Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1862 Page 6
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6 n: ' WAtTr.n-i'iiNiLEi. ~T " H I" !. PI C \TKO ?1RKM A*. kVl'MAN WISHBS 4 ./l u ? > e ?.y . i. .j ly .e. tut ceity city rrffn'tt'tf an iyn u Vitiij a '>2 aa. AKMrECTAlU TOO NO MNRMAS* Mb WISHES a ti uai h?i ia a ni l it ..' , i iii| lu Cai'fat >li|a. . Oramalrraa; am apr .4 K [ia a .d Krcaelb* out tin fc'oj. ly itilery., -i lop" i of H m UuJnwa, ?'# |'t.i i, N. Y. A? Clfll/ NPKSE-WANTED, 4 S.TIAATIoN, Ah iaiu. s nam, by a K'lJ IvapMUMa. ni.MV A?ei Er?t-K kM ? " >! niMici uo<:i lac caaa of*d.itdr?n of any AC 'Hi. b .a? client tip by bai.u, rl .?-biy lu jjive th? caiV < 1 uy r if a* to Bi.arectcr a il capability. I. < uu 4lot".?y m nj W"*t 2. I at, between yin Awl bib a<a. ANIDD1.K AllKD WIDOW WISHES A PKRMANBNT hi * n.-Ahar aa ?ikh i a* autaa to invalid or ehlldr'ii: ia q'ia)>n?il fin any no"W no:il Oitiita Urniutilioiii<ti> ifii irnw No ofci*i:lloii to leave the cut Call ou or tAdreee Mra. Have, K>1 W 'at IStu M. AWA THR9S' SITI ATION WANTVD-IN A RE ape*i*sv orvac* la.nlly by a roinpeieut. iruaivrortby pared I au pruiiti <1 nr ?\> e|>ik?u?ble Ity refemm'e a.e til ?Haiarter m l capability. Wniba iw u for n?o daya at 44 lfl;b at., dial otb a?. A SITU ATI ON WAMTKO?BV A RBNPBCTABLE J\ youita K'l't, to do tbr utmitta. wmahiuii aOil nnoing 0! a tuna I family; ha* no objection to do .h? noi.aowui a of a mall launly' n?- :1k* "k*i of ri'y rri-i > <:< ?. Call at 293 Weat V\\ at .'-iwtru HtUaiij Wh a?a.. ttial boor,/root room, ??r 1*0 da41. _ _ ______ A HJISPKt TtHfcK CI Kit WIKHB3 A SITUATION AS JX. coo*, 'II ''** "I'll .ion.-.*. nrm ui ?ii <'an 'hi ? co mr two hoy* at 88 Wear tolb -L. noardth a-rcine-, ro.m 1. A VOt Mi WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM A N ci, I a oil woitioa*. or i? lake c.jie 01 edition and do ewkiH, i?> >hi?i ?io >? 10 ilie country; )<na the boat of city Mimm. C !! ai 1!0K West 16'h a'., between 7 h ??s. A flitAl. WOMAN, WHO 18 AN liXCKI.l.BNT COOK, triahtrs tu piir-urn * a.'l'u ioo aa <'' HI k in a ,ei,Un nuut'a fiun'y. Aoi'iy n?r two bay* at the reoidttiuo of be. priaeot ant; 1 oyer. N . -MO \V' ?i .Tld at. AI.ADV RlYfNO I'P HOHSRKBRPINO WWJBd TO p. o ut,: it aitiiatkua for a good girl, aa 'liamberRtaxt, 0: 10 Ou acnaral hnnaewbjrk in % tuntll faintly. Apply at JUt) Wtat TJi at., tor two dnya. A SITUATION WANTED AS WKT NORSK. BY A RE rpteyiUa marr.e 1 women, It.r ?r t child4 riomh' old , Chi rair- .me?. On-1 at ib WlJituw at., Eltialif.b City, N. J , One ?ceir. AJUISi'KtM'AEUS MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A a.mat on *m u hi uurw i.a a fall Inoh breast 01 uii!k van r.tac ??od . -t? iwiua I'iB oe aeon for two tUkaaitM.) Wcstl?ih at , room >1. A SITU T!ON WANTED?BY A YOT'NQ O'UIk AS ;U*'r,: . maid ami ta tr si or to do general inn-st'l?ork , m I nl.y . 0 'cot 10 bo Hither; has Urn b-stof olv Wfcren f fro :i to r la?> phun. fall ai .'43 West 33lb at , bct?? u 7ih .ind 8th ana., .op floor. AS1TI ATH'S WANTED- BY A RE8KBCTAR1.K yoi t>a woman na hamoermald, or would >aae nan' of ahtKren, or aa hern,aid and warn hv? j a mi,ad I .unity . ka* toe h, jo nt I'll y leinr-ie e; no Wjccooa k) go In ; lie oooi.l y for to- a .minor Call at 1706 11 aa., near )?lb bt. A SITUATION W.VNTKD?BY A KKSI'KCTAHI.E OIRl, . a <il imtierniaid and # mn-lr.-a*, or ivaittHsa, or vo haie core .11 1,.1'i'ru. Toe noat 0, city reference, fan lx Ml at her .a?i?t. .ptoyer ?, 161 Kan I 33d al., near Le?>u|f'.on a. APTTITVTION WANTEII-BV A RESFEOTABJJS PER aou, a. ? :y>? iiaki . wd reaiuMi tu, uttdenMunda bair dre?u.? K> i of . iiy wieience can be rrven, Can be mcu tar t-.?o oar e at 22b Bin Ullh *t. AKEMi'K'.TAHLE VO('N<J WOMAN WISUES A BITO.n a sn ail prtva lain ly, to do ^tnrral htt'uiewoik, is a rood plain oo*, and iruuer. Apply si No. H Mowlow ?i? lluboken. A COMPETENT HERMAN HI RE, Ar.QUAfNTKD WIl'H .XI lb< Erg-isl' io<l bleu li <?t>uu*t ?, wisnea to obtain a tow inn In re?|ie<-iable private iair.ii., to .ant/not children Hern an ami taicu eliarge turn , -a jAy a o-a.d; lire Ntr- no ire ptioiwMe city rcfrmiM-j r?u tx given from tbe . she lived with last Apply St } Wllrllst., or Si' Rlrlnguin at. M'Wii ioor. ASITI ATION WANTED-BT A PKHPECTABI.R young woman. aauoob; at Drat rale and .rooev; ji.Xf all naa of family baking; bus Mod cny rof.-reu.o- Apply at Nn. J.O West fid at., between lib and tkb tvs AR8.-i*K0rtBI.K TOl'NtJ CI HE WISHES A SITU A itoii art jiui x-, or n?r?e and eliambermaol, or wenM do ebamheriverK, wauio; ami ears of children, or chr.mbanvork sad waiting a-oi.e good cky reference from ber last pl.ue Apt) y at No. #1 1Mb si between bib and itb a vs., third liooi , t?*ok iooiu. ARKSIKCrABLB tow NO GIRL WISHES A 8JTUAlion an v ook, washer an ) I rone r, or to < a general bouse- ! work IB a small private Sarr.lly; tax good cliy reinrance Ins tar last pia.?- Cat! fey two *?rs at MU Jotmaoc ek, in tbe tMeiMnt. A OOM1KTBNT U1RL, WITH GOOD REFERENCE, .A. want* * situation to do rm.erui housework. Voumt |M ber or any ottier 6ra< < lae. eorrast yo? want, free of any eharge, at the Private Seivaw's InvUtu'u, It ban jHhak, between Til und 4tb att. A RESPECTAW.RYOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITCAJV tk>u 10 do g-neru bon-rw. ra in a small private family; | beator.jty r> is s k'xe) i-uao eook sud lust rate waoberatpl ironor. Call at t:i7 West.MPh kL, ib tbe rear. A TGCNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD A Phun ook and r.i .rli"t.i w.iaber ami lron?r; would rto knMt?m k in a au.n'l pi ivotr oiiitiy; it willing ;.nd obliging; Objection to go to !? < .>...iury, Torre yeaia' 'Ity reieaenre Gtll for two doya at it I Eoot .Hat at, near <!> ?? *. AI,ADY WOlif.D I.IKK TO OBTAIN A GOOD HITUAlion lur and ...iiooern.aid or to do c twtrol Imuao- ! wort: go.-d wanker ai..I inner. Apply ot to* 'oKirobla ?t., rook l)n. AeiTI'ATION W ANTRI)?BY A TOl'NO UlRL, AS luutiheituoi't 01 it iinme; . uder?t;mda taking core of hlMirn fioin ttrir 1.-th and it rapoble uf miring >0 Wboi ler A Wiiaoii'a mo Atnro; Iv-m of reference gieeo. Coil Monday ond foretlo/ ot 71 W. at :K-to at., near Wli ore. AKf.-l'Et.TAHI.K PROTESTANT SCcTCti . WOMAN wnnle * aituawun to rook, wnali ami Iron iuro private family; Net! of . ity reference. Apply I or too d f ol 334 Nail one., beiir. ?n kkh anil Hat rto. A SITUATION WANTED? BY TWO WELSH UIKI S. to go to California, to take eai? ol rlnldren anil uia*e tiremaclvep gene-ally -r ill: oood plain rewrrg. Amirex Ann Oliil A ,nr., but .Of iletald oM.. <*. a Yo: Nil tilllL WIMIKS A SITUATION AS CHAMjV bei. a*.1 and wiiit.i ti . .-on do oil >lt>'?t ni bi mlaiy , m willing and <r . atnj, and turn good rliy referrn o l' i guind. tall ot .6. Monrun ?U, aetond T.oor, bue? > I. nr.. AUK. I'KCTABLE tlIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN a pi tata faintly oa o-.k, wiub- r and Iromr, I- a gt.od cook ? Arat. *.r na,bei and tronrr; h. ? tbi: beat uf eity rtferviHM. tlalj fur two doyo at Hi! Munio; at. ABITCAPOV WANIED-BY A TOPhO WOMAN TO d?wuinim and iruatn,., itobl'i.y ittrte.a.e, no obiecthm o <10 gen r?l boueevurli n< a mi *11 fundi) i an be .re a for two daye *1 27 Cor or HA el. ANITt.ATlOV WANTRl>~aY A YOUTH) WOMAN, ro Oo rating an<) aaata tu the washing. or ui u., tbr entire tt?fciA<; ol a email f i.nily; .< a y o-l bake- my rel>' < nee.. Can be weu tor two .*?> at 270 S I nr., near 9d at. A R8HPK< TABLE MARRIED WOMAN WOULD LIKE _A A Ban-Alton aa wel B.ube; Isiby two moan-.* ?ld; wc lid go ami, . willing to travel lor the aurnmer. Apply for 'wo Aaje at 1.W Cherry at., heme?n Market ami Catharine ait. laqntrr tor Mia. MeCoruimk. A COOK ?A KEiiPti 1\BLB WOMAN, Ot I.OM. EXper .erne. deeif-a a eUuet.oB .it rtiy or conbtry a? Uiett ad? paw ry euok will a?,l In waalitnj; la aery e<"oni.ia?eAl fa ber kit'ben. Aay family remiirlng a faithful <ion>aeilc wiii be | laaaaii by railing bi T7H? h are. Imynire for Mary AJLK?rK<TABLK KOVA.N WISnKR A SITUATION aa.<x,.?, armor ,lauH< 1 n; nh ami Amerxan .uoklug, atob patiry. emi-a and baking baa no obyordout to aaalet (n aAe wan ingi eauW to In be epuniry for the r mm'r; haa ibeNetof i? eirma. Cadi for tea <la?t At <90 fl?h ava near kith at. At-OMPEIKXT J Al'NDIlBHS WOULD LIKE THE waahlbg of a (ear re I. Or man or lidtev: would late aeh'ug hi the moo h. ten ea elient waaher ami iroaer, aad .