Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 3, 1862 Page 1
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TE WHOLE NO. 9337. 8lfcVATIONB WAMTED-reMALEg.^ F?I Other Wuti See HUlk P?f?> A TBU8TW0RTHY YOCNO WOMAN WISIIES A SITTA atlon 11 nurte and aciunatrasa; no objection to do <-ha'nperwork id I boo washing in a pnrate family. 11a* *e eral yaari'aity reference. I a.l at *14 oui nr., beiween Mlb and Mb (?., for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED.?IS A GOOD PLAIN COOK, J\. a good waaberapd i oimr, and haa oily reference from Mi last p'ace. Call at 480 ut are., beiween 22d and 23d for two kayo. | A LADY WANTS A SITUATION AS SALESWOMAN IN JX a reaeeclabia bua.neaa. b.ia been aornaloined to tbe Broadway trade for tba la*. erven year a. The adrurtleor la oatrlctly ouiineu rvoman. Ciliat or addreae No. 7Carroll place (Bleacher at.) for thine data. AYOUNO LADY OF RESPECTABILITY AND RK Anoinent would like a eitnation so hoimekeeper. Ad dreea, for one weak, Mien II. Janice, box 02 Broadway Poat Ulco, New York. _ a niTiiiTr.w wivrvn.BV i voi'Kii nim. Tf> no .A- ckainberwork and e.v, or to take car.- of children and Ctr; no ob let-lion 10 go in i ouiitry. Good reference ian given. Call at IIUW n'd at., betwo.-n 6th and 7tu a??. A YOUNG PERSON Of TUB HIGHEST RBSPKCTAbllltv wLhes a sltuau D, aa n..r-c .>ud seamstress; ta very ojlsdUuI in all real*1. a; or would go a*companion to njady. The boat of ref rahc-; ,lven. Call for two cay* at 17 wavertey place, near B-oa uaay. 1 SITUATION WANTED -BY A RE8PKCTABI.B OWL JOl. to cola, waab aud ir.,u. no oojeuiiou to do genera; kouaework, In a email pro ate fam ly. Cau be acen lor two daya at 122 Eaat J6lh at., I r t Boor, i rout room. _ A SITUATION WANTS.J?BY A SCOTCH PROTK8JV taat Yvoiuan; la a Bra. rate washer and ironer. City reference. Can be aren I or tv. o daya at No. 0 Prince at., three daara front Tillary, Broo lyo. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL* aa cook, waaher an . lroner: bun the beat of oily and country reference. Apply at 222 Weil 22lb at., between 9th and 10th are. A RESPECTABLE COLORED GIRL WANTS A SITUAtlon In a private family, to do p uln co.klng, washing and ironing, or to do the up elaira work. Call at 119 East Nth at. ARB8PECTABLE PROTESTANT TOUNG GIRL, 13 yeara of age, wiaiiei a situation lo take care ol children bad da light chamber* o.'? or wa t on table In n small private fatally; (a willing to ma?e .eroelf g. nerally unfoL Call at OPT let tr.. between 13.n an . 16.ii ms., lor two days. Ik RB8PECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUja atlon as cbomuerma.d and w trosa, or would be wilMag to do cliamberwork and asalst with the washing; the est of referenoe given, Call for two days at 311 bib av., beIwaen Plat and 23d ate., second Poor, front room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS J3L wat nurse; her own < aby la only three weeks old. Can fee seen at i& Atlantic st, South Biooklyu, secoud lloor, buck ansae, for two daya. A RICE ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO the housework of a small ,am!ly; la a good plain cook t oad an excellent washer anu irouer; no applicants out of Slew a need apply. Hai two yrais' rofereuce from her last glace. Apply at 233 Elisabeth at, near Houston. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MOST RESPECTABLE young woman, as uuise aud aeainsiress, or as chamberI ana id and seam st ma; would prefer taking charge of a baby from lis birth. Baa the best of city reference fr< m her present employer, 63 East 23d?t., where she inn be seen for M SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS A cook, washer and Ironer in a private family; would do Ike kouaework of a small family llaa good city ref. renoe. Can be seen until suited at 116 West 13th at., near 6tb ave., rear bulldiua. 4 FIR8T CLASS COOK WISHES A SI TUATION IN A A private lauuly; understands ah kinds of faintly < ooklag; bo objection to go in the country In a gentleman's famla; earn be highly recommended i?y the beet families. Call r two days at M University place, between 12'.h and 13:b I le., to the bakery. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE German girl; is a good i>lain cook, waslirr and trailer; would go to Harlem or a short ulstauce In Westchester county. . Call for two days at 68 Wouster at. Y. HAl'S. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A WOMAN, AS COOK; J%. baa bo objecllob to assist with the washing. Call at H?East 11th at. _ 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A yonag woman, tocoes, vanh and iron or to do general housework In a private famtty. Has the beet or city re! < retire fjwmher laat placv. Call atl Jd Gold St., corner of High st., 4 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION >A8 NURSE A and seamstress; has,-ood city reference. Call at 142 Wast 16th ?t.,third floor, romn. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WOULD LIKE A SITUATION TO A take eare of coildreu or do light chain berwork; a comfortable hems more of an ebjtc: '.nan wages. Apply at her late employer's, 89 Ludlow st, lor days. A SITUATION WANTED ?BY AN EXPERIENCED yenng woman, as uura- and seamstress; can do all kinds f family sewing; good city reference can be giren. Can bs IS?sl MO West ??lh st., between Broadwsy and bih sv. 4 BESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WI8HES A 8ITUA stlon to do general bouarwork in a small private family; Is a good washer and Ironcr and can make good bread. Mas feed city reference. Call at >48 Gold st., between My rue Bv. and Johnson st. Brooklyn. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO. ,/A tsstsnt woman, to cook, wash aud Iron In a am?U fatul. ?; tea good baker of broad and Meruit. City reference. Can be seen for two days at 140 West S7th str., second floor, 1 front room. _ 4B COOK -WANTED, BY A STEADY WOMAN. A -A. situation as euok, washer aud ironsr, or to do general housework in a small i amuy. Call at her present pUos of empleyment, 144 Ath av. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE A young woman, 1b a prlratc family, to do general houseWork. Ooodcity reference. Apply at 17 Sheriff at., in the War building, ihlrd Boor. a PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN WANTH A 8ITUA JEV Upn aa chambermaid and eeamatreaa, or would do genenai hobeework Can be?een for two day a orer ihagrocery glere OB tbe corner ol Hlcka and Amity ata., SroAly u; entApee >B Amity at. Ouubi ry pr- lerrrd. a i waitress, ac,?wanted. ?t a competent A HJ; rVi ^ "StItet atfpirmEft. afiuSilAn aa waiifeee anu ySr'or maid, or thorough serranl; take* Wane of the at Ire r and dining room; la fully c-nape lent. WageefT a month; city or country. Call al 184 East ilet at., or a#Bd a note. _ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL to do general housework In a email private family; la a flaod waeber and Loner; beat of ctiy ratorance from her laai gfcee. Call at 488 Aui ar.. near i?th at. a YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS WET A nurae. She ean be aaou lor two day* at the home or bar praaeul employer!, 17 Waal 34tu at., where the beat reieranee wlU be given. A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUAUon aa cook. Unceraiauda her bunluea* in all Ite branches. Would aMlei * lib waahlug. Il.ia hot or rl.y refMaiun fnnuien m* AM Clli mar Hi the nlnro </.a tame. A.. i ARBSPSCTABLE GIRL wants a situation to do itMrtl bouHn irt. Can bo aeeu at 213 Ktn 17tb si, bstween lit av. And avenue a. A protestant girl wants a situation as chambermaid and to aaeUt In wishing and Ironing, or to lakOAAio of children; Is willing and obliging. The beet an be seen for iwo days I i??Um?NAlD ac.?a RESPECTABLE YOUNQ JR. girl wtshss a alttist .on aa chambermaid and to assist with Tho washing and toning, la strictly hourit. andean be W?U rsowssded at 1 vr last plaee, W West itvui at., where gho ssn be saea fee two u?y?. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNU WOMAN, TO Jk W boose work In a small private family. City refe Nseta Oan be seen t >r two days at 77 West ttih st, betefen Sth Sad 71b are. A TO UNO AMERICAN OIRL WISHES TO B NO AOS In a respectable Pro eatani I amity ai nursery governess, r to do right chamber work. No objection to ibe country. Reference given and req tired. Call at No. S3 Congiess ?t., Brooklyn. A YOU NO OIRL WIt'HEA A SITUATION AS NURSE; la a good pUiu ee'ver, can embroider and bat no oblactlou to the Country. Cl'y retercncr. Can be eeen at 13 Union coun. University place, oetween 11th and 12th em. A situation wan ted-by a protestant young woman, aa ehair oerrnald and wsilrese In a private family, or would have t,e objection to go as regular waitress; wages not to much au oi> |eel aa a good home. Good cltv reference from hrr lest plar.. Can be noen for two dayt al 67 Wool lS'h St., nanr 6th ?> ?. * A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA lion ?a aood plain cook washer aud irouer; unl.raiands all kind* of Itmily baking; or would go as laundreM In a private family, no objection to go to the lountry lot the summer. Can be seen for two days at son tllrl* ?t Bmokh n. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHED A SITUATION TO do general houaewnrk; leagued ruok, waahet and Iron r. City reference. Con be aeen for two <laya at 40 L id 4 |0 w M. ^ A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, AH dret rale cook. In nil lie hranchre, t'( tome prime latm- I If; no objection to nwint In weahfug if requited. Can he men for two daya nt 104 Mth at, between 4th and Tth aree. City reference. A* TOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK and waaherend iruner; can glvr the beet of city trieranee. Call at No. M C'ltrUiopher at. AM SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL,, aa chambermaid or wattreae, or to lake care af children; ran ftre good reference. Can be eeen for two day* at IS.*, 4Sd at., between 7tH and Stb araa. A SITUATION WANTEIk?BY A RESPECTABLB OIBL, I A to da general bouaework ia a private family; no ob. Jwtiog to chamberwork or wailing; good city rclrretr e if required. Call far two daye at 63 Atlantic at., Bro iklyu. A SITUATION WANTBO-BY A RESPECTABLE, J4. faithful girt, to do plain rooking or general hoti?< work, wttl be found an etcrllenl waaher and Ironar. tteai and moderate; beet reference*. Call lor two daraMiriiaetth at, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-Bt A RESPECTABLE rating woman, aa chambermaid and to eeal?t In the WMl 4 SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, BT A RE8PECTAA Ne Engiiah woman: would not object to go at cook aud SRaekeee*r; nnderttanJa both of iha nhor<fhran?hei 5J?r. feT\ I" h"lt ?.f r"T refcrenoo. Oan b, eeen for iwo fwa atwlh at., ?econd brick hone- rati of It Of Wo ild uS| ebjaal to going by the day. " * w,"a [E NE NEA SITUATIONS WASTED-FKMAUBS. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO' bad, as rook; understands her bumim in all it* parts Best of reference*. Call at 303 4th a?., in the fanay storm betwaen 11 1 and 21th sis. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A PROTBaTANT YOUNO woman, to do chamherwnrk and plain sewing; wo Id smlst in washing and Ironing. Good city reference. Call at 613 2d ?v., between 31m and 32d ila., for two days. ARE-d'ECTABLK GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO cook, wash and iron, or do general housework; ia will. in? and obliging and would make h-raelf generally useful. Best city references. Call for two days at 87 Eaat 32d at., betweeu Liingiou and 3d am A SITUATION WANTED-B Y A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG woman, as chambermaid; la willing to help with iho washing end Ironing, or to do housework fn a small family. The beat of city refeteuce. Call at 73 a*. C, between 5th and (lib sis., rear building, iirst Hour, for two daye. A RESPECTABLE YOl NG GIRL WISHES A SITU AJY lion a? nurse sad chainbarmaid, or ua nurse and seamaircss: can do plain sewing und all kinds of embroidery; no ninoetlou to the country. Cell at 132 Well 15tb at., between <tli and 7lh ava. A PROTESTANT COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A amall family; midststands her bualnesx thoroughly in all ila branches; no objection to assist In the washing; best of citv reference given; no objection to thecouutry. Call at 206 West 26, h > t. A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNO GERMAN WOMAN j\. wishes to make an arrangement with a luinily goinc to Europe about the lstm May, ax lady's maid, oi io lake care of children during thevoyage; beat of reference* given. Inquire at 137 West 23d at. A respectable young girt, wants a situ atlon as Ixun Ircss or chambermaid and line washer and Irone.r; thoroughly understands h r bnalnexx, also French fluling; ben ol city reference from h< r last place. Call at 123 West 18Mi at., northwest corner of 7th ay. As COOK, IN A RESPECTABLE PRIVATE PAMILY. by one who thoroughly understands her business in all its branches; con rook meat*, gume, poultry, soup, and all kinds of >h saeris,and la an excellent linker. Bexl of i I'.y reference can be give u. Has lived seven ycara In her last pla> e. Call at .''60 2d av., aecnnd floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, HAVING THE best of tity references, wishes a sltuat on as chamber, maid, or nurse and r.eanistreMs. Call at 12U West 32d St.. i)i'ar7(ti av., lust Ittr, i<nk room. A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do chamber* ork and assist in washing and trotting; is willing lo make. herself generally useful. Can lie scan for two days at her present employer's, 276 6th av., N. Y. AN AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A PLACE AS CHAM liermald and t assist in the washing and ironing, or as nurse or waitress; has no objection to go to the country. Call lor two days i.l 114 West 32d St., second floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE CIRL, WJTII GOOD KECOMmendstiona, wants a situation to do cbamoerwork and waiting or general housework. Can be seen for two days at 79 West 19tb si., between 8th and 7th ava. A YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN WANT8 A 8ITCAtion aa seamstress;ran cut aud nt ladies' and children's dresses; understands all kinds of family sewing; can wall on a ladv and make herself usettil; has the beet of city rerererng. Can be seen Thursday and Friday at 128 8th st., room No. 8. second floor, near 6th av. A YOUNG SCOTCH GIRL WI8HBB A SITUATION TO inske herself gcuerslly useful, or to learn chamberwork. Call for three davs at 269 West Houston street, near Hudson. AN AMERICAN GIRL, 17 YEARB OLD, WOULD LIKE a situation In a pi lvate family as nurse, or to do light up stairs work; tha best of city reference given; no objection to the country. Call at .108 Broome at. None but a gentleman's family n*ed apply. A situation wanted?by a young oirl, as good plain co"k In a small privs's family; la a first rate wasbrr and ironer, and la willing and obliging; has good city reference. Call for two days at 87 East Baltic St., between Smith >11(1 H?Tt sts., Brooklyn. AS COOK, WAb'.lER AND IRONER, OR GENERAL servant.?Wanfd, by an Industrious, well disposed young woman, who Is fully competent for her duties, s situation In the city or country in either of the above capacities; satisfactory reference can bo given. Call at 378 tith ar. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as coos; understands all kinds of meats, game, soups, poetry sod Jellies; has no objection to the country with a family; good city reference. Call at IB Union court, Unlveraiiy place, between lilh and 13th its. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as eiocllrut cook; Is willing to assist la the washing and Ironing: understands all kinds of cooking; beat of < Uy reference. Call tor two days at 03 West 80th at., belwren tith and 7ibavs. Actuation wanted-by a young woman, as nurse and searnstrnsa or chambermaid auct do tine waihlna. has the brat of references. Can be te-nat I'M East 33d at., belwren 3d end Lexington arcs., In the store. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, who la an experienced cook and excellent baker; would be Willing to assist In the w ashing If required; Is fully comprtent In either capacity. Has unexceptionable <tiy reference. Can be seen for two days at SI West 12lh it., between Mb and tt'b avs., In the basement. A SITUATION WANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good cook; is willing to aseiat lis washing; la a good baker; no objection >ogo with a family in the count>y for the summer. The very best of city reference gleen. Call at 808 8d av., between SOtb and Slat air., lor two day*. CIOOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT J woman; understand* cooking and baking la all Its bran hex; would assist in the washing of a amall private family; nooblection 10 go a short distance in the country; baa the eery best city reference. Can be aecu at 109 West 19th at., between 6th and 7th avea. Housekeepers or seamstress' situation wanted, by an American widow lady, where the ran hsve a small loom to herself; compensation no object, but ? good home Is, A-Krcss S. S. 6., Herald office, for two days, Itabng particulars. Housekeeper.-a young new England lady wishes s silcot'ou as house keeper In an elderly gentleman a or widower's f.. nily. Best of references given. Address M. E. U., at a t lot, K. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE oerman girl, as rham.errnaldand to do upstairs work In a small family; good reference. Call at 18 Wlllongkby at., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, TO DO chambcrwork aud with washing and ironing and | plain sowing; good reference. from her employer. Call I tor (wo day* at SS9 We .t Houston at., back room. TWO RESPECTABLE YOtTNO OIRLS WISH SI. luationa; one a* good cook, washer and lroner; the other as chambermaid and waiter; no objection to go In the country. Good city reference from their last place. Can be seen (or two day? at 29# West *>lh .t? between 9th and loth a vs., OrM floor, front room. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT cl:la, situations together; one aa cook and to e*slst with tha washing: the other to do housework and waiting; no objections to the country; hesi of reference given. Call at 112 42d si., between Lexington and 8d ava., around door, front room. TITANTED-A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young woman; is a good plain cook and an excellent washer audlroaor; can do all kinds of family baking; baa good diy reference. Call at IM West t2d St., betwean 7th sad Stb ava WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman,'a altuatlon aa children's nurse or chambermaid'; has llvan seven veara in her last place, at 186 Henry at., Brooklyn, where she can be seen for two days; no objection lo live In Naw York or going a abort distance in the country. \ITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, TT who baa lost her own baby, lo wet nurse at her own r?Sidence, 96 Dagraw at., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, TV a situation aa chambermaid and taka care of children; underataads all kinds of embroidery; no objection to ihe country. Satisfactory reference. Call for two day* a'. 64 O.ecnwlch av. WANTED-.! SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young man lo alien J ta milk and butter; understands all [>uii> vuwr, uu iiirn i <>r tur m sterna nunuii mi sui-h, ran M recommended from there. Apply At *1 Mai tun at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman to rook, waah and Iron, or a* chamberI matd and asalsk to waah and iron, In New York or Brooklvn; I Brooklyn preferred: haa lived tea yoara In one family' in | Brooklyn. Call el IM East 2lat at , Arsl floor, New York WAKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WO| man, a aUuaUon aa wet nnree. Apply at 94 Monroe at. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE German girl, with good references. In a re?peot?b1e private family to do conking, washing and Ironing, or to do general bnuecwork in a email family. Inquire at 41 IVeat Houston at, rororr Greene at., second floor. II/" ANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL. A SITUATION TO DO It cbambarwork, plalu sewingaud take care of children. The beat of city reference. Can at 192 lftk at., betwa n 1st and 2<1 are., for two daya TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN ENGLISH GIRL, I? at nurse and seamstress, or chambermaid. Can lie aeen for two daya at Ml Atlantic at., Brooklyn. \ATANTED?BY TWO 818TEIIS, SITUATIONS; ONE AS TV | lain cook and Aral rale washer and Ironerythc other aa cbambarmaid and waltiaaa, and to assist with the washing and Ironing; would prefer to be together; no objection lo the country. Call at iK W< si 13th at., near 7th are., tup floor, frotll Pimm Baal silv pafara.i.a "II""ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PROTV leatant girl, aa cook; la a good waalicr and Iranlr, or would do light chauib-rwirk and aaw; tha baal of city rafarent e can lw glvoo, Can l>e iwan for (wo dlfittUlVMt Idih at., ttalroSoor, front room. 11/ AMED-A SITUATION. BV A YOUNU OlRL, TO TV do i tiamherwork, line waablng and Ironing, or would aaaat 111 waablng; will be found willing and obliging; ln *t of reference from har laat place Apply at 97 Eaat SSi at., h#. tween Laalnglon and .Id area. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a altuatlon to do thambet work and line washing or cbnmberwork and waiting, in a amnll nrtrat f imlly; good city rafaranra (mm tirr laat plaro. Call at JIM imh nvr., between Mat and 33d at*. TITANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN* WOVV mad. a alluation aa liouaakaapar or rhAtnliarniaid' or would do the general hoti*?work for a amall family. Call for two day* at 97 Eaaes at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambarmald and fine laundreaa; or a> ntinw and aeannlreea; baa flllad both sttiiallona with #a?lai'a Hon lo hrr ampltijrar; would Ilka la go with a family in California; no objection to tha country In atnnmer; tho heat i llv tafi-rani-a glean. Call for two day a a1 973 Rib nr., oaar W ?t. 1W YO V YORK, THURSDAY, AP SITUATION* WAHTKD-PBNALKI. XMTANTEO-A SITUATION, BY A REHPEl TABLE f T young girl, to du cluimberwork and wailing, flam w?. or general houaework in a small lamily; tbe I reierence given. Can be teen lor a few days al ttb Weal .Aih at., lirei Hour, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A COMPETRNT WOman, aa cook; baa no ojecUnn to assist In and i^ojtiivg. Can be aeeu at bar present employer's, ltd weal "117ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT ronng woman; aha la an eicallent cook, and uudrr landa baking and pastry; la a llrat rate laundress. Hmtof o'ly referaneea. Apply at 2U7 East 21stsu, betwaen latand 2d ava, up fctaira. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, IN a respecinble family, aa nuree, plain aewaror chambermaid; wages moderate. Apply at 117 Laurens at., war Prince, third floor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A UEFPECTABLE Protestant wouian, as uursofand a. amslr ss, or wom-l be willing to <lo general housework for a small private family. Good city reference can be given. Can be aeeu at 3tM W,?i Mb at. WANTED.-A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH LADY wlalira to obtain u siliallon an nm no til a'a family, or to take eare of an Invalid lady, ah#ul irarelung to England. Beat of reference furnished. Address, foi - as week. H. M. B., Brooklyn Post tifllce. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A CLEAN, TIDY OIIIL, to oo general housework; or aa chambermaid and waitress; is willing and obliging. Call for two daye at 1*1 HI III at rarii,r,r?lh? l....k WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOVAH, A SITUATION Art chambermaid and waitress. or 10 do |e;t?ral bout*work in & email family. Call at 113 42d (., between Leiingtou and 3d ava. Can be aeeii for two day*. WANTED?SITUATION*, BY TWO REM'Kt TABLE yo n.g women ; one us good cook and tint talc washer and ironer; Urn oilier ut> rliumbi rraatd an I wai'f**, or to do chamherwork and asflsi in the wa?hing; no ob.ccih ii to th? country; boat < ltv reference from laxl place, where they lived six years. Call at 333 dth av.uearilst at., aecond floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN AND FAmlly, a attention on a (arm, a lew miles from the city; good recommeudiitloD*. Call for two dav* at 13 Thnmn ?u front 9 lo 12 M. AL1IEKT BOTHOPF. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A S1TUAtlon ua cook, baker and t try; understands b?r business thoroughly. Can give el;y reference for the laat Ave year*. Can be reen at 211 Earn 21*1 *t. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, A SITU Atiou ae cook; will assist In washing and Ironing. Call at 177 Ka?l 3tlh at., batwoen,l*t and 2d ava, third Door, front room. Good city reference. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITI'AVV lion an waitress in a private family, or to do chamberwork and waiting; perfectly understands her huainera; can procure gooil city reference; haa no objection to the country. Can be seen at 360 3d nr., for two daya, room No. 13. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU, at Ion aa chtld'a nurse. Citv referencea. Call for two daya at Still IIUi av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ae aeamelreae and dressmaker; understands all kinds of family aewlng; no objection to do light chamberwork or tmvel with a faintly. Beat city reference. Call at 141 7th av , between 19th end 20tli eta. "(XT'ANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, AND TO ASSIST TV in the washing and Ironing: no objection to houaework in a small priratc family. Six years' ally reference from last place. Can be been for two days at No. 4 Rivington si. "WANTED?A SITUATION AS IIOUSEKEEPER IN A VV lirsi class country hotel, by a lady who haa (Hied the above position In New York, and can give undoubted references to the same. Addms M. C., 195 west 2ith at. WET NURSE'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A REap'ctable young man led womvn. in a respectable private family; the beat of reference given. Call at 33) West 29th St., third floor. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A GERMAN QIKL, TO do general housework; It it good washer and irooer. Apply a'.TOI Third avc.. between 47th and 48th ate., N. Y. TITAN TED?A SITUATION, BY A FROTESTANrOIRL, VV a* plain oook, wasuer and Ironer. Can be seen for two days, al 547 Greenwich street, flrsl floor, front room. Reference If required. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A situation as chambermaid and line wasbtngand Ironing. or laundress; no no jealous to go a short distance in the country. Good city reference from her last place. Call at tti u??i nil ?., uini uour, nuav iuuiu, lor iwu nays. WAKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. Y? a situation asoook.aud would its'lstln the washing and Ironing. Can give good cily reference* from her last employer'*. Can be a. en for two days at 130 St. Mark's place, 8<b au WAXTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young g<rl, aa pain cook, washer and Ironer, or to do general housework in n prlvute family. Good reference given from her last place. Cull for three days at No. " Talmau at., Brooklyn, WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 81TUAtlon aa cook, and haa no objection to aaelat In coarae washing. Good city rt'ereuc a given. Can be seen for two day* at182 West 19fh St., it not sidled. WANTED-BY A RBSFECTABLR YOUMO WOMAN A situation ae cok; is a first, tale baker of bread and pastry; willing to aaelat wlthllte washing; haa no objection to go a a hurt d'ntancc la the country. Call at 108 Weal 16th el., near Bin ae. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUAtlon as cook; understands cooking In all Its branches, (tan give the be?t of city references. Apply fur two dnye at tha corner of 2kd St. and 3d are, WANTED-A SITUATION AB CII AM HKll M AID AND tea matte?s, by a respcctahle girl; is willing to assl-i lu the rare of children. Beat of city references. Applv at her prescul employer's, 177 West Srtth at., tor two days. A .VTED^A SITUATION, BY (TuilUPECTABLK GIltL' >* good seamstress and nurse; ran do up stairs work and waiting In a private family; haa the best of city reference from her last pla<e Inilalrc (of -trap daya at 44k 41 h ave., In the bakery, between Slat and S2d sts. 1IKLP WAKTBD-YEMALES. W' ANTEO-A GERMAN (JIRL. TO SEW AND MAKE hereeit generally useful; one recently errived preferred Apply ufter 10 o'clock al .17 West 21 a' M WASTED-LADIES AND GENTLEMEN TO I.EARN a vary pmmaMti new ims'nes*, which rati be don at borne, nut 1- win ranted steady summer and winter In all cities; It will pay $16 to $20 per week ut Ue?t. Please Call and ate how yourselves, at 141 Grand St., between Crosby and Elra. Terms very low. Dr. It. I.OVE A BON, Inventors. WASTED?FOR A FIR8T CLASS LACK AND FANCY retail s'ore a young lady, capable ' Ukingcharge ol the lace depirti.: r. and etnorl-uiced In making up all kinds or lace goo .is, headdresses, Ac, None' but experienced and Ihoso well reiornmepded need apply. Apply without de|?y at Julius Hart's, 376, up stair.:, bcrveen 12 and k o'clock. "KIT ANTED?A OOOTPOERMAN COOK. FOR A PRIVATR TV laraih Addreic 0. B. ?., box ISO Herald oilier. WANTED-A NURSE (FEMALE) TO ATTEND A ThMnomrliy deranged person. In a |>rlvale ti.mtlv. Noue but Cml rlaM miraeii, fully competent, mod ?|<plv. Cndoubted recommendations required. Addrcta oox 4,<i;7 New York roil office. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; a Mood cook, rasher and ironri; tnii-l come well recommended from her leal place. Call at lis Groves1 reel, corner of Grand, Jereey City. WANTED?A OIRL. TO DO GENERAL HOI'DIWORK Apply at 19 Liffcyetta av., Brooklyn. WANTED-A GOOD MILLINER AND AN APPREN' the. Apply at 177 Weal Slat at. WANTED-A NEAT, WILLING PROTEST AN f WOmm, to do general housework, in a iiaall private family; ;ouet be a good o?ok, washer and troarr. Alio, a voting girl for chamb> rwork and waiting; mttal ba a m.hkI rarer, and wiLlnr to go with the family to the cuunirv f. r the auaimer. Apply between 10 and 13 o'clock at 03 Juralemon it., opposite Gardea, Btooklyn. WANTED-A YOUNG WOMAN. WELL EDUCATED and wllliag to rrmain In the eountry all the year round; she must read aloud at ell, play and slog, and make herself agreeable In a small, private family. A foreigner prelrrred. Te save trouble none need apply who do not possess the above qualifications. Address box IK Eos', office, Wal Ingtord, Conn., lor one week. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IKONERnone other than one arbo undetsUuda hmHiiessl Apply at 20 Mutirlicld place, 91 It it., beta en Wh and Kith venue*. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, CAPABLE TO take good care or children; good reference required. Apply at S9i Welt 2TU at., front 10 to 13 aylak. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED NURSE AND SEAM TV ureal (Protastaat preferred),oaiwble uf taktagiare of two i htldrru tour and six year* of age, and doing an klada of sewing, cuttlug aud Oiling children'! drones; km who mo use Wlieelcr and Wllaen's machine. Anplv at Oramercr Park Hotel, from 9 till 1 o'clook. WANTED-A GOOD OK, WA8ilBR AND IRONBK. f I At a I nunc, ail" mi "t-iviij it Kimvti, uia] arln. m n won <?ih ?t. WANTEIl-TWO PERSONS; ONE AH NUMB AND aeaitittrraa, and the other rank, waaher aid Iroaer.

