Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1862 Page 11
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SYI.KM OF REAL ESTATE. AT BROADWAY AM) FIFTY KOI'KTM STREET. we h mid rail liit- attendm of the public to the import" aul aa.e uf ilea E..t> on b, uadway .,ud Fifty-fourth hIhti. lo lake plant u?- ;av. Apr I 1, uf 12 o clock, a the Mo . hani*1 Kx< hange, by JAMES >1 MIL E '- Auctioneer. This will afford u tine opp irtut.l v for multilist* I < tlivra). as II Is lie only property of this cliara trrthii lias been odered during the p ?t year. Tbla pnitu rly I* located at the northeast corner of Broadway and irth street: cellars escalated; curb ai d sutler se-; sidewalks tlac f mr leei; arwer In Kifiy-fniirtli atre.-t limit and paid foi; ul-o w? er from ti e corner lot. Fifty-fourth street, he ... - n Broadway and Eighth avenu-, U nearly built up . n both si es with tirowu stone, marble and brkc dwellings, and ou the aor.theaat corner of Kif yfoiirlh sir rt and Broi l s .y live u.iv three story brick buildiii?? liuve just in on completed. Tliia property is admlnihy adip'?d for s'ores M'i? I. Rat nor .* Black well oil red tor this property fill,5.0 cash for t<epttallstnrNrw York. A urn r lot In th" vleliiitv was recently sold lor giU,ist). Knur lota on the corner of Fifty. sixth street and Broadway l.a.e been Sold lot $J0.0U0 ?llb.n the last ten monihH. Ilou. I-aac C. Del.plaiue hue re u?ed for two lota on Broadway, above Fort)-it u'h street, $11,000 Fire larjje building* ar now lietn : erected on the s uthwest corner of Fifty-eighth aire l and Broadway by Messrs. Soper A Davis. AIho lire on the southeast corner of Broadway and Fiftyeighth street. This properly Is situated only five blocks south of the main entrants to the Centrtd Hulk lind the intersection of Broadway with Eighth avenue. A loan will tie made on the whole properly, or ratably on each h t. The adjoiulug property in the rear ta for sale. An elegant country residence will be sold, on April 8, bv blekokee A SON. A drawing of the premises may be seen at 11 Kine street, and full particulars obtained. A desirable leasehold property for sale or eschange?Da East it road way, "ear Market street. Four story brick House, L'iitil feet, well rented; price loir; also other Property in New York and Brooklyn. CHAS. E. MILLS, No. Cedar street. A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOC8E FOR SALE.? It i* four slurine, br uin - one, liGxtiO, situated ou a Widest reel, and contains all modern Improvements; the furniture is all very auiidiou.e ami nearly new; the whole as it Htands will be sold for leas tnan the value of the bouwalone, -and immediate possess on If desired. CHARLEo H. MILLS, S4 Cedar street. A house, stable and lot on houston street lor naif or to l*ase. Tim house Is four d ories, brick, 26x60, wi'lt extension, contains modern Improvements, elegantly papered, Ac.; tine brick stable in the rear, with en* trance I rom side atreet; lot 2f, ,10.r>. Price low and terms easy. Immediate pussm-sl *n giv n CilAKLIs.i K. MILLS, ,'it Cedar atrcet. A CHANCE FOR SOME one.-HOUSE AND SIX LOTS tbat c ,al $3,501) lur .000. Terms eaay. ltarn. Iruits, -Ac , shrubbery; corner of plu k walk leading from Tretnont depot to Westfai ms and Prospect street, Upper Morrli-ana. O. W. DITCHBTT, corner oi Chambersand Chnthisi. An orras not often made.-mm down, re mamder. $2,900, on iiiori'.age. lor House, four Lots, barn, fruii, all in line ord* r, ut West Morrisaniu. Melroae de. pot, Harlem Railroad. U. W. DlTCHEfT, corner Chnlbain and Cbambera streets, second i.o ir. A FARM WANTED TO RENT?WITH THE PRIVIlege of buying; nom itvemy 10 forty acres* at >ck and tools to be hired <.r bought; wl.ldn forty milea of N-w Vorlt. Address for a week, stating pirticulata, T. S. \V., Ueralu office. A HOUSE AND LOT FOR $5.:00-on TENTH STREET, between Fifth and Sixth wi ndea The house is two otory, ntife and basement. 21 10x10 feet, with gas Ac. Very comfortable lot 21.10\L b'ock. v< ry little inoney wanted. CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. Brooklyn, clinton avenue, property for sale or exchanged In part.?Six Lota, with a lint elas. House. 40 4', with a rin/ya. Al! conveniences. Garden la Qlied with fruit; a stable in the rear; fronting on V.inderblli arenue. Tins property will h- sold cheap or exchange 1 In part for a amitll house in New- Yor; city. Apply on the pre. ntlaea, third honse anuthwest front Myrtle avenue, or at SI Spruce street, New York. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?SITUATED HALF amlle from Poughkerpsi , e ubracing twenty-three acres oi land, superior buildings, large apple orehar I, plenty of berries, < anoua kinds of ptiirs, gr pes and berries; a largo supply oi muck an i shell ma Ir.a y lor use. For full particulars impure of HALL A ./ELI r'FE, No. 166 Ccutre row, Weat Washington market. New fork. rXOUNTRY SEAT FOR SALE or RENT?NEAR NEW. \J ark, N. J., n very desirable house (stoue), with lour acree of ground, situated on Passaic river, on the road to Bellerille. For full particulars apply to WM. E. HOORAEM, 69 Liberty street. klOTTAflF. AND RUILDINU LOTS AT BEROEN.?8E. V-/ Tern I very elegit n l ly locale d Budding Site*, containing from four to ufly city lots each, ?t South Bergen, twenty minute* by borne cars front Jersey City. AUo, for sale handsome Cottage House, with Lots. Isi.t out with fruit and ornamental tries. Splendid \lew or New Yori and wlclnity. Apply to CIIA.S. W. W ARB, 41 Water street, New York. Dental residence and practice for sale or exchange?In part. Location healthy and flue: St miles or one hour from New York oy rail. House modern; twelve Urge rooms, besides h large basement; gas, water, furnace, bums. Ac. Practice of twenty years* standing, and first ( laaa. A rare chance. Price $1(1,UW. Address Js*. B. Rutledge, Herald oflice. Farm wanthd.-a farm near the city of New York, worth iroin three to lire thotoand dollar*.for which a House and Lot n -ar the Hamilton avenue ferry. Brooklyn, will be given in exchange. AddieseS. W H., box 47? Post otlica. "EIOR SALE?AT HCBOKEN. N. J., A NEAT THREE J? story brick House. Will be sold cli top If sold soon. Terms easy. Apply to .1. II. LYONS, er.rn~r of First sad Washington streets, or to JOHN UURTIN, 308 West street, up stairs. Fir sale?very cheap, the best built and most elegantly flnlabo I House in this city. No. 128 East Fortv-ei*litti street, near Third avenue; expensive stone ftoat, tugu stoop, one p:ate class c.e'hpwsli, whole Iront, Ac. Apply as above to the owner. FOR 8ALE-A NEW FOUR STORY BROWN STONE front House, 26x60 feet, elegant tu every respect. No. 29 Bad Thirty-eighth street, near Ma.tlaon avenue; al?o Hoove 47 Easi Thirty-seventh street, tour story, stone front. Inquire on the premises at escii pine. FOR sale?EIGHTH avenue IMtOPERTY, ONE OF the best corner* for a liquor or grocer" store, iu tinbest business I cation, now paying twelve per cent; reasons given for selling; terms to suit. Inquire at ltd We t Thirtieth street. HAKVY HIOU1NS. TPOR SAL: ?A VALUABLE FARM IN TRUMBULL J7 couuty. Onto, 161 seres, unincumbered; would exchange for Dry Oooda or s Dwelling House tu New York or Brooklyn. Address A. W., box 1.A42 Past oil 'C. TRIOR RALE.?THE SPLENDID and WELL KNOWN J place ot amusement, kn-rvn as Mager's Palisade l'ara, is herewith ottered for sale, utidrr very advantageous conditions. The proprietor, having retold -hrd a |>erniauent bualxiesa in Wseiiington, D unable to attend loboth. Those wf h premises, from now till the middle 01 April a; the fart heat. \ AL. MACER, l'rripitctur >( I'atiaud- Park, WwIuwmi', h. J., one blixk from Hie fairy For sale?a beautiful residence. fronting tin College ground*, Mild three es' walk iroia the depot, nri.ii all the modern Inipro e brick stabler, Ac. Inquire ol WARRKN 11 AKDKNUKKGIt. VOR RAIE-A HOUSE, CONTAINING EIGHT ROOMS' X. wim or without aii acre hi' .uni, lour iii.lcH i rum Wil. Iiaauuuig fcrrjr. Stage* overy hour. Inquire of JAS. ODD. VKKV, TfnilllllM MMi t.10r sai.e?or exchange (or merchandise r or house nnd lot m Hrookh it, a une village re Idenee Hi I'ort Jervie, on the Kri", S. H. MILLS, 13U Krnnt atr.-et. For SALE?1S6 ACRES OK LAND, THIRTY-SEVEN mile* itvm New York, w.m guidon, bain, irult tr.-ea, farm a agon mid Implements, In. i.iii of wo at. Price $.1,1. XI. One hnit i in remain on bond tin t mortgage lor lire year*. Apply to JOHN K. WALKER, Wtliaiiu afreet, New fork. Iaoi: sale?tub desirable property no. IS# 1 Ninth alii t, M-ct.ntl .a-i of Mr. ndwray, and oprnialtr the uue atmes la-en elected by a. t. Stewart, K>q For nartu w ar* ' quire at UbS U.-ernwie. a reel. IAOIt S tI K-A VALUABLE V .KM NEAR NEW PICAS 1 w.i:-k, itudcr high stn'ee. >i!llvatlun; price $S)p.