Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1862, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1862 Page 10
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10 NEWS FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Norwegian at Portland. FIVE DAYS LATEB IHTELLIGESCE. Arrival at Liverpool of Cotton Loaded Vessels from Charleston. Five Other Cotton Vessels Reported on the Way There* Disenuion of the Iron Battery Qoeition by the Britiih Preu and Parliament. Important Event* About to Transpire in Italy. STATE OF THE MARKETS, <e, Ac., Ac. Poktlamd, April 14,1802. The steamship Norwegian, Captain McMasters, from Liverpool one P. M. of the 3d, and Londonderry 4th, arrived here to night at a quarter past nme. here is a vague and doubtful report that a steamer built at Liverpool, armed with twenty Blakely 100-pounder guns, has gone to Gibraltar for an encounter with the Tuscarera. The French Mediterranean squadron was about to re. turn to Toulon. Six vessels go to Cherbourg to escort the Emperor to England for the great exhibition. It it'denied that General Donay, w.tb his reinforcements for Mexico, has been ordered to return. Tha printers of Paris were on a strike owing to the introduction of female labor. The Italian Ministry has been reconstructed. Cordovi, Manctni and Poggi have resigned, succeeded by M&tterKci, Minister of Public Instruction; Durands, Minister of Foreign AITairs, and Consoiti, Minister or Justice; Ratazzi retains the Interior. Garibaldi has arrived at Parma. The Portuguese Ministry has been reconstructed. The City of Baltimore lelt Liverpool the 2d and Queenstown the 3d for New York. The steamsh.p Canada, from Boston via Halifax, arrived out on the 30th ult. The steamship City of Washington from New York, and North American from Portland, arrived out on the 2d inst. The steamship Hammonia,from New York, arrived tit on the 3d inst. The new Cunarder, 'Scotia, made a very satisfactory trial trip, averaging fifteen knots per hour. Arrival of Cettea Loaded Vessels at Liverpool front Charleston. The brigs Adelaide and Mary Wright both arrived at Livernool on tha 2d. bavins successfully run the blockade at Charleston, which port they left on the 3<1 of March. They had between them about 1,400 bales of cotton. 200 boxes of tobacco and a considerable quantity of roe in They left Charleeton in company with the bark Etewon and fear schooners, ell laden with cotton and roe id. They report the sunken stone fleet fast breaking up, Charleston harbor being full of the floating timber. They also represent that Charleston and Savannah were well fort.Ced and in command of Gen. Lee Great Britain. The proceedings in Parliament on the 2d ware uniin pertant. In the House of Commons, Sir P. Smith called attention to the engagement between the Monitor and Merrimac, and urged the consideration of future prospects of defensive warfare. He argued in favor of small vessels, like the Monitor, in preference to stationary forts, and advocated the cessation of work on fortifications and the construction of iron gunboats or batteries instead. A general debate ensued, most of the speakers opposing outlay on fortifications. Sir G. C. Lewis and Lord C. Paget, on behalf of tha gov. ernment, warned the House against hasty action and the enormous expense this revolution in naval warfare would entail. They questioned whether the Merrimac and Monitor had thrown any Dew light on the subject, and thought forts could be made to maintain tbeir supcri ority. They believed artillery could be made to crush these iron vessels. It would not do to proceed hastily, without further experience, but the government would watch the question carefully. The subject dropped without action, but Mr. Bernal Osborne gave formal notice f a motion that it w expedient to suspend the con Unction of forts at Spithead until the value of iron roofed gunboat* for the defence of porta shall be fully ?I dared. The newspapers were freely discussing the subject, and tbe London nates exhibits somewhat of a panic on it, urging that not a day should he lost, as wooden shipe are clearly demonstrated to he wholly useless against iron plated rams. Other journals and letter writers in abuudsoee are also in favor officiating batteries. The question of iron batteries continues to attract great attention. Lord Bentinck had given notice in the House of Commons that he would move an amendment to Mr. Osbom's resolution, declaring it inexpedient to proceed with fortifications, to ths sffect that the government be empowered to apply the money voted for fortifications to ths construct ioe of iron sheathed vessels. A motion in the House of Commons favorable to ths reduction of fire duties was carried by a majority of eleven against the government. Bull Run Russell's latest letters from Washington harp upon the inefficiency of the American armies, owing to the lack of condense in their leaders. The London Timet says it is understood that orders were in tbe course of transmission to all dock yards to uspond any further operations upon wooden vessels. The leading journals contiaut to urgs editorially the necessity for iron fleets. The London Pott call! attention to the improvements America is making in ordnanca, the weight of thetbot thrown by the Monitor being nearly double that used on board any of the Britith ahipt. The steamer Mars, bound from Waterford to Bristel, wag wrecked near Milford during a gale and fag. About fifty Uvea were loat. The British expert* for the first two menths of tbe year are alightly in axceaa of th* tame period of iaat year, Tbe official revenue tabiea are published, and regarded as satisfactory. Frames. TL# tans Paint believea the French and Spanish governments intend signing a new treaty for the regulation of joint action A Mexico. Tbe bourse m fir in and higher at 70f. fle. Italy. It ta as served l bat there were nearly flee thousand brigands in the Roman Rtatea awati.Bg a favorable no seat to the frontier The Turin correspondent of the Lonoen Timer has good reaenn to predict important n?ta in Italy. Garibaldi appears to have tcared Nape eoti oat of bia deeply laid aeheme. and it would Dot b. eorprirtng If tboee wba turn inooml tha modarm Ctneinnataa from bit farm have a rat bar lucky bK, and may actually applaud tbern nelre* for raauita of wbad aeemeri at firtt a very ratb and dnngercu* reeaaura Tha London Trnm editorially add* ? "U would be a atrargo fatality If a damooatratlon agamtt iba Auatrwo errupattern of Veoetia tbould bare tba Indirect eflwtof termiaating tba French occupation of Rome, and if <>%r, hildl, nf all man, tbould ba tbe unwilling inttrumat.t cf bnngirg about a w tb Napoieon. " palit aad Meilco. It i? araertad that Spain sharing tba opinion of Frame, A wapprovee of tba convention concluded at Soiedad wito . '? tba Mexican plenipotentiaries It in authoritatively domed that the Cab aat af