Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 1, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 1, 1862 Page 7
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16 destroy the confident-it of the army in its boat generals should be allowed to hold office under it. The motive of such couduct is certainly not to restore the Union, and the difference betw<-en it and opeu dialoyalty ia more constructive than otherwise. If it be right to reward men like Mr. Taylor, what will be our justification by and by for 'punishing the traitors who are aiming at the same end, though by different 'means? A House or Reception kok thk. Ueturnino Volunteers.?We are sure that the national feeling is in favor of every reasonable provision being made for the comfort of the sick and wounded volunteers returning from the seat of war; and aa there will doubtless be many such passing through this city from time to time' during the continuance of the war, we suggest that a house of reception should be established for them here without delay. It is the duty of the War Department to take the matter in hand, and we trust we shall speedily hear of a resting nlarA nf ihfl kind beinir nrovided for the brave men, who have Buffered in their country's cause. When the sick and wounded from Newborn arrived in this city a few days ago, who were without homes here had -no place of shelter to which they could resort without expense; and as many of them had but little or no money, and a journey to the New England States still before them, they suffered great hardship, especially those who, frdm want of medical attendance, were unable to get their wounds dressed. It will not only be a reproach to the country at large, but to the humanity of the wealthy citizens of New York, if such suffering as those poor fellows from North Carolina endured in our midst is allowed to go unrelieved. We are a charitable people, and the soldier ought not to be left to the mercy of individual benevolence, but be comfortably cared for by the government, or, failing that, while in this city, Borne provision should be made by the Corporation. If even any charitable association would devote itself to the good work, pending other action on the subject, our citizens, we are sure, would promptly respond to any call for subscriptions to aid the undertaking. By all meanB let something be done, and that quickly. Petitioning for the Removal of Mr. Well eh.?We observe that a petition to the President for the removal of Secretary Welles has been placed .in the Merchants' Exchange and Newsroom in Bostou, and extensively signed by the merchants there; and it is rumored that similar petitions are to be prepared in this city-end Philadelphia. The utility of any such proceeding is, however, very questionable. Whatever may be the shortcomings of the present Secretary of the Navy?and we have frequently had occasion to rcter to them?we may rest assured that the President is perfectly cognizant of the same, and that when the proper moment for the change arrives he will act towards the Navy Department as quickly as he did not long ago with regard to the War Department. The Reviving Union Sentiment in the South.?Of late political arrests have been very numerous in the South, and the Southern jails are, it is said, being rapidly filled with""traitors." This is evidence enough that the Union sentiment in the rebellious States is boldly proclaiming itself, and it will not be long before the persecuted inmates of Southern cells will ba liberated, to find the rebellion, against which AWA. .1 Ik.. A. 1 A AA 1 1 1 tncj una tue uuunge w |iruim, utterly crusuuu, and the proud emblem of liberty restored to the States which are now the prey of anarchy, tyranny and ruin. Improvement of Broadway.?If our Lcgisla ture at Albany wishes to do something really for the common benefit of this city, we hope it will provide in the Tax bill for paving Broadway with the Belgian pavement from Seventeenth street to the Central Park, instead of scheming to ruin that great thoroughfare for the exclusive advantage of a set of politirul harpies by the establishment of a railroad through it. The turpitude of the times demands the utmost vigi. lance to prevent mischief and promote objects really desirable. Raiujoad Jons in Conurkss and tiie Le?;isi.aturk.?The railroad lobbyists at Washington are being pitched into by the abolition press of New York. Evidently they do not know how to manage these organs, and ought to take lessons of the Albany lobby. Send on a few shares of stock, and see bow quiet the abolition editors will be. The Albany lobbyists did this; and look at the result. The Tribune and Tiinrs novor say a word against the Broadway Railrnoil fuitl muv liv lliu unnut mnuns Ku L-rml equally silent about the Washington afluir. St m Total ok an Abolition Major Gknkkal.? A San Francisco paper sums up General Fremont as follows:?"He was a statesman who had never made a speech, a general who had nerer won a battle, a pathfinder who always missed the track, and a millionaire not worth a continental damn." 'Danoh AmPmna" axd "Tiik ItRAiUTiin" atNiblo's Oaini.-TIi* combination company of Messrs. Davenport, Jsrrotl and Wheatlcy, reoponed at Ntblo'a Harden last evening. The plays were "iMinion and Pythias," with Mr. Davenport as Damon, and Mr. Wallack as Pythias: and the comedy ?H "The Dramatist." with Mr. Wheatley as Vapid. The performance calls for no special mention. The aetora were all warmly received.and deserved the npplauso. Mrs. Cladatone made her llrat appearanco hero as I'nlantlie, and did well. Mrs. Mkcrrelt, aa Marianne,,ln the comedy, waa food. Mr. Shewed'* Dyeniaina was a very fair rendition. Thin evening "wild data'' and "Bla<k-eyed Susan" will crowd the house "Old Haane and Yocsu Hxarts" at Wallace'*.?Hourctcault'H lively, witty comedy, "Old Heads and Young Hearts," was produced at Wallack'a laal evening The amdlence waa large and faalilonable. The comeJy was superbly inouuted and all the icenic details wera ma aagsd with the exquisite taste which distinguishes this theatre. The cast is very familiar to habitut$ of Wal lack'*, bul waa noticeable Innl evening because of the ubatitulion of Mr. Cbaa. Klaher for lattir Wallack, I* lb* part of Littleton Coke, ami the appearance of Mr. JMarkRcnith a* Tom. The pat l of f Jttleton was never a favorite one with I/eater Wallack, but tha comedy ia weakened by hla withdrawal, although Mr. Klaher plays wall. Mr- Mark Imlth a rendition of Tom oonnot be too highly praiaed. Mr. Blake's .l?sae Hural la hla lieat part. *ud be played It ao. Mre. Vernon, Mrs. Hoey, Mlaa Cannon, Mr. Kloyd and Mr. Morton waia excellent, aa usual, and Mr. Young,aa Bob., aoted capitally. Ihe comedy will ># repeated. The Case of Dr. Charlea Cobel. 