Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 6, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 6, 1862 Page 2
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2 HOAKOINO AN IT I-OOC.lNO. A ROOM ON HKt'OhD E1.UOU, CONTAINING 0 vs, hot nut! ooIJ ? 'if w hatlo ??l -i 'inning to He let, to a ren mail O a <eaU<-tu.? . and Uik witr, a :Iti nil or |*ai lallioir* Kainily pi v t itclr, ru e* 'eqtn, r.t. A| drat I 381 la)illl?Wii Mt'iiuc, Ikirt hotlM ao .ceTliirty-n^lith street. | At" HMsHKD Km >11 l'O w. I?TO A I BNll.KMAN and Lilly Board foi the ladjr only. Alao uv Mr three i m.i.-lo la . a .n ne arjtinimol,.: .1 witbplea- nt Room* a ml j tt 'ard. t'oi |i.ii iu.u.aia in yuiiv ,.i 11 ta'l Leveutb street. Ati K NTI.E M AN AND Will' l! AN OUT A IN AN KI.Elian'.i* iuri lahcJ tiara I'arldi. \t UU Board, iu a . u. il family, wheieonly a limited iiumlirr ..f boarder* i I i en, Tho*? * aliiug to be permanent pre! i ice t Apnty at so Montague at:net, Brooklyn. AKKVV BOARDERS WIIJ, BE TAKEN at lit WK3T Kd'irleeiit i ? mot .a deauabto to itum), iaapiiiaie family. w tin will make acouiluit ible lion a Choice Ol It Hone to be II" I l? inner al 8. AT Nil 80 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY pi.ire jii l Sillli aveuite. ? Knoiii.* to i-*', ?u am e oi SiIIg!e, with 111.i , taaa Board. Dinuor at Go. lock. Kefcrrnr a Kieim mid required. No mueior in Alay. Aseihino siory back room, witii wardrobe ami pantry aliartte.1, to te wtili Hon ml. to a nii.'ia ttruliemaii or a itoatleinaii ami hi* ,. if? a t-' I'u ier By iilar?. oorner ot W eat Eleveulli street. AIjADY AND GENTLEMAN. tiR TWO GENTLEMEN, can tie uituoualed with ! irut?uod !:.?< n - and Hon,I lu a pritair hoiiw. ferine Hinder* ?. Apply Jl il VVeat fmeny-iiktil at reel, between Bum.I. ijr : ii.'i -si alii ncu'if, Awilnjvv LAD\ WISUfcs A t.tfll.p lEITUKK BOY J m WA), to B ard, *ttii m ;jiar:< r**t to git* it tilths , k ad a''eut:on ol i p?nmt. riu"' < ??- 4 * tfttfifac *a Clou* Al lies* M-s i. ait i. fha.- JiiU ?(i ct, (41 J?'o?u*Th 4rc*o ae. Airai'^ WIIH>W LADV. WITHOUT IXCUM \ tot-atic*** ii?via< broxan tip uotuekrepiog, is ii?#irous of mee'-ai; ?ri?h * part/ w > . ivoi.'fl ui- not lnmiiuie. sad would ?oof tf in paftutfiil btiav1, m would like a t. iiatiou ahmm. k.'Ptb i Uti^iAiina ni?ii.Aa? A ?lot iuiiwer A t Mr*, i . Bruadway I*v?( ?Ui' ?s . AKU'T DESIRABLE ROOMS TO I KT?KIT!168 FI R D.4ia<M unfurnished wuh urat t t?* Bnard n..;t -<* ?i^?u ? . s o ui iking penunafu! anau^uienti cjq ?ix> <* > up m 1 1 Table fertna. KriMtucM vsi Apply at 22S \\ I* oui ?ceniti #ir?l AYOVNvi M.itf DB3IRKS BOtUl> 1\ A PRIVATE ( nitty m the city. wn*-re tu- tauii'oru ^ I t goo-1 In if vi be %*.; 't In fiuiiAiig' o! the I* *rd .md i'utU 'D let ( K*?4?hu? *u J French of a jruaug u i ., t.ud* : ti'teen, in ?u c\I'aUr i I* rii.y larding ?uv.l * -.!? dn an '" uom :he ? Ujr. Bet'* of reference fftTu auu rcnun'tL Address li, box *t> Hcriiii ollce. APUIVATF FAMILY OK * DOLTS. RESIDING IN W?4? Twenty ftond mi?? uieild ke ;?? Jioatdtwo Leatleui ?,. a aeotlernaii i . i v ii. . The hoiis* ia i>.eu nattily locj'-ed, nu.i ?'?i>!a:;ti a!l th* m * .-?i i:u|u*m n * A .dr? a box ;S6 ?'o? >il. e. j \MfM.L 1H8 miCTL! PRIVATE PARTLYHABA o elegantly iruJnhf.i Apartments u let. Pert lea AUoii - .v.Mj w ;?*y Afair p' <-r co ild qoi b better n?- | rn>i ?4 i.t. For further uai ttcnlara add! J. B., box Ukr? lierid .ill \UENTLK MAN WHO UAS BERN REMAINING WITH ' a h._ n'y respectable j r ;? fauiily fo tii?? x>**s?i **cale i h'* room iaat week !? *?e the city. it ia large, pteaaant and well Iurnl*iie?ff suitable for two gentlemen. Pm-ugh d. h tga c uirtl locality will fiucl chi# an available ' <pport .r?My f'H-^ g'Hnl accommocla' 'tie. Addr -a* D., b?i '*.M6 Poat office. \HSAl'TrPUL PARLOR ON FIRST 01? SECOND floor. bedroom adjoining if required; <?ue single toom, j wi;u tucKlcr/Amp oveuitfut*, furumned or unit rmrhed. lo le- r*?soa??b;7. ?o a pennant- parly. fJood location. Dinner at tt. Reietettco# csoua.ijeu. Iu<|Uitc at lot VYcat Rie/euth hIj eel. AliOV WOl'-LD I.lSiE TO MEET WITH ONE OR ' twag ulemrn who would p.?v the rent ofu small home j t'oi Ihe u?e ot furnished Koouiv Address Mvi. i'arter, Madi- . ou 'v?Hce Po<t oflice. A TTBNTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN 1(0?\. leU auJ boarding houa* ? au eatab l.shmen. up *iied at 110 Mac iouga.atreel, and ltiru. -u wlili eveijlhiu^ ne? 1 enaarjr for housekeppitiv, in ordr. a lamily may have a cooi|Aete h ?:i?e and litre a. a lua rale. AMIOELV H'R.VISHi-,L> ROOM TO LET?TO A X.AOV ; a?J griiilHm.'ia. .ritli Boa.'d ! .r iti- Ufly, in a qni>-! Irj. ' Apply a lllWe.t Tiveuiy elghlU s ieet. u^.ir .s?v'ent<i avsuua. AOBKTUBMAK W11HE8 K) OBTAIN BOARD IN \ pr.Vile family, AmtTirau p. i?r !, li? t .n ' ull ill" CHMKlui'ia i.l Unrn'-; n ' vv-li to ;'u " it T'utii I or Above Thiiiy-Qtth atire uol in ,-i b" bo 'thi Broa !way, MadnM>n sua ijiitih atruui-t.'. V .il:i*'< bo* 117 ll rslil nfll' j tm out- n'brk, aiotmg trim*, iic?lioii. i- . oi guou loom p.u- J ttklly fmuwh-U. r A tADT AND OENTLEMAN', DESIIU NO HANDSOME- I *t\ It furniabril Konmk B . o: ill l?nt o lj ' call at 63.WM Twonty-titTn atre-t. * WIOOW laADY, WITH PLENTY OK KCRXITl BL TV would till" luiuei't i* it'u 1 H p It !e I tty u. Ti-mta itie.i, u* * 14111 v a ?V1U? .1 oo o v II" .1 II* A.ill*;; '. i >>*> ? a the i u' jut. Add."?? Mrs. ttrsdkv Ji ?d, Hi Vai; t! St M AOliitl 1cable FROM BASEMENT BOOM 10 LET? mlsM" r *i a l'tiysi* un * *. *. location Tweuty-lhird m'icc', ae.v Broadway. sad opporie F ft a Aveure link*!. Also Rooms for grntli uii n. R-i a ?a ?<cUangc1. Apply a' H West T eiity-fo irth st.rr* ifirJP M. A private family have wo ok three krie If F rmrbed Rooms u let to lu.t't gtu'k-in n with full Or pmial Boi'1. D.unrr at 6 All ui"'lein t np.OT'** ; men* No morini; in M?v. > si and f i me loiui* o** l*v. | Te, .us quite reae utable. App'jr a No. ".'8 West Twenl;* i , ""'Otid at' * et. Alaoy desire* a front room, on second Of third dour, unfurnished 1st p arpet >, with I.irge t otoaet O1' bedroom ufl , Board wi'u Ibe tetnily; with a wi krv preferred end comfortable; location between Fourteenth un i Tweuty lui'h streets and Till id ?nd filth e venues; term? r loir. A-ldiees t 'omforl, a'aiion f. Third ttr-O'i*. Boakil-an eligible apartment, in a very MMl1, unobtrusive fatally to let, with Bo .rd, .u an in valid o< a lady rip* unc to r*-qm. uiedi*wl van , kiudnes* and h >a?a an?ut?oB. ftt location, trims. 1... apply to o . address Dr. Thter-, No. 1.TI7 Broad-ay, New Y* > Board-very pleasant rooms and desiha htr Boar l cau be obtained at lul ha* Fourteenth ettee Tirai moderate. Board-to let. a front room, suit ibi.k for, a gentleman and irlfa, at m E >*t Twcnty.tblrd atrset. ; Board.?gentlemen and their wives or sin ' gte gentlemen, cap obtain a -atlv furnished R-<* m<, with i or without board, at No. a w?*i Washington p a e, opposite the Waetiin.tou Pared* Ground. 2 Board?to let with board, from mat i. the f entire aecond etory, two laig toom* an. > droom. tully TurnMied, lirat ciaae hou.e, all the mode n improvements: I icaiton Weet Twenty-brat atree , sc. Filth avsuue; rrir. ? auce esebaug'd Dtnner at 6 o do k a tdir-s tor three daps, N. O., Hrta'. i other Board.-a private family will let to a gen" tl-iuan aad wife, without children, or two atopic geo llaaiea, is largr, handsome b?.? Pailor, on bin loot, :riu**hM with rosewood furniture, in a tir?t class brown a'oni* house, containing aU the modern tanpr vrmm i; terms too derate, and reference** eichanged >'o 70 East Treaty* d?VMdlh dlnt.4 (i?mi i'miifh jvp.iIIB SOARD IN ORKEXrol.ST.-TWO GENTLEMEN OR A* i Ifuildriu ini hi" Mite crni b* u oami'vJ?.et1 with , ird ItiApriraie umily. L<*Bt.uu vej* .ln.t ale. Kel>- i uTa^'u^L*?4 CorBer#f Es*i* " r -" M'J l"nloa#afnu? ' * 0^>kD WAlfTED-BV \ GENTLEMAN AMD WTTE 1 t) frvj" ' ? ? gcutrel priraie Umlty, Ihno ii-al'.i (>>? or MoHcf bo?"lcri; to atlon If ireeu Four u i nd rorieth. ,."**\ Address H. H box 113 Merald ofB ?.*. . Board waktko > ^antrd, a 'arlob and bed- i ioo<n foe a lady and jri._""1 ' *I'K Boca for lady . y'r. iu a pr.'aa family, wher? *T* HO mber lx>?rd?ri; I < looaMon Pi'tvnVli aud 1hir\ "n !'t* 3 tn I Ma ' | ' J( *?* a?d Htc'b a??on?a; to a quiet latnlly A lit?