Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 2, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 2, 1862 Page 3
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? -? , typhoid fever. Bullock J. 8., private, Co. A, Jan. 18, 1802, typhoid fever. LIGHT (OMrANY E, THIR1' AHTILLBET. Nona wty-n?tb Pennsylvania volunteers. Heltems John, private, Co. K.Kort Monroe, Dec. 3, 1801, pneumonia. Harbaugh P31, private, Oo. K, Hilton Head, Jan. 37, 1802, variola. SEVENTY SIXTH PKN.VHYI.YANIA VOLr.NTEBSS. Famine Joseph, private, Co. H, Jan. 2.1802, pulmonary phthisis. NINETY 1WVKNTU PBNNSYLV AM A VOLl'.NTklERa. Stevens Henry, private,Co. K, Hilton Head, Jan. 7, 1802, congestive fever. Maxcon ?. 11., private Co. F, Jan. 25,1802, variola. Hamilton Genuetl, sergeant, Co. F, Jan. 30,1862, typhoid fever. TWENTY-EIGHTH HASSAI IllMCTrS INFANTRY. Doyle William, corporal,Co. D, Hilton Head, Feb. 17, 1802, pneumonia. KOUNDHEAU (ONE ill .VOKKUTil) PENNSYLVANIA VOLl'NTKEHS. Smith James, private, Co. K, oIT Hilton Head, Nov. 7, 1801, typhoid fever. Corbin Kdwin H., private, Co. I, Hilton Head, Nov. 20, 1801, remittent fet or. Crowr ' Matthias, private, Co. F, Nov. 22, 1801, acute dysentery. Snumous Joseph W., corporal, Co. K,Nov. 27, 1861, congestive fever. Byrd James, private,Co. G, Nov. 28,1801, laryngitis. McMillan J. Ferris,orderly sergeant, Co. K, Nov. 28, 1861, congestive fever. Pyle James, private, Co. M, Nov. 28,1801, fever. Stewart , first sergeant, Co. A, Nov. 28, 1801, gunshot wound. Smith Solemou W., private, Co. C, Nov. 20,1801, acute dysentery. Ramsay William B., private, Co. B,*Nov. 30,1861, rubiola. Wilson William B., private, Co. I, Dec. 7,1801, pneumonia. McCorran William, private, Co. C, Beaufort, Dec. 21, 1861, typhoid fever. Grace Thomas J., private, Co. G, Dec. 23,1861, acute dysentery. Roynolds Robert C., private, Co. F,Dec. 28,1861,acute dysentery. Smith jasper B , private, Co. E, Dec. 29,1861, conges tive fever. Lowrio James, private,Co. A, Dec. 29, 1861, typhoid pnoumonia. Wallace James C., private, Co. G, Jan. 2,1862, fever remittens. Clark Thomas, private,Co. G,Dec. 12,1861, congestive fever. Kirk Joseph D., corporal, Co. G, Dec. 13,1861, congcstivo fever. McCombs Andrew, private, Co. B, Dec. 14, 1861, typhoid fever. Anger Aaron, private, Co. B, Dec. 16,1861, congestive fever. Howell Alexander, private, Co. A, Dec. 19, 1861, congestive fever. Wallace Jos. C,, private,Co. A, Jan. 2, 1862, typhoid fever. Bannedy Henry, private, Co. F, Jan. 8, 1862, peritonitis. Allison Joseph, private, Co. G, Jan. 9,1862. laryngitis. Elder Robert Boyd, private, Co. D, Feb. 3,1862, hemorrhage. Davidson James, private, Co. B, Feb. 12,1862, dysentery. Bromberg Peter A., private, Co. A, Jan. 15,1862, pneumonia. Gates John, private, Co. F, Feb. 17, 1862, chronic dysentery. Wicuck John, private, Co. F, March 13, 1862, pneumonia. KIGIITB MICHIGAN VOLVNTHSS. Freeman William, private,Co. F, Hampton Roads, Oct. 24,1861, pneumonia. Holllday Charles B., Second Lieutenant, Co. C, at sea, Nov. 4,1861, hemorrhage. Jennings Thos. B., private,Co. A, Hilton Head, Nov. 10, 1861, variola. CorsonsSamuel B.,private, Co. I, Nov. 17,1861,acute dysentery. uaraner Hiram, private,<_o. u,?ov. it, it?oi,pncu >nia. Huntingdon W. B., private, Co. C, Nov. 10,1801, acute 'penry'llMBUw, private, Co. 1, Nov. 21, 1861, typhoid fever. Xtwmaa Albert F., private, Co. A, Nov. 20, 1801, fever remltteus. BliaaCharlee, private,Co. F,Nov. 23,1801,anemia. ohillipe John T., private, Co. F, Nov. 23,1801, typhoid fever. Parieh Dennie, private,Co. K, Nov. 20,1801, variola. Davie John H.. private, Co. K,Dec,4, 1801, variola. Hare L., private, Co. H, Dee. 4,1801, variola. DelanoCyrneH., private, Co. E, Dec. 4,1861, congestive fever. Tatro John, private, Co. F, Dee. 7,1801, typhns fever. fieorge Jonathan K., private,Co. O, Dec. 7,1801,eonfestive fever. Smith*m., private, Co. K, Dec. 6,1801, variola. Brown Wm.,private,Co. D.Dec. 9,1801,typhoid fever. Thomas S. G., private, Co. K, Dee. 5,1801, typhoid flever. Strickland Samuel, private, Co. B, Dec. 15,1801, typhus 'ever. Rurk Frederick, private, Co. B, Dec. 10,1861. pncumoeia. Hall Lyman, private, Co. E, Dec. 19, 1801, typhoid 'ever. Cone Oliver J, private, Co. A, Dec. 24,1861, typhoi d 'ever. AtcUinson James H., sergeant, Co. A, Dec. 20,1861, anemia. Crumb William, private,Co. K, Dec. 25, 1801, variola. Brooke Edward, private, Co. A,Coosaw river, Jan. 1, 1802, gunshot wound in action. Waymin Henry, sergeant, Co. C, Hilton Head, Dec. 30, 1861, typhoid fever. Wait Darius, private, Co. C, Dec. 28,1861, hepatitis. Foote David B., private, Co. A, Coosaw river, Dec. 18, 1801. gunshot wound in action. Armstrong Ira, private, Co. A, Beaufort, Jan. 4,1862, gunshot wound. Adams John J., corporal,Co. A.Coosaw river, Jan. 1, 1862, gunshot wound. Kipp Thomas, private,Co. A, Beaufort, Jan. 6,1802, typhoid fevor. Heather Thomas,private, Co. A.Jan. 10,1862,apoplexy. Smith .Amos,prHate,Co.4{. Jan. 11.1*62. dvsmterv. Stuck Poteri private, Co. E, Jan. 13, 1842. variola. Wood Lewie, private, Co. K, Jan. 10, 1643, typhoid fever. Kelly Wm., private,Co. H, Hilton Head, Jan. 22,1842 pnoumonia. Pelmcter Willard, private, Co. E, Beaufort, March 11, 1842, anemia. Baker lieinan, private, CO. K,Feb. 2.1843, congestive fever. sixth rostneenrrr voi.fjmteita. Gilbert James H, private, Co. E, Hilton Head, Nov. 28, 1841, congestire lever. Kritliug Herman, private, Co. C, Nov. 30,1841, typhoid revcr. latwrencs Joaeph, private, Co. A, Dec. 9,1841, congestive fever. Tullmadge Fred'k A., private, Co. E, Pec. 18, 1861. congestive fever. Barnes Beth P., private, Co. E, Jau. 1,1862, congestive 'ever. Williams John C., private, Co. F,Feb. 8, 1842, congee tlve fever. Tracy Tbos E.,private,Co. O, Jan. 30.1842,congestive 'ever. Peck John W., private,Co. E, Feb. 9,1862, congestive fever. Bartow Geo. A., private, Ce. E, Feb. 11,1M2, conges tive fever Weeks Alpbenso, private, Ce. B, Feb. 13, 1842, congestive fever. Doraoand Horace, private,Co. F, Feb. 13,1842, congestive fever. Fotherglll Geo., private, Co. G, Feb. 16,1842, congestive fever. Boe worth D, Co. A. Fob. 10,1802. congestive fever, Dakar George H, private, Co. A, Feb. 28,1802, congestive roTtr. Hodge Horace, private. Co. I, March 2, 1802, typhus I fever. savrimt onxjirmcvT von jrriias Fanoe William, private, Co. A, Hampton Roads, Oct. 28, 1101, drowned. Calk 1 us Obcd II., rergeant,Co. E, Hilton Head.Nov. 19, 1801, typhoid fever. Week! Sylvester, private, Co. A.Nov. 21,1801, typhoid fever. Victory Martin, private. Co. I, Nov. 24, 1801, typhoid fever. Weetbrook Thomaa,private,Oe. I, Dec. 11,1801, cerubi aeolKaa. Fry Allen, private, Co. H, Dec. 20,1801, conges live fever. Heaaiona John, private,Co. K, Dec. 22, 1801, rubiola. hall Joha E., private, Co. F, Dec. 30,1801, laryngitis. Brown Vn. H., corporal, Ce. I, Jan. 14, 1802, typbuld fever. Duncan William, private, Co. l,Jan. 18, 1802, typhoid fever. Hurrowe O., private, Co. C, Feb 22,1802, dysentery. In our Monday's issue we published separately the list n# Xaatha tea ?K? Ww a. W?U ? * * ? -. . ? ? ? "?? i?t> regiments, ana only omitted the above for want of space IMPORTANT NAVAt OPERATIONS. The Occupation of Brnmwlch, Oa., bp the Union Forces. lUtrOHT or rLAO officer mtont. Flao Smr Wa?a?h. ) Off St. Jorm, Fla, March 19,1H02. J Sib?1 had the honor to Inform the department, in my communication of the 13th Inst., that 1 bad daspali bed a of din*Ion