Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 8, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 8, 1862 Page 2
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2 otherwise spouted, ad valorem Sperct. Bouaata, of straw. * ct. Da., of peltn leaf 8 perct. Do., 4f grass 8 per Ct. Books are not to be regarded aa a manufacture or Hubmittad to a rata of duly aa a manufacture. Bottlaa, oou taming medicines, 4c., the retail ? Ipeioaor value of which. con tenia included, doe* uot exceed 85 cents, a stamp duly of.... 1 cent. Do., containing medicines, 4c , the retail price or value of which, content* Included, exceeds 2l> oenla and doaa not excded 80 cents, a stuiup duty of a cents Do., containing medicines, 4c , tho retail price or value ot which, contents included, exceeds . 00 cents but does not exceed T5 cei.u ... . 8 cents. Do., containing modiciuas, 4c., the value of which, contents included, shall exceed 78 cents and shall uot exceed $1 4 cent*. Do., oootalang medicines, 4c., the value of which, contouts included, exceeds 41, fur each and every 80 cents or fractional part thereof over and above <1. an additional stamp duty _ 2 cents. " X.1L- .1...,, lip.... at (VI M#VTilll? |UI own muvj, uuk/ ??-?* IUWD?.. f? WW Boies, containing medicines. 4c., Mm* a* ' bottle*," which see. Brandreth's pilli, same as '-Da'm of a Thousmd flowers,' which me. Brandy, spirits mixed with other liquors or materials, or proparcd in any way to be sold as brandy, for first proof, per gallou 3-5 cents. Brans, manufactures of, if not otherwise spect ct. Bricks are not to be considered a manufacture. Bridge*, toU, on gross recoipts IX pr ot. Bremen, undsr which term is luc uded every p*raua who manufactures fermented liquors of saw name or description for sale from malt, wholly or in part, for hcsaae $-i0 00 Do., who manufacture lew than 600 bbla per year, for lioesee 2500 Brittle*, manufactures of, not otherwise gpecnied. 3 pr ct. British oil,ansae as"Uaimof aTbousnadFlowers." Brokers, auction sales by, en gross amount of gl* 1-10 uri pr ct. 8rokers, under which term is included every person whose business is to purchase or sell stocks, coin, money, hank notes, drafts, promissory notes or other seeurities for the (?ymeat of money, for themselves or others, or who deals in sxchangs* relating to money, for license (50 00 Brftkers, commercial, under which term is included every person who purchases or sells goods or produce, or seeks orders therefor, in original or unbroken packages, or manages business matters lor the owners of vessels, or the shippers or consignors of freight carried by vessels, or purehasrs or sells real estate for others, for license 50 00 Brokers, lend warrants (see lend warrant tthkers) 25 00 Brooms,curn ... 3 perct. Buckets ......: 3 per ct. BuokakJns, tanned or dressed, per dozen $2 00 Bull's serMpanlla, same as '-Balm of a Thousand Flowers." which see. Bullion, la the manufacture of silverware, is not ta be considered a manufacture. Burnett'* Cocoaine, same a* "ilalm of a Thousand Flowers," which see. Burning fluid is not be considered a manufacture. Calf skuas, tanned, each S cent*. Do.r American patent 5 perct. Can dies, tallow, ralut not over 16 oente per pound I mills. Do., tallow, value ovnr IS cents per pound and not over 26 oents per pound, per pountf. leant. Oe., value over 26 cents per pound, per pound.IK cents. Do., lard, value not over 15 coats per pound, per pound 6 mills. De?tefd, value over 16 cents end not over 2a OOttle per pound, per pound l cent. Do., value over 26 cents per pound IK cents Do., rf whatever material made, when valued ail abbvo 16 oents per pound, per pound 6 mills. De. de., when valued above 16 cents per pound and006above 26 cents par pound, per pound. 1 oent. De., whet valued above 26 cents par pound, per pound IK coots. Qua made of grass 3 perct. Da. mads of patm leaf 3 per ct. De.m*40 of straw 3 psr ct. D*. or oottan 3 perct. Oe. sf fur., 3 perct. De. Of felt 3 per ct. De. of glazed muslin.. 3 per ct. Ds^&HM rubber .3 par ct. De. or silk 3 per ct. Dmo^mool 3 perct. Certs, playing, psr pack 20 cents. Oasrtaans, the bodies of whioh r?st upon springs of an/ doneription, kept for use, and which ball nsl be exclusively employed in husbandry, or for She transportation of aaorchsndiee, on* valued at$60or over, including the harneua jused therewith, when drawn by on* hens, sash $1 00 Do. to., whan drawn by two horses or mors, walne* at $64, and not exceedteg $200, taOlillag tha harness used therewith .each 2 00 Do. da., when valued above $200, and not ex opsfllap $400, including the harness used therewith.eash 6 00 De. do., whan valued above $400... 10 04 Do. do., kept for hire, drawn by two horses or sssre, valued at $60 and not exceed tag $200, ha.. t goo On. do. do., vulood above $200 and not above $400 6 00 fVn 4a 4a wnltinJ nhw fl/ut "A Dh gn., kept foe puiMftn, hum u above. Oaaapnii. Mi as ? (ferriages." Osaka 8 per c%. CiMit, grand, sad all imitations of, par pound. 1 cent. CaaMt Soap, see " Soap." OataiTh Snuff, eash package of, Um rdlail price or vatuaaf which doaa dm exceed 23 canu, o stamp duty of...... 1 cent. Do. each package of, Um ratai 1 prica or value of which aoaaoda 86 nests ood doaa not axcaad SO oasts, o auiap duty of 2 aaa't. Do. esMpacfcage of, Um retail prica or value of whMaeaooods Moaata ood docs not axcaad 76 oeata,* stamp daty of Scents. Do. aaofe packer* of, tba ralue of whkti axoaada 76 oasts, sad doaa sot axcaad$1 4 cent*. Do. eaeh paokaga of, lha retail prioa or valuo oi which eaoeoda $1, for each and arary addi Maaml SO oaou or fractioaal part thereof, ovar ood aboro $6, an addtttonal atainp duty of.... 2 canta. CaUartla Ptlta, aaaiaaa "Catarrh Snuff." CaMlo horned, exceeding eighteen months old, alaughterod for sola, each. SO cants. Do do. alaoghlarail bp aay peraoo tor bta own aaawMaptMa Krea. Cattle Brokers, including every person whose f BSgot it ia to buy aad tell and deal m cattle, heftf Ma Mayo for license $10 00 Cimeat, mada wholly oir in part of glut io bo aotd in a Ugoid Sato, par pound ? cant), CcrtiSeali of stock ta aay incorporated company, stamp daty on eec|t,;: .1 r... .25 cant a. CartScateof proft.ti, or aay eertilkata or memorandum feeding an Internet in tba property Or accumulations of any incorjoraicd company if fbrnat leaa than $10 and not exceeding |S0, stamp duly 10 can's Do. do. for a sum exceeding $60 25 cents. otter sertitoate* or document* uaned by any port warden, marina girreyor, or otter ficroim acting as stiab. stamp duty 2' cent*. Certttcat# of depoaii of any a im of motiey in ay bate or trust cnni;ar.y, or with any banker or porson acting a* such, If for a guru not exceeding one hundred dollar* stamp ?i ty. 2 cenH. Do IT for a eum exceeding ono b mdred dollais stamp duty : 5 can?