81 l> REM I COURT, SrKClAL TERM. Befor* Hoa. Judge 0. Barnard. March 31?At the opening of the Court thla morning Mr. Ed own Blankman, eoonaal for Dr. Charlea Cobel, who atanda convicted with having produced an abortion on tha peraon of Mary Ann Baker And dcatroylng bar anale child, npplled for a writ or error to carry the cnao aip to the .Supreme Court tlennral Term. Tlie motion waa grunted, and the writ of error leaned and made returnable the 7th day of April. United Statu Cnmmlaaloner'i OIHce. I Before Richard E. Stilwnll, F.n| March 31.?A man named Armstrong, flrat officer of the American packet ahtp West Point, was brought up on tha complaint of Win. lailllor, one of tne crew of that vnssol, now Buffering from Injuries in tlm Cltv Hoapltal. It up. guiurs that on the voyage from I, Ivor pool to New York Armstrong naaaultod the complainant with a dangerona weapon The accused was hold to ball In the sum of $1,000. NEW Y< INTERESTING FROM THE GULF. Arrival of the Prize Steamer Magnolia Loaded with Cotton. Additional Details Relative to Her Capture. Two Other Cotton Loaded Vessels Captured. Operations of the Union Squadron in the Mississippi* List of Prize Vessels Before the District Court at Key West, Jtr/% Errs Mrf% VfcV., WV? The rebel steamer Magnolia, Lieutenant James Parker commanding?a prize to the United State* eteamera Brooklyn and South Carolina?arrived at this port yesterday from Key West, which port sho left on the 25th ult. at ten A. M. She has one thousand and fifty bales of cotton. She baa been condemned at that port, and has come here tor sale. The following account of the capture of the Magnolia will ba found interesting:?At half-past six o'clock A. M. of February 10, it then being foggy, the Magnolia made ber escape through Pass-a I'Outro, Mississippi river. The fog lifted just ae she was passing the United States steamer Brooklyn, which vessel was then engaged In the blockade of that pass, and the latter immediately slipped her cable and started in cliaso. The Morcedita also gave chase. The Magnolia had got a start of three or four miles boforo the Brooklyn could got up suttlcient stoam to go at any speed, and made every endeavor to gut to windward of the letter. Captain Craven, howet er, matiagod his vessel (the Brooklyn) admirably, and tbe Magnolia soon fooing that dodge wouldn't work, changed her course and ran for Mobile. At about ten o'clock A. M. the Brooklyn had gained sufflctmMy to open fire from her guns, and the shot wore from that time to tbe moment or tbe capture flying thick and close about the Magnolia. Captain Shannon, of tbe latter, with a pertinacity worthy of abettor cause, refused to surrender, being determined not to give up, as he afterwards said, so long as his vessel was untouched, or a hope of escape remained. It is perfectly wonderful that so many shots were fired without any of them taking effect; and the fact that the Brooklyn's crew were nearly all men who had hardly ever before fired s gun, furnishes the sole explanation. She had been in commission but a few weeks. M half-past two P. 11. tbe blockading vessels off Mobile?the steamers South Carolina, Huntsville and gun. boat Itasca?discovered tbe flying vessel, and soon afterwards the Brooklyn, in chase. They all got under way, and were observed from the Magnolia. The South Carolina was blockading the ontrancea to Mobile Bay.totho westward of Sand Inland lighthouse; the other two ves*els those to tbo eastward. As the chance of escaping two vessels was not so good as that of escaping one Captain Shannon changed the course of the Magnolia to tho northweat, hoping to run by tho South Carolina and get his vessel on shore. The South Carolina,though broken down and almost disabled, had still enough of Aldon'a energy In him to block this game, and, opening her lire, the Magnolia soon found her shots coming so close to her that, to use Captain Shannon's words, "It was no use a-trytn' any longer;" and so?according to a plan arranged beforo leaving New Orleans?they attempted to destroy her. Blowing up the boilers was not a part or the original plan. Somo of her pumps had been plugged up before she sailed; and her wuter pipes woro cut, and the appliances lor closing them broken o(T, and other measures that it was thought would inevitably sink her were aken. .-ho was set on lire in sevoral places In her lire room and amongst her cotton, and cans of turpentine were lound on some bales and barrels of rosin brokon amongst others. Just as these preparations were made, the second engineer, a Mr. Wilde, proposed to Captain Shsnnou to blow up the boilers. Tho latter assented, and the explosion was soon heard. All hands then deserted her, and in a drenching rain pulled in the bouts to the South Carolina, and sorrondeied Uiemselvet us prisoners. On the way to the latter Captain Shannon observed that the vessel was not sinking, and tried to Induce his men to return, that they might, complete the work or destruction. They refused to go hock. By this time a party of inon, headed by Lieutenant James Barker, of the South Carolina, had got on Ixiard. He was the first person on board, nud the first object that met his view was the misorable man who had proposed the explosiou, scalded perfectly white, delirious and dying. He had paid for his temerity and folly with his lite, uud was the only oce of all on board who was injured. His wife and four children toft unprovided for, furnish .mother quota of misery to be laid at tho door of the wh'kod instigators of this rebelln n. Wilde died that night, and a lev. days thaieslter the chaplain of the Niagara said over his grave at Ship Is'and (whore he lios side by side with those whose lives have been given to iheir country) tbo solemn service of the Episcopal church I'or the burial of the dead. The Magnolia was soon put to rights; the leaks stopped and fire put out. and that night tho 8 u;th Carolina lowed her to Ship Island, where she was repaired and sent to Key West. By decree of the Itize Court there she hus been condemned, and scut here fur sole. At tho time o Iter <:a|Hiir? sue nau uu mnru uuoui one inousnnu ana lll'ty balm of cotton, which she brings Lore also for * do. She left Key West on Tuesday ,3-Vh ult., ami though sho bus hut one boiler that run ha used,sho made the passage lit six (lays. Since leaving Hat to ran she him encountered frenh northruHt galea, ant! hits behaved well throughout the passage. llcr engine was built at the Allaire Works in ItiA", aud worlu ttpleuilhlly in all ro specie. Her draught is very light and stood great,and, when both boiler* are in ( rder, will provo, II' tbe government lakes her,admirably lilted for service in the shal low bayous of ih* Guir Sl.ilos us a gunboat Tim r< How lug is a list of her officers:?'cnont Ciimmantiinf?