Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 15, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 15, 1862 Page 9
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AMJS OF RRAL ESTATE. ABKAUTIKUI, FARM, ilKAB MOKK18TOWN???. IS orhOacre*. large limbic ouiIUihum. fruits. Ar. t-AU), $3,001)and $3,900; 90* res hill a m. o Irom cl. pot, id Bockland county, two or. hards, iiuod I.-. Mine-, $7,Ok' W II JIEMOK. 107 Bro?l??r_ A SPLENDID FARM. 73 \ORK8, WATER FRoNT, AT TV fiackensaek, $9 Oi; ... ?"m, strictly first e??i, do., $13 001); 80acre*oppo ilt> Vonhe i, mar depot, $8UU0: good buUdtugs, fruits, iU., uu e.e n. W. H. MEMt'K, 407 Broadway. A Sl'LKNIHD FARM Ok 40 ACRES, ONLT II MIl.KS jfV on Lung Island. wit,. coin for .able and eonveiiii-ni I arm buildings abundance of choice fr.iit and pure spring water; price $4,000. H A. Ill'N0E. No. I City !Iall I'lare, corner of Chambers at AKARK CTIANCE.?A PERSON, HARD I I*. VV11,Li dispose of a Secou.i Mori rage at a great aacrllire. Both mortgage*only about two-thin.* the value of the pioperty. Apply to D. C. WINbLOW, Ko. 'J Moutagt e Mali, Court street, Brooklyn. ARIUIEUTAIILE WIDUW WOULD ACT AH ACKNT to sell a new houae, where she might oncupv a oouple Of room for ber service* until ?>.d, or would lake charge where tho family are going out or town. Respectable reference given. Aadreaa Mrs. T. T., 1.16 West 4Jtb at. ALAUfiBTRACT OK UEAVII.Y TIMBERED LANDS? well located on a stream in Pennsylvania, for sale or I ?exchange for real eaiate, iu or uenr this city, or for inerchan lis* Please address T. K., bo. fi.ouJ 1'ost o'hee. A PINE INVESTMENT.?A HANDSOME FOUR STORY English basement lloise, in complete order, nearly new, admirably located, cloae to ltroadway, in one of the very beat and moat Improving portion* of the city, l'or $6,260. with eaay terma of payment. One of the cheapest houses ' over allu'red for aide in lite i nv of New York. 0. O. ERA i f, 32 Pine street, room No. 9. A HOUSE, STABLE AND LOT ON HOUSTON STREET for sale or to let. The house is lour stories, brick, 25i 'SO, with extension; in line order, with modern improvements. There is u line brick stshie in the rear, with entrance from Mercer street. Lot 26\106. Term* easy. Apply' to OHAS B. MILLS, 34 Cedar stn eL A HOUSE AND LOT POF. $r>.000?ON TENTH STREET bctweu Fifth and 81 vih av noes. The house is two story attic and basement, 21.10% in, with gas, Ac.; very com fortabloi lot JH.lOxW idock. Verv little money wunte I. CHARLES K. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE FOR sale-With or without Furniture. The house is four aiories, 25x00, with all modern improvements, situate on a wide street, near Broadway. The furniture is nearly new, and very handsome. Will be gold at a great sacrifice. CHARLES E. MILLS, 34 Cedar Btreet. Before purchasing or hiking examine those elegant newly draiu'ned thoroughly built brick Cottages ou lot 40x100, with handsome garden, now finishing on Sixty ninth street, west of Broadway; contains modern improvements; Ninth Aveuuo Company Aleudlng their track to Hixty-lifih street. Terms e-i-y. Inquire of \VM. S. FORD, on the premises, or OUDLIPP A UftAPP, 121 Nusaau street. COUNTRY SEAT OR FARM WANTED?IN EXCHANGE for a valuable store down town, or for very desirable business property in Brookh n. For country property that suits a liberal exchange will he offered. Apply to tue owner, at 58 Water street, from 3 to 4 o'clts-k. ARM?CIIKAP (MUST BF. SOLD), OF 36 ACRES, near Norihport, L. I.; good loam soil, well tenced and level; wood, water and fruit, l,'tf st. rv house, seven looms, barn, carriage house, crib, Ac. K. BLAKE, It Chambers street. IilAUMS FOR KALE.?ONK OF 72 ACRES AT DOVER, N. J.: one of 300 acres in Delaware county. N. Y.; one of 137 acres in Sullivan county, N Y. Also, several parcels of Western Farming Linde, from 75 to UK) acres each, at W. H. MITCHELL'S Heal Estate office, 77 Cedar street. IiTABM WANTED?IN EXCHANGE FOR A ONE-FIFTH 1 interest In a row of brown stone frout Houses, as good paying as any property in New York, worth 314,000. Farm anusi Ms wtthin fitty miles of New York. Inquire of the owner, 07 Cortland street, corner oi Orceuwieh, In the Pho Digraph Gallery. TRAUMA, CITY LOTS, COUNTRY SEATS AND RESI.1 denies, of all sizes, locations, qualities and prices; near schools, churches and depots; n-sr the city, for sale and exoitange on the most liberal terms. The farms are of easy access Co the city by freuuent trains and steamboats. BOUTHWICK at WOOD. 82 Nassau street. TSrtU BIT V A irrr.T.A ClliVVIIT VT VfVV BSAUB JP four tot* carriage house, beautiful situation, $4,SOU. A farfe double Menalon. twelve extra sized lots, carriage house. Ac., $8,900. Anoiber, eight lots, 88,000, splendid water rtewa. Also, two villa plots, 90x210 feet, two fro to, water vtewa. Ac., gl.SOO; very little cash required, on One Hundred and Thirty-seventh street, near Harlem Bridge ferry and-Mnu Haven station. Apply at ELTON'S, 24 Beekman afreet. or on the premises daily. Fob sale-at kossville, htateh island, a two story and attic frame House, Barn, Ac., together with four acres of Land, very pleasantly located, near the village, on the Woodruw road, leading to the depot. The Ilouse la nearly new, in good repair, Ac. There Is also a rope walk upon the premises. For terms, Ar., apply to JOHN MAC<1880OB A CO., 1.14 Pearl reet. ' | Fob bale-on oilford flace. forty-fifth street, between Lexington and Third avenue*, a uew three story high stoop brown stone front House, built by day*'work, with all the modern improvements, known as Mo. t OiUord place; terms easy. Inquire ot J. D. WELCH, at No. 18. IP OB SALE?FOUR BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED COUN try Bouts, on the Parotic river, N. J.; twenty acres each; near the oityof Faterson, having a very fine river front: within one hourof New York. Inquire of JAMES SIMMONS, on i>be premises, or J. EDWAItl) IRELAND, 6\Nus*au street. Fob salb-at a very low price, a three story basement brick House and Lot, situated in Wilisrasburg, war Bedford avenue. The greater part of the torchase money can remain on mortgage. Addreaa K., box 08Herald office. ip OR SALE?ON THE ~R ABIT AN RIVER, NEAHTNEW F BruiiHwick, a valualde Farm, containing one hundred ; kcrea of highly cultivated land.shsd'- and truit trees, dwelling louse and outbuildings, all ampl- and in complete oruer. nquire of WARREN HAKDENBUROH, 98 Wall street. fpOR SALE-VERY CHEAP. A FIRST RATE LOT ON ^ F Third avenue, between Thirlv-ninlh and Fortieth treats. A 1*0 one on Forty-fourth utr- ot. luO feet west of , 'llth avenue. Inquire of J. K. SHAW, 95 Weat Forty- , seventh stnet, mornings and eremagh G10R HAMS?THE FOUR STORY MARBLE Bl'ILD: log No 23 Liberty street, bctuei-n Wlbtam and Nassau ; meats. Al-o, a Lot on West Fourteenth street; size 26x10X3. , Y1U be sold on rnaaooable terms. if app'-ed for immediately. Vppty to MARK LBYY, 23 Liberty street. rtOR BALE?AT RAVENS WOOD, L. I., a COTTAOF. D House .?!.d Carriage Huuse, about oue-quarterof an ore of ground, laid out In garden, trult. Ac. Aocea* to and rom the city pvoijr live mtnuirs. daily. Apply to J. P. miTKUEAD, IW WeslE ireiitli at re t. 1 ' i?or sale?a beautiful new cottage, two ' atorie* and tiniabed basement, at Wrat End, Be.rguu talion, of the New Jersey Rallr. ad, only two miles from the eraey or Koboken temea, mid only twenty minutes from xrt of Cortiandt street, N. Y. Toe House contains eight noma. besides* kitchen, handsome larva parlors, tire marble lanteU. .-tste roof; handsomely iinl- lu-d throughout. The , asaaic water In the house. The situation la on the western ope ot Bergen Uill, and in a good neighborhood. Tureu ity Lots go with the house. Pr e. $3.SCO, on eaay term*, tie prop i .y must lie aeon to bo appreciated. At ply In the wnrr, 135 t'edar street, N. Y.. or to Vt'M. REACH, West t nd, en/ ot U udauu, at auy uuie, for une week. JtOR -Ai.E-l.V HOBO KEN, Is U USE AND LOT. NO. T5 Oard u street; contsiua gns. water, bath, heater, range, c.; 4ve iiiiDutes from tin let-rv; luai. 1-sa locality. inquire i i the bonae or iu the paint st. r , corner Canal and Hudson , reeta NOB SU.E IW BROOKLYN? V NEW' TilREE~flTORY 1 and bai -ment brick Hon.., with in aw brown stone trlmuuga, *o'- It 9'i,.M 0 nIt: la- (old for 94.90); terms easy. Inutre ol '1' 11 JACKSON, or. lite premise*, in Elliot place, ar Fulton si i one, uortU aide. |H>E A.'.K OR BXOHANQE THE HOUSE AND LOT ' No. a?aevrnth erect A tu m will be taken in pait pej- ! ent; toe balance run retrain on mortgage. Apply (u the veer, on the premises. ,30R SALE OR EXCHANtlK?FOUR HTORT moil, Iorov a Hiour mini, in n v iiicii;* iruiu huh i'vii uy iai el deep: lot >< of the blook; w I li all modern Improvement*, pply on th* premium, I uriy-a.iwnth alreet, between Mnih nl Tenth hi S. VV. I'JK >Nni or RKJHAUD CETTUK I fOR SALE OR EXCHANGE (NOT MUCH MONEY 1 1 vnn'.eil)?A three atory wooden llou?e and I.oi, built preulv for a oaaoiy; good wo ! or water nml (table for a' irw, in the thriving v|lla','e ol (iuUcnbttrg, N. J., oppoalle ventieth alri-el. New York. Ko.'further pari tenia ri nrp.y 1 Squtre 0<N?KK, near th:) pr niilaj in1 (I H Wont Twenty- 1 ?t Htri Ct, New Turk. VOR .