Newspaper of The New York Herald, 10 Nisan 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 10 Nisan 1862 Page 9
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SITUATIONS '#OT?D-?KH*iJE** . Fw AVnuta ?? Klrai Pwge. A lady, oivimo up hoi rik '*j?u**l.t2 gel situations fur two |t' fi t"*?. 1 ., thT m? t "-Went taundlM*. or would " "* VJJ?.: ln _*er At "<in<-ntu4lt ?? - 1 thlWr ' I. eeamntroa., ?. -. or ' "" ?, t. u. u, ltra '?d <1? ?il kHide of Ken ??,, ???- H, tb nr? ebUtfc-en; can lake charge of f lu > , ^* iijw ?ecy capuble and obliging. Call t r ;?o Cs.*? ?4 14 neargtu av. A cook.?WANTED, A SITUATION, hy A W"NI> woman, as tlrst class c> o ; tltu, ,uglily under lands h r busines* In all Its branches; best ut city refrren n front lie, last place. Can be seen fur two day* at No. oil: at., ft- oud 11 ior, back room. A SITUATION WAN'JED?BY A MIDDLE AUED WOnian, to do g<neral boiuewnrk in a private family or a boarding house, where she would tyts willing tomake herself generally ustii ul; is a good washer and irouer, and also a good cook, llest of city references given front last place. Apply immediately at Hi Franklin si., lirst Uo -r, 1 e .rcen jEIki at and Broadway, for two days. A YOUNG OERMAN GIRL, FOi i: WEEKS FROM Germany, wUhi a a situation us utir-u and seamslre! Sho cannot,peak English. Can bo set u a. 2C3 WUliaw St., room 13, lor uvo days. A GERMAN COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS ALL kinds of family cooking, and al- > a chambermaid and waitress. tilth situation* together in one IainIIv. Tin y are both Rrotsalants; no ob, e tion to the count;-) ; ha* good city reference. Can be seen at 303 Willlaui St., room 12, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; A dl. thorough cook, wuslier and lrorn-r, fully a cotnplished In lier business; city reference. Can be s en for two days at A3 Green av., Brooklyn, three doors fiout Adelplit si. Apbotkstant girl wants a situation as (hill claws cook; understand* Iter business thor uglily lu all its branches; no objection to a hotel or hoarding house; oily rafcretiie. Apply for two days at lull 7lb av.. liouveen aOih and 2lsl streets. A to uno girl, seventeen years old, wants a situs turn to do light housework or to tike rare of children in a rrspi (table family; city reference; lias no friends and would so for mod Orate wages. Apply for two days at 177 avenue O. third floor, back romu, corner 13th 11. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN UPRIGHT, HONEST, hard working girl, v ho is a goo I cook ami excellent Washer nndiri'11 r: no loti ly house w ork or the uoun(try; ?afe give CTio Vcsl of reference. Apply lor two duy* at .77 Court St., between Atlantic and l'ailhc ?t*., Brookly n, in fen y store. ? i AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as nurse mid seamstress: understands outing and filling for children, cr would tend children and do cliambrrwork; no objection to the country. Good city reference. Can bo seen for two days at 13 Union court, University place, between 11th and 12t!> sts. \ COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA lion as first class laundress; under*.amis all kinds of fine washing and Krench fluting and bss Jived lu flrst c'ass families in the ciiy. Best of city reference. Can be .cm for two d iys at 13 Uuiou court, University place, between 11th and 13th sts. A FIRST CLASS COLORED GIRL WISHES A 81TUA" tlon . s chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid and si auisticss, or to do housework In a small private linnl ly. Good city tefurence. Can be seen at 10tJ \t e?t Sdth at., a *r 7th av, AS COOK ?WANTED, A SITUATION, 1?Y A RESi'EOtablo woman, as nrstclnss ex>k In a prha 5 family; is willing to assist In th* washing and ironing if required. Best of city reference from her last place, where she lived five years. Cull at 133 7th av., lirst t.oor, trout room, for two days. AREcPECTAHLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION as chambermaid and to assist in washing an ironing, or ?o do waiting and make herself tuafuL Good eitv reference ircm hnr last place. Call for two days at 310 East 31th St., top floor, front ro6m. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES A itua'.ion a* cook In a private family. Has the best Of city refertucu. Apply at 138 Crosby tt. AS NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS?WANTED, BY A UV respectable woman, a filtration us nurse and ,:um t eas, or as cbamberma d and seumstreas. (load city r, Terence from her last place. Apply at 1C3 East Svth si., between 1st and 3d avs? for two da\ s. AN AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A situation as chambermaid and waitress or as chambermaid and plain seamstress; will go a short distance 111 the country. Call for two days at 48 west 28th St., corner of tith .avenue. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO dn gpnerul house ..irk in a amall family; Is a good wash* ar and froner; city reference. Call for two daya at 348 Columbia It, bctweeu WllRI and Ualiic sts., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO J\ do housework or up stairs work; food city loiereuce. Call for two days at No. 2 Columbia St., Brooklyn. A STEADY, RESPECTABLE YOUNO V.O.MAN WANTS a situation an chamlwruiaid end to assist w lib the washdng and ironing; can do French tinting, and uuderstunds her business thoroughly; haa good city reference. Call at 109 JBast 32d St., n ar 3d uv., over the drug atore. A GOOD WILLING, HONEST GIRL, WHO IS NOT afraid ol work, wants a situation as chambermaid and waitress; she has good city reference. Apply at 37 East 27lh -at., near Madison av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework In a sn ail private (family; la of a willing uud obliging disposition; has the best .of dty reference* from hor last place; is a good p'ain cook .and very line laundress. Can be seen at 212 West 33th fit., between 8th aud 2 h av*. A YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 CHAMberiuaid utid to assist lu the washiug and Ironing, or do -waiting; good citjtvefrrenco given. Call for two days at 87 AY at 24tlT St., room No. 8. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS cook and to assist lu washing and ironing; would take -the entire charge of washing in a small family; can do good baking; city refnrrnce. Call for two days at 270 3d ar., near . 821 St., lirst hocr, back loom. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, TO DO i\ housework for a small private family. Beat of -oily and country reference giren front her last employers. Can tie ?e, 11 at Set) Weal 16th it., aecond Uoor. A YOUNG womAn WISHES A SITUATION AS CH Ofbermaid ami waltreia in n private hoarding liuu."e, or -would no 10 California with a faulty; has the beat of cityreference from her laat place. Cull lor two dayi at 210 Wi at *2.1 at., hcttveun 7th anil 6th ?v>., ut Mia. Thompson's. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE PROteatant young woman, aa chambermaid and seamstresa ejr . ban.bermaid and nttrre: boat of oity reference. Apply for two daya at 224 tftb av., betweeu ltth and 16th ate., in the anUlinery atom. AS CHILD'S Nl'RSE.?AN ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS a situation m nurse to go to Eui-iiim; has l ad eiperi. en.a in her own countrv and in thi*. Can bo s> ea at her <pr.a?nt plare, No. 14 East lid St. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A GOOD, WILLING girl, aa chambermaid and nurse; can do plain setvlng ?n>l embmiilen. Good city re.erence. Apply at her pr< a .n: enjpi-ivor's, l:t? 6th at., near Uioadaay. A SITUATION WANTED?11Y A RESPECTABLE young >* om.m, to do ohami crvoik nn 1 waiting, ai d as. aist lu w Salting and Ironing. City reference. Can bo mn u tfor t?o daya al 172 West 2Uah at., between 7ih and Slh a vs. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO light homework or take care of cfaillr>ii. Good reference fro'.i la.t place. Can be Been t.nll engaged at 547 -flrori.w c i it., between Ming and Charlton at*. A SITUATION WANTBC?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS clt.iinberniaid and wnliresa; no objection to atsist in the washing and Ironing. Oltv refer. n"o from tail place. Can be even for two daya at 123 Waet 24th St., between 6lli an I 7th are. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOU3Rtvork lu a small private fan lly. Must b? a good cook, wwhsr and ironer, and have city references from her last atnployer. Apply at 124 9th It,, Bear Broadway. A youno oirl wishes a situation in a pr1VKt.; family; u a good plain took and first rate waaher and Iriitirr, un 1 can alan do general housework; Una the h.