-James I'arkur. Arliti*/ MntUi*?Ahram Dolano.Jr. and YVm McCloin. ActingS'rHnd Arlirtimt Enpinrei?Kdw. Kldridge. Artivg Jhirtl Artiinnt Engine r?Wm. M. Barr. Thu I olio wing | arsons rutno pa.-scngors :?J. r. Clapp, Ksq , United Sl.ilos Marshal Southern district of Florida, wile, two children aud servant; Mrs ltillo, ol Albany; Mr. S. S. M Trtuin. of Springfield, Mass., who has been acting as Second Assistant Kngmeer during the passage, uuil K. Domes. Mr. Clapp conies to auporiutond the sale of the vessel and cargo. The Rebel Steamer Magnolia In Oar Harbor. Tho steamer Mngnoha, recently tho property of the rebels, camo to anchor opposite the Hat let y yesterday morning. She was the object of considerable interest to all who wcro acquainted with her character and tho service iu which she bad recently been engaged. The Magnolia bringe a cargo of cotton, which will be disposed of by M. J. Clapp, United States Marshal at Key West, who came to this city on board of the vessel. The captured steamer, at Orst glance presents rather a clumsy looking appearance, but it Is said that she Is qulto staunch, and enn be mode vei y useful to the government, after some few necessary alterations. I'art of her works aro ont of order, but her cnglre Is In Hrst class condition. Sho Is painted a dark color, nnd her whole ap|*>arancn Imtlcatee that she bos socu hard service In her time. The Magnolia is stated to l>c quite a last sailer, and of so light a draught that she ran enter almost any water with comparative safety. Her usefulness to the government, when tho needful repairs are made, will, therefore, he very great, She Is capacious enough to accommodate over eight hundred men.and will outstrh) many vessels of hor size and tonnage, In pent of speed. Her between-decks and com pertinents for storage are large and airy; her engine room, cabin*, berths, Ac., are In perrect order,and with a heavy armament placed on iu,..*t which she Is well fitted to rarrv the U.?.?.u. would prove quite an acquisition to our naval aervtce. Yesterday aftemooa tbo aieatntug Active went alongaide, In order to take off some of her cotton, which will atonco be sold at auction?Iho proceeds,of course, to go Into (ha collar* of our national trsaaury. She will be b. ought to the Navy Yard a* aoon a* poaalhlr, In order to hava tha necessary repairs made to nmke her lit for active service, should the government dacida upon purchasing her. Our Krjr Writ Corraapondrnrr. Kkt Waar, March ?1, IW2. At rival of the Cimnertirut with Bark ifatlit?Arrival of tki Schooner Cora, Prize to Ihe Vnited Statu Gunboat Pino la, with Two Hundred and Fight It at ft of tlnt'On on Brant?Nem from the Miteiuippi River?7he Hartford and Brooklyn at the Head of the Paitet?The Mortar PI ret Gmnq t'p the River?Heavy Firing Heard?Cnjture of a Schooner font ApalachicaU with Hoe Hundred Bale* of Cotton, by the Ou-atco? Coal, <fr., dc. Tha I'nlted State* steamer Connecticut, Commnndnr Maxwell Wocdhnll, arrived yesterriuy afternoon, a law mlnutos before the Constitution sailed. By bar w? have nil the back malls, which were most acceptable. The United Plates steamer (inatda, Commander 8, P. Izie, ailed yesterday to Join Flag Ofllcer Farrago!'* squadron. This morning wo have Iho arrival of Ilia schooner Corn, prize to the I'nlted fitntes gunboat I'lnola, Lleutanani Crosby commanding. Tito Cora won captured on the 6th jnst.,shout one hundred miles south of Apalnchaoola, ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, from which port she had cacapod two days before, and m loaded with two hundred and eight bales of cotton. There wax a nioet exciting chase before she was taken. Severul a tie I Is were tired at her, and not until they hurst between her moats <tid she cm descend to heare too. She wua commanded by Robert May. an Apalauhicnla pilot,and was brought here by Act tug M ister'a Motes I). Kelts , of the I'uited Stairs brig Ilohio, who was prise master of the schooner Eugenia Smith, and on his way as passenger on board tho Piuola to rejoin liis veasrl, wlieu the Cora was captured. He is evidently lucky in the way of taking prises. HythoCirawc have important intelligence from the Mississippi rrver. She sailed from Pass-a-l'Outre on the l8th iiislunl, at 1.0011, uud at that timo itio Uurtford mid Brooklyn were at the head ol' the Passes, and evidently engaged with the om my, for very heavy tiring was heard in thai direction. 1 am gratified that the ball has fairly opened in the tiulf, and I assure you it will not be long before news of the most exciting character is on lis way North. We hear, also, of the capture of u schooner with (lvo huudrud boles of cotton on board, by tbo United Stales gunboat Owaseo, Liouteuaut tlueet commanding. This schooner wan also out of Apalachicola, and was taken about sixty miles from tho land. The I'mola was in sight at tho time and of course comes in for a share of the prize money. The particulars of this capture will in all probability bo furnished by the Hkkaui's special at ?