-.VI.E OB EXCHAM.K i oK CITY PROPBRTT The beautiful Country Residence of the late.fame* inner, in Wealcheater comity, tn> the. rond leading from eatebemer to Kaatchaater, three foorthi nf a mile from the 1 'HHboat Hitdlng, and une and a halt mile Irom William*- < Idge depot. Th# property oou-l* -? lit. Of a line atone Mansion lloi-e, with large Barn and itUaunea. 21 acrea ol land, excellent Harden, Orchard, with itit anil ornamental tree-, an . libery and grupea In i eat ahnn i 111 ' Id. Of a lar.r plain Ilonae, and Id acrea adjoining, con- ] lalng a great number of fruit tie- a. t Id. Of a new Houae and Bain and 13 acrea adjalning. A I ry dfuralde rwMdrnc-. ran aorea additional ground n. y tie had with either Iota 3 tth. Of two parrela of ground nit the weal aide of the mad, | poatt' Mansion limine. eontalnlng itliout 40 acrea. with a | r-lener'a hoitae, a fine dream of water running through it, d about two acrea of woodland. Apply to BENEDICT A IIT, M fine at reel. ( POR SAUK OR TO LET-A HOTEL, IN BLO0MIN0- ! pin, III., wall altuati'd. new and large, ninety room*, me to open It now peculiarly laroratdn, the beat houaa . is Nichimaj having recmipy t een burned aud w ill not lie mill. K nt low to ono who will furniah, and money lined to mir furniture If dealrad, with perfect aeennty, (Matures in the building;?two for rent. Tertne i<r payml made raay to a buyer. Apply to h Lewfa or L. C. Nhep. rd, Bloainiagton; Homer Moi ran, No. 2 fine atreet. New >rk; or tne subncrlbcr, In WeaMleld, Naaa. r ' IIIOMAS AHHI.EY llOB BALK OR TO LET?A HOI KB AMD OR 8 LOtl I on Waalilngton avenue, cast aide, aerund hutue imrih I---.. ... a.. ...L I v.. II.. lit r.uima m-ll> >11 1 h ? idem Improvement*, and hn It without regard lo eypen?e ! awneraorrtipancy. Orounda abound tn frnliaand (lower*. | ply I" URKW8TKK WOOD, 7 Court Mrvat, frum V A. M. I II M IOB HALK OR TO LET-TIIE WELL KNOWN KI R Ilnra establishment 394 Hudson streei, live Mori** |h, tu t eel deep; I* well adap'ud for the nine, or bedding I carpet business; the advertiser declining buainra* r further particular* Inquire on the promisee. IOB KALE OR TO LET-SEVERAL TWO AND THRHK story Houses, brown none basemen and sloops, with tandem Improvements, In Kaat Silty-flfth street, mar tend aveuue. AU<> several Tenement Rouse* In the if tern I h ward. Inquire of WILLIAM A. Jl> If, ilder, Second arenue, between Hlity fourth and Sixty, A etreeta IOB HALK OR TO LIT?A HKAUTIEUL HOUSE and three acre* of Land; all modern Impriveinenn; II *torked with frnlt *nd ornnmental tree*. NeUhboi hood tela**, within forty minute, of the - try Ivy railroad e.cry nr. Tcrme esay. Inquire of H. HO At), n Fine *tre t. IOR SALE OR TO LEI?A NEATLY FITTED UP Hair Dressing and Shaving H lor>n, onn door from the J nerof one of the moat public thoroughfare* ia the city, jtply el No. ? Ann unset. ' | t)R MALE OK TO LET?A l td It STOItY IIOUSK. M i Sev nth etrrel. with all u,e modviu ImpmyrmenU lit- ' ire on the premise*, or *t 90 f'IKT itreel. loR HALK OR RENT-AT HI MKT, ON THE MORRIS ! and Eases llailr mil, * very ntee, i Im-siit place of sev ,i I**. H"U?e lii tenire of the grounds, 19 room-, handsome a, ahatr trei *. ?iirul buy, Imlt and lluwera, Suitable ,m,> Mings and line varden. .sou lit WICK k WOOD, 81 Maseatt street. . NEW Y 1 SAT.K9 OF RE Ala ESTATE. _ IjlOR HALE OR TO BEMT-PURNISUED, A VERT desirable Country House, with two wki of Land. m W "it'hcs er coi.utv; stables, t. el.o tie, At'.. arid go d itarJeii. The uit,p. rty it two wiuulea' walk lrotn the depot and twenty mile* from the City ll?U; ii in complete omer end reedy for Immediate occupancy. Apply to P. R WILElNtj, 10 Pine street. LACK K XC11ANCK?ForK LOTS 26X1110 KAC1I, AND X 4200 ill tor ittutily furniture; Long Island loll, rush price $10 eat ii, free und eleer; also two Lots in Chicago proper ami $200 in veneris for stationery. >' D UICII iltt)-ON' A < U . 82 end 84 Xaeaii street. IflKTY AND EIiillTKBN ACRES BACH, NEAT lil 11,1). r ln^s plenty ot frnti. 2d mil a from New York, on tiie N w Jer e; C ntral I'.ailroad, one hour a ride, aoil feat, near depot, churches, schools, -t. res, it ml on reasonable lerms, ImtuiieofC. A. LKVEK1DUK, at Weattleld, N. J. Cutout for reference. HOUSE FOR KALE?NO. 260 MOTT STREET. CHEAPest o'.fei <1: prist 4-1/0, half tit cash, balance in two years: House and Lot 347 West Twenty-sixth street, four story brick, full lot, puce $5,0 0; cash req Ilretl $1,000, hul awe on mortgage. Appiv to juiik KUUtSKS. KU Tenth avenur, or U. f. I'OWJisKND, lawyer, IS Chamber* sir. el Real estate i on sale.-for sale, to let or en Uunge.Ahe hrst clan brown stone four story high stoop House, 303 Lexington avenue, with all the modern improvements. Apply to W. CLARK, 06 East Twenty-sixth street. VERY CONVENIENT RESIDENCE. WEST MORIUSAma, near llarlem steamboats, delightfully ailuao-d, two minutes from station, in complete order, eight room*, barn, (pi.i i ter acre, large shade tree*, fruit, grapes, berries, shrubbery, Ac., below cost; very easy terms. 8. ALLAIRE, Ureal Western Insurance Company, 39 Fine street. VERY NEAT, TASTY RESIDENCE. M ACRE, CHOICE girdin, fruit, shade, ahrubbery, Ac.; id perfect order, beautifully aitoated, convenient to the city (Wcatchealer eouuty), lor tale, or exchanve for medium priced city or Brooklyn House, d. A W. i'. SEYMOUR. 132 Broadway. "Ill ANTED?A COUNTRY PLACE. NEAR THE CITY IT of New York, for which a lino four atory English basement Houae, witb all the modern improvements, fivntlux a largo park in West Twentieth street, would be exchanged at a reasonable price for a pleasant place, worth about $4,000 or $3,000, with aome ground attached. Inuuire of or addr -as A. J. GARRISON, .'5J Broadway, New York. WANTED TO BUY?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHed double House, in Fifth avenue. A corner house, without l ay windows, preferred. Address E. C., bo% 145 Herald office. ?Q/\rk FOR A FARM OF TWENTY ACRES, WITH <JpOUU a new house on it, two miles from steamboat landing, near Northport, L. I. Inquire of U. BLAKE, 14 Chtimbers street, N. Y. CfcO Kim ?FOR SALE AT A SACRIFICE, A THREE tipO.ol'v'. story English basement House, in perfect order, has gas. water and bath: partially furnished. No. 143 Forty-seventh street, between Second and Third avenues. Q?7 Kim -F?R SALE, A THREE STORY HIGH ill) I .oUU. stoop browu stone trout House and Lot. The hoove N in good order, and is painted throughout. It has always been occupied by the owner. Size 20x52?129. Apply at 82 West Thirty-first street, uear Sixth aveuito. Terms accommodating. fti it mm ?for sale or exchange, a full ipXU.UUUi block of 5ti Lois, well miuaicd. on paved s reins, In Brooklyn, and moderately cuouiul eced. Will li-cuiaugcd for a Farm or Country Place. ICipuly about $10,000. M. L. SHELDON, 63 Cedar aireel. Fl'KMTlIRE, A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FURNITURE^ iu all colors, of warranted manufacture: also solid Chestnut Chamber Salts, plain and ornamental, at H. F. FARRINUTON'S, No. 368 Oanal street, opposite Woosler. Established iu 1648. ALL KINDS OF FURNITURE, LOOKINO OLASSES, Bedding, Ac., below anotion prices, warranted and delivered Iree, at O. W. SNEDEK'S, 203 Bowery, between Stanton and Houston street*. Call and save money. Note the number. Rosewood Parlor Suits cheap. A gentleman, going to housekeeping, will buy, for cash, the Household Furniture of a private family. Address Spaniard, box 107 Herald office, slating what hour on Thursday, Friday or Saturday the owner will be at home, also the price and description. ALABUE ASSORTMENT of household FURNItu re at private sale at a sacrifice; seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, cost $600 for $260, Including stool and cover; Parlor Suit for $166, one do. for $8U; Bookcases, Etegeres, Centre Tables, Extension Table, Buffet, Carpets, Mirrors, Paintings, Clock, Bureaus. Bedsteads. Mattresses, Ac., at half the original oest. No. 