*. Certificate of any other description than those specified, a liamp duty of 10 Chats**, same as "Carriages." Ctertor Party?Contract or agreement for the otertar of any Kbtp or yss-el,or steimer.or ay latter, memorandum, or other writing bo twsen the captain, master or owner, or per on acting aa agent of any abip or roeeel. or steamer, and any otter pmsns or peraoue, for or relating to the freight orcbirterof g-icb sbip.or reaeel, or steamer, If tbe regM'ersd tonnage of aucb ship or vssfl.or st?am<T dooa not oicoed Ibree hundred tuna, gtaiap duty u CO Do do , exceeding three hundred tons and not etcaeding atx hundred tone, "tamp duty 0 00 i Do do , exceeding i t hundred ton*, stump duty 10 00 Cheek* drawn upon any bank, trait com,-any, or any person or persona, c ompin.ea or corporations for the per meat of moaey at sight er ou daman a except rh'-cks for $40 or less, > ataap doty t 2 ctnts. Cheeee ts not to he consider -d a manufacture Chemical prt)iaratMius, saute as "Catarrh rwiff.'? Chooe ate, prepared, per pottod 1 rtol Chants 8 perct. Circuaee, under which term ts tocinded sxsry building, tent, apnea, or fee, where feats of borssinatirhip or acrobmlie sports srs sxhiM Ud.for Itoenas . . $60 00 Olalm ague ts, under wbv h term t? included srery parson v-hi ss buelneas it is to pr seculectslrre la aay ef the executive departments of the federal government, for M(-h yearly li.soae.. 10 00 Ckearance. stump dsty 2ieent? GMMt me-sinsnts.Diade to run one day, racli... Scents. De. do, made to run orerons day,each lOcente. Clothing, realr mads. ..a pared. (lorea,ground aad all imitations ">f,|er pound.. 1 rent Coaches, sunn as 'Carriages " OMOtes. bet kney, aasaa as "Cerrisgee.'1 (Ml, thru-11#,per uw 25?aata. Do bilmnttii'ti* [*er betel % -eot. Coal (Ml, rnflnn'1 par niton Ti IMI. Obd Ml rttaiilli'r*, under which urm l? Included Mr pwncn who ahull raflue, prodii'-o or di?l I crude pMrolo m < r r*v k oil, or crude coal rati, or oruat oil m?d# of aaphait im, ahele prat, or other Wt'iminou* atilietunoye, Tor each li-cuee $20 CO Coal tar, produced in the inanu a-rtura of gas,, axawpt. 6mM, praparad, par pound leant. Coflbn, ground, per pound Jmi' a. Owwiwo-cial ftr kora, ?! # !ir> here." Concentrated milk la not to ba sonaidsrad a ma inuHn. Confaollono'a, under i I li ta-m I* Wcluded very per?on who vllr at retail confectionery, weettaeeta, cotnfete, or o: her conlocts, In any building (confectioner* who liave token out A li enor m whole?air ?r re alt dealer*, ore not <e[uirad to take a separate Iicanee) tor aach <?< aaaa $10 00 f lufactlonery, r^ade wholly or in part of eua%r, per pound 2 cent# C. launaption entry, at any i ,?iom h.uac uol ev t eediaf $100 la ralue, si ?mp ttty 25 cenU li do ,?Meedlng $100 and not ex ee 'inj $M)0 50 . ?nte. |i i do , ascending |300 ia $1 00 (' ?<tr?'"ta for aach sbeat or pier# or paper i t 'i written, aiamp d iiy a cor.ta r> r> the hire, una or rent of on/ load,tanaii . or portion thereof, If for a period of t. ... ax uicoediog thao yoar*, ate in/ duly. ,6$ aauta. KKW V D" do., for a peried of lime exc 'edtrg thrss years.. 1 W Contracts, broker*' nolo, or m<-rm>rnudi.m or m i of auy goods or merchandise, flocks, bonie, exchange, notes of hand, real estate or properly of any kind or doscrintiou issued by broker* or (arsons acting as such. stump J ;i.v ft root* Conveyance, deed, tnstrumunt or writing, whsrsby any luuJa, tenements,or othar really s 'Id shall bo granted, teased assigned, transferred or otheiwiso oil-eyed to or vested iu lh? purchaser or purehasois,or to any |>ersou or persons by his, her or their dir eti u when lbs valee axceeus $100 and does not exceed $600, tamp duty 60 cents fo. do., wlion the value exceeds $o00 1 00 Copper, manufactures of, not otherwise provided for, ah valorem 3 per ct. Cordials, mahi inal, as " catarrl^snull." Cj. d brooms 3 per ct. Cosmetics, same as " Dentifrice." Cott. ti. manufacturers of, wholly or in jiart, not -v, otherwise provided for 3 per ct. C-ilton umbrellas 6 per Ct. Cough syrup, same as " Catarrh suuff." Coupons. railroad 3 par ot Croup remedy, tame as " Catarrh snuff." Croup syrup, do. do. do. Deeds, whereby any lands, teuemonts, or other things sold, shall be granted, leased, assigned, transferred or otherwise conveyed (o or vested w tho purchaser of purchasers, or to any person or persons by his, her or their directiou, sump duly $1 M Deerskins, dressed and smoked, per pouud?.. A cent*, 'tentip ice, each package of, the retail price or value of which does not exceed 23 cents, stamp duty 1 cent. Do. do., exceeding 23 cants, but not exceeding 60 cents, sump duty 2cent*. Do. do., excocding 60 cents but not exceeding 76 cents Scents. w. uv.,wcu |?cu(i oi, me vsius 01 which sum exceed TO cent# aud shell act exceed $1 4 cehU. Do. do. exceeding $1 for each and every SO cents, or fractional part thereof, over and above $1, an additional stamp duty of 2 cents. Dentists, for license $10 0(1 Despatch, telegraphic, stamp duty 3 cents. Do. telegraphic, whon sent or forwarded, on the business, or for the use of telegrapn, express or railroad companies, such as may be aent and received free of charge, and such aa may be for the use of any lira or police department of any city or town free. Diamonds 3 pr ct. Distilled spirits, first proof, per gallon 16 cents. Distilled Spirits.?The duty on spirituous liquor* and all other spirituous beverages enumerated in tbe Tax bill, is to be collected at no lower rate than the basis of first proof, and shall ba Increased In proportion for any greater strength than the strength of prool. Distilled Spirits.?The term first proof la declared to mean that proof of a liquor which corres|K>nds to fifty degrees of Tralles' centessimal hydrometer, at tho temperaturo of sixty degree." of Fahrenheit thermometer; aud in reducing the temperatures to the standard of sixty, and in levying duties on liquors above and below proof, the table of commer. cial values contained in tho Manual for Inspectors of Spirits, prepared by Prof. McCulloch; under the superintendence of Prof. Bache, aud adopted by the Treasury Department, is to be used and taken as giving the proportions of absolute alcohol in the liquid gauged and proved, according to which duties shall bo levied. Dividends?Annual inoome from, when exceeding $00<r, an the excess over $600 3 par Ct. Pividenils, annual inoome from, when realized by any city of the United States reatdiug abroad, and not in the employ of-the United States, not otherwise provided for, when exceeding $600 on the excess over $600 6 per ct. Doeekina, tanned or dreesed, per dozen $1 00 Dogs, eaoh $! 00 Draft, drawn upon aay bank, trurt company, or any person or persona, companies or corporations, for the payment of money at sight or on demand, axespt fer less than $50, sump duly. 9 cente. Do. do., for the payment la any other manner VUSL1 ?b DlfUb VI VU UV1IUU1U, VI ill/ ?U4U VI money not exceoding $400, stamp duly 4 cents. Do. do. do., axcoeding $000,and not exceeding $2.500 10 cants. Do. do. do., exceeding $$,500 *. $5 cents. Drops, medicinal, same a# "Dentifrice." Eating houses, under which term is included every place where food or refreshments of any kind arc provided for casual visiters and sold for consumption therein; but the keeper of an eating house, having taken out a license therefor, is not required to take out a license as confectiouer,for license $10 00 Electuaries, same as "Dentriflce." Emeralds 3 per ct. Embrocations, same as "Dentriflce." Enameled cloth 3 per ct. Enameled leather, per square foot 4 mills'. Enameled skirting leather, per square toot 1>? cents Entry of any goods, wares or merchandise st any custom house, for consumption, see "Consumption Entry." Entry