-ra ie Alan, a harm of 11*1 .emu New* Hrtiunwlek, $t..'UU. Aio, Firm ol lifts a res one mile Irom depot, HH.duiJ. Inquire of WaRRKN, uS Wall sir ei. yior sale?a real ESTATE AND BROKERAGE r Kus ni si. The olllee lai>ia very desirable lo atlon, an l th - bcitllce will lie disposed ol at a teaionable prlee. Addreaa r. U , box 113 iMlit ofB r. "ltor SALE or EXCHANGE?KOU A SMALL PLACE J In t vicinity, a farm o. bo acre*. ?t Rye, Weateheauir rouniy, N -tv York, being In a good st.ieof eiilih alien, and liarln.iii in thirty .ten a of woodland. Inquire ol N. \V. iJTUY' I Le.ANT, Jr., 13.' Broadway, r.iom No. I For HALE or EXCHANGE?FOR MERCHANDISE, A IIoiim- and Lot, In l'aclll.: eir Brooklyn, pay lug aoven I?*r cent on the equity. Good Hiid rentpail In advance Coal $3,0/1, inoi'k,.iged $.sAl. Address 11., box 133 Herald odlce. IIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?V KARM OK ABOUT filly acrea, near illempsieid, L. I? well located; one enil* from railroad depot, good eliy pr.ip -ity In New York or Brooklyn leqiinrd in Hie ekcl'unga. Add.ess Karm, He raid olfu-e. For sale or exchange?two four story brick tenement House*, situated In the Seventh ward; the aame ran be bought cheap anion reasonable terms, or nxeliinigrn 1<>r unnnciitnbert i pr iporty In or near lh? itv, or for mn < li?iiiiino ?t market tulnr. Apply to Hie pmpr.etor, Mr. KVr.\ KM'ER, 111} W"-i Twenty,rat atreol, .ietw<en 3 and 4 o oloek. For IUiI or KXCTiANtn; v rtKK body OV LM iii the i Ity or Baltimore, irr from eniitn'mnce; will eiehaner lor ineroliandlan or rml est;iti in Virginia, l'or (pirtlcnUih adilr?a< O. W. Kali inai:, Mi Mbeity at eel, N. Y. FOR 8AI.E OR KXOlUNt.R (NOT MUCH MONEY wunie.i)? A three atniy wooden llonre ami l.?,t, built evprensiv lor a Oakery; yoed well f w.mir uikI atahln lor ,i hone; in the thi Ivlng village oi Ontlenbitrg, N..I., opposite Seventieth airret, New Yu-h. l'or 1'nrlhrr rerUctilitra apply toH'inlrr DWVBK, neartlie | tvmivea oral 37 IVe?t Twenty. Brat nreet. New Turk. "Tiloll eAI.K OR TO LET ill': MO NT PROSPE. F Hliighamtim, Now York, l'or p.iinro JaraMpIv to B. MARVIN, Ew|, u lllnglianiton, or 1IENRY HVANtt,'itsil Broad aireet, Newark, New .Irrary. Inok ham: oil To 1,1,r-a iik vi iti i i. iiih;sk and 1 thr-e ?? rra of Lainii, all toe modern Improvement*, w? I etorktd wRti fruit and ornamen'al tieea, iieljliooi n< o I In at fl.taa, eniltoi 10 inlimiea' 0. ili-riiy by raiiiouil, ei ery hour. Terma eaey. Ini|Ulre of II. llOAlJ, 79 Pine *tre"i. IWIIALIOl TO LET?TUB BXCKL8I0R RTttUI .r Oriat Mill mi Middle tow n I'olnl, New Jr.iwy, twenty-live xnllra Iroin New York, locnled on a nnt Igable aiioam. It baa three run ?l etone, and m well localod for local or New Vorg trade, and lielng In a good grain < mntry, le well worthy the attention af an active man. Ko- iell particular* apply to glllAH. MALCOLM. ?S lirgcnwldh alltsel, or WARREN BROWN. Wlddletown Point. V03 RALE and to LBT -tub handsome RAT.O i J corner of Wooater ami 11 oil. Inn aireet.?, w It li new i m n< tnre and neatly BU'd up. Price and rent very mode re In rjnlrc on tae pi cruise*. vino llll.l. ,>i.< vii i r e rie, .. . IVI.HI ? Mill ll.lll.ll niui.i IIIM -IJV, r brown nlonr, i n-m out, ami ti iimniiira mo l> rn ImniwrmenU, In Hlnly.lirth Hiront, In -trrn-n K.r-t an>! H--i omiI ?n ?. Also, M'T.Tii 1 io n 'l i cinoht llmi? '?lii I hn ,V nrtroiuh ward. Inquire or WII.l i A 'l A. JLCH, K e.m<l ?venun, between otin and Aft In an TAOR 8ALK OK TO MOT AT II A<' KENSAC K?A~ M;.V J Dwelling lleuae. on nlmuo loveii mmi<, l ontin o |{mpx-treat,ihri-e minnieV walk irom i> >t K ni -VVm J'jwmfi'on liiifiH-dUu-Lv. Inquire o W. II, MK ,li l<" 41} roadway 8. I>. TIA ft IN<T, I, I..-n u .irctl, N. V, or of JVHM IIAKIMU. Uackenietuk. N. J. ' 101 NEW ? SALES OP HEAL ESTATE.^ F*OR SALE OK RUNT?AT SUMMIT N. J., <)N MOK rn an i Esse Kaiiruad. a line Reaitleuce, 7 arece; house | 40-51, lu rill ma, will unladed, in tbe centre of a beautiful lawu and aurden: well h'o kriwiih irnit, all rubbery, tiuwere, * SOUTH WICK A WOOD, J2 Nassau etmet. LTI'.NISHED HfilUK FOB 8ALK-THE FIRST CLASS P tour story hipb sloop blown atone trunl House No. 50 Weit Forty sc.en li atreet. bet w ecu Kit Iti out Sixth tocitucs, complete w.lh all ibe model n Improvement! aud band noun ly luroiabi d. Inquire ou the premiums Horn 10 to 5 F. M , or of E. II LUDLOW a: CO., No. 3 Fine street. / 3 ENTEKL IIOir.-RS FOR SALE-ON TWELFTH, vl Fourteenth, Twenty-sixth and Thirty-eighth ilrccla;at moderate ptlces, wiin t-uou titles. A. J. ULEEcivEK ?ON A CO , 11 Ftue atreet. HUDSON RIVER-'VO BXCHAWOB FOR NEW TOKK or Brooklyn property, a very deiintble Country Seat, witli t. u iter a nli de, fruit, shtubb'.rry. vc.; w th none hour of city. Frh-e Slti,O H). Addreaa l'toprietor, box 1.6S3 New Vnra Fost ottlce. SOME VKRV VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, BOTH CITV Lola and mul rate Farming<la in the Writ, for sale or exchange for uity I r p -rty, or a ainall farm in ar the city FOKTEK ,t CO., 536Broadway, room 17.B fpo CITY TAXFAYEII8 ?FOR SALE, THE SFLENDID J_ Country nite ul E. K. Co.litis. consisting of dOO t relia lino, substantial olu mansion, in h lawn of 14 acres of loity bade tret a, native and Imported, of innumerable vari .lles; a Baiden of four ucrn, ,aste uliy designed and stock) d with and Itoweri; all nc, ear.',rv utilhuiTdmr,*, Including farm botiae, howling alley and yaehlman a cottage, fronting on a tino harbor. The afiualmn has um-<iiialli-d advantages lor oitlier private residence or for speculation, having a bold bore on the Sound one mile In extent; two aldei belted by creek and iulnti and one side by intuit road; the land* tracing the river gently slope either way, so that a bundle I build Ing site#can pa h command splendid i lews of t Sound and surrounding country, leaving ,n the et-ntre, if desired, line park; two-thirds o; th site* will liave water fronts; the place is pertectly lieult ty, water excellent and the air Invigoraliig. distune : eighteen miles by New Haven Kail road; access-hie almost lioui ly; business men can t each the Cltv liall from this place in less tiuie tnun thoac from llarietn by the avenue car*. Persons desirous of avoiding rlty taxes, and the detention and danger* of ic and logs, in creasing the rivers, will t.0 well to ire this advertisement attention. No estate within a hundied tnllea of NrwYork, of eiiunl quantity, combine* the i advantages mid regal elegance of this. Tne grounds are nohlv p aimed, abounding In groves snd splendid trees. A property In ever, particular Mud all its appointments, luxuriant and grand. F,-r terms apply to the owner at J. S. Caldwell's oillre, 21 Pine street, or Lis residence, 71 Wost Thirty eighth street, N. Y. WESTCHESTER COUNTY?A GOOD KARM AND TT desirable country seat of forty across; buildings good and nearly new; fruit of all kinds In ulnit d.inct- mill runningspring water st the door. Apply to ALE\. CSTRANi?EK, 239 Broadway, entrance No. l Park place, WANTED?A KARM TO KENT, FOR ONE OR MORE TT years, ot from 30 to 100 acres, with the privilege of buying. Stock would bo hired or lie "lit. New Jersey preferred, and w ithin 20 miles of New York. Address tor one week, Fanner, box 172 Herald olllce. WANTED?A SMALL FARM IN WESTCHESTER coiin y or Ilackensack, New Jersey, si a cash price, $3,000, payable in Fulled Slates colli. Address, statiu;; full particulars, Mr. Coin, box 112 Herald ofll e. il'1 rtPWl WILL BUY A ONE AND A HALF STORY Coiteen, Willi throe full Lots, pleasantly sltualeil. Terms?from tf:,'00to SSUOcash; $*00 can be paid in instalments of $8 3.11* month, Without interest. Apptv at the oll'ioe ot D. C. DANIELS, corner of Fourteenth s.t'ect aud Fifth avenue, Brooklyn. i;Q f\fl(A $7,500. $7,007. $6,500, $6,WO, $5.000.?FOR iDO*Tyl/\y. sale, very cheap, six Housia; all desirable; In rood order; oolv Sl.Otttl required down Also, one to ex. change for Household Furniture. Also, one to let. Anply to P. C. ANTHONY. M>4 Pine street, fiom 11 to 3 o'clock. kt/ll SALE. A BEAUTIFUL MICROSCOPE, Magnifying SCO times, for 2S cents in silrer. Five of dlilerent powers, $1. M tiled free. Address F. L. HOWES, box 220, Boston, Mass. A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED ?THE LEASE. Stock slid Fixtures ol a regular six rent Euting Saloon, downtown It cun seat eighty persons at one time. Willissold cheap for cash. Sole reason l or selling, the proprietor is going into another busines. Apply to W. CLAltK, money broker, corner of Chatham and Chambers streets. A PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPE GALLERY FOR sale?Doing a fair trade; will be s ild together or in pares a, and the gallery let, as the proprietor In ten is tol.