Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1862 Page 2
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2 naOILLtHCOFR. ATl'tS I lull, CA8U ll/YKtt. All p-riMM IISJm FURNISH TihfR HOMES twith My of the article* uit utwaed *" u fUii.'m: our ?? < *. "f, KHKSOll CHINA 1HNNLU hKfB H<LNOH ? HiN* T****** KTa KKKNOII CHINA KJucHKUT ehTS. RIl'H ISO fliAll CUT TABI jj OLAH. TABI t CUTIih'KY. ?c., AC. We on>'t tun .oljuxias tl1*1 are U'd *i'iaUed In io* tor*, niiui i?. fe.lrri I- ? to B|m,ob?, the dorm *1 2? . Plated Tabl Spoon ?, the o IHlver P'aied T 'h'e Fork*. the to* ft i?er I'leicd t 'a-lere, *i? rut bottle* * ? tilirtf r.? e.l CaXr llealMta * K .1 -r fh : d Tia Soil, ?i* rleec*. cna-.ou IB HO fjlslliVUU PLATEH I K PITCflEltS 6 0 fc-Lot'se-l aire, hanuaotm ly c. aaed SOU a> *\ 15. $A fA. fio?SILVER PL\TEIi CCK. KK IKSfS $10 00 10?Sew at.Urn, beautifully onftrai-id. . 10 00 *10. $10. ?W. *10. C-: UIU-. Goblet., thod'ren 1 86 Cut (Hue-. Ih a:itrr?, (pie'ia, the jietr HO Ci Ulaan IleUters. p.nti the pair 2 (W Colored Bohemian G'aee Finger Bo'vl*. the dozen I 80Ivory handled Dun r ffntrea, the (loii n 4 SO 1 .iff handled Tee KnBea, the dereii 4 00 3 1KON8TONK CHINA. Itinnar HtU, huge a-anrtnirnl 18 00 I ruu?ei!<- vine Diuner 1'latM, the dozen OS lr.natone < lilun B: il'M TU a. the du^eu 88 I, uetouechtua s an l'latea, per dozen Dfi Ironstone china I'ol'et Si-ia. If piewa 2 DO TOGETHEK WITH II.e! and uvwt varied aaeo. laiet.t of UAS KIXTi KES <1 AH FIXTURES ill the nty. embracing all the uaefttl a n! oi ::aireut?! article* fjt IgtltUlff 1HYEIXISC HOUSES, : 8TOBE8, oiinaciiKs, HOWL*. AO., AO. Everybody uirtiiaUnf an ln?eataiuiu -n t'a* Fixture* will ejeawoe tniur own inckkests kl ?U examination of (Mir rood*. W. J. E DAI LBV * CO., t !U PitMUlwaT_ B BOWKS DTSCKr.-ilA PILLS?A SAKE AND KB liahie rnur-.iyfor every disease orlgiu.cUti.. tun dts rdared *u.- of the stomach. Your dr ,v sails (hetu. D. 8 BAKMRK sgeol, 'JOCt Broaden*. New Y ,r*. Business card8.-75 cents low Circulars. 3d cent* 1.UU0. Btithaads (.tint clasaifS item. kv?Va <rti. Bolu, I'ainphlrta, L?>* Oises, Catalogued, Eiaeirotyplng, Stereolyplri, Bngvarlng, everythitij iu the Printing fine, eouaily , beHp. t K. DAW LEY'S New Establish riv at, coruer ke? io and Centre street*. CU RE OK CORNS?BY MADAMB BERHARD, AT E>3 I Broiiilwity. The advert s r has ei -nt ntu h time in l ie treatment of ekereaeeuces, or owns, burnous, nail*. sc., on then-el. In dolus this, she fee's porl'o ''v con r n t in pnmlaing that she will remove tb- worst of corns it-am their U-rtiatlug and paniful position ..uhot the a.^uust pain. Dr. j r. newton, practical physician cob oh route Uiseusta Ollice X! Kasi Kigh'oenUt ?, d ir Hroaduay. fcAREKtl BTTTER RECEIVED I'AII.Y IS P VILS, TlH-i, JF firkins and dailies, also various grades of good lov. brined Butter for sale at the lowest shot- Co prices, by R. B LEWIS. 75 Veaey street, N. Y B1RBE-TO NEK VOLS KLTKKKEKh.? A RE i IKED clerd> tnau aUtn-ted for 23 years, diacovered ajiei-fect cure for body and head, never failing to hundreds. Euriogti enveloped stamped; the recipe returned tree. Air. Megnri, Sdii Green* irh street, N. Y. GOUKAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. IT IS well known, eurrs tan, pint pie , t rookies,. hapi, chafes, letter, aaltrheum, ?i.itt>wne??, wurue in the akin, Ac. tio t-.nol i l'oudre auutile upt teds hair fr> ;n lu1.. foreheads, coper lips, or any part tif the body; warn sled. Gourd tdV Llpill Roufe lor path Up* and the-!? , t'. iiics detection ar r ibbing oil. .xrept wUhlemon juice. Uoumud's Lily White, Hair Dye, .t ? These uouuLag cosmetics hem neen used bv ll?? laule?<! tne Unite J vmLi-n for '? yemt, ir.j ?rt> warranted p'trt. Tt> l>e bad til Vie i l|j oat-nhiishr 1 Walker Street; Hays, Br.r.lrtvtt-, iffbrn.Mir, Philadelphia; a'os, lib Waslllngtou street, bo ton; Mis.-, Sprtngtl.-la, Ac. HWroWOAL RELICS^?TO AMATEURS, ARCH1tecissnd collectors oi curiosities.?Tre huaorsigncd has -jum pncelred fruta a geutlemac Intel,. tv-im china a most Yalttshle cotteouon of object! I mm the Porcelain 'lower. The apeclmrna am considered the Local erorooiiw led Can b? ae?u any Way after 1 o'clock, at B. TtlK.S', 24 P Ur street MU&. K\JiLINE MORRIS, JuE 1I E It WRITER AND Oopj M.?Imdlra, 50 neuts; fasti ere iur geullemea. $i; at her rooms. 7S3 HrosAwsy, tip atnlr*. Hosri fri.m 10 A. M. 4W14 P. M. N. B.?To which she has add-a shirt niacins and fi'aln sawing lit every iTtutrh, either by n.achln- or hand. MARBLE MAN mm?TUB hUKSCKIBER INFORMS the public that an U selling, *t\, cheaper t nan nay pern.ii Itt tfaa intsinasa. Ttri-c wishing ? > urohsan oall stem at A Kl.AHLK S Marble ymj, lie KaclKlghteeuih a*' etM. weal o: TuirW srente, New turn. NO. I.?SEEK AND YK SH <iLl. VT.N1> MORH KNOWledge than >on ever did before l' .i the ism itte. I'rrmotians were rapid m the i'tcu, u ai.ny Wh.ti r merit ?** dt*x and ??> aayik.Ha t? Pre. a (.i.e. cat ltaa the real raer.t to it Is beginning u. lv !i ooruwn eont.iryr. It' eery man kn w the m -rio -a a cew arocl that every lie. ar-tnl*. th-t not one la spijioo ere: hoe of, the coal won d be no for it. Direct y .11. name, mam ?n eovrioye uith i at urn post.-se, ant endow 1. my address, aui you vtlll rec dv a "trculai ?i. In i full par 1-"ilars. OSC AJt E. LAMB, box d'h! J'oat office, Boston, klasa. rhftT and varnish cans-vroV <> in >*.< oai" " Ion* rapvltv-; atou Tiinkn for ? '<? by WM. D. ANDREWS A lfRO.,414 Wait-r SkCOND HANI) MACHINERY 8TRAM HNOINKH* IMtera, fjtwii PliB?ra, DrilUi PqwHu i. fot-?Hl faetorte*; Gh-> Fipo at:**. ) t Ag*. IslTUlig, PtiUie*? mi*<1 other machinery; a*ao all Uirid? of BUrk.-.mi hii 1'ooIa. Ne* mi4 mtuu'I hand in i Tuiopa for ate or era. u. aaukc/h n a nrt'j.. at ? ce'B e?t. ru? especial attention OK a'holekale bl'v e-a i.? caic-d to iuy "la .'ovitv hat," tor ml-ans *Nr, a atyte peculiar w :hra eii-blrsuu-en:. tlknin. 0!J Broad*-ay. rl a!f trKACTrRE Kd OF SRWXNO d\<!HtNK-.? Maht-ra of tue cltea|>e?t and unat mwfttii. i fur 1 ..-inly iw and manufacturing purpose* will pleate ad'trer < Eur pe, yon rt.'AU N.:w Y- r?. Poat office, atating yrioe, whether | aen led in Europe or not. If patented. ! > v. Inm repr* 1 ' >1, feu Toe ndvi-riiner l? open Vo treat lex the put-ehae-.- it. quailtitles or act a* agent. FCOMB MANUFACTI RLRS.->?: ; Alii. NOW rxr" pared to rec.-lv -yrt.posata for ion,1**! S- . r II rtj.s, to b? lellvered daring the year "-ndlng Jan iry 1, I tilt Sara visa san be aeon at Uto odioe of tun Bat-heiV lit J' aui Mo., lug Aaaoeia'ron, roruer of PVf' . alreei and 2 jr.'t aretttie, New for*. r twine ma kern.?hemp, i-'tne TUttU^Jtt* by u?e oale, or leg* quantity, at a lore [ i*i- CoodBall iwloe taken ru part payment, jan. p. travkrh. to Hrekmstt w-iet. rOIsTILLEit.S RECTIFIER* AND OTHERS.?TO BR aold at a bargain, learn t.t.ei, (lever * ; ?'vi ofltce liturra. Apiity at b Broad *1 et, ' p at i re. Irmttoflloe. lI*"AWTRr>?TWft LAROR BIZKD BKt'OND HANIM'TR?f rn? T. uu. Apny at 193 Broadway, o. boa u? pm Wanted?to pl'rciiasb. for cam!. two, three or f-.urlg.n Uu Chandelier.*, two b?? .. at dio|?, ' Bra. keta and Hull Ltgut. ,? boi tf,7w l'.>-1 udl'-r, yet-all at xs6 hi ad" ay, rouui No 3, up atairr. Young ladies and gentlev ( v >17 >ilt, m.ab rled or contemplating n>arria;e. vill hour of notrethin /really to their advantage, and wnrti, no.vt. , by t?e |r.g 11 coat* to l -tvia Hoffman. station d, 1'ottoie?. No uuinbMgg the kkbelliuv. fTWMMINBION wanted?as c vpt.un t.rf 1ir8t V/ ioieuieuant, ny a rouun iv? oi.a'ii AdcireM, di'h term*, location of regiment, Ac., J. L. BrroM other . TjK?l>BTH IlROIMKNT, I r.A'j I.E BRIGADE, I'ndar lk? command ot BKlcl AllTKR GENERAL WJROflGN Now ntaUunerl >t Ion Porter, l?' .1 Thn Fourth regiment, commanded bv ?:< !. John V'!?k, now numbering o?hr stk hundred men, will be ready for the Ueld within two or three Week*. There are a fe w rauim ire for liae o?er?. Cup'*In* or lieutenant* baring who e or pert* of c iprni'* . an oh'aln I'dlion*, with a proapeclot removal la lac Mini ol FHT. I hi* 1* the laat chance, a* all future uliutineata will be for lr liUM-BU already in tue l?e,d. Appticatiou can be made to L ent. Col. McLEAN", i.j b loailnay. 4 few fftod Drummer* wanted. If LAOS, BANNERS AND REGIMENTAL COLORS 1 staff*. Mount! 114a, Trtmmin , iia?! *, h'l.'ar 11 ad?, Ac (Iniinmil* palatini am' embroi..erin?' on inc. 11 "J Eft 4 OSAIt ,M, 87 I'u.ine utit'.t. MILITAKV MEN ATTENTMN.