Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1862 Page 5
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THE RATTLE OF BUCK JACK FOREST. The Enciuf Chased by Oar Cavalry?A. Rebel Olltcer Killed?A Cavalry Right by Moonlight?Rebels Routed, die. OUB ARMY COKRBRrOKDBNCB. Pirrasuw; Linuo, Tenu., March 21,1362. This piece?a contemptible, isolated little landing on tb> Teunos&oe river, about eight inile3 above Savannah, the county seat of Hardin county?is destined to be ome famous. 1 csmo up with the advance fleet. When we arrived there was uo onemy within ten miles of this place. Wo tiavo had no battles to record as yet; but a few tilts have occurred between our and tbe enemy's cavalry. On Sunday last Major Bowman, with about seventy of (lis battalion, reconuoilerod westward, on the road t? Curdy, and when about six miles out overhauled and cliusod a forco of the enemy's cavalry, about oue Uuu' drod strong, killing an officer by the name of W. R. lto' I?vi , auu wuuuiug D??nttj uiut-rs. iwptJi in uoiicyou vu lutva boon a native of South Carolina, and was in tho rebel servico at Pensacola, as shown by papers found ii|>on his i>oraon. He was shot through the bead, and died instantly. In this little encounter the rebels tied without tiring a shot; consequently nobody was hurt on our side. The following night an expedition was started, for the purpose of destroying a portion of the Charleston and Uernphi} Railroad, in the vicinity of Juca, distant from this point some tweuty-tiiree utiles, and thus out off communication botweon Memphis and the Kast. Our force consistedof three hundred and fifty cavalry and a part of Major Bowman's battalion, eighty-six men, the whole under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Heath. .The expedition was started at seven o'clock in tho evening, nnd intended making the whole journey before daylight the next morning. It appeared that tho enemy was at tho same timo organizing a night attack against our encampment and the transports, which were theu dig. embarking troops at this place, and, as tue sequel shows, but for the most unexpected meeting of forces which eni sued, there is no telling the Injury wo might havo sustainod; for our forces at the boats wore in a disorganized state at the time, and were scattered about in a manner quite inviting to tho enomy; and hod tho enemy, with his largo force of cavalry, rushed in u|>on us in tbo night, the . oonsoquonco might have been a disastrous stampede of our troops. The robe! forces, as learned from some prisoners takes, consisted of 500 cavulry. Tliey rendezvoused at j Poa Kldge, and advanced on' us over the Corinth road, the same road taken by our expedition, ^tnd when out about six miles from hurc the heads of tho columns met. It is evident, however, that the onemv * ad the flrst notice of the approach of the crisis; for thoy tiud halted, were prepared to receive us, and delivered tho Brat (Ire. The collision occurred at Itlsclr tact- tw. est, Ave miles this side of the Mississippi line. The first Intimation our forces had that the enemy were upon us was from a fierce fire into our advance guard, which wounded tho guide and several horses. The advume guard, however, stood Arm and returned tho fire immediately. Major liowmau instantly threw his command into lino of buttle, and advanced rapidly, tho enemy fulling bark, firing ne be wont, while our forces returned the tire with tho greatest promptitude. They fell back farther and farther into the forest.and Anally seemed to make a stand; and when they discharged their doublebarrelled shot guns, loaded with buckshot and balls, they revealed, by the glare ol' their Are, a long lino -Immediately in front, and not exceeding sixty yards from us. Their Are was on every occasion returned with (he carbines of our cavalry?that is, Bowman'sport ion of it? which threw thsir lines into contusion, and they retreated apparently in great disorder, making I he wood fairly ring from tho clatler of their sabres and trappings as they plunged through the thickets, followed by a continuous lire from the of our mon. Major Bowman maiutained biR ground, thinking the enemy might return; but be gave no signs of it, as the clatter of sabres . nuil pattering of their horns grow fainter and fainter until they died entirely away. The damage on our side was one guide end four soldiers wounded?nono serioitly?two horses killed end several Wounded Of course we could not tell what lose the aucmy had Sustained; but it must have boea considerable. W# took two prisoners, who stated that they saw quite a number of their sldo tall; but whether they were killed wr ouly dismounted they did not know. It waa Anally agreed upon by our force to return with the wounded, as we were then without a guide,eud, our |>ian of advancing upon the railroad being discororcd. it Might result In our loss, if our men were to advance. The following day a small body of cavalrv and a force of infantry marched Over the sumo rood close to Pea Ridge, wbero the enemy had kept a considerable force. Upon examining the battle ground in the afternoon it wee discovered that the robe's hail left the Uotd in extraordinary haste. leaving their hats, guns, pistols, sahi03, Baddies ami horses scattered in cry direction for six miles beyond; t hat in rome cases the brave cavaliers hod j dashed their steeds down steep precipices, against the ' roots ef upturned trees, end into swamps, whore (hoy remained until extricated by order of the fiencral. In short, it appeared, by tho evidence palpable by daylight, and by the c mcurrcut testimony ol all the inhabitants iu the vicinity of Pea Itidgo, that ihu rout wrs the most ex. traordlnarv ever heard of. The brave, cliivulrous, danuq rebel cevuiry, who Dover saked anything better ilrui to >> pit la J against tin cowardly Northerner* in tin proportion of om to live (being, iu fact. more five to dm), were driven back and frightened out of thuir wile, end actually destroyed themselves, like thoherd of swiuo **ho ran down into tho sea, "being possessed of (hs dovil." There is something in the battle of Rlagk Jack Fort-et ' tVcuiatod to attract tho attention of the reader. ]u the lirat plaoo, tho meatiog of tho two force* was wholly an Lideotal; m the second place it eras at night?and who over heard of a night aotion bet ween two bodies ofcavalrvt? in the third place the enemy was on his own ground, having selected his own position to begin Ilie light. Again,the action was a spirited one. tarried on for half an hour tn tho woods, by the light of tho uioon: and, finally, the enemy, livo hundred si rong, ns confessed by ihemaolres, were whipped and put to rant by less than one hundred of our troopers?(he balance ot our forcolbeing out of sight and taking no part in tlio actiou. Major llowmau, (he hero of Uiack Jack Forest, ma New Yorl.or,a lawyer by prolessiou, and recently practised in New York city. The Victory at Pound Gap. me si art from fiketon?a uakd march the SURMISE?TRK RETREAT OF THE RtBEt.d-OLR TKOore capture bvkrtthI no, etc. [Correspondence of the Louisville Democrat.] Ptkktov, Pike Co., Ky., March 21,1382 Tn my fist 1 informed you that we' were about start ug eut on a scouting (tarty, consisting of four hundred from the Twenty-second Kentucky and about an equal number from tho Fortieth and Forty second Ohio, and one liun rtreil cavalry of Hie First Ohio squadron, making a force of nearly nine hundred, all under the direct command of llrigndier tow-rsl Garfield. Wo started'on Friday, the I (h instant, and alt r tie? a d a h-nf it y of (',/ harrlft' i?