Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 29, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 29, 1862 Page 2
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2 aad mules. mm stoma roues fbr bridiea. ud though ?fc"y ware ikou Ibo utm ( om >ha b?liie ?ml they ware look lag ba.k to are If the drvil u ?tili a/tei them" lite I'UMHI Ibm.a ihai ItoSwl .aidiessee l r bale a ?t*M ?, while hf eayw lb* Uul d bast Teouea< will <1*1.1 to the d ata. "The only mum for ibi- ul enu.-e to ihai oue llghu fur a holy mid (ho olhor for a ilatuuahlo Ctu a." He ?aya "the Kaal leuueeaea Uul' aisle are th? ui.<ai ilowulrotl'.ou and ojipr.eeud pool lo on l ? laoo of C.<|| aorta I hey at i in | >r u?i. aud tortured ami fcuag. " H- aaya "they will ?e u|> aa one tuau to wel? uie the Uumni army among ih-in ' .<fu-r hu> ioc very, wb i li wax at a lata date only, tbo poailiuu f elf-i a had uiaio tally change... a .d it waa / i ud mora uractirabia to ualiver him at Naahvl lo thru an Kentucky, hyr ih? Gtp ?f the Cumberland inouniaiax IU w m ea..i to i- caiur. ml til tied transported by oar t las* lotdie by villa. ihra ho waa detuiue by (luuaral Ha d jo for leu day*. It w at reported h ' a, and 1 believe < arut you tna item, that the l/nmi m n at Shelby villa had destroyed ail tbaiahel Floras at ibat |H>iut. It a > |x-ars that thi^aaaa llei a ?i Hardee, at ibe t taauf I a a u Browiie wl a ival ai -heibyvilla, w..a euga ad iu amovli.a hia tines at tliat flaoe. Ha da taiua tb<- Paraon ' aa ha waa af aid I would iniorm the I ui o uoiuutauder bare, aud r.iae (he devil generally.' ft w? aot nun t 10 alorea waia removed (hat ha waa sl< lowed o proceed. He had been undo, guard all the time, where he had to submit t > Uie gr aaest tnanlta from the whole. ouimaiuj l.aeuyg .bat our foreas at Florence have made a deiu l atrau ai towar a lacd r, ami that the ? beta of Johnston a army had left the latter plate. "Ihe act ia, Ikad to may lake dve Northerner* to whip oo? Houtheruer, bat the *mlbaruer* neve took at a M -riharuar hut ibay think he is at leaat flva men." The Parson thuik* '*t!uu lb* thing it about iilnytd out. Even th? Kogltoh part a( k mo kind ara ashamed lo r cognize til n? U?HW Unix t g aut Hi au\:. a to mJ lurimo ? CMN,U<'l|MlurUM<?>ll, he w jMluu of Iwvla and afraid nf hunt; peaad d " I ho Ct^W thinks, there fa .that tbrybav no .n?? w> coil upon bit.hemaeUea Km , ?<m> Parana cam* into the 0117 h- a -i .eared loai In the aMttiui'la. He me> b ndrwda who rejoiced to arc bU f o.ioraJ tloe.l ami tua etalT eapieaeed their y-y at hia tber-uiua. but the old man did a>tt know theaa aa. their cougar lail< na so u, od col 1) to h i eara. Th. r asra I'risiiita in tha city, b it thay did not know that he had arrived. Win a yM wa wee coot -rairg, Horace Maynard and 0. .. Trigg, of Baat Ta.inaaaao, adva cad C>war the h ?t<> fr in ma Casual, and, when a iout t -traot distant T igg a o i.lrc. the 1 ai eod. Willi a ah - t he bounded for*.* d, followed by May turd. Ttoa Pur.on ?rmd "Why, .rtggf" "Oh! Uayuard ! Tea a wara 1 hia voice. He an * the c.ow 1 gathering arou.,d and h kept back the uood mounting to his 07- a. Hia vrIce war aiuied w th auiotum. and, etniking. be said"let ua g to n>7 ruem. ' lh.y asaiaud him up the Mtu.a Into th room, and on the uak or Maynaril ihj I'aiaou wept 10 orrowapnat ami < y* wiuch : ad come. The Parso.. is got..k l?ai. and wl I probably be In New Yo k. I aaa 10 . bun o the g ? I eeliiig of tho Hbkali for lnm, and h w n. pr its editor won 1 be to wcicoui hi in to the aiabuai na at. lie pretuia<d he would oail; have ao ooubt yeu win 1 a irad 10 s<* ntm. Sahmyhim, March 22,1S02 Abandonment of *a-'r?jV/, o' by the Ae eti? It'here j lmend to holly?Hail facili tea?A'-w I'ottmtuler o A'd hvillo?An tker Sprmek by Owtmor Juhnt m, cfe lha aulira rebel fore*?A. 8. Johnston, Pi..oug, Floy, aad the wb?ie paok?bare fled from Murtreeabor oi.Lhutpl Thei aril ratio, lad to b? dav at 4a for.e. wheiv tl.ey :iunii<*it *me disposition to raak< astaa , and are leportrd to bo intrenching thrmaelvei But I t enlure u> i p.uioa that the api-eerance 01 redo a' force within twenty miles of them would bo th? d'giaitor ano'hcr st mpod.u They have got eo used to r>u a<ng a w that oven If their geuerau could muster th oourage to fight the m. u would bo Insleoily overoom* erHh <boir ruling poaoton and tale to their heels. Thu f-r the souths;u swidle. a, at least bora ft> tlio West, h?v shown thamaeiva far better runners than fi^hWis Indeed, they greet'y oaeet In tbe former quality. The |<m-oo*kni of liurfroeoitof"1 io of no great ar east to tho Union cause. There wore no prisoners taken, ask no report has yet been receive' hoi of tho capture of osy publle proporty. Tb par was quite (Tenor ted by its Inhabitants, wbo be.; doubtls*. Wen Impree-od with toe ear root Soothe. i oo(too tl?t tbe V'Tthern ooldiore are a eel of vandal?. seeking osiy the OeelrucUoa of property, the deeecratln of hatha aad the of worn a. The Post OflV> eras aecarad, t *r w ilh some C ufoderate mail outer, aad a number ?e United .Hates mail bags, iocfc' fc-ye. he. CWoaei Macs land, the speetsd man agent of lh > government, Is already iMMTeullug arrangement* f.-i he est* net-* <H mail far!'Mies to that piae-, ss well for the acc mmudatuu or citizens of that rlcta.ty as U.atdd -ta wb? ere av?tsMi?l ilvra. S >.k.?ig of enai' i.cUUieo, reminds roe of the awkwar-f?a.tx..?i. whiuh weme,.u<inl ,ur?. by the aegteto. > t^n-ra' Sued >a out at Oral |? oparly ( roteetuq Ma rear. The rod of the rebel chief, Morgan, at Cia'iatln, cesry a week ago, aad nla deem., (toe of rai reed property at tbal piece, cuai pteie y cut ?f iH commueteauoa with the North aavfc DJT tut CuOW u? buIUdWual MOCOriaiU TOUl* M la rt?er. "Jhr -a, wa hare had 110 mails for ri dan. through tba exertions or Col aal Ma-kiaad, a m.i La* bona aval North av? y day t>y Mot, but ihhm be baa* waived in almu u.. t>< this ilme. Additional locomotive hare been brought hare b> boat rr<4n and le..Uvllle, and plural upon th track.and the aupw iuaodant of iba n<a<1 pruraiene tha> it ah >11 be ag>ia m running order by Monday. T oo..tiaus b. ti or mailt and I'.at Ottoe aOhirti lat ma utun-iw that awh tot-rest pievaiis bare regard ir? tha epp-1-tment or tostmaster for this city. Wbei O loce: Ma fclano nrat eienad the aSoa ha temporarily ni'pomtou M . A. V. f. Uadalcy aa roatmaat.r Mr IJtidal. y la one of tba ?14aat sad m at respected oitiree f Vaehrilie. Ke la a man of wealth and responsibility of great bvst" m talent and of ummtsacbtbio utagriiv Tbr.^i h ul a t l?a liu U hi that h->*a lataly beset th cotury be has remnmed unwaveringly and on eoaap'owlai.igly a Ualoa man. He waa oaly toior led ha a bocauae of hla formar graet Lnflu t># i and popularity. a great ahare o. which, aei wi hatauuiog his toyalty, he still retained wit the meases of the people. Sti.i, It la i>ow certain uh? com Ma tiana wera Coming to drive him away, and bu fo. t o a "port ne ar.-iva: of tha Union rorcoa ha woul. tmve neen oom><eiied tole>eewith hi* la-g?family and s sendee ah hit property. Mr. Lindsicy had not baen a: a pltuant for the f tot O'-ce, hut ho- business baring here bruit- u up by the political, ho waa wlliiug t? at espt it when it wan offciedto him. Tha citizen* almot uuaolaaouaiy are anxious that ba should retain tha oflW. It- may ba pcej-er to add that ho accepted the office wher n<> other ocoopaat oo .Id bo found, and in the face or rlout thiea>a from rebels in th* community if any .aula de.<ervlcgnf the permanent appointment Mr. I.inda ey ta that man ( oeeruo. J< hum-i- mo a speech at tba Capitoi this uiutIMUK ' |>u.ik?ai m. WIS. mare waa iwi.ii.un ??' " the remarks ef the i-overnor, be mere!/ dwelling upon the rihern views of the war, it* origin and purpose*. I. it !? > was ItateneI t<> kf Bin? men, secessionists ti ami ime t but former r-1 ileal friends of the (Werner, w: e cannc. fail to be Influon. ed by hi* plain, um a lah> tale. _ dddrtu of Oemaor Qeneral Andrew JdlUUMl AiTxiu ro run ruorLB or ratorusxA ffitinow Crnaas ?Tennreeee assumed the form of a body on# of the United States of America, In the fear savciiteea hundred aad ninety-six, at once ent. tied te ail the |>?l viieges ef the federal oeostltutl n, sou , heuad by all its ohligatwa*. For nearly .sixty t re years she ooniiiwted la the eiynymeet ef ail her rights and In j r the performance or ail U?r duties, one of the most loyal ami d -vol e l nf the sisterhood of State# She has been honored by the aisvaUon of two nf her cftiseus to lh> highest piece la the gift of the American people, sal n third had beea nominated for the eeme high office, who received n liberal, though laodbcure support. Her population has rapidly eno la: gel/ increeeed, end their morel aad material Interest* correspond.nply advanced. Never was a people more prosper tie, e etout it and lutppy than the people of Ten peon** unoor mo government Of th# Iti.ied Hltlfl, and bow* litu* buretea*4 (or Ui* support of the authority by which mey were protected They foil tboir govern wi-til on y In the oonncl" a ny.yment of the b n-flu it caufrrrad and ho b'easing It boat wod. 8 cli was our r rlob <tHi Kl<w until within tho yearjuat aa . w h,n odor what baaafui iudueaoo* It la not my our om now to mjnira, lb* authority of tba govornment ?u Ml at lindane*, aud tho onat t :tl n and law* C"Bt<-mnod by a rohelipdw, arm ad fore*. Mar, Who, iii addition to tbo military privileges and dulioa * lb* ri.lren, had eujoywJ largely th* bounty and <hi.