Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9344. THE BA Scene of the Great t N | NEW/MAOB / f J \ l<SLAND i0F ? Ykennctt? i.n/dolespome 'N?>X i wYjs*4 ARKANSAS /JfT, r-v_ qsceoi ft?M FO AT \j OSCEOLA J|j0SC?t 1* / t?Ofju rnplii, |OAT -Jac I x lj HITU ATIOIfS H AVTKD-KKKi XS. Par Other WtnU See Ninth Rrgt. ATOCh ? UIHL. MitiIRl-8 jThXTUATIOS At NURSE BtM am?ir??, < r ?c fid Instruct children in ihr preprrperator) bran h?j?f an r4i|(lUh rduraiit 11; Mt?. Jim* u> dm.* her-* t xmrrailv ueej J and has uo objection to tbe ~" "i m cdiv at 19 n. y. Ares i b CTAHlAi IOLCUED WOMAN WISHES A atlualtof nh?nit*rm*lA tII a boat: good city *ef?rcnoe b? hrA Cad at 214 buiilvan at. Atoorci ? wouoi w: ;uks two om-o iuee cbudr-e to Board, wha-jgriey ran have the comfort* f a go rt laa* and a uMUet'c tut A good achat. near by. Till aiAB W?: 27l%*? a i.esl'uir able YUVKU. woman wants a sfttJ\ ?u.,u?aA"n?ae and teafnatrara, or aa chambermaid aud u> ?Ml?t hi ilJl twt-hliigaa.d lift* ig; no objr-tiuai to so a abort dlatauaealn Wie coiiacry. Wet d city rrfarrura. aCc'l al MS?rnwa.JBlWrftr. ARKNPSUTAB UE YOMiO MIIC,, AGED 17, W1FUE8 to abtaiaai *ii nation ta a nice t mlly aa nuraerv maid, or to niafc- hva.rlf |jai>cntl]y .imJu'., >*t\. of ivfcrnaoaaatten. |?'iilre alHT.Vaat tol at. APlTltATOOrf WANTRf>_J?V A KESPKTTAB-JB young w.bran; w a gcodoook at* eioellml vraahnrand 4r*mer; na otijba'lon U do huuaaw,c for a amall pnvait raoitlv, th* Oaat.C' ity rrfer-m.*-g;-tii; if required. Uadbai 13J M rat SM al.,.At tweeii 7lh afcl-i'J. avo , aetond floor, frcpt roo.n. ARKdPBC?A?HLE TOENO .UlftL WANTS A S1TI A tlon aa rhaiaB* r.-nakt and *?nn a, ha? no objection Ic ?ln the e?u?ry;Rood rafrreocft (jlvcn Call at SM id ar., tanea Mtb ?.od Jfctb ata. .a situation , v anted?by a res pkotabl8 ! A young HoaAB.Mnwk, tvaaber acdlraner, or a* nam- . Yi rcieM and lauu drat^.. la willing aaalcdofjiug, beat of <:U/ a^f,-rent e from bar lA*' place Call Iw live da) a at .*02 Waat a situation wa*r?.tl-b7 a wapbttablh pro_/? teatant young woetan. aa good plain onuk. aaaiu-r and I troat-r , baa no objection J. do g etc raj In a mall alvate family, Cait ItaAttn lor two dav* at |1 JlctiwK-k !., I carton. J A i)fSPKCTABI.B T<WA? WOMAN WIcRiJO A NITU j 'Y ail .11 aa NUiMK M do p'.-alu aMiii|. vr Pi uke ( oara af,children; hoa two ya*rs rnJwm? from Iter laat I pi??, fa*a DO objection W> goi -abort dtaUuv.-Aui .Utr . >uniry. CSau t?i a* n for two da????t XU ?. A rO'Wt WOMAN Ot^.UKK A 8ITUATH* Ail A chambermaid nnil <<fuil(er'; car do up haoer well, nil the baa' of cli v ,Vm be auen At 13C West 13d at. A RKHPC'.K i BLR VOUNG WOy.tN W LA II EN A SMV JA. ailnn n> .auree and ???(**; undri wanda both bnui :be# well. JA-ei Iefarmer. Cat. ba Aeen lor two day. ? MO Baet lAAb at. near kv. A. A BtTUATlO* WANTEO-BV A RKHPROTAIILE young ?i man, tm laundreea; bM a p.*tev< knuwleda of Eat bualnru and U tf ail obliging dlapoalW .n . baa giK.drlty I. fere nee: no object Iwia lo tb? c, mo try for the ri.nnrr Bvm'ha. Oaii be a*,.. lor IWo day* aa UA Ea#t 234 at., be Ar?en Lailngti n and 60 ova. A SITUATION WAMKD -BV A BEA*STRIPS; 19 Willing to aaalal in the care of dbildwo; <Af jr reference. 