<tirhi?jj thatover any fore - undertook or went through, wo matte Pound (lap on Sunday, tho 15th, at noon Although our troops \??ro completely broken down,and 'not sore,from h iving to w a in creeks ir,-m tho very beginning Pi tho time wc reached the foot of (he Cumber. Fund MountaiDs, v*clim>vdth* hUl, ilium in thr picbti. a ml maiU fh' rl work ol i , m driving llir ttnei ing ra-oals from tln-ir boui-ted When wo got to th foot of the Cumberland, tlio who a force was divid .d into three divisions. The lirsi, csval ry, under Ma or McLaughlin; the so- ond under ( olonel Meaner, <* tlio Korti?tli Ohto.sud 'h?* third under G,moral I.a: Hold. Tlio cavalry look the tumu road or old Ftate road, ii" tl 14 railed, running straight into the Map; the otli.'t two divisions took n short cut, and cntnn ill tha enemy's rear. The plan whs lor both forrea to got at the Cap at the aamo time?ur the cavalry to pruseiil litem l- lven In tlio front of the relief' breastworks, and, as goon an the attack was made, for tlia iniantry to coma In n their rear and take the whole force prisoners. Itut the plan didn't work exactly, for the cavalry carried out tbo Ural | art of the programme I nil an hour before w-o got tliero. Thoy had an engagement wblrh lusted for over half an hour: and our cavalry, to save their h rge. from dortrucMoo?having been ;>?tmad in by the olntrirtious previously thrown across tb : road by the relie s? and tho infantry, fulling to 'come to time." had loretreat t?a sufo distance, when the enetnv formed on a hill on the opposite side in line of battle Hut thu infantry, miking their appearance aboit that tune on itie other hill, and making for them on a "double quick" and al a "cbarg bayonets," they came very suddenly P> the conclusion that discretion was tin be!tei parlot valor, and ran like dogs, with >ut (Iriitir a shot at us But our boys ware uot so easily satisfied, for we llreit oil tliein, and succeeded in bringing down l wo ul the foe while on the winy," and wounding six others. We pursued Ihaut for several miles; but, as they knew the mountains better than wo, they succeeded in evading our search Tor them, tty Irflmryti'm in IMr >sS)jfifjhU. The camp was made up of log cabins, built In the same style us (he dwellings of the inhabitants lu ibis section, nul looked as If they thought it waa an aliened idea for them ever to be routed from their snug and comfortable quarters. Wo captured two largo Hags, guns, amuinuitiou, provisions, all their camp equipage, cl .thing, bedding, baggage, and, i., fdat u. ilpvfllillff llutv lluil >hsh <? I I At... one actually that Ma/I ft en cnmmencrj . ti,, nf the carat ry, tohick, m/or at i> umt, wa<baa Una ol o atari out vi'lnry over the'' oomtrtUp HncntniUt.' JVe ware vai y sorry to have to disturb the |?^ fallow, f >r It was nh. at m far in lha letter writing lino a* bo will avrr gat again towards tailing "f n victory. Our forcoa occupied tlio oap tha rrgl of thai day and night, laastiug on the hall cooked inaal tlioy lia I loft l>e hind <>n lha Are, picking out such good clothing,guua, quilts, blankets, kc , he. ,*? suited llio laucy of our hoy a, aud the i burnt up everything can nut luUbiu, and a bully bonOro the wholn thing lundu, "you may hot. ' It was truly aBiusing 10 aoa our h.>ya on their way h ink to camp, |)irassed in the clothes they bad got, lliey, looked likn the much talked of FaNtatliau army. In due Mm they all got hack safo and sound, and on tlio day after we raa* Ived tiro news?I ho good uuws?that wo were to ho shipped to Ixmlartlle. Obi If you and your aumorotH readers could have beou present to have wituessod the Joy of the hoy a. It would have done your heart go >d. ? Cap* llcw lulo the air; the old Itag 01 the "Marlon ' was Buttered in tlio breeye,and the ahoutn.g knew no bounds: The hoys h.tvo appear d like another set of mun evar since. Tory were heartily sick of the mountain" nut the dreary hardships mid I'mIguing tramps tln-y have tindergntui. and longed for a change -they didn't coo where, lull wln-n It was to I .on tsvi do, they were truly overjoy d. 3 ? you tn ty lo k out lor us as "O'ui ?econveyance can hn procured. I solid yo" a t tutn ! .Stater stolen in i-k I and buyonot, No a reenter ao oa|j otd :.nd e.ibre, and ft trie ajwetman of a Ido. such is is <rd 10 ihis section ol the reh<d griny. lit re Is h it or. way to account for ilia number of this kind of g ns In the -led army, an 1 thii hi, hat Ibsy steal ail tho guns thai the (nor fuln r.r liavo. I two i? scare.I) a man living in thn S'ahdy Viltoy bil Mb she. i ui Jl squirrel mm has be?u U. u* rtway from him. The wunkaU are thoae that weie furbjr S'ate to the people for home protot'liua. A? I promised you in my last, the louieville u dor Cuptaiu boliwuitMr aud Lieuleuant iUrringtuu v *'' commanding a company), fully sustained the promm. mode. They could hardly be held beik; they were C eager to get at the foe it was uo email matter t< keep them iu runk*. Among othor things found at the (Jap was a gray ca[ with tho letters S. It. K., and a roll of papers, Ac., whirl led to tho fact that they had stolen our name and callm: themsolvog the Southern Man.u KiHes. The original! only wn-h they could have met them on equal footing tnat'a all. They would very soon havo couriuced them how bogus they were. HEWS r&OI FORTRESS MOHROE. Activity of the Kebela at Pig Point and Craney Islanit?Arrival of Gen. Huntei nutl Blair. Foktkkss Monro*, March 20,1802. Affairs remaiu quiet hore, so far, at least, as 10 news that can with prudence he coinmuuicated to the public. Tli* weather ia splendidly clear, with a geutle wind. The robels have been cacecdiugly busy about Pi( Point and liauey Island tor the last few days. Stean tuga have been busily plyiug to aud fro, and it is sup posed that the rebels are strengthening their forliflca tions all aloug from Craney Island to the Point. They have also increased their forces la that vicinity or Tor effect their camps have been advanced, aud long lines of teuts can he seou along the shore. The Metrimac continues to be the subject of mucl speculation as to tho probability of her" coining oul again. Glasses are directed almost momentarily towards Cranejr Island, and every Indication of smoke or ateam ia that direction is closely investigated by hundreds o( eager eyes. General Hunter and staff arrived here yesterday, er rout* to Port Royal, to Mice command of the army ope rauuus in luai quanur. Our Fort re Monroe Correepondence. Koktrimh Uuhkok, March 27, 1862. Rebel Camps an Iks James River?British Officers VisUthe Monitor?.4 Flag of Truce?Capture of Drummer Boys by the Rebels, <tc. Tho rebel camps on (ho west side of the James river have multiplied to such an extent or lnt? us to reach from Pig Point south to Cranoy Island, and also a large camp uorth of l'ig Point, on that side of the Nansumond river. Vesterday soveral of the ofllcors of tbo nrttish war steamer Rinuldo, still at this place, visited tho battery Monitor. They wore received very courteously by Lieutenant .letters and his subalterns. The visitors examined the novel war machine vory minutely,and manifested much surprise at its positive impregnability. Their record of the visit will probably be reduced to an official communication for the instruction aud edification Of the British Admiralty Beard. A flag of truoo wont to flewall's Poiut to-day. It was met by a rebel steamer. No news of importance was brought on its return. I understand that the reason Col. Corcoiau and his co prisoners are not released is their knowledge of tho present movements aud designs of ths rebels. This theory soems plausible. Daniel Carlan, Antbony Eaton and Charles Donahue, drummor boys or tho Thirty-eighth Vow York regiment, went oulside of our plckots on tho 2,r>th lust., and were captured by a body of rcbol cavalry. Our Baltimore Correspondence. lUi.timiias, March 28,1802. Position of Affairs at Kurt.'sum and Along tin Turk Rioer. Ths robe! deserters who have recently come up here tell storios about the force and position of ttie rebels Mint do not bang well together. Their accounts of matters at Yorktown and along the York river do not correspond with those that I have trbm other