Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1862 Page 5
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npoftniT rsoi beaofoet, i. c. Arrival of the Steam Transport Jersey Blue. vw^i^WMYrnVfi' INVESTMENT OF FOKT MACON. the speeoy fail of that puce. ton FUTICDUIS OP ITS (AMBON. TH? abm?MCTT n? N4n? pOBT, &e, At., Ac. Tbo UclU4 SUtea Iraupori Jtmf B?o?, frptop Jm* md, arrlvod jootoPte; AornlBf frt? Mrvrborn, wboaoo bo uilM oo tbo lltb, aod from HaAMmU I*)ol on tbo 1Mb. Preperalioha were being made for the liege of fort Maoon. by getting heavy gaha lnio petition.' Tbe bridge over the river Neuae bad been flniat ed. The treuport Albany would mil for New Torb on tha IStb, with 260 rebel prisoners taken at Newborn. Tbe health of tbe troopa continued good, and but few eaaea of fever and ague bad been known. Tbe Iran*port Thomaa Sparks bad Joat arrived at Batterse. No new arrlvala at Newborn. Tbe Jersey Bite baa tbe following paeeengere ? Rev. George Sdule,?baplaln of tbe Eleventh Connecticut, having in charge tbe body of Capt. Edwin R. Leo, who fell at Newborn, March 14; Lieutenant J. A. Sbipman, of tbe Seventh Connecticut, resigned; Captain Francis L Lewis and Samuel 8teele, Solvate, discharged; Romaso Cage, private, on furlough, all of tbe Eleventh Connects out; Rev. Horace James, Chaplain Twouty-tlftb Massachusetts, in charge of John S. Mayo, arm amputated, aad Leonard D. Hadley, arm amputated, returning home on furlough or ninety days; Captain Willafd Clark, of Company B, resigned; Win. B. Fairbanks, Daniel W. Eamos, And Charles Henry, privates, on furlough, all of the Twenty-fifth Massachusetts; private George Lawrence, of the Twenty.fourth Massachusetts .discharged; Sergeants John Meserola and John Merk)e,of the Fifty third New Fork, D'Epineuil Zouaves, on furlough; private A. J. Hoed, Twenty third Massachueetta, with thehoree of Lieutenant Colonel Merrlt, who fell at Newborn. Oar Newbern Correspondence. Nbwbsbii, N. C., April 7,1802 As Troop* Again Anxious for (At Frajt?Thi ArUieipatod JUM Attack?Th* Movements of the Rebel Troops?GmeMl Rvnu,'d< Pullu Prewired lo Meet Tkem?hebrlt Prowling About the Country Destroying Property?MxpediHtm Sent in Seamh of Them?Map <f tort Macon, Showing iU Prevent Appearance, Strength, dc ?An Original Letter from the Commander qf the fort la General HM?Retract* from the Newborn P regret*? Arrival of Large Reinforetmenl*? The Division Raited w Corp* d'Armee?It* Commander*?Colonel Slevemcn, of Meutaekmettt,a Brigadier General?Hit Command?The Preeoet MarxhaX Kept Buty?Destruction of Liquor?A Bandog in Newborn? The Churcht* Well Attended?Splendid Concert to General Burntide?The Programme?Mr. CoIyer, of New York, Appointed Superintendent of the Poor-tin Good Mfecti?Acknowledgment of Wiem, Brando*, dc., from the Seventh Regiment and Othew Be., do. Sinee I but wro|? you nothing hat transpired of a vital character. Tba man have all got over the fatigue# of their lata viotory, and are ready and willing to pueh on toe till groater ones. Tba faaliog of confidence that exists between tba oaklian and their commanding officers is lowingWronger and aarongar every day, and wa ahall taen aaa thjp division a unit throughout; The most important thing tbat wo have on tbo tapis at the pveaent time Is tboantlclpatad attack upon this place ty tbo rebals. Chagrinad at tba way in wbicb tbey were defaalad bare by a mere handful or man, and they In tbair own oountry and behind tbair own intrenchments, they have expresaed a determination to come down upon uawltb a teyriflo forca and utterly annihilate us. To give greater strength to this idea, a forca of, it is said, cavalry sod infantry, amounting to three thousand men, eroeeed over the river on tba 30tb nit., soma ton miles above no, and tbay ware to bavo been followed by a still graatar foroe. An attack, however, has not been nrtde op to the present time, and should tbey be *o foolhardy n? in Tin lira thn ntfbmnl thorn will hn n hlnn.ltr oa^nvrl in snter upon tlio pages of history. We are not only amply prepared ft>r a greater number than ourselves, but, in rait, for anything that they can bring against us, backed ap as we are by our reeent reinforcements. On the 3d lost, a gunboat was sent up tho Bay river to look after a oertaln Colonel Terry, who, It was said, was ep In that region with a small forco of men; but unforInnately when the expedition got there the Colonel and bid men were nm al, having escaped before jre reached the polut where it was expected they were stationed. One or two other expeditions bare been sent out to intercept and capture, if it la poesible, a number of rebel soldieps who are prowling about the country burning cotton and otherwise destroying tbe property of the residents, for fear that U should fall Into the hands of tho Union troopa. Ton no doubt remember the deserted cavalry camp that we discovered a abort time efter landing al floe urn's creek, while on our way towards Newborn Well, there were some two or three hundred dollare' worth of stores of various kinds there, and it was generally understood that a email force of rebels ware coming down to destroy whatever might be there. So Company K, of the Second Maryland