my force to Brunswick, under Commander R. W. Gordon, continual of the Mohican, the Pocahontas and the Potomska. Those vesael* crossed St. Simon a bar on tbe Rib mat. and auchorcd at auudown within two miles of the forta commanding tbe channel. On tbe following morning, Commander Gerdon with hia dlvlalon mared past the batiertee, which be ao>m discovered bail been abandoned, and immediately aant i jentenant Commanding llalch, with three armed boats, l? take poaaeraion of the batterlee en St. Simon's Island, sod I.i.'ut Henry Miller of the Mobiran, with a suitable force, to lake possession of the works on Jekjl Htland. On St. Simon's Inland ware two batteries consisting of strung earth works, and so arranged as to command tha approach to St. Simon's Sound. There ware twelvo rtrtbraauroa, and numerous well constructed mitgn ilnei. No arme were mounted, but a ten inrli .olid shot was found near to indicate the < alibre of aotna of them. on .lekyl Island were also two batteries, of much great or tret':th, however. The one farlhcit .. award and coin mandmg the main chaanal was a bomb proof wo>-k im tructed of palmetto logs sand l ags and railroad iron nail exported and braced Irom the Interior with ma.slr< timbers Jt bail mounted lilies case mated guns, though NEW YOI these, their rairiages, and all the ammunition had been removed. The other battery, five hundred yarde landward, consisted of two casemates, aud an earthwork cupable of uiouBtiug four guns eu barbette, a magazine and a hot shot furnace were attached. Both Ht. Simon's and Jekyl islands had been den.-r led. Alter examining the batteries tho vessels passed up the sound to Brunswick end anchored olf the town. a lire was discovered near the whurf, which proved to be the railroad depot and wharf, the work of the retiring soldiers. 1.untenant Commanding Balcb, with a large force, covered by the guns of the Potomska, landed at Brunswick without any show of opposition, and hoisted the Americau Hag on the Oglolhorp House. The town was eulirely deserted, and noarly all the property which could bo removed bad been taken away. The lenses belonging to the lighthouse at St. An drews and the lighthouse at HI. Simons?the latter buildiug having been destroyed by the rebels?could not, after careful search, be discovered. Tho channel buoys for the river are still there, but out of place. Proclamations were posted on several of the public buildings urging the inhabitants to return to their houses, mud promising protection to the property of all good citizens, and the landing party theu retired to their vessels. Nothing was removed from any of the houses, the men under l.ieutcnunt Bulch, commanding, carefully abstaining from injuring or taking away the private effects of the inhabitants. I enclose a copy of Commander Gordon's Interesting report. Very respectfully, Ac , S. K. DUPONT, Flag Officer. Hod. Gideon Wem.ks. COMMANDER GORDON'S REPORT. United Status Ship Monicas, on Brunswick, Ga., i March 10, 1862. j Sir?I have the honor to renort I hut in oheAieneo to your order of March 5,1 loft Keraandina ou tho morning of the 8th, accompanied by the Pocahontas, Lieutenant Commanding Balch, and the Potomska, acting Lieutenant Commanding Watmough, and crossed Fcrnandina bar with just water enough to comfortably float the ship, nmile the host of my way to St. Simon's bar, and reached it at dead low water, passing it and gelling Into St. Simon's channel, through which I carried about seventeen feet, to within two miles of the forts, which we could plainly see, commanding St. Simon's entrance. Here, at sundown, I anchored for tho night. After dark I shifted the anchorage of the ship to alter the range of any guns that might be left in the batteries. At daylight I made preparations to pase the batteries, and at sunrise weighed anchor and stood in. 1 soon discovered that the batteries were evidently abandoned, and anchored my littler force inside and beyond range of the guns, and made signal to laud trom the vessels. Lieut. Commanding lialch, of the Pocahontas, with three bunts took possession of tho fort on St. Simon's Islaud, consisting of stroug earlhwurksjof considerable extent, und having had eloven gune mounted. Some solid ton inch shot found in the fort would indicate the calibre of some of the gnus there. 1 enclose a detailed report of the taking of that battery by Lieutenant Commanding Balcb. Lieutenant Miller, of this ship, at the same time occupied the fort on Jekyl liluud, which was, it seems, a much stronger position. It was a sand work with live casemates Unislied. covered with railroad irou und very well built, and two uutiiiished casemates, the iron rail ready to be put up. 'i'bese two rorls commanded the channel for a long distance, and their Are crossed the entrance, which is a tnilo or a little more wide. Once the batteries were passed they could oiler but little difficulty, as in Ave minutes the guns of all the vessels oould have enfiladed them, and could even Ore directly in the rear, liut they would have given a number ef vessels severe trouble in getting beyond tbein. I enclose the report of Lieutouaut Miller of the fort on Jokyl Island. As soon as the boats returned I went on the Potomska, and proceeded in her up the river to Brunswick. Bo soon as ws opened the town to view a heavy Are commenced, aud at the same moment I perceived the railroad cart moving at full speed in thu woods. 1 at once determined to bring up the ship* and my self off the town, in the hop* of preventing by my presence the place from being burned, and 1 at once returned to the Potomska, as 1 had the pilot with me. Both the Mohican and Pocahontas were under way before I reached them, and wo proceoded to Brunswick, ofl' which place I anchored as the sun went down. The cars had returned, but again started at *ur approach. The Pocahontas anchored olT tho town buloutside of Buzzard Roost Island, the Potomska still hjgltur up, and her guns commanded the railroad beyond the town, 'the following moruiug I sent the Potomaka into the branch opposite the iown< Neither tbis skip nur the Pocahouta8 can well get in. as at high water but twelve feat or water wae round In tha bulkhead,and batiaaeu the wharf and Buzzard 1 towel inland the river in owl about four hundred reel wide. With thePotomska, Lieut. Balcb, took charge of* land< lag party, consisting at twenty-live marines fiom this *Wf *"Tt the 1'ocuhontas, and the two twelve-founder guna with forty riflemen from the different vessels, landed and hoisted (he flan. The place waa departed,and most of the furultura ol' the hounes removed. Still, there was much private property about,some in scows ou tinwharf, ready to b - removed. After a careful examination of inch buildings as might be auppraed to contain public property, and a careful survey was bad,] visited tbe town. and then directed the command to retire into the ship, having posted a notice tbe inhabitants to return, and promising protection to all pro*pcrty for all good cilizeus. I enclose Lieutenant Belch's report of his landing, he. Nothing in the place was touched by I he landing party, and such houses as were not open were not even entered. 