Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1862 Page 8
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8 VTVATIONS WA?TED-W?I*I'I?. For Other Wonie See Firnt Page. A COOK'S (bITI ATION WANTED?Bk A Ht I' t I Itto young woman, tlunu ekcallonl conk, and .u ao at IB wanning ?ou unman, ur aa cook, waaber aud irouar in a nun fiuill.v; ao objection to the country for the kjmuiar; boa the boat of city rcfcrem frodl her lul place, Collet bid W?M lflth at., third ton, back room. AitBSI'BCTAHLK Ynl'NO dIHL WISH KB A BI TUAtion oacnouiiaruiahl aud aeouiairoaii; 1?? a good Idea a! rfreiwiuahlog Hit the bra. of < ly nftltM. Coll at SI W"at fth netuacu Sib and7th <n., fur two day? A I Viim-n A KESIE' TABLE MAR . iho mother ot hernial baby, una numb, old, ? Hetiiuiw. the brat of e.ty reference. Call lur two 4myti at No 10 Waobin^tun at., aeooud flour, front room. A GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A PLACE, TO PO GR neral uouaewurk or chomoarwork; Ku?. city referenceOaa bo aeon for two daye at tM Atlantic at., Brookh n. A8ITUkTION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW, aa boiiu'an |wr, or would do tha work of a email family. Apply at 161 Priuco at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION a* coon, >n a private family In Hie country; ho* no oi>wctuju to .laeiai in the washing and liuiung, can give the bait oi city reference. Inquire foi two day* at 6."0 6lb tie. AKKSPECTABLK WOMAN WISHES A 8ITI" A HON aa cook and to onaiat lu waahiug and ironing, to a prl valk family; baa tha l*?t of city reference: no objection to the country. Appiy at l^ib l?t nr., between lfltb aud 16m at?, oecoud floor, baca room. ARE>PEC TAHLK YOISG tjIRL WISHES A ?lTt A Hon to take care of children and do -muuberwura Good ciiy reference given. Call at 267 Wcsl 36th ?. for two fl?7? nnr.nw.euw . ?. ? ?'..>! . kl IPUllPJ A CIT FT Ahbbi'til i asuti iuuxsu nishqononv Mluu aft Unt i'Uv cook ; uo objection to a, MS' w i in the washing aud ironing. Bern of city references given. Call for two day sat AW) 2d a.v. AKESPECTABLE YOUNG 1.ADY, A.N AMERICAN, desir.H a situation am K.iusirew lu a er vale family; tae beat of references given. Can be seen tor three nays at 13.1 West Hih A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT. 1! LE young woman, to cook, wa?h and Iron or .lo housework >? a sin*!! private family; uo objection to g ' a short Ui.tali- c tu the ni.nuj, best of city rei-retice giver. Call for two Say* at 2/a Writ 2Sth St., In the Irunt basement. AS COOK ?WANTED, A SITUATION. BY A RESPEi TAMe woman, as Cook in a private family; is willing to in washing and ironing if re i ulred; best of city reference from her last place. Call at 118 Wcat ?7lh si. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do geneiai housei.oik in a private family; la a good cook, washer and trouei ; lias good city reference. Can be seen for two days al CU3j? 2d av., ring 'ell No. A A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUtion todo gem tal h'v sework u a small family, d oil referent# . Call al 7di,Thtrd av,,l'or two duys; is a good took, washer and troner. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES'A SITUA at.on as chambermaid and waitress, nurse or' suess; live years In Her last place; good city reference given. Call for two days at lib Johnson at., between Gold and Prtuce. An American wioow desires a situation as housekeeper; a widower's family preferred. Address lor two days Housekeeper, station D, Bible House, N. Y. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUauon as coot, washer and ironer; no objection to do gcnerul housework in a private family, or to go a short distance in the country. Best city reference from her last employer. Uauneseeu for two days at 116 West Ibih St., between 6th and 7tb a> s., in the rear. An industrious young girl wishes a situatiun to do general housework or chambcrwork and ironing. Rood city references given. Call at 2U3 Weal litiili St., ar*t floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ^Vyoung grrl, to do general housework in a farmer a bouse, ahe thoroughly understands the care of a dairy. Call at 237 Madison aw*, flrst floor, back room, for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A S1TUUon as cook, washer and ironer, or would do the generai housework of a small private family. Best of city refermmm. Call for two daya at 66 West 27th at., near 6th avenue. A FIRST CLASS COOK WISHES A SITUATiON-lS wilting to go in the oountry with a family; understands an ainas oi cooking an a baking, ana tuoruugniy understands her b.nones* in all iu brain lit*. Boat of city reference from ki lust plm.e. Call at 73 West 20th at., near Gib avenue. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO tesiant girl, to take care of children and ssw, 110 objection to travel. Call at 202 Pearl at., near Concord, BrookA situation wanted?in the country, for a smart, callable, obliging girl; understand* country work thoroughly; it a good plain cook, washer aadlroner; can milk. Apply at It Court M., near Joraiemon si., opposite the City Hall, Brooklyn. A respectable oirl wants a situation in a private family aa cook: Is a good waaher and Irontr, is animg and very obliging. Good reference. Call at 22 East I2lhvt. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TO UNO WOMAN, TO 21. do the housework of a small family, or would do ciiamterwork and waiting. Can be seen lor two days at lit West Ittb St., near 6th ave., rear building. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GERMAN WOMAN wishes a to do general housework, or would do th-mberwork and assist in housework; is willing and obliging. Call ai 128 3d St., between 1st av. and av. A. A FRENCH OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE and to do plain sewing. Can be seen at 142 East loin tl., at Mme. Muller's, A YOUNO WOMAN WISHE8 A SITUATION AS seamstress: Is a neat shirt maker and understand* all Simla ot tamily sewing; will assist with the chamberwork or luc washiug, nus no oujectiun 10 leav* the city. Call al 200 'th av., between 23d and 24lu si*., iu the fancy store. City vefereaee. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do thainberwori and walling and aasiat In the washlugand Ironing: best city retereuee. Can be seen for two lays at 121 West 2titb St., between 7lli and 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A 8ITUAtlu u bi do toe nousework of a Suia.l private The best city reference giveu. Call at llo Wist 27th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 6ITUAtiou to do cbauiberwork aud embroidery. Toe best of eierenccs from her last puces. Can be seen al 803 Mas: A YOUNG ENGLISH WOMAN DESIRES A SITUA lion as stewa; ilcaa on a packet going to Europe, or Woald Attend a family going wiia children. understands Her business thoroughly, And ha* nrat c;au reference. Call ai or Addreu til King m L ?r Hudson A young girl wants a situation as chambermuld ado wuitrcsis or to lAke core of children. Apply for two days At IV 3d ?ve , lu the tancy store. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WITH A fresh breast of milk, wishes a situation aa wet nurse. Can be been iu 41>'.h at., between 8lb sua 7th Ave*., ueil house to 7lh at., brat Hoo-, back room. AOIRL OF POURTEEN YEARS OP age WANTS a situation to take care of children, or to do light houaewurk; satin!actury reference given. Call at Mrs. Lawrence's, Mi Bridge St., near John, Brooklyn. a SITUATION WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE A young girl, to do chnutberwork and waking, or general housework; is a good putin cook, and a eery line washer and ironer; isof a wllttngand ooliglng disposition; has the be.t c,,^r^jr^nge' ^4Q Uc Meo tor lwe d*y? ?t 1*3 East Xkb A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN WISHES 8ITCAtioa as wet uurae, baring one baby oo ber bands, aud .-an alto giv* the best city reference. Call at 72 Stantou St. from > A. M. to ? P. M. A SITUATION WANTED-IN BROOKLYN OR THE country, for a smart, industrious girl; is a good plant cook, washer and ironer, eipenenced in housework, economical, obliging and in.s worthy. Is highly recommended. Call at 121 Atlantic At., Brooklyn. A SITUATION wanted?by a respectable oirl, to do geuerai housework; la a good washer and irauer aud plain cook. Can riva the bast ot city reieranee. Call at Mi Suet 10th at., for two days, basement do r t RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A PEW FAMIa'v lies' washing. Plain washing and ironing done for BIty trull a liosen. Lsoieswill lie pleased With ber work. Or would do plain sewing. U?od reference given. Call for two oaja at 220 hulUtau at., between Bleeckcr and Amity. ARESPEI TAI'l.E YOl'NO WOMAN Wl.