To rompetent peraona good wagea will ha paid. Inquire at ItS Kant lith at., e*e?nth henee from Id a*. TENANTED?A OK KM AN OIRL. TO TAKE CKARUE OP Tt children; mutt be arcuetomed to chlldrao, and bring Arat claaa rrferaace*. AppljrtinWrrttMA, near 6th nr., Sell No. 11. WANTED-A NEAT, TIDT WOMAN, WHOCANCOOE. tva and iron, and So the general hone-work of a imall |>i irate faintly. Inquire at IPG Warn ley place. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED OIHL, TO DO QBNEral homework; ahe muet be a food plain eaok, weaker and Imner, and bare (nod referetieaa. Call a' 106 Writ kith I., bftwern Oth and Ithli are, beterern Ihejhoure of II and 2 o'clock, tinman preferred. WANTED-TWO PROTESTANT OIRLS; ONE AH COOE, YY t-i-i other aa rbaoihi-rinald. toth inual ba food waalt. eta and Ironere, and hare etijr reierenoas. Applyat 7t? 2d ar., i-orner of tin at. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED NURHB AND SEAM VY atrcea; one who la ?tnarv<biu.l of a good dlapoeitlnn. Nona bttt lho?e hartna the baal ref-rnncee nocd apply. Eng. lleli and American preferred. Call for t*o daye, between 12 and So'cieck, nt atnt'h ar. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WVSIIKR AND IR'iNER; one who la willing to make hcr-cli gin-reHy ueeful, and can . inn* well rcooaimi aded, may apply al 80 Wcat Warren at,South Brooklyn. Per Other Wanli Nee Hint It Page, fill U ,? , > . A ~ A - * % KK II RIL 3, 1862.?TRIPLE SI AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. ADVICES T# THE WT ?P MAACH. Oar Pari*, Btrlia ud M. Piliwlary 4 ?rr<odfiffi FHEJCH TOW Or TK UKLUOt Addrc?i mt (hf CcttM tarrrn t? MaHfM. Important Debate an Free Trade in France. Vbe SffaanJbet?r?r? OMMbma * Ihuak OeaunrrciaJ *ra?ty. The Anuricaa Arrets at Taapu rt ia4 the Vum Fleet at Afeehru. Another Bnll Raa Ko?m>II Letter. K i*., a? Oar y>rli Cwti|lili?r?. | rasa. March l. MM yeutl bf tKe U. ? Vklrnrim mmi m Jft/iU ImriMStrtuion at a /HxNrt-irxkM Pimttam 0 ha Ltadrrt? Xttfoi, a In. lined t* It h ** "r? (on toe miat in London and Frewrv, Sr. The Utut deepe'chc-s from lb* Feted htm bee caused great excitement Lara. AU loyal Am*' ?> t roe! a thrill of Joy. At la.: the might end ; ?? e' their iored country in becoming tTldtui, and tit Um world am) It*'* the lesson that the (rent republic caa mid wiJ live through the schemes and m-diee of the secossioniais are indeed downhearted Last week came the news of the taking of Hum, ?e aed Fort Henry; now oOAkv lb news of the aarread*r of I'm I Donelson, with its Mm thojssud dtfbadata Thi? is too much for tt * to hear. >eosas.oi.i?ui are at a discount here, an J, save ia XHoeii s drawiae room, which is now quite large enough to i< ?ue their reduced numbers, thay meet with no sympathy fa all countries a traitor ia more or leas disliked, and above alt a whipped one. A theesand cheer a for the t'o e. how its friends may rsjo.ce. Now the envious end eeurritoue journals hara and ia London, which but aab'>rt time slnca were attacking with vlla abuse tba Cnma, will e:ng its praises. Fesr of public opinion will raoee ilea to do so, even if sLame did not. It is suusmg to wttneM the few well noted eeeeaslontats that have reetded here for month* par . last week they paraded the ( F.lyseea. g-y and cheerful, .tolly, rollicking Xcmthere te lews. ?'NV, Yankees they." Ob no; they st utly for swore the >-nd they should have gloried In. Now i hey shun tha p blio proraeuales and tha c?rc* ihoy were wont te render hoiatarous with thai, loud and oft re pealed boas:?. 'they are <. .mbiounded?rede, *4 u> silence. Tbuy fear now, r ,*re before they exulted. They now e?e before them u future of peril, utiles the North shoulo, in Its 'lour of victory, be magnanimous, and forgive e\ ?n them, arch traitors as they a- e. In beginning this letter 1 said that lb* '??:ins'? of 1'aris and London would uo a- alter their tone whi> ooo. menting upon American tflsirs. They have all, with two except ions?one tbo Perby organ, the London //cad and the more notorious, bvcutt'e more lying and absurd, Patr>4. The Mu ild sayB:?" We l?arn from a passaagsr per Nova Scot lav. that intelligence had been received at Boston of the repulse of the federal troops from Fort Pont'lson with pr wl '.jesof life snd tbs sbsiidncmsnt of several large oar,gun." That pareenger would de for orrpitm. im-/ n/-r, iu tin iuj^iciii luanct, g?vr? 100 triumphant fcdogrepliie despatch fiom Now York, Mil then adds:?" It Is noodles* ror i a to call attention to tho source of these telegrams, which must of comae ?0 .?* doubt aa to their exactitude and authenticity." Pants, March 14, 1662 The Agitation in the Heart of the Empire? H<m> AU Chute, Art Afffeted?Conduct of the Clergy ana S'ndfnto?]%< S andals of the itontanlon Dotation?Position of the Emftror?Pri*ee Sapoltem't Bye-play, etc. If the glorious victory of Fort Ponelson is col so on grossing that you cannot spare Mm* to observs what I, taking place in other countries, you cannot fail to have been Interacted by the various reports of recent events here. I must confess that some of thoee reports have adorned facts so highly that I have mora then once, when reading them, rubbed my ryes with astonishment. You know thit I have no great faith in the established order of things in France. It was obtained by the sword, and by the award, most probably, it will ultimately perish; but I do not think that at present there are any signs of such a consummation. True it is that we have had aome "dirty weather" this last week; that while the t liainbore have been rocking to and fro with iudignant thunder the street* have somewhat lost thsir tranquil aspect. True it is that there Is great depression of trade consequent on thn falling off of American demand, that the Anglo-French tariff is unpopular, illy understood oud unmanageable: that the tax on sugar and on sett; that tba cry of short means and large expeadi' lure in relation to the State; that the frequent urre?ts in tho Quartier latin, aud the promulgation in the^onato of M. Baroohe or a popular and prevalent watchword? "N'o Faii'eror, and no empire'?are serious; feature* in Ihr |*olltiral atmosphere of the da/. Out there (g ao old proverb about tba Davit navar being quite ao blacV a* ha i* painted. 1 have graatopportuuit tag of miugling among allrlaaaao tba higbeat aa wall aa ibe lowaet, and I bava mada it my duty to aaa ?nd baar everything in my power during the la?t few daya. 1 will begin with tba fouataia bead?tba Fmperor him<e)f. And bare I know,from unquestionable antbarity, that bin usual impassive oalm hag not for one moment been digturbad. Hie reply to Count do Moray> tba President of the Lagialattva Chamber, who. from the flrst, baf opposed the Rmporor's liberal conroasions. and who now, in alluelon to the strong language that bad baea need by M. Plcard, Olllvicr and .Tales Favre, wag gaying something very Ilka, <! told you ao,'-was very rharac taristic, "It baa not at all gnrpriied nit; sucbarneoil from a long bent bow wee in the natural order of thugs; and Tar batter that I abould be here to witneea It (ban that It ibouM ha left to frighten my child whoa I am gone." Tba Fmperor, In fact, reals that tba Pelikao blunder?tba rafuaal of tba Chamber to grant tbo dotation ha had devised tor hit Chinese General Kontaubaa ? ia rather a henpy accident. Above and before all tbingi he must aland wall with tha army. He must ba inaiani to reward ita membera,from the chief to tha aubvltern In say i.Mtnta ralioIt Is on tha army ha maat rely: ?n t now hia Aral quarrel with the constitutional body his own ban da have created ia on areouat of hia deal re to ccnfar an adequate reward for military servloe. Why, it la a fact wall known to tboaa who have the opportunity a mingling