Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 10, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 10, 1862 Page 7
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tured tines tbs fall of Sumter, by Norm and South, will leave lb our bauds at the oloee of the rebellion perhaps the largest stock of both that is to be found in the possession of any one nation. Of heavy ordnance alone we shall hare as much as is required to fortify and render impregnable to a foreign enemy all the undefended points of our coasts. From being one of the weakest, the end of the war will leave us one of the most powerful military nations in the world. If the lesson that we lately received In Hampton Roads be not lost npon us, it will also raise us to an equality of naval strength with the Power that has so long domineered npon the seas. It was an unfortunate day for* England when she first initiated the policy to whioh our present troubles are owing. In hounding on the abolitionists to invade the rights of the South, she expected by it to break up the republic. Instead of that she will have rendered it more powerful and indissoluble than ever, and more ready to acquit itself . of the deep debt of vengeance which the selfishness and treacherv of the English aristocrats and Exeter Hall fanatics hare accumulated gainst her. THE GREAT VICTORY. Reported Occupation of Corinth by Union Troops. 'The Very Latest Details of the Battle at Pittsburg. Our Loss in Killed, Wounded and Missing Estimated at Five Thousand. Generals Grant and Smith Wounded. General Johnston's Body Found on Ibe Battlefield* Sc., &c.. fta. OeeapatioM of Corinth bjr , 1* valaa Forces. Cairo. April 0,1863 ao omcei wno ic.i ruisourg nauaing on Mouaay eveneg r ports that our force* occupy Corinth, aod that Beneral Jobaston'i body bad been found on th* field B* Also oonfirm* th* report that Beauregard had bi* rm shot off There have been no arrivals from the Tennessee rtvcr ince early ibis morning. \ boat is expected to night. rfce' Latest Details off the Battle at Pittsbarg. Cairo, April 9,IMS. Additional advice* from Pittsburg Landing give th* oUewing about the bi.ttle:? The enemy attacked at four o'clock Sunday morning, ie brigades of General Sherman and Prenlias being ret engaged. The attack was successful, and our entire woe was driven back to the river, where the advauoe r the enemy was Shacked by the fire of the gunboat*, er three was than Increased by the arrival of General rant with the troops from Savannah, and Inspirited by ie report* of th* arrival of two division* of Gon?ral ell's army. Our leu this day ices heavy, end, betide* !and immM, embraced our camp equipage and /kid gum. it morning our forces, now amountln* to eighty , assumed the offensive, and by two o'clock < ! retaken our camp and batleriet, together with i of the enemy'i gum, and a number ot prisoners, nemy were In full retreat, pursued by our vieroes. Our oasualttes were numerous, and in8. Grant, wounded in the ankle, slightly. F. Smith, severely wounded. II, Sixteenth Illinois, killed. [an,Thirty*eoond Illinois, wounded severely. Davis, Fifty-Arrt Illinois, wounded severely, lunter, Thirty-second Illinois, killed, ibody, Twenty flftn Illinois, severely wounded. M, wounded and muting are not Im than Jive / Curasao, April 0, IMS. loego Timer" account of the battle at Pittsburg on Sunday and Monday says that the enemy General Prentiss' brigade, which was in the Ave miles beyond Pittsburg, at five o'clock on nornlng, taking two regiments prisoners and ; the General. 11m fight continued daring the entire day, the enemy ring oar forcee beck to Pltteburg with fearful loee. moral Buell, with General Nelson'a division, arrived (bar o'clock, end turned the tide of battle. The af was commanded by Gonorais Polk and DeaareI, who suspended the attack about six o'clock, a the morning of Monday, the troops having rested oa geld, and being reinforced by General Nelson's dlM supported by the 'gunboats, drove the enemy back eoeupied their formor position completely routing rebels; who were immediately followed by severe1 uaead cavalry, who at last accounts wars soma Bellas (rod Corioth. he Chicago Tribvnt placet our loee at from 000 to It killed and 8,000 to 4,000 wounded. The rebel lorn twice that oumber. Sia our baUerim wre taken I retaken tin timet. be Chicago rrtturw'i special despatch from Chlro, |?l 9th lust., ,'trea the following mmary of report* Iorad rroto p eraoaa who wllneaaed the battle at Pitta' [ Landing:? * federal irapvii poatad between two atreama, it flour mll'M ?port, that nan Into ihaTeoDtnaee nearly ght aeglei within about two milaa from Pltteburg. laft front waa oommandod by Ganaral Praotlaa, who aaroral raw raglaaaU. la bta roar waa General man, wi< tt hla dlrlakm, completely cutting It off from main army. Moral UaClaraaad put hlmaeif at tha baad of hla pa and oat hla way through tha rabata and rejoined Lnay. Tha flght had now bncoraa daaparato, and on Lai Graat'a aaaumlng oomraaad tha aoemy wara La back and tha Union fbrcaa ooouplad at night nearLa earn. poatttoa tbay did In tha meraing. Tha Bght Ld fifteen houra. Lrlng tba night Major General Law. Wallaoa came up L Orump'a lauding with 10,000 traapa.and la tha Ling tha battla waa ranawad with graat fury, naltbar L Beaming dlapoaad to yield. Itween eleven and twalva o'clock tha flght waa terI soon after noon General IImoII had araaaad the laaaee, and attacked tha enemy In llaak with 40,000 I Tha rabala wara aoon routed. Ganaral Puell