< ai atronafaof tho, and had, by repeated oath*, oblige t d theniooln-a U> Ito ou.ipori, with au <l?-n ingratitude for tho bounty and dmr yard or their solemn ob igatton, en fared deliberately and on loot a tloualr, In lb* aoo mi>ll?hm*nt of Ito overthrow. Many, a<# om d to doTer to their opinion* and to accept th* r g. Idai.oo, and <tb*r*, carrioi aw.y by *ielt*mont or orortwod l.y aodiitoo* .clamor, arrayad lbom>a roe nudor -heir baanar*. thua organ!, tag a troaaooabl power, which,for th* tlma b log, nt'flod and mi| bo nntb rity of -no feder*l government. I* thl? ootid I ttoa Of adbtr* it devolved upon th* Prratdent, bound hy hi. Bdlolet uBtb to pre ervo r tout n d*f*ad th* ron.-titutma, ard charge I bytb'law wlththadut) of suppresslug luiurroolltoi and d"iti Mir rn<i n a, to roawl and r*i?l rrholllrdia fort* hy th? military arm f th* go r ratnoBt, aad tbua to ro eouiihah the fedoral autb inty. Gmgrcae, i*B?Blbltng at an rarly day.f.innd htm engaged to tba aotlen dtarhorg# of tbia nv?*n:cua and rnapuael bin timet. TMt body came p omptly to his aid,and whim oopptytng him with treaauro and arm* to an ox tool that amtld previously bar* been onnaiderod rah.i thO amoniBO, wiU alraoot ahaolut* anardinfty, aoohwod "IMft fhtl war U tw imped en fhdr pan aI impartt0#r apyraol m, mt far my purptm of amque t *?r anKhpWHi.Bor wrjamtf acfihrawimg er ?"'? rV rfgBWgf MWWilul laddalien rf ISf ffatn. hw In drfmd ml OMhrtftB tkr iqifrmact tfihr rimMit*ivr* rrwd l? inmrt lb* Vrtirm with OR M* dign*ty, ohd rlphU l*a aanaraf XtaUt unu? p<ttr?f; and ltd ac mm *? Mm* rt>j*r'i ar* otrm aittrW the war onpM I* ream In ibto aplrlt, and hy a.nth oo opotatlon, ha* ibo I'rootdoat onndurtod thl? nighty content until, an Omtn.widor-IB ' hlaf of ibo jtrmy ho hea cat* d lire n?M aa' flag again to float tin <ll*;?t'*d >.vor thoOa I I >.f t,i? state Mmnwll* tp# St de gnvarrm -nt ha* dla* p-ared TOO fivflutli 0 ha* nbdieatmt th# fegMiMtu ? pea devolved, the .1 d, clary t* In eli.-yauce, 1ht* gr at a ip of Slate, freighted Willi It* ec ona arre "I h in n f, t-r -vta und h man ho' oa, Ka 'alt* el eat, and t'e vol u* flag uBfi rl#>l, liar ! -r-n e d.jentv it, d'.iiHt hy h r ontrei? and'oii itr.-w, end .* t i* doet at ih'tn?rryo th* ?in<;?. and t b> j,,oa...*rhr ermt river ",.B tU tiW' the w-ib j( p.ui.u. b.aalready co%??i,voi. arihtr** * I \ NEW YOI litft kwn Use public property stolen bad destroyed, the eaulto tf MU State MiMdnI. owditt IrMNK robiod, mImim Uu tundl cartful It/ cu hered and <onmcru!#i far ?S Uiw is the iet-tr act io? of our children. In such a lamentable crista the gov ornnmiit of the United States oould net be uuuimdful of is high aslil Hiatal obligation to guar onto* to every dial* 10 Una Union a republican form of gomrnmeut, on obligation wbich every dials lias e direct aod immediate intoiast ut having observed towards eery other State, aud irom which, by no action ou the |*rt uf the people u ai.y Stale, can the federal guvernmei t be absolved. A republican form of government, in couaonance with b - countitutu>n of the United S'au-n, is one of the fundamental oonditious of our political existence, by w hich every port of the o aintry is alike bound, and from which no part can escape This i>n!igntiou the nnlional government is now attempting to discharge. 1 have toon appointed, In the absence of the regular and established State * thorium, s< Mi liary Ucoeiuor for the lime being, to p torre '*? pvhtie property of the State, to goe the promow of hue actively enforced to her citimj, and, as tpc di/y us may U, to ruto 're her yuvenunent to the nine coniti/n cub-fore iK aei-ting reb llum. In this grateful but ar u us under aking. I shall avail mysolf of al tb-< aid that may be a lorded by my ful.o* citizens; and lor this >urja?e 1 lespoctfully but earnestly Invite nil the people of Tennessee, d. eirousor willing to see a restoration of her ancient government, without distinction of party initiations or poet political opinions or nation, to unite witb me, by e >uneel and co-operatire agency, to aocomoil h this great end. I And most, if not atl, of the oincefs, both State and federal, vacated either by actual ebon donmcat or by the action of the Incumbents, In attempting to subordinate their functions to a power in hostility to the fundamental law of the ^iMc,raii o ovcroivo w nrr u*viw?i aiir|iouo?. rnvow offices must be filled ttnportrlljr, until the titate shall b? eatored so far to ita accustomed quwt, that tbe people as poaosahly assemble at tha ballot hoi and select agents of their own choice. Otherwise anarchy would prevail, and wo man's life or property would he sale from toe desperate and unprincipled. I shall, therefore, as ea iy as practicable, designate fer various positions - nder the State and county governments, from amour n?v fellow cltbena, jertone of probity ai<d w/'lli/fenct, and *i> HI;/ true allegiance to file amstituti-r andgovernment tf he L nited States, who mil execu'e the fune'iaeis of their respective ojloes, until their places (.an be All <1 by the action of lAs perpU. Their authority, when'their appnslnients 'hall have been made, will be accordingly respected and observed. To the people themselves, the protection of 'he govsrnmeet is sxtendsd. All their rights will be duly espected, end their wrongs redressed when madeknown. I h<<se who through the dark and weary night of the rebellion hare maintained their allegiance to the federal {ovwnmunt will be honored. The erring and misguided rill be welcomed on their return. And while it may hodim memory, in vindicating the violated majetty of the taw ind in re-atterhng its imperial may, to punish intelligent nd ronsrions treason in high places, no merely reialia ory r vin lictiveplicy wilt be adopted. To those, especially, who, in a private, unofficial capacity, have assumed an tititude of h stility to the gove. Dmeut, a full and comlste a ran aty for all past acta and declarations is offered, upon the one condition of their again yielding themselves m aceful citizens to the just aupronuicy of the laws. This advise ti tm to do for their own jb?*l, and for the pcaco nd wellare of our beioved State, endeared to me by the >*a oiatlons of lung and active years, and by the enjoy. nent of her highest honors. And, appealing to my lettow cltlzi-ua of Tennessee, I point thrtu to my long public fe as a pledge tor the sincerity of my motives, an aar>eet for the performance of my present and future duies. ANDREW JOHNSON'. Ipeech of Kmcrioa Klherldge, Clcrlg of the talted Itatee Hoaie of Rrprtteafa* , Uvea. DKLIVEKKD IN NAsHVILLC, RABCH 19. Psttow Cmziss ot Davidson Cocvrr,and fellow cltlansof the United States, 1 feel more honored by ad :reasing you In tha lattar atyle, for I cooridtr j ou all, as ell as myself, citizens of tha whole Union. 1 will adlreas you candidly, and T trust respectfully. Who could waoolka a wo that tha Auir fit U'atti fn.Tt.iia ?ould hava. been trampled under foot, and tLa) (be t'onederate flag would Lave floated over (be capita! of Tenresteer It I# my doty to tell you that this war never ought to hare begun, lie people f the South hare been m:sled and mi* .uided, and the Bute of Tennessee dragged Into ruin. Secession began la Ilea, haa been kept up by lies end will die la Ilea. Gentlemen, I em no Northern men, e Southern man, no Eastern man,no "Westernman. Jentlemen, this government van made for the poor man: rU.h can take car* of themselves. But (he poor man haa been swindled and misled by tbo political dematOgeeagBd, partisan leaders of the present dev. They are 'wholly to blame for the terrible depression uf ilnenrra the suppression ?f r&msaereiel intercourse. the almoet etaggering poeltion of the government sad the dejturttUSatloe of the people. The demagogue* and tl e i.oai.l portion of the Southern people set up 'the hut bd ery that Ltneoln Is to blema lor the "present utetc of -.Stir*. My friends, this 1* e most egregious uii.tale; aid I am gotag to prove to you that every men a ho roted for aay ticket other tbaa that of the republican arty votad for a traitor, ir yon had voted " r Bre<'k in ridge a ad [an* you would have ontributed to the etevatrm of two arch traitors And who are Hneklnrtdg* and !/ine? 'reckinrWge i* assisting ia the destruction uf the >est grovernment upon the face of the eyrth: he i<? rejayleg the people for their ktndn#** by participating iu pea hostility egalaat the constitution which he bad sworn to preeerv*. And Jo. Lane?a fit associate?Is the aoat ignorant vagabond that ever graced or disgraced the Senate. I will tell you who caused the rebellion, vena other thau the Breckinridge locofoeot. Vee, Mrs, ~.he larcklnridgs tocofocs, with som? honorable exception ?a a b?dy. are the sole cause of the evil war now raging a our lend. With but few and honorable except ion?, I can aaaure you that the great ma*e of the people who roted for the disunion tlcXat ef Breckinridge and Tone re new In the ranks of the tec**<lnniate. Why, e Breckinridge democrat turns isle a eeceeaionst just aa naturally as a talpol* turns into a frog. ClAi.ehter.) There aevec nee any caea* f<T eceeeion. Where is lb? lateLigent men? nher* W thn lennersrevn?wt>o can eom* forward with a decent argument for secession" No one. No, sirs , there la ao argu tor i?, WC.UH iu?? Dim a< ior IT. the douth bad aiwaje obtained til t>be liked frost Oongross. and would hare continued to do to had not South ertdiua seceded. Korllterti t.i.ey and voles bought Louisiana. Florida and Tests and California was a quired *0 eatle'y lit* South and not (be N'ortl.ern Stales. The 'outh never asked anything Trent the Tolled Slates ,-jvernmcEt which ehe did not obtain, and novar prote.