-tit or city r fi eeiic! from her lwat place Oail for two day* at Ul Weat 42d at., between 7th and Hh are. a SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNO WOMAN, TO J\ do general housework; la a good plain took, waaher and dri net1, no objection is the country. Good city reference. Ca>l for two dayaat lid Jolinaton at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE Woman, to do chamherwork, line washing and Ironing. Good clly reference. Can bo aeon for two uaya at 311 Weat Ivtli at., aecond iloor, front room. A SITUATION WANTBU-by A RESPECTABLE youn; woman, to do chamberwnrk and watting. Can Tie seen at her laat place, 231 Lexington av. (where she baa 4lre.l arrett yeara), for two t's/a. A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUAJ\ tton to cook, waah andtron; underitandanll ktndt of b.iking (Iwd r. ty reference No objection to the coun ty. -Appi> ot 2Jt) nr. B, between 12t'i an l lJth at*. AOtlOD COOK AND BAKER DESIRES A 6ITUAt on; umterstanda her bualnera In ell reapocta; would iS?-Ui In wjahtng or do the entire kitrheu work, llaa excel tent tet'i rwnrwa. Call for two dayaat 144 Eaat 21.', it., between 2d ami A1 area., Ad lloor. a REHPECTAHLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ./V latindr-aa, or aa cook and to aasiat in the watt'dng and t.o Cm;, alie thoroughly umlrratanda her bttalnraa; tin: heat ot t-atjr refermuoa can In xlvrn. Can bo aean for two Java et -!l lAtlt at., between 5th and 6th aver.uea. ,/took. v.'asher andfircnkr wishes a 8itua'niii; i e?t of city reference; from her laat niece. Cell st VA Kitm .a t at. f-VRKSSMAKlNO IN ALL ITS PR INCHES.?THE ADJL) v. ribcr wtnhaa lo obtain the work of e few mme f.nnl.flea lir the < at ; I* e mini itvllah Irtntmi-r and goo I litter; .beat of refetcnie flvcn. Atldreaa tor two day a breaamaker, Vuion MV'ara l'o?t oQn e. Nurse -a protestant woman, who uas had iimu> yeara experlelico in the cure of children, wanta a I-oltuaiion n* imam a uiuac; run ia?e mo enure marge 01 an Inruut from lla blrih. B.atof referenda. la a go da amati ?vta. Call at .130 Eaat Vt'.i at, near avo. U, acouud iloor, for lw<i dajra. __ CMTlMTIONB WANTKD-1N BROOKLYN OR T1IR hr country, for tw o very aniart, rapalila and obliging tlrla; Are 1,00 I, t inroiiuh general houa workers, wall recommend, -ed. and imt afraid of work. Apply to Mr. Manning, 10 Court Wt., Brooklyn, ono d.ior from Jorafemon. CUTII TION \TAM TED-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO* gj i.raiit woman, us good |datn cook, waaher and Ironer wr would do housework lor a ainall private family, and tho uuglity understands h'r hualnn**; good city refeivn.o. Can ho moii for Iwo day* ul 474 Canal alreat, third Iloor, front taan, ovci the lurm Uurs atom. OITCATIOMB WANTED-BY TM*0 RESPECTABLE O l'n.tenant glrla, una to rook and aaalal In washing and St oning, C o other to do walling and iliatubertvurk or artist ?n w a.ill.g and Ironing; city reference. Apply for two dajra t 9.1 Itllli at., bet wren litb aud 7th ava. QITCATION MTANTED?BY A l'(tOTE8TAMT OIRL, AS O scmiis'-reajs undcretanda cut tin i and litiing lor children, gtnd doing all kinda of family rowing; nlao operates on ma hltira; will lake care of ohlidt-t it; no objection to thuooun4rj. Call ol 1M7 Eaat 30th at CITUAtfOM WANTED-BY A VEMf RESPECTABLE t oulig woman, In it grille. I p-.valo latalir, at cl amber laid and acamatrnaa, or ?i ctntmbTirtnld ami 'to aaalM wlili hiidmi. Haa ?t of uliy references irwni her formet Jhnd l??t pluce, where sue Ua. Ilred til year-. Can bescto Bnr iwa day * at lit VYcatMlh at. corner of 7th ar. KB YU rr?ATioW. S,^f:^?ViA<HKppK. fAPLR VO.N0 ?^A?5?k Md is* *. u?irrwo;.,.w 1 \ti tiSttiXi*" w: > < ? "???uri?? ^ i - . , cut tier . lb av. VlT"ANTED?BV AN AMERICAN WOMAN, A SITl'A"' iluii an cu >k, w?rh r ami Ironer, or a* oh 1111b rinu I or waitress, In a am 011 r tata iamlly. Cull at No. 4 IloraHoat. WANTED?BY A SCOTCH PROTESTANT, A SITi'A TV il n as cook; undr. alan t# crokiug in all 111 brandm ami bnkui ; no objection logo to llio country. Apply at 17 W?st WasMugiou wiaaa.1^ SITUATION BY AN HONEST i.IRL, TO VV dogr^IffiOUS*tvort- Bclt references given. AnnlV at Wo. - ^laa br.gtnmin , WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA" lion a* nuise and aeainsti t'a?. Best reference can be given from lest place. No objection io go to ilie country. Can bo aeon for ttvo day a at 144 East SSth at. WANTKD-A, SITl'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Welsh girl, us good cook, washer and ironer. (tall for two tlaya at ldb East 11 ui at., first fioor, room A WANTBD-A't' '? vtlOV, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, i< ogeneial hoiTsework oroeok, wiioh and iron; good ity rafcreuce if required. Call for two day a at 30:12d uv., fourth t!ojr, back, room 4. TV'ANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE UIUL, A SITUATION ii to do general housework, plain cooking, w.shiugaud ironing, or to do up atuira work or lake care of children; good city rulereuce. Call at 26 Dean at., comer ol Hoc ruin, Brook Ijn. TirANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA* it lion to rio the general homework of a email family; good reference given. Call at 78 Henry at., year building, ruom No. 8, fotuth tloor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE glr1, In a private family, aa nurse or ch.nnliemiald; ia a gornl plain sower; lias no objection to go in the country for the summer. Cun be seen at her present employer'*, ol W at 27th it., between Gin and 7th avs., where ahe will be well recommended. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waitress; no objection to the country; hu* good reference from her last place. Call for two daya at 221 Weal 20th at., between Sih and 'Jth ava. YirANTflU?nV A itKflPRCTAnT.ti vinRiRn WOMAN. I TT h situation ue wet nurse. Cull at the corner of Wd st, lull (itti av., llrst floor, buck room. X\TANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, WITH f i good reference, situations; one us good plain rook, flrat rate washer und lrouer, bakes bread, Ac.; willing and obliging; the other as chambermaid and waitress, or tola te care ot children, rew, and m.iko hersoli useful. Would like to lire together or sipara'.e. Apply at 57 Morton at., uear 8th ar. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO" insii, as llrst class coos; understands her busiuess fer'ectly, in all its branches, and has the best of reference rom her last places, some as long us srvou years; has no objec Ion to go to the country for the aujnmer mouths. Call at CO Eastllth st., between 2d and 3d arcs., Aral floor, for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN, v T a situation as llrst rate cook, and ts willing to ussist in v,ashing: is a good baker; la willing aud obliging; has the best of city reference from her last place. Can be seen for jWo duys at 77 West 19th st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young married woman, as wet nurse. Can be soeu for two days at 180 West 33d St., between 7lh aud btb area. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PERSON, A PEW GEN* tleinen's washing at her own lious"; nun be done In the Very best style at the shortest notice, and if not suited no oliarge. Call at or add rose 173 EaSt 23d at., room No. 7. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA" TI tlon as cook, washer and irouer: no objections to the r nnlry; has good references. Call at the grocery store corner of Yauderbtlt are. aud Pacilio at., third tloor, tront room. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT girls; one as t ook, washer and ironcr, the other as chainbumttid or waiter or to assist with the washing; no obje tiou ts go in the country. Ilave good cily reference*. Apply at 211 19th St., rear building, Lctweeu 1st and 2d uvs. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A BITUAtion us cook, washer and ironcr; is a good taker, and understands her business. Best of city reTeruuccs cuu be given. Call at 125 West 19th St., third floor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS LAl'KT? dress; understands French fluting and the use of a mangle; would ass at with a little chain bet work; prefers a faintly going in tbe country. Call for two days at 157 East 12th at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A sanation asgood plain cook, washer and 1 toner, or o do general housework in a small private family. Best city reference from her lust employer. Call at No. tf 6th St., between 2u ar. and ihr Bowery, second floor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation as chambermaid and to do sowing; it willing to assist in the ironing, lias the best of city reference troru her last pi,i a. Can be seen for two day-sat 77 West lPth st WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A VT Situation us chambermaid and to lake care of childr, n, or chambermaid and to assist w ith the u ashing. B. st city refeience. Call at 813d ave., between 12th and 13th ats., in the store. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT YOUNG girl, n.t waitress orchambminaid, In a private family, or would u, e care of children and do plain sewing; no oujectioii t > go to the country for (he Hummer. IIa* nearly two year*' reference from her last place. Can be teen for two oays at 390 7th ar., between 34th and 39th sta. King the bell VI r ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT VY girl, a situation as chambermaid and waitress, or to do v aitlng and assist with the ironing. Good reference from her last place. Call for two days at 111 East Hint at., second floor, back room. ' 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A VY situation to do general housework, cook, wash and Iron; Is willing to mak-j herself obliging; la a good bread and biscuit maker. Can glee city reference from her last em. ploynr. Can be s-en at No. 11 Garvell St., South Brooklyn, first floor, rear, in alley tvay. WAKTED-BY A YOUNO, RESPECTABLE GERMAN VY lady, a situation.** iptrse, Ac., in a family to trace! to Europe or California. Best of reference can be given. lias made the journey lo Europe and back several times. Adtit ess K. W., 22 Herald olWc 117"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITU VY nllon as coot; understands her business well, and all. kinds of cooking and pastry; good city reference from her last place. Call at or address 239 East 19th at. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, A 81TUAtiou to do general homework in a private tamily; haa no objection logo a short distance In the country; good reference. Apply at No. 63 Amity at., South Brooklyn, for twe day*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE AMEVY il an girl, to do general housework in a small prlr-t! fumily. Good relcrcuce given. Call fur two dajS at .\ rth 3d >k, Wi.ii.imsb .rg, top floor, back room. WANTED?SITUATiONH, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, lo travel; willing to lake care of children or an invalid lady; no objections to go with two different lndli s, but should like to tra-el in the same dirt-cUou. Call this day si 231 rth av. "117"ANTKD?A 8ITUATI0N, BY A RESPECTABLE YY ^girl, in a small private family, to do general housework; good rlty MM net a. Call for two days St M* 7lh St. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to assist in housework; Is au excellent dairy meld; no objection Id go short illrtancs In the country; best ol' city niermce given. Cell al 177 East 21th it., brat floor, bacg ?00.11. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION; IS ngond )I * U coo'.; anil first rate washer and I runer: wou'd liavu no objection lo do general housework; best or city references. Am ly for two days at .VO 21 ar., between 22d and 2Td sis. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 81TUAlion aa nurse: she is capable of taking cure of a I- abjr from its birth; has tne best of references from both city and country. Apply for two days at "2t?8 Ka,l 19tli at., between 1st and 2d lira, top lloor, back room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, us chambermaid and waitress, or has no objrcttou to ibiing the geuoral housework for a small inrate family: the best or city reference ran be given. Call at 171 East Sfatjit. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A NEAT, TIDY OIKL, a chambermaid and waltreaa, or to do general housework In a small private family; ran giro good city influence froin her last place. Call for two days at 1,383 Broadway, corner of 40th St. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAtlon In a prtrate lamlly lo rook and assist with the washing and ironing, has no objection to the country, and la a thorough good dairy maid. Can come well recommended. Call at 8<XLaurens St., near Spring. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AS chambermaid and nurse, or as chambermaid and lo assist in washing and Ironing. Apply at her present employer's, No. 12 urore su WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WOman, aa cook or to do general housework in a Small family. Call for two days at Atlantic St., flrst floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TO UNO GIRJL. A YT si.uitlon as gnod plain cook, washer and Ironer; nas no objection to gn to (he country; good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 198 West 33d at., between 9th and 10th a vs., Ilrst Poor "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A TT situation as laundress; nndeistsnda ber business perfectly; noaibjection to go a short distance In the country. Best clly referent*. Can be seen for two days at 1U 8th si., St. Mnrs's place, WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A young woman; can cut and lit ladies' dresses; Is willing to sadst In the chamberwork. Good city reference. Call at 299 till at, In (he fruit store. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do rooking, washing and lrnning, or general ? ?.." o .? n..i r.r..r?t.,?i n.n al 2(014th at. flTANTKD?A SITUATION, BT A BESPErTABLE ?f girl, to cook, wmh and Iron; baa the trit of <ity re,'e. retire. Cell for tiro rtnvn et No. MO Court utreet, between Union end Saukett ?t*., Brooklyn, WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A FlMrEl'TABLE young girl, to do the chaniberwork weehilig mid Ironing ol e private family. 11?H tbo beet of cily'l'd' irncB from her leet plute. Cell et 13d Eeet Mth et, let Id u?. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A BKBPKl'TABLE young girl, to do cliemherwork end walling; le wilting toiieelet In the weehlng end ironing; would do inalu cooking In a emell femlly ; le e moat eecellent wenher and Ironer, c ty refereuoe from her leet place. Apply fbr two dare et t07 lludaon et, In the (tore. GOAL. CIOAL.?PBICE RE I) UC K D. -PE ACli OR ; 11A HI).' i,E J high and LocMsl Mountain, wan anted to leg,mi,,,, ?rtbtlce, mi Iree then :e?t summer'* prlca; nl.o, f.itmb.-rland Biulieh Hoeee Cennelend Llverp,M>l Orro'. et luue,t . r ot rate-. IIKNRV HStVR. I CornOr of Canal end Centre, and June mtd ?ft s? >.,1 ,?u. C? A tm -UKl? ASM I OAL, >4 '.m Spt eiu. 1 mn now di'lirriiug the Met finality of He.I i A?li Cdol f'lf hiC. Ui.AiiitE, | W? Week tt.urenU?lr ^ BMr Bruedwey. Kli 11 ' ^xtALD, THUKSDA I A SITU ATIOJYS WANTED?MALES. | A s AStUKlAW BOOSKjBT'T'E 1 AND GENi.'RAI ?* , r?* ?'?.?A younsr ii. in, *ji".'Uug French, G rti.?n en< j bii ;i:: i atnl itoine Suanish, wi?b 4 a fcUuatiun; kt* in h ?004 rrn-cii Rud K.i^linh corre*]it>iKi'?nt; im<ieiv;.nda C : ;?? i ll iU^o builiiHAi. Bem o reie:; ncea, aud uilliug to liiuki aunvlt Kenj-rally uaeftil. Aadr?*e J. F., 10 John at., u| I tuu?. Now Turk. A YOUNG MAN OF ABOUT 24 YEARS OF AGE. Ol -/V e?oo<t a Mie.y.i, would be pl<*a*ed to make tk?? ? ' |uaiut ?n?e, v*'111 h view to matrimony, of a lady be:ween th?? agei ot 17 'iivl 21, oi a lively, loving -lisp jaitl ?n and attract!