1 sincerely hope that some good citizens at least muy be found willing to resume their houses under iny public notice, nnd I shall not allow the place to ho visited except on duty. Tbe lire we noticed was tbe work of the retiring soldiers, and proved to be the railroad depot and wharf. The lenses belonging to the light houses were nut found. The channel buoys are In the river, but out of place, and the light house destroyed. The town is closely surrounded by woods, is generally well built and extends over a considerable space. Several contrabands have come on board. Soldiers aro said to he in the woods not very distant, and most of the inhabitants aro raid to be fourteen or sixteen miles back encamped. 1 have sent the Pucubonias and the Potomska up the rner us far ua they could go to reconnoitre. There Is u schooner of considerable size ou the stocks unfinished. Kucs liuve btfn Ijyru Dg atuul us, but 1 believe it is the brush being const nied. NnrTaveJ Hf'tK?d, a-1 ;sr 'i lilt! j'Simle urg concerned, that they are willing l? follow the h<I\ i?e of Messrs. Toombs and'Oibb, by placing the torch iu thu hands of the children to consume tliuir properly. All that is dona in that uav ta? ha. .l/u.a ?..? e?r military commander?, who, having no local in term I in the neighborhood of their command have the h. r n-iu to coiiRiime tlio property In which they huve no immediate iutorcnt. 1 am, tary respectfully, your obedient nervant. 8. W. UOKIHiN, Commander and Senior officer. To Klag Officer 8. K. IffiroNT, Com ii minting sooth Atlantic Blockading squadron. Eiconaoiiianct of ?l?e Inland Paitagt from Hrnnawlck to Dorian. FLAti 0KF1CKR MTONT'H HKFOHT. Futumnp Waaam,) Off Br. Jonas, Kla., March 21, 1102. j Bin? sioce my luet deapatrh "f the 10th imi. I have received another intereatlnf report from Commander Gov don, giving the detail* of a reconnoiaannce by the inland pannage from Brunawick to Darlen, a copy of which 1 cndOM. Commander Gordon, with the Pocahontas, Lieutonent Commanding Balrb, and the Potomaka, Acting Ueuteuant Commanding Walruough, with the launch and howitzer of tbe Mohican, In charge of Lieutenant Miller, proceeded to open the Interior communication between St. Simon's Sound and the Altamaba river. He noon sncmintered an obstruction consisting of a double row of b.a\ y piles, with their top* just above water at low tldo In a ftw hour* a sufficient number woro removed, slid the Pocahontas and Putomaka passrd through, b>it bad advanced only Are milea further when auolbar ohatructlonnf tbo nam# kind waa mot with. After an unavoidable d?Wy, owing to tlio rising of tbo tldo, tbia alao waa removed and both veseola ontorc 1 tbo Altanialia, and an they turood into the rtror, two rebel atramerR were sen moving off from the wharf ?l Parian, with full bead of ateam, rendering pursuit useless, |*rticu lariy aa the brsrses of the Potomska's ahart bearing had broken. In a measure disabling that ves-el. Commander Gordon learned from enme cootrabande who cutue off from shore, that Parien, like Brunswick, waa deserted, a comnany or boraeisen only remaining in the town, with the intention of firing the place should the steamers approach. Owing to the crippled ronditlon of the Potom*ka, Own mnndsr,Gordon did not deem It advisable to push his rtconnolsaance further, and accordingly returned through the paseage be had cleared Pi the anchorage at Brunswick. He \ Mtted a number of plantations on St. Simon's Island, but, with one exception, alt were deserted, though some time previously l.ftOO troops were quartered there. Comnisnder Gordon speaks In warm terms of l.ieuteuant Commanding nalch and Acting Lieutenant Command mg Watmough. aa wall an the oncers and crews of all the vessels under hla command, In which 1 hear lily concur, desiring, however, to add my commendation of the xeal and ability of Commander Gordon himself. In carrying out my views In reference to our occupation of this tin portent section of the coast of Georgia. Very respectfully, kc., P. F. DUPONT, Hsg Officer Com South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, lion. Giuson Will*. Secretary Navy. REPORT or COMMANDER GORDON. Imrran Statrh Snunaa Monican, I St Kinon's IsLann, March 1ft, 1*(I2 J Sir?I have the honor to report that on the 13th mat. I started m the Potomska, accompanied by the For-baboo las, with the launch and bowilur of this ship, in charge of Lieut Miller, In tow, and proceeded through the inland paseage toward the Altamaba river. 1 had hoard that there were ono or two rebel steamere at I tar if n. and I hoped that I might get possession of them About five mile* from tho anchorage at this place and whore I bad left the Mohican, between the bitter if* wo found, a* I hud learned from contraband*, that the river was staked entirely aero** We ren bed the spot at low water, and found a double row e' h ivy pile?, with their heads Ju*t above water I at opce got to work with both vessels, and in a few hour* 1,1.a*ed enough out of each row to allow a passage for l oll, vessel*i ?ay forty feet and here, for tho llrst time, I le li ned thai about live mile* beyond another obrtrui li< i of the same kind had been placed. Wo reached ino i second rtiflU ulty at midnight, pi;icod our hawser ae the | lido ws* rising, but udiortunalely tho hawser disengaged itself from the pile, and in the night, wit it the rl*. ing lide, we could not flint them to g or with the fork, and my hope of pulsing through during Use IK HERALD, WW UN ESI) A' night was krst. My object wax to got into the river ho as 10 uiako a dash up to Darieu by early daylight. We, however, worsed hard that (lay, and by twelve o'clock got through Una last obstruction. del ween the two obstructions, midway, a battery had been built of mud, with the seeming ob eel of bring at the vessels employed in removing the piles, but which could not be observed from those v ease Is. As wo passed the second obstruction and turned the river, we saw tho steamers moving off front tho wharf at Darieu, with a full head of steam, going up the Altamaha river. At sundown 1 anchored both vessel* at Uoboy Island, passing, to reach that spot, which is on the Altamaha river, through Mud river, at high water, with just twelve feet. We remained thai day at Doboy, the wind blowing quite a gale from 8. W. to W. As I had lost all hope of the capture of the steamers, and observing suveral large llres in the neighborhood of Darieu, I determined to proceed no farther at this time, more particularly us I found that the brasses of the Petomska's shift bearing bad broksn, and 1 fuarod she might become disabled. I bad iu leed accomplished my object, which was to open the inland pa.-sago to Danon, and if the Polomska had not been in what I tear a crippled condition I should havo placed her at Uoboy. which commands the river outlet, or at Sapelow Island, which commands the entire entrance to the Altamaha and th* Inland passage to Savannah Harlan has been deserted is wan Brunswick. This we learned from some contrabands who came off to us, a company of horsemen only remaining in town with the mteiilion of firing the place should we approach it. I have been from one end of St. Simon's Island to the other. Bug one while man is left on it. I saw him. He is with hts aged mother and little child. lie bad never hsen in the army, refused to leave his house, und was in mortal dread of our coming, as the military bad informed him that we camo for the purpose of destroying even the women and children. We procured beef for the vessels at bis.plnutntiou, for which we paid the prico he asked, and furnished the family with some articles, such as cottee, salt, Ac.?which articles they had not even seen for months. We slopped at one or two other plantations on our way back. All were deserted, but had been tenanted by the military at various limes, for as late as November some 1.500 troops were quartered m St. Simons. We found some of the places to cotiUiu large quantities of cattle; and at Kind's plantation, not turee milco from this anchorage, we counted xoine fifty head near where we landed. All the blacks liave been removed from St. .Simone, and at Doboy wo met the only negro seen, who was old and alone on the place. Ue had been the father of thirteen children, but be informed me that every one had been sold as they reached about eighteen years of age, and, as he graphically expresses it, ''for pocket money for his master." Your orderd did not embrace the rcccniioisuance 1 have just made, and which has caused a delay of suvcrul days in communicating to you my progress to Brunswick. 