-A t'OMPBTENT MAN. havinff 3U or n aire- -/re rulteJ, can h m a Liau* auantcy In an artil.ery Wr.ident c * *' N--.vh?rn. N. O. For partic ular* apply a, 14f> Brcadm/, 1a tne t?t*r I'.are. Wi.l get eotniui**tou liam: 11-tely. ___ NONCOMMISSIONED OFMCBRR' AND ML.-ICIANS* riword* -n h?nU, !u nuaiitit.e* to * ill, I r gale chrap. Ad.Ire** Sword, bo* 1.121 New York I*e*t ofP-e. CMjrLUiSlIIP OP A FIRST CI ASH Itr.iiTMENT ON O the (" for title. Adore** XfiMrprtae. Herald oflo e. \rOLCNrKKR3 D18CUABOBD FOB OlStHlI.ITT? and the tv 1 iow? *r,d Hetr* of * ;. h. and of 'ho?e who died In lb" wrvlce, a.*o Tnreo Month* Voi lUtceiA call on F EOVVINO, 16 Niaai alreet, room No. A ?rAKrgD-F'tR COMPANY D, FIFTH REGIMENTTT (Keeolator Br gade) United Su.i-* Vo. uiceri, flfty able le?diad u,ea, lor whom $3 per man * ill b- paid. Al?o tw.-ntjr young men lor two coiommaion-'d offlirrv p.y from $17 to $211 per month. Clothing *?d aubai-'enir ro nd Immediately Iter muttering. Inquire at olhue B atrn liUod ii-rrr, foot 0i it WH ?II r i ?>i n n ni? n tioo, '/KpvHin. jt4id be<?iment p BI'NIEUILZUl'AX e.? -THE latr OO metuhai#ul Unarmlmeul an- n?(r"'fu :y .Ojue.ied |o oilHil oea Lioutenaul Jarn-a t. ferrule n on an I after M mho*. at W Suit) areuue. Iamonden rug t? (Jtgnnue a omnpaojr of on* hundred man. I -Ion i "luS j<ju arlil let me rail in the tlMtnut. " Lieutenant j am En t. jebholx kh. herfean' tom c. Baray. nii nA BOL'NTVf?3 TO THE P-Ki'P.l'lT VTHF.N MI S JrllfU tere' Into ?rrlCO W?nt'<l :or Cjimunjr M Filih leolment (Eioelalor hrlfhdet L'nlieg State. Volunteer# flflr al>l? bodied men, for whom ft per m* b will oa itMii ' AUn ttrewr joung riea for DM-">aimtmionc4 fITrie; par from $17 lo fifper month. Clothing and aub i.tenrofohin" .rtiedlaWl/ afwr enllhtlng, Inquire at of. PIIOI'MAU. ~~ XTOTH't".. J> I'r , ....air fr m <l<*i-r* and millera ?re Invited till tha luhof A i. , l?e|, 1'irFirnl hl'ig flour to the Hnb-De; artmem. of it n? and ernle naa been received l<f 'M l/'Blt" ' . ?nd kn. wn it &'< 1 ei tra. Sample* of till* hour can 0* wen at I 'In Capitol faMff, lu thin etfl . It tad en ,1 i 'make a contra t fur 20,1)00 hart ela. Should, how \e nit p h nil -i re t. f nlib a 1 t| ouautitjr, hn ol.laial ihe prima- numte ro. barrel. In hi* till Thai .. * will h* ro'i nrrd It nioh nt t} ? raw of 400 barret ' ut.lllthe iintra. r la (1. r l. No I i l a r ? T?U whl h rti? not nn?o up to tha Mono. . t til ua|. d'i'.n mada jual . i llu> unr haae. The tie rt ' r a? ' . n?: "< ' 1- -t m WuhlnjU" oroi any ol the ?ar ho -e? In ir-nr. 'own. l?. C. i**mi n ?rr>? th. ?'it to i" i any .iid i?r any r " ib iw'? If T rjrn. and th? bid* to he a. (a. BhUtWirtl, i . m., v. ?. A.., WaaUng m . i/. 1 N%ur.9 4T ItCTIOI. \WiriiiK N<>lioK M II IUPMAM i, <>0.. AULTIONRKB-4, MAOVlKlOBMf MOUSEUOM* Kl KNITi RE. t il.M IMt. STA 11 ir.i .Uil ruiuy r?ru aud ile-nat WORKS OP ART. At public aucu,.t, on to-ut 'rror March 31, ">*?< cotnmenciiu; at li o'clock precisely, A> lkt uicjiout re Uruon it. We-.: fcuiccxu Vrcet, betvireu . Fifth Mid Alttij 815 FEN OCTAVE BoSKWOC'O riANQFoPTF, RIKEWOOU UK I WING ROOM SUITS , Hton.e an.] Ormolu Uu.ndt. -rs, Vclrt" Veda Hot- Oarpeta, ? ?r. an J [?. >:? x <'hti.a V*.,- 1*. < ;; V ">. I fcdi: ruidiTMi Raoe Curtain *,Oi' IVuiilink- ' > emlnautar ]? ?. Tbo .iUwU*nn*?r?? cail ibe partly Jar of tbrftr froul* sad lue public 10 tin . aa c, the imtaliig'ie oompru a| la.. I. bent moamfi.t 01 H ,m I I- < ? red , II -'Urtlon (hb MAM). ThAJfurn 'n w, rual' n' .W leaa iuhb wvea month.1 attaint iith>- i*sl deatn|>ii.'h. , ? i a pu?. i?b, w ;,uu ; . ,Mr wmicer. lima ,:m R. < i ? , K'i cmolk] Bookraae aadV-crtstai .ca. Kft.'t t;ti irn, Kady'a Work Table, Writing 1>< KTrrci.t-b plate 1*1' Mirror*, tuar. !>'c slab and bra. V:?: two large Muiirl, richly , carved framaa; re. Ear* Curtate*-. French Shades, , Conuee-., t? o m vn.ti -nt aulu 1>. ?wiug Uo >m Furniture, rovct d in three e n .re i aniau bro ado of the r.t lte?t e* np.. tinn, r?n?i in aoitd roauwoni; tv\ o Teteutete h fan,:wo Arm and eight Ovai Buck Chaira, roaew?>d Ce.-trr Tabira, *.? tu'y mm > ]r lap* to match tb" ain'a: Binders* lined wtl> ?-.a wood, marble bp, n-lrror dixT* und tack; King's Hi;- :,. llec/ning Kaay ..*ira; Tier, Card and Quart Mo r-i Ull I aj voir, almoin, u _ ..i... Fun-* and MliW eminent artlal*; A? sumption id ? uijlu Vlt?. >. from a celebrated pamtiiu>. Iu t>?<" Lou\ re, Perm. 8: jrm Hi Sea, by l':nferuagl?i two RUpet'o match paint.u?* by Board ruin * maonipicbxt hoskwood imanokoktk, Id? richi 4t ina'runienl offered at auction tbiascaaon; auperb carted lrgH and case, round ixroer*, f ill iron plate, overetniug hues, all modem iatprovameuU, made by ii:y mil ra, fully tested by cnmi ol-nt judge* and pronounced a auperlor Instrument: roaewood Canterbury, u?. Stool, < ovet-d a brocatel. Diu'ng Bomb?OaV Buffet, Evtenv ?n Tale. China, Dinner and Tea M?; Orydil ?.',? ??are, rtehlv eu geared; Table Cutlery, solid Silverware. Onamben>?K?ewoo l and i.inho ;an> Bureaus, Bedstead*, Wardrobe., Touel Table .. Cvvunr.dra, Dressing Tables. Hair aud Bprina Bat troaaes. Counterpane*. Rlutikrla. Sheet'. Towels. JfcUraw'a PeU-nl Sofa Ik'hVioda, Bookatag Is, BreSEela and iuart? Oarpeta. Auction nottuk.?d. b. c wlkixa, auitionkk OFFICE -131. BROADW AY. L-tilGE SALE UK Kit a AMI COST!.* HOl'SKID 11 J) PCTUflTURB, ELEGANT KOSBWUOD PlANliPOKTB, RoeKh (><?D PARLOR PI ITS in BKO'ATEL, vall'ALE PAINTING*, ARTISTIC HPONZld, MAKBLK OKOl 1*S, 40 . AO d. i>. CAE1.KIN* a co. will soli, i.o Monday. March 31, r' Ibe ei-gatit pmata residence, No. Hid West Pour teeiUb street, laiaUnn Eighth and Ninth aveuu-n, conmri. ir.g ai lo5< o'clock A. M. The salo comprise# the entire comer's of the bouse. The elegant Parlor Pi.rnUitn was made to order, and 1? in do,id rosewood. The whole aril! be old to the' bidder fir cash. olfenes e?t-:? Induce, .'Ma to pureti... <o g, us the eatiru furniture of the boos < i . nearly new, and must lie m-l.t, oetn^ to renin ,il. EV*anl rosewood I'l .ncioiie. seitii ot'tnrr. with all m >oeT. improvmente, oi c? trunii bass, solid pear.' ke,ia, A.., coat yiAC, u*!,.i , ca: nu'. f,.r three year*; i?r>: io'i". en) St>?ol, d fir 'a in, and emiuo.. eie'i to er, three el. saut fuli v if . of "oaewuod fur' >r Po lire, in rich brnce and so! r, sew d Eia f-n ?, erlendl'l ,,iv! lo*.ly psrlso Ornaments, rich V?. -, dr.; onsen.,urn wl i , !, u of raic l'air.!'.! c?, ru,cwood T.:-U?h Baey tflihira, in rue rej r i-ivro-l I'ertro and Side -p I -blea, rirbly carved t'haitibr! Sous, in roe-wood and utahocenj, Boreuna, < arvrd Bcdat'-ada, o? or U>'ysrdaofifenavt V l>e', Hn.< sand lu^retu ('iipl.; tshaLiBd h- f ilrd.-. In ha r; ten pore H.ur >ioltrrsses, 1 sou it) !0 AO pouiula, i. ,td.- 'oo "l, audio evrelh tit roiidi loti. Dum a K' -'Ui t urn" r.-i u?i..|s of une uak Kitens'' u T : i,!e. Sif'er Ware rich h.r v, ir ty and ail "r lery. Porks, Ofmcu.. Au .wiibhca . rut an i tigra-cd Gut-i*. iv h rr of every di-erifdiou Sale !" I - e. Auction noth s >i. DOIIIHTY. Mortg.ikb .vi " of tl-'gaut !i.?i.s?.'i. .J , urniture, Carpets, M vr.m Ac M. DOf/'tiUTY will sell on Monday, M.treh HI. at JO1; O'. iuCk. at a., tf., :" out, HS Nntaau atre-o. rouriatlng in ;>a'l !>f eircant roscw f Pari-.r Snlta. in ri-h cof-u- d broc.ifel; mahogany uc.. in hair cio! u;, ambogany and W alnut Be reiacy and I.h 1 ry B'uok.'av s; ,.a!; pliiar an.t cht'- Pvtear ion Diniug Table,>: mse-ond Chsi.ihe, wlts-V'., liedaid .4, Buca-a, Waahatarda anil Uouiiiiutlea; maieutauy, -ok, walnut and enam<"..-d do.; slur LiN-ary la In, Alio Cita'rs*. r'wowooit AtnoireawtKaO'. ..11'* : witu aatui Mid jueli..|jan? Cenire TaUl, ?, T?i* try, UnuaeU Mid lug'Jtn tn> *?ry andU is-ia'an, l*ai.U.ii(,a, Eng. at nigs, 4c. Also, l?o rosewood BniUrd TaUce, Bollard Mijh Chair*, mlulat .rr Ship, Kniiiisli double larrriied fc'o Hue Plnee, I Hp"! or r. ith % Urge assortment of me Hutu class Household Furniture. The whole to be iierefuoiiaril, sold. C.ttalafucaas alLa -ot m ou mot ulug of islr. It. S. Kuglcr, attorney for mortgagee. \m, alctiomiei'-acctiox "Sale . o! Ruuly tu* t to'hitig. 4<ou Hun lay, Mann :V, si lu'i a "clou*, et 23 Bowery, comprising ??e Cloth mvl Caas.iaeic Frock, Sarlt aad Burlnoaa tloaui; Uocsltln, Ciotu. Ciuteimeieai.J Naunet l'ani*; Sits, K.iUu ti d Velvet Vesta; il-o. Hie? o (iuods, CUuUs, Smln-i?. l.ia pgi. Shirt Collar*, , Necktie*, R.....