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Desirable household furniture at pkivate sale.?A family, residing at Cliftou, Staten Island, will dispose of their entire Household Furniture In one lot, at a moderate price, if arranged for this week. The furniture consists of Draing Room, Parlor, Bedrooms and Kittsnen, with Blauketa, Glass, Crockery, Ac. For a small family such a chance rarely occurs, a* everything Is of good quality and in excellent order. Address OUftoa, box 1,816 Post office. New York. Enamelled chamber suits of furnitureInall colors and styles, at wholesale and retail; the largest Block in the city. Suits $20 and upwurda. Also, solid walnut Suits, Matt re-see, Pslllassee, Ac. WARREN WARD, 277 Canal street, four doors east of Broadway. First class enamellkd furniture?flain, decorated and grained, aoltil walnut andoakSete; Suita atSTUand upwards; Mattresses,Spring Beds, Ac. J. W. FISHER A CO.. Manufactureis, <60 Broadway, between Bieecker and Bond streets. Furniture, carpets, books, pamphlets and Libraries bought for ready money, at 123 Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sireetu. Furniture bought.?families giving up housekeeping can s -11 their Furniture for ca?h, and receive a fair price, at 47t Third avenue, near Thirty-fourth slreet. Ail cal.a or it nolo addressed Furniture, as above, will he promptly attended to. IjlURNITURE WANTED.?I WILL BUY AND PAY CASH 1 at a fair valuation for about 62,000 worth of good, plain Furniture, suitable for a hotel or large boarding house. Auy party about breaking up housekeeping msy tend a line to or xtU upon Mr. Mathews, lilt Fulton street. FURNITURE-STORAGE FRISE.-TIIE ADVERTISER will receive a qusullty of l'l.rlor and Bedroom Furniture i s storage free of charge for its use, aud will return it In aa good ir not better condition man vrneu received, unieta prerloualy ptirchuaed by mrwttw nl. Befc rtm i- given tl dailred. Call at or aodrci* 439 Fttlaon avenue, Brooklyn. IiKIR SALE-TWO LARGE FTER LOOKING GLASSES, 1 Wit!> handsome gilt framed; al/.e of piatca 108 by 3t m. Alao, ohrat>, two antique broidte and gilt aix-llght water rlidt) Gas Chandelier*. Apply itt 17 Slate street, N. Y. rVFKICE FURNITURE FOit BALE CHEAP. APPLY U at 83 Nassau street, room II, ou Wednesday morning, from 10 to 12 O'clock, PART IKS BREAKING Ul? HOUSEKEEPING, AND mailing to a.hi their Furniture, will Und a csahoustonier by addre.-slni: a line l< > L. T., 0f>0 lladton etr<-el. Country"tolls altouded to. PLIMPTONS IMPROVED PATENT PARLOR BEDkteada and other Ural eland Furniture, aold wholesale and retail; also 1 ununited by in tnthly payments, at 115Tenth street, furmerly National Atadi any id Design STORAGE IB WANTED?Hi A DRY ROOM. NEAR Sixth aveuuo an I Twrenty-a Ivth street, lor the Furniture ol n throe atory bottae. Address, with u d arriptlon of the rooms and yearly turn, N. O., b ?x 2,61)3 Post udlee. OT0RAGE OF FURNITUR E CAN BE HAD IN THE O modern tiie-proof building 99 Sixth avenue. Families w 11! mid tbia a safe plaeo for th etr property. Ojieii from 1U to 12. Satmfaolory reference! g tven. Charges reasonable. rpo PAllTI Kvi INTENDING T'G STORE THEIR I I ItNIX turn six mouths or a year. A lamllyof three, no chilli ten, wish to hire Furniture for parlors, dining room and two bedroom*; having vacant ro omx, would atore the balance Par a party having more than required a* aliove; no carpeta Jedred unless for sale; rcfcrcncfa given a* to genteel and nnidarale ui-e. Ado reus F. A. S., Btookij it Poet ullioe. WM D. OYSriiUU.VN, 1ISALEB IN NEW AND agcnnd har.d Kurtiiliire, I larpeta, Beds, tiaa Klxiuma of every deactlptlon at .176 Or tnd atrect, bctwwo Nurfntk ml Siiifnlk streets. All the nrtlc I ? lu iho Above line, bote lit, mid or exc hanged. WANTKD IMMK DI ATE LY- -A COMPLETE SET OK dining mom Knrnttnre an, I Dishes, second hand. Also, ? cook, who <hii make pastry and cairn, ami two waiters; muni speak Oerman; otic girl to scrub, wash nud iron: ?lw>, i good bait-ndcr. Apply at ihe ofllce of tin: Kranklort Hotel, xirncr of W1III.1111 and I'Vanklor'. alt. WANTED-A SECOND HAND CARPET, BRt MKLfl, Tape, hi ry or \ rivet, not much used; size 98 by I1>a ool. Any person having the a1 ovc may find a rasa puriliasor by addressing Carpet, H 'inId ofllce. COA U ~ COAL?NO MISERABLE THASH oil SLATKY RUB lil-li, or ahoiweight fur $4 ID or $4 .0, but tbo vory bra, Knd Ash Mr lamlly urns, aercrncd and delivered at 94 :X) per oa, tramyard*corner King ami Oreenwlch streets, sad M lt<x??velt atrret, cornel New Bowery. MAiTUEW CLINTON, v. iob-.?al? aod retail agent. j? A OA -BED ASH COAJL PER TON OK 2,000 ipt pounds. A siijierl er quality of < oal for famly war, well act coned and delivered promptly. Yard ly.l Woat Eleventh afreet, and l'?l Eighth iwnut. A. HKAKTT 2? 1 OA?RED ASIt COAL. I AM NOW DBEIVBKINO sPaT ju'j llin Hint quality of K?'l Ash Coal at $4 id per ton, ?l" i.OOU Iba.: loss to cartmen and i oal dealers. Wan corner of Peny and Went streets, North river, (illlnca 149 Bowery aud 110 Waverlry place. A. THREADVfELL, Agent. ~ MEDICAL. A m. mauriceau, proi'kbbok?trk atr all . iliae.iaes nl inmalaa with certainty and safety. OUlue, 199 Liberty at rent. DRCOOPER. 14 DUANE RTRITET. MEMBER OK DIE College ol Physicians and Surgeona cf New York, umy be consulted ,tj ? SI hla ollk: . from diu the uim nine until 9 in llii e' enlng Doctor hunter iitm?klf-th? physician who eatnhllekrd ih? litintrriin Dla|i?oeary, No. S Dlrtalon at wet, New York city, In I M?, can be coovilted i'rom 8 A. M. until 10 o'<-loi:k *t night U tne old ofllca. A private entranC". R ok It* nothing. DR. WATSON, AS OLD AND HUCCK88FUL TRACTIllonor, th<iroochl> a painnel with dlae.iae, may be ronaulud, I'romdA. M. toil r. M?ill 8311 Broadway. DR. RALPH?OFFICM 1? (TROSRT STREET, CORn-r ol llotit'nn Houre 11 to 2 and S till 11 P. M. T\R POWERS TRBATS ALL rtSKASRS OP FEMALES U with unpara b led IIKCW. lie i an be eonaulted at IS Lalghl aucel dmlng all hour*, day or evening. DR WARD-AM. OLD, EXPF.llIKNCKO AND HIOIILY aueoeaefn! pr.vt inner. thoroughly coneeraanl with rtlarai.e, can l>r 1 otunllod at IJ Lilgiil street. Hour* frmn H A. M. till 9 T. M. dally. IMPORTANT TO FEMALES ?01SKASBS OP FEMALES tlrntllimiy treated by Dr. THIERS. No. 1,217 Broadway, near Twenty-ninth atreet, New Yc.-a, Mend a red etamp lor lad en' circular, and eaeapo quack f>. PROFESSOR RLSTELL. 162 CI AMIIKIIS RTREKT.CAN lie ennett'tril n* usual. A;. o'e, 1-7)* Liberty street, Jf. Y. In Brooklyn. 170 Pillion ati let. KCORUETT, M. D.-MBMBKI i OF THE NEW YORK , I'nlvrraliy (Medical College) nn I Royal College of Milr* genu*, London, ran l.u continued mii'nml on disease*, at hie ofllee, No. '.(I Centre etreet, h>e?n t bamhere an I K ad ence'e, b*v ng a private niirfn ? id No. C City Hull p are. h. U.? Sv? Or. C.'s diploma* In itit wills*. , APRIL 15, 1862-TRIPLI BOAROIRO AND LOOUIHO. a TTHNTillM 18 CALLED OK THOSE LIVING IK -II bolide <iuj boarding houaea U> aa eauabiiaivmeut opeuod at 1 ill Mardoiigal ali-eel, ami turniahed with t-v.uything nr for houaekeeutng, in order that a lamily may have a complete home*ud Uve t a low raid. AT NO. 8U NINTH STREET. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY pluoeaud Klilli aveuur.?Uoowa tu anile or am glr, with liral i lai-" Board. Dinner at G oMock. Kelerrucca given aud i equirtd. No moviug in Waj. A LADY AND GENTLER\N CAN HK AOCONMO. dated with handaotuely furnlahed K join a. Bund fur the lady only, by inquiring at 61 Want Twenty-hfth atrret. A NICELY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR TO LETto a gentleman and lady; full Hoard lor lady; pirtlal for geutlemau if reiuiru.l; alau a wry cheerful male Room to Irt. Inquire ai Nu. V Amity atreet. iiouae baa all Ihr modern improvement*. AT 36 EAST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD way?Board. ?A handsomely fumiwhed Suit of it no ma on (room) Boor, aiao other pledaant Uomna at moderate prioea; Iiouae liratclaaa; modern convenience#; locatiou very convenient. Brat relervnoe offered. AKKW FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLE tlemen on y. with a 1 the modern lmprnvrinruis; family private, Bent ol reference* given and required. No. 6 Waaliiugt'tn p ace, mar New York UotuL A ~ gentleman and wike. and onk or Two aingle gentlemeu, can obtain auperb itoeiua iu a new aud elegantly furnlahed houae in Kirat I'lacr, neui Clinton atreet, Brooklyn; the family la private, and the appoiutinrnta of the table are of a aii|ierior order; thorn- who air deairoua of procuring a Oral claaa reaidence In every reaped may addreaa W. D. 0., boa l.gTT New York Boat oiilce. ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, ?FOR MLR. ? A BEAUTIFUL, MIOROBOOPB, Mollifying sun it man. for 28 wnU In stiver Five of dineruol powers, $1 Mailed free Adders, K L BOWEN, boi MO, Boston, Mass. A WINK, KKUIT, CONFECTIONERY STORE AND Sample Kooin for aale.?Complete and cho.c.- stock of B iltlrd Li pjon, S*gar?, Spina*, Pre-crves, Ac. Low rent. A desirable lojnlion fur a competent man. Apply to W. A. UKK, 3u6 Broadway, ran 1 AMBHOTYPE AND PHOTOGRAPH oallkry, 136 Bowery, I or sale very cheap A rare chance, as it will be aold fur naif the coat. A party purchasing not familiar with the busmen*, will be taught without extra charge. Bakeries kok sale?located on third, sixth, Seventh and Eighth avenues. Also, for aaln Oyster Saloons and Restaurants, Uro; ery auu Liquor Stores. Also. t1', finest and best Lager Beer Saloon in the city for sale at MITCHELL'S, 77 Cedar street. |>AKERY POR BALE-AT 401 ATLANTIC STREET. 