Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9340. NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Ropes of Foreign Intervention Abandoned. Arrival of Arms and Ammunition at Memphis. neural Jackson Expected to Add Fresh Glory to the Southern Arms. Bight Hundred Thousand Men Necessary to Repulse the Yankees. iMther Appeal for and Donation of Bdb. iinor inmiT tiip nnr nr liiiunt/r-if munc mduui inn uoc ur wnioKtr EITEKESTIYG HlfftCELLAIVEOI'S ITEHS, *o., &c? fto. Bopti of a ForclKii Uicogultlon Ab&n<t uiicd. fFroin the Mubilo Register, March 18.] * letter from New Urioaus to the Muhiln Jte'tu&r of March 13, says that I he Souiheru Commissioners are greatly dupiritod at the reeeplioti which M. Ihouvenel (ave Mr. .Slidoil. Hut as Mr. Yancoy Observed inh.g speech, slavery has made such a wall of partition betweeu the South and Kurupe that ull hopes of a prompt recognition I by ting I and and Franco must ho for the present abandoned. As to ttioir waul of cotton,! am Of tho opinion expressed by Mr. Sentincg.of Louisiana, in the C i.federate Congress, and I haco long since abandoned the Idea that ootton is king. We hat e tested the power of K ing (.bttoo and found him to bo wanting. Wo must n w abandon ail dapen ien o on foreign into vention and trust cm* our sword and tho justice of our ca me. As to the | offers said to have boeit undo to tin French Emperor of a portion of Louisiana or Florida as u gmiranteo for her ami-tum?, I do not believe a w >rd or it. Franco is no more in position to accept such an o.Tt than Mr. Shdcii is to make it. The Monitor ami the Mervimaci [From tho Richmond Dispatch, March lh | Tho Monitor m ist be disposed of in some way or other Bour ferti'ity of cmtrlv: ties ami resources is equal to that of tho Yankees there is no impossibility in accomplishing that object. Rebel itlilitatry Onlcta llfcOkU pAR'KKS ! El'AKTMKVT OF .VOHFOl K , | Xoh ot.K,Va., March IS. 1862. j No person will bo n! owe I to t rocee ! from XorfolK to Fort Monroe after this date. By eomi .and < f M i'or General IIUGKR. Bknj. HcuKR, Jr., Assistant Adjutant General. fiiiicnln's dlisxlssippi Column. The Petersburg Kx. r s>, of March 27, furnishes the following items of intelligence ? An article on "I.iucolus Mississippi Column" says "trc attempt of the Yankee government to march nn riny down tlio Mississippi river" is ""tio of th most extraordinary incidents in t tie auna's of war," and "the celobr itud Busslau cxpe 'uion of the ?rca: Napoleon is pronounced "not a circumstance compared with it." ' Wo can actrceiy credit the fact. ' says the Kspro't, "yot it is fravoly announced by recent telegraphic despatches tliat large (i nion) force i? moving down on the we tern bank of the Wis?!ss''Pl, by waj- of >,>.% Madrid loX * Orleans. Pear, ely I: as wonderful would be tin ail"iupt to le Mi a column of .'-O.AO men through the degert of Sahara." The ?r/.e.'? i entures the pinion thai tho I 'plan wou'd be cflbrtnally baulked by the concentration of a (.'utile ; rate torco equal to the emergency." Tlio gives currency to a rumor, via Baltimore, that Price had "capti re t ..Lil cut to j .sets 6,1WO Yankees tinder tho oonv.nsn I of Signl." 1 tic Ynuki'Ct Attain, [Proiu the HuoUvillo (Alt.) Advocate, j The enemy h -s about sixty-live i at.sports in tho Tm Mssrn river with tr 0'-s, which tliey ae r. ported to have landed at Mavanu-.h, ut.u i'urdy, threatening the Memphis and Charles''n an t Mobile and Ohio Railroads. (leu ral itrugg comtn <ude our forces in that region. Krom a gentleman who his just returned from the Tenneseeo we have inf irniation oi tho fin titer movements of the enemy up lh" Tennessee ;iver. At fiev nobis burg. Mumplroys county, he witnessed the pa-sage up of thirty two federal steamers, i .eluding one gunb 'at. on I Monday aftemcou, and early in the evening fourteen more tffcnaport*. Additional lioat. passed up on i'uegdaor ,cariviug cavalry, wagon . nil, lory, mulas, Ac. Tho 1 nombor of vcshoIm composing tlio last lieot was uet known. Army Wanted to lt<'i>ulsr the Yankeei. The Vow iir.cans Cie-rrnt s .ys that they shall need at least eight hundred thousand men. including the militia, w icpi in*j iinruivrn iitTiinvrr. J* lucrr.urt* -upv* that all ilio .aiula ol the cotton States will be iu?.l. il to raise :ood for ihe army. Recommendation or Heavy Moraltle Gam. Tbe Norfolk Pay Peek t an an .irtie'e recommending to the govrrrtnei t the adoption of heavy gur.s on movable tuin'aLI<'5, s<> that they could ho toed in hindering the approach of banking |ur(ie . It also suggest! the Idea of carrying the guns up und down r.v -r sides by horses or ox power, r.s rO'|tiirenu<Dts might dictate. Occuput ion of VViiwIiliigton, X, C. On Friday last the Colonists landed from their g.n heats at Washington, V. C., and, headed by a baud of musicians, marched through the town playing "Hail Columbia'" .-did waving tho Stars am'. rate. Th<> few p opio who had returned to the |iln< incs the fall of Newborn, received thorn with marked coolness. This party and their banners wholly failed to arouse :my of tint Lutou foliug which Marble Nash r?y lor colh cle l several thousand dollars iti New York t I et free, so they left without di?tn.bmg cltbor person : or property. Tbe poo de, we hear, are b irning their < ottou and turpentine in nil directions. For mile* uround, om Informant states, Immnt'e column* of dense black smoke aro seen ascend in .; to the heavens and dark-bin. the skies. Captain Suitor, who was taken prisoner u' and mulcted a long cunfinemenlai Foil Warren, gathered all his cuton into a pile, surrounded it by all the turpentine ho possessed, and then with li sown baud applied the torch. "Progvens" HnckwnnN. [from ilio Wilmington Journal. March "0.] It r?tmi t hat the Unculuttea at Newborn having write themsrlxes at home In Mr. reutiltigtoii'ii office, atnl fro* ' with his properly, are cow publishing the I'ropr-'<? aoiniwork 1 y. Oar plc.knts liava raptured some of the Yankee pickets ami have thus ohlulnoil a sight of the precious iocnin?Mit. It must be consoling for Mr. t'ennington anil Mr. Vestal to bo coolly informed by mcuiis of the types I and |ia,>er anil other material* justly belonging to' (Informer, that the present editor, whose uarno a frteud who aaw the altair does not recoile.t has totally changed i the politics of the paper?that the former editor *? a . etlo eoi cssiuBtst. and other things more uunmroun than complimentary, v. herea? the present t r.e i all sorts of a fellow. 