purIt them with If,000 men, moally car airy, and the I rvmori wtrt (hml he had laiem Corinth Iht hundred wounded are reported to ha on oae Ler on tha way down. NEW TO Several bargee of lea era ordered MgouftlM Tarmac see to night for Um UM of thn wounded. Thn Chicago Km says that General Baauragard bad given ordara not to destroy any of tha camp equipage, , tekan oo Sunday, aa ho oxpactad a compieta victory tha next day. Tha Body of General Johaatoa fonad on tha Battle Plaid. WaaaiHUioa, April 9, IMS. Tha following waa received at the War Depart man1 thia area log:? General A. Sidney Johnaton'a body waa Jaft on the battle Held and la ia our possession, aa well aa tha bodiea of a large number of other prominent offlcera. Aid for tha Woaaded. Cmcuuo, April 9,1881. The Board of Trade to-day unaaimoualy voted $3,000 for tha beneilt of the wounded in tha battle of Suuday and Monday. Subaorlptiona of nearly half aa much more were raised. Ciacanuit, April 9,1881. A boat haa been eommiaaioaed to take phyaiclaaa, nurses and atorea to the scene of the Tennessee battle. A meeting of the Chamber of Commerce waa held to-day. Uld A MnmUtAg a# flvA aniwtinfnH 1a BAlif*ll subscriptions to purchase necessarian for the wounded, end e Urge amount was raised In a short time. The committee appointed by the Chamber of Commerce will go to Columbus to-night to urge the LeglsUture to make appropriations, charter other boats and procure necessary supplies. It is probable three or four boats will 1 loavo here tbls week for Teunossee. A large number ef nurses have tendered their servtoes. Milwacub, April 9,1863. The Chamber of Commerce, on the Governor's recommendation, held a meeting to day for the relief of the wounded at Pittsburg Landing. After subscribing liberally the doors were thrown open for the reception of hospital stores To.nlght the room is well filled, and an agent ot the Governor, accompanied by the surgeons* will lesvs to morrow to render oil the aid possible for the comfort of the wounded Locusvolb, April 9, 1863. A Urge meeting of the citizens?Ibe Mayor presiding? was held here this evening to make arrangements for taking care of the wounded from Corinth. $2,600 were contributed, and any further amount desired offered. Tbe steamer Commercial left for the Tennessee river to night, with medical and other auppliea. The steamer Diligent will leave to-morrow, w ith nurses and supp les. Any amount of hospital accommodations in the eity wars offered. Boston, April 9, 1802. Governor Andrew tcuday telegraphed to headquarters leadsring the services, without compensation, of a number ol Massachusetts surgouns who are ready to go West and give aid to the wounded. (fcaarters for Prisoners. Chicago, April 9,1863. Quarters for three thousand additional prisonera, at Camp Douglas, ware ordered by General Halleck this morning. ' Depart ore off Gen. lfalleelc ffbr the Field. 8t. Louis, April 9, 1862. Gen. Hallook, with a portion of his staff, left for the urn* command in the Sold. Canto, April 9, 1803. Geueral Ilalleck la expected hera in the morning, an route tor Tennessee. Rejoicings Oarer the Victorian. Boutox, April 9,1802. Tho nana of tha ipeat victory In lennessee, published thia forenoon, created* proioind aonaatlon. The coogratjlallas were saddened by iha re >ort? of the greal loaaofUfe, which. It la hoped, the official roporta will prove oxaggoratod. Poi'GMKiursiM, April 9, 1802. All the bulla of the city wore runs and canno* fired, amidst great rej..lci..g, oa account oi the reoenl vlctorlee of our troops. Tit* Slcaui T>unspoi't Constitution. Oh ik?aku S.najfeiiir Co.nstitmtio?, > Orr sillr 1 la.m>, March 13, 1802. J Captain A. T. Fuercnnn.? S.*-~rhe unduiaipiied.ufllcnB of the Twenty-first Indiana volunteer regiment, SKth Michigan volunteer regiment and Fourth W.scons.n volunteer regiment, de* aire to tender you their o thanks for tho able and efficient manner In which you have discharged your duliea ae commander oi the Constitution in safely transporting the * regiments, numbaiiug three thousand mm, from Newport's .\ews, Virginia, to Ship Island, in tha Gulf ol" Mexico, no re jen-one llian at or belore wero carriod at one tinu by any vessel lu American waters? or any otbei, 1 think, ibis eiigtit tribute to your distinguished seam tu.-hip, and kind and courteous de* portinei.t as a coaiiua .uer, we give you in behalf of thro# tho..sau<i m n. r. W. (.luteins, Colonel Sixth Michigaa Volunteers. Jss W. Mo'.lilan, U>;>.nel Twenty -first Indiana Vols. Halbert b. Paine, lu.cncl Fourth Wisconsin regie.cut. Thus. i. Clark, il. Col. Bix'b Mulligan rcgimaut. Major n lij. F. Mays, Twenty first luoidiia Vols. Capt. li. C. H.bart, Four'. : Wisconsin Vols. K. 11. Uray.Gapuin OoyC, > < V> ucousin Vols. ' . OJ..i>,r?.UHIi : i| H1UISUB ? UH. A. C. Harry, Chaplain Fourth lugiuienl Wisconsin Vols. Msji-r K. A. Buu-dmtiii, Fourth regiment Wis. Vols. H. Wing, First Lio.uiiant Co. Fourth Wis. Vols. B. W Wilson, A*s?f*m Huigoon Fourth Wis. Vols. Capt. J. iuiio> ,(A). U, Fourth Wisconsin rogimeut. P. A. Onuilo, F.rst Lientunaiu Of. A, F'ourtu Wis r?f. A. E. Challve. eco ti l.muirumit CO. A, Fourth Wis. H. K. Msrrinnio, Asstst.-uu . i.rgoon Fourth Wis. Vols. Jos. U Kaynultis, Hixl Llsol. Co. K. lourth Wis. Vols. Stewart Newell, Second l.ioul. On. k, Fourth Wis. Vols. C. 1)., l.lsut. C?. A, Tweuty-Orst In.I. Vols. W. P. Mooro, < ?,.isui Co. K,Fourth Wisconsinregiment. L. H. Aldfteli. Adjutant Fourth Wtsconsiu regiment. C. W. Klllboru, Adjutant mx.h lil< hi?au Vols. Ezra Read,Su.goon l'waaly first rugtment Ind. Vols. J. U. Davis, Aas'tluigoouTwauty-Orst rsg. Ind. Vol*. 