Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1862 Page 2
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2 INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH. How the Rebels View the Naval Action in Hampton Roads. Tho Rebel Censorship of the Press and Telegraph. Whut the Rebels Say Rriardin? the Recognition by Foreign Powers. All Descriptions of Arms Wanted in Alabama. THE ALABAMA MILITIA ORDERED OUT. What the Vision Forces Did | Ill Florida. Railroad and Telegraph Smployes Wot Subject to 2>rafL 6CABCITY OP FOOD IN MOBILE. Ac, Ac., Ac, Tlie Late Action Bet won the Ntrrimnc and tike I nlou Vr?>oU In Hampton Road*. [From a Lady Correspondent of the Mobile Advertiser ard Register, "f March go.] Nostril k, March 11, 1862. 1 cannot forbear the Advertiser and Itegister upon the rooeet glorious tiolory achieved within eight of this our' ancieut borough." Truly, "we have met the enemy and they aro ours." l'|?>n toe very element wherein alone wo have ever found our foes tco strong for us?that element from which, through the ne famous policy adopted by the old Lotted States government towards us, wo of the Southern States had bi on rendered entirely nun est?wo have gained a triurn h which shall inaugurate a n.?w and glow lug c hapter in the history of maritime warfare. You*have seen, by telegrams and otherwise, how, by the nooutide sun of tho last Saturday, our Virginia, the quondam Merrimac, cast loose from her moorings at the Norfolk N'avy Yard, and went, attended by tlireo gunboats , gliding quietly through our waters down to Hampton Roads. As si." passed i>ur city wbarv s, throngs of animated, and enthusiastic rit./ens gai hered there to witness her debut. There were cheers, loud and long, and waving of hats and handkerchiefs, but no words of response from the gallant Commander Buchanan and his devoted crew. Quiet marked the progrevaof all connected with that enterprise eiecied to to h gh a destiny, and on hey went to the great work before th m. The frigate Cumberland, with the hea\ lest armament in the fede a navy was run into and sunk in twenty minutes, notwithstanding she bravely struggled against her fate oven ttnto her going down with the live humtred and fifty souls winch she had on board. Next came the Congress, and then the Minnesota, which were like* i~e desi?ich?d in their turn?the dual rema ns of the latter ha\ irg been taken into Old l*olnt by assistance of two cr three Yank -, vessels. Of the Congress' crew some few escn; od?(he rest were made iirmonapt utriil th* v#huu?l iK^l! ^ nn/htfaJl fir A<1 bv our forc?f<. and tun glowing sky mi i .uminoua water prs sentrd a grand and Imposing spectacle. The Virginia snd her attendant licet were Joined in the Roads by the war steamers J.imist wu and Patrick Henry, ad of w hich, after finishing <>rr on tho Minneso.a skeleton,returned to N-rfolk on Sunday morning. It la thought by bc me that some ladles, friends of the Cornbeiland ofllcers, were sending the day on hoard abip. Thi->, T suppose, arose from a faucy that when the frigate went down female shrieks were heard from the wreck. Devout, fervent thanksgivings were heard in our churches on rial bath morning. Men greeted each other earnestly on the thoroughfares, aud w arm and young children look id jubiiant and grateful. Tue?c ur* some of the indications of the general Joy, but there is an under current of patriotic rejoicing, high and holy, to which no words attempt utterance?no detnouatraiione to blazon forth?and of >hia we will not essay to write. The gallant Buchanan returned to us si ghtiy wounded, but is doing well, and say* he "will he with thorn in a ibwr days." The Alabama Third regiment are si 111 encamped at their quartan near Port amonih, where they have been a tabooed ever since the counter march from Budolk. From a newspaper account we extract the following ? The sinking of the Cumberland m said to have been the moet terrific incident of the fight. We learn positively, from acoounts which have reached the Navy Department, that the whole of hor < rew, about throe hundred and fifty smile, wire buried beneath the water. The Yankees behaved with desperate courage, before tho frigate had entirely sunk they continued to work every gun above the water line. One of her after guns was prow foremost. She suck In about a hundred fart of water, There is scarcely an instance iu the war of mere de ;write and devoted spirit than that shown )>y t! a craw of the Cumberland. She sunk very slowly. Tliero was no effort to escape, no rush to the boats, not a s: go of surrender, and, aa she settled, hur guns were a lUeniy fo i|ht to the last moment, and every living soul on board was buried beneath the waters. A letter in the Kichmond Ditjulck from Norfolk says1 regret to state thai the Yankees succeeded m' getting off the Minnesota and towing her around to Xorr tress Monroe. Shi is In a specially bad condition?be nia.ta shivered, her boll riddled, and large timbers hart mg baen knocked frem h<r upper and lower works. I, she should be carried North for repairs the work o m onth, wilt t>e rcsqntrod to put bur in a seaworthy con ditiOii. It is roper.od that, in additioo to the consiorua tion and terror on board the Congress, the e was mutiny among the crew, and that the scene of violence, a auglrter, h'ood and death a-e unparalleled iu the lusto y >f naval warfare. Tfcvse on board the Virginia state that when she fired at tko iron battery Kriccson her tower rev??lvwi with great rapid ty, and that when the bail truck tha sound was like the ringing of an immense gong. MURX ABOCT THH MKHKIMtC AND TH* MONITOR. [Corr> spotidence of the Charleston Mere st v. j ri-hmond, March 11,1sg2 Was it a drawn battle between the Virginia and Mooi .... , if-*," . u? . ui .1.: " i.