Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1862 Page 3
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^ TlOUWfl, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. "a MBOOND FLOOR. 0ONHIST1 MO OF FRONT AND JV book Parlor, ciwu * til wurdruMa be4wo?? ?lu??l in i ti H* in, be.'.oem Mtii'Ug "tr front parior, l>aibiooiu opening off baud (.urtor, aud one room to thud story nod rivilege In the kitemm, which I will i?,l for $-00, or three joins ou the third story lor I and one Ki>omouiL? ei.oiwl door. Mouse has ailtbc modern lutprok--u ems, Is in Sao order, and baa a rnagniih >'l J*1"'1 L" alien good, hi Seventh word, family an Amrrfonn widow la-y and Mroe grown SI us ?lnll at lb . Uomai 15? M nroe : Iro I, Oral fcor nasi of Oiiiuou. A GENTEEL TifllKB KToRY AND BABELEM' HIGH stoop House to Id?Lexington avenue, ijjiiihwest lernsr of Twenty-seventh aired, ha'i.ig all lmp.trveraents, recently pointed and put to coiape'le oidor, a very uiee konac. Kent low lu a good tenant. it Ay be seen during day and evenlug. Fo-session before Mar. JOHN I'OLKY, HBBroadway. A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED OFFICE 10 it lei?to a Oral ' lass pbyse lau ur dentist, in an evceiient iicwtlon and lirst elos* house; terms modi rate. References AJuh.tnged. Cail at At West Turrit th, between Fli'lb and With avenues. 1'o-seMdon immediately. A N Old) KHfAHlaiSilt'iD BOOT AND 8UOE STOKE jl th Hoboken to let; stock for sale If desired; .loliti' a Mod eualotit and sale trade. Inquire of WM. ti. ILUMVEH, p Washington street, Hoboken. A PARTMENTH TO LET-IN THE THREE HOUSES, A. Mb, Ml and MO Last Thirty-fourth street; drora conBtt/iing six rooms, pun tries and water; r. n( freui AH) to $11; Mlf doors, tiirte rooms, pau'ry and water, from OA M to $4. Apply St H38 Spr ing street. _____ AKIRHT CLASH NEW FOUR STORY HTONE FRONT House to let or lease?At the rent ol'a three story house; very modern improvement; 25iW)t'eet; on the tln--st part of Mpriay UAH. No. 63 Xhtriy-seveuth street, near Fourth (Or An} avenue; rent only 41,000, for a $l,bQd house. Apply to MOKATIO C. KINO, Ad wall street, third story. A FART OF A HOUSE IN BROOKLYN TO LET?THE JL second story, containing four mourn, one room in third Key, and privilege of uvuebroom In basement; rent $10per atfnth. Apply at *13 ltyerson street, u.-ar My rtlv avenue. At CARMANHVILLE-A YIR8T CLASH DWEUdNO, of 16 rooms, gas, wat r, nuige, furnace and every eonWHtlenco; garden, with fruit, vinos hud shrubs; live lots, With (hie stable and can lage house; house furnished or not; Ant low. Alllllv lit HitnLw till aLaIcs ?x? nn i Was gsaauscs, leou ?*rvei, *hk.i of^Tonth aveaW p. h.. lock wood. A FURNISHED COTTAGE, AT YuNKEKH, TO LET; near oars and bouta, 3 rt tired an J beautifully located: twelve room*; water In tlx; house; ;-&* throughout; good slew of the Hudson; plenty 01 shad. ; Ion, shrubbery, 4a; accnplod by otvnrr; rent mo 'eratc to a go xl parly. Address J. J., box 118 Herald oihoe. A RARE OPPORTUNIT Y ?TO I.BT OR LEASE, A A furnished, riciily dec. A Ilall and* linn lour story Pyelling, together, in l'oui tcenlh street, near Fifth avenue, aow and lor some years past occupied as n fashionable Pan I jug Academy uud Dwelling, Tor whkli It was built. Tim tot Is extra ilwii, and (lie ball room extends 'o its entire Arp'h. Ren I, < 1 iy $2,500. Apply to .JOHN LLOYD A SONS, ghJNatsau sir,-el, oror Hank ol Commonwealth. Apartments and stokes, with jo.vki.unor, to let, at till Una on street, six edjenulug rooms, will, every convenience, en first lloor. Also an old established Lotjer Bier and Bitllord Saloon. Rents $20 per otolith for A T.NEW BRIGHTON.?TO RENT, A V1LI.A ON THE A. Heights; modern improvements, water worlss, llower, Bruit and vegetable gardens; stables, coach bouses, ei tensive monads, view unsurpassed, and live minutes from ferry. Apply to T. HON IV Broad vay. AMITY STREET?NO. MB. BETWEEN THOMPSON A and Mscdougal streets. The lower part of house, mufcrn built. la first rate order, consisting of four rooms on the first Door an.l Urn front basement, tbe latter with seua fit* entrance; eepeclxlly adapted tor a phy sician; rim fix, tares complete. Kent $300 a year for tbo whole, or separately m proportion. _ __ A4ENTLKMAN, WITH A SMALL FAMILY AND NO chl'dren. now occupying one-half of house ISO Grand fitrert, would like another party to hire sal.l House and take tod place of tbe principal tenant, who is moving away. Tim advorliMT in unwilling to take tbe responsibility tor the whole house, hut is desirous to stay in his ball'. Whole reni . 4700. Address N. Beaumont, *77 Heater stiouLj A HOUSE, STABLE AND LOT ON HOUSTON A street for sale or to let. The house is four storks, brick, BBxfiO, with extcn>ton, in hns order, with improvements. There Is a tins briek stable In the rear, with eniraaco pmn Mercer street Lot 26x11)6. Terms easy. Apply to OBAB. B. MILLS, H Cedar street. _ _ A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP AND BASEMENT A. Bouse, No. 68 West Eighteenth etrce', and east of . Bath avenue; 211x60. lot AJxiM.3deep, having all the tin. movements nod in thorough repair, will rent to a go.,.l tenant for $760. Possession given before May. Carpets and J BtoMiias.for sale if wanted. Apply on the premises at any 1 Maaoaabie time. ABOUSB TO LET-MO. 161 WEST TWELFTH STREET, ' two stories aud-aUi<: above basement, to responsible partks. Also to let, a Cottage, with sit rooms, at Biug Sing, 1 SU MiU from .l.iu.t fZr../? si u.,n T?."?. Sempanj.jt'Wall sttecl.of WI HrBm^'ckEItflO FF.' fe?OOKl.TN.-TO LET. THE TWO AND A HALF K'fflHV I D brick House No. Hs) Priors street, near WillougHbjr: wr. lav and gee; rem $240. Alto, two story attic and ; (Ml frame House No. 31 Willoughby street; vitti 137". ^RSy lo^M.^Rt^y.N, SO Lawrence street, Brooklyn, or : ! VIHOOKLTK-TO LET, THE THREE BTORT BRICK ! , o Honor, 122 Wllloughby street, handsomely papered, ashed parlors, bathroom, water and gas- Kent $380. Apply i M WM, BROWN. DO Lawrence street, Brooklyn, or 43 Wen r IVOSt, New York. t K1AKERY.?TO LET. THE OLD AND WELL KBTAB O Hsbcd Bakery, No. 12 Frankfort struct; terms mod. ra'-. Apply at 477 Peai i street, or of C. DEVLIN, Fifty-seventh (treat, near Second avenue. # TJBLL1AR08.?TO LET, THE WELL KNOWN BILJD Hard Rooms corner Oi. Bioand Twenty-second (treat, northeast corner, now occupied by Mr. KUduff. A< fly from 8 to II A. U. or 1 to 2 P. M. at No. fl East Twenty. Wsaadsircot. _ J. M. DENNIS. fNOUNTBY RESIDENCE TO LET? SITUATED tBOl'T xj one and a half mile Irout II i/nhelh, New Jci.Mty ; the 'house is two story, lOlfiQ, m fining cloven rooms beside.haaeaiont, elsteni room, a milk and a root oellrr, ami Is niii Minded wllh shade and fruit trees; plenty ul' small an 1 largo fruit, with two or three aerea or groom! for garden, .t . ftomuiunlraUon lilt "en or tw-ruty Hum a n day with New Berk by railroaJ. Rent $30d. Apply to SYLVESTER LAT, Attorney at Law and t'ooimlsdoocr for a!) the Stales, No. OS Broadway. WNOUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?AT CHATHAM, V V J. .wear the depet ti the Horrla ana Baens Railroad, and aMable for gentlemen doing business In the city. For ixrMm tare apply to OEO. W. CAMPBELL, 161 Maiden lan?. SOUNTRV RESIDE NCEH10 LET AT WHITE PLAINS.? I A two story dduhle llouse, ham and carriage hou-e. h froin 1 to iO notes of'land, t# minutes from tin rlty h; Mil road. Address or apply m Win. II. il.opeoter, White flams. North street. riOTTAOES TO LET?IN NEW YORK AND SUBURBS, \J rente $200 to $>T); 'hree and four story Houses, In good locations, rents $l00io *700. Stores ttrlOU, below CliamW.n Mrcet, rents $?*) to $l,lk*.i; OltWs, Lofts, 4c. at reduced ratea Apply inrwuedi- ely to B. If. TAYLOR. 100 Broadw >j. fYOTTAG F8. ?TO LET, IN NEW JEHsKY, THREE NICE M<1 Collages, Ave miles from city, steamboat and stagi a sunning nltlun three quarters uf atnueof the places every half hoer. I'l-nly of Iroit. The houses are iu good rendu ?tnd Qnely located. Kent front $100 to $200 per annum. to JA8. RKW8NAP, h2 Carmine street. Stttaub HOUSE ?W PACIFIC STREET, NEAR Carlton iirmw, Fruit 1, a, lo 1st; eight iooma, pa^or .1 rugboot, wat-rsnt g*'. with flxturra- good yard, with papS vines; good neighborhood. Rent $250. /TRANCE FOR A BOARDING HOUSE.?TWO FLOORS-1 v/ to let In the Te?-.h Ward Hotel. Cheap rent. Inquire i at W. C. RIETH, 72 Third street. ? rrUBAP RENTS.?COSEY AND PLEASANT COTTAQE \J Houseson the Nosrtowu Road, t\'x rnUaa fruui the WlJ- I Mamaburg ferries. One acre and two s'ory Cottagp MOtl; W aura and do. $100, X a era and litxJttQO. Newtown stages Ma the door hourly. HENRY BRUSH. M John atraj-Tp j Eighth avenue store to let-no. mi, m feet long, with plat* gtaaa window a; (h.< beet Moot on tfct ?va M, and next door to George Reyes' J.irre dry goods klrov; soluble lor alarge boot and shoe "lure or anj other buatarr*. i Andy atfMS Eighth are CRM1SBKD COTTAGE TO LET.