Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Nisan 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Nisan 1862 Page 7
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THE BATTLE OF PITTSBURG, TEW. Beauregard Claims a Victory in the Second Day's Fight. His Mendacity Refuted by the War Department. <JVames of Union Soldiers Killed and Wounded, lie.I !( The Norfolk Day Book contains the following despatch from Gen. Beauregard of the second day's fight at Pittsvburg ? Corinth, Tuesday, April S, 1862. ' To IheSKcKsrART or War, Richmond:? We have gained a great and glorious victory. Eight to ' ten thousand prisoners and thirty sic pieces of cannon. ' Buell reioforced Grant, and we retired to our intrench1 meats at Cortnth, which we can bold. Loss heavy on (both sidog. BEAUREGARD. Washington, April 14, 1862. i In reforence to Beauregard's despatch, given above, fauiairies have been made at the War Department, -cad we are authorized to say that the reports from Pittsburg Landing already given to the nub'lio contradict the report in the Norfolk papers. All reports reoetved at the War Department confirm the state>ments that the enemy were routod and pursued as far as 'the previous orders of General Grant would permit, and the enemy are now shut up in Corinth. Chicago, April 14,1862. A special despatch to the Chicago Journal from Cairo ways that Rcaurogard called a council of war of all the best rebol gonorals before the battle of Pittsburg. There were present Pillow, Floyd, Breckinridge. Hardee, Bragg, Cheatham, Sidney Johnston, Bushrod Johnston, the rebel Provisional Governor of Kentucky, and a few other generals. The following policy was fixed on:?If they bsat us they would follow us and drive us as far north as possible. If beaten, they would withdraw thoir forces and make a desperate stand in the Gulf states. General Van Dorn did not reach Corinth until tbo fight was over. It is now belived by persons latest from Pittsburg that the robot force in the action was 8.r>,000 men. The Ninth Illinois regiment could count but two bundred effective men on Monday morning, the Eleventh Illinois forty, and the Twelfth Iowa but seventeen men. Gentlemen from Pittsburg report that the wounded V* well provided Tor in transports and barracks. Mo battlo Is expected for some days, heavy rains havInf mado the roads impassable Tor artillery and army wafoas. St. Loiis, April 14,1862. The steamer January arrived at our wharf last eve* ning with several hundred of our sick and wounded Cross Pittsburg. Captain Bartlett, of the January, reports that the Minehaha, loaded with wounded, has gone up the Ohio. The City of Memphis landed one thousand wounded at Mound City. Among the woundod la Captain Copp, of the Ninth Indiana, who says thare Is no doubt of tha death of General Bragg in Monday's tight; also that Johnson, tbo nosailed Provisional Govsrnor of Kentucky, is dead; be died ea ho lay within six feet of Captain Copp on board the Hannibal. KIMS ols robol army la buttle was ons hundred and I twsaty three regiments, or seventy-five thousand men. These facts were obtained from a brigade Quartermaster named Wintermuch who was taken prisoner. Our total killed and wounded is now estimated at sight thousand. General W. H. Wallace, of Illinois, at last accounts was till living, with slight hopes of recovery. The name of Colonel John S. McHenry, of the Seventeenth Kentucky, wounded at Pittsburg, was erroneously printed in the first despatch as McKinney* The steamer Woodford arrived last night with about three hundred prisoners from Pittsburg. THE KILLED AHD WOUNDED. The following is a list of tbo killed and wounded as far as known KILLED. Iuiniu. Brigadier General W. H. L. Wallace, of Illinois. COLOXKLS. Paris John A., Forty sixth iluuon. Kit in .Illiooia. Kyle , Thirty first Indiana, (q\ Sereotyflrst Ohio.) Poabody Krerott, Twenty firth Misaouri Voluntaera (Act log Brigadier General). Fegram , Missouri Volunteers (Acting Brigadier Gen oral). LttcTiaxvr ooLOHCts. Caofield ??, Serenty second Ohio. KHpatnck , Fourteenth Illinois. 8t. James , Thirteenth Missouri, mijam I Am Fred., Thirty first Indiana. Hunter Wm. .Thlrty-socnud Illinois. N. B . Fifty-seventh Illinois. Powell , Twenty filth Missouri. CAITAIMS. Adams Robt. D., Company K, Fifty seventh Illinois. Carter H H., (lompany K, Eleventh Illinois. Carson I W, lien oral (Irani'* snouts. Jiili-tn Win. J., Eighteenth Illinois. Mae* , Illinois. Morton frestou, . WOUNDED. Brigadier General W. T. Sherman. BrigaOier General C. K. Smith. severely. rOIOHKIJI Cruft Chicles, Thirty -first Indiana (Acting Brigadier Goneral). , Ilnynie Hon. I. N., Forty eighth Illinois. Hicks Stephen G., Fortieth Illinois, logan John, Ihirty-second Illinois. Ma?on Rodney,Seventy-first Ohio. lie Arthur Joseph H.. Missouri (Actlog Brigsdler Gooorsl) McHenry John II., Jr., Seventeenth Kentucky. Morgan ??, Indiana. Ransom 01 V.. First Owsn cavalry. Stuart Pavtd,Fifty fifth Illinois (Acting Brigadier Gsns TSi); sorious. Sweeny T W., Fifty second Illinois (Acting Brigadier Genenl), severely. ijsrntKsrr cot.owsts. Roes J W .Thirty second Illinois. Stoat Alex. M.,Seventeenth Kontusky. MAJORS. Eaton Samuel, Eighteenth Illinois. Nevwns Gsrrett, Eleventh Illinois. strnosoNs. O'Relly Frank W, Forty fifth Illinois. Fascotton , Brigade Surgeon. Wiitney Morris P.} Fifteenth United Slates Infantry. h xouog ?, ?? illinois. captains. Allen T I... Twenty ninth Indiana. Dawson Wm., Thtrtjr Oral Indiana. Kroery IVtter, Sixth Kentucky. John* Ed ward, Thirty second Indiana. Stuart M. L., Thirty first Indiana. watterbouse , itattery. White J. It., Thirty.first Indiana. i.isitxnasts. ^ Abbott ?, Waterhouso battery. ^Hsrown L. 8 , Twenty sixth Kentucky. yield , Eleventh Iowa. ftaft J.,Thirty second Indiana. ^|Saxlon8 A.,Fifty fourth Ohio. ^^SeottS. C.. Thirty-first Indiana. Stanley A It , Twenty-sixth Kmituoky. ^WVoodmause t>.,Thirty-niulh Indiana (line# dead). aaaniuvT major. floodrich Frank, Eleventh Iowa. raivatw ani> ?on <?