1) Brooklyn, doing a good business; an excellent stand for cake and bread; reasons lar selling made known on application; will be sold cheap. BUTCHER'S 8IIOP FOR SALE.?A OOOD CHANCE for a man of small capital. Satisfactory reason for selling. Apply at 633 Third arenno, beta eeu Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth streeta.| DRUO STOKE FOR SALE?SITUATED ON A LEADlng thoroughfare, in Brooklyn; the windowa and door are of plate glass, with heavy silver plated frames; is well stocked and doing a fair business which can he greatly extended by an energetic man willing to devote his whole attention to the business; established over fifteen years. The slock and fixtures will be sold very low to a cash purchaser, or part cash and a negotiable note. For further particulars, apply ob the premises, oorner of Myrtle avenue aud Peart street, Brooklyn, N Y. DRUO STORE POM SALE ?one OP THE REST in city, long established and doing a good business. Satisfactory reasous for selling given. Apply to Mr. 11 ALL, 61 Ana street, English shades foe sale?the best fitted up la Brooklyn. Good neighborhood. Excellent chance for the right party. Anplv to W. MARK. Duulop's Ale Depot , 66 Liberty street, N. *. For sale?the stock and fixtures or a small Fancy Store, doing a good business in the stamping line: block stamps for embroidery in all its branches; must be rold as the proprietor is about to leave for Europe; will be sold cheap. Apply at 286 Bowery. For sale?a steam engine and locomotive Boiler, about ten horse power; can be seen running; will be sold for one-third its value. Apply to P. CASSlDx, Noa. 4 to 10 Bridge street, Brooklyn, dealer In all kinds of machinery. For salb-thb stock, fixtures and good will of the old cstab.ixlied Hat. Cup and Fur Store 381 Canal aired; attached 1h a large, well lighted and well vrntilard wurkkhnp sufficient for twenty finishers, trimmers, and capmakers. Apply as above. For sale?at the city of pouoiikeepsie, a valuable steam power Engine, 20 horse, and boilers sufficient for the engine, together with all the Machinery, now In successful op ration, consisting of one of Woodwortb's large cltuw I'laneiH aud Matchers (the only one in the city), and an upright Mill Saw for resawiug; ana, in addiuou, all the modern improvements for Box manufacturing, with a good run ol custom in New York city. This establishment In locsted on the dock, near to boats and railroads, in a three story building 60 by 100 feet, the lease of which building runs three years irom May 1, 1862, aud can be extended. For more lull particulars parties are requested to apply to VAN KLKECK A KNICKERBOCKER, on the premised, or to HENRY W. SHAW, real estate bcoker, at the city of PouglikeepaiH, or of T. REED, 26J Washington street, New York. If not previously disposed or will be sold at public auction, on the premises, on Wednesday, April 16, at 2 o'clock P. M. to Closo the copartnership. For sale-a first class corner liquor Store, with fixtures all complete, situated in one of the best locations in the city down town. For particulars apply at 302 avenue A, corner Twentieth street, or 24 Baxter at. For sale?a billiard saloon, with bar and Fixtures. Apply at 673 Hudson street. For sale?genuine flavoring for the ma. nufacluring of braudies, rum gin aud wineM, and instruct ions given for their use. Will be aold in quantnies to suit purchasers to oioae out (he stock of a wholesale manufacturer. Inquire at No. 38 Howard street, basement, ibis month, from 9 till 12 o'otock each day. FIR SALE?A FIRST CLASS LAOER BIER AND Billiard Saloon, now doings good business, in ibe upper ' nart ftf (Km siiw in a inlniiiiiH Innntlnn f,.m Iks month*. Will So sold very cheap lor cash. Apply at 207 Weat Twenty-second street. TjIOR SALE?THE LEASE. STOCK AND FIXTURES OK ? a Grocery and Liquor Store, 701 Third avenur; in well located, and now doing a good business; will bo *oM tow for caah. Rent $3U) per annum. FORSALE-A CHOI* HOUSE AND SALOON. WITH lixturea; good reason wlU be given for leaving. Apply at IBS Centre street, one door from Orand street. 1 For sale?the stock, fixtures and good will of an old established Grocery Store; it la one of the best stand* In the Fourteenth ward. The reason for selling the owner Is going to the country. For further particulars call on the premises, 135 Crosby street. FOR SALE-THE PUBLIC HOUSE KNOWN as Dubois', on Harlem lane. For particulars inquire on llie premise*. For salk-tue best paying billiard saloon iii thlseity; *uy man baring SHOO In rash (not $>HA><>r $8.10) ran commence ul once in a paying business; first floor, reasonable rcut, *c\, alcknesa causa lor celling; also other SaIoods. P. P. RICHARDSON A CO..82nndMNnaanustreet. rR 8ALB-A LIQUOR STORE, IN A FIRST CLASS location, thickly populated; no opposition willlia tluee blocks; rent moderate. Apply at the Comet Hotel, 02 Lispeuard street, F. A. HILL. FOR SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED 8BUAK STORE; will be sold cheap. Apply at 38% Bowury. FOR SALE?$1,200. BILLIARD SALOON ON ONE OK the best corners In the city; two of Shiirpe's beat table*, nearly new,good stock of liquors of best quality and very low rent Tb* proprietor caunot give his personal attontion; u> an enterprising man a capital tbsrgain. Address Billiard.-, llcrald offloe. FOR SALE?STEAM ENGINE; ONE 36 HORSE POWER horuoniat Engine and Boiler, In good running order; boiler ha* been tested at 138 within a year. Apply to T. HINEs, wood yard foot Twenty-ninth street. North rivet IjiOR SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED CORNER LI' qnor Store, wllh Uxturrscomitate, stiualed In s good location, wlih two years' lease to run. Satisfactory reasons given for telling. Apply at AM avenue A, corner of twentieth street, or to B. c REGAN, northeast corner of Trent)fourth street and Eighth avenue. FDR SALE?A WHOLESALE AMD RETAIL LA HOE comer Liquor Bio re, doing large, paying business; lease (hue years; everything cmmdete; goo i sum:! on band. ISAAC A. BlUllri, 73 Naesau aireei. IpoK HALE?A FIRST CLASS RIVKR AND SUMMER lintel; the lease, slock auil tixturcs being full and runpletr, at the steamboat landing; thousands vtailing II daily. W 111 be sold reasonable. I8AACA. BIOGS>73 Nassau street. FOR BALE?ONE OF THE BEST GROCERY AND Lienor Stores in (be elty; to be sold In cotieequ 'n<? of (be owner going Into mine oilier business. Inquire at li Allj HIS A TLCKPaFHR'S, 171 Dusne street. F?B SALE?A RUFFLE SHOP, WITH 36 SEWING inaehun-ji, In lull operation; machines run by steam power. Th.s i? a rare chance lor persona who like n light, Ueat and tery proUUihle busiueas, as ibe gooils aie in i n demand. For lull |uirtleuljrs apply on the premises. .No ? Fulton street, Brooklyn, upstairs. I poll BALK, CHEAP-A MEDIUM WASHINGTON 1 Printing Press. In rood running order Also, warned to hire, a Utisrlo Medium Power Press, ot some good msniifncture. Address Press, llerabt otln e. TJIOR BALK CHEAP?THE STOCK AND PART OK THE I" lidures of the old establish' tl K.iUry Store lOri tlirroe street. Reason for leaving, i*?or health. I TOR SALE CHEAP?IRON SAFE. WEIGHING 2,?*M 1 pounds (Sb arm a. Msrvln's make |. sod i Mb? Fixtuie , consisting ol Ta les. Desks, Ciisirs, Glass Cases, Ar., ,t< Apply hi g*7 Greenwich street, over living Bunk, iroui ; a >1. to I P. M. CN ROCKRY FOR BALK.?TilE STOCK, FIXTURES AND W l<ea*e ol a brut ? lass cash Retail reiopeisnce Grocery business, of about $4tl,bOU. I cooelder'this a good orisnCinlty lor it purty wishing to add liquor and tot,rbihlra. as it would out interf ere Willi but luei e.vse the business. Sin *. factory renaona ulvcn to a party with .ib in Aleuts need uot call. J a (litre until add, utter <?A. M. VV >l. SKAMAJf, Af Serenth ireiw, CTHOOKRY FOR SALE?IIS FOURTH AVKNUK, COIf J ner of Tivclilli a n ut, oar ni lUn l>r*i luratimia ill >.jp nit jr. To bp (old in ooiiBequra. c ol tlie owner quitting the business. HOTEL FOR SALE.?THR HRBHOuTT HOTEL, NO. .10 K.ihi Uoiislon and, lor sale or to Ipt to n good, ivspon* tiblomaii, it U liiriiishrd complete throughout, In prrlr t orJi'r, and nearly full of boarder*. Apply uu lbs prrml>-fN. Hotel?, restaurants obouuiuMi parity Uou'a unit llodPiy, aim Confection ?i y Him- . mil several rood Mannfa luring Oonucru* lor sale on ill* most easy term* and at groat bargain*. Itnre i baiiret. 8OUTHWI0K a WOOD, M Nusasu atrrrt. IIQ t OR STORK for SALE t llKAl'.-THE FIXTURES J of a neatly titled up Liquor Slorp. Hjiisfactnry reamus given lor solium. Al'l'1/ ?l '< ' Euat Thlriy-aecnnd atraot. Rare ghakch?po* sale, a orocksy stork. trith Mar aitaonad. Alao a Pent 81010,11 il< uirud, and itooma on lb? aame lloor of the store, at a 1 heap rent. Ilaa been esubuahod for thing-live y> ars and ta doing a good cash trade. Reason for tolling, the owner ha* oiher finalne** and cannot attend to IL Mint be Mild. Apply at Uti Red tard aireet, Bornar of drove.