-.t*1 ag-mal the pasaage of any act without eflect. I cbtleage the world for a denial. No, my Iriends, It h folljr o dew/ facta: and I reiterate that you must thank the rotes of the Worth for the acquisition to the South oi the erritory of Louisiana, out of which several Stales hare been formed. Fire millions were paid for Florida, to aay nothing of lbs cust of lbs fihlun wars; and Texas, a whole empire in Itsslf, war also attached to the -outbern States at the expense of Northern treasuraAnd Northern blood. Recollect the fact that Northern rwt? v were the mean* of giving to tne country its fugitive lave laws, and that the Northern repreaentat ves, although they had strenuously oppo-e.l tl.* repeal <4- the Missouri compromise, acquiesced with the South In the ill Urns I repeal. Again I ask why was this secession logma thr- it upon the people of Tenne-iee.' I will tell, rbe political leaders of tbecott-n States knew that the most trivial success awaited them not witneut the aid of The speaker here pronounced a glowics e logv upon the steadfast patriotism of hi* ft lend. Hon. W.H.Polk, who occupied a seat upon the stand. He applauded him for ha constancy to the old standard in the hour of her political darkness, end bade bjm share that brilliant triumph soon to crown the eflbrm of our great government. Mr. Etberldge purposed to deal .0 stern, undeniable facte, and not in the rkliculdui dctlon or irresponsible newsjapere. Ifegaidihai if the North bad passed so-catted Personal Liberty bille.they had In no single instance been productive of ir\turv or .ppreasion; no man wae ever tried or pun.shed by Its ruvleioas. The boutb liad threatsi * J to dissolve the ITaion unless these odious Liberty t ills were exp'inged from the statute books, end thua bring a caJsnilt'uis wsr uxor e deceived end Innocent people. Ihe friends of i:r ' aiuriuga ai.u iun, tm.n u?, ire a 10 :t I no U, and th y luoceeded, for the purfo*e of producing a dts r plioii of th# I'moa. Be referred ?< th* proceedings of Ui* leal Congress. Ia Hi* Territories tb* slavery inene bid been t.-tiled by wholesome laws. tliet notwithstanding *11 that disunion orator* had eatd and done to impair the inim 11001 of the government in tbli vital connection, he defied their power by turning to the bUtorjr ol iUaot*; sorb men stand before th* world condemned of the moat natiardenabl* ein of which hun anitjr is capable? the disentloo of th* beat government in the world. Paaeing oa to things In Teoneeee*. he Pointed t* be gtoridbs i*eult of tb* election on the dtb of February, 1MI?the choosing of Union delegate* to a its** < On van ion?e dignified rebuke to tnoee who would vilely force her in 0 an alliance with traitors. Paring hi* absence at tka>h:ni| immediately after, **'<a>ioo grew bold'need?refused to bare revere# collected at the pert of Charleetoe. No wee made by the government to euferce the collection of tb* revenue, preferring to ejrerelse more patience then did the Immortal Jackson one imlar ocean ion of dieobe.l-er.e* to the eupr. rue lew. poke of hie return home after the memorable and stormy leaann of Conxrees. fo-.nd the I n . n w n * tir nn.f. ir g over the entire State, unruffled by the treasonable c-mluotof South Carolina and her Infaree-iif coadjutore. He wm solicited to becnta e candidate for a *<at In the II>uae, would cot accept the prnlTbr-d honor of bla onnetituente, [ referring to remain in their midst end combat tha eer|>eat of t? r?k>n endeavorlag to enfold them in lt? poUoooue -oils. Ttie speaker twelt roiui tely upon the Incident#of the rebellion, from i' e protest of South Carolina egeloat tha lawful collection f the revenue to the fatal borobarlmer.l of Fori Sumter, whan, he said, Tennessee eenght the cerenmlog blare ot disloyalty. what with the wily deceptloeia of had men and a proetitutad piaae, she, too, fell into the clutches of Jeff Davie, and vigorous yraith and hr-arr age alike rnahed into the Jews of a fratricidal war. 'Theee historical facte eland to blast the raOeta with a conviction fr-m which there ie do escape. An a com]<arUon, be recelled the dfegreceful raid of John Rrcwn Into Virginia, aald that Jeg. He vie wee n ten-fold meaner men end a greater criminal. Rome, said he, flourished In all the Meeeinga of e pro-id and hermonlooe rlv Went ion for a thousand year* er? the lapse of a centery, traitors have sprung up, end - ught to undermine the mighty fabric of American liberty. If eeoeenlon ebon Id be allowed to partition the I men, hi* faith In the Justice of Almighty God would he weakened. Br.wn and Deals both l ad rovuked the f-vernment; Brown broke Into the Arer- at at Ha-per'e Ferry, lav it lni-> Fort Sumter. B"cban*? ordered troojie t<? Invest the Ferry end apprehend firown. Virginia's just w?uth fell not heedlessly Ufsin the ear* of the government; the Invader of her soil puld the Igno fblnlou* peiiiJ'T hts shem?ful crime demsnded who would haio thought th?t y-u, rit!rensp?pairl?tif,constitution lov nv Tr-nnr see, w-ol-l h-?v? de arte i y.ior tire- Id- t, 'o follow after jeti f>?v,e in resin gilx-iawa or your forte Ing country. He advised the ?d iron to OalJ Ij'jpif tli jr chddren, to rcno ire their fully JTd return to their sl'cvta ce The Hmn-r ?nd tVhig had denounced T m'? end t ens ? y ar a.o, and afte'wnrde be .-erne their a-trocat# 1 - ,me *a d tK HERALD, SATURDAY Mr. F,, to apeak trutk, and ta invito pa to return to yonr allaf lauoe to the old tag; pa must ooia forcibly I. MM veli'i tartly, there ?M alternative. Sen-satoo tua had Ita day?It h-e "played otrt." You ran do nothing to adJust its fracnuniery and iusnmiacent part'. Thiuk rw' eeoeHsion speeoha* arltl further your enda to thia out break' He come here to da goad, wished to la k plain to Union men ae well as aeoeasionista. do hack and study the rebeliioa from tie birth, and while yeu are called upon u> witness the unrighteous dotnga of Ita iastigators and their dunes, you will hud, too, that the Uuiomsta.eapectally of Tennessee, have faliea aadly ?hort of their duty to their country and their (*>d. Mr. E. here desired to tell (lie people of Nashville a plun truth?you have got to live in the Union, with your negroes if you will, without th in If you must. The Uni-u is worth mora than al! the aeoeeak niata and ue?ro<a in the world. At the beginning of this re belli' n, President Liucotn asked you to lay down your arms. You r- fused, lie oil Jed for seventy Ave thousand men to anf -rce the laws, and contrary to the c institution yo . fo i e on alliance with the traitor In a' hi ling to slavery, he said it had disappeared from Europe, aud was In this country mora eaaily defended aa a lartnoaive than an aggreu-ive tbing. In# government hid ni'vsr attacked the institutions of the South,and tho^e institutions must not ho mado the pretext for overthrowing the government. Let the I men survive though slavery pariah I Mr. Ktberidge haniorously alluded to the followers of seccsslob sod those of the devil, and assailed the political divines in acrimonious terms. Said be pitted the poor misled secessionists, aa a mass, from his heart If ha had to punish them, ho would put too In the asylum, while he Imprisoned one in (hepeuiten tiary. To all deluded ones, he%ffcred redemption ; hut soma of the knavirh leaders, said he, ought to ha hung. Ha wanted to know where the valiant pikemen, lately eo blatant of tboir belligerence, were to be found. Ho produced end read the call Tor a "pike meeting'* In Nashville; said ha truly hoped the signers ware in the rebel army ditching. He wa* particularly jocose in speaking of "shakey men" in these times of war, hut he heartily forgavalhem, II- irked where are these sublime deciaimers who have so long harangued the multitude with their delectable mataphor and idle specula tloni about Southern liberty and fabulous wealth? They havagoaded on the populace to swallow their sugar coat ed doses; and, unlike faithfhland honorable physicians, when the potion endanger* the lives of their unauspect tng potlent6, they flee, and leave their victims wlibout hope. O, three men of pleuty! thru tdus are count leev? the srm of all villanlea? and the slaughtered eons of poor and friendless parents, who have acnt forth the sola objects of their affections, will haunt their every step to the grave, lliore la no repentance for them; thay are steeped too far in infamy aver to hope for mercy. Those among the secessionists who never owned a house talk of burning towns, and cotton and fobn occurs to he burned by those who own not a particle of cither. Raid he, rake the depths of hell for the concentrated essence of everything wicked and aborniuable, and the distillation w!U'p:oduce no^cona pound go hateful and damnable aa the enormous crime of secession. lae public