Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 11, 1862 Page 3
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(II^VATIORfl WAllTKIwrEJIALBN. A" YOUNG GIRL DMWMJSM A SITUATION A* MUHHK and wimiiran. or would tnatruct cblldi*" ? the pre numratorj braaihea of on Eugltab sduoaiioa, to wdl ng to alt herself generally useful auJ boo lu objection to tha evoutiy. Apply at 19 Blow at., N. Y. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BITCation u uurae on<l acania'reea, or as chambermaid ami la assist m Uit washing and litaiioi; bo obJti'Uoa to to a abort dielauco in uie on. "try. Good c.ty iel? lei. e. Coll At M Marrow at., la the rear. AS CHILD'S NURSE.?AN ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS a situation as nurse to go to Europe; baa had aaprri uoe In her own country and In thta. Can I)'- aeon At her present pun e, No. 14 East Bid at. AN lNDl'STKlOUS YOt'Nt; WOMAN W18HEB A S1TUal.'oii as nurse and aeaiualioee or to do light chamberwork; w H make herself generallyuseful: the beat cit> ruferenre csn be given from her last plaio, w here ahc bus Jived four jruAra. t ail At AM 4tb at. A GERMAN COOK WISHES A SITUATION AKTHR tbv lat of May : iiiiderMtands rooking tn all lta branches, boat reference. Call at 22 What 12th St. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM" barmaid uod wailreaa aud to do plain sowing; baa no objection to Mir countrv; the bast of city reference. Calls! It87lh av.t near Aith at. A RESPECTABLE YOL'NQ WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation to travel with a Spanish lauily. Apply at 211 2lat St., botweeu lat and 3d avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, sa flrat rate chambermaid and waiircaa, or would do chaiuberwork and tine washing and Ironing; baa no objection to go a abort diatance in the country. Can be aecn for two day*at ISO East 24th St., between 2d and 3d eve. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waitreaa, thoroughly understands her business. City reference. Can' be Been I or two day a at 77 Weet 19th at., between 6tb and 7th are A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, ?Hh and Iron, or In do housework In it email jnfindlio"11'*' city reference. Can bo aeon fur two hays at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOt'NO WOMAN. TO do chamber* ork and waiting, and assist In washing wd ironing; eitr reference; no objection to the country. Caa be seen for two daya at 147 Weat 27th it. A NICE AND COMPETENT FRENCH GIRL, OP FINE diapokiUon and pleasaul mannera, wlsh'-? an opportunity to accompany a lady to Europe an maid, or a family aa uurac. Inquire of her present employer, auulbcait corner of Madlaon av, audS7lh it. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WHO HAS LOST HER own baby three itiouthi old, would wish to Uke a taby to wet unrie at her own house, or would go out to wat ntirw; baa ne other children. Beat city reference. Call lor two daya at 2<i2 Ka-t 13th it., tlrat floor, back room, front liou-c. Actuation wanted-by a ke-.eeutaule girl, as nurse and srammresca; enn cut and lit children's elotheaand do nil kinda of famdy now ing. Beit cliy lelcraooc. Call for two daya at No. lbi 2d avc., comer oi 20lb bL A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A iltuatioo aa wet nurse, having lost her Orit bubv. C 11 at ItOl'aciliu at., between Dean and Court, Biooklyu.' A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAtiou aa nrit cla-s laumlrcas; understands all klnda of fine waahing and timing. Call lor two duyi at2w Wen Alth at., belwceu 8th and ihh ava. A GOOD ENGLISH COOK WANTS A SITUATION; UNdemands cooking In all Ha branches; haa no objection to assist in the washing, and to go la the country. Apply at 116 1Mb at., between bin and 7lb avenues, in the rear. A PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A SITUATION, IN A small private family, to do light chamberwqrk snd lake care of children. Best city reference given. Can be teen for two days at 336 Weat 2?tb at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain cook, good washer and ironer. Can be well recommended from ber last place. Apply for two days at 158 West 20lb at., between 7th and 8tb ava. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A Y01TN0 WOMAN, as xk ur? vmaa n?iwr iuu CMiuuvrmHiu ; n wuillljf wtuui to waalung and ironing;! is neat anil tidy In ber work. Can give th? boat of city rclerenca from -herlaat place; none but private lauiiliea m-cd apply. Can be aeen lor mo day a at 63 Weal 27ih at, between Cib and 7lb Mrs. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, AS chaiiibernmid and to aaaiat with the Washing and ironing, or would be willing to inako beraelf generally useful. Han two years and a balf reference from ber laal pla a. Nona but respectable families need apply. Call at 4712d av., earner 27 lb an A SITUATION WANTED?BY A WOMAN, AS A GOOD experienced cook; understands cooking and baking in ail ita liranebee; baa no objection to go with a family In the con try for the aummer aeaaon; can give city reference. Can be aeeu at 248 7th av., corner 2tiib ?U A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A hituation In a reapertabie family aa seanialrt-aa; can do all kinds of French embroidery and family sewing; no objection to Ibe country. Call at 421 6tb av., Kronen dressmaker's. A RESPECTABLE PROTEST ANT OIRL FROM Holland, wbo apcakn English, wisbea a situation aa cbamberuiald and to do plain sewing; no objection to go to ibe country or to travel; tbe beat cliy reference can be given. Call ni3H 4lb av., between 23d and 24th at.. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A Situation; can make bread and cake; unuersiauua all kiuda of family cooking, arid lea good washer mid Irouer; baa no objections to .0 the hoiaaewoi kola an.all laimly; baa 4h*> hi'Ml r?ifd?ra??n<? fri.m hor laut Ami.l..?..v 4'utl ..4 AA \ merhorn it., Brooklyn. Can be fern for two <!?ja tf not en?*fi?d. _ _ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE giri, aa good plain cook .ml excellent waaher ami irouer; t* a good baker of bread; would take the general homework of a email family; oouiUry prrfeiren, b?a ibrer years' city reference from ber laat flare. Call for two da)? a J25 Weft 26lb ?t., between Htli and llth are., frond floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa cliambariumd and waiter or to do g< m rai bouacwork; la a good pben cook and a very fine waaher and HOner; la of a willing und obliging niHpoNition: baa the beet city icfeteuce from her luat p,are. Call for two day a at 212 Wrei 2tUh at., between bib ami Vth ava., top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BV A YOUNG WOMAN, AS rook, and will asaiat lu the, washing and Ironing , has the beat city reference. Apply at 113 East 3'jib at. e A YOUNU WIDOW WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO _f\. do general boner Work wbern there la i o objection lo a child 11 yeara old w ho ia going lo aobool; la amai t and active and willing to go on erramlt; no objection to il c > age* but to get a comfortable home. Call for two nay-, ai i'lV i'cai I at., beiwci u Concord aim Tiilary eta , Brooklyn. ABB8PECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN wuhcaa situation a* good plain rook, in a ie*pcctunlr family, if a Cret rale waaber and iroiier; undnaienda and butter; good relerenee from laat place. Call lor two daya at lltt Mulberry St., neai'Cunal. Actuation waxted-by a kkspectabu uul, 10 do general honaework ID a una,I private tain y; i? i. Am rate "washer and lroner and well >niialomed o tii rnutDK. Call at the corner of 2(1 and Mr.ido.v ? .?., lloloVcn second door and second Poor. A respectable young oekmas girl wibiie'" a alt nation aa chambermaid and aeamatreaa; has goo" r> fere Bee from bar >aal place. Call at 148 Kuraytn at., In tt.e roar. A" wkllT educated north uerman widow wiahes a situation aa nurse, and ta w tiling to help lite lady in sowing and mnke heraelf useful in the house. Uoud relorence can lie given. A| ply at luU Oi chard at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN (HAVING HER hiatbahy) wlnhea a good situation aanurae Can giro the beat ol reference. Addrtaa Id Washington at., uonu lloor, I rout room. A DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW MORE CUKTwMere,.to go out by the day or week, to cut and (it lad leu alreete*. Call at or address t.'1'i 6th ave. A situation wanted?by a young woman, as nurns and aeetnMieta. It capable of biking the entire charge of the nuraery. Can i? teen uotil Saturday, at b?T present employer >, 110 Woat 3Slh at., near 7lh ate. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN git). ISyeai a old, to uae arc of < bildren and a<tm .it light weik If nerctaary. Apply for lao daya at 24 Jay si corner of Washington at. A protest\nt GERMAN t.lrl WANTS a SITU a In a io iln general liouaeivoik, waiting, ironing and plain cooking In a am,,11 private family. Ap| y at No. 1 Mscdougal at., corner of Spring. A situation wanted-ft* a RESPECTABLE PRO' IcaUm young woman, aa chainbt rinu d and irainrtnp or at chambermaid and iinrae. K mui oty ApI ,y for ttvo daya At 438 6th av , in Uic store, bcittcen .olt. and Bfth ata. A situation wanted-by A MIDDLE a(iei) WO' inau, aa took In a privati family: la a pood rook anil baker and an etcelient ivaalier and lroner. Has the beat of ... ......... ' ?"' V.?|>?"IIIIJ. < Ull I" l-ltl a: i Id 27lh at.| bete H-II 7th aud Sib ava., top tloor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOM VN AS competent acamatrcaa; can ''tit toil lit children a dnvara, winili' make heranlf iinrl'til; caB bo well recommended hv tier BP ant employer. Can b>: ?< n lor two daya lit Itift 17th at., between bin au<l 7th ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VOIN 1 OIKL OK 16. in a confectionery or baker a aloe , ap. uki English An., tinman. Call at No. 13 Delunrey at. t RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION VV a? mot, liaa no objection to anaiat m waalnng aim Ironing, is a good baker; liaa no objection In go a abort d.aunoe In lh? co iuliy. II .a tlm beat of city rcleronec. Can (m eern for two day a ut .U 3d av ? btlwrib tub abd lOlli Ma. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A MOST REhJ'K11TAB I.E PrnlcetanPyoung woman, aa nurse and to d? plainer*, mil, 01a* chambermaid and waitress; can make hcrarll penerally useful. Call for two day* at :?6 Wen 16th it be t iv csti SO. and tfib ava. V RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A aitnaik u aa wet nurse in u private faanly, b'T own I aby laonly six wteka old. Apply at l<0 Eual ioth si, bnt |( nor, back room. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN American lady, III atnne respectable family, widown n prafrrioili i* com pete nUto takn entire charge t all on or addreva Mia. A. la, lft)7 ElinAiietb it , near Blcnkai, fur one week C'TUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO C? U akanl girl, to do cliamberwork andaasial in the washnig and liomtig, or aaalal In the cam of children In a email I a, M willing not obliging, haa good city reinsure from tin levlplior Call for two days at .11 West iillh at., ib the baa"inetit. SITUATION WAPfTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN ? 7 as ina.d plain conk, washer and Irooer; understands '' king; no oitjertiona to go a abort <1 latum r In the oonnlry. S'an I . renter two daya at ISO kOlh St., between Sib and Vlh A?? It Iho i'iii SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, aa chambermaid nnd lanndreaa; beat of oily \ lefeieuce. Apply toi two dnya at IUJ Eaat itolb St., between I at ami 2d Ava. SITUATION WANTED-BV A KEHJ'Ul TABLE PROfeat ml girl, to do general houagworg in a email private T?' intlv; ta a good plain rook waah. r and Inpner, pood elty .eV' nie l all at l?7 Weal 3AI ai , third (loV front room, ' I d|. g wo daya c,||-i:Nri?'N V. A i: IKI) BY A HIVI IA ,11,1 p n.nitg ?? A vwmlH r ru1<l Am| flu#* wnAttn ( rrfvn%l><< ' An iu h?v? n W'rl3 JjT1' ln*} *!,v Iim b.^iy Tor I three rears AwlRi ?' No 0 Wnat Iftb it fertwoilny* , l ] SITUATION II WA?T?I>?***AA.*?V^ ? QITUATION WANTED- NT A MSPBUTANLII YOUNG O fir I, lo ?-ook. waab and iron. UwA (H; wftren*. ; hi mi htm 10 hi 3 t'iKok tl IM Bwl M* kAtweeB ' Avenuee A biiJ B, iblrd lloor J SITUATION WAN1ED-B* A RES1 ECTABLM OIRL TO J do chamber* <?rk and waiting * *! with the waul.- * litg au<i irouing, or to do ohainbcrwork and plain **JiW- * Good city reference ? ah be given. Cuo t>? i?:6n for two d*yi ai 4J4 Fulton av?M Brooklyn. oiruariona wanted??v two respectable 1 ko yunug glilit; one an Insi Lioacook, ond*"alandn All kmuk c of game. Hnupa aud pantry, the rhainbciiu.?1?1 And v tninren nu<1 lii Ukc cut of chililitl. Beeliiiy lefvrrnoe. A|?ly for two dayt At 133 Welt &M AtrcAl, b. lwc?u 7Ui bed Si., ava*. _ Two respectable u1ri.8 want [situations; |i one ae eook, waaher aud ironer. the other aa chamber- ? thaJ.I and waitreia; they are cu|, good fir A And have ' lhe be?t rlty referenece; they prefer to fo tnge-Uer, either lo the viiy or counuyr. Cau he aeeo At HI Kami 1'lat At. The advertiser wishes to get a place for { A ueat, U !y girl, lo do up HtAirs work iu a primtt t Ih willing to uiAke her.elr generally uaeful. Pleaae caII for ^ d?yn wheie the it now living, 46Kauda At., Brookiyu. , v\ranted-by a respectable english oirl, a i tt tili.Aiiou to irAvrl with a fAiniiy to Europe; wage* do " ob met. Addrraa for ihree da;*, TraTel, boi No. 127 llerkld I otter. < "TITANTED?BY A, RESPECTABLE GERMAN | T y lady, a llti&tioi^Ax ntirxe, Ac., iu a faintly to travel to J e iro|? or California. Best of refercoot eao be given. Haa 1 made ihoiourney to Bnrope and bagk teteiAl tiiuen. Addie?* K. W? 22 Herald oBkv. | vlfanted?by a respecta blr girl, a situ ation i Yv Pi do general bouoewi ik, I* a good coo*. waalier and ' Ironer and a good baker of bread; would prefer living wlih a * Preneh family. Can be oeou lor one day at SI Warren it.. I gi noklyn. * ' * " TITANTEb?A SITUATION TO DO HOUSEWORK, BY TT a io*peclaMo Protealaat girl; can ook, wash mud iroa < and la a good baker of bread. Can he well recommended j from ur u*t sutuatiuD. lui bo Keen for otto day ?i? war rro if., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION" AS COOK, AND TO ASSI8T with the w ashing and Ironing; baa good city reference. Call at 681 lat ur. WAN iED~ SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS TV lalstersi; one so cook and an excellent waah?i and tinner, ihe other aa cliamh.rmaiJ and nurao; beet city reft reriiP can lie clvn. Call at ihe corner of Donglu** am! Bond at*, (in Bond ?U), next to ti.e grocery store, lop floor, front loom, Hrouklm. "MTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young girl, to do general housework in a amali re pectable family; ib a good wsaber an 1 ironer; baa good city reference. Call for two day* at 382 Kaat loth xt. \l' ANTED?BY A YOl'NG WOMAN A SITUATION IN TV a private family aa an experienced . ook; Incapable of uuihrt.ikitig all kinds of lO ilkng; has the lu si of my reference. Apply at 66 Weal 18th at., between 6tb and 6th ava. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ' aitnulioii ax laundrta*; would aamat in light waahiug; the beat of city reference given. Apply lor two rtaya at ber 1 preaent place, No. Til 6th at., between iiiih and ITtb ale. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable , girl, to do ehainbci work ..nil wait ng In a r??p clab.e Snvale taindy; ia a competent p raon and I nlly er buaiueea; willing auu obliging And very kind to children. Beet city reference. Call at 387 7th av., betweeu 3tlb und Sitb all., aecomt lloor, baek room, WANTED?BY A FIRST C1.A8H COOK, A SITUA lion; la willing to assist with the wuxhlng. B< at city i-eiereiiRcr. Can be aceu lor three daye at 130 Grand at., N Y. TI7ANTED?SITUATIONS, AS NURSE AND BEAMTV stress, or chambermaid and seaman-ran, by two re spei table girls; re ercnoe to their last places. Call at or (end to '>3 East 28. h ? WANTED-A SITUATION* BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, | as child's nurac or to doohainbRrwork and plain aew < ing. Inquire for two daye at No. 2 Clararou at, WANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE GIRL, A situation to do geuerul housework; she is a lira! rate washer and Iruuer; liiv the beat city reference from hrr lad i place. Cull at 211 Sullivan at, room it. WANTED?A SITUATION A8 CHAMBERMAID AND seamstress or aa nurae, by a Prou-xttm young woman ] with good city referem-a. Call for two days at the reuden. c of hi r present employer, 1UU West 43d at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do geneial housework or conk, waa'i i and iron; gc o.l city reference if required. Call for two day a | at 62 Weal Washington pin e, lire I Poor, front room. 1 WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED Wi'MAN, I TV anitii&'ion as wet nup-et no objection m go Handling ' wiha lady; gcod city ielrr nee given. Call at 171 East 4Vth at. _ i TITANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A GOOD GIRL. AS WW chElllltliPniAiit an<l Wntiri kk' BRtl iku >,Anl nf niit ,r*. I mica