Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1862 Page 5
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IJjAf ?atrc ,n nYork 81<l JM, Jo* ''nrle, Broekmt, MYork. I no, Keb 10? l'aeond by, brig Moonlight, Small, r r??os*on for Buenoa Ayrea. (HWiv KT March ft?lu port ship Spark tbe Orenn, Kin (l f *' * ' Thorn**, ut lib, and b... k from So.itireio Uu .led Kingdom With guano al Jjs. .**? Wi'abtok. March 2t)?F.nt out. Gibraltar, Dlillhw. 'or 'J ana; Jin, AnueheM, :>nckcii, N Tor.. trrio, March 17?Ari Cliarlei,.., u. . Brown, MY oik NjenviTAs, March 21?In port bog Ocean Brme, Hnrgeca, hi NY'o.k ready. MamiaO, Ml', Mii'i h 17? Arr Lvra Yerhl'ubiira, Cla-l'-anu,22d, brig iluiubnw, Muveiui, .xVurk (cud M kdlli lor lavana). PlvmoiTil March 20?All Koval Bride <?), NYmk; Jiilb, ihampion. Prince, Sombrero, for order*., March i V?Air Caluiuck, Jolu.roii, local*; 171.', Pemneat, A hlLiiev, do. (jukk.'.stowu. Jlarch 22?ArrBylubtde, Meek, NYork. Hid 1, A Honour, Ko kwell (from B. li/", Hon). Hon on. HooruAUfTON, March 27-Arr Boruaam (a), Trauimann, York (ami proceeded for Uauiburg). Sid 26 b, 11a.aru (?;, 3fora. barA.ssBA, March 25?Arr William Sprague, Baker, Bailing y NfiKKLAMD, March 22?In port shin Witch of tho W.ivr, i. .iinhall, for lloinbay, with coal, ut 30?. 81(1 22-1, Warden raw, Philpot, N York. Hi l!?!, Maicli 10?Sid Plrhi tor, Ma'thev, a, R o Grande. Sa.vtanhkii, March 21--Arr >\ a'..a?h, l.ioio; on, Card! If. 8t 111-I.UNA. F'- i 5?'Al r C. TI, Howe, Rangoon and aid hlh for Kulinoolh, 12). 8rThomas. March l.'i- K : r Balloon, Grant, St Croix. Sai.t Cat, TI, Marc 21?Meai; ', brig Breeze, Outerr,dge, from Hi" Jjii a". StJohn, Nil. hiareh $)?Arr b thurt* Linu. hil'.ain, 'oriland; Vi rn -ii, Vi.i r,.NY rk, '.i '!. *,acurOcean Wave, Jewelling, do. Takhkut, March 21-A- r M rgarct, Cumiriiuacr, NYork. Tatisra, Mae. li 20-aAri Vol aver, Krecmau, NVork; 21ht, Ill'lliull, Lave J: .j . Taii k Bay, OGII, J.iii " !~Arr "Howard,'1 , Bangor; (tia, Ala/utUii, V null, Ma.ilniiilu lor Kaluioutb, E. Yarmouth, NotMk, M .-rli 24-8IU Am Union, Hartlott. iUil.toboiou, then e to aa:..:ae. Ad|?rlMii I'orli. BOSTON, April 8?Arrschra.l 8 11 gglas, Kemp, nn.1 Sn mli Louisa, New omb, Tangier. Ln tuu buy, naik 0..k, Horn Philadelphia. <11 iIi'im Stephen Olov-r, Remmopift, Cnvilla; Wui Wirt, Pow, is. San Francisco; brigs Altuu iBi>, feel, Port an Prm ?; William A Dr. ?? . r, Hatch, M.ran/ue; ifr Nil Deanerauduiu, D'asy, Ritigstoii, Ja. Shi ship Win Wirt; back Elwtno Kia;illn. BRISTOL, Apcll 7?Air schre Mull, Kclley, Providenre for Philadelphia; tiaz.lle, Slmmoua, NYork; sloop Oregon, ito or Proviueneo, CALAIS, March 26?Arr sehra .Joseph Manning, Smith; ludg Tunny, Ullnian; Lookout, Harper, 30.h, Mary A Susan, lart-r; 31*1, Lignna, Robbing; Canary, Cook: (>uu 'arkcr; Veudovi. Crosby; J S Khtrner, Pletcher; Oaine Jock, Dow; April 1, l'aviliou. Lai gey. Toiuah, Crosby: lomp, Marsh; ft P Ohnse. Whole; Demo i*Kt, Pendleton ami Vllio.iiaioii. Hunt. Ill' the Calais paper had given the ports ruin which ihu above arrivals came, the report would have lecu valuable and, Instead of incomplete ami unallsfac.ory. Wc pi-osnme, of course, tlint they are not all lanspor's n tlm einniov of the govcrnmenl. 1 ELIZA BETH 1'OKT, Aprils?Cld s.brs 8 H Hows, Smith, loHtou: S Wright. Sea nan, and C L H'llse, Mctlur, Pall Bier; CI iapon, Borden, do: J C Chew, Bug ire, Tuunton: Clias looper, Cooper, Hartford; 1 Meruit, Uitgbson, New Haven: Vin B Jenkins, Trlbble, Newport; Mary 3 Ell/.ibctb, Turnr,Black It ok; Siianger, Dobs, Fort Lee; stoop Manhattan, lainlltun, Fiii-hing. EDCAUTOWN, Aprll5?Arr Hchr Convoy, Merrill, NYork or Portsmouth. FA! MOU 111, April 7?Arr scbr Iaabella. Baker, NYork. TALL RIVER, April7?Sid sloot) Luna, Smith, NYork. NEW BEDFORD, AprllS?Arr sloop velocity. Smith, EUabelbport (oir New London Sunday ulght, in the gale, had sail.sail badly loin). Sid sohr Ropubli an, Soule, NYork; lenry Clay, Delano, an 1 Neptune, Chase, do. NEWPORT, April 7?Arr schrs Huntress, Disney, Provieuce for Philadelphia| W B.iylcs. Knupp, dofor Uaversliaw IY; LP Hazard, Wilson, Bristol for New York; sloop Luna, imlth, Fall River for do. 8th?Air schrs Chronometer, Plerson, Portland for Willing1 on, D 1; L Ames, Holbrook, do for Philadelphia; Jus English, Nlekcrson, Bos on for do; 11 Clay. Delano; Repuhle, Suule, and T L Miller, Whit'', NBed.oril for NYork; J C Valdron, Dennis fordo. Sid schrs Edward, Urbuua; and lie vessels bound W. PORT liOYAIj, 8C, March 2ft-Arr bark P R Ilaieltine, lohnson. Bunion. PHILADELPHIA. April ft?Arr steamer Saxon, Baker, loston; schr* Sea Witch, Tuyfnr, New Bedford; J W Mclftpe, Jhristlc, Wareham; Burrow* U, C.ark, Port Itojal; Flyaway, Davis, Salem; Expedite, Bobec; 8 W Ponder, Norton; Miner'A, Brook*; A J. Russell, llodees, and Boston, Brower, New fork; Pauthea, Dark, and Fly, (Iheoaman, Nantucket; CA ieckscher, Stubbs, and Edwin Reed, Qoolspeed, Boston; 8 ! W Simmons, Godfrey, and H A Weeks, Godfrey, do; Volta, Irooks, Norwich; Evergreen, Poiter, Newport; K Thompson, tlackman, and John I-anraster, Willetts, Provldui.ce; Kirhd jaw, York. fttonlngtoniNlantlc, White, Taunton. Chi hark lelen Maria, MnraliaIl,YnrtSpain; brig J Dock. Sweudson, tey West; tchrs 8 W Ponder, Norton, Newborn, NC; Nlar,1c, White, do; Romp, Stanley, and Boston, Brower, Fortress lonroe; Flyaway, Davis, Cambrldgcport; Evergreen, Potter. n>d J Lancaster, Willetts, Providence; Rtehd Law, York, lewboryport; J W McKee, Christie, Warehain; A 8 Russell, lodges, Newport; H A Weeks, Godfrey, Medford; J O Ireand. Chase, and 8 V W Simmons, Godfrey, Boston; Rescue, 'eUluglll. Portland. Law us, Del, April 7,1% AM?The barks Azella. for Laguay. a; St Marys, for Ship Island: two burks, i.aoui not as<eralned, In company with brigs B K Kasli, for Sagtia; Samuel Welsh, for Barnados; J 1' Wcthertll, for Ship Island; Whi>?o, for Key West; schra R J Mercer, and Caleb Stetson, Ktlh lor Fortress Monroe, went to sea 6:h inst The hark Horests, from Rio Janeiro, a light ship and several sehrs left his morning for Philadelphia. The brig J C Coale, Irorn Rio lanelro, awaiting orders, with schra Pauline, and R I> Tsy, eroaln In the Rondctoad. 8th?The brlga Delhi, from Port au Prince, and Johanna, Fota Rio Janel ro for orders, arrived at the Breakwater this I "fomfiLAND, pril 7?Ait steamship Hibernian (Br), I Haege, Urerpool via Londonderry: brlgL M Merrilt, BorY, NYork; arlir John C Brooks, GratTam, Cardenas; steami r Sesaprake, Croweil, NYork. ('Id brig Charles Edward. Ihute, Havana: sclirs Texas. Orr, Philadelphia; Francis o. nxmcv rimer. naiiinion, auui if Tfiompron,, N York. 8ld rchr Dr Kane; and others. PB0V19KXCK, 8?Arr steamer Kskon, William-, RYork; aehrs Charles Hawler, Allen, Klltnbrthpori; aim>p Han Buren, Lewis, do. Bid schrs Mary II MIflUn, Gladding, (York; VnnxvhsnlH, I,add, do. 851IP I6LA&D, Maivh 18-Arr ships K W Parley, Mrbolr, Boston, Wild Git/elle, HiunpOiey. do. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Slurried. Csjbob?HorsiMsN.?Ou luo:-day evening, April 1, Ly Ike Rsy. James Willett, at the redd, nee of the bride'R rather, Mr. C'HAituts A. Cannon, late of East Hadd am, [ten., to Kirs Kmii.y j ask HorrKUA.v. all of this city, OIioxsom?W>mtHiNT.?0? Wednesday, April 0, l>y kSY.John Q. Adams, Joan C. Croxso.v. ?>f Turkey, N. J , to Mrs. lun WstTKHi RV, daughter of Abraham Salter, I m. , of Mamaroneclt, K. Y. Hakiht?Hull?in Rrooklyn, on Wednesday, April 9, By the Rov. F. A. Farley, X). D.,Giui*st L. ILakiht, to Visouna, daughter of (he late Edward Hull, Jr.,at the OS Idemw of ber quote, Geo. W. Corlles, Esq. Piasbaia?Mkaur.?On Wednesday, April 9, by the Boy. F. R. T. Cook, Mr. Ckunun E. Feamuia to Hiss Uoouke Moamr, all of this city, Philadelphia papers please copy. Died. Archer.?On WsdBMddy afternoon, April 9, of con ratplton,, youngest son of George and Ann Aiub tr, aged lf> years, 4 month* and UO davs. Tha relatives and friends of the family are respect ully parents. 