0. V. Mottruiii.Surgnou Sixth r?giuteiil Michigan Vols. Simeon J. Kurcbe, Ass't Surge., u dlxthsig. Mluh. Vols. Sam. Hartley, son oil Lie.t. twenty acrc.itb 1ml. Vols. U. A. Lalluui, AiijUtaol Tweuty -first rag. lud. Vols. K. A. Mcijallh ,Captain Twenty firei rsg. Intl. Vols. Ell A. Uridln,! at.ti?>i sixfb Miculgin regiment. 8. F. Craig, Second Lie itenant sixth Mtchignn reg. Joba Cordon. Captain sixth Michigan Volunteers. Chas. E. Claike, .attain slito Michigan Voluutssrs. Job. A. Kills, Lieotetinui Sixth Michigan Volu .tears. Harrison Souls, Captals Co. I, Sixth Michigan Vols. A. J. Ralph, LivuleuaiiiCo. 1,Sixth Michigan Vols. 0. b. Farsrtt, Licutan.Lt U. l,stxl . Mlculgin Vols. O. J. Spit/cr, (a, Uin Sixth Michigan Voluntas a. Joseph R the. la, l.lauisuaui Sixth M.rhigan Volu leers. C. J. HaeaoU, Captain Sixth MicingMi Vohintsers. Smith W. Fowlo. .Captain .Cxlh Michigan Volunteers. Sylvester logs well, captain Sixth Mchlgau Vols. . David BacouAapi un uxlh Uiolngau V .ittulavrs. W. W. Wba-fer.CxpiaiDSixtti Michigi n Volunteers. Ricliard Canipusll. Captain Co I, l*?ny Bret led. Vols. John T. Cane l>e!l,Captain Co. H, do. Tb?m<a.l i<iy at.t, First, do. Jamas W. Connelly . Second Ltaui. Co. H, dot WiMi..m Kuy. Captain (hi. A, do. Chit*. D. Scsisy, First lae I. 0?. A, do. Edau H. Fis her, second Iuoul. Co. A, do. Jsmcs vtilmshy Captain Co. B, do. John W. Cay ,First Lieut. Co. 11, do. Jss. K. Moore, f ucond Lieut. CO. B, do. Fuihu E. It- s<v apvain Co. C, do. Wui. Dot gb, 1 irtt Lieutenant Co. C, do. H(M'0C'?I I. Ul )KU, Sett'lld 1 l?Ut. bo. C, do., do. John S. xilum, Firat Ui.'ilenant Co. D, do. Dot id Fdmintou, record Ueut. Co. D, do. Vn. M. .-kelton,Captain Oil. E, do. Jm. W. Uuui trie, Firm Co. R, do. Franc law. Nobleti, t'apta.n Co. V, drv. Robert 0. McAfee, > Irat L uUinni Co. F, do. Jainao R brown, Second Lioul. Co. F, do. Many. narrower. Stixnd Ueut. Co. (J, do. Samuel E. Armstrong,."atoud Mailt. Co. 1, do, Jacob Hess.Cai.Ulo Co. K, do. Tb< iui Urlna.. ad, First Co. K to. Clayton Col, tocoo.l MeutanantO. K. d>. l? W. force, tp*ai loriaaatar Sixth Mloh'fcan W*. K. tUco M.ijor Sixth Michigan Volunt.. rl. 0 W. Uarlar.Otftaio Co. U, Fourth Wisoonain Vo'.a. I H. W. Mora, firm l.iaoianant Co. It. do R B. Raker -teoond lieutenant CO, B, do. S. B T ihoa, Mau.enantCo. E, do. H. H. M?titbiwr,MautanaiitCa. E, do, J. K. Irong,Caputin Co. U, do. E. J. lack, Ft id t Me.tenant Co. H, do. Albert Storya, Second Lieutenant Co. O, do. A. II. Van Noiatraml, Surgeon Jo. V. Paull, Ft rat Lieutenant do. J. K. Cote,Second Men tenant do. L. R Make, Firtt Lieutenant Co. I, do. Daniel CI. Jewett,Second Co. I, do. W. S. fayi, Meutcnaut Co. D, r'9. O. R Iierren, Second Lieutenant Co. D, dr. D. C. Koundy, Captain Co. F, ufc. IT. Duvkee, first Moutenant Co. 7, do. A. F. Cralguo, Second Moutenant Co. F, do. Jas. Keera,Second Mautanaut Co. (J, do. C. E. Curtice, Captain CO. A, do. RK HJSKALD, THURSDAY, GEN. HAHECK'8 OPINION OF G?N. M'CLELLAN. Omr Cairo Carrrtpoadtac*. Caiso, 111., April 4, IMS. The Dearth of Hem About Cairo?Intereoting OomtrooUvn with Qcnernl Halleck?Hu Opinion of General Mc CleUan?Ike Reatone thai Influence Socctu i* tha War? The Careful StnUegy of MeClellan?7V Deed* of the Armg of the Wed?Halleck and MeClellan Agreed in Principle?Promt Den/late Appearance of Cairo?Health of the T urn?Mutic of the Bullfrogi, Ac., Ac. The dearth of newa hereabout la gelt lag truly deplorable. No fights, no advances, no retreata, no nothing to rary the dull monotony of camp and ahlpboard life. In conversation with a gentleman from St. Louis laat night, 1 learned aome things that I muat confess were new to me, and aa I think the idea will be new to the publle generally, and as In presenting it I shall not transcend the rules laid down for the government of the press, I will endeavor to Jot It dowB. The geutleman referred to I know to be a warm personal friend to General Halleck, and sharee^much of that sterling officer's favor and conffdence. Hence a weight will be attached to what he says, such aa does not accrue to the aayings of ordinary men. I would like to give.hls name, that the pablio might the more readily oomprebend the reason why I assign so much paper to the chrouleling of his ideas. The conversation turned upon the operations of the army here and elsewhere. I asked? "What Is General Halleck's opinion ef General MeClellan?" "Sir," said my friend, "1 have heard General Halleck say, in substance, repeatedly, that he considered the military skill, science and penetration or General MeClellan as second to that of no man living; that whatever had been dene in the Weet and elsewhere was but the carrying out of McClellan's great plan of the war ; that the general idea of each and every of theee movements was the fruit of his foresight and knowledge of wnr and Its appliances, and that MeClellan had rough hewn the whole work and only left the finishing touches to ths department and division commanders." This,coming so direct from General Halleck, led me to push my Inquiries still furtbor. I asked:?"Can you give uny roaeonable solution to the mystery that hangs so heavily over the operations or the army on the Potomact" lie replied:?"I cannot explain anything; but I may advance an Idea to you that I received irom General Halleck not a month ago. In conversation with him I made nearly the Me interrogatory you have Just propounded to