Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1862 Page 2
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2 BO\RI>I>? \\n LODOIIVti. AT NO *> MNTii STKliKT, NhTWivfcB IMVLUMiTV |4* f 1*11111 AVtWiill'. ? to let, OQ ui'.t* or II1QiirstvlA<4 Bo*rd. ihutiei *t 6 o'clock. KWereucce giveu *uJ reiuacd. No moving m M*>. A BOOM ON BEOOND FLOOR. CONTAINING UAS, hot andoo 'l water, wi b b.ubr "in ad. o. mug, to be let, lo n /entlrman or a gentleman uud hi* *Ife. with lull or i ati a. Hoar I. Calmly pr i I . Kcmi'ii ( > niiieJ. Apply at aid I<puui;L>ii annuo, (bird lion ea Thirty- igblh AKI'W HOARDERS WI! L 31 TAKEN \T 114 WEST Fourteenth a io i * <1< m le location), 111 a novate unlTy. wild will make a cuiuia. t ibh- home Choice 01 Rooms to bea&d. Dmutrmi. AT JO CLINTON FLACK, NEAR BROADW TY?SINGLE HPii' le'ne i. or a Uuuly ul adults, can obi.ia pia*?aut and well lutulsncd Kuoius, with lull or pal . i. Uuaul. Dinner tlat o'i lo a. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH lluail, at *> Union Also a single Room. Reisi-n.-ae liuno an J required. Attention in called to those living in Hotels mi11 iKiarumg bouse* in an eetaiidt-uiui ul ipciie i al Ha. 110 Mao'iougai aire- i, ami furnished with everything tieeensary for bouaukeeinn,;, in order Uiai a lamily may have a nooapiet' hdirtt* aud live a a low rata. A LADY, HAVING TAKEN THE HOUSE M TWELFTH airrpt, a few doors west ot Broadway, i* in-pared la let Rooms, cilliei in auil* or separat- ly, with B aril, to sell Uemeu and their wlree or aingle gentlemen. The house la nieqaoHy fnrniahed. All the accnuiuiddsitous will le Tu the beatatytr Ah blbgantlt furnished back parlor, to lal, also O linemen ami their wives, or single aewiteniei, wisuing flm. Rooms should call immediately at IN Leuuaou avenue. N-w York. D-nuei a1 six o'clock. Raman ego ha st cured lor the 1st ol May. AT H* ISO 191 wEST FOURTEENTH STREET-TWO geutluneu sud their wives ran be sevi.inmod.iic.l with third atary Booms and Bedrooms. Also two single Rooms Iwresilen.u. Durum al It o'clock. ABM ALL FAMILY, JtEslDING IS THIRTV-FIFTH sis et, near Filth erenue, cau aecuiumodaie a lew persona with wrsllMit R.oms and Romi-iI V i, ). , t},,.... .-o' tbs aigtiom reepecia.nitty need a|>plv. For further purlieu, law edditM, with real uama, A. H. U., auuiou U. ATOONU LADY CAS BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Board and a largo, pleasant I rent Room in thr honae of a yowug Kn ;liall widow Uiiy, Uvlng -iiiite alone; no boarders in ike linear ;*?, Ac. Apply at l<& Uueue sired. u< a; KlMWC. A PRIVATE FAMILY. RESIDING IN WEST TWENTY_t\ tine J -licet, will mt a lai'ae furnished Iront r?oin. NiMd Hour, with good Board and a.I comforts of a home. to a geoCeina'i au l wife or twu single gentlemen, at $1.' per Week , Oa, k room at $10, w,lb belli room. Ka-. lire, bot ami cold walee pen tries, reference* exchanged. Address for one week Merchant. etaiiou E. No May moving. A Vt*? PARLOR. Willi OR WI l tliH T BEDROOM, A also -ingle Rooms, now vacant a th? Madison Avenue Hotel,corner of Twenty-seventh street and Madi-on avenue. 1'abio and b;> el urai cities. Fine model ate. finest locatiou la rite ccy. AT 30 UA-.T TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROADway, a liaudaomeiy furnished and veiy pirasaut Suit id I loom*, on aecond I'oor, to rent, wiih Beard; also other iilcHKaui Rooms; do11? ! Ural clans; modern convei ieu ea; location aeejr convenient. Meet references oft'eted. APtW BOABAttS WILL BE TAKEN AT (S HUD son suvet, uaar Franklin. I'vrun low. No mot tug lu *?/._ AT 2*1 W8ST FOURTEENTH STREET GENTLEMEN and tlveir wires or aiugie gentlemen can have peasant Rooms wi'b Board, t urmsbed or tinfnt ulslved. Diuner at air. References excliauged. AT l*t NINTH STBEBT, A PEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, a gentleman and wile or single gantleiuan can obtain pleasant Romas, with Board. TUe Uouxe contains the modem improvementa. A M EXTENSION PARLOR AND ONE SINGLE ROOM, rV warutol Knusu. nicely iarp?tad and furn.shed or uaiurulatnul, to let, reaaonable to a permanent part r. Good locaUoe Dinner at air. References sxebsugsd. Apply at IM West blereatli street. I AT MS TENTH STREET. NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? To let, with Bosrd, in a Oral claas private hoarding bouse, one Room on second floor; also a large iuurts atory Boom and one hall Bedroom. Dinner at 8. A PEW ROOMS. NEWLY AND NEATLY FURNISHED. A in a very ph aaani aud convenient location, to let, with mreahtaat it required, In a private family where there are no Children. Apply at AT St. Mark a plaoe. AURNTLKMAN AXD WIFE OB TWO SINGLE GENtiemen oto liud good Board and pleaaam Room* in a private lauiiljr. Rooms t'urnlsbed or unfurnished. on second or Uiird iioor, with pantries; hot and cold water. Impure a1 HM Twelfth street, Imtween Sixth and Seventh avenues. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM ON THIRD FLOOR; also single Room;, on second, to tent to geut.emen, without Hoard; bouse modern. Apply at 61 Fourth avenue, eat Mi'iUi arret, one block from Broad vay. AT 3? GREAT JONES STREET?GENTLEMEN AND their wives or single gentlemen can he accommodated with piettaani Kooon, ? Kb Bo.nd. Dinner at 6 u docs. References etobaoged. A PLEASANT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LEfWub Board to a gentleman, and wile, or twu single gi-utl-oieu Terms model ate. Apply ai IJ1 Chryslie sttett, betweeu Grant and Bmoine afreets. A LARGE. HANDS')MK ROOM. ON THE SECOND tiOor, sutlabie far u pet v ot gen I i- m- n or s sicatl 'amiIjr, with ail the ttnproveuii-n s Aiao i*r > small Rooms. Dinner at A ItM East Tweniy.a?t street, Grameiey pa:fc. A SUIT OF ROOMS IN THE SECOND STORY, UN furnished, wttli mi additional Parlor and ante Boon if eeeaaary, inav be bad. won or withoct Board, in a pitvate faintly, t>y spp at It) West Nineteenth street, uelnaeo Eighth and Ninth arennea. A LADY, HAYING A FINE AND HANDSOMELY FUR. wished house uear t:ie Filth Avenue and Alliemarle Hotels, would rent to two or three gentlemen tine Rooms, wi b Of without Hoard. References gtv-u and required. A im-t-as M 0. A., box JIO Herald oflii e. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING TWO OR THREE ROOMS, lout-shed or unfurnish'-d, would like to Irt them to vim# qi let Sfolletnan and lady; Boatd fot the lad} and MviWtf lAfVfiiiimfi.iArlfin thai ia iipp curr tnr . nrnfftrl >>(.n ventrtie. Fot | arUculaxe inline ti #0 Weal Twenty fifth mwi A GENTLEMAN WILL PAY $S PER WEEK FOR Hr '?kljM iu I he vicinity of B mil, Greet Jones ur Btrecker street#, telow Fourteenth etreel dealre* a furmailed Room, wnh iireakfaet, af'er .May 1. Address M. ? , M<? Tom Journal of comawi #. A splendid suit of rooms, with or without Hoard, lor a lady and geutleman or one young tauy; feints rea-vinable to uutri parties. A ?tep Iron, a I lUe Bioa'dway slag -a. Call a: bJ \V est Thirty-second mimi. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO GET BOARD IN A SMALL private l.unll.r, where there ore uo other boa; lei*, lor Wnaih >t a week will be paid. Please addiras M II.. 11> raid pittc* A FINE LARGE ROOM, OR SLIT, ALSO A MCE sutgle Room, with all Improvements, to let, w ub :.r?t C'WiBo ir i. References en.h*u4ed. Apply at 17 Coive; ally I lace, corner OI Ninth s reel. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OR (JUIET lady, CAN usee a large front Parlor, house English basement, with or without Bn.irl for lady; location rents'.!; latnlly auiatl, and all mod ru itnptoveuteun; uo moving ,u May. Apply at tJ Amity street. Board.-handsomely furnished rooms to let k? gem.emeu and ladies, board lor .adies oui>, ctilicr permanent or tranilent. No moving la May. Apply at 220 Bultiran atre*t, u.-ai Amity. BOARD?TO LET. WITH BOARD, AT 1J7 SECOND oeenur, !> IHfi-D Eiththand MllMIM . n ll] lush mi Rooms, an too hers : terms. to y-ra?Dcai p i lira. 1 ears lion rery de? rahle. Reference* eicnange.i, LIOARD.-TWO NEATLY FURNISHED .-RUNT ROOMP, > 01 iue tourtl. Uoor, to let lu geut.eiu u AppynlUd Kail fMrttenlb s'.rrei. Board elegantly furnished rooms e.v 'iiit- or * a ly. wttb or w iilio'ii Boa ill, vara t?d wf parti ? going l" "m 'u in try " a Brat "law pou-ie, *Hb modern Imp. vrmienta, at 32 B ui aticet. Rti-ren ee.Ai.Board?handsomely furnished soma ok Rooms a' .W Weal Tiveaty-aeeoad street. UOARD -A Ml E Itcoro ST' RY RA' K ROOK, wtlti oaihr.oin adjoining, and 111* on third Boor, (nyt, with nr ai'tioot Ko.trd, in a private lamlly; no 'hildien ; on- [ re ii. nt 10 Broadway atage* and Suth aieuue cars. lu pine j at 711 Weal Twenty-ulutii street. Board.-gentlemen and their wives, or kin | gle gen!*, can o -tain neatly Turuishsd Boons, ?nli ; H-ard ai No. 5 West Washington place, opposite Hie Washington (Miiade ground. |)<faRl> wanted?roR a spanish GENTLEMAN IN JJ a respectable private Am.