-ns, TrjruT.ii.R4, F mcy t.oa J-., 4c. AIM), one aet llagtuerrrotypo Apparatus u Orticr. ' Vvction' notice.?m. docohty. auctioneer. will ae'.l, or. JtoRlay. Match 111, at monetae*., V. At., at ,Vt? rCt U'arrri: atr i t. (ur Furniture, tit e ITuture*, 4c., vU.. hurwlsumn Co un'crs,. dhabio for lafceyiti) good* store; Pieki, Chair*.Iron Safe, Sllolrtag. Le'tCr I"; -?i, 1st :>* a?e, Iron tin. tog. Tatufa, S-otrea, al-. Ma. Mne./,l . A J., SON 4 CO. GIVE THEIR . person 1 tun r.'lc.n (as formerly! to ?a!t ? of Mouae bold I'multure du ring ' iv i*hu. i. AN lil.EOART COUNTRY RE-HPRN'K WILT. RB Oid i 'i 1' iur?d?^, April It. by ULKKi KEIt 4 SON. A ir.iu liu; of t j,-prcm-x-o may ' ?er i a; 11 1'iao ?<Tev, and full particular. ubtelr it. B ISAACS, AUCTIONEER. Offc' K -!4d NI.VI.'I A\ E . nue w : sell on the i '?' of Apr i, at ,TA (ietisetoor*. rtrert, at lOo'W" A inoHtrii i Kng t.c, Boiler am! CKiurt*, Shafting sue It. ing, one Wagon. Coflee Mill. 4c. 4 I \ V. l.KV Y, At CTIO.H.r.C -Xi>. JH CANAL HTRF.hP \Jt c?* of ItnaL. ay. lias . ? ...or* ? . pr-.ite sap., e y I *c?eeal mt*?i I Sm.a. ntaitde u>n Tafch's, three pell, 1 (la KM?irr , Bureau, elega:-.*. KUtgerfti. ?**? .; K.^n use, Bi"l?f?*ud* I vuiifc? h, a:!** apletn'M: o?*v %n*[ i'.aii', nr; *uf enor Fr-ii a K ds I*?n? ? ? aiuX Hellt-rs, R*-'/>?reH, rM *% V Stair !< ; S'nivl*. Ac., A"* I'u ; ! ? turnfthm;; and viahlng to p'lrchMn* ilr-.r <Ua*J g?*j<U, wi; pb'aia rail. tiwoda mcei/ed on ( oiumiMioru David n. roan, auctioneer?salesrooms m Caual siret t?T.-'e Looking (La*? and i\:ture Frame ?nufnetuirr, rrs; ?-?t fully lrryrn ** his f-?tiM* anJ former p?ir?>n* ihat bo new is*1 la on e<?' -tuMion at prE ii* Mif, and m auction, Furunam of every <ie*.r?pr in, tlercliauuiM', flnn***, Lota, and crerjth ?j pi rt*inin* loth* Auction art?< ( o'truiPH on B luncia. I i^Mneu.- rec; **ctf 'j ly licit' 1 L.rt .?ji made on day o' a**"-. EnVTARD SI NT/EN IOH, AIXTION EFR.?FbEO ANT Hotvi; '(I Kiirn'turt', nr C. W. I> VVKNI'i ,RT. on Tuei. I . ? 'i dork M ga ./ ; -.a '1? .V UM Mi -t 0 Ar:i#fr?a Bin** a v- ry rvf.;cr aw.'-ix^.1 ot rich I'arior. t r?H* i"cr, Library. K. oiu and Hail Emit;-?*, all war.hi ;-d, Ala'4 for Urat r ati re'Ail ade. Oa rabik.iioQ h" day before *?le. Ii^XECtrTOR > fcAT.E -MTE I NDEK-?lONFU. KXh "j ci.on of Mary r, \ arwn, ct-craf-d, fill aell a public amtion, oa theUtu < hv ?-f ar~u, j 1h" premU?**, the KlDf *rty aidy o?vnrd aad * tiptcd by the *aid d**ce?**'l. i c-u* jtiru oi on** Dwell!ok liofia , on lYaanl H hiki' Hi d Barn, tt. i about ^ vn * or Lar.d 1' in d. Ft !*.*? n good view of ii i E.?s: lUtrraari v ithiu n* mri'iuta' walk oMhe t/.'-urnboat lauding. I*. B. SK.VidKD, t *? states barton. j Dal* '. Nkw Ri? *iK* Li , Man** ^4, 1#.'. (' iKOKGE MOLBItOOK, M .'CTfOXEEK -MORTO AOF. X 8*ii\?W- .ne?? :4v. April 2. at lo,^ o' it ?Crv?i)f ^trcct. n *r Spring, afi th- b.antil A r *\ ooil PuMii'ura, b in y. rnnd? in ?r?i'*r, an 1 roneistlng i/f t?v? r-..* wood far lor ; IT. nr.H^i ? 1; tMra kk! Wait|rt?4> and <e. f? ione- I Wo J J* dt.?"?dl, 0 ii!iri*ail?, I? \V viiU tuts and 10 Tablet; . Hii -e iii" ?' * wa ti'ii s nr . tine Velvet. Hrt,-?e?'.a and If.- ' pain* a us..; ? or .nr.* ?ni * >r ; r res, I "ron/e CIm'Ii m I & brui * .Went.-' Kl/nr-i ro-tt $IS?; M Jlalr Mal'rraaea and t*-*t M<da?n? awl fklowa; as line a lut nf Nfn ' tin*, i; till , Blanket*. Mr,, a? i hern o?T? red at aurtl. u Tor aorati tin large Fhr Uln a ?, 1 uaawottd Fi*u .He, and a fine lot ot Mnttit: Koo.n and K.:tcl.on Fu.ultuiu. Cutai goes read ?o T-'f-aday. H. K Kli.? N K M A N, \Uotney for MortgMtte. On Friday. A. ril U, In Tht .jraevrbth antci, benr Eighth avenue, a im< lot of rnrniiurr. GlKC IK'LBROOK, Alt llti.KKl: WIU SFf.L. OX I Tutelar April I, .it IDS n* ! k. ?' No. ? Ln.r.tu" arret, near H: -cker, a gin rai anortnient of Furnttart', ol * tarniijr learlrotbe ell?. . /I O. HOKTON, At'CTION'EER-Wri.L (-FLT. ON ijT? Monday, Marcli .(1, al til* time. N u f .rmiur inert, ? 2 oVIii.k r. V., Hnuaruold Fl 1 .inirr. tallica, 1'hst*. fV.iahat nils, Mlrr:*, tiveJ. Br. ytiilta, v tiewt' r. <!? chine, (iUv Cest. HENKY B. LEEDS AC< TIONEKlt.?BKACTIFl'LOIL P'" nilu-H.?MESKV If. A-KBLIN A CO. wll sell atniiet inn, on Thursday. April :* at 11 orl ?-k. <1 tin gi.lleryover t ? aa'oartrim dd'Naixtau street, a eptoudirl pri air rolMrtlon ol brat via * I'. -tuie In tv. ir?,ti rnleruel bra gentleman t'trli.eivoly l"r hla own i*tuo,roa>|>riaitig worlte of the beat .otl in end am .ulartl-iu; itu.nig tbiun are t' t A B. Ilui-acid, K. f -litre, 0*1. If. Baher, Ja . M fl irt Win Hart.-f. I' K"U - tt, J. f < r, <?en. II llall. A. t. Tail, Paul Wt lib t, TbOI. Oole. ''en fl. K't'iohlnn, Unit Jatnt:, Wm. asayer. ?r., J. II. Won el, J A. l>?ifte!, K. B-.wa, Tii - Kanvy. A. If. Mb.f k I no?. I)t'luluy, Con ar-l and Jobden,I'arla; Ml.11!"', of D' - l. ti; Nahlwnd WenJeruiit, am'm idj o'bera. This !1 bo loiitiri, on r.i. t,drachm, 'o t>o equal to any -Ueetl n oil red >y an. turn for mai r >e ir?. Tuny can tie --r-ti in la- *tr e gr'lery from Th'tr?day, 2/Pi lost, until tbc lay ot aa>. HFNRY C. SORIHNEll Al 1 rtONF.ER, * U.E-SROOM 111 Na?*au alreet.?IIE.NUV ' HCKIKNr.K w li give namr 1 I u.. a'fi Bt> 1 -. .* ?!** *' t'l of llm .fcho'J fiirtli. turn. Ao., at pntalc daroU ,ga. 1'ar lea <!e lining homek apt tin arc Intitnd total!. tilnryi' s Ki:tveR I ,*. i..? RKBitAL Jl Auctioneer, Mtlearuom Ni>. Ill K???.i i a rtet, a re t 4. <.r* tooth of Ilttktran ntrorf ? I*ar*lcular itn- utlon clttn toaal-aof R<"?1 Ednf, S< ilnda, II >1 r., Carnaua, Kurni'u.nand Rnrhandtan trnTallT, rltl cr nt the Mkth room r t a?"vb?m. K< el E-'*tn, hUnkm, Vuaaela, Ac.-will t> ao'd *1 'h? M 1 'hanla ' Kichan- > wlmn prclcrred. fccfniwflct ? K. I). Bruwn, K" 1., Vt it !'r*t MelanCa' an I Tradmt' Bank; Frederick K. I?e, E u Pr? Ulant StljrTeaani 1're ln?o?"."c? O-.m-'anjr; I*-*" (). H itk"r, E-(.. Prnel. Unit Ru'aerV fire Inenrauci Company; John K. Watl-y, Kaq., 234 Bmimc atreet. Husky b. liBRTfv auctioneer. B; 1IF.NKY WOOD A CO. Sa'etrnoma. < >' Broadway an J 14 Citmhy at reel. 8HERIF! S FA IE Ol' LlyUORS. AC Monday, March 31 at lt?H o'clock, at B ?. net B.-i * !w?y, a art'1 lot o Wine* L?jn ?. depart, C? iniera, c h-ltln*. Kar Plimrtt, Ben Bum;-, Uae Flxlurer, Oaua, Carpet*. Ir"" JAVKH LYNCH, Sheriff. HENRY H. HKKTy IK , At'CTIONEBB. HENRY WOOD A CO. WILL SELL, uo Ti*e><:.y, April 1, at ld>i o oloch, 'lAMt'OVE flOVSETfOLD Ki:iV>I1 "he? Cmr | rji tni 4 ritli and fnli ?a? ritac-nt <>l rosewood tari.ok slits. In phieh and t ipea'ij* Velvet, Hniaaela and In/train Cxrpeti; ran trench 1 um I'n r ntiJ Mm ' I Minor*,iuperb roMwmxJ eaten nrtave Pianoforte, Unr Window (irtalnaandCortil'-ci, C landtl.' re, '.alu> lr origin.ilOil I'aiDlln^a, rmcwood *. fret, F.n ire*, t>ntre and Side Tai'lre Bedrieada, Bureau*. HaatiaUnda, Trdie! Tahiti, mahogany and walnut Clam bar nuita, a lane Ud of line R. Idln*, Hair ,aid Si ring Watireaata, Keda. ri low* BoUtera, China, OUaiaarc, Fitted w?'?. Cc? r Ac., Ua, .1,.,. ha mual aa-or menl of Kit hen Fmnlturn Ct ? i; v, h w --h u !e will coinoitaoa. t;#u n|i,ta rtaay mHjr on morning of aal* JOHN I* V.Uil) WATER At IIONhR! ?JIT A. ,)< ITi'N'F.AV. . ' c" ' /' i ! ? . T n at, April ll.a'ln' "k lainp ?'->t T %. I ngratn, and \?t. attCa:;*MU O. - ' t 1. A- , An ; It I tlaa ? 1 11 v' d? ? Bill uJ I .?' in . ,,n,i ? orilwr: USHaa Ku?n> h<ne n<o al H I * ?"?niak Bf 1 laevtM u Citltl taiivU< NKW YORK HERALD, ^SAIilC* AT AVCT^tfg, J OHM IKV[.<JS ALU 1 H?M4' tt?SALESROOM M" 41 I ?i n^r*A ' >v' ?,. rt ' liotiaehuld Ettm ture "* "P * 11 ' -mii-ar' i Bruaa'is and Icrain 'Mi ?vft Mf* " Ouaira, ma I l.y II.-U, Tilt ;?.m r?Mr, Be.M.adt, itiyyoj-. Wlin'oar Coi nloea. L?<. Curtain '" jci A 4C" *?" <*? Tuoaday, April 1, at Id} l'OHM H WHITSOV, AUCTIONEER.?WIIITSG 51 . J? soho will . l, M o H-ttj Si. u U oYinrk, * ** *%> our!" f?*l ?t ?t ?i-, ,?i a .d K Kk.4ta-ei.ij ruurtu ?wn, abnit ;<? i ry al o. s i?t oi i?c and double S ?. of Lam- iv?js A,. J" A MBS M MIM.kB, API I ION HER- WILL BELL, A the Merc: aula' Kju a ,e, on .uc?u*j us I, April I, ti. mw.'WUuii BnMW.i), uoniu-a. l owe. c. Kllty-four'. I.reel. sale (xj Jlire. K^r iuI] r inquire at t if olkoe oi am liooorr. its I'no street. J* MILLKK AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, AT Till . Mei -liunts KHiluu.j,. . .. v\ cAneada , Apr.! I. at It V |*o brown atone llum's i.ia and Lit Oea atie t, rlrooai.r wuu all mo a ra iuiptvreui.uu.; ?an poai.i.e, uacetlet, iiM..hborhood. rMOBIABTY, AOUTIOSiEiE, WILL SELL, AT 11 Ilri.lqe *in- -u Br o ,>u. a' I , o'clock, on Muuda, Mai 'h SI. ail tho k .i. ! ro ctinlAi.n.d thor .a ? B.iii'iUJ 8i fa Re it, Tables 01?i r?, Carpet*. Mirrors. Clo it., CiU. wme, and Kil.l'. n p. ru tarc. The fawny la KJiug I BCI'-I* PAWNBROKER'S .HA1.L?AT JOHM MORTIMER'S. 1 East Broadway, on NVc Iv-ad April 2, ai 101$ o'clor) About 5UP Iota en IWii ciierrne i Plngi a. (JooAb ol? all deaortl ti..o, adapted to tbe M- imn. k .ill parti-u! ?r? uu tlie d ly i the bale. By order of S 3. Salomons, No. (IS Hudson siree TOAEVNBV. AUCTIONEER?! ALESROOM b? CBf '.to si ret. wU> beilo- Mttii'Uy, si uih 31, a-. iOKo'Uocl tho r.'