Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9345. M GREAT VICTORIA Important Details of the Battle at Pittsburg, Term. Heroic Conduct of the Troops Engaged in the Conflict Criphic Description of the Grand Coap do Grace of the Union Amy. One Hundred and Forty Thousand Ken in the Battle. Ibo Rebel Cteneral Bragg Reported Killed. Names of Some of the Officers Engaged. important News from Island No. Ten. f)n? Hflinr Opnprnl. Tlirpp Ttriva. ^ ? 7 ?- -odiers and Five Thousand Soldiers Taken Prisoners. Ab Immense Quantity of Munitions of War Captured. PROCLAMATION BY THE PRESIDENT. Thanks for the Glorious Victories and Prayers for the Restoration of Peaee, aii) a<?$ a?. Cwcihjutj, april 10,1802. The Cincinnati Timet gleee the followiag additional ptrtteulerr or the Pittsburg battle:-* Our force* war# atalonod in the form of a semicircle Ibo right reaiug on n point north of Crump * Landing or centra being in front of tb* main road to C'orintb, and our left extending to the river in the direction of Ham. burg, four mile* north of I'ittsburg Landing. At two O'clock on tb* morning of tb* Cth 400 men of Gen. Fren. two' divlaion were attacked by tbe enemy half a mile tn adyanc* of our line*. Our men fell back on the 26th If.g. aoori,*wiftly pureuod by the enemy. Tbe advance o tbe rebele reached Col. Feabody '* brigade jurt a* the long roll was sounded and tbe men were falling into line. Real* tan oe waa but abort, and they retreated under a galling Ire until they reached tbe line* of the Second diviHtar. At tlx o'clock tbe attack bad become general along our wkol* front. The enemy in large nuinbei a drove in tbe picket* of General Sherman's division, and fell on the Forty-eighth, Fiftieth and Seventy second Ohio trgi lent*. Thoce troop* were never before inaction, end, Being *o unexpectedly attacked, made ae able a racist anc* m poeaible, but were, In common with tbe forces of Genera! Frcnti**, forced to seek support of the tr>iopu immediately in tbeir rear. At one o'clock tbe entire lino en both Bides was fully engaged. Tbe roar of cannon and asusketry was without iutcnnisFioo from the ma* centre to a petal extending half way down the iwft wing. The robeli made a desperate change on the Fourteenth Ohio battery, which, not being sufficiently eupported by infantry, fell into their hands. Onotber severe fight occurred for possession of the K ifth Ohio battel y. and three of 1U guns were taken by the enemy. Dy eleven o'clock a number of commanders of regi aaenta had fallen, and in a"mc cases not a single Cold officer remained yet the fighting continued with an earnest nere which showed that the contest en both sides was for death or victory. Fo< t by foot the ground was con tested, and finding it impossible U> drive back our centre, the enemy slackened their fire, and made vigorous efforts oa our left wing, endeavoring to outflank,and driving it to tho river bank. Tbis wing was under Gen. Uurlburl, and was composed of tbe Fourteenth, Thirty, second, Forty-fourth and Flfty-toventb Indiana. Eghth, Eighteenth and Twenty-first Illinois. [The Fourteenth Indiana regiment was not there. It is serving under General Shields in Virginia.?En.) Fronting its line? however, was tbe Fourteenth, Filly-saventh and Fcvsnty-seventh Ohio, and Fifth Ohio cavalry, of General Sherman's division For nearly two hours a sheet of flro blared from both columns, tbe rebels fighting with a vigor that was only equalled by thorn contending with tbtm. While the coulot raced the hottest the gunboat Tyler pasted up the river to n pomt oppoeite the enemy and poured id broadsides from her iiunecse guns, greatly aiding in forcing th* enemy back. Up to three o clock the batue rugod with afury thit defies donription The rebeiahad found every ailoii.pi to break our lines unavailing. They had strlven to drive in our main column, and finding that Impossible had turned all their strength upon our left foiled n that quarter, they now mads another attempt at our centre, and made every effort to rout our fores before the reinforcement, had hcon rent for should come up. At five o'clock there was a short cssnatl< n in ins fire of the enemy, their lines falling bark fur nearly half a mile, when they suddenly wheel.d and again threw their entire foices upon our left wing, determined to make n final struggle in that quarter, but the gunboaUfjrler and Lexington poured in their ahot thick end fast wtltl terrible e(lect. Meanwhile Ucneral Wallace, who bud taken a circuitous route from Crump's lAiuling, appeared suddenly en the enemy 's right wing In the face of tbie combination of clre<imstain es the rebels felt that their enterprise for the day was a failure, and aa night waa approaching fell back until they reached an advantageous position somewhat in the rear, yet occupying the man road to Corinth The gunboats continued to throw shell after Item until out of range. After a weaned watching of save ml hours of intense anxiety, ilia advai ce regiments of fleneral Dwell appeared on the opposite bank of th>< river. The work or parsing the river began the Thirtysixth Indiana and Kixty-etg ilb Onto being the first to .n, ..... .. ; ... >?. vi kwcim .'N?lKiU and Bruce'e dlvlniona. Ibeer after cho?r crttU'i then arrival. and they ware Imnavdlntoly ?rnt to the advance, where tbey reetod on their arm* Tor the night All right long eteamere were tngaged ferrying General Kuril* fm ee acroee, and