Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1862 Page 4
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4 IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. TIE NEWS BY THE HIBERNIAN. British Opinion of the Naval Battle in Hampton Roads. A Victory Claimed for the Merrimac. The Revolution in Marine War Commenced. . TIE I0NSTER IRON-CLAD NATY OP FR.C H i Situation of the l)a?i? Em'M' f in London. Gtoorge Psabady's Donat'on to the Pocv 01 the British Metropolis. THE SILK TRADE OF FRANCE. GARIBALDI TO THE PdlESTS OF ITALY. Ac*) kt.| Ac. Our newspaper flies by Tie Hibernian reached this city rss.enluy evening from .ort.aud. Ths joura-ils are dated to ;bo 27ih of Man h, and contain the following important and interesting detail's of cur telegraphic report pubimbed In the Hkr. li> yesterday morning:? La Patrl-, of Ma c:i 24, under the head of "Latest Intelligence, ' SI', t:? Pearim: lo. t the iururraction in Greece should spread to tho Ion Ian islands, the Kng'ish government has or Irred two or three ships of war to proceed to (lorfti from Malte. Tin k?_, uaa also ordered a body of troops to the Greek frontier. The Indejxndanct Bclg~ say.'.:? A mystery still hangs over the raal state of the ' isurraotiou in Greece. To clear it np and discover ttie msnecWve chutces of tho two parties, the Krenob goveri .rent intends sending two otfloers of the Stiff to tt < ac. ou of action. The London Time*, of the 26ib of March, has tho follow ing In lin city article:? At the nvetint ?f the British American lam! Cowrmy to-day tho report ..nd account^ w. ro adopted. _,Tho tales of land have tnc -ased during the past year, and have been made at an itu-wored average price per acre. I' wan oxpiati e < tbat had it not been for the breathy out Of the civil war in the United .States the results would have te en even better than thoee exhibited. Of hah.ilf Of the di cetera it was, hiwover. Intimated that tho oxpeat ition is ente mined of a m .cli more satismcte v oh nige shortly in tho asoect of Canadian nnhlrs through thu oy .llv ra it ifesiod tow ards the mother country and the re*|ion?e m ide from this side. The 'a oorre?i*mdent of the London Post, writing on he :'5ib March, says:? It is be i ed th it the Mexican difficulty will be ar' ranged wlt.iO'il any flghting. if the negotiations com men. vd are as sincere as ox|>ucted. The Paris rorros]* j.dent of the Independen t BeUy avs:? A dosoatch fro n Rome announces th departure ef U. de lavalette the Frc cb Minister. According to the r> port* ih n ims com dainod, In his last inlorviea with the amb issv'or. o the note inseri i in th? ltf> nilevr the <-b ee > of wb cb was to prevent the French blebop* from v '"B I" Homo, whither they had been convoked by the li< ad of the ch irf h. M. dc Lavaloite, it Is said, as ured the i*<>- e that the Imierial gevernmmt only ,pbeFl ? '? -debts which tho concordat allowed thorn , and be r<*|MMStfi 1 y b i ted that It would be we 1 If bis HoIidc-k would direct the French clergy to pay somewhat more obedience to the guverum >ut of France. But the hint dow ii a Meier to have be?n taken. In the meantiui-. the b s:m)i>? coQlinue to leave for Koine Those of Avir non a I lime ar.i especially mentioned as about to depart irame lately. The Revolution In NaraAvarfhrt. SKIT"" OPINION <-r Tni t ltiHT tlETWXBN 7'IIR MKKKIM.U. ann MONI.xK?ALL I'KAISR ro ~0K ItKDCL Wi - 4MHK AND (THING OP Till: UNION VBiMKL?CO Ih'MON AND > ?>riKK8 OF THK LONDON JOI'NMALA. (From the London Times, March 24. J Tb? campaign to Tl-g tna has nt last bogus. A naval b "le and a aoiierm ;?dvance ?f the federal Army on en -khiihc ?r* id* ev iih wtiwn w? roo-rd to day. Ik' nfik' eii imt-if lk' most in'irtt-'ing inei^tn'.t Ihia fas*- ' ' ~l 'He teitr. Kor l'?e first time the newest n M test too ??i aoMne h ire been teaiud in n tight hotwee1 uuuiere. Who would have thought It pe i*"' tbil after h <iand and Krance ba<t tbiofutd * lone Iron nlate i and too prowert vrw els the firei r**J tr*ni should be marts by the inhabitant 01 |ti* i-?>ac*fiil New World met in nntia'tirai strife, and. f therm-re, that victory should rest with itnparty lm>* vergo't Id nav.ii taction ami nrtmrt on 111 kbfttr" l< ntc t mo there his been mo .if km: of the Me- rm <c in the Southern aperr, we were not ore;aired for tho achievements in the i.urno? riier. The fonfede rale frtgaic see os to hare ramed a:' easy victory ovo her at-tfrn o frmt '?. The accounts '' the notion t'. rathei vag hot It a;'pears that she disabled the t'uin and the' ongier? in a very sh. r: time. I ilfilltuj. in th" tinr l er-m; leto manner the npectnl ions that have beet termed oot rerniog tronpia ed v ease la. Hbc. re oeivnrt tne h adrid'e > in of li?r opponeuta ?t ore bud-ed - a "a wi'hoei susmining #"J' rtarua<e. Kht tben ran into tho Cumber and wih her Irm prow ant? Ui'1 opeo ber si lea. rime, both In 'efenre and atta k the iter, iinae has realized the cal"ii'atinns Oi' Eur > pear consti ctora. It must now be looked tttion as pr. ye I tb ?t wo i on vessels go to sure and speedy da lb?i wn never iney veriure mic * Tut: ag - st n . iron plated adversary. Tb-wc v h i object to Iron ?i,l?r tbet ih'V are not InemDe-gbl", inarm ch a-, ho wetter el "oj the ship way b cuon can be cooetri r.'ed powerful enough to po* re It, must, we tbin?, abtndon their too rap'.! ua criticism. in (Sr. Me Timor that a teu-1 tan be mad' prr-tir/il'.y inr'-lre-a' >e trm to the hriaty iftrr' gvm >.Hir'i art 'it |ir' err in u t. \oOiing ntw 'Hi;nt for O'rr Admirc'ty tou t- It-Ton inut the b'-iUing of inn-elm '-Met-, ant to reti net alt tunl mUl br<tr t inn ma h-ruo nf w.r reirmCbn ttu OmfaUratrfrigaf fine only real opponent which the Mi -rlmar. found ?a* ?n< ther iron p-atml frigate. an . .had It not bean for this ve- el, u U pot II le that tLe Merriraar mifbt have de ?t-/'.l the whole faiersl si sdrm -fh Men iras. la dor." ib*d nt "'cnvernd with oping i:t>n pia'ea. extor. ir*.* 'wo tact be.nw the water line,and tne.-u, -z *bn UK t..e roof of a beuse. ' Tb.o pee ilia-ily of oon> atmctH.ri may pcw-io y not be n-t -?s".iry tu et'lcinncy b t. aa a vase) 'hue oui'.t hx. actna ly ,iuf'a a great sue t w, it would l?? v ?rlli wtnie friy to aramiuo .ho groe tpl- Wore ?on?tr etmg anym.iroof on- own oo the plan air ady aderted The teplpmeni of liio Merrtmne shown thai there aro g.*>d hea ls In 'he Nary l eper.moot of the South, and the ratio" mann-r in which s iu v?us handle I in ar.'ion 1? a l.o,?n thai t'oe C -hlb 'a- ate floor jge la still aa Irgh as av*' itct It not bj **o lights that tb.-fortrtiea of tha new rap blic gro to be defrrum .1 The brilliant -flair of 'he J-in-s rttrer will, no d umeh to re. m uatth in ithe ore ef-e; tbeir euccesive deicato. but in ivarlf It is o Mtile ItnporiaiMw nuiits :n : n; run* run uawui or thb ttnw?nt MCog-THPt nun or tfb *nol*. n stvv a work ?r M.CRS-H v. nm i.b? l.<ltdi-ii loner, March 26.) W'.ei. T. aid nt Ihtvla,'? h .s rci ei I ninsaaga to Ills c a HI .in - -v> ?. ed tlni i> silt n of . L. .etii'liern 0>w e h" rac| b ft'r<". a I a ho. 10 vy of the r.o- <.liog Jits tea wnnl'l a. n oontrrtint' siooe o g w. s 11.o sno cose <>f a ise Th ? echo loll inlv bwr iiiK'.it- it h, the ravel victory :! << h tva yeii "r'ny repit i? > ?!< or,, coined o* i u-derM t> < ? of <rf tf 'tni;1h lid in m.'tu ? be < t. Vortl.e-O r? p. .hiiti , ?'ictttad thaitbaa prom ? * * to m meotlr.h y lIKt o vii. Thr. it frigate* uiu a ho vy ?.up tr ino i tiniu.i *, cthv l kin,' >i rnr.iy ' tn' - |ij?t iu th?- iclim a,"t ' I th until oqiMiii ? > ( Vli? Gune?l? rm?i ar'Uf'.il or .u4 Hi f eh'cil' relt/'*. rent af let-war .it a-ilveo lii the Nim|i? nf? | ttin^'iattor . * fioft ho report- of !?, n> not .1 anu-eera that ibe Mvrriln w Iou? li iroiiBt' i{ 'My tv , f.,ra.-Vd af't Jw- 'in'? > i?ri , In .y ?! (, ,tip. two "H,#r )^m>;ii 'i. i ee"Ch "I an eucouutut ?,m <,Ui It a *.jn i Ik h M mt i?? <1 ?crlb<*J abut i. i n Ow|ri. >n,j run.'' W " 1 ? botw^ri t'i.m ? *HlltV ,r (J|, | the In,'."a'14 Bn<' ' *w' r',:n nn.ety no o. I'lif lii"ii'"i"'?, '.i it,"*"*r 'found, *rd uooM.tb"re r ri t har i;i it of a.'""1?'1 uof 1 * the p h- ' . no* iitb.i t'ltl'iii. Tin* V 'rrlmla .u1 bwrat'e" docile 1?' e,,,,. ?