.ase. Slock, md l-'ikicraaof tbc L q on Siorti,578 Tro a rretj evcl.eut store Eiviaroa, l>.^.a Waiuul top Uonntc Beer Rum pa, line do TTALUABLK PRODUCnvE REAL ESTATE AT AP< 1 tku.?\UenU'n L caiVJ to tSr loicclusura sale of ti new fti a rtury lirirk Huiidfng \nd Lot, Mod. 35 and Sir flhat'ieni street, on M"tt Uy, tlio Jlai day of March, 1-idS, :, ai tho Meril anta' En bans?. W Jamaa M. MillAncUcueer. Thiapj-onrrtj !rou:s uu Caaih&m ?n Noit William a..-oris, li?i lu'o Ktrif*. Raiometlt, aud It 1 the be t prt'.lurtlvo j r porty in thiacity. tor wacaii quire at tlie Auctioneer a iidioe. 2j PinsatreeL yy- M. HOLLINCieHEAD; AUC TION REE. Ec eTinndrsd caaea BOOT8 WD SHOES at auoUoo for oesi on T arid a/, Apri" 5, a'. 10^ o'.-lo.-k. ET AiltCld HRAflO, Mo S(> VV'wr cn eir 't. 0(-Tu,>rUinf a very gei rrt; a-KO.-um ulof ireali and acnaonahl c'.ix' ., to which '.! ? ail"ution of boy ra 1 rcapecuul y Inruec StTS.V'd OBA1N IKiO.'ii, in cr -it ciririy, at pit.*to -a1' Ai.EXIS bit viKt, 3U Vfnri'eu ain-et. TB~M II. WBIOHT A Or, AT 'TuVEKRH. WII. TT a: il, on 'I jeaj.y, Apri 1. at 10'.. ..'clock A. M.t at 111 Clu i. .in it 1.1 11 &' ,le. i'..-i okK n. 11,. ; wl alrt K':: -ilturi com). ?lns r new i, id i,'i< . durto, tr vi. .1 King iv, Vt-lv. l'.il- iry hihi Ingrain i.arp i-; Of Ibdntitu:*and Engravingmn j :a>y Ciiali'H, Bo.*-. i'ol.--.i Tc'.vvj, Lounge B 'dstcadi l>iv??iMg'Bui -ail* Wuxhtanda, uii-iei'mr Hulr utidtipiiii Mat' , -axei-, Lure i unalm, Pn-r Mirror, ele-.ant China To aitil iMnnnr Sot-, oui Uln-ware, lda-4 walnut Kttrusi-n T.ibi" and t'lfih-u C:is ."->, Kitchen U' oxi!*, Catalogue a rtu- OIu! of theaurli in . rn, .17! Pulton street, Bruokly n \\.rM WMThRS, AT'l TI'.VEEB~ WII.I, SELL TO-MOR f? r at- oiwlc. at iSl Oar I s'.re-i, the entire game' t-el Turn, urn, A"., of air. ?c bouse?forty Cnrj eta, 1'arln S .rr. to., togr'hi f with vi-tjrtu ,tg ''or roubekeeplng. Als twi n'.; live barrels Soap JSciap*. Ala >, Lot of Razors am Fare v flood*. Sale j-ere'1'puir; I'pr raah. FOR SALE. ABBALTIKtri. MICROSCOPE, Magnifying 400 t un 1, for 'is cental in aliver. Vive o dP;c:--n? powers, $1. Muted free. Addnaa V. I. BOVTEN, box ?2b, Boston, Mas'. Ay KNOL1SI1 PUBLIC HOUSE TO BE BOLL?PCI ,kali; tonjr leas* an t tin. er.i'e tent; doing a fair tniai new-. App.y at TKALV S, l.tUUe a. street, cori.a.' of Wuali tact M A BA!;.: At> SELDOM OJFEBED.-THB LEA8P M'oekaud lliti'r a of one of the beat it -stauraat* ami Diaing Sab-oiis down town; barn esatiltshrd lor over elrrn Vitus; nra'.lj lit'-ct and everything .onip'eta. Will t?a a?!i ill * sacrifice. Apply at 116 John elreet. A BARE CHANCE. niH SALOON KMJVt'tl AH TUt 1'rout Mraet CeSVe U.'irf, a lock, lea-e and fixture* wi'i be sold cheap for.caah. Apply on the premise* to THO M a.-' A JOUS O. CREED 11*Front street, one door Iron Wall Bakery fo;: sale -ox cobxbb op thirty.firsi street a..J Hixth at rutin, newly Oiled up, and it the io-.v of order for cu. lying on the b\ oinraa. Doing! goo t raat, trad., mo-)"/ nrer the counter Will tie *uid ver r w if applu-rt f? r laamrdhunly. H. H. I UBUMAN. DRUGSTORE' FOR SALE?SITUATED ON A LEAD ing tl.or.iughf-r la lln-tlyn. eatablU .ed-litTeen year* will lv aold riteiip for ash. Apply to MOPUAN A ALLEN OUO street. M- w York. Dr.uo store- tor hvi.k-for one half rri val c-; good loratwr ; v.e!I ato- nad ami ifi But oruri Apply a; tli ? Set/ mird amnne, ben, ceo IVrtj'-sixlb am Fort> at entb iinat?. 1-XO's K \LK -y.MPr.<K LAUNDRY, 23C sad Sis WBH" . n, ui?n atrriu, | a>K*y'aa. .? vrnm <o^ i uc w?i . 'ni klre' ' f Itr.shiuery gnd apparatus net- aaitry tor aneitrnair laundry buainesg; ail In |>ert'ect running order. A|qdy .? L i I HI'iillHs, 747 RUtf. ivfn'i", corner of Kug"tjdu.irtb at IAi.R SALE?CUBAP FOB CABfi, THE ST<H'K. FIX ires run bowl ?\ il! (> ',tsi n wry Toy and IVr.otii ml vort ." ! Sltth nrenne. iino quo.- above Kifteeinh slr-<"1 Kent moderate. Agents need not apply. Inquir* la th gnire TIOR 3AT.F,?THE LEASE, ElXTt'RKS AND OOOI J Vt :.i oi a lgg? idqnor Store, on Eighth avenue, tx iH't'ri Thtuetb * 'i Pt.rttFtl eirecu. sails'aoo.ry reaa-.n gigeo'or atlittig. In on a corner and a f..?. aPtrv I> uldlnj ttfllt stable, ac. illw tkol. Inquire of r? |>. iiawrkm l 1,'JBI Broadway. UOB HALE-THE LKAnE, WITH FIXTURE*, OP i 1? large jnriirr D.ytlouda Hioco, one of the tea: >tanda i Brookly.-i; l.aa Ia?-'i ee'abioilied dv year* Inquire of W H .MELICK, iu d ?goee. .-an room, Nie. ill? Broadway , X. A TjVUi SALE?OJ ! HANirVACTOBY MACHINBR1 J; Tun Fititiire-, and Maeli.nrrv of tho Aubi.rrbi..-'s .apen (>J and' ?ndl? Maii'itaeouy. oa llielaonanee\ Jersey Ci j for sale cheap, comlatlug of hydraulic hniiMBUl Hi Frrs*, aia :e by 11 'amah A IP bloaou, of London, and sew rtl Sjrrw fairf-. A..u? :hn t'ai lis Moulda, Try 1'om, R, llolnjf Kelt ?, and oalter apprrat.a and llmirea appcrtaii m? I an and ran die -an .ry. \|>|>ly a' y> Broad ? r *i New Y.rk, Fan U. ..eer, any time [>y applying at 'be corne of Hudson and ViSees ydree",, Jerney Idly. lAOK SALE-TIlR i"TorK AND PlXTlTiiKHOP A FIN! J; ly loeated Urocory uptown. Kor particulars inquiro i 1H6Fulton -.ireet, Mnrd fhrni. Termaraah. Tj'OR SA1.B-A FFIO HToKF; WOFLD BE LFT 01 J1 eaePaiiged lor oh. r froyaftf; ha* fourynaraEase. i a? 11 i'l:n? fur Klour, Read or any bualneaa. Inquire of .1 MARTIN, M.*2 W??t atree: on the premise#. For hale?v roadside hotel, one of th: '-eat H'arid , lo. Iron: i i, en tPa road, wlln a long lent and ' ? rent, ail m'!" fr.iu the Fry lla!!. The rea on U seii. i ; M on iOeUO'. el nine, i.inlueea Alv? aeven Jal Iloreo lii'i'iira on the pre mi? a a' the \W. orley Hole Ninety sit'.U street and Broadway. COB SALE?A'HE.I F FOR C YAH THE STOCK HI _C P cs and u<>. i wilt df tf y gtali orry, Toy, I'andy an New?|.i; r Depo, 3P)\ Ninth a line, inn g< tocatnu h-tweea Thlrt etn at: 1 Iblriy-tl ?l ellceta. lujulre in to For Rai,E CHE IF-TO A t .'ASH Ct HTOVEIl, A FIN tin .arm; ll.r yreaeut owner hay done n btiaineait t J-i'|J"0 the pat'; reason for gelling, other buainei O'vi'tp. a all ids time. Vol Iurlltor partieulara Inquire on tli I i-~ou-a ol L DI.YKit, 111 Wt s Liublceaib street, Ne1 York /HAH AND STEAM PIPE EtTTfNC. EsT.VBLTSHMEN IT forsaie. This r. a odchi; rr for any one u.?hlug I rj if II the *?L-rL . .?i:iCa?. Add; a J. U. Multilist Dayton, Ohio. T>ROPFLI.EP FOR HVLL, FP.F.MUT OR CHABTEI J. adapted lc I11I i .d Mori -th n of IS*'P I" tiurtheu. It qairei'f Oaptaln A. D TAIL, 1.1 C ? nbcr* sheet. ten r irons -rrvr thot'samd mallf.i ti h - Iron Trlix'J Ooirw. for aale. now on hand. Addrn s . r .- Ic A Co., Malleable Iron Work* Trenton, H. J. rno OAS hITTKRS, {.AS VIXTI l-.KS AND lamp OF. AI J. er, - For ??! '. the l?it lu'a'ed and oldest Ntau I In th i nr... H.l tore. T.i- ?tore <.ui b, had on leave*. a lo rem for a 'erin "f yen". Their it n ?p!>ndtt! rl.uw roon wltu 11 i?"t e< lllng, also 'a ork ai.op with tool* com pie tr. Pt f .rlber jertteul ir. adore.# l> i 1.117 Fust oilier B iltunorr. rpilK OOOL WILL AND KNTfl'K KI'HNITl'RK AN' 1 Flat . ... .1 le gel cla ? I; entlng Houm for mil tlo ng a good lui-.lni saamt one of the >h t autl most location* In lb- ritjr; aunl't make n nrst ra'e hotel; unntnii liljr flrer' os. Apply b BRADLEY A WAKKEN, Id I'ulu quarr. 1IHTEL9. IjmOI.B llOl'SK, J) OLl R01T.--Tuis" Hotel i n >n open for lite n con ode .ii of sue. i*. In location, on Jcil'crg,: . i (olph -?r t with a frultl of to hutidt il feel on oa. li-i" '!, t? the ni..?t airjr and .Inllahtft lit tl cliy. end con-, anlei.t u? a'l.thc railroads. The ruth arr 1 ligament of thf establtsiiMmit i* the reoiill of yearo e re. ft' .n (he boat holier* in th* country, end i> furnish, in he br?t ? >' *, 'he on Icrslf r ed h?v|. g hern ihe lir^f ar f .I e'er pun i trior* of the American Hotel, Slew York cttj the f a pi ',? 11 ome. Philadelphia, and the Rich tol Haute. Chicago. The r?[>o'ailou of t'jrsr hot'!*, aa iritar' management, li n to ire rvlde nee th?t the giefaoi the Hidd Hon e wilt meet with all the rouitort* of a home end gu-. btteiition, at mo It rate char';' *. .1. A A. 8. TABElt, Proprietor* Ctoz/.I NV NEW l| rFL XI' WEST POINT, WJL ) o|itti on aai'irtUr, the SI I May. Th" und. tei^ii.-.1 nee prepar ?l to main ..i.mgie-neuU atth famille* Tort! soswui. lie ham,so four (J. tinge* to rent, two of whic have kitchen u.raiiifineiiU lor a complete '.ibllahii "in. _ WM. 8. COZZEKB. ISIJL'X HOTEL, NO. 10 PLACE, on btook from Rron itray.?itoonii to l?t, for famine* in 1aVINO nOTST., AT FAR ROCKAWAT. (TEAR TH 1'nrllion, with loe honee, filled, and n?"-.?ary, hernial and i ansr. Cheap mil. A1 a Cottage And Lulu, J-O R'-art ?'reef Inquire of SAMCKL J LTlfOBrOJf, CO n. rof Eighth mid <1 and alre.ete, WliliHmsvurg. HEgTMiRAirra. AT LIHRV'H OVnTKK ANL> DIN l.N If KUOM. 1M KU, ion'lift-The lln 'l Oyatera, St<aka. Chopa Oulj l llta kill Kjga. Vanhre Fiah Oakaa, Boiton Lobular*, Tn Ilea, MeaelJWt" and oihera wiU bud tbe artM

