Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 12, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 12, 1862 Page 5
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, 4 y ABBITAL 07 THE ASIA. TWO DATS LATEB FEOI EOBOPE. ESeet of the Battle Between the Monitor and Merrimac in England. # ? ft Revolution ii Naval Warfare Afknowledpfd and Wooden Sliipi Ciclen. The London Times on General MoClellan's Advanoe. THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH PROJECT. Ripport of the Undertaking in B THE AGITATION IN ITALY. SERIOUS ILLNESS OF THE POPE. OSRMAN7 DISTURBED. GREECE STILL IN INSURRECTION 4c., 4c., 4c. The tfocard steamship Asia, from Literpool at nm# A. M. oi the 20th, and from Quesnstown on the afternoon eftho 30th ultimo, arrived at this port at half-pait til 'clock yesterday evening, bringing the malls of the 2!-th Ultimo and passengers. The rebel steamer Sumter remained at Gibraltar, and the Union steamers Tnacarora and Kaersarge at Algeciras on the 21st of March. The sailing sloop Ino left Jtlgeciras at half-past two P. M. on thol&th Inst., steertog In the direction of Centa. The St. Louis, Union sail- I log corvette of thirty guns, bad arrived at Cadiz from Philadelphia, and anchored in the harbor. A despatch from Liverpool, of the 30th, sayr ? The rebel schooner C. S. Evans was patssd on the 4th f March by the G. Fleming, Bombay There was an unknown American ship alongside, Tht Vniott JUtg was Ietoercd whtn At tMpi parted company. The Pope continues dangerously 111. The Viceroy ot Egypt was ill. The Prince of Wales had left Alexandria for Jaffa and the Holy Land. The Japanese Ambassadors bad left Alexandria for Marseilles. Tbey would visit Franco berors proceeding to England. ;? A despatch from London of the 30tb of March (the latest) has the following The quarterly tables of tha revenue will be made up to-morrow. The net gain on the quarter will be about *770,000. On the year tbare is a net loss of ?930,000, which is under tbc loss estimated from the penny reduction of the income tax and the repeal of the duty on pitper. Lord Palmerston attended a Cabinet council yesterday, and In the evening had a dinner party. Bis Lordship is decidedly better. The Paris Monitor of March 30 states that the Princess Clothilda Napoleon is in the fifth month of her pregnancy. ' The Inioptndane* Btlpt of March 30 states that the Allies agree about the military, but not lbs political, part of the expedition to Mexico. U was stated in Turin, March 30. that the Ministry will he completed this week. Other reports arc to tbe effect that the ministerial changes are incorrect. Tha prolongation of the privilege to the Hank of Vienna encounters great difficulties. The Financial Committee of Retcbsratb are opposing the financial scheme of the government. The City of New York reached Quecnmown shortly after noon on tbe 27tb, and arrived at Liverpool on ibe evening of the 28th of March. The Korussia arrived at Southampton on the eveuinp ef (be 27th ultimo, and the Bremen reached tbe s?m? port on the evening of the 28!b of March. The steamship Norwegian, from (Portland, arrived at Loadcnde rrv March 30. THE AMERICAN QUESTION. The Mcrrimet and Monitor Battle. in Parliament?'The Naval Revolution-* Bull Run Rusicll In McClclJuis's Advance. TBI RATTLE BETWEEN THE 1IEKRIM AO AND MONITOR? TI1E VALUE OF IRON-CLAD VESSEL?. Tn the Hi,lao of Commons on the 27th of March Fir F. Faiilh gave notice that he slionUl on tomorrow call the attention of the Secretary of State for War to a report of the engagement between the Iron raced vessel Merrlmao, belonging to the Confederate States, and the kNMMlhoM Monitor, belonging to the federal States, and ask whether. Wi consequence of tho results of that action, it would H"t ft frrwl' nl to fu.'fh nd the < omtmctb ft of fortifeaHwi el Sf\thend until tin q&ftion of tho conMruction </ trrrirwftd gunboati had kin fully tmuidtrtd. (From the Ixmdon Times, March 29 J It IB imposslMe to overrate the importance of the leeeon contained in the incidents of llio late son (Iglit between the federal and the Confedetale s.| mdrons ]n this unexpected and unparalleled engagement we get the i ret real glimpse of a new system of naval warfare, wnd it will be our own fault if we do not profit by the instruction ' Horded. * * ? TLe Mcrrimae though an old verrel patrlied for a new purpose, was large, powerful, and comparatively ewifi. 1 Nh-??*<if between 3,000 and 4.000 tons burthen. an<l must therefore hare been as big as sumo or the heavy two deckers which we wo new plating with iron Her armament docs not norm to have been aicurately ascertained, but sbn probatdy carried ten or twelve guns. Ihe Mouitor is a new vessel, only jiist lauiii hvd, and sba has bad tho advautago thorofurc of a simple and consistent construction from first to last. She is scarcely, however, a third of the Mammae's sire, and she carries, it seems hut two guns, though'here are of the yery largest slr.e known, throw 1 og shot of one hundred and eighty pounds weight. Her speed Is said to bo a g.iod three knots an hour below that of her antagonist. On a comparison of these conditions we should naturally expect that, unless all Ironsides were proof against all other ironsides, the Mcrr.inac would beat tho Monitor. Yet it was not so. Tho Monitor had, at any rate, not th> want qf th* jight. and she certainly brought the Merriinac's* caicer of victory tn a .Una* V?? If an am ?,l.i I...1 tn that these tnnIi wrrt preliy well matched, it most follow that the Monitor is a more d?o nable model lAan fit" Slerrimar, for ehe bus yielded reeult* el fur less cost Who was ai tuailj launched within lhr<e mom lie of the 'ley when hor keel wu laid, and ehe wne built for Ires then ?<0,000. If we compare such work with the time and money devoted to our own Achilles the contrast will be not e little surprising. /tit clear,howr^^r/hal wthi r the Mcrrima' nor thr Ifoni- 1 ter run In atw Uy mr uurtd at.aiwt our i unt frrctiucltout. ft does not appear, for instance that either of these vee ' eels could put to itn,or venture far from lund, whereas our own Warrior, aa will have boon Bern from O p tain Cochraue's report iu our impression of yre- 1 terday, Is fit ror active service in any part of the world. 8,111, there are points of great interest iu velvcd in the comparison. Both the American vessel* havt eloping sides, or if the Monitor e sides ars not si at an angle they are to low ae to offer little maik for shot. Iho Americans, therefore, scein to r*iy upon the protection obts nod by 'tils suited iont, whereat we I n e -not vet adopted it, end Indeed the "iron Plate Committee'' of the Institution of Navel Architects havn juat do rlared ibeir conclusion (but "augulated sides poetess no real advantage us compared with tho usual upright sides.'' Yet oee ob.ection wldch wus urged s,;ainst e tides has not bean stippor id by the experience of the late action. It wus pUueioly said that a ship acting lise e rem might ran over ouo of there low vessels with thegreatest east, hut tlie McirlraMdlri strike ilia Monitor without any mteb reoult*. Another octal Le point im euygeated by the armament* of the two ve*e?lH. Th* Monitor b ut two guns only, but each of the*# gone was nearly twice an largo n* ono of the Mer. nutft'e,and they wen worked froin a "lurr-l," If, theictuie, two gun# proved a match for twelv ',it int. t have been owing esthur to their calibre, or to the new methon of work tig tbein. One cooclm ion, however, admit# of no doubt whatever, and it happen to bo the moat Important of nil. I'Vre if n?t end oj >uw<it.n il<i\* Jor ?ttr, and the Anterieiuie are now recruiting the fact to aorno purpose. In addition to what they have lavished on Iron clad vceicle during the lael twelve month# thoy rro now preparing to vole 4VW.000,( 00, nr upwards i f ?l,t/0O,(i 0, more, for etructure* of the same clean, and will piobalily epeud cm this object, without etlnl or rcruple, In Hio conr>col'a year or two, a gum which no Brltiali minister would ven tare to demand, l et un hope lhat wo may torn their teaching to good account,aud match them in the elll eleucy, If not in the expenaivedtre of our proceeding*. "Bi'tl. SITO" HI