-ave the elty. Call at 51 Cortlandt street, corner Greenwich. Bakery for sale cheap-situated on a leaning avenue, containing two ovens, large, roomy bukehuose and fixtures tor t arrying on an extensive bustne-s. Being engaged In another line 01 In,sine s Is the reason for selling. An interview may be had by addressing Baker, box 169 Herald olllce. Boot and shoe store for sale at 320 ninth avenue. CTOAL, WOOD AND LUMBER YARD ON 8TATEN J Island (established 2 ) years! to be di*pos -d of on favorable term*, the present proprietor retiring. Apply to DAVID MAKKLEET, Stnplston, Island. DRUD STORE FOR SALE?B-ITABLIS 11 ED FOUR year*, well located up town. W in bo sol.i at a urrtilre. Annlv to P.I M Hit Jk iSKvtl I- lu<T,.,.,l avenue, corner of Kl,hteeiita'*ireet. Drug store for 8ale-in an improving iie'ghburhood. doing a good )>aying buglnM*. None Out ash custom.r, baring at bis dlspo ral Si.UcU, will be treated with. Address Merchant, station A, Spring atreot. For sale?THE LEASE, FIXTURES and oood Will ol a first daa? Liquor Store, on Eighth syenite. between Thltleth and Fortieth streets. Satistactory reasons given for selling. Is on a corner and a four story building, with stable, Ac., attached. Inquire of E. D. LAWRENCE, 1.261 Hruuilway. IjtOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FINE r ly located urocery uptown. For parilculars uu|uirc at 106 Fulion street, third floor. Terms cash. For sale?a roadside hotel, one of the beat stands lor business on the mail, w till a lone lease mid low ti nt, sis miles Irom the City Hall. Toe res o.i for selltut Is on account of other business. Also seven fast lloises. Inquire on the premises at the Wavertey Hotel, Ninety-sixth street and Broadway. For sale?the lease, stock and fixti res of a splendid Liquor Store In the Slxtu ward. It oust be sold on account ol III healt h. Apply to J. C. FAl'lEN.iD Division street or 3/ Mulberry street.' For lale-tiie stock and fixtures of a Nvt Depot, Toy, Candy a..u I'ritniniug Store, in a go >d In. .'i 1,1. aw doing a go id bus less. Satisfactory reaioas giv-'nf.i selling. R nt low, slid so11 dwelling apirtiueuis. A| ? ;> a; -Ji First avenue, or M Fit! s. ret. New York. tinr sale?the lease. stock and fixtures of tbat inasiillieeut Urureiy and Llqili r Store, newly 'iltrd up, with all appurtenances, southi a*l corner of East Broadway and ItiHg-is street. Lease to run live years fiom .day next. Apply on the premises. For hale-tiie lease, stock and fixtures of l ie celebrated Coop House, "The t lab," No. Ugisl Ilonstou stgeel, cneup lor oasu or good security. A|i|oy on Hie premises. Q It RKOsg. t?OR KALE-AT YONKERS, tiif, stock and FIXr lures ol a Jewelry alnip, ae)iaiate or lognher. ti oil Cnanee l?r a practical wat li maker. Inquire ui lilt AlNEKD *s GEKFltOY, No. 'J Maiden lane. For salk-tiie whole or part ok a first ulMiUronery, In Hmoklwii well loeated; $2.Odd lop tor whole or $1.0)0 tor half Intercut. A ;,oo 1 opeiilng lor uu < uera. tic nniii. IRELAND HINCKLEY A CO.. 61 Nauaau Mr et. IjlOIl SALE?TIIK OLD ESTABLISHED DRINKING ' Saloon. 304 Orooiiii ci stir.-t; to l>?- ?ol<i u.taaeek. U.h-r tmiiieaa l? tin* ol' nulling. The ptaou in neat lue .V-v Vein ami Erie lljilmnd U? i ot. Term* nnv. Foil MIB-A FIRST CLASS KSTAHLISIIKD GRO cry, on u leading at reel in Hn ooju. nlt.i a good stock 'Hid a good trade wlili private families. One <1 the present pet titers, ? l.o L.ih inaiiaip.'d liie bualhera, prefr/i in keep hit allure. Apply ai 262 West atreet, N. Y., for one week. Im SALE-A BUTTE*. CHEESE AND PROVISION Aim, < n i corn r, in .is?;uod w-oi "igtif?r<- u-> in the city. Cheap for tank. Cull nil C. 11. 1IOAKS A CO., 420 tin mlfti-y, r.Hini 11 BIO* SALE -CHEAP. OX* EST ok tinner s tools. JT ootnp e ej $230; will sell at ivar p rites. Inquire at 2S4 (Vint sunt, Brooklyn. I^OK SALE-TUE STOCK AND KIXTL'KBS OP AX F eacelli III Oyalei and lining Saloon, on a hoot! business corneri will be aoid cheap on uceonin of the owner hat Inn two, or a inntiiei tt 1,1 lie taken. Al-o a boy wanted. Apply nt 117 ?'e?l Urnadwuy, uilcr lOo'cloek. IpOll SALE?VERY CHEAP, A LARGE COUNTER AND e l uce lot of], an t 20 Drawers, all ol wlilcli hnTti been only ten month* >n nae. and will I n smd at n liar em. sni al> - lor dry gonda, II pints, or any other Imalni as. Address U. D., box '.'17 Herald llice. I?OR SALE-ONE SINGER'S SEWING MACHINE, NO. F 1. it I'll Iron Miind, complete, for $2.'>, also one Grover A H iker Mm bine, with mahogany rn-o, complete, in running order, tor W0, If eppiled or -earn. GEO MAM I ELS, 4.T Broadway, npanira. IjVlll HALE: CHEAP?THE FIXTURES, STOCK AND toon will <>i a Drug atnre, ellglhiy aitnatcd in llita clir. Apply 4|D. It GAltNISS. 1'J WilPam -treei. IiHiR svi.E CHEAT?Tim CONTENTS OP A Dagcer 1 r<-?n G 'Ib-ry, ui'lodini Kurnltnre, Klxtmeaand two Camm'-raa. In pure at Hyatt's carpet atore, No. 3 Cooper Diamine. Felt SALE CHE VP KOR CASH?THR STOCK, KIXnip-a and Good Will of Ihe Stationery, Toy and Period) *l s->re No. 231 Sixth aren'm. one dixit- above Fifteenth a'r""t. It -in moderate. Agenta need not apply. Inquire In tne atore. Hotel for sale?uncommonly cheap, in con. e-,|iien< e ol other ?*g"?" * Very anperlor lo:aI on. el.oa e.ialoin and fielehhoehoo I All . ...1 - lit'oi up m good myie, doing an excellent bualnraa. An csislluilv good rliall to nink" money. Si'I TIIWIUK A Wool), 83 N?*mpi atrri-t. Hi hi: i. .mi s.w.rc in I!II!.AI);:I,I'IIU -wiu. iik mid ili-up, the Kurnlwre and unnxpire I Imane of * llrM rlaai biimne** Hotel. bliuallon central, with eapai I'jr 10 " on.inodalo two tiundred and Iwrnty-iivti cunata, nod in C'lbiuli'to ui (trr. Till* home h i* been doing a laign bii*inn*a mi the lust ton \ imr?t principal iradn being from 1'rnniylvanla, Oiiio, Indiana, Iowa, Mai)' and ami Now Jort-y. To i*ili '*who may wl*n to go into the bualnen no botisl in timclty i* hutinr adapted for a aafn and prolitable bu?lne?* than thi* hon?? Kor particular* adore** Hotel. tn? l,<15 Philadelphia I'oat odi c. S*ii*iactory rraooiia glien tor t\ l?hlng to *?ll. "OlisT Vt'RANT AND SI PI'KIt ROOMS, NKWI.Y 11/ iltied tip and handsomely rnntiahcd, favorable leave at lot* r.tnt, *u|Mtmr lorn lion and neighborhood, I* oirtifd ai a very narrtOm on account ot ai< kima*. riOUTHWICK A WOOD, 83 Na**au alrnat. rno n \s kittkiw, oas kixtcrks and lamp deal. I oi*.?hor anil!. Ilia beat located and tilde*'. Mind In thft eilv ni Baltimore Tim atom nan bo li.i I on Iraae at a Imv trot for a Inrtn of yean. Thnrtt I . a aplrnlul *liow room, wltli It leel orillng. olio work aliop Willi tool* complete. Kor further i arllciilar* addrnaa Imx 1.117 I'oat olllcn, baltnnorn. AJA/t WILL BVY 'ill!: BliSl corner liquor *P"lU" " 8n>ro on Elral a* mt It ha* nvrr gdM) Worth of L.ipior III I'm ?iom. Tim n-tier la go ng to tVaalilnetoii, *o 11 inn*! bn euld. Ap|iljf to fAl I'fcN,! i Ulvldon atrnoL RRAA VIUi r.rv A I'lM-: LIQUOR 8TORR IN i'i)|l" i i. ry * m. I. I'o irt.i ward nor r Can rinn Mark. I.doin,; i linn ra*h bnai twx; IWelvi yn r* a li.pnr at a T o.vr rr gtrlii,; up I u-tn sa; w.l aril low. A pi It to I'AVTKN, V6 Dlvla'on aiucl. OKK. IIKHAIil), TUKSDA1 HOI HKS, KOON8, it'., TO LKT. A1 desirable houses at reduced rents ? 14.. Kuat lHili at., four atorv brown atone English basement, ha-.t Thirte.-uth street* fuur story brow u stone do. 21 >1 Second avenue, four story English I aaement. 170 East Fifteenth street, three story, high stoop. 137 Euat Nineteenth street, throe atory, High sto .p. 21 Ntuyvesaut atrect, three atory and attic. I >H East Thirteenth atrect, fuur s ory, hi 'h ato?|i. 210'; Eos' Tweulieih street, three story English basement. II I,iv in sui 11 ice, brown stoic lour atoiy En ;liah basement, oppo.ite b.uyveaant si|uar-'. 4A Clinton place, lets'ern Fifth avenue and University pUce. 2Uft East Eighteenth street, three a ory, high atoop. 00 West Tw enty-sixth street, brown atone, high sloop. 8.1 West Fori v lil'lli street, three atory, high stoop. Apply to THUS. JIAUt AKLAN, ISO East 'l'cnlu i-lrcet A BAKERY ami STOKE am) mVKl.I IM! TO LIT? Together ur separate, in the beat business part 01 Hobokeii, Apply at 144 Washington street, llobokeu, Ah' kleuant story nova scotia drah stone House to let to a good it*| uns.ible tenant, mi the most f avorable terms. It is tilted up in the very heat raaunir throughout. Apply on the premises, No. 32"Weal Fortys.ith street. A foundry to let, for sale, or KXOHAVOB. at S ug Mug, N. Y , with steam engine, Ac., will he let for other bu.-iueaa; will lie routed very Tow, or sold at a bargain. or exchanged for city proja riy. Address Foundry, lieraid ollire. A FEW UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITHOUT BOARD, In second siory, to let, with alt the modern improvements; hot and cold wuturiu every loom and haib, Ac . on same lloor; ?ill be let to a small genteel family, i'osscsaion given Immediately at 121 West Fourteenth street. AI1I0II STOOF MODERN BRICK HOUSE. IN TI10 rough repair, wholly or parilallv furnished or unfurnished. to rent law to a soo.ll ositfinailvlA I moll.- 1 nouli-,. at lOi) Went Twenty-second street.'A Plimpton walnut Bedstead tor sale. A LABOR FIBST CLASS THREE HOUSE, HO. 7T Christopher street, In nrst rate order; will be let low, to a gisid tenaul. Ilea ess fixtures throughout, water closets, Ac. Will not be le tor a boarding house. Apply to K. M. COOK, U1 l-'ultou sti eel. A LARGE, HANDSOME PARLOR, AND PART OK back Parlor, to let, to a docior, dentist, merrhatil tailor, or tor any .1 ;ht business, also furnished Koirma for genllemeti. Teruis moderate. Apply at VO Prince street, a few doors west ot Broadway. A HOUSE TO LET?UNFURNISHED; ALL THE rent taken in board, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, and Twenty-third and Twenty -seventh streets; a private family preferred. Address M. M., box 1st Herald oillce. A SMALL HOUSE IN BROOKLYN TO RENT VERY low to a auiiabic tenant. Apply at No. 5 Tiyuu row, room No. 2. Bakery to lkt-no. cm water street, be. tween Scammel and Jackson streets; a g""d place [or business, und Ion rent. Inquire In the grocery store. Brooklyn.