u'TKAII ENUINK for 8ALK. PROM EltiHT TO TI N O Lorn* power, with bandwheel ami pump attached, n nrl> new, and in perfect order. Apply at the Factory, IijU Horatio at. _ _ _ CIIAFTIMO PULLEYS AMD HANGERS FOR SALEO Apply at47 Ana afreet. ft*. M< KKNY.IK. TO BARBERS.?FOR SALE, A SPLENDID FITTED up drat i lana Bathing and H*Ir<1 renting Hainan. Thla la a good chance lo malt* moony; no mm. tiro or gan to pay; acid oo account of alckneaa. Apply to J. LSKMINU'S, llalrdrrsaing Saloon, between Twentieth and Twenty Urat at reel a, Urn men y park. TO BUTCHERS-FOR SALE, A BUTCHER'S STALL, Ion Hot, An. Alao a Home,cheap. Inquire at 4*7 Third avenue, between Tim ty-lifth and Thirty tilth almeta, A4EIWA TARE CHANCE TO AN ENERGETIC WOIp'WU man?Wanted, lor a good atore anil dwelling honae,. doing a good buatneaa, long eatnhllaliml, (to an energetic woman and onnoftaate and Judgement thla la a rare uhnuce). the reaeon for aelllng out la the owner wlahea to go to Europe. Addieae Bnalneaa Store, Broadway Poat nmoe. ACAO Wll.L BUY THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR PDUU Store On avenue A, worih tl,40U. Tne owivr ta giving np, ao he will veil tor leaa than half Ma value. Apply to PAYTKN, KSDtvtaioo ntieet. EESTAVRAXTI. AT LIBBY'i OYSTER AND DINING ROOM, 1*9 FULton atrecl?The ducal Oyatera, Steaka, Ctoopa, Cutlote, Ham and Egg*. Yankee Flali C ilea, lioeton Lomtera. Tea, Coffee, Ale a,Ae. Mniclianla and nthera will llnd the artldrn nerved at thla plane the beat In the market 1.VNI1LIBH SALMON FOB DINNER TO-DAY. "i Fot aale. Rnglleh MotUm, Salmon, Hama, Cheeae, YarniMiilh IIL atera, Ac. Dunlipa Ale In tine condition. KICll AHDOUh, Maiden lane, corner William a*. Ar AUM noun IN AN ENGLISH BASKMKNT HOUSK, suitable tor a phjsleian'a cilice. to lot, with Board, if required, from May 1, at 136 liuflirhl street, Brooklyn. AT 19 ST. MARK'S BLACK. -TWO VKKY PLKAKAKT Rooms for gentlemen aud them- wives, or single gentlemen may be obtained with Board, A genteel family, having a few unpuenishrd Kooma, will reut thorn, with Board. For particulars apply at 406 Wrat Twrnt y-third at rent. AT 130 MADISON AVENUE ?A GENTLEMAN AND wife seeking the comforts of a home, can lind a Suit of Kooma on second Door, with Board, in a tirai < laas houae, aa above. Alao, Kooma for tingle gentle men. Beat of references given and required. A FEW BOAHDEK8 WILL BE TAKEN AT S8 HUDaon aireet, near Franklin. Terms low. No ntoviug in Bay. A PLEASANT AND NICELY FURNISHED UOOM. suitable for a geuileinaii aud wife, or two single gen. ilemeu lo lei, wltb Board; houae haa sli the modern improve, inenia; no moving in May. Kelureticoa exchanged. Apply at 4?K> Weat Tweniy-third aireet. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD I BT A BOOM TO A htily ami g-ntlenun, or one or two single gentlemen, (.lull at 114 Kant Eighteenth street, between Irving pluue aud Third aveuue. AT 123 WEST TWENTY-FIFTH STREET, SECOND Floor, lutndtomely furnished, to let, with first class Board; location pleasant; cars and stages convenient. AX 2QS TENTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE? to let, with Hoard, in a hist elasa private boarding houae; a Room to gentloman and wife; alao two Rooms tor siugle gentlemen; dinner at 6. A~~ SCOTCH WOMAN WISHE8 ~TO~HOARD TWO OR three children; they can have tbe coniform of a good home and a mother's care; would take them from elghtceu loonihs to eight years old. Call at 66 Weat Twenty-seventh street. APRTVATE AMERICAN FAMILY OP TWO PERSON8. having more room than they require, will aeeoinmoilAte a family oi not over three persons with eaosllentdkstrd. In a beautiful collage house on Bedford avenue, Brooklyn. No other boarders. Persons desiring a pleasant home at a moderate price, will address room 14, 212 Broadway. N. T. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISHES TO KENT A LARGE front Room, nicely furnished, and Bedroom with it. If requirrd, to one or iwo gentlemru; alao, a nice attic Boom, oil very moderate, terms. Referencea required. Inquire at 427 Grand street. T IN# AND l?7 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, TITO families can he aecommodaled with Suits of Rooms. Also Rooms for two gentlemen. Dinner at 0 o'clock. \ NEW IIOU8K. WITH ALL THE MODERN IM xx piovemeuis.?unturnisned Parlors and furnished single Ko miK, with excellent Board, from >5 60 to $6 per week, at 1J8 Blcecker street; brctkful from (j to 9; dinner at 13 andC. 81111' OK FURNISHED ROOMS?WITH PULL Board, to lei in the Drat ciau houae No. 2k> Washington place, near Broadway. Apply aa above. AT 122 NINTII STREET, A TEW DOORS WEST Or Broadway, a guutlenian and wile orslugle gentlemen can ol?i iin pleasant Kootna, with Board. The house contalna the moderu improvrnienta. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE REQUIRE AN UNPURmelied front Room, with Board, In a genteel family; board. Ae., not tu exceed tit)per week; location between Second end Siirth vennei, and Eighth and Twenty second slices itctercncea given and required. Address for two days, t.'arl, Herald olltre. A LAI>r AND GENTLEMAN OR TWO GENTLEMEN eaa be uiaoinuiodaled With Board and with uioely furniahcd Rooms; one u ho could lavor the advertiser with $.10 in advance. "The boose contains all modern Improvements. Address Comfort, llroadnay 1'oat olUee. A SMALL private family would like to let Iwo hrfiidniini ly furnished I'ailora, or one largo I runt Room, to a lady and gentleinun: Board lor lady; partial Boaid lor gentleman If required; all modern improvements; loeatloii uiisurppaand. No moving In May. Apply at 58 East Twenty lilili street, neat Leiiugiun avenua. BOARD-FRONT AND HAOK ROOM, WITH BEDROOM. In let, with Hoard, to gentlemen and their wives, or single g.'utlnuien. A small Room for single gentlemen. Dinner at 1 o'clock. Only a lew boarders taken. 61 Hi. Mark's |ilace. Eighth si reel. BOARD.-WANTKD, IN THE VICINITY OF new York, on a tarni bordering the Hudson rlrer preferred, substantial Hoard lor a gentleman and his wife; eomforta and cleanliness beuue fashion. Price must be moderate. Address M. N., box 4,10i I'ost otllre. Board.-a handsome second' story front room, well furn isbed. to let with Board, for lady and gentleman, or wilhoot board lor two xeuilcni.m; also a single mom adjoining. Apple at 42 West Washington place, second do ir wrat of Sixth avenue. Board.-a large room for a gentleman and wile, wtlb good Board, and a Room fur a single person, at 2IB East Broadway, corner Clinton street. Board-on Brooklyn heioutb, with very pl -aaani Booms, communleaiing. on second lloor, to let to genllemeii and their wives, or to aiugle gentlemen, at No. 6 Poplar street, wllhlu three minutes'walk of Fulton ferry ?nd eight of Wall street ferry. House modern. Board.-to ijstT with board, at no. 137 second avenue, b Iwocu Elyliih and Ninth streele, nicely luruislied Rooms, on inodrratn terms to permanent panlex Localinn vny d suable. Kcfcreuces exchanged |?oakd- 241 EAST broadway ?on or before I 1 |K.. 1,1 ..I VI - - .. I'lirni-k,.! ?- I 1 Room, no )K?ml door, iu reapeeiable private fatuity, for ? guutleinan :uid wife or Kliiclr- geuilcinan. Go*, both, 4c. UufcrcuceHgiven and required. BOARD.?8KVF.ll At. PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH Board, ill 83 Glimon place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board.-a private family or three persons, bai iOK mere mom Until Ibcv require, would Uk' a gentleman and bi? or urn or three aln*|. gentlemen to Hmul. Teirue moderate. Keferenuea exchanged. Apply at 213 Weet Thirty-fourth atrcel, near Ninth avenue. Board.-a lady tka< irkic desires, fim?m may 1, an imliuntale-d tnnt Itoum, with ot without Hoard, with a prlx itc family . I :no uiuat la" moderate; luxation above Second at rent, Ixtwera Flrol and Hlilh avruuei. Hefrremv n ctoiutngrd. Aildre?n Preceptress, atution D, Bible Ilouaa. ijgaed ii- town-a smai.i. private family l> w on il Ft, wiili Hoard, pea-exnl ami* of t uruiaheil or tinfurol-lied Rooma, loceiher or separately; man, a large torrpUnn Unun, autlaOle lor a plivrn lini. Reference .1 e*Chan; ?d. Apply at 121 Weal Fotty-wi oud street, near Uioadway. Board in yorkvillk.-a private" family, xvl'.huul children, ow ning a One homa-, with haulnome grounds and n.eluina auac'ieu, lu Yorkttlle, would llku to lent thr Second I lour, with Hoard, to a party of nuiiluiu n <r two r.'-'iiiie'ncn ana thi-ir wires, without children. h?