of say goods, wares and merchandise, at any custom house, for warehousing, see "Warehouse Entry." Entry lor the withdrawal of any goods, wares or merchandise from bonded warehouse,stamp duty 6? cents. Epileptic pills, same as "DeotriOce." J ussive soap, see "Soap." Essence of Life", same as "Dentriflce." Express?l or every receipt issued by any express company or carrier, or person whose occupation it is to act as such, for every single box, bale, package or bun4>e 2 cants. Do. for any number of packages more than one.. 4 cents. Eye water, same as 'Dentifrice." family pills, same as "Dentifrice." Female pills, same as "Deotifrice." Ferryboats, propelled by steam or horsepower, on grcss receipts p. ct. Eire insurance companies, on all dividends 3 per ct. r urn, (ir*wrv?u, *u vaiuivni a par CI. Fish oil Exempt. Flax, manufactures ?f, not otherwise specified...3 par ct. Do., prepared Tor textile or felting purposes, is sot to be considered a manufacture until actually woven or felted into fabric for corsumption. Floor, mada from grain, is not to be considered s manufacture. I rutta. proi*rved ft per ct. Furs of all descriptions made up nod manufactured 3 per ct. Gains,annual, of every pereen wb"n exceeding gfiOO.ontho excceaof gam overfttiOO Spar ct. Gama.on annua), from property of any kind in the Fmtod State*, by any oiticeu of the United States, residing abroad. and not in etfiploy of tbe United States, not otherwise provided for 5 par et. Gas, coal, when the product (ball be not above 600,000 cubic foot par month, per 1,000 cubic feet 6 per ct Do. do., when tb* product shall be abovo 60 i.OOO and not ex-ceding 6.000,000 cubic faei per month, per l.OCO cubic feet.... i 10 cents. I o. do., when the pr-d c.l shell be above 5,000,. 000 end nut exreedlng 1,000,000 cubic feet per naontn, per 1.000 cubic fact 15 cents. Du. do.. who?* the product shall be Above 15,000.000' ibic feat par month, par 1,000 cubic feet.20 cent*. Gas, all illuminating, same us coal gaa. Gelatiue. of all denrripii'iai, In adid state per jxnmd 6 cant? Gigs, same as "Carriages," which see. Gin, (or llrst proof '(f< r inmrmation concerning proofs i?e? ' distilled spirits"), per gallon... .25 cents. Ginger ground, and all imitations of, per pound.. 1 cCDt. Ola.*-, m?u::(actur?s of. not otherwise ape- t lied 3 jer cenj. Giue, iu a liquid lot tn, per pound ? cents. Ho., iu a solid state, jer poind 5 cents. Glycerins lotion, uamo as "Deutriflce." Goat skins,curried,manufactured or finished ft percent. Gold, manufactures of, not provided for 3 per cent. Do. piste,kept for use, per ounce troy M cent?. l o. watches, kept for use, each |1 00 Goods, m ido for the use or consumption of tbo maker Free. lo., except spirituous and mail liquors, and leal, stem or niesof.ictured tobacco, where tbe annual product does not exceed $000, provided 'hat thissball not apply to any business or traoact on where one party ItSTnisfiee the materials, or any part thereof, and employs another party to inanula< tore, nsti or tlnieb tbe goods, wares, <>r incr. iiaudise, or arti< lea paying or promising to pay therefor, end receiving 'be goods, wares end merchandise.or articles, but, in til such casoa, the party furnlehisg the materials and receiving tbe gooJe. wares and merchandise, or articles, shall be liable te and charged with all accruing duties thereon.. Free. Gunpowder and ail exptceive s ibetaucae used for mining, artillery or sport ng purpraet, when valued si lfioems por tajund > r Issa, per pound, ft mills. Lo. do.,wlieu valued above 1ft cents per pound and not exceedieg 30 cents, per pound lcaat. tl? do. when valued above >0 CD is oar rx urd per pound fl era i a. Gotta parcba, titaniifacturra of, not otbarwlsa proTidtf Co: 3 par el. Gyp., un 18 not to ba considered 8 raatnfactura. Ha kney ??ma aa "C?nl?n?f. ' Hair djraaatne * ' l*nttfrice.:' H.ilr realm at ira satna aa ' Dentifrice.'' IfarucM leather, per poufd 1 eatit ?B?J 5 mill* Harn-n laaibar, ma?!' a of hb'e* impoitad aaat of tl.a Cap# of Coo<l Hope, par pound miMa Hat*, of niton 3 par cl. Ho , of ; aim lanfor gra?* apart. l?o.,of fur 3 per Ct. I to., of felt 3 par ct. Po.,cf Bla nd m>i?!ia 3 par ct, l?o. ,of India rubbar .3parct. I)n .of wool a par ct. ro. ,o< e lk 3 par ct. Haadit h* ? a not to baconexlered a manufacture. H?Tip,m innlactoraa of, whan not otherwise ape. I clthd Iparct. H 'g nktnai. or dre-sad 4 par ct. 1 log*,of. ee.lny i t month* out, ela ightarad, for Do., ma i litoiod by any parron for h.a own an*i:trpt! n I'rae. Hollow wtra Iron per ton of 2,000 poind*...... ft f,o H?op iron (see d) t p. r , t. I Iluop akirts 3 I?r ct. l)o., wlti. any met a 'He booj>n 3 jar 1 Po.. Of any material 3 (tret. Horn, manofaiHireaof, not otherwise provided for 3 p?r ct )Io-ncd rattle, exceeding eigliteon months old, *.*u,b:are I tor aale, M'-b 60 cats fur-., ekios, lanndd and drrs.e I ..tparct. | llorto dailcra, undar wlmh Htm Is Included ev 'ry | or* n wh t" biiiltiea- H i* to boy ?nd oil tui rea and tntilca.for wick lie naa $10 01 D> . wlitn they ha e?.**fi out a llcannoas livm y aiah'a k?e(> ra ai? not r?'iUirad to like out ft aditUcMlmt. OKK DKKALil), TUliSDAY, Hosteller's haters, same as "I'enlifriO'*." Uolei.-i ? under wh ch Mm ia mclodml awry place where food ami lodytngs are provided lor at >1 I urinal).*1 to travellers aai sojourners in v ew of payment thorofor, where the rent or the valuation of the yearly rental oi the boose tu<l proport y occupied a hall ha #10>J0 or nure, for each yearly Hcooat 8u0 00 'Do do., where the rent or Uu valuation of the # yearly roniit! shall be $6 ,000 anil loss thou $10,000, fur uarh yoarly lie use 100 00 Do. dii., where the reut or the vulual i >n of the yearly leulal shall ho $2,f>00 and leas thou $5,000, fur each yoarly license 7$ 0$ Do, ao., where the rent or the valuation Of the i rental ahull be $1,000, and leas than $2,500, for each yearly Iiojuse 60 00 Do, 4u., wh : o the rent or the valuuthm oi the \cafly rental shall befOOCnud less than $1,000, tor eai*h yearly license. 25 00 Oo^too ,w here Iho rent or tho valualiou of tha /early rental shall be $1100 and loss than $500, for each yearly license 15 00 Do., too., where the rent or valuation of (ha yearly rental shall bo $lu0 and loss than $3o0, for each license 10 00 Do., do., where the rent or the vatuation of the yeariy rvnial shall be less than $100, for oach yearly license 6 00 Hyperion Uuid, same as "dentifrice." lucerne, annua],of every |>e'g>n, wlieu exceeding $000, on tha excess over $000 3 per ct. Do., annual, from property of any kind in the I'nited States realized by any oiti/ea of the I'mtod states, residing abroad and not in tha employ of tho United States government, not otherwise provided for . .6 per ct. India rubber, manufactures of, not otherwise specified Spar ct. Inns, same as "Hotels.' Insurance companies,all,on dividends Spar ot. Insurance (hfo)?l'olicy of inaurauce, or other iron, pig, la uol to be considered a manufacture. Ivory, manufactures of, if not otherwise specified S per ct. Jewelry 3 per ct. Jute, manufactures of, if not otherwise specified.3 per ct. Juggler*, Including every person who performs ' by sleight of hand or feats of prestidigitation, for each license $20 00 Kid skins,currmd, manufactured or finished....5 per ct. Lager bier, per barrel, containing 31 gallons, (fractional parts of a bat rel tofpuy proportionately) $1 00 Land warrant, brokers, under which term is included every person who makes a business of buying and selling land warrants, aud furnishing them to settlers or other persona, under contracts that lbs land procured by means of them sbail be hound for (lie prices agreed on for tho warrants, for each license 25 00 Lawyers, under which term is included every persou whose business it is, for lee or reward, to prosecute or defend any cause in aoy court of rocord or other judicial tribunal or the United Stales, or of any of the States, or give advice in relation to any cause or matter pendIng thereto (lawyers refusing to pay lor this license ahaU net he allowed to practise ia any sasfeaeurtor tribunal), Mr cask licsnee Mti Lead,manuractureaef,if net otherwise specified.