frcalr with different departtaealc of tha Frenoh army, that the Emperor la mora papular than ever with ,t, and that with a wave of hia hand every aword would aprlng from ita scabbard. But ha ha a akilfully turaod tho flank of any difficulty thoro waa In tha Palikaoqa. tlen, and tha probability la that hia hands will ba mora powerful than aver to reward tboaa whom be wishes. Thai a certain degree of scandal attache* to the Mm tnuhan dotation cannot ha denied; bnt this te no disparagamant la it in tha view of tha army. First, it was aaid that It waa In aonaequonoe of tha precious spoils tha Oeneral had thrown into tha Emperor'a lap from tha aumtner pelaoe thai Use perpetual dotation of 50,000 fraoca was dteired. There is, In fast, little donbt that (ieneral Montauhan did not gat Oral Into the summer palace for nothing. Tha Emp?ror knows wall enough that ha pocketed |ewols to a fabulous amount. hat M?nteuban risked his head for tbo Rmporor in hia two attempts at Straaburg and Boulogne, and tha Emperor never forgets his friends. But there ta a more piquant reason alleged for a good dot atl' B to tho (leoeral. Soma time ago M. Ilausaeman, tha V'rafaet of tha Seine, and one ef tnose noupenics ricAm who have sprung into Ufa under the Second Emperor, left his riaugnt?r on a visit at oorapun no. Tits young lady Is dacidsdly beautiful and ipnifnsTs. The Emperor thought so too, and somehow nr other Inet hia way, In tho shades of tha evening, a ong tho I'orridora of the ancient palace or tbo kings of I I. nee Where he wandered to it I' not ne a??arv tp ERA] IEET. ay M ?andnl ]?!? < (La* MntU?atari ^Hn.u > *n , M* tkaikl KMCUllr* of ?U)C* *V< feuwi In U H nun * uaary tooOa.haa likawwavnue t *g t* 4 * tu? Una MlliilM itinay.U"- Count ?, tlra? k? ft* rwlv?a M rfti rfy iba ?ii(*gaiurnl b* hail mad, t '?/ ha yawa* lady, n-ilwilbaUn'llng bar forlun ? tllini at fronra, sad (.araral lluatauban was la t y iba < ?' !??. uacaptiboily. Tba . in tha ? ?* ha llamas a bail lint fivan to cfiliCls* (ba *> ?U I? < aaaly?*4 loo bad. Moulaubau? a * m- \ tar_w,a m rltarvd a rary Impropar pur?ok* a m^wei <4, If m^arat tbara muit ba, ?bi *aa tr-alMl ae<- r* iu, ly t at (rata part .4 iha tary thing* of lb* last ? a lb* oaodaat af lb* at .<t*aia m ibaQuartiarlatlo. I* ?n* Strang* tba* any '* octntei t ?f raw ia!a of - | ? ???!?.. l f u?*q ei en to Iba *> - 'I aiiiii.i baa boati ? in Frauc*. To aay 4 'ram ib* j<arv-4 wbao aiaeUMa baa baau f * ?*? * '-y tba 4u?a a< * anfiita* to lU- ha?bloat claaaaa, aa ? iUi t ywitbf I atafnart baa bran in* i ? ir.?i i taa ?moid*'} wti.cli no ad ica* b< i< im ?rot a, w*m:-uba In lb* aarllaat v ' * af rwart biatary, gtirui* tba raign of Cbarlaa ' I at ban tba at -twu ut IV? w* a tba Aral t? rouaa tba alt?ana. It mm ? ? U>a groat Movoiulioa, amtar tba (< ?,-an? -.i.r i m K* i?>ra(>on ai.rt liiuia I bi lj'^e, > aw a 4 ??- ? cb i?iwruae* to tba prarant tha t t \apo rnm. Tba JTwWiXrur baa bgMa ?4 ? m taba* ml tap at it. M. Baroab* ba- pub i i- a ?r . y . and tba **ira<>r?tinary man? ?> ab < ? Mgbt iia ??g.tba "l.ioo uf tba I.itln Ift?trr ww laii.i iwt all war lb* ctflUi,abowa Iba* baMMa* an* an* two th?aa* hands muat baa* ban a. na a*r?, ? Ar-oMO ara aaao uvw daily ore ir? ?* i* tba gwaatb?aal plainly >b? art?taw? th*y a *. b t- > it. Ii? ? :-..i j ? ftuy tba Mmwtor of tba Intarior, baa ???* btnsanM ?ow#wabta by tba fiilty ul bit pally . n w l : i Hi* a. u - Mbn bath ft?aaaar frwa tfentawd briat fml a# i'twrty au.l it. *.-4 ta a * ?>? <m ("ravlolii fur iba I * *itgr 4|*n aatathga San HlwN ?Mk at bar i ,.hi *?. < *.* <?.' aaaaliH 4?>ag ao. Th* Oarrtrr -a / mm a#, m a m l > b* br>*rn u|. altugulW, ami Ma* atkar 4ay ilia l'-mtr waa ( faul upoa. u. ***** tb?igaihia?<, aacaiaa. Iba , (*? aata tm ?ag?c tally ah*ai*ika autaaara. Nut iba* i > a?> | ikti it. a . .?* art* *1 |.r?>.i?t?tora, ?hi> uf .*<? baa* *aa* lb* f*a4 ihng* urttb wbu h tba aarotlb Ml MM li?wu?aklf ban *4 ihatn grail ual.y with i t?i a. I?m aia>-> una i? 4m Mk eurrwg ?| tba ttnaii *? iiiiii aaiy agirit It a aaay 10 flmg a fl.abraa-l aa<4<? >. ..* >(. wight- aotMha anil lua?. ?ia abacrtatwa T *n II aaaer ba alu-tanta rM M r, ? fn iti* ?** uf iba |*> )>, but lha i >"t may ba a? *i?t by b* yrtaat* iib.xti iba ai.lauia bgtng at a ?f tba (at t T? lit* a ab *4 ba a, a*aa lb* (a.al4*t of tba ftayiiin baa tba awpir* at aucb a Hat aa tb.a. la a *traa?e l,'?" * tba obaraolar <4 tba far rnmrn + latlaiaw, aa>4 abuaM ba a amai la tbaaa ba ibiafc i' i*a*itAa la a lata aay aaNutw^ babl aa a Kb a bib pa*t h I na aa af ba; ulna Iba lblr4 Ha wba Ml .aa biriwtai a?i ba oaataat ta reap iba atorm Hat.aa aa anaayta ^aalnaaJaavaraaaaat, U la Uapu**l Ma t?r to* bMlaraat taiaiy tali^iaaar ai bim Ha baa tiiaaatiy I ?a4 lar iba aabtog iitaaa af l ira an 4 I ran. a g> u?iat y fbrb4.far4iiaa.tot>ataiaaaa4 aquaria bete ueae reeto4 tor ihetr lateare Uware bMaaiiaaia baaa Mat tl>> vara 4~?a au4 IrtMM ?y again far Ibatr aat ptoya at baa4a. rrara * iaa>a aa.: w.uutaint baaa baaa aa was m bir baa4a that lb* paw at aa4 b.m.toaal cottagar aiigi t ba baaing* ibgriby * tore tar ibera ?aa a naamMy m Hma4ati 11.. a bra*4 anytime agptuatbb<ff tba *v.n, <4 11talaliiia," iba.a aa* iba i iuperu# ia tba mma*i la 4ayatocwba tb* br aitda o! to* K'taa* . barana. af tb* wmmm ba baa p*aatoaa4. a. waa b* baa awiataaf, af iba tbiMraa b* Uaaaduaetof, at r? jtot I<ba a tobta af tmmmmmm, aa4 atut iba alary Mi I). tag arthn. I at*alii.a.?( ?ly Iba aabar 4a#, b*a iba rairm ha4 tab** by iba baa4 ab tba tea hi tba Beta 4ato/?k?ae, ibaauaafaa beatMr bbrar aa4 *baia4 attb b.m. aa4 bwgkt hue 11 n ? bb in r art tag*. aat 4<w* toaa b a r la tb* brtai Wail, la bay I bear gba baa labaa baa a* bar hang* tor Itto to a4w*la. la ablb* a*4 yrv ? nta tor ati'gij 4a4 tba uaaa* af *?chale*n* lagiua A<>4 ra*. MMb ait tbta baa a aaiy la H*? b>44 iba Wat I raaa, ar bar baibaa i *? bar cMM baa aa Iba aHbauaaa. af tba paaato ?ba bt>4 aaarMki Ibaa tor a aaaa. It ? labato ia tba r rabah tbaraator tbaaa m aa a?ab aaau aiaalaatoya'ty tbaragaibn?a.a>b?bblti- wtto.aa iba *b ta bar buabaaf, aa ba W to Iba ibaaaltaa baaan ar Mbavaaar ibai aaay ba lUambatom, taaiy luabla apMwa. ibay toaira yat ato ntlhiu that ibart ara aay a?g** at 4b iliiia at |>?iaa> Wtiaiargr baa baii?Hw4 ia iba I'Vawb ra??h? tagblaliaa rarpa af ito. Van bb baaa aalaaty fk>:?aaaa. but lb bfaa4 ton aitraaclailly 4*aala*r4a* hi aa Nagatoaa a apaaah aaoarratlNl by Iba Eto|?rar >*wi bwA. BkMttgf Iba play thai a raa <>a* >4 iiaparlaaaa abauM Kha at tab, ibat tbabataa.* tuat bagb tbabtoraglrWtog Iba rraUIMtvi. ta th?( aara bar af tb* I labaa |aati a baa a?> <>Mgtt*i.*4 a bat aa faipbta' la iba barM iaM bar* v-tHyh*aa?1 milium* la Ml aut af Intu4 hi*< iraa <4 tha I a|H> r. aad all thui m awtuf lu kta Maail.r ? lifearal > <*. Ntxai kraryWly bngMM ?>WM uada '? <! that ifea I iaa< h lrua|~ Ilia fen withdrawn Ir aa H hm that Vmtoi laMuM praam feiy marar a?. <>m|ii>?fe tfe* ???T i4 Italy that Iraaa* wilt wliiinataiy fea lb* n mm ?t af tfeai h??t< laa4, aad thai Kh?..Bd m hMWi qya* fey thr rraarh { vwutti' BtMiMKui *u<wh '?f narrow miadad r.atiaa I Ml aal tall yim with what mbwafeu^ lata-oat a*a*y ibii.g ralatiaa > tha im|?* laat caiMuraaf furl l? umlaut, haa Im? r*a4 Lara haary aaa la maraaiat la tha .any uf t mar m i* ; all aaa tfea ro*t laayrtaaaa te I raa- ?f twat inarMim* l*uwar afaiaat lk|Ml aaa la it, 4nat1. It t OHM l? Mi tha pawar wf tha i >i.j*ro* feiawa'f l mitnaa tba tiaarfe aaimki ia tothm any itaa af i- -n abonl.i haaa fo'rta abjnt i or tamtam a ih- ia> aaaa of lha Mouth. Th? hit tar aiait <4 laa'ia? II. - b it A'na-ica ac?