Madrid bat bran rw|uait*rf by tbe French government to recall General Prim. Tba French government merely confined iiwtlf tcexpreetlng lit disapprobation of Mexican inter, tyyniiog. M R??p7 *?d, X coapgeebO* %Doen mlrunied, NEW Y< o? behalf of France, with lb* full political powers with which Admiral La tiraviere was lavceud. Onset. By way of (onstanliuopln it is stated that the news of lbs surrender of Nauplia is unfounded. Tbs citadel would be able to bold out four monlbs longer. Tbs 150 men in it would treat only wilb tbe King, and demand 1 tbe dismissal of tbe Ministry, tbe dissolution of tbs Chambers, tbe arming of tbe National Guard and tbe ap" pom linen t of a successor to tbe ibrcne. Rsuls. Tbe National Bank of St. I'etersburg bad announced tb* issue of a fourth portion of four per cent metalUquee, amounting to 12,000,000 roubles. Turkey. Tbe insurgents in tbe Herzegovina have destroyed four towns in Albania by (Ire and sword. All tbe Turkish inhabitants were massacred and the lives of the Christian, spared. India and China. Cautrrra, March 18, 1882. lord Flgin baa assumed tbe government of India. Lord Canning leaves for England on the 19lh. Shirtings dull and declining. Twist active and advancing. Freights advancing. Exchange 2s. 0}{d. RoifBaY, March 28,1882. Gotten advancing. Imports quiet. Freights inactive. Cajrrov, March 1,1862. Shirtings firm. Twist active and advancing. Tea dull and unchanged. Exchange 4s. 5V,d. SnawnaK. Feb. 21.1882. Shirtings drooping. Tea dull. Exchange Ss. UJ^d. Aaetralia. MsLBOimra, Feb. 22,1862. Trade is improving. The irold shipments since the last mad were 120,000 ounces. Exchange unaltered. Brasil. The Brazil mails have reached Lisbon. Rio Jxneiko, March 11,1862. Coffee advancing: good firsts, 610800 a 6||7000. Shipments since last steamer 75,000 hags. Stock, 150.000 hags, receipts small. Exchange, 2SJ?;at Hahia. 25^ a 26. Brown sugar, 2i|000 a 2l(10O white, 2<|500 a 2||7UO. At Pernambuco, white sugar 3|000 a 3J800; brown, 1H950 a 2J000. THE LATEST NEWS. I/nmow, April 4,1862. Mr. Gladstone has made his financial statement in the Commons, which is generally satisfactory. No taxes are to he remitted, and the ouly change of moment is that in September the hop duty is to be repealed and transferred to an excise duty on beer. It is supposed that England withdraws from the expe~ ditiou to Mexico, but there is no rupture between the Allies. England abstains merely from interfering, the chief part of the expedition being now undertaken by France. Napoleon has writteu an autograph letter 1? Admiral La Graviere. disapproving his conduct. Napoleon has ordered a reduction of 32,000 men in the active army. Inquiries have been made in England by agents of the American government as to the price of iron plates for ghips. The London Times (city article) says English funds opened yesterday at a further recovery of an eighth, prices being sustained by expectations of increased ease in the money market on the commencement of the payment of dividends on Wednesday next. Vmoia, April 3, 1862. The Empress of Austria loaves Vemze for Goritz today. CcrmrtuGKK, April 2,1862. The Minister of Marin# slated to-day in the Council of State that he shall ask large credits for the construction of iron-plated ships. He promised that no further wooden men-of war shall be built. The declaration was received with great satisfaction. Commercial Intelligence. LONDON MONEY MARKET. On Ihe M in*t. consols closed si a 93 Funds have beon dull, but bad an improving tendency at lb* close. Consols advanced J, on tbe 2d. There was lees demand for discount at tbe Bank, and tbe supply larger in tbs open market. Gold continued to flow into tbe Bank. AMERICAN SEfTRITICS. Illinois Central shares, 44 a 43 3 j discount; Erie shares, 3U?4 a34Ji. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET?APRIL 3. The sales of tbe past three days sum up 12,000 bales, of which 3,000 were to speculators and exporters. The market closed with an upward tendency, but quiet at unchanged prices. STATE OP TRADE AT MANCHESTER. The Manchester market is dull but steady, LIVERPOOL RRKADSTCFFS MARKET?APRIL 3. The breadstuff's market is dull and declining. Messrs. Richardson, Spence & Ik), and liigland, Athya & Co. report:?Flour still declining, and prices 6d. lower. American, 25s. a 28s. (Id. Wheat irregular, and Id. a 2d. lower; red Western, 10s. 4d. alls. 3d.; red Southern, 118. 6d. white Western,lis. 9d. a 12s.: white Southern, 12s a 12s. 4d. Corn tending downward; mixed, 27s. 9U. a 28s. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET?APRIL 2. The same circulars report beer quiet, but steady. Pork firm. Bacon quiet and unchanged. Lard easier; quoted 42* a 44s. Tallow quiet, but steady. LIVERPOOL MARKETS. Aches quiet. Pots. 32s. 9d.; pearls. 32s. 3d. Sugar inactive. Coffee steady. Rice quiet. Rosin Arm; common, 13s 6U. a 14s. Spirits turpentine dull. LONDON MARKETS. Breadstuff* steady and unchanged. Sugar tending downward. Coffee firm. Tea quiet, but steady. Rice dull and unchanged. Tallow firm at 4tie. 3d. Linseed oil firm at 37s. a 37s. 3d. THE LATEST MARKETS. London, April 4,1862. Console for money 93 Ji American securities dull, but steady and unchanged. The bullion in tbe Bank has increased ?36,000. Livkrpool, April 4,1862. Cotton.?Tbe brokers' circular reports tbe sales of tbe week at M.uw Daie?, including o.wju 10 speculator* and i 7.500 to exporters. The market advanced one eighth of a penny .principally on the middling qualities, closing quiet The salen to day (Friday) are estimated at 5,000 bales, including 1.000 to speculator* and exporter*, the market cloeing firm at the advance. The authorized quotation* are:? Fhir. Middling. Or lean* 13Jid. 12^d. Mobile 13d. 12)<d I'piands 12??d 12 ^a. The stock In port i* estimated at 464,000 bales, of which 142.000 are American. Buiiwtm-Flour easier. Wheat steady and unchanged. Corn firmer. PnovituoMi quiet bat steady. Shipping Intelligence. Armed from New York Feb 4, Jacob Bell, in the Strait* of Sunda. March 29, Laura, at Torbay; Mary AnDah, at Bristol. Mlth, Jane Doull. at Dublin: Laura, at Flushing; 31st, Helvetia, at Bristol; Markm, ana Oleaner, in Kingroaa, New Orleans. N Boynton. Lemuel Dyer, KUae Mathllde, J A Sumlcr, Peterborough, and Oeetemunde, at Deal: Lelehardt, Drone, Bablana, Antarctic, Lord Dufferlu, M C Day, Isaac Webb, Carolina, Queen. II Von Oagern, Amberwitch, and llope^t Liverpool; April 1, Mcrrlngton, at Gloucester: Advance, at Newport; Catch Me, at Warren Point, Australia. J H Elliott, John Bright, Atalanta, Midas, and Calhoun, at Liverpool; Mary Hawley, Veata, and Marian, at "Daphne:" Lizzie, Salem, Brigand, and Eden L, at Queenstown; 2d, Wm Singer, (ioachen, and Otlllie, at Deal, New World, at LiverpoolArrived from Boston March 31, Vision, Autocrat, Robert, and Waverley, at Liverpool. Arrived from Philadelphia March 31', Old Hickory, at