<hlp Island, bo I need uot say more on the subject. All tlie coal we hare now here for the navy amounts to throe hundred and sixty tons. Two hundred and sixty of It will b ' taken by Vht) Connecticut, und then wo havo one hundred tons wtioruwith to supply all the steamers now oxpectcil, and fill up the different ships now in the harbor waiting tor cargoes to carry to the blockading steamers iu the Oulf. There is something wrong here. Tills should never occur. Ten thousand tons should be always at mis point. in ore r less vnau iuui uuiuum. Kkt Wkmt, March 24,1802. The Connecticut Bound on a Cruise? Destination of the South Carolina and Hun fertile, dc. The prize steamer Magnolia aaila to-morrow morning at daylight for New York, and I avail myself of the opportunity to aend by her this meagre abstract of news. It has been blowing a gale Hiuce Saturday, and nothing h&scomo in or gone out of tho harbor, bo your correspondent has boon compelled to "lay on his oars" for want of an item. The Connecticut is now couling, and will loave tp-morrow evening or Wednesday morning for the Gulf. Her cruise will be a most exciting one, as she will be in the midst of active operations, and will, no doubt, ou her return, bring tbo news of the doings ot Porter's bomb Meet, and what effect rati be produced by a shower of thirteen inch shells. Soul her u chivulry added so much to itaalroady high reputation at Fernundina and Brunswick, that we luuy look for groat things on the Gulf const. All of tbo United States vessels reported in my last still remain in the harbor. The Mouth Carolina and Iluntsville, however, sail to morrow?the former for Boston and the latter for New York. I do not hear what move the other vessels will muko, far everything of that kind is kept very quiet on account of some of our secession population?those having cnrresiioiidents in Havana having a fondness for giving information respecting the movements of the United States forces now hore. Our principal mid chancel bqoy, the Unitod States schooner Wanderer, is, I believe, to be Boon sent ou a cruise. This is well. Had It been done three mouths ano there would h.ivo beeu more prize cases to recordthat is If her commander cares for prize money. Ksr West. March 26,1862. The Lid of Suite How Before the United Slate* District Court for Adjudication?Judge Marvin 7'reside* at the Bench? Value of the Capture* Hearty Half a Million of DoUart. Suit' agaiust the following vessols and thoir cargoes, captured by our naval vossels In the Gulf of Moxico during the past two months, have been commenced In tbo District Court of the United Stalos, which holds ite session at Key West, in which the United States are a party,or have an interost. Hon. William Marvin is thejudgoof this court, and decides tho cases as evidence deduced from the examination of witnesses brought before tha Prize Commissioner, George D. Allen, F-sq.; some of the cases in the following list have boon condemned, and others have yet to await the decision of the judge. The most difficult suits brought bo lore me court are tuoso where the claimant* attempt to prove their neutrality. AU such bnve so-called British provisional registers, and it requires careful discrimination In the decision of such cases, to bring violators of the blockade to justice, and still avoid Icaviug troublesome questions behind for diplomatists to nettle. Judge Marvin is abundantly able todo this; and hie decisions, therefore, hu e given very general satisfaction. Several of the vessels now in the custody of the Marshal will, probably, be rcstorod to the claimants for want of sufficient and positive proof, although there Is no doubt that thry intended to run the blockade had an opportunity offiered. Schooner Adeline, from Havana, with codce. sugar, Ac. .captured on the Florida coast by the UnitodStates steamer Connecticut, condemned; vessel and cargo sold, value $3,000 Schooner Annabnlla. with a cargo of coOee, iron, steel, dry goods, Ac., capturod by the steamnr 8ciota; value of vessel and cargo 10,000 Schooner Floride, capturod by the sloop of-war J. L. Davis, with a cargo of coflhc, soap and dry goods; value of vessel and cargo 13,000 Schooner Lion, with a cargo of colfee unit gunpowder, capturod by bark Klug Fisher; value of vessel aud cargo 15,000 Steamship Magnolia, with a cargo of 1,150 hales of cotton, captured by the Brooklyn. South Carolina and Huntsville; value of csrgo 2.', 0,000 Schooner Kugone Smith, with a cargo of coflTee, captured by the brig Hohlo; value of cargo.. 5,000 Schoonor Henry Travers, with a csrgo of eoltee, modicinoH. Ac.; value of vessel and cargo..... 12.000 Schooner Win. Mallory, with a cargo of boots, shoes, hats, kerosene oil and dry goods, cap tured hy stoainer Water Witch; valet of vessel unci cargo 15,000 Schooner Cora, from A|>ala<'hico|a, with a cargo of 208 bales of cotton; value of vessel and cargo 30,000 Schooner Fashion, with a cargo of turtle, cap tured by baric Miian Alien; vanie m vessel and cargo 1,000 Schooner Olive liranch. with a cargo of turpentine, raptured by bark Ethan Allen; value of vessel and cargo ... 0.000 Pchcouer Emma, with a cargo of cofloe, thread, s up and segnrs, captured by steamer Connecticut; value or vessel and cargo 13,0C0 Schooner [italicI, with a cargo of rir.n, tobacco aid sugars. captured by lurk King Fisher; value of vessel nnd cargo 6,000 Sloop Margaret, with a cargo of 65 bales of cotton , captured by stenner Sclnla; value of vesae! and cargo 4,000 Spanish bark Ten re la, captured by bark King Klaber, role.isod; value of vessel and cargo.... 76,000 Total $467,000 City Intelligence, fins is Frost Stiikkt? Loss Asoi'T $14,000?Abou, throe o'clock on Monday morning, n Are broke out In tho rear part of tho third floor of building No. 113 Front street, known as So. 106 Wall stroet. The floor waa occupied by II. S. l'.oekolt, packet agent. The tiro, It is supposed, originated from some lire getting in between the fleering and ceiling during the burning of Uioofllco ? f llarrell A m>ii the previous evening, and it no doubt escaped the notice of lho firemen. At lh" tune this lire broke out the premises were m charge of the insurance patrol. Ihr flames spread rapidly throughout the upper floors, and also extended into the boiler and cheese store, Mo. til hront street, owned by Cartwright and Harrison, mid liefore the flames were extinguished the building and It* con ten I a were entirely destroyed. Tho following occupants of No. 113 Front street, or Noa. loAamllOT Wall street.sustained damage I y Urn and waler:?H. 9. liarkell. |>acket agent; loss $61.0; no insurance. John T. Hrudy, liquor broker; be* $360. no lus iranc >. I?. A. Scrymeor A Co., merchandise brokers; loss $000. insured $.'i0O, In the i.rocers' Insurance Company, (leo. Bsrrell A ?<nn; los?