>aat KmgitM it feara tkiarly liana- *m" uoti-d, and m.rrady many ara ia:t aiatiay aa lM m> whan Aaartah, aaaa awa aa tmttmmMt i??mu ?r brulfeari , rhatl bit* with traara ia rat u>i Kti*>i? u> a third rata I'uwar Gu?? tbia <? rafealnaa naitad It ia thought a f.rogii war will fea u? aary to carry ad to aiarh rart ugbi i g atufl, and that huglaad will aaaal ually baro lo UgUl f??i ti#r baa r I fea an.l altar*?yam a-v 0 font Whaaavar t'.iat ?iay uaa Amaru a amy raty aa Kramer, aa ? lha cwriat atom# al fear yulu y. PAW, Harrfe Id. IMd A'an tf a ra'bi* ^ IW CaitrW .c.atnt? flan a .Yortk-rn f% alp a/1 frier wi'l IA- fthrb Ajc."?wa fdutai ho ffct datura* >??' and ?M Ifelr/rau L a daa?Cta roiio j Hforl* of duoa awd .VI"UI ia IW KeMCauM? Vmrmtinox aUdlma ia franca?dpi lalarrta Ifer N'orirkyw cl?f CbmvAw .ffer Kmptror Mod Suffrt t'iur Mr .VtaiA?Am imp '?( ?* tdirr la l"i tar ftaaauataaUr .* <6^c( ?-s<?ri?aU A haul S/tpA i'rrrm op*?Or FiyiilMM I #'r*<o?./'narr A'ayrlrn i? IA on a Jbnr?Ifora Arrmlt, d<., 4r Ooma thraa or faar aaaaitiaa atar* tha fain - n lb II Ii a a tba following Intslligstico ? Wo r#ool*o iron K< w Tork a doauatck, dated fohrmr* Ik whl< h Mltmi imo'lunt-f to mbi-h wr ar.ord lull holiot The Wiih.ntrtna faoarnteial (toss ?-toat an Imp-nauM v< the ml.tury <>jWha.ton? now m-rnriiuf. bo-auao t. w.ihoo |0 ac! upon pnh! r o,.': Inn bit I ? |- ?>, ,. ? . with t ?o j.ropoiltiofi* mad* by Iho iwvot <ut*nl 10 ibo autb* rHI'o rf Hlootmil, Kmlutky and fonwoaoo wi l, in>- >r* ?f dr *i hlng thou fr >m thr Noma. Tat r'>osr?m*at ir.ako* liupoilant ottor* In tlioar th*oo HLloa la lilwrt',.* t? r? entor ibo t'nlon. If IW" l? a"*l?*d la i?o#? bo?o?aiteai iho gooontmobt willaaaaidar in. mult an ? > d?ral.l? inai il will rcuonnro, in a nmntha, a wai with im> funbor joaal'do objrit. anl wlli innooat lo a reparation. tbo North, on. o b4a.11 |? Mo?*od of Miaou.ri. K>r. In. kv and Tonno?*oo, wt I bar* aa?,.ro! l a f.o*. tlor. and wt.t Sur a^olro* a *.*. ?riai tmpo ' an. dtiporlor to thai of Ibo th, art h .an hoi., without dauftr to Iho Nortb, f .na a topami* -op?i I e Taw* thr lalo o|wralt >Da aa mut l. i<r it'od about bar- no an *r la toro?t than tbo no* wa ba.a juot maj'i..w.. A* to lb* mrrlt, In a military point : rliw, tb*y ar? uipwol i| a' tbo J.rlnnplooof * roil warfarO Th> air i((lo ?? bnl tortainaW by a baMto o? ik> Fi> , ami that haul* tbo a rat* <>l t>a North la bailor to ablanoA* Thr dl*?o ml nation of tbo Not'bdrn foroo* 4-stluiho* tbo etiancoi cf I ha North on that p. ni On tho ?ihrr hand ?>'know, from a air* an irar. th. to ftouih iikiumomtaa Itaar.or on tho ra'oma , hJ ibat In dO|y>jdoutlv o' a itaritu1 At.thIP troop# Ooarrnl A*, baa m?t orfaniwd a mrpo M.'aht moa. Who j *. ponder aUai'otnptd on th# ymrt >4 tbo hi.nib IwpsaattUe Ail loyal Amarirana wlto mad Wit balta da-h wa aa ooytd,aot at tba rain an I lying attaakpt a* at wh a* at tba effaot it would hark upo j Km rratwb pablk. Taa r.. vw has a larga circulation ( *6,000), bad oh Aa ta *b ba by ill dlMsminatioa af aurb fblaa report# Of aaaoaa M was ?pactad lha Ambaasndof af tba I'm lad sw>a* wa til at ones rauaa a rsfutetisa a( wa ahoy a ataiamaat ta ha pablia' vl by tbo Pafri*; hut ?ay? bora pans! sal anas i haa appaarad, and aow tha PHHt o mm ant with th* follow me aanouaoomsat, which, eaaptad with larJ pal mantoo'k anaarttan that tha war M tha r?it*l kantaa would tarininals in thraa moa tha, hat caused a wo graai axcttsmsul. In tha nbasacs af all daaial aa tha part af tha Ualtad Statat Miaiatar, otw aaa hat nalaritaa! thai tha public bars look upaa tha follawtaf aatawttut aa waU foondad. Tha Patrii aaya Wa roeoloo frnaa London Wa fa 'awia? dsapaich. A an*. bar of tho tlobteot oa tfeo l??h rare,rod i?k.# i coo oflhemotl lnt|?>rtaM man if*. I nt ? f .? t to whom ho Mid liiot Informotiua rooofool too Aoy Wforo from Waahlnjton pormliu-d Mir to eaaouaoo that InJuoo "I'nroiwi would Uh? placo botwooo lb# * -Mb OOd h.otb on frtondlytrrma Thoeondltioooof Ihlo mtoommoM art tho tonio no thoon wo ho?o already aaaouaoad. fbroc atofoTrnnooooo. Miooouriand hoalirhr?will ro-rator tba Cntoa In rouloratity with o com ??lloo. tho boooo of WMoh oro now bolnf dlociioood la iho North, wrhtrh "Id in tho foiuro rwootoi of twenty-ona d??u>?. whiio if Uoutn win h**o Out thtnaoa. The two republic* will ne lonfor horo In'oad cootom Oooo, tho ooorrh of o'.arri will bo interacted ih oh tho htotoo, ooid elarery will dloappoar la a I-lay of thirty yearn In ha m. plocod hp froo labor. Thlo pi . ijyiaao w la owordaooo wuh iho docloraUoa made h* the Mlai'trr of r?r?l|a Affair* la Eajinnd la tho ftouoo or Lirdo. I uaad not add that Americas* hereoea hat wet a* ucb aaaartloM la tha faea af your ptal rtctertoe aad tremendous roaoureaa; but ihaa tha Trench puaplo aad thoaa af all Europe ara not ao wall a vara af than, aad auch bold aaaartiooi aa titoee of tha Patrt*, If uachoahad by tha Minister of tho Inlted States, maai haroabad effect. To thin must ba addad tha faot that iho Patri* la suppnoed to ba aa yat oomi ofllotal, and that hen-a a mural effect, un farorabla to tha North, mutt amnio, unless tho Piln* la at once calla<1 to order. Tha ilea of the possibility of ! tho esloUure of two ropublire will join jro.i .d h*reend I In Europe In'l llta noon of IneJbmth bo I,# LP. PRICE TWO CENTS. msrutously advanced thereby In cue?which Heaven foiliij?a reverse should visit the victor.ous armi.a 01 the North. Ue'i ve me the matter is a serious ouo, and ? .In for immediate attention. 1 am led to say thla front the tone of the French writers with whom I have just conversed upon th cub '/'*dl " "lu ^formation of the I'atrie In correct, whiet J ?'*1 impossible, of couree there is nothing to any . Ii 11i la the law* on the p'ear here pu Ul k?? r.!inL^?? publication of lolse news, eurely the i'atri, i mi e law0*'l<>d aPP'>&lt,un the utmost severity In Heaven's nam* \et us hope that the Minister of th? Wa hsngton govorniu?uv will emulate Messrs. biidell an< jIjb n, who are display ibg energies worthy of a bttiei cr.uve. Intir luufttb* m?t, or tUoy will sueceed In doing much mischief,a penally here, wheia the L'n led .Stales is not well understock nave by the lew. J.'ie 1'airit might well tlnd matter enough for care here, and let the United States akm tor surely France was never more uneasy and agitate l Ah classes are n.irmod. The workrnon group around th* bu.louus ol t ,o Maniteur to read Jules Favre's sp.-c.tiuw sue in. ve oi 1 .card aud Ollivier, and they use loud and un Lagu a?d expressions of approval of the charges mane by thee* gmill 'intn against the government. I am assured that fiv commander-in-chief of the gendarmerie, Gene al He la Hue, has reported to the Etnporor u state of diacxitf nt aim. at general throughout tlio empire: he gets the .stalls from his subordinates. The laboring classes are m great distress, from tbe scarcity of work aud the unheard of deai ness of iood. The clergy have redoubled ia their hostility to the government. The bishops have all male aitm ks upon it f>r its policy as regards the 1'ope. This has l.ici eased to such adegies is to cause serious alarm. lleuceM. Kil.aull has made in the Chamber speoches which show that the government will betray the cause ef lta y and holdup the I'ope. Frauce will, a ter having acknowledged th* kingdom of Italy, act as its bitterns foe. The following letter win read by M. Billaul to the Deputies. It shows '.list Napoleon will not withdraw his troops from Kerne The letter wa- addressed to Victor Ktnanuel immediately alter the rec gr.ition of the Italian kingdom. It was however, kept secret, .is atone time since its date Na Cleon ?u inclined to abandon i'ius IX. Now, however, (hire not; eo the letter ia made public:? ViCHT, July 12, IStfL MoKSIKUII MOM FjtKBg:? 1 ui? I hj.j y to lc nblf tn rrronlze tbr new kinrdotuol Italy, at the moment when your Majesty had lost the men who he<i contributed Ute looel to the te feneration of hti country. My to uom; I wished to give a freah prooi of m) eympfctiiy iu a < ease fur which we hud fou.,ht together. In re utiduu our oitlclel relatione, however, I am compelled ;c make *imt reserve* for the future. A government la atway * b mnd by Ita antecedents It la uuw eleven yvare that 1 have support) d the )tower ol the Holy Father of Itome.iu spite of my desire uot to ocupy militarily auy portion of the Italian loll. Circumstances have el way? beru Ml h that It ban breu impoeeible tor me to era nm II Rotni. In doing no without some ii-rioua guarantee* / .