11m editor anno, nee* that n* toon as ho can get e me tfercnt paper front New S'ork l.e will publish the/*;nir?w dally, hut w ith what lie ha- now he inuat conllne hnn-etf a a aemhwoekty. tt is hard en ugh to rob a man or hi* aanoy Without cursing the st> In of the currency. CamaUIn In the Valley Fight. IKroni tho Hlchtoood Plspatrh, AprtTl.J At a late hour last night we had a oonveraatton w itb Captain Thorn, who had lust arrived trotn Staunton. The statement* which he gave us fully confirm the pro. riooe account* of the heroism of our troops, lie exhibit wu tut |?rnir?ii<>n in in* tun i>r?a?t m lit' coat mail* l>v Miuiti tiall, w hich atruck n Te?latn?ht in bin pocket iinvl gtancod otTupon hi* \eat. Hi* vacai* i" mlraculooe. W? regret to laarn that Captain J. /.. Jour*, command b^.me of the compano** of the Iriah battalion. wn aliot down during ilia buttle. It I* to l>? hoped that hti wound AM not prove lalal. Krnm all noronnt* that wo hnra received, the Trleh Imt talJou Bl'n*t have fought w ith horoh deei orittr>n TUi fact that *>< many ol their ollloeri wore wounded la i proof of the aaa< rtl' U. tiur leet newt from General Jaekaon encourage* tie in the belief that, aboultl llto enemy ,rivo huu another otiportunity for a light. ho will add frerh glory to the Southern arm*. . Hie number of our wounded in Ihe hoapital* at Stain ton I* about ISO. Phillip William*, Fan-, Her. H F. Brook*, and olbi-r oil iron* of Wln> he?ter, ware permitted two or tbroe day* after the light t? coma out from Win 1 -cheater, ?nd bury our dead, and report that Ltare were A'glity threo lound upon the field In all. Wbeuwecoant.hw the Minall number of prUouer* taken by the enemy, fit have a full couth niMloi: of provtou* an >unta that oui J H' waa by no menn* *o great a* that of the federal*. tier potaoii* who let t Wimbeater alter the flu III report that the ronaternatlon ot the Yankee* waa Iutonae; tiiat ik?y wor? fully aware of Ih* faot that thoyhid enoount. i*'l a "atone wall" whoa* atrength waa really ItnyregnnMe. I^nutpnwit Jaca Heih, raportod killed, waa buriad in tbe M. K. gnavoyard, at Newtown. Arrival of ration Priaonera at Richmond. (From tbe Klobmond Dlapat.h, April 1.1 The t antral train of laat evening brought in twenty* nine priaonera and one negro, captured on the R tpinh ?ntio< k on Sami day laat. Among the number are ala couiinlaaton?<l offl *r?, ineluding one Colonel and two Ida tenant Ooloneb Ih.-f were eapturvd In an engagement "0 the day ab"v* u|?rbioiied, and, It |g aald 1 E NE in addition to thaae, a number in kflled and wounded. They belonged to an adventurous party, who wore endeavoring to advance near our linen, whan they were encountered by \vheat's battalion, whtoh engaged until General Stuart camo up with a portion of his brigade, and the enemy v ero signally routed. Our loss is represented to have been in considerable. Scarcity Among the Rebels. Tr.s relorrburg Rzprw says that wood baa become as scares in that city as good coiiee, and appeals to the farmers and railroads to relieve tho distress. Brooms are pronounced a luxury, and tho growing of broom corn is earnestly recommended, forc.-i ce has leather bo come that hickory splits are recommended as a substitute in harness s. "There fas also, ' says the Kxprt*?,"? largo quani lty of lead on tho various Iron railings about the city which the owner* could spare." More About Wblikty. Tho Richm'ind Exmntfiur bad lately an editorial upon the impropriety of electing to office unlit persons. 11 an- Rome of lU remarks?Heal madness or muuh whiskey may have their pari* m th s sudden ovarium of a whole ho ii fy j but above ami through lhani both thia purpose la dearly evident?to produce as mueh confuSiSn and ctnbn: rau emeni as possible, to render the public defence an odious service, to distress the people in tho utmost extent, to barn** and annoy all classes, till tho war for our independence becomes an unendurable curse. There are two hundred and fifty distilleries in two districts alone of&uth Carolina. Patriotic Kxauiple. [From the Richmond DispaM, April 1,1 'Iho congregation of the .'Second Baptist churcn, in this city, have set au example that may challenge emulation, hot for self sacrificing patriotism cannot bo excelled. Tcey met not long, and by a unanimous vote gave their church beil to l>e cast info cannon to bo used in the public defence. To show that this was not nn empty promise mado for oiiect, they immediately had it taken ] down to bo put to the t'M Indicated. At the-same meet-* Irg nt wh eh tho resolution shove stated was passed, it was determined to subscribe a sum sufficient to purchase enough metal to add to Unit in lho bell to torm into u battery to becillel therteoond BaptistChurch battery. Mr. John I'. Tanner, an influential member of tho church, and largely ongaged in tho foundry btisincfp, promised on behalf of liuu.-elf and his associates the battery should be ready at an early day, and without c ist to tin se who furnished the materials. The churches in Mew Or.cans (u large ; topoi tinn of tic m being Catholic), have, with tho sanction of their llishop, adopted the sa:i e course. An Appcul for Bells. [From the S'orloik I'r.y Hook, April 2.] The (Jrdnaiico Uuroau el tiio government appeals to iho people for tho uso of nil th bells they can sparo for tbo purpose of providing light artillery for tho pub lic llofi nco. Tho reason for uud the terms on which Iho appeal is basoJ arc giveu below, and we invito the attention of ail to it, suggesting at the same time to tho press of the country that they may advance tho causo by giving it a conspi uous plsco:? to ips ratluotic?inn vill i ok nirK' it ski is. The Ordnance Bui can ol the Confederate Mates solicits the use of sui li be. uk can bo spared during iho war, for 'he purpose of i rovidlog liglit artillery f >r tlie pub.ic dofepco. IVhi e copper is abundant, tho supply of tin is deficient 11 convert the copper into bronze. Bells 0011nln ko mi h '111 that 2,lbd ;b . '..eight of bell metal, mix1"! wiih the pn j er quantity <'f cop, or, will sulli. o for a (laid battery of fix pieces. Those who are wiling t devote their bells to libs patriotic purpose will receive rotetpts for them,and tho boi s will ho replaced, if requia d. at tbo clorc of tlio war, or they will be purchased at lab pric *. Bell - may he directed as follows:? Richmond Arsenal, Richmond, Va., Captain" B. C. Bald will. Fnyctteville Arsenal. Kayetteville, N. 0., Cu)>tain J. C. Booth. Charleston Arsenal, Charleston, 9. C., Captain F. Lt hilils Augusta Arsenal, Augusta, On., Lieut. Colonel W. G. Gill. Mount Venn,u Arsenal. Mount Yemen, Ala., fa; ta.n J. L. Columbus Pej ot, Columbus. Miss , Major W. R. Hunt. Atlu .ta Popot. Atlanta, Georgia, fjuutcuaul M. 