Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1862 Page 2
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J* TUB TflW riuiB :a*i> Vr:bnds> to t"8 11 - if A Mllu Trotriit Track. i">w to'-lng coustrucud try Mr. JtiaIrhea Dub >ts n ?r iu? t.'"" ?ea c and Ul.h i at are riere- y r(qt?<i <4 v nseei *t ilia U vie IT ue-v on VMir -?.sy k.reu'D,, A|?u 14., ?t o ?Ul o t. k, 10 i r^uiU-r Uio4fc.outi. ti.-U. eleot jSin . ?, <& ?IO Ki, v ( . >- >?. AC. V~VMT FAST iomtl !. HORbl (KIXTTCCT jV hunter tocW>, I&J^ tut .is bit'i, six years oM, ?? rd . ' kiu t, a eljlisu ? . . j .lit .. show 2 a iu . I'l l, if >.'>8 lu-iulio at M-'. J--fc.ii olyi-a- aud 81 oiuiuf iahi r ad. A H h vCEf RENT \"I '' ?-M.V' \>'D KIT> FOR3 A j\ L-'ai ?t pilit for ( fIt. A. ../ at S3 WestTwruty. nt-.tiih .?t, in mm Iw u. bt. Avert KIKE FAIR iv* it^tv M'.RES, 7 VF AKM id, aotud tii'l ' r>1; i> I si t-l In the street without lyiiij; eery <1i > - i. at endurance, and w 11 show ? Otapo.-. i iu * i tl - ?- <1 at tVoierir* Hotel, Niut'.y UIU street. iUoo .u,. .In ro.d AnoKuK, b thing OA-, r and harnkrs for ralb, 51/5, i oil the tii-jui.l i- .11 ! laaen in ou. age. anil .ue work ct tlie .iiore given U tl. ri'ir noser. Ui <it? 81'oNISY, tod Broadway, T3KEW8TBR A C'O , ???J ) 01 KRO'lRK MTREBT, MAM'KA'.TI'R: ::S ?' oahrjages FOB TOW N A U t'OUNTRY, ,VM? First Clasi ROJ.D W VtiONrt, Invite an In-ifcWt-Hi of a v vehicles.exclusively CM their own iiisuutitettire, an-.l of their usual excellence of 8TU.E, tJl Al I I A \ND FINISH, The scLoowledij.d sauenA \ of their ROAD WAOON3 Will lx> ?'.rUitly, and In sdJittou To the (>..|,uiar style* t itr.-d-eed by th-'in during The two oast ?e.., n<- lory desi a to cail apeciai ci'i-'i" Attention to t in stele for Mt THE GEN <T'S WAGON," Now' i tr usped Ion at their ONLY II ? OK BrsiNBKS, 572 an i JM Bro on-, corner oi Mott atrseL Brown horse. bight tears oli?. *or sale ? A bcaui'f'il Oer: :?. ? i S? id.e, a turd, kind end Ecnili. ill alt ha: ueas; Inst iraiell't-. Also * targe Bis Beat Carriage ifNl u A "' ?s KAY, 37d Broadway. Boahd roci; u hseh at tiib new tore tatm'Vil's. Sutb awiun and Titlr ly-rinlta atreet, baJrg -na af the host arranged. most coimntvli'-na and conducted t.aldeb in tilt'city, Lav nig au neruiiigrln.,; trre to all board era ( :?rnjmes to let fo rolls und the t oad. Rntto'iar aucilon airs ei r.r> Tern-lay. M 12 'ck. k. ofUer- ;a, Curl -airs, Maria o.ta, Ac. WM. WITTERS. Auctioneer. HENRY i'Al.MKU, tfialeainan. COMUMI8SION CARRIAOV WMtBEROOMft, 412 Blvnunav, ear O ?t street. New York. VS TI L'l ON", Agent for some of the ir. i?i reliable manufacture of (Jar -lares. Bo i.HWu.ira, I) tors Tharioat, Bucgv Wagons, Troitrra, dr.. Its fib and ot .er ttien. Two t'ouch'-a for U t- Two s-c >nd '-and R .-tnways. C ATRIA'.B3 Fr>R SAT K?A rjkKtJE LOT OP KT re-s, Business ?ti. L>ep..t \\ don?; a o, a utimtk-r of econd '.Slgs, acgo d a a new: too and uo top Buigbu, Oq ial to the best made In this f i'y; v til b- ?.ild low for cash. WNL HAl r EilTY, 2tk? tetetuh aveuue. JTAuK KAI.i'l?UNK t>AY HORSE, NINE YEARS OLD, X? fifteen and a half bauds high, p-rf cl style an i action, M.dcaii trot Inan'e of 2 4'l; ? -t the present owner |l,fO#. Also a new L i, t Wa ; n sod new flume-*, by lowden. Will be sild cheap, separately or together. No elects need ai p'y. C*il ai prtvata stable In Soft airesf, one dour below I-.aecsei, oeiwi-ett the hours of ll and 1 o'clock. FOK BALK?ONE PAIR OK BLACK HORSES l^i hand* high, per'iv tlv mti'hed; sound, kind ami thoi ouahiy adai-ved for a geir.latnan'a aduaf can trot inside of 2:80 to . Iher; co.t tire pit sent owner Jf.-'OI; also our light lop Wa in, two sets of doable mid one s t of -ingle HsriiBsa, ItoN?. Blankets, cue Ootler hu 1 ous two 8r?' S.?tjb. All in p rfec order. IVill be old I' r ! *? than half the .vs.; of the (cam Will tell sap.irit'.ely or together. Call al private stabla In Mutt asrrct, ouc door b low ltkecker, b i?ci.u ll audi o'clock. Fast horse.?for bale, an "amebian st R" C >It, raised In Orange comity, tsabout Id bend* M-.h, eve year-* old taatfa'l; '-an trU in 2 60 or 1 re, untrained, to road wagon; hue action, good bone and is - ir.m Uruhed; C>ce to good stile ?o<l Ir. a plsaaant driver; he promts ? very ahortiv to make a first l ias* trotter. Trice *00. A'ldtesa ^mRri<an SiUkr. oBtio Eioit 8alii:-a rx>r oc good draught horskh ? J? CRAUIN A CO.. 3S? Went Ttreliih Buret. For "ale?a park phaeton, nearly new; tu.-ii- under, will, four ?|>i luga; icrr sty lieb rvbicis, oltv i ?otkr. (An be .sen *i prlvue 3* Kill Tweuly-<-;gl>t!i nirftii. ouo door from Madiaon avenue. I/OR NAI.n CHEAP?FOR WAN f OF USE, U) 110 RS Efl. < C MlltMr iiir InaflVlor Ira k i k v. DELON'O, ?J3 W?st Fourteenth B'.reet. i LtOK bAI.E?A JTNB PAIR OF YOUNG HORSES. JUST , .F from lu ?"Anry; um l lw-k, tbe oth"i bay; vatw make i r otee ( h<>i; auld heparaie i:' r <><l; IxJ' 1. *r?R^il irarel i ln?. ainl about 15 buu la high. Aiup Iru at lb>'< E*?< Twenty- i Bftb olivet, bi'tW' een Firm and s>e>oud avrnue^. " i LX>? SALE?A BEAUTIFUL SADDLE llORHId, ABOUT ( S? V batiria lUgh, 7 ye&ra obi tbl* epriag; warranted b.'ind i and kind; perl?utly mf- for a jj?*n :eu>au or lady; torvytc aud beamy canuoLt? aunAraca; fca? been uaea for til? la* aix month., by a gentlumau Wh la n riding acbuoi and on tbe rovL Ki ld wlibout a rami, in aoaaetiooaeeof lb--gentleman having n<? farther u*e for biin. I't'.ulre at Ibc vtnble. No 117 , Kaat F.!tht*? nib au*et, of II. KLYNN. < For hale?two second hand carriages; ho a Mia l? H MttaMtkCo' oaaeh and baggy ia<. lour borate. Kent Jljy Inquire at No. d Uulvuraitj i-laoe. ( JitOK ! ..LU?i.l KUV Sr iHI.E. AT I'OET RICHMOND. | ' flu .oil I-l;tn L?Tbta i< n rori'.ui ot tbe property of 1 m Burger, Kau., doueeuaii, <iii.iv lug In taut o! air I flna Hor,- ?, double and rlmtle Carriage*, Buggiea, n rii Wair ma, 1'i-rd Va-rem, ctuu'Ac etui air.glo Unmet*, Klunke'*, [ So. Tb - Ul.!? ia long atandlng audi' u?? Inttit a ierge and pro3tabie-bualne?a, and will a<-*ol<! ' e ,T . , l'ua man ?f enierp: me ih.a utters a rare oppcf.unl. .. Impure ?l li'irger a Iluie!, ob tile premie *. DOB E.VLF.?A PARK PHAETON. FOR TWO Ilt>H>ES ' 17 half top. neat*!jr n?*tr, bai;.' hy Rn i Co.. :? m* plate oider. Totorfe^n at t h* p.lvate altM* 60 Kl??Nea:h Ma ?71 ( iR N i ! l -nvv hirrrtvn ncvn ptuo%m wi.nv J* also : '.rc.i new Expie'st \Vagia?, differ* at ?lu-?, a j. U. I < PALMER'S. IS Dnwntug ftlrmtt. ( IT'OK KA.1.K OB EXCHAN'OB-S) VOCNfJ HORAE*. JP pis; ;roni Onsda W> a>, fiora IO? 17 biiutaLlgtt, four tc Mveu year- ??ld, and .>11 ">u?rl and kind; ?.?">, on* Mare, lUilmt. Tmi'ilie In the blaekantiiii rbop. No. UK) Norfolk I atraei. For 8az.e?oii^roPLD exchange for a lower pr. -e IC ree, a dark bnwn Mare, tnoftlghbred. eoiui I nd uiuui pn??W for g*nti< i:e? < a ! beauty; good unrti r the J jaddioand In single and double haru^aa. Apply a >14 llud- , MairW, inthea'otr. Foriiuu*imtmirmativout itmn jump .e at Rirrkawax, a .Igh'. t o ti p RoiJ Wagon, a H-rh! Bmoiti lie; alao a Ooa'-u; will be soldct??p. U'i ; at j Ml Maiden lad" up ntaira. Horses yatoususa for sai k. -a fair m 2 Hot ana, lit hand! I'igh, wtlli Iri'r" tl l !Jarurt?, or tale cheap, a* tfce -wni i-la about to te;,ve too dry. May be anno a' Bradley** etabl . a lEiM i' y-firat ilntk Hon- ,.-: hu' '_Rn HORSR MART, 4? AM) 44 ' 1 ayant > t. r5ir"T" log fan?, or--.;;?..' .?tlt;Ji"r B MM, Wngeba and oiuer Rone 810 ? m mH will tit-d u .a nail aaiia'a tort. Tenia moderate. I'aytneu- proup Hoiaca lakeu <>n Iivrry. RICHARD WALTERS, proprietor. HOUSES AND WAGONS FOR SALE?THREE MOHT Waawn>, aaa ski tini; >op. mw ; 8a m ?4 yo .ug Hw t*s uiuk'.e fur all road p urppt Alao. tlu-ec goo 1 R- aj one aitpertor Double and a-vera I ningia U?ree*?e* Apply tt -46 u ud 4A Hayurd atreef, IMPORTED ALDERNEY CATTLE AMD LEICESTER 1 Sheep.?The aubrerib* r has for aa!e aouie extra II e AW -rimy Cutva, Impn led la*' I all and |?uv IitHceeu rSi.-en from tbe l<e?t Hoi ks In England. Apply 10THOS. KICUA PlMp ?>', 16 Broadway. T ICHT SINGLE SEAT TROTTINT. WA'ION FOR I J sale?H'ltU l>y f.roweter A Co. IP igh" l> :t 117 lba , nod IihowiivU but tfcre* titnea. 1. an be acei, at Ma :key <tabl?, ildW'-ai Twrali third afr?ef. tlfANTCD-A SECOND HAND CEXTLEJLAN S t>AVII die iiu J isrldlr. A tdrra* hot 4,IAS Poet int. e. H11,M\KR1, A( . 4 CARD FROM M T. HlOolNS, .'V. No. 1 !C-i.?t!. tt' enur. iw . du j a Hum Tenth .vteei, Tn riir L?n?ra o? at*- Turk akp it? th imtv I It I- now an 1 ukn rvle lg?d fa.t that our bob nets an- raore ' atvlnh and at a lena nr.- thou thou- of any o'her eaiibliah- I ..' nt In th Ity, ar f w ami, u why I?-l * will ao far t' rget thi ir own Interest ti to glTh from V' tu $.*) I'm i?-nnat wb-n wa tn anj ply a iiV ft aim eve:; 1, for half the prim. We ??k h it an ln?pe tlon 01 ie.r aw> k. R trrcu SDBaod SUD trimmed bvum ts alwa>* on M?ol Two 1 rr p cwble young gtr'a tacen at ?ppr>in ices, | I ^O.NMETA m.r ... . .. a. .ue ..i?e j". 