ft V km. OH Tit R ADVANCR tit Oil ut WA**Aft, ANtl ectlflfV OF rOKAOR. (From the tmndun Time*, M irch 27 I e * * e !'p to thle 'linro in no evmptem that tha Cotiftde reive ha-o U (.enough of the Ugh' Our eprcinl c.rree NEW YOI pondeut with tit* army, whoso letter wilt b? read with great Interest, reports thai Ui? oouuiry round Mm""1" waa not only found deaert, Out that the oounlry people had fled It waa therefore not devastated by the trout*, But wiiitugty destroyed by lbo people, who would nut other wiao have gone off with iho aoldiara, but tov*dd heme reetmrvd to wgfoeaM tXe armijrrt of tk*\r tcrvnffr. The Huotli rnora do not racial, but thay retire, and "tho towns are deserted at the enemy'a approach." Wa ahall aoori J aae whoihar thara la any foendation for the sanguine antlclpailona that now prrrail at Now York. The l ine cannot be far distant when the South vnusl either currandcr their cotton and tobacco or burn them If they give up their trope to the invadara, wa may cauctder < that tbey intend to succumb , if they gita them to the t flames, wa Khali have a pledge of aaraaatnaaa which will aeauro ue that the jubilation of tha Fas tern cities ia premature. When th* cotton and tobacco have been burnt the South have nothing mora to fear. All tha worrl c that can happen to them will have bean endured, and that task of conquest which never can be performed 1 well have to be commenced. O neral McCUUan has ' udratW'd but twenty mile* from IViukinyton, and < already we read in our rorres/>onde/it't Irttrr that h* is obliged to tond hi* cavalry back to Waikituiton to obtain 1 food fur their horses. As be passes on he will havs to 1 make railways to koap up his communications, and line ' them with troops to prevent their being destroyed. The North does well to stake tha success of ilia war upon the events of tha next thirty days. The piuch which tha S utli must havs expected when they com- I menced this enterprise has now eoine. They hare I shown considerable active courage; it is now to be i seen whether they have the passive endurance no | cessary to achieve freedom. It is not for us. looking < uu from a safe distance, to speak scornfully of men who i cannot bring themselves to cousutne their homea and i their property, to devastate their country, to send away their wurnen and children, and to fall back lighting before an advancing enemy, who is armed with all the superior machinery of modern warfare. We do not say ] that under the pressure that, is now coming upon the ; whito men of the South, submission would be the act of coward and craven boasters; but we do say that men wbo have determined to achieve freedom have alwaya , had to look these sacrifices in the face, and that men wbo are not able to endure all this, and more, should not er put their bands to'an insurrection. [London (March 27-) correspondence of the Manchester Unardian.J The action between the Morrimao and Monitor usurps the lion's share of attention. The subject naturally excites intense interest among naval uion as the first emuli.umint /if In.ii nlil.l U.llu. In 1 ...... 1 I,... i< v..Vuran>? p.i?u >uip 1U 1 ?< ?l?l. ? "l?, aid thut, though the evidence aflWded by the eueounter Is conclusive in favor of the mode ol rig, or rutlicr no rig. applied to those iron shelled turtles. wore invulnerability the only desideratum, yet tbat noil her the Men imuc nor the Monitor, in all probability, will be round adapted for anything but harbor service In a heavy esa way the opinion of Bailors bore so? ins to be thai botb must infallibly go down. The Atlantic Telegraph. IllOm V INTERESTING MEETING OK 1X3 PROMOTERS IN LONDON?CONVERSATION BETWEEN TDK CHIEF CITIES OF HIE OLD W 0KLD? IMPORTANT LETTER FROM TUB UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT? THE NEW CABLE. Mr. Cyrus\V. Field has returned home in tho Asia. His mission to Kurope, as is well known, bad reference to tbo resuscitation of tho Atlantic telegraph. We undeihtatul that Mr. Field, after having been in intimate communication with many of the leading men of Fngland, including not only the members of the present government. but prominent men of all parties, and having also bad interviews with some influential parlies in Pane, draws the most favorable conclusions for the ultimate success of the enterprise, and is satislled that it is in a fair way for early solution. The confidence of Messrs. Glass, hlliott & Co., the well Known contractors, la exemplified in the following letter to the Secretary of tno Atlantic Telegra; h Company:? London, March 18,1842. Pkar Air?VTe have to acknowledge the receipt of youraof thoUtb nisunt, on the subject of laying anubmarine telegraph eable between Ireland and America. We should be willing to undertake this Important work, and would contract to manufacture and lay an efficient cable of the kind stated by Mr. Varley, to be capable of working, at the least, twelve words a minute, between Ireland and Newtouiidland. We will agree that tin case ol' failure the cost price only of ibe manufacture uf said raids ,and lay lug aball tie paid to us. We further agree that even In the ease of success, our profit shall be payable in shares of the company, such shares to I e made deliverable to us in equal monthly portions, at the end of each successive mouth whereat the cable shall be found In good working order, the whole payment of profit to be completed at the end ef twelve mouths from the opening of the line. In case any difference should ense as to the actual cost of such cable, we engage to provide in the agreement with the AtUntio| Company such machinery es shall enable the same to be a?:ertained to thsir satisfaction, cither by arbitmlion or otherwise. We remain, dear sir, yours, faithfully, Q1.ASS, ELLIOTT A CO. On the evening of the 20th a coamj tawiM on the subject of uniting America and England by means of a tele graph between Ireland and; Newfoundland took place at the resident# of Mr. Samueltiurney, M. P. A numerous attendance vilified to the interest with which the queslioik ! VAffEMAll in twrlitutwl O/1 Ml masulnl and saiant (M? circlet, unit amongst the company were the Karl of Shaftesbury, 8lr Emerson Tennent, Mr. Adam*. United States Miniater; the Duke of Somerset, the Right lion. Stuart Wortley (chairman of the Atlantic Company), Mr. Cyme W. Field, Dr. Mcllvaine, Bishop of Ohio; Professor Wbeau tune, and a large number of members of Parliament and other eminent men. A telegraphic communication having been completed in the aaloon with the principal cities of the Contiuent, messages were interchanged with Tonningen, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Parie, Berlin, Turin and Odessa, literally with lightning speed. An inquiry addressed by Lord Shaftesbury to St. Petersburg, w ith regard to the health of the Fuipcror of the Kussiaa, was responded to and the nuswer read off to the audience in the Lrirf tpact oj eight iiiimUtt. The correspondence continued for eeveral iiuurs, and during its progress the company ware addressed on iho importance of opening the proposed communication wuh America and the prospects of lie successful accomplishment. Speeches were made upon the subject by TTon. James .Stuart Wortley, Mr. Field, Mr. Varley and others, in resitonse to an inquiry Mr. Wortley stated ' that a most remarkable overture had been tuado to her Majesty 's got ernmeut by the President of ' il.e United States, who had requested their co-opvral ion assistant e and encouragement in laying down the cable. 1 (lxuid applause.) That overture was still before her Parity's government: he was. therefore, not at liberty I to enter into any details, lint he saw no reason why the despatch fiotn Mr. Seward to Mr. Adams, the Initod ' States Minister in this country, directing him to muke (ho overture, should not he laid before the public. In ' <? despiieh in questIm Mr. Ssward uses tilefollowing ' language:? You may say to Earl Russell thai the President mo > tali.a the moat I < d viewu of the great enterprise in question, and would Or happy 10 co-operate with the British governunC lu securing its successful execution; and such arrange- 1 menta as would sn?tea to tMk aettsae rsopneal bean- < tits hum tin use <>f the telegra) b, not only in times of p ace I. i even in times of war, if contrary to luirdsstre and < > p.