-ri an lamtly. Those having boarders ate ie'iu.'sied not to answer. Those who hare none rod who may oe disposed to r< aelve one p raon into the.r homes, will please address, with pnrti.dlt.rf, X., boa IW II raid dlllce. Board wasted-tor a Lady and three children laMsOoii tnuat j? betneu Twenty-so ond and Thirtyanion. 1 atresia, and Seventh and Ninth avenue#. Dinner mooned iu the m.ddle ot the da*. Terms ir.u*' not eiowed SIX per week AddreM J. T 33} Wes Thirty-llflli at. i>oai;d w anted?in a private family, for a I* gwrtlesnan. wife, ehild and lints, w ild t rnlah their own rooms, Board um*t tie moderate L a on vest tide, t?-hu* Tweiiu-tli aire>t a? ij C., lltra.d o(D -. Board wantid-hy A MIDDLE ai.ED WIDOW lady, wnere . .Uj( eoud m i ?|dar.-<l no i^ulralMl oi ?>|?r ?! ii oi B.m ', ?rh.-r in the cliy or co u .y. AAHM Hit la. M. M,| 0 ?... i, : ,n, o. BOARD WANTKD-HY A Yin NO HOY IN A FKIi rale (amUy where IMy Wl I al ow her to roik in her r,wn, IttiW iiitnl 1*1 itwcol %\h)> a we*, wr. , 0 |.re ?-r living op town. Addreae, 1,1 M Broad" ay, a .ova Twenty aiiin ati*??. BOARD WANTED?IW A PRIVAIE KAMH.. >.I ; MAN preferred I, "n Mtaien I?land or In 'ha n- ac o of Near fork. A lamlli, five .:liltdren irom one o > ight roars oh), deed* to inrke an Arrangement tin H,eiOf.,,m (be 1Mb oi April until the l eg nntug of .Inly. The a nn must he h anl.y and p eaeahi, nut witlnu -a-y io I. of the ?tf. Adore-- i. D., oo.? -.a 1j I'OH ti re, N. \., rug f till partlootar* soil iMrn.s. _ Board wanted a third >toky furnished Koom.larg* clow D ,;*? AC, oelow Fourteenth elr. et, and betwe-Hi *-.o..laii r.lgbth rvni 'l', foi $1 ? tvtea lor gentleman and wife. Adilrvii P. L., bo* J.llti Fuel Hic> Board wanted in a oiikt family, for a laly an.l g-finniian; li..?rd lor the> ; location |.e ?>?n Fourteenth and tyfouitb vtreeli and Third i I Hrrentb ivrnnri Ad , -a L. L , Madl on *>|uare I'oal oliice, Fit Broadway. TJOARD WANTKD-rO'l A FAMILY CONMATINQ OF J ? gentleman. wile, or I * year* u: ?ge and ?eirant; an* T'.oi.m sod emiiM Bed in, n- oi y fniniil ed. rl" atrd helve vn Tbirty-flrat an I Tiliy-t'irlheieet. alld Kignth and Fin I. aveimva Addtrta, a -mng lerma, K. <;. Wooat.-i and eff West shirty aecond at.ect, lnnn.-*ia<eiy. IVJMID WANTKO-IN A REdPKCTABL* FAMILY J J I ?r two la 1" ? and i *1 v k .t si, o. age. T ot toes o?d per uiuhina. a . i .? to, uodayall.i C., giatinii 0. v|>OtHD WANTED IN BBOOKLYN-A BI IT OF PI.KV ' J) lait (Iriw, fniiilalied or nnlnmla'ird, ituh |:,>ai.l. In ? < ti'de n? gh.ini Ion I, by gri .let en mi .1 .* i > R*. f 'i.i > -r,?n*af Add. - I' b ii .V? H wH. vn r.- eV tri. >.? .. i ?!.>??. a ovili no iai"..n,i ICI.i1-, a. BOAJtDlNO AND LODGUIOi .. BOARDING-4 rRW QKNTI.KVKN CAN UK ACCOM* in .uai<?) wieh gaol it ma and pie ml K-oinr, iai a plain fimilj ?i >i ilmrns <no> Tertua ori.ruts; two mmum*' I wH.k iruui the til., ami oHdui'ii* to bu.iuooa mt> u. BO I It DING ?A PI.hA.SANT SI.IT OK rtnunwsxs Uouui on l?u*.1 lie,... 4if otfrrod, auh the oo.ufo. is of a Inline, to three a lolls, li.v a a.nail laiuily, perm ui -nt-i to; ca ed. Tonus roasou.ibi.. T. ow who r ..poet the ijo-dxttii j pre e red, luouirt- al :'? > Weal Twenty-ninth atnei, from II to .8 PM BOAItDINa-TO I.kt, WITH BOARD, AT no. 89 Oliiilou plus (K , u>h atrvell, a very dean-.tile ami of Koouia, ou vh a.-coiid dooi fiuul, to e an aud lua vtlfe, or j | ally o: gvu ieiuea. Also one ou til I our 111 lloor. Board in Brooklyn?a gentleman and iiis wile or a sinall lamily can be nocoii.iniMtalod Willi ??iy pie..guilt Rooms. on m derate lee us, by Hp I) tag ai 4G street, live minutes' . u k from r niton tuny, Board in brooklvn.?pleasant rooms to lei, siiiMhh for a gealleiuau s..d wile, Or single geut eiii. n Also a Hail Bedroom; local.on vi-ry Oceuable, iveb u live uiiuuie*' walk of Wall el. eel or South lorry. Apply at AS Slate slieel, corner of Oar.le.i, IHIAKD IN BROOKLYN ?III CLINTON STREET, A IJ laige plassiit Roo n. lor a gentleman ail 1 wfr, oi a ngle ?. nt'cuieu; a Suit of IIk uii if denied; diuiter al 6 o'clock. Board in Brooklyn.? a kkw obntkel boardera, wllb boat re [ere urea, cau tin I a pieasaul boiu* Willi a privalo lauiUy. Uaih, gaa, kc. Apply at lift flaada atreet. Board in bkooklyn-i.argk and small rooms. House haa all tae modem improvements, within lira iniuutra' walk of South and Wall street ferries. A|i|Hy al HAS Henry a. reel, fourth dooi from Amity. Terms reasonable. Board in Brooklyn.?a lady and gentleman or two sin0le gentlemen cau obtain Board and pleaaaul front Uooui, second floor, lit a private f unity, tSt Slate atreet. House haa bath, Ac ; la withut live minutes' walk of South an.l Wall street leiriea. Dtuuei at 6 Boaro in Brooklyn -a okntleuan and wins or single gentlemen ran oblatu a pieaaant Kouin. with Hoard, iu a atuali family, at 13 street, near Knltou ferry. Down town.-gentlemen wishing pleasant Rooms, tt kit good Board, re.isoaably, canuot Qnd a more desirable location than at dO While street, one door east of Bioauway. Hon e all the raoderu iuipiogp meats. References required. East twe*Vttthibh strbet. west sii?e ok Fourth avenue.?An elegant Put lor and Bedroom*. 111 a private family, to let, hue house, vritli alt me teni improvement*; Board if required. Apply to Messrs. LUSH, 2142 Fourth avenue. EWinUU ROOM. TO LKT-8lN(.iLK OB EN SUITE, r lo single gentlemen or faniiliea. Apply to Mi a lloilv, .125 Weft Twenty-third street. Stage* passes the dooi N> *r the tars. -ciumrnraD rooms to usr-wrra or without l Board, at No. 3 St. Mar*1* place. lh I1MSI1ED ROOMS TO LET?WITH SOAKS, TO J1 gentlemen and then wives, or single gentlemen. in the hr.u i lata house, tt ith all the nuatei n luiprocciueutv, No. 11 Ashland place, Perry street. No moving. 1.M KMSHKD OK UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO I.KT, 1 tvtiti foil or partial Board, at 112 Second aventt*. Kelereaees exchanged. Horoken -WANTED, A FURNISHED room. WITH oi without B< aid, by a single geutleuisu. Andres* J. T., b i* 1,147 New York Post oOlre. Mrs. maryb sumnek, 22 west twenty-ninth street, can uuw offer the choice of several Suits atul singit Rooms to persons desiring lo make arrangement* lor Hoard tcr tne ensuing year or transiently, exchanged. Nos. 7? and 77 east fourteenth street, be tween Irving pluce and Fourth avenue.?A lady has just taken and moved into these first otass houses, and has aome Rooms yi-t unengaged; several larnl.lea now with her, htvs beeu her boarders lor years, and she will refer to them for the eta:octet of ber bouse. * TM * fil l a T MA 1 OH ITiVTCn CAD TIFA ACMTf CUCkT I In a lirst class boarding or private house, uutil the 1st of November. in the vicinity of Bond street or Jersey City (north aide); unexceptionable references given. Address J. f., hoi 2,67V l'osl olBce. stating ItlSIand particulars. Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to letIN ith Board, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives (without children), at *6 Beach sir- et, near St. John's park. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODA ted mt'h Board, and the lomlortsnf a home, Inastrictiy private teiutiy, by app.ytng at 350 Ninth avenue, uesr Thirtythird street; references exchanged. TWO YOUNG MEN (BROTHERS) WANT BOARD IN A good private family from Ibo lit of May; location between Fourth and Fuurleeoth streets, not loo fsr from Broadway. Address J. t K., Herald tffle. 'po hotel keepers.?board wanted, in ex JL i liange for hueLI<|Uora, tora gentleman, wife and child; w-II furnished rooma. Address Hotel, U raid oUice, with location, Ac. rHO LET-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH BOARD, x house has all the modern improvements; no moving in May. Apply at 265 West Eighteenth street. TO LET?WITH BOARD, IN ELEVENTH STREET, m ar Filth avenue, very .atge. bxndsome a-contl and thud story Rooms, ai from $11) to $11 pet weekiecb. A s.ngle Room lot $i References exchanged. Address liome, bos 115 Herald 0 OOS. TIT AN TED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND Hlgi WIFE. IT with as'rtctly prtTi.te fauiilr. sn unfurnished Psilor and Bedroom, with Board, in s Rood locality, and where lliey i ould bring some furniture. This might be a good chance for a party going to housekeeping. B-st of references given and required. Address A. L., fox 161 lie raid office, staling ftpl pat 'I- u'.irs and terms. WANTED?A PARTY OF TUREE TO BIX GENTLEiT inert BoaiMenk to aa upy a larga Pular, with Sleeping Room* adjoining, near t Itn'oti avenue, Brooklyn, from May 1. Rooms will be furnished new and to suit. Address Algernon. box 1? Herald office. WANTED-TWO NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS AND I* Bosid, ins pi ivate ism !v. for a and bis wile. Dinner at 6 o Clock. Address H. B., Heia.d ogtre. fir ANTED?BV A GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHED II R 'out, Without board, tu a pleasant lo allot). not too far up, at a moderate price. Address O. J., Herald s ating price. \\" ANTED?BY A GENTLEM IN, A NH'ELY FURNISHIT ed t'atlorsud Be.liuom, witn breakfast only, in a private ao able lanii'r. where no of er boarders are taken A widow ladeprefervad. Address, with terms aud eyery par r, S, i. W., Herald oBm. A t UNION SQUARE. NBAR SEVENTEENTH .STREET, tt Front Rooms overlooking i ha Park, and othet auit# of Rooms, to let, wah B *rl, lor the summer. -(I ftfll m; .