Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 28, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 28, 1862 Page 2
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2 HORSRf), CARRIAORS, dtC. A VERMONT BLACC HAWK MAKE. SEVEN YEARS old, sound, kind liuesn I stylish driver, warranted u> tru? *11 three m.n itre. Al-i a "I 1 ndid Murcan Mare.? y sr. old, sound Slid kin.l, Id I a id*. ? t Road Wagon sud Harm as, Alao a arooud baud Pole. in g>??d order Tne anon ?i I be old cheap tor cash Apply at 11U East Tbil ty-lirst street, one door from Tuird aveuue. AJOIIUKI. CANADIAN 1'O-NY FOB SALE?Id ABOUT 12 baud* ingb, van han laome and kind In harness or uudri tbr saddle;'a clilld can drive lilni Will be sold cheap a* ihe owner Una no use for him. To he soon at 477 Pearl an eel, until sold. * LIGHT. NEATLY BUILT WAGON, WITH EXTEN . V sion ton, and front sent to reverse, will be sold very heap; ha* shall aud pule*, and is only one season running. Inquire at Ihe private stable in Thirty llrsl street, one door e*?t of Third aveuue. AaBCOND HAND COUPE FOR SALE, OR WILL BE tgrhau ,ed for a Coupe Knckaway of the asms value. Apply at Miles' stable*, M Vt eat Nineteenth street, near Sixth aveuue. A TURNOUT FOR SALE-BAY MARK. LIGHT SHIFTlug top W?;on, Harness. Blankets. Whip, Ac., belong, ing ti H gentleman going to Washington. The whole will bo sold for VUb? a ehnn. - seldom met with. Impure at the New York lHei y statue-, 187 West Thlrly-thtrd street. BKKW8TER A CO , OK BROOME STREET, MANUFACTl KEKd OK FINK CARRIAGES FOB TOWN AND COUNTRY, AND First class ROAD WAGONS, Invite sn In-pectiou of a vanvly of vehicles, exclusively Oi (heir owo manufacture, and of their usual excellence of STYLE, QUALITY AND FINISH. The acknowledged superiority of their ROAD WAGONS r? ill WW I'TKUJ OUMAUIiunj, ? uuinww To the popular styles Introduced by them during The two pul seasons, they desire to call special Attention lo the style tor 1S03. "THE OENTLK MAN'S WAGON." Now resdy for inspection at their ONLY PLACE 67 BUSINESS, 572 and 474 Broome, corner of Hott street. noiKD TOUB HORSES AT TATTRECALL'S STABLES Jj corner Thirty ninth street and 8ixth arenue, hecauie It la the beat arranged, moat commodious and beat conducted table In New York, having an exercising ring free to all boarders. Auction antes of Horses, Carriage*, Ac., every Tuesday, at U o'clock. WM.WHTKRS, Auctioneer. "L'OB SALE?A BAT STALLION, SIXTEEN HANDS F high, ave yeara old, sound and hind; trolling stock. Addre-a H.J. B., Marshland Boat office. State n Island. *CH>E SALE-A SPLENDID SADDLE OR LIGHT CAR F rlsge Horse, fifteen hands, tlx years old, sound and kind: very fine, free driver; la fast, anJ promises great speed; has never been la any horse dealer's hands. Can be seen at Turnure's livery stable, corner of Twenty-tifth street and Pourth avenue, or inquiry can be made at 19 Cortlandt street. T7?OR SALE-A BAT HOR8E, SEVEN YEARS OLD, F sixteen hands high, a very stylish driver. One sorrel, very strong, good for any Dullness. Also two brown pony build. Will be sold cheap. Can be seen forenoon's until sold, at M Bast Sixteenth street. FOR SALE-A CITY MADE, LIGHT BI'sTNEVS Wagon, but little used, a very superior article. J. W. BOWE, 343 Canal street. ipOB SALE?AT THE NEW TORE HORSE MART, 43 F Bayard street, four Brewster Wagons, (two top); one Bockaway, In good order; one Double Harueas, good as new; several Single Harnesses; one beautiful gray saddle Mare, Bridle and Saddle. Prices moderate, piOB SALE?A LOT OP YOUNO. SOUND IIORSES. F just arrived from Canada, suitable for the road and all kinds of work. To be seen at 4<W East Houston street, near Lewis, in the feed store. FIFTEEN HORSES FOR SALE.-TWETVE UOOD young Horses, paired or single, fit for all kinds of use; al>o three Tow priced Horses, all just from the country. C?n be aceu at all hour*, at 162 Suffolk street, near St. n on a rretMew York. TTORSE8 FOR SALE AT BOWERY AND GRAND I 1 street stage stables ? A number of good Work Horace cau b? bought very cheap, by applying Immediately at the tables, corner of avenue C and Tenth street. HORSES FOR SALE.?A PAIR OF FAMILY HORSES, about UjK banda high, bay a, with long tails, aound ami kind. To be aeen at the stable In Thirteenth street, entrance through the gale on the north aide of the street, about one hundred feet eaat of Fourth avenue. Call between 9 and 12 A M. TTORflES.?WA> T. O A GOOD FAIR OF FAMILY II Horses. sound sod ktnJ in all descriptions of harness. The prior must be lew?payable part fn cash and part In olotaiag in one of the best establishments In the city. Also, n double Harness sad Carriage, or Baro tche, at a moderate price. Ad g -as P. C.. Herald ofltce. TTORSE. .WAGON AND HARNBS9 FOR SALE?A BAB11 gain, the hor?e is a bay. 16}* bands high, bob taN, eight years old. One driver, and will an twelve miles an hour without whip, sound and hind. Shifting top wagon and haipexe, equal to new and city made. Pries $3&> for all. Apply at Camp A Co.'s. S or it Weal Thirteenth street. MTNSB A 8TBYENS. It, 78 and 78 WALKER STREET, 8rat door east of Broadway, MANUFACTURERS or ttrst ciaaa CARRIAGES and light WAGONS, of the latest fashlonabto styles and Improvements, and tor elegance ot hniab, style sad durability are equal to any In this market, to whkh we invite the inspection of purchasers. NEW STABLE?IN THIRTY FIRST STREET, A FEW doors ba ow Sixth avenue, For sale or to let. Apply as per bill. -pONIES OF ALL KlND8-ONE_ FAIR OF BAYS, IS X Sanaa, wagons, Harness and saddles, to match, tor a tie cheap, at Foriy-secoad street, between Fifth and Stith WIS, OEO. BRONSJbY. rpwo ABATED SQUARE BOX WAUON AND DOUBLE X Usenet* for safe.?The wagon ta English pattern, very ntvUsh. and ado by Brewster A Co.; double harness very best; both article* nearly now. May be aeeo at Oiinp's otableo. 24 Weet Thirteenth atroet. W AKTBD-A STYLISH EXTENSION TOP CARRIAGE", TT to aeatall; now or bat little asod preferred. Address, K?i|?| eaah terms. H. L h? 193 Greenwich s.rwt. WAKTED-A TEAM OF TRUCK HORSE8; ALSO A " Carl Hon*; must be 14 handa huh and about 1.10) I ho. each, price not to eiceed $100 each; two horara to give away. Call at Troy steamboat office, pier 19 Worth river, between II A. M. aatl P. M. OATH BT8EBT HORSE BAZAAR.-AUCTION SALE XI X and exchange stnbles, 70 and 71 Beat Twenty-fourth a.-cel. Auetiooa win commence on Monday, March 31, 1842, a . li o'clock A. M., and will contlnne every day in the year, duudaya eaeepted. Sales mill constat of Horses, Wagons, Harness. and other articles. R ties .?Section 1. All mrttclas offered free of charge, unleea a sale la made. Sec. 1. All horaea or other articles aold for over $19 oom mission will be $2. Sec. I. All articles under $23, ft. Sec. 4. All ar.l-l-s eotd, eel proving aa represented, full commission v,:u - charged to the seller. Sec. A All horaee warracml k.nd, their kandagae will be crowd to the purchaser before ae delivery of said horaea, lad warrantees or kindliest ,t .U eiCre at that time. Sec. g. All warrantees ot soundness on >ree? will expire one day after they are sold, at 4 o'clock I*. M See. 7. Incase of a disagreement between the buyer and seller, the buyer shall chooae one man sod the seller another. nr. i If tbay cannot ecrvw, they shall chooae the third man, and their decision shall be final and nadmg. Sec. 4. A deposit of $10 will be required on all sal-s ov< r $30?sales under $60, $9?If not complied with, the article will be Imtneduleiv offered the second time. Pee 9. All warrantees will be read over to the satisfaction or pur haaera, and the purchasers will get their guarantees from the proprietors. Harness Blankets, Whips, and other small articles, reasonable charges will be made. Horaea or other arte let ran he sent wttn tbeir cttaracter any tun' herors the sale la cloned, ml they wUt bn offered to thai turn. Horses kept and wmum stored at this eatabtiahmen'. WHIT>ION A SON-, .Voprletora. orn CARRIAGES, BRETT8, family ROi'KAW.tYS. ii</v tap ud open Buggies, Doctors' Wagous, Grocer's and K-j-torsa Wagons 90 Horses, Harness, Sc., for aala at U) Neeina street and 184 F'llton areons, Froiclyn. ~ COPARTNERSHIP ROTICEST An active partner wanted?who 'can inreat $SJM0equally ? t , the adTertlser In a pi>?uat. tnoaonoii/.tug, cash business, by which a large fortune tan be made in a rery short time. Inquire hef ire 10 A. M. or from It 9 P X at 72 West Thirty-second atteet. Agents no noticed. A wholesale grocery and provision house, now domg a ?a'e and rapidly In* teasing trade, dealr -a a competent man to take a third Interest. (A ISA) to SJd.OW ra?n rapltal required Address Veritas A Co., box kit) Herald o?r> A PARTNER WANTED-TO JOIN THE ADVERTISER in the Ornery Business, wttb $790 to $1,00) in osh. A|>pl) at MS Broadway room 10. A GENTLEMAN, PERPECT MASTER op HIS I'KO f sa oq, one of the moal resp<- table and retnuneratire, wants a tew hundred dollars to eaieml his crauloe; would take It as a loan, or a jar nor to do the outalda business; hns l ie highest proieielonal reputation in t'anaila, and other places where he ha* practised his speciality wt>h the rreec-at u-'-ees; rrf<r aoes exchanged. Address Optics, box 100 Herald odbe VHttBER. GOOD DISPOSITTONED PARTNER wan ed?T<> manage s sore paying, popular enterprise. M- ? hare a few hundred <' Ulars In < ash. $30) an bo clea -d ,a shown by poelllre proof No agents noticed. Apply at ml Tenth street, aesr Second sreune. BV MUTUAL CONSENT the PARTNERSHIP EX18Tls>4 betwa?