Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 27, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 27, 1862 Page 2
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Jf H#"" """I 2 HORSES, CAHKIAOKH, ?C, a soit&gr, Canadian poxy roB bale-is about J\ Bh?n 'lh.^ v.. i| .n M>J k'n*. in hartir ? o: uml?r the .hi. i -u ln?e him. Will n. n m* Km v> u-i haa i ? i. r hun. 1'u be aaeu at A/7 Pearl street ____________________ AftADY'S IJE.i L G8-iY B .l i H U bands lit,-1-. S t.ol?uan<i an!'. .?.! *??, anil ? very ?t>l i f. 1 iue Ail1 y ' U1 Weal '1'eQth Htruet tor two day i. _____ a sin; >np pand COOlB r >8 8ALB, O t WILL i<s n a. lU ? I' ' JV I. AW.. , v -ilV' ,c. Apply * <11 subl?4,6? \fg?iSu.'.re? attvci, uo.<r l4..I.Ur. Buewhtkb a CO , Oi- HH'IO"" >TREEr, Mas UK AC A', tit -a ui F'JiK cAHUUOES FOK To.) ' ANL> i (Jl NTI.V, AND Pi-'t riasi i< ?I> WAGON'S, Invito .i t UMpa** if variety of vehicle*, en- unelv Or their ,, m iuA- .iho?' h, liUtiof- .it. . n of Si VLB. tJl'Al ITY and KIMSK. The acknowledged si.; en nuy of their RovD AY tOONS Will Matrii tl; mahr.ilnrcl, and ., . < n To the popular style-- ?t. t,.> mi in during TUetwo'**i t- m? they . apec.^l Allen'i i ?:> I-''or I'Viy'. "Til K > ' '> .M AN' S WAi;<>?.? N"w r? ,d? f it ataii-liou .1'their ONLY Ft. E OA HI SINE'S, 372an t -7i . r., . .t, corner of M- :t etreet. Business wago?s_ok every kind constantly on hand or tuat'..- p. .ler, au'.h mi gr< ,rr a, bake. a, m..* ond gspreaa. You will flud UaLm place a* fa? o> able ea any that can lm found, and ei-arv article warranted "an represented, at STEWART s Wagou K?. tory. t-:iv-ihlid site. . Between Broadway ,nrt Eighth avenue. I^OAED YOI R III)".- KS AT TAT fER.S ALL'S STABLES ii the beat arrAtigei, must c uiniodtoiis ami e,t eondue ?*.' a .able ju New Y in. ' i i.i; ?n ?xi-rci?ia? r.r.g nv to alt boarders 4>e*tton .-a ot Ho:Mia, Car' Jti- , very Tueeda-, at 12 o'clock. WM. WITTERS, Auctioneer. U^LKUANT TWO SEATED NO TOP SQUARE BODIED Jli Wagon, "Tib pole built by Brewater; o> > an Eu*l"ih two wheeled Dug ai an a superior iMty tn* ;e nr.j'tl! r top full spring Buggy, vw oh p.iU and shafts, all a* .< .# ! a? ilea, Will be aold cli. a , on > > uer leaving by S*:u. buy's steamer Can be seen at Camp A Co. s .tables, 22 anA 2t West Thirteen tb street. Fob sale-two da us bay ponies, 12 hands high, perfectly centle in double or single harness. Can be seen at Hawthorne'* live y stable, corner of Tiventyniahth e:r?et and .S-vrit.i avenue. Li-ev.r-.i- -wo seated WDbtott and double Harness; be ones with t e ponies. geo. w. see. FOB sale?A UIM TAIL BAY PONY; KIND IN ALL harness and ary s, d?h under the saddle. Also, W.iaon amd Harness. "Will be s ! . cheap, as the owner has no further us- fur tuem Gun be seen at Thomas Norrie' stable, 11S Clint 'n place. For sale?hohsk. wagon and harness; horse nin'- years, .j, sound and kind, and can trot a note m threem mute* any ivy; * ,s* n aes r--. ?il w- ioh 150 Ibe., built by Brewttrr t Co., Broome itree:; ;.tire f.75 To be seen at the stable of A. Barrow, corn- : of iter iau Grand streetA Sold on account of the owner 's removal fr m the city. Fob sale-a pay stallion, sixteen hands lil.pi, live years out. ? uud and kind; trotting sn-ck Ad. dre.a f( J. B., M"rsn and P "A oUlce, Staten is' .. d. For sale-an ei e >ant light phaeton, built l?\ Wood Brothers B. id way; in perf? ct r w > . $250, coat $&*). Apply ..i 293 Henry ilrret, corner d 11a. re ion. South Brooklyn. I NOB SALE?A SPLENDID SADDLE OK LliSHT CAR ; nago 11 irsv fifteen band., sli yea . o ;. round awl kinl; verv f.?e, fr -e driver, is fast aj'. tir iiis ' great spoert; has never been in any hoiw deafer'' a' '?. v * 1 seen ?I l orn-re's live y . b'.e, rerner of Twenty -fifth street and Eourth avenue, or ; ary can be made a' 19 C< rtlanot street. For sale-tor half* his value, a very ii vndsome Vermont Tirana H irse, ii years old, 15sandhiifh, faa. traveller: per'i-itly sound and Wind, a. a aaddle horse cannot be eurp .*w ' Apply At 98 Bowery. For sale-a new and beautiful light shiftIng lop wafiB, made hv Du enbury Jt Co. eost $225. "Will be sold for $Uo. I:.; e a- 22 and 24 Woat TUirteenih TP or SALE -A bright BAY PONY. 14>g HANDS HIGH; r (?? iivi in . a i Wagon, .tain-... and Bl-? ? t. as sacrifice; also a Pouv, suitable fur lady s or gentleman lwti, be* always bemused b.< aiady. In'juir* at 1CT7 Sullivan street. X(.OK SALE CHEAP.?A DROWN HO!!S?, lj)^ IIANDSF sound and kind in, a name-is, a ?0'>d tneeVer and sutr. able for all kind:- [*..<, A a wagon an i ha; .ie??, goo-i as new. In vj''.ire at th Stable, lots and HOOT went}- . Tenth street. For sale cheap?a team or bay hoases, a One Bit ' .'he arid Harness, the ltor?e- w: . he sold separate .f is sued. A, p.y at tner U.-nti... Pa.-it "l, to; nor of S.-'en'.h avonue id Ftfty.i.iuih ' r.?*. {TINE STRONG BAY HORSE. SUITED KoR A MEDIca .r cxpre. a m .. . hfteeu anu thrnr- ;tiari--r hands, pony yea;? ?.ls und ai d kind, will .un l w.tho-t tying and but pr . tdrner. 3 t foi want of tie. Lm .t cash price, bill). A; >ly i?t the ssalS--a No 84 WeaiThi..-entii street. Is rued 101 any war*. Horses for pale at bowery and grand street )a a:a ?.e? ? A uumv er v! (toed Work H?rw? can be bought wry eh- .p. by applying Immediately at ib. stablea, corner t 1 ari-nue C and Tenth ate.-ct. Horses horses just arrived from one/dv canty, four ,.air* 01 superior Carnage H . .es*,, ) tae single lioiS**. alab a Ui'.e number o W rk Dorses. The above *ro tor-a> at the stables of POST A NICHOLS, jZ Kaat Twenty-fourth street. Harness-wanted, a set of light medium mm bssMi HtflSM. sst WMk ei 1 Any one ha-lug such to dispose of at a p t e tu correspond witn me limes, may address bos *76 Post office. Miner a stevens. 7J, 74 an 1 75 WALK! R STREET, first doo- prm of Broadway, MANl'FAi.Tf P.ERS o' first ei i.s CARRIAGES and light WAGONS, of the 1 itext i'aehto;.able my..-* and .mji. vem>MS, utid for r ga.u r of hr ? i, style and d irabihly a e equal to any 111 tins n.ara t, to which we invile the inspection of purchasers. PONIES OK ALL E NDS?ONE PUB OF BAYS, 12 hands, Wagons, I... an I SaddVc to inch ; ,r aala cbeap, at Forty-it- .nd street, between Fifth and 3 .tli srentu*. GEO. bkg.VsiY. X bU 1c Horn--*, na'.f or 'hnra la\ hau ls li it!, 1. ,. . tain, land 9 year* old. warrani. I Ir. ceery w y, - . n t a.* kind Id alt .iarn? m , the pr3|jertv of a 'Mil ,u*n -eas, , lor unre*erred -ale. A: ply at f'-l Deri 156 . at >(., N. K TITANIED-A STYLI -t' EXTENSION TOP OYKKIAtlE. V? to .?-a si*; new or hut .itt. ned pref-.n ,. AUutc.a, etatng ' a <h INW, I!. L It*. 193 (?r M? i n Wwt 7 TU >1TlNli HOltS "S r'Oft BALK?POL'S OF THEM ( ran .--tal 2 *0 i:ir cr trot In .'50 m lr-t Cai. ?-?n at the Wa.e > ah'! Ex Uan?? S'a . ?, N.uet, -eixth r.ieei ui. 1 U. tea.. OT.vtit .E w. JBMtlXA Pr prietrr. O 1 Til STPEKT IMRSK BA/.AAd.-Al TIi?X .-AT.E ..ant- " i ,e?, *0 .0 . 9 East r--rn i an- u Aur'io. iw..i M nJ? Mate) I, 1-6-', at 11 clock A. M., au mil . ev.-iji in ; - *r, Sunday* ** ?ptw* * will il" li -? *, ?eg i?, Haruaja, anil i;ii r ar .a*ea it .?3. t J. Al. ? oiT red free of bar-p-. un -~a i* s- a r-.a e. See .. a l hm a*-* or other a. ml- - io f ir o ar h-i rntnniiaal i a .i he Hi. He,- 3. A,i aru-:.e* i:n . r f2' Jl. 8-;. 4 A am- s anil, I. it j.oTir, a* ei ?-nv-1- full to ml >n ... I. i-harfiad to ih - ?- V A t h.irae* warrtti""! km 1, tli?tr iuudo-sa ? 111 1? proved .o liie .rcbawr ' ion tit !o Ueery of >iW horw-a, r, I vvarrtnUei of ktuiu -a w.|: eiIdra at that lllm-. Sec. 6. All warrantees of ooti neaa ,.n lorava will expire one day aitei they are aold, a, 4 o'clock r. M 8-i 7 a il. a< euicBl lie. ? n the hi.yei and aeller, the buyer shall chelae one nan and the aetle. another, an 1 If thcr canno- -ree, they -111;! 1 h-.-,. Hi ti.ud man. ami 11. ir do. i?i ... anai he a., J flat ling. . 0. A depo?lt off; will >e required 01. all aalea oi-r -m ti uin'i r$50, f.'t?if . : :.p >d wltn, the artlelc tail! be ira neltately ,Claret the -ml time. aac P. All warrantee* will let read ire. to lb-* a . i*factloa or pure!).*, ra, au-< the purrha era will 4- ' ' ielr guarantee* from the proprii-'ora. (tallica , Edthlteta, Wiuit*, and other in,ail article*, reanouable thnegea will he made. IT >:?? or other arii 'le* .un b? ten. wiilt tbeli charw or any time tie;ore'be sale laeloar-1, and they f ill lie ?ifere 1 in the r t r,,. 11 r? ? kejd and wagottb *inr>-d at thla r3 .. nhioenf. WHITSOM A SON J. Proprietor*. NPKC1AI. NOTICES. MATCH AOAihUT TilK WORI.O. FOR *10090. ftomeaolT on Sator lay, March 29. Look out. /IHEMItAL BANK. NEW YORK. MARCH 21, led!