-to let or lease, a three story und bas- ineut brick House, a most desirable residem e. Situated In the boat part of Clinton street (No. ISA), with every convenience, water, gas, Ac. Inquire of F. GKRETY, No. a Old slip, New York. Ciountry residences ?two furnished houses J on Castletou Heights, Kutteii Island, one mile and a halt from the ferries, lo be let or leased to private tamiliea. Tbe smaller place is an English Collage, containing about sixteen rooms, with atable and coach bouse ami eignt acres of land. The larger piece consist* of fifty acres, twelve of which spin gardens, ore..ants anil lawn, an elegant mansion, titty by seventy-ure feet. llted up wltb gas, ho- and cold water, and ell oiher modern conveniences; a very band some bulge or gale bouse, and a large coach hotiae, stables, Ac. Carriages au-t horses might go with the place. The situation of both bouses Is high snd healthful, and the views are unsurpassed. Apply to 1. P. NESMITH, 77 Cedar aireet, belwt en 2 and 3 o'clock. COUNTRY" SEAT TO liET OR FOR SALE?BEAl'TIfully situated on high ground on the PHseaic river, with a handsome water front, iieaifNorlh Belleville, N. J., andjtbout ten mileii from the city. The house is large and new, in the Italian style, with a tower. There are forty acres of land In pasture, with a beautiful sloping luwn; good boating, bathing slid fishing near the house. Communication with Wall street within an hour by railroad. Rent $SU0, or with less land $000. Price $17,000. Apply at 21 West Thirtieth street. IjTARM OR COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-THREE ' miles troiu Morristown, N. J.; two hours and a list, from New York: location hiallhy and pleasant; plenty of fruit, good house and outbuildings; rent low. Apply at 'feed store 220 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. Furnished cottage house to let in west Twenty-fourth street, near Ninth avenue; eight rooms, with range, water and gas; wilt lw rented verv low to a res|>ouaibtu tenant. Apply ut the Auction rooms. 111 Nassau street. IiURNISHED HOUSE, IN THE BEST PART OK LEXiugiou avenue, to let.?The house is incomplete order, frescoed aud painted from cellar to atlio, and has all the modern improvements; it la elegantly lurmahed throughout and is admirably Adapted to the uses of a genteel piivate family, as it coulalns every article essential tor lioufkeeping; rent $l,20u per annum; possession given 1st oi Mm. Andreas House, Los 2.SM I'ost ollic-. House to let-the three story brick house 131 Henry street, near Rutgers, befog iu a good neighborhood: contatas the modern Improveuients and is in good order. Apply on the premises. House to let.-the three story brick front House, l.t Prinee street, near the Bowery; Croton water and gas throughout, with ehandeliers and marble mantel pieces. Apply to WM. MORRIS, corner of Elizabeth and Pi inre streets, or at 212 South s reel. House to let and furniture for salk-in a very desirable 1 cation; the Furniture is urat and h choice selection, an 1 ill be sold cheap if applied lor iminedUle y, to jan. cauney, at George Holbrooke ull'u e. u9j Bros.. way. Houses no. us and 151 west TWELFTH street, two siorieg and attic above base meat, to rcaponrible parties; also, to let, a Cottage, with six rooms, ut Sun; Sing, one inllo from depot. Inquire of W. K. BRINCIIERltDFp, Mutu il lusurauce Company, 42 Wall street. Hotel to let-tiik madison square hotel. corner Broadway and Twenty-iiitt street, \> ul b? let or leased very low lo a pood tenunt. Apply between t u and three to S. IIALSTED, t>2 Murray street. Hotel to leask.-the stevens house, late Detmoiiieu.'s, No. 2a Bruadway, N -w York, having liern put iu thorough repair, painted and supplied with the con leaac upon favorable term* to a auHable tenant. Thcturmtare may be purchased upon reasonable If run. Apply to HEWLETT ft TORRANCE, N<>. 6 Howling Green, or to HOMER MORGAN. No. flue atreci. HOBOKF.N -A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY WOULD i en l the Upper I'au of a House, cotudsiing ?i lireo large Kootm ami two Bedrooms. Oaa, water, bath, Jke. House In excellent order, and loeallon plrawnt. One mtnote'a wait from ferry. Address Terra e, Herald office. ONE on TWO GENTLEMEN WISHING TO KEEP bachelor * hull, or u young married couple gulttg house* keeping, will Itud a aniull Ilouae, rompl iol> Iurui-h'tl. T o* luriiiHire will be oold low. Ap|>lyr at 01 Weal Twentysixth street. PART OK A FOUR STORY HOUSE TO LET-ON WEST Twenty-sixth rlreei, lurm.-nel or uult.rnlshed, and c mice of I'sr.or* and Htdioom* on M*coud or third Hour; ktrhrn,bath,(an,chandeliers,ftc. Rent very low. Arph to J. it. EDWARDS, 277 We?t Twunt)-ilnrd etie.-i. PART OK A HOUSE TO LRT?COMHSTUtO <>K FitR Room* and pantry on the . eton i Uoor, UaikB**emenl and pMiitrr, w tin I art of a l.-ige aar ien. To a ania I respectable family the nail low. liitpiiteon ihe imtmia-a, Duugla** alreef, between Yamleibilt and Underbill avenuea. PRIVATE DWELLING NO. 17 ST. LUKE'S PLACE TO X let. fonraioriea, biouu atone, with i;ai, bath. At'.; all the ntod'-tO improvements. A|iply lor rent and particulars at IN St. L iK'-'a place, or 112 Kulion airr-et. _ _ A FREEMAN. PHYSICIAN'S OKKIOE to LET?IN A FIRST CLASS int'ttlreai No. S East Thirty-fourth atreet. PHYSICIANS' OFFICE TO LET?WITH OR WITIIOl T L U trd. Apply to J. it. EDWARDS, 277 Woal 1 weutyj tnird atreet. CEtfiND FLOOR TO LET?ISI TENTH AVENUE, C between Twenty second and Tweniy-lhird airee an nuals top nt trout ami t u k 1".trior, milling dti >rs, U tlroom, I .r<e H'diooiti In the attic, bulk Basement, wi.n all the modern improvrtm it's. Kent $.0 per month. SECOND FLOOR OK HORSE 22'. WEST TWKNil' eighth it r. one door frtttn Ninth avenue; rent ?2('U; four ruotna, two eto ts. hot and cold water; bath uu 1 pas, with halt of eel nr. UBCOKO FLOOR TO LET?82 ORCHARD STREET, ' tug oi two to.oik, two patitrtea and bedroom, with van; alto a rear Hani-incut It de.lred; rent low to a responsible tenant. Can be aeeu from It) to 4. Intpiiic on tue pretnlaea. Stores and offices to let.?banking and Daw OHieea, In Noa. 47 and fat* William stieet, near I'ine. Maidt n lane?Store No. 7* Maiden lane, John atrect?Loll* No. ? John atrcet. corner of Goid. Million aireet?Se ond floor ami baaent* nt No. 172. Apply to S. 11. SCUIEKKELIN, 170 William ilrttet. QIIM POWER. I)AV AND NM5IIT?A NUMBER OF kj Koo'ns, Urge ami small. Willi st"aio power to let. Apply to II. W CUKKNK, Ni>. 13 Hprurc airn.ii. To LET?RECORD null (fOOR ROOM), WITH privlt>-i(- tu ?i.n in km lion, of tlin brown mono nous 241 Fiftieth street, in-itr Eighth avenun. Una, Croiou and statloDnrjr tuba. To u small and desirable lainlly runt only Hint. Apply on Hit- preuila-s. mo LET?FIIO.M MAY I, TWO NICK HOUSES, NOS. L 147 ami lot Rn Ington aireef Rent reasonable to a good tenant. Iii'i'ili - ol 0. V. WHITE, No 7 Worth aire t. TO LET TIIK UI'I'ER I'AKT OP A Hit OWN NTUfiK Holla j to a small la-nlly ot adults oulr; rent g.'oU. Inquire oo (tin premises 7liW>-at 'I weiilv-alith aiii'i-t. Good ralarenots an I security lor tlie rent required To I.KT?TIIK ME01 I'M Sl/.Ii FOUR STORY BROWN sou*. EuglWh basuioent House 220 West fltiriv-svCOnd street; hss gn II it urea, and contains all modern hnpiove. men's; In p-ifnc; ord^r. and the location unnicip'.lotlahln. Apply to KOHERr USHER, Jr., IWWeit Tl.lrly-i mrlh at. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN. FIVE .MINI TK.M WALK fri'tn Fnllon terry, a splendid small thiee story and basement brick Hona?, corner of Adams and IIigh treeta, with mirrors, cliandnltert, HI Igewuod water, Ac. Ren'. $17), formerly renl?d for gtWU. Call on or addrea D. H. GOULD, HI Hem sen sireet. TO LET?THE FOLLOWING THREE STORY IMOH stoop brick Houses, trig.. 244, 240, 2M and 232 West Tnlr eeniti Itrart, coutalnlug ail the modern Improvrm 'r.ta; Are lit p odnrdar.SM the loratlon re?rertsh;e Anply to ROBERT IAIIEK, Jr.. IM West Thirty fourth atree'. rpo LET?1'IIK LARGE STABLE IN TWENTIEIII JL street, near First avcuue, with the vacant Lot ad 10 nlng. SnltaM? fur liver* or manufacturing purposes Will lie rented for a term of yeirs rheap to a good tenant. Apply lo .JOHN FOSI'EK. 149 East Eighteenth street. mo Llf-A SI IT OF SEVEN ROOMS. A OOOD I.O 1 cation fur a dentist nr privale fainily. on one of the best siren's In Newark: ol Market street, Newark, N. J. To tin IHE SECOND PLOOR OP TUB HOUSE KO. gtll West Twenty seventh street, tvlth all the modern Improvement* ' as fixtures, Ar. Possession In "<>.!lattv, li required. Item moderate. Appier at 2#,<>4 Weal fnlrtyinlid street, or ut No Wait street, t a eni?lil. rrt) LET-STORE, BASEMENT AND LOFT; 73 FELT I det'i , oi 'I vv I,-, ' h"lw n T litre,. | i