-n the undersigned, under the Ann name of Hnw-ll a Co at 6*1 Rtoadtvay, In the Pruit and Liqu -r bual??s is wholly dt s lv-d. The business will be carried on and continued by Fran la Landry alone. FRANCIS LANDRY, _____ Rl< HARD B. HOW ELL. Pak1m.r WANTBD-IN COMMISSION FRI IT TRADE Will *l?* f?l atat# aacnrny f -vantcd for the uwcj. B#f#r*a<wa noliana*'', A*. IRELAND. HIN KLF.Y * l-Q .MlliiM'1 ?tr??t. ?WANTED, AN ACTIVE MAN, TO TAKE FILL J)0tjm char ol a bo tar and irnt at,re dong m large i?ji lr?'l?, a* partner. Lnw i?nl ftr a'or* anil rooma iu< a ?ainlly Wt!l wait lor phrt the tnou*y. Apply on tbe iremteea. I,to Bon ery, ?*> Qrahd 'treat. 0:1 rjui ?pari her wanted, with about thta amount, enher * live or ailent, m ? ? aplr rath manufacturing buaineaa ?h*r# Uir :r ' I, t a 11* lag#. wilb lumn diaic reluma. AdJreta J. c. B , UtiaM OHM. R* WARDS. q.t? ueward for a black and tan terrier >g)? Hint; anawara to th# mn a of I'lrni; waa loit on 'ha main of th# 26th mat Any pTaon returning bar to 119 Earn Buleeath airoet. will reo#tr? 'be abnr# r*ward patrick mullen. O f REWARD -LO?r. O.N wednesday, march 26. "t on the norner of Eighth avenue and Twentleih a reei.p whit* Bulldog with brown apota; anawera to'ha nam# ot Watch Any peraon retnmlni hpn to H. McAleenan, Ml Kighth avenue, win r? *lve Ih# above r*war<t. ?s?r: REWARD-Ltsr, .,n WEDNESDAY EVENTnu, *P*J abouiTo loo;, In Br .id way. b-ttve-n 'albal'1* and Oliver atreeia, a I'lrtetronna*. containing 915 and torn* a mall Chang. ; It waa '!.? a | ,,f ? poor -Irl The Under ?r#ort??th" ,o,?# rawar.i h, returning It to Margarat No. 9 Fa'iflt Bi<m<iway. RKW A KI' N ' ' 7 ! $25 SI full brand, and rara cropped. A|>|.iy , E M. Obrtich si Klnth avenue. q.-wm reward 11 ttl)UU 96, about two K In Hi iMw.y Ffaad* and Prince i'.r*"la, the ?nn? of t2??i -ortcn. (undo a-follow# ?Two bill#, each $??>, l? n bill#, each ten ...ji.i IvP.aeh 980, and 2) Unite! Htmi noma, rat g>> (, at i m a *n| will b# paid tothi'p*r on t*i"i tun in n , t.t p'-nao iion for any p#' , bv K. f, OAHI.LV 61II \ S* I HI'MICAI*. ^ ^ A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAYK EOSKWOOD Planolorte for -ale, elegantly carved leg* sud ca?e, o\er?tnii>g lass. full iiou |>Ulr, linen -vtlti asltn wood. ha? all modern improvements, made (o riler, bceu IU use seven mouth*. V?t $500. fur $390, including Stool and Coyer. Alao. Parlor Furniture at asairtlue Iu julre at 70 W cat Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Any person really desirous op obtaining a must splendid Ptauu, ul the richest and most coat y workmanship, arlU call at private residence 1J3 Henry Street, N Y., without further description. Toe ptauo will show for Itself; ouehall of tut real value will buy It, I am obliged to ell. A YOU SO LADY DESIRES a SITUATION AS tearherof music fora few hour* tier day In a aemtnaty In or ueur New York; would also teach BuUtsA branches and rudiments ot French; guol testimonial* given. Address Music, box 1,734 New Y'ora I'ost "ill1 C. An alto, who reads readily, experienced lu Ural classehureh music, desires an engagement in New York or vicinity, from 1st ol May; Hp- opal preferred; terms moderate. Address Music Teacher, 1311 w eel 44th at, a BARGAIN-PRICE $180 MAGNIFICENT LARGE JX 7 octave Ptaiiolorte; original price $230; with all modern Improvements, overstrung buss, round corners, seal l. ned keys aud splendid lone and touch, Ac Also one for $im. Mcdonald a co? 358 Bowery, near Fourth street. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A LADY OF CULTIvaled musical abilities, tamillar with the Episcopal service, situation as principal soprano, In some Protestant church. Terms moderate. Address Soprano, box 19# Herald otlloe. CTHURCH MUSIC.?AN ORGANIST. SOPRANO AND J Contralto, of excellent qualtticnUona, are desirous of maktng an engagement, from the Is of May next, either tonether or separately. fommunicai on* may be addressed (o Mr. Waller, 166 West Twenty-fourth street. TvEPOT OF THE' ALEXANDRE ORGAN, I V?. Oh..^,L.a_ ..A hsas-ia. saws a m * k vi vutuvuca, vwiirw, omiuuii buu vib?iu? ?wu??, iJtft Broadway. SOLE MEDAL OP HONOR $t the Universal Exhibition of 1886. This me:niflceot instrument (patented in the United State* May S. UW). which the brilliant performance of THALBKBG, TILANOV'A and MLLE. WELLIS hare rendered es popular In America aa In Europe, haa been adopted by the greatest artists and composers or both cootinenta. QOTT3CHALK, LISZT, ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac.. Ac. The Alexandre Organ w celebrated for the aoiidlty and preciaioa of its mechanism, as well aa for the fullness and power of its tone, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly In tune in all climates. Prices at the depot, $48, $80, $100, $160, $185, $238, $260. $300, $840, $400. A descriptive circular sent to any address on application to E. KABREUl ettk8. Jr., 2U8 Broadway. Importer of Buaaon Accordeons. Violins, Violin Strings, Ac. Fob sale?very reasonable, a new seven octave rusewuod Piano of the very beat maker in thit elty, w.iranted in every respect. Price $138. Pl?ase call in the Tor noon for a bargain. 8. SAMELSON, 163 Hester street, near the Bowery. Mrs. jab. h. Barclay, contralto?<the term of engagement with the Madison avenue Baptist church expiring on the 1st of May), is open to engagement to sing in a quartette choir from that date. For terms address 488 Broadway, corner of Broome street, or 168 East Thirty-third street. ORGANS ?three church OROAXS, FOl r. SIX end eight stops, of auperior tone and workmanship, for sal" at a great aacrtOce, and on easy terms. Also six slop parlor Organ, with a very handsome walnut case; will lie sold very Tow, Apply lo J. U. A C. 8. ODELL, 163 Seventh avenue, N. Y. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES.?WE ABE NOW selling our Pianofortes at greatly reduced prices for cash. Parties wishing lo obtain a firat class Pianoforte at war rates are invited to call. LIGHTS A BRADBURY8,421 Broome atreet, N. T. SUPERB PIANOFORTE?ROSEWOOD CASE, ORANDe. t design, four round oornera. 7.L? or lave, largest scale, sliding desk, iron frame, overstrung baas^ scolloped keys. Fremiti grand action, purchased but eight mou h ago, cost $428, will be sold for $ZUU, as the owner leaves for Europe In a few days. Apply this day at 129>a Twentieth street, near Third avenue. WANTED-AN EXCELLENT AND NEARLY NEW Piano, for which $KX) will be paid; only those commuo>ca k>os noticed which are most explicit. Address Nomee, box 113 Herald office. <*r A ?A GRAND PIANO FOR THE NOMINAL SUM of $80. It must be eold, and it Is a great bargain at aoch a low price. Apply at $86 Broadway, near Fourteenth street* ~ IWSTnUCTIOW. ~~ A WIDOW ^ L ADT, DSUOHTVULLY SITUATED IN the country. >n a healthy loctUon, near the Hudion, desires to take a fow young children to Board and euucata. They will have the comforts of a home and a mother'a cane. Entfiiab. Kretuh-and music thoroughly taught by a competent perron. Beat reference. Addreaa Country, 601307 Poet office. ^ AN ENGLISH LADY. who WAS PARTLY EDUc*ted on the Continent of Europe, la deairoua of meeting with a situation aa governess to smalt children or aa companion to a lady; the htgbeat reeommendattona can be procured. Addreaa Warren, boa 4,63d N. Y. Post office. A LADY WISHES AW ENGAGEMENT AS GOVERNESS in a achoot or family; abe la a prod cent In Krench and muaic, and la fully competent to teach the Bngliah branches. Addreaa If lea X. C., Herald office. Deer park institute, port jervis, orange county, New York.?Young ladle* will here find superior adrantagea lor learning, comfort and health. Eightyfive milea by rail lrom New York. Smraer aeaaon mmni.'ocei Aurli 18, and contiuuea twenty week*. For circular* addreaa the principal. Rev. J. H. Northrup, Port Jervia, Orange county, N. Y. Family boarding school?a lady, an Experienced t?a. her, wtahea n few giria aa boarding pupils, to whom a mother'a care will be given and thorough instruction In the Engllah branchea, Muaic, French and Latin. Number limited to ail. Location near Mount Morris, and unsurpassed. Re'.erenees unexceptionable. For paitloulars addreaa p. C. Browne!!, Ea 1., 26 Howard street, New York, or call between 10 a. M., and 8 p. m. Governess.?a prp.nch lady, wkll educated, and poaseasiug a thorough knowledge of th* Spanish language, oeairea a situation aa governess in a respectable private family. In addit on to the Prencn and Spaniah languages, ahe la qualified 10 taneh the uaual l'MgHah branchea an<l the rudlmeuta of luualc. No obje>'tion to the country or t# travel. References eichanged. Apply at 23 Wakhing'on place. VTATIONAL TEACHERS' INSTITUTE. 