Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1862 Page 4
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4 brs\ Pevn'.ed m'.-ely to bis *' , ted country, whu the rebolh n I.. ko ihjI be eip .sed h -'If in a letter to a frle-'ii ?"I will through flood a- : fit > sacriflco my rem-t: ig arm In leronoe of my country'?flag." Our gov on;merit I. ? '-erlooked this gallant othcer, aud big aerrlcei hm >rr beeu a.'kuowlo.'je'l, whau others of Ijse me; it aud ability have superseded him. Pilfsbarg LanJinr, Savannah, Corinth and Neighborhood. All the continent of North America has been, for the ?st in mil or more, looking towards tbU part of lbs S.utbern Statue, expecting thit it wo-Id very shortly become ore of the point's of lutercst of the pie. eut war. lb" rebel troops have been concentrating in this neighborhood. under the immodiate directi n of (lenerul Ueaur*-rard,wh ?o headquarters ..ore, at tbe beginning ol Mir. b, at Jacksonville, Tern:., which ia Situated at about one hundred miles from Corinth via Purdy. I'it taburg Landing is situated on the w est side of th? Tonnosai-c river, nearly opposite to .-'avanoah. It is in itself of little importance, being too close to Savannah' which is a flourishing post village of Hardin county Tennessee, and is situated on tho eastern side of the river. The Iai' ding is about one hundred a/.d twenty miles from Nashville, in an air line; nearly one hundred miles from Columbia, on the Nashville and Decatur Rail" rn*,i hv tumnike road, crossing the river by a ferry, about twenty-five iuile9 from Corinth, In an air line, and about a dczen milti from Purdj by the turnpike road The country ia very wild, the surface rising on both sides of the river after the manner of inclined pianos, the ascent being gradual. Iron ore is abundant in the neighborhood. Savannah is the capital of Hardin county, and U a plao, formerly noted for its active busiuesa. Previous to the rebellion it had been considered of rising importance,and the progress made therein during the years from 1S54 tc I860 inclusive had been the manor of general remark. A good trade was done there iu cotton and staves, whicB weroehippsd from 9avknnah In steamers by way of th? Tennessee river. The population in 1853 was but eigbl hundred, but had since been much Increased. The area of the county is about six hundred and fifty milea, and the Tennessee river hows through It, dividing it into nearly equal parts. The river is navigable for staam boats all through the entire county, which has a population of over ton thousaud persons, nir.e tenths of whom are free. Iron ere abounds In this county. Corinth is a vciy important strategical point. It is situated in a hilly, semi-mountainous country, a branch or the Apaloculan range, which diverges from the Alleghany mountains, and forms the mountains and gold bearing regions of Georgia and Alabama. The village is nearly surrounded by an irregular circle of hills, ristr.g on the north, about four miles distant, with the State line betweefl Tennessee and Mississippi crossing their luramit. The Mobile and Ohio Railway crosses this ridge through a cut seventy-five feet in depth. Similar cuts, of lesser depth, penetrate the hills on th* cast, west and sewth, where the railways enter. Iieyond tl.e-e hills, in the direction of Pittsburg and Savannah, the ground b "-omee more level, and much of it is low and swampy The particular location of the rebel fortlfieations at Corinth we are unable to Indies a but from tho to; ography of the region it Is not uiDicut to perceive that the place ia one susceptible of strong defence, rbe village of Corinth was formerly nailed Farm leg ton > and Is so mentioned in the gazeteers. It is a post vi'.lago of Tishomingo county, Mississippi, distant two hundred and sixty-two miles northeast from Jackson, the capita1 of the Slato. There are but three or four stores in the village, and of course its population must be relatively small. Tishomingo county forms the northeastern extremity of Mississippi, bordering on Tennessee and Alabama, and has an area of about fourteen hundred square miles. The Tombigbee river rises in the county; the Tonnosseu flows along the northeast border, and it is drained by TuscamMa crook. The surface la diversified by small hills: the soil ia fertilo, especially in tho val* leys, and generally has a substratum of sand A large part of tho county Is covered with forests of oak, hickory, walnut and pine. The head streams of the Tomb gbae furnish valuable motive power. The principal military value of this last named place consists in in* :act tnat me railroad* from Memptii* on tha wast, Columbus, Ac., on tha north, the principal cities of rebeidom on tha aaat, and Mobil* on tha south, croa* at this point. Jackson, the rebel headquarter* in rannaasae, i* thus conneoted with Mobile and tha Kait, and Mew Orleans, via Grand Junction, is also in the same manner united with other points of tha rebel confederacy. To hold this Junction is all Important to the rebel*, aad if compelled to loare It a moat complete Isolation ol their foroas East, Wast, North and South is at once afreets*. It will thus be seen why tha final stand will ha made here if anywhere. Tike CItjr Rejoicing fsr the Victories. The oity was all ablau with flag* yesterday in hoooi #f tha Pittsburg and Island No. 10 victories. Broadway tha Bowsrr, Fifth avenue, and all tha principal streets, mad* an immense d splay of tha Stars and Striper, and the city, altogether, resembled tb* early days of the rebellion, when flags wero In auch tremendous demand. The thing la of so common occurrence lately as to merit anly a pawing uotke. THE LATEST NEWS. For Additional Details of the Great Victory See Seventh Page. Sale of the Rebel Steamer Magnolia. 