Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1862 Page 4
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_i N mtm or tm rutin sibiii. lafetr of tfeo lh> >f Bottle aMp iomoel? UertttiBf Particulars of Um Crake of the SoMm, he, he., he. The frigate Sabine. CupUia Ringgold, arrived here laet evening from a aucooeeful March Tor the ltne-of battle ship Vermont, which sailed from Boeiou on the itthof February laat for Port Royal, and waa dieabled in a violent gala of that day. Our readers will remember tha atartling intalliganca r *oelvod by telegraph on Sunday, tha 10th ultimo, of theeuddon and cumplala doatruction of tho two Una frigataa Congress and Cumberland, by the iron-clad a team or Merrimac. On that day, at three o'clock p. M., orders wore received at tha Navy Yard to have tha 3iblao reedy for eea immediately, and repair, without delay, in low of tha steamer Baltic, to Hampton Roads. Tha ahin >u in a rt laman I1...1 atale louirallautmaatl and yard* down, toils it tbe sail loft, pivot gun and carriage on the dock, many of the officers on shore, and but 176 of bat complement of tu> n on board (the greater part of hor well discipl.aod crow baring been sent on board tbe vessel* composing tbe bomb flotilla and tbe steamer* fltting out at tbe yard, besides furmaking a pioked orow to tbo littlo Monitor, that performed tbo glorious service of thrashing hor gigaotio antagonist, aftor she had committed such karoo among oar vessels) Tot at ono A. M- oho had talmasahoard Mr battery, shot, obeli, wood, waterj sails, boots, Ao., 4c., together with MO men from the North Carolina, and was under weigh, la tow of three togs. She anchored at South West Spit at seven A. M.,and, after waiting till four P. M. for the Baltic, was taken in tow by her, the flue tug Freeborn in company, as tender. On the 12th, at two P. M., arrived at and anohored in Lynnhaven Bay. The Freeborn waa despatched to communio>te with tbo offleer commanding at Hampton Roads. At half-past five P. M. she returned with a despatch from Flag Oftcer Gelds borough, for the Sabine to proceed immediately, taking the Baltio in company, In search of the Vermont, which waa last seen on the 6th, entirely helpless, rudder and sails gone, dr.fting ebout st the mercy of the wind and waves. The Sabine was at once taken in tow by the Baltic, to obtain an oiling, when she waa oast off, both vessel* making their way to the supposed position of the Vermont. On the nett day the Baltic was boarded by Csptain Ringgold, who conveyed to Ooptain Oomstock directions to cruise in certain latitudes , and maks evsry exor'.on to discover the missing ship, and if necsaaary to go so Bermuda. ThoSabtue, during the March, overhauled and spoke several vessels?in order, If possible, to obtain intelligence of the Vermont?ono of which was the brlgantlne wmm, i-apuun ttrigge, wno gave tne iniormation mat the day before, at two o'clock P. M., be saw a large sbip heading to the northward, with two tier* of ports, mizen topmast and yards down, no sail set, a flag flying near the talfrail, with a smokestack forward of the mainmast; supposed her to be e steamer. The 9ahtne retraced her oevee, and on tbe 29th (after enoounteriag severe gales from southeast, southwest and northwest), during a heavy gale from the southeast, a (Srge ship was dtseovered ea the lee beam and the Sabine bore up for her. At half-past two P. If. aha was mads out tn be the long sought for ship, lying broadside to the wind, roiling heavily in the trough of the see. as the SehiM ran under her stern nine hearty cheers were given with a will by her crew who had manned the rigging ( which were responded to. Captain Ringgold signalised that he waa at bar command and would lay by her during the eight, ordering her to keep bright light* burning. Karly aext morning Captain Baldwin came on board, living the details of tbe disaster end asking for assistance. Acting Master Hathaway, together with the boatewaln, carpenter end gunner, with e gang of men, were sent en board to render such assistance as wt3 needed. The see being too rough to ship the jury rudder?which had been made and shipped some tune previous but taken on beard again owing to the guys parting?the two ships were obliged to remain with their heads to the eastward, aa the Vermont's could not he turned to tbe westward by the effect of her sails alette, thereby drifting to the southward in lb* direction of Bermuda; and until the 30th, when her jury rudder waa again ahipprd, her head put lo the westward and progress made, groat apprehension! were felt lest she would drift bodily u?m the dangerous approaches to those islands. JU it was, on the 31st, though the jury rudder worked well, the two vessels were within fortyAre miles of the northwest ead of the group by force of elroumstancea. where, about four A. 11. on the 1st inst they parted company during a heavy squall, which *a, the commencement of a brisk gale from the northwest. The jury rudder working so well, the Vermont being to much better condition than wss represented, and the wind fair for Port Royal, Captain Ringgold, after search, ing for her for two days, concluded to return to New doubting but Captain Baldwin had made the beet of his way to his dealiuatioa, particularly as after attending her dear of Bermuda, with all her wants rippl"?d, it would only hare bean a matter o( precaution to have convoyed her to Port Royal. The Sabine has proceeded to the Nary Yard in order to provision, water and mafca important repairs of iujdries aaiuted by the heavy went bar encountered during the search. We are happy to learn that the only accident on board i ocs the ghip left Portsmouth, N. B., in September last, vcurredoa the 19th of March. Michael O'Brien, ordi nsry mom, whileon the lookout on the foretopgallaut yard, fell a* the pivot gun on the forecaatle, fractured his skuU and died Immediately. The Sabine wm within a few hour*' tail of New York a week ago, but wm met by the strong northeast gale of the Otb mat., whieh drore her southward. She has proved herself to be one of the fastest ships afloat, overhauling and passing vessels of all sizes and rigs with perfect ease, having made, with a moderate breeze, ton and eleven knots on a wind. We give a complete list of the officers ? Captain?Cadwallader Ringgold. / i?u tenant and JSceutii* "JJtcer?H. C Blake. Paymaster?J. Geo. Harris. Surpmn J. J. Abernethy. Master?K A. Walker. Ac'tng Masters?J. Kwer, L. H. Beattio, W. R. Hathaway. K. B. Husaey and I). K. Taylor. Amdant Huraerm?1>. M Skinner. Lieutenant of Marines? W. B. Remey. CaiSnm'l Clerk?K. Brown, Jr. Hay master's Clerk?C. D. Boee, Jr. Atting Masters' Mates?I.. 1L White, H. M. Noe, B. W. M Keern and James Courtney. Carpenter?Geo K. Bnrcham. Xaiimaker?J. C. Chavaller. Acting Onnner?C. Seymour. Acting Hoaitwnn?K Robinson. The following vessels were spoken by the Sabine ? Ship Union, for Boston from Catcstta, lat. 36 34 N., long 70 MW. iirlgantine Smnowet, from New York for leghorn, 1st. 57 61 N., long 02 W. ship Flora.-southard, of Richmond, Maine, from Ifavre r >r New York, lat. 3017 N., long. 03 16 45 W. Rremeo bark Kverhardt, same day, lat. 34 17 N., long. 6316 46 W tvvrksntioe Hannibal, of New York, from Philadelphia lor Rio As Janeiro, 1st. 34 56 X., long. 64 20 W. -hip M. I. lane4a,from Liverpool for Now York, lat. 3t 65 V, long. 64 26 W. ?