wAcn day light bit A* U wa$ o .n'drnl tht rtbell too had brm ttrongly reinfortttI. The battle on Monday era* opened by the r- beta utaaven a'elork from the Corinth road, and in half an hoar ei tended along the wholo line. At nine o'clock the sound of arlil JWry and mnaketry full/ equalled that of the previous May. The enemy era* met by our reinforcement* jmd the (titi unwearied soldier* of the previous ilny with nteeuergy they uertninly could not bave expected It bc*ame evident they were nvoidtrig the extiemoof our lolt eving, nml endeavoring, with poreeverenco and de. 4'rmumlion, to lind tome weak point bywbitb to turn ^ our fow.e. Ibry left one point but to return to it (mine i litely,?nd then a* suddenly would, by some masterly ^ ireko of generalship, direct a most vigorotie atterk upon So tne dlvlelon whore they fuuoled thoy would not be ci 11 A 'd j tut tht frt aj iiur Hurt nat at toady at rict'diKrk, sn,I kI soon become evident that the cnomy consMoreit (he tak.'t *!* / undertaken a hcpelneone. fYrlb.V re inf> id* mentg now brgan to an tve, and ha k ponit'onri the right <S* tb* ? '" centre, under General Wallace tleaartUi Ck*BI, iuelf# JfcOeraaad, Kelson flat :e ne man aim Crittenden, war* everywhere presont, ( directing movuMUU for l mw stroke on the I enemy. Suddenly tot* xnngt of cur army were < Minted upon the enemy, with ih t intention of I drmnp them into an exfcnsiw ravine; at the same time a powerful battery, stationed in the open field, poured vol- 1 ley after volley of canlater Into the robol ranks. At half-past eleven the roar of the bAttle shook the earth. The Union (una were fired with all tho energy that the proepeet of the enemy's defeat Inspired, while tho rebels' Are was not so vigorous, and they evinred a desire to withdraw. They finally fell slowly back, keeping up a fire from their artillery and musketry along their whole column u they retreated. They went in excellent order, battling at every advantageous point,and delivering their Ore with considerable effect;but from all the divisions of our lines they were closely pursued, a galling tire being kept upen their rear. The enemy had now been driven beyond onr former lines, and were is full retreat for Cdrinth, pursued by our cavalry. The fores* engaged on loth tides tfl iftii day't bottle ore estimated at about seventy thousand each?an entire /ores of one hundred and forty thousand wen. Cimo, April 10,1802. An mWvaI from Pittsburg Landing eaye that the rebels, In making the first attack on Sunday morniug, carried the Stare and Stri,ee and wore the federal uniform. Goneral Bregg Is reported to have been killed. Provisional Governor Johnson, of Kentucky, is wounded and was taken prisoner. It ie etated that Genera) Prentiss escaped in ibe contusion of tho rebels' retreat on tbe second day's light, Our total loss is about 7,000. This ie the estimate of the military commanders who were in the engagement. Of this number about 2,000 were taken prieonere, the balance are killed and wounded in the usual proportions. General Wallace, of Illinois, was reported dead,ae it was thought impossible that he could livo, he was, however, living on Weduesday, and improving. Ho was shot in tbe back of the ear, the bullet coming out of hie nose. Cuicuoo, April 10, 1802. A special despatch to the Chicago Tribune from Cairo says? From several gentlemen who wore on the field aftor the fight the following is gathered:? General Prentiss' brigade, consisting of the Sixty-first Illinois, Seventeenth Wisconsin, Twenty-fouth Indiana and Seventy-first Ohio, were attacked whilo eating their breakfast by what seemed to be tbe entire rebel force. General Prentiss had no artillery,and his brigado was nearly cut to pieces and forced to retire. Goneral Prentiss and many of bis men were taken prisoners. At twelve o'clock tho entire line was engaged,hut eoon in full retreat. At four o'clock the enemy had taken Schwartz's buttery of lix gnns, Dresden's battery of four guDS, and Waterbauses battery, aleo two Ohio batteries,name not known. Thousands of our soldiers who had taken refuge under (he bank of the river urteriy refused to Oght, and, in feet, they could officers and men were mixed in inextricable confusion. The army et this time seemed to be utterly defeated. At this juncture, the gunboats Lexington and Tyler open* ed a tremendous (ire of shot and shell upon tne enemy, and kept it up every half hour during the night. Soino of the shells set the woods on fire and many dead rebels were burned. At seven in tbe evening the hiring bad generally ceased. About midnight the rebels attempted to plant a battery within three hundred yards of our siege guns but were driven away by the gunboats and siege guns., supported by three regiments of (Sen. Mitchell's division, which had arrived and crossed tbe river about six in tbe evening Our informants persist in estimating our lass on Sunday at 3,000 killed and 0,000 wounded as being a low Ogure. During the night tbe rebels were reinforced by Ocncrula Van Dorn and Price, from Arkansas, with avery large force. Daneral Lewie Wallace came up with the Kievenih and Twenty-third Indiana. Forty-fourth Illinois and Light h Missouri and Mil'anl>; battery.and iu tho morning fierce y attacked the enemy's left wing. They went into the tight at the double quick with tremendous shouts nnd did horrible execution. By ten o'clock they had driven lb* rebels tack two