* In ica Wi I ba paid. AddreraMi| WaU'i, M i"n 0 I'o.' nB-.?. , DO ABO WANTED?WITIF FITNISHBD R'tOM. P0R \ ] D aeaUaoiin aud lady, Boai J lui khe la It on.y, mua'b- b wren Fourth ?nl 3pimc atr-ati, and teifu? moderate, Ad- , 4if?N L I. Mr al l <>:0 * doard wanied-by a gentleman in a pre , D vau famliT, wbr-r* rhr-rc aie few oi no otbrr board*ra J, AOAreaa ft J., lierald off t. ________ Board wanted ?fl'rxibhbd rooms and large ) ifowvt on itiird floor, and Board in a gtntl-tmn rl'? j <nd ('ni l. Address box J.TW N?w Y >t'a Poll afflee, t'b.lBg lacuiaa and lowast ta ma ? Boabdtno.-a few ainoie oenteemen or gen ' ilaoian aud wlfa cai? ot'aiu Board on in-ni-ia r terma t at M Madiam arrest, b<twom Rector and Iefr?!enu a'tma. BOAKDIN-i -A HANDSOME ROM PaRLOROX riif. aeoond floor, with Bedroom adjoining. o J-1, with B ard; rotable for a gen'leman and hiaeriie.or a imi 1 family; or toolbar Iti 'in can be added 11 t??u?<J. Reicien.r. t> shaofM Apply at Mi Bacon 1 aranna. Boarding -two oentlkmkm or a gentleman and wife ran baee coot plain Board In a plaiu Amertao lamlly, a a r?a?>nablr prl -a, a i*> Binoma atr??t. naar owery. Eaige room, tecoud floor. B0ARDINO -MRA A. A FAULKNER. 5S KAA1 SIX t?onth alien, baa to rtat, wltli Boai d, Rmj.a on lb'' aocond and thtid 8"?rt, fam rb^d or iinf'iiDiab?'l BOARDINO.-A YOUNU LAD* WHO SEWS OUT DU ring the dar, wlabe* ? plain fumi?b?<t or unf'ui nDhad Ko?i m a ptirate family or boarding liouae; would notcb not to room w.ih another; bconl on -u i laya only lequir t; Ix-aiiou up (own, w?? rida preferred. Addrf" a beta to Home. aiatmn O roatoffice B ??? ! ref'Trnoa glren. BOARDINO MAV BE HAD AT NO. W7 siren, with good a' <:omm<>da'ion?, at low p.lies. A Ou-e large Parlor on tha "mind lloor fr ii", hot and c dd wa ?r, gaa, 4'" Also two 01 tfi a other good Rooms for famlller and laoiai for flr# or an g.-ntlem n Dinner at a.s n Ink No. fir Blhsnknratiwi, between 'ireene and Wooster. OR' IOKjLVN.?PLEAS 4 NT ROOMS WITH BOARD D cau i>a uli tain-d at No b'j a.ate a'tset Ho lehaeall modem impnweraenta BBOOII.VN._TO KINOLE OEVT1.EMEN, A (OMfortabiy f imlahrd Room, 16 ieet <* Id < |th t ?t> - in itowa. mosquito oeit, Bo., tn ba 1st, in a moat d?aira > a atluaI > . wnr?ut*ni to hi' the ferrir?. Iifitii fttr ro<m #1 p-r wwk, gas sejiarai Bt akfan If required. Ad dree* w. R., Eagle ofleo, Hijokiyn. Brooklyn -tiik house m ulinton street will r..? iy or tlm ixaptioii of Hnardna by belatol Bar A g. n I-man od wit- >r ?ln* gentleman gcum modai"1 Apply t" Mr, AANOBRfoN, A MaMen lane, or alilieat a tun- to .Mrs Lirtugs'oue, H ooklyl E?*t office Board is Brooklyn - oou hoard an re obuin.-l at t he bi (imi ? , i ig" 100 Amity Street near llnir? Th. h i*n m minn all the ui'Mnn Impror uen'a and i? only it. minutes Walk fiom South ferry Hafarruc.a gu.ri and . .qulri d. Board in brooki.yr.-to let. a slit or rooms o? i i-?? ?nd tat . - * 4 *i.i ly oi ft., \.h*r. Ilo -,t* su>nf, 1,1 " n "M1' *' *n? nis, oid is j-Ir* mii. y ^T?*^.o;,vr,b,<'sUuf ? Board in Brooklyn?a kevc ubnti.emen fAv be anrommodaled with Bi.ard and Maaeant Koemr on r. aauaabte irrnu, at M Naaaa at mat. oueXorfi u.wlrt tngloa street. Kaleo-no-a required. " UOARD IN BROOKLYN ?A OK.MI.KMAN AND ? "**. ?f * Ra"tr?tK?i agqhaBgei **'" BOAKDINU AND IsODOINO* HOAktfo IN riOl.TU UKitOktiYN -A PRIVATE t Vkilt) iMItlillri IU tlial Clas. IiqMm . . .UMNO.Ill Jf I ? A"'"1 the slouth FVrry, Brooklyn, wW ureter as mta tr? ti.o <* Hi e (c lUr.neu Urt'niiK a e<*ml artabie home. *" e "mal i uittly, with ??prt . ile table, If pre;r*nrod. Apgdy at 960oa gu as alroet, tour d'sira w eat of llrnry. KO \ KI) IS JHUSKY CI TV A LAKOE DOHBI.f'? aa,t 21 I', ! ?lie i, Rnuuia lor families an siU^lc gOUlWlorU; Ulu?l dcsilahl ?UUIM( I n.Atl.ill, gas uhi water throughout hESIRABLK K RNlhHKW KltOM*. TO LET-TO SIN 'litli'rnc*ti itii i #i' H'I*UacU buJ 'lift wivrg: ?< h iutU tuitjly ix i iniiHMii.:t- 1 in h biiia.' family A.;?plf at IZO Fmii th h.m'ci, opponU* Wiubing(i?n Oiuitff *J hul o'clock. K ffituvr requirep *uJ prcu Down town ?gkntlembn wishino fine nle.. .am ICiioiDa. Willi good Board, on reasonable tonne may AiplT at tin I T|e model u timid*, No .SO While -.tree! on ' it mi eee. or n' oadwAy. References required. toast twenty third street, west ride of ITl Km i u ?>eiiue.?Au elegant l*?rlor ami Bedroom*, in a pm. <* I a Hilly, 'u le Uu - bouse, witb al! no lei n nnprore meu'*; B.ianl" if required. Apply to Messrs. LUSH, *f. Fourth nreuue. DLBOUITIV FURNISHED PARLORS AND BED 11 to 'tiia 10 let, with or without Board, puvate table, In,i if dea,re?i, at S2 Boat Fourteenth street, in view ol I'luou ai are; no mo ug tn May. Families or single oenilenen dan obtain Rooms, witb Hoard, furnished or unfurnished, by *p [' oh tn 107 i intoii p i e (Eighth atreeu, between Filth ?*id jpitli avetiu-s llo . ? tirst clsas, witb all tbe fmprore men is, itelni sores et ohauiied. h'ink labqi afabthents r,> ut. with board. f* i in.bed oi uatui uisbi-J. audible tor families; :eo or l.ii *e suit oae> 1 aiilgle geu letnCu. Inquire al Hi Second a* en nr. LU'RNIMILD ROOM*.?A OEM LEV AN UB WIFE C two or i magi ent: u.e> i an be M mm ml d w.;n Board i.i a p: ta a tsaily, where the com n ts of s home may lie e?j?.,? t. ApE> a1. 7! Fourth ?"8 itii. Dtuuei ;< ti o'clock. L'. KsisIIED If tOMS TO LET, KI NOLV OR Eh C ? l.e; the ! > stum n cenlral, ipii'taai geu'ae: On, FURMSHU* room* TO I.KT~TO ugNrL&MBii ?u > .a a Mil cla>- 'i ? v*. Ai'liail h.# rnoJera improve.i?"U +. K?:u i'H*. ?* B - t o* r*t"?r*rr ? ? givvii hj<! r i ;r>vj laq re at > . *) Ws??b ?g? ?n p'jioe, om. tlie N*?v i ., /i. yi;RM.NHKl) ROOMS 10 LET. AT 514 FOl/Bill I h .e uc t B .?\*\\\ .?> ? K??? l uiiiUr^ '?r aiu*;; ? qeutleu ; tiiif ho ? \ MU a!i m,. aiao, h hmi o( t o i i :j i ph/?iti*%!i ?. leut -? . on '??l It ?or. L^rHNI>IlF.D ROOMS?WITH OB WITHOUT BREAKI? l. ? a it lei lor M* fiiiemeu ??nly. Boom ? hAu*i4otoely s- ? n*1. pi?> '?1 *>y mty in :hecit.r. Apply * Jo sttwt, opponBe St. 1 olin 8 park. ("ENTLEMHN KF.g( IRTNO I'AKIdHLD UOOMS-Y IT hrlnr sod Bedroom together or separate, serh or wuh>. partial Hoard; tamely small; lovatiou desirable; apply U47 West T'i enty.seventh e i?!, uear Refer??. - * "iL'iiaugf i. HOBOKEN?FURNISHED ROOMS FOR MNOI.E getrlrmeu, with or without Boa: 1, to I.?r. Id a small I'aaiily; a pleasant an l comfortable home. Apply at No. 4 Union place, Blouai&eld street, three ui.u '? ' wait Trotn the lerry. [ODGINO. ? GENTLEMEN (AN OBTAIN VERY J c'lo.ce it jom.. in the modem built house K Dommiclt itrcet at fair rat<-3, with tt .e of gas and Ual'a. Mrs. m. b. summer, no ? wf..*t twenty-ninth street, can now otter Rooms, willi Botrd, for families >r single porous wishing to make arrangement < tor the earning 1 Srir. One arge suit o>> second ttory, trc-u . a re*, ario and reception room, and two ?ai?U iwmt are now . scan*. Referencesexchanged N"<? 5 CilvrilAM S'dU.VltE.?t it XJD ROOMS. ON third, fourth nod lifth doors, to let Chcup, for one or three years. Good ' gal and das ui. incf. Apply tu the gallery. N'EATLV FURNISHED P(RLORS, ON FUSST FLOOR to let?toge- tier or separate; also two Rooms on third .o >i. Relrreaoa rsquirsd. App'y a; 2d2 Fa nth direct op " istte Washington sguate Pleasant rooms and board he dinner. can he oh.a.ned in a social private family by anply "g 01 Sands street, Brooklyn, in the imnii'diate vtuinlty ol hie-- erejes; gas an 1 batli in the house; terms moderate, ileterenes exchanged. DOOMS?THREE OR FOUR GENTLEMEN May Oli II t.i.11 Rooms in d desirable ;ooaIi!.y rotivenietit to<-iiy oiir -a-is. vrttli or m ilhout partial Board, to a small pi rate; no other boarders, and no ehiliiea. Applv at I'tth tri t-e *tieet, BiookiyD, m J9 Beaver street. New York, to tharl-s Carter. ijtiit'l Ttt LET?F1 RNI9RBD OR UNI t RNISHKO* rv w.ih o> wltli'oi! Boaid, at No 140 a'ea! Thirty-uiaih .' r-'f't, t?l iek hO jne pOOMA m kNTRU?FOR A LADY AND ORNTLEXAN, It wr.h some retired person, having uo o her bosrih-rs or . lgeis. with B'aid tor the lady only. All e's Norman, Herald odice. It WO RK sl'EC l ABLE M K i' fl A NT t' t >V \.N I l..'i HOARD. X tecaii apply al 127 VYes r*en y eutb sc e?t h'tween noth ami Llgbtb avt-n'ies. A'?o, a front B iroo.u lo let two well furnished parlors, ok entire I. a-.ttu of Fiona*. on the acrnnd or third floor* to '?< i>a a ly an t geu'l-nuti, of q.'irt habit*. Bo.rdfor lady on';.'. tirm rtf *? and (auify i'rirtl) private. Aiiro* Conn1 u r, a'jtiuu O. jiwo or thru rooms, sew mr and ne atly J in uishe t. and iu a very pieavm; an<i ronvsuieni loca. :ou, to let, ?' moderate prirea, tv:-|i partial Boaril it Argued, u .. pi irate Frriteh Apply a' 42 i?. Mara' 1 pia re. I'd LEV?WITU BOARD, TO PARTIES, TOGETHER 1. or separu'.-iv. the aerond tlooi of nous? .No. iu tiring i oorni ofltftM* ?llWR. V|7"E*T FOCRTEKSJH STREET.