>11 tKEr. THREE ll'n.KS ' 1 { ' M BKOVI) I ?7 wh, ?To let, batidsota iy furnished Rooms to singleg title men: the lo- ation is ti-ar ell the t rit class hotel* atid {>!: > ? m| amusement. Reading loom free. Inquire of AXSON HOUSE. QQ GREENE STREET. ABOVE 81'RINO, AI-STON 'JO House ? Elegantly lorn -he,! Suits of Rooms, iter t'rotoh Mil e?oi? convenience for housekeeping economics llr. pare daily MiUMl tor small, tetpHItbll ten (lies or single gentlemen. R"ut low to pei man-nt tenants. 1 A?? EAST NINTH BTREET, BETWEEN BROADWAY J TO and Perth nv-n e ?8 ond stoiy Kronl Koom, also t esseut third story Berk Itmu, vtitb liisldasa our'. N at Co' per Iustit its, As or L trary and Wallack'a. No moving in Nty. "1 ~lt PRINCE STREET?ST. CEA1R HOUSE.?ELElvl) gantlyfurnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, *Uh all the i otivsMem'? lor uonsekeepnig complete, including gas and Uroton water, to let to respectable families of single geutlcm- n. 'XI 11 EI'M STREET, NEAR SPRING.?FURNISHED 1'; Apartmeii'S r? . itrtuiediste o<: iipattejr. The lowest i main be city, conshlei :ng the convenience of economy in ho ?eket plug, re at tedding and furniture, w 1th range, cooking utens Is and linen comnlete, gas and Groton. .), I EAST TENTH STREET.-A FEW GENTLEMEN ?il)T '. ti lite Board nr $3 #0 per week. AI?o a and wile an have a sola.1 Parlor, with B- duoom, lor ft. Qsa and hathrnnm tuclnd-d. Room, furnished or unfurnished, with Board. IOIMTRY BOARD. Board in the country.-three or pour per <o scan be oo for'ahly accommodated ,n a small famlt in Eaa Orange, N. J., within thirty minutes from New York. I.o at no pl' sssnt and h-altby. Apply at 197 ' 'Union Street, Mrcoklyn. j JWA r u ! > iuniv> n.Lr, ? a rni?flici rA^iui, IJ wiU.o it chlk)r?'ii, Ailing m onmi^ou.c bona#* nn*! i>rna- j rn n'a:?i? und?, *nh -uhimg lUfr-hfd, in Torlfl!l?, wo Jd , lik?* 'o r n' a K- ond Floor, with Boar !, to % par'y or senileu/ii or a ^ntknan ind w ic Lo< a iotj he*lhy a: ti vary plraaaou Apply at "r address + uo:? to M. J., 44 Irving BOARDERS WANTED ON TilE HIDBON.-A FAMILY of io * adol * or two (c nOemrn m.>l thr r vivm nn : have a delightful 8nrnm*r Mom* with a tsintly having A | I n- mi Of liu'tfton, a boot 20 n ilea Chambers itrn*', | trliii wo .Id lik* to ma?* in arrangement for boaidmg th*tn. A i tbr uoiiveoirii' <? ihe nlty an If had. altk brnu if il g ' in!*. K?-y of access by boat or rallnad. Private 'ablo f rnlahod it riea'.r* f, and raiding for turwa. Reterenoea ?>c anged. Addrer* Villa, i.os t'H Pom office, N?w York. CIOL'NTRY BOARD -PLEASANT, WELL FURNISHED / airy K ,onia, * 'hgoo.l B ml, can beototan*d at S am. lord i in;., on "C nr**.'a Hlll'talao (tabling and nccnmmodaHou lor iioraaa and < an.ages. For pai ti 'tlars sail at 16 r.ion *?|iiai*, ouia. r of Fil * uih lliwl. /10LNTRY b"ARD WANTED?FROM APHID iWTU. I'n a lady and boy, o * ?? old, and gen.itinaii on i Sunday; privatefamily preiefrod. oneiaige R>cm uatlng lowest t-rmaai.d all pani"Ulara. N BISHOP. 144 Broadway / tOUNTRY BOAKD WANTED-WITHIN ONE HOUR B *> i id* oy oara or train i oal lr. u tb* city, t r a ittle girl ?g. .l ; t* y-a.?, wh i? -he will r*c?tv* iro't * ly '?re ami w iff* tt??r? are otl??r titldr*n. Addr*?s bos 2,fart New Yo ? Pos ofli r, tia H g pi I e, Ivatlon, Ac. IILLIAHDI. HTU' K OF NEW and -E' OND HAND Bi lard Ta *?, witli Pk au'i < inMnatn n Cuhnons, 10r sal* at r i c*a t,, an it th* ' i in*" i'ii ttan a Cullender, os to <w Crosby ttiest, n, y. h'OR SALE t FINE ST0< K OF NEW AND SECOND hand t.?>!? it reasonable |ri'*< Tatd*a toft and Ka.a' ranlra i or Oidcra ny trail attended to by W. H. GRIFFITH, 14a# ViltOQ street. tPOR BALK CHBAP-TWO BILLIARD TABLES, F nearly toot, Pi * tan a (jst*t t < > eblona, Benjamin A Leonard's make, maibl* bed*, in , ill? on the premises, Sf>4 Grand i i'tn. Parties in want of BiLt.iAitD*tables will I!II.I It o their advantage ut cal at BHARP'H m?n ifaotorr. MS y'liter stre*', wh ?y a. i i ? , ?n.. Wl,n h , n*.?' fiat*nl cushions, sd milled by th* n*vt jndgrs in b* a iifrior to any In im*. at prlcea to ault th* 'IniPt. Alao a few second hand table*. OCUL1BT* A*D AURISTB. T nHAFNKBB- DIBCHAROBB FROM THE RARH NOISES J ) in ilie i and, at , dlmnrai and wnknisaol liab', In Bamad ltd? and Of ayo ?? / **?. * ? aaOil y ii. ,i*d l.y Hi OR A VWs, MB Ht>ad?sy. Consultation* p* ami .11/ u. by iUtei 111 e | HEW YORE. HEltALL), Ft HOUSES, ROOMS, ?C.. WASTED. Any farty iiavino a phsi!vhi.k uo< arc. rvRnUheti or uuiuroi-ilii'd, Ioosuj oolweeN Litnii^u <tnd 8 wlh aarnne#, T *utl? mi 1 KorUcih #4reaU, Cuu iiu 1 * claaw, r?*p .imbie Ufuaul at <n r oUk* Appy at No. 1 Ureal Jo tte? tMreei. l^l'KNIrtfiKD KOOAI8 WA.NTKD.?WANTKI> TO III ICR X furnUhcd, without- i*mid, the 8 vou.l Khan- of a ho>ineou the OiU'.cni Hide of tit* city Tin* ro<>iu-* miui in? ?.U,nljr but neatly fuini#he<i, and mi ?oiim boutw atlua e<l iu a qiirtt and ro?p<x abi" and o -c tpuM by a arn.tll prtva.'p la-ntfV wh?? Uktt oo boarder*. The advertiser t* wil u?g to give $'5t? pe; annum tor rooma kh ab?iv#, inyahte *?th r or tnotiUiljr Addrc## for thn-e day* ll. 11 14., ileeaM otluv. i HOUsR WANTED?A THREE HTOHV Rftlt K. UK i \ i i '. 11 '. (i h mi i Tim > fourth #4re*U and Third aud K g .i i rtvea?4?*s n-nt iuH lu e*u?ed $'>1)0. AJdre** tor i two da.v* Robert*. Herald oUnc Ro*ae**toiJ a few day# before the 1*4 of May. Uri'KK FART OF A IIO'jMi WANTED 1ST A i'AMILY Of tifff tTJWII PATKOOA, AloMll H'VCII lO-IIIIM. Ilfflil low, mi I good u.-ighburtiood. A l>. II F., II, raid o lire. I 1 ? 1? I WANTED-HY A FU1VATK I'AMILY. WITHOUT i tMiiil'va, tl>on H.ory brown Mom- from How, uri h >11 li ff iii.kI.-<-ii coDfriurnCM. i<oraltoii nc w Third >ii4 S.rnr.i ... .iu. i, FouHffenth and Thirtieth alroeU. Itent >l> >ut $riU0. Tt- lion I uuffic-eptionablff. Address bot 3, 'MI < N.-w Yoik Foal ...luff ( WANTED?A NICRI.Y FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR of liaadjouis House, situated la > fashion., ido part ol il<? citr. A.I hum, wilb full particulars, 0 B. 0., but lift tiff old ottoff. \\rANTED? COR A SMALL FAMILY. A SECOND YT Flour, <ou,inning tour ruomt, in three story house. In > ii-speciablff nff.^hburhixffl, between I ifib sod Nov. elii arffnurs sad Fourth and Twenty-third aiivnta. with qni ami water. SXia.autory icler.'iics gtreu Addtess but I.lid.I Fo-t ottne. nidr ptRina qin'ovM lunsuiiai TT Bedrooms, with gasand water. tu tin t r m tuM. < and s ?J neighborhood, between Fortieth and Fitly-second | st'eets, and with -ad NaiUi avenues, wberetkm* lib?! oua oihci tatully. Address Comlart. car* of W. J. Lewis. 412 liroalway, wp alalia. WANTKD?8V A MAM AND WIFE, THE LOWER j Part o( a houre. local inn bet weea Thirteenth and Twenty reveuih attests and Second and Seteulli avenues. Kent moderate. Address dames, Uutga Square Post ofllce, Willi number and rent. < Brooklyn. by a gentleman and ! wife, without rlilldren, a Itiruislied or partially furinsbed Houae. In a good neighborhood. convenient to Wall el reel or South terry. Ativ person Iwvtng a bouse and regarding care of properly more nu|>Oriaul than a high true ma* addresa A, box ;:,?&} Port odice. WANTED?A SUIT OK ROOMS, WITH OAS AND WA let, suitable for bmtfiftkeepinf pnr|iogea, Cortwopei- I sous sn l aerraiit, the price uot to exceed $17 pec montli; the lore I ion mud lie rape table and desirable. Reference re'inirsd. Address, staling particular, U., hot 3.632 J'oa! olllce. 1 WANTED?BT A QKNTLBMAN AND WIl'E, I WO Rooms and a Bedroom, Willi closets, in a private house, miti.u ien minutes'walk ol Tompkins annate. It oil models'.'