11. Wright. Savannah l opot,.anvaunuli, Ca., Captain R. M. Cttyler. Knoxville Depot. Knoxville, Ga., Lieutenant P. M. Me < 'i.n g. Baton Rouge Arsenal, Baton Rougo, La., K. C. llunj phreys, Military Store Keeper. Montg luery IVpot, Mo ntgomery, Ala., C. C. Wagner, Military Store Keeper The government will pay all charges to these p'aces, ami receipts will ho promptly returned to the proper parties. Persons and congregations placing their belie at the sorvice of tho government, arc requested to send n state mentor tho fact, with a doeoriplkm and weight oi tho cell, to the Chief of the It aeauof Oriluuuco, at Richmond, tor rei ord in tho War Pf; artmcnt. Movement* of Yancey. The Petersburg (Va.) Eryrrn publishes a despatch (rom Richmond, sl uing that Win. L. Yancoy had arrived ,n thai city and taken Ins scat In tho Senate. Misrrllaiirons New*. [From ilio Norfolk Pay Book, tpri! 2.] Twenty vevin thousand urine and fifty tons of powder have lately be n re. o;\? .i at Memphis. All porsoi s havmg muskets or other arms in their |k>s. session had better ue|i\ ?r lln m lorthwilh at tho Sergeant's otlli e, or lhay will h fined. Wo learn that n portion of lhe fleet liavo gone to so i from Ham; ton Roads, and that the Monitor occupies n P',sit. t. Inside of Hamptou Bar. where she is probably a.vaim g the arrival of tho Virginia. Information in,- be it received that a in mber cf sto.ur. engines, used for excavating, are "till on the Albemarle an 1 Chesapeake t' Th"s? eupir i s would bo of use to lltn cm-my should they fait iiuo their hands and it appears t u tint it would be better to havo them h ought to this city. We also learn that there is a largo quantity of coal on inc canal, and this, too, might be brought here and p ;' 10 jjihmi irr. A i.vipntcli dated Savannah, March stiles tint (loyoru'-r I'rowu lately suired 10 WO bushels nfiorn .11 C--;Vmi He, g.u. it bring intended f?>r distillation Into whiskey. Tlic Memphis Apjx>lv>y* the roe .jit revrg. s Of the ro.iislerali; army ere nerving thorn with new fa.tli.con lidearu am I lei; c and it muriatcy n > doubt of tho ulti mate mnvors of Hi cause. On M' inlay lift tha Catholic orb t and the Flpi.-rnpel minister i f Nushville worn uolitled that utiles- they tie rict ftuiu jauyhig for Maria ai d the Cinthern conledcr i< y th?) should he ?rnt to 1'nrt l.ilnyotte. The tirjjioo* of Oilttlicl I.. A. Jordan, of th-Tgla, hearing that lo led a ruin; ctiy on the c< ast mined Iter him, tna 'a with their owi, hands, ami presautau through their m 1 tor to I. < iiU-uaut M uf'tt, of the .luidan tire. s, SCI, i-niy s.JC p.i.r "I 'Oia-. t' U t ward and |>.art Cotton. f'ap'uUi R. I.imtsry Walker, w l?<? has ciiuol ?> inc. 1 far . til" n lninatiiM; of the T'nrc h lla'r . ol Rich moml, has been promoted to the runic o! Nin r of artll lery. 1; >. K/ekici Ilurdiuo d? recently at his tesh.etice. ,n 1' .?sell ? my. V.i .0,-cd euthlt sevui years aptaiti \1. J. Wirt a, lh" hu.kar at Mwrnphis ra > I erTtpiny for the Wai. and then gavn each 1 mher a check tor }.:Cu Tito Ami err: milltin, to tar number of 1 uih .tided a.ia rtfiy, hav .'gone Into < input the Court House, an1 win icarc,as *0011 as iiauMpai tatiou cau beohtaiood, lor tlio rat of tvur 1 utilatu.i. It. Hnfoid, from Hcdtnrd, who wis roportcd Klil?<. in il 1* ,tl!i- Winchester, is only wo'tided. Mr. Hidden, weigh waster 1 the First mar 11 t is no ?! tiht 1 lie -Idus! inhabitant of Kiel in aid at Ibis lime, having on Thursday hist completed the eighty ninth year nt his <11 tin) pilgt imago. A 0 .inpany has hern formed at Montgomery for erecting a rolling null lu the House of Mel, gates, cm Stilnniay night, .1 coin miiiilraticn w.i? received icon the linvcrtior mmouin it,. 1... .i.?,l. , r vi. in.... o . .... ... ... ., ... laixl dintri t. (iVnurnl Floyd nrr.vad at hi* re e, Id Ablntrmm, lust Tueeday inoruiug, and will take n abort re*;ote from the arilutum drttea rt I he fold. fteneral llum,>hrey Mai phn!l, whoso hoad'ionrter* n o n"W nt Lebanon, It *e!I county , ha- c:ill.'<| out the militia of U ie? il, Washington, Srott.tviae un<l Lie,i<? drive hack the ouuiny bow threatening to advance upon u-i by way of I'ound ?.n|>. rohmol K.ilward "niborouKh, pioprlitnr of theVaiho rouxh House, iu Italetgli, N. C.. died lent Tliursda". A man named Price imprtnoued on the charge of con gpirmg with negroes, made hia escape from the Juil f Montgomery comity, Ve. laal weak. On Friday hint, while l'. F. Frame, dr., of Columbia, S. C., wan "it hi* way to |u!u In* company on llio coital, be fell from a wagon and broke his t.ri k. An alt* ay took pla^r recently a few mile* above f?? ?"to. I* . between George W. ftrovo aud Dr. A m Y?tiBg, n wliiuli the I?U?i teceivoJ two i-bols, which, it w..? ?j?p?.od, would terminate 1st 'lly. tv . A. lAird, transpartatt ?ri sgent 0*1 the Mobile and Ohm Railroad, died recently, In consequence of on injury received ?n tho road. The Chat iestnn V'miry sayv?S.^neral Walker's dig an*, we regret te learn, Ins taken an unfavorable turn l>rsH?iiiiug ht luplums give much al;irm for ilia result. Hon. William Pope, of St. lukea parish, 8 C., died on tha IStb ull , naar S:\ndvrav tile, Ga. tiuportnteii'tenl Win, N. Dragg advartise* for " lOjOO sills, ilaltverail on tha Una of the road betweon Richmond and Aqula crevk," and "wanted immediately." Tito Savannah corraapon?leni (March 14) romplaina Iti.-il alio nillllary draft hasormpled manufacturing esubUsbiniMita to aucb au 1'itont that tho* "cannoi carry on the anuoat essential buniuaia of tha government.'" This corre*i>ondent says that the defences of Savannah extend from the Savannah river, north of the city, to tho Louisville road, thus finishing tho circuit of earthwoik* oxttudlng from river to river. Tha Nova Scottan Outward Bound. Portland, April 6, 1862. The steamship Kovs Scotian, Captain Ballautyne, sailed at s quarter past three o olock this afternoon, with Ofty pastsngara and a full cargo, for Liverpool. New York Court of Apprals, Albam, April 0, 1862. Tha following |s tha calendar af tha Court of Appeal* for April T:-No? *0> if, i9, 69, M, 67, 6S, W)i, dv, A** W YO NEW YORK, SUND NEWS FROM ISLAND NO. TEN. St. Louis, April 6,18?. The correspondent of tbe St. Louis flerublicnn, writing From tho flag-hip Benton on tbe evening of the 3il, aays:?Eurly tbit morning an attempt was made to tow th? rebel Healing battery to a point where It could command our mortar boats. A brisk Are was opened by our mortars, and In the course of half an boor tbe battery was struck several times, splinters be ng thrown in .all directions and several I earns displaced, line rholl exploited directly uislde the battery, when it was Immediately submerged to the water's edge and lowed ont of rang.