1 hope, however, you will upprovo my conduct in the matter. 1 have now cleared the passage to llarien from inside, which can bo performed rapidly by gunboats of ton feet draft. The drart of the Pocahontas and I'olomska is rulhor g:eat, as they might be caught and delayed for higher lidos. 1 now beg leave, air, to express myself in warm terms of commendation for thecnorgy and skill of Lieutenant Commanding Batch and Acting l.ieulenunl Commanding Waltnough, and for the aid they have rendored me in the active work we have boeu engaged in for the last eight days,and 1 take e<|ual pleasure in mentioning the cheerfulness in the work of the officers and crews of the three vessels engaged. 1 have the honor to be, Ac., S. W. GORl'ON, Commauder. Flag Officer S. F. Dupont, commanding S. A. blockading squadron. Dastardly Attack on a Boat's Crew of the Pocahontas. Flagship Wabash, Orr Ft. Jorxs, Kla ,) March 20, ls<J2 J Srn?1 nave to inform the Department that I have heard, from Commander Gordon, of a dastardly and concealed attack made on a boat's crew of the Fodahouius. As I have informed tbe Department, Lieut. Commanding, Balcb, visited tbe town of Brunswick w ithout anywhere discovering an enemy. A rcconnoisaance bad also been made for some miles up Turtls creek, with the same results. The rebels appa rontly fled into tbo Interior. On tbe afternoon of tbe 11th inst., Assistant Surgeon A. C. Rhoads, of the Pocahontas, by permission of bis commanding officer, landed with a boat's crew near the town for the purpose of pro. curing some fresh beef for the ships. Having accomplished his object, the boat was returning t/i th? PdnhnntAfl hut ha<1 a**r?>*lv rnnn IwaiiIv yards from the beach when Iboy were suddenly flred upon by a body of rebels concealed kn a thicket, and 1 regret to report that two meu, John Wilsou, ordinary seaman, and John flhotor, ordinary seameu. were Instantly killed, and several wounded, one, William Helaney , mortally, aud two seriously, viz. .William Smith; second first clane fireman, and Kdward Bousall,coxswain. After the rebels bait llred their Ural volley, they cnllod out in most offensive language to "surrender,'! but this demand was refused by Dr. Hhoads, who, with the assistance of Acting Paymaster Kitchen and his wounded boat's crew, pulled ' as rapidly as they could toward tho Pocahontas, the enemy continuing their Ore. in a Tew minutes a shell from one of the eleven-inch gune of the Mohican dropped among them, and quite near to another company of sixty men, who were advancing rapidly. The rebels scattered and fled in all directions, Several shells were also lircd at a locomotive and train observed in the distance, it is sup|iosed with effect. Throughout this cowardly assault, Dr. Khoads displayed great coolness aud courage, and in his report of the occurrence, whilst commanding the crew generally, bo especially mentions the bravery exhibited by Daniel Harrington, landsman, into which 1 shall make lurther inquiry. Knciiiwed are tho reports of Commander tiodou, l.ieutcnuut Commanding Raich, and Assistant Surgeon Khoads. 1 am, sir, very respectlully, your obedient servant, S. K. Dt'PONT, Flag Officer commanding South Al'aulic Dim leading Squadron. Hon. Gidsoh Wrlijih, Secretary of tho Navy. NEWS FROM THE REBEL STATES. jWcnagc of JelT. Davis Relative to Prison* ..m nflVmr ass Pm.nls. .I'm JL'*t _ Cutt/oo, April 1, 1W2. The Chicago Tiibunt't apo-ial dcspatt h, dated Cali'C" 1st,says: Mem| his papers of the 2*tb Mid a Charleston Utrxury of the 22d ult., bad been received. President I>avis, id secret session, bad advised the Confederate Congress that the prisoners released by the Yankee government upon parole be absolved from their oath and allowed to take part in the approaching struggle for independence. He urged It as retaliation for tho infamous and reckless breach of faith exhibited by Lincoln tu the exchange of prisoners. Attempts are being made to raise troops by conscription. Editors and compositors are not to be enrolled except for local duty. The "New Orleans DtUa or the 20 tb ult., referring to the gallantry exhibited by Captain Kucker in defence of the battery at Island No. 10, says One single battery has thus far sustained the brunt of the bombardment, repals ing the fedeial gunboats, and sending one of tbem back to Cairo crippled for repairs." the VlamtiKlo A amml oavo Th? PhrOfit rooaraaa of the confederate army are nerving them with new faith, confidence and bop*, ud ?t entertains bo doubt of the ultima!* wo'Mi of the cause." Van Porn and Jeff Thompson ara concentrating a large force at Pocahontas. Ark., preparatory to an attack upon the I'Dtoniate at New Madrid, that General Pope win be compelled to evacuate. No damage bad been done at 'aland No. 10 up to Wed. nesaay, but tbe Confederate* have sunk two Union gunboats The work* at Fort 1'ilkiw have been completed General I'ope is building flatboats at New Madrid to transport bis troops across tbe river to tbe Tennessee shore. lu Mississippi tbe planters aro piling tbelr cotton ready for tiring. General Pillow had gone to Richmond. A despatch from New Orleans gristed the 2?tb,says. the Confederate eleatnor Vanderbill foundered at tea, with all oa board. The Appeal issued on a half sheet. In view of the scarcity of lead it suggest* that the lining of tea cheats tie run into bullets. Ths ladies of Charleston are contributing their jewels silver spoons, wstcbes and money to build n gunboat. Tbe Jfert-ury and Appeal contain ealensiv# ex tract* from Northern journals, but no im|iortant military news. News from California. Sam Frari isoo, March 30,1M2 Arrived 3Mb, shlpa Sierra Nevada, New York, 8. flildersleeve, Shields, bark Morse, Havre, 2fllh, nteamer Gotdea Age, rename, ship Elvira, Cardiff; 27th,ships Camden, Bordeata, Syren, Boston, 3*1 b rbtp Virginia> Liverpool.

