Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9342. ^JpCiTIOHS WAHTED-glCMALia. For Oth? WftnU bm it 1mtit ptft. 4 TOD*O lady wishes a situation, to tend A store; either in New York or Brooklyn: would be willing to go tbe unit two months gratia. till aba learned bus Business: beat of references given. Inquire at AM Baohelt t., South Brooklyn. a* mdbs* and seamstress.?situation wantA ed, by an English Pruleslaut young woman, aa nurse ?iaaawialreaa; la fully competent te tale charge of an Infant; ail Team' reference from last place; no oojection to iravekCaube aeeu at bar laat employer's, 736 Broadway, Aater Place Hotel, room A ' a 4 respectable young woman wants a situa" A Man aachambermaid, and aaaiat with washing and Iron' nil Or would do general bouaework in a small private fatul^ Call at 2Ji Bleacher at., between Barrow and Grove, for 4 8 cook.-wanted, a situation in a re8pectaJX hie private family, by one who thoroughly understands her hualneaa In all Ita branchea; can cook meat, game and B'tFMy. sauce and all kinda of aoupa and desaerta; lean exeaOhnf baker; beat olty reference; baa lived years In the city. Can ho seen for two days at 86 Pacllic at., Bi o.klyn. 4 situation wanted-by a respectable JBL joung ocnit^t cook, washer and Ironer, In a respects* kaa do objection to go to the country. Call at iter present ?jteyerV 78 Wait fid at. A a IIOUSEKEErBR, OR TO WAIT ON AN INVALID. A Wanted, tjr a very active English person, a situation. S sapabte aad willing to make herself useful In any other department of the boot* where her aervlcea may be rcuulred: be a hi in goer four yeara in ber laat iltuation In this city and aovaral years in her previous one; from each of them abe will be highly reoominended; living up housekeeping the season of being disengaged. Andrea* Housekeeper, nation P, Bible Houae. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general housework; la a good plain cook, an excellent mafeber and ironar, and a good baker of bread; good refc. fence can be given from ber laat place. Call fur two daya. In Bond at., botwaen Douglaa and Degraw ata., Aral door, back AW AMERICAN WIDOW, AOED FIFTY, WITHOUT A family, frienda or home, would like to meet witb a My or gentleman that would give ber a home for her acrvtaea; abe ia truatworthy and Industrious. Address Mrs. <Be, atatloa A. Bprlng-aC A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL' A aacbambeimald,?wsilrees or seamstress: la willing to lake oara of children. Oood reference if required. Call lor two daya at 186 Madlaon av., flrat floor, back. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A A situation In a private family; la a good cook, washer and Ironar. Beat city reference from ber laat plaoe. Call at IdS Boat 91st at. Can be u an for two daya If not engaged. A YOUNO GIRL, 16 YEARS OF AOE, WISHEs"A A alluatkm to do ehamborwork, waiting or take care of Udrn. Can bo aeen at 97 Wyckoff at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general bouaework; la a good plain cook, washer dad Ironar; la fond of children; no objection to go a short dletance in the country. Call at 79 Charlton at. for two daya. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, aa an exealient cook and to assiat in the washing nd ironing; thoroughly understands her business, end all kinds of game and fowls, and desserts; la an excellent baker m bread and biscuit; ike best city reference. Can bo seen Br two day at 980 East Hth at A MIDDLE AOED WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO MEET with soma family soina to Loudon. Bnsland: would Mkkwwt; there and make herself generally useful; good Terence. Apply at 358 Bast 15th St., between ava A and R. room No. T. A FIB8T OLAM COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A A private family; understands all hinds or ramlly cooking, both English and Americas; has no objection to the man try to n permanent situation; has the very best of city reference. Call for two days at 109 XKb at., a few doors Ml 7th are., 3d floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO A ohamberwork and waiting and assist In washtugand westing; oity reference. Call for two days at 315 West 35tb A, between TUt and 8th ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young girl, as children's nurse and chambermaid, or to So general housework In n smal family: good reference I rora hslr last place. Cell for two days at 170 lloyt st., Brooklyn A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN {PROTESTANT), JA. is desirous of obtaining a situation in a family; would flake Are of children; is a good plain sewer, or would do Ml Chaml>crwurk; never lived out in this country before. CSi BO seen for three days at 243 9th at., between let and 2d arn, second floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook, wash and iron; has no objection a do general housework. Can be seen for two daye st 193 West fcih st. Qood elty referenee. A COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; IS A A good cook; can make good bread and pastry: be?i refefenee from her place. Call for two days at 135 West 13tb st., hsiween 7th and 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A 8ITUAA tion to do ehamberwork and waiting or housework in a A MISSUS AQBS LAST SESIRES A SITUATION AS A housekeeper, companion or seamstress; would ten h ehlldren music, Salary no object, a comfortable houic only Saaiied. Apply at or address N. W. Harrison, 100 East 2t>tb A, for two days. References exchanged. A GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL A housework, or chamber-cork and waiting, or to take care Vchildren, in n small private family; la a good washer and doer, and plain,cook: has city reference. Tan bo wen for Mrs days at 307 Hicks at., Brooklyn, between Pacific and | Amity, eeeoud floor, lack room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A ae eeamklreas; capable of doing all ktuda of family sew. hu; dty refer, lie; seen two days; no objeciton to assUt in mmmberwork or watting if required, or go to the country. AMI at 193 7th av.. between 211 and 14th ate. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WIHHB8 A SITUATION TO du general bousewors, in a small private family; good ^Ay reference from ber last plaoe. Call at 107 Bmlib ?t, A FROTE8TANT YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAA tlon as nurse orwaltreee; has city referent*'; no objecMen to tbe ceuntry for tbe summer. Apply at S18 10th av., between 90th and 91st str., for two days. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A TOUNO WOMAN; A la a food plain cook, washer and Ironer; city reference. Ona be seen for two days at 171 Bast 31th at., bcrween 1st and Maw. A TOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE and to do light work; is willing and obliging; wages aet so much an object as a good borne; la a Protestant. Can beeeen for two days at 137 west Z8:h at., rear build; nj, first A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHE8 A SITUATION TO .A do auy kind ol housework; no objection to lake ears afahUdrsn. Call at I<? East 36th ?t AS NURSE AND 88AMRTRESS.?WANTED, BT A RE epectable woman, a situation as nurse and seamstress archainbermsld and ssamstress; best city reference fiom Met place. Apply where last employed, 134 Lexington ar., StweenMth and 39th ate., from > AIM, to I P. M. ' A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO A do chnmberwork end waiting or housework In a small bally; elty reference. Can be seen for two day* at 19t Writ EM sr., between 8th and M> are. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, IN n small private inmily; la an excellent coos, good washer and leoner; no objection to the country. CaU lor tore days at her present employer's, 190 West 3M it. A SITUATION WAMTBD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS A chambarmaid aud waitress or child's nurse. Uood reference from last place. Can be seen for two days at 3U8 SRh at, between lat and 3d a vs., eceund floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE venae l,r|. do cbamberwork and to ns?l*t in the washing and Ironing, In a private lamliy. The best of city reference I rum her dast place of twelve months. Can be mm UU suited at No. SJ 4Ctu it., between 6tb and 7tb aves., toy floor. A RESPECTABLE girl WISHES a situation to A dA the ffntrnl hotierwork of small private family, or to fle the klleheawork and Moist la the washing sod Ironing; mIot food homo before wages. Uu good referee * from lor U*t employer. Can bo awn for two days at M*. Canal L, third floor, front room, corner Hudson si. A BI S 'ROTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS e.?s. ><as no objection ... assist with the wsslilng sud Maine. Tba boat it* rein i-nce oaa ba given. Can Ni seen tor two days, at 13S West ISth at,, between 6th and 7tb area A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE (URL, to do general housework; Is willing to make boraall generttlly useful; no nhjei:tion to go a short dlstnu'O lu the saontry; sood relet en. from her last place. CaU for two flays at 83 Duflb id at, Br.ioklyu. A respectable girl wishes a situation to do ouajiberwork an., plain, or io aaelatln taking eare or elilldrea; flood raforeaoo given. CaU for two dais at fli Woot n.1 at. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT AN BXPKRtBNcEDWO.; Uagood rooh. and would assist in the washing and Ironing; could do the baking lor a small private faml r" hast of eitv reference from her last p ace. Can bo seen for two days at IS) Want Utu at., betwaen 7th and flta art., in tha frail t base in. nt. t LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER ft un leratands her btiainesa pcrreotly. Address for two flaysOarollue, Jboi IW? Herald orf,ee. A~ RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN WANTS A STTU" Uob a# either chambermaid or waitress, Is willing to ar 1st in washing and Ironlnq, or do plain sewing; good oily reference from her last piece. CaU for two daye at 295 1st v., la the dry goods store, one door from ISth st. A~~ RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WI8HBS A SITU iron at O'irsn and eainairoee, or cheat ben .aid and 0 anintresa; good city reference. Call for two Caye at 213 Waverley pin. e, third lloor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A UT SPECTABLE O. wuim.ii as cook; nndeistands all kind jt in. .it. aoupa | M, , M !! r?!.riii!|ll UlVdU HI U 'I '.ill !)lftR4*j D#U tlif i-rirratior. Call for two dnye at I'H >Vt m ?tM between Mh M4 7tli eve. BITt aTIOM WaNTKD?BY A ' KDfil'ECfABI.B roi.nrf woman, a* ,ood cook, nnnl fr am' tronor, an.l Ml make i.rewl end blw flood cltr r"'er ncra cell 1)0 |fvan. Can lie Man lor two dnya at |i|WrtiHli at. Alio y Mmbermatd an l wnllpi . i ood ?Ity refill no ?. \ "ptTCATIflN WAM ED--IIY A V01 Vil WOMAN,-fb fl ilo chemtxro ork or en l.iunlrvea; time< tghlf under. itniA. hor binliirne; can <lo all klndotif 'lurry ana Hating. |m| cK v folatehoc Trom l.or lent p a<-a ?' < i I. tien for two f ajl at k between L-tlugtou nna M af.ui. ABrri7A/?0? WAlfTKD-BY A GERMAN GIRL, TO DO cha<ul*'> """ J"* aewinjj. City referent e. Can be ?te" Co*' wo *' 6 NCt1** ?t.. corner of Ptantna :E ne NE^ ^SITUATIONS WABTKD-FK MiLES.^ A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL* J\. to do plain eooklug, w??h ng and ironing, or gcu< ral nonarwork; ban lived *lih una farnly for three yeara. Can be aeen for lwo darn at 123 Ti.lary ac, near Bridge iL, Brooklyn, aocond lluor, front room. A MIDDLE AGED ENGLISH LADY WISHES A SITU AHon aa houaekeeper or caretaker, or to wait on an elderly or Invalid lady; fa a good tcuajlri aa and ia deairotia of making heraelf generally tineftil; no objection to the conntry; kaa the heat of uty reference. Addreaa for three day a, Mra M., Herald odUc. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WI8HE8 A SITUATION aa cook; understand* her buaineaa in all Ita branthea: la ? good baker; no objection to a boarding bouao; baa good city reference. Call at 123 East lltU at. * " ~??? >. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE JX young girl, to do ebauiberwork and waiting; ia willing to aaalat In One waahing and ironing. Haa the beat of city reference from her laat place, Call at 141 Weal 32th at., between 7th and 8lb area. a lady, before leaving for tne country, ax wishes to get situations for two girls who hove lived with her for many yurvone u waitress; one m nurae. Tor reference, apply at Id Weal 14th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, TO do general housework In a email private family; la a good waaher and lroner. City reference. Can be seen for two daya at 144 East 36th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS eeamative*; tinderstande cutting nnd fitting childrcn'a dreaaea; or would be willing to go a* chambermaid and eeamativiix Haa unexceptionable city reference. Retefa to her preecnt employer, where abe haa lived for the last four yearn. Call at 79 Sib av., near lflth at. An experienced cook wants a situation in a private family; la an excellent maker of bread and paatry; would assist with the washing If required. Good city reference given. Can be Men for two days at 149 Weal Slat at., betweeu 7th and 8th avee. A respectable woman wants a situation as cook In a private family; la on excellent cook, a good baker and understands making butter; has no objection to go a abort distance In the country. Haa good city reference. Apply at 118 Went l'Jth at., between 6th and 7th uvea. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROtestant woman, to take the entire charge of a baby from Ita birth, or to take care of a child and do light chamber work; no objection to travel or to go In the country. Cau be seen at her present employer's, 16 Union place. A STEADY, RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS aaitoaihn as laundress; understands French liming in all Ita brauchea; would have no objection to go In the eouutry. Has good city reference. Can be seen at 109 East 32d st., corner of 3d av., over the drug store. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waiter or chambermaid and to do plain tewing; has no objection to go In the country. Haa good city and country reference. Call at 138 Eaat 39th at. _ A YOUNG WOMAN WI8HE8 A SITUATION TO DO houaework and dairy work; has no objection to go to the country. Can be seen atlaS ave. A, corner of 19th at., second door, front room. A PROTESTANT YOUXO WOMAN WISHES A BITUA lion aa nurae; la capable of taking full charge of a baby from Its birth; or Is willing to take care of an invalid. Beat of city refereuce given. Can ho oeon for two daya at 246 8th av., second boor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUation as chambermaid and waltreis, or to as?Ut in the washing in a private family. Can give good reference from her last place. Coll at 143 Bait 21st at. A situation wanted?by a respectable young man, as waiter, In a gentleman'* family, or to take pare of how*, or do garden work: willing to make himself generally useful. cwl at 79 Washington St., first door, until raited. A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUAlion to go with a family to California, as chambermaid and seamstress, or as nurae and seamstress. Can cut and fit ladles' and children's dresses. Good reference can be given. Please call for two days, at <22 7fhavs., between 24th and 3Mb ats. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl .to. o chamber-work, waiting and j 1 tin sewIng. or gen>rul hou ework, In a small fanrllv. itui best of elty reference given. Can be seen for a few days at 228 West 25to St., first Aoor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman. In a small family; can <lo geneSfcl housework and take care of children; best of city reference given. Cell for two day* at iUO Greenwich av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa good plain cook and firat rate waeber and Ironer; has the best of city reference from her lost place. Call for two daya at SM 7lb av., in the (tore. A YOUNO WOMAN WMI1E8 A SITUATION AS GOOD plain cook and first rate tvaaher and Ironer; no objection to do general housework or go a short distance in the country; best city reference. Call at SCO 2d av., near 22d st. A respectable girl wants a situation as chambermaid and waitress; has good oity reference from her last place; will be found w illing. Call lor two daya at 400 2d sr., between 23th and 2*tn sta. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general housework Id a private family, or as good plain cook In a boarding house; has no objection to a saloon or hotel; la an excellent washer and troner; has the best city reference from her last place; la not afraid of work. Call for two days at 29 Monroe at., near Catharine at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A PROTESTANT.' wishes a situation to do chamber-work, as good seam stress and to assist with the washing and ironing; no objee* ttons to i he country; good city reference. Cube seen till suited. Cull at 70 Charles it., up stairs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young t,l rl, to do cbamberwork and walling, or chamberwork and to a slat in washing and Iroutng, or general housework in a nail family. City r< feretton Can be seen tor two days at 47 James M., over the shoe store, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUatloa as nurse and seamstress; understands both branches well, lie-t reference. Can be von for two days at 86 West 23th et., between 6th and 7th a vs. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOU NO WOMAN wishes a si.nation as chainbermalJ and to take < are of children; can do plain a. wing and U willing to make herself generally useful. Call at 178 Smith at., between Warren and Wyckotl. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young-girl, 10 do general housework for a arnall private family; taa good waaherand Ironer; undcratauds plain cooking and haa tbe beat city reference. Can be aeeu lor two days at 181 Ludlow at, drat floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?AS PIRST CLAPS SEAMstress; jndern anda all kiuda of family aewlng; ran cut and tit children's clothing; no obirctlon to tbe care of ?rown cblldren. Can be aeen at 210 Weal 26lh st, second our, front room. AS NURSE -A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOED WOman, who haa bad many; yeara' expert nee In the management and care of cblldren, wants a situation aa nurse; can Like tha entire charge of an infant from Its birth. Plrst class r.ty reference*. Apply at 193 Bleeckcr at, between Macdougal at. and Coitige place. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE JV ymmc girl, to take care of children and assist in chambcrwork. Reference If required. Call at 48 East IMh at. A8ITCATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yuuug woman, to no general housework In a small prtvnte rstnllw; no objectlun to go a short diaianee In tbe country. Oood city reference. Apply at ISO West ldtb at AYOUNQ CTRL WI8nE9 A SITUATION TO DO ehamborwork and waitinp. Beat of elty reference. Call for tw o daya at ISO Ath at, between 1st and 21 urea. AN AMERICAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress, or to do general housework. Goo l i-lty reference from her las', place. Call at 136 East 60th at, near 31 are. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do general housework, eook, wash and irou; city reference ran be gU en. Call at or address 149 West 37tb at., beta. cu 7th and flth avs., room 3. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS brat else* laundress; understands Kreuch timing; city roomier. Call tor two daya at 334 Ttli avenue, between 36th and Sflth ata. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do tbe. uhumberwnrlr and waltmg of a private faintly; would do general housewu.-k; laofuuobllr leg diapualtlon; no objection to go with a family In tli* country for the nummcr; city reference from her last rlace. Call for two day* at 143 2Jib at., unar id ar. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BEAT, TIDY YOUNO tacirl, t<> d<? cbmnberwork and wanna>ir would lakrcare of children and inaka heraelf naaful; no olyei linn to iba country; can giro tbe beat of city reference. Call at 113 WVsl 31 "t It. __ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do general homework; la agood plain cook aud a moll ficrllant waeher and troner; good city rale, rcnoe. Can be wn tor two dayi at 244 Hamilton av., near Hick* it., Brooklyn. A| bksplltablb oirl wants a situation ah tbaiubemtal 1 and waltrcaa; baa no objection to aaMil In wiabing and lioning and maka beraalf generally tiaeful: can give t ie bait of reference! from her lait place, w brie iha Ilrad two yean and a half. Can he Men at M IVih it., between 6th an 17tb are., In the rear. Am situation wantbd? by a respectable young woman, ai ibanii.ermatd and lann.iraaa; under tandi taking rare of children; ha* no objection to go In the oountry with a family; baa the brat of city reference*. Apply at (01 26th ?t? lietween 6th and 7'b avea , for two day*. a t2e22s9& w^jbs a sjtoation in a small f-m. leiiinj, to ail rencrai nni.aewiir;. or 10 no 'htmperwong and aultt in wa?b .ig and Ironing. Call at 137 BuiIvnn at., in the rear, for turn daye. AKEHPKCTABLF fllRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and lanndrcaa; would have no objertlnn roao aahi rt dlaiaiice In the country: can produce ihn boat of uty reference. tan be Man fo two ilaya at 90 Weal IQih at. A 'IZK^mSTae WANTRD?BY A REsrRCTABI.B HArKimi2f.? Jl . maid *nd wn . at: em, or would ''e'^*0t'*?c^*y 1 er<;nce* C"" AYOUNU WOMAN WANTS A HI TU AT [ONTO l)(l houacw rk in a email lanilly, - to cl.7cfuantlit, ?mk anil lake carr of children: good city relerioira n ? , for two dnya at 7H Fa?t w'am n !., Br 'o.ijn ARKHI'BCraBi.E I .('ofksvAM- WOMAN wihhks A auiiali hi ti> take tare ol children- I. a ..wl . . i?7ri ft0".'ral h.maf.workjn a rnn'.'i'l f* mily: good Hiy rn m nce girrn. Call at 277 w, . between thh an I 10th a a. 1 " r,t 33(1 ' i AMMPBCTABUI WOMAN wants ANITI ATIONAH g on plain vooa and en el lam waahor and trotter, or to ill) tliu i-eneral hiin-eaork T a email fimlly. ' for IK? ?W? ?' M B ?? ?? ?t., onrotr of av. A. In thou W YO V YORK, TUESDAY, API ^RIU&TIONI WANTED?PEMALEIt Abkotctable girl wishes a situation ah chambermaid and wat er, and to aml't lu washing and Inning; no objection to do general housework lu a xiiiall family, t'lty reference given. Oa|l for two daye at No. 4 Fulton place, opposite Gold St., Brooklyn, third floor, front room. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAMBER maid and to do plain sewing. Apply at 303 Atlantic et., Brooklyn, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, To do ehauibcrwork, walling or grueral housework In a small private family. Can be seen until engaged at 181 y est A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMbermald and waitress, or chambermaid and seams're as; would go in the country fsr the summer. Can come highly recommended. Call at 89 West 43d at., corner flth av. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO DO THH washing of a few gentlemen, or ladles' fine washing and fluting. Can give the best of rlty references. Call any tin.# at or address M West 29th St., near flth sr., second floor. A NICE, TIDY GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH CHAM. A bermald, or to do general homework In a small family. Hna good reference from her last place. Can be seen for three days at 11 Elm st. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress, or would assist In the washing and Ironing If rsuulred ; uas the best of city reference ft >ra ber last pare. Call at 284 West S2d et., for two days, A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress, or to do general housework; nndrral'inda her business, and Is a good washer and Ironer, and cun be well recommended by the flrat'families in the ol'y; a good home more ol an object than wages. Can be seen lor two days at 232 East 19th St., In '.us groctry store, near the church. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS seamstress; can cut and lit ladles' and children's dresses; city rolcrcnoe, Call at 104 West 28th st. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK in a private fsmily; perfectly nnderatundf her business In all Its bjAuches; can give live years' reference from one place. Can be seen for two days at 'AM West 16th at. A (SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, IN a respectable private family, us child's nurse: is capable of takinir ehaice of a nunuirv cun do all kinds ,.f leulne and embrold- ry; bus (our yearn' excellent city reference. Can be aeen for two dayt, if not engaged, at 127 Went 27th at., between 7th ami 8tti uva. A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUatiou to do the housework of a small fa-oily; understands all kinds of f amily cooking and Is nn excellent washer and lroner; good reference as t? honesty and capacity. Can be seen for two days at 128 Atlsutic street, corner of lleury, Brooklyn, over the grocery, room 12. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or would tako care ot children and do plain sewing; has the best of city reference from her last place. Call at 224 West 26th St.. between 8th and 9th avs., second tloor. front rooui. for two days. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS plain cook, washer and lroner; is obliging and willing to make he.raeir useful: good city reference gWen if required^ Call at 190 Baltic at., between Smith and llnyt sla.^Jouth Brooklyn, lu the rear. No objection to the oountry. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES THE ' washing aud ironing of some respectable families, or gentlemen, to do at her own house. Call at or uddress 149 west 27th at., first door, back room. No. A A PROTESTANT GIRL, 15 YEARS OP AGE, WANTS a situation to take care of children and do light cbamberwork, or to watt on a table in a small private family. Call for two days at 32(1 West 10th st. A YOCNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ASCHAMbrrmaid and to- take care of children; would assist In the washing and ironing. Can give eight years' reference from her last place. Call at 307 West Slst st. A GERMAN COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS ALL KINDS of family oooklng. aud would assist In washing, also a chambermaid and waitress, wish situations together In a gentleman's family; both understand their business perfectly; are Protestants; no objection to any part of the country. Have good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 218 Elizabeth St., near Houston. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good cook, washer and lroner; baa t; roe years' reference from her last place. Can be aeen for two days at 170 37th at., between 7th and 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES A situation as chambermaid on a boat; good city reference can be bad. Call at 210 Sullivan at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO cook, wash and Iron or do general byuaework; city referencu: wages no object. Can be seen for two days at 74 East 24in at., between Lexington and 3d a v. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG u oiuaii, who is an experienced cook and an excellent baker; wo-ila be Willing to assist In the Washing if required; perfectly understands the duties of either capacity -, bus unexceptionable reference. Can ba seen fur tv o days si 31 12th St.. between 6th and 0th area . In the hnummi A situation wanted-by a respectable youno woman, aa laundress: Would be willing to assist tn the chamber,, ork; the Ileal of city reference can be given. Apply atidjduv. A situation wantbd-by a respectable young suumii. an good conk, washer and ironer; bun three years' reference from her latt place. Call at 1*6 West 37th St., b tweeg 7th and tjtli aves. \ situation wanted-by a respectable jottuj Protestant girl, as cbamhrtmaid and waitress; h nt no objection to assist In the washing; bus (he best ot city reference. Call at 17t?Wcot 6i?ih at , bet's ceil 7th and 3th at es. HOUSEKEEPER.?AN AMERICAS WIDOW LADY desires such a position In a gentleman's family; understands every branch of household duties; run cut and lunko children's clothing; ean nuke herself rery useful. Best test tnunials from where she has lived for the lust eight years. Call at or address for one week Housekeeper, M Com t st, Brooklyn. Mo objection to theeouutry. Nurse.-situation wanted, by a protectant g>rl, ss ntirs-* and seamstress: has had many years ex. perlenee in the cam of children; Is fully ompeUnit to take the entire charge of an infant from its birth; has tbebes. of city reference. Call at 307 6th av.t between 21th and 231b sis., ,-ec ?ud floor, for two days. Seamstress.?a respectable youno woman wishes to go out by the dny to sew, for two or three weeks; can make ladles'and children's clothing, and do all kinds of family sewing; works rery neatly. Cull at 36tt 2d av., near 23d st. Situations wanted?by two respectable girls; one as good plain cook, washer and Irourr; the other><s chambermaid and waitress; no objection to the country; best relerences. Cull at 77 West luth St., front basement. Situations wanted-by two respec table young women; one ss rook; the other as chambermaid, and waitress, or as chambermaid and si'ams'reas; can cut or tit ladies' or children's clothing; Las good city reference from her last place, 122 East 26th si. Situation wanted-by a gekman girl, to do the cooking, washing and Ironing of a small American family. Apply at 164 Canal St. Situation wanted?as waitress in a respectnble private family. Can produ<-? unexceptionable city references a* to character an J capability. Can bo seen for two day* at 172 West 18th SC. near 8th ave. SITUATION WANTED?A3 LADY'S MAID, TO TRAVEL with a tarty by a young peraon perfectly competent, who apeaki Tf-rv good French, German and Kngllah; la a Rood (trrsamaki r and hairdresser. Bait of city reference given. Apply to- lay at 114 Bleecker at. SITUATION WANTED?Df A KESPEt'TABLE PROtcataiu girl, to ilot'hatnborwork and a-iiat In washing and Ironing, ortlo general housework In a vmull private lamily; training and obliging; good city reference from laal place. Cull tor two data at 2ti2 Carinlus at. Situations wanted-by two young girls, . on - an go J plain couk, lint rate waaher and Ironrr. or aa laandreaa and amlit In rhambertvork; the min r aa chambermald and waltreaa, or thnmbennald and take ear of hlldren; la a good plain aewer; have go,d city reference. Call t< r two d tya. at 232 Vtb av., between 2oth and IMth ma., third lloor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS lO aeamatreaa, and to take rare of a baby. No objection to go Itt tke eoantry. Five year* elty refeience from her la t pi. re. Can lie wen for two daya, at 221 Went 2.1th it. OttUATIO* WAN1F.D-BY A RESPECTABLE Vol NO C woman, to do bcikt.iI honaowqrk In a small family. Ilaa g m l reference. It a good washer and Ironer. Call tor two dayt, at 121 Ilegraw at. Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSl'K'TABLE YOUNO gift, at chambermaid or chambermaid and waitress in a I rlTatc family ; four yrara' elty references from .ant place, t ah l>r tern for two Java at 2.17 Writ tUlii *t., between ttb a id to;n ava., top floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A BEflPEOTABLK YOUNG woman, to dochamberwork or general honarwork; the oi at city reierrure It required. Call for two da}a at No. iUl Wooater atreet, third Moor, front room. OITUATIONR WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE O young girls of uneicepllonabl* character; one a* took; the other as chambermaid and would aasiat In Ilia washing and ironing or waiting. Hava the brat or city reference I'r >iu their last place. Can he ee<-n for two daye at Wi Weal 19th at., third floor, back room. situation wantki>?by A REtPEi TAB1.E young O woman, as ehaiutierinald and to aaaiai in the washing and ironing, or aa chamlirrmald and plain sewrr; good embroider; brat of i ltr referenre can be given. Apply at 131 Laurens at , near Bleecker, In the rear. Situation wantkd-by a rehpectabLb "youno O gtrl,aeagoodplalneook. Hheleagood washrrandlroneri also a good bread, biscuit and pastry bak'-r. me la willing and o-illialnt;, anil has no objection to the country. Call for two dnyeat No 49 Wc-l .'fi'h si , b'twn gth ? J(| loth arm. SiTt;ATiim"WANTED-HY "A "young WOMAN, AB i bainbermaulsnd aeamstre> i. Can do all klndsof lamlly sowing. Good city reference. Can lie seen for two days at ldo Hammond atfeet, In the bakery. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A HKdlrEtTfABLE GIRL, O its good cook, and to assist In the washing and Ironing. Isagood bread, pie and blarnll baker. Ra.l tor two days at 17-i 3 Id nt., between flth an l 7lh avea rinvo BIBTBRH WANT liTI ATIONH?ONB AH CHAM* X bertnanl, slid tho other as o ink . can wire good oliy r orenee; no objection to tho Cu'inlrj-. Apply for two n*y< at 66 West ??. flttt t) YxUNtV WOMEN W I.-II til. " Ti NS . )N iA8 X esi client cook, and wmild aedet In Hie ivit lung and ironnig; the otli r a* diamberma d an I *c inMr s?; ran cut