>n?r u?o. Kilhurn, of Tramon!, bound to Bar m linn, lot W 1H ?n V , long AS S3 30 W. I'Ogltoh rhnnaor Horn, from Halifax, K. S. for St. Jego do Cuba. lot. Itu 48 N , long. 03 67 W. Wished to bo i sported oil woll. ilolifox papers please Oopy. Exchanged colon with brig Evening Stor, lot. 38 06 27 N long 73 M W Hollfox papers pleooo copy I'ooood brig Mo< hies, .lauding to the ooitword, Ut. M it S., long. 74 40 4? W. i'ooood brig Zoiieko, rrom Rio do for Boltlmoro, latMMMN.Ioog7451 W Tho Mootof the ftnh Bxpeditios. TO TB> EDITOR Or TBI HIU1D. Ana. 14, 1842. In the ekstch of Mo robot General a. S. Johnston, in n rooont aumbor of tho Hoxald, It is otatod thot oftor hlo s ttnmood hod gene Into pormonoot camp in tho Rocky Mountains, in tho winter of 1857, (la Mot disgraceful to tho oountry expedition toTJtoh) It " gaboioted on miles, without broad or salt," be. Herring tho1' raulee" and tho " without brood," the I'otomoat is " Tory btppy indood." It Is o mot tor of noil oonooquonco bow his command onboiotod. It seems 11 mo, howwvnr, o good thing thot a story should root on it undation of truth. Rut tboro noror has boon say iii'Ubl la my mind that tbe flesh of a woll conditioned m ile would aAwd bettor beef tbon that furnished to tho i iah command. Ton sen easily imagine that nxon that I i.ui tr or oiled a thousand miles under the yoke, and then i i "ii killed to prevent their nerving to death, would not < > i .o very good beef And yet this waa the channel t ugh wuiob the heef for thet command reached Its n itho. POSTED UP. Swrlvnla ntitl Departures. arrivals. T.iranrooi.?Hteamaiilp Otr of Baltimore? Mre Muirhmd. M ae E Thornton, II f,.?wn, A Osier, B lawn-ic, J H La U. A Y Marsh, Mr 8'nrSford. Clias E H"??. Win W?l. ln.ijf 0 Dnboia. W O ftaetmsn, M Tarmli, reWil.on, Pt.r Ti Mr Mori an. Emm M'leenatown?Tranrle Con war "j u.i Mr BO'illy, Janioi .toluene. Mlee Henna. ityj in If hid I MgU, NEW Y01 PROCEEDINGS 07 COHGBESS. THUTI'MIVailTH OOZIORB9* riBSf 8K8810N. ( Ml*. Wasmixotox, April IS, 1882. Mr. Wiunno*, fr#p.j ol Min., presented a petition from the cltixena of Minuasota, praying Congreaa to call on all the people of the United States, bond and free, to aid la tha suppression of the rebellion, and assuring theta of tha protection of the flag therefor. Qi AiunrarnoiW or SLncroaa. Mr. Grimes, (rap.) of Iowa, on leave, introduced a bill prescribing tha qualifications of electors in the city of Washington. Laid over. braxch m?t at dk-wsk. Mr. F&wsxiikx, (rep.) of Me., from the Finance Committee, reported the Houso bill, without amendment, for osUbiDhing a branch mint at Denver, Colorado. thk cask of ckxsra1. xi0x1. Mr. MoDorcuu, (opp.) of Cal., culled up the resolution calling on the Secretary of War for information as to the causes of the delay in the trial of General Stone, and if the Utter has not applied for a speedy trial, Ac. Mr. FnsnidBi suggested that the resolution call on the President instead of the Secretary of War. Mr. McDocqau. said he specially preferred it ea it now stood. He alluded to the fact that it was now llfly days sinoa General Stone had been arrested at his home, at midnight, and cloaely confined in a dark fort, without being able to learn why he was arrested, by whom, nor had he learned whether his arrest wis ordered by tho President, Sec rotary of War or the ( rumunding General. Tho msonor of his arrest and confinement seemed to bo more tho result of a Venetian Council of Ten than that of officials of a free republic. He briefly recapitulated tho circumeiar -mmediately prior to Gen. Stouo's arrest. He sla t.: ii General Stone had visited the President and Sec e. iry of War in friendly intercourse, and dined with tho commanding General not many hours before his arreet. Rumor that had the power to blast the fairest fa me, was all that had matte charges against General Stone, and nothing else could be learned. He quoted from H. W. Beecher's sermon defending constitutional liberty, truth and justice, and spoke of those arrest* as fraught with danger to a free people. He wa* glad the pulpit had taken up these rases, snd, though not expecting it from that source, was glad to quote any one favoring truth and iustice. He then reviewed General Stone's career in the Mexican wur, being breveted lor gallant conduct, while bis ancestors were among the tirst Of tho early detouders of the country, in California, of which General Stone was a resident, no man was regarded higher personally, and he was the selection of Goueral (COM to command the First brigade hern, and superintend the d fences of the capital lust year. Was there any suspicion on him at that time* He was also made colonel in I he regular army by the President,confirmed by the Senate, and commanded a brigade uuder General McDowell when the army first entared Virginia, holding at thai time a responsible command, including Alexandria and the line of defences to Ball's Cross Koads, which was threatened by the enemy. He was made a Brigadier General, and was at the battle of Bali's Bluff. In that he had made many enemies, but had even demanded a court of inquiry prior to his arrest that day, and was informed by Secretary Stanton that no charges had been made against him, and that he could return to his command. The greatest efforts had been made in vain tolearn the charges against him. Several letters were read, addressed by eminent lawye s of the country to Secretary Stanton, onclosing open letters to General Stone, asking if he knew what were the charges made against him, and ir he could afford him counsel; but these were withhold, and Secretary Stan ton returned replies that no communication could be held with General Stone. We had a committee on the Conduct of the War, and from that source rumor has intimated that this arrest and other things have emanated. Testimony is taken secretly and et part* to go abroad in the proas, and in this way the committee conducted the war. He read a despatch from General Stone to his friends, saying he desired to be before York town now. He fMr. McDongall) had endeavored to see the Secretary of War, but failed to procure audience, and he thought the country had fallen upon strange times indeed wheu the Secretaries of the President could not be seen oa official business. Thar# was no excuee evon oflored by th is master of all the government forces, who set aside law and atatute, but had never seen a squadron in the tleid. Written applications had likewise railed. On. Mcdellan had three distinct times demanded of the Secretary of War a court martial for General Stone, but. had failed. He then reviewed the European and American military codes, showing that they were for the protection as well as punishment of soldiers. The Article# of War provided for summoning a court martial eight days after the arrest, yet no steps had been taken for one hundred end tifty days after General Stone's arrest, snd worte than this, no charges had been made, nor could any one be found who had ever beard of any. If he was charged with treason he could be speedily tried by civil courts. He quoted a case, during Mr. Madiaons administration. where an officer was sentenced to death by a court martial, but ordered afterward* to duty by the President. But tbat was in better daya of the oid republic, before the faction had raised its hydra head in one of the departments of this government. He cited the fact that by the delay of the trial one of the most important witness**?Gen. Lander?had gone to give his evidence in another world. The Secretary of War and the Secretary of State could not make laws, for that belonged to legislative bodies. Mr. Stan ton, however, had made a law which wag tli.->lawof a tyrant, more worthy of St. Petersburg and Constantinople one hundred years ago. Poola rushed tn where angels dare not tread. In conclusion, he thought that the Senate should demand a trial for Gsu. Stone. Mr. Wade thought that the two hours' platitudes of the California Senator were like the lawyer whose client wee at tbo foot of bad indictmenu. He fully ngreed with nil the Senator quoted about constitutional right*. No one respected law and liberty more than lie did; but be repelled the insinuation made against the Committee on the Conduct of tbe War, oi' which be was chairman. Mr. McDocgall disclaimed any reflection on the committee. He had beard that the committee had tbe case of General Stone under consideration, which led to bis arrant. Waa that so? Mr. Writ, (rep.) of Ohio, .