1 ? > iviit ' c'/ i ' jr itylt a for children. i H nn?*? an I rreteed. Zlii S'raw ? from euc Ion. ] 3 BI.UXOMK 1,117 B*Aw#y.r rnerdf Twenty fi'th ?t QARIAINs --Tills WKtT FTRINO BONN'STM At P.B.I J In- 1 pi .? . i;I N . - <1 . iti-:. '', t .nd* !> ?, i tin tua i.wi.l, &h| (If a \ or; '-Mite the Mrtrvr" I I an Hotel. N i a ? Avoid in - akf. Out tU.? vol' No -onne'-tlon wilt other*of nam' t ame. PTORrETH ANO MKTRT* AT KI.ORR S.?Jflf'B \_J DWtht i.'oraeu from $. i -4 h" >k frnafn >iiy ti worth $TM>. alt Am p?.i W.r > r>m t r. rjr vheap, handemm; Hair'* fro: 00 or (Jora- t M itei all. Laoinft, Ar.( Ae., at WW "04 A*j Br ii'lw n, near Nuieteentn at -pet. IT.oRWENDAHl * SCPA I RRR OF nHFOI Mri >C-lui grapei and > ? ... ! ;> M .t', b'lu>?n J iir.r, i and Hro one .tin "la, * ? -he* m ..urge a J reliable aaleatuan or agent In o ery large -uy MMR R. HARRIS k MO, 7S? RROVDWAY. WILL ' re a ve l?r tit tide? n'l.b .eT'.i n er |. 1, and i '.earInul aaaortaiont of Swii?v an ... iv t ? and Mow era. R lIARJtlH i SON, 7jy Broidray MP.XIiAMF.rt VIRFOLKT, NO. 5 CLINTON PLACE. N. v., mmld lie* 1- aro t j inlorui ll.elr lu-lonieri. thai lltcjf hare |tiat reeeivttl from P trie n eery fine ? im. ?t oi black and edtired UremadtlMi atoo I orcta, inamiiatmred And eicluait elj for their bouav. _ MIssKO OREOO A (1EDDIS, i No. 7 L'uiluw i>l*e? (ff.,n?tirt, between ftnttlvan and Mn'd'i'tal ?'r??'?) llai o|>ou for Inapeotluu the lat'et Pa. lt and New York CLOAKR AND WANTTLLAB. N B -e-Ordare promptly and fai'hfu.iy ereoolotl, _____ NADAME A. NO IT. TUT. _ _ NO. U BLRM' KKK STUT-P.T, NEAR BROADWAY, Iti'ortl.k the India* ! N"W V(.rt Hi i, a|.a h:'t lately letl'HL I rem noma of the rary fn?> lon.a* In Parle, e rich and bee lifttl aaanlitieiit i < HI'RINO RONNirr-t Ml'KAAV ooi'Ort AND fLOWER" RIBBONS AND TKlVMINoi Attn, from Brti*se!?. a ictr : uHi n.? .. i,>>. ,n of POINT. iTHANTIf.LV AM' OtHPURK LA"EN frill.. WKKK WE SHALL OPEN AN BNTIRF. NEW .1 let Of ililir and tWlaeee' Ml raw Wonneia rniO Ha' - U> t .? I'lrjae .all ai' l era 'her. |Ji:?li ..fA.t A lllttK 'KS. tld Bltlh avenue, timer Tn> ntyhit ?lt ei II EA 1IHOATI. ~~ I J .TOR fill! y. <K l'o It r?TIIR NTFAMRR BJUDtlEPORT i w |r.r>. I' < !< Il I f". V. tit r, every Tneadav, Tluira4d ?n - a. ' iwtil , ajV, n .in,artlrtni a*' fir.Jar. , Ur In tl *tn it," t w"h all ISe itarwi t'atiia Fraigltl . i. !*? ) u l he ei) ? a|Lu? on Uo tee; >uiv M*ilr>atl. I m&woiAb A km* am> maw pay and iot'iirV ornck UOHKKT *BSWIUaL, II Wall atrre!, oornrjr of Broad, Mew Yort l'e>, bonniy ?n<l Pr t? Money colleote-t, and IVumouh procured. A KMT AM) NAVY PAY ? AKKHAK8-OK HAT POK irC(i e l, dec "??.d an I ill, ha y i ami) ..uj uavy tdlic-'ia, l'n?- Mon.-y, Kountv Stou-iy, A . oollec id. ,1 !IN M. MllllP.AY, Ariuy aud n >ef Hanker, h, liar au aiicct, Mu?v York, opposite lor Poatellioe. A TLANTIO lKdOKAMIS SOKIP, 1HK!, ALSO UNION il ndi'a. i:H' s i.p, b laau I ou a .1 after April 8, par<-h:ia. d i-y W M C. till.MAN t aON. d alera l_. luaumnoe 8 r p, lb M- r.;hont? pi -hangr. r\lrc 1 au'li u volumtbbrk, and widow! an.) ) ! Oil? of au ij ne died 'u lue acri'icoi alee Wlioiva and bo.ra o: araiui ii of 1-1 o.igreiia. t'uuiberl. -nd tud oiler vusei-U. wliit lull . aoUoii el M in-fc S a liaiup'ou Koaaa, oiiirc ive mm 1 iii 'B relative to>. peniion, gratuity , Ac. uy om.iu ou K. KoWlXO, Ili lia^a-.u alrael, roout N o ti. EIOKKIUN FSMIXTAMURM X1 1.411 lie ! ' ally male N* purcbAAlnj froth 111A full t -0 urfYoiuo: o 1 ' JUbair-laot Crude fVltoieuur, or K a Oil. In ?p.en ltd . -l-r lor atilpiueni 01 homo oonaunip. ti u Wr am i-ii-pn -1 to aellcliiaauuiiiiwi llit. larlti at a '1 uniri. Ween. m. .011 ueeful Inlui inalloi. oa .bin aubpict to piirrkaaei ami v> ill furnish ah p, bid ot la ling, insurttnee, c! aiau j A'-.. II <1 -Hired 8 p.- nor KciturJ 01! fvupih'".! on urJ* ra. tor imr^K n ?pt>W to Ame'lfem FrUu^ot lVi.ptuy, No ItPlMaUeet, N V. W. W. CLARKE, Vice Proaidt-uL Milwaukee city kbaiuitstiiknt bonds. i'itt Ooarthoi nan'a Udlce, i>., Murcii 28, ld63 i The Ten ml eii 1 -ri *f the Public D*bt of the Oifjr ot Milwaukee a*r uow reedy to rucelre bid* or propeaala Iron. I. Aden 0 ri ali atmi-ut ben-la for the pnrrliaae of surh bond* >o Ibe rat lit of the sluadug loud en llrtud (which >1 twelve liio'it- ind dollars), in puratuoen of erction 10 of An rate debt. Sneli hlil# m uat iftrn; (hp U'tntb?rs of 0i? bonla propo-r I lu be retired. mid be aocoinpaiiied by loo ceru .iwte of the tmper Ayrof any book, of of Wilt tain Schall * Co , of Now York eitjr, ihml the bond* are deposited with aunh bank or aald S<dinH A Co., to bo delivered tor cancellation upon tuventance of the b.t! and payment. BM? r proposal* tony bo delivered to Iho City CnmplrtiUergu any Hum bafor* tho lot dav of Juno, A. !>., t (W2. upon which (lay, at ten o'clock A. M., at the oihee o' the Ouy Comptroller, Iho bid* or pmpoimlq wll! lie open-d and lh? loweat biddet be--cUtted to the prefatcAce. lliiso who received payment ot lb? utt? Juo* toupona must no state in their propositions. Bv order of Ihe Coiamtsaioucri of the Pablo Po'a of Ihe CHjfOf Mllwauktm. > Kit P. KUfcHN. Cwaptrotlc-. Third atenuk saukus bank, < . run Third art aoe and T? nuly-hfth atreet. Chattered ISM. SIX PER CENT ISTEttKST allowed on all anna from On" 10 Oua TUmntmd De'lara. DRbOSITo MADE ON (ill BKPORE JU'MI APRIL Wild, DRAW INI BREST FROM APRIL I. Batik emeu dally, front lu 10 li. Also oh Mm Jay. Wrdueadar an 1 >at"iday evenings, 1? tint li'ttH SPENCER K. URF.EN. 1' Anon. P. T,a?:, Secretary / \t'Alt<fERMASTKRb' VOUCHERS OR OflECKN ON W .lie Ti-h -nrer ho ,tit ai lite b?al market lama, i>|r II AKOS RlNtlSi.AND, datler lu Securllio-, No.4 Broad tU'iN New Yota. Rusk hill ha vinos bank, corner op four. teentli street ami Eighth avea'te.?Op h daily from I to ft P. M . Wednesdays au l Saturday* unit! 7 I* M Sta per ' .ill Internal on all ?.iu.s n' $j<W and under. D posits made on or before theSfhh of April draws Interest from llio 1st. TI10S. CURJHTY, President. Riubakp O Bum., Seeretary. UNITED STATES NAVY fr in Moony Odiee. THOd. S. BR lYNARO, HI Wall atre-t. WAN fKI?~SR.tmu, TO INVEST IS A SPECULATION ' trill n ak" $1(10,tWl clear o: all espe.nrea. Perfvet aecttriiy !Q'(lust Iocs, and capital returned by the cud o lira' year. 1 i foil i iff/r . at Ion ahdr-se Wallace Stgersoa, C uJlunml Ohio, lor tv.o u eeks. Widows and nuns ok seamen. ad.. lost with the United 8'-h>* eliip L'-fanl In l<i6i, and t.t ihoee with tb? Cumberland and (tomiesi on theKSh 01 Mareh lual, I cm have their tlaVn.s collected byOAL*'IN W. SMITII. Wo. 'J New Chiunberft efi-eet. I??<> AAH TO .$a>.?? WANTED?ON HOND AND 5p^.l7"U mortgage, ou goad productive real estate worth double lue amount; litlfl uii itondijnen Grit class. BrokAM need i ol apply. A4dic#s C. W., HoraM onicff. I AAA ?KOUM THOUSAND DOLLARS TO LOAN. lj,'l .lyl M.F. on Mscnrkv ol r.-al estate, to Ihla cl'y. Uj'iic-t :or sale uud to i.-t'it m all parts of the city; rents anil WUa eolier'etl, no.I wviurliy giveoi j)*ii? rsli.p aud alb'ti accounts adjusted and balanced; money loaned on security of real estate; furniture bought and noi l. At. Apply to JOSEPH KIMS KM Broadway. New \oik. i|?Q AAA CASH wrr.L BE PAID. AND HOUSE AND ?n.Ult' ' lot in Wr?t Iwraty-tourth sin et, value $4,000, for a first cau four atory llovse, nljh stoop or English base moid, hut ro??l he welt' hxwie.l and betvnn 8e-ond suit area's A Ail tin: mi ItVatuient, lot S.0S? i'ojt oSee. JjQ AAA WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTOAOR, tj>0.v"""? on a reiy valuable tarra iu Wea'thcatr-r < ouuly, near i ..e river j security atnplr. Apply In WM. f*. 1' M.Mhlt, l"pe,ite>i: Manhattan PIre lu-u Company, 65 Wall street, N. Y. _ AHI\ *? U>A?-OK BOND AND MOWKAOB, on piopert' in >' ? Voile or Br ...klyn, itroten need not apply Addrena 0"i>lla', bot 130 Herald rOl v. 3?7 r AAA TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTOAGK i v I ?,v"" "" tor on< or m .re ) .-art, on prod notice Real E n!' in this city or Brooklyn. Apply in the oBce ot the [Vopte'a t'lie Toauianee Company, MWall street, to JOHN I'". CON KEY. WISCKLLVYKOUB.^ ABBCOND BAND SATE WANTED-ANT FBBSON having a Sale thai 1 hey wish to rtlejeiie of "an hud a .ur haaar by addressing N. lieraid offlce, for tbrcedaya, Ionian "'here the Mine can lw. e-en, the mulct's usuieand aim- tmona. k NEW VRTtrLE '1HAT EVERYONE WAWTS.-NOT !\ on.- In million nrtr ?nw II Union'; will La-C a lifetime. a n ew article hut few ever hi v.. A'.ko, Information Iflm re y?\ can obtal' other artlclea for geullnrrfn'i o? at >bt k i.l 'Iiroosl you can c'l*ev. here. Circular. with cut, acui Ji-.e to er.y Wlilirni. OSCAR t. LAMB, Hoi 2,371 Font offiro. Boston, Mae ABEAL'TIKt'l, MICKOSCOt'K, .Mium'.fJ-'.rij 800 llmiis, Ini ;? ent? In all'er. Fire of d!0> r"nt fjo?fi?, f I.a MilW iree. Addnta* h. U BOWXN. box W?. Boston, Nm V' WMW, iVr.MV'Ol AWNING*.?ORDERS FOK A avoir.