Belfast I part cargo thrown overboard); 31st, John Lealie, and Aurella. at Liverpool: April 1, Annie Hall, at Queenstown; Id. Atalanta, and Arnold, st Deal Arrived from Baltimore March 30, Josephine, at Dublin. Arrived from Charleston April 2, Adelaide, and Mary Wright, at Liverpool. Sailed for New York March 31, Christiana, from Deal; Martha, and Ironsides, from Liverpool. Hailed for Boston April 1, Peruvian, from Liverpool. The ship Thirty-one States, from Newport for Genoa, 1* ashore near Vigo. Captain and eight men saved, who report leaving ten men on hoard The M Mitzlaff, from New York for Antwern. put Into Falmouth 1st Inst, with master overboard and lraky. The John Sburd, from Portland for Mstanzas, was abandoned at sea. Crew saved. (The Latest via Londonderry ? Arrived from New York, Kichard Alsop, at Flushing, 8l Louis, and Andover, In the Clyde; Hants, at Queenstown, Bciilller. at Dundalk, Boranza, at Liverpool. Arrived from Philadelphia. Rowland, at Liverpool. Arrival treat Hatteras Inlet. It* steamer Georgs raabody, Capt. Traria, arrived a this port at eight o'clock last evening, from Hattara* Inlet after a pareage of thirty-aoven beur*. She report* having Mt at Ilatteraa tbo steamers Jeraey Blue and Albany, with prlaonar* captured at Newborn. Major Le Cenilra. of tbo New York Fifty flnt Volunteer*, returns by tbia arrival. He wa* wounded at the battle ef Newborn. The George Peabrdy also brings bom* tbe of Sergeant C. H. Fovrerr of Company I, New York Fifty-first, wbo was killed in tbe same action. By tbia arrival we learn that Fort Macon is still in tbe hand* of tbe rebels. Important Order Concerning Ike Skip* ping of Conlt pHiL*i>SLrm*, April 14, 1N02. \ dot toteb was reeeivad this morning from tbo Secretary of u>*'kreaaury directing tbo Collector ef the port not w. tear any v*t?el with anthracita coal for foreign pert*,or Lrirne pons *outb of Delaware Hay, until other. W'*a ornorrd. Thin Ueapatcb, bemg miaoenetrued on the hrat report, crested quit# an excitement <n the Stock in aid it Doing supposed te apply to all vera*Is, and eiciticg taan that tha Mammae bed got out From oertain facta that hare tr*n*pireit the order it supposed to tie a precautionary lummr, on the part of the government to prevont Uie rehOi* from reeaivmg supplies of coal,,. . Usyanft, eh ips" ffttw-uHnm porta (? u?i r?* Ac )RK HERALD, TUESDAY, NEWS FROM WASNINOTON. Wamujuttimi, April 14, lHtii EXTRAORDINARY SESSION OF THE CABINET. There was an extra session of the Cabinet to day. THE R1881AN OOVERNMKNT, CARL 8HIRZ AND MR. CAMERON. It ia understood that the Russian government, fearing the appointment of Carl Shurz as Miuister to St. Petersburg, represented to our government In tb" tnoet delicate manner possible that such an appointment would be offensive, and that it would lie difficult to receive Mr S in any official < a|>acily. lu selecting Mr. Cameron, on ex Cabinet Minister, it was thought that the Czar would be satisfied of the friendly intentions of the American government; but it appears that Mr. Cameron is also objectionable, although not to the same degree as Cart Shurr. 1 am not informed what ex-Secretary Cameron has done to offend the Russian Court. APPOINTMENTS CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE. The Senate to-day in executive aeasion confirmed the appointment of a large number of paymasters, assistant commissaries and quartermasters of volunteers, and also the following:? CaptainCuviere drover, of the Tenth infantry, and Amiel W Whipple, of the corps of Topographical Engineers, to be Brigadier Generals. Clarke McDermoll, of Ohio, Brigade Surgeon. Major Wm. R. Palmer, of the corps of Topographies' Engineers, to be Colonel. Captain Franklin D. Callendar, of the Ordnance Department, MiQor by brevet for faithlul and meritorious services in the department. Captain Rufus Ingallg, Assistant Quartermaster, performing services for fourteen years, to be Major. Samuel H. Elliott, of Nebraska, to be Secretary for Colorado Territory, vice Weld, resigned. Lewis Kline, Surveyor of Customs at Havre de Grace, j Maryland. John J-orce, Indian Agent for the Indians of the Upper j Platte. j G. H. C. Salter, of New York, Marshal of the Consular , Court at Hankow, China. I Charles M. Allen, of New York, Consul at Bermuda. I Ri is ha F. Wallace, of New York, Consul at St. Jago de Cuba. Jasper Smith, of New York, Consul at San Juan, Porto Rico. Aaron S. Wcstervelt, of New York, Consul at Bangkok. George F. Seward, of New York,Consul at Shanghae. Frederick Charles Welsch, of New York, Consul at Cobija. ( THE ARMY, Volncy Hickox, of Springfield, 111., is appointed upon the stall'of Major General Fremont, with the rank of Captain, and assigned to Major General Hunter. Brigadier General O. S. Ferry, of Connecticut, leaves | town to-morrow morning to assume a command in Gene- ( ral Bank's department. THE NAVY. The following appointments were made at tbe Navy Pepartmenl to day:? A R. Holmes, of New Bedford, Mass., appointed Acting Assistant Surgeon, to report to Commodore Paulding for duty. Captain E. B. Hunt, of San Francisco, granted permission to be examined by Flag ulficer Charles H. Bell, of the Pacific squadron for Acting Master. Themes R. Harris, of New York, promoted from Master's Mate to Acting Master, to report to New York. Appointed Acting Masters and ordered to New York yard?Phineas R. Bates, of New York; James Scannell, of Brooklyn; Charles S. May, of New York; H. Clay Hall, of Newark, N. J. i George R. Durand, of United States steamer Mystic, appointed an Acting Master and ordered to New York. Captain Charles H. Maxim, of Boston; Captain Hollis H. ' Blanc hard, of Searsport, Maine; Captain Joshua W. Cros- 1 by,of Orleans, Mass; Captain K. R. Bowman, of Eastport Me., Captain Thomas Gray, of Hyannis, to report to Bos! ton for examination. 1 Captain Edward A. Ferrell, of New York; Captain Ed. ward H#rrick,oftNew York; Captain William Martin, of 1 Brooklyn, to report to New York Navy Yard for exam- 1 John C. Saukay. of Philadelphia, appointed Acting Mas. ter's Mate, ordered to United States steamer Mystic, at Baltimore. 