$160; insured. Hriinfaa, Ockorsliauscu A Co., sug ir brokers, loss $300. uo insiiraiice. t;li*s. K. Kind Icy te Co., lea brokers; loss $100; no insurance. K.dy, Turniire A Co..sugar broke-s; loss$l00; no Insurance. No. Ill Front street, butter and cheese store of Cartwright .vHurri-on; loss aliout $J.'i,000; insured for $J7.000, in the following insurance companies ? Knickorlxicker, Homo, l'iilt<-d Slates, Arctic, Continental, (irocora' Manhattan.Commercial. No. 100 Front treet, produce store of Win. A. Koeler; loss about $1100; Insured for $19,000 in the Cltlrens', Past River, llo.ief and Firemen's Trust, lire buildings Ni a. Ill and 113 from SU'Pm are owiutj nj ?u? ra.u..o III r. nmufru . They urn damaged <> I be extent of about $6,000; fully insured in city Insurance c< mpanleg. PkatiiTii ?con Ai.mccrp ('(tuajwenwa or a DarouiST.? Coroner ltanney held an Inquest on last Thursday, at No 126 Kent Tweniy-slxtb street,on the body of William Henry Hawkoa, a little child about a year old, who eamo to hia death, aa ia aliened, through the careloaauesx or a clei k in the drug atore of J. W. Dung, uornor of Third avenue and Twenty-seventh street Krutn the evident e elicited It appears that Dr. K. W. lUnney waa called to attend the child, and ordered a (ireacrlption, of which the compound tincture of opium, or paregoric, formed one of the conatituenta. The cleric in putting up the prencrtplton, it m charged, substituted by miaiake the atrong tincture of opium for paregoric. The consequence waa that the child came to lla death by au everd< au of laudanum. The Coroner'a Jury rendered a vord let in accordance with the facta, and implicated the drug clerk aa the cauae of the child'a death. Coroner lUriiay has hatted a warrant for thn arreat of the dark, who disappeared during the Inqueat and baa nut turned up sin. o. klrsTKRiot a lHaarMua*?< a or Miaa Makv H. Va.v Nob. iikx, wlio lett bar aunt'a houae, No. I'd) Korty eighth atreet, New York, on Haturday, the 22d Inat., for her mothor'a houae In Itrooklyn. Since which no clue or her wh reabouts can he had, although the two citiea have been acarched for har. She la In her lfith yoar, tall of her age. light complexion,dark gray even, brown hair, h.ia a gear on her right temple, had on when a he left her aunt's, a plaid dress, blnck ( loth cloak and pink and white hood. Anv friend of humanity hearing utiylhing of her (eitner dead or alive) will confirm agreaitavor on her relatives by railing on or addressing r. B. I.add, oorner Henry end Atluntle streets, Brooklyn. Thk Owkqnw or tub Itiiona lai.AXli Hanoi;*?Oorkrction.?In our report of the (diaequioa of tho Rhodo Island heroes,on Saturday was stated through mistake tout the drum corps > t the Seventy-first rcgi ment wore in the pmcce-lon. It. should have r<ad"iiio drum corps of the Thirty seventh." Burxeoto Diatv.?Ktnaia Williams die J at. Ucllwuc t . APRIL 1, 1862.?TRIPLE Hospital yesterday from the effect of burns accidentally received at her residence, No. 46 liayard etreet, on the 27th ult., by livr clothes catching Ore at thu stove. Coroner Nauuuuu wan uotillud to holu an inquest upon the body. Auivcy ro? ni* Kiukk oe Soldikk* v*o? Maim.?1The State of Maine has ap|>oiutcd I letter A Hawkins scent for that Stale to relieve ull invalid or necessitous soldiers belonging to the Maine regiments that mav arrive lu this city. Mr. Hawkins'office iaat N'o. 10 Wall street, und all such soldiers are requested to apply there for assistance. NEWS FROM THE TENNESSEE RIVER. St. Loots, March 111, 1862. Thero is nothing important from the Tennessee river. It ir not expected that uctive operations will commence until the urnvul of fieneral Huell's army, unless our foroos arc uttacked by lteaurogard. IMPORTANT FROM ARKANSAS. Spetihl Order of Oencrul Curtis Kmuuciputisig Coutrubnuite. 8r. Lous, March 31, 1S62. General Curtis has issued tho following special order, dated " Headquarters of the Army of the Southwest, < March 26. Charles Murton, Hamilton Kennedy and Alexander Lewis, colored men, formerly slaves employed in the rebel service, and taken as contraband of war, are hereby conllscaled; and. not being needed for the public service, are permitted to pass the pickets of this command without let or hindrance, and are forever emancipated from the service of their musters, who allowed I hem to aid in Ibe efforts to break up the government and laws of our country." NEWS FROM MISSOURI.

A Skirmish and Defeat of the Rebels Near Warreitsbnrg. St. Louis, March 31,1862. Information has been received at hcadquartors that a detachment of the first lows cavalry, under Captain Thompson, overtook the guerilla hand of Colonel Parker in the night of the 29th, about ton milos west of War. rensburg. Fifteen rebels were killed and twantv-llve takon prisoners. Among the latter are Colonel Purker and Captain Walton. Our loss was two killed and several wounded. NEWS FROM MEXICO. Departure of the British Troops?The March of the French to Cordova?The Spaniards Kit lloute for Orixuba?The Designs of the Allies?Hopes of United States Intervention, &c., die. ouk VEltA cltl,'/. cohkksl'undkncK. Vksa Cruz, March G, 1862. Sines my lost communication nothing of great political moment has taken place in this city. General Almonte arrived here on tho 28th of last month by the English packet. He is still in the city. General Lorenccz and staff landed yesterday, and were rscoived without any demonstration. General, with Madamo l'rim, loft hore on the 2d for the interior. Sir Charles Wycke left this morning for Orizaba. The English are aetivoly preparing to leavo. Alt their mules, carts, Ac., recently brought from Havana by them, have been sold to the French. Three English war steamers will leave to-morrow with troops for llermuda, and two more will louvo on Monday tor Port Royal, Jamaica. The English soldiers oro highly elatod at the prospocl of getting away from here. mo r reucn novo arrtvoa at ana now occupy Cordova. They suffered severely during thsir march for want of water. The Mexicans In their retreat have destroyed everything. The Spanish are on their way to Orizaba, bat are making slow progress. Had either of three armioe received the slightest resistance they never could have succeeded in their undertaking. The recent European news, clearly indicating an intended sub version of the ropublican form of government in this country, brings no Burpriso to l he masses of the people; for they have ever believed that the preteuded nou-intervention of