339 BROADWAY, Xv lor the engage nt of teacher*, tutors, gov. rneaaea, schools and pupils Kor aipinnatorr educational circulars addreaa (with stamp; National Teacher*' Institute, 333 V V P.r>, , anil vnar.ll , n, aka.J I,,... ? . and teachers are Interested. The SPANISH LANGUAOE IS taught, AS HERE totore, by CIPRIANO GOKRIN. Apply at IS Wnt Tw-utv.eUih street, three doors Irum Broadway, between 9 and It) a. M. or at a and 6 P. M. Teacher-wanted, by a young lady, a qradnale ot one ot the hr?t high school* in New England, a alius'Ion aa fa- her, either in a x hool oriamtly: la con. Eteot to tea<h the higher English branch-a [articular!/ at he mat -a, a'ao Latin, Diawiug and Palming. Beat ot references given. Can reler to her laat employer, with wh?m the taught three years. No objection to the country. Addr* aa M.aailelU M. Young. Biooklyn, If. Y. THE HEBKLUOn. ~ A LIBERAL SUM WILL BE PAID, IN ADDITION TO tne regular pay of 913 per month and $100 bounty, lor a few Recrnna Tor one ot the beat regiment* now at the aeal of tear. Apply to Lieut. W. A. WOOD, recruiting office Fifty-filth regiment, Lafayette Hall, Ml Broadway. ALL KINDS OP SWORDS AND SABRES ON HAND and made to order at moderate pi ice*. Old aworda repaired like new. Alao Solingrn Bladea, Eagle*. Spear Head* for aale, hy WM. K. FISCHER, 78 William at reel, up stair* Fourth regiment, EAGLE brigade, L nder the command of BRIGADIER GENERAL SCROOGS, Now atailooed at port Porter, Builaio. The Kourih regiment, commanded by Col. John Kink, now numbering over an hundred men, w111 be ready for the Held Uitluri two or three weeka There are a few va'?n,ua for line officers. Captaina or lieuienanta having whole or par'a of c impanlea an obtain ) until una, with a pr-ape t of apeedy removal to tbe seat of war. Thl* la tbe laa. chance, aa all future enlit'.men!* will be for reclim-nia already in tbe held. Application .an be made to Lieut. Col. McLEAN, tl? Broadway. A few good Dr isomer* wanted. f'LA'.S, BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL COLORS Stall* Mounting*. Trimming*, Eagle*, Spear Heada, Ac Ornamental painting and embroidering on alik. Hi.iElt A GRAHAM. !>7 Dmne The BEST CHANCE IS OFFERED FOR a FEW DAYS by ill* Flrat regiment New York volunteers, to those wishing to enl'at. Sworn in for two yar* trorn laat April It baa but thirteen MtlklBore to Serve. Uniform*, Ac , furnished at onoe. Pay *MM*MN trom dato of enltcmen', and men forwarded to Newport'* News, Va., where the realmem I* pleasantly located, being in barr* kr, a lth beds, stoves, A -. Apply at once to Lieut'naut Colonel J. FRED. la nuilM U HmiJoM Oj? l-illtlne (II or V'OLLNTEEM DISCHARGED FOR DISAB1EITYand the Wldowa and H'ha of anoh, and of thoa* who <lt?d in the wrtlm; alao Three Montba' Ynlnuteera, call on P KOWljtO, 16 Naaaau Mlfet, roe* No. 6 WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A QI'ARl KFlMAiThR TY and a Roller, lor a le.lrnent now In the aeiT.C". Ad. dr-aa Charlea R. Morgan, Mow York Foal ofll a <)DRKOIMKNT. D KPINEUIL ZOUAVES -THE MEM tJO bora of Conii anr 1 and oihrr mem be re will pleaae cal at btinbam'a, 170 H oajieay. for three daye, where I .h i tas hate* to ace all of them. nr.' TENANT EE PHIS. " MKPICAJU , ,L . r,_AM. MA? RICEAU, PROFESSOR?TREATS ALL diar^aea oi lemalea with certainty and Mlcty. Ofll.o, Iff Liberty at reel, \ REMINDER -DR. BARROW HM BLRE<'IBR - rati, foor doore from Meedm art atrect, New York, urea hour* from II till I and from 6 to8. i vr. powers treats all diseases or ladies J " wi'h 'inparallaled rtcreas. Hi can be conailt-d at 12 Lalghl 'treet. Atlcnda conaumly. Dr WARD v .' EXPKRII-'.n1 ED ni> - . i. phys! -ni. and sorneon, an >>? - onanlteil aa nana', OS', 1J Laltht -'reel; pirate entrance. Ho'ira from 8 A. M il.9P.ll. duty. Dr COOPM, 14 duane sfrkbt, member of the College of Pliyaiclans and Surgaona of New York, may be coda ilt?d daily at bit office, from 8 in ibe morning mil V I tha ariahi. tko'TOR HINTRR HtMSKLK-THR PHYSICIAN 1J who ealabllahed the llnnterlan Dispensary, No. 8 Division xtr'O'. New York city, In 1934, ran be consulted from 8 A M. until 10 o'clock at night at ine old office, A private entrance. DR RALPH -urn. eh CROSBY STREET, COR nor of Ho ia'on. Honrs II to 2, and 6 till 9 P. M. IMPORTANT TO LEV ALES ?DISK ARBS Or PR MA LIS I a i litih. ally treated by Dr. THIERS. No. 1.217 Broadway, n> r Twenty-ninth street, Now Yore, Head a red "'atrip for ladles' rlrculnr, and sc>pr qnscfcrry. NOTD K TO LADIES,-DR K M. BROWNE, NO 9 E giith arriine, N'-w A or* (eight n y are in pr?. tun-. wnl lreal a -lentil! nitjr every r?n?tj of female dls? is . |>rovrs'<or hi s km. ib2miamberspthkei can I If HI I . o I A .en's 1.7 , L?'an R. v. In Uivo Ij O. It'9 Fulion atrvtt. NEW YOKE llKKALD, HOUS1SS, ROOMS, dtO.. WANTED, A 81 IT OP TURKS KURNISHBD BOOMS WANTKDsu liable Tor housekeeping, fur a family of three adult*. Location, between Fourth and Twenty hitli stieeU and Se roud and Sixth arenuea. Terms must be moderate. Address 11. 1*. 0 . li a 1 oDin.-, sUuug lull particulars, for two daya. AOOOD TENEMENT HOUSE w anted?in h\c a iso for a well located lot, free and clear, w ith una orlwognol II |ii at stores. situated on prominent corners. Af nu? pro|>ertv preferred. Apply to JOSEPH McilL' 1KB. Ml Scevuth street. Apart ok a house wantbd-im Brooklyn, lor a amall family, and on thr hill, in neighborhood ot Cranberry. Pun-apple or High street*. U-'nt uol to exceed SI'S) Part of rent sinned if deaired. Addrraa or apply to 4*1 Broadway, room No. 6. COUNTRY PLACES WANTED?AI.L PIUOBS, FURniahrd and 11 111 urn) a bed. tan rent twreuly or thirty country places w ltun two weeks. Thow winhing their place* rented to good parlies will do well to send full descriptions immediately lo K. C. BISllUP, 144 Bioadway, store lot. /yottage wanted-to hire or purchase, on aalt water, with shade trees and some laud, away from thoroughfare*, in a healthy, quiet neighborhood. Round or Long laiau 1 preferred. Addrraa K , box KM llerald oOice, himng terms, which wust l>e low, aud full particulars. Druo stoke wanted?witiiin fifty miles of New York city. Must be a good location tor s ph\ sirmu Would hire a store and open one In a suitable place. Address M. D., New York Herald ofllce. Drl'o store wanted-ten to fifteen miles from New York, for whl h cash will be paid. Address K K., bos 211 Herald oflice, with particulars. Milk round wanted.-any person desirous of disposing of their milk round may find a customer by addressing Geo. W. Chapman, Wing's station, New Turk, stating lowest price, location of the round, number of quarts supplied daily, and all necessary particulars connected wilh the round. Room8.-wanted, in april, by a small family, two Rooms and Bedrooms, In a clean House; rent paid monthly in advance, which must be moderate. Address staling particulars, M. A. 8., station A Post office, Spring street. OTKAM?NUINE AND BOILER WANTED?NOT LESS O than 26 horse power, or not more than 40; horizouul; new, or one that has been used but a short time. Address R. E 0., bos 169 llersld ofllce. j Steam engine wanted?from eight to ten hot>e power, with about 100 feet of shafting, pulleys, h ngera, Ao , (a good second band one will answer), in exc1 ange for a genteel brick House in a desirable p.irt of the city of Brooklyn, well rented. Address Foster A Loper, No. 4 Sands street, Brooklyn. WANTED?FOR THE 8UMMKR SEASON, BY A PRIvate family, a furnished Collage or Farm House at Long Branch or in the vicinity; near the water preferred. Address, giving particulars as to location, Ac., Jas. Henderson. box fl Post office, N. Y. anted?a house, located between eighth v V and Tweniy.fourth sin e s and Fourth and Sixth avenues. It must be provided with all the modern improvements, and adautrd in every way to a genteel family of hoarders. Address X L. S., box 4,723 Post ollioe, stating terms and describing premises. WANTED-TO HIRE ON A LEASE, A COTTAGE House, located near one of the principal entrnn .