. Address 0. H. Co limit. II'-' . East Tenth street. t TITAMTBU?TWO DITTORKISHED BOOMS (FOB A t T lady) on Broadway, between Foot leenth street and Ounsl. The house most tie genteel and the rnonia must poasc-s all the of c o-eia, gaa, water, 4e, Ad- t dresa A. K. Rooms,. Union square I'oat odice. I AlrANTED?A STORE, SUITABLE FOB A SAMPLE tv io <iii and segar store, on Bioadway, Nassau street, or ill ihn immediate neighborhood. Rent moderate. Address ioi lit Mara Id ofllre. i WANTED-WEST OK BROADWAY, BEI.OW KOI Rill ' at.eel. three Rooma ou second floor, with gas and natli. Rent from $3 to $10 a montli. Address W. N. D., box '-',7:a Post oflice. | WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A SMALL House. or the Lower Part ol' a house, wilii all modern improvements, tietween tenth and Tweoty-fourili sirens and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Address, with full particulars, H. Harris. S73 Broadway. j \\TAN TED?A GOOD SIZED HOUSE, FURNISHED f tv oompiete, betwesu Fourth and Eighteenth streets, near Broadway. Would take the family to board. Address W. S., Union square Post oUice. j WANTED?A HOUSE OF MODERATE SIZE. WITH I cat b, gas aud stationary wash tubs; must not be above r Thirtieth street or below Fourth, west aide; tent u?i io ex- I ceed $i)00 per year Address 11 Barrow sireet. a WANTED?A SMALL HOUSE, OR LOWER PART with all modern improvements, for a gentleman, lady j and servant. R'tu of liouae not to exceed $400, lower part t S'-MI Kent Daid montblv In advance in tlen ot aeeurilv. Ail- I dre-? Daniels, Union square office. WANTED-8Y A SINOl.E UEXTI.KM AN, AN UNFURutahed Floor, tirit or second, with accommodation a lor jirrv#!] , cooking and washing, iu a modern bouse, occupied exclusively by a pnraie lainiTy. Location between Twenil eth and Fortieth a:reels. Lexington aud Eighth avenues. Kent not to exceed $2.VU. The beat of retereucca exchanged. Address (staling full pat tunilarai L. B., fox MB FM office. \l/A\rED-FOK A FAMll.Y OFTIIK.SK OR FOUR. IN YY a desirable neighborhood, a louveuleut Secoud Floor ol live Kuonia, or nun may be on third floor, nt a roni of Vmjiii $250 Locatiou between Broadway aud Eii{hth aveuMe ami Tenth aud Twentieth streets Adders* H., 3211 Broadway, room Ml. I1TANTKD-BY A PHYSICIAN, AN office ABOVE YY Twelfth alter!, weal aide. Address Dr. J. H. Rogers, lb Ten'h street. A WANTED-A SUIT OK ROOMS, UNFURNISHED, with gee and water, suitable lor nooiekeepmg pur. tsiai-a, lor two pereonx and servant; the price not lo exceed 17 per iu on lb, tbe location must be respectable and desirable. R"ieren e required. Address, slating particulars, 0., bes 3,iiT2 Feet office. Wanted-by a gentleman, wife and two small cluldreu, a partoi a House; gaaand water; rent not to exceed $201), in a good .ocatioii. Addles* K. H.J., Uerald office. \\r ANTED?To REM'. BY A RESPONSIBLE TENANT. YY or wo ild purcb?-e, a xitia l two story brick llouae, with modern lmpi oveineu'a, situated above Usriiiine slrc-i and In-low Twrlith atreet, weal oi Sixth avenue preferred. Rei t not to ex ee l $JbO. Adores-, with pai Honiara, box l.*S Poet office. \v AN TED-a booms floor, suitable FOR , YT housekeeping, .n a respectable hO'l-e, by a small in- ' mtlv, without children. Rent li t live- $161 a year. VYcr.t Side ,,r the City preteited. Address 0. D. 0., box 23< Herald office. i,o Hi releience given. utamtrb?a small HOU8S, WITH GARDEN. IN f? the vicinity of New York, tor a respectable and m -pnmdble family of two pertous, no children. Address, with Iullparticulars, J. W.. box 104 Herald oilier, "VITANTED?FUKNISITED. TWO OR THREE ROOMS, YY amiable tor hooaegeeptng, by a young married couple too i Irl-Ironi. Terms mua' be moderate and staled in anawei. Ad lte<* H.. bn 2t!.'( Herald office. WANTED?ON THE bKA SHORE. A LAROE AND YY well lui niched Cottage, must be of easy access to th? city; Long Bratt'-b or the south side of Staten Island would euitwer; rent ti- to exceed $jilto $60 per month, for the sum- ! mer month- A Idroa M. A. K . Herald office, with full particular a. I WANTED TO MUE?IN A HOUSE WHEISE THERE IV ia tint mur. tb?n one or two I it mi lief, a Floor con an- : ing ?U mumi, with gMa't'i rvntnr; rent intitt b? nmdciat:. J A lint-Mi, ataiing lull | *1 lu-ularii, E. S. 'I'., Hwmtii oili- e. H'.tNTKD IO KENT?I HE SEi UNO Ki-OOK OK A iiotiM>, tinf'itnnhifd, or with hi-| ei., wtm h will It* jmri;lt?s?Ml, im it Itnvn all th. tnoiivrn itnprovrai?ntn, with gas r train r> ?, mill If nil '* ert w?? 01 Brutnlway. bi t? o-tt Spt iltg ao.' Ninth strrets; Untily An.t-t rcan; lint uot to otd'fl (J6 a on ; tint > lam ifiereti'f given Address. listing talluirt.ii'tilai?, John Devlin, Street Contractor's oOice, City Hall | ratfe. n v. ~ STEAMBOATS. ~ riMIK STEAMBOAT 1.0NO ISHND. KOH N0K1HP0RT, i ? 1 m i htngatthe uv a :.ituiin??, lravs .very ufninoiu ' Sundays ?? i-pt -il) front Ktittou market slip, at 3o'cli>crf. I ' K 1 mug leave. Nothpurt < ry mm umg At 4 *'. AsmoiiOii*. ISTOINDIVO CURES AND DIVINATIONS?)! ' IN ' ' i< 1 i-fH'ih or trouble, consult Madame ? LIKFOIID. \ unrivalled b*iii?*M duuvovaat mid American medluine i wmii. ii, N?> M I)* ? 11 Mif f u Hoyt, }iio>kl n j ? f? i?*u? a event*, de?e - d ! ?*?* , pre?erit)"i rent! fit . ;?11 d 11 <1* .tWoi irtenda. Boxiuc** interviews, W cents; $1 By lelier, enclosing hair, t- I ABTROL Bit? HEKBJ TH1 OMLT TBIJB astroiogUt an onsilted lor * ahhrt t:?ne longer. | I jis ; II-, beautiful and intelligent lady Is vial ted by , throngs daily, .ru I auac-s the in- *' intent1 *en*atiori. j i M.I ? nt ?tn arnte yon the name yo i will inarry, ah'/W fhetr ] pi tin - ??. bring ab?ent one's baek, suae them to adore Hi d ; j miArrv Vbu. (i.M'i looii u. k atui lut * v numbers. The r* I ?!' i'h'i urns Hie s" *) We?t jj. ...idWay, earner of Leouard I . ue *l. over ib* clots rig s'ore Nam* on door. A BONA FIDE ASTRO LOGIST. THAT EVERY ONE can depend on, ie Mme WILSON.who tells theobjeot ( of yo ire."ii as soon * you enter, she tells tbe past, pre- i ' sent and yo lira, and wars* yon of danger*, m 1 tins** * !< < as o'lt vt the most petllo a in.leru?.inu?. N. . J B ?. tmi n??. No. 18# Al'rn street, between i H'.' an.I S'au:on , o?er tue bakery. Charges for ladiesand gentlemen, Moeata. V?TOXIIIlixO'-NADill> MORROW, sKVENTil .1 ter, Mu .1 ?tf' in foresight; tells how soon an J i | r v? .f u ii , < i ?1.1 many, and all you wish to know, even I , jour v?ry thoughts, or no pay. Lurky charms free Her I ?r s. o i lu'inil. Ili r Mian: linage ieuowln ill ! ' . IM Ludlow treat, below Houston. FttH li I ' o*nt? Gentlemen not admitted. j MADAME RAV. 2?0 SEVENTH AVENt'E, ' NEAR ! ] r ?eni jr seventh street, surjirtees alt who *lait her. The I Sick, tmubi <1 hii.i unlucky ihouid teat her power*, bus teils h ir ?er.r tnoiignta, no ky n .inhere, loacie. La; us, i ibc.. gentlemen, '*> . uim Davis Canadian oipsy palmist and ! .'1 astioloslsg, 27# West Twelfth S rtat, give* (.oweiiltat rna , ] on a.I business. Ladles 2?r., gentlemen ?0.,'. Charms I of I ins# or bis. new, Come ses for you tacit es L'rky nun bers . given. I Mmt. adihe banker tub well known ' Spiritual le?i Medium end Clairvoyant, ran te runs'.ue.i day and evening ai her r.."m?, M Fourth avenue, | t.'srTwrn't e ndstr>er seendfloor. n.B.?I'lHa'e titles he ' 1 ? A merr I I N- H.-WHO has NOT heard OK the celb ( r riite.l Mrliuit PRKWSTER, who bus removed to No i | ial liii tenth sireet, between First snd Sn-nndave ! i nue?. and who sn be onsulted with entire satirfsciloiit Ht.e , has no eipial. She tells the natneo' futura wife or husband, 5 also that of her viaiter. If you wish truth give her a call. THE I RE A TEST WONDER IN THE t^iRI.D 1.8 the I J. yimng and a'tiompllshed Ml'UfDe HYltON, from Pari*, w. o'can oe consulted with tha atrhiesteunndeneeon all ai- 1 fairs ot lite; restores drunken snd un aithful husbands; las | a ae. ret to niak'- i ou beloved by your heart'a deal, and brings I logeth. r ihuse long lAilies 2A cents. Itesidenc* KTblrd if(lin>, )W i waiim ??nm. j WHO WOULD NOT OO WHRR* PORTING IS??<10 y?, Mm* WELLINGTON, thrsrrni Enfillab Prophet'M ' ha boat of ?!1, aii'I '-annal bn Me*lli 4. fan I* cont.iilMl, )?> aonaily or by Ii-ut, on all affiiiraof lire, eoni?in. Ir.g low Bui* jmrnnyi, ahaant frli-nda, lova, rnnrtabtp, mar1. ^nr, hraltli, waallli,and who can reclaim (li inhen and mifar.hf i! huaband*. Ml?a W . 1* the only peraon In thiacity nho ha* 'li?a<Mi>:ln<* Roman and Arabian tallamana fur lore, k U 1 ! ill and all bunloeaa nflatra, and ai" gnai :anti>< a for life JMay not 10 rnnatiH thin naturally ulfin l and beautiful yiinny lady. Lucky nninbera glren. !lli(hlr r?aiwci,?hlr city ref-r*n fan h? a n at hrr 1 atdenc*, 101 rtutli arcnoo, oppnlp R ^lith atrael. Ml - ROWPRY. NF.AR BROOMK STItRPT.-M ADA ? K )'t I alrvoyarit and gifted Span lilt lady, 1111 ill* if my at 'i ii' a of tot 111 Iloyii. inm riagn, altaenl frf n la, ali kinaa, pi -mlb ? modi' in a (or a I (It asfa, tally lin k/ niiniMr*, pi opijujr i?a, 01 eutlvu, 4c. m tlDAY, APRIL 11, . 1882, jr?R BALK, ' ABtSAUTIKUL MIGJtOSOOfn, Magnifying iul (I lino, fur U rental" ailrer Kl?? of dr. i emit powers. (1 Ui.ndiree AJd.n-ea 1 L. BOWKN. boi OH, Bmton, Mew. BUTCIIRR aitOP ron SAI.K OIIRAr-NKATl.Y titled up,with marble stab au I HxtU'va opwpleto, good location. Mu I lie and, ?? the owner la goitid CO cue conoliy Apply la the grocery . 9-1 Klatbu.ih uremic. Bijioltlyu BAKKKf KOU SA1.R?UtlKAT. MUST IIB HOLD. AS llu> owner liaa other bus urea aud cannot attend to it. Good for p-e* or crackers, haying two large oeen*; will bsold