me, and the General's answer to me must be yours. It Is this, as near in his own words as I can repeat them :?'This is a war in which success rests upon considerations that do not generally enter Into men's calculations. You are aware that the revolted Statos occupy a vastly different geographical position from the loyal ones. Health, lncld?nt to climate, food, water, habits, Sc., Is as different in the two sections as eould lie conceived of thut of two distinct nations. Certain hygienic principles are to be studied in currying on a campaign as well as the more external appliances of war; else disaster and defeat will follow. An army must be sound physically as well as patrlotio. Enervation, prostration and climatic maladies must be avoided If possible. Now the seceded States are eminently unhealthy during a certain portion of the yoar. The months of August, September and October are those during which the tropical diseases rage, which so fesr. iu ly decimate even the native population, and the tnor* generally carry off these habituated to a different clime. The yellow fever rages through the South periodical!? every two or threo years, and as that mnindy bus not appeared during the last two seasons it mny naturally bo expected this year. In vie*: of this state of well established facts, a faraeeing general would try to devisP means to avoid the consequences. If a Northers army should be marched southward to the Gulf shore during the sickly months, and should there be attacked by a maladiac foe and cut off by sickness and tropical ennui, the execrations of a nation would be vented upon a general who would thus expose his troops. Hence It becomes necessary to do what Is to be done in the extreme South earlv in the vear. Tfco Southern Atlantic coast, tho Gulf States and the Southwest must be orerrun during a season of comparative lu-althfulnesa. Rebellion must be ci ustied out sad rebol troops driven bark to the cooler regions of the mountains of North Carolina, Western Teune??ee und Southern Virginia during that r? -n wb" caturo is m favor of, instead of against, ar u<, , thet^once beraroed iu by auoverpoveri* ngr^hmat fall?It is inevitable. No.-,---' jo circumstances, It Is not hard to aee vlnaia mimandsr-in Chief should exert htm' ( i? e me ..ulkof an enemy's army in a poaitirr 1 hero he can at the proper time atrike a death blur t > more surely. If the Power of the rebel army be e- axed to remain at-Mnuusaae or north ef much of its rtrsngth is wast ad; oar armies In tbo West and Sou h bave the less to contend against r >1 jut victories are tbo more certain. The Weatern a*iuy clears the great Vailey of the Miouisaipp' of oocc*eMK., the Gulf squadron ro-est-iblishos tli?c>nstitution in the populous cities of the South; the Koauoke and Roaufort forcua are pushed inward and northward; and rest autumn, when the sickly season nppro.icbcr, ail,c -ojointly, are driving the rebels back to the locality where a tr .eh nrmy of loyal men are wailing to receive them, in a country wbero Southron has no AdvantAv, ever Northmen. Then comes the great decisive action o. tho campaign. The Union troops, flushed with constant victory, meet those dispirited by con1 ant ieverees. Who can doubt- the result* On the ether hand, no will suppose that the Command, iug General and the War Departmi nt yield to (be clamor of three who only seek tor carnage rogerdkss of consequence*, and order an advance upon Mnar-as or Richmond. The result would be simply to drive th0 rtbaia away to some other point, where they would make n second stand, and a third or a fourth, each time lending the federal troop* farther and farther away from the localities of their acclimation, aud into uio.e auro and terrible mortally. No; let McClollan work. Lot bim keep the rebel* corcenti nted a? tar north en possible, aud no Keep rebel rorocs from coming fnrthor ootli, and next aummor or early in the autumn a denouement will conic which will justify the present apparent inactivity of the army ef the Potomac. If the enemy nball retreat, let General UcClolian adranco to tbeir positions; if not, let bltn remain in itotu tpu, until be u ready to make every ebot tell ill most agai at troaaon.'" There are tboee at the Went?certain Tiibtwie-ated indivlduala and clique*?who will pc-\ at tbia theory, and laugh at the philosophy, *' at ite humanity, and atftct to doubt its rrosoca* men w bo will bowl at very breath for au ''advaur Kiohmoml," though itcoeitbe ilfb of every L'nion soldier now in Virginia But, tbsak God, their number is small, and tiieir calibre aaally measured. They are of the gmut " iplkfM," properly de. ned by Webster?people who ahod great tear* of aorrow over the wrong* of antiquated Afrique, InOicied by the Juvi ie Amoricuj, men who preach long lioeiiliea upoa humanity and ouree a general fur a fool becauae be will not aecriflce the chivalry of th* nation upon '*.u i n?r of tbeir negro mania. I suppose you have il etiob people at l..e Hast. Cairo be. n* to wear a rt ot Neapolitan look, anything but agree.ible to the eye, and "10 odor* that salute aha oifacteriee are not aa faecluauog as nitruua oxida. About one half of ih 1 willro surface ef tha town plot la now under water ; tha strode arc impassable azaapi far boats; the wooden sldswsika ara Uoaticj around In a aort of fraa and ana/ al/la; the ateam pumps lull ua to sleep at night with th puff,puff, puffing, wh'la tan Uieuaand bullfrogs and latlc sougstorj kaap ua awaka all nlgbt with thalr Ini ml and intolerable