-es to the Central Park. Address, stating rent, location, size, Ac., J 8. E., Herald oil!re. "YITANTED?FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, APARTMENTS TT lor a family of two grown persons, lu a house where theie are no children preferred. Rent moderate. Address C., 170 East Tenth street. Wanted?a large (dry) storb, in the neighborhood of Fulton street; to be used lor storage. Address, stating the lowest terms, Ac., Charles, box 164 Herald ottus. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. A THREE 8T0RY BRICK House, of moderate size, east of Powers street or west ot Hoyl street, in a good atreel running east and west. It should have gas, water and waste pipes, and not less than eight sleeping rooms. Rent not over fifdO. Address for one week II. C. T. Blent, Brooklyn Post office. WANTED?TO RENT, FOR ONE OR TWO YEARS, A lolly furnished Country House, with stables, Ac., with. 111 9U miles 01 toe city; possesion wanted immed stele. Address, with particulars, rent, to aliou, Ac., O., box 211 Post office. WANTED?POWER PRESSES, SINGLE OR DOUBLE Idea. Apply, by letter, box 121 Herald office. WANTED?IN OR ABOUT BROOKLYN, A SMALL Cottage, containing about tlx rooms, with water and small garden; rent low. Address G. P., Herald office, stating rent and where to be seen. TV-ANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, PART OP A MOTV dern House, whole of second floor, two rooms on third or sttlc and basement kltchaa. or front basement; upper part and west aide of the city preferred. Address, statins rent and particulars, Delta, Herald office. WANTED?A SMALL HOUSE, CONTAIKIKO ALL modern Improvements, in a grnteel locality, suitable for a small lamily. Rent not to exceed $5U0 per annum. Address Nr. D., box 180 U raid office. WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, EITHER THE UPper or Lower Part (With Basement) of a House, with all Improvements: lo ated between Fifth and Ninth avenues, and below Thirtieth street; or would join a family and hire a whole house. Address, giving full particulars, A. B. C., boa Mi Post office. WANTED?ROOMS FOR A LADY AND SON. LAD OF 17, th Second Floor of a bouse. In a pleasat location, with one family; not higher than Thirty-fourth street: West side preferred; rent, with water and gas. not to rgueed $12 a month; or would Board with a pleasant family and furnish room and small one, at $4 per week. References given and required. Address, with partteuler', C. W. B., Madison square Post office. YVANTED?A SECOND HAND LEVER OR SCREW IT Press, with a full set of burring and cutting dies for tin woik. Any one having one In good order will find a cash purchaser by addressing box 4,1N> Post office. Wanted immediately?four unfurnished Rooms on one floor, by a small family of adults; terms must be moderate; references exchanged; location between Fourth and Twentieth streets and Fourth and Son n b avenues; no moving in May. Address J. K. P., Herald office. TVANTED TO PURCHASE?A SMALL SIZED THREE TT stoiy orick House and Lot, with alt modern Improve menu, net aboye Fortieth etr?et, west aide, for which part caah and part eltv lots will be paid. Address, with particulars. Kyenton, H*rskl office. TirANTBD TO RENT-BY A RESPONSIBLE TENANT, TT a Collage House, to a respectable, healthy Ice ilioo, for atemllyof tour persona Seven rooms, a dry eel ar, some garden and a low rem indespensabla Address Francis, box j,67S Post office, New Turk, slating location, convenience, improvements and means o( access, Ac. LOST AID FOmp. DOO LOST?ft REWARD.?SUPPOSED TO HAVE strayed irom'My West Forty-stub ?tree?, one doorfr-m Ninth avenue, on Wednesday morning, March '26, a small, thick Set Dog, r< senihles a Kin I Charles, but ears not as long as a full bre-d, b idy all Usk.hst- very thlct and long, legs uu marked and black, tip of tors whl u, breast whit*, tan snd black, each side or his neck 'he bair stands out s' might, tail bushy, sli years old, answers to the name ol Sport, no good to any one, but a loss as a p"t of a child. The above reward and ilisnka of the owner to whoever will return him or give Informal oa ot him to the above number. FOrND-MARCH I, A SMALL FUR VICTOR IXE. IN the vicinity of Union square. The owner can have it by paying expenses on applying at SJ7 Second avenue, Aral Door, front room. Found-a oentleman s breast pin.-thkown er can ha< e it by proving property and payiug foi thia advei iis -mcnl. Call in Rlerson atreei, Orel house from Willo'tghhy alrrel, Brooklvn TAOUXD?ON I5TII OK MARCH. A FRENCH POODLE r Dug, white on Ihe body, black bead and short tail, anawrrs to the name of Ju k. fee uwnei can have him by pay ing expenses and proving properly, by applying at 112 laitreni street Lost-a faikaok containing four bills of aale. a Ira?e mn] assignment of 1-ja*. The Uud-t will be rewarded ou tending hit atdrcaa to a b , box 213 Herald office. Lost?on monday list, between 2 and 3 r. m., by a poor mail, who an til afiord It, an oil] leather (Mi- In" book, containing about 120, in bill* and allvi-r, either in a Third avenue car, co.ner orTwenty-flrnt afreet and Third arenne, or in going from Third avenue and Twenty-lint aireet 10 Fourteenth ?'rcet to First avenu? and back to 9 :nnd avenue down to Eighth alreef. The hnder will be rewarded by leaving If with S. Bieckelat 25) Bowery. Lost-on tuesday evenino, march 2s, a black and tan Turner, with a white apot on hi* bream, end wearing a red patent lea'hcr rol ar, answering to the name of Skip. Five dollar* rew ard will be given the finder by returning l tin to S. 11 Con diet A Co , No. 47 White -cr-e . Lost-ox Wednesday, march js, in ooino from Spring aireet through the Bowery, along Oranil afreet, a laige Uold Locket, valued for the IIKeneaa It runtamed The find-u will be aultahly rewarded by leaving llal B'l kingham i' I A I la . *.'362 hi oailw ay, up - airs. LOST-BETWEEX ??7 BROADWAY AND LORD A Taylor'*, a Wallet containing $40. The finder will be liberally ienerued by returning the tame to 9t Bank ttie*t. New York. LOST-ON TUESDAY EVENINO, IN FOURTEENTH atreel, near Fifth avenue, or in a Fourte-nth atieet nag-, or in Bun., aireet, near Broadway, a plain gold Bra elet. The Under will he aufably rewarded by leaving It at 22 Eaat Fourteenth at reef. IOST.-TWO TEN DOLLAR BILLS ON-TIIE BRIDflEJ !?>ri City B ink. a-m where between Eighteenth afreet mid .ferauy ferry. jeO' iday If the finder will leave II with Mr Stew irt, at th? Di-titil Attcrney'a ofil-e, he will receive five dollar* reward an ! tbe thanks of tbe owner. LOST-TnE TWO FOLLOWING NOTES, MAILED FROM Cincinnati February 27, 1*82 ?No. 446, for $124 24, d-Hcd Febtiiarv 6, 1692, on four month*, parable to our own order, tt 7.. M.Rho.lea'office. No 4t?\ for$31144, dated February K uaer office, to Wair-n a're??. All penont are hereby cautioned no' to negoua'e for the above note*, aa payment b been ?toprcd. M A J. 8< 1IRADZKI, Cludnnatl. IOST-ON WEDNESDAY, ON BROADWAY, NEAR J Fulton Ureal, a bia< k and tan teirler Dog, Ion*ear*', li i 1 on a bra** bain collar, with owner'* name engraved on p!*'?. The finder will l>e liberally rewarded by bringing him to Ml Br:? dway, up stairs. LOSr-A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND DO<?, IN HOBO ken. na Wednesday. Had on a strong leatheroollar and h about IS months old. Five dollar* reward will be paid on ht? b?lng returned lo the owner, Mr. Seymour, 00 Murray street, or a' 121 Bio unAeld street, Hoboken. LECTIIRHI. * H t iitti- to Manassas."?the iiev nit bellows J\ will deliver a Charity Lecture at Irving Hal), on Ba. tnrday evening. March J!?, at 8 o'clock, describing a l'er*onal Vlalt 'ofentreville and Manaaea*, Immediately alter the Evacm'Ion, and will exhibit a lew Trophies from the Bold. Ticket* SO ent*. To be obtained at D. Aprdeton'* bookstore, Broadway, J. 8. Mlller'a, Ift! Broadway; T J. Cowea'a, fltef