the Allies only hid their real pitr|>OM), and the development of which is the true ground of the withdrawal of Iho English forces. Tho French, however, emphatically deny that it is tho intention of the Kuiperor to establish a monarchy here; that Mexico will be allowed to select her own form of government, but thai Almonte will bo od'ored for tbo presidency. I am credibly informed that <;cn l*rim Is about to resign, and that tho Spanish forces will retire. (lou. I'rim lias gono to Orizaba to see that the French do not lake advantage of the treaty made at Solcdad on tho l'Jlb. Ho atill protends to be a friend to Mexico. Tho European news, and also the favorable news received from the Slates, will have a very important ellerl upon tho conference to be held at Orizaba. The latter news has Infusod new spirit and etiorgy into the Mexicans, and thoy now tlrinly believe that ere long the Uuited Slates, true to her professions of friendship, will corns to their assistance. The principal feature of the future conference to be hold I Orizaba will be to get the Mexican government to allow a portion of tbo Imposts of the coast ports to bo applied for tbe payment of tho principal and interest of the claims which the allied I'owers hold against this government. If this point can he carried poaooibly, well and good. Mr. Oorwin says that the Mexican government cunnot afford to allow this, in her prosentcoudiliou, unless she receives foreign aid; and if she docs not allow it war is inevitable. It is generally believed that the I'nitel States will adopt some arrangement whereby the iulorest upon these claims shall be secured for a term or your*; dui il would do well to Have tltobe claim* wol gifted before auy definite action is taken. It may not be generally known that the representatives of lioih England and Franco are personally deeply interested in the c'aims against M ixieo. Fallgtiy, tne French Minister, la the agent of a Swish house who hold a cluim of fonr million dollars ngsinst Mexico, which Ssligny tun succeeded in gelling added to tho list of Kroncb riaim*. I lie Fug 1*h olticiala represent no less than seventeen in1111 us or the English claiiuB. These are the parties that lu\e been the main cause of this intervention. Had England and France been honestly nnd disinterestedly represent d here they would not have found it nocessxry to havo Edit armed forces here for tho collection of their just debts. It Is very doubtful if the conference at Ori/aba accomplishes anything, and if the French attempt to occupy the city of Mexico by force they will llnd they hare greatly underrated the Mexican soldier; for the idea that a Mexican will not fight is not to be entertained for a moment. Fight thousand French are exported here on tho 1Mb The weather is quit* warm, but healthy. Colonel Pickett, the Commissioner lor the Oetfrdorato States, left hare on the 4th for Tumplm, on Ins way to New Orleans. U Is very quiet here; peoplo aro wailing to are what will be done at Ori/abii General I'rngu ts in prison in the rily of Mexico, and is to bo tried by a court martial. Arrival of Rebel Prisoner* of War at Fort Drlawarr. ocR rnu.Anni.rniA countspoxdknce. Pmi.AtiRt.fHM, March 31. 1S?<J Two hundred and twotity prisoners of war, raptured at Winchester, Virginia, arrived at Delaware City to day, and wuro to liavo been taken immediately to Kurt licla ware, a powerful siono fortification on llio Pea I'atrh Inland, In the middle of the Delaware l?ay. They wore the same prteooers that had been previously confined at Baltimore, In the city Jail. Uy order of tho War Department, they were shiptied on .Saturday in an Kruseon or canal steamer, and transported through tho Chosapenkn and Delaware Canal, under guard, to Delaware City. It ear supposed to day that thev would be landed Immediately at the Port. The Pea Patch is a large island, In the centre of which elands Port Delaware, one of the heat lorttlloiitione in the country, mounting three tiere of guns. It i? two miles from tho fort to either shore, anil the island contains a number of residence-, oiilsulo of tho fort, so that it can be made a prison p'aee lor at tenet a thousand prisoners. The present Instalment will be confined within the store fortress. The garrison of tho |>U. e consists of a com|?uy of regulars and a lew Iiinersnl parties or artillorisis that go down to the Pea Patch to practice artillery evolutions. One of the prisoners is Viwnrod C. Washington, a nephew of the laid Colonel John A. Washington. Much sympathy wus shown the prisoners in Baltimore, and they were cheered when tbey left the wharf en route lor Kort Delaware. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Complrtcd. | Haiti nous, March 31,1862. The last rail, completing tho track of the Baltimore aod Ohio Railroad, was laid ten milts west of Harper s Kerry ou Saturday night last, since when four hundred loaded cars h.ivo |ms-ed through the lately disturbed district, cast and west. Nearly two hutidri-d cars of Western product, loaded at the Ohio river last week, reached Baltimore today, the ilrst since April la-l. The lira! through t>?M?ctig<'r triiin leaves Hellunore to morrow morning, direct fur WtmliDg. With the Increased pre* caution* ol the gorernnioot ther* In no fear entertained here that tin* valuable route will ho again Interrupted. Thn government supplies lor thegehttre Potomac and sen. roast arnuea are greatly facilitated by tha restoration of thie road. Calendar of the Court of Appeal*. At.navr, March 31,18?2. The calendar fur tlio Court of Appealn, for April I, is as follows:? I'refenti Cntrndnr?No*. 34,37, 33. General Otlrndar? No*. 