flailed 26th, ehip Skylark, Hongkong, 27lh, chip Man* enrt.CnUae. Cltjr Intelligence. Tn N?w PorTRAsrt* Am-nn me Omen.?The Hon. Abram Wakeman, the now Postmaster of ihia city, ap pointed in the place of Wllltam B Taylor, formally took possession of his utiles yeeterday morning. An canal on all aimiiar occasions, au army of hungry piece hnntere besieged the private chamber of the new olllclal and bored him to doalb with applications Tor position. Mr. Wakcmau intends to scrutinies closely the affairs of his ollice before attempting aoy changes in his subordinates. ArfoMtms.vTs sv tits Mayor.?Abraham P.Charlock has born appointed telegraph operator at the City llall, vloe Frank W. Owens, removed. Tiik Ciirirtu r Amjascr.?Thia alliance elected at Its mooting last evening tho following officers for tho ensuing year ? President, Rev. Stephen II. Tyng, P. P.; Vice Presidents, Rev. Abel Stevens, I.L.P., Rev. A. P. Gillette P.P.; General Becrutary, Rev. Charles Chances Goss; Trsasurer, Re<. C. Fannin". Tho entire expenditures of tho year an ounted to only fl.1'48. The rending for ids arniv and Itr Iran .pnrtation cosi $1,000 of tins. All too work dune at home, in*, hiding presming In tents, hml collars, the.tiiev and in the open a r, auiumitfld . !y 10 $114.1 E SHEET. despatches from Central Buel). They came overland. I the and re|>ort having fallen in with several hand* of roving I fiu rebels; but their identity was not 3usp?' ted. Captain | liedsrii slates that the Union houlinient 111 nnuiy of tlio cho places through which they passed was very stroug; but j the the people were still in great dread of the return oi'the I sha rebels, aud very eager for tlio appearance of the Union to > ariuy. Stu ticucral (Irani has entirely recovered from hig illness, an but Central Smith is still an invalid. wit The health of the troops generally is very good, and l?r< thoeu who were sickened by tho tilth)' water of Ports the Donclaon and lienry are recovering very rapidly. or I The recent promotions to Brigadier Cenerals of Colonels loy John A. Logan. W. H. I.. Wallace and Colonel Lanman.of cot the Seventh Iowa, have given universal satisfaction to ate ail. Tliey aio looked upon by the army as brave and pi' competent officers. #vl Ceneral lien, l'rentice arrivcil here last night, and will tor doubtless be assigned to tbecoiumaiid of a division. 'ui Our Xashville Correspondence. arj Nashville, lenn., March 19,1862. Coi The Iiarage* of the Guerillas of Jennesset?The Krtxl to Morgan?His AckUoenienti and Atrocities?ItrUl Sympa I hirers in .\athvilU Still Aiding Treason?The Jietel ; WomenTeate Our .Soldiers?How They Do It?An Amus- <1 in mig J'iece of llebel Ladylike C/nduct, <tc. Tennessee is likely 11 suffer as much from the guerilla t,!t stylo of warfare practised by the rebels us did Missouri Btt ere Coneral llalleck to, k eoiumand in that Stale. It is pot to lie hoped the policy pursued by him in Missouri will, -j with tlio sumo promptitude and completeness, rid us of nitho same class of gantry, now doing so much havoc ^ among our men and the public property in the Stale. 1 in, wrote you in regard to an achievement of John Morgan's sal on a Sunday morning or two since, and have now to re- "V cord another equally dashing and brilliaut, and more ev successful foray on tho part of tho same rebel cavalry tie officer. This man has won qulto a roputation for daring, ^e by several exploits, such as destroying bridges aud t|, shooting pickets. He t,early succeeded in capturing a co general. He attacked a party of rcouis under Captuin ^ Wilson and killed tlio ('upturn. He rushed into the nmp cl( of tho same regiment aud carried otr a tram of wagons, tin which were recaptured, however. He attacked the 11 nirkntn of nnnfhor ri.irtv a fp\v sinr#? miri If, APRIL 2, 1862.?TRIPOLI THE CAMPAIGN II THE SOUTHWEST. Progress of the Siege of Island No. 10. INTERESTING NEWS FROM TENNESSEE. The Rebel Forces at Union City Dispersed. Our Nashville and Pittsburg; Correspondence. Governor Johnson and the Municipality of Nashville. THE SENTIMENT OF TENNESSEE. The Concentration of Rebels at Corinth, ftc., &c.. &c. Progress of the Siege of Islau.l No. 10. CiiK.oo, April 1,1802. The gunboat Couextoga arrived from Island No. 10 tonight. Sho reports no change iu aflairs there. The mortars lire every half hour, but elicit no response. A special to the Chicago Tiiws, dated oil" Island No. 10. March .'11, .ays,? The river is falling several inches a day. The rebels have erected a large intrenched camp in the bend of the rivur directly in front of our gutiboalx. An otubankmuiit half u mile loug has been thrown up on the shore, behind which guns are mounted in large namb.ri. They are masked as yet, and wu have no means of aHcortuming what artillery lltey have jtosled at this point. Several butteries, however, are plaiuly visible. Their inlreuehmeuts extend from the centre of the bend to the upper point of tbo island. Tliey are constantly busy, both with sloamboats and men. The mortars were flrod yesterday and to-day every I fifteen minutes, but with what effect w e are unable to decide. Ibo shells are all thrown upon the island. The rebels make no answer, except an occasional shot ut a transport. Occasional firing is heard in the direction of Now Ma unti, vuiibou oy engagements wnwu tnc wui?n?, which are placed on opposite sides of the river below that place. Wo gel no newe from there. There is nothing from General Grant's column. To-day forty or fifty soldiers came into Hickman, gave up their arms and desired to return to their alleglauce and join the federal army. They wero a portion of those escaped from Union City yesterday. They report that large numbers of the rebel troops are also disposed to yield. The Rebels sat Union City, Tcnn., Dispersed. CHicaoo, April 1,1562. A special despatch to the Chicbugo Journal, from Cairo, April 1, says;? Colonel Buford yesterday, accompanied by the Twenty seventh and Forty-second Illinois, and a part of the Fifteenth Wisconsin, from uear Isluud No. 10, with a detachment of cavalry and artillery from Hickman, un. dor Colonel Hey, made a descent upon Union City, after a forced inaTck of thirty miles, and full upon the rebel encampments at soven o'clock In the morning, dispersing the entire force stationed there, under Clay and King consisting of both cavalry and infantry. They fled in every direction. Several of the enemy were killed, and a number taken prinoncrs. A large amouui of s|toils was captured, Including 150 wagons, tilled with commissary and quartermaster s stores, Ac. O ir loss mono man killed from on explosion in burn ug a tent. The rebel force numbered 700 inrautry and between 700 urn! woo cavalry. The rehel mail captured yestorday at rnion City contained letters from the rebel troop* on the Ixlaud rcprominting that lue forces there were disheartened and dispirited. Important from the Rebel Price's iriuy., Mo , April 1,1802. Letters fr?jjo^ur army in tho Southwest say that Information hacTeeli received there that the rebels,under Generals I'rice and Van Iiorn,are moving towards Memphis, in response to a call from General Beauregard for help, and all the rebel forces in the west are ordered to concentrate in Western Tennessee for a great and desperate struggle. The Recent Reports from the Southwest*, March 31,1842. There is no truth in yesterday's special despatch from Indianapolis to the Cincinnati pa|iers, alleging the capture of Colonel Pope and a few other In ion odioers by tho rebels, aud deAning the position of General Uuell's forcea. Our Pittsburg Correspondence. PirnBt im, Tenn., March 20,18A2. Importune* of (he Modern Corinth?Will the Rebel* Make a Stand There? TX* Extent of the Union tore**?T*c Mi bile mod Ohio Railroad?kigorou* IHteiiMn* in the Army? TX* Jtui* Scout*, de., dc. According to the best information received here, the rebels are rapidly reinforcing et Corinth, Miss., and from present indications CbrlDth la destined to become as famous in our land as its namesake of yore. It is s town of some importance, being at the intersection of the (flirt*lino