-an give the leai .if rliy re tare are. Call at 131 7th a e ?roaii Boor, bonk room. Alkgill PLAIN HREmSMaKEW AND SEAT Pi. A IN aeear w.ehea ui obi>in be aewiigof a lew fam.liea, tapj go owl ny tb? . ar or mke n l.r ibe bouae tail for one Week at U7 Weal 27th al , mora Mo A Ayocno woman wishes a hitvatjom as plain oh, waaber and Irooer, or to do general Iwutwxl. In Bia I priiam lauii.v . good ni'y r Ttiencc. Cob at IIS Writ I til, m. _ AHJhMPRi i A 111 I YOUM<1 UIRL WI.-HEh FOR A a inn ion in a "mall private family io do vn.-ral hoof wort; liat no ohlertion* to rharnberwork; baa good idly refermee Call lor t? o daya ai UH Wea; 2oth ai? btttRl Jtban.i am ara.. eeood floor froat room. AHTTi ATHiV wanted?BY a respectable lOuagkUt nrt" ikmhi rwork anil erkHlrf or gennkl fcoueewor* it a Mid plain not and a very tiae watber an.l >ro ei . ? i a. wi.iing and ofcli(lbg dlapoai ion; haa city reference fb'B hei la-t plerr, ian lie wen lor two da-a at did meat 2Mb at , He weati Mb ati-1 (tb art a sirratton wavtih-hy a yocn<? Roman. as ji nit me ?mt aeamatreea: Mi Apatite ->f utij lha rAlre har|e of * hai y boa bey yea a elty iefe- r e frrnr one ptaaA abd one teit'a lioat ber Ia*? plant. Cau o? aren nil tailed ai I AN a e i bu> at.. neai 7tk ar. |M*? <BaJU.M?..r???, if/JLSwi^ '""" "" ' *' A '.OMrmxr Vol No rov?v w,mT,?. it. A ?? with i??a> u ^ T" ** daiAU.n.fa lotlr, .*., ,.T ?? tiU. vklMifa. abirt making ??d flna UwtcV t?u day. atferr ,, aaam rmf., '? J ? '7 I . Bit i*i. U?iinfeircitjnf?r n - ' AUt>r|< rARI.K \ 1KM1 Olftl. WA\i? . Jt_?. lion lu U" l;<, ,ik . 00 o<>.a. uno . nITPA? di- tar.. in tb?. , fto* 1 y; (be i.aai of , ty ,.11"" * "hoi' ' * ns 7 h A*um.? Wo*** <rv?ff? a arTUATfov 4*, . , .. J ... . , , r, ... , ( ( wL"li*""*' "'"iik"."1.1 ?!* ?. Call for ?..<].? ? Way ??:>,?., to. ,.r., a,;.i "?'t A Ti'V* * ykW OtytZeVHS M K ,?,f kTl.'if* .. . ? Wi,*b'"f "'"I'd if" 001 I.T thr I i "RRI'Ii" 1 VKl.B Vol HUMAN WAN rw 1 iiiti A *K* f. T"?V rOl'NO PROTE rAVT ?nw,?. wo?uj?.it.,r. j?,i. M rj;1 -u ? Aroi 4 HI, l.lvhlRRR A Mill at,ON AO a and ?? .? .. ?. ... h ' "p paral- * b ?n 1 <>r a I ?,?>, , . 1,1 " < '' " Ty f ai ilf ft;..,. .1 ,,,. v , ' ion t? ifca "?g?iZ'??. ;?f ;<( ( yja, r,l a? V' ,Wk nTVATlOm WA*TSD-ri; MALMI \YfHN0?lR1 WIIO CAM COME WflX ?iCOH I trnro b r nfVMoni *iinp oyws wi?At? . to t'uittoru a ,1 , 1 r,. < her aerv.. a* tw auy la. >y ?u'u<i 14 alao niIIiiu to .1 uey. Apujf (,.r '*<J ,Uti" U> M. C , liPika t., tup liuui. N. V. _ A RESPECTABLE OIKL WlpHES A ISITt'ATICK tN a private faun y. ??o'? >' ook, uuaner toil roujf; be?t,t? reference given ln' at 171 West Kith at, b?tweeu 71b aLiil Hth uvea. - _______ A SITUATION WANTED- bY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NU arL to do h?u- rui hooauwuik or platu co< kin*, ..ahiiig ami .ociig ? ' ' i? aAd Obliging; h..s th--' . - f ty referen.e froio Lit U-i place, toag- r.1 plain .cok and a fry Atio lane drear. Can re teen for two day# at 143 d:ftb ?!., tear Sduve. A SITUATION wamted-b* a respectable middie aged Eugliab )..h <mhi, a? houaehevjwr, nurae, oj at. P-i.d?"t ?o a lady; no ubjeclJM to tblidiin. Apply at siJ Ea*t37'b at., variety at< re * AYOI VO WOMAN DESIRES A HITl'ATION AM ti>ui|> tentcaambemaid and iunndr?..e;a*o uo up lute w ll. Can be aeen at 13M V. eat 33d at. Ajoiva ro.N wanted?by a rest e- tabBE young woman; ta u xoo.1 plain took, waaiiar and Br*: of n'j re feci'ace from her laat place. Call tor two daya aill.1 Weai ftSU at., between Sib and Hill avenue*, SralUuor, back rwtlD. Akirst class servant wants a situation in a r< apeetable lainiljr, aa nurae or chamberm.tiri; can laka of a baby from lia birth; t? willing and obliging; would make kerneli generally; baa hTi yea.a' reference (rum tret lamtllca. C&M for two daya at 26 Butraw at., Brooklyn, in the bakery. AKKSI-RCTAHLB WOMAN WIKIIE8 TO CiET A KGW ratmUes to waab for (by Ibo dozen), or plain sew lug. Waah.?s done at a very low price, (lone referenee given. Owtl for two daya at 230 tiulftvau ?i? third Boor. baik room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIKL to rook, wash and Iron, or a* cliamlierinuid andl.undreaa: la a obliging and willlu;,', The beat of city reference .rem her laat Call at 1M Weal Mm si, third flocr, buck room, for two days. * SITUATION WANTKD?BY A MIDDLE AOBO WC. _.TL mun, a* cook In a private faintly; is a goo.1 cook and takd and an exccti'm wither and Irouer; has tbo tie*, ol' city reference '.or character and capability. Can be men at It.) 271 h it, bolvrc n 7'h and ttih avs., lop floor. A situation wanted-by a young protestant g'rl, *.< cha.ubcrniaid mid sea.netrcs, or waitress; no objection logo in theeountrr, bar the Lest city A| piy Ivr three days al No. lid Baal Olb at., third door, front i ooin. A SITUATION WANTED?AS 8EAPHTRES3, BY THE .lay or week, ia a good dressmaker card uiirl' ratanila ad | kin.Nof faotily sewlug; the boat of rlty reference given If reqtitied. Apply for two day a at 90 West litib al.,l"p Bcor, I r? nl room. A SITUATION WANTED?bY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, 10 do lh>-r hambcrwork of a small ly - n.1 uuaui in washing an.! Ironing, or 10 t-ike care of i children and make herself generally useful. Can be seen at 37 Weal:?6th at, between 6tb and Oth avs. Reicieuce from tier last place. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE , Is a flcst > la?? laundress and understands all kinds I i <.r French tliitupf and family washing. ha? the liert of city 1 reference. Cat) be seen for two days at 339 id av., between Stat and ifSd ats., hint BM r. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE l young woman, as nurse and chambermaid, or to lo I plain sewing. Beat, of reference can be jnven. Can be seen at IkB 7'h ayeuue, s.suriJ rloor, bock room. Cn ambermatd. and waitress-situation warned by a young woman who has lised in the most respectable families to Du l!n for many yrurs: .? willing and obliging. Can be seen at 62 Wetl'list at., corcr of 6th avs. Houskkeepeb.-an educated american widow lady, wtth. nl Ineuuibranec, age.l 60, wlahea auub a piral kin in a respectable widower's family. exchanged. Oail Immediately at 13 Wountor at. Housekeepers situation wanted-bv an Amer an widow lady, fully competent to take charge. Reference gh en. Call far one week at No. 26 6th at Miss kelly wishes work at dressmaking: i is a go*.d tiller, and gore out by the day. Call at 169 i EaU22d st. Skambtkrsa-a YOUNG WOMAN WISHES a blTUAtion: Is a neat ahtrlnaker and can do all kinds of family sewiua; Is wlltng to do chamberwork: no objection to leave i New York. Call at 101 West 2Sth at., rsar house, lop floor. O wuuiio, la Uka eare of children or to da htmbrr work. Can bo seen at eSOreeuvriob a*., .-or Bank at. for two day. | SITUATION WAJCTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, aa cki.mbermatd and wail toss-and to assist with wtttMug. or 1.1 do general honaework; haa the beat of refer-n.o. Call oa or Mtdrnaa M. E., 17* Court at., ecroar ef 1'inoa at., B ooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A OBKit AN OIRL, TO DO 0?hanrberm?rk and |Ma sowing. Oat! at m Waal 39th at., Bid Boor, eaat aidr. SITOATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A8 nnrae and seaottwreas' can ent and (tt rhUdren'a clothing: understands all kinds of family acwing; andean lake eare of an Infant from Ita birth; beat < / city reference. Apply at t2B 7th avr., thud door, hack room. SIT0AT10E8 WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE young girls; one aa cook, washer and ironcr; the oilier a*ebair.bei maid and waitress; tbav are ca|>ab|e, good gins: , eat. aire good city refereuee from their laat place; tbey pr. far gen.-mile to lire together. Can be seen for two daya at 121 Weei Alth at., between 7th and a?u., third floor, front room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, as Tnt rate '-nob; understands her business; boa no objection to aadsl in wsahing and Ironing' no objection to going a abort distance in th* country. Call for two daya at 118 IfammotHl at., second floor. SITUATION WANTED?BY A BESPE< TABLE YOUNO girl, as rbarnlwrmatd and ?'.liter, or to do plain sewing, i or to assist In crashing ami ironing: good city from her last place. Call at 121 West 2Utb at, near 7th ave.. aeeoud Rcor, Isrek room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO i woman, as rhdd's nurse In a respectable privala fainlit; can do plain lamilr ?ew :ng a n?l all kinds of embroidery; r>ai i'" >i;j i' rrm,n. > .in rri*u iiuiii eu?ej,*eil *1 127 W'? 