a?rv?d at thla place the u<al lo the market. Ctl.OSKD. CLOSED, CLOSED.?TUB OLD STAR Hi / Ul, 4M Hrooiue alreet, will baclnaedon Sind.iya recoi ii | to law; not through the Interference of the police, or < Awfiunl of alckneae In the family, but through a 'lealre obey the lawa of the country In which I lire. Clam Chowd on Monday, aa uauaL J OK BROOKS, all the way fro Manobeatcr. 1JLTT1T A CROOK S J DINING ROOMS, 130 WA'iEK SThMET. (faring ' "nn engaged In the vlcmalllnf hnalneaa In ?' Fir i ward lore*" nirrn far nnd for the 1 ul eight yea In our pr > lit location, we he.' I?urr lo ten ler thank a to I uai'mn-re for their kind and liberal patrouaec mil ho* air!iM-raoiial-'U nMon to tin. IjliallitaA t,i * ,u ri e TfT ,i r SkA .. aa. a V. it? i v, {SUNDAY, MAKOH 30, lHt FlHAMOIAls. >3 A MsAWTIO 6AV1N.H HANK. i. J\ Omtiism square, npra lady r( 1'iom tX'-u, |MM iw .ved ou deposit, *U peroeat Interest r. on -'tins of KfcWnmi tut <J r. n ID ne) l.-inwio-J on or tx-f rn A M, anil invfw m rmi i as from April 1. TIll.SUANIf a- ill rent tve u> tl* i r uite-s . I; I ly 0 oupled by tie TJtAtlU.aMbN'b HANK. 177 Cuathata en.are, on or about the Join ol Audi M 0. VAN PELT, President, .liiitru P OoorKR. Recretary. u ^1' ELECTIONS ov WAJHINOTON. D 0 v Distlt/KAINO OrriVKltauJuliOKd, WAK VLA1M8, AO., PROMPTLY COLLECTED* HI TAYLOR Bit (TUI.ttd ? M7 BROADWAY, ^ _ N WALL dltTRBT |NTRRE8T ON BROOKLYN 0BN1BAL AND .JAMAICA 1 K.t.iroa i Boutin due on 1st Api I, > .11 '? psi J at Ibo Oily b Nans or Biooklju. W B. UUNTKit. T.-rasun r. VTOTUB ' xl _ OrriOM or thk Rata Raii.bnao Onm-ssT, ( Nnw VuHt, March 146. l*o3. t ~1 Tue In arost ou the Kourtli Mortgage Bond# of this Com p:tu> it'.sou the fir-' of April nest, will be p itd on that t ay. >'i on lireeenliilion ol' Us Coupons at tub other u. Ua Treasurer C tnKriepIsc*. * At ths same tlmt and uLa. o the hollers of the Cerilfoates of I? .8 Uregory and I. C. B. Davis, Trustees, will ree-ite payment of thr Coupon ol the Kourto Morraso " uis. due Oct. 1, 1360, wliit luloreet front May 1, 1*61. >o Apru 1.1*6*1 J II, N O'l'l 8, 8-ci-riary, > \""P.W YORK AND NRW HAVHN RAILROAD COM >' Xl piny, corner of Poui in avenue an t T? tnty -eevuat street. l- Treasurer's urtlre, March 33, IntB Tun lineraat due on i he ~ uiurigage bonds of litis lompauy April 1, 1*63. Witt be paid on ' 11 ml after (bat tlnte. io pixseouuiou and surn uder of tie i. coupons at litis oiltce, or at lb* Hsnlt of lb - Republic. / W. BBMKNT, Treasurer. ~ COUNTY POKEBT IMPROVEMENT COM' Incorporated by the LestsiaUire of tie 8tate of r Pennsylvania. u The list of subscribers to t bis Oompaiiyw Slue ctosed Merck r> M, 00 * hi.n day the first luataluirAi of Uj pet cent eu thr h iIiwm subscribed is ie be p Ltd. i? Oil A 3. BCSHOU, President. > n. B.?The oBl-r of lh? C.udpsny is, lor the present, at 309 Broadway, Hear tuck. THIRD AVE M B SAVINGS BANK, Csrser Tblrti so tine and Tweutyqifth street. Cbartrred 1HM. SIX FEB CENT /NTKKKsT allowed on *11 wins fiom ' One to Ore Thoi.s iB<l Dollars. DKPtHITS MADE ON or BEPORB I8T APRII, WILL DRAW INTKRhsT KKoM I'll AT DATR. Bsnh open daily, from 111 to A ile on Holiday, Wcdnev da/ and .Saturday errniugs, from ti to t). f .SPENDER K. UKF.BN, Preeidenl. L Auvi P. Las, Secretary. rimsabrrr notes, govkbnmbnt bonds, six pku ~ 1 cent one year t'cillbCMles, Guurterniaairr'e or Urdu* nor L Vouch.-n and A,uerio.'.n Coin, bought *ud aold by [Jtl.Kd btORM CI.KtVS A CO. Bank m aad Dealers in twcuritles, h 41 and 43 Wait orrct. N"w k' rk. s rrilk tcrkish baths. ?bp bsok1i'tcons to the ' J Stock ortlir Tiii'hiab Bath Company will now lie reertrrtl S at the olllccs of (he follow lUg r urnal*:?Rrenlng Pet, Kx* press, Journal of tAmmer?-, Times, Tribune and the W old. n Captisl required, $-10.00", to bo r*l?ed hy 600 rbar -e at $M 8 rani. Apart from the dividend*, Subsorllers to taw slisre id the ?U?-k wilv be entitled to one five tckel; do. u> Ova chares, ?U tickets; do. to ten shares, thirteen tickets. Tbo lollowio,; gentlemen compose the B ,.inl of DireetlouHon. d Alex. W. Bradford, LL. i). Win. Dull en Brysut, Esq.; Thro. r W. Dwight, Ll>. D., Ool Ool, Law School; Hon. tiro gr Pol . Horn, < ha*. Godfrey ilt.nther, Esq , i.his. King. LL., Pres. 1 i'ail. O-iiie^e; Valentine Moti, Al. D.; John Ordreueux, M. D? Sanitary Commission; J H. Thayer, Esq.; Hon. : Daniel P. Tlcmann, John Torrny, M. D.; Win. II. Vau Hureo, M. D., Ksaltary Commission. 0. OSOANYAN, , Secretary and General Manager. f TTNION DIME SAVINGS BANK. VJ No 42'J Can.J, corner of Varlek street. Otww dstly from 10 V. M. to S, and I mm 6 to T P. IN. Six ]>er rent latere*, showed on nil sums of fjO" soil unj drr. and Bt e p*r cent on larger smounts. I. Interest will commence oa April 1. ThU Ntnk ha* recvirrd ou deposit $746,031! 3$ the past thirty-lour month*. H y. IIACaHWOI'T, President. Gscoerua 8. *. m ? .* fcuwisiy. i CM TO LOAN ON BOND AND-MORTOAGB O* j rest e-tBt? lu tnia ctfy, furnished undue furnished Houses .o let m all part* or the city; a!* >. f loors and Rooms. Wanted, two hundrsJ houses. renting from i $3<<> to <1 (WO. in which r ope-ta I- icnaut* can he pluced. | J. Si MS. real estate btgtker, H20 Broadway, '*:l" eeu lilncuih and Twell th stre.-i s. ' (5r?> r.nit to loan, on bond and mortoaoh laUalJ* f\J til l/iio or more anna on productive Rem I- Eai-'iirin this cr.y or Hiook'yn. Apply in t ie oltt'-e of the , people1*^ ro laser* me Otupaoy, to JOHN A*. CO MIL k, ho | Wall street. I.O VW OK KICKS. s A I HI OBAND .HTKBKT, TlilU.K DOoKd WJ'.ST OP i- 2X Broadway--Henry ?'leei?x.l <ot WiU.Uca,-Dani-ml*. Jewelry, Plate, Dry iftto-N ?riit persona! property of every description. or Se,IKfttHU(l w^.f. Or JOdKI'II JL ,J AOEtiON, aurtionrer Mill to*, her. i " A. A T 30:. BJ-OAiJW iV, l'OKNKK OF XTTTANF STRKI.T. i il ail', an..? maile t.. any ? ..moil uo dijjrt .n.l., waU-lii a, je . elry Jr., Jk~ Oil'ce In jewelry atore, 306 Broadway. o-r - Iter ot Duau* atrrml. J .. . a r T. II. ICfiKslNfl, jfcolnnecr and Broker. e A TT7 BLKBCU8R nTnilCT, THh UK1HK3T CAHH b A )?r.. o mlaiicvd ou Diamonds. Wiuclier, .leor.iy, - PMuoa, Dry Otx .iH, H"kai'4, Ac. ft. II.?!'?<* niirukrra lickei-i bought. II. NKWTrON", 77 Mlrerkpraf reet, up fclalrn. 1i I COBS, Ai A'KDAIC STRKKi' MOhEV ADVANt J!I? J. ?.?? WMH *. Djuihdi s-frr Kate, ?n.| other cal'iabe jr-ramief prop. r.y, or taught for mtii, ami fi liberal pri'p ;?ild. B-i?!neai a'riofly moliilc' ml. ^ Branch ollloe, <07 Broadway. f- T IBlil; \f. ADVASHKd VADB ON 1)7 YMONDS, * Ji WVi Sea, Plain an ' ,1'we rj, or ta igh: (or cash, it flic ft bl?Eh*;,lprUna. leramia having old Qol 1 or 81." ?r '.o a il rati. >. not do heirer than ral. on lA'VlH AM(((>lf, rtS BroadwayA LKITiniOi. ? ffHIE OR V.TION ?>N WAriHINi.TOft", I>P I IVKKED BY A lie*. i. c. Dute i a Wttnujpot'tMraAt) H' ft ' * - Harden, before 'h" i*. I! V s, ?l !. by special requcnl. he ' repealed on Tuesday vrii.ii>, Apr: 1, (n hit church on r. 1 It arrnnr, .j.jj,.* c Amity alien. He r.i) patriotic airt wlii he not; hy a duotrer c'.Oi. i eomme'cii, . al7ts o'clock Tiok.I eU i'.cenie K M. VOOKUKK.d. i Z HE.VB7 DWTflN, /f'ommiltre ;. v. i?. I.ockwodp, I < COPAIITNKRHIIIK NOT1CKS. IT CSC -- - . r JAN If RE.SrK'lABl.F. (?f.NTEE * A V. IV HO CAN ISveal ?W|ii:Uly lie tiir ad'e.ti.vr ciit?i>al, i?n meet i with an untta ia: oni" unity loreall". a -rr la.-:* fortune. it by Init'iirin^ Uttoro Id A. M. or from ! U? A I*. M at 72 Writ Thlrty-aramd a'.rrH. Heferrurrt rtchangsd It A PAUTNKK <T ANTED- VITM A HO CI' $2.(*(0. IN AN j\. i-stabllibed anlol. tteanlful./ fuiuUbci. kr|?t I')' tar i. proprietor aliiro tbr liotiw n?m? bill'-'.. Kr'er boat. ab>p a', ttia dnor. A drtirnC'a chsnri". I AAA* * BUMS, 78 KMMa atratt. * l NY OENTCF.MAN OR I. ADY, POR $1*1, PAYABLE IN T J\ 'a-ih' i i' ) aliiU'UU will . rlvr a rain; :eu? outlil unit >t !? '.: i , n rirwr, !: .? nrs, lr?r<- 1 u? or iiernm. I, i.rnl, paying D out $l.WO t '$(/> <1 unnnal'.y. Ajiply at Eit< tiic K.toni". ft6I Broadway, aeroud Cur (- TAWSOECTION.?W M. P. MAB3TON THIS WAY BP.