mile". At about ten o'clock the rebels wero fore few m.nutei our men were forced to yield. The other divisions of C.enerul flucU s army now appeared, and at once tiecamo fully engaged. Tor two heme all the destructive elements oftho carlti eceinatl to l>? at riving for the maatery ou this fatal flc!d, but at last the Southern chivalry broke and tied in all directions (.eneral Buell followed the (lying foe with 12,000 troops, mostly cavalry, smiling without mercy tin re who would not surrender lit km reported to hare taken Corinth with alt its im menft icrtt of arm I ami am munition The rebel troops were mostly from Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana, with many from Georgia and Alabama. O r informants say that they could ride through tbe battle field where our forces were posted, but the dead were so thick in the enemy 's lines Hint they could not do It there They assure ue that the rebels occupied our camp* on Sunday night and took care of our aiok and wounded, destroying nothing?expecting confidently to have our entire army the next day. TLcy thought tbe battle already fought and w< n. On Monday Oencral Mclieruond cut his way through the enemy that hat had surrounded him. Most of hie troops behaved with great gallantry; hut the fiftieth Ohio were ordered to the rear in disgrace, for refusing to fight. Our infoamants state that John C. Breckinridge n Uken prisoner. They say they saw htm pans to the general beadi|uartera. Tharti run T.nua in llsurnni.1 til Ih. Imi.i. a.. ??- 1 ? ? ? ""m'l ?' ? tla, says ? (b nerals Prentiisa and Shtrman, with reinforcements from General Hurlburt, maintained ibclr position The attack gradually extended to the contra, under MoClernand which foon bacamc engaged with a superior force, t'p to noon theae four divisions, I'reutie* Sherman * Hnrlburt'a and MoCle.-naod a, bald the entire rebel force in check and although the enemy woe con atantly bringing up freeh troupe, they gamed no advantage until noun. Our Imeewero unbroken, ex cept General Prentiss command. Tliey, being coMjwiled to fall back, ahnndoned the camp , Generals Beauregard and Johnaton commanded on the tight aud General Polk on the left. Shortly af>er noon ! the enetny made a grand attack on our whole line Our force ohrtmately held their ground until the enemy hurled the entire force of 7.000 men agamat u* Our line fell back under the picature, m good order, 1 ball or three quarters of a mile, abandoning the cainp to the enemy, taking a position io a aenncirclo . u tjto bank of the river Mere they tiood immovable, sad fought obstinately Ave hour*, tbo gtound heing fought * over and over again The gun boats Tyler and lexlogton had got with n rak ng range, and from their position on the left poured in a torir, of shot and rhcll which fairly annihilated thorn i Our irnruenae eetge gun* had the aama poaition on the right, eo that, eherever the rebate turned they met iron buil which scattered them like chaff They adi aaced no tuoru. but stubbornly held thoir Doeitinu ri,ui.# , ? - ?I without uny change. In Ibo meantime (.'an. Buell arrived on tti? oppomte bend of Ilia i iver, having made a forced uinrili Ml day. Fif Ul regiment* wero ?r??WF?d, took poailion tu tlia , caulre, and immediately engaged th? enemy the flgli1 | continued with unparaHetet obatinacy anil appaliug I daughter till darknea* cloaed During tlia night Con Bu?ll crooaed with 80.000 rarn. (iau Wileon t<i?k pot i ( Hon on tha left ant! Con McCVok in the cculre. 1 Tlia battle lAn renewed in tha morning hy Ilia nrrivnl I of S6.000 reinforwmonU, nndor (lenoral tlriigg who were I r, piloted on Hherman, Mmcrnand and Wallace edivi Biun Tlmy were hold in cheek, however, and nt tha game time 'lenernt Nclann threw hlmrelf on their right with I * niviaion, supported byHurlbnrt and mi the \ other available force The r m y.aftar maintaining their ground till ttirro P. M.,gavn way. Tho il?C atvo blow nm given by (;?.n (irart, wl handed a charge of ei* regitnonln In perron, p,eel, dating hie whole body on the enemy a tentro ' With tueh deaperato fnot thai they b oko anil ,*an lb tec. t it < ore bfcimo general Within hiiran ' j 0,;> the v .I* le rot cl a. n t wao falllr. buck In d mm a a I W YO NEW YORK, FRIDA Our rejoiced soldier* followed them, driving thou, through our camp Id complete disorder, They were soon driven into a broken country, where they would not form or tight. There wee no relaxation In the pursuit. At the last accounts the cavalry were eleven milee 'rom the river,still following. The fugitives, exhausted, lay down and wait to he taken prisoners. We can get no estimate of our loss. It is Immense, however. Some of our regiments had not above 100 or 300 left, General Prentlsa displayed conspicuous bravery dur.DK the Oral part of tha engagement, and bgfore he was talcgn ha had just led a gallant charge of one thousand men against a superior force of the enemy. Be waa ropulsed and received a musket ball in the arm, at the same time bis horse was killed. Before be could extricate himself the enemy were upon him. 1 am informed, on authority direct from the rebel camp, that Boauregard made his advance on Friday to a point within a few milaa of Gen. Grant's position, bore formed hia line of battle, and during tba night resumed his march, coming upon our forces before daybreek, completely surprising them. The only wonder ie-tbat n rout of our army did not ensue