27th ?t., between 7th and 9?W are. SITUATION WtNTKD-BY A IIE.vTE'TABLE YOUNG wo nan. ? do g*n<*ral lu.uaeeork or I'lalu rooking In a prteale family: is a flrat rate rank, waalier and Ironer; ban noohyo. Moi.aiji a.loon, board'ng ho.ire or howl; boat of city refererve* (mm her laet place. Call fur two daya at 29 Monroe <?., near Catharine. Situation tv anted.?an american girl. l><ouglii up in a reapeoigbb* rtijr family. wtahea lo ol-tain a siti.a tm iu a ri-ereclable on. ate family chamber- 1 ir.aul ami fa trraa, or as chambermaid and children a imr-e; taranilTflfh the noodle; aaiiefitciory nee. Can b? eren lli 'iiiacad at 151 Eaat Bmndway. situation wanted-hy a young woman, as O chain jertoald or to do ?en. rnl bnttaeYvnrk in a euuill lastly. Coo J ct'y reference. Ai-oly at 99.'* Amity at. SITUATION WAh TED-BY A REWUBCTABLB GIRL, aa nnrae and eeametreae; uiiderafaud* dreeaniakin*; ran 1 oi-erate ?n Ringer and Wheeler A Wllton*a marhtn?a; one of her own if reunited; no objection to go lu the country. Call a! .MO Weal Idtb at. SITUATION WANTED?BT A REBrECTABEE GIRL, i aa good plain rook waaherand Ironer, or would do Louee- i work : good city rrftren. e gm. n. I an be aeen until engaged at d8 Court ai . HueikiTt. rMUXIKKRR.?A FRENCH LADY RBOCIRF.8 A filiation aa fort*n;iiaa or aaleawoman ami head trimmer, In aoane large ealabliabmeat; ehe ia perfectly nilalreaa of lUa entire baatneaa, kartog been la the aame lor hereetf mauy yeai no obiertiou to go in the country. Addrege Mailaiw, Hat aid oflhe. fPWO YOUNG WOMEN WANT MTUATIONB-ONE A3 JL good'ook: nnil?:-?:a?da kaalry and makea good bread, and ia aD earellent waaber aa? Ironer; the other aai-bambermatd and naitreaa, or to aaetat in ike waahing and Ironing. Both bare the heat of oily i rfei enee from I heir kaat n a<e?; , likre lived in'he beat fami'iea in 'be rtly. Call at 2)11'a*! ; 19th et, m the grueery etore, near the . butch, for two , darn Al/ANTKD?HT A REKFKt IABI.E GIRL, OP IRISH IT birth, who al'o apraka Orruian, a r.ljutl'ia aacham- | L*ntalrtor nurar. Can ? aeen at ?Io. .104 D*an at., Bmokiyn. , TITAJITBD?BY A REAPBtTABLE TOUXO GIRL, A If aif i'ion to db chambornork and arwlng nr < baiabarwork an'l ? ai'inf in a amall prirair family, or would mind i-lilldirn; boat of ctly rrfaronrr; no ohjorttoo :n tho country. i An)'lyf>r two daya at 14.'Baal Hat *i.,?rarUa?., tmiBil floor. tCTARTED-A SITUATION, BT A VOCMO OIRL, A8 | IT rhamhar'oa.d and wal'roa-, or ?0 '*k? rare of rMldim atui >f?; liaa the Iwat city rcfrtaofc from bar laal place, t an bo ac-n far two daya at 363 ill av., third floor, bark room. TArANTED- A bITVATIOK, AR CHAMBERMAID AND ! IT a?. .attfaa, by a Pro'ratant young woman, with ully rrfarrm a; haa no objrrtlon to the country for tha annum r. <1*11 at tho raaldroca of bet (ireacul employer, |ng Weal 4 to at. , U" ANTED?BY A RBSPEi TABLE FEMALE, A HITCA Hon a? ?ra?u?trr*a or houarkrrper, or to fakr rare of ait irraltd lady or In aompatiy a family to K iron*. Tli" brat of reform*** giren Aildrca* A P., baa 301 Maw Yotk , I'lltt o?rr. I ll'AJiTKD?A jtlTVATIOK, HV A HJSRPBt TARI.B * TT round n man, w?o la a good cook and * flirt rate uakrr.aad < nd-ia'aufa ail kln<lao' dcaaciU, I a trratn and paalryijiri fara tb? mnafry; '-an givr aalialartory rrfait-ucr. , Call at !? fArvt Wa>blt>ktoti pla ? . WANTED-A RlTl ATION, BT A RF.Sf'E< TABLE It y. > ,.>a, a* hauib-1 .oald. baa no injrci ? n ilnl ..tic enotai bo ar* nrk of . ?inrll pnrafr f irmly, b at <> 'y rrfri ? . gtv?n. Can bo arrn fur two daya at I4.'K*?H?0 g j tl'ABYBO ? ?ITI tfttis HY A BE.4P8CTAIILI IT y rung aodiaiv t do obamborwora and flao waalc g and r.#n la *n aarriirni waitroaa: baa an objection t < to to inr in miry l"f hr ',irtvr. C.: nl 190 7'h ?v., laiwrra ri I ar. ' itt'.i U'amtd-a jtti a hon, ?v a rrapk' ta til.r yv.iOA ""M"i ?? P ? ???h'rr ??'! tron?r. nr would d ih# b?ni??-or* of mill pn?*tc fnmily: hm no , i logo lo tfct towotrjr lolJ ?V IK f'U ?., W'iw#au fil ?o<i lllk '< ______ Wantkd-Bv a nrrrn< tarle pbotrstani otnt., '* a" r- atnlvM-OloM ?nd Ol 10 <lo , hn.i>?- In * oily; > ? gnol *??h.-ra:id irnnnr; *? iV 1,1 ei If W'f. ranx-M no notation In go a aianti IliUivilntkimillir t? S >. i li?iug plaoo IOi iwn day* W * * ' " * KK I K'"l ' HJ.H TOl'Mri WOMAN, ?" ?? ? >k NMi'i-r ?u< 'nun?i nn nlijaim to cIl-hiIkiwo '? ami wj, tng. nirt to r?n?jwt to wanting and j l.i i g; .in -n? | r?.-ini' fi 'in liar l?- in I <i a- .7. .to ? ? ?> u*\h and Jtiih ft*. UrA>TRi> a II Aiiny, ?y A Veil N? WOMAN. A* I III" linmtif rmnnl Mil waiiraai .B a amaU prlaata family; i? wllili f and iridlgtrf; no nHjaetl >n to Mm r mm try: r|ty roffron . if^a., irp.r ai?r?jr ?. iiiWo?if?;n ?t., in IM rear, DOU??rn itii and Ptti area. UrASTKD-A NUTATION, BY A VOI Bit WOMAN, AS ' fond onk. I* a A'**! "?*' ? a'"l "Tid?r?!?nda all kind* 01 denaaria; I ? wtllliif an-l ?N gim ; no oO|a?i|,,? u> the < ,,,ln. >rf Apply ?ltlli Wee Htb r , It IW nat, bciwng 7lh ?nl Bin iw?. * i Urastkn-bv a RF.fl'Ei I'abih tOPNO i JHL. a an aiinn nj?i"l?* aptl ?l) ?l 7P7 |. c l?i?y, Mli NEW YORK 3ERA.LD, N BWrATlOIS WAjfTrD-FlWALE"1WAPi! i'-nY a tihs?kcta 'ijs ?iru a sui'ua '10 > , ! .V !,(;< *1 <11 . I? ?UI? lit J. HlUhi pfivato ,'h.llt ly *u. ti jly 111. t,,a t, can Lb invt-a (J,<a be aeon at 46V Jd ?vi\, cort-ipof 2 >i!i ?t. WAN'l D-b? A it ESPROTABLE WOMAN LADIES', mifn 'i.'? ot I'amUy w.v ning; l*?t refei ?? **.- en; (( * < i. r<, ft. Uail 4 ?M W-ivei tv-y pUo4, up aLMi't' WANTED- A SITUATION. AS CHAMBERMAID AND walLu , 1.1 ehj.iclioua to AMlbt wiiu the wa.-. ..ut, toed o.iji rc.'ei. Apply fur two ilaraat Mi Ttfc a?e. vi'anted-ky a respectable woman, a filtliay? lion on ??wl p.. Iti ctxiK, wauber and irra r, or to ?1j ho .m work iu a a:it%li private rauo.y, or tc Run ckarye of au tof inl from in birm, Lad four , ear*'ri fori-im*. lu Mi ?u at u3 XiiiliUoA at., BrociHyu, for tnd uaja. _ \JLTANTBD-A SITUATION; TO DO GKNHBAL HOUSEvv work .n .t auull private fan tly; b< at city ruftreim. At; y vr two taji at C3 Weal 3Utli it., baiwcm 6Ui and Tin iiei. WANTED -BY A XESPECTABLB GIRL. A BITITAliou ha chambermaid aiirWv.'iUreaa. uuderatanila : lift ( raofi.lnlor. il. Good city refwetock. Apply for two . kj? at 197 3d avtnK', in tbu mora. WANTKlv?A SITUATION, BY A K*8YKCTARI.H won an, ua tlret-luaa inok; understand a meata <>l all klnda, and aoupt anil paaurtca. Beit of reference#. No obji.-i Ui.iii to i lay or country. Cull at 168 40th at., corner of 8tb avenue, tecond Poor, for ttrodnva. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY RESPECT, abb'vomig woman,aacl.uoinermald and wai.ivaa, or to Oouaanalliiiuaiiwoilt in a email private lan.lly Call at 74 Uiiiniiiond at. for two days. TV'-ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB Vv yot uy worn*#, v# cook, waster and in a respectabiaTaniily. City rvfert nei-a giien. Call tor two daya ut Mi Eaal dotii at., at lit a Palmer'#, up mane. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KKHt'BCTAHlJ! youna woman, as eoo t plain ook, wa?ber and Iroueti, ... ..... ...1. i? ? .....ull .,-i....... ? .A ..ill references from her loot place. Can he seen for two daye al 38d 7th avenue, corner of 3-ftb it., first fleer. WANTE1?-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE AND uoinp< tent young, us lost class cook in all its biauche.-, Iter no objection to assist in tne washing If required; the verv beet of i ity re I err nee given. Can be aeeu for twebays, if uo' engaged, at 116 Weft 27th it, IITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUN0 OIF.L, AB If p ?in cook, washer and ironer; good city reference. Call at 9l Wcel i9th it., lu the i ar. W'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG woman, a* chntntierinald mid to aa?m in wiiehlnp, <.r aa children's maid and plain aeamet eu; can furnleh reft rencea af the highest respectability. Call at 136 Kusl 23d M, furl floor. ' WANTKD-A SITUATION BY AN ENGLISH PROTE.Slain young womio, at wet nuree; good references; has a fresh I:renal of milk. Apply for two Uaya al StfSl bin ave., corner of 27*1 if, In tho More. Wanted-by mo kisuitable girls bituallonn, cue to tlo eh- nber work and to oMiit with the wnrhtng an.1 iroring, the other to take care of children and rto plain Mtwing; they have no objeciiou to go a short disiancc In inn country. Can le m en for two days at 67 Wcat 2bUi it, beiwrun bio and 7th ar*. Yl/ ANTfiD-SITUATIONS BY TWOCOMPETENTGIRIB, TV one as cao'c, washer and ironrr, and the other as chainbcrmatd or nurse, sood relereuce. t'au he iecn for two dayi, If not engaged at 112 En don are., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTRHTANT young glil, a situation aa seamstress; uudcrsland* cutting atitj making ladies' and ebildreu's dream s perfectly, and nil kinds ot family sewing, or v ould go out by the duv or we?k; has the beet of reference. Call at or addresi J IS Ea?t 22d it. WANTED?A SITUATION AS SERVANT TO TAKE charge ofobndreu and do chanioorw ork, by an ore 1lentglrl: irfera to her employer as lo chnraeier. Can be sen at tae house of her late employer, R. II. Shannon, in Wcat list St., Monday and to-morrow. Y1XANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED TV good cook, who understands the business in all its branches; understand! all kiuds of desm-rta and game: is a toed baker; coed reference given. Call at liu Wert 18th th, in the rear, for two dayi. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION TV as chambermaid and waitress, or would go an regular waitress;capable of fultillac either situation; best city reference from her laal place. Cell at or address for two days, 113 West 54th at. WANTED?A 6ITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young womau, as chambermaid; le willing to aa>4?' In washing and ironing; has 3 three years' rcf-renos from lsr iast place. Apply at 3t>0 7lb av., between 73d and 3bd its., for two days. \\TANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND TV seamstress or le take care of rhi.dn n: no obiectinn to go in the -ountrjr. Cm I at M3 6lh av., for two cloy* WASTED?A SITUATION A8 SEAMSTRESS; UNDER otADdx a?l kind* Of family eewing and Hinhrofcteiy; -R witling to do chawl* rwrork; beat or <lty reference from tier laat place: dou'l object to the ountry. Apply for two dasi? M m Eaat 13th el. WANTED?BYrA RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION m a private family aa rook, and to atalrt in the wishing and I robing; baa both city autl country r> Teretcce if requited. t an be ?een till engaged at .CSttlli a?., between31at and 320 aia., in the cap atarv. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THE waahlng and Irouiug of a faintly at her own re.?Ulen. e, or won)i ro out by tne day; e.uuld do liouae cleaning. Ap|)ly m I/O Earl 2tKli at-. I root BaMMWk WANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE AND SEAMalien*, or chambermaid and wauic'rcin, by a re. apeetableyoung 'Toman who l.aagood city reference. Apply fee two day* at 15b Weal INlli at. MtWMbrlk '00 8th aver. WANTED?BY A RESTS* TAH1.K t.lKL, A SITIJA linn to cook, uaab nnd iron, or u cold r* a.- la; |? tpable of fulitlllng the above altUdUona;' beet Ay refer riit given. Gall at 142 Weal 3aib at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A WOman. to do general hwaeework; ban good city refer, mice. Appiy for two daya at bUft bib o> ciioc, between "i-i. ?..! Ji,| ,t,-. W ANTED?BY A W(l| llll BOOM WOMAN. \ TV aitnaiion to do general hoocework In a pit' ate family, ?r woum have no ob;?et|.<n lo co aa dairy lo.vd in t-ie country; can produce t) iclerenoe. ( an bu aecn tor I wo <Uy? at 211 Jin at., between 8tb a.d Dh ace". WAN TED-A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aaia k. w*"bar ar l imner, or launrt.< *. roufd have no objiw on ro o in he :n:ry. Apply at 200 IVavcrley place, between Cb?ri< a and Perry eta. \1/ ANTED?BY A GOOD, UABT OIKL, fODOGENKTT ralhouaiwort. Apply alCWKMi a?\ Yir ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO TV itaalat tn taking rare of cnlu r u and to do h*ini-?r wor? : t- willing in make bcrr If generally oa fol. Ca I *1 .-3 Ea -l 13 b at. VT'ANTED-A.SITUATION. HY A YOUNG HI RL, TO UO TV iberooa'.tig, waaluug out Ironing of a family, or would have no object I >nt ode g' tie ral bewwirk in a ?m?i! lamily; city refert u<c gi'.en. Can be for iwo daya at the uiukrefinabove,ntBUiA,hidcdi (nm oat. HTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A HKHPKcTABI K TV young woman, tooook. wash and iron in a ainOI jirtrale family; no objections to go in the .noun?. Boldly reference from be/ la-t plat e. Cull tar two dayt at 42 fl.lary it., Brooklyn, aecoad floor, bank roam. WAMTKD-BY A HESPKCTAHLE AMERICAN AO tt, I AMti'ia u?iA in > tnw.tiy or t-oa:dIng-hoxiM), beano objtc lone to gx> >n the 'O.ntrr CLot rlljr rsferenca. Celt on X?? il.rin, ?t 72 Stintou ??., corner of Alien. WTANTBO-BV A RBHPECTABLK PROTESTANT vT girl, a ?l .allon ?e . Ixembc.nie.-l and io n-an-l .'n nanalog end iron ng. ii- to do pjlib -ewiig, n 0.1 nty reference | ran be gi?rn OmII for tsro day: ? lift tcne' Jii at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NU WOMAN, A Mutation a* cook, ' } one who undci-lan.1? be: btialliera end won'd have no objeiitou m ,n the wt.lnot mi.J Ironing; . an proem.' go <J city relet niir froiii her but employer. Apply for two day* atyVi. IS U*:i pb: < . WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PERSON, A SITU.1Oon eat bawbeem ltd and *-anietrr?a; or would a<i>*t u '.o n? hnnaexvork: MM MwllHl MM MM tNMT( no otije- '.ou* to *o ? aliort oIwho. >n 'tie .oootry; city iii'rioi Call for two dayi at 'I Vratry at. U'ANTED?A SITVATION, BY A NICE AMERICAN, ?* none <?i , betn'witnal l, ami ,lo plain eewlng. t... 11 ior two dnya at No. 1 Olarkaon o WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A RP.SPEi TABLE TV yonwg woman, a* chambermaid at?d wattrnee, hi re.'lugeloue, utrea yeetw' rifrrea p. Apply ior mo itarenl 7ft W- at 2B h at., tea o Ii aae. WANTED?A SITUATION, MY A III.-UN FABLE yonny Wiinuu. aa' ..ok. waa'.ie" and lr inn ; Mi<* ba ' l city t*f?ieni ?. ?'?ll for two ?ley? at 600 J: av?. neur I7tk at. \\T AN I ED?A SITUATION AH Ct>OK W I IIKH AND V ? Itraner: t borough I to; 'i vt end lor* I ul?, Beat of ell* ret ren?e gi?en. Apply foi iwoiiavaet \ iAc ><l axe. \IT ANTED?BY A PROIhHIANI TO I NO WOMAN, A TV ettoMM to do Oba ?r ok and MM Vnahtng ,r han.'ierWork and anting, in a atnii'l or' a'? fam. i!,.> .. ?i o, Ity rate ratine Horn bet ImI pCall at ?s W e?t I.'ii at., between lOtk ami llth a' ea, U'ANTKD-BV A kKO'B? TABLE WOMAN. A HlTl 1. tioo Id eoofc, waalt and Iron, ar >tn ^ oetal hott'ennrk II * I mill .V. ! "> I rl'l?.ki: l "'ill ' 'i 1 * I flt'Ta ft' I .'i| | perry ? , mm \Vaab mi.i ll'ASTBD?BY A RKfPK' TAP LB WOMAN THF ' Tf waahmg tflfr* ImUiM I* In !?? ? n . mil ap nil' lijr 'li- "?y It rT'jUi ; it" i?h if ilo . l<? ih? ? n ? j ,ii| "f I a <b > * . gmurm< ii I <llat*.t| 1. i, ?iA - H ?\ oi. 1 Mr o Bl?-?i Wrr, t'p It'iiir. IVilTID I* A HI > I *HliV. 11" Ni. tiIHr v VV alliiatfon m <<> p. ini . a; wt>ukl go Mil ? V ?r?rrk: iMlrit rt'. -Mr ? . < ; a'.I ti i" if', i. I; mi>Ih| App'P day ?' 'ARt T il uprnini It.u; , b o b mom. \i'ANrKl>-BY A'IXI ABLE ?n*A>, A SI ITA FT t on to r?"'k, Waah III I n v tlo tn rial b?l>?on mi a HI All nriiair fnrul. iituryi ?' i l', la'-i-M IV M 17?W?a'8I?? a**' 7i" ?. Imnt n?*.ni"nt. t. r uro d '? 1 Uf ANTED BV A RE-I K' i ABI.F fllHI., A MTl. \ ii. ifaa itonMhrinvnil ??d ??i nwv Can fx* ? "? lur i wo dajra ai'If Mnar #1 Imr pi -atM rmptornr, KA Oarllnn | >r.. Brookl) a. I V\,rA.AT?:n--FT A RKWTAW.R TOI'Xfl GIRL, ' F? lit-1) f' m RnyLnd, I. .n ' > tin Imabai mwa, >r aa waliar; i? ?llllni < > aa? ? 'ii "m a a b g and Ironing; ' Ihr brat gf refer, im# if rfrpufVd. Tin Ml .. ?n Io: . .0?jg< | it lid Ki? 87tb a?. UTANTED?I1.V \ Ta ill E Wd.MAS, A r*TAion In a "m?'l prlTrir family. m i *?*, innkT a?d 1'iner: 1? n good b igi-r; do objem ion ?r. tn a abort dli iau?o In tb?oonotry dlall at "8 Waal ilrih at , in 'bn rrar rtTAKTlP?A SITI ATIOA BT A fill ATAN TOI.TQ ' TF lidr, I'M1 '* a'ilr lo inch plan" and linking, and l? nilb of to otal Ml alf ?? nllnbn warn. >g. ??ln.: a: l fln? inmllework. Brat illy ral>r?nm gtran Ait'lr'n '.II Y il "D rl , Brook'ya, KUCK* * TO TOBAC CO. I)ii IiiWk IMPORTED mRiIAiRN A1 K*< I : I.KVT il'l.'MMI ? . , |< aal'.i^i ? (i * -ontall' naabiindrr l Tlia groair" t>ir,.aju II. grtara r rf ij. r?d ''ri' or ih'y will b? allaol 'Uti'.-I?ij? L Tip, / I 111 * J f l y , * KAff t ?Jf [OffDAY, APRIL 11, 1802. SITUATIONS WASTED-rj-VUKS. Abeii'ktm able 4iekman, WHO wk'tkb a hood "1 haad, un J U of steady l.wbil* Mill 'un give the be"' iiI 1 reeO llOSOdall JIM, wishes CUip O/tarOt U ?wlU? WllOi. ulo H b >iiiimi; bij.h are Ml mi hi i Ji ah object us steady employment. Auurces 0. H, bo* 10* Huialc: cltou. ^ ABITlMTION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, GOOD W rei'srvur.-, ?nu can get 56,U0si'?:iiil:y. Address J M C'., Newark, N. J. r ? i . tJ A situation wanted?by a youno marujed Ji man. w. aoul firmly, -a plain sai u-ncr, oat-hma u ?r Cj farmer ; Is wI bug .iu<l a-de lo make nlmsc.f generally u??- ? fu!; brii of c.ty reference given. Atkiieag 0. N., Ilmad Oft ' CIOAC1IMAN-WANTED, BY AW KNOU8RMAN, A J