*. The rebel steamer Wiucheeter, which was sunk some timo since to obstruct the chuiiDol north of the islandand used by tbe rebels as a point t'rein which to watch our movements, was shelled to-day and burned to tbi water's edge, the skilful Bring te-day made the enemy very cautious, and all their tents have bee. movod far Out of range. gnio river is falling rapidly, and troops can soon be lauded at any point along the hanks here. I aim, III., Apt!) 8, 18?. Tho firing at Island Ke. 10 last night disabled the floating battery of tbo rebels. Ono shell struck directly on it, killing thres men and disabling It so that it floated down towards the foot of the island. The tiring to day has been more active and has done good execution. All is <iukt bore to-<l?y. NEWS FROM NEW MADRID. Threatened Retaliation I'pon the Rebels tor Cutting the Telegraph Wires. Cum .ago, April 6,1601. A special despatch to to tho Chicago JYi&unc dated Xew Madrid,3d inst.,tays Tho telegraph lino was to-day discovered to be cut in a dozen places between here and Sykcston. On. oral Pope immediately issued a special order to tho residents along tho routo, that ho would hold them responsible for tho safety of tho telegraph line, and thai if any damage was done to It near their houses and farms ho would havo tneir houses burned, and themselves and families arrested and brought to camp and visited with the severest punishment. C.tnio, April 6,1802 A messenger from Xew Madrid this evening reports that the rebels ereeted a battery ia-t night opposite Point Pleasant, and this morning opened fiio on our works. After somo time tho battery was si lencod by our guns, and a warehouse on ihe Kentucky slioro set on tiro by our shells. Its contents wero consumed. Xo casualties on our side aro reported. Hie loss of the rebels is unknown, but several must havo been killed. NEWS FROM TENNESSEE RIVER. Gunboat Reconnaissance its far as Violence, Ala. Chicago, April 6,1882. A special despatch to the Chicago Jhmit, dated Cairo. 1th Inst, says:? Roliablo intelligence has been received from the Tennessee i iver. The gunboats Cairo, Lexington, Taylor and transport 1 igresu, have ntade a reconnolssnnce as far a Florence, Ala. They met wuh no resistance ou the way and only discovered < ne f< rt, deserted, wliero the enemy had nine guns planted. THE CAPTURE OF UNION CITY. Oar NlMik?ipi>i River Correspondence llii km/.n, Kj April 1,1862. The Advance of Cilonil Buford't Conuimnd?A /hirer .He. ih?They Arrive Unio* City?Attark the lithe',. Xnt Morning?A Complete Surprint?All the < 'am) Equipage Cc.plurel?'/"if Encamj uutU Dettroycd?Ai Acrident~Th* i'rinmnt?Cch nel llufvrd. ?C . <fc. Another brilliant little victory crowns our arms, an' another disgraceful rout it is our privilege to rocor< against ibo enemy. The outlines of tho following details of the recent sue ces&ful dash upon the lobule ut Union Citybyasmai boily of our troops, commanded by Colonel V. U. Buiord you will hate received ere this can appear. Colonel Huford, commanding the land forces bettveet Columbus uinl the head of 1.-land So. 10, through tin agency of scouts and spies, learned of tho prcronco ai Union City of a force of two thousand rebels. Accord iiigly, on Sunday morning, with bis own regiment anil ; part of two others, then encamped at Philip's lauding, he l,!ly etaburkod on board the steamers Geo. W. Graham ami M. Gill,and arrived at Hickman about noon, when the troops wcru disembaikod. Colonel Buiord was here reiiip.rced. when the Initio! march was l.ikun up to Union City, t-1xt'ou miles distant. The roads being in a very MVI U'lllll ,1. I.-.V r...r- .. v fiat iKfclit. b'lt eutau.pcd Tour mile- tins Mile ol' the luwit. I Uu mat i ll was resumed ui daybreak yewterday mmniug, and w hen ? Uhiu half a mile ol' I n: 11 City <1 mi-owrnl : lir eucamuni lit ol the enemy , near the depot ol ih Mobi n and i tli in Kail read. Ilia auillery wan immediately ordered to the front .villi inatr ii'tiinie t" open their gnnw ap"ii ttao rebels ai unro, which ivfi.-i done with nli astonishing degree ul pieinptne-s in,,|skill, the Hist allot fallili;.' light ill III' a tr> nf 11.o eri ampmeiit while tlm rebels were Iri-y |i . paring breukt'aa:. The surprl-ed ami fnglii< nwl u helfi ilnl ii' t . t'p In investigate oar intnndou ai this iinr..-hionab.e hour in th? morn in., but commenced an Immediate anil indiscriminate flight pell-mell through tin wood* iu every direction. without lulng a shot, and lo.ivmg behind llioiii their hall co> Ited hr< akf mt. t g. thi'i with all their camp, |a*rronal cilerix, gnus fahroB, pistols. m un, I hey did not succeed it can ying oil any iliioa. It v aw as con'pa to a r?ut and i.tiuc a< th? Kert lb :::y afTalr, if m l inoro so. At the lit im: rein iv" re end ri. g t-i cn-apo for "dear ", ' the iitule >|r lit shot eltor llieui to help I hem i.'-ng on their jonruey. In he a than II It eon mlnutca ii< in Iho time (ho lirst shot wan lire I. and by the tiiim r not <r tie ?it" inpi'.ent, not a reliol, pscepi I'd III! 1 nri pt, r. tr IV niiv u'lteTA !<> It* v u. Sum twenty |>i i oi.ura wer taken, and thru* I lad. I'ottud 1/ g tli-' i imp whom tl; y were tumble t t urry sway. Hmv many otberr wore killed ur wound . U"t known. but it i- i f . onnhli to suppose l lion v.-t re nutli' a number wounded, u-- our sh us fell directly I" their ti.t<lst Wo captured ovot fit ty lieatl of hot ran and mules twOutv wagon ?ot c cli-ol) | .u ked with inmp equipin. iitu?live hundred tab: < * on I c .tins*' a, mui it sitnllai number of shot gun- Hint luck titles. r. lonel Mfu. il, te t wii mg to nak n delay in the vi cmily, le-l th re might bo a larger force c.n-e at hand Iliad the encampment, destroying all tlioir equipment! -mo what wa* brought away .and immediately inarched Ins men ba. k to Hickin-u, where they arrived about lw? o'clerk I'. M., ludou wllh trophies mid flushed with vietu: jr. The wh e .xflhtr wus conducted by the art I lory, au the enemy's lligbt was too precipitate to allow any pa: tun nation on the | art of the infantry or civalry. The touted force consisted of Colonel Pitcher's Twenty rogtment ot Tennca.-ee Volunteers, 700 men, hint tenant Colonel randy,and 800 cavalry, commanded by II (lay King. A very mournful accident occurred in burning up tbc camp. Soiue guns w hich were loaded and ten in the lent-evp'oded. wounding one ami killingani'tber of out men. The citizens of the town were greatly alarmed. Some tied with the retreating rebels, and olhcis cnuc.-aie' ihentaclvis, tearing putihhmeot at our hands. The lirleks of aflrighto l women could be heard all over the town, while others ran thr ttgh iho streets like mad. TUo prisoners taken wore rather woful specimens ol humanliy. being wretchedly clad. yet,from the texture <>i