-HE.d A SI tuation aa iandreaaur chambermaid and laundress, prefers going in the country, can abow an tears' reference from ber last place. Call at 42 West Soth at., between Broadway and 8 b av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, J\ as < l,ambermn.d and waureaa, or to mind children aud 4*. pU n f ? 11^. no otije. ti'iu Mfnu lb# country f tr Die auuuner numb*, na? good city mlereace. Call for two daya t SI* Bl- -;eker AH Bi'ErTAMLB VOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITU AI -I> to <to c lainberw or* and waiting; Bo objection* t . do the c*? king ktid ???iat with the waaulng and frotilng, I* neat, and obliging. Good City retarenoe irom her _?t I'U'A. IS Oaruiioe *1, front room, *eeoud Door. ? SITUATION WANTED-B* A RESPECTABLE l'ROjl te?iant you.g woman, to laae car* of children and to an?, or m take '-are of children and do chamber work, would iiko to go In the country tor to* aumtner, ha* tbe treat city re fern now. ' nli .t Ut W-* Sub ?t., cvrnar ol 6tb arc., oacr ih ; gro ery ?tore a COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS A goodiook; underManda her boat tie**, la a good braid and biauult ball i ; no objection to a**l*t In waahlt g and ironing; ha* lie?u af city reu rnate. Call for wo day* at 1:5 Colon court, Uo.reraity place, between nth and Wtb Ma. AMIAMHERJf.tTD AND ?EAMSTRR8S-SITUATION V wanted by a Protectant young womaoy who ba? lired in ine moat reaiieclnble lamili * in Dublin fur many year*, ha* 'be beat of recorainendaUoni. Call ? irj Dili av , third floor HOUSEKEEPERS SITUATION WANrED-RY A tnoat re tabl* widow ladr, in a bntel or wntowar a rami- ' ly, or w? old tikecbarge of a nouae for tb?* a imuicr; no uu* * ti u) to *o n ilia country, ha* hid ten year*' arpertanr*). Vnrir.eprlonnble ally itterrnce. Call at UJ W*?l inn ?t , * m d it?*?>r back room, for three day*. HQUHi.KEbPBR.-W ANTED, BY AN AMERICAN lady, a aituauoa a* hntiaekeeper; a wldawar a fainny preferred. Oan he *eea at Mi Rmeeker el. 1 AUN4AREN8 AND CHAMBER*! AID.?WANTED, A I J Mtuation. aa ehauihar'nald aad to do line waehl if end ironing, i*mb?i work or waning! neat city raierence aa ' ? 1 are? and r?p:iblllty; wilt be found willing and ut' lgtug; no objection to go a abort dtatan :e la the rod airy. 1*1 ne ace it for tea day* at A?d fcaat 17tu at, near I at *e. (tllUATION WASTRO?RY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG 0 a'tt. tuuo g*n?ri,l n.,uwwork; ai rea year* in her iaat ji'.,i'? itl rn ?n inuitly preferred. / poly at ?5 S'intin at., 1 mrth I oor Mt.a NUKKKKR. ' situation wantpd-hy a kbsprctablb 'irr.i., to O tlo generhi houxewort tn a unit prirate lamt y in etty r count* >; 14 a good plain rrok. wa.ner aim iruuei; neat of e'ty r*:er?noe. ('an h. n f.w two day* at sr*> Wret Stat at. eirUAIMN v, AN.EO-B* A COMl'fifENT wim | ? aa *o k wt?lirr at , h ner. Can be aeen Mtaer rre.ent < pi'tyer * to day. 78 Weat flat at NEW Y01 SITUATION* WtVTRD- FKMALKN. | VITI ATION WANTKI) HY a KMPBUTABLK \?J> Nil I v> woman, as fit *t ??i ? ailre M iu a prn ale land y , oval ciiy refe ence fVaut lust place. Can l? s.?u for iwu days at Hi W??i lltiii ?., belts, >B bib and 7th av* CITUATIO.N'B WASTED?POR TWO 8I8TEKS. ONE A8 O cook uie other as no im girl; Uk? latter la a good seamstress, and would uot oojeui to travel; boih honest, iai>abls and loug uisd. Apply fur two days at present eiupiojer s (w bo 1i leaving the oily), 143 Dean at.. Bruokly u. QITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIKL, |T? an oiuinVnuiiii and waiirua* or '.o uMJ'U wilh the waah>ng aud iiuumg, or hs chara' ermu d and asai-r and to help la a car.