wrb or Willi >ul futures. 4116 Grand ?lre--l, h V. ( lONKKOTIONBlt*. K ANDY IIAKKK* AN It ION I I brawn ivil.Kili tor SAie?.-iUtnite In a dir.vine town, band a uncly iitoul up and arranged, (l ung ? largo ural cl*a? trade An uiitwusl gmel eliau.e to gel lo H o bualneaa. KOUTIIWIOK A WOOD, til Nassau alt eel. DUIIO 8TOUK KOK SALE IN BROOKLYN ?A 8.4ALL and neatly titled up more cvih br sold cheap tor i?a!i, ?? the owner is Mck and ram** attend (o it. A good rhence tor a young man couunmcaiig business. Apply at W KulUto aruniio. DlltO MIOKh?OONTM.NTH OK, OONtUHTINQ OK Bo Ilea, f utures aud .s'oo'i, for sale. A istdi oualuwer An lind a bargain rarely to bo uiet with. Apply to Dr. dl.AUK. 4311'. gnti. Meoue, alter 3 V. M. BALE?THR 8TOOK AND EIXT9ttR8 OK A L Lager Uier -.0.000 and Korter House, at 74 'i'turd street, retina reasonable. TiHHt 8AI.B? IN IlltOOKI.TN, A KIBST OLANS UBO L eery ; good luealtou, selling out on aceuunt of the owner iOlog bind u. Address, stating rual narno and address, O. P. T., Herald oilier. , LKMt S VLB-A RUKKI.K SHQtf. WITH 34 SHWiNO F machines la full operation, machines run by steam g>wer. Thin ia a rare chance lor persona who like a light, nest and eery proAUMe business, aa the goods are in great tern and. Good reason* gleeu f.w telling. For full pat t ton- i wi a apply at 313 KuRoe htreec, Bee-fltlye. ' t FOR SALE?A HANDSOME TEA. OOFKKK AND DRY Oencery Store, three seare eslabllahed, under law rent, rUli a fnur years (Hiritrge Proas L( of May. Inquire at 374 iee-entU a?ruue L'OR SALE?A (I0NKBCT10NKKY 6TOKK, SIX YEARS , L esuiouanea; imp oesi location mi ine cuy lor aotug a g'KM jash business; an < workman will stay If wanted, * bo baa M'urltiid live years for Mila store. It la a Iwrgiiih. Call la I be store, corner of Caaal anil Thompson streets. BIOR KALE?THE I.KANE AND FIXTURES OK A wholevile Uroccty Mil Liquor store; locality desirable knl the buaim at good. Apply at 211 Fullou a tree!. For hale?the good will and kixthrkh ok a line liqnoi store, doing a good biinlueos, and in a Hue oral ion. Inquires! 20 Bailer alrecr. hlOB SALS?TBI OLD SffAIUSBIO DIN I Nil AND Cyder Snkiuii, known ,ia the Sylvan Shore Retreat, at Harlem Bridge. together wi'li 18 Fishing Routs and Fixtures, kpply oa the i?i anil ana, to BfLuIAM kennrdv. , EitOS SAI.K-A OOMISOTIOMKST. ICS (KKv.M AND Ovat i Saloon, In om oi the heat locationa in the city: will be' sold at a bargjin. Anply nu the pcemisei 15.'. SUtii tt-enne. I hlOR SAKE?AN KKIOSSON OA LOR 10 UNO INK, 1M ! niehei di.i'no'er. For particulars a|.(>ly to SAMl/KI. ill m the ina. bine alio;, oi Mi. Young, 43 Centre street, ear building, or to FHEDH. FRANCE, 87 Prsrl street, (list loor. bNOK SALE-A FIRST C1.A8S l*H(Vl'OQRAl*l!IC (IALlery, in Brooklyn, complete and riding an etcellenl hiia|. less, Principals will address J.MS, bot 1.762 New York Koat ofliee. For sale-whole or half of1 a finely furnisbed Ssloen. everylbing eoaneeled is in lirsi order, ladies' end gent's floor and tenement over all. Kent for a hole > <00. Uraud opening with >'100 or $80(1. , F. D. mi'llAHOsoN A CO.. 82 mid 81 Baa?>1 atreel. PIOR SALE?THREE OR00EKIE3. >700 $a:tl AND ' >3000; Crockery Store. S-ldWO; two Hole's, #1,20) and s.A.oio, three Saloons, >800, >800 aud $5,000; two F.tpress Routes, >100 and >800; other good Bnsiuess dilutees, Co- : isrtneiship*. Ac. M. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 82 and 34 Nassau street. j I AUK HALB-OR WILL TAKE A PARTNER IN A ' I? Paper Manufacturing Establishment, near the city, wo large Mills, ttuee Dwellings, eight acres Land; is now unnuig successfully. A small amount of money required, 'all leu furs by K. D. RICHARDSON A CO.. 82 and 81 Naiad street. blOK SALE-A BEAUTIFULLY FITTED OP I.IQOOR Stoic (with or without Stoeki, now doing au excellent lusinesu; hea beeu occupied br the present proprietor for he last eit years; haSH tine iamily trade; situated on a line vi'h Broadway and Bowery, in the Fifteenth ward. A On" wndkeaa era M dona and money made: most decidedly an vcerient locution; everything iu complete oi dec; lease three ohie vems.-Most ?aiisisc.ory reasons bitch lor selllnc. Hid will lie aold low, a* the proprietor * solo* to CaliiornU. for further part inula re apply to THOMAS BkESNAN, 112 , Saaaait s'.eei, room 32, Mew York. IjdOR SALE?TO A OA.SH CUSTOMER, THE RIGHT TO . manufaclura for the Slate of New York an ariioie which i wanted in every family, Uotrl, aalooo, car and Kiagmoni any; il pays two hundred per cent prom, and caw be niauuaet.ned with vary Utile trouble end upon a *ra?ll capital; A ill l>e sold tor $501), purl curb, and (he halation ran t>e paid tom the protil". Address c. p. t? bin 18S Herald office. BtOK SALE?A FIRST CLASS GROCERY, WITH Hots', Wagon and Fixtures, located on oae of ihe beat oinera or the Niuth ward; w.ll be anld low io aca?h < o?outer. For particular* Impure at 27A B'.eetkef .iieet, in the i tore. Foil .MAI.K-AT A BARGAIN, AS THE OWNER IS going Weat. Ihe Lease, Slock and Fix I urea of an excelcut nnd well tilted up corimi Liquor Store, on the etmlMde iftheciy. Appty to T. UAFFNEY, Ai.ctioneer, it Centre ii r?- . tsot sals?a iimmnn saloon ana kbs* 1 last ran I. well lo-aied and exeelleuily linniahed , wilt ha nld lor lea* than half ill value For parti, ntars auplv lo A .M. H. VANDERBURGH. 01 Wall *tree (odice ol UiNnu, lot duo A Baiu) F->OR sals CHEAP-THE LEASE, stock AM) suetinea ol a wholesale and retail Liquor Store, in Ihe bexi o al.on in the S xih ward, established ror aeyeral yearaand loing a good business. Apply to T. GAFFNFY, Auctioneer, A Centre alrcet. r* KtjCKKV SOB SAI.K-IIM FOURTH AVEM'K, t:OR. Ll nr. o Twoliih Kirart. Oueoftiie beat Iocs; on* iu the iliy. fTOTKL ros sale-a COUNTRY hotel for LA ate, with good building.-, ailualed In a pieaaant village ui 'be Harlem llailioad For particular* inquire of L. rOMLINSO.V k co., awfoo-nvrich'treet, N. V. Hotel, so. is fvltos stskst, Brooklyn, op. po-ite Fulton ferry.?Lease, Furniture and Future* or ?u e, l.a* three *'orun ftoiu May I !Sd2; rent 11.0 V. Pri'M) $I,JUD. None but .aah customer* need apply. I ol pariicuiars apply uu the premier*. Hotel hir sale -the frsscott hotel, ho m E**t llouaionaireet, tor -ale or in let to a good, reapont b e nun it is furnished complete throughout, in per.e t I I'-ri, ni>i urn i it i nil ui luiiu'i", *%' p.; uu ihc piriu,ec?, |TOTKi< and nminuin fob uu low? [1 Known ai the Bank. No. !i Ea*l llmia on rre-t, hr?t l.j' r from Bum n ay, taiab.titled hve year*, doing a an eei*. 'ill hnaiuea*. Implies on the pivinU'-v. N. B. ?A loi of. Mil|i y liquor eaakt and demi johna tor ??lr. TRON SAFE FOR SALE?\ I. ARCS I ROM SAFE FOR I aair. It mat 8:100, will be sold for tilt), ii if uearly nen, u.d ?a good ?? new. Inquire at No. 12 t'lue aire*;. TORN i MIMOni BOTE U?FOR UU, TKB I abort Hotel, emnpielely furulshed in the latest tad i..?at Improved manner, allotted on the Btooklyn anil lanian a I'lank Road*. h ahor di-taio e fiom both the I'ninu : inii iViitrei111* Ka ij'inract. togetner witb about 22 t m A I.und, on whi' b are'the larg''.i and moat desirable viable 1 ov onmodailori i* now ort-r-d for italc, on the most liberal [ ma. Aa a lirai clasa road home it liaa no equal, and ita if!' r i* an oppoi tottlty ?eldom oS' ird, tn any one wl.sblug to j to in boalne.-a immediately, aa pooeeMou will be given on ' ,oe I?i of Ma'. 1862. The land auerhed will lie reaimed fo I The lever nnuibei of a- re* he pmchaarr may daetre. It no i rt Immediately, It rumld he i -a ten for a term of year* ion t rat' a--, re?|M.iniole euaiit, For f ilher tmnrmailon and jaUlool ir*aildi or inquire of .lOHN A. CROSS, K*q., W of Marvin t 'roaa. lumber dealer, :o .t nf Morton atrret, iVil: aniMim-y, 1,. I. r iyt'OK STOLE FOR SALE.-THK BEST iltAN" E IN i I .j i be world to make tuoury for i nun itioi ud-mtand* ; :ir b"ine?a; ar.iiaieii whent ibne ?i* ore I fi?? ibotiaamJ iien working. Api :y at 52 IJlit .Ire 1. FIQUOR STORE FOR SALE?Til F. BEST FAMILY a B-?i and Bo ing (In, re iu the Koni to n aid. mil I'm halm' Market? he Old tlnape*?tella more ale than the Shade*. ,vM ne i' Id very low for ca?b. Apply to FATTEN No. 95 Lllvl.ton ?tieel. Mills for sals in oanada west-a stbam t.iMill, with three iuu in itoii"*. and fi idar Saw Mil. Thet n,st over th.MJtV The owner, being engaged in >thr rhu?inea?, to help the iriule of the village would aell rem in an autre boaiue-a man for near half of firat eo?t. They ar rent ly new, now doing a good > oaiurva; are ail\ allot. ii-.v siioated at the Bnanenion aiallon of the Uoeli h vaoeb of the Ureal Weifern Railway; would ake property 'ora tailor ihe porvhees uionty. IV .11. ROsKBl Roll. Branchioti, C. W. STBAM RMilNB FOB SALS?ONB NEW HORIZONi7 u< , twenty horae power, eheap for ea*b. Apply to A. K RIIEITAN, Engineer, 128 But Ilo'Uton street, N. Y. I to c-abriaob makbbb -FOB SALB in oldbbtabli'bnd i.aiilage Manufaitoiy, n th el k, tool* and See \< aiV kae"-. In * go > ! loiatlon, iviib * <noi>:r Im of cm- | ni' ? Apply to HEDUK A IjAVBERT, No ,;9 I'oek elij., Now Yo. l? TO dentists.?FOR sale, a finely located city !) * ' ! o*iabIi?lim*nt, loaae. c*i :! ?, furniture, tnoraloiy. A':., eatablleh' rt oak dailf p.amko of $1,iW pearly; (nopitelnr going abroad. I'rni* fl MW nhly, or * pm tier t.. ken. Adilmse Denial, Herald cilice. Tiu STAND ASP SUtlMBM NO IIS wfcsr WASH* ingtou V..rkm for aa!e heap. rhe pre?