- - ( lation and to Hie rr< at rietrim<-nt,<jf both nation", war shut.Id evil arme between them. Mr. Adams, Minister from the United States, entirely reciprocated the spirit iti which Mr. Wortley had ;>okcn The proposed te'eg: aphic communication was , interesting to both England and America; but for many raioiui it was obviously proper that (ireut Britain should take the initiative. All that he was then authorized t<> say op tbe part of his government was that, hav ing the greatest i oiilidenre in ilie judgment and integrity of the union g> vcrnmriil. aim i>?ing fUUIIod that lliey would not ague to any plan without consideration, the Cintcd F' i'ea government were ready to co-operate w ith them In any manner limy might determine to adopt. (Much applause.) All the spoukere wore most hopeful in their remark?, ind a very general conviction was expressed tliat the Hriush goveiLiuent would come forward in aid or the enterprise. ma tntw cannr The following is the description of the rable jurt submitted by Messrs. <Jtare, K1 lint At Co., on the one they would propose to lay Ihe electrical conductor is composed of seven t'oppir wires ca< h one sixteenth of an inch in diameter, and laid into a -Irand rendered perfoctly solid by thn S'X outer wire* being imbedded ill iha'.terlon'c compound upon the centre wire. The conduclur neighs lire hundred and ten Jivunde per nautical mile, and is calculated to transmit, nuder the old system of working, twenty-two letters, equal to fottr and a half words, per minute, hut is certified by Mr. C. K. Verlcy to i - capable of bp ug worked, by means of reta nt improvements, at the rate of sixty letters,or twelve words, rer Dnniite between Ireland and Newfoundland. The conductor Is insulated by eight coatinga, Tonr of ihe pcr<st gutta pereha, undfoarof Chattorton'scom[i< nd. laid on in alternate layers,forming tojrether a thickness of three sixteenths of an inch from the cntrc, the axtei ual diameter of the whole core being sixteenths of an iuoh, wnglnng, with couduotcr, ore shouf.ird and sixty pounds per nautical n ile. It la propoeed to da away with the tarr'd hemp hitherto surrounding t< lograph con e, and is a protection to the cere to ui e strands, conMittBjr ea h of ffcree heat charcoal iron wires, I ..go 0.5.1, each strand bouig ssparately covered With C hatter ton's compound and gutta perchu to pruvent da ay Ihiao coated -trends, thirtacu in nuinber, am then lu d srouud thn core pplrully by thu usual mathinery, and the finished eeble passes out of the covering machine tanks filled water, thero to wait till the wbolfl 1 is ready fot ahiiuncnt. Water tank? wilt ~i-? ? prov d<Hl on board whip ao thai from the v*ry Infancy of , th* c?olo to its float submersion, it mil -bo contiaucutly , very moment un.i*r teats of the most certain ami del , cat* description I Urcat Britain. In tbo flour* of commons uo ibo Ulthof Mar. t. fcfir O. (Jr.'y stated that it wan very < if lord I'almerrtnn would b?able to attaint In Ida placo on th* following veuuig nd r*<(U??Ud Sir (I Itowyer to postpone hi* mo \ lion reaped to It* a tutu of affair* in Italy. t Sir <1 Bowyer agreed to do to;" but a*kcd If it w?s true ' tb it a reward win oflbrod for the henda of brigands taken dead or aliva, ami that pera. ns receiving ihom war# to bo immediately ihot, whilst nil untenanted Iniuaca and cottagea were ordered to be union e l. Ho t al- o nomplauiod llmt tho country people wore dealt with moat. ueyoroly on more suspicion. Ho Wished to know if I tlio (i vernment laid receded information of ihoao facn, and would remonatrnte with tlio Italian |uvcrunicrt Mi t. vaanaaul that hci Majesty's guva .uiic t wna l not responsible for article-, in lullan newsprpers, or fur ' proclamntieiia which might or might not have tircn n i ana.) With reaped to tlio fact* alluded to by tlio bono ral !e baronet, lie believed lie hail e< me uuormulinn. He believed that a draft 01 a pre r a ma lb n had bCun drawn by ?n otllccr nam* i I brln, who won not in the service el the gov*rnm< tint it tiad never boen printed. Umv the henorablo m*n*h?r got hind of it lie could nut ray, but hi* .pie-luui was 01 n which hail been better ] i. md in the freo Parliament of Turin than In the Pngl h Hoiiae of Common* i The adjourned debate, or gcing into committee on Mr. Walpolo a |*|?I .tiona in oppoeltlon to tl.u levnc.l code of dm Alien, wna resumed. and artev a gem nil <11 cnation of iheeubject, hi which aome. |i|-.*it*in wna ah .wn to tbe government plan, iti? llu .to resolved itee I into com nii ieo, but on y forn ally, fin tin* Shi Ik i March the rc. ceiling" In belli ITm-trs of parliament \v re . f merely local ini. ieat. Mr. I owo auuinin. o.l in tbo t um.iicna, on behalf of the I , t IK HERALD, SATURDAY, government, that they had torn* to tta eoneteeien 10 take ?orlain ouMeaaiuoa in regard to tta new edeeattoaal code to order to bring tta controversy to a settlement. Mr. Wei pole end Mr. IVIereoti expressed their eelieleflUou at tta announcement. ft wee suggested the! the Lord Meyer of I/mdon should cull e meeting to consider tta terms ol an address of lhank* to Mr. I'eatady, for bia munlticont gift for tta poor of London.' Tta government tad determ.ned to appoint a royal commission to inquire into tta present ilele of tta volunteer force. Lord Paimereton tad ao far recovered from hie at late )f gout ae to be present at a Cabinet council on tta Hath dtlmo. France. The Tank of rraiioe.on tta 27tbcf March ultimo, relured its rate of diacount from 4 to 3X per cent. Tbe Marquis da Lavalctte bad reached Paris from Home, and there were Rome double at to hta returning to Home, owing to the diffoiuucee existing between him and jeueral Go) on. Tha Farm Bourne had been depressed, at one time 'entee being m low aa fl'jf. 44c., but after eome tiuctualiDU tbey dosed en tho libtb ultimo at SUf. 76o. Tbo dourse on Marcb 30 ciered dull: rentes 08f. 05c Italy. The official Turin Oattttr pubiwtaa a decree ordering ;bo amalgamation of tbe southern army with tbe regular iroope. The report dwells on tbe net essity of removing i dangerous dualism m tbe national for es. but stales that ao sucb amalgamation will take place in future. In :ase of war tbe government will not deprive itself of tta tta (stance of volunteers, who will, however, be disband?d when taeilinks have terminated. Germany. Tlie petty eoverelgns of Germany were profit ing by the Prussian reactionary movement. Ttagovernment of tbe [fraud Duchy of Hesse Darmstadt sent a squadron of police agents to disperse tbe assembly of tiie National Verein Tbe members, however, to the number of 3,000 or 4,000, assembled clandestinely oil the Bavarian frontier, and passed resolutions manifesting sympathy for ilio party of progress in l'ruasia, and protesting agumgitiie violation of the right of meeting. The declaration made by the representative of Electoral TTotKe in the l-'rderal Diet at Frankfort, on tbe 27tb. expressed tho wtlrli of the Elector that tbe Federal Diet should ful111 its duty. The electoral government maintains that the proposition of Prussin and Austria.does not slate distinctly whether, when the esUtos are spoken of, tbe First Chamber is meant; also, whether the expression '-constitutional way," used in the Austro-l'rubsiun note alludes to the electoral law of 1831 or that of 1840; and whether the institutions ol' Electoral Hesse are to be suppressed as at vartanco with the fedoral constitutlcu, or are to diBuppcur before or alter the electoral government shall have come to an understanding with tta country llie conversion of the Prussian louw bail not been 10 reived favorably in financial circles. It is feared that this measure will become an euibur racHmem (ogoveinw< nt. Greece. lntc advice* from Athens give a report that itio Ring had signed an amnesty to llie insurgents at N'aupliu. Arrests nevertheless continued to be made. Intelligence from Syria confirms llie news thai Kauplia bad surrendered . Those insurgent chiefs who had uot received I ho benefit of the amnesty had lied. Atukns, March 26,1 *62. Kumeroue