Tl.liti in, i -i tits; v'11*: e inr ftirnit'ire or nuitiuf.,1 ring luirpb ?. a: ?ii',rtiiw?".t<uiinr ol Bnaltvuj utulT.unylii at atraet, or lease. "Apply ok the |nriulKa. f, APK1L 1, 18t>2.?T1UFLJ IIOU8KS, ROOMS, dir., TO JLKT. TO LET?THE STABLES, COACH HOUSE AND Dwelling House In Forty eighth street. u ?r Ems Iwuy. tuli.e oonta us twenty -eight ot?IU. A good ehuuee for a in.,u that wiin s to go into the livery business. Kent moderat'. App f to JuHEi'U CHURCHILL, MuuhattunvtUe. ritO LET?FROM 1ST OK MAY NEXT, A CARRIAGE J. lio.i?e and Stable, OU East Ttnrty ninth street, one door fium Fifth avenue. App.y at No. d East Tuirtjr eigLtu atioet. rpo LET?IH Ui TTENLI;KG, NEvV JERSEY, KENT X low, two Huuses, oue suituole fur a battery, with uettr oven and good well of water; me other will be l"l out in rooina. Ruth bavr stables attacuetl. To be seen by Applying to Squire DWYEU, near the premises, or at Kuhier A Funk s brewery, rpo LET-IN BROOKLYN, A TWO STORY BASEMENT X Ilou-e, in good order, with four lots of Ground aid a ltuiu, corner of De Kalb avenue and Scheu k street, where be ears pass every few minutes from Fulton terry. For further particulars inquire on the premises or in the store opposite, 01 in the coal yard, South Slklh street, near Uru\ e, Jersey City. , __ Ito LET-ON I'ALISADE AVENUE, NEAR HOBOKEN avenue. City oi Hudson, N. J., a large two and a half story gothlc Collage, with under cellar, hot and cold water, bath, itc. Cars pass the door tu the Iloboken uudjeisey City ferries. Rent $jhO, Apply on the premises, or to a. GEDNEY, <A Dt:au<-*ir- !, New York. TO LET?DWELLING HOUSES AND PACTS OF Houses, iu Charlton street, between Washington and Greenwich, with all modern improvements. In go?dord?r, and at low rents, to good tenauia. Apply to MARTIN WATERS, 122 Charlton atreet, TO LET-MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE, SUITABLE FOR A small family. No. & Martin terrace (East Thirtieth street!; respectable neighborhood and mojeiate rent. Apply to W.M.A JOHN O'BRIEN, 2!) Wall street. rpo LET-ON 8TATEN ISLAND, ONE AND A HALF X miles from Vanderotlt's Landing, a nice Cottage end about an ucre of Ground, plenty of shade, iruit and clhcr trees, half a mile from the lower buy. To a gooj tenant will be rented very low, $2UU per annum. Apply to E. D. LAWRENCE, l,2bl Broadway. r LET?AT EASTQHKSTER. WESTCHESTER COUNTY tlfieeu nuliru from Cuy Hall and forty-live iniuutea by New York and Nuw Haven railroad from Twenty-seventh btie :t depot to Mount Vernon station, one ol tliu lineal private Residences ever ollVred to let; house contains cellars, wine vault, kitchen, laundry, dairy room, two parlors, dining room, sitting room and uedrooins; rutige, hot und cold water through the house, oathrooin, water closet, aud every convenience known in u first class city house; it is beautifully and tastefully furnished all through; out houses consist of atahle, barn, carriage house, hoi house, cow house, ice house (tilled), hennery, Ac. Ou the place is a reservoir that supplies the house with water, two wells and a spring that never falla, three acres of ground, well laid out with every kind of fruit and forest trees, a great variety of plants and (lowers, cows, poultry, ate. To a mat class and respousihlo tenant will he rented at $2U0 per mouth lor one year. The premises are one and a half miles lrom the d- pot, and hsve never before b en ottered to rent. Apply to E. 1). LAWRENCE. 1.261 Broadway, between Thirty-lirst aud Tluriysc" oud elle ts. TO LET?TWO LABOR STORES AND BASEMENTS under Earle's new hotel, corner of Canal and Centre si reels. They are extra well lighted and veulilated. Avery desirable lo utlon for alincat any kind ol business. Apply at he oiiice of the hotel, TO LET?THE TUKEE 'ST0I1Y AND BASEMENT Houses, Nos. 83 and 'J- East Thirty !> ou t si reel, between Lexington and Tutrd avenues, suitable for gent el families; has gas. Urotou, Ac. Bent $500. Inquire of K. BUSSELL, 12/ WestTweuty-ltflh street, fllO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER:1 IN BKKKMAN STREET?The Second, Third and Sixth Fhsirs oi No. 2b; the Sixth Floor of No. 31, and the Fourth sud Sixth Floors of No. lid; the Sixth Floor of Nos. 2D, 111 and 3d, comtuunlcnt; with each other, and are well lighted ou all aides. IN CENTRE STRKET-The Second Floor of Nos. 23 and 30, the Third Floor of Nos. 23. 30 and 32 und the Basemeut and Vault extending from Duaue .o Reade street-; ull admirably Hdapted tor racchauical purposes, and well lighted ou every side. IN DUANE STREET?The front Basement of No. 61. Apply to JAS. CONNER'S SONS, 26 Centre street, corner of Reade. TO LKT-THE LOWER PART OF 83 WHITE STREET near Broadway, fur a saloon or other businee- purposes Also, Rooms iu that house and 84, opposite. Flo. r, ana parts oi lu>u-es In the vicinity ol East Broadway, at war prices. Apply at 242 East Broadway, near Clinton street. 130 LET-IN BROOKLYN. THE THREE STORY BRICK . House and Store coruer ol Bedford and i>? Kulh ufeuuca, desirable for a rel iti grocer. Also the two story and attic Cottage House (rent $100 per annum) in Bcdtoril avenue, next to Van Buren turret. Apply tu BADEAU, LOCK WOOD A CO., 227 Washington atreet. New York. rpo LET-IN EAST BROOKLYN, SEVERAL DWELL. A IntH, buili in collage ti?le, with all the modern improvement*. g*n Hirti Rldgewoo i water, near llie car*. lnr|uir? of 1*. I'. O BRIEN, builder. SkUlman ttreet, between Myrtle und I'urk avenue*. Rent |.'30. TO LET-A COUNTRY SEAT, AT PELIIAM, WESTcheater couuiy, containing 62 .icrea ol' land, Urge house, line uuliMiildinga, rent low. Apply to DEVELIN & MILLER, - 6.T Liberity alreet. fPO LET-IN WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, LABOR, I airy Room*, with liiat eta** Board, to gentlemen ami their wire* or iittgle gentlemen. Add re-s Comfort, Ileruld oltlce, I or three day*. 1K> LET-ON MURRAY IIILL, A THREE STORY HIQ1I bd*ernent, 66 fortieth atrei-t, between Fourth and Lexington avenue*, 26 feet front by 44 feet deep, wliti the modern improvement*, chandelier*, Ac. Rent $6(JU. Apply to JAMES IKKIAN, ld!? West meet, coiner of Veiey. rpo LET-SUMMER PLEASURE GROUNDS.-THE A plateau, of nooiit one bumtied acre*, well alia led, at lite Westciii-ater enrtait the IIIr|U Briugn, one of the most acceiao ble .ii d o< *t plaeeanear the city for a summer iratirt. Apply to A. il. Lawnsl', Tl Wibrau street. TO LET-LOWER OR UPPER PART OP HOUSE 1S9 Monro- rrtreoi; ll,e owner will occupy either, ihree in family. lloui- three atories. basement and umlerr ellar*. Ha* modern improvements. Apply to ALEX. LAUDER, 22d South street. TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT brie* Hour* , with siib-cllai', So. 156 Clinton street; culllain* all the inuderu improvement*, such a* gas, hot and cold wet r, bath, do. Apply to UEOllOE O. UaLLOCK, 21 binll'otIt ?tie -t. TO LET?THE nSST AND SECOND FLOOR, OF A brown atone front Honae, two Parlors, four Kooinv, alt closet*, kitchen, washroom and cellar. A complete hmne lor Ursl rate tenant. Apply to TlIb.MAS McPllERsON, 477 Third arenas. fPO LET-A LAFQS FRAME HOUSE (KILLED IN furoueu. range,'gai Itx lire*, atatlonary waah tuba, ud sti modern impioveiui nta, with eight loisof grouud, well laid lint with fluweia. fruit, vegetable!, Ac.; aim viable and i? eh houve lor fn i. iia 1 carnages, s tinted on Sin a-nind street, beiwien r' r?t and rte.-ond avriiuea. Knr purIwuinrt Inquire ol JOilN G. LIGII rHODY, It Beekumu street. U until Ih- le to a lager bur i;srdrn. TO I.KT-A NUVBE t OK DESIRABLE HOUSES AT rcdnrud rent" vi/ ? Sn. Ij La marline plai n (Twentyiiltitn inert); ibo Hud on a ieei, h4 West Tweu y-seonid a reel, 41 Urccnwic. avenue. In J Lralugioii uri-nu., Si East Twenty.tifth street, -ul West Kouita nth street, SM W.-ai TUtriy-?e<?nd street, 174 Weal Twrenty-drst street, 133 W at Tn chiy-acoond Greet, 274 Weal Nineteenth street, 1.1 West Kuril-in hi Greet, Itii Wtit S vi ntr-nlu street, .'Std Wnt Klllecnih aircel, 131 Eighth svnnui-, huu-o and "tor-. 114 Eighin arcttuf, house siorr; si o, a number ol other'. J. a Vi. DKNilAB, Eighth srrn m, iu ner of Siilcculh street, [rum morning till nine iu the evening. rno LET-TO SUIT TilE TIMES, ITORB ANI> BA<K 1 liii'iin ori hloirnth avenue, be In run Kurt*-dial and Forty, e.-mid streets. Inquire ol h. H. liADLKY, ngrul, oil thi'prrii.i - a. rill i I K I ? THE TWO STOISY llltlCK COTTAGES NOS X .1 III 7 Grove |ila.:i-, Br.iovlyd. oeiiv en Hanover pi ice uiul Nti iM street, within tivemy m unter walk of Hi Wall, Smith, o. r ulion leiry. Il.iu ri are uvariy nen, containInn Itnlywo Hl uaiei, ga? vinl natures. Ken'. jigjO p-mnnum. Apply nib. W. sN'i.OKN, 15 Johnson sireot, iii?uklyn. rpq 1,1 ST?A I,a Ki IK sins i AN MAI. BKICE PAl TORT, X lor n term ui mars, Willi a nJI-iior-c power engine. Alio a number af flnc J'ar.i a lor rale or '-acliailge, tucale.l lit Vtrsriieaiei niunty New Yolk. Aim I liVa in Tom- Intnd to eachangn for a l?rm or Inieito. lands. Four Uratflv?? 1'rilght l ata lor (sle. Ini.'