Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1862 Page 3
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?? 1-w Vi v - r. ' HUl?FJ, n001|S, Ac., TO ijct. | AlMM&r.L TidUUsl kTOdY AHSJ BASEMENT UiOii atoon Bonne 10 let?08 L? smalm avenue, aouihwegi ?v.rner of vuAh street having all luipruvoueutft, recently oaiuti J ai.J put 111 t* uip.eie cr.iei, a very meu Jtetnte, Kent low to a good tenant. May be MM during day atxl evening. i om? b -iou oeforo Mil/. JOHN FOLEY lfi)Broadwny. AN OLD kutablhuku BOO t AND *uo? SIOEE U, linboaeii to lei, ?wv 1 for Male il ut.ired; doll!" :l good cusioxd and enle trade. Inquire of WJfl. G. I'LUMM EJR, uj Wash in. jOO tret" . Hubulun. AT NEW BRIGHTON.-TO RENT, A VILLA ON THE Uelgul*. modem impioven.cnlj, waicf wor??, Hoivei, fruit uml vegetable guldens; ?tables, coach noi era, e> tensive I-omnia, wew inauryaanctl, and live minutes Mom ferry, pply to Y. BONO, 13a B. O utay, A TItRKK S TORY HIGH BTOOP ANO BAHEMRNY J\ House, No. 5d Wed EVMei-nlh street. unit cart yf fllitli avenue, 3Ua60, lot XifOO.ft deep, having all the improvemvnta &ud in (hoiough repute, will rem to a good haunt 1 or ail. russ.-*x'.ou given before M.-y. Carpets aud Elslure* for "a> If wanted. Apply on the preaitaeh at any reasonable u..e, AHOURE TO LET-NO. 151 WERT TWELFTH HTREBT, two stones uud niti'J above basement, to responsible parlies. A>,o to let, a 'tage with six room* nt Sing fltnp, Woe mile Irion Inquire at Fun Mutual louarantc Company, *U Wail at< e> t, of W. R. 11 HIKI'EEKHUi' K. * BEAUTIFUL F1HRT FLOOR TO LBT- IN' A NEW A blown alouu houae?two partem, three bebiooma, kitchen and r antiies, widi w uter, gas, water eloeet, Ac; rent, to a small faintly, fM a month. Apply at AW West Thirty PUll 0WV1P 4fact-ios houses to let, furnhsijbd and naturalised; muk splendid. iwlfQ Ccuurydo. to let, fnrn'ehed aud unfurnished; torn* splendid. A(Mlrr2bO Stores ?n<l Ix.1'13 to let cheap. N. C. BIBHOP, 144 B?on(fway, More floor#. A FINE 000?lTRY RESIDENCE TO LET OB- FOR ale, in Eltona, n?ar Morriannia, Westcheeter county, amy aenn miuutca'walk from the depot, a modem built, twe StO'J, attic auil basement tji 'ck, and !0U Into, | tupfi; ify laid out In a superior, healthy and pleasant neighborhood. Apply to Ibe uwutr, P. ERNST, No. 3U SuUi av?. ; ?ue, Now York city. j ATMORRJWtNiA-TO LET OB FOB SALE, A VERY oouvcnicnt two -dory, attic and bawinfut double ColMge, wKh targe yard -n: location healthy and pleasant, and aay of a?era". Apply to ilie owner, P. ERNST, No. 311 Sixth eeuue, New York oily. A HANDSOME ifTlOWN STONE HOUSE TO LET VERY low?No. M flert sire. t| high stoop, three story, 20*.Vi, with all the modern i m prove men te. First Olatutnoigki orhood. Apply loC L. JONEd.ltt Unionsquaii-, from 8^ to It) M. aitdStOOP M ; or to N. If IIOX1E, William atre> t. A FOUNDRY TO LET?VERY LOW, AT SINO RING, N. V., oi will he nuld at a bargain, or em-banged for eitr ptoperty ; has cam euslne, Ac. TIiIk in the cheapest went eyer ottered. Address Foundry, Herald oflhe Apart of arouse to let. beino the upper part of the E igllsli basement House Aio. 134 En at Thirty tilth street; six or ecyen Rooms, wjvi, hath, water oloeet, gaa, Ac. (to a laiotlv of grown persons). The residue Of the ln-nre is occupied by the owner. Best ol reference required. Apply trout 10 A, M to 4 1*. M. A RARE CHANCE TO HOKSESHOKK8.?TO LET. um. ami natures lor "ale, oi a llors shoeing Shop ,ong cs'.nb lielied, now doing a good business, in the Pert location hi the ?Uy. Inquire ol C. JOHNSTON, corner olS-ietiiii hreme and Twenty-seouiid at rent; none but responsible persons i eed Apply- ______ . . Apart of a house to let-in bleeoker treet, near Mnedougal, consisting of Second Floor (three rooms) and one atuc bedroom. For further particulars Inquire at 311 Bleecker street A STORE TO LET?SUITABLE FOR A BOOT AND boe bualncaa and custom work, at 112 Bleeoker street; any other business may pay .yell. ATNBW BRIGHTON.?A LARGE FURNISHED FAMIly Mansion and Villa to rent?On the, Height; modem Improvements, water works, Power, fruit and vegetable gar. dens; stables, cdach houses, eitenslre grounds: view unsin'PMMd, and Bye minutes front ferry. Apply to f. BOND, 132 Broadway. A LARGE HANDSOME PARLOR AND PART OF RACK Parlor to let to a doctor, dentist, merchant tailor or for any light business. Also, furnished Rooms for gentlemen. Terms moderate. Apply at M Prlnoe street, a lew doors west of Broadway. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MOltE room jijl man uiey require, wouia icitnc neeoua > Junr, containing feur room*, furnished or unfurnished, with everythlnji requisite lor housekeeping if required. Tbe house Is thieo stoiy brick, htgh stoop, mod em Improvements. g*3 thwdr Here, Orolon water on the Hour, occupied by the owner and to ftrit rate order. Location 197 West Thliiyslilh street, near Bighth avsmie. A FIRST CLASS BRICK FIVE STORIES AND BASK ment House; has all tbe Improvement"; will be let to Me or two famlMee, or for a boarding bouse. Apple on the premise#, 110Tbirt>-flftb stroct, first house West or Broadway. Possession given immediately. Bakery.-to let. the old and well krtab llabed Bakery, No. 42 Frankfort street; terms modi raU'. Apply at477 Pearl street, or of V. DEVLIN, Fifty seventh street, near Second avenue. COUNTRY HOUSE, NEATLY AND FULLY FURNISHed, everything complete for honsrkeeplng, except stiver and hous- linen; nine rooms, garden and fruit trees, a!uiated at Fairfield, Conn., two bours'rlde via New Haven Kali: nail. Rent $SU0 for tbe season .$1100 for tbe year, parable mouth)];. Inquire of Mrs. HROWN, near Fairaebl depot. POUNTRY COTTAGE HOUSE?COMFORTABLY FUR' nlahsd, gardens, nr., near tbo Highlands of NeversiukJ.; easy of access by Ksiitau and Delaware Bay Rui.wl and steam boat; rant fiiOO i>er year, $200 for taastm. Inquire al 47 aim y street or on the premises. CIOI'NTRT RESIDENCE TO let?at CHATHAM, N. it Jn! "'*r lhn feP?lUte and Bssox Railroad, and iktilar* apply to 656. W. ^AMPBKLL, IS3 Maiden lane'. (TOTTAOEH.?TO LET, IN NEW JERSEY, THREE NICK J CotUtyea. live in ilea from city, steamboat an<l Mauri running at'liin three tpiartin of a mile of the plows . v.-ry half hour. Plenty of fruit. The lvmw-a am in good rendition, and finely luualed. Kent from 9190 to $2UU per nnuniu. Apply to J AS. DEWSNAP, 82 Carmine street, COTTAGE AT HARLEM TO RENT.?THE NEAT, TWO etory Cottage. roruer of Second at.-uue and I22<l strce*. having marble mi'Dtnla, grates and ga* ilitnrea throughout, With water, Ac., Indian'inent; to a small family nut mode rate. Apply id the Centre Huns.: for three daya. ftnKAF RENT I* WILLI A MSB t'R<!?T1IE FIRST \J class three atory and bo.wuiu-nt brick 1 lunar, 12.. South Blghfb street, in flue order. Rent to a desirable t?nuut, <9fto) to ami the ttinea. Apply te E. II. HABcOCh, Brook tyn. oi uer of Court ami Montague alreets. pOAL YARD TO 1-BT-LONG EBTAB1.1 SHED; GOOD V brick odlee; atabie for four borarai eastern section of (be rHy, near Grand atreet. Addresa P. H . Herald oti: ?, for particulars COAL YARD TO LEASE-CORNER JANE AXD WJ.fsT a tree la SNi',25 feet; lone established; pro|>erly fitted up and doing a large buaineaa. The pram tare will answer > e|| for a lumber yard or for ayy purpose reutilrlng vs.-aul ground. Apply l> HENRY REEVE, corner Canal and t lent re atreeta Desk room or part op am office to llt in eoe of the moat eugiblr utile a id B.cuway, un a principal lloor,corner of Broadway and Maine a lane. Ad. drraa boa 4,BM Post otfioe. TVB8TRADI.E BASEMENT TO RENT. $ ; AI.80 mJ Roema on tirat lioor, oreratore, rout 97 W per uontb, to let at tin Hudson street. Central ami respectable lor bnaineas ami residence. Dwelling JIOt'eSE 18 wooster ST REET, TO LET? Te a good tenant at a moderate rent; gas and wat?i throughout. Apply to JAMES U. PXBGllBON, I Id am 121 baaaauatreel. PRUOOIST8 -TO LET, THE OLO STAND, MO. I,HO 1 Broadway, corner of Twetily-alath ttrcol. Apply to K. OUDLIFP, 119 Naeeau street, or to the agent, from 10 to II, en the premise*. ELEGANT COUNTRY H0U6E TO LET-CONTAIXINO lurries room*, hand*'imply fernl-li-d, s able, on- anil a half acres of (TOiitid well U<d out tlow-rs met fruit. Tbr ground la high, the air healthy, and only ten miuittee' wait, front the depot! and ban an hour's wall from tho e.ty. Ap ply to M. HOBKTBL, A'O Broadway. Factory to let or mure-on jubmian-on <1 at rent, betiv-co I/PiinyUm aurt Fourth aeniHl a: JBfbel from, tter storlr-ht(b; Noe. 71,73 and 7.Y Apply " f. f. MITCHELL, 62 Wall -tie. I. XjlLOORS TO LKT.?HOUSE CORNER OF THIRTY. U fourth sti?t and Broadway, over druc ?:ora. Ko. p..rImitate apply to F. D. LAW RENCE, 1,261 Hi ed 'ay. 1*. twaen Thlny-flret and .Thirty around streets. VJILOORS TO LET-IN HOUSE So. M? SECOND AVEr aua, U-lwe-n Twrnir ninth and Thinicth eltcrls; arc una floor $14; third tl??or $12; fourth floor >10: parlors unit three had rooms, a kitchen and lout closet-; aneaud waiar. lu tfiilre in tbe baker's siora. TTHJRNIsllED OOTTAOSaTO LET.-IOLEi. N't ISUF. V I- I., a line lame furntsbad Cottage, with oabl- and 'autt. Railroad communication twice a d; f. Kent %tM. Apply at nil Front etrr-t, lo JOHN WON A L1AARUH. FURN1K1IBD OOTTAOK TO LET-AT OR ANtiE.