arrest* continue, and agitation prevail*. Russia. St. Psr-usm ho. March 30,1802. General Patkuf, Chief Minister of 1'olice, retires on account of illness. General Armenkofi'succeeds him. llie Committee of Examination on the project rehypothecating the banks, report that government shall not be connected w ith it. Turkey. A serious engagement had taken placo at Hojnska between 4,000 Bashi Bazouks and 9,000 insurgents. The losses were heavy on hoth aides, and the insurgents withdrow to the mountains. The Turks were defeated by the Montenegrin* at Tranltza. The financial report of the Grand Vizier had been published with excellent effect at Constantinople. Vely Pasha, the Turkish Ambassador at Per is, had been recalled, and Mehemet lijemil Pasha appointed in hi* stead. India. Private telegram* from Calcutta to March 12 report freight* low*r. At Bombay, on th* same day, freight* were also reported 2s. Od. lower. Cotton had advanced Id. per pound. Shirtings w*r* cheaper.. Th* Calcutta and China mails arrived at Marseilles on the 28th, but would not reach England in season to he forwarded to America by the Asia. Commercial Intelligence. THB LONDON MONBY MARKET. [From the Manchester Guardian (City Article) March 29.] The English stock market has been generally steady to-day?a alight relapse Which occurred at one time having proved only temporary. Console for money opened at yesterday s price, 93V t* 93, and returned to that point alter having touched 93%. For the 10th of April, the last, bargains were at 93% to 04. Altnough the preparations were made to-day for the payments on the lest days of the quarter, the demand for discount at the Bank of England was very moderate. In the Stock Exchange the rate for advances remains et 2 per cent. Foreign stocks have been rather inactive, hut closed steadily. Mexican, 31% to 34%. In the railway market the principal operations have been in connection witn too settlement. ami tne general biiPinena ha.s been limited. Prices, bow-ever, were rairly maintained. About ?.'10,000 in gold was bought by the bank to day. i A further large quantity of applications for the Turk eh loan wax f-cut in to Messrs. Clyn At Co. before the closing or the lists this (*ith> arternoon. winch took place 1 at two o'clock. It is believed that the toui exceeds ?36. INK),000, oa which five per cent deposit has been paid, , while the amount of stock to he ullotted is only ?8.1X10, QUO. The quotation of the scrip to-day has ranged be- j tween 21,' and 2^, and the final price was 2,', to 21? premium. A new Peruvian four and a l.aif per cent loan at about 92. is rc|Kirtcd ss likely to tie brought forward. Console, money, 93 a Ull'i : eoueola, account, S3Ji; console, new threes,92', a 92 ?, bank stock, 238 a 240. ex. homer bills, large 1? a 20 premium Tim retrun from the UaDk of Kugland for the week ending the 26th of March, gives the following results when compared with tho previous work:? Rent ?3.667,817 Increase.. ?2,273 Public deposits 8.411,275 Increase.. 401,581 ] Other deposits 13.164.258 Decrease.. 186 670 On the other side of the account:? 1 Government securities .?10,896.242 Increase. ?178,989 1 Other securities 18,244,965 Increase. 106,137 Notes unemployed 10,343.250 Decrease.. 108,185 The amount of notes ,n cirt uiati?n in ?20,190,830, being an increase of ?326.680, and tho stock of bullion in both , departments U ?16,812,798, showing au increase of ?264,212 w hen compared with tlis preceding return. I The amount of gold known to be on the way from Australia to this country is ?564.000. < onsola cl'.red,ufier oflli ial hours at 93*4 to 93Je'. Mar. 1 kete dull, ?mut ire and Mease ami Creat Luxembourg ( advanced. MKSBHP. RICllAllTNON. 8PENCK AND CO.'B C1E< PLAR. I.ivrki-ooi., March 28,1862. Cotton.?The demand hat been very limited this w eek, hut holder* have heen (Inn, and prices of middling and the lower grades have advanced '.id per pouud, the bat tor kinds of American ai d all other deecriptu ns of cotinn being entirely w ithout change. The quotation* are:? Middling Orleans, 12Sd. per pound. Mobile, 12',d. up lands, 12',d. In VajifeheKter tbire has been \ ery little ilolug. but genera'Iv ggh-es are well supported. 1 Hue tnmiMTS.?The trade has 'lifting the past week been much depressed, and prices of all article* ha?e dedined materially. On Tu**day wheal mot a limned aale, tt a decline of 21. per cental. Flour neglei ted and normDal aome large xalei of damaged at imetion, supplying I he baker*, al low prices. Indian corn dull, uud 3d.'per 1 ir lower. To day s market was alinoet a black in tales. Wheat, in absence ol transactions, was nominal .n value, no business being done, although holders would J Mve submitted to a considerable reduction In prices > flour receded Is. per bbl., without leading to sales. In ( lian corn furiher declined 6d. to tld. per qr., mixed ueing offered at 28*. per nr. We quote wheat:?Had West- 1 ?rn, 10*. 4d. to 10* ?d. for < hicngo 10*. 6<l. to 11*. fr.r Milwaukee ai d amlier lows, Us. 2d. to lis. 4d for win lor. Southern, lie. CU to 11c. Vd.; w hite Wmtcru. 12s Southern, 12*. ?d. to 12s fid. per 100 pounds. Flour? Extra state, from 2*s. to 2.Is. fid.; extra Ohio, 20*. to 28* :*r 106pound* In liancorn?Mixed, 2bs? ycllow,2&8 6d white, aits, to #f<? per 480 pounds. g Bats is unaltered in pi ice, with a f^ir demand. Fork j riore nquired for, rales reaching 1 <>00 hbls , at previous rates, llncon o|iened with a good demand, at full prices. Hi t tho tone is quiet at the close m anticipation of large trrival*. Hams sell readily at full price*. Cheese, with i small stock, brings extreme rates, lard met a good lemand in tho *ai ly part of tho work. at steady prices, Hut closes with n quieter feeling The sales are about >00 tons tt 44s. a 45s. for good to choice quality. Tallow less inquired for and easier in price Mor'b tmericau may be quoted fiom 4ile. to 46* according to luality. Quercitron Bark?Nothing doing Kosin in bet;er request; about 2.000 bbl*. common told at 12*. 9d to 13*. fid. per uwt , closing firm. Feeds?Holder* ot clovera ed have further given way m price, and about 1,000 IRgrl DA TV AmCIICKU I <! DUV* CfCtl rOltl, Cll Oily at ilBC 1. r cwt Timothy rceil freely offered nl. 3oe witbci.1 ittilmg buyer). No tluxneud offering IUYRK MAHKKT. Corto.v.?ffnl?* of the week 1MKM) hale* Or learn tree nr ilnaire nl lf>7f. The market in firm but irregular, iTltli n light advance The total neck iu port atnuuntn to 7t),0P?) m',?? TUB I ATE8T MAItKFTff. Iawior, March .10,1H62. ' Conaol* closed on Saturday on meg at a 'I8S for ] noney. ' American atocke.?Tito latent aMr* tvere:?Krle Rail 'op11 3.1 % a 34; Illinois Central 44 ft 43){ die. J.ivhrpool, March P.0,1862. ' The aalcn of oetton yen'erilny worn 2.500 balm, the 1 narket cl< ning Arm at am hanged quotation* Thendricva from America had no perceptible effect upon the } market. The brondiduffli market wan very dti'l. 'I ho provision market (uloit quiet r.uit ilottdy Arrivals ami Dojih > tuct. A trttl V A W. I.iTrufooi - ,>'ip*rr?hl|> A?la ?tjonn' f> ('apt Da It ma Virus Vf Hild, 't f Morgiui mi i- rr.. a Mrs K L) K N r o .liiwi r.h Mles''R Hoialnrorth, ' e I' l/e vuh I o r, el. In lot nurse; Miss t;aM arum rout. Kr . I . n K D./.i-i, JM A .) m x an.I enm1, Mi'l Jrii", ?1 v Norrtlii Imer in 11 .i. v re 8 jd'lterrt, Vine O ArnmO'tn. ' M Jmiiglm,?11 Mm Will cn, It .1 S.hitli'AoiIti, Kilivn nam(thus Kirk pi t- n k, (.leorg* Vnniie.'h, (lee tiurr, It t. imaiui II n ry I) "!. (leoi'go III. him n \\ m I. in, IMwanl Lntu er, lvl\\aril Muiphv, I' Itar, A Rev, ft A Slrni", ll I'Jos p, A'nure. A Ms or in. P. irar l i?lr.?|v.til. k. '!r1V?|I ?, \ \( ilnsi. r, V H Ko ill, R.lsha .V \ Aimlit, .1 It hit e, U Liitieroliii.J U Joi n ota kr a .1 .1 . .. at Firm hay, WT nrtbv. ? h ' ' *. Nta* M (.uirmunn, II <u n e K aril, t,!.*tnii M.ivtr Wh maker. APRIL 12, 1862.?TRIPLE! FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, April 11? P. M. This hae been a very doll day. Merchants My ? that nothing is doing in general merchandise. Everybody in waiting to aaeertain the result of the Union victory at Pittsburg Landing, and the iasue 0 >f the content on the pcninaola in Virginia. There j ? no paper making, and nnch names aa were p {noted a week ago at seven per cent are 8 low wanted at Bin. Bankers' abort acceptances * ironid pans readily at 5. The expansion of car- c ency by the interior banks and by the govern- Jjj nent of the United States is producing its natural f sffect upon the money market. Call loans are c {uoted 6 per cent everywhere to-day. Certificates ? >f indebtedness arc panted at the brokers' at 97%. _ 5ix per cent Treasury notes are in demand at * .00%. Seven-thirties cannot be bought below ft inr. These are the first indications of the general b ixpansion which is gradually going on, and which, b lotwithstaudihg the present period of dulncss and ruspense, must lead eventually to au appreciation )f values, unless the Aindaniental principles of poitieal economy are erroneous. Foreign exchange fell offto-day, contrary to expectation among bankers and brokers. Bankers' 1 oills on London sold at 112%, and the closing quo- , tation was 112% a %. Francs were quoted 6.02% 15.01%. Mercantile bills continue very scarce. Sold was in better demand to day, and sold largely at the first board at 101%. The stock market continued this morning to ex[jibit