\J fete lion.?Tbf .vo loildera of Cits Bank are her, y lto lilted that ilie Annual Bl* ton lor li rectors and for Inapetora, et the next nau i.g election, a II be held at the Jtanxmi II none on ndy, the "th day of April neit. between th? hour* of one aad twoo ne k. O. O. WILLIAMS, Cuehler. C'ON-cr.ATF. IJF.V VL OF FRANCE EEMO'- BTi TO / hA Bowling (J. < 11. New Ton*. Mar- h 22, ' -11 /"1uN-o LATE OK ,-iPAI.V NEW EORK MsHI'lf 11 V 1" n ai re?t l ;hi Mi.oelna raecaC m rany 'Navtera ? * in? of B?m .'.-in, Hpnln fo know wh?l!.er the B.auin.. n Ig "Mi.rva !' 1 a. CtnUil D 11 lint? Bstspe, '? '.i * - ion on he flh of Mai li, "-dt, In the river Prjvlnc. > i itiinin? north of Mint.a, w,.< Inanre1 in any part of the Uuiten states, any |>ersoii cogalrani of ib? *?u> will pieaac to cnn.mtiMiate It to the tta lenugned, Consul o Spain t. FRANCtBOO BTOl'fUITO*. fjt aiffUR, CO.UMtSBWN MBRcHANT AND !i. dealer 111 tiraln, Fiour, Feed, Meal. At . at Soft Front street, corner of Dover. FOR MANAMA-1 VIA FAIRFAX COURT HOClH Mta.'es will leave every day lor above at II A. M . fr nil opposite lliliiorn'* vgar store, Pennsylvania venue above Wlllard'a, tVa-hington, in.ig passenger *n opportunity of visiting th? battle i?ld at Bull run, morning ..en evening, Fare for round trip $6 H^ARBOR DBFENCE ?TUB ADVtKTMF.P ITAVlNd an Invention designed to sink any o leli f either wood or Iron, without the uae of armament or arntinl' on. wooffi like to mmmtinl'ate with any party interest el In the "in tr ii'tlOB of trull ol*<t 1 -aee-e, to wlnrli the m. , .n n.av he applied. Ad Iri-aa VV. P. U , Vfi State street, Brooklyn. XptVADA W ATER COMPANV.-P.EAl TUTM.Y EN 1> 41 ,<?: 1 sopn. of <lt.vtl?i atatemcnU, t.; ins, as jtfnnien. A ,V , ' f thisfompanr, for I', parties In t<ie?ted. ?t tar flee of cOtiMNB A rjroilEN, law writers 11 Ms It ?ll 07, and C""t Ofa'ver laement. Till) are voluminous OEMOVAf -UK TllfIRS OFFICE IB REMOVED TO It No. I,it I it road wa., near Twenty-ninth sir <*. New V urk. QPEOIAL-MB. I O 11ADV, I.E' *-TI,V OK TIIK O St-ve..? Hit-', li; ' nlway, ran overt to No. 7M Br a t w i e uer of 1 - rUl he twppy to meet Itia former frn til a an I patmn*. THK PRATEB"M1Y OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MA son* g'ti' tell,.' id i '.rlniiit' n t 1, p rr N lata, R A.M., are respeetftihy In- r. i in a tend the funeral of their late Companion, David R Johntoo, fro in Jits late residence, lid K**t Tlilrty-tlrst struct, ou Friday, VHb tn? ., a two o'clock I' M Br order. M E M l' J;' TAEtl MILLAKD. Jamm U. Tin,OB, (itrroiary. rnilB JOURNEYMEN TAILORS OF THE CUSTOM DR. X partoieut.oT Bro'? A Brothers are t> i to attend a ua*? mastlag an Saturday evening, a: 8 o'clo s, ?t i"l r ^ Ci fjjr ;i r FI\ INCIU. ^ ^ . . 4 TLAMTC saving BANK, ? J\ i H l iUM *01 ARE?Ol EN PVll.Y DEPOSITS FROM ho CENT* lo go. ?i RECEIVED. >St* (,e. 1 lu ' !> I alio..ed on a.. ..a of g.**) aud under five per rein on ium> over that amount. Deposits r. ade on or uelore April i wAl receive " r? i a* irion that date. M. D. VAN FELT. President. CHARLES D BAILEY, Treasurer. Jo'xru P. OonrttH, Secretary. qollbouons on Washington, d. c. LltsBl USING OFFICERS CHECKS, WAtt CLAIMS, AC. promptly collected ry TAYLUtt BROTHERS, i*7 BROADWAY 7t> WAIiL SVTF.ET. < NILE MIC AL RANK. NEW YOKE, KIAK .1*1.1663.' Forty, pes lit Mend?The President an Direm t? ol i ib an* have this day declared n .iiiuncvU dividend .it so iicr cut, payable to tuuckho' Imv ou Bud .itVr, tilt lit day of April uexi. ilj order i f Roam. U. O. WILLIAMS, Cashier. tn bankrfptcy ? american railway bonds.? L Mr. K1KKMAN has received dIreotlOLa frnio the ai*t oes, wild the coticurreooe ol the ?r:ortg..i;"ea. 10 all by auction, at the Auction Mart, London, Eugla i i, (op;.. < ? t BanAof Englandi, on Fri lay, April ?3, 186.1, at iwc v for on? o'clock | fcn h, Sieti Mortgage fl mis oi tli Cleveland ati'i .Ma uiny Kal war Company for the t urn ! five hundre. d 'lars each, repayable in Ai.tuii, 1673, writ intercut a t..e ra: of aeveu per c..l peraauutn in the meantime. payable baif yearly on the 1st of February and the 1st of Augu.n, wh ill lUtereat ha? t.uen regularly paid Tli-scb 'in!* were Issued for money bun mod for the con. struct1 n in the Cleveland and Mahoning Railway, running ' fr uu C; . eland, Otiw, to a j Mm in ...e vicinity of >V?,??t?\ Pennaylv.v no. I i. tii-u *ra i ,.1 i.n. ltlona of -ale may be obtained of Ml bOi'S. LEY AN t WHITING, S . .r to the Asaisn'es, No Old Jewry; of Mtears HARRIHOW A FINCH Bolteh lor-. N5. K Cray's Inn *.p. ire,and ... tne ,.dic -of Mi KIRK A' AN'. Auotioi ?*r. Vali -r, Surveyor and E a s Agent, No. - Clement's lane, Loudon. T OAN WANTED ?WANTED, A LOAN OF ?10,000 FOR 1J live years. On bond a 1 mortgage, on improve.! property on Fifth ivtnue, north double the auu out policy ' r 1.6, ow, also axcigneda Address Edgar, Herald otllce. \'?w york, march 21 1862.?dividend notice is The Board of Director*of tin-Bud's Ik-ad Bank have tins day declared a actio ami .al dlt. c i o' four (41 per cer.t, payable to the stoekiiold. rn i i and after the Isl day of April next. The transfer boo he wiii be closed ft otu this date to April I, inclusive. By order of the board. G W. \S ILLETT. Cashier. vtotice. at Ome* or tiik Em* Railroad Compakt, i Yous, March 26 IS62. 1 The Interest on lae Fourth Mortgage B " .a of litis Company due on the I'rst ot April next, will be paid on thst nay, on praaentuclou of the Coujioits at the. otlloe of the Treasurer In Erie plaiv At ihe e?iue time and place the holders of the Certificates of D S.Greg ./ audi. B. 1' vis. Trustees, will receive payment of the Coupon of the i ourtn .Mortgage Uon l;, due Oct. 1, lSol. with interest from .Ma> 1, 1861, to Auril 1, l*b2. H. N. t)TIS, Sscretaiy. \\rANTED?NEW YORK, NEW HAY KN AND SECOND \? A?ss?.. Q . itssks A n>.u.lrs h. il.HI.PT IT NTPtlliV 5J William street. Official.-treasury department, march 21 136-'.?Holde-s of boudu uf the Potted St fen, dated October 1, l^'il, ud payau e three years from date, are herny lmuued tost pn vision has noon iiiad" for tiro payment in com of the coupons ol semi-annual intereat which will be.-om .due on the 1st of April proximo, sgre-ubly to ti ?lr tenor, by '.i.r Treasurer of the tinted Slais* at Washington, by the Assi-iant Irs'aurora at Boson, New York ami l'Ui'.a >'!phia, and by the Depositary of the Untied Stale* at Cmctanu';, Oh :o AL such coupons, together with s iiertules shewing the number ami amount of carh coupon, and the aggregate sum of eaoh parrel must be presented for examination and vert11:-a ,on ?t least litre'- f ill I- ) sin ess days liefore payment. S. P. CHASE, S -, retary of the Treasury. OFflCE OF THE LOi.AN COl'NTY MINING AND Mwnufaetui ,ug Oeirpauy, No. 3!! Pine sireei, New Yolk, March 17. l ea ?The semi-annual Interests on me bonds of tint company, doe Apr'l 1, w ie paid si tills ofllcs. or a' llie banking hous, of Joseph W. Davis, 25 Stale street, Boston, i a pre-xuta'ion of the coupons. ht.V.r. F. WEYMOUTH. Treasurer. rpiIIRD AVENUE SAVINGS BANE, JL Corner Third avenue and Tweutv-2fth street. Charter, d 1-51. SIX PER CENT INTEREST showed on all rums from One to <ins Thousand Dollars. DEPOSIT,-. MaDK ON OR RTF''HE 1ST APRIL WILL DRAW INTEREST FROM THAT DATE. 3snL .pen hilly, fioai lti to h. Al-o on Monday, Weduesday an 1 Saturday eveitine*. from 6 m S. SPENCER K GREEN. President. A'';s. F. Lxe, Se'rcUry. Ad! nrill 8>1 fW AND VARIOUS OTHER SUMS UP <M .UuU. to Slb.OuO to loan on uuid ami tnongegeon t- -"Ire estate in this ctty. a .mall commission only re.ptir-u, Alley to JAMES K VV AT:.ALOU 3r Nassau st:i. et, room iB, or in the evening at 8.1 West Fifteenth ?'r<-"t New York. an Ai\A WANTED?FO? ONE YEAR AI 7 PES ceui annum, anda uonus, on ' rst Can* soc .rtty, by corporvinn note and stuck cuiater .|, vi rtu Tvc tlines amount. For pariic apply to Notary Public, I M W i.l street, re-r bo.rding. Q.~7%) ofwl To i'fAN?on bond and mortgage V I rj.voU o.i imp.- Prueerty, la >m* city and Br. .kiyn. in sr. s to> onii. Pr. -Ipefs may apply to 8. WETZEL, at the Kir, a ihucl - LIT - insurance Cumpaay, lhd Broad x ay, only f out 1 till S P. M. LOAN OKK1CF.5. AT 4j) BROADWAY?HENRY ItYMAN ADVANCES ON Diamouds, .,t or u..-ol, or buys tiic rsme for covin also advances on Watches, si.vcr flute and all Personal pr operty. HENRY HY1IAN, 4*) Broadway. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OF Bnurda-sy?.d-a. y n Ivan vd on W.itches, Ib i.i. uds, Jew- try. Piute, Dry Goods uird personal property of every descrip'lou. or bought and sold, by JO-Ei'lJ A. JACKSON, auctioneer aud broker, | f M VANMAI STREET.?A. HOXIOXAX, DIAMOND il broker, toakes liberal advancea ,u Diamonds, Watches, J -w. lr , A ., or buys them a! full v. ! i u at ho pr ateoilice, 6b Nassau street, room No. 2, op siairs. Business cuufl it;? blef.oker street, the hioitfst c?.?ih <1 pr.e* ?wl on Diamonds, WfttCMA, Jmllf, 1' kiioDry G "?)?, S , 4'-. N. R.?i ?'V:.'>riiK i - fju bought. II. Nit\ ION, 77 Bleccker surest, up otui.j. \ T BO. SOHAMMERS STREET MOmnr TO I.IAN 10 ./A. - j ntr.outit, on Distiion .a Wu' -l.' ?. .I" .? !- .., .1 ny the we ant.- u tr- old a1 Imbed InAAC, Broker'.ul ComB. -* o:i Mar... .:it. No 9 t'iiauioer . street. N. lr;e.brae transacted on Saturday. I IBEl'.YL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS, I Ij ?... caes 1'Tite an ; Je.r-lr>, nr bought for eaij, lit lite ... -t|;. ea I'f: . 'ubnrt ., oldO lit or Silver I <1 i ti a.I on DO'. 18 AN KIUM, 723 BroadwayVIONE! TO LOAN-IN -SUMS To SCI T ON WATCHES, i?l Diaie n Dry O'-e * nnd all ralnaLle P. rtoua: Property. STvn i a. . it. A;v to K. WOOD, 62 Fuitou street, saotmd door, fi nnt men, fna 'J to 4 o'clock. VfONEY TO }-END.-ABRAHAM i JACEB05, HO. M jVl W.tUer.tir .near Br ad* ay. (la l? .'A I;-,.'e a'reet), 1 .una M i > In I it. raiii'l a . ,i Wet es DiaiTi-.r.r:J-w Try, hiirer. Ware, (l.ina llrj ii.o:-, Wearing Apparel an I perno:. I | . ,* ! y o*' every dc* nption. >1 ONE* To LEND-ON DIAMONDS WATCHES, JEW J?L elry, i ?*r, Or- an ! IV.? >al I'l .p-rty <?f ail > 0- I 'ioiM. trte !e* ntu l.e r-'tf. ,i ?; an* tir.uwl a' > ? -r. It haKNAKD, 21 fbiiJavcn.ic. Pit.ate oCice, antra not. ball door. AS 7HCI.UUT. to. ?L*N i'O CVl'.r- AND DIVINATIONS.-IF IN ; ;V. i ..... 'b v . .title, i i -id Mm> 'XII PORD. nnrb ??!Vu I. aiuc i airvoy.ait ami American Meill' lnt: Yroruin, No. I?17 It ii -tt .et, 'in*, o II yt. Brooklyn, Ste I'nrt Tie cT.-nu, d' ta diaeaac, preaerH<ea remedies, and fiuda a ? ? , i flier.da. II .ail vi n.eirie va. In rent*; inedi il, SI. 1 by I' tier, n. i ring, 1 t STtJNISIUMC? MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH ./V. Janghu r, ha- a gift of fon sig!. ; tell* how noon an 1 how often ..'ii willmarry, aiid all you wiah 'o kr >w, ev- n y. jr tbou his or uo |.ay. Ducky tl.arin* free. Her ,a. it not to be lonntl. Her M gtc linage la uow in full operation?184 D.nJ.oa atret, b.Tow liouat iu. Price 23 c nil. t>enti?iucii not adtult.ed. AM B"NA FIDE ASTROtOfJtRT, THAT EVERV ONE cau dtrjii nil Oa, if Win--. WILSON, who lulia the i.c ji-rl o! JTO'U vi-il ? *i JTI an you en'er. 8n? i"1ls he |,afl, pr?m ni and fu' cP-ulyo i lire, Mil warns yo'i of danger*, and 11 inns euoccsa out of the mo*' pwrtl- .m undertakm.". N b ?Celebrated magic clierms. No 149 a1 on street, belweon Hiuis'.oti and Stanton ?iwj, orer the bakery. Charaeifoi ladies ind gentlemen, 60 cents. Cora a seaman, independent clairvoyant.Meu t a:> I bMnitw o mi ilut oh ''ay and evenine The acl< w e ehe un:o:j? ?o aa'iflactnrlly to all thai ll i? mi necessary p. give illu-T*Uon* of the astonishing refill* I Slie Coullimel at 2 SI Division street. La voisih, descendant ok AsTJtOLOOIHT TO Nkpoieort the (treat haa retained, and 1 an be con tolled only one we? * 1 1 coral h?r rooms I'j, I.v,i"n? street, i'?ni 1 S.e Ker. Charms gr-'n free. Ladies 25 '-enlS: gentlemen M MM* Madame siiafkek?the seventh Daivhter baa a natural (ill'.'i tel. a .o il |, ye. narriag., ah'ei.i frii ndt, buaiui sa alio jouriirr*. No W Scond atree', be tn can avenue C and I Uoiu m .rket. La '-v. -IN . ? Metneu lint a'lliill'c I. Madame rat, m> seventh avenue, neat Twenty-arventl. ftrwot. aurf rte- * all who vieii tv r Tht sick, trouble'! bud unlucky should |e*i h' 1 power*. She teili your ? ry thought*, lucky nu?ii>er?, l< +> Ladii a, UAc, gentlemen, 80. Mrs addie banker, the well known hpikii Test Me Hue ?# l ci.nno.ant r?u b'run idled dall; at barrooms, II 2 K'nctb ATtnue, ue..r Twcnty-fCcund ftr-et Medical bud business adrlce given. Ml*s davis. canadian oipkey, palmist ami Aairul ifi >1, N >. t~i Wekt Tw? fill street, can !<? con bulled on all bualn Confidential leiter* written. Cliarm, fn love or >.n?int ?. Lock* nomhen given La iea 2-' rente 0 ntlemrn SV rente. romr end We frr yenreclf. Vf ADAMR URN HI, TIIK MOST WONDE.RFT E OF AS i?l tt logleta, hae horn p raoaded to i o am one w el lo r llrr room-, ?r? rotrdad with i|i< elite and laduoi of an I all win?t|>ii lei are delighted aro' aaloon lrif |i> her tiijtiifil revelation* 8!?r ?huwa a lie . neaa of ib w? I j'oo urr, iirtii; , lO'iaca you to he a,laved, aud ail V a> a in al' aflame of lrr? or bultlnaaa. lie' noma an- Ho. * Wants oadtva*. corner of Leonard street, over the uothiui e. Nmi* '-n the door. rrilK f.KIJAlKsr WoXDKR IX TUB WORLD IS THE I young ao'l .. con., i-: -if Mndauie BYRON, from I'arU, r who ' an o? ronan"?'l with the airlcteet mn?id>out on all atlalraof llfej i-uatorea drunken and unfaithful hnabandi: ha- a aeorai to make you i Hove,I by your heari'a ideai.end bring* tocnther tho-w f >na *r| *rated. I*dl???.f cent* Beer dance 9*1 Thud avenue, about Twoiltb street. Umo wot i,o not <i i where roRTrxs mi?<ia V?, aee Miea W K.LL1SU ION, the great Engl ah EreI pheleaa, th? In st 4 all, and a.m >,e etc in ,J '.an bacon' ! milted, peraotijiliy or o_v lett-i on a! al'alri of Ufe c urrrnI Inglawaull" journey* abeeit fitenoe. love, roo.u.nji. mnrriana, haalth, wenlili,nno who i an icvii u <lr nken and un< ! fatthlul hnab*nd? Mies W u the jn f p,erauu in thlai if , who baa than'mtlne Roman mtu Aral m ? .itirana forlore, I g"Od biek and all huelnr?i aha r il e .'oer.tntef n for I lile Delay not to consult Ihla nato at gifted anal beautiful young lady. !? <y ri iniocie glvi 11 g n / i i? lent/ j r ferwv fan l>e ?eeu at her reat ruoe, ltd Siiili avenue, Ioppi>ftt? Righth a'r*?!. 1 /' n BOWERY BEAR BIIOOMK STREET.?M ADA MR J ''?J W11iilEIt, i alrroyant nnd giln d Spaiu-h lady, m Ivcila tlta Mm aim oil 'Mirtly, lore, ruarrlu^e. a aentfrienda ?, n a?, i', i ' itui'i i.ra fur ail ilia a sea, telid lucky nowhere, piunarti lost oi awiau. d< new york herald, Horsrs, noons, ac., uantle A HOt_.SK V\ ANTKIt?BY AS AMERICAN -Id X\ wh?r.? lb iv.siMmi omM >?M out the r-nbaaJ mil a few Ai el alaaa boar Jera K r?ien-ce ex saugcb tLe?? U. i}. t>., Bruadw ey i'o?i oihee. \HOU.-E WANTED?A THHKE STORY AND Hi tnent. with Hi: the modern improvement?, a >Ch1 ; A.- lo'MiiOs ? "' file, between Km-ec*! ami Thrt. ' eireeu. J. ri: an ! s rcuth ?venuea Hciilo v. A rc?p b e tenant mar be bad by Huirearing v. itt> atiou 11 otliee, with full partlenlere. . poUNTBY PLACE WANTED?BY THE FIRST V/ April, lor a email family, a neat Cotiajrc fnrttlehe unfuiuiehrd, b trden u tar.nod Hud plenty of shale, a * distance from Sen York by car* or boat, near depot I rawat not exceed (ISP ?r annum. Will vayqimrUr * due satisfacWry iciori utea go en. AJdrtea J it., be: Herald office. rt'TlKl UED HollSE WANTED?OK MEDH'M SI I i where t" Bid nld be un aqnlvalei t fnt 'lit, 1 ' highly re?,ier:abl? American liuty, without children. I lloit H'lw . en Tweil it and Thirty-eighth airi-ci., and He and Eighth avenues. A. reia EUi?, 110 VYest Twt ? enact, lor three day T.duanrsiien nop y.-the advypttsit: wis; r to uiH'te an enga ;> ment from let Of M iy with *>mi epectal. pa'y, wuere B ord wid he takau m l? v 1 rent aul ilit- prtvtler of odier b>ar|ere New Vol Brooklyn, convenient to car or stage. l'huee ii?vlu? abovo can addreae w. s , llurald otlice. Hoi SE WANTED A SMALL ONE, OR OWFLRNISI !C ome either in ihe cily or near New York, for a ? family, without children or hoarder*. Address BUilng H'.d location, E. K. W., Herald office. Milk rol nd wamiuv?any person i of dlapoainc til lb' tr milk round may find :V' 'Ctu hv m trt-sai1.. i|ho. W. t'hnnnutn. \i ttni uHt-iticii New Y kai ng lowest price, location of thr. ronud. Dinner of'pi iLppiir.J daily, and all necessary particulars connected i tlie round. Office WANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY A FL clma physi -Un, b?tvreen Fifth and Seventh awm Twen'y-third su preferied. Will reqniiv t?vo mom* Fire: floor, one parlor and reception room, the other rest M I., box 112 Herald oCtf Steam engine and boiLeu wanted?not l: than it home power, or not more than 10; horizoi uew, or one Ilia; I an linen u.ied ln.t a short timo. A Id K e C., bos 159Heraldoffice. titanted-foh the summer season, by a f It vate family, a furnished. Cottage or Farm Ho >t Long Branoh or in Hie ytciuity, near the water prefer Adate?s, g vmg particulars as 'o location, Ac., Jas. Ileui BOB. box 11 Port office, N Y, U'ANTED?A HOUSE, L'J< ATED BETWEEN ElOi and Twenty-tout Hi street* and Fourth and hi Ah uuca. li must bt: provided with nil the modern impr meats, and admit ed in every way to.i g-ntecl family of* bo e?