nocturnal ravulllng. Ktili, strange to ?a/, tna baaltb of the town remains good, or rather la fatting better, and It la not impoaaibia uov to obtain wall people enough te nuraatba sick. the pre ailing malady bare la dyaentary?regular Cairo dysentery?aggravated by all tha aoxloua miasmas that can ba ooncaivad of, and mora than tear ware named t claaaiQad. Nietos Giants.?Sheridan's " Rivals" waa repeated at thla establishment last evening. Mr. John Gilbert pUyed Kir Authony Absolute aa ouly he can play old men. The raat of the oaat waa capital. Mr. Wheat ley played Captain Absolute; Mr. Davenport, Sir I.ucius O* Trigger; Mr. Wadaok.Kanlltland; Mr. T. Pleclde Imitated Burton in Acres; Mrs. f ladatane made a vary good Julia, and Miss Ttolls an Mrs Mala prop. Mr. Scalbta waa a fair David; but ba moat be mora careful to reserve his b regit" for Irish parts and sot Intrude It Into every dialect. Thla evening Mr. Wal'aok takes his benefit, and appeal a to "Money' and "My Aunt." We hope the theatre will be crowded. Maar Paovow'a Tiimaraa.?'Tom Taylor and Charles Reade'a Joint stock comedy, "Court and S&ga," waa produced last evanlDg. with Mlaa Provost aa Nail Gwyune. Tha play waa vary wall put upon tha stage, but tha tctora so far forgot thalr parts aa to laava vary utile for us to notice except Mlse Provost's part, whloh la just adapted to her atyla, and In which, wall supported, she wool r ice a hit. Mr. J. H. Allan and Mr. George Ryor ware tha aniy other aotora who played at gll wo II. , A PHIL 10, 1882. -TH1PL lltWS FROM WAtiSIHQTON. Wasbinutok, A,<Mrlt I, IMS. INTBN8K BXCITRXENT OVA* THK HBO BUT BMIOM TIOTOKIB8. The glorious un from the Southwest produced an IminiDM excitement in ail ulosnra throughout the whole city to day. In Congreas and out of Cougreaa, cm the street* and in tha housea, every body Beamed to b* rejoicing,and all regarded the rebellion as drawing near to lis close, when tha last stronghold in lbs West had surrendered, and tha main army of the rebels there bad been laboriously defeatod. The glad races or the Union men can only be described by contrast with those of the radical abolition and rebel sympathizers, who were deeply chagrined al the success or the rederal arms without the aid of General Cameron's armed negroes. Each of thaaa factions read, In tha rapid progress or the Union forces, the downfall of all their hopes, and openly regret that some disaster had uot befallen our soldiers to make them more cautious In pressing on to win. Tbe rapidity with which there successes follow each other has completely overturned all the calculations of the opjionenta of tho President end General McClellan. They dare not howl against General HcClellan's waiting before the' rebel works at Torktown, while they glorify Flag Officer Foot# for his sucoesi at Island No. 10, whoa tho latter has officially reported that It required twenty-three days to complete all the preparations for tho achievement of the brilliant success that has given to us that stronghold, and all Its ordnance and ammunition stores, As. Thore is known to bo behind the introuchinents at Torktown ten, perhaps twenty times, the numbers that ware found at Island No, 10, and without detracting ono scintilla from tho glory of tho victory on tho Mississippi, It would ho only Just to afford to our army In front of Yorktown a decently rear-unable time for preparation for the capture of that last rebel standpoint. THB DXRALU'B SPECIAL REPORT OF THB OK BAT VICTORY AT PITTSBURG, TBNX. The special despatch to tho Hkbald, which was telegraphed to (he government this tuomiug, produced a deep sensation throughout Washington. It was sent by the Prosldent to the Capitol, and was read before both brunches of Congress at the commencement of the s> s ion. *i'Do t.twa waa received with deep feellug; but th? statement of the terrible loss that aocotapauied our great victory wtui sufficient to pievent such an outburst of appl.kuso aa is gcnoruily given in Congress upon the announcement of tho successes of our army. Tlie news spread like wildfire through the streets, an<l immediately became the subject of animated discussion In the hotels. Hour could the Hkrald get such an Important piece of Intelligence in advance of everybody else? was the question

of the incredulous; and soveral quidnuncs attempted to prove thut the story of the great battle must bo absolutely fulae. The government believed it, however,and official do.-patches subsequently confirmed tho intelligence received through the IIkraad. The secessionists here are astounded. The defeat of Ueauregard and Johnston, on a field where they ohose to give buttle to our forcee,-haa plunged Into despair all those who sympathize with the tebols. 