4 LABGK ATTENDANCE OP BilTKKS AND A VERT LIVELY COMPETITION'?3UB 13 KNOCKED DOWN FOB r>0,000. The prixestoamer Magnolia wag put up at auction at twelve o'clock yesterday, by Messrs. Burden k Jones, In obedience to inalructionj issued by the United states Marshal for the Southern district of Florida. The seie look place at Lambier's dock, near Hamilton avenue terry, where the Magnolia lay. and attracted a Urge crowd of moneyed men, all of whom appeared anxious to secure tho vessel. sven at the highest possible figure. After a thorough inspection of the craft by the intending bidders. Mr. Rurdetl mounted a chair to open the sale, and commence 1 by saying?"Gentlemen, tho prize steamer Magnolia?there sho lies?is to be sold by J.T. Ciapp, fte.,United States Marshal for the Southern district of Florida. FSe wilt be sold for cash, $10,COO to be paid Immediately after sale, and the balance to be paid on Saturday in Tressery uotos." The sale then commenced. The ? bidding opened with $20,000, offered by Mr. lewis, and ran up in a very spirited manner ta ISO,000, at which prloe the Magnolia was knocked down to Mr Stark W. Lewis, merchant, doing business near Coeolies slip. The pivot gun of the .t urner was then put up and bought by Mr. Lewis for f.UO Dg-UJKII-r.'ON OP TBI MSONOLtA. The Magnolia it a .ode-wheel (Mamer, witb a very sharp bow, and wti built in Brooklyn, In 1887. Kh? is 240 feet long, 35 feet beam, 5a feel evr all, and has 10 fast hold. Her toanege is 043 80-35. She bos fifty five staterooms, with eight berths each, together with other permanent or movable ber'b* capub'e of accommodating 126 cabin paaaongcrs and I"0 deck or other class pas s?ngers. She is provided with two low procure boilers, 26 feet long and 0 feel diameter, and of cylindrical form. Karh bolier is composed of -tmttican wrought iron of various tlileknasaes. There are two safety valves, with 38'< s<|' aro inches srea and 27 poniidspreea ire to the s-icare inch. She also has two supply pipes of SJf Inches diameter, besides sulflcient far.litlrt to keep the water ndor all circum* stMices to four inches over th<-fuss. There are 300 feel oi u se attached to ber, two lireboau and 124 life pre? earvera. 8ha present* rither a dingy appearance at present; but a r?w br ?ii- a of patot and coma el ght repair* to her a ichinery will render bar in quite a leaguing condition. Coart Calendar?Thle Da jr. Brrntma CoraT?Ciarrrr.-Part 1?N*<>a. 2007, 12W?. 1627, ITU, 14W4. 1463, 1771. Pert 2?Vol. 6U0. 14V9, 1542, 1108, 1270, ISM, 1912, 1700, 17.14. 1744, 92*), 1504, 1210, US. 1230, 1310, 1112, 1154, 1100, 1171. Scrsatcn Oocrr.?P?'t 1?Nos. 507, 2204, 1571, 1627, 1373. 3010, 1731, 1411, 2713, 1003, llsT, 1730, 1103, 771, 1771, 1776 Par* 2Sot. 3001,1256.1754, 1779, ,0, 2304. 1810, 8406. 1810, 1618, 1820, 1122, 1124, i <29, 1821 OoaWM Pj.r.t*.?rart 1?No*. 1, 1302,1003, I004.iooft, lUf, 10U. IfrfS, 1010, 1011, 1012. 1013, 1014 lol.',, "1.02 P.TI 2?761. 721. ' '? "20. 434. 040, "14 krjjwj, 003 , 480, 101/. 10 , 1010, 1020. Coart of Ajiprali, AuuYT, April 0 116? the rollowing ia tbe calendar of tbe Ovirt of .|ri r?:i lor April 10:?Noa. 60, 01, 82, 93, 94, 94, 99 , 68, 63 70. Boston Weekly Bank fttnfement. ?wr*)x, April 8, 1192. Perltal stock |M,231,T00 I/wine and discounts 61,200,009 Bp* 8.670,000 Due from oilier banks 8,133.000 Due f> <>thei backs 0 245 oro n?,-?iu 21 014 ion# CifOHlet'On v ^ Q ' Miw roj THE REBE &. -< y ? | erm A j TO ^ A ; / ^??? / / flCW"a a 1 JJ\ WOODS * * *\) % f t # f /, 7/ P&? S It 1. A 7/ %&?' * F il MARTJns 1ft BATrERX # ^ #|%M? <r ?a??1 % / llCfC ? / - 0 A <? / s t.d1 v<? WATtSS SON, I NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL. Auawy. April 9, 1M2. lUtolutiona of condoleoaa w*ra presented this after noon, by Mr. Talman, on the deam or Newberry a. jiai stead, on* of the members from Westchester county. Appropriate remarks were made by Messrs. Talman, Depero, Raymond, Stetson and Scbolsfleld. A committee of six was appointed to convey them to the bereaved Tamlly, as an expression of sympathy on the part of the Legislature. Tb* nous* then adjourned until to morrow morning. Tb* whole proceedings were solemn and impressive. The Judiciary Committee of the Assembly held ft ru e' ing tbls afternoon en the bill to extend the term of ofV.ce , of the police and civil Justices of New York, am. the , clerks connected with them, Four out of seven agrW I t? report in favor, and three against. The four are republicans and the Ibres democrats. Every member of the commit too have once signed a paper against It: but ft seems that I-'glaiators are subject to sudden changes now and then. Perhaps if tbey should investigate the acts of sotne of tbove ottlcera the> would And that one or j two of them have resorted to a series of blackmail.r.g that would not place a person who voted for extending their term in a very enviable ligbt. Stvera! perrons wore before?he Pecate Committee in i reference to the bill intr?