(tuiu,i:?. unn Garden", to let. Kuui ainv l Motev lo lei lo UennaSv. All ol the sb<?. |uo petty I" within tiieuly nil.C" ol ihecity, mi the line of the K-w llaien Ruilro.ut. Ten trulnmif tan daily; Hle.imbuat mill hIo qi daily. l'o""e""ioii iinniediiitriy. Inquire of STEPHEN A. i'lEIli'K A CO , No. ti fine* alrrei, oi J. It. PI lUH, Main in lie. It, rpo LET?TltK THESE 8IUIV HOUSE NO >09 WENT X Twewt)-eei . nth iii i'. i. i i...iins... ei. Iiva hath, gaa, tnan leln r-, wash tul?, Ae.; a line yard. Vt i'I he let lo a prompt, responsible tenant. Inquire on the prelum' s. rLKT-I OIl ABOUT %M0 (MUST BE RENTED 1MineuUlely). v gent ud thrvu alory high baa uneni and cellar Duelling. ItWWrM 1'hiny-third ore-i; has uiati1.1?, noil lasuo-. . o i i", venliniilr dooia, gas, l.ain, hot mi.i eold water, slid has Just been papeied and paiuird, and qua tint urea will he put in A|qil, to (>. S. t.KKE.V SWAKD, ltd Wilt Tuiilj third struel, or lo 8. 8. IICI.I., IS Wullal reel. rl.KT?l'OUli BROWN STONE KKON1' ENGLISH Wa"ement Hum -a, IV4 East Twvutleih atroel, and inn;.: adjoining, Ileal Hound avenue. Krni $1.41; in gnod order and nil ili? medein Improvement!. Ko-aena.on l>t of Apill. Apply at 212 East Hroalway, n or Clinion atreet, from V io 12 and 4 to 7 o'eloei. rpo LET?TIIK DAGUERKEAN GALLERY; THE X obi eM.ilillshed Gallery; the lir*.on toe iveat alien the rliy, corner ol Carmine and H!t ?'ktr air el*. Apply IIII Cirmtue mrerI. To i,i:t-two thkkk s.oky brick houses, 121 una 127 Wr?' Truth atreer. In goad order, Willi modern linprov innate. Inqulio al 121 Can bo inn fiom 12 to 3 o'clock. TO tiET-Kr.AU BROADWAY 111F. FRONT AND BAt'K Parlor ul Hir hno.e 57 Kaat Twelfth alirrl, f or not: anliablr lora physician or deuUal, nr any olirr oilier. Apply from I to 4 o'clock. TO LEV? \ COMMODIOUS HOUSE. CONTAINING twrnty ro linn, gaa, Ac., plcaraully situated mtir milra I rum the t'I'y llall, tm uiluuica' null tiom Huilr m Klvn depot (0 i lite t?!n.d) Will br rented low t i & tenant. An arrangement ninth! ue made for bsari of iliie? ad ilia. For f irlbarpartlcihire aid rear W. M,, Herald ogir. TO LET?A LAIIUK MARKET, CORNER OF BROAD nay aoi Thirty Oral at reel, al a low icui, alto two B;oie? and Dwelling". 121.1 an I 1,211 Broadway, at a low rein. Inqatrt ol I' m LANoTON, SO Wnt Tblrty-flm street TO LET?Ar LOW RENTS, TIIK FOLLOWING DE nimble Hirer rtory llo iar?, haviug the modern Improvemenu ?ISJ Wararley plarr, urar HUlh aionue, $7?0; MJ Weal Washington pla'-e, twenty rooms, lit, Hanin.oncl, near Gr-rnwloh atrrrl, $.Vi). No. Laight at reel, oppoaoa Canal, pein?, Apply at 151 '.Vavsrlay p'a r. TO LET-TUB DWELLING PARI' OF TWO FOUR alor. llo ia' a, 271 an I 27.1 Greenwich street, near Murray; goo I location for boarder*; r-i.t only b375 nod Crointi tm. Apply nt JOHN l.ADEU'R, l?? Washington at tel. l'o>sr?aijo mm.rjiaioiy. rpo LET?THE MODERN HI ILT TWO STORY AND A attic House, || | Sullivan street, with all Improvements ol ana. WK'er. Ac.; rcitaonablo l? a gooil tenant, tnquin; ul JAMES II TAYLOR, 7W Broadway, N V. rpo LET-A NEAT FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASF, X llouae, ailintti i In Toll enth street, between f ist mi I rf otid nvi nuca; contains all tIc inoirrn Itnprtiri'iui i*, his, t'rolon water, AO, H it jflon. Apply to SAMUEL joyce, US" Btotclwny, cr nt IIS K s' Severn rntli aticet. rpt) LET-A liHsT CLASS! fOl'R STORY BROUN 1 stunt III* 1 wop Mont', on Uo i > rntli alroU, II .. I I -? f n ;c, lib. < ). tw 'lit* mi. Ii'iltl* pa r . u lly i ur I- In mi iiirtlltbed AUo t in i ler llduace U ute 10 atut itic .1 Hi s. I Appiy at No. J UlMi Joner. all ecu K SHEET. llOLSK*. UUujls. ?C.. TO 1.IIT. mo LET-A DOUBLE HOUSE. CONTAINING 14 ' J Rooms, w lib B.iu anil 20 urn ut 1-ul J; about imp ! <t' Aru-rof a ml c fioui the He* York a .1 Mew iUv. n K*i. 1 1 ro ut ilepoi at For ' heal r. For pir it- oars luouire of I SAMUEL BAILEi, 718 Broadway, oi ot U Mc.NL1L, Foil cbester, N. J. TlO LET?FROM 1ST OK MAY, Tilli II.< NGSOX KI Y fi.ruloiied Son hi i Floor (auJ pari of tl llunl it suedjof .iiiuirtei uliou-r.iJjciipi. il by A ania.l. gent. el family. References irquiroJ. Appy At 8b Waal Tmi .eeuih street lroin 2 10 1 F. ii. IX) LET?HOUSE 47 VV008TKR STREET C-iSSISTINU . of 11 out hi J i? ar building*, three aturiea li ghe.icb.roLtatiilug 23 roomaauJ uuseuieut, a.ltalHS lor a install rani or other business; lias a luiiil, wuh gas ?n t wut-r tb.'ougnout il.a prendre*. Apply from 12 nil ibrc# o clock at I 1 Fuliuii all eel, up alali a. K UK IlUK 11. rro LKT-THK LOWER FART OF HOUSE I IS I'll AIII KS J. at mot, consisting of clgtil rooms; would arroiimlialalu two small faiulliea; aim the three story House fr.'i Washingtons, ret. i: will aciommortute l?o lamihea; r mfl 0 Apply to li. 8 KING, Hi lireeuwit'h street. mil LET?THREE OK THOSE BEAUTIFUL i'OTTAOES I near the Central Park, ou Kltlv-io trth aireet, bettrocu Bi adway and Kl thtli avenue, at the law retil ul^2Ulf and S2 .ii a y -ar lo good l inula. Apply to ,1. AGAl'E, 2bo Broad way, 11out 12 lo 8 o'clock. TO LET?THE MAGNIFICENT STORE NO. 071 UKOADway, adjoining the main eutmuce of me Lalarge Houar; ai/.r about 26x4j lent, wllh nvo splendid auow windows attached; on? of the beat business lia'aliotiH on Broailw'uy, auu aultanle lora jew elry, gents' furnishing slur-, or any other genteel business; will be let nt a very lessouable rent ifialled for immediately. For further [ar' iciilara apply at No. 421i; HroaJway, or 101 Kaaf Thirleeiith I r -ot. rro LET?A HOUSE. AND THE FURNITURE KOR X .sale ot a Rent-el m-u-nanli s'boarding hous-. Apply tor one week at luo King street, N. Y. TO LET?X TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK HOUSE, with ga-. fixtures, large y?rJ, cellar and vaults; uIko, a good brtrk Stable on rear or (hi lot. entrance ltotn Maetloti sal street and from yard. For further particulars call at IS VandnDi street, on the premises. TO LET?A GENTEEL RESIDENCE FOR A SMALL J family, at Newark, N. J , with all modern convcuieno-?, a large garden and plenty ol fruit, with or without liable, witiiin live minute* want of the depot, and beautil"u!H- Inrated. Rent low. Apply to PENNINGTON, SULLIVAN & HARRISON, 1X1 Nassau street, N. V. TO I.ET?T1IE LOWER FART OF HOUSE 13 AMITY plate, consist ng 01 front and buck basem -ut, the ilral Uoor aud two Rooms on the third; or scccn I Fluor and two Rooms ou (he thlrJ. (Jas, hot and told wuter, bath, nice yard. Ac. Kent ol upper port, $2oU; or lower, $.'50. Toe advenlsrr will o -cupy either part. Apply to MHDAY A CO., -1 Spring street. rro LET-A SMALL THREE STORY AND BASEMENT X House, in East Twenty-fourth street, near Fourth avi tiue, t oolatuiiig all the modern Improvements. The localioit Is lirtit rale, and t ?e house rery nicely arranged lor a email family. Kent otuy $000. For partltulara inquire of N. 11. OSGOOD, tl0 Fourth a venue. TO LET CHEAP?THE FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE fiont high utoop House, No. lit) Ev-u Thirty-fourth street, replete w ith all the modern lnipioyementa. Can be seen front 2 to A o'clock F. M. For particulars inquite of JAS. OWENS, 102 Eaat Thirty-fourth street. TO LET LOW, FURNISHED COMPLETE, HOUSES 200 and IB Wsat Twenty-fourth street, la rear of London terrace, iu good order uud with all the modern Improvetuenis. l'ossesaion alien May 1. For further inquire at 213 WestTtveuiy-seeoiid street. TO LET OR FOR SALE?AT MOUNT VERNON, TWO nmail Cottage*, on Eighth and Ninth avenues, near the depot, containing nine rooms, in Rood order; u ee garden, fruit trees, grapevines, llowor*, excellent well of waler near the bouse. Will sell at $1,200 and $1.6 A), or let at $125 at.d *150. Apply to E. D. LA ft KENCE, 1.201 Hroadway. TO LET. FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANOE-A FUR ntahed House in lloookeu, hrst class, three stories, with water, ga?, range, Ac.; situation. No. 4 Bloomiieid place, seventh house above Fifth street, in Bloomlield street; house very eoiuforlsbly liiriiished. Will let the house &ud turnltur>-lor $5b0 per annum; will sell at $1,(1110 on favorable terms, or w ould exchauge for a Drat elais House, well located In Brooklyn, worth aooui *5 ,001. Apu y on the premise* or to DANIEL. WADS WORTH, 207 Pearl street, New York._ TO LET, FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-THREE STORV high basement subccllsr brick House, No. 4ul Pacific street, between Bond and Nevinsstreet*. Brooklvn; Mineriot neighborhood. H. HHACKELTON, No. 3 ExchaoRR. Basement ofllre, corner Walt and William -Is , N. Y. TO LET OR LEASE?TWO OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL Houses, situated on Clermont terrace. Newtown, L. I.; each bouse contain* thirteen looma, ha* all the modern tmprort-itienU, with large uurdeo and ahaded lawn in trout ot . two acres, with circular carriage road, completely protected from tiie uiain rood; only two minute* from railroad depot and thirty-dire minima from Near York. For fur her pai iciiUim apply to A. BAXTER, ou lite preraUea, or to SAMUEL EURO, corner of Oraud and Chryetie streeta. TO LET OR LEASE?THE BILLIARD ROOM CORNER ol Broadway and Twenty-secoud, now o cup.ed by W. Drake. M/? of Ki.nui IU1 by 60?lOJtn for ten la ilea. Apply to W.L. BARKER, 48 and 90 Eaat Twenty-aixth auaai TO LET OR LEASE?NO. 145 EAST BROADWAY, A t'uee story brick llotixr, with all the modern improveineiua. Will b r nted to a r-apectable family at a iimoeruie rate. Apply to it. so I ,OM ON, 98Chatham afreet. ItO LET OK LEASE-THREE STORY, HIGH BASK, tnenl, hundaomely furnished lliuini an any in this city, and Une location; to a desirable tenant reaaon iblu; or would be let without the furniture if prult-rred. Call ?oon on J. E. HATCH, uui tioueer, 375 Niulh avenue. TO LET OK LEASE-A STEAM SOAR FACTORY, witli alt modern Improvement* and necessary uien-i l?; in complete order and irady for immediate uae. Apply to ISAAC A. ill COS, 73 Nassau afreet. TO LET OK LEASE-ON ACCOUNT OF THE HEALTH of the owner, a Rectifying entabltebment, in romplete order J or immediate ua For par:li ulary, Ac., inquire ut 327 Greenwich atraet, TO LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BCILDIKO 814 Broadway; aore 110 byMMatt live stone*, wuh basement and under basement; would make a line aaloon; or each llnoraepuiately; two upper limns have been titled up for lodge rooina. Impiire of B. OALUKA1TH, Esq., 127 Fulton vitrei, or A. EaCLKsON. 