regiment, nuder tbe commend of Captain Hunt, were sent down there in the steamer Patuxeot to keep guard over the things, end, if possible, to bring tbe rebels baek with them. They will remain aa a guard, and I greatly fear that l shall not have It in my power to give your readers a description of the contest, as I am oertaln that those eowerdly fellows dare not rase openly even one hundred men; at least I have good ground for thinking ao from their past conduct. I enclose yeu n few rebel documents, one of which shows at a glancs ths position, strength and general ap. fMruM of Fort Maeon, and the other sketch show* what preparations were being made Tor the defence of Washington, N. C., against ue. The following letter from Colonel White, commanding Fort Macon, no doubt wll) repay perusal, although the date la somewhat early. It shows he feared our appreasb, aad bis advice to <?enera) Hill In decidedly rich:? Fort Macon, Oct. 11,1661. General D. H. Hii.l:?Fin?Your favor of the nth has just been received. All the work on hand shall be pushed forward with the greatest rapidity possible, and from the nature of this country?both the land and water?a small force properly posted can easily defend It against ten times Its number. Hie most exposed point mow it, I beltere. about Swauiborougb, the danger being ta the cose with which tbo enemy could land, and, by marching up ths Newport rivor and destroying tbo bridge*, cut us off from communication with our roar. I call ibis to your attention without be in,; aide to describe tbo country near 8wansborougb. Tbo enemy was sounding near tbo place a few dare siuce, and came so near shore for thst purpose that one of their boale wai waiwped and two man drewned. A good defence tbere, and another regiment at this point, would strengthen the defence Incalculably. Captain Lecrafl will move bis company to Marker's Island on tomorrow, and ths inha bit.ints seem very willing to glvs all assistants to us in and about Beaufort. Respectfully, M J. WHITE, int..naif! 9 l.m., r... .. ... ...j , ,u| . vji ?1?c00 The fallowing paragraph, cut from tha AVwfccm rrogrtu, mow edited by our own moo, will show the military stalo of nffcira hare bettar than I could esjitaln them ? Nswnanv, N. 0 .April 8,11182 Targa reinforcements havs arrived far thi? department, and on Wednesday aud Thursday the atraate were alive with regiments marching through to occupy tlia rain pa assigned thein. Maaaachueetta, Now York and t'cnoeylvaniacontribute troope, and Maryland send* her loyal eona to light agaiuat tha foul rebellion that nought to draw her io. Itow nobly New Y > k has responded to the government's call for volunteeri may lie teeu from the faot that among the rvgiments she has eent liera la the 103d, and this, we understand, ia not by aay meaua the tugboat Id number. Tho Third artillery, which, under the net ef (ingress (hanging the organization of tha army, has boon raised to 1,.lot) man, also arrived, and was noticeable from tta adiuirable oppu.nancu and diaciphue. The division h ia been rniaod to a coipi d urine* by these reinforcements, and the army will rea I with tatereat the fv.lowing as tract from general orders ? ufcaasAL oaoias?xo 23 DirARIIIMT ov Nohtu Cahoi i*a, > Nkwbms, AprW 3,1882. j * a a a J. 1 ha Ktrpi U'armn now in oceupetion of this depertmfeil will at uioo be organized into three divieione, to he ci^iumanded according to seniority of rank at fallow*, vie:?*. t uatsitiviaion by Acting Major General * outer f< comilo ivulcn by Acting Alitor < Hai o Third dfe irlon by Acting M\jor fieneral I'arke e ys a e e Kv coiumandAif Jiajor Mnerel UI/RNXJOk ii'msRc niwfly, A?Si?Mnt A untattl General NEW YOKE. ! INVESTIN I I ' The / i j In addition u the share ) hare It* fallowing inter tin eating facta:-* arc OoIom) Star enaon, of tba Twenty -fourth tiaeaechueetta *m ku acoepted the position otTered bun, of Brigadiar Gene! or tl ral, and now commands tba Twenty fourth and Twenty- ill, i torsoth Masaachnaeltt and tba Tenth Connecticut r.egi- ten manta. Colonel Amery, of tba Sarantaantb Massachu- She aetta,hat alia been rataad tat Brigadier General,and Am baa under bis abargs tha Serenteenth, Twenty third and and Twenty-fifth tfaaiaehnietts regiments. T! Captain Messenger, our efficient Provost day had hit hands full lataly, hunting up thosa individuals nea who have been engaged in the nefarious traffla of selling bod liquor to soldiers'and sailors,and lut night he succeeded dur in making a wholesale haul of liquor, and more than one pari vendor suffered by an unceremonious visit from the are Marshal. It would be much better if the whole thing mai was stopped; but in that case, of course, innocent and fori guilty would suffer alike. O Yesterday was the only Sunday since I left New York luju that I felt (hat there was a difference in (he days of the the week. At Hatteras and at Roanoke Island Sunday was the only to he distinguished by means of an almanac. All few days were alike, the work being the same and the laws T the bame; but yesterday I felt the softening influence of a teri Christian Sabbath. The General had given orders that all work should be suspended, and all the churches w< re thrown open for Divine