>-l ? ! by Jfr. Kolgcr, in regard ! to made lands around No . Tl;e prospects arc- that j no definite action will be taken on that subject this win- j ter. It is a question of too much importance to be act-d j neon hastily. An editori' conventten dip' at Rtanwtx ltV.l ihie after noon and evening, for th<- purpose of ?6ttiu* up estate organization. The only thing done wee the Adoption of j rulee and regulations and tho appointment of au executire cooimit'ee of twenty.four. In the discusaton on the code of procedure !a the Sen ate thie erenmg it waa duoided that judge of court a of record eho dd not act a* referees in their own conrta. SEW YORK LEORLATIRR. | Raaatc. At.n.Mtr, April 0, 1862. r?voaei>i.c rctokts. For Incorporating the Brooklyn J <>au At roe latino. For author i xing the per men t of boada created by the authority of New York lor tho drfence of the national Union. Providing for the collection of agriculture! aMtiatica within the several counties of tho State. A comiaumoatloo was praaented from the Albany County Medical Society in fevor o" the Metropolitan Health bill. Blue nmtonrrtf. By Mr McerHT?For incorporating the New York Exchange Company. By unaaimoua consent, the bill was read the third tine and paired. arris rxflaar Providing for the diminution of taxee In the city ef New York, by applying for 'hat purpose the turplua re onue of the ainkiDgfiind for the payment of the city debt. Assembly. Aijumt. Ayril 9,1962. Tits Assembly was engaged the entire assign In the third reading of bills tius rsano Authorizing lha Amsrtcsii Ouano Company of tbs city of New York to touts bonds. Making It lbs duty of county officers nnd justices of lbs peace to report nunually to tbs boards of supsrvlcors of tbslr rsspsolivs sountiss. Incorporating tbs Now York Blind Mssbsnios' Association. Ths Sjtfiushnnnn Rsllrosd bill coming up. Mr. Tuata movsd to recommit to tbs committee, with Inytouctlous to rsport s ssction providing ths set for loaning tionry to snid company bs subrailtsd to n rots of ths propls st tbs nsst slsetion. Tbssmendmsnt was tost, sod 'be bill passed?yeas 69, nays 42. Ths Metropolitan Health bill was next? on*idersd. to. M i no moved to recommit ths bill, with lastruc, .1 to sdtl ; hs Mayor ot Sow York to litsllb Cora. , m^nui IJe spoke iO s ipt^irt of IIm inofloo. Vr. ntTt'-Ddcd, pi ovlomg that tho appointment nf li?alth < - mm raioo - ,'OKi to the lupsrvisors of tho vario s rountisi s/rP'sd i , th measure Ho spelts in ayo u a, amendment, '-rding that'he proposition Vis a proiW'r tosdium Ve wa n ths present form of the bill. appoln'-nont V? tb?'.oreinor of ths .state wss, it, bia opinira, very ob notion able. H was tailing away Lbs ngb a of tbs people to enntroi local affialrs. Hsaars. 11* iwv flan^tiKf and Rot spoke in opposition po tb# amendman , and M*?sre. dxTpx* and M'l.aonin favor. Tbs <|usstlon being taken, Mr. Alports amendment was lent, by 43 to 49. j Mr. wtract.ta spoke In opposition to Mr. Msl.osd s UK. HERALD, THURSDAY, L WORKS AT SSf I VfiEBEL RIFLE PIT \> * I /> 'F&VeEACH WSt $' ' W t %?4 ? & J> tfVStVU) ^1^. lee Tenth rage for the Particular* amendment. He thought we should past this bill as It was. If defective, it could be amended. Mr. Mi-Lbod amended the amendment, making tba Mayor* of New York and Brooklyn and the Provident of the Boerd of Supervisors of Kings county ts-ojficio members of ths Health Commission. Mr. Raymond opposed the amendment. Hs regardod the amendment calculated to destroy the leading priffciple, wbicb was to establish medlral jurisdiction otsr a district. This amendment gave the control of the Board to a sat of men who must of necessity bs fftlitlcisna. The amendment wag lost, 41 to gft. Mr I/jfTRKL moved to recommit for ths purpose of inserting a section providing that the expenses of the Health Commission bs defrayed by a lax upon ths several counties in the State, in proportion to their papulation. Iewt. . m The Metroprl.tan Health bill was tben passed, 6$ to 46. All Hands on Deck. REOETTION UK 111* UK ROM OP THE Cl'MBIKI.AND AND CON-OKAS??ORDER OP 1 HK PROCESSION?THE ! ENTBKTA I.NMEN'r. There will be a grand ent.-rtainment at tha Academy of Music tbia evening, on the reception of the survivors ! of the crew.