~5TT. on Main atreat, opposite Ora>w rburcU; la neiitly fuiaiahed for owner's u*p: rant for tivn mouiba >70 nat month Add e?s K. T , to a M: I: I ?. FURNISHED HOUSE TO REST.?TIIK ENGLISH basement House 3! Wf.,si stiert, to u -mil aiirata lamile uniV. l or tarni* and cards ol ntiuii-aiou ad drar* .I iR., 1'9 Broadu ajf. fTREBWICH STREET STORE TO RENT-sTtlHk riv u caaiame tiroonwir 1 ?,i?<u,*ltotw*p*ti Mnrvi* *iiJ Warfoo: dp?lraMe liyaMon for* ?1:-t ?in*W, > loti. uv ><r 'iirnttiiroatom il??MlV. Apply to If 0 HOlUiAKD Hi Catlar ?ti*?t. HOUP* l">> I.F.T,?THE TTTKKB ?T"ttV \Ml? r.Atj iiuiil bil'-k ?r!?h buili, Lu1 IimI Mkl i"aln, >?, thanitaiwrA, *< ., 171 Manton**! a'roat, ii?ni >n .'on MrMtfCroniid. Apply to K. At Hit It At If. 114 R?# a aft ml, >r No. 7 Oo'-t iirfftt from I in 3 I*. M. HlOUBRi' TO RENT ?rNH'KNliilKU, HV r II tin LOW ft 111.. No it Pino Airml,-- Mmlfa. ?Nona of hf iMMOea 0*11 1>? ?rltln.u? a poruilt rrurn E II. LtulfowX Co ? ? . _ No. im? l,??lm;inii f 97<W go. Wf IVn.hfi 10' No. AM St'VA-nlh a* ... i?W Mo. *7 ' ? n ft.... ?>?-*? No. ISW Trill I) m . . MW N>. I?0 >n . I.c'lt No. IW W'll Iftilifl 7W N" til K*ll"'h ft I .if 0 No. Jan paiW ' .... I'tiO N<>. I?b KhOa Ut.iot .. iM' !f,i. 3M Wki ,;.vh ii .. .'iVt No. 73 W"ai :i .1 " '.lift No. OUKnfi.Vili ? *W No. HIW?H?1?t (M. tffi No 147 W -*t Ud . . WW No. *4 fca*. V? i t vo. iwwi-ftaoi' . *?? no t-j i ?st ;:tii f* ? ?. No. 114 W???3!?th At. . No. il K.t" 33J At . . *> No. JIO \V?M 42il tl 909 MO. IJC[W0?l8?li?. WW Not. 148 ami 147 W 4Ht> - Mo 74 W-ft Mmi at AM. No. 2.<t rt>M t/ih fl 7IW Mo. 67 WtAlS'i'b ol. . I,HW i24lh At. (ii*lent) .. 4m no 10 iv ,'hn at. i,u*' W Clinton iBrookUn). *X> Mo. <W Woat47th fl... I WW No. #4 INI a* 9(0 Mo. 47 W*?'47th ?t.. . No 781 lln:,.n |.l?n- *,0 Ctli n. K04 nOCHK*. 41, 47 ANl> ft UPl'l NVKD >1111 El-, Ml. ill B">idw?T, anil II IV. Piiiiklln alrf .ii'iutu . ?. .0 lei at low " ii i \|.,.ly lu A JOI. UNI VI ;7:t Ktu?n .?? vr.i.K. new it.) v. ihno not nr. n> i.i:tVmi vrIJ lioanilfinly "Uuat? . ta n<v> of t|.? > n? mi?I .?r.ijt. ; il talilntf, ton 1 and bntfcln ,;j im 'ffthtoo mll"? f ui ' ? Vorl A ram nhanco lor a p .i ?on <1 cnlrtitji to mat.* mono*, | ? - K i I > At, . i; a ...It If I.I 1" AKE MAlioFAC.-fo* I.RT.~A~ ' OCNTHV Rgsf | j danco. (i rnishod; iho moat oontral and itawnimo attna, | tiftn ii|?n. th- o?e; tnaii In- .it ?ptv, in , mm. of kt '-tol. Inocrorf (t.ii n, i !*.: i ? . o'.i ?.??*. 4- VahO|i( 1-ao mountain nl: aa*l la no lpnrjta.1 forh.?<ih, fi i'v'1. p^^r.r*, i Ia i'v* parNonlat-a apply 01 1(1 e?m TM"lyr?tN ?<r*? ? 1 liovm HOONR. AC., TOJLKT. ' NO. t> CIIATHAY 4LSVIMRB-?(J000 HOOMH, ON thi/d, foKj-iu * floor *, to i?t? I 'te ili^l for all I i.i.iid of' OUfeiUb B DliijpOw*} ii I'CfU vo tuil lie UiUCO. Arl ) If. tho photograph g-fl^ry. P'iKi < R TOLET IB BROOBI.YM.-KO. 317 Hicks street, cur U^iaw , comprising the hack butw. Kut, f.unl pari. r iu ami huor an J Hie whole of third Uooi. ortbo two radovs *uUJ be let, wiih back Iducininl pertoftklrd floor 'la? throughout and writer in yard. Red ??.? low trt a doairuhle ten-el. Apply on ll.e premise*, or to UK&KGELANE. 25 Tar* place, N T. KO. RAWAY.-TO JJST, COTTAGER ADJOINING DIE l'arillon, at Rockiway, I.. 1. Inquire of TU08. CaRliCLL, +0 Park row, Ne w joih. Ravkvswood-TO vn OB LBAHB, A VERY DEsliabb iaig'- Country b- it, near the Knei rlvar, wlU> IK < 13 acree wilb hot;-**, garden, shade,' l ory and fruit In abundant . Apply to J. o k:.. LL1NO au* Uioeowuy, room No. i, (ram lO <o3 obcond bloob. eominoMi or pour boo*? k ' Willi ^livtiep.: io i at., oom, also (wo or three rooms above, io a small Auierh n 'amuy; house that class arid now being oat in i,oo(l repair. ttefereucea exchanged. Inquire after XQo tlo k A. M., ?' 176 East Sivent- cnth street. STEADY bTBAd PuWKR TO LKY?LA BOB AND mail room*, well lij hied; steam bo.atway. feeseetioa immediately. Apply ai 4'j9 Wswv ?'rer t. QTOBB TO LET?Nil. ltd JOHN STREET. POUB tj ibnes high, xooil dry cellar, office at the Bid'., with ftkyfgl.t; and theft ret and Bou nd floor*. lurumhtd wild ouuters, abc.viur, dia? re. n ;?s* eases, Crulou ivmcr and gas. Rem lor tho wbule bul.dlug only UBOd. Apply o R. N. KENT, 30 Wall eireet. ___ __ __ STOKE TO LET-IN THIt HEW HOUSE. W DIVIHION street, with two rociiui. Bent reduced; a lease given. A good ataud for any bu.mee*. A liret class grocery would do well. Applyut 1)5 Division itrcflt to PAY TEN. ' rilO LET-ISO AND 133 EAST TIIIRTY FIPTH STREET, J near Third avenue, three t'.rieH, high basement nod cedar, brown stone, ad the modern .inprcveoietile; rent each $WA). floors to let In thoee brown stone boueee eeuUrweai cornri ut Kccuud avenue and T tin ticlb stieet, to su.all r?spnctuMo fun.I I' M; rent fill to $13 per month. Apply at Tin. I.Jj fclaat Thu-.y-litin street, _ _C. K. LAKKlfr. TO LET.-TUCKER, FLOWER HTORK, TO BROADWAY, has io let, thirty led el Counter and Kiiclvuig. A few boom above E clitu siicet. r> LET?VERY DESIRABLE 8I0H1JH ON THIRD 1 avenue. b; '..vki-11 Twenu-tKUi and Tweiity-slitli atresia, art joining the Bnll'i II'-ad Bank, 20 by lift feci each; a goo J location foi dry goods or the boot and alios business. Alan, fine we.J lighted Bao'no n'e, 10 bo let Willi the Slor< s or separately. Apply <>n tlio preboses, or to J AMKd WATSON, ' 36 tbainben stieet, room 6. | fpo RET?OK PICKS AT LOW R K.N I', ON SECOND, A third and Join Ih Iloors at molding 1,3 Jiluadwny, inula- 1 blol'o- jewelry or gold pet., or slin'tnr bneiuesa, Aiso Hie ' O li.o now ooci.i mo by T. lb Byuucr, in whole or In part. 1 Apply to E. 0. W KBSTKK, on the premise*. ( TO LET?WITH PRIVILEGE OF BUYING, AT HACKoii'-ack, twehe ml es li.v railroad, a llr?l < l.?e? rt subnet), ' ' cm.Mining ill"' room* ni.U kid boo, with all Ibc modern im- 1 pruvumeiiu. ornaments! mounds, Ac.; ibe >eg< table garden ' already planted. Al?o Cc'.t.itfr, seven rooms tod Mtehcn, J wild Rabin and C'. rrinae IIoiih?. Inquire of SAMUEL 1 Alt EN, SON A CO., 123 lVarl street ^ I TO LET-TUB HH1CR STABLES AND TWO KTOKY brick Building in U.C roar, in Washington street, be- 1 tween Morion and Barrow stioeLM, containing 24 stalls and elora.'e idoin Mr bay. Rout $360, ami Croloo water la?. < Apply to STEPHEN K. Bi; KHALI., M Wail -Iron. rpo LET-SECOND KI.OOR OF HOUSE 326 WEST A Tw. nij -eighth street; four rooms, two rlosets, Inland cold water. bath and gaa, with part of cellar; a' lean, quiet mu^bboi hood; a lealrabio place lor a tjuaH family. Kcol rLET-A HANDSOME MOUSE, WITH MODERN Improvements, at ill Sullivan Hired ; vent moderate to good trnaii'. Apply to JAMES U. TAYLOR, 769 Broadway. j TO LET?IN GUTTBNBVRG. NEW*JERSEY, RENT low, two Houses: one suitable for a bakerv, w,ib new oven and good well of water: the other will be let out in 1 joon.f. Both have stable* tlaohed. To be Men by applying to Squire DWYKR, mar the promises, or at Kobler A 1 Pluck's brewery, ' i rpo LET?A LOFT OVER FRANKLIN MARKET, 30 A ieel t>r US. suitable for nuilmaklm; or ?nhrr me. i.nn.n 1 I business. "For particular* appl> on the premise*. 010 ?np. r LET?IN HOBOKKN, NEAR THE KERRY AND IN ' different part* o( Ihu ciCjr, Doners, Paris of House* ami iBuJl Ar-ai tiueuiii, with water and ga", ami at moderate I ran la. rarfiearan be suited by calling at ooop on J. CKBVHiR A RON, S3 Diane alreet, or 09 Washington street, Mo- ) bukco. * I rpo tM-WITH OR WITMODT STEAM POWBR1 IN BKBKMAN STREET?The Kocond,Tblri amiSiith I Mooiaol No. 99; the. 8uU> Floor ol No. 31, aud the Fourth ami Slitb Floors of No. 33; the Sir lb Fioor of Nov. 2\ 31 and I ,'l-ij eominunirnl* with each other, and are well lighted on all i "lN CENTRE STREKT-Tbe Second Floor of Nov. 28 end 90, iheThhd Floor of Nos. 28,30 and 33 and lie Basement i and Vault eitending from Dnaoe to B?-nd?: street*; all adimrab)y sdaptcd formeeh.. meal pnrpusea, und null lighted on tvry aide. < IN DCANE uTREKT?Thc front Ban maul of No. 6*. Ap- , ply to JAN. CONNER'S SONS, 28 Centre street, Corner of ' Meade. I 1110 LET-TWO THREE STORY BHOU8U HAnKWENT I JL Mouse*, No*. !W and 1(12 Wcat Tnrenlj.ftflh street, near | ! His'h avenue, wl'h mod -ru Improvement*. Rent low. Appl> to liARDMAN A OSBOIlN.Jgl Uraud street _ , fl'O LET-A TWO STORY BRICK STABLE, SITUATED X at237 Ninth street, n}?r Becond avenue. For lerm* i I Ing-.lrtat <9 8t Mark'* place. riH) IJtf?THE FOLLOWING HOUsLS, AT ' 1 induced irn'-e:? I No. Ml East Thirteenth street, fourMorj, brjwn -.'one, Bogl.ali base, inn . , So. 152 Kist Tbir'eetllh street, four !< r.v, brovfb n one. No. 178 East Fnleenlli street, ilirrc story, Btijh alo?)i. No. ISJ K:m Nineteenth etrirt, three story, nigh e'oop. , No. 21 Sliiyveaant street, tbv r story and utile. No. ltd Fiat TUirU-eiuh street, four story, logo sloop. i No. 2101, East Twentieth s'icsi, three sioiyr, English lute- | Meat, No. It Livingston pl.t- e, brown atone, four alo'y, English . luaeii ul, oppoaiti- StoyvrvuH sonarr. No. 48Clinton place, be tn -en Fifth as. and Umvoiatiy p-'aer. No. fit) Was Tuout?