service. K was a lovely morning, the air sort and refreshing, J and the sun sufficiently hot to render a walk pleasant jlg| without being oppressive. Determined to be pious for win one day, I visited every church in the town where service wss held, and was much gratified to find that they VK were nearly all Oiled, quite a number of the inhabitants T of the place, both men and women, JoioiBg in the service. The principal eburcb here is the Episcopal. On turn- i^u ing in there 1 found sitting iu the front tne pew Major General Burnsuie, and surrounding him I per- ftl('1 ceived General Reno, Colonels Sudley, Ferrero and others wri of more or less note. Captain Messenger, the Provost cial Marshal was also present. The officiating clergyman was | Rev. Mr. Prumm, Chaplain to the Ninth New Jersey regi auv ment. fall Id tbe afternoon a grand concert was given to Geooral c Burciide, opposite hi* headquarter*, by th* band of th* r< ^ Twenty fourth Massachusetts regiment. Tbe selection ''Tt wis very One, a* will be eeeo by th* following pro. jjj*1 gramme, and tbe atlendaoce was very larger? raoc-navm?ranr i. diet 1?Overture," Vorma" Bellini oflb 2?Quartette,"Rest, spirit, rest," from "Ame- It w lie" Rooke* and 8?Victory Polka. Moat respectfully dediwkted * t<> M^jor General Burnaide Zohler B; 4?Cornet *elo,airand variations Hundley Ij Performed by Randmaeter P. 8. Gilmore. ^ 6?Galop, "Trab, treh" Lumbye . 9?Grand pot pourri, from "Martha" Motow ,M raar n. wor 7?Grand concert waltz, "Sounds of spring. Hsrsog cr,_ 8?Poena,from "Ernaui" ,,.v Vordi #?Tattoo polka Rilse 10?Divertissement, from "IJ Trovatore" Verdi dier 11?Schubert'* serenade : Schubert n 12?Grand national pot pourrt I visited tbe other day Mr. Colyer, of Ntw York, who " we* sent out here to look after the boepitai* and take charge of a large amount of atoree for hospital use ( Ho was, and ie still, agent for tb* Young Men's Christian ' Association. H* has recently been appointed by General l"*V Burn side as Superintendent of the Poor, and also to take ^ charge of tbe contraband*, it another time I will ' apoak at greater length on the subject, showing what w* are doing her* for the families of men who are now Ightlog against us Mr Colyfr has at pressnt under his car* 'w about 250 poor wbits families, who are utterly destitute, a|cfr and b* i* supplying them with provUtoi'a and clothiog t where it is possible. If this single fact ought not to touch ' the hearts of tbe rebels end show them what they are fighting against, 1 cannot tell what would affect them Some tint* ago there was a furl created for supplying OU,r' poor Union fatniliaa wllto anmn of tba Doeraaarlaa of life; bnl nt Hattoraa no lucb pcraona ware found; ao the Wj(j thing* warn sold and tba money ralurnad 10 ibe committee?at laaat *o 1 undaratood Now la tha lima for tha a charitably diapoaed to coma forward and alleviate real ' want. Mr Colyar acknowledge* the rffipt of I wet va boxaaof wlnee,brandle*,elolhtog,*c ,from the Seventh * ' regiment of Naw York and alao caaaa from noma of tba *' ahurcbaa, containing auch arltclca ae jeHiea and a aum- ? bar or prctlily made nlgbtcapa. 1 approprlatad oue to myaair to guard agatnat night dew* whan traTtlling,and Mr> baa* to return thaaka to coma ona of lha young lart'on r**? of Pr Tyng'a aburch for lb* praaant. Hi* uew dutiea Tt1 do not prevent Mr. Colyar from being all atlantlou to oat* bia aid on**. f( I have beard nothing of importance from tha neigh* borhood of Fort Macon, but f*ol parraatly eafa In aaying nM' that, from I ho preparation* that are gotar on, tba Blare ff and stripe* will aooa ba raiaed over the traitor*' emblem t0 it tbat now (toata thara. - undt Nawaeajv.N. o , April 10,1868 Tha lhaU\ of the TrotpasThey Art Getting f'aid Off?Pit pee Nfh'lt lietrttr,iing fhir Him?A Shgkt Skirmish?Ne- aaali tody Hurl?Interesting Order */ Ventral Htsrnside- Tht bert Soldiers Rrftinnp Congratulations an Thtir Kitrnt Fie- At (orus?Thi Mch lenernli Oafffit and Uraneh Imprison Ifor td at Goldshtrnuoh?Theg Art It be Court Martialnt? rrt and loner* on Jlrt'r ITay North?A British Company fn the ' Tan Seventeenth Masathmtltt Retxmenl?The Hffititncy of wou Ca^fafn irilltemron at the Bail It tf Nt intern?Who lit pir it?l.argt Shipment of Money from Our Rot dim to Their j , families?ti*t of the Killed and Ifflurtifnl of the Pi fly ! jirst New Fork Volunteers,Ae, chft Tb* rapnoi<m?va conditio? of affair* here .it tba prcaent | tm HERALD, WEDNESDAY rtENT Of Inside View of the e bat fsw topics to writ* about. Our troops In szsellont oondltion, and enjoy the rosily delightful itber. Owing to some unhealthy metier in tbe wotor be vieinity, a number of tbe seldiers bore been taken md rations of whiskey bore been distributed to coun. ict it, as well as to prevent fever and sgae. Majors man, Vsdder and rolsom, Paymasters, United States *J 9 ?M?MW tMCil wmyywmwmwmw M?