>, ?i it rw'y mi ngnce ? ?..' * -!o"t' to dsai ? it, end It ivnii hat 'tw.k Ut ?! ? to , 'id left ? a | ifr neUime otber steen.era . lie ulwi.ari/tui| had nc" a ~h?o<e agv afbar. Wit recoleeti two b Mi'iIm tout "i yer Id'U'?tnnco * ttb?"'? * <a,aiinnp *r 'a m.^a, wo Uiu' toll' eretelv ran i.iro the elnon will ta nci |<i<>w O'.Hru' oil Oi thir at*. Ul P' rj ) ??,aai' not ^or anion i?ji"tt , lei thin aha ptH'ttl i li'^Jil'.o iti'i tarr nB t/iiij.-l d? ; 'd at nor nice in?re, and Mi'0 I 'i uor to a >k Koihiini ?"d be m ru "OcOMfnl o. da-tf otifB I <a.-i bar rr. inro'itrree. Neti rpo, uiu* ho?*o<"f, did T'ondan araniy ra?"o vfcr hy nt nof i ui n* ha nigi.t tho now r MtiDK battor* cn'ie , the Monitor oamn r "tnil to rftrlovn the honor Oft lafademi laa Thti in uie mtU'l iJoa'.<jOii bv Mr. J. Kni-enou, ot Mew Yu. k, nil. one of the ihrot I.on "ad itr .rt ivf rer. mmicaxii l<f ibe 'e r?i onnrr- Vn* <e for aduttloo in Autfnat lai.t / wtmilut the I rr.e < I boon or unle'eti a>'coiiitaA u> -be o. if nat ; oo<iicali. ta, th* i't.-O'y 1 /rwft*tf br l*r. >roj-t1'id bj'*t*HHi it a t'o* rm'?, oeet not fua. fe. ir mJ. t mud nvnd ?into? Jn ttto thwvUir. Hue ta "t t too toes n<tr,'.ion only, t* 172 fact lour, and baa tl leet In breadth of beaut I he fene m: plan of the eteeol ?a? at notni at to oooB a pa .pi' arr.ti-l/'tned to darlna tu.entlaiit, bul the te*ml ? hat# 'alddiOd ibo boeeo af tha orejeeWr. VfbM , NEW TO! armament she aosially carried we nave no? yet learned, bui as soon as the Uerrtmac jaw tier - ha attacked her, aud then eu ued the llratwbauls ever fuu*lit betweven iron clad ships, The reeults were most remarket ie. The two vessels engaged each other at close quarters for Ave hovs.after which period. hut then only, was the arnto o. . e o* 'hew i-erfo. atril by shot. It was thj Wo- i r a inch , > 1rew the Aral blood, and the llernmao ih-'i. reihei t , not seem, bowoser, thai she wis n.sol i,.<d ?? . .) - -ffly assured thai on bo; rd the M 'tor tod , , tirt. Karl* - ? ic.eo ,-ui - i c - ? torrfleti. We find i w Asian ??s-.i.i vi '-as -sinst as iron ose is lit-tr i a. .... a ? . , Th# Meri imac did. -tuaiit ? ...a h tcht# " and is S rei I .ear n . a, b . i a eh " ouster. !?jr e s i . . f .... i m onsuj i Whh uo ?rec .jo ?? Vet. *? ?fc. tot 11*1 ,ii . c >< rh*t <- -*< maket j c"v u .< /.* . v. r yigatrt W kf-r l.n l-'t . 1(1. o 1. l!'U?r | Ha ?.? I..' II . b . . 1. - ? ?:? I -t j I . it. .11 *. is ii > ,-..i . .Id ' Vi.fe- I I ... f ? ii. .. utt un-vint if | imr .. . ?c Ioi i. ... i - tob the tier :??* i , ? . k . t'drw are iv Loert j i i< . .* to . bele v, .r,iuid they teal i 1 u < h h. stLBcr c: them'i i d V eue i ei. e;.- ??? ol au entr j e?;ca f.. n 'a - SI . net t 4to? i nicer l n orditeas fro? elad fHr"e U will bo re ' the A-rericar-, u slow to recognize vrirc.pfe, sad r>.-- aut to adopt it: but . - 'ietisa# t?' -v.-* cd necessity rcade itsHf j end they tu?enua . van the theory ali the p.-acti eel eosflrmaUoB It need.U. There ts one ether conclusion, tee. which we may draw from the operations of the American be.iigerente. The alleged efficiency cf funic ate against heavier MMeb hat teen dOprotv/J. The Confederates appear to have built upon this theory at first, hot their "mosquito flotillas" hare never succeeded. Neither at rori tioyai nor aid meir swarm or gunooaw pro-due* tha least eir<-ct against the Urg* abipa of the federals. Vess*L> of this class operating upon rivers in ion r. neti n with laud f tress have provod oi tho greatest service indeed, the Northemnrii owe moat of their successes to thcru; b it in narrow seas and against heavy fr <atM or aloof* the small craft have been found as useloss as a lleot of cauoes. No gunboats, as far as wa can udge, will do the trorlc of our Warriors, nor will any frigs- i, however well armed or ab!o to utnke wood stand against iron. Our obligations in this matter have proved costly, but it is e-ideni thai the "rsanaruetwn of our navy'' tear not commenced an ho'tr too jo n. A VICTORY CI.AIMBD FOR THE HKCEL8?LKSS lKS OP T? K SSSTON CABI.Vlv r KhOAI TtW BATTLE. [Krom the London Pet t (Qovernmsnl organ), March 2T.1 B'trtnuw is of tha dota lA of the naval victory achie'. ed by the Confederates in the vicinity of f-rtress Monroe,. ind those details confirm the tin pis? siou wa at first formed that tho Confederates onti.tloccanon ob itilted a siL.nil cut Milage ova- their oppo i :nuu The panic liars o' the engagement p sse-a, however, for us <u tote:est independent of that wbh h wa may fee! in the vary Ing fortunes cf the war Now for the first ttmo have been tested the qualities of stoel-olftd moii-r r-vrar; cow for the fir0' Mine has tho old wooden ship, with ner sides b> tailing with cannon, entered Ihe lists With an a v.-rsary not carrying a third of the numbor of p ns, but with her sides eucaeed In an a!m??st im;>en.r-.ibl? armor ; now for the first time has a vessel without tha slightest risk to herself attempted, and attempted rucceerfully, to r n down an opponent with immense iron tucks wit -h project beneath her prow.. How many doubts,so anxi Italy expressed whilst the Warrior and the Defence too# gel in coa st of constr rtion, hoi* nao been ,-naily solved? JJ-ao ir.ary d'dkulties advanced by those who viewed with regret oar tvoodei' bulwarks superse tad have n -'o been dispose' ;t t The recem ongagoment between the Merrimac an I tin Cumberland and Congress in American waters, what vor street it may possibly exorcise upon tha future oourse i r hostilities 'here, has at least provod that on tlie high seas n> mur? im Power dc irnu ofholding t'jovn can any I ger rely upon uMxi-n ships, howcoerlhcadig an.* d toey nay he The heaviest urmamer.t winch cool- bepL-jd-n b iar i f slnp-of-tU?-liCb w J.ionly servo tosink Uei oii the quicker when a huge hide had botnmtdc in her side by collision with one of those iron clad frigates. It wl.1 be useless any longer to theorise upon this matter; we have now bel'uro us patent facts whHi cannot be d.iragarded. When , n no mon'hs since, the House of Commons granted a supp emeutal yote of a quarter oi' a million for the construction of iron sheathed vss Is that pa ty which, in this country, it" | voice whenever more than ordinary exertions are mndc ton-tain in an elfect'.ve state our military or naval dopaitmenls, ra.s dan outcry at the lavish and unc tiled for oxpeiiditure which was thus occasi ncd. Lveu tloae who would gladly so?- our naval resources prA-rved to an ofliciont state rr.aiutaiued that v e might still with security < orifldo in ihe wooden ships with wllii h we have gutiit ! so n.any victories aud es:sbli?hod our naval supremacy. It wis not cniy a wat te hi money, they sai-t, out it was even tmuolilic to construct tho iic.v Ijr designed i ships, which n>igiit in titno of danger prove to be bo | many failures, llow fortdn-ae must we now veteem j ourselves that neither se .seicss opp. sition nor friendly | but mistaken counsels diverted the government from ralflticr that r, ur*r* r.hlch R.' Alt ft if not flrnftri*nc?? km- 1 g-jsied. 1hu result of ibis naval eu~ ignment lr. America it-ut estab uhwl beyond a doubt the indisputable superiority of iron : lafed shi| s. and ibo absolute necessity of rep aclng by them, wherever it is possible, th-so vessels whose etrongih de)WD'te niono on plauk:- of teak or "ak. Vh:le ;h Morrimac was thuaentg-d tbe federals endeavored to bring up n?tne of their fleet lo.oin >11 the coetai^t. 'llio M nnesi la proc.oded with ti ls object up the river, hut had not gone far before sbe ran agroim '. Ilia Morrtuiac having ]>ut hur firs; two ts lorn de arm hot then attacked the Minnesota, and in bur crippled condition would have made of her an ea-y >r*jr had not the steel-clad Monitor trade li?r appearance on the nsno of action. The Monitor hat Ur n cmttruJal ' n the tamij rind; U- a* the Merrinvtr, ani it the heavier *wl t'rtm <r I of tli* I?o. Obi geu at length to cops with an ant igcnist of equal niettio, the Merriinac sbnuone<: ib.' Ui.u?oia and diro--ted all her energies against her lormulablo optmnent. For many hours dul t'.nro two vessels, i.its man clad ktnght*, charge <ach o.her wdh tbsir pointed prows. For hours did they discharge igiinst each other, wthout visible '(feci, broad-ides of ? bit!, would li ive sunk the stoutest Wooden ship ever boated. It was all In rain, terrible though this might prove Ij encounters wnli oilier vessels, ' ey proved harmless to i" ch thcr. At lentb, however, ire ale to believe one account, a t.'ui, / ?