* per ec Lead, white, per hundred M cc-alr Lease, for the hire, use or rent of any iand, tenement or portion thereof, if for a psiiod of time not exceeding three years, stamp duty 50 cents. Co. do., form period ef time exceeding three years,stamp duty $1 00 Leather, bend, |>er pound 1}^ i ts. Do.. butt. Der nound.... 1 u rt* I Do., damaged, per pound 5 mill*. Do., enamelled, per square foot G mill*. Do.. enamelled ekirtiug, pe. square foot 1*4 ci*. Do., harness, per pound 1/4 cts. Do., harness made finni bid** imported east of Ibo tape of Good Hope, per pound 5 mills. Do., oflai, per pound G mill*. Do., oil dressed, per pound 2'i ct*. Do.,patent, per *q?krefoot G mills. Do., patent japanned split*, used for dasher leatbar,square foot 4 mills. Do., patent or aoaiueiled swirling, per quar* foci 1 )i cts. Do., rough, made from hide.- imported aast of the Capo of Good Ho|?, per pound G mills. Do., rough, all ether, hemlok tanned. per |iound 8 mills. Do., rough, tanned m whole or in pai t with cak, per pound 1 cent. Do., sole, mens from hides imported east of the Cape of Good Hope, per puuno.. G mi ls. Do., eole, all other, hemlock tanned, |>er jwund.. 8 mills. Do., sole, tanned in whole or in ) * (withoak, per pound 1 cent. Do., tanned calf skins, emit 6 centa. !?., upper, dumbed or carried, except <*11 skins, made from leather tanned in the uilerest of the parties tabbing or cursing nub father, not previously laxeit in the re gh. per pound 1 cent. IV., tawed, per pound CI*. Do. manula< tuie* of. vrlien pot other wise specifled g per ct. Legacies?Any person or p?rsou? having in < barge or trust a* administrators, executors or trustees of any legs-it* or distributive shares arising from personal proporty.of any kind tv hat -*oe\er, where the whole amount ol aueb personal propeiiy,** a ore? a id, shall exreed t he sum of one tli u?and dollai* in actual value, parsing fr< m any person who may die aflerthepu <nge <>t this ? t p 'Jse?se<l of stub proper.j\ either Vy trill or h? the UiterdaGi I .mi < ! any -tale <t leirltory.or tor 1*1 i ?f an. h property or interest therein, transferred by deed, zr?'?, bargain, xa'.e or gilt, made or intended to take effect ia possession or enjoy n.ent alter the death of the grnctor or bar KOinor, to any person or persona, or to any body or bodies, politic or coi'ix.iale, in tntit or otberwi-e. are S'bject to the lollrmtng I taxes:?Where the portion or persons entitled to any bcrefl al interct u Mich properly, rli*it be tbe lineal issue or lineal ancestor, briber or sWier, to the pois.m wba died poo seated of *wh props; ly.for each and cre'y b'indred dollar* of tbe clear val ie of gnch ,u. forest isauch uroperty ^Ti'ssit. Do. do.. where the pe.M/nor por-ons entitled to any beDetlci&l interest in anch projierty (ball be a descendant of a hrotbor or sister of tbe person Who died p> se. n'etf of mi U propetty, for *a< h and every hundred dollar*of tbe clear value such interest $160 Do. do., where tbe pcrnm or persons entitled ta my beneficial ititeieti insuck promrly shall be a broiher or eiMer of the lather or niothar, or a descendant of a bi other or aister of Iba father or mother of lite |?ieon who died po?sested of such property, for each andoveiy hundred dollars01 f>.? clear valneof such iuteratt S 00 lx> do., ?bere the p'rs. u or |>ei suns eniitled to try bencliclel inte.tsi in sn< h property shall be'a brother or sister rf tbe grandfaiher or grsncmoiber. or ? def endant of the brother or si?ler of the grandfather rr grandmother of the |ier?on w ho died ( ?? -os*ed ol such properly,for each end every hundred dollars of lbs clear value of sm h m;a es? g OS I #i do. where the ivraon or naraona eniiilarf ,n any betell' lal Internal in a it b property ahall be m any otl???r degree of collateral consanguinity than >? amen abcre, or rbali be a ftr?n?rr In blood to Ibe per ton a b" died pre ecrei, a* aforesaid, or (ball lit a body politie or corpora"1, for ei'li aod ere. y hundred doi laraof thee 'arrahteof anch inteegi ft oo Do.. peering by will or by tba lawa oi any ?tate or l'arrltnry, to hu?baud or wife of the perron who died ( < far!"?*1! of 'bo properly Free. Legal Documents?Appeal from the decree of auy onrt to a b gber or appellate court, atamp d??y OOcents. Do.,wiit, summons,or other 01 iguial prei?ea commenced in ai y ceorl of law or equity, atamp duty &0cente. letters of ' redd?Where ihe aunt payable dooa not exceed * '00 race Hill of Exchange), atamp duty 6 cents. po. do .excei ding finoand not exceeding t-.-WO. lornnta. IH>. do , ex reding St.noo Uieenu. lMters of A Imi .if ration?Where the aetata and I pflrotf for or in reep'ciof which aurhlettera of admlnte'.rn ton applied for ahull be sworn or declared not to exceed the value of fti/.oo, atrto p doty. ... OOcenta. I Do. do., to exco-d ?i . (cHi and not exceeding ft-otai , H 00 1 I Do. do., to exceed f.'.ono and not exec, ding I . 0 00 instrument, uy vrnaiever nam* tue same sumi be called. ivliarobjr any insureuoe shall fromade upon any lira or lives, where the amount insured ahull not exceed the sum of ft ,000, stamp duly 25 cents i 1)0. do., where the sum insured exceods the sum of $1,000, and does not exceed $5,000, stamp duty 60 cents. Do. do., wbero tbo sum insured exceeds $6,000, Bumji duty : j 1 to Insurance (marine or inland)?Policy of insurance, or other instrument, by whatever name the same shall be called, whereby any Insurance shall he made upon any ship or vessel, or upon any goods, merchandise, specie, or other prooeriy on board of any ship or vessel, or upon tho freights of any ship or vessel, or upon auy other interest in or relating to any ship or vessel which may lawfully ha iusured, where the amount insured shall not exceed $1,000 25 cents Exceeding $1,000, and not exceeding$5,000....00 cents Exceeding $5,000 $1 00 Insurance (tiro,) policy of ius irunce or other instrument, by whatever name tho aamo shall bo called, whereby auy in?'irnnc? shall bo made of, or upen any building, goods, waros, merchandise, or oilier property, from loss or damage by tiro, or arising therefrom, by aay instiruoce company, where tho amount insured shall not exceed $1,000 25 cents. Exceeding $1,000 and not exceeding $5,000... .50 cents. Exceeding $5,000 $1 00 Interest, income from, when exceeding tho Bum of $600 per annum, on tho excess of income over $600 3prcent Do., income from, when realized by any citizen ut the United Slates, residing abroad, and not in (he employ of the United States government, not otherwise provided for 5pr cent Iron, manufactures of, if not otherwise specified .3 per ct. Do., railroad, per ton $1 60 Do., advanced beyond slab*, blooms or loops, and not advanced bey end bars or rods, per ton 1 60 Do., band.heop and sheet, not thinner than No. 18 wire gauge, per ton 1 60 Do., plate, not less than one-eighth of an Inch in thickness, per ton 1 (0 Do.,band,hoop or sheet, thinuer than No. IS wire gauge, per ton 2 00 Do.,plate, less than one-eighth of an inch in thickness, per ton 2 00