**. Masa. .V through iita'l, will b>. pri.ui)>n> at.-nde.i in. E?tUn.iie? on work wu'. to *11 pari* of Hie oiiB.'iy gi-atiK. HI NRV TOBIAS Sao Hiil.on afreet, ,V. T. BUSINESS CaRILS. 7& CENTS PER 1,0.*); CIRCULARS, 8 rents per 1,W0: Billbeada, Ural clae*. $r, per r. urnLabels, 23 cent* per 1,MM. Newspaper*, Boni*. Fainphletd, lian<!mll*. Putter*, Programme* and all khtde of I'tinllng finally l?'? at T. If DAWLKY'S u??r printing' lUlillikafO!, ernei of rti-i,nud ten li e siiceta. F'AVILIKS WISHING I HEAP PAl'HK II VN'li.'SOS, Wind -v. Si','ilm. i orii.cra, A.- , wll no ?' I !.y railing it .7 Tntrd areuua. Tbe b'.*.ne*i liat to ba aohi m.t by the In of May. 'Y^UAXQB.-'?I AM MOW SELLING BAKI.K'e ISLAND *JT (J arm d ih?' I*'' 'I'mll'f Ahivothern .not of the pi out approved kind* in quMUliaa to ??ut piirt-i;.iser?, at the lowo?i lUite.-. JOHN B SAKDY, 5" Sooth III reel, com or o.' \V all, S. V. GOCRaUD'S IT.VI. I an medicated soap, it is well known, em<> ten, i-lmi-''a, freckle* map*, chalet, letter, r th. li. .-in, *..llori:-s.<, wo. me In ih- .-km, An. Uon t?i lip*. <>v xr,y pan r> tr# b'*tjr; w?rrvi>t"rt tlournnrt'a Or.*at?l i'reaiii : jr t '.? e-.,n and complexion. Beware of Tile, counterfeit" Of thi*'- 'letl.'Jteil r.'-aTii -tie. liiqntll K'XIfte for pale 11pa .'.ml lI.eeV", rtr-' Icl"? lion <>? uno'f, ex rpl iviln I ru n juice. O' .r.n.U x l.ilj WUiie, Hair Djn, Ac. Tliese ) wpiilet i '.an: fl 1iM' Ik-a inert bp lue Udie* of 'lie I) t'ltert Mate* for tweoty.tHn- Tf iru, ami me wnrrmAMl pure To lie bad ?' the oil eai nbliau'd depot, 67 Walker I'rui" lint Wore from Browner; II*?*, Brooklyn; (alien-lei. t'li.ianelpliia. Be'-i 129 WMiaington Mr??T, Button; Bli-i flpnngitnid, Ae. MKTTAM A CO.'S PATENT OAI-VAVO-EMCTBO l oltxlc Jl-li.t and Armle't, u pirfeetlji ?<f? end moxii/ I Inx'atilrti'o-n r racily for all ibOiiunU and nervom dlsu w. Office *Jtl Hrovlwey. MKK K. MOKllIB-thTTEH WKITEtt xNI? C0PVI8T, 1 .1 'oi rsr. I.IWIIJ . l?r\rli(1 f t ,irt I?r' ' , , If'arx from 10 A. M lull P.M. > B.?To ivtiJWi *Uc ml led Shir' tnakliy. of the H?" I . )"; ! :* 'rrn-, mil Plain 4*? ing to every I reuch. MARTIVS HEAD\HIK HIRE?AS lNPAT.MItr.K lemedjrloi I bio Ul?>rc*?iag con p .irtui?> lie t-i>*aiii-i|, whole*. l? or ritiil.<; Mtxo. h'fTfMI.N. TUrllt A CO., 141 1'hunger ireet. Pr. * mljr IBCFfv. Prlo'Ipxl depot W??li- I Iti^'Gn llelgUlf. Nee York I MkRBLE MAKTEL4.?TUP H H.-U'KIHr R INPOKMB llie public tli i, tx?s it nulling Mentelx, Ae., i henpe; then I any pcriou In the be ;n"-t fbiwt eixhtng to ).inTj*.e honidon'l 'oon H V KLiRlrit'S marble ear J, No. i (U MM fieri, west of Third a*ea le. N Y. VOUCH -MOVIVU AND KTOniXI FCRMTC'RK AT lend ilt". Inquire in >h" .rnituiv ?tn? i.iu Hrnxk w?7 near Ihliliuth at <et. n. B ?U-rj* purnltn e W*g"U? lor moving. PEBKF.CT dtnie Ot DISEASES or fHB TllREtT and LUXO*. MY Ol ? INHl'PPLe'tTOB I't- BP. NEW A* ' APPBOVKU MKTIK'D. DR. B BEtlNIT/. 1>R W. 1' BURR, JOf A . I'M tavetitir rot tier of Twelf ti atreel. V/JT O! IIW VnTHKVV'^WIMUJ tu HH?rm?uvr, IkKNT *NB t l bKK 1IIRB' ECONOtUKED.-^T POST, ll Oi-r At 0'. ?I7 R lrulfr n mind* pt>i"*ni'i, whoMi butitiMa i? MOttljr ont?ld?, It at, by aa. tilling kla ib^y may rooaomtt* oflc ivnlul oi?.. 11 t>1 f ii j id oonipoirut a??i't*oc* for a luodcrit* oeiu'CRKk avd ye nhyee find" MKKK AND VB 811 ALL ETNO" j- r,tK AND YE fcllAliL EiND" SEEK AND YE SHNLE KIND "RKRK AND VK 8HALI. FIND" -EKK AND Yh ftRALL KIND' KEEN AND YE SHADE KIND" .-.KKH AND Yli gllAEE KINIf AM) VP HI ALE KIND" SEEK AND YE 88ALL FIND1 2? ti'r * w( inavimnbl* valua, i? hlch averjr nut* ?nA wornon ? - ii 1 vtc, whi-li triual |uuv? o: airot *'<?d to ike mfflont niim.. t ,>r* iiiu<c'jn?l?i ii?l with ft). It poin** lb* way to Ui? rich ?<t potatblo happtnrs. It I* * fortune r.aalf. No (Mis n'tin rejr*i*wnma on*. It I* rloh In light forn ooami ? o?*> nr.ljr on* dollar. Wrapt yo .r n*in> on an anrpU/jH; *lth * uiup If poo with I' to t orn* anelnl), aiw-loaad ? try t'l'lr;u, null ton will r?<"?lvr * i*trrni?r al/lna fiUl oartn"il*n. A.llr.-.. Dwlfht llmaphray, N?w York cfty. -t RP.B8.-TIIE 8PEE'IAE KmirfToWfsTri^k r? l ining N'n??rt and Eloarar Oardr-n I'lanfa, fb Hi* atdri.did "tort wnt fo. *? . at *" ??>.* r dn-.-l , .1 1*8 Broadway la r->|i.,i?<[ n,? to Roiamao'p on JU i'lay, April 14, aa't lOi tm * v?>i Iti ol tiny. rpHOMNRTt INKK DKALER IN s<, t. j< , w R. r I ??' *" ' FiO'ir (rhotca ll , ...It, | I W .rmn atrmt. nrtwert W ? Vi ra na la N-tr York. Mral, DriDii '.i Ei-'d at all klnoit. j rpo MANTBM i.MU.D mffua RaVy - r 'tU ' I a fnf aad nmr de lit o it of p. t. r'a Umf m, I ad .iit?li*aa inr winter and an m roar soar, Ion idinir V .... ' Ht?i,'. Rn.l 'il?K* Drar nad in* ll. to or wr >*tl m a)wr> .n of about S A In^h^t 1*, ?"vnro, ? d to nn ?a br***t mraaaiR Wlllh" *"ii low , k t>f,1 * ioflfS'iHUK A HUUD, iMiiri itivot tailor, Eolto i ?vrf ''E TdHAf ' O -inot'V K.a OF OLD - EBD DE'.t id'IAc k> .vil' mid ?l a'i, In I .it t" a , i n . , Tli'a i .**..> * *f 8t? o?t I* ' T a" a I .? , 'or ? .nr a. 11. oARv'l' E ii' C/EEf, tnM'-! II 'ii t*rawtri NHW YORK HERALD, 3 iraoiiLii Hon?B9. ^ ^ CTlBO'M.AB~ ; USEAKT siKNT OK P'B' 10 OUAB1TIBB AMD I'OKRKCTICnC Ho. 1 Boud AitxL u-tt Br ad way. _ __ 1>?* TuU. April It, IMS. TO TUB t .LiMtir, WRaoass AWV OMSK Ortiotli or THS 1>Vrait-raMM or Fuuii,' OutairiKS \ao Coiittaorioa ? Tho President of (be UiM Elite*, wtih a full appreriv ti i.i ol bU olevali-1 position and A Just judgment of the obligation* lie end hi* fellow ctttaeu* owe to the Kopn-ine Buhir ol (lie umn rac, :e|uii>ui Uieot to appear 1- ore Ulna in (he s.tilude of prayer and lhjuk*.lvliig. acknowledging our *uoc.-** In buttl-au I * iki?s on behalf oi o ir whole oounlry, without dltnliuali .g (J.e magnitude o: criminal ami uo mail liable treason aires y p rne r? M by rebel*, a matoratlon of ,peac . harm-uy auu umiy, With a che-uful acquleaeone In (ho eiilu-e seuum.-ni a?d e tor. saion of (be Bit utive, H o Hoard of Commut. un-m of Pu ille L'hartUet and Correction d aire u-il tb.i m> t me* of to-morruw tbould ounforui to ill* ordar referred to, and o*|>*c ally should we remember the u ibh* defend, ra ol tli U ? mr and ting 'if the nation who have cloa d iheli* line, iu IU nrreloe, aa well an thoce now sulltrlug mult r wound* reta il d in tin dele.eN f)h A i r. It, rr-tdd-nl. JAMES H. NICHOLSON, I l.sAAij nki.L, Jr.. > Oommi Inner.. MOSES U. UIUNNKLL, Chemical bane, m:w tork, aerjl r. lataEi scrum-At ?a eicotton hold lbl? day Ibe folio .Mat cmmu g iiUt-ineu were elected Director* of Una Bank for Ibe ou. iliv: year, nr.? JOHN Q JONKS, CORN'S V. S. ROOftBVELT, JOHN DAVID WOI I 8. Lolir. MocOoEUV, R RADISH JOHNSON And for (avector* al (he next aur. ced'tig ck'oti >u ? i'KTKU OOKLBT, ISA AO I. l'LATT, jai'UKT uisuur. M a subsequent meeting id the B ard John Q. Jauoa, Baq., w?? uoaa inoualy re-elected President. _ U. 0 WILLIAMS. Caahler. JjtLRiMIll.N NOTICE.? TUP!UK WILL W. A MBBTTNO !i lit ll?eSin klioliler* nf the Ki.lrki rfuckcr Joe (lompauy, on Tucaday (be t.Vli day of Aiwll, at the uQioe, IXI Oanst atreet, from IS to 1 o'clu. * I". M., for the election of Trustee* for liar am> year. It T. UUWl'TON, President. Tiiko. Bi.uwim;, secre'ary. ptsm wniMT^A win n nun will be Xa aumj at (rvlut; Uall on Monday evening, 21, by Hie New Tork Harmonic Soc'ety, #n>t>orle<l l>y a large ortherilia ant) or^aii. See adeeniermcnt liert week. / 11t HAT EXHIBITION. LONDON. IBttd?VJSITijRS TO VT llie trieal liii.-rnalional EfltlhUlon, and teni iaia gmerally, are invited lo liie pro*alcui i.uri>i?ian coaliuora at the c'olliiag llouae Of II. CKKKO. ? Londnil ctrcet Bond *le.?i, W? raiodea. Or.tcra rr^pdi'il nlly bolicilod and promptly rxeeu'ed. Coder special a?|?m in -ula to the Qt.'an,|>t'riir and Ktopreaii of tho Kraooa, t"rtn.? Imperial, .to. Lvrr-vpoti line himae If Bu.- TaMooui, t'erlj.. MliS. COK.V L. V. H tfoil WILL HOLO A MATINEE Couv.-rwii -uale, at Do lwoith b Hall, #06 Broadway, ou Buiidar, Apvf. n *: lm; a. M., on li e Hiili jert oi 'Spiritual tain," In which ehr will rrply'pi and itpound ipi.--.oiia fnuu the au.llence Seepllca Invited. At 7ii I*. M. alio will die course on the " Aye of (ho World." XTKW VORK t ll'V AND 'OU.NTV LIQUOR DK.kl.EltN XN Rroteeilve Society ?A Rp>-ci.i! mcetinjt of the m'ioviieiv will he held Ml'lhe kiuiik, tflecoker llouae, on Monday. April 14, at eight o'clock P M I'unc.'uai altc dance la d-aired. Hyorderof WaLTKI! RO<*HB Kresident. JVrni McQuaoin, Secretary. VTATIONAL AOADKMV OK DBSUJN.-T1IK THIItTVXa acventn Annual B-lllblti .u ol the National Academy id De.tlyn. conairtmy of Orlyinal Work* by iivtna ailigla, i- now Open lor lite reason, a' 'lie galleries, t&r> Hr.ri l .Aiy. Sea ,on tickets bO cents; single sdniirsi u 26oen's. 