-aid that the Senator bad stated the committee had atabbed men in the dark Mr. McDocoall ropliod that he did not say sc. Mr. Waiw was flad to learn that he did not ray so. There was not a word of truth in it. The committee endeavored to correct many wrongs in the army, and bad nevar publ shed a word, but had given the result of their Investigations to the Executive. They had never undertaken to oonduct the war, aa had been alleged frequently. The committee were entirely above 8tabbing roen in tbe dark, and had never iojured a single mail, but remedied numerous wrong?. So far us General stone was concerned, he waa a stranger to tbe committee, and it would not harm a hair of bis head. He would say here, in this place, that there was probably cause for his arrest, and ibe testimony relating to bim was laid before the President and Secretary of War. Whether that, evidence led to bis arrest, or not, he did not know. That testimony should not be drawn from him now. While the country was struggling for existence, and unborn generations were to be taxed, traitors were walking tbeso streets. Tbe Senator talked about conalilutloiMii liberty. Dreck inridge used to stay here and talk about it, and vu< t traitor at haart. It was so wi'h others. Those who talked of hal><>a? corpus in times like tbesa were sympathizers with rebellion. Tne movements ot our armies were known to the rebels as quick as to loyal people. Tbe government had endeavored to keep this information away from tbe traitors, but failed. Times of revolution demanded stringent measures: but trni tors had been too leniently dealt with, owing to too much goodness of heart. All that Mr. Mcl.'otigall bad sai l InJ favor of Gen. Stone would apply equally well to Jeff. Davis. The latter was In Mexico and bad defended tbe government, but be was a traitor. Lucifer was an angel in Heaven once, but had fallen and baa not been reapscted much since in that quarter. (Applause.) Mr. Wade continued at some length, urging a rigorous prosecution of the traitors, sacrificing tbe institution of slavery. Let alavary die and the f'nion lira. Mr. Wilton, <rep.) of Mass., offered a substitute for tlie resolution, calling on the President for all information not incompatible with public interests relating to tbe arrest of Gen. Stone ere a vote was taken. Mr. McDocoall desired It ts go over till to-morrow aa be Wished to reply. WASHINGTON RAILROAD. Mr. Mostui l, (rep.) of Me., from the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported beck the Pennsylvania Avenue Railroad bill, with amendments tint naval AiiaomiATioN bili. Mr. 3naa*a*,(rep.) of Ohio, from that ont>iam eCommittee, reported back the Naval Appropriation bill. Tbe Senate then went into executive session, after which It adjourned. House of Represoutlves. Washington, April 16, lMj. rue t'MON rmsoNxna o? wan. Mr. Trowbrikox, (rep ) of Mich., called upe motion heretofore made by bfen to reconsider the vote bv whist. ob 'be 34th of March tbe House adopted resolution re questing lb* Secretary of War to inform thorn tho unit* If any, for tho protraetod dalay In exchanging Colon*) Corcoran, who baa boon a prisoner at tbo Sooth aince July, and directing bin to atop all exchanges until Col. Corcoran shall be releaaed. Mr. TnowwHnen wished distinctly to any that It was no part of bia desire to place an Impediment in tbe way of the release of Colonel Corcoran, bat he protested, and asked tbe Bouse to jeln him, in presenting the releme of tbe olber prisoners to bo made subordinate to that of Colonel Corcoran. He had no doubt* that every gentleman bad some friend whom be desired should he released , tboogh of lower rank than Colonel Corcoran. He (Mr. Trowbridge) mentioned the name of Colonel Wilcox in this connection as n man of signal bravery end gallantry with that offioer. Mr. Miixonr. (Union) of Ky., said he met with Colonel Woooruff tbe other day, and beard him tell tbe President and J? ' in r of State that, Iboagh our prisoner a at Riehraond are exceedingly anxious to be releaaed, they are as williag, if tbe purpose of tbe government should require it, to remain there no prisoners, end to servo their eountry in that way, as In any other. Mr. Anoona, fopp.) of Pa., who offered tbe resolution, aid he was not awara.till now, that Colonel Corcoran was still a prisoner, end bis only desire was to call attention to tbe fact that worthy and gallant soldiers are atill prisoners, and to ascertain tbe cause of tbe delay In making exchange*. After further conversation the resolution was amsnded so as to ropiest the Secretary of War to Inform the House tli* ranee, tf any. which be* prevented the ex change of Colonele Corcoran an I Wilcox, end the other prisoners of war held since July laet. in* ntANKivo rami *o?. The House resumed tbo consideration of tho b 11 reportedrremthe Select< ouwnttee to regulate the reuniting iK liKKALl), WEDNESDAY privilege, being a oodifloattm of the taws upon that tub jeet, with amendment*. Mr. CoLvai, (rep.) of lod., Mid the Poet Office Committee, with one exception, were in favor of the aboiinhmoat of the franking privilege, and the House bad passed the bill for that purpoee now pending before the Sou ale 11* moved to lay the bill on the table. Agreed, 58 againat 4b MvamilATION Of CI.A1I0 Mr. Hotrnt, (rep.) of Ind..called up the bill reported by htm Trom the Committeeou the Judiciary, amendatory of the act establishing a court for the investigation of claims againat the United Statue, lie said there was no cultivated nation in Europe where claims are not dually decided by judicial tribunals. This should be the utsr in tlieUuitad States. Claims wilhout merit are frequently pa-sod by persistent etforts and taot, wliea really mori torious one* are neglected by Congress; hence judgments should be Uually subject to appeal. Mr. Divn, (rep.) of N. Y., opposed the bill for the rea son among others, that it placed the government in the position of a mere corporation to be aued. Wetiave already in thla court an admiralty system. Mr. Warm, of New Mexico, briefly advocated tbl bill, and was followed on the same side by Mr. Hingliatn, who looked upon it M a measure to facilitate the administration of justice betwoen government and citizens Mr. lltcniAX, (rep.) of Pa., in hie remarks Mid the court is at best a committee with no power of Anully determining questions, and the Committee on the Judiciary, therefore, propose to reconstruct aud make use of it aa far as possible to acoomplisli good results. Mr. lhMDUiroN, (opp.j of Ohio, was la favor of requiring the government to do justice to its citizens, and If necessary levying on pro|iert y whether real or persona!, of the United States to satisfy just Ueinauds. Mr. Wasaaoa>a moved to lay the bill oa the table. Not agree* te. Thrill then passed. Tt aothorizea the President ta appoint t we additional Judges, and the Court to have jurisdiction of all clalui-; for which the gorerament would be liable ia taw or equity, If It were euable in courts of justioe, except such claims aa Congress may by joint reeolutkmspeoially , declare shall be disposed of by act of Oongrem or otherwise, and shall also hare a concurrent jurisdiction with I the Cirouil and bistrict Courts of the United States of | all suite or cases against the United (States for the title to real estate, or for muniments for title to the same, and iu all such cases the judgment shall be dual, subject to 1 the right or appeal. Disloyal persons are excluded from . the operation or the act. THK pom ot'FICa AND kaval APPaOPtlATIOW BIIXH. The House concurred in the reports of the Committee , on Conference ou the disagreeing votes of both branches of Congress to the Cost Office and Navy Appropriation bills. | Adjourned. City Intelligence. Kvnrrxi. or LucTK.VA.