>? ? """ have been busily engaged paying off tbe men. be rebels still continue to disturb our lines. On Mon. last four horsemen made a dash upon our pickets r Newport, and carried off one of tbera prisoner. A j of three hundred cavalry was seen near the place ing tbe day, and it is supposed that the rebels, having lially recovered from their fright after tbe late defeat* extending their pickets along the western edge of the kbcs which intervene between this point and Beau* n tbe following day a slight skirmish ensued, withcut ry on either side, between our pickets and thereof enemy, some ten miles up ine Trent river. Of course result was that the latter took to their beets after a shots, and disappeared in tho direction of Tronton. lie following hue been promulgated from beedquar. flKNUUt OBtiKKS?NO. 23. ilsltwlkthks PSrARTMKNTOS Noriu CARJ..isj, 1 Khwbmk, April 2, 1862 j * * * a !. The Commanding Genera) takes great pride in prating to bis soldiers extracts of letters received from Linguinhed sources, which express the anxiety with ich their motions are watchc I by the government arid nation, the appreciation ef tho sufferings they have ured, and a grateful acknowledgment of the brilliant lories they have won. he General Assembly of lha Slate of Ohio bate for rdod resolutions nu-sed bv them "oroff rina their rifelt thanks and hearty congratulations on the brilit victories In North Carolina, which they regard as beginning of what all patriot* hope may be the speedy of the great rebellion. eueralThomas, Adjutant General United States Army, tee:?"The President and Secretary of War have spely instructed me to express their high appreciation of bruvery and skill displayed by the * * Comnderof the Department and his troops, ia achieving rcsses at onoe brilliant and fruitful. They have not ed to notice also a sure sign of high discipline in the erful spirit with which obstacles briefly allu'dCd to in oris have been overcopse in the field." loo. Edwin M Stanton, Secrltary of War, writes:? ie report of the late brilliant successes nf the United tes forces under your commend at Mewbera bee rded the highest gratification to the President, and to Department and to the whole nation, and thanks for inguisbed servtee are again tendered to you, and Ute or* and soldiers of your command. ? * 'ill he the pleasure of the Department Id strengthen support you to the utmost extent witbi*its power." ***** y command of Maior Geperal BURNS1UE. twin Kn anoMD, Assistant Adjutant General. M above has been read in the various camp*. In the third paragraph you will obssrve a blank before the ds "Commander of the Department," where in th* inn) was the word "gallant," which General ftuAiside Dressed, with the modesty characteristic of a true sol}? rebel Gsnsrals Gatlin and Branch, who oommanded rticmy previous to the light hers, have been arrested rdcr of the authorities at Hicbmond, a\fd are now in Inement at Goldaberough awaiting trial by court marThey are eharged with cowardice upon that and 'toutoccasion*. The rebel prironere now incur fennel*, ifeemif abjul one hundred nod fifty, including Colonel ry.arc to be vent North in a few duye, under the re order of the War Department to releaee no prjaonert I Colonel Corcoran ie set nt liberty. They are oa d the transport Coeoacic, Captain J W. Bennett. ehare>a representation from the Ajglo American lentin the Britiah volunteer company (K) of the mteeoth Massachusetts, under command of Captain d, who waa formerly connected with the crnfch Coldira Guards, of London. It is the only hody.of men to irmy officially recognized aa a British organiaatton tho report of the battle of Newborn 1 omitted to c moot Ion of the bravery and vaiuableaarvicceof Cut. lamaon, Topographical Fng aeer on Goo Bufnetol'a , who conducted tho raeonnoiasanoo prevlo'ug to tho igemoot. Captain Wllhamecn ta of tho regular army, uatcd at Weet Toffet in 1848. and since then ha* been rely engaged with hit eerpe eg engineer* in the t. He wee at Weet Point at tho tame lime with irat* Burnsldo, Footer, Reno and Parke i# Mayor of Washington baa boon made prieoeer and itdoffby tha rebate, ckargod with treasonable cor ondenee with our forces. ie iky,for mtlea around, le Illuminated at night by naive Area In the woods, oceaeionod by the burning to tutor," aa the low shrubbery, weeds and exited pine treea are called. it mall going North to-day la utnieundy heavy, owing ie large number of letter* sent boms by the toldiera ir tho laducoment of regule# mall communication, eoldlora areal?o tending their pa^ la their famllle*, Adnata' Rxproeo Company, who, with thair usual lutty In following the army, h? ve oatabllahad an office i for the tranamlealon of p*< kagta, money, Ae. I a matter of deep tntaraet to your New York raaders, ward you A complete ami correct 11*1 of the killed wounded of the New York Fifty flrst regiment, Col. rero, incluelve of those who havo dbnl of their indeeluce the battle:? rr-fmst rmiiiiint krw yum vot.uimm, Hitttrakb HtpAi?, attuw *xt> wouaneo Ailed, plain Orlando N. Benton, 11.untenant (toorgo D 4Ueo, Company T Jf, APRIL ltf, 1862.?TKJPL r FORT f i Fort, April 10, 1861 i I ,8^ Orderly 8er?eeat H j. KeadeU, & twderly ?^?*BtV^# ?*yrt' Private?. C. Molt,Co A. Private 0. Zim?er?an, Oo.?, Private Patrick "eye*. tC.-n Private MalhewMe?kaf,CX,. D< ISSKSS^> private manse Luaiy,td?.u Drummer John Gay lor, Oo. H. Private John Kavauuagh, Co. K. Private George Chase. Co I. /lied llareb 10. Private A. Thelmer, Co. A, died March 90. Sergeant Cyrue A. Powers, Co. I, died March 14.