/ situation us 'O" tunan; under*'amis IIt ine ?f boracs, and Is acarelul djivcr. t'A.i give goud *' 1 m? uremics. Ap- ,, ply by letter to E i. C , boa lZrt Herald oCoo. ______ to CTOACII MAN'S SITUATION WANTBD-BY a BE- J speclable yonuj; uun who uiidcistands his -a, , hi.* had many year*' ?ipeih-uce; > a good and cartful J drt??r, la p'liertly with the man .jtemeut and ^ Iroaliii' nt ol horses; will oa fouud willing and obliging; . powlwiy rotwrrw. Addrers W H., at Hi. Walkei'l *t<l- #1 ill -ry at re, eornet of 2tth il. and Biondw.y, or bo* IU _ Herrtld oilloe. /COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A KESPBO- ^ \J table young man, who understands hia buatncaa; baa t(l had many years' txi <'rieu?e, man excellent driver, and baa lt b.vl much upei < n;a to the truoiulng an I treatment of -. boiaes; beat of city reference. Address bo* 18), Herald J office. Coachman.?wanted, a situation as coacii- d man In a prSviue family, by a young man who la a tho- _ n ugh groom, aa well aa a stylish driver, and ta willing lo da veto the whole of his tirov to the horses and carriages, and Is J pel loctly competent la his business. Can give the very beat of i commendations. Ad Ires* J. M. D., box 168 Herald ofHoc, for two days, or 79 Bleeokor at. ? I EMPLOYMENT WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN HAY. Z U lug con~l<l> rabJe experience In the wholesale and roUtl. I dry gooda ouhiiv as, bo'h aa salesman and entry clerk; would" ** ta&<- any other situation In whb;h bis service could be made * use till, and where strict attention to business would be ap- " preciated: flrhtlclars references can be given. Address M. " B., ho* 6,010 New York Post office. " IMPORTANT TO MANUFACTURERS.-A YOU NO MAN, 1 I lor a long tune a reeldent of Boston, and having a large * acquaintance there, wishes to obuiu an agcuey for the taJe _ of any nlaple artirle which requires the energy and _ good builneba qualifications possessed by the adver- I Uttr, to introduce Into a new muikeL Whilst making J Boston his headquarters, he would take charge or the ?1 trade in Connecticut and Khode Island (other UaaUrn 1 States if required), Lelng well aequaiuted throughout tboee J Htetr*. The very besd references given. Addrcae A. 11., boa 3,407 New York Poet office. " SITUATIONS WANTED?BY A MAN AND WIPE (OER- | O roaus); the m?n as ron liiniui or gardener; thcwl.enm- * dcrstands Looseki cplug in jll H? branches. Both a;eakgood ) English. Beat of city given. Add rets B. A., boa 01 17k He-aid ofiice. ~ SITUATION WANTED?BY A STRONG BOY, 16 YEARS k0 of age, who has burn employed by a butcher: can ? steak UeiTiian and English; would like to l>c tun; loved in a all op or market. Inquire at 270 String at., second door. ' SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT VOIING t man, a-ardeu, r or rowhrnaii, hyone who understands *?the care and luauuariuent of hoieca surd cows; would ha e i" no objection to aseiat on a I arm, baa good refcicn. e. Ad- <* dress R. P., lie raid office, for two day a. *j rro MANUFACTURERS.?AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN, ^ 1 about to visit the West, wants the agency of some good article, to noil either cu emiinisslou oTen Ida own account, ^ a Kanciug the -sash a itla every order, it tuuti lie a pat-enlod, 1 aaicaole article, ol little bulk and pay laii proine. Addrtss * Pathl.nder, box 100 Herald oillce. * r WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERS.?A HE "1 specfable young lad wishes to obtain a situation In a ' wholesale or retail grocery alore, eiili. r in Now York or f Brooklyn; ie well acquainted with tbe buaincxe, having Lad ,e (wo years'experience In It. Ho i* active, Inte.'l gent ?ud can " furnish the beetoi' oily reference loom hia )a-t employers. Address Henry C., box 1(17 Haraid office, for tw o laya. ? WANTED-BY A MAN AND WIFB, WITHOUT 1NCUM- 1 branuc, tlluationa; the man to work on a f.rra and see en to horse*; ta a good milker; the woman as plain coo'', washer ? and ironer; baa no obie.lion to do general no ucwor*. Good x references. Call at A3 Spri ng at , rear, first floor. I WAITER.?WANTED, A SITUATION BY A RESPEC* u! 'able yontig man. In tbe above capacity: undcrtlaoda h p business In every reapect.; baa long and satisfactory reter- ? cncea; no objection to town or conntry, or to 'ravel. Ad- "T firms or call on, for two dava, P. H., 104 Ilk are. \ WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, 30 YEARS OP AOB, A situation on a l'arui near the city; la accustomed to the -l care of all kinds of stock; la a good driver, gardener, Ac.; \ la strong and willing, ami of excellent moiats and hal-iix. tl Can give rood ell* referruees. Wage* mode rule. Address J. B., Brooklyn Post office. ? WANTED?A SITUATION AS BOOKKEEPER OK p| sales,i,an f*a wholesale brume: quick and correct at accounts. Address K . at Mr. ll??an'a. 41P Pulton avenue. Brooklyn. WAITER.?WANTED. A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY 1 repatriable man, In toe hove raj twrrtj: rcwoiry pre- \r ferred: undere-antl* bie bnatnoM Ih tntry rennet. Ilte-oxl ? tlty reference. Adttncs I. D., 119 Eael'lvih M.,for twodayr. -i WANTP.D-TIV A GRADUATE OF FRANKLIN AND ? V <Mt - ?!?. n ettuaUoo M tiDokkecptr or sutrlct- o entinaar.t hu- # or rommiwt.on boune. Can speak the English o?d Oert>f??t laiigii.tgfs, and ii eiUnctv. ly Honualnied In the Interior of Prnuryl'. anla, where ho can command 1 coniideiriMe iraoe. Artdrei a write to. Kiaoklin, No. 63 lis ft f. Hreadwiy. ~ HKLP WANTED-MALBS. 1 Agent-if you wisn to invest " a A SMALL CAPITAL IN A FATING BUSINESS B Examine ibe merits ef the ?i Ml' I.TOM ICKOON, Call ?n'l let: II, or >end ilan.p for circular. "I AGENTS OK ACTIVITY AND ENERGY CAN MAKE 1 Horn $A lo $l()p r div l-v encaging In the tale of lire ft VA&.ABLK PRIZE STATUiNERY, RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE. ? Ooi H itUonerv ti itrer.or, and our Jewoirv roiMliti of ' FORTY VARIETIES, e?f h anirl" n.antiiaUured tvi'h n ARTISTIC TASTE. p For Ibforuia'.ii n sr. d lorn circular; mailed free. RICHARDS A CO., 11)2 Nniuu Mreei, N. Y. -y A GENTS.?TUB DIME PACKAGE. v A P. P. P. F. PANFHROrilOsIPM I'litAE PACKAGE, ~i PRICE 10 CENTS. " 1 ME DIVE PACKAGE CONTAINS 1? AltTIGl.KS. h All NEW AND ORIGINAl* EACH PACKAGE ~ HAS A GUT OK JEWELKY. j, .-no nearlr KM prr roi. Send stamp for a . eiro.ltr. W. II CATRLY A CO . 102 Nlouw.i ttrert. A 0KNT8. SEND POR OUR CIRCULAR MAIDED SKKK. \ J\ )>KfZK AM) PORTRAIT PAUKKT, UNION AND RECEIPT PACKET, i. I'RISK PACKET H)K TUB Ylll.r.ION. _ KXCJil.slOH STATION I CY PACKET. . PACKETS WITH AND WITH il T JKWKUKT. * UEADi/DARTKHS i OR STATIONERY PA. kl.lg. . IIAfiKIXH A A'O., "Id Ra?kn>au nirrel, Ne* York. ( A cents WANTED in every state op tub , ITnon, to "Ml l)"iRu't Pat?nt K?ro >?ne Oil ll .ni'r r ' Tl>iid lampj hM wiMnpr'lUniii over 100 por foi pv tr. to a??"t?. Samidea -n>i on i.De itmelul?.f lour ia<l ?:imos. . mmm mm - NmpI d - .. DmM rm York. ? Ahoy wanted-in an optics, brtwbkn pip ecu md nlgh'tan J?ATA owl our ju?i f .Hii '../.il | ,r. -i frrml; ?ln?ti<m |)t<mUfnl; u'?7 IrM rtaj- $W Applr, ' baiw"' ii * ?u<l 10 A. M. *1 14 Nuiw. at., |( nail. I.;. Auuniol WANTS*?Hi A CUSUM STORE ' Apply 1117# Bow.i r. 'lo?a?* irouolr no nr mt-'J oppijr " but tlio-r no,..ait <il?. h tl.? bualoaaa, and who an biir.jj a |N4 lijNftirM. " A TOONO I 1ST WANVKD-TO ATTEND STORE; ? w?nt?d alao, a ?Aai,.h?riual<1. Annly. ?ii.b rdfaren-ra. . o W. II. Wrllrr, vonfrc'loorT, 1,131 Braadaay. eomar or _ 35th 1 BOY WANTED iMXKniATOi.Y-A WELI KP.COV. ti meixtrU Imijt .mut 14 i?*r? oU hbW, t# ?t>nil hir. II Apply at TA Hudaoo *., RiooKIyn, at e.ght o'clork ihta Bmriitng. 1 DM .; CIJ?HK WANTFD?0>R WHO UNDERSTANDS u tbeilty p :i.ii tr ite, and wbo-an ?|*aV Ocrmat:. O- .Kt fl irfr.tnet required. Apply ul Neils 0voy alo e, 3<l aw., -* M rem IXtth Mi) ISlrt at*., Marlea. \ DRl'O CI KIlK WANTED?A YO'INO MAN KTPKRI- * em d In tli" i n.? relall hua'.neaa. None u*e.l apply bn 1 I| at . i p. ikJiiijc lite b*"l reference* aa toaoilily *nd ;i.. " Apply to Ales., Kmut at., oppoaUa Waireii, o N fujn. p nRIKl CLERK WAMKD-ONE TKOROtltini.Y FN. leraU'OdiUf Ibf buaiw**; tef'.ianur req< lr"d. Apply al 104 Bowery. UOVfB AiiKNT WANTED-! MECHANIC PREFER- ? r"d, a "'nan, miiiee man, i? ileroie hit whole time iu ,,i let koines .