>mmiaeioand orrtcna. ^HsbboU John, Ninth Indiana. ^EkhaianC. A, ^ aIIsq W. H , Thirty-first Indiana. ^Btndereon It., Sixth Indiana. ^Btrcber W.. Thirty-first Indiana. ^Etustla R .Twenty fifth Indiana; seriously, laird J. M., Seventh Illinois. ^ ailey J .Twenty first Indiana. ^ artlett Jonas, Ninth Indiana. ^ aker W.,Thirty first Indiana. ^ arthoa C., Sixth Indiana. ^ hliu) If. Mdiwaiiih Illinois. iHtarnllmr T. .SoveDth Illinois. Hlerryman A , Thirty sixth Indiana. (leach I). T., Thirtieth Indiana. Ihck A., Thirtieth Indiana talk H. Anaoo. Ninth Indiana lacker J. M., Twenty ninth Indiana, j * mnell J. H., Thirtieth Indiana. ' jennettC. A.,Thirty-Orel Indiana, ^maokman (leorge, Ninth Indiana. ^ntshop 8., Thirtieth Indiana. ^ tornhiaer J., seventh Illiaol*. ^Hlrant J , Twnnty fourth Ohio. ^Hrakeman O., Ninth Indiana ^Bridges J , Seventy seventh Ohio, ierleuily? ^Hirooka Joseph, Ninth Indiana. irower J M., Sixth Ohio. ^Brown Thomas, Ninth Indians. ^Hrown A.,Thirty first Indiana. ^Brewn JJ, Seventh Illinele. iryantS. J. C., seventh Illinois, aerioaely, ^Burroughs A.. Kighth Wisoouaio. ^B.rgis* Hy , Ninth Indiana ^Beuford C , Thirty firat Indiana. ^Huflhi Joa., Thirtieth Indiana ^Bnnn J., Kleventh Indiana ^Biish II. 1 hint-first Indiana. UEW YO Btish John, Nineteenth UnitedSlates intentryftitler Thomas, Seventh Ulinoe Cakerall F , Ninth Indiana. Carr W., Seventh Ulinoiit Carson A., Thirty fiisl Indiana Carder W. I)., Thirty first Indiana, seriously. 'astier C. H. Thirty Bret Indiana Chandler , gunner, Watertoose battery. Chutfield J K , Fifteenth Illinila. seriously. Chase E., Thirtieth Indiana. Cheater J. A., Thirtieth Indiana. I ('issues J. H., Thirty-first Indiana. , 1 Clark D.,Seventy seventh Ohio Clendar C., Twenty-fourth Ohio seriously. Coe C., Thirtieth Indiana, seriaisly. < Coftin W. H., Thirtieth Indiana; seriously. Cog lay .orderly,'rhirtleth Indiana. Coil 8., Fortieth Illinois. Cole W. II.. Thirtieth Indiaua; seriously. 1 Coun A. N.,Sixteenth Wiscousit; seriously. Couly T. 8., Thirtieth Indiana. . Corple W. F.,Sevontb Illinois. < r a user M., Thirty-first Ind isna, seriously. I Craig R. H.. Thirtieth Indiana. t Crowder J.. Thirty first Indians . Crearer J., Twenty fourth Ohio. Crosby W. J.,Thirty-ninth Indian. * 1 Duyhoff Amos, Ninth Indiana. < Davis J. . Tweuly fifth Indiana. Dav is J., Thirty-first Indiana; sciiously. Davis W.C., Seventy seventh Olio. * Deardorfl John, Ninth Indians. c Donahoo J., Eleventh Indiana; seriously. Douglas F., Thirtieth Indiana, seriously. DolineJ. I..,Thirty fourthUitnoii. I Durham G. W.,Thirty-sixth Indiana. i Eatsell B. F., Thirty-ttrst Indiana. . Elliott W. C., Twenty first Indians; seriously. Elliott J., Thirty-first Indiana. Klnian J..Twenty-fourth Ohio. Eueard J. B.,Thirtieth Indiana. Kngert J.. Thirtieth- Indiaua. Enwest W.. Thirtieth Indiana. j Erly S-, Thirty-first Indiana ; serbusty. Evans B., Thirtieth Indiana; serisusly Evans J. W.,Seventy-seventh Ohio; seriassly. Everet J., Seventh Illinois. Eush F., Thirty-sixth Indiana. Fairchild J., Fourteenth W isconsts Fiddler J., Thirty first Indians. ' Fineb J.(Twenty ninth Indians. . Finly A.,Thirty-first Indians; sertousty. , r uuu, guuner, waiernouso oauory. Flayer F., Thirtieth ladiana. Foinc Win., Thirtieth ludtuua. Ford J., Thirty-Unit Indiana; seriouBty. Gaiton 3., Thirty first Indiana. Oilier J. H., Thirtieth Indiana; seriously. GillmanW. B., Ninth Indiana. Glllun J. H., Thirtieth Indiana Gillet J..Seventh Illinois. Glenn D B., Fifty -fourth Ohio. Gould C. II., Ninth Indiana. Graham T. W., Ninth Indiana. Grant John, Ninth Indiana. Green A., Twonly third Indiana. Greou .1. W., Thirtieth Indiana. Grown H. C.,Thirtieth Indiaua; seriously. Gross I,., Eighth Wisconsin. Grovor 1)., Ninnteeuth U. S. infantry; seriously; Haupton Jl., l jlteenth Michigan. Uarrick It.,Twenty-flrst Indiana. Harney It., Forty-flfth Illinois. Hall J. S., Thirty-ilrst ludiaua. Haiuer Chas., Twenty-fourth Ohio; seriously. Huniia Sol., Ninth ludiana. Harper A.,Thirty first Indiana. Hasse GeOrge, Thirty-flrst Indiana. Hattser George, Eleventh Indiana. i Hawnall N. C., Thirtieth Indiana. Haaburg W. G., . Hay dor D. W., Twenty-ninth Indiana. Henderson I*., Thirtieth Indiana. Hendleatn , Fifteenth Michigan; seriously. Hider Win., Ninth Indiana. Hinman !>., Seventh Illinois. Hoed J.,Thirtieth Indiaua. Home M- H., Ninth Indiana. Horris A., Thirty-lirst ludiana. Huffman J.,Thirty-Oral Indiana. Hurburt R. E., Tnirty llrst Indiana;seriously. Hunt H.,3eveuly seventh Ohio. ( Hutchinson K. F., Eighteenth Wisconsin; seriously. Irons S. P., Thirty-lirst Indiana; seriously. ' Irish D. S., Thirty flrst Indians. Ingle S., Fortieth Illinois. Jacoby F., Twenty-fourth Ohio. Jackson J.,Twenty-Drst Indiana. Jenkins W.,Thirtieth Indiana. Jones L. B., Sixth Kentucky. Jocoby T., Thirty-lirst Indiana. Johnson Luthsr, Ninth Indiana. Jones L. I)., Seventy-seventh Ohio. I Kalahun I).,Thirtieth Indiaua. , Kewler Uwin, Ninth Indian*. Kellsey Chss., Ninth Indian*. Kelly J., Seventy seventh Ohio. Ketch P.,Twenty fourth Ohio; seriously. , Kirchberger J. li., Fortieth Illinois. Kinsugall Peter, Thirtieth Indian*; seriously. Keith I.., Twenty-fourth Ohio. ? Kohlcr I).. Thirtieth Indiana. . Kynor J., Thirtieth Indian*. landisW.,Nineteenth United States infantry. ' Lane A., Twenty-fourth Ohio. I lane T. M., Thirty .first Indiana. > I.arkin J. K.,Fifteenth Michigan. Lawrence J. .Thirty-lirst Indiana. Latlirop Win. S., Third Kentucky. I Lester J., Kleventh Indiana. I Llzea O., Seventh Illinois. . I/iagC. P-, Fifteenth Michigan. | ' I jaw J. S., Seventy seventh Ohio. Mahan J. H., Thirty -second Indian*. Marsh Jan., Ninth Indiana. Marsh John, Ninth Indiana. Maloy I'., Fifteenth United States iafantry. Mam-re G.,Thirtieth Indiana. Mink in A. H., Kleventh Illinois. j McCuilogh H.,Thirty Qrst ludiisa; seriously. ? McConuer M.. Ninth Indiana. McConuell W, Thirty-first Indiana. ' McCasb R., Thirty-first Indiana. McGowan J., Thirtieth Indiana li MoOlain I)., SeveuthIllinois, seriously. McOrafl J., Thirty III st Indiana McDonald J., Sixteenth lows. 1 McDonalds., a McKinness F., Fifteenth Michigan. . M> Bendey II. H.,Thirtielli Indians. Melsolsr S., Sixth Kontucky; seriously. 