some of th clothing found tu the eamp, it was evident th.d il was mixed with many of the Indlei > l.u-i ol r- l?ela. </ its a number ot the tlnoxi .pialuy ot blankets were found In itomo of l|e tenia, hut they were unquestionably private property. It was reported that this force was nrtuo I with Mini* rttles, which, however, we h ive reason to doubt, or cImj the roblos were renia: kably expert in seem mg tItem nil. ae none wore found in tb? enriitiipiuenl. Am u.g othoi things captured were two rebel Hag- One was a Very handsome piece of workmanship, and h i inscribed ott the contro bat the motto of "Victory ur death ?tut her a rood ioke ou (he conthioverates. t'p'iu Hie roturn of our victorious littl? army, tho gunboat I/>ui*vllls, Captain Hove?now lying si iilrkuian? tired salute in honor of Ho brilliant little victory out troops had achieved, after which Colonel IJuford re oinbarked Ins men 011 tha transports, and returned to hit previous camping grounds it Philip's landing. Colonol Huiord, notwithstanding I ho pretty general feoiing or distrust exptesaed against him by certain ciaaa of Jealous aspirania, has proved himself in (hie re rent affair, as in previous actions, to bo an expert and thorough military man, and eminently capable of con' dueling >he operations of larger bodies of-meh. He is nt pro-tent commanding a brigade, within supporting distance of the gunboat tlnet near lalaml No. 10. Affaire at Island No. ID remain unchanged since uiy last leiter of yertordny. The passage through the bayou above hero tn New Madrid ha* been forced, and la now open for steamers t> lienors! Polka 0 omnia lid, below Island No 10 I have learned, however, that the rebels have since constructed batteries to fhevent the crossing of any troops to lbs Kentucky shore. There are some small movements on h ot among the gunboate; but thev aie ol character iltal it would be improper to divulge. We muat await results in such ensot. There is no i.ewa ol ucc from Ueueral 1'ope's command. >RK H *1* AY, APRIL 6, 1862. BTIATION OF CORINTH, MISS. The Battle Ground of the Impending Contest. Its Importance as a Strategical Point. The Impediment in the Union War Path, The Tapogruphy of the Battle Ground in the Souihwcwt. I ^5^ ly^al % /v' \ \<SSA 1^5 W vm'wurgh#* y4^\~/~ J VV Vow/ground / V> fABMWCroNi^ sttlv \4v^gMit ip H? r(~^V^wT?5 e"S-4vV * v5K??^??V v^-Jt \ /** IMTHJ-SO* \ **\T TUe Above icap oxU:b,ts tbo pogltioa which the grand [ it: my oi wic leimtr, 'inner nru. im ittt.. ii?.g.a..., to oppose the Southern march of the Union foices. Co rinth, an will he seen, is at iho intersection of thn MobiU and Ohio anil Memphis and Charleston railways, iu Tie homlugo county, ninety tbieo n..l< s from Memphis, furtj miles from (fraud Junction, one hundred and filly livi miles from Columbus, Kentucky, fifty-eight miles fron Jackson,Tennessee eighty mdos from Pecatur, Alabama , ami about twenty miles m a d.reel line from Savannah Tennessee, tbo present headquarters of General Grant ( from Pittsburg, where the main body of our army is en i camped, tho distance to Corinth is about eighteen mile* > .by a I'xxl turnpike roa<l. i Connth is a \eiy important strategical polut. It i Kiluaicd in a hilly, J?iiu-iuounbuior,n country, a brand 1 of the Apaliirblau range, wbich tfivcrgau from the Alio i ghnny mountains, and forme tbo mountains am! g >|< beam g regions of GoorgUt and Alabama. Tho village ? nearly surrounded by an iriegulur circle of hills, rlsini 1 on the n?rtb, ."bout four miles distant, with tho Stat , linn between Tennessee and Mississippi crossing thei summit. The Mobile and Ohio llailway crosses tins rtdgi i through a cut seventy five feet in depth. Similar cuts of lesser depth. penotruto the hills on the east, west uui I south, where tlie railways enter. Beyond theso hills, It the direction of Pittsburg mid Savannah tho ground bo ootnes more love], and much of it is low nod switiupy. the particular location of tho rebel fortifications a Corinth we are unable to indicate, lid from the toini graphy of the region it is not difficult to perceive the tho plaee Is one susceptiblu of strong defenceTlu. figures on the map indicate:?1, railroad passcn ger bouse; 'J, Iffhomingo iiotn, 3, fWM college A > freight b use; o, Souring null; 0, rebel The village conlain# uoout twenty retail shop* four hu te's, ?ti indefinite number of wh.skey and " thacl houses,"' and about one thousand inhabitants. The Luteal Intel!iRence. [Correspondence of tho, Garotte, j fivixnu, be tin., April 1, lbtiij. The expedition has m a oiphahod nothing as yet tin I can be laid before tho public, lleautegard's advautei 1 (amps at t'oriuth arc within lis mile* of our advance frorr 1 Ptt!*burg landing, and the robot advan. ed c?ilpa at I'ur dy arc within Itvo tunca ot oure, in front if Crump 1 I landing. Ai Purdy and Itctiicl tlw rebel* still nave only rn out post of four or Pro regiments, with a small force of nr 1 til ery and cavalry. At Corinth they may have s-xtj I thousand, including the ten thousand without nrtns Ihey 1 latin a hnudied Ihoinund, and Iron that on up 111 definitely. 1 llierc arms to be no doul I that ihev rui an to make ? 1 aland atcr near Corinth. They cannot yield that with 1 out yiel ling thoi whdo line ol defer:cos along the north eru binder ot the Gull States. A poitlon of General Ibieli a army was on Ptinda) > morning laat witbtti a day's inarch of .Savannah. Gene 1 ral Grant is underi-tood to outrank Genetal liucll, the l it tc having been continued Major Genera! ron.o week! 1 after Grant. In this cane, then-fore, General Grant wit command the entire force. There are rumors, however, that General Unlink will 1 take the Ueld here in person ?s not. as tho Island No. 1( agony is over, and that there will he four or firo rer;? (fWiNer organized, Potomac army faehlon, with the lla jor Generals Grant, smith, Wallace, Hueil and tlc< lor mu.d M e nimaml. r. Tak< them .1." rumors, not tlii , fcntraH), wiid agniseniini. > Tho wooden gunboats continue .hopping occasion* I 'hells into (he rebel batteries aland aboro Pastport > Mies. Little importance ia attached t" their river dc fence*. General Grant is to t.iko tlie Held in person at rtttsburj i landing to-day, unions the i hen Id i>e changed. The weather is sultry: delightful mornings and oi?uings, lint decidedly le hot for Northern const it ntiont atrio. ii. Tlic roads arc admirable, and the country toviaid Corinth is a high upland. about half under culliva tion, the rest wooded, through which there are few obstacle* to the easy movement of a largo army, i Soino cotton is being brought in front ths country, uni dor escorts of our troops, to prevent tin- r. belsinur burning it. Seveuty.fivo bale* came in that way jester day. i We'ro having a telegraph built from here to Nnati I vine.eeross the count?y, that will be done bct. ro long but it I- exclusively for military purports. [Pcspalch to the Chicago Time*.] t air.i, April 2. I*f2 There is uolhieg from tho Tennessee river of dired importance Wo sro that General (Irani is nearly prepared fm ' the gr ind battle tliat is expvetod. The members of tin 1 suit who are here have been ordered to report to htad 1 .