-. The Yankee* will c.alm 'hat th# Virginia was whlpi?i, and passengers I mm Norfolk say hIm ,voh smartly injured The Krlc-won battery carries only two guns, but they at* 2-/0 -poundeis. if, w.;h her entire Ixitl sub merged ant) only b r tower visible,t-he Virgmi* wus sb!s to stand her Are four botire without materlsl datcDge to ber iron H.'ua, she may bo considered an entire nut **s. 8otno say Riat th<- heavy nio'al of the Mouitor rolled p tb* iron pi iMs of the Virginia .ate leavs in the Ore, but < apt Killott, wh* was in the harbor whon the Confederate fleet passed up to the navy yard, wrttc that tho Vir gtnia, st the distance of a few feot, showed a good deal of battering, but no mor* than could bo reoairtd ui twenty four hours, rb* l-'Sk cs?ised by the cotln on with the hriesaon, or with the Cumberland?lor Ui* colli, ton with the former is doubtful?may require save al days work. "Hie Virginia went Into the dry dock yesterday morning, with the hope of being ready for service by the close of the week. Captain Buchanan was wounded In lb* thigh by a M tin bait, and f.leutenanl Minor in the side bye splinter?'b* latter serioialy. Wounds from Mini* balls do not gat well qui- k'y ws may, therefore, expect that Ceteaby .T me* will command the Virginia in the next encounter? which will ?oon oeaur?and embrace every Coo federate vessel that Nwolk can muster; the Krlcason lattery. Hi* mortar fleet, tn* Wabash, and Heaven inly knows bow ui any other Yankee stipe. The fate of Norfolk will he settled by this light. The evacuation of Manassas, end the falling ?a. k to the TUpldin river, was deterinine<l on about three weeks ego, during'.enersl Johnston's visit to this city. It was s military no<.essity. growing out of an InsnBJrieney of troops and forage. Ten month* of Idleness had wasted the army away, and all means of support. The Virginia legislature and Governor Letcher are both blamed for not taking timely step? 1o reinforce Johnston, but the policy of cunc'ation Is the true offender. Tlse 14? beta Opposed to Military Mystery. [Vom the Mobile Tribune, Men h 1?.] It f? A fai t Tlfiiar -WMiinrw r.Holtf ?K.. Hw.1 i? .? reyatory" in only dcpreselhg the spirit of our people. Here, for example, in Mobile, for the pa*t few days, thT? ban b ?-n a vary ansMi* suspense In respect to mov menu which the cltti?ns be'lev< have been made, but of which tbay ran toil do information. It may be that there in n<> informail >n to gat, but. as there baa beshi ??> touch "military myetery'' heretofore tl??y are disponed In believe that theie la new* and that it I r ea'ed, and of eourar that it m-st ha b?d two auao it is coneoeted. Thte la human nature, and it i, ; iat aa certain ai uny known quantity. t If our people ratitot bear bad news we lund better quit tha vrar at once, and mako auoh taruia as the p tudeut and rapectoua foe may ohnoee lo grant to us. We are ao certain, bow at or, of ilia temper of the pec pie that we believe bad a?\* win d> tl im g <>d They will rise UP to the neeraaltler "f it. And wo niay ay with perfect cartainty that the pnupc are now in valor, and eagerness to be put Iti (daces w here they , au tie of survive, superior bi moat of the penetal* *bi command them They want to go fester titan tbetr ctrunsnd ??-, but the mjsteiy and the falling back and tin- mt-t.g uf place- beretotoro oonri lored of importance are pa al> ^ thorn They are not regu'iirs, who may be kept with propriety in tftiereni e. Tliejr are men who follow their other* from choice; or iaHi-r they rhoce* to tol . iteer lot that purpose?and th y are not arc uaP rated P. la Mindly led bv m- n whom they raiay consider blinder than th-modve- ' In other woid.?, Uny wen''0 t now ttia danger and * e ready to tncet it wha'aoc car it may be. They will m?oi it tne mora boldly wbon tliay know It And Hit* r-m- ait lino igh the rank., of tli?* cui/m- tvbo remam at home -neper ee and my'tary fill them foil of d'cbic They want the conQdepoe of our lesdeis andour g < * n't ant. I'py av .? ta ked to s? br-tbeie, ?nd i In a bro'her'e parti if they are treated a- brc.hers eoihai l,ad in the -ace oobla c utee [Frrn the Mempbia'Appeal.] 1 be people have been muled anil deceived as to the 0 i tuber "f oi r d feeder" on the Eiwlibg (,'rowu lira, of th a kind o' ?'-a. a etegi : h?re m ist be an en t r?.a| 1 rank y with toe people, end tell thein, as tha Otvaruor NEW I< of our ateter QUte of Arlanaas lei's th m, thai the ?n Im-pae, of ihe Comm. i.weutb i> no- de.t W> drive heel ho desp o'er ; thee h :?"?. Lot <10 have n.< ui ie num bu?,o ui ue of it at u, It a y mysiarjr en eecrdii euea thai I - ill'. If . ut i hi !M hour ol :.i? i by 0?UUB10| us with tbo -ud. ou n-mios* uo or it* own msutl cl u y? had aimuoi -aid of its inobeettiiy. Wo tn st tia ? oui op -rations, not ttjH u what the eiicny may fe r to ..uder tio?? but upon what w? can assuredly prevent ihetniroii accompl thiif. No Hope of H< ?oj(uitioia by PoidJ* Putvvrt. [From the M >t?i o Tribune, March 15 J FOUEIGS AID. It I* bocom ng a gee at opinion among patiiotic mos that thereliui ti " u too much roilaiico ou Eumpeau influence in this war In (hit re- vet, jieihtpe, great liana has boon dotto to the ca lse. If our people begin to bo itove that t'oii-igu trieu.'s :ul'lib to liew out ti e way tt onr independence, tt Is hardly probable that they will tako much trouhlo to hew tt out themselves. If 'his u now relied 1% wh / '.he -w ?r U is aland < d 'he be l r? /or it i? ceru tin .'Ait. u. 'ha I hanao Up fit** Kur-pc until u>? shall hit"- eh wu th t we are ah e to heir oU' set t, Every battle won by u.-. is au argument to the l'osrort I the old World. Every baitlo lost stolid.- as so much against us. Nations havo no sympathy with ihosu who are weak. Governments are c ulreited by little but self-ime i-si, un i that wit! hate its weight Justaa surety as th .: a pound and a halt of lead in "no acalo will make the other side with a pound in it kick the boom, 'the W'itcrn Pow ers of iCu.-0| o did tntori>oao in the Greek war, and *topi>ed the combatant?, after tlioy hr.d been slaughtering each other tor yea s. lliwt was dono without the slightest a .prehension of danger. IV th Ureico and Turkey were of smalt a.o.aini to thn-? Power*. They were not engaged largely iu a .y kind. f commerce which alfe ;ed the west; at u tht-y *3re al | lowed (a light the general humanity of the people of tba west made iase.f heard, and thou there was us interposition which ended ths wretched fh rife. In this case thore *i< no d..nger in interfering, and why the {'Ml European I*' were did not interfere sooner was cnly Ut'#- 8c they aore not in accord on the a .!?;.? t. Earn o afraid to m ve of itself, faarfutof violating re emptied international law and briuging hurt to tlia )>n which fl-st aciad under this motive of humanity. AHtoc on 'his comment is absolutely essential to the we.lwsof the industrial |?opie of Euroee. There is no eac.pp^ this conclusion. but it does not follow that the na' i?us of that quarler of the world will more to enforce it, until it is uemoustraiod thai necessity makes a new law to them. TUikj they will move altogether, and that movement will not be made until after we shall bare sh wn our own power to forever emuticlpat ouraelvs from the miserable government which is tow trying so ha d to subjugate us. ANOTHER t'IBW OF THE rROBABTUl'V OK REl'OGkhsok. [Nor oik cnrres; ondei:ce of t..e New Orleans rioayune.] The car no brought by the Xa-hvilie, 1 understand, was pu. chae'-d at the ui t-t reasonable prices, u, , tyTe u :k' v., <m A'a.t, h trait, and .o hr;* ft tht <x cum titled sUkk of giktU in ali tht vuiiiufcttui o 1} tounu, that price* for rerythtny, which formerly found eadj market in the SuuVi haw one down remarkcuAy Uut lie pre* Sire upon the English government, arifnig ot of th'S st ?te of things, has not b> en exaggerate i: 1. r h.,s the distress in the tuaouiacturing district* The v ,? m r >I<orted i ro*n itelguim and France, e-pcciall; the form' country, which OtnUin Engrain thinks will be then* to lecoguize us. This recognition, he thinks, cannot be d >ferred t > a very distant day. After her wiil f How Franco and then England. Th tl this w II be tlie eoti.