meetings held during the progress ot the Fort Honclson fight, end the exulting scenes pre ceding the arrival of the federal army, were recurred to in illustration of the weakness of the ret>ei cause. Where are the eager pikemenr fccho, Ac. He asked where ho would have been, ten months ago, preaching the doctrinoe of I ulna in NashvlUef A voles in the crowd enswored?"Vou would hare been hung." He was particularly sarcastic in his parallel between the poor soldiers and weultby non combatants of the dying revolution. Said there was not a shadow'of patriotism in it, an the universal dodging of the military " drafts" had testified. He did not mean to excite the poor against the rich, hut was confident that the honest eons ot toil would be reserved for the noble duty of 'saving and perpetuating their country, 'l'wo months ago he said he heard of the death of an aged and pious father, who o'.ung through life to the union of the Plates wiih h tenacity only less than the faith with which he adliere-l to his Tlod. But yssterday he heard from his aged mother, now verging on three score, and to his inquiries to her condition hs was told that the minion* ot' secession had invaded her home te steal her servant and her horse. Such wretches, if any deserve it, ehould here a habitation nowhere but In tne hottest precincts of burning hell. He spoke of the enormous suspended mercantile debt of the State of Tennectss, now amounting to millionn, mnch of which was due to the cities of Boston, N'ew York and Philadelphia It new amounted to millions, snd was mstnlv contracted by those who purchased goods under fals" pretences. Vet he hadaevei heard of a proposition on the part of Northern merchant* to rtlstol, the t*n"lou,l or wa;e war, because individual* in the South4iad been guilty of such fraud* sud crime*. Why then should *1 the people <f the North be held responsible for tbe crimes of a few. Ilore negroes bad been stolen under tbe reign of Jeff. IUviii-fhan wore.uvti abducted-by the free Stele* siuce our evi?teso*e? a T'uien. He then read portion of the constitution of Tennessee declaring the free navigation of the Mlssie?ip|fl river to be one of the Inaiie.itMe right* of the people of the State, yet Recession proposed to control the mouth of that inland sea, end (o levy tribute upos I he lea thiili ee of people who reposed upon tt< upper trf mtsruw. Those who would submit to it deserved to be sieves. A heudfull of mercenaries had interdicted the iredeof t?n rai'liens of commercial soul-.. They ha; tstafettrhftl b~gu* r^rl* or entry, and were srtorfing duties from'* chaotisl ilerisred by the con stilatowi ? -be Tree to'the good' snd merchxnd sc of every ?ute. The speaker rcaa s* extract from the constitution bearingtop.n the paramount principles hit which the States were banned together. Slid tbs Confederates had v.olafd every syllable; the loader* of Tennessee were parties t?? the crime. He said, let u? rx 0*3 tuc i?; 'jau auiu.ii muu |mhcv ii uie Ui'i ?unu, and compare Continental Furop* wiih the roiled s aicx before th* rel>*l!;ofi. Protectant PngUnd was get seated only by a nariow chaiuiel from tier neighbor Franc*, but rh* bad another religion, led her people spoke another language. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Rusdlt, lie., lb* *an.e; belike pe ipl* of the I mted Stat*", ox lending iicm the Atlantic to tire l'aciflc, profaes tha turn* religion and apeak th* tarn# l?<ig?aga. Everything forbids a division of (lie 00 :ntry , God hltm-elf demands that irtlUa'I be one, m we ar* naturally, in religion,l?u guage, by iatermarriagwand social tiaa, by commerce, kc. 11.e mountains and river* dnaaud it?the railroede throughout the latcl d-tiiand it?roir ciamerclal inter, court*demands it. He implored thep?opl*<>t Tennessee., in tha narr.o o: cod and of religion, to rotm n lo th*fr a!'*giau< a. Voti ran return now, If you will, with your peculiar inat.rulion unimpaired. 1 now bagre- h you by all you hold m. r*d, to ra'.urn to your loyally, aud to n*aist iu uphold,Dg the Integrity of tb* oooat initio*. lama slaveholder aud a friend and c lli-au of (be doutb, and am Jealous of ail attempt* at tha destruc tion of her Institut oi.?,h ; T wo ,H aaorldc* all I liar* to uphold the union of these Slat**. Deluded men! let m* toll you again that th* government mil maintain tta authority. Tha great question now in, w .11 > ?u re'utuV I am for tha war going on forever until th* rebellion is subdued. Ho then road (he constitutional daan.l wt? id traitor, and said he batod tr. aeon worse 'l,aa original sin. Tit* poison of seca%aiun hud tot. into tha churuhea, aud wretohee who cannot speak In ta good 1'inglieli.aa the negro waiters at the re nt l ioid?ihck baaded nreaMra, who, in a pulpit, talk of (Uvm* inspiration, aa If anything eould U: ST ire theui but a belly lull of beef? ara aiding the r*be!ilon, God us 10 r*ap*ct th* |Hi-aera that b*. 1 hey rebel eg* "t*. law* of God tod lenneue*. He w?>:!.i notify alt such that in preaching rel^Utes thoy violated the law* of both God and man. lhay Invoked Christ in rain to justify treason, and when they ropreseated llim as tha champion of negro slavery lhay exhibited their lgaoraac*. True, K* n-ver preached to a fra* Slate audience, for in that age it was almost Impossible to find one; but in all the countries In hurop* end Asia In which a free press waj now found, and particularly ia those IU vUited, slavery, from some ratine, had disapi eared. He told the errant* to obey their mast*-a, and in regard lo monarchical Girear He Mid," Renter unto Caesar the thing* that are Cieaar'a." His advice was to obey the la .vs. To all there treasonable Ondardonkora he weuld sav that the same Perlojir yjjj the servant* tj obey thetf m**Ter?"inslrt?TE?u tbemfTo r*V&*fi, * 'Mlw pottli* that bs." Such fraaclier# had aa well amruand slares to cut fhedr matters' throats as to command tha masters to murder each oiher'H rwisrinc' the !.iws which all Chrbtiaas saerr bouad to obey. Such preachers would he round reedy n>i anything whan they fait It hoth safe and profitable. II" bad lr-?n scoured in a tnc ibing paper *f I|MMh unlrln'My tothe ladies. lie hail MrBN them flly, end se they ara; but the man are a !*diy to blame for It. Wl?en Cnufaderste troop* ewagger through (bedrest* with :be intention of aiding In tha deal rod; m of the ' nlw frae country In Ilia vretld, amllvlie* wave their handkerchiefs at tliem, be reltera'at, they tuort ha ailly. To-day I aw told ona <4 thant, wbilo lb* Ohio rivalry wara passing, indignantly a-Vfd, "Haw far 4.1 r?ir liues extend*" "By , madam, they reach lo tha North pole; and when I left two other regiment# ware trying to get transportation." If w lb <ut your finance*? Your Confederate money la had enough now, but will toon be worse. Ya borrowed moony on your cotton, and now y<m ara going ta bum your cot t a. What do you make by inch a trans* action* hpnakmg of the Confiscation Mil before Congra ha aaM there was time even yat to prevail I Its passage. If tha South would send bar representative*, aa thoop, <.nanta of tha maaauro, It would than hara a majority In both homes. The government offers pardon to all who will return; all must return?ail shall return. Tha ntoKHt silence waa presarvad while Mr. Ktherldge revival tha memory of sleeping patriots. Aa occasional tear might ba nam to trb kla down the sturdy countsnance of mora than one spectator a* ba spoke of the tomb# of Jackson, of Wathingtun, of folk, an J of flay, and beautifully eulogised tha rage of Ashland as u Senator and a patriot. I repeat, said he, trill yott not reUirn. Vow Is the acceptable time?the amrfheiy u now offered. Tou must ircept It?yon must return, or you will meet a traitor's fate and fill a traitor's grave. I am disgusted at T'nlon men going about legging for msrey in behalf of trattora. white tb? rebels were plotting their destruction, > houid tha traitor army return. But that will never l>a, never, while Ood Is Just, and man obedient. Now, fellow cltlrens, If you ara not waarttd (erf ?r " t;o on," lie on,")?I win tall yet something of the fl at i aeassionlat. Jeff. l<avi* ami hie biatrial crowd ware a'4 tha first secessionists by far. So, air, Matan waa the flrat secessionist oa record. He rebelled against Clod. Tbo kingdom of Heaven * a* not Urgeano<igtiforhim,andhe attempted to eel up a go vernmart of hlaown.but God, "fTbnded at tha conaplracy, hurled Ula.Sataalc majesty Into ball, where unraKriant traitors will meet him at no distant day. Una omaa Wilson Porr, of Rhode Island,rebelled, some twenty years ago, and deposed the ooDiututloanl Govern. nor to tnai oiave. run .ionn ijier, then Preeident aent the army to Providence to eoarre tbe rebel Iwrr, and he in mm *n depoeed and eenl to tha penitentiary of I;hoda tetand to repent <>f lia iloa. Another instance;? [trigham To m?, of t'tab, a raw yearn *c> rebelled, and .lame# RurbaAaa aant A Sidnay Johnatop- yaa, A. Sidney Jobi.aton, tha traitor, who bu teen educated and lusurlnntly kept at tha egpenae of tha government? to coerce htm Into obadianca, and ha mada tha llciJt|..ti? P"pry rtturn to hla allegiance, t >n t lam en, tliara U no argument for aaoo tlnu. It ta trraaon?trraaon ia folony, and daaervoe a Inlon'e fata. I havn occasionally heard a sneaking dieItnl', before and ainra tba war, eey that "our rigbta liar a hean molested.'' No man can make auch a remark wiihont uttering a falsehood. l*t ma aek you, did any n| tlia living a* I'rwldenta over interfere with the inatltutlonaof lh.- Southr No, airs. Tha government haa don# no ruf b thing. Out the goveri.nv nt mual inter