sources. My information leads me to bclievo that the a (lair of yesterday at Big Bethal. might have taken place nt any time during the last three weeks, so far as any opposition on tho part of the rsbels was concerned. Big Bethel was evacuated by them a month ago, and thuy have not been there in force at any time since. The etateinonl that thoy had 1,'JUU irvupa mere xiwrua; is inuiiiimi; iuikm i or i, aim probably meant for 160, as the My troops I hey have re oently kept at Bethel have been picket guards and Remits. Ther are in strong force at Yorkteern, where they have at feaal 2f>,C00 troopa. Yorktown m vary dlrougly fortified, both on the land and river aido. NEWS FROM MISSOURI. Spirited Skirmlah with auit RepaUe ol m. Uucrttl* Band. Kaolin, Mo., March 20,18#2. The notorious brigand Quaulrel, with two hundred o! hi3 gu rll;a hand, tnado a sudden and uoexpccicd attar! on a delachni?nt of Colonel Phillips' regiment oT Miaaour ntlittia, under Major Foster, at WiirreiiKburc, on Woilnes day last, hut alter a spirited skirmish ttiey were drivat from the town, with the loss or ntno killed and sovon teeu wounded, and twruty boreee capturod. Our loei was two killed and nine wounded. tfuantrell tnade another attack on the town on tho foi lowing day, the result ofwhirh is not as yet ascertained Lieutenant Colonel CTilteuden has left Georgotowl with reinforcetncnti for Major Fouler. Scouting parties of Colonel l'biHips' regiment have rap ture<t over 2,000 kega of rebel itowder. iu Pettis county within the past few days. Aid (or Monndrd Moldfera. CALL FOR A MtKllMl OK (tTr/KNd OF MEM KXU I. At. U. At a meeting of New Kngiancleia, hod at the Asto1 House en Friday, March 1M, 1902, it was Reeo'ved, 'that a general meeting of llieciti'oua auJ Son* of New ICngland he held on Monday evening no at, tlx Slat instant, to arrmigo for pruriiioig sulUMo carr, at tendanre and accommodations tar wounded New Knglsac soldier#, as ihev |ia?s througU lira c t'jron thj.r mj homeward from the warIn arrordaiice with ibis resolution, tho cili'eua anil Sill nf N..?w rvlninl > ? I. n.ul >1 ih.l.r. I Avi'iiiiu ilotei.ou Monday, <u 8 I*. M. J. GKK.KN ITKKSON, Chairman. Ch >? ! . ' liou.n, Secretary. Tlir Ea?(trn Finhing $<|(initron, I.0.8S OK K18UIMO VKISKI.S AM) TllKlK I'PUrs OKI OKORCB's BANKS?CONTItmOTIONB HOI.lCtTKD HOI WIDOWS AND OKt'HAM, KTl. Wostuw. March 29, 1882. The numberof (tloucestw Ashing vaasela lost otTtieoi gn'i n.iuk, in too gain of February 34, wee fllteen, and tlv Biiuibar lost .'Miliary I was four. Ity the !<?** of these nineteen r?s?ols 1;M men wore drownod, leaving soventj widows end ttT childrrn to .be presided for. Cotitribu lions are solicited for those widows and orpUaus The Meal Vteherjr. Sr. .Toh.nm, N. ?.. March 29. 1882 The coast s Ull fliuily packed with ice. Tbo seal (NU ery will be a perfect failure Hue season. Navigation Wtiltvard. Bnrraio, March 20,1882. The propeller Kclij)ec. which left here at four o'olocll yesterday morning, arrived at Tuled > at nine o'clock this morning, making her regular time. The Oloau is reported still In the ice boiow Dunkirk. landlord and Tenant haw. btll'EKIOH LUl Id'?MPKCIAl. U.UM. Itefore Hou. Judge Harbour. Makcr 25?Wbu. Gitm ti rj. fMon H". Rice and P. C, K^-miiig'nn.-?This waa un action to recover fii.1 for onr month's rent of a store in Gibson's llutlding, corner o( Thirteenth street and Itroadwuy. Ilie rent was rlaimod under A leaae made by the plaint ill to delendmnla. The defendants admitted the ieMC, bat eet up am a defence tliat they were restricted to one the promises for the sale of V'luors and segars ouly, and liia* they were Induced to uk* the lease in cenae-iueuoe of the repreeen tat ions ot tho plaintiff a ageut mat ui.-y would secure me wlmis p*t: image of tVallnek'a theatic. that there waa nol to Ittfl premise* an>1 would nol be any placa for thn aala ol liquor au'l eegars. and that W shack waa prohibited by hia lease from having any bar attach.~t to his theatre. Tha n repieaoiitatlnna, tho defendant* alleged, wart untruo, and that Boon after thoy took pcaauseion a hat waa |*?ned In Wa I lack a theatre which entirely iloatroyiHl lhair tiuainaaa. The defendant# and a?ine wltneaae* or tboif behalf worn examined, Mil wlton the defendants r? led, the Court, oil plaintlffa motion,ordered Judgment lor tho plaintiff. Measra. Ibwnaend ami (Jalbraith foi plaintiff, Messrs. Angel and drown tor ilorendanta. I'nltert State* Circuit Court. before Hon. Judge Slilpman. March 27?Ike United State* vi. TdcXariuA Shaver.The prisoner waa arraigned on three indlclmeBl*,cbarg lug htm with lorgery in transmitting falae papora to til Untied Stales fenBlnimrs'Office. H? pleaded not guilty and wan ordered to Ond $2,000 bail in each case. Joaeph Webb waa arraigned an I pleaded not guilty t au mdicimotit Tor passing countei lelt cimu. Supreme Court?Special Term. before Hon. Judge Ingrahatn. Makch 27.? William It. William tv. (he Coney Itland at UrnoMyn Afoifrmil Chmpany.?Motlou grnutod, coats abi lo the event, unless plaiuliff, witUiu thirty day*, cot nletea tho contract lu all respect -, m required to be pr formed by Ihe IfdhHcptomber, 1861, except n* totem tins of road, aa to fifteenth xtroul . anil as to tin- huihlln for tho com; a 'J- anil tihle?e he oompleti a tin- loruiMiiis the rotnl within thirty days alter the right of way is u it lipid and notice sorted on him, rtf'.otjnUi ?ln>< i 1 within thtrtv ,l*ys after grating. NEW YORK HERALD, S THE N A V V. h The Brooklyn Navy lard. ? Since fur last roport of uiaUor. ia the S?vy Vard, Brixdoyn, the Lulled State* Ktsaai aloop or .*?' Roaaoka has b>eu floato I iuto the dry ' dock, ?.'^01 o abf it undergoing the noca?sar/ al [ torattou.s (of rofeiviug liar armor. A large mini bo1 i of 111011 are employed ou ber, and, fi >ui the rapid ad< already mads'. it will not be eery long before ' all'-will be floated ugam 10to hor nativeeiomout. Tim Adirondack, having received her niAth.ucry, has beeu brought bark to the yard, to have tho damage she mats med ou Wednesday last repaired. Die Maa-echusetts is uoarly Uiushud, aud will go into commisaioa tbo coming I wrelt. r Ijentoiiaiil G. n. Cooper, the executive officer of (lie yard, hi- lieon ap|Miinted to the oominand of the Mas sachiisetls, and hie place will be illlod by i.ieutouant T. Scott killehrown, an experienced officer of uearly twen1 ty-ona years' standing. 'Die liawu has not received all her machinery yet, but H progressing rapidly,aud the Savannah and lotin A.lama are laying up at the dock. alter being dumanusc. ine I lore# or men to work on the Lackawanna anil Ticon leroga i haa been diminished, in c >use.,uenco of the great hurry in IHtiug out tlie Roanoke, aud lliey are therefore not advancing toward complclioti u rapidly as before; yet the amouulof work done on them for the past week s|?eak* weli for llieoperative*. The number of men employed now iaaiiout 3,000, and everything about the yard do' not"i an abundance ol employment for some time to 1 oome. There haa not been any chango in tho marine barracks, the number of men there being about 200. j 1h y are all tine, healthy looking men, and their morning drone pa rude forms a Tory enlivening sce&o. 1 The new ateam gtnboau, Port Henry aud Somerset, will go into ronimifiHtoa to-morrow. The following ie a ist of their oillcers:? roai uHBr. 1 Acting Lieutenant Cummawtmg?Joseph 0. Walsh. ' Acting Master?James D. (ngrahatn. Acting AssistasU 'Surgeon?J. Stevens. Acting A mutant Paymaster and Clerk?Daniel Whalenu 1 Acting /Hatter's Mate?W. H. Molten Acting Second Assistant'Engineer?Mitchell Dandreau. Acting Third Assistant Engineers?James Ward aud Chaa Miserly. ROKIRfX!'. Lieut siant Centteatuliiig? KarI Engli<h. Acting Master?Win. K. Denuison. i Acinic Assistant Pay mi tier?Sherman W. Adam* Acting Master's Mates?