* e up Carte <le vtaitn repealed, Fleu*e address C. uJCeiui*, Union a^uani I'ost oX:^ A COACI.NAN'H SITUATION WANTED?HY A PROw^iii.1 itirL !na"' * '!0 thoroughly und-rs'an '? li * business; nr. i'L "SUU1'1 .ar b n ii required. The best U1HI1 ?ni .d*!1 Au' Jfi-^'inan wantiug a trustworthy man ?ill p ea^e en|! ?t or atb'rcr* ay Blegcker it, tor three day*. (NOACH MAN'S SITUATION WANTED? HY A RKJ spretable young ui.iu, who understands :bin many yearn' experience; Is a good and carol ul driver; is perfectly conversant wllh the management and treatment of horses; will be b und willing and old'giug; ?ood oily reference. Address W. II., at Mr. Waaler's ?adUry store, corner ol 116th at. aud Broadway, or bo* 222 Herald olllec /TOACHMA.VS SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENOv Ilsliinmi who thoroughly understands hi* bnsinesa; In good groom, a careful driver, aud can give tbe best of recommendations troiu Ms last employer; no objections to a situation in tbe country. Hall, or address K. S. O., cure of James K. Dey, 06 Cortl.indt at., or box 3,138 New York Boat olllce. COACHMAN?A QENTLEMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN a situation for a valuable and experienced coa< liman, who thoroughly understands his business, and 1* perfectly conversant wltli the management and treatment ot bur.e*; has the t eat relei euee, having lived eight years iu one place. Apply to P. S. A Co., 511'lne st TNMPI.OVMEKT wt vTvn_nv 1 ca?v? iwn ivnira JPi trlous man, as porter or shipping clerk, or In any oilier capacity where lus services would be required; bait some money, and would let his employer have It ou good security if wauled; or would join some man in a good busioesa; the advertiser hns been In tins grocery business for several years fall at or addrcse Johu 1'eaae, Bushwick av., near North 3d St., Williamsburg. Employment wanted-by a Scotchman, as assistant in a garden or nursery ground; none need apply but respectable parties. Address J. D., Herald ofllce. Farmer -wanted, a situation as farmer, by a steady, acflye man; Is a Protestant, and understuiids fsrmipg In nil lis vailous brauciies, a good ploughman and seedsman, having lifleen years' expor'euee as foreman; al-o understands the care of horses and driving from his Infancy, and Is well acquainted with dairy stork and young cattle, and can product] the best of testimonials, haviug live ye us' reference from his Isst employer at his own request. Addrees W. M. P., box 108 Herald ofllce. SITUATION WANTED.?A LAD OF 16 YEARS, WHO resides with his mother, is very desirous of be'ng employed in un Olkcc or wholesale iommerclal business; will accept of a small compensation, the object being to get a knowledge of business; he is active and Intelligent, and can ottVr the highest references. Address K. P. U., Brooklyn post ofllce. QITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AN BOOK* O keeper or salesman in a wholesale grocery; lias had ex" iierienre and can give good references. Address J. W., Love* oy's Hotel, n7y. TO MERCHANT8, BROKERS AND OTHERS.?WANT ed. a situation as porter or messenger, or any place of trust, by an Englishman; is strong and willing to muse himself generally useful. The best of recommenda ions for honesty, sobriety, Ac. Address or call, tor one week, ou J. A., 41 Perry st., N. Y, TO DRUOOISTS AND APQKECARIKS.?A YOUNG man, having a fair gsncralJKiwledge or the city retail and prescription business, wishes a situation In a retail store. References unexceptionable; expectalions moderate. Address N. f>, station B, Grand street, N. Y. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CLERK OR PORTER, or as useful assistant in any department, of busbies'. Address for one week, J. B. B., ^Buttermilk Falls, Orauge Co., N. Y. ? THE TRADES. ~ A GARDENER WANTED-ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS his bus ti s*, to take charge of a gentleman's place of two acres, about three hours'distance on the New Haven Railroad. Anrdy immediately at the Large Iustuute, 1.18 11th St., corner or (illi av. A YOUNG MAN, THOROUGHLY UNDERSTANDING the manufacture of tine chemicals, wishes a rituation with a photographer or in a Wholesale drug house. Address James, Herald ofllce. GARDENER.?A MARRIED MAN WANT8 A SITUA" lion as gardener, to take charge of a garden, greenhouse and grapery, hot or cold; the best of references given from his Ian place. Call at 95 Greenwich St., or atThorburn's seed store, New York. TTNIEK CUTTER WANTED-TO WORK ON LINEN iv good*, is. v. wudbtir, zed ana W7 west ;ua street, between 9th and 10th are. PHOTOaRAPHr.?WANTED, A SITUATION IN A Qrst rlnss gallery, by an experienced negative photographer; three year-.' practice in albumen prints. Itefarenee given. Address Artist, Herald olllce. PHOTOCRAi'HKR?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A Urst class worktra i t> make negatives; salary not so much an object as the quality of pictures produced. Gall at Lovcjoi'e Hole1, Park row, tet ween the hours of 9 anu 12, or address D. T. Lawrence, Mewburg, Orange oouuty, N. Y. PICTURE ENGRAVER WANTED.?APPLY WITH specimens at it Ann at., room 11. STRAW HAT PKE38ER3 WANTED?TIPPER, BANDER unit brimmer wanted, to work at Newark. None but first class bauds need apply to William C. Ravenhill, tfS Broadway. STRAW IIAT AND BONNET PRE8SEOS WANTED IMmediately, at 123 East Houston street. TO DENTISTS ?WANTED, A DENTIST, FULLY COMpetent to operate and do pints work. Mail applicant, suite age, if single or married, now long be haa been a dentist, In what branch ha excels, and what wages required. Addresa E. A A. PRHTBRRB. Irt Bowery TO PRINTERS.?'TWO OOOD BOOK COMPOSITORS wanted this morning, at SZDuane St. TO PRINTERS-A OOOD JOB COMPOSITOP. WANTS a permanent situation; can give refarence as to capacity, Ac. A line addressed Priuier, box 107 Herald office, will receive attention. TWO EDOE OILDKRS CAN FIND STEADY EMPLOYrneul at C. Heitkamp A Son's, No. S North W.liam street. * TV ANTED?A OOOD OOLD PEN ORIND8R. APPLY TT at the factory of Maota, Todd A Co., 4'2 Qrerue St. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS MAN, WHO IS AN Experienced sugar boiler, to go to 8outh Ameriaa fo. a term of years; good recommendations required. Address box 3,314 i'oat Mm, Boatou, Mass. WANTED?A BAKER IFOR A DININO SALOON; TT mii't understand rolls, biscuit, pastry, Ac. Apply at 2)3 Washington tt. WANTED-A MOULDER, TO MAKE CAST IRON Plumber's Pipe; one who Is thoroughly acquainted with the work can find steady employment. Apply at the corner of Hudson and Park aveuues, Brooklyn. nnvTt?n_l MAV WITH fiilMP. EXPERIENCE IN YY hat pressing. Inquire at 101 Pulton a?., Brooklyn. YATANTKD-A GOOD BRASS FINISHER; ONE WHO TT understands the business In alt It* branches. Also a man to put up chandeliers, who Is accustomed to the business. Apply to K. V. Haughwout A Co., 4S6, 490 and ?! Brsadway, < oruer of Broom* at. WANTED?TWO HANDS TO WORK ON LIGHT brail* work. Inquire of G. Cooper, 229 South 3d at., Jersey City. FRENCH AOV KRIJttEMESTS UNE DEMOISELLE DE BONNE FAMILLB. RECEMmint arrtvee d'Xurope, dealt* a* placer comme dame de rompagnie on gquvernai.te dans tin* famttle respectable, on II Ml ?~init facile tie a'lultler a la laugue Auilaise. 8 a dresser par eorlt am Initiates L. D., bureau du Herald. UNE FILLS FRANCAISE DESIRE SK PLACBR comm* lamnc d'enfants. S'adresaor pour d*ua jours obex Mr. Roeee, HQ East 26th at. UNE FRANCAISE DESIRE TROUVER UNE PL \CB ennimn famine de ehumbr*, sac bant parfaltenient coudre. S'adreeaer chex Mom. Bequlllon, IDS 3* av.,de 3 6 houres. UNK CIWNIERF FRANCAISE DE PREMIER ordre, otune Allemaade, tout** deux cordon bleu; un waiter Kranoot* et un Anglal* at ua chef Francala, tons troll do premier ordr*. demaadent a a* placer. S'adreeear a 1'Agenre Francala* de M. G. q AILLAKD, 91 9th it. ~" PBllfl?TET. _ _ ARTinCIALTEKTU?BEAUTIFUL BBT8. ON PURE liver, only $6; on fine gold and plutlna, $39, and warrunted equal to any work in New York; alugle teeth, $1; teeth tilled and eitracted without Che least pain and perfectly harmless; superior bone tilling, SO sen la Ofllce 138 Biitn avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets: no removal. DR. LUTilER, Dentist. Artificial bonb fillino.-kooms of tiik his. eoverar, 899 Broadway, one door above Seventeenth treat. Tenner teeth, old roots end mere shell* tilled ami warranted. Beware of miserable Imitations of the cheap operators. N. B.?All lovers of sound and beautiful teeth and sweat Dream u*e the we a*ini>rate<i tnioan vminnire #no Lotion. J. PBAK80N, M.D., biMoverer. Artificial tbeth.?wb oortimjh to extkaci Teeth In two aeconda, without pn'n, with our hamiiuilug fluid. No extra eharga for temporary eeta or extruding, Te?th Inaerted without extracting the route, on our Improved aimoepuerto procure plate*. Our chemically pure Chlonv form and Btbwr administered without the slightest ilany. r, l'eaae call and examine specimens before going eleewt.erc. Dra. Of KKIN k ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal itreet, opposite Wait Broadway. A SIT OF TKKTU ON GOLD til; ON SILVBR, $0 partial I'leoee. on gold, $1 per tootlt: on ailver, $1. Teeth cleaned and whitened or tilled with gold, allv. r, anial gum or hone cement, 80 centa. Teeth eitracted wlthoul g'nln by Dr. II. VILLEuB, Ben., 43 Bowery, oppoalte the old theatre. * Having had three roots Extracted with nit i'e?llr.g any whatever by Dr. J. JaY NIL I.Kits, lAMJraml alien, two block* from Broadway, I talti gr ni pleasure In rrfontmendlng him to those autforiug ironi tool her he.?raril tai I'* are a, 34tl Bowery. TKETIt FILLED WITH COLD IN THE BEST I'OSHt 1 a'Me imtnne;-, fi?c uf eiiareo; teeth extia ted ml I palII Bplendld se.ts ot tieib $10. Old platea reniiHielled, id lit gtut: onCed, S3 at I NUERSOLIt'S, 133 Welt Twenty . e ond sui'i'i. iN. Y. WATCH KM, JEW 10 Lit Y, Ac. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds-the brri linifeiiUiu ever offered to the public a our I'aria rto.ioh out CaUfornbt Dhtinoinla. Heing nut Ur real diamond lipl darlaa, the luat judges are deceived For sale only at J T THOMPSON'S jrwolery shire, 431 Braid way, three dooi a'-two CauaJtklreei. HE.VOHUAHTK IH FOR CHEAP JEWELRY.-10 uiete? in' Jewelry 31. comprtaing 'lie un deacrl| tintt of (r've'.ry ea > ae.l ii ata'lonery rnoxsge... tin p e ? JetVMiiy unit | Oanig" | ao. in. lUifiils, with a i .ruu'er givm a dbatrf'lloii uf n?.' roftls. AImi Station.Ty ail i Jo te r (Mtk.ig a, toe la *. in tlio mnthol. hi p'i-ea ra ying rv n ti cniaieai jtla ilu'eii. Add. ere J. A Andrew*, llUdudbur i atreet, Boston, klaa*. I ] ' " " v ' 1 it}'' '