'All for two dare at Mt Uremwleh at. A" fEXPECTABLE WOMAN, UK HKTIR.BL HABITS, wleten alliiatlon la prra'e family: la *?' ! rook, waateer aad Ironcr: but thr beat city inference. ? ah fur tiro nayeatBMJfdar., heiweenMit and Bid >4? . firet floor, A vim so woman wjsiirn a hiti atiom ah nin ae, or to wall ua a larailr goli g ta f'aiiforiPa; will iii to pat half if her pa?aaje| tan g ?? good rrfrrruea fnM? b- r lael piece. CA'I fm two daye at W Oak at . corner Calk' . ailur gt, A SITUATION WAN lBD-BV \ VOI'Xfl WOMAN, TO J\ do the honewnrk of a email family, or trould d ? rhsm l.e?wnrk and tita <ara i>f rliitdrrn, I i<n be eeeu furtno alaycat 115 WaM IS'.h at., In the re ir building, near 5tli ar, A BtfiPEdTAni.E (line. WISHES A SllTA ION AS J\ asAMiatreea, lu a prival' i.<inlly; can do All kindaof fbnillVBNhrjng and operate on Singe re machine; will aaalat In light chaibl'erivork j good <ity inerenc* given. CaH At Bit 7th ar., betayeen aim and I2d afa, third floor, front room A RESPECTABLE VOCNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUJA allon aa nur*", rln'mtiermald <>i waltifaa CaN/orpne Bar at bar nrcaeni a rap Wart fAUi al. E NE1 NEW T< lTTLEFI Conflict at Fittsbur War from Nashvi Air ~u nMKwan Nv? /?K ^SSvIBauRC^s /\^ ^ IjL xJ^^V "K ^ ^^vmSVILLtW^I ^ NED ON $ ^ 1 ^rwrotf*<^\ ? ?^1 # ^ 4 *??*y ^ ^ MASONS Jr^V SOUN^p^ |P^5r*4a?j^ ~\ \ \ <$ppccAfio/vr*s .. >7 ^VsttSNffltoato^^AWS JUNCTtM jf ?H" S | ^ #-ow 1 S --S A 'j $%X*^ ~PonTOTOO)$r Im erruATions wantkd?frmau.s. 4 HESI ECTABIaB V-OUKO QIRL WISHES A REIT A JXj_. un a* rook, wulwt '41 i.ner. In a nn?ll .aiitaly; 1.*' j no 'X.j -clii in lo do 'Aaa.b -rwor and walling ami*. In In j waafe: g. Call at 07 Ctul ?t.. >/ond doorlYora Allan lie, up g aiatre 'ran* room. t Afi .bVaMSTRBKS.?WANTED, A Kl rCATION, BY A rtmpetrnt prraoo. M lake aa rr of rhiid. ru and ae*.", i nderata' da nil kiuda of family sawing; I* a good drpa<t?r.aki*r; ( bo obd-cilon to do light lia.nibe-work. Beat citr r*'fr rattr* | from if laid place. Can tx- miu~ ouill ugagru wj uj. Vest i LttA at Add ATlON VANTKB-HY A RESPECTABLE UJKL; 1 . a<ood >'Ouk and good brrgl and blwcill halter; would i be wilting to aaxiat with tlx e arl Wig aud ironing JUaa if , beeaet .eiiy refrrenre from ber-lran plarr, where six ha* , llrrd n>-4i..' live y? art. CaliA'- t'l ?Teat 24*li at , be ? b?a .lb and 7th.Air., room So. S. AKITI;a . JON WAlim il > YOI NO (IIRU TC.frO | lio.iar.vot k , U wil ing to make hei nelf u?*nil. City M?nii>'rt, (Jao be aeeu fog uro data ai 4* IW.. -1 Bro.kf. :i A OIUACON WANTEtt?BY A KIlsrKCTABLE I ?- ? " 1 k. .tuu*,irk nr rhai n h#r. I U.M. yxeinpvruiiMui, ?w .... .. , work,unl Mr-rt *itb the washing and Ironing; la willing to make kaisaTL f enerally mwl'iil; no xrlcc'.lim 10 gn lo tU Country tor. ifir. summer On 11 let list days at If 17 Weil Jl.l , t., ufimrn tip an t 9th ava second front room. AHK AMMK/dt WOXAK, FVLXt OOMPMTEMT. M airea,t mt^n'too, e'lher a* atratru' - or s? mime for a , lady. Addraae, rr rail for two days, cm. .Mrs. (Irani, at ttie i Franklin Ik uuv A College place. j ^ APROTIVTAfc* WOMAN WlbtfEb J NITrATION AS araDirta u; fm\ out and fit kad < > and children's I <lrmee? III the 'xat j*U !? , and p?r retly nijt.nralan If all kin 'a j I of family krwkig; |e a hrst rate operakw on W eejrr A W!l- ; aon'n aewlng nkacMr <V baa the beat of Uty re; e relics. Tan j | ..J* seen at 40 WtalAdii at. I Al^m LkDT. A1KH J d>AEAMN<> I F MIH'AlKEEPINfl. wkheetodnt a C<)p4 place for her girl; sb" ti'ioerttaiid* i #t a/al housework; a goal (o aa chambermaid, la accustom- I ?tl to i hildnrn. Waf.'tl*. Can bo teen focdr/. days at SU AI^M tOIINti WOMAN i?T(SHM A KITUATJP* IN A ,ae.?ll private runity t cook, waah and; uo objeeUon ic Aj general honreyrpk; ran give aereraJ yuan*' city rtrosuariMla'JouH: ttJM lib' a respectable family j.ei-d apply. 