-ni owner haa [ . no a ommtaalon U'linim 01 fSO.Mhl 1 La lant jreat The I'and will h? (old wltb or without the b ulu'-aa. I n'pi. re ou h# itand. (in /UYfY w,l'r' PURCHASE AN INVENTION I'sED If ^.VM 11/ in i-Tery bank, conn III g bo law and olIli"?i an k <)fe b'lain-a* man >0 makt li pay ten Mtmaand d>. Jam p r aun im. Agenta need no! apply. Addreaa Bank, Herald i air. no. HOTELS. LIO/.ZENH' NEW HOTEL, AT WEST I'OINT, WILL ) ot*n on Saturday, tbo Slat May The nnderalgnod la lii.w [ repared to mako arrangement# with fa.mllra inrihn leaaoo. Ho ban alao four Cottagea to vent, two of w hich last .'Itrhan at i iiiD?mnnli fnr s rumfllsts f? 111 Iflli iri t \VM. B. CO/. ZENS. DELMONIt'O'f). . OEI.MOMCO'ft, . DBLMOJflCO'B. dilmonhos, DBLMONICO0. Corner of fifth it?nut and Fourteenth, . Corner of Fifth avenue and Fourteenth aucci, Cuin?r of Fifth avenue anil Fourteenth afreet, Corner of Ftt'h amine an I Fourteenth ntrert. Corner of Fifth arrntte and Fourteenth atreet, WIM. HK OI'KNFO Wilt, BR OPF.NKO Wild. BR OI'RhiBII WILI. BE OPENED WIEI. HE OPP.NKD WEDNKBDAT, AIIUI. 9, ' *?' WKDNKHDAY, At Kit. 9, IHW. WEON EHIIAY, A FBI I. 9, If *. W I'J'N I'iltA Y, Al'ltlf. 9 lf? WIDMl-NDAY, A Fit 11. 9, IM, * , lev?* ralia ov hhaij estate. Abbaiitikuii oohtftnt uksidbxce rok kale or eli-haiteo fur illy or harlem property, ait'ialrl a! w.<4 soriim< w.?kkh|i<r?luat}', itim mioutea' aalii front melruar depot, nine mile* from gl'y llall, double h hmj, nearly i?w, titled in with brick, delightful ait nation, > le.iy aeloet, with alo.l three quart. rg of an acre of ground. a' on' 7l> fruit t:(v. ?i,d t,) giapeitneg, j-lot in tieai lug, of the clio: cat variety, with line nado uvea, vegetable ml lloaer Iimlen in u, hii;|i o ,uu' >f e' iii. apply to john p'm "" ""a 'ojsullolk atreet. odl'o bo ira lioiu i to 4 An a .kkrmu.k and he .uniy oohntkt riioi for talc or in let, partly i or':.elit d, about 16 milri fmai li oily, and ueur atcaui iio.t lauding. the bona* v unhung jt k mitna, la aalu.ted on high groun i on the n-? nd, near ihlulliiltlou. i, i,, ?it!i gn-al advaiitige* lur boaiing, balulu:-. balling. ac. applyjo a p. man. 04 wall atreut AVERY bxckuknt and productive kakm or sltaereg, beautifully heated. 87 nillt a on iang island, feol bulldinga, plenty of fkruil, an i all iu roniiilete o.drr. 'i loe only e. a. bu ht'k, no. 8 city hail piece. tortier of ohauil>eru gti". < t. A positive paot?that i wh4. sb1.d ok exchange a four alary high gtnop brown alone front llotiac, uu milirlu aired, repine wi hall the modern luxpruremente; algn loiutea on bee aid avenue, for good loiaorawod lula'cd farm james rowr, 118 eaa p fly lirai aitvci Br10k paotoby. 85.50, and tubee eots. with utn horap biigutr, boiler and shafting, for aal or to lea*e, on lolli ?tre< t, uegi third avenue, ilartrm. lu | lire next door, or at lilt chambers at reel. new york. fdoht $8,008?a rare change to oet a pir8t ay c! vat dwelling below coal.?one of the live modem built high ;?mtuieiil tlir e glory hooaea (8(1x45 oa 100 frei h t*?, uoitb aide ol pifiy-bi lb atrial, 100 feel eaat of third a oritur, loraale. to let ui cwliai ge. gag. water, cloe >u, hatha. ac. jambs a< krrman. lul naaaau alrerl. tak8ik ybi.e chance.?'tf> 8rll, pok $6,000, oni.y 1j $1,000 te pay I or ?1ll he exchanged for a bouae, v.ilue iram fct.oi 0 to $11,000, and baluaon paid in oaah. a goon tun a tlory house and led, au uitnroretaouta. addraaa trevor, hoc itl ueiald office. Do toe want to 8bl.ii, rent or exchange your lliiuar, fang or parutaf ii ao, acad too lud pariiruiara male, price, location, ac. ni charge unlng* i suit you. fleet olaag i ruwn luine hosee to rout, aeli and exchange. jamk8 kowk, llbrggl plfly llietatreel. IjlARlUN FOR 8ALK OR BXCHANOE?FOR CITY Or. 1 Bivokljn property. One of It item, oun 3U h< rea, mm 71* acre*. one (tU urn*. o?? KA acres, one of !ll)0 acre* of Urn'mr laml mil ouc SOU acre*. Apply to P. ZEUl.lO, N i. ISf Ceaireofrcek IrlAK.VNI, COUNTRY 8KAT8 AND RESIDENCES Of 1; oil rW?, qualities, location* and prices. convenient to the city, near depot, schools, rhurctua and village*, among 'bo >ti ih>- vicinity of the city, tor sale and enehauge tor Wly Or Brooklyn l'rop< rty, Merrhaailmr, Ac .XM'THWICK A WOOD. St Msmm street. FiOK SALE- HIE THKBF. STORV ANI> ATTIC II lull stoop Houhe, S.) by &U, 1J Moorman place. Thirty third all-net, h i ween Eighth ana Nlotli avenues; price fll.UOO. Apply to WM. I,. lAlUW, 70 Wall street. FVOI! SALE?THE PROPERTY t'U WEST TWENTYIIrat .treel, ttrot lot Irons Eighth aoejtue. To let, p>i t oT IJolla ;n 11 III Weal Thirty-fourth all ret; miv ruoiua, water and |:ii. Inquire of .1. II KKltNH, f?o Ninth avenue. LAORHALK-fN BROOKLYN, ONK HANDSOME TWO I? atory has-mcni Cutis.;* House, situated on EaiayrUe venue, between Nostrand and Many areuuea; lav blocks from lie Kalh avenue rara; re ire Inquire on the premise* of W. MART AIR. lilOK HACK.? *1,009 WILL BUY A NEAT COUNTRY C .-seat iu the iowii of koukent, Wcalclioaler county; sevmj a.-rei of loud, good house end twi n. Ac. Very cheap. Apply to VAN WINKLE A WINANS. It Pine street. tVOR SALE-A HOUSE AND BARN PLEASANTLY Located oo two lota at Maspctb, two and a naif mtlca tram the Williamsburg ferries. Stage* paas erery half hour; house contains seven ioiois. price $t,.70l), terms easy, lupilre ot ,'AMRS A. JOHNSON, Ma.-peth. lilOR SALD-AT AOKEAT BAROAIN-ATHREE8T0UY L Mid high sioop and counter cellar Unuie, fttOS teet deep; lot 32?99 feet 0 inches deep; with hot air furnaces aud all of the improvement*; we'l arranged for one or more r?ralliea. For particular* inquire at No. a? West Thirtylikih atreef, on lUe premises. FMJB BALE?A IIOUSB AND TWO LOTSMOF GROUND at Weebawkeu, N. J., at present known sa Hotel Dr Irish. The property will be solti cheap. Apply at Alt SItlh nvcoue, of JOHN J. TARABKEL rsaiaiiraut. 1/OK SALE?ON 8TATKN INLAND, ACRES OF . Lmd, with House, Barn, Fruit Treea. Ac., a few minutes' walk iron Ann inhale station ouStaien I-land Rai.road. Apply to A. .1. DK YSDAI.K, 67 Warren sneel, up ataiia. IjAOK SALE?ON STATEN ISLAND. NEAR A RAIL' rood depot and steamboat tainting, a very productive ami highly cultivated Farm, with plenty of fruit, goo I dwelling, hams, carriage house, Ac., all in order; the view from ibr house is one of the Hneai on (lie island; also handsomely located Plots, for biiltdiug purposes, near Vanderbilt's lauding. Apply to BULKLEV FINIC 43 Wall street, Jaiiu-ey court. ftOR SALE?A FARM IN COLUMBIA COUNTY, TWO miles Horn Hudson, 10)acres, U) meadow, the bsUncc tillage, two or. harda, stock and all farming tool". A large pari ol the purchase money niav remain. Inquire of R M., 140 Wesl Thirty-third street, or ol J. W. WILSON, W Broadway. For saee-the handsome three story. high m jop, hrowu stone Ironl Hmise. No. 301 Union atrr'-t, '"ctnrin kiiiiiuu huu urni7 iiprw, tauuiu miwilfu, III \rry desirable ne ghborbood, i-lov to Court street ((ik, mid only* lew minutes' w?ln from Hamilton ferry; is well buil1 an,I tuh all the modem Improvement*, with s'?* fixtures mi 1 chandeliers. Will he sold for $.1500, the urealer 'pail i f which eeii remain on bond and mot tjagr. Apply on th? premises. i^ok sale?"the four STllKV marble buildI liiy No Td I,Ibeity sireei, between William and Nassau Also, a Lot on Weal Fourier tub street; ?i/.- 26(103.1. W ill he a<dd on reasonable if rm?, If appled for luimedia'ely. Apply to MARK LKV V, ?i Liberty alieec. lidtlR m.l-l VALUABLE FARM ON TUB RARITAN F nvi r, ncai .Nm Brunswick. runtaiulnK one bundled aires o" tiiicbty cultivated land, Irnltand ahade Ireea. nitb I'Oiiiniiiiliinis dwell n j and niiiiiii Idinsa. nil In complete ordei. Impure of WAlillKX IIARUhMlJI Rlill. 6S Wall at. 1/UK SALE-TUB MANSION HOUSE AND GROUNDS ? now oei npted by lleneral Doughty ui I'lfiuioui. Also to nicbimge, lirat rate IVenteni Lands for a lliat i bar furnished House. Apply lo It. II. U1NSDALL. 99 Claoiheiastie.i t, lie w-en 10 and 12 A. M. and Sand 5 I'. M , or to BENEDICT A I OIT, 'Id 1'ine alraei. See advertisement in Evening Post fjdOK t-'ALK?A LARGE AND WELL SELECTED L01' J of Karma, Country and City R?