*. Address X L. S , box 1,723 l'Of t olhcc, elating terms describing premises. WfANTED?TO HIKE ON A LEASE, A COTTA TT Hou?e, louied near one the prim ipal entrance the Central Patk. Address, stating rent, location, si/c. J. S, B , Herald office, "\\rANi'ED?FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, APAit IMF M tor a family of two gr ?rn persona; in a houae t?i there are no children pi elciffed. Ken I moderate. Add C , 17U East Tenth street. TTTANTKD-A LARGE (DRY) STORE, IN THE ? T borhoodof Fulton street; to b used for storage, diva*, staling the lowest terms, Ac., Charles, box 154 He offlcs. \YANTED.?A SMAI.L FURNISHED OR UNFURNI It i-d lloii*e, within nfieoa miles of New York. Add L. S, l1'., box 'JhO New York 1'ust ofllee. TTTANTED?A BASEMENT (HIOH STOOP), OR TIT V? Room on p.ii lor door, in Forty-second street, be''.' F'iiih and S-?inth aveiines. Address Ai. D., 117 West F< fourth street. "117" AN TED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, P V V of :t House In a rood neighborhood, on the west s below Fortieth sliest. i.'oiit must be moderate. Call or adrres* Dr McLaury, 1M West Thirty-ninth street. "IX* ANTED?IN BROOKLYN, A THREE STORY BUI T? House, of moderate size, east of Powers stree west of Hoyt street, in a good street running east and w It should have gas, water and was'.e pipes, and not less t eight sleeping rooms. K-nt U"t over $liW. Address fo, week B, t. T. Blast, Brooklyn Foot offioe. VITAVTED-A PARLOR AND TWO GOOD SIZED B It rooms, suitable for tiuu* keeping, slmaied belts Biceeker and F'oiirseei..b strecis, between Second and S avenues Rout low. Address ,s. T., box 476 New York 1 office, ' YL^A>tej>_by AN A Mr, lilt; AN FAMILY, CONSIST! t I of two adults, a Second Floor, with all the motion, provcmi-iitw roiitalnln:; two room* and tw., bedrooms, rcspeetnhie location, not over lifieen or twei ty mili ars' from H roadway una <'aualstreet. Good'tfereuce given; aauie required. Adilresa, elating particulars, rmi not U feed S. T. Brow, 41s Broad w..y. TtriNT?D-ii rUBViSBXO COTTAGB, UP 1 ? i Hudson liver, i.,., ir m Tarrytotvn. for a amftll fan tbecottngt must roniain wuicr end oth-r imprormti' prieo lint to exceed $ltkl lot six months. Apply at the 1' n'l Ho i-e, re in iTJ. htantrd-to rbn fob onb or two n iiu Tf i UjrfuratshedC intrj .'J tat , vlth staBlea, Ac., 1 in 20 mile* of llife city; poaseisf n w. ,.;ed itnini I.a'elr. dress, with particulars, rent, locution, A ., G., box 2il of ce. W anted?in Brooklyn. v three story > basement House, Li the neighborhood of VVushin; end Adams aired*. Rent fioet b?0'l to SHJC c o .id monthly n iil.aucr, if rcquir i. AUtirtae O. II. K. Br ly n l'oet utlice, for three d iva. WANTKI- -POWER 1'KKssK.v <T\ULE <'K InV 1 aided. Apply, by ant sr,1 . \ Ml Heraldottce. \ tfANTEii?TO PURCHASE LOW FOR CASH,A lib ?T eels or Ingrain Carpet, it 15 feel piure: n! Bookcase and Secretary 111 "lie. Aiidres.. f ating price particulars, E. D. A., box 120 lii raid office. \t/ANTED TO PURriTA-g?A SMALL SIZED Till It story brick Hu :?e and Lot, with alt tn< !crn impr runt's, m l ?bo7? i'e tleth ".ret, ?t t aid", for wliteh caan and part e.ty lots will be paid. Addreaa, wnh ptir' lara, ityereuii Ilerald off.., . PBRIOR Mo / 'HILDI.r.N TAKEN lt>? ADOPTION; ALSO <"! \ dre.u ..-d oi.ldt good'.a, at Mad. 1'AltSEL'. 319 W cut Twelfth r'.reet. Don rafaf. santos.?information wanted the abote named praam; m a i u'lve of Cuba, nbu' y, *s ot ; it, , f? feet'd Inches high. VV'bm taat h .rd Loir Sept' n e, in?', v as I' Ken Edward, N Y. per ou ItMVtn. auel. (iiforualRm with Je'.'an K g' Jo Ui >u - 'e. t, [ stairs, will leeet.e a liberal reward. INFORMATION WANTED?OF A i.AUY AND LIT, bo>, wbo left libini "tilt ilth !i?<.; the .any Is u ,, feet f Mir It.c'iedark hair, parted mi tin' et'de, dr?"* moil: nina and a naek dull: ! r mm1.; the Ijoyl-umrj m i, ightnatr nt.d pompb x.tin, with a black felt turban aim brow u cloak. Any one kuowlnr of tiid.1 whet ah Willi nter a grrtt lever srnl n- ?ive a suit able n war' ' p,'d: estiny Homer. Madls ,ti a, in'" liitl "flee, N V. T i 111.-. LOUISE CLARK tW lOOW/, VI HO I OliME: 1 It vet! w !, ,i .'tii, v si i-tlt. L. I., will : '1 or I' : ilrlo to i!. Mi. Germain Hold, room 7t>, fcli? lunjr li .1 air-'-tl greatly la her no image. xr?'ri"E I'O FEM \LE PAnSBNMRRR RY fAT.E 11 it'? lor O1.0 k aw.?A .tenth: aian by lh. wiah- in And .i <oi.i|i?-tr nt pot ?nu lo tnT;,. rutl- of , h Ilbeial remuneration gtieu. Apj'j to . ? Cb N I. . -r. rpi!E LADY CAN HAVE THE BABY IF MIL tYI. J 1 N j. 6. " H HMTTHIR, ABEDKl OMSl IT Oi ENAMELLED KI RN'ITi'KE nil rclur*, of warranted matiufi'* urc; also t . 1 1. it Chamber Butt*, plain and ornani'Otal, hi K I ARRINCTOVS, No. 383 i'aaa! iue-d, oiporVte W001 Est.. !;?.,?(! in l A LETHE FURMTl'KE ON TUT PREMISES NO. Weal Tweoo <> eond atrert will be n Id, together . eelec'ed, < he i|i for iash. It la rieto, haudautiie and 1 Jjred. Apt y on the premlaea. An. kinds ok furniture looking oLaki Bedbug, A , b"! * auction iirlon, warranted an livered frea r. (?. W. HNEDKN S, 2>d Bowery, between f ton and Hmiaton atieets. ' all and save nwuey. Nat< number. Fnmltnre In cult*. i D. 1*2. FURNITURE -FCHMCnr.F, BARGAINS? BARfl \ worth or fikmti kf, V. H< ibESALK AND RETAIL. BY PEURtAF A TAYLOR. No. s7Brwe.y. Offer iheir entire Rtock at lower prices ttian any otli< i t Bailment in the United Sialea, I FOR CAFII, I ConRl'tliig of lto.sLVVi'OD PARLOH AND CHAVBFk FVRNJTUi 1 IN HRoCATEL DE1.AINK AND FLI HH. MAHOOAN*. WALNUT AND IMITATION Kl ilMTU OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. , Enamelled Furniture In ruts, Irom |?o In $lf|n L All of our Furniture is made or selected muteriul an the latest nppmred atylea. 1 ALL UOODtt WARRANTED. : A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK FIRST CLASH HO' XI. ii m r ...-nre t. ? ue m ... n,re wnod i .anofiVte?co?t %MH for $7??including rtu.ol 1 C..rer, ro?.i?.K.,| p.irlor suit, com MlHr, forflpi; one <]o, Kt*?er??, Patntlnga,, Brd?tcade, Carpi-ta, trente*. <'hattdullera, Mirror", (lorkl, Oinamenta, *t met. In v'lir ?t 70 Writ Twanty-alltb atreei, near > r aniline. Kr ravelled chamber sum or rcRsm'i In all color" an-l atylca, at tvhi'taale and icUII; laiae-il ?'oek In Hie eit*. Hui'" $2" and "pwarlt,, ? walnut r? . t?, Mat e"??a, Pa.l|a"*e, Ac. W.VKRKN W MtD, 277 ''anal " r? I. i four ilooraeaat of Broad m ' "LMRsr Class BKAMF.I.LBD FURRITrRlJ?PL f dc-mated ?nJ framed ?.iiirt walnut an.I oak data. 1 at $2'i aud upwar la: Vattre^eia lAt.-n. ?. . ?, A.'. J. W FIIIII'.KI <:<) . Maoufaeturora, W BmailwaT, betM-r., Ble-okei n&d Boinl ain 1' pt.RMTVRE POIi HIT *U. KTM>S OF U<H>l'ili ' Kur .it .-a i.ought fur ?a <t and A k- 0 | rin gieei. I callaora unto eddrcaee.l .iture, 47!i Third avtn. e I Thirty-fourth atrer-, wiD be fir .oplljr attended to. N. if ynod aeaorlrnent of ?e?ond hand FuroP rc for a*la. LTRKITt'RE FOR HAf.E-TIIE HOUSEHOLD FIJI 1 JL una of a family der-linltif koi .#?> . p4ng. Apply a \ Fourth atreet. (fan be ?een cu the prcrtiaee. FtjRRITUlJK AND MUSIC ?A PROFESSOR OF Ml rtratr " to obtain Furniture, In crrhanicr forTull I would i'ay part money Kef-renee" g.r. n, AddreftPm , elation C, New York elty I / 'VKFTCK FURNITURE WANTF.I)?FOR TWO OFF If I \J nti'M ' e * - >.l; aJ*> au-.lviag, Ad.lraei Furniture, [ 3,121 l'oat oilier. PlMMPTOE'S PARLOR BED PI >i< and on aflratnliee Furniture ??. 1 ai whole", < ?n.t retail | fiimlkhed by m n'My pnym*)i"at U;> Tenth at., lorn, ftailooal Ac*d"iny of D elgu. (XI lilSTS AMI! AUKISTli OCi USr AND Al'KtSl ?DF.AFNi - DISCHARi from tbi Eara, N..i*?a In lb-dee ii, In. a?, Inl i nuiS ... (Iran ilat'd Lld?, DlBinrat nod (Veakneae of S