fere with inta rebellion,andcrnah it,t o, wltlm it regard v any Inter at whlohelabde In lie way We have the a my.ttiennvp.ib money,and the true came. Congi#** witt not declare freedom to the alave, but will mautaia , MARCH 2V, 1862.?TRIFL the const nsUawa* ?m, baarl He quoted the oonsuluttou to preve what was tr*as<?, end aiieks v hemently upon Uw hurra and Artnida of the pieascl day. My (Viands ttia la ana (act which la often kwt sight of. Who ootmuoocad the war? Who aaiied the for ta and arHMkalar Who tired upon and aim at demolirhed Kurt Sumter r Who waa It that bsealed ih.t a traitor's llag should not only wave over the Capitol at Washington, bat that the' on Federate banner should triumphantly Uojt over Kanenil Hall t Recollect, fellow citizens, this all transpired before Abraham Lincoln oullad out tns Mvauly flvu thousand men, and recoltaci fui ther with what dtrial n wore the remonstrsncea of the l'ra I Iwil rec ived. Now, my friends, lieten at i tenlivaly to what I have to any. (Mr weekfrom to-day trea on dmre not Juno Utelf in A'aMmUr. The govern meat moot bo maiutaiued, and wo demand your loyalty I or your silence. (Apple ae) A low words inure i Sh>keapeare say* 'Wbel's lu a name?" I differ with i the immorta! b ird up n that |iolut, a id question whether i a Burr in this nclghboi hood world name a child Aaron; I no, uotther would an Arnold name aohnd Beued lot. lam not superstitious,gentlemen,but allow me to tail you that < 1 shall always steer clear of the Initials "J. B." J- B. I indicates John Breckinridge, J. B. stands for Jeines I Buchanan; J. B. suggests Judab Beigamiu; J. B. stands i for John Ball; and without intanding to be offbnaive, I I will remind you that J. B. stands for John i .Brown. Mr. Ethsrtdga apoea far nearly three < hours, to a large audience, and amid the interruptions incident to repeated bursts of enthusiastic applause, and I aa the 1'oregmug report, which has be furnished from | memory, haa not bean revised by him, many glaring imperfections must appear. But the great leugih oi the speech and the rapidity of Ha delivery m at be our apology for the injustice which ha nacaaiarily suflbrs by the Imperfect report. In conclusion ha apoke auhatan tially as follows:?1 may have caused a pang4>r regret to I soma of ay audienoe. If so. l ask pardon. The truth , must be told. You will nil nave to ask pardon of God for worse sins than I bare oommitted to night, and therefore cannot refuse so email a boon for ma. Go to your | homes and tall your neighbors of our large armies, and , that n benign government ofibre them pardon. Before the government yields to treason every town will be converted into an arsenal. He than thanked the au- < dllora for their attention, and closed by assuring them " that ha should oontiaue to trust la the good fortunes of a# country. Sptrth off Has/Horse* Mtyatrd, 0h.ivkrk0 in nash villi, makob 20. Fiixow PIT3KKS of Najbhtiua?I coma to-night to ad drees you in behalf of an imperiled oouotry. Hear me, ^1 pray you, for my cause. It is now morethan a year stnoe I met you in the free enjoyment of a united government. During this lapseof time an organised band of traitors have conspired to destroy your liberties. I call your attention to the addresses of these men, threatening the destruct ion of the government should Lincoln be elected to the Presidency. South Carolina commenced a series of aggressions, basing them upon the imagined wronga site would sutler in the event of republican success. These preliminary encroachments need not be rehearsed. The threatening condition of public affairs called for some moasuresof poc ideation. Butler, of Harper's Ferry, moved the appointment of the Committee of Thirty-throe. Ibr members from South Carolina refused to act upon lb# committee, and the members from Florida followed. They desired no compromise. In the lenient course pursued by the government at this hatching period of the rebellion is felt the truth of Jackson's dec la ration that he had left nullification half put down; he should have hung John C. Calhoun and his confederates. As surely as Jell'. Davts and his subalterns have rebelled, this unnatural war against tho govarnment will be put down. The favorable moment, as they thought, had arrived for those rebellious men t? strike their blow. lhey spurned all attempts at conciliation; they would accept no compromise. They telegraphed homo to the forta and other public properly along Cite Southern coast, in which thsy were obeyed. Refusing repeated offers of adjustment, these bad men go before their people and tell them t here was no chance for terms of satisfaction. Pix refused to vote, In order that the Crittenden proposition might not pee*. B ichanan'e Administration died out,and he died with it. Ha had told Ms friends that Mr. Bell would carry Tennessee. Friends told him that a plot existed In Washington to break up the government, and should Mnooln be elected.South Carolina would secede, ell the cotton States would iml tate the example, and draw the border States with thim. Buchanan wan in the plot from the first; Breckinridge after a while. Douglas would eoerce the seceded Stat, e. Breckinridge said nothing on tht subject. Lincoln was inaugurated. Tlis aeegioe alternated as usual. No re maskable phenomenon exhibited itself. The dement ad politicians of the Smith kept up (ho turmoil. They had gone too far; their disgrace must be made complete, federal offices were filled bv seceastanluta. who dUsoiaeil then teethe m Union men. Thia, they thought, would i further their objects of treaetn. They lurutdnl in ' Miring everything in tha cotton Piatee before their, hypocrisy was detected-. I.tncoa, in his inaugural, wished no strife?did nothing to odd fits) to the flame of eecessidn. He found the country In the hanos of enemies, end would deal gently with thein. The Mobile Register inflamed the minds of the pe-~ple with pictures of a Southern confederacy, end sa:'t the forts must be posserred. Virginia could only ba carried out by a tight taking place. Roger A. Pryor said to. Strike a blow at Sumter, said he. and Virginia is in the Southern confederacy. Friday, the lath of Aprtl? ' ominously hangman's iter?Are opened on Fort Sumter. Ihe aesai'lants kept up the attack until the small garrl- I son who bravely delended the fort were out of provisions aud on tho point ol starvation, and the flag was lowered t Tl?i? hostile episode had the detilred elfcct. Secessionists 1 all over the country were cheerful. Thoy must secede 1 now. -He better man in the world than Maior Anderson. i Hie love of country knows no rneaeure. When the flag i of his adoration gave way he expressed his anguish In i tears, as a child. Mr. Maynard here read and spoke t at length of Mr. I.lecolti's proclamation. Said that I he had given no occasion therein for the out- I burst of alarm which swept through the South. < Paid that Mr. Sumner took tha same ground with < so.eaalor.lsts. Said nine tenths of the people were with Lincoln, Per they desired not to aggravate en tnternecmo e ar. He then read the message of Oovornor Harris to the Tennessee legislature. In calling them together Governor Harris had accused Lincoln or commencing the war. Harris, eaid he, bed pom [amsty ret used compliance with the requisition for troops to quell the rebellion. Ha rfite-1 M.a fab'a of the wolr end Ihe laiub, who rnetoto drink at the same stream, as a comparison between Lin coin end Harris. Like the imprudent answer of the lamb, . that of Hatha would cause hie own destruction. After laterrcgatluy, Who began the wart' the speaker read an aol ! of ihe Confederate government, issued five days before < Lincoln took the Presidential chair,calling for men to enter into their military service. He also read another act acoept ing 100,000 volunteer*, datod 6th of March, and ' the Secretary of War's remark about the Confederate < flay waving over the Wapbinyton Capitol by tha let < t .viay. ?iia( we* ?r. uncoin 10 aor Mis autjr t>aae I blm defend the honor of bit country. IT? bad the courage to do it?unlike the soulless old r?