>. ion x m v he ilthy and desirable. Apply at or addrciui a iiute to M. .i.. 4I Irving place. Bl OAHIr \VANTED?RY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, IN ex- bany lor a line autl of alt rooma, ep Unvn, In a niee, brown amtie hoitee, where llie axlvcrimer dcalrea io uiaki i bin home: a rinall quiet fitmily, xviilioul noiai xhlldien will please ailCreaa, Willi pailleuUra, Eeonutny, Urrald tlfllce. L10ARD WANTED?PGR a m ARRIED LADY AND TWO I> rinall e!i.l iren. wltliln lifly or >-Uly mile* of lire city. T rni Inuat he moteraie, a ldre.? M. Elation D. 1JOAH1) WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, IN J> the vicinity ol Nineteenth street anil Third axenne, lor which he will pay $8 p?T weak Addrers W., h8 E.<at Nineteenth atreel. I>GARIt WANTUD-HY A GENTLEMAN, WIFE. SIRI) tcr and awvanl, wilh plcaaant Rooma, in a private larally, oi wlieiix there are but tew beardera. taxation In or near 1 lie Nih il ward. A Idreaa Inn 3.343 I'oat olilee B' card wanted?st a okntlbman, in a 1'rivilli* family, lor himself, tviie, two rhildmi ami nurse: ic mmoii hctwei ii fourteenth and thirty-fourth atreela ami i lull untl ninth nvrntiea. i'tirtjea aiiavt rring thin will ulr ise ataic tefina end deacrtption of apartment*. boarding nouaea k-eiei* will not rwrlva attention. addreaa r. r . boi 4.uio new Tor's poal e. Boahdwanted.-by a widow lady, an untiir. iiulird kuom att'l Bedroom nil the aecond door of a neatly llirnlahed bonae. best ?>f refe renooa glrru and required. addi-aa mrs. n. 8.. matith at. Board wanted-in a strictly private lamily, by a gentleman, wll'e and . hltd, throe yeara uid; a room and bedroom, in an unckcrpilnn,ihit heighten hoods uptown. addreaa. giving locality, tana a and rrfercncoa, j. (?., i*?t ik new York i'oat ottco. Board wantkd-bt a tolno lady in a privale famliy wli*ro thera are but lew other boarder*. terra* nut toeicaod $3 so. addreaa w. w., bog 211 lleiald offlee. -poakd wan ted-by a o kittle man. wire and jj aert anf; in ? i>riv*ta family prelerrwd; would re.|uiia tha aacond atory ol a houaa with tiuadero lmprwveao uiei la ratloa went ol broadway, between canal and lloualoa atreeta: liberal prh e and bast ol iwfetoano* gtvrn. aldmoa e. p. ii., herald Iioakd wanted?in thirty pirer thirty g? j ooiid, thirty third oi tsi'l ighth mid ninth atenuen. purntabe i a- <e. oe> <? i floor, high atoup houaa preferred, for a go'itoiusi, ? .< and rhild. termn iniiat ita tniderale. addresa k c w.eawi, fa lory, jay and jo7 west thlriy-nernnd itreel BO.VRD WANTED?KOR MKNTLKNA*, WIPB AND chHd, 7 re trt ot age. one good Rnuin m l hull H -om off; will furnl'.h their room* with exception of .nip.'*, room* 10 have a** and Croton water; fire to he fnrnUhed; locution Tlilr I mill I Sixth avenue* and not above Twelfth atrreL Addrear, anting terma, which muil be modi-rate, R. H , Humid office. Board wanted-in a btrtctly private fami ly, having no other hoarder*. In the neighborhood of KiiUior'a Institute, for * family of four, who * ould he * III. log to fnml-th their own room*. Address A I, box MB Foal oflVre. HOARD WANTED-BY A FAMII.Y Of EIVB; POUR IJ iinfiirnlthod Room*required; loratlon between Eighth end T* -nty-thlrd slrert?. and Third ami Eighth avenues, I I Kin nor'1 he moderate. AdJtea* Intineduu ly box l,yt?4 Net* York Post olllce. S SHEET. BOARDING AND LODGING. Board wanted.-by a single urn ilk a an , a unbailed Room, with Breakfast, full thind on Sundays, private lamb J nod up town preferred. Address. ?tatlngt< rint, which must be moderate, Leaudur, lLuald u3u.e. Board wantkd-by a gentleman who would give ins. riein.ii in English ill payment or in purl |ny- j ment; would give riphuI attuition to uny owe de dro sof o-laming a pra lieal know.cdce of bookkeeping Th " t 01 testimonials furnished. Addr :au Te.icUur, bo? Uhi'l.a.oi offl.e BOARDING -AT 29 Sl'KlNli STREET, nbas HOD i*iu, picasunt furnished or uiburuished Rooms, subside for in an ied or single gen tinmen; terms moderate BOARDING.-A I.ARUK AND ELEGANT FRONT PAR- | lur on the second iioor, wlili bedroom attached, to let, with Hoard; suitable tor a gentleman and bin Wife, or a email family, as the entire floor can be hud if deslri d References given and required. Apply a* HM Second avenue. BROOKLYN-BOARD POB UKNTLKMKN OR COL'. pie .. lunge and airy rnon a, furuishe-l ur uufn. ul he . houae and table airlclly lbstrUss, locution wit Inn live tniniilea' walk of South or Wall atroet lerrijr. A|iplyatNo 10 State atreet, Broeklyu. BK00KI.YN.-TW0 OR TUKKK UKNTliKMKN. OR gentleman and wlfo, nan hud euperiprnecominodaiiona, Koonia troni or reur, at 77 Slate atreet, opposite Sidney plan.', near Wall atreet or South terry; turms moderate; dinner at tit, o'clock. BROOKLYN.?HOARD WANTED, BY A GENTLEMAN and wife, In a family where there are but fe.v other boarders. Addreaa. with lull partlnulars. Adama, box STY Post .Alice, N. Y. Board in Brooklyn ?a gentleman and wife hi have Heard, with eiihor large or small booms, iu a private family; modern house, and nioe neighborhood; >0 minutes by cam to Pulton, Wall and South lerrlea. Addrcaa u. ?? . u., wk i,?tv rv? uinuc. Board in brooklyn.?good board can uk ob tamed at the browu atoue house 105 Amity struct. live minuleu' walk from South ferry. The bonsoeoululns nil the modern iuipi-ov anient*. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References given and required. Board in Brooklyn.?a lady and gentleman or two single gentlemen can obtain Board and plrasuut tronl Room, aecond Uoor, in a private family, 83 State at reel. House has bath, Ac.: ia within lire minutea1 walk of South and Wall atrect ferries. Dinner at 6%. Board in brookian.-a few single gentleiuen ortiimiliraoaii llnd neatly furnished tront K ?iim en aecond or third floor, with Board, in a private fauniy, at 221 State street. Terma low. Board in brogklyn.-lakob and small rooms; home: haa all the modern improvementa; delightful location, within ten minutes' walk of South and Wall .street forriea. 236 Henry alreot, fourth door from Amity at.eel. Terms moderate. Board in Brooklyn -a okntleman and wipe. also, two single gentlemen can be accommodated wuh Rooms, t'liriilabed or uufurniahed, at 5t> State sircet, live minute* frout South or Wall MrMt f-rry; the house haa all modrru improvementa. Dinner at ait o'clock. Board in Brooklyn.-pleasant rooms, with Board, suitable for imirried and tingle gentlemen, in a modern built house, in a line neighborhood, convenient to the principal ferries. Apply at 47 Concord street. Board in Brooklyn-two large rooms, fir finished or unlurn.ahed, in a first clasa house, modern improvements; convenient to both South and Wall atreet ferry. Address A. M. 8., box 181 Poat ottlce. New York. Board in south Brooklyn may be ohtainkd tor a gentleman and wile; also, a single gentleman; good Hoard, where the ooml'orts ol' home may bo had; gas, bath, hot and cold water; convenient to the cars and lerriea, by applying at 02 Harrison at., two doors from Clinton. Boarders* directory, set broadway.-boakd ing houses and families wishing genteel boarders should nmily Immediately; particulars gratuitous to board seekers of places (city, vicinity or country). Board wanted, In city aud country, fur many applicants. a. 8. bodine a co. Desirable and nicely furnished rooms, with Board, auliable for lamilleaar single gentlemen, can be obtained in a first class house and good location, by applying at 37 West Twenty-eighth street, near Broadway. Dinner at b o'clock. Relerences given a id required. Elegant furnished parlors and bedrooms (o let?En suite orMnglc, with or without Board, at No. 32 East Fourteenth street, between Fifth avenue and University place. No moving in May. FRKNCn board in brooklyn wanted.?a young gentleman, speaking English alone, wishes a single Room and dluner only, at or near half-past six o'clock, with a French family residing north of AlUntio street, Brooklyn. Address, naming terms, F. 8. M., box 149 Herald otter. Families and single gentleman can obtain Rooms, en suite or aingle, In e private family, hy upplying at 107 Eighth streei.between Filth aniFBIxth u venues. The house has been recently taken end newly fitted up, and oouts ius all modern improvements Relerences given and required. 1DURNIHHKD ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD.-A 1 family without childrnu will let the front and bark FarlocH, aecond lloor, and Front Rooms, third tloor, to geutlomrn or genllemen anddhcir wires; house contains ah the I muts exchanged. Dinner at 6. Call at 116 Wuverley place. 