- of the frigate* Congress and Cumberland. The committee in clnrge of the reception consists of some of cur lead,iig aud well known citlxens, some of them bom* connected with the clergy and medical profession, j ctid there is uc doubt that the demon?!ration will be a thorough success. Several eloquent speakers wt.l ad- , <lre*f the audience, and soma of the ollcere wh> re." in tha fight at Hampton will give graphic pictures of thai extraordinary naval engagement. The price of admission i is fifty cents, and -as the proceeds are for ths benefit of ; the w.Jows and orphans of too laiieu, a generous puoiic will be uoubiy charitable. * ILe order of procession is as follows:? A portion of tha crew of the Congress, Cumberland and Koar.oke, accompanied by fifty marines, will leave tha Navy Yard this afternoon at half-past foar o'clock, with | the Qua band of tha North Carolina, and will pan through { ??nd*.-treat, Brooklyn, to the Fulton ferry, up Fulton ( atri-at to Bioadway,and through Broadway to tha A sdcrny of Music. The marinas will be under the command of Captain Haywood, U. ,a. M. C., of the frigate Cumberland. The sailors will be under the command of Lieuteusnt William retrce, of the teoelviug ship North Carolina into' k or rno.'yssios. Band of the North C.irolina (tweutr piec:i). Field Music. Mai lues. Or w of the Congress. Crew of the Roanoke. Crew of the Conih?r!and. Contraband a. All iha officers at present on tba tos will be wit. , nessee of the racaptlon. The owners of the shipping in port are requested,as I are also the owneis of establishments on tba line of march, to sat their colors to day in honor of tha craws j of the Cumberland and Congress. The following distinguished gentleman ere announced j to be twesent.?General Scott, General Anderson and j other offi-ers of the army, Commodores Paulding, String. ! ham and Mribling; Captains Radtord, Meade aad other officers of tha navy, officers of tba foreign in on of-war i in port. We subjoin the programme of the eatertalnment ?paHT r, 1?Music by the Band of tha United States ship Morth Caro* Hna, present by permission of Commodore 1'auMlnr. Presentation of tha Crewe of the tilgates Cengr?.s and t'urnberland to the audlenc" and an addressof W-homa by the Chairman. Pelrlah Perit, Bar). ??Prayer by laeac Terris, D. I)., Chancellor of Iha New York Music by ihe Bend "9 er Sp?ng'."d Benner." 4?Ail drew by R?v. Pntfrntr R' swell P. Hitchro'V, D. D. ? 9?Hoot, "Viva l'Araeik*." MIs* Mail* Brelnerd. 9?Ije?-ript:m of the attack of the M<.irtmac, by on* of the Crew ot th'- Cumberland, f?e ng. "Red, White and Blur," by Qcrge M.Krnney, one of tbee-rew. Chorea by the San-owar'i Men. PART It. 1?Mun'c bv the Bend. 2? Addrnea by Wlillain M Bvrte, Bee. 5?cetig, "White H iuell," ty S. 0. Campbell. 4?P"S"rl)it|nn of the Fight, by ono of the Crew of tbe Conpreen. ft?eg. "Beatawelii't Cell." by Welter M. Pierce, one of the Crew. Chorue by the Man-o w*r'? Men. ? ret ting A'ldreee to the Crewe, by W. B. Dodge, Etq. 7?National Air* by the Bend. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wbdmbmhy, April 9?6 P. M. Money ia becoming pereaplibly easier. No more of the new Trensurer'a notes have Leon received at the Assistant Treasury ; but it ia uudcratood that government ia paying them out freely to the troopa, and they will very Bhortly enter into the general currency of tbe country. Certificate! of indebtedness are selling to day at about these certificates will serve the purpose of money throughout the country, and will doubtlesa be largely used throughout tho Weet. Seven-thirty treasury notes are firm at W%\ two year notea, bearing <5 per cent interest, are wanted at par. Demand notea are very scarce, and aro rarely met with In ordinary circulation. On call bankers are lending *t I par cent; seven APRIL 10, 180A?i'lUl'LI Y0RKT0WN, TO YORXTQWti [> I g a W c*0t"V& =^=====^ <S?e w i-' 1* ?HJ4 tyEEQENS BATTER jT -& fRCTCDWE'S BAOJSM ^ BB of the Operations of Our Troops. ia becoming the exception again. We hear of verj choice paper selling at 5 per cent, and good names at G. The signs point to a relaxation in the money market and a decline in the rate of interest. These events are pretty certain to oecnr when government has set afloat the ninety million of new Treasury notos. Foreign exchange closed steady at a 113 for bankers' bills. Contrary to public expectation, there was no great buoyancy in the stock mafket this morning. Governments improved, touching 94; but the general list was not higher than yesterday afternoon. This anomaly was caused^ partly by the hammering of the bears, who were industrious in circulating stories of disasters to Hucll, to Burnside, to the New Oileans expedition; and partly to the sales of ca*h stock by partics who have been operating for the rise, and thought this would be a good day to realize. As a gcncfal thing, General Hslleck's report that the