-TO LET, AT I HUP, L. I., a fine larga I urn i lied Cottage, with stable sud . Railroad communication twice a day. Ken: %iM. Apply at 110 Front sued. to JOHNSON A LAZARUS. _ ENURNIBHKO HOUSE TO LET?ON BROOKLYN K Height*, Remain stieet. near Wall street ferry and Atodemy of M*uilr; ttune Hunt, han>t*nui>-ly furnished; water, fan, Ac Impure oi J. U. BKRDELL, 28 Front altcet, Raw Tort. I 1JHJRNI8HED HOUSE TO RBNT.?THE ENGLISH Jf baeen.enl (Ions' No. M Ninth atieet, near Fifth avenue, completely and well lurnisnsd, and In complete repair, pi r<bt from 20lh April, tor all or twelve months, te a prfrse family only. For tenon and oarda of admission apply to GEO. 0. DUNBAR, 'J6 and W Exchange p!?ue, or to box MW. Post uill*-e with full address. FURNISHED HOUSE fo LET?THE SMALL THREE atory Ilouaa 28 West Thirty-sixth street, near Fifth ventre,completely furnished: will be rented low lo a small private family. Can be sees frmn II to 3. For term* apply nt 6S East Nineteenth street, alter SoVlo-k or to HOMER MORGAN, No. J Pine ?t iye'. _ Furnished house to re nt.-the English baaement House97 Wast Thlrtv-Urs'street, lo a rmiil private family only. For terms and card* ol admission adSanaa J.(B? US Broadway. UiPRlflBHED.?FIVE H \NDsmiEl.v ri Hviaiitn .F Rooma, aulUURo for ho i?-l.e~ping, with *11 the modern towiiwwwtei pert of tlif roul i?k?n twit in potion-mo ate and all tb< eouiiaon branuUeo 01 thoEngll-h fangoagn. For particular* lu't'iii'- * JDO Bridge atreot, BrookfI ACTOR Y TO LET OB LKAPF.-ON TWENTYa?coii<l atreai, between Lei I nrton ami Fourth nrriiuev feat fronl, flee atotie* high) Not. 71. ."3 ami 76. Apply in 4. r. MITCUELC. ?i Wall ?tiV*t. YpLOORS TO LET.?HOUSE CORNER OF TUIRrr. F fonrlh atrecl and Broadway, over drttg atore. ForpaiOcular* apply to K. D. LAW HENCE, 1,661 Broadway, be tV *?n Thirty-ftrtt and Tknty-aecond atrarta. rlR RENT-IN JBRSBY CITT, A TWO BTORY COTlag*, containing air room*, w lib gaa *n<l fninre* through* uti water In haannonl. Apply on the premlae*, No. imi onHi Fourth at<?et, betwe- n Monmouth and BruaiwMt atrocta. To a good tenant rent will be made to aitiV TVAOVBRRBAN rooms and resrAt RANT tolktJLr at ss3 Canal *tr*el; Dagncrrean i-oort>a on *.eon<TBoar, I and baarmeal Dttad np aa a aaloon. Apply aa abora to O. *. HKEDEU. T\K8IRAliLE BASEMENT loRKNT, >?i ALSO XJ Room* on Brat floor, orer aloro, rent $! Hi pev month, to l?t at <09 Hndaon aireat. Central and rvapcelable for bualneaa ami raahlenae. /SSfeEWICIl STREET STORE TO RRNT-BTOREON IT eaat atde Oroenwlrti street, better an Murray and War* reii) ?ary daalrabU) Itxallon- ror a dry f-mda, clothing or fuimi ireatare: alic S6at>& Apply lo vv (t<IDt>ARI>. tt Cedar at reel. HOPPB TO '|,RT ?TAB 'ol' >TK I . /ill it HfoiTv Philadelphia brlch front I t \t< ?. in'.') -crentb atrr.e.t, near Eighth avnniic, In go.ul < IV.- r*?lnn Immediately. The houae 1* 10 feet $ In If" 1 'iiliin.l rear *lnl of**! deep, containing In *1114 mom*. b.ilh, f-p'-atilug tube, ura t ra, hot and cold water. w*?h haaln*, wrneh ti?>? and eerylhlnp oomplet*. Rent about fMO. Which I* *ety cheap. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMSH, 3JP Broad*ay, or on the pretnitea SpiVBs 4A, 47 AND M UJPEMARD HTRF.KT, NEAR Broadway, and Houae Frankiinetreci, nrar Varkk, II u lor rut* Am 19 A. nvswyu, Bi-^dwuy: ) IIOCS5S8, HOOUfl, AO., TO I K'^ | H U OK A KIIot'cLA-i/UIUU STOOP HOUSE TO , rem ? The reujuhdiig b?St to Do W M I"1 by the own 'f, | with small farm:/. Ilmrw new, and out do ?''eu oil'. I n - -el by amy!. ng ni 73 West Purty-hrB. street, between lirna lw?y am! Eighth avenue. HOUSE IN CLERMONT AVENUE, BROOKLYN. TO r ent.?Three ?tor> En: Us.'i bnae nvul; ga, and water. Kent low. Apply to J. B. I'ArKNFOiiT ooinei of 4 afreet and Tultou avenue, or at PJ& Tear! nreet, New York, up ma'.rs. \10. 5 CHATHAM 8<4'JAM.-OOOI> llOOiM, ON AN third, fourth onJ littu lioora,'o ct: fine dgnt 1 r .til. hindn of buaini * p.irpoet. ; real to .he tines. Apply lu the photograph ytllery. OH M ABOUT THB U81 WHKK IN ATV1L rOBRS will be vacant, In aft clan* houae. lhr..e Rooms on the third floor, ri uniug fro,., final to hoc'., alaot.von ut Kooina on sceoDd floor. Location Ma Htoit a.euu', u ur * B'tuarc. Aldrese P. I.. A , Uerald oiloo. PARI" OP A IIOL'BK TO LET-'83 TENTH ANKNDN, b t.VHOn Twviiy (ccouil aud Tw. nty-thlr 1 rtre. la run. Mating of front and eu k Parlor, Dcdroom an I tack ,Ja->mint: large Room In the attic, with modern kinpioveincn.s; rent fjlfJ |>er month. Belereiiee re<|Ulie.J. PART Of A HOUSE TO I.ET-IN A KIRBT RATE LOX cation in Brooklyn, near ferries. To atuall family wishing to reduce ripense.M ,ind yet live very n kpec'tably. tula It a desirable opportunity. Address Merchant, box 337 New York Boa) ofllei'. Preference given to k family 1. oping ?< . ant. POCKAWAY.?TO J.ET, OOTTAOF.H ADJOINING THE XV Tavtlion, at Huckaway, L I, iD-iuln) uf TUOA OAiiHOM., 40 Tin k row, Ncvr York. STEADY hTKAM POWER TO LET-LARGE AND an.all rooms, well lighted; steam ho let way. Totses-don lu,mediately. Apply at 433 Watcr street. OTOllE TO LET-NO. 1.169 BROADWAY, HF.TWKKN O Twenty seventh and Twenty-eighth streets, tui'ublu for a fancy dry goods or shoe 'tore. R, nt A2M a year. AI>o the Dwelling Part of a house to let: rem $400 a year. Apply to J. W. COLLINS, l,iii3 xlroadwuy. tfTOKEB TO LKT-THB TWO NEW 8TOREH. WITU O Dock rooms, 8U7 and 21W East Ea?t Thirty-fourth aire, t, near the Loug Island lorry; good location for any business, specially restaurant, provision, grocery, drug and segur stores; root law. Apply at its B| ring street. OTOHR TO LET?WITH THE WHOLE OH PART OF ^Dwelling; good local Ion for almost any iclail l aiain vU: ( loll)it1 r, Hatler,Station er, Tobacconist. Millinery, Hardware, Druggist, Ac. A|<|>ly on lbs premises, 323 HuusoiTbi.ei'.t, trout 111 to 12 or after 1 o'clock. flio LET?136 ANl) 136 KAKT THIRTY-FIFTH bTREET, I. near Third avenue, three 'lories, high basement end cellar, brown stone, all the modern improvements; rout ouch tuOO. 1'loors to let In those brown stone hoiis'H southwest corner of Second avenue and Thlrt: th street, to kmail rehiteeUiile families; rent $12 to $13 p-.r mouth. Apply nt wo. R8 Eaat Thirty-nfth street. c. it. pauhTT. fl'O LET.?TUCKER, 1'LOWEK STOKE, 7.0 BROADWAY, A has to let, thirty feet of Counter itid Bhelvlug. A lew doors above E.gbth at root. ipO LBT-VERV DESIRABLE STORES ON THIRD A avenue between Twauty-llLh and Twenly-sirtli strode, adjoining the Bull's Head Bank, 20 by iki feci cacb; a ;:ood location foe dry goods or the boot ana slrpn business. A.s>, < line well lighted llason. n;s, to be let vmh the Stores oi an- < parauily. Apply on tho premises, or to JAilEJ WATSON, i 2b chambers etieet, riauu 5. IIO LET?OFFICES AT LOW RENT, ON SECOND, I . third and fourth Moors of buildine 173 Broadway, -niinhleloi jewelry or gold pen, or similar business. Also the 1 OUhe now occupied hyT. B. Bynner, In whole or lu pari, I Apply to E. 11. WEBSTER, on the premiS'?. rPO LliT-WITH PRIVILEGE OP BUYING AT HACK- ' A etisaok, twelve miles by railroad, a fAst class reside nee, i csntaluiug nlue rooms uud kin-hen. with all the modern improvements. grounds, Ac.; the vegetable garden already pisnted. Al-o a Cottage, seven rooms uud kitchen, with R able and Carriage House. Inquire of SAMUEL MUNN. -SON A CO., 122 Pearl stioet. TO JET?THE BRICK STABLES AVI) TWO STORY A brick Builuing in the rear, lu Washington street, be- . t.veen Morion and Ma. row streets, containing 24 stalls and storage iwin for hey. Rent $M0, and Croton water tux. , Apply to STEPHEN E. BUR HALL, 34 Wall streei. rilO LET?TI1B THIRD FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 494 J A West 'Twenty-fifth street, containing front and back room, with three bedrooms, smell kitchen, trouble niunb ls, < KaSMatures, .to. R et $l4?per mouth. Also, (ho back l'srlor, with one bedroom; rent Ax pur month; to be let to two ]>er- . oris only. , 'PO LET?A NEAT COTTAGE, CONTAINING EIGHT ! A rooms, with otu* to ten seres or I ind, pleasantly situated , at OodwinviFe SI at ion, one hour irum Now* York by Eric Railway. Address llcdge A Co., IWlcjfaii, N. J. f 1110 LET-TWO PARLORS, ON FIRST FLOOR, FRONT ! A Basement,"and iToni Attic Room, with part of Under- : Cellar; gas and Uxtuies, two meter,; largo yard; to l>e -.. en between 10 and 12 o'clock; rent $'*00. Inquire at No. . 12 jlardougal uti?cl. ' T?0 LET-THE OLD ESTABLISHED GROCERY, COR- J A ner Delanccv and Mangln streets, and Fixtures for said. Ko.foit partt-^lL'iy " ?JJ hej""<'gil?g8- ' rpo LET-SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE M WEST X Twenty.elghth *treet; fotir room#, twocloaeia, hotand old water, Ihtbkand gas, with part of cellm; a ilmn, quiet neighborhood; a devlrnue niece fur a small faunlv. Kent t ?. _ J TO I.RT-A HANDSOME HOUSE, WITH MODERN Improvement*. at 111 Sullivan street ? rent modern te to Ipuxi 'cnabL Apply toAM EH II. TAYIdiR, V*) Broadway. rpo LET IN BROOKLYN?THE TIIRXB STORY ATTIC A mid b*?;mciit brov.u sloue tiunt Mouse, No. .',i> High street, within Ave uilnn'o*' walk of the frrrlo*, and a hlo-lc i'r-.iuj the various car route*; contain* gas, with fixture*, whom , aower. a<.: rent low to r responsible teiuuit. Apply at No. 1+7 W.'