Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1862 Page 7
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ANOTHER BRILLIANT VICTORY, j Attack of flic Rebel* on tlic Union Forces at Pittsburg Landing. Continued Fighting from Daybreak Till Late in the Afternoon. Beauregard and Johnston in Command of the Rebels. r Compile Defeat of the Enemy, with Heavy Loss on Doth Sides, h Sc., M, WMHimt., AprO S, 1862. Tb?-Tji>o?r(oc aMegnge w?s rr-ciTKl by the Secretwj ?Of Vw tbh evening:? On the 6th iustaat the rebels. ia overwhelming oum -pers, attacked our forces at Ibl'sburg IanJing. The belli# lasted from morning till lato in the afternoon, and resulted in llie complete defeat of the rebels, < srlth hea-y Iom on both sides. General Grant is following up the onemy. Oeoeret itunll has arrived In Tennessee. Two divisions >?f his army wore in the hot lie. DFHPATOH FROM CKKERAL HALLECK. ill. I.outs, April 8,130.*. Hoe. R. M. BrANron, Secretary of War :? The enemy attacked out works at Pittstmrg,Tennessee, yesterday, but were rep Ised with heavy tos?. No --details ?'? given. H. W. HAL1.KGK, Major General. AHOfTlONAL PARTICULARS OF THE BATTLE. Chicaco, April 8, 1862. A pri.ato despatch received in this eity tonight i rrom one of General Grant's sintt says that "we have Ibufht and woo the hardest battlocrer fought on this oootinent." The despatrh i>; <>al'<d Pittsburg. Landing, April? f'aiHn, April 8,1862. Information was received here to-night that on the 6tb * the rebel forces, undar General Kesuragard, attacked our fbroes under General Grant. Tlia battle lasted all day. Our linen were driven in by the attack, but as our re eervea woro orougni into ucuun ruo ion grouna was regaiaed, and the rebels repulsed with greet slaughter. ' Oar loss is very heavy. No particular! are known as y* v GENERAL IIALLECK'S ANNOUNCEMENT OP THE VICTORY AT ST. LOUIS. St. T.ouis, April 8,1M2. la reaixmHO to a serenade to nig tit, General Halieck Id that General Beauregard, with an immense army, advanced from Corinth and attacked the combined forces Of General? Grant and Bucll. The battle began at day. break yeuterday and continued till late in the afternoon, with terrible loss oe both aides. We have gained a complete vtoMcy, and driven the enemy back williiu his 'fortifications He also announced his departure for the field to mor-row muring. MOVEMENTS OP BEAURKOARD AND JOHNSTON. Locmvii.t.s, April 8, 1842. The Nssheille Patriot of this morning, eays e gentleOten who left the neighborhood of the rebel army of the Went last Thursday, says General Beauregard left l/ina< n vim u?j wuu ma buiimiiuu iw ruruj, lean., ad G?n<'al Jotaaaton laft for Purdy ihe uino day via Hanburg. U nt xpec.t^il tlioy would bring on a baf. (I* Friday or Saturday, if their march was not itnpadud Of rot* SCENE OF THE BATTLE. l I k^*ov A* ;#}_ ij/mw&ij&p \ / / Mr. V.l#?/" \ .rtUil * ??tesf/ V^S \/^ einw-iM BKBBL ACCOUNT OF THE BATTLE. Fort**** Monro*, April 7, 1M2. A Norfolk paper of this morning cootaina a dcrpHtch from Mobile, dated the tlth inrt., nnnQiinctr.g the roreptioo of newa from Corinth that morning of a great battle; that the Cbafedoratna had u.k?n eight federal batterieaand a lufco number of |>riaoaera,and that it waa expected llie^bole federal army would he awpt mra*. Tfcla la givrn aa a apecimen of the rebel mode of keeping up Uieapiriw of tboir people an<l the courage of their *f?r THE WAR IN THE SOUTHWEST. CuciOO, April 8,1862. A special despatch from Cairo to the Chicago Tribute says-.?MoaU oomiaanoad running to New Madrid to day. Tha rivar bng fallen Tour reet in the last two da;a, greatly facilitating tha aparaliora of Cienaral Pope. Hon. timereon Ktheridge arrived thle evening Tram Vaducati.. llo has telegraphed a large number of cit?aeae, who were diivon away by the rebel troops, to rome down to return with hiin. They probably leave to morrow Reliatda reports received from Jen Thompson a week ago place him In tho twampa tome eighty uiMea west of hare, with a few hundred marauders. Several men, who have bean in hia army, from llie vicinity of Charlnaton, Mo., have petit oned Meneral Siri ng for the pi ivllago of taking Ui? aalh of ullegiuiica. Tiia General lias authorized tlio County nierk to tnko bonds and administer tho oath. A afiei i?: do. patch to the Cli rag 7 says Mint four hundred and eighty prisoners, Including several officer*, tinny pi*,t>a of artillery and a large ipmntlty if viirauul% NEW YO Hon i niuslci'U and /mall arms were ciptur.d on Tltaml No. 10 II m said that the rob.lx bad become demoralize I, and iu many caase whole regimonts refused o obey enters. Much ill fe?liug prevamid anion* tb? otflcerx, and none b nl any conQdeiico iu their coalman'4 in* oOioer Capluir of Two IKebel ItraailW-ArrMl ufUrbrl Spies at Naihvlllr, . < .an.vsai'i, April H, lMI'J. A special despatch to ttu* TndintiapolU Jvurnnl, d te<1 Nashville. Till inxtant, nays that lieiieral lliiiiinot 1* jug) uow bringing in twoboetleada or meal, weighiug ItiO.OiKJ pouud.s, capturod by Coluuol ll'i/z ird llfly mile* aboy. here on ibo Cumberland yesterday. Coiooel Dufliold, atWurfreesb-re, e.ipturel a mail di reel from Coriulb, wish upwards of I Hi lullara. many ol llmra containing valuable informal ion in regard to tli? M reugtli and position of the enemy. From theso letters tleueral 1 turnout learned of a uum her of spies at Nashville and Kdgulleld, and bad tbam ar rested. POSTSCRIPT. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9-A A. M. Additional Details of the Battle at Pittsburg. A Pitched Battle of Two Dacrs Duration. The Bloodiest Fight ol Modern Times. Eighteen to Twenty Thousand Union Men and Thirty-five to Forty Thousand Rebels Killed, W ounded and Missing. Tlie Rebel Generals A. Sidnej Johnston Killed and Beaiire* gard Reported Wounded. Complete and Overwhelming Victory of the Union Foroes. The Union Cavalry in Pursuit of th Flying Enemy. Ac., Ac., Ac. I'itiiiuuko, via Kort Henry, April 9, 3:30 A. M. One of (ho greatest and bloodiest battles of mod or days lias just closed, resulting in the coiapleto rout ofth enemy, who attacked us at daybreak Sunday morning. The battle lasted without intermission during the eutii day end was again renewed on Monday morning, an CHi'iaucd undecided unlil four o'clock ie the sfternooc when thoenctny commenced tbeir retreat, aud are sti (lying tewsrds Corinth, pureuM by a large force of ou cavalry. The s'angnter on both sides is immense. We have killel and wonndrd and musing from eighteen t twenty thoueand; that of the enemy Is estimated s from thirty Ave to forty thousand. It is Impossible, in the present confused state of eflain to&eortain any of the details; I therefore give you th b. it account possible from observation, baring passe through the storm of action during the two days that i raged. Tbe light was brought on by a b. dy of three hundre of theTwenty-Qah M'?auuti ie.-uncnt, of (ien. I'renlist I division, attacking the advance guard or the rebel* \ which were suppoaed to lift the plck?*t? of the enemy i t'ront of our cam | *. I The rebels immediately advanced on (Jon. Prentiss division on the left wing, pott ring volley after volley r musketry, and riddling onr camps with grape, caunletr and -In II. Our forces soon formed nlo line and return' llmirtlre vigorously, and by the time we wore prepare ' to receive tbemhud turned their lie*\.c?t Hie ou tli ; left centre, Sherman'* division, and drove our m* hack from tli'ir camp*, .md hiiugng up a fi t .<>b fo*. c ' opened the on onr left in*, tinder If on. Mciernand 'i llis (li e w is rctnrn-d widi tcrr.hle and drier miii'-d spirit hy both iiil'nntry and artillery aim; the whole film for a distance of over four miitfe (formal Hnrlburt's division wits thrown forward I sii|i|*M*t the centre, when * despmale conflict ensued Toe rehe's were driven hack w u h ter* ihte slaiuliier, hu jioii rallied and drove bait our men in turn. Froti [ about nine o'clock, the lime your correspondent arrive nu the Held, until night closed on the bloody acene. then was no iieterminal ioa tit the result of the struggle. Tli ' rebels exhibited remarkably good generalship. / ' times engaging the le.i a* itlt ipnarently their who] I strength, tbey would suddenly open a terrible and dt ' giiuci ive rtro on lh? right ur litre, ilven vatr heaviet and in* si ile tractive (Ire upcli Ibc enemy did not apyeu to discourage their solid column*. Tne lire of Vijo Taylor * Chicago artillery rakatl tlmm down in ecorei but the smoke would no souu-r be dispersed ihan Ih breach would again be filled. The moet desperate flahliug look place late in (h afternoon. The robe's knew that If they did nni siccee in whipping ok then, that their chances for sncoea would !> extremely doubtful, as a portion of Oners Bnell afonea had by thie time err,eed on iho opprait Hide of the l iver, and Another portion reus coming u the river from Savannah They became ewsrethat w wore bmng reinforced, ?s they could see General RueB iroope from the river bent, a ihort dlslaaoe above us 01 the lert, to whith point ihe.v bed forced their way. At five o'clock the rebels had forced our left win back eo as to occupy fully two-third* of n >r camp, an were lighting their w?* forward wt'h a desperate d,< gree of confidetii e In their efforts to drive n* Into th river, and at the seme time hoavily engaged our right. t'p to this time we had received no reinforcement Oneral I,ew. Wallace failing 10 come to our support uni the day was over, having uknn iho wrong road froi Crmnp'a Landing, and being without oilier Iran porta than those used for Qoart*i master's at O nitn wary Stores, which were t-o heavily I don to ferry nny considerable number or Gen ral Buell's forcea aeross Ihe river, thi^e th wore here having been sent to bring up Ihe Iroope fw Savannah. We were, therefore, contceding against fonrf odds, our force n it exceeding thirty eight thousand me while that of the erctny waa upward* of eiu.r Ibousan Onrcondlltouat this tncnut wea uxtrvmely ciitu UK UEUALI), WiiDNESD^ I ! u gc n tmbera of nu n ;nni. ,'r 1 , *0m <W* by hard tighuug, wiih ths avorage |>cr cattle of skulkers, I sg*sd low.u l.? th'- river, and could not be rallied , tl neral Urant aud staff, who had booi rec'*l???'y riding a!"ti? tlie lines during the entire day, atuid the uuceasiug storm of b illet*, grape and shell, uow rod* from right to I left, inciting the uieo to slauduiui until our rciuforeehi*uta could rroe* the river. Colonel Webiler, Chief of P'.alT, iwiuedt ?iely got into l?H?ln>n the heaviest pieces of artillery, pointing on the I e.ieuiy'a right, while a targe number of the batteries i were ptaufod along the entire lino, from lite rtvor Lank northuroat to 0"r extreme