irom her last place. Cmi lie tern tit W Kail ll'lU It, ' in the rear, top lloor, for two day a. ' WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A KKsPKi TABLE 1 young girl, as oo*. h aula r and it oner. tan w: LLthiy re>onimrndcd from her lat pin e. Aoply at 112 Kulio.. av< iitu', two doors from lloyt si., Brooklyn. WANTEU?A SITUATION, UV A MtnOTUU I rotestunl woman, aacook; nudei stands ail kinna of I rooking, baking ami pinery; would lake charge o. a ainall dairy ; has the beat of city and country reference} imi nu ob- i je lion to the country. Add c^a 2fid lat av., near 17lb at., I'nr I wo data. \\~ ANTED?BY A RKKPEOTABLE rUOTESTANT G1KL, TT a sanation as iook, who wMWadl her bnaluadk in < all iia branohes, haft no objection to go a shot l distance in ihe country. Can robin well recommended i row lie: laid employer. Inquire at or address 111 Uauiumn I at. lA'ANTED-BY A YOUNG LADY, A HITI ATION IN A ! IT dry goods or trimming store; has had experience in the hwalaraa;.sfully wan dent to m i aoi ouiiis; aa n-ter Willi sadsMi t on to her lust employer; no ofejei inn Ua bakery or c< nloellouery. I ndoubtcd relcrenc-'s cl\ en. Call at 01 address Ailverilaer, SCO Myrtle ave., Lr mkly n. c I*'ANTED?A HITUA'IloN, BV A KEbl'Ei TABLE TT y< ung woman, aa coon and to do washing and Ironing , hue no objection to go a eliort distance In the country; ban go d Hy red rehce. Can be seen for tn 0 days at 270 in a.., f Oil I in u . WAN'ijili?E.VU'lAiYMENT BY AN EXPERIENCED operator on When n .t Wilson's sewing oia hi e on t any kind ol aork; ran give elk yeara' r> ,er n r out of one i liuuac us to hoiiei- y.and inpujild.; no objections gi nig l y i the day or area in a privai# family; worked on i leak". Ima eli.rt* and drawers. 1'ieaue cull on or udlie** tor a ft t\ t'ays , K J. B., ear" o! Mm. Galvih, IM avenue A, io Drr of ' 11 h d lA'ANTED?BY A KESPEi TABLE YOUNG GIRL, A i TT Miunth n to do light housework In apiivnte fainiv; i baa no objection to go iu this country; van produce good cit* rderence. Call at 211 West SSlh ft., tor two days. \t7" ANTED?BY A RESI'BCTABLE WOMAN, A HITUA- ' YY tlon iu ok or u? < ook, w..shei and ironrr for n aioal) family; ia A Drat rate br< ad and biwuil bukei, city 01 minitry. Hi'Oil rrl* rem*. Api>l> at .'13 Kan 12th It, near .he Itfi av.t .croud lloor, t aok room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUKO WOMAN, A aduatlou a* chambermaid anil to take rate of ihildit u, or aa chambermaid and do plain tewing, Oo.d reference. Pali tor t?o day a at t>5 8th ?v., ( tloor. VV ANTED- A SITl ATIoN AS COOK AND TO ASSIST TV in washing and Ironing. or to do fne entire w ork ol a mall family; <an dogood luting; good ily rore .re. A ply tor two u.iya at 77V 3il a?r , u- ar 22.. at., fir.t Uoor, tuck ! room WANTED?A HTOAINI AH WET NL'RHK, BY A ' young woman wnli a good breast ol milk; i! lequircd Apply for two duya ai 54 .Mail to.i at. TIT ANTED?A 81TI" ATlON BY A RESPECTABLE ; YY girl aa cook; undernanda hutting and all jtind> of . jumrj . would a->-.ial, it r.ijuired, iu tin: washing ami inning, . would have no ol jcilloni io go inio l e mutiny with u family for the auminer: van give the beet of i?ty inference. Can ic neon at 2 1 E.iat 20;ti ai. OTAJITBD?A SITUATION IIKCMLTO i/.KK EN- ! YY tire, charge ol' an infant or grow lug chlldri n, and wo >ld . a?'?i?t in otiaiiibc. work or plain tew lug, lour y ran rvfercme f o" her la?t aifuatlon: no ohieciion to the country. \:?n b fin lor one week at 181 Kill at., botwniu iat and ild avinura. 11'ANTED- A SITUATION AH FIRST CLASH l.Al NYY dr ?, oi to do rhaiiibet work and line weal ing ami ] ironing, go ut i Ity referem-e. Vpt-'y for two daya ut JM uli 1 i i -..I lal end 2d area., le the reef j U PANTED?A SITI ATTON, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 gii l, to d" general hunsnwi rk iu * fir.i l lanniy and to ntf) hint rrfen f from laK ' j, . Qtflil 1#lualtn,lovls ifookJ|i?|?r!* 4i|i Uf ANTED?BY A COMPBTBNT GIRL, A fllTrATION ? rh i lianilt'-rtriftUl; would rk?i?u in wA*iung aud ir< n* Hi, ?>r ax w?ilrrMi in a privmr f.n illy ; wuui<i nut <d>j??rtto ( t; - ?? i ti.Rluii" r in th* t oniitry. ( an Lit ? gn fgi tWotWy 0 | at hir juiit |)l?? r, 167 Oiford ut., nr?r Allan**. , JI1K? TBAIIKS. b* ti rt iv a I i J ' I'j X~ J\ V'^IA 1"J. \ IH it't .Mills, Noun iHt *l , Jersey < y, near c'hanifx rs m. ferry.- I lANUlNEEIl -WANTED, BY A BUI-I K, EIEAUY MAN, Jy a situation u* engineer i thoroughly understands lit* business, having had ten years' eiparloms. Hem rel.reoaea Apply at or addressfor two daya *20 B.vadwny, corner ot Ivifiat. / aedener ok farmek-a man who rmx k 1 11 standa gardrer'S or farmi r h work, ami la u?ed to lnu>. a-d "attic, wants a situation. Inquire at 10 Bow try alter It) o'clock a. m. H~~ ARUWARK PACKER WANTED-ONK WHO Understands bla bualneaa may apply, Ml ta relerecsca, lo ?t> Warren at I )II<illr; k A i'lieu?w a nteq, a SI tf at ion, by an 1 oiieiAtor thai attends to his business. Addicts Knapp's oaiiery, 43 Kulton at., Brooklyn, Tar three ilaya. SrrtJATIOW WANTED-A FIRST 01,APR IT1IOI,alsrer, paper liaugn and decoiater of great eiperlcnce, 1 who I as worked in the largest cltlef of Europe (ilrrmany und Flame), nauta a altuallon; beat references given. Inquire at Z4 14r ecu with at., Hotel dn Stuttgart. ^ rpo MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS.?WANTi ad. by allrsl ciaaa general e ittar, of 10 yeara' pi notion, a aituution with a good house; would not object to a good situ ation tn the country, .-an giro the best of rtfcrerv o Ad 1 dicta Cutter, Herald oflkn. " rpo PIIOTOORAPHKRH.?an EXPERIENCED POR J. trail and unniatnr* paluler, iuat arrived from Europe, lao|ieu to an engagement to color photographs etrhe?- In ' water Culora Or Otis. A.UroaaE.U,, Artlal, k?x 151 lloiald rilllue. , Tin pau, make., wivtkd-a tioui) expert hand on paint cans audi a, la. Apply betore # o'clock at 123 Maaleu lane. J Wanted-a painter and paper iianger, ap ; ply at 136 Waaht pgtou at, tloboken. WANTED-A FIRS I* ' 1 tH-l HI A C; K MM IT 11 AND : hetparon row work, 'cht und hi?ry;als? a eoach body ma-er and an under baud In patnisl.Qp. Apply to Win H Oray, 27 Wnnatj* at. ll/ANTEf) ItY A YOl'NtI MAM, A RITUATIOM TO ' ft Onlof photopf pha, a.*o tie ,V l J T V In III1 CO nr?; I'l " ihl* or any cthrr e y Ait.lR ?i P lien j >1 irv >y, ikit) Mm i, It., Nrwa.a N ,1 } SKW YORK HERALD, FI mtvatiow wartbd-malei. a " ooaohman ?a you n<j hootasiim an wihhkm a rV attuaiain wwoUimui in a pnvetW faintly, would la filling to go a abort dlatauce in the country; la a good end sreful driver, and underalanda perfectly thlo care and ma la^eioeal of boraea, baraeaa asd ai rlagea, and can bring lie beat of reference! aa to capability, honesty, aobru la anil uduetry. Call on or addreax, for two daya, J. un, at I Smith'a aeeo atore, 71 Liberty at a situation wanted?BY a cent! ed an, at fV ateward, la capable of tat log charge of any eatablehmeut, fnun a reaiaurant to the largeal hotel; la agood a ver; ran give Uie beatoi city reference. Apply at Wiring par. A YOUNG MAN OF YEAKH DESIRES A 8ITUArV tioo where be ran make aouir money, aud have letaure 01 general reading and pursuing higher aehool atudiea. Una 10 money; In tend a to for the medical profeaalon; bun leru is a retail drug atore 18 tnouiba, aud la a good peutnau. tddreaaj T. Brown, Boyd'eCity Poet. a 8 FARMEK.-a (SCOTCHMAN (MARRIED, WITH TV one child), deairea a aituauou aa fanner; unaeratanda ill lta brunrbea. ia a good vegetable gardener and would ate charge of both If required; a comfortable borne la more Icaired than large wagee. Refer* to bit last employer Any me who wishes auch a peraon to lake charge of their place an addreaa Scot, but 140 Herald cilice. HOAC'HMANS SITl'ATION WANTED-BY A BEU apectableyoung man, who understands Ihla buatneaa; tat bad many years' experience; ia a good and careful Irlter; la perfectly eonteraant with the management and reaimant of boraea; will be found willing aud obliging; [nod city reference. Addreaa W. U., at Mr. Wakler'a aa<lllery flora, corner of 24th at. and Broadway, or box 223 Ierrtld ofllce. MO AOIIM AN'B SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENQ\J liahman who thoroughly underaianda hi* business; iaa food groom, n careful driver, and can give the beat of rr.comneudatlona from hla lam employer; no objectioua to a attuaion in the country Call, or adiii-eaa R. 8. C., rare of Jamua It. Dey, 44 Corllandt at., or box 3,139 Now York Post ofllce. Employment wanted-by a hobbr and inocs trloua man, aa porter or shipping clerk, or In any other ia parity where hla services would be required; has some u.mey, and would let bia employer ftava Hon good security f wanted; or would loin aome man in a good bualneaa; tlio tdvartiaer baa been In the grocery boaineaa for aeveral ream Call at or addreaa John I'eagc, Buabwicb av., near S'orth 2d at., Willbtmaburg. Employment wanted? fob a boy is years old; a respectable iratle preferred. Would re-ode with lit employer li desirable. Address M. D., Herald ullhie. a situation WANTED.