?htoton street, Brooklyn. rpo LET-IN OCrrENBLP.iJ. NEW JERSEY, RENT I low, two House#; one suitable for a bakery, wli now ovenand ;ood well of water; the other will lib let out in room*. Both have stabb-* ntiuehwl. To 1st fern by applying to Squire DWYEil, near the premleux, or at K older A Fin.*'* brewery, flU> LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT A Prick lloufcr, with s ib ll-i, No. 165 Clinton street; contain* all the modem Improvements, eur.h nshot and raid water, bath, A? Apply to OKOKUE (?. liALLOCK, at Sotl'ulk eft a t. rpo LET?DWELLING HOUSES AND FARTS OF L TIouKca, In c irlton ti?it, between Washington end tSi renwlcb, with all mod-m improvements. In good order, an 1 ri low rents, to good i-nnnts. Apply to MARTIN W.VVEHfl, 128 Charlton it reel, rpOLEi'-A COUNTRY SEAT AT fELBAM, WEST 1 ciieetereonnty, containing fifty-two wires of I.and, Ur/e Home ami ti?' il Out Building*. Kent low. Apply in DEVKI IN ,t MILLER, 51 Llhery street. riV> LET?FURBISHED, A HOUSE ON 8TATEN 18. X land, D' ji Vand'i bilt aienue, about a mile lrom Van* ilerbUt landing; will be ranted to i? smell family from now till l?t Sept"Ti.l>er,aiid piohafiiy, il.r- quired, Mem) of season. There ie a oarriaae an t horse, cow, donkey, Ar,; lee bouse tl' c.l; prolines well sin -ed with fruit aud vegetable*. Ap. pi ti PHOS. >1. NIMMO, No. ? BowlingOreea. TO LET?A LOl'T OVER Ft'. AN KLIN MARKET, 28 left by 8k'. suitable foi tRllmaklng or other business. For pai!i olarr apply on the premise*, OKI slip. fro LET?AT $18 FKK MONTII-A TWO STORY AND X basement brick Hon e. In Jer? y City, one door lrom ib>' oornei of Banow slice', In Giand. Uasand water In tha Women t. TO LET-ON ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTH stiver, trtwi Third and Fourth av< nues, nearCemtal l'ark, twv well finished pottage Hoti?"s, t ight rooms, gaa Ualut.**, j>u I iln? yard; lacEHica good lor getting down town; cent fflfc' ? > *). Jn.| i i r?- a! No. 251 Pt.arl street, or on lbs premises. fftO LET?AT HIOH BR (DOE, TUB COUNTRY HEAT X of H. F. Caruiau; house contain* fifteen rooms, buse. loent, 'sundry, Ac., Mi*' grounds, lonstsllog of nine nurea, arc well laid out w Oh nr. K* rds, green hnnses, Ac.: the house has gas and water throughout; also ruble, coach bouse, cardoner's house, bout hottor, dock, Ac. A'su, at C?rmansvt!'..i. several Colleges overlooking llodaon river, rent from $'/w to KKsi. lp.|Ol?Tol B. K. CABMAN, l.J&l Broadway. rLRT?IN llOBOKEN, NEAR THE KEItHY AND IN different carta <u this city, Hoiws, Parts id House* and am?n Antr'nannis, wi'h n.vo and gas. and at moderate reui*. rsrriescen he Miltid by .alloi* at one" on i. CHKVllirt A HON, In Duane -.'rrct, or JW Washington street, IIohoken. f|V) I.BT?WITH OR WITHOt'T HTEAM rOWEIt:? 1 IN REEK MAN STitEBT?The 8e. end, Third snd Hlilh nonisoj No. JO: th" Hitth Finorof No. til, and the Fourth snd Birth Floor*of No. .71; the Rlitli Floor of No*. 3*, 1)1 and 83. cfimmunical' with **cli other, and arc well lighted on all hies. IN CENTRE STREET?The Reeond Floor of Nos. JS snd 3", the Third F'loor ol Nos. " ), 3d and ID ?nd Lire Basetnant a.nt Vault eateuding from Duaii" to Reado Street*: -all a dm I* rnbly Hdapti'd lor m*ehsnic*l ptu i? c*. snd w< tl lighted on fT'TV *ld*. n IN DUANE STREET?The front Bs^ment ol No ?4. Apply to JAK CONNER'S BUNS, Js Centre street, coruer of llesue mo LET-TWO TIIKKB 8T0RY KXOMSIl BASEMENT X Houses, N"*. US mid lit! West Twenty-fifth street, neer ' Sixth avenue, with modern improvement*. Rent loir. Apply toll ARDMAN A OSUORN, 1SJ Qrand street. 1 TO LET?A THREE STORY AND BAHRMENT ItRICK ' Building, finished to modern style, located on Kent 1 street, ilpeeui'vlnt, a few minutes' walk from Tenth street r?i i v, with rr "Itrnt w?tor ni-ar the pre'nlt??; nn<- of the 1 fltetlo e'ione on the point. Inquire 01 J. CARVER, curn<T of F.anklia atreet andOttenpoint avenue. I TO 1,1 I- \ TWO sror.v HKU'K STABI.I', SITCATRD ! at2T17 Ninth Meet, Mar Second avenue. For terms Inquire ai 68 81. Mark'* place. ______ I r LRT-THK FOIJ/1VUNU DESIRABLE HOWES, AT ' reduced rttB'a:? I No. IMEa-i Thirteenth ttreel, fo iratoiy, browoeton*. Engl-?h Imminent ' No. IA2 h??t Thlri oenth atreet, four aUirr, brown etone. I Mo. I7? K?" Fifteenth atreet, three atoiy, High atoop. N". 117 Kaat Nineteenth etrrel, three eiorj, high sloop. No. 21 StnyTraant atreet, three atory anil attic. I B<>. 148 Kiel Thirteenth ?lreet, Tour etorv, high etnon. No. Jl'li teat Twentieth itievt, three entry, English base- t went. . . ., I No. It Etvingaton pin e, brown atrne, four atory, English < ha?-meiil, opposite 6tuyreaeut eaitire. . I No. 48 rliuion plare, between fifth a*, and UnlTSrsl'y pta'e. ( No. 90 Weat Tweni T-etith atreet, brown etone, blab etoep. No. 88 Wen Forty-iifth atreet, three Mory, h gh stoop. No. 184 B..?t Fifteenth atreet, three story, high ateop. I No 84 Raat Fifteenth atreet, four atory, EnxTtali haaemeut. North sideaeveniy-elghthetreet, betweenThdrdend Fourth | avenues, brlek two story, high Moop, $82*. Apply to TIIQ8. MACVABLAN, No. 180 F,ati Tenth aireet. rro lmt-thbkb story and bahbm bnt no A Hooie S3 Weat Houaton street, near Broadway ; haa hot . end cold water, wash tnha and haatna. water c loams end gee Eaters* Inquire of HKNBY DEM ABKHT, <08Broadway. mOJJIT-THB SBC014O STORY OF HOC8K 140. Wd 1 West Thirty-Orel M rest. Inquire of BADKAU, LOOKWOOD A CO., IB7 Washington atreet, Hew York. , fTO LBT-A TWO 8TORT COTTAOE, WTTTI OANDBN, A fruit treee, Bo., end barn, situated In Weat Bloomfleld, 14. J., one hour from the city and (ire ml no tea' walk from the depot. |Wnt WOO Apply to HARRISON * CRANE, near the premier*. TO LBT-THB FINE OLD 8XTLE ENOLTSH basement Houae No. 84 IUmmond atreet, between WaverleT plaee and Fourth atreet i lot Why lid feet; houae 85 frut front?baa all the modern Improretnenis, with targe garden, containing grape vlnee and fruit treee In abuodanooT Will LBT-THB POOR STORE BNOLISH BASEMENT MoiiHMWwt Thirty tcoud atrotl. ajkUit ri*1uc??drtnt I !!JgQmU^SsS?I NEW YORK HERALD, S HOV&r.B, room*, ScC.. to uvw^ riw) i r~*A M'fiiUM ?':<ED, FO:ia BTOR* J?80WM t "-ore rfn-iMi twacuient Moug.\ Ho. 57 Wei I Tw. n'y. Di < a*l4' t-Ct Ltf.ttr d.11? :i1 i ii11c, w?i.u ?U1 luodurg itauioyeuieuto, Rom 1m he*t*e< au b PfB fiomorn? till four 0 cio* 8. A|?i iy to J. 4> 4/U bu ll av cuius, oh uij' of T ity-nl.-Su 'tivct. alO IX.T? lilB ENT IRK Bllll I.'i.NfJ NO. 014 RllO/hO way, win part-., a Uvi i . i,i 'it i>> i ?i?i, w? iftibd ato.Qov r tun b?i"- no ' #i ' ipif . i / r tiiw: :V* ':r| aecoud ii'ii.y (known itt tlm Aini'ii. iu ftnaaituci a r?), a t.n i u.ill, unit two Mo<ie? Above In room* T entire n the bn bcr ?iiop, ('.li>, oi uu? tbe landlord, ;3C iiidriuge iirotl, from i io3 H. M or In the evening. TO LET?A riNE THREE STORY ANII AtTIC IIOI'SB, No. 2o Cm by *lr?. t, 176 eti from Hrjadway, corner n itrei'i, *i II niiuii for it nubia) house. Iu'iuir* (not * t'.biu) but of (lie landlord, 133 K utilise aired, I una 2 to 3 F M oi In the e < king, er of Col. byKK, to the harness ore, tl2 Broadway, corner tf Houston strcot. mo LET?TUB THREE STORY niOH STOOP HOUSE 1 W I'-iut fliLrtv th.rd street, nenr lultgti n svnut. CouUlns 'be nio teru Imi rov ue ms, and is In g?od order. 1'ossis-ion ua liii U. Imaiedlalel;. Ilcut moderate. laiju're st lot Same street. rpO LET?IN NEWARK, N. J., A FIRST CLASS HIONB A front House, i men rooms, modern style, with Iuio os , eta and wsl. r, mill.In live minutes' walk of Market ? reet .'e|x?t. lu'i'iuc at .Jb Murray at.est, New York. Rent very lute. I'O t. LIT?IN HOBO KEN. TWO 8UPKRIOH BRICK d? II us ll'.u-. s, wiih nil modi rn Improvements, In s V"rj i ln l hoallty, w ubiu two minutes' wslk ol' the terry ; to i r<>t i lass tenant* they will lie rented at a very moderate pri e. Apply to 1. STAN -HI 10, K- at the. Hohokun Land sod Improvement Compeiiy * oiRce, or to II. NANDFOKD, No. 3 Ba lory place. New Yora, up stairs. f|-,0 LET- A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE, AT 1 Elisabeth. N. J. teu mluute*' walk Irum a depot. The ho 'M in beautifully located, and o n lain* pan, furnace, rungr atld water.* One acre of ground, nic ly Ciid out^plcn ynf shrubbery, fruit ami shade trees, oarrLue house uuitbo able. Apply at No 8 East Thirty tirststreet,or to O. 15. Will ril.KHEY, at Elizabeth. fpo LET-TUB Til'.1KB STORY ANI) BAKUBKT 1 bllck Dwelling House 179 West i'weuty illtia itieet;r> nl $'30. Also the Due line Hour" 1AT I rnnkl'ii ?