right, some two and a half utile# , distant. About an hour before doak a geuerat cannonsi ding was o|H-ued upon the enemy from along our w hole line, with a (>erpetiial crack of musketry. Such a roar of artillery wus never heard on this continent. For a short time the rebels replied with vigor and effect, but their retnru shots grew less frequent and doatruotive, while ours grew more rapid and more terrible. ' The gunboats Lexington and Tyler, which lay a short distance oil', kept raiuiug shell on the rebel hordes. This last effort was too much for the enemy, and ere dusk had eat In the ftrrng had nearly mased, when, night coming on, all ^ the combatants rested frona their awlut work of blood and carnage. Our mm retted on their arms iu the potulioe thoy had i in? c:om or tua oigm, unui m? iun;n uuu?? M?>k Gouerftl Wnltmct arrived and toofc poai | tiou oq the right, and General BueU'e forum from l be opposite Side an'l Savannah now being conveyed to Hie battle ground. The entire right of General N'e! eon's division was ordered to form on the right, and tin forces under General Crttteuden were ordered to his gup port eiriv in the morning. P 1 T1IK SKCON'D DAY'S BATTLE. UenarJ. Buell having arrived tho tallowing evening, h tho morning tho hall was opened at daylight, simulUue otuily by General Nelgou'a division on the left, am MjjOr Uoneral Wailaco ? division ou the .right [ General Kelson a Con e opened up a nios galling (Ire on the robets, and advanced rapidly aa tho; fell back. Tho Ore goon becamo general along the whol< line, aud bugan to tell with terrible effect on the enemy Genera's MrCbrnaud, Sherman and Hurlbuit'n men though terribly jaded from the previoua day's fighting el dl maintained their honors won at Donaleon: but thi resistance or the rebels at alt points o( the attack wa terrible, and worthy a better cause. Hut ihoy were not enough for our undaunted bravery ^ and the dreadful desolation produced by n?r artillery which was sweeping them away lik* chaff before tb wind. But knowing that a defeat here would he tb dealU hlow to their hOfies, and that their all depends tpon this gr-at struggle, their Ganerale at ill urged thee on in tho face of destruction, hoping by flunking u y, on the right to turn tho tide of bailie ' Their succosh was again for a liuie cli*eriug as Itiay !>ogin to gam ground on tie, appcu ing lo have bean reinforced ; but nor I art, nnde (inn. Nelson, was driving them, and with wonderful ra pidily, end by eleven o'clock.fieri. Rnetl's forees had sue 0 co<xl*d in Hanking tbem, and capturing their batierlai c arti'lery. Iher however again rallied on the left, and recrosted and the right forced themselves forward in aoodter des perale effort. Out reinforcement from Ren. Wood an lien.'(homes were coming in, rogimcut after ragiuieni n which were sent to (ieo.Buell, who had again commence to ili ivo the eneuiy. About three o'clock in the afternoon Can. Grant rod e to the left, where lite fresh regirncuta had been ordered j and, Hnding the rebel* wavering, sent a portion or hi body guard to tho head of each of five regiments, en II then ordered a charge across I ha Held, himself leudiat as lie breedished bis sword and waved llieu on to ih r crowning victory, while caiinou balls were falling lik t hail around him. The men followed with a eheiil that sounded above tb 0 1 roar and din of (he artillery, and the rebel* fled in dr mey, as from a destroying svalanche, aud never mad f auolIter aland. General Buell followed the retreating rebels, drivin ^ .them iu splendid-.lyle,and by half-past five o'clock th< ( whole rebel array was in full retreat to Corinth, wit' our cavalry in hot pursuit, with what further result i , Wo have taken a large amount or their ai tiller/ anil also a mini tier oi' prisoner*. W loot a number oi' our prisoners ye> inr.lur, among whom is t.eueral I'lentia*. lite nun I>#r of our force taken lias not been atm* tained yet. Hi lt- repot'ed at several hundred. General Pi etuis* wa e1< ?. r*|Ki(leiJ Hi being wounded. Among lUo killed ou ill ,,j rebel aide whs ttieir General in ('hief, Albert Sydne ,1 Johnatou, who waa struck by a rjnnon ball ?n the aftei ^ noon of Sunday, Of tbia there I-no doubt, ag tho repot n I i< uorrohoraled by aev orul rei?el 0ltWr? taken to day. I | ia further repor'.sd that (funeral Ra.urcgard had hi? an I. I allot iiT. I Thin a^termam GenoraU Hiagg, Breekiaruige and Jack ; ! ho?i werii i- 'iniiiiimlini; iiohiIioio ?>i llie relief tor< e?. I, j I he o lias nevor been i parallel i? the galiantri an 0 bearing ol'ixir odh*eia, frmu the t'oiinuanuiOK ?.rn. a| t , l the lowest otbi-er. t | General ijialit aud atatf were In llie (laid, t illing .ile,i n ' Hie line* in Ilia thirkesi of the enemy's Are during th 1 entire wo lays of the battle, and all alepl on the gru ,n u Sunday night,during ( heavy rain. On never* I or., amon e (ienaral Grant get williin range of I ho enemy's gun au< ,t waadiacoeered and tired upon. c . l.iewieuaut Colonel McVberani had hi? h<u?e sbnt fret 1?.r? when iiloiiff -iilu ??f f*r-?nl. t t'Hp'xIti Canton w.n ii*i?