a lifeless appearance, the only feature being a moderate increase of the short interest by soiuo of llic bear?. There wm no such ottering of cash < stock as on yesterday aud day before. Hut in so , (lull a market as the one wc bad to-day a very i moderate offering on sellers' option suffices to put , prices down. Accordingly we have to report, at the first board, a decline of % in Missouri*, % in ] Tennessee*, % in Michigan Central, % in Pacific i Mail, Erie preferred and Rock Island, 3* in Central, 1 Erie aud Illinois Central, and % > ' guaranteed i Calena and Toledo. After the board the , market was steady at the decline. At the second board the market was rather lower and closed inactive, the follow, ing being the last quotations:- United States G's, registered, 1681, 93% a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 93% a %; do. 6's, lb74, 86% a87; Indiana 5's, 75 a 78%; Tennessee c'b, 55 a %; North Carolina 6's, 65% ad6; Missouri 6's, 49% a %; Pacific Mail, 100% a%;New York Central, 82% a %; Erie, 36%a%; do. preferred, 60% a %; Hudson River, 36% a %; Harlem, 12 a %; do. preferred, 30% a 31%; Reading, 42% a 43; Michigan Central, 54% a 66; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 22% a 23%; ' do. guaranteed. 46% a %; Panama, 121% a 122; Illinois Centra), 61% a %; Catena and Chicago, 67% a 68; Cleveland and Toledo, 45% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, 64% a %; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 62 a %; Milwaukee and Prairie du Cbicn, 26 a %; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincin. nati, 113 a 115; New York Central 7'a, 1876, 102 a 103; Erie third mortgage bands, 92 a 93; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 99% a %; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 88%a89%; gold, 101% a 102. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer were as follows:? Receipts $1.300.069 87 ?For customs 174,000 00 Payments 1,110.505 45 Balance 6,174,170 68 The March earnings of the Hudson River Railroad were as follows:? 1862 $308,663 1861 167,556 Increase $141,403 Six months. 1860. 1861. vnniuer 9ivo.l<ou IiO,?iv November 100,MS 107.761 December 220,370 246,284 .January 223.167 307,330 February 206.342 281,008 March 167,669 308.063 i Total 11.170.929 1.616,167 ? 1,179,929 InrreflM $336,237 The Cleve^nd, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad earned in February f 112,00*?, against 167,610 i n February, 1801. The business at the United States Mint at Philadelphia for the month of March was as follows:? PxtfU Value. i Gold 97 164 $171,317 silver 406,200 00,260 Copper 1,100,000 11.600 Total 1,602,864 $282,577 The earnings of the Galena and Chicago Railroad for March were:? 186 1 $101,000 1862 76,166 Decrease $26,466 The earnings of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad for the same month were:? 186 1 $76,275 186 2 71,604 rWvAAtA ?'> ATI The February earnings of the Cleveland, Colunr bus and C'ncinnati road were 1112,606, againrt 167.610 same month last year. The Shipping aud Commercial Litt furnishes he following statement of the exports of breaditufl's from the United States to Great Britain and Ireland since the 1st of September, 1861:? flour, t/ial, Wheat, Corn, bll l. bb's. hush bush. S'ew York 1,063,236 612 10,107.003 8,3fl7,34R 'liiladclj tna... 246 ,601 406 1,047,055 290,014 Baltimore...... 29231 ? 230,341 183.059 lopton 209.918 ? 58,424 63,899 Klier ports.... 50,790 ? 1,443,981 ? "oUl, 1801-62 1,697,782 1 218 13,492,894 8,894.820 1800-61.1,630,583 3.019 16,042,829 6,638,184 Tncresre ? ? ? 3,356,636 I'tcrsnse 32.801 1,801 1,649 934 ? Ma), 1869-60 . 208,235 22 640,013 122.946 1868-69 . 82.763 20 445,570 305,797 Flour, Wheat, Cum, Kyr, "o the Centime,t. bblr. husk. hu-h. bush. few York ... 563.926 C.883,386 262.464 1,042.240 Hirer ports.... 17,655 90,729 19,483 31,992 ot*l,1861-62.. 671,481 6 980,115 271,R87 1,074,232 1860-61 39,812 771188 43,716 350 1869-60.. 33,149 6,739 14,436 ? 1868-59 . 44,252 47,278 26,518 _ Stock Exchange. Friday, April 11, 1862 300011 SOY 81 re j. 93 '4 625 she ?rl?i ).H 3??4 1000 USfl f, 81 con. 93X 10 il* 36*, 6C0U866, 81,Orwlj 94', 300 do . . sl5 3o'4 '< 1000 Term 6's, '90 .. 66?* 60 do *20 36*4 " 1000 do 66 H 160 do... slO 86 \ 1000 do.. ... 55 V 300 Erie KB, pref ... 60 6000 \ irgiumO I 67>4 50 do *30 Hi?, 5000 (lenrgla 6 s ., 75 250 do... ..*69 60', 16000 Missouri 6 8.. . 4 >4 100 do bid OOV "000 do 1)4 49X 3^1 B A N 1 g stlc.. 46 .HtOO do. .. 860 4DH 150 dc 46,', 6000 Co 1)60 49 V 20 TTudson RWer RR 36 MOO do.. . MO 4974 100 Mcto Cent RR.. , 66>? r no do ... rCO 49*4 60 do . 56;, (1000 do 49'4 100 do 66 0000 do. *60 49', 100 do ... MO 56'4 600 f)hio6's, w?i 1. 9 X 60 do... 64J, 2000 Mich f 8pob,old 97 >4 10 M 8 A N I RR 23 2000 Mich So 2d m.. 74)4 450 111 Cent RR sci ip 61j* 1000 Mil h Ho?f b' 92 300 do *60 61 1000 lit < *n RU bs.X 89 50 do.... *40 61 1000 Chi A N W latin 46 60 do ...MO 6l*f f' 1000 MC Hpclnufeb 99.H 350 do 61', tr rnun r.dt.a 4.l>n Irfvit ftn -lftfk r lAtrJbiMi Di? Din If MOW AmcrROld hlO 101*< 13Gslcna AC lit RR 68 MOW do 101 Ji 14 mo.... (18 " 16)00 do 1.30 101 7< 100 do, fll'i b 1000(1 do >00 101'; 800 ClOTO Ac To! 1 ,1 451/ a 10 Ml llnolc of Com 80 200 do. I..10 451^ 10 20 Cast RIt?p Rnnk 86 260 <lo I>30 4614 * 128 I'no Mail SS < 0 10O 100 do , K10 451 ? 100 *30 ou i, 300 Chi AH Island KK 65 60 <Jo.. . 108 134 Mil A I'rart 11C RR 2fi? * 1100 NY Cent HI v.!', 40 MA IT d till 21)1 r 67 " '00 <lo ?60 82 60 do . b;(0 67 u ?' I'd do 8fM 100 Chi, Bur A t,uI UH ?3 "V.O'D HOARD. * |27C' 0 I'N6>,'3'l,r*g 20 xl.K l i nn ( <>?)( o 80 1 :0 L'H hi, 1 yr.Tf 07', 28 PaciOc MaI WJ Co ItO f 6*4)0 I'H O'R,'74, CPU 87 100 ?lo 610 100 Toco N Carolina 0'8 fld loo do ?:h> 100 " 6)'l OTcnnO'8,"0*10 6;>.'< 60 ?> lOO'l lO'iOO do 1)20 libyi 60 t rie MR ... ,alO * l{o"0 do 66'.; lco ,'0 flu)" V .' 00 do adO 65 100 Hudson [liter Kit CO1. . ton") Ml6fr.irl 6 s. 4 )', too Mich3*Nto Kl' 2:( ,1 6' .ci) do.., ... 4" I' d III Con RR acrlp. 01'; I'J' CO do..,. fCO 4!) 10 llnltlia A Chi UK. 0.4 ! -?)"?? Cftllfi.rtu* 7 8 . 80 200 CI.'T .V Toledo RR 4; ( I ) A1.1 n Id . 