-BOAKDI.NO-.'IAND' Tt aoraaiy furol*had Rooti to let, ?itb i?.?ir?. 'gen < uen m l iksir wiree or ?in*is gen-.emeu, wuh at. the out ..rta oi h ni.". Ado ear Comfort, Herald oSce, fo. three Iay. U' iMI.D-BO\nO IS BKOftR.LV>, ON OK 38' Oil lit Ma*- * -I1* ',nt' rnt*h*d K ?'tu, by \ ee-rie n*<i and v > and child, four .-ear. o- a;*, In a tarnily wheie t?"i 9 ." lew bomJeia. Lo. a* mo within a miaeoi th" City 1.01, Brooklyn. Add: -n, pui. paid, w.'.ii, C J. ?.. tio Jtiyn Pi).s iffi' a l\*ANTED?BY TWO 0ESTL1MEK AND THEIR V ? rr,.fin1 two a nyle g.-otlemru, three Room* and f"ll S >.u l T' una no' to exMd Mij*.w?k iu, all. Would ir"fe. a h i?ae nl>'. few bon i?' *. Lo.a'h n be'.weeu Tw-n h.i-d and Bleacher at rev'a and Fourth aud Sixth a .'*ov.ea. V i ll ear, wl: h full j.ji '..t j'au, Momer hoi lii He-aid ittii e. Wanted?board, by a yoi nu lady, where m .ii' ran a??tv. iu tewing. o make Uoiaep > ael'.l. ?? a ...ii, ea-a.ion for ooat i K'.t llid e?-tiauged. AT lr-?s B a'ei: ,a D t'o? oBite. ii*anted?by a yoi.'so man, a nice furnished ?? XMtu, in a gnraie tamiir; touc.ion Deiween m-e. in' ]' h atre?:?, irub out Boa id. Adlreai, ata'l.ig p; e, >* 3dif> Poll oflicr an en no I required. IV'ANlED?BY TWO YOCKU CENTLERBN, WIPE ?? anl youug child Puintehcri Apartment*, with |nr la! Soard for gentlemen; In a prb ale fain.l.r i?. el'erred Trim* lot '?exreed$i.*> p?r week. Rn' a>irt Fourteenth *-t-rei' g ven in t i* |iilrel. AJ ii-ia B, box tl7 Herald ifllLf. tjKTANTED?BOARD ROB A YOL'NO M v.tP.ILD " oiij le, oi Furn! ?hed Roo~ie, euftable tor liouackeep. ng; term* ni"*' be very mo] rat- ?n<t elated ;a aui*?r, Ifl'lre a J. A (].. Herald <..fll"e LO -OIIEAPKSI BOARD.-NICE ROOMS, WITH Ok). foo l Bo.rd, It d? vi a $3a w e'? and up* ?rd., imllu'} end laqiea *tiite 1 far l>-a? tiiAD any oil?ei uo", at .a Llapeuerd atrocei, n?ai B edway ud Canal street. rValchuau; lo igln?? 'heap 3WEHt TWENTY FOURTH HTREEf-A Sl'fl 0^ Roonn, handeome v furnlabeil; al?i wallalt BeJiooma. dinner at an. Opfoa.' the PifUltMM Hotel S.O AND $3 ">.?OOcD ROOMS. WITH BOARD, AT J^O 54 Si*' i . reu'ie, ao ood tloo I oiu Washington p!*< e. i *>on* lot ve front ito.rn on eec >nd do .r, dutiable for a ?it?o. two or t' ?'.:is > g-nl-tn-n, wit'i att the eouiior * >t a hour*. D nneeat bo'r'o'k. ?H UNIVERSITY PLACE.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO i?\l let, on thir 1''oO.. o geulletaen out. .wo hint boai t. I , y ni IV* I" of May. JA CLINTON PLACE NEAR BROADWAT-VERY )t I de-draMe R""ini, tor lami iea or aitigle ge at leu in, inaith ' or nafurnlsaed. Dinner * 6 o clock SatH'a a y i ef ere :irea gireu and re.^uir-il. in BEACH STRKKT, FRONTINO BT JOHN'S pack 00 Large ,<aa amall handaolu'!y r*il-b*<1 Room., emtable fur tantlte* or < ngle gentlemen, lo let, ot w.iaoni Boar I. a'inoder ie ri'ee. IJonae on'*.o* all the modem improvement*. No moving fu Ma/. 1 p west i mciitkenth street, between mm It) .?nd il'li .eno-a ?F'"v*hed K-.o'in, suitable lot funtliei or single ;< ni ema.i, an be yad un naiouablc leruu In Ibe above m ?l el?a? houae | CJ CLINTON PLACE-WEST OF BROADWAY, TC "lo le\ with Bi tj, oge.hei or nepera'*!/, Irani Pailoi ?..d Bedroom on 'he ?e< n 1 floor Alao, fiout Rom on lbthird floor. Bath and tsa?. 00 ORLEN'E STRBEI ABOVE ePRINO, ALSTON t/O 11 out" ?E egantly lurni-h'd S it'* ot Roo-i,* g*i 1 rvv n (u I vry ennvenlence lor uo.MWueBiiig ecu,quically; parti':' Itrlr anltali e for -m.ilL irvpectaB eTeu lite* o alngle gitOllemen' R ni tow to iromaio n'lauanu nQ~WK.Hr TWPNTT THIBD HTFEEI -A t I I ?1 ie riant i-.wl' n?t piyatai' |o ? eau 0>Rn. a I' ?ni B di om'on ibr ??? nd M'?i . ? i i Undid, In nlaaaaal boutr, wlieta >ha <*um''?rt?oi il m < an W bah h-f-i ?q'iir>*il and giten Apply n aho>Lk?7 t MRT4T1E STREET?ONE D'lOR A HQ VI bl b >>' mi eel, i'ii n:?hed I runt and faA? P?rl'?r I l?t, Willi ot i nt B)'' 1 AIM, a few laWi i i tiHKla.rd ivitu Board. i-/? ruifrt innr--i lair aovn bli X? aO tfanlly f'lrin-tnail K'i'm?, with Hadinoma u 11 b? with all tho ooii#ei.l?ti?*? foi hoiia'h-'dpnig coinpirt*, n fludlnt ga? and 1,'mt'in waWi, I# lal to retpe table ln.oi. t or alugl* ganllamcn. 'Jill K' * ?TRKKT. FEAR SI'RIKfl.-FfRFUHIil Apartmania lot Imtintilialo orf't|mti jr Tha lu*? r?ni? in lbr ,;,ty, ron<idrrlii; th?ron- nianr? of antinomy I .Kii|i'it H-v 11> idinr i Pit ti t ur- l.ti tauga oi log utanMla and llaau r-muieta; gaa and t'r? on. .). J 14 i TENTH STREET.-A fEW OtHTLEBE k/l') T mi ??' B'>?k1 ioi $.'1 M p"i meek At?o a t>m?o and wrlfa aii ha fa a atnall Parlor, wltli R-dro >m, f? 97. Q?? and iwihroom Inoludad. Room, foru abed or i rirDiibad, wl'U Board. L?A X AND 647 BROADWAV.-ORNILEMR.N WIL UtB'a find a'agantljr Inrnlabed Rt*> n? at thli h<nia?, pn koaa nr all M?? atfrantagaa and iniuifo- h n a lii ti riaaa liom at rnodt rata cliargaa DANUftO At ADK.M1B.9. A|| ORVND SOIREE AT Hir.L<mOVK'* DANCIS A'a.amy. AM K glitb a* en i ,?-ar J'wrui> tl ml allot will be giren oa lAi'ra-tay fanning, April 10. THB LAST or THE SEASON Tiektta, < admit a gaailnmao and :ady, 10 < rata. 6 LEMONS, At MADAME SAUVAOEAU'S DANCTN Acadamy, Bo. Sit Btoadwar, am a>H?' icnl to mantrx i tha danraa * leapt lb? B?du#A wall# Rv.ry p ipll tang t-parately, and inado ta prartiM imaiadtauly with lady da ?? % Upoa ?'f?f troBiof onif far it^TAI ??< pnni c? NEW YORK HERALD, SI ?MMb A out AT BARGAIN -A Sl'LEKDID SEVEN OCTAVE rOBOivo*. ! I'ia , owi atrun ;iuv with ill the Li * i " r l*otcaii*fc, in-nH* l> out oT Uii* l"*?. mnkr,'? Ami fully w ?*I itut 4, cim fit i, I. iumhI a aliort Mate, must be b* "" * * "I - mi* in U Marrow Htm l i ioui 10 uA A A*V tl.U-ON IK WANT Or A KIBMT CIiAm, IIANHritre, of (lie m ? ,t- utc., ca-worl, x di II ai I " I lleai) atne . N. V. I III Hi ruUr an'i 4oi e 1IB el). an I > 111 I in iel> make ine gri-a e*. aa idhce. CuUeaily ?ul eu?n m AYOOKO LADY. OOUI'B1?NT TU l'KAOH THK I Iial ill b.aurlica w lib, demli-a a w<aMi>in to a i NT hoot or a4 hour, k . cpei and g. crneaa lo young children, I lif-io; reference AdJrvae to, our wcq$ Kliea H. jamr , bo? j H2 Broadway I'ok aline AO BEAT SACRIFICE.?seven OCTAVE I'IA NO* MO 'I and Oovei, flu *180. iiwl prior our vrai ago $ hi). Uiua, In* mild this week. nl tO W e?l BtevVulli alien, a | few doorauea' nt Broadway, Monday ami Tlnu via), oaf n? ' 12 M. and Wc laekd,y aud N u mlay during Iht* day. A MAG Nine I NT. MM , EN OCTAVE. KOSEWOOO , *W. . ' r.e lor Bala, rirguolly carved leu* mid cnae, Oi hracr'ownafea I'll! iron |>Ulr, lined with <iliu? ood. has al' ; id(nIi<i ii uu|in>i eiurnit an iui?d,* io older; been In me ? > en incnh-. coal ).n00. lor $? *0, including Siool hiuI Cover Also 1'uiloi Kiirolturr at a aicrihiv. Inquire al 70 Weal'l'**eirybiviIi ktreel, urar Siith a rune. f LaANJO TAl'OIIT BY J. DIN AN, THE CHAMPION I) Banjoul and dig Dancer Call al 101 Cherry klreet. between Market and Pike a'rectn. BASH SI NO Kit WANTED?ONE tVIIH A MINE VOICE, a go I reader am) |iertertly lauiil ar wi n (lie to scona, ?**rvic*. Address, will, name aud lull (UtrtlcuUra. Boss Huiger, atau'on F l'oal *91 e. (THOIR 8INUKK. -AN AI .TO AND TENOR W AM CD, J for a iirel data 0;'di < *( Episcopal Clio *. line iniiea, ; g'iod reader* iudi*p, naa > e Tnoae acquainted with Hie *"*1 vice preferred. Addi c-a Cli .1 n Ml,sir, wal'jn d Depot of the ai.kxxnduk organ. For Churches, Cu?p*ls, Schools anu D.atvlng itioiu*, Hii; Broadway SOLE MEDAL OF UONOIt a the 1'iiireiaal Eihibl. on of it'si. Till i magnificent inatriiiiuut (patented in the liuued Stale* r M?v 3 l*tWi. which the hrilliant perto, .milieu of thai.BERG. VII.ANOVa and Mt.I.E. WE'.I.IS 1 hai l* I end,*, c l Bi,;>0*? a in Am I ? m I *, U? n.*.* i adopted by the gicatcf artiaia end cnupoaeiaol both eanti, nrnta. 1 (lol l si ilALK, LISZT. ilhv'IM MKYERBEF.R, .1 * . ,l<* The A kan lre Organ n ccln ca' I I und prec - N o, ' a mechaiilaiii a. - I as I'm the I lUMWld |K?wri* of ua lone, and the rcma, '..v>le quali'y* o' Itecp iij p,* ecu) in tune tn alt climates. Prices ?; the depot* We. ?M). ?IO0t ?!'> ?tHo, $ith ?2d0, $.Aio. $400. A tie* phcecircul i '**ic to any adilreaa on appli ilyi l i E. KAHRKG{'Ki rns, Jr., MB Broadwav, Importer of Buavju Acoordeous t >lia\ Violin Strings,'An. IpOttSVLK?A SEVEN OCl WE ROSEWOOD PIANOlone, double round, of the very best in miular or in lb In city, lor $100, worlU over double ih? amount, tin be seen ?t to., Ilexiei ttrnl to-morrow, from 8 to 12o'clock. Lessons given on the violin-by the cei.e brsled KKEDEKH'K BUCKLEY. Also R?ujuanJ iksliu laugh by JAMEb BUUKLKY. Inpiuvel patnut Bsn.iOa lor sale cheap, by ivhlcb pupils can le.r o In ball the tunc lb ?u on tbc coinui ju banjoe. Apply al IW While street, ue* Broadway. MISS MARY E. HAWLEf CONTRALTO. DESIRES au engagement in .