738 Broadway. TO LEASE?FOR TEN YEARS. A BLOCK OF GROUND on the Ka-t river, below Forty-aeventh atioet, running from Flral avenue to the river, with latge ulieda, dock, A< l extraordinarily low. Apply to 7 ttO.uAS a. Ml LI.ER, 74 Broadway. mO LEASE, ON BROADWAY-NO. 458, NEAR CANAL X. meet, tar enllra building, at a moderate rent The Ironi will be painted and put In good order. Apply fr >m I to 4 o'clock, at No. 19 William at., room No. S3. Knit $1,500and U?.?. TO KENT-A COl'NTRY RESIDENCE. ONC HOURt ri i- Irom lh? city id llam ni <?r?, lacing the lli.d-oa i.ver,?otnpii Ing eithl n r e. taatet'uliy Uiit out anil well aniuied, n nu? point; aa.?ie? aud o<iilioiia.'a, modern. Vl-w uiiMiti uaan-d la I be country. IS: in reduced lo Apply at GS Eusi Twenty-,eveutu atrrct. fro KENT AT NK'.r KOCHELLK-A KINK LARGE X Collage Hollar, close lo the water, with Hie privilege ol * lathing hnoae un/l eolrmlld eaody l? a h. The lioo.o eon, tuna twelve or tlilrienu loom*. ail overlooking the Son id. There l? a garden and lawn of between tinee arm loui a ir , earilaao hotiee, ataole, harnee* room. Ac. Tlir bou-e i? not furiiinha 1, but tlir lulls a:c covered wrltti oilcloth. It i> aimMti-<l on all elevated, 10 ky lilil, knowll as .Mount I I I, mid li a very l.esllliy and Ix-itiitltIII |*c.ilion. Inquire oil tlir premiM'aol II. I*. KELLOGG, or 10 W it. 8. TOOLE A GO.. I/O ITili'in alrvel. TO MILITARY COMPANIES.-TO LKT?THE HANDiuiii , celling and . upa. loo* Infu til tlir iirw b'jliii Inya, 1>7 and VJ fuxili avenue, uppoiiti' Eiglitli at tern. -"iWIj li ft an li, wall adapted 10>- pnrpo m; rent very low. Apply Io L. oL 1 OA vl. Jr.. I.'jH llaveiley place, urai SUtli uv.iuoe. WASHINGTON HEIGHTS ?TO LET, A HANDSOME ?T re-lJeiua, III inoiiia, with alt the modern impiuvcmrn'.a Coach House, Stable* mid all otbrr requisite nutImliditiga; abundance ol I roll and a'ladr trees, kiic aii imd llnwer iarden. Apply at tha eoal oilier, romrr ol lot*I buret and ton Hi avenue. 71 KRANKLIN STREET? 8I'.l'OND IIOI SE HIOM fc Biu.uiway, wrkt aldr, IIu r run Restaur., lit to lot, comuinitig 41 to .Ml tnoma; will l>r rented I iw to u/ o >.l t it ant. Apply lo I.OCRIVO >l? .V CROSBY, III I N in-nii aire t MAUMM AVU LODGIIVU. 4 GENTLEMAN AND Willi OR SINGLE GENTLE* a V men. pie. sunt Room* anil good Hoard in ? private family, may be accommodated by applying at It4 VI .'at Two my limit li atreei. 4 LADY WILL LET TO A GENTLEMAN . ND WIEE J\ a nlerly rnroiahed Iwi k Parlor, with tiisi via* Hoard, art t I! ami* for two alnyfe gentlemen. Ilottnr has all mod i n IIU pro. mien la Dtoiiei at 6 o i lo k. Reform. ea given an.I required. App'y ai'd.'t Wr?t Thirtieth a rret. 4 LADY OK THE HIGHEST RESPECTABILITY AND V inn d Kabila, wialir-a handsomely lurm-lird lr. lit isiilmiom Mini |{|| kernel. ill* private family or grille*! private bouril'tig hwnae, w nil uirala k'-m 10 i tic loom. situ*, turn not hrluw twentieth atrcet Dor at>ove twenty-thud erect, and l?l?nn lcvuiylnn and kiiiu avettiica. tln-lcrpunliable rel- rem ea r. i.l be gtrrn ami required. twelve didlitra will i? | aI I weekly. Aildiru lady, madl-on aepiaie i'uat oilier \lm i.akok front room and pantry on i uk ar.oud lino , iiirniaheu or iinlilrnlalictl, to let, Willi bo n ii. in a g'lh in ma ii miid w lie, or n few amy in yeil'len n; i in a vi 17 lio-irabln runra on (lie third hour, amiable fur one or ton perron*, in a private la mile. call at t.SUirrntvich siieet, m ar morion, rcrrreiici ? e changed. A young lady, an accomplished pianist, dealrea in obtain boaul id a puvaie lainllv, where ah cm ild give l.-?.on a either iii a tiding or f la no in pan payment. \yonlit aripine plra?aul benin. ben 1,1 ielei | .1 ailitiesa h. m. m., herald ofher. At no. 60 ninth street, between university place and i*iflh avenue ?rooms in lei, mi a.irertltigle, with liratiua* bmiid. dinner a'< o' lock. krleiem a ?lveil and inquired. nn mnvinv in may. Aoentlem vn and his wife, or koi.'r adults, ean he au-om nodaied with fnrnlehed cm nnuii iildu u a| .1. interna ami hoard, in a priva'e .lewt?h 'armljr, where no outer roaroeia i re hep*; the hoove haa all the modem Improveiiieiiia; pl"a?anl lie 1 lion, and ( on\f ulent in (lie kia. apply 10 w. o., no. ? i'll 1 h a'reel \ oenti.emas and wii e or TWO single OlV j\ tinmen <au be accutnmoda'rd with ph'aannt room*, with or without t2 Wea- futrenth atrrei, imtween Filth and slim ?i< nuc*. A strictly private family. hav1noa H'MRK ruom, iv 11 h l atino <m aiumed, woildel ii in one 01 two a ng e yent 1 inei , or a g"tuirinan and ina wilr. inquire at 114 bast kighieenm atie< 1, near tiring place. a private family reaidlrfl on the wntt *?. i ana ol thn htidanii. within tweniydno inlir* of new york. i* pr> pau d in a 1 e. a e one or two imniih a wllli sumner board, irom mil, tie honar 11 heailhl nlly in. rated, with laigo loom*, commanding tine tlewa end within a ahorl duiame of th lailwar union on the m enu tea are a. coin modal lone lor horeea and carnage*. there are plea a ?nt tviilk* and drier in the nr|glil>ortin di and nn mm in. ailnn nhh therlt.y tin. u limi t addleaa 0. let/la, new york i'oat ool'-e. \ hani's .ME ki'it of rooms on 1 a 1 mill floor, aleo two antall Kuoina, auited lor y 1114 geiitlrmsn, with good Hoard. Ilouee haa nil the modern tinprovenier.ta. Dinner nl *1* o'clock. Apply nl No. 104 Earn Twenty-Aral aireci, Onirnen y pork. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN W1BRBB TO TAKE fVR Jv nlabed Itooma In A private houae in the vicinity ofllnt. 11 qu .r'. Addreaa ho t .1 172 Poat iigit ? T 4 '*' WEST TWF.STT THIRD STREET, VI KAsAKT ; J\ ini noli nil oni can bg obtained with Board! hmia.- I I l I - il III oil) I. re iDiprnirllicnl*; tin ni'iri^ in JU? I I*' I | I cm u eecxylMUgcd, u HOAUUIHtt ANU UOOUIMU. A PRIVATE MMILY WILL LET. To SINGLE GENv iletneu, Room*, lurnislieil or unl ui rushed. m uJj or with out Board. Apply at 26 East Twentieth street, near Broadway \HOOM on second floor, CONTAINING oas, hut and col'i to:er, with bo11r out adjoining, 10 bo lot, to a uenilcuiaii o a gentleman and hi* w lie, with lull or i arta' Family priVnl'. Kefereuiws required. Apiuy at k'xl la- .melon avenue, third house aboveThirty- igh'li at net. \TTENTlON is called to those living in ho mi! boar ,iu4 liouae* to an eaiaiuiKliuii nt opened at N > lli Ma iHiae sirei-l,aud furnished wnh eveifining u?i' y tin aotiseki-.-p.n , in order thai a lannly may have complete Home anil live ai a low rate. Hoard?in a private family, fob gentlemen end wives or single gentlemen; lie fr.-nt aud bach I'. i.oi a mid lleiirooiiii: hot and 10 I w.i'.er In ilietooina; good Board .unl giwMt liM'Httuu. Terms luo.'.crate. N iino- tng in Mn Call and xe at dig Greenwich air-et, neai Jane. Board ?a frost room or parlor and bedroom to rent, with Board, at 2b Great Junes atreet; alao small Rooiua lor gentle.nen. Board-a large front iivll bedroom to let. with Board; gas In the r oui. Apply a1. No. 2d Ea.l Thirteenth btrcet, helwecu t uiversity p.ucc and Ftith avenue. Board?an eligible apiktmkm in a very aiiiitll, unobtrusive family to let, with Hoard, to an inv Jid or a lady or peeling t - require uiedt. nl cart-, kln-liu-aa und lii/iim ait-ntion. For location, terms. Ac, apply lu ot address Dr. Ihl- rs, No. 1,217 Broadway, New York. Board.?notice.?we can steely you with good boarders, in either cuy or counlry, on rem mania terms. No charge made to thoae w ishing hoard. Call sat IRELAND, HINCKLEY A CO , 48 Ea?: Twelfth street. I^OAKD-AT 2tl EAST BROADWAY. IN A PRIVATB au'table tor a gentleman and wife or small family. Uaa. bath. Ac. Board -to let. with board, a room and bed io in, on second Uoor, front. Apply at 1411 East Pour teentli street. Tcima $12 |>rr wrtek. Dinner at 6H- Reds rem er; required. Board in a private or twoqen iI.mihmi auil i It -1r wives cau bo ucrouttuodat il with Hoard and very pleusai.t Rooms, in a small prtirali' family Termi moderate. Apply at .rifl Hammond atrr<*t, geir Fourth at Board in a private family?a gentleman rartrilwi below West B lev* mil street, II. a line 1 irg? house, wttn all miidcin iniprov.