battle at Pittsburg was a victory was not credited, especially in circle* whose loyalty is not enthusiastic. The advance in governments rather disgusted the speculators, who made haste to sell them last evening on the strength of the Xoifolk despatch. It is evident that, whatever they may be as citizens, they aro not smart stockjobbers. Pacific Mail rose 1 per cent this morning, Illinois Central l/%, and Toledo while Erie preferred declined Michigan Central yt, and other descriptions were without change. After the board the market was dull and weak. Canard* of tha most prodigious character were freely circulated, and everybody seemed to be trying to frighten hi* neighbor. It would appear from the activity with which idle reports of disaster were disaemiriutcd that the short interest made during the period of dulncss preceding the movement on Vorktown must have been much more generally distributed than has been supposed. At the afternoon board there was very little business done, holders snd buyers both seeming determined to wait for further news before operating. In the absence of business, the bears effected a few sales at a decline of about % from the prices of tho morning. The market closed dull, the following being the last quotations:?United States C's, registered, 1881, 93% ? %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 93% a %; do. .Vs, 1874, 86% a 87%; Tennessee O'a, 56% a Virginia 6's, 67 a 58; North Carolina C's, 66% a 67; Missouri 6's, 50% a %; Paelfle Mail, 100% a %; New York Central, 83 a %; Erie, 37 a %; do. preferred, 61 a %; Hudson River, 36% a %; Harlem, 12 a %; do. preferred, 31% a %; Reading, 42% a 43%; Michigan Central, 55% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23 a %; do. guaranteed, 46% a 47%; Panama. 121 a %; Illinois Central, 62 a %; Catena and Chicago, 6s a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 45% a %; Chicago and ltock Island, 55% a %; Chicago, Huriingflon and Quincy, 62 a %; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 27% a %; Erie third mortgage bonds, 92 a %; Michigan Central 8'a, first mortgage, 99 a %; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 89 a %: gold, 101% a %. After the second board the usual session was held in the outside room, and o small business was done, without thongs of prices. We learn by telegraph from Washington that the Treasury Department has wisely awarded the printing of the new six per cent bonds to the Nhfinnnl an<1 American Uonlr Vr?tn .^.t^nut.loj in city. They are the only parties in the oouutry capable of performing the to;k with skill, promptitude and the care required in mo delicate a job. We hare no reason to believe that there is any truth in the rumors of an issue of five per cent* by government, or that Mr. Chase contempts tea applying to Congress to extend the length ol the ucw she per cent bonds. The business of the Sub-Treasury to-day was as follows:? Receipts $006,103 37 -?fur customs oo Payments 7uf> two 22 Palnnce 0,161,867 37 Gold was weaker to-day. At the morning bnurd It sold at 101%, and In the afternoon at 101%. It is still freely offered on time by speculators. The China to day took out 1621,501. 6 SHEET. , VIRGINIA. I X* . " l i ^4 ^ ^ ^ Wh? SI ^5*^8 *? /a ^ 1 ^1 t -1 hi <i( \swll 1 H?||Kf infmtkeapr/li j? ||I ^ Hi saas ??il:Il fcSLfc ? ||| Stock ExehM|?. Wbu.vs.-oat, April 9,1382 $78000 US6V81,reg 04 150 aha N Y Cent RK. 83* 31500 U S 6'a, 81,? ou 04 50 do blO V\% 30000 do b80 94 450 do 83* 14000 do 9: .% 100 do a00 4500Cf83,8lOrwl>ijr 98# 60 do a3 83# 16000 U8 6'a,'t4,con 87# 70 Erie Railroad.... 37# 1000 U 8 fl'a.l yrcor 96# 506 do 37 800Traa73-10pcna 100 250 do blO 37 1000 do 100 300 do b30 37# 50C0 Kentucky 8'a.. 87 250 do .-60 31 6000 111 Canal bda,'00 88 100 do s80 38# 14000 Tetin 6 a, 1800 . 53 100 do s30 37 rriiA A* Rt?/ 11 CrU PD nr,.f All/ I 3000 N Carolina ?'a. 67 >< 60 do 61K .W>0 Mi-sourl 61'; 100 do b80 61',' [ 6000 do 51 200 do 61>,' i 6000 do b30 61 ?; 50 Mich C'ont RR *30 66',' 10000 do 61>i 60 do MO 56>i 10000 do *30 61?; 100 do 630 56?; 10000 do blO 61 * 60 do 56.',' 6900 do l>30 51?; 60 MichS & N I!1R . 23"; 6O00 d? b30 51>; 50 do bOO 23>; 10000 M6'BlloH&Klb60 60 75 M 3 k N 1 g ilk.. 47'; 2600California 7'a. 86'; 200 do bflO 47,'; 500 do 86j; 60 do b30 47>; 10000 NY 6's '78.... 108 100 Panama RR 121 16000 K RR3 m t>s,'83 92 60 do 121 >; 2u00 GalACbie l;tm. 99\ 100 III Cea KK scrip . 62 5000 MC S |> cliusfrb P9 260 do 62'; 20000 T >0 W2in 1)16 49 50 do o 63 2000 MM' do CI m. 90 226 do 62?; 70000 American gold. 1017; 200 do b.'lO 63 5(000 d> >60 101# 50 do bCO 627; 300(0 do 815 101j; 100 do bCO 62* 25000 do 810 1017; 100 do 62, 50000 do 800 101?; 50 do >60 62.', I 16000 do b?0 102 150 do .*30 62X 40 rba R'vray Rank. 130 200 Clev & 1'itts RR.. 17 20 Ain V K llank .... 00 200 Cl?v kTol RH. 530 45?; 10 ?hoe A I.'r Bank. 92 200 do 48,'t 58 1'al k H".d C! Co.. 00 300 d" 360 45K 12 faun foul Co.... 81?; 200 do ..... 457; 60 PacificM&Co.sCO ICO 400 do b30 46 50 do sGO 100'; lOO do b30 48?; 350 do (-30 100* 500 Chic k R I Hit... 567; 21 do 100%' 860 Mil fcP duC RR. 28 500 do 100?; 100 do s30 28 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. WrrwKSDAT, April 9?6 P. M. A?hk?.?Tbo market war quiet, and prlocs steady at $5 50 Tor pearls, and at $6 02 ?; Cor pot a. Bn**t?8TC??.?Hour?Tbo market waa baavy to day, ??!