1 RESIGNATION OF THB CHAIRMAN OF THK SENATE NAVAL COMMITTEE. Senator Hale surprised the Senate to-day by announcing bis determination to serve no longer as chairman of the Committee on Naval Affhirs. He will probably be induced te withdraw his resignation to morrow. T1IE TAX BILL. Petitions are coming In to the Senate rapidly upon the subject of the tax bill. The Iloston merchants and manufacturers have sent in a memorial, praying that the plan of Mr. K. H. Bigelow inay be adopted viz:?To tax manufactured articles upon Uie sales l>y requiring government stamps to be aftlxed to them. Several petitions, asking for a lighter duty on tobacco, were presented this morning. Some of tne newspapers erroneously state that the Tax bill, as passed by the House, taxes the stock of whiskey and other spirits on hand previous to the 1st of May. TRADE ON THE SOUTHERN COAST. Numbers of applications have been made to the Treasury liepartmem within a few days past for permits to trade with our land and naval forces engaged in operations on the coast. Several vessels have been fitted out recently with cargoes of stores for trading purposes, which have sailed without any permit or license from the department. Complaints on tbis hand having been maue. lb* Navy Department, at tile request of the Secretary of War, has Usuod aa order for the seizure of all vessels engaged in this coastwise trade without permits. Secretary Weilos has requested the Secretary of the Treasury to open one of the Southern ports for trade which would admit vessels for such purposes. tbs bill slavery in the district ok COLl'MEIA. The District F.mancipation bill was not presented to the President until to-day. He will take his own time to consider it. Although a New York paper sagaciously announced to-day that he had determined either to sign or to veto the hill, It is hardly necessary to add that he has not, up to this time, commsnicated to any one what couree he will pursue. It is rather hoped than believed by the conservatives that he will return the bill with objections to which it is obnoxious. The radicals, who have pressed the measure with the purpose or making an issue upon it with the administration, begin to fear that it is so inherently defective that they will be disadvantaged if he should frankly state his willingness that Congress should in a paper, equitable and constitutional! manner provide for the extinction of slavery in the District, but point out the detects of this bill and refuse It hie sanction. Mr Kerrigan, of New York, voted against the bill for the abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, and was so reported, hut was left out of the list in tele graphing hence thb hoi se committee on emancipation. The committee appointed to devise a plan for the gradual emancipation of slaves appointed to-day is con tillered a conservative one. The border States are strongly represented in it. the new england congressmen and the contrabands. The Massachusetts delegation is much bothered by contrabands wishing a refuge in New England. When they arrive in Washington they seek .Senators Sumner and Wilson, and the leading Massachusetts repro?enta lives in the House. Sometimes they are turned over to the eontreband depot in Washington. To aflbrd them the pecuniary aid necessary to carry them to Masaachu ante would abeorb tbeealariegof the delegation petitions for thb extinction of slavkrt. Fearir.g that the negro would be forgotten by (.' ogre* a petition baa been font into tbe Senate and Houae, praying for tbe extinction of alevc ry, with tbe aignaturaa ot flrtean thou?and women. Mr. Sumner presented the petition to IM Senate is a bandbox, while Judge Kelly presented tbe duplicate to the Htnae. pure and simple. Tbe me merialH ware wo n hundred feet in length. the allecbb srhtr. ction of property in m1bmor1. in the fKeof the Confte.;*tion measure n reeolution waa introducad in the Senate to (ley, to in/piir* into tbe aeirur* of elavee, mule? and t.tber property, and the de. struct.on of dwellings in Miisoari by tbe military authorise* "f Kansas. II iB doubtful, however whether satis faction will ever be given for tbo jaynawking due on either tide in ttiat region ttte eniP canal prom th* MIBF'WPPI to i.a1e MICHIGAN. Home strong pet itiona in fayor of the ship canal to roo r?ct the Miaaifiippi riyar with lak* Michigan were pregented in tbe Senate to day and Colonel Frank Blair made an earneat affcrt in lha Heuaa to have a day aaaigned for t!ie dlhvwM'iB Vl tbf b<U fcr U?t Vbjut repelled by APRIL 15, 1862.?TRIPLE the M.liury Committee. The people of the Northwest ileern it highly important that I ha Illinois Canal should t>a widened to admit the passage of gunboats from the Mississippi to the northern lakes, to meet the possible uigency of a war with ting land. THE NEW PENSION BILL. The pension bill introduced by Mr Kenton,of New fork, in the House to-day, provides that any offlcer, ion-commissioned oilicer, musician or private of the trmy. including regulars and volunteer*; and any offlcer, ion commissioned offlcer, musician, seaman, ordinary teaman, flotilla man, marine, clerk, landsman, pilot or ither person in the navy or marine corps, who has been ir shall hereafter be dissbted by any wound received or lontracted in the service of the United States, and in the iue of duty, shall receive a half pay pension, provided t be not more than fifty nor less than eight dollars >er month for the highest rate of disability; lower 'ates to receive proportionate pay. The bill also prorides half pay to widows and minor children of those ?ho are killed or (lie by disease contracted in the serried. Pensioners srs to relinquish ths government bounty o voluntesrs. .'ONTRACTS KOR OllNBOATS ON THE WESTERN WATERS. A board appointsd by the Navy Department to examine dans and specifications for boats for the Western waters, ousisting of Commodore Joseph Smith, Chief of the Bu. eau of Docks and Yards; John Lenthel, Chief of the Bu. esu of Construction; B. F. Sherwood, Engineer-in-Chief; 'dward Hart, Naval Constructor, and Daniel B. Martin> Jigineer in ths United States Navy, have recommended hat. ccnlrurtcln msHn with tho fTvllrtww irwr nerliuu Torn. . .. >V ......... .UV IU.1V.IU, ??" instm & Hartupee, l'ittsburg, for two iron vessels;Brown t McCard, St. Louis, three wooden vessels; George C. lestor, Cairo, one wooden vessel; Janes B. Eads, St. Louis, two iron vessels. The aggregate cost of the eight v essels will he $1.229,500. FTLMNO VACANCIES IN THE WEST POINT ACADEMY. A bill reported in the House this afternoon, by the Military Committee, provides that when a vacancy occurs in tne West Point Academy of cadets from any Congressional district or Territory, the representative or delegate of such district or Territory may nominate twentyfour candidates, to be examined at the capitols of their respective States by two commissioners, appointed by the Secretary of War, who shall select the candidate worthy of admission as cadet. If none are found worthy, the representatives may nominate more candidates until the vacancies arc tilled. THE PATENT OFFICE PRINTING. The Commissioner of Tatetils asks for fifty thousand dollars, to reimburse the Patent Office fund for money paid for printing, and the Secretary of the Interior endorses the request. A resolution to appropriate the amount was rererred to the Committee of Ways and Means, but that committee asked to-day to be relieved from the matter, and it was referred to the Printing Committee. THE REPORT OF THE SANITARY CONDITION OF THE ARMY. In the special despatch in regard to the sanitary condition of the army, published in the Sunday Herald and copied in Monday's Tribune, the figures denoted the number of sick in each thousand soldiers. THIRTY?8EVEKTH CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION} Senate. Washington, April 14,1802.