<Tiaa. H. Rranl ugUaui, Ihoe. M. Toomha and Jehti Ktratslenberg. Acting Second Assistant Engineer?W. I>. Peter*. Acting Third Assistant Engineers?lihsht t liappol, Win. H. Smith and Daniel K. Stillaiut. Affairs at the Charleatown Navy Yard. LAUNCH OK THB UUNBOLT CANANPAUJUA. The steam Rloop-of-war Canandaiipia was launched at Charlestowu Navy Yard last Kriday. This vessel is 1,600 tons burthen, and has been completed under the supervision of the naval constructor, William L. Hanscomb, in a superior manner. She carries throe eleven-inch sholl guns, on swivels?one amidships, one forward and one aft. She 11 is besides six ports?three on each side? which may or may not be supplied with smaller guns? 32's, or rarrotl IS s. The dimensions of the vessel areas follows;?length from utid of cutwater to the tafl'ruil (or extreme length),258feet; length between perpendiculars, JfO feet; dopih from top of rail In bottom of koel (amidships), 2r> feet; depth of hold from tho midship line to gundeck, 16 feci lb inchoe: width, beam extreme, 33 feet 6 inches, beam moulded,37 leol 6 inches, sho will draw abdut fourteen feet wltsu fully loadod. Hor masts are three in number?a secure rigged foremast, with schooner rigged inutn and mlzren masts. The gunboats Uonosm and Tioga will bs launched next wtek. The stoop-of-war Hoasatosic is still in the dry dock, slio is coppered, jointed, and her "fsu" was placed on Ilia slenijioSt on Wednesday forenoon. Tlio sidnwbeol steamer * Maratauza hat her ougne and machinery all alt np; also her masts and rigging, she will ha ready for *ea In the course of three waoks Tho sidewheel nieamer Tioga and gunboat Genesee willbe ready to launciinext week. The sloops-ofwar tucrow) Bousatonie and Macedonian, steamier MaraUnza (afloat), sloop-ol-war Canandaigua, gunboat Ubnesoe and aidowheel stenmer?ioga (ou tho stocks) aro tyi > only vessels now at the yard. Lisutouant' H. C. Magg, who has for some time had charge of the Naval Rendezvous in North square, has heeu ordered for duty to the rncoiving ship North Carolina, at the Bruoklyh Navy Yard, and Lieutonant Sarnuol R. Knox has bosn ordered to relieve him hero. N aval Aflslri in Philadelphia. 1 ft is expected that the steamer Rhode Island, which is undergoing some repairs in her coppering at tho Philadelphia yard, will bo ready for sin by the 5th of the cuining month. The schooner Samuel Itotan is also being repaired and repauUod. sha will he ready for sea about . the timo as tho Rhode Islaud. The Wamsutta and iroostook, which have been ou the sectional docks ot Messrs. Simpson k N'sal, aro now ready for soa, and will touvo as soon as orders to that olToct nro (orwardod from . headquarters. They are lying in tho stream opposite the yard. The Juniaia is still on the sectional docks of the y ai d,and after she has received her copper will ho sue. ceeded by Hie frigate Powhatan, which has be -u entirely dismantled. The Moooiiguhela has made rapid progress with her planking, and it will be but a very short time before she will ba ready for launching. Tliero are now about one thousand seven hundred and fifty men engaged tu tho yard. TltS SAUOATUd. The Stevens iromclud battery Naugatttck arrived at Philadelphia on Thursday. Ilcr trial trip it reported as being very satisfactory, she having made about eleven miles |?or hour. The United States despatch steamer Rhode Islaud will gall from the Navy Yard, Philadelphia, ou the 4th ol April, taking provisions, stores and the mails for the several blockading squadrons. Trip of the Vailed Stales Steamer Guard from Ship Island to Key West?Vessels r at ivey n?? l?nuluuitun ui 1'iaiirr i Mate Geo. Vincent?IUmm of Comman< r der llodgdtn?Llit of tlic Officers of (lie Gaard, Ao. United Statu Steamer Gcarp, ) I Ow Krt Wmst, Fla., March 21,1862. J J Wo arrived at this place on the 17th inst., from Ship L i?Uud. Wo find here the United States aliiftH Katahdin, ' Cayuga, Guard, the flagship of the Eastern dirttiou, Corn. Mo Kesri, the Nlagara, the Nightingale, Oneida, ' Davie, Kiug Fisher, aud scvoral others w hoee names 1 1 liavo uol learned. The Freui h niau of-war Milan is stil lying in the harbor. One or our onicera?Muster l Mate Geo. Viuceol Csssody, of Now York city? was agreeably surprised to find an official doou mont announcing his promotion to Actiug Master United States Nrvy. We can all testily that tint t signal mark of the appreciation of our gorornment ol h a services, ?c wall be-dowed, and that lie will do honor to his straps we all know. Cuuirnutiiler llodgdou of ihia . ship is unite ill, aud will probably bo ordered home no sick leave this week. Who his successor is to oe vrc ' have nol as vol hoard. Saroly not ono who will ho mors i lo-iovel l>y officers au I crew than Commander J. H. r llodgdou of Philadelphia. # Our othor olhoei? are:? /{rffuti t Ojfinei?boo. V. (Ussedy. .s'lirpron. ?T. 1'certng i.ilbort. I'liirmast'T.?Ceo |>. Itedileld. Afisftn' ?Thomas Kioharda and A. A. Franzen. I'aymo*ter't ('krk.?Frank ( argill. 3a '?iSieteet d.?Win. id Ounntr. ? Thomas Ford. Ibr/ientf.?Frank it. Storms. .VtW it. n iic<>a. HfUtnain'i Mm i?Thou. P Preston, Krancls Duffy. MuArr al Arm*.?.IoIid Smith. Artnarrr.?Van B. Paring ton. Tim ( ounecticul is eapectod hourly. This mull goes by ( the Ooaslilutloo. Ti lal Ttlp of the Steam Gunboat Marble* head. TO THE BIXTOlt OP THE HEBAI.D. L'n.txii Statta Stkamkr Mariii.mikai>, ) Ol.l> 1'ojkt, Starch 'ill, 19rt2. f tli. intoning e rnes next in importance aftor the birth or a fluid . anil I know of no better way of celebrating > the advent of one of the beat of the gunboAts than la f foriuing ihu Hkmai.i) that the Marblobead arrived hers 1 this afternoon, after a sucoeesful trip from Box tun, In 1 good ordor, and a wall picked sot of men for officers and | view, ready lor any service the country may deinaudi I The following la her list of officers:? ' LievUmtnt Commanding?8. Nicholson. > t'trrt UtMlmaiU and Eatruliw offt. rr?tloo. C. Remey. < Achruj Hasten?(jeorge Martin, Bowen Allen. ' Km.tturr?t'lark Fisher. ' At.iuUtnf .SMrpnm?H. H- Kidder. Aiitng .1m?0in/ /Vjytao?r?r?J. H Molford, Jr. > Thinl Amilant Kn*,-intcrt~J?m B. Carjwutar, William ' L. Nicoll, Jamwa liOUK. I Captain'* CM-William L. Dulaney. ' Acting Mntitrs' Matt*?l?. 8. (Iron, 0. F. Wiuakrw,T, i Laha.Jr., B.U. l*w. [ W? left lto?u?o on Tue-tday morning, and should, have arrived hart on Thursday night but for a storm, whirt obliged ua In go out of our eourso. Another gunboat, the Cle-oura, started out at the aame lime, but aa? uu*M? to keep along with ua, tunic ng, na we were eight, nine - and ten knots an heur. tVlth one axceptlon, the Mar bleliead la Ut erory respect superior to any of the othoi o twenty tlireee gunlioaia. Iler bull wan built by U. W, Jacktuan , Jr., of Nawbnr.yport, Mass., and in a model'ol ' strength. nnd In workmanship and flmnli was uuivorsally o admired while lying at the yard. Her marliinery wits built by Stanton k Mailer/, ol New burg, N Y.,aiul though tbatr Aral work for tho go verament, la probably nearer to tho spaclle-atlon It weight, malarial titui workmanship than, wUb oue oi two exceptions, any ol the otliarn built by largar atu id more generally known shoes. 'Ihe oiigmoe ar* unusually heavy, but so well put to gather antl aee.otntcly title I ihut they work with tin n- iji ,8t perfect ens* an ; regularity. lining hew, they linvi r- not, of coitrsaj, been tried to Uio full exlcut oi thci il. |H>wor, hut their excollent bihaviui r tmtler tin sover ga teat of the rolling and pitching of the vessel <l<n ?n< alt of affirm, convinced every one on board that they or b As very ibittg tits' could bo wi lied, it, | It In very unfortunate tout in designing I hive bout I ihoy should buy) been m ido so narrow that Ut sujHiiu 0 iUNDAT, MARCH 30, 1861 <Jf * ?* way they roll ao badly aa to make their gune practically use!***, at th? same lime reducing tLeh u*e fulness in emuotb, shallow water, by giving tlieaa in creaeod di aught. Tliere seem* to be a growing manie , for making vessels of war unreasonably narrow. Tbe cousequeuoe is, tbey roll outrageously, rut)niAf lb# risk of throwing limit gun* overboard, and |Hnc.itig them at a disadvsi-tuae in action with other steadier vessels. He aides Ihts tbey are the m et uncomfortable ship* in llie world in anything but line weather, and going to a?? now a days in a gunboat or sloop of war is about ike same thing as tbe old fashioned punishment of boiug toe bed in a blanket and ducked 111 Uio burse pond. NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL NEW YORK laKOISLATURIO. Senate. Aj.hanv, March 29,18C2. BUJ.I RIPOKTKD KSVOKAIII.T. 'the majority of tbe committee roportod favorably the bill to mcorporate tho Brooklyu Mutual Loan Improvement Company. To amend tbe law relative to taking tbe tost ituony of w itursaoe out ol the btatu. To authorize clerks of the Boards of Excise to take etlidavils iu certain ca-es. Messrs. Hutchinson, Richards and Murphy were uppointed