*an iicuw'tl tirant w<l you r eorreapondent wh?n a eannou bad uudt o/tliie head ani r iciiltMl and wounded aeveral oihera. i, General ."'liarman liml two hnraee Willed under bitn. an e ; General M i'lriiiuii'l shared l,We dangers. Aleo Genera Hurlbnrt each of wlioni received bulla: bnlea throng " thou i tollies. d General Buell remained with hi* troop* during theei a lira day, nod with General Oi ittandan and General \V:?oi I rode ronlioually along the luiee encouraging their ni?n. e ?? ? P NAMES OF SOME OF THE OFFICERS KILI.EI a AND WOUNOED. t Our loee in o*l era id very heavy. It la impost tie ? ? present to ohtaiu their namaa. Tha following wai among tha number:? g It igadter General W. H. Wallace, killed. ,j Oolopet Pagram, Anting Brigadier General,killed. ,. Colonel Lille, Tenth Illlnoia, killed. f Major Onddard, Kifieenthltlicoie, killed. I.ieiitanant Canfleld. Herenty aecond Ohio, mertull ?, wonndcd, ?inc? . ,1 T U>iI?d?M Cbtbrtl Kt!?, Korlr flrxt in^hn*, morMll m wounded. i. c?lon?l tHrl*, Forty .-tixih Illinois, mortally wo tnd< <( id Gonernl W T- Sh?rninn, woumlod in th? hand by * cannon hall. u (.'olonoi Sweeny, Plfiywnuond Hllnoi, Actum Brin?4i. nt t n?ra1,wounded. Received two *hot? inblaonlyr m nialuing arm,having lost ouo In M?\lco; also a lux ill one of his !?? . f'olonal iwocny ?cepi Urn Itrlii <-ntif ?l n, i ii. s o.' tli-i llgM. Aini ha e*< ito i thn admiration d. H?o whole arin? . tl t . .. i? Sl'tarl, Fifty fifth IH.ojia, Vungltr iY, APRIL, y. 1802.-TRIP dier General, ?hot through ill* breast Ou Holiday, ri turuo-l to the field on Monday Co! hi el (has OraTt?, Tbtrlf ttret Illinois, Acting Krig(Iter (leueral, slid through lh? right ahonhter ?not dai gerously Colonel II.i/:io, of the Porty eighth Iltmotii, wounde slightly. Culoiiul MuKeiwy, of the neveuteeiilh Keuluokj wounded slirbtly. Ineoteiuuit Colonel jUiut, of the Kigh'.eeuth Ron lock) wounded slightly Lioou-ntint Colousl Morgan,of tho Tweaty-llfth luluni wounded badly in the head. Co'onol Mason, of the Sdveniy-Hr?t Ohio, wound* slightly. Major Katun, of the KighleoiitU Illinois, (Anting Coin tiel), wounded foully. Major Kevins, of tUo Klvveulh Illinois, wouude lightly. Captain Irving W.Curroa, Oeuoral Grant's scout, beat abut off by a caution ball. Captain Predion Morton, wounded mortally?sine , daad. , Captain Dillon, of the Kighleeuth Ulinoiii, billed. I Captain Mass, of the Fifth Illiaoia, billed. ; Captain Cau-ttr, of tbe Eleventh Illinois, kilted. lister Page, Fifty seventh Illinois, kitted. I in* IliiUl At lUtt&TUWfl, vA* \ i Incidents on the March ft'on 8hip Point. The Attack on the Rebel Work at Yorktown.* I Preparations for Attacking th j Enemy's Batteries. t The Mrrrimae. Yorktown and Jamestown t 1 Crniiey bland. ft c., fto., ftO'i ' U vitro Statu* Mititart Trlsohaph, > ( Wah r>kpa?mbtr, Washivotoh, April 8,1802. / 9 Yho Secretary of War received a letter this al'teruo H fium General Wool, stating that at two o'clock yesterd * iter noon nothing wa* doing at Yorktown, oxcopt prof r( ration* for attacking tbo TortIflcat ions; that theenemj force wa* rofiorto'l to ba from 2A.000 to 30,000; and two o'clock I*. M. iHo Merrimic. Yorktown, Jemesto1 0 and four tugs were lying at Crauey Island. 4 Korirksn Movros, April 7. 1862. a Nothing ha* boen done to day in front of Yorklow a wiih the exception of a reioonoitsvnce in that dirt , lion and some cannonading. A telegraph lino i* built to our headquarter.* ne ' Yorktown. Friday, tha 4th lust., was the day lined for tho mr>* ment on t Yorktown. General M< Clellan aud stall' i f rived at Fortress Monroe on Wo'lnesday, on board tl l" steamer Commodore. The troopa were full of enthui i- asm and longed for an advance movement. Titoy coi ,p p'aiuod that the enemy would not stand to sir* them show'' of Northern prowess. Thny hare great con deuce in General Hegelian. ' raR AUVANCK. On Ki iday oiorniog, about day light, the grand an I atrui.'lc tent*, and commenced the march "onward Itichiuond.'1 Georal Heiutaelinao'noerpe <fe ai iix'. mov ' up through Great Bethel?the direct route toYorlctow '' After leaving the camp, some miles beyond Hampli the advance struck across the New Market bridge, alo e a inont beautiful and romantic road, ibe birds siugi ! sweetly through the woods. It seamed as though f ' grand army war a grand page nit celebrating aui 4 gala day. d At we stood at New Market bridge we saw a full b fi gadeuf Philadelphia troop* pans, vis;?Third Peuna vauia cavalry,Colonel Avere'.l (formerly Young'e Ki lucky cavalry): Colonel Owens' .Sixty-uinth Penney It * nl* Baxter's Fire Touavee, and tlo? celebrated Califort regiment. 4 The houses along the road towards Gceat Bethel wi old frame and log rookartes, with one or two except tot Some of them had bean destroyed by tbe rebel*. * mauy piarea the fences were doatroyeo, especially wh< tbe rebels we: e euc t oped. g A company of Herdun's sharpshooters took tbe l vance.wlth the Four lb Michigan arid the Fourteen ' New York,and the Third Pennsrlvan-a a airy iu the e II ireme ad.atne. a si kne.h i'hk hfirw. The rtrst piece of nolo aloug the road was "Rosedowu a beautiful aud unique dweltiug. It waf a whiie fratr threeeloriee high, with large cliimueye on the owtair * tlice were numerous small building.- around if. In fai < it wren a - mthem mansion of the largest dimensions. I new the proprietor, Mr. W. Itus-cll, ?farming at the gal hiastave* t iiryiug water Tor the wes'ied soldier-. I lt'issell, a* n-iutl among all we came In, expressed Lni ? i s-riL mem-t anil tomulsit'.etl !toil the leh'il* liutl hum 4 <1?wn all liis it a .en. and dielnrbed him geneieliy. Moi f oi'ilio elaves wore win ? .thri ii hub Imlf iiiiio Im.vmil Uii* is ? p'm 1 tilled Hi HutrWuyH' riiis i< ;ih.l it twelve mile* fioin Yorl ' town. Ill in i* h Kurd limiting cui'uwf?dilapidated ?> t ".iwe"'ir,:--eart oeg. n quarter#, es usuil, with Hie large ? pert of ilie.horae on Hie tnitsidft, In the nhjpe of ebii iieys Hue <i|rt IviiMtug hart it* window* wurei wii