0?n '? won lor law) dtya at bar pt event employer'a. lb BaLhutor at. AS1JI ATMN WAjmaO -^fr- A (*>011 OIU,. T? DO Uie civ- ulierwork of a j-lair. private family or to do the general hot-eeworfc of latn! private family, <' j day * at TO Atlantic *1., Brodfciyb. a?cr Ike barber's abop, aaoond It tor, uoot room. A^m f-in'A'VON -VANTLD-WV A COrXlRKO WOMAN, aa wick, gvaid elt> referent V AVI 'of three days a I Ufl Wrat aiih *f , new 7th av. _ A^m BfTTAUOM WANTED-El A RESPECTABLE womy-a, a< (hanTbeenUi.d and to do the In* waalilng end Ironinc. or would bo aa ruptJar laiutdiees; baa lb rd In thai capacity, no nbje* a* a* ta tfir nmnlry, or would do the work of a prt'ale family; baa goo 1 city reference!. I Call at ltd I, roy MarWaablnBU n, fcrmn day*. Aumcrtfu mo. otrau a atrvatiok to (III h.uarWorkJu It email pi I ale fatal If. If A food plain I emit, nleoa lirM i an* p .oiler i:nd Inner, Can give He I*' I 01 I t't referent ea II" i Hired Colt el 41 i*'li HI , belwfan I Wh f.U loth if.,, ar.-oikd floor, bo. It r>>om. I Id l II VMBKKM.WO <>h AM UCNDMM -) WISH i to ptoenre a altitallop for * jtereoa who boo lived in w? i family and whom I can t oiOrtntiHy n-etimtnend; alir |* nee't j and .#i#iU#?iit, ami la a IV"H?W, App'.yat lit W, at Mtb I Ot,, lit Or (hli a ve. Am rwktion wantkd-by a yocxo woman, ax unrae and mllidrro ami in t:ibe the entire 'barjit of a 'atby aood reference. fan all?.' Weal lethal., Iwlweeii flth and 7th av?. 4 snvat/on wantf.o-by t voriio woman, to J,\ do general houaeworli In a an nil ramie; he?t ell* refer??rf given tan be awn for two dajra*l7i Weat P'th at, 1 111 at tauemeal liouao weatot 7th are. ARttspRt TAHI.K WOMAN WANTS A MTVATIONA9 go*! co.ik and laundreM; la alao ? food baker aool rue refeiene? given. Oafl for two dar* at 210 Weat aid at beta nan Ota ant! ldth era., too floor, front room. AnKKPE' TAflLE YOINO emci40h WOMAN WANTS r el.uatlon aa chambermaid and wattraan or chamber maid and plain arainatreaa; * ill maltn licrtelt generally n?e foj; good (My reference alren. Cart fee feet) for two rtara at O.l Weft 19 h , ftp I??d Goer. W YOl 3RK, THURSDAY, APRIL ELD AT g Landing on Sun lie to Corinth and E | N\' ?4 ^?^==SS* \\ J SP r%^ f m wyyL i V fiFMYmW 33Qj f\. CREE& j| kPURD^p^^fei% , f I A&lfllf Q?fiM/_ jMt-% NTH ^a^po^Rj nssftws (n vfeW2"l*,*(?f / ft* /S A?Sii?*?j/1 v / $jj if'' /V5ec?#Tor.N gj THE 3D E i Second and fltird Pages for tin Kivn ATIO\M W ARTKD-mUUUHi I k IW ATION WjXTKL-HY A RKgraOTABLB I fx yoifi. Rirl. ns latin4rnan; can oo Kivneb nuiiaf ei.o ob I . K'..oD tn.^ i? no'irt dlcajsac U> .bo omrlr (w rrU . wa I Iran, 0* i lm wen (or 4wiM.iy* nt 100 Welti Ht'.h |l, bewwiiili <)4;ih an. | VNH.ATHW WASf?arST i ssfvanrssiA fill. !' wainatreaa; blu c f duuitf all Kirx-J ol . *mlYy ii required: r->. nbjte lion to h?* ?f ib 'U-tn ' ngand lfvi. riK; ROo.'i cit; rs Riven. Can l?: attcr. Jet' | wo daya a* Is 7'n av , betw en^i J and ,'4tb ?ia. \B COOK ?WASTED. A H3| ATIOV, BY AffRKW | a \ r?eBia.ii took, wild thorough;' uniit mlantlit; is alt It* bnuie.htirt; la witling loaaan t I.. ira hinj it requ. ?l. tot el cltjr rafale nee can tie ?ir?a. C. vr bo aeon for t??i. y | it 131 7Ui av., u?-ar IKUi at. h- ob^t tUirin to tba ctiiiolry AKKSI'??