< I; rent gdtW. Apply W EDWARD UMl'bON, 17U Wee. Fiftieth Street rliBT?RBRTfJOtl?THE TURK; TORT AND BASK. meut brick House, aitiiu'e<l ou Kli.i ivcini", between Forty-ufth and Forty stub streets, wi'li all improvements; gas, marble mantels, Ac.; a i cry dea r"ole location, facing the Kest river. Apply to OWEN 1L.GOVERN, Fortj-uitn street, one door from First avenue. To LET-sHHK LAHdK DOUBLE THREE STORY House,i Bllncestreet. West of and near Broadway, Bulla' I" lor tPpbHBc bouse. Inq> ire of DAA IL> COLEMAN', 13 Char.'ton street. rPO LET-FBDM THE 1*T OF MAY SETT, THE HAND* X soruu four M iry Dwelling House g< Bond street. For Particulars inquire of ALFRED W. LuWEuAtE, 'Jd Warren street. rro LET?THE TWO STORY BRICK DWELLING I. House No. 23 ltubeit e r <v; alw. tlie ttvo story brick Dwelling Ho usa and Store 21 Hubert street, oorner Qreentv eh: ?l?j the lower, art of No. 23 Hubert sired, and the upper pirt of No. 27 lie srt -ireti. Tin' houses ureiua pilet neighborhood, tvlthln one block of tit. John's square, ?ud will be rented lea. Apply to UAJtDUAN A OSBOltN, INGrand strocl. rrO LET? RECORD FLOOR OF A THREE STORY L brick bouse tu Heveniy-lhlrd street, with all ibe modern lnpruveinciue, Rent unnlc.ut, tu a aiuull family. For parilrulars address W. T. B., boa 2.172 Foal otll e. rpO LET-FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OF 477 THIRD A uvenua. near Thiny-founti street, consisting of parlor and .'lining to im, kitchen, iI,,t,> bedrooms and six closets; marble mantels, gas lixlur*ou t all mutHrn improvement-1. Apply on the premises, to THOMAS McPHKRSON. Tolkt-a hovhe and o\k a< iu: of land, at Katb. L. I.; the bunse eonlalus eleven ri.otna, in good JTder. Apply to J. J. MOORE, opposite 143 West street. TO LET?FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT Houso on Forty-third street, near Broadway, $80(1; also .liree story House en Tblriy-vixth street, $K00; also four itory Ilouse on Twanty-liflu stri-ct, $30), and three story House on Fiftv-seoond street, $4lh>. Apply to D. GAHMi SON, 105 West Thirty-fifth street. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?THE ELEGANTLY FtTRulshed lit st class Kesideue"/iti Hands street; sue 23i00 rest; contains 13 rooms, wltl, eliuets, paid, Fs, A<v, eoiuplete, villi every convenience for housekeeping, In tine order. Rent low. Call as above. Possession May 1. rO LET IN WHITE PLAINS.?A PLEASANT REsL dence on Broadway, In the village of White Plains, with tbout two acres of land attached. Possession given on or iefore the 1st of May. Rent $iS9. Apply on the premises, >r at ,T. Valid erbi't's Agricultural warehouse, No. 23 Fulton itreet, New York, rO LET-IN EAST BROOKLYN, SEVERAL DWELL* tugs, built In cottage style, with alt the modern Improveneuts; gas and Ridge woud water; near the ears. Inquire >f PJgiO'filllEN, btdl'Jer, Bk'lluian street, between Myrtle ro LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG. A SEW THREE STORT end basement brick House, So. 21V Fouth Tenth street, tor ono or two first class tenants only; two kitchens; hot eu<l told wh't In each story; gas In every room and best I've.Ion; three blocks ti nm Roosevelt and Grand street ferries. Inquire of MENKEN A FlrtllBR, 164 West street, or to MORGAN BROS., 16 South Kevenllralrcet. Williamsburg. T.) LET-BUIJIHEAW FRONT ON WEST STREET North river, near t.'auul incet; Store, Basement end OUnr, 24 Hcekmau street, for wholesale trade; two large Dwellings, 171 and I?:? Hountou street, sol'abte for e second sir sliofel; 326 West Fifteenth stroei, near Eighth avenue? ill the modern Improvements; '.(6 East Foriy.nlutk street, tit ar Third avenue, nine rooms rent $'?k) and O rot on w ab?r lax; 21 Vestry street, Second Floor and part of Third Floor, water and gas; rent $2110. J'#r?s of Houses, Apartments, Stables for eartmen, Workshops, Av. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson street. I'O I.ET?THE HOUSES ? *, 80 AND 84 FOUHTtl street, near Peny street, containing clevt n room* each, with gas and gas fixtures. Henicbeip to good tenants. In. inlrc of F. RLANGHBT, 291 Sixth avenue, before lOoVlock \ U , <?i i fieri I*. M. TO. LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT hricic Uon-e lfch Wi st Twentieth street, near Eighth ivenno, Containing ahont twelve rooms, With ess and'batb. Hem S.VIO. Inquire ot K. BLANCHE!, 291 Sixth avenue, refore 10 o'clock A. XI., or after 4 1*. M. rO LET?TI1B DWELLING PART OF HOUSE 422 Fourth avenue, corner of Thirtieth street, containing tbunt Hint-teen loom-. Th" location is very rlesiratile for a warding house. It on $&M. Inquire of F. BLANCHE!, 291 Sixth atunu, before 10 o'eiock A. M., or after 4 P. \t. r?)LET?T1IKKE STORY AND HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House on Forty el?ht'i street, near Sixth avenue, n good order; also hrowti atone lltiute iri Porty-acvenih it reel. Other Houses a- low rents. Apply In DANIEL lAUHlSON, li'i. W. ?(, Thiny-filik street. r LET?PART OK A FIRST CLASS HOWE, COMtainini. all the ntod.-rn improvements: to lie rented low n a L'lHiH Imiftllt '"*07X0,.., Tl.i.-iu ..., o. .. he fiwc'.iing Part 11 tlo ise Od l^nl Hi ontiviay, will bt irM>d, ton-lber or aeparat". Apply on the p.-emlsea, or at .1)7 iVeat Tblriy-tlrn IttWI. rO LET-AT WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, TUB KOI. LOW lng Bourn 1CoHane Hou-e, i room-., new, ami In prefect oider; r--nt $ 0'; 1 do. M r. uia >, enm-h kNW, ahaued, 'c , $.'.Vi, 1 do. lOt-oms, o u li l.o.'.v, i.b >de mid unit, iwro lores, $4:0; 1 do. 7 romis, r?i h homo, shade and I nut. tvo a l es. $SUU; I OooIIUik, 14 fooma, oach bou-e, fnrnisli>d; lot 50 by 250 Ret, $550; I do., 12 room*, roach house, 'mn'.tbed, two acres In lawns, A.-., $-130, I do., 10rooms, l>aoh bum*, I'urulahrtwelve a-vr?, g.i dan, Ac., $1,0 I). vpr-lT to A. U. MILLS, ag-nt- ISO IVu.ii n oiui- ?r N C. BISHOP, 144 Broadway, etui-- floor. r LET?AT K1NOSBRIDOK, A NEW 0EN IBKL COT" luge, comamlng .even Toouia, all modr-ru oonronieu .? < B ported order; half acre ot around, shade ircis. Arcs* n sr-d from tlicit* li* rallro.tdanj ??anil,o*ta hourly. I'i rJnulara of A. B. MILLS, 190 Tenth eecnue, or os N. I', liSllor, 144 Broadway, a-ore floor. no LET?TH IS TIIIM?E STORY HIGH HToOF AND X Inur-menl brick lions', No. IdU llo't eircet, Bear Bmome ureei; has all the modem nuoil ncarriage ho -, itiblesand building In the rear; rent low. Apply toll. A. ITATKRDItRY, 89 Franklin at reel. rLBT-THB FIRST OL IBS BROWN STONE FOUR alurjr high aloop llonrj, No. 905 Leiington avenue with ill the modern improvement*. Apply to W. CLARK. $? Esd street. no LET?SECOND FLOOR, FOUR ROOMS, IN A PRl' 1 vate houac, aultabh-for a inao and wife: all Uio mprovomeuts. Will he let very low to a dealt able tenant In pure ou the premiere, 10d Wr?t Thill J aaluaih -ireel. rLET-A FOUR STORY I'.ASEMKNT IIRICK MOOSE. 22d \V< at Thirly-brat ureei, bete e-n Kightu nn.l Ninth ivcnuea, auitahle lor a boerdlug or public or Urge ager bci-r rrsian-nt. A. P. lOORHIES, 168 West Km tie". I. r LET-AT TREMONT, TWO HOC*EM IN FIRST rate order, onr- oi ? veu lomua and one of an room*. Inpc vines, fruit trees, current bush- v. Real $l Aland ? tl jerjear. Poaeeseioa cell be bad ?' oner. Apply lo JOHN ft. FRABBlt, Troiuout. r LET-TUB WHOI.E OR PART OK HOUSES 74 AN 0 HO W>-ai Twenty-seventh alret-t, tnr-.- atoi lea high, basement, and tr-llar; r<-nt26 is-rorinl leas ihao lust year. App'> it L0INF.8 Drug Store, 491 Milk avenue. TO LET-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, I nesr the village of llaohenauck, N.J. The Home is n?w, with all ihc iiioderB ImmovrurcnU; H la rteely located, menonklng the vlilngc of lis kens rl, and tewiihin Ave lulBulea' walk of d< rait of railroad i-mntk nng wl"i New York MVi rnl liutca Jailj. Kent veiy low. Foi partle ilnr-. of ?;h?ml>"in atreet. ro LET?TWO STORY AND ATTIC BUlt'K IfOL'SK So. U Harrow a.reel. ilo'iac tut* g?s raiije, water ?:o?ot, bath, li'>l ml col<> wnlor up id m*uuo ?toiy, mo,, . ?* H?ltirea go with lit* Houee; rrnt tandcrale. A'I'it j.<- ftuj*rt Mai ley, !& Wi at I'mii i-fit tit* not. rpO I.KT-AT MOTT HAVEN, ON Tift HOHIOX ROAD A three or lour 10101110*' wnlh iront Mitlcm Biidp", n I aw airul ainl t!iroe lory aud 'lie Honor, with vault and cupula, twelve to in*, rW-1* ami punitive in abundance, alullng dome, mi'ri'lo mantel*, grate*, well ami clotriu tvu'rr lu II e kitchen, gal pipe* through tin- home, 'a wont ami ri'?r, tardea well Blocked with I'rull tree*; mitbouaca. Root AStW. Apply on the premise*, to II. QLLMOUR rpo LET?A VERY DESIRABLE SUIT OF SIX ROOMS' X In delljhtftil location. Oaa and Nuaaau wnler In lha houae. Car* am! atatra na*e the door, fare three oema. Kent low. Inquire at 160 Grand atreet, WlHIatnaWg. TO LET-T11E DESIRABLE TWO hTORY, ATTIC AND basement brick lfouiie No. Allen atreet; be* Water and cat. Apply to 8. OUTRANDEIt, Naval Office, Ouatuui House. r LET?THE CBEAFES'f HOUSE IN TUB OITT.NO. 160 Bast Thli*ly*elMhth atreet, between Second and Third avenue*; rent $460, Willi all lai eat Improvement!; ehande lie n, ga* nxtuiaa. Ac,, In good order. ln<|uiio on the pi.unlae*. or to JOHN MATHER, Room 10, No At Naaean atreet. TO LBT-AT NO. 31 UNION PLACE, IIOBoKEN. TIIB lower nart of a houaa, comprising some oi the modern linproveraem*. Rent low to a good tenant TO LET-FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A 8UBURban reatdence, beautifully altoated on elevated ground at EUlollvllta, nonh ahuro of Hiaien Island, lutli an uour fram Wall atreet. Good stable, garden, nnd lav ti of social