and Memphis ud Mobil* and Ohio railroads, and distant from Pitlaburg?which is the ad vance poet of our force*?eouthwoet, about twenty-live milee. The adtacent country la of a mountainoua character, and well adapted for eitensivs fortlflcationa. According to the lateat advicea, the number of rebel troope congregated there rangea from one hundred and thirty to one hundred and eeventy-Ave thousand. I am very much incl Ined to beltev*,how?ver,tbatcven the leaser amount given i* a greatly exaggerated estimate. I may be over sanguine In giving it as my opinion that the rebels will not make a stand at Corinth, evon should their numbers reach the highest estimate given ; yet if they do, no much the better, as our victory will be the greater and the rebellion the sooner crushed out; for this la the victorious corps of the Union army, and I am confident that there is note soldier In the van who would not perish before he would suffer Its proud name to be ttrmslied with defeat. Without attempting to divulge our numbors here, I feel privileged in, from unquestionable authority, that the number of our force, when a forward movement takes place, will be equal to, if not greater, than any force the rebels may bo able to accumulate by that time, A portion of ibe Mobile and Ohio Railroad near Purdy win dealroyed by a cavalry force under (ien. Law. Wal taee orar two *?k? ago, but thin road la not now or auf. flcieol imiortauca to tha a no my to do thein any malarial damage by lie destruction; and, a* your reader* have been advised, a similar effort wa? mode on the part of lien, Mturman to destroy a portion of llie Memphis and Cbariealou road at Hururvble, but waa unsuccessful, in oMaoMHaof the high stage of watar over "Yellow creek batteriee," wbtcb Intercepted the peerage of our troupe. On Sunday and Monday last flen Sherman made a reconnomaanca m force to I'ea Kidg*, on the Monterey road, wlicra a number of tha enemy'a torcea had bean recently located, aud ware reported an fortifying. but, after a tho rough scouring of the country In that vicinity, without auaouulering any of the enemy, ha returned to hia camp at thia place. Oen. (Iraniaviucae a determination to maintain the good name of our army by indicting proper punishment upon all who attempt to take advautago of private cMixena or violate military order. Out Morrla, of the Jeaeia Kremonl Scoula, waa hung todny, on the sentence of a court martial, lor huraa atoaluig and coinm'tting other dopradallns upon tha citizens in tho neighborhood of Savannah. . The to .lassie scouts ?r< a la- leas art of vagabonds, who have irom tlnni to time h en oonvtcted of oiitragcR Upon peacealilo Union citizen*, arid are a disgrace to tlta service. If tlio balance of the hand, sonio half a dozen, wore treated with the same oonenleratlon it wo Id be giving Ilium their Just il so ts, and doing n service to ilie country by ridding it and the army of the nuisance. Two ui the New Orleans cavalry wi re cultura l ) estordry by a me 'f tleu. W ilmce's si mis, near I'urdy. Tlx y air flueo to he inieili; 11 s-.m.i n> 11, li t rums d I I I.II .111 in y lull III IH li Ida IVC in tlieil .CvH. (.'. plain l .'i nil II id'lei il ail ICiirnoti?. no .1 Smith a ailicivnt s-.ttuls -rut tu htvaunali mat i*iii,wiiu I killed a corporal and two privates. Yesterday fnl he indulged in an ap|>enrancc in our rear, and actually en- "" tored the town of Gallatin, twenty-six miles north of the ^ city. Gallatin Is a point on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, and is important from the fact that much of our wi , ' .* lui supplies come via it. UD Morgan, with ubout forty men, up|icared in tho town th during yesterday morning. I wus nut advised of the precise hour, but it is understood to have been early In the morning. As tho place was undefended it was a small matter to poize upon it. particularly as it is said to be full of sympathising secessionists, who would aid him all it was possible. On entering the town, Morgan immediately seized upon the telegraph ollloe and the do|H>t. N< Ho waited for the down train from Louisville, with the v' mail and Geo. I), l'renlico aboard, but fortunately the l(. train <li-l not arrive. A construction train was captured* tr together with an extra locomotive. The locomotives 11 wore (lrcd up, ami when a full head of steam had been j, turned on they were started loose, and running together) n boib were blown up and destroyed. A large depot build' j" ing graced the town, but doos not now. Morgan destroyed ? it and its contents. Five lederal oillcers who were re- 11 turning to Louisville were also captured. c< In this new exploit there is left no room to doubt that the rebel Captain lias been materially aided by rebel Ii sympathizers in this city as well as in Gallatin. There b< is no doubt of the prevalence of a Southern sentiment ^ hoie, which is so strung as to lead tho persons holding to ti those Ideas to indulge freely in the treasonable und don- hi geruiM projects of aiding these men. The rebellion has ai been too proiitable to Nashville and Nashville people. I jh will endeavor to show how, in a future letter. Their in of teresl houud ihem to the confederacy, and that is the m strongest inducement with which it is possible tr to tempt human nature to be baso. General Bucll re has bceu too kind. Good men have not been fo rewarded nor have bad inen been punished. The people in laugh at General Knell's efforts to concilia to. They treat ui him and linemen with opi n disdain and scorn. The lines at are too |o??e. A whob gome feir would hepetit litem. at We want hose a littfe more of the stringency of General - ol Halleck. 1 see no ruinedy for the harshness here hut u of little less coaxing and more punishment. Within tire ar last few davs, since the movement South became general, fr tbe po -|>!? hive been fiarticiilarly impudent ami ollen- cl; Hive. Men 1)0 not make any demonstration publicly, In but It is plain by whom women, girls and buva are H pushod in to offer the grossest insults to n(foers and K met). Any one of llio demoustrallons made by the ladies w would uppear ridiculous If mentioned, but It is certain of that, though harmless, their actions are very aggra- he vat log to the men, particularly us the whole army has on been care!ul to appear, if not in reality, polite as my Ixird ut Chesterfield. Let me mention an instance of the means employed by the fnlr dames of Nashville to Insult our ? otllcers. Some of our generals were standing yesterday on the sidewalk in front of the St. Cloud Ho 14. While they wore conversing a couple of ladles, in full dress ut gaudy colors, upproorhed ihetn, followed by a great fat, dirty and slovenly negro wench. As tho ladies neared the generals, tliey changed from line-of buttle re march to single tile, although there was plenty of room. \y At tbe same time they curl'ully drew their dresses aside, to prevent their coining in contact with tbe generals? ten feet distant?and placed (heir handkerchiefs u|ion their diminutive nu.