>-"-"..,lgry itu ! I'liHoan, ha calls for men from aii tb? loyal jftatcd. i Catching up the cry of Harris, tha disloyal people Ihronghout Tennessee, in common with tha Gulf 8U|et, !u : .1 upoo thair farorita expression of "aubjitgat ion.' Oh, yea! IJnrnln was going to subjugate Ihem with tha strong military arm or tha nation. Suppose the I'raeidant bad called for no men from tba Southern States, what would bare b-ao tba argument? Mora Tennessee (roopa at# now eulixted undar the Stars and Stripes than Mr. Lincoln called for. My own son, for whom I still cborisbtha overflowing aUaclion of early nmnhoid, is siuuttg tba Union bolt now upon tba soil of, as l?fetvi?iit of a nobis causa. Pardon my vanity in this digression. Resolutions, da- iarlng that government has n<> right to intarfcra with slavery, ware parsed iu tha Ilowe'of Refuwntatircs br large majorities. iVe three new territories?Iw*kot>, Nevada and Colorado ? were tcitilred tritb provision* that , every epeeies of properly shonM he protected alike. Then, what pretext had the c rebel chiefi 10 renounce tha government that sought only to promote the political, social and religloui bapp'oesa of Its widely cat tared children? Mr. M. spoke of the Confoddrete ' onimlsf ioncrs rent toKu'ropg. Said their mission bad b- ait a grand farce. Head a ptiragrsphof their lust do cumetit, and applied a scorthfiig criticism. He was smtrsed at the cry, "Cbtton is King." M< st of thru*, said he, who proclaim that cotton is king, were once overseers on plantations. The man who arrogates himself is unworthy lb* name of man. He then read tha resolution w hich passed t'ongre. s, letting forth that war is waged only ?o preserve the constitution; when that end Is raarh?d, the war will cea-e. Southern men pre!endvd to be fighting for righta. Many, who did not know the parallel of latitude thay were living in, ware telling up tha cry of -Sight*! rights I we moat liave our rights or flgbl l'orevar." It w-aa a popular nialady. Rut when uueetWnod sa to what tights they wera con t-uding ror, their Ignorance could only raplv:? "Our Rtats right*?tha rights of ibe .South Ob. damn tha Yankees!'* Ua argued that the right* of tha Boutb ware safe only under the constitution. Uiukiratad tha disadvantages to .-outharn rights if aacasak>n was successful. Said tbepitaofSouthern rigbla was bur a pretext for a loag content;* led violation or tha compact ot Union, tba American i>!?u ia do not bate each filtu<r I hdlV Villi from lh*ir inn la In ilmdll Imtalliaa in ha:mony and pe-ce forever. The* must ha won back from the path of unrighteous war, into w hi ait tin y have been lad by ambitious demagogues aad political aspirants. Sc evasion bad been seductive to soma whoowed Northern debt.-. Ttii* class of tneo liad eagerly espoused the dogma, with Tisionn of untold wealth and luxurious ease. I.ittle did tbey draain tliat they would be required to hand It, logethar a iih a large per cent of whatever e!ae they possessed, ovar to their masters of the confederacy. Norl barn mea at Drat thought secession was a tier# political trlrk, loth to beliava that a resort to arms would be necessary. When the country waa In danger, they made gigantic Separations, and their etroog arms will never II to their aides in peace, until the pristine power end unit* of their uatx'U shall bo restored. Whea Jeff. Devi* r'-ad Mr. l.incoln's proclamation, he went into a 111 of tatghlcr. let tbosn laugh moat who laugh laet. Re read Davis' last proclamation, and pronounced It SDy thing but gleeful. The speaker said It grieved him to Aeti'taplaio the iircaenl state of affairs. Ills heart bled at the wanton destruction of property, which had required year- of lahoband mlllloes of money to supply. Ho referred to the burning of the bridge* et Nashville, the suffering* of the citizen* from want of the nacae aarioa of life, and aakod them what they expected to gain by adherauc* to lha government of Jeff. Davie. What is this th ug railed the Southern confederacy? It poeeeesee no foreign relations, la e mere military usurpation; and will laet only so long as soldiers can be kept together, fed and clothed. The people of Tennehsee have everything to lose end nothing to achieve, If this war it permitted to go on. Ho produced e a peel men of tba Confederate scrip, styled It worthless li - said the poor |ample would miliar by It. You are '?ving a great t'nlon. The hievainga vouchsafed under its matchless statutes will never be transplanted. We are not waging e foreign waf. liemember that. The government that could conduct a foreign war successfully can and will crush out rebellion. Iho Kurepean nations ata looking on with amazement atthl' do ims-tie c m-h of arms. Tbnr have anticipated iMteitm nation by saying o r model ispublic Is at ai. end. Tbey love not South or North. AmorP .tis an empire too gre t an l in goaniuious to leialmta act" of vam aisin whiob been i arp doaied In the mu>* of aoutbem rignia. E SHEET. DM lb* ruthless demeUttoa of row win bridge, mM the s,e?ker, itUrd the iiiMd of dyiug traitors, or c*um re r.grade m vtueut of Uetoe truO]*f Paceeemeiste mull i>*/ fur the reconstructive of bridges He quoted the words 01 l<erlcl?e, from (Iranian history, to prove ih >dw respect of people u> rebellion. Our eoeatry, he said, la yet Imperishable in youth and lustre. It will outlive these mighty scars Our children will live to applaud the great trugf e for the maintenance of the constitution and the i ipreiuacy of the laws. The lime la last approaching when we Bhall boo those who have b en overpowered rise again lu i o.-latlesa siren, th. In allusion to hia I sat election, Mr. M a<tl<l his vote had b en double that he ever received heloie ilia had beea uni* rative to repn sent hia c nstltue U aa members of the Culoa. HU most [>auilu rocoll cltuu was that uny were being persecuted by the mkrerab e would-be deelroyere :?f their country. He wool I do ev rything in b ? power to milliliter to their deploiable eituali u?everything U> lid in attaching Tennessee again to the government, and the governuiant to Tennessee. I w ill be the defender of reunesaoe, and, as far as possiblu, her protector. I hope igain to return to my native district, aim will endeavor lo prevent retaliation, on the (girt of tints who have aeea e rbsd in their liberties toward their neighbos *bo have been perticiianls in the unc.iled for rev u .ion, lie welcomed all aa friemls, not enemies they sere chl dren of the house of Auiei lea?one in uiigin and leatiny, and should work In ooumon for the weal of th< Ir istlvo land, Ita laatlmtlona, laws and majestic ualiooaliiy. Ele thanked all Tor the attention i-alil him, and begged pardon for any utterance of hia which should a pang. Spree la of Wm. O. Brewalew. DILIVIUD tM MABBVILLI, MARCH 19. Qaanma*?I am in a sad plight to Bay much of In tereet?loo thoroughly incapacitated to do Justice to you >r myself. My three! has beea disordered for the peat three years, and I have been compelled to almost abandon public speaking. Last December I was thrust into en un comfortable and disagreeable Jail?for what? Treason' rreeaoa to the bogus confederacy; end the proofs at that treason were articles which appeared In the Rnoxvltle Wkig In May last, when the State of Tenneeaee was e member of the impei Ishab'e Cni n. At the expiration of four weeka, I became a vtctimgof the typhoid fever, and was removed to a room in adeoent dwelling, and a guard of 6even men kept me company. 1 subsequently became so weak that I could not turn over In my bed, aud the guard wa? increased to tweli? man, for imu I should suddenly recover and run away to Kentucky. Becoming convalescent, In a measure, 1 was removed to my farmer place of eouttncinenl. One day 1 was visited by someConfedaralefoflBceia, who remarked, "Brownlow, you should not be here. Take the oath of allegiance to the Confederate government, which will not only entitle you to a speedy release, hut insure your protoction." "fdr," Mill I, 'before I would take the oath to aupport uch a heU-forraken instili-ticn, I would sufler myself to rot or die with i-Mags. Why, my friends, these dema gcguw aotually boast that the Lord is upou their side, and declare that God Almighty Is assisting th -m io the furtherance of their nefarious project. In hn xvllle and surrounding localities, a short time since dally prayer meet'ngs were he.d, wherein the Almighty was beseeched to raise Lincoln's blockade and to hurl destruction against the Burnslde expedition. Their prayei s w> re pertly answered?the bloclcaoe at Roanoke Island was myst effec tuslly raired, a reciprocal of tbelr sacrilege divinely ten dered. Gentlemen, lam no abolitionist; I appla d no sectional doctrines; I am a Southern man, and all my re'qlivea and interesta are thoroughly identified with theSouth and Southern insiitutU ns. I waa i?>rn in the Old Ikmiinion my relatives were born in Virginia, and they and thair antecedents wore all slaveholders. Let me assure you that the South has sutlbrcd no infringement upon her institu lions; the slavery question was actually no prataxt for >hia unholy, unrighteous oonliiot. Twelve Senators from the cotton States, who bad sworn to prcatrva inviolate the constitution formed by our forefathers, plotted trea son at night?a fit time for such a oi lme?and telegraph ed to their States despatches advising them to pam ordi nances of sccessii n. Yes, gentlemen, twelve Senators .'wore allegiance la tbs day tliua, and > ns worn It at night. A short time since I waa called upon byallttfe Jew, who, I believe, Is the Secretary of War of the bogus confederacy. Be threatened to hang ma, am I expected no more mercy from him than "U shown by bis illustrious predecessors to war-> Jesua Christ. I entered into a long correspondence with this specimen of expiring humanity, but from mercy 01 forgctfulna.ts, on Ihelr part, I was |?<milted to depart with all my d-oumenta in my valiae, which 1 hope to publish at no distant day. Gentlemen, whan stai ted on iny perilous journey, I waa sore, distressed in mind, and exceedingly so in body. But lbs mutuant my oy* euu.