^AfiLB YOlTJtii WISHES A Htt-! A" 1 lion to ur wl with a wdy. Ily fct?d reference. ? t ! ae aeon for twouay* M90 Amity at.. ft. be rauoy au.rr. I ArOVJtO WfHAN WI?Ht:s \ BmfATION Afi <11; - * tier ma 1.1 and traitor. Hat* oU.?vty reference. Cil ? < 111', Wir aaih? AttM$rm/XM B WOMAN 'i-r- A KAMIL * j vr.i?; la ct pallc of <!otn? ? r tr.c heat (it itirle: an ' do gerttlfmcn'.raljk)* to Order. C ill ''.Ml. >>at JIHli at.. lint j Boor, ha k room j | Arovw wo*vv wibhbs a actuation in a ' private latnl.y, l; Aral rauatodk; her br.el- < or. In all lie brsr.ohe. would like I" a> vtlth a fatrl y In "e 1 country; wragea $10# month; the beat a: city aefrrt nee in ^. flren fro.n hvr l#?letnp'ojrnr. Calla' ?i Weal Z7<!i at.. < bt'oreeti 61I1 an I 7'L mv . I A NOTATION CANlkJt-BY A VOl Nil WOMAN. Art j t barmaid and tfaltmr, or womM <io iig.'.t hoitn? j tragi,; la a good Wether#?.< Ironm ami pialrt cook, Imagood , city !*ference. Call fat tv < ..ay>al 1"1 Weot -#Hli 3' AnCTAlU PKOTKNTANT YOUNG WOMAN . ,i?>nta h at:nation n in. ?r anil rramaireae, tadeiVunl* rnltlrj- uii.I Aliln< rklMtyf ge-men:?; ?a/\ epara'e on j Wheeler A Wilaon'n itaachire; no object In# to Iho country of tt tti rel; teat <>f r-tecedcf f!all foi ? *0 .lay* ai lai/'T'.-ai j I.Tb at ______ AN A*13RI>"AN Wll'OW t / !?V m.LYPONHBTKIfT, I . wiv-a a eituailen aacook pa boarding houaa do ] general Mtaaetrork In a ania'l family; no objicbri to a ahqn 1 aU'aa<* lE_ih<-1 OLatrr; el'y rrfetence tlT?n App.'y a: ! Ntanloai at. fbt Mra Horn. AmnroitrRtors roviw vrtv<\N wtbiibra mi anon 1# pure* ami newnafiovi .1 to ilo light.lia,ubet j work; will tnaJ"'hrttelf genrially nam!; Uiebeatilt) ? fn- j retire can bo f in n Irooi lamiJavf tvlirr' afae lute UVCd fonryrar*. t#l'a' 20C4'b at. APITVATfOf? WANTED?BY % Rt-TKCTABI.E WO nan, aai-uoi.and \. Ill tu Ui? wading and hoi in#; ttndrtatand# fro hn?!n?a? perfectly; li ? IIHnj; *> il < *li#. lug; bat good refer; g -. < an In- Been a> Hi ; th a*., betw.-en I'ln aaJ 3V., >1? a RWrlCTAIII fltllL WANT* A IU7TATION TO JX. do gcr.erabhoueewort. Can be eecti at hex prt arm nn MAyer'*, lit Weal EM at AM AMERICAN YOUKO won IN WIRHEB A rtlTl'A Uon. either aa nnrao and plain aeain~lre?e in eachamb< 1 BJ.Id ami to d' pjlin stw^^,. < an ^tbe b??; 1 feren 1 all at or autre*" <o r-a?i (>". . aent employer"*. i tt?dPBC'TABliS MA/lJUMf Wt.HA.V, Wild IX)ST /\ her i/ku child, ?.l<be? a baby lo wat n tr ? at her own j.Uc\ Apfejj At Wi ?a*1 3.Vb at., lop floor. A situation WAHWA in i RBBPMOTABLB W? man, loi.jok, wa?h and iron; no objection logo# attvil dlelanr* In Ike ootintry; city refaietve f'nn be naci for two day* at 77 Weal tlth at , between Oth and 7th ?r* ARKSYEtlTABlE YOUNG Glltf, WISUB.s A StTIJA tlon todo c iWnberWorkaud WAitiuit, ortAArnhenvnrk I unit to lake carW o< titlldrao) reaper table raflerenre tf re i uulred. Can he ac#u tor two day* ur 2(>tl lit ?r? a- ond floor, ' front room. A SITUATION WASIJEU- BY A ItBM'BCTABLB W<). i man, toMMft, wnelt and Iron, Inaamall pri?a'.c family: t oojecllyn l'? do grner/U honaoworJt: hi 'the heat or city refarenrer I'all for two day? al 130 Jfltn at., between 2d and S.I At a. _____ I AHlfl'ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WoBaN. AS ncama'reai And chain bet malil, ean nH children a d*.."aer And do all klnda or family aewlng; hi" the beat of city rcfe ranee. Alio a middle Aged permit a* n<irae; can tab th ntire charge of an Infant from ita birth i would dciaomc chant bci work; baa no objection to the ronntrr; baa the bet 1 ofvity reference. Can be #c?? ?ir two <|t? a at l?l 1 bird IK H] 10, 1862.?TRIPLE SHE! PITTSBI day and Monday, from Island No. 1C