thk press and the hails. kr. Caklile, (Union) of Va., presented petitions in favor of allowing democratic papers the some privileges in the mails as the republican papers. abolition petition. Mr. Sumner, (rep.) of Htss., presented s petition 700 'eet long, signed by 10,000 women, praying for the abolition of slavery. the bankrupt law and the tax hill. Several petitions were presented in favor of a Bankrupt law, and remonstrating against a tax on leaf tobacco. Mr. Wiiaon, (rep.) of Mass., presented a memorial from the marahacis of Boston in favor of the Bigelow system of taxation. FUGITIVE SLAVES AND THE AJtMT. Mr. Wil?on, (rep.) of Mass., called up the resolution of Inquiry if further leeislat ion is necessary to enforce the articles 01 war tor preventing ids reclamation or slaves from within the lines of the army. Mr. Grimes, (rsp.) of Iowa,at some length reviewed the instances lately occurring in Genera) Hooker's division, showing that efforts hud been made by slave owners to reclaim their staves within the lines with the knowledge of the commanding titer; that slaves were taken at Fort ikmelson, and carried to Columbus, Ohio, and ware forced to render menial service, under military law, to rebel masters?thus establishing a system of slavery In a free State. He died similar instances in Iowa and Illinois, and lio thought it was higii time that Congress should adopt some legislation in regard to this matter. There were as many different systems as there were military departments, some slaves were (logged and returned; others shot; others called contrabands, and admitted within the lines, and others prohibited from entering the lines, as in the celebrated order No. 3 of General Hal lock, which ought to be at once countermanded, and forever erased in obedience to the popular feeling. He thought that great atnouuls of information could be acquired from these people, coming as they do from the enemy's line, if they were properly availed of. The Northwest w ould not submit to any temporizing or compromising policy now. They had suffered too much already, and they demanded that the rebellion should be crushed out. The forts of the South Atlantic were yet to be captured, and must be held for years to come.' How should they be garrisoned w hen recaptured* He would answer that he was in favor of garrisouing thorn wholly or In ' part by soldiers of African descent, to be commauded by white others, our troops would wither under the enervating influences of the climate of the Gulf States, therefore this measure was one of humanity, saving mauy valuable lives. He had noduubtof its efficiency, for contrabands had worked the guns on the Minne-ota at Hatt? ras. Ho was thankfill ttiat no one in the navy had followed the disgraceful examples of the officers of the army in issuing proclamations in regard to Flavery, and had returned no slaves. He argued that the rebels were using by thousands the slaves at Yorktown ia throwing up fortifications. Why should we not use them m putting down this rebellion? resignation ok the chairman ok tub naval committee. Mr. Hale, (rep.) of N. H., resigned as Chairman of the Naval Committee, and in order that no misapprehension might occur he stated that he was iofiuenced by no cause outside the Senate. speech op mh. harris oh thk coruscation bill. The Confiscation bill was then t*k?n up. Mr. Harris, (rep.) of N. Y., addressed the Senate, staling that this was the anniversary of the commencement of the war, and tracing the great uprising of the people after the firing on Kert Sumter. The paat year bad been one of preparation. Now the grand armiee were pressing forward from Fortress Monroe to New Orleans, like a vast wall of Are, and the rebel foe was giving way to the onward march at every step. He j thought that the magnanimity extended by the government had been without parallel; yet he was glad that this was so. The gallows and exile for the leaders, confiscation and outlawry ror those who aided the rebellion with malice aToretbought, but mercy for tbe deluded followers. Referring to tba bill under considers!.on, be contended at length that under the article of the const), tution empowering Congress to punish treason, the property of a traitor could be condemned as easy as his life could be forfeited. Tbe next question was tbe expediency; how far the government was going in confiscation. He agreed with the Senator from l'annsylvania (Mr. Cowan) that some diatmction mast be made bctwoen a rebel genoral and a private soldier. In his bill he bad made a discrimination; first, be ha<l provided that property of every kind within the limits of the United States, belonging to any person, who having heretofore held auy office, civil, military or naval, nnder the government of the United Plates, or in any Plate, now holds any nnder the "Confederate" government or tbe Slates now in rebellion, civil, military or naval, should be forfeited and confiscated, second, that anv person foiuid holding or exercising any office, civil, military or naval, ender the Confederate government, or who shall be found with arms assisting tbose who have taken up arms against the government of the United Plates, or In anyway reaiating, opposing, or obstruct, ing tbs laws, officers or forces of tbe United Plates, or aiding, abetting or assisting those who shall be no engaged, shall be forfeited and confiscated to the United Rules, and all tbo rights and privileges of all such persons arising from the constitution of the United States, or te which bat for the provisions of this set. such person* would be entitled are forfeited. To these cxu-uis the Corffiscalton bill was imtieriouslv ilsmiiwtMi The pergonal prorecution of traitor*, he thought, weuld moetly prove ineflbclual It would be far more difficult to convict the arch traitor .lelierum Davie, if within the power of the Federal government, than gome people imagine. Where would he be triedr Who would be tho wiUieree*? There are qucetiong that our worthy Attorney General would lind it difficult to anewer. He did not believe thia government would over profit one dollar by the confircatioa of rebel property No government had ever been thne befiefttted. and none ever would be. He favored theconfiscation of rlever,aa the gtave had been tlieeaure ofthe preaeut war.anl had been for a year disturbing thoelementr of to. r national politic*. Northern polltlriane had cowered before It and ignomlniouely yielded to ita imperious exactwnt. The rebellion war inaugurated becauee the political powrr war wreated from the bauds of Ite slave ohgarcby. To limit the power of slavery ie the dictate of statesmanship, and while he would ecrupnloasly observe all constitutional