 We?t Twentysixth street, near Sixth avenue. A7'4 OCTAVE KO8EW0JD PIANOFORTE. FLUTED legs, round corner*, overstrung baas, full Iron frame, scalloped her*, all in perrert order, Tor $200, Including Stool and Cover. Addrwaa H A. W., box 126 Herald office. lady desires a situation as tea. her of mualc for a few houra per day Jn a aemlnary in or near New York; would ulao teach Eualiah branches and rudiment* of French; good testimonials given. Address Muslr, box 1,731 New York Post office. A GERMAN OOVBRNE88 WANTED-TO TEACH muatc and Ocrmau. aud aaatat in sewing. She will be treated as one ?.f the faintly. Addreta E. 8.. lie raid office. Almost oiyen away.?no humbug.-our whole ?h?:k of foreign M i*io below printing coal, at only two renta a page. Mint never waa or will be as cheap again. All tnuale on hand or procured. Catalogue, 15 tenia. IV A WUNDRRMANN,$18 Broadway. A BARGAIN TO CASH PURCHASERS.?STLENDID even octavo Pianoforte, alt modern improvements, round corners, overatrung bass, scolloped key*, original price $200. for $1H0. Also one Tor $150. McDoNALD A CO., 358 B >wery, near Fourth street. A SUPERIOR TONED SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD Piano; .rtc, of the largest scale: hat a full iron plate, overstrung ha**, rouud corners, grand carved case and leg*: flr-t ei*sa city makers, and fully warranted. Will he diapoaed of at a great aacrlfice. Apply at No. 39 Front at., Brooklyn. Ml SIC.-?2 FOR EIGHT LESSONS ON THE PIANO, with privilege of.dally practice, by a lady, well quail lieu. Pupils attended at their residences, git) to $12 per quart r. A) ply at No. 100 Twenty-a.xtU atreet, near Eiglilb av< nue. MR. HENRY SCHROEDKR. WHO WAS AT CHICKering's yesterday, and who forgot to leave his number, will pleaae tend It to A.'bra, boa 2.074 Poat office, irumediately Tenor.?a gentleman with a fine tenor voter nil era his services In a quartette ehutr of a Protestant (Episcopal preferred) church fur a small compensation. Addreaa Eng ish, Hsrahl office, for tbres day a. TTTrANTEI>?A TENOR AND AN OROANIST; SALARIES f" moderate. For [articular* apply to Horace Waters, 4111 Broadway. <?1 OH WILL be given for A rosewood SEVEN vxvu octave riano. (toon vine, near ly nfw; any nine between till* and Miijr 1. Address U. I*. O., ihrc? da}! Herald otfi" e. INSTRUCTION. Acard.-tiie subscriber will receive new pupils, day and evening. this week, fur Instruction In hookxeeptng, PetmiartsMp. Ac A fenl handwriting taught In ten lessons of an hour each. IVivale instruction given. OLIVER 1). OOLD8M1TH, No fourth avenue, aud 336 Broadway. 1~NKTRC(TION (JIVEN IN CULORINO AND HE ton hint; photographs. ivoryiypes. Ac, for particulars liuptirc in WORMa a CO. S Oaliery, 383 Broadway. Matron-a \biiv active and energetic amki iran ladj, ol iiiuch experience. desires the position or nuttron In a lirst cats hoarding sell ol or the charge ol a motherless lanilly, either of w use.i sue is t|ualloed to Ull. No olio < thins to leas in^ the sltjr. Address Matron, boi 140 Herald oilc, for three dnjrs. The Spanish language ih taught, as here tolore, by CIl'HlANO liOKKIN. Apply at Ih West Twenty.sixth street, three doors iroin Broadway, between 9 and III A. M. or Iran 2 to 0 IV >1. TV'ANTKD?A rMOM, with BOARD, in A private TV ftMnllJ, by an ClpOriCNOOd tearhsr of cIS stag, mathematics and English, where he could give lessons in gmrnient or |strl iiayiuent. Address J., box l.2dti Post oillue, KVPItKsSEH. 1 BUKNII AM'8 FURNITURE EXPRESS AND PACK/V.. ing o, .ill I di,until, 113 West Kteientlt street, between K.ftn rin I slith avenues. Household furniture boxed and shipped in all parts Of toe World. Covered wagons for le moving lot ntuia ol lamiHOS. Furniture Stored. LiE SHEET. ' fob ialb. Abutter, cheese, provision htokb add general Market for #ale, Iwtiril on a oornar, in on. of lb. brat uwiurn horougldures, and proper.y a ocked; will do a bui-ineae oi toO) per week. A partner wot Id l>e taken. Apply at 42k llroadwuy. C. B. HOWES a CO. Abktliout for 8ale?10x11. inquikh at no. 421 atreet, at Mrs. Moore'i gallery, alto ku.8 good second hand Furniture. Bakery for sale.