aorea, firntt and ahada tree*. Rent sisuU Also to let, aa above, a Tery prettily allUAted Cottage, containing eight rooina; TnagnlO. i ntviiiv*. Rent $4011. Apply to CEuRiiE BARRETT, K*q., No. tt Wall atrtoi, or at in. ELLIOTT S olBw, No. 7 (Jllulou Hall, Eighth atreet. rrO~RKNT-BUn,DINGS NOR. 624 AND AM BROAD. ^^ja^^alaoLi'rgcBitlMsCI lunar, Jnpma of J. Nc% UN DAT, APRIL 13, 1882. ~~SS!SB!t?eu,ff\*?i70?W5t~L. I TO LKT-TIIB F"LL?WIN<i MQI H: ? 230 W. 32d St., 4 n^ory, brow u stone, mod tmpirve'r, $660 25. '.V. _2.I tk, 4 n'.ury, ucMiern uuuion eiuuute <00 192 W J4ih m., iitorj, i.rii It. pss and water MO 'JT.o VV IViU st., 3 story, modem Impruwn* uts 464) 1 241 W 19'tl 2'U'rjl slid dUo*, lil'idt 111 I lip'OVcmvlllS . to 25t, II .iieou hi., i Miory and huh , 4irk k, rniueru imp's. . . <64) I 173 W 38th St., 3 story, modem uu,iri>Y<-ni. otn 4tb) Mil Washington si., 5 lory, ?ioop, gas and w-tUti ...364) I 1*5 W. |,i. I lory uuil aui , gnu and WHlc'.j' > <0 i 7 and 8 W. 41?t *?., 4 stery, Biiftftah bnaetaen' <4 J 246 W Slal st., 4 story, modern Improvements 6?) 171 w 21* 4 "I, t story, high sloop, n.olern luipriurtuneilis 700 l-> '?< 0t ' u? cor. 9th a*. and 25 i wltft garden VX) I 627. San to.i av , 3 story, h;"h stoop. modern Improvements 6)0 164 W. 39>h St.,3 story, hipb stoop !i> i 171 W. Siiit ??,, 4 tory, 'incf, gas un l water '160 4 1*1 W. 47to Ht, 4 story, brown stone, imp.ovo's .l,4k?) i 17 Way at., 3 story, tilgii stoop, brio* 226 J Ml W . 1<J't. si.,3 -tory, h ick, gun nml water ' AIM 33d W. 15'h s(., 3 story, brick, model n Imp' ovi io nt*. .. WM I 114 W. Hid hi.. 3 story, brick, modern improvement* .. 81)0 162 Lciluyioo st., 3 story, brick, mode npuprovemeule.. Ml | 68 Kast 2 tli S'., 4 story. Drown stone, mod. luiprovem'te. 8W 43<)rcenwlch ay , 3story and attic, mod. hii| ruvcmnif.. tiat) 2411 W. I4'b St.. 4 story, ut'clcrn Improvement- #4)0 I AndotUcis. J.lW. DKNH VM, crner of Suteenik street ami Eighth avenue, from morning to 9 in the evening. i 110 LHT-A II 111fl 8TOOV BA> BMBN'T HOP8B, NO. Id i Belliunr. stre-t; rent $460 A snug two story brick Hoot-', seven looms M2tJhnrlort street; reu' $.*0. Two nlo I Colt V"!ee, J. r-ey I'It;*, 398 South fourth street, six roams, gas atnl NV.?i. r; rent $16 per month; v.uuld p,iv?> a Jea) Apply , at 346Kleaier stive', up btatrs. t rno Lbir-ro a h.maix family only, thk third A floor and part of the fourth of No 12 Hubert | street, near 8*. J.din's Perk,containing gis, water and waste I l> . 'lhe tl.. in ??f tlx i o ..e is occupied by . dual lam- i tly. Apt ly on the lueimsea. 1 fPO IJiT t'UKAf, KlfOF 26X1(0 1'KKT, NO .238 WR8T J f utscnth t-eet. AI.hj Hut>l(n;s, to? t, No. 24*9 I Wc?t I'ourte-rth street, with three Rooms for family use, stoobd tloo . Appij to J. .VULI'iiKD, be Wurten stieet. 'Pi) L! r CIIKAI'?LA!t(<ll llOt'SK NO. CC ' 11AK1.K8 .1 siiv i .Urn tins prna.e Slabie a,ljoinuiu. Apply to J. I MI LI'OKI), 68 Warren s'ret t. mo I.KT ON BKOAD'.VAY, NKAR FOURTH rTiiKLT, A l'art of a House, m t erl'?t oe.i. a O0iiil??ing of three 1 uu h. .uuil lluor, baiti r toBS . ml < wo rooms tn the aillc, nas, hot ami oul.l water; rant $323. lutjdira at (i.*8 Hi mils uy. I rro UiT-PI!RNlSHhD HALF Of A NBW IIOI'HB. A 1A! West Kiiyr-thiiil ureet; <|uPf pleas.,U'ly locmad; iai/jn In fronl, and a.I lib- modei n improvements: rent $375 a vna i' ne si. I.. . I? o. . .'-ti - . I ? ? - w7! '.'SXRY!JBTTTaf Cl'iu5u,"mc1 leii'Ji Go."a.""1 " f|YO LET-PART OK 1101'SK FURNISHED, Sl'ITA!;* E X fi>r he !-<ik' ("plri '. and ro >1.1 fur family or individuals, I M nit or ivnliout Board, in ii*p;lvale Kri-n h ..unl v, (alb >? mid nil nio.lern iini iuruiii m tun limne; ta uim \,-,y moderate. Apply at 24 Went Tiv,iily third itrcti, near Kit lit avenue. i rpo LSI -TWO I QTTAOBS I* Hi IIVItRR'S B \ V NI <K- I J ty-S' vcnlb utieei und Hudson river, with g'-ihl vi? w <>K river, fui ty.twu minute* from Cl.ainb<*ra -' r?-? .* l>y IJ in i ltlver Railroad, fare 1:! vent*, or by Htoomln. a' ? ;e. Ap- I ply on piejnlae?, or of A. SI'hM'K, No. 1C Wall a. net i fro LET?t TWO STORY DWELLING, IS OOOI) OR. I X dor, No. 8 Woo.-lor meet, no;, Canal and Broadway ; also No. 10: roni $S60 ninl ?< 01) \ Ri oii'l Ktoi y,I i ?iiin n K.iilai lo I'm linn:miHH. inn Uuii ln..y. r'M) Apj y lo i MAJOR THOMPSON, '.'6 WWler street. I rpo 1.1! ; BERGEN POINT, N. A LAMB j J. Owi'lldi.s House on th- Kill you Knll, with twi n, orchard, ' mul several a- re* 01' laud, near Ihcelc.'inbaai lauding, N'tn^ the former re-ddetv r of jaiiper Garrcisuii, dereaMi. Apply I UA I> WKLIOK.38 Whitehall utmu. New Yml,, or to W. ' H. WILLIAMS, No. I) D. is y BniMin'.', J?r?? Oily. rpo LET?AT l OKMHAM, ON TUB LINE OP THE X Harlem Railroad. 1U mil is11om the Ony Hail, a Country I Hesldenor, In Rood order, oonlutning tr?,'.ve room*, with live ] arveaoi ground, with every variety of nam iu grealabindance; It le uleaeanily e't'iated on Mjrlr ground, n.rroui. led | by Uee?, and not mure than tliren minute*' walk from the depot; it-iit. tnoderat : to a good tenant. Xnqti'ro ot' Mr M. i OKAY, 71 Natulan Mrocl, room No. 0, or or the ticketar,-uu at the Pnrdham depot. ? TO LET?TO A PHYSICIAN OR DENTIST, TWO OR tb roe Room*,' on ibe mat Poor ol a brat cUv, b''U?* in | Ninth ?tn ot, neav University ptaeo. For pafciatrlum apply n> B. W. RI I'l.EY, AU Broad* >y, opposite S . NJchula" Hotel. r LET?THE VERY DEBTtiABLE, FIRST CLAM Eugli Ii basement House 71 Weal Forty-Unit Uroct; ban all'lie ui'idern luipiovenieiita, ?n,i will he let rrrv low to a go id teunnt. Impilioot JOIlNA. COKMACK. HO YV. -I For. i Ij-tirsl tree'. TO LET-A PLEASANT COUNTRY PLACE, ABOUT M lnlbia froui the ?*tty, on loo Uontral Kallr<-ad til' New lejuoy, ? iihtn a few ininotr.* <it village, of schools, churches, d-yot, A--. For particulars addie?s FT A. Wallace, eta'km E Poa-' oMce,?aw Y'ork. rp.O LET?121 CHARLES HiEEBT, BETWEEN HUDSON X and Greenwich; a email thre- aioey liw.-lltig IToo-w. Rent low. Apply to Ii. A. BOUEUT. 61 Wall street, Poor, front. f|YO LET?A 8YIAI.L HOUSE NO. Pi WEST TWENTY X alxtb '.rccL I'urull'tjefoi sale low toaoash ouktomci' f|M> LET?T11B TWO STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK X Collage 101 Rant Tr.euty.piht meet, near S< una av< uue, contaliiiog ten eoouia, wiuv gar. Crotou wat- r, balhroom, eluM-ia, tango in kivchen, Ac.; ban been nscntly yialnted luKlde an-l o'i->and liandsomc'y papereil. all In tir-i, rate order; v?rd, with urns*. thriven and a ve ry tint* bearing jjrnio vine. A desirable tenant wn haro ilia privilege iVmn war to ye jr. Kent $4 0. Apply for on<: week l > 10. W. WHITNEY, with Wright A Keiciiaui, lUS Broadway. rpO LET?At GREENWOOD WORKS, OBANOR OOIEV A ty, N. V.. fony roTe* from J re ey t.'i'y, on the Kt lo Kail" road, a commodima modern Dnrlluik Houae, neatly pew, tinuiruWlicd, containing nine rooina, with garden, ?tab'e, Ac., atlarli'-l; It U convenient "> the alatlon, ami would milt a family urn hi lig to spud the s immer iu a ijulft, primly healthy mountain locality. Yertua <300. For fuuner purtkoilai stiddrMi O. do I'oyaler Ardcu, bo* tut Pur,, ofllre, or apply at the ofltec ?? ' O. w. FIJl.l.H R, lit. Wail rpO LET?TWO STOKE*. 4t? aED4?$8 PR A 111. rtTKI ET, A near Chat linni. The above inmed prion itos have been Oueopit'd for many year* as wholesale nod retail xro cry ?lor"s. oml will bo rented loiv to a good lonsni. For usti tlcularw ijinnlre off AMES SIXitLAlK, HB Uhutbaut timet, corner <ji pi ari. rpO LET?KENT $4011, A NICB THREE STORV I1W1H J bawim nt Hoo t) lit Williamsburg, on Wllaon stroei. irenne, wi'hln inn minute*' wnla of l'eck sup lorry; modern o uc iii o ? ?. Impute on premise* or a( 3311 Pearl s roc:, X. 1. rpO I.ET? A NEAT ORNAMENTAL HOTTAGJ? IN ' J Seventy-!'rai afreet, tbroe doors ant of Fourth av-nne the Ramble entrance t- tbo 1'ark; lolSSilfW, with alley way . llo isecontains nui- lo on* jnU eight paitulet; gaa, water, rhundrl ers, two ia.rge |>.cr x.a.??o-, alalia and bracket*. In- i jiureusebm o rpt) LET-BY A I RF.N' lt FA 1ILV, A NB0OND FLOOB. ' J furnished or mo in itmbctl, wnh gas, ham ami iuc of kt hen. Rent mode ate. Apply at No. 71 West Nineteenth ar.ii. Can e aeon *; n t. oloel* p. k. , rpo let -Part of house:m henry kvrekt, io a A sma'i family; water, g Ac. Po.v.ssioo immediately \ If dcaimd. fpO LET?DWEEI.INO, THREE STORIES, OVEU A atore SSI Hios-l-vay. near tievetitue ith street; hatha, two wrat-r cloae: s. ja? ?!