-sixth ell net, brow n atone, iu/rb sioop. ' No. S't iVrai I'o ty-bfth street, thn e atnrjr, high stoop. No. 181 East Fifteenth street, three slut l, high loop. NO. 84 Kol Ftfl en'li ntrect, lour alurj, I'.-Irtish llAsemriil, Nmih side Sen-iiiv liuli'h street, between Third and Vo irth I avcou--, brink two VorT high stoop, $325. ; tppij UTHOB. MAtTKARLAN,NoTldOE atTeatl reel. ] rilO LET?A TWO ft I Oil V COTTAGE, WITH GARDEN, X frull tree a. Ae.. and barn, attiiuimt in West ftlnAmOelrf. 4 N. !., hour'from ihootiy ?r?<l fiv<" niiuntca' wrMk front the depot. U-l.t $m Apply to HARRISON A i:HANK, Mr :h? prpiiuacs. T'o 1jbt?TIIK foi'1 STORY ENOI.IrilT basement < Honae M Woat Tbi ty-aroail attvrl, ui thr mlmicl rent 1 0. $U0. Apply to K. I). LAWRENCE, 1,2.1 Headway, IkIfxn rbiri>-tlr?t ami Tbtriy-aecund atrrtta. fro LET?A OOOD OPPORTUNITY-A MO* CQTTAOB 1 I aiWMnfrtf Innti-lftk * rrat ami Broadway. fn ( {OOd order, with pt? ami Crvtoa wnter, where a fan.!1) of I Urea MTMmi wooM like to beard with the rc-upanta. Inqnire no the piamUea. I". J. BONElirF.KI.. 1 n'O Ll.T-ATTHK UKKATLY RKDCOKD RENT OF 9 fAl, .1. Hod e *7 Seventh BTomrr, b-t-veen Fifteenth and MM I te'tiili ttrnete; imoatly reota lor Jl.iftO. Apply io B. D. 1.awhence, i.2ni H..aiu*j, uiptr'n t'"hjrr?i an?l Thirty-*!" ondan-erta. I rnj LET?hocke N'O. W WEST TWBJfTT SEVENTH . i i UrtH, between 8l?tli and Seventh aaeneen; will lir i -oa Mtonaihlq imlhr at I hatrwih i>jw< tent of I * *?. Apply to V.. 0 fAWRKNCft, I.2AI Broadway, I* Thirty-brat anil Thirty aecind (Trent*. I rLKt-HOUKK HO. 71 SEVENTH tftllll, BKiwrrn Hlleeutk ?nd nt*'-aoth airarW, at |6UU; oktoillj re.. l? $1,100. AppP, to K. D. LAWRENCE, 1,261 Broad- I wiwi n n "y ' ami Thirty at wM aiiena. ^ TO 1 ET?FOUR hTORY 1101 SK NO. :?13 W H8T THIRTY- i t.fth ''f el; all linprov menta, In yoed oider; rri.', iadnced to .Apply to K. II. LAWRENCE, 1,261 liiwj- I ? ay, between Tlilrty-Srat awl Thtriy-jwonil a'reeia. riK) LKL -TWO THREE STORY llfUII STOOP AND ! X haaetaaat Ho i?e" in Boit atrar',Iwtwern Wiv?i>) pace ] : i.?l fourth aim.; alto Twrlfth ai art, Nmwcoo Fifth and lu haawaaaa, wiib all the aadtti haftrnMaja ami m i noil order: rent low. for particular* apply at No. I?tl*i Btoadway, iu a'orr. TO LET?THE SECOND HOOK, FRONT BASEMENT, and pal i uf I lift 0 Bon if wan'.l, ei.b bath and fn?, la I a sro-' utliibhorhood, of bentr 140 W??l Houa'un atrrrl, near Macilougnt. < 'IV) let?I Ol'K ft POKY HKOWN nil >NK HOt'sK M) ' I ;W Waa-. Forty.arvnuih a'r. t-t. naar Fifth tirnnr; renia I a..aliy for Pl.UiKI: Willi -iu m a i n -pnn?ible party tor $760. Apply iiK. I). 1, t whence, IdM Broatlway, b-twrra Thr- I Ty.'imi miu TuirtT-**<4iiiii fpO LSI -1MB >(.< UNO FLOOR <>k HOLtK IM VUf i I Thlrty-fonrib atreet, emulating of four RtvjiM* and Bath- ,, but anil i-olil wa cr. ga*, Ac. Hume>*. Kent < gJUO. For luitbor parimlar* inquire on the ptemteea. rp.i I.J6I-TO A SMALL FAMILY, AT 107 RA8T FORTYJ eighth Street, tli" Remind Klnm ami Hack Ba?OM?r.l of i hru-i nonage. mnalatinr of foar mom* and ban* baeemant, i m.iii terge t unrt yard* iu front and roar, ?ml with t'loi.n I iv&Un in the house; to m* inmlrrikC. Apply on the prenuse*. rpo LET-HI L FOI.K Hl'OBV LXuLlHIl H tSr.MKNT I Hu .se 102 Weat Thlrljr-soeond atraet, near Ruth avenue, l I ty rrtl'iiMl ?nl ?l' MM; usually rents for hi,KM. Apply I to K. II. I AW KLNt'K, I .Ail JL undent, hctw,- u Thirty . , ?t . ami Thti y k tcond atreate. 1AO 1.1 -T? I UK SECOND AND TDIKD FLOORS OF llonae IRFK.m Twmty-'tilra Mmt. to two reepntHtile i tamllR-a; aecoiid floor haa Iron! and !>* k parlor*, two lied- ) i.-tmis, hifMn mnl bmh riHim, *. I'h ga* *n.| hut android wa tori Inquire aaObove rpO LKT-TUi: MCCOND FLOOR OK IDA RLBKt KKR I reel, near Bi oa twny, nttabie fora dwelling or a light I biiaiin-M The renin*. Inrgh and In f? '.lept unt-r. an far- < n>-tied with g*-. ail.' haven hath ioon> aft. cited. Apply at I Kit Rleeefcer ?tinet. .? th botkilur*. t fpt. I.ET-IN BROOKLYN. NO. SB lllUlli.E STREET, r 1 HMrOi iiMrtl. Wf mute llouae in a ' naiiiona'dn flock, w.ili rn*. front ih?- "Ireet, ten minutes' from Fulton or , At .' II street tertw. Wetrr, jt?* nut i'.h chandelier* Item > rerfio* Apply*to I'. UtlFOBT. W liUnrty aiiret, upeieita, t N ? York, ' ] 110 LEl ?rtlt LOWER PARI UK IIOISK NO 4 I Y"iith " Tret. Ue'iveen Fifth mP'1 RitNi avenues, I'llII i>"r.' af too tiorlore ttvo haseineme eu,l tn o room* In tha i a i> all comploie. To l>? ?een bt tweoa d and .?1" M , tcoi > f:?H' to a small American family only. T? WilT-imU rrK'1 ^OOR IN run FINK MOL'BK I I't I lortr i. : ? r. ? . n,i?. n c. | mj , Tlitr.' avenue ; hon??. containing all the mode n improve m. lilt, w il b? II nip'e.l i.a a renpo Uhln i,,r.-,.,i. < rent or a einall family |H p.r month, or still chyep i i> r.|,ti? ....* -Jtiiue party. Iu<|tiire vt ,1. HUNUl, '.J t Dime, 01 *7 Rn nguin meet. | tpt. LET?IN BROOKLYN A IIK tl TIKI I I'HIIRK i I .1 iy, 1'neeiin i.l ii.i ?iih-. e.lar, i.iastlt hunt II in Pseip,. mrrf n-ar Vjy> >t # !; get flrlnrae, rante '*e. In In gi ii.l . !; ten' h:i6' Applv to R PET1 it' Mil , At la title Sreet, BranUrtt, 'pollT-ntl I.UIVE11 FART OF TUB THREE RTOBY I 1 L uigh ?laup h'ltiae 144 i harl?satr"al,U t>y 3 Heel., Id limine; ?atei einl ,a? filtni , In touO ouler; n.y una faun , ha* . ita*;Ute .vOst iry .ttle, high e'oup (|.v?eiie| lVn>hlii*ion i altrt t. ?' |ty 3" fe? I. II n;'h nap r. In go. "I unlari iiir i tor' tiy atti. , i . > mnt lfout It* f itarlv* ?lrt . i, fj M V fen . ft roo."4; ns'.er In tho yard; nieo tho B?i-ont| V' IIPIIMW ttf. .1. ert, ? . e.n?; -rate ar I aae At- I t'ire?: a n-tt. ot ly on" laml'y beeidna In II h rfi an M , to r i /iVrjum/* ft> , y, pi H ??H,>t It* ? ft S881 11 fA<11X <EW YORK. HERALD, M< HOUSr i, ROOMS, AtC.. TO LSf rLST-fHK KNT1H.K McfjIOIiNU MO. bU ilKOAD way, or lu purtx, a half basement, i'S by HXM t, ??l light' U, ?to-eovcr the game now o< cup ed by a manic ueuer; k- on J soy (known an lb*; American II kdquarterx), a cue bail, and two stoma above la room*. Inquire in the baibcr aliop, til ntiA.iiway, or of lire landlord, tab Lldl>uge aireet, froui % loS I'. M or In U>e evening. TOLBT-A MINK TIIRKK HTOKV AND ATTIC HOUBE, No. M </>ot by at. eej, 176 fact from if roadway, corner of Ilonnlnn rtroet, wil united lor a public hour*. luijaii e (not wiihiul but ol the landlord, iS6 Kldiidr* nlreef, from 110 1 M. M or tn tbo evening, or ol CoL RVEil, in the l. or urea aiora, #13 Hro-al-roy, corner i f Houston atreet. rpo LKT-THK TIJI.KU STORY UIGH STOOP UOUKB A 96 Mast Thirty-third street, ui cr Islington nveane. Cootaloa the modern impm, iinenia, and ia tu good outer. PosRenlon ean be ba<l Immediately, Keul moderate. Inquire at lei same a tract. mo KET-IN NBWAHR. M. J..Ok NIUST CLASS 8TONK JL front Uouse, foureen room a, inodrrn kty.e, with in . naea, ana and wap r, within five minutes' wuik of Market r reet depot, Inquire at 38 Murray direct. Now York. Kent very lew. rro LET?IN BOBOKEN, TWO SUPERIOR BRICK X dwelling Houses, witb all modern improvements, la a very Mleet locality, within two minutes' walk of (be ferry; to first class teuunls they will be reuled at a very moderate price. Apply to I. STANSBIB, Iviq., at the Hobokcn Hand and Improvement Company 's oilicc, or to U. 8ANDPOKD, No. 7 Jintlery place, New Ycrk, op alali a. rliBT-THB THREE STORY AND BASRME"T brink Dwelling House 179 Went rwuuly-ttflb slr?ot; rent ltd. Also the Du eiIIrut lioaae DC! Meant tin street; mot SfiUL Apply 10 HOWARD ITMI'BON, 170 Weal MifUeUi aireet. f|X> LKT-THK URQB DOUBI.B TII&KIS STORY 1 Hone, IW PniMMtecL wnt nl tml mm Broadway, suitable for a pobtic house. Impure of DAVID COLEMAN, 13 .'bar'wo street. TO LBT-TIIE TWO STORY BRICK DWKLLINH Houie No. 23 Hubert air ?i; also the two itery briefc Dwelling lloUb? ami Store 21 Hubert street, comer On.-cnarich; also the town-part or No. 33 Hubert Street,ail J the upper part of No. 27 Hubert street. Tho-c booses .u- In a itulel neighborhood, vwlbln ooc block Of Ht. > Htm'., e, nud will Go routed low. Apply 10 IJARDMAN A OrtltORN, I?1 if rand alreot. 3W> LET?FIRST AND 8BC0ND KI.OOK8 Or 477 THIRD , avenue. lK-ar Ttilrie.fourUi street, ?om..slmg of parlor tad dining room, kin-lien, three bedrooms ami >1* 00801a; marble mania;*, ga* II?tuna a n I all moili in Improvements. Apply on the premises, to THOMAS McPllKUSON. rpO IJIT?A HOUSE AND OMR ACRH 01' LAND, AT J Haib, L. I.: the house . onlaina elevcu room A In good order. Apply (o J. J. MOORE, oprosie 113 Went atrcet. roo LET- IN EAST BROOKLYN, SEVERAL DWELL JL Ingi, built In eottnge style, wl'h all tec modern Improvements; gas anil Ridge wood water; mar the rare, lAnni-e jf P. B. O'BRIEN, boil.ler, Ht llinau street, between Mv>"l:e Mid Park esenucs. Iliiiit 3200. DO LET?IN WILLIAMSBURG. A NEW 111 Illy K STORY A and basement brick llonse, No. 33 South Tenth street, rorpno or two Hrat. biro tri.anls only; two kitchens; and told water in each lory. gas II every room ami best Iotaion; three block* iro.n Jim aev.