677 Washington street, on Fr day morning, at nine o'clock. The remains will l?e taken to Yorkers for In'sr oenl In the * even o'clock train from Chambers ti: est. Botd ? On Tuesday, April 8, of typhoid ferer, Captain John Boyd, in the 624 year of km age. The remains wiU be intUi red in tiruanwcod Cemetery. The friends and relatives are invitod t? attend the funeral, from the residence of Wna. I). Conghtry, 1,804 Broad way, this (Thursday) afternoou, at two o'clock. Bkowkk.?On Tuesday, April 8, after a short and severo lllne't, Kitna, wife of Isaac Bro.ver, aged 21 years, 0 months and 3 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, nt two o'clock, from her late residence, No. MS7 Third avenue. Baonaa?Ou Tuesday afternoon, April 8, of consumption,kara i k., widow of Kiigcue Brooks, aged 26 years. mouths and 20 days. Tbo relutivee and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No 16 King street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Burk.?On Tuesday, April m, KiiZAiirru Hinkdalr, daughter of lieluncuion and Knoiieniia J. Burr, aged 13 years. The relatives and friends arc respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, with>ut further Invitation, on Friday afterniou, at threo o'clock, from the residence of her father. No. 21 West Thirty eighth street. Coar.?On Wednesday morning, April 9, of scarlet fever, OsoRiiK WAsrmirroir. only son of John and Mary Coar aged ft years, 0 mouths and 6 days. There were forms that left their footprints Jn the yard sod on the floor? Forms that passed aureus the ihrcshhold, And return again no more; And our hearts are acbiug?aching Fur the footfalls on the floor; And our oyes are vainly watching For thu forms that come no more. The friends an l acquaintances of the family are re pectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residenee of his parents, 682 iirnome street. Cr-imwkm..?At White riuiDS, on Thursday, April 3, of eonsumption, fotou'iR If. CKouwr< i., aged 43 years. His remain* were Interred In the Presbyter uin Cemetery , on Saturday laat. Philadelphia aud Albany paper* pleae* copy. TIrtrsos.?Owlt,daughter of Benjamin end Mary De prece, agorl 3 years. Funeral will take place this (Thursday) morning, at Bine o'clock, from their residence, IS Wont Thirty eighth Street. Kwart.?On Wo<1 no aUav morning, Apati 0, Jambs M Ewaht, aged years and u months. Fas*.?At Whlto Plains, Wwstcheater comity, on Wed oesday tuorniiig. April 9, tirplain j.itu \V. F'amii, ugeu 60 year*. 1 month and M day a. The ra'.al Ivaa and (rtunds ara requested to atteud tho funeral,on Friday inoruing, at ton o'clock. Tho cart will leava the Twenty alxth street depot at a quarter past Wight A. M Fowlbu.?On Wednesday morning, April 0, at tho bouae of Mr. Isaac Odell,lu this city, Mrs. Hahau Awn, relict of Barnahaa Fowler, of Yonkers, in the 77th year of bar age. Her frtenda are invited to attend the funeral, thie (Thursday) afternoon, at half put twelve o'clock, from 0t. John * Kpiacopal church, Youkore, without further Invitation Uilbkht?Howe ? On Tueeday, April 8, at the reeldeuce of R. Whttmore, Brooklyn, by the Kev. J. M Howe, wuijav J. tin hurt, of Georgetown, Conu., to fUaain A. Howe, of Brooklyn. UiNiiKHMAN.? O.i Wednesday morning, April 0, Mr. tdwn* UuntiRHMAN, a native of Germany, agod 40 yeara, 0 miuithe and eleven day*. The relative* and frleude of the fiimlly are re*)>ectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from hia late reaideuoo,No. 2 Miuetta lane, on Friday afternoon, at ore o'clock. Ilia retnaina will be luterred lu the Lutheran Cuiielerr. Hart.?On Wednesday morning, April 9, at hia late residence, Grooiibure, Westchester aounty, N. Y., after a protracted nines*. Jon* Hart, nged 81 years. Tho funoral will taks place ?>u Friday morning, at ten O'clock, from ths h mas. and sorvlra will bo held at eleven o'chs-k in tho morning In the Presbyterian church at White Plains. Train leaves Twenty.sixth station at quarter-psst eight o'slock A. M. The t'rlenUs of the family are invited to attubd the funeral without further notice. Carriages will l.c found in waiting at White Plains elation to convey the friends to the hcuse. lULtTKii ? At Kye.on Wouneeday, April 0, N*wm-rv J). Halstm>, in the i9th year of hn age. The relatives andfrianda. f thefainiiy are Invited to KB W TOJ I attend the funeral, at (Thrust church, Rye, ou Saturday afternoon, at two o'c.:<ck, without further invitation. , The New York u*)d New Haven cere leave Twonty! seventh street at 12:16 I'. M Retoit-hig,h*Ye Ryo ata, tion at four o'clock ?r,ij ( > P. *f. Ilr-.^Y?OnTue uy evening, prii ?,S, daughI tcr of Valentine atul Mary l i..-: . vit "J years and 9 ItuouUij. The friends and acquaintances of tho family are reB.ieclfnlly invited to attend the fu laral, tin* ('liniraday) j a' lerin on, at two o'clock, fiom th t residence of hor pa 1 rout*, bl Oxford b tree I, Prooklyn. | Iwsyi.y.?On Tt e. day, April 8, Sarah Fkanieu, daiifih, ter of Archibald and Alary Ann Kicuin, aged b years and I 1 UlUtl). Tho relatives ai d friend* aro invited to attend the 1 f nerul, without further notice, from the residence of her parents,827 Rlviugton stroot, this (Thursday) afternoon , at hull-past one ocluclc. I-ani":a.?Ou Tuesday, April 8, Ay.vis Laxueu, wife of Alexander A. Lauder, aged US years. Tho friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral,at th i Church of Professor Matlison, l'orty IIret street, between Uroadway an I Sixth avenue, ou Friday i.iie." n, at tv\ o o'clock. l.B'Tit.?Suddenly, ?t Now Ilochelle, on Wednesday morning, April ?. Jams Alxitu, only daughter of Simeon I cstor, i i the S7tb year of her a^e. Tho relaiivcs:ind friends of tl.o f.iniily aro roxpoctfuTy invited to attend tho funeral, frotn the Presbyterian church at Now lie h -ho, on Friday afternooti, at halfpustoneo'cl ek, without further notico. Ludlow.?At tho r.sidfuco "f ids son-in-law, Peter P. I arremore, on Tuesday, April 3, Cohnklius V. C. Ludlow, ayud fto years. 'Iho relatives and friends of tho family aro invited to at ,-u I Iho luueral,at the Reformed ihiieh church, corner o. Fourth nerect an 1 lxuayclte place, this (Thursday) morning, at eleven o'clock. McCoy.?Gil Wuniiovilutr mono,,.. o v,.n->?? ?!. Coy, aged 40 years. The relatives mi(t friends of deceased ure respectfully | invited to .aloud did funeral, front:?!. Patrick's Cuihu- i ilral, where n sclcinu High M i s of requiem wrl.l be cele- ' hinted, on Friday morning, at nine o'clock. Tho remains wi I lio taken to Flatbush C'omcie y interment. Motions is.?-On Tuesday, April 8, a'tcr a lingering ill* , nees, wiiich lie bore with Christian fortitude, I loan MiXJiams. a uativo of tho paii. li of Clooue, county ] Leitrim, Iredaud, and for the laal thirty-five years a resl- 1 dent of this city, aged 67 years. * j Iho fi lends ami acquaintances of the family, and those , of his sons, .James ;md John, a. o requested to attend tho ] fnueral, from his Uie residence, No. 89 Uaiier street, this i (Thursday! alteration, at two o'clock. i Prattsvillo papers please copy. ' Mi' M..inlay night, April 7, Joun McIlvkkn, j Sr., aged 72 years, 3 months and seven days. The relatives and friends of tiiu family. also the \>io- ; ran Corps of the war of 1812, aro ruspecllully invited to attend the funeral, from his liuo residence. No. 3d In.vls < street, this (th afternoon, at o .e o'clock, with- * cm f .rthor iuvit .tion. fhe remains will be iulci red in J Cypress Hills Uumetery. McMauox.?On Tuesday, April 8, Edward AI'Mauon, agod 21 years and t> months. fbo relatives and If ioiidsof tho family, also those of his stepittther, John MoEiroy, are respuctlully invited to . attend the funeral,' lliis (Thursday) afternoon, at ono ' o'clock, from 143 Kast Twenty oiulu street. , McNajcara.?On Wednesday, April 9, HRjnurr, the be- t loved wife of Putrick McNamara, a native of tho parish t of Euoruiuctaint, county Kermana, Ireland, aged 34 1 years. J The fuuorsl w ill take place from her late residcnco, No. . 39 I'ai k street, on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock. Her j friends and those of her husband aro respectfully invited i to aitoud without lurther Invitation. Her remuiuH will 1 be interred in Calvary Cemetery. Mitisku..?On Tuesday, April 8, Miss Emeu Mrmitt.i., ] a.native of tho purisn of Killiuacnharuwood, county . Moath, Ireland, aged 17 years and t> niunihs. ' The relatives and friends of the family, and those of i hor brother, Thomas, and L)r. O'Reilly, ure respoctfully 1 fatvlted to attend the Itinera I, I'roin No. SO Roosevelt | street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains will he interred inCttlvaiy (.otnetury, lublin papers please copy. Moan.?In this city, on Wednesday, April 9, Makt < N ikhis, eldest child oi Mr. Uoorgo Mi ke, ngod & years ' and 9 months. Tho relatives and friends of the family are respectfully t invited to utte.Id tlie funeral, ou Friday morning, at nine ? o'clock, lTotn Grace church. 1 Raima:.?Ou Tuesday afternoon, April 8, of disease of J the In art, Eiiwakp I.eov, youngest son of C. II Raberg, 1 aged 15 years, 11 muntlis and 10 days. fbo friuiius of the family are respectfully invited to att nd the lunoral, trorn his lato residence, 111 Waverloy place, on Friday morning, at half.past nine o'clock. The e funeral service will (uke place at the French church of * St. Vincent de Paul, in Twenty-third street. * Koacub.?:n Brooklyn, fc. D., on Wedmgday, April 9, * Jaxsn Ho at us. a native of the countv Wexford, lrolonl. i aged fcO year?. r Hill Iriends and acquaintances, also those of hi* Bon John 1 and con-iti-law, Win. H. til. George", are invited to attend 1 tho funeral, on lfi iday morning, at ten o'clnok, frotn bin Utn residence, 141 North F.irhlh street, bet wceu Fourth and Fifth ottoer*, Williamsburg. The rcuuuas wlU be ta keu to tiio WomiuiCatholic cburvh in North Sixth ctroot, ? Where high mure will be oCored for the repose of his soul, t and from there to the cemetery of the Holy Cross, Ftotbuah. | Keen.?On Wednesday. April 9, sibji, youngest , daughter ol Nancy Mart and tho late Johu JtucK, aged H 2 years. 