I. ^^T?N/\/ IRON WORkS^ r jfc\\ MAYSVILLE |U**V W TROUSDALE ;Jr \ ^ REYNOLDlBUROf u: t | C?MTREV1W|V UNDENV -^OPLEAS/iNTV/ LF 4Tfor<?lE^^^v \ II V^Jnjcv^bUf WcUF71p*l^ltDST iW H tWNBENCEBU^'; , J^u tt^EMPPf /t^y/N^TON -?t3 I i \ VL ^'cAMelSPBINS? "rp Alt.?* b Particulars of tfaii Great Sattl nmnoM w anthb?rnuji. AinCATtOM W4KIPU!J~?V A TOUNO WOMAN, M cook, rra h and lri?u. or to do fiouwwork In a nmall ( t an- family ; rily rrfoitioue. C&u.lxt u-rn for tw o days at Etta Xtdlioii al, SITUATION WAiaSD-lIT A RESEEfTABUi 4JL y >ung woman, ?.? chambermaid, or would toko rare of cliidrrn; or ? chtmt ri _ '.ri ami waltrea*, In a amall f-.oU'y; ha* the bo -' of e.fy iiafnrenofi iff objection to go Id j I lot a iiniry for thr n.natuar. Gail at 111 Weal Ifttb at., near i #,h air A , Ik^.cPECTABI.K YO?*C UlIlL WtPHEX TO OH- ' j\ lam h aituatloo In a uioe ft-mlly a? nuracrr mold, or to > piak h"r? It generally uaetul, h-ett of tltv reference ran be ylvrc. fall for ivn dtra a; her fatfc*r"a rcaidener, 63 JTeet S&j.i at.. In- w ru 5th tadW are. A may uuraoTAVLB ceuman t.iri, WISHES a rdViH'lou a* aamairi-Mt and lady'a tuald; underHtanda rutting and any kind 01 war tr; U Willing U> make brraetf 1 uacful. tfj?.'l an or addrevs Xirt Mejei, H7 Wetia at., nrar i W'aahlngtot-. Al?l floor. a SITUATION WAjrntD-BV \ HIWCTAMA ,'\ young u rl. In a rrlvale family,,** ehainban-mod and j ruallrcaa, or i|.'iar and plain re?r?.? 'til ? hrr yrraant m- I I oyei ?, 101 C.t?t tlr' ?t. Qift'ATIO 5VANT.V- HY A KLitm J ABi-t i'OL'XG ! Cl woman, na<'t.tiiih, i oiacd or fo do g> o? .ml home-* r? In ? milt fa>ull> ; no t g>, a ehtrt dt-far.'.t a the ryiiiUV*)-. Call lo>- two daya a> It I'tirk at. S (STATION WANTBO-TO DO GENERAI. KOl'SK- i aatrk; f#ali took, waelier arid Irottcr, ran gtv> I e ' hra'.< f city refereti ?. Call ? f.7S Stb at-., euiaer of flat al., | third Boar, twit t-o-u-. rvo oih'.s wish sin atioss?one ah cook. v>-ifci*r m.d oner; it a good'>*kT; the oilieraa i h?ni!?j cra.'l ?i .4 ra i' rra?: the b?rt rlt? reference; mitt jectlou "> v theroun ry. fallal ?."6 Jd a.oirm r of ?."L >l., fotirtl itooi, ha A room. \I .* NTEU-HY A Rk 'VEl TXBJ.E OMIT., A Mtt'AV? tion a* r<inj coot, **.ih.rr ;tnd ironrr ; undamtauda inp*l* and Baalrr. (Tan hp v?n at. hfr present rtuployrr'a. 0*11 ai f*21 j kt at 21?* at . 'or <aio day*. \ITANTRD?MTt'ATIONS i"OR TWO COKflTRXr It *lr'a; r.tii>t4 end ?"?#.4ui,.nt ih? atiKT j aanura-; can er*. and d" un a? !r? work Both . an hp well I r.-mnro. mtrd, anf aren al tnrlrsirapnt mpl'rrrt'a 43 Wort ?*lh at., f.-r l*r.> rtif*. \\'A!.TEI)-A BITI'ATIO.N, ?V A KKAPECTABLK ! II jmma nefnan, a- cLaro'ipiievid and ft'i? lanDd' r4?, or I wits children*. understands*'.! kinds uf fax;.* am - 1 lag. Ila* ail ypara ?u#*?vtiO!iabla <ity reference. Can bn a? n St SlfTM m a? , BWII fib sr. Tl/ .SNTfD?A XJTt 4TJO.V. BY 4 YOIXU (ItRE. TO Yl ilo phatnlif rtuiA or fpnrral ln>uas* orK; n<> obpr'too Iodic country. U< 1 cil? ra/rrSlKe. Cali a! 143 fc??l ISth 4., iwvnit floor, iiont r> n. nrtVTBD-IT x HBBPBCTABUS YOCWO tiim , A TT jl'iieilon ec rheTlliertnald and waUn s* B?at cjiy re. fnrta CsUfor two days at 12 Oao*a*oi>n at.. Between flili anil Hudson WW __ Il'tMr.lh-A SITUATION BY A RBSPMCTUtLE V? vo'iryf woman, aa rhamltut and waltrpax, or oris und care of rbl'dreti; Ilia heal of rlty rofcmi-e ' ont bar list plsp?,wWrr she Baa lived alt yraiu. C..U at ,i ;i r . uaai llaiat. \lTAXTKD-BY A RKftmrrAHIJt TOI'XO OIRI,, A "V -.Itnelior aarhamhrrutalil. or aa ce<-ellmit lauuflraa*. ' n i oii.x-tlona to Hip country! the beat nt rlty ittitlMM l i bri leal plarr. Pall for two dayc, II oat *ng?ir <7 ai No. p?i Will at., between h:h and 7th ere. ;? vNTBH-BY A MUtfRirr tllLB TOP.VO WOHAX, A *> alt to do rliauihrrworlt and walling; can give ? hp .. c o . fcretveiro 'i bet l*?t plao.