* ? -gapy iloonion atnry over ativa. Rent $lk??. Iui|iilre at 391 Broadway, .1 ATKfiON rpo LET TWO NEAT rilREF STOUT HR1CK HOUSES. Thin j third i're.t, 0 itcu l/<ni{iw and Third icveo'it*, with all the mo.lrrn impi .iren.oiit*, ya? and ftv'ures, hot ami cold water, bath, laundry, *c. Itcoi $374. Apply a' Mo. 99, 1 on tb? oppo'itr ?I<V of Wot auior flri-el. TO Li W-TWO IIOI HKHIN OitCHARO nTKMif, ISd 1 ami 197, twoaiory and lovnwiii; 187 bar '?a aitouaion alia, died Alio uao Houac with two v..c;un lots. :>d..yteil to mamd'ar' urniK pui |i ? ?, Jlua 10/, 109 and 111 llunk atrwet. I'd HWhujltlipy to J. JACKSON. It! QnM Strttt I. rro LKT--FOK BUSINESS, SOCIEUES, AC., TUB COR X itci'K'.onn, now occupied by tbo Catholic Library, at ,11ft Broadway; nlpo fron' and or in r It >oui?, on aevond, litlril ami fourth Floor* of in attd54 Kn?t Twdrth alrcet ami 819 Broadway. JufIN 8. KKUSO, tUWilHanf'trert. rLBT-VOR SALE OK ?XCIIAM]B-NO. 5J BART Twcuty-elglilh street and 2PJ b'tn TPiny.fuurlli e'r-ct; four ato. i'ta, broc n ktm?". Imniritl?t>- po?e??-tin Kr en, free to May J. Ipplron thi utomi-rs, l'r?in i to # 1*. M.,#r to JOHN 8. RKI.BO, dS William at real. TO LET?DWELLING HOCRR, NO. 157 WOORTER street, near llo'jeinn; two mot iee, attic, mul hamm- nt. Rent lUixhu*'# I" a |.o >U tonnnt. Apply to K. It, OltOri/,. t . iircrir sire cu from / lo 9 A. M. ami 3 to 01". M , or toJOIIN H. IIARNKTT. Wo I lUntrrar a'reei. fro r.F.T?ONK OF THOSE DESIRABLE HIOR RTOOF X llnneea; al?o mm nl lUu lm\ no .pr, mi Muuam hi piece, Mar Eighth atreaar; aald hooacacontain all the modern Ioh proTeim nt*. ?<111101*. Iippiuc on tar picmiaoa, No. 16, or of LV O. CROSBl, I U Xanadu alrrrt. T > let and kurnitlkk rou sale-a dkhika* bin llottae below Kmtrieanth 'reel, between Slrtti and s. vyiilb atomic*; rem SiOd. and Furniture for ?ale, iuclttdntf 'men and rV'iythma nec-aaary lor bond-keeping, for Ad.'O, bui llttla us <t, ami rou Sd.i'V. PRWB A THOMAS 575 Broadway. rpo I.ET ON SPAIEN ISLAND-SEVERAL PLEASANT X Collegia, at uind'tuto frith", at Oil, ton and bow Brighton. Apply 10 D1NIKL I OIV, 17 Br "ad war. TO LKT OK FOR SACK - I VERY CONVENIENT COTluge llmar lit PiftyH iirhlli neat, near Third arcane, llem I i?v u u n > d irhatit It t-on'aliia '.i*nl dul?h* t room* and > p.'ii f'te', with i aa and ClfHnii water. Alao a new thvar alory Ildut In Ninetieth a r ot, tmar fluid ataour, wph mudrru Immovcmofitj Al<a> ? n'.w two atorv flouaa, 1 ?mi. wii j'a, In Matt lliiv u, 00 'it' 1 tu.u, mtar inn Ui'i?>', iviih g'ir.'Init, Ac. In^iili' 01 W, F. TIEHftT, at If. Etlwii % oijau fnolory, lii Crnli" atraet, oa.11, up at? a rpO RENT OR KXCIIANOB?A Mf.ACTlFUL COH.M RV X S< at in Bi idgi poi I, t/'ntm.: Iniuimliain posmi".>in; noita but imnrlp da run d apply, Adilrcar hot luO I'< at oilier, N. Y. rro LET?AT IIAHTINUH, A DoONI.E C0TTAOE, WITH X rard?n? Bosiwaainn Inrmcdlataly. Ileut Aayi oauh.l o corn. 11K Ma* 1. Apply WM. WlLLlAMS, ?V Mall atreel, or A HAtllOl.C A'l W>?t Thirty ? coud atrrrt. T~" O I.I4T, TCRMtllED? \ FIHST CLASH FOVR STORY UmiM-trrni of Btuadway, bdow Bla'lilh atreui. eoiitaiu* all the ,no tern Iniprocatiii nt", will bit It?' T5 par rent Iwlow Ha value in a private family, with inun dtatu puaaeaalnn. Addn ??8l.iriton, Broadway Po*l oillre, for three day* T> LET-TO A SMALL EAMILY, THE LOWER PART I oi Iho hu'ite No. Mi King tree', cunaiettnn of Pint KI'hm, Krnni Basnoentand three Rooml on the third floor; JfKHiiij- central; reni modi-vale. Eur purticulaia inquire oo 1 the preru.o or of U Ruck, Now Vork I'cgt oRre T' o'lrt-tTib rniiek stort, Yilih stoop brown tone Hoiwe AM) weal Klfileih elreet, It contain* lour l< eo r. na.?, In enel'unl oitlrr, modern Improvement* and gar tiitiirci tlironihonl. M'nl gth>'. AOn. "no liulf ot 4J?, ohm row. R?nl #30" Apply oi T.<5 W<-?t Fiftieth TO LET-A CORNER MOKE. NO It BANK STRBBT\ from May I; rout I# v to good teuaat. Aloo 0 Bakery, IIH w?,t Tniih ?'ro?it. AO", Kjoorr Room* and Bedroom*. Inquire or K L. A B T Bl'BNUAM.SIl fltjdooo otreot, N. Y. flitt LBI-A TIIREK STORY BRICK HOUR! AND X Store, MO Hudson itrnet; rent fltt). Aloo, Id Roomo at 3.K) Blew her rem, with all tmproroaaonlo, ot $M0, alio, thron etorjr br'oV Shop. Id Thomoo elreot (third floor), eary heap, aloo, 2>4 *l?iy bi l< k Hoimc, with saloon la liMemeat, .I'roui May I, l.'i rlftim*" Oroet, at fifty percent of lant year rent; al?o. neoond Eleor of 319 Wr?i Twelfth etrect (three room" and one t*in on third floor); alt improvements; one I i.m'ily; lent low to a ?mall family, room* furnished If luftf. it <1. Inr'lre or E. L. A R. T Bl'RNHAN, 611 Hudson l reel, N. Y. rro T.RT?SECOND FLOOR OK PRIVATB ItOL'dH *50 J Katt Tenia etioet, witii gait, lit t gud void tram and bath I'to u. Kent R>w (o i good tenant I HOl'SBW, Room, AO., TO I>9T. mo let-two urs, clai s cuttaulii ai ..inbiyX elutli firr??-t and M'allj tver ?, < uinl Park, ju;t Hue Mid, Urn 'i. lui-y, buaemout up; <j Our en inoma, patent heater* marble mantel* olM?-rv vory, c! lelier*, Au.; i ut only ftXtfunil t'ibO Apply -,to3 WiiHTwri tv-ee end etreet. j TO LET?A UOTEL. 41 KUI ROCKA .VAY, L. !.,NHAll th P.i. lllou, Willi bail room au*l liar room trt.ucb. d; i<? b.>us? tilled, ;.ud ramie, itii o .. e.ary ilbuii'l u A, j ?Ootuv- Aiao Lotu,3K0 Pearl :,?w Yea. A, j?y Lu 8 J. L. NOitioM, coruie ut Eiubt'u a..d U.'aitd street*, WUllanebur?, L. I. F let?tbi lowru pakt cp a 1 ovub, .101 hoi/ berry etrui t CWeeley pi .re). near Dleti k> r ?tr?. t, < otr Utiiitfo. two laiye Parlor* una IJ-dio Lout ijj..m, ui mil III.all Kit hi'.n, with on- liexe of tMee!>. "Mi he let 'o u tin.iUlumUy fur Aituil a year, Ititiulreoi JoliN II. 1I1LLlEtt, 44 Bf ei ker ktreet, between lite hours of 11 and 12. TO 1XT TWO DEPTH ABLE ROOMS ON Til 1 R D Boor of .louse 8'J Hlvth arenue. Ala? Alll .'K. o u, Orion and To a de?lr*I J* teu.iul (no cblldruu) root low. Apply u> Dr. HLAh'RNKY, on the premises. TO U1T? KTUNlHIiEl) OK ritPCRflSHED, OU TUB Furniture will be eolil or boarded nut, tb< thr o story bd ut; to llouko No. 3 Carroll pine, 11 lot eke r street, well ninnted for a boarding liouee or bualneiNi purpose*. Inijtiire on tbo pipuiiuea, TO LET?A GOOD OPPORTUNITY?A VICE OOTTAOB ou thaoonir of deveniy-bl.b ? l et a-d Broadway, lu ?ood order, wllb kus and .'rutin water,-a hero a ft 11; of ibroe pet sou* woubl like to board vsnfi the oft opeiit*. Injuire on the pn ml; en. p. J. 110>>Khl_;.EJ.. yo lkt-bo. 318 mibt piftkl.vtii 8tket, three A moiy, liifh stoop bri. k Ho 29tl5, I ol 8", r->z>' ' iinj{ ?ll tin: modern Improvement* Wnl bo rein.-! ? rj lo.t ,oi yrtrtiiv tnuu.l on early uopll atlou n JOHN I'f.bYL) k SON'H, 113 i\ahau'i en eel. No w York. TO T.V.T?THB PBCOND PI/)iiK. M il II HAS AN'T) water In, u u.lulnlug four Itooun and paulrtou, ui No. 221'IV: M Mtxioi-ntl. ?' no between 8- M a.b . n '. li th ivenuen. I'liBs 'sulon immediately. TO l.ET -ON Ml RBAY lOLL, THE TIIKEK PTOllY baseiruiut llir ?e, ,\o OA Kit i Fortieth ativi 1 b. ?t en Four:ti^anil I,' .Iii^ on av. nue , dfifeei by 44 to I it: ej>. K&O. A pji.y to J AMES1 lOGA N, 1&> Wott ?(ruet . or." r of vv _ rro LET mmlHED OR CNFURNLsirEn, THE X DauMii., Hunan No,!?Ht. Timothy ylu e, north aide <tf Kilty- ."rni.fl i "iwu Broadiv.-y an 1 i..;. r. i. avenue; three e lory .brmvu stun., lit flint rote or ler; modern ui:pr vi-iin-bls; iiAUd*on.e biock; r-i.Vi nmht to ars ail I atage*, and but lhn? or Poor mji I . fl i > Park; rent ion ,.o suit th - linn s. jay to I.I.OS \ illl SCU'lT, owner, Tti Wi t Tiilrty-fourth sire-1 or ft! t.-'-i. TO LET-THREE SftiKY HIGH niOOK BROWN stone House Met Yh : M (j)-,,; a-, now vsrint; is III 11 11. at r. to r<| 1 not 01' $<VJ. ti-i-l) .0 K. 1), LtW HENCE 1.261 I'.o.vil-.vay, belie "O Thirty fir t and Tbinyaouuil atn .is. TO LET?HOUSES KO8 ? AND Ml WB?T THIRTYsi*111 sir. el, threw su.rv, all Improvement.*, 111 i;oo<l oriler. between l-llyhlh and N nth at-no- . II. ut r- in <\ to ft-itW. Appl* ... 12. l\ LAWU.iMCK. 1X1 Bieaivny, lie iwceii Tlilr'y-firvt and ruiriy-h? ond ?'r t*. rj'O LET?TUB FACTORY MO. 358 OJD 335 WEST A Twenty. 1'ouCh 11.1 ict. w 111 steam cnalnr, si... tint;, tools, fce., cheap to n re-p. ualble tenant. Tim location is lu .iithj tiof the iil:n....4i?i;ll adapted .'or inanufaetiiriiiij * ?. Ap11 :* to Mr. II AltKISOM, opposite '.he p.'.uuaes, or 01 J. 11. LMLY, llll Krotit street. TO I.ET?TilK FOUR 8TORV STORES ?14 AND III* Sixth svrnu", At the redu.vd 1* ut of 0. Apply 11 E. L>. l.AWKKNCi., 1,261 Broadway, between Thirty-lire: and Ihtrf^ soeoud etnev. TO LET?AT EARTCIIESTKR, COTTAGE AND GARDEN: healthy; 15001! lishiog, Ac.; to a small family rent noobjet; .ay 'O. Apply to K. i). LAW RKMT'-E. 1,201 Broadway, between Thirty-lire' and Thirty-seeuud sir. t*. To let?at the greatly reduced rent ok Moo e b7 Seventh avenue, between l lt'eenlh and Sixte.