'I ADDISON I'lriH AKDS. riorrMimudingSec'y, N A. }>ASSEDICT OKKH'K, 20J HROADWAT, NEAR FULTON slret-i. gound tlooi-.?Naturall/ed ciU/cu* musl ?u-'t rrniui'um. i*?rr? mourns luiormation must Uti ttdtlre-scd Passport OWjc, b n *,$13 New York. SPKCIAT.-MR I*. OGRADY. RECENT!,Y OF TIIU Steven* Houso, Bluadwuy, has removed l? 754 Biuad * /. corner <>t Eighth street, where lie will be huppy lo ineel bit former friend: and putrous. Sl'ECIAI. NOTICE.-CAPTAIN R. T. .SUIM.INGUAW. ot the Hewaty-htnth Highlander*, N Y. 8. M., will leave on Monday mot uing, the Iflh Inst., for Beaufort, S U? where the reglmcut is nor. on duty. Friends or the regiment withInn an Interview with Hie oaplatn, or eny letters lhi-y may wish lo forward, lie. will be most happy to receive tnem ut hi* residence, 1*1 We*' Thirty-atith street, oral the Mercer Hoo?", corner ot Broome una Mercer at''"els. rno CONFEOTIOXERS?TAX BII.L. J. All thenisnnlaclurliigconfeotinocisin llilscity Md vi. ointiy are rerpietled to meet at Doluiouk o a, lOiner of Bios I. way nn.l Chambera street, on Monday evening, 14tb Ins:., at half psst 6 o'cloo*, In lefrrence to the proposed tar hill. ,\a mailers of vital importance lo lUt-lr Interest* will he presented, a mil attendance Ls cteaired. YETEKANB OR THE N ATXHiVAf. (WARD?NEW York. Apnl II, IS6*.' ?The annual meeting of this Association. for the election of (.'livers, will ho held at II- adquattera tNational Otnitil Armoryon Monday evening, litb lnat., at o'clock Roll will open at 8. au4 remain,Open one hoar. My order of COti. STBMSMn. Adiihx Y* vi.on, Adjutant. " " " SH SItAb. A SEVEN OCTAVE (.'RAND PIANO. OF BROADBKNr A Mou'e. ixiuooti mokr, will be told choa>> for cash, or will be etch .uged (ot a square piano. Apply at IM (fraud afreet. A BARGAIN.?TO CASH PCRCHA&ERR, PPIGP ?t?; sploudid rosewood, foil ait otlwe Melnib-on, iierfecMy new, without fault or blemish; i? itho'ii one-half the usual price; celebrated maker, Ac. Apply lo McDONALD A CO., Ml Bowery, near Fourth avenue, A ORE-IT BAROAIV?SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD . Piano, If void this week, price glrdl; cos jri't- uueyear ago, g-'o'l i ail at No. go W>a* filetvn'h street, e few d"ors wea. oi Broidwsy, Monday and Thuiadar, before two o'clock, or Saturday during the day. Anew piano <cnoi-i.KT- for stvdy?price 96: movable transposition, by Hhoilet, profosurol musical lmprov.alng. which enables puptis to learn ine Piano without the si<1 ol a maat.?r to tr tiisi-oie Into all keys, and compose piece* of music; price hi < onta. New n.-il.od by Choi let; l.vciity-foor liinc." learned in twenty Tour lesson*; new. compoaitluaa by Chollet?8 waltaca, b redo* as, 6 poUaa; price libteuts. Offlecltd PudI avenue; plauoa tuned. CHOLLKT. AMAUNIPiOEXT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOform for sale. Eli gant carved leys anil cuac, overstrung has*, lull lion plate, Umd with aailntvood; ha . all modern Improvement*; mad" to order: been in use aevi-n months; C. St $tw, for $2G0, including Wool cud Cover. A'co, P*rlor Fiuntiure ai a saoliice, Inquire a< 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. AS A TEACHER.?A GKN fl.hX t N FROM ITAl.Y, 1\ wltk(bed refeienocaand lung experience In teaching cecal mode, gtuiar. l'reueh uud Italian, wishes Board In a family In New York or Brooklyn asun equivalent lorltiUion. Addrejy C. W., box tO\ ll?i aid ?:iiu?. Banjo t.u'oht?by j. di.nox. the champion Ban ioUI Ht.<l .0$ Dhuc"-. Pal at 191 cherry airc-t, ix iw cu Markm an J Kike a-reeU. Depot ok the Alexandre oro an, Koi Churches, Chapel.', HcLuola unil Drawiaz (tonus, 'Jr. Bioaiwar. POLE MEDAL OK HONOR At Die Cuivfraal Kil.tbHIoa of 1866. Th < magniOoniitiaatrnm<-ut (patented In the Tnllc! fna'e* M i 5, ln.'Ai. which tlm ht-llllfttil performance <>f THALBKRU, VTT.VNOAA and MI.I.K. WET.LIB liaroiend. red a# popular In Vinenon .<a In Europe, ha* be*n adop'f't 6/ the (icaU-l arti t and crnnpaaeraoi boib'-onUUOTTSC7IIALK, M.-.7.T, KOSRTNI, MRYFRBKKR. *' . Ac Tn* Ai (audit Oiaau is c<?leb'atc,i for the aoiidity AMI pn> d>icn of lta cieeharjiain, a< veil as for the fnllneaaaad power of Ua tone, and the remarkable quality of h.rpin* pci-r?<;iiy in iuue i*> all t-lirnair*. Frier* ui flit dnpot, $46, $S0, $100, tICO, |186, |nj, %2'*). ROXt, *HU. XOO A detcriptupctroiiLr M-nl to any adderas on appltaatlOii (o K. KABRKOl lirrEH, Jr., 30.1 Broadway. Iitii.o lei of Una-' in ArcordcOna. Vienna. Violin Hiriujl , An. fjlOR BALE AT A 8A<iJtlEIfKMTWO PIANOS, ONE 1? ioantvood, tbe other matioaaur Clan b? n for a wreck or ten tats by a ;.plylii* a l !*1 Fourth siren, WIlliaMsburg. *'ri> MCrl'R.V T1IK HOPES Til AT LEA A K MK,'-AS .1 ami# by Mr. C illlna, In the "Coileon Kawn." Jtiat j' ll'11a rd .it PALY H, aid limn J *lieet,.wi?h additional vrrda al b.i unl ..f tin jiif.i-. Ala 'i'let.r l?nl Mllk.ak Her Coir." Raoli * i i ntn. JVi hm fjwiHi] to A7 Attrn Mreot, near Orand, where lio cor.tuiueaiorerrirepupila..' rauiKnieterm*. N'l.W V'OC VI. MI SIC.--I WILL BR TBI I: TO THKK. !A I'nui.) for roilr Tboiiqhia;" "Lllte .'01.117 Un;" Km! "Whj ii.. ly Luidl Ou" by blryh"n C. |'i.aMr. "Ml**!! wo ktinw oa,h otl.or Tbrro?" bf thr H?r. It I. ry. "fHiiiil ffordi f t AIL1 by J. RobrrM. "There m a KoaHltiil World." by t. .M. Il'.imm. The?e ooi-go will Ur ior> popular. Frhollren'.aearh: mailed Iree. "Khali wo Kioiiv ca<:h o'hei Tho.t'.V 14 |.til>lial?eO In CU'-ap f jr 111 f. r <-..<rtraaiM Sunday SMio >'.? . price 1 oenls each, 24 c-n'a por ilu/.'b, 9- i?f bnu?lro4 iimataXR 1 n?nt. Publish-*! bv II01! AO. WATRIM, Agont, 491 Broadway, ORGANIST.?A FIRST CLASS OROAM3T IS J?Kl?f inn* ' f obt.iuiug a silmi '11 in liila city; cab giro th? N -t .o.'rrrtiC'H In lo^nrd to -tmrar'or and Fiji ,iirti-ulai?..pp.y to S. Jackaoa. 4i Macd-Jugat arett, or addTM Organ!*'. IUOVCIIM'k. N. J. ORG \NIST.?AN ORGANIST, OF TEN YKVRri' EXPEr'-ue in Ihr tir?t l"i >tegiant rhurrhe*. dralrea an enr cm nt all' r lite 1-4 proaimo, Atldreae OigauLi, Lot 2,711 W.T. I'QftoOoo. _______ _____ PIANOFORTE FOR MAJ.R-A Flv'K KOSBWOOD PI'"0. dSi " taie, ir'<o plate, made by J. IViaon, will bo ?'> J oh- ii|> at UMll?K|ttr itir-ol. TJIAMOFORTRH?OF 8ITEHTOR TONS AND FINISH, X lor "?1. ni l to 111 1W at pri- ? to ault tho U11100. Ihuue* wmI nu, 10 por-haao will At! It to th.-lr advantage to rail on JAMES VAN K.J'EIt, 171 W(. trratroM, noai Ml.o Vcr. 'rilF. lit.KACT. WATERH PIANO* AND MELODRONS J ?ad AlexandreOr-fana, aud i. Gl.bert A Co. a crl-hrefd Jr.' list. l'-un-n, ate Ilia l?ua?i ir,?ir'imrnin lor parlor una cb r< h-a no v m - s?. A l-wii" aaaailnianl can h? trcn ?t tb? naw wararooma, No 4H Hroad ray, l-ntwaeii 'Irimt and Brnoir* Mreota, whlrli w ill be a?ld at asmematy low pricaa. I'ia"'.? curt Mrloleoos, 11010 awi?dr> makara, paw and aeaoud hue it, to tot, and r?nt ullonrd If pur- based as par agra-mant. Monthly pajui?ula rwalrad for tha a*ni? Hhaet Music, M i?ia Hooka rod ail k-adt of M>i*lc Mrrubau-llac at war I rlone. A piauial iu atteudanr* will try new muata, BILLIARDS. Al-a flOR HTOI'I OF REIT AND fttCOMD HARD MMlard Tablet, wlib rh ao . Combination Culislonn, f ir talc at price to anltjlif time" rHBLAR A COI.LBRDKB, ? to W Croaby atraet, tt. T. A REMOVAL-BILLIARDS.-THE COLUMBIA BIL I'ard R-Kim will rrmora on tha la' of May to tha aoutfleaat rornar ar Broadway and Twenty-a* "nd atree*, being the Oral cornar below Ilia old location. T. I). KILT>tfPP, Proprietor. BILLIARD* -TO LET, TUB LAROB ROOM 100 I I5LT n Broadway, northeast o'-rnar of Twenty-aaroud -itraat, now ooouptM br Mr. Kliduff, ona of tha b*at h-natlona Ip ton City for lb# bustnose App'f ! 1*"- K*?( Ta-rnty w "d aweet from 8 to 11 A. M. or 1 to 2 I'. M. J M. DRNN1B. FBOtt R4I.R (JUBAI'-TWO Plf.I.TAfn I* nearly "aw, Phetan'a patant rush,one, Benjamin A lr-o ard a mnka, mart-le heda. Inuulra OP lb? ptemisca, AM (Jr.nd at i eft fPHR CLAPE TO PI.AV A SOCIAL OAMR of BIL 1 l f-1 d - ia it Uf Pi lion h f?[, where ia kain x-od Tenia*, good AI-* Wlnr., Liquor and the bcal of He*ara If you wish to anjoy youraatt g t - 159. IM8CINU At AURNIKI. yi* I.RH?fl!** AT MAOA-'K SAtftAOKATPB fMNfllRf)