< fsm the Monitor, tut from th* Sn'etttm tettery (?) took olfoe1 ' n the i?>rt side of tie Morimnc, and "he thtreipcn ranted to Norfolk harbor. According to another and much more probable acco m: however, namely the state neut of Captain Smith, velio was present at ibo ung goinent, it is extr.'iw!y dcbtful whether the Merrhnac siisuine l s> v sf m? in. ury. Htr having boon lowed ofl' to N< r t hart r consul >r?d by him tu aflord no pr'a.f that sne war ir o'1,as that course inii<hl. l ave been adopted In or<*-T either to ?ave coa", or to entico th i Monitor ln>^ , rs-i.o her. Wnother injured or not,, the Merrimac dida great day 'a work, i'nder tho uiis cf ho t i b i lories -be utterly destroyed two prw rfnl fi (gates, biew up oa~ k< nf-o* ' ami seriously ] d.vnai'P"' an t ?r. 5?ho i-veti then er.pig.-d with a vessel . o ev-r. greater .a.e. gth toon herself, nl.v> under the gi. s ?f a h -tile b.-.ttery, and after a tn'iittl of scverel boors retired in safcy. if not intlrelr uninjured. W'i'li frets such u? ibnse it will be impossible henceforth in dooy tiu> undoubted superiority of iron 'ad i 'unels. McClrllnii'* AA*-front the Potomac, TII8 KKBKI.B AlflSt.o Tit AT THEIR SAPKTY UK9 IN TUE r-KT( I.ATfON OV TtlUR TEKRITOr. Y. [l'r in the London Tiiiiim, MjixIi "ii.l .til tli liLu toun; now bo directed to ilie combined Invasion of tint P. utL-rn S'atei, which v.a., t > begin 'a llio present month of March. This eitraordiuaty m' r| nriso deserves iheniitrty uom of p ditical and tuiiita y ' ituVots. in it? in; gttltid-,id the naiur?of the arratv. which are t' operate i.itlie no turn of f be country, and I ' f the (v-piils-ti'-on whose lernii ry is Inwled, thu creat j I'e'orsli vimioi) aiand* alono min dirn I. s'ory. It 1= fiaprdof ii'.-. war .n s,>2in on tl? sca.c ot his . v.ieddiou to ! K iv u iiu.o iuk! frctt are a-a nibM to subjugate a ! p-opie w)k>, un'siss i!h\y lira the eriiptieat of boasters, i ars determined to bum boniCstti ads and good*, pi destroy the pro loco of their fields, to carry o3 ' their 'aiuilii'B, thi-ir nigr al., their c.alte, and all | that the- have and to leave every place a de*crt troci which ifiv invader for .a them to luiiro. The rea-' I.j.ii nitty of tie t jinyni-iU any I mtr.'jrsd. Kroiri Tennessee we here hut meagre accounts. In this rcgfm'AGnn/*>'er<tf<v hate lee.o tk"r,..i, Thty Iki U, hart btr.i ?e wily vnprcpirvi for the "igor oj Grant, ItveU aw'lAe rrtt rf the Wiiterfi guf.ralt. The consequence i-a-i been iho it!.*, of Cviii-al by a fede.ti arm* . aid ti e rr'-roJ of Che. C< nfentern'.rr- It i ? uriWrn limttt ot the staU. He;?. however, they are said to be preparing fur a sUetl. General ReaurugA 1 is In com need, a.,. Antic* ?h> h is glv-u in the tolegmm a' (..'havet.oon out htr.h is pr Dahly Cievjiajd ?r Oha.U ccxva. i' u. r UesiJq artoj'g. Tiiea.j places are almost on tbe f-ent.ers of be-rgia, but It I* b*y?w a douol that the JoOfe.loreieti iil Jo all in their |w>wor P> rc cover Teau "?ee IT? .mof* Siaio i? espeolnliy dar. g?ioua P tiiefh.uih?rner?, iDoamnch tr.nir nou.- dotery I* fonD'>d on the principle o'.state nd?;vndatre, and they hv r bx- niiic.i i rtaoo to fter tha it 't>niwvja<>e were irrtvw .it ; - meted W> tl.e M r,n nil too , n?r -.Meccaf would lame ;bei: army obt'.egroun thai hey lu e h" farther .. '.tj'uil la ibe o< at' at. Hut U '? in VI jtuia 1' 'ha Wat Imjxrtan o"?ra. tl?tia rili u?ke p'ac. Huff isi'i* ltrto(tli of tbe Confederate rj/. lue'.ri peconunau. d,*sli iSH<jiy^e<) t>.r Proel.. ut D.u I- In j. ri n. ar? the mo<.lButtif.riianod the l? at that tbe Vmft-derat * jMraeae They nKhi to a otiiii'y ahl(It u tho highly bc.-'.le to tp? j .-'oHl Vi guia,tho gl geofrra h'tany a be ,l?r State, i? tKiii-let anil ej nilfy in? of 'ho mo*. utr.-ato ' in the con'-vP raoy. Vn state ha log- tn m'tc'i from lilt . ? ?? in* i^xpui' u> re .if tbo North. Although tort ce..?ii .is *{o *'wnaer dedicated lot renin to tbe Q' er, m Is gl i.<V?kutUnd, Ireland aadVlrg!"!* I'ltt'T'ti Sl * turn. A'l. * k~rv\f if !a 'H?) 7riCH 4 IK it. /h>n< t? tod ro'Vt i U i u ririt, in.< will, no dm in, a?C'0<Jlb efor * of chv inliimiy chiefa.and tbe policy of tbe ? a ?lri ady tna'.liMl. Tlit a. ' army tl 1 [ coule 'hade'I'.' tattJ Manntiae br'ue t.jelstbcf "tture'n. "To"* long t'layinu. oeen gone 10 one ..?on j to kn<<w. (> i tbe jtraigext foattreeof ilu wet .the smoers << h< i-oof udfAt.a m preventing fie ferny from i tai ilt g >i auowK.lge nf lhe>r f'o .e, Th'tdgh It Hi r .? | euntijr ? ?r en tl>R' a large L? km pert) eiata li'? "on" .o g i there eretl.o.irandr of p -grwa ho ting;,s ' g i! Oeri , nd -? i <r hv oerr) og elligonet'.itt ret* -?! rei t,y t notL'ug <a kiiovttiof .heir u o??iacnta h> the * thorn generate Korly 'h March, tnon, lie oorfoi' ra'er b'.ko up fuitu ?Du ?eilrii" oon. va'rte defo'it'ug the country end bre Up ln? lowi bo bridg.e behittii fh-'n. Whether they { h'v ?vli liewo trn- !v to w? at tboy o'xihI.t a be. :> f liion fo' giving hatlie, or whether thojr into .'I to avoid a bm\e ci .onj ae pr*?lble, will be eno'.D by 'be event. Tbair r nvemertu litre, no d obt, beeti oon. od if the I .te "vetiU in Teuioeree; and. If any oojeinerable o rt of tbe /olr inae arm - hue b en ! tent Weal, tbe; (J a.I the nv re reeaoti bet 'lie roe' should e.oid flchling ottil they .?r?l,e the reintoree cioata which Mr. Iiavia ''acured that thirty d?vs would bring Hut, Wbei .e. tlia Confed al?4 fight or ot, It Is plai? that they will avail tbi-meelveaiof the florrevt e*. peilienU of werf, - Tht rnl b-fw tf ihir f.,n *ry ia iti ftttntfi and i'^i'aae/affow. TUa confa le-atne will bin der as m-icb e* poa? bie ih adi ance of the r eoem by bfwt&?a<uvtMr??#M^i>/ Uealrojfiag evtuVUmg m EtK HERALD, WEDNESDA the region through which ha must |>aa*. This Is, Indeed, the diftlc Jlty of tha North. Whara its enemkaa ara in earnest it must look for tha Boat bootlaas vlctoriaa and th* most exhausting conquest*. It la ho light thing for a graut army to advance eras through a rich and abundant country, but If tha200.000 man of Can. MoClellan have to march through a wilderness, and to aarry with tham arm y pound of maal and avery buahal of oorn, lhair advanca will aoon booms iwpuaeibla. JclT. Davla' Rrpicaentatlvr In Londun. rn ambassadorshit dwindled into a commercial AOKNOT, to th* Bonos or rue loxdob tihbb. Perceiving from your advancing column* that an arronaona tmpraaaion ia likely to be produced by persons who have no offlcial connection with tha Confederate g?. varument, I feel it my duty, at the commercial agent of tho Confederate Sut?a at London, formally appointed ami commissioned by me Department of Stalo at Kich>a Jd, to inform yon that all other persona whatever a. lining tu act in thie capacity dc *o without authority or immisSion from in Comedar&tegovernment. While '-J'l i rufuioufiy a-.oia ?.<* iKt ijteo ranee of exercising . rw.arfun''>or.. to Uny a. tie <JH . al relation emit Ik t?r Mcj-tty't gthernmem a*t tim: wkick I rspi t?tn', I shall ?lwaja lie reuiytc place at the die penal of all ? r.c have de. Iitje ttc (cifedvrate Stairs such informats c or laciliriee ae It may be m my power to give. 1 am, ?:r,ve>v respsttf ly. ycur obedient servant, HENRY HOTZE, Cccfeuerate Slate* tx mmarciai Aged at London. 