-a lad or 1C YEARS, who c5 reaiilea with bia mother, Im very deal roll a of being emilojed in an otl-e or whbu sale iiiiumticial business; will ept Of a email compensation, the object leing to get a (now ledge of buainrrs; be. laautive and intelligent, and can jll'-r the highest Addieaa K F. 11., Brooklyn roM ouioe. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AH BOOK keeper or Mlr>mAii In it wholesale grocery; han had experience and tun five gom! refcrencee Addreaa J. W., l.ove|Q| I Bow, N Y CMTI'ATION WANTED?JN A W1KU ics ALE OR RE 0 Utl) clothing al< re, by a jo mg man a ho liax hA<i aonie "jperieieo In the tMaiuosa In the conutry ; valary required moderate; good iefrrciioi e givr.n AiMv kh D. M. J , lln?!d jlllc. lJLrANTED?A SITUATION, 11V A YOUNG MAN ifiF.RM mall), aa asaislalit bookkeeper or Buret; other a.mllai poaitlnn; beat ret'ei-cnee cireii aa to boneny, cnmpelein y, Ac. Addreaa T (l. B , 1(01 Ml Poat olltee, fui iwo day*. WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE MAN A SITUATION on alarm; niideralarda all kind* or farming; or be would take a aitualiun ua garm ner; good raforein ca given. Call on or addreaa Jamea Prior, 204 Broome at., N. Y. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YUITNG MAN, A kin.a ion on a farm; imdcrrland* all kindaol fuiminn; nr a Kltuuiioc aa i oaolm ar, n a private 'am ly. Goon refei" ii git' o. Call on or address I'latrick Deiiohoe, No. 204 B.oomeat. WANTED?A SITUATION AH ENTKY CLERK OH light |Hirt"r, by uyonu'man who is willing to make iiiinsrli generally okefui; umiuealiouable references can be jlven as to honesty and capability. Addreaa T. W box 1 0 lierali! odice, WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOCNO MAN FROM the country, an a >rk in a atore, with an iiiin.ertionaul? recommendation. Aiidrraa,). N? box 124 Herald oBlce, WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS ACCOUNTANT, A aitoatinn aa bookkeeper. atMnunt or entry clerk, baa .ad,four yrara' bucinea* experience. Adiliei-a Bookkeeper, Here!.; office. VITANTED?BY A STRONG, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, 24 TV yeara pf age, la a goo-1 penman and amarl at figures, a litnation aa porter in u atore or in any other capacity where ftc --an make himself generally oaefnl. Addreaa J. J. C., I mi 221 Herald office. ?ftA WILL BE PAID TO A RELIABLE PERSON Ptlvr pirn nring for llie advertiser a rmidiiclorahlp ou a New York or Brooklyn city ear. Addreaa, with real name ind nhcie an interview can be had, S. J., box 113 llcialii fliee. ?) AAn -A *<***? l1AN' MITH SATISFACTORY iPiJ.vUu. lele.i-enci'a, would like to loan Una iiuiooni to in employer, without.Internal., In ronsideraiion ot employment ?e aalcaman in aome pleasant Imainean, wholesale preferred. Addreaa, with particular*, Inquiry, llernJtl office. HELP WANTK1)~PEEALE?. All families and good servants will kind the largest olii established Institute at the corner of sixth men.c ami Ele.vcnlh at reel, for German, Ki.gbab, Inah and Anieman wouiei Mr*. Floyil in mn ndutice. i lloo.I places hIwmi h readr. I'" lerini.tx alvvava wauled t RKSPBCTABI.E WOMAN TO DO GENERA I. IIOUSB> \ work 11. it rmall I'liHl'l family , mum be a g. .id ocok. iv*tin r and Ironer m il have c iy relercncra Iroin her Inat employer. App.y ;ii IS! VtL at., near Broadway. An km'kkieni ki> i rotkktani woman wanted ax intra. . lu u?'. ' liaige or an inlxnt two n.omha old anil in do plan. Hewing. None need appiy without good -itv rr.leiei;.r *i 28 Kin.tli All) ft., Jt in1) Ciiy, will remove 1st of M..y to N4il. at., New Y.rk. t TTIfE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE, M9GRAND STREET. .1 employer* ran > ' suited win. brat i lata ?erv?nia lor lit or lor.iitiy. Wantfd. a number of well recommended |n n, lor firm cluea prlvau lainilie*, h. ;t> in liy and country. A NUMBER OK HRST t'l.ARS MILLINERS WANTED? thin day at Nor h ?. lfl) T ill i n Vieet, Bionk yn AT TUB FRENCH INSTITUTE OF >1 C OAILLA RD, . V li| Sittli avenue, einp..,yeia an i btain I lie met the rut IT* ii li, Knpl.-In Oi'i'iiiat) aid A 'in I .an aervanla, n alee kiul lenuilea. of all apai itli'i, and lirai .u*m arrvant.*, tint mat dceirab e aituutlont ol ibecny and c oi.ntiy. M Sn.b kvenue, m ar Waabln; Ion place. f T UAMBERM All) AND WAITRESS WANTED IN A I.; hiu.,1. 11.v..v boarding hotum; moat thoroughly ..i S.aud walling III the d room. One wtill i* m at an.l Jfrneel, and willing U) mukel.i iM II gem rally nhi, an have a ;ood home by applying, w th rrfriencra, at -is Ea-i 8 ltrtnlb itrr.n. Dress cap makers wanted.-first class l.aiida i iily need apply to D. t'l.AKKIi, 613 Broadway, ornei of lilrevkcr ?tre. I. > F'Kmale hands wanted-itihi e hires wiio aie atciht uned lo lie over, wiap and I.. < i lolilra inay lind employment. In<|iiire of K. R. 8<|oibh, .9 i riiiauei., Brooklyn, before 10 o'clock tn Ilia morning. MKS. M f IlKEEN'H AGENCY H'R EMPLOYE If NT, E hi Ilrh a' , llral door Iron, 31 ave., hi,eon b?nn ttrat Ian* aitiiatioii*. lor rily and country, lor reliable Lelp. I'uhIH patronage .a reapectritlly aollrlu ,|. MILLINER WANTED-TO TAKE THE ENTIRE charge uT a manufacturing department cornecied with v large linn elaaa dry jro.da atore In >he Weatern part of tl.ia h|a:e Mint la. thoroughly nmpelent tml u p'oil mli rwi. man. Situation permanent ami deairahie. Addreea unmo. liately, with relrreni*. Charles, boi l.0A7K<w York Prut ufli.-e. Milliners,TKmn and IALMWOMIX w \sr. fd,?rlf nod inililnri a and two roaipftmi |i h.ih k; iluo a yonof lady to attrod a intl'iiirry anno, who apraka rriran and ninfrritanrta tlic I lualuraa. Apply lu Vra. M. Yerly, No. 7 Div talon uti rot. MILLINERS WANTED IMMRDIATE1 Y.-ORE EX I Brirnia'd unlliiiei ami tan good tr minor* wanted, to [ ml hamla tha tii?*li? at ?..(!! i /?i 1 aim atraily employ maul or tbom'ukoii. Tall al4?n AtUntk at.. Brooklyn. N'IRsE WANTED-A tlENTEKL YOI'SO WOMAN wLo la romprum to Hike > ar< ifibidim the in i?t M a. Iliaftt and obligii f and anew lit* la a ? Api !y at Jtb rat IM iM ^tri tiioNs WAmmm two IV BLLBMI r? (iila. to do grncial honaework. urr i. ? ? p ain rook.; in v aa1. and lion n a p"i|o airIr and in una rn. el '. ib' - a..i . A,'i > *o vr. MANNIN? 19 Court at., Ipooklyn. CERVANTS.-EXCELLENT NUTATIONS, IN FJKsT it Il..?a fftlT.lltra, iraily fin r I III r I .? 11 to Ir I bin I Hi imincoiairly niihvnt p..y neni.nt Mia LUWB S rlagan and nmniraltoiia oO< a, 17 ktantoo atrart, fci iwcn Bowery and JhrykUW. JEK1AMH WANTING STTI ATIONS WITIIOl T DE 0 1ftV. hi f.r?l ita*a tin Hi h it. dy and i-oiintr*. arr ri:on.liirnilrd to .iprly to Mr. I'HRIBTOPHKIi 10 H.?ry at . Brooklyn, n hair nil the hrai famllita git tbrir bo p St rlAnta arnl for at thrlr retolerw ??. U'AMHI'-h A miVATI FAMILY, A NEAT, IN YT ibiatro 'a tin to tlo gfn-ral hinarwork; nm t muter it-nd bruad ma?tnf and on >klng,aia leagued wamin 1 III ironrr. To a otiipeh nt girl, f7 prr n .t nib Apply at 95 tVnync at., Jarary City. u'amki) -a N!< e and coftnmnrr mmfl YT it t , ol hnC dta|?aitloi and l lcaaanl niaDlie.a, ? t?lire tn opportunity lo aoRmnpany a lanr to Europe aa muni, ui I lamily aa nnrar Irnpitia id her it aul tmployeia, ki itlirnat roiTirt of Ma h*on a? and It7tn al. WANTHD-A OBEMAM OlRl sl'FAKINt; THE k n o ImIi iui g nag? Untruly, fr-'in 17 10 III yrint oi age. to Ml hmIuth. Apply at tNnwttjf! \4,rANTED-A . LEAN, TIDT HERMAN CI' I., TO DO TT the grnrral houaewi rk fur a T?ti 111 jr of two. Only a go. it 11 k a: <1 Hot ra'r waahei a <1 irouri n- it Apply at No. 8 Cottage nine, between Btnri krr anrt llnuaton ate.,near Stti ?*.. from II tiil IJ u'ikock. Referent requlri 'I. \1T A N I'ED?A WAIT KENS AND 04IAMBEIRI AID, AT 17 T T Enai SM ? , one that r in bring gecil relrreove Ap [.'y between the houra of ( aril I J. VVANTSD-2 PROTESTANT nGRNaN OIRI M, TO DO TT werk nfaamall family i wafea per inouth. Call on nritlatrly atWttKaiilSOili *t . ' RWM I*', ami 2<l ar?. WANTED-AM CHAMBERMAID AND NEAMSTR ERM, atlily, wllMiigalil: g"o>' reference required. Apply, kfter ten o'clock, at IP Hi ker ih?ri> at , Rmoktyn WANTED?OIRI.R, TO WORK ON A EN'i 8, SOME who umleraianU bow to make button hole* prefriri'tl Arr'y ?t97 Erie ?f , beltveei. lit ami ?lh ita , J,m ty City. WANTED- IV A FAMILY OF THREE I itSONN, A tirrinan, Scotch or colored girl fnrgenerV housework; u all a Piuteatan . wugra {.