Da, nails cut, and spikes, per ton 2 00 Do., bars, rods, bands, hoops, sheets, plates, nails and epikes, upon which the duty of $1 60 has been levied ami paid, are only subject to an additional duty of, per ton 50 cents. APRIL 8, 1862.-TRIPLE Do do., to exceed $20,000 sad oot exceeding $50,000. $0$ De. do., to exceod $50,u00 and not exceodng $100,000 a 10 00 Do. do.,exceeding $100,000 M 00 Licenses must be tak >n otit each year by the follow tug uaiuod pereuus, for which (boy ?ro to pray the suui placed opiweito their nauioe, . TI1 ~ ^ Apothecaries Auc'ionoers 20 00 llu.ktvH 100 00 Urewera 60 00 j tinkers 00 00 Howling alloys (for each alloy 5 00 , Coal oil distillers 20 00 Commercial brokers 60 00 (lonloctiunera 10 00 Circuses 60 00 baling li iiisee ." 10 00 . Ilnrso dealers. . 10 00 llutidA (see "Hole s") from $6 to $200 00 , 11a .ra far'tutors 1000 I 'uddlors (see' l'oddlers "1 from $6 to 20 00 , Ph>tograpers 10 00 Pawnbrokers 60 00 lhxai.1 dealers 10 0$ Retail dealers in liquors 30 00 R ctiliors: 100 00 Stationers 10 00 j Tobacconists 10 00 Tbealrce 100 00 , Tallow chandlers 10 00 Soap make * 10 00 , Wholesale doalors 60 00 Wholesale dealers in liquors 100 00 j Life insurance companies, so# "insurance 1' Liniments, seme as "Dentifrice." ; Livery stable koop*ra,imder which term is in eli lad every person whose occupation it is to I keep horses for hire or to lot, for license $10 00 Lotto >e, earns as "Deotifrise." 1 Ikwsnges.nisdioiaaLansae as "Dentifrice.** I Lumber is not to be considered a manufacture. I Msgatiaee are not lo bo regarded as a manufacture of paper or submitted to a rate of duty as s manufacture. Do.,for siladveiLiemeots.oogros# receints.. .8 per ct. j Magic liniment, same as "Peutifneo." Malt is not to be considered s manufacture. Mauiicst of tho cargo of any ship, vessel or I steamer, if the registered tonageof such ship, vessel or steamer doos not exceed three hundred tons, stamp duly $1.00 j Do. do., excooding three hundred tons, and not exceeding six hundred tons 8 00 Do. do., exceeding six hundred tons 6 00 j Do., of part of the cargo of any vessel (clear- ] anco) 26 cents, j Manufacturers, for license $10 00 j Manufactures, not otherwise specitiod, j Do. of bona 3fdrct. | Do. ofhra?s 3 per ct. ; Do. of bristles 3 per ct. Do. of ooppor Sporct. j Do. of cotton 3 per ot. ] Do. of flax 3 par ot. i Do. of glass 3 pur ct. ] Do. of gold Dperct. | Do. of guita percha 3 per ct. Do. of hemp 3 per ct. Do. of horn 3 per ot. l)o. oflndia rubber 3 per ct. | Do. of iron 3 per ct. Do. of ivory 3 par ct. Do. of jute ,...3 per ot. Do. of lead 3 per ct. ] Do. of leather 3 per ct. Do. of paper 8 per ct. Do. of pottery 3 per ct. | Do. of silk 3 per ct. Do. of silver 3 per ct. ] Do. of steel 3 per ct. ] Do. of tin 3 per ct. iw. vi v*inuw.......? o por CI. Uo. of wood 3 per ct. l Do. of wool Sperct. ] I)o. of worsted 3 per el. ] Do. of dthsr materials 3 per ot. ] Marine insurance companies, see "Insurance." Marino protest 23 cents. Meats, preserved .....ftperct. ] Medicated herbs,same as "Dentifrice." 1 Medicated waters, same as "Dentifrice." ] Medicines, seeDentifrice." Melodeons, kept for use, same as "Organ*." Merchandise, sea "Goods" Morocco, skins, curried, manufactured or dabbed Sperct. 1 Mortgage of lands, estate or property, real or personal, heritable or moveable, whatsoever, 1 where the same shall be made as a security for the payment of auy definite end certain sum 1 of money lent ul Hie time or previously due . and owing or forborne to be paid, being pays- v 1 able; also any conveyanco of nay lands, ea- . tale or p< operty whatsoever, In truat to be sold or otherwise converted into money, which shall be intended only as security, and ahull . he redeemable before the sale or other disposal ' thereof, eithor by express stipulation or other erwixe, or any personal bond given as security for the payment of any definite or certain sum . of money not excoedlug MX) SO cents. Do., exceeding $300 $1 00 lk>., under g 100 Fxeuipt. Movements, clock, made to run cue day, each.. Scents. lk>., do., made to run over ono day,each...10 cents. , Mustard, ground, per pouud leant. Mutual insurance companies. see "Innr.ince." . NSils, cut, i?r ton $ > 00 i Napthi.per gullou 10 cents. . Ne w*|.apoi s ai e ikh to he regarded as a mamifar . lure or submitted to a rale of duty as a manufacture. J Newspapers, for all advertisements, on gross re ceipts, sec "Advertisements'' S per ct. KotuiUI act, ?ee "Protest." Note, promissory, for the payment of any sum of . money at sight or on demand, stamp duty 2 cents. l)o., do , for the payment In anyoth:r tu.iancr than . at sight or on demand, of any sum of money not exceeding hve buunred dollars, stamp duty 6 cents, po;, do., do., exceeding five hundred and cot exceeding two thousand live huntjred dollars, I biarnti duly 10cents. } Do., do., do., exceeding two thousand five i hundred dollars. -utup duty 24 cents. i preparations, e <me is "Dentifrice." Oils, animal all, pure or adulterated, if not otherwise provided for. per gallon . f. cents. D" illuminating, refined, produced by the distiliation cf coal, asphallutn, shale, post, petro leum or o? k ml,and all other b.luminous sufc taaces uiod fur like purposes,per gallon 10cents. Do.. lard, pure or unadulterated, if not otherwise provided for, per galfi n 5 cents. Do., linseed, do ,per gallon 6 cents. Do., mustard seed, do., per gallon 5 ctDU. . 1K>.. all vegetable, per gallon 5 cents Oils, medicinal,fame as 'Dentil rl -e." Oil. refined, produced by distillation of coal exclusively, per gallon 8 cents. Oleic acid, ptodueod iu the manufacture of candle. ami used m the nimufuclore ofsoap Free. Omnibuse*, the body of which reals on spriugx . ot' any description, valued a", fifty doliats, and not exceeding tw- hundred dollars, including . the harness u-^ed therewith, drawn by two noises or more $2 00 r l>o. do., when valued above i wo hundred dollars aud uot exceeding six hundred dollars 5 00 Do. do., valued above six hondrod dollars 10 00 Order lor the pajment of any sum of mono? drawn upon any bauk, trim company, or auy f person or persoi a, companies or corporations, at sight or on damand, stamp duly 2 cents. |to.,for tho payment in any Other tonuuer than at Mghl or on demand, of any sura of money not exccoiiug Uvm pundrcd dciiars, stump duty... 5 cents. Do., e*< eeding five hundred dollars and not, < xceeding two thousand live hundred dollars, stump duty 10 cents. Do.. execoditig two thousand five hundred dollars, * U\ll+ * ? him ? 9r$a?