and all lnae??ea of Ike Era and Ear cured b> Dr. OltAt ?h? Wina taay, R?w York. Cum ulwdirn free, p -> on? I bi lotto THURSDAY, MARCH 27, >. FOH SAI.B. tDk 4 liEAl TIFUL MIOKOBCOrE, ad- J\ Magm^ing v v? time- , far *< cents In lllrM Five of Ad- dill c rem powers, $1 Mailed tret Adders* F. L. ilutt l.N Lox Jit), Boston, Uwt. lt?E* A FAIR CilANCE?FOR SALE, 1WO FAIRS VALUA/urd /V. b!e blood Fowl i, Dolphin and Darken, just imported, i x'h The greatest 'avei* in the world. Price $19 X pair. Can be i.n?|. Men at the expietui office. 271 Washington street. I'oat ' * A N OTs iT.R BALOON AND HAH FOR FA LB, WITH ?? o- L Fn ui' i,on doing "'ash business, on ?ne corner oi OF Ore nwic1: a-l Franklin atreeta. I'oi furlfcer particular* ind , r qiura a(.ISA Greenwich alr> el. t'e . A COOD CIIANrE.~FOR SALE, A CONFECTIONERY rh'i' Jx Store, now lining a food business. located a. 4*4 Kourtb i WJ t?l one; sock no I litttres will be koltl low, a? toe prt j ric'nr lf\!' other - eaon t u'und to It. A, ply on h* ? premiers, a2A Fourth avenue, N. V. > a TJOOT \ND SHOE 8TORE -FOR SALE, THE bTOi K oca I> :,a'' roa and Itu"'of tnr H".)t and f>h >e Store No Hi oil 7 mrd avenue, m>p">.|te the Cooper Institute*. 1*. s >..-cn rstab ;oiaI Ilabed for over80 year*. JOHN WMYTE, Jr. POAL YARD FOR SALE?SITUATEQ ON ONE OF tEii VJ the in.-at promttu til Hr rouithfares In U.? Ity 01" Bmokre *lyn. ioj 1'jimii avcuuc. I'rfciow. tor T\RUQ - a " lALB-BOB HUD X STREET, the JL' corner of Spring. An old established store nnd ,* *yatcian's i.dise. belonging to tho c?!.iu* ot the late Dr. li B. New loan. It-nt of ttie premlo fine. IED M li. NEWMAN. Eieoutrlx. out "LNOR 8ALH-A COAL YARD, IN ONE OF THE RE AT J location*and di list imi? business. Forpartlcu tare call nt 7H Ltullovt street. Tts - ? ? ? "L OR SALE.?'inn STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A ork, i pro.q? row* and < liable Or .*.*? rjr Store, w ith h hua been irta established twelve years, will be sold on reasonable i trms rvidi I ta siluaic'l two tulle.* iTnt.' Now Vols; cause oi silling 111 hpalth. Address HttNlri -a, !Cl> Greenwich street K-1 ETR 1 BAI E.-A 1 IRST CLASS SINGER'S SEWING MAiea, r ehiuu, in p-<od orrtn wl I he stnd for less lltan half the son first cost. 1 nun ire of S. CAllii.L 027 Broadway, Tor PUR SALE?TilF. LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES I of &u old established Saddlery and llai itess Store, doirifi ESS a good business lor ti c last twenty year*. Reason for selltul; lng, ib? owner wisher. retire from business. Apply for cess throe days to (J. J. CAREY. 1IO Thompson street. ? TjtoR SALE?ONE OF HBRRINO'S BEST BUBOLAR RI X and fireproof Safes, medium size, almost new. Apply at at 75 John street. l^OIi SALE?PRICE $4o-A TUBULAR BOILER, IN Jj J4<?f-.1 order; has heen in onlv android lime. Also, tterne old Copper Be'h Tuna. Apply at IOC .sixth avenue. 4""- T710R SALE?A OBO( ERY AND LIQUOR STORE, WITH "'J,'" I; five year*' Iras-. or would lake a partner who would ard- take char-e id the i>usiuea?, the present owner having two, *in and cannot attend to bntn. Address ,1. U.. Uerald office. ~ 1.-10it SALE?EMPIRE LAUNDRY, 236 and iliM WEST 1" Thlrtv-elxlli street. 1 sensing ? steam engine and every ? 10 kind of marhitn ry and uplmrr.tua necessary for an extensive *c-' bmudrv bushier*; all in perfect runuiup order. Apply to L. A J. HIGUINS, 747 Sixth avenue, corner of Forty-fourth St. STS TAt>K SALE-EXPRESS ROUTE, FREIGHT AND PAJ3p're |t hen;;, , Hotit i, with Desks. Signs, Ac Apply at 213 East Twenty-tilth street, belore 12 o'clock. ... rtOR SALE?TH I! WELL KNOWN GROCERS' AND J end W me Me reliant A Stand, No. 229 Fourth u venue, ,1 one door Twi nty-thlrd street, with Stock Fixtures, 1 Lease and Oood Will. Terniscash. Apply on me promises. JOUN SAVAUK A SON. SH* C1 >R SALE?ANY PERSON HAVING A SECOND TOSS F hand three or four pul! Beet Puns;, Bur Counter, Oyster Counter or rnaiide tup Tables, can lind'a customer by adIRD dressing It 11., Herald ollico. TjAOlt SALE?THE PLATE GLASS, S1LYERINU AND n ty- J1 Looking Olass business, with good will, Stork and FixIn res, now aitnated at 113 Walker street, near Centre. For iKT particulars Inquire on the j remtoan. l le> TOR SALE?A REFRESHMENT SAl.OON AND RES1 01 J? tauruut, well loc?t"d and elegantly tunr'shed; will be an Id tor leas tlinn half Ps vulue. For particulars apply to ~ WM. U. VANDERBURGH, 63 Wall street (office of Ganuu, loh. Jordan A Bain). TDOR BALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED COFFER AND linn ?t Dining Salooti 97 Sixth avenue, for lesa than half its otto value, and now doing a good business. Satisfactory reasons for selling the harne. Apply ou the premura, near Jefferson ED *?5* .e';" ITK?R SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A 1 Liquor Store in the Sixth ward, between Centre and ? * Baxter streets. There will he a 1 dig 1-aae given. Inquire , on the premises, >' i. S Franklin street. [?i'1 T0R BALIl-AT A BARGAIN. THE FIXTURES OF A mi- lirnt clatt corner Liquor Store, on the best business avc,ll,a i.ue up towu, doing h good bunnesn, low anl tnted up r|, in the heat sty!,?. Apply to T. UAFFNEY, auctioneer, W 1 Centre t?irc<*L ) 01* _ ______ Tj?OK SALE?ONE OK TIIE FINEST MAIiKETS IN THE P?*p J; city. Two Stn'is, fine marble Fi*h St.-d?i, Vegetuble, *, . FouUry aii'i O.tme Department. large Htoiv aed Bab'incut. l.o ig l."'8c; low rent. Sold ou aocouutof sickness. Apply r S' Mt Niiitli avenue. "171 OR SALE?A SPLENDID BAR ROOM, WELL LO? J? ( *tc(t fox bubiuhas two fronts and directly opposite )\. ttic no* t! >iu t Houw vvhi 'b ls imw being built. A] ply ?.a (he prei -? 373 ; il 01 rti< it n? L^On 8ALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED TEA AND L Coltee 8to-e, with strum engine, boiler, mil!*, Ac., in eouiplete wot kin ,'order, together with Leuscof .lore. No * " surnl" or humbugs need spiny. Address S. B., bo* 120 He'w rai'i < Bee. JAOR SALE -A* UCBBOTYFH, AMD PHOTOGRAPH J? Gwllerv, established six years.' Fil l. $36U. Inquire at ?lk HOWARD S fcalb rj, i'.h i ,.j ,11 stn.i t. Hi', ... >11. I7.0K SALE?A FIRST CLASS CORNER LIQUOR . n J/ eto.e, four years r isp; will bo soid cheap on account of !1 'b- Bluest of the pnipn.'tor. Apply on the premises, 234 7th uol wauu?, sorner of'Twrnty-flfth street. E10M SALE?AT A BARGAIN, ONE OF THE BEST ,,,,, X; Groceries In Brooklyn. Choice stock, cash trade, low r?nL Wiiole m- part of stock muj ue Lad. ln.piiic oi .J. '' CHAKLEs, 217 Ailaiiiic sirevt, Br 'klvn, between 10 A-M. S2 TPOR SALE AT A BARGAIN?THE LEASE. STOCK ; nail Allures oi n j*--o ' ( .rnur Liquor Store in i;.c 8evi nth WMrdf doing A goud builfiessi. Rent vary low. Tbii It Aft is* colic;.t chance. Ag'pk to T. l?AFF*\hlf, auctioneer, 0i) Ulr OttUeitnele PIOR 8ALB at A GREAT BABOAHf?THB QOOO will .1 rutins p'o-k of Furniture contained in Htorc 3 0 4litidron "tent. A good opportunity f?-r a party M*h:ng to t 2o uvniutT. % biiilutvi Store to let. Apply on the prc-utiftcs ior one wo^k. IR 8 U 1 ( IR \, ?THE OLD E TAB LI HIE D IOI SB C auu Si?u rauitlnc bu?it?t?B* No. 3 North William street; , ~ rail very tow. Sold onlybecause 4 own or H engaged In 4 lj" tins war. Inquire at 202 >V uliam aircct, in the arcar atoro. fllf - ? ? ' - TAI\ IT'REs OF A BUTCHER'S 81IOf FOR BALE?BUT '',rj I? tittle used, consisting ol a Jleat , Hi nch, i arncd ;M" fray. I 'C Box, Fi L Stand, Ac. l'rl"#3i>. Cull in the . '* store, SS nantoi. street .i.r t'om-onl, Brooklyn. Bo-re lo I."/ lot U dealr A /.?ROOKRY MBM ?for sale, the stock AMD fixajt to it of :i old oxiMuiahed fao. ty g.oc" > and liipint [ J'd* store, now 'J..ln? . "oo I Lo oie, Will b - so! i cheap. A r < '? r? s opr rfunift r p.o?-... > l-, tig to ei.yage in the fcusi. ne es. t; I !y on the I 1 'id ,'?Ai7 t i "XI y stir. I. D ' I Ii/l'OT: STORE FOR BALE--IN SOUTH STREET 1 I J f "ji K tluii icrrr. Foi paruc.ilara ?. i?>y tc JOii.S ! Win >HS I'H am . t. tin Ml.tirn I *WJU.IVEKV FOR SALE?CHEAT FOR CASH, THE j I 1?J .-t'>ck, Flitur" ami Hood Will o! a llr*t rl. ? .M ; in > IL . I j. ...< -'i 11?;r>t nil I' f.i iv iiv. Saii.slactory reasons given lo.- i | Klii.ig. Inquire a', flt'l Hro'dany, up * intra. C<TKAM BOILER FOR SALE-A SINGLE FLUE O < jii" lei an I tirnm H dler, 23 let long, 3 l> tdin i-i? i ;. S ip . y,i, >r. Apply to IV. O. MACKAV, 114 Exit Fiftieth ?ler. rpC (JAR JITTERK hah miTRES ANI? LAMP ORAL_ X er ?For sale, (lie bolt ImiM RtUl oldllteland tu tbfl in# cUy of BxICniore. The ntorn can be had on I'XW alow ,u rent for a term of yean. There I a eplendul rh'W room, ,s with M le>t ceding. also Work xhnp Willi iuol? i nmplete. For .nm- i it r, in-1 partKulnr* aildrrei o>x 1,117 Foxt otPcc. Baltimore. rr tfffje FOR SI wilK AND FIXTURES: of THE t ANDY ' 0?0 Store .rA E??t Baltic itrett. South lifojV.!)ii. Kent W T" per month. 51110 CO i\ W'1-1' PL'ECU ASK THE OYSTER AND J>KINK__ PHt/v.' Ing Saloon corner of Myrtle and Claxion arenuea, Brooklyn, If rolrt tbix week, A chance echloui offered, tho proprietor giving iib bindnerx. Apply on 'ha pr mixex, in the oaxomtnb N B.??Twu plrndld vault* for k'japing ale -y-j, and ujritera lining the lutnmer. (h/Htn ?FOR THIS HI M 1 WILL HELL THE BEST VtlUU. Bare out in title city; aeil located near 'be Bowery, and lining e large btndneaa; n ipxid luuee at low rent. . n), Mitel be auM, tu# owner la going'lo Europe. 