17ur.m8i1ed rooms for gentlemen, 1 612 broadway. Opposite the Hi. Nlcholnii Hotel. |1 to tS per week. Inquire up stairs. IjlURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.?ONE OR TWO HAND ' somcly furnished Rooms, without Board, to a single centlemsn, in a private four story brown stone house m west Twenty-fourth street, near Fifth avenue. For particulars address Jinn 8,770 Post ottle-. Furnihhf.d rooms to let-witii board for the lady only; also, one, with cooking stove, suitable for housekeeping, at $3 60 per week; rootna each o uitaiu gas and closets. Inquire at 131 West Houston street. Furnished parlor and bedroom to let?to a single gentleman, in bouse ncrupitd by owner; no boarders or children; ten minutes' walk from the ferries. Inquire at .11.1 Soiuh Fourth street, Jersey City. Handsome furnished apartments to let-to .ingle gentlemen only, with or without partial board, In a ptirate family, at 19 Firth avenue. References exchanged, Neatly furnished parlor on the firht floor; alao two Rooms on second floor, to let to gentlemen, with or without partial Board; private table if required. Apply at 79 Bast Twelfth street, uear Broadway. PERMANENT BOARD WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. IN a private family, lor a gentleman anil wife; two unfnrnlshed Rooms. Terms aot to exceed $35 per month, Including ras aud Are. Referen u h exchanged. Address W., box 713 Post oltlee, N. Y. PLEA8ANT SUITS OP ROOMS, WITH EXCELLENT Board, at the Ashland House, 307 and 309 Fourth avenue, for luinllles. One front Room, ore.r the parlor, juat vacated. Single Rooma and Board for gentlemen, $6. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN -TWO LARGE AND handsomely furnished tront Rooms, with ampin closets. nrriind nnd third noon, to lot, to partlea without lotams and nun *; location lor health and beauty urnurpnatied. Fulton atomic, ace and door e**t from Franklin avenue. Rooms to let?in a I'Bivatk family; onk to three lipoma, ou act-mid or third Hour, Airmailed or (inI'urtilahed, to a ample gentleman, or gentleman and wife; religion* poraon* preterm!. Houae brown Mono front, pith every convenience. Call at 110 Kaat Thirty-third *treel. I>OOMS TO LKT-FI RNJSIIKD OU UNFURNISHED. XV ?dili Board, for fami'lca or a ngle gentlemen, at 2d Went Sixteenth at reel, near Fifth avenu-. ROOM? TO LET?WITH BOARD; A FINK EARLOIl and large Extension Room, tvllh git*, water, dr.; Mm, other Renin* mil a good Banement, aultable for a ph> iriau ordcntl-t. Impurr at 87 Clinton place. Kefercmea given and required. TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT partial Hoard, for a lew eciitlcincn. in a nntnll family; nuothei b(?trden; no children: convenient to oltr railroad*; lerina mod<TWtc. Apply at .'VB Bridge alreet, between Myrtle and Wlilotaghby rttiei, Brooklyn. C, CARTER. rpo let?wiTn bouid, rooms on second floor, X l.i a pleaaanl lau.Uy, whew home comfort* ran he i nio; ed. .Spiini?h In the hoti?e. Hiuthea-l col lier of Hanson and Fort Ureen place*, Brooklyn. ItO LET?WITH BOARD, PAtiLOR AND RKDKOOM ON Hie neenr.d tin ir, unfurnished, anil llall Room.*, lurnlaherl, to-Ingle g nlieinoii. Ilauae haa all llie n?li rn ImPinvi iaenU. Dottier at ail o'eloek. Impure at 2ft Kent Tenth itrort, near Second avenue. TO LET?(WITHOUT BOARD AND NOT FOB HOUSEkeeping) two i.lcely Inmlah-d trout Room*, on aooond or third tloor of 4.1 North Moore a reet, aiillalde tor innii and w ife or timid gentlemen Ua* and pantry. Private i iindly. WEST TWENTY THIRD HTItKF.T.?A VERY five Suit of Room* on ac niul Hour, with bathroom and other convenience*. *ud ? private parlor attached, on firrt lloor, in a family who here no boarder*, will lie let to any party willing to pay a fair price for taine; Board, of ronr.-e, and dinner at any hour requited; moat utieicnpttonahle reference* given nnd requited. Add re* hot j,783 Poet otli e WANTED-IN BROOKLYN, M AY 13, RT A GENTLEmalt and wife, a furniahed Knotn. with com fort* Ide Board, In a prlvnl Attierlean family, partial hoard lor the gentleman, within llftccn lulnuiaa' walk of Fullon ferry. Terma $7 60 per week. AddrentJ. II. Barker, Herald otlire. WANTED-BY A SINUI.E OENTLBMAlt, A HAND otnely furnished Room, with Board, In a private family, below Tenllt ?tr t and Eait of Broadway. Addre.* A. II., tail W* Pout olBce. WANTED-BOARD FOR A QKNTLKMAN AND his Main Islant, or within a irwmiie*of the ettrof New York; terma mn*t be moderate. Addteaa box 404 PeatidB'e. Wanted to board-two or three small ektdren. inquire at 1m tliirty-flral (treat, on of b.h-oml avenue. 0>o kft ?cheapest board?nice rooms, with <p^**-e'-r? good hoard, at tl-vi to $3 a week, anil upwanta. l-adieaamt famntea milled vervlow; nine nar.ora w ik planoi. 4h liapenard atreet, near broadway and canal atraac wmbmi an.i lodging* cheap. (do and |5 hi -hood rooms and board, with spo ike oomlorta of hom>', ai no. m math areaua, aevond doorfr iti washington pluoa. dinner at a no moving in mv_ 8til street-si clinton plack.?vert handmime holla of knoma to !? ; al?n, single r...>m?, mil'ahln for g- ntlrn.. n w lading |de??ant anil romiortahte ?c ..anno. daitnna. the kouee la flmi i-laae, having lino hath and dresain '< room. no moving lei of may. t c bast mxtbenfll st reit, between broadlo way and fifth avenue.?kl-gantly fiirnlahed rooms, in anil* or ?tng'e, to lei in genth'inen, without h..*rtl, tho i.k?iid atorjk roualming of lour ronrm, all connected, for t-v in a party ul three gentleman. oik union syl"ark (kochtit avkni'k) ?-at fi'ri o'e nlaheit front r?-in to lei, with board; alao two single kooma. refervnee* given and reqntn d. west t-nion svcark -to lfr. ^itiiorr oo board, a suit of elegant newly fttrnlahed boon a on ei'.ond lloor, with velvet carpet ami ruaewood furniture; omian water and g**; fronting the park. alio other roome, handaomely furnl?h"d, fronting the park, affording a delightful view. to gentlemen only, qe and s7 west thirtieth street, between ?>i# broadway and filth avenue.?two or three a.-lt la mlllra and three or four gentlemen ean now he aeeom nodated with still* or sin tic itooma, in -me of the mo-1 delightfill liwatlona in the city table hralelaa*. referenced ckchanged 9 1 W)4RI>lllO AID LODGING* ^ Qv? GREAT J ON KB STREET-GENTLEMEN ANO t>< J Uh t wives or single g> nileiiK'U < en uc accommodated ? ' 0 pleaeeni R ,0^U4 and Boaid. Dinner el six ? clock. tt? fe?dtire? exi'iw.jod. 4 4- IiN10N SQUABK. NE \KSEVENTEENTH HTttEBT * -* Eroat Kooiim, uv r uJAi. g ibe i'ark, nti-i uihe; Buiu K1 >oniM to let, Aitli H'tard, lor t-?e r.7 BAtfT TWENTY EltlHTU STKbhi. NE tB FOURTH I Aver*ua.?Oejtirar>ii' kirns on i lfoor, iia| ot?ej?*r.4t?\ aii'l MjitaMe for geullfiiu u *uil Uie i *i?r< *, U i' , ^iUi H jai d, in a hi*bona; uo unriug in May. ttetoreiiucit ? vciiaii?tii. ftO HAMMONI> HTKhET ?l.AUuK FRONT ROOMS, *itii CioUmi, 'cu-o uui pantrl *. ulao tungUi KooiMi c??i obtained, wuh board: dinner a; o iCei aeucea i b wagi d. QO EAST TWENTY FIRST STREET, URAMEBC* I )\t nark?To lei, a suit oi Fuftil?|ied, Willi IT.aiS Ob third flour suitable f.,r u f.<mily of respectability, tiouiM fitat c.amh and bcrtuuiyllf local-il batwueu l.eimgtou aa-i Fourth itvcmiei 9?? OKKKNK 8TRF.KT, AHOYE SPRING. Alia TOM tf House?Kleg.iutly furnished suits of Room*. gas. Croton And every convenience lor housekeeping coonoinl cully, par icularly suitable for mail reaperlabiit families ua single gentlemen. Kent low to permanent tenaiiu 1()U W IVKKI.KY PLAGE, NBAR WABHINUTOR J.l/O square ? Furnished 1 run I itooina, on aecoud and llilrd floor*, to lei, willi rood Hoard; house quiet; tiaa aM modern improvements; location dea.rabl- Retemnoea nn> chanted. 1 WAVERLBY PLAtTR.?A FEW PLEASANT PUR* .1.1-1 f) uishad Kooma, with Hoard, for single gentlemen and gentlemen and heir wives. Location boiween Fifth aud R a Hi avnuue* . m NINTH STREET, WEST OF BROADWAY.?TR let, without board, a Pur.or aud Sleeping Boom, on the si-coni floor, elegantly furnished, suitable for a gentle* man; aleo a hingle front room. Private table If mMint Terma reaoonable. 1 r.f' PRINCE STREET?RT. CLAIR HOUSE.-ELS'.J-tVl/ gaully furulabed Kooma, with Bedrooma ailaobod* with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, In* eluding gns aud Croton water, to let to respectable famtUan or single gentlemen. 1 ft BLBECKEB STREET. OPPOSITE DKPA.R lull row.?A large Room, on second floor, with an eaten* awn room, hot and cold water, gaa. large cloaets an d bathroom adjoining, suitable lor a family or a party of g uilemen, with Hoard; also, a Room on fourth dour. Will be ted reasonable. No moving in May. Keiereucea eaclumged. 1 70 Bf.EECKER STREET-A NEW HOUSE, WITH 1IO all toe nuaieru improvements. L'niiirnisned Par* 1 ir*< and tunnelled single Rooms, wtlh excellent Board* froua $.1 80 to A6 |<e? week, onatl'aat from li to V; diuuer at U and d "'EST TWENTY-THIUD STREET -SCfTS ANO lI/m a.ugli- Kooma, with Hoard, can be olitalnc*! In thd lirat class bona- 20?-'Weat TweniJihim street, one door from Seventh avenue. Houac has all modern improvements, and I* Uni ty located. No moving in May. ELM STREET, NEAR SPRING? FURNISHER uiu Apai'imenis lor immediate occupancy. The lowest rents in the city, considering the convenience of economy la housekeeping. Best bedding and furniture, with range, oosfc lug utcnaiU snd linen cjuiideie; gas and Crolon. OflA EAST TENTH STREET.?A FEW UENTLSMBH AiUt have Board lor $3 00 per week. Also a gentleman and wife run have a small Parlor, with Bedroom, far ?T litis u*,U 1* ? * I,?, ? ,**, l?*l?,ln.l If.-*? *M.n.,l.A,l /. - furnished, with Board. oq a fourth street.