-nih streets; usually rente for (1,0.11. Apply to K. U. IAWKENi K, 1,201 tin a tway, between Tun ty-tr?t and Tbtrty-er, oud street*. T) LET? HOUSE NO. 84 WEST TWENTY-SEVENTH suaci, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, wilt be rented to a roup m-lble faruily at the creallv reduced .cut of 660. A; ply to K. I). LAWRENCE, 1,201 Broadway, beiwe.i-n iliirrj -i'trsi and Tlurty-eeoohd etr.:el.*. r let-HOUSE NO. 71 SEVEN Til AVENUE, BEItie,.n Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets, at $8u0; usual If rents loifl.WO. Apply toK. P. LAWRENCE, 1,201 Broadway, between Tlnrty-llrrt ami Tnlrty .-rcoml stroies. rlbt-l-'OUR story HOUSE NO. ?M street; all Imp.oveu.utr, In jt.iod order; rent isduoe.l to (SOU. Apply toB. D. LAWKEM E, 1,261 Bi?udaay, he ween ami i'hi,Ty-au.ond atreela. TO LET IN WILLIAMSBURG?THE THREE STORY brick Hnni-e, No. lift South Niulh street, situated in the most desirable j 01 lion of the eliy. Has water, furnuop. ami ilxturcx throughout. A xarden with fruit trees, and a commodious stable in the roar, will be let tilth the home. The whole iuay be rented for W00 it year, on application to R. BEUK.Y, T.-atbauicp k Rank, corner Rcado and Bioad way, i*. ?. rpo 11ST ON &TA1EN ISLAND?A ITNE LVKOK J- Houaa, a IMt M.-ven aerea of land. delightfully aKoattsd, about two mile" irorn VandrrMlt landtag, having a jjuud vte" o> Hifl <x ?au; lout tow 10 a good tenant- lo<mlr? W J. M. MeLEAJt, (ft Wall alreat. TO LET OR FOR SALE?THE TURBB STORY BASEtooiu and Ktibri liar Philadelphia brick irout Mouae on (hcao'itbwrs'.t ornoriif Ncvinnaud I.lvirijhtiin atrnrts; range, bath, hot and ?w?Ut ?*br. gar, Ac. (.oration ?n?ie?idlonuble. Rent $**) a v?ar. Apply to JOlt.N F. II UN NESS Y, No. 7(5 Hrl 'iic afreet, Brooklyn. fTO LET OR 1.KASE?THR TWO STORY AND ATTIC J. brick Dwelling Hour" co <'lark"on ntreet, bctweou Omen, m.ui and lliiinn streets; C.oton witer, ^and gar tittuiva COnip'Cta; rent f 1"A Itujiitro of SKA MAN LOWLKRE.307 Bpriug idreet. rpo let or lease?the upper part ok house 11 A hiuh r.veiiiiH, cruet Wnvcrltj place, containing wvrn i taunt). R-nl jra-ena'de. Define. hi tt.c abuts oit the promisee. rpo LET OR LKARI' HIE WELL KNOWN EXCEL J. aloi Hbadc*, lib Atantc rtr- tel. lSroohtyn opp>Mte 'he At .eno ui an t .Mer.uti':lo J lliiarj . a (ic-i u!a*a lociiun lor biiinc*a. Apply to ULNUV BK118U, ?1 J din Mrv. l. rill LET?FURNISHED, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ON X 'h ' water, pi lit niiba fro it the. I. \; lUiumuii ca*ion by ml * talnaaa u .uriy, in 'lurtv-ii o minus a Bathroom, Willi hut and iel l water. *o .1 stable. Ren $t,(AK). Applv lictw. ell :l and IJ A. M. ur 2 and Vi P. At. to liKNRY PAUL I. m Hi I rpo LLf-'-KRY CHEAP. A STORK A1TD TWO Domi, 1 suitable tor paper, lou'bor or envelore men mart, ire, m hardware, .N.i. .11 Her!.men street. Apply on lha j roifiiaea. rpo LET?HIE LOWRR PART or liOCHK Hat BED' A ford atrum, containing lire r.niius and front ba*eu?cnl. Depots; .if OROHHl. UIIEthON, llCWtvetl. r pis ?. TO LET?TO v hlHX FAMILY (NO CHILDREN), four Rooms, in liwr 181 I'rln * etrert, naar Broadway; une front Porno on second and three Knomt >m tbird atory; ti. a lii aicrs, ga.H, Uatb, hot and C'ld wit< r. Rut $.XM, or p.rt for Birai. rLET IN BROOKLYN?THE TWO STORY PIUWE Henna I OA Pttai I street: bn? rt'cmlnn timing to >zn and Ure lonniaon acennd floor wltb nil m >d'rn improvements; res, water, ic. R? nt $ t'?) per your. I'll OK. DLMMM, 67 K ith afreet, Nt w Yerk. r LET?TO ONE OR TWO SMALL I A VILIKS, THE Se m l Floor ot the House 112' an a ran, C iutalu Iiii. iwi ii>o u?an I l\tO biiUnurne, froni i-.-Kcm pt. I?u tine hw l?x?| wtlMl It ?ir> ilMCuilitMi TO IjKT?'tHE THREE 8TORV AND II A8GMENT BRICK h-nise No. 31 8 iiiiuill *'r, ct, 8 mth Brooklyn ((live mlun es'<v?!k Iroin'he 1'mjO, onulnuig *11 toe uxn! rn Im[nrifciiK'iiis u*>. 1">* end rold water I alb*. AilIi in J. iM.AUK, Ho. W? Bi'iimli airrr), ith Hrooktnt, ?n U.S. MAKbll, No 2 Ve-ey '.-ae', Ait r Horse, Ne.r Ynr?. TV) LET-WITH IMMEDIATE POBSF.RAION-MKrOND . atm-v of the brown done House 211 Weal flu let h ir.a', four Rooms, wtfh prtvtkiye of im'h risen end l>?uiViry. To a de-treble iclnnl icut wily $li.,' if <i?f ji niabcd. Apply on I' t bmIW TO LET OR LB\RE-TRE STORE AMD DWRLLfHO, ?itt? If or 'I, Mo. Up Oi.tud ereei, corner ol Fourth elreet, Brooklyn, B. D.: a good boilneee b> alien. Apply t<> II. W. KKL-'IiY, 122 Orand (tract, Brooklyn, E. D. rpo I.EAKK -A i HAIlXlNt. HI1LATIOR, tH MIL.EB A fiom Ifntmkiiii, ntL-d for a jr?n leman'k r or for i:h.denies ptirpoeaa; ten u.ivh of land, Willi dnr* hinge, ha. ne, valuable or bur lathi abnodencc l)r rbnl'- ?t varieties of rrsl'ted fiuUs. Also. #0 d re* adjoining under hue cuttivnlloii. To le- lr?-i d together vi v piratel". Apply I r three d.iyi to MoOAl'LEY, 51 I'bathma ttreot rLKAMB?THE ENTIRE. MARBLE BUJI.D1NO Bit Hr-oadnav; - o-r 110 by ? fe?t; flee (tome, with basement and under basement; v.mild make a floe aaloon; or rcli floor ?rpn .ately: two hh "!' )liH>r? Leer been piled up lor lodge room*. Tmpjtre of p CAf.HRAI HI, 127 Fill* ton street, or A. E AULErON, 7Jh Broadway. f|X> LEASE-CORNER OF 11KOVDWAY AND HOWARD I etrwei. the lluildinjATJ Broadway, with the adjoining on* <1 Hownnt etrrei, ? irately or toother; a'*u Uiemuie Kinl'JiUk <2d M o tlway. I'.I ,vort tenant* a l-.iee nillhr it.r, ii at moderate i rt'P Inspire (t 19 WUIutn street, ronm Si, from I lii tiiili.d fpoRENT?THE STORE IN THE ABI'OKIIOISE MOW A iM'.nii li-J lir the W eet< hi Trm*uor<a:ion Oummtjr. Ap ply to HI Oil A LI.EN, Mo. 1 Cm on a slip. 'I'D REST?MO. .1 UNION SOl'AItF. WEATKIDK, M"BAR I Foiirv "li'b sir**!. for builtim# purpo-ee. bntteu tinea mni v brick, with high In anil unit attic: 'vMl.h of no.i M tret, depth 4.'i I'an dim-b ?, w.tb rear building: twin -..bp, situated for a fashionable retail Sime. Apply to WM. M. HI.'KWOYNh. 6S Kicbatige p aer, or THUS. BCHOOYNL. #6 l.i'oerty s'rei t. etc ulnrc ^ ' fPO RENT-SECOND STOUT BROWN STONE FRONT A ll'iibiing ir>i W?s* Fiftieth atreei. Inquire at 131 Weal Fiftieth fttvet or Ml Broadwaf, Kew Yni-k, TUP. SB" OKD FLOOR OF HOUSE n WHITS STREET to In to a "mall family. Reference! eiclianged. TIIRKR COTTAOES TO I.BT, AT VORKBRS-SfTU. ' etcd Between Broadway aim HpUmt ?.!? t, ten minutes' walk from lh? depot. Inquire of L. POhT, ? the Pit"1 ?! <?. Ycnkera, orMSpring dreet, Newfork. Rent eery low. TO BUTCHER" AND UARTMEN.?TO T.KT, IN E tSf Ttvrntv.Ofth street, Bear Flr?t avenue. twu Ig>ie, with Bla filler llo'tfw end Riebtee. Inquire <>f H MAXWELL, ur X. SIELIiV, Ml I hud avenue TARTlYTOWN PROPERTY TO LET.-A NEAT CONvenl-al Collate Home, two story and baaeinent; night room*: wuod huii->e and w-ueh bonu at' .it-bed; water ei.nwenl-nt On 0'il'e high gronnd; km a delightful river and Inland v|?w; fruit; within liv? minute*' walk frum depot an I iti ambeal <Vck; newly painted; rrntglM per nnutttn. In. q dre of ,1. BKKtvick, Yonkcra. 0?pt. M. Onderdonk, seal hcu<e, WlllihoW It. r) LET?A NBAT, TWO BTORY ATTIO HOURS, IN the ImMorder, newly painted, and In a good loraUon, M Harrow aired, third door weal of Uudaoo. Apply at .'ill lliidaon ?tre?t. J. W. COATBS. TO EST?ON THE HBIOIITR AT NBW BRIGHTON' Btaton Inland, near Patter n Hotel, n nloa Cottage, forniehed. Haa an entire view of the whole hoy end Nerrewe. Apply le A, PRENTICE, 167 Broadway. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR. FRONT BASEMENT, and part of third floor If wantul, with baib and fas, In a en.,d neighborhood, Of houaeMUWeat Ho niton atieet, naar Maletolt*;.!!. ________ TO LET?four RTORY BROWN itonl HOU8B NO. 36 W<at Forty-seventh atreat, near Fifth avenuet rente naually for at.lW0. will rent to a responsible party for MM. Anuiy to E. n Lawrence, t.261 Breedway, Prlwm ftlr tjf bial end Thlr^ getond llrefMh 3 iwi i i???I i i? ii ii - "*' HOt HEi, ROOTS, 4kV., TO L7 Y. TO I J! I?THH MOOM0 fUlOl OP HOUSE 7W WK81 TUji'y-fo rb KT t, ?d- mtimf of four R*>"oi? m i Bat... ro 'n, k')tMi)?iU v^rr, it.w, An. H ium dr.-l i Una. Kent k??i. Kor further partk uumu Inquire i>u the ineuVo. T.. I B J ? A S I . - KTV. ei-iUtb street, tosBi Ou!. 1 Kluur am' B '-uK Mnsewcnt it a br.ns ?.? :!((?, anneistir : of four n?net and bio* bs?''-nanI, win mil yarn in from and ?ir, and with Orouii wate> iu tho Bouse: term* moderate. V ply on the premiers. fro OH FOR B VIJE?AT ViOl.?r VKKNON, NEAR i tin; v -v Tor* *t- ' New II ... n Ka>t-oa.l . -put. .turn nl.-? Cost-: , .oiitaimn^ nine rooms In n d ir.L. r r-' rf n, rail tr 11 drape vltuis, no vei * una excel oi well of wu.m if hi the honsi-: v illm !! ?t$l,3u0 tn.l ? A') r I. i at the reduced prfee of $110 and $13,1. Apply to B. I>. i.A WHENCE, 1,384 Br, udivuy, between Tblily-li. At .11.-1Thirty-eteund mLr- etx. rLBT?fAHT OP ran TWO STOKE ilOtSK NO. 31 Chariton itr.'i i, ..ol t n >i Room and two Bed' n grriH iju second door end its -t It?iwnt, to a MMil faint. 1). withoutuhiUren; real tlti. ln>.