a conforence committee on the dog tax. The Pax?inB.vr presented the report of the Hourd of Excise Commissioners for last year. Mr. Hull introduced a bill to encourage invostmenta of amall ruiur in ilia RtOrlra r?f thA Statu h* th? twumU T1 provide , that when Slate blocks are issued the cortiflcatoa shall be in sums of (100, (500 and (1,000 each, as the purchasers may desire. HI LIS HA3.SK1). To enable the county of Weetoheeter to acquire certain lauds for the construction of the Harlem bridge. ~ To amend the law of 1000 relative to tho police court* in New York. MraWiujtuu introduced concurrent resolutions for tho organitaliou of a commission of flvp persons, to be appointed bjr the Governor and tho Senate, to act as reforces aud haar such causes pending in the Court of Appeals a* may be roferred to them by that court?the* resolutions to bo referred to the next Legislature at the general oioction for Senators. 1-aid over. On inoliou of Mr. Tkcmam, the resolution approving the President's Message relating to emancipation was made the special order for Weduesday evoniug. Assembly. Aluaikv, March 29,1802. Tho report of the Grinding Committeo came up. Mr. Daucy tnoved to recommit thu bill to prohibit the uso of susi>onsiou bridges at ferry landings, with Instructions to striko out the word "pier" whenever it appears. Motion carried. The bill as ainoudcd was thou ordered to a third roadiog. Mr. Loctbki. moved to strike out from the report the bill to iucreaso the fees for licenses to hawkers aud pedlcrs. Motion lost and tho bill ordered to atbiid reading. The bill to amend Hi# act regulating tlio port of New Yirk, by preventing the building of fcnco walls and private wharves, was lust. Mr. Callauak moved to reconsider the vote and to lay that motion on tho table. Carried. hills pamktj. To incorporate the Hoard of 1'oruign Missions of the Presbyterian Church of tho United Stales. To amend the act for the incorporation of tho Society for the Ilellof of Widows with Small Children. In relatiou to ihe dividends of life insurance companies. To facilitate the construction of the Adirondack Railroad. Tho House resumod the consideration of the Metropolitan Health bill. Mr. Ocdbk recapitulated his argumeuc in favor of the Boards at Supervisors making the appointments. Mr. CobmxoTOiN corrected the erroneous statement that the bill baa been unanimously ropoi ted by the committee. As ono of tho committee, he had not Agreed to the repot t. He spoke in favor of the genoral features of the hill, but favored the introduction of a clause requiring the nominees to be equally taken from the. two great political parties. Mr. u'Bbusm offered an amendment, which was tool. Mr. GIu-laVAX'* amendment was also lost. \ Mr. Surra argued that if the bill was a .slate bill, so as to reuder it proper that Ibe Governor should make tho appointments, the State should liear the espouses of the Board. Mr. McLkod moved to add that the commissioners be appointed from the two cities. Motion lost. Mr. CooniMiTON offered an amendment referring the appointments to the two great political parties. Mr. I'.aymolp called tlie attention of Mr. Ogden to the fact that only two great political parties were recognized in the amendment. After a spicy debate tlio moi Ion was lost. A uuuibor of the ameudineuis proposed were steadily flown hv l.lia maioritv. The bill wa* debated at length with < msidorable fooling. A number of amendments were proposod and rejected. On motion of Mr. Cauaman, a provision was inserted i that the President and Treasurer should not be Police i Commissioner or He i lib OOlcer. Mr. Piuxin expressed hi> conlldence In the action of ' the Oovornor. He would be independent of politics in his appointments under the bill. Uroat objection was i made to Dr. Grisoom, who was prominont tu urging the bill through. n? expressed his belief that the Qovuruor would not appoint that cuulleiuan under tho bill. During the protracted session tho House was left without a quorum. A call of the House was ordsrod, but suspended on the tppoaranooof a quorum, i ^Progress was th -u reported, and the bill referrod to the se!oc' committe1 of tune, to report couiplote. I TbetSiAm a|i|M>iule<t, as tho solect coinniiltoe on an Agsu. lueut Uvv, Messrs. Alvord, Phelps, Nolier, Troroy, 1 Hurlburd, 1>. Walorlmry, Pierce und Suyder. Mr. Pholpe was excused from serving on account of tlis occupation of Ins tune, and Mr. Stetson appointed in his place. I Adjourned. 1 The Court of Appeals. i Alhant, March 29,1862. , The calendar for the Court of Appeals for Mouday, March 31. is as follows:? 1 Preferred Calendar?Noa. 34. 36, 37.38. tioneral Calendar.?Noa. 28, 29,30, 31, 32, 321^. Coroners* Inquests. 1 As T'nkrown Womah Kiiixd oh tiis Nkw Havss ui.?As the down trsm trom New Haven was ap1 proaclitug Molt Haven, about half-past live o'clock yes > torday morning, the engineer discovered a woman walk ' ing on tho track a short distance ahead of the locomotive, 1 The wbistlo was instantly blown to wai n the woman oi 1 her danger; but it was not until the brakes wore applied and the iraiu was almost upon lier that she paid th< ' slightest attention to Hie warning. She then made at oilurt to reach tho leit hand track; but before sbo could , get out of tho way, the cow catcher struck her , indicting such severe injuries that she died in a . short while afterward., at Ilellcrue Hospital. Coronet " Nuumann hold an inquest upon the bony .when.tho above 1 fact* appearing in evidence, the jury rendered a verdlcl 1 of "Accidental death." Deceased was about forty-llvt 1 years of age, was stout built, had black hair and haze 1 eyes. The body was removed to tbo dead bouso for the I [)ll: i*>M! Ul I HI" HIIIUUVIUU > Hrproean IxrAimaw.?'The body of a female child w?. fnund In an alley way In Grand street yestcrdaj morning undor circumstances w hich load to tho holiof thai It who strangled. Coroner Nnuiuaun hold un Inquest ii|ioi the body, WM tho jury riMnlorod a vurdiet of " Beat! by strangulation at tho hands of somo ]M>rson unknown.' Personal Intelllgrnrr^ Ganoral J. Tylor, of thu Uniio.l Stales Army; Genera James S. Whiluoy, of Boston; Captain Seymour, bet British Majesty's messenger to Ix?rd Lyons, and D. Mc Intyre, of Ann Arbor. Mich., aro stopping at tho Kveretl House. Captain Eddy, of the United States Army; Caplair Pierce and W. A. Fisher, of Clovuiaud; It. C. Fox, ol Washington, P. O. Minor, of California; B.C. Sago am i H.J. Sanderson, of St. l?uis; F. Know land, of Pitta burg; J. M. Adams,of Hartford, and Joseph Howell, 01 Philadelphia, are stopping at lha Metropolitan Hotel. ' Hon. W. W. Welsh, of Connecticut; Osgood Bradley, o Worcosler; W. G. Angel I and H.J. Carpenter, of I'rori deuce. J. S. Caren of Michigan; O. P. C. Billings and J i C. Bates, of Boston; T. P. Sanders, of Ohio, and M S Stetson and wifs, of Baltimore, are stopping nt tbu Ast01 House. I,. I). Brewster and H. J. itoyt, of Banbury- Mrs. J. 9 1 Wright and daughter, of Baltimore. S. G. Ward.C. J. Wil i son and Miss M. A. Wilson, or Ro*t?u; M. Marker, of Phi ladolphla; D. P. Berrida, oi New York; Thomas llsckley of Troy,and W.s. Vanderroort, of St. Louis, are Moppln| at tho Albemarle Hotel. General James, of Rhode Island; James T. A teas an. family, of Chicopee;C. A. Buckingham, of New Haren; J C. Cooper, of Virginia; W. J. King, Jr., of Providence; C H. Sherrill. of Albany; F. B P.eynolds. of Boeton; E Hogan, of Minnesota L. Fletcher, of Cincinnati; H. K Bacon and J. M. Metcalf, of Kentucky, and Batmen Rid ley, of Indiana, arc stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Official Drawings of 'Marray, Eddy d Co.'s Kentucky and Missouri State Lotteries. Kkntucxt, Kstiia Class 149? March 39,1862t 25, 24, 72, 6#, 8, 28, 44. 