Private George Odell, Co. n, died Mkrch 93. Private John Walsh, Co. H, died March 90. Private John Moore, Co E, Ofed March 98. Private Andrew Kclter,Co. n, died March 30. Private Andrew B. J Amy, Co. died April I. Wounded Company A. Corporal Edward Flugle, right baed> Private Peter Carr, arm. Company " Second Lieutenant 1 rank W. Tryon, thigh; fleib WCUid. Corporal. Wm E. Rayner, left leg. Private Wm. Radigan, lege; alight. Privato David A. Buttorbeid, lag; slight. Private Henry Havener, left breast: crttlca). Private Feunimore Lewis, leg; slight. Private Charles Stone, shoulder. ' Private Joseph Mathews, breast, slight. Company C. Second T.tentenaut A W. McKoe,thigh,severefleih WOBld. Sergeant Albert Poppe. color bearer: thigb. Private Ihchacl Hlggine, left hand, eligbl. Private John Higgint, left leg Private John Dogan, wrist. Private John Turner, thigh. Private John Nelson. left leg. Private Robert Devlin, groin and band. Private Thomas Mono, right arm. Private Michael Kane, thigh; severe. Private John M. Knoser, right arm; slight. Company D Sergennt A N Pentland. left knee. Private John Morgan, obeek. Company E Acting Second Lieutenant Win. E CarriogtOB, leg amputated. Private Michael Bergen, right arm. Private. John R. Milot feulisted nama James Berobl. mill* Private John Ryan, head. Corj*>ra) Robert Young,lug; e.'igbtly. Drummer Cornellue Evan*, bead and breaat; (lightly. Private Wm. McDonald, throat: dangeroualf. Private Edward Dermer, forehead, Mverely. Private Michael Fahey, log, aeverely. Private Loreoao I). May bee, thumb anot off. Private Robert Logan. Bo**; *1*01. tympany (J. Oerporal John Wadeworlh, Soger *b?t eff. Private Patrick Seerex, th imb shot Off. Private Charlea H Gregory, aerotum. Private Martin Hbarkey, right cheek; eeverfc Private Michael Caarton, breaat; allgbtly. Private Jeho Martin, head; slightly. thmyiaay H. Private Peter Kaffanburger, right breaet. Private Jobo Werner, left hand. Private Joba Pwreli, right arm, aevere. Private Abraham Morte. ankle. Private Edward Miller, wrtat, alightly. Private W. F. Smith ear, slight. Private George W Fieber, throat (lightly (Tared. Company I. Private Robert F Speerey, right tilgb. Private George Kane Private Jame* MeCutrheon, thumb (hot eff. Private Otarle a G. Roberta, nech, alight. Private Rofus B. Petty, head, mortal tympany K. Private Joseph Wright, barb Private S. Koble, left lung, mortal. Private John ponohue, finger shot off Private Charlca Hay .forehead and rigbt arBi Private Floyd G, Pugeley, hip; flight Private Nathaniel King, leg, alight. Private Cbarlee Roy, bar*; aligbt Mat. Killed and dead > April 6 33 Wo unded id boapita) and oe furlough ; 60 Aggregate hilled and wounded 03 Oar B' aafoi t Corrcanondence. Bravtoiit, N C., April 10, 1062. The hieeitmtnt of Fort Maw r??ffe?M Partienlart About Its Qarrxsm?l/isi of Officers end CWyxinwi in the fbri?1%' A rmament of the Fori?A Mail from lb? ffel* tiers Intercepted? Pnteirhnnff* of Shots Between the Blotkatling fleet and (be Molt?Ffrnale Uriels? The Union .Onfimeal of Beaufort?A Chase after a Krbel Parson?Herald Suistribers?The Pmvending Bombardment, itc. The restrictions of Secretary of War Stamen's order prohibit me from giving eny detailed account of tho movement* of our force* at lino point. Suffice it to say thai the investment if Fort Moron io rapidly prodrug* tng, and that ore thoae Unoo aro opraad before your reader* our obello will bo bunting around tbe rebel flip, which Mill floats defiantly over it* rampart*. No ohjoc tlon end, I think, *ii*t to giving you tout* information about tho enemy. Fort Macon in at present in charge of Colonel Mopes J. White, who ha* had command or the garrison ainoe the end of August or beginelng ef September la**. Colonels Tow,Jena* and Bridges were previously in auccoooiro ehargo of it. Two or three woeke before the fight at Nawborn throe companies?the Guilford Grey*, Orange Guard* and floldeboro Rid**?wer* withilrawn from the fbrt to assist In tho d*fcuco of that placo, *nd,IhAve reason to beltovo, now form part of Colonol Sloan'* fwon ty eevonth North Carolina regiment, which, as I slated In a previous letter, l? on tho rood somswhoro between Newborn tad Klnotnn. Th? torn* of torvloo ef these throe companies aspires on tho 10th of the present month, hut they will of course have to remain. To sup "Vy their place In tbe gerrltoo, two companies, ?om E SHEET. >? . y VIACON. 2. P'y&tov I (MM by Captains Blount ud Cegdsll, were withdraws from Wksr's Island; so Skat TBB uamu JlBBMOW Of PMW MAffOW aowsonstsis of the following Aeld tmA Staff. Oolonsl Moses JVwhlt*, Mississippi. Quartermaster Capt. John F. DsvlnS* Baltimore. Acting Assistant Lieutenant Robirt E. Walker. Commissary CapuinWm. C.King. Sergeant Major James M- Boole. Chaplain Re?. Dr. Martin. Km. Company G?Atlantic Artillary.?Captaln, James E. Manner; First Lieutenants, Walter Pender, E. R. Walker; Second Lieutenant, John W. Robertson. Company ft?Old Topsail Klflee.^-Captain, Stephen D. Pool; First lieutenants, John C. Man ton, Joseph P. Robinson; Second Lieutenant. B. T. Miller. This company has been reorganized for artillery service, and is regularly attached to the Tenth regiment North Carolina artillery. Company B?"Woodpeck8."