(iiarters iiiiuiediately. General Knell is on the line of tlie Nnshville and I>c 1 cat ur Iiaiiioad, making wry slow progtes*. IntereatIi?k from Nashville, Trim. Messrs. Kiennan, proprietors of an extensive foundry 1 who have been manufacturing cannon for the rebels, ant ' Mr. Cheatham, Mayor of the city, wore put under military arrest by Governor Johnson a few day* since, but an now on parole. Cliargo? Aiding and abetting tho enotniei of tho Union. i Mr. J. L. Meigs, Superintendent of tho Public Schools lias been notified that ho and all the teachers contextei with the schools must take tho oalii of allegiance. Repairs on the Nashville and Chattanooga I'.ailroud w.l be so far completed that tho cars will commence riinmni to Murfrcesboro about tho middle of this week. Alderman Wat. H. Cheatham, Councilman W. Sliano aw 1 the following members of the city polio# corps haw taken the oath of allegiance:?John Itaugh, Captain Job! Davts, Wm. Jackson, Win. Mayhor, Joel Phtliips, N 1 Iktvls, John Cavender, Wm Yarboroiigli, A C. T ,tk r | John JoltVj Robert Slcott auil Wm. Fratii is. know Storm at Montreal, MovHtKA , April 5?C T M ' A heavy snow storm commenced here at noon, and rtf continue*. ERA! f Important from SfW Mexico. MOVEMENT OK TUB KCBEI.M?TIIH TEKEJXOHV H2()ROAKIZKD AND A KKBF.L (iOVEKNOR ATKOINTKIJ'r ok (-mali. pox, etc., btc. Xokt I mo.*, March 20, 18S2. Tho First regiment Colorado Volunteers arrived hero a few days ago, und were addressed l?y Governor Connelly. They iea\ a tbia week under command of I,ioutei:aut Cotouel 8. F. Tappman. Colonel Slough baacumrvand of the I Iiepartineut of New Mexico in piaco of Colonel Can by ,\vbo ia surrounded in Fort Craig. It Is reported tbat the Texan* hnve taken possesalon of Santa Fe,and orgaui/ed a Territorial government, with G ucrnl Pelhuin as Governor. Other ulllecrs appointed fr? in the bul ge s en of siblcy'g (.auip gambler*, whonihe culls "bis brigands." Colonol Hlo .gh will inarch to Santa Fe with all the troops ruth is department that lie can obtain. Governor Connelly, Colonel ColliUB, Kuprt inter.dont Indian Affaire, and others, will accompany him. From Santa Fe ho will go to the relief f Canby. at Fort Craig. Baylor, Texan, with BOO men, is in the soutli part of the territory in u tight with the Southern A|>aciu-s. Tho Na, .does are continuing their depredations west of the Rio g nude. H H. Matrons' train, loaded with seven hundred acks of govormnent t!nur, was taken by the rebels. He liaa tied for safety to Colorado Territory. The Mohuache bund of Ctahs and Icarrilla Apaches ure in charge of Indian Agent Aruy, eust of Fort Union. and are in ., >od x b ?'lion. Hois issuing rati'ns to them a <! hopes to kc p tbrin and all the T ri itery ea?t of Fort Union ijuiet. All thug'worninent i jnuniSHAry stores at Albviuer<iue and Santa l o w< re destroyed by tho Uuion ofllecra bofore l"n\ itiv. Provisions a. e scarce and high. Very little money in the country; scarcely my < urron. cy evcopt an ubumlaueo of -mall checks Issued l-y J. n. Holmes, Secretary of the forritory, on tire Assistant Treusnror, Now York. Small pox prsvails ail over the Territory. 'I'll* Rehel Inillnii ttrneltlra ut Pea lllilife. INTERESTING COIlilKSroNDKNCK RE I. A UNO THERETO. Tho follow ing y complete copy of all the correspondence betw een the commitudcr of tho army in Aiitausas an<l the < -unmander of ilio tebcl army, after the battle of pea Ridge HeaDuTAXIKKS I'HANj MlS.-inshtl l'k-lRJf.T, \ March 0,1862. / Tothe Commankixo Ofri-f.not irk I'mtxi-States Fohobs on Si'cak Cuewi, Arkansas :? Nih?!n ..-c jnlnnce with th? . a;,oe of war, 1 have tho honor to ropieat that you will jvrnilt tho burial party whom I scud from this army, with a flag cf truce,to attend to tho duty of collecting am! inton ing the bod is of the olileers and men who fell during the engagement of the 7th and sth instant. Verytesp etfully, your obedi ent aervant, KARL VAN HORN, Major General Commanding Army. llEADOrAI.Tr.Rs AKJ! Y of THE SoUIWlXT, I I'm Rin-.r, Mareli 9, isOJ. J I'ato, Van 1 'URN, ('OMMAJitOMi t'oNAPPKRAT* hlMt-:? S k?The tfoneval commanding i s in receipt of y ultra of tho 9th, soying that in a'corduuee with tho usages ot w;tr voir end a party to calloet ami bury I ho dcd. 1 am abetted to j>ay all pe?aib!o facilities will b given for burying the many of which have already been in terrej. incite a number of your pigeons hi ve 'alio:, into our liiinils.aiid are permit tod to act utnlT parole, ,i under a lo.tcral Order l'rom Major Tlen-rul Untie- k fti. tner liberty will bo allowed them i. nnch acconimjiU lions t-o .Tii, r cute 1 by you. The Oct oral regie . ti .i no tin ! n tb - battle iteld.e .itrary to civilized warfare many cf tho !'e! ml '.a I chow- re I uuakawked,*--:.') oil and their b" ies i'ma: $led,autl oxpied. *1 a Iv-l-eli : i'no itiipiu tmlr- !? may imt dege .etatu to a su vftpu warfare. Ity or . r . ?' H. R I't'RflP, Hrig.i ler lionet ul. T. J. Mo {ixxRV, Aetlng -:.ta t Ailiutani Central. Ihe following couiu.'inicai ion was received from Van Porn, lu risiionse to the uno\u:? TRIM tax nous. Heat .t'AitTr.RN Tka: Sln">i??irri .armn.l Van Hikkn. Ark . 1 larch Id lS?i2. J 1 Gknucai?I am lustructe-l by Mater ucuc. al Van 1 ><>rtk, commanding thin district, to <"?pre-~ to jmi k;.s thiuhi and gratlQuatii a ou ac d..( of the c )itTt< -v oxl in'.od l-y you:soil and tho otlbvrr ;r lor your minand, to the banal party h?tiI y him to yo .r e imp on the 9th i.i t. ' lie i- i 'utieil to by your letter, b o iglit to liitu l-y the corntanndlng oftici-r of tha party that l In- r--p a.: of 4 some of your snliiur - hat e been re.i. rtml to y<u. in have h.-eti sca.pcd tint .liiav.ise t.o.iilai.