'i Ml " 1) do c (i 4<, 6 HMO I .. .... I 10 III! led Mil A I I'ill) I'D IK ?0 f . o do Wl l"'.: . h,d , i)li? A1 'i.iH ( 4 '. i > 0 <1- hie iu> SHEET. CITT COMMERCIAL HKPOKT. Kumar, April II? P. If. iMA-lkt UJktl ?ii quiat Mid prkes war. an banged Tb* **! * war* IiiuiumI M $6 50 for puaria Mil >1 it OUii 'w P?ta. saunet'oe.?Klour?Tli* market for *?n n and lato flour waa heavy and lower, nod tioeed at a d*cliuA I' 6?. a lOo. por bbl. The transactions fuoUd up about ,000 bbli., closing wlllim IL* following rang* of riooe:? uperftn* Slat* $4 00 a A OA .'lira Rai* A 10 a 0 it o par (Id# WoMrg 4 OA a A OA oniinou to ebolc* rxti a W**l*rn A 10 a A 30 fenadian 6 10 a 6 50 duthern mixed to good impel lite 6 30 a 0 00 ?xlra do 6 05 a 7 00 lood to choic* lamily do 7 00 a 7 7ft ty* flour 3 10 a 4 "6 j 'orn meal, Jersey and Brandy wido 2 AO a 3 16 -Canadian flour wax alao dull, and the demand light, { i rith sales gf 700 bbla. ut the above prices. Southern j our partook of the general dullneis, with sale* of 700 iblr. at our flgurea. The pofernment contract for 8,000 ible. waa awarded al $6 Mia f 7. Rye flour waa steady l quotations, with salea of 226 t.b'a Corn meal was unhnnped, while ealre embrncod 200 bbla. .Tersoy and ir.indy wine. Wheat wax in fair reipnot, while sales were uite limited. The sales embraced 1,200 a 7,500 iuhbebi red Pennsylvannia at $ 1 So,and 500 ilo. Milwau:eedubat$l 31. Corn waa flriner and in fair demand, '' irith axles of 31,000 bushels at tile, a 62c. for Western , nixed, in store and delivered. Kye was stiff, with a limited supply offering, while sales of 5,500 bu hels were , nude at 80c,. on tlie dock and at 81c. delivered. Barley i ras in light supply a small Sale (400 bushels) waa eported, inferior Slate at 76c. Oat* were in fair demand, with sales of Wee tern mid Canadian al 40t,o. a 4Jc., and ! latent 41c tVutoK.? the market was lirni, with sales of 1,200 (ales. 700 ol which were t-old late yesterday afterno<<n ind 600 to-day, closing on the luih.s ul' 27)ic. a 28c. for Middling uplands. The chief purchase* were made on ipinners' accounts. t'ounr.-A cargo of Rio, consisting of 6,000 bafa,was told at 18c. Kmkiuiitb.?Tol.lvrrpool 600 bbls flour were engaged it Is. 3d., 10,000 bushels of com at 4 VI. in bulk, 20 Ions provisions at 16s., 500 tierces lard and 800 Imixos bacon at 14s. a 16s. TuDndon 1,300 bble. flour nt Is. 9d., ind per steamer 480 boxctt baron at 47s. lid., 26 tierces lard at 47s. tid., and 250 boxes cheese at 05s. it British brig, with 10,000 1 uslicls of grain for Cork and orders, or lo? port in tlin United kingdom, nt 10.!,d., #ud a Hamburg brig, with 16 <>00 bushels, was taken up tor tne same destitution at lid. in b Ik. Hay.?The market was steady, w ith "a!o- for shipment it 70c. a 76c.. and lor city use at 80c. a 85c. Navai. Ptorm were lirin. Common rosin waa held at 67 50 per 310 ilis. 100 bids, strained common do. were sold at $7 20 per 280 lbs. 120 bids, spirits were reported ut $1 17)j. while $ I 20 whs generally asked. loO bbla crude turpentine were sold at SI I " $12. Ptwivtsioxe.?pork?The market was heny and lower, with sales of 4<J0 a oU0bl)lx.,at $12 85), a $13 for now ruos.$12 00 a $13 for Western prime tne- and $10 25 a $10 00 for new prime. tieef wn" llrm, with sales of Ono hbis. ut $12 20 a $13 lor plain mesa and at $14 25 a $14 50 li r extra. Prime mess boef was quiet ut $20. Beef bains were in moderate demand, with stiles of 500 bhls. at $17 00. flit meats were in fair demand but rather easier, with sales of 400 package* at 4) Jc. a4)5c for dry suited shoulders, and'at S'^c. a flc. for hums. Sales of SO tiorcea pickled (UN act 200 On0 Ilis. smoked al 0 v'-,auil 500 hhds. do., were reported ut p. t. Bacon was less artivo. wluie prices were -untamed, w ii b sales of .'00 boxes at C75e. for Western Cumberland, 7)5c. for long clear, and 7*ic. a TJ$c. for short clear. 1-urd was in good demand and prices w ere firmer, with sales of 1,800 packages at 7,'5c. a 8'5c , and 500 kega at 8?,c. Bulter ringed al 18c. a 21c. for good to prime State. There was no Ohio of moment in market. State cheese waa selling ut 7c. a 8c., and Ohio at 6c. a 7c. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC FOR K*W TOR*?THIS DAT. rrx Rl'M 6 lt> I MOON mm morn S M MR 6 35 I nice watch morn ti 22 Port of New York, April 11, 1869. CLEARED. Steamship Etna (Br), Kennedy, Qukenatown ?iul Liverpool?Joint O Dale. Steamship New York (Brent), Weinke, Southampton Mid Bremen?Oelrieh* A Co. Steamship Northern Light, Tinklepaugh, Akpiuw.ll?D B Allen. Ship dodder., Orowell, Ban Francisco?C Comstock. Ship K C Bcrantou, Magna, Liverpool?Lawrence, Giles A Co. Blip Republlk (Brem), Kopke. Bremen?E Unkart. Bin k Snapdragon, Hriurd, Shanghai?Olyphant, Bon A Co Bark Haddington (Br), Browne. London?A A Law, Hroa A Co. Bark Queen of May (Br), Pr./ev, Cork, Ac?Ne.mlth A Rene. Bark AriMt t It, Gardner, Ilarana? Miller A Houghton. Bark Y (.'iiaMitg, Colord, Mala urai?Walsh, Carver A Chaite. Bark Jatr.i t < ook, B'ain hard. M&tan/aa?Walsh, Carver A Chase. B.irk Monej nick, Rmiih, Elizalteth|tor(?B.sselt, Bacon A Co. Brig Attnandale, TUden, Remedloa?Meu-alf A Tlttnettn. Brig Lucy Darling (Br), fionper, Nar au?Jos Eneas. Brig Bl Vincent, O.nlon, 8( Johns, NF?B F Small. RehrMedad Platl, Kettyon, (Juaiialonpe?Sinitii, Jones A I'o. Bohr Nautilus. Tiney, Point Pet re ~B P Sherman. S. br Empire (Br), Due, Bermuda?Met'all A Frith. Sclir Advance (Br), Curry, llalifai?I) R Drwotf. Hchr Volga (Br). Kenned), M John, SB?D it Dewolf. SchrJ ICngloh. Nlckcrson, t\ a- hlnglon?Baker A Dayton. Mi hr l.'uibiilo, W iliac, l'htlailel|iliia?Baker A Dai tun. i-alir Reindeer, Davis, Philadelphia?I W M'Kee. Schr l.ady lilt n,, Philadelphia?Master. Kehi >1 Now ell, I.o\e'I, Philadelphia? Master. Svlir A Lawrence, Stanley, Philadelphia?'Thayet' A Bargent. Helir J F Dougherty. Leeds, Capesille? A C Haven'. Sritr p I Will [aton, Moody, Uin,- it P Buck A Co. Sehr Triton. freeman, Harbor- K r Buck A Co Hclir Sarah, Hidden, He I last?it I. Hah-h. Si lir Anvil, Whainu, Kuatpnrt?J Krye X t o. Srhr Girafle. Richard ami. Pembroke?Maater. S< hr Emblem, Ketlry. Harwich?B D Hurlbut A Co. Sclir Sunnjalde, HnialL Yarmouth?E I) II nil but A to. S' lir Michael. Smith, Nantucket?O L I lab It. Schr.l A sum von. Sletaon, Chatham?W I) Mnnglium, S itr Srt'il Kui'tl. Mr A Inn n, Boat m?11 L Hatch. SehrOcean Wave, Halter, Burton?Maater. Si In Gamaliel, tint ham, linstoii?J W MeKee, S. lir Meksengfr, Doahr, Lynn? E I) Burlbnt A Co. Si hr Angler, Hexae, War ham?K D Hurlbnl A t'o. Srlir Ho ward. Baker. Bonon?S W Lew In A Co. SchrJ M Parier, Iliuihoi*, Hilkli.l?L Kenny. Si lir Gertrude, 11.11, New Haven?K U HurihnbA Co Sloop Certrtide. Freeman, Snow Hill?A C Havcu*. Sloop Wlllartl. Wiluion, Brlatol?L Kenny. Sloop J Colli II, Clark, Bridgeport?J W McKee, Sloop Commerce, Tyler, tlroton. # Sloop W J. Mo .lit, llonotan, tlroton. ARRIYED. Steamthili AaiatBr), Shminoii, Liverpool. March 29, 10 AM, ami yotilialow n IWtli, at 4 I'M, Willi nutve ami AO tiaaiTDli ra, to L Canard. March 311, 8 milca W ot Old Head of kin Hale, I'.iHi'il at-uumbip Canada, Hem Bovtnn for Queenstow u and Liverpool. Steaninhlp St George (Br), Wylie, Glaagow, March 20, via Portland April <1, w itli noire, in S .AlrDonali! A Co. Slcamalop t.lieanpeake, I vowell, Portland, with rarire and paimengi i * to II ii Cromwell A Co. lhlli inat, oil Edgartown, exjierten-' d a bear) ENE gale; rariiod away I'oicyatd md tore Ship tlerir ttle iBr. of St.lohn. NB). Doane, Liven100!! M lava, with indie, to order, lit inat, hid 43 30, Ion 46 131, apnke Ur liark Levanter, 63 data from Ulbialtai lor Yarmouth, NS, tnd aupplled her with bread. Ship tint, o, Norton, CaidtlT, 20 d.tya, w itll coal, to Sittfjti *, 'Irarntan A Co. Mad hea' y gale- and storm* iluce the (th inat. Ship Minnehaha (Br. of l.ondondcrry l, MoOrath, Londonlei ry, '.'6 davw with salt Ac, mid 27 paa?eugt ra, to G A J Knox k Co. Ship Gi l 'eB Eagle (of Kenncbtmk), Symonda, Havre, March 14, In lmllaat, to W II llnerrmitli. 4th mat, during a NW gale, hat ' irctopina-t, main t 'piMllantninrt aud jibboom. March 28. lot 41 32, Ion 44 22. apoke aliip Kolu L l.ane, 1't day* rotn Liverpool for Philadelphia; lat mat, Int 40, Ion do, ?*w team ship laheraoneae, brnoe for Liverpool; fib, otf fire ahfnd, Andrew Neilaou, acainan, tell oveiboard lrout tho nalnyanl and \vn? Inat Bilk I niob (Hr), Smith, Ilonion. NS, 4 day*, witb potaloii, o Ditryrc A flytte Brig Elviia, Clark, Muchina, 65 fconra, witb lumber, to F railed A t o. Ki lir Kl.ifntt, Duriian, Cardemia, March 27, with ?tt,"nr, to MctcalfA Duncan. Vth mat, hJi I'M, doting theanow tot in, vent at)" re on the bc.u'h near the Kim Tree Light, Staten aland; aaagotolT tlna morning without damage hy the aid id ateamt a It I, Mabee. Hi hr I.a.