-oiled r"i i?, Ar. and who would be aailafleit with about $i!0u a year, (in* perfeti'ly competent will addirtw box 71" Poet oilier, ?ph lieu leinwnroa, Ac. J IPAIIW MTAIl PRT BOOM UllMRll IHWII M pnv>M'i|> thorough anowlmUe of lbe bn?lo >, and / a. i? tinned to Aral laaa ity irade. Will l?e liberally irrated A v, I b i unej, cp'lonable reference* required. Apply to A. T. t>. STEWART A CO. WANTEO -A IIMOWARI RAUMMAM, ro MU 'I . olerj from "air plea, on cwinmiie. n, iu ih IV .i?rn and ii"ar by Slate* None bet "lOeo bu< but notne Klionleilce 'd ut ik iiit.'.ewiue?ila>liire?a, wuk refeiaoe, iuu paid, i .. C? l?0* a,78v Poat olP-e. ? \\ IM'KII-A < I T.UK IV A WIIOLK.S4M STATION .. H I In: ?'.a" J i i<"i- f n 'trim a . ill L, - it I a mi i-rior. Ait'* ' l-M ' or *1'.-*liviia Clfrlli' (i (iitiv nli'* N' iMk>M pittum I fur ulc partie*. |> K' mm " to f r-t?. Woia??. K tattlMMn IBS* ii- \ rsp rwo toiMO mot or oo< r> vn.?i '| T* III o ?n In M 'lit r ?l ? i t S', I I ,? ., " at I ?* , a <1 I.i't-I-? l< voi'rt" S. M. . W. r.,??raM Mm. ^ l\' ANTED?A BOY. ABOI T f* OB IA MitltJ Of AOF. II I oi ho - II. oil of* t u<3? icn'ilir , Aim ) it ri Mr'. Marah'l 0-inOrrt Na'oon, -'49 Xf ililam I 11 'A f TI I' 1 i 1 I nil. iMM.eiHiwi * MAN ?1 ii iMi.i Iningi.'. Iiuatiif", Itie t1*M 1m. t n. i. |" " n?>i if i tuuattl lioMnna mil *?i,rna.,<t ' |ll*ia . on.A|'|>l) >0'A*. Mail aud. 101 Broariwat ll'AMKIl- A Vol NO MAN. FROM IB TO HI YF.AKS f| ll i. i. . in m. i I. hi-aII k-'i ? ? l.i ? i . at iln- .i I t 111' 'Or i It (111, 111 INimt ?!.. Hionkhn. thia Irnmthn < i."y ;i ?:i" r it I'' li? '. t nt ''ni 'i i>' .mri: and an n ?h j. >'ranT'tir*, a t*iinana. a) i.-ton an t a juiul hoim- \ * I 1 WANTED?A MEN WHO WiUTB VEilV PLAIN I T '' Tf tn aaalat In tha ii?pAl-a: i n "i Trj-r'a Nan- TnrtlClt* 1 tn .?<ior,, ror IMrt laV Addlf l" 11lka writing ?f I ha B W'' I a rani.WMi r;.;i*r.i??, tf. II W on. WOr**nt at. A|'(di J! t-Oiotia In iiaraon will not Mntt" miaul to. * \I, *NIK3?A HMARI At'inF. lOUN'tl MAN, AS \ 11 AO'I to ?iiak%hiijiae;i u-m rHllr oa .fill In a flrat \ i as liiiKlis!, i ho|i Imuar; ? Pru'eataot |ir?lrrre<! App% ba tn ?r In ai ' ' I ' .'I B< ' k-- s' 1 ITTAN I r.ll-1 YOfNt. M IS, to wo TO H - ION I fVt ' IT b?? or all riumtlia with tba adrarOaar, in a Ugl.i I. . J) naaa. On-U.i?u fc a - ylul ? In <a?h oan tnrf' ? irh a cool arimtl'i'.i Art. Iran H -ton. IroA I PA Mai *1<| if t. , -si h nam*and taaHanra. \ UTANIXD-A VOVNO JBAN~AR"COOK ANp' AM lift 111 a r-?ianra?t. Adito'M A H., I".a 190 11 . ,,M oflln 1 , a ,ng a .. . nr.I i >*to aaJ am ..' / n 1 1 ilrrd. In UfAMED i V0I1N0 MAN AS YALF.T To t.'O TO ' A i i t -n t.r . n. f, ,i?-i, ? I , i r II, I ... .a |.? . arr.a .. 1 to Mini, tin' |iori#ri, t? o rVrlta toi irmrj itltti, |t 1 < '>iill*ci f ? tPP't iHi,/Yh?tBaiit?ri ?,?. i UKLaP VVANTtuO?II ALUS. VIM A 8T0V B STORE AND . i ? 8IIOF A 111>:.# mij, of K i?l A?r?'. or, to oi*?e biinae.f g< n it'll J u<*??f>11. Iaarly at &l CaUutriUM at. XTAlTiilt WANTED?MUST UAVB A WRITTEN ItR. T cuu..ii?s>uu< u from lit* a?t plaor. Apply to \V. 11. oiler. eouteouotu-r, l.Ul Broadway, cerner iiotn it. ;nn i^borkrs wanted?on a railroad in IVJVJ New Jeraar. Wigeafl day. A p'y oil Ixurd c Autura. Toot ot' iiubliiaou at., buiine 3 o'clock .eh day, II?jT WAMKU-fKJlVMir IT THE LARGE INSTITUTE OF GOOD HERVANTS, A < ouicr titu av. uo?l iith el., famiiiea and eiujiloyeia wiU waya flud a wood arlojt'on of aeal, civil, oepa'de women, ei m an, Kncltah, Mcotcb, Irlsb, American dil l On teaianu, ad v* Couduciod by Mia. Floyd. Uood pacca oiwaya IT THR SERVANTS' INSTUCTE, NO. H'J GLAND m. street.? Wantrd, fuur tir*| WAit: c??e? (oof UQuftt I a FrolraUnt), for Ural claaa private famlUea. An o, a fW ktant *oo?. Laundrt ?>n, ouiaea and acaun>treaea?, id tlrla Tor general houaewmrk. I F1RBT 0LA88 PR0TB8TANT OOOK, FOR A 8'JORT V distance tn the com try (no waahingv, wslireea. Innnrvut a no lour plain cook* wanted this day, at the Froiee,ui Employment Agency, 12?4Ui a v., between 12th end ISth a. None but Am cV-im servants, with city referen. on need yply. No charge until engaged. ? GOOD MILLINER WANTED?TO GO A RHORT DI8 V lance In tiie cuuntrv. Inquire fur the particular* at ciry A Kattereous, 98 Chamber* at. | IX EMPLOYERS AND GOOD DOMES 1I.!S RBQUIRV lag a flrttt class ofloe will not be >laappolutcil by apply, te at the Umpire Oity Institute, S7S Sixth arruoe. N. B.? Ingllsh. Irieb, Hootch, French, German and colored atwaye n Land?male and female, Protestant and OathoUo. 300KUAM A BEDELL nAVING TAKEN THE LA ROE 3 and spacious rooms 307 au<l 309 Kourtli arentin. in cobiinclion with their old eatnbtlaliment 149 Grand Htreet, connue, as uaua', to vupply families with carefully elected irvunts of every description. A few Aral class servants are anted iiameOi.lety. "AKESHM A KINO.?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 8EVE J ral apprentices. None out meat, <ju!ck sewer* iced .ply at 2s? tith th, uorner tdtli at. ' AIHES IN BROOKLYN REQUIRING SERVANTS OK J a superior clam are respectfully informed I liaee pencd and rant and commodl mih office. at IB Court atrcat liamiltou building). Brooklyn, uear Joiale.non street, and in prepared, us usual, to furnish the most relui'de domestica f every dasoiption, having r>-fereni?s dtrert from Brooklyn imtllee. \VM. MANNING tidie of 10 Hilary ttrcet). lKIIJJNKRS WANTED?TWO FIRST Ot.AH.S TRIMU. uitrn for the city and two for the country. Apply to f. T. lllggins, 120 titb av. Also two apprentices for the ^ SERVANTS.?EXOBLI.ENT SITUATIONS, IN FIRST ' cu?a famRlae,ready for rrimile hdlp, >o b? obiained ntneilUu ly, without paynv nt, at Mrs. LOWE'S "levant a .d >unu<*lioii* otlluo, 17 Stanton stive', between Rowrry and hnftii* ' * JERVAN7S WANTED TN BROOKLYN.?WANTED IM5 ro< llately, reapeolahl* girla to til) situation* in gentleieo'? families, ul the Uiuh' at wa^M, >ui'h a* ool h, chainertnaiu* t.nd houoworkeri. Also several small ati-ts want11'or uni-slny and waiting. Ajtply to Mr. CHRISTOPHER, o. tOTtllary eL, Brooklyn , late \l?nulng A Co.) N. U ? Serrnti sent for at ;h-ir residence*. AT"AN 1'ED?A OIRI. TO OOOK. WASH AND IRON IN A TV small privatefamily; must bo willing ami obliging nd bring good city refereno**. Call at 811 2d av., from 11 M. till 2 I'. U. 17AN1ED?A FEW LADIES AND 6ENTLEUBN TO TV loam a very profitable business that la steady a imraor sd winter In all cities; it will pay $15 to $20 per week at art, and ran bo prffrllecd at Call and see for yourliToaat 141 Grand aiteel, between Crosby and Elm. Dr. R. LOVE. Inventor. 17 ANTED?A GOOD GERMAN OOOK FOR A PRIVATE 'V family. Addres*, "Utliug sa'ary expected and qi.allttitloDA, 0. 0.1 box 145 lloiajd office. X7ANTED?TRIMMERS AND MILLINERS, AT L. 'V Binni' millinery more, 681 Broadway. Two trimmer llllner* wanted; alan, two wire frame makers, two appreneti and one saleswoman and trimmer. L HJNNS' Millinery, 681 Broadway. 17ANTED?A GIRL TO WORK OK CUSTOM PANTS. 'V None but a iirtl rite band need apply at 41 Marion ..In tbe rear. II. MDLLEK. Y ANTED?A PROTESTANT COOK, WASHER AND kroner. Call for iwodaye at l(b West 83d at., between ic hour* of 10 aud 3. A7ANTED?A OIBL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK: TV must be u good wan her and Irouer, and understand Ala cooking: city reference from laat employer required; a written li'terenctt noticed. Call between aud 11 o'clock . 101 Eut 31a< at. 17AX1ED-A YOUNG GIRL TO TAKE CARE OF A TV baby and make lier*elf gciteiatlr n-?iul; those atouatrned to illldrcn preferred. Apply at 13 Division M. jyANTED?A SMART, TIDY YOUNG GIRL, TO DO THE TV work of a small private family; moat be a good wanner ad doner, and willing to go lo Williamsburg. Call nt 4DU 1 ti..t at., -ip aiairs, alter 9 o'clock. TTANTED?A NUR-E AND CHAMBERMAID, WITH TV good reference. The two will Hixl a good place by tiling at No. 4 Second piace, South Brooklyn. ilTANTED-THIS DAY, A COf>K AND CHAMBER TV maid for iii? country; good wage*. Also cooks, chainannai'l* and girls for general liouaework, for city ritudlou*, t HENDERSON'S Intelligence office. No. 6 Court airoet. tOokiyr, wbcmlho beat families in the cRv ret their acr MR" " niTANTEIV-A GIRL TO MAKK VESTS; MU3T ALSO IT iuaKm < <v| in.won boles; none others lie*.i ?pnly. Ca'l l No. 8 R riorum ?t. .irAN'IKU-A RESPECTABLE PROTKBTANT GIRL, IT from Id u> 18 >e>ra of a^?. to atund to a rblld end oo si.i li.imiw i work ; m.ial hi.rn rood recoii.m.