-rr Colomi J ash HaOuaarr. ?The funeral service* of this lamented officer are to take place this morning, aa. previously announoed in this paper. The procession will bo quite large, as the officers of the Seventh regiment, National Guard, and the fifth regiment. New York Stato Militia, have been ordered out, and will parade in comjianr with the gallant SixtyninlU. Major liagley has issued the following order ? special ordkh. Hi ai>ui;abiku> Sixtv-ni.nth Rkc't, Nationai Cadi-rs, ? Nkw York, April 13, 1H62. i The officer* and members of this regiment are hereby ordered to assemble at (heregimental Armory, E.?ex Market, on Wednesday, the 16th instant, at nine o'clock. A. M.,tn fatigue uniform, with overcoats, to j>ay the last tribute of respect to the remains of our late noble comrade in arm* and acting Lieutenant Colonel, James lla; gerty, who wan killed at the battle of Bull run,on the 2lsl of July last. Company A Is hereby detailed to act as the oacort on tha day ol' the funeral. Colonel Marshall I-efforts has issued the annaxed order appropriate to the occasion:? iikadocaktkks skvkntii rfuimkvt N. y. s h., j Naviowai. Guard, ms* york, April 15,1862. j The officers of this regiment are | artl< ufarly reqnasted to sttend the funeral of the late Lieutenant Colonel James Haggerty, of the Sixty-ninth regiment, who was killed at the battle of Manassas, on the 21st of July, while gallautly fighting at the bead of his regiment. OfU''era will assemble at headquarters on Wednesday, 16th Instant, at half-past nine o'clock A. M., in undress uniform. Colonel MARSHALL LKFt'SKTS. CtKO. W. Smith, Acting Adjutant. The route of process iou will bo through Grand streot, to and through tho Bowery to the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Ilott street, where high mass will be celebrated by the Itev. Father Mooney, Chaplain of thr Sixty-ninth regiment; from thonce up Mott street to Houston, Houston to the Bowery, Bowery to Canal, Canal to Broadway, Broadway to Tenth street, and down Tenth street to the ferry, from where the body will be taken for Interment to Calvary Cemetery. iHK rUNr.RAI. Or rHK I.atk DOCTOR WU.UAMH. morfatl, oue of the Filth avenue millionaires, took place from his palatial residence on Monday last. A very numerous and fashionable attendance of friends was at the funeral ceremony, the most of whom followed the remains of the Doctor to Greenwood Cemetery. Tub Chamhrs of Commrrcr will hold a meeting this day, at one o'clock, to take into consideration thcBiibjecta of Internal taxation and the certificates of indebtedness issued by the government in payment of debts due by it to individuals for services reudered or supplies furnished. "Tsm Qcmynovs of thb War" will be the subject of an address from Stuart I,. Woodford, K*q., United States District Attorney, to be delivered hcforo the Young Men's Republican Central Committee on Thursday evening. Coart Calendar?This Day. Sccksms Coonr CiRocn.?Part 1?Oyer and Terminer. Part 2?Xos. 118,1261, addod to calendar of Tuesday. Comhos Plras.?Pari 1?Nos. 96:i, 910, 718, 736, 618, 092, 991, 1041, 364, 1030, 1051, 1054. 639. 979,818. Part 2?N'os. 434,649 , 684 . 693,603, 1020, 953, 428. 439, 2087 . 40'., 1814 , 973 , 2068, 1056. Scfsrior Court ?Part i?Xoe. 1571. 1721, 1411, 2783, 1187, 1163. 1033, 2181, 1121, 3005 , 659 , 597. Part 2? Xos. 1754 , 660 , 2394, 1818, 1828, 1064. '294, 1650, 1348, 1848, 2770, 3618. 798. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tcksday, April 15?6 P. M. The following is a comparative statement of the exports (exclusive of specie) from the port of New York to foreign ports tor the week ending April 15 and since January 1:? I860. 1861. 1862. For the week $2,156,2 7 2,642,773 2.458,539 PrcY;Ou?lr report id ..22,437,296 35,674,505 34,903,292 Sine# January l...ftt,M3,613 33,317,277 37,361,831 This is a very fair statement, though it foots tip less than the corresponding week last year. The aggregate for the year to date falls short of the corresponding period of last year by about a million dollars, but compared with previous years it shows a large increase. The money market grows easier daily. Money is ottered everywhere at six per cent, and most of the leading house* have loans ottered to them at fiva. Indeed, we hear of large amounts left on deposit at four per cent, one per cent below the rate which the Sub-Treasurer is allowing for deposits on call after fifteen days' notice. The amount of currency which is coming into the market is steadily increasing. The Sub-Trensurer received this morning t'200,000 in small notes from Washington. The brokers arc receiving large amounts of country bank currency, which they are trying to lend. Certificates of indebtedness are wanted in Wall street at 97 a %. Foreign exchange closed dull at ll2%rfor bankers' bills on I,on<lon. and 3.03,a 3.03 tor francs. There is little or no demand for bills; most of the goods which are arriving here from abroad have been paid for already. Gold continuea pretty steady at 101% a %. The demand for expqrt continues to be supplied by the speculators. who are selling the precious metal ahort. Ktjgh" were better to-day, and the bntls were in betti^pirits. The bears?whose short interest is so large that the leant advance in the market upsets them?made the street vocal with their groan*, and created a good deal of merriment at their expense. Wo presume that not a few of the honses which are operating on the bear aide wonld go to piecee in the event of a sodden advance in the market. Prudent buyers are molrln? llwm lira mprfftna mh , h maw HM K" -I' ? f *M*mj p |'Vl baps, account for their ill temper. The advance at the Brat board was equal to % in governments, Missooris and most of the railway shares; % on Central and Galena, % on the Michigan shares, and % on Illinois. Between the boards the market was inactive but firm. At the eecond board prices were higher again. For coupon sizes 93% was bid, and Central, Erie, Toledo and other prominent speculative shores were more firmly held. The feature of the market was an advance in Pacific Mail to 103 bid. It is understood that the company propose to ran four boats a month, and that they have business enough to employ them. The news from Northern Alabama is regarded as fatal for the rebel army in the Southwest, as it cuts them off completely from their allies on the coast, and leaves them no resource but to surrender when Ifellcck prepares' to overwhelm them. At the close to-day the markot was firm, the following being tho lsst quotations:?United States fl's, registered, IWl, 93% ? 93%: do. 6's, conpon, 1881, 93% ft 93%; do. 6's, coupon, 1874, 86% a 87; Tennessee 6's. <><% ? K| Virginia fl'a, 57 a 67%; North Carolina 6's, 64 a 68; Missouri r, APRIL 16, 1862?TRIPL1 C'a. 49y, 49% Pacific Maul, 10) a 109%: New York Ceutral, 82% a 82%; Erie, 36% a 36%; do.* preferred, 60% a 61; Hudson Uiver, 36 a 36%; Harlem, 12 a 12%; do. preferred, 29% * 3?V*1 ? Heading, 42% a 42%; Michigan Central, 55 a 65%; Michigan Boutheru and Northern Indiana, 22% a '< 23; do. guaranteed, 46 a 46%, Panama, 121% a UJ 122; Illinois Central, 61% a 61%; Galena and Chi- H cago, 67% a 67%; Cleveland and Tolodo, 42% a ^ 43, ex div.; Chicago and Hock Island, 55 a 65%; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 60 a 62; Milwaukeo and Prairie du Chien, 26% a 26%; Cleveland, u Columbus and Cincinnati, 114 a 115; New York Central 7'a, 1876, 103% a 105; Erie 3d mortgage bonds, 91% a 92; Michigan Central 8'a, 1st mort- d gage, 99% a 99%; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 88% a 88%; gold, 101% a 101%. ^ Borne of the banks are pursuing a very singular w course with regard to government sixes, of which they are large holders. They refuse to lend on ^ these sixes except with 10 per cent margin, and the same time they are londing sixes, which they own themselves, to the bear speculators, who have in been selling them for a fall. A margin of 10 per M cent ia far too much to exact on a government at stock. In France and England, a margin of one ^ per cent ia considered sufficient, and here 2 a 3 per t(l per cent ought to suffice. The more the banks pro- m nmta nnonhaaaa nf fkaaM atwaa fit A KaHap fft* nrirA ? they will obtain for (haw whioh they hold. Some fi of oar bankers are shrewd enough to eee this and K act accordingly. But others aeem incapable Of u understanding anything.