?Captain, Timothy Guion; First Lieutenants, William Adams, ? Stevenson; Second Lieutenant, ? Walsh. This company ie also a part of the Tenth regiment of artillery. It hae been familiarly called the "Woodpecksfrom a dash of red in the uniform. Company First Lieutenants, Cogdell (commanding), ?? Rlggf; Second Lieutenant, ? Primrose. The captain of this company, Goorge P. Andrew*, was made prisoner at the Hal toras fight, but is now at liberty on parol*. Company ? ?Captain Blount. Each company numbers about eighty men; but an a large number are not fit for duty the strength of tbe garrison is not more than 840 elfsotiv* men. All these have enlisted for tbe war. Colonel White is said to be a nephew of Jeff. Davis. Us graduated at West Point in 1858, and, as eecond lleutenair In tbe United Stales Ordnance corps, Mrvod in New Mexico Re irttr at Raton Reaps when Louisiana seceded, and, thereupon joining his fortunes with that of ths rebel confederacy, was appointed a colonel in its army. Captain Stephen D. Pool is a resident of Beaufort. lie wae until the seizure of I be fort e strong Union men. He openly proclaimed hie sentiments in a paper which be then edited?the Beaufort Journal. He was tendered the p< ettion of Collector for the port of Newborn by President Lincoln in March, 1861, as a reward for his ser' rices, but, hie aspirations baring been to obtain a foreign consulship, bs declined it, whereupon be yielded to tbo promptings of disappointed ambition and the pressure of, deserted his principles, and, organizing n company of men, entered the rebel service. Lieutenant Ponder is a son of the proprietor of the now deserted Atlantic Hotel of this place, who was the flrsl man to enter Fort Mason with an armed body of men, and take possession of It In the nemo of tbo Vtato of North Caroline. He (Pender, Rr.,) organized a company and flourished about with it considerably, until some unpleasant charges regarding the abstraction of silverware from e steamer then in tbe port were brought against him, when he was court martiaJled, tried, end dismissed the service in disgrace. Tbe chaplain is. or rather was, Rev. Dr. Martin. When our forces entered Newborn he bad sudden and important beslnets up tbe country, which took him away from the fort, since whieb time he has not returned to dispense his ministerial consolation to tbe garrison. We are in plain view of all that Is going on in and around the fort. The aentinels can be 6ecn patrolling Lthe ramparts, tbe darkeye preparing tbe rations in tittle huts outside tbe well*, and further en the pickets, a great many of tbem mounChd. Tbe steamer Union, WDMiU W?OI aOMUiw HVM o OWMJW iiiuc ?|U . luiuinurd their horses. On the night or tbo 3d tngt. th? steamer North State, which was among the prizes at Newborn, arrired here, having com* around by way of the Neme river and Core Pound. Purine the darkness of the night aha successfully ran the blockade of the fort, and i* now at Carolina City, where her eervlcee are mo?t useful In traneportlng troops, Ac Ihe rebels nave oeased flrlaV on the boat* pet*leg between this point end Morebead City, not be cauM they would not like to do eo, but beceuee the boata paea out of rang# through a abannel which runa about a mile further up Nawport river To the nigbt, however, the boatc paea thro igo the more direct channel without danger feme little escltamgpt war occaaionad a few day aince hy what was thought an altampt to convey deepatchea to tbo rebols in the Tort from thoir friento outeido, A aitboat, with ena man in it, was discovered underway aome distance ont In the hgrhor. which, m It approached the fort, was mst hy auolhor sent ont by the garr'son. Ou hit return the man was arrested and taken before Major Allen, who investigated the mattor, end satiafeclorily ascertained that he waa crazy,and bad put olTin tbe boat with tbe insane desire to go on board tbe blockading vessels outside the barhor. It is singular that tbo rebe.a did not mako bim a prisoner, On the same day (tba 4lh) a miniature beat, two or throe feet long, rigged with aalle, waa sot adrift hy tbe soldiers of the fort, and tbo wind carried It to th? v harvoe here, where It woe Intercepted by one of the sentinels and taken to Mi\)ov Allen. It proved to bo filled with tellers Trom the soldlsra to their wires, families and friend* in Reaurort. Each latter waa eaamiued to nscer tnln tf it contatued any contraband information; but nething waa found except direction# about family matters, statements of health and the liko. Last, however, there might be any underhand or symbolic writing, they wera sent to General Parker's headquarters, where they will ho datalned till attar the reduction of the fort. On -Saturday last the biockadleg fleet etchangml torn* twenty shot* with the fort, out without damage on either 5 ltde. An old lady in town who was watching the flrtng roto load utterance to a with that "the fort would knock them old boats to pieces.'' She is not the only sects iiouist 10 petticoats who (lares to express anti-Union s?d timents in so open a manner. As one of our companies wm flling through the street on Sunday, a