1 *' J. V. T It AVE K, HO Chatham street. 0!<> nna -FOR S*L<E, A very CHOICE STOCK rej. " of Shoe*, good Leawi and Mitnrea of tl o ' new innr' lefr nt H >ro4', Hlvtb a 'noe; none bnlbnyi:* |.j. forcatb n*ed apply; an experienced inau may baru an lute. ' rer.t for $1,110'. Apply at Hie .store. J In C> inn ?von HALF., (FOR CASH ONI.Yi, TIIK Ti.t/vV, lar^e-i ami unu-i lloaiauraiii ,n the irurid, altnated on the rimer of Broadway, above (?r;.nd | four eiilrancea, eiglneeu ladlea euji|i<:r rumm, and iln moot i '' aplendld aoloon In New York, unl In the rum pe; fe?'t order, | ">" | 11 e rent at one-half of It* former price. and la now dolla a I roue- I idit ria?# trade ami making money. T ahak nun for I ?i.d I Hal" F< r particular - inquire, after H o'clock, to A.PIi- i 0>i j OBOOT, No. ?T Maiden !aue. |"?'f i Oil ,'nn ~A "AT AND OAF STOKE Full J?Al.n >mu , free from In.umhranr* a anoct nppoit ui<<v __ I r anjr pcrann gnairln,; a Inc. alive Miilacaa on a u.r.: tab Inquire at ltWUreenwIch etreet, uar onmiTRti 4 RT1KU IAL. TEETH.-WE CONTINUE 10 EXTRACT , j j \ to. ' u in 'Wo vevouda, without I'.tln, wuh our N-tmii 'ung, Nu rim cbario; lor temporary ar'r <n Mir*' lu?. UN Teeth htaerted without Cltnmiina the r Ota, on our impi v. ' a i uwnoapbarto prc-nre platea. W- InvM- a'l to o-.ll endrii am no our pecimeua before fculug el* wheie. Wo lit e chemically pure chloroform and ether, wh' I je- perfntty ,, I hatmlaeaiolakC. Dr?. IH'HKIN A KOC-MEAl, mJ Canal rrri, oyikai'a Wet Brcatway. JAf| A KTirii.TAli DONE FII.UNti -ROOM* OF THE I?IK ??ar A cuvnror I'M Hiondwa., one. d"ir above M-vrnleenli ?A I ?"*'' Tender l-eiii, obi romv and mrro rbelta till* and i wuirnnicd. Hawiirc of the tiaaby i.*iiie loaaof ohi.apopciaI ? N H ? A'l lovrra of ?""i.d and beautiful teetb nd I vi i aw cat breath, nie the e|e.<rai?.I Cuban Drntrlfleeand Lotion. ,]{.} i JAMEl I'EAWdON, M. P., Dieeoveter. I I \K. C A WHITE'S TMPilOVED ARTIFICIAL TF.ETII ' ~ i J / Who'" aeta, W, f i, $!i?, *16 anil upward*! warrant STC i ?d In < v erj jiuinl. Te dh tilled with gold, 60 cent* to Jl. All 'in; work at halt the prT.'e cnutged elaewhere. (iniee 13 Bond on, j urem, New York, and 7l7 Af"b *ir-et, Philadelphia. ["/''Rm'lN nROS 35H (IRAND STREET, NEW YORK E i "JT op; dU fiord * Taylor a, na I 3S7 Fult-.n atreo'. Broolc lyn. ore Uiterllng fuli not le?tli on Hitir Imiirjvei ruo-Churl llote.' with or rxtrtKtinn tin mot#. On got l or (jikiiim, *2A; silver or lubber $10. Partial arts on ; IER g"i<l, </per tooti^ allrer, |l AlV I IAVINO 1IAO ONE TOOTII R.V1 ItA' TEO, WITHOUT erly f. ?iin? any pain who ?rer. by Dr. ,1 i,t V YfLi.EUH IV,(iranrt utreel, two bio * nnm Nrooil.?, ? I hecr.nlcy in *rt ihie oa o roconinioinloilon to thooe attHa lug i ro ,, ?? |,,n* teeth. Mr?, M, I). Hta.e, JM Hp . niairtct. IES VTAl*'>NAIi DENTAfi OAIXKRV. SIXTH AVENUE, torn- Xl oornerof Twenif-twuond atroot.?Largeat, Inoat rnplnto; I# J, fitnl'llahe l IH4H. fire premium# owoMeil Beautiful |iat?ntTS, o i "I m"'yp"t" aeta "I Tenth, wotnierrully iwluceil pi ,o??; ror ?#taot$l 111. tlS; gold $W. Dentlatrjr w?ri,,M"1. ritUnt I ft*4 MUMMif tMU ffilkfut ptl*. fit. UJtffBQH, Uxoitat, > k ' ujjik-* &gr" t/p**> # 362. BOARDING AND BODGING, A FEW BOARDERS WILL BETAKEN ON REASOKAU e term*, 111 u quiet faintly, at 114 t\ est Fourteenth Mi nut, ? ho will uiake a coml'ortiililc home for thein. Dlnuer am. A-UISNTLEMANAN?~WIEE. "OITTiV0 SINGLE (jen tkmeii, can l u t a bauds musly t tgmlebed teooud atory Roon . C<| alnllT lurgrt on and ? * ? with flrat ciii,, Board. Ai.'K u ball tin..ra lor u eiutfte nutl-m in. Ap-? p.y at 110 ] : t j'inut.o.iUi eueiit. No niuuiii,. Home coiaiortaaud kind treatment a lurunteeJ. A EAltGE i'AKLoit, KLF.UANTT/Y FURNISHED, OK A Com; floor, fro--, wri'1' Bedroom et'l hi to one or two ,tii?:lr gentlemen, ivuh or w rlout Board, ut fW urani.e, between Thiity-rlgiilii and Thirty-uintli '*1*. A YOUNa LADY CAN HE Al t ''MMOUA.TED WITU /V B ir I and 11 la >-?. pleesatit front llo ?, n. tii* lion** of a yonnjj Koijliali widow lady livtni; q'titi* ainiic ; no hoarder* t eh ,initio Louse; gar. Ac. Apply ut 17d Uroene atrui't, m ar Bleeckcr. A LATlY WISHES TO GET A CHILD TO HOARD OB 1\ nura -; healthy looatlty and will lunv anim-i aea.u. Inquire in 77th ut.. between sd audita uts. Anlreaaqr iipply to Wis. A. 1!. Mill. A WIDOW LADY, WITH A SMALL (jUIET FAMILY, would let a second Htuiprroom, with pau tries, to a itentVmin anil lady; Hoard ('or the lady ou.y. No chl'dreu. Ca . a' Id Third attack a Will f.ADY, re8ipino AT 8d WEST TWENTY .1 seventh street, lim. a bark Uoom to let to a ladv and gentleuiiin, with Ho ' for wily onL ; the house contains all ino teru ini|iroveinnnta. Also n Ha'.! Bedroom to let to u gi ntleuiuu. Gall iron 1. to lu !' Al. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE OB TWO OB TUBES single gentlemen ?au he necointn >dat?d w lib a ideaawnt .uni'oied Room, wtili Pour t. I-. a private taniily, at No 77 Fourth a' tine, Louse con alu.v all the uiodejn improvements. Dinner ut six o'clock. a t 2d east twenty.fieth street, between ix. MadUdli and Kon. tb aven te,? Iluiidsomely furoiatied Room* to let, trllb Board; a private table II deified. 4 DESIRABLE suit OF koofls, with full A. Board. in t.i? lirsi class house No. ft West 'i.weuiy-P>urlli street, oppntlv the Fifth Avenue Hotel, or II.e whole Floor can be ouiaiieu if desired. 4 PRIVATE FRENCH FAM I LYI5AVE SOMiT'll AND1 V ooiuely furnished Room# to tut, to u?-utl uiononly, with or without Bcurri; house Urn ' law, turns moleiate. Refertnc, ? exchanged. Call at iG west Sixteenth street, uetvvreu Fifth and Sixth avenues. A family having fcknitubb can obtain the entire Second Floor, If tl .-ired, or choice of Roma, at M State atreet, n??r Henry, Brooklyn. Itooms ftirniahei lor siuvie arm!men. The house, with modern, near Wall and South ferries. References exchanged. Abacjc parlor and extension to let?to on.i or two iji iitlcnu n, with or without partial Board; private tuMe If reuntred, louse has all the modem improvements. Apply at 19 East Twelfth street, near Broadway. 4 ttention is called to those livinu in ho.74. t-'sand boarUna houses :uu e.ial.lishiuvlitopened at No. lb) Macdougu! street, and furnished with everything necessary for housekeeping, in or.lei t.nta fanttiy may have a complete home and live at a low rule. At '? fast twentieth stbbbt, near bioadivi-y.?Hoard?A second Nooi front Koout (single or ?n finite t, ti!-o, other ycry desirable itooms for gentlemen an t their wires or single ganilemeu. House first class. Modern conveniences, liev, references offi red. A PEW BIN OLE OB married ttBNTLBKBK CAN have pleasant Rooms, wlyi full or partial Board, in a private family; locstmu desirable for business men; votive merit to and west of Broadway. Apply at 124 Spring street. References exchanged. A LADY WOULD LIKE BOARD IN A SMALL FRIvate family, whet- there aro no other boarders, and where she can feel hei neif at hum .fur which she will pay $1 a week. Addles* M. IF, Heralu otllee A widow lady would let a nori parlor to a lady and gentleman, or to gentlemen stopping in loan f r a liort period, where all the comforts of a home would be reali/etl. Terms low aud iatuily auiall. Apply a. ltd Lexington avenue. Board.?desirable rooms and good board tuny lie obtained at No. 161 Ea?t Fourteenth street. Board?for gentlemen ok a family, in close proximity to W i-iuni' en s'juu.c, 107 Wavetley place. The house is tilted with all the modern Improvements. D.unor at 6. References exchanged. Board.?desirable rooms, with board, can he obtain, d by applying at No. 19 Great Jones street, g ppofiiie Lafayette place. Board.?wanted, partial board for a lady and gentleman, two Rooms, in apriva e family (widow lady prof rredy. Address L. V., llerrl I olive, stating terms, wh.cfi must b>- mo lerale. Board -i.?i ea-t tenth btbeet, corner of Fourth i,venue, one bio. k from Broadway. Pleasant Rooms on the second lioor to lei, with or without Board, Dinner at 6. References exchanged. Board.?rooms to let. with or without lionrd, at No. 5 L roy street, near lllee. -or; tVulon water and gas. "dhabi) in henry street?two square rooms IJ on se oud-tory, front and back room, well furnished, with hot and cold wat"r in the room; ,a?. b..Hi, Are una ev< ry comfort of a home; in a small American family. Terms raodeiute. Best of reference givou rc-iu'ieil. a, ply at 72 Henry ?'r- ot, near Market. Uoard in a I ill > ATK family.?a gentleman i ridding ii- low Tn clitli str< et, In the city, in a flue large house, with all modern Improvements, In a line location, Raving more room than he needs, his lamPy consisting ot oni.v our persona, would ok* to have n lainll) of tnc mine numb r or larger, 10 board, from the 1st of May next, to whom would l>- furnished u comfortable home. Beat reference given uud remit red. Address A. K , Herald oilico. Board wixnov-bt a mraui amnu^ ros thesumun r; location not above K. rtieth street; price ub ut $8 ? week. Address, staling particular*, J. B. Mllltr, Herald other. Boabd wanted.?a rorxo un wiaww to obtain a nicety furnished Kooin. ui'li B url, in a respe'dable nei/hbt>rho.?l, with ;i private i'auiil.