The business of the Bub-Treasury was as follows to-dsy:? Receipts - $2,064,882 68 ?Kor custom* 100,000 00 Payments 1,444,307 04 Qulanoe 6,360,490 00 g, The exchanges at the Bank Clearing House thig morning were $17,476,675 84, and the balances $913,020 $4. 8ti Stock Exchange. 67 Tuksmay, April 16, 1802 ' $1000 C86s,'81,oou 93% 166 sha Pac M SS Co. 101 at 600 do 93# 150N YCen RK..S80 82# cia 7000Trea7 3-10pon 99# 480 do 82# Th 6(M 0Ohio 6's, '60.. . 100 460 Erio BR s30 36# ta, 400?0hio 0 s,'80.. 100# 200 do b30 36# ] 13000 Tenn 6's, '90.. 66 860 do 06# Fn 2000 do 810 66 260 do s30 06# uo 2000 Louisiana 6 a.. 68 200 do slO 30# Du 800 N YCen 11K78 102# 300 do b30 80# to 3000 Kr3mb,'83.el0 91# 60 ISrie RR pref.alO 01% tri 1000 KrioRR4mtMls 83 % 300 do b3 611, < 1000 Krie UR 5 tubda 80 660 do 61 na 3000 llud Kir RR lm 106# 260 do *30 61 ti 2000 Hud RivOtnbda 84 100 Hud River RR. .. 36 re 2000 Harlem 1 m b is 101 % 100 llarlem RR 12% 3000 Harlem 3 m bds 76 100 Michigan Con RR 54% in 100eMC8pch,old.sl0 97 % 60 do b30 66 ne 4000 MOSpclm a f u b 99% 420 do 65 tw 1000 N Ind 1st mtge. 92 50 do s!0 66 sh 1000 TolAWab lit m 78 60. M So & N Ind KR 22# j* 1000 'lot A Wab 2d m 49 100 III Oen Rlt scrip.. 61 ( 1000 N J Oen 1st m. 104 60 do s6 01% ar 20000 American gold. 101*4 150 do "... 01,Si w 10000 do bOO 102 60 do SlO 61% 15000 do 830 101# 100 do 830 61 fui 66 shs Phenix Rank. 94 50 do 61# fro 10 Am Kx Bank 89# 200 Ct It Pitta RR.sSO 17 toi 5 Bit of H America. 93 60Gal &Chic RR... 07# I 10 Partite M S8 Co... 100# 600 Cleve 4c Tol RR..C 46# Sa 60 do sCO 100# 160 Oh & Rock 1 RR.. 64# he 60 do SCO 100# 20 Tol k Wabash RR 9 # 60 do 100# 60 M4tPr du C 2p.b30 66# ini 8KCOND SO ABO. f,01 $16000 C 9 6's, '81 cp 93# 10 shs Pac MailSSCo 101 # Hr 1000 US 6's,'81 rcg 03# 60 do 800 101# J 6OOOU.80'elyrcer 07# 60 do 860 101# 7000 Tenn 6'a,'90 . 66 26 do s30 102 in' 10000 do slO 55 60 do 102# 10000 Virginia 6'a.. 67 250 do s60 102 nm> Uij.mir. C'u an V ka An lot ne 6000 do 49 ti 50 do 810 103 8|', 5000 do....030 4960 do (30 103 6000 do 49X 65 Panama UK.... 122 loj 2000 C,B4QRU8pcb 96\ 25 111 Cent KK sorip 01 hi 1 2000 Chic ARklsbs 100 100 do b30 61 yc, C000 TolAWabSd in 49 10 do 61H . 10060 Am gold...(10 101 .V 100 do bSO 61 >4 !? 50000 do.... b60 101% 200Galena k ChicRR 67 h Nl 76000 do 101 ? 100 CleATolKUexdblO 42>4 l>(J 6 she Bank of NAm 92y, 26 Cbic&RocIc 1st RR M S 126 N VCent RK.... 82tf 60 do 64S ,U 100 Harlom RR 12 % 20 Mil fcPrduCh'riRR 26 CITY OOMMBBOIAL REPORT. Tuksday, April 15?6 P. M. Hi Amies.?We bar# no change to note in quotations. 0t Small sales were making, at $6 60 a $6 62 S for pearls w and pots. SS HnsAnsiortS.? Flour?'The market for State and West, ern was again less buoyant, and closed at a decline of 6c. 0,' a 10c. per bb!., while the demand wag Tair at the ronceaaion, but chiefly from the home trade. Choice brande of di extra were unchanged. The sales embraced about 7,000 bbls., closing within the range of the following quota- at tions:? Superfine State |4 80 a 4 90 Extra State 6 00 a 6 06 ^ Superfine Western 4 80 a 4 90 jn C'-mraon to eboice extra Western 6 00 a 6 40 Canadian 600 a 5 20 Southern mixed to goodsnperflne 6 26 a 5 70 Extra do 6 86 a 7 00 ,' <;<>od to choice family do 7 00 a 7 60 Ryefloar 3 10 a 4 25 Cern meal, Jersey aad Brand/wins. 2 80 a 8 15 ^ ?Canadian flour wag also hoary at the above prices, while the sales wars confined to about 1,600 bbla. 14 Southern flour was also easier, especially for lower af qualities, while tho sales embraced about 900 bbla. in within tba range of tho aboro quotations. Kye dour wua steady at our quotatione, with sales of 200 bbla. Corn ...? i .........-h. .h;i. ih. r.i. ?... ni figures, with t>ale? of 200 bbls. Jersey and Brandywine. Wheat waa in light request, with some inquiry lor export. The transactions einbrnced about 18,000 bushels. c, in small lota, at (1 28 a $1 33 for Milwaukee club, ana c red on private terms. Corn waa heavy at early'Change, . but closed with a slight reaction: the sales embraced 10 aliout 40,000 bushela at 58c. a 68c. for Western mixed, in store and delivered, and at tho cloee 60c. was uskod, de- 5 livered; Jersey yellow sold at 59c. a 60c. Kye was firm ; and in good request, with sales of 13,000 bushels State, at 79c. on the wharf, and at 81 lie. a 82c. delivered. * ' Barley was more active and firmer, with sales of 7,400 bushels, including Canada West at $1, and 400 do Canada M?t at 88c. Barley malt was quiet at $1. Oats wero steady at 38c. afl'Jc. for Western and Cana<lian,aDd 40c. for State. g.r. Corim?A tale of 600 begs of Rio was made at 20}jo. 1 Hie following statement ot sales and slocks for the week ending to-day ie from the circular of Messrs. Win. Scott ** A rton:?tStock of Rio and r<autoa coffee on til" 8lh April, J" 1862 , 84,210 bega: revived since te date, 6,074 bags? lw total, 90,284 b.<ga : sales for consumption, 360 bam. Stock of Rio and Santos on the 15th day ol April, 1862. 89,934 bates. Java, 13,060 mats und 1,191 government bags: Ceyl 11,2,500 mats; llaracuibo, 14,600 begs; La- Ul guayra, 3,675 bags: St. Domingo, 2,360 bag.-"; 'Vara, w 4,910 bags; other descriptions, 868?total,32,978 mat? and bags. The quotations were ?Rio, prime, 21c. a 2l)?c.; do. good, 20c. a 20>;c., do. fair, 19c. a 19)ic.; do. 111 ordinary, 18o. a 18)iC.; do. fair to good cargoes, 19c. a 20c.; Maracaibo, 21. a23c.; lJLguayra,21c. a 22c.; Java, * * mats end bags. 26c. a 26>ic.?all four months; St. l?o 01 mmgo, 19c. a !9},c., cash The sales of Rio, during tho past ureok. to the trade, have been only 360 begs, but, en speculation, 5,660 bags per Hedwig have been taken at 1,1 19> jc. The market closet firm, with a little more In- ' quiry from the trade. The at<x-k ou the 15lb of April at Baltimore waa 27,600 bags; at Pbila ielphia, 2,300 bage. fcl f-rrrojr The market waa firmer and more active, and *' advanced full )*c. per lb. The ealee embraced 3.300 bales, closing firm at 28c. a 28Jic. per lb., and a small lot was rejiorted, probably a little better than middling uplands, at 29c.' Kanuins.?Ratas were firmer, with more demand from { shippers. To l.iverpool about 48,000 bushels of wheal b were engaged at a???1., in ship's bags, and 10,000 do. com. in bulk, at 50.; 600 bbla. flour at Is. 6d., 260 boxes al i bacon alJ6s.,600 packages lard at 16s., and 60 hhds. *' I Lauis at 15s. To London 200 boxes bacon ware taken at 0 20a., and by steamer 60 caaks hams at 47a. 6d. To';!? - n gow 200 iwckagea of lard at 22s. 6d. To Hamburg 260 ?