9 mouths and 9 days. p One luile bud"adorned our bower, ' And shed sweet fragrance round; * It grew in b.' hour by hour, I Till, ah! the spoiler came in power J And crus/ie.l it to the ground. , Yet not forever In the dust * That beauteous bad shall lit; ^ N<>, in the gsideii of the just, . beneath C<hI's glorious eye, we trust, r. Twill bloom again on nigh. r The rclatlies and friends are invited to attend tlie 1 funeral, from the residence ol hor mother, Alt Second ! avenua, corner of Thlrty-socond street, on Friday after- y noon, at two o'r.nck. tierm.?lu iiruoitiyu. on Tuesday. April 8, Ws. II. 1 S* tii, aged JQ y *?rs, 2 mouths tuid 17 days. The friends <>, the ramily are invited to attend the *' funeral, from hie late resident, '*17 Smith street, thie " (IJllirnuayy Mllvriioon, at fcWfl O CcM'K. 1118 body Vi 111 1)8 ? wiiou u> Urocnwood for interment. J W.irsnie.?on Wednesday .morning, April 0. after a a severe Bincer, Fkki'Wcka, youngest daughter or Johu P. ? and Maieuia JO. Watson, agod 6 yeare, 0 month* and 0 '! ?l*je. ? Sleep on, sweet babe? - ? t' pw? bud ?f awtta* purity ! 1 r<:aceroiiy tky little he*<l doiii rest, J In angel innocence, upon thy flowery bed. Sweetly crossed. tby tiny haud* Were placed upon thy snowy breast, . Tbe bud they held, au embiem of Itself, ? Twin buds, twined in a Saviour's love, To bloom in tlutt heavenly garden above Of swettt innocent e and love. -1 Tbe r.)lativc8 and friends of the family are respectfully t invited to attend thd funcrai Pfllvicos, litis (Thursday) afternoon, at two o' the residence of tier parents, No. 121 Pearl stfbet, Brooklyn. Interment In (Iroenwood. Wiuiia On Tuesday afternoon, April 8, Andrew J.. son of Charles W. and Sarah J. Willuts, aged 2 years and 8 months. Iho funeral services will be held at the residence of his p.routs, Kont, near Myrtlo avenue, Brooklyn, this (Thursday) afternoon, at lialf-ptst threo o'clock. The Irisnds of the tamiiy are rospictlully invited to attend. The remains wiil be taken to Hempstead, L. I.,for iutermcnt, on Friday morulng. COUNTRY BOARD. , (10LCMBIA HALL, LEBANON HPKINCS, N.Y.?THE \J Hotel at ttita fashionable wan-ring place will be opened to visiters on th" 1Mb May. and parilea wMiing secoioni idntions fur thi se .Min, uili please address the pro- f pttaiur. Tei wsoisMa A. PAMMfM, ' CtOt.VrilY HOAKl).?FAMIL1MK WISHING hOARDlM J ) i he country* loi tbe eomilig summer, call find good Hoard J and Ko >m* at Oak Hill, situated twenty wl'e* rve.,t ot the ' Hudson rives, n> Hal Skill. Huges leave Catsi.ill Tin slays, j Tnurwtnya and Saturday a tor tbe place. Term* $ I per week. ' K. :<Tcncc li< en. I'unvuyauera and siabl.nn furntsiied. Mrs. 1 KlluDA BELL, Uo'.el, Oak Hill, Ureenu eounty, N. Y. CAOCNTRY BOAI1D.-A FEW FIRST CLASS BOARD- * J ers ran be rrcommndated with Board and plccitanl a Roonit, In a prt. ale family r elutog lit tlic lieautilol village k of Faruiington. Conne-lictit. Aduras bos "Jl Fannin .ton f Poet olDce. Reference L. E. Cow lea, No. t New street. CTOUSTRY BOARD.?A LADY. R8SIDINO IN THE j J moiiota'ns, on tlie Uric Railroad, As mlies from N-w ? Turk, would Ilka to get a few children I girls preferred) to * Buaid and Educate. They will ree Ive every attention and a mother's earn; a competent teacher will lie employed to instruct litem. Oily reference given. For further partlou- , ptia address M P., Sloalaburg, Kui kiand county, N. J. i /rni-VTiitf nrtAttn m iTii-ri/r. ip.liitiuu ,un C V/ others.?Pennanont country Boar,I wanted, for a g nllemaii. wlte, child and aervani, within or about ihiriy mil. a 1 from the city; mini ?e of ea?> and rau.d access, Aitdrcea, J ' ling terms and serum modal ions, II. A. P., bol 126 Herald utter. tlOUNTRY BOARD-WANTED, FOR THE SUMMER, / lor, i?n \ three rhildr.u and an attendant (UII a farm preferred), on the Hudson, wltbla easy aerva* of ihc city 1 answer tn state itnnlio.i, :>< ninmudatloii'a and |iriM'. A luri ? Mr. H , lio> 4,006 Coal office, N Y. /COUNTRY BOARD.?PLEASANT, WELL BURNISHED v airy K mini, wild gool B.mnl, ran be obtained at Niam. ford Ooiiii., on "C.arke's lllilalao stabling and sceommo Lallun lur horse* an I rsirlsgr*. For |)irlicillara rail at 16 Union miliar., corner of Kilici nth street. CAOUNTRt board wanted-for hix months, J (liramUmmi,*Ui|ilSw,In kMmtni * riant, on a lan.i n-or tlie water prrfer.etf, wtaeie no ol'.erboaidere ate taken, with.n one hour's rule and of easy a r i-aa io the city. Ad.lrraa, elating full parilular* and lowest terms, T. W. M , Mi Broadway. _ Three families can re ACCOMMODATED WITH gianI eonntn Board, from lat of May, In ll-ihokna, on tlio New York and Erie Railroad, about one BO".* rldo Tom the clly, and ten mlnnWa' walk Irotn .le, o , n oily looat l and prefer tly hea.thy: plenty o r hi, >< U sand a. Lindane of milk. For forth*' , or Icmd'r <t?ii c of JOHN PAKE,, 2uS Vfatli' ng.on r r. t., FOR UYMItPOOI. AND Lil.SDjN.-TAPflOOTT'fj Line, snip BKNJaMIN ADaWb. at pier No. h Eaat rl. ?rr. milsfor Liverpool tomorrow, ..p ?utp VILLA FRaM* LA. ni pier 17 Ba~irncr, a,ills :or l,..i.don p.-oourovi. lor jassape to or from the ol i country, at lo < . at a apply to TAl'oLOTT A CO.. BO Hotttii ai. '' ' W' A'lNK ARTS. HBOEHE WILL REMAIN AT HIS PRESENT LOC t lion, 141 Bill Thirtieth air. t?lltiiiisi* por.rails coal* of arm*, legimenlal llag* and highly no siie'l p?|,,ti , ol Ugurss and land* 'ap??j also prnomn.Jn and <? i,r?i|ya paintings executed In the highest style of art. WINKS AN1) IsIUtlOIl*. "IITIIISKEV.-SOO BARRELS OF I'l RK IIOLKSON, U K f Y and Munongshela Whiskey, front well known Ms.ldoI iw .n JKentin ky and Pennsylvania, lor aale In !? . by I 'AS. Jt HMITII, JR., 6d Broad street. djcui for Ibv ViauiUff. j RK TIERALT), TITTJRSDA" ^ 8ALK9 AT AUCTION. AUCTION NOTICE-It. w WESTCOTT, AUCTIONeer. Peremptory tab* of beautiful Furniture of all description*, with a rare cullecM'.ii o l'u:QiiiiKi and elegant Par. an ami Broo/n (> namenta, AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPoKTl NITi FOR IIOC SEK EE I'KKS, At llie elegant dw? Mag hou e 1II NVt m Twenty -first street, between Seventh an I Eighth avenue Tins (Thursday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, Couip isfnj the entire content* of the hoii?ef The whole <ouibiuiug a collection seldom offered at auction, constat ng of u.ogaui solid ros- wootl Parlor Suit, covered in three color bro:u'el, rosewood i outre ami Tabl *, niugn ill cent rotnvoo 1 E'ag re, coat $2?l>; Sila and Loco Curtains, Turkish Lo 1140s, with Chair* to match; Velvet ami Bruise s Oirpcts, la iy s KimiicIi E? retoliv, hnMd with a? tin wood; elegant rosewood Seen buy and Book-ae, Reception Chairs, Guniiu.ii*, cosily Parian ami Lava Van a, Uronz* s, .?? ., with a valuable c illcciion ol i'arior A iornmenis, rich Chandeliers, hmu.o Clock., Tete-a-Tci. h, Ac.; four rich Mantel and Pier Mirrors. Elegant 7 octave rose vood Pi.ino.ortc, used out tn o months, with ir.arble top Music v 'a iuei, fcitoo! and cover. Superb rosewood Bed-P ala, two vn lar^e llair Mattresses, Spring do., elegant IB o ami Redding, rosewood S.invin.; Stand, walnnt Cliatnfcttr Suit, in reps; Ko kera, Spring St at Chairs, Cold and Lands ape shad. Washs.auds, Toilet Sen*, Lounges, i'reo h China, Ruby and Chi atal Cut Glass, Ivory and S Ivor Cutlery, Silverware, Marule Bullet, oak Chairs, tv\ o Sola Bedsteads, Ac. N. B.?The entire furniture will he sold without reserve, ruin or Hhine. Catalogues at house. Auction notice.?m. b chapman, auctioneer. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD b'URNITC ItE, PAINTINGS, STATUARY. AND MANY RARE AND C( S LY WORKS OF ART. At public au linn, this d.y (Thursday) April 10, At the elegant r 8i ici.ce IS .\ S H-euth street, between 11. tli and Sixth uvcnui 8. Sale com ucucing at 11 oh lock, viz:? SEVEN oC'i.WK KGSiiWi Ol> PIANOFORTE, Rosewood Drawing Kco n S it?, bronze and ormolu Clmudeliers, Velvets daUiooGarj*?ts. 8 v.?s and Dnaleu Cblua DrnamentH, 1'ier and Mantel Minors, embroidered Lave Curtains, Oil Painting*, by cuniu 'ui artists; Eta:;cre*,Gouiro Tables, lin oignu.e , Cabinets, Lady's Work Tali. \ superb bronze Clock, Dresden China Ormuiii-nttr, uvo full suits Drawing Room Furniture, t ov rcd iu green, gold and blue tiro, atifl: artistic liroii/.eK, rcpn seating 11, Esmeralda, Crusaders: Reclining Chairs, Card and fclol'a Tanics, black ivalnut Suit, oov ered in reps. MAHNIHCLNT7O0Ta\ E ROSEWOOD I'lANOPOOTE, livers: rung l u s, round tforticrs; made to order, cost $tibO; $U*)1 and Cover: Canterbury, Extension Table, Sideboard, China, Glass, Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, Couches, Arm lihatn, Clocks, Engravings, Hat Stand, rosewood and maiogany Bercuus, Armoire-a-Hla :e. Be dsteads, Hair MattresWh, Fcatiu r Beds. Blankets, Rockers, Sums, Clpilis, covered villi haircloth; Sola Bedsteads, Couimodos, Toilet Sets, itilir CaroettS. Oilcloths. Also Furniuira ol" s(>rv;iiiL? jnwLrr. lit lith. Also a iisKortmcul 01 i:r.enL hii I Kltchcli ^urnttura AIooobo family Coach,on Kowl Widiu, made y liuucubuiy, pair matched 11. ahcn.k years ul>t; one Middle I'lT, H?tS of Hill ll".'