i I Aaadauiy, hit M.-oa-lw.iy, -rw a- ITl -cut In roaster all ha lai- na N< apt Oi# I'a t.< ? Waiir Briiry p-R I faurM * i rr'rlj arid rosd? 1" p1 tatln Im i "dlal-lr WIM lad* d?J rare Oo- I e\ ory o> - iur I -i . ant uracilor unoay, april 13, i ^ A faint hiior, Worth at lraht simi to sim, ts li be mH>I lor lit. lU'iuuv, Ou in" iljr at |w |mhI alt op. No S North m a1 rest, nour Knur Ort atreot, Prat ll-or, fi uui ten nil tiiroo 0'olm.k, o. at lei b rd atore under Ihu pain', (hop Baker* nor sal.k -doinu a oooo htofe bubi11 mi; Ulaouu til'lite littHl bla-ilalu tlieo tv tin la i .!/ Uak.u*, tuuai iujmiuL am. vr II li-a'vea at a eaoiUiM. toi particular*inquire ai Mu Kut Tuiri.t ?-.cow! ai. et BAKKKV nor SAf.h cuka1* --wkll kotab/.tsited. aeddo'ng a en--, burin ?i A iamciaii<io for A p. m.u ulm a lawns. ho. a. l/uivotalty pin e. < ?>"ni'i,iw i or HA lb.?A i Of ON M.. At >K WM.mut V ' lop Co llJt'Tb, luted 111 a d. j g >oJb Kioto, I r. lt) I uCO|., nUn Shalt log, H' ioi?, Ac &C.; a.a.) a 1 li'jjs I'itTOT. Ap>p y at ?13 Grenuwtoh turret. 1,1011 &ai.R?thkbr 8kooi.d HAND CU'LlNDIiR italic ra, '.4 ut b a Uiim.i t r, foctt n^. lu ? o: dor, with txiDti-'iHioua. ?til l- anil totuii tor i.-kii. Ap i t'a T1I08. SUOKTLANJI, S't North pier, Atlantic Dooka, fcruok,') ? tpok balr-OIIRAH, dho'9 8nav and oAkr r Bakery, to i ra,.u ct.ttloi.iti ; four year* is. 'Ultahod i ckelusive Caer. buft ue.vs 0." S'.D.IO) a )tt?r route , k:<>0 J tt 1)1 mi I nature*. KMtna for (telling, other b>u,ln??a o u;hob alt hta time For turth'T tiarnc ilara Inquire on 11 e iiiutnljes uf L. likyo, Ml w? Btghteenth street, Nov. York. TilOR SALE?TUB STOCK AND f5 vTOI'88 ON A SMALL V Nancy Store, doing n<.;ond bnaine.ui In the ttUtr nlnf Hue) hlnok kbtrniM for .l.tnry in alt :u. Umrn he?, untal Oo fold ?a the proprietor le nnont to leave far E tropi ; will be sold cheap. Ajtjily at *1. U?wery. FOK SAliR INW lP'llNdTON?A ItOARDIVO HCUIHR, In oun .of the best locu'lllca on I'enneylvantH avt niie. being n ur moit of lUr principal houiia. Uua Men eeiaitliaiiea Over twenty ye >t a, mi J has n fine Irmi.tieut ouHotn. Would make one of tlir nuat tanda In the rity lor ? first cUa. rem la'ir.tnt Willie aotii cheap for each Tie; [e-eaeot pcoptletor ivialies to retire ft >nt the ho.Kipetg For parlinulart nquire ol W fl SIliRLDS, Col glnae itiaituf tiliirer, room S3 New Haven depot, Krankliu ?uu Etot *t.e<;l>, Nee York. For sale?thb stock and nikto&es of a linger Bier nalooa ai' J X'ortui li oar, at 72 Third turret. Terms reaaonuble. For sale?the stuok of tinjTarb and stoves lu Thlril nvertu', near Hlgli'y ?"co ttl atreot. Yorkrtlle, and ate re to let. FOB SAI.e-A cONKEf.TIONKKY h'lOltli. six YE.AR8 eetabUalied; lite lies', l-ucallon !u Ho- ct.. lu .uilog a gRiul cash buatueaa; an rapti -;.i dwortmati ? :!! M.y tf wimtcd, i nw wvticm iifo /n?' ? iui \ium f -'ir. 11 i" r. I Call to the blorr, cornet of Canal find Thompson atretic. T710R HAM-\ own MOHERY.IOB OMUI AND r Oy. V r Saloon, iu ou oi Urn b-,,1 lor if otis .n the my; .nil be Eold at o bargain. Apply on thr premise* 165 Stvth avenue. JA<'K SALE?AN Kltrt SON CAtOKIO ENGINE, U r inrhaa rtian.our. J-' /i jurli.ti'a . apply to SAMUEL Mil.'.s, .it the in a til..? ah j,. ol .'.If. V ur, hit.'1 t o btreet, tear building, or Co ." ULDlC FBaNVK.Pearl o tol, Urat floor. t,ior s a lb?a hi; rrr.p; shop, with m sewinu JC Mi.fhiaw to ft.11 nptia1 n; tuarhiur. run by ileum jiower. Tina ! a in ft! chain a tot pe.-ous who llko a light, ueat and'vc.y proiiiable buklnefs, tui toe good* u.r In groat demand. (5 od re*-tons gl tun for ?. Utn*. P'or full i urtioulara apply or. the pre mises at It Fulton ?tiiel, Brooklyn, up atafr*. 1JAOR SALE CIIKAP?THE T.KASF STOCK AND KTXT tui"-tf ihe Caret Beer, Oyster aud D.uimj; Saloon, o om do air bususs* t tat l?o sold a* 1 have oilis nea? to t,!'ond to. litpuiio of I*. OffALE, In li.o a*!uou; 709 Btatb svenur. ftOR SALE?A STEAK ENOIWE A.?D LOCOStOTTTE Boiler, about ten horsft power; oau ho aeort running; will b?aolrt I u oar '.utrdiin v.tlar. Apply lo P. F ASSiDY, No* 1 to H) Bridge street, Brooklyn, dealer In all kiuds of machinery. "L'MK SALE?THE FIXTURES, AC , OF A FIRST CLASS r Knellth Ale House; on* 0< the best locations for bustitrH.1 in tae city; a foiv tlourri i r >tit B.r. td'.ray and t eat' llie tbrstres. Alao, Itie House to lot: lo a aolrrtit tenant and ensh customer n bargain is offrtrd. No i .nn'i need apply. Address. with real name, T. Wlllton, boa a:?? itrrald olllce. Ti'OR BALK?THE GOOD WILL AND FIXTURES OF A J? flue llHior a'o e, (Mug a ttaod bu*lnr** and iu a Uuo location. luqulre at DO Ballet atrsrr. TNOR SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD l1 will of the old t'Hii! Di ed Hat. V'sp and Fur Store .181 Canal short; attached i < a lat-gi, well IP b ted and well ventlla'rd workshop sutllr'eot for twenty flulrh-rs. trimmers, j and capmaker*. Apply a* above. FOR SALE?( HEAP FOB CASH-THK STOCK. OL tun- and flood WiU of the Stationery, Toy md Periodica! Store All HDth avenue, one door above KlUeeuth ?ttwt. 1 No sgen' or auctioneers need apply. Jututrn !n the store, iu j the evening. FOR SALE-TUti RECIPE AND ENTIRE BUSINESS of Lord Ward Worc Btandtiru Sauce, Machinery sad Stork ou hand. The proprlrt- r having other buatneas, cannot attend to It. Adore** O. E. D., t oi ikt) Herald olllce. I MM SALS.?A SODA W VTBR MANCI AGTOBY API'A. 1 t'in. (English patent), vr.'lli Bottling Table attached, milt, able for druggl?l* or ' uulToliOiitrs, for Bale . heap at 2d Bedford otrttt t corner 01 Downing, church basement. 1PM BAAE-A SMALL, NEAT. NEWLY FITTED CP Keetuui ant, Oyster and Irs Cieam Saloon; rent low and Allure*cheap; a ^Ood pile e lor bit?li.ei|*; ri asou for acltlug, want of mean*. Apply on lie prenuaoa, 2h Kh-,1 Twelfth street. JViOK SA I E -THE W AVKKf.EV 1IOTM. COMPLETELY I? furnished; m ch a ooe ael. mil odeicd; on the Bloom'.ngdale road sod Nlneiy-aUth sticd; m n mitt roj't hoime. It lia? no <'141111'. The iibncr hotel will be. Hold "i a: it great biripi I ri to a caMi customer. N?ue oilers nerd apply, Iotiulroon the prewiacg ol CEORCE W. JENKINS, 1 proprietor. 1210ft 8ALB-A IWHORSE POWBREXt 1KB. 30 INCH J? cyllttd :r, 4 feetuke; ai-st, tn Upright Engine, 6ineh ! cylinder, 16 In'.Uea btioke; a Poult" v Kutri'i-:: about SO tee ; of 4 lnrh Sh if'ir't. j quantity of he'tlng, varFutsiitaes; s.oo ! Her Hrirlt; 100 VVhenh'.. ror ,, h i uLle log b' lckrard; I i Carts, A". A 1 t.iy to BAN KS A AN HE ItSON, M Wall street, I or el the East Hirer il.tnk, Mm Br atltva/. BIOR sale?a bah ani? billiaho saloon ? 1 A. p 1 ? ifti Hi.; IOB UHl (YBOCBRY 11<T' 8ALB?NO. IISIWXTH AVENUE, X rorn. 1 01' Tw-cltth sired ; o:.? of the bent locations in the city. S ..-1 00 account of too n.vuur tpiiuiny >bc btudave*. HOIKL AND RESTAURANT FOR SALE LOW? Known as ha ItaDlc, N". 9 East Houston aim t, Mrat door from Broadway. es;abll*h"d lit e year*, doing a snooessful Vieine#". Inquire oj the premises. N. B-?A tot of empty liquor cask*. ;>nd demijohns for gate, JOHN I. HNEDIEERS HOTEL.?FOR SALE, THE inoee If 'el. ctut iple'idy ftirn atu d lu (he latest and most tap" ,0.1 manner, el'tatcd on the Brooklyn and Jamaica riant rtoada rt she dt'anec fiom both the UlIou and Cen'revlile ItaiOtChn rses. tot; ther with about 23 a rea of Laud, on which an* tun 1 u-,,#.-, an.I moat <!?*? : .It!,- ?iah!e aee'irnuio latloo, is now offered for sale, on the ir.-j?t liberal t-'tmr. A s a firs' clasa r "i houae It h?? no equ;>t. a id 11 a ofer ia so uppot tnnlty eld-'in oT- red, to any one wishing to go in ludut ji lmini, aa pMresaloD srlil be giveu on the Is of May, IS&i. Tlin inn ! attached will be reduced to w hatever nombrt of irrn the pu'-n'mMsr may desire. If not si.Id immediately, it .could be h-ased lor a b-rtn of year* to a or* class, 1 . -pun-ible leo>uS. For f other Inionnatloa eud partii uIsih ad lr. hh ?r Impure of JOHN A. CROSS, cat- of Martin Cross, iuiob.u dealer, foot of Motion alrceu Wllliani burg L. I. -\r INDLIN'I WOOD FACTORY FOIt SAI B OR To LETIN, or a Partner taken la on equal Ivrma, with amall capi la!, from *t?0 to Thr V r*rry liste bnen in op< railon tor iiv-i. yeara; envd*, Poller and wood apliUermiupietc. I i in hit Inquire o K BIRSIvK, at the ?*rl, Kiile-drat at reel a-"'. Third areiv;*, Imtn 1 to 11' A. M. ?' d 2 ; c. r. m. MI1.I.H IHK K* liK I.N CAN AIIA WLAT-A STEAM llrt t Mill, with |i i tin. o *l?ti'?? ami Cii-mlar N iw Mill. Tin i cost nrrr f",(X)0 The Owner, being engaged In IMI MilMto bcip o - trade ?r the rlli.n: won'd sell Ihetn to iiuloi feiiitncM uiau for near knlf ef Aral cost. Tin" ?r. i,?n: If new, m . doii.,:a r.ul I islnos; ?if tdvanI ,gn 'Hij situated m 'If Mrifni, UM station ( Imp Oil'lpli bron-'j w'tlie Or?rt Wr rem Railway; would take pmni'ily for a pn'lortbt p uchve of WM. K'lW.HI Itijll Hrauchtou, C. W. c*triv ? . ' if nnsT to .1 n lo borne pow T wph mi > n I rmnn> ii "i 'i'fl, n If new . abd in pciiitvl oi'ei. A pi. .t tbt> Factory, 1i.?jIIji?. tin ??. To caisrtaih-' MtFi.::a-roR sale, an oldesFibt'shsd CaTta-p- if i ifoctor*. with -tort, toela ntd tier yenra' leaae, In a 'o m'lon 11* a ohotfip lot of tuV Ioiwm*. Apply r HI-DOE A i. A' HKKr, No. lit" !* -? k slip, N?w fo k. rro Loan on hond and ?!2t?ii> J. Jit, HI. torn niino of ?l IOoU, Al.MI and 1 j""ti. ot which n op Iojiip'I a'i> a i"*r oti.t < ? lirnt ? p < p>. pcrtr. Wanwd, Ilir> n L In . ! .v 'or -tiro foj.o ty down town, smaller aunts io toui lu Rnoilyg. Apply to ROHKRP FEKUChOX, 77 Cdaforoet, b ;l .esn Nnetau alt land Bmadw.iy. raiuioMAii. BII.LV OANNiN WEKT AWAY, ON THE NT 11 INST.I fro. I h'. (1 V( 1 H e houae, 144 Hr?i Twiiat) eighih sir-lit. Had on M'le srenlii. <1?