Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1862 Page 7
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I I mimical.. A, i MA : EM hEVEN Oil AVI KOAKWOOD J\. |lim I ?! -. nl .unity lnj;a a'tll mao. : H 1 ' * " i *'< . 4 ill" 1 ' 1 ' u wen.i, liwa ail I >nod?ra lu?|?r?vrm i. *, u.n.ic to order, i*-i u in u*a??iei? I < A." ?A>'\ Ill' ' i' Alt*.. I"*. v .rutnuw at i ti r: >| lliq.lre ttlVWiA Twaiity i.i.u *:rei.. i. i; sli'n aromaa. a nv person re a Lit v desieol's OF ob taj nino a /V in ?t -ilfii io I'.oiio, ui tun i toAt'ni a?.l Hunt eoat f . aoikuiau t|i, will uli ul urn at* I . i.ien llO litirif <|MA N V., v?.i'n fur. ict.-on T ; |tt*"o nill aLow fur ! | i'*e!f; auo- of it* r at \ aiue will lay it; I am obliged to . t and. Auvroain to cash purchasers.?m? ron a masni.ciui Ur,f von ootave I'l. twforle; forliinal prlro I tit.ill moJ.-rn iriproie.iumi*, or -raining Inn*, no*!. 1 1 *, rs, *i'lrit 1 I .0 audloucuj nlao due for ? iki ioaewoo.1, .? k . IX>> 11 [) A i <>., 3X ilowary. n -or Fudrih atreet | A ItCMBWOOI) PIANO, 7', O'TAYBi, FOR RALE; * 2\ o. ,i full .oil-, rojnO roi .. r. . ..? uy makers, proved io toiie i.l .? .itouin.; c _i $'W; will toe dia* von/!., of I'.rR.t/i. 0 uv be *. on at ;tbi Ho. ry *.:<-et, South li. ooUvo. ' A VOKMi LADV DBBIRK8 A 81TI IT1M A3 il tern: . . of i.uio forn 1 -w liuurt p.:r A*? In a armiliary io or nrsr New Yor .; wou.d alio teurii K i^l.ah br.ii.oUea i nudrudlm i i o Kreo h; a . i Io itai*given. Addreaa Mkiic, bo* 1,77.1 N w Vort l'o?l otto.* ? A hflknl'fd kmc'jflr parlor to let- t'VBMI8||ed, A with 'tie O o of a p.* r>, to ono or two g ollnnii-n* A I*" a nlltgln Hon m in j pr. * . Il .urfl. Apply at 'I) Prime at.'oet, a low doom Wi tt ol rt.u.i iw t>. Anew nftiioh by chollkt, for learning Urn p..... tu*| .iriaio ralu ly; K. tun.- tenoned tu 2i lraoon*,' : l. It J i. IVUla I'll I Hl'la." fill ui >, you can pl'iy 18 acnonipaninir.uta cm Ih* piaao or oraan villi nut belua a mua-eau. IVj 3wnj, wltu pntuo, ?<> * nt?. lit F'-?t aTc' ante. Itai. 'a tuned. CHOLLKT. -v.. . vr?- BUSIIIEXM, 1.' I'.V'llinU Jt. the pU ...nlJ -.iik* ono ui two 11:01* pupils, at thn* resvlett?ea,Bt $* per mouth; care lake., with buuinncta. Adore-,* Art*, t-o* 114 Herald uttiee. Depot Of the alexandre ORGAN, tor Churches, Chop -is, a oouis ui Drawing Roam*. 2.*i Hf oa mil. HOLE KEDAL Of UO.NOKa me Uul.ersal Kihibltlun of 1 .<?. Tb 1 tna'iiiu'"nilnKtrumeni (patented if. lh? Ci Jtml Suites May It, IV.' *,vhich 'lie brilliant performnneu of thai.BKHG, VILaNOV'a an.i Ml.i b. ha?c rendered i t popular In Am lea a* tu Huron*, hot been adopted l>j ru greatest a.lists and composers 01 both conliliruU OOTTACHAf.;:, I.IS2T, ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Al' ka'i !ii' Organ 1* oelebtated for the solidity and prec.tiori of Hi 11 . ctiHoUm,a .?? las for 1! fullness andpower of us t -.c, . d 1 he remarkable quality of keeping perfectly n tun:-11. t... ilmu'es. Prices;.: '.r depot, $46, $60, $100, $1W. $135, $235, $260, ?iW $5to. tflliO. Adts-rii.: ?ireu!ar sent to any u Idrest on application to It r.VBREUUE'ITKS, Jr., 2-ill Broadway, Itnpo.lrro' Accordions. Vioiiua, Via,in Strings, Ac. .vfu. ill' ry 8hboeds&, who sana tknor at 1 iwl Chick . .n';'s Inat Monday miming, and who loenol to leave tils ? : s. will plume sind P. immediatvly to /.ebw, bo* 2,0,'4 I* .t 1 lire. MUSIC I.K-SON8.-A LADY, EXPERIENCED IN teat .tip", would a few mure pupils lor the Planot?rt?oii n is. nable terms, ,'iessous gnen at the residence 01 (pupils or 'crown, 46 B suh street. VrEW .M l .nP ?"811 ALL WE KNOW EACH OTHER It There,' ?"iiK and eboriis, by ltev. Mr. Lowery. author ?f ' Kabl,aili Be'ls, Chime ou." This song i??ood. Price 26 rents. Ma.Ietl free. A piaul't In attendance to tty new tousle. llOKAt K WATERS, Publisher, 181 Broadway. ORGANS?THREE church ORGANS, foup., six anil eight slops, of superior tone and ivurkuiauskip, for sale at a great tacrlli'-e, and on <;asy terms. Also s, 1 stop parlor Orcau, w,th a very bandaorae walnut case; will be aold tery Tow. Apply lo J. ii. A c. 8. odell, 16Y Sercuth sreoue. N. V ritur horacb waters PIANOS AND melodbons 1 and A!" mdre Organ*, and T. UUbri l A Co.'s celebrated ARolisn Plan are the tine.t instruments for parlor aud churches now iu use. A laraa assortinrni can be seen at the uew wareroouu-. No. 101 Broadway, between Grand and Broome a* which will be sold at extremely low prices. Pianoi and Vciodeona, froui sundry makers, new and second v baud. In rent allowed If purvliaaed in* per agreement.> nt* received for the same. Sheet Mi tele, uslortoi.*. and all kinds of Musi; Merchandise at war price#. A i>'.il?iat in attendance will try rew music. OTAH1 f n.- A HIGHLY EDUCATED GERMAN VOUNQ YT led" Prct-st&iit, is desirous of finding a suitable home wi'.Ii i r?S|:t"-ta ,le private AmericanorHermanfamily. Ha# undc . rrvla household stlnLra, ran do every kind of comBio# or 1 *:< ., m edio work; might vivo lr??oim on the piano, teach or luatruit little children In English, French and (*ei n-n; bein g of # ijulel and amlabl# dl*#o?lit<v,. ?he a-md-l Ik ?u ? { > -Ivk sulsiactlaa no a cojujiai.ioA u-an cider. li*jr tuh-,n i nly. Nona but lainlliea of nri doubted re<.>ectaWity wed apply. Malar* of no moment, if tha dilution la vtberivwi . ' '.' KiUkiu. L'nekceptlar.ablR l-f^rnres aiwn and retire !. VUreaa, with particulars, 0. M. B. llera'td oMca. TITANTED- A SITUATION IX A QUARTETTE CHOIR TY in an Mpivopitl church aa Baaa Slpyr, by ona who has had twett - ears' fciprrit-n.a in the Irniiv. Ad.lrcsa EL M. M.. U>a 1,165 Post oillc#, N. X. WANTK1?-i'or A QUARTETTE CHOIR, A FIRXT etaSRteno. yuujer. AJdrte*, with teal ukuib, boa 4,596 foal office. ' INSTKICTION. AOLOltlfil'S SIGHT IT IS TO SEE The r -.t-H ! Bouthcrr. chivalry. I In all the battle*, boih uy U a and Land, for tha fluion?oor and indivisible?'.lie piuduaies of NUGENTH fioniuierrla. College, Brooklyn, hare covered themselves with imne. .a/table glory. By their personal bravery and erlen'iilc skill, they have er.rollad tue>r names on the brightest pages of on' < .r.try'a history. Long Itr# Ihf L nlon. I .nig live Nugent. A lady can receive a medical education by suii 'i-ising Burgeon, Station I). New York. Teens teaea gable. ATOUMI I.ADT, COMPETENT TO TEACU TH8 B?gHil: bvaurbes, with muue, desire* a sit iation in a a l.oot or a* v",,i"ness to yo jng eblltrcn; the best of reference. Address A,, box bSi, Troy, be., York. AT %i MI WltrtTNO, TWENTY LESSONS; PENMANloan.',I.i a,-.. Arillini' lie. nor see iiiv-roiht Issiuma. earl. $10: Rc.iklCeeMnf, double antry, leaxon't unlimited, $10. PAf SF"S Mriianltw tJullesra, ?a Bowery, New York, and 364 Fulton Brooxlyn. Private rooms for ladies. AI'REN' II r,KM'LEMAN WISHK.S TO OIVE IN . trudiort Hi hl? ungual* In ox hinge for liagluu len* <oa. Address C. M., box iw llorald utile*. Deer park ivsnrtTE. port jkrvis, okanok eouiny, Nosv York.?Young la. lea will I.era And superior ad'ai.'a .;es for learning, cuonurt end health. Eightytue n,ile? by r.'i. Horn N?w York. Banner season comnirorcs April Id and continues twenty tre.ka. For circulars hirers the principal, K?v. J. ii . North r tp, Fort Jervu, Orange count. , V 1. pOYBRM.