-m- nta, would like to lake family to Board from the Umt of May. who tould be ao un ino.!i:'"d with front live to aevnu rooms The bouse haN flue locution and neighborhood. Purtlea would find thia a attt and eouilortablr home. Beal of reference given and ro quired. Address K. J.. Herald utiles, for onr week. BIMIIt) \T Y(INKERS WITH A PRIVATE FAMILY.? A party ol lour or blk adults Call be a cutiiniodiitcd wttA Board, in a private family residing at Yonkers. within emive ment distance of ritilroa i and aienmboatb, and located opot the banks ol tio1 IIudaun river. Address D. T. M.. box 1,641 I'osi oilier, New York. Board wanted-fora gentleman anddauoh lei?.wo rooms couueelcd?situated b'tween Four teenlh and Thirty-Uflh streets cast preit-r.ed ItoarC not to exceed $16 per week. Address S., 25/ South street. Board wanted in sopth Brooklyn.?twc gentlemen, Hied ot boarding house It.e, desire boart with a private lauiUy, where they ran enjoy all the comtoru of a home, including society. Preference will be &i>'en to a family ot religious habtu. Terms nuderate. Address stating terms and full particulars. Home, box 520 Brooklyn Pout olllce. Board wanted in the cocNtRT, from mai until September, for fondly of set en or eight persona within miles ol New York. Go >d plain country fare Indispensable. North river preferred; within a few minutes'walk of the d"pol. The place must be perfectly hcaliht Address, slating terms, which must be moderate box 652 Post utile-. New York. Boarding.-oentlkmkn and their wives or a party ol single gentlemen requiring hrsl class Rooms and au unexceptionable table, with a respectable family, may apply at No, 7 Ureal Jones street. Only respectable parties willing to pay a lair remuneration for iA equivalent need BROOKLYN. BOARD FOR OENTLEMEN OR couples. without children. Rooms lurge anil airy, with closet*. IK use And table xtrletly drst riu<. I.ocstl m with. In five minute.' walk of South or Wall street ferry. Apply at 59 State afreet, Brooklyn, BROOKLYN BOARD?77 STATE STREET, OFPOSIT1 Sidney place, aeartno ferries; pleasant locality; Urgi Itaoius. tor gentlemen or gentlemen and their wlera. Term moderate. Dinner at (i}? o'clock. No moriSfc in If ay. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?OOOD ROOMS. FURNISHED or unfurnished, may be had In a deatrable location is Clinton Htreet, live minutes walk from Wall street or South fairy. Address S. 0., boa 181 New York Port oitlre. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.-SQUARE ROOMS, NEATLY furnished, to let, with Board, to gentlemen; location vicinity ol Carlton and Lafayeue avmues. Family or vale. Terms $4. Inquire of Mr. ABEL, 181 Maiden lane. N. V. Brooklyn heights.-two or three room* communicating, on sucoud lloir, to let to gentlemen auf tell- wlrea or to single gentlemen. Rooms hare a tine view House has all the modern improvements. Inquire at No. t Poplar street within three minutes' ?alk ot Fulton fern and l ight of Wall street ferry. BOARDERS' DIRECTORY.?no. 6 woods BUILD ns;), S8I Broadway. Boarding houses aud; litis iltif end vt inliy, wialilmt genteel boarders, should app?) immediately. Board wanted lor several parlies at once hull particalare gratuitously to board seekers. A. s uodike t CO. poUNTRY IftiAl D. -PLEASANT'. WELL FURNISHED VJ niry Ko nn. ? hu go d H.mru. can he obiaiui-u at Sum ford, Conn , on "Ciarkt . tllll '; also stabling and aceoinino dailon foe i oi>cs and cat rlsgi s. Fur particulars, call ut it Union square, corner of Filieenth street. COUNTRY BOARD WANTKD-BY A GENTLEMAN and wife, n ur iu slid easy of access lo llie city; m at the wain proleircd. Want plain, wholesome lure, mil terms not lo ev :eed %8 per week. Addiecs, with full parti culara, U. Y. W., Iloiulii ollf-o. C80UNT11Y BOARD WANTED?WITHIN ONE IIOUR'f J rule oI the 1I jr. It s gentleman slid his w ile, Willi Sit ting Room snu He, room adjoining, with good Hoard, iron June 16 lo October IV Address J. L. S., boa 141 Heruli oQice. Desirable front room?furnished, to rent to a gentleman. In a private lanr.lly; houae ren'rui, wild u.i lie modern unproreini ni?. Apply si 71 a run; ?uwt. FTURNISIIED ROOMS?HITII OR WT UIO: T BOARD 1? single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wire*. Ul Prince atreet, oem-cen Lauren* ami Ihumpaun eUrela. Nt iio.-inii ul May. I, UitNISllRU ROOMS TO LKT-Tu SINOLE OE.VTLEX uieu at No I'M leuward atreet, with qua and lath at> - trbed, and also a from Bavinent, suitable for an ofll> e. LU'RMSIlSlt HO 'MS TO LKT-TO UKNTLKMEN I a lilt <11 without partial B aril, in a moat desirable luca i on, where there is no mot lug 111 Ray. So 79 Fourth art nur, one block lrom Broadway. Reference required. 1 A IMF. All) PLEASANT ROOMS?IN SL ITS, TO LET IJ ? ih Hoard; also, Roonia tor single gentlemen, al ul V'cat Fourteenth street, between Fifth and elxth arcnuea Refercucea exivang" J. Dinner at r'x. PLEASANT ROOMS AND BOARD (LATK DINNER! can b" obtained in a iicial pri.'ate family by aiipiyini , at 31 sand* street, Brooklyn, in the Immediate vicinity ? three fetrlei: ga* and l.atn In the house. Terras muderata Referrnrra ex. banged. Rooms to let-at no. m fniversitt placs unhor t\ It limit partial or lull Board. ctatf.n island.-board can now be obtainkc V ,. I. h . ...! .In I ...... lu !>..... Upp t . .. A . I.I.. I.i.rl ?rltb ? pr iwul liunic in inunnlrtil. Terina rcaannahlc U r aponnbln parli-a. Knfereuera rv^uir-it. Location ueai . boat. Address L. \V. Froal, Fust office, hOMvillrt. Siaten IaUnd. rpwu omrruorcs can ram m ooram of a L homo in ii pi irate lamlly, at No. 7h Wort Thirty-eighth orert. A family ul Ibrro or lour |eraona wta)ilng to tiiwki p.rui.nint annngementa for boor i with a party alami en .tiling a house 111 on<> ul the best locations ou Murray llill, .an learn the pa menhirs t?jr iMilliiir tiaabmo. TO OKNTI.EMEN OMLY.-A KOOM AND BEDROOM connecting t > In, tttiutahed or unfurnished, with of without partial board. Fainllt amall and private. Apply a* U Writ Twenty seventh erect, near Broadway. No ino-ioi lat of May. TO LET-lt< >OM9, FVHMSIIKD OR UNFURNtSIIKD Willi or without Hoard; location very desirable, Hurt ininuti'a' walk fiom tho f-rr*; ternn very reasonable Ap ply at rorni r ol Fourth and lltidaon atreeia, Ilulxikfii, N. J. HtCNRT HAAO. WAr,TBD-BOABD rOR A LADY. WITH BABY ONI ft yiir old. in acme email ivaporiablc boarding houao I'runt room on twotlll i oar preferred; terraa muat be modn rata. Addicat, aiming i< ima, Ac., for three daya, C. A. Kit tie, box 121 Herald oili <v 10 m-MAMMi at bin okand street?a ?J*0 (.eotleman and his wile and three or four young net ran hare good Hoard nod comfortable R ?>m?, with gai anc iMthmom. Alao a ptauu wanted in exchange lor board. Nc looting in May. IK AMITY STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ? NIiKLh lorelah-d R oot-, anliatdr for gentlemen and iheti e tyc* or for alngln gentlemen to lit, with Hoard, on reason able term* Ifooit containa gai, bulb, Ac. Dinner at am Mm* Apply at above. Oft WE AT THIRTY FIFTH STRKKT, NEAR FIFTH ?\J avenue.-A I'arlorrt ny'o let, wl bother Knotra,|Altfc or without iNlraie mole; lien lao i- Room to let to a taullg eii single permit wl-hmg to ma*o ai langrnienta lor rn*uiug yen. or and 37 west THIRTIETH STREET?ONE (Hi O't two aoied tatinllea, and two or three gentlemen, ear. tlteinoat <l*.i-;httiil Inmtiona in the "itv'. fabln"to "c'laan Kninrtnefl en-hanged. 79 I KM II ItURT. ONK DOOR HAST OK KIFTII I mJ avenue.? A handsomely J urnl?be,l Suit of Rooma, ot the rttsi II. or, lo ! ?. with Maura, to rrftmUbit |tarllea, ink vale (able It dmdtea. Alan Rooms for-ingle gentlemen. no on:;r.NK street, abovf, rhrino, alrtor ?J*J Home ?Eleven* I v formatted iul'? of Room-; MS <-ro sin, mid every Wivenienoe for lion?ek"e|ilng eoownileally pktlt uUrly s itieUe for ?m?H rr-ueiunle uinili.-a , mng i A'lilJeuii n. Rout lour to permanent irnntin. i ".ft PRIME BTRBKT?at. clair HOCSK.-KLK J.?/U gantly fnrm h-d Room?, with Bedrooms atta.'hed, Willi all the tMnteitteinea lor housekeeping i-omplete, in. ! idlttf km* and t'rote a water, to let lo trip--table lainlllea of single gentlemen. t)1n KLM STREET, NEAR HPKlWU.?kwrri8hk0 iiW Apnrtmrtuh fur Immediate otctdsitiry. rue lotted rente In the ulty, cnnsl lerlM hCRwnlniim of economy in housekeeping. Rest bedding and furniture, with range, o >klog uliniiii rtttti linen comwetoi g*i mil i miofl. Oil t r \*T TKNTIf RTRBET.-A KRW OKNTLKMKN JL l) I ran bate. Board lor $ I Ml per Work. Also a gen. Uomno and wile mn have a small I'artor, with Bedroom, for Una .-imi hnthrei m Included. Ileum, furnished or tinfurnished, with Boato. o-l "H'UIH 8TKBKT. (INK BLOCK K\ST I) tl | * 1 B . dnay.?Stoouia io let, fi.rnleh. d or unfit cd, will' ? ?ithMU Boar.l, Al?o, a trout Ollice, suitable lo. a phyab tan. English baaement house. It> I Ktl UTII RTRIKT.-A LARUE AND liESlKC t>0'l bit" -nt R nnt and Bedroom, With lath ne t pin. tili h .1 a. Itrd, to let, witn bo.itd, a) - r.m single Ki?on?, t * tw -tt Broideay and the Bunrr)-. Re fere hum v?wU*u?rd.

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