If, AP1UL iU, LHiiZ.?I'iUfiii | HRLP WA\TE1)-M\LKS. A,:fv ACTIVITY AND BNERcir CAM MAKE 1 a Iron, tn Sep r day hv ing"."in* In I ? Mid of the 1 VALUABLE CBliB ;vrAliUMUtr, 1 uk'ipk package and envelope > f\. a. 'n '''* U"?nket. ' ?nulWl?S!2l? *"> eli"r< ?" ' ??" Jewelr jr eonsiat* of r*. Krr VAKIcTU.S, esicb art ule mannur tured with ?. .. AUTisTIC TA81E. ' pot In ea<+ ra ,v;.,, p lifelike Engraving of mm , CEN. GKoUuK ?. McCLKLL\N, 0*10. I i IS valuably U cire*. $ sheet* Ladies' Millet Paper. t oaheetaCom > :c- Paper. <5 Ruff Knvt-'oim. o smcU Imdi-V Note Paper. 2 Hue Sieel Pen*, o ?nli" Union Envelopes, iu 1 lino 1'eucll. lsbeu Blotting Paper * Lane* while Union En- 1 A'XOiUUiod.d'un Peanoljer. ' vel n>e<i, Alan a VALUABLE PIKUE OK JEWELRY. For further particular* *eni lor out- of our cireul >r*. which we mail free. d _ RICK ARCS k CO., 102 Kiwwu ?trect, N. V. ? AOENT?IP you WISH TO INVENT A .SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS ( EnHaiiur in# merit of the ' MULTOMIOROON. * MULTOMICBOON. " Call and tee it, or send stamp for clrculur. f S. C. KIOKARDS A CO., 102 Nassau street. * . t Agents.?the dime packagb. p p. p. p. ? PANPHROPHOSIVM l'KIZE PACKAGE, PltlCE 111 CENTS. / THE DINE PACKAGE CONTAINS 18 ARTICLES V ALL NEW AND ORIGINAL. EACH PACKAGE " 11AS A GIFT OK JEWELRY. Agents can melee in arlv lit) per cent. Send stamp for a / cii "lir. W. 11. CATBLY a CO., 102 N^*aau alreoC \ Agents send for our circular, mailed free, a PRIZE AND PORTRAIT PACKET, a UNION AND RECIPE PACKET, PRIZE PACKET FOR THE MILLION, / EXCELSIOR STATIONERY PACKET, I PACKETS WITH AND WITHOUT JEWELRY P HEADQUARTERS FOR STATIONERY PACKETS. HAsKINS ? CO., 26 B ekman street, New York. J Agents -agents wanted in every state op the Union, In asll tDodln'a) Patent Kerosene Oil Burn- 1 era fur lluid lamps, making a boHUtllul light at a cost of only J one rent per week. Call on or addrcia Joseph Dodiu, 22 ll Duaii -, uenr Chatham St., K. V. J A BUSINESS MAN WANTED-TO TAKE THE OUT- 1 ,/i. door part of a respectable eatabll-hed rash buainss; p aalary and comnila..:or3 amounting to about $10 to $15 par o wiok. None need apply wilh leas then $lr0eaah. Apply at * tip Broadway. C. B. HOWES'A CO. 1 Boy wanted?to open oysters and wait on < table. Apply at 468 0th ar., Kniekerbocker Cottage. k TPMPI.GYMENT.-MEN WANTED ON A STANDARD o XU book tor New York city and State. Bead recommendations of Judges of State Supremo Court. ( WH1LT A YOST, Publishers, Philadelphia, Pa. k FARMER WANTED.?K YOUNG SINGLE MAN, AME- ? rloan, who thoroughly understands hia business, is 1 wanted to take charge of a farm a few miles from the city; a mot be sober, industrious and intelligent; to one of the right sort a permanent p'ace will be secured. Application may ba f nitide to J. Venderbllt, 2? Pulton at. Groom wanted?to go to dutchess county; > slug e man, compoteut, faithful, and aeeuatomed to ' alaliioua. Apply for three days la oflite 195 Pearl St., up I stairs. STEADY EMPLOYMENT.?$14 PER WEEK EASILY made by following the directions contained lu Hood's great I book of "One Hundred Ways to M ike Money." Mailed free t by sending 16 cents (in silver) to W. HOOD, 151 Monroe St., New York. COM El'HI KG NEW ,T AGENTS WANTED?MAGNETIC I kJ Hummer*, Patent Shoe Solo Protectors, Prang's Curd 1 Portraits of Armv and Navy Ottleers, Cook's Companion, or t.'otuSlned Stove Lifter, aud other new articles selling rapidly. Enclose stump. RICE A CO., 83 Nassau street. r TEAMSTERS.?A MAN W1IO UNDERSTANDS 1 driving n pair of horses, can obtain a steady job by applying at i?l? 7th av. 11EA TRADE?WANTED. A SMART, ACTIVE YOl'NG man; must understand the business. Address, in nppli. ant's handwriting, C., bog 137 Herald office, slating reference, where last employed and how I ng. WESTERN TRAVELLER.?AGENCY WANTED OF . some good article to sell on commission (hardware line !>rcferred), by a responsible young man who has travelled 'or a city house, and csn influence trade. Address II. L., box 1,41)5 Post ollicc. WANTED?IN A COUNTRY STORE. AT NEWTOWN L. I., a young man ns clerk; cue who has hud expert- I ence. and can speak and write English and G-rman. W. E. Kt'RMAN. WANTED?A HARDWARE SALESMAN, TO SELL , TT Cutlery from samples, on commission, lit the Western i and near by Slates. None hut those 'rnvlng some knowledge ; of the business need address, with reference, post paid, T. 4 0., bOX 3,7ff8 Post office. "WANTED-BY A LARGE DRY GOODS HOl'SE, TWO Vf entry clerks. Nunc need apply unlets quick si ligurcs i aud can write rapidly. Address B. C. K., box 2,112 Post < office. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, FROM Iff TO 20 YEARS TT of age, of polite nddrc a and a good salesmen, with i $S0 cash aa aecitrl'y, to tiavel with the advertiser aud sell light g.odf to families. A compensation adeuimte to his MflcM will ba given; situation permanent. Call for two day*, from It) lo 12 A. M., at Hoffman Brothers, 330 BroadWay, third floor. Inquire at the office forTravelcr. TITAKTED?A PORTER IN A JOBBINO DRY GOODS TT store; one who has a Knowledge of the business, and in willing to make himself useful. None but au American need apply. Address box 3,887 Post oBlr#. TIT"ANTED?2 CONDUCTORS, 2 BRAKEMKX, 2 ENTRY TT clerks, B clerks for grocery stoics, a valet to go with a merchant to California, 6 men for steamboats, 4 girls to travel, 1 stewardess. Call at the Employment Agency, No. 7 Clialhiim square. WANTED-A MAN TO TAKE THE CARE OF A OAR. TT den and a span of horses. Good recommendations required. Apply to J. H. Browning, at 32*1 Broadway, up stairs. WANTED.?AN ACTIVE MAN OF GOOD ADDRESS msy obtain permanent employment In canvassing for and deli.erlng a ucw aerial wbrk, "Tha War with the South." Apply from 9 to 1 P. M. to Virtue A Co., 26 John' at., np stairs. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE MAN, TO ASSIST IN A light business: with the right kind of a man. hat ing about (lint) c.ish, a permanent anangcuient xvlll he made. A good, sure und steady imome. Apply to W. MA1TLAND X CO., 104 Broadway, up stairs. WAITER WANTED-A MAN WHO PERFECTLY Tv understands his brsturss, to lake charge of a dining room in a hotel. Apply at the bar at 242 Fulton at.. Brook'in WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND A LUNCH counter; he must be attentive and obliging. None 1 o<her need apply. Call Immediately at Patten'a Hotel, 231 I Greenwich sh, corner ol Warrsn. . I UhANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS GENERAL CLERK IN "V anodlce; also, two salesmen, wholesale grocery, and a collector. Aprly at 131 Fulton at., Mcichatita' Clerks' 1 Uuvistry Oltice. Situations procured for resp?i table parties. Ref. 'fence to first class houses. Established l>0d. \ WANTED?IN AN AUCTION AND COMMISSION house, a smart and intelligent lad: one who nxu reside with Tilts parents prui'orred. Apply to A. JOURNBAY, 373 Brcalway. UfANTED?AN AOTIVB, INDUSTRIOUS MAN, TO work ou a farm; must he a good vegetable gardener, and understand the care of horse <; no fancy man, but one willing to work at lucdcral" wages. Apply at 37.1 Broadway. WANTED?A SMART YOUNG MAN, TO DRIVE A horse and ?art, one who understands the cate of horses and well acquainted In this ciiy and Brooklyn. No other need apply at 21 Catharine at., corner Henry. Gfl 00 ?agents wanted, to open an office PXU \J? and take the wBol?ra1e agen?y In every State, fo. all of laloyd's Great Mitiiary Men , used by our Comivamlerr lu-Chlcf. The cheapest Maps In the world. A fortune can be made on these Maps In each Slats. 3 ID 1,000 copies of one of my uxaps have already been sold, >'?>, a man to go to California. Enrland and Cuba. Agents also want"d*ln every oouuiy. Scud SI lor samples and circulars. J. T. LLOYD, 1M Broadway. anSCIAL NOTICES. CLAY FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION.-THE CLAYVBSTIvat Aasooiatinn will rctabrata the Ktgbtytlftb anniversary of the.birthday of Henry Cl?r, by a Dinner at the St. Denis Hotel, on tho evening of thelzOi lust.,atf)j o'clock. Members ; wi ding tickets may procure them on or before tlie evening of lbs 10th Inst, of the Secretary, at hla ofllce, M Wall street. Notre will be disposed of after tuat date By order 1 A. D8 WITT H ALP WIS, Secretary. (HIEMICAL BANK, NEW Y()RK,%APRIL 7. 18M ? J Ei.kctioh.?At an election held this day the following named gentlemen were elected Directors of this Bank for > the ensuing yonr, vis:? JOHN Q. JONES, CORN'S V. S. ROOSEVELT, JOHN DAVID WOLFE. ROBT. McCOSKRY, BRADISH JOHNSON. And for Inspectors at the nest succeeding election ? PBTER UOBLKT, I ISAAC L. I'LATY, japhet bishop. At a subsequent meeting of the Board John Q. Jones, Esq., was unanimously re-elected President, i ' O. O. WILLIAMS, Cashier. Great exhibition, london, 1*2.?visitors to the great International Eihlhltlon, end tourists generally, are Invited to Inspect the pieralsnt European costumes at ths clothing House of If. CREED, 83 Conduit street, Bond street, w., London. Orders respectfully solicited and promptly executed. ' Under special appointments to tbo Oneen, Emperor and Empress of the French, Prince. Imperial, Ac. Corresponding house 17 Rue Taltboiit, Paris. LBTTER8.-A NUMBER OF RETURNED LETTERS from the Mlockadlng Squadron, directed to tho sldps Koanuke, Macedonia, Sabine, fenrannah. Massachusetts and I other ships, are now at Mr. OEOROE Ml.'NDAY'ri, 191 York I atreet, Brooklyn, near the Nary Yard gale. VIOl/NT VERNON AND OTHER TAXES.?THE BUB *YL soribor bat log arranged, will retain a copy of hla Tag Book until Msy 1; those not wishing to hare their property l Involved by tag salas, may call at his office, corner of Ursnd and Elisabeth streets, on Moudays of this month. JOHN b.jrorkk. Collet tor. 1 TYUDMANS PIIILADBLPUIA ALE.-TIIIS IS TO UIVB K as-.* If....... II L? .1.. ?f 7i fl.,Ur aiMdt Mam . JLW IIUllfT lll?t nmu J V. runirr, ui i -a vruw. m.r-., t York, i* no longur for th* nolo of RtidtnuB's PbllndeU I phla Alo. nor havo Foiler A IVuroto said ale for aale. IHtuapsr.riiu, March 17, IBM. WM. C. RODMAN. St'KCtAL.-MR. P. QURADY, RECENTLY OF TUB Slovens House, Broadway. has removed to 784 Rroadi way, corner of Kighth afreet, where he will b* happy lo meet j LUformerfrlcndgandpatrom . STOLEN?FROM THE SUUfh'.RlliKR, AT THB CITY of New York, or* lb 8th riny ol A10I1. ISA2, a Promissory ' Mot*, made by Aoatllt A. Fuller, dated March 17, H;Ki, pay. I e'de in thirty days from date, lor $1 ft), In ibe order of At-, > I itiew Oetntih 1'ayment baa In*n rtopp*d, and the re o.'? j ' I item ol the Minn If h*re1<y u rid'.don. _ ANDREW OPMCM. The annual bxiiibition of tub free maw Ing School ol iho General Sod*ty of Nrulmtilra and f Tradesmen, N& 473 Hi*" l\> <y, u III ink plan* mi Thntg;l...v I nnxl, th" loih mat., from I to V o'clock in lie a i"i> opn, ami from 7>i lt> 8*a n elm A tu the evening. Ihu jopVt will he , present; a number of drawings evoented. liy loom will he a exhibited, and ecreral *dtlr**eea will he madev. The mem- i hers at the Society emt the public ere Incited v? at tend. l? fcxf?llk.h<?ws. f \ hi RNIIAVS frrmf RT. fKPRRs.d AND PACK. i i\ , Inst list ihiietimeiit, 1)', v. > si Kieyooin xt o, li"i?f, n Hfth an I Siatli sveiio ,?Ho.. chill I* ?t nit t o l oved II nod shipped to all per. is ol the tt?il.l t '-ci.-d w - ;oita y J lorrioiiovtiig InrullpTj to or irotul'c t'omli. torno'll* I ManA 6 ^ ' NTKO? FEMALES. ~ -n SERVANTS WILL KIND ALL FAMILIES AMI* HfH, " mutum at the burner .if the Urgent old KtaldiaueA ?. tor German, Euuhah, Ki vlU uviu 0 atel Ki vb uh in at:, i. ante. Irish ami American uuunu Ere a aruuAui-d. Bood places always ready. ProteaUSt 0?v _ ,f vt RKK AK INTELLIGENT, EXPERIENCE*K.\( U?. 1 (l? wauled, to t ike rare #f vuu'ij rhildrro, IUU* >lat?i are my None nerd unity without itied Htf i' 20 /III. ut., brtnerii tan liouraof 11 mil 1. A COZ/OREIl TOVAN ViiffD-n DC' UKSKK.L IX houaawerk; on A yo 4 .00k, waster aini ir.iner; 'efbfouee* r iqnir d aa io eharacirr ui.d .ip. ilily , vtug * $7. Ipply ..t :">! Jut plui , south Ur oklyo. A IMMIM WANTED?TO' GO A SIIUI T DI8 IX Uuuj in llie country, IVlid run eat and make' reiaes and use Grover A Baker**. aewi?? uuvtiu. Apply t the New Haven depot, Twtnty-I.vsnta aired and Fourth V. uue (ludieu' department), li twecn 1) and 10 o'clock A. M. THAMHEBMAID "ATANTED?ONE FULLY COMPELS lent, who cuu bring brut c.ty rrt'r re litre. AtrO a girl to rw, aeaikt lu a nursery, Ar. Apiily ut 'ii jl utiuon uv. 'TOOK, AC.?WANTED, -"V OO TO ABTOWA, L I., A J middle a^ed woman, to do tl>- i okiug, warblliit an I eueru! housework ot u iuuilly of iuo; uagca *7. Bottelty rfrri uora required. Apply utW Wrat 3JU ?l , br?w .ru 5tU nd dlli avea., thiu day Cluiu day) V ur. u .lui 1 5 0 lo-t.. TOOK AND WAITER VbNl ftD-FOIt NJWFOKT. I J Botli ntiin be tfc .i :^blv i - Aop.y tvieu uetlloniuU ut Coo..tiuui A Unit li e. 3W till u ' TOOK?WANTED. IN A PUIV TE FAMILY OM) WHO ' J lliori .Uglily uuderatuudu her In uln. ua au' iawt.ila.ilo iuiat n the washing and ironing. /.pi ly I* ween 10 'ink - M. and 1 o'elo.k 1. M. at :'J loth l., Le wee.- 0th a < Otli vts. TOOK WANTED.?A WOMAN WHO MOMOOBH J uiiuer.alnutlu uirut an., puany cookm; lor a hotel. Aply at 212 Fulton at , R.o.iklyu. PkUESSMAKEltS WANTED.?FOUR OK FIVE GOOD I. J dressmakers can lind employment at fcl Ulrrrkn st. r ADIEd IN BROOKLYN REQUIRING SERVANTS 1J trustworthy and eupeilenoe.t, end ivbo liuvr lu he babll of getting aurb at 10 Tlllary ut.. llimklyn, will lir.d Ir. ( Ihrlstopbcr .here as uatial, and ran Mill he .ith servant-. of undoubted character respectability, luv.i.a purchased ihr goo.1 uill and Interest ot uiy former urtuer. I alinll conduct tlio above business in future on my wn responsibility huiI on those principles of strict honor rhi n l.uvc guided me the lust four years. R. P. CliRXS'OP1IER, lOTIUary at., Brooklyn, late Muunlng A Co. JEllVANTS.-EXi'ELLENT SITUATIONS, IN FUIST J cliu families, rt-a y and t<> be oblalucd immediu'ely, ritiiont payment, at Mi ". LOWS elegant and commodious llice, II Suutou street, between the Bowery and Chrystie ft. AKUVANTS WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?KESI'KCTA17 bio ..eiTantx can ho suited immediately with rice.lent Ituatlons, in brat class fundi lea, at the highest w.igif. I iavu many ;uod which ar now toady, and may lie enlitre. 1 this day. Apply to Mr. CURlSTul'HKR, lUTillary itteet, Brooklyn, late Manning A Co. rO EMPLOYERS AND SERVANTS.?MBS. I.OWE honestly and promptly attends to orders lor good ser'ants, in he..old eautbluhed, elegant oltlee at 17 Stanton ureet, bcttvecn Bowery and Chrystie street. Ken.a e ierants of all nations, with investigated characters, always on land. iyanted?a first class cook, washer and it ironer. Also chambermaid and waitress, Gail in Slllott place, corner of Hauton p,ace, Brooklyn, from 9 to 12 nls day. iyANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, AS NURSE AND IT seamstress, llnlya capable person need apply, ootveeu Ihe hours of 10 and 3 o'clock, at 16 Nevins St., liiookyp. . Wanted?as chambermaid and waitress a respectable girl, wlio tully understands her w ork, with Jr?t rate references from her late employer. Apply trom 9 lo 12 A. M., for two days at 2.Td Clinton at., South Brooklyn. Wanted-an active, tidv woman, to cook, wash and iron. Must have good city references. Apply after 9 o'clock st 76 West 34th si. vttanted-a smart, active girl as cook, it washer and Ironer; must thoroughly understand her business; one who is not afraid to work; good reference* rcjuired. Call at 220 West .12d si., alter 9 o'clock. yy anted?a good milliner, at 270 6th av. *yanted?a c0od cook. washer and ironer Tl wbh city reference. Nouu other need anpiy at Si. Mark's place, to-day, between the hours of 10 and 12. WANTED?A SMART, CLEANLY GIRL, TO GO A short distance in the country; must bo a good plain look, know ho v lo make goud bread and blsciul, and a urst rate washer and ironer; also, an early riser. .Seven d.klars per inomh. Reference* required. Protestant preieired. \pply at2l7 Bowery, !u the store, Horn 10 to 1 o'clock. \yanted?a well recommended protestant Ti girl (colored or white), to eook and wanh tor a lumily hi Orange, N. J, luquiie ai the office of j. B. k W. W. Cornell, lot) Centre at. Wanted-a GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; oue who is capable aud can bring gnod reeuium. ndallons