-i.s-A YOl'Nli LADY OK RESPECTABILITY UT ! < t ilu a position In tuii.ii family where she rould have ih>- cii.trg* nt young ihlltren ami Instruct them In (be F.nirltvli Inmrhrs ami ruuimrn of music. Salary not so nun. i >.i iri't an a plcaseat hone, Country preferred. Ad fn ten ilaya II- m?, llert'.d o'lr#. t'l^UtlENi COMMERCIAL COU.KCE.-THB Sl/C. Xn in of tl.c |nln> l|ial ol this Institution in imparting Instruction in > ?*- ),i?g, writing, arithmetic navigation, mechanical rti n. ng, .sc. hanbeeu remarka'dc."?New York fhvirier, Ni . lit. 1 nji. BooaKeuptn;, $ld; arithmetic, $10; in iwsmiu la n$, $.t; iiaui'- al astr mo nj an .' navigation, .'_\i, drawing, $10; Nugiut's Commercial Col<0 an t Prein'din Writing R .outs, 0' ( the Mechanics' isr.k, In front "f the City Hall, Hrookly i Principal, F.. II CENT no ... ' r of the Botlelf of A.Manufactures and i-ontii.errc. Londoi and of the Amsricitn Ucogruphl.-al and pnthttcal s. N ? York, do. nHIB SPANISH l..'.NHl/AOB IS 1AC0IIT, AS HERE , l > COKiANO OOKRI Apply lit 15 West fwcntt -iti': ct c. ?nr"C doers tr n. ,adv.ay. between and It) A. >1. <>: at 2 and 0 P. M. no Bl LMyN KMBROIDKKEI1H.?WANTED, A PKR1 Houtgiio 1> si .n? lu 'V.rrns;' i.nur but lh'??e tho.Highly competent m tench oti ' rrn-ii<-< need apply. No ibjeet.i. to > tiling leanvus. A<l>lr >i Si. 8. VS., (lilt*. OANC1IIO ACAUF.MIKS. ~ I .> LB ISO? . AT MAPAMK oAt \ AUK SI 'S DANCINU I m A'la.t'mi, Old liroadway, arc cnOi i-nt to roaster all this lencra aad qii.i Irillra. Every pupil tn light r.ipanitaly ami na<lu lo prn> tic- Immediately with 1 iv dancer#. Open very evening, nnd on Tupeday, ThuraJay and .Saturday atrrnoons. UEAT18TRY. A RTIFICf \i TEETH.?WE CONTINUE TO EXTRACT t\. teeth !u twn r-.miur, wilhnul pain, with our benumbing luitl. No ri'iii "barge iot lempnrsty art* or directing. Perth Insertd v Ithbtit extracting ih.1 r.<>'.*, on otir unproved ituiosphrrie preaaui" platee. We Invito all to call andrxiintm ntti ? mrna polng nua-svlirrr. Wo hats ihrn.i-ally pn o chloroform and other, whirl- an-pcrlr.-tly laruiic i to i..?.-. Ora.DL.RKIN * ROU8SEAU, 11711 anal (tract, opposite West Broadway. A RTIPII Mi TBETIt.?BBAl'TtrUL SETA ON PUBI (1 ailvrr, only ; on line gu.d and platliia, ids, war i anted . i.iual to any v.orl iu N-w York; m.g .t teeth. $1. Tci-th ' llled and v. iv.ied without the least pain and perfectly ! harnile-A. 8- Hour FlUIng, only iA\, warrants >1 equal lo any. OHi 13.1 Mxth avenue, between r nth mid Eleventh No removal. DP.. LUTHER, Dentist. "\R. 0. A. WHITE'S IMPROVED AITtlPICIAL TKETH. J Wbn'r ..en, $'i, ft, $10, $16 an I nuwatda. warranted in f Tenth wim gold, Ai tenia tu il. All work rli " i liart-4 elsewhere. Oiiiu^w. 1:1 Bom! street h h 11 c?, Philadelphia. run :, dentist, removed to no. mi pvriti'-n-ood street, L-xington avenue. Bit I. >'.acted without pain, by a u nv proeena laijaeir, I A' ilhclsl Teclh, In every etylfi, on Gold, Platlnm ibner, I'rOBt HO re nil to $'/ 50 i ro ll. Aillli wil Heine Fllllnga, Wren's. 1 w ji ? w.trrenunl equal l? any done In Mew York ; BROS., JiS GRAND STREET, NEW YORK,-, rr I, i d A Taylor's, and AV Fulton street, Brook< run* full aeuvf T*eth on their Impr red nt. lawn. with or without ? aitwt lit^ the root*. On Inn, $?; silver or rubber, $10. Martini sets on tnotoj mlver, $1. _ _ Af. DENTAL OALLKKY?SIXTH AVENUE, nt l vventye?eond eireet ? l.argre , mm repine; Illy; ttvu premiums awarded, brairtllill Talented Mela of Teeth. I'r.cea ertranrdloery. Seu, .'u1< unite, $1.1; Gold, $10. Dentistry warranted. Etlracllui Tealk without n?ln. JDi. MANSON, Dfnliet. coal* |? 59 BEST HED ASH 8TOVK, *d 71 LAROE Filtv ot'iile lane to certmeti en ! . S IIAI.SI'K AD, AseUnee ol M In. II. Smith, avenue, belweeu Twenty ?.-vnlU mid Tncutyit*. (O MISERABLE TRASH oh SLATEY III:Hr whorl Weight for 9* Id or ft to, but He v. ry heat r Ininlly nee, iereen?d anil delivered nt J? M per nt'ris corker King end Greenwich itroeia, t,nd 50 trw t, rtirner New Bowery. Til W ULIMTON, wholesale nd retell egrak t -I ,\M MOW.DIUTIMNO A SUPXRI I r. quality"' "0i,l tor laml y nae, woll ? r. r iml, ic.i of pound*. AlnoLiveri" ol ami Ceimel IF*v. K.evvutb atreo* end 151 Eight n av nue. At UMAUit. J AOTtunvn* __ ' Vt'IKTHH UU.liKN, fl REVIVAL OF TUB OLD bPKHATION HOUSE OKOlVDK.f FROM 1'tT I'O DUMB. MONDAY. AND U> flttY NlOIlf. MATILDA DEMON wfll eppc-Ar in her world rewowne-t rol at < AM1I.1.K ? Jim low five jurn eiuo-, at iUi? very ?n?n, Melilda Tie on lowering lor the Itr^L ilius n MiWtork, in ihi* I Character, elub'hed the Omnia' a did* in wllh e bound. I end won from the euttre |>rrt? o ?ud of country the It r- the greates' ncrru of our t.'n . Her persutia'fon of C-tfi -de we-* acknowledge! a* the moat perfe t enldbitlon of int?:t?o passtuu and Oi lue depth cf earuestueJH of woman's love ever presented ou the slu?c. bLgbt after bight for thiile> u wet-as, (lit hone# vvaa crow Ic-u from pit to done, and r. -iuilreda hung with terrible int-ieai over the trials of the tU'- toil fallen woman, beautiful even In her fall lUatitoa Heron la ~till the tun Matilda Heron! Camilla ia ne ill the aaiuo Catulllel \TAN AMBUIKtH A CO.'d MAMMOTH MKVAOEKIH GKBAT MORAL EXHIBITION. I HYATT FROST, Man.g.-r. i TfcW eiblbltlon wnl open to th public under an I IMMENSE NEW PAVILION Galy decoru., d w t- i no-t of all nations, on 8?t ENTKEMIt STREET. M-WtSIXTH AfilNUB, At 7 u Vine it, ON Til I'ftSDAV MO IT. Arilll, S. After the opening night there wl 1 Im< THREE PEBKOKMANOliS BACH DAT. Doors open at lu, 2 and 7 o'clock; [.erforotauoe at 13. 4 and 9 o'clock. A-iutis-dou 23 cents; clill.uvn uudtr ulne years, 14 c< ute. Ttti* ins'.-bliss Zoological Collection cootalna Living Antmala from every part or the known world. Recently many rare and valuable additions h.ive hi-.-n made. It now suf- ] p teota iu beauty r.ud variety any exhibition ever before ?een. Ad lovere of the great study or natural history wilt halllbis i aiioouuocuient with m. rks of approba'luu and delight. A pupil of ; THE GREAT VAN AMBURGH. v. ho-e name lias wrnni; through Rut-ope and America, will at each entertainment enter the dene of trained annual*. | Alau wih a',o.ear the mammoth Elephant Hannibal, B. F. * Tboutaa keeper; uertci iuing Kh-phaut Tiupo SaU), trained I and p-i formed by rrofe-aor Naih; I'oulea Black Diamond, B* v Prince; Monkey Jocko, autl I-.dnc.Jrerl Mulea. I J ?liter gi yad fealures of thin entertainment are the COLO Bit. GOLDEN CHARIOT, containing Otto Horn's Comet Band. Alio the Dene, fegee and War.' lift. these, the laoat magnificent pieces ot artletlo wcu kmenahlp ever eonatruod, ere ell uew end auperb beyond ell precedeut; no descriptive larntu tge will appear esn gerated to ihoao who behold tlient while passing through the streets In GORGEOUS PROCESSION. THURSDAY, APRIL 3, preceded bv the world renowned J. A VAN AMBURUir, In yarnon?the original lion i.tul tiger lamer, followed by Golden Chariot, perform: ug elephant, Tlppo 8alb, and GREAT WAR ELKPUANT HANNIBAL, dens, cages and wagons containing the living animal*. The procesalon will start fro n the pavilion at 11A M., passing up Seronlb avenue to and along Forty-fifth street to Flflu aven .e, down Filth avenue and Broadway to Astor Hone up Chatham and East Broatlway to Grand, thence to end up Bowery end Third avenue to Thirty-fourth street, incur i? hu.i au? n rvixtn avenue to pavilion. Madame ernestine he vill1kr8?dodworth'g lla'l.?This distinguifhi d Ki el.