-i ?Till for twii ,T4*tS.?.?rw UYtti at. iVMHTMV-Hi1 A KKxI'irTAIIMC YOI NO WOMAN, | I / * ? < > n m* n-iiumkm; umlftrHinndi all klnd*<>i I AjnUr * ? '-mild a?a:?i with i-MMran or do chain ( "i-wwi* ?..? o Hwllon in an In tlic i-nnntry for thr antn- I inorj lot* '? ' > "f city rain n. a. Call fur two d?*? at M Atlanta M. " iBkrrjr, Brooklyn. KtTAVtlX 'A HITI ATION, BY A W.ADY UIRL, TO ?* WW *?' Iron, Of would do tha ffcttrnil lmu-a ? ik N lAmHjr. t!?ll lor lao dnjr* ai ttl CoOnnbU ? .1 '? * ?an and SuU?-M?., Brooklyn, u I* rn-f fL'ATK'N. BY A KF8PKOTABI B II k i wailow and ironart food oily rafa - ' ' o d UK *" ? . lu ihf far, l>a|w?,sn I > t? ERAL IT. JRG LAN April 6 and 7. 18 ) to Memphis. Ji ? RIME}-1 I 0 :kSV/rcLr^4ffP'NSFiEip \ SfflEENBRltfify. =4 LOUISVILLE JUrfafyJt ?S5SS^\ FRANKLfNj K *6'4 Cu'1!UMBI^^5^V Ss^f rV she a x rUmsau: ^Pif^A/vrcflovE-^. ^l^^WiVtLLE REYNOLD^ |?MM? { \J fAYHTt' |i "1^ \C/?a(L' >? flOTTSVILyi^ ^fcssff' j| \i ?. SITUATIONS WASTKO- FSMALtS. VV ANI'ED?A KITUATKI.V. BY A YOL'NO QIRU AS if I'.hairibntimid ami to aaoai in washing And ironing, or an mirw and ivalin-**. fan bo am ixr two <1?>* .it nrr prnm nt rmployvr'a. Ill \V?i. 4Sd *l \lrAKTEB?A SITI'ATIOX AS I'STRY ri.ERK OR t T light porti r. by a yonns in*n > Im I* wrl'lln* to make hlmarligi ii-mlly nacfrl; U'ii|na*ttoaaMe rrferrni-f- on hj Rivrn us to h;>n-?t? and r-apabtlltv. .Idaraaa V W.C. hot ho HrraM nlfli U'.VMKll-A HITUATIOJf, BT AS KXT'RRIENlTO Tf conk. I" wl i:nK ! ' aaaH lu w??hllt; nu I ironing; an Ire Ibr brat ctljr refntnee. tlau l>* atec inr two day* at SOB IC av.. front ruOiii, tup Hour. "1I7ANTED-A SlTATI'i.V, BY A RESl'KCTABU: WW t-'.anj elfl Lu ?lo t'hjmli*'. work and 1 up fitr* t* filtl - drea. or tj Ho tint EoLeework o: a ai> alt fainll , Haa (tin heat of .city relevant e. Call for two day * *t ISS Atlan'le at., ae.-ond floor, room II Brooklyn. \\rAl?fED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A 8ITC.ATI0N A8 II olminh-tniM il a* 1 ?>r to iai.r c e ?l children ami OjII at n#j 30lb at, nettr nth av., tup Boot, front UT ANTED -BY A UKSi't(,"fAHi,E 111 Ufa, A SITI'Ait tlxti to do ilia !>ou*"tV'>ra of a email private fa inly, or to do tbr k Itcheti won a .d aaetiil with the aat>.iiix ami Inw tiff; huv .no objeoiiuo t-> ?o a il.ort dla'.ao oln tlir country pnfroa (Wi none l? n apt. Ha* good reference iin-o her latl employer. Can be errn for two daya at AW Canal it , ootat-r of ]Iud>-tit ?t>, third floor, front room. \lrANTED?A SITUATION A3 A KIRIf CLASS MEAT IT and ,?a*tiy c?..k; tind r*' >ndi jelliee. eotip* and aatn:; no nbtprtlon to it pniat family r ? ttrpf :<a*a leierluig houae: the brat oily rofrrrnde ran be siren, fill at No M .Vt av. \I* ANTED- A RITLAIIDN. BY A RB.-TECTAULK il woman, a< ?*re leni root; la wling tu armei tu tne waViIng Mid Ironing; bat no to g < a a.natl dlatanca lu the country, ff??>d rtti r-lrn.n -r <in be given from ner last pla t, Can be Mnn for ta o day a at 4Sfl utli av.. room Id \\,rANTED--BY A UESPEcTAbLK HIKL. WITH GOOD II c|iy re'eretce, a aitnatinn an lauadre**, or laumlreia and chambermaid f!*H at 121 Weat :Mth at. 11"ANTED?A MflPKt TAHLE WOMAN. AH CHAM IT tw o.ald and naliree*. and to Iwltt in the eaal.lag and Iroa.tig iiotv-1 city reiorencea required. A f*r.?tv tant preferred. Apply b.