31 Etrr a/asst. 8- W , March 26 l'lm Pvabedy Donatio! to British Poor. MB. rKABONT K LITTER TO TH* TRCPTEBS 0* TH! yiNP AND TUB REPLY. [From the L- cdon Times, March 24 1 Tha following correspondent a has beer forwarded to us for publication.? London, March 12,1862. Gtntlkmsn?In reference to the intent ion which It It the object of th-e letter to communicate, I am desirous to arp'ain thai irmi a comparatively early period of toy commercial lire 1 had resolved IB my own mind that, ehou!d my I a bore be bl-ased with success, I would devc'.o a i>ortion of the property thus acquired to promote the Intellectual, moral, and physical welfare and comfort of uiy fellow men, wherever,from circumstances or location, their claims upon me would be the strongest. A Kind Providence baa continued me in prosperity,and onsouuenlly, lu furtherance of my resolution, I, in the year 1953, rounded an institute and library, for'the benefit of the people or the place of my birth, in the town of Danvers, tn the ?t?te of Mnssachuaetts, tne result of abir'i lima prrvud in every reapect moat beneficial to the locality and gratifying to myself. Alter an absence of twenty yeare T visited my native lardiulS57, and founded, in the oity of Baltimore, in tbo State of Maryland (where more than twenty years of my ousiue&a life had been passed),an institute, upon a much awe extended scale, devoted to science and the arts, with a free library, coinciding with the character of tht institution. The corner stone waa laid la 1858, and the building is now completed, but its dedication has bi-ei !* ?! |iiacd in consequence of the unhappy sectional difformceb at present prevailing in the United States. It is v w twenty-five years since I commenced my reside:) e and business in London as a stronger; but I did not long reel myself a "alruigor" or in a "strangeland;" for in all my commercial aud social Intereouraa with my British friends during that loug period 1 have constantly r.ceivod courtesy, kindness and confidence. Under a hi .-w of gratitude for these bleaslugs of akiud I', encourag'd by ea'ly associations and stimulated by uiy views, us well of duty as of Inclination, to fo"ow the path which I had heretofore marked out for my guidance, 1 have been prompted for several years past repeatedly to state to some of my confidential friends my intention at no distant period, if my life was soared, tc make a donation for the benefit of the poor of I ondun. Among those friends are three of the number to wbutn 1 have now the honor to address this lottor. To iny pvrticular friend,C. M. Lampoon, Leq., I first mentioned the subject five yours ago. My n^t conversations in "-elation to It wore held about thr? years since wlti- my osteeincd friend Sir James Emerson 'Concent, wirl) my partner. J. S. Morgan, Esq. I also availed ...ysr.lf of opporuniilst to consult the llirht Kovcrend Bishop McIlvnine,Qf Ohio, aad with all there gentlemen I have since frei-'y conversed upon the fcobject in a way to confirm that original Intention. My object being to ameliorato tbo condition of the p r a,id needy of this great metropolis, and to promote th -ir comfort and hvppincvs.l take pleasure i.- apprising y .u that 1 have detorir.iaed to tranarer to you the Bum of fl5c,000, which now stands available for thispurpoao on th-to.ta of Messis. George Peabody k CV.. as you will sec by the a :onmp:iny;ug corr?spondeuce. In committing to you in full confidence in yourJudg ?wmi? the* A.'miitintJitinn i?f thia fiirxt ' mnnnt h.'t 1, ! era efui to you for too onerous dutlri you have so cheerfully ai .dorCiio-U to ,?rfcrm, and I eincerely hope aud furl that the benevolent feelings that havo prompted a devi tion of to truth Of yofir valuable time will be apnroclatvd not only by the present but future goueratious of the pe pie cfl/ : !>>u 1 bs\ c lew fitstrr.ctlons to give or conditions to Impose, but 111 to arc some f' l) lam r. tal prircipiea from which it Is Hiv foitmii lujou. ti'jn that those entrusted with its application shall never, under any, depart. F rst and foremost among them Is the litnitati'm of its aKolutoly ami exclusively to ench purpos. s as may !>e calculated directly to ameliorate the condition and augment the comforts of the poor who, either by birlh or established irsidenco, form a recognized ixirtiou of the populati n of l>ontlo.?. S.-couUly. it is my lutontlon that now and for alt time tlxTC thali tie a rigid exclusion front the manag?mtii! of this fund of any Influences calculated to impart to it a character e'ther sectarian as regarrfe religion or oxcluei\ o iu relaUcn to local > r party polii ics. Thirdly, in conformity wJth the foregoing conditions it is my wish and intention that the sole <pialltlcatione for a parlictp itlou in the benefits of this fund shall be an as. curtained and continuoc oondition of life such as brings the individual within the description (in the ordinary Sense of the word) of "the poor" of London, combined with moral character and good cuiduct as a mombor of seemly. It must, t.heretore, bo held to be a violation of my in trillion* if any duly qualified and desert ing claimant were 10 bo excluded cither ou the grounds of religious belief or of political bios. Without,in the remotest degree,desiring to limit your discretion in the selection <f t'.in most suitable means of giving efTect to these objects, I may bo permittsd to throw out for your consideration, among the other proie-t< which will uecersariljr occupy your attention, whether it may not bo found condun- e to the conditions specified above for their ultimate realization, nnb least likely to present difficult i-s en lie grounds I have notntt-i! for oldanc '. to annlv the fun 1 or a nartt-in oi it. in the construct!^?f such Improved dwellings lor the p > as miy c mbine iu the i*. incut poh- ibie dogice the ' iiiiaL- of heakbfiilar a?, comfort, social enjoyment a:.u ? unotny. Preparatory to duo provsion being made for the formal io:. ' f iho trust ana for It* future ma:-. >ge:i ami approprtat ;tr>, the sum of ?1.">0,000 wih be at <>m o transferred into yo :r ramus and placed at jour uier>< anl. fur which porp I reserve to myself ful power authority. hat, u portion of the bo 'iey ma; probably not be required for w>m? time locomotion) . the Irgitimato purp o titcmplated, I woul suggr-' batas early as pot ible after the organ izatl--n of the'rust,?100,'>00 should be rive-ted f>>r tl>c< t m . being, \.a j utr nam It consols or Foist Jijtfla sick, thus to the coital by means o ' the a.* 'ting tote rest- and the slock so purchased can be gradually told out us f.otn is wanted for the objects designated. Meani'"ne. ?i:>d!tig tb" props ntloii of a formal trust deed,; >? tbail be <ndcr no rc-ponribiPy whatever in lesrwjct of the fund or its Investment or-dUpnetttnn. Y.Mtlt preliminary ilipnlu' lias, 1 commit the fond to ><*:. maaagoinen* and to that of Mich i ther {arsons rs'by a mrloniy of ynnr voices you n ay elect, giving yon fbi p^wor either to add to your r.umbr f-which I thint: -h old red at any time exceed nine) >;r to supply casual vrnati ,ies occurring in ycur body. It is my furthor d. aire ttut the United P'ateu Miumter iu I.onrlou for the i.rne be ng should always, In virtue of the o.TVe, be n member of fho treat, unless In the event of his signifying his ins bility to art m <11 < burgouf ibo riu'ies. I have the honor tj be. gent tenter, years very faitldu'iy. 0GDP.GR PEABOI'Y. To hu Pxee icDcy Charles Franc's Adam:, United steles Mini iter in L 'L'dou: l.igbt line. Lord Stanley, M. P.; Sir James Kraemou Tensent, K.C.S., L.L.C., Ac.,London, C. M. I xn upson .J. S. Mm gen, London. BicrhT OP mi! ntOTTtys. Ixisnos, March Id, 1462 8iS?Wc have t" acknowledge the receiptor your letter of the 12ih iutt., apprising us of your munificent appro. - !- ? l"n Ot the ">iio of .2160,000 towards ametioratii g the r..,ndit:<is if the poor of Lxioiioo, and intimating your wish that ws should act in the >: ; m ity of trustor- i" >r th* application cf this fund. W hither we -insider the purity or the motive, the tiisrniluda oi the gift, or the 'iKcrtmirvk. i displayed in selecting th urpo.-ee to which it is to bo applied, we un'.ot but i .-el that It It for ibe ne">u to appreciate rather than for a few tud!vid ialr l<> erprrus their grafttud" for en act of t>?nef<cence irhieh use tnw (if any) parallels iu modern I imrs. F> r ourstlvoi; we a:? deer'y ci melons of the honor Implied by "he contb'ence yon have rer- .ed In us as the sdminis'.'stor i ? d guard'APS ot yo r oo"ity, and it only is-unr e for us to a.