-al organs. The negro wench had co been well drilled, and It was with the most, serious face aud admirable delicacy that she drew her hoopless skirt m to euu side, and put a great red bandanna to her nose. One gen rai scratched his pale with a puzzled air, an other sw<>re in approved tierinau style, while a third appeared to enjoy the joke of the ladies and anger and cha- sc grin of his irlcmlH. y " w< Ncwspuper Accounts. [From the Nashvillo Patriot, Mai ch 27.] I ailro.d eoiiimuiiicatiou lielweon this place and Duck river ovor the Tennossee and Alabama Railroad has been opened again, and wo learn tlml the Xnslivillc and Chattanooga Kulroud will -non be in running order to Murfreesboro. ttpecd the work. The river continues 10 rcreuc mm. At me upper wnan m we noticed the lollowing bout* yesterday:?Kiiimalluni-an, J. W. Hailtnan, W. W. Crawford aud Sunny Side. Jr TIte elegant anil iu|ierb steamer Ktnma Duncan wilt cli leave for Cincinnati and all wuy points this day, at four o'clock. . I he AVmny Hullr'in in the title of a newspaper which 1,1 made Its liret appearance iu tbnt city yesterday. It ih Tv published by a number of Journey men printers. Success $r to it. THK REBEL TROOPS AT PORT DONF.LSON?NUMBER OP KILLED AMD WOl'NDED. M* [From tbo Nash v lllo Patriot, March 27.1 ye We are indebted to a private source for the following statist ice In regard to the rebel forces at the battles before Fort Ixinclson. They inay be relied upon as more M nearly approximating the truth, than any statement yet fe given. In fact, we know tbem to be correct in the main:? _ KI'MMUUI KMIAUSn, ILIAD AXD WOOKIiRD OF THK COR- * vmumais tosivi it >tsrr ik>rklmw< rsmn-aar IS, 18, 14 avd 1ft, 1H?2. An N Hrtfimenf. I'oltmrl. ArHtff Cnm'r. Any. Kd W\t. 48th Tenn... Voorhles ? 290 ? la 43d Trnn.... Onarlte ? 4W ? 11 63d Trnn Abernathy ... ? 29U 6 13 bu 49th Trim . Ha Hey ? 3UU 4 13 SithTenn... Head ? 6M II 30 cn IMth Trnn... Palmer ? 413 4 40 th lltlli Trim llrlmao ? 7.10 1 A ... 16th Trnn.. Ltllarda ? 40" 11 86 u" 61st Tenn.... Faripiabaraon ? 4.10 2 3 s 32.1 Trnn.... Cooke ? SMI 3 34 3.1 Trnn Brown ? 660 12 74 Wl 81stTenii.... Clark ? 90 ? _ al both Tenn . Hogg ? 4fl?l 14. 21st Ky H.irrl?on ? 616 13 87 d? Silt Ky Hutnett Lt. Pol. Lyon . . 900 l? 61 7th Ky Hregg - 3UU 20 90 al 15ih Ark.... tier ? 270 7 17 Of 2?lh Ah Hughes ? 216 ? 1 ln 1st Mua Hiii.onton Lt Col.Hamilton 2m 17 76 31 Mini Davidson. ... Lt. Out. Wells... .Wl fi l'J fll 4tli Mlaa Drake ? 336 8 36 ,. 141 h Mlsa... haldwlu Maj. Doss 473 17 94 tc 2illh Miss... K a.ell Ma.1. Brown 563 I! M dr 26th Mlaa.... Hi nol.ts 1.1. Col. Boon.... 431 12 71 3<hh Virginia ? .... Maj fhnriiluirgh 4t?i f 16 ? 51st Virginia Wharton ? 27.1 3 43 Ul 6th Virginia Htrwart ? 330 ? ? Shih Virginia McCaualln.. . ? 230 ? ov Tenn. Hau'n ? ... Maj. Coleman. 270 ? ? " Batt'n ? .... Maj. How an ... Ml 3 8 u, " Cav'ry ? .... Uant 227 - 1 ' ' ? ... t'apl. Milton ... 13 ? ? ln - ... Ko.eal 610 8 13 ? Artillery ? ... Murray 80 ? 2 th ' .... ? ... Porter 119 7 4 pt " .... ? ... liravea 30 ? 4 i,, O .... ? .... Mailty. Itki 6 * th ' .... ? .... Jack eon .44 ? ? , .... ? ... tluy 38 ? ? P' .... ? ... Boss 160 2 3 ce " .... ? .... Ureen 76 ? 1 w v.i.1 la s-Jti et I iwn ? i?ii11vti co Lose not known, but severe. Tl Th? Common Conncll of NMhvlll* and ' Governor Jolmeon. an (Front the Nashville Manner, March 2H ] lei mhtino or the board or aldermen and crnr c* COUNCIL IN CONVENTION. A Joint mooting of the Hoard of Aldermen and City Council wai bold en Thursday evening, March 27. Major Khka, President nf the Hoard of Aldermen, on motion, took the etial> On taking tile sent the Chairman fy staled that a ooran .cation had heen received by his Honor the Mayur f in (loveriior Johnson, through his Secretary of mate, which was of so important a nature as to require their most, serious consideration grim documents wers then rend us follows-? , Mayor's (truce. March 27, 18SJ. To thk City Corvcn?i submit lor your consideration " the accom|>anying commutiicstlon from t.orernor An- sol drew Johnson. Vsry respectfully. R. H. I HKAlHAM, Mayor. SacsETART'sorskr, i "" Nashville, Tenn , March 25,18(12. J To mr Mayor. Ms.mhkks or Tiia Commo* Cot xm., Police, m< ayo intiaa Osmciaia or thk City or Na.-tii ii i.k ? liENiuuntx?In pursuance of the first section of the fouri h article of toe QOiutttludnr. of the Slate of Tonnes- 1 see, each >i yon are required to take and subscribe the oaili herewith enclosed, ?nd s tld oath, wh-m eo taken "" and subscribed, yvu will return to this oliloe by Friday uesi. Ynuis.; c. AN. KK?V JtiHNfON, UoVernor. *m i b h. t ist, secretary of s'ute. tiik oath. Blaisef Tttmtxn c, ? tl itn "n ttiis, the day d LS?>_ per*. dl.< ap ?-aied liofoie me, 1 ? , ef the - ?. and tobk a id subscribed go' 3 following oath. in puriir nee 'if the first .section of tl o rth article of the cousi ilulioo of the State of Teuues. winch is as follows ?"Kvery [eraoO who sfcft I be sen or appoint) d to any olHce of truat or profit under c institution, or any aw made in pursuance thereof, II, before entering "n tfe duties thereof, tako an oath, upport the constitution of tins State and of the United les, and an oath of 'line" (bo having already takeu oath to support the constitution of Temietssee), to ?I,? . <!o solemnly swear that I will sup|>ort, it?ct and defend the constitution and government of 'United States against all enemies, whether domestic foreign,and thatI will bear true faith,allegiance and ally to the same, any law,ordinance, resolution or iveution to the contrary notwithslauding; and further, 1 further, that 1 do this with u full determination, dye and purpose, without any mental reservation or talon whatsoever; thai 1 will well and faithfully perin all the duties w h h may he required by law, so help i (Jod. Sworn to and subscribed before me, A very animated debate ensued, during which it ?n filed that the proposition waa unprecedented and anuslitotiunal to requiie officers of the city government take such an oath, and a motion was made that the (ijcct he referred to a committee for caretul conoration. Ur. UoCann opposed the motiou, and desired iroiurite action. He saw such an oath liad never before in required from linn, or from any other member ol i city government, nor was it required hy t ho const i.ion or laws of Tennessee, as far as he c uld under mil them. I he Councilman who first spoke again urged a postlenient. [be Mayor informed the convention that tho commantion was handed to him by the Secretary of State uui uara ou luesoav evening, aiiu [wuuo uiuu|u> i> ['ore tho Hoard of Alderman at their meeting, suggest: the anpoiutuiL'iit of u committee to examine into ihe lijcct, and an adjournment to Thursday night to meet f Councilmeii in convention. llio Auikkmun of the Kightli asked if such oath wai or bot'ore required, and if so, when* Ho was born id 0 city of Nashville, and had never hoard such an oath fore to-night. ('residentUhsa then stated that, by common consent, u Mayor and himself were requested to lako advice oi ilUSel on the subject, and that they had performed eir duties, consulting with souie of our best lawyers, 1 of whom (hut one) agree that the section and aril. ) referred to applied not to otllcers of the city govern nt. The gcnllemau excepted wax not propa ed to giv? dollnite reply, never having had the subject uudei nsidei atiou. Since 180K, tbe only oath required of any icer of the city government was a simple oath to faultily discharge tho duties ho liad undertaken. The conn nee fhe sail) hud drawn up an add i ess to (i< vnor Johnson, which, fwith the penuit-isiou of tbe con lit ion, the clerk would read. The address being read, the motion to lay over wai tlidrawn, and Councilman 1 ikmonukki m oilered a resolion that the address be adopted, wbicb was carried innlmously. [The nature of l)>c debate will suggest e character 01 the address.) A motn n was then nude that the address be entered sin the record, and a copy, signed by tho proper olh rs, be transmitted to Governor Johnson. The CotivenliuD then adjourned. (Jbituury, [From the Nashville Kuptiblican Banner, March 24t]" ' Hev. Kohekt French Fkkiii son was bom in Monm >uth, swr .Igysey, November 30,171)0, and died at Mountllopo ciulty oi Nashville, Tennessee, March 18, 1802. 