-lan-.u tbe bona of 12 and S m4 74 We?t SIM at. WAN TED?A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE ii girl, to do general hou?e?vot h In a atnali prtaa a family, la n good plain 0oO?; would no up atalra work and aamat In tiit ? ??hbig an I lioutog: it iod rrcoaimen.iafioua from h?r tall |>Ure, ? bent alio hue lived for nine jre .ni Call at N... 9 Ea?i M ?t , " d Co- I, front room. WANTED-A 811 CATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II yo'init woman, aa chain -arm .Id ami to argiat In waabInK and Inning; It willing to make henclf generally uaefnl. B-a: of - "1/ mi- rata l C?I' a: CV E*-i SJ-I ->f. Of ANTES SITUATIONS, HY TWO VOUNU (IIRLH II ntia av plain nook. and Ironer, and tbe oth-r aa chambermaid and waiter, and would lake rare of children; bvlli hav go id n'fe.enr-a. Call for three day* at the corner of York an i llud-on Ma., Jereey Cily, lop Hi >r, intnl room 11 r AN TED?BY A VERY NEAT AND EXPERIENCED If fa-nlHr aramvirraa work, at Iter homo; ladlea and g?u tlemen'a an t rhlldren'a under gamete* air - rblru, made In lh? nen'eal manner and <n every uyie. Would work out by the day or week. Mia. lJunka, llrvt floor, room No. 2, at 1I7S lid a". _ _______ ff AMKD-HY A Kl.HPKCIMBI.E PROTESTANT DIKE, VY a abue'lnn ei took, vraalier an I hoi ar or ' <] < *rner_J hoiiarwork In a private laoilly. brat or i tty reterenea from her laM place. Uati bu eaen at No 7 Dmiglaaa at., In the ' IW- ______ ___________ \|' ANTED?BY A KESPKfTABI.E YOUNO OIRI., A II alhtatlon aa tiurae ati'l aenmatrena, or la tin chanlwi work anil neai?t with iba waiting ami Ironing. UallalS27 Be*' IOth at. WANTMO-BY A HKSPKCTABI.K YOUNO UIBL, A attnatlon a* laundieaa, or aa rha nbrrniai'l ami wal ra?.i; aetltlactnry reference given. Apply nt lit lrtav., In the laitey atore. U^-ANTED-A SITUATION AI COOK, IN A ."MALI. TT private family; la a gund waaher ami trailer; ebe la Ixith willin.! an<l obliging at all tlmea, ha*the heat of rjfe re arc rram her laal place. I'll, at Iti'V, Ea t 40th at, WANTED-BY A RERPItrTABLR OIRL, ONk THORmighty unAereimnllny hrr kaalam a (HnaMon aa chambermaid an<t vialtri'is, Apply at HO lat place,'or two "'era. D. PRICE TWO CENTS. DING. 62?The Seat of J" STATE L/Zr^^ lli tAFAYEi tA ILLE/jC^Q^ HaCAlMWUt J \~ \ oLOS CAMS ^MYRNA // \ jBORom Si WOODBURY til ' ^%F0$T?RV/U? p >p?tHILL TjMARMAOB ,(t ^ Jk J w^ a 1 " X \^m]^^?&EST?B lOUAHOMP^jr^ X/ {QJtAfAND* & \ "iiti i PA OEStlSRD&ik ( X\ U/W/YS J 7 / \y Z&CfaiTAnJMftrt ^ ST?VEHSON\ ? \ ^Qpwczrom/ ? MLLEm^/ i %comBORoJWj/ (ARREN TOft ft^VQUNTTRVfLLE /'/ II WATERS-SOS ESA SITUATIONS WANTKD?PEMAL.ES. WANTED?BT A KEfll'ECTABLE WOMAN, A RITUAtl'.n hi .ood plain cook, waeher and Ironer. Call far o<ic da; al li?r prevent employe!'., MVmIMUi it. WAN TED-BY A PROTECTANT GIRD. A SITUATION YY aa c-Lild'i iiur?e. ami to hi. ii in are in* or .'hamacr. work; h.t* th. I rat ot relrr urea, baring tired Are rear* In ore . amlljr und lour vea.? In another. Oai. be icen or ad dre.i.eti t.y letter at No 'K4 A rl| In it, Brooklyn, for two dan. * "t\TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE BNHMSII OIRL, A TT lit.ialloii to travel aith a}' to Europe; nun DO obje.