-u aaT i J rand street ferries. Inquire of JIF.NkKN A KIHllEil, 100 West Ktroet, or to UORtiAN BROS., Ill South BeveuLli blron'. Williamsburg. T.) LET?BULKHEAD FRONT ON WJiHT STREET North river, near Canal nireel; Slotc, Raw-iiv-iil and, ;It> Bookman street, fur wholesale trade; two large Dwellings, >73 ami 113 Houston street, BUiiab e for a re end olaro hotel; 323 West Fifteenth ftrecl, near Eighth .i venue? all the modem linprorciucnts; Ud lla?l Kuriy-ninh street, near Third nvtn-ie, nine rooms; r?;nl $300 and C olon wr.trr tax | 21 Vestry sticct, second Floor and part ol J'h r I VI or, water and gas; rent $200. Paris of I tome*, Apm imiux, Kto'des for tviruuen, Workshops At- Apply to dAUf-b r KICK. MO Hudson street. rpO LET-AT KTNOb'HRIDOK, A NEW GENTEEL COT I tsgn. onta.iilog s ven rooirs, all iiuKtern conveniences* n port eel or ler; half aerc.oi ground, elude trees. Ac." s l-i and from the c?y by railroad no.I * , umboaro hourly, f. r: ailarv of A. B. MI M S, ISO Tenth avenue, or ol N. C. BISHOP. Idf Bread way, storo floor. TO LET?THE THREE 8TORY HTCHI STOOP AND bats m;nl or*, k, No. lid .Molt s.iecl, do... r Broome nrcoL; ha* all the modern <oinenleu ;. s, eaiTlage house, liable* and building in the rear; rent sow. Arp'y >oC. A. WATKRBORY, ?7 Franklin street. pO LBT-SBOOND FJ,OOR, POUR HOOM8, IN APR! L vale house, suitable ror a man and wife: sll the modern improvements. Wi.l be ley very low to a desirable tenant lupin* on the premises, I (if Wont Thirty-seventh street. 130 LET-A TOUR STORY R ASKMENT BRICK ROUSE. A Aft West Thirty-Aral street, between Eighth and Niutii nenues, snitatdo -'or a bua. ulng or public house or lar. e agcr beor restaurant. A. P. VOORIMES, 168 West Fortieth MrecL pO LET-AT 1REMONT, TWO HOUHB3 IN FIRST 1 rate order; owe of seven rooms and one of su pjohm. lleape vines, fruit '-ee*. currant buwhee. Rent $130and % 0 per veer. Possessioncan be IjimI at ouea. Apply io JOHN it. fKAatit, rrcimMH. FUW-A BBAIITIPI'JL NJbhlttY UiiSMitNCK, oar the village of-, N.JK The W ie?. wmN aH the umdern impioscuaenta, it is ftnely lo.iiril, xerlooklng the Tillage of Ha kenaick, ami lawilhia five ntn.Hea' walk of depot of railroad connecting with Mew fork aevcral lime* dally. Krut very tnw. Kor panic1.U1* noetic of K. T. ItOGl'Ka, IU-.kfmux:h Matiruail oMco, iVoi )i Chaiubeiw atrpft rpo LET? THE DEOIRAHUf TWO STORY, ATTIC AMD J basement hrnk llonae No. <! AI lei. street, haw water au>l ta?. Apply lo O. Obi'RANPEK, Naval Ofl'.cc, Cuatcm Moure. r)-ET-AT NO 21 ONION rr.ACB, HOBOKKN. TUB lower pari of a bo'xc, ecir-prising eomc of the modern ui| rotemcnla. feel low to a good tenant. j'O LET BURNISHED OU iNrURNlSllED, A suit UKbar> reflden ie, heao'i. ttlly ?iln?ic<? on it ElllotltlUc, no. Hi rbure of H'at''i> In and, bull ail ho ir From Wall wlreet. flood rlvbln, garden, and lawn oi acvcial rite, fruit an.I aliade tree*. Jlei.l $v(IO. AI?o 10 let, its tbove, a very prettily minded l'ot'a?e, containing o ghl wonts u>Ngnili.rl)l views, ii. nl njttld. Apply to tlBoll.tE BARRETT K-o., l*o H W:t)i n ei,. r al Dr. KIXlUTTN oh lice, No. I Clinton If all, Eighth aire. U r) LET -THE FOLLOW ISO HOI'HKS ? 230 IV 32.1 t.l.,fs . >r>, brow it uru?*l *ood. troprcv *?. $.">60 1 '.fit \V.?M si., 4 tiory, modern imp> o*timcu(?... >00 11*2 W. 24th 2 stoiy, * rvk, ;;aM uixl watr.r 200 178 W. It'll? *t, n io/y, modorti Improvein? Mla ... 430 til W lfO?K-.. 2 lory ami attic, modi m I ..proremenla .Aid I t9S IImInoiv m? 2 *u>i v and attic, brick, modern imp'* 173 W. .'Hlli at, 3 kiwiy, modern <mpr> vnnn nm I'D (J3 Waahlngtnn !., 3 atory, high.' wop, )Pi" an I water ... liA W. 171b st.. 2 story and attlr, gaa arid water IbM I and tlV.fblit . atorv, Brigllah Imaen en' a. fid lift W lllrl ?l.,A wtory, moilrrii tmpiow' iwri ? uhl I7f \V. 2l?t at , t .lory, high nioop. mo >vn impgnvcim n * tiyi Ijtr.e I ? . r. Din at. and 2.3 I ai., g.irdcn '3*1 ,23 Second at., 3 story, high stoop modern iitipioven,nnt i f.00 lot W. 30>li a. . 3 (lory,high atonp .Vat 171 W, 37ih at., 4 -tor>, bnca, g.> an I water. ?rt) Tl W. (IU at., story, brown n< n". iinoiera Improvc'a l,0? 17 Uay "i., 3 mo jr, high stcou. I rick tSS it,I W. IDtb at , t Hiory, biick, gaaatt l water i4l<l AijW. I&ih at, 3 tlory, brick,mod. n. itnpio?eii? nt>. ... NI0 II4W I till a'., 3 story, brick, model n till iiovrinen'a itlly lt*2 l.erlngton .v., J story, bpi.-W, tivooun l.iipiovements.. 00) MRant3Mh w., i a'ory, brown slon?, mod. fmprnwiu'la.. M00 t3Gri-rn? leh .it ,3 s.ory and utile, mod. I'lipiotniix i) iv", I K)l W lnh at.,4 s'ory, modern tinprovoment* 'AO Andutbcia. I. AW. DKNliAM, tiran or 01 ateen b aWU' I and Eighth a?e uie, ftoiu morning to 9 In the ereiilng. IPO I.KT-A IIIflll STOOP RASBMENT UO' HK, NO. 18 L Netbnne >treel; rrul f*HI A nnng t-vo atury bri k Iloii^", aeyen Kioriia, d2_l thartO'i atrret; rrnt $ k*). Pv. o nma uouagre, irr-ey <.ny..n*i nouui rmiitii nurei, )? room*. km iihI w?ifr; i-enl $16 p^r inoAlh; homIiU'ivci wait', Apply >( Mb Bbwkrr * > eei, iipMnln, rpO WiT-TO A 8*41.1. FAMILY ONI.*. Till'. THIHD J. Flour and pai t Of Ui* Fourth or ho-iae Ho. 10 H.bert Ur*el,n*ai 8l. John's Pari),cenUMtluf nun, water ai.rt w?eie 1 lie balance Oi th>' Im.iec le evup cil by % > mall family. Apply on tue premlso#. rl.BT-CtlKAl\ BMOP i"iA|i 0 KRR r, NO. 238 WKNT Fu-irtec 1Mb - ti-eel. At?o Iln Mm**, lAi'U iwi, No. 240 West Fonrtarntti street, ivt'b (lire* Kaonm for lumlty *?, eeoi'.t floor. Apply to !. Mb'I.KOrtll, OA Warien itiml. rim- * two htohv nwkr.mno, in uooo oriler, No. 8 Wourter auni-i. nem- t anal awl Broauwni ; kino No. 10; ren' $660 ?ixl $t'O0 A Hevml Sim *< SSI Cnnal ilrert. amiable for btikineas. war Bioi'tnuy, t2M. Apply 'O MA.IOK TIIOM PROM, M W'tort't it reel. r) IJ8T-TO A I'BYMCIAN OK OHNTIHT, TWO OR tbrni' Ronnie, no the door of t> lira! olasa homo i Smili ?lr> el. oear fJuiroiaiiy iilwe. Fo. rv.riiealaia aim f io 1. w. HfPl.KY, AI2>, pjiomt* St. NhJiolae Hot'I. TO UMWO MHMLMf AXD4N I'KAHI. 8TRKKf. Deer Chatham. The jlioio Hain't |?cni?ei have been m npled for wary jeer* an wholesale ami irtall *r >:<ry loi'-a, mini will lie rrnletl loa 'o a good lennnl. For parilinart Innoh# of .1AMK8 Ml.NCt.AIK, 1U8 Chatham aireet, <or n of rrarl. Ft I.Mr?TWO NliAT TIIUKK STORY HttlCK UOUHKS. nilli basement,.ni'WIIa. ..nil mil,', |Snr 104 ami Km Hart rhlrty-tklrd aneol. ti tween Islington an I Third ayennea, lib all 'ho modern ioifruvcmr.iitia, i a< and fiituica, ln?v awl .U 'l imui, wiihi v, iviit, r-JI" A|'f IJ (?(1, V, in ihn 0|>p?*lte nlbo of th? wiiiio Mrott. |M?MiT-KOK BI MNE4S, SOCIETIES, AC, THE < 011I ncr Koom?, now ?. oofloil by iho O.ifbollr J,;br .i) ?i ilUBio* lu???; *llio fiont unit oii;ri K iwio, ou *o. o|h), luir.l itut four .! rioora of 41 ami W I4*?l TwolfMi atro i auo Kro*Ow*). .Mnl.N H. KKLbO, 412 WiUNklil utrrrt 111) LRr-KOR MAIK OH RXCIIANOK-NO. ?!) EArT T?mi ) el|kt)l atrerl .101 34 JMM Thirty fourth Mri 1, "our aUirira. brown utono. Iraroodlato |>???iiii,.>n (Km, ftrr o May I Aimlyon 1 bo urritilM*, I mm < <w I' M , or 10 1011N H KKilto, ?U William (<r*t. rO I.KT-ONE OK TIIOBK DEHlKARf K IIIOH blOOP llo iw ?; *Uo 0110 of (ho low tlo ip?, on ManaArlil | ln -o, Kighih avi 0110: vihl hour.; rontnin oil thr uiorlf in In. iiorcmoiiK. Ilint low. Iiii,iiiir on tbi; urcmisot, No. 18 or it I) 0. OROHMY, IMMiioaatt trrot ro LT'.T-A IIOTKT. AT KAP ROCKAWAY, t. T..NKAR ih?- I'.irllion, with bull room and Mi room > ; < c bouw tilled, and range, nil ? mt'iiilMiiiK* Al-o kitnOiiqe. Mao Irfifts, TOf Pearl atreel, New York. Apply 0 M.j.i'. norton, carter oi Eighth end Olatid adept*. iVti'tainaborg, I. I. r() I.kt?TUB I.ottkh PAR* OK A HOVHK. NM MUI." Iietr* alreel tWealey pUee). near Hlee,ker street, i on'lellngn! two Urp Parlor* ell.I B drnnm, Iront B*x. m- r.l iiiUrmali Kit ben.with privilege of bath; will be in. to a mall family for $3U0 a jear. Inquire Of JOHN II. till,. LI HR, M IffkrJpi alt-net, batween ilwi taun of It wn is. TH> l.KT two OESIItAHI.b ROOMH ON THIRD 1 f ,or of hnu?eM Hitlh avenue. Alao A'll f Ko?m; 'i ?mi and fa*. To a tenant \ no childec n) ii-ut Ion lpp'7 'o Dr. bijakeney, on the | inula,:*. roLKT-A T RAKTt IIKSCKR, ( OTTAOK ANDOARDIN i healthy plane; good f alling, Ao.; to a *u>aHlanaly rent 10 Ob jet! my $'*). Appi> to E D. LAWRRM'N, IMI Nriwiwnr, between Thin) nrat and Thirty 'aeond atreet*. ro ijist?t1irkf. stohv iltOM rtoop BROWN atone Houae ;< Weal tb rtrTret afreet, now ttrnn; alii lent at reduced rent nf SHAH. Apply to k. D. HAW itkn(7b,i.imi Broadwajr, between Thilly-fral and rhutj :t?eond itrv-ete. TO l.BT?HOI1HKM NOM. ?W AND Ml WEST TIIIWTY *l\th street, three story, all hni eiveuienta, lit Kood o. t>-r, between Elu'illi end Ninth ht-v, ? . Root r"du rd io |t'ai Apply to E IT, HAWKEY K, l,!f>l Broadway, lie ween Tnl, :> Ural end Thlrt.y.'ac- - A air ete. rpo fiet?tiik K Vt'TOttY NO. AM AND ,tm WK-t 1 Twanlj-io olh ?lrwl. with steam en* tic, abutting, tie l?, Ac,, cheap to e. r-<,p<>nilii'e tenant. Thnlonawna is healthy and the plime eeii adapted lor manufacturing pitrpoaet, An. plytoNi IIARKIBON, oppoalf*the pretnlrea, or ni J. ?. OAI.Y, 101 I ront h r- -at IV) IiETe-Tl E KOltR eT'iRA HTOP.Ed All AND dlB Rlrtli avenue, nl H e redtt ed rent #f $d O. Apply lo K l> i.AWRRNCI I i?t Broadwtty, between Thirty rai and tbi'ly *f<midair-#t?. |