|Liiti; on the premises. nv> LET?TDM FOUR - h I ENOLTHil RAHBMEN1 X House lit vVem Th;r > ecu u.e..i, i eir Blith avenim ** the redd, .-d rise of > .n, I, . .1/n ut* tor ?J,li?a Ap;<J t I2. D. TAWitEN .2, Iphii IU s.lnay, Oetwrun Tulity ttisl su.l luir.y ,..-(n<nil . em. TO r E'l AT KM,I . > ri KE.VT OK *a?i. HOI NR NO. * " '' ! ?" ? ' g'dh i four Atoll .English liu-tnnru I ell li.rnro, -luenO. ?ua ii>. *r. Apply to Ii. J). LAW. HKNCK, J.ftil Broadway, l?'iu eon Thirty-first end Thirty. strivitr. qiO LET?THHEK HTOKY It (Oil STOOP HOUSE, NO. M L Wi ? . Thirty nth o m', unr Hriadwrat; t.ll uiprove inputs: rent now i.viueeij to SKA). Appw to E. I). LAW' RI'NCi2. l,2dl Br md .ay, b"iw n 'fLirty.flrst anil T .trlysee utd street*. rPOLKTOK LEASE?AT OE11ATLY REDCCBD HE NTS L the tive story Bufdiih: No. 30 Beoenl street; n o rIvi) Immediate pofarsslott. Apply i? E. D. TAWRENl E l?l Hrouutv.t, , belveeu Thirty rti-st and Thlrtymyjund streets. 2KroHE.: -wrru back rooms koji kaxilt, nor ialatiil -.>3avenue B, L. I'd.ugs new, sulteblu lor sintoet itny 1", inr-x an lrent v. rylo.v. liuptlre oT M. D0D1N, SI itv uue U. tfcl l'Hlf <NiUM.-rM.-it ROOM OR FAIIT OS hp to let, hiuid. ... Iv IK.I.. ICU end newly pilinb eJ, lo.ateii orerly on otni' L i' r^e Mouse. App y ?t No. 1 Orei' l.>ner street. - r? '1 ' ' NTLBMAM ANI> wife V*i( "nly, the .i'i* . p.-rtn: ec story lil^b K'oop )ict.ii1* in Cbsrl.-S lire-t, .Ipp Mm V?n Nest p.trA; all the modern Improvement a: tt i, on seoou.l an I two room mi third floor*; balance oi the house will t)- oceupted by tho ailvi l.-, An Atm-trs i family only need apply. Tor further jmnleuiitis In int . ..f a. SMITH, <5 Warren at, conn -TO LET A r ,1 STO&T BOMJi, ON KUthty-ltilh ?lr..,.nr?t house from S-Tftli sve mi.. In iuik; oi JOHN TURNER, Eifibiy sixth u.rtel anil Third avenue, or at No. 27 Park *v Moro TO *4IT> LOTS KOR 8 A 1.12 ?ON QATBS ttvniu! ?it'i ,njun>. sir--n, iirookiyu, on th? U'~ 'It: iv-d natural noil; tvcn-.o p.iv, ' and lit -.vitli fjaa. Aha thre<- in on S"\v York avenue, opposite D". Adams' church near Pulton ivrmn; pas ind water through avnr-ne, and paved: pitce eaoh; wrim ?iny. At-ply to ROBERT Ml A I H, corner of i<--e 1 and (lilts avenues, Brooklyn, 01 No. f7 Flue street, N. Y. djO-n ?TO LKT-A TIIKEK SmilY, HArtEMBNT 'iPAstJ\J? anil cellar Um-t, on street. near Flnh avenue, with stabling If required. inquire on thl premises, or at No. 27 Park avenuo. <CJ r,(\ ?TO J.ET?AN ENGLISH BASEMENT BROWN PriOV/. atone trlmrneil llouae in Wttt Fortieth street; h:'? all the Improvements, with "as fixtures aa.l chandeliers. Apply to 8. K. JACOBS, No. 1 New street, corner of Wall, unui-r the Hi. Nicholas Bank. >VKHIT(IEE. -==3 A LARGE ASSORTMENT OK HOUSEHOLD PURNItore at private sale, at a tarriAce.a-Hevt.-n octave rosewood Pianoforte, coat $500. for $2.10, including Stool add Cover; 1' .ilor Suit, cost *300, lor $110: one 'to., $80', Eta, gorea, Bookcase, Curtains. Clocks Otl Paintings, Bronx, *, rotuw, >4 Chamber Funs.lure, Bedding, Ac., leva than hall cost. Inquire at No. 70IVoat Twenty-sixth street, near Hlxtli avenn?. A NEWLY MARRIED MAN WIsl/ES TO PURCHASE ibe ! ' irnltuto of a house, laiiiplrlo to commence housekeeping. To a party about to dr .line housekeeping this will he a good opportunity to <tiapo*e of furniture for ouah. Addrt-aa II., box 22b Brooklyn Post oflloe. A FAMILY HAVING FURNITURE CAN OBTAIN A A very deslrablo Suit of Rooms, with Board, on the Second floor of a first class house on Murray Hill, between Filth and Sixth avenues. Addiesn Men-haul, box 2,4.18 New York Pest ?fb> e. A BEDROOM SOtT OP ENAMELLED FURNITURE. A in all colors, or Wartaniml aiantifw turc: also solid Chestnut Clumber Hulls, plain and ornament*), at H. Ft FARKLNgTON'S, No. 508 Canal street, opposite Wooeter, EsUNwhed In lfii^ t>. 18(8. FliBMTUKE-KURNlUUKK. ^ BARGAINS?BARGAHfR. $39(1,000 WOEHTOF FURNITURE, WHOLESALE ANU RETAIL, . o J ea/yTont. M. C., tioc'j.SUt'Poai nil. "e T~ WWNTKD-A MWOND HAND CARPRT, BMIMIU >1 1'tpe alrr or t olret, not ranch uaeil; *l/p 38 by 13k feat. Am t>-t >n hmii g tho ?'??? may und acaah mp rliv. r hy a?i.tre??liig Oarprt, II erald oiTm ?. W N D, OYtrEKMAN, MAI.RR U NBW AND eroiV'l hand Furniture, Oarpeta, Ro<l?. Oti Mitnrel of ' Titiy doorlpU.m at .t.'ii Wrand atr'?U between Norfolk an : Nurnlk *:re> li All the arttrM In the ah ore Mae, bourkt wlil or Ht'jamal. _____ DK1VTISTUY. ~~7Zl \HTirit'iAL 1 KKTH.-BRAl TIKI L HETS, ON I'ORN liner, only $8, on line g.dil and iiiatna, $t\ a 1)4 war r*M*1 e |i'al lo auy voik in New York, mule tooth, |L T.oth IlUe . ?ait I'lli v led without tb* l?a?4 nam, and pep teeth In?m una. H'tia il'ii hone tiling only K rem a. Owe 138 NlXth avenue, tefwoea f< end Ilierenth m il and no removal. Dr. LCi'llER, PenUal. A BTIYinuL lEETll -WE 1,'ONTINU B TO NX TRACY J\ Teeth ta two toco tide, * u hoot pain, wlih our bon.tubing fluid. No axira ohargo for fnporary aria or oitiiallofc To tli inaeiwd wi'hout erln-tini; (lie moi?, on our Improvetl tmoaplierle pro??ure plate* Our oh. mleaiir pure Ohtoow form ati I Ether admralatered without the aligliieit danger. UrV'V^WIK * ROUaSBAl, JT3 C?u?l Urcet, oppotlM W*?lBi??<tw?y. _____ ^*vri(irRY7-A OlHTIiH*JfiC HAVTWO A THO~ arrv^rfxss xr-r^-?5?s..a bo* ?W Herald mc* . ttUl afrOTe fCQf??>?. _ ^ _____ * % m BY DEURAAF A TAYLOR, No. ?7 Brwery, Offer their entire hoc k at lower itricri than any other <MABailment In the Unite <1 Htatre, for CArtll, Omialetltiat of ROSEWOOD PARLOR AND CHAMBER PUUNITURH, IN RROCATKL. DKLAtNP. AND 1'LUBH. MYHOOANY, WARN FT AND IMITATION FURNITURE, ok every description. Knntnelled Fwrnituiein wu. iroru $20 to $100. Alt of on r Furniture l? made ol scle ted material and la the latest approved tyta*. _ ALL GOODS WARR ANTED. ClABINET FURNITURE. / manufacturere prices. $1U>,0W> WORTII. In c.nreuutnoe of the lulling oir in our wholesale ImiftiMa tre offer our own inanufio ttirt <1 goods to'ho public at the lowest prices, Consisting of PARLOR. LIBRARY. dining room and bedroom suits. Mode of iu-l<" ted uialerml nu t tn the latent stjrl'-a. All g- id.' nre warrant. d Fieaa- e.\HUiinc our good* before eurubaafnit elsewhere. Wr.IL A BRAl NSDOBK. 125 and 127 Klein ion ?t., latwc. u Kmm-x and Norfolk. N. B.?Grand, E sri end lloi.idou drool ?ugrs paaa done by. CLYRITTINUS, OILCI/ITHM, AC.?TUE ENTIRE STOCK ) of Aiuerk'>n ?n<l Hugh <1, Canntlng "ID red at retail lor ouali lOJiiH-r oeul I>ms titan Ibo wholesale prions. J. \V. ItlMICK. Wnuiil 270 Caial at., near Broad way. Enamelled chamber st:its op furniture? In at! eo lore and rtjle-. el wholesale end retail; the largest stock In the oily, Suits J*!and upwards. Also, 00U4 wsluut Suite, Melt rears, Paillue'HLRe. warukn ward, 177 Canal street, lour uoore .eat o< Broadway. TpIRsT CLASS ENAMELLED FURNITURE?PLAIML r ?l.- mat I'd end * rained. solid v olant mrel oak Rota; Suite at $2(J a lid upwards; M i.l e , Spring Beds, An. J. w. FIMiiLK A CO.. Manufacturer*, MO Broadway,>l?- v. eon Bieickn and Bond streets, TAOR SALE?BY A FAMILY LEAVDW THE COUNTRY, J the (OinpleC Household Furniture, including Cerpcta, Boddlnet. K.U'te a Cnsi. il,, i ., e an v.xUvm?y moderate price?far tw'ow owt: an < v 'I nl c'.ance for a email family Jo'.ng to housekeeping F-a' n?ri- ulera address boa 2,07 le v Y> rk l'c?t oh* e. __________ IDUKXITUKB. GAM FIXTURES, PIANOS, GArpetr, F Ac., fi r ?.?!' at half nrir^j the o* Jter 1s going to leave for Europe; price $760, to furuttuii dealer* would pre the prle Tib ?c of auction In the house. For La', Ac., nriareaa A. O. Loj MS H'Wald o??*. Furniture, carpet*, bookh, pamphlets are Libraries bought for v-u y ni uery, at IS) hi.tit arena*, bftv mp .ninth tan rwua vncn. IjV RaQTVRG BOUGHT.?VAMIUIEU Of VINO OF 1 hot*rr cpinK .'-n 11 tljrlr riti future fur ?>h, and r% c; ive m ta.r prl~e, at 4JV fhu.l ? nue, near Tblrly-fanrtA All ??!'* or a J."' ilrtTT'Mfd r'uml'.uro, a.< abot*. y ill l>< attended to. LirRMlinE WANZHD.-1 WILL HUV AND rAT r null for fl.UVO or tl.N'W worth >4 ln'dlum quality Uou-rkuld lurnlture. i'aitlra bicHkiut tip iKiuMkOaplaa tnay'cnll or wnri ihrtr to F. HOLTON, IIS Fulton timet, i,air N'a"<an, lAruNnuitK-MEfuM) HANti?i M^ANT TO iiirb r eoouah vrry plain am-i nrt hau l > uriuturr, lorlodtai ?'ti? ?n I Br laiup. io taiui'b n'tU'ue atnry h< ?? ; do kitchen furniture or ntriiallr am tnqwrod. Al(lrr?a, giving fnll par* tictiltuo. Kurulehcd Apa."tu>?ut?, Herald oilier. PARTIES BREAKISO M* HOV8EKEEP1NO, AND slalilug t'? II their FnriiMnre, rill And aeaabOu* to-ri r by a.Mre alu; a una to L. biM Iladaan air tab Country r?tl? a'tcn-.iai K Pl.lMl'TON'S IMPROVED PATENT PA NT OR BEDKteul" mid oilier ;.r?; 'a-" Kurnitute, told wholcnalo an.) rcudt; uleo flit ntahed by jwymenta, nllilTMA lit t, loimeriy National Academy ol Dcalgn. SlOUA'aE IB W IN TED?IN A DRT ROOM. NEAR Hit tit avenue and Tarnt* tltlh atrect. for the Puraltnr* AdilirHS. with a d> frtntloa of tha

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