at once. General Hurlburt, whose division was in reserve, made himself the main prop on which the fortunes of the day hung, lie acted with the utmost promptness. General A. P. Johnson was killed in the forenoon of the second day's fight, during the attack on his position by our forces, while endeavoring to rally his men. Apparently fearless of danger, he rode along the entlre front, waving hie sword, shouting to his dismayed ufB cors aud frightened men. When the rout was at iffe height a cannon oall struck him, crushing bis skull and killing him instantly. His body was found by our pursuing troops and brought to General Nelson's tent. THE TROOPS ENQAQED. List of the Officers of Those Regiments Especially Mentioned by the Correspondents* We have given (he names of the held officers of these regiments specially mentioned by the correspondents as having been actively engaged in the flglit. Of course this does not constitute tho force under Genera! Grant There appears to ho a mistake about the Kourtocuth Indiana regiment, which wae acting under Gen. Shield* at Winchester and is still in the same command. GEN. GRANT'S STAFF. Chief of Seers.'.'.::::: }<- <" J- D- Webster. Assistant Adjutant General .Captain John A. Kawhngs. Aid Captain Clark B. fagow. Aid Captain Wm. 8. Hlllyer. Volunteer Aid Major John Kiggm, Jr. Chief Quartermaster Captain R. B. Hatch. Chief Commissary Captain WW. belaud. Ordnance Officer Captain W. K. Brink. Medical Hirector Sur. James Simons, II. P. A. Medical Purveyor ABst.Sur.J.P.Taggarl,U.S.A. Paymaster Major 1. N. Cook. Aid and Special Scout Capt.!rviugW.<'arson, killed. Commissary of Subsistence. .Captain Du Barry. Aid* Capliiu R. L. Shelly. Aid* Captain Win. U'Donnel). * These officers were sent specially from General McClellan's staff to join that of General Grant. Nearly every one of the above officers left the position around the General Commanding, and headed some portion of the forces during the heaviest part of the battle. Illinois troops. ElOOTU ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. CoIod?1 Frank I,. Klioder. Lieutenant Colonel Jobu P. Post. Major O. M. Hrucc. Adjutant Wm.C, Clark. ELEVENTH ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. Colonel (Hi ig. Geu.) W. II L. Wallaie, killed. Lieut. Cut. commanding T. K. O. Ransom.* Mrjo." (iarrett Nevins, wounded. Adjutant C. K. Dickey. * Ijont. Col. R mucin was wounded at Fort Doncleon, where tbe regiment was ho severely cut up. FIFTEENTH ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. Ceknel T. J. Turner. I, ei. tenant Colonel E. F. Welles. Major Win. K. doddai <1. killed. Adjutant C. C Clark. E'OIITLKNTU ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. Colonel M K. law let.* Lieutenant << Wn el .... Thorium 11, Burgers.* May r (At i ng Colonel) s. l atin fatally wounded. Adjutant. * lbee* ollicers werti wini.did at Fort Doneleon t ?J wire not preiwnt on tins occasion. TWENTY-FIRST ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. Colonel J W.H. Alvxaudor, I ie detiantColonel George W Peek. Major. Warren E. MiMak.n. Adjutant C. B Steele. Tins regiment was originally command! d by General Grant when lie was simply a Volunteer Colonel. THIRTY SECOND ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. Colonel J. Logan,* severely wounded. Lieutenant ColonelW Kosn. Major William Hunter,killed. Adjutant . .James K [treat * Tbe Colonel oritur regiment ia fiom Hecoiipiiicounty, Illinois and is not tbe John A toy an, member of Congress. IORTY-SIXTU ILLINOIS VOLUNTEERS. Ctlonel . Iiiliii A lluvie mortal!* wounded Lieutenant Colour) J"hu J. .lone*. Maior Benjamin Dornblaaser. Adjutant T. H Rutberfbrd FOETY-EIUBTB ILLINOIS \ DI.I NTO.K?. Colonel Hoc. I. N. Hayme, H C , wound* 'I. Lieutenant Colonel.. ... William W Snndford Major M Mayfleld. Adjutant William 1'reecott. This regiment suffered somewhat at Port Detainee, where they lost their former T leuU naSit Colonel. FIFTY-SECOND ILLINOIS VOU'NTKKKS. Colonel (Acting ISrig. (Jeu.).T. W. Sweeney, wounded Meiiteuaut Colonel .1. S. WillS'di, ( Major...... Henry S'u i, Adjutant K.J Allen. FIFTY-FIFTH ILLINOIS VOI.UB rETRS. Colonel (A* ting Brig. t.'ou.j.liuvisl'tuart, wounde Lieutenant Colonel ? Adjutant ? i i e FIFTY-SEVENTH illinois VOU N VEERS. r done] Si II Raidsm. I.leuteuant Colonel. ! ' .1 lluiil Major '.. .N Jt. I 'ago, (killed ) Adjutant N K. H?o. OHIO FOURTEENTH OHIO Vtit.CNTUEKS. Colonel,.... lames H Mod mac Lieutenant Colonel. .. ..II. I' Mie Major 1'anl Biwarde Adjutant .. . .K. P I'rapley These elhi ere were also under (len Mr/lollim id Virginia. FORTY ElOUTB OHIO VOLUNTKERS. Colonel... I'eter .?. Millivnu. 1 leulenaiiI Colonel lot) Hsedor Barker Major laiure Wick Adjr.laut. .. Kobert Mcfllll FIFT1ETB OHIO VOLONTKCH*. Colonel 8t*'|>hrn Mctlroarty. I leu ten ant Colonel llu hail I'. Notaud Maior .... Adjutnnl ? fifty ff.vkntii onto voumTKKM. Oclrorl .. . > Mnngiin. I rtilnuml Colonel .J.N HaHiaway M^Jor F It. Walker A'ljut tot 0 8.1'rlco. RIXTY KIOHTH OUiO VOI.UNTFKHR. Hnlonol ?Snmucl It Mtcctlmiut I.leuteunnt Colonel .. . .H K Suit Mnor.. . ....... . John H Mnook AUjntMil .(ieorgo K. Wollos REYBNTY FIRST 0.tlO VQIT'NTKKRB, : ... . Horfiioy Mnecn, wounded l ieutenant Colonel Kyle ..mortally w udetl. Mojor . (.eorno VV. Aurtoreou Adjutant . . . HEVENTY SICOND OHIO VOLUNTEERS. f'olonfl . . ,..H r. ftiir.kliuwl I,ionU'iianttColonel.... ....t.?i oCrockett. M t> r ?? Adjutant . Kitf; wA. Hirw.i1 SEVENTY SEVENTH OHIO VOM'NTREHH. "ol"nfl . . .Jtlildcnrmid I t' Colonel.. . ? Hn|or Urn li t'eui iif Adjutant .... Thou. J. Cochran. . FIFTH milt) CAVAt.HY. DukSnrt . Win It. II Taylor. l ettlri 'n' CDlouct .... I' llrath I'irit Major Ktederlrk Hclierer