3NDAY, APRIL 14, 186Z | ^ UOUSKS^llOOMi, 4C., TO LKT. TO i-KT -AT REDUCED WENT OKJHUO. UOUHB NO. 4 W. st Twr. ty-elghth street, four story, Rngllsn ha . men t S^'W" Uicu6t,ga? Annie*, An. Apply to K. D. 1-AWRF.Wi.K, I 2M Broadway, between Tim 1}-Iral ?t"4 TLtrty MuoUklic. U. _ rl?fci'- I'll ItKK bit IK* HI'.U STOOP UOUHK, NO ? Wilt Thirty Sixth street, uenr Br.adwavi nil Iniurm e. iiwota: rem now remiood to $&?. Apply to K. D EAWRKN.'E, 1.11 H. undwai, between fh.r.j-Uiat hod tuotj ooo nd streets. rLliT-A HlNDftONB FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH all 11>.: modern iwprovuinniiW. The parlors ore led In tmsno, a line grope viae in the vard, a good .sc'lar, ajp.ixi, will be let right too paol UnauLor would he ,d heap hg>pty on the premirei, T)4 East Thirtieth atre>t, hewn en hetouu end Third avonm a. f|X> IJi-T-KURNtSIIBD, A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ON A the water, ''ight miles from the rily; eoinu.uni. ?l hh. lijr au-?ji>6oatainuwihourly, in thirty five ininutao. Bath room, with hut mad < old water: good -'able Kent ft.OOO. Apply between II and 12 A. B. or 2 .tin! SU P. M. to HENRY PA It KB, 3>.'0 Mi oadtv sy. rpo LET-THE TlIKEE 3T011Y HKOVVN STONE FRONT X Building 3tl7 Hi and street, corner of Allen, ndnptrd or the dry go i?, unuiOiie orearpet buamofc*. It la I ernlebed throiii-bmit wlfh eojiih rs nnd tlxluina In the beat style. The lirvt ito-ir and liaaeiDMut will be tet inaotber, If desired. Apply. brtwreu 10 and 12 A. M., uod2 and 4 P. M., to EDWARD ChjDONNlilJLY, IjADoune street. 140 J-KT-riiB TJIREB STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. S4 We-t Taiohiy sev-nih street, with fas fit'ores au<l all modem roiDrovew'tiix. Rent "tiJO. Apply lo A. DOl'O'.AS, S3 Maiden, or E. D. LAWRENCE, 1,4.1 Broadway. f|>0 Rfclf? A FRONT AND BACK BASEMENT, WITH A BidroOin on third awry end ihe -ire of a furnished M/tor o requoed. Rta (Bent pla.,-; lor a oi -mall family. n-quire at 114 Y.<et Ywelf'h street, near Ruth avenue. ; IPO LKf-THR FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OP A A brow it stone fTont Hdtibe, two Pariora, four Rooms, sly oloarts, kitchen, washroom anil teller. A 'Onriiloie hourforliralrale .enant. Apply toTlao.M A3 McPHERNOM, 411 i uvh avenue. >110 LKT-A 11 It hi* CLASH FOUR STORY MOUHB IN JL tboio ighly good filter, newly papere. 1 aod tainted: bnti,s and wmor i los..ta below ana aboye, and ras end gnu flxtuma liinotigboul: will be in on litxual 'ormsio a total clam l> usat. Apply at So. 261 Greene street. ?|?O LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG. SEVERAL BRICK X Horn* s, Miua'.ed in Third and Fourth elrcola. GUI Lota tora.Ho or lease, at niudeiale prl>;?e, situated between and Kit 111 streets, North Hcionih all vol unit Busliwkk Crook. Apply In H .1. HUNT, i 12 Fourth Avenue, Now York, or lo CIIaH. wnviJiH, Agent, cornor or Third .'ml North Ninth gii i ota, Williamsburg. tro let-to a small. family, or for business, I ihr First floor o?or tho groom y store ennurof Knso and Freiiki'oii sLcots, i.ihihi.Iiol; oi three rooms, wuh, ami Croloti wareriu il.c lu.1T, ami u.i.MlhuuscandivalercIoael in the yard. Apply lo M. CON ROY, 370 Wral Thirty-titlb street,or In the store. rro LET -Oil BA l', STORK 675 SECOND A V EN UK, I. n:ar Tbirty-iifih street; rent $300. Smalt Store 777 Smito avenuo; reiilf2b0. Apply ui 103 P''nrl atreel. rro lkt -desirable floors. containing from J lour to six rooms each, in good oriur. Our floor No 4Ti West Thlrtj-ilftb street; reni $8. Also one Floor No. ioa Nlmh avomic; rem AH. Also splendid Kloora No, All Worl Fiftieth aired; ronl $12 anil $16. Apply al 1D1 W sl Fiftieth a tree t. rpo 1 JIT-LOW. TO A small, respectable kamiI. net, In West Twenty-sixth street, near Ninth avemie, t ?o or lb roe very i.oat. small iioiiaea. Also a fern good Floors. ,-on'.alntiig live rooms each; gas, water, .tc., In. May iw aeeo tram II A. M. lo5 P. M., Iiy applying to JOHEI'll CORB.T. *,' . t. No. 231 Ninth avenue. IPO I.ET? T1IR LOWER PART OF THAT CONVENIENT X I liaise, No. i?3 licit Tweiiiybaone ?ln l, in unit i-.taie neighborhood; purlers, uio basements ami t?o rooms on | ibird Hoar, in good order; $416, TO 1 JIT?THE HANDSOME THREE STORY AND a lie IJon.-e, 55 Eu -l Siiioeinh itinci, near Irving place, Intel ap anil painted throughout. It Is lu ?ouip!ctn order com cedar lo i.lpc. Pommssiihi immediately. To be seen from 12 to2. HOMER MORGAN, No 2 Plue ?t. rro I EX-TUB UPPER PABT OF HOUSE 26 HENRY J street, containing seven rooms, to a genteel family el' grown persons; gas, but and oold water, with live privilege of bathroom. Rent inoiteruie to u good tenant. rro LET?FURNISHED, PART OF A THREE STORY X Ho.isc. milk modem improvements, an I replete with every com fort for a small genteel family; po.vos-lou May 1 foe one year; parlors superb, two pier glasses, two pl.mii', paintings, rnyiavlngs,chanilria'is, an; only two adults in iiy iunruly. Apply Isoin 10 A. M, to 7 P. M. for tincc days hi W WcslTenln ilrect Date Aniasstreet), 'ivo doors from KWt tit 6H WI, 110 I.KT?TUB iiltilj STOOP IIOUSR. 4M WESTTWBNI lb react.Oiled door eattof Tenth avenue. liinl ? ?> ,r ?? ? hnmHomo purlnm, wtlh ob?od',lier#, one bedtoom, l?u r?tMiie# aixl bark oaM'nent, with all l ho modem I HI l?ovcn>?wi.s; rent $M per month to good tenant. Aluoihq lU.rd iHui, l?i> rooma,-one bodroom, phiity oT pantry room, boi Mid eo d water, sua nxlnrea, u*e of Oath on letiond-Poor { large, yard; rout til per isoutb. For loillxr pun.ctilaia livj.ilre ub i>C prenibC'i 'or tVred ilaya. ri w-m tbkke trrovt brios hou.cbno. ta riiltd uremic, lu'ur Kb vi uth itt rent, the hi it Door world be italljW* 'or# tailor, or lor Mint Jigliliaocy bukiiie*.-. In. qoiic on ito; preroiae# and at 491 Peer! atr.vt, near Chatham rlieol. ?pt) l.H'f?TUB SIODKRN J'HKBB STOBV AND M1CIH A bawment Hon#". No. 184 Weil Tweiily-neventh atmer, buiwoi n KI.;Mh and Nunh nvemiev; has largo yard, Lank |il ix/a pr.trrrlnea, Ac.; the pen ttxtoreii b"loug io lb? hornet ivIII be lot bier '.on r.iaponeible patty. Inquire At No. 344 l-.iintlt avenue. THRKIJ 3T0HV AND HAHBMli.vr IllllC'R A Itonac on Fifty-third atri i t, I?Mm? Fourth and Fifth vi inii*; Nil, ) In a blia k 01 a :?en honac*; rent feVaO. Apply atSS* (MttlVMl TltO 1 Kf-rnR STORKS AND LOFTS N08 9 AND II i l.'odar Wri-eL m ar Pear) alive'. Rout 2W*i eaoli for tl.e wbtiihl ng. Inqniio of I'. BLANt.UF.T, ??4 Sixth avcime, ool'ore fOo'chrk A. H. and alter 4 I'. M. 11 M> I BT- ON BKHOF.N Ml EL, NKW .iRRSKV, 4 not T J a ii'ilc and a half T om the Jewy Oily loriy, a une larj-c ito'.tngo llnw, Willi huge i .r tb-ti, containing trule leoua of every variety; Oarrhge Hon#? aim Staiile. The in r- ear# pa#? within a ?lu iT liluuii. eevery len o..note*. Will ho loi Imv. Apjity on iho premUi-a, oi nt UM Prfcrl Unit, New Vork. fltO I.BP?IN ONIi OF TJIK MOST DBhlBAULK JAH3AI il ii-. a first etam hroten aimm lljtne. ?ltn?lnl IM Writ Fo-y-lhlr 1 Ktrnei; rent jhvKk Ala-, A livo nor.v Cottage llint-e, -aith nil the tinnruveiiw nlv; aan fixture* liioloded; nl frill. Also, line toiy i anm Unix; icni $225. Apply m I II Wast Forty-1html aire. t 'CO LBT?TUB TWO oTOllY HASKUENT AND ATTIC 1 No. 201 tls.-dr sired', eonlainlng eleven roina, i iiitrii*, Ae. Il"tit low to n flood Ii-i ami, linptiia of .1. PIJVSIII.K, IM Itrnnlwav, from 10 till 3 u'r'oi k, or at IMS W.'1-I TenthMM) allcr 4 I'. M. TO I.Rr?TUB SECOND S'?.>KV OF VIIF. KKW JIUOWN MulM IIOI-H*, t.WSlllll AVellllA, . oil AM-' I llg of 1 10 rOMillB, with WAlftr in kitchen Aim r?a In r?i ry rmm. To A email laii.lly nothinfl . An bo more ilei -- -ih e. Apply on ih" premiMit. front IDA. H. to4 F. M. ?|3t> l-BT?TUB UttSr CLASH FOUR 8TO It V BA.sKJ tnetil, ,Vn?. 3W, 311 and SfJ Wrat Thirty-fifth rr?>, ntp'i 'e wltit b'I Uto modern iapitntiMiitti brown front t ? aeeood door, la - Lft bay window, ?' t llvlen and Idab w mai hi? rnant-cle, TAntlbnlr irar.ile; walla linn;; with gold Anil pearl paprr, halla with bU-1 mail)>; l.ttMifanm* pit I'ltnrc* Ami ejiambdte. a, apenYing tnbea, A a.; alt In flood order; rantfMF. Innutien Sfi We?t Tiiliij-nuli b'II tl. rro I.KT-TII& TMItEK tf'IORV AND BASEMENf X Hooar. No. # Second Hi'?rl, o -nn'i-.u# the inodmn i.upi-ovemrnie and fl#? fl* Kant low. l'oa> i-aalon Imn.ediaml.t. Apply to W. SCOTT .lAKYIM, No. 221 Canal a>. WO I.KT-IN THE BROWN STONE HOUSF NO. hit J Bi?l Tliii'tv-fllth etn?t, the I'lral and Sac mil Kloova, all Ibo modern Improvement i. limit?Firat Kioto', till pa.' nninlli, l'i n?d Floor, fid pai fcoMth. mo ijm--THB TIIREB story bkjc* IIOUBK NO. 32i> L Fourth riraai, n en o- and nana Hi r ad way, wRIi flea Uiiuk i, and tht lorea aiory bn-a Hon-* 19Wert Twentyfourth ?ir*el. mar Fifth avainnr. wnb t|M bituie*. App'r to ilr. 111 .