< ti 1'iatiUt will pes.lively triln* her debut on Friosy nr \t, the tti> of April, assisted by a eouoours* of eminent aili-t.c. The public is Informed that the i; tlrkcia wilt be valuable. The subscribers who had not their ll-Itet* returned ure ilivltnd to direct promptly 2 no e t > Maduii" d" Villiera, care o! M'-sara. Beer ( A tieiiInner, .t'l Broadway, with their name anil address, , Father reed a ORIGINAL OLD FOL.K8, By special request w.ll repeal their Conoert in the lecture room of the Church ot the Redeinpuon, Fourteenth street, opposite the Academy of Music, on Tuursday evening, April A 1 t>2. Admission 26c.; children loe. Uoora opeu M 7. Concert at 8 o'clock. ^ Mexico in nbw yoktc -at eos broadway. T ie and exquisitely beautiful MB MICAS' MlsBL'M, eensltluijc of Sculptures in Waj, t!luatratt*e of the manners and malum* c-t the Mexican people. This celebrated colleotioti, the Urst of Its kind iu the world, forms the moat pleashut. itrtisclo and Instructive exhibition ever presented to the New York public. Admission 25 cents; Chlldrou and aclioola half price. Final exhibition op (MIL'RCH'g "HEART OF THH ANDEH,*' AT OOUi'IL'S. 771 BROADWAY, From nine to all o'elocx. Adm ssiuu Si com*. Visitors arc requested lo bring opera glasses. HOUSES, CAimUtiKS, AC. Anuonr for balb.-bay m ark, light shift. Irg lop Wagon, Harness. Blanket*. Whip, Ac., belongingto a going to Wa hlngtoo. The whole wilt be onl for $275?a chance seldom rr?t with. Inipilre at the Hear Vock livery atables, 187 West Thirty-third street. . ( Board roeit horses at the nhw york tat tersall'a, Sixth avenue and Thirty-ninth street, bbiugone of tho liest arranged, must couunn lT iiia and best conducted stables tn the city, h*v mg an exer rising ring; free to all boardeta. Carriages to Jet for ratlx and the road. Regular auction sales every Tuesday, at 12 o'clock, ?r Horses, Caraiagea, liarneaa.Au. WW. WITT Bits, Auctioneer _ HENRY 1'ALUklt, Salesman. Brewhter A co., of broome strhkt, MANUFACTURER* OF FINE CARRIAGES FOB TOWN AND COI-'NTRY, AND First eiasa ROAD WAGONS, invito an Inspection of a variety of vehicles, exclusively Of their own manufacture, andofil-slr usual excellence of fitthe m'li.iiv i*n mnimii The acknowledged sii|>ei lority i f their ROAD WAGONS W 111 be strictly nialnts.nurt, and In addition To the popular style.! introduced by Ihein during The two past seasons, thejr desire 10 call epecial Attentlt-ri to tin* style for 1462. "THE OENTI.KM.VN H WAGON," Now rexilv fur Iiimix rtloti at their ONLY I'l. ACK OK P. I SI NESS, 572 an<t 374 Broome, corner of Molt street. (nabrzaol for RAI.K-- one 8? OND II and fLOHB J Carriage, suitahln for city nee, made bv one of the best manufacturers; will seat four p?r*jne inside and will be sold cheap. Inquire at 0W Wouster s'reet. / 1aruiaob8.?for, a new and elegant vf hammereloth coach, worth plum. for $8k>; aivoava. I riety ' other erst class carries"1, at reduced prices. a few we-. nd lianddo. very low. vij . r a co., 664 ll'.ad way, CAKltlAOKS m MUUOM stt 8F 4T USHT Germsntown, one S.k Heat Light Brett. one close psunel Coach; h?? been newly trimmed; they have all hecn but little used, and are In got d ord-r; also four new Bakers* Wagons, made io order and of the must modern style. Apply to JAMKH M. gtrtXBY A CO.. fWO Hroadway. luNOR 8A1.K?TWO SECOND HAND CARKTAOES: r also, s S able to let; suitable for - onsb and buggy and four buries. Kent ?I50. Inquire at Nu. 6 Luireraity place. For sai.f. chkap-a lot op hor.-r*, ji'at ar. Heed frum Canada, aiimog which am three pairs of nice Ponies, well matched. Impure at Oakley* Stable, one dour from the ferry, Hubokrn, X. .1. nORSKH.-WANTED, A LOKD PAIR OK FAMILY Hurras, sound and kind In att descriptions of harness. T'iu pile : in net he low?payahl. part In cash and part In clot: inu In one of the best establishments In the city. Also, ad ible Harness and Carriage, or Karon'In-, at a moderate prtno. Ad. rcsa D. C., Herald office. Hor>es pop. sale -one mahogany bat horse (r.u white), I6fi hau l* high, sU years old tbl- spring, lung t lit. black mane and tall, Inrlf thoroughbred, ver.rflins for the sadills; nun pair chestnut Horse- tun whiten 15\ ban la. seven years old. tlag tails. The shore Horses will be a<|.i cheap. as they are nu' wanted. Apply to JOHN THANNlN. tuai-h hiius - In tire-it.-street, rorr.erolVVaaUlii.tou place,before it o'clock a m. MIX'ER 4 STEVENS, _ 71. 74 snd 7# WALKER STREET, lirsl dour eaat of Broadway. MA.NI KAi'Tl'ltEKR of llrat cu t CfRltlAGEH ami light VYAGONH, of ihr latest fashI" able stylus an I improvements. ai.d lor elegance u! Plush air ir and itiirabllity ore equal to any In this market, to wbtrh * is Invito tl u Inspection ol pun baser*. >TKW STABLE? IN THIRTT FIKhT STREET, a PEW V dm rs he ow (tilth a-eti le, l or sale or to let. Apply ss per hRI. STABLE WANTED. ?A GENTLEMAN WIP1IEH TO hlr--a atable, with three o: four stalls, stove groundnnd ris-in fur two n "lit st u-.v, Lecatlnn between Twcn licth in I Thirty lift sifreisn: I hint and 8. ventli aveuues Addie-. L C., Herald oil". -. sis'ing lowest rent. CLOTHING. AT 1S2 SEVEN I M AVENUE, LADIES ,iN!> GENTLE, rn'-n can diapoae of their ea.t off CTciliinc. Carpet* Furniture and Jewelry. I gear.inter lo pay lift J p-'rrent. more th in any other de iler m the city, and not to ha limnbugged l>y bp at |mtf* ami f?Ne pretender*. l'leu-o call on or uddrcaaJ. Anil .It, 1&! Seventh ."?iiu?, between Twentieth an.I Twenty tirat *:reet*. Lad a a.tended by Mr*. Anh lit, Attention, ladies and omuwer. it toe ?l.h lo Itet the fu.l vai n- fur ynnr caM.dl t-'.olli un, Ourpet*, Furniture and Jewe ry, the beat you can do l? lo end a note H> the well known dea>er, F. ll.WiKIS, llitj Seventh avenue. Thrre you ma) be convinced you wib lie Until with to youi witialeatlon. For Die.-** from ft! to $"d), tor Coal* from >t to $ I ft ? I'anta from JI to $.'i ri< ?ae do not forget to nlliiii rarijri?iF. If in it, l.Vi Seventh avenue. Ladb aliunde 1 by Mr*. Uarra. AT. AT, AT 7 IIK OLD ST'.vn r.MUKH AND OKNTd J\ r?n obtain Irom 97 lo #V> for S.Ik Dr. *?e*. from 9-'? to %Si to' I' .at*, from $J to 97 for i'nnta. Alto Carp i? Furnittii lev,idry, Ac. A not.- by poat punctually Mb tided to by E/.KKlKLn. IIH Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth aul Tv.- i|?th aticot* Ladir* a'leuded tu by Mia.E. ho contie. iloti with any other hoi??. A CHEAT QUANTITY OK CAST OFF CLOTHING jV wanted.?Furinttii -. Carprta. Jewelry. Ar m (apply the Wi-eiern ninrket. I pay a* follow* ?For silk Di-r*ae?, rrmu 91-lo 910; C- ata, trout lib lo 970; I'aiiM, from 9-7 to $.S. Call on or ai'dr* <? A. Dnca-?t 21* F -ventb avenue, between Tw--ill'fourth unit Tweiity-utilj *trcel?. Ladle* a tie tided lo tyilraP. A RAM CHANCE.?LADIED \NI) GENTLEMEN, If 1V > ju n l*h to net the full value lor your eaat ud clothing. Carpel*, Furniture and Jewelry, th-- beat you can do It tu aetid a n U. MINT/., 17# Third avenue; there you may be eonvln eld yon will be dealt with to your aa iarae ion. N. H ? I) not believe th--re itiivei .arra who Olfcr to pay from $12 to to) I"! allk drea*-?, 92U Tor coat',or$7 frr penta, a* II le a ir-ly a humbug Pl**?e remember the w-H known dealer, 11 wfv-mi ltot.,1.1 near Srvriile.iilh ureal I.a. <!