and Hi chMdren'a clothes and mane lad ea" hreaea when cot and III, and do all klndsof fain ly sewing <oiintry preferred j has eieclient reference. Call ai No. 4 Maoleugsl St., second floor, fruOt room. _ fjnwo ERTAHMI YllUNG <Jlftl.ll WANT SIT1 aI ions; one a* cook, washer and H >ner. the other as | ciiamlc n mi Id and waiter or nnr?e and >eauietrass. Apply at MA Paclne el., Brooklyn, for Nirae ibsye. RK H IIL 8, 1862.?TRIPLE SH: , ^TrATIONg WASTED?FEMALES. WANTED?A KITUATION, BY A RE8PECTAHLB girl, ? oh .roll r.uald mid Wiltreaa. Can Rive good refereni ? where she la now living, 46 But 36th at WANTED-A RITUATION, BY A YERT REKPEITA-" ble middle aged Freueh woman, a* ladjr'a timid; uii deralandH her budneu pertect'y; no objection to the ronn* try or to travel; the beat of city refei ence ran be gift n. Call for two daya at 1S3 WealZSd at, between ?'.h and 7th ava. WANTED-BY A YOUNtl WOMAN. A SITUATION AS prol'ca*ed cook In a private family; baa the beat city reference. Cau be acen at the iniik depot, 404 7tb are., near 36tb at WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as rook; understands oooklng lit all lu branches; baa a?ed UD yuri in her laal place; the beat of city reterence given. Ca 1 tor two dayaat 37 Weat 13th at., between 6tb and Jth avea. "TITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUTV soon to do I'hninberwork and sewing. or to assist in washing and ironti a: la willing to mak? herself generally useful. Can be tecu tor two da;, a if not engaged at 10 Rutgers et., near Eaat Broadway, tli at floor, bock room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUALinn to do eliamberwork and to aaatat with the washing and ironing or to make herarlf generally useful. Can be seen at her employer's all Ihtewaek. Call at 62 Eaat Twenty-sixth street. WANTED-AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A VERY RE-iPEClable English Protestant woman; can make heraclf narfnl at anything in housekeeping: would prefer a email private family: la very obliging and truatworthy; heat city reference. Call for two days at 126 33d at., near 7th ar. TXT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY young girl, aa chambermaid and waitress; no obJeo? tlon to aaaisi with the washing and Inning. Good city refe? rmce from lrer laal place. Can lei aeen for two daya at tdfl W"*l29th at.; between 9th uud 10th avea., Aral floor, front room. WANTED?UY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, A ?? situation aa child's nurae; would do light chamberwork and r.'a'n aewing; no objertloN to the country or to travel. C ill at 102 tftli at., between lid ami 4th area: TITAN TED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION -IS TT nurse and cl.aml.cimaid, and would do plain aewing, or would do chaiuberwork and walilug; the host city reference given. Call at 20-j '.ltd nve.; eulrau e In 2ttu al. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, te do light < lutmberwnrk and mind children; la a good plain sewer; will go lo the country If required. Call ai 173 Weat 32ri at., top Door, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RE iPECTABLE WOman, as good cook, waaher aad inner, Beat city reftf mice. Call at 167 Weal 37th St., second floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE LITtie girl, to take rare of children; will make herself gon' rnlly useful; good reference given; wages (3 a mouth. 0 in be aeen for two days at 176 let nv. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE gill, as good cook, washer and lroner; good city reference. Call for two daya at 2 d Weat 26th at. W" ANTED?A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS OR IT lady'* maid, by a Protestant young woman; best reference ?h regards character and capability. Call at 142 21al at., a few doors east of 3d a*., room No. 7. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 81TUAlion to do general housework; la a good laundress and can do plain cooking or take rare of children; is willing aud obliging. Can bo seen Tor three days at id union at., lirooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework, plain cooking, washing and Ironing; no objection to .go in tue country; good city reference. Can be seen for two da/a at OS West Sid at., lira! floor. TJTANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, op n middle age, a altuatlon to go to California wlib a family; would be willing to do the work of a amtill family or go aa housekeeper; baa no friend* and would remain aomc Tear* it' auited; would go to any other place. Address Mrs. Nelly Price, atullon E, gib av? for three days. TIT ANTE Dx-a SITUATION AS COOK, by A reTT speotable girl, In a private family. Can be aeen for two daye at Mrs. McCormlc's, corner of Atlantic and Adelphl ais. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to cook and assist In the wanking In a private lamily. Beat city reference. Call at 181 East 12th at., between lat and 2(1 art. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION as chambermaid and waitress, or to do general homework in a small family. Good city reference. Call for two days at 40 State St., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to cook, wash and iron. In a aaall family. Best enjr releteuce from her last place. Coll for two days si 243 Pin a v., near the corner of Ailb St., crockery store, iirst floor. TITAN'! ED?by A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A TT situation as chambermaid or plain sewer: no objection to take en re of children. Rest city reference. Call In Hunter at., third door north of Putnam av. Wanted?by a respectable youno woman, a si motion as cook, washer and ironer; no objection to the country or to travel with a small family. Best city reference. Can be seen lor two days If not suited at 120 Smith St., third door south of Dean St., Br^v,yn, ? eaud floor, 1 ear room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT QIRL, as chambermaid and seamstress or waitress. Can bo seen at ICS East 14th at., where a good recommendation can be obtained. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION as nurse and seamstress, w ho can cut and Ut. Impilro at 210 East 20th St. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG AMERICAN girl, as chambermaid and waitress. Has good city reference; has lived two years in her lust placo. Call at 171 2d uve., northwest comer of 49th St. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls; one Is a good oook washer an t Ironer and understands general ho isewnrk; the other as nurse and seamstress, and is willing to aa-lai In chamberwork; the best of city reference from ilieir last places. Call for two days at 4t.f4th st? bettvern 1st and 2d area., tint floor, front room. WANTEP-A SITUATION BY A RE8PEOTABLE OIRI. ax cook; one who understands her business, and box no objections to assist in the washing ainl Ironing; has good reference from her last employer. Can be seen for two day* ?t No. 130 St. Mark's place, 8th st. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yours girl to do ehaniherwork or waiting, or to do Hoc washing and ironing; has good city reference Iruin her last place. Can be seen for two days at No. 79 West 18th St. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. a situation to do chamherwork and take care of children and do plain sewing; city reference. Can be seen for two days at 192 East !9tb st., between let and Id aves. WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AUED WOMAN, A BITUA* lion as plain cook, washer and ironcr; no objection to go in tlio country; has the best of city reference. Can ho aeen for two days at 199 West 33d st., between 7th and 8th avenues. "11TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YT young woman, as nurao ami seamstress; la capable of taking care of a baby from Its birth. Call at 290 0th ave., be tween 18th and 19th ate , in the hoop skirl store, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A situation to do general housework. Has good city reference. Can be teen for two daya st US Stb st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman sa chambermaid and liD" laundress, or as nurse and seamstress; has filled both situations wlih sallsfaction lo her employer. The host of r|ly reference SUen. Can be seen for two days at 319 Wttt Itith at., near th ave. . WANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITER, IN A PRI vate fantllv, by on rxperlem-ed young Englishman, with excellent reteisne*. Call for two days on J. J. Morris, grocer, 39 L'ulrersity place, corner ol 12.h at. WANTED?A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS, OR AS . hHinlterinaid and laundress, by a respectable girl. Best city reference from her last place. Call at lt<i8lhav., between 17th and 18th st*., in the rear. \17ANTED.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL TT wishes a situation as good plain rook and washer and ironer. Can Ire seen at h"T last place, lflti Ludlow st., where he refer*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A WITUAtion ai tlr?t rate cook, washer and tinner. The best of city referen -e can bw given from her last employer. Can be teen for 'wo days at tlie corner of Atlantic ami Henry st*., South lb uk'yn, over St-raniou'* grocery siorr, reel No. 12. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE AND SEAMstrcs*, by a young ulrl, with the best reference; would to engage with a family that would go to the country In thn summer. Can be seen for two days at 272 23d St.. corner or 3d a?. " WET ncrsb.-wanted, by a kespet 'tabi.k married w'dnan, a child to wet mine al Iter own honae, baring lately lout her own baby. Boat of references given. In iwre of Pf. Hard", 407J<l a? WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a al * nation to rook, w nab and iron. Can bo a in for two day* at No. 9 Ka>t 4th ?t. Wanted?a situation, bt a respectable young wmnan, to do the hnnaeemrk for a email private family. Ilie beat of city re I ere n ee. Can bo eeen al 78 Henry at., rear, third goor. room No. 7. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION AS clientb rmald and waiter, or to aee to chl.dren. Beat of city re en-nce given. Can be eeen for two day * at MO Hi1* eat., Brooklyn, In the etnre. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPEi'TABI.B woTT ntan. 0 fo honaewora; te a good root, waata-r and Irotier. U?o > city relet en :e. Can be| eeen for two daya at ltw Wrat ittitli at., between 8th and 9th area Wanted?a situation, by a respectable young woman, na nurae and eraroitrraa. uml"ratanita cutting and Attn: children a dot bin*, and all klada of famh ly aewin*. Tbe t eal of cue reference rrotn Iter I i?t plaoe, wb-re a. e haa llevd for the last flee yeatg. Can Ite ae. n for t? o IB., * ut 428 BUIh ave., between Slat and Sid a a. Wantbd-by a 8mart youno woman. a SfTUAtlon to do honaework In a email pi irats family; or wool,! dochamberwork and wal'lng, or chain era. rk and asal t In washing and lronlin;; Itaa go d "It* reference from her l>ut place. Can be tee t al 378 Bio, caer at., near Hammond at. \\7 anted? A SITUATION, by a RESPECTABLE ?' y.ttm, . uman, to rook, w.ish end Iront art rev and a hitlT>r r?'city rrierenti '. Can be aeett lot two d i ja at AN 3d av., b ia. t it 2c,b ami SUth na, tiiat il?, r, > * lit r yitantkd-a l.ady is diwrous i oktalning IT a a tuaibn ft?? .t faithful w ntnn, win li va be-n Ivlng with h?r tor the att tee yen.** *n Iht a,. ! y of . a. a d I* Willi- ; tnimtuet In li e a .tlnp an I t o. . A!at rue it, |htt < a, at It nl t ha.ti ail ml m n t, I , ,ie ftr , r"e ilaysuitt ttik I .lb at. [ERA] EST. SITUATIONS WANTED?KKMAEK8. WANTED?UYA RESPECTABLE GIRL, A BITl'Alion sa chambermaid and Uundresa. or chambermaid And n 11 rax, good city i orence from her last placa, Call at 111 S7th at. corner of 3d a*., third floor. WTARTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITt'A" YY Urn an fli nt rjte cook, waaber and Ironer; thoroughly understand* h< r business; la a good baker. Good city reference from last pla< e. Call at 240 7lh are., near 36th at. T1TANTED?BY A rffeHPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUAYY t on to do flue waahlng and French fluting. Beat of elty reference from her laai employer. Can be ?een for two flaya at 11A Weat lttth at.. between flth and 7th art TIT ANTED?BY TWO YOUNG QIRLS, SISTERS, SITU* TV atl u.i iu a email private family; one to do cooklngi waahiug and Ironing, the other to docbamberwork and Wall* eng. or again! with ihe' waahlng and Ironing; both can giro the beat or rlty recommendations from their lust places; no objection to go a short dlfu.ince in the country. Call at lflS 45th at., between 2d and 3d avu. TIT-ANTED?BY A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS, GBN. YY <lemen a washing; has cu> telerenee. Call on or addr. n M. H., 113 Wvat IMth at., front house, aeoond floor, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION to do genertl housework; la a Oral rate cix.k anil eb client ivaaber and nwur; baa the beat of city re.erenoe. Call for i wo dai a at lit) Wet latitat., helw ecu Cih and 7th Ave.. In ihe iran floor; entrance front door. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KRSPECTABLB firl, aa aeainatreaa and uurae, or to do waiuiig and cbaiuberwork in a pritato family: haa the boat ol city reference from her lest place. c.tli for two day a at Jdra. Evans' fancy alore, iJU 4th nr., u.-ar ot.1i at. TITANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY Joung woman, to do <1 A nberwork and ?rwlng, or nurse and aeain.mnv-h, or nkambsrwork and walling; con do all kinds of family hewing and embroidery. Call fur two daya At BS Wcat 27th at. TITANTED?A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS. BY'? A YY girl that can cut a" d lit In the neatoat manner; woill mind children if re pi r d; would go a abort di-taiicc lu the country. Call for two da>aat2U2 Eaat Houston at., arc nd Cbor, lioi.t room. Wanted?a situation, as kirht class cook, iu a private family , by a woman of the moat e.leiisi.u exierlenee; the beat of > lty reference; haa l een tlirce years In her last place. Onn In *?en for two days at her prcaent aituallou, 3a La'.ayetle pla.e. TIT ANTED?BY A NEAT. ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN, A VV SI'oat Ion aa waitress or chambermaid; no objection to go into the country. Can be aecn lor two days at ner preicnt pbico, "243 Weaf 2'tth at. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, YY at KoumMri ax; can ui and iifYhtldr. n'a droases and do all kinds of sewing, and can work ou Wheeler A WIUou a machine; no objection to children. Best of city lelcreuoo". Call at tin Euat Broadway. W AAI All?A hii CIAT1UW AH UOUK, IN A riWVAlB family; IswiUmc to assist In washing and iron ng; b*-bt Hi Nfiuneta Call ul 21ti 7:h hv., id the store. WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BITUAtlon nS nurse and seamatr- an. or would take the entire charge or a haliy; good references. Gull at 122 West 19th st? Oeur (SLh av. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE l'roteauul woman, to cook, w ish and Iron in a small pri.ule family; oau make good bread uud biscuit. Uas good city lefeience. Can l.e ne? n at 140 Tut 27th at., room IT TITAN TED-A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED. TT cook; is willing to as?Lt In washing and Ironing. Can* give good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 909 let are. TXT ANTED?A PROTESTANT GERMAN OIBL TO DO vT general housework; must be ounai etent aad come well . recommended. Apply to . Brower, Wth si., second door west of Broadway. WAN :ed-a situation, by a youno woman, as gpod cook: la a good baker; undersuml# all kinds of desserts; ts willing and obliging. No objection* to the country. Is capable of taking any other Can be seen for two day* et 234 West ltXb it, between 7th and 8th are., In the war. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE women; one at cook, and would be willing to assist In the washing and Ironing If required; the other at nurec and seamstress. Good city references. Call at 143 West 18th St., top floor, front room. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, et waitress or chambermaid. Good city reference. Can Vfe seen for two days at 141 West JBth St., Between 7th end 8th avu,, in the basement. TIT ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN (PROTESTS lant), e situation as rook; te a superior laundress, and fully competent for her business. Can be icon for twmdaye at 138 Smith St., Brooklyn. Good city references. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress, by a highly respectable young girl; can give the best reference from her last employer as to character, ability, Ac. Apply ut or direct to 2d3 Monroe it., first floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE CANADIAN GIRL, u si (nation so waitress and chambermaid; good refer n C.ll .1 tli Waal till, .1 WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, animation ?s wet nurse; bott city reference given. Call at 262 East Uih at, WAN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A. tion as oook, washer and Iromr in a small priv la family. Can be seen for two dsye nt her former place, No. 2 Concord at., corner of Fulton at., Brooklyn. "llfANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRIj, A BITUAYY tb>n to do general housework In a small private lamtly; la a gooJ washer and Ironer and plain cook. City reie. rcure Can be a an lor two day'e at 17 West 46tli at., near 6t h ave. ANTED-BY A RESPECTARLE CANADIAN, A situation as hauibi-r and table maid In a private family. (}>>od reference. Call at 274 28th St., between 9tb and loth ave., second four, front room. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, A SI* luatloii aa housekeeper In a respectable family, a widower prefi i red ; i luldren no objection. Can be seen from 10 till 6 o'clock at 234 Broome at. tor three uaya. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG UIBL. A Situation to do chamberwork, mind children and aew. Call for two days at 281 Naryst., near De Katb ave., Brookiy ' WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE .WELSH GIRL, A situation a chambermaid and to do plain sewing or as chambermaid and to take care of children; has the best of city reference. C'an be seen at 116 East I6th at., between 1st aud 2d avs. _____________________ TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT YOUNG VY woman, as chambermaid and waitress aud assist at v. nshlng, or to do general housework. Call on or address M. E ., 2tX) Court street, between Union and Sackeit streets, Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a respectable young woman, aa laundress; the beatofdtv reference given; would be willing to go hi the country. Csu be seen ror two days at 119 West 24th st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO travel to any part, willing to do anything required. Call at 64 Chrystle St., room S, front. W~ ANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG FOM M.A situation to do housework. In a small private family; K< o I city references can be given. Call at 27 Sheriff at., rear WANTED?A GOOD COOK; A MIDDLE AGED WO. TT mm, American orGerman preferred. Apply for two diysat TOUtlh at., near Lewis, East river, of Mrs. Susan Btntaon. WANTED?A SITUATION HT AN INDUSTRIOUS girl; taagoortcook washer and Iroiicr. M?1 thoroughly exparicnci il in housework; economical In hor btislue?a, obliging end trustworthy. Call for two days at PS Atlantic stg Hp oklyn. third story, front mom. WANTED?A SITUATION, A8 CHAMBERMAID AND seamstress, by a respectable girl; would aaatat in the rare of grow n rhtldrrn. ileal of city reference. Can be acen until engaged at her present employer's, 190 East 10th at. WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED GIRL, A 8ITUAHon aa chambermaid and to do plain sewing: no object ion to take rare of children; beat of city reference given. Call for two days at W Warren at., near Hmilh, South Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL, II a altnatlon as rhatnbermald add waitress, or to take care of children and do plain sewing, good city reference from last place. Call lor two days at 211 Eaat 19tb el , * e oid floor, back. WANTED-A SITUATION, * BY A RESPECTABLE I woman, aa good plain cook; would aaalat with the washing or do housework; has no objection to go a short distance In the country; has good reference. Call al Lis 7th av., between 19th and Illth eta. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa chambermaid an i to do line washing; onderetknds French flitting; would go as la in,I-ass: hascily and country references; In a private family pr fer ed. Can be nr en for two days at 93 Eaat Mb at., near 3d av., top floor, In the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, aa chambermaid and waitress or to take oarc m cliii tren: would be willing to travel with a lady. Hag good city reference. Can Ml en for two days at 2d3 bleeeker stri ct, third door, front roo o. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BITl'A lion aa experienced cook j ?s a good pantry e.,ok; no objection to aeaiat In thg washing. Good rvfertn-e. Call at 87 Want 24th ok, m ar Clb av., for two days. Inquire In th? grocery. *i? tNTRD?BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA. VY Hon a* i ..ambarmald ami waltroaa ana to aaalat with tha waalili a ai.d irnt'ln*: la willing and oMigtag. Haat of city refarem-c ironi her laat plant. Call at M nut Jtnh at., near 6to ar. ANTBP?A SITUATION, BY AN HONE8T, INDU8trloua gill, to do cAn r?l houacwork; la t nU loohljdrvn, ha* good r?e.iniitiandnt ona irvm her plane. Oail at No. ft Hnataral WANTED?A SITUATION, UY A MIDD1.R AUED Woman, IB a >1110111<ml reaper -alilr pi n a a I amity: aha la n go.1.1 ro -> and a go. d hakrr: lia* no obJcUion to a>?Ut in the tvathln* and ??o> I ig If r q .Ire I; tha beat >f reffivneo can he gl?*n. tan or ?c*n lur two iaja at 8> Kmi tlth at., a?. oud llo,.f, f ont ro?m. WAHTF.D-A HtTU VTI'iN. BY A ATOM TO DO h< n? oorlt la ? amall famll) t la an tieclteut Uiondm**; t' !). t d r-tci 'inna gl rn. Oali at It Laiirrn* at., between llr < me nd ttrann at*. 1 II'anted?s-iru; ti 'NB, by two kekibctahle IT youni .v. ... ; m i.inoh; under taml? bn* nna Hi .til Ita'ji tn I., i c n m t. o| Plead and I i'c.nt; tha nth r t In llii K' in r I t.nii?i rtt o a ?n 1 prnai f? i It i laa goo.; waaharand l-on?r, lime tin o>?oi city rrirrwnra. Cm .? a n Inr two dot* nl.Tt Heat .10 h at., laitweoo llr adway aud A li nv. K?r O'hir Wf ill wi? Tliifh I'ltRr. L D. ^ ; PRICE TWO CENTS. ' % THE NATIONAL TAX. The Taxes Imposed by the Bill, at Amended in Committee of the Whole of the llouse of Representatives, Friday, April I, 1862. Names of the Articles on which a Tax it Imposed Alphabetically Arranged. The Hew Rates of Internal Duty on Qaa, % Advertisements, Coffee, Medicines, Cosmetics, Perfumes,Candles, Gunpowder, Varnish, Umbrellas, Parasols, Leather, Soaps. Hoop Skirts, Iron Mftaiiiuovvvuyo) Ac., Ac., A*. Advertisement* inretled In newspapors, maga7.iii,s, review* or *117 oiber publication, on gross Veteipis, Tor #pf ci Do., *11 receipts for, to the amount of (1,0C0 exempt. Do., do., by newspaper* denied the um of the mails 10 pr of Fo., do., oy papers whose circulation does not exfted 2.000 copies exempt. Agreements, for each slieet or pieee of paper on which written, stamp duty 6 cants Agreements, for the hire, u?" or rent of any land, , ton nmnt or portion thereof, If for a pei iod of time not exceeding three years, stamp d* y.. Q0 osets Do., do., if Tor a iieriod of t.ine exceeding three years, st.'