>? ; 11*11/ IVI VIIV WfHUiuu nuu I'WVI |i?umtnuu wore about 6c. per bbl. lower. The transactions em* braced about 9,COO bbls., closing witbm the following range of prices :? Snporflt o S'ale $5 10 s 5 1ft I xtra Mate 6 16 a 6 25 tctiterflDe Western ....6 10 a 6 15 Common to choice exti a Western 6 IS a 6 GO Canadian 5 15 a 6 60 Si-uthern mixed to good eurerflne 6 30 a fl 00 Kxtra do 0 10 a 7 00 Good to cho.ce family do 7 00 a 7 75 Rye flour 3 10 a 4 25 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandrwine 2 80 a 3 16 ?Canadian (lour was in fair demand, but pi ices were osier, while the sales embraced about 1,200 bbls., within ths range of eur quotations. Southern flour was lower and common brands were dull, while the salsa embraced sboi.i 1.600 bbls. Rye flour was steady, with sales of 200 bbls. at our quotations. Corn meal was steady and mors astlro at our flgurts. with sales of 1,000 bbls. New Jersey snd Brandy wine. Wheat was Inactive; ths limited supjuy of desirabls qualities restricted sales, which, In small lots, wars confined to about 12,000 bushels. at $1 34 a $1 36 for prime red Western winter, ft 36 for rod Jersey, on the d?ck, and fl 82for amber Iowa. . Corn waa tolerably active, though it cloae.1 with l-ss buoyancy. The sales looted up about 60,900 bushels, closing at l9Kc. a 61,'tc. f?r Western mixed, In store and delivered flOo a 62e. for Jersey yellow, and at 67c. for round white. Kye was steady, Willi sales or f/.OO bushels at 80c. a 81c., delivered. Barley waa dull. A aa1. of 750 bushels waa made at 90c., and a email lot I o. c Island at the same figure. Barley malt was In fair roqueal, and pricoa were steady, with rales of 800 bushels at $1 06 at the railway depot. Cats were henvy, with sales at 38c. a 40c. for Western, Canadian and .State. Curt ox.?There waa lers spirit In the market, while prices were witliout change of moment. The sales embraced about 600 bales, iu lots, chiefly to spinners, at 27fjc. a 28c., with some lota quoted at 28^6. for middling uplands. The fee Island to be sold la generally bought for export to Kurope, as the consumption of this . kind of cotton in the United States Is varv llm ,ed. iTi' itm?The market waa hoary mul ...naun'iila ii.i'i?rair. To Ijrarpod 34,000 bushels of cornweieoaI h'a*oa ?' < >--U. a 4Kd., In bulk; 860 bom bac n at IS* , 1 i no Mils, lionr at la. Old.,800 Uerco* laid ul lj? , iftOO bushel* viIntnl. in bags,si M., and hvsfea-uer, 1,M0 b"ry bacon ol 40s.,floO psikigeaof I. lt?r ami 1,300 i>oi. ? i Item a *t :.0a. To London 1 out :>btt>. jI Ik. ?d.. end . 00 baoon at 1m #d. To Glasgow ::00 bbl*. flour at ls.lO>id. An Am?i < <ib vriirl vvss chart?reu t? ir m i uba to Kalmonth f? order" ... yj )2s. W. KiaaTlio market was dull, with small aa.rt < 1 .it. George's Bank dry rod at ft a 34 13)t'. Muckerel were Ion active, and priori quiet at |? 13>? a $0 26 for No. 1, $7 13K o $7 26 for No. 2. Herring of all kinds were dull and salon light. 1 at rr?The market wan Inactive. Sales of ralslna were making at |3 116 a $3 40 for layers, and at $3 16 ft $3 30 for buncb. Suits this week ot 1,400 bbla. currants wero made at p. I. Count Cloth ann liana were sold this week in llasto at 120. cash. Hoim woro Inactive, with sales at 18c a 18(3 fov growth of I HOI, anil small lota of llflo at 90. a I la, | Is m we* quiOt, ?nd prions in a genori*. *r*y rere in I cboUflOm. Moioaaatu?Seles of 3g hhds. Cub* war mud a at 2$c a 20o : 90 do. Nenvliaa at 32c. Navat. t*n>ars.?-The turn kvt *u bai o and price very fir in .-mall salo* of Spiriis wore inadu at $1 '-b, ">ud e . common rocm at $T 26. UU ?-Crude whale and sperm wore v' not fcnd uti a unchanged. City llns??d was .ielliug<' t at K^.--*** trotauui waa depressed, both ' j r**~ _ * quota cruda of (0 a 46 gr??' Jl**' .aed. fv<> some of 40 a 48 gray'* .iy at 13<. a 13 >40., an 1 shipping ordsr. FuHa- -J for exie.t at lt>4'-. >? uipth* waay atta"' -?d was dull aud irregular, wbfa paoTe-ioy ' u, with small lota reported at 9c. wero ui -Cork?Tb* market waa quiet, and pric a 113 VIV -god. The sale- embraced 000 bbls. at $13 a I *10" , for now mesa, $13 26 for uninspected mess and w- -0 a$10 50 for new prime, and $12 26 a $13 for ' (taleiii prime mess. Hi el waa in good request, ft <1 crlcos were firmer, with sides of 60G bb'.i. a'$12 3 / i $13 for plalu mess, anlal $14 2ft a $14 50 for extra Cot meau were in good request, with sales ot 260pao\sages at4>4o. a 5c. for dry sailed shoulders; at 6c. a 6 'jo. do. for bams, loq tiuroeu and 15.000 pickled sI Ick at 6\c . and 100,000 lbs. dry suited shoulders, deliverable in May, ut 4>^e. Baoon waa active and in good demand. with sales oi 2,000 boxes, repoi led to bo lor future dalivery, st 7c. lor long ribbed Western, 7'4c. for abort ^B ribbed :<>.,7Xo. for short clear,and ?t 7><o. a 7>i?. for ^B long c car. Lard was active and Arm. Sales footed op ^B i,7,K? hbl? an I tlercoa, part deliverable in May. But- ^B tui a ! oleM* were unchanged. H 8*ena?Clover waa doll aui sales limited at 8>4o- a ^B 8\c. Tnnotliy wns In tight demnrd at $2 a $2 25. We ^B quote rough Uazsacd at $2 12)4 a $2 20 cash. Calcutta ^B Unseen was firmly ho d in Boston at $2 30 cash. ^B Suuars were quite steady and