-idrn--s; ditfereut locations, pr.ees, Ac.; some Her and dear, good lilies, Ac , Ac. Air#all kinds of Real Estate Kiehaiiges. y. I>. RICHARDSON AGO., 1* and 84 Nassau at reel. tME SALE -fob ABOl T halt ITS VALUE, A NEAT newlwuaiid a balf atory Coila^e, 26CH; French windowa and green bl ml*; id low: hue elevated location, b?ween Eli/.aoelb and Ell/abi-thport, N?iv Jersey; 91,700; lermaeaay. S. A W. 1*. SKYMOUK, 133 Broadway. laos sale at a sacrifice?six brown stone I House* on Sec nut avenue, between Fitty-nitb and Eiftyainh st:i*ei*. or will pent them cheap rnr one year, enough to p i? lu'.errct and taxes. Then- la a man or, the premi-oa to abow the buuaea, tdoR SALE. VF.RV CHEAP, FOR C tPH-A BEAUTTiiiI B .ildlna Phi: on .Mount PieaaauL ateiiue, tifty fret and 1 iitihlng till hiijIi JUO led In Hi >.i'l atreel, Netvai k, Xrw .leiB' jf. Apply to W. I.A.NKY, (5 l uinlh alreet, Williutmbuiv. nilB SALE OR EMHIAXUK?BEAl'Tf Fllf, LOTA* I turn* 1 ot iinpiuiemi nl, ..ti the l'*!i*adea, Homing un :lie llndaon. Ai"'i iroui live to flMy a ? Plm*. Qrir depot, i-Ijiic liea, acliooN, Ac. Seal New .If i*ey Knlli oad; location and view- uni?i!'iia>?c(t S. A ? P. SRTMOIJR, No. 132 Broadway. I 'OR S ll E OR KXCItARUE?A I'l.OT OP GROUND, X likl hy IS6 feet, on ihr nor.heaat orii"r ol Wyiheavuin.a ai.'l Ko-? atieet, Brooklyn, aooui I all a tnila from t!ie Sin.ih - vrmli atrial feriyj l.i" iiipujvtii'ii'a adjoining, it rat a paved; would he eMdi.nig"d <? a liou*e |n N'-w York ui :l a I laiail ami v> nth Irutii $ .-> DUO to 91'M;Qd- Apply to J. It. SMITH, 15 Will a n street. I'OR SALE OK EXCHANGE CNOT MITCH MONEY J wanted) -A three a.urv wnud-a llon-e and I.ol, liullt i vpre-uv for a bakei y; good well of water and atabla for a inure; in the tin ivuii: village ot Gut'enbitrg, N .1., opposite S"V. niii-tli aimet, New York. for further pariIrulara apply ii8 pit re i>VV f, near the piemiiei'or at 37 Weat TwenlyIn - s o rt, X?w l ot k. L'OR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPEKTYP I b? iia.iiitll nl Country Rc-idei - of the latejamca Conner, In Wraiebenicr county, . ii the mad leadiug I rotn W ,'M In aier m lia-t heater, three-fourths ol a mile I loin the steamboat auding, and one and a tail intle Irom XY illiawaI Idue depot. The property run-ic*? lai. Of a Sue ahme Mansion Hume, with large B.irn and In tlionara, 27 * ma ot and. eicellent (iar ten, Oi 1 aid, with frtilt and ornamental tree-, and ilimbbfjy and t;i'ap"S In pi hi abundance. 2d. Of a lar.;e plain Home, and 12 a..tea adjoining, containing a preat number ol irnit tree*. 3il. OT a new Home and Bur a and 12 acres adjoining. A verv deatrable le-flenc . 1 en acres nddi'ional ground tnny be had with either Iota 2 or 3. I II. Of two paroejg of ground on Ih* weat ?ida of the road, op| o?ite Mauaioa llouae, . onlatninit about <0 acrra. with a gar lener'a houae, a tine simm/i ot water miiiuIiic through II, | and about two aorea of woodland. Apply to BENEDICT A COiT. 26 Piue atieet. TPOR SAT.E, TO EXCHANGE OR TO I.ET-A Sf'EENL did aenileman a country r aidetice, ic New Rn hei|?, tVeati h- -t- r nmnly, with Lie a a of land a imbed, bo at baimaumeiy frercoed, and In tood order; barn and rtebl*a am.eied. For lull particular* inquire oi JOHN H BIRD, IgV>R RALE, TO EX< HANOK OR TO l.ET-A 8FLKN- J J1 did mleuren a Co-tmi) Ratldence a N--w Roc he lie, I W>au-he? et county, with it-* or land ana- had; hum* | handsomely ii?mii?i| and in good Old- r. bmu and ttabjea anu*i#d. ror full | ai tlculara Inquire < t JOHN H. BIRD, 2 i Broadway, 100111 S". 7. IAORTAIKOK TO LET?A HOTEL IN "RLOO*IN'i J1 ion, I':., -veil *ltiin>ed, r"v and i?ige, ninety room*. I Time to open it now peentlnilv favorable, Hie b"*i home (the Mcb'iLa) nanny irent y been btirned and mil not be I rebuilt. R--nt low to one who will 0 rnleh, iiid money lulled :n buy furniture if detlred, wllb prr-e. i Wirl'y. j BUlitetoree mine iciildmp?lwa for rent. I'cimtoi l?v j ment made re?y u> bnyer. Apply to L L?wi? or L. C shi p, i herd, Bloom in Jon; lloiiier Moreen, If*. I ftud Itreet, Rt-w Vurlt; or tue t'tbeei lb? r, In Weeifleld, M?a?. TIIOMAR ASHLEV TAOR HALK VlR TO LET-A FIRST CLASS FOUR J? ory blown alone Honae, 2.->id.V wnh an egirnahni; ri--?v and .n the moat detlmble location in ti e -Itr. Ai pltr'io TV* D. F MANI'.E. ?? I'me ilreet, third itory, between 12 iind .T o'tlock. . _ V.'"R -AI.K oil TO I.KT?A BF.aI TIFl'L HOUSE AND J; no arree of Land, nil modern Improvement*, well etonxril Willi milt and "inarm Dial liter; neighborhood litat tlaia; wiiliin forty nilnmea of the Ity, by Mill-end e?ery hot,i Tertna caey. Inquire of II. HOAU, 75 Pint atreet. iaor mM OR to i.Er-Ar new tviMstoit, nvti JP mil" aoitth of Nr wbnrg, a null tiothic Collage. |wf. tlally fttrniahed, lieaiillfnl y atmaied on nn emmenee i-ommending a hue view of the llndaon and II; attached aiel.Taireg, Including carriage hniige, orchard, bonier,* , In ahtinilan<e. Will f>e let or told low . Inquire of E H. LUDLOW A Co., No .1 Pine street IAOR SALE OR TU LET. IN FOKUUA.VL A CII1TAUK, wlilt time rnoma, and an acre of lend mill riw Iteil with Ch'i'w i mil, in a very detlrable alt nation, within III teen nilnnlca' walk Irnm th? Harlem ad iiepid, and about i the xanic diatom e Irom the Hnrh'ni river ai?ainl<>ni finding; ' will b" aold for $1,309; rent flftil. Inquire on the premlaea, j aaeond honae north of the Dutch Reformed church, nr Of K . II I.U IlLDW, A CO., No, .1 Tine street, New York, I I AO It SAI.R OR TO LET, Oil KXl IIANOE I Oil A I.KHS, ' prined Honae In New York?The to ir rtory high at- m li,own at in- ll-mae >iJ. lena l m awnne. App'y Hi W. I LA It It, M Eart Twenty sul'i ail -o' .1 f 1? ? ^ ^ V ti i or RKAb fGrrvrn, a At. IS OR LEASE-Ot WILL BK LKT KtltC 1 nishoO, will) ilium di.iUs possession, Mr. ItacneiPs Villa, at Yunkera moat eli^iLly lo aled, m l comprising sy, a rr^! ?v?er?sd with I riiii anil ornamental trees, flowering shrubs Ac Apply to JOHN K HACKKTT, 561 Broadway* ' FidOS &ALM Oil TO lta.NT-AT SUMMIT,* J ' ON Morris nd Kssra Kill ism J, a >"i V pcassut Place, acvnu* nciva. Iiuuho (19 i .oihk) in coutri , linn garden, lawn, slmda au i fruit trans, si* imiHoutl'.i.ddiuivu ?U in lino order. .SOUTH IV10H A wool*, c N sa. a i street. New jersey lands pub salk-in larok om noi.ill irael*. Also. Harden or PrnM Parma, o! 5, 10 or 20 acres each, pa/ aU ? in email msi.itniruls, Also, Ortiuheriy Lauds. A-ldicm, wilh stamp, B. Pratt kiln Clark. Chctwood, fOnucily Mar ha Pomace. New (11olHa 1'ind o'lioe, H irliuglou county, New Joracy. m(j 1 ITY TAXPAYER* -POR SALE, THE SPLENDID 1 Country-Mia i;f K K.. Co.luis, oousistlngof IWla. tea a Hue, audsiautlal old nwu aira, in aUwn of if Urea ol lolly shade tracn native andimpoigi d, of iuuum -rabla varieties; a garden ol four acres, laMe iliy designed ami smoked with frtit and I'owers; all n# esaur/ outbuildings, Including farm house, boa ling alley anil yuchtman's collage, fronting ou a line Uarbor. The annateHi line on ipialied advantage* for either private residents or for simculalton, having a b?td shore on the Sound one mile in nitenl; two sine.s Lie Red by creek ami inlets a ml one side by main road; the lands tracing the r.vrr geutly alO|? nlther way, ho that n hundred buikf Ing sitescan each command eplendld vieiva of the Sound and surrounding country, leaving in the centre. if desired, a Hue ( ark; two thirds or the sites will lime water fronts; the place m perfectly healthy, water excellent aud the air lavigprat ug; distanceeighteen tailea hy New Htt'n Hailroad, Meossib'e almoht hourly; business ruentnn reach tlie Our Halt from this ptace in lea* lime than those from Har-cpa by the avenue car*, rontons desirous of avoidingoity taxes, and the detention and dangers of Ice and foga. In rrtwislngthe rtvers, will no well to give this advertisement attention. Ha estate within a hundred mile* of Ne*York, of equal quaatlty, combines th? dicered'ed advantage* and regal elegaaod of The grounds are nobly planned, abounding In groves nod splendid tree*. A property In every particular and^U Ua apivolotmeuls, lu ruriaut sud grand. For terms apply lo too owner at J, 8. Caldwell's ofllue. 24 Pine street, or Uts reeldenee, ft fTest Thirty-eighth street. N. T. mo r. icchahcie?vai.u able rr.oducnvk brook I lyn pi op: rty, near Fulton ferry, tor a farm of thirty to lifty acres, near railroad depot; healthy location; price nboul $4,&0U Address witti price and full particulars, hM IIS Herald office. rro F.KCIl AhQB? A first CLARN TENEMENT PROPER I tv in Brooklyn, tor four io sol ground aud a one cash, n--ar Pulton, Dekalb or Hvitle avenue. Address box til II. raid oilier, staling price, location, and if encumbered, the amount. TfALUABLK MILL PROPERTY FOB SALE, V AT OKNEtlBO. L1V1NO.STON COUNTY, N. Y. The subscriber otters for sale hi* well known Custom and Mill and Sawmill. Boarding House, hrirk Blank*1,111 C Shop, together with his perpetual Inpslalive grant te all the water |H>wer ot tlio (lencsoe river at this lo ality. Tb-se Mills are large, substantial and convenient, and consuntlv doing a very large and profitable business In custom work. Jibe ty and wa'er power are by fat the lies', iu all Co-' ountry. tliere ueuig no olbe, water power tor slv miles, and ihe lo'ation being but a few rod* from tbe oailroid ala lion. Tbe mid y.trd and sheds couaist ol a large s|>acc, and sic all paved m< ely with snuie. The feawiuiU baa had iu tbe lasi year very extensive and substantial r -pairs. The aforeaaid proper!