-cure you of the s-'ufaction wiih w| let wo shall accept this trim, act il?e senl with w'-b li wc shall a i'lress ourselves, to the di -cburg of lte d. ies to r>-oi -v. lis precise naturs .a sufficiently osteed and the f-rmgem mis for i's administration sat >r*ctor|ly orgnuI ed f ver faithfully y viin, lARI.bV KTUXCU ADAM*. HKNIJ.Y. ,t. KMKIW'PI TKNXENT. C. M. LAMPSOiV. .1. S. MOW AN. TO tffiUKl,* I BirovT, 1/ U'Jin, L It I i)i Intn.'iTt In Mttlto. CArrtU 0*' 1hk htn,A?c.shii? I.ABL'AN BV tub C'trr.i) stv. t?. d ti?" flour# if Cotam >ijs, on the 34th of March, Mr. B' tnd Hi- L' 'V. -i xr aa-? of dtate fi. Foreign Atii i If ill? *tt?nt!oij of the gorcrnmnn. had bocu called 'o lb? -'tn.l iu M-iXican waiara, f Ilia Rrlti^U vu???' f.?h .an, Uil-a With col'oh , by a cnilMr ol the Uni-c 1Ut i us ,1 r. \a/ ?rd raid in? attention ?f ,.ar >'ajeaty'a g>v?rnr.?nt bad boon oai'rd l?i the capture of a ?# ! la<loa w.ih ooif'i' Vcxioxn waier*. Tb? < ireumxtanr?* of li in? had bioti brought under the nolle? of Lord !./<? . *h# Med? a comm-in^aiioii to j|r. P?e?rfl. lit m*M u:i? >1? to il-i|? to lb? H' ilea hat the r??ult of that lor had bean : u? the *o*ornm?rithad t..ought it Ight lo rd?." a v?aael <f-?ar lo pro# ?<1 to tUtainoraa to defend Piitl?li ii.t???.'ta iu Mei'cxn watera. (flee", near ) The Silk Trxleof Frnnce. BlTBIff'VK ORH?'U? 1 BO . THB I MITICD BTATCA. j Pari? (kau-b / orr. ^udonc" of London Tune? j Ts? Obtnrw/oe .kertcoJ* of valines states tint th? at,it trade eoni lit una to b? In lh? tme aeiia'arinry elate aa rtnrtee tp? preceding week a coneiderablo amount of bu inoea ba- been doae, at. 1 ace -rding aa bolder* ef aiik inc. ?aa*d their domav'a liuyora accepted tb?ir t?rm? Haw Bilk of the (h at lu-.'lty w*e aold at '.h? laat market of Human? at BOf. lb? lllogremm?. Inferior quality ?ai

i?d fro n r.rtr to Mr. At ipun aiik, mo 1, ia Brm a' frum blf. to 70f No. 3, 5Sf. t? 03f. Thla rla? la atI jrib^ied toratlTtd ipeoulatlfl* I? tlMaotlTlUM bo. Y, APRIL 9, 1862.?TRIPI one, whtr# the director of the puhlls (tore* has fouad It expedient to refuse any further supply of raw aiUc In oon sequence of lite crowded state of the warehouses. Ths revival of trada at Lyons haa cau-ed an extra ordinary riaa la the prtoe of Trench raw alik at Aubeaaa, la wbioh Itallaa and Turkish silk participated. Finespun Bilk waa aold at Jeyeuae nt from Mf. to ??f., and inferior at Mf. a 02f. 7Aan* ? (a n ?uiw order* rscsioed fro ? the federal mate* of America, Ike operatives ta Ua eilk a?na factories of tka Ardecke art prviidod w?tk emptoymon1 for tome minthi to come. A letter from Lyons of the 10th tnat. nay a that, although trade in that town la not as brisk as it the preceding we-k, the state of alTairs is still very good, from the 7th to the 10th of March there were 2,720 hairs of silk, wetghiug 207,070 kilogrammes, purchro-d by the manufacturers. Among the articles In deman<1, black lutestring for Kngland holds the flrat place. Lark* orders have been likewise rectiyed for handkerchiefs, light g.iuz-s, and sUits for furniture. The number of frames at w ork are not less than from 60,000 to TO,000. .1apolton,i Reception of the Legislature. 1MB M'KKCB IN RKPLY TO TBB1B ANSWaB TO 1118 ADDKBSfi. The Parts Monitrur of March 24 publishes s full account J of ths reception of the deputation of the legislative body to presout to the Emperor the address vo.ed by it Id reply to the speech pronounced by his Majesty on the opening of the session. The deputation was recotved in ths throne room at half-paat two P M. The President and members of ths committee of the '.egt-lativ# body beaded the deputation. The Emperor, seated on ths throne, had on his right and left his lm:>crtai Highness Monssigneur Prince Nrspo loon, his Highness Prince Joachim Murat, and his Highness Prince Napoleon Charles lionaparte, the grand officers of the crown, the officers of the Eni|>er r1? household, and the officers of ths household of his Imperial Highness Monseigueur the i'riuos Napole< u, the Ministers nnd members of the Privy Council, ths Marshals and. Admirals prseont at Paris, ftc. Ths Prssident of ths legislative body then read the address, to which his Majesty replied as follows:? Mom-writ i s Prbsiikst?Tlis adhesion of the Corps Legislatlf Is the more valuable to me, as the discussion of the address offers a siwctacle worthy of attention. As, unhappily, extreme opinions are moot forward to diipiay themselves, ind as res/oct for the liberty of spoxh eauiej them to be heard in silence, the public o. ten take that silence for tacit awpiioscei c. But ths vols of the ad dress soon dispersed all those clouds, put matters In their trua light, and reestablished confidence. Thus it la that ( receive to day with real satisfaction this new proof of the sentiments of the Corps Legislatif, Yet, allow me to say so, too much emotion was displayed at the simple announcement of certain financial measures. A system can only be rully appreciated when complete. That which is propoeod to you contains nn increase, and at the same time a reduction of taxes, resources fi r extraordinary works which may bo developed or restricted. This question will, however, be discussod by common agreement; and I do not doubt that, with tho spirit of conciliation whioh should animate all, (he Committee on the Budget and the Council of State will act In concert to bring about a solution in conformity with the wishes of tho Chamber and the general Interests. Be good enough, therefore t<> be my interpreter, and express to your colleagues my gratitude for their concurrence, which I ain convinced will never fail me. Assure them thut 1 have no desire to separate myself too soon from a Chamber whose enlightenment and patriotism afford to the country all the guarantees which it cau desire. Garibaldi to the Priests off Italy. Tho Viritlu of Turin publishes the following address of Garibaldi to the priesthood:? TO TUK ITALIAN PRISST8. Gknoa, March 12,1662. I shall not speak of faults. When I speak to crowds 1 quote for them t hese words of the Gospel, ' Let turn who is without sin cast the first stone." Harm jny, therefore, between us if you wish it, but act wall; hitherto you have aided ill. You have made Home a den of wild beasts thirsting for tho destruction of Italy. I am unhappily convinced that you cannot savo tho cardinals from per diticn; but do it iryou can. Moreover, cry to the four winds of heaven that you will have no compaiiionship with the wicked, that you are Italians, you will at least imitate the priesthood of Hungary, of Poland, of Greece, of China, of the eavagos of America, where tho prlust does not deny his cradle,his relations, his fellow citizens, but combats together with them for the independence of theircouutry. the Italian prie i launch forth from tlTe pulpit the sacred words of the redemption of the country, and of tho damnation of tho Vatican. He will then hav?,inthe first place, the entire approbation of bis own conscict.ce, and, secondly, the approbation and gratitude of millions of men. K -Vivs tl c ancient Christianity which proclaims self denial, mutual forgiveness and tho holy doctrine of the equality of uien. It is on these conditions that we cud receive you as brethren. G. Tlic Monster Iron Fleet off Frunce. fl'&ris (March 22) correspondence of London Times.] The following is an enumeration of the hon-cused ships which the Minister of Marine has at his command, and which might proceed to sea on the receipt of a despatch from Pans*? Four frigates, ouch nine hundred horse power, carrying from fulrty-fonr U> forty guns, with a crew ot flvo hundred and seventy men. A corvette, with a crew of two hundred and fifty mon. carrying fourteen guns, the corvette is one hundred and i .'ty horse power. Tho iron cased frigates Magenta and Solferlno might, if required, he prepared for sea within three months; they are each of one thousand horse power; they carry lllty two guns, and a crew of six hundred men. The Prince Imperial, a frigate of equal force. Is not so l"ar advanced. It is not expected that she will lie ready j for sea before the end of the year. lherc are likewisoon Ibe stocks in the various ports of France ten iron-cased frigates of one thousand horse power, each carrying thirty-eight gnus and a crow of live hundred and seventy men, and likewise six iron-cased corvettei of one hundred and filly horse power, oarrying fourteen guns end two hundred and fifty men. in case of necessity all theso might be formed into line of battle within eight months. 