i'mibaie. Tlii.? W?? the old ?lore Tin* villije Unit n Le<m inli.s< iloti lor I welve ) AH?T lu.ivirg till- tb'lei table pint*. We ban il ( I iM.imintr of a run. The tr.*?vs -holed, 111* hois I>r vket| tip tliei'-vei *. ail wnWO iTIX'Olls to pilsb 00 At 0 ' ilo'ihi* quirk. . Tito ultlrer* elift Wed litem. V'-rk rlv ; . .mIi! he distill. <> p i ei?*<1 *"in? distant'' oil ilie ri^l f ' II it,i now tnUa?-|W?l ou? oV'o. k. Tiie men we iwee i *d, yi saux oM* to proved. Hie dm< huge heat rilled 1"'' ">! ?, dine ii.imerons, I'iie nneinv warned ^ i rMuei luieHy wilt* < eery lira* y pi"re, ?? the snni * oi^Pfl"' Inn ge seemed sultan end h???y j ! I lit KMiMV KKI HKAT. I >Vo so< n per eived * leu I'dtli M*'? i 'binette belli". I b laring away at * very formidable oerlliwiTK. A sli' n lime prrvious to:hi-,llie 'lliird I'eunvyIvsn a ceeeh drove in the rebel picket*. tlrliAtt'e b*"ery weaehr i r limbered ill rsiige. The I'otirteeutli N'ew \>i- W ?n l i"o. t panics B and A of Uoideii'a ebarp ebneteta.W" eedv.r jiig towards the batteries. Theie being ?n I ti> j apuiiea from the enemy, after lit int iom? e,??e. -u. <1 the column <m1viio ed along a winding ro?d n.* i i| 1 rebels around Howard * wllt)( J Afuir gelling to the top o. tbv lull better ?* co .1*1 I -een all around. It w?" a very fnrmhlab1* ttroeghd ( 1 hesnrnijr leiien'od. tlwior bed .oniniacd i- i the rebel .mvsI y. He left evefything betrad-meet i i 1 ih?- 'oukiitK. They re aomewhat aiirprnied at f ' rap-d advance of the lTn on for<-ae." The lehrl hnt? tvi i aupenor to an.vihnig of tin- kind we had erer w i n?K ad- It'iii!"'.-, ?<i #nd lighted, aa cow o tat " ' any ell* hoitM* with tvindowi. iKKtVAf. or i'K"kxrra?. H j At tbiw point Colonel t anning. of tha Kmirth Naw .1 t ?ey, and Colonel A vet oil ruptured two of the enemy I longing to i he-<e-nnd Mia'ta-ippi ti?i(?l'on,i-ol"ii<-| |? lor. They staled that they we'* ilonlrtarit from l Second Mieeiwelppi. T iter ware lioih from the Vortl Krita.Speucer.fTom Clw innncl, ami i?lu> l.i'l. from V wanW??\ WI??:on?in. They had loan prcaatnl Into t rahel aervioe, and wi?hed to vet home. Thnv were co 1'orlnbly dre?~*d In thick gray rlo-h ami armed with t f field riII?h wilh tw<>r.| bayonet*. tub rornricATidna?oa*r matnr. y The - n nml nwl I'tfhih Miaal?aippl ?vmipiotl the ahr fortilK'itiotja, aotl called lit phi. e (amp Mfaery Mnat of the rcaidenia that remained hud their Innte ' rl' eil with rh'ldien. I'hey i la med rhotn ?' their ow n hnt ti w?e erhlenl th-?t they belonged I# ?.oaeai.>?vwho I'a.l gone iiflf (it light in the rebel ra'ptiitJcnerata Metntxelmnn and Poplar, nn arriving, im akottaelB tlie ocnlre of theue fortllleallonn the lie. j quartern of Uiiu oi pc. The inmdv who occupied! I hoitae bear the imint of It- (hiring tho ovpn m al fitmllioa mine out of the wood*, wttli white II M , living, wanting to gel to ttieir reetdoMM, which 11 i had eacitpod irtnn dnrlttg the ilay through loitr. TI 1,1 , we terribly frightened, rW.uiin; that gentleman we | pet Inntilt th-in; their only lorn being front Ktrnggicie. The l td- -i t til hivpiou.lcu.1 hi tint r. It-I t,tt f | Mi-'- y, piupt.aloiy (o an 0?r'y a'tr(, LIS SHEET. ?- Impwtaai from KMbvlll*. thm i> *(. hwmw or thm orrr TUiiMKB our or or nun. Ot. l<outa, April 6,1M2 l- Govritor Andrew Johnaon h*s su?|iaade<t the Mayor, and tlia Aldermen and t'onoiitineu uf Nashville, ?h re 4 fused to lake the oath of allegiance, liy tilling their places with loyal appointees r, fair of the MogHOlio'a Coreo. thk magnolia to bk soi.b to-dav. t?ua thousand bales of New Orleans cotton, which NH r' hit > the han.1* of Ilia Hulled Stales goreriimeut when the rebel teamer M.iguo.ia was captured while athtiupl k) tag to run the blockade, were sold at public auction yea terdoy by Mr. Hand H. Itufdolt, in purauaiica ol the order of tho fulled Stales Mat-hal for the Southern die tricl of tierida. A large company uf buyers, represent mg the iiiiinofitcluring iuleteal from all parts ol the country, was present, among whom were the leading Arms of Boston, Providence, New Bedford, PiltsAeld, Philadelphia and Baltimore, thus evidencuig the in Guest thai is fell la the supply of this important staple. The competition was act ire aud spirited, i and tin- price obtained very full, establishing au advance of two cants OB the quotations of the previous day. lots 1 to 93 inclusive, comprising about 413.W** 6 uoilllda am i hoi.uht hp Uuin Umwiu.IiL, A ( o. at IWK, 27V1Set,' and 23V ceula per pound, realizing in Ibe aggregate something in the neighborhood of $115,000 l.ots 04 to no, htamed cotton, worn knocked down to Wall tt Cto. at agy coats per pound. lot 111, coulaiuiog 5,OKI pounds of the same description, was bought bp MlHtnilh at 26 cents, Fight een bags loose cotton and pickings (1 ,Wl pounds i were knocked down to Hunter fc Oo. at ' ceau. Two bales in otdaaile, <MH pounds , wore booght bp Hiram Bonner at 24 V rents. The whole amount of this sale is uearly $123,000. The auctioneer aanouuced that the Magnolia will be sold this day (Wednesday) at twelve o'clock, 'lho vessel, with alt her tjeklo, Ike., I* except the pivot gun aft, will be put up"Without reserve," and kuorkeddowu, as in all ordiuary cases,to the highest bidder. On ThursdayjflOO bales of sea island cotton will be sold at the Wall street salesroom. It is a very superior article. g AaaivAt, OK ins Havana Okjcka Taours.?