* flj tiiv/tn'rilfj (lr ,emfielniee iehiih (A* chirj of i iVtj.u* hud '* )"'** ti<m n/ Fruiw*. Tho iMuitivni* dill the mw. (Hear, hear.) 1 timet theirture frankly declare to your Majesty thtt, while rec>'gnifiitg the new Kingdom of Italy, / 'h ill leurt if Irouff 111 /i'umi m> long ui W 'hull wt be reeoneileei teilk the /'opr. iff iu lu*f us the H.iIt/ Father 'hail he threat' nr I Willi sss far lAe stut'M Mil remaining to him invaded by a force regain or irregular. (Marks ol adhesion.) In tn s < ireumatanrw your Majesty may bo well persuaded that 1 am iiiflueuied solely by a feeling of duty. I ti ny en tertaui u|tii> in ou to thoie of your Ma lent y, J may u.u.s that po.iiw-al transformations are the work ol im- and that a ompiste aggravation i annul be durable eg .manitii h a* it Mall have been prepared byr tne aasimiU iuuof it.lerssta, Ideae and cumo.mi?(hear, hoar)?In ? ? .ird. I think that the unity ought to hare followed, and nut preceded, the union; but that lonvlrtlon hue not In any way influenced my conduct. The Italtaua nre the beat ul ? bat ta tl.etn, and It la not for me, the l?ue of popular lei uon, te pretend to weigh on tho decisions of a free people, (l.mi'l approbation.' I thrreti re hope itiat your Majesty will unite your effort! te minr, ia order that for the future nothing shall happen tc distort' the good harmony ao happliy re-cttabllshed between tho twogeri-rnmenta. The quartier Latin la still In a state of eflbrveer.encr Ths M .detile are egcited against the pollcomcu, who oomnutted eeveral acta of rtoleueeoa the occvion of ti e Kenan dam. ustrairoti, and who a: presout are harsh and insulting m their demeanor towards the student*. lite at ideau of the Polytechnic and St. Cyr hare Inspired the authet ities ? ub (rare tears They thought it best to e astga tho young mm to tho schools, fearing to let thei V Into the streets. The MmUmr has denied this, hoi 1 know m woe done. Tho ladrywdante MeIff*, which Is well i ul or mad oa regards Paris gteslp. has boon ovMd at Use Interior almost every day during tho last two weeks. The Oenhctl of Ministers has severely re peered foreign? e harsh treatment of the prase. They dm,"jace him aa a had adviser, say ha made a great mtataks when he urged upon the kmperor the decree ol November M, and prophesy all aorta of evil to result from bit obstinate and mil ?tiled |<oilcy. The Council ia right, sad M le (Venle de gagur so not far from right whan ho dsnounrod foreigny as Uksly to ho tho Polignaii gf ||| ?iu|Hrt To add to public disc-intent, some frightful irandale ere now iinemtieg about the more prominent member* < of tho Oi .rt Of cmrso ths disoontotited Nut upon thill rumors eagerly, ood tolas bad enough In themselves become each day mors and mora disgraceful. Decidedly, the rroocb are a dangerous people to govern. francs I am assured ou good authority . to seed a further largo fores to Max loo. Earnest repress# tat tun have bean made to the St. Jamee Cabinet W MM MMM lowir l?f I* goillf, MM M M1JT rait 'U?j win be mm 1 us told that the Km per or baa datoianuwd *t?4i hoowg at loan f rota forty to Bfty thoueand proa- h tronpe la Mot no, aad that he serlonaly PiteeOo todiag immmIm of that territory and keeping It, two Vn ui ran awoured that I aat wall mturmod la ihie manor (t w mloaded t" make a dloerelnn of trade la that a?anar. aad ao doubt fr?'i? will Had a prince to go* or a iho or.uiiy oaoa aha goto M. She will ouet the J paaiania aad thao remain la Matiao.aa aha doaa in Koitta, "far the waMhra af I be people aad to keep down roeetottm " Hroare af Preach eerraerhoieal on your c?BtiB?at Thw id aoar Wa| If *? htohr I euboequeatly raportaJ in )??r fa i> nftttBcolHit favoroblo rewiaika of the j?i*ror upoa ttoadbireol the I'nioa I hope none la tto l ottod P'utea ara eo rraduk-ua a* to ba caught with oo. bibait. I roaid report, ware the natter worth It, ruaav, ror ? many, utaowrablo rootarko aa well aa artioua root thai a ^a oa?bo part of Mag' laea, hot It laooalaaa. pan, la af the 1 ai'oo meiea muet knew La la ao friend to I Uric lMapr>ti?m aaoo anUnng to adialratna rrpubIK Imac*?i moan tor gidrortiateai?fears your tower, BOO would (BIB SOB H lessened. I aiuat all your aitoatioo to a etgaitraat fart aa to he* far IV-gnteriiMirut ia favorable P> you It allowa tea liao af the fofir m fame of the buth ta appear day of lor day, and yol iarn ? oared tho flptiwoe fiatymak baa lwan rwp a? ?.1 l< raa?e tie leaders In farur of the North. A* a pro* of the i-M-ieruiar* el tut* infoetnatMa, 1 mty <e*0 thai far del poet the UpToton toe bad hat llttla td My iha I'nltol atataa I aat told, bewover. that M Uurtault, ihoadiur, to datormmod ba would owra More oi<ea ib eami?iga er a defaadar of the causa of iho N<>rlh the ?' ? nppurtuaa WHWuaat. H* baa ob> lataod Pi >*? Natailaou'e porniieetoei to do to- _ *jt.i ?m bg |J? at?av? i bara aaara a tooioem naa MM halwi'M lha Khrparor and hat ci uaia, the latiar k> Mg hp fai M u.?law?addol ? auil his hap at) a MM l< > av n - thai lha ITltxi? will for ima aioatha laat a I ran.* II* will riait laadoa a. ower it.aa waa ta leaded. Oibar* aaa*rt ha will glva op all Maa of iwaeidwif lb# I r?ath iimniiara at lha Hi latitat ? # I exhibition ?f l/>nd<*. and Wl.l ateil Hy i la. Tha p?i?-a baa*, i< ta natd, araotad #arar#l twuplra bar# apt *? lha Kmparor'a lira la Mill Ik prtaoa. Oar Barll* limipiafratr. te'ii, March II, IMi ? * / jw < i'i at id hp fka hUaw'awr Mrmt /Van Amtrim? Pmamtl Own Jfmaaaa HL Oawn 1'rmct?lha (' aarmt' Iriwrp work /V-aara iaaadfndri ftar ??'?? # <ll> rnaw?? flaalan m m Uu Ua't 4 Sg*>n?l'Or4* Br?>* a raraanc, St St Tha derma la af tha gtarraaa awtcaaaaa trkhraf bp lha ladaral Ian ?a H T?haaa?a? hart itatl lha aiMoat ?ati?lartraa la all tha friaad# af lha Cataw, whaaa i ibm la lagiaa ta ibia aawMr?. l aanlaralla ?kirlan-wl la as Mat hp lha wrp taraa with which lha laatw timm twal'awa iha wl?Mn?a?i af Ibaaa ah-lartaa. which Mcarda aa ill w >lh ?l? prophaclea af d?n*raaad dtacatar, lit a* h >pa that Aaciaht ha? Map ham la aa! a pml aaa aara af lha haftara ha hardaaa with M. fhc aiaraa that baa haaa brawiag arar ahH a the laa? alaaI .aaa haa at t*a?(h harat Wa art la lha anSal, ash af a aaatwal, M da carp astfaa pahilaal, ariata. I naiad a ap laat that (owmmh vara Mar to AeMe # ' pr?|en_tor IM reai imMMkm uf Mm nay. ?4 eeeeily *k?iH mi to great a <* ? Ik* rtfMt iwnlll by r?Mk eptaloa kf ^umrXihNM to retire tar IIm tMiAeea Ml MM in t? be ?*r*M4 to MMw; parIMP.MNlMlNtlNNnMMM arfk. MxkMirlMiMi MMmiM. kMM.lkM Mm |? I HI I'll ft IM Kim " HI, rightly I?I Mill M MMy t* Itoiwi AM i fifiifi toma iMiiim IIMUgHiir# #*#? i?,.?m> t>k<* |4?r? MM IM mlf fMMMA M Itola IM mmr ipba *nM to Mftml liT IM Mtowry mmm mm lri|li Ar> arl, m yM'A'toitk by immmit mm mmm win verey. A natlili a. MMii kfl. lai'.CMatoM ai MM ft m Amacai mmmmrutm ml ttocMy to tor M, e*toB to Mae aMrMl totoaawrs a yrwai M raurtol (mm a altoMiaa wtoab M to? ta? toea AMtareMa to iMm Ita atoae* *aa to fiea ito nialai aKwM rotor* eear to* toeie nfiaiai, l| .peerfyMf * * frawta ft Mia ay a?a ujinlrl, inn I to rtoAj Am m a lump?a rtoWM IM earoea ly to wblto Ma Mm mm#, A la ralaw, wtoa A eyyealttoM to Ito AaMaa^l f??raatoai.aa4 ?l?l A. * potolbM, area awilMra, M? at proa?ai, ebea it A well ktowa tMl mm trlfAtllJ taoiyaae lor etMr parp-wao Mr* Maa Mia ever to tM | Mn later to War to aeeer IM riMiaatly AeraaaAg aayaai , Jiiur* to be laperim?at. wbab, like larM'a rel.ay I i<mr* ileal ?e4 le tweilew up ell IM alhero. TM raato ' totloa olbie romlerl A nprwioMfcta IM Mil. to cvorae