28, 29.30,31, 32>4,32';. Personal Intelligence. Charles Augustus Murray, Karl of Itunmorc, and ('apt. Gordon,?t Montreal, Col. I.yon*, of tpiohoc. George A. Atleo, of Wcstchenlor, and N. K. Moss, of Khode Island, aro stopping nt tbet'lnrendon Hotel Captain Hudson, from Nowhern, N. C.; W. flemptilll, of Washington; Jump* M. (lushing and Mr. I)nna and in. IDIIy,of Boston; W. W. King, of the United .States Navy, and wll'o. J. ('. Oddes, of Cinc innati: l\ I? Hiilgrs.'ot lh.lTlilo; W. W. 1'aik -r and wlfe,?cf Albany; If. Mason, of Massachusetts; K. S. Unhand family,of Hullalo; K. K. Ktiorr anil wife. of Philadelphia. and 1. J. I, iund ty and w ife, of CaliiuMiin, arc stopping at the Mfih \vuu* , m 1. SHEET. The Dreadful Kxploeion in Philadelphia. OCK PUlLAIMCLrillA I'OKKKKrONUKMX Pim.AMCi.riUA, March 31, ltJb'J Aamrt of the Drad?Extent of (Ae Injury to property? four AtldUumal Kxjionutu. The funerals of some of the m inus or the Jackson cartridge factory explosion are being held to-day. Jackson's sod and two men, uauiod lleujainin K Wblttoker and Kichard J. Houston, have lieou buried; and Yurball Itailey, aged sixty years; H. L. Sinuickson.aged twentytwo years, aud John Morney, aged twenty tlirte years, have since died. The list of burned and maimed foot* up to eighty-five, of whom probably fifteen will die, and others will be maimed, disfigured and invalid for hfo. Some of those who are injured suffer the most excruciating agonies, as in the case of Anuie I.ynch, an Interesting and handsome girl, who has lost lx>ih eyes. Many of the victims have been pierced Willi bullets, the charges of the cartridges, anil not a few w ere manned and Knocked down Willi pieces of bricks and scantling. The lollowiug is a complete list of I ho w ounded ? Washington ltlack, AnnoHation, Auguslio Curtin Kich. Houston, John l.ogue, Samuel Grillltlis, laiwis Itrown, Charles CriHItlia, Joseph Mirklu. Mary Grillilhs, H. I,. Sinnickson, Miss Ja- kson, James Curtin, Miss M. Jackson, llenry H. Knowles Ann M. Corney, jolili Mooney, Mary A. Moore, J. McClenau. Jas. fartlcdge, Annie Waltora, Mien Murray, Miss Naughty, Eli/a I/inejr, Washing!) n lattia Amanda Miller, l assie Wlntecar, Kiiza McAlcr, Virginia Thorp, Marraret McKwen, U.oa klohoir.w ilftPV CIaiiiu. ""'"n j i , John Yeagcr, Atm Mc Kersey, Sarah Tenser, Catharine Sir a why, Amelia Buggies, Margaret Megary, Mary Aim (iilligan, Mary OT-onnoll,' I,i/7,ie Newman, I.izvtie Oavon, Sal lie l-ir/alore, Rebecca Kmerick, MaryGortnon, Mury Hagerty, Juniiin Germon, Hi/a l.ynch, Jeuuio Miller, Isaholla F. l/iney, kitwIn shaw, Fraucos Mullen, Kmmn Calmer, Kate McDcrmott, Kmina Thum|iaim, Diana Norrilt, J liu K. Mriunloy, Agnes (Vinson, Alary M. Clay, Margaret Brown, Kiln Curlm, Rose Megary. Sadie Fnrtcscus, Annio Siunickson, Anuie I.yucb, Alfred Kuowlos, Mary Tilltgan. A.jury of scientific men ha-been summoned, and when the luattor is thoroughly examined and reported upon, the carelessness will be luid ii|sii1 Ihe res|>nnsiblo |k'r8(ins. It iM certain that the magazine attached to Ihe concern consisted merely of an excavntli n in the earth, covered with hoards, (trains of powder we constanlly strewn over the p'aco, and a h it stove was ordinir ily inaintaiued in the main work room. The room itself wa< crowded, and with the hot air, the heat evolved by the fi lotion of machinery, etc., the establishment was, of all in (ho world, the one least lilted lor the dangerous work to which it had been adapted. The scones at the hospital where many of tho sufferers are undergoing treatment, are harrowing in tbo extreme. The wounds of the victims arc treated with soothing lotions, but their cries aro very pitiful, and inuuy of them beg to die, that they may be relieved from their intensestiflering. Within the last thirty-six hoars flvo explosions have occurred in tho city. A cap machiue at the Brhtesburg Arsenal exploded,severely Injuring two men, and a fuse case burst at tho same place. To-day a kerosene or coal oil factrry exp'odod, and two men were fatally injured, involving a loss to the premises of $5,000; and a miner explosion occurred in Race strrot. By tho Jackson explosion much damage was done to pro|>erty. Ten bouses on Tenth street wero materially injured and twenty-seven dwel.tugs and stores on Cassayuuk road. Boiler Explosion at Baltimore. B iltimokk, March 31,1862. A most remarkable steam boiler oxplosion occurred this afternoon at the Baltimore House of Rofnge. A boiler in the boiler house attached to the bako bouse, 250 feet from the main building, was blown up fully 200 foot in the air; then taking an easterly direction, oxplodlng again in the air, aftor which it passed in a straight line 250 feet to the north, and fell directly on the roof of the school building, carrying with it lis slate roof, rafters, beams anil plaster, crushing through into tho school, mom, where there woro nearly seventy boys. Most wonderful as it may appear, although tho entire floor rf the room wan covered with ruins, only two children were killed?two brothers, named Myers?and sevon wounded, ono seriously. Tho rent, with the teacher, escaped on tlrcly unharmed. All agree that there were two explo'sions?oue irftbc air, which changed the direction of the boiler. Police Intelligence. wiiomcsaijc akkbst or Ligcon ihuuirs.?Seventeen liquor dealers, in tho Kighth, Ninth aud Fifteenth wards. wore brought before Justice Kelly, at the Jctfcrsori Market Police Court, yesterday, on charge of violating the Sunday law. The prisoners were held to bail, each in the Hum of $100, to answer the charge heforo the Court of General Sessions. About i? dozen persons. arrested in tho lower wards, were disposed of in a similar manner at the Tombs. TiikAlirceii Kxtobtiox Cask.?The case of the People vs. Grigg and Vnu I.oon still " drngs Its weary length along." The examination was continued yottorday, but beyoud the cross examination of one of the witnesses for tin' defence, nothing important was elicited. This caso, which at ilrst promised to be no interesting, has thus far proved unusually stupid, nnd devoid of all these'-ruio developmente" which were expected. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. The Great Battle at Winchester?The War in the South and 8outh?vcst?Ter? rlble Explosion In Philadelphia?Inte? ri'ttlug Weave from K a rope?Opening of the Spring Fashions, dir., dec. The mill steamship North Star, Captain Jones, will leave this port to day, at noon, for Aspinwalt. The mails for Contra! America and tho South r.ieiftc will close at half-past ten o'clock this morning. Tho Xkw Yoiik H:uau>?KdlMoa for tho PociOc?will be pub isbeil at eight o'clock this morning, and will contain n full account, by our special correspondent, of tho Grout null# noar Winchester, Va., on the 2dd init., resulting in the Dufcat aad Rout of tho Rebels, together with a list of llio killed, wounded and missing, illustrated with Maps of tho Valley of the Shenandoah nd of the Position of tho Hostile Armies at the Commencement of tho fight. It will alao contain tho Latest News from the South and South west, showing tho Progress of llio War