-knees honev at'lWe.. and 46 hlida. tallow at 6d A Brit Mb.bark wu taken up for Cork and order*, to load * with grain at lOjfd. per CO Ibe. ' Hit ?We bare no change to notice in prices, while 01 seles for shipment were meking at 70c. a 76c.. and for . Ity use at 80c. a 86c. MoLaeew.?Aaale of 26 bbds. of Cuba mnscovada at 30c. l< Naval Storm were firm and aalee limited, Spirits r< t urpentine wera Stiff at $1 JO. itosina were firmly bald et fall prices. -A Oirj* ?City linseed was in moderate demand at 86e. *< per gallon. Petroleum was dull a?d alow or sale, without cbaage of moment la prises. Tallow ellwasnemi- c' nal. The followiog review of the New Bedford market for the week ending tbe 16th last, is from the WhaU- \ nwtn't Shipping Lint:?Sperm la without maUrlal change. < 1 beealea since our last embrace 200 bbie. good at $1 38, and 60 do. inferior at |1 23X per gallon. Whale is in " fair demand and prices remain unchanged. Tbe trans- I actions for the week Include sales ef 020 bbls. at 68c.; * 600 do. brown at 48c.. and 100 do. do. at 49c. per gal- ? len. Whalebone?Nothing done. inonaiows?Pork?The market was heavy, with soma ' more inquiry at tno recent conoeeeion. The sales em- 7' braced about 800 bble. at |12 76 a $12 87 X for new meaa, and at$10 12X *170 3"K for new prime, and at $12 AO a $13 fbr Western prime men*. Beef was firm and " in fair demand, with sale* of 600 bbls.. part yesterday afternoon, at %Vi 26 a $14 for plain mete, and $14 60 a D $15 for extra. Country mess was held at $10, and prime do. aLl^arPrime mesa beof wu at $20. Iseefliame were J' pr.m niKtfK a $17 60. Cut maata vara in moderate *' request, with sales of 226 packages at 4X*- ^ ? 5o, for shoulders, end at 5Xc. f0' ham*. . Hi con waa firm, with s?l?? of 300 boxes 01 at 7,l<c. a 7Jfo. for short riltbed Wee tarn, 7o. a Itfc. for ' long ribbed do and at 7*?c. a 7??o- for abort clear do. *' txtrii was in good demand, but aome less buoyant. Tbe aulas rooted about 2,000 packages at 7*4?- a Hfic. Tim'attar we* an extreme price. Htate butter ranged from 18c a 30.'. fbr Choice new and l?c. a 20c f>r |irime f ft ile. fi|ito waa nearly out of market, I'aiiie i-tute r Uuuee waa (itro at 7Xo a 8Xe t 5 SHEET. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS Married. Comiva-Sax i.e. i.?lly the Rev W P. Collins.War. ft d motm to Oakhib T. , eldest (laughter of K. C. Sairdaii, ? an., all 01 Brook I) u, K. 1). Uihibmpk?-l'aoK ?On Tuesday April 15, at the bride's 4 osidenoe, by ll>e Rev. Dr. Morgan 8ky?.iok K.Um- i, suns to Aai'iK, e'dest daughter ui the late Kciwiu 1'etk. ? Kihkmxr-?Muss.?On Tuesday, April 15, by th# Rev J. tli<> losideiice of ilia bride's father, Mr. j. j ikjcnkk, of 1'luahiiig- l. l.,lo Miss Amnio. K. Moss, of tins ty. Miixkk?Mills*.?At Inver churcb, county Donegal, ? e'uhd.on Sunday, February 16, by tba Hev. Mr. Kwrr, J )hw Miujik, Ksq.,or Neva York, to Mrs. Rsuaoca Mil- o ik,or Driuico, a widow with seven ro.,p >ugibiiities New York and Irish papers please copy J Died. ' Ratlis.?In Tarrytown. Westchester county, on Tuej iy, April 15, after a lingering Uiuesa, Jokituam Hayi.hs, i tho 66th year of his age. i The relatives, and friends of the family are invited to ~ tend the funeral, from the residence of bis son in-law, ' m. J. Decker, on Thursday morning, at eleven o'clock. Britton.?At South Melrose, Westchester county, N. .,on Monday, April 14, Kate E.,wlfe of Benjamin Y. ntion, in the zstn year or nor age. The friunis of the family are invited to attend the neral, without further notice, this (Wednesday) alter ion,at half-past two o'olock. Carriages will he in wail C at Harlem Bridge at two o'clock P. M. I Bvmook.?On Tuesday morning, April IS, after along id painful illnoes, Moulton Bollock, in the 79th fear of a age. The relatives and friends of the fhmily are rospectfully vited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at roe o'clock, from his tale reeidenoe, No. 182 Living onlKreet, Brooklyn. Oavraau..?On Tuesday, April 15, after a abort tltno33, leas Amr, daughter of Patrick Campbell and Mary eeland, aged 1 yder, 8 months and 91 days. The funeral will take place this (Wadueaday) after on, at one o'clock, from the rasidettoe of her parents, S Seventh avenue. Crooks.?On Tuesday, April 15, Bjka Crooks, aged 23 ears, 7 months and 9 days. The relativoehud friends are reepeotfuliy invited to atnd the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at half past one clook, from her late raddenoe, in Kighty-seventh street itween Third and Fourth avenues. California papers ploase copy. Ouixraa.?At Sing Sing, N. Y.,oa Tuesday, April 15, rah Coixybr, aged 66 guars. 1'he relatives and friends of the deceased are invited to tend the funeral .on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, >m the Presbyterian church in the village of fling ig. Dots?On Monday, April id, Mr. Josarti Dots , aged years. 1'he funeral will take place thia (Wednesday) afternoon, twoo'clook,from tho roaidence of hia ecu in law, Frarti Oerety, No. 08 Boerum street, near i eau, Brooklyn, efrieuilsof the family are respoctfuhy invited to slid. Krki isghvtmkx.?The funeral of the Hon. Thjo dors klinohi'yhb.n will take place this (Wednesday) aitorun, at half-jiaal two o'clock, tu the First Koformed tch church, New Brunswick. The friends are invited attend without further adtice. Tho twelve o'clock tin from New York will bo in time. iouiBv?On Tueaday moruing, April 13, Joa* Golwkw. ; live of Currickmaoi'Hts,Bounty Monulian, IroUnd,taie nomher ol the New York Irish Kides (Thirty-Bar enth giiuent), nged 26 yeais. His remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery for turuent, from St. Vinceut'a Hospital, Kleventh street, ar Seventh avenue, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at 0 o'clock. His death had been hurried by the hardips he endured last winter. May his soul rest in u?c?. Amen. Jlassxt ? At the residence of hie sister, 212 Myrtle euue, Brooklyn, on Monday, April 14, William Gi.ahr, aged 21 years and 4 months. rhe friends of the family are invited to attend the aeral, this (Wedneslay) afternoon, at three o'clock, m the State street Cong rogations! church, R?v. Ne.v- : 1 Heston, pastor. Iahauam.?in Brooklyn, on Monday, April 14, Mrs. Ran, widow of Thomas G a hag an, in the 71st year of r age. l'ho relatives and friends of the family are reaprctiully rited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her " a, Henry V. Gahagan,Third street, near Fifth avenue, _ ooklyn ,'on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. 1 Nearest route by Atlantic street and Fifth aveuu e cars. J Jacksom? On Tuesday moruing, April 15, altera linger- W ! illness, Urmry Jai kjsox, aged 58 years. ?< Notice of the funeral hereaf ter. * Jacoiis?At the residence of Arch'd Phillips Jr., cor- ^ r of Third avonue and 118th stroet, Harlem, altera ort illness, Jamb J aeons. j I he friends and ralatlves are tavited U attend (he J aeral, on Thui aday afternoon, at on# o'clock. ' King.?On Monday, April 14, Ft as a Kjmg, aged 62 " ars. 1 lha frieuds sod relatives of Dm family are respectfully J cited to attend the funeral, from, her late residence, u >. 129 East Fleveuth street, this (Wednesday) after- rl on, at two o'clock. Kino.?On Monday, April 14. after a short but severe ue-s, Mary, the beloved wife of Francis King, aged ad- ars. L J The friends and acquaintances of the ramily are re cctfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Wednesday) , Urnoou, at one o'slock, from her late residsnce, No. 94 ? idge street. Her remains will be taken to Calvary imelery for interment. < Tuesday, April 15, Bkidokt Ki.vski.ia, * ife of Patrick Klnsella, a native of county Kildare, aged y i vears. ,, The remains will be taken to Calvary Cemetery from r ?. its Cherry street, on Thursday afternoon, at two clock. d Kkl-kt.?On Tuesday, April 16, Axoan.w B. Kslsky, .] tugbter ot the late James E. Kolsey, and atep-daughter < Rev. Robert Woodruff, aged 38 yeare. " the friends and relatives ars respectfully invitod to tend the funeral, from the Uraham Avenue Miseiou lurch, ou Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. 