-unli-red the plokrta o.' the federal army my depression d creused, and returning health a cmed suddenly to m. vigorata my physical constitution. Geutletoeo, seoeueion ta played out?the dog Is dsad?tha child ia bora, and his tuaae U Jeff. Davl^Jr. My throat "distresses rue to endh so extent that I must decline further remarks this evening, hut shah make myaalf heard upon the nexlcouteuient occasion, which will probably' be ere the termination of the present week. The Women ofSashvills sad Clap Federal > Solalara. A NashvWa correepondant of the Cincinnati 7Vmrsaaya: For eotue uuaccoi.ntable reason thowoineu of this section Jo not favor the Korthern soldiers. Ia their march to. wards Nashville they were frequently greeted by some female dwetlera by the roadside with "There goes thiankesa," " We'll soon boo another Bull run;" and othat expressions not vary oompllm- nury to Northern oars, cm one occasion, as Conors] Nelson was riding at tha head of his command, ons of these female eauaa>louiete thrust bar baad from the window and screamed '< Hurrah ror Jeff. Davla: Hurrah for Jeff. liavts!" Tata was too much for tha temper of tha Gsnoral, and, riling close tithe fence, be almuted, " Madam, If you repeat that again, I'll be cursed if Ixlon't quarter a man in your home who is covered all over with tha smallpox." This had tha iciirou onuci, ouu uw ?uuui ??a. umvim rvtirw iuw> rtucurlty until th? eolduNT* w?r? out of tight. THE CAPTURE OF NEWMADRIO. Utneral Pope's Official Report. Hcjdqv aktiwi Dbtmht or the Mnsnsirn, 1 New Mai.bih, March It, 18C2. / RwiTKai?1 have the 111-our to submit, for the in forma Lion of the General commanding the Department, thr 'ollowing report of the operations which resulted In tho capture of this place. I arrived before thif town with the forces under raj joutmand on Monday, the 3<1 instant. I found tho place occupied by Ave regiments of Infantry and aovoral sompenlee of iOno bastionod earthwork, -ounting fourteen heavy guru, about half e ntlio below the town, and another irregular work at the upper ad of the town, mounting seven pieces of lieavpartil lory, together with lines of Intrenchtnents between them, constilutod the defensive wo.kit. tin gunboats, carrying from four to eight heavy guns each, were an cbored along the shore, between the upper and lower re doubts. The counti y is perfectly level for miles around lbs place, and as the river was so high that the guns of the gunboata looked directly ovor the banks, the approaches to tho tcvn for term milts tcere enmmanden by direct and niw^nt j n rn ui ivum iwy jy??m vf iwmvj wmhttv. /< teen id nU law teen difficult to curry M? in'.rtxchmenh, but it would hart been at fjykd, wi K heavy lost, and uk should n 4 hart bten aUe to hold the fiaet half an hour, exposed to the iteetrwiiee frt of the yunlo.itt. A* tnefe teeiatAao iinmodiaie hopaor the sp, oarauce et our own gjiuboitj, it became necessaryto bring down a few hpavy * gum by land to operate against tboeo of the cEetnv. They were acnorditirly sent f<>r, nnd. meantime, forced recminoiseant'es wei n pushed aver the ? Uo|e ground and inur.eroral pari* of Um town. Some brisk slyimiflhetf re/ulted, in which the enemy invariabfy retreated pre ctpltately. It ?H found lmi>ofslblo to Indilne them to trust aij considerable force of thtir intentry Outride of (heir iutreBcUintnle. As sous as 1 found that it woulJ ha ne< e->.<ary to await the arrival of our heavy gun*, / d termined to oerupy tome point on the riv r b low, and es tabli'sh our small guns, ir poasib a, In such position aa to blockade the riverreo far as trunepora wore eonci:nid, and to cut ofT supplies and reinforcements for the enemy from below. Poln* rii-Hsaot, twelve nation below, was selected, as being in a rieh agricultural region, and being (ho term, nus of the plank road from the interior of Arkon-ss. I accordingly throw forward Col. n?l ITurrmer, Eleventh Missouri, lo thai point, with thri e regiments of infant ry, three oompsniee of cavalry, and a Held battery of ten pound Parrutt and rifled guns, with orders to make a lodgment on the river bank, to Una the bank with rifle pits for a thousiind men. and to establish his artillery In sunk bit tones of tingle pieces bet we. n lbs rule pits. T?>> arrangeriwnt wot made to prftciU (U small a mark asjwsiiUt to the shells of the gunboat', and to render futile the um of r uud /hot from Ihetr henry gi/ite. Colonel I'lernmer marched with all speed, and alter tome cannonading from gun boatt which he found there, succeeded in making o lodgment, constructing bit batteries tod rifle plis, and occupying tliam In any open aasault. After repeated and persistent cannonading from the gunboats, the enemy found It tmpos-ible to d a lodge bim, and he raeintal. en obstinately hi* p tlon, and the blockade of the river to transport*, during the whole of our operations. Meantime the enemy continued every day to reinforce New Madrid from Island No. 10, until, on lha lilih. J hey bad nina thousand infantry, b"ald?a a conaiderabieioice of artillery and nine gunboats, 'lire fleet wet commanded by Commodore Hull ins, the lead forces by tieoeral* McCown, Mew art and (lantl. On the llth the siege guns were de livered to Colonel Blaaeli'e engineer regiment, who had been sent to Cairo fur the purpose. They were at once abip|ied to Slkeaton, reached here at snneet on the 12tli, . ... In halluri liurlns lilS lame OiCht . tBnhix eight hundredyardt oo the nmbi'i main mark, * as to command that and the river a bora It, and opened fire at daylight, on the 13th, Juat thirty four beurs after they war* received at Cairo. Ooobrigada, consisting of the Tenth and Sixteenth Illinois, andar Colonel Morgan, of tba Tenth, wee detailed to cover the construction of tha battery, and to work in the tranche*. They w ere sup ported by Stanley's division, conaistiag or the Twentyseventh and Thirty ninth Ohio, under (><lonai Oroes back, and tha Forty-third and Sixty-third Ohio, undar Colonel Smith. Captain Mower. Hist United Statea infantry, with eorapunios A and If. of hM regiment, was placed l? charge of the siege guns. The enemy's pickets and grand guards ware driven In by Colonel Morgan, fr tn the ground aaleotad for tha battery, wit bout Ormg a allot, although the enemy fired several volley* of musketry. I he work was pros anted in sllvnra>anu with tha utmost raphlliy, until at three A.M., two atnall re lOUbte. connect >1 by a curtain, and rno nti g the lour ho,vy guns which had hsen seat ma, were c ui.i eted, log-the, with ril.s p|i? In front and on the Harms I- r two iogmieuteof ml, uvy. Our baiterles <i|?ni-il an rout) as tlie day 'lawu*-d, umt were rr/Urd t* tn f imt unit ,-e 'A- Jtunkt by Ik mh U a/ ihe,tn my'i henry artUiery on lai.d arui mtl'T. a? ou a iguy o( xrninuni Uuii lor lieivy artiiery was very Inn u xl, Idknote-i C?>. utin Mow or 10 lire only occ u>i< n.iily Wt lh" enemy a laud baltcrlas, aud to coui-envruta alt r.'i* the upou tho g,.n. baats Oar raw vara served by ('apuuu Mower wlth^^H vigor ud efclf), and u> a few hour* disabled several oi gunboats. and diaaeouiiled three of the hoav y guoa u> the^M aoaoi v a m -in work. Mhnrtly after our batteries opened, odd of tha twenty four gonad (una was struck la tha mutate by a round stoot from the enemy's batteries and disabled ^^B Tht rumumodwn was omtuewrd fvriou -ig all da f by Ma tUnbooU attd land botbsrim qf tkt eiwimv, but unlkimt pro ducxng tmy impretawm agon at Meantime, dm nig tha wh .a day, our trochee vera being extended aud ad taut ad. a- it waa my purpose to pu-h roi ward our heavy batteries iu tha course of tha night to the bank ol tha river. Whilst tha cannonading wan thus going < n on our right, I instructed General l'ainu to make deuiouatratkw againat lotrauchtn um on our tail, and supported hia movainauta by Ihimer'a division. Tha enemy'a pickets and fraud guard* were driven Into hie intr uchuieute, and the aktrunahara lorcad their way cloaa to the main ^^B A furteua tbundar atorm began to rage abeut eleven o'ciO> k that night, nod continued aluioal without inter- ^^w ruptton until cnorning Juat before daylght General Stanley waa reliavad in his trencbea with hia division by (jei.eml tl.uniilon A few mi o .alter il iy .1 ht a tlag ^^B of truca approached our l. ta s, with information that the enetuy had evacuated b._ ..urka. Small (*. tiaa warn at once advanced by Uaueral Itamilto to ascertain wbother such waa tha fait, and Ca| ta fowar, First UniKdSUtoa lulautry, with oompeun rv' " ?f that r gluieui, was aent forward to plant .od otates Hug ovar the abandouad works A On f examination of (kern Mewed uutyand |wwCtyitau hod been 'Armgkt of tkt enemy ihair dead warn lound uuburled, their euppora untouched, atandiag an the teniae, candles burning in the teals and every other I-Vldenca of a disgrace.ui panic private baggage of otMcere and knapaucks of man ware leit behind. Neither pruvieloue uoi atuinunltiua wore carried otf. boeoe attempt waa made to carry ammuultion, as boxes without ouuiber ware round on tha bank of the rivar where tha Lsmuwri usd bfltu l&fiiitd. it ie almost impossible ta give any exact aooonat af tha imtnaneavuautuiea of property and aupplics left ta oar hands AU ihe\> artillery, fold Unknot end wage anna, ^B amounting U> Unrtyik'" pines, swyaniKifoul of fixed mm- ^B muniftun of (kt boti character, smterai Meaeand dand of la- ^B ftrwr mod amw. tot A hundred* of bona of astute* sort- H| rtdgee, tenl| tor an a mg of fen ihoutrmd asen. homo, ^B mutes, wagons, tn rem king tools, dtc , art among Me spoil*. H Nothing axe pt the men escaped, and they with only ^B what they wore Ihey ended 00 the opp all# aideof ^B the river, and are scattered tu the wide bottoms. 