>k eoat, hickory anlrt ntaek nock lie. Age about Afty y core. Any on" Bin"* Inhumation of 1dm WlTl be libel > , *? ! ! Ill We,, Twenty c.f-.M i st. C1UH.HRF.H Taken ior adoftion-also ciiil/ Uruii a ' o't-'l out to good hoatca, (.'.ill on Madame P*?. ealte, .'lit! Weil 12Tb si. IE TillJ BARON WHO SAT ON THE NOSE OF TUB Hphyni me* It la, trt liltn write to the General ot oiv*, id nil will bo wall. MSUINL. INFORMATION WANTEII.-I.BTT IITS HOME, ON SfNtliy Marrh .M1, Win. E. Ki.rdon, agrdiW yenia; beigbt ?h<'Ut?i :l 8 Inches; Jiark erlilskara. mnstuube, bion u hair: hsd on dsr* tm?A pants, dnr hltie pe? Jacket, pstenl lantbnr b<iut?, . id .?law pruwn di ib bat. A?? tufoi iuailon riaie tirgtilm will !> 'thi.i.itfnMy receivod at ,he rraldrn'o ol bla | ar> nti, Id Kilty-1Mb atrtet, between Broadway nod ElghtU nrenue. INFORMATION WAN I ED?OF MANOEL JOSE I?E Niura Marhii to, a salbir, auti of R Candida dc Bctteuennrt, of the lat.i' I of Ter.ira, w.o 1* aald to have re.lded In Nee Bedford and sailed '."^p I n rs. Inquire at the I'ortuginae < oi.? 'ale. 112 i'tsrl iWe1, N w YorlL domi i.mem.-i?-tub polkkmam who 1'afwbd JL mo io i'h.a! t'.rcat, uc?r v?r. k, ua the mb of O* ?nibs r i??t, tin'l m < ? iwn coins not 01 mkl p aralaos h?-*illiiy. when lis dlr?>?nd to ' .hereon market ouurl, will rail or emi hie <1>irou> to m" i,* km; uoun.on immediately, be will cmf* r gfe * fevor. 'in. obmti'sj 10 i' is car* to a i my ib tli'ir* |f?t nlylil, april 10, will pl<m*o addreee mr* L. It., i'n.o . iiaere font c*io or uoufroy. krikmd moket. -nili,r. mrh wapn8r, fokmbkliy op mp hddsoh tt k r'iot c?i, !?? o ttis- o; am'ty and wooeti'i itli?it?. or *f m rrr,. h tul, ab-l grt * is'le vldroee- d to hoot j. a taftlt 11*9 l'ry." waitfnd pat'bwtijt for a t* 1 iter l'i# " - lil* ?' rw. haiirroaoi. Hliofioh rivrr raii/h.uao.?tkaims por amiant. i'my, loo / ;n?j w> i imc lhim'.e ? ?'.rtct?'7 ill ii a.* i . *-i.l 3 1,0 no i 10 v m. xti.w york, h ki.i5m am' al.ltany railroad. i i> ai .o,'l v, o'lrm tii'l tponu w ?'"> ai*r?"; o. in., .. i?j; monday, w?" i .l^ ? ' for alben; - i 'j a m rip *? m ,u tram, t!? twol1> nth * f ?i ' * i t >t h ' io^h! if* i? * tl.v.* riwl, i joii# !mrriuku attlfltaih 3>i{iftr1flte9 ittfc gJM " ' MLiawmub tcarrirfc. AOOO fwrksTMEirf-BranrH AVBNUR IOTB fi i onto ?Ti n* LuUoa Uiv beil tide, outui-i- of Kifl*. 01. ulh a re.I (1U) fool wtdo) mid wniiiu a block of 0 -ut.tit Park. 8;,id arpar it" or together. Arid/ to 8. L. LUB, 301 t' omit...'/, tiukom at. AHUM8EK OE OOUMrRY KK.HDKNU8S TO HELL. I*>l or Exchange, furnished or ua t.ruirhed, near the tkr.u *1 I ki U<-Hi r Ooiii.Ij, kl rc.i*'u.iblc iriilo. Appl/ to U. W HlMiETT. c.-d t if Obu ..a<u and Uhambor.1, sir- .i? la.o i b.ilittLii o<.ok A N AflUttKAHLB AND MBAl/l'iy OOl'NTRT PLAOR J.X. t n 01 to l> l, partly 1 ununited, about 36 utile.* from l. cl y. 1 ,J 11 tttcnmhrvii 1*0 i ll! The house contain* *0 ,.o tua, is nitutUo 1 011 high gro n<f on the 8" uid, near liititdn ;lou It 1.. wliii g.-t at * t' r hoatlng, ballitn/JT Axing, Ao. _A|?o|y u. A. 1*. dAN, iH Wall al.eob A BAUOAIN. Pvr k.ilc. at 76 Kh?1 Twenty thlr' sire fc'ir story .t.ll ..! -ill it - u k'ontt iroiii lloukc. J6i90 it ci, in exerlleut oidcr; wat 1 uiitl giut th rait h'.ut, mil all llit uiodcru ton\tex, with enrty |ot ??nou. Torn* easy; prloo i nly S13. no. Hold for mat Of uao. Lot XUO feet deep. Tba Ho use uuttl. not lie liulli for in..oh leaa than |>U.i?Hj. ami the Loit 00 '1 from #7 W to $8.0 *1. r'or u-rinta to new too upplj In B. H. Lu.llow A Go. AJmi fox unia, an ultra largo 110 1*- and Stable on Madl.ja S (U'r?. A| jily itir price to E. II. LUDLOW A CO.; Ho, 3 X*ino otr. ct. A KINK BUSINESS PBOPBRIT IN 8* LOUIS, NTS' , ? 1 mil, lo 11 eii on 8(. Olinilu* street, near the near hotel, rained at $25,0(10, fnr talc, or rveh.tiige for improv. <| Mew York propel ly. Apply to IRELAND i WEJB, M Cedar strict. A FIRST CLASH I!ROWN 81XJNR HOUSE FOE Hah Witt: or without Furniture. The l.ona la four btorlea 26x60, with all modern luij r..eiinenta, situate on a wide altei?. n ar Broadway. The mm'lure (? nearly new, sod very umisouio. Will he a graat sacrifice. 0HAU1.ES B. MIlIiS, 3* Uedui- street. A ROOM YBUIOS; AMD BROWN HTONB BASKMKMT ./T Hour i ?fbr sale, No. 905 Ear. Tenth at rent; pried The si ret. by reason of fl-rry traffic And otherwise, Is destined to a veiy high standard l?r property vain# AMCE.*RMALI. PAUM. ALL NEW BUILDINGS. AD joluing the city limitsof Blnglibmton, to be soli forth with, fori.hut the buildings nlouo coat; overlooksthocity, rivers, railroads. Ao. Anp!y to J. W.-BARTLKTT, owner, ?7d 11 mud way. V w Yuri. May bo eitchaueed. Call and at'? the photographs; AB*VaHM FOR hU.K. EYi'UANUK OR TO I.KIM5, containing fi> acres, it tulle. Iruin New YurV; writ ?>. teie.l, slopes nice'/ to the south ; SJ< ml lea from the ml'road, luqu'.-uut A. P., curaer of Twenty -eighth street aud Ninth avenue. T)spore PURCHASING OR HIRING, EXAMINE .1) th e elegant, thorough built and newly designed brick Cottages. nim tin-shin* >n Sixty-ninth ilttet, west of Broadway. Contain the modern improvements, with garden ail 10 md. Ninth hio.iuc Company oxtendi&g thrdr tracks with tu lour hi el.* Tarins . a v. Apply to Vv. S. EORLt, on the gio md, or CimtlPr A tiRAKF, 131 Nassau street. Brick factory, it-xao. and truer lots, with teu bo - .c Kr. ;.ne Butler and ohnftiug, for sale or u> lease, on illl.L. aire- t, i ar Third avenue, Harlem. Impure nc <t door, or at lfjl Chambers atrect, New York. Desirable country seat in wb-w.mirstf.r eouu: y for tale, near the idly, ou the Bonn I, ttiUanle for r<den-a tbu vei.; round; I.a* al! outbuildings c u tuple to, and the limit) t has gas, water chisels, Ac., and tbeconvultrues of a city dwelling; health, sc. nary, comforts, not surpas d by any Im-allou. Can l>? reached Irora tne city Iu leas than t'.n hou, bv private c.invtysuce and by steamboat aud ri man every ho ir. Will be aold vr.-y low, anil 80 pr cent left on lKind and mortgage, or will euhuiige for good city pr perty. ipply to A. M. LYOX, 1M Wall divet, cube wanted.?the owe be OK myebal NEW L' tliii-u story brh k and brown atone housed, in j;ood locatiooaai.d ll.;lnly tnort used, will xJmn ;e f ir 100 ictcsgood land, with < r wtllion' linproretueuls; must lie in \ lew o*sea slim-c or aeorid and cunvt nlaot of access; New Jersey preferred. Address Builder, but S.0B1 Post office. U?0R hale?at ovstkr BAY. I.. I.. A NICE, kn(fu< J* handy Phi'iii of fuity-twu acres, convenient to earn aud bent, about ten minutes' rt.le, Just the place fur a merchant doing business in the city. House modern. Outbuilding* good and lind In tins order. for particulars address W. u. Van Wyrlt, Oyster Hay, L. I. iitOR SALE?ON THE KARITAN RIVER, NEAR NEW 1 UriiLLsiviek. a v..l-iah> farm, con slnl ig one hundred acre* of land, with a variety of fruit and ah ide In et and cotumodlo-ta dwelling house and -outbuildings; nil in complete cr ier. Inquire of WARREN IIAKDHNdERGU, No W Wall street. IjdOR SALE?ON STAIRS INLAND, NEAR A RAIL. road depot and Htt-atnlual laaulny, a very productive and highly cultivated farm, with plenty of fruit, god-i dwelling, barns, carriage bouse, Ac., all in order; the vlaiv from the Vow I- one of tli? tlncsi on Ilia Island: aim baud mutely I icate t Plots, fur building purposes, near vaudevblll's Ian fling. Apply t? BULKLKt PINK, id Wall street, Jauncey court. ltou sai E YT a ore AT bargain?a TITREB STORY r and high stoop and coun'er rellar House, 22>5st feet deep; lot If.'vtH fret 9 (nrhes deep: v. dh hot air ftll usees and all of the Improvements; well arranged tor on - w more famine.". I'ur pat titulars iuqulic at No. 3U4 West Thirtyalkth street, on the. prMnuca. FOR fiAI.E?TIIE PROPERTY US WEST TWENTYItrst street, IPs: lot from Eighth avenue. Tole'.pattof Cottjnc lit West Thlrtf-foarth street; ?n ruoms, water and g InqnJroof J. HlilOINS, ACV N.nth avenue. IflOR BA1.E-JTOUR BKABTirUIXT LOOATED COUN 1 by Seats, on the Parnate riier, N. J., Iwetily a- tea vs-h: near the citj of I'n.rrson. havlue a it yf.ue rtvri (ront: withIn one hunt of Kev.- i ark. Inquire id It AMES SIMMONS, on l/or. haek or kxchanob-tub For,i,owing 1 lirel cIb?'. h'xr-iu .ml Country 8'ate:?Ten on lb* North river, from 4 to SCO urrcn ciu j : a la Wertchrsler, 3 to 2:0 ecres; 12 on Louif lelund, 8 OMUJ eere*! 3 on b -teu le'md, 1 to U) ecu; 24 in New Jern ,6 to SOU error. Aim |uo etlirre iii ue*ue bio loom lone; >,i vi iTotu $7fi0 to HO.OUM. IKEEANli a webb, fH Cedar errr-l. IjAOE 8.tLR-IN HROOhii.Vlf, ONE IfANbHOMU TWO Sc *loty hwKment Coit?:,e lion*", eiltiefrd on l.efeveit* avenue, belwu en N..Miami nod Meier nvetme*, Ibio"k* troru I>e K?!ii iretnip rare; in lot fl.KOU. Iuuuite on the pri iniw-* oi W. MARTAlif. L"IOR8\EKoK EXCHANGE? A FARM IN Pl.NNSVL, .T vauu?( one bundled *ci" , me'vuiaiprtited; M'0"l.e i r <peon4 lii,plem?titn; ?: free , f In imbr: .ice, I'm ;i henee end lot In Brooklyn or in ll,? E?