* : id X' I: i * r"' rn ttir Brui oi L. i mi'Vumhi | Co., 'i?. lut; *-? l a, hl? lU'.rrcat in raid arm lo Janu-a I). Vaii. ie LEW IS TOMElNMlN. Ni rf Yon*. March 2:>, 1"A2. V\ v( P. M VKSTON Thr. s i'i?crl'irr* ?ii! '.hr hU rial.- Vt , I?l| ior E Pciat Biislnmt, n.'rr : ..r lirm of L. T..rrl;ti?oa A Co., >r h: tht u d .a !, 2fi Qterowlcn a;r?#? i* Er.WIH TOMI.INSON. ,e NEW YoBX, Ma' .-l: 1.1. IWt. J tMEo ji. VAIL w ? - ? rno pu vsici.vN'i -* rrcKnt oiitni ate up anew _ A York Mrdlml C'I'i ?r n itmlrjm of roroiln-j prufer~ r on it rounertmn wti r nM uuahliabed pbyaitiVi1 < thai ? C' J'. thaobject Ndag . i. . rathrr tik1*' profit; w, a favorable opportunity o'tci, wot id triy mil a pui'ii.' P a* titi.iiiur. Ad.i ear Physician, 1'uh.ii S c in 1'or.i officii. l' C T0 *' l"a IfE ADVERTISER WOCED LIKE l* ?PclV*" to iv%i i? a j'? u'l' niun '?f go ?ii b'lfltis*** lin- , fits ami !% k?io?vl^ti ol wtV-sa trn?li\ dry good*, groo**- | "" ricMor liMp'wnra prvriTifd. with .1 v?#\v 10 < ??**)on B?i- I a:nc*??, w hloh wi 1 U* o\pi iiue i on./ on an Interview. Monty * can V" in do. r?r.u ?. risk. Ad lifid, >'i reslnime, ConiUiim>ion Ait IJ^rald ulliur. Cil nno -1 WOULD MKK To HAVE A Kl&PONl#? I " /UU# nibii *?nrty )<>\u mc in the p'ln-'.s^o of ono oi tho >iomt |Mvmg grocorics in IL#? city. It isnrmo > c.oi'i. r, ??* I <4u stiow. Addrcitfi D. T. D , box liU Hotald ollit". D IAKT \NU POi \D. 'j i TtOQ EO T -|3 KKWVRO -LORT. ON THE AFTERu 1 XJ on n ? Ibr 37th i'jat., small blu k and tali twrlrr I).ij n'h : t i. aihrrcnllrii'. Wboevrr will return bint to 72 y KVctilh ?trr..t, IVtil Iiu l Nutli ave'lUCR, tball _ rrfluive ilit. r"r.'?-'' IOST-IN I 'HNFitoM TWENTY-NINTH STREET J ma Binadway .'agr. to Koiirth sirr*l, ami than to :I02 Fa iilli rtn < t > . i>'u Porli iiionnali-, coniainliij a Mini of ' ironcv. Tbc liulrr will I s libi rally irararilril ond im ivo "1 tli'anka of IV r ner by rai aioind it to 22 YiiM Tirrnty ' nlu .i -trrct J "1 OK OP BROADWAY MUIIHI METROPOLITAN li H itrl, on h ilur.lav iwtr ujou, a tirrn allk tnstiad Pnne, , ..oiiialiilns ,ii? t .van'.r iloJUr bank noour Hritlali ?.iTi rricn, . ondona A. i n lulf dollar. Tbr llndrr will br rr*ardi'd hv deliyrr ng be?ame to Jattiaa E Burn vPterrriatn Uotno, Brooklyn. 7 ONT-ON WEDNESDAY. MAfK.rt 2d, IN BROADI J w*v. n? "r I !tf>n *1. i Sin* k nnd sn T?*iH#*r flop lor.ff ? >! : ! aJ on j Tiiik eollar With the uwnliT'a name engraved _ mi |m ! . "The r.wlf' 'li b>' liberally lewarded lijr f lorn !na aim to ill Hrowdeey, up *air<. '2 T ost-on rnn?AV nmut. on thk way from thk li ? >rncroi Fifth i ' mul TLh <m ?ith *tr<?et, through Ntnlh Dward Br".ntvfay,a Aimall Muck r?Aj?e, wl?h ?i wirfo |/i-' ?'oi li?v T.i? rtn<i?'r wilt ie??elv#j a i ii'ibJo r*_ Jtud Urfcvlu : it at IfH Niti'.h street. *5 'tofRAYEU?OS RATI. RDAY AFTERNOON, FROM 106 !. M Bov fl-y. a Ch irlts B.u.h; anawera to the nam* of * Flora. A rtwwj will bcf<' 'n by rc'.urning Iter to i ho above number. E CTRAYKD OR HTOLEN-ON WEDNESDAY LAST id O fi mi 7.1 Fiflli * anur, a Hrntrh terrier Dog; lilaok, wlib at tan feet, <:i_ P"t?*i'.'cr lite eye*, ami tan brean: tntwi-ra to t' thi h.ilf ft c.7 Kouio. wli c v?r return* him to ilio nbmi'?d. dr.wa will (Ultablo reward. Nouuratloua naked. ~ CIR kYJtO OR STOLEN?ON THE NlOflT OF THK TTTFT. ? |J i'7lnr<e?ow Plge, one hev* with voting, fremiti* L. pfeut. * of the eubaciiorr, 127 vvarr ti aireet, near I'm a n, Mrect, Brooklyn. 3 nKWARUH. ~ ? a>?J REWARD?LOST, A BLl'E SHOWN LONO 0 ?t 1 haired Terrier Slut, cropped e?t?, about ten month* d- old. Return to 121 Broa.l alreet. II. HAlaOWlN. to tR RRWARD.?IiORT, ON 8A i" RDA1 AFTERNOON, .. ?J)d a p ?;ket lioak containing $18, In gntug through Green. ,_ wteh etr-et. Any oue an Uug tl Will raturu it to 21 Columbia N- T " REWARD.?STRAYED FROM ITER HOME ON Thureday morning, Man h 24. mi Italian Greyhound Milt; aii?-?ee 'ten o i jf Lilly: color ll|rht. Any pr a i ;e'. :.?hert 3 Y ??l/ ' . .? ntUatfeet, will re,? I Ii|i'f. \ KMIII ISLAND y | til"" t1: I' '! .? . ? I O'y. W !h W II . me I i'i .emit t" i , , M.I* .... A ( o,.,wi M-. f ? I ' luff L, An . wt.Uv;-. t At M t; ?v.i ? \z ^ BOAIfVlniU 4*n I.ODUI1VU. Anew HOAKDKi* WILL BK T '> KkM ON KKA.SON4 b.e terms, in ? (:.>?< fauTity, si 114 We>.t Fuum-eutli ti'uM, who will made a cu*f.-liable h >me tor I Usui l>iui.r?i 4. ATM FAST TWENTY FIFTH STREET, BRTWKBN Ma-P?<>a and Fimii-iIi aveiruea? linn! sunny fnrinau-a KoultLi to lot. Willi lMrd|< |Tt?.ile tahh- If desired. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL IJST, TO oJNOLl, (1ENtinmen, Kuom.i lurnlahrd or unf>. 'u abed. with or wltho?.t Bus 1. Apply at 10 K i?i 1 weutiolh imet, urar liioud way A SMALL TK1VATB FAMILY, W VTHOUT CHILDREN, occupying thmr own U'iw. iu a uio?tdeairahle locaII n, wlah lo rent i few Rooiim, wuh or without Botud, fc< go.airmen or gnulh raeu and lln-lr wive*. Apply nt Ulwt Tw enty-** cund street, betv. eon Fourth nu 1 I.r ilng'.1 u menu eh. ANINOI.K GENTLEMAN WTMlfKA TO TAKE FCK nlabrd Kooiua iu a pr.i ato houM- Iu the violiiiiy of Uui n square Address boa 3.17a Pint udiie. A private family wishes to rent a large Iri'iit iComu, fitruiahed, to one or two gentlemen. Al*-o, a pie noun attic Kot'iu to lot, furuishnl. rt-i nit moderate. No moving on 1st of May Inquire at 437 Grand Hiruet. A PARLOR and BEDROOM ON THE SECOND Boor, with or without Board, may be had 1-j appi> in? at 111 Weal Fourteenth street. Also a Single Room lor a (BuUeoMO. AllANDSoMK front parlor, on THE SECOND Poor, uU'l two large Bcdibo u*. roiii . uni-ating, to let. wuh Board, a itlaltia tor a ai.d his i 1 e, or a unad family. Hetereuoea eirhanged. Apply at lot Seeond a*. At mg west twenty third street, pleasant furnished R->o?Mcao beoblniai-d. with Hoard! hvuat' baa all the modern latprascainr.tu; ho moving iu May; riIwvn enerrhnnged. A SHIT OF ROOMS Off THE SF.COND FLOOR, Hlhec furnished or unfurnished; a ho a lr.?ot Bomn on the third boor hi he obtained tijon application to H West Tw oiiI/h. cjuU street, between Fifth and firth avenue*. ADI.alBABLK SUIT OF ROOMS. WITH FOLL Bo'rd, iu the first rlaae boti?e No. 5 tVcm Twenty 10 irth Htreet, opponite the Fl th Areauc Hotel, or the whole four tta be obtained if drelred. A ROOM ON SECOND FI/iOK. CONTAININO OAS. hot and cold water, with bathr* oui adjoining, to be >rl, U? a iteo'leinan or a gentleman and hi- wife, with lull or i art's! Board. Family priv.ite. References-i eq'tired. Apply a! wi A^ti^wu ?? cui-n, iuuu uuu.'<r?wvi) iuir.v-< i^uui sviuvv. Attention is oallrd to those unxa in iio. I- * and boarding houses to an establishment opened at No. Ill Ma; ougit. street, aud furnished with everything tie. ceaast j to murk tuning. In ci der tlint a family may hare a Coaxpten. Uome and lire at a low rate. Anew boarders can bb pleasantly accom. uindatMl, at moderate term., at 2S6 Wea'. Fourteenth *tra?'t. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, UAVINOMOKE ROOM luau they require, weuio nvconiinotlete a gentleman and Wife or a few single gem Imimi, with Boar '; the bnuao miitaiui all tnc modern Improvements, la handsomely furt miie i art i pleasantly located. Appiy at 174 Amity street, Brooklyn, A FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, FOR, gentlemen only, Oriow Fourteenth street, near Kit .it avenue. Breakfast it required Address boi ],IM New Yo.k I'o 4 (4ka At 42 EAST FOURTEENTH 3TKKF.BETWEEN L nrverstly piaoe and Filth avenue, ete?anl Formatted Rooms U> let, eu auite or slugla, to persons desiring a tine IncaJiMi in view of 'he square. N muring In May . A lady will IiKt to a gentleman and wife a titceiy rtrtushcrt hack Parlor, with tlist class Board, and Itooms fur two single gentlemen. has alt modern improvements. D'utter si 6 o'fio< k- R t'ciences given and reqoiird. Apply at 2.'4 West Thirtieth i.wl, A WELL FURNISHED ROOM TO I.ET TO A SINGLE gentleman, with or wfluvut Hreakiast, In n tar.ate rami1y House has all the modern conveniences, on Wert Twenty, seeond street, near Ninth aeenne. Address box 126 Herald tillioe. Atounq lady can be accommodated with Boars and a large ple.ti.ani Front Room, in th Innise of ayoi.'ig English widow lady living unite no boaruAt nrotlieialn the I O'tse; gas, Ac. Apply at I'd Greene street, near Blew her, A NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT Board, to a gentleman. Rent ft Si per week. Inquire at 167 Priuoe atre. I. a GENTLEMAN AND LADY OR IiADY CAN HAVE A f V Parlor and Beuroom, neatly furnished. Board tor latif, la s tns'l private ttttnily, wlm a ? tdow lady; no boarders in me tmuas; to -atloa In Itiompsou street. No. corner o' Aml'.y. Oas aud l ath. A PRIVATE FAMILY' RESIDING ON THE WEST I auk of'.he H'.tdxiiti. w-ihiii twenty'.wo mtles of New YolA, Is prepared utnrotimr.At'a one w two {aniiii.