from her Inst place may apply at 02>? Lust 21 si at., between the hours of 8 and 11 A. M. Wanted?this day. a good, experienced laundress for a private family; wages t<. AUo a few good cooks, washers and ironers, and girls lor general housework; sit tor excellent s tuitions, without delay, at Mi.NDEKcON'B Intelligence office, No. 0 Court St. Brooklyn. \yanted?as laundress and chambermaid. a if poison fully competent to nil that sttualiou. Apply at 17 West el., irom two to four P. M. WANTED?A COOK AND A WAITRESS IN A P1Uvale' family; no washiog or ironing ru* Mired from either; both must understand their business and I e able to h tug city references. Apply this day, between the hours of j una 12 o'clock, at 127 West StJih at. W'ANTr.D-A PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL TO DO Ti general ltouaewoik: mitt be competent and come wel recommended. Apply to A, Brower, Mth si., accond door TOR "i Broadway. YK/ANt'ED?A TIDY. ACTIVE GIRL. AS LAUNDRESS If and to underaland chamber*oik and waiting;! mu luiiy i an petrol ran apply at 298 Weat. 22d at., from oluo until two o'clock. WANTED?A GOOD OPERATOR ON GROVKR A BAkei'a machine. Apply at Mra. Lett's, U25 Broad nay. WANTED?A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; 11 nm?t be a good plain cook, good wa?her and lroner, rlth city reference. Call at 4ti ith av., be: w.-eu the houra o? 10 and 2. WANTED-TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS TO GO A. abor. distance in the con ti try; onu to ojok, waah and Lion, the olhar lo do clian.ser und general hnttae work; ut.iat be well recommended. Call at 111 Eaal l'Jlh at., this morning or Friday moaning, I'mm 10 to 12 o'clock. WANTED?ON STATES ISLAND, AN EXPERIENCED II Proteatiint woman, at uurae, to take entire charge o an Infant, live months old; French or German prelerrid. None who have not the Leal reference* need apply at No. 2 M mhlngtmi ?' Minn U and l o'clock. WANTED-8EVERAL OPERATORS, WITH THEIR TI own Wheeler A Wihun'a machine, to work lu the manufactory, on hue work, at *01 Broadway, up atairv, ae und loll. W ANTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER, ONE WHO TV unrtecatan la trimming aa well; constant employment lo one that anile. Alao nu eiqirouticc to I earn toe trade; will be required to spend halt of hrr tima at housework. Inquire at 280tith av.,corner 13th at. WANTED-A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS; ONB WHO TV oan cut and ut. MnM have good o ty reterence. Apply, from ten A. M. to two P. M., a'. Si Lexington av. WA.MfcU IMklBUl AlfiLI-I WKan UlHiJS rUH ^tiiriul housework in city *nd country; six cook*, wnilifrj and trotters; three chamnertnslds, tour waitresses, two nurses and several small girls, which arc In great dcut-ind. Apply at 275 Bowery, near Ilnusiun at. TIT ANTED?A COOK. ONE THAT 18 ABLE, OBLM. TV log and kind, and who thoroughly understand# her business; soups, meats, poultry, game, biking, pastry und dessert* of all mnds. Wages must be moderate. Call for two 'lay* at .12 West 13'h at. TT'ANTED-TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS; ONE FOR TV cooking, washing and Ironing, and one r* chambermaid and aa tre a. None nocd apply without the beat city reference. Apply at 216 Weak 324 *1V1TANTED-1N A PRI VATE FAMILY, A SMART AND TV tidy woman, ea rook; muat be a good baker and laundrees, and thoroughly ntiderataad all the duties of bat poslt.en. nu:;h a person, baring good oily reference, may ai^ly at 1'OCoogrexest., South Brooklyn, between the houra oft A. M. and I P. M. \\JANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A NEAT, IN" TV duatrlouaairi to do gen ral houeewerk; must under find bread making and plain cooking,aleo be a good washer and ironer To a rompetrnt girl, $7 per month. Apply at 9ft Wayne at., Jeraey City. _________ WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID, SEAMSTRESS, COOK. TV nurse and a waiter girl; aleo a woman Intake care of an old'lady and sleep In the same room with her. Apply at No. 7 Uth at., between Broadway and University place, from 9 till S o'clock. WANTED-A COMPETENTTOUNG PERSON, TO DO the general housework at 119 Henry at., Brooklyn. Wages $5. No company permitted. 117ANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A GIRL A8 TV chHmbcrmeld *nd laundress. Apply at 64 7th sr. "117ANTED. ?A NICE AND COMPETENT FRENCH TV g'rl, of fine disposition and pleasant manners, wishes an opportunity to accompany a lady to Europe as maid, or n family as nurse. Inquire of her present employers, southeast corner of Madison sr. and 37th st. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL. SPEAKING THE KNOliah language fluently, from 17 to 19 yean of age. to act aa wnitreaa. Apply et Ufl Bowery. WANTED?A 8MART GBRMA* GIRL. TO DO THE Wlf i ~?Aels rtf * nrixTRtJ* 11T! ftttlfli DA Ahla tO rook. wash and Iron, ami make herself guar rally useful Call At 413 WestSftch si., third door. WANTF.D?A I'ROTBStANT NUR8B, KNUUMU preferred, to take entire charge of three ohllilree. On ty such as hnre acted In that rapacity, and with the bast uf reference, will call at 33 West ltth at., between 10andl3 o'clock. WANTED?A ClIHL TO DO OBNBIlAfi HOtlHBWOBE. flood reconinioudallone required. Call between 10 A X. and 3 P. M. at 73 Weet Aid it. 1 HA ??on hands WANTKD ON WOVEN ANDTIBE H'H shirts. Ap;'ly this inornlac at 86 Leonard it., (out doors weet of Broadway. Four otltei' Wants Bee First Page. iPom'iMi, 1fK)R HALB-TUB EAST SAU.lNtV HUtOP HIUOBI ' jathi, UKBHCCA. Apply fur particulars, rtt Urn lleral. Offlrc. 1'Uli cULK-l LAKilK NKWlfOUNDLAVD OOU. / L" vend watch d?v snil well trained; also s Itlack snd Tsu uli pun it 1 weight. Kitir mnnllta otil; H. oleli and BullTerrtci I'd,ii> and Newfiiuiidlsiid I'tipw Apply ta JOUN CH vY, 41 damns siisv t, up stairs Stll, It CAT WAN'i Kit- t oll A PI.KVIBK HOA1 rigged, wt'ha .run - hoard; uicusu emertt tiur thrrr to tire inn a Address, with description, prtcv to I %u?ut pMOavtlsia, boi THl New Pork I'oet ofche, A p __ MUNICAL, A ^?.i:TAVE ORAND PIANO. Or BROAUBENr Z. 11 n ? i l!i' r"?' l,u?k'' "HI l>? sold cheap en ,,r wiUjjo .or a wgiare P-?,,p. A^ply at MM A lTstob .I^I'fK,NT i H?.VEM OCTAVE ROSKWOOD """torn tjujiruveiti Mil. and made to order- be~n :u uar S?a?70 tS2J>- H"rl?r ur"'luia a' it .aorlltif. In1 ^ ? Twtnty-aiN U street, re?r d.xih avenue. I ?TT?^VT "'>*fWOOD PIANOMRTK TO BE MB 1,1 '-nraedl.-itely. Is 1CW, o Uve 1 r "t wa? r< ioseifs#.. all tt.? lateat Imp.coilAttJ u^i toast in*.A t* will Le told for olU,, i.n i o" V.j Sl5 MM!' Ap, l/ ?' 1 *- ?. ?' ?? if'rd > " *venu? ^ ? '. |3uB tALE-AT A (IRK AT .'ACKIFICK. FOR OV*U. A I r aeven octave l,rMS 2SC"P' ri l e"a *'"1 tlnish, largest .lilf, full I ion plate, , "**r?uug ba?s. round I corner*, beautifully carved case and i,'** A i 'run* best citjr makers iiivru. 67fnoptli j ?i*tU Hlruet, Wi'Manst >urg. i rjKEAT WANT OF I ..MEDIATE CASH ONllv ,'* I vl sucea ma to oil.-r my Plsao.'or'.o lor sale It was niau" t*i I erdcr lor the pr-sent uwnrr. Mil I* u.u>,'.>tiu r one of th# Attest end ni"*t ciahoiMe 1.11 u;'..-1 instruments in till, ctly, Ilea j, teste aipia! to any grand piano ever made, most spies il? wsewppl atse, is without .pot or IdmUlt, list, been ilior.iughiy tested, la coven fu.1 oetavia, ovet .?;i ting b its, i-i; t a WlrfB seal--, three ro.v* ol' esrved moul lings, serpent n? t n tarn, carved lets of tile wont bauulnl il-i pi, Men scroll desk .itihid hour Tof solid pearl, in. fully warr nted by ibs niaitese; oosl eignt month* ug" $iKO: If 1 uan r.d r Situ, the Piano .ball go. Call early al privatere.-ldeno-, I'JS Henry street, N-. V. Ml'SIC AY*?A TENOR, OF OOGIPFDWEtt AND FINK vote*. iO'iipea for engsgentr-ns In lirst c.n ? qua Men le, ITo.o .May It. n icier* Episcopal seisdce. Addict M. U., Herald oilk-c. MUSICAL. -WANTED, A TENOR MI-NO KR. WITH A powerful 7V) ci'. for ait Kp s. opal church in Biujklys. Address t'b*., llersla i*Illce. PIANO ? INSTHL'HENTAL AND VOOAL MU8IC taught by a yoottg lady, m Ha WesSRevenltiaiitb street; 't&retiu a le*Miu, with prlvllagn of practising. Afsg Icasona.^ > lt? French. 1>1 ANO.v?Rl-.MOV M,.?T S. BERRY K?S REMOVED I his Piano t\ srerKtina to btlS ISroadwaK where H'.l.el, Davis A Co.'* I'tunos and other Ronton uud \Tv. Yuru 1'iauo* luav be tound al great bargains- MBlodeousAbeap. 1'iauo* aud' Melodeou* to let. IS. BERRY, WJal road way. Opposite Metnijoli'.en- tf its^'- . PIANOS, MKLODEOKM, FRENCH ORGANS, MUSIC, Wutcnus, Uinnanin a. Jewelry,- Segira, Saft?Book.