in good demand, with ^B sales of about 1.000 hhds., chiefly Cuban, withiu the range mostly of 8>4C- a fJ4c., including a small lot of It ^B hhds. I'o: to Ricos at 8>4o. The government contract for ^B 1,698,000 lbs. of yoitow coflfio sugar was taken at 9c. a ^B 9 t4e., the latter figure of the quality of Stuart's "C" ^B mark nearly white. ^B Whi-.kt was .iclivo and higher. The sales footed up ^B sbout 2,000 bhls. at 24)40. a 2be., the latter figure foi ^B primo Western. S HIPPING NEWS. I almanac ros tu:w tors?ran Dar. H son rises 5 281 moon Kisss morn 2 58 SOKSKTS C 33 I B16H WATS* NUOru $4 33 H Fort of Hew York, April Of 180$. I CLEARED. , * I Ship Atlantic, Willianu, ^Gi'Joilrhc?Maitler, Lord A Qua H can. M Ship Pawn, Reed, London?T Dunham. Ship Odns.a, Nickels, Dublin?Walrh. C-irver A Chase. Stiip New York, Dewhnrst, Rotterdam V 1' Schmidt. Shin Banshee, Kcun, Baltluioro?J L I'hii p* A Co. Bui k Cortlls, Smith, Valparaiso?'Talbot x Chauncer. Hark Columbus (Brein). Ot rdea. Antwerp?Ruurr Bros. Brig Coreyra (Br;, Turpin, Cork and a market?Punch, Mnlncke A Wendt. Brig Progressive Age, Ilill, Havana?W H Rivcrsmilh. Brig St 1 eter, Graham, St John a. NF?B F Small. Sctir Adulia Kelloy, Kelley, Turk* Islands?Thomaa Oilmartin. Sc-hr Ransom (Br), McNeilly, St John, NB?PI Nevlua A Son. Schr Nile, Chambers, Baltimore?E D Hurlbni A Co. Solir I'aran, Clark, Philadelphia?Simpson A Clapp. 8chr Caroline, Champion, Philadelphia?Matter. SehrJ Barieit, Nickeraon, Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. Schr Mary John-oil, Nlckcreon, Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. Si hr U n Daly, Cash, Philadelphia?Baker A Dayton. Urhr Pallae, Pendleton, Rockland?W H Brown. Schr W Cray, Buell, Middle loan?Mailer. Sloop Intent, Jennings, Norwich?0 B Harvey. Steamer Mara. Nlobols. fhlJailglphla. arrived. Steamship Etna (Br), Kennedy, Liverpool, March 20, via Qncenstown 27th, at 8:40 PM, with mdse and 321 ateerage fSUJh'Wers. to John U Bale. March 37, 4 PM, saluted steamship City gf Now York, bonce for Liverpool, steaming out of Queenstown. Schr Argonaut (Br), Spinney, Wolfeville, NS, II daye, with potatoes, to D R Dewolf. Schr Arncrlcsn Eagle, , Philadelphia. Schr Clarissa. Osborn. Belfast (or PortreaaMonroe. Sriir Boston, Wall. Cu1a:s, 6 dava. Suiir Mary Ann, Brvaut, Manhlaa, 6 day*. Schr Amelia, Gould, Machias, 4 dsys. Schr M K Gage. Drlxko, Maehtas, 7 days. Schr N' II Hall, Hamilton, Portland, 5 day*. Schr Belle. Force, Uouldxboro. Schr Chsrlotto, Avery, Rockland, 4 day*. SclirC?rvo. Holbrook, Rockland. Sch: Boin.d Brook, Emery, Rockland. Schr Trade Wind, Hill, 8aco, Sdaya. S' hr T Jefferson, Kinney, Saletn, 3 day*. S"l}' Ann Flower. Lorell, Boston, 3 day*. Solir J pai'xott, Nicker?<iB, Boston, 3 day*. Schr fry pbenll, ijick'Tson, Boston. Schr R H Daly, ciisTi, Boston. Schr Mary Johnson, Nlckerson, Boston. Schr Vitilagr, (loloinin, Boston for Albany, Schr Highlander, St urges, New Bedford. Schr Augusta, Perry, New Bedford, 3 day*. Schr Argus, Crowley, Someisot. Schr Golden Gate, Weeks, Tlsbury. Schr Corbulo, Smith. New Haven. Steamer I Aura. Christopher, Baltimore. Steamer Wm Woodward. Cundiff. Baltimore. Steamer Oneida. Trout. Philadelphia. Steamer Shawnee, Van Sohoonhoven, Philadelphia. Steamer Ospray, Kenney, Providence. sailed. Steamships China (Br), Queenatown and Liverpool; Oriental, Port Royal; Eneaxon (and anchored at Quarantine). From Quarantine?Steamship Pulton. Wind at sunset ENE, blowing a gale. MlKellaneoni, There was no arrival via 8andy Hook yesterday with Km exception of steamship Etna. The Cunard steamship China, Capt Anderson, sailed yeaterday for Queonstown and Liverpool. The steamship Kangaroo, Capt McGulgan, of Jno O Dale's line, at Us on Saturday naxt at noon for Quaeastown and Urpool. Bakk Di:bobah Pain*lt, from Philadelphia for Dublin, to reported by a despatch from Lewes, Del, dated 8th lust, to bo ashore 10 miles above Cape lienlupen, with two of her moats Sour iiud leaking badly. She ha* a cargo of corn, wheat ead our. Cork (Passage West), March 31?Tim American brig m p Rich ha, hauled into the Royal Albert Dock for repair*. GinnsiTAB, March 21?The American brig Hobart, Jordan, from Alexandria for the United Kingdom with barley, which pui tu luin insi, uurina u uhiji gitm irum ca? n parieu oou* chains and wm at ran fled on the bench about a quarter of o inile N oi the Rook of Gibraltar. Livuri'ool, March 3b?The Iaabella 0 Jones, Woodbura, from Philadelphia, arrived here, threw overboard about tot bare Indian corn. ship Viiiiflra, at Orareeend from Sydney, NSW, reports Feb 1, R PM, saw the reflection pf a Are, and at 4 AM the next day, hit 23 S Ion 311 W, ran r!o?? to a large ahlp on lire, and burnt nearly to the water's edi'e. Hove to and cent the chief oQli r o .ry and Und out her name, lie reported that all the atern Irame was burnt away, and could rot distinguish aay mine. All the man* were alongntde, and the ealia seemed to have been unbent from the yards. QtJKMir*Tnww, March *3?The Prussian bark Liaette. front New York lor Antwerp, went tab ore last night In Ballyoroneen Bay, between Ballycoiton Island and Poor Head; mainmast unshipped, fore aud inuen masts standing The Teasel 1.