111K II Kit A I.D IN OBKAT DEMAND. The ancouncotaent by telegraph that the Nsw Tors nKH.vtit liatl exclusively an interacting account of the defeat of the rebels ut Pittsburg, occasioned an inordinate demand for the paper to-night, expecting to flud in it the telegram which was published this morning in an extra. Tho Hjcbau/s readers will get it, however, In tha. aliorncon edition,before it will appear anywhere elie PREDICTION OK PL AS OFKICRH POOTR. About two weeks ago Commodore 1'oote, intelegrsuhlng to the Navy Department, said General l'ope intended to make a transverse movement, which would astonish soce-h" on Island Ne. 10. The fulillment of thU prediction is nlrt-ndy known to tho country. IHPOliTANT UKPORT ON TUB NOBTHKSX COAST DEFSNCKS. The Secretary or War lias -.ubmittod to Congress a ooramunicntlcn|cu the Northern coast defence-, encl sing an elaborate report from Kdwiu V., of Couuocllcut, well known as a p-actioal civil uugineur, an ! couuuctod with tbe Joint Commission of HIT and 1919 for running and marlciug tho Northoastern boundary line. M* Johnson recommends tne puasage of Senator Morrill's bill, and Iho adaption of Ibe policy of piaciug in lire bands of the ITesldont tbo necessary (<owor to accept loans of money from tha eevaral States for public do'suoe, as therein proposed. Among lbs modes of defence contemplated is tbo use of railways, and of floating bail; proof bailerics, in addition to the ordinary ayatem of fortifications. His report is tlia result of careful ex. aminatiun of all lbs matters in question, including a long list of documents, based upon a thorough acquaintance with tbo physical geography and tha topographical features of tbo country. DESPATCH SitOM OUR UINIflTKR TO TUX NLTmULANDJ. James 8. I'iko, Minuter to the N-UnrUioU, in transmitting t> the State Department A copy of the tariff and revenue system of tha'country, concludes his despatch as follows:? It will be observed that there is as direct uu on personal property or incoiRea, as such taxes aro behoved to sin'.d in tbo way of Industrial and com nercial development , nad to operate to expel capital. Tne late decisive suceo.-isos of the federal govc nni->nt in Tonnesnee have produced their natural eflect on ltils side of tlio water. Wiieu fuarlenUui ami Sa\ atluab suull bavofllon.andour gnntnaLs traverse the Mississippi river, a'l interest in tbo affairs of the Coufederates will cease in L'urope. Trix NAVT. Tlio following appointments have been made at the Navv I apartment:? Charles Myers, of New York, appointed Master's Mate. John Wbiltaore, of Piymoutb, Mass.; ChaikJ A. Iloutclie,of Iiruuswick, Maine; Calvin CbUds,of laliuouth, mass.,* appointee Acnug Ma:iers,to report at the Bolton Navy Yard. I tunnel C. M Iotira.of Roxbury, Ifess., promoted to cling Master, for gallant conduct ou hoard the Coagres*. ACCIDENT ON TIIH II AN ARIAS RAILROAD. A train of can this afternoon aania In coitaiou with a number of cattle on tho railroad traclc, a ehorl distance above Manassas Junction, demolishing throe car/ and severely injuring several soldiers belonging to regiment.* enoemped near Brlstoe station. No lives wero lost, COMPkTENCr or WITNESSES IN COURT. Judge Thomas, of Massachusetts, Introduced In the House to day a bill providing that tbe laws of the Bute In which the court nhall bo hold shall bo tho raise of decision as to tbe competency of witnesses in the courts of the Culled States, in trials of equity end admiralty aa in trials st common law. PUNISHMENT OP C1UMM. Senator Trumbull oflt-red in the Senate to-day n hill, providing that Gnnmissiucers appointed by any Cirouit Court of the Culled Pit lev, with authority to at reel, Imprison or hold to bail, lor crimen against thsconstitntion sud laws, shall have end exercise the eame power* as Judges of the respective district oourts of the United States , and nil bail bond* shall, from the data thereof until they ero dischargod, bs a lien upon tbe real as tats of the principals la said bonds situate within ths State where the bonds are taken. CONI'iAMATIONS BY THE SENATE. The Senate was several hours In executive session today. It ooulirmsd several military aopolnlmeaU of lew grade, end .Samuel K. Brown, of Ohio, to be Attorney of the Territory of Colorado. PAY OP WWTRACTOR*. A large number of eontraslors are hers to receive their pay from government. Tb* demands upon tbe Treasury art so great tbel It la impoaelblo to prepa-e Treasury note* that enough. Tb* government creditors ere generally oouieat to take twenty per coat eaeh and the balance in government certificates of en* tboooand dollars TMUriM RATirilD. The Saneta, w aaacutlra MMMa, tbla aftarnooo, rtlliM commercial traatioa with lurkoy ud Mai loo. THUTT'IIVXNTH CONORKBIi HUT SU8ION. iMbta. WAMiiiMonx, April 9,1M. rairrmww m favop o? xancipav!on. Komi*. Uowam), (rap.) of Mich., dupou*, (rap.) of MVh .Siimma*, (rap.) of Obio.and Tnunacix, (rap.) of 111., praaautod pottMuna id Hat or of amanclpatlo*. NAlloNAJ. AMORT IN WltUONUI. Mr. Howa, (rap.) of Wla., praaactad mamnrial of tin Laglalatura of Wlacouatn, lor tha **tablubmaot af a nattonal armory r.nd daput In IhM btata. romwrjrr or lawk Mr. Tmrwru., (r?p ) of III., lntr?4uoed ablllfartba more convenient aaforoamanv of tha latraof tho Up I tad Btatoa for tha aocurlty and kaapmg af tba paaoa and for good babarlor. (uLaaaaa or nwaior iTioarm Tha hill relating ta filing aalarloa of Dlatrlrt AUorna/a waa taken up. Aflar a dlaouaatnn the bill waa pasaad 90 to 19. ? xactrriTB tmnam. On motion of Mr. WitMW, (rap.) of Maaa , tha Swata went Into atecuiiTt aaaal<u. A<yournad. B SHEET. Hom* of aepminlallrrl. ViStuanii, iprtti IM?. ta* mau DarantnanT or tub abut. Ths House proceeded to the consoler atiou of the Senate bill to Increase the efficiency or the medical depnitmen* of tbo arm/. The debute involved the question or incorporating curgeoua for I be volunteer service with tbe regular staff, thus giving a broad fle.d for selection. This waa agreed to. Mr. Di w, (rep.) of Ind., said he hoped the hill would be promptly passed. There comes up to us a cry of dts tress from our earn pa and hospitals, from our wounded anil sick, who are suffering cruelly from the want of pro par medical and hospital provisions. He would vote for any bill calculated to give