|V? attended by Mr? Mini*. Jl'ST ARRIVED FROM CALIFORNIA. WITII ?I0,00O A large amount paid for India* and gtiuilemrn'a ciatl olT (IMbing. I will i hv luri'iuy-Bva p-r cent more then any i-Mabllahnmnt Semi vo ir note* to h# and Weet Br a lw.iv. I.a Ilea attended be Mr*. H. Otoay. and gratiam n attended hy Mr. rl. OAUAV, b> twe.-n Le naid and Franklin Mr Rl'OllTIMU. 1.1 yIt SALK-TIIB MCHOOKSR VA< IIT JULIET; burly W Ion* burthen, 4 yeara old, fa*t and ataunch; ilrnmrt i??i water without her centra board; la good order. Apply at 41! Weei Eleventh etreet. BICH SALE-THE FAST BAILING!, SLOOP RIOilEl) 1 yacht KKBECCA. Apply for particulars, at Ibe lluraid VACHT FoR RAI.B?A SCHOONER, ABOUT 100 1 nine, A No. I, in prime order, reet, a good eee boat, well ra: d?te.| lor a pilot, despatch or paaaeager boat. Bepnrltirs taken, II | ay It good. Addreaa boi 3,540 Now York l'ott ofllre. rn DO<?8 FOR SALE-ALL OF T1IE CHOICEST OU brci da; a nnml ?r of the Urgent St Bernnru llogs, of the puraat breed sod the laigeet m me city; ati Pupa of In* v,inn atork, on* R iwiii Bloodhound, 110 pounds; two very largo English Qmyba null. ?i< Italian Orctbound*, Kins CbafUaSpaniei*. Belters and Pgint. rs oi trial, alto, one vary flue young Seller D ig, one year old, of the Hon Uiwi tier Berkeley it sock, w niuir.i .nd II beat of irfcrem, 1 glri'U. Adilieas U. Uardtinol, gomct of FlUUlb aiteel auaiiioadiray.N. F, JEW YORK HERAXD, i ^ ahuskmkwt*. fc'HK OA I STIR A Tw* UAWriHH tup haikhr* thk a ai prigs. Til E UAIfcTIKS. TUB 0 AI illKd, CM C1C til CM < w c" .,-av6M < BBOADV .! _ __ __ f*) door a tn low Law r* Aoeogtp UP STAIR*. UP MTAIUS OP 1T\IR.A UP mtaiks. I;P STAIR* UP bTAIK* OP OTAIIJ iiu sT41R UNDIMINISHED RXCITRMENT PEKPHCT AVAL kNi UK <?P APPLAUSE SOKKAMrt OP DKLIOIITPI'L APPRKOIATIO! mghUy grtvf tli<? ?ucc.', ?ful ? i.rt> c.f our grnud <omeair lion or feminine gentue, known throughout U?e wor'.d ? tt I real ORDINAL PKUALR MINSTRELS, ORDINAL KKMALK MI Net TKKLS, OIlliilNAI. PP.MAI.K MINSTRKLS. ORDINAL PKMALK MINSTllKU, ORDINAL IKMAi.K MINSTRELS. ORDINAL KgM v LK MINSTREL? ORDINAL 1 KM ALL MINSTRKLS, ORIUINAL PRMAI.R MINSTRKLS ORDINAL VKMAl.K MINSTRELS, ORIUINAL PKMALR MINSTRELS, ORIUINAL KrMALL MINSTRELS . . ORIOINAL PKMALK MINSTRELS BVBKL MEMBER A STAR OK Till PIRST MAONITtlDI The B. B Vend B. C.'a ol Nigger Mlu'lreler, only B. B' who now must "Cotton" don u eud received yie c&etlgetlt "IMrcL" from superior Ulont. BRILLIANT KKPAKIKL. ORIUINAL 1VNNINO, RAOV .lOKBrt ON THg TIME prrwe to loe mo,i t ems! uliserrrr the superiority of our u exuniUhle Mlitelret Troupe to all inhere. DlIB ARTISTS ARK THK OEMS OP THK PBOFBSSIOJ THBV HiUVK NO KOUALR, liUVft VUI evu A UKKAT NOV ELTY, mlt.k sand beity, MLLK. SAND BEITY, M I.LK. SAND HETTY. HAND BETTY, MLI.K. SAND BKTTr, MLL.K. HAND BKTTr. M I.LK. HAND HETTY. M l.I.K H\ND BF1TY, M I.LK. HAND BLTTY, MI.LH. HAND BETTY, TITB ORBAT BLACK WIRK rtHFOKMER, THE UKKAT SLACK WIRE PERFORMER. THE (JItKAT SLACK WIRE PERFORMER, TUB IJKKAT SLA <>IC AVI UK PERFORMER, THE GREAT SLACK WIRE PERFORMER, THE GREAT BLACK WIRE PERFORMER, yjr tint iinpurtaUon l.jr uur Now Jertey agent. Tnlewoi icrful lady (according to Hoyle) has created the miitl pr I.'mid kSiiuUon wh.le p.-rioi mlag belorr the cn.wncd l?-a< at Kurupe, but bu bono aeeur-d at an lncalculalilr eipeas tad wiU ahortiy appear at our Print-* of Coaoen Halls, THE GAIETIES, TIIK ?1A IK I IKH, HIE (iAIKTlES, THE li. VIET I EH, THE (1 11 KIT KH THE UAIETIKS, where the elite of the pleasure srcitcra nightly assemble < witness the rendering 01 our unapproachable programme. OKItilNAL So I KH, ORIGINAL BLKLF.SUrKH, ORIGINAL BURLESQUES, BEAUTIFUL BALLET: BEAUTIFUL BALLET: BEAUTIFUL BALLET NEW SONGS. NEW SONUS, NEW SONGS. EXTRAORDINARY GYMNASTIC FEATS. EXTRAORDINARY GYMNASTIC FEATS. EXTRAORDINARY GYMNASTIC KEATS. It would DO', do for our ricelalor establishment to re upon the merits or one bright, particular itar aa an attra Uoa WHERE EVERY PERFORMER IS A METEOR. WHERE EVERY PERFORMER IB A MHTKOK. WHERE EVERY PERFORMER IS A METEOR. It would let wrong to particularize the Individual tulenta any aiuglo artist, and to render justice collectively would I latpoMiWe?It would occupy the whole apace allowed tor verttalag. but we wish the public to unuersuu>d that TIIK GREAT GAIETIES TIIK GREAT GAIETIES THE GREAT GAIETIES THE GREAT GAIETIES THE GREAT GAIETIES THE GREAT GAIETIES SHU retains all Ita old favorttea Still reutna all Ita old favorttea HUH retain* all Ita old favorite# AND MANY NEW FACES. AND MANY NEW FACES, AND MANY NEW FACES, a aa to keao In the ran of paurtla Imitator*. WHY ARE WE SO POPULAR sm> -- . WHY ARB WE HO ENVIED BY OVft RIVALS! Because we ara appreciated by lb* people. Because we "are appreciated by the people. Because we are appreciated by the people. CROWDED HOUSES <,nui i/iw nuu?tu? CKUWDKD HOUSES CROWDBD HOllsSs* > -. > CROWDED HOUSES " CROWDED HOUSES which nlffcily MwnrJ our r aorta teauiy, Efiry rURor s kiwwlo-lgra WB HAVE THE BEST DANCERS, WK HAVE THE BEST DANCERS, THE BEST HI NO E US, TUB BEST BINDER*. THK BEST GYMNASTS, THE BEST GYMNASTS, THE BEST NEGRO COMRDTAN THK 11EST NEGRO COMEDIAN AuJ tt U S?>or?Aa 1>J all wc We TUE PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS THE PRETTIEST WAITER OIBLS THK PRKTTIKST WAITER QlRLS THE PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS THE PRSTttEXT WAITER GIRLS TUE PKBTTIKST WAITER GIRLS THE PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS THK PRKTTIKST WAITER GIRLS TMR PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS TUK PRKTTIKST WAITER GIRLS THK PRETTIEST WAITER GIRLS TIIB PRRTTIKSr WAITER girls of anr Coaoert Hall ou Broadway, ia fact, TUB GAIETIES, TUE GAIKTIKN, TIIB GAIETIES. THE OAIETIES. THE GAIETIES, THE GATETI8 THE ABODE OK OKMUS AND MIRTH, Itt produnuc oornLlea la far ahra<l of all ll? coiiinMra LOOK OUT KOR TIIK GREAT STAR, LOOK OUT KOR THK OKRAT ATAK. LOOKOUT KOR TIIK GREAT STAR. LOOK OUT rOR THK L UK AT STAR, LOOK OUT KOR TIIK GREAT STAR, LOOKOUT I OK TIIK GREAT STAR, THB UNRIVALLED POIUUGt KSE DANSKURR, THK UNRIVALLED PORTUGUESE DANSKUEE, THB UNRIVALLED rORTUGUKsK OaNSEI SR. THB UNRIVAf.LBD PORTI GUESB DANSKCV,K. THK UNRIVALLr.D POHTL'Gi. KSK DANSKL'SR, TUK UNRIVALLED POKrUul ESR DANSKUSB, SK NO It IT V DKLLA VELAXOUKA. hKN'ORITA DKLI.A VKI.ASJl MX. SKNOKITA DKLI.A VEi.AsuCKZ, SKNOKITA DKI.I.A VKLASUIEZ, SKNOKITA DKI.I.A VKI.ASyUKZ, SKNOKITA DKI.I.A VKLvSOUK*. SKNOKITA DKI.I.A VKi.ASylK/.. SENORITA DELLA VKI.ASJI KZ, SKNOKITA DKLI.V VKLASoUKZ, SKNOKITA DKLLA VELAboCKZ, ShMHUTA DELI.A VKLASjl'K/., SKNOKITA DELI.A VELASUlIRZ, SKNOKITA DKLLA VKLvsul I SI'.NOIUTA DELI.A VKL.YSUUP.Z, SKNOKITA DKLLA YKI.AHUL'K.7., SKNOKITA DELLA YKI.ASUUKZ. HK.VUKl r.V DELLA VKLASQI'KZ, SKNOKITA DELLA VKLAsylEZ, SKNOKITA DKLLA VKLASyUKZ, SKNOKITA DKLLA VELASyUKZ, HER FIRST AfKKARANCE IIIR KIRMT AITEARAM K HKK KlK.dT APAKAKANLK HER UK-SI AKI'LAKAMJE in new yori IN NEW YOKI IN NEW* YORI IN NEW YOKI ON MONDAY EVENING. ON MiiNDAY KVENINO, ON MONDAY KVENINO, ON MONDAY KVENINO, in NEW AND KAKi IN'ATINO DANDER. IN NEW AND FASCINATING DANCKS. In Orace ?l?e equal* ORIS In Aerial Bound*ahe equals . CKKITt In Beautiful Po?e? ahr equal* TAULION In the a'irtbule* of a Daneeuee ?ho imriiaaaei all. TIIK GREATEST EVENT OK THE SEASON THE GREATEST EVENT OK THE SEASON THE OKKATKHT KVENT OK THK SEASON will decided!