-. Puyincnt will he ma te iii n trance, ?nd terms must be moderate. Adore sr c. M., Herald olih-e. Board wanted?in the country, away from . e"a air, within half in hour to an hour'a rh'e of tiro city, bf fatally conat mjoffhw fotn to six adults, n child atta nurse. A fnnit liottxe m fi rr.-d where th-re are no other boaruerr. Addt'.x, wl'ti p.o ticu.ara as to distance aeterras, whit h fin*; be moderate, Ac., 4c , S., box 3,137 Post office, New Vo. 1;. Board wantkd-by a okntf.hman and his wife, between Sixteenth and Amity street*, Seven'h avenue nd H roadway. Term* not to exceed stb per week. Add. * > ?.V. It. *?? X lltt 11mm.'I ollicc. Board v> v.ntrd?a youno man to feeid? iminsnnilt) .vith a p';in respectable family, where 11,o> u.c few other 'kmrdera. Would pr f, r vtust aide, uot idglier up than Prince street ltefi rime# ex. chain; d. Ad Irre-s t'i at. Alb- it, Ilcrr' ! office. DOABD WANTED?FOB \ TOVMQ LADY, IN A FBI. Ij vate faintly, mt uIjoti' Eigh hatred. Reference* given nu l repdred. Adoro-m, stating location and t 'rmr, W. W. U., box bin Hera't otllce. Board WANTED?11. A ydi NO MM LEMAN, IN A ino 11 prl' etc t.i-nlly: b, a'.ton ctwnn Amity Fourleinth (urci'tbi terms r.i tnc . i ?i j>3 ft) oi fo j or week. Add" ?, with full pr.rtlculara, A.vah, Herald u.lh e. ijoardino.?wanted, either in new york or .13 HmoUfii, y the let day ot Apt tl, a Parlor and Bed rootn, on lirstliuor, by an itiv*' i lndv ai timi,;. Ti.r l*dy b- -m ulinoit rn iroly unable to walk, an I ltir?|iable of ascei.mnt; ..eps, i-quitci to loom ma 110*1 the ,:i*un 1 uve! a* po.slbp , and in n street w her pac th< bona;, for the ?akr of rjercian In open air thro i-|h ih-ir meana. Adore** fortbir.- da..? V id., alution F Oflli", New York. pOAKD IN BROOKLYN?HQFARK K ) >MS, NEATLY J) imni.tird, with it ar t, in a put ito I.mill), tu the vMtniy of ''ariton mi l koivih, T no* $4 to St J). Iii<iuli e of Mr. Abol. at id Maiiinn lane, N. Y. B0A1 I' IN BROOKLYN -A . 8KTLSXAH AMD His wil>. or two ?inr'e gent.emen, ran Chain Board and !>'. -tut Room*, by applying at ?>7 Henry air ot, bvo minute* walk or Fulton or wait mrtt ft rry. Brooklyn hki>wits.?an kleuant or Room* ou flrat floor to let, with. Board, to a kiohII fuiullir; refortttif s required, Dinner at oil o duck. Apply at 7V Colombia street. *. Brooklyn iieTgiits.-to let, two handsomelyfuiti shcil Room*, with Boa.d, to a gentieiuan nml wife or dingle geutlmn. n, rnu be obtained at 18 t> Slow* utrret, three untunes' walk from Fulton ferry. No retnoral the let of May. .. B*R00K1,YN HEIGHTS.?PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH Hoard, at .87 Cranoerry atreeT, netw mi Willow ami onlunibtd. Situation desirable, live nunntra' walk of Wall "treet and fallen ferries. 110ard on brooklyn heights.?onk labor i) Room in seeoud 'lory, luliabl-1 for a gentleman and ' il'e. One Kootn in tbiril atory will i c let lo iwo gentlemen. Good Botvd, plraaant loorua, m iind,;?*. Apply at No. Hi W illow tr. el, hi iwrcn Wall at tx t and r <Iton ran ie?. CdOl'NTRY BOARD WANTED?i!Y A GENTLEMAN, J wife, llirei vnall children and or" nurse, from Marl lo October next, plain country Board, K'ntlonimi partially, within or100 mile* of New York, and e.iay of m- ec; a farm bouar preferred. Ad Ire*', idutiog*, J. L. li., 1)101 I it > V Y _________ Cioi'ntkv board wanted?pr' >m tdk 1st ok may I and fur Hie summer *ea?on, by a party couaifctuig of ser' O adolta and two < IdO'ieo, ?itiiln to enty mile* of Nnv Yotk and of eimy ace**. Aparuncnls fiif'ilalied or unfnrt ihtd. Good plain fare required, 'terms tnuat be moderate, tnnulioii-i' rnd-rr I. Adilrra*, staling full pat Honiara, J. A., bo* i.733 New Yoik Roat ollle. (10UMKY HO\Ui> -V? IT1IIN TVVr.NTr V I I.KS OF J the rdy. ul Rye Nerk( Maurarnne 'V aiaHon, nyrailroad and ???nmhVi?t; hona- pl> nantlyaif.i "I, jt.iii.I i mining to the water; ftno nthios nnd imitiing. Apple at Ii0 London terrace, Wen Teeuty-tMrd atreet. IT" LEO AST FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS ON FIRST "j or aocond floor to lot, v. nh H -ird. ilon.n- tic* all j." m- d'-ro tmprovetnenta. Term* m -Wnv. Reference 10 ?t .red. Apply at No. JwLctlnrpun avennr. TARENCl! HOARD WANTED IN HROOKfcrN.-A 1. yoi.iig g<!iiil"uian, apeeklnx K.iu'lali alono, dealrea a i iip' Room, and 'i nner only, at or near oust all e'eloek, wlih a French family in Ik nkhrn. Addi-era, naming term*, which mimt he moderate, F, S. M., box |i'A ll,.mid XjW RNISI1ED ROOMS TO LET?TO ORNTLK.MKN J onl'j In n lirai 11,? !< i a'intj, w Ph all mclein Improvement*. i|i, ?| ref' reneea given and required. So. V Washington pi uf, TLM RNIHIIKD BOOMS TO~J.ET-TO lU.NTLEMKN. FOR .T Lo'l. ing or ( ill Bo.ail. Apply at 2A Cottage pla< e. hU'KNISIIED I boil to I.Lr?WITII OR WITHOUT Board, in house 1A) R.i t 'I areiry flret atrod. Furnished rooms - so n comfortable rooms ann B'drooin*, foi a.nall it*i" l.ililc famill#* or *i le gentlemen, from $1 1? $8 per week, nl. lift EIMhbntli atreet, in ,i mio'ini. liny are particularly tnpted tor pen na de him ki Ilea ehaap and qiitat, ____ MOBOKEN.-A TARTY OF rtRNTLB.viEN CAS HE accommodated with a Carlor and two (joining fninlahctl Rooms, with or without Hoard, in a private larnilv. ADo Rooms lor slnalc gentlemen, Three minnti a' avnlk from the leoy. Apply at No. 4 Union plant (BloomflelU atreet). ______ IONO ISLAND HOUND-BOARD WANTED, FR<>M j .line 15 ID Soplemher I A, by n genii- i ,an. wife, i lulrl and servant, w ithin forty miles of N w York. House ninat he adJarem to the water, and near the ri-pot or steamboat landtn . Addreae, wllU lull pwUcuUra, T. J, ii-Mv, 67 VklifUBk 9 JiOAKWINQ AND LODGINGi Handsome rooms, wiii? hoakd-a few MNi.1. ,,r p ii'm-ii unil wlvm,Tj?n bi a' ma?joUie?! witli pleasant it na at 4o4 Fourth street ( I I ?>. Kaferruoca px> banged. Dinner at 6 'clock. MRS. M. E. SUMNER, 22 Wee. Twcuty-iituth street. Can now dfr-r Rooms, >.ith ooanl, lor lamiliei and stable person* wikhit.ftu main uir? ig imeuts lor the en mm year Refercncca exchanged, Y"0 12 EAST TWENTY-EIGHTH STREET.?TO LET, i ^ with Board, a large Room oh the tliir I iioor, with lu !ai i'autrtes. ouuiairTug hot aud cold v* wter. D:u??r 11. eintta exchanged. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH BOARD. CAN BE OHtaln-d with a |utat family, by a gentleman and w|fe-,r fin,Me gentlemen. permanently or uuili the 1st of July. Apply at it! Weal IhIny-eightta street. PLEASANT FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED FRONT Room, to lm, tvlth Board, In a house with all tV; Improvements: location g-iotl. Inquire qt 144 Twenty-siU bi.e it, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Dlunoiat 6 Rooms, with board-a few btnole gentle men, or gentlemen with their nives, cau tie .incomin'd with plea; ant Rooms ivt tj7 Clinton place. Refcrunuei ox- hanged. T>OOM8 AMD SUITS OK ROOMS, ELEGANTLY FURI A i iahetl, with Board, in the Drat claaa house No. H4 Twelfth street, tuo?t oouvcoierHly altiiali'd, a fear duura wee of R roadway. rpilE ADVERTISER, HA VINO FURNITURE. WOULD L furnish a L use for Board for himself, wife and rhlld. The object is to outaln in an agreeable private family a hum* whore it would be agreeable and pleasant for both psrtiea. No hoarding house keeper* need apply. Satisfactory reirun i' given ami will bo required. A party who could alford . a rent of froui $AU0 to SI.300 would find the furniture nulla ble. Address A. B., box 121 Herald ntlluc. rpilE ADVERTISER, HAVING TAKEN A BOUSE IM A Went Twenty-third street, would like to meet with gunlleuiun and w ife, ulao two or three single gentlemen desir tug a permanent and pleasant home. CnexcoplionabU references given and required. Addrees K., Herald oflli?. TO STRANGERS AND OTHERS.?A HIGHLY RK spectabh- European family, without childivrt, will let e i choice of handsomely furnished Room*, with Board, or pi i. vate tabic; English, Fremiti anil Herman spoken. Ai ply a' Ik l?. u C t I'.luanl/uH uIi..aI nunw TI ?a? . I .am ee rpwo young ladies can he accommodate* JL wiih Board and nimgaut Kn una by applying at 50 Weet Twenty flfih street. rpo LET, WITH BOARD? FOUR DESIRABLE BOOMS X on the second lloor of house 118 W.iverley place, to l>e va.atcdon the 1st of A;>rli proximo. A verv pleasant ?a? central location. TITANTED-BOAKD TN EXCHANGE FOB A DOUKLB TT suit of rose wood Parlor Kui nituro ami Velvet Carpets, by a widow l*dv with two children, ngcd016111 and ten years; unfurnished l rout room uud be irooat ou second lloor in a private lamily, or with few boarders. Hou*e to be lo e'.