-second floor to let. (JOt with Board, together nr <m> urnlely, with bath uu pmtrles; also, a single Horn: location desirable, between Broadway and Bowery. References exchanged f?a c and 647 broadway? oentlemen wti* t)T.J find elegantly furnished Koomi at this house, pew *"?sluu all the advantages and comfoit* of a Ursl class Uomtk at mode rata charges. COUNTRY BOARD. Board at oranub.?a family at oranob will receive four adults to Board, from May 1 10 1st Oetobnf or November. The location Is very desirable, fine view am* near a depot; vegetables and fruit In abuodaaoa. Address Comfort, box 92 Fost office, N. Y. Board at yonkbks-one of thb best looa* Hons on tue Uudsoo. Rooms single or double. Looa, tlon near to depot. Prices moderate. Apply to a. outran* DKR. No. 1 Park place, or JAMES YOU MANS. Yonkers. Country board.-the owner of a lar0e ann commodious house, situated at Bay Kldge, L I., tws minutes' walk from railroad, within three quarters of as hour's ride of all the Brooklyn ferries, will treat with several gentlemen and wives for Board for the season. Befn rences required. Address W., box 1,71)7 Post ofltoe. COUNTRY BOARD -TWO 8UIT8 of ROOMS, with first class Board, ran be had by two faiuilles, forth* summer or shorter period, In s very plssaaot and healthy tw Cation, on the Hudaou; one hour by railway from New xerfc Address Ureenburg House, Dubbs' Ferry, new York. (tountry board-twenty miles prom th1 J city, at Rye Neck, Mamarooeok station, WesiebeeM county, by railroad and steamboat; house pleasantly sltual ed, grounds running to the water; fine bathing nod fishing Apply at 403 West Twrnty-tbird slree'. In Loudon tassace, at 7'.' East Sixteenth street. (TOUNTRY BOARD-BOARD MAY BE HAD ON j J tarm, within lur y minutes of Brooklyn terries by lbs Cirs, where plenty of milk ami good fresh vegetables may bi had, in a heal hy and plrssant location, where the comfort of a home may be en For luriher parth-ulaia plesai c >11 an r. HAMILTON. So Deuu street, Brooklyn, or end ran m. II., Heraldjtffl. e. (TOVNTBY BOA 1U>.-A PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING 11 J Bedford, L I , wot til ur to have a grnLetnaii auii ia*lj or two or three simile prnil-mrn to Bo.irt. If onto large tooUlniug al modern iwiiveniciieaaj ample ground<, But forest trees, Itower an I refers -,? den, ,u-,. 1.1 tin- viciaill 01 pleasant walks unit dr r.-a; use ol >U >le f demr-d. Port] minutes from the I' rriea b) Fii,loo an i All ium oars. Pol further particulars and rtad direct oil t. tin- limiae rail at Mr. KLK1NS' nUbe. oornt r of Pillion and Clermont areuuea Brooklyn. (10UNTRY HOARD?FOR TWO FAMILIES MAT B1 J had, with nr..i r!:iu< >ic oinioo luiloui, i a lurg-coua try aaat with extensive amends, on Stairn Ia'anrt, one hoiK Irotn N w York (1 oil lOitrruiaiu" a lor horse* and it| ra.m. Por pai tinjla, a address Sutcn, hoi .'11 Herald ollice. (1O0.VTRY BOARD MAT BE HAD IX A PRIVATE PAM1 J ty. within three houra' ride hy railroad froia New York ''nee nana p -r daj, lu a pleasant, well furnished, larw Loose, m an airy, elevated and exceedingly healthy loratloH ar mmodatlon* for horaea and carriages II dralrrd. Ak dreri W. C. Illrkok, 83 Broadway, or K. T. Paruam, Be thai Conti. tdOONTRY BOARD WANTED?BY A 0BNTLBMA1 ) and hla wile, where there la good boating and fiahlkk within an hour'a ride of the oily by steam cars or boat, aM accessible at all honra from b A. M. to S P.M.; one good Room required. Term-* must be moderate. Address, will partirolara, J K 1. , Broadway Post olltre, COUNTRY BOAUD WANTED?BY A GKNTLKMAK Wife, three aniall rhlldreu and mum', on ihe line of Uat Hndadn or New listen Railroad, within one houi'a ride at New Ye. k Call on or address, slating location sad pete* It. Kennedy, if? Biiudway. CdOt'X 1RY BOARD WANTED?1)1'RING THE BUM J mer ?i-a?.-M, oy u few Go. man gentlemen, In an Amerl an family. Distance not to cxreed fifteen miles fiomtht city, to be convenient to lailroad or steamboat, andoir?rla| nn nitporl unity of bathing. Address U.K.. box 1,0% Pok ouire. N. Y. GEXTEEL SUMMER BOARDING -AN EXPERIENCE! lady, Irom Ihe eity, !-?* taken th- large mansion houaa of Mi. Charllnn Pi-ma. al Tnrogg'a Keek, and will keep f select and llrat class Boarding llouae. 8h (a now ready to make arrangements with families or private gentlemen KM Kooma lor the season. In all eases rtiinrenees will b * giroa anil required. The place l? approachable hy railroad to Wll li.imain 1 lun and a drive of three mile* see ral time* a dar. and by atenmhoil taloe, In tne morning ?nd an ruixin. Th* ground* am plceaaut and fully fruited; the bonne romruo dloue. Hiennilxmi landing within a quarter of a mile; ateaia hoala alao return twice every morning. Fur re xcnption ui the pla< ?, Ae , upplv to UU.NIER MOIt.lAN, No. it MrtropoM tan Huiiiliug, I'lne at ire t. THK REBULLIOtr. ArrENTIONt ni'.l'RITlTS ?Tlli.~ 1(K!D KKU1MBN1 New Yoi k State Volunteer*. Ytin Riiren Eight InUniry. uuw lit the held, are warning a few more rcoruli*. Thie IIrid laaa ifglincnt ts now aifCamp King, Meruleu lull, tacoaw lurtahlr and clean lia-racka, each company by ltaelf, healed by atuv a; rooking in lite buiWIug; in tact, all the home o?m forte. I>a lai an poaelble. VVe eitrnd you a or ual lurluuhua anil | ro.nine you a position in a tirat rlaea r-glment ol lh? Army of the Votomac. llio drnaa la blue ftnok coal, wiU ?< alea, regulation hat, Ar.; artna?Mmie rifle. All inemben of the iegim?ut are notltled If they do no! immediately re port tlipmaelrea to Lieutenant C. K. Jaynr, at headquarter* 482 Broadway, they will be treated aa deaertera. rilOMAK B. VAN BUKRN. Colonel. IftOl RTH UROIMKNT, RAOI.K BRIO ADE-Til E LASt ' train for Dllle.?Thir reg menl (tiol. John Kirk), now quar.rivd at Fort l'orter, Bunalo, i* uearly full, and aril b aro In two or three waeka for the reat of arar. Onod me e will be received for a few daya to Oil up a company. Kca entlllni tor regiment* in the neld having been atop|>ed th? la the laat chance. Apply at once at 270 Grand atrrel. Lieut 1) IV. PlflfJR, Recruiting oflloer KKOtUfTS WANTED. A tine opportunity la now offered lo men out of em. employment by the Filth rr(ltnrnt Artillery. N. V. V., tiol. 8. Graham commanding. A few able bodied men aro Wanted til nil the reapectlta Oompanlea to their mailtnum numberof led Thla tine regiment la now rarrlaoning tht forta in the harbor of New York. The pay 1* equal to ani In the aerrlce, relief la given to titnlllra, and all other Uw din eineiita odered to volumeer regiment* In the aeretee, lm eluding Ibe $100 bounty. Thereioie apply Immediately to Lieutenant TOPLANTT. Recnilting Offlrer, llcadquartria, ?W t;rami atraei, eurnef er lanary. UILK AND KUNTINO FLAtlf. ALL RrXS*, ON IfAN'Dk kl tor rale: aiao Staff*. Mounting*, Trtmmiam, lag I'd Halla, Spear Mead*. Ac. Ornamental Painting and Kuiuro* derlng on HlUt. UOJKR A ilRAII AW, Iff Duane atreel, Mauiiianiurera, l'atater* and BaNwaa UNITED bTATWW MUSTBR1NU OEKICB, 79 WHITB ' D"t, New York, April 14, Wtt-Ordsis -The l? initios S"nr1ro lor enliintr or* baring boon discontinued, b* oidrrs t ram iho War Deportment. oflicors on rarh duty, and a>'ttn| nailer the direction or thla odl a, will elosa tbetr of? li<? and report hre for Inilrurtiuoa and transportation wltb tbelr parltea. lor thstr loaaeoUve rogirnrms. W. A. NICHOLS, LleitlensatColoaal, 0. S. A, WI l.hON'S ZOCAVEh" CAMP LINCOLN. SANTA KOBlb Island, Ela.. March 4, l*?.?All persons haela? jus4 claims against tha MUlh rSftwsnt, New York VohaiMwrs (hotter ktmwn *a wltafln's Bonn res), will present the same, wi'h piop- r vouchers, lor ad|nstm#nl. to K Latham f.leiw tetiaal abd Ho. rilling Ofll < r. Nisthj ailment. Mew V im Voinnte. r?. it New flowery, N. T WILLIAM WILSON, Colonel Commanding Slmb r-g'mrnt, N. Y. Volunteer*. WILSON'S ZOt'AYKS, SIXTH V. Y. YO?,S ?ALL FEBa son* wishing to forward pa ksge* In their Mends oi relatives In the shore r- rlmant <an do so l.y leasing them al V# Mew Ho rery heiora the t'Hb Inst., Between the hourso( I A It and 3 P.M. 1- LATHAM, Lftnisnant and Recruit tag OfBccr, Nlith N. Y. Vols. 5Yhn'HorNTT-?.i to Tint rkchiit whkn mc? JplUU tered in the service ?Wanted ror Company D, Fifth icglvitrn1. Utcelsim Brigade. I nlted Stales V dnnt. era, nrtr Shied bodts.l m> n, to whom >3 each will beglreuwhm mus?rrrd. AHutfl* ffoo.t men for mm commissioned is. ChAhing and subsist*u.e, with good quartan, fun nlshed, atier muster. Inquire at the Alston Island ferry, foot of Whitehall stroet W. Tt, SICKLES, Captain. . . ?^paUUMOA*??" 1NOR BRIDOBTORT -THE STEAMER BRtDUEPORf r will lease Peck Slip, East mrr, eeery Tuoaday, Thiirw day and Saturday at Iwelre o'rlook, noon, nriletng at It. dg-w jsirt in time to connect wltn all the ?.*press trains Kr. akiu us J. way bill to all stations on Uousatoulo BnMrsiest j

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