*'orit l>i*trt--4. B. Hl'TOU IN ;OV, I ,| street, B/uukiyn. Cut! utter e .o'clock FIB UOR HARE?A VII,r,A CHATEAU, El,EVEN ROOMS, Jr four 1,1*, i*irmse house. beautiful eliutt ion, $1.-tit) A Inrp! double Men*' a. twelve e-ns ?l/.i J lot*, csiriaite honuo, Ar., yfl ;*>,>, Ann ti?*r, elyM ini* fS.'W, rp'endtd wrier eleven. Also, two vtlhi pi ,:.t, 6l*2lo two fronts, water rle* n, Alt, BI.Mri; trrv liltle neel) rr<iulrt*l untitle ; Hundred .ml T'jlrtj-. e.ventii al'oet, liter llsil?m Hi idm* fee* ry end .Mot' llirin utel'ou. A^ji': ?l E ETON'S, 24 Beck m ill *t teet or ou the prerjl'v* d.V'y. j IJIOR 8.M.K-THK IfANDAOMB TUBER 8TORV, I1TOH i X. M i>|i, lirinvn stone fiimtHo'in No. 201 Colon m. -n, j between Clinton end Henry etreete, South ltr,>o..lj-u in n [ very d- IriHe iic Jl.bnruood, "iov to Co'itt irent rate. en t j only n !?'v to'ir'.lee* rulk. from TlaniT.on furry; I* well built I sua hr.sutl tiir i .mlern Improvemei.'s, with 2*i? litturre -nd j chend,diets Will lie sntn tor $8.'a?i. the jree'er icirt of whiub i tu ieui? u ou tund ea l moilxu '.e. App'y on the pie. i mines. Fon .mai.e-cur.ap, a pocit .story bri< k ho ire, wltii more, on l'.,riv second utrect, u".u ilie Weh.iwk' n ferry: a lline dory ned high tloep lion-eon Fifty si\th ? ? BOnr ih.t en intest nrrr.r, 1' r i.ti 1 iirnir, nun e liruwii Klun# lion" do. o I'", y-llr=: tiinri, lmttvveu I'iret uud S coud iiM-i' ?. i-ti sne lull; irun- .mi uii theebnrr mil lie | O'.rheujted tor s' ,J?eii:i*liii for ? yonn^ m n eoout etui i <r I n etorn, i,r turn F.i'ir,, with ? ,me cmb. Ad I T. F. 8., I If ield niliir.or ei ply el ne nouliwv?t'tn ai, ol BioaJwe* j end I lilrl;-r i t nOi i.lreei. IpOIt ma 1,E OR t" LET?a HHal'tifCE hovmk \5D . three mm* et E.ud; nil uiudorn toiino umrii.*, irvil I a ,, ki d u iti. fml? and O.netaeii'el tr ee; iic'^li'torliiK"' flt?t I cieee; within tui.y utlnnt i ot t.m ?iiy by rellmed every hoar. Term > 1 ,| I ol H. 110 to. ;j PI a# streeU , TiTtiR a VEE-A NKVV FOl It STtlltY AN'll ROKVHNT F iiitfL i ji I' o n I'll" IInu , ?r? iu? aouih nht at I Forty-flrs' H'ri m i >'' fifth men <-. TU<! ' |v i*t ut tl i 'irchiMM' money 11) )T remain ruot t n.v \ In' i '.Site boa <e or of P. V AN ANTWERP, No. 10 | Pin" tin i t. ! took rilb in im lOKr.vs-fi!: r < la.-- tiiube I L ??f>ry ?.>i*h hto'|j Homo, ivltb HI Hie urn I' ra hippie* . n. 'Mil Lj ih* day. liujuj,,. uu tbe }iicu,im-?, ici Pur t j ONM|lM TOOK hALR AT A 8Af Itll IC'K SIX * ROW .N STONE J; II I'i'i.iUiii .in'a enue, bdv e?n i'i ij-fllll mi l Fiftyili hi'mct?; or will rent them "heap for ?n? y?ar. < oouli t<> pn iiity i it and use*. Tl.en it a n.,u uu tbu pi? mi .* ? to jhw tb* hnuMa. TOOK - M.R. Vl.ltV f'tll.AP, I'OR l'\H??A BKVUTI F ftlK tli? gp.otuu I'Jomci t iii'i". Iij till anil runningthr Mich 2"0i*rt to it'iiiM -tii-. KciTuiit, Kew luia.y. A|piy 10 *V, LAM:. >, flfr I' uuPli it, \I Uilninaimrg. tooii stTi; on Kirn i'NuV-A T I 'l-r or ~:koi xnj F lwii;lUi>< , u*i ii ii'ii'lim*' "omoroi Wythe u..,nue aud II * lire*!, Bino<iifu, about I n't a mile from Die Son ill Betenfh -trret I err, ; 1 impiorrnnin'i ml, lulne, ?tnx da paved; won'4 ?? > cvbM y ' rtit a huu?p It. New fork well nl' :a.*- ! an 1 vm 'h fro". lw.1i iO ai" 00/ A u'j Co J. K SMITH, 19 Will ne. street. TOoH SALE OR LX'tilNlit 2*1 .A t It I: V~t"?T-" ;Tf p f top J<*nd. fr< ' nil clear, within 35 uiUca of Oiiloago, in Will county, iill^ rt ill bn old h*jr or clubauged ">i a ? iihI! C mtiiry PI*. ?. lu<(tilre at 2A Horvi ?ir*et. TOOK SM.K OK hXiTHANOE"lKOT Ml Oil MONET F waatvd' ?A three atmy <v. iden Holier and Lol, btilll etpr*.*<T for Bi.rkeiy. good wull of watei and *'ahl* fur * b"i?*; o Hi*, thriving illug. of Unit. nbiug, N ,t..0| ?> >ii'o 8">? ntleth Wreot, New Voi It. For further partb:?l*r?opa'y tu Squtrc I'tVt KK, ne*i tbe promt.**'or at Si Went TwontjOr*' I'rget, Nrw Inrt. TO OR*. bAl E OR EXUIANUB FOR OffV~PROPBBTf? r Tb? beautiful t'ortitry K*-i<i?tu* of ibr Utc.tiunrA Cennrr, to W?atulMiW*r cwibl on ib? read tradingrnmi W<- .i.-'ci in Raati hralri lb rtb* of a mlla Iram Iba :e*mtiua' lati'ilng. aa'l dm .ml >i hall able tivm Wllllamrbrlclgo A?f ?l The prot- rty couolra? 1 at. Of a flu# *tOM M inrion lluuar, wt'b large B*rn ?Brt OitUo'iwa. iI a- r*? of l*r4. oierfb-nl Oar.Itau, Orebard, with fr:iti and nrui'nODtal trte*. and ahrnbbcry and grapm In mil abundanur 2.1. of a la eg* p'aln Hon**, and U acroo adjolnliig,* i great numlwr of Irtdi traoa. . . Al. 01* new Ifo.i** ni.ii Ban. ?ud 15 a?r?l adjoining. A rtrr drairabl* rn?|.l*i < . , ^ ... ... , i ien acr?? additional gioundw. J b? had wllb rllh?rloU?J ' 4th. Of 'wo rarcolt of gronnd oa th? waat -'d* o^th-1 ro?d, onwi-ltr ILhi*. ronlalntna abuni ?rrea, vllh a itur ienri'* bonm, a tine * .mm of watar tunnliig (brangb it, undshonl two aeir* oi woodland. Applf to SKN?DlvT A t 1/kIT -Aal (HuA'aiauuL tiu?l? SalCm* ?XCHA!?Ol? OH TO HKNT-Vf\'K HEW F Kioto >!?? fr"?' II out a on tior'InKrly ?IUr or tint Korty-fl-** *'r??t. Brat Air hi'uar* From Koo.nd armor, lietwam I'lr?t ainl Soooiwl Mtiwi Wrro iuilli by ilMy'ii work, nod hum ?'1 thr ntndrrn I bmhh mailt*. Trron to milt pur?h?*. Apply to A. KKlMiEAN F, ly H"?)| atrrat, or In ibr third bouto on !aeprau.i?M LloTbALX OB. TO I.K I -A HOi tili, IN MbOOMlMtb r ion, II'.. noil ItinHort, r w nit-l large, nlnrir rood**. Tlnia to ofirn It now p?-rulli?rlr r.i?oraMa, rlir Ix ol hninia 111. Nicb'Ti*) tiaviii' rtculiy W n bunion ami ? III not bo leiiuHl. IT'it In v. to nno who will fi.ri-l?lt, nmi mnnov bm ird to '"iy fnrnUiiri' li (W-alrad, nilh permit an-irHe. El titoM* In I tin in iMifln?i u> f" rent. Trnonnf iwj. inriimvf'r .r*toat> y r Apply to I?. Lewi* or L. C. AfiepI'ii Bli? i n ' ill', Hnuiot Human, No. 2 I'lnt atrial, N- w Voi ., or i . ant rlla?, In W eattli d, Mm THOMAS mill i. hlOK Mi.K-AA KOHnVIM.K," fcTATKW IMiAED," A in 1.101 v an-l nUtr frnm* I Inn jr. Jtahn - , lngrthi r wl'h l.inr .u: e? Land, i rrjr |il " iiaHy In. atei, near ibr tlllafe, i,i ff. i rr io't, ! riiln. to i da| it. Tim Iloiian li , i in v n cu l l topftlr, *r Tln-rr in at*n a mpr walk o i ilii* | i trriri, A , *)'i'ljr to JOHN *1 AO i.'.'.iK.t' > i.tarl K'tdOl lilJCl OW REAL BOTATR. VWA-VV* '-VV^W *VV^WvVV\A>VAYVVVVAVVVVVV' IilOB HA Lit OR TO ItKT?IM BUOORLYIL rail 1 bro>. u 4 t'U? frost Hire s vl fon 0roeii phoe, our foil t >u avrnt.e, eonvrnieut to oar*; tie* ell the modoru Improve, mulaa.d in .Oinpieti order; w tjl be M>14 eta Croat barmin. Add. ear liOIIM, but U1 H'-TaiJ MCA b?Ott HALE -IN BROOKLYN. OHB NEAT TWO STORE i-aac nibiit fluting* Hou.j, alu te.| oil want aide of tittium atiett, between nitrllrait I Hark ?vi)iiur,., Ci *t '-"ii-a "O'h of Haik i'rlivi Rt <H>> Api ly lo ALI \ Ih'DKlt. Li I i.l. corner Bedford nud Park ai oimee. vton HALT! OR EXCHANGE-'! I it HOUSE AND LOf X No. r 'j .-levcnlli eirert. A rut in ivill bj u.iun in pert |iey. in.nt; the balance ran uu mortdago. Apply to ctia ow n r, on tlie premisoa. REAL ESTATE 10B HALU.-HOR SALE, TO LET .OR exrbaiiK , tlie brat rla.y l>rt>w i m?u" four ato. y htjA aUx.p Uoeau, JtM Lexington avenue, vritli nil the modern ua provemocU. Apply to W. GLAUS, 3J Twenty U.ih eireet. fJ'O E OilAMtiB-VALOABLE PRODtlQTIVR Pr IK I lyn property, near Fulton t try. ior a farm of thirty to lifty acuta, uear railroad dep.. ; healthy loueUou; pritM alo .i #4,50(1 Addreaa with prLc and full particular*. ! * 115 lie mid otllce, IA/A1TKO-A FAUM OR COUNTRY HHBIUKNOB, Tf within thirty mllea of the Uty, In exchange for a lull hi i. Dwelling llouae and Lot. r.ner tJux.n ap.are Afldraan witii 1 uli particulars, 0. En^uian, box i,S3t Near York I'oa offioe. II ANTED TO EXCHANGE?A DISTILLERY, ?N > * tjuhicy. 111., or unimproved Property In Brooklyn New York, lor Hardware. Add ran* U. 8., box ROW M. Louie, Ho. (JO r hit ?FOR sale at a sacrifice, a thuhmb iJIO.yUl/. atory English baaemant House, in iH-rfaol order; baa gae. water and bath: .air tally furnUbed. No. 141 Forty-erven th atreet, between Second ent^blrdyvaiiune <Ji7 ftflft -W?R SALE, A THREE STORY HlGffi P I iWUUi a loop brown alone fruul Houaa and Lot. The houaa tain good order, and la paioled turouzbouL It he* alwaya been occupied by the owner. Bice UOvW?119. Apply at 8* W.?t Thirty-first a. reel, near Sixth aveanau 'i' ueoutuino luting. IloVsHS, ROOMS. AO., WAWMP. A MAN ANDlHlS^WIFKr WITHOUT FAMILY, WIM to l.ire Part of a House on iirooklvn If eights, not naord than ten minute*'walk from Fultou ferry; owuer of honai profcited; root lunat be mudarite and will be prompUg paid Address for two day*. dtatiag amount of room nail rout, Scott, Herald office, k NW.IV'n lint tun ran rwnuirTBBd A would Ilk-1 > litre * furnished Hihim. Pay mini lake In board. with j r i Urea of Ukir.g a I'cw other boarders. House, if In llmr York, below Thirtieth stie I; if In Brooklyn o ivcuienl to ferriso. Reiervuoc giveu and required^ Address lax 138 Post office, Brooklyn. AOENT1.EM AN ' AND WIKB (AMERICAN), WITfl neliber children nor aervant, wtah lo hire (hire Rooms, with privilege of hatUroota, in a genteel house, situated in twteu Third and Hlxth avenues and Twenty-second anf T? enty-sixt! a. reels, at a moderate rent. Addreae Boonmms tan MB I'oat office. FURNISHED IIOUUR WANTED ?BKTWKKN POUBa tccnth anu Twenty-fifth street* and Broadway anf Jtltlith avi our; jiarl or all of the reol to be taken in Goan? Address O. O. B.. Herald office, FUKNISHKD ROOMS POIl HOUBRKEKPINQ VTANTBI by a small family, Cither iu city or country. Root not oyer $25 per monlh. Or would join another party la takliu a furnished hotiae. References given aud required. Am dress 11. W. P., bos 1,160 I'oat office. GROCERY stork.?WANTED to purtjiugb, A Ural sri Grocery, with slock, horse, w.'gon, Ao,,dM which sotnr line farming lands In tho loyal part of Virginia will be girt n and oosb. Apply to 3. PORTER, ItiBroal way, room If, aftt r 3 P. M. Home wanted?fob a bright, healthy pb. aisle .It I Id aia raontbft old, wham It wni revolve good care and attention. Address V 0., Herald office. elftltnd terms, which must be reasonable, aud wltl he paid (an# Tsuce. House wanted.