-the lease, fixtures, H >t>e un.l Wagon, Ac., of the Bakery corner of Lafayette avenue and Cumberland atreet, Brooklyn, now doing a fair trade. For particulara inquire on the premlaea. Boot and shoe stoke.?for sale, the stock bxtuiea and ieaat- of the Boot anil bh'e Store No. 13 Third avenue, opposite the Cooper Inatilu e: ha# t>een eetabUahed for over 20 years. JOHN W1IYTE, Jr. For sale?desks, chairs and counter: all In good order. Apply at 24 Ann atreet, up atalra. For sale?a ught, oentbel manufacturino bua n an; established with tirat clas- bouses; a good opportunity for energetic young men. Apply on the premlaea lrom a to 12 A. M., &2 Fulton street, Brooklyn, aecond boor. For 8ale?the 8tock and fixtuke8 ok a Liquor Store Is the Suth ward, betwe-ii Ceatie and Baiter atreeta There #111 be a long leaae given. Inquire on the premlaea. For sale-one of the" finest markets in the city?Two Stall#, nicely titled up, large atore and basenient, Uiug b anc, low rent, tine marble fish eland, vegetable, poultry and game department. Sold on account of sickness. Apply at 138 NiutU ave. For sale-an old established corner Liquor Store, well tilted up and now doing a good business. For terma apply at the corner of Bridge and Plymouth atreeta, Brooklyn. TTiOR SALE -A MILK ROUTE, HORSE, WAGON AND X1 hurneaa: will be sold on reaaonable terms for cash. Inquire at No. 47 l'ark atreet. Grocery storb.-stock, fixtures and three years' leaae of aa old established Grocery and Liquor Store: alio two llorae#, suitable for an express wag >u; one Feed Walton and one Grocery Wagon for sale, the proprietor retiring from business. Inquire at 121Wcat Tbir.yullh atreet, for one week. Hotel fob sale.?the prescoit hotel, no. so Eaat Houston street, tifteen doors from Broadway, la Ia UA and Vlipnilitr# for mm!#*. \ ?PV !(IW n*flt Rnd central location. Apply oa uie premises or to GK(JHGE K. MKNDUM, 90Cedar straet. |>1 O,- WILL BUT A butter AND cheese store* V-lairr doing a large cash trade; iooiim for a lumlly; low e?i reui of any store In the Bouery. Will wait for part of Uf money If needed. Apply on the premiers, 199 Bowery, near Uiand street. ?0"0 ?FOR SALE, AMBROTY 1'E and i'hotoqp ?U'J* graph Gallery, 37U Grand straet; apparatus rorap e nn.l nearly furnished. Inquire in gallery 206 Chatham square. &Z. nnn TO 910,000.?PERSONS WITH THIS iftJ.UUu amount may obtain a business thai will pay a hundred per rent prolit, by calling on D. R., 30 front street, Brooklyn, or RICHARDSON, 82 Naaaau street, N. Y. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A PRIVATE STABLE AND COACH nOCSE?142 WEST Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue, to let, aultable lor four horses, with separate Coach House; contains water, gas, watereleaete, harlo t, granary, Ac. Would let the whole or one-half If required. Inquire at 310 West Fifteenth street. A stable and carriage house to let?s2x IS?briqkSmUl; lire stalls; room for four vehicles Rent low. T-qotlMn the premises, A7 Amity street, or of GEO. P. fOX. HS4 Broadway, corner of Twelfth street. Business wagons?of every kind constantly on hand or made to order, euch as gruoer'e, baker's, milk and express. You w l 1 Sad this plsoe aa favorable as any. that can be found, aud every article warranted as represented, at STEWARTS Wagon Factory, Fifty-third street, between Broadway und Eighth avenue. Fib sale?a sorrel horse, suitable for a truck or stevedore., 7 years old aud 17 hands high; also, a set ef stevedore'# Toole. Apply a' 84 Roosevelt street. tjlor sale-A splendid toung bat 8addle J? Mare, four years sM, lifts' hands high; her benirty cannot be neat under the saddle; warranted sound end kind. Also one Horee, fifteen bands high, six years old. inquire at M James street. TjlOR SALE.?a SPLENDID FAMILY HORSE. 