<ji. It BoatTwrjkly- stgbth aireeC TO l.r.r-TIIK SECOND FI/OOR OK HOl'SK i'ittWERT Km ty.flfth itreel, between Ninth and Tenth avenue*, Cun'AiniUfl Use Rooina .ind two p*i. nm, with water and (a ; ,1a.) t) Ir.iar, 'WO I-Ota ?djO;nlnC, w I'll tatde# and aliada; who our lot in Forty-fourth ?iimi, Abb a'able*. Impair at 2/6 Went Forj-Gitb Mm I. flHI I.KT?TlfB TIIIRD HTOItV OI hOl'SFiW SECOND .1 manor, h-inem Kin ly-n'mh tini FUOeth Mrrriai bnUM Pterin atnnr, wlifi *aa and wan r, at i*waoii?lde le, m*,'o a small family. An iddarly couple iirrfrnrd. Inquire a', the bo aa. rro i kt-thb suaij. house, 102 fykt twenty1 rig .lb ?'if#t,ai fAlbl. a!l wo-fern lnint "V?m?wit<; a'ao tba iianalilc tbrcn story lloue <23 I'oi-iU. strait. Albion pa a, at a ipi'iit horgmn, ulao Ho" 113 Thinip-rn a'. ? !, wl'h all Impnmrtnania; vary cbaapirnt. Wild'OX, Real B*ta>a, |si,;.ili av., ror. 2N1 at,, up a'alra. rro l.Kf?TWO ROOMS ON 1IIIKD FI.OOK Ol' A I Hirer *tor? hi ek one or mo pcrnona: contain* (a fc'iU <' <i I'D water; <.< ipkrt by iwoiuieU '.amilka only. Aypij ai onniat -tied. IIH1 LBT?AT I OKI" U , N '-At (.1 PA?K U??: BB> X ?i h e ght lot* o: gio lid a'lat'hfii; plenty df anuttl liiill, Ti'O IntDULc*' walk ki< mi iniiiblil. Kent low 10.1*111111 Ur.ani. Apply in IIViiHEt'i It Renelk ilntl, K. Y7 rito 1riiK fom.owi*o paRtr ok iiovmkh. J *1/.?Tint lower pan* ?l ho. M'2, '.'*6 ik* amt 2AI \\ .n rblriarntk airerl; .ontain the modern ittipnarnm'i ami Will l? < '"ip'H by only iw-i I ai utile*. ? ui Im and local . n I11-M ml- Apply to ROBERT t'KlIER, .1R , IS2 W?*l Tlilrty. fourth B'fpot. IK I JET-TIIR DWIXMIfO PART OK TIIK liOl'RR fin' III t'lierry *trr?i, Bear Oalhaiinc i*eti adapted for a IhMirttliil hoi.?a; alao the ae.ond aiory of limine UK) Henry aircft. aaar Jeterwm wrart. Appij to.i. MIKEL, Ml ? 'i ei iy ?tp et. fi-l I.ST TUB LOWER PART OP t VERT fORTB X nieni koiar, btii.i ripioa-l/ lor two lamina*, turnip gar untl wnit. 1 laigr J.ifil kliu good lelbir, will be Irtlo ? auuli fawilli *t a 1 nod*rata renl. Jio IIM Eatt Thirteenth atrcet. tieai Thirl atet.ue. ri?o lbt? FinmsiiEO. run the h:mmkr, a cotX Ugc teafflkni * on the Hilda 10, Having all the Wiraforta of "a nlly liiniki-, large garden, ahade and fi nil n( < ?, vines, a'lawbf.rl** Ac.; ga?. rrater, furnace, A-'.; olttnnr tior.i the .-iiy. Kli n tint) 1. r month. Iu jvili : of M 0. 1IAIIri-o> it Wailatrmi rro ill in Brairrn avrrtr orktbrl a pari X ireuii, lii hoot* Bo. Vol. to a tmali maproratda lamilr, wiitio'ii children, on iliiril 1.001, con-lttlng of !> roon *, wnii tkiu.<1*t. net aoii waliir on the floor; only me rm?tl tamllr ?1'.P lovrt I' purl or boittic. Inquire oil ibe pro i la, *. 'I'O I KT -1 ROM 1ST OK Nif. A llAMMtii^Pl.V K1JK X nt ibed part of a brown uronn hlgli afoop Knf'ah Iwwiiii.mii linear, wnh modern liuiiroretnonta, writ or wir'uiiit Bo.iril, I" Kor.>-* ? Bd a reel. betwecB Br .iiferae and K.rbl'i avenue; a n.n<? ilelirhtliil (ocalioa for the mining annum r at' iMiiii will I" rm up m! only by ft mairMt couple. wit*ml children, who wrnild prder a party of a lalia: anion rnuma mil I nc iiuf in ni-bi dll tloalr d. Pur particulate Inquire at fflriV Tnmty-nlnfh "tract, fTOin TWO BBPARATE RBRTDRMCtR, WITH \l .1 X t?r and ga?; *1\ nunr" etp.h, nei. n I floor 011 HIm h aveniu-and War, it*j plate; pvh~ per year. Inquire at Ifll Sirt.i'k?.:Bt|d. f|Hl l.RT?THE WHOI E OR PART OK 1HH THRhE 1 nory and lilylt ba- 'mt nl brick llottae efl Klrat airectj baa modern ImproTcmoutB; will Ir rrnti il low to .iti> or two fftmtli**. Apply al WKirtl tlryci or I 'iEo H.WAI.KEtl, 1^ from ni 1 ei. 0 JHOVBUM, fiOUMn, \r., tj (.JT, | HH> LET-TUB WAOJWtCLNT BTdKM #71 U> Ull 1 way, adjoining the m.i .1 ei,..ranee of e L- ' I/# .ib-Mit kln-lfl 16UL .*Itil I WO aUU'lVll'.o ? V W.mUOWV *1t (hod; one #f Um> ofiiii. busiu?-?? W*tt;, . j . u,| I h Uvule fur a jewelry. ! t >'(u. nm ng , ir e'lin v n li. iW.Jbe let.,' a v*. v "na-ifiKi- -* jent If nuk I ! fur luiinciiiulrly. A m^WunM tailor or * n I ;,.o I bo opixwitiou In itila wb<u?i Mm * aft* May a ? Per furtlu-r particular* inquire ?( Nt). ilro?. v. y, ei.r.L do. alow C >r..'J air- i'i. rpo let?indeed cweap to r\Mi!:r: :rs or A Par'aia, Kiooru, Koo a, ii ur> >ma, 1 Bm'i , Otb ? email bio ne lu bout'ea #9 ilea-' . 5 Ho AC l',4d'i> 'ml V, ISl iliidnon, dl North H ore, JO Vac *k, H7 Walk*. Lie 14 id, 41S'r.inkim, O.i Mudl. u, 2S an 1 An Mar , , ex*,. 1 ILi Kmc II: oadw.iy, - llutg. 1 a , H,l I b at.lcn 01 I" 'c (Tub [ l irt'iitiry bum ll.?i?> u WiHetaticei; r.iutBli.0 p-r jt~i. Inquire In b. cement,22 Ilin-t Broadway, num.: tie. rno LET-TUB LOWER PART OK JfOL'.-K n U BKD I J Tord utri.u t, nonlaliitnu 1 -i and fr III Inquire 01 ULOKOK UREASON. lie Wnverloy pot.';. TH> LET?FURNISHED ON OMKUttN Kiir.D Ti E I Apwcioua TtutldiiL., 06 Hp. ins ?licet, "i,. 4. 1 r Broadway. It Is muI'-hdIo for rle- 1 dwellinr'O' ?r bii?tiii ?> yurpvWH. it ponaeaa a all lite ?. <l?in omrum an I eontenkncea of a iiralciaa.r hobsc. Will be put .us. d order to a good lei.ant, rl.ET?POKBFS8ION OIVKN IMMEDIATE! Y, A DBairiiblo liiree Wwy lloune. :i ICiagai ?. .. r im 11.01,1 1 n inii l ovmcirB;'ua\ b>- <,I for iw.j : iiIMki- 'bo Pim and Socniiu * loon oi % In.g aired, with a** m.d watr. 1 uqulie at.13 lilng atie :t, rpOLKTIN BROOKL. N-J i.E TilKEK bTOKY AT TIC A and boaeo out stone flout Heron:, N N? '.-.b atreet, wilbtn tive nilii.iit i'ttuik of the lerrioa, auu a biuva from the vayluua tar rnutee; 001 In*cum, ?..L l :.t .ru, v .. to 14, bow r. Ac.; reut low to a roaponsible t> , ant. Aj:i No. U7 WuMlilnton utie.-t, Bi'ookl.n. TO LET IN BROOKLYN- THK TWO bfOltY Kit A M . IK10an Id', Pearl ecoeel; Iiaa eitenaiun iliroui/ voon. .ind Ino roouir. ..u ?e:ouit fir,.. wlt.i all in. dern iroprov .n. ,<r; (jiia, Water, At. Rent $4(?>poyyenr. 1TIOR 01 Nil A U, 117 boiitb alfol, Ni w V.-.a TO I KT IB BROOKLYB?TO A SMALL I AMI LV IN l v i!iiuu(.' lor board, 11.11 clam baoaou. y to... u Hoiire, on franklin avriU". Jourth <looi luTrtlw it r;' I'd. intm avenue, 'wo bloukH li.-in Puitcn aTCunetar*. 1 t tlfO. Beat of r. fercaees required. fpO J JET Xdl WHITE PLAINS-A PLB/.8ANT KK> f J drroe on Bro.ul'.viiy, In ch< vltl.v^e of Wbl.e l"n . ?11 about two aereM ol' inn 1 a.'tached. Pow. ? n gl u 1 .1 < b. fore ih? 1st of Ni.ty. Rent $2Sf). App . <11 toe 1 jr < or at J. Vanderbiii'M kg louitiirnl wereko i-i, No. id 1 1iu.11 atgeqi. Nr'w Yoik. f|M> LET ON STATBN ISLAND?SEV EJtA L f. K.ASA NT A C'.Kagiat mo*! rate p.'e ", at 'M ' n ano N a Biigli'uo. Apply to UAViiiL LOW, 1/ Jlnieiway. fpO LET OHR Al'-LAROH IIO' rtE NO. OH t'H A HI FR A streei; alro the privu c Stablo adjotuiiii;. Apply to J. MULFOKD, fS War: -11 nti-:rt. frc) LET OR FOR SALK-TllK THREE tO tY BAi 1 I lii'Mitaiid snbreth.r l'hilatlelp"!* brtek i - u fTou.-c m the Houlhweatcomerof Neflnnuuil Iiivrotwon m -e.-ta; r. n .,-, bath, hot and ro d water, ca', a:. Lcur.ion ui,..?. .-i .ir mil' Rent $400 a y-i'- Apply to JOHN P. 1IKNN, KRY, No. 76 llridgo *lieel, Kiornlyn. TO LET OK FOE SALE?AT MOUNT VERN IN, vRA R the Now Yorknud Ne-.v Haven Bullion! uri "I, w , m e Cottages, containing nine loonia lu coed order; g..rd<u, trees, [n~.ipc vlnce, flower* and excellent wc;l n< water m ar the house; will m l! at $l,2Wan,l $I.E00 or 1-1 at lor irdn. i! price of $110 and S1S.V Apply to B P. r.AWKKNt F l,2;il Broadway, between Thlriy-t rst and Thirty-second Mi*. t?. TO LET OK FOR SAI.K-TIIE ELEGANT THE BE toiy, basement, Ac., hrlek Dwelling, with modern improvements, wilh or without Furniture, ajt'ialed on th. urn ill vveetcrly c >rner of Gated aronnc and Itj'eison -tie?t Bronfc lyn. Trice low and terms easy. Inquire of 11. A. Ai'Al'AKI), No. 13 Wall street. New York, oral31i I'ravl ? , Hrook'yn, TO LET OK LEAKE?AT GREATLY REDUCED RENT thcflve story H sliding .No. at) Second street; em rive Immediate possession. Apply lo B. D. LAWRENCE, 1281 Blond way, between Thirty-Oral and Thirty secmd street*. TO LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING S14 Broadway; s:ore 110 by 28 lent; bye ntoner, with basement and under basement; would make a tine saloon; or each lloor separately; two upper floors have been lined up for lodge rooms. Inquire of H. GALBRA1TI1, Esq., |2? Fulton street, or A. EAGLE PO.V, 738 Bmadway. mORENT-THE STORE IN THE ABTOR HOUSE NOW X occupied by the IVestern Transportation Company. Apply (o HUGH ALLEN, No. 1 Coentles slip. TO RENT?NO. 3 UNION SQUARE, WEST SIDE NEAR rouitrenib itreet. for business purposes, house three story brick, with high buseoient end attics; width of 24 feet, depth 4a let 6 inches, W th rear building; admirably si'iiated forfashlonab..- rniaii s;orc Appiv io WM. W, BCUGOVNL. 69 Exchange place, or THOH. BlKCOYNK, 6i Libei ty street, executors* TO RENT--BUILDINGS NOR. 424 AND 410 RdOADway; also Large Building io irar. inqiilic ol' J. HeLEANTo? W.U street. mo KENT OR EXCHANGE?A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY X R.'Bt iu Bridgeport, Coup.; limnedl&i" pnascMioii; none Iwt principals i.-uil apply. Address boa 188 Test, The second floor of house fi white street to li t lo a small family References urc.ha i ged. TWO FRONTED STORE TO LET-NO. 2J0 CARAL street, nenr Broadway, running through in Walker sued. tiro Rooms. Willi |Miwer, large and small rooms a low rates. Inquire of Mr. c AUDI', engineer, lt'.2 Walker *t. mil REE CO ITAUHS TO LET, AT VONKKH -i?SITUX atod h 'tween Broadway and Spring . irset. len ininulos' walk from the d< pot. Inquire ?