*, (luns, i'lktola, PaiAttnga, Sew lug Machine?, s ssaall Strain Sngine, Ac., at., for sale cheap, ( tab advances oa consignments. I. F. JONftS,62 Anu ^trei-jpwecnnd l.oor. fTlHK HORACE WATERS KLODRONS X an.l A.ciaudtv. UrgaUH, mi.Icefchrated ASollaii Pianos, are the llnusl parlor uS chur hcs-now ill use. A I trio* seen M thi "? " Jnew wari-rootus, N ). Ail 15iixu^wR^tTweib Grand aug Broome su-eeta, which will be sold at oitrcuialy low price* 1*1.11101 nnil flt.lnili-.oui, from sundry makers, new andsecoau hand, to let, and rent allow ed il purchased as per agreement. .Monthly payments received for the saint-. Sheet Music, Music Hooks, rnd all kinds of Music Merchandise at all prices. A pianist in attendance will try now music. rpt) RENT?FOR a 1'IANOFOKTB WAREttOOM, par* ' . . X of Musi" Sloro No. d Ai tor place; terms low. Incurs of tl. B. HODWORTH. _ CO r(\ ?A ROSEWOOD. IRON FRAME, CARVRB vluU. desk, round corner Piano, cost $326, hut little used, m perfect order, will he sold for $180; one 0 octave fos $90. Cottage Pla-ioa $.:<U. Prince A Co.'a Me'.ohons and Harmoniums at whole ale or retail, or for rent. Planoaal tJ per uionlh. S. T. GORDON, ',0b Broadway. -y HfSTRVCTIoiti .......J! A FEW CHILDREN WOULD BE RECEIVED INTO A farmer'a family, and he instructed o> Ms wife, who ie an expo; Icmed teacher, and who would give them a mother's cure. Terms moderate. Address Fanner, Sudern, Bookland county, N. Y. AT PAINE'S MERCANTILE COLLEGES, 62 BOWBRY, New York, mid 288 Fu ton alre -l, Brooklyn. Students , from city or country receive three months, 7o lessons enck, in Pcnniansbip and Arithmetic or Double Entry Bookkee?? ing. L' isons unlimited, $10. Ladies Writing, $2 for M les-one. AUERMAN LADY WISHES TO- INSTRUCT IB nEB own language, either in class or in private lessons; also fancy ncedlcw ork. Terms very moderate. Address Gerumu Tea.her, 237 Jay street, Brooklyn. Academy of penmanship, bookkeeping, Arithmelic, Ac., ."W>2 Broadway, continued by W. 0. UoOGLAND, for many years with Oliver B. Goldsmith. No classes. Thorough practical Instruction imparted day aun ovi-nlugjipou reduced terms. A good handwriting guarautced. CC. MARSH, AUTHOR OF THE POPULAR WORKS . on Bookkeeping, gives Private Lessons on Booakeep. lug and Business Affairs at Ills room A MS Broadway. Oih ciders, with terms, on application. "LTRENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES ?PROFESSOR xi e. TELLKlUNtLSM Broadway (established lit I8M>, trill receive application* for private instruction In the above lau'itagee, dm lng the spriuc und summer tern A Laugud anglnltc nut ctrsngcra. Translating, Classics, DrauiaMs Reading. ? VJ'ATIONAL TEACHERS' INSTITUTE. 336 BROADWAY. Xr Teachers, schools and pupils provided with si. reqofe. ito.-. Those wauling teachers introduced to suitable candl. dai -s without delay or expeuse. Teachers warned aud edurational correspondents who will he Interested, in ..11 see ttoiis ot the country. For particulars send <o.- circular*. - RICE & ANUKBWB^ *if SCIICOL tun YOUNU LADIES, THROWS nbc*. Westciu ster.?Superior advantages for <t thorough education ill English, French and Music. The school Isplctvsang. ly kxated near the Sound, end baa twenty acres ot ground attached; the altuatiou la noted for ita salubrity and is conveniently near the city. Te-m? moderate. For particular* address Miss Owen, Throng's Neck, WestchesterN The new vocal gymnasium.?this is to cbrttty that i am a pupil tn the Vocal aymnaaium, It Beat Twenty-seventh street. i liud it n mn?l excellent institution. i have been completely cured of stammering, and lha quality ot my voice has Improved more tbrn a hundred par eeui. My health also baa baen greatly beuefltted. NATHAN1BL p. whit*. T BACHING.?AN EDUCATED GERMAN LADY. WITH out irleuda in thla country, would gladly teach iu a fuin!ly tor u home; has had much experience in teaching music, (Jetmm and French. Address or call on Mr*. Mars beau, l'ower a Hotel. fPEACIlERS OF military tactics- wantbif1 also French Protestant ladies; also several for muaist diaivinr and French. Wanted Immediately, an aaaistant fas boys' school; graduate preferied; persnual Interview uccew sary. U. 8. W uuDMAN a CO., Agenta for Schools. W ANrBD~ A SPANISH TEACHER, to give a gentleman one l?ssou per day, at halt paat sis o'clock A. fi. Address box 4,#0U l'oal oilier. CUPARTNERSIIIP HO'l lCBg. A GENTLEMAN, OF GREAT INVENTIVE GENIUS, wiah.-s a party with f 1,'AW a-h to engage In a discovery (worth millions) whereby the narlea of the whole world i au be annihilated in double quick t'me. For Interview addre-a America, boa 153 Herald ollice. A GENTLEMAN HAVING BOMB CAPITAL, AND who can give the very heal of reference*, would like Is associate himself with aome one in the Stock Exchange or Note 111 ok-rage bu*ln-?s. Address E. T. O., hot 114 Herald oiQco. with real name and address, which will be conaidersd A PARTNER WANTKD-WITH ABOUT IN AN e?Ubll?'ied hotel, beautifully furuuhad, kept by Ik* proprietor alnoe the hour:, was built. River l>o ita top at th* door. A Uailrabb oUance. ISAAC A. MOtiB, 73 Naxanti atreet. WANTED?A PARTNER, SILENT OR ACTIVE, IN the rectify ing bil?iae??, and manufacture Of iti. >gne apirila, alcohol, Ac.; the proprietor being engaged in It to* Minn yea re, having a general knowledge of the bualnrea, and all tho faclllttefl, aa far ae location, room, Ac., la conn turd, to carry on a hualnoaa on more ex tenal ve aoale. A capitalUt doalroua of inventing bin money, nitb good reference, map addiras tor ona week P.. boi MM, licrald office, cutting wher* au Interview-may be had; reference given aiao, fO/tn ?WANTED, A PARTNER, IN A OOllD PATipiot', inu liumuaM that will net S>0 per day pronfc Inipilie at 483 llioadnay, room 10. CASH-WILL PURCHASE ALK1UT, OKN pouu teel wholeaalo bualnesa on eaah principle. n* rink and gooi pro lit. Ilaa been antabllabeil oeer twrlre yeara, Audreaa Imtnedialely Albany, UrrnU other. ?OAO ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN AX OLD KBwdvUa tabllahed bualueM. Adilreaa S. U. Adama, 19 Cedar at met. Iloura from 91* 10 A. M. and 3 to A P. ML Thuac not having money tiaei not apply. diCiUl TO $1,000.?PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS JlrJl/U amount of aoah, In a maiiufa luring hualimaai The advcrtlaer will prove that a aafe and Urge bualncaa can be done and no riak. Call at 33 Oold itreet, third lour. ?t/Wt WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN, f JUW of acttva bhblla, can acpilre th* knowledge of ? profraetonal buainaaa, bcantea having ui aotiaJ lnter-?i In th* aamn whll*doing to, paying Mm hand*,me pro:it. Adilfi-aa Deli tilt, I'htlauelplda Poet ollka. (tluiftA ?A BUSINESS MAN WANTED, WITE ipI.UUl/. tbla amount, to engage In a new artl lu of boner hold furniture In great deuiaud;. profit* larga, great Inducement to the right party. P. D. RICHARDSON ? CO., 82 and 84 Naaaau ?treat. Oil nnn TO ?,??.-partner wanted, in a pA.vU'/ ub'aaant, Mtfe caih buainena, with the above ......1 iila le no hiimbun. nnil none but thoan having th* omc-*"*1 *10 wor* n**1 ?"l?lroao. Saloty, bm V, Herald CI . 000 ?i>RTNEH WANTED?IN A KIK.iT CLAM JVUV* *atiilly Grocery in Brooklyn. n?w itoing aplendld buainasa. Only th?ae her In* 91 .?? In IMli need IRELAND, HINCKLEY A CO. tfil 00A T0 W.OOO.-A PERSON WITH THE ABOVE iPi.ol/W amount, and with count luaiu. ??qUAilmai < na, wl?ta?a to unite hlmvlt wlth a hntiae alia nit aatahhahed ib come aaie and payor bueineaa. Addroae, wlta nan' uf buainraa, Uenry Frourt, aa, New York I'oat ollle-. <H*> MVk ?WANTED, A MAN 'TO INVEST TIIIS kPaMrUVV/a sum wltliiihe a<ltcrti>er it) a I'lcwant caah Imaiaeaa, that will pay t (0,1*10 profit annually, without rtak or commUtion. lnittirn, belore 10 A. M. or 1 rout 1 to 3 P. H.? at 71 Waal Tblrty-eerond airreU Ann -AN active associate wanted, in Pu.UUui a manufacturing bualncaa which will rleat S12.000 the ftrat year; a amart biulners mau can m.-et k anunejrrptlonablrchanratoraallreaaulckrortuB.v l.,rk? I alack on hand. Apply to W4MAITLAND, 10* Broadway. y,1|,A||>clAt|~ D"^tsCHAROED VOLUNTEERS. AND WIDOWS, AND halranf auch aa died In the aervlm; alao wldowa and h'-iraol naamen of the Congraaa, CuutUerWhd and otbi r vaarla. w ho 1 el I In the action of Mnr h 8 at Hampton Koait*. > will r erire Inf ormation relative to county, pi-naion, grainI Ity, Ac., by calling on P. KOWINU, IS Naaaau street, room No! 1 ; 5.i??i?yj;m??ra : u "iW 4> I <\(\n -WANTED, ON A G^OD, NKHT BOND WT<U\'u< and mn taase. lour Imnianad d .Mara, for ii which a IHiaral arranoemani willU* made (p'or parlTulara d apply h. .10IIN M CTL|Y. ?B3 IrudUnlf, room HA flMt U 10 3 o'WNfc. ?

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