-tiie advertiser wishbb m pur. huso a cheep House, In a desirable location, lo this e'tv. for wLi 'b uaei.c imhensd Real Bslate, in the city ar An racu-e, worth $',000, wi:l be exchanged, end the balance pail. in cash. Address it, s?> Nifesau street, room M. rroUSE WA&TUD, UNKUBNI3HBD?wnebs TUtf .lA rrnt or a portion of it will tp taken in board; moat ha pleasantly located la a good neighborhood. Beet of rem ruuoee git en. Addiees Mrs. Smith, Ucreld office, for three days. Houses wanted?furnished or unkubniba ed, between Eighth snd Twenty-fourth surerta aa| Pourtb aod Ninth avenues. Tor Ural rlas:t parties now train iug. Apply lo JOSEPH SIMS,?b2<) Broadway. Lower part, entire, op aj house waxtmm Hy a small American family, consisting of four adulMf the house uui't contain all the modern improremanta, anf be lorauut between TweuiyUhird and Forty-amend street* and between Ihe Plltb aud Ninth avenues, end in a ?ue| and respectable neighborhood. Would prefer to hare the baltnco occupied hy the owner, whose faintly is am a M, aad who can give, as well :t? require, good reference. Prompt pay and it good tenani will be found by addressing Hy. Grata, ikii If.: He raid oilice, lor^wo days, OKKIOB WANTED?WITH BEDROOM ATTACHED, both furnished, with separate entrance from street without K .ard, but ioime to lie attended to. T he Inn.inwi of most qviet i haiect.'.r. principally writing. Addreea L. W< J., Ueishl office, Part ok a house wantkd-KOR A MAN, WIPE and .-errant; four or Ave ro.uis; In lei KiurteeMh street; rent a bum fcHJO. Address L M., bi>s 4,584 Poet office for three days, gli lug fullpartlculars to sere trouble. Rooms wanted?by a kirst clash dentist, in the ticinl'y of In ton of Madison aquanrt will ruprLi un oper ating room, Laboratory and use of parlon Willi, peiinauRat f'tqpi the 1st of May next. Addreea uainB d ately, with full partieulais, Aelovcr, llrn'.d office. STEAM ENCJINE WANTED?ABOUT FITR HORSE imwrr, n nh Boiler, in suod order. Addrcsa dtiam, bM 3 31* ?'<>d office. N. V. OMAJ.L HOUSE OR COTTAGE WANTED?FROM If A^ 0 I, l**t: looailoa beiire.-n Fourt-'euth and Thirl? attfc a'rcets ami Third and Seventh avenues. am* ha< c all thd ma'trrn tiiipruv*mauiai itrnl low. Addreaa, gluing location, real, dr., Thomas, Herald office, If. T. rro jewellers.?wanted to purchase roll 1 i a-'i, a Store ic a Hood location, with tialurre, alack, At? and ipn inrij.a fin family; Sixth avenue prefi rrnd. Af die a, alalia ' poril :uUl ', Jeweller, Herald office. WANTED-POR k FAMILY OP THREE. IN A DESK ?T rahle neighborhood, a Convenient Hei?ud Floor, with iwo Bedrootaaou third door, or i'arloi F'ioor, one Baarmant and two liediooins. Kent fj-. iu S'JQU to StSO. Apply W J At.'KhON, *hl Hro.idway. WAN 1 EH?FOR A l/l'IRT RESPECTABLE F"AMII.T, an "nfornUbed floor, ronl tiding live or al? rouna, Ineluding plnco ior cooUu wlllt gat, Weler, ? a"r dotal, Aa. Mua'. hatre hepirnto *-nli o <:. Address, ataUug real and partk'Hlaia, Family, Mutton D " WrANTKD TO HIKE?HP A K A MILT OF POUR PRR Tl sou', man, wife and two Utile utrla aied tliioa and I flre'llie I'pper Part an I F ront Hj .amaitl, with enrtrlwi Rooms on thin! flaorof a tu i.l-ru houac, tv.Oi all et>nv? ntoo'-r*. R-iil. $.'<0 lofSOl. Locat'oa Im-I,w TMrtlcllTalieef, I ?i-vc> n S<iUi and Ninth irrn na Addreaa (,. 0. T., baa 2,s<5 l'?" ofli<-e. WANTED -FOR A FAMILY Or FOUR. THE HECOND TT Or Third Floor of * hon-e, with one oi bath. In a rood li-iKiihoviiood, mil lil^ -or ilian Twenty third atreel. Real $13 10 $1* A<Mr sa Inn t,d*2 Foal offiee. UPANTED?THE LOWER PART OP AN ELROANT . Uoiiae liyaamall Dually without cfcildrta. Addreaa Part L., Herald oBtcr. j VV AMFD-IN URmokLi N. CONVENIENT To THR TT IflT", in |M4> o, ... ... ( in die rnoM-, l ifc-<-mnii(, wain, t,?.a, *< .?lor aanmll i'?rul. V AiPrC -. J. A. *?.. box it 'Ki'i, New York l'o~: OSor, aUtj n low. at ti mm ati't IuC4llon. WANliilt? IN KlUllfU AVKME, KtlVRDAND TWO YY Rooms autlabla fttr a lawyer'a offl<e, or i>llt*e loona Without huai <1. Address Orom, Tribune office WAXTED-A Ft;itVI811KD OOTTAOK, A SHORT DIR. TT uih.1 float t)i? illy, l"T~u auiall family. Kent must be modei-de. Addrcae B'c-, koi 211 Ji.rald udice, giving partioiilar. | IITAN TKD?IX WILLI AMMBUBO, BY A SMALL KAMITT I/, Ihr loner pallof a bouse, with water ar.d K?r, i In nrar cm hrrtni iwu nM over f'.'SA Add teas, witu lull ,.i i A. R., IV? East Tw imtjr-llfih .in i t 11TANTKD IMKBDIATSbY -TWO OR TURKU Ku .MR | M adjoining, ten m a family, not low. r tbau Canal or ! abo?e Amity alrrei; rent $8 oi >0 per month. Add res# P. | O., lot '.Mil l'oat office" itaxiiimii tin. vrrn pabt of tim city, a 1 TT am.>11 One Story Rirldiitii, vrtth wnter oonvenl"nees. to arry on a rough mechanical tmslncaa. AddioaaU If. IleWlMWTt Wanted-ax iron hake, secondhand, about TT 5 (net 9 Ittrbee In height, and S\ fori wide. Addroao O . 8 C apin. 490(Nnal at., raining the price. UrAWTEl)?BY AN AMERICA* LAOY, WITHOUT areall children, n IitrnlaMd or partly furnish' il IIjuo. I between Fourteenth -ud Twenty ?lrth atrcrla and Third and I Sulli arcniea. ioi die ion' of which Would give good Hoard 1n.ul iraute a piex-anl and ?aree.tMe home. Ilofi u n gKew anil rwinlred Call at 01 K??t Fifteenth aticet, Ilia. ,!< on eaat of Third avenue, south aide. I AIT A NTED?BT A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY. FtVW tt or a|< Hon ma, In the neighborhood el Ihe Fiith Aiaimo Hotel I tent norm etcead TI3I. Reference giteu an.l raoulr. J tin. and Cro'nii water indisjienaable. Addroaa C. i). D? Fifth Arenuc Hotel. WANTED- FOB I IOC S E KK^Fl xT/TE*MAi^MTLY, tt I'jra gentleman and wife and brother, a ami of plea" ant, Kumlahrd IUi ui , IH, w aticet. near liiond* way, wild on one N or piolnrrod; parlor, two hrdre >WUA , kl'li'n arid sleeping room for NDkuI; uo linen, .;i ia?. Ao., r><|ulrrd. Atldrrss with full pnrttuulani aud tnrins par uiuijii, , ov* in a i vn w vf . WAN i>,D R Tl.NT-A riMAM,, rOMENigxi Ifonan, l*trt of ft nounr, with a amall famtlr, in oh ?. ?DI part 01 Ihn fill, in tho nnigliborhnod of Mir nvrnuM, betwtau Twrltih and Thlrtloili airaet*. Unit mm* lm mo. * d-ralf Ail<*i?i?.'ohr) E. B?udfn. Woslrru Uou-I, N >. ? C?rW ' l.udt atraci, Maw Vol*. WANTED- AH \ KTMRNTS KOH~A NMAIATH*"MM? ablr fnmlli; r- 0' modrrnM. Ad'iifaa K. J. C., tl4 Brmdway, in llio >lor?. tVANTED^OW BTATBiTISLAND,' A HO US E."rUlAi J. 1 Tf ftirinabrd, rnpnhin of > >-ntnnv?l*<tii? troro twroin U?r to iliirlv bo.iMl'-ri; aontn *?l* jiroiorrnd. Aitdir*# Waih* r, lit Gvl Nltitb atriMt, tatwccn Broad*../ an* .* Fourth iivrim* FANTKO -Tlfr' HK'OMi MFIIIK O* A RRSi rcTA Mr h.niKO, ?tiili inoo.ITu iinprorrinoniii j not u gnri up f than Twenty Disk atrrcij bo'ow Canal Mroet lirisfirrad Tl.a i rent minibw mndetwto Kami It, Ihrco artiiia. A>l ire** 1> ' K. R , lli ralil oil). ", al <tln? 11 inIV ANTRD--TO RENT, FROM MAV l" A COUKIR1MRBk TT aldcn'f, fumlaNrM, w ill . t lo Ir^t rooma, on or nraa lh? hanka of tlH* (pil?H?, ?* mar ihr ?.-? al-.nrr. M bo of c*?v *otraa to rltf fc/ railroad ?r boat. Adirtaa Country R? aidnnrc, Union aijnar I'ont trtiiw, wf on* Weak, niPARTNMyiir ROTlOSl, (jrnn rATtTNTj* wanteo-IN TIK OKNRRA? v>?)irw. n innu ,an Ivoni ii?*>?n'onainrno v p ya Inn Ui.?: omiti*. ft. i | itou lint auqiuiliiied with Ilia buaii inn Inl* la 'kit En*?t onp nun!'/ - rofl'erfd lor invratmetHr Apply al N't. 1 <;r. at ,l?na? aurrt. <4*1 (\(Wt TO MiXA-A PHIl.'.ON WITH TUB ABOvrf Ti *vUV/ m i"ml,au.l Willi no.iir Milium* niliM a', wish,,.* pi n nl I Mm I. a hill** il ?i-l? aatabVahod If I M/fn *a'? wtitl | ' ( bu "<* ? Ail -a, w I a*at? *?f bmi I 'iwa*. II i / kitia-tot*, W?>vTorb I'.i .?

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