-.l. . Ho !u |' ? yuu U. vo tun iih .Mi'i mm! Willi n , gard to iIiih mutter, the Indian* who loniiod pert of his lore#* having l'< r many years been regarded us civilized people. Hi* will, ! wcvor, m t c. .1 dial!y unite with you it repressing the horror* of , this unnatural war; i.uu Ihut yuo may c i|orst'" with Utm U> this end more eflortually, hu (Issues mo to lulorin you thai many I' nur men who surrendered f themselves prlsnrr of1 ur.woru reported to. him a having been tnur'.ered in cold 1.110! 'j> lL"i aptoi-, who wore al>gcd to ho to-rutum". l'ho l.eiu a eon maudlng feels sure that )u' w id do your part,a* ho wit'. '' i.i pre.enting such alio. in totum mi l that th s 1st pctraio k of them will be brought t.> turtle .;?* tb i - i.ormau or t'noe a-.v. The privilege* which yon oxte I to "ur medical elhro c will !>c rsciprooatod. And a' soon .is p>>* ib'e meanr wiU be taken lei uu exchange 01 prisoners. I uni. sir. , very respectfully yours, Dl'HURY H. MAURY, A. A. <J ' itMt'LV. J Hue i*. rat. no. m r/:r .Uv, 01 ins Sot ruwr.-i, ) i Camp at ('aoe'l'i trout Hoi-un.*, March 21, iso_. | I'APrAN?I am In receipt of yonra of the ! it It n.s: expressing the reasonatde regi et of y or ('<.n > i iiidin^ t.'eneial for ihe barbarities committed by the Un i it.', at t the rercnt battle of l ea l.'i Ige. 'Ihol o'tof mat. h id having hoen foun t seal) ed and it .UU*?1 w...- ; r t, and the (jeneral commanding ti e nrioy vi.-lr *, fi r tin t sake of humanity, that the te; ll.m uy was i ot m littible. In reply to your information that " men \ 1 rendered tlieniBelvi* prhr mora of war are reporte the General as having be.n muid-. ,d i;i "Id Id d by I \* i r < !*?'f i ? si u'lifl ttf I'M iild'dl'il , bt' 41 *1 III.. Ii?t. I . v t :y ,U.e (.vriiiMic charge the *..111 y 1. n M 1 curictu n ropy of 1 Icttm fio Co: "r .1 ? '<! ' 10 mc before the receipt of your*, 111 which tlio eub;r 1 reform I to. An " dead men leii: o talc*, ' it in not ees to ree how them 'barges mar bo proven, nun t! (ii-iiuial h.ip?s tin y are mere " camp g'oiies u?w; little o. no ro.imlntj ti. The (!u.mui .* in ilio lumy'a t.-ikeu ami turned over many (> isoocrs, at. 1 the tic m ;.! l lias net before lieied murder chat ge l Hgalo-t 1 tl.e contrary they bare s<vinod p? Imriy an.xi * to ] exliibtt the number of their capture I as of tlioi valor. Any actor crue'ty to ^ri*oi ars.oi- th so ulici: g t ' deli' or then adves ?s sin l>. on the pai i of i 1m s> |..ic,g of Ibis army, coming t > lite kU'WlwIgB ot the ( nei'Hl commanding, wili b - puirshcl ?i;b the extreme poral'i of tiie law. f Fxceptions may undoubtedly recur, as wehavemur crrcrs in all c? n nuiulttef, tut tho ? mploymeut of lu diana invoices a probability of ,-avaje ferocity, which i.? t.ot to tio regarded a* the exception to the rule. cJU <l\ 1 oonilicta fcvem to ius,iiro their rm iont barbarities, no. 1 an wo expect civilized wnrfai o from savage tribe*. It any presumption h.,s been raised In their favor 00 tho scoroof i-ivillsatkin. It has certainly t'een deiooiiahed by r the ore of the tomahawk, war club and scalping knllo at !'e.? Kidge i may h to slate that tho General commanding ui i reded a surgi on of one ot the Indian rogimonis. taken Hi i tho battle, to ho rent to **(. loins, a clone prisoner, while other surgeons are allowed, on parole, the freedom I of our cam) a. I I!e!irv:ug the General commanding tho opp< sing army 1 1* equally animus to suppress atrocilh s which arc h* "lien evinced by our ape- tea, ihs Gem-rsl comaiaudlrie the army hopes Indians will unroof'or be excluded fnun I jcurfticss 1 am, captain, very res|>?ctfuliy, Ac., yours. 1 II. 7. CURTIS, Assistant Adjutant General. ? The following is a cjpy of General Sigel s letter, to winch reference is made in tho above. Hkaovi akiaks Kihst a mi Sscomi Division*.? ! ( mi1 Ho?m ax , Mo , Matcb 20, j ixkkhai.?( bog leave to dim t your atlmlicu to the information which was received yestiiuay at Kiotsviliu, 1 by eomo of tlie wounded >d the Fiying battery While Captain hlbert's thrco pieces of artillery were tuken by the enemy, end our incu sorv ng tho gurr were eurrouiid cd, they worn shot dead by the rebels, although reeking lefugo behind tho horses When such sets are committed, it Is very natural that 1 our sold,or* will sr?k revenge if no satisfaction is given by the commander of the confederate army Very respectrally, your obedient servaut, V SHIFT,, Hr,g. t.011 Commanding First and Second IMyblona 1 To Hi ig. JGeu. |Ci arts, Commanding Army of tha (south weal Public Reception of Parson Brownlow I at Cincinnati. . UnVtlTI, April S, 1862 i The public rrc<-| t .011 at Pike's Opera House last mglit was an immense ulTair. Fvsry available spot in the house was occupied Mr Browulow was inic,?lucs<1 to Iho audience by J< p?pli C. Butier, President of tlie t hnmbor of Coin tnerco, in a few appropriate remark*. 1 Mr. Browulow, in reply, made a speech Ihanking Ihe vast audietico for their warm and friendly reception, 10 ' luting lira experience ol iho operations of the rebellion in 8 Karl Tennessee, ami givieg an account or the sullerltigs of ! h dim If and of other Union men wlnlo he was imprisouc I ai Knoxviile 1 The Parson was listened to with profound attention, an>l 1 li s speech frequently interrupted with enthusiastic ap. plaute. 1 Speeches were also made hy Geueral S F Carey and I ! ertn h t Governor Fish, of Kentucky tics,',,11 ions were adi pte l demanding a vlgornne and ' 111.(casing prcxecjticu of the war and the punish 8 incut of the leading traitors, and declaring that 1 the dig of the Union shall agn.n triumph ml. y over the walls of Sumter and troin every other place be 1 i gd.g to the Cekw, also declaring that our wanner: ntpntlnrs ure with our distinguished guest, and calling ion 1U2 federal ?>eortih)ct?I id a;f>r<1 s return to the 1")at Ceioa meu of the South,and ?'p?cialiy tb seiretn Kasl Tennessee. The oXerr.M* < lesed by the swg'ngof "Ilall Catutr. ' hut'' ly s lug 1 nub r of children '1 m tl<? \ 'j ? sohetilant Use city. who weiu sou-i on the -tags * L.D. PRICE THREE CENTS. NEWS FROM WARSAW SOUND. Heavy Firing Heard in the Direction of Fort Pulaski. Oue Hundred Thousand Dollars Offered for the Relief of the Garrison, Ac., Ac., Ao The United Statt. ?tor*?bip Ro'o.ibo, ineutcnant Coi*? minding Daniel P. Upton, from Warsaw Sound, arrived at tbi. port yesterday afternoon, having sailed thoucd March 29. The following are the offleors of tho Relesso Acting I'elun'ttr Lieutenant Commanding?Daniel P. Upton. kxtcnti"t Officer?J. P. tloodinftnson. Acting Madcr?W. t?. Nutting. Surgeon?A. I). Marklry. Acting Paymaster? Ilen.inimti K. Camp. I'aum<tster's ClcrL?C.!'