-.- o < f events, an that speedny, Ls tbo .ght to bo certain. It is the imperative deciee of necessity, ho universal is this be itu In England that oOicers la thu Brit, h army assure t olltcers of the N'a-hvllle that, if she would remain a short time louge in Southampton, shecouli! go into New Orleans or any port of the South without let or hindrance. The rendezvous of s > many E onch sad English fugales in the w aters of th'r Soutnorn U .antic and Gulf is believed to have for its ultimate obit- I the breaking ol the blockade, when those governments, following tbu lead of Belgi m, shall have decided npou it. lh>- recent vague and inilellcilo declaration of thu British and French Ministers that the;, would rem tin uoutral"go long us tlio righte of ueutrals are respected," ar# believed to mean nothi-g more than tins: ilia' the rasa at the band o p ibttc aSairt in Umm co.mtnos have resolved to le' the people, either In popular assemblies or in thoir resjectn e pariiam-iiis. take thu lead In th9 matter. In Kugland, es;w<:.a. y throughout the inuncfactoring districts, the feeling of hostility to the blockade, snu against the whole Northern government,for that matter, is very strong, and their representatives are said to be very numerous and urgent in l'arliuiuent. It l? h IIavm! ini.-A<! that rhA llrftt v. !a fin !.}>? wuhiiu 1 will show bo strong a party against th( ministry that tbey will either have lt> la It about immediately or ultimately fall. More than this, the popular feeliug in Fugland, in fuvor of the confederate elates ari 1 Id sympmhy with them In tuuir gre it struggle for tndcpvud-ere, Is said to be widespread and enthusiastic. and the s.itnc is said to be the case in France and Belgium, wllh even mure emphasis. And there can l<e no doubt of It. En-ry tyilailf. ur h'O.'from errost the vmter goet In p,m- lha1 10; hare the m ral ju/jsrt and the ft,wjntthy tj h; thUi^td world. Brats for Bee a regard. [From the Mobil* Advertiser and K'gieter of March IS.] The appeal of Gen. Ceauregard to tho | eopte of the Mississippi tor braes, to be uie'tvd an ', cast into cannon, has touched tho hearts of our people, and already response* are b j ing freoly made. Yesterday the stewards of the Ft. Francis street Methodist chun h m-l and agrmd to tender to (ion. Beauregard, through (Jen. Jooe-, curtundiug at this post, thair Que hell lor this patriotic purpose. A gentleman of Scmmerviil* brought to our office a quellity of brars (soino thirty or forty pocuds weight) as the donation of his wife to lli* cause. We notion in tho I t severs! brass tups of andirous, and this suggests tho idea that a g od deal of brass might he secured in this way. Another so iree of supply is thus suited by a lady correspondent:? Mi-*as. Furrow*-- i see Gen. Heauregt-d has called for bells, to be manufactured tnio cHnn.'ti, Cannot the ladies assist by sending all of their ball metal?preserving kettles* 1 send mine as a beginning. A SOLT11EKN WOMAN. Visit to Branswtelt, On., and Its Results. |From the Savannah lb-publican, Marrh ! > J Colonel Carey W Stiles t isited Brunswick early yesterday laorniug," in command of a txuia<i->n, a-> follows.? Th? Wire crass Minute M*n, Captain White, Mcintosh <.i:a,r ! (,'Ar tdtrn Coi/d*!!- PlRr.l* V.j irt**4*r* C>trit:in. A* Itinsoo, a id Captan Mclkinaibgi r i.tpuny fetther the Wise <iuar I or tb<- forest Kango h, there being a Captain McDoi kid in command of eoeh of these companies, our informant wan unable to tell the haroc of ihooon pany present, si he only learned the nana of lh-' oi|u*e ? in command;. 1b-< enemy wire nut in tlie city but on hoard their yes* d? in the harbor, blight' Yankee soldiers we.e engaged gathering ojetors within ni'iekot range fi"tr. tas hank, anil the tempi ati a luduced w.o of our men, .? printer, belonging o the Jack* n Arti.icry, who had eccm, e l thv e-ia>dili'D. to |> ,:1 trigger of thsm, and "us f the j j ty fclh Tha r at txigao to row iuatily away, when c. tier shots wore fli? < a: them, and twit two o." the right were Ht to return to their ship". the gu .b< ata in the stream then opened their cann'-n on the rity, but did no daaagt to our I' sir, os tin., had withdrawn, finding no enemy t.u ehi e to meet tliem. About ten o cior. lint niglit tho Yankee- agam ot,on the city. and it is sup; o?ed it ty were .-he img Hi- town. Jtr. George ? avan ?h, who had bean employed in ihe Oglethorpe Hotel, ta Ur in-wi k. happened ,o l? .n Biythe Island a; the time tho Y:i;tkc? rn ,de thojr ap pearatice in the harbor, he succeeded in eff. ting his os aiia during Tr-vdny n ^lit, and alter w t king several mile through ihe w,?>ds reicheit ihe cars, and a l ived here last eiomng. I lie l-'loi illu foait. WHAT TltF. I'NIOK FOIICKD I IU AT I KI.N tMDINi. FT . IKtom tue Savannah Ilepttii.ii an of Much ig.i We le^ru fr"M k g-ntlemeti who arrived ir^rti 4t kaonvlllo ob Tuaa.lay, m>i1 wh.> had b?eu at feriiniiutt.H, thil the Yank*** liBM ?l th- latter place i".ti.a JPO u.i-o Ho I- ft: nM from u ml man *'>'> reached Ja.'kaefiviie * sh a t timo before he left, ami ?lie effected hi* vi a;.* from Kamaodin* by w .ding through lh ami awtmmInn over the to ."nil .wirg iteme.?Immcdi alely after the lao in.* if tlie federal*, I hey w'l.t to work pillaging the lmu/* > ef tho e who had do-'Ttel ihcin ami lied. lh ?e who remained they .1*1 uol ilietnrh. um >y i>f wh m prof. *.-. J to ho UtiMini-te, among tlitm fh*l? in f'Ttaaut. Hy pretending to'e a r Uinci, (inion man he managed to *?t Information Of iu th* f <l?-al officer* thai thoir iat*r.ti'n la to l.r I harleltvn and ."Hi aii"*h lu a-dir* In I*** thai, thirty da; id Ih-y air* ?