2 I/)Wkmuc.?At West Karma, on Sunday, April 13,Sam- h il W. Lowhruk, in the 74th yoar or his age. a The friends and relativea of tho family are respectfully d vited to atteud the funeral, from the residence of his o-m law, Norman K. Freeman, M. D., West Farms, this Veduoaday) afternoon, at halt past two. Carriages will > iu waiiiug at Harlem Bridge from twelve M. until ro P. M. MiDniw.?On Tuesday noon, April 15, Mahoasst Man- ? or, widow of Edward Madden, of county Cavan, parish u il lant ampla, Ireland, aged 23 years. The relatives and friends ere respectfully invited to atnd the funeral, from No. 8 Uoorck street, on Thursday teraeen, at halt past one o'clock. Maxtix.?On Monday, April 14, Miunx Majtiix, Esq., the 73d year of his age. His relativea and friends are requested to attend the neral, v. ithout further invitation, from tha residence of ? s frisnd, l)r. Nelson Stella, 37 Bleecker street, onThurs- , >y afternoon, at two o'clock. Raxkix.?Suddenly, at MouLt Yeincn, Wertcheiter uiiiy, N. Y., William Rivaix,only son and did of Haniel and Jaue Kankiu. The relatives and irionda of the family sre respectfully ' _-.-S ika lonaeel fvAtiv li.n eneirtaw. a a! l..o Y1WU IW UHOUU iu? luuviai, uvui icn?iwi.v v? ?im . int, Mrs. Louis* Bird, No. ;;9 K?.?t Eleventh street, this I Veduesdsy) noon, at twelve o'clock. The remain* will c i taken to'ureenwood for iutcnnont. Rioh*r?.?On Tuesday, Anril 15, Mr*. Jnvxr T Mc * ikk, wife of Dr. V. P. Hlo.hard, in licr 22d year. Due notice of the funeral will he given. Rm.uiK.?On Monday. April 14,at two o'clock in the t orniug .Haucm. Kkkdbskvc RrniitK,son of the late Samuel | trhie, Nmety-tUird Highlanders. British Army, and andtouof K. Barclay Aiiardire, >,f l 'i y, S'cotlnud, age t i years and 6 months. | The friends of the family are Invited to attend the fune , I, without further iuvltation, from liM lute residence, ). 14 Pro*ideat street, Brooklyn, on Friday afternoon, at i 'o o'clock. J Boston, Vermont, Montreal, olutuljus, Ohio, and H?- 1 irstraw. N. Y., papers please i opy. Strums?On Monday, April 4, suddenly, of heart j seaae, Mrs. A**Svrtimu, a native of Connecticut, < id?w of Frederick Sypbers. I May her eoul rest m peace. ? The friends nud relatives of the lanidy are respectfully ) vlte<l to attend the funeral, tbia (Wednesday) after- } i n, at two o'clock, from her lute residence, No. lgo i isl Twenty.first street. Her remaius will be taken to r ecu wood. I Connecticut acd gtonlnglon papers please copy. Twiaw.?(In Tuesday, April 16, after a long end severe 1 nets, Anx TWUU.?s, the beloved wile of Joseph Twiblee, ; led 77 years Tho friends and acquaintances of the family are rc leottully invited to attend the funeral, ou Thursday , Urnoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 80 I syard street. The remains will he taken t? Calvary inietery for interment. Armagh (Ireland) payors plea.e copy. Twmai..?On Tuesday, April 16,after a short and tevare luess, A.vNBfimiaTu*, the beloved wife of George Twl j el, aged 23 years. The friends of tho family are respect fully invited to ttend her funeral from her la to residence, No. 62 Pit I .reel, thi? (Wednesday! afternoon, at half.paat one I olock. The remains will be taken to Greenwood Ce* . letery for interment. Van Ajtnivor.?On Thursday, April 10, m camp before orktown.Ve., of typhoid fever, Haver H. Vav Am- ? ivue,Jr.,in the Ud year of hue ago, member of One ndred and Seeoad Pennsylvania Volunteers, end son ' i Wm. f. ant Susan B. Van AmrlnfS, of this city. y Wilson.?0nTussduy,Aprlll5, aijikm, iob of it. and 1 . Wilson, agadS yaara and 7 monUis. Tba friends of tba family art raapsctfuUy molted to at- f ind tba funsrsl, at balf-paal two o'clock, from bio lata rsldcnco, No. 23-1 Waal Twanty savantb atraol. Wood.?On Saturday, April 12, Wo. W. Wood, of ' dima, Jefferson coanty.N. Y., In the J4tb year of bis g go. l WomriJiT.?At Union Course, on Monday April u, or ; resumption, Jaoob Wimjtlot. jhe funaral will taka plica from bis lata raaldanco, Wlon Courso, oppoalto Hiram Woodruff's Hotal, tbia Wedassday) aftornoon, at two o'clock. Hiaralativoa | nd frlaada are respectfully iavltad to altand without rtbor invitation. _ ? lWiu>.?in Brooklyn, on Tucoday, April II, Aldbi Pa*. ' is, only son of Warran W. and Mary L. Wild, a?ed 13 lontba and 8 daya. The relatives and friends are raspootfully invited to ' ktend tba funeral from tba rendence of bla parents, No. 13 Myrtle avenue, rittafleld papers please copy. Waijw ?Of effusion or tbo brsln, Edwasp, non of Wil* < am and Ann Jane Walsh, afod 1 year and 28 days. ' The funeral will taka place from No. 97 Wont Twenty* rib atroet, this day fWednesday). tvrs'i.?At bis residence, 290 Tenth avenue, m tbo ; 4th yoar of bla age, John Wns, who was for ovtr \ wenty yairs toscbor of Clonaelee National ffobool, < usees aounty, Ireland. ' Hii friend* and th'KO of his aons, .lames and John, and r his sons-in law, Ktcbard Kilroe and J?hn Hannaaay, rs invited to attend tba funeral,from his lata residence, Ilia (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. NRW PIIBLICATIOH8. ~~ ~~ rUAT "CURIOUS" BOOK OF OITT WOXRN: OB IN terestlng Pamela Chaiaelera In Now \ftrk. Cbeapedl inn, klft pagi-a. I2m?t. Price B cents, or mailed free, 3 aula V u AUNTT, pnhiiahcr, TQ Ws'.Altr street, New Vork | a PRRSONAt. AM ABKIRD LADY WOULD I.IKK TO ADOPT A MALI inianl two or three ue nibs old or younger; it must m lark cwnplcuuned and healthy. Answer 10 tlie "Personals' il the Heial 1 : >r lb-ee days, A. B. II AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, IN REDUCED OIK rV cumsianues. wishes some respectable purson to adou' ifi- iiiUnt ham its birth. Address far one week Mrs. Ju fu, siation H. rYlMON PLC. -THERE I?. AND has BEEN POR TBI if l'?t ten days, a letter at the !' >t ollice fur you. A B. 0. DOS JOAQUIN DR ALCAZAR, OP CIENKUUUOR. lit requested to at r.d his address to M. BnjaY, bOlJ.bWPOal -hw, or to the Consulate of Venmuula. [jtOR ADOPTION?A HEALTHY BOY, T1IKEB WEEKS - olJ, at 1&! South Tulrd street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn I. D , top floor, front Entrance in alley way, MRS. E SHAW A T ?ortuosiTY PRKDOMINATES, SEND YOUR } . address. J. "P JRAN PR A NOOH, SEAMAN, WILL CALL AT TIIK . of Samuel Warbui ton, shunting ma itrr, KM South .reel, ho will bear of something to Ills advantage. (ACK-YOU WILL KIND A LETTER AT TUB GENE I rsl Post oUlce, hy the usuie E. Ainyot. JIM. L(AKY SULLIVAN, WHO LIVED IN THIRTIETS u street four yjars ago. will please call at 74 Broadway. iT 6. Q.? ADDRESS TONY BY 1113 REAL NAME r general PosfoflVe. IATI1.L LA EEVKE SEND ADDRESS TO A. Y? HERALD If olliecf LOMT AND mRO. V WALLET POUND -THE OWNER CAM HAVE IT by proving proper.y and paying espensea, at 17 West Irect r OST-A IKW DAYS AOO, A BONfJ AND MOBTOAOl Li on iiroj>eily lu New I ork. The Under will be well re 'urded by fearing enid papers at the store of WM. U. AE HUE A CO.. oortter of Nassau and Liberty streets. f OS! -ON FRIDAY", I1TII INST., A BLACK AND TAN Li Terrier Dog; ears and tail not clipped, and has a small bile spot beiworn his lore legs. When lost hadonablack ad led leather collar, and answers to the uame of " . liberal reward will be paid fur his return to No. 00 West welily tilth street. OAT?ON THURSDAY LAST, IN GOING KROM YORK_i villi) to Ciiutou s:reet, a Pocketbouk, containing SI,Aft i bills, and papers of value to tlie owner. $10J reward will e paid to any one returning the same to 43 Clinton streat. he owner's nauie is in the pocketbook. ORT-tStf. IN OOINO PROM TWENTY-NINTH STREET J through Tenth avenue to Seventeenth street. A suitble rewnrd will he given by leaving it at 144 Eighth avenue, truer ot Seventi enlu street. II. NUIIN. OST?ON SAT I UDAY EVENING, APRIL 12, 1X02, AT J i.lm S. ??nLh i'?*?riiiiMiiL Ai'innrv ft Kiip i^oltRP (an iIp! lie Under w ill be liberally rewarded by leaving it at No. I t. Mark's place, OST?ON TUESDAY MORNING, IN LISPENABB ,J street, a Gold Slide; has a representation of Washing lgton mourned, on each Bide. The tinder will be suitably warded by leaving it at the olQce of R. S. A G. W. Dunham ft) Broadway OST-EXEMPT KIKE BADGE NO. 14, HOSE 36. THB _J tinder will please return it to A. F. Weatcott, 16C roadway. OUT?ON THE UTU INST., BETWEEN 10 AND II -J 1' M , between Seventeenth street (Broadway) and M aat Thirty fifth street, on I ns of Madlaon avenue stages, a nail Portemounaie, containing a ten dollar bill, aome ??