.S, KubCH, iilahketK, Ac. N. ii.? The auctioneer would call tin: particular attention if his friends and tint ptlbilr to this utile, the ciitalngde sruiprislng the largest anil re lic t c l.ocibn of Iluuschnld ''iii, Ac., otl'cie t at auction tills He con. Sale pcivinpory, without i <-'t;urtl to the weather. Cuiiilogt n. at the hi him'. A L'OTION JiOl'Icr. -HIINKST ItOTIt, A L'CTIO.NKi:it. ft i.AKUK OK ELKOANT HOUSEHOLD KtJUNITUIUi. BKAU11K; L CI T (ILVSS AND CHINA WARE, JA>IUM).UIi BRUSSELS ANO 1 .NORAIN CAKl'El'iS, Ac. fills tluy, April 10, at o'clock 1*. M. precisely, at the (.wiling liou-c No. 12i Wavrlcy place, uc.r SivtU uvoiitic, lousisliiig of Parlor Suit?, covered wiui gn t n Mithi and line ami gold brcaei; each suit uniiaists oi ou? K ifu. out) Inn, oiio ll'ucpiloii iiiul four medallion too k Chain; two llcgnnt rosewood KlagTOi-, marble top G. hire i.u i Sole Tulies. Corner an I Itooa Stan.IS, Lace Co.iuiuh, rleti Onina mil Pari m Vases, twenty ne day bronze and ormolu Clocks, urge oval h, tine Oil Paintings, ru,cw,.od and nnihogaiv Ucdrt'Uds, Riiriuiis, vVusliHiaiids, Lounges, Rock, r*, Mirrors, Sola He.Is. spring sc it and cune scat Ciui'.rs, Clock', ii.ii, iiio! Spring Msurewee, heda, Bcuuing, lii.uinri-, blank ivulnut 'lea aim Kktenslon Tables, Dining Chairs, llullet, Me-a-Ti tor, Ka-y Chairs, covered ill icps and hairclulh; Shades, Oi e.utiis, i.u > anil eryslul. el Glassware, IViiics, C.i nnpigiies, Tiiinnlers, Ouhlets unit Decanters to oat It, ru h Cbliiii Tea, clegunt Sliver Wine, Tubl: Culi ry, ivory Knives,,*, Carver und Kurks, Ac. Also bcau.1 till It res'els, Tapesiry and Throe-ply Carpels. Sale posiave, nnn or shine. Auction rale on household kuunituke \ M. CRISTA I jAK, Auctioneer, 2i Bowery, will se.l this lay, ID h insi., at tl o clock, t ie furniture el a private iunlly, oon.slsliiig of llturauH, Hcil-tcaus, marble top Washiiaiuis, mahogany Chairs, gilt I runic durum, ios? v<.od I'.iror Suit, Cliundo.ier-, Velvet and IIimhhcIs i.'m pet, Ili.Or and lull Ouc.o.hs, a lur.o ,ot oi Itcinu.iuls of Velvet and Hruscls Carpeting, Win.low Shad Eiigruviu^a, Oil I'ainllugs, ialr Adiitins-i-. s. I'latcit Ware, T it le Cutlery, line ision ilnpng Tallica, Curtains, and various oUicr artielea in the Inc. A SIQMEB'S SALE. /V. llr.Nai' i.'. SCR IBM lilt, Auctioneer. 11 Ii N It Y C. SCitl liNlilt will sen luls day. Thursday, at 11 i'ch.c.1. A. M , at bis tub* room, ill Nassau street, a large asnrtii.eiit ?f llavmiaaiid Domestic Sugars, containing about 00,0Jo, of soma nfty different brands, being the atoe., of an ntensive dealer, obltguu 10 tin*bis business. liac .ot will .? te?iod and dlv ided to suit purchasers. Home very c.imloe nil in Is will be lound among theiii, consisting lepar. ofCoona Ducal, Cabinet. Audita, Rio Hondo*. Henry Clay, 'lanlauwtis, Li Heal, Pouch, Asuoenu, La Norma, Jaaies Ine'.Mumn, lien. McCUdUu, Kcr.tsea, Ac. Caleb,gov* at an early hour. Auction sale-carpeting, ac.-a. k. crihta I.IH linn.,,..r 'A IknlniV all! llujo .ill t'cUok, a large lot of Velvel, Jtrowiela and Ingrgia itKta, nlc-.otlis. Hue*, Ac. nEOHOE COOK. AUCTIONEER.?RI.EOAXT HOl'SKJ hold Furii.lure.?Tnls (lay, at o'clock, ui store 141 l.-tolwuy, ii'1 el tin* American telegraph oUlcu, a very large lock el in si class city made Furniture ol' various kinds lor mrlors. cl.a .il:?i>, .lining laiuw, Ac , 10 which toe attention >i old friends is asked, as Hie saie is absolute. Catalogues .1 sale. aUNKY 11. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER?SPLENDID Uottsehol I Furniture, mostly made by U. 11.-.iter. In l.?! sit lo ? IIENRY II. LEEDS * 0?>. will sell at u lion, on 'tb-imday, April 1U, at l'JJj o'clock, at 81 West Lett-nib street, luriween Fifth end buth avenues, an elcani assortment of lLiusehold Furnltme, con-lsting of Furoi Suns of roie-.vooti, ebony and uimoiu, covered in neb lis bro adc; do., o r cbly carvo.l rosewood, inlaid l o.s de iMe, <oiO.<d In green silk ie|>s; reps Curiains, losewood I la cere, rosewood Fiunulor e, velvet Carpets, richly carved oecwooJ Centre Table, ormolu and bronze Clock and aiKlrlabrsH, from Fans, Cuaudelleis to msieb: large bronze 'ivurrs, ebony l'a .eslals. Dining r'Mim complete in b'ack walnut; Buffet Extension able. Lounge and Cnairs, covered In mMocoo end reps, llcdroom .Suits In ctrvoil rosewood: do. black walnut; do. oilsbed oak, Ac.; Holding, China and titasa, aad other furlltire. Sale witho-it io-t rve. IKNIIY II. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER? IIENRY H. Lr.KDS A CO. will tell nt auction, on Friday, April II, t lUJa o'clock, at 117 Wall stiset, base.sent?Kvfi liter's tie oi Cabooses, PuUeu's Force snd Drake 1'iiiuu- VeutlU>rs, Crater, Soap Stones, Tins o: all rtes-r iplto j, copper and u Utuid>Is tor esboos-s a id ship use. Sale without reserve, ) close the estate. iENRY B. HERTS, JR.. AUCTIONEER BY IIENRY WOOD A CO. SHERIFF'S SALE.?BRANDIES, WillShEY. AC. HENRY WOOD A CO.. will sell, THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 111 o'i lock, ut their saiesrooms, Oi) IIroadway, 9 casks tine nporled Brandy, 5 casks Bourbon Wbistey, Ac., Ac. _ JAMES LYNCH. Sheriff. I 01IN L. VaNDEWATBR, AUCTIONEER. f I urge, S|a-elal sn-t Peremptory sale of Blob ard res ly ItouM-boid Furniture, At 1 .tbin" Auction, On FRIDAY, April II, At lDo'eio kA. M.. By A. lOt'RNKAY. at 29 Bust Thirteenth street, ill the II oueehold Furniture (untamed in the d-eiling ouss' !' E >st Tnlrteenth steel, contra lung a lull assortnent of niaguttieet.t Parlor rosewood Furtiitnre, Hulls hi irocalel: large Krctn It plate Fiur Mirror', seven ojtave roserood FUnoiurtr. carved Ici-a. o.uv. uu bass, and rob one: ruSt-Woia! i arved K ft.'r , ptutr .i rocew okJ marble npCentre and Suit- Table,< Mitnm, noli Muni) 1 Oitianent?, I'hKuil/ur 4 urulturc? Maiblt: up. roMIHKK!. nriw' .el alack walnut, It* leads, Comincc *Vi,.r l-tpioi'ca, Couches, Ctiaiia, tarpna. Ac. Lib j Ku uflure? In nwauo.1 ..ti.l oak; leorcia'rra, Bonltr D.ran*. ' olialre Chair*, Art. Hilling t.xun?KxnnMon ...Dir. H'.fli" snl> board, l'iea<|uu Chairr, IhlDit and (JUaawara, Dlrtn-r and Lipaa i n Alao a line of Kltebrn Furniture. ".tab. JOHN II. BURLV, AUCTIONEER. WILL KRLL, TIIIR da . A |-ril Id, at Iwn o'i ln< k, at 441 On mil street, mnrblo tip and other Bureau*, B .fa H ' n mil I. un;ca, mahogany n<l utlier Boditemla, Ellen Ion. Urntr - and other T.tolea; loonier*, oik an I iiinl.o any W iltlug Dusks,Chandeliers, lack walnut nn I Cottage Hull*, Wanimt-e?, llal Hark", I'aaliatand', I'ler, Iter, M.uin I and oh rUlasaci. Velvet. li'iiMci'Ja, Tlir e ply iiud other Carpel*; Keaiher II* la ami iedding. llalr Ma I! rra-e?*, Oil lot ha. Riirk, Mailing, anna, look*, O an, C. (? ki ry and Kncli n Ware. JBOOABT, auction REK-BY 8. A '. nofiART ? T.ila day. At Ikjjf oVIock, at 19 Mm at reel, eon walk of i Ltqimr more, eonstatiiigof Llipmra, Wire*, .St .uduig C take, legs Copper Me iairec. Ii- r I'um.M, D.ilurr*. Oinmtrra, our Sliow ij.iaea, lirawe. a, Ac, PAWNBROKF.KS BALK.-BELL A INiiflAIIAM WILL c I ihla day, at t'.a a net on rams, .1. Nov Bower.. 40U i>la of valuable men'* au l wou cti a C. iib'D of all dracitp. iona. l'i nta, I'anla, Silk Dree* m, sh t , I illowa, alao a lot f Jewel* jr. two ailrer key I tinea. H Mir It r of II. K tLOMUX, P. II.. 31 M.idhmn atreet PA W NIIKOKKIH RALK.-W. N. I.EWIS WILL SELL Ihla day, at 23 Chatiu m - treat, a laryi and vol. a1 le I. t it Carp* ntera' and Masons' tools. To >onnnrtv> at ll'i f.ioek. By order of J. M. A I. MMI'ltON RT llA/.KI.l., At CTIONKEK IuilHirlmi rale of all entire Mock of HARDWARE. 1.1 ll.EKY, AO. WHITTEMOKK A H V/Et.L will a. II at auction, on WEDNESDAY, Al'llILlO, And following ilaya. m ill the whole la anhl, (3 BKKKMAN KTIU4KT, Al 10 o'elo k e?< h day, Messrs. Ellla Rrotliora A Oa'a. entire a'oek oi Hardware, Cillery, A*'.,'iitnpi king a well ?el in.l an I it ralralile aaaortnenlof all good . peculiar lo tlie trade, to which the alienIon of imyeri la re a*, aied. O II Kit M AN, AIMMTONKER.-R. II P.It M AN A ( O. WILL tell on Friday. I H i Ir I., at lulj o clock, at lit Mown ry, or ae unlit of Wlioin It may COeern, uart or a while-ale lt.s k of Liquors, Wines, llr > erli a, Ac., ?l/.?t 'aaka Brandr, turn, Wnlakey, I'oitau i sherry Winea; caaea Hraodv, Klier y Cordial. Otn, 0 irdia'a, ac ; <aaka Ale, Porter, Ac.; a'.au Ivc Uiriri* Kerudric Oil, Aalao a g< neral aaaortrneiit of amtl. dm ere*. ?t? ?t aiidlaa. Roan. Tea*. Molmwea. Ilo ley, 'Prunes, Dried A|'|dea, llululi Helling", I'ru, Pickles, he. Sale paslllre. Terms rash. 2 k J. BOOART. Al'OTIONKFHS?THIS DAT, AT SK O'clock P. M., c?rn r ol H.tythlrd street mid Tlilnl irenuo, i ?otriitanf a Billiard Sal on and Re>>Uur*iit, tonus!