[?:. .in the arrival of I *a thoroughly Iron-clad lenm*ra end hlrty wtlie a i arilelly Ir ei clad, vrh -n lh- y wool.; immediaielv proceed to take both the-* place e. While our troop# were withdrawing from the laland. aad war* preportag to rumm ti.alr gone, inf. i w a* communicated to I ha bl?fcad ng\ysee * at Kama n dtna. by a tlahermau, when ouo of .be ('earner* immediately atarted f.-r Warsaw, and s?<m a'ler lha ileal armed and eno-rel Th? harbor. "Ilie g-jna w?r. . v dismounted from the baiter e*. ari l lew met. were a i perimetrium th' Ir removal. I'revi" a to ti,e arrival >4' iha fleet a h.rga etaairnr ap P"?red Uea i 'K to .io? of tin t with a rron. h flaa at Mf-inwl. Wb"it within Inuring riWtatice. aire lowered thn ? rich tin* and run op the Sftare and Sir.|?e, and ordered Coieaal Holland t'. c me in board, ?i the -ainn time rwningotu har yon* A* *orn a-, t'olouel II. got on b. ard aha Immediately elenre., northward Order from Orntral Bragg. TKi.BoaiPn i*it railroad ttrx kxkri ,?j rgcoi mt.iTa ny ix ry. ( K'KIUI. OKI ru so. i. 1IHIK ARiRK* -R o>n t.Rijrn P > iirnT ? A*?T 01 IHt M -Sir.VTt. [ Jm ..! .>?, 'i anna ?<e. ) I.' *rnl i?lin uil < (*! < r*, n??er,t? it op rntlrcn, betaf a atial r .hntr r*? i> ioti:oat V, our military bioratiianla, will nut be wiihlrinsti fin.i their duliM for purim?e wl.a'atrer. Stale '!)>/,> HI exempt 'bam fr'm niillUA duty I!. Oi.i. t? ->f lite Q"*. torli. ? < r i Iiep. r mart at ai >re nt'hi>ru (1 to control i ha maAtiaoflinnAportatn on I'allroiMU, an>t all trmrw miat ba ender the tit rem tot of the reapartue ?t ermteri.!riit|i of roa/a. Hah T.lii.a i i>#n? era pm-t not lutar or- wllb 'ha dtitiea axeopt tr ta. i r4 absolute neo??alty, When lliey will report the if MM liv tclverapb. III. i otum indmg oTIra-a ate b"M ac otjnrahia that ? trair.a ara promptly uiiio* ed ?n rem b r.g tho:r'leaiiua lima and despittrhml n ftlflbf Hftltti Troope mual In- ilr'u i?-l in any number nroew-ary for tU.f purport H' tnu and f '!? . MMlUWi Olo it. Oaantni. Aa iaUnt A'tju'aut fleueriil. Interesting Pi nciniiut|nn< hjr the (lovar< nor of Ala lia mi*. A OKMRit. ' AM FOK AHMU?SHOT OCNB, RIPP. BliWTt K* VKR, n F.R, roWUKH, I.RAM ANP MA I. I.I I'ASiki rut* "Rrrwrn oit, kit. J.tK'imt PltrART?X.IT. I MoNt'i'.MWT,/\la., Marrh 1, mr,3 t Tha rare*1 ?',.ti h-'v* Vf?! tn ?*ir aftries oi lead "f itpHBItl llWM II r\a tha MMMIIM purport ami no ma tl: - mighty inwer of then* t'onfa?la ate lata*. Seven mi or < .it people resointelr dolcr. inlnad to ntaintxtn thaif i ighi or self jov?rm oiu and nil bow thhlr nagkn to tha vpprtiWi yo^g rao Mrer bf JKK HERALD, THUltSUA' ? ib -galM. They will >1-# in their majesty in! ( strength, eaMi with the blessing?f ttud upon their right?uiei'.M, will <L ivu bach tbo invaders from their loud a aii'J co nil jr. ^ The rtvasee to our armn hare imposed new duties I ii au Al.ibim* and bar sister Confederal'' Stales. The r Oral is n> bury toe love of fold and qu noli out thai whluu values property above liberty, and i to pious y cultivate that unity r spirit which will sacrifice every mat rial ta'.Uor tuau peril the priceie.'UJ Inheritance "f free lo.n. Put I C~", bs iV'-fr ntj lies t-fiy be. from the Workwest, the lOttim bkUes s.t aid ely solely upon tknir eW/? grai arief -mi pred'tcil to 'urntvA tuibriiUnce for the arm Us within th ir bar '<r<. Iiita in'if ptrts Hotel against t.h mnl.ets it the tt arid, wi A ml re.aonei align fgr the labor of i < prreiu. ;i'?, and with ft re s the m.iUiial far cvierii.ii the 'tapte, the growing at' 'oMm to my run. vletUle *xt'rU trill Hut only e/ularn* i th' oroeni'.u'iots of the great, armirt i v UiaA mustb- fed, out will. netc tm-i ate the cucrryouH I fiim'itate the act. ire of our toes. 1 lie peoyia of Alabama i a e rwj ete-l, and the military officers of the Statu will be directed t> burn ei ery lock of c itton witltia the Slulo, 1 I; it be ne' ?.-\try to prevent It froui lulling into ti e batids of ti.e pi blic er. .vny, and if tlio peop of these cotton proiucoik States a:e a wise people, they will rui?e not another crop of cotton beyond the d 'mauds for hon.e cojisiin.pti' n. until tlii.- unholy and cruel w: r shall ceaas. Let the Svubi of the North winch nave fattened u,-n yonr toil, and which now heog your s ilyugutiou and to i liUi-se ii; n you the burdens of us told millions of n.,r i e.\f*cu 'iturus. and let tee nations of Kucs|? which o bold your etc-cglefwr while thvir suffering I eoplo are i lamering f r vo ir great staple, see and learn that j u value libouy ar.J free government far above .<11 olhot carliiiiy eonsderatiebs. l lant uot then one se d of cotton beyond your home wants. but put down your lauds iu grains ami every othi r kind and description of farm prodmt, aud raise every h,n i 01 live suex which may ooritiibute to the aupuurt "t i>H.r own fanitliev .urt toe needy families of yn .r bravo defenders, and which w ill bo wanted also for ih? aubnibt?iice of tho grand amino which shall march to holiievo your independence. JUn, brave amig. Irani loan, rcs;n tiding to tho call of their bleeding country, arc rushing by ih uaaudi- t) (! ? nold. Ihcii cry is lor aruiC.wlth which to engage tlie foe. Peo,.k of Alabama! will you not commit your ami Into their bonds? Pec,-la ol Alabumal will you nt t send tho shot guns end rl!!es rut ling in y *ur bouses, ifcat 1 nr .v place tlicm ill II o bauds of your own e ns to defoi.d your altars and your homw? Agents aro appointed all over tho Stat a to codec', arms. If they douot llnd you I hag you to lint! them. L?t ovary .Sheriff and Judiro of Probate, an l all State 'fllcors, civil and military, roteive and jorward arms. Expense* will bo y umptiy 1'tm by the State. lwt every man doaemething towards arming our troops if be cannot g > to the battle Held. Turn your sh >p* Into laboratories 'or the manLfacturo of arms an 1 mun lions o! war. Send ue thousands of shot guns and rilUg,V>trio knives tnd pikes. fetid puwdor and lead and ball. What you cannot afford to give, the Statu w ill buy. tha entire resources and energies of t!**people bo devoted ti the one yoai purpose of war?war, stain and uureion ting?wur to the KMle?such a war a.-*, In tho providence of (jo! we may be compelled tow go in order to vindicate the inalienable right of self government. As vile e-tortlon is an abominable* am ngainst hinnxni- 1 ty, n.l good men aru e.iruusily urged to denounce !ls y act ue and crush Out lis spirit. Creditors are counsilb.d io exorcise moderation and forbearance; and all c' le-es and conditions of people invited to cullivalo a . i*ii * . mutual confidence, of loyalty and devotion to lu*?ir .s.'?:o : nd Confederate government. With a tr io appreciation nf the d.H ge s which surr.iunl ls, uuJ of our duty to (lod and our country, let us all live and labor, and, If nejd l>e. dia for the iidvanceiii jnt of tho glorious cause for which we aro contending. In testimony whore->f I have hereunto set iny, and cuus d :he oat seal of the Ht ao to b** ailtxed, at the city or M< nlgumtiry, this 1st day (f March, A. I>. 1S6J, uud of the lu lepi.ndence ol the Confederate State* of America. the sec-nd tear. JOHN UI1J. SiltOPTKR. Hy tho Governor?P. 11. ltwrr vs, Kocrotary of state. N*. is?All papa s m the S'ate please copy twice, and send accounts to' ho Ex* "itlve cH.c. JA6. S. ALCltl illr, Private Secretary. Kxaci iivxt liicrvMrMKNr, |