-a with Siiufter Beard, front M.yi? Thr house is healthfully Inrated, with large room a "andlng .itte vie via mid w ithin a short distance of the railway atailnu. On the premier a. are nicjinn.odatious tor ltorsea and enrrtaxes. There are pleasant walks ami drive. ( i thearlgbivrhoud, HiidcinuntU' nKS'ton with tboisty Ihr.e Utni-s daily. A'ldressO. Lewis, New York Post olHee. A FEW YOUNG- MEN CAN BE ACOOMMf?DATED with cornier:*Mr Board, in a plain fauany, at 7d Ktviug. t A ' " AGEVTLFM4N AND WIFE, OK TWO SINGLE GENtletiirn , a,i ot"?I t go ml Board and pica .ant Coonut Inrn shednr uufurttiahod, at 176 Twelfth street. Ai.viui a.vIF ur.nii.fnnn, unnittiNU ty luiniyi.ed Room* ( it.1 lor Lit- iady uly i, plcve calls' 63 W'.-at Twenty-tilth street. Anuu< PRIVATE I'AMII.Y. IC.1MNU MOKE ROOM than tliey <mu weepy, will lot to a g'utioman a n'.-eiy I'lirnWheJ Room, wit.d gnu, with or without partial Koa 'J; no muting in M?; ; eouveuieot to alage aud car rout**. Vri?y *: :i'i m. uunu- t-wi. A GENTLEMAN AND WIPE. OK TWO OR THREE a\. young wo, cat t-e rerominndniati with Hoard and pleasant Boome, in a iMj'ite with a'! tile modern itiipr.Temunis Inquire at 193 Fourth street, mar&ixtb art-nun. A BEAUTIFUL Si'IT OK ROOMS, FURNISHED WITH rwaoua, gas. balli, water eltineln, all ronuet-ilng, in a pnTate tnmllyof three persona; no cbtlu-en; amiable lor a gci.ilman and wiie or two young gentlemen. Termn quite reasonable to quiet oartu-a. But a atop from Broa l.vay. Call m 63 Wee! Thlr-.yeecond street. A SMALL private family is WENT vTwenty-second street, would likt- to a-oominodate two gcatleineu, or * gentleman and wifr; huua. convenient and pleasant!) located Address boxMrt I'o.t office. Board.?gentlemen and their wives, or a'OKlr gentlemen, can obl...n pe.,tly f.irntaiuvi r.tone, with or without Beard, hi No. 6 West Waehiugton place, opp .site W*?h!ng''in Parade Uroun.L. Board, partibs wishing to makf arrange nttn-a to.' ilo- all?tag >ea.- Ml liud very deoralile Kvtn-.villi Hoard, ou aecond and ttiird Dour* out, at ltd I Wavi riey place, Vet to . inoderit'e. Board.?a family. on itxst PomTsnrra street, ?o ild like to let I'-o.r Second Floor lo a gentle, man and wi'e or ltimily, that would I* p-munnii, T.-rins moor jtc. ii.-if-. iKn given *uu ii"iuire?i. A iaii K r>j?cuCfr, 1 ! ' i atd otbre. Boird v obntlemav avi) win <?k two or three single cuUfH. ii ren l>e aconm.<>d t.-r? with a large sec) nil alory Parlor anil Bedroom, In a ilr?t ctasa lu.u*e, with Hoard, fruni May 1. Dinner at 6. I,o allon Wcat two:, y.tlret IKrt, near Flf'.li neenue. Refirenrea eg banged. Addroea II. J. M.. Herald office. for one week. Bo \rd?in a private family, for gentlemen and wire* or single gentlemen: nlre fron< and bark Itnorna and Bedroom-; hot and '-old water in ihc rndins; H ad Bo.i'd and good location. D-run moderate. No losviug in Ma.r. Call and re.' at HI2 Greenwich street, n' ui Jane. BOkKO WANTED ?A YLLNG GENTLEMAN WISHES lo oblam a neatly furnished Room and Board, with a private Aioerinm tannly. Addreaa T. II. E., bos 2,1)37 New Fork Po?t ulUcr, atatiu;? pil * aud full panicdlara. Boarding krr|H'r? need not apply. BO MID WANTED.?A SI NO I<E MAN DESIRE'S A WELL f unit-lied *"'i? Roirn, with puma' B. .ml, In a plain, ttrl< lljr piiv?t? family, where he could Iccl perfectly at liotnc. Location lnuil ho ale've Blcc ker afreet, n< ir to Tniid or Fourth ar. nuca Ad lie**, atalliiR liriiM, Win. 1'hlllpa, Station A, SprlP .< . No boat ding lion*.; uted arpl.v. | Board wanted?a 01 mlkman, importer and dealer in wines and liquors, desires perm.tient Board for himself and wife, about the 1st of May, n a reap" table hotel up town pre I art I'd. vd.'rr w m.rehatil, bo? l.opj P.,at o'li- r, stating location and temtf, whieli tnuai be modern.r tlOARD WANTED?MAY l-A NEATLY Fl RNISllKI) IJ Room, with Board, tar a young gentleman, hbe and i riijld; partial Hoard lor gentleman, In a private latntiy preferred; lie!ween Fourth and Fourteenth streets, Eiast or West. Terms mint be tnodcreie. Rel 'tanccs eichaujted A Ml. K A. M., I'll I lid ill raid Hit' e. BOARD WAXnOHOUl I'll::itt 11 U* BROOC lyn. by a aeiiU? ntan and wife, in ,t atrictly pritrab- f.-.mily. U?<?! tare and accommodations Indispensable Trim? tonal b< $d pur woek. Ad.Lei* S., Ikiil 223 Hrroklyu Poll B(mrdwantkd-in iflkasant noirsi indhi apertubb- neighborhood, by a single gen Hi man. Address slating toemr, b.n 2,707 Portt nice. Board wanted?or pcii.msiied rooms for hountlWtt|)lng, in Suiilh Brooklyn, ne.i, t'nl.iu siie-t, for a I tdy and "hlld, and pan Heard I'm a cfn'lonmn, *nee? ihrre aie noothrr boardeis. Term* nuistlie low. Addreaa P. P . Herald eCee. _ Boarding.-gentlemen and tie kip. wives or a pally 111 slugle gentlemen requiring Ural >da?t Kooins and an unexceptionable table, with a reap eiabl" family, may app'y at No, 7 Great Jonra street, only respectable putln wdluig to i?y a Uir remuneration for hs eqehralent lined epply Board in Brooklyn.-good rooms, furnished .>r unfurnished, ma be had In t duauable lo.ailmi in Clinton stiver, five minutre walk li nn Wall street or South terry. A lilreee H, G., boa 141 New Y"rk Post offke. TJOAK.D IN BROOKLYN.- 1 FEW OF.HTL8M] S OAK J J It nrruMmdiiN wl'h Bmril mi l ptcjuwnt Rooms, un rcA* a I> tut ns, at 44 slree', oac door from wish. ibgionst. Bcference*required. TlROOKf' N rtEIOIITri.?BOARD, FIRST 01.ASH, WIM, It be In eo-hsnce for furniture, Vislnplc or married person*. Dion.-r at Co'c 0'ia. Irsslltji llirn rnlniNF walk to eithc- Wall or Fulton ferry. having tumittiio and wishing to so sicbtufie, may utfdr-n* U. 0. 0., box us Herald uflor. C10UNTRY BOARD WANTED -BY A URXTI.KMAN ) an t wife, on a isrm within thlriy miles *t?| ctsy im r-a of J?-w York, frrsh fruit,* an,I mi k In -bunds m o required. Hilly countty with goo I iishtof pre'errad. Ad. dross, with full parWoulsrasiin tori"*, othcn ;sv no mdioe taken of answers, B. B? Horald olli a, N. Y. Toi ins to . onshlo. R isronors exchanged, tAl'RNIHHED ROOMS TO l.ET, SIMi.'f.Y Olt TV SUITS f Das. ha'h, Ac., In the bouse, which Is dean ably located! 68 Rind si. IjlliRNISHKD ROOMS,?A l'RIVATK KAMII.Y VTILI. 1 let in ally furnished Rooms on first lloor. English luise. ment, to single gentlemen, Without U ,?rd. In a pleasant fur- of the city, convenient to ears am' omnibus ro'iirs. I is ' mhrooin, Ac. Apply at ^11 West Twelfth siren. K.-Si.nJ-*.-A 1'ARTY OF ORNTt.KMRN CAN BR r iiiij-Isi '( -ha Psrtnrand two adjoining fur| i , i- vn or u Iboui i iai.1, ,n a pilrata family. i- ,J ii? 11 rei minutes' walk j iki t>\ f'-i. t liuitp fiaoe (BlwwUgld I -tv-t.. 0* noAftmie ?nd i.<?i>oinu. LHfKKl-iUKD ItOnKA TO I.RT-IN AKIRST OGAM I Hon*, lor gentlemen ou jr. lu a aire lly private family reference* exchanged. Call at 51 t? -ot fae'lh atiie'. VTOW VAO.AOT-A 8I.IT OK HANDI+OMRCT FUA II uiabed Ki>oui*, Imntiug on Klfth avco'tr, con lating ef Barter, dining tuoiu ?ud I mm two to I lure bedroom* bath. *' ; also Booms for ain*!e gentlemen. on reawn io.e WiVtnj. In the Hop-: Hi. (iermaiu, oorner at KifUt aveuuc and Twco ty-aeeand street JJKIVATK BOARD.?A UMIMT, Oh 'i WO oil j HhkK . "''mie cc a leu., u ran be ?. < ?,.nil- ac?u a lib delig'itfnl 'in ol K on the. v oud tloor, pj >i.| tying at :<7?# tirnr* atreet. So ,ti, Hni.Liyu. IJOOJS AMD SUITS UK BOO HP, BLfcAl IVTLY KU*. \ I.tailed, with hoard, in the ttral diss ! >?v No. 34 Twelfth alii t, ii.oit cnivi uientlj alu.aird, it few door* wtut ol Binadv.'x;,. KOOMS \\ VNTKD?KOK A T.ATiY AND f.EMTI.EMAlf. W!tll sOlUrt Ifliitil |>er60U, liAVlllg UUC' uff ' JlT'l' tt Of lodgers, with He,11J lor the lady only. Aduns- i Norman. III mid o:lice. * TWO (IKNTI.KMKN CAN KIND TDK COMPORTS OK A homo in n private launly, at Ho. 7S Weal Thirty-eighth atmet. Ale of three or four jertMiu* p,n,aha a augemeuta for board wtih a parir aiamt e? gai; |ig n linn I ill Olio of the boat tomtiuBa on Hurray llili, can learn the par* eiiiara by calling n* above. TO 1.1.1?To UBNT1.KMKN, IlANDSOMBbY KUKMfhlt ed Konina, with bmakfaal nud dluuer on Sunday; $1 pea week; also, ivlth paifal Hoard;heu?e I aa all ih modern imUiovmi.ems, and h [nour care and fei-rfen Apply at blf l)c?n atreet, llioohlyn. TO I.BT-WTTH BOAKD, A FRONT BOOM. WITH cloaotn attached, on aecoud Hour; al: niddem utiproromenu; no moving; dinner at tftg; feicrenoe giveo and nquired. Apply at No. S AaUJaad piacr. Kerry atrueV rl.KT, WITHOUT HOARD?A VHIU MtlBl.