^tgnor Muzio arrived here yesterday by the Koanoke, bringing with htm the whole of Hie Havana troupe, comprising Miss Kenueth.Signora Baseggio, Madame Mnsson , Signer Tomhesi, Stgnor Ferri. Sigiior Antonucri, Signer Feltni and .Signer t-'errante. Board of Supervisor*. A regular uieetiug of the lloard of Supervisors was l| held yesterday, Rliiah F. Purity, lb evident. tn the chairThe members wore var y dilatory in getting together, it lieiug nearly half an hour after their usual time of meeting?three o'clock?before the President took his seat and ordered the roll tn lie called. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approveJ. 'Hie report of the Committee ou Annual Taxes, in relation to i emit ling tho assessed taxes on tifiy thousand on dollars personal pioperty o( .Mm I'aret. of the tirtu oi John Parol 4 Sons, was then taken up. The money had been invested In manufactured goods and shippod to Mobile last year, and the applicant boiug at that lime unable to swear that the money wa* irretrievably 1< at, r'a the Tux Commissioners assessed on the whole atnouut Since that-time the Confiscation bill bat been passed, aud the money lost. Alter some discussion the pivpor an was laid over. The Board theu adjourned until Tu-wday next, the 15th inn. Term Fess of the WherlF. VKTO OP Bin HONOR TUB MAYOR OP RKSOI.UTION A.L' n' I.OWI.Ntf l'HR blf.i. OF $P.44ti 43, FOR PRMd OP TBS 'C- I.AYR NHKRfFF, INCI.UDINO AI.t.OWANUI FOR TKSM FEKS IN RXCISK CASKS. ... OkhcbCi wu Ihi.ikp ok .SrrsRvisoRJ, ) No. 7 CtTT Haij.. Xbw Virus, April 5, 1802. j At a nioeting of the Hoard of Surer visors, bald this r?* day, the followmg mo.sage was received from his Honor ir* the Mayor, returning, with bis ob ucl.ons the resolution allowing the bill of Johu Kelly, KheriO, at $0,446 4.1 for crth-iat services duriDg tho quarter ending December 31, 1861, and directing the Comptroller tn pay, Ac., wheren upon it was a Ordered. That .aid messiige bo received, entered in tbe jutnnal, laid ou the table leu days.and pi'itiled at length In th? HmAlo, Trwrigci'isfand F.?i?*. JOH. ?. ?0(7X0, I'to. k of the Board of Supervisors. Mau.ik s Ukkick, New Yuan, April i. 1882. B.v l"o ma HUKORAHI.K IHK HOAKO OK SItkrvc OSS :? to (jucti.kMuff?I return herewitn, without my approval. e(j the resolution allowiug the >?il! of John Kelly, Sherifl', at $0,444 J 3 for offii :?l service# dui .u.r the ipiui lor oudiig rn- I Cumber 31,1861, ami directing lha Comptroller (o pay )n, i(, tkc.. and would submit tba following obiecilons there lit- to: ? Ilia amount mentioned in ibe resolution embraces | 1 bete I wo items:? ha | l'ariu laaa on aniia in Couinioti 1'leaa by the jia I board of Couimineieeeie of Kxcite against vio laiors of 1 he h urine law, an par statement au nered 68.346 00 ri- y>?ja on executions against the property aud yl- poison in suits by tba Hoard o' t'omni a aiouera of Kveme ugaiusi various de'eudatua, a* per sta "uieiii annexed. 1,188 18 lie T.da' $4,437 18 1 ha number 01 atiila 10 wbr-b tanu feaa are charged if 1,419, aud lliima iu which 1 ha other tee* :ua i-hargcd >r<* number 1.7X1 l". Tlieeeitem* are for a period extending a* Tar be c It as 1U January, 1881, for te-in fens, and ."eiiteniber, I860, for ] f?ea for returning exeeutlonn. I'beao t birgpF, prior 10 ihe tieginnini; of the quarter tic-rifled in the resolution, farm a ve-y large proportion i.|. "< 'he whale enm. I 11 ia evidniit.on lha tars 01 n. bid, that ibeie item* ''' I are not lor "official net vice* during the quarter ending 1 December 31.1861and ibeiel'ora they alionld not bo ! mhraced in a resnltfllou expressly providing for that < quarter only I Again : 1 am satis lied, rroiu the opinion of tbe Counsel to the Corporation adverse to iln> liability of the coontv forlhia bill,and from such examination of tbo : statute as I have been able 10 mate ihci ihore is no 'f- | |n w - allies fdf Ihe payment of these <ha-g?a by tbo Et, 1 county. ye : The Corporation Counsel ba- lullv Jiacii-nmi 1 tie tubjert In hie coinmuiiii'itioit 10 youi honorable body of June 4, 1 ' I said f p.'gc 147 i-f your primed mo< nediogS), and m taia |r_ . oiniiupii> eiiontoyO'i ofKcli lit, 1X6"..'ipage 106), writtcu ?n' 1 in inference to the pre-ent loll, lie leaQirKisnis former . | an veree opinion. bj nin,ii mm marges am *" |u<i|wr in . harit If!1 ami anioi.a', the .vliar iff lias Ma i ainen? .It M-gitma< other i?rt<*a than Hie c i?i . iihtMMIK ofnYKK, Mayor. THE MAILS EUROPE. iii ' 4 . Surrender by the Rebeli of Island Ko. 10, with *11 its Men and War Material?The Victorious III ' n( Advance in Virginia-The Latest News from Mexico, Ac . Ac., Ac. Ii?! ! ill* Ciinaril mail aleatnaliip l lima. Opiir.u Anteraeu, fs , w 111 ieave Ibis i-orl tnilny Inr l.ivrp nl. Hi* Koropesn rnni'Y w i!) rln.-rt in shi1' fit vat half na.t *r I lt> nine ii'i le-k lliia moining. i" 1'iik Nt.w York Hkkmii?KiMinii for K-irope?will bo 'f jii.tii -lif-1 m liair pii*i i? ?' ?. n' lc ilii? tmirninf. (is r ! i-ehiiiin* will "Milam an aorount of Hie Knrramier by ih<> Hi heb "I' Island Nn. In, Willi all it* !