MosrcoasKY, A.a., March 6, idb'.V j For tho [ roteellou of the Giilf c**asf, to ropoi invasion and to [In -e Al bi'u In a.state of security, I shall order out a large mill'ia force from Ilia counties of Mobile, Washing! ii,?'l rk, Raldwin, Marengo.Chottaw, Sumter, i.retn. 1 erry, Wilcox, Monroe, lialli*, Pickens, Tuscaloosa, Ihbh,Shelby,0>vingtou anil Aataguu, fcr Mm term of ninety days, unless sooner discharged, 1 will accept, in advance cf the milit a, and to the sine tortn. sixty volunteer c* nip?.nie* from the satn.? counties, who must arm, clothe and o-[uip thomselTo.'; ea, u company to consist t-i ono captain, one flra! liouiet.a.t, two second lieutenants, live sergeants, four corporals atid not in x than sixty-four 1 or mm tb n one hundred priv g*. All Companies ;aired ii' der th? proclamation wlU be item a? mtuui met, aim must nt prepared to proceed im#t?dia:?ly to Mobil j. Ivi.-h company nviat provide at lea*' fix ?>?*, f-. ir ba rites and four ?li >volv or spii'los, and at Iras; wm days' ration! to commence the lurch. It it> not probable that tb" acrvtece of these Iro. pn will tie reanirod for the full term. ecu they ?111 uot mnntutber themselves w itb r.ny uEeieac .<r unnecessary 11 stung, and no more b.igg gn is allowed by the regulations Trill bo traaeport'J. It M deairalce that each mvi eh mid, if possible, pro. vide himself with ni leaat tv.vnty round* of ammunition?euitpbie tor the gun be is a'ated with, b-foro mar thing, and take with bltn bis bullet utoild and powder flask. Kach company t. ill furnish rs own trans : eriatiou to the ueareat |ioint oa tlie river or railroad, aud trii:t?|Kirtati',n will tie luruiehcu from such poiuta to Mobile. Am time la of Importance, the captain of each company, as aeon as It ia organize', witn tb" full number of offioere, noucomnus ..t.uod officii a and private-., and provided with the rations aud implement-t ape' .fled, will report his muster roll to tha Adjutant and Inspector General of the State, and proceed Immediately with hia company to Mobile, rc|*>rtlr g on bia arrival to (be officer tu c tuitnand ut that place. la testuw tty whereof. T, John GUI Shorter, Governor of the Stat" or Aiab tma, httt e hereunto act my htnd and affixed the great aed of th Stale, this 8th day of March, ld?2. JOHN (11IJ. SHlHt'lKlt. By the Governor?I*. II. Brums, Secretary of State. 81 i t tax, oaor.t'c?*o. 7. Kxarciiv?r,?i'?imtKrr, 1 riK>rK}''xstaTH. MOPVUC, Ala., Match 12, le?2 / 1. In pur att'.eof the ear- ?rdit ?-y (towere conferred upon the executive ( the State tu the prei?nl emergency, I hate dotmed it neccaaary to order your bilead > Hi'." the field "f active service lor a pt r.od of ninety (90) days, uni' ss aoonor lachargcd. ?>. A''he lie, ty imp sod uton the |K-epl? of the C 11 end c unty of Mobile to go into a lite vertrice tuny Co. MIM IS IVMtlai aiMppOMtmMt led iul'.fwe if illi privtle*e ro< t>?<ary to the public 'lv.mtaf.wu> evert iliwc difficulties, U'l obta.n tii* net it* -ervices of n!i pfflp??nt if*; s w ithtn the limits of voir Command la the 'bort' kl |irR' (liable tin-*, you are hereby directed to or.let mto service such troop* rotnpehica, battalions and rvaliueota, or s .ch portion* at thou: j? you may deem best for tb* public safety. .1 You are auihori?r.d to increase tlio i...:nb'cr of rank an I too 11 ootupanb-e to on..- b inilreo ami twonty-flve (( .jp, *.nd the number of cotupa hee in the Second a 11.1 flilf-1 regitisentu o? Alabama Volunteer Mill!'* uow in s. rvioe to ton (10) lu ea h, sn<l for that pur pre* niaj order o I and attach thereto s i*li other com,-allies or :cti for rs nrrtviin; fivut the Interior a* nt.tjr pi "far to bo p?necled w.tli the i*< Di| otul third ri-guaeut- of Alabama Volunteer Milttl i hmho- tlvc'y, ?in? II i 'ie> shall be increased to the nuinliei of leu cs ti.act to the nt mi rautn of a uikiii any a*-. above autliori/ou. 4 You will order out tbo I'-.rty eighth. Vtglity ninth, N'm ty .o ' Ui an I Nt-.ely rt.ili rcgiiunr.t-. i'i-.* tiv* v, in . .rii jmrtloii" '4 Com pan Iph, 'attm'lcii.-, oi regimepta, and at audi llama as you u;ay tonguler m- si ooduclvS totbepobii wei.a-c, ami to m et the nice-<.t,?>? of the imj-eu .irn danire-. You tie, Willi your "Half, hereby or^eieit int.' >L? service of-tb* Han , and will a'futne the command of the Secondan-1 Thiid rogirneota of Alalia not Volunteer Miotiii. and ol nil su-b additional force* ?.< may bo or gamved iu pursuance of tide order. You ?i I report t-i<1ier <ieh*ra! .tor??, c-tnuanetlug th.s dei-wr rtifpl, Mid o.ll inik* you r*|uttiUonf for u :?r-pr>,tronar*,rtaiier' aii't vihri?t-nce of tlie troope under your ion.maud upon ibu proper office re of the Oca. federate at-Ui*. ? Should you not de-m It extediem at tUie tint* to pet Into a -en i- * yoer etiti'e Oiiuabd, you m|| <.rdor aucb pertl-trw as ?re not ptai ed in artlve service out lor drill. discipline ?Ed r?vi*w as uffi-n as you may i.on-tder it lie i-raarv end proper. By i jfotnii di-f Joit* <in siturrre.ltove.nur aodCommauder-it-thief. y p WAYHUN 4d.iui.tnt General. lo Hiigah-n* tleuvial Twos. J. Re runt, Commanding Ninth Brigade Alrbah.a V litia l.?adi( .artta vfotie. Humor* In Mobile. (ilimf AT IB) 0?.M-OK*Hir OI I'HK 'I > I' n BT 1 iJK III nr.I. Al'lIIOITTfK*. [KTi'in tho Mobile Be4later and Advertiser, March 11 j Hutu ?ra as thick aa blackberries were fy or ail ovi-r the city on Holiday ro' i-ui,^. iu? i.m Uaa tba' the gun11 .*: Ilorlda,(ap'.aiii liayee, bad been cut cut - t a fltei of Isnnobea from the ou*my'* bioi-kadlng im*t. m* be leva we can p: 0..0 incu flue a utnoi-d o( the firrt water, and utterly uufbuuded. Auelher rep -rt wiw llmt IWMtty^in rail had been reen - ITrbip lebil d, . ol I'm! t'lata.