>f L. POoT, at the Fust o!U<e, Y'diki'rs, or288 Spring street, New Tork. Rent very low. UTTER TART np HOUSE NO. 2? NORTH WILLIAM street., ons-s ing of three floors; win be let cheap to a Bailable lenau'. Ap.Ty on the premises. VALUABLE STORES TO KENT BY E U.LUDLOW A M)N, No..') Pine street ? 491 11 road way; $?,iit)0; line .tore. 403 Broadway; Afi IXX) and taaes. 204 H oadw.ty; $l,2is): ilrsl.,110 Second than*. 08 CorCandl street; $2.1)01); rear Greenwich. IS3 Cbiuub-ra sired: $1,400: llrsl flour and oaten.' nt. lk'j K'iftoii -t act; $2,1,00; whole holTling. Ar> L.berl.i strccl; fl-'.aOO; o-ar Hi oudway. And many ulbctH. I'or further pa; il.-nlai*s ?p)ty?l Nn. 3 T'?c street. <]r/?(W\ RI'.N f.?THE T IIRKE 8TOKY AND BASE?BU'/U nicnt House, with inud-rn improv-menm. So. 178 Wc.i T?veoty-?errntli sirees All repairs needed will b? mads. Apply ?i 40Exchange place, in the bail ment. li 11." A ItFNT?TlIK THRER RTOIIV a M Id R IvV mrnl Hn iki*, With rondeMi ln>|W< nm'l, I*? Wcat IV.L.v-M'.MUU a All repairs needed will I e iniai>. Apply ? 10 Exoliangt pla.*, in the ba lenient. MIMKUANUOVS. \l,ADV, HAVING A WHKKI.EP. A WII.NOVS SBWItic inerlune, wiah-a to lei it id a private fiiuilj. Apply at No .170 Second avenue, romer oi iweniy-oinh ii.n i, over the lijuor atnre. ANKW ARTTCGK THAT KTKRYONB WAN 18.?NOT one iii a million ever -aw it lie!ore; ?U lam a lifetime. Alan, i? new ntlole Inn few ever saw.- Alao, information where jon ru ob'aln other arti le* lor gcnilenien a ute hi one ha r I be one t yon can rl?ew!.ere. Circular, with cut, lit fret 10 any artjreea. il-CAK t. I.AM H, Hot 2,1171 Host office, Boston, Ma a. \ WRINGS, AWNINGS, AWNINGS.?ORDER 1 TOR A'.vmnge, SJars, .l<\, tbrongl. mail, will bo |) innptly attended to. Ledinkies on wort aent io all pan* ol <he cn'iBlry gratia. * llKSltY TOBIAS, .TA) Hndion airtri, N. T. AM) I. AH MATCH- NO SUJUPUlIR-rUE REST boraln^. Malcb for either ki ehta, parol', oUt-e, smokers' or traveileia' nee; as oh ap ?a aolphur Mat. h-- ; m> ?"lphnr or amelt when burning; sold everywhere, u.fler of bo'a Ka'eh Co., I'll ebd 103 Redman street. N. A'. BniiHIIF.8 OF EVERY DKstjRlPTIOM AT THE HKl'*R fi< <017, r.'9 Pearl ati-ee', llai pev'a l/'ilIUiiij. All ai t:cV?a l lit* biwrat fautory luiWi. I'altu hrilohra ol HiiperUir quality ootirtantlynu liua.l, JOHN K. HOI'I'Kl. IAAMIMKS TVHHII.NO (HEAP J'ATKR HANUlNOS, 1 Wlp^iw Kliiitfi, I'o-nkM, tr . will do noil bv > .tiling ?t VJ T >1. 1 ?v 'une. ln<" I)'trine a. A<< t? In ? I by Hi'* RM ni Via*. N UANOS.''?I AM ROW SELL!NO BAKER ISLAND VI tieano ul tl.a kaal quality. A-o otbnr Guano* ol 1 b? tnual appimed kiada tn uuanttitea t.> ami |tnrtSiaarr*, a' Ilia toweat uriee*. JOHN B. NAKDY. .18 Sntt'h aire*!. miner o'' Wall, N. Y. Hardware, ITTLKRY AND OVNS. t VialmbolR'i I'uckrlKnivm, I'1. DO01,'- Powder Plaaka ami Sporting ArtMea; Prion* I. n t'ap* and Quit Wadding; l.'balna, lire* and I.envT fined.. WoT>B, DASH a PISJIKH, Importera, 3fc Warren -I. MARBLE MANTELS-THE RPBSI'MTHKR INFORMS litr pnWtc Itint li?t la nellln,; Mantel , Ac., vb'nper 'ban ?l)y r-rrann In I'.e buaineaa Tlt'i.e wtd><nr '?? put. ?" Oh'"' I ?all noon at A Kl.vHKK'N luartile >ar.|, N" 1 ID Kail J'igb'reiith a: 1 eat, wrat of Third arrnue, N'. V. VTOTH E-MOVINO WD STOK1.NO IVRNTTI'HE AT i.1 tended In. Inquire In the lit 1 n. , v .torn I 'JU Broadway, nr ii ihtnlftb -tirai. N, B?f?*igr I'nniit'i, > Wijnnl for moelitg. '?CE1:K AND YD BRALL FIND" t> "I RF.k ANI> Yli rail Al J. KIND SIEK A Nil YE .NIIAM. KIND' SKbK AND Yfc SHAM, KIND "HKKK *NM VI. SIIALI, KIMV SliliK AMI VK SH ALI, KIND "SEEK AND YE SHAI.I. KIND' "SEEK AND VR SIIAM. KIND "SEEK AND YK SIIAM. KIND' "8KKK ANJJ YE Mil AM, FIND* au ai tN'ir !'lna> nimble value, tahleh irery man ami w? ,<n Alton)'! have, whivh mint prove o' girai i;<*hI in Hi" iiitltlou(inU!i?na ate mi>" dnalti'ed with It). Ti polo ? Ilia way to the giratn-l po*alln? bn|>t>tneoo. It i? t lin t tine ltA?li No ragrrt owning one. It I* rl It in light fov man. kind. O' 1 .it I r nna dollar. Dl l your nam mi a tin OOlMW (tt'ltll OiAOtP lr J'.PI wl"h it t'It' # ?e*l?d V *p. 'oaA.I ,1 hit a-lrtira". anl t.m will rnoelfa vlnntlar glvloi. full tar. toiilar*. AddreM Dwlght ltnni|ilirev, Sew York Mr rpilE IMUM kKHf t'l'EEH?GIVE* ItE El. KM E TO I |t Nnrndl, R Mmrar, Patrol Iki'ttit* I trln?|a<-ioi; J. J. Orlfanilrn, Senator, at Krn'.tie'.r OlJt"' till tj pal atroat, N>w V01H rpHOM AN TITRNF.R. DFM.rit IN S?H Till: UN, W |; T . J. rin ait'l IIAin arr F!?nr, filtolca bakrra'|.,t UJ 1 W .ri',11 "I. ?l, ItqtWArn Waanlitgfcvn andWratai r u. New ! York. Meal. Drain ami Kuril ol all ainit?. rpDBAI'OO.?4U0UAMEBOE SEED l.l.AK lUHtl t'O I J will It.- tld nl bat-gain, in I,log Hi pnteUitaera Tina ; ToN* j.;o (0 ol the bett iiniilt'y. t n!l ami 'karin f 101 v "ir ' ?,.)/. SAMI'Kf. r.l'I'KKY. 5.YH. Hlee '. .t .i-e?|. I BLL.MAHDS. A IjAH'IB MTODK OK NEW AND KUlHMO HANI) ;V BC'larlTthtea, with PliclKU'a Coiulri nation ?h?, for Mk m prion* u> suit thj time*. I'llLLAN A OJl.t.hNDKR, 6H to 00 us >v ?t ?v*t S V. 4 KKMOVAt.-BII.MARDR.?THK COM V III A HI. S\ I! '.1111 will tvmoru (i.i ihr 1st ?r Vtnv o tin *ouiii. emt ururi m hioml" ?y unit Twrn j-.c ui I at root, t> m* di* ttrat MTMi betow ilio <M loat mti. r. D. Kitnrrr. Proprtotor. Bii.i.tahda?to i.i.r, hie lakcik room i"< fkkt "it llnmiUny, nur'hi ant ornfi 01 Hi ?mv " <vn I stntat, now or ,ipS;tl ?i\ Mr. Kti luff. 'in.1 ul tlic b a h.s in the rity tor Ihr btialtu-M Apply at No J e >?i Tnrp'j an. ond atfWtl from to II A M. > I to 11". M. J M. MENHIR. U?)K SII.K CMIUI'-TWO BILLIARD TAKLf.R, r narljr t'ffir, rimma'a pair i t r> >!>|o I, RffitjOinio 4 I card s iu*kr, DHtrblO bed*. Inqulro on lb" pri-niUct, 3M a Uin.di i<ret. I_ y\ I J* ' , j* MUMClt. AM A NIFIOBN'T SEVEN O'TAVE ROrK'-fCOO PI*.' li r'e for-V-?).! >& l!y mit,"! >?g? and .<?< ov ?ti > >? ,r,t f'lll llou pii't", n?<t with million d; has a 1 ruoilt r\i -uij ro'' i r ii(e: mad*- o dor bnn in use * .>-11 moil bs; ,u 1 9A<4; for $.* . luchl ft tig H'ool *11 I Cot or. Air , f trior > irui nre, At a-taici'ltlM. iaujuire at pi (I'tn Twenty iiilit'i - I, e*i >hlUurt-. j' Til Oft SAi K AT A RA' If'rK r Ml'WO PIANOd, OAK y 1 - .* .1. Jio'-lthV- noifn any Can be seen fo" a woetc or tea <u>> * by applying at 00 1' at'lh sue A, M ilUanieburg. Oj U MOCRN TUB HOPES THAT LKAVK SJK,"?A# .1 singly Mi Collin*, in t 'Cotliva Ba-vn." dual pub1 Vf <t si U ti.V 41J (fraud street, vim additional mat 4 he 1, I -if '.P.; place. *1 ' Pi Uy liirl Milking Ilea t o Hu h Hi n-aif. Mti. HENRY 8t>IR(?KJ)RB*8 MUSICAL INSTITUTE has r ..loved w (7 Allen iIumi, ear Ornttd, where 1i? I >iinu?- :?!. dve pupils at modrr."' Kim'. II : A nENTLEKAN WlTn, OOOD REFERET'S **" aiot l.oia < > ii'.' in caching piano and oln-i.-ijr Ira iu.j 0lilies a.u.U for ).i family ui Uuec perrons, .0 do i o' i.' - , .nr the B.inni v/, P, be p*l<! for in part or whole lit in i .i h-oli. Ail^i's ior ouo week, Mnsie, a.attou B, Nl .> 1 ill A Ciijf. XrE A VOCAL Ml'stc. . ! WILL BK TREE TO THHK;" li A }'. irijr fur 'O*.: !*?;*' "Lute Jcuuj Low,*1 un<\ MW nj iia\ i. u?y L<' cA o * .* tjo-i?vtM by btepu?*n iJ, Fohfir. w Kn<nv c;? m uM-er rher?F' by tbo Rev. H. ry. " 1*1 1 Word# ' i- All,' by J. fl'bert*. ''There In a HcnuMui IVorM," by J. M Holmes. These song* vrnU bo very p .pillar, Priofl 2Xrar,:s -ach; mailed Viae. "Hliatl v,a V now .'foui otfrr Tin..a*".a 'lublmhe.d in ineaii form for . hoiraand Snndiy S< ho 1.'<; ja ioo 3 c nta each, 25 unntn per ?l :ii, S3 per Lisiiered; ?. " ngo 1 neat. FubHativd by HOKACIi W ATEH8, Agent, 4*>l Bro&? ?y. OKC.wNIS?.?A FIKbT CLASH OKOANlHT IS DBoIloll* Ol'oot-.' itioo in ' hie 'llyt CPU .;iv? t!i? ia'.t refctOiio * lu i-.ird to hArunUir and <t?aliii<..ailoiie. K> v ;>ai licit ars apply .0 a. J .inks iu, dJ MaCdougaJ out, okadd <.?. OrgatilM, llaokr-nait k, ,N, J. 1)1 ViV()FOHTES-OP RtTRRTOR TONE AND FINISH". ( fo.-ialv .ind to hil'C atprj ,eh'.o ault ib? limen. P.u ui'1 wiaM] {10 purrhaae ndil And Itlo ill-Ir ..ihaniaye to rail on J\ iFS VAN KiPKit, WW ft alreet, urarBl.-d'krr. ' VI tNO FOB SALT'?A SEVEN OCTAVE ItOSKWOQJJ Pin lor Bale at B**i). Li" irn .k Ki ll*, .' nu-ko; orliflnal JII'I AI To he ao* n f'n too ,l?ya at 54 WfM Twcniy. aeoonil?i'a t,<b?fcHS Uo'cki.k AC. piAAOKtlltTF WVNir.U-)N ESi'HANCE FOR A I i" .' 'iioi' 0<>I4 '.?a ?( ? aty lain ng earn, 15 jewel*. J '<-?. i u". tch; eoet flirty gul'ion* tvlt: in ? yidtrpiiM. Any E..11 a Inn ji 11 ifj or 7 oc.nvr instrutnent will iitenne addrras J. IP, l.ox 1.5 Iiciald . aiea FVNOFI'I!fK FOB SALE?AT IW*^ TWRNTIBTII at.- .: , iivui' Third at in.a. Price, 91 0; 1 oat ft'ttk) but u ue n .nubansa. I#aev.'n txMive, lir-t clana inaJif, eirgnnt ~ ..O'1 1 ? l'.iillld em iru 1 fiam yonrrcd ua a i t dink, "id anion, rich and powerful t no. 8100, t'ov r, .t ,tf. TTniffllT VIA SO WANTED.?ANY PERRON I7WINO I a Mk in r vrn in '.iive "pr gh Piano, either iiinnogany or ' nsotvood, in: sale a t 1 ua.r; in, may In ar oi a < iih i .irc 1' l* a ltlr B'itii, Olittt.<n Wln-h w, Brooklyn oily I'lsl oUlrc, Ma'ing jn Ice. \\TANTED V SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD CASK TT I'm 'fore Vi'dn villi foil .1 a:O Hilars. Btatiog 111. 