- Call At MM, t 36tb at. W ANTED?A OIRL TO DO flENER Vt. llul REWORK ; wngca $.i per inonllit a green girl prefer irj Apply at It I.afaycttc a , U? kiyn. WA* IF.I) -A Ht'AMsi RI'.RH, TO WORE BY THE week. One who thoroughly uniterata -la her bnalnran mil ran . unit well recommended, may apply at .12 Weal Mth oi. WANTED-A PROTESTANT WOMAN, TO DO TUP. gin ral homework III a amaH lankily: matt he a goutl vain rutik, ami give flrai rate reretTiirea Apply at 107 Want ..Tin at. W,\M. A OftOD COOK, \VA?III .< ANf> IRONER, tnPrPiiv i irivn r None utm-i tin <1 .tpnlt at No lit 'I. Kara*! r a< r to itar. bvlvun the bona ot I# ami t'A UDAY, APRIL 1L 1862, HRIJ> WAWTRD-FPHIALRR. WANTKD-A OOOD COOK WAHIIEK AND IRONE lor it -on..a family, ahe uukI tome wel, recommend from her Uat Mtuuuuo. Call al J.3 Km t 17.h at , belweeu ao>?3d an. T1FANTKD-A GOOD, TIDY GIRL, TO TAKE OAH YY ul .wo etrildr-o and do the r w nailing aud iroiuu mull he * i:n)( t,> go In tfa?<ounirjrbv 1-1 of May , wagoe | Apply I rum 1(J I 12 A. M. at 21 W?l Mlh eU Y1TANTED?EOIJB GOOD MILLINERS. APPLY 1 YY Ml H,pinna, 202 4th a*. WANTED-A GIRL, TO DO THE GENERAL HOUR wurk oi a private family, mull he a good kuok, in rate wnaher and ironer and one uoi afraid of work. Apt 1 bringing i-efaienee at 172 Weal 36Ui *t , from 10till 2, Lai In rot door. ,

WANTED-A NEAT YOUNG WOMAN (AMERICA I ' u i.d children aad do plain gnwing. Apply at J Eaat 19th at. WANTED?TWO SALESWOMEN; ONE KOR Tl ribbon counter and one for booneia. Apply alte oVtOck P. M. at 1'. BLt AOMK'8, 1,117 Broadway, torner ol Tweiiiy-allb atreel WANTED?A UIRL TO DO THE GENERAL UOUB wurk ol a am.ill family. Apply tbia day at 28 King TITANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL PROM YY to 10yearn of age, who uuderaluuda plain aowtug, a ia willing *o make hcraeli' oaeful Id tbe atore. Apply at 3d are. WANTED-A SERVANT TO DO PLAIN COOK IT and general home work. Kncouiinennation requir, A German girl pn-fei icd. Apply at 83 Bomb Firat at., W liamaburg. WANTED-A THOROUGH HOUSEKEEPER, FOR Ural eiaak hotel in Quebec; one WHO haa had pre ouely it am.ilar engagement preferred; the beat of city ter moniali an in . ajwlclity, eteadineaa and respeelabilllj rieireJ. Appiy at 67 Eaat Bieadway, n-oro 10 A. M. to 1 M. to nay aud to-morrow. WAITER GIRL WANTED?IN A GKNTLKMA) boarding nenae. German preferred. Call for two da between the hour* or ten and twelve u'elook, at 00 While i ea t of and near Broadway. XVTANTED?AT 98 BART TWELFTH STREET, TY YY young iadiea, to learn drueamaking. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ri-t nurse. (JulI for two days kt '/til Greinwich Good eiiy reference required. WANTED?A 8BRVAMV girl To TaKK care el ildiri, and do huuai work. A Kreii.lii.erl would preferred; one of maiure upe wo'ilil l>e preferred to u joi Kirl. Apply ui No. I/O William at., in ilie ehneolale and cai at. re. / inn ?(jOD HANDS WANTED ON WOVEN AND Ti: Lv/vr Apply tine in. ruing ul ttf> Le< nurd St., ft deere went if Broadway. HELP WAMED-MALES. AGENTS OF ACTIVITY AND ENERGY CAN MA from *A to $10 p i dirv I v engaging in t e sale of tl.e KALI AHLK PRIZE STATIONERY, RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE in lite market. Our Siatlrwrrv .? superior, end our Jewelry eou?i?U KORTY VARIETIES, eueh art < le maiiu'&t lured Willi ARTISTIC TASJ'B. We put in en. h | a uui a beautiful life like Engraving c oKN. OEORHK B. Mr CLKI.LAN, fluII). 76 vnluatile If. c.pee. 0 rlieeis Ladies' Erllel Fa( 6 sheets Ci in. Rule Paper. 6 Huff Envelopes. 0 sheen, Ladiee' Note Paper. 2 One Si. el Pens. 6 while L'nii n Envelopes, in 1 tine Pencil. color*. I sheet Blotting Paper. lueHcn' while Union En- I AecomtivxU.lion l'oiiholi veinpen. Alio a VALUABLE riEOK OP JEWELRY. For fnrtkei particulars ucnil tor one of our circulars, wl we mad free. RICHARDS A CO., 102 Nassau etreet, N. 1 Aoent-if you wish to invest A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING Bl'SlNE Examine lire uicrils of ibe MULTOMTCROON, MULTOMI CROON. Call and see It, or rend stamp for circular. 8. iLKICKARDjrA CO.. 108 Nassau stree Agents.?the dime package. p. p. p. p. rANPHHOPUOSIUM prize package. price 10 cents. THE DIME PACKAGE CONTAINS 16 ART1CL ALL NEW AND ORIGINAL. EACH PACUA HAS A GIFT OP JEWELRY. Agent* can make neai It 100per ernt. Send siamr fi einulir. W. II. CATEL* A CO . 102 Nassau Agents send for our circular, mailed fri PRIZE AND PORTRAIT PACKET, union and recipe packet, PRIZE PACKET FOR THE MILLION, EXCELSIOR STATIONERY PACKET. PACKETS WITH AND WITHOUT JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS I'OK STATIONERY PACKETS, 1IASK1NS a CO., 36 Beeknian sirret, New Yorl AGENTS'?AGENTS WANTED IN EVF.RV STATE ll.e Un on, to sell iDodin's) Patei.i K rosene Oil Ri ers for lluiil lamps, tusking a l.eauiilul light at a cost oft one eent per week. Call on or* Joseph Dodto Duann, near Chatham St., N Y. Agents wanted-in city and country, sell Howe's Pa ent Mien Lamp Chimneys. Sonnet! new and Hi (real demand, wherever kerosene Intniti .soil. B. J. C. HOWE. 23 Cedar strn BOY WANTED IMMEDIATELY- ONE WHO f been in a dry goods ot f.iney stnro preferred. M come ?i"i . enormia nuea. un at ibo Atlanta hi , itrooi BOY WA v T n-TO OPEN OY8TEK8 AND WAIT Uible Apply m A!*; 6tli uv.. Knickerbocker CoiUkc. Dura CLEKK WANTED?ONE WHO THOROUGH Mir;*' In" buMM s- A: ply ut 407 ttb ?v , h i of 29th it. Drug <xekk wanted.-a competent yoi man way Apply, between 1] A. M ami 1 1' M , ul Spring ?t., lOi ner <>i Klin. I3MPI O* REM -MEN WANTED UN A 1-TANDA j rook lor N' t? Yi rk rilv a id Stair. R'?i! rrioimnrri tim.i ol Jndnea >' Sinir S ipn'ini' C urt. WHIl/r A Y08T, I'ublliben, Philadelphia, T TftRRAND HOY WANTED-ABOUT It YEAKH DP A1 J J A| | !y al t e dry ttmula nloit, lit Atlantic M , Brook! TJURMER WANTED-A YOUNG HING1.K MAN, A! F r tan. e tio thoroughly umli r?landi hta tiualm-ee wanted in take liarrr f arfnnn a frw milea from thr i Or mi i r. imlnatrii i a and intelligent, to i^.r ol tt,r r a rt a pi rinanrnt p'are w.ll be ae -iimi. App < atiou ma; madr to J." Vrmli rbill, 2't Knlton it. OFFICE CI.ERK WANTED?17 TO IF YEARS age. iii a i'i'iiim.t?loii bouar, u.uat l,e ao eicrllri.i | mar.. a<. urate at pirn, of p c I athliiw*. willing da| oat ami realde w iili LUpa'enta. Those aaliabi d with a mode; niinpi imiion at tlir start, to ae nrc a good opening, may dress tint 3,307 Pout ofllco, slating rrfrn ore, esperie an.omit ol salary required, Ac. None ottri w , u < all mi ion. QTSADY BMPLOTMMNT??M IT.K ivr.i'K, EAR I) made ty following Hie diro Hons unia neil in tin great tionk nf "One Hundred Way* to Mike Money. ' Ma Free A>y sending lb inula tin nlver) to W. llUuD 167 Mm l irrt New York. riNt) TKAM8TERR -A MAN WHO UNDERSTA? J dr.tin) a pairof I one*, can obtain u itiady job by piyiogal 9W 7th av. TO BAKTENDERS.-WANTED. A MOOD. STEA inun to take charge of a wholesale and r tail li,| ainrr. Nmir neril apply but ilinae gooo rcferen m , Brooklyn, for two day*. rruvo good uadeiimen wantld.-.sone i X tbo?t who thoroughly understand the drv gO"d* lum'i anil ran give gi oil t? Iri'in e n?i d apply 10 Tlion.a* Mill* Unwary. WANTED?IN A COUNTRY NTOI?E, AT NEWTO' TT I,. I . a young uun a* rink . u< wi ? ha* liail e>| i .if, III u rat. apeak and wntc Engl.ah I ml G< r nan. w, e kprma: WANTED-a HAMNriU hi.I S.maN, to F1 A."111; ry Iroiu nainple*, on roinmlasM n, In tin: Wr>: am) neat I y Hiatr* None bin time having aomr knowl, of tbi- Imrlnea* nrod addrraa, * lib refivemr, po?i i u i ? hi i 3,788 I'oat otTioe. \XTAVT%D-A 1'ORTER IN A JOBMNO DRV GOt TT More, i ne who ha* a knowledge i.f the l .i lnra*. ai willing to uiakr.iiiiiia ir naofiil. None hulao American n apply. Addn a* box 3,.'A7 I'd*! o!ln T1TANTED-K1VB OR SIX ACTIVE BOV8 TO DIM II but'' i ircnlnr* Apply at 344 ami 348 Wnit 21ib *i \\T ANTED - A VOI'NO M -N To WAIT ; ION an IT ill ny a:< i*t email, den. Inat m al:lit it I* iiw rmai] should Im it popd tender ami well ?ri| .iinlid with Ilia < (live itlirracr, b addrtkeing B. b U.lliiaid ollnc.l York WANTED?A MAN WHO UNDERSTANDS EA IT wrta, and .an ilnla, Uiii 'uir I a homo uud Cow, A| ply at No. 8 !nhn at. WA*,lKD"A EM ART, INTEI.I.I'IENT 1 AD. AB< Tl l.'i > aiail age. In an o:'re, one residing ?nh l<li i"I, * | rlei . Ad lit**, ? own hand iitlug, 8 , 3,930 I'oiil "Hli N V WANTED?IN A RI'HINKHK IIOI'SE, A VOI'NO M Tl to make out hllla, do rolleetliip A' , one who Im etna I capital and will mange immediately, at a miak ailary, with a provpei t oiaa advaucc, will adores* I' A box .13 III raid olllre. W'AKTEn~?NK ( I-BTRK' KOK~A '?