-ge, perl f t':?in ha<l r.lled eae emd. , Wli-it wn know poedtrely atiout thia 1- thai on *atnr. | day ILftre ?or? '>'f two blockading vms.-la o.T lml p rgati,and neiihit of thaw of much foivo. An"ttt?r p,ort raid to coitib by t'?'?Kiaph from kiiftiisaii'pl City, I wan mat ihr wiifttot bad i? -*b JIan .aW< rough tnlh.go fi>r<:?, bound I f MobiKt. It. duon oot ur wbrfV r tiy hod or wator. If tbo tit, th? rnwuy hivtikrn ft Kraut j?hI >>f 1.1 wcfta- ary t .bio to ciiitriry no ( .tig n ma cb, vubtw If oft uii J (Mil ? iioxrn roftk* le trwr, trim tbeia sri. landing r.., much nauier. II ihft laat, vmlo I not *?ft Urw ft 'lr?t oul'l hi?ft Uandshoiongh. *t * think lb* nothmr In this iep>>rt. Anotliftr rum i than* Urgoly rrd,i* l. t# to t'<noflb t thftt llm inr.chftiii vu" ?hl|' >*i"itda, w.ih a <;ai go lor lift in* >n fttwroptinz to run the blockade, had got i aground in tbo b??*h '.at nrl off t'ort X rg?o i II if ertftln ib.?t. at ?n r?rlv boor tlil? mornilig the i i uo;< d?r?to gi-nbcnt' '?t, w tl< <<omn>ftM?r Kaudoipfc on b iftid, I* t tli? cry for thf tonar bay. i Mr.intiniu na ?ro doing HI thai isfcs'liJc (? obtain I oorract informal Mi. rio- irv b is oontrotlad by tbt miliary authorities, I snd our ktiowla-'fa U nac^xarlly curiaicd in com* fJi.rO. ft, t W ? f t.liftt tlift public ought Ui bo afh.wod to know thft iron tiaUe of tlimifa, oicftpt in ea?. ? wiivra tbaro irons mi itftty masonsfor . rauy. This is oi'ipbn: Ally p.?.|il? ? ?j', fttol Itiorw in no i?m< n, If proprioiy, <n withholding from tham lofoiniftt uu on point* lu which tbry HP- SO liooply IntorM.ed, whftr* ;t tftu b? uooft with ft.oiy to tli? ctnmon oauaa. Fsmlitr Thrmtrni Mnhllr. . [krom tho Mohilft Tritmon.J Momin, 1'ftr ]g, tldl. To tnn' in/ or Aunuu ann Awoimijiu S?, , Tf ? n>r h..i uevolrad upoti " late lli? '.a.-od i'i?y < I i guarding from want lha |K?r fanvlioarf nol'mara in th? fW>i. fMant hunijrr nnrl nxrnt nit *rtmit4 p, /, y,.v</Ai onrf rcnqnti'iin ?(W o? th' armnl -ildyrt of fjinmhi. i Half Mrrlfloo ft'id hftroMm ?r? tfnmsndnd 11 b -bear s. I |n thft fliftt 'lit ftppofti mast Ug mkiio wih? .u** <? r, Al'KlL 10, lSttt.-TKll'Ll | who remain at ho ma?and is the second, to tha sword. Tlia rrlvatioui of tha war visit oor cities ftj"1 meat aeveialy. there tha livelihood of tha great Is dirctty derived ft"tn the operation* of ?omineN0\\ ban tbese are suspended, their means of sapi>ort are goto ?and gone, to, whan the protection or f&thara, . husbands, sum and brothers is withdrawn to fight iho j battle< of the country. j V'o in ilulile, acting under a sense of duty imposed | ty Irresistible appeals to humanity, have organized an j US'notation to give bpead and meat U> the sulleriag ptKir. 'Ih* people of Mobile have so far nobly responded I * oar ca*'i upbn their generosity, aad have enabled us j to iliffute '.he mcewww Jlf it/? >U our''Free Mtrket,' I three lines a week to neir'v eighteen hundreilpoorprrmm. Aa Ii the war Is protracted and the winter deepens the frni.rn.ij for netp will be increased, indeed. limy are growing daily uimui mb. It is fearful to contemplate a cassation of supplies of food from inabilit y to furnish them. let the ! ercrf i it* of an actuv .in"' wide spread Oenevoletue are ne certam tn avert such an end. VTc ask our planting friends in the country to aid us In | thu wnrlc if humanity. Anything that you have to give in the shape of feed ( will be acceptable?corn,meal, meat,sweet potatoes, Hold I p js, pumpkins, and ail tarm products that apiicass i human hunger. | btonaiboats aad railroad companies will give free tr.inslio-Ooixn Lr? c(.nOilmlint,D Inlha ll V i .... U.rtll > Mark the packages " Froe Market, Mobil#." If tha na. k* or baskets ba marked with the n< mat of the donors 'h y will ba roturned when rsutiesicd. r. n. slough, Mayer, and President of .he Association. K. A. Su Arm .Secretary. ?. W. McGinn s, Traasurar. Q neicl Omimit'.fc?First ward, Jacob Magee; Second ward, C% K. Foote Third ward, I,. Guaringar; Fourth i ward, F. W. MC.innis: Fifth ward, John W. Itavis; Sixth word, T. A. Hamilton; Seventh ward, K. A. ah iior. THE GREAT VICTORY. Additional Details of the Battle at Pittsburg, on the Tennessee. Two Days Desperate Conflict. The Bloodiest Fight of Modern Times. The Rebel Generals A. Sidney Johnston Reported Killed and Beauregard Wounded. Overwhelming Victory'of the Union Forces. The Union Cavalry in Pursuit of the Flying Enemy. T1IE HEROES OF THE DAY* Sketches of the Living and the Dead. Some Account of Johnston and Beauregard. THE EXCITEMENT IN WASHINGTON. THE NEWS READ IN CONGRESS, ORDER OF THE DAY. EFFECT OF THE NEWS, &c.? &c., Ac. SPECIAL DESPATCH TO THE HERALD. TH? FIRST DAY'S STRUGGLE flTTOCKI, I'ort H.jry, A;>rll 9, 3:20 A. M. Obe of ilie grMU-t aud bloodieat bii'Ins of modern dura >im jiis; eloecd, resulting In tbe com-dele rout o( the enemy, who attacked us at daybreak .Sunday morning. lb. battle taaud without ititerrui.dou during the eutire day and wan again renewed cn M> uday morning, and ( HI (Hum UUIW\WI iwnai IVUI <J IU iu? ui ivriux'tl, when tin-enemy commenced their retreat, and Are still tiyl'H tewarde Corinth, pursued by a large force of oar rnvalry. The ilft'iyiMcr on both sides is immense. We have In*! In kl'Ied and wo taded and nursing from eighteen to twenty thousand; that of the enemy la estimated at from thirty-fire to forty thousand. I' is impossible, In the present confuted state of affairs, tosF. ertain any of ths <h tail*; t thsreforo glee yon the b"Sl possible from obsTvation, having tuasotK gh the .tierin of action dnrlng the two day-; that'll rsg?d. Tha flg'a! war brought en by a body of three hundred of the TwsntyAf'b Missouri regiment,or (Jen. I Vent lee' div?ian, a tacking the advance guard of the rebels, whi'b wsre supposed to be the picket* of th* enemy in front of onr csmpe The rebels immediately advanced on tien. Premise' divisionoa the left wing, pouring volley after'volley of m iketry, and r.ddiing our eampi with grape, camiisier anil shell. Our forces soon formed ufto line end returned tluir Are f'g: rouaiy, and by the time we were prepared lirortive tl-em had mrned their heaviest fire on ttie V'ft centre, Sh?rm*u's divsion. ar.d drove our men bark from thett eampa.and bringing'op a fresh force opened Arc (? our left wing, under (lea. McCiernaod. This fire was returned with terrible eflnt and deter luinrd spirit b/ both iafaatry tad artillery at >ng he wb. le tme for a distance of over four mtiee. t.ruerri Hurlbnrt'a division wag thrown forward to support the centre, when a desperate oonAict ensued. T e rebtls were driven back with terrible aUiighter, hut i aswin pnllUil artl dfrnwA liunlr rnie era me* las iMM 0. ?. obowf w<fiae'clocfc,<h? Watd corrrjpondnt arrloet tht .Mrf, xtrJU nit/hi rloxrt <w? Ma Woody trent, Mere it it no Mrrminot;<m of (kf rtt?U of Hit tirnqplt. The* retell txhibited remarkably good geoerntehtp, At llmea rngagleg the 'aft with * t>?