> rince, Tripp, Philadelphia Si hr Webb, Mm kingham, Philadelphia. Srhr S B Howe* Smith Klirahethport for Beaton. Sclir A Cbaae, W'tm n. BlUabethporl for Hoaton. Si hr Cornelia, Markey Kllxalnt lipoid for Kail Itiver, Srhr Charger, Mahaii, Ellrahetli|Mirl for Pall River. Sehr U Barley, Analin, Kliitabalhpnrt for Saw port. Srhr C t ooiw r, Cooper, KHzahethport for Hartford. Mc.hi Col Eddy, Ulant'haril, Stock Ion, 6 day a. During the He gale wot.t ashore on list i ICnud, bill cam#')If tU.a.AM ltlicut damage. Si h Evelyn, Crowley, Addiion, 4 dayf. Sehr A n gel la, Pee, Newhurrport, 3 daya. Si h" Giraffe, Kb batdaon, Manhalianvllle for Pembroke, Slurp Preaident, Morrell, Kll/nbcthport lor Susuilurd. Sloop L'lt i, Smith, Kail Rivef. Steamer J Thmupaon, Cundltf. Balttnwrw, Steamer Vulran. Morrison Philadelphia. So tinier .1 H MoIIIiidii, Klehinan, Trenton. Steamer Weatrheater, Jonea. Provldene Bit ainer 1'etral, Y oung. Provide toe. BELOW e. . .i . . . . I L "ailed. fttcauishlp Northern Light, A*piuv alt. Wmd at auoset N - v filiate llanenua. Bi> Bchr a Canai.??Re.nan VlUaft. April th-Rctir A Canale, on)*ttu for Now Yoik.iamn aehnre at 5 o'clo k till* willing, one roll* koutli of Rhark Hirer Inlet. Cap! Wm II olituna nml hi*crew airail *afc on ihor*. The c*i go conintcl of 30 libd* and SO bote* of ungar, with orange*, Art clonging to the captain. lri*lted the ecbr at J o' ock till a I'm moon found her lull of water. The chances of irtng either ronel or cargo aro rety doubtful. 'The a 0 at hi lit Na?*a" In 18M, SO ton* Ortlleh measurement, ml own* ' by K N .1 Bethel, ot Raman. Of the cf'im, ft hhde lid |3 et augur ami all of the fruit have been la- cd In a da. meed condition. The material* will also bo (tied. Nolo.rt, ,ce on vceeel or cargo. - AMh.n 1 arm* iiei.ire reported ashore near Sqnan, hae no t lo piece*. H nr "Han k'nAm'iseo," from the Rnuth Reaa (ot Notv It >d. ii t, was abandoned al aeaon the let of March, rrew aaved A i uaaaowN nntti I* aahore on the south end of tho Woodmil*. Venal; \V (lesson, I'rfvr, from Hn?ten for Rt Jiieo, was handoned March It, in ui3IN,i,in (ill W. having been <1I?. nr led on IheStli, new taken nil by her Mnjerly's *trnmer )l idem, which trnnsferrert ihimi In the AiiiiaiioiiA, from l.t* i i pool li i' ItiilH1 loir, .in tin- I'JH,, |*t VI N, Ion SA ( Die *hip tiiniil.oil* arrived hrlnw Baltimore Mih > i-r ) V -MR Two* I' Ri:MtiNr.?AilvIron from ?chr Thos C Buntliif*. u foie r. | mini * ink about Inn mil i to the westward of n nl Jiiillllt, am up lo Wednesday auei iioen, at ?lilch lime lintl id lie-n driven front hi i f.nmeri ten by'h -In a. y > lie wind, to within n' lmi run : > < i >1 a mile of 'i 'i it W n ' aiu h, where ?li reuiuilo ' m .li'em f 0 if voir, held i^'ii.i, i r RIip hi- i halt da hole tliruurh ?rt l.l^r, wli' U tn.l 1 ' O t II : *aml ballast. and the VvSMll dow lira with her rail about thro* fori Out of water. onht the heavy wrud continue, It wa* feared ikes the schooner w. ul Uo a?hor? on the beach, wbcre tlM duuM mvi biwt up, there to a heavy arm uu. < ,'aooa n a > *, Kerch >> Put la the brig flrigMd, Duoaan, r,f Monties#. i'iimb Maw York 90 Java; received a great deal jl injury, but the master would uot give the particulars Fatal, Mulch lit?i'ut la 7th, the Frano*. Ellis, from New fork for H> ia'ol, with loss of pars and aalla, end leak* Th? Mary Aiiuaii, Matthew,, I roui Mew York for Bilatol, a lib |p.<t of i-pure and tails, and cargo shifted. The Vlrtoriu, Htiasan,froua Now York for Liverpool, whlrb mil In hare Feb 26 leaky, he, will undergo pintwrary repaira inrt proceed; pare of her . a if" goes on by the Hortanse. Tne Squauxo, Hkallug. fn in New York for Liverpool, widen pm la ueie Jai. 0, with cargo shifted, pumps choke.i, kc, ud di charged hei cargo, la now reio.dlug. The Warbler, H'hirb sustained damage hy collision With Ike Charlotte A ttiaiuler, Burnet, Feb ?i, la discharging. IIavki, March 2d?The Am ship A If I.awrrnre, from Bah [tmore (wuh mineiala and quercitron), in coming In tbla morning. In tow of the Yulvain (a), at the aaioe time that a ik'niwr with four mud llgeiors in tow wsa going out? the t'oli.iin (a) having been romi*Hed to proeeed along the BE |Ua>?ihe A M Lawrrne touched up?u Ilia mud, and remained, notwithstanding the endeavors of tbe Vulcaln and St i.sine ateauicrs to gel ber oil. The A II Lawrence, although upon a hard liattom. Is not In a bad position, and do- not appear in have suffered. I.omio.v March 2d?The Amulral, Allison, from Mew York fur l.uiidiin, sailed from tbc former port Dee Id, and hae not since lue , beard of. The liei os, M h-l,sells, sailed from New York on the 12th Of December lor the United Kingdom, and has uot sins# been heard of. Plymouth, March 2D?The Waverley, Thompson, from Mouluiem fur ijueensiown (teak), was abandoned at eea Jan 9; crew taken oB and landed at Table Bay Feb d by the Minnehaha. The Amfr|i-?n ship A ft Stevene, from Moulmeln for Que--u*louu I teak), gul on -I ore Feb 7, in a fog, off Kohben l-land. while slandiiir In for T 1 V Bar for repaint and bew?inc a total wreck. Wieck and O-irgo sold for13,600. Qc?k.nstow?, March 29? fhe Ainerteau bark Han Franeiero, from the H utb Seas and St. Helena (oil) for New Bedfnid, mas abandoned March 1; cretv taken off by the Peter, S ii w giaii bark, arrived here from NYork, from which tho laptaln, chiei and fourth mate, and puaaengera were transient d mi tie 7m to the James, from Santiago for ilalifaj. l'tic remainder landed liera by the Polar. 3Uth?The ship i.lazie Hire, of S o-kt m, from Baltimore for Bordeaux, has arriv id here, leaky and with the mainmast gone. A letter from Copt Sherman, of achr Dolphin, of Md from New Bedford, dated Havana, April 2, autre'that he bad 21 ilav s |>.<stuge, with very bad weather?had two heavy galea Iron KtV, in width laid al anchor #X days on the niekA, parted big chain and lostauchor?Mtv, ral vowels lost anchors. tea s generally hart long passages, from 29 to 40 days. ('apt Sherman alao aiutea thatle was on board tho I' H guuboat Santiiigo on tho lat Inst, and the captain told him that ha spoke, ii week previous, the sclil /. Se.cor, Huge, 2H days from . New Bed font for Fort Pickens, with w ood, having loat deck load and bout in again. Notice to Mariner*. N-iM.e |s hereby given iliat the Nantucket South Shoal Lightv easel lias an lved In II. unnla from Mew York, and new UI-mi, , - HII III'II. -I I III . -III- "111 UV. ' ysw^w "'M h' i' Kmiion iin hih)ii a . the weaker mil permit. By order of tic Lighthouse Board. E A LONG, Clerk to Llgh-bo'tse Inspector 2d dl*L Boston, A|tiJ 10, 186:'. Spokeu, Ac. ship Mrrv T. Sntlon, Siiirer, hence for San FiuneJieo, no na r, lat 18 N. Ship Wlaard, 1)> arboru, lieuce lor Acapulco, Feb 20, lat 07 miu s. Ion 3> a;,. Ship Lincoln, Mason, from Boston for Liverpool, March )A, lal 50 40, Ion i!0 12. Brie Ell/.a Jane (Am), from Boston, Mar h 21. '.at 50, Ion M, Brig Kentucky, Carver, from .Maian/as lor Portland, April 9, about 10 miles E of Cape ( od. Forrlffn Porta. Antwerp, Match 28?Ait In the river, Oraee Barrett, Mitchell, Callno. Hid Rales, Va'ali ill, Ouehec. Bristol (I'ill), Mar h 27?An <1 (lent, Tarry, NYork. Bhiouton, March 2c? Oil. the "Eastwood 1 (American ship), for Amsterdam. . Barcelona. Mnrii 11?Sid Rylphlde, Henderson. NYork. KaanApos, Feb 28? Arr brigs A i Inn tie, Black, NYork (and aid Murehl for Trinidad): Man h 7, Scotland, Fianals, do (and sld 12lh for Porto R o): 8tli. baric. Reindeer, Welllngton, do and sld 12th lor l'orto Rico). 12th, briAS Madeira, Morton, l'hlledelphia; ISth, Iunisfatl, Mclntoeb, do. Bid 6lb. adir Angela, late, Newhnryport. In pot t lltli, brig Shibboleth, Morton, from Boaton art 9tb, ding; schr R B Stimner, Turner, from Newbury port art 8th, tllag. Oroorh avkr, March 25? Put In, bark Flying Cloud, Elrwan, from Pamiba. C'Rnirr. Mar t' 26?Arr John M Mayo, Cloaaon, Bordeaux. Sld27tb, North Wind, Jewett, Point tic (ialle. 0*ni7, March 22?Arr, an American pilot boat from tbo westward. 