< quartette choir from Mm;.- I. A td as ill West Nineteenth street New vouai. m.isio.?"i wn.r. be -irue to Thee," "A Peony for Yotir Thoughts, " Little Jenuy ' Di.wr,' aud "Why Hare My Loved Ones Oone,' by S epheu 1 <l. 1'on'ei; "Shall We Enow Kadi Other There," by Rev. R. Luvvery; "Pleasant Words tot All," by J. Robert*; "There is a Beautiful World," by J. M, Holmes. These Sung. will he very popu'ar. Price J.*:. each, mailed free. "Shall We Know'Each Other There" is published in cheap tnrm l'oi choir*and Sunday Schools; priueethree cms eaeu: 2a\ per iior.en. $2 pel 10), pos .> e one cent. Publiahcd l?v HORACE WATERS. 481 Bronrtway. PIANOS.?NEW SEVEN OCTAVE, OVER STRONG ha-a Pianos to let ai $6 each a month, or for sale a' $175 each. Also Pianos to lei at $;.', $2 lib, $."' , $4. aud pent I knyi d ACoPau* $ > e.ich per month or toi sale cheap. Music taught aud piano* tuned oy SI. DUMSDAV, UJO Grand slieet. rrtuE HORACE waters PIANOS AND MBL0DE0N8 X au l Aiexandic Organs, au<l T. G tbcit & Co.'s celelnated /Rohan Pianos, are '.he flnea! instruments for parlor and c'liirehea now to use. A large assortment can be seen a, the new Warcrooaai, No. Ail Broadway, lu-lwceu Grand and Broomectreela, which -.vlll be sold ai extremely low prices. Ptano-i and Mi-lodenua,Iruin sundry iaakeis,iiew aiulseonud hand, to let, an t ren' allowed u purohasedaa pei agn menl Monthly paymeuta received for the sitae. Sheet Music, Music Boohs rod all kinds ofTfosjc Merchandise at war pr. res. A plan let in attends ice wilt try new music. ' WANTED?A SITUATION IN NEW YORK OR BROOKlyn in a church choir. Episcopal 0. otherwise, by u fir?l , clean contrat'o siugot-, lev had sir years' exiierience, aud is a g.?od sight tender. Besi oi given. Adilre?s lor two da.,a I.l/rie, Herald oflicc. MIHIELLANEOI'S. ~ BARKER'S WIGS ARE THE MOST NATURAL. HEADS o unit iu the world. t?22 Broadway. T>RUSHES OP EVERY DESCRIPTION AT THE BRUSH at th* low"'*' iaeiory ptli-es. Pain1 Brushes or superior quality constantly on liund. JOHN lv. IIUPI'KJL. Diseases oi the throat anm eunos-nkw atiti sura method.?aiuce ihe mention ol out tiisulIUlloo Tutie th" ' 'tie oi inveterate cute, i ll, aere.c col'U, toil ienra, dise. a?? of the lonsi'." an<1 uvuls, dipilietia, croup, asthmj. Ac. Ar.t is perfect and a; e *dy. Xn pat mill is iron, bled wi h (j.ii !Tle< neither will lut'u'na' remedies mitt the system. The me-e tnsuBla. .on of out' pnlviisleni agents |tto.l:."e? sitc.i an a 'euUhiug renin. Ollioe Uoitt r for liiia y, A to It) A. M , ?n l to 6 P. M Dis. 8KON1 (7. A Bl'BH i'.iii Secoud avenue, corner oi Tivelibh etre d. 1ju.e-tko magnetism curativkly im&tio Li in all aerOoua d jra-sen, Ac., by a competent operator in Ur basement, o? e 3t> Oliver atreei, ueai Chatham equate. Honrs B otlt) tnt 2 to . fciKENtH Ex r ABIiTS HMEN'T Of PRESENTS*.? r French and iaaericia maniilacui.e of Prepared Meats, Ac. such e* B*ei, Million. Veal, pmiltiy, Uame and Pt"h. AU > otucetut'it?<i essence n; M"tt, Coffee ami Milk, assor ed Pa1 i Asparagus, Oreeu C'lin, Cauliflower, Olery, ltli'i >a b, Oacrola, Orecu Peas, Bjatte, Tomatoes wtili Ban cs, t it1 ia . i ;ti ce. in ayr p or In brandy, pre pi ted in boit'es nr aul.'ers; Jellies. Marmalade and all O'her pror.sloasfo and L. MKH v;:i> ?' k;:o . 71 On eawteh ? sal. f'ORKION REV.'TTANCKS Can be pro1!-ably nude by purrhaajng from oea full cargo, >r from one to lit.llWi barrels n' Crude p diolenm, or R.I. ? Oti. In ?p'.en<tl ordci lor shipment or bome oonaniuptlou va c ate prepared :o j?ll cheap an i me" the market at all ituies. We , an impart nwi ol iufortiia ipu on 'hi* subject ;o purchasers, and w.11 f it ni?h th p, bip oi lading, intur mce, olmwe Ae.. i. desire i ts-pe. cv k*fi m i Oil ritptdi -d ,111 orJ't s. Eor bargains apittir o Aaaet 10 1 Petrolei ui Company, No. 10 p.ues'reei. n v. W. Vf. CI.A RICE Vice President. 1X0*."? f AM Nf'W SFIitiltffl BAKER'S TSI,A.\D ijT Or.a no if t ic best unelity. A'so other Guanos 01 the tiitis: h. el. ii> nuamdiea 10 suit pnrcnaseis, ?t the tovest in ices. JOHN B SAKDY, 6* Soti'h stree'. corner 01 Wall, if. T. rs R0CF.BIE3 fOK P VSSOVKIT?ESTABLISHED lA-,2IjT JOHN P. LVO.V reap'. 1 ilif tulo: nts his fr.ends and lire public lu genera' :hat lie wilt open, no the 7tli of April, a! he old a and, 132 Chatham ati et, under th" siipeivlainn 01 J Ooldaimlh aul Jnrtah Pod where h" will bo p!ea?"?i to receive their order*. R*tera to Be. 8. M 1-aica nud Ke u Dr. R.ipball. GOL'ItAl D'S IT ALUS MEDICATED SOAP. If M well known, ra tan, (duple*. ficck'.ei, haps, ciiaf a, tet'er. .iltrheutu. aallowneaa, worma in the akin, A*- Go irand a ftiii'ltt Subfile "Pi 'i "la :iair from low forehead#, tip. 1*1 lip*, or any part of the tmdv; warranted. Gotland a Oi i Ota! (.'iron) lo the kin and complexion. B'Wain of vile countrrt- i'a of tbia celebrated cownctio. Liquid K >uge foi pain l int au 1 cheeke debea dot 'lion or rubbing oil, exrept Willi 1 mo t juice, Oooraud'e Lily White, Hair Dye, we. Theae pi.pnlar xMW' tica have ben u>ed by Jie ladle, of Hie L'niii'd Sta'ea foi 'waii y.|!n^ yeir*, aniWtre warranted > puis To be had at the old ?4t*btiali"d .1?-|>0'. 07 Walker tree;, drat * ore .r nu Bi.itdwa?. 'laya, Biooklyn; aliendor. Philadelphia. Baitk. It* Wj iltliig'uii atieei, Motion; j Bli-k. ilpriDjiitM, 4" Invalid-voc Wlix olt the re' ipe pom a 0'ii-e li r rough*, C'olda, Cnnanmplinn and all Lung i Affections, by aeno-ug to D Ad'e, 381 Pearl free:, V V. He n?ii la v tree It baa i nrru tbuiiMO'.e. { Lamb r new duco' Ep.y or an article that ; ever, man would be ,;lad to obtain, (no* one in a m il on [ evei ww it' will laat a lite one and <-oat but one dollar. IK- ! re< t your nam upon au envelope without atamp, (with ' atamp ir yon wiali u lo tome aeaied), and co lore io my ad- j dteae, and >0" will teceivr a druulai wroitb more tbin the coal, gl ing lull patli< tiara. OSCAR E LAMB. Box 532 P"?t uBif, Boa ton, Maw. Marble maktbls -the ivkkruii informs ; the public net be l? Belling Mertela, Ac., i neeprr any ,, ,n the h'imq1 -a. Tlio.e w lib lug io jniiona-e ahotiV i call o>t. at a KLABER'.d m . yard, No. 10.' Meal Eighteenth a'reet, wert of Third aren't", N Y. MARBLF. MANTELS WANTED ?A VtIR PRICE Wtl.l, i e paid fot i anan Ulie Mantcta. Inquire at or ad lre.a J. t. RoBIN. 23Nasaa" aireet, up atalra. ' VfETTAM A CO.'S PATENT OAIAANO ELF'IRO o.t1 Vol aic Belli and Ai tnle'?A perff' tly a.i e and mostly In*'antan< otta lamrdy ftu <11 rhutiuatie and nerrour hiee.aee Office iiW Broadway RMl tr a IfCular. [ YfOTisa and siobino furniture cahefiu.y i lYl ? "-ided to at tbe old <".ialdiahnd i nijdltiga 40o Sinii J I ? eti'i' , l,'il3 and I,it* Brot'.way Darin- fnvint>ir<' We. | i I i'ltto f</i movin;. Inqu're ot' B. MARTIN l.lllii Bioadnray, j near Tiili'ieib afreet. 01.U BOOK* Of AI.L BINDS AND I.IBRARIKN, Ni'.g .: on liberal term* by LE .HAJ' BROTHER.*, 'Ai Fnitsn " ? Cf-'A'I ENGINE* AND BOII.EHS-NEW AND dKt 0>D 1 O hand of 'lit? . f i , it?, -er?n eight, t -o, m i*e, twentv an t bit. dtad borae |xiwei; ,-iao ail kTa ml II tinea /iioaa * m want of a g'? d - ' . n cat. I do tr. II o c all on J. k WVI.IR, . . fee o __ ___ '* CHOP, UPPERS BOOT I PPPRS, GAITER rPPF.IlK.O rti- '.rail ran unr.tre tba moat i' apootKbi* ens ooioit by 'i ng our h i o ?, en' from meat Kr nch am k. irtd made . j in ? ipenor at?;?. M ARI Hl'll A HoX. bftOold (tree '* QTORAOS WANTED-A FAMILY BREAKING IP 0 hou* keeping ml b to tnjarr riioiaga loi a j-ai Mr their Furniture. AIdreaa W, R. w., ID iaki on . e. t tTEHONRs' EI,K< THO CliFMIUAL HA I lis. 119 'i r Fourth avn if. a t' n le<1 .y Proiei-ai Vmgira, ihe int r-;i'oi relet rated -r t'.i? e-.i,.- |.n< ..f metallic ?-il mi < < from ibe yaiem, and tor h?i. auc-eaa In chronic <1 ttma !> i liar to la ilea, alio forrheitna tam, fever, Ac, X ------' YfANrKD-IOVkO TO lAO.ftOO SQUARE FEET OF Hf, >r TT t.ond lund .sail or cheap Covering, foi aun pi ntcc* inn | i- of mercltanUla" A Idicav box 4.119 I'o- o(lt?, or call at 19A t Broadway. ft WAXTBD-A BEt'OND HAND RANGE, HlTTAAhE FOR ' f T a i ataman . mu*t be In go J order and work we I. ' Aian Dining It min and Bat Fllt-trea. Apply at the n* a of 1 ic Kianafort llntal, corner of William and Frmklort (treat*. Oil ,'vAH ~A *F-rt. HANT OF MVOH EXPER1KN- F. ipl.UUl/. wlahea to porcbaae a reliable aah bnatncaa, O ei bcr mercantile or mauuliicttirlng, hat will pay well and it, bear ibe i' aaat m*c?M?ttilon; no other, or agi nta, will be noihwd; nalgiit Join a party ( tke baa'reputation. Add. eaa o-day Gold, tlaiald o'JI e. TUB RAJiL HBAftOlV. ill poKPl^BNTAKY BADE TO GEO. W ALI^ 11 Ti9k7Vf<? M'"'! roUfthhA ?l JNDAY, APRIL 0, 1862. KUH RAliK. A BEAUTIFUL MlCUOfiOUl**. Ma, inlyinff Ml tiuioa, lor 2d realslu atieei Kiveol di tf. em i on't'i *, $1 M i.l .1 mi ' Add n m hi. ROW EN. bon Tf}, Boetou, Hjm, A GOOD MEAT M AltKKT KOW S A*.K- DOING A GOOD u.t H i'Uj,ni' >, mid in mi d: tin! < . I stionii in Biook lin. A stiUkuenl cause w ll be gi?ua lo out. Apply