in thosn localities; News from tho South; An Account of the Terrible Kxplusi m in Philadelphia, by which lifty persona woro killed and wounded; late and Interesting News from Kurope; Opening of the Spring fashions in New York, and a variety of other interesting reading matter. Single copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, six cants. MAILS FOR EUROPE. The Progress of the War?The Battle Wear Winchester?The Bombardment of No. 10?Xrwi from the South? I.ate and Interesting Intelligence from Havana and Mexico, die., die. Tho Cunard mail steamship America, Captain Hoodie, will loavo Boston on Wednesday for Ltrcrp-ml. The mails fur Kuropo will closo in this city to-day afternoon, at a quarter past nue au<l at half pmt Ave o'clock, to go by railroa'l. Tmk Skw Yoat IIkrau>?K lit Ion for Europe?will bo published at eleven o'clock tins morning, and will contain additional particulars, by our siievial correapon dent, of tbo recont Eight and Defeat of Iho KcbeN near Wim (tester, Va., with a list of tbo killed and wounded, and Illustrate I by Maps of the Rattle Croind and of the Hhi'iiaudoah Valley; The Latest Mows from Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, *c., showing the Progress or the War In those sections; I,ate and Interesting News from the South; Terrible Explosion in Philadelphia?llftf persons killed and wounded,and all nthor Interesting news of the woek. Single copies, In wrappers, ready for mailing, six cents. 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A1ARGESTOCK OF NEW AND SECOND HAND a Si. aiu Luciucs ou hand at 13 Dry at. TODD k RAPFBRTT. Away to get good wood engraving done PROMPTLY, AND AT FAIR PRICKS, Go to WATERS A SON, fill Fulton si reelA SURE THING, AND I SAY IT BOLDLY.-IF YOU want IQ do a g-md husiae-s rn to ROBERT .VI. FOR HESTER, 317 Broadway, between White and Walter streets, ami set Ins piou urotucr ahuw Card*. A N EXCITING WEEK.?THE GREAT BILLIARD j\. mai-I.e . >. wluc i and Decry un l lb-cry and l'lirlan uifi. r |) n- ill s Wi-oa . Sl'IKI f. Aim a' ir Latter iln-t ndor; Don't Touch the Axe, by (art Ben mi; Gangtrrl. ir III.' Aiutuon; Madeline u. ih' Actore? Htakr: Fii;lit In Km;land blirr- Hr-ttle and r-xia, th? New VorK and P.ii.adelphta Rut* Mit-nnee, f*iM>rtiti?i Sketche* at lloinr uml Ai>rnud, A tn W II.K1..1' SPIRIT, now oul. Buy bassfords refrigerators, warrantee Hie cht ,i|i-n| ,-n I im hni' rale al the (in at Hniiito keeper ? Bu/'ai, Cooper Inniluic huiidin !, tn Amor place. 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CIRUTCIIF.K AND CANES FOR THE MILLION?Al J ibr iiiauulai.'tuirr a, C. ITNNELL, No. 2 Corilaudi at reel. CTOUNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS, ENLARGED J loinia, and all diai'nces ol the fee', curia without |?ln In, in tin. mi til, i.l li? Dr 7. A (1II A It! I'. SuraMMB iTiirupodlat. ?<ji) liiouuway. Ret era to pbyaicliina and"aurgruria of tin- city. DK VKE S t PLANTATION BITTERS. 8 T. im X. It Invtvu alra, alrriigtliciit and pur.lie* the ayatcm, U a (irriPCl appellant, and tlte mo?t agrreablr and effectual took hi tin' world. It in oonipoacd of the crlebiatrd Callaaya bark, rnola, In rbs. and porn Si. Croix rum. Particularly adapted to delicate len.ulet; rut** Dyapepeia and Weakneaa, aud la pud the thing (or the cbaiiyetof aenaoua. Sold by all grocera, drugciala, liotela and auh on t. P. II. DRAKE A CO., 202 Broadwuy, N. Y. DEAFNESS.?DISCHAKUES FROM THE EARS, nolaea In tlio lirad, Ac , Ac., dlmueaaand weakneaa ol right, Inflamed lnla. ami all diaeaeea ol tlir rye aud rar, aueratalnil) itemed by I?r OKAVK8, 60!) Broadway. Cenaultaliona. pconilly or by lottar, firr. J7LKOANT INITIAL OILS 11 KN isII 1.1) EACH Cl'8Pi toinrr*. fire or mat, by purrba>tug Nolo i'aprr at KVEKDKLL'S, ?I2 Broadway. I NAY'S SPANISH HAIR ULOS8, A CHEMICAL COM1 |>ounil aiinlbir lo the natural oil uf tbr hair. For Urea* Ittg Ihr Italr, keeping It molat and In plan-, and lm|?rtlng to It a moat b an tit ill lualrr, there la nothing equal to It. Sold by all druggtala. fJWMITOIUI AT COST-I BOYt'E, AT HIS MANUP factory and warerooua, W> and *) Eaat Huualon atreet. will olTrr hla entire Block of aii|R-rior cualoin made Furniture of every description at coat until April M. when the balance will lie aold at aiimlon toetoae tbr nualm-aa. t'ROCERY AND TEA DEALERS SUPPLIED WITH T i rat by tbe rlirat, or aniallnr ipiaulltlea at aamr rate. t ANTON TEA CO., 126 Chatham street. Hernia or ri imtke itiikoby usino white s I'atcnl L 'Vi r Tru-a. It differ* In principle and actio* from all old laaMoned trnaaea. WHITE S Patent Layer i in til!i. at Tmi? and Snp|*<rlera are aiao auperlor Inatnimrnla. Pamphlet a free. 2ft Bond atreet, N. Y. VfOTICR TO SHII'I'KRS. i.1 For the South.?Superior Bottled Liquor*, ronatallng ol Bourbon Wblakey, W'lnet. Brandlra, Porter, Alea, Cider, Soda Water, At., Ac., lor aale m any quantity, and put up iu a yrry auprrtor manner, by it. R. WENDUM, No. vO Cedar atreet. coruar of Broadway. N. It ? ftOO aara now iwaily tor shipping. PARTIES ABOUT TO REFURNISH THEIR HOUSES X are luvlted to etanuue onr new and select aaaortmenl of 8PR1NO noons. WE HATE JUST RECEIVED PER 811 IF' Lot HE WICHARDR, A FINE SELECTION OK NEW STYLES or FKESCll UllNA DINNER AND TEA SETS. ILaO, FRENCH CLOCEft AND BRONZES. Special *tti ntlon in etlM to our flock CHANDELIERS AND OAS FIXTURES. Of which we liava a laran and ni?rr drairablc .aaortmenl than ever hi lore. Wn conlloun to anil at thn reduced prima. E V. IIAI UltwOUT A CO. 4K8, 4?0 and M Broadway, our tier oI B ion me atreet PURCHASERS OF RICH HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE at- epe. tally lnvll.-i toaltend the Mile at No. 117 Naaiau alrnnl, thla day, at II o'clock, whea a inuai choloo and anpern etnek will he aold. ___________________ cmitii A brother S NEW TORE Vai.e xxx ALE In w hole, half and quarter eaaka, brewed tntm the choice*! hurley malt and hope. Brewery I As and 100 We<t Eighteenth atreet,botweeti Seventh and Eighth atentica, N. \. milK ohioinal HOWE HHWINtl MACHINES?RK. 1 ntl> Impioted art I p rfecti d. No break.iij m e l a. no mlaning Hti. lie*. no trouble in doing any km i of worn, hor.rver llight or heavy. In eatnltrle. rloth or leather on t a aunio machine. Send Inr a d-aenptlve catalogue. Agent# wanted. A IdreaaThc IIowe S wing Miictnuue, 4J7 li t " ??r, New York,

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