/ be the flr?t appearance a New Vol audience of the YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL VELASOUF.Z, VOL NO A NO BEAUTIFUL VKLASUI K/,, YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL VELASQUEZ. YOUNG AND BEAUTIKUL VF.LA.SOUEZ, YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL VELASuUhZ. YOUNG AND BE.VUTIPUL VELASOUK/.. YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL VKLASv' KZ, YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL VELASQUEZ, ,UPP THEb'lRBAT 7.KLKSKI BAI.LET TROl.'I'K. Till". (IRKVT /.KLESKI BALLET TROUPK. the ?i:kat seleski ballet troupe, the urmat ZF.i.KsKl bali.kt trnupk. the ore at zelkski ballet trol i'e. CONSISTING OK TWENTY FIVE CHARMING GIIILR TWKNTV H>K CHARMING OIKLH TWKNTVFlVK CHARMING GIP.LS. TWK.NTV.HtK CHARMING GIRLS 1WK.N IV-KIVK ? IIAHMINU GiKl.s. TW'KNTY KIVK CHARMING Glitl.S 1WI.NI> K1VK CHARMING (.IKI.K. TWBNTV KIVK CHARMING UlKLd. WE WILL NOV BJH'SLLKD. EVERY NIGHT WILL APPEAR: PROF. GARDINER, Id lilt xr.-m wns waiklnx onU tea of light btlsmTng; J WAMHOLU (he nri'HU ( > unwrti'iiilit llriiiii; PONEY KW1I H, lu new songs and dMW WM COLEMAN. In Ills un^l i?i hanjc tolos. HARRY H A K I'l.KV, 111 l.D , leasing bsllac AND 0>KK ON 14 HI NDKKU OTHERS. AND OVER ONE III NDKKD OTHERS. AND OXER ONE II (J NDKe.D OITIKKS. AND 0> tK ONF. HONORED OTHERS. AND OVER ONE HUNDRED OTHERS. AND OVER ONE lil'NDHKD OTHERS. THUS PLACING THE l.RBAT GAIKriES. TIIR UREA I' GAIETIES, TI1K GREAT OAIKI IKS, THK (IKE XT GAI KITES, 1IIE GREAT GAIETIES, THE GREAT UAjKTfRH, THK GREAT GAIETIES, THE GREAT UAIKIIP.S, sit, SI If, Hit Mo, hl;>. 6K. OK). MS, 616, CIS, lie, hlil. tit. 6 It BROADWAY. RROADWA BROADWAY RROAWWtl onUAvnm , rp flTAIn(| CP HTAIRS, UP HTXIRS, CP stairs, CP BIAM'.S, FIR AHEAD OK ALL COMPETITORS COME EARLY, AND AVOID THE CROWD Which will o? iinulil ass. inula to witness this inarvsllo Wixuler, THE CHARMING VELASQUEZ, tiik CHARMING VPi.\squE?, THE CHARMING M'f.ASyCBS, TDK CHARMING VE vSoCBS, THK CHARMING VEI A?yCE?, TUP O'IKI N OK J'KliP ICIlOi.EAN ART, TDK VI I I N "K TKn. iUIOHKxN AllT, THEOI EI.N ' >K EiU'MCHOKEAN ART A ImltiHii.e Oceiiostra ? (?. ecu N, jorstumuitv SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1862, ? a but* km IB nts. NIBLO'S UARDKN. _ . _ L? .erei.,1 Miiiiiic* E L Devenport. U C. Jerr*.i and W WheeUe/ THIS OK AND COJIUINATIOX TWELVE Nunirs ONLY, Hit JAMFH w, w,\ix?< k. MR. JOHN GILlkBT. Hf (bt> firet ei*|>e.v aticr he-e! III MK. h. L. 1?AVKNI'OKT, MR WILLIAM to H8 ATLBf. I

MRS. JAME8 W WALLACE, J 8 , w KS. j l 1.1 A U. barrow. MKi W IV OLAUAIONS TUL ttgCb.Nl dlCOKSSSa Achieved bj the or vn'o com hi nation In the eitiM of I ROSTOV. 11 \ I.TIM OUR AND WASHINGTON, I STAN US UPON UKCOKD AS IV UOLLY UNK^UALLBD I S. IK THB annals ok dramatic art On Moadajr even.113. i, .',1, istil, vill he prstoBtol tbu I 1, iN?i>ul?r (5 Act 1 1 at 01 ? damon anu pythias; '* THE TEST OK FRIENDSHIP. D4???f? Senator! Mr. K. L DAVENPORT ' ktthmh 4? ??>!itlcr) Nr. J.W. W ALLACE < Dyouiaiuf (Mill* o' SyntouM) ... Mr. L U. KIIRVVI.I.L ' lierinluni' (D.iuon ? Wife; Mm J. M . WAI.LaCK, .1 K Odteuthr- (BriuroiU<*<l to I'yibiee). .Mr-. W. C. ULAD">#ONE To oooclude with the >-wf ltt,n r inv.l r of THB DRAMATIST; STOP IIIU1, WHO CAN. tepid Mr. Willlem Wheetley 1 Mnrrieunn (in'i tirm epih-erenre lu-m Mr*, bkerrit On Tueidey ?TlieO->fnedjr of WILD OATS, J R. wilh il? UttE.AT COMBINATION OAST 1 e. end the Neuit" el Drews of 1 ii BLACK SYED SUSAN. 1 AdmDnioe rOceot*. t So urrd i'er'inrt RieTo 75 cents. I Fsmity Circle(entrance?m Crooby street' BAceats. I u'- WARY PBOtOHTS TIIEATKK, 1 jvi amfi b. iaiiwat toss? h. >ami c.(msa 1 J. VI ILILEi " ~ i boots. ? yielding to the pressing DEMAND OP THR T'JdUO and lha urgent solicitation of the i.ovKKn op man art. bM consented toa ra oiigagonirot for ONK WKKK ONL*. dorian which be will preaeut hl? UK'!AT MAKTCIldKGS or BIC1IAR0 III.. la which character he I* unrivalled, aad the tmper?>aatKm.ef I which by thie VOL'NO TKAOBDTAW !? prouotiund hy CROWDED AND CRITICAL AUDIENCES <1 to be ? TUB t5 UK AT SENSATION OP TUB AUB. ^ ? MONDAY EVKNINC. MAItCIt 21, ISM, ?? RICHARD lit. J s? Supported by J. WII.KKS I.OOTII n?.. Richard Hits. I'AUUBM U (jueea Aiuaoeth , Ac., Ac., Ac. J To couclude with tin laughable F.?rc* of 1 MKHITABLE ANN. Written eapteaely Cor . I.OTTV HOL'GII, ? w And In which ahi* will apitear. MARY FROVOtiT, Who ha* achieved a mat vellous r.i ma, during the tart five year", throughout California, Australia and Europe, hut inf partially recovered from her lata severe Indisposition, will nave the honor of appearing beforo an audience of her own . country In her native city s. ?m Munday Evening. April 7. Box aheet open it Uj 4 o'clock, when eeata may be secured In adt Doors open at 7, curtain rlaea at a quarter before 8 ? tl^jx,OJ(s of, THB PRBS3 regard I t g MARY PROVOST 'f will Appear from day to day. " [From the LouUvilUi Journal, Nov. 17. 185#, edited by tha famous lieorgr. D. Pi entree, Raq. 1 We arc really glad that the manager has re engaged Mlaa Provost for this week, because tt will give an opportunity to - all our playgoer* to nee ?nd hear an ac t eaa whn, in some re?* apecta. has no superior-nay. nor equal In the country. Wo i are perfectly aware that tve are malt lug a rtrcng assertion, d- but we know the community will bear us out la It, whoa they iinve had an opportunity to judge. Oue chief excellence la her truth to nature?even in the most minute partiC'llan., She glvee nor only the prominent latts of character with truthfultieas, but the lightest shade". She reads with a nl< e dlacrlniinatlon sud a keen inafght whloli atampa her. in our estimation, the moat perfect reader wo ha-e ever heard. And ahe throve more of aoul and feeling Into her part than nloo In ten of the inoat celebrated r?n approach. She looks the character, speaks tt, acta It, feels it; make* tin-audience feel It; makea thorn feel that she fcala it. Ilia ml Mary Provost who stand" before you? who re (p./. soulful Uoab makes your heart bound with joy?whose soft anil melb.w voice tetb you when aha , that her bcarbta atucig?whose tears tall and carry yours ivllh them?whote grWrsurchargrd heart cauAud refuff-crtly In prayer: lis not Mary Provost you see add hear, buYthc ctaraetur. J'ou are wrapped In Arualhlecs attehBon-w toiftlatcu for ocmf word as if .your happin- <a depended otScarlan it. We own wa>letelv chartneJ?lascinataW. 1" r i .auinetLISg, uo' e?-.W lie ^rihejl, an Utp. a'OJwhi.-h "yon -?anuot leeSt. Tit* .-A'? Iff* li. -i-at c?n ?h;l.jn or .iur . tildtfmenfr *!? > Irenejhf the llrsh tp-t-ri ?* of the age. VT* ,{ , raurhar ftraPra her'tAthful mid beautiful r-*iding*,?ud .* UcH Jp liuryuuirrftueaa, if w? mcu WIFn , V happy, joy wparhlen^n her ey?\ ^mrfi oil j her Ilpa, and ahowa in erery-ectlou? ?a wttlr every mi llion or pA'-iluo In whlrh the lonkua, featured or artlim J lC- ean glvoinloraiire. ,S)m> la a beautiful ninger. with i rirh, 1 mellow, plaintive eo\ct>, that paaaea dcwn Into the ILlenet-'e . iuul mid takeaiompVte poaaewlon. We ha.-n anld ?!te la a j talented woman; one ia moiii?1 ilenl doe* not morna* the 1 Idea. Her uatmat adaptation to thealage is u<<t aiiuple la- , leti-, butgeniua. 1 Porta mavltur; oon lit. 8o wrote a poet iu the oM< n time, an.l we nt?y with entire S, truthfulnera ?rp:y'he idea to her She h aa Imnt un autrera, . 