Broadway: Hill A Bona, 01.1 Broadway; Bcharfenberg A Lola', 7I? Broadway ; Cha*. C. Hlmpaon'a, SB East Twenty'scond atreel, and at the door on evening of lecture. \\ ATCHES, JEW i V, ftc. ivm HMDS DIAMONDS DIAMONDS -THE BEST J I I in I la l ti ever offered il" publl Is oui I'.ula double > it California iHBmonri*. Being e,m by real dl imond lapidu rlea irun i" e?l iry*'*lir*d oil arts, and inwinbdlo It , , ,tf .* I lb* b <*' j !g-'** are deceived. Foi aul- only .-it .1 f Tlt"Mt'SMVS J. weley a-ore, IH Broadway, Hi do i a xof'i U' ?'I'.'tt, FRIDAY", MARCH 28, 18 PUR KALE. A BEAUTIFUL MICIKMOOi'K, Magnifying SOU limes, fur U cents hi silver. Kite of dhlerciit lowcrf, $1. Mailed free Addr. *a V L. BO W KM. boi BO, Boston, Mm*. A GOOD CIIANCR ?FOB 8A1,K, A CONFKCTIONBRY biure, now doing a guud bisiin aa. lo 'ated at 4-4 Fourth avenue; alixk au i fixtures will be sold low, aa the proprietor having other business canunt attend lo It. App y ou lite prt wises, 414 Fourth avenue, N. Y. A SIN 1KB .S 8EWINO MACHINE, COST $125, 18 IN good order, for wile for $41). Alan Mime Couutera, Tables, De-ks, 'l'ailora' Trimming*, Patterns, Ac., for Bale at one quarter the:r eoat, to pay storage. Mual l>e leunned. Apply at 01 Liberty street, up stairs. A BARGAIN SELDOM OFFERED.?THE LEASE, Sloek au t FUtur a of one of the beat R ataurauta and Dining Saloons down town, been established for over eleven years; neatly lilted and everything complete. Will be told at a sacrifice. Apply at 11$ John street. Dining saloon for sale?well fitted of, in a good lo,niton, doing a good lurge pay ing busiiieae with the upper part ul the house, at a low rent. W ill be aokl very cheap for cash. ISAAC A. BIOGR, 73 Naaaau atreet. DRt'U STORE FOR SALE?SITUATED ON A LEADtng thorough! r In Brooklyn, catabliahed fifteen years; will be aold cheap for raah. Apply to MORGAN A ALLEN, 46 Cliff atreet, New York. For sale?a ten years- lease, from tue ist day of April, 1864, of the premtaea known aa "Kdwd. Wllaon A Ilolooinb Woodbine," at Weehawken, New Jeraey. The place ia at tl landing of the Forty-eerond atreet ferry. Tuere are horac r he la, and an extensive platform attached, and two beautiful a looting grounda for pic nlc partlea and ta get excursions. Tha above location cannot be excelled. For particulars inquire of EDWARD WILSON, Weehawken, near the lorry. IjlOR SALE.?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A 1 prosperous and reliable Grocery Store, which baa been established twelve yean, will be sold on reasonable term a. It Is altuated two nillea from New York; cause of selling ill health. Address Business, 336 Greenwich street. FOS SALE?ONE OF HERRING'S BEST BURGLAR and fireproof Safes, Medium size, almost new. Apply at 75 John street. FOR 8 ALE?EM PI RE LAUNDRY, 86 and 230 WEST Thirty sixth street, possessing a steam engine and every kind of machinery and apparatus necessary for an extensive isnudry business; all in perfect running order. Apply to L. A J. HIGOINS, 747 Sixth avenue, corner of Forty-tourth St. FOR 8ALE?EXPRESS ROUTE, FREIGHT AND PASsengrr Boats, with Desks, Signs, Ac. Apply at 213 East Twenty-filth street, before 12 o'clock. For sale-the well known grocers- and and Wine Merchants'Stand, No. 299 Fourth avenue, one door above Twenty-third strei t, with Stock, Fixtures, Lease and Good Will. Terms cash. Apply on the premises. JOHN SAVAGE A SON._ FOR 8ALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED COFFEE AND Dining Saloon 97 Sixth avenue, fur less than half its value, and now doing s good business. Satisfactory reasons for selling the same. Apply on the premises, near Jefferson Market. IpOR SALE?THE STOCK and FIXTURES OF a ' Liquor Store in the Sixth ward, between Centre and Baxter streets. There will be a long lease given. Inquire on the premises, No. 3 Franklin street. FOR SALE-A SPLENDID BAR ROOM, WELL Located for business; lias two fronts and directly opposite the new Court Hons? which is now being built. Apply on the premisei, 373 Fulton street, Brooklyn. For sale-an old established tea and Coffee Store, with steam engine, boiler, mills, Ac., In complete working order, together with Lease of store. No agents or humbugs need apply. Address 8. B., box 120 Herald office. For sale?an ambrotype and photograph Gallery, established six years. Price $25''. Inquire at HOWARD'S gallery, 190 Fulton street. Brook I) u For sale-oil manufactory machinery. Tne Fixtures and Machinery of the sub.-enber's Sperm O land Candle Manufactory, on Hudson street, Jersey City, for sale cheap, consisting or one hydraulio horizontal not Press, made by Braniah A Robinson, of London, and (everal Screw Presses. Abo the Candle Moulds, Try Pots, Refining Kettles, and other apparatus and fixtures appertaining to sn oil snd candle factory. Apply at 55 Broad rr -et, New York. Csn be seen any time by spplylng at the corner of Hudson and Suases streets, Jersey City. For sale-one of davidsoN'8 fire proof Sates; good size and best quality. Inquire at No. 28 Peart street of U. W. FA1RMAN. tor sale-the nbw first cla88 brown stone I- fmir atnrv hiffh atoon Hnu.-ft Hu. fM West Thirt*. fourth sire-1, near flroadway, 2ft feel front and 60 feet deep; lot half the block In depth. Inquire on the premises. For sale?on account op lea vino the citt, one share New York Society Library, free of annuel dues; alao, three aharaa Brooklyn Cily and Newtown Railroad Company, alao. Pew 142 In Pllth avenua Dutch Rei formed church, corner of Tweniy-niuiU street. Address, | wllh offer, box 1,000 Poat office. New York. For sale-the carting op a dry goods importing house; aleoafour wheel Truck and Harncc.*. Addreaa J. H., box 1,824 Poat oRlce. For sale-a coffee roaster, very low, with clut h pulUea, new aud all complete, to aelupatonoe, suitable for a collee roasting house or a grocer. Can ho seen at 4ft Ann street, In rear. FOR 8ALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED AND PROSPEROUS Butler and Cheese Stand. Apply at Nos. ft and 7 Essex Market. If OR SALE-DESKS, CHAIRS, TABLES AND CO UN" 1 ter, all in good order. Apply at No. 24 Ann street, up stairs. For sale-a splendid market, nicely fitted up, two tine stall*, marble fish stand, butter counter, regetable, poultry and game department, large store and basemen'; rent low. Sold on axounl of sickness. Apply at 1S8 Ninth areuuo. For sale?the stock, fixtures and good Will of the Paint Shop No. 80}f Eighth avenue, corner oi Fourteenth street. Established ten years. Apply to Mrs. CLARK. Ill West E ghteenth street, near Seventh avenue For sale?soda water apparatus, new and acrotid hand, of every deacrtptlon. Drugg a ? and buttier* aend for a catA'ogne at WILLIAM OSES, No*. ? and 7 New Ilaveu B? lioad Building, cotn*-i of Elm aud Franklin at recta, N. Y. FOR 8ALE-A TEA STORE, ONE OF THE BEST IN the Eighth uremic, doing a eaab bnxfneas of fix hundred dollara a track. Apply at Lift Eighth avenue or 219 Fulton ilreet. For salr-at no. 239 adams street, one of Wheeler A Wllaon'f Sewing JneklBML iarge-t eire. warranfed in perfect order; jual a* good a a new. Will be *o'.d cheap torcoah. IfOR SALE AT A BAROAIN?THE LEASE, STOK and fx'urea o. a good corner Liquor Sto>e In the Seventh ward, doing a good budneaa. Rent very low. Tbla 1* an excellent chance, Apply to T. OAFFNEY, aticJoueer, M Centie atreet. For 3ale cheap?in third avenue, a billiard Soloon, row doing an excellent buainna*, wl-h all the Furniture, Leaae, Stuck and Fiiturea, Including two line Billiard Tallica: rent ch*-ap; must be aold th.a (lay. Apply to P. FirZHIMMONS, 227 Eighth avenue. IfOll SALE CHEAP?THE OLD ESTABLISHED HOUSE 1 and Sign Painting buaineaa No. 9 North William street; rent V'-ry low. Sold onlybccauae the owner ta engaged in tie war. Inquire at 202 William atrcet, In ihe aegar atore. If"'It SALE CHEAP?TO A MASH CUSTOMER, A FINE r Buatneaa; the prea-nt owner ha* doue a bualneaa of $.tt,i?o the put year; reaaon for aelllng. other btialttea* oojupiea all bit time. For further iiartl-tilata Inquire on the preniitea of L. DEYEK, 111 Weal Etghteen'Ji alreet, Ntw Yoik. For hale cheap for cash?the stock, fix. turea and good will of the Stationery, Toy and Periodcal Store, 231 Sixth avenue, one door above Fifteenth Itiet. R'Uit modern e. Agenta need not app'tr Inquire In (he ore. CtAS AND STEAM PIPE KITTING ESTABLISHMENT X for tale. Thl* ia a good ' han<? foi auy oi e wiahing ;o engage in the above bnalnea<. Addreaa J. U. Stutsman, Davtou, Ohio. I STEAM BOILER FOR SALB-A SINGLE FLUE cylinder and drum Boiler, 23 feet long, 3 feel diameter;, in good order. Apply to W. (J. MACKAY, 