jeeortd Major ???. IlitntMnjor . , I'idimoiunt Adjutant Spcncpr Franklin FiriH OHIO BATTERY. rni tnln A MicUeniooper Fiml l.rulnnnt William I* t h >| in.m r.iond t.lrnltnnnt .?'onra?l Cannes ?ort IOC It THE NTH OlttO BATTERY. f'ipf nn J I' !' t itiRf I rM I tennt. . -? ? . heeend l.imiton.uit . ?? ? ? ' RK IT Y, APRIL 11, 1862. INDIANA TROOP*. TWENTY-VIMI INDIANA VOLUNTEER*. Colonel lame* C. Vealch. Lieutenant Colonel Win. H. Morgan, nevly n'd. Major John W. Poster Adjutant Win. H. Walker, Jr. THIRTY PIRfiT INDIANA VOLUNTEEHP. Colonel (Act. ling. Ueu.)?< Dae. (.Tuft, wounded Lieutenant Colonel Fred It Aru. Major ? . . Adjutant . TH1RTY-PECOND INDIANA VOLUNTEERS. Colonel Augustus Wiliich. lieutenant Colonel Hy. Von Debra. Major K. W. Hchnakeuborg. Adjutant Cat I Schmidlt. Tbm is tbe gallant German regiment that fought go bravely at MtiDfcrdsvilU;, Ky. accustomed places of public worship, which shall occur after i be notice of this Proclamation aboil have been received, tbey especially acknowledge and render thanks to cur Heavenly Father fer the-.-e inestimable blessings; i bat ttu y then and there imp'ore consolation m behalf of all those who have boon brought into attlicticn by the annuities and calamities of sedition and civil war, and that they reverently invoke the Divine guidance for cur national counsels, to the end that they may speedily result in the restoration of peace, harmnny and unity throughout our borders, and hasten the estalish men! cf fraternal relations among all the countries of the cat th In w turas wbcieof I have hereunto set my hand and canM (1 the seal of the I n.led Mates to lie affixed. 1 "one at tlie city of Washington, tit.8 tenth day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand right hundred and ruty-two, and of the inucoendence of ttic t'nlted states the eighty sixth ABRAHAM LINCOLN. By tt.e t resided?Vs 11 Sswuitn,Secretary nf Slate. Te Deoiu In Honor of the Victoriev. Bohvoii. April 10,1862. ions were unanimously adopted in both brunchc? of ttie legislature to-day, in fur tlicrunco of the suggestions of the Secretaiy of War inviting the citizens of the On monwraith l" join, on Sunday next, in a general PtL). um iu honor of our recent viclorie.1, and congratulating the Western States npr.n the valiant Seeds of their soldiers in the Valley of tiie Mississippi. tioverndV Andrew has ordered a salute of one hiiLilred guns to be fired to morrow at neon m honor > f tbe recent Help for (lie Wonnded Solditn of the Wilt. Mr. James A. Re st veil, of No. 64 Maiden lane, has re t.e\ed a despatch from the Western Sanitary O intniK lion, asking for shirts, drawer*, sfeete, tc , for ttie ariuy of tbe Wut. The following is Uio despatch? Wi><Tsa* Banitakv rommwio.s, > Ht.-Ixhi* April 8, 1802. / Jak A. Rooravm, 84 Maiden lane..Now York ? Send us Bbirtl, draw era and sheet*. all you ran. Ureat battle St ud tig four hospital steamers to (leu. tirunt. J K. YKATMAN, President. The charitably disposed are tbui given a tine opportr. my to display tlice iNmeroleiice by sending gta ile or money in accordant e with the abovo apimal. Mr. Roosevelt will forward to the Wait anything that may be left at bis place, No 84 Maiden Jane. Or may bo rrut direct to Joerph E. Yeatman. I'ren. dent Western Sanitary Cooiin lire, St, per Adauig' E*press Supplies fur the Wounded. Ft Lot'w, April 10,1802. Two steamer*, fitted up as floating hos|Tiinls, left he. e yesterday for the Tern,taste rivet, and largo lontri Putions of all kmc S of supplies are being n.adc 10 day to furnish two more, who h will leavo Ibis evening The * ith energy in tt.a matter, and every eflbrl will bo made for the speedy rt'.ef of our wouuded s<> dicis at 1'ittebi rg I anrtiug Colonel Kslton, Assistant Adjutant General, and Cenc rnl Kdchiim are m charge l,ore e lulu General Malleoli is m th? Gelt). Cw Ann, April 10, 1M2. I'very p.eparatum ia Using marts hero lor ltic ret optic u of our * minded from Pltt?burg Vivo thousand prisoners an; erpeeted to arrive heic to night from T?lnnd No 10 Lot imviv*, April 10, lsfl" forty physicians anil noises arrived froro t rankfort thin evening, ami will immediately leave on the Mourner Autocrat tor fort Donelson and I'iMshiirg Lauding fnve ral other boats, wttll iinilar aid, are parsing down the river from thie city and elsewhere. Isnrios Apr^l 10, lar,;; The Beard ol B "kcrs to day voted $nuo in aid or tne wounded at Pittsburg I And lop IMPORTANT FROM ISLAND NO 10 One fllujor (, Three H< liracllcrs anil Klv?i Tlionaaml KoUlicre Tit km Pi-lsottrrn?An Iititnonao Q, mi u 111 y of Military Stores Captured. ' Fr loi is, April 10,1SG2. A rpminl ilr?i^?rh to I ho Ntjwltiran, from l?'nnd Ko lO.rnyii thnt two hundred hogstirnilB of am: so v oral h it '1 roil bairelsnf nv c'r*. eighty eini.en, foiir kiiOdrtd wngens, eno hundred ami twenty six } a, sixty molm, five thousand stood ol arms, thirty < *s of light artillery, ami fc.eal quantities ?