1 Michael J. ,Thirty-Urst Indctuay .seriouslv. b Miller W., Fortioth Illinois. . Miliar David, Ninth Indiana. Miller Jacob,Thirtieth Indiana; seriousif. 0 Miller C., Twenty -feurih Ohio. p Mitchell Win., Ninth Indiana. Mitchell M.,Thirtieth Indiana; eeriouai,. Mitchell, ? Morris J. (1.,Thirty first Indiana, ? Morris A. K., Twenty ninth ludiana; seriously; Morris ( has., Ninth Indiana. Morriso. C. H., N'luth Indiana. Morehouse J. W., Ninth Indiana. Morrow John, Ninth Indiana. Mondorvelt H. K., Thirtieth Indiana. Moody,T. J., Twenty tilth Indiana. Mor.erl U., Thirty -lirsl Indiana. Murray K., Sixth Indiana. Myers (loo., Thirtieth Indiana. Salens Oeo., Thirtieth Indiana. Nell W., Thirly-tlrst Indiana. Noel A , Sei in111 Illinois. Nomimol |). Forty ninth Illinois. Oil John, Thirtieth Indiana. Parker J. S., Forty ninth Illinois. Patterson I). I)., Fifteenth United State* Infantry. Peoples 0. K., Ninth Indiana. Peek 1. C..Sixteenth United Statea Infantry;seriously. I ierce , Ninth ludiana. Pierce A. I..,Twenty ninth Indiana. Paterson Hlrani, Ninth Imliana. Peteraou Isaac, Ninth ludiana. Phelps W. II., Thirty Drat Indiana. Pickat K., Nineteenth United Statea Infantry. Pollock [> , Thirty-first Indiana. Porter A. W., Nintn Indiana. Pricet. W.. Thirtieth Indiane. Kaprogle John, Ninth Indiana. Keioe P.,Twenty third Wiseonsin; seriously. Rector Nathan.Twenty-ninth Indiana. Rhode* W. B., Forty fifth Illinois. Rice E .Thirtieth Indiana; seriously. Higgard J. H., Seventh Illinois, seriously. Roberts Lewis, Twenty-ninth Indiana. Rooker J.,Twenty fourth Ohio. Roger I)..Thirtieth Indiana. Rose Silas, Ninth Indiana. Remain P., Thirty first Indiana; seriously. Ruasel Fred. W.,Taylor's Illinois Battery B. Rymau N. T.,Thirty second Indiana. Sabler William, Fllteenth Michigan. carver B. W , Fifteenth Michigan. 9ehreuker J. C., Fortieth Illinois. Schulti J., Thirty-first Indiana. Sehiiitier N., Nineteenth United Slate* Infantry. Seigett Jesse, Ninth Indiana. Shelby J.. Eleventh Indiana. , Stewart W. H , Ninth Indiana. SimondC. ,Tw#niy-ihlrd Indiana. , 9hub*r F., Fifty-fourth Ohio. . UKmiV f IfnntiKikv Shallor Adam, Ninth Indians. :-lsiibury l'eter, Ninth Indians. 8t*vens J.,Thirty second Indiana. Sullivan D.,Thirty eecood Indiana; seriously. laber S R., Thirtieth Indiana. Theobald J.,Twenty fourth Ohio. Tondtae G., Seventh Illinois. Traey C. K., Sixteenth lnited SUtee Infantry, Utley J., Thirty Oral Indiana; aerteua. Gilmer P., fortieth Illinois. Wsr.k J.,Twenty fourth Ohio. Walker J., fifteenth Michigan. Wauta J., Tweaty fourth Ohio. Wataoo J..Seventh Illinois. Webater N., Seventy-seventh Ohio. Weaohler J. 0., Tweaty fourth Ohio. Weeks N., Seventy eeventh Ohio. Weir J. N., Ninth Indiana. Weir J.,Seventy seventh Ohio. Wetdmer H..??? Welch J. S.,Thirty-first Indiana. WeMon C., fifteenth Michigan. Welch D. T., Thirtieth Indiana. Webber J., Twenty fourth Ohio. West I. B., Thirtieth Indiana. WertaS. R., Seventh Illinois. Whitney A., Thirtieth Indiana. Whitetnore M.,Thirty first Indians. Wiley R., Kleventh Kentucky. Williams J. J., Twenty-first Indiana. Williams J., Sixth Iowa; seriously. Wlnfleld A. R., Ninth Indiaaa. Wise 0. 8., Ninth Indiana. Wornau J-, Thirty first Indiana. Woodworth J., Thirtieth Indiana. Woodword, gunner, Waterhouae battery. Wright A , Thirty first Indiana; serious. Young II. C , Seventh Illinois. TH? RRMAINH OF LIRtrTINANT COLOUR!. CANFIILD. (from the Cincinnati On/die, April 12.] The remains of Colnnol ranfleld, of the Seventy second Ohio, who Tell at the bsttle of I'ituburs Landing, paesod KK herald; TUKSDAT, through (bin city yesterday, under escort of Major Kidenour. They are to ba tulroo to Mediua, in this Stale, for mt.-i uieul Mrs. Can Held and tba three oilildren of tfaceaa <! were of the party. .She had been ou tbc Ton mowee, assisting aick aoidinrH in the hospitals. While the battle wan raging aba learned that bar husband was wounded, and proceeding immediately to tbo place to which be bad beeu carried, a be found that be bad diad two boom previous to bur arrival. Thia noble woman will have (ho sympathies of a generous and patriotio fteoplo We regret to learn that the deceased lias left bis ramily in poor circumstances, so far as tba things of this world are concerned. Operation* of the Western Sanitary Commission. Cincinnati, April 14, 1862 Hon Edwin M. Stanton,Secretary of War:? Kik?Since tba late battle at Pittsburg this Commission las titled out two boats with surgeons, nurses and sup dies, which bava reached their destination. We have itso furnished a large proportion or the supplies taken on ,be steamors sent by the Mayor of the city, under auhority from the War lie pertinent and from the Governor if Ohio. Generous contributions of mousy and store,, lontinue to flow into our hands from the citizens of )hio, Indiana and Kentucky. If the present emergency, ir the prospect or auother engagement, render it uecesiory,weare props red to fit out one or more hospital leals, if furnished by the United States Quartermaster, md proceed to euch points as you may designate By irder of the Commission. K. W. BURNETT, President. IMPORTANT FROM HtW MEXICO. Delperat* Fight with th? Rebels?The Enemy's Supply Trmim Burned. DwmurCiTT, April T, \ via. JcLBBBURU, April 0,1862. f Information received from New Mexico states thai on the 26th ultimo Col. Hough, with 1,300 men, reached the tpache Pass. His advance, consisting of ihree companies >f cavalry, had an engagement some distance beyond ibis placs, with two hundred and Qfly robot cavalry, and look flfty soveu prisoner*. The federal loss was four tilled and eleven wounded. At Pigeon's Ranch, fifteen milos from Santa Fo, on the 58th, Col. Hough met a forco of 1,100 Texans, itrougly posted at the mouth of a cannon. The Ight began about noon, Col. Hough engaging .hem in front with seven companies, while Major Clieringlon, with four companies, attacked them in the roar. 1'his latter force succeeded in driving