relief to our soldiers who have eo nobly endured aud suffered for their country. Our med.oal department needu reorganization and enlarge meut to enable it to attend properly to its vastly increased duties. The bilL, as amended, ou the reooaamendatton of the Military Committee, was passed. The bill pr?;iosa8 to add to the present medical corps ten surge jus aud ten assistant surgeons, to be promoted aud appointed under existing laws; twenty medical cadets, and as many hospital steward* as the Surgeon ( shall oouaidor necessary. The Medical Inspector (ionsral, under the direction of ths Surgeon Oeneral, is to bsve supervision of all that relates to the sanitary condition of the army. There are to be eight medical inspectors. MoJical purveyors are to be charged, under the direction of tbo Surgeon General, with the selection aud purchase of medical supplies, itc. a CASK OK l OHTKHIT. Albert O. Hlggins was brought before the bar of the Horne to answer for contempt, in failing to appear bofore the select committee on government contracts. in* aimjKK:: asjted him what au.iwcr tut bad to make? Iu raply, a written statement *u read to the effect that liu had not Uaard of lha oommtttee being in Boston at tha tlma of the notice, and furthar that ha derived an unpraaalon from the officer serving it, that lha next day would da if ha oould not go that day. Whan ha want tha naxt day ho found lha oommittaa broken up. Mr. Dawm, (rep ) of Maes., offered n resolution that, whereas Mr. Ifiggins had since appeared before tha oommittea and atiswurad all the questions put to him, ha, therefore, be dis harged on tha pi) meat of tho fees Chargeable on the warrant. Aftor a cons arsation tha resolution was amended by striking out the requirement to pay fees, and adopted, there being nothing to show that Mr. Higgins acted In eon tempt. api-aornuwoNS ron ottil nrsM.ns. Mr. Stbvbm, (rep.1 of Pa., from tha Committee of Ways and Means, reported a bill making furthar appropriations for uartain civil expenses of tha government. tub postal amtomuTios bill. The House concur rail 1q nearly all the Senate amendmania to the Post OiUca appropriation bill. During an explanation Mr. Colpat, (rep.) of tad., said the amountfbr special agents was necessary, as these oflkoru open poet ollicea und transmit other mail business as our armies advance. acoptioh or tan khoi.i-tkiv ih vavob op oovTOLMrwr am ib KM ejlt iiv.tibu sla ibs. On motion of Kosuoa Cunckumo lha House proceeded to the consideration of the business on the Speaker's table. The drut was the Joint resolution that Congress aught to co-opcrate with aud afford aid to any State adopting gradual (mancipation. The Senate s ainondtotulsubstituting the words "United State.!" for "Congress" was then agreed to by the House. The proposition, therefore only roquires the President's approval to become law. bbani post owk bk is cttikl. The House concui rod lu the Senate's amendment to the House bill authorizing branch jiost offices in cities. i*.-i vors oh ins bill ahou hi so slavubt m tub distwct op coluuiua. The Senate bill appropriating one million of dollars for the abolition of slavery in tho District of Columbia, and one hundred thousand dollars for colonization, was taken up and read tna tlrst time. The question ocourrtng on tho second reading, Mr. vallaadiuham (opp.), of Ohio, objected. iu cmii or objection being made to the second reading of a bill, the rule requires the question to be put, "Shall tho bill be retooled?'" l'he question was accordingly put and decided In the negative, forty Ave aguinst uinoty-threo, as follows Ybas.?Messrs. Allen, Biddle, Blair of Vs., Brown of Va., Calvert, Corulrg Coi, Crsveus, Crittenden, Delaplaine, Duiilap, Kngiloh, lirider, Hall, Hauling, Kerrigan, Km pp, L.iw. lji/.air, Loary. Mallory, May, Muuzles, Noble, Noell, Norton. Nugen, Pendleton, Perry, Price, Koliins Of Mo., blind, Smith, Sleets of N. V., Steele OIK J, Thomas of Md., Vallandlghstn Yorhees, Wadsworth, Ward, Webster, While 01 Ohio, wlckltffc. Woodruff, Wright. N its?Mi-rre. AldricB, Alley, Arnold, Aahnw, Babbitt, Baker, Iliiiter, Heaman, Bingham, Blair of Mo, Blair or 1 ii? Bluko, Browne of It. 1., Bufliiuon, Campbell, Chamberlain, Clark, Co.fax, Prods rick|A. Con,Hug, itoscoe Conkllog, Cuvode, Davis, Dawes, Delano, Divu.i, Ounll, Dunn, Hdgi-rton, Kdnnrds, Kllut, k\ mon. Fesaendi-n, Kiaher, Pi am i.oil, F auk, Hooch, (ioodwliu tltauiter, tlurlei, llalght, Hale, lluiirtirli, Harrison, Hooper, Horton, H itehtns, Julian, Kelly, Kellogg of Mich.. Killlnger, Laoatng, Lehman, Loo-nla, Levnioy, Mchnlgnt, MePuersou MlirKell, Morehead, Morrill of Ale, M urltl of Vt., Nlmii, Odell, Patlon. Plieliw of Cel.. Pike, Pomeroy. P. r iter, Rl-e at Ataxa, Kuv nl Me, Kiddle, Koliiua of N. U, Serjeant, Bhell eld, fthellabargi r. Sherman, sloan. 