>f blankets, girthing, kc., havo fa lion Into our hands. Hio total nnini or of prisoners captured is tiv< thousand, IVI Ml one M ijor ncneral (Va'x.ill), a id three Al ign dier lioncral* (Ciantf, tVnlkor ami S'chaum). fits prl goners a. o being curbu kod n? rapidly .is p? ssible fi r Illinois. Wo also took about fifty-six thousand solid shot, and Immense quantities cf ammunition. Ci'so, April 1(1, (Tiftrnf wrMopl'itis tbo whole ri !- fnrrs a>.i .mi j la anil Ko 10 are t.?W orts< ners. An M'e i,vi nul la ' rninri-ninu Livitna vumsthh", Culotrl Will, drone. Lieutenant Colonel 0. 11. I*. Chrey. Major Tlu*. W. Bennett. Adjutant ? . IOBTY-FOURTH INDIANA YOLIJN1 KKR8. Colony II B. feed Lieutenant Colonel H. J. stonghion. Ma,or ? . Adjutant Mod. Chns. < us*. M. G, KJ1TY-8KVENTH INDIANA VOU.'NTKKRS. Colonel. .. Cjr ros L. llnideg. I.ieull'uaiit t'olonei V. A. JJurdin. Major . Adjutant i KENTUCKY TROOPS. fBV 0>TKKNTU KJtNTUCKY VOI UNTKERH. Colonel J.H.McIIoury,Jr., wounded 1 ie oleum I Colonel A. M. Stout, wounded. Major J. Calhoun. Adjutant K. L. Starling. Titc iiflicrri a 1 the Gunboats. No otic should merlook the servicos of tho gunboats Tyler and l.exington in this memorable battle. Wo giro tba naBieti or the gallant Ofllc<-ta of the Tyler, but are unut>:e to gre those of the I ox tug ton at present OWNUOAT TYLtiR?NINE RUHR. Lictdmam < ?W. Gwin, I), S.N. Murte i?first, Kdward Shaw; second, Jusou (Joodj ; Hind, James M irtin. I'ilUi)?John Sebastian, David If.nor. FttytiUri*?Cliiel, Samuel tiobie; first Assistant. D. Kdwaid Weaver; Second Assistant, Kdwaid W. Go Ho . Thn d Assistant, Oscur S. Dav is. , Aruwrif?Klihu Stevens. Acting rayimztfii?W. i>. Coleman. Amtotnnt tSurgtoti?T. II. Kearney. CUrpr.itn?Thomas Russell. (iiiniur?llormtui fetrrx, VI 8 N. Matter's foul man d T. Coleman, Rdwaid I) PROCLAMATION BY THE PRESID?\T. Tbanka for tue Victorle* and Prayer* for the Jlestorwtlon of Peace. Wjo-hinuion, April 10,180-. H las pleased Almighty tiou to vouchsafe signal \ r-torn e to the land and naval forces engaged tn suppressing an internal rebellion, and at the name time to avert from our country the dangers of foreign intervention aud ! invasion. It is therefore recommended to the people of the tinted Stales that, at lho,r next wiwklv asu n.h!r.i-?? in clu-ir ERA] by them to cro?a lake Kedfoot on raft#, but tbcy were eorrouuded and compelled U> aarreuder. Thirteen gnni were taken instead of the number pre vwnely reported. The pneoneie My that seventy war* killed on tbe lrland by our mortar*. Rational Salute In Honor of the Victory. I'noviDKNca. April 10, 1662. By order of Lieutenant Governor Arnold a ne tenia I Mint* wan fired bare (bin aTternooo, in houor of tba great victory m Tauneasae. Tlte Reported Occupation of Corinth IVot Confirmed. Wr^HinciTun, April 10,1(62. Vp to four o'clock lUiH afternoon tbo government bad received no oflkial ueapuU'li confirmatory of tbeoccupat.ou of ?ormHi by our irwij a Movement! ol Oeneral tint leek. CmcAOo, April 10,1662. General Halrck |i*se?-ii ?'atro to day, ttt route fur 1'ilt! burg Intidiug. Telegraphic Communication Opened Between l.oulavlllc and Savannah, Tenn. liOtmriuji, April 10,1662. Telegraphic communication was opened but ween Savannah, Tenn , and t.bis city ilii.5 afternoon. NEWS FROM THE RAPPAHANNOCK. ftrnlfli of thr Traopi? Krrrptloii of the Newt of the Hcceut V iclorle*?Urcntsvlllr Occupied by Our Force*?Movements of tlir IUbcl?, Ac., &r< M.vv'M'is, April 10,1802. Notw Kb- landing tlio terrible storm of (he last Ihroo days,the health of the troops in tho Ilcpat tmct.t of tlia Ra,,nook is unusually good. A few are mifl'entv from colds, hot otherwise none Imve been altlicted. Tho news i f tho ia tore of Island No. 30, and iho viotorv at I'fttabnrg was read to tho seteral brigades, exeitny intense rii'husiasm, particularly In the brigade u mpi n d princli ally of Western met). The country between Manassas at.d Warrenton has been effectually cleared of icbel scouts, rendering foraging mech less ha/atduue. A great amount of hny, grain and straw has been found through l'riuce William county which the army ie taking possession of, receipting for the same in dee form. H'cntsvllle is occupied l>y our forces. Many of tho iu htthiiauts remain, but appear ludiil'erenl to the advance of the In ion in my. The rebels are'reported to be intrencliiug themselves on the south bank of the Raopahannock. Knvi from lirueral Banks' Department. t Kdiwbcikj, Vs., April 10,1802. Alliscpnet. The ensmey u pickets have not been seen ilnr>ng the severe storm of the past two riuys. MOVEMENTS OF GENERAL FREMONT. The Union Troops In Possession of Monterey and Crabbolton?The Enemy urivcu uu<h. Whbklisg, April 10,1802. Hon. E. M. Sr. jiton, Secretary of War:? Centra) Mllroy is in i or set.,-run of Monterey and C.ab bolton. The enemy's m mi lo t Fcoitn are ntill In right of Monterey. Their guard wan driven back by our troops. '1 hoy arc reportoil tortifylng themselves east of the Slum ndoab Mountains. J. C. FREMONT, Major Oeneral Cotum.mdiug. IMPORTANT FROM NEW MEXICO. Santa Fe Kvaiuatrtl by flir Ilcbcta? lleportcd Oitlcr to the l(tb?lii to Abwitdon the Territory?Forced Contributions Exartnl by the Kneuiy, Ac. W.i?niv<iTc?v, April 10.18(2. Tho following war received to day hy tho S<>cretary of War ? Kin'AS Cm, April 10,1S02. The Santa Fe mail has arrive I. Hie Toxana, one hundred and tlfty strong, had evacuated Santa Fe and were matching up the river. It whs reported that G>lonel Cauhy bad intercepted an express with ordera to tho commander of the Texan firres to evacuate the Territory and return to Texas. Colonel Slough