tho rebel guard iway from thoir supply train, which was captured and aurned. They also captured one cannon and spiked itt'he light continued desporatoly till four o'clock, when it seascd by mutual consent. Colonel Hough withdrew his 'orcos to a crook four miles distant. The Union loss was three ofllcers and twenty privatos rilled, and forty to flfty woundod. The rebel loss is not known. Communication between Colonols Hough and Canliy is continually kept up. IMPORTANT FROM ARKANSAS. MoremraU of Rebel Troop*?Twenty Tiiouiand Rebel Cavalry Moving To* ward* Hnntiville, Ala* HvirrsriuJi, Mo., April 0, 1862. [Oorrespondenco to the Missouri Democrat.] The whole Confederate force in the late Pea Ridge baU lie have gone east, down tho Arkansas. A little over a reek ago they passed through Clarkerille, sixty miles ?asl of Van Buren. At that place t venty thousand savalry were said to have taken the road north towards rluatsville. It was impossible lo learn the destination >f these troops, but it is most probablo some point on lb* Mississippi rivor or Jackeoaport. It was also roported that the rebels at Pocabootas save orders, on the appearance of n Union force, to re. ireat to Jackeenport. General Price and tho Missouri Hate guard were at Van Buren. Colonel Wood, at this place, is kept very busy watcb. ng tbe enemy and keeping them back in Arkansas. A week ago Colemaod and McKarland quarrelled ioa se|>arnio<i, not agreeing in policy ; Dill it Is now aslorted that Can. Mc Bride hassucceed in combining all hia orces. Ho has bean boon reinforced by 000 men rrnm oeahontfis, and in tends a raid from there to Italia; but >e wilt Bud Union troops ready to receive him. We have almoAt daily communication and information root the rebel camp. lABt week they had a grand miller, Uie whole country turning out, and only tbree men loiuntoering. Letter from Mr. J. C. Woods. TO THK KDITOK OP T8K HBKAI.D. WAsiuwuros, April 8,1882. The telegraphic correspondence from Washington, uibtished in your issue or Saturday last,oouUins the olio wing paragraph, in reforring to the report of tbo Van torn War Claims Commission.? C. L Beard, a Californian, and J. C. Woods figured irgely as specuialors in tho report. Having been unable to procure a copy of the report in uestion until to-day, I could not before anewer upon uthority tho statement above quoted, in so far as it re ttee to myself. Upon a careful reading of the report in ueelion, 1 find the statement of your correspondent to e, in that particular, ontirely without foundation, as ny one can aee for himself by examining pages 5 and 10 f tho report, where lam inferentially incutinned, and age 22, where my name appears incidentally. As my nams has been unjustly and injuriously brought efore the public, without the slightest attempt to proucea shadow of sworn evidence reflecting discredit pon me, allow me here to repeat, in still stronger terms r possible, what I wrote In substance in a tettor adtressed to General J. C. Fremont, on the 14th of Kebuary, 1862, and published as an addenda to my official sport. My statement ia aa follows:?That I never had any in ere't, presently,remotely or conditiounllv, pecuniary, tolitlcal or otherwise, In any nurchasa, hire, charter, targain or sale made to or for (he Westorn Department, rbetlior made by contract or special order, or in open narkcl, whether for horsea, inules, oxen. steamboat*, atlrouds, or any other kind of prO|ierty. I ucver, from er.iotinl considerations, recommended or objected to nny i,an. or sol of man, Tor any place, position or favor, oither i?il or military, during my connection with the Western tepartmeut: furthermore, I would stale, that no witness lefnre any mminitioe under oulli,or in any public or irivate plat e, has dared to assert of his own knowledge mj tiling In contrsdlrtion of the statement of denial J lave mado in this communication. While upou the stall if General Fremont I recelvrd a portion of my pro|ier |M?y ind allowances as an officer, and nothing more from any louree whatever for this |*y only ] tried to d> iny luly to the best of my ability. I trust this denial rovers the entire ease. I so intend It, ind for the truth of the foregoing statements, so lar as the ibeervatlotis of each individual went, I refer most con Idcully to Major General J. C. Fremont and those gentlenen who composed his stall; also to every otllcer.both ny superiors and inferiors, whether in the regular or roluntoer service, with whom I had business iu Missouri; ind I refer nlso to every citl/en with whom 1 came in :onlact in the course of the campuign. In conclusion. Mr. Editor, allow me to state that, ns a in ion man of the State of Texas, where all iny interests lave been for the past Ave years, and where I how sufereti the loss of everything, I do most urgently protest igainst ibis injustice of wholesale accusation, whore no nan has or can produce a particle of evideuce Justifying >r sustaining a charge, and the whole of which is a nalicious lalseluwid. J. C. WOOI16, 31 Indiana avenue. News front (tan KrnnrUro. 8an Khancikco, April 10, 1H62. Arrived ship Magenta, (lelcuttn. Sailed ship King I to ve, Sydney. Hdward Stanly will leave here by the steamer of the tilt Inst., toassumo ths duties of Military Governor of forth Carolina. The people of San Francisco, who have ong known him, consider him the best man that could lave been selected to bring North Carolina back to ber illeglance The legislature lias passed an act levying e tax of ?10 id all the Chinese in the State, as well laborers ss those vorkiog in the mints. Court Calendar?Th la Day. semens own?( isccit.?Part 1?Oyer and Terminer, art 2?Not. 1106, 1670. 1606, 1612, 1700, 1734, 1764, UK, 1594, 1386, lBU'i, 1864, 1878, 1450, 1624, 1884, (WO, ,880, 668, 1?11. Soeamoa Coi'RT.?Part 1?Nob. 1671, 1721,1411,2788. 1187, 116.1, 1773, 1033 , 2181, 1121, .1006, 3329, 1787. 'art 2?Net. 1268, 1764 , 860, 23K4, 1818, 1828, 1830, 084, 294. 1660 , 884, 1348, 3498, 1848 , 2770. Combo* Pi.iua?Part 1?Not. 710, 943, 910, 718, 736, 116, 992 , 994, 1041. 