Ingot-me Sharp's marble bed Billiard Table, with P.'ielan latent cushion!; Arm Oliaira, Clock, Ki.cravings, D> ranters, rnniblera. Wine*, Crockery ind ( ware, Klirhen Vtenli'n, Ua? Fixtures. *r Alio aeuantilynf Lbiuora, Wlnaa, levari; Ac., Connteiv and Fiaturr . A J BOC.AIlT, AUCTIONBKHB-THM DAY, AT !} o'rlo'k a. tl ' a .cllon rooma. e. rner 01 Frankfort end iVillinm streets, lot of I,bum re In class and wood, consisting >i Brandy. Bourbon, Uln, Wine, do Also Huiiw liol i Kor tlture, Burr.i -, Hole. C'lialiw, bedding, Counter. Show Cane, Fancy Goods,Ciuil'ecilnncry, Ac., AO. WM. WITIY.R'., ACt'THISEl'.K. WII.I.SKI I, ON KKt day. at liln'c ock. at M ,linn's Exchange Hold, 13 IVrat airret, IV- ciwlre Furniture, Ac.. 01 ihe al.ore House. S|':ctuII'I English Beer I'ttmp, Hsrand ilar Fixture ; In" (.In a Ware, Dining Boom, Cliamlu r and other Furitllure; Sicum Table, Wine*. Lh|iicr? and Hegiir*; Wilder'* Hafe, marlilc top Counters, rabies, Dei'*, Cooking Utensils, ind everything eonnected with a It,at class dining and drinking saloon and hotel. M11.1 1'A It 3 . VIST REGIMENT N. Y. H. M.-A HiiW COMPANY I I lor th'a v ^ inent Is now forming. Young men willing h> mlii can leave their names st the ofB.'t ol Hammond A Koinnln, Broaduiu. near Fnrly sixth alreat, urban Ibf oompany mart* every Thursday, at 8 F. M. r, APRIL 10, 1862?TltlPLl ^ PRKSONAL. I A~ Da" I'ERCV 18 1SF K"1 k"!) TMAT A LT.Tl'KR J k\V)tl tier &l iUAiuii A .vm . ' 'ivet. ^ (li.KV ELAND 1/YOUit I KK'jONAMN i K TERDAY'S J Herald U iut' i.d ! lor li--.-.owio )m.4-.'wi pnvver. will n;td i:it:lit U) m l'\ yon, i<* j. ,i. ?h?* .u 1 !. ? # i n I n - i po.utin.miu Int r/ie.\v. Dp n?l upon "truth, jtifeiiee fcu-itie* co.utn," and wiiii n > ill I . r. ; i.?il-cr -prow*. YiUUJMJL DIMON.?THKitii IS A LhTi'Kit KOI* YOU AT 'ill8 j I lu.e MM|.u Kt (1 A. I'. C. DH. K C K, OH M S BROTHER TltOMAfl, WILL I Unit a Irtlor lur li.m a: b'Jd ilroduafa,, by ill iui: inij ut J. C. Ha . . tjlOB ABOPTION-A ki::e healthy .m alb child, ulue mould* old, uiuaod. A, ply ui Mm. U.llwa; , No. 31 Rna<- Ktivat. INFORMATION WANTED- LEFT ItIB HOME, ONSl'NA day, .\l.uvti at), Will. K. Eh on, at,."! 'I' )rars; houtUt about 5 lent. 8 turbo*, dark wMAit-, m iv e, bro > n Lair; bad on dark mixed panta. dark bluo pea jiu k?'t, patriot teatier boot* an I a 01 erovvu drub bat. \uy imur n tllon I 'apevtiiiy liiui will bo thankful!.! reieivcd at tbo re.ldeuee of In. parent*, hi Kitiy-liitli alrett, b.tweu uro idway and Eighth avenue. INFORMATION 18 WANTKD A3 TO T1IF. WHERE* uboulu ot Alandevillu i'mvv, , i,n , and Tuoutiii J. Wltee qen, second mute or tue baric Lin .. u> i. wn: 1; * 1 n ar C ?>e ilatlera* in July, lS'Jl. Apply to ill ?tehf ml, S-vaid a Cii. wuiJ, 2J iiUMau street. | OB?1 WAS IN TWKN l'Y-SECOND STREET TUE 2 Til *J or February ail I the J ' i an i 2Jth oi' .daicn. 1 Uu e n sick Kinoe. You will hud a note, ?*ddr oa . d to ?>i . e im ue yotj gavo me, at the Uuion mo Foxto :.e. llAfTiE rpiIE EXPRESSMAN W!1 ) CALLED AT THE DAK LEY J. 2al Eircc ?r sir* 11 'i?y, about 12, /no. 1., ;iu ** ed what was "lo go t<> Fit r t mvit," an.l w * .en a blac k trunk by ini<ta!.o, will be j-anl n>r his t. o iHI bv c all- ! inn a;aiu and inlorinln the own r whom bo dulivi ?? it. IV LLU M Bl RBK1 L BIS D > T rue heir at law oi vYiiii.un i?u*tc>1, of Nor'Jt La, in; ?, Norfolk, England, *> roan rod. It ih supposed the li'ir at law Js quo of the ?i-wmw intsol Stephen Dili r-ll, wbo mine to this tit I I yeaI d ?gU. Apply, with full panic; dam; to Mi. T-loMAS MAY, Jlruup-M't, Quebec, or to Mr. WILLIAM MAY, ttdhilo , No. - Adelaide plac, I on don Bridge, Louden, England. Qvxi i r, Kinb il l 018t 8thkut?did not kk0e1vk youb notb tLjl. till ye.hitud ij. Have; fern out of town tor two 'ass. Wul be tin ro to-night without fail. GEORGE. LOST AM) ioi KD. IO.T-l.i-: FT, n Y 1 GEN TJ EM AN, IN A CARRIAGE j which conve.ed him Loin the sUmui: h:p A Untie to the Filth Avenue llou 1, on Sunday 1114(11, a Cmi's Navy Iletol.or. Tho driver or o?> nor ? f the m i it ewillb'H i.tidy rewarded by weaving it ,it th" odice of ibeT'Llh Avon . Hotel 1 OST-ON MONDAY, APRIL 7. IN GOING FROM 1J Tiiirty-8eve.ilih str? t to Canal street, n.o-ct c.f the wiiy in a Mi.\ih avenue ear, a Gold Bin Me, ut'.teie d to a blue*. Belt. The under will lie Miitabiy r?nui Mod by leaving It at J).'ti, 6/ Llbe/iy street, o? a1.6) We t Tlm ty evonth Mir. et. IOST-?WHILE GO! NO r&OM TUB OORNfcR OF W KI L A and Water street*, Ne\? Yoi'v, to 21if Dcjii lr<Brookiy ii9 on Saiuruu) OtCn.u ikst, a khiuII Cnurm, in tin; shape of a drum; t ?e body oomp jsim of I air, the r inn at end , tue crosH lighu 10114 mri irs and tho two heauM of ^old. Tue linder wul leeeive. a iibcc.-.l r.uvard and many t ienks by re turning it to Eujene Kli- ry, lib Water street, New Vork, or 23b Deau stroc t, iirooklyu I OBT?OH APRIL b A VKHT SMALL BLACK AMD 1J ;a;? 'ivriicr hiut; had on arett pate t leatlier collar; has cropped ears. The under, by returning her to Andrew Keiincidy, corner ot Be\ciuh uve 11 ne and Twenty-s eond ?t:ec;t, in ib? liquor stcjre, will r. eei/c $:t. I OST-ON TUESDAY, APRIL 8, A LADY'S FINK A Cameo Pin, id tin r in I'hghtli avenue, F011,> -lil'th street, Bath avenue, I*orty-sixth s.rnct to the Fe ??iid avenue car* to Eighty-' i\lh street ieriy to Asioria, L. 1. T.?e uuder will be suitably rewuraed i.y l avlug it at t.?c 8.??r?; 7B0 Nrxf.i a.enue. Lost?inj the vicinity or amity, Thompson and Fourth streets, a stone mart'-n fur Tippeit, li t evening; a liberal reward wi lb- pun by leaving tuo tumie at 31 Will TSlrlOi nth s :? eb Lost?on buoaovva y, a POCKET im ar*, owner s name iusi.ic ; nlco s ump of a Alatfoiile bulge simiI on fly leaf. The tinder will be rewarded on icuvmg ll at t'?c ollic'o of the Merchant.-!' iionil. I CRT?ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, FROM NO. 216 J Dov. cry, a small Soldi Turrier Slut, brusa eolmr on. Any |>* rt?on returning the m uuo to the abo/eiiumb r , wbl 1>?; iiiindhoiucly rewat-ie l. ^ 1 Lost oh mislaid, afril 7, in canal street, a biack leuttier Sal lied, containing a l u.rof gold Speetaelcs and Chain, with sundry articles. The rinder w.ll be libei a by ivwartbd by leaving it nt Man Li Hnmn, No. 3PJ Canal street. 9>i)CKBT WALLET LOBT-WKDNESDAY. APRIL 0. XT eatuGuing one Uitxwftrud and uve dollars in bank tdlla andgov? r.unrnt notes. Abo nulmporUni liiemmanduroK. , Tks nnd< r win be Ut>; ra'Iy rewarded by returning It to tbo ow ocr, Win. Heatb, AS Fine street. ST0LKN.-PLKA8K KKTCKN; THE FKRSON WHO took a portemonlrtltu old man, at the Evenmg KipreMi cities, ?>n Tu* sday rvsnlug, will confer u great favor by simpiy istiii ning the papers and sate key, whicu am uw Irn.s lo any one rise, through the Fost otfute. Address Seucx, ' " UK WARDS. j?o r lew a iiD.?lust, a hlack and tan tkkrikr <J5aj Don: h?? a bla-k leather aiup on )<U neck; answers to the name oi T in. Apply at 33 East toNRlwui *tn ct. <jjC REWARD.?IAJ3T, KROM ONB OK T1JB KIKTH ?PU avenue omnibuses, on the nay Mum Nineteen.h ktreet to University pla> e ond Eleventh I'reel, a parcel wrap- 1 ped In a newspaper, and containing an amount honk and two savings hall* booke, ol no use to any one b it ike owner. The i Under, by returning the caute toAL. H. Uinsae, Jr Duane meet, will receive the above reward and the thanka of the owner. tf?x? REWARD WILL 1)H KAID AND NO yUBSTlONS ' ipU naked, lor the return of two OvenoaU (one black and one brownk inkcu from 335 West Twin I.-second meet, on Monday P. M. Address L. Cbaptnan. or . all a- above, or at 113 iVaiker etreet. (kin REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY EVEN IN* J. A 1 ?DaV/ (Old 8 at Hln.t, containing the portrait of a lady. The above reward will be paid to any peraon who will return the tame to the barkeeper at the Jones Hon?\ tfclA REWARD.?L(mf, OA THE EVSNINO OP <P1U Tuesday, Apill 8, 13b3, a |toekel Diary, containing lejeiv and memoranda of no value to any one but the owner, and a small sum of money. The above r.wur.l will be paid upon Its return to Man Uo -pp, 8 and 10 I'lne treat. *1K -I-OST, ON MONDAY, 7TII INSTANT, HE Sp.lU* tweeif A3 Uond etree.t and the Cooper InatltnU', or In ike lualitule., a lady's email gold Wateh end Chain, Win. D. Briggs, New Vork, maker, No. IH.Tt'r. The Under will leceive & 15 i n rclurulug Ihr same to 46 Jloitd etiei I. ft OA REWARD.?LOST, SUNDAY EVEN!NO, A LA pZi'/ dy'a Oold linnling Watch and Chain, Nlcuud, maker, euppo?ed to hare been loal In Third avenue, or In Twentieth or Thlrty-hrst street. The hndur w111 receive the anove reward and thanks oi the owner by leaving It at Wm. Wood a, .'80 Broadway. (hlltn KKWAKD TO THE TERHON WHO CAN UIVR ipl'/i/ any luteMigenoe ot Michael En*. aired 37 yexia, about 8 feel A lin-lvas, ruilier dark -uuiplvtkm, wore a black fiocauoat ar.d overalls; last see.iv corner <d Cannon and Broome streets, about 7 o'clock on Thursday eveiilii;, 3d lust. Any iiiforn.atloii about hint will be thankfully received by hla brother, 373 Monroe street. I'bllitdi Iphia paper* please opy. ft j ft REWARD.-LOHT, ON UOUTIIWKST CORNER NpJLv* u; Fourteenth street and Bruadw ay, ou Wednesday morning, a bundle of Law I'aperr, with n vine of E. W. Cone, attorney, on them, and of no vise to anvlsulv but the sub $10 reward will n |wl>l it returned t>> 2ft Irving I'lnre, on or I ba.ore 9 <>' l<*k Taursilay morning: $ft reward will herald I returned later. UKNIU A. ORAM.* l~ ^ _ AKTKOIeOUY. ABTOUNDINW CURES AMU illVINATION 1? IV IS III hen tn or tnniuie, .-onsnlt Madame t'l.l KKOKD, unt il ill. d bualnr'e clairvoyant and Ameri'iiu in.l.lno women. Mo. III! Dean xtieet, corner uf 11.. J t, Klio forcte 'K event*. delect* d 1*411 ee, priori oh * reiiiediea, au.i i.mla i.b. rut Irlend*. llustuoa* Interview.