provieicat, he would deprive them of all political power that he con,d courti tuilocally. The time had not arrived ar to what meaeureeHrereqntsitetoalTbctthiepurpoee Aalhoarmy advancer numliera of alavea are liberated, and aa to what war to become o( ihcio he could Lot determine. Tine one wci.ld* one of them would ever be returned by authority Of the government to bondage. If the mnster aeckr to recover them, the nurdou of proof ie on him to ehow that bebiauMlf ie loyal. Aprovigit uof tbeoriginai bill wag founded on the presumption that every slave holder war a rebel Thir change wm the mogt effective ( art of the bill In reeking tho leeioratton of the Union, we gliould prti.cnt.y Laica t.ow steps Wo should admmistf law ? Kh uiagnat. irilltv and forbearance and tender genercua forgiveness to all pendent rebel*. Tbi* SHEET. the bill presented by blm promises to do, by giving tbe President discretionary power to discharge .11 persons whom he may derm Qt from the peine end penalties of the act. Bis hope was that multitudes, invited by such generous act, would gladly accept the nation's forgiveness, while others more guilty must expiate their crime on the scaffold,or, escaping righteous condemnation of law, sell-banished as the first malefactors of the race, beromo fugitives pn the face of the earth, and tlnd their greatest punishment in living, their only relief from dying. COMHKKI-I.I EXCHANGES. Br. Whiuht, (opp.) ef Ind., offered a resolution that the Committee on Foreign Relations be instructed to inquire mto the expediency of providing by law for exchange of commodities and productions of the I'niled ISlates. through our ministers, consuls, vice consuls and commissioners, with diderent governments to which they are accredited, and rejort by bill or otherwise. Passed. After an executive session the sienate adjourned. Hons* of Representatives. Washington, April 14, 1962. THE 8XLK(T COMMITTEE OS EMAHCJPATIO*. The following is the select committee, appointed by the Speaker, on gradual emancipation In ths slaveholding States, by the people or local aatboritiea thereof, authorized by tho resolution of Br. White, of Inditua,and adopted last Monday Albert S. White, of Indiana. F. P. Blair, of Blssouri. Geo. P. Fisher,of Delaware. William E. I.ehman, of Pennsylvania. Cornelius L. L. Leary, of Maryland. Wm. V. Whaley, of Virginia. James F. Wilson, of Iowa. Samuel L. Casey,or Kentucky. Andrew J. Clements, of Tennessee. caliroknia contented election. Mr. Dawss, (rep.) of Mass., from the Commutes or Elections, reported a resolution that F. F. Lowe is noi entitled to a seat as representative from the Stats o: California. This resolution is predicated on a paper claim ing that California is entitled to three representative! instead of only two. NKHKARKA CONTESTED ELECTION. Mr. Dawes also reported resolutions that Samuel E Daley, of Nebraska, the sitting delegate, is, and that J SterliDf Morton is net, entitled to represent that Terri lory, lie aiso prescnrvu it resuiuiiuu a.iKuig inui iui Committee on Elections be discharged from further con sidcration of the credentials of Joseph Segar, requi-8tin| to bo admitted to a seat as representative from the Firs Congressional district of Virginia. These several reports were ordered to be printed and laid over for further consideration. MONSTER ABOLITION miTinif. Mr., (rep.) of Ha., asked leave to present a peti tion, 700 feet long, signed, he said, by lS.uoO ladies o one slave and eleven free States, asking for the extinc tion of slavery. Objection was made to its open presentation, and it wai referred, under the rules. Tint <>u;0 IJSGISLATTKE AND TtIF TAX BILL. Mr. Cox, (rep.) of Ohio, presented the resolutions o the Legislature of Ohio, in favor of such an amandraeni to the Tax bill as may permit the States to collect th< same within their ros|iective limits, and determine thi compensation of the officers employed. Mr. Cox said that these resolutions came too late, per haps,for their proper influence with this House. Thi hill is before the Senate; but it is to bo hoped that thai body will so modify it as to make it more just and equa upon different localities and interests, less multifarioui in the objects of taxation, and so change the machinery of its collection that it may be, if possible, remitted t( the Slates which shall have the privilege of collecting the same, and of determining the officers and theii compensation. Such, I am assured, is the unanimoui wish of the Legislature and people of Ohio. The legis lature, in |>assing these resolutions, was actuated by the purest patriotism, with no other desire than to have thli war tax levied and collected fairly and economically. II the bill Is thus modified the vote of Ohio here for il will be much nearer a unit. the r ecu-rooty treaty. Mr. White, (rep.) of Ind., from the Committee ot Foreign Attairs, made a report, asking to be dischargee from further consideration of petitions from citizens 01 northern New York and Michigan, praying for the adoption of measures to secure the speedy abrogation ot th< reciprocity treaty with Great Britain. ALLEGED OUTRAGES OF TROOFS I If MISSOURI. Mr. Price. (Union) of Mo., introduced a resolution calling on the Secretary of War, if not inconsistent wilt the public interests, to communicate any official infor mation he may have relative to the reported entrj by the United States troops from Kansas int< Missouri during the last four moaths, and the forclblt carrying away of slaves, mules, horses, ic., to thi amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well ai the destruction of dwellings and farm houses of peacefu citizens; whether the said property has been accounted for; and, if confiscated, under what process, tic. Mr. F. A. Conklinc, (rep.) of N. Y., moved to lay it or the table. Disagreed to?23 against 92. The resolution was referred to the Committee on Mill tary Affairs. PURCHASE OF cotton shed. Mr. Wilson introduced a resolution, which waa adopt ed, directing the Secretary of the Interior to inform tlx House how much of the appropriation recently madefoi the purchase ot cotton seed had been expended, in wbal manner the expenditure had been made, what amount ol seed had been received, and why the distribution was noi made; also what number of agents are employed. the bankrupt bill. The House voted on the motion made last Monday bj Roscoe Conk ling to suspend the rules, in order that the Bankrupt bill, reported by bim from the apeciul commit tee, might be made aspecial order, and decided the ques tion in the negative?At) against 42?two-thirds being ue cessarv. Mr. Washburnk, (rep.) of 111., moved to postpone tb< consideration of the bill till tbe fourth Wednesday in !