1042, 1043, 1044, 1046, 819, 364. art 2?Nob. 629 , 434 , 649, 684 . 693,603, 1020, 963, 428, 124, 1998, 439, 1046, 1047, 1048 TM fritaatL or Carram Jamim Hammrtt.?-To-morrow nor n log the funeral of tbla gallant soldier, wboaa remains rara bro?fbt bar# laat Sunday, from tbo battleflaMof tall ran, will taka placa, and It ia expected the aflkir will MoT a moat Impoalng character. Tha oldfllxtynlnth alii turn oat In full ranka to honor the memory of one T their own brare offlears, who fell while nobly leading his man agatnat tha flra of tha anemy, and ft ia exported Ihat aome other military organixationa will take part In Iba funeral procession. Tha following call for a meeting of thaofflcers of tha Mxty-niuth regiment ha* been circulated:? A aperlal meeting of the oflloera of the Sixty-ninth roglmoat, N. V. 8 M., will be held at their armory, over K-sex Market, thla (Tuesday) evening, at Uve o'clock precisely. P. DOrrf. Secretary. Tha remains of Captain Ilnggnrly aro laid out in slate In the regimental armory, over Kaaax Market, where a [real number of peopta railed yesterday to again look jpon the nohln feature* of a bravo soldier and anenm. pUalied officer, tvho was respected aud lovod by all who (new him. Al'Kllj 15, 18C2.?TKIELB inuwmrali L??t Sight. Ac'AbBMV OB MUHIC. Tl?' fiubm Brothers, fhoM performance# id the prestidigitator lal Imo have beeu gamwig thorn somo reputa turn in the neighboring cities, commenced a series of their euterlaiumont* At thia bouse last evening, llie audience was a large one, a good deal of curiosity having been excited by tint marvels promised n< the preliminary announceinents. TTiat these were all realized would be too much to guy. In performances of this km) a largo allowance must be made for the exaggerations of the

programme. Still there was much to interest and amuse 10 the tricks shown, particularly those exhibited ui connection with the automaton figures, winch pleased the juvenile portion of tho audience greatly. Many of Ilorr mann's and Anderson's feats were performed with more Or less success; and those that were original had the merit both of ingenuity and neatness of execuliou. If the colloquial part of the oulerlaiumenl hud been Ions improvised tho general effect would have keen bettor. The intervals between the performances were agreeably filled up by the music of IkxJworth's band. Taking into account the drawbacks incident to a first night's appear" ance before a New York audience by such young professors in this difficult line of theatrical business, the entertainment may bo said to have been a very successful one. NlUhO'S OAKDKN. The operatio spectacle of the "Buohantress," which has been announoed for aocno time, was produced at this house for tho first time last night, Miss. Caroline Richings sustaining the part of Stella, the Enchantress which she has played in Boston with much success. The piece is based upon Balfe's oelebraled opera or ike Enchantress," and id ihe shape presented by Miss Richinge'aitd her father is a skilful oombiuatioa of the drama, the opora and tho ballet. As a spoctacla it is put on the stogo with all the noccsstry requirements of new scenery, costumes and scenic elTect gonerally, calculated to insure success. Miss Kiclungs, who is new to our audionoes, has a good stage presoace, classic features, a voice sufficient for the efforts demandod of hor, and made a very favorable impression upon a vary crowded house. The piece would bear considerable ourtallmont.and it would be no harm if a portion of tho ballet were omitted, as the performance was prolongod beyond a reasonable length. It must be said, however, that the ballet was exceedingly good, Mile. Galetti anil Mods. TopliolT both koing fine artists. Messrs. Wheattey, Iticbiugs nnd Shewed took part in tho piece, the latter uppoaring for Mr. Davenport, who was indisposed. With a little cutting down tho "Enchantress" will no doubt prove a popular thing, and can hold its ground for many nights to come. WALLACC'8 TUKATKK. Bourcicault'8 satirical sketch, In three acts, " Love and Mouey." was revived at this establishment lust oveuing. Mr. taster tVallack played his original eharacler, Isird Kipley?the original in dress, manner and address of Sothern's Lord Dundreary. Mr. Chas. Fisher did the McDunnun of Dunaun very finely; but one may be critical to a hair at this theatre, and we must suggest that his imitation or Fipley, so exact as to his dress and gloves, should extend also to the length of his whiskers and his style of si>ecch. Mrs. Vernon's Mrs. Fox French and Mr. Mark Smith's Claude Plantmgenet were capital. Tho other characters were all excellently filled, except that Mr. Norton was very unsteady in the text. The new scenery, by Isherwood, is elegant, and his landscape?the quay and harbor of Boulogne?in Ihe third act is a perfect masterpiece. The audieuce was very large and much amused. Am son thb Woundri* Soijubr*.? By a collection taken on Sunday in the Madison square Presbyterian church, five hundred and thirty dollars were raised for the wounded soidiurs at the West. One hundred dollars were reserved lo purchase materials for the ladies to make up, the balance forwarded through Mr. James A. Roosevelt to the Wcstorn Sanitary Commission. MAILS FOR EUROPE. Tlxe Battle at Pittsburg banding?The Surrender of Island No. 10?Map of the Position?The Advance on Richmond? Ncwa from Mexico and Havana, dec., dec. Ilio Cunard mail sleumHhip Niagara, Captain Cook, will Iaure Huston on Wednesday for Liverpool. The mails for Europe will close in this city this arteruoou, at a quarter-past ooe and at half-past Ave o'clock, to go by railroad. Thk Nkw Yokk Hkkai.u?Edition for Europe?will be published at eleven o'clock this morning. It will contain additional particulars of the Halllo at Pittsburg, and of the Surrondor of Island No. 10, accompanied by a Map Showing the Seat of War from Nashville to Corinth, and from Island No. 10 to Memphis: an account of tho Advnixe of the Union Army on Yorktown; Important News from Fortrots Monroe; Occupation of Hunlsville. Ala hv thn Ifnmn KorcflS- ThflCuituri of l?nuB(!hpiu?iaa> Miss., and a Record of all Important Movements in tho other Military Departments during tho week, The latest News from Mexico and Havana, and all othor interesting news of I he week. Siugle copies, in wrappers, ready for mailing, six cents. Sain|>soa Low, Son k On., No. 47 Lud^ute Hill, London England, will receive advertisements and subscriptions for Iho Hkkai.ii. Official Drnwtnga of the Kentucky and Delaware Slate Lotteries. Kamtvckt, Extra Clash I3T?April II, 1862. 