- is for aaiu at a si-at bargain. h p. north. VALUABLE ItII\L E-ifATK FOB BALK?THIS SUB seriber oilers for sale about three hundred acres of hie Home Farm About 310 acres ar? of tbe unsurpassed Oone?ee bate, and are bounded on tbe cast hy ttie railroad and aialloo. There aie llvn or sll very largo and substantial barns, haira- ks and sheds, one of which contains a very superior liay or cattle scale. The upland i* on the north si leof the road ica bug to the depot, Is bounded on the east by the Court House grounds, and ou the west by the railroad. The ascond Uata an1 the upland is well watered lit every lot by living springs of great excellence aud never falling. The- e are It or IS seres of very valuable timber on the Hat land. Three lands are In the Immediate vicinity or the beet business mil's iu this country?and some forty acres within the enriiorate limits of the village I and s i well provided with roll and board leuees. The upland is tullr equal to any to die found In tha country, while the Bali, (rotn ibeir contiguity lo the village and railroad, are vcty desiiuhl'. The laud will be sold a: a l argain. Panama, Mar hii, laat. u. P. north. WANTED?A few A0RB3 OK LAND (WOOD PREferred) on Long Island, at Woodside Station, at a eessonuble price. State lowest priue, location, do., and addresa .1. B., bos 1,060 Povt office, N. Y. TtTANTBD-TO purchase FOR CASH, omb. TWO TT or tnree Hrst class Stores, suitable tof Cue produce ot provision liade, located uesr tbe East or North rivers. AddiesaA. B. O . Urn aid office. WANTED?A FARM OR COUNTRY RESIDENCE. within thirty tntles of the city, iu exohange tor a fuji atv.e Dwelling Ilous- and r<ot, near Union square. Address, with full particulars, 0. Kngroan, boa 1,394 New York Poni otliee. Wantkd-TO purchase for cash, kite t? twruty acre* of Laud within flee mllea ol aorna ferry leatliut; to New York. Address Jo tin U. Aldrloh, 03 Job* a reel, N. Y. Wanted TO exchange?a distillery, in Cjxincjr, HI., or uniinprovad Property la Brooklyn, New York, tor Hardware. Address H. K., boi 5,080 St. l<ouK Mo. 4:1 nnn w,,'l but a new two story house dp I .1/1/1/ and Lot. Contains ail rooms. Good location. $dUII < a <h, the balance to suit (tie |>urchatwir. Also one lot SI.HflO. Apply at (be nfll-e of D. 0. DANIELS, ooraer Of Filth avenue and Fourteenth at reel, Brooklyn. $<> ftnn roR A flOOD FARM orw ACRES3AMILBS ii.OUw ou Long la. a ltd; good loam aotl. well fenced, plenty i f wood, wa'er and fr .it; good one and a half story house, barn, carriage bouse, corn crib, Ac. It. BLAKE, 14 Chambers atreet. $?> (ton ?FOR SALE. A THREE HTOKT ENGLISH hoaemsnt line* House, in perfect order; haa can, water and hath, partially furnished. lVii? Follyseventh atreet, between 8e<ond and Third avenue*. THE REBELLION. ATl'ENTlON! RECRUITS?THE I02D REGIMENT New Yoik State Voltinteerm, Yau Bureu Light Infantry, now in the deld, are wanting a few more rccniite. This Aral :?.? regiment la now at|C*iiip Kiug, Meriden Hill, in comfortable auil clean barracks, en<:h lontpauy by itself, heated tiv stores; cooking In the building; In fact, all the home comtorta, aa tar na poaaihle. We crtend you a cordial invitatioa, and promise you a position in a lirat claaa r.-giment of lha Army ot the Potomac. The drees is blue frock coal. With mis lea regulation hat, Ac.; arms?MinieiiHe. All member* of the regiuien! are notltied if they do not immediately re> ixirt tuciaaeirea to lueuienaut C. K.'Jayu*. at headquarters, tad Broadway, 'hey will be treated at diwer'ers. THOMAS B. V AN BUltEN, Colonel^ ,t HKTIKK OPPORTUNITY FOR knm8tmrnt HAS A* .... ... Iu..i la nd'aieit hv T.leul dliaHer, 01 Company H, Kitih regiment New York Volunteer ail tilery. Cot. Samuel Graham commanding. Tills regiment wai iai4o?l expressly for serrlee fiirtMcallnns and roast duly. and ha* been ordered to garrison the tort* ia New Yor* liatbnr. Company B, Cap'. Elias Cnrutm, ia qunrt"ied III Port Wood, on Hedloe'* Ieland, alfut one and a naif mile fiom the Hiiisty. A few more men are wantr-d to nil Hie crvnpiniy to ila maximum Klmidaid of 166 men. Pay equal to any In the servloe. Relief to fhrnlll'* and all other inducements idl e red by the Toluuleer legiuienla in the aernee. The company is rapidly filling up Apply, (herefore, inunediaiely 10 l.ieul. CALVIN SUAYr'KK Recruiting Oflh rer, 109 South aired, New Yoi k. IjdOl RIH REGIMENT, 1 EAGLE BRIOADE, Under the command of BRIGADIER GENERAL flCKOUGM, Now alaiiotii'd at Fort I'orter, Buitalo. Tua Fourth reaiment,commanded he Col. John Kisk. now n mibei tog oiei aik hundied men, will he ieadjr for tins Ue 14 within two or three wee?a, Tli ue aie a few varum-lea for line officer*. Captain* yr lieutenanta haying whole or pal ta of Compauiea can oh Ala po-itious, with a prospect of speedy to the neat of Will . Tina la 111" laal cbamte, as all future enlistment* will be for regiments already In the Held. Application "an be made lit Lieut. Col. Me LEAN, 4J9 Broadway. A few go.ul Drummers wanted. OILK AND HI NTlNtl I'LAGH, ALT. MIXES, ON HAND 0 fin sale; a I %o Stair. Men tilings, Ttimuituga, Eagles, Balls, Spear Head*. A<\ Ornan Painting aud Ernlnoi l ing on ill. If i >1K14 A C K All AM. V7 Duana street, Manuiacliircie, Painters and Designers. ITMTKD STATES Ml SI EKING OFFICE 7# WHITE . a'rett. NaW Yoim, Apiil A. 18dJ. The following order la published for the Information of all roiiufi tied sfKCtit. caputs?no. 2". Win Dtcrsatufsr, Anjtrsxr Ostsstaai/a Orrtcg, i W ISHINUTOX, March ?t, 1S62. i II. No two. is ih the Unued Slate* aerrlre will hereafter pars through the city of Now York without reporting to tbw 1 nlied States military authorities entrusted wlilt the duly o providing *ul aineu and tranapoilailon In that city. l'e)iorts must le made and in urination obtained at the office, No. 79 White street. By order uf the Secretary of War. L. 'lllOMAS Ad intent Oenersl. W. A. NICHOLS. T.leuieoant Colonel, Untied Sraics Army. "?iD REGIMEN f It'EPINBUlL ZOUAVES?I HAVE ? )0 esiubliaheil a re. railing olll e at 64* Broadway. I.leu'. THAI). C. IT KKIN flAA HOI NTY-?1 TO THE REORUIT WHEN MU8 T'lVJU lere,| in li.e ae, nu e ?Wanted, lor ( 'impanjr t> f rill retlmeni, Ex'-elalor Brigade, t olled Sia ?? Volunt. era, aided bodied men, to whom flle.ii h will heaven when niuatered. Alao a few good mrn for non-ctiiiinugsioiioti <><& ije>a. i'lothlng find aubasaieir e, with good <|ii*iteia, fnreialird, e.ier mualer lu'juire ai the buten !aland fei rr. fool of Whitehall ati-e t. W. H. SH'KLES. Captain. MW PI BLICATIUVH. T'IfAT ' Cl'niot ' BOOK OF CITY WOMEN; OR IN leieaiing Keaaale CtMiai lera In New Yotk. Cheap ?di liun. 210 inn", idino Frit* 25 tent*, or mailed frta.S" iriile. M tig I NTT, |iublither, .'< Walkei aueet. New York MKOKtli. A 51 MACHICEAC, PROFESSOR?TRK ATM ALL i\> tliacnaeaul'.enialea wub cerialmg and aafety. Olttce, 12ja l.ltieiit gireet. "nOi'TOR HUNTER HIMSELF?THE PIIYHIOIAN l.f wbe ettabllabed the ll Diepenaary, No. 3 Ul- ' tielnn at reel, New York elt*. In IHS4, nan lw ooitaullnd from A A. M. until III o'elot k al night at the ol4 oUtoa. A prtrata eniranoe. Mr ok tor nothing. f "? i vim I'iV HE CONmIILTEO AT HIS | ) olBco, No 3 Dlvinlou airfft, Nn?r Vwk, e.ablntio.l in I Itll. ind miKliti" tt?, "hr cooper, 14 duanr street, member or tub A J Oollogo ol' Phynlclaii* and Surftont of Now York, nmv ho c onn il'til daily At bin oAlce, lioui Sit the utixalog uaiili 11 the evening. 1 tK. RALPH?offices 13# CROSBY STItKKT, corJ I oT ?r Montion. jtOilWll ft?dSMUtr M. Dr. ward, am experienced amd sl/cokssm'i. nhyvh ian and Surgeon, can tin consulted an usual. Of. ili o 11 la'slit -tri-ei; private siiUsuqo lloum from 8 a. M. till # P. M., dally. DR. POWEP.'d TREATS ALL DISEASES OK EKM AI.RS with MunaV iUnliii vtici' .s. Ho an !? nusuilcd at 11 Loghl stria inuring all hours, day or droning Pro/tssor restell igk hambrks street,cam 'no consulted a* usual. Agents, 117'? Liberty si met, R. */. In Hinokljn, 176 Pulton atroet. il CORBETT, M. ft -MEMBER Of THE NEW YORK It. PnlroraHy (Medical Outlays) and Royal College of Hun. It' .inn, l.o 'mi. n> l>a Cjinult?<f an n?iial on iln mnov, ni hit I nlll o, No. ?0 Centre strict, between chambers an I If ad I nlro.' *, h.k lit I I'livnto cMrani c al No. <| City Hull p n. % I k it. ?S-o Di. C. a dylouiia m uu olUcc,

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