*) cembcr. Carried?67 against SO. the capitol extension. The House pa?sod the Senate Joint resolution transfer' ring tbe supervision of the Capitol extension from the War to the Interior Department, and providing that only bo much money shall be expended thereon as will protect the material from the elements and to complete the dome. ship cava!. from thk mihftsb1pp! to i.akk michigan. Mr. Blair, (rep.) of Mo., from the Committee on Milltary Affairs, reported a bill for the construction of a ship canal from the Mississippi river to Lake Michigan, for the passage of army and naval vessels, government muni tions, stores, Ac. It proposes, with the consent of the State of Illinois, to enlarge the Illinois and Michigan canal. The House refused to suspend the rules to make tin bill a special order. Adjourned. INSTRUCTION. A SELECT FAMILY BOARDING SCHOOL WILI op.-n May 1, near Mount Morris; location unsurpassed number limited to six; parents can here secure for theii daughters the advantages of thorough Instruction in all thi English branches, music, French and Latin, and also a mo ther's care. References unexceptionable. For particular) address T. C. Brownell, Esu., 25 Howard street, New York or call between 10 A. M. ana 6 P. M. Four small boys, to complete the numbef of ten, will be received at the Dvtght School. Litchfield Conn. Accommodation* superior ant terms moderate. Tht Superintendent (Mr. WM. KICHARUK) can be consulted a J. B. Wilcox's oflice, 185 Filth avenue, corner of Twenty third street Photograph coloring taught by an expe tieuced artist. For particulars Inquire lu Worms i Co.'a gallery, 383 Broadway. TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION. At 77 bleecker street?the highest cash price advanced ou Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry VI.... Tin. I * C *>. V H V?nlii?l).n< 'dolt eta bought. H. NEWTON. 77 Bleacher street. up stairs. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.?i have just received $4 UU) to purchaas cast off Clothing, Eur nltnre and Carpet* for the California market. I do promise ta pay the highest prices In the city by calling on or address ing a note to E. MINTZ, 137 Sixth avenue, two doors abort Tenth street. Ladles attended to by lira Mints. Kemem her, 137 Sixth avenue. A RARE CHANCE.?LADIES AID GENTLEMEN, IF you wish to get the lull value tor your cast off Cloth Ing. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, the best you can do li to send a note to B. Mlntx, 179 Third avenue; there you nuj be convinced you will be dealt with to your satlstaction Please don't bellera those false adverilanrs who oiler to pa) from $13 to $40 for silk dresses, $30 fur coats or $7 for pants as it is surely a humbug. Don't forget, 179 Third avenue near Seventeenth street. Ladies attended by Mrs. Mlntt N. B.?I will remove on the 1st of May to 283 Sixth avenue near Eighteenth street. A8TONISUINU1-MADAMB MORROW, SEVENTH daughter, has a gift of foresight; tells how soon and hcrw often you will marry, aod all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay. Ltcky eharms free. IN*t rqualls not to tie found. Her Magic Image la now In full operAton?184 Ludlow street, below Houston. Price 21 cents. Gentlemen not admitted. A BONA FIDE ASTROLOOIST, THAT EVERY ONE can depend on, is Mme. WILSON, who tells the object of your visit as soon as you enter. She tells the past, pre sent and future of your life, and warns you of dangers, ant brings success out of tha must perilous undertakings N. B.?Celebrated magic charms. No. 180 Allen street, be tween Houston and Stanton streets, aser the bakery. Cbargei for ladles and gentleman, M cents. A YOUNG WIDOW. TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF AOK very prepossessing, and a stranger In this city, wtshei to form the acquaintance of an elderly or middle aged sen tleman of means, with a view to matrimony. Address Vic torla, station D. _ BILLIARDH.-FOK BALE. A SPLENDID STOCK 01 new and aeeoud hand Tables, at reasonable prtrcs Tables to let, and Bagatelle Tables lsr sale, by W. II. GRIP FITH, 140 Fulton street. _ JU9T ARRIVED FROM NORWOOD. ENGLAND, A wonderful astroiagtat, interpreter of dreams, luck] Duwihere, charms. Take down the address, 170 North Flra street, Williamsburg. Ladles, 25 c??ts; gentlemen, GO cents from $ A. M. lo 8 T. M. ' \t ATUIMONY MADE EASY ?WITH INSTRTCTION; lvl lor courting, iu order to wli. the aflections of the uppo site m. 102 pag< s, lU'istra'rif s, nt postpaid, on receipt ? wn;np. .... ??*, mrRitim Biiwri. VTRS. AODIB BANKER, T10S WELL KNOW* JUn. Hpiritual Tr*i Mr Hum and I'lAlrvotant, ran te con tilted day evening at her r",no?, 2fa Fourth avenue nrarTweitty-Wnnd Mn ?t, re. mid Poor N.B,?FlinAdrchl by engagement. rO ROFIUVOOD BILLIARD TABLE*, WITI fiharp'e patent! elaetie ctiahlunM, nea-ly new. will l* old loi half their coat 11 applied for Immediately. Inqulr nt LINDKMAN .1 FONp piano ivnrerontiia, 17$ Memc tr< (, corner of Bleeoker. rpHE TLAOE TO PLAY A BOlflAL (IAME OF BIL I Hard* la at IS# Fulton rtreH. tvh rre are kept go<*1 taldci good Alia, Wine*, Lluuore and the IK it of htgaiA II ye *?* weikjoy jeurKll (0 to 13#. ~?"?l ? ^1 I DRY OOODX. A I UKAMI STREET CHEAP STORK. A K1 HHON.S. RIBBONS, One thousanduruwu of Bonnet and Trimming KibbOoHo from Thursday and Friday'* auction aalea, all uow and faah J tollable spring styles, ready for inapecitun. Also, full lines of plain ribbons, with corded edges, unusually cheap. Look at the Lie., Me. and 2lle. Bonnet Ribbon* To country and city tui.liuera the uaual advantage*ma offered. EDWARD RIDLEV. Sll and311)? Oraud ttreet, Fifth block eaat of the Bowery AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STOKE Ladies can select from the largest stock of French Flowei* in this or any other city. We have numerous styles, engaged exclusively for this establishment, at our usual low prices. To Milliners?a choice I'roui over 1U0cartoons of Imported. Flowers at 46 cents per hunch, average coat over one doliaC to Import. EDWARD RtDl.BY, 311 and 3U>{ Ornnd street. Entrance to thia department 66 Allen street, llfth block} eaal ol the Bowery. AT GRAND STREET CHEAP STORE. Straw Goods?Several tbouaand caaes have been already opened this season. Additions to our stock, both f rorn auca lion and the manufacturers, are dally made iu ladlea' and children's Straw Hals and Bonnets, Bloomers, Boulevards. Turbans, Eureka's, The Union, Ericsson and every ethem fashionable shape. Take Notice?The straw rooms at this establishment ar?larger than any other in this city, and contain a stock, whlcbsfor extent, variety and cheapness lsunequalled The variety comprising thousands of hats of every description, from ONE CENT to TWENTY dollars EACH. To Milliners and Country Dealers?We sell cheaper IbaQi either Chambers street or Broadway. EDWARD RIDLEY, Sll and SIl>d Grand street. 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Address for one week Mrs. Jan' r sen, station B. > 1 i j^nnie.? - < ! /colonel will take one of fay's drliciou* v.; lunches, at 142 Hioudway, to-morrow, at noon, when he | will give the Captain the promised Bull run rc.ics. Dimon plu.