1 here is likewise the Plougenr, whose special quality Is to sink no enemy's ship, and which is armed for thai purpoe with a wrought iion spur. And, finally, thero are sixty gunboats covered with an iron mask. These boats, which draw very little water, are intended to covor a descent on an enemy's coast and to protect the French coast. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tiisday, April 8?6 P. M. The following i? a comparative statement of Fie exports (exclusive of specie) from the port of NewYork to foreign ports for the week ending April 8 and since January 1:? l8?o. lwi. isca. For the week. $1,500,602 2,005,689 2,2*7,152 I'ravioua!j ri'jKirtod . 20,846>04 33,668,616 82,606,140 Since Jan. 1 $22>87,216 35,674,606 34,903 29J This is another very excellent exhibit. Our aggregate for the year to dale now only falls riioi t of the rante period of last year by three-quarters of a million, while it is Ir.igely in excess of all previous years. Included in the above aggregate are $332,000 of brcadst'ifls and $341,001) ol pro visions sent to l.rcat tmtam. ?c are sending likewise sufar and coffee to Fnrope. Foreign exchange ha? been rnt.hcr inactive today, the current raiosfor bankers' bills being 112% a 113. Wo hear of sales at 112*4. Francs range from 5.00 to 5.02%, with sales at the higher rate. ConimeTial bills continue very scarce. Gold sold this morning at 101% a %. and was maintained at this price all day. The money market shows no change. On call, money is offered at 7 percent, and in some in stances borrowed at K. f irst class paper sella at 8 a 7 per cent. Certificates of indebtedness are quoted 06% a %, the lower figurc^being aa much aa oan be pot for tbe $6,000 certificates. The $1,000 certificates are more popular, and will ente.r largely into the currency of the country. It is intended to absorb these certificates, and at the same time to borrow tome more moi.ey by an issue of the new five year six par cents; but, so far as we can learn, nothing has yet been determined on the subject. The stock market opened strong this morning, on tb" general impression that important victories aro at hand. About noon udvices of the Bum nder of iplnnd No. 10 were received. The news wns at first discredited, as the first announcement o> the kind which w.n made on the 18th nit. led to disappointment. As soon aa it was ascertained that the intelligence was reliable stocks began to advance, and there was a very avtjvo market.' Governments, which sold on Saturday at &2%, ro?3 to 03% between the boards, und closed 03% bid. Border State stocks were all very active. A very ppeculntive business is being douo In Missouiis. <5ri Saturday they sold at 49; to-day they were sold lr rirj lrrgc amounts at and closed tlint bid. Tonne*aees were likewise 1 per cent higher in the morning, and y% higher again in the afternoon. At the first board to-day Pacific Mail rose New York C'.n" tral %, Krie %, Erie preferred X, Michigan Southern y, guaranteed Michigan Central y, Tralrie t'a Chlen y, and Illinois Contral y%. An active movement appears to be expected in Illinois Central. It la supposed that the first effect of the opening of the Mississippi to Memphis will be a revival of business on the road, and it is said by parties who asi umo to speak for the British bolderB that the news of Comvodore Footo's successes will lead *o th?. repurchase it all the stock which baa beer sold out by foreign holders during the past year. Illinois Central h,*s suffered more from the wur than any other roau in lue country. It would naturally have more to griin gy? ttaaaai o< iUnutttdMUQaln t o-., arr B;?. jE sheet* o dieting a return to the old prices within s short period of time. At the second board prices were ftilly sustained, and a further advance of % per oent in Ilinois Central, % in governments, % in Pacific Mail and % in Prairie du Chien took place. Just at the close a rumor was set afloat to the effect that we had suffered a defeat at Corinth, and the bears took advantage of it to depress prices. It seems probable that the despatch in the Norfolk Day Book, on which the story rents, refers to the reconnoiseance made by the enemy on the evening of the 4th, which in mentioned in this morning's papers. In couscqu.uce, however, of the doubts which prevailed on tLe point, the following closing prices show a decline in several instances from the second board:?United States 8's, registered, 1881, 93% a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 93% a %; do. 6's, 1874, 86% a 67%; Tennessee fl's, 67% a %; Virginia C's, 67% a 08; Missouri 6's, 61% a %; Pacific Mail, 100 a 100; New York Central, 83% a %; Erie, 37 a %; do. preferred, 61% a %; Hudson River, 36% a ?! Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 30% a %; Readbig, 43% a 44; Michigan Central, 66% a %; * Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23% a %; do. guaranteed, 46% a 47%; Panama, 120 a 121%; Illinois Central, 61% a 62%; Galena and Chicago, 68% a %; Cleveland and To'- do, 46% a t/. _ J r? i. t..i j rri / . a . ni.: J Xa> ^iiK-'agu auu iwua ibimuu, 007^ ? vwii?jagu, 1 liurlington and Quiuey, 1 a 62; Milwaukee and I Prairie du Cliien, 28 a %; Cleveland Colnm- ; bus and Cincinnati, 112% u %; New York Central i 7'a, 1876, 102% a 103%; Erie third mortgage ' bonda, 92 a %; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 08% a 99; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 68% a 89%; gold, 102 a %. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows < to-day:? Keoelpte $593,253 37 ?Kor customs 148,000 00 Payments 171 160 40 llalanco 6,356 002 22 The weekly statement of the Philadelphia banks, made up Monday afternoon, presents the following aggregates aa compared with those of the previouH week:?| Marrk 31. April!. Capital Stock $11,970,900 11.970,600 ? I/rans $7,831,838 $8,087,601 Inc.$206 351 d-cle 6,834,314 6.886 424 're. 2,110 Due Pot othei banks. 2,134,39$ 2.281,889 Inc. 06.407 l?ue to othsrbanks.. 6,100,186 6.607,488 Inc. 507.302 IVpositi 17,024,198 16.030 f-38 I'oc.387 660 Circulation $,004,642 8 378,970 Inc. 574,428 The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House this morning were $16,914,456 37, and the balances $842,080 56. The City Fire Insnranoe Company, of Boston, has declared a semi-annual dividend of five per cent, payable on demand. Merchants and others holding 'quartermasters' checks on the United States Treasury can have the same collected, in six per cent certificates of indebtedness, through Adams' Express Company. The earnings of the Buffalo, New York and Eric Railroad Company for the month of March, 1862, wars $81,144 97 March, 1861 49,191 46 Increase, 1862 $31,960 61 The long existing dispute between tbv Delaware i and Hudson Canal Company and the Per rsylvania Coal Company, which has so seriously affected all the different coal interests, has at length been taken up by tha Legislature of Pennsylvania, ss will be seen by the following extract from the Ilurrisburg correspondence of the Philadelphia Ledger:? Mr. Reilly, of Schuylkill, introduced, and tho Senate 1 passed,? bill deeding tlio Attorn#) General to oommsnoe 1 uroceeflinm within aixtv (Java aff&ni^t Lit* iJuliwara and Hudson Canal Company And the Pennsylvania CoAlCom pany, to tsst the validity ol a cont a t bearing date August 31, 1847, by which the Delaware and Hudson Canal (Company leased one lull' the capacity of their canal to the I'ennsylvanl i Coal Company. In case it shall ap- I pear that this agreeuv ut excecuwd the legitimate powers of said corporation*, and that they or either uf then: shall refuse to annul the seme, the parties so refusing shall be proceeded against lor the >.i n so or annulling its charter; and In case the Attorney tiencr il cannot carry o n tbeso ob.eots, be is directed to report to the l?giala ture what iurther legislation is necessary for the purpose. This bill was missed by the House of Represents- ( tivea at this morning's session. Stock Exchangee. Tib pat, April 8,1882. $2000US 8'S, *67... 