114 Eau Fillieth a'reet. SECOND HAND MACHINERY. SI BAM ENGINES, Boiler*, Latbep, Planer*. Drilling Ma liitiee, Pipe Heatera, lor oil IS'torles; Gas Pipe and Fittings, Shafting, Belling, 1* lilt r n nil of.hft mm imiorv: bIko nil k'otU of Kl.icksmulia' roi>:?. New and sc. .1,1,1 band Seam and Hand 1'oinpa tor I sa'e by WM D ANDREWS A BRO . <14 Watcrsircel. SHARK'S PATENT HARROW -HAVING SOLD O Me-aia. Haines A Poll our merest in thia patent, eieenl II W'etrru Pennsylvania, tbe ft'.air a of Ohio ami Mart land, w - cow offer for sale, in order to clote the business of lha late firm, the light for above named territory. Tina i tuple. m?nt la consianrly increasing in faror wllb tbo l'anu:ng common'ty. For parti Hilars address Tredtvell A PelL In liquidation. Raw York < uy, March 10, ISgff T'O OAS FITTERS, OAS FIXTURES AND I.AMP DEAD, fit,?For sale, iho b*?l located and oltleal stsnd In the city ol'iinoie Ti e store >an be had on l?aa? at a low rent foi a term of yeare. Th'ie la splendid abow room, with 14 feet calling. also work shop with foola eomplne. Foi further particulars addreaa boa 1,117 Post offee, Baltimore. "IITAXTED.?A HAT AND CAP STORE FOR SALE M do.ngaguol bodiless aiel free from encumbrance. A rare chance for a peiaon desiring a safe bmlnvsa. Inquire at IfwOieenwich street. s-oat \ I5HE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF THE SA spOl/vf. loon No. 5 Weal Mutb aired. Apply on the premise*. (ft I flA will give TO THE FIRST PROMPT MAN, Pa"" wun ,aeh. the Factor* In lull working order, Mate monopoly secured, profits heavy, and a sure bna.iicva. Psyra-iite to mak? st once la the cause for selling. Any ol thee who have aeen It and dealre to close, must offer al once. Aitpy al 163 Canal alreel, fourth Boor, from t to 11 and 2 toe. ^nn -F0R 8ALBj <FOn CA*H ONLY), THE 'la.JVVi la'p. at and fittest Restaurant In the world altuated on >hs comet "f Broadway, above Urand street four entiances, eighteen ladlea' supper moms, and the mop splendid saloon In New York, snd in the moat perfect order Tne rent at one-half of lla former price, and Is now doing? brat claea trade and making money. Toe stock only tot tale. For par'tcular* inquire, after 13 o'clock, to A. DE GROOT, No. 57 Maiden lane. ~ iffrw publications. MRS. HAWKINS' PAPER-ETIQUETTE. ARTS Ol Reeuty, Ho. itl Game*, Courting, Original Stoiy of i Female Spy, Picturee, Ac. Unlike other paper*. Try It Price cents, or7S cent* a year. Very entertaining. UUct No 69 Walkar vlreet. That "curious" book or city women, or in tereatlng Female Characters In New York. Cheap edl tlnn, 216 pages, limo., now mady. Price 28 cents, or mallei free, 30 cen'a. M. OAUNTT, publisher, 8J Walker atreet New fork. RAILROADS. nCDSON RIVEIt RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR ALBANY Troy, the North ami Wo-t leave Chambers etreetet | and II A. M? and 3 30, ft and It) P. M. N EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Troy, Nortti and W'-st. Winter arrangement, ivsmmctudng Monday. Nor. 4, ISil F'.r Albany?10 '*? A M , Rifwee* Mall Train, from Two. ti s.slh -tr.- ' depot. I ' Foi all Ileal tialns a re Time Table. JOHN BUKCIIILL, Assistant 8 ifciIn'cndenl. 0OAKD1NO AHD LOOOIie. At m east twentieth street, near broadway.?Boarl?A ttecoiiU tloor fruut Kooiu (arngle or en euUe); iUo( other very dreunbir K<hmi<* for f;eutle:ii?*u ami their wivtu or geutiemen. IIoiimh in ?t iU?m. Modern convenience*. Best rotert nc .* offered. A FEW BOARDERS WM.I. BE TAKEN O.N REASON A ble terras. in a quiet family, hi III We-t Fourteenth stioei, m ho will make a comfortable home lor thrtu. Dinner at 6. A WIDOW LADY. KESIDING AT 8* WEST TWENTY seventh street, haa a hack Room to Int to a lady and gentleman, with Board for lady only; the hnnac routaina all oioderu improvement*. Alfco a Uall Bedi oou to lot to a tfeutleuian. Cull (run 12 to hi P. M. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE single gentlemen enu be arronitniHtateri with a plea-unt furnished Rooui, with Board, in a private family, at No 77 lonit i avenue, house couiaiua all lint modem improve* mcnia Dinner at all o'clock. AT 20 EAST TWEh'TY-VIFTll 8TKEET, BETWEJSN and Fourth avenues?Huudsoiiicly furnished Rooms to lei, with Board; a private table if desired. A FAMILY HAVING FURNITURE CAN OBTAIN THE eutne Second Floor, il desired, or choice of Rooms, at 66 Stale si reel, near Henry, Brooklyn. Rooina furnished gentlemen. The house, with modern Itnproveinenla, near Wall and 8 mill ferries. Keferenrea exchanged. A TTBXTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN HO11 tela and boarding houses lo an establishment opened at No. 110 Msodouga! aireel, and furnished with everything necessary for housekeeping, In order that a family may hare a compete home and lire at a low rate. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, LIVINO ALONE, WOULD tike to accommodate a gentleman and lady wlllr auicely furnished Front Room; Board for the lady only. Apoly at 133 Ureene street. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCVrtlXO AN ENO. I sh basement House, ootilalnlng all modern liupmvemeiils, having more room than they require, would let a few Room* lo gentlemen; partial Bi aid if required. Tints moderate. The house is situated between Fltthaad Biath avenue*. Address E. A. 8., box tot Herald office, for two days. ' AT ISO MADISON AVENUE-A GENTLEMAN AND wife can be accommodated with a suit of Rooms, with Board, on aernnd f'oor, or an entire Third KlO' r, In a Aral class bouse, handsomely located. Also Booms for single gentlemen. Brat of references given and requi ed. A DESIRABLE SUIT OF ROOMS, WITH FULL BOARD. In the first class house No. 6 Wes Twenty-fourth street, opposite the Fifth Avenue Hotel; or the whole floor can he obtained If desired. A FRENCH FAMILY, STRICTLY FRIVATE, REaiding In Brooklyn, near the ferries, de-Ires one or two gentlemen to Board. The house it pleasantly located, very well furnished and has all the modern Improvements. Re* ference required. Address Parts, box 212 Herald ofhev. AT 204 TENTH STREET, NEAR THE SECOND ATE. uue to 1ft, with Board, in a private boarding houaf, one Room on the aecond floor; also, a large fourth story Room and one Hall Bedr oom. Avert nicelv furnished small room to let, to a gentleman. Rent $126 a week. Inquire at 160 Prince slreet. A FEW BOARDERS CAN BE PLEASANTLY ACCOM. modatcd, at moderate teims, at 224 West Fourteenth street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDINO ON WEST TWENTYthird street, will let a few pleasant Itooms, with first class Board, and all the comforts of a home guaranteed. Moderate terms. House and neighborhood first class. References exchanged. Would accommodate a pro lessor of French, and take lemons in part payment. Address for one week Merchant, Heri.l 1 oITice. A SUIT OF ROOMS, ON THB SECOND FLOOR, CON Meeting with the bath room, may be bad, with Board, In a private la nily, by applying at 230 West Nineteenth street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Satisfactory references exchanged. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with Board, and also a young lady, where they can find the comforts of a home, on reasonable terms, dinner at six, by applying at 101 Eldi idge street, between Bivlngton and Ht.inion streeti. A FAMILY, CONSISTING OF A GENTLEMAN AND wife, two children and nurse, desires permanent Board, in a small family, and pleasant location; no oejectlon to the country for the summer, h it within one hour's ride of the city by railroad. Address, with particulars as regards rooms and terms, C. D. U., box :s24 Post office. A LARGE PARLOR ELEGANTLY FURNISHED, ON second floor, froa< with Bedroom attached, will be let to one or two single geeOmen. with or without Board, at 644 Sixth avenue, betweee TAirty-rlgbth and Thirty-ninth sts. Aback parlor to let-furnished or unfurnished, with prMtege of ftont parlor and bathroom, to one or two KemW nee or a g nib-man and Mil no boarders In the house. AMrfy at M4 East Twenty-third street, list ween Second sa t Thud avenues A HOME WANTED?IX A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE family for a IIMIe girl law yesis old. Terms must be moderate. Address L 7? W Heral l oMce, for two days. A LADY AND OENTLKMAN CAN FIND A BEAUTIful front Room, with Board, or one young lady, with n ptirale family, consisting of two, nochlldren: stages peas; the modern improvement-. Call a! S3 Weal33d at. A GENTLEMAN HAVING A NEW FOUB STORY and baaemeot House, in a very desirable location, wishes to meet with a party having Furniture to diapote of In exchange for Board. Address K. B. H., station A. Post oflic*. Board.?a private family will let, to a gentleman and wit'e. without children, or two single gentlemen, a large Back Parlor, on Aral tloor, furnished with new rosewood nirntkire, in a first rl??a brown atone house, containing all the modern improvements at No. 70 East Twenty-seventh ttreei, near Fourth arcane. Terms moderate and references ejolianged. BOARD?A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE. OR TWO OR three single aenll-mrti, can obtain Board, with pleasant Rooms, by applying at ftg Vandam street. BO.VKD.