-iidiv'ione. Ap I> xi no. 7 Lirinjiaton ptaw. on St k vomiiI i'f s. [If AN I'KD?A GOOD t.'Oult, WASHER AMI IK jNBR, IT ? ",ii idty ref?: 'iirpH: uoue O'.h'r? nerd apply a' Tenl 228 <i, n-dar, hww rn The houra of Uir.e and one. [IfANTKD-AT TILMAN S AUBNCT KOR EMPLOY. IT iim nt, 70 Rant 13'ti St., one door East of 4 h (tvi-ntn, em;, '.re Idert and moat rrtlalde lu Uw city for mat tin.a: stored help, for olty and ronuliv; eo kr, < h ntbi-i muula,, waitresses, cok.lin.en, inl'.ciil hra! waiter* n l t-uoka foi summer houses and watering places. L\: A S BD A NEAT, TlOY on, W1TB ?00B KB IT I'm i )>re, to dogrneral huiiMiwoili; ian t tie a good |i ?ln jtt , w.?.ii?r and ironer. Appiy, after nine o'clock, a1. 16 .<?t li b at., I> tween 3d ana 4 b aver. ,17 ARTEO?TWO GOOD PROTESTANT GERMAN it ? .i. o.ic a? good piain nook; tiie other to do p .'aire mrk and |iKlo sewing. Good and good wage, given, pply .1 lit Sdirriuerliorn ?l., Brooklyn. llTANTKD?A WOMAN COOK FOR A RESTAURANT IT miner if 7<h at. and Hall nla<'*. bark of Touipktt.s lavlici. None need appiy i?> thorn j,o<m| reference. llTASTEIt-A GOOD MILLINER ANU AN APPRENIT I., r ft ?<l (ill av. [IfANTBIk?AT 123 HENRY ST , HRIKlKj.k'N, u'uMIT peb-nt young perton lu do the i bamii . work and waitAe.; WigntE .1/AN I Kit *15W EB1RT IRONBRS, WHO CAN flios |T and fold u?w ah iris, Call at laundry "i! Broadwa'-, p ataira. jt/ANTED?A NU.TSK CI 1A.H B ER * AIoT H.AMFt ?Lre??, i-ook and waftergirlj elao threaeutoiedman; ne aa < oot, one a'.earnsT..#, one aa i bambarnnld and f. Apply a i No. 7 I lib at., between Broadway and no ers'ty pK.ii, fr jin 3 to 4 o'clock. ATAN I'ED-A SMART, TIDY GIRL, TO HO GENERAL IT liioirework; tdaln .ook and wa.ber and I.i ? r; "ti? iat la willing *nd obliging. Applv, nltb oily raferen'e, al R Weal 48rt .it.. oral- 7'-" avenue. "iTANTEO^A OIBU TO LEARN IMKMtl IANKAT) IT she* 'Me 'akw for on* year end boarded; hail ot ?r lino- wl I be taken ip In housework. Apply a' 2sd d'b nr. J. i.rr 18 li al. *7 ANTED IN A SMAIj/rRIVATE KAMI1.Y, A OIKI. XV ?? ?- '? and lannrirraa; iIkd ?l ua<t?i el And Iter tunir>i au<l liar* soo-t ri:j reform*. Call at 'J* Ka*. Ithn a:. JATANTEP?jTSMART Y<M'N<* (MRU KOK (tKVKKAX. XV hoimwork and '>?oiu?. our ivbo i? afraid r work u.ay *X>P'?. wlih uty mf?reo<c, at No. M lw|. ??n ?i'iar.., in th?- au.lirtiijpr ja'.lory. THJB TlAPiei. k?i<)OI> 1(1-1. MAKER WANTKIt-EXTIIKR MaN OR rcmau, "hula Ij imdvifauJf ikr bitaitirn: nombrik "dupp'T. Addttis tor two d.iY? Dorlor, htn I'.'O llrrai 1 Wrr t VfAli'H MAKER. OK TWENTY YEARS f'.XRE. 1 rlaiKt?, n i*lir? a alluailoii; a oulrt prefrr lo to out ut <be . . Ad'iri tt J. I. MT., bos Ml llm tM od. . a A T* > KR?WANTED, A CAR\KR FOR A LUNCH ft it N/' 1 In ?"ty rr?t?iirani. Al*>lwt<o tlnr nart, aclur ?y* to wait on table, 4 Apply *Oy at lev Howcry. NO XmCRAET TA1LOR1 ?frARTBD. * AITt ATION [ !.' A titU M ho bar haU rimrldriablo rip. ri?uill i-ibtoi.abli: ruling, having nir*iu?t?ii<iiil ilie miMotii. r tin. ir rr.rnt of a !>ihl nabh- islothln^ hi oae for .'ha la . lour ?ia. In Ikia ltJ. The bra'of inirrrure given. Inumreof .lii<in (Ji'ntio.a, 21.'<liT,ii, N 1' ro DENTIST* W 1XTKO, A MAN THuROVOHLY I ro iiM. iAnt to lako <Uarge of a laboratory, anil at thr lair. Alan a bny ?bo 1 .Urrv anil rubber' work. Lti I, A K KNCY ,4lo, M M?ih a\ "ni.n. [id nr.MiHrs.. wanted vn *8xiptant pknti-t. rtir i*.rnl to iihn) SUIiim or mrilvuil'ot dpn'-fti*. .'1 ?pi'i iiUWlll ?'? < nhfibrr tin*!# of Moriifd, or !" :: ? <1~iiUi', in whet nrnm n Iboytorol ??d i?d. Ahw, ? dental ototont. E ? A. PKBTEBRIJ, 1? R jwwj , W. V *<> HOiHi HI 5 DKM.?WAJITED, TWO OOOD V.DllE , dfrr A;j>l| l" luamwti"?lw, (J Md lj I utr??l, [Ml rmMTRBP ?WARTBO, HV A Vol S(l MAS. A ilitmtlor ? preMiian 10 ?i"?o(Dcfj U?a ii?d looftder * i*ii in lliloettjr. Ple??* lddna( ioi iw? novo (HOtu, IU HeroW off'*. '0 LOOICIM'I OUR* HIM) Ens.?WANTED. i Ilk KT: nirii Hi lb" o n 1)11 ? .'I Cn-ffliilmlon ?lnrc, 4W Cmn.l ixn ?*?o? wheeler A Wl ?oo Sewlait Merbtnr. IT AMTEO-AN UPHOLSTERER AMDHAPEH HAM.I.It T ?l No. 4 fll.iOB OvOU'iO, B"00kiya. On jr rvinpetvii' iu< u eil I>r|i1f. jtraxtku-AV eajtrienced crriEH TOR LA it d'"? mi '?g?ni - : elm Ijvr?it*r? and ba?*n tun 'heeler A Wi nn'? m?n biue - lor line linen a.-odi. Apple >n Int. April M,?'L. Drj-'not A Co 'e, II# Bmo<lw?e ?n Ire 1TA*TKO-TWO StbE HAT FINISHER?; AI.-oT AM '? MmDdbiiT, II INymoml A Hi n?. (hi I inrtlond *1. l.'ANTf.D-THIRTV FIVE rmiT R\TE SEOAIl MA'? k i?, 10 turn in Jol>?. Mn 0 nit Tory pood band* j *ly ? lot B??l l.tih battiueul, fnwui (til 9 A. M ,mm ' ' 5* . lrASTF.D?A OILDF.flWUO OKDKRHTAHDF vol NT'? n,g pi. turn w*nte? A poly oi IS1 Wen /dtli ?'. ITASTBO (PIT! AXIOM PERMANENT)?A PTE APT T niitg m?n * bre..d end i-nkr bek< r; rine who in ?,ldrd in in ir, mii i n h i m ?oiN.r an 1 meody, con ?pp!y lo-lohn 4 S' w HHen'on. Sio'-n I'lond IIANTEP-BV A OKKUAN LUMPS HIHTKMAKKII it *HI , lOmt'il with in.- i*j iiM<\ o nltn.itlrn !* .(.'*i..ii?:ii?n *|<. kf Bl Jt'iell J'f'.h.i', ATP '" . ?*?biai. iwrftfv.iitoi. f* t special notices. (1IIEU1CAL BANK. NEW YORK, APRIL? 18#.'^ J Electioji.?Al an election, bold this u?y the following gentlemen wbie elected throe.(us of luin Bauk lor Ibe cnniing year, via:? SOU N O. JO^ES, CORN'S V. 8. ROOSEVELT, JOUN DAVID HOU'E ROBY. McCOSKHY, Bl'vADUll JOHNSON. An J fur I Ilk pec ion *t cnr next sin-reeding election ? PETER OOKLKT, ISAAC Ij PLATT, JAl'UET BibilOP. At a iubseqnent meeting of the it arJ John Q. junta,'Esq., was unanimously reelocied President li. ti. WILLIAMS, Caehler. Great exhibition, london. imj?visitors to the great International Kxhiblliou, and tourista generally, are invited to Inspect th- prevalent European oostnme* at the clothing House of H. CUE El), $1 Conluit street. . Bond <reel, Wl, Loudon. Or ten respectfully solli.ited and promptly rxecated. Under special appointment* to (he Quciii, Empttror and Empress of the Preach, Prints Impt rial, Ac. Correepoudlng house 17 Rue Tailhuul, Parle. Marine society of new york.-a quarterly meeting of the Murine Society of New York will bo held at the United States Hotel, cornet of Fulton lu.d Waif, streets, on Monday evening, April 14, at lo'olock. Punctual attendance of mentbera ia requ- uled. . JOSEPH TINKHAM, Secretary. Notice to taxpayers-office of thb oommivooners of Taxes and As csnuu-nts, No. 3d Chamber* street, New York, January IS, 18ti'>.?Notion is hereby give* that the asataament rolls of real and personal estate of tho elty of New York for lha year inb are uow open for puhUa inspection, and will continue open until the SlHh day or April next, inrlnaivn. All taxpayers are earnestly requested to ?alt and examine the same, iu order that any errors in the assessments may be corrected. Also all persons entitled by Itnv to reduction of their aasctsincnu, by reason of belpK clergymen ur lor militaiy servlcrst and also literary or charHa'de inbliiuilous, by law exempt from taxation, are requested to utako appltoatiou for s.ieh reduction or nasmptlon, pi eviour to the closing of the rolls on aald 80th day of AS*lie following seotton of tho act of April 15, 1849, la publlshed for the Information of tvrpnyera:? Rxotioa 10. During the time the books shall be open to public inspection, as hereinbefor e provided, application way be made by uny person considering himself aggrieved by tho arseaaed valuation of biarcal or personal estate, to have the same corrected. If such appli. atlon be made in relation In the a-'i-ensed valuation of real I estate, it must be made In wt luui;, Hiatuix the ground of objection thereto, and. there I ?