04 (Mi shs PacMSSCo.sSO 01,% 1000 use's,'68... 04 15 do 99% 54000 U S 6's, 81, reg 93!,' 8 NY Central RR.. 83;; TuOOO do 03 50 do 860 83% 10000 USe s,'81.c.bl0 93% 100 do slO 83% 26000 do 03 >4 620 do 83% 5000 do b30 93% 423 Erie RX 37% 1<>000 do blO 03% 100 do hSO 37?, 100(10 U S5's, 74, cou 66% 200 do blO ?:>, lOOOTrea 6 po, 2 y'r 1(0% 3C1 do. 37% 3000 Oblo 6's, '75... 09 200 do h30 27% 400'. tenn 6's,'00.. 56 310 Mich S h Nla RR. 2% 2000 do 66% 200 do 233, 1000 do 56% 60 Erie RR prof..... 62 10000 do 67 100 do blO 62 5000 Virginia 6 s... 57% 40o do b30 61% 9000 Missouri 6's... 62 100 do (11% 10000 do b.'tO 52 50 Hud River RR... 36% 60(8) do 61% 45N..r a: W'-rKK .. 81 5000 do 61% 160 Reading RR 43 20000 do blO 51% 60 Mich Cen KR.bOO 6(1% KoOO do r60 61% 50 do U60 66S, 31000 do 51% 250 do 56 ; lotiOO no blO 61% 14 do 66 2000 California 7'8.. 86 -100 do 47 lOOOHr'OltiyD o w 1. 100 10 do 40\ bOOO F KR 8(1 ml>,'83 9-2 280 Panama Kit 121 6000 Hud RRlslm. 104 150 IUConKIticrlp.. 61J, 600 do 103V 60 do t>30 62 2. 00 Rucl Klv 6 f b?. 100 360 <lo 0l>t 4'iOO Tol .9 W 1st m. 76 100 do b20 61V 3u00 Tol k W 2d m. 48V 100 do !> _") 61 \, lOuO tial k Chic 1 m. WX 100 do L>30 CIV ?CV)( I A: Tol sfbdg. 85 V 100 do 330 01 V 16000 American gold. 102V 10D Cltf t PIIM'g RR 17>< 6000 do 830 102V 60 Gsl h Chicago RB 6i>.; C6000 do b30 102V 1280 Clove ft Tol KR 46 V 70 aha Am El Hark. 81?V 1600 do blO 46'; j5 Metroporn Bank. 96 100 do s-'ib 4A?, 6 Continental liAi.k 86V 60? lJo 46% 20I'urk Hank 100 100 do l>30 4614 66 1*1 Jt H CaimlCo. 90 426 MilAPditChlOoRR 27 V 3 C'u'n b Co?l pro.'.. 8 100 do 860 27 3461'RCt.iC M S3 Co.. 99.V 60 do b30 2s 6BCON0 BOARD. 326000 USA's,'81..f8 9T.V 60 ebs iCrlo RB 37 V '.roco do 130 9iV 60 do bio 3TV bOCOO US 6's, '81 cpn 93V 60 do K!0 37 4 600 do 94 60 Erie KB piV.sflO 61V 6<"i0 US flo '81 Owl XyM 60 do 61 \ 5300 Ur 5* '74, cpn 87",' 1"0 do blO 61V 6000 T*nn 6*, '90.. 68 15o do 61 \ 6000 do 150 68 100 Jlsilem BR 12V 16000 'o 68V 60 0b,P .V <} RR b30 01 >? 85000 d<> 58V 60 Keying KR .. . 43V 1000 do hrO 68V 300 do 44 l(O00Mh*?s<>nrl6'i?.?6tl 62 69 M!<;U Ceu RR.b30 5dV iOCO do bio 62 60 do bSO 66 V 6000 do 61V 60 do 80 V 600 do -60 61V 60 do Jt'V 2000Ooeben I'r bd? 90V 10 Mich SkN I RR 2<V 1000r,B*i.R118,B-bd* 97V 100 .10 38V 5000 Am Odd... b80 102V 60 M KftN 1if (tk.b30 47 \ 6000 do 102 50 do 47 ?: 36uOO do 910 102 1CS0 111 C#o ilB iu.sSO 63 10 gr.*Bk of roro... 88 160 do *30 02V 20 Am Kx Pk 89V 160 do MO 62 v f,o ;?ac M SSce..*80 loo loo do 62v 60 do *80 100 v 100 do 62 V 60 fl" 100 V 10O 'o bio 62'. 60 do bSO 1C0V 10w do blO 62V r.r> v v r?.n RR . k:-.u f.nn*1 A n. /> ru mi. 100 do7.:"\bio IV'i 200 Clare A."tci'Rli!48 " to tin.r .. ..b8C i?K> Mil A' IT do ' h KH WKf ' 160 do 83 10 do. y8?a CITY CUnMEUCIAli REPORT. Tuksuiy, Ap'll I?o p. U. imw.-'TMm?rlet vui; iy, wt:b moue. it* (aim a f 6 80 for peorla, and > ft 62X for pot*. Itacai wr rra.?* lour -The market wns hone y and rrloe* for :l>o low ij)(l ronnuoo |r ><j*s :.,<?<lallv cheerv. Kxti'a g'ratiea Wore without malarial J T1 at' t em'.ra'.ed about 8,COO bbU , cloaing o.? ttc fol'o?. la; . b..?t*| 3u[ioiftr.aSuto ...... fftlr. a 6 2" , Sxtradtato 6 22 ?? A 30 bnporbl'O Wrwtarn A 16 A 8 20 (Vtnriioi toel.oi.e attra Werre.n 6 2fl a ?' ?o i Canadian ft A> a 8 M { >.' tn?rn iiliod .i> good aui-arfljia Ml ? ti? Extra do 5 10 a 7 CD j flood to choice family do T CO ? 7 74 , Fyttlit) 3 10 a 4 25 Corr in? uereey and Prardywiu. ... > no n ,1 10 , ?''K.itdiar floor r*U off about fir. r>er bt.,wil mora . 1. unfit .no dacilno, t.e aa * liavm* o< 1 ret p about 1 1,200 bbla. Southern flott* waa bna.y, tl ?u?.lt ? ? e* were t afalre* eat, with ?aie,. 01 1 ,:joi> bbla. ?.t our 10 u 1 t "ui. It/0 war * im a.oui, w f 2ft) bDl*. Oort. meal was ttandyai ib' above prictt, Willi 1 aaloa of 800 > b.a. Wb??t waa dull ami va ra lli.a.i, < while price* for rrn at oeacrl^tiobo were umnal. rttlee werea af!n*d ti>4 OOaft/KXibco! ela in ..trull k>U ai $] to 1 for Hllor?"k'' cIul ,fi 0* Coi inferior northern wblto, aid $1 80 f r prMe red ctato winter, .rid rhol. o Woai- I era winter do .vaa reported at $1 84. Cora waa le*a 1 I oyanl In j rice, bu. active. The rale.- embraced ft&.coO bushelrat fi'.)c a fifltir. for iT?atern mlxeo'0 e.ora. 81o. do. delivered,Gftc. e Mr. ,'or Western wta't*, and tin. a fi2r for I'alauara ya'low. ityaeaa itaidy, with ealea cf .1,000 buaheii a'. TOr. a 81c. < n tbo ; lar and daliverod. Rarlev wm la fat* demand w lb salt* of d.oco boabo'e Canada Baal at tl e railroad depot at 88c. Oata w8fo la 1 fair eeaaaad, aad prlcaa steady. > WM ?** 88191 8^8 M 8M. nent WIT# reported. The circular of fleott * Sun glvag he following m ilemeal of stoelu In thla market:?Stock >f Klo and Sen toe on the let April, 1H1. fIT.iiniyiaga lecelved since to date, 3,129 bags. 8alca end shipment* er the week, 6.773 Stock of Klo end Saute* on the K'b lay of April, 1862. 84,210 Javacuflee, reels, 16,4':' irnuient hags, 1,366?17,780, Ceylon, mats, 2.5C*. el bo, 16.247; leguayra, 4,032; St. Dom4 n,, -j W 'eara,4,910, other deeeriptiona, 2,188. T>> *i >u - i >aga, 133.837. Tne prlcee ware?Rio, no , ./ good, 20c. a20t<c.; fair, 19c. a If ' 8e. a 18>4c.;.falr to good cargoea, 19. ? d.4 Mibo, 21c. a 23c.; Ieguayra, 21c. a 22o '?* m.i k <aga. 20e. a 20 4;o., cash, all four mOB'bn. b i Uo at Baltimore, on 6th April, was 27,'4< b c? - 1. lelpliia, 2, "00 bsgs; at New York, 8tli tpr < >; 20 ? - . Mai, 114,010 baga. Oono*?The market was decide >0 i " "> lOtive, baring ckwed at an advance o; tes:det< the government sale of 1,1-gn b . ? he cargo ot the M-ignolla, 2,.'of bait eri wivate salee to the trade,a good . a-. ,<>? i ? >asiaof28o. a 28 t?c. for middling < . s l i. .iv lale drew a large and epirlted c, in \tnd the greatci portion, aoma 90o ' I* , ??o . I t~*4 ij one i>arty, Meners. Reynold o., i.> i>, ?'i Jpraeua.of Providence, at prl - a .. . <rn nfmor to 26 t^c. for ordinary mi d i middling upland*. One lot 1 w ' :i ?r > a at too. The quality of the cot t .j Me . cw , wee t very strong one, and the , l .1 ?e those Mirrent tn brokers for the m.. si\ ' 'Adt r? 1 ma arrs?Katea ware i bo.-, r $:i escape mer.ts limited. To Liver I oshels corn ts 1' were engaged at 4)tfd.. ( 3 ?:?*. wheat, do. at 4,H" iml 3,000 do. do., In nhl >, ai 6d.; 830 boxes bacon it. 15a., and by neutral , 169 boxes baron at 17a. 6d. tune flour In an Amer -.n essal was reported at la. Tc bendon 2 000 bbla. f a ere engaged at ls.Td.:100 bhda. tallow at 20a. Glasgow 00 tlercee beef at 4s. 3d. and SO boxen bacon at 20a. To Bremen 2b bbla. petroleum at $2. The I'ritUh bark Marluor wo.t engaged fbr Cork fur ordera, wlin privilege to the Continent, with 2,000 bbls. p<-trol?um at 7a. 6<J. Hat.?We have no change to not lee In prices, while sales a era moderate, at 76c. for an i potent and 86c.for city un. MoLawaa wa* quiet at 22c. a 2fc. for Cuba, with limit ad aale. f N tvA.-.tb'OREs.?The supply hon become very limited, while prices were flrmer, with sab s of 160 bbla. spirit* turpentine at $1 20, .oad sales of 700 bbia. common roala st $7 26 per 310 lbe., from yard. Oiuu?Wo have no tmpoi taut chance to notice In Iln seed, petroleum or olive. Tho following, front tha Whmlenvm'i Shipping Liu, gives the move nenta in Naw Codford for the week ending the 7th Inat.:?Ci- j m?Tha market la witnout transactions since our Isi . there being no demand. Whalo is quiet. Tho trmisaoilons for the week Include sales of ?26 bbls., In parcels, -t 48c. per gallon,and 400 bbla. of tho nila'a ca^go at a price not transpired, but understood at the same prioe. Provisions?Pork?The market was quiet and prices without quotable change. Tho tales fooled up 460 ,i 600 bb's. at 813 a $13 12% for new mens, $12 50 a $13 fot Western prime meas, f]0 26 a tin 60 lor prime a <d $14 60 tor clear, lleef was tirm and lo rat demand. with' sale* of 300 bbls. at $12 a $13 for plain mesa, and $14 26 a 114 50 for extra. Prime mors beet' waa stead ( with sales of 160 tiorcea at p. t. Western was at 810, and India moss at f?2 60 a $23 60. Evcfhatna wore in moderate demand, wiln sales of 150 ' bis. at $17 f-X Cut meats were active and flviu. Sates of H00 packages were made at 4>?0. a 6c. for dry soiled shoulders, 6 ,,o. a 0 V?o. for hams, 7c. for English |r>ng cut do.,and 7,000Iba. pickled bams, to bo put i light o.a.