8UITAJP bie Tar a Keekawsy or Doctor ; is agood traveler: warranted hound and ktad, wKboot a blemish, in single or double hameHs , can trot his mile la four minutes with six la the cockawaj; Is eight years old; to be eoid at a socrlice. Apply ' at 1U East Twenty-fifth street. In the rear. TTtOft SALE?A THOROUGH BRED DURHAM COW f of the very best quaHty; she Is a new mllen cow, with a calf by ber side; warranted to milk JO quarta per day; atao Make 1< pounds of butter per week. Apply at 1ft Bast Twenty-drib street. In the tear. Fir sale-a handsome light shifting top Wa. on, made by Duaenbury A Co.; for beautyoqnal to any in the jjdy. Chat 9224, will he sold lor J1S# Inquire at 22 and 24 West Thirteenth street, between fifth and Sixth avenues. FOR 8ALE-A FRESH MILCH COW. OF THE BEST quality, warranted to yi-ld 26 quarta of milk per diem, also to make 10 pounds of butt, r per week; to be sold cheap. Apply at 101 East Twenty-filth street. In the rear. For sale-a young mare, sound and kind in all harness; about 7 or 8 years old, 10), hands high and can trul a mile In 2 40. Can be seen at the stables 64 Grand street. FOB SALE?A POWERFUL, FAST WALKING TRUCK llnrse, 17 bands high, 0 years old; would be valuable lor a stevedore or any heavy work; also a beautiful iron gray klare,6years old, with foal; both warranted. Apply at 48 Chrystie street. For sale cheap, cheap-a Vermont morgan Horse, 16>a hands hlgli. last traveller, bright bay, long tail, pert, ctly sound, kind in all hat nets, and as a Middle horse iannul be ?uipassed. Apply at tin Bowery. WANTED?A GOOD FAMILY HOK8E. FROM IS TO hands, nut over St year* old. Ill exchange for Jewelry, well assorted. Address Mora*, Herald o lice. WANTED?TO BUY A COUPE ROCKAWAY, WITH glass doors an I shifting front wludo v; ntuat be in very got d order. Address K. L. C., Herald ulUce, elating price and tiow lung used. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A HORSE. WAOON AND 11a. tiess, together or separately, and pny in good ch> ap sewing maehines. A trade will be given that will pay about double unci; lor the horse, Ac. Address, stating where to call, B. it., box 220 Herald oille-. _ THE TRADES. AS GARDENER OR PROPAGATOR.?I AM DESIROUS lo meet with a nrat clasa aiiuaUuu, ae above, where an adequate salary would be paid as an equivalent for my skill and labor. I have had extensive practical ekfwrtence In some ot the leading establishments in nty native land, both private and commercial, at follows:?Kaby Castle. Buckln.h <m Palace and Burtuu Constable (iiiivaie), J. Weeks * Co., laiTldun: J. Ba-khouse A Sons, York: and four rears and a half with my preeent employer*, W. T. A E. Smith, Nurwry men, Geneva. Address Job T. Ellitson. care of W. T. A B. Smith, Geneva, N. Y. A PERSON WOULD LIKE TO EMPLOY A FIRM class photographer for a week or Ike days, with a view to instruction. Reference required at Is uti ability An) eoinnuintmtiou addressed to PhotugrapbV, Harlem, win receive prompt attention. ATOUNG HAN ACCUSTOMED TO PRINTING ALBU man paper wanted at I dtwond'a gallery. *J7 Rth av. Engineer?wanted, a situation, by a tho rough practical rugire-r, who has bad IS Tears expert enee, can produce the best of referent*. A line addressed tc J. Pieraon, 7k Carll ft, Brooklyn, will be attended to immediately IjlARMEK OR UBNERAL WORKER.?A MARRIED 1 man winti a situation: understand* lartnm;. gardenInc. stuck, Ac., thoroughly; la a bar J worker, alrlctiy temprate and truatwonby; excellent reference. Call on or ad dress Firmer, at Acserman A Conalin'a, V7 4th ar., for tw c daji. GARDENER.?A WELL EXPERIENCED HERMAN gaidener la dealroua lo