1U as reared In l'hiluitclphia, where, at tho ago of ninoeu, liis spiritual experience led him to the public minis y of religion, in which he coulinu< d for over half a ceu iry, with an iudustry, zeal and devotion that abated ;ily when the intiruiilies of age udmouislied him of exmisled physical ability. His early ministry was truly ils.-ionary, extending over large portions of New Enginil and most of the Middle States. He spent two yeaiii Massachusetts, three in l'hiladelphia, whence he re< loved to the Valley of Virginia, whero for over twentyre years lie was the regular minister of four or mors ungrsgations, giving a monthly service to oach, ami ooisiiinally rsliirning to the congregations bo had reares p in Baltimore, l'hiladelphia and at intermediate points 11848, finding his family for the most part in the West s resigned his lleld of labor in Virginia, with a view i a residence with his children, but yielded to tht trnesl entreaties of his numerous friends in Bat more, where he speut sum* two years prior U is rsiuoval West.- In 1848 lie came to Kentucky, id spout the evening of his earthly life there and in tie. irtions of Tennessee adjoiuiug. He died In the family ' his son, J. H. Ferguson,In tho enjoyment of all hit eulul faculties and in the couildence and hope whioh s ue, just and honest life ever inspires. He was s mas inarkahle for great strength aud clearness of intellect r the very highest sense of moral responsibility, foi duslry aud self sacrificing devotion, for love of country isurpussed, Tor Instinctive philanthropy and the most stive Christian benevolence, for cheerfulness and buoyicy vf spirit which no cloud of misfortune could long limri. iindTor an ititei'ritv of iiurnosa in overv relation 'iii'o unflinching and impregnable, a pillar of strength id hope to all wherever he was known. He lived tree om the shafts of enmity, leaving a memory among at' liases, wherever his lot was cast, sweet and fragrant deeds or righteousnoss whose efleet can never be lost, e married at the age or tweuty-three, near Providence, I., the eldest daughter of Her. Jess> Babeock, with lioin he lived, and who shared the sacrifices and labori his long and useful life or nearly flrty years. He leave! irand seven children, with their families, to cherieb id hold the worth ol? his memory in grateful reem branco. KIRMISHING ON THE RAPPAHANNOCK. Washinutos, April 1,1802. A gentloman just returned trom the Rappahonuoclc ports that Major Van Stclo Housan and Captain Camp hlto, while out on service, were surprised and taken isouers by tho Louisiana Tlgors. Lieutenant Colonel Clayflsh and Captain Koenig, in en unterlng arobel scouting forco, killed two 01' the en* y'a officers, whoso horses were brought luto our camp. Capl. Newstadter was taken prisoner by the enemy. Shots are frequently exchanged between picket* or outing parlies. A reconuoissance was made yesterday, and thirty igonleada of forage secured. NEWS FROM STRASBURQ, YA. Sthashi ku, March 31, 1802. About 3,000 rebel soldiers made th -tr appearance two ilea beyond our pickets to-day. Our nearest regiments ew up in liueot battle, awaiting their attack, but deliiing to go beyoud our lines. The rebels male no attack upon us yesterday, but row several shells mlo the cainp of the Massachusetts % cut./-rtwwruu rv^iiuwut. iiro iwwjis wore miuddiuviiia/ iven away by the apix-arance of our advance. Cept. Savage anil a toiupauiou, of the Tw*n!y second iseuchusetta, passed beyond our ltnea by accident aterduy, and cuinc upon a picket of rebels, who fired ion them. Capt. Savage was thrown from hie borne, id took to the woods. tie and bia companion dually und their way back to camp during the night. errlbla Kxploatow and Fire In Fiftieth treed, near Broadway. Shortly after eleven o'clock on Men day night a tern Be ; plosion occurred In a chemical laboratory situated in rticth street, near Broadway, the building was brick, atory and a htlf high. The exploaion shook the uses for several blocks In thit vicinity, and the coassion alarmed the ioliabitanta se that they ran from etr dwellings, believing an earlb|iiako waa at nd. We learn from those wh> saw it that volume of red and blue flame, Intermingled ith a | mis Its, aaeouded iu the air at lose t one hundred id fifty feet. At the tame time the wulla were imoliahed and the bricks and timbers scattered In all recilona. A large three story frame house adjoining, cupied by a colored family named Gardner, waa set Are , and the roof and upper story burned off before the unes were extinguished by the flreiuen. The ruins ef is laboratory were also fired. Mr. Gardner la a dealer in >ga, and kopt most of lliom lu the garret. tiring ... au.liiall llmL III leon of lliu ll MIS oornh"! IU tll.L IMH. Aa far aa we could laaru, the . hemic*! laboratory ru mod by Louis M. Dombacb, who was roanuclunug gun cartridge paper aud gun cotton. r wim accident, ax yet unexplained, (Ira uam* r.uii lac I with lb* cartridge pu|i*r, and tli* ;p!oaiou n.a autly occurred. We aiccitaluod front a neighbor* Ui?l a inan and woman lived on tlio cniise*, aud an no one wan aeon to l?av? tint place It I* dieted may are under the ruiua. Other* ?gam elated at no pe.sun lived in the placa. Captain Blott, with a atuon oi ineti, wan quickly at th# building and kipl exllnnt order. Chief Kngineer Decker and hnglneer Br ice are aarly ou the ground. The Qremeii removed a good >rlion of the timber*; but no algu of human bod..-a uld Iks found. A* the iuforin.ui<>u wu of a conflicting aracter, nil further nearch eat deferred uutd daylight, te building* belonged to Daulel Hall. Tliey are damage* lout flit.en hundred dollar* Mr. Dornbacb's leu wilt itount to about IftOO, no insurance. We bave amen arnod froui the t'lre Marshal that the eaploelou wan iiaed by tbe ignition of about two h.indretl pound* or in cottou. Our Vera Crat Corrnpondrnee. V**a Curs, March 8,1SA2. wrytAiny Ifuiet in Me C\ty?Mtmntert Smt in .starch of Mr. AlUn?Kmbarkatum of Ike Kngluh Htrctt? Thru Sad Condition, <tc I mo.1 you a few line* to-day by the ichoonor F.uphe|a,Ca|>t*ln Bailey, who goe* dir.clly to New York, erylhing m <|ut?t here now. Wo have but very few dlers here, and none of the inhabitant* havo returned, it communication I* *t ill unopen to the interior. Two m were despatched yesterday, one to go by th* way of iMha.and one l.j the way 01 Jalajxi, to tbo t ity of xlco, to search for Mr Allen, from whom nothing has n heard aioce the Uldli of lust mouth, the tiny he left. '0. || * Kngllsh force* are now nmbnrklng. and II t* a *ad lit U lieik upon. Out of 30:) turn '.'40 were eo nick that y \\>'iu hardy able to <ulk, uad could not carty their lek.-t*. th..*.- poor tei.'.w* lando I 1 r.- eighty .lay* ce, halo, tieai'ty and in .he beet of lirultb Hit III iii( of the Oi< inn sen*. IV* I.INK, A,.I'll 1, IRS*, pie steamer Pima.*. s fa, t. 'town, sailed lei tlbow * at had uaet muc o clock tb.s uvetnnd

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