|ion i tie Commissioners shall examine into the cnmplami. nod if. in their judgment, tlie assessment 1b erroneous, they shall at us it the same to be corrected. If rich application bo made In re'atlou to tbe aiaosaed valuation of personal estate, thi applicant shall be examined under oath by tho said Com miuioneni, who shall be authorized to adinlniBlcr such oath, or any of tbrin; and if, in hlsorthe'r judgment, the assessment is erroneous, liiey shall uiuse the a.iiue to be oorrccted, arid tlx the amount of such assessment fla they may believe to be just, and declare their decision theroun within thiity days alter such applie.?tlou shall hsve been uiade to them. No reduotlon shall be made by tlie Board of SuperVisors of any assessment on real or personal estate imposed under this act. unless it ahull appear, under oath or affirmation, that the party aggrieved ivas unable to attend wlthlu the period prescribed for the correction of taxes, hy reason, of sickness crabs' nee from the city.?Laws of ISM, Chapter 302, Set llou?9 and 10- A. J. WILLIAMSON J. W. ALLEN, j. W. BROWN, Commissioners of Taxes and Aatesataenia NEW YORK CITY AND COUNTY LIQUOR DEAIJ3F18 PiOtectlve Society.?A special meeting of the r.bova society will be held at the rooms, Ble< eker House, on Monday. April 11, at eight o'clock 1*. M. Piiuciiiai attendance W desired. By order of WALTER ROCHE, President. Pktxr McQuadic, Secretary. National academy of design.?this thirtysuvrnth Annual Exhibition of the National Academy of Design, consisting of Original Works by living artists, la row open Tor tbe season, at tbe galleries, 825 Broadway* Season tickets SO cents; single ndmUMcU dS cents. T. ADDISON RICHARDS, Corresponding Bec'y, N. A. OCEAN LODGE, NO. 1M, f. AND A. M.?THE RB0lTlar communications of this Lodge occur every second and l'ouilh Monday, at their room, corner of Broome and Crosby sir,-els, at iK o'clock. The members are hereby noilfled to attend. Ail those one year in arrears are requested to pay their dues or they will be stricken from the roll. By order of ARTHUR BROWN, W. M. J. N. ilxjnjLBr, Secretary. Proposed establishment op a dispensary: In the upper part ol the i?l ind?Notice is hereby given, that : a pnpnratory meeting of seme of the friende of thd above institution, held at tbe school hours corner llVitx street and Eleventh avenue, on Friday evening, April 11* Daniel F. Tiemun in the chair, It was resolved that (he Initiatory st-ps to the establishment of a dispensary In tbe upper part of the island, above Highly-sixth street, be confided t<t ac-.mmlttee of welt known citizens of this locality, and that Messrs. L. 81'11 man Iv *, D. F. Tieman, and Chaa. M. Connolly, E?j?.. be oppointad o committee to solicit aubeerlbei fi as members, both yearly and lor life. _ D F. TIEMAN, Chairman. . H. L. Iloorxt, Secretary. J Mamhattawvills, April 11, 1SC2. ' Passport office, 200 broadway, near fultoh street, sound floor.?Naturalized citizens must produce their certlncaics. Letters aaxtnr tnforinatton meat be addressed Passport Office, box 3,8111 New York. SroviAU?n. r. u uhavi, Aduaniui vr ion H erven* House, Broadway. hu removed to 794 Broadway, corner of Eighth street, wbtrj he will be happy to nfaet his former friend* aud patrons. VETERANS OF THE NATIONAL guard.?NBW York, April 11,1847 ?The annual meeting of this Asso? elation, for me election of officers, will be held at Ueedquar ten (National Guard Armory), on Monday evening, litis lust., at 7M o'clock. Poll will open at 8, and reaaaln open oue hour. By order of COL STKVERB. , As urn Tenor, Adlutuaf. Army and navy pay-abrearb-^of pay for resigned, dee-as-d and dls-. barged ariny and navy oiler-. a. Prlre Money, Bnimlv Money, Ac., collected. JOHN B. MURRAY. Army and Navy Banker, 39 Nassau street. New York, opposite the Poat office. Discharged volunteers, and widows and heir* of *u;h an deed in the ser.lce; alio widows and heirs of toarnrn of the Congress, Cuinberland and other vessels, who fell In the ae'ion of Marsh 8at Hampton Roads, will r-'Cflve information relative to bounty, pensiou, gratuity, Ac., by calling en F. It OWING, 14 Nassau street, room No. 6. Gvovbhnment W Or.a \ > ar ait per cent cariifcmtes bought by Mci KKADY A ARMOl'H, 149 Htsrl street, corner of Wall. Ml LWACltEE 01 TV nEAD.) I'STMENT BONDS. Citt CoMPTaoLLak'n Office, i MiLwat'kka, March 26, 1662. I The CotnRiiaaloncra of the Public Debt of the City of Milwaukee are now ready to receive bid* or proposal* frona holders oi readjustment bonds for the purchase of such but.>la to the extant of the sinking fund on band (which to twelve thousand dollars), in jmrauanee of section 10 of an set to enable the city of Milwaukee to readjust its corporate debt. Such bids must specify the numbers of llto bouds proposed to be retired, and be accompanied by lha ceiliAcatool the proper officer of any bank, or of William s.'Uaii a Co , or new lor* ur, mat toe nonmam nepoenea with such bank or aaid Sohall A Co., to be delivered for cancellation open accepUnce of the bid and payment. Btdn or piopoul* uuiy. be delivered to the City Comptroller ok any ilroe before the let day of .Funv.A. I)., 1862, upon which day. at ten unlock A. M , at the office of the City Comptrollci,'he blile or pnt|K?*A'.? will be opened and the loweet bidder be entitled to the preference. Thoae who bare received payment of the next Juno coupon# mnat ?o atate IB their propoeltlone. By order of the Commiaaionera of tho Public Debt of lha City ot Milwaukee. kettu. kuehm, Comptroller. /"\ITARTERM ASTERS' VOUCHERS OK CHECKS Olf yj, the Treantirer I.eight at tho beat market rate*, by RICHARDS RISUSLAND, dealer In Bcc'irltl# No.4 Broad ttroet. New York. Quartermasters vouchers and checks con verted Into ono year all por i-eni lertllieatea, or bought at ibe liiahei! market piivc by UVKRkuIlK, CLEWS A CO., baukera, 41 atid 41 Wall alreet, TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTOAUE-S14.QOO. (U.OOB two lumi of $10,or), $;,80t. and a anm nf t?,00? which can ho loaned at per tent on trat etaon propert*. Vau'.ed. Harlem LoU In eachang" lor etore piopei t> down town. Smaller auma to loan In Brooklyn. Apply to ROBERT FEKQUSOX, 77 Odar atreet, betweao Khtnata traetand Bri adway. ___________ UNION DIME SAVINOS RANK, No. 4k# Canal, roruci ol Varlck ttreet. Open daily from 10 A. M. to II, aad from 5 to 7 P. W. Sll percent Internet allowed on all autnaof $Md and up. der, aud fire n?r cent on larger amount#. Interest will commence on April I. Thl? bank haa i fOelted on depoott $744,UJ S$ the pail thlrtr-fonr uiootha. E. V. IIAL'GUWOUT, Prealdeat. OaaDNKn 0. Caart*. Secretary. UNITED STATES NAVY. I'nae Money office. fllOS. 0. BRAYNARD, SI Wall Mreet. "VK7 IDOlf S AND HEIRS OK SEAMEN. AO., LOST TT with the l otted Sutet ahlp Lerant in 1MI, andnth?ae wltb thi- Cumberland una I kuiu'm on ih? Mm ol M;u h ln?t, ct? b?vr tbflrvlatnia collected ny CALVIN W. SMITH, No. , v: Now Chambers (trad. *,<} /WMl T0 WANTKD-ON BONO AND mortgaee, on to . 1 nrodinuve real aetata worili double ikf amount: I in? und boodamon rtrn ?la>a. lofcgra nerd M* apply. A'!,.. aa ti W., Herald MM, nnn *? WAX-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE. ql^e'/.VT/U on Impiored r?,il aetata in Now York or n, in mm- 10 aiiii. Apply toG. A. KI8HAM, No. TO P1aa at root, ba'ement. box nnn To tOAN-ON bond and mortgage, VAit/il/v/vr on propei tjr In N T York or Brtoklyn. HrokemneeU not apply. A ldn?t c..,Mtal, bo* 120 Ilerattl nfll iptc nnnTO loan on np.vd and mortgage tp I O.l/vU for out or more Jut', on productive Re.,1 h'laia in ihle city oBrooklyn, Apply In tlio o?co of tha People ? Fire inauiatKe Company, M Wall aired, to JOHN r. CON REV. PORTIRQ. t/OR MA&-TIIE FAST NAILING, SLOOP RIOGED r ya ht KEBhOCA. Apply tor particular*, at the Herald nltr, ___ Fv?k male-two handsome English grkt lioui.d Dogeauaap. Apply at No. 2 Hover (treat. l/OR MALE?THE SCHOONERTACHT JULIET, near r ly gltoiia burthen, fwr yearn old, drawa an fan water without her reutr" board; lad, "launch end In good oidor. Apply "I ?s Writ B'e.enUi MtrraL^ ? INOK SALE?A SPLENDID VATI IT OP HO TONft 1; b irilion, roppet ed and In t "mp'ete order: wanld ha a* thin tail for good pro|terty. Apply to/, M. MARTIN, No. M William ureal. KHF.rrt II ADVtf R TI ftIHKNTS. 0.\ DK ttAXDK?VtfR HOJfXK IMJISINIKRE KRAN oti ellimendn pour fnmllle particullrr*. H'?-11 p A ('. r. C , ' n Uf? ll?r..ld oflKx. f TUB .fEl'WE KU.I.N KRANCAIMR PEFIKE NE PLACE* I dene une I vttililA jJii-.uopour bontv d'rnfantt up cont irfnn. lillo l>out lonrnlr do Iwnvs noonininndilione, (vnnl eei vpplne do deui urn olio/. an leui uuUire*. B'e difaiwi'*' M Knnktor' elivrf, TTNE DKMOlflEI.UH FRANOAISg DF.HIKK TROLVER V.' ?nr Until.e p". i vt. >m<t on Europe, oiloonimc fominp de ohktnhre nil b'intie'dViitiint; NPhMII perfnllomrnt ooup?r c fait - li "Uini tun d'onfNiiir p.irlant iulirn M Anfiale ft adr<>'?er rhoa km niai'ri * Jurqu'a cn qu'ell* Mt enricei-, M. i I T NF, KtLt.E IRVVAHR (PROTEtl PASlE', ME* IJ rrr'uuiiianiln*'il<' m> s< ]! i rnino 'onturlero J on fMMMt i' cbeu'b < ; ell ? ill >nm? routrtl Mr 1 mlMIOi twno 1* toilette den deui"?. H'adreMer pon1*?t >te?o% jViifi K'J 17 fill Uu?x ru*i fiM d? It tat itmm I

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