*, it) rente, mriliuil, i I. I'y letter, em-loaing lialr, $2. A BONA KIDE ASTROLOHIST. THAT EVERY ONE call depend on, la Mine. WILSON, woo tell* Uie o'oJHt olJo.irriMt ue soon a* you enter. She toll* tlie |>a*i, pm- 1 arm noil latum ol your lllr, hii.i warn* you of danger*, ami brum* ail 'C' aa out ol t in mo it portion* undertaking*. S. I 11.?Uclebrate.i magic charm*. No. I SI Allen alniei, liotwrrn Houston uml S anion mr. eia, over the bakery. Charge* for ladle* ami gentlemen, ft I cent*. t STOXISMINlii?MADAME MORROW, SEVENTH i'v ilaiigliler, Ua* a gift ol forealght; tulle how soon and how often yoil will marry, ami all you wish In kn nv, eroli your very thoughts, ur no |?iy. Lucky ctiaruie in e. Iter ripinl 1* not to lie Ioiiu.L 11 r M?::ic Image Isnovln lull 0|>erallo!i?1*4 ow ?l reel, below Houston. Price ift oelll*. UeuiS 'ilien not adiullied. CORA A. SEAMAN, INDEPENDENT ULkl.HVOYANT. Me.I ml an I llii ioo .a UnusiillatiouH ilnj and evening. Thr *i lence the unfolds ao aati* n< torlly lo all. n ndera It tin m enemy to give illuairaln.n* of the aaionlshliig neuli*. Ciiiillnue* at fiW lllrialon (treet. tl'BT ARRIVED FROM NORWOOD, EMU [.AND, A ?l wunder!Ill A.-tu|.ikiat, lnterpteler of Dieame, Mauie Cum in*,l?ui'k\ Nunibera. Consulted from da. >i. log P. ,M. *; gcntlemen-lk) cent*. 170 North K.ra'atiacl, between Eighth and Niulli, Wllllainsbnig. Madame ray, ?.w seventh avenue, near Twenty tcieiuh street, surprise* nil who Wait her. Tit* uk, Doubled and unlucky aliould teat her power*. She telle your very taoughla, lucky nuuibcra, losses. lad lea, iiftr, i gentlemen, M* . Madame iienri, o*lt one week lonokrDmlng thl* young lady visit to tlilaelly ahe ha* caused the in t IntcliK" rrnaati >ii l?jr h r iiiiki ?ln .mm and truiful revrlaihnia. Mad?m' < an nitre mi I. lly 11 uc Intoiuiat - n on tmrlneaa, lore. luaera, Ar. Utrrigno.l In k In all Without charge. IWr reerplio i rtrnma are at *J Wnl Hiu.idtray, rorin r Lr onard alre.i, uTer clothing atore. Nam.* on door. NB.-W1IO 1IAH NOT HEARD OK TIIK MLK l.tale.l Madame I'RIiWHTKR, who ha* removed to No INI Euat Thirteenth aireet, between Ktrut and Second are au-?. anil wlio can lm eon-ultad with entire ?ai ?fartl .nf She | haa no epial. Hbe lella the name o tulure wife or htiahand, alao that of tier r latter. If you wlali truth give her o call. Tiik (irkateht wonder in the world is the young mid aicompliahed Malum' HYKON, from 1'arin, ? o- in ? eananltod with the atrl. teat<Jtmli<t"ncron all af. fair* < ' ; n trtoreaitrtmkcn and unfaithful hmhanda; haa a ? i r? t in inalte ou beloved bjr your tu art'a .ileal, and brlnaa It.; ?h?r thnae I'MiR ?rpaiatei|, Ln.llea 23 ccnti. 'loal.lence j 90 1.. rd avenue, ahovo Twelfth atreel. UMlt) WOULD NOT OO WIIERK KORTI'NE 1ST?(lO TT ,c, sen Mu* WKI.l.l Ml rj.N, the great Kugliab Prophet"**, the Iwat ?f all, nml aiinot lie ei' lied, t'un i e runa.i.ten, |<er*nnauj or oy I tt r, on all atl'nlra of lire, aoncerninK lan a ilia, Journey*, ahgent friend*. lore, courtalop, marriage, hvaitl wealth, and wie' ran i'claim drunken and uoft Mil rr I hnab.tnd-. \l.aa W. la me only peraon In till* ally ? lull .. It' .eiiulne Ku.naii ami Arabian lallagiai.a fur lore, 1 rood luca anil ell unrtnea* nd'ana, and arj gunvaiit..'. a fir the i) 11 iioi to conatdt till, nn'nrally gifted ami beautiful y.>tinil l iuy. Eur,/number* glren Highly reaneclahlc ally refiuet,.-.'. (Jan li -e n at her reaidenoe, 101 (tilth a ran lie, 1 opposi!" K ghtn air let. lfta howery. near BROOME STHEKT.-MADAMB J l)?J WI Ot. RK, Clairvoyant and gifted HpanlHi l.u.y, tin fella the in, >terh a of Inturltr, lore, marriage, ahaeut friunda, preacrmea medieluea ror nil dlieaaea, tella lucky ' number*. uroocrtv loft or Moicn, Ac. ? SHKKT. ROARDnn A\D LODUIWn, At no. w ninth street, bet ween v<avKRBirir pUreand Fifth live .tun - Itcouia l" 1 I| en uoi.e or slu^1", ui:u i I5.r. <1. Manor at (I .? < lock. Reference# rtven uwn'iivbi'ii. No laovim In il?> A LA ROE FRONT KO I AND l'ANTRY ON THE .ix a oond llou , luru:? ed or uufi.i ni .bed, to lei, wall Bo trd, 10 a gen an I .i ife. or a f \t site :< pent e urn; luuiUa. ir.ible Hooui oti lb Hiiro Poor, for one or t . p/raon <, iu a priva c famll.. Ca l ut ma Crecuwi. h sin et, in u. Moron, lief, ivncn e .dial., e l. AliOUil UN SECOND KL' OII, OO.NTAININU UAS li 'tmriioM Wale., wilt hullr. OIU .dp iilhg,-.ob? .el, latiMl mi or am nth nun unSBIa vrlie. with . In Ho rd. Fairly pr v. t . uren e? nai'iliel. Api ' itl Leriiiuluu avi unrr third bouteabove V.ii' A FKW BOARDERS Will. BE TAKEN AT 111 WEST j\ Fourteenth a it t u Or.-..a 1. lo...t.ou), iu a , 11 ato lumlly, who i.ill n uk a c nolo: t ilh.Ji hi e Unoieeul Rooms tobr it lit. Dttmral U. A MUX Of FURBISHED ROOMS TO LET, TO'JETiIBB A or a pit: ..iu, \\i upitrt .".I .: ?i , lu ^ h >. oeu oily, In a ill uaaut 1 alio:;; lla I in . i*' la?a Relet ?i eica .ijj.-il. Api .y at Ll We.-t E. vouth . ti ut, litar F'lilU aveuue. * X 30 CLINTON PLACE, NEVE Ml I V1)\V AY? IN CLE J s. penile:.ich, or a family of adults, cm i.'i .on ,leu..ut an J ?. 111'o ruts . -il Rooms, With loll or p..i .iul Mould, looner at six o'clo k. A NY KEPI'KI TABLE PERSON DLSlRiNO A Kl'B? ! J.\ n.slieu R'aon up town. w:C. in 1 rr i . .a! Cot- I, ut a re..xon.ii'le price, in r. iirat Ja-a neighbor ...i, nod Uoo. u oc ciip'cd ll, a prival' lulii'ly, car heat o .. n i/pv.i L :..ty by ail (l.o in a note to M. O., at uoo U P.. ( ?.!. . A LA EOF. THIRD STORY FR /.NT il i ;.M, I- ININISIIP.D A or (.nluiii eln , for a .ent! .it. n . 1 i . . . i n |.? a .'I on. ; ho a : contain . ..a ih<t i.e d-ru i? . . ? ; | P s. ,i s, .v . Ai ply ut i! Foii. .b avctiu *. Diun r a. o o'clicfc. A FURNISHED FRONT BO '.1 To LET?1YITU A, >,i H) UiimII topiarc. Ai -o tt a.uyl1 llo ill. Re. c* i,.ii< .-a glvcu an I lo.jiiuo.l. \ STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY", I.I'. INC IN WEST J\ Tiveul.-tiiinl rArect, Iiuvii:,; iiiore r .ma ir.m limy e, I... comma:., e it .iiiinlyoi t .vn or thiee perVanu villi ll ..lOMvi.r A pa. I mila. Tim be. I u n .or !. ? i.i.'eu UI... r liUin (I. Aunt b C. T , liciv.ltlolUcc. t TfKNTlON IS CALI ED TO TIL.SK T.IVINO IN III). y\ mi l noar.lii!.; I,oil :n I.. |<|| * :. r< '- i.n IH"P lie : at No. 11U Mae on, i S'.n , r ml fnrnisii. ,, Mi ' . . .ill.: li iv Mi) for h'/n ,i : . , n , lo orucr tliat a lunnly may lo.ivi a euiiipl. te ln>. i .' an 1 li v. a a lo.v I'ele. \T 3d EAST /TWENTIETH STiil .IT, NEAR PllOAD J i. ??},U J...II If I..I l\ I 11' . 1 . ml irn p I.tnl Sill1 of Rooms. o.i ; " ' .?t Cu'fc*, to r i t, i' ,i i I..I I; ilIm) uturr p!i .Mint H.i mm; 'i.' n i!tst i r.i n.itciil i ?; Jo.Utl'Jll VI l.i . O ci.Mlf. li.'Ht Prl ' 1 ' .i - !! I'l l. I TU) BAST TWJSNTT-fJPfa SUBSET, BETWEEN J\ Mini!., .i Pt. i. ill ..vualios -liaud n.ii :> t in shed Rooms to Jul, v.u.i lii 'ird; u | livnto l.i.ij.- ,i it -ir d. A large, plkarant front roue, also onb large i itr Komi, suited lor .i (; i. men :iml buy or single 1 . li'l.-ini'ii, I'M l? o tain il ut Ii n si Nnflittiv 1; I'DlllIlM I'llllUllll ill!'l,H ctllMllM, hot III, i I Ulli I. Uli I', UillUUl' III 0. Ru.UleiiU.iS i xckai.g ii. * GENTLEMAN AND WIPE OR ONE OK TWO SINGLE j\ gentle m .i . ?n obtain n I irge Iroat jtn .1,1 mi the H nollJ linor, Willi It. iIpni ii Utlneli -.l. Also Kl Hiioiii i.n t le Ml 111*1 ll'tor. fci'in.M moderate. Futility itii snni.l. Kcl'i ii'ii mi given and re.ui en. Apply at lib E 1 ,t Elgitiecilh t;r. ft. AI.ADY ANDUENTLE.MAN Oil TWO 1,1'.NTi.KMEN' .1111 11- iiicomiiio.laii ii vvrli Knris1?lieU K m,ma ami buatdiaa p ..iii" in in.Mi*. Ilriu le rate. A|iM M Wet Tim a., ..sin hired, between J.i'n..iiii ay ..ud ttixlli il.Om.f. AI.ADY, HAVING TV KEN TI1E lloUSE :(? TWKI 11 ft gi, If v ii. 1. , west nl Kraul .1 ay, i-. p.. |i .r'4 n> li l JIim .! , "atIi 1 f In a. . 1 "1 or separately. a il.i II ' ir.l, m ? 11 a.1.1 tlieli' wives or single i f nil Tun nn im cby.inliy fiiriUHt nl. All tue min umodui. ,u* .vul . e in the bi'HI at.. .0, A I.ADY AND HE!! DAUGHTER, LIVING IN A VERY a\ healthy villa ;e in l'u.ii.eclicul, 01 uvenu'iit id a i n.. l) iat an ! railroad, \vn . .1 liae 10 ri " ive a lew - tn il-. iitl ami instruct during tin. uiniin 1 iii.mlhs. Tim ii.s r i.simi 1 if. Kefei 1 iicea (1 11 aii 1 required. A ID re hi ii , bo* 'LIO tie. alii 0111. e. AT MS TEN 1 11 STREET. NEAll 8BOOND AVENUE. Tn Jet mill ill III r.i, one It)).11 nil ?e and ronr. Alto a l .rg- fourth atory Room,ami one 11 ill Bedroom. Dinner at ti. A SMALL, fill 'ATE FAMILY CAB ACCOMMODATE A 1 \ laily Hint gentleman wiui a Iniu iMimrly ruriiialieit Parlor and Bedroom, bnarJ fur tile li ly and partial for genue1111111 if letpi.reil; all (he modern improvement", o aiiuu ex* lebeut. No tnoviiig In May. Apj ly ul 6v East 'i'weiily-tifUl sireet, near Lexington avenue. A ?