5, 35, 2.), .?!. 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It nut only relieves the child from pain, but Invigorate* Hie stonineh anil bowels, corrects aridity and gives tune ami vigor In the whole system. Tl will alnioit Instantly relieve griping in the bowels niui overcome convulsions, which, If not speedily remedied, end in ilealh. It Is the best and surest remedy In the world in all cases of dysentery ann diarrho n in children, whether It arises Iruui teething or other causes. Sold by dealers in medicine the world over. Knox haa Achieved Another Victory. We have it from undoubted nuthority thai the principal reason which Induced Mr. Jenny, the President ot the Me. osslon Convention of Virginia, to Hike the oath nl allegiance In the Un t il Suites, lo enable hlm to pna-urn one of Knox's Hat*. This Is a triumph of genius alone, and w hile disloyal, It easily unminn for Ihe rnmda who throng liln siore <lnil> and hourly to ndorn tlnm selves with the beat and moot alyllsh hat In the i lly. 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Lulrk, Kai minks, third son T. A Vyso, of l(ou|tpol Park, Slrualhson, to Cuaka, second daughter of tlis late Ki chard Vyso, of tlolly Lodge. I.uloo, Bedfordsbire, hnglaud. Wkknkk?Wkdblkh.?On Sunday, April 13, at the resi dcnce of Wm. Seligtnan, Esq., by the Kev. Dr. Adler,Mr. I,KOTOU> J. W'KltMhK to MlSk IAR01JMI WkDELIM, all of tllH city. Ned. llarrro?<.?At South Mslrcsc, Westchester county, N. Y., on Monday, April 14, Kair K.,wifo of Benjamin F. llritton, in the 28 111 year 01 her age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, without further notice, on Wednesday afteruoou, at half-past two o'clock. Carriages will he in waiting at Harlem Bridge at two o'clock 1*. M. Burrows.?At West Troy, on Thursday afternoon, April 10, at twenty minutes to three o'clock, Mrs. Cahomnr Hun, widow of Charlee B. King, Esq., and widow also of Enoch Burrows, Kaq., aged 711 years, 10 months and 23 days. Baltok.?On Sunday morning, April 13, Hannah Skcoa, wife of Geo. T. l?alton, daughter of Clues. A. and Lydia 8. Socor, aged 24 years, 8 months aud 26 days. Funeral services at Calvary church, cornor of Fourth avenue and Twenty Aral street, to day (Tuesday),at twelve o'clock. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. Dims.?On Monday, April 14, Mr. Jambs Dcss, aged 87 years. The runoral will take place on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock, from tho residence of his son-in-law, Francis Gorily, No. 98 Boerum street, near I'ean, Brooklyn. The frieiids of the family are respectfully rnvited to attend. Dkakk On Sunday morning, April 13, Rev. S.J. Dkakk, imstor oi tho First Baptist Church, PiainQold, New Jersey, in tho 69th year of his age. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service, from but late residence, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Trains leave New York, foot of Cortlandt street, C. K. R., N. J., at twelve M. and return same evening. Dwykk.?On Suuday evening, April 13, of conjestinn of tlio lungs, Wii.i.iam J. Dwybk, in the 30th year of his age, only son of Margaret and the late Edward Dwycr. Tho friends and acquaintances of tho family are re spectfully iuvitoil to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon,at half-past one o'clock, from bis lale residence, No. 369 West Twelfth (late Troy) street, corner of Washington street. Gaiiagan.?In Brooklyn, on Menday, April 14, Mrs. Sarah, widow of Thomas Gahagau, in the 71st year of her ago. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully iuvitod to attend the funeral, from the resideuco of her sou, Henry V. Gahagan,Third street, near Fifth avenue, Brooklyn,'oil Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Nearest route by Atlantic street and Fifth avenue cars. Graham.?On Monday, April 14, after a lingering illness, Gaosos P., youngest son of the late Dr. John and Allotia Matilda Graham, aged 18 years and 21 days. The funeral will take place on Wodnosday afternoon, at two o'clock, from his late residence, No. 26 Stanton street. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Hkatii.?On Sunday night, April 13, Wiujau E. Heath aged 69 years. The relatives and friends of the deceased Are invitee to attend tho funeral, from his late residence, No. 91! Broadway, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock The remains will be taken to Hudson, N. Y., for interment. Hvix.?On Sunday morning, April 13, Jonathan Hctx, aged 65 yoars. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the runoral, from his late residonce, 391 Hudson street, this( Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Jaunckt.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, April 12, Mrs. Kij/.a Mkkckk Jauncky, relict of James IF. Jauncey. The relatives and friends of ths family are invited to attend tho funeral,from hor late residence, No. 74 Fort Green place, this day (Tuesday), at twelve o'clock. Chicago papers please copy. Kain.?On Monday, April 14, after a short and severe illness, JamkhD. , the only and belovod son of John and Margaret Kain, aged 11 months and 14 days. From pain and suObring now he's free: His face on earth no moro we'll see; But, angel like, he lives on high, A blessed spirit in the sky. The friends and acquaintances of the family, also of hii grandfather and uncle, Tatrick Began, aro respectfully invitei to attend tho funeral, from the residence or Im parents, No. 247 Stanton street, precisely at two o'clook. Kino.?On Mouday, April 14, after a short hut severe illue.