8, did not beeome a": and thine rum powem hare hern airen 1 lo her for a wlvt puruoae?carry wi-h them an ?u ful weight ol r-jtx.i.sltiliiy. Wn think hholee'a ir ?o, becaime aha ia ' exrlttmr them In the performance ot elevated mm a I characters, knowing th it m example of good ia belter than a ioluiin of prcceptH. Hn long as that ia h rr object we will up. hold her with all the energy of purpose we can muater. ' MKLOPEON-KW BUOADWAV, BETA* F.KS SPRING and Prince atroeu. last week ok ti1e winter sea80*. i.ast week of tup. winter season , i. as i wi-.kk ok the wintkil skaso*. laax wkkk of tiik winter skaso*. I?AST WKKK OK THE WINTER SKAtiO*. LAoT WEEK OK TilK WINTER SKASO*. , List week of the great congress of stars. gkp at congress of stars . ore it congress of mtahfl. i great congress of stars, GREAT CONGRESS OF STARS. ! great u?ingress of stars. , last week of the old favorites , last week of tim! old favorite* last week ok the old favorites. ' Kew f -an ret. tor thCLOSING TRIUMPHS TIE THE sEARO*. CI.OSLNG TKIt MPHS OK THK SEASON. I I.OSlWO TRIUMPHS OK THE SEASON. CLOSING TRIFtil'IIS OF TilE SKASO*. closing tkii 'mpiis of the season. CLOSING TRIUMPHS OF THE SEASON, ' Laat w eek of the beautiful end inveir MI.LK. ROSA, Tcgethet with the great 'Vvudcr. the INFANT RIONOIN. INFANT TIT.OXDIN, INFANT Bl.oNDIN, INFANT BI.ONIMN. INFANT BLONOlN, INtANT HLONOIN, INFANT BLO.xDIN, INFANT itl.ONOlN, INFANT BLONIIIN, INFANT BL GROIN, INFANT BLONOIN. INFANT ill.OM'IN, In theircreal net rm the double ti'iiit KopB, cockle ii ::ir lope, } DOlHl.h TUilir Kill'K. DOl'HLK ti hit kill'k, , DOIMLK T!i,III RuPK. i double tight ki'pk, DOl< HI K TIGHT ROPE. HO! KI.E TIilllT KOI'R, DOUBLE TIGHT RuPK. uoihi.k tight koi'e, , W.iich Iimelicited ll.' plaudit* i.i ailmiiiiig '.(lOUMtda, SAM KHAIHLKY RAM SHARl'LKY SAM Sll aki'l.K v nam shaki'lev K VlU kirii( a new bail in Suu;, enlill.-il ? jeff. davis ANI? ills UKNKRALS. K jeff. davis AND IIIS general*. ?* jkkf. II kvh AMD his gknk.tAI.S. .IE FT IIIVIS AND HIS GESEtAI.S. AlAO, a new parmly on ih.- Army Si.n ; <-inttla.i AS VVM HO MARCHING ALINII Mia KVA HIIKST FANSV FORREST MH.KVA HIIKST FANS V FOKRKST Mm KVA BITK.MT FANNY FOIUIF.ST r Min KVA MR KMT FASMV FORREST V Mia KVA HKKNT FANNY KOKKKST i Mm KVA BKENT FANNY FOKRKST | Id a aekcliou of ibmr .arorlte S nys ami Ballad*. ' KATTIK STEWART KATTIK STEWART KATTIK STEWART rk In a number of orlidnal Song* ami Uatice*. kate kenmover Kate i'knniivkk rate fennoykr kate i'ennovkr AND I MOMS NEI.ARDK, MOMS. VKLtKoK, MlliNH VP.I.akdk, HONS. VKl.AKDK, In ;h?ir una.; :iu?d au < >autllul daurM. AUGUSTA WAI.BY. ADF.i.R C Vl.f.A, a I'O I st A WAI.HY, AUKI.K CAl.l.A, AlOI'S I A WAI.HY, Allr.IiK CALL ALGUoTA WAI.BY, ADKl.K CAl.l.A, Tuurtlier with lUe grmt Ball >t Troupe of tin- Melodeou, Cir satire c mpnio mim "rm ONE HI'NDUKD PERFORMERS, ONE III MILIEU FKIIHiRMllIC.S, O.Mli Ill/NDKKD PERFORMERS, ONK IIFNDHKD PKKKORMKIM. ONK III MD IKD I'KKFOKMF.KS, (INK IK'NOltUO I'hKI'UKMKKh, ON K lll'NOKK.I PERFORM KITS, OME II IN OKIID PERFORMERS. ONE IICNDKK* PllfU-OR IE ITS, _ ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, .71 who will appear rarli erenin't I" * wile mm ol nrtr acta, for the .oat tunc thinaoiiaoii. LOOK AT SOME OK THE FEATURES. MACBKTII BCUI.RSUUK, ?V " 8AM. RHAKPLKY. LA MONI K ANl? FATIM RTEWART. SKAUII 1st AND SON. In their f)lM?lng eaerciMe. Mr. 8**gri*t will luirotucahit w..Jert(uu.mrtBiflK#liIER IBATS ON TUN ttLACK WIRR RY PROF. OAHU1NRK, Acrobatic Eierrlscs, Hanjorrel D -m on nrat I ana, Ballet Divartluementa, Now Pantomlnaa, Oomle Ann, PRIMA DONNA) OK, A llo\V AT rUE ACADIMY. Mr. J. Watnbold, the Hon,-lee* Mm, nuh urar FIFTY ACM FIFTY ACTA FIFTH ACTA FIFTY ACTA rfi rr ai ts FIFTY ACTA b/tfco BKST AND LAROKST COMPANY v, BEST AND LAKUKA'f COMPANY r, BRAT AND LAKiiKNI* COMPANY BKsT AND L WIDEST COMPANY HFsr AND LAItoR.'T COMPANY In Ameri'-a. A'1inle?lon IS com*. Orrhi aira, IS cent*. Open at 7. Commoner at 6. N?ll. e ? KrlJay nait, Aui 11 4, ben -fit of NAM 811 ample;, on whlnh oceaetnn n crand detnomt ration In the ahape of UN axtiu talent and new reafiri r w ill ho introduced, n, Ding It a pain night lor | lanaiira Mekrrt. Mil WM HANTiNbi; Chairmen of til" Committer of Arrvi.tcmi nte for I'm Bitiibiiion for the benefit of the mother or toe l.u *t,n?co Htilllvan:? Uein Hut? In an war to your li iiilrjr whether I would apar on tha e\ ini" of tU exhibition, I eh It . ' iteti.I> tlo eo. I have I*. promt' A Mr Mo-rlseey torpnrwith him on Uia ovraa,i u, tl and e-ppi l o' I'll mf proiniee.n nwilhiiamliiic e'treiioti 'ha cvaliory. Yonr*. reiv e ;ell/, C. F, Oit'lxNON, A.M UN KM IS NTS. WALLACE'S. ' ^ I'Jttr* :.u?o Ht 7'.; t,e;io al 8 MTKKMMo YARIHTf. OUHA t (O HliOV AUKK. Moticu.- Tlie r4|itdi.y wiilt wuluj iua i?iuu!iet ar- pn du ? I. ILo ?rvt'. uti IIIA}C a'rea 1y atl* J and olk-ia In a ?Ui? of forward i-i-eoarwiion. MK. WALIAOC Id jflor lo hia i>-ln?ai an J il?r miMi- a AAlUKIIY ae>?f l>oOre acLlevod. 1'UOOBAMMB MONDAY 'lii tin ii Laid). out UK IDS A * Tin* - HEART*. TUKAHAV? Tior?i,i'i:J o? in lurrraa'uf rdpdlarUy uMaU.n ,. i> Ah ri.Ui) lino >1"' H a l oo.uody of Tii I. LUVK C AJE. tor thr time VVEHNK DAY < Pimt tim- In-ifl Willi /V Sin-KKH CAST, ilifriiiao s model ?"u.edi of il-e RIVA1.S THURSDAY- 1 UK IVo.-DER KltlDAT?Olio of Hie , opular routed MONDAY, M i cii SI, Will, or tin- iirat lime nor'- IF# oe'e' rVe-1 Kuuedy l-y l?oucto?ult. an'her of L mlou AMurmiK," "Irlafc Moiieaa." "Lore In a Mate," 'Lo eftud Mourp," Ac., or OLD UK ADS AND YOUNO HEART*, WITH NEW AND APPROPRIATE SCENERY AND A CAPITAL OAST. rears Rural. Mr it aue LitOeton Coke Mi C n i * P alter Tom Hoti- ...Mr, Mo'k S i. t? Karl of Poinpioa Mooie Vil. ual Ko. kei Mr. No lou Lord Roeouck Mr. Ploy<1 tod Mr Yo .af Rripa. Mr Par-:*e tuaaal Mr Turn-r Lady Allod M - Hoay Klai Kecke'. Mim Mury Unii u> louatoddof PeruyiloA ...Mr* \ ore m Tit coarudl'-r of the SCHOOL OP REFORM. KVEliY one has his facet, .-.Nil REORBT8 WORTU KNOWIWd, ire In attire preparation. Nmw 7 9.\UUV.1-DUI>>1 n F'tfANtlAXdRS. MAUDI IER AVRIL. LK CflKVBU BI.ANI' pirU.iut Teulllet j'BTOURNKAl' bluett* rieo-iteotur if PAUL Jl'IONET. TRIOLET, Vaudeville par Dumnnmr, nuitlque <te Mnntanhy Tirknt onion at II. lHrdouville*', 0?t Broadway, ?ud At the l*or ou night ol i?-r.unii?uoc Laura keknb s thbatur. CHANUB Ot TIME Door* open *i 7, commence * . a ijuarler before 8. Every night till further D.illi-e, MISS LAURA KRRNR, living recot ered from her recent .rvcre lllne**, will appear a her oiigiualcliiuaci-r of ilAKY KELLY, (The Colleen Bevra lUui,) a the greet Drama of TUB MACARTIIT; MAOARTUY; OK. * Oh ^ a RE AT \ 4. TIIREB ACT 0V IRISH DRAMA, ^ d n a t LAURA KEEMfc ^ (P ^ <V ORBAT Tl.BBB ACT 0 A IRrSU DRAMA, -fr * V4 IT a? " LAlfRA KBBMa. #v \ ? / . % * f > S" Ob, Erin, mroountrj' while mr heart's elltl la mcrtlda. Ore* be thjr fcweetcet le'e of the oe.-An. And IhljitrpMrlMli barde ling Aloud with deeeuoa? Oh I Erie tupvourneeu I Erlugo braglil . .._ The celt elZbracM the tntU* etreugth of tali fivorlt* u?Uv>*MocFerf;.U * . Mli< lone Bur** *&.-r fliffapiSarftice *per her eevera Indl felly Brady... .M .7.......... .... *l? ? *?? w?"?