.1. i.t; PultontvuBueSrooltlyti. A GOOD CHANCE KOK A PKR80N WITH A SMALL capita! -A | miiI ?tdu 1 for pule, ti I d p. nl hunt llio bd hi. esS; have done* a cnniimsnou lot .in. ?ao ?H),UU0 laal year. Inquire at 3J0 Weal Wa-Kington Market. Me i hauls' Kow. A NEWSPAPER ROUTE KOK KAI.E (STEADY BUSl' nr .* au I uir pay I?Oi U0 ?ub? i .Vra, on the New Yoi k T >nr?. morulas ejilinu luquuv at 6b Beckuiaii street, N. V , lira Moor. llAKEUY KOK SAI.8 WITH TPS CONTENTS AND I# Imtureaof stoic ami hake lioiod., a a" " danil, togeihea with a good Horse, tYagnu, .lorn and i.tniily Route. Cm be thin ;lit cheap by applying ut tf W. .MANUAM'S, Vt Broad atiOel. BAULKY ANDconkf.I TIM 1ST STOBBFOB 1ALE? With icc cewui aaUnut attached, ad in good OI del tor ca tviugou the hm.itieaa, marble lopsoia, in", hen and ?i!tr louni, with liaaln: two bora-a n ugnu nml a good route 01 < union.era; will be told cheap, at the owner la going into auother boaine**. Awp'y at S3S Oiau.l atre-t. Williamsburg. I. I. ClO'iTOV MA' HINERY KOK >A1.K -THE WHOLE OK > the machinery in thr Wadding Mill, 176 10 161 William air.Tt, opjMmte luila) aireoi, 8outh Kro.ikl.rn, conaiating of 12 I aiding Maehiucs. 2 Lapi?ra, 2 Pp *oi'a and ThoiupHon'H potent Condenser, with Or ndin t Mm hinct. Can be m ini at any (line on the picnna a. hot further par'icitlar* and pi i e apply to JOHN THOMPSON, IClt Ka*i Eighteenth a'ree New York; oi 10 JAMIbt COTTEKELL. Ill Pearl at.e. I, New YtrL FOlt SALE?THE FIXTURES. AO , OK A FIRST CLASS English Ate Uouae; one Oi lu.< neat I aalloua for bus n-aa In ilie city; a few doom from R oadway and noa ibe theatres. Aim., the House lo let. to a aotreu: ioii.hi' and c ia'.i cuatouiei a Inn-gain it ofl'rred. No agents need apply. Address, with real name, T. Wilkea, bo? AT) Herald otlioe. Ij'OR SALE?KOR LESS THAN BALK ITS TALtXlL A Jeweller a Sa' e, Herring's patent, nearly uew, and in Ileal tale order, ( oat jll'M Reasons to, se'ituig, svaui ol in luay. Address (1. I,., Herald ollice. IjAOK SALE?CHEAP, DKYO'S SNAP AND CAKE BA' l" cash customer; fout r ata established; Ckciuairet ish busmen* or #211,iW i year, ionics, goo i writ: and tiktbrea. Rea* >:i for sidltug, oihei In ainedt ore p es ilt nia lime; lor lurihcr pani'mUra inquire o > the piuuusra of L. DEYO 141 Weal Eighlneu.h street. N. Y. IJ?0? ItUMnn l?l'.' VSi;.| SHM'K AND FIXTURES ui a large aud iiaud^uiely uued up Lniuoi N ote, wil l three Urgn Konm* ml join ng, at 2W avenue II. coruei of Fifteen! i street; iout vrty low; will >e sold cheap, tv Ibe owuii hat g ois to Europe. l ot further |iai Oculars inquire Oil i?ie.iiinet. Foil SM-E-ONE III' tag BEST TEA STORES IN E sluli avenue; hand vuuely titled up, do ng a cash Ira le ul JfllM weekly. Applv at 135 Kglrh avuuue, or 213 Pulton at reel. FOR BALE?IN BROOKLYN, A flBST CLAM OROeery; good location; selling oul on account ol tlie owner going South. Address, atuug real name una aduteaa, 0. p. T.. Herald other EH? SALE?AT ASTORIA, I.. I.. ON OK BEFORE C the 10th iusi., the Pi times oi I he Ti rein foruu rly occupied by Martin Willi,, on Pillion at reel, near Ihelcrti; alalia blr.iltb- Snail, 25 1 eel lung, alatgu K.tuoom ttiore, Kettle ami Fonder, a l uge aired Hllliard Table, Ac The above will he aula a- a great aai-nltte, the owuei baring uo further us* tor them. 17108 SALE?ONE OF TBS MOW PROMINENT AM beat luiwled cm nor l. quoi Stores in this ity (the only one on the fout corners), established leu years: wilt be sold without si n it, if desired. Apple to .lOSKt'H MdOVIHE, Hit SeeeutU sweet, be I ore II o dock A. lit Also, a apleudid Coiner to let. 130K SALE?A FultTY BOKSE POWER 8SBAM KM. gine and two large tnbdlai Hoilet i. o le 4 by 22 tret, and one 5 bv 2d leol, together v. ilh a quam . of machinery, be tmi/, Ac. Also luo Planing Ma blues, of .eiy aupetioi quality and bes: make, wuha Purring Machine. W.igoua, andothe: things suitable fd' Planing Mills. All these things will be sold tow, ii called tui soon, as the tin -ire wishes them oul oi Iheuayaad lias no further use I'o. Incni Hup ire oi KKLSKY, 74 Bioadwajr, New tod; ni at 19 Strong ptace, Brooklyn. IjlOit SALE-TIIE OLI> ESTABLISHED BOfiK, STA' lioneiyanrt Newspape. > 'ore, rata'dlalied ti eleen yes-a; will be sold on leasonable lemo. Inquire al 459 M idsou siiee'. TiTOR SALE-A DIMM! ROONs WITH LUNCH J ttouuiei and Bar, I'ligeMa dialled, and do ug gnO<1 a hrat class busines-, in a tle-uuhle lowtiunou Broadway. Any l?i ;y di'-uing in puithese a1 a lu. cam cum artdre- loi p,i tt'uilais O. R,, hoc 2,051 i'o- odlce, New Voi k. FOR SALE?AN EKOT.ISH ALE ANO CHOP HOUSE, uelting a profit 01 $4,hU0 a year. Will deal with a goed euaiome: on lihcnn terms, bill no ol'ie, needeppty to It, J, HOWELL, Italiiliov Hotel, 31 ami 33 Beehinan street. LIOR SAT.E CHEAP PCS CASH-TOE STOCK, FIXA? lure* and Good Wui ol Ibc Satioacty, Toy and IViiodioal Store 2S1 Sixth avenue, one dooi bore Kn^eitli at reel; no a i-n - oi auclioneeu n? d ?I'i'ly. Inquire in Die atoie iu Die evening. C1RODERY STORE AND PISH STAND FOR 8ALP?A I" good linsiiiea* m.init ou Die rorurr of Nor'It Slrlboajk Ko'iii'i aiieet*. Wi!'i?mnli! ,g. A good ebaooe. Mill eell (heap. Onod rensoim ioi aelDng. Apply on the |r eiuiae* for lour days. Hoiki. for sale in Philadelphia.?will be aotd i lurrt|?, lb* Ftiml mi* and unexpired l.e.tae ol a *1 cluB. Imsine-i Hole!. HID at,lou centi*I, with rapaciiy t'.? ae - immo late t .vu li'indied and t enly-sive ;'ilw!?, and iu order, i'lii" Uoii?? Una been doing a < ngr Ireuneii I'di ibe d" len rc.ira, piInripal Hide In-ln; fmm Pv.nuyi. vanl.'i, Oluo, Indiana Iowa, blaiylftnij and New Jeney To jaitiiawho may *.*Dli 10 go iid > the tMinlnras no IioiM tn Die < ijr ia butler a<l?pt?d foi a aafe and pro'itab'e limine** I baa Uli houae. tor pa iculara addreoa ii" , n 1,61ft I'tnUdelphu P?<- ollee. .+.t'i?ia*'ory i*t<ona gi'.eu lor wl?liiu5 to aril UIXTII AVF.NI.E ? FANCY STOKE FOR S Vl.K IN i; rlmliiig Sio *, FW'nre*. Lea* and flood Will, ni l lie sold cheap lor cauli; poaae'S ou gtveo immediately. Appiy on iDo piemWea, li>7 Sixlli a end". No agrdla wanted. rilO-OAS FIT I EEs. OAS FIXTURES AND LAMP DEALA en.?Fo.1 aa!*. lb* lieal lorried and nlile*! alrod Id Ibe cilvot UaltiDioie. Tue a'.ore can be bad on P-aae at a !" * lent foi a term of yeaie. Tiieie I* a .plrudiil ahow mom, widi t4 le?t celling, nl'ii wor* abop w 'It lool* complete For tint her particular* a<Idie*a b >x 1.117 lhwi oflire, BaiDuioip. rPO BUTCHER"?A OREAT BAROAIN-FOR SALE, A Die Slock nid Figmrea. Willi no. ae. < art and Mai nes-. 0. the old ?:ai*t?.i'eha i M#?at and Yegeiiibi* Mm kwi, 462 Siti u a yen w southeast corner of Tweuly?eighlti street. Apply on tb'- prerntae*. rpooptical mathematical am* ntfifotorai" A oat lnaii miaul inukepi.?lor ?ale. a s#*i id mip'ioi l?>oU. Materials and iiuishM a* well as unfinished lu*hnuienls Mud Opt tcU Good*, at No. 'J Hanore r s<ja'f a, room 6. d.7- FOB A Ft 1 TEEN TON SLOOP-GOOD STRONG jp I ?) ipii . tat Halle a Dp v . . f i v ma .'i. ta bay i Ho? -v, Penny Budge. Hamilton avenue, Brooklyn. I. I. l!\*TRUCTIOW. At O'DOWD'S reporting ROOMS, gift BROAD way--Shorthand W? ding is taught mm usual, d v undewu* lug. wbeie young iuen Mi* piejMied for prof*--, .to*! verba* tirn Kepoitmg, such as n'Mnig testimony. arguuicutsobliges, > rxaona, pea be*, A- ^ A LL?BOOKXBEPtSa. PENMANSHIP AND OTHER JA. i'otnmeicG ArtompiUbtnents are aught at paink'n Meti tfi-i t Colleges, 0- B??.very, X. Y.. and J$6 Fulton effect, Brooklyn, f n?#':? -.uiiing t he tonvenlen * ?u bot'i and KsntUrueu. N, B. ? Individual instruction; no claret. A GOOD u a VD WRITING TAUGHT i% TEN LE-'SONS I of one hour e*1 h.?Srholai ship. lii'duditig Penmanship, i Bookkeeping und A. irg.rtilc, $3", including 0>ok*. ax- ! Private iaatrnriiou given. Ro nis No. t? Fourth C tad 336 Broad .. OLITER B. GOLDSMITH Boarding school at east bloompield. new Jersey.?Select faintly hoaiulng a hool for boys where they re ei\e a thorough hi 'S.uets fdu<att9t) and inula good home Scholars pay iroin tUa lime of euteriug. Tlicroaie iwo Muanei'i; limited. Terms $1*0 per auiium. or $9fl }*r session. The priiicipa' take# ide.