>j,.u a?j War Malarial, i? I'nion Korea*: An Account .* ?f ilm Viiionoim Ailvsin* of ths b'n'on Arniy ' ' ii \ ii ^,iiin Inwai <1 Ril'linioiiil, anil Hie laleat news ? ?i relai on lo Hi- fro|r?M nf Hie War, ami the , i ii-iin u ami< oinliiiou 01 the oslbiIiii* Armies from all ' lbe Country; Important Taielligenve from the I'.eroiietl ."inii'S. Ilie I ein m n.i;. >? nf It. Russell. the la, i a Con a, ponrtenl of Hie t.on?l"n 7;??, to iaavn the cottniry; The I *t*?'New* from Mesli-ri Central ami "ontb Ameri',n c i, and all important n.-a* of the past wi-sk. id. I , j *ingtecopl"a, In wrapper*, ready (or ma lms. Six cents. 5u : s?u>t>*on low, A'n k 'o , No 47 laiilgate Kill, l.oodmi, be K.iicland.will receive Silrerllaemoele ami subscriptions ' tor i be Hsum.ii , j CnNii Co Inula 1?TI1 i? l)*y. ?i rifjK iWn?Cimt't.?I"?? 1 I.?Not- .v*i, 1 i .I7*a. I MM. J 1771,177a, 1779, J7m?, if?77?, iwn, ' 1*47. 1?49, liw, l?M, -_'iki7, 3IM.I. J06.">. 31 OK, jos.t, . hST. 1707 1717 Pan J.?S??. liflO. l-.'S, 1496, 1433, rv' no.; iff .4. i?:n, ii;m, iui.', itoo t;i3. i:.u, i7?e, '* 1704 M3?, 1410 lofU. 1*10, 170J i omm'ir Curl I ? Sim. I. i?do djd, 670, M9. Iio Wrj. W?:?, HW4, *?t> !')' > #t?T, W?, 1000 , 691 6115. Par3.?W. MS, ?11 3*4, 701, 1*1, .?H. ?30, 2SS',', .171, [7 4."4. 64t?, 444, ?<l <*? " ??-' Arilval* o'lil Drpailurrt. "I OINIVAI.*. iii. St IUrtin*?Bit* 4 H .InliBson?Mr* ' Klioltt and la# i1#'i*htfi? DkwiKmi ? Ii> S.milir ii ,1 Coniml, TV A Prince, J Kninrll, .1 hir, Ruv Mr Wok* iv# oki'ahti'kka. Livkriooi ?Sio?ni?lii|. Nor* s oisn.finni Portland?U?pl K A lurtluB ?. W A Higalns, Of PortlM I; . # it,- llniioii, Pr Dm i-i'.'i . Or A K.-nmon, i?r IP-hnsW i,nt(j FidFll- * I' ? Hoy. Mi* I N 1,1, mi, M?i Laurie, Hy WIUI?m, ' m O, .1** H-i-m imn. mnl Mi Bum*, ol Montreal: Auuitanl - i O i " i,ioi| ##4 Ih A I> lloMr#. Ktiflnnil: Tbom?< llnw?r, Ml?*H "iilnr, Mr Italk and ltiijr, of it"awa; W,? Simpson, ol Murlti 7t?r- Mi?? Nmtiti. of ir??j- *, an | so ig Ho il.f or*jo _ Crlil*rioio'i Hull Dye, Prritrvatlvi , r ?|, j it t&?. Ill* liom I llio mill III, a liiil'-aat# an,I it l? II * i l"s i f ill v i-rivnloly *i-|ili#il #1 No. 6 Actor Hons*?K# ... >?> Hranllfal (oni|ilr\lon,?l<Ain('i Bloom '*> nt Vn, ?, ,>r l.'qutd I'rnrl, for procFrfln;; mi l Im illfvlnc UliI tn iiiiii|i|i ?lon mill skill, I ,J B. iinl 11 sy. Hilt's ll?lr Ityr Mr., Bluet* or Hi'tWH.a Jnlnil ill II .It t:n or, *t Mo. I Uir,-i v? s'fv aV . r OflleUI Drsttlngt Of (he KtaUi kjr %uift Delaware sute LoUrrica K karoo* r. Kith* IIT?April d, IMA 41. IS, 46, 61. 2'J. 66, it. 27. 64. 52, 6. $!?. 71. Dki Awaaa, 194?April *, 1*6* 7. 71. 24. 60. 36. 61. X?. 4. *s, 31, 73, <4. f CfrrulaiH aeut by addressing JOHN A MOKKIH 4 CO . ' 1 Wilmington, Delaware, or Covington Kentucky, Official Drawla|i of Marrayr, Kddjr 4k / Co Kentucky slid Miaaonri State lantern'*. , Hatha Oua.v 165? 8, IMS 40, 05, 26. 6, 18, 25. 16, 4tf, 55, M. 60, 61. 64. kkerui'KT. Ci.ass lti<>?April ii, IMS 72. 45. 2. 5 t<?, 41. 43, 60, 46, 10. 31. 26 l.Tmitar* sent 11 ? ,,| rtiHi '41* i>v addre?-:ng either 10 MURRAY KIM'Y A OH, i'Oviogtoii. Ky , or 8f. l*out*. If*. Prison ?ttiled In All LojiailiI?otU* r'rt InforniAti'rti giv?u. JOhfcl'll BA'l fcJ8. Wrokir. IV Wail Alrewt, upfUin. New Yi>rk. Knyal Hut una l.otlcry.?Mr Official Drawitigol *59, IMS. iu iiuoihoi uhiiuit. * 1 TAYLOR A CO Mr*. \\ lualuw'* Soolhl*K Mjrruu. Tlii* valuable |>ir|w*iion i? ihe piranripuon of one of tb* niuat experienced mid Hkuful nurse* in 8'** Knslkiid, and haabeeu uaed wlib urvn failing autre* la thousand* ot cam a. Jt not only relieve* (be child from p*lu but InvtgoraU*# Ik/ * fciomnrb and bowel*. current avidny and give* tone and v mor to Hot whole ajrttem. it will aluioaliaatautly relieve griping ,n ike bowels an* oveicomecooriilvion*. whirh, il not a|>r??lll]r remedied. ead iu 'leatb. \ Il ,a lb" lieal and aureat remedy in the world in all etaea oi dyaeulary ami di*rt ho-a in rbildreu, wtiet her it true* from teething or olkar cause*. Sold by dealer* in medieine ?he world over. IitaM No. 10 is Takes, also Wlklie'i aatingatyli- t?f Dies* Hate by (bote vrbo wlah to bean tk* faahiou. 216 Bread way. Tlae New Play, 'Hop o* My Tksaak,' aOBAKMUM'S. la a aucrraa, Tbe great coatiaat hetweew imiK' Null and the Belgian Uianl euiiancea It* toterrat. It la played thia atlernoon and earning. UerriitK'* Patost Champion Fire and Km glar Proof Baln*. 251 Broadway, corner ul Murray a treat. New York. Trneeee.xMuralt 44 Co.'s Kudieal Cure Trtusea, Shoulder Brace*, and Dr. Wadaworth'a Uterine Kle valor?a uipeTlor article. No. SVesey alreet, Aator Mouse, opnoaite I be chtir. h. A Pure Tobaero-Yellow Bank Tobacco ? Ooodwin** Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from aliioa* put lure, for rale by alt lohacco and argar dealer*, and M wholesale bv E. OOODWIN A BROTHER. 319 Wain alieof x nalrhrlor'a llalr Dye?-Tlie Best In tits world; harmless, reliable ami lnttaolanroua. Bold and appi'od ol BATCH BLOB'S Wig factory, IS Bondateret. MIitC ELLASlEOlS. A RTICI-K8 KOR SOLDIERS, AT P(>I^T^^njpfljMa. . _ Y ny Union troop*, ahould be sent by lilRnftaTXIfX' vd ? PRESS. 