* (Tr~~|-"~f uMd tn eh ircliss or places (T pnfelM kept for use, valued ui %M or looo, cm h oo ccata. Do. do., rained above 1*0 end Mt etc cdjug $100, MCh $1 00 I?. do., valued ?b>VK $loo,o.<ck 1 50 Otyde of /in' [0' 100 ,0s -ja cents. OxyK?-uated a ratne as "Dentifrice." 1: 1'*' kel, contaiUiiiK medicines, lie., value ut bot- I ilea coutaiuinj} the lamr, see "lii'ttlea." I Paiiv Sperct. I1 Pain killer same ?? "Peri' if rice.' g PtiatH, dry or (pound in oil, or in piste with wai^r. not otherwise provided for 5 per <1. I Painter*' colore, do & per ct. l'alm oil ?#p, ate "Snap." I ainphl'te are not t?> bo regarded as a manufac g turn, or submitted to a rate of duty as a menu- . r factnre. >? Do., on itrog* receipt a for advertisement? a per ct. ^ Panaceas, same na?'Dantlfr ioe." g Paiwr,inan'ilect'ires of, if not otherwiae sjkcI- S tied ....3perct. ' Paper, account bO"k 3perct. a lie., l>enk nolo 3 per ct. c I)o., bimlora board 3 per ct. g Do.,<?rd 3 per ct. I>o., Itaogtuff ' 3perct, p |)o.,letter 3 |iei ct. g l?o., map per ct. 1 lo., note 3perct. g lk>., printing, ai/ed atid colored 3 per ct. Ilo., pr nttnf, unalatd > per ct. j Po., paeteboard 3 per ct. Do., plate 3 per ct. j I in., uncuiuruu per ci. po., wrapping, tn'i'leof Wamla hernp, or mads in imitation thereof 8 p?r cl. ?, Po.,wriliug 3perct. Ikn, nil other descriptions of 3 p?r ct. s pareunia nil * fCxempt. Parasols, of any material 6 per ct. ; Paaaegs ticket, I if any veanal from a port lu tha ? United States to a foreign port, If leaa than ? thirty orHlaia itunp duty 60 cents. I I)o. do. r-x^aading thirty dollars |1 00 Paste, shoe or boot, of all descriptions 3 per el. j Pasteboard, made af junk, straw or other mala- i terlat...-. 3 per ct. relent lealher (ree Leather"), per aquare foot. 6 mllia. \ Pawnbrokers,under which term la luiloded every person whore business or occupation la to lake or receive, by way of pledge, pawn or exchange, auy goods, ware* or merchandise, or uny kind of personal properly whatever, for the repayment or security or money lent there on, for hcaosa 160 00 Pearl barley is not to be considered a manufacture. Pectoral balsim, same as "Dentifrice," Peddlera, under which term Is Included ovary per. son who fells,or offrs to sell, at fa till, goods, wares or other commodities, travelling from place to pliico, In the slreei, or through d|fr>r ont ports of the country, when travelling vrttla mora then two horses, for eoch llcotiaa 120 00 Im do., when travelling with twij liortto , for I (ju U liceu-s 15 go SHEET, Do do., when travel hog with oue horse, for oacb license 10 00 Do. do., whin travelling on foot, for each license. 6 00 Do., who sell ucwst?a;>ors, Uiblcc or religious tracts .Exempt. Do., who sell, or oilor to sell, dry goods, foreign Or domcslio, by ono or more original |<ackagos or piooes at ono luno to (he sumo poison, for each license $50 00 I'opiior, ground, and all ImiUlions ot, i>or pound. 1 ceut. l*orfuiuory, same as "Dontrilloe." I'ctrdeuw, rotluod, p r gallon 10 0??l8. I'liaeloo, same as "Carnage," which sos. Plual, o.iiiUilniiig medicine, 4c., same as "Dottle," which .see. Photographers. under which term is included overy person who mskos for 6ale, photographs, auibrotypes, or picluro* ou gla.-s, metal,or pu por. hy tho action of light, for each llcoiue, when thi- receipts do not exceed $500 * $10 00 Do. do., when the receipts are over $500 and under $1,000,for lioenao. : 15 00 Do. do., when the receipts are over $1,000, for license.... 25 00 PUysici ins, under which term is included evory pe son , oxc -pt apothecaries) whose business it is to, lor fee or reward, prescribe modicum or lierform any surgical operatiou for the cure of any bo iiiy disease or ailing, doc lists included. for mob lioeose 10 00 Pianofortes, kept for uso, valuod at 900 or loss, - 60 cents. Do. do., valuod above $00 and not exceeding $100, * each $1 00 Do. do., valuod above $100 and not exceeding $$00, each 2 00, valued above $200 and. uot exceeding $300, oacb 8 00 Do. do , valued above $300 and not exceeding $400, each 4 00 Do. do., valued above $400 and not exceeding $000, each $ 00 Do. do., valued above $600, each 0 00 lieklea $ per at. Pig iron te not to be considered a manufacture. Pills, same as "Dentlfrico." Pimento, ground, and all imitation of, per pound. 1 cent. Pins, solid head or other 6 per ol. Do., solid head or other, in boxes, packets, bundles or other form Sperct. Plaster is not to be considered a manufacture. Plasters, same as "Dentifrice." Plate iron, see "Iron." Plate of gold, kept for use, per ounce trojr 50oonts. Plate of silver, kopt for tiso, to tn amount not exceeding forty ounces belonging to any oue person Free. Do., for excess ever forty ounces, per ounce 3 cents. Playing cards, per pack 20cents. Policy of insurance (life), see "Insurance." Do. ,(marine or inland), see "Insurance." Do. (Uro), soe''Insurance. Pomades, same as "Dentifrice." Porter, per b irrel of 31 gallons, fractional parte iu proportion $1 00 Pot, containing medicine, &c., same as "Bottle." Potions, same as "Dentifrice." pottery ware, if not otherwise specified 3 per ct. Powdors, me licinal,!?amo as "Dentifrice." Power of attorney for the sale or transfer of soy stock, bonds,or scrip, or for the collection of any dividouds.or interest thereon, stamp duty 23 cents. Power of attorney, or proxy for voting st an any election for oillccr's of any incorporated company or society, except charitable, religious, literary and cemetery societies, stamp duty 10 cents. Power of attorney to sell and c n>ey real estate, or to rent or leaae the same, or to perform any and all other aets not specified, sump duty. . $1 00 Power of attorney to receive or collect rent, sump duty 26 csnts. Preparations, medical, same as " Dentifrice." Preparations of which coffee forms a part, or which are prepared for sale as a substitute for coffee, per pound 3 mills. Preserved fish 6 per ct. Preserved fruit 6 perot. PrMArVB.i mAAti & nop Aft printed book* are not to be regarded u a manufacture, or aubmitted to a rate of duty aa a manufacture. Do., on all advertisements, on greet receipts for.3 per ct. 'rlutara' ink is not to be consldored a manufacture. Probate of will, whore tho estate and effects for or in respect of which such probate applied for shall be sworn or declared not to exceed the value of two thousand live hundred dollars, stamp duty 60 cents. Do. do., to exceed $2,500 and not exceeding $5,000 $1 00 Do. do., to exceed $5,000 and not exceeding $20,000..*. 2 00 Do. do., to exceed $20,000 and not exceeding $50,000 6 00 Do. do., to exceed $50,000 and not exceediog $100,000 10 00 Do. do.,exceeding$100,000 20 00 ProOts, annual, of every person, when exceeding $600, on the excess over $600 3 per ct. Do., annual, when realised by any citizen of the United States residing abroad and not in employ of the United Statss, not otherwise provided for 5 per ct. Promissory notes, see "Notes.'' Property, annual income from, same as profits. Property left by legacy, see"X.egaciss." Protest of every note, bill of exchange, acceptance, che< k or draft 25 cants. Publications, same as "Printed books." 'ulmcnary balsam, same as "I'entifrtce." Do. syrup, same as''Dentifrice." 