70. 7, 78, 74, 56, 20. i Kaatocar, Class lfit'? Mareh 39. 18*2. 68. 12, 23. 17, 48, 28. 32. 74, 7. 43, ."A 31. Circulars aenl free of cbargu by addressing either to l MURRAY, El>MC k CO.. ( CoTliiflon, Ky., or St. Loots, Mo. 1 Official Drawings of (he Kentsrky ant Delaware State ferneries. Kkntucst, Extra Cla?r 97?March 29, tMX 22, 3, 6H, 76, 13. 24, 61, 63. 29, 19. 67, 17, 66. Dxlawark, Clam 186?March 29. 18*2. r 64, 64, 40, 49, 61, 16, 39, 1(1, 30, 36, 60, 31. Circulars sent by addresatng . Jon* A. MORRIS A CO., ' Wilmington, Delaware, or Corlngten, Kentucky. 1 Prises Cashed In All Legalized Lotte [ rle*. Information i^ren. .1D8RPII RITK8, Broker, I 19 Wull atrcet, uy stairs, New York. Prises Cashed tn all Legalized LoVt 9 fcerlaa. InformsUon given. Exchange oilloe. WM. Broker, No. 2& IMue streak, up alalia, room No. 6. 8 Whltc'a Spring Style of Ornli' H??? an ? Caps now ready, at 21* BroaJw iy, under Ilnrnum > .M uaetin Dottuan's Spring Style of fltnllenirn' 8 lint notv lively. Rlatt'lni I ml ? fl SO. 'llv liUnacwIlt S | IU2 Noasttu kUCci, conic; uf Alii I A French View of Che Rebellion. [From tiailgoani's Messetiaer, Pari*. March 10. Iggg ' PARISIAN KAHHIOKS iOK NEW VUUK The resent cheering newt from America, proclaimingvictory u|?u TM tonr for the I'utou iroo|M, and fuveehauuwiug, ulinoel keyem! pcradvewturu, ike epe.-dy lenntngtinu ol the rela-llion, has already produced beiiefi. utl clfeits upon (he fashionable marls of luuihtry 111 this melropolit Kor the nasi Iw o m'u eus a great tailing oil* 111 capor tat ions ta the New World, in lb - ti.eev costly and recherche fabrh s, has been aevcieljr felt. It waa, iherefote, with peculiar p > asuie that we uailad the advcul in our iuoIbi of au old, lamitiar tad'. In Ike per.ou of Mr W. K Ma'kenzir, hi past vearaau ealenaive purchaser of MtuPtai and Kanlclelilt rarU for the New York city trade: and who has now the lniinaaetnent ol the celebrated I nilud Stan e-Uauuila mud Cloak Kinpot'lum of Mr. George Carey, 3nt and 806 Canal aiiect, III that city. Jud lie from the selections of ?en1 Ionian at ilic magazines 01 Dp Lille, Un/elin, Ariiiiindttile, LP'anu. Ptatel Berger and others ol our dutingu'ahi d mcdisia, and which we wnre kindly peimitl'd to inapaet previous to tkeirahipmeiit, the days of taste, und w u would abunat say ertravagum e, which have a long lime rhurue. b rtzud the ladiea ol America, hare not yet entirely vanished, for netet bare we witnessed so Iruly ulegsnl aud charming a eollection ut novelties as was there presented to our vk w. The w orld renowned beauties of the Republican Court al Washington, t, well as tkosp of the Commercial M< tro|s>lls (New York), may well congratulate themselves upon having a person >o iciniieieut to oatcr to their good taste a* Mr. Mai-keurie, and n e trust Ills visits to our gay capital w ill now be iierindically couttuued. N. h ?In ralhnv attentiou to the foregoing (lath iiT?S5> tire of Ills establishment fioiu Ualignaui'a, Ueorge tarry w ould merely uuuounce that hia 0|s ning day for the present 1 season la tlaed for W'eduee lay, April It, wheitau in?pectiou 01 Ida importuliouH and muuuiacltircs troiu the ladles of Ibis and aiirroiindiua citiea is most rcapeetfuliv invtlgd. UNITED hfATES CLOAK. AND MANTILLA alO?E, 30i aud 106 Canal street. GEO. CAKEY. Infantile Convulsions. Mrs. WINHLOW'S hoothiug Syrup for children, will almost instantly relievo griping in the- bowels aud wind colic, and overcome Infantile convulsions, which will, if not speedily remedied, end ill death. It in also the heat aud surest remedy In the world for all cases of dysentery and diarrhoea la children, whether It arises from teethlug or from oihar onuses. Bold by att druggiats. Tn euty-Hrc c uta a bottle. Dr. Adam Laurlcs' Chinese Life Pill*.? Prepared from a plant that grows tu the tea dl- 'rlcta of China, discovered oy the Doctor whilst physician attached to the French and British Embassies at lioug Kong, and prescribed tor the native* as an auUdoKslothe edecls of optum, strung teas, Ac. > A iiosiiivs speedy and never failing cure for Nervous Dn' bilily. Neuralgia, Ticdoloreur. St. Vtlua Dunce, Nerrons neaoacue, Kiie'umiuiti). languor, lmpoicncy aim all discuses of the blood aud nervous system. A single trial will convince the moat increduloue. On dollar per box of forty pills, or latg<' ones of a bundled for two dollars. Soul poet tree t>y mail to any part on receipt ot remittance hy OKOROK 8ULPIN, Ocncrul Agent, 429 Broadway (up subs', New York. The Coupons ot the Cnited Slates 7.HO Treasury Notes, due April 1, will be cashed immediately at our office. THOMPSON BROTHERS, No. 2 Wall street. C. <C. Marih, Author of the Popular Works on Bookkeeping,, gives Private Lessons on ltookkeep tug anil Business Allaire at his rooms, WO Broadway. Circulars, with terms, on application. Trusses.?1>I is rah & Co.'a ltndirol Cure Trussi ?. Shoulder Bracas aud Dr. Wndsw oilh'a Cleriuo Eletstor?a au|iorior article. No. 2 Vaacy street, Astor House, opposite the church. A Pure Tobacco?Yellow Bank Tobac? coOoodrfin's l'nre Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all uupurtiiea, lor sale hy all tohaceo and si-gar dealers, and at wholeaalo by E. UOODWLN A BROTHER, m Walerairecl. Batchclor's Ilutr Pyc.i The Best in the world; harmless, reliable and raalanlaneous. Sold aud applied at BAifl'UELOIt'S Wig factory, 16 Bond ateret. Crlatadoro's Hair Dye, Prrscrvnllvt and Wigs, the best iu the world, w holesale aud retail, and the dye privately applied al No. 6 Astor Uouse. Beautiful Complexion?Laird's Blooiu of Youth or Liquid Pearl, for preserving and bcautilying the completion and akin. All druggists, and 4:;y Broadway. Hurry's Tricoplieronu is the Beat and cheapest article for dressing, beautifying, curling, cleaning, preserving and restoring the hair. Ladies, try it. Sold hy all druggiata. Damp nnd Exposure Kill More Than bullets in war Soldiers should provide themselves with Hotlotvuy'a Pills. Married. Mavkr?Fox.? On Wednesday, Macth 28, at the Henry street synugoguo, by tho Kov. Mr- S. Seelig, assisted Rev. Dr. S. M. Isaacs, Mr. Louis Mat au to Karma, second daughter of Situoa Fox, Esq., sit of this city. Srohm?SvwrKR.^-On Saturday morning, March 29, at the rottidwee or th*yfcrido's father, by the T-er. II. Van Lie use hot an, J, Stouts, Of New York, to Nei.lib G., daughter of It. Franklin Sawsr, Esq., of Brooklyn. Svlvkstkb?Fox.?On Wednesday, March 26. at tho Henry streot synagogue, by tbs Kev. Mr. 3. ikeellg, assisted by Kev. I)r. S. M. Isaacs, Mr. Llwts SviAMwrKK to libniiit. old st daughter of Simon Fux.Ksq. Mow Orleans, Nashville aud Louisville papers pleaso copy Died. Bakp.v.?On Thursday, MArch 27, Mart E. Bahut, in the year of bar ago. Tho relatives aud friouds of tho family sro rospactfully invitad tn allouit tho funeral, from bar lain residence 16 Watts si rest, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Bacon.?In Brooklyn, on Kriday, March 2H, altera short but painful Illness, Maht Bacon, widow of JimM Bacon, a ualito ef I ho lownsland of Branroe, parish or Ballinokill, Queens county, Ireland. Tho triouda and relatives, also thoao of her sons, Patrick, Jeremiah and Peter, aro respectfully invited to atleud the funeral, from IDn Church of the Asceusion, cortior of York nnd Jay atroets, this (Sunday) afternoon at two o'clock without further notice. Brown.?In llobokau, on Thursday, March 2T, Makia, 1 wile of Henry Brown, aged 00 years. The friends and relatives or tho family are invited to 1 atleutl the funeral, at Trinity church, this (Sunday) after 1 nooit, at two o'clock, without further invitation. 