. Float. The liattoriee on shore were prepared to attack Fori nuasKi, and on the aotit hoary nr.tig was heurd from direction, and no doubt tho work bod o msnencod. Tho n-jidontfi of Savannah had o (Tared 9100.000 for the rescue of tho gar; ieon of the fort. I.oft in tho Yloumi tho Unitod States ship Morwloh, Commander J. M. Duncan, and Wyandot, Lieutenant Whiting, Ail well. The schooner L. S. Davis, Cupt. Bishop,from Pert Royal 30th ult., arrived at this port yosterday. She reports the frigate Wabash as arrived tamo day fromForuan<, also thai heavy tiring was heard on the 30th, In tho direction of Savannah. KEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. De.patch from (Uiidal Wool to the War Depurtmcnt?Klring Heard In the Direction of Yorktown-sThe Aleiiiiimc dust Taken Out of tin Day Dock, &c>. die. Washingtoni April 6,1802. Tlte following message was received at tho War Department this afternoon:? Hon. K. VI. Stan'on, n- retary of War:?> Sir?We have hoard some tli iug In the direction of Yorktuwn. Two or thrcoregitnenls have gone to Shipping l'? int. From information received to day it appears that the Morritnuc i in the dry dock, loaded with coal. Silo is to o.-uio out of Iko dock to day, with two imro gnus, one of la-go calibre. All goes on very smooth')*. I do n' t believe the Army of tho Top mac will (bid many troops to i utend with. J. K. WoOL, Major Oei.eral. The boat which brought this invssagu to Cherrystone left Portro's M< i?roe at four o'clock this afternoon, up to wtii' h time Itmre was no chungo ill aiTnirs in tho imincdial o vicinity. Koi. nif-s m on Ron, April 4,18C2. A ling of trues "'Til out liv tho ting-Inp to day brought back two la in"', tho nisi p,is* tiger wh > li ive l eon ilptwrd to leave Norfolk for tho North f?.r some vve.-cs.. too ct them war F etich l.idy. retnrnim; to France, ami th> oth'.T was proct'o.!i;.? to Join Iter hurbauil to I'nlu* mote. 1'opic of the Richmond Kwiuii vraml Pi i of this morning are reiVivcil. Tho fot mo is printed on a half t Ueet. Roth papers ure entirely bur ran of new*. Tho ottl ial report of Governor Clark, of North Carolina, slates tho rebel lose :il NV.v beiu ?s follows:?1?4 . ,i;?. 1. lol womntel, 41, niirdng ?'nl ft"*. i\"tu. M. fiwin arrived at P.ichm.'n l yesterday from Wa'-hiuyfon. He if a nativ e of Virirni '. Co't. .lohn II. '.lurvar. w'n) l< atylod tho Morion of the, ?'.* > arrlvt'vl hi Kl.-lim nd yet to: day. Oa bo'it'tl the Monte to .'.ay th vol o. thank? paimd t y tho Sew YorkCli:.: i a. Cowmerr* wnarond to all '..ind?. I.teal oi tho i . a \v .s exhibited. l..uUt?.*>?tit tVordon e.1ll : mo .ui' .i dol ih Monitor as koch as he i. oovots lrom In n.,nri s, which, according te the ; ,i..?i . cmiMs, h i- < pecic-l to d . very -h"- My l'uc wonthei . oniin : * pleasant and favorable for military operations. cirtuk^cu at Minm ERtian vk aninr.iiuu mi iiii?Hih?viiu| >n> 'I he Rib('!? Urivi n Out b) Ueiu Citai'Vi Mill t mi imi, \ ii. , Aprii4 Ht;ih On?ral fl-r.i v> art vat we thre? hurh'e.1 l Slewnrt'- mI Whit-'V cavalry anrt i? force t: mfa't. v a M.ddlobur,;, V !.im Saturday. lie man licJ Yn tn u.mmoi t m t. o iM>r".l:ic a'Ml l.i vo in tM ieli*l |>W V In ii *1 i'o: M ' I i;<, Ik he lUiln cU ill, Uiu?li ami eovei ii ii..- in ,tiiry u ciri al m il the cavalry p?-ti<| u.aki a A guu wan p need In commuud tlm ai. mi-iel, ami the Twenty eighth, well dopHye I ad i .. red oy n 1 Mil- a- )>ri acln s to 'ho tun ?. white the ti..n:i b dv rtiahed through it, with Ivtynr.c'.s fitcd and >.. a lUmb equick," i riv.nptheenciuy before thou. iba cveniy ma a hi't In a bohoiv beyond th-: turn, ev deu'ly nuiDocuvertng t*drnw or.t the .Ml Htgnuriv ./ in ptnmit, so ill it their inf.iiitry inLl.t llni k th mi. Companion <>f the Twenty eiyhtli no'v <>j?otnn| on th in fi m butiind stuiie fences with thor riilcv, alien the cavu'ry darnel off precipitately. At not' tlm Twenty eigh'h, In the centre of the town, new opened upon tbrru, lid drove tlioin front a tliukei two mi.en distant every heil exploding In tIt1 wood*. I Ibe charge thro gli the town wiw fruefbt w th treat excitement. Knapsack. were thrown n?ide ,u the atreet as tlm uieu rushed forward. Overcoat* nd blankett lined the (ides o 1 tl.o r?w.d Si >s wereapeedlly closed, women arreai.ied, li uase iM.bed fur want. Every thing waa cxrlliment, lint in .cd o*rt#r General Geary dashed on at the head, and at onetime was within two hundred yards of the rebel cavalry. (ienerat (leery command ha" m mired ihe country as I'ur . own an Aldlo, from whit". place it rat.iiri.Fil as far as im kervtlle to assist at \\ inclmrtur, but Ihe bailie the.a wi.s decided before it could get further. NEWS FROM GENERAL BANKS' CORPS. sharp HklrinUlitng with the Enemy-* lien 11It of Qrueral stliicltlu??nlei<te off Colonel llallirfay. its.. sVle. Koivto au, Va., April 3, IMS. Ail .s qu et in this rorpa cxcopt tcuasiuMl shots, aV l< tig range with Ashby'a rebel cavalry. Our troops aie tngnotl condition, and anxious for a forward move, itenerat Shield* continues to Improve. Elmm an. Va., April 4?4 A.M. Yesterday afternoon th n em my unmasked a aeet.c n o^ their battery, three quartern of a mile from our right wing battery, under Captaiu lluutingd.'ii, a luile U' tl.a weet of this town. The object of the enemy was to driv* ,u our plckvla Iteyviid Stony creak, which divide* thi* builder*. Captain Huntingdon shei cd tlx ui out In very ?h"rt order. H iring 111* <lny lh* enemy coOcoalod hi* force* in tho ravine*, but hi* vidette* were in ?Ight ud TH^irtiv*. tine of them ma killed at a distance of six hundred yard* by a eharprdiooter of the Wisconsin Third regimat. I'dai hmcnts of tbo Signal Corp*, under I.loutenan* Itowley, obtained *n excellent view of the euotny eii camped uear Mount Jackson. Iai*t night ?h? mountain eest of thl* town wa* on fire, milking amngnldient Illumination. A corps of pioneers and bridge builders have been ordered forward bytleneral William*, and will be organised and ed-ilpped Immedlately. The eame thing will be done in other division*. The |?>*ithut where tbo advance batteries now rest commending all the elevation* beyond Stony creeks were selected by General I tanks amid the hottest tlia of the enemy on Tuesday. Tlicy arc unassailable by the ouetny. i tin military force under General Jackeen fepitncrpally composed of impressed men, who refuse to fh lit ill* lulled Steles. 1 hose from Cage and Mock lug h i in counties had ri tired to a pcut between titer*, where they are Intrenched , end defy Jaeseoo's attempt* to eompci them lo loin blm There .ire rumors m?, in* filliting between them Aka ? t uii.tiel flslluiay, of iho First Vermont Cavairfjtbin , mitfrd ulcldaiBls morning dutrg * tf n.poray l> 4 despondence X'

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