young mics who was standing on a piazza cried out, "Hurrah for Jiff.Daviol" it is threatsned to quarter some of the hospital casts in hor house if she continues to insult )ur men. It most not be thought from the above in itances that tbsre are ftw Unionists here. Major Alien, who is the l'rovoet Marshal of Beaufort and vicinity, has, administered the oelb of allegiance to some three han Ired of the male residents. Now, allowing four persona 'o a family, it will bo seen that out of the population of Ihe place, which is about 1,#00, Hires-fourths are loyal o the Union. The gunboat Ellis, which mads hor appearance In North river after a run down via Nsucs river and Core Sound, lias drawn the attention of the rebels towards her, and >n Monday laat the fort opened Are, which was returned hot for shot. The range, however, is too groat to pernit the Are to bo effective. The garrison would do wall k> save their ammunition for an occasion (which is fact Approaching) of tasting their marksmanship under better id vantages. The water about here is Impregnated with white mll>hur, and, though it may poesees many benoAclal and nodicinal qualities,the soldiers "don't see it," and would prefer their water purs or diluted with a little whiskey. Mor ahead City possesses many of these sulphur springs, which fact mads it quits a summer resort. There are a number of subecrlbors to the Hmuin m this place, who deairo to have tbeir papers continued for the unnpired time of subscription, now that mail communication baa bean reopened with tha North. They i>7 tha/ want the Hckald because It la the only true Union and conaarvatlve papar, waging war as it dee# againat the dlsunionlsts or both aactiona?the aboMftonlata on tha one hand and the fire eaters on the other. Information reached us a short time since that a par. ion from up the country was hanging around oar lines with the purpose of making his way through with despatches to the garrison in Fort Macon. A watch was |Ot; but he did not make his appearance, and it was reported that ho was in a house a faw miles up the New* port river. A scouting party want out in tha middle of the night,found the house, surrounded it, and the leader went Into the negro quarters to question the slaves. One of the darkeys said the parson had gone off te another bouse three miles further on. This Informa* tlon was ascertained to be reliable, and the party started on again, but bad gone only a abort distance from the house when the reports of two guns were beard behind them. They were conjectured to he a signal, and the surmise proved correct. The scouting party hastened forward to the designated spot; but the bird had gone, having left behind him some -of hie wearing apparel in the hurry of his flight. Up to the time of writing he had not been captured; hut hie escape Is Impossible unless he swims the Neuss river or Pamlico Sound. Tha general tepie of conversation is the impending bombardment of tha fort. The prevalent opinion in that its defence will be either n very short or n very pro* tracted ono. The fort le well supplied with ammunition, and as Colonel Whits has the reputation of being n good officer hie surrender of the fort without nay attempt te hold it will, ho knows, diegraee him In tho estimation of tho rebel government. Be to said also to have sight months' provisions, such as they are (almost putrid beef and hard bread). There are no guna In the casemates; they are all m barM*, with tlx iron howltssre to dnfend tho caplotttore. Tho armamaat or tha fort is as follows:?Two ten.Inch oolumblads, four sight inch somas* blade, thirty five thirty-two-pounders, smooth hers; sovan tblrty-two-peunders, rtflod, and nix twenty-four" pounders, smooth bare. With tha rebels once driven from the ramparts by our shells, the flgbt is virtually at an eud aod the fert captured. Tho Bankrupt Bill. TO TBI llUTOn Of TBI HIRAM). Tho Loglalaturo have incurred a serious responsibility In postponing until the "Greek Calends" the consideration or the bill of a uniform system of bankrupt law. The community ara lndsbtsd to your Journal, aa largely representing tbc commercial Interests ofthiaoountry, for tb# efforts it has mads to secure the enactment of such n measure. There never was a period In the history of the United States whan a just and remedial measure was an much required. The unparalleled efforts which have been made, prompted by a spirit of devoted patriotism, to render pecuniary assistance to our government in Its ar> duoug struggle for national existence, bar* necessarily derangad commerca. The larg* amount of indsbtadnaso from th??outh to our merchants, and to all tbe holders of Southern proparty, unblusbingly repudiated, baa orlp> plad tbe maana of tbe wealthiest, and caused financial embarrassment which no prudaneo or foresight eould bave averted. Tbe impending imposition of an amount of taxation essential to maintain our national credit, which will press with a severity bitberto unknown upon the resources of tbo people, and upon every luxury and almost every necessary of life?all these consideration# demand immediate and wise legislation upon a subject vitally affecting tbe interests of commerce, and which