^j betwe u Temb and Twenty-fifth streets ami Tlilrd and Hixtt. avcuuee. Reference required. Address Jennie, licrat oOici. VVANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN, A NEATLY FUR, ?? nlshed Kooin, convetiieul to a liral class hotel, and it a small quiet family. Address L. E. L., Herald oCice. rtTANTED?BY A RESPKOTaBLE LADY, A CHILI Tt to board, having no chlldrei. of her own. Call at lli West :?U at. WANTED? ABOL'T THE FIFTEENTH OF A PHIL, Bi a gentleman, Bosrd aim picssuiit Booms, for hitriseil and wile, between Fifth and Seventh avenues below Ttiirtf flrst street. Address Si. Lawrence, Herald oQice, gl-iiq terms, 1 oration, de* rtption of rooms. Ac. "11TANTED IN HOB'iKEN-A BOOM, WITH PLAIN Ty parilsl Board) slate the price. Address John W Brown, hor J20 Herald office. 1 waverley place. CORNER OF BROADWAY I. KtirriLhed Ko<>ms to let, to families or single genticiueis This situation is the most c mlia! iu the fit..-. Board can "? had if wanted. OfiUNIVEBSITY PLACE.-TIiytD STORY PR0N1 -iu Room to let, without Board, to gentlemen or.Iy. TV's accommodate ou? or two persons. Do not move 1st of May on URIOR 8QVABS, FOURTH AVENt'E.?A SUIT tyf OU fuml-tied Rooms to let, with Board; alao two fciuyit itooij^ on clinton place; near broadwa y.-pleasant OU Rooms ran be obtained, suitable for families or . iugje gentlemen. Dinmrataix o'c'ock. f'1 WEST fif tmenth STREET.?one entile Ul Floor, with a h.uul-otne Basement, to let, lurnlsi or untarnished. suiiablr for ? doctor or private fsuiuy would let together or aeparaie as Terms moderate /'() HAMMOND STREET.?A SECOND STOKY FRONT Uu Iionm and Bedroom, large paulricst, ?* and Cro'<n to let, wiili Board.. No moving on the 1st of May. Best rote relives required. Dinner at six. Tsl TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR EAST OF FIFTH I XJ avt nue.? A handsomely F urnished Suit of Rooms, oi the (irst lloor. to let, with Boar to respcctnble parties; prt vste tnble it doniied . Als Ko'-miefor single gentlemei,. 7Q SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROAD I O way.?To let hauisoui'dy furnished Rooms to sin git guu.Tmen; the location is near all the first class Indent*ut pitu es .u amusement. Reading room free. Inquire of AN so.N Ilo-SB. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING.?AL8TOI t/O House. Elegantly furnished suit* of Rooms, ??* Cio ^. ;.ud My convent nco l'ur housekeeping ectiiiomicssi ly; pTrtlculany suitable for small, respectable families o single gcntloAen. Rent low to permanent tenants. 1 / W' NINTH STREET, Nfc AH UIIOADWa V ? A EAR'J lvU Iwk Parlor on lirst floor; also amall Rooms to !e with good Board, to gentlemen and their wives, or ?njft Lt i; leinen, on moarratu terms. Oinuer at 0 o'clock. R fere noes e\. hanged. 11171 UKEENE dTR K F. T, B ET w E E N Si'HIN'l AN lv I 2 Prince?Elegantly formatted Room, to let, wit a?od Board, for l.?uies and gentlemen. Good loc.dtoo, n*i Broadway. Terms moderate. 1 **C\ I'RIXIE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELI J.aJU ganti.t furir-urnl Room., with Bedrooms alt* tin oritli !>U inn coHr-i-ie m a lor housekeeping complete, u clultug gas and Crotou water, to let to reap'otobie fanilm or tingle gentlemen. QfU) WE s TTIVE N T YTHIR OS." R E F.T,ONE LtOO front St venih aieutm.?A i'ltt of Rooms, on inc'i Boor, to let, with Board. Al-o single Rooms. House is t r cla.sand location unsurpassed. * 91 it ELM STREET, NEAR Sf'RTNO ?FURNISHK siJLU Apartment foi immediate ownpimey. The lowe, r'l,r? in th" c;ty, cousi la: 1111 the convent' nee of economy housekeeping."Pest bedding end furniture, with range, cool Ing utensils mid linen cornjl"te; pus and Crotou. O/V I EA>T TENTH STREET.?A VI W ilENTi.KME can have B ,rd for ?:t 80 pr week. Also a get tletiian an 1 wife can have a small Parlor, with B Jroont, !< $7. Ous and bathroom included. Room, fnrn'shed or o' furn wit! Board. QQ J FOURTH STREET.?! i'.SIHABI.E ROOMS, WIT OOI hath nod pantries attached, to let, furnished or tl tnrnlsUed. witli Board. Will he let together toapartyi g 1. leinen, or aeon, t'ely. Bet tree n Broadway and B"tv r / ? rp RRO ATI WAY? T>L \ N'TF.r;s' il.?TK?T ?I- ' v) I'O or slujlt gentlonifn ltiirlng Until w ill find u Olio "f ;Ui! p.ohI tie ,raids, quit: and bowelilte bouse* In I! cil> Hi'i*' fiwl cl??ii ruoma lUhl and el ?c? titly ftunl/he joeaUon uunrpMMd; ir."'< i cMoooltle, M!S( KLL V^EOI S. BEST OIL ONLY 48 CENTS PER OA Iuii Ax. 1..iiii]i i', great variety. < Iroeae. y, I,'hum .it UUw W?n; lit er Muqi, Tea Set*, Cutlery, S|o"!ih, C,.m? Kuiicv ilooui, Va.n a. Au, at very low pi .t en, at C. A. BAA. WIN'S, corner of bowery unit Canal street. Delano'S MOTH PJlOOt trunk's AKFOltD Til Ik i' protecdm lo hire, tvnult n*. A'., from moth; twit than cr ut slo*et*. Corner of Mleecaer and HumnOLid, M ?ill it H atr? DOOKH, sashes and blinds cheap at Ell ball's, 78 Bergman street. Fresh btttek received daily in pails, tub firkin* amt dairies; also virion* grades oi k > >J V i rlcil Btntrr lor sale at thr Invest wholesale pilous, oy ii lewis, nrimr ?m,?. f, F*"u1e AND Bl'RilLAR I ROOK SAFES?OF Af ai/.ea, Wilder'* pa|>ent; Also t??" Jewellers' 8?.e?, tor cheap, to ' io?e an alignment. Ill 1 Water street, just koo Pulton "treat. Free?to tfkfttous ^ckhsrers.-t ii?firt clergyman alihned tor 2J ymra, discovered a i,?jcurr lor body nod bead, never faillug "> hundred*. Enclu enveloped stamped; the rcoipu relumed true. Mr. Mogul itS &r?L *1 y AfiA? *? tp i Tvua If intlW UTDPUT _/"AI r? A M Jvim i nAiunoi ti "v"*' "???"??wwui/ nr Silver Refiner and Aaaayrr. Old gold and advee tiong J^OW, SON * BKNUOW'B 80\rs AND PERFUMERY. NR. (I. II. BRNBOW. of ih" ni>?Te firm, au lmiaknoirti the .vmfi|.-,in Trade, Inform-hiu frh-riili ant i? t -?i- tl> (tli- p rtncrahlp baring ?,th Mr. I*.w ne hi", tak Into iwiriiicriditfi hi- * ?, Ifei.rv Hen how, ulio lni* I) > n ma yearn cjiinm ti-ii Willi tlie Int.-linn. (I. II. lienlnev ha?i P'H' ia?ed i!ie shii.u of tlie bu toes belonging to KoUt l,ow, Nr., who waa the original uroorl-tnr of J.OWN BKUtVN WINDSOR SOAP. AC. Jlerilmw A Son ?ill continue the manufacture o that anj rior article, baring had the aole ruanngemrul for aerei J r?. Alao, of HONEY, UL.YcEr.iM:. FANCY SOArS, POMAPEK. PERFUMES. BRUSH EE, *< Tim exility of n lib h, they guarantee equal to any import Into the American kot. Hny -n rbltiui; Eiutland the pr. ?ont year are re mealed ex.,mum out goodaaud |.rlco?, without Incurring the o'-illj lion to pur.baae, BRRBOW E SON. tiu. 12 Litit' Dilulii. H>in<loti^B US. EVELINE MORRIS, I.ETTBR WRITER i l H>t room', 753 Hro.i<l? >\ ..? ,^B li' lillr ,, $1; l?'l'"1, ?i'eu'?, Oflb." '.f.-r- from 10 A I^B I \ 11 M. N B ? To which abe hm n<iit<vl aklrt iniikiT;u:^B pinto ?ewi ig in *:i luhtmu B MARBLE MANTBES.-T.IK 81'HHlKIBK K INKOjyfl tlir |>-1' Ii ill tt lie la aniline M iu-U, AO,, alie. j iinv iv rv.n In li fc la,mine**. TliO e * ial,lri|i to imi' ' ^^^B onA iooo * A REAPER'S Mv r vaid, li:; k> atrrrl, vral ol'Tilr.l avcnu?, Ne* York. MW. KINO?PATENT FASV I HAIRS fflAlUM a Poll In iii'liici* rasn mi I rnmfoit. Pin- to tear^B the Utf Iiefi.n . on come to 7(1 Kant It oad.'Av.m w ni -l, miM bt r you will find M W. K nk ago.ii, lelo o' lli id way. OIL AND VARNISH CANS -prom 4'> TO 25) HAm lona i-aparlty: nlno lank* lor talc by WM. D. AB JjKBWH A BRo.,414 Wa'. rattvet. B CAVE YOI R MONEY.?A. PARKER, 216 11 I'HRJWICH n air.? . best 8 igar Cined H ut 8c.: bgat F'iiiB Soa|i (IS ! !; v .box, 5,'k ; pure Slnruh, box, 6e'a.; gra^B and black Tea, 50c.; superior carg>\oung Hymn, 02u , TD^B aii'lfi fjpo pr!nterh?onr IIAVIVO Rill.KM to pri^h I to nnko in ArrnnK^in^l I and !',WH rn-h prior* A<l4rfftt l or our w?*ofc X. M. Y , rno COMB MANE PAOTURKRS rWE ARB NoitTB | a MOlU'i di-lltwiT'l ditniiig the year i ndlni; January 1. I8d'< Matnl^H rAii i?c sron ill fhr oflf'.'o of the ButPlirrs' JIlJo ftiol MCh^H A-.'n.iaU ju, (iutui)i ol FU'tb It**! 5n<l On; AYcauo, HI

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