<(), EttY FTO TT one rlei k lor diy good* mme, one elerk for drug o Itvn #ti f r% l>i mm ai nil at ak't llia.ii1 auv iflnn. ill i.,. WANTED?A YODNll MAN AN ( AHIIIKH. 2 INVoi lin k*, 2 ealramen in a whol) an <v grtiiriy, and * r man en-hance nfllce. Ami} at 131 Kullon alrrrt An-,, 1 f ("><* ' R'-pi?tiy OIUi > Kimallona procured f, rv?pc, n pat lire. Relrrcnretolirat i laee bouai a. Eotnblahed In I WANTED?SJX MKN FOR STEAMERS, ONlf"Hfl anlrra, twoa'a. ka for groceiy alorea, thrrapnrt lwo aiprere drlrara, two lioya to aarn trade*. am ei clerk, four gilie to tiarrl, two condiirtora, two bin*, m - aid to travel to California. Aj | ly at N<>. 7 Chail aqnara. WA N TRD?TWO "riRHT CLASH " NALEHMEN;' C for 1 ha < lonka and one for dim* good* Not e n apply but tho^e having Ural rata i-lty referrnrea. W. R rtOHl'lK'l H, 2.12 Hotvor a; inn - AOENTS WANTED, TO OPKIf AN OFFI ?PXU\/. and lake the vrtnde-n e agen-y in every Hlate, a" of l.loyd'a llrral Military liar , na?d hy onr Coin rr am in hlrf. The che* peat Mapa lo ihewntld. A fort una he made oo llirar Alapa In ea- h Mate. J.W.OOO u-piaa of of my mapa have already hreo ?o'd. Alao, a mining California. Enidand and Cuba. Agente alao wanted in av conpty, Nrnil |l for anmplra and rlr< nlara J. *. I.LOVD, 164 Broadwa r/|A LABORKHH WANIBD-ON A RAILROAD vJUVJ New .leraoy, Wage* $1 a day. Apply on ho the atearaboat Aurota, foot of Robinaoti at., before 3 a rl aa-'h day. FKKNCII ADV I-IHTINK.31 ON DEMANDK?UNB SKANOAISK I PROTESTAN1 pour aot(ner me petite lite iwtrola ane, at pour i dra. H'adreaarr de 10 a 2 hanrra an No. SO Mart 2lat <1. ON DF.MANDE?INK BONNE FRANCAfSB (PROl tame), parlartt AlleaMiid da preferrnra. Do h?r c ointnaiulatlona anil mil .apanaahlo. U adroaacr att i 'adnr ?t , rnlre 10 at A hen fee, OM DEMANDK I NK BONNE f-RASCAISK rot It rntan'.r'i at nree*?Alre ,1'aio r da honnra re on-n dniinti*, etru tree almal-le rt aaiolr hli n I ondn- tj'od.ian No. 'J 3Vtno roe, prra de la 5me avenue, HIPPING. :r rrire h KIT 1HII AND NOf. ru American royal ' Bd J. Uuil Sua .,cm. Kd . rtv m num vnaa to uvxaroOL* ? Chief Cabin Pawuire. $< to j Second C'aDiu i'u? kg .. 75 H IH..1 au.-ToN to 1 It turni , l ' rim citbinfumt-r. Alio He. ood Cabin Passage AO ? Tbe ship* trial New York < all at C ok ha hor. if. Tin- -Sii|? lis in Ho-ton call at Hull ?? and C >rk barbor. PERH1 A, Oaj I. Jinlkma. CANADA, Capi. .). Lei'cb, _ ARABIA, Uapt. Btone, A MhllH. A, t 'apt Mulr. ?. ASIA, i apt . Colt, NI VllABA Capi. Moixtle, At bTKALA.~IAN.Oapt. Cook, AKJlll A, Capi Shannon, l EUKOPA, Cap'. Anderson, SCOTIA and OIIINA Turae v. au la carry a ei r whin u?ht at ureal beard, gieeu al s'artioard, and red on |ioi't bow. ? IIISA. Audi r-on, leave New Vork Wednesday, April V. M N1AOARA, Cook, ieave Bo?tuii Wednesday, April 10. ASIA, Shannon, leave New York Wedu- suay. Apr 1 .'A. !* > CANADA, M.icaiili'y, leave Boston WeiiueadiiT, April 50. PERSIA, Loll, leave New York Wednesday, Bay 7. El'KOFA, Btone, h ave Boston Wednesday, M y 14. It OIIINA, And. nwn. leave New York Wednesday, May 21. rC NlAOAltA, Cook, leave Ronton Wedueaday, May 28. Bi OTIA, Jiidkinn. leave New York Wednesday, June 4. Berths not neon red until i-ahl for. An experienced aurgaon on board. E- Tbe owner of these ships will not he accountable for gold, xt silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, preoioua atoneii or inetala, un? lean bills of lading are aigned therefor, and the value thereof IS Un rein expressed. ud Kor freight or passage apply lo 29 E. OUNaKD, No. 4 Bowling Green. QPECUL NOTICE-ALTEBALION IN SAILINGS.? ; JO k? Tbe ETNA will Mid on Saturday next in place of the ! el. Kang.iioo, ami tin; CITY OF NE?V YORK, on ibe 19 b, in . :1. place of tbe Etna. LONDON EXHIBITION. ? RETURN TICKETS, LONDON AND BACK. a Float ' Lai- $140 ?Tbirddaae 66 ! a. STEAM WEEKLY To LIVERPOOL. touching al Oueeita- , Tr, town (Cork Harbor). Tim Liverpool, New York and Phila. , p delphia Steamship Coiiipai y intend despatching their full- ' powered Ciydubuill iron alee mahipe aa follows? K'INA Saturday, April U ?,H CITY OH NEW YORK Saturday, Anrll 19 | ? KANOARi lO Saturday, Apr i 26 J, 1 and every succeeding paiurday, at noon, Irnui pier 44 North ' river. rurrs or rAsfuur. __ Flitt Cabin $75 | Steerage $30 'D Do. to Loudon HO Do. to Loudon 55 I Do. to Ruria 85 I Do. to Paris 38 Do. to Hamburg... SO j Do. to Hamburg 36 j TO Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, I at. Antwerp, A v., at ciprally low r..t ?. Rates from Liver|>ool or yueenatow u ?HTrsl cabin, $75, ? $85 and $lti6 Kleeiago troui Liverpool, $tn; Horn Queens- j OK town, $ M) Tlckuia , ?n lie bought b< re at these ralee, ens- | le bllng people to send fo, : belr friends. ing Tncsn alt aniens bat c aii|ierior ae onimodatlnns for paaaen- | idy gera; are sirongly b ull In water-tlgbl Iron tedious, and i carry patent lire annilnlalora. Experienced surgeons aie j ED for further information &i ply in Liverpool to William jur Toman. *g*?nt, 22 in 01?>ii*r?>w to lex. Mn culm, No 6 St Enocli Mquurt-; ir (/ ici iwi'Wti to <A W. D. ttt| ? inour A Co., in London to Ei\c- iMa King William j in Par. a to Jules Diuoi.q. No,ue la Bourse; in l'hilad'dphi.t to John <1 Dal , 111 Walnut ft. e?t; or at the i ^ comyain 'k oHi?:? H. KE JOHN G. DALE, Agent. IBBroodway, N. Y. The north uerman ixoyds1 steamship new VOHK, CI. Wcnke, (Onimander, carrying the United Stair* mail, will aa.l from pier 30 North river, root of Cham? bers street, on SATURDAY, APRIL 12, at 12 o'clock M., roe >t BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pi. reenter* to xr. London, iiavre. Southampton and bremen. at the I'lillnwiiig raier ? For the brat cabin, 9 tit I; cabin, $60; .ten rage, $3a. For freight or niiin v lo OKIiRK'Hfl A CO . 68 Broad itreet. )?r. ? - STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, (JI.ASOOW AND LIVER pool.?'Tim Montreal Sl-timniiip Cmnrany'r brat c.laa*, full itch pownml, Clyde built aleaincr, JURA, Cai lain Alton carrying tire Canadian and United Htataa maila, will r. nail I nun Portland next Saturday, April 12 Kale* of pannage ? from New York:?Final da**, an.tinting lo aonnnrmodatlnn*. $81) and $<H>; ain rage, found wnto good pi ov odium, $110. Cer;8H tibi all-* trailed for bringing out u..raengen Irom all the principal low ua in Ureal BrRaiu anil I' eland at eery low ratea. For lMMagr apply at 23 Broadway. New York. 8ABEL A 8KARLK. General Agent*. t TTAMBl'RO AMERICAN PACKET CO V FA NY. XI STEAM TO LONDON. II tMifUKG. HAVRE AND SOUTHAMPTON. The favorite Ant clave and e'egant Iron mail ataanuhlp BAVARIA, E. Meier commander. arrylng tbe United 8tate? ma t, sallc Irom per N". 21 North rive-, foot of Fulton ER. rtrect, poMtirelv oil HATURJDAY, ire l!Hb Ap 11, and taker ( B pan-e ngne for London, Hamb i;g, Havre and Soulhampton at ibe i diowlug rater ? u a $100 t. Second oabiu 110 ?- Steerage 35 EE Tbe T-ntonia w ill aiic-eed Ibe Ha. ana on May 3 For passage, apply exclusively to C. X RICHARD A BOAR, N< . 131 Broadway. New York. 17IOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON.-TArSCOTT'S ' Line. Kiiip BENJAMIN ADAMS at pier No. 8 Kan river, mdrfor Liverpool to-morrow, and ebip VILLA FRAX, CA, at pier 17 East rivrr, rail* for London to morrow. For I awagr to or fiom the old cO in try, at low ratapply to OP TAPbCOTT a CO., 80 South ?u 'I?' ITOIl I.IVERPOOIi?'THOMPSON'S BLACK STAR i' J? iire.-Tl e WEBSTER, *t pier No. B North river, aoiU ' * to morrow. Tbo ORIENT on the ItHh. Apply i ll board, or at the oUicc, 276 Pcaii alroel. Dm la on Ireland and EogTO ^n<i- ....... ar# I?011 LONDON.-TAKE8 I'ETROI.ECM.-A FIRST ,. T elaeH British bul k will hare immediate deriiatch for itie - ? above port. For balan-e of Irelght apply to KOBT. I.ETil I BRIDGE, 169 F'ont ktieel, eoruer 01 Maideu lane. Ivi? 1T0R '-0NDON DIRECT.?THE BRITISH STEAMSHIP - ' F AJA3,1 < ! mn Hmiter, will anil lor I.ondou oil oi al out iiw Wednemlay. loth Irmt. For freight apply to JOHN IV U!