hud left fo. Furl Co inn with fourteen hundred men to make a Juuclion with Coloucl ( anby. The Texans were exactiig contributions and forced loans from the inhabitants. Clothing was toirig taken I from the merchants without regard to politics or'clrcotnetances. [t (.nek|, ndem o > f the Mlencm i Republican.] Fort Usiov, llurch 23, ls<12. Our caluiun, under command of Col nel Hough, U l> e ikug.p ciuop It r b i<ii wiru rn ivemcii i souin towards Ilio rebel f<? oes. ibo 1 esaii army occupies a strong |>?eition in tli* vicinity of Albupierqu", seventeen miles smith or tliia depot, about midway but act n this and Fort Craig, where Colonel Canby was ut last accounts. The Tevnns hav c taken up this point, doubt li s* inlanding to march upon either column as they leave their stronghold of Forts Union or Craig, niid by their superior force, which is estimated at 2,400 men and twenty-one purer of artillery, whip one. and faco at,out and ? vault tlie other column before tin y ran form a junction. It would seem thst Colonel Hough and Cal nel fnnby. the deparviiieut coinmander , are not at ting in Concert, and sound nun fear that tins movement, one of the must difficult of military combinations, may not prove suerestful, and render our depot at Fort Union, which is the only supply depot leit ns, comparatively <lefsnr.?lss?. I c n f> arcely believe, however, that rj, iml Hough will march beyond snp|iorting distance of this depot. The Texan* aro occupying Sante Ft, one hundred miles south of hare, with from one hundred to two hundred troop*. Return of s Released Union Prisoner from Richmond. tONblTlON or 01 It MOI.PIKItn IN THAT C!TY? NBW? OK < OLONhl. COKCOKAN, FTC. folonsl W. I", Woodruff, who rrmmmded the Second regiment of Kentucky Volunteers previous to the battle of Hull run, and who was taken prisoner four day s before that memorable contest, arrived in thi nly direct' from Rii limchd last evening. OotoDol Woodward brines intelligence of the condition of our prisoners among the re'uls, and describes ll.e.r treatment a most barbarous and inhuman. Colonel Corcoran is still In Kichmoinl, and no sisus of a speedy release arc at all in prnepv, t. He also bung* a letlei from I. leu tenant .lolin W. l?cm; aey, -l.l_?....l ... I I nt 11,,, V? l? ?.?il who l>iu< but recently ret .mod from a Icn^:t<y iiicarceralion. The follow lug in the loiter Kmnttn Conaow v?1 expected u letter from von, but nuiipott you bnvc tun kept br?y over ainro your arrival 1 wlah foil to i nil un Mrs W. I>. and toll Inrlthtrit a fuligut enp rnnd" for Ine. two row of hutlou? taken o(T toy c> el, and hum a bine cord put Voug the vutor renin <>r my buck trowaorr, and keep them until I telegraph from Kurtrcns Mont on. and then rlie will meet mo with lh"m at Wnnblngton. but when that time may bo I cmnot toll run anything bo done for n? |>oor anfor tuna teat Yin ra truly. JOHN \Y. MIMCSKY llie lettor hnr bc> it written on the back of one of Colono] Corcoran a card#, which has nl*o been rent to l.lauteBant ('onuolly by that gwilaut neither,arid which read# # follow#.? C mpllttw nt# "f colonel Mi< hart i orrornn, Sixty-ninth regiment. N. Y S. M , who feel* llko ? linn. 1110 mmiir inti < n urmi ii?K iiewn i ri.uneu a prisoner longer than km sxpsctsd, from the fact or a nuii.tier of map* and chart* having been found in his p rk't,Colonel tVoodrufl' "tn'M to hs a wicked falsehood, ihn I'nlon prifi n< is at Richm iud are now confined in a dilapidated bacon hotlM, and utu'.ei going much hard hip. ' HfV T i. IIart;on*,Mn ter's Wats, and thirty-six mau, ?!l of Ihe trignle t'nogre**, bad arrived in Kb httiena I bo follow inn I'nton oftlecrs bine alee rsoentty arrived t the rebel capital;? K ijoi tendianeor, Sixty-eighth New York I'll-dam totecler Sixty eighth New Ynt k. I.lent. I. t>. t iiiii|),bitty n gntli N?w Yoik. l imit No. stidtae, fighlh New Noik IV. St. Will (lmt, first few Y'-rl. artillery 1.1'. W, Til'.etKun, Ninety xete.ilh New Yoik, I rnvieioii are dc?crlbe,l a* ex.t ..'liiJi high at c n.eyi per lb., peek 01 potatoes 711 c nut, ono do'en ' f eg; 4t; i tn r. Ax. fol. w. rillf mot on his : this city by rapt. i ci'i , H ilt. I otlliii I) , and in be. ni!iie, .oi llie hi).ty ni.. n e.lumnt, and - mriodtoih' fit. V cliol is Until , wh e lie will * ea-icl In fee i y of tint trie i!? or relative* f the pi I* nor* who hire bee . cotilhiel w I'll iii.n, ntl.l glie them * n li mm malum ?.? be may I nil * ii i tne | Irnll n ft the VipiioI hi recount hit expe. letne inn i y h# it hen in n ;ei L D. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM YORKTOWN. One Hundred Thousand Rebels Concentrated on the , Peninsula. The Enemy's Position Defended by . Nearly Five Hundred Cannon. General Joe Johnston and Jeff. Davis in Command of the Rebels. Reception of the News of the Victories in the Southwest* Intense JBnftmsiasm Among- the Union Troops. Gen. McClelland Army Eager to Meet the Foe, &< , &C?i III Nkxh Yorhiowh, April 0?I'M) P. U. The weather still continues unfavorable fur uitUloijr operations. li has bveu in. mug lor runny two days, lhe crooks ore very much swolieu, soil the low grounds covered with water, making the roads almost impartiable for empty wagons. Infortnuiku received shows that tbo rebels have force o! sixty thousand, which is rapidly being added 19 by troops from the neighborhood of Richmond, which is one day from Yorkti wn by railroad and river, Ury having four