* FURniihrd Parlor and Bcdooiu, la the prPai bonne Mo. A Oroai done* street. Una, oloacts and er< i> oomveuleace; batnroom on name Boor. Very suitable for one or t we single gentlemen. W'AXTKD?BOARD POP. A GENTI.RMAN AND LADY. win Beard lociho ladyoniy, tuthe vhtnity o>'the Near York Hotel. The beat of r'.prwsa is?q> irad and ? ?.*?. Ad. dreaa. giving terms which muolbemedeeaie, and pai tirulae% J. A. Bu.nett, box 1,341 l'oat oflioe, 1WAVKRLPY PI \P-K, OOKNRR OK BROADWAY.? Kuni ishec! Rooms arc to let, to ftttnlilra or aingle a ntlea men. Tec location la toe moat central In Utrclty. Board a* be had if wanted. ISO fvft ?CHEAPEST BOARD.?NICK ROOMS, WITH VPmi i/U. good Hoard, al $2 So a 93-wrekand upw untax families tint! ludlcn anfted for lear ihiin nnjr n her he'je, ai 4a Iilapenartl atn eet, uettr Br .'Auvvuy nud Canal alreot. Watchman; to ginpsrdieap. (BO AND $T. SO.?GOOD ROOMS AND BOARD. WITH V'' tiie coouoru Of hotuis at lit H lib avenue, aeeond dour from Washington jflnoe. Dinner at alx No niov iug lu May. 8TH STKF.KT, OMNTON PLAOB.?A VBRY HAND acme aitli of Komna to let, ivmi Hingle R uns, roie forC 'ntienien vrDliing iiieoaaut and ooiufoital' f> acoointno (lotion*. The lionise I* ileal dasa. baring lino 0*?U tail tiara.,1uk room. No moving on Uie 1st of Ms/. Of* GREENE STREET?FURNISHED BOOMS T? jjl) lei. 10gentlemen only. Koomaai idfckmalo g.3 pea wee!., A'an alriiRiir Rooms and K' omi for ho.tie keepng, M No 1 Monroe a;rret, corner of (etbailne alre.-t. 3* AND 3T WEST THIRTIETH STREET ?ONE OW i t two aelcc.t : einllle*, and two or three m-ntleomii, cm* now I* nu'-tnin "iaini with suit* or single Room* in oukdC Ike most de Ightrul ligations in the city. Toole hrst claae. Rflrri nos exchnnged. QQ BK Vf'II STREET, FRONTING ST JOHN'S PARK.? 00 iairgc and tmsli hnndeomcly lui-ni-h.d Rooms, suitable fur families or a.ugh gonlhmen.lo let, with or without Board, at moderate rates. Hooae contains all the modona improvement-!. No moving in May. QQ GREENE STREET. ABOVE 8PRISO. A LOTOS ?70 House.?Klegantiv forniaiteu ?ul'a of Rooms; Ran, Oroton, and eret/convcnience lor hcuarkro.vlug 'CouomiraU/, pa>tt tilarly a-itahlr forarriall r?DC t tide families Or atRgM g ntletnen. Rent low to permanent tenants. ml GREENE STREET, BETWEEN SPUING AMI 2 Prince? Eogaollv fiirnlaiicd Room- to let, with Sicd HnarJ, for l&dlos and-gentlemen. Good location, near cauwny. Terms niodccate. 11H BLBEOKER STREET, TWO BLOCKS WEST OP JL.LU Broadway-Funilabed RoOnia to I t, with or without board; rucnUaervudin rooms if desired. Tj analcat boardera accommodated. mfHRYSTTE STREET, ONE DOOR ABOVE ltrocme atreoi.?E rr.naked R ?mt to Irt. wtfh Or w!ih"iit Boai til also, a fBw ludtcacau be wv-minode'ed with Haul. PRINCE RTIUIKT?ST. CI.AIR HOUSB.-EL80U ganiiy furntaktd llpcm-, wltlt Mcdroi.uig a.lacked, with all the cnur nieiict a for kousckrepiti? complete, taaltiilfi ; gm. and I'roton water, to lot to reapoctaJMe famUle* or alngle gcol!-riicn. . Q] A ELJt, STREET, NE AR SPRING.-. ItPNISHKE '^Xs? Api-mcnui for Immediate neenpin y Thdtowrar rente id ike cit;\ con^iderltt.- cbecoirv-utrnr:' or Ci'.mompkk Uoi'hcitei ping. Real teddiriR ?"<! furo lur-, with tuiige, iooIsIn* i.teua iv and linen o mmete; { ?* ?? r'Cr cti. ft A Q BSOADWA^?PLANTERS' nOTFr. -I IMILTES DtO or eln..'e gent ernrn detiring Board will find thM oar of llie meat deeirn lc, i,uiet ,<nd homelike hoitaea in thia city. He ite firstrla.-, 1-..111* light kml elegantly furnished; octiion surpassed; jr'.cea reaaonahlo. SPECIAL SOTUEA. ClONSliLATE GENERAL OP FRANCE REMOVED T# > No. - llowtiug (irs'ti. N* <* Voks, Mar-h 12. 'Hg?. IPI.Ef TIOV NOTICE.- THERE WILL BE A MEETING !a of the Sto khnlderaMf toe Knic .o. Iwr .. r Ice Oninpmyr, un Tuesday the l&th navof A. ril, at the oliice fid CanaA atrec*, from 12 1 o'clock P. M., for the . lccii.,u of Trual'M for the ens ilng/car. R. T. COTITdH, President. ' Tltr.o. lluotrnihCh flerccler/. MiH'NT VERNON AND OTHER TAXBH ?THE COL. lector fur the town oi K*at Chester may be .ouud ak h Mii'ce norrer end Elizabeth atrerta. on Mon :ar. ll-r.-UII l<> r?-ivm althn nv.aant ran. lor II.. I,a tunc. Aiu-art and i?\psol other totrnr attended to. Iloora !> u> SoVlock. .roifN 8. YORK, Collector. VfEiT YORK LIQUOR DEALERS' S'HTL* Y.?TUB J.1 regular monthly meet'ntt of ihr New York Lnpior Deal era' So. tety vi;l ho held at the Metropolitan It louia, 100 Hea t' r afreet, on Tuesday, April 1. ?t t) u^il >ok By order. 1* W. RN<73,PreaiReat, Jour Roovu", Uncording Secreurjr. OKHCF. OK THK MERCHANTS' ENSUIt ANCK CO*, pan;. 'ft Br.<al>-ay, Man n Tf, Id#'.?TO- annual rler< tl"B li r trvont*-one direct.iia will ue Ijel.l in tills oilice no Ti . s.|h , April 8, lt6i. between me linui s of II M. and I P. M. lite iranaf?r too* a .elli bo elo ul hp 11 after tint dote. J L. l>Oi'OLAS4. Se r< tary. Rvj?M\VS PII TltA DKIil'H 14 A LI" --T.IIS Id TO UIVK not!is that lie- rj Flitter, of 7* Cedar turret, Nora York. I-no lunger h fo.-the ?h!o of RuJmsne rhilsdel. phia Ale, not hire K'Ottrr A I', urate eal1 a ? for tale, I'hihiuxi hii, March 17, 1st? WM C. KIDMA*. S FECIAL.?MR V. O'ORADT, RECBXTLV OK THK pilorns House, Bioadwuy, hat remored *.0 No. 7M Broad tea}, corner ot Eighth street, wliera he will be hippy to meet b'U former friend.r ami patron*. I'lHMTDKBi A 1?. 1*02. Fl* ft S ITl'Jl E--FL RMIClfRK. B A ROAINS-B AUG AIWB. ?>90.000 WORTH OF Fl'KMTt'RF,, WHOLESALE AN !i RETAIL, BY DK UKvAF A TAYLOR, N .. 67 Brwery. 0,T.-r iIn-!- entire sleek in In .vet- price* than any other e?tab1.slimeut in tint I'aHrd Htnle*, Full CASH, Ci'l nl'tiejj of KOSKWUOD I'ARLOK AMI CHAMBER KLilNlTUBB. IN MtOCATEL. 1'KLAINK ANH I'M'Sll. MAHOCA-VY, WALNUT AND IMJTAITOX Kl I.'NUUHB, of faery KihsrKirno.v Enamelled Fnm.tureln set", irotn >2) to $101 All of our Furniture I* made of aeieel'-d material anil hi the luteal ripeiovril atyitia. AM. OOODS WARRAVTBD. A BEDROOM HI. IT OF ENAMELLED FIRM ITU RE, IK ail r' lois, ol warranted mahufaciurr, wWo miU<I Clieettitit I'll*",'or tjiiit?. plain anil ornamental, at U.K. FAKISINGTUVS, No. A18 Canal ntroet. opposite Woo-Aer. E-l i 'ilahu.l in lot* 1 L U'.IJE A-SOlll Vf.M'Oi HKSTCL IBSIIO sEUOLD /V Fiirnoiir -'.r vilto at a -a.' lit: r.?Meion clav rntrwrno-t rui .ofoiie.c tJOfl, foi $ '.VI, In In . 1 it| Moot ami I'or. r{ rosewo I 1'1 rlnr Suit, esse # on, I n $1 in, o.or Uo, $ 0; Elu p i- , r'attiimc, Bins'* " Hrlsfr* s, Carpets, V tir 5?s>?, ('.i.tnd'-la-ia, Mirrora, Clovka, Onuturiita, at I a f mi i.-inaf Omt, Irinuii-e at 7" A st Twenty-skill at eel, ucar B ath avenue. ' CI VBINET ' CltNITI RF J AT MAXIIi as'TI'RFR'S I'RICRS, $pu.aM woitru. In con*"ilienor oi tin stlluii ol! in out whole isle bualne-e wo offer' r on a menu gnudeio the i*Wfc at the lowest r. - s, Conaistlrig of BAKU IB, LIBRARY. 1UM.NH ROOM and bedroom slits. Made of aeleeted and In fhe 1-s'esl atyl-C all goo'laara wmanieJ. . , , I'lesac e .S'.iinn on I iismU heroic purrhaarig el?? lu-re. WEIL A HR.Vt NSDOHK. 1'iSar.d 127 Rlvinglon at , hetws -n K-< -x and Norfolk. N. B.?iiinnd, l'r n and Houston atrort ?ia,-ci pis* Clllv; by, Er,K(! ANi' rUHNTTt-Kf: H>H SALF ?A FA MILT baring fbl*<?'.ii?irirwl"li t? ?< it th? nh,>ie orimrl"! their JMnrtun-. i mno in In tli -beii oi .irr. Knriiar. tlnnUrp apply to R. Vt 'RS| MANN, lol KendC -'rent, N Y. fflRST CLASS KN \.\1KLLI U KL'RHITL'ItF?Pf.Allt" 1 de otaim! and jpni' cd, aol d wu'.aut aiidoakSota, auna IttWilid tlimarcl.': M utii'i-r , Apriii# Beds, Ac. I. \t. t'i.ilfLit A 00, Maitolitotii'OM, CJO irroadrvay tut ween Btmn-Vr aoU Bond struct*. If T.'K.MTORi; Bo; i.HT.-AM, KINDS OF HOI.'SRHOLD Kmnlt' ra bought tot i ."h oti'l ?soo4 price giren. AH c*!l??rano<? a iit*a*r(| Kirn nro, 4?'> TM <l cvnne near Thlriy.fourth mi will be pruT'cAly ttlndt it to. N. tl.-A jco.l utoi'tmral ef second ti?nd F'iirnUure for aale. rfuRsnrnB. CAHI-KTS, BOOK*, pamphlkts AND JL Lii'Mrira bought for ri ady tuoucj at WJ Siilu n'enue, between Ninth *nd Twmh a'rtvu. T WANT TO >01 FROM Ml TO $1,000 Vvttjl OP I Second Ilnnd Furniture. Partial wvaaing up nou ekenring, bjr addressinga lln? toJ. (>. 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