* ? - i'ifio B?oCwelA<b*.t Jelen Mione^fjr li, iArtt? Til R MliCiirtll V ^ " ^AE'Sr Mr Bnrnetti Dair, Levi*, Dillon, tUymond. tUoddart. friers, Murine Bdby. Klrhordson, Mtln, Mr*. Msrlowe, Dillon, KreritL Marke. *e? a POWERFUL CORPS DB BALLET, NUMEROUS AUXILIARIES, BE-AUTlt U LJ ABXijlAUX,, n, NBW AND SPLBNDlA SCRMBBir, IRILLIANT AND STARTLING BKKECTS, AND ORIGINAL MUSIC, kit nikliily the theme of admiration from OitOVfDED ANO FASHION Ail LB AUDIENCES. Seats too day* la ad?auce. ^BVINQ II ALL. GRAND TOURNAMRNT BILLIARDS. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, APRIL 1 AND I, I ML rue procee ti of which will be devoted to the Beuedl or the Family of the Uln JOSEPH N. WHITE, who mi aocldenlaUr killed, and who U?< left a Widow and Seven,Children totally nnprovidrd for. The followlne oe'ehralrd Profesaional HlllUrd Arllata will he preaant, and cuke an active J>art In the play Philip Tlemsn. O' Cincinnati [ John Deer/ Of NnwTork Michael Foley.. .Of Cleveland John Seeriter Of D'L olt Win. UoLliwilt . Of Boaton I L >uia Kol Of Kochraler ITrtorKeiephe .Of FhlUd<Ta I Ghriatlan illnl .Of Phllada. Dudley Karnnagh til N. York | R ilph H ti amln.. Of Phila. Michael Phelan.Of New York | Th una* Stonr .Of Mew York pkocttticva or TdPRvivavr WEDNESDAY, APRIL2. AT EDlHT P. It., MISCELLANEOUS MATCHES, in which all of the ahove anion will play. THURSDAY, Au'll .1, at Sr. M.. TIIF. ORtND RETURN MATCH yf t.SOthpointa up, ea.nnm, between MICH AEL FOLEY AND Dl'DLBY KAYANAOH. The entire hall will ha arranged in the form of an amphitheatre, capable of easting l.#t? pereeilA, and every aeat will MmniaoJ a lull view of the acutee The membera of lha Comnjlt'ea p .djc thomaetvea to preacrve ; erieot order and deeoruni. All the f?m?u? players who*r nanva appear In thead-ertiaemrnu will be preacnt and taka an a im- part In the play. In addition to th>' match between P .ley an I Kaenoa^ha match of l.DOO point* up at carom a will take placa on Pi -day, the ?lh of April, between P.iley and Decry. The public may be assured that no disappointment Will take place, ami that the comfort of the visiter* Will to fully attended to by the committee. MICHAEL PIJRLAN, 1 I Ofrerai MIuiAbju GEARY, f Committee. WILLIAM FREEMAN.J Tide's of admltidin?On W'eduesday, for one gentleman tu I Udlrt on* 'Inlltr Ou Thursday, tick"" one dollar, r ji ssle ?t lli" door and oil retpeetable Millar 1 roorai (TREAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, r I*s.i IIUOAUWAY. 53 >. SI 11,1, TRtUMPHAN T, TTIK < HEAT CANTERBURY, THR WAN I' COURIER <?F CONCERT HALLS, The only Cimeert IUIIin M vr York that *n ?l?i)i miiiitid FULL HOUSES. KULL MOUSES. At thirty 0vi- rent*admission. Flut iii ?|'lrud<ir, inlent, respecUUIIIy, reputation; rmcjthins that gors to muk" up A FIRST CLASS PLACE OF AMUSEMENT. THE uKKAT CA.NTURBKKY Is eo flrmlr Used on lis proud eminence, and so Mi|li shore II oihor* that tIn- *'i.ifu oi m ill. li irled by i n v to ? groundHugs cannot ret li It. FT OWNS NO RIVALRY WITH PETTY TEN ? ENT ESTABLISHMENTS [iliss iiu "superfluous adjee-m-a" to watte on surh concerns. THE OREAT CANTERBURY I? putrMtl/ed bf the lir?t uu-n of tin- day?the critics! snd the cult vst.'d?incti who would uot even r sd the a -arrilo <a dv.-rtlti-nioiits (noticeable only for their s'isoace of sttl eramm ticsl rules) of th fen penny show h-.i* THE OREAT t'ANTKRHt> RY Is the leading Music litll ut the Unain, snd pusteutea 1 HE LAUiKtr COMBINATION OE SUPERIOR PERFORMERS EVER CO.NORKOATED ON ANY ONF. STAWE. Tb? followlntt sre s few of the great fit tt*ui Stlaehed to THE CANTERBURY COMPANY THE HKAl TIFUL RAN FRETTA, THE BEAUTIFUL XA.NFRKTTA. THE BEAUTIFUL X AN F R K IT A, TOE BEAUTIFUL X V.N I'RETT A, THE BRAL'TIFCL RANKKEl'TA, Th# First Female Tight Rope Pmfnrmci In the World, Tiit First Female Tight Rune Perform# In ih" World, IN NEW ACTS, IN NIYV ACTS. IN NEW A'TS. IN NI.W ACTS, WITHOUT A BALANCE roLE OPSTAYK BIMEAUX, UUtfTAYE BIMEAUX OUSTaVE HlMHAUX, OUSTAVE CIUKAUX. ousTave bimkai x, The celebrated enral st, who will timeir In the grand Solo stui Chorus fi om "Km ml," CROWNED W ITH THE TEMPEST." An t In hit hesuiltul H iisdi. MISS KA I'll I El. N CP NEIL. MISS KATHLEEN ONK1I*. MISS KATHLEEN O NEIL, In her great C-mlc Sceuet, "THE CURB' . )it "TT1E CURE," BILLY MUCH. B ;* CofroN, J A. HERMAN, BIRCH, HKN COTTON, J. A. HERMAN. HILLY Hllli'll, bkn COIToN, J. A HERMAN, hikcii, Sen cotton, j. a. herman, B1L.LV BIRCH, IIKN COT TOW, A IlKKMAN The (real Ethloi-lin Arc.ia, In n?w I rat irea, TMhi CARLO FAMILY, 1mb carlo kamii.y. tiik carlo family. T1IK CARLO FAMILY. ThSM eminent Patitodllinlalu will np.irni* en,I antUIn Iheir orliaalebamRealn iifrnn I Palrj l'*nii>tnia>;. TIIK KKI? li.MI IK, TIIK KKO ON ?MK, which will be prnd'itcd In ihe mual -plendlil atjrU. Ml.t.K, ADELAIDE PRICE, MI.LK. ADKI AIOK. I'KICB, the benuliful A'i'l ari, efnl In new dan.*!. Alt. JOHN IIAINK.S, Ibe Inimitable akaiT charles dk verb, IIOOLK KBKFl AND CAPi'OLO, In their inrmnaetje feata. R. M. CARROL, W. N. SMITH, OKO. OK KM A INK, HARRY WlLHoW, Till-; OKEAT CANTERBURY MI NSTKBl 8, TIIE GREAT CANTERBURY MINSTRELS, In ncnr ?on|?, ttloea, rliomgea, wtulclamn, Ac., Inclidlng n il, Hlreli'a nan $.*m,<Vi| price < cnunitnnn, forming, ou (he *U ' lilB GREATEST BILL OF THE SEASON. GRAND AIA 11 NEK. U1UND MATINEE, ON ,-nATUII DAY AFTERNOON, fwr tUa hccoin un I Hio.i id * ladies and phi!ot f n rut A CD.,rr?pri??r?. ? , ? AMl'MKMKNTS. 1 ~ 1'MO. Academy Of k. i<O..DK XV Or Sc.. DEBUT " i MOTtirfTOif, MLS* KMIyUv J ituljo ITON. MIRS 1 Mi.U* UGl'GU'fON MISS KMUL'K > K.XKJHToM' Ml.-rt KtU.L'E J. OVOUrOM. MIS K> J h. '! ..ITdN LISA fc J. BO. ~>MTf>N. MAS hMfti.lK J BorY TON. ?'l*i I. ,i... B J B<?l/Ov ^RpSKf,'.*/ gVENINO, APR.. ' L Wr-DNBSDir BVBNI?0. APHIL in i. A tt AVTATA. I. a TKAVllTA. LA 1 KAMA'A J^A IKAVIAI'A LA TKTIATI. Mim KMKl.I A J Wl'(illlilS il VI* LKTIA tfk* I.MK iilA J. J'OtOrii )*M n.r \ lOljKtfPA. M K C. HO M. HION u *LPREI>f| v-rM, pvi^.^L ,1 r in u rauaii V IN- FMXXO M' Hit NO .iA Oi'.UM ?MI# MTiM. . f?u ii . U> S(> ? OKRMOND. WlJialUUOi iM'tmiilcl! I II, uii'l I Me lire-It .?i of .... 11. if i ARB ANSCHl TA Mill# reqii"?t or yaraona rr*iliuf{ In Albany Bur fall. I rum e .a. Ac . who .ira hereu. n aueudru the itaa1'ifnitic.rtt (,t (liiM troupe, Kb?i now ? |i (uc in thi* city MtL I niii IniriMluOA lialwrau II"J Ural ml mumd nolo liBt Ol'ti-U rtlinli ?<1 auiib' jf CIlERRy KIPF, la oppron i(? oatuuie Beret v.-4 nA.A. f >r oale At B??r A Aim mar'a, 701 lli-o*A> *?; , Si'< I a, N<>. lO W?': riri rl; a; Ilia M N|"A<> at UhAI ami At a i-'Uiy tA Muni*. Ng\? BOWllftv THKaTKB. ivjIo PioprOlof , ...Mr J. W. LlaaMg MONDAY. Mat.-!.il. ijtfft rlinl appearance In tuii ih air# of tb- ia)bul*4 I Milan uti illalacl run', MR H. H. RITA*, Ml lit* ckwrui'.nson-.i. tli. iin", RATH iHMX RYAN, wh.. wil' ?|i{M'?r in the beautiful d|MM # THK IlioDKM HAND, the roving comic f.u.e of ' TMH MjW KOOTMAM, mil ti.a II barnUa IrMMCf TI1K IRISH KM Kill ANT. ltttvaneroe.1 ?1 it ? vnrlrt, Of singing and dancing. JJAR.VOH'8 AMERICAN MUSEUM GRAND IIADA WKEB. LAST WISRK !*osrrrv..LTi Ltsr tVKBM I I LAKT:ri or uo r.ivrNo iiipropOTAMUi. Or Bl?cr Hone Tr un Hie rirrr NUe. In Rkvua Til n GREAT BBHKMOTIf. of ivlilrn .Inb any i, oho ID u4 Ml "UIPOW THK BARTH THERE IS NOT HIS I.IKH." II la the nnlr i ..luniubl mi nntiuni avrr esl?l>T i'<L MOB Till'. OKKATEST WONDKR Of THK WOi.LW, No int. IIi(.