Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1862 Page 3
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THE S The Defences of L Unde JS. PIMIST 6? minvMsiMsm YORK 031 cL Tin GIN I, Majm-~$on cnc ^ l *< Y . ,'.f?:/. a if* ^ * hi* ^ "N. mm<t*B Sifmuii MM JTArf AwriM MntanrnmJk |? v _ m ^ StfiW 0P i If .TP r,.g ? qs?IMu f ' r i , _Trrr insde both b^^ army and navy to relieve him, and | that iho of twenty-three Mil of the line would f^l> tho 6tb of October Informing lord OhrnvHI'it, M the Mm* time, tbat Admiral Plgby. Ynth Varee more ships of (be line, had just arrived I F amly Hook. On the right eftor the receipt 'tCk/rmwafh* withdrew bin army within tho works of the town, tn full expectation of hemp able lo hold both the poet* of York and Glo\ cestor until the promwed relief arrived. The works al uudoned by tho Pritirh troope wereoooapied (bo next day by detachments from the combined army. lor the security of Yorktown tbeTlritlrh bad erected (see (lie plan) a battery, No, 1, of two ei* pounders and one howttyer No 2, a battery of threo eighteen pounder*, No 8, a battery of four eighteen-porndcre nnd five nice pounders; No 4, a battery of five eighteen pound ?rs and two six pounders No. P, a battery of one eighteen pounder and threu nine pounders, No. 0, a hot lory of one eighteen pouMiir nnd four nino pounders \'o. 7, a battery of two eighteen-poundere and two twelve pounders; No. 8 a hsttery of two olghlcon~~ ponndere and one nine pounder; No 9 a bailors of two eighteen pounddft and l*o twelve pouudoie. No, )0; a i NEW YOKJ IIEG-E < ord Cornwallis and r General Waahin Chapter o fox CBSTEXfc At ' 1 *1*?' >^ii3 ? 4. ?/S t t('M|ly . ^ (,%*!?.' v\?*s?| It i /H\ 5 ? ^ ^ ?J? * <t4A ft ? > 4iU *i < (.(? J * 1 % M*4 <* ft "fe c < 6 5. hi ^ ,'/ '9 ^r.VlOMTNlR P // * A, Cv?c. $ QJ/^% TH'V> tt >0 ^\*j/ $8* ^ * ??V?* * t <i MM \ *tv \iM0hM. vSBb'.v ff1* T'/ V S / \ "^ / ik-:/ c^> '*" / * ^ < !-Avt. m FmjLL h.? 'J VL.,I ** * - ^ "^""h,v:i-.-S-. ( ?.; 1 aB \ On. -vaaHnSlcirs ?... battery of three elghhen pounders, two twelve-poundeors, one six pounder ami on" mortar No, 11, a battery of one twenty, four-pounder and two nine poundeia, Ko 18 a battery of two tw. lve pounders.and two howlltrere, No. in, a battery of two cightcen-pounder* and one twehc pounder, No. 14, a battery of flvo nitto-pounders fit the filnoceeter there were erected No. 16,a bat t?ry of ten eighteen poundors and one twelve t* under; No 16, two batteries of eight guns of diflbretu calibre, No. 17 *m pat t of tlio Rrtttah shipping As sooti as the nriltsh bad quitted their Outward position (see the plan) a, and the combined forces had taken possession of the ground from winch the (iriludi had re tired, the town beoamo regularly invested, end the com bincd army In the same nlrftii began to brank ground,the Frer It making their approaches on the right of it anil the Americana on the Icrt Tlio first parallol was thrown op during the netht of the 6th of October (6). On the 9th of October opened an American baUory of throe eigli tcitn po mdera, three twenty-four poundors, two howltacrs and two mortars (< ) On tho 10th, opened another American buttery of four eigntecn-pounders (d) and a bomb battery of (bur mcrlars (?) on the Oth, il*o b liench hatUry of fottr Iwolye penoderg and gig i HKRALD, SATURDAY, OPTO ; the Lines and V rn and Count K Our First On i w a 2. t ^ "V^3 \\^ $^?Br111 ?JB iiiiiiri w a, ' " X m saa^r ' -I % pF3U ^ Set; Second Page for the U>el mnrtftrt (/ ). On the 10th, opened three French hatte- I ri?n, consisting of sixteen pieces oi eighteen nnd twenty. fotir-|?>undeifl (;?), nnd nt night opened a French bomb battery of all mortars (ft). On tho night of the lllti, part, of the second parallel was thrown up by a detachment froiu both armies (<) In the meant itno tho garrlno did everything >u their powor to interrupt the beBiegeis In their work, by opening new embrasures fur gone, and keeping up a couetaut fire with all the howitzers and smell mortem ttiey could mini nud about tins ttmo the loee of men sustained by Hie remlulu il nnny wAnmore considerable then at ary other pot'at dm Inp the Biege 1 hoy wore particularly annoyed i 1 ujioileil ,n their approaches by two redoubts advanced About throe hundred yftrde in front of tho British woiks (t aph I) These they resolved to assault, and to excite a rplrit of emnlution, the reduction of the one wbb com milled to tho Americans (Ik) And the other to the French (I). Tho At tempt wuB made on tho night of tho both uietnncos