-a, Mary, the beloved wife of Francis King, aged 5? yc*y?-. j _ , . . . I no menus aim acquinuium-Hs ui tan tamiiy are ro spoctfully iuvitod lo utlond (he ftinaral, on Wednesday afternoon, at one o'clock, from Iter Uto residence, No. 94 Ridge street. Her remainti will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Kinkky.?On Monday morning, April 14, Okokuk Kin nky, Jr.,son of Edward B. and Emma Kinney, aged 1year and 12 days. The relatives and friends are invited to attend the fu noral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at five o'clock, from the residence ot his grandfather, Alfred S. I'urdy, M l)., No. 277 Fourth avenue, without further notice. LowMtim.? At West Farms, on Sunday, April 13,Sun cm. VV. Ijowhskk, in the 74th year of his age. The friends and relativos of the family arc respoctfull) invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of trn son-in-law, Norman K. Froeman, M. I)., West Farms, or Wednesday afternoon, at hall-|>agt two. Carriages wil be in waiting at Harlem Bridge from twelve M. unti two P. M. Duett.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, April 9, Chahijw infant son of John 8. and Julia laiach, aged 1 year, J mouths and 22 days. Mi'ki*hy*?On bunday, April 13, at the residence of hii sister, John Miri-hy, a uative of Tollow, county Carlow Irelaud ,aged 22 years. The friends of the family and those of his brother Peter, and brother-in-law, William Douobuo, are respect fully invited lo atleud the funeral, from the residence o< his sistor, this (Tuosday) morning, at ten o'clock pre r-isely. The remains will be taken to St. Michsol't Unman Catholic, church, where a solemn high moss wil lie rcsd for tho repose oi' his soul, and Troin thence tt Oalva-y Cemoicry. Mimkk.?On Sunday, April 13, Jans Waluno, widow of the Isle Jacob J. Moors, aged 48 years, 4 months and 6 days. The rolativos and friends of the family are invited t< attend the ruueral, this (Tuesday) morning, at let o'clock, from Rev. John Y. Doha urn's church, at Hack uosack. N. J. Mi Oomaok.?On Sunday afternoon, April 13, Ma ky Am MiCokmaik, daughter of Patrick and Margaret Mcl'or murk ,ai;ed 20 years. The friends and acquaintances of the fu milv, are re spectfully invited to attend the funeral, Ir um me real ilonco of Iter father, in Fortieth street, bet ween Ninll and Tenth avenues, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at twr o'clock. MiHovutN.?On Sunday, April 13, Patrick McGovbsn, j? "" v?ivu11 Ireland The relative* and friouds of the family are requested to attend the Inneral, Iroin his late residence, 2tH Kusl Thirteenth street, this (ftinaday) afternoon, at twi o'clock. (t'NnU.?(hi Monday morning, April 14, ARTllct (i'Nkh.i., a native of county Horry, Ireland, iu the Toll year of his age. The relative* and friend* aro requested to attend the funeral, from liia Jute residence, corner of Plymouth ami Adam* streets,Brooklyn, lhis (Tuesday; allernoon, al iwoo'ckh'k, without further invttutiou. The will he laken to Klatbush for Interiueut. Or,or.?In Camden, Me., on Wednesday, Api il 2, Mian Kiait.T L., eldest daughter of l,ewis and Mary Auu Ogter n( Sew Orleaua. New Orleans paper* pleaso copy. PatiRKK.?In IlKMiklyn, on Monday morning, April 14, Mr*. Ja\ki Parkkk, in the 71*1 year of her age. Kmn.?Suddenly, on Saturday evening, April 12, Mahy Unit, wile of Alexaudcr Iteid, m the Ohd year of her age. llie relative*and friend* of the family, also of har son*. Kobert and John I'ateriron. are respectfully Invited to attend the fiiueral, from her late residence, No. 1 Huurman place, West Thirty third street, Pel ween ICigbtti and Ninth avenues, this (Tuesday; allernoon, at nut o'clock. Kit, urn.?In Brooklyn, at two o'clock A.M., Samiki ITikukmick Ritchhc,aiced 1H your* and 0 month*, son ol the late Samuel Kitchie, of tlio Ninety-third Highlander* 11. A..and grandaou ol R. Barclay Allardlca, of Wry Scotland. Notice of the funeral hercaftor. Mom real, Vorinoiit, Massachusetts and Ohio papers please co|iy. Swan.?On Monday, April 14, after a short illnesa Khkhkhiok Swan , aged 20 years. The friends of the family are re*pc< Ifully invited to attend thefun> rul, from the residenca of hi* mother, No, 17 Ka*t Twelfth street, tiiia (Tuesday) morning, al eleven o'clock. The retnaine will he taken to Portland, Mo., for intoruient. Svron??On Monday morning, April 14, fuiddauly, of ham t disanao, Mr*. Ax* Syvor., a native of Connecticut, willow or r red arte* syrors. May har aoul rest In |iciire. Tin- friend* ouil relative* or the family are respectfully invited to sttend the rmiaral, trorn hor Inta residence, 1;J0 Kast Twoniy Ural atrial, without turtber invitation on Wednesday afternoon, at two u click. Her rematmi wilt bo taken 10 tirecnwood. Connecticut and Mtomngton fwper* please opy. mmhmami?'<?u Monday morning, April 14, after i liiijp-i tug Illume, Kusa, relict of A. .Sergeant, Sr. ri.H loUuve* and friend* of the ramily are respectfully Invited to attend tlta funeral, without rurlhar Invitation, Una (Tuesday) alleruoun, at two o'clock, from her lata reaidenor. Tatiob?Arter a short and savern illnaaa, Rosmst youngest eon ol Robert and Mary Taylor, aged 6 npmthi and II days. The friends of the family are requested to alleud tin funeral tYoin the re-ldeno of his pnents, So. 70 Murrat street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Trrce?deemtd day (Monday;, Omrth month (14th) IVa. L. Tires, aged AO yeirs, 11 months and II days. The frlenda and acipialutances of the family are re npoctfOlty Invited to attend the funeral, from hla lati residence, 47 Ilorallo afreet, third day (Tuesday) oven ing, at half-past seven o clock, and at Friends' ineetitj| liouee, at Cornwall, fourth day, at twelve o'clock, no in t'arriagea will be Hi waiting at Cornwall lauding on ar nvll of from New York. \V*b? ? At hla residence, 200 Tenth avenue, in th< 74tli voar of hi* ago, .Ions, who was lor ovei twenty yearn tern her of Ciounslen National school fjueona county, Ireland. His friend' and tho-o of his aona,.lames snd John, am of Ins aona inlaw, Richard Kilroe and John Hennas-; are invileii to anetid the funeral,from his isto resideuoo ou Wednesday afternoon, st two o'vloct* 7 HI8CELLMKOUS. A IMTI.hS POB SOLDIERS. AT POINTS OCCUPIED rV Union troops, should be wot by UAKNDEN'S 81 PRESS, 74 Broadway. at half rates AT H 83 9*). 