* DALL, 16 Broadway. _ "PASSAGE FROM AND TO IRELAND BY THE OLD . X Black S ar Line ol Liverpool Poskuu.?The THORNTON Drr mil" April 15. The ADELAIDE end of April Draft* on 1: e Royal Bunk i f In land A-. A | ly lo WILLIAMS A GUIUN, 4b rtilton rtrcet. NO . ? wx T?OR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. r a fir*tcla*ii Kieatnfr will have n*w York on the 1st, 11th and 21?t <?r rm h dmhiUi, except when theeo datea!?11 on 8 in* -HD nay, wbcL th<'day of departure will be 011 tbo Monday fol* Icwing. Forfrrlehtor rnsvni'p air fat the only office. No. 5 Bow* * ling Green. D, B. ALLEN, Agent* llF TT^'R HAVANA. >" J; J'he United Stair* mail ateamahlp u_ CO I. I'M III A, MK R. Adam*. United Sutra Nary, '"ommandor, 1M Will leave pier No. 4 Norm jiver, ou Wxdncaday, April 123 ''J 1M>2, at 12 o'clock pr. < larly. in*'' l'liaatKirta> an be procured liom the Span.ah Consul, r o? Kor Irtiithl i" puaaaao applyio 81'OKKORD. TILEsTON k CO , 29 Broadway OK milE MEAMilllI' ROANOKE WILL LEAVE 1'IER lau' 1 No IS Noith river, in. T onlay .April IS, at 12 O'clock, to o 2<>r Havana direct, < <>nii<i tln ? itl? the steamer which Icarci lor Vera Cm* 22 i Ap H. ad- Ll'DLAM, HKINEKBS ACO. 115 Broadway, ore, . ? _ ?. . . - -- . ? "ve FIHMTVKK. A HKDRdOM SUIT OK ENAMELLED KL'RNITL'RE, " A hi all ci'loin, of warranted u.anula lure: aUo m,.1uI i ? t'botnut t'hauib r Nuita, p ain and ornamental, at II K. "I'AKKIN11T0N S, No. 3tiS Canal iintl, oppoaiie W ooa er. 1 w Stmabliaheil iu 1MB, n? \ Fl J'I. SET OK MIRRORS (TWO TIER ANI) TWO aV. mantel) lor cale at a I attain at No. llil East Eifiteulli street ^ nv \T PRIVATE SALE-ONE SET ROSEWOOD BROCA. iDY 2\ lei Ami me matiopany bia s lia r. Inth covered i'arlur liior I'nroilnra, at low price Can lie ,een at 1,7 Eaal Nineteenth ' street (n da* (Sudsy ) I lulu 10 A. M. to i i'. M., and toinorand row j|,t,i, i toj p. SI. TJROCAI ELS.?WANTED TO EXCHANUB, A I.fT OK !UT 13 Bmcatels for furniture to cabinet maker*. Tula 1* an "25 oppurluuliy seldom o.tared. AddiraaJ. K., box 123 Herald *A i,ii,re. statitw where the fi.rniture la. IBM I CABINET Sl'KXITUIlE AT AUCTION TRICES ? " *N V. $20.(kill of roeewoial, mahogany. walnut, oak and enlierl* ,i*,.I! . a of tli. hr I oiialiiv a n*i I l,a ill* a aMt iiat. terns, at li e old mand, W ''nth lir e ?trel, near K?*t Kr adN way. SOLOMON FANNINU. ?ll unameixed chamber bcits or FCRNITt'RE? in J2j Jii ail colors and style*. at wholesale anU retail, Hie ire lurcem mock In the city. Hull* $30 and upward* Alan, no I Id 1. T. walnut Bulla, JHattte-*e*,PaJlla?*c*. Ac. WARREN WARD, 377 Canal street, four doors e??l of Broadway. >M ... ,U.'? THIRST CI ASS ENAMELLED Ft RNITt'RE?PLAIN, " f rated and gr imed, mdid wulbut ami oak Rets; Ruita at >70and upward*, Mait re:? ?, Spring Bed*, Ar. .1 W. FISHEK A CO., Maiiitfai'titrara, hl CM.' Broadway, bctweeti Bleeckrr aud Bund street* El laU'KNITl RE WANTED-$100 To 11,900 WORTH, FOR i,e r <?ah, aufllcicnt to furnikB four story house, a general ae-irtirenl. Mini I"' In goo ! order. Address Henry C. w Hi igf*. In a S.tki.t Post nil c TJIURNITt'RB wasted -a smaix family derirw r rom of liounekei'i tig wish to purchase the Furniture ?? o' a house complete, lor ca?h,aiulto lent the home; lent must not exceed $t*)U i*r year. Addreaa U< *a, 5t'tt l)r< ad> __ way, room So 3. ^.',7 1/URhITt RE WASTBD-I WI1X BEY AND PAY I" ra?li for >1 IIUU or >1,5'*) worth or medium quality II ,-eluild Furniture. Parties t? nuking up housekeeping may call ir ?end their address to K. COLTON, 111 Fulton (an at reel i e , i Narmu. late 1?OR sale-OS ACCOUNT OF LEAVISO FOR HI' K . V rope, iw.i line Minors, l*)xg4, of heavy Ereurh glass; Cornices and Commie Tallies to match. An elegant ro? wrond - 7 * ' oUve Piano, hravdy carved all round and iine.y linlah "L, eil A piilor Muster, in the best order, Paintings, Carpets ore, ami general Ho isehold Furnllttre Can be a n at Ma Ii ii 10 cilUord place, Bluomiicid street, Hohiken, N J. I, p IJLIMPTON'S IMPROVED PATENT PARLOR RED. I aiei..I* mid other mat r!a?a Fin iittnrn. wild who ale ,,. . ami rated; aire ( irumli< <1 by monthlypaymenta, at 144 Tenth abiV itrffrt, fnrrtrri ly National Academy ol Demgn. < 40 ? ????" ? PARTIES BKEAK1NU VP HOUR EXERTING, AND X aviaMtiff In ?'ll their Furniture. will find a raah cnerr"i tomer t>jr addrr?alnt! a Una to L. T . MO Hudeon at net. "ry Country cAlla attended to. ion, ___ _ l*"> PARTIES GIVING CP HoCNRKKKPINd ON THE 1ST i i>f May i an Hud a puruliawr fur furniture ?ifllc>eiit to INE fuT!it?h a 'nrgf hniiee complete, tn exchange for a hone* iooo either In Kilij-fnurth alreet, New York, or Atlantic at rot l, Hiaoklyn, both lightly mortgaged, tuning three lofire. yoara y. to run and rented Addrc** (T E. N , boa 103 Herald office, gg alati og araouat and quality ol furniture. /" fUlLUAM n OYSTKKM VN. HKAlElt IN RIW AND irrr yy MComl hand Kumnurr, Carpets, Hrd?, Ua* Klatarea, r,n of overj dee? ilptlon, hna removed from IMS Division afreet to H'!'' 379 flraiui atiert, between Norfolk and Suffolk atreate. tiry WUhea hlff fMend* go call. r ll/ANTED-A sEl,?ND HAND t'A KI'F.T, BRC88EL8 ?- Tf Tapealry or tnleet, not much used; aire 3* by I3U IN feet. Any persna taavtig the above may Hud a ca?n pur|"'d chaaer by addreaalng Carpel, II craW office. 11/ ANTED?Fl/HN ITU KB TO RENT OR Bl Y, WOl'I.D ?Y pay r**h or inks parlies to board foa tho aume. A tdri ea J. M. V., atatiou D, Poat office Be <2f?h T<) WORTH OK F1 kniituf, IN F1MT dPcJvr rate c utidltloii, wanted Immediately. Initieawlab , lug to dmpoae ot attch, either at prhatc aalo oranrtlon, would UH do well to apply at our Office, No. I tlrrai Jonra atrwel, N V. tore 4* NKUAR1 AND TOBACCO. ^F.llARS VERY t HEAP.?MANY DENIRABI.K HRANDS L'N O o Havana, l>ui c?i . ami it em it Mogul* arc *tu|, n inn- ? ild. An examination of Mo k ano pr e* ivutt d pay, n4Hli? a*cr Malffm e at No li Broadway I* very i.Mlruitk to cioee the i urauBnicrt. 3 Nvmi. w. A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVB ROS.'JWCOD P1AN4 . forte for aa v elngan lyi-arved le-? and caw, overriding t-***, lull lion platea Inn-1 w th ai'.ltiwo d. hiui all modi rn luiliov-inenis; main t- order, mil li eu In imi ?c?i n uieitttia; at >500, rtrr $2.4) Including ?tiHil anil cover. A o, J'- i irtii in- at a aacrillee. lt.,un m ;u IVetiT iu. j an:li * met, n a Smh ati-utte. Act Mi.KM AN. RESIDING IN TUB VICINITY OF l .l lh *v eiluc ?ml T-i*aiy-*tvlli ?i.. i I, aouri Ikr to rece> vir in ill in tion on .Jhj piano, tin: h? on* to be taken In t i i-vi-nitii! ami al (In-U-a In v' .e-Mi-n- - w. ? h mum oo w t'linrouve rr.t walking <li-iao coftbr *l>?ve named in e-llty. Kur furibrr particular* ml- r-aa o E H . bo? 2,'J37 Boat i-lllca. DEPOT OF THE ALEXANDRE OROAN, tor Chnr.-be*, I', S-liool* ami Drawing Roc-ma. Jn.1 Hruatway. SOLE MEDAL OF HONOR a the I'liivoraai Eihibil.on or 1W3. Thi* inaanifluentlnairutneut i patented In the United SuMea May S. 1HA0). which 'hf brilliant iierforinanoe of TilAl.BhllU, VM.ANOVA ami Mi.LE. WELLI8 have rend- reil a- popular I n Am-rtca a* in Europe, bal been adopted by ihc greateat arllata and compoaeraol bfclboOOU ncni*. UOTTHI'IIAI.K. LISZT, ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac , Ac. 'ir Alexandre Orcan i* oelobiaU-il for the aolulity and precision of it* meuhanUm, a> well aa for the l ullm a* and power of Ha lone, and ine rrmai Aal.le iinallly of keeping perfectly In tunc in all climate*. Price* at the depot, $43, $M), $100, $130, $186, $233, $330, $3141. $340, $400. A deaoriptivecircnUr *eui to any a-ldrea* on application to E. KABRKHI Eri'LH, Jr., AO Broadway, Importer of Bua?ou Atvordi on*. Vloitm, Vioim String*, Ac. Madame raciikls piano, firth a iiai.lh upright, will be sold at private aaic to the hl-ue-t bidder who aliall i nu-r hi* name pievioita to 12 o'clock M< on Friday n-ki. l.M , day ol April, at 145 Bay aUeet, Joim-y Oiij. Cerliflo He Liven lor the validity of the eUlin "PIANOS-REMOVAL.?'T. S. BERRY HAS REMOVED J. hi* 1 dano tVareio.uua 10 .Y?.T Broadway, wheie, Davl* A Co.'* Piano* and other iioamn ami New York Fn?no* may Iw. found at great nurgnin*. Mvludruna cheap. Plana# ami Mr'o leuuk io let. T. S PERKY. 003 Broadway, oppo-dti- Metrnpolilali Hotel. "PIANOFORTE FOR SALE -A FINE ROSEWOOD FV X auo, (>}, o ie-.-c, iron piat--. made by J, I'leraoD, will be ao'd cheap at 1113 Ble.eeker Nirect. VOICES WANTED FOR A VOLUNTEER CI1OR0B obo r in an Epia opal ehureh. None mod apply but thoae willing to improve, to J Howard, 33 Charlca at. M ?A ROSEWOOD, IRON FRAME, < AHVRD ifflltju. tlealt, round coiner I'laoo, coal $.>23. lot little used, in perlei t in jur, will be ttonl fur $l.'k); one b octavo tor *!*?. C'iilt|t 1'lanoa > 'Mt. Princ A Co.'a w4 Harmoniums at ivlio 'etaio or retail, or fur rent. Pianos at per mouill. H. T. GORDON, iOd Broadway iwsrnucTiow. A lady and her daughter, living isa very healthy Village in Guuiiecikut, tuuieuieui u> s emobuat ami railroad. would liko lo receive a few children it lloaid cud lUMtrucl during the summer mouths. Term* reasonable, lief cnec* , 1 v?