1 iVinoN.?on Saturday, March 20, ox- tldermsn Samurl 1 Bo*'ton, in the 70tn year of his age. The friends and aoquaTutances are respectfully invited to altcud the funeral, on Tuesday. at twelve o'clock, Troni his late residence, corner of flushing avenue nnd Cumberland street. His remains will bo taken to Huntington, L. I., for interment. 1 Huntington paixtru please copy. Cavavach ?In Brooklyn,on Saturday, March 2k, after a short, but painful illness, Joux Cavanaok, a native of the parish of Kells, county Month, Irolsnd, aged 42 years and 11 m. nths. The relatives uud friends of the family, and tho memr bets of Kortiludo lyxlgo K. and A.M., are respectfully invited to attend the funoral, from his Into residence, Warren street, near Hicks, on Monday aiternoou, at two o'clock. Kelts papers please copy. Can: k.visk.?On Friday, March 2*, ?t Monroe, Orange county, N. Y., Hannau Canikmkk, rulict of Thomas T. r Carpenter, aged 76 j ears. I The itinera! will take slave from her late residence, on Moudoy alteruuuu, ui ,<uo o'cU? k. Doxxiaxxx.?On Friday, March 28, of consumption, John PoXxm.lkx, in the 33d yoar of Lid ngo. The re atives ami friends, ami those of his brother, James, am respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Miudsy) afternoon, at twoocloek, from hi* lalo rusi donee, No. 206 Fast Nineteenth etreet, corner of First avenno. The remains will bo Ukeu to Calvary Cemetery for mtermoul. Homuick.?On Saturday, March 29, aftur a l.itig and severe illness Julia, wife of Michael Donohtie, in the 29th your of her age. The friends Hud acquaintances are respectfully invited to attond llie funeral, from bur late rcsldonce, No. 172 Kast Forty eighth street, on Monday morning, ul ten o'clock. KARi.KT.-thi Friday, March 27. Lawrrxcr Karlry, in the 67th your of hu? age. His friends and the friouda of his sons, Philip and Frauds, and those of his nephew, Philip Farley, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his son. Francis, 168 Wythe avenue. nearClyinontlistreet, Williamsburg, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Ferris.?On Friday, March 28, Eva, only daughter of A. M. uud ttvclsua Ferris, aged u years and 8 months. The funeral will take place from the residence of her father, ul Kiugsbridgo, this (Sunday) aftoruoOu, at three o'clock. The friunds of thufamily are requested to attend without further invitation. Gai.layix.?On Saturday, March 29, Mart Gaixavix, mother of Michael,.lolin, Jeremiah, James and Catherine Uallavin, a nativeof ttie parish of Cool, county Kerry, Ireland, agod 68 years. Thu relatives and friemls of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No 360 First aveuuo, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. <;r mtcuoae.?(hi Saturday morning, March 29,of scarlet fever, Hahii.tox Jatrr, only son or John 11. and Laura K. Groteclues, aged 3 years and 18 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, No. 432 Hudson street, this (Sunday) afterm on, at. two o'clock. Gkkxru..?On Saturday, March 29, altar a severe IIIness, Addiwox M. youngest child of I M. and J. T. Grouell, aged one yoar and uue day. The friembi and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from thu residonce of his parents, No. 160 West Thirty sixth street,on Monday afternoon , at half-past four o'clock. ?in. TViiimiiuv March 28. J a mrs Heavy, seed nbout 7ft yonre, a nallra of the town of Oarvaugh. i>ong, ford county, Ireland. The funeral will take place this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from No. lftp Kant Klavenlh atrial. Tho rolativcx and acquaintances are respectfully Invited t<> attend, without further notice. Hvnmsrv.?in Friday, March 2ft, Mart Joearnix*, daughter of John and. LUay Hennussy, aged, 1 year, 8 mouths and 2H uaya. The funeral will take place from tha residence of her pareuts, No. 150 West Thirty-Aral street, between .Seventh I and (eighth avenues. Ibis (duuilay) aitoraoou. at two e'c.iock. llowaiL?On Thursday, March 27, ef consumption, Ri wou in ?C. Howau., aged 55 yaais. JoHjrsotr.?'Tha funeral of tlio late Cteitain David R, Jotuwow. of the Kitty-first regiment New York Volun teers, will take plauo this (Sunday) rAernuon, at twi o cluck, from his lata lesideuce, No. lU Fast Thirty (Irs street. lb# friends and acquaintances are reapectflilT m : invited tu aitend without fnrthor not'oe. Kru.y.?ou Friday,March 2ft, Mra. R<?n Kelly, wV of Tbotvas Kelly, a nativo of tha parish of Dromeci county Tyrone, Ireland, lu the 52d year of her age. m The frtnndn <n.l a'uualnlancea of the family ar ? ra*pa?tfnlly invited to attend tho funeral, from her lai residence, Ro. 4Jt North Raveath atfeet, WlilUuwkuri ilp*flay (Sunday), it Kavayhiii.?On Thursday,March 27,aftora short II a lie *, ID*. .1 NK Kawnauu, of the City id Kilkenny , lr ' laud. The relstives and friend* nf tho family, also thui-e c ht tie. sons John, Frank and Martin, a.-e resiHs iiul y u> i to attend tho lunoral, tins (Sunday) afternoon *t tu 5 y*l?C.N fr0? h"*r 1,1 ta rMlltNM, Mo 2fld * cetMi* A, cor lltf ir^jj^entb i-treet, without further notice. Irwh tMi 'S' P1*"*? Miter <(w'*Lr'd*>,t Naiou 28, Mrs Maki i Mkik.mi beloved wife of ^ (i Minor, aged 32 years, 4 luoullis mid ''the relalwee una Viands of Ihe family are respectfully invited U> Mniid thoI. ,?er?kl. '?" (S'mday) afternoon, ut two o'clock, (ruin her ut0 losidouce, No. 62 Urcbu' <! street. Boston |iu|>eis ideas.' cojh " Mknkkn.?On Friday, Mm.,^ 2H Hkrh an ( d , oldest cbilil ol Herman t utbunuv ?Notiken, aged 2 yours, 10 mouths und 16 day). . The rolutlives and '"fiends of the |\?tJjr, alio U?oM of the t.ermuu Brotherly Society, are ree^clViily invited to iMluiiU Hie funeral, ironi the rtisiduuoi* parents coiner ot Twenty eighth street a?l Ton Vi avenue, tliu (Suoday1 at ternoon, at me o'clock. Muorost.?In Jersey C.?y, on Thursday inon.'"1?. March 2t. suddenly, ol disease of the heart. Jwvi'H T. ,M"kt Funeral services at lit see church, Jersey CTi^ . "?s (Sunday) afternoon, ut thrbo o'clock. "She remains' will lie tukeu to (lie family vault, 1'nterson, M. J., for urt?ar meat. M< liRiM.?On Friday, Ma rot-28, after a jevore illr>??f? Damki. lb Hums, aged .',0 yean',. Tho re'atii es and friends oi the family aro re*|icot fully invitod to attend the funeral, from lits late ree? deuce, No. u24 Lightti street,botweon avnniee ft and this (Sunday) afternoon,at two o'clock. Tho .< ? mains w? 1 be tukon to Calvai y Cemetery for .oterineul. Kduiburg (Scotland) |iuii?is pleasecopy MoCann.?On .Saturday, March Mrs. Mt.iJtaHWtw M'Ca.v*, a native of the county of Armagh, IrMaM, iu> tho 63d year of her age. The relatives and friends of the fatuihr are respectfully invited loattond the funeral, on Mo.jday al'terwowi, ui two o'clock, from her la's residence No 4T4>4 Brooms street. M' KiNXcr.?Suddenly, on Friday morning, March t?, Ki izaiistii, widow of Daniel McKlunoy, ? native of the county ot Londonderry, Ireland, aged 71/years and months. McKim.?On Saturday, March 20, Dan?l K. MuKui, youngest son of JoUn and Mary McKun/.agad 2 yoasw and 12 days. Thcfrion is of the family sro respectfully invited tw attend ths tVneral, from the late residonca of the da caused,in Fifty sixth street, near tho corner of Socoud avenuu, this (Sunday) aftotuoon, at two o'clock* to Oal vary Cemetery. McKanh ?hi Jersey City, on Friday, March 23, Danibt McKam>, a native of Manymure, county I)erry, 1 rotund age.I 41 years. The friends of the family are respectfully-Invited t* attend the funeral, this (Sunduy) aftovnoou, at two o Clots,?i nu. iQ^nunaih buuuu. Piokabd.?Lillik Acousta, infant daughter of Jon#.) aud Animbuila I'ickard. Tho funeral wdl take place from tho roaidoooo of the patents, No. 134 Went Forty third street, this (Sundajr>urteruoon, at two o'clock. Tim friends and acquoiatauaoe are invited to attend. I'kxtz.?In South Bergen, New Jersey, on Saturday, March 29, Jamkm Roaai, elde?t sou of Jucob K. and Aunia t. I'eul/., in the 23lh year ol bis age. The friends of the family, and also those of bis erand father, M O. Rozut, are invited to attend tbe funeral, from bis late residence, South Bergen, on Monday after* uoott, at throe o'clock, without further invitation. 