>?rwntly their whole Btrrog'b, tl.ey would auddealy open a terrible and dent ructl' e fir# on the right of centra. Kven our haavteet and m'H dentructlfe fire upon the enemy did not apjear to dlvourege their to Id column*. Ttu flra or Major Taylor* Chicago artillery rated them dowa In acoraa, ' but the ainoke would no aoouar ba dlapereed than tba I breach would * Jam be filled. The moat deaperala flfhting took plana lata In tba r afiarujoa. Tba rebakJUew thai If thajr did ?et naoaad B SHEET. In wh:j>ping ua then, thai their changes for suoceaa would be *xtrurn?ly d netful, u a portion of Uiuril Uuell's forces hail by this (into arrived on the opposite aide of the rtrer, end another portion was oomiag up w>e river from Savannah. They became aware that we wcr?Jbeiag reinforced, aa they could aee Ooueral DaeU'a troopa frdtu the river bank, a short distance above ua on the left, to which point they had forced their way. At Ave o'clock ths rebels had forced our left wing back ao aa to occupy fully two-thirde of our camp, and ware fighting their way forward with a deaperale degree of oonddonce in their efforts to drive ua Into tha river, anil at the same time heavily engaged our right. Up to this time we had received no reinforcements, General lee. Wallace fading to come to our support until the day waa over, having taken the wrong road from Crump's landing, and being without other tranaporta than those used for Quartermaster'* and Commissary stores, which were too heavily laden to ferry any considerable number of Geno ral Bucll's forces ' across the river, those that were here having been sent to bring up the troo|Mi from Savannah. were, there/ore, contesting against fearful odds, our force not accenting thirty-eight thousand men, while thai of the enemy teas upwards of sixty thousand. Our condition at this moment was extremely critical. I-arg* numbers of men panic el ruck, others worn out by hard Ambling, with the average per cent age of skulkers, had struggled towards the river, and could not be rallied. General Grant and who had been recklessly riding along the line* during the entire day, amid the unceasing dorm of tedlets, grape and shell, note rode from right to left, inciting the men to stand firm until our reinforcements could cross the rioer. Colonel Webster, Chief of Staff, immediately got Into position the hoaviest pieces of artillery, pointing on the enemy'sright, while a large numhor of the battories were planted along the entire line, from the river bank northwest to our extreme rl-ht, some two aud a half miles distant. About an hour before dusk a general oannonading was opened upon the enemy from along our whole line, with a perpetual crack of musketry. Such a roar of artillery was never heard on this continent. For a short time the rebois replied with vigor and eliect, but their return shots grew lass frojuont and destructive, while ours grew more rapid and more terrible. The gunboats Lexington and Tyler, which 1*7 a short distance off, kept raining shell on the rebel hordes. This last effort was too much for the enemy, and ere had set in the firing had naarly ooasol, when, night coming on, all the comba'ants rested frtm their awful work oj blood and carnage. Our men rested on their arms in the position they had at the closo of the night, until the (trees under Major General Lewis Wallace arrived end took |>osi. tiou on the right, and General Bueil's foroea from the opposite side and Savannah now being conveyed to tho battle ground. The entire right of General Volsou's division was ordered to form on the right, and the forces under General Crittenden were ordered to his support early in the morning. SCENE OK THE BATTLE. *4Kt\ We6^El \J#I^ umt-ui '>*SVSk^'"V THE SECOND DAY'S BATTLE. General Huell having arrived the following evening, in the morning of Monday. April 7, the ball was opened at daylight, simultaneously by General Nelson's division on the left, and Mijor General Wallace's division on the right General Nelson's force opened up a most gulling lira on the rebel*, and advanced rapidly ns they fell back. The Art soon b-icame general along the whole lino, and began to tell with terrible effect on the enemy, ceneret* MoClernand, Pherruan and Hurlburt'a men i though terribly jade<l from the previous day's lighting, it ill maintained their honors won at Donelooo; but the resistance ot the rebels at alt points of the attenk wax terrible, and worthy .1 bettor cause. Hut 'hey were not enough Tor our undaented bravery, aad the dreadful deflation produced by our artillery, which wae sweeping them away like chaff before the wind. Hot Inotoing that a drfcoi Krrr moult lr the d*a'k blvw to thrir hop", end that their ait dtprnJ~{ upon thit i/irat ttrnpgtr, thrir Grneralt tlUl uryrd them on in fh? for* of detraction, hoping by tWuking ua on the right to turn the lid# of battle. Their ettcceas wa? again for a time cheering, as they began to gain ground on us, appearing to have been reinforced ; but our left, under On Na'soo.waa driving them, and with wonderful ra pidlty, end by i?v*u o'clock <J?n. Iluella foroo? had ?ncc soiled la (Unkinf them, nud capturing their balterie* or artillery. They however again rallied on tlio lort, aud recroased, and Ilia right forced themselves forward In ano'.liir deeperste eflbrt. It it reinforcements from Oen. Wood nod flvu 1 h' tnoa war# coming tn.rrgimut after regiment, ?hii h were eent to Oeo. Rnell, who had again commenced todrlra tbo enemy. About thraa o'clock In the afternoon Oen. Oraot rode to iha left, whero the frcah raglmar.ta had heen ordeied, and, finding lb* rebela wavering,sent a portion of hU body guard to tha baad of each of Ave rogimonU, aod then nrdarad a charge norosn the Hold, h'ruMelf tending, oa ha brandltrbod bin aword and waved them on to the crowning victory, while cannon balle were falling like ball around him. The wen foVvotd wif* a fhout thai ttmiulcd #Ik>ty> On rnoi and din ?f Ike artillfr i, ami Ik* nbelt /ltd in dinruiy at from a d'tlroyirg avalanche, and nrnnr made anothm *lta"d. (laneral Ibiell followed tha retreating rebels, drlvWi; them in splendid style, and by half part f* o'clock lh tfMis r?W flrgtf teas to fan rtkmt H OMMk, teffi our cuvdry in hoi pur^lit> witb whul further result H not known, not luring return*,' up tu u>i* haurWe tiny* taken a large atw.'mul of lbeir till*/ and alM n number of ?l??uam. W# loot n number of our forces prtov.'a8r* 1**~ tarda/, among whom ta General Prentln. 