* hkely to become a total wreck, and the cargo lost. Crew saved. Spoken, die. U 8 gunboat Sea Buy, from Boston for Hampton RoildsL April 7. lat 40 45, Ion 70?by pilot lioet C il Marshall, No 3. rihip Krnuklln Haven, Bartlett. from Sun Pram isco Oct IA for Liverpool, Jsn 9, lat 96 47 8, h n -'2 47. Ship Con'.est, Jennings, from Liverpool for Bombay, Msivh 23. oil Baiolacy. Ship Kuropa, Heed, from Calcutta Nov 11 for London, Pals J, lat 10 4.1 S. Ion 12 2JW. Ship Kastern Uueen, Ilolbrook, from Havro via Sunderland tor NYork, March 17, lat IS, Ion 10Ship Gov Lungdon, Mallng. from Liverpool for Genoa, March 17, lat 43 40, Ion V 40. Ship Great Republic, from Portland for Ship Island. Marsh 30. on Key West. Bark Ti .rate, Sewall, henoe Feb 16 for Shangbae, March ^ lat 26 17 N. Ion 39 16 W. Bark Cheshire, lleed, from Calcutta Doe 14 for London, Jan 4, n? 1st, Ac?by a reitacl at St Helena. Brig Fanny Lewis, from Liverpool lor Nassau (or Southern coast), March lv. 5 miles N of 8 Slack Foreign Porta* Aprwrar, March 31?Arr Bucklight, Hadtey, Oallao; 36th, Carlo C, NYork. Bid from Flushing 30th, 8t Mark, Colley, Portlandi*36, Fanuy Klrchnnr, NYork. Amcsntk, Maroh 17?Arr Annie Rise, Weeks, NTortr. Bristol (Pill), March 23?OIL Gellert, Terry, from NYork for p.-taiol: llrlvniia. BranJora. do do. Brkukkhavxs, Much 26?Air Causs, NYork. Bid 23d, T R, hland, NYork. Bobpkacx, march 23?81.1 Jasper, Bennett, NYork. ruxko* Ayiibii, Fob It?la port bark* Paladin, Wilson. I from Baltimore via Montevideo, arr fan. dine. Willard, Atkinson, for Boston; Archer, Lewis. do: Kedrun, Km rdl, ut Mdma. Bonner, une; brigs Roanoke. Lour, for NYork; M Met r-fj, KUuisn, une; H n Man n, Oar Incr, do; fahr Ijaam o.' the South, Weeks, for L> idon; and other* as before. BUI 1 cb ?, ahln Carolina, Hnxlord, Boaton. Cowks, Mm eh 3a? bid Bra F> am, Horehatn, Altona. Canoirr, March 26? In rort bark Oasis, Creech, for Genoa, with iron, at 21a Sid 21st, Margaret, Flnlajr, NYork; Jobs Watt, Wlnohcll. Bhauahae. ______ cmriii.c, M irrh IS-Bld F.nerglr, Ban Francisco Cuaaa.iTB, March 21?In pwt Pallwo. for NYork. Cadis, March U-Sld Lottie, Bunker, Motril; Ulh, Aurella, "CABrHAGKRA, Marela IB?Old Grand Turk, Blanehard, Ma. March U?la port bark Lawrence, Hanson, fruta Salem, for do about Mh Cam. ao, March 1-Arr bark AntMOnUm Mavo, NYork. tUaiiKRAf, Marrh 20?< Id sobrs Ida k Wheeler (not aa before), OrtUm. Portland;Sarah. Bloat, Philadelphia;22d, brig Ltrabel. "Hark man," Portland. Ciasrvacus, March 21?Sid brig Cemantha Hopkins (aot as totem), Mayo, Boston. Kstaotrric March 23?Arr diking. Smith, Maiatlan (and sld Ztfth for London); done, Kullerton, Nowcuatle far Boston; ?3lh, Mnnhattan, Davis, Alexan.irla. Uloi'CMTsb, March 22?Arr Hannah Essies, Thompson, New York. Oi.asuow, Matvh 21?Arr tniied Kingdom (s), NYork; lid, Sartelle, Lowrjr.and Roben i, Martin, do. Minualtau. Mar h 17?Arr sohr D B Sexton, Ranter, Constantinople fur Cork or Fnlmoutht Lull, bark Cora, Hatch, Altcante for NYork; Iial brie < alnrlna, InserlUa, Palermo tor do. Cld ltlh. schr Siephen Ilotuhklaa, Brattle, NYork. Wind W Mth to 2lsl, Inclusive __ llmoa, March 2d?Arr Athena, Shields, Neweas'le. B; Lis. lie Bonthard, llusaev, Train; Ocean Homp, Rnirden, Sum derland. Bid 21st. Bowall, IloUno, Newcastle, B. IIamhl'Bii. Marsh 22?Hid Illinois, Lovejoy, England; 23d, En rile, Sun Francisco. Masks, March 23-Bld Mortimer Livingston, Bampaoo, hki'vobt, March II?Arr Bt Bernard, NYork. liar asa, March 3d-Art brig Mnroln W ebb (no? s? befareA Moid, Portland; April 2. ship R D Hhephord, Wale, L eeri n .lK NOrh ans. Cld April 2. brig Omxlmbo^Biay, Hlerrm Mom,a; sclir Phal^. Morrow, NYork Hitax, Ap.u 3?Arr I.iti urooi. .tinrcn ?- w i ? , ?. to i Y?ik*!ilri't lalrl.aaBR, from NYorki Wyoming, Burma. '' Hl'i'l li-l! kn.'iKW'anht'urii, CtllOO: 2!Mh, Cynosure, JtoMa* K lerr'lV rlnaiHaglW, Eltty Fluvd, Dea.lorn, for Jtcm NYork'tfttu Mi'rthfHi Llfk*. for Bin agbn ; Anne Woo?1, W,.otl for Bimi Frrnnl-noaaB Vru.ouYtr's Hi. nil; Wn.hlng. ton Wliitr <York; Olivia, Williams, >loui?v><1. o; Ueotv aaa illwgr. O.ta!-; Kwrk BontL Mnrsr. Pk?L l Ifv1.. Lo*u>?*, itnrrli 24?An- 3ielU (?h Oar.ior, NYork; Clyds, Parry PklMetphis; tt4h. Albert lMvrarft, M. Ktanou, in!. cmUl Unoi-i.rr Dumao, MrKiuiion, New York I'nrun it i?j. Luoina, do: ?0(k| MvfliD) CoGin, <?i; y/>li( Aidk^ Wililams, NYork (uml aid fromDealffrtiU Carmen, Bran*, Sunderland and 041 utta (?n.i ai.i i:ou? UrumemlVKi); ?Kh, Java, D?-*rU N Yor* j 24tli, Flym* M?t. Linnet, MImow and iIMago, 1*7,. F.nlrrextiutwtMsllHh, N"onriiy, IT. nry, for Button ;30th, Suiiunuio, Tanker. Surinam; Clyde, Forw, OblMnlphUa Bid /font Or?er? ud 2Sih, tlrralil of thaMnrnlng, wllitarra. i/niKBica, March II?Arr Mnrgarol, Cnmiiiluger, NVotk^ Mtli, L"nl I'atnvridon, Febrn* mm. -In. MkRSP.lM.Mt Man h '.V?Ar V. T%fiblt* OrtUin, YY; llao**, "outnlHii ii, Auua A null' ? SI u\m, (J i?. iw. CM U4a

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