-eiil pcrvin woul.l i All neain; L :n. lir t tuor tb# lent eon-eiilmn of h!< pft'iilbtrltlen, lirlnii the MOST NOTED ANIMAL OK ANOIKVT TIMBti. IlC twoii.ri-lT eloort hit rnsi^mrnl ?t Ma Miiaeuin, NEXT OATURDIV. APRIL 6, rod wi.; nee. r I e aeei. .n New Yoik nliat that data. LAST WBEK rOSITlVELT of 1'iat mogblllcriit Orl-ii t StnTtnCuUr I> muo. ? tDAK AND KALASR.VPK. wtiM.u una wrru ?w ittsa* ri m i < j m i uiii < u, aim vruiun *U HMf thousands of Muoome naircus pronounce TUB MOST KA-iOt.SATING EAIHY PLAY ever presen rd ? > Nf* York audience. It w 11 be prodeeeB' EVERY AKIKRNOON AND EVENING, at J bad baifpa-t 7 a'-"lock. COMMODORE NUTT. (hi* merest shrimp of humanity, who linn patriotict*4 comic aongs. dances tbo Bchoutsclie and Sailor a ItumpipH aud kIvi ? THE OBLP.BRATBD OREC1AN STATUES, I'M I! be exhibited at all hours, ere ry (lay aad ereohg, aa wSB alio TIIK GREAT LIVING WHALE, from the Northern Snaa. tbe Lrrtathan ? Orsal Dee*. THE MADAGASCAR ALBINOS, THE LIVING HI AC* SEA LION. LIVING MAMMOTH GRIZZLY HEAR SAM.SOV. th? I*rgtal ever captured alive, weighing near t.OOllpounds. Living Seal, Living Moaater s>n*lc?a. Living liappjr Kamdha Living Turtle, Oi and Aqurr.a. a ith tta multitude of beoaMT ful Living Fish, and near a mullou other curiosities. Aumiaaion to all, Ido-nis, children nnuer tnu, 111 rrala A OADRMY OP Mt'MO. A THE LUBIN BROTHERS, (FR. D8RICK AND JhlROMBL ESCOMOTEURS KATRAOKDINAtaa, Kara the honor of announcing that they alU, ON MONDAY, AKBIL 14, Comment* a aerie* of those rwherche, p.<|kaal aad IbaAMW* "* 80IRRBS MAGItjl'BS, BnttUad A NIGHT IN DKE.vM I.AND, . Which, stamped srtth theaealof appc -nation by "The Ml^ht teal Mi arte of th? BclentiHo Wadd,* And eliciting the highest encomiums from "mouths of *4aMf eeaaure," hare oeirued them the Magicians, par esoettaMtf of the universe. THE LKBIN BROTHERS, Have mada the Sclema of Magic a lUc-long study, giirdiha the mystic page* of ancient sorcery, turulog to advantage U history of necromantic lorn In the dark siri, wh*u the Was card and aeerwrb re.ardedhs "brine of another wortd,* and honored aa "a man abore men," they pre at In theW Tbaninstnrincal Enterulaaeeat not aloes aa linitaUaa ad} but auc'i improrimrnta upon TUB MAGIC OK ALL LANDS AND RACKS Aa Iks iirft 'tvu of flpianM mn/t Apt irtaiinia In IK* thlatrtaa mind. Ai a preliminary nroef of their mtrrrUow akill, the Ik bln.i wilt transform, almost instantaneously, ths TIMM|l<t the Academy into a mainlAcent CAULIOSTROMANTHHUll, on LIT. I MAN UABALT8TI0 BOUDOIR, Brilliant an.t dazxlmg la tun apt. a lor of iia guigeeua |k? plicrnaUa and woudcrf ul in the eoinpleleueaa of ot lu naywtta. appolutmenta. areaeutlna U> the -re a parl'ei* rcslir.tllun af A POST'S DREAM OF TUB BKALNS 01' MAGIO. AH 'he resource* of the MBt'IIANICAL, ELECTRICAL AND OHRMIOAL Relrnix-a will bo taxed to contrt ute to the mighty martrte * A NIOHT IN DRBAM LAND. The apparatus used by the Lubins la of MAHRtVB OOLD AMD SILVER, The moat coatly an , complete ever cvhlo.tcd by a ay aeerk mantle artist, sod Is entirely of their nwa dewifn, the ma all of year* ??f experiment ami aueli al<la "As the aiploi >n| mlml l.rlnxa from the oaresi.f hnowMgfc* The eulrrtalniBeni will>? ooa In every way worthy of THB FIRST OPERA IIOUSR ON THH AMERICAN t ONTINKNT. TUB CRITICAL AUDIENCES OF NBW TOBS A ad the huib reputation already aororded to THE Li BIN BR TUBUS By the press and pubilo of Ku.ope. The Oroheetra will be uu let- the dlr-vtio > of 1IAKVBi B DODWORTK. BRYANTS' MINSTRRLR, M .-tunics' Ball, *;i Broadway, a'.uo Oraad MMA MONDAY, March SI. and etrory nlyht dunnd iha week. CROWDED HOl'SBA IMMENSE SCCtJKSS OB VB OLD FOLKS' CONCERT, VK OLD Ft LKS' COMUEKT. BLACKSMITHS'JUBILEE. DK TUMBLETY OUTDON*. DAT S WHAT 8 Dfc. MAiThB Hum, Campbell. Florence, Bunnell, d ivor,. Perl, Ilobh% Oel'.mss Fowler. Hilton. l.e?lle, t.arutagus, Oouid, MOrrlaenNEIL AND DAN BRYANT. In a brilliant variety of songs, Dan ea, Plantation Scenes, tat Doors open el4\. curtain ria a at 7)*. Tickets, 15 cenle. \ A A AMERICAN MlSfC IIALL, Mi 111 M4 444 444 44 4 4U 444 BROADWAY, 444 TilK MUnlC itabi, ,>v rue miDM STILL I RIl'MPIIAN'T (?'. ER ALL COM PETITION. Bauiug in the sunshine m pr..airily, while petty rivalry U frctliug lu the shad.iw of rolKforc:n? r 18 UNANIMOU8 IN IN PKafnn I. is the grrat malUution of the pmple, and they wM mainlining rILLgn NtoHri,y TO REPLETION Willi lha l oiin and miicw or u it r iumj a pr<*ptmf, u< buiwarka of the 11*11011. THE MASSBS. We know that certain managers < nejr ua. and ?-"k by ill*, (inmate nmaaa to detract u*, bat, with Sha.ipere, we CMk ear, I-et the galled i ?de ?Inoe, On raw I the re are unwrunj. Tne only caret of true ?i?(<? la K.N TKKPRIsK AND UOOD UANAORXKNT. Tli: they do not it to uinieratand Waal lliey oaR "lo k' I* aoiiply lha reaull oC talent, lndnatr/ and at?tc? illusion lo be TUB PIRST IX THE PIBLD. Era our moat jeshni* rival* all aek'i'.wladge that 444 441 444 IS THE MUSI" CONDUtTKD. HB>r MAN Uihli AND MOST RF.SPECTAHLK Mb'flll HALL I If AMHRIOA. It liaaalao the 1**1 corai-aii) in the city. 8UOH ARTISTS AS TONT PASTOR, TONV PAnTOR TONT CASTOR, TON* PASTOR. TONi PASTOR, TON* PASTOR, TONT PASTOR, ToNV PASTOR, T?>NV PASTOR, ton v Pastor, Ton* pahioR, Tonv Pastor. The but, m >m original and p ip .liw Clown, Comlw Singer mil Hitimp Orator In I lie world; CIlARLKiWHITE, CHARLEY WHITE. OIIAKLEV WHITE. I HAHI.KV WHITE, t il AKI.hV WHITE, CIIAKI.KV W >11 IK. High Priam oT the T- iupUi >( Moinua, Hi - aiettrm oec-atrlw Kihi >:>i .11 Comedian n .w living, and s'lthorof all lliagrsa* m-gro far.-oa of the day. ASIITON AND DV'AN, ASIITON AND DUt IN, ASHTON AND 111" VAN, the celebrated g) iiinsa a, whose ir? ?;iil iind daring Teal* have drlubte t all. Will ma.t 'ha.i Erst ap|sar*uet bare am L0siM'RONS,"'' L BIMMONS, L MllMolf*, l simmons! i.. simmons. i., tat* Print* o? B*njoist S In Ul* n?*? nous* on thi? topics of dlf, kUllB< ivtrf oaf, frun Oo* Mor.Mii to Ue"Ctnsl K r of tun Shop * MISS ERNESTINE JDK FAIRER. MISS KENBSTINK UK FAIRER, MISS KRNKsTINK l>K PA I HER, MISS LIZZIE sCII1 I.T. K, MISS Lir/.IK St IO LIV.K Mlh* L?t**Ar m.m i?iac. the two leading *"d *o al??ia 01 the profMal*^? W|,?irt etqui.nU' danc*i and chir.mng tonga nightly wla r#c the.. WELLS. MISS AMELIA V ELLS, the H'vompllihed vo alitl. u' Ua11THABLBV GARDNER. johnny wilds. W. LESLIE, J. l'IKR<'B. MASTER TO KMT, ? r^a? ? ? vku>ra" THE BRILLIANT CORP.* DK BALLRT. TUB BRILLIANT t OlUM DK B4 .LET, THK BRILLIANT COltlH OK BALLET, under U.e dlretilo.i oi the grew! Meltrn lo B?ll?L ?_tT . .. MONS. PAIL BHItUleJ Mf'NS. PAUL BRILLIANT! NEW ACTS EVER i Nl.tllT . URANO MAT IN BR h\tRT hATLLOAT^ ^ OCLOO*. indRKT W HI TLKR. No: Pf>|" elnrend **"A?er?otwu?;fffirhiiwa5?" ^k'ltvbs:^ VTRW YORK ACADBMT Of Ml'dlO ni.t,kas Irts. lectures, *? royrjjg. rour*. e."h i'reet. rBOr. JOHX W. n. nynj LAST IlKADtXl), , April .1. at Clli-Ion Hilt, tl 8 o'clock, Bomr* from "Rl liir I tit,' "fan Critic (WcooA iclt tarf "Ciodl# Ijrrtur?'. 1 Tirk?t? t:, mn. * P ALACK OABDUM Ml SIC MAtL TO LKI f.,fl Kiln, conom i?, h*tl?, A , or '3 !o, , t' ,m jl API".; ?? f ' ' ? ...'i tlicofa n???r Mx Hi ifi II ij. ? 1JOWTTV TUFA RI t5~ t.FT- WTTJt SIANBHV ' ' ? Ttv * ir | pi r,, i . .m V; pl? to 8. ;4 4*?| tUt^m 1 i.\

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