ittamtri a oil lizicn Iran/ports inure, ??U by IA? Unit the roads art in condition far tkt Vuum army tomoot Hit rtltU may U alU to uuti ttum wuk one ku>wrrd tkoaiand iwen. The flower of their army, w>tb the best arms, aro In strongly intrenched position. Previous to Cor troops occupying the present position, tb? military authorities had no means of aacart-ilclng the extent Of the roM works. Information obtained through deserting csatrstMti and other source* show that Uu emmy flaw Nearly Jt9? hundrrd pu?i*. some or them of the largest calibre. Tka rebel Oeueral Johnston, with some of his forces, has ar? rive I. and taken command in person, showing that they intend making a desperate resistance to the advance of our troops at every point. Iheir in rtndtmmtU txUml Mr tirthi acrou Ihr. jxijiuula from the Ja.mii to tin Vork rial. The cheering r.ewr from the Western Department arrived here to-day, end our troops arc wild with en this- . siastn over the result, and aro anxious to be led toocllvu similar deeds of valor. Our Baltimore Cnrvruinedenre. (Uitimom. April 0,1W2. T\t Rcbtlt at Richmond Dully A mgre of (Ac Moxttmtso) Giiieral McCUllon Br fort hichmond? the Mmuuni which 'Jfity hair l\tktu to Arrest Ilia MmeK?htiuroUJot. K. Johnston in Cuvtmaud at Vothlown, with One l/undrill Tlcuia'ui Troops?Immttue Strength and Extent oi the Defences <J Vorktoicn, <fc. The accounts of the progress of nffa.ra at Yorktown which have reached this city through channel* believed to be reliable, differ materially from the account)* fur lushed by the government. It war known at Richmond when the bulk of the I'tuon army of the Potomac moved from Manassu* to Wa*hinj-ton It waa known Ibero when I be * corps d'armet had landed and wero assembled at FortrnM M> nroe : it was known there when General McClelion and h.a Muff arrived at the Fortress , aud it waa known there when the march on Yorktcwn cotnmancad, ami what nuniber of troop* General KcClellan bad wherewith to make the attack. Iheeo facta convinced the Confederate government at Richmond that their hour was come, unices they took instant measures to arrest the march of General Mi ( Itlinn. Tho for . tifimticns of Yorktown, which 1 have minntaly detn itivd in former 1* It err wero all that roulit he. d#M.r? <f both as to Mrcnglh ami ai marnent. Hut (>rn. Magruder bad a* yet only 3ft (JOP troop*. 1 he withdrawal ot suets a largo number of I'uion troopa from Uanaraaa render*.I ,t unr.e, essary to keep the inain b< <ly of the army of U.? Kappahann'ck along that stream, and from that army accordingly Dsn. llagruder bar boon largely reinforced Troopa have been arri\ nig at Yorstown frotn Hi. hm< r <t and Uordensvills every day ror the last week, It'.a bojitvvd that Gen. Jot. E Johnston and Jctf. Davis are botts at Yoikw.wn, and that (.moral Johnston is in command, Tho number of rebel troops there cannot be lee* ll.nw 100000 NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ItjllTlMoRE, April 10, 1(1(13 The Old Point boat has arrived. The news of the capture > f Island No. 10 raneed rc,t< icng and enthusiasm Tho sturm still continued, but had somewhat a' atol town id evening. Reports from the Si my represent our btave forwn facing exposure undauntedly,and meeting It with charaotenet 1.: ingenuity in the way of loiproviaed slit Iter. Th? enthusiasm and anxiety to meet the cnciny were unabated, and couudence in General M< t lellan was unbounded, 1 bough tho storm at this tlnte Is unfortunate, tho tim? has not b* u lost, and the retreat of Hagrmlcr and h ? forces, i r their defeat, -s about as certain as any possible) future event. The prospect of clearing up is looked fbr with anxiety at Did Point, in the belief that sunshine and the Merrlinao will com? together. All Mtni confident she will bo captured or sunk If alio comes out WasmxttToji, April Id, Tho latoet news received from Cherrystone report? everything quiet In the vicinity of Kortrwe Monroe A strong w ind w.s blowing and the sea running very high. Fruit* or a Feiiai*.?t-j?rIy Idol eiermg a fc named Ann Kobertson, agnd twenty tiro year*, committal autclde at 157 laid low atreet, by taking laudanum. No canoe could be ascertained for committing *o rnrh ?t? act. The eoroner win notified. Court of Appeal*. AlJURT, April 10, |*4IJ The follow my I* the calendar of tint Court of Appeals for Friday, April 11?8?, 08, (19, 70, 71, 711, 73,74,75, 7?, 77 _ Drill of the Rl*r*wth Regiment It. V. ?. <11* TI.e following regimental wibi ugpiallM ilaelf ? HKlll***! At. o* r*?Ml. 4. llniM' tKrnn I I *i kwiN ItroiaciT X Y ". II . > Wa-iiijiiito* Kiurw, Nk>? York, April 4,18?2. J Tbi* mgimant war i'l parade In fatlguo dn?a, f l!y am .| and e<|i..,i(ied, with kna -uc!<* ami n\oi<<a* n ...iin, wiili. no day'* ration* for batialiou drlllal Ku.Ne? York, on Ihmfcduy, Hie I7lli In-tint. Keg inn nlal line wdl be formal at the regimental ai*> im>r> at eight o ock A. M prerimy. Held in inc anil non euininla* wi ataf nri I report to l'i* A i nl an I .Hie ante before formalin. Field Mini! ml.. era will report lot oColonol, monord . in Ihe niiii.e time and place inl i " w and i'mi miinuiwtcnml ofllrerr of Ihi* rajptn ml n III ti.>s< int'lv In lailg e drera, with .le iwrnc. at i*>, regime tn artntry, at tight o'clock I". M. onTli re . v the l*Ui. and Monday, ihe'll h inatiint,f.irgener.1 .?* atin tew i id mi i ary Improvement, Itr order i. III MAN. Adic'aul. J. llAtllhiy. ttAKli