obtain a pllimllon; la |* acquainted with gtrdeulug in all tta branches; also wllU | to assist in farming. Would prefer a place when- tats wi t rould Itnd a situation aa cook. Addreaa William llarda, Herald office. Lithooraphic printer wanted? inspire a1 Strong's,118 Naaaan at., between 10 and 12 o'clock PHOTOGRAPHER WANTED?TO TAKE CHAIUiE O* a gallery. Apply at Ontario A Brother's, 142 Centre at. SITUATION WANTED?AS ENGINEER. TO RL'N A O stationary engine, by an American, who has had ten years' experience ruunlng a high pressure engine. Adureei tor two days Engineer, 73 Charlton at. TO DENTISTS-WANTED. TWO ASSISTANT DENlists, coinpeient to operate and do mechanical dentistry. Mail applicants will state age, how lung dentists, single of married, and the wages required. Apply at E. A A. Pre terre, IN Bowery. O MERCHANT TAIUlKS -WANTED" BY A I1RM ctasa cutter, a situation; can brtug a good custom trade. Address A. I., box I7u Herald office. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.?A TOCNO MAN, A KIR8I clasaambrotypltt, desirous of improving himself In MM tography, Is trilling lo serve six or twelve uiuolhs. Addresi Artist, box 131 licrsld office. ANTED?AN ARTluT, WHO ht PEKFEtHTLY t'OM pe.ent to color carles de visile In an artistic mtnitar. Address for three dnys, enclosing specimen and term a, Card Artist, Herald office. WANTED?A PRACTICAL FRUITER AND~V BGKTA hie gardener; one with a smalland tidy family, with whom the proprietor could lind a comfortable, home preferred. Address linmeiMstely, giving name, resldenee, numbei or family, nativity, Ac., 8. K. K.. box I IB Herald outer. WANTKD-A COMI'KTKNT "MILLEB, TO TAKE charge ofa country mill la New Jriaey?one wlUInt to grind on aharea, or who would like to hire the mill. A inale man preferred. Apply at 17>< Hniluon at., betweer the hour* or ten and three. Alio a man wanted to work on a farm. ANTBD-TWO filllPSMITHB; HONS BUT OOOC workmen, need apply. Apply to Richard Alklnaon, 51 W?l at. W* ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOVNR MAN. A Ituatloii an cna< hmau; haa lleed with the belt ramlllei In tho city; understands the rare and manaKemrni ol borae*. Brat ally reference. No objection to go a abort dla tanta In the country. Apply at 48 Eaat 15th at, or addren T L.. Herald olUce. DKT HOODS. ACAKtl. ilavin; glrrn up our atore and bring about to remove, and alau to iclln pilali ihe tleiitleuicn'a Ktiinlahlng part ol our biiaineaa, we would caN the attention o, Sir public t i the nor It, which, for excellent qualliy of gooda, haa neeti been anr(a?a?d. Tola atock we now olfrr at and below coat, to rloae It up by lie 16th or April. Fnmille* n lying a irh k > .da can and a very dcelrab e a?x orunent, coimlating ol all ati lea of 811 TIN, H1UCH8. St SPENDERS, HOCKS. UNDERSHIRTS, DRAPERS, Pocket llankeie.iit" a Cnll.ira. French B aunt a, and everj re<|Ublle tor a gentleman a toilet. A. A (I. A. AKNOUX, fit Nlcholaa Hotel, Ml Broadway. MILUNBBY, M . rPO MILLINERS ?J I) DAVIS, till BROADWAY, HAs! 1 J net received a c.tae of I'aila II niift*, ?iao?e>eii?l caaen ol French Kloweia, of the laten atylea and very rich, wnlcli be ie now itudy to allow. 4d4 Broun way, up autira. i OTViMH WANTED.VBHALBN. A YANKEE GIRL WISHES TO ENGAGE WITH A family "? ? ariis-rena; m au expert' nued operator oo Wheeler A Wilson's srwing machine; ur would travel with a lady as nuraa. Han unexceptionable city referenda. Call thu day at 11 Weat llth at, Broadway. alrounu woman WISHES a situation as oood plalu cook and excellent waalier aud lrouer; would do housework in a small private family; la willing and obliging; no objection to go to th- country; three years'city reiereuce. Call lor two daya at 24. Mulberry at. A YOUNG SCOTCH GlitL WANTS A SITUATION TO do chamberwork and waiting, or cbaiuberwora and to take I are of children; no objection