1'komoao.?On Saturday, March 29, Jauw Rookoso, ayod 42 years, a native of county Wickiow, Ireland. 'I ho friends anil aequomlouces are moat respectfully invito I to attend tho Mineral, from his late resideuco,7t Allen street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at half-past oua o'clock. His remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for iutormout. Siiam?On Friday, March 28, Kdmi'nd Siiat, in tho 82d year of his age. His friends, and those of liis sons, Walter, John and Ihninus,are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 21 Hamilton street, al ien o'clock precisdv. Swmwkv.?On Saturday, March 29, Mrs. Map* Hwkkmsv, wil'eol'l'hnma.. Sweeney, a native of couuly Sltgo, Ireland, in the uOth year oi her age. The friends and acquaintances are reapeolfeliy invited to attend the funeral, on Monday al'feruoou, at two . o'clock, rrom her tale residence, 108 Hester, street. W a?o.?On Saturday, March 29, Marshai.i. BuaroK.soa of l>r. Jautes H. and Louise M. Ward, aged 3 months and 20 days. The I'rionds aud relatives aro respectfully invited to attain! the funeral, from, the resideuce or his parents, 34 West Twenty second street, on Monday, at twelve o'clock. Wiihlan?Oil Friday, March. 23, Catiiari.nh, wifo of Frauds Whaluilj in the 24th year ot her age, nuaUwnof Ireland. v\ The friends of the family are respectfully ievlted te attend the funeral, from her late residence, AM Peart street, Ibis (Sunday) afternoon, at half past one o'clock. Woodcock.?At Rockland Lake, N. T., ea Saturday, March 29, ( tuulotir . wife of Thomas 1L Woodcock,aged 61 years aud 6 months. 1HIHCEL.L.ANKOC8. _ Articles for soi.ofKRs, at points oohphhw tiy t'ni.m troop*, should be auui by IIAKKDKli'S KL PRK8S, T4 Broadway, At hall' rates AT OIMBRKOE'S, GS8 BROADWAY. $4 L'HOTOORAPH. Albums (for fifty picture*) retailed at $3 AKOMATIC SCHNAPPS. WITH SPANISH LABELS* 0,000 cases in mono, ro't SAW ?? vooli'ho WOLFE ?2 Bearer xlroel. A WW TO OKI OOOO WOOD ENGRAVING DOMB. PROMPTLY, AND AT PAIR PRICES, On i<> WATERS A SON. ft) Fnllaa (treat. AHirpKRIOR ASSORTMENT OP WINER AND LI (|iiors ami hUo, for export and home uae, foreign aaA it .mesne A'.ea and Porter. JOHN J. STAFF. 86 KianklUisUaet_ AT ft 00. DOUBLE SOLE WATER PROOF ROOTS At JON 14S', 10 ami II Aitu atreet. Four dittereat ststea at 84 00 at JONES', 10 and 12 Ann atrrei. Anderson's one price carpet ESTABLISHmeut, ft) Bowery.?Now la the time to boy English Oarpi t! an I Oilcloths lieloie ihe great adeatiea tu in teas. MR1 lull Medallion. Velrc', Uruaacl*. Three-ply and loftrwki OaJ pels: Rugs, Malt, Matting, Sliadi e. Drugget*, Ac. at remark, ahly low nrleea. All good* cuuiaineed. Look lor HIRAM ANDERSON, 99 Bowery. Annual exhibition of house pukmsuing. Goods lor families going to housekeeping. Iron, Wooden, Tin, Willow and Fumy Ware> at whol--a!a |>ncea. MilMAR'S Golden Tea Kettle, 700 Broadway, opposite Uurney'a. But bassfou'ds refrigerators, warranted the eliea|w*t and l?e?t. For sale at the Ureal Housekecjier's Bn/aai, Cooper Institute building. in Anor place. Conn- one, come all, and aee Ihcm. Bkidgewater paint -tested eleven tears; wal-r and fire proof, alllea and Iron. Indestructi'de. De?. t. u-. -... i--- * it* u' uttTTn i:?wnt Iwai. Boots that ark boots, made to measure at it Fulton street. Kubliera repaired. TJOSTONIAN8 ATTENTION. ?COLONEL MrGlLL, TOE -1 * manv 1 proprietor of the famous Kiclia nge, Boston trt now loi altd ou lie ooriter or TtvelftlVStreet and Broadway, lu close pioslmity lo WaHack'a Theatre mid Stew mt'i now palace. The celebrated VYebater chbwdar Irea every night. Wines mil alee from the eetnhraled vaults of U. E. Mi-ndinn K?l. KHlPrii brands af ale constantly on draught In I'mlaueldhia fashion. CTOMMIBSfON boot AND 8IIOK WARKHOt'uK) Booty and Shoos of (frry deari Iptimi, fresh and seasonable, receiving daily, lor sale by the pa- kage. atmiiiufac tur. i a prtca. Oooda adapted to army purposes ulai lo West India. Mevlran and South American mnrketa, in giva* variety. CHARLES C. WARREN, 'it CortUndt street. (1atarru.?until TUB 1st day or nay next, J DL'KNO'B Oatiiirla Sniifl will continue lo be sent, prriwitd liy mall, ns usual, Irom Albany, for the past ten year*. A single nor SI cents,or a package of four boses for On* Dollar. Address J. Dm no, Albany, N. Y. N. B.?Messrs liegeman A Co., H99, .'ill and 7M Broadway and Fourth ave nue, corner ol 8. vruleciilh slrei I, N- w \ oik, Will also bU orders for the above nil same terms. ' CT Rl'TCHEfl AND CANES FOR thk MfLfclON-AE ) the lnauiifactiiier'a, C. I'lNMilLL, No. 1 Cortlandt atrcet. <<?U)8TAR 8 VERMIN EXTERMINATORS For Rata, Roaches, Croton and Bedbiiat, Inaerl* Ac., Aa. "Free from Poisons." "Rale, Ac., don't die on the premteee." Sold by all druggists In city ami country. Principal P pot 312 Broadway (oppoaite St Nicholas}, N. T. DU VKE'f PLANTATION BITTERS. S t. ISA). X. Il Invigorates, atrrngtheua and puriliea the system. la a. ' perfect appeti/cr, and the moat agreeable and rFactual lonla In the world. Il ia compoard of the celebrated.t'skaajra bank, roota, herbs, and pure Si. Orotarum. Particularly adapted to delicate Irmaloa: cures Dya|iep?ia aud Weaknaaa, and la jual the thing for the ehau. esnf seasons. Sold by all g cocas a, druggists, holela and sab-ona. I'. H. DRAKE A CO., 202 Broadway, N Y. Ijf I.KOANT IhlTlAI. Ulfin n rnmniiv emilviv \i tmii.Ti, fvc of cost, by purchasing Nolo Paper At EVF.KDELL S. .*? Broadway FURNITURE AT COST.?J. BOYl'E. AT K18 MAMU* lacioiv und wareroOM, Ml nud tfH East HoaOu elrnwt. will offer Ids rntire stock of superW rnaiom ra* * Furniture of every d? Kcrlptton, si colt, until AprU iO.wheutks balance, will l>? ?ot<l at Auction, to close the bua loess. tftY'S SPANISH IIAIR O0O88, A < II1 A*Y \ I. '?* 1 pound similar in the natural oil nf the hi.a', for drr?? lug the liAtr, keeping It moist s*l in plaor, au I Impir uig ? li a nmai beautliul lustre, ihcra la nothing ee^al to ll. 3ald by all druggists. HE It MIA. OR RUPTURE CURED BY USING WHITE'S Paiem Le ver Truss. & dlfft rain PuuMplr tad a -ima from all old fashioned trusses. WHITBH {'steal I,ever. Umbilical Truss and Hup-jprtsrs am al*> supri ?i nutn\ ments. Tap.phlets free. T3 Bond street, N. Y. PARSES ABOUT T'?? RKFVRNI83I Til MB HOUSE* ax melted to exaarlne our nee. and scleciat*orituen. of 8U5INO OOfiDS. Wf; HAVE JUST ftfioVtVBD. FEB SHIP LOl IRE WICHvtOd, A FINE SKLECVOK OF NEW STYlJkl 1 or 1 FltBNCn CHINA DINNMt AND TEA srWA IMS, _ FRENCH CLOCKS. ANO BfONJSES ' Special nttnutlou la called to our sioelt CHANBKMERB AMD OAS FIX! ti which wc have a Uij, 1 and ituuo di .uul-fc utl t?enl La. Sear ImsIm!**, ? W. fonllmiel" *i |? ^ A ro ' 4JW, ilW nn.l 4? *ro?''w"<> "? "l-I ?f l**r ?,,wl s **?MK5 >rk.V, v.., OVBONQ'H PATHv*\ltM? TKl KK f I'oltTAItl M I r " of*?? ?! I rrilK ORIHINU. !H>WK REWt*T MAC M l VR?i HP 1 .Muij ii.u?n?v?a??.! jM-rfrcu-d \?v? .v r : no n.tMiu* ?lKh#i, ?<> trouble In dV nl t\,,ik_r'i '? ?' m ,11.,. n-.chtn . Sru l lo. u d> V ,. ,,"1 / ?A" . ! ,l I'ovv* .Mu Mkchioot, 117 Uma?4

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