'uluionic syrup, same as "Dentifrice." Do. wafers, <*ai3 as "Dentifrice." liil oads?lor oath passooger carried, not by commutation, per mile 2 mills Do. for each passenger carried by a commutation ticket entitling tho holder to travel over the toad lor not less than thirty consecutive days, on the gross receipts fur such tickets 3 per ct. Do., tho motive power of which is not gleam,on gross receipt.-? from carrying passengers 1 >? per ct. 'ailroads?On bonds or other evidences of indebtedness upon which interest is 6tipultted U> b# paid, on tht amount of interest 3 per ct. ta.dros/l iron, ptr t n $1 60 > 11,..ail nllla ..I ...II II :eady llehef, same m "Deniirriee." lea y m-jdo clothing 8 per ot. tcceipt, w?robots e, r ;imp duty 25 cents Seceipt (other titan corner party) for any goo Is, meichsudise or effects to be exported 1'rom a port or place in tho United States to any lor toga pot t or p'aee, stamp duty 10 eenti 5o., for auygood-, merchandise or otlcctx to be carried I rem one port or place In the United Stales to any other port or placo in the United States, either by land or water, except whoa crrri ied by any express company or carrier, stamp duty . 5 cents. Itc'.iQ-is. under which term IB included overy parson v. bo recti flea, purities or roflnes spirituoi'S liquoia or wines by any process, or mixes distilled spirits, whiskey, brnndy ,gjn or wine, wiihany otbor mnlerU's tor sale under the name ol rum, whiskey, brnndy, gin, trine, or any other name or names, for e cb licence.. f100 00 ted oil, used ns material in the manufacture of asp Free. lent , annual income front, when excoodiog $tioO. on the exce-" ovur (000 3 per cl. )o., annual income trotu, when realized by a citizen c.l th- United States, residing ilia country and not in the employ of tho United Slat s Operct. ietail dealers, under which term U included every person whoso busluoss or occupation is to so'l or oUbr to sell groceries, or anycoods, wares or merchandise ,nf foreigu or doinotio production, in le-'-t quantities tliati a whole original piece or package at one time, to tho same per. on (in t including wines, spirituoua or ma't liquors, but not excluding stationery, drugs, tnedi. incs, segars, snuff or tobacco),'t'or each li ease (10 00 UiUtl defers in liquors, under which term is included erety pen-on who shall sell or oiler foliate dhlit'el spirits, fermented liquors, and winea of every description, In less quantities than three gallons at the tame pi11 b iscr?(this dee* not authorize any spirits. liquors, wiues or malt liquors, to be drunk ou th? proml.-?? )? fur ca-h licoo.-'t- $20 00 teviewe, sntno an "Pamphlets." tii-hard-con a bittors, same ns"I)entrlfrlce." tuck oll,refncd,Me"Oi!a.!' tnrsia reive,' sroo as "Detit'ttrirp." a'iriet, annual from, when exceeding $6on, on the eiee*3 over ifiOo 3prcenl Hi., all, of poisons lu employ of thu United Scat's, when exceeding ttia rale of $600 per year, on thoaxcesa above $000 8pr cent aleratue, per pound 0 mill* ales, auction, on groat amount or sale.... 1 10 uf 1 pr ct ales marts by p ibllc officer*, kc., exempt. alt, per hundred pounds 4 cents. alves. same as 'Dentifrice''. iarai) anlla, Bull's, same as "IHmtifrlce." h>., Town*end'r,?ame as Dentifrice." lavlnga in titnt'ons, on all dividend* 3 prcaot. heidam r< Ui,app9,satna t.s "D ntifrte*." icrawa, called wood acrawa, two lochea or ov?r in engtli, par pound ,.1>? centa. ?.. d lcsr than two inches, per pound 3 canta ocurlties, auction sale* of, on gross amount rf 1-10 cfl prctnl. gHts, valued at not o\ er Ova dollar* por tbouKatirt, per ponad 10 cants. V)., valued at over Ive dollars |i?r thousand and not over ten dollars, per pwind 1$ cents. ?., valued at over ten dollars por thousand, per pound 30 centa. bail fish, in cana or aire tight package* 6 per ot, Iteep, exceeding six months old, alaughtered for sale, par bead 10 cent*. lh*cp,sleiightoi*d by any person for his own cms imptlon Free, 'heepskins, tsnnod, curried or finished 0 |>er ct. hectirou, see "Iron.'' 'berry win* tattler*, same as '-Pentrlflce." 'hinglee, are not to ha considered as a manufacture. 'Ilk parasol* 6 par ot. 'Ilk umbrellas 5 parct. ?ilk, manufactures of, not otherwise specified. .! per ct. Silver plate, kept Tor nee. to an amount not exceeding forty ounces, belonging to any ona person Free. I)o. spoons, do Tree. I o. plate, kept lor use, for each nunc* in excess ot forty ounces 3 centa. Po.,spoon', do 3 c ents. Silver walchei, kept for use, oach OOccula. Silver, manufacturta'of, when not other wise sparine 3 par el. Ski s, buck- tanned and drcea-Jd, per doiou $2 00 Skins, ciif. tinted,each 6 cents. lio , <1 tan iod and dressed . per do* n $1 00 hkin?, go it. curried, manufactured or flnl Urxk..& |>er ct. I Po., ki i, do ua I n., morocco,do > l>ft Of1 o., ahiep, tanm d. c.otrie ' or finished 6 per ct. I o., da if, drea o i amok# I per pouad. 6 . aula. ' - hug, WtthW audtlr-,? #4 ii-ocil. - 1 ? IH?., hor?n, do 4 pur Ot. Skirts, witli any tjiut.illic hoops 3 |>er ot. Skirts,ul' auy unlri tsl.. 3 per Ct. SI uox aro not to be ooasi i-iod a imuiutartui'o Slaughtered,cattle,aou -'Unlike." Do., nog*, aee "Mega.' Do., shcop, a a '-3hoo,i " Snui), aromatic, aatno an "Dentifrice.' 4 I)o., catarrh,5-?uie u* >'Deal uric*." Snuff, po- pouud I cent*. Soap, ruatile, valued uot abovo 3>? ccnta per pound, per pound.. 1 mill. D>> , ( aaliio, valued above 3>|?euia per pouud, per pouud,.,. 3 mUla. Do., or-ani, par pound 2 conta. Do.,ernive, valued not above Jcuuts por pound, |>er |K>nnd 1 mill. Do., oraaiio, valrod abovo 3>i cents por pouud, t>er pouud 3 mill*. Do., faucy, i>cr pouud 2 cents. Do.,liouuy, por pouud 2 cents. 1X>., [Mint oil, valuod not above 3K couts per pouud, por pouud 1 mkit. Do., palm'feil, valuod above ;$>? eeuta per pound, l>er pound 5 mills. Do-, aconted, t>er ttotind 3 con la. Do., shaving,por pound 8 cent*. l?o., toilet, of all deso<.-ipliou3, per pouud 8 cent*. Do., transparent, per pound 8 cents. Do., of all oth-r description*, white or colored, ercopt soft soap and aoap otherwise provided for, valued uot above 3>j cents per {lound, por pound 1 mill. Do. do., valued above 3X cents per pound, per pound 0 milt*. Soapmakors, under which is inouded every person whose busluese is to make or manufacture soap, for each lioeaso $M0O Sole leather,see '-Leather." Spikce, per ton ?00 Spirits, medicinal, same as "Dentifrice." Spirits, mixed with other liquors or materials, or prepared in any way te be sold, aa whiskey, brandy, gin, wine, or by say other name, for Bret proof, per gallon 00 OSattSplit peaa are not to he considered a manufac tun. Starch, made of corn, per pound IK mills. D . made of potatoes, per pound 1 mlH. Do. mode of Hue, per pound 4 mills. Do. made of any other material, per pound (Tinills. Store* are not to be considered a manufacture. Steamboats, except ferry boats, for each passenger carried, per mile 1 niM. Steel, manufactures of, when not otherwise specified 3 per ct. Steel, in ingots, bars, sheets or wire, not less than one quarter of an inch in thickness, valued at s#ren cor ts per pound or leas,por ton H 00 Do. do. valued above seven cents, and not above eleven cents per pound, per ton 4 00 Do. do. valued above eleven cents per*pound, per ton 10 00 S eel hoop skirts, ceo "skirt-." Stills, usod in distilling spirituous liquors, Cor meudi yearly ilccuso 60 00 Do. usod In distilling spirituous liquors, for each , half-yearly ltceuso 85 00 Do. used by distillers of apples and peaohes,may bo licensed l or the space of three months, upon payment for each license for such tlmo 18 10 Stocks, suction sales or, on gross amount of sale 110 of l perot. Stock lnsuranco Companies, see ' Insurance." Stoves, per ton of 3,000 pounds |1 #0 Sugar, brown or muscovado, not advanoed above No. 18, Dutch standard, produoed from oaaa (excepting sorghum and tmphee cane), per pound 1 oent. Do. all domestic, advanced abovo No. 12, by whatsoever process ancl not reiined, por pound IK cts. Do. granulated,per pound.... 