<*i.ia In rejenrmg fo hit pa*ron* of this eity. Address l-aihar, boi 7 Past p i m a, bai R m Sal >. n l INSTRUCTION.?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A yo'ing Ltd}, a* govei'ua** or huusekeepe in a t'avnhy. nouM bin persons of ? * .pec ability need atihvfr. Addi. ? 1. M N.. He Rutger s female institute, No* AW#, 137 attd AW Filth avenue, Will omni'mcaiU Aft Term on Wednesday, Apr. IP For ?liculurs or information sidiei 1! 'g . s l ^mal** Infinite, No. 437 Fll'h iv nr.c. II. M TIER* K President, Spanish l a no r age.?professor v. de la Los A. having ? 111 a lew bonis dis<'tigaga?l. offer* tbeui to those wishing to a- i"ue a thorough knowledge of ibe above lmignage tiicn a nxtne 01 Madrid. Spain. Ad-tun I'll Ninth The new vocal oym.n vsium.-this h iim ertil* tu t 1 niii a nuptl in tin- Vocal il;u.ii.i?, - > K.<v Twenty-"n*' nih ?' i<* ; I Ami It * nut.I e?* *1! 'it lii*>i"itlon. 1 be"u completely cured of viauime nc, mot the <|"aUty I my vo '? h?? uijn owed more Hu n n n u urni p run Mi bea'.'h alio bat hem wreatlv benettiled. NATHANIEL D WHITE COVSTRV BOARD. / tOlMHV lit > VI; U -PLEASANT. W FLL Kt RNfSIIKD, V ni l Roitii- v Hi d Hoard, >m obtain' ! at htainloi <1. t'onn , ou ' At arke'* 11 ill , .ilau ablim anil ? oomttui. tla ,on to; ..orate and t auiagoe. I'm p irtlcnlaia. tnll at 16 Union aquafe .iu. rot Killi'i'iilli mw. CtOUNTRV BOARD in HOTEI KEEPERS and / other" ? J'pinianeni wan'od, loi a g ntteinan .vi.r, "hint ami servant, i> Ithin or about tUltty initea froin the 'i'.yj tr-al b? of caayand mptd aeeeM. A.ldrem, .? ? 'iij! " t'i and arcoiamodationa. >1. A. P., bog 1.13 UrialJ Ollb e. CtOEMR BOARD WANTEO-BY A GENTLEMAN IN / aire. i;o ntrtr nim ? pn a c lacuiiv I h n an h nii a i idi uf t'. A c iniin <la'ion to. a hone re qe d Aildr wi u|i?m >lmi mnl alanug way oi Cumin i in ion linl (IM Pint ofll v. (tuv vTttV Hi> MID WANTED?BY A VOUNU MAP. j rb..lad* -v tbin twenty uiflea 01 thirdly, wherein* ate nn other htwrrteie and win t ahe ran have the n?e of a -witt! Kern? ot t e ul one; e?a* of a. e??a to the If nd?on K *er. Ilei .em or N v? II r en railroad: hoard :n a far It.. ,ni?e Aditireat\ It. L.,M*iinn O. Bible llnuae itatintf pilee, ai,i>.ninio<J?iio|i and loenlity. I ANTBD-BOARD FOR THE *UM MEN, FOR>OEN *? t> hi an, ell' and 'ben Infmv'a nnrae, t*|itia|l?in Iiiiitr. I innll*. not o f: <X1? ho r li .ill 111" l i'y tfal). Addt"?? anting tertna and full partLutara Webtur, Herald flfllee. BPOUILBO. FRAN' IS BUriBR. NO. 1 '*Y K SUP *1AS ALL fllE ehotre brtwda lor md sale. H -ler'e to Wilt hi? Mange < eire and Flea EiL > -aniator, 50 oenia per bo i> Btular'a "Breeding, Traintr.j. Itlaemei, Ac , of Uyt,1' $i Dsgb boarded, trained, A*. Mtni net fur all die ante. TilOR SALK?THE FAST SIAlLINO, SLOf-P r vacht EEBKCUA Apply ioi pm Honiara, at Ibe Herat' oflce. "VTA'aMT FOR BALE.?A UfAl'MUl NCHOONE?rAi I about ID tuna; good arva boat, fa. a'roag an I mm,, i gJVVaJk'V** P*T'tf A<11r*'1 ^ ?4LK? OP KUAIi BM'ATE. a small cottaov iiopse cor ttsif?on tht: jt\ mwi diwrublv l>h> A ui Yoekri.lMroe pitfWM-' i aiitencra. a'Wu.u tided ??> good nn;irov tin I f ro 0111 11 n?n?^ of atiykinj ami coi-oumiik cli adv i'u^i.raof vltj -?"J ulry llo> se .'!ktJ, Mi'ti Hit n.iitfoi'ii Imp oteue ita; t? MI sn gat den ui 1l> aid i>U, uu.ii e *.iv ind inaf b t >t it al-iOl?. if deairv 1. inipiiic on t. ** piviiiiic'fl, a.itubi'.isl lO 'ir- o' Eiglry l iui t h ? ifel mi l Pu at avenue, 0< 01 J K. HMll'll, No. I Pine tttifct. AIIEAI'Tim. PCi R STOKl HHOWN STONK PRON f House, b**emm I mi I nub-'filar, with oil III- modern improvements, on Lliooi.l.u Heights, MC"I m . op posile ColoMado ron. u ill! n (inn view o( N.-? Yolk I>ay. will b nolo very cheap ?u e i?i In ilia. I ii. luiiliei paitu 14 apply lit 01 ,i tdrca-i T, b.inpson. 34 avenue D A TWO droitY IIOSL AND STORE. Wllil LEASE CM lo' tir sale (prii- $200), corni-i 0! Pi'. IJ Htlh-street and S-vnnUi a enuejaiiibt laie stand for groicvr or tiipioi business, |*ibaessina given num. dl ilely. Aj.p'y this da> on tbe premises, 01 at it<0 How.-ry, in III* bookaioi*. Also tor aalr, a rood 8m.e Window, shutter*. Dunn), HsiaandCotnice $12 lor Ike whole. Apj ly al 366 Powery. I) ROOKLYK HOUSES KOR SALE.-iiAKi IAIN d, VIZ I > 1 lie iwo aim ,- brick, No. 23/ N ?:e alre.-t, .'A In ( e? 1 of lio> t street, lo 2'nCO, houae 20*3(1, do Alan, the tiIP rl.isi i ircc alory I'liil.i eipliin burk. No. IS Lafayette avenue. Apply lo WILLIAM H. NICHOLS, No 41 Pineal., N. V. Brooklyn HOUSKS ior ?ale-baroains viz IU in si an.I evond norlii of Piilleu avuuue, on Hie weal ai le of Pin-i O' sen place. Tliey are due housaa, new and 111 >1 Inal clns- lie gbborhood. Will be bold ch -ap. Apply on the p iwniix a, 10 P. MCLLINfi, owner. (10PNTRT STORE. OLD STAND, POR -SALE?THRT 7 v n* village, good House. 10 loom*; 3 am It tenement i llouf v i.iu>d hi 1 I ics. line fruit. Ac.: hall and irwni fsn.i 1 and a I for $-2 ftOB. t web $ 1.0.10; but nee ?l 7 |>er ceut; in ml'., on Harlem R ut or'. Iiiquin' o. Ti ne Agcnt,at West Mount VfiiOii. Take rt A M. train from Tw rntv gorcuth atreet t Lo k lor yotiraetl; coat (6,OKI; hard times. JOHN S. YORKF fWBIW SB AT, OF SKVKMY ACRES, AT 1'AllK V town. Westchester eouuljr, N. Y., loraalc, or excha lordly or Brooklyn property; will Belt font tern orre*, with lunar aud liuprorrii'.eutr; or will dispose Ol remaining pot Hon ol' the land (which contains I wo or liner good building nit h), lii Ioih to suit ptirchuaers. Apply to Ot oddrra* KO BKKT GR AVES,'Ja Liberty street. New York. DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY HOME IN BROOKLYN FOR aalr?Very Ion. or to let to a rarelid ten ml Tblrtymi Lola, Gothic House, I'fieen rooma be?i le tnnu ies. milk loom, dr. Hons" surrounded by a grove ol Iit.h Brick carriage house and a In n h>Miae, large eitiveu. young oiclnnd, I Mlnre unil room lor a cow. Price lo nut llic times Fid ton, South and IVntl stree' iar? rito eveiy five mimile i vw.y near Hie place. Tunr tliirly minutes, tare lour irui tuotilre on the pr> miara in P -cHie atreot, mvinid bouse ml ol Hiooklyn u-eune; o address G. h. Beliieo, alauon II. New York, h'A^ltM FOR BALE.?THIRTY-FOUR ACRE* OF WELL < t calcd laud iii Itnckhuid county, thirt . tniirn ir nu New fork aud wltlitii ten minutei>' wa.koi two deeota, large liouae, barn aud out buildings; alt kind-,of; g: mos in iiln.nilaiice; two wells; terms easy. for further paiticulars apply at Mo. ft Crosby atieet. For sale?.-a new four siouy brown bionl Iio it House, IfoKljO feel, elegant in every ivsoert, No. "-"V Kh 1 Tni 'ty e ghth street, arar Madisou avenue; also House 47 Fast Tliirtv-aeveutli street, four atorjr, aloue ftviii. In qu ia on Hie prcinlsos at eueb pljce. filOR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, ONE NEW TWO HTuRY 1 baseiaent Collage Houac, ai uated in Lafayette arriiue. betweeu Nostrand and ilrivv a vi u *. I'l u-e f t.+KI Inquire on the premised,o! VY MAKllN. "I/OR IALI-TOI THREE STORY HIOK STROP Jr House, 46 WcM Twenty seventh street, in the b?.s order, with I'bi'adelpli i b irk liuut, heiey slune trimmings, high ee.ling*, |MIlors handsomely iteacoed. A|>ply to THOMAS .1, MILLER, 74 Broadway. LKOK SALE-A TWO STORY HOUSE, IN MELR03K. r Lot 100 fee! square, well atorked with cho c* Iruii in bearing order; barn, good well and c.?Viii, lire nuoaln walk lo Melrose depot aud twenty-tier in mills' l itlnlun budge Foi parLuulats inquire si 47 Ann slreei. JOHN H. ME AO. ljM?? SALE-TUB HANDSOME BROWN STONE FROM I? modeln lour story and baficmcut H<?"se. No. 13 F..i?t Twenty-eighth slieel, between Fifiliand Madisou a cento's House 26 by tkA lert; in firs' rate onl"i, wdh a'ttne tuiproreiitent.. Lot twenty live leet by lulf the block in dl'ptb. A large cordon of the purchase money can remain on mortgage. Apply ul 167 Pear: street. LOR BALE-THE VERY I>ESil<AliLK BROWN STONE Jy lom story Homo anil Log No. to Weal Thirty seventh m reel, between Fifth and 8 *t!i avenues. L >t about Ll f, el. Pos e, ion may Ire had Ilium d itelv, nun liirtiil ire f desired. Apply on the premises, or at 4lt Broouie aireet. hdOR BAI.E?A NICE LITTLE FARM OF 3d ACRES, 'Js Ultra ui New Jerkey, with good Cottage House aud Ha'n : well fenced; price LOW. Iiiunire ai 63.! Oreenwt-li Hirert. C. MALCOLM. L'Olt BALE -THREE VALUABLE FARMS. VARYING I J? in hi/p t isjui 3* lo M ?Bren, 3 timied ?n Lie lower put <?! I l?ie town or White l'l?lnn. I.o perfectly Ucalihy. Al>t ? ('oitrigf, tv.'h n rct ot Latifl, lor r.i> or lo le . A veiy de>ita >lo place. Apply ai J5 Vout hJi -.eL (I. I * if IU It. Iv. L10H SALE?A GOOD FA KM OF FIFTY ACRES. I? tlnrfy mile.