74 Bioadway, At ball ratea. A 1 AK0R STOCK OK NEW AND SECOND HANS xa. Si- nut Empire* ou band at 1.1 ]>e> ?t. TODD A RAFKERTT. ^ AT GIUBRKDE'S, bitt BROADWAY, $4 PHOTOGRAPH r Atbiim.t (I'm BtlJ picture,! retailed at $3. . \ T .HM BROADWAY.?WEDDING CARDS AND MOrjl A Paper in the latent feahiun at EVKRDF.LL'S celebrated Htabtiahm?nt,eoru<T of Duane at reel. ATTENTION, CASH BUYERS. PRINTS AND DOMESTIC FOR CASH. BLISS A WHEELOcif 390 BROADWAY. * I offer for Hale much below tbe market. THEIR I.AROE STOCK OF MERRIMACK. WAMSUTTAT COOHECO, AMOSKHAO. RICHMOND. CHlCOPBK. UNION and other POPULAR PRINTS. Alao. DOMESTICS and COTTOHADES, purchased for canh laet eeaaog. AUe. hosiery. woollkns.~whitb OOODS. NOTIONS and STAPLE DRESS GOODS, ~BLISR * WHEELOCK. MS Broadway. 4 T PRICES TO SUIT EVERY PERSON. A Silver plated lee Pitcher*, each $4 8# Silver plated Tea Spoona, per dor.en I US Silver plated Table Porta 8 OS Ivory bundle Table Kuivea T? Ivory bandle Desaert Kniveu S #S I'bn largest aa.tortraeul of Refrigerator*, Cooking Lteustla. and every description of hmiaekeeplng articles, at a very I eduction in price*. Buy or not l?uy, yon will recelva (he moet civil and iieat attention. All gooda delivered free <> rhuvge. at E. 1>. BASSFORD'H erteoatve Hoiiaeheeper'a Kar.ear. Cooper Inmtttte, Avor place, oue block uvea Broadway. AN I MI'ORTANT WORK ON PHYSIOLOGY, AC.-PARIS' London and New York Medir^ Advixoi and Marriage Guide.?A new edition, levealmgTlie fart* obtained by anatomy and ejperliuents in the French and English hoa pitala. Ae , Including a treaties upon the dUtea-r* inti weaknesses aBlietmg the Vinmn family from Ignorance of their cause*, ny an eminent New York physician. Sent free te uny address for $1 by K. WARNHR, No. 1 Veaejr street. Asmi House, or KOSb'A rOUSHY, l.'l Nassau street, Near Y'otk. ^ KKM t KKAKI.K MKDI? INK. hyatt's i.i kk raman., Sviolu'a .Sail Rh-uni, An. ?H YAIT'S LI PR j BAI.SAM la ike mi ?t en I'M iu and ?alr r. inedy J'oi ihe o-oat I i>Minlnl aiiil protracted imini of these dhe-aeea. Also, #14 lie-era, fever notes, erysipelas, lb' caae* #l' impurity of th<-blood, liver SiMl Kidney*, gevcrhl deliiltly, ilyan-tiaia, ioeipleut e<.ua?m|iiti'ii iilrs, .te. Trlm-liml D-pnt, 3Mi Uraa4 street. Seventy.(p r , nia sr bottle. VT dUO BROADW AY williams a or vis' IIELEUKA I ED DOI Ki.K TIIRKAD FAMILY SKWINO MA HINK8. FROM fit TO $80.?These machines, celebrated tbrough, out New England end Iba Weal, are not surpassed by an* i other* in the market, while they are FIFTEEN DOLLARS CHEAPER than the cheapest of any other respooetble ma| Iter. Better utaehlur* for family nae hare ueeei Men nada. I They are etin|>le. tellable and warranted. Salesroom (N llroadwsy, up alalia. t t aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I - \ Balance handle Table Knives.. ft 09 I Balauee handle Dessert Knivaa k 79 Itei i.gerslorv Woodeo and Tin Wares, cheap. DKLM Aft ?. Ooluea Tea Kettle, TUABroalway, near Fourth atreet. I JJUSIMESS t.'ARDft 75 CENTS PER 1,000. j CIRCUL.ARM J* CENTS I'EK THOUSAND. Billheads fuel i la-*. a taam; Newepapnre. Rooks. rampblei* ilau-ililll*. I'u-teim, Lslwla; pLlu, fauyc and aH 1 kinds"f I'l inling, .tnually low. Catliuidsee T. It. DVWLEY'S New EsUbliehm#ul. < omer ol R ado sad Centre streets BART LETTS HI KNISI1KD NREDLRS, 180 FOR Me ? It mine I*, it . l> f tl 80: t,an,<w, Oil, Ac., nho'-eal# I and rei.'itl, a 173 Broadway, New York. i UIUDtlBW.tTER I'AINT ?TESTED ELEVEN YEARS; f> w?t?r end lir* proof, allies and Iron. indentrnrtlMe. Depot 74 Maiden lane. W. W. BE ITS. Agent. Billiard-'?basnford's factor* chai.lenuk* ibe w.irM for lint- angle* European*, try them, at 149 i Kntloa .stieet or No 8 Aon slreet, l-y diss. and Farmer i Atwo-wt, I1k?wt-e at New England Hotel, Bowery, and at [ I aixui'e. No. & Klatliuah avenue, Brook', u I QEKTIFU'ATBH OK IN OR RT EON ESS. I HAHNDEN 8 EXPRESS, 74 BROADWAT, | *111 foiarard Quartern* ia era' OIno-lt a lo Warhtngimi, ami i proenre Orrvi-i n i.eni IVrtittraite of It?'lri?tciloe's Hi refoi ' at low rale*. CtHCTOllKS AM) CANES FOR THE MILLION?AT / the nntaiifartiim ? C. PINNhLL, No. I i'onlaii-ii itrvet. ; 1 lOUNS, BUNIONS. 1WKR1KD NAILS, ENLARGED ji'iiiianil ?li <1 the fnei, e ired without pa u til incnitri-menc* in the patient, by Dr Z AOTIARIK, Kufieoo i t hlio|n>iltil, ;w HmaJwuy. itinera ij |.liy?hun? and *nr; lenoa of ux* city DP \KF S PLANTATION BITTERS. I S. T. two. X. ii itiviiu'stn*. IrttigUiMM ami purlieu the rjratem: li a ! perfectap|ieiUi'i. and the mn?t agreeable and elTecttal tmilc in the world. Ii i* campnard ul" uie celebrated Cahaaya ba> k, ii iii?, herha. ami pure St. Croltrnm. fanintlarly adapted lu ilel.i. ne li-malaa; curat Dy?|>roaia ami Wtalnru, and iajnat the thing tor the i hen;e?of ee.??oti?. Sold l>_? all ctwera, drugtilel", hotel* and nalnuna, P. If. I) It A K15 A CO. Tttf Broadway, N. V. ITMjI.IUT'M POCKET REVOLVER, TO WHICH THE Pa Aoieit an 111atti ule bare jutt awaided I bo modal, to the meat compact, aaffe and powerful Revolver made Km saia lit r. W. IIOORE. tit Bioa.lway. CSROt'KRV AND TEA DEALERS SUPPLIED WITH 1 IVa? uy the ebeat. or >maller uoanlitleaai name rate CANTON TEA CO . 176 Chatham ?u??r /'AS KIXTI'RKs O STEPHEN PH1LBIN. NO 707 RROADWAY, OAera lor aale, at tedttced prieea ? ai>|etidtd awnnmrtil (IAS PIXTPRKs FRENCH BRONZES tOil t I inpnrtalallonV . CiiiKlattnu of Mantel Otnamruw. Slat atlea. UtoUp-, lukaianda, Ac. " " N. B.? 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