8 milts. Do. loaf, per pound 2 mills. Do. lump, per pound. 2 mills. Do. pulverised, per pound 2 mills. Do. reflnod, per jxmnd t mills. Do. reUued or made from molasses, syrup of molasses, melado or concentrated mala do, per pound t mills. Sugar candy, made wholly or in part of sugar, por pound Scant*. Sugar coatod piUs, same as " Dentifrice." Sulphate of vary tea, per 100 pounds .10 ceo Is. Summons, stamp duty 60 cents. Tallow chandlers, under which term is included ovary person whose business it is to make or manufacture oandies, for eaoh license 814 Tar, coal, produced in the mmufaoture of gas.. .Exempt. Taverns,same as "Hotels." Telegraphic Despatches (see "Despatch"), ooch Soonto. Theatres, under whlcn term is Included every place or ediilce, not Including holla or room* ronled for coucerts or oXhibitione, where dramatic or operatic reprosecutions, plays or performances are exhibited, fur each license (100 Ticket, passage, by any vessel from a port In the United Sutes to a toreign port, if less than thirty dollars, stamp duty 60 oeutv. Do., do., exceeding thirty dollars ft Timber is not to be considered n manufacture. Tin, manufactures of, when not otherwise specified 3 perot. Tinctures, same as "Dentifrice." Tobacconists, undor which term is included every person who shall offer for sale, at retail, S;ars, snuff or tobacco in any form (whole* iq and reUil dealers, keepers of hotels, inns and Uvcrns bavins taken out license are not required to Uku out a license as tobacconists), fo-oach license ft# Oft Tobacco, cavendish, par pound 1# caata. Do. fine cut, par pound 10 cants. Do. ground, dry or damp of all descriptions (except aromatic or madlcinal snuff in phials, pots, boxes or packets), par pound S cants. Do. manufactured, of all kluds, not including aniiII, Began or prepared smoking tobacco, por pound lOoante. Do. prepared smoking tobacco, per pound 0 cent*. Do. plug, por pound 10 cants. Do. twist, per pound 10 cents. Tonic mixtures, seme as " Dentifrice." Tooth powder, same as " Dentifrice." Trust companies,on dividends, Ac 3 per Ot. Tubs 8 per ct. Umbrellas, made of cot t si. g perot. Do,, made of any other material ft per et. Umbrella atretcben are not to be considered a manufacture. Unguents, name as "Dentifrice." Varnish, made wholly or in part of gum copal., .ft per at. Do., made of other gums or substances 6 per bt. Vegetable pulmonary balsam, same as "Dentifrice." Vermifuge, same as "Dentifrice." Wagons, same as "Carriages." Warehouse entry, at custom houses, not oxceoding $1 00 in value stamp duty 23 cents. Do. do., exceeding $1 04 and not exceeding $9 00.00 oonte. ? Do. do., exceedlug $5 00 in value f 1 00 Warehouse receipts, stamp duty 25 cants. Watches, gold, kept for use, each $1 00 Do., silver, kept Tor use, each r>0cents. Whilelc-ad, per one hundrod pounds 92 cents. Wholesale dealers, ou ter which term is included every [xsrsou whoso business or occupa* tier is t? sell, or oPv to sell, grorerios or any goo-Is, wares or roorctwudise, of foreign or domestic production, by more than oue original pucksgoi or pieces at one time, to the aama purchaser, not including wines, spirit* uous or malt liquors, for each license #50 Of Wholesale deaiora in liquors of every dt-ecrlp tion. including distilled spirits, fermented liquor* aud wmca of nil kind* (persona other than distillers, who mil or odor fur sale an/ such liquor* in quantities of mora than thro* lialluus at on* timo to the sam* purchaser ar* included), Tor saclt license 100 00 Willow, manufacturers of 3 per cl. Wino?.Spirits mixed with other liquors or materials,or prepared In auy way, to be sold as wine, for first proof, per gillou 2* cents. Wine, tnado or grapes, |ier gallon.... 0 ronts. Withdrawal entry, at custom bocrs, stamp ditty.90 cents. Wood, manufactures of, if uot otherwise provided lor 8 por ct. Wooden puils ? per 04. Wood screws, two Inches or ever in longth, per putnd I)o., lu-g th in two luetics in Ityigth, per pound... 2 cent*. Wool, tnanulactnrca or, not otherwise specified. .8 per ct. Worste J, manufactures of, not otherwise speciUed.3 per ot. Worm lozenges, tamo as "DeutriQce." Writ, stamp duty GO cents. Yachts?All pleasure or racing vessels known aa yachts, whether propolled by sails or steam, valued at not morn than $400 oooh $6 00 Do. do., valued at more than $000 and not axce V log $1,000 ouch $10 00 Do. do., tor each additional $1,000 in value $10 09 Zinc, manufactures of, not otherwise specified...3 per ct. Do., oxyde of, per 100 pounds 2.-, cents. Oar SlUp Wand Correspondence. Casr UixsTircrioM, 1 Smr Isi.anp, Ulss., March 10,1M2. | Military Mal'n?ArriraU of VmtlKf-War?Mmey Serf Hoif. by SoUirre, 4c., 4c. The Colled Suit** peymasUrs, Holers Kyrio Locke and B. F. Watson, sud their as*istaDts, Lietiteoants J. /. Moore and J. K. Tarbox, return in the Constitution. They have paid i ff the regiments first encamped at Ship [aland 1 and Major IsKke carries with him an iron safeooataiaiag naarly one buudred thousand dollars sent boms by tba auldiern through the Adams Krprasa Company. There will l>e a large amount left oser and sent by the next learner. Ou tho morning of the 11th Inst. Dr. John Welch, Am- , Blatant Surgeon of the TwoinhConnecticut regiment,died cf scarlet [ever on beard tho Fulloa. 11* was enly twenty three years old, and wae the son or Dr. James B* Welch, a celebrated surgeon of Connecticut. Dr. Avery, of the Nleth Connect hart, who wae en Intimate friend of the deceased, went oa hoard and packed the body in whiskey. aud It wae sent te his frlond* In Connooticut by the K iiton. Dr. WolcO wm very miflixmiieinMUk mar end a phyetclan I teutenaot W. K. Woods, Company K, Twenty-sixth Mass.irhusetts rsglmant, rstnrns hows in the Const It*. Hon having been domp>.Ho<l by nines* to resign his eom J mission. He has been enable to attend to duty since tha 1st of February. Mr. (ieoig? Hiooks, leader of the Twenty-sixth Massachusetts band, also returns home in the Constitution. He has boon very Ul of rheumatism, and has obtained tt lurlougK, and will prebsbly soon receive lite discharge, for which bo has app'led. The M iho will la nil probability bs saved. Captsin Howe ib-matids an investigation, and his friends think ha will bo able to clear himself of all suspicion. He la said I to stand In the first rank of sbtpmastors in point of i-hnr iclar, and (lie accusal! ns ngainsl bim have auiteyed him esceslvcly. / night wo bad a Irtmonlous gale Tor a Sh>rt time; bit forturwloly thero was no *eyje,ua damage done h? tlw shlpp ng, though for a while , it luvkod ?l though the vessels would luffer rvyngif I

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