10 ol ini.ker. lowest pri Ac., E. 1. M., ilrrald lUvo. W \NiBD-A HI'PER (OB PIAN<1. VERY CHEAP FOU ?V , .idb, from so no family In tklng up liouackeoping; Mi'f i imo of ivnker, nc.mbi'rof the piano, i:u 1 rmer price, and date in pnrchusr, an,! very lowest now taken. Ad die Musician, Herald "ill' ISrSTR^CTIOS. Aytir.S'(i HE.YIT.KMAN KJIOM VAI.E WISHES A hit nation kn teacher in a high iomd l-nnily of ,Neti Jet-h?t> el Brooklyn; i? eoiiipetriit to lit a boy for toll.'ge, tlto a very fO'O'OMHt'nl le. In:I of milling and beglnucis olt tk? inoiio. lie* an eioellmil instrument, the Ubo of v.(rich he would extend to liia ptipile If desired. Wujtld a-siept board ami lufniahcl mom nm eout)>C!ihullou. Tkdiiie's Teacher, boA 103 Williamsburg. 4 < 'ARD.?GOIAjsMJ J'll'S WRITING AMD BOOK. al I rpit;:; Hum*, Krou.lrav, corner of Worth *trcrt, and X>, 6 fourth .ivrnuo, below Eighth streot. iaulo 8 you gentlemen inuy receive either elu?? or prlvtte Jua r.ietlou. Open day and evening. Call for circulars, OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. t N ENGLISH I.ADV WISHES AN* ENOA<I EVENT Ttt U\. the i o utry na resident govern *a; her a rnuomt n.a as En; .Mi, thoroughly; Krench, which she 8|?*ak?, mne'e ami tlr,.v, in,.-, with the"'.* of Hpaulah ami German. The blithest l?.tiiuoniHl? given. Address O. O. V., Brooklyn PosloOce. , -:-il AT $2 00.?WRITING, JO LLKSONS; BOOKKEEPING, $10. l?s>on* nnllB-.'lKl: Penmanship ami Arithmetic, per T'J lessuus eaih, $10. No*. '12 Bowery ami 283 Pulton hirer'. Kioilt'yu. Aa a splendid pi uman and akUfuileaebd)'; Col. J'AINE ha* no anperlor ?Newport New*. Academy or penmanship, bookkeeping, Atlthuvello, Ac., Broadway?Continued by W. C. HOIWUND, for many years with Oliver B. Goldsmith. N? liHit'i, Thorough prmtlcai inatiuctlan Imparted, day a-.d evnin , upon reduced terms. A good handwriting guariMitaad. /A C. MARSH, AUTHOR Of THR POPULAR WORKS \J? on Hnnkk'rgptiv, k:>ck I rirate f.caaons on Book keep i?g and Basinet .^AtTa:;* at bit tonma, UH Broadway. Cn cuTar*, with terms, on application. IiUIR HAVEN SEMINARY. T. G. SI 0 AN, PRIMt.TPAL' A 1'Htnlly Hoarding School lor twelve pupils, pleasantly lo eted In 'he village of Php- llavcn, within one mile of New Haven, Conn.; baabe. ii esiabUuhea eievruyear*. term berui- May 7. Circulars at E. UOODKNOUQH'S, 122 Nassau a rent. French and gekman languages?prop. e. TELLKltlNO, 819 Broadway (established in 1A52>. w.ll receive siijila'.iiloiit fur prlva'o Instruction in the above tanguiieea, Pming I'm apil'ie ?n 1 aumnier terms, f.vogue an gl : .ni\ e range is. 1 r.?ulsv|u<f, cUasl s, dr.-malic reading, IliJ PARENTS AND OUARDIANS.?MR. AND MRS RICHARDS o'' the Dwighl Inailtntr, l.P.-'.ifickl, Conn tlnr ten buy? on- , can hi eon,tilled fora I'ew days at th" oilmen!'.I. It. Wifeoi, I* "> Pif'.i. av?n in, cora-r Twentytbh it lie iroin in <o 4. Ine P. ,u in .1 will .all on It g do m tnji?n tui'rview. 'JVruu. 'nodi- <ue. WE ARE ITBMirTRI) TO I'llBEISH TIIK KOIXOW In/; I'M'' r, trbiuh to om? ntviil, the lu^h n|;. n.dtion In r. bi. h our i. I N utmil, I'rin. ip?l of tho Own n.ffirbHJoHc^n, jwr excaUot e?, H-uol.lyii, I* held by the nobility, uierei.-ir jii'lii''. *, ?..(l * leutlih: nieu of Kn/iUiul, who toni; il.'j S> :lct> ii Ai :* ? Sw-trtT's Hookjc, Anstrni, / I OMNIA, April 14, 1*61 ) Sir?j litre llf honor 10 intor.n you timtyou .verotin* d?y ' lucniil h in. .nber of '.'ic So ietjr roi th- Enrnilrafemrol n. A I'll Hiimiia.-tuie* "Oil OouiUo- .e. I ?m, *lr, 'It- ' _ jour very ooediei i ?eirent, r. lk m;\k porter, sm-eur*. E Ni-or.s*. K.",? I'lln.-lj >1 < u?l)i?t. in I Hniol.Kii, N ? Viiik. NOOK NT's. Coll.-rr, over 'hn M<xb*nio>' Bank Brooklyn. MMRINik ATTKITION, LADIES ASI) OENTLKMEK.?IK TOU .. -r. .j ,1-1 im I i 1 reim; |.>i- your caatoff CiOthing, Oei)> KumiUsr* a-.rt .l-stalry, lb". h'uil you .-Mi il . Is K> wtnd * not to-he wi ll known .1. r. HARRIS. lid Seventh ate line Thorn von m?y fce onviuecd \ou W.'J hn I.ellwrlUi '<? your a.H:sf?'--uin f or Pre -ri , oir. #6 to $10, lor ilot'l lrwu $4 to VIA, .or t'kn'bl rom $1 >n Sj. Pte?*e do not fui?e?"? mil on <. uMii-'n K. iljtTi", IA6Sr?unlh avenue. L-ilbeeiteadr. by Ml J. HmMa, AT 312 Si: V K.N r II AVKNl'E-A KABUL OKLIEK MB J\ -rlv. 1 : rem <* ': I ?).?. IO p. l"baM- IkdilMl' BD.I ftTlUe. iwin'i ' ? ? ult Cio inn*. I'-iiMtul*. linn.- *, A-. I ;'ikr?oi*? tonus tnrlull ta'-ir of *11 ?r(?-l.-r. N. H.~ I)o not believe tin o r* ?e preieuAeia WHO offer >11.10 ei.o.iu :u> pil ?.* l'bw tire M" .1 <* ! ?i or * Id-, *1 Bo. 2118-y-ntli aveone, T. Rt'SKNilKllit, wlier. you t.ili rec-ive ibe bigl-e*t |ub-?a. Ka tie attende I toby bfi, R . enb'-rg. \T, AT; AT fll* OI.D STAND I.ADIES AND (HINTS mn >'. j1n from $7 In t'fj lor ttiIk ', from ?111* Jj;> fo. i'nata, fi .U1$M:?I$7 I.r l**nt?. Alan Carpet?, Kurn;tni-e, .le *>!)_? Ar. A note iiy )mm. b uiot'iallv aim Kd to by EltKK 11:f.SI H I Seventh avenue. batwrua Nineteenth ?n I Tvf. atia'P at-*etii. I.adle- rndeil K? by Mta. f. Noeooneeiioii rrlUi Mir nlher hen e. * RAW! CIlAJICBi-LAlUBR AND UENTLEMKN, IP >V you wleh toger tup lull win. of yen-cant o!f Chulilor, Carre!*, V'i n.'-i-r mi -bo beet yoo cab do I* lu ii na a note to H .MINYH, 17* 1'hlr i avenue; ihem you tmv Iwoouwacrd yon will he dealt ivph to your aatiafaotloo. N. B.? J?o not he;:e*e Uioe? wlrritl-era who nfl'er to pay fromfi'J loftX) uir aUkilroea* (JO.or<oat?, ur $7 for panto, aa It la atttal* bumh'ji. I'l-a** remember the well known dealer, B. .ViNTH. in? Third avenne, n*ar iteventa- nth ?ti?et. Ladie* a'tarUfil by Mi*. Mini/. * KMiTlYK KACr.?l.\Dlt* AND fJKNTI.EMBN, IP o\ yon want to got ib? .luioat value for yonr a*t otf ("tibuij, tiii|.tli,I'nnilt'U' and Jewelry, the Vn j?i can lio i? I i -?n,| * note m A. HARRIS, .*41 Third avenue, baft an Pf'rty eiithth ami 'fii."tv-alni)i atree'n, aat aide, fin r yon nun depvio* ya-i will receive X> per ant ntra I ho ii ai aiic oilier dealer'* In New York. Ladre attended by Mia. Hani-. Ai;FV, IT DEMAND r<>Tl CLOTHING, KliRMTl'RK, Carpel-, A> - L. l. ami ( iitli-ni' M ran roceltc the fo|. loniniti '?Pop i t ! t e -? a from $A tn M<K for ouata, from 92 ' (Id: (vi pun'*, ft tun (1 lo Pi, by caliiug on or ail il . lug ' ? jio?t M A bra hi lu , So von'b kvettwr, bpiwoen 'lie" i h unl T naiyetitu r recta. Ladle* at' coded '*? oy Mr-. A. t N HRDI K J UNI' r.Kt'KU TiD. ?A LARGE QUANTITY a\ a?i . n i loibmg ninat lie ptuchared nitkin a aburtime. I,mile* or *o I, Ohio ii having nny to diapoae of can ohla .ii a high' price limit . rrWn e l y i ailing on ur Hitdieeaing U. M.,*!' tth aveh'l'. Yon can prevent being hninI nigged hi ii-tii i lul-e fit- ti u.lrt?, Carpet*. K uijliure and .loaeiry bough'. I... a .iHendel to ny Mr*. E II. p|oe-o retu-mbei' ami try 7? S'em aronno, near Worerley I1'*' " t T i HI. SUM OTORK. lit THIRD AVENUE, LADJEB u'Y a to C< I .1C1, VI I liiapnac of their real off t'lethlrig. l'?i I et , V'lrali ire. A.. I g'ia< ?.i'e? to pay for Drr-nas front $ > in $.?>, for C cu- il'utn (A . A iii, lor rout* from (I to (.1. I'I'.i*' do tin* ity ' It'Mil on Of ?ildfe?a ' MJBIf lldThird avenue, o'ar fonrte nth ai re!. Utde a attended by Mra. Miab I 1 I I.NTlON, LAD! ' S AND HKNTI.KMEN'.-r II AVR ,\ jn-i -e oil At tr?! I Iiivha*0iaat i fl ClcUnng, Fin uitnri aiut r.iriiet* tin Hie fallloi ;ila markol. I do proiniaa to I n* I - i.Ulie-t prtrv In Hie *?y hv en"!ny on or a ttlreaainaa'u re t.. P, MINT/.. 1ST Siitll avenue, inu dOora abova Ton ii j-oi't I.eiiieen '-ii - I to hy Mra. Nlnla. Reim n . >er, 1X7 Bit lb a\ -line. - ? . ?. , ,..UMV r r 1 niWu 4 ?r> I1?W AT Til K "IP iK",u. .hopmiii V) |?rr?n mult rot llf ir Pill flit "otlirv IN nit ore, Oarnnia and J^wrlry. thmi fi.?m a if O'li i ?! a.iri"! Hiedy. A ltlr? a.\. Dura-, 218 8-?eiilh avtw '? Terenlv-fonrih ntfl TWfntjr-fffth atraeia, wlthf r ill V> jitim tnallj: -n.lHilio Indira tnauem hf M'' V""'- ? r ?rvf:vTii m.*rt: to %m von mix \ J),.,,., v "> im i ami 93 to$7 fm'Varna, ? <i? Hi-., will I' bai l. I' " ilia 1 fflltoinla heerkil. OaU w I r k II 'XEIfPTYM. Win - n'h a\etn?? foiHea aw Ionian >)J Mra 1# _ 1 T I J KMII AV IMR. 1.AD1KK AXDuMTl.E. iik-u iidi-poaen llniri/i off OtofMng. l,':in>atB, Pmnlmnan'' tewofry. t guwapton t<> tiae fill/ per oe*t minn titaii in,. "'Iiai .'r?.lai in ilu . It v. nti<( i t?i in be humbngg il ? ?(. ??' | T ? ?n'l I. lie ii'.-evnii'r*. Vine* <?ll on nr A-oae ,1. Aithilt, IM (HeVentii ?vi n m, bntwaen Twain I. to m l T'.t "i>l> in"l ?ii nets. I. 'd r? attended by Mra. A it bat /1 Ai<troii>tA AMn vik*? vf.AKTKAI?K.~A OKKAT V* 1.1. man 1 far tmtlo 1 nil .?'itli>in<Mi'? ???? iff I'tmhlnff, T itili m, '1: Mi 'en iry. 1 (tianrn ae 10 i>?y iwawy.. liv * jii-r 1 in morn I be II any > h r eatabllrhment, #ffl in> liuinliiiff. I nil at or anml 1 tola lo WwKK W"t Hi'td?ay, ineeu Imouerd an 1 V anklln Mf" te. lied! t atleu.1. art by Mr K Hthay, nn?l 11 lam' r by Mi A. Ilal;ay. Ctr.MLVMKN * NfcW AJIO KKr T OVV (iLOTIIlNO I |iyr bn?"'l [nrini Mnaiaru ina.l'l. In taiga or until low The full talne trill be pant William battling nr Vakiii* in ImMMW. Vlaaan ceil at IM flora or addre't Th.* O On* rot . M ttnire ntnl. * C?. jjk

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