> ilia, ailver and postage stamps The flnderlwill be liberally )warded by leaving ft at 20 East Thii ty-ttfth atreet. or wlta . B, Swilt, 160 Broadway. OST-ON: A Ft;ETON FERRYBOAT, MONDAY. UTM J a package of Drawings, Sketches, Ac. The Under wt* b suitably rewarded on leaving them with J. Shearman. M utlon street, N. Y. OST.-FIVE DOLLARS REWARD WILL BE PAIS J at No. 8 Greenwich street (basement), to the persoa ho will bring tack a White Pointer Dog, with brown ears leather collar, witnotit name. The dog waa lost between .orris and Albany streets. OST?EITHER IN A FOURTH AVENUE STAGE, OB J on getting out of same, at the corner of Water and rhitrhafi stneeis. an Envelope, containing Three Notes Iren by John Callahan to the orderftf Alexander Freer, and >me other papers of no value except to the owner. The Oder will b? suitably rewarded on returning the same U o. 9 Produce Exchange. LEE A COCHRANE. OST?YESTERDAY MORNING. IN THB NEIGHBOR Li hood o," William street aud Maiden lane, a black and in Terrier Dog. Answers to the name of Pet. liberal sward will be given for hla return to 43 Maideu lane. ' OST-A GOLD SLEEVE BUTTON. A REWARD Of J %2 will be paid for its return at the ofllce of thb St. Denis Intel, corner oi Eleventh street and Broadway, oral 63 Exkange place, room 14. HUWMl0jV - ?? [>*> REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, THE SKIRT OS JO s black silk Dress, dyed, batween Thirty-seventh and )c*he the alxive reward by applying at 101 Weal Twentyiiveuth si reel. J?C KEWAKD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY, APRIL IS, A pij large size black ami tan Terrier Dog; amwera to Utn true of JhoIc; bad on when lost a patent leather collar, fhoever a id return said dog to the Bancroft House, corner r Bro.idwsy and Twentieth street, will receive the a bora ward. b~ REWARD.?LOST. A SMALL BLACK ANB ptJlan Terrier Do.-; weigh* about thirteen pounds, cropped ars and straight tall. The above reward will be paid to anp ne returning him to Hugh 1'anniu, 169 Broadway, corner of ioitlandt street, basement. I>nr REWARD.?LOST, OR TAKEN PROM THB PAS. PaJ'J aenger car attached to the mi I a train on the Hud, ?n River Railroad, on Sunday night, a package of Bonda nd Moi iga.;cs, four Oold Watches and other aiuall artlolea. ,ny |*i'M>n hawing or finding the aame will be paid the above Kward by leaving the umov.uh A. B, Vanderpool. 63 Ub> rty street, second Poor, room 12. M1SCELUNBOCS. \ NV PERSON HAVING A TOWBOAT FOB SALE MAT ;V hear or a pun-baser by addressing C., New York Pool Hlc<*, stating price and where the boat can be seen. A SURE CUKE.?CRAVING POR TOBACCO CURED. IV Scud tliirty-ali one urui alampa to O. SPOT8WOOD. 120 Spring street (station A), New York. \8K POR SOLAR MATCHES.?NO SULPHUR, NO augncattng smell when burning, most reliable. As hSap as sulphur matches. One trial only necessary to prove hoir superiority over all others. Solar Match Company, 101 nd 10(1 B- ekni.hi suet, N. V. Agent* wanted. Brushes of every description at the brush factory, 329 Pearl street. Harper's building. All artlclss it the lowrst factory prices. Paint Brushes of superior i'-> in <.instantly on hand. JOHN K. HOPPEL. riHINA, GLASS AND EARTHENWARE CHEAP POR IJ cash.?Any parties having cash in hand, and wishing to ibtain the worth of their tnon<-y in the above aiticles, can bo < ommodated, ror intrty <l*\*. at iw < namDera ain?i. up talr*. CCHTta A BAKEh. 'riUANOS.'?I AM MOW SELLING BAKER'S ISLAND IT Guano of the beet quality. Alto other Guano* or U>* noai approved kind* In quantUic* to null purchaaera, at Um owe*t prire*. JOHN B. SARDY. 68 South atreet. rorncr of Walt. N. T. n?AS FIXTURES.?A BEAUTIFUL AND COMPLETE lT oat tor aale low. Apply at lttt Broadway, to JOHN USSBLL. HOUSE PUItMSHINO HARDWARE.?THE OLD EM labiiahmenl of J. A ? . B -rrian, at No. 001 Broadway 1a* burn rc-opened, with a romplate arsortment of good* m he above line, ami at reduoed pricoa, comprialng Sh'tll'ltl iltd other qualltle* o' plated Tra S.-la, Kettle*, l/rna. Cake ft-eketa, 0??tera, Kivrgne*, Walter*, cnndleidlrk*, Diah Jovera, At ; Ivory and pea.T handled Table and Deaseit inlvea, Carver*, Sirela, Ac ; Japanned Tea Tray*, In acta ml -mgly; Broad llaakrtf, Toilet Set A Ac.; brltannia Metal V irea; oroDzcit Tea Kettle*, with Stand and Lamp*: plan shedtiin Dish Cover*, Coffee and Tea Pola, Ae.; refrigerant* or all the newcat fly lea; Meat Safe*, Sierra, Kitchen r*ide?, Step Ladder*. Clothe* llorte*, Ac.; Tlit Ware, plain ttid jap*nb"d, In all it* Tarietle*: Steel Flro Iron*, Standirda, hra*a, copper and iron Coal Scuttle*, Bruakea, Ba*keta, dota. Bi oom*. Ae. The Mea -r*. Berrlan will he pleased la tail on thoirold trieiid* end customer*. 11. H. CASEY. Hardware, CUTLBRT AND OUNB. _ Kolger'a A Woatenbolm'a Pocket Knlve*. Ac. Diaon'a Pow. lei Ha?ks and Sporting Article*; Percuariou Cap* and Oun IVadding; Chain*, Hoe* and heavy Good*. WOLFE, DASH A FISHER, Importer*, 38 Warren ?t. 'TTOW TO MAKF. MONEY BY ADYBBTISINO: XI A PRACTICAL MAN'S ADVICE." Sent I'm one three cent atamn to any addre*a. ROBERTSON A CO., 82 and 84 Na*?au atreet. New York city ICE FOR HALE.-S,000 TONS OP BRONX RIVER ICE 1 sltte'n Inche* thk-k, will be ?ol<l In i|uantlllea to anil uirchaaer*. Apply at tb# at W??l Farm*, or *t No. t> Broadway, SAMUEL M. CHEKSEMAM. ATARBLR MANTELS WANTED-SECOND HAND MANLY! tela, i or which a i?a?onab|e price will be given Apply o .1. T. ROBIN, 2 > N n*ou ? reel, ivirner Cedar, up Rlalra. rHOMAS TURNER, DEALER IN SOUTHERN, WEST rru and Gcneaee PJour, (choice bakera' brand*,) in nran -u *tibetwi rn wastiinr-on ana west stm-ds, ??? rm. Meal, Urjin it:ci F-rd or alt kind*. J^lIE ONLY RELIABLE AND SUCCESSFUL REMEDY | . for all diseases la the genuine "Diiponco Golden Pills '* * one are genuine unless th" box la signed 8. D. Howe. All ithera are counlerfetta and dangerous Hold al wholesale and i -tall by Hall A Knckel, 218 Giecnwli li street; Conrad Pox. it Barclay street; Hnyt A Blanrhard, 310 Pulton atrcet; J. H. . I.i/.ard, 131 Maiden lana; and at retail b* all druggists, and 1 rill be sent by mall on receipt or $1. Address 8. D. Howe J few York. ' I1T n. HUNTER, M. D., NO. 3 DIVISION BTRERT, VT N. Y., wince 1834 cnrea Irruption* of the akin, acrofulia n every form, white swelling of the blp or knee, orchltlr, rarlcooele, hydrocele, gravel, Datnla, rheumatism, acwtsy bronlc or Inflamatury. No pay required until en re la made. RTANTED-A 8BCOND HAND HOIST WHEEL. APW ply to J. M. Walerhotiae, 84 Elizabeth alreVt. tooulfl for classification. A~YOUNU LADY, CALLED VERY PRRPORHEHHINO. /V. a stranger In the city, wishes to form the acquaintance if an elderly or middle aged gentleman of means, with rlaw to matrimony. Address Little, station P. A WEALTHY GENTLEMAN, A HTRANGKR IN TUB I dtp, about making a tour of Europe, wlthas to make .he acquaintance of some handsome young lady who Is wiling to accompany him aa hi* bride. Address, In sincerity* Charles Morton, boi 130 Herald office. This Is no romenoo, but reality. Having had three roots extracted with. out feeling any I>aln whatever, by Dr. J. JAY VILl.KKB, 1S0 Grand street, two block* from Broadway, I cheerrnlly Insert this a' a recommendation to those an (Taring from toothache. oroRiik 11 LAW RKNOK, 113 MqnFoestreet. i rv feet long, in a neat box. Jg TIIIKTV-FIVH CENTS, FHEP BY MAIL. Till'. MlfHIBSIPPl, PRINTED ftr COLOHB. "The heal miliuirv map r publish ?d In this r > in|rp."? N, Y. Motil ity. BCHONBP'tu a CO.. New *?r' : i i

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