-u an i re pined, Address K , turn 2l0 Herald uili' e. a you wo gentleman would like to exJ V change lesson* 1U Ki uch for English cunvcrailkin Willi a la ly Address V.ul, Herald bill :'', stating wh. m sod wbero an mien lew an bo bad. CI C. IIAllSII, AUTHOR Or' TUB POPULAR W0KK8 /. on Bookkeeping, gives Private Lessons uu liookkeeplug and II islueiH Allium at h? rooms, i'JO Broadway, Circulars, with terms, uu application. I7IAIB HAYES SEMINARY, T O. SLOAN, PKINUIPAL. A Saintly Boarding S<'liuol fur twelve pupils, piea?aui.y located in the village ol P.iiv Haven, within one utile of New Haven, Conn, i has been established eleven years. Summer term begum May 7. Circulars at K. GOUDENOUGU H, 122 b reel. Hyde park seminary.-a pamily boarding aehool for hoys. Onlord, Conn. The situation >a noted for its salubrity and beautiful nidation. Is. nix AA) per Msnun of 22 weeks, t'trrulan van be ntitained nf WM. UOAvIE, 133 avenue. U, New Yurk, alsu of the Prtuctpal, M E. HYDE. INSTRUCTION.?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A young lady, aa permanent or visiting governess, in a family, ur a?an assistant ;n a schooL Salary not so much an object as a pleasant situation. Address B. c. M., boa 214 Herald office. vti RSERY governess.?A youno lady, oomprAv tent tu teach Prench, muelc and the English branches, also embroidery, wishes sn engagement In the city or a fe w miles in the country. Address Governess, Boyd's City Bipress, 45 W illlam at, N. Y. Paris. PRANCE.?AMERICAN, french and 1talimi Collegiate Institute, for the reception of a Unified number uf \ uung ladles as parlor boarders, established near Paris. I'.ir circulars, Ae., apply at the office of II. G. NleiiOla, Esq., 24 Pitu' street, New kerb, or J. Jtl. Nichols, 126 Petri street. New York. SCHOOL kor YOUNG LADIES, TIIROOU 8 NBCK, Westchester.?Superior advantage* for a thorough eOiw cation in English, Prench and Music. The school is pMMantly loialed near the Svnind, ami has twenty acres 01 around aita< hed; the Httnatiun Is noted fur Uk salubrity and Is uonvenlcntly near the city. Teems moderate. Pur paiUculars address Miss Owen, Throgg's Neck, Westchester. The new vocal oymnasium.-thib is to cbrtil'y th it I am a pupil m the Vocal Gymnasium, 23 Bast Twenlv-seventh street. I llud It a tiuM excellent instilntiou. 1 hnvc hnen completely cured of stammering, and tbe quality of my voire has unproved more thrn a hundred per cent. My NATHANIEL D. WHIT*. COPAUTMICHSIUF NOTICEgT A GENTLEMAN HAVING SuME CAPITAL AND wIid ran give the very t? at ol rnlereboe*. would like to MiM-iutr litnisell w llh lonie mi- In the Slock Eiehance or Note Brokiag : builu em A3.tre.sH E. T. U., bo* IMMeraki olllre. 11 ith real name ami addre a, whirb will be coutidcred coiibilruiial. 4 PARTNER WANTED?NITH ABOUT 12,000, IN AN J\ e-niblished Hotel, hraiitlully fiirel'tied, kept by thk propt ie er alii e tho hour; woe built. liner bouta atop *4 the iioir. A deeii able ehaaca. ISAAC A. U1GG8 73 Neenao BireeU A PARTNER WANTED?WHO CAN COMMAND fl.tOO, llot all required at onre, and the |iarty Inverting will have entire control ol the enpilal. Tin iniwucsi t? oluLnl clasi mercantile ebataeter. Apply at 4211 Broadway. C h. UOWEri A 00. PARTNER WANTED.-A PRACTICAL MANUfACI Hirer iteilrei a party woo cm command $1(0 in ra?h to buy furniture, tool*, .t<\, of a inani.faclnrer retiring from buititesa, $2110 i? needed in bo tne wiinie Inteieet, and ib? advei tiler wil, provide one-had $.10,1 to $400 ? til carry on t:ia bienUMr, ? n eb can be greatly e.hnue I and nalea made lor cub. Good reference can lie lien Addi-cn* Enterprise, boa 213 lieraid, puling where an Interview oan be b.ol. "IV"" ANTED?A PARTNER, PI LENT OR" ACTIVE, IN TT the rectifying Itoatie-a, and luunnfaotiire of cologne iplrita, alcnliol, Ac.; ihe proprlet- r being engaged in It Tor kv.iic ) <11 r, i.m, nil, |> y iici fcll ol i lie i uniirwi, BUI* *11 the is lliiu**, a? faraa location, room, Ac , l( concerned, to carrv on * buaium* on a more extensive aoaio. A capitall?i ileairout of Invotlng Ms money, with good reference, may address tor one weea 1~ hoi ltd, Herald otlice, M*nng where au lnlen ew may Le had; releri-nee given aiso. tvANTED?A man AS PARTNER in A bik1nbhh >> prying $l.t*W per year. A pi rson who * ill furntrlx tl.llUOuiii lie luilstied oy the advertlser that tht? le no s|M'ouiail 'ti, ami that the profit n ai'c in n it only large, eomjiare i with the capliitl liitcMtil not that it i?vuiv. The party furnishing the above iitnonut need not devote h.e tunc to Ihw linen.e-* 'in en *o CDpomd. Aiiiir ee Monitor, hoi ICO Herat l otli e. Th- best oi'clty inferences givou. <j.-i en -wanted, a partner w ith the abovk tpA?J*7. uiuoiu.t to lake charge ol a innt-i and chee?? store; puyv from fSto >4 a day profit to each partner. Kea*ou tor tilling oil' -hull, the advert ?er haa othct buliueva to uticud to in the country. Apply at 4KI St rood arttiue, la the rtore. <C1 PiH -PARTNER WANTED-AN ACTIVE, ENTER. ipIuU. pr.vlng man with ihi-amount. In a uioet lucrative and pleaaant bimlnes*; ptohlt to bo dlvhUd e'ptallF every day. Kor in'ormatioji a; ply in the store, im 11 all plan , to Mr. Du| a le. ohiih -a partner wanted. in an old EHipflUt/. tulUMied liu-lm ?. apply to S ADAMS. Tfl Cedar -l roe I lion i iron 9 to 111 A. m and 3 to CI'. m Nun* w ithout money need apply. oriwi -PARTNER WANTED, TO PURCHASE AW ipf;Uui m erest In the auctioned'lug and geni tal commission business. None but a thorough and pi an oil business | any desired. Apply at n.i. I ilia at .lone^ (trol l $rnn -a younu man witii this amount, aciluU. quaune I with business, ran secure a salary " n-t u tntered ill a provision ami grocery bualio as. Adiirewi I'lunbui, Hetald ollice. Cil nnn -PARTNER w ANTKD-IN A FIRST CULAM JJpX'Ua/\"? Family Grocery in BroiSlin, u..?r doing iii-'i did business. Ouly III >.e having 11 is <1 In <*sh uerd apply. ireland. mini'klhy A CO. 6:1 nnn TO si,800.-partner WANTED, in a ipl.UUU 111 at i-ln-a gior y and provision ?tore; rec tpt* J.'*)' weekly; tin>- lomtlnii and business on Ihe Inere*"'. Ti e rigln party w ill li ve every odj ,irt unity lo sa11-1 y inniM- f oi Hie above. Apply to W. MAITI.AND, 104 bio nlv ay. ___ 6:1 ttfin -partner wanted, in a rERHScryr safe manufacturing business m this rlly. To p II ty with $l,b"P < *'b il 1? nil opportunity " Mom Olli'rcd. i'lotita lnn.s and rales uiillniln d Address B. L . i oi I J lleritiil nfll e. I)E.\T1STHT. i rtifk'ial bone fili.inu.?rooms of the din. J\ oV' rOT, KM! Hiuadwny. one door above I* venleeiub tret. Tender tee'h, obi root* and nie^ sheila tilled ami wan anted lleware of tnterreble Imp tationa of the eh. an operator*. N. b ?All lovers of anund and beamlful te. t.i aul ??' " breath use the the oele rat. <1 Cuban Dvnirlitlee anil Lotion. J. PEARSON, M D , Dlaeoverer. AKTIKiriAL TEETH -WE CONTINUE 10 i:\TJUCV Teeth In two neeonda, without pain, with onr hetinmt flui.l. No eitra charge for temporary art" ot ettr-wiinp. Tot tli tnaerted without ettrai I nc the root*, on our Itnprnred im.iepbiTl.' pressure plate*. Our chemically purr Chloro* form ami Mltier administered without the rllghtcat dang. r. Piea*ecall an.I eiHtniur ape, Inien* In-fore going *lacwi?ere. Dr# 1)1 RK1N A', 373 Canal etreel, opposite Weat Broadway. DB. C. A. WHITE'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Whole M-t* $6. ft. fit), |IS to $40 Teeth ft Bed will* gold, 60c. to $1. All w .rk tenanted, ami at half the pt .< charge I e!*"w here. Oill " 13 Mood atreet, N. Y,aiid7lg Vl'r ,*i' I W I'il'iV.V'v! Or C. A. WHITE, Pbi adel, Ina. nAtJNt; HAD TWENTY TEETH AND ROOT* ETtnh'ted without feeling any pain whatever by Dr. J J*t YILLEKH, IMHrand trrel, t?u Inooaa from Broadway, I N.e. mil y Iriarrt thlaaea reei.mtnrndallbii toiliiMe aoU'in.* toothache. 0. " MONK, 630 Bee ad avete e. Teeth pilled with hold in the best porky. aihle manner, free of charge; teeth ealta ted with, g pain. Splendid aete of teeth $10 Old plat*, remodelled, good id guaiauteed, $3, at lNOKRSOt.L's, li3 Weal Twenty* aeeond atreet. N. Y. 1LAIL.RO A DR. HUDSON RIVER RAIt.ROAD.?TRAINS POR ALBANY, Troy, the North and We?t leava Chamber* atieftat? and II A. M , and 3 3D, ? and 10 P. M. N EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAII.I^AD Eur Albany, Troy, Norm and Weat. Winter arrangement, commem-tug Monday, Nov. A, I (Ml, Eor Alhauy?10 30 A. M . Kiprrra Mail Train, from Twin* ty.ROth atreet depot. ' Eor a'llt."?l iramr ?ee Tl'ite Table I JOUR BURUII1LL, Aasiitaet SupertaleatgaV \

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