-. 44otii the cil*. with guou Building*, plenfv l roil. i't c * $'-\20". Iti (iii: e ai 023 Greenwich atree,. C. MALCOLM. l/OK 8AU-OI TO LET, rURMI*HMO ??,? i | \ R L dished.a modern built till6" atory bnct llndse; ceiucnl d cmUr, b ivin iit. neuter (c# third door, waici in, raugc, boibi, bath, A?,; marble liiHiilii * on lv*o (too** and basemen'; g#* t'inmghotu, with chandeliers and bum* is; painted, pafKMed, and put iu comp'e c order for present orenpan', who. if ie p?\ m:ses are lei, would lake a room anil half board a? par: rci' If desitabie to tenant. House 16.9*40; lotlUOJe*" i ji beting gia|?evinc* la the \ard. Price $4.;>0d, <ash $ 1,0 ??, balance mortgage. Reut low 10 acceptable tenant. Api'C on the premises, .IS Dou.*!a*i? street, Brooklyn. Alao in b t, a wooden built three at<?ry brick Houae. in Third p'are; a d#. I cellar, water in, ian/;e, boiler, g/i? throughout, M * anil harrier*. K?*nt $26 per month. IfOR SALE?A PRETTV COTTAGE CON TAJ M NO 1 ?eicn loom* and basement, with ac7en acie* of tau t, within ?< minute*' walk of railroad depo at Fairfield, f nan.; ?ny one wishing to procure a place h? re?ytnw cot', will do well i<? see (hi*, aa it.wilt be >o!d ior lea* man has beett ottered ior it by mice" dub-re at persons. For parti ultra adurea* t'HAS. ATKINSON, 2.1 Dommick s: leet. New York, oi Mr. Kl>. H<'BART, Ek|ki. I Waste., at Fairfield. IiUMt SALE?A HANDSOME BROWN STONE FRONT, . three atory and basement House, in Foi ly-eigliih Hirer', between Second and Third avenue*, high stoop; t??* bouse is | :u .sp>udidcondition, with a fine act uf gas lUime* in; \vo?i<? b ; sold very low for c*?h. 'JVrnia very easy. luqaue of I*. ( uH/.'Kf AN, d R., Real Eaiule Agent, 73N Second n/eel e, near Forty-ninth street. til OK SALE?THE THREE STORY AND ATl'tC HIGH ' s' 'Op House, 20 by fa), U Hu m man place, ThirD 'hi.d h.nW, bciweca Eighth a ad Ninth avenues; idice $11,000 \ppiy to W W. L. TAV LOR, 70 Wall afreet RAUt?AT HARLEM, ON UMTM RTRUY, THE 1 (wo story Cottage, with a loi aud a half o ground, with .> I inode.n Improvern-n(i, la?e the puvat* residence of Wn?. I S auiOiess, Esq. Tciii-. ca^y. Aup'y to J. N. VVAT'rKlN, pier ioof o: l.'lOtii stiee', East river. 1,X>K 4AI.E?AT WAK PRICK-., A Rl'LKNDIll'BR<?WN stone < iout Houae, fonr ato; v and high stoop, bas.-uieul ?inl cellar. No 176 West Forty-ievcnth street, uesi rhi^e i h ireut , v lili all tin* modern Improvemen t; wihii'i wans, marble hall. A* . Inuuiftuuiie proati es oi to GFdtROL SMI i ll. or ncr, 35d NiuImou street. F^OR SAi.K?A SUPERIOR NEW FOUR STORY HIGH ?'oo;> biow i llouae, o. t ill width and aivy-nva lee. d"eii, Willi an eneu8l"U, ill Ibr mor ifeiii iHi? lo.a'ioi fit the i ?i tr. Sixty jier cent may rem in on hand and mort* gag? App'y on ilia pivmuea. No. il.'t Mau -on aveuti**. L^OR BALE? A BROWN STONE*FRONT HOUSE AND J; i.of, J01 West Fort>-?cvenlh sicd, vs :tl? all inod?*v#i Irnprofcnieira, in rtrat rate ordcj , iicighlenhuod ri.*t cbsi iuipuie o E.K.ADAMS, No. .'1 Flue strae', ? ( ond it#K#r. ( IiH'R SALE -TUB FINE TWO STORY AND ATTIC . House md I No. 273 East Broad way: high iiasniml mid nil'- -? i, ii n i a I ear Piiciis'iui on .tin; 114 10.11 menu. lh- utilise !iki a' 'tin modem Improvcmenta, uu^, lie and 1 o' l water, Im1 Uiu"n?, watercloneta, ga". Ac., In lirkt rai a ? ,ier. tVrl im sold cheap. impute at i'U 1 m nam afreet, in t in- aim*. b'OK MALE CHEAT?A FARM OF SEVENIV ACHES, In Bevaen county, Franklin tn vn?hiji Mr *'Jrr**y, or ill exeiiiiiigc fotapond heitar in Neiv Vorh. AppKleJ. VAN IV AUNKK, IrlOWeit Forty i" olid (ireel. bMiR SALE OK EXCHANGE? A VALUABLE MILL l'i u>et y ' li'ceii May, Win., with Jii lim ai 410- ml and I il'i cirs n|' pine land. ivllll eeery'tuug reqtll?l e lor 1 a ijniiBona Urge buaine#. Will !" tn hanged tor im pi 11 ,-pd \Ve?!"i 11 land or lor real <i?iat': in Jfpw Vnrl wNm Jei-av; inle perfect: no in' 11 in bra ice. Pile lor the whole $6>.nV> luipiire of P. L. VAN DEVKM'EK, I'.'.'i Fulton - reel i4i0p SALE ok KXCH.ANOE-THK Ul'.slkahi E pro. r peril No?. .'il and 51,'j Boneiy, .'6 te?i 1 1 1 hi ,iy 125 led ilocn. A On. line; lie Will be taken in eti liangt. In I 111a 01 NORMAN 1 OOK, 100 Boidry. I4AOR SALE OK F.Xi'lfAN'?B- ONE OK TWO 1,01s 'V I" So 111 Hinoklyii, irnar the fairtei, in Union atr.-.-tand I 'olno ble o .?-ma I ho'? in a b'luln-ia pla nr cooi'i'. e ion it. 11 ui n 'I Yoik in a lease of More; no tuli.-ia r. td apply, I i e lota In part iwymcnl l'(/4'tbe lie U re,! e Jt llWwrai atrcel, N. Y. yok SALE OR kxchanob (NOT mIMTH money J; warned)?A th*co stoiy wm ieti Fion a and I.o , bntlt e\pi*??lr lor a hakoiy, KOodwei'rS aninr and s'ab! lot a hoi?"; in the thriving village o:'riuUenbni g, N o?lle S. rein lei h (i real, Nc iv Vol k. Ki'o further oarlo ula 1 apply 10 dqtitr* l)AA YER, near Ibc pirn uaes' or a', 37 AVe-t rwiniy* find .meet, New Tot a. tpOR SA1.K OR SXCHAEOa FOR OtTT FR< efcp.ivr 1 lie iH' i tiiul limmrj Kal?ld?n.e of (he 'ate .lamer Conner, m tA"eatiiho?ter eoti'vy, on the 1 "ad leaning frum Weal, b. aier in eaip belter. in *c fourth* m a in.lo i'iooi the i. 'i'in'ina andluy, and one ami j lia.f iuileliem hi Idije dej.01. The pi 1 p?i ly coi'iUto? la< or a tine atop- Mim< a iln ue, with large R?i 11 ar.l On thou* a, I', a -i ? ot land, neelleni Harden, Cri hard, wiA Irult anilnruainontal treea, and ahpibhory owl grapt'i in n eat alinndai'ce. fr\ of. 1 la:,a plain Houae, and 13 acrea adjoining. 3011 tHIUUlff ? HI ' HI III r or i. 1111 M? ? in. or a IK IV Hon*, mid Ham U acres ?'J,ioiuui? A t cm dea'rable isild?nc in i rra additional gieund may l>? had v ith cllb? kils^ oi- U. I n. Of twoparcelaof ground on the weatonha of i V r,,? g 0| oil" Mansion Honda. eontdliilflg a 'On' M dire*. win, , gui lenrr'a honse. tine atrentn of water i noting through J: hi, about two acraa of woodland. Apply to BENEDICT1 k COIT, iti Plnaatrtct. I/op. kale ok exchange pop irt rnoFEirrvI r a i ' ,nii> 8??i..?nn\ one mile north of li,'ilet|t grain, ihiea mlnniea'walk from railroad d'.'u'.: Iiooae Id h,?rfv 0.1ter, built by day* wotk, vlth furnace, range, tit fi atahl* 1, i Iioi ad.fabai'e am' lit re- Hand ahitihoery of ?'.| apply io o. pollock t(0.|u Centre at re ?t, n. e. i/or kale, f'r exchange kok prop/fcryr i* jp Seventh, Triiib or ThiFt'CVb wni A neif in* gothlc Hon*" *n I "Iglil T.o'a of Ground, a'. rnhl a f i ,oll in qttlre of t <? brown, geneta-y of+rvte.r/i"b ? k "re In tiuan Cuutpnuy, uoroei of b< rcry *ud uroanuo afreet, 1/08 HALE. EXCHANGE OK TO LK7-A RUPKMOF T Houhc, i ent rally located In the Sipr/h ward, o itiulci by the nwo n i Contain* U rnoma; l"? H'/ips Oile'eOta, ?ar J pe'dAtnl iiilrrtu a can remain If required, ('.ill oaoraditrrai ii A IMchlnaou, 30 Eeektnap etreet. 1/OR SALE OR TO LF.T-AT WlirrESTONK POINT r Long (aland, a Country R"Hiil?now, within thru* ,m . u'lle*'walk of the leifldlne CcninciaffaUon by bou', foily { ilva mlnutea from l'ach ail|> tod bvdho nothing Hnilr md alinodf hourly. The houae la ita'A teet, two atorietam at'io,containing lilrtaeu ronml, 4|oellen' Carriage fla.iae At a hie, lee Honde (filled > and HoTh Ronae, with two AIM i , half aered, highly linpro/ad, forming down to tha rlrdtr; tin ahmle, ornamentaland fruit tear* Tine vegetable uarier I ntenalvtl vldw of Rati river and l.nng falamt Ho, ad. Appl t or addgagp V Thirl Grggt. bdlwoeg fins tto*>a | art MA I,KM or HEtL KsTATIE WO* BALE OR to IJtT? A COVMuiM'lU-i IIOUHB J? and ail i two . IV*. ol I UI.I, ? < |H -.-Hi (? the Ki'iahww Rail.oid depot.** Wiwt flushing and iron. I;pma abtu. lain* Ueut $'.m> Apoly |<> A nAKUKAKT IS Wat aii i-el. FfOlt :tAI.R OR TO I.KP -1 III- I .IKK!: STORY BUiC'B Dwelling h .use \H 'luri.on sr'r1. Rrviklya. wat'T, bathroom aud em lo* - 'pla... a, rum >iud, a im la suable residence. Apply ou lire prelum**# li'OK KALE OK TO I.B.T- A H >Usji *Nf? r.OT A* 1 II.ill, 1. ( II .ii?- ooiiuaii pier, it mums, n? good otder. Impure ot J. J fciooicK, opp >-dt? Ilf> Wrs! sheet. IjlOK HAl.'r. Olt TO I.KI'- rilfi AHRANiO ItKILDINOB 1 stCnitey I .Valid: lot coulaininc 2 1 10 aura. KorparLeuJarsoi .t mapol llie preiul >.