'Ibe number of our Tore# taken haa not been asoerlataad /et. It I* reported at several hundred. Qeueral Prentiaa wan a ltd reported aa being wounded. Among the killed on U* rebel tide ioat their General in Chitf, Albert SydneJ Johntion, teho wot itruck by a cannon ball on the after no"n of Sumlay. Of thla there la no doubt, and U w further reported that General Beauregard had hit am ihot of. This afternoon Qenerala Bragg, Breokinridge and Jackson were commanding portion* of the rebel force*. THE SUMMING UP OF THE TWO DATS. There hat never been a parallel to the gallan'ry ant bearing of our ojficers, from the Commanding General (I the louieet officer. General Grant and etalT were In the fluid, riding along the line* In the thickest of the euem/'a Are during the enliro two days of the battlo, and all slept on -the ground Sun lay night, during a heavy rain. On savaral occasions Qeueral Grant get within range of the enemy's guns and was discovered and flrod upon. Lieutenant Colonel Mrl'berson had his horse shot freat under him when along side of General Grant. Captain Carson was between Goneral Grant and year correspondent when a eannou ball took off bis head and killed and wounded several others. General Sherman had two horsoa killed under him, and General McClernaod shored like dangers; also Genenf Hurlburt, each or whom received duiisi noiea tnrouga tbeir clothes. General Buell remained with bis troops during the efttire day, and with General Crltteudeu and General Nelson, rode continually along the ltnee, encouraging their meft. Gaural BueW e advance will probably return from Corinth by to morrow evening. THE CASUALTIES. names or some or the orriciKB killed ami WOUNDED. Our lose lu officers is very heavy. It Is Impossible M present to obtain their names. The following were among the number:? Bi igadier General W. H. Wallace, killod. Colonel Fegram, Acting Brigadier General, hilled. Colonel felis, Tenth Illinois, killed. Major Goddard, Fifteenth Illinois, killed. Lieutenant Canfleld, Seventy socond Ohio, mortally wounded, sinoe dead. I.ieutouaut Colonel Kyle, Forty-first Indiana, mortaUf wounded. Colonel Davis, Forty-sixth Illinois, mortally wounded. Geueral W. T. Sherman, wounded In the hand by ft cannon ball. Colonel T. W. Sweeny, Fifty-second Illinois, Acting Brigadier General, woundod Rocoived two shots In hil only remaining arm, having lost one In Mexico; also a shot in one of his legs. Cnlouel Sweeny kept the geld until the dose of the light, and he excited the ad mi raj lion of I ho whole army. Colonel Dave Stuart, Fifty-firth Illinois, Acting Brig*, dler General, shot through the breast on Sunday, returned to the held oo Monday. Colonel Chas. Crafts, Thirty-first Illinois, Acting Brigadier General, shot through the right shoulder?not daftgerouely. Colonel Hsyne, of the Forty eighth Illinois, wounded slightly. Colonel C. McKonoy, of the Seventeenth Kentucky, wwuiiuou n.iguuy. Lieutenant Colonel Stout, of tbe Eighteenth Kentucky, | wounded slightly. Lieutenant Colonel Morgan,of the Tarenty-flfth Indiana, wounded badly in tbe bead. Colonel Maaon, of tba Seventy-flrat Ob to, wounded lightly. Major Eaton, of tha Eighteenth IIHnols, (doting Colonel), wound ad fatally. Major Nevias, of tba Eleventh Illinoia, wounded allfibtly. Captain Irving W. Curron, General Grant's eoout, bond hot off by a cannon ball. Captain Preston Morton, wonndad mortally ainaa dead. Captain Dillon, of tha Eighteenth Illinois, killed. i Captain Maoe, of the Fifth Illinois, killed. Captain Carter, of tba Eleventh Illinoia, Killed. M^jor I'iige, Fifty-eoveuth Illinoia, killed. THE NEWSJN WA8HINST0N. The llcrald Deapateh Rcail by tbe Pre Idrnt. Wa niirnTov, April d, 1MB. e ' I congratulate you on your micceei in tha deeeripttoa of the Beauregard battle. It ts now being read by the President. I oongritulate the dilion on the (rixttMoo victory. It now rimtmi for our "LittleCorporal*' M cap th? climax at Yorktown. Tito Herald Dttpatch Read In CongrtM. Wa?Hi?UTo?, April 9,1102. Mr. Colfax ha?J.?t road to the llouae the Hantia do patch to the Proaidont of tho hurried report Of tho HnuLb'a correspondi at of tbo Southwest of tbeaaagulnary two days' battle at Pittsburg landing. Your despatch w?- read in tho Senate provlnoa to llo reaching tho Uouao. Tory rotiaidorable agtt-.tioa wao ovidout on tbo floor for mtno mintitoa previous to tbo ?? rlral of tho now*, minora of whlob bad got afloat. Mr. Colfax, on a-klug loaro to read it, wao greeted era all aide* of the Houao with orioo, "Ma tbo Ciork'a desk." Tbo provioua sotao and oacitement *<>b<-ided, and aa tho ilotiao ltataaod ?o tho brief but pragnant ruri.lahod bp your correspondent of tho bloody atruggle which pra ceded the glorious victory over the concentrated strength ef rebeldom. all hearta were at tiled end the very breathbig almost suppressed till the le.?t word of tho I'.eepatefc was read. Whoa concluded, though all loyal men hare r?jow#Kl at the victory, the usual pvtrlnfio dvnvniatra. Hons ware auppresscd in respect to the ototnory of the heroic Union defenders who have fallen. SECRETARY STANTON'S CONGRATULATORY , ORDER. Official War Bnllotla* Wan PariKTvajrr, Waannwrov, AprH 0, JWfl. UHPKU OIVJNO THANKS IOB THE RECENT UKMAt TIUTOKIM OVSM TUK a* UK 1.3 AND TEA1TOM. Orde red?First, that at meridian of the SuiicIkj net ft after th? ra oat pt of tlila order, at tba haad of ovary regb mailt In the armiae of ibe Unit ad States, tbareaball be an trad by lla chaplain a prayer giving thanks to ilia I/>rd of Hoata far tha raaaot manifestations or Ma pewss In l ha overthrow of I ha rabala and Iraltore, and InvakMf tba contlnuanca of bla aid, In delivering ihia nation, hp tba araaa of patriot aoldiara, from tba horrors of traaaoo, rabolllon and elvll war. i Second?That tha thanks and congratulations or tbg ? War Department ara taudarad ta Malar General Hatterh for tha algaal ability and aurcaaa that bavo distinguished I all tha military operations of hit department, and fnt tin * aplrit and oaorags manifeetad by the army undar ht * wry hardship and spaiaet srery

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