-ks, at 7u. Bacon waa firm and in good request, with sales of 1,000 bbls. at 7l-^c. for short rl! bed, . lor long clear do. and 60. for IoDg clear city. Ln 1 wa* active and firm, and In good request, with sales of 1,4*0 at 7^c. a 8 J?c. Kit?Tho market was firm uutl quo lull ,us nominal. Mr. Ecgono O'Sulilvan, lu his circular per "China" for Liverpool gives the following sir ement of -tuck in tbla market:?1.076 casks Ca.ohua, 20O do. Para, 21,526 baga cleaned Fast India, 60,015 bags and mats unr-lraned do., against 10.123 casks Carolina and 3.200 bag* Last india same time last year. St oaks wero ilrm and in fair demand. The sales embraced 400 a 500 Lhds. Cubes at 0>,c. a CJ^c. for common to fair re fin: lif goods, and at 7c. a 7>t'o. for grocery yrades. and 800 boxes were sold, Including 700 at To. a 7%c.. and6.00C bags of Manila were Sold at p. t. Smas.?Sales 576 cases No. 1 nutmegs wore made at p. t. Whiskxt.?The amendment brought about In the tax 011 imparted mora activity to the inaket,and sates of 1,500 bbls. were made at 23c. for Slate and at 24o. a iur n twioru. S H I P P I N G N E W ST aim t it .a c ran new tom?tvis oat. mhtmsm 5 Sit I noon Kisits morn 2 IT ion sins 0 i! i wat?* morn S m ^ ^ \ . Fort of New York, April 8, 186a. CLEARED. Ktoamahlp China (Br;, An emon, Queenatown and Liverpool?E Ctinarrt. Ship Rudolph, Ode.Valparalao?Fundi. MclnckeA Wendt. Ship Mile'ua (Br), Bran, Liverpool?J Stile A Co. Ship Coronet, Uarudcn, Lepraux, MB?Walah, Carver A Clause. Bark B Colcord. Colcord, Oard?r.a??R P Buok A Oo. Bark W H Wall. Cimtner, Philadelphia? H Banner. Brig Veata. , tjueeiiniown?M'tlall .* FrtA. Brig Onward, l'ointcllv, KnJ anclro?O 8 Coll. Brig Edith Aun (Br), llarrie, Laguayia, Ac?Brett, 8oa A Co. Brig P?n Bird, O'Nell, Philadelphia?C A E J Peter*. flcbr Abby Bracket!. McCobb, Fruitera?Metcalf A Duneaa. Schr Ocean Wave, /.cult', A* comae?L Kenny. Scbr E BurnL'tt, Decker. Dai's Island?L Kenny. Sc. Iir E Herbert, Appleby Kant port?J Bo.inton A Son. Schr Angellne, lllx, Rockland?W S Brown A Co. Hehr M E Mar.g'im. V'altn, Cloiicratar. Sloop Rhode Mand, Remington. Providence. Sloop Suffolk, hilUworih Norwich?IIS Kackett. AJUUV0L U 8 itram gnnboat Mot-awn, Cuniuiauder Ju H Strong, Key Weai, April 1. steamihlp Bi?rk?tonr, Varstow. frora a crul?e tn search of IT S ship Vermont. Loft New York Mareh 28. and ran aa far Kit 1st 3), Ion ' 9: cruised between Ion 6? an ' >, lat 89 a .4 14, hot taw nothing of the Vermont. Mar. h 27 at #9, loo ?2 10, spoke Br brtg Hasher, of Haitian, bound U;ne?tda/, , nwl through a quantity of wreck Muff; 29th, had a heary NW gale, uhlch lasted 1K> hours: l?i insL Und a heavy gala commencing at 9 an I se fling to NW Increasing to a hnrrtcane, during vrh.eb shifted roil, provisions, Ac; (Sth, had a heavy NW gale, wl?h rain, ihmiler. lightning and a very heavy tea. 7th, off Harnegat, opokn French frig., to Bellou*, lor New Vrrk. Ship Ken hoard (BrenO, XlacMtmeyer, Bremen, 34 days with ntdae in.I 49 passengers, to H Barnatai-ff. Marrh 9, off Slirtlund Inland, spoke ahIp Imopene, Schmidt, of and from Brrm.'ti for N?w York. Bark rr.thflnilrr (of Thoniaaton), Snow St 1,'bes ibid, with salt, to ft W Trendy. March 2, bit 2 20, Ion If -poka Hr Lrig Zeoulon, 24 day a from St lolm, N B, for J, 21th, lat 26 23, Ion (31 37. *pokt Urctn ship Carl, 48 da>? 'torn Ltvt rwoul fur Philadelphia. Bark Crusoe (or Boston), Whiting, Sag-in, IS day , with a ichi, lo master. 4th Inst, off Ufeiiaros^a*|ed subr lMdpetlo, bound N. ^ Bark Reindeer, lirlghtraan, Newport, 2days, in tgdlaetLld master. **** Hi it Mlrnehala (B-, of Yarmouth, MS ; Pciry,^^rfjh| Feb20,wlih hi, to Ark :11 A IlurJ*. Had W wlnJW^Bg W of the Banna M Hi tg Volant (of Bangor), Podge, Milan;**, 16 day* rKfc i nttgitr, 10 C l.uling; wv' to Brnt, Sou A Co. Dad vtryw^d I tvrailier on outward paaaat'e: loat bout, A". Bi.c Blidounaoii (Br, of Yarmouth, MS), Shaw, St Martin-, March 19. with ?nlt, to B" <1 A !Ilar?en. M ruh 20, lat 28 52, Ion ?7 34, paste, sehr ? C Knight, bound 8. SchrMoutheru JJrlle (Br, of Nariau), OoodaeU. Pinarara, Marrh 18. with so Jur, to Jos Enees. March 25, lat 23(18, ton 611, tvnt boarded by if b gunboat W G Anderaoii; 4ili mil, lal 3.1, '.on 74, apoke Bremen brig Joanna, trom Rio for DeUwarg Breakwater. Snhr Osuray (Br), 1 rout, Cornwallls, 11 day*. with potatoes, to D ft liew olf. Srhr fluaun Abbott, Ludiam, Port Royal, 9 day*, with turpentine to Hiram Barney. Schr J tV Hind, Minsoo, Hat *ra* Inlet, 10 daya, wflfe rcain, to Raylla A Hamlin 8cln C W Chajitn. Fa ult im, Tangier lor Clinton. Hchr M Mnybee. D uglity.Vlrglni.i, 4 riiy*. Schr Colorado, rihepard. Ruena Vlwa, t r'jya. Rehr A llammool UUeli.*, Phlladripl,-ii lor llratoa. Bchr W li Rowf, ilarr'*, Philadelphia fur 71-xXun 8.;hr lit) Smith, Smith, Phil "lelphta lor New Hnven Bohr W r.oQienl, Parker, Pi. htdelphhi -or New Hares. Snhr Iloiaoo, P-inker. Kilrahetbport for Bo-i-'O. K-hr Rio Grande, Allen, EMialw-(b{i<-ri frr H.>?ioa Schr Seaport, V. laor, K-ira'-etlipoi t for no-i'lip-rt. Hchr l'e r* 1, Kobhlns, It uckaporl, 9 day*. B- hr Ocean Star, f-rrelaee, Camden, 9 d.-tra. Bclir I L Snow, Achcrn. Rockland, 4 day a. Bc'nr \ .)mpe?on. Jnnv a--n, Hoiklan-l, 4 d?y? Kchr Northern idsbi, Lane, Vlnalli?v,i> for S'alen III and Sehr Minnehaha. Thompson, Fa-I Hirer, 1 'aye. Sflir Mieebief, llrlgiuman. Newport, ' rtaya. Kchr C 8 Hniaril,, Hartford, J -lata brhrCalw, Phlnne;, New H,itrn, J days. Btaamer Kl:en STeiry ;f 8 lr?n?port)?(:tiaptn, Nawbarn, NC, 5 'lay. to I.' 8 Qner- .master. Steamer M Hter?o? Hon her'*, Rohlniore. Steamer Mara. Nloheta. Philadelphia. Steamer Pelican, J one*, Pro?!, BKLOW French 'team frigate Ballo-n, from Hat-ana. Ship Kcntncklan, Merijrman, trim Harre Hark r.liilla (8'c), from Palermo jut day*. Brtg New Olote, Phillips, fr on Havana (reported did fot Banror Match37). Brig Nellie (Mr), from flat ,n* MrlL .to' toe, from Bermuda. Hchr Ralph P> it, from Hchr A Catiala (Br). Wind during the day NE 'o KNE, with dnow. Bihrtiluneoui, ftntittia Lavaa-dipii.. Vila**, April ,T_Thp aicaniet lAuralaaabo 1 una mtl< uonh ol H<j i?u InVt. She cu..a on 'ill* rtioiMtic, eu l P.;? 'n the undertow. crow Mved, aud an? taking ?,* freight out of her. Sbe will r -nbehiy etm# on top of to bearta at blob wafer. The eobrJIV''Ind, frooi llatieras Intel, baa o boat . 110 hb'i Main, ai d Uio nbr finer Abbott, frnre re. Royal baa PTQ bble turyeuUna ami 26 u* aplrl'a, tak?n a' To -nandfua by Hi* U M -quad row. *-# article" arc cuatlgncd to Uinta. BarB?T.C'.ilecmrof lb. port. fa Bib* Ri '**?Ttreolra, March tS?Tba ""'Ian, fcwatl, of Liverpool, 'm:i Hew York for Unaanatown raimo .th, p'.u Into Villa ?ln l'.ayo Ley St,., making IS Ian v af-ran 1 ;,ur. Sh.- baa alnce I e?'i brouj hito Aligns, wrer, *" anchored H.h tliaben eiiseaje. aud uss at dlacbi.rg. a- no l*. k la riput sad to b* li h? rudder '? *- The na, i 1 lner?ry li*it"i. and 'i.imayo I cotfdilloi . Sh' oomn.. ee I dteen?%ng to-day. (Tb# Kile* wa? baiora sported at ndoned. 1 Laso Paiac* Airtaan. which pat Into N.'-.,?rl after lehoin at Perl .Tudltl >,ei a eurgo of n , err -ntljsQ obla ,f '.ioiirai d ntral. ?ho Is. injured mo v tba? wm expected, mUna KOO utrok"" p*' hour, and will rfiec'iar, i Whip AH.rdel. 10M ma, butttla Mu'ue In l.trl, haa be a <| ?t London far 1.11,f Xfc caeh. Sh'p Wm V M .?*?. Mt. .a, built at ta h In i d, haa be?*. mU at *iu oa ea aha Ilea at Cardiff Id a uantar i eta's froia laol-lal m, for .tUOO, well. Dhlpe lea -0 H Boa; Iman and Bail* 1.. ?.) hue i tran?Carrad In -lie IHIUah Bag. Bb'p itreron, df Falrliaveti, S9S tona, liaa h in purrhaaed t. Cant Joe Hiokcta nlid for Urawcts actoi nt, o ho enpinyi l * a iia' i1 from H<> olo i. She will ! * n.ted with hat nhil'if t." kie, bceta, an t pi joaad to New York to taka In prorlnoes., he for Hoc-,lulu. B?'i ryrniont. 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