-there is. and has been for TUB last ten days, a letter at the Post office fur you. a. b. 0. . TAR. A. J. VANHEEKEREN. FORMERLY OF 046 BROAD-. ; U way, will confer a favor by sending his address to R. R, ' O., Herald office. Edward l.?may i write you again, where have you been of Intel carrie. For adoption-any kind, religious family wishing to adopt a pretty and Interesting orphan fhV ' six years of age. can hear of an opportunity by addressing 1 Orphan, box 122 llcrald o llce, stating particulars. ^ r "TTONEY AND DATES" RBCBIYED.?A MI8TAKXP I 11 made concerning Thirty-fourth street end Porty, fourth street. J, > INFORMATION WANTED?OF MANOBL jose DE J JL Souza Machado, a sailor, son of R >sa Candida de Bellen court, of the Island of Tercelra, who u said to have resided I in New Bedford and sailed irom there. Inquire at the Portuguese Consulate, 92 Pearl street, Mew York. , , 1 TNFORMATION WANTED?OF JOHN HOFFMAN, AGED J. about twenty years, w ho left Williamsburg, N, Y., ou the death of his (mother about bve years ago. He is light haired and complexioned, and stout build. He Is supposed to be near Chicago, 111. Anything concerning him will be thanks fully received by his sister, Kate Hoffman, nt Miss Carris , gun's, 192 Jay st, Brooklyn. ' TF JOSEPn KNOLL* AND LOUISE KNOLL, ofbuf-j - 1 falo, N. Y., will send their address to Henry Stephen j, T Nos. 40 and 42 Broadway. New York city, they will bear or 1 sometlilng to their advantage. Buffalo papers please copy. IF MISS M. B., OF FLUSHING (LATELY MOVED TO Brooklyn), will call at the Brooklyn Post office she will find a letter from a fnend, addressed to her name. ) ? , MRS. LIZZIE T.-l HAVE RECEIVED A LETTER from Mr. J. for you. Please call or send me your ad-1 dress. SCOTT, i New york.-i am. indeed, anxious to see you. Please communicate and appoint an Interview. SIR-CLEVELAND WOULD BE HAPPY TO HAVE the pleasure ot a call from you. on Thursday, 17th inst.g at address given, say from 414 (0 J>? o'clock P. JR., if agreeI able and your convenience. rj<he1 lady.of lyons i fear is kilt. if she 18 ; X Hive, let Her say ?o. ROYAL CHARLIE. LOST AND FOUND. 1 A wallet found?the owner can 1iave ib by proving properly anil paying eipeuse*, at 17 Wesk l street. Found-on Friday, the iith of ai*ril, be* tween Third avenue and Broadway, a aura uf money* 1 which the owner cau have bv sanding a description to B* Johnson, University Building, Washington place. I Found,?picked up adrift, on the bar ah Sandy Hook, by ibe pilot boat No. 8 (Ieaac Webb), oni April 12, one of Cblckerlng^s grand Pianos. For further inJ formation, inquire at the Sandy Hook Pilot Olhee, No. M South street. . T OST?ON SATURDAY, I2TII INSTANT, ABOUT \2)J I XJ o clock, supposed in a South ferry stage, in going from r Dry to Canal street, a black inorocoo Pocketboon, contalog tw? s $10, one $2 bills and some change. The Under will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at the Lcnos Fire Insu? ranee Company, ltt Wall street. N. Y. Lost?a few days ago, a bond and mortqaob on property in New York. The finder will be well reI warded by leaving said papers at the store of WM. H. ar. THUR a CO-, corner of Nassau and Liberty streets. \ T OST?ON FRIDAY, 11TH INST., A BLACK AND TANj ?J Terrier Dog; ears and tall not clipped, and bas a small white spot between lite lore lega Wben lost had on a Mark and red leather collar, and answers to the name of " Pet.'*' A liberal reward will be paid for his return to No. fill West. I Twenty-fifth street. Lost?on Thursday last, in goino from york tlle to Clinton street, a Pocketbook, < ant % 1,43V In bllla, end papers of value to the owner. $1UJ reward wl Ik [ be paid to any one returning the same to 49 Clinton street. The owner's name Is in the pocket book. LOST-ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, IN FIFTH AVBI nue, between Fourteenth and Thirty-fifth streets, a Pa nama begar Case, wltn the Initials A. Z., on tlie back 1SS21 A liberal reward will be siren to the Under by leaving It at i the Spanish Consulate, from 11 A. M. to 9 F. M. ^ ! t OST?EITHER IN A FOURTH AVENUE STAGE or. JLl on setting oat of same at tlie corner of Water an<f Whitehall streets, a Bundle of I'apers, containing accounts and papers with figuring on; also three Notes given by John f Callahan to the order of Lee A Cochrane, all past due. The papers are of no value except to the owners. The flndev will be rewarded by leaving the same at No. tf New Produces r Exchange. LEE A COCHRANE. URORUK W. LEE. ~ REWARDS. dfcO REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY EVENING, 1* ?Jgoing Irom 3M Broadway through Canul to Ludlow" street, a small Fin, containing hair, encircled with pearl.. The Under will receive the ab ore reward by leaving It wlUa. Mrs. S. Brown, U Ludlow street 1 Jl'J REWARD -LOST, ON SUNDAY, APRIL IS, FROMfi ?PO No. <W West Twenty-elghtu street, a young Coach Slut a one side of her face black. Any person retiiruing the samo will receive the above reward, and no questions asked. REWARD-LOST, ON THE 14TH INST., A CANARY) ?Ptl Bird, ye low, with black on both wings una dark legst. 1 Is young. Whoever will bring It to Dr. LA MOTI1K, Howurig Hotel, corner of Broadway and Maiden lane, will receive ttia > above reward and inany thanks. (WOC REWARD.?LOST, OR TAKEN FROM THE PAH 1 qlaflf senger car attached to the inlia train on the tlndson River Railroad, on Siuiday night, a package of Honda, and Mortgages, four Gold Watcnes and other small articles. Any person hsving or hnding the same will be p.ud the abovrv reward by "cawing the same with A. B, Vanderpool, US Llb-e erty street, second floor, room IS. REWARD FOR PROCURING THREE HUN. , ?1 I >t area paying cuoacrioere to iiairejoui na. of iieenn lor ItMB. Iliyrtr. flutl dollars for two hiin.nrd eiibeciilbem. Ur W. W. IIA1.L New York I 1MB W M PAJPRRSi r /10NTENTS OF THE FIRST NUMBER REISSUED OF*' I v the NEW YORK FREEMANH JUL HNAL.~"Hei turning Publication,' ' Our limy In the Position." "Institutional Oovertinfrnt," "Teaching* of Hleiory?How France Ualned Unit* ami Power," "The Newa," Ac., Ac. Five cauls. I a number; 02 a ye jr. Oct It. J.?A McM ASTER, Editor, office No. A Tryon row. ' rinHE NEW YORK FRKEMAN'SWUl RNAL REAPPEAR* A tbla week, the Iirt'hlbftlon ol It in Ihn m?l,r Having been r Get H and read. oenlaa numl m ; $2 a year. Office No, 5 Tryotl row. J A. AblKR, Editor. < SPORTING. Fob sale-the fast sailing, sloop kkjokd jacht REBECCA. Apply lor pai llcului?, a', the Herald oOoe. * IjIOR SAI.F-THK SCHOONER YACI'T II I (' TTNEARr ly 91) tons burthen, lo ir year* old, drawn m? feet water without her centre board: faat Want .hard in good order. Applv at IS Wect Eievcnttt atreet. r 1/tiK SALE?A ROSE Wool) It L'TaRD tahlk" cost U r ti b, would be wld furglAo. AuurvM bos 4,830 Pecs .cilice A

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