eanuot with safety be longer delayed. Thousands of honest men in this city alone are carrying en a hopeless struggle against misfortune. There are registered la Um city of N'ew York about seven thousand mortgagee or assignments of personal property, called chattel mortgages, and mora than one thousand assignments of other property, chiefly including stock in trade. What Is the enact of such a slate of things, and what does It indicate? They are the criterion of a slate of ioMctvonry which, amongst a mercantile community, is appalling. If honestly made, tho unfortunate debtor Is at the mercy of one preferred creditor to tbe eerious injury of all ot hers who have Just claims upon him. He is helplessly in his iiower, and obliged to tako ouch creditor s goods at any price he may demand, and to sacrifice every other creditor from whom he mav procure credit to moot tho exactions of the man who h Ids over him the assignment of all bis property. If dishonestly made, in order to defeat his creditors and to avoid the enforcement of their Just demands (and under this category tho majority of such transfers of property is included),a power is thus created, recognized and sanctioned by tbe existing law which givea impunity to transactions of tho moot aofis* Uiiu? Tha nnlv rnmedv is a lust and muttahla I system of bankruptcy law, under which the embarraeeed and ih? hooMt may ba relieved, tbe dwboueat punished, and tbe property of an insolvent's eauta ba ralsebly and fairly distributed among*! Ilia (?naral body of tba cradllora. Such a meaanra It Imperatively naadad, tad I ax proa* tba sentiments of ovary banker, merchant and * lawyer with whom I have converted when I invoke your valuable aaaiatance ta urge thia important aubjael upon tbe attention of Cougrtse. Tour*, vary faithfully, KDW1N JAMEB. No. 293 Bsoapwat,Naw Tom, April It, lata. TO TBK EblTOB OF TBI fllHALD, In tba anmmary dlapoallion of tba proponed Banbrnpt law yoetarday In tba Hooaa, It alaarly indlcatao thai the people need not expect any aympatby from politician to Confront. aa tbe outaida preeauro waa too itrong to retain tba bill any longer in eommittaa, it waa formally prmated, bat with a preparation oouaummatad for Ita defeat, a* clearly Indicated. It would bo well for tbe country to conaidar tbla tod if. ferenreof their representatives to meet and ramady their imoeaeltlee, brought oa tbeto by tba agitatlOM of tbla rary claea of men. Tba necessities of auch a bill require no argument It la cltar to any thinking mind, and jdatlca ta tba unfortunate demand It. Alt oppoaltton would fall to ba changed by any reasoning abort of dollar* and seats. So it place* them beyond the reach of the unfortunate. I would suggest that clube be formed in every place throughout tba oountry, with a concerted action, aiming to displace these men who eo indiflbreatly aacrlHce tba Interest of to largo and influential a elass. embracing aomaof tba beat talent of our country. If any double exiat a a to tbe atrangib of Ibla movement, let a masa una he sailed bv It a friend* and teal Ita power. ir thu democratic parly would abandon old and unfor tuuala issues and place llila bill upon tholr standard, they could rally together a powor that would swoop the Door of House and Sonata of Juot ouch man aa voted for the postponement of any present action upon a put bankrupt law. New Yorb, April VlMl The Prtne Cain. TBI UN1TXD 0TAT18 D1ITIICT COCRT. before Hon. Judge Belt*. The United Statu ? ?. the Schooner Sdward Barnard a'td her Curpo.?In thle case Mr. 8. L. Wrodford, on the part of the government, moved for tbo forfeiture and condemnation of tbo acbooner and bar cargo. She waa captured on Ibe }8th of October laet by ihe South Carolina, in the Gulf of Mexico?the vessol and her cargo being the enemy't properly, and alao having violated the blockade of Mobile. The schooner was subsequently stranded. end her cargo, being saved, waa Iranian tied to New Vork. Private letters on board were destroyed by the star before he surrendered tho vessel to the capto The motion for condemnation was granted The United Stalei t*. the Schooner Surah and Oirvtin* ? The schooner ia this case was captured with a cargo of sixty barrels of turpentine, by lb# American ship blanvdlle. la December laat, at the mouth of the Rt. John's rirtr, Florida. 8he w?e reported to be utieeawei thy tfo a voyage north In the winter eeeson, and her cargo was transshipped. The ps|er* on the veeeel were authenticated bv the robe! authorities of Florida,and nhowud that aheaiid her cargo were enemy'* property. lliil no legal proofo arc laid before theCojrt of the actual capture of the mom at ?ea, nor of any or moral Inability to produce evllnnccor it. Pecrea of condeinoation deferred, therefore, until eurh evidence la furnished,or n lawful exewo given for the admeeton of recotidary proof* Out ae no One appeared in the mill, the cargo la ordered to be nold and the prooei .1* brought into Court, to abide Hi further order. For the Cnit'wS State*. Mr. Woodford. ? Mr. Woodford moved to ?pen the proceeding* in olhr? prlaa reeeo, which the granted, and the Court artery ward? adjourned fur the day.

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