*EW SELECT FAMILIES OR SINGLE CBNTLB* iiifii can ootaln lirat utuse ae 11.11111 at.iliona iiv auri.ale family by applyln.: at 1C9 Clinton place lEiglitb street). B -et of references given and required. AN ELEG ANTLY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR, TO let, alsu Itediuoma. G iitlcmeu and their wivce, or Single gt nllcmen, wishing Hue Rooms should call immediately' .it 10U l e.lnjrioii oveune, Nr.w York. Dinner at stx o'clock. Reams ran be secured for the 1st of May. | ALADI. HAYING A HOUSE PULL OP NEW FUKNI" lure, would like to moel with some geulU nuiii who would be willing to give the relit ?l his house for u?e of her rnrmture, and board with lue lady. None but getilrel parIlea need answer, stating location and parlieulara. Audie-ia Purnluii", Hiuilon V, Third avenue. AT 130 MADIHiN AVENUE.?A tiENTLEMAN AND wife seeking the e .tntorta 01 a home, 1 an hnd a suit of ilo una on se und Hour, wim Hoard, In a Urn class liouae, as Bltuve. Also Konina for alnele eentlenisn It j*-f nf e?.f#e..n?. given an.l n-qu rid. A YOU NO MAKK1ED COUPLE OR TWO GENTS' -TV willing to pay $12 to $U p.r week, Ilo-i J, can have a line room and Ihu sp.cial use ol one of lue tmrlots In which to metre visiters. House, brone stone, well locale I In West Twenty-second street, with till ttic improvements. Cart and tlagtw ut tits corners. Address J. K., Herald olllce. A STRICTLY-PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING A SPARE Koout, would lei 11 to u gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Iu'|tilisut 114 E isi Eighteenth street, near Irving piece. A WIDOW LADY WOULD LET TWO LARUE ROOMS and Pantries, togethur or saturate, on the second Hour, furnished, to a Inly and gentleman: lull Board lor 'he lady, partial lor tbeg 'ntlemsn. Dinner at six o'clock, cu 1 at IS Third sired A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET.?ONE OR TWO RE vperlnbc youuj; women, who work out liy the dar, can tl?TC it ?Oinlorl?bIe ruoin by applying at 07 West Twentieth ?lre?t. A WIDOW LADY DESIRES TO LET A FEW HANDMimsly turni?h"d Kron e, In suit or si porsle, to single trmlrn.ei, or Indies an t gentlemen; lull Board fur ladies inly. House modern, brown alone. Neighborhood unextepuunahle. Terms $j to $ld per week. Apply at O West fifteenth street. VL.ady AND GENTLKMAN, OR QUIET LADY, CAN have a large front Pallor, liouat. English basement, (nth or without Board for lady; location central: family iioell, and ail mod-ro Improvements; no moving In May. Apply nl4F Amity meet. Board.-two neatly furnished 1 kont rooms, ou the fourth iloor, to let lo gentlemen. Apply at 1W East Fourteenth street. Board.-very desirable rooms and home comforts may be obtained at 161 Kut Fourteenth struct. Board.-kleoantly furnished rooms, en suite or an ly, with or withuut lloa: 4, minted by parties going to the rountiy, In a lit at class house, with modern Improvements, at 32 Bono street. R-lerenees.Ae. BOARD.-A FRONT ROOM OR PARLOR AND HEDro' ni to mill a No. 26 Great ..'o-ira street; also Kooius tor * ii(jle t rntlcin- u. Dinner at ait o'clock. Board.?11 andsomkly furnished suites of Rooms a< .13 Weat Twenty-second street. |>OAItI).?ROOMS, with HOARD, IN A h-'h're deJ) ninthly located. contelutntT all the modern lmprmretnrnla. Apply at 44 Weal Wa hlnglon place. f*c:l an. i rt. Boakd.-hooms to let, WITH boauk, suitable for married or single gentlemen: niod"rn Improvrmaau In th- tioiinn; t?rma uodrroie. A ply at 41 Seventh etieet, a law doors west ol 8 cond avenue. TJOARD.-A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL let TO A I) peUsauuiand wife,withoutHMwii.orM hHAjh> tlemen, a large hau-ironic lin t I'arlur no the frit floor, IimitBed with new rme? nod lurnlliire, In a flrat cluaa hroan tone limine, untal iing all the mo tern Improvement*. Terms imxlera o. Rolerencr* esi hanged. No. 70 East Twentyinve.itn street, near Fourth avenue. Board.?wanted, by a gentleman, a room Willi partial Board, Break a-t and lea, alarms nam (ranting t'.ie north or ?**:, front ?< rfi n the ihod story: f-> o in ibe second ; fioin Tenth to Heven eeath air et. not ii.oir than two blocks front Broad* ay. au answers niiiat suoe pi lee and particulars. Address 0. A., Herald oJliee. Board end rooms.?molomo in may, a w \,tie have two > r three nicety inrnisbed Kuo.ii to let, to gentlemen, with full or partial ll-urd: dinner at < o'clock; all mei< ru Improvement-; t rrns ipilte r-a unaliie Apply atXJS We i Twintyonaoo i aim t. hoard in henry street-two beautiful 1) a mare Rooms on the second Hair, with gar, hath, fire, hot and eold water In the rooms. Ae., in a small private family; alto a s n .le Room for a gentleman. Apply at 72 Henry street, neai Market. Board in madikon street.?two gentlemenor a nentleuinn and his wife, can he aeivmmodatr-l with a large. I 'ulty fmulslird Room, witli Hoard; terma moderate; lieahon icry de-l able; M moving In May. Itll Madison treei, bciweea I'lKe and Uutger*. Board up town?a small private family would let, with Board, a pi- asant salt of furnh-hed op KiiqKM* Renin, aullaiife lor a phynlcan.' Apply nt I If 4 Wert Flirty aeron 1 untl, recund dour wrat of Revenlk a*. Board wanted-by a Spanish orntleji in. in ii alri ily pilnlt family, whore he ooult learn Knuileh, nut where t.ii* mniloiU of refined heme ran be had; will I ay lilwraliy If n?tne-f. Addrera Ema, Herald oBlre. Board wantkd-on stati n ifurik on tiif. Nan llr'pliti n .ide, Iiy a family, cou?|i.tiiig of f-ruileiuan, wl.e, rhllil ami servant Address, aiatlug illuallun ami term*, bin 1,0118 Now York PMt olfltie. Board wantkd-in tiik NKioiinoRimoD or , t'urnwall, Ml.Ion, or M'tikill. Iiy a family of hri-r ladles sad one yet i. for ahrnl lour months; funriWMaM 1 Rood eatd raqtilri d. faim hyu-te prefer. Ail; reference* (,K?n i and n>i|iilird. Addrea , at itln/ aIrr of roonu, numb? r of boarder* !a-"n, ami nlalanra Of house rrom water, S. 0, K.. Heiall ojlie. Board wanted?for a yoitno i.ady, who is out during the <lny. Lo allty between Fourth and Kl(ii i iitli afreets. Ti one not to earned $3 per week. Address Mine IV, Mull-Hi d. Board wantkd.-pkkmanent hoard wanted, by a yi ntleninn and wife. a seennd atnry fron' room, nicelyTanilahed: coed table LofMlea aimvs Twenty; litrd ?i. a t, between Slath anil Levlmiion aaeuue*. Torma not tn mc-al $12 pet week. Addrea* 8., hot WO Punt oftoe. Board wanted-a orntfeman wisher fum. Bu nd In a reap.-liable bonne, an l will pay $4 per week, If properly nulled: the lower part of the c|l* preferred. Paynieiit prompt. Address J. b B., Herald nflce, Board wantkd-by a youno man, in a pri rule family, I'rotea ant Eplacopal preferred; would prefer the locjtlmi lo be .untement to Bro.nlu. y and I'anal , at reef. A ddi ea' W. H. II., Herald n*c?, for four daye, atat- i In* fi rms, wlilvb must be moderate. ? 5 1 BO.tBDIVO AND Mf WO> ^ T>oak!? i, ant :r>-hy a lady and er si n, a ? luU.ii . >. i u , fur which nha wo 1 a b<- wriHIda to fT to f w - with i?u tt uuu aUjuinlus; w S |>rt- atB Iuuj ly pri-r rr l hut wo.iM Intra iio ?ihjccll->in to a hoiAjeuut i : igi.iA'. *- Reirraueaa im UwugeU. AUUriu A. ' 1' i fei'u <1 o.liic, lutiii.; lo-'ii'luh, A-'. "DOARD WAN: Kit?TOR A LADY WITH ONE CHILD. 1 J J .la it :.l ! j where *h :.)uy ' o MifuruMe, jii 10 inual b" in"" r t . i cut on u ov>: T. a a c . A.Mh- s for I t'irca ii y ?t*tiu : tern.a, 1. -ittt >r?, Mia. Millimuo, I <? <! of ( icv < L iilun a (i ar J*<ft o'lirn. "DOAKD WANTKD-IN A RKSPKCTAHI.E AND COMI LI l ^ii b eplu* lortwo ia >< * a^b a ! > ct ourU'ru* | xiiuiti t;e i i-iwcii in i k ? ;m i 'I weniy-lilth str ma, Ami I U twct j< Second an I S- onth luck; ter*i?8 n to? >>. eed i 5 3 * i h . o ily two ro.mear? r ?A?trd, with w .?<t and Ran. ; v-bali Mill piii; for v.*e?n Iv with the board; diuue.- at c j o'-'lo k. A dr- as it. '/ , box i .0 lit ruui oitiu*. | ])'U;'i WANTED?BY A MN il.K UlINTU: IAN, IN | J > a iTival' Aun-i i an family; n-at'y inniish <1 Koom I a. i*i no t > c:.c c$ M p -r w **c. Jtn.irdii ; II 1; p,, u n0t iui8\vt;r. S a n fuli p irtlculnr* ?n?l addf S. (?. M Herald ollav. l>OAKD A NT , -BY TWO YOIWG I.ADIK*. IN A J ) i r;vait' acre '.!? ?>*c an* 1; :. lew i- ;i 1 th; la* : iv'.iian b'rtw cn j; . afi IVnth fit: U and - -ond and Footlu av< iiuj n i m i.-t ?- i eiat**. Ad., -.out C. V. U., --U' ton 1), it b.o tit . 1>0AKD WANT I'D?I A : \U!Y Wl-MOO TH^KB .1} .. no oilier i t ... s. 4?. u;>, annus an t child; ouo front and one bii< k rauia, ,\i u < n, i, u-i ka-; t -rro^mud I-!? nil .! rate. A ! .. b., IHnuld t.iii lo.-uiiun not a ov? T ju h stii'.'t and ii?-ur J)i . ay. 1)OAUi? WANTJ D IN BKOO.vLYX-A CiKN'l LTiM AN J >; i i n ? ' r .inii -d itnO-.i w.'.ti 11. .rd, on ?i u ^,t?o ii i:. .is or'di ae vi:;n ty. A wi ll i pi tm.ti-.ii, >.oub6 Vi'i d: no ik M-. \ . d at d pivtV. ital; in'o.a to ? V .'d $ j v?ei r. AdiltvA*, witii fUal pwui tn nla m, W. C II., 11 raid olhc *. I-UAKD W.ViNIHD IN J'. :uOKLY.\?IN A FLEAtiANT .1 i ill . i I.U, a. I : ri :< ?. I. r u jtoi.ticinan, iviib anil llt?.? i ... ; . ,ic... ii i.o is in. luuii i ii iiii.iio.'i'iucuM. A' k., i hi ins lucuii it, ..c,, A. lu i)., bug 1,740 fo at u. ' , N . Yuri. nunc WANTED IN I'EOu . LVN?V S IT OK PLEAL> Mint Ko ii.-,} ii: ii. . ..rniwlicd, wuii good Board, a u i p in' i .< .a o?? i, i?y ,i |{?-nticntan i>ii i iv ile. Hei\ ion ?-s? \?. Unn. e A .-.i' 1.. l>ox A?)'J Brooklyn i'oA ofn ? , ft i i ^ l >ta i n, a cui.i.oduidoiift, i'r.uK, Ac. I 0.\KD WANTED IN KN?liY TWO GENTLEj J> hi :u; a pj .vmi ? f?:udy piel'ei .e t; housj i.uve tto j n.o .era 1 tit j !' i ? i?.s .iq i be near the I err v. Addrctirf, Ac. | K LI. Am box 771 N. V. l'..*t of We. BOARDING.?A FEW GENTLEMEN (UN BE ACCOMiii i -t.