-t. Addi rai lor three daya, Travel, box No. 127 Herald otllre. "TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN WID YY n.v l?.i> 11 hi.uiek,. i" it. a widower', family; under derstanca a'l kl: <1* of Oall at No. 7 Kurman 11 , Jurt'mvn at.. n U,e frame cottage, etwren Well and Fottlh terrier, Hrooklyn, rr aJrcaa a note lo Nra. Bally to tin above number. AV'AVTKC?BV A REM*E' TABLE iIIRL, A 9ITUATTON "1 aa <~x>k, wi,o na'erataril cooking ,n all >V> bran, ben. Cangttrihe limt uf elty n frrrnce. Apply for two day* at I i mi <>. J: at., an : d a>. AV" A NTKD?A 8IT CAT;OK, BT A PKOTEKTANT TOUNO VT a ?mni, to m,ik. v a?h and Iron, in a ainall private family; good refew, f io:u b r laa1 pleee. Can be aaan for nr., daya. If not engaged. at 110Court at, Brooklyn, between Amity and Cuugmai ale., in the rear. AITaXTBIV-BT A RBXPBCT ABLE TOCNO WOMAN, rf a altnition aa i.nod plain oook ant eio.lrnl weaker and I roner; haagooj re'error fiom her laat pace, or wou'd be willing n> do chamber*ork and aewlnt tlan be eeen for two data, if not engaged, at HI Weot Jfch at, between 8th and 9th are., top floor hack room. WANTrD-SlriJATIONP, AH NCRSR AND SRAM TT atrrn, or chamber ma,d and aramaima. hj two r*epeeta i- gli ! : reference to their laet p acer, t all at or eead le tt Karl /Hlli at. IITANTI-D-BY A REBrRf.TABIiB YOCNO WOMAN, A TV aiiuarlcn aa good p'aln cook and baker, and a drat rat* waeher en.t leaner; ora* . >?t rata eonmairoaa; haa the heat of etle lefctrnee fr?m where aha haa Mved for the Mat two yeant.' Call (or two day* at VSSSd at., betv eenSd and 4th are. I WANTED?A HITUA TTON. BY A REHI*KCTABLB it young girl, aa chambermaid and wal.maa, or aurre an 1 aeanioircaa: nn object I n to the country. Oooi city reference t" all f rtwu rtayae' iO Carroll plaea. Houth Broeklin. wanted-by a YOCNO WOMtN. A BTTftATION a8 YY .-ook; no objection to aaalat In the wnahlng and Ironing. t:ood reference. Can be. ona for two daya el 13B Beat Bum l? ay, flret floor, hark room. WANTED-HY A KBSI'HC TABLE OIRI.. \ NTTCAtion ae hn'nbermald and wrtireon; no objection to aa. alaf In the weahing and Ironing, or would da Ike honor work Of a a mall orlvate tamlhr; la wilting and obMntng. One year'e rrfrrmrr Yrom laat place CM be eawa M US Baet Mk at_ between til and Sd a?*. AJL'ANTKD?BY RKHPKCTARLB WOMAJt, A BITUA II ii<in 10 cook, wuh and Iron, or do canrnl hnnaeworlt In a Miuili family. Wood referent*. Call i?r i?o daya at U7 Priry at , noar Waahlngton. WANTteD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNU OIRL, A liuatlon aa chambermaid and waltrraa or aa chant* barmaid and to do plain aew Ira. or to a-?lat * llh the waahlaif and Ironing: la willing and obUfelnc lla* tha ba*tof oltyrefoieaoe from bar laat (da. a. i all for two dajra at lid Waat Mh ?L, IIrat Hour, front n>.on \\' ANTED?BY AM AMERICAN 01Rl? A SITKA TIM >? *a cliam barmaid anrl wal raaa; la willing to inaka Ae?a-1 r generally .taaful. Call at M Colombia at,l*l??l Aaalty and Pontile, Brooklyn _ lir ANTED?BY A YOl'NO H1RL A R1TI ATItiW TO DO V? general hoe arWork fora?m*il famllr ; haa no objection to ao a abort d.nanrr In tha tountry. Haa g.^d elty raA-ram a Can tin .een for. two daya at 213 Eaat 29.1 at., b?l-var n lat nn.l 2d ava., ft> floor, front room. 11'aNTKO-A STTI ation. ry A HiM i'mmi! V* voting flrl, to do chamlierwork and waiting, or would d' lbrbouarwork of a amall private, lla* >*<-? lent rrl. ranra from bar laat | lat*. where aha baa Hirdfor Ike l*?t four yaara. ? an bo aa. n at her nrerenl rmployer'a, M Court at., royar r Llvingetnn, Brooklyn. ^ y?;aktf.d-by am American woman, a situ a* vv k.?i, rmma nr u> do ccnrral hottarwork In a Miv??p r'?,"ly i"i?" <*tty reference. 0?n bemnit No 1M 7th ire., thlnt floor, for two .ley i.