*a aud Inuidin,;* impure 01 or address RICHARD it. UKNN8TT. fori It million. For hale or to lkt-a pursisiied tountet miil'-n e, si'u it'll oti?t he Kii;g*h. idge i osd, Jd'ni' altout iweive tulles irom the ciljr, eointusuiliug .i lia * view ol lb* Hudson and llarem ilri*-., aud wiihiueasf w.ukiug dwionur from the ru'lruadot steamboat stations Tin* place conlainw about I wruly-iwo acres ol laud, including a largs garden w?B ato* k< I ?itU fruit: also stable, nam and othr ouibniliiuga, gviprv, green Inm-r. gNi*dem*r'? house. Ao Kor Ituiber paillu-nlara apply to A. M. t'KKtlU A BHD ., Id Lxrhnoge place. WOK KALE OR TO LKT-A KKAl<TlfUL DWKLUHO r on I "in'oii avenue, west aide, third d mi I com Atlantis avenue, Brooklyn, coit'aiiilng all modern Improvement^ Willi lo ir iota of ground, stablea, garden, scr ib>?ry, Ac. C anirnditl new of the bay, Stolen Island and Jersey, wiUila ti.iriy ni note- o.' tin* Merc,,a:UH l'.icbaiige, N Y Aptily to WILLIAM N BEACH, Ni.MWaU street. N Y BVW KAI.F OR TO LET?AT PORDHAM. A HOC9B |uea.uini ly n'uated, t <n lui.i.i'es' walk ir mi railroad o? llai 1 tn taut. Containing lltromnsand ball an 'ere of ginned I'lirr A.1 OH; res' Apply to Mr. .MMtl.EY, Koidham detail, or J) K celt limit sTeei, flaw York. |jH? SALE o:: TO I.KT-AT (1. VKKMONT, N J..TWO J.' inilestiom leraey City terry, a Collage Hois?, 22 tiy M le I two siorv and attic, with wild, 16 bv 22, "'tie story and a hali; lot 601* 126' ce'. A splendid 'lew o' N--* York Bay. K' ??+ ps?s very near Hie i> a " * ahou' c-. lit!' i. > :r, nu Uia K rgen I'o nf pjoit road. Impure 0 EVAN JUNE'S. Nu Jt Mtin'goincry a reel, .ler?.*y City. Ol* ol MiJSKS oDKlilj, U5 Bro >dstreet. New York, oil board ineastirrn. FOR HAI.E OR TO LET -A BKAinfPUf. HOt?8R AK? lliree acres ol lanj, with all ihe n.o l? ru tmjii*oveaietitfc> w *ll a'oi k"d with Irul! aud ornauien'ul trees; nrtsliborbetW lira', cl?? . svithiii to* ty minutra >!' 'lie ' ;y ')' railroid every hour; ' nu. i*y lu'jjtreol H. UOAlJ, 75 111 street. li'Uiv .1.11 ic. uu i kj iii. i?i/i r. i ii Lii<r aihw I1 and b t*utient Hon**4, wil.i noaaervaftory m the rear. No. '4TB IVuUi street; h? liui^'neti ?n the b**%! style witli f)!i l^iiiiO'dtay duor* and m i mantel*. A plv on thw |jV)fC SALE, TO iiKr OK FXCtfAN'iK FOR A LRNB r jT1 *\i l?oii-?' i.i il?? ciiy?1 i nM four tory brown atone Uo'tno dOH l? 'AingtOD a*-i i?i:a .loop :mi all tb# mio-U'iii ?iiij?i*o\ "rucntH Apply to WDl. CLiRK, 06 Bnni Twenty it*lb afreet. b'OK SALE OR TO RBNT-ONK MILE FROM MflR I'Opot, tweuty live niUea (ruin N" v Yor'f. ? net. < lo't&gt* Hou**, wiib two ?-cci of ground; bo i*e in perfect order, bBi>d*oiiieiy Mluate<l, ami y o' fruit. BULKLKY A FINK, K5 Wall o *-e?t, Jauncey cooit. CUiHMFEfttD HOUSE ON TI1K FIFTH AVE If MB FOB' r cale o? to?lei.? The tour ho y high ?io<ipt-rowu aton# Hoi%r, t ea Twenty.ninth atreei, eleg ant I v fur lUhed. In* quirTof |4 SPRING. lr? N**<i * atruM, N Y. HOUSE AND FURNITURE FOE SALE AT A BACK* th e A new, h, n cImsh brown atone high -Coop Hhuia ou Murray fIif!. a few doom troui FCtli a/eni?\ for nato. wthtii? Furnpu e, nil of which it o( Hi" tat eat niyta anA very b?ni (|i.alit> ( and lia* 'ieeo in una but a (*w week* Term* io s.,u. AtJita* Oha. lea TArfreu, Necf'YofA Fdet ollire f|X> KXOHANGK?FOR FURNITURE OR STAPUB A m?i'vli.?nJwe, jr prodi,i? oi1 ./order Sou* vooli*, el par, or other good a three ato y bt ft ?uae in Booth Broofcltu, a? great %-u rittce. GUSTAVUN BAYLIES, No. 4 Pineal reel, fpHE AOVCRmEiC JS IN WANT OK A VERY NEAT. I anug and pre!*y country reMlfto<*. The nearer tlir cmty tb-f better; there muAt be plenty ot fruit au l garden ground. No a/inner will be noticed ua!"?u it aivcH a clear and iullaxf>c.ul oi the ptop/riy. Audrec* '.Y w VY., Heraldoffice. WANTEO-IN EXCHANGE FOR A FIRST CLAM f? Ore c >*ry marble'Stor?. ?5<ci(M, near Church atree* and below < Mreot, imw let a* 500 jieruiinum, other Real Est ?(? of atnaller dime mlou* m; will give? 'air, jost trade and JfiOft ;<? a u*,i! e*?ta' t?;- is* to effect a fair exchange. A-ldiefi-i ff uhIm., Herald ofUov AJLT A NTEO -TO BUY--A HIGH BASKMFNT BROWN ff Kt??ne llii't ,e. with Ull liiOdcfa imp r/iun location above Tw ntieMi Mreet. bH ween Fourth and Meventti Amiii.'h, prfee In o.' Vr!i. 4i A2,0t)d "auli, bnjUuion II remain on bond and luoetgnge loc Ihiv jc^ara. Addrean Tbomaa, lion I.IU7 Pc*at ofltcc. AAt AJNTKH TO EXOHANOE ?A I)fNTfI.f.K KY. MT f c^t imy. III., or i.iiintfMOved Fr ?pertv in Ki-o/iKI/b# New VorK, fo K(.i dware. Ad Ire** M. K , oox XW) M. liOuis Mo. djor.n TO $4T0 LOTS I OK SALE ON GATEfft avenue ?nd Monroe sc. Rrooltlyn, om ilie grade and natural M)1 a en?ie paved and lit w?(b gaa A!a??.hree I da oo New Vora ar* line, oppoaile Dr. i^danuF . inch, n-ai Fulton avenue: ga , nnU water tlirongli ivruiM. m id iic.c 1. it.kM Afi'i.'ea<di: i.u 11h < anr. Atmlv to KdKKKT AUAlK. <->' :i?' i?' If - -J tk.Kl O.itihiivt' MP, it ? ikl/n, or Ho. ?; i' ?r n v. a-1 7ft/i WII.I. Bur A TWO STOKE AND BASE <p I I Ay" * m n1 IIik *?. ?rlth ?r?n rooms. In porivnri order; $2J0cp<< i, tan iuU? - Hi intutlm iU of jii |ipi- <|um i. i Apply at llm otiRn of D. 0. DANIEL'S, eocntrr of fifth n.enu? #n'i NotiitPen'to mrPPt, Brooklyn. i) lytlt ACRES SELECTED PAItMlM'd I.VND, t? ('/U tViv ..m n, luilliuA, ('>7n mud lIli.i'ilH, for wl* nipi.i li.tri -. lor proppryor wrrchni'lnie. Apply to JOUH KM.IOIT, 02 Cedar mreel fltQ ,'AA ? I'OK .SALE, A THREE HIOKtf KHOI.IilH JJIO.rHfV. ti/nti'inool Prick H<iu*'\ .a?,rtr<t ord?r;luM r?i, wkter uu1 inilh, part ?4'y furnimliod. ti'D. Btirif-. drren'li b i 'it, bpCvren HerOnil and Tblrrt ?rco m?. F'HUISITMIK. ^ 0. IHH 4 Kl'BNI njRE-KU?NUTU?R. RAKCI AIM'S?BARGAINS. ?JWt?,0?? WORTH Of (".HNITt/RK, 'V tlOI.K.SAI.K A NO KMT All.. BT OK (IK tAt A l'AVI,OR, N .. S/ Bwocy, OSkr Umlf du'irp ooi ? lower prices (<j*u n.ijr other esthip I'nIiuipui hi ike t'n.ird Bute*, TOR (I ARM, estimating of RiiSKWtlOO PARI.OK AND (HAMMER : JltHmfM; IN ItROCATKI.. OKI,AINK. AND Pf.CSH MAIKVIAMV, WAliMli'AND JMii'ATIO.N H KNITUK*. OT KVBRV DK.SCKIPI ION. Eiu m> "d f urn tnrr in seS?, I roui $20 to $101. All of nn fmnlmre is m?dr ol s*lriTrfl mn'r' ial sod ha < tiie ln'rit iiii iiiirird stvids. ,W.<. U'.IOOK WAKitANTED A.t.AKOR ASSORTMENT Of HOUSEHOLD EURMtil IP, H i ;ul*ji.. til- m a ?m i ill"-?.s?yra oelst r roaawoj 1 PUnn oitp, .o.i RUO, tor tViO. .uTil.uj Stool sad Cor?n ; slst I'd'I ii Stnliy,cot: >** . Im $110; Elsgeres. Hook iav>, tliiiitias. < lixAt, Oil TdinnngS Bromriw. rosewood i Cbarn'iPi- I'm i t'up. B< Idlny Ai? ?' thsn hslf coat. Uqui,* di .0 Wi-i 'I id.-nty Kitlh ? i*p , n.'dr Siith dvontik. i"1 AS 11 PAID I 08 SECOND II AMD FURNITURE A MO . "> Pijno?. I'srlira airing itn i?tnek .i |>ing wilt Unit it Co Pifa lu t ststri to pa It on .1. W. NTWSON, ane'tonaiw toil geiiPidi lirok' i, IS2 fiil.ou strrei. / SABINE I FURNITURE v,' I>1A?- IIJAt'l UKMI S I*K1' ?n. ymi.iOi WiiKTU In rnn*s<|ii?ii'-a iii? PaLing <>1 in our wtivlfaale Ihwim . vis otter om onu . itiMMlaetmnl g?'.-u the al Ida. lowe?t |r ira?, I' ina of PAKi.OK. l.??R vKY. UINUN'U K'.KkM AMI BFUKOOX SOITIL. Made 01 uHeinii 'oatorial and >n lite la! at-siylea. Au g I* mr v a: <*r?<-.A. 1'iraar eiamine i.u ;. <? !? li?Mr< rmrobaalag elaewiiara. ffhlii 4 Mll\l ;iSUi?KI'. 115 aud 127 PI tugtnii at., lint* can Kaaet ?:nj iS irio:l. N. II. ? lit in'1 H'avt ami lloiatnu atuv ..'.i.;i'i |?aaa. rloaa iiy. l/MAMEU I l.Mt.VMHhR H If ITS OP P ORMTURR? Pi III al! ruin .a aiyt alylaa. a' trlioleiMU and retail, tkalaigfn n.'k.* iu niaoil/. Suiia Mi) and upward*. Alio, aollA KlfU i! SuiK 'la.. I'aUl*,A?. AT 1RIIFN WAP.I), 177 'Janaliment, lour ilooi'i * at ut H oiJeaf. 1/IR*T r.'.iss KNAMKIJ.P.D PITMITrRR-PLfW, X lie '1 MACI * ul veined vili.l aj'n and oak Sou s?ul?, al 1?>an AiiiiwarAa: >latti?-?e?, ftprmg Mfda. An. J. \\ UStlfcR A OO.. *ai"!i." lurPea, S5J.?,o-?Mi?ay. dutv. enu 8tae<ilxl Bund - Uceta. 1/1 -KlUTliflU '' AftPRIS, AO., I Oil Si.Al.fc.-Af Pit Ar r ,\(. 11)RlK.aili <! < : eat, Molio'ifiv.. Uvo mill ilea' fffalk. from I/' p>6ll'l-tE, OAPPETS. BOOK, PAMPH'iM.TH V IJ? D ljiliin <c*lxi istil r"> i'*?dy mo ey gi ITH.v?il.. bei . 'rr and 1'aaih atwuo liAL'B.NiCVRI'. <ARPKTS. fid" Q.v At:., I'iX^bB F Arnlf at ll'i Bl'umBrlil atrtd', UolioAm, lire ujn \tM' ? ?IA 11 '"? 'h" IT' *. "LWRNYn'HE.-* SM M.I, F h^tcko'-ptnsf. ?<>nli| p'ltWiaan n ?n ?>? in BMOwor'k of Fn rnlinre."? n|>il?ina nm .in,' reqmaM" (or ttoaama. Purlin, ChamhW mil Kip lii'l.-. t'.irllea U#7inj; he sj>u? ',>r nt<!i wilt pl'i.f. ailrtfii* S K. 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