euocoedod, ond by the unweartod labor of tho besle-jers, both redouble were ineluded i tlieir boioiuI parallel before the morning (ro) fn tho second ncraiiel the French had three balteririi of o ali en p,? . es of eighteen and twenty four pcungcri (n), j hwo wm Me ? / APRIL 12, 1862.?TRIPLE iRKTO 7orks of the Besie 'ochambeau?Inter e ;at War for the k a^pSll ^ -^23 K3?W ? fr I** / K ^ I .;?V-:^vy ? { ^S\? ,y v-Tts \ /JfSSlp . _. /Wo !j w#r m# British hud ,ho wn thffriA/ { _ . J i p i yjjfrtcn.B*rt STEUBNV/ ^ Qu>r^ \~'f y rE? i' i JL^> m **"" s "di? Lilonfrrr gjl ^ KNOX ?*? <* Qflflr laiJs of tbe Siege and Surrender. n French bomb bAtttry <lctigtit<l for 1 ?n inorlar* (o) In | (lit redoubt (I), tho American* opened on the 16th with one bow it ar r aim! en the 17th, in tho morning, with two eighteen pounder*. Ami in tho redoubt (I) with two ni rturt. An Amtrirnn buttery of four eighteen pounders oponctl on tho morning of tbe J 7th (]>), wtd anolhor In I tho eecontl pninl'rl <f eoTen o ghleou ponuilore, three twenty-four pot ndrre, howit70ie anil inertAre had opened ?.rt ?1 * IITlh tr?\ v" ' >1 At the I 1110 (>f I ho Rritinh (putting their ontward po*i. Ilon.lhuloglon cavalry and inonrtod infantry midor the I uke do Iauzrn, with a hotly of Virginia militia, commanded ?.y t.enerai Woithu, | ?**ed over the rlvor to Clmu eater took a pneition <n froul o( the Bnliah work*, not) kept lhAt f laoo *o fully blockaded a* to Mil off all ct minitnioatlnn betwe?r tl and fbo country The whole van under the command of General tlo Ohoi*j> lite l>e*,ei;rr* kept np an mcraannt cannon nle and tl o continued (Recharge of ahol and rbcll* in a few day# d?n aged the nndnlAhed work* of the besieged on the loft tf tho town mlenrrit tl.o f tit that worn mccnted on th"m, *0(11 crnfirned tlie lop* cf a pn at number of m?n Ihe ehell* rem h?<l tho *hip* n the bat tior, *o that the , Charon a fOrlf four |ut*ht? (i?)A and two IrkMWM SHEET. WN IT iging American and sating and Suggest s Union. ?_ f\ & / ^.t V C 9 5 fe '%?..?' \114 JUk^iin^ Wrt * v !w #j wA,f . Mlllfe^/5^. ? B Jl! ! llW ;:< J I \! ^\x\^\V,!//^. .t^ 0 i: ^ ^ ftS2P* f 1 $ yC^ p CwfiSxa^^ !?t ? ^ ^ *> ?*,'?, * i 1 1 were burned. The Brtieh trorp* having beer, weakened by lickneae, as wall a* by the fire of the beeiegere, Lord Cornwall!* could cot venture to run It ro large *01 ilea a* to hope from tbem much iuc<ce?* but foreseeing that iho Kritleh work* on the left, ulready half ruined. could riot rtand long, an attempt to retard the opening of the butterie* of the second parallel of the heiiegers became iieroarary. Lord Cornwallte, ttcrcfore, ordorrd a rnrtie of three hundred and fifty men under the direction of Colonel Aberorornblo. Thin ''ulu.bmout ealhed forth before daybreak of the l(Hh of ; ctober, forced the redouble that covered the balterler t'piked rome cannon and, after killing and wounding about one hundred of the French troope, who had the guard of hli pert cf the trencher returned within Iho lime vt .ih rome lore. Putthn action yielded little ndvai'ag;lti? cannon wore again rendered fit for nervier ami before the the whole battery and parabola were nrarly complete At lhl? lime the worka of tho i>o*a?ged wrte no damaged that tliey scarcely could ehow a Single gun on j that tide of the work* attar ked by the American*. I.ord ' foru\s ah is, therefore, had no hop<' left hut frotu ctteruig terma of eentuletion or ettomumi *u wcape, lie da* 3 X 1781. L French Forces' ive r~ I 9 1 PSHktV 4^ J <2f$fW^orNI%W JpF f*r . nnn ^L % AF?&I?Sqwr ^ rBsftrtBugssr U ' % t r, 'V > > w ^ * 9? .? """"" *" -I" , the riser, where dc Chciey commanded and lay with m body of troops at some distance from the works The Hrltlsb commander rseolve l to attack deCbolsy befer^ broak of day with hia wbolo force, end, after defeating Idm, to proceed to the upper country, leaving hia fhture route nncertam until ho came opposite to the fords of ,t.e Krcat rivers, where he intended suddenly to turn off to the northward, to force hia way through Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Jerseys, and Join the British Commander In Chief at New York. Accordingly boat# were prepared to receive tho troops In the night and to transport them to Gloucester Point. After one whole embarkation had crossed a violent atonn of wlhd and rain dispcraed th" boats cm cloyed on this business, and free, traled the whole r eme. In th>a divided state of the British force the Ann rlcmi batteries opened at breaker daj but the boa's returned seen afterwards and brqugiit back the troops that bad been carried over In the night with vonie loss the passage between York and Gloucester being exposed to the American fire. With the failure i f thia scheme the Iasi hope of ttio Brit ish army expired Their works were tumbling iota ruii>, net a guu CuuW be fired trout them Longqp ^ \

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