8. auldinx Steven*, titration, Thomas or Mini, Train. Tioworidgr, Van Morn, \ an Valkeuburgh, Verree. Wallace, Walton of Vt, Wheeler, White of Ind, Wilson and Wlnuon. mi. iw.ii'i>i.ii3si.iju iuvyi-u ? .' rKviwiiir me T?w ui to lay that notion on (ho table, which was agreed to. Ibu bill was then road a second time, and on motion of Mr. Row ok Conk una referred to the Committee of the Whole on the State of the I'nlon. The rule requiring ad bilU making appropriations thiui to be referred Tor consideration. ran rianc natLauao biu.. The Douse wont into Committee on the Pacific Railroad bill. Mr. 1'HkLiM, (rep.) of Cel.. advocated it, regarding thin means or counseling llid Atlantic with the Paciflu as not oni) impnrlunt in u military but also in an agricultural and commercial point of view. Mr. Km lt, (rep.) or Pa., argued that the tiao U pecuI iarly lilting for tho commencement 01 this work, and our domestic exigencies demand He early completion. Until we shall have built this road our couniry can never ausnme its just and commanding position among the nations of the world. Ue considered the sub.ect iella various asjiects. The committee rose, and the House adjourned The Hew Military Canal at Hew Ma?trtd< St. Locn, April 0,1862. Geueral l ope's offloinl report eaye, that the canal nut across the peninsular at New Madrid, through which the eteamnrs and several barges were tnkeD, In twelve miles loug, much of it being through heavy limbo: which had to be sawed off by han l lour feet under water The idea of this grr..t and laborious undertaken originated with Central Schuyler Hamilton, an-, the work was performed by Colonel IliMell's Missouri Engineer regiment. The Atlantic Telegraph. Ixindom, March 2d, 1862. Cyrus W. Field baa returned from Paris. He leaves on the 29th for America by the Asia. Hin telegraphic scheme has been very favorably received, and the laying down of a cable to Newfoundland within twelve mouths II considered certain. The Welland Canal. 8r. Catiikhnh.i, C. w., April 0, 1S62 The WoUand Canal will be Oi>cn for navigation en the 161U Inst. Tit* Storm at the Bast. Nsw Lonnnir, April 10?116 A. M. A light gals, with snow, prevails here. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. # Oloriou Progrrw of the Union Caw ? Via* Terrible Battle at Pittsburg hand* lag, Trna.-Uvrrwhcimlng Victory of the Union Forere?The Surrender of Inland Wo. 10?.Advance of General Me* Clellan in Virginia?The Latest News from Europe, die , die., die. Tha steamship Northern Light, Captain Tinklepaugh, will leavs thin port at noon an Friday f >r AnplnwalL Th. mails for Central America end the South Peuitto will eloee in tbia city at half past tea o'cloek to morrow mot iitng. Taa Naw Tuns llano?Edition for the raclAo?will ha reedy at half peat eight o'clock Friday morning, and vlll contain a bleblr Interesting accoant of the Terrible and Blood/ Rattle at Pittsburg, Tenn,, resulting la a Glorious Victory of ths Union Forces, lb* Rook of lbs Robots, the Death of Ooaorsl A. Snlnoy Job no ton, sad tbe Maiming of General Beauregard, accompanied with s Map of lbs Scans of Action, showing its impoi lance sod Its oonnocttoos with Corinth and Memphis. It will also contain an account of the Surrender of Island .to. 10 en the Mississippi, with Its War Munitions, Am and MaUriel ; A (Mil account of Gonoral MoOellaa'a \dvance toward Richmond, and a record of all the high y important and interesting War Movements or the past week , The latest now* from Rarepe, and much other interesting reading matter. Single copies, In wrappers, ready for mailing, sis cento. (lorry's Trlcopfearoms In the Boot and cheapest article for dressing, beautifying, curling, cleanfag, pr. * erring and restoring the hale. Ladles try K. hold by all druggteU Dr. Adam Lnmrloa* Clalneae Lift Pills? Prepared from e plant tbet grows In the tea districts of China, discovered ny the Doctor whilst physician attach. d U ths French arid British Kmbaaalea at Dong Kong, and pra crtbed for the natlvea aa en antidote to the effects of opium, strong ti-ee, An. A positive speedy end never fall Ins en re for Nervous Debility, Neuralgia, Ties vlorvna, St. Pltna' Den re. Nervosa Headache, Rheumatism, languor, Impotency and all ulsaasc* of tbe blood and nervous system. A single trial will convince the most Incrednloua One doliar per bus of forty plUa, or large ones of a hnndred for two dollars, (tent free by mall to any pert on receipt of remittance Mh.OltUK BULPIN, General Ageat, esu Broadway (up stairs), New York. Dr. Klsano's Maw Trman Cheap, Clean and durable, comfortable tn all clltnstoe and used for pathmg. Igl Broadway, roam Ma. S> " * # 7 Official Drawlagi of (be Kentucky nod D?U??rf nuif Lotteries Kmrucar, Kstu* Class 116?April W, WO. 29, 40, 67. 4. 37, 34, 7, 66/55. 27. 33, S3. ? r, D*LAWAa*. Glass IVi-Aprll ?. W4>. 27, 51, 2, 76, 7, 6, 72, 15/1, 5, 43, 62, 30. Circular* sent by addressing ? _ JOHM A. MORRIS * CO.. ' Wilmington, Delaware, or Cortogton. Kentucky. Official Drawlage of If array, Eddy M Co.'a Kentucky and Muaourt State Utlrrlei. KKsrucar.LxT** Class U7?April ?. l(Mt. 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Ii le tbe beat and surest remedy in the world In all cases of dysentery and diarrhcea In children, whether it arlaes from teething ur other cause*. Hold by dealer* In medicine the werld orer. Ielnnit So. 10 la Token, also White's ring style of Dress Hats by those who wish to be la |bd ahlou. >18 Broadway. Prentlca and Baekner?It la Bapirtai that In rrtern for the demijohn of whiskey sent by Prentiss to Buokner, the latter has ordered KM OX, of lilt Broadways to send the port editor one of bis eiqulslle spring hats The Idea waa a good one, although sooting from rebel eeureee. Hop O'Hy Thumb, In trhieh the Small* eat dwarr, Commodore Mutt, and the largest glint. Mooa. Bihin, appears, la still drawing great crowds at BAKNUMt. A flood Handwriting Guaranteed la t n las a s of an hour each. Boukkceplng ?nd Aiithmetk taught day and evening. Private Instruct! ui given. Ul for circulars at the rooma Mo. 4 Fourth avenue and KM Broadway. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. 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