811 221, Tin a Ilorland, Eger, N York. Oatfnnk. March 5?Arr brig Cayenne, Dryad ate, Boston (and sld Khli lor Surinam). Callao. March 14?In boi l ships Linda, Favorin: fi Curling, Gilchrist, stnl Rose Stauillsh, Hutch Ins, diag, rorChlnrbas; Atalania, Merrill; Donati, Adams, and Thoa Harwant, Robinson, for do; hark Amazonian, Mayo, dilg, for da Old hip II R Cooper, Lapharo, Chlnchas. Di al, March 2<-Arr Yarm, N York for London (and procscdedy: 2Uih, Anna Decatur. Molton (or Paroona), Calcutta for London (and proceeded); TTcrald of the Morning, Williams, London (ami sld for'Callao i; TutakO, NY. irk. Dunmoer East, March 26?The bark Mallie Metealf, Bnowman, from Alexandria for Liverpool, anchored off here yesterday evening, and remains. Falmouth, March 28?Arr C H Southard, Hotvee, Rangoon; Orion, Libhy, Moulmein. Fatal, March 7? Put In. Frunce Ellis, from NYork for Bristol; Mary Annab. Matthews, from do fordo, both in dlstreas (see Mlxel), Sld 12tb; 8 Emerson fkuith, Dates, NYork. Glasgow, March 27?Arr Rodtna, Martin, NYork. Ski 27Ik, Jane Daggett, Lambert, NYo'k. On.way. March 26? Arr Sknhla, Hudson. NYerk. Genoa. March 24?Arr Albatross, Lenghlin. Liverpool. lUvm . March 26?Arr A M Law is nee, Clay pole, Ba'.U* more. Sld 27th, Tigress, Crabtree, NYork. IIki.vokt, March 27?Sld Cabot, Urcgor, Brthiwerabavan and NYork. Liverpool, March 27?Arr Wyoming, Burton, NYork; 28th, Reseatch. Ryerson, ila; City of New York (a), PctrM, do; 29th, Western Siar, Knnwles, San Fram is-<>. Old 27th, rastthea, Williams, San Fran iseo; 28th, John Bell (s), II illtax and NYork; Ironsides, Chase; Claris*? Flltner, and Martha, Brewer, NYork. Ent out 27tli, Persia ( ), NY'ork; 28th, Isabella C Jones, Woodburn, Baltimore; Wyoming, Barton, Philadelphia. London, March 28?Arr Kuropu, Read, Calcutta. Cld 28th, Clir.stlana, Monk, NYork; Star of the Spa, Tliomsaoii, do; 29th, Rolling Wave. Collins, Phili ddphla. Lotion Fotlk, March 29?Arr Norwegian (a), Portland. Newcastle, Man li 27?Ent out, Johanua A Antoinette, Ekersberg, for NYork. Pltmoutii, Marcli 27?Off the Fddystone, Lemuel, Wlilttler, from NYork. Sld 27th, Champion, Prince. Liverpool. Pkntlano Firth, Murrh 24?Passed through, bark S II Waternian, from Leith for West Indies. Palermo, March 19?Arr W Hunler, Raker, Lleata; 20th, Siuyriilnte, Weston, (lirgentl; 22d, Sparkling 8e,a, Mi.usoti, Carthagena. QCKkKSToWN, March 29?Arr Hamlin. Pavle, OallaO: Campnnam, Dnhell, Parrahtbn; 1'amr, NYork; Sollila, do; OA Jones, Bu lilmore. Sot in ami-ton. Mat cb 2S?Air Bremen (a), W?a?ei?, NYork for Bremen. I I'ibstkamsoir Asia?THCLatmt.1 Art from NYork, Brigand, at Crookhaven; Tuisko, at Deal; Peter, ami Solul*. at IJueeualoM u; K>li-u Austin, and Nep time, at Lirerjiool. Amrricait Port*. BOSTON. April 10?Arr ship Crusader, ITI11, Liverpool; Dutch hrlg Kurel August, Meernutu, Rotteidam. Telegraph, ed, brig Ki mm kv, from Cardenas for Portland. Old ha, ks Avnla, Crowell, Matanzaa; Daniel Webster, Ryder, and B.-a Hilda, White, Ship Inland; hrlga LamiHa. Bolton, Cane flavllcii; Arahell (Br), Newcomb, Port St ain; schrsN A D Scudder, Newcoinb, Tangier; Cnmnllanre, Andrew, Odessa, Del. Nothing went to sea, wind NE. Ship Win Wirt and barlt E Krcplln remain In ibo R- ads. HAl.HMoKE. Ainil V? Air -chr B Cook, Jones. New York. 'Id sehr Charm, Crowell, Bottom Bid Br Imrk l'eraia, Rio Janeiro. 11th?Below, ahip Annapolla. from Liverpool. Old bark Conteal, Allen. Capo Town, CUll; aclir Wm II Sargent, Bar gent. Boston via t hoptank. BRISTOL* April 9?Sid ?chr Mall, Kelley (from Providence ), Phliailel) hia. CASTINE, A|,rll?Sl,l brig Roamer, Thomp-ou, Fortress Monroe; aolir K I an,, h. Loa-h, do. ELIZABETH PORT, April 19-CM Br hark Hmtpl. Rrownlow, Aapliiwnll; nthia Charger, Malian. Pall River; M Biro, Davis, I rm Idenoc; sloops J liall, Wilcox,do; Senator Junta ^ EAST hREENWTCn, April ?-8!d achr E Rogers. Wight, man, Lu/abethpori. FALL RIVER, April 9?Sl.l srhr New Delight, Scot ille, Ellgabethport; aloop Neptune. Davia. do. 10th?Bid i-chr E Barnes, Hriggs, Eli/ahethport. HARWICH PORT, ApillS?\rr aehr Cora, Kelly, Province lown (and aid 6ih for Philadelphia); 7ih, Seraph, Aden, NYork for Boaton; Village Belle, Berry, NYork. Albert Dei ter, Doane, Wet Indies for Boaton (with loaa of sails). HARTFORD, Apr il)?Air scbr* r Hall,and it K Brooks. Rllioibcthpou; S K Curtis, Clark, NYork. Hid Htb. aclira A O Pea -e, Rinith, and S S Buckingham, Ptektn-nn. NYork. KEY WEST, March 24?Arr achra K A Detlarl. Comings, and S B James, Berry, Ship Island; 27ih, Onward, Johnson, Havana ; Wth^M H Bake,'. Prtce^ N York j Wth.JHpay. Lowe, N (Br)i ktmn. Ualvtinlc (Ar), Orrery,Hrren Tort e Hey; A Ifalry, Haley, 1'hlUdripliU. Hid 2Sih, eohni R Ahep lien), Soraor*. Philadelphia; (I W IIjrneon, Broil. Miium?**, I.nuU.i Frarler, Uterinum, Cardenaa; Slat, S B Jaiuea, H i ry, do. In port Api I11, brlgg Judge Blaney. Cnnmba: Fo.llnt. Forber; .otora Adeline; B H Baker, Price; E A Hell.ui, i liming*; Onward. JnUnaon: Narraranvett, Hall, Galvanic, Pleery: John N. Krmn; Samuel Fioh. 1,11 BIO, April!?Sldachra Carolina Knijrht, Wlleon, an.l Rosinn, Kent, NYorkiB'.h. Willow, I'Mker. NVork. AlAf HIABPORT, April ft?Rid ?chr Amelia, Gould MYork: 8th, brig Alvlra, I'lark, NYork; a, hr I'nloii, Llbbcy, tlo. NEW BEDFORD, AprilllV-Cld ?hlp Oregon, Hoyer, New York. SEWBURYPORT, AprilS? Arr acbr Ool Kllaworlh, Rowr, Philadelphia. NEW IOKT, April 8?Arr *?hr? A Kp-ele, Snow, I'liiladel. plila for llarwl'h, Oregon, 1< rarer, Rnrkl.nid 101 New York; Mnuiior, Beaeo, Ware ham fordo; llenry I. Orontt, Hopkuw, Bnckepirt for Philadelphia; eto ip* Aeronaut, Uodfr> * Kami, wlcli lor New Yotk, Clio, Orcutl, ail.I Emily Jane, Babbitt, Taunt.01 for do. 9th?Arr ?Ju* Maryland, Knight, Baltimore for 1 .lata; F. F !,ewl?, York. Portland l or Philadelphia Hid brig Red woo , Melville. Hat ana; and all vc?aele bouuo W eirept aci,ra Lmy Aniea. and t liroiiometer. Aleo arr Sob. aohra T II Tnompaon, Baker, For iand for New York: Am. rloa. Reynold*, Pro. idenea for do t'haee. Jail a, dolor KH/abrlhport. 10th?Arr arhr K Lncaa, Taylor, Frorldenoo for Yoomteo. BUI Dili a 10th, all ve??el* hound W. Hchr Harriet ItAker, vVeb'irr, from M.tanraa Mareh JA for Pot Hand, haa pot Into the! WttdUay for harbor, and >? main* thl? eyenliig. NEW LONDON, Win Gregory, Hu t In, Bo.Aland for Fortrena Monroe. NEW HAVEN, April 10?fid erhr Kmma Oakea, NYorh PIIII.ADEI.PHIA. April 10?Arr arhr* M Clark, Howard, Newbnrvport; II nine, I'ninney, New Be I'nrd; K I, fro. her, Freahrey. Taonl. 11. .1 Coue, MehaiT. jr, lladdiun; WnlNtni A Arthur, llaakill, NYorfc. Cld aliip Adelaide llell Rob. rtaon, Liverpool; barka Observer (Br), Riiiatn. Dobioi; Winona. Uallleou, fardenna, briga Lilian. Bailey. Porto Kleo; Chailea (Hr), Mi la. Hallfai; tchra United St.,tea Baboon, do; Jon Turner, fro leell, do; R Iaiw, York. Ha 11 ecu ry: J Kylgera, buckaluo, ilrl.lg* tau t. Bid IJ 8 Meoiner Hlenvllle. W< lit 10 aea, bark* Mary Baker. C"fk. C Keen, Khlp Inland; General Warren, lt.fkton; ling T W .1 er, Ht Kite. PORTLAND, April 9?Arr bile Ll/abel. Borkmlneler, Sierra Moiena - a f ardenaa fbl Br eteamahlp BtGeorge, Wi ley, NYork (and a d ; Iwee Milwaukee, Miown, Havana: N Htowera, Blower*. < ard. naa; a hr* BAB Small, Donovan, and II v Turtle,, Havana; A Colby, Harrtman, Mo tanrae; S Tin tie. Mayo, D al'a 1-land, I* W Dyer, MoDuflle ^'pRoVFDKNt'F, April 9?Arr ateainer Weatchealer, Nye, NY,ok <00111 Oregon, Hlioue*, do, < |iy, .lavln, Saellai w *Vi .? . iif Deliniao- Sooth worth, t iiaae. M il. and Ciiat I law lev. Allen. eh. Iiltli?Arr straniei I'eliean., NYnrk. R)<1 anhrs ! rank Lima lavlor Yeomlco: Arcilo, Perkins, IVnnavlltn, MJ. I'AWTI t'KRT, April (l-Arr stoop Van Buren, Lawi*, K'l Mr?)cIo'aND, April 1?"M ?<"bra Corinthian, Small, Kc* York I,in V tl!??< , Kveiett, i 0th, Oil", Thompson, tin. H\N KHANi ls(Sl, April 2?Arr al.lp Wllhnr Vi A, I mm liiiul Boston . Devonshire, Callioun, OWsgOif; 7Ui, Webfiio*, Mollis. NYork. RM 4th, ships Chanter, Hatch: Flying rhll .1,,. . fill' , ami Aurora, I Untitli, 11 Kong; WintirM K-iil, Itosers, rollio; bmk Fruiterer, Dawes, Japan; tth, shli i Dictator,Chlllli'S, snil Orpheus, Durham. limn; Kong, 8ih, Oolilen tin In, I'm'.*, I'ort Townseml; Pocahontas, gears. 1.inihin. In iMil April A, ships Hlao't ltawk, Doane; Ra.llant, Mnt tt? , I is, Kri ninn: I ooowah, Follansbee; Riamlinn Dudley, Alwtanlt Wllour r'l-k, I'lmsianS, .mil hnrk Inyp , II niei, iillchortered for Chlncha I lnnns to load gunno tot tll.'lHIli. Mill' IS!.AND, March |S~Arr ship Bportsman, Thump p. n. Annapsils. s \I KM, AnrllS?Arr ?chr (lem, Wiley, Tangier. Cld 1.8 /. oil iii a, Cayenne. _ tvii a' K.D, An I s? R'iI schr James H Deputy, Uwli NYork *

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