-'l wiili li >aru turn p it .otvH. in a plain u,,, ill \ji ! ?r* c ii: . r el. 1 rum u . odcr..iu; iwu itiiiiUifib' ttuili iruin ihe S'.. N.ehoas, uud v-av?i.i.ui io bu-dnOLB men. d( vrding.-a pleasant 8cit of furnished Booms, uii 8" i/ii i ;.n.n,?.iv ofluivd, willi the Co.ufo. m of a ome, to u,r ?i 1ml*, b> a H.uutl tuuiily, p ru?.aieiitly ioc.i e I. Tennh rc.rOs.ublc. T\.o-?o who r spent tin* Sabbath pM ?ir d. Inouao at ^ V/csi l weuty-niuia niitei, lro u d to 8 P. M. IIOAKDINU AT THE HYGIENIC INSTITUTE, NO. 15 j )< t, Now York.?On of the ue-t pin ? u in the cuy ,oi iiiose to boar i who wm.i io 11 v*?? through n?e mimiuer \\ about be ng itj ) oh 3.can and \v. i vontua ? i. Diet etr.etl ir.^ieuir. H aim a i i ,;y.nnu . uu free. We *ivc Iho vapor run el cun uienmti oath at low pii cm. Nusinegji iiiv.ii wi.o are out ?u luvuih will hut this jimt the place to ohrd. It rum from ?1 io $12 per w ek, accordinq io rooms, j.. i\ MitJjKLh i*: i' r let Of, 1) roo klyn,?pleasant rooms, FURNISHED OR uiii u. niMhed, ior &cidlonie:i or getiueinc i u:.d ihuir wiv 1'. ::s nit louiitiiy ; near Soutb ana Wu I street a rnet^ it e' i,mo .ul.oa* good; teniia modi rale; dinner at hall-punt ?i\. Apply .a 77 State Ntreet, oppo in; Si :u y pua* \ 1 jOARJ JN brooklyn ?hands*>MELY l i KMSIIKD I ) it an- on ? co.ia m ?ry, ^ooa Board, la u una i.iin It* u , b aii' luetic I, may m? had r>y tinItu,; in El lott l lace, c-Jivh r o on t> uc. Torum iuod? ra e. tic;ereuee? .ed. 1? tin r at (J;4. nilOOKLYN HEIGHTS.?A SUIT OF ROOMS TO KENT J ) wi h Boar i. Also a lloo u ior geutleixiazi and w?l i er it. b;'l -mau, In a .New En^tau.l Jamil). Houmc pleai^ahiiy s tuuitttl; ba.h. a?*. Ooiiveniciit to fcrrleM. OftWiLlow Ki.e-'t. Down tqwn.-grntlkmen wishing pleasant ltoouiH, \\itti goat Bouru, reaB-Miaoly, t-unuoi,lind a more at siiabie locuiiou uian at t-0 White stn ei, < rie vloor e.-m: of Biojtv.vruv. iiou e w tu ail the modem improveini'nm. Kel'ereinch required. 1?A8T TWENTY-THIRD STREET. WEST 8IDE OK J Fouria aveutie.?Ail elegant I'uriur and Bcuroo'.ns, in u private luuiiiy, to let; line liouna. w,th All mo lern improvenieu.s; B? a:v1 if required. Apply to Mcb*iv>. LL'SII, 3J2 Fourth avenue. tURMKHED ROOMS TO LET ?TO GENTLEMEN only, in a liiM cIanm uouae; faintly private; be*i of refe* reuccu ?i\ en and required Inquire nt 173 Macdougni auect, Bi ar ELUih. IjlUKNiSIIRD R04JMS TO LET?SUITABLE FOR SIN1 gie gcntifniru cr k geiitlMaau and wife, with Or tilth, o it partial iio.trd. lioaae pieaaant. near Broadway. Refo rutin S~required, Apply at *7 Weat Twem j-eeveiilh >iree(. iprRvisuED rooms to let?togetuer or bepa^ Vic. to <>tfu ur i.-.o young geatl. uieii, vtilli or wlihou. partial Board; une of ;a?, natb. Ac., in ft private f.mlly. Re icrence required. Apply a: M June ftueel, between Uudao.t street an.; El i?tU u\euuu. NOS. 75 AND 77 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, MBt?een irtlug pi..or and Fourth lady baa I j utl taken and mo. eil into tuc.e in at c.oaa houae.s and htta | Nome Kooiua yet unengaged; eeYeial fault lev now witli bate, hare bei n oer boarder* tor yrara, an.t ah<. will refer to 1U0 tor the character of lu'r bona-. ONE OR TWO AMERICAN FAMILIES CAN BE ACin.i.uiodatrd wilu Bomd lu ft pitiaift family, at Nyacb, on the banlia of the Hndaon. Tertha from $9 to 97 per week. Parlies lot ulantDg Un-tr K< oma a dftdoeltou will lie made. Appiy at 29 J une street, from v A. M. to P. M. Thursday: 9 A if. to 3 I'. U. Friday, or address H. J., Nyaak, Reekfan* county. Good bathing, liahing and DoaUa*. Refareneee exchanged. PARI IAL BOARD WANTED?FOE TWO GENTLEMEN. In a tiot elaaa boarding or private bouse, until the lit of Novrmlier, in the victim* of Bond street or Jereay Olt> / (norm side); unexceptionable reference* given. Address P., bos S,b<U Post oOlce, stating terms aad particulars. RUOMS. FL'ENISUED OR L'NFL'RNlSliED, TO LET? With Board, to aingle gentlemen or gentlemen andtbet* n'tvea (without children), at 48 11 each *tr< at, nrar St, deha'a> park. Rooms to let?in suits or single, to oentlbmen; also a back Parlor to a pb ysi.lan. Apply at 89 Eoak Twvnt) -eighth etreet; referemwa exchanged, rptt'O SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODAJL ted atth Board, am the eomfor.aof a home. 10 hatrtctly private : anil.y, Py app.ying at 309 Ninth aveuue, u-?r Thirtytuird Street; relrrcnci e exchanged. rro LET?BY A LADY LIVING ALONE, iSU MERINO A al.ot, a half block from St.^Nicholas Hotel, Furnlulled a iv fti.uw uivu, "'iiiuuv vwiu, auu ftJfJ nwiUR iVI housekeeping for la.ti?? ami groilouu n. TO LET-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH BOARD; house hu all the modern Imp.oenneiiU; no moving la May. Apply at26S Went Eighteenth street TO LET?TO ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN. A lar?e front Room, with balcony lu ir- nt, lu uly furnUlinJ, In a lBce, .Van, quint bouse, with all tnoiieru implore incuts. Apply at 11 Amity street. WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE FAMILY OF KIVB persons wnnt Board, lor lire or six months, tu a pr vatr family, In a good (arm house, of convenient aeccsa to biaeity. Ailiiw, glv lug description of place ami term?.wliich must Lie mo .rraie, J. T., at Robert Carter A Brothers, Hr<>a*lwi.y. corner or Spring street. WANTED-BY A UENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFB, with a strinly pr.ratc family, an untoruishi tl Parlor ami Bedroom, with Board, In a good lornllij, and where they could lung some lurniture. This m.gnl In u good C'lance for a parly going to housekeeping. It- ' of refer nrcs given and required. Address A. L., hox Kit Herald ufllce, staling fo<l pat tl' u'.are and terms. ?)/ UKKKNE STREET ?rCRNISllED ROOMS TO LET, ret) to gentlemen only; Ho una at 76 ieuia to Per week; also slntliar Rooms and Rooms for housekeeping, at U Monroe street, corner of Catharine. 3,*: AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN / Broadway and Fifth avenue.?Teo or three nlert families and thr-e or tour crntlcmen ran now be aocommodale.t with stilts or single Rooms, newly furnished, and In one of tlm most delightful locations In the cliy. Table llrat vlusn. KiTcrenvea en hatigvd. / I VMT FIFTEENTH STREET.?FURNISHED U L Rooms in let to slngie gentlemen, with home onmf?rta; or would let an entire Hour to a lanillv. with dtclusivd kitchen. P.irilee could have an Independent hmnr oi moderale terms; or would let the entire house furnished. ?{i) HAMMOND STREET?LARGE FRONT ROOM AND i H iruoiu on second lio-ir; also large Hoom on third s floor, wit.i gas, water, pantries, Ac., ran be uhlalimd with Hoaid. 1 lino, raiti Beat relcrenoa gleen and required. TU SI'RINO STREET, THREE DOflRS FROM BROAD.7 way ? In let, iian lrotn ly lurnlshed Rooms to single gentl-meu. the he .it.or .a n- ur all the hr t elasa holela and t l*. i s of amusement. Heading room free. Inquire of AHS"N HOUSE. Qs| UREfcNR STREET, AIIOVE SPRING, ALSTON I/O House.?Elcgm ly lurnohed Huita of Rooms; gaa I so l ev ty . mvrnlrllve for housekeeping m?noml> vllr; fsrilvidarfy * Hub e for .mall, respectable families ot alitale gentlemen. It in law to permanent tenants. 1 PRINCE STREET?NT, CLAIR HOCNB.-RLR. J )") gaully fnruislied Itooins, with Bedrooms attached, with all the tor housekeeping complete tncludlng gas and Crotoa water, 10 let to respectable families of Singh: gentlemen. m? HLKBiKER STREET, 81X BLOCKS WEST OF ) ltr.?a .way.?A ii'.w limine, with alt the modern IdiiruTrtnente.?PI aaant Room*. With eirellent Boat J, from 81 6010 fA per week. Breakfast from to 9. Dinner at 1 ti l A a> I / k RLM STREET, NEAR SPRIBU.?FURNISHED a^JL\f A|>artnmn>a lor Immediate oorupaney. Tni>luwr?t rrnita in 'he city, eonat derlng the eomrcnmct of economy in ho'iarkwepin;:. r.eai bedding and furniture, w ith lango rooking iilrne ia win) linMi n mnlete; *aa an<t t'roton. 0(> f EAST TENTH oTRKKT.-A KEW GENTLEMEN ?')*x can hare Board tor $.'< go per week. Also a gentleman and all* oan hatr a wmall Parlor, with MNom, for $7, Ga? ami ba'.iir.iotn Incl'tded. Room, furnialird or unruralwed, with Rnard. ft.l Pi AKI> W7 BROADWAY.?OENTLRMBN WILL Drt') And elegantly furnished Roo.naat titl? house, posse,it i all il.r advantage* and cotnfortaaf a llrst claaa home, al niod'-ratr i liarg a. TOO tiATK FOR C LASSINIC ATION . t n AMI IIK AI TIKl'L. UOURTROUH, DKVUTtlj. A vi k.? h onahle. Ginraful, Handsome, Innecaut, Jollv Kml Lovrn. Mi'tijr. Nice, (loils'nit. I'liUf. Iluwi, Rich,Sweet, Tastel ul. I n h nclo*. Versatile. \\ lar XijuWIO. V ,no* nn 1 Zealous lady wanted foi a cori. ap. mien.. Adrtiew'or a fortnight. kn I dug If conrente.U, carto ?e elalte. hot A7, Princeton, Nml. WtuTfFd IN WANT OF RILUARD TABLES WILL 1 fin I It to ihetr ndranta.c I" cel. at ftltAKI"* m> n ifar n.'rv 14,1 Fulton atron.wh m they will llnd lablea with bla ? . ,'1,.dent cushion*, admitted hy the heat judgca to be snperi,.rionny In nan, at pi ices to still the time*, Alao a few Second hand tables. 11AWNBR0KBR8' TICKBTR PURCHASED AT Ml | (jr, oi. e street, of I'l nhliti! and Diamond*, In large or am all lots. On hand and for aalO| BuslneaaOoata ?7,'.a?V u.ere I'snisjl, Ve?U Ncsntt UhOHUE I.BVI8,

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