.mp duty "?? $1 Of ? Alo.po barre' of thirty-one gallors, fractional jiai ts ?f * barrel to pay proportionately 91 N Alteratives,each package of, the retail price or , . value of wb<ch dooe not exceed 26 cents,stamp duty lfipfct D,., each pxclutge of, the retail p-iee or value of > which exceeds 26 cents and doe* not exceed 60 cents,stomp doty 2oentS. Do., each paokoge of, the retail price or value of whteh exceeds 60 cents and doss not exceed 76 cents, stamp doty 8 04QlSi Do.. each package of, the value of which exceeds seventy-live cents snd does not exceed on* dollar....' 4 cent* Do., each package of, the retail price or value of which exceeds one dollar, for each and every fifty cents, or fractional part thpre11 of, over and above one dollar, an additional stamp dnty of 2 OSftt*. Anodynes, each package of, the retail price er vatae of whiob does not exceed twenty five centa.stampduty 1 0<ti Do., each package of, the retail price or Vfito* #f . which exceeds twenty-fir# cents and dose not ' exceed fifty cents, stamp dnty f Of If. Do., each package of, the resell price or vslos of which exceeds fifty cents snd dose net exceed ' seventy-five cento, stamp doty 9 llXfi Do. do., exceeding seventy-five cents end net exceeding one dollar 4OSXtli Do., each package of, the retail price or vaMt af which exceeds one dollar, for each and every fifty cents, or fractional pari thereof over end above one dollar, on a Idttional stamp duty of. fi dfiXtfi. Anthracite ceal, per too fifiOSMf. Apothecaries, when a lioenae ss wholesa)e er re tail dealer has not been taken oot, for license. 914 ff Appeals frosa the decree of My court to a higher or appellate eonrt, on oacn a stamp dnty of.. .HlfiHt Appraisements of value or damage, on saeh.e stamp dnty of I MMH Aromatic snuff, on each package of, the retail , price or value of which does not exsnsd fifi oent.?,?tump duty of . 1 ?Wt> Do. da, on each package of, tlio rouM prteo or value of which oxooodo 25 ctoU ood dooo sol exceedMeoato,a stamp doty of... SdlMK Do. do., on each package of, tbo retail prtoo or alua of which exceeds 60 canto and dooo not oxoood 76 cento, a alamo duty of 8 CSatSi Do. da., oxooodtng 76 cob la an i not exceeding $1. 6 eootf. Do. da, on each package of, tho retail prtoo or value of which oxcoedo $1, fo- each and every 60 cents, or fractional part t'ta-anf, oyer and above fI, as additional stamp duty of S MQt . Auctiouoero, under whleh iOtd is Included every person whooo bnaluoss it Is to o'er property for sale to the highest or beat bidder, for lice nee $90 09 Auction sales, on grots amount of sales... ,1-Ndl |Pt|i Bulger's cod liver oil, ou each narkageof, the re- , tall price or value of which doeo not exceed 90 cents, a stamp duty of J cent. Do.,on each packa|Vof, the retail price or value of which exceeds26 cents aud does not oxessd * '** 60 cents, a sump duty of 9 PQQto. Do., on etch pack nee of, tho retail prtco or value ? of which excels 26 cents, but doee not exceed 76 cents, a BUmp duty of 8 QSOtC. Do. do., exceed u g 76 cenie and not exceeding $1 UmIO, Do. do., on ea> b package of, tbo retail price or value of which exceads $1, fo.- each and every 0t) ceuts, or fractional mrt the oof over and above $1, an additional stamp duly of t fSdtH Bairn of-a Thousand Mowars.earb package of, tbo rctnil price or value of which < oes not excoed 26 oenu, a sump duty of 1 Ml, Do., each packsse of, the retail price or value of _ which exceeds 26 centt and doee uot exooed 60 cents, a sump duty of t cOntd. Do., each lockage of, the reUil price or value of . which oxcooda 60 oenu and doee not exceed 76 * cents, a sump duty of 80Cgt% Do.. each package of. the value of which shall exceed 75 < anu ud shall not exceed $1 4 OHM. Do., each package or, the retail price or value of which exceeds $1, for airh and every 10 oeata or fractional part the: eof over and above 41, an additional a tamp duty of 1 tub Balm of Life, saute aa "Balm of a Thousand Flowera." Balsam of Liverwort, same aa "Balm of a Thousand Flowera." Bilsara of Wild Cherry and Iceland Moa. same as-'Balm of a Thousand Flowera." Band Iron, (see "Iron.") Banks, on all dividends I per at. Bankers, under which term Is Included every I erson who keeps a place of bustnees whore credits are opened in favor of any person, Arm or corporation,by the dapoatt or collection of money or currvn y, and the a<me, or any part thereof, shall be pal l or rem tted uptn the d'art, check or order of s. o*i credl or. but which d< ea not Include locor|x>rate.l banks or other banks legally authorised to laaua notes as clreii'atlon,for license.... 4100 00 Bar I on (see"Iron"). Parytes, sulphite of, per 100 pounds 10 oenlg. Be<-r. per barrel of 81 gal ions, fractional parts ef a btrral to pay proportionately 41 04 Bend leather, per pound 1 ct. and 4,mills. Benzine. pep gallon 10 osota. Billiard tables, kept f- r use 140 00 Bills of exchange (Inland) for the payment of money on sight or demand, except bank checks, drafts and orders under 450 ecu h, n sump duty of 8 OSDtf. Do , for the i syment in any other than at sight or <>n demand, of any ?m of money not exceeding f500, a sump dt'ly <>f I oeotg. Po. ,for the payment in an? other manner than at sight or tin demand of any sum of money exceeding $500 and not exceeding 42 600, a sumpfluyof 10 MSU. Do. ,f r the payment In any other manner than at sight or on demand of any sain of mosey exoeetllng 12,500. a styno duty of. 25 ee&ls. Bills of exchange (foreign) drawn In, bet not payable out of the Imlted States, If draws singly or If drawn In sats of more than one, according to the cuat m of merchants and ba kern, where the sum made payibte ahull Dot exceed fftOO, or the equivalent it ereof, la any f relgu currency In which ? rh bll a oity bo expr ?Md, according to tho etandard of valuo fixed by the L'nttel la tea, for avary bill of each eet,a?tamp duty of I Mats. Do. do., where the sum made payable ahall exca?d $">00 and not exceed S3.600, or the equivalent thereof, la any foreign currency la which euch bill* may be expreeeed, Ac., for every bill of each eel, a ntainp d ity o' lOoeath _o, do. where the turn mado nayab a ahall axoead " $3,600, or the equivalent thereof Ih any for* fn currency in whicbsach bl la may heexprereed, Ac , for every bill of aet,a eUrap duty or sseeaia. Bills of ladiai for any g ?>da, me-chandiee ?r cffecu to be exporte I , r m a port or place la the United State* to ai y irelgn port or p<aue( a etamp duty of 10 eeata. Do., for any goode, merchandise or elfocia to be carried fr in ?ne port or , lace lo the United States to any oth? r port or /dace in the Uaitod filetee, either by ia-J or water, excel I ?b l carried by any ?;? a a com; any or carrier,# tamp duty or. MBit, B ttria, sainu a it of aTl.oia.nd riuweie.'' i.itutnin>ua(e?l,pe ' i hot...Jgceal. Blacking* eboe or b nt, of all ueecripllo.,a, ad val rem P* W. It ardaaie ao? to be Co:, i lered aa nt tuufat turea. n .ds, auction a.? w o. on art**, m , nta of ...HOof 1 peroeat ii.ui a, for Indmin.ying in- p* r < n who ahall have l.c ?wn in v <ii(;a:td aa ur.tyror tlio I'tjmei.t of any ctu il ,.:o ? ., or forth# d ie exeot.ti< n r pet . intor ceol t \ duIlea of . anyeinre,widtuacr i nt fu. money re oived by vlrtuu thered, a stamp ditty of...* 60oente. fo.,of any deecrlpthm not nt ia wi u chvgad, ? aiauip <inty ot 36 cent# one, maaaftuuree of, wholly or In part, If not

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