-A MIDDLE AOED LADY WISHES BOARD in a lamlly where her working at her needle would be crusldered a sufficient compensation lor her Boardar.da comfortable Room with gaa. She is a good dressmaker and a neat sewer. Address 8. C., lire. Allen's corset stote, No. 30S Ktxth arenue, New York. BOARD.-AN ELIGIBLE APARTMENT IN A VERY email, unobtrosire family to let, wlih Board, to au invalid or a lady eiper:|ng to require medical care, kindness and home atfalion. Fur location, terms, Ac., apply lo or addr-ss Dr. Thiers, No. 1,217 Broadway, near Twenty ninth street, New York. Board-by a young married couple, with two children, furnished or unfurnished Rooms, with Board, in some lirst class locality; private family pref tred. Address Adams, hoi 2,485 N. y. Post offlc , with terms, whl -h must lie low, giving full paiticulara, Ac. Board?for gentlemen or a family, in clo. e proilmity to Washington square, It/7 Waverley place. The house is titled with all the modern Improvement a. Dinner at A Refcreu' eaeii hanged. Board?rooms to let, with or without Board, at No. & L Toy street, t.asr Blue Wer; Cruton water aud gat. Board.-uentlemen and their wives. f.r single gentlemen, can obtain neatly furnished Rooms, with or without board, at No. 6 West Washington place, opposite the Washington Parade ground. uujti.i/?u?o un t A.i null, A X> pleasant K-oni, with Hoard, at No. UClinton pi ice, tiesr Kit tb avenue. Dinner at six o'clock. Board-for a gentleman and lady or two or three single gentb ni?ii,cin lie had at 44 weal Nn'.h street; dinner at sis. References exchanged BOARD.?ELE<!AST FURNISHED ROOMS, KN Ri ITE or singly, with or without Hoard, nt 32 Bond street, lions* first lass, with modern Improvements, References, fie. Xo moi'.ng in May. Board.-a widow lady wishes to take one or two cbl'divn to boa td. Call lor two dajs at 200 Varick street. Board -to let. with board, at is; second strenoe, between Eighth and Ninth strrts, n'cely furnished front Rooms, on moderate terms to permanent n , upsnt?. ijtxation vciy de?hshli> R -fereacesexchanged. DoARD-144 MULBERRY street, NEAR GRAND. IJ Rooms for several JTotingm-n at ?\ per week; one lady at $2; e'soa niee Room lor wan and wife or two men a' $?. Day It aiders nt $2 2'-. Board in cliston place -rooms, in suit or tiugle, forceatlemkn and iheir wives and 10. single gentlemen, at 07 Clinton Board wanted?in the country, away prom ses sir, wttbln half an hour to an hour's ride of the city, by a tamily eonslstlng of from four to sis adults, a child and nur?e. A farm house preferred where there are no other boardeis. Address, with particulars as to distance, access, terms, whit h must be moderate, Ac., Ac , 8 , bos S, 137 Pont office, New York. -IJUtRD WANTED?IN THE COUNTRY OR NEtQIIJA bnriiood of Central Park, or some oh< r healthy lota. ' ttun near the t oty, and ill a sirs'l pi irste family, where there are positively llo other hoarders, for a 1 dr in fe ble health and tier iniant sis months old; the tanuly to take charge ; ami nurse the rfclld. Terms must be moderate and hoard will be paid punctually In advance. Address C. D? box 1 8 H< raid otlh e, siaiiug lo atton, pi l< e, lueh.dini t-blid a washi Ing, Ac. No nosrdlng ho ise heepcia need a| |iiy. Botro wanted?for two wentlemen and their wives, In a pleas int house, where there few or no r,i her hunr.iei s: location wesi ol Hi nmlwav and Itelow Tenth in"*'. Addm??, with teriof, whkb moat be rehaonaMo, 0, ( H., b'Ji 3,140 I'o?t off'". Board wanted-in the neiuhboriiood of Matllton wi'iaie, lor iwofienileineii; mo Kooina will ><? r' Tllr"!, one with ire nod fha. Addieaa hoi 2 *40 Pnal oilier, ' with tcrm?, whlrh mu?t be moderate. Board w#nted-a oentlrman and wife would lit willing to di?po*e of a Oral ctaa# Piano, to bo taken out in Board; In a private family preferred. Addreae lor three daya.l. F. <!., hoi 206 Herald oOlve. B' OARD WANTED-A I.VDYWIIO IS ENOAOED in !< ? bin*, ileal re? Bond In a privatefamily w bei e-ln[ atrnrtlnn mil be m eieed In return for Board. Advrrtiaer machea Minto Fren.-h and ihe na'tal Enjlleh Branch'.-*. Ad| drc?* MIm Lyle, elation D Poat oPtce. Board wanted-by a oentlrman, his wife ami I wo mall children. In New York, In a central locaHon: iwrtlal Board only for the gentleman. A Jarre and a mall Room adjoining wanted, with gia and lire Tor which bout $40 per month will b? paid. A'i.lieu, r llcrald ofll c. 1 I}OAHDINH ?A VERY PLEASANT SR. OND STORY i J) front K' otn, Pantry and a Iront Hed'ootn on aaine door, to r< nt, with Board, to a reapedable family of three poi nona, at IS North Moore alreel. Batbioom on eecond Boor, llouae lighted with ga*. i TJOARD IN BROOKLYN-A LABOR FRONT ROOM, Jj handeomely furnlehed; twoalngle Roomi. II.una baa * all tho modern Improvements, within live mlnntca' walk of Ho.iih nnd Wall alrect fcrrlea. 218 Henry treet, fourth doo from Amity. Term* moderate, Board in Brooklyn-timer blocks from the teriy, one or two gcntl.uncn or and wile ' <\ telilru ,i -mlpi table lo,no . 1j.rr_. It' to and a.>. I t ililc. In a pi Iralo family of lhr> e n'l.ilta, can rail at KM Pr.-ai.t'-nt at met. Term* for l? o $? per week, lie- . r? nca i ?< handed. Board tw Brooklyn fi wantbd n\ \ family oi lln*i' |* i-ona, In ahmi-e ?l h .no'thrn impwrtwnrfils. Il'n i loi n J ll 'll ' oiii nil I lie a n I ,'ti ir, | i it > . family pie I'll I: mil Intualicd, oy|i caipci?. A ill mi OnIHe, lie eld o I < e. BOAKDINO AMD LODGING. BO \Rl> IN BROOKLYN -TWO SINGLE HK.N rt.KMKN, or a family, ojii Utid a neatly furnished lutes Parlor. oo If I or second tioo , w.tu Uf inmiii ami Pautrr atta> h'd with Boar f, at 31 State stret BitH aul gas. Pleasant toCittua. Terms low. BOARD IN HR?j|OKi.TN.?IIAMOSOMKDT KI .rnished Front Ro iml, ou the second story in a house with all the modern, hot aud cold water, A'', rail be had by apply tng at 1U7 AuUty alt eel. Dinner at S o'clock. T) ROOKLYN HEIGHTS.?PLB AKAN T ROOMS, W ITH X) Board, at .17 Cranberry street, between Willow and Columbia S liiutioti desirable, live minutes' walk of Wall street and Fulton ferries BROOKLYN HE IGI1TS.?TO LET, WITH ltO VUD> Rooms f r gentleman and wife or single (eii'leuien, in a New En.litid raiiilly; h' use lage, airy and conventeut to ferries; hath, Ac. Terms moderate, ttk Willow street. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?BY A GE.NTI.EMAN, wile, three small' lilldrea and one nurse, from May 1 to October nert. plain country Board, gentleman partially, wtthiu 60 or 100 miles of New York, and easy of aecea,; a farm house preferred. .Address, slating particulars, j. L. y box ?,3t? Post oillce, N. Y. Furnished booma-a private family will let, to single gentlemen, neatly furnished ltonn, without board, In a pleaaaut part of the city, lonventent to cars and omnibus routes; house has bathroom, Ac. Apply at Mt West Twelfth street. Furnished rooms?for gentlemen, at bis Broad vay, opposite St. NtthMas Hot -1, at $1 to 99 P?' week. Furnished room wanted?in the vicinity of Union square, for a siuglo gent'eman. Address Randolph, Herald oflloe. /gentlemen or families can find pleasant U Room. and Grst class Board at HO and III East Fourteenth street. Dinner at 0 o'clock. Handsomely furnished booms for single gentlemen and families to let, with or without Board, also, a waiter wanted, aged from 11 to IS years. -Inquire at ill and 74) Broadway, between 10 and U o'clock. ttobokrn.?a party op gentlemen CAN bk 11 accommodated with a Parlor and two adjoining furnished Rooms, with or without Board, In a private fftmly. Also Rooms tor single gentlemen. Three minutee' walk from the ferry. Apply at No. d Union place (BloomfleM street). Part of a house, furnished, and sinolb Rooms for individuals, with or without Board, in |t small French private family; lath, gas and all modern improvement! in the ho tse; dinner at six o'clock; French and English spoken. Apply at Si Weal Tenth street, near M:M? avenue. PLEASANT ROOMS AND BOARD (LATE DINNER! can be obtained in a atrial private family, by applying at 61 Sands street, Brooklyn, In the Immediate vi tally of three f rries; gas and hath tu the house. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Rooms, with board.?a few sinqle qentlb men, or gentlemen with their wires, can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms at 87 Clinton place. Reference* exchanged. Rooms amd suits of rooms, kleoantlv fubnialied, with Board, in the ttrit class house No. St Twelfth street, most conveniently situated, a few doors west of Broadway. Rooms in the second and third stories, with partial Board, may be had at 38 llammond street. St<ond story has the modern Improvements. Stages and cirs convenient. TO STRANOER8 AND OTHERS.?A HIOHLT REspectable European family, without children, will let a choice ot handsomely furnished Rooms, with Board, or private table; English, French and Herman spoken. Apply at 48 East Bleacher street, near Broadway. TWO GENTLEMEN, OR GENTLEMAN AND WIFEoan hare full ur partial Board In an American family. Apply at 330 Broome street, near the Bowery. r LET?WITH BOARD, AT 211 EAST BROADWAYIn a private family, two large adjoining HOoms on a* i rood door, suitable for a gentleman and wife or small family Oas, bath, Ac- vr WANTED?A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, WITH Board, for a gentleman and wife; partial Board for ( titleman, la a plain private family, between Twelfth and trtieth at reels, west aids of towa, bow teen Sialh and Ninth avenues preferred; terms not to exceed Rid per calendar month; references exchanged. Addres*, stating full perUsd* lars, R. C. H., care of Messrs. CUilm, Mai ten A Co., New Tors. WANTED?A PHYSICIANS OFFICE. WITH BEDroom, with or without partial Board, between Third and Sixth avenues and Fourteenth and Thineth streets. AA dress II., Herald o8Ue. WANTED?WITH A PRIVATE FAMILY. WHERH there are no other boarders, a Room or Rooms foe n gentleman and lady; Board for the lady. Address J. 1? station A, street. WANTBO?FOB A OENTLBMAM AND HIS WIFE, A cowl'oi ubly furnished Room, with full Board, gas and Are. Term* hot to exceed $7 per week. Location up li>wa, not above Fourteenth street. Address W. A. W., Herald ofllce, stating particulars. <J?Q TO $4?BOARDINO, AT 380 O it AND STREET.?A gentleman and his wife and three or four young men can have good Board aad comfortable Rooms, with gas and bathroom. Also a piano wanted in exchange for board. Mm moving In May. C)f? GREENE STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO AiU let to geuticmrn only.?Rooms at 78 cents to $S per week. Also similar Rooms and Rooms for, at No. I Monroe street, corner of Catharine street. Q/\ UNION SQUARE, FOURTH AVENUE.?A SUIT OF OU furnished Rooms to let, with Board; alao two slngi* Rooms. or BOND STREET.?TO LET. AN E LEU ANT PROMT Ot/ Parlor and Bedroom ou drat Boor, lurolihed or nofurniabed, with Hoard. Dtourr at o dork. OQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH Ou and Sixth avenue*. a tare* and handaotnely furniahed Room to lot, wllh Board, auitaole for a gentleman and hla wife, cr two alo:;le gentlemen. Houae Brat cleat. Dim-rat alxo'dugfc. K-jerenoe* exchanged. A A WEST WASHINGTON PLACE-ROOMS TO LET. T i with Board, In a houae dralratdr located, containing all the insJ'tD impiovcmrnte. Relereoce* given and requite A A UNION SQUARE.-SUITS OP ROOMS, ON PIRST T'r and aaeand floor*. to let, with Board, ior the aummer. dQ CLINTON PLACE, WEST CP WI:OADWAT.?TO TtO let, with or without Boar J. a ft >nt Parlor and Bed room, on the aocond floor; aiao ain !e l!v ma, on the thliA and fourth floor*. Bath and gn>. QO GREENE STREET. ARCVF. 8PRINO ? ALSTON t70 Honae. Klrgitnlly turuiahed aulla of Room a, gaa, t'roton and rvet y convenience for bouaekeeping economical ly; particularly suitable ror small, respretaoie lamines or aiogie gentlemen. Real low to permanent tenant*. 1 A71 OREKNB STREET. BETWEEN 8 THING ASI> 1U I J Prince?Elegantly furnlshc-d Rooms to let, with coo l Hoard, for Udlea and gentlemen. Uood location, near Broadway. Term* moderate. Il'l NINTH STREET. BETWEEN BROADWAY ItO and Kourtn avenue.?8* ond story Front, with communicating Hall Room; also very peasant third aloiy Back Room, with first data Boarding, near Cooper Institute. Wsl'ark a and At or Libtary. 1 rc? PRINCE STREET-ST. CLAIR KOU8E.-ELEiu\) ganlly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all Ihe conraiitences for housekeeping complete, including gas and I'roton water, to 1st to respeetfble tsmiUaa or single gentlemen. ono WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, ONE DOOR from Heven'h avenue.?A suit of Rooms, on a-cond fioor, to let, with Board. Also single Rooms, llonse U Cent nln'aand lo ation ttnstirpasaed. mil ELM STREET, NEAR 8PRINU.?ECRNISURD ^l'< Apartments for Immediate oc-upancy. The lowest rents In the city, considering the convenience of economy la housekeeping. Best bedding and furniture, with range, cooking utensils and linen complete; gas and Croton. QlJ < EAST TENTH STREET.?A FEW GENTLEMEN J.|l)*x ran have Board lor M SO per week. Also a gentleman and wile can have a small Parlor, with Bedroom, for $7. (Jas nml bathroom included. Room, furnished or lis furnished, with Board. ??A AND 647 BROADWAY? UENTLKMEN WIU. lid . 1 ..1... II. I I.I, ,| |> I),|, house nu. sesainii U1 (be advantages anil coin I or (? of a II rat ciasa home, a( moderate charge a. O.A Q BROADWAY-PLANTERS' HOTEL.?KAMI LI KB uto or single gentlemen dialling Board trill find thia one of the moat desirable, ipret and homelike houses In thla city. Houaa fir at claaa; i uma light and elegantly furnished, location unsurpassed; prices reasonable. loah ornoia. AT 480 BROADWAY?HENRY HYMAV ADVANCES ON Diaoionda, act or unset, or buys the samafer cash; als* advauocvou Watches, Sllrcr I'lalaand all Personal Property. HENRY HYMAN, 4(JO Broadway. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THRliE DOORS WEST OR Headway?Money on Watches, Diamonds, Jewrlrv, Plate, Dry Uoods and |>"r?on?l propel ty of every dee ilpilon, or lioogbtand sold, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer tod broker. At j. h. barrinoers, commission broker ? This old eatatdlshcd olll o adraucea the hlghetl iiimi on, or b'tya for eaah, diamonds, a t or un?et; watches, pearls, Slate, turn, m"rch?ndlao, optical Inaiumcnta, Ac. No. Ill roadway, room I), up atalra. AT 46 NANNAU STREET.?A, IIONtUMAN, DIAMOND broker, make* liberal advances on Diamonds. Wat. hra, Jewelry, Ac., or buys the u al l ull value, at hln prlvat - ofliee. fd Nassau street, room No. J, up atais. B'H'w ?s con it ueutial. AT 77 BLKKCKER STREET, thb IIIUII EST CASH prht ail'.am-od on Dlatiiuuas, Watches, Jiweiy, I'lanoa, Dry O ?da, Scgai?, Ac. N. H ? Pawnbrokers t'ekcin bought. U. NEW TON, 77 Bleaokcr alreet. up atelrs. LI HERAT. ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS. \Vatdhea, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for eaah, at tho high - at prh ea. Persona having old Oold or Sllvar t? a ll can. tint do | e'ter than -all on LOUIS ANItldl, 723 BroidwayMoney to loan-in sums to sitit. on watches. j Diamonds. Dry Goods and all valuable Personal Pro- j perty, Silver Plate, Ac. Apply lo R. WOOD, lid Kultou afreet, second floor, front room, I rom 9 to 4 o'clock. viwaanniKM' TICKETS?FOR ANY SUM, PROM J. 2*. upward*: alao Frraonal Property, or any kind, bought for CMh. Inquire or Mr. WRIU14T, at Abbot fa auo lion More, No. 4 Bait Broadway. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PURCHASED PoR CASH, Of Cloihlnii, A'1 , In lanp'or amall qunnliiloa- On hand foraale, Iloalneaa Ooat?, $2; Oaaalmere P. nta, ft; |.|n n Pasta, caoia, at 448 Bryomo atreet. OKOROK LRYIB, Cnrnmbllin Merrtuint. RESTAURANTS. " Ca reen turtle soup and steaks-kkllywili. T nerve np on Thuraday evening, and every day after, at hia new hnute. No 4 Ureal Jouea alleet, bll Inn,mm Honpa and Steaka. Kamtllaa supplied. JOtlN KELLY, Turtle Club limine. TfETTIT A CROOK'S I DINIKO ROOMS, * 138 WATER STREET. Tim-Inn I men engaged In thn vHn tiling buatneM In tba Elrat ward for am ninea year*, ami for the l?i eigha'yrait In pre* nl l<H-aiion, we beg l ave io tender ll\ai'a* to oui r'.almner* for tin Ir kind nml liberal p.trillion, and how. |> mid personalallenllon lo Ihe buatiicaa. W> merit a oniim' are of (lie aaine POSTER PKTTIT, I Ntw VbSK, Marvb H Ul PI'S CROOK.

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