to go in the oouiilry. Call for two daya at 2U4 7th av., near 21th at. A HEALTHY WOMAN, W1TII A FRESH BREAST OB milk, wishes a baby to tvet uurse at her own houae; haa juat ioat her hrit child, live daya old; ahe will reipilre reiereuce. Call at 57 Welt tllli at, between Sth aid 6th are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESI'KCTABLE young S'-Olch woman, ax chambermaid and M-aiiialree* la a good embroiderer; can give the beat of city referenMh Can DC seen at 190 Weat iilKli at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A STEADY YOl'NO > woman, experienced in housekeeping, aa cook a- d latin dresa In a small family; or would aaalat in homework; it neat and obliging. Can be aeen at 184 7th nve., uipUoor. ! near 22d at. A YOl'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION As CHAM beruiaid and to aaalat with the washing and ..oumg.oi to do general housework In a small private lamify. Thebeat city refetence. Call at 114 Baat 25th at. for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A UKSPKOTABI4B young woman, an chambermaid aud waiter; has no ob jection to general housework lor u small family, or to go a ahort distance in the country. The best city reference Irons her last place, where she lived lour years. Can b< seen foa . two daya at 171 ?aal llth at. ' A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS uurae and to do light chamherwork, or to take charge of a baby from its birth; is willing to travel with a iady; baa two years' reference from her last place. Can i a seen for ' two Jays at 121 Weal31it hi., between 6th and 7lh a>s. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN wishes TO TAKS A baby to wet nurse, as she has lost hers. It will be welt taken care of. Can be aeen for three days at her own iwal> deuce, 319 East 12th at. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN" WANTS A SITUAtiou aa seamstress; can cut and tit; understand!) all kiadn of family sewing, can wuli on a lady, aud make herself uaetal: haa no objections to assist with children. Can be seen to-day and to-morrow at lot East 26th at., between 2d and 3d a vs. An experienced ekolirh nurse wishes a situation to take chai ge of an Inunl to bo leu by band, or to take care of young chl.drea and aew. Unexceptionable city reference. Call on or uddreaa T. Moore, 163 West 16th at., between 6th and 7ik avs. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, w asher and troner; no objection to go a ahort dotanoa In the country. Has good lefe.encr. Can he aeen lor twoUayo at 173 Sth av.. between lata unu l'Jtu au. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general hou* work and taaecar; of children. Hoot cny reference. Apply for two day* at 441 Pacitic at., between Nevlns and Powers Ma., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLH . young German girl, as nurse and seamstress, or to wail on a lady; csn do up line washing and drea* hair it required. Call for two days at 401) 9th av., between 38th and AHa sla. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM* beruiaid and waitress; has no objections to go a short distance in the couiurt; lias good city reterence irons her last place. Call at 103 West 28th at., near 7th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WuMAN, AS aeamsu-esa; has no oojeciion to assist with the cnamberwork or to take care ot one child; the country prefer reds Can be seen for two days at 181 43d at, between 8th and 9th ava. A YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, waaher and Ironer or as chambermaid aud waiter; tan come well recommended. Call at f 1 Spring at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUAlion In a private family, as chumbt rrmiid aud waiter} . best of eity reference given, t uB be seen lor Wu days at48 Churl -n ?A., room 10. AN EXPERIENCED NURSE WISHES TO GO WITS , a I ami ly to Europe; she p rite t. undersutuds the cava of children, and can biing up an Infant by hand. She earn be seen at her present euiptvyer'a, 23 Waveriey place, 1MB < 11 to 1 o'clock, for one week. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION ID DO UK. general housework of a small private lawily. Good eity rcfcience given. Call at U West hid at., room Na. 1. fl A GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO GBREDAIs . house work. Call at 78 East Warren st. Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE W O. man, aa cook erMtorse and seamstress, In u small family. Can be seen at 1,384 Broadway, between 33d aud 34th. ata. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 81TOA" tiou as Chambermaid and waitress, or as oisioberuiatd and to do plain sewing; therdughly uudeMtmnla hcrbhsl nes*; city refercreucc. Call for two days at 241 West tSUs si., lop Uonr, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAM, AS a nrsi class waitress and chambermaid; it willing to . assist in the washing and ironlug; is neat and lUtytnher work; the best of city relerence can be given frnin herlaat employer. Can be seen lor twe uays at 14139th at., between > 7th and 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUAtlon In a private tamuyas isuiidrsss. Can maw well re. ommeuded Irom her last place, where she 1ms lived three years. Can be seen for two days at 299 4th at., near Univerty pluce. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITU tTION AS chambermaid and aeamstrrsa in a private lumliy; cab do all klririi of sowing arid cau uMrsn* on Slug r'n machine; has the best of city reference. Call at 93 East 19th at, near 2d are. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as goodiuok und b.tkt-r; is a ttrst rate waslirr and ironor; understands all branches ot family work; no objection to go anywhere 10 a steady i>la<e; good reference can be given if required. Can be aeen for laro days at 21b II iloerijr St., near Spring St., llrst Hum . A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG W OMAN, TO du plain coosiug, washing and ironing, or Wo .M do generul housework for a small private famuy; u..s _oou reierence Can be eeeu tor two days at 100 Mo.t ft. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO cook, wasli and Iron, or ui do up alairs wora in* small ianuly; no objections to the isiuntry; city refereucp. Can be seen Mir twouaysnt 4tl LudioW St. A TIDY. SMART YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUAlion ss cook In a private family: has no o ijiciton logo I a short distance in the country, can do all klnda uf baking, . i bread, take and til-cull, and wash and irou good; has the I best dty rcierenco. Call at to siring at., between Mulberry i and Molt, on* pan ot a.alr? up. baafc room. ' 1 PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A" A Uou as cLambermaid and flue washer or as waitress; : has no objection to the <o ..i.tiy. has the best dry relent ace. Can be seen at IB IVth sL, between Cth and ftb eve*, first floor. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO oiiMiiihei work and wwitiuc or chainb.rwork and taking care oi cniliireu. Can be seen for two days at 21) West 32d> si., third Hour, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN *ANTS A 8ITU JTX. Ull?m \o uu nuuBcwor*. in biu?h u ? Ut j-wont mid wultluji; is m'hIium aiul obUftag. Hurt of ally nl*nw? from bar Imi place. Ditlit gftHMt loy floor, been room, A WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 COOK, WAS tier anU ironeror to do general bouaewora l.i a |>rir?M family; la a good taker of broad; la kind to chiniran. Oam ?ln>w good rvfereiH-e. Can w?n for two i.aya alUfttl at., between Broome and Iklaonj, front Daaeineui. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A pr.vnte faintly to do gener.l bonaework. Itaa tba baa* city rderenee from ber Mat p-ace. Call at IIA let ay. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIKL WISHES A 8ITUAt ou aa sramaima aim to do light chauioerwora, or ad I aurae and (CaUiatreea; aader?Unda all kinds ot aen ingand la a brat rata onerator on Wheeler A Wlleon'a acwlngma1 chili", fan refer to ladle* wiln wlioin sue ban lived in tbia city and ct ewhere. Call on or adorvaa Advertla -r, flflMb av. A SITUATION WANTBU-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do caaiuuerwork and watting; would aa' list In the washing; or to no plain cooking or housework to a limit family. Has gued ottj tec rence irom her uiat plaom Apply for two days at 10/ Jtui.a.n, a... in me a.ote. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WI8IIEH A Situation, as goo 1 plant cook and excellent neattet and . Iroiier, or baker; iaonni|H'U'tt'.o.'i.f adalry. . i No objection to the touiury. oo?, uiy reterei.c . Apply ak i SI Char lea at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. It TEAK8 OLD wants to learn lite die- -making or mill in ry trade with a competent person, one that has ? eady work. Call for one week at 1S6 Ureen et., Jet a-y eity. AS1TCATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO PROTESTANT English girl, to take care of children or no 114b! citambcrwnrk or to wait on a table in a auiall nr.Hi.v family; would prclor taking ate of 1 utldieu. Cat! lor two day* at Alt III nr., between 3Sd and Slut ate. Afl COOK.-WANTEO, A SITUATION, BY AM EXPBrlcnced cook, who t.ioioibbty on teramnda k r I uaineta In all its branches; la willing 10 aeami with wsailing If required, good city referebcCan be aeen 10, two day* at 40 id.11 at., between Atli and liih ava., second Itoor, roam. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SlTl'Atlull to Ito geio-ral housework, III a slnal. priiaie lauilly ; la a good waabrr and iruucr; good rifcrcii.e 1. reipnred. ! I all tor two days at No. 1 I nio.i, ouri, Uuiversily piece, Up > lloor, trout room. AHE8PECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU" atlou, 1- a good cook au race lent wanner and , ironer; baa city ret ere nee from tier last place. Call at 174 t Went 3Ulb at., between 7th ana Sth ava. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO cliainberwork, line wanning and irouiug. and Uullng; , the beat ol city reference can be given. Call at idl Bast Ahu . i at., betweeu 1st and Id ava.. fur two days. A 8 PROFESSED COOK.?SITUATION WASTED, JIT mod reapeclnblc anil < apania mimm, -............ I uudereianda all klnJa or cooaiug, incuta, aoupa, game, . In tbc Ameriuin and French atylea; liaa tin. ? eptionahie refercn <r? for neat ly four year* Train liar laal place. Call. i at 3UU Amity it., Hrookiy u. AtiEKMAN PHRSON, WHO HAS HE KM IN ONE place lor ulna jrrara, wan la a aitualiuu u? m aniMtrike and Uuy'a inalil; haa no objection ta taking earn <? children and doing a llitla work about tlia liouae. Call al X Jay at. Actuation wanted-hy a youno woman, to do .lioiiacwouk chamberwork and *n ami iron l.ig; haa city reference. I nil at Slo Waxlilngton ai., batwe. n t Spring anil Cuarlton eta. An American lady wishes a situation boiiaekeepcr for a widow, r or nn elderly gentleman Andreaa m. C. L., Madiaon aipiare poat Olliee. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SfTO>. atlon to do general housework In a snta.l pei.ntr amiiy, or would do ehambarw .rg ami i am netting, o. with, waaltmg uiid ironing. Cull a; Wo East hm.uiw.iy, lor tw?? day*. _ i si r;- \TI0N WANTED B\ A RESPECTAB!BTOUEd I J\. wo., mil, lir. i ( liiRR \'SH or < liAtniM'nu.nd;* to i tliMrou^lii* ?-om|if*t<ant for li* r biistiiOM; vr? jr iHMt of rofo* i ren e.Tiidn aret. Ia?a lauill eg t an be geen i?e two dnytga JJ Weal l-tl?fl., filet llo .

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