1 iw- ^B mediately advauce 1 Hamiliou'a division into tha plaoa, ^B eat A huil t liea uiasin aai Iknauuma t.ireeaest itivwt Ihn viaaa* which Uiey eouipietalv lummuiid 1 be night oi the sueiny wu ?a but/ that they ibudcaod lb. ir pickets. ?0U gave uo Intimation la the foveas at Uiand No to 1 he eo assonance u that one gunboat and ton larg a atesnicn. which wore thai a ara out 01T from below, and must a.ihai be destroyed or fall into oar ban. a. luand No. 10 mud necet .urxly he evacuated, M M un nettkor he win/Weed nor w^iidfnM Woo. During tba ope.ationa baia the wbola of Ibe lb reap wora at dilteren times brought under tbe dra of tba uomy,<md behaved ib -inaelvaa with grant gallantry and coolness. It sueiua proper, however, tbat I should make S|icci*i raanllon of tliuae uiore d.ia> tiy concerned lu tba bnal operations agaiiiai tba plana lUo leu b andSixtajuth lllinoto, commanded rospea lively by Cola. Morgan and J. K. Smith, wera detailed ad guar da to tba propound trenches and to aid in cousiruetmg them. They tuarcbed irom camp at suiiaat on tba Ikth, and drove l.i the picki ta aud graud guards of tba enemy, as tbey were ordered, at shouldered arose, <nd without returning a shot ; covered tba front of tba lutreucUng parties, and ooou* I nxl tba trenches and rilla pita during tba whole day and night o: the 13th, under and Ineea aant cauuonadlug from auty pieces o: heavy artillery. At the earnest request af their ookinete, their regimental dags were kept flying over our tranches, though they oOerad a conspicuous mark to the euetny. 'ike cooinm, xmrag* and ckeerfutne* of Mom irwvt, eupoooi for tw mghtt and a aayto tin furioue Jtre of tho enemy at shard 'tiros, ami to Ike revere itorm ttktck raged daring (As abb .ii;U of Ike 13tk, art beyond all praire, and delighted Bad astonished every officer who witnessed lb The dictates a( General Mauley, consisting of the Twenty-sevsatk, thirty-ninth, Forty third and Mxty-third Ohio regiments, supported the Imtiery fi.m two o'clock A. M. on tba 13th, to daylight on the 14<h, eipeaad to tba fall fury at the cann 'SkUa without being able to return a ah. 4, sad ha severe storm nttkal night, and displayed coolness, courage and fortitude worthy of all praise. In fact, tbe conduct of all tba troops of this command so far exceeded my expectations that I was as Unite had sad delighted. u.d foal vary sale ta predicting tor them a brill last career In arms. Te Gen. t taaloy, who commanded in the trenches oa he 13th, and to Gau. Hamilton, who relieved bias oa tba morning of the lith, I am spec tally indebted, not only for their efficient aid on the last days of tba oyer at loan here, but for their uniform zeal and cooperation duriag tba whole of tbe operAttorn, pear ibis place'. Brigadier General Plummer, e .uuaanaing at Point flenadnt, pi astttidd to special c.immandaiUm fir the bold and -kilful manner in which lie alTectod a lodgment at that place, under Are of tba enemy^a gunboats, and tor tba latermlaad persistence w ith which he maintained Maand the bksJUda of tbe rlvor far daya under heavy Are of thaaaauy. Capt. Mower, First United states infantry, who, with twoo.snpaa|eaof hb regiment (A and H),yied charge of the batteries and served tbe grins, 1 deairb to praaoat to your special notice. a mora gallant ana euicieat omoer la not to be fraud with this commend, aud hi* eminent services during the raduetton of this place ontitts him to special notice. Col. J. W. Btaaell, Engineer regiinout, rauUsrad ma most valuable service both bafora nod during the bombardment of the place. He conducted the erection of the heavy batteries, and remained la these until the enemy evacuated the (dace. Major Loth rep. (hier of ArtiUeiy, hae dietiaguiehed himself throughout the operations. My parauiial staff?Major Butler, Assistant Adjutant lieuerai.M^or C. A. Morgan, and Captain L. H. Marshall, Aids de-Camp, and Major corse, Inspector Central?were prompt and efficient in conveying my orders under Ore of the enemy. I transmit, enclosed, the reports of division and brignds commanders immediately concerned in tho Una! operations, as alto of (aptaln Mower, commending In the batteries, and of Major Lothrop, Chief of Artillery. Oolooat J. W. Bisseii, Engineers, has bees too incessantly oocupied to make a written report, but der-irea to mention he following officers of this regiment who displayed unusual gallantry j? Lieutanent Colonel Adams, Captains Daaa, Hill sad I weeudale, and Lieuteuaute Odenbaugh, Randolph and (fester. Our whole loea durlgg the operation was AAy-ooe killed and wounded. A dawned list will be transmitted as soon ee it oen be made. The enemy's loss ceuuot bo ascertained. A number of his dead were left unburied, and over a hundred new graves attestsd that ht must hard ituffatod severely. 1 eta, General, respectfully, your ob* dienteeivaat, JOHN Wre, Brigadier General Cm menu lag. Brigadier General G. W. C'tHAin, Chief of Staff and ef Kugtncera, Department of the Mississippi, St. Louis. Corrtspendenee Between General Pane ad Rebel (Mtoers. Hbiimi ARTsufl LernitiTov in* Miasnmrn, I Nsw Madrip, March 17,1M2. J Captair?I transmit the enclosed correspondence between Major Conors McCown, command lug < omederate forcue.aad myealf, for tho iaformatiuo of theUonaral commanding the dopai Iment. Respectfully, sir, row j obedient Mi vaut, JOHN I OPE, Brigadier General commanding. Captain A.H. MpLkar, Assistant Adjutant General Department of the Mississippi. He 'dji aktkrs Madrid Horn. March 17,1803. ourkrai?i hare nuij sick. Humanity rtesnalKn thai thsy should ha placed where they can kee<-lvo treatmaal ?way from the -eouttlctof arme.' Dr.-YtonlslI, Medical Id rector, li commiAsMned tovropoe* measures for ibalr roltaf. Tour obedient a rvaut, J. P. 11<<X>WN, Major General com maud ihg Confederate force*. General commanding federal lorcea at Nfw Madrid, UMbouH. - ' ' - ' H a a nyr art KRm Nkw JIahrid, March 17, IMS, BRIGAbin URNRRAl aoiirtLMMaMUT >K, V. S. A.'? You will please repair to tlio upper redoubt and aseertain from-if. Van tall, who brought ine the eiioloeed latter, what measures he propose* n regard t" the sick, and oblalp front him such other Information m wtllj enahla me to act utidertianamgly. Kospectfully,'General, year obedient servant, john poi'E, Brigadier General Commanding. Sum M 'DRio, M .rch 17.1803. At my request Genaral MwJbwn allowed me to lake the present step for the pur,?se of removing sonieo! ouralck from Mndrld (tend. I Wish only to rein <re thoae who are too ski. to hear transport itlmi by wason.and a so, if it be allowed, to remove the women andchVdrou rom Madrid Hand. No army btorea or private pioparty I i be carried on th" boa?, esve provisions for the iwreoui oa board. Madrid Head la the same port aa laland No. lib sankik r. yanoall, jr., Medical Director Gen. Mo' own'a dlv.slou, C.d. A. HKAngrAKTKRa Usrrm Siam toacaa, I Naw Madrid, March IT, 1863. f Km?Your note of thia date, sent through Dr. Yandall, U be ore me. It Is proponed to me that the sick of yoor command be permitted to pass down on the river to tome place of safety. This seems to me a singular request, under the circumstances. After a successful reduction of this place for the simple purpose of bhcksdhg the rlter.l am asked to usi-emi the blockade, lu enter that you may dlaeml>ar. raa* yourself of tttc alck and disabled of your command during an attack which you must have anticipated long enough to rrmi.ra them lu advance. I <1o not feel Justified In acceding to your request, aa I do not propoae to suspend the blockade, under any circumatancea, until the o, eraliona above ma are concluded. I am, air, respectfully. your obedient aervaut, JOHN' I'OPK, Hrigadier Oeoerai Commanding. Ma;or General J. Y. M< Cow*, t om mending C. 8. A., An, Uir Mleelaalppl nivw Comeyendenee. Mohokuusti Riraa, March 31. 1M3. Xtw Madrid, IU Origin, Appearand, Jc.?Thi Sartk' quale? of lflll. Among the many places bitberto but little known out of the vicinity or their own localitiee, but which wlU hereafter become 'household worda," aa are Brandy, wine,Cut*W, rrer.toa and Valley Forge, the little hamlet uf New Madrid, Mo., will ehlne conspicuous for the brilliant achievement of General Tope. Situated a llttla below the extremity of n snort eurve in the Mississippi river, about forty-four tntlee below Hickman, Ky., and onn hundred and forty tbrco mllea above Memphis. Tenn., lb >a a central point for shipping between the two, and namlrably located for a large and flourishing town. Its present population, however, la but about llfteca hundred, although, added to Its commsrcial advantages, it la tlis scat of Justice for Now M.tdrid ocunty. TUs town w.u that rattled by Spanish emigrant* from tba Irwe* Misr.aaip.d, coeval with the settleuvent of St. 1a?uis by thilreoch. Around llie town t'^b l.viid is broken ana uggeil?net mouuUinoua or ev*b billy; hut la go tract* ^ pea- to bo sunk ? b- -Illy r>vcral fo t below the onti guvcf a iriace. 'Ilna nviMbrani els owlua is tu? vioien

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