84 AND $490.?SllOES AND UAlTLttS. Spring styles, now ready at JONES'. 10 and 12 Ann street AT OIMiiRKDE S, MB BROADWAY, 84 PHOTOGRAPH Albums (for ilfiy pictures) retailed at 83AT CIMBRKDK'S?AKT18TIC MONOORAMS. WBD ding Cards and 300 varieties of Note Paper, Willi Eu v. lopes to match. At :sry bkoadway - wkddino cards and note Pnjiers at EVEUDELL'S celebrated establishment, comer of Dunne street. J^TTBNTIon. CASH BUYERS. PRINTS AND DOMESTIC POR CASH. BUSS A WliEELOOit, 390 BROADWAY, offer for sale much below the market TUEIK l.AlltlK STOCK OP MERRIMACK. WAMSUTTA, OOCHECIO, AMoSKEAd. Bit HMOND, CHICOIEK. UNION nud oth r POPULAR PRINTS. 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In pursouncc ?! ihis nitration, we have ihs pleasure 1 of announcing that arc have secured a graphic tale of reecat events la Virgiuia, entitled THE WEB OF FATE A TALE OF TIIK MIDDLE UROUND. I Br Ciitaix WuKKUttt, U. S. A | The author s a popular officer of tue army, who has been In active service ever since the comiMeueetneiil of the rebel' lion. The scruesare laid in the vicinity of Fortreas Monroe; i and the chars ters, including an "irrepressible contraband,' ' are dratvn from real life. The mysteries of the secret ser< vice, scouting, the bivonar, the variona excitements and adf ventures experienced on the lines of the two hostile armies? ' tbla work w ith the dashing vigor of the soldier, the skill of the veteran writer, and with s moral beauty which canuol I Tail |o please every Intelligent reader, Tlic LEDGER is now ready, willt Ihe Oral part of this t splendid story. liHjltMTURK NOTICE.?IK MY STOCK, NOW 8ELL( r in. oli, an- ten lar.r oak Bullets, two doaen Wardrobes of .lillerem ? .axis, a |mrt of tv-hich have plate glass doors; 12 high post Bedste wis, It) Chamber Suit* 01 rosewood, oak, mahogany and walnut, in oils; one full Suit of lebrawood, with high pen Bedstead*. of the Victoria pattern, all of which w III lie sold al leas than cost. J. BOYCK, 9d nnd 9S East Houston street. ti>RIOATK8 I TMHKKLAND AND CONORKSS. 1 Miilirirriptlona are still reeeire I in liehalt of the survivors ot the crews of those *hltm, anil for the widows auil orphans oi those w ho |M'riahed In ihe engagement with Hie Merrimae; an.I will he appropriated ss the donor shall direct. coaatrrms Jus. Demurest, K. E Morgan, Wni. K. Dodge, Jr., IJoyd Asptnwall, Joseph y. Joy, K. M. Kreneh, K K.eharilson, Henry I*. Marshall, And K Piatt, 78 Wall street. Treasurer of the Committee. /t KOlKKY and TEA DEALERS SUPPLIED WITH VT Tess by the rhesi, or smaller i|iiantilh-aat same rate. CANTON TEA CO., 1X1 Chatham street. IF IN DOUBT AS TO A TAILOR, COME TO ME AND A maniine my at.* It. all I reah?Cloths, Casatmerea and Veatings, lor the seaaon. Also Melton Saeka anil Froeks, %9 Io $10. Spring Overco is, hop e, $12 soine for $7. Vesta, $:'to$t i l.AKKE, 114 William street. Mortons hold fens-prices to spit tub pocket and Pens to ami the hand of every writer, nl 25 ' Maiden lane. Call or Inclose slump for circular. t^MITIl A BROTHER'S NEW TORE PALE i XXX I ALB. tn whole, half and qaarter caakw brewed I mm the eholeeat ' barley malt and hops. Brewery ISM and 181) West Eighteenth ' street, between Seventh and El(hth avenues, N. Y. WILL H*E PUBLISHED AND FOR SALE ON BATI. R .lay next, April IV. Booksellers and all others had Pet ter order at once, as we an' now supply lug orders in adt aucw ! of publication day. THE CHANNINGS. , As Emihk Nsw N?>vki. By the Author of "Earl's Heirs." THE CHANMNtiS. TIIE CHANMNtiS iib i nAanimis. Bv the Author of "Earl'* Hi-Ira." , THE CIIANMNOS. a Domeatle Novel of Rral Life. By Mr*. HENRY WOOD, author of "Earl's Hetrn," *IH he punhalted mi l lor aalo on Saturday noil, April 19, but all order# am now belnii tilled In adeance of the puhln atlnn (la). It i* 1 primed from the advanced abaci* purvbuaen I rom the author, ond la in a large octavo volume of 3114 page*. large type, don. ble column, and pi tilled on the lineal ami heal ol' whltr paper. Price rifty Cents In paprr cover, or Sarrolyilv* cent* in cloth. Published by T. B. PETERSON A BROTHERS. 306 rivattiut sareet. Phllaitalphis. Advance copies of "The Ciiaauinc*'' will be sent free ot postage, on remitting flity cent* to the publisher*, la a letter) or two copies for one dollar. _ Bookseller*, News Agents and all other* wlU please aelW on their order* at oni* for what they want oi Ibln book, wlilcli will prove to ba even more popular ihau "Earl a Heir*," or "Beat Lvnne." , Addreaaallordera lo the publisher*. T. B. PKTBRSOJf A BROTHERS. No. .*? Ilhealiuit street, Phllndelplii., \ ~ fHi.HI VI.. 4 MAUNIKICENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO. A. Intl., rwrved ,eg? and eaaa, overstrung bass, full iron plat* made to order for the preaeut owner; been in uae bul ievoii month*, fully warranted for three yeara; cai $4u0r Will tie sold lor gibd, Inrludlng atool and rorar. Alao elegant Parlor Suit, ruat 9*?l for; one dn, for $W. Inquire al 70 Wi ll Tweoiy-aiiib atrnet, near Sixth avenue. i /TIR'Ht'H ORHAN POK SALE?AT ABOUT IIAI> ITS i oat, on arounl or St. Paul'* church, Siaien Inland: al?o an and tan atop Organ*, Jnat AnUhed. Can br avn al W. 1. DAVIS', *0 Downing atreet , IJIANO rolt SALE?SOLID ROSEWOOD FRAME, J. round corners, full octave, Bacon A Karen maker*; coal $&M). ApplytoWM. 1 R\ INO, Mo Nassau street. ' PIANOKIIRTK POK SAI.E?IMMEDIATELY. ("AN HE I JT aeeiial li?X Twentieth atraat, naer Third avenue; prlca 9150, roat 9.'*ai bul nine month* ago; la 7 orlava, tlral cl*?4 ' make, eleaaut rosewood ?*?, Iron frame, alldlng dank, i grand action, rich and powerful lone, line Stool and Cover, *'4 ?llwBo. | |

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