- of liikiren; hn-i g od oily reference. Cull at 7o Pui.ou at., Brooklyn, liral noor, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERT NEAT SMART young woman, as chambermaid aud waitress; baa lived lor a length of lime In the same family, from where she will be highly recommended, they giving up housekeeping being the reu-ou for parting with her. Apply for two day a at '-kj West iAth St., between bib aud 7th av*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, IN a pnvate launiy, as chambermaid aud to lake care of Children, or to lake care of children and do piun sew ing. Ilaa good city reference. Call for two days at 3Jb West lttin si., third lloor. SITUATIONS WANTED?BT TWO SISTERS T O do plain cooking and aaslsi In washing audi: o other lo asoat at chainb. rwork and waning. Ca lib si., between Jib and bib avoa.; beet of eity refer, SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, TO do chamberwork and assist in ibe washing snl ironing, or assist in the care of chiluren, in a suiall private family; good Ity n fei m s ft i n her last place. Apply fur two days at Si bch av., fourth boor, front room. lTl'ATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, to lake charge of children; is a good sewer; oan give g Hic.'.y reference, wou.d do cuainberwork in a small family. Can be seen for two days, if uot engaged, ai No. 1113 East limb St., third boor, front room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO COOK, O ?a~i a id iron iu a small private faintly; Mat of city re. fereuce given. Apply tor two tlay* at No. la Duibcid at., Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl. aa chambermaid and waitress, or aa nurse; beat of city reference can be given. Can be see% for two days at 107 M> It ?L SITUATION WANTED?BY A GOOD AND VERY WILO Hug girl to do general housework; will give good reference. Apply for two day* at &1 6th av. SITUATION WANTED?BY A VER i RESPECTABLE per* in, as brat class waitress; would go aa chambermaid and waitress: can give the beat of city reference. Apply ior two days at hi 8; h av. SITUATION WANTED?MY AN AMERICAN GIRL. TO do gen ral housework in a private family: was two year* iu ner luat place. Coll at 126 olltb St., near 2d av. SITUATION WANTED?BY AVERY RESPECTABLE woman, lo no general housework in a private family: Is a first rate co .lc, washer and ironer; has noubje.uon to wore in a restaurant or boarding house; the best city rel'eieacc from last place. Coll for two days at 2a Monroe st. CITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE O young woman; is a Urst raie washer and Ironer, and good plain cook; understands baking. Call lor two days at 26/ Mulberry si., betweea Houston and 1'rinoe sis. CITUATION WANTED-AS COOK, AND TO ASSIST IN O washing and ironing, in a private family; does up alnrls in a superior manner; ha* city reference irom her lost tinployer. Can be seen lor two day* at 206 East IDib si. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID OR TO arSiSt iu sewing, or to take care oi eh.ldren Is willing lo make bcrseif generally useful. Inquire at 448 Canal sl TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS ; ore as cook and laundress; the other as ch uubermaid and waitress; they are capablv, good girls. Can be seen for two days at their present employer's, 78 West 2A1 St. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. IN A PRIVATE family, a situation as seamstress; ean work a tewing machine. Good city reference given. Call for two days at 647 ltd av. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAlion at cook; la willing to do fine washing and Ironing; no objection to go a short distance In the country; is ready to assist in any other capicaty when required; good reference from her last place. CaU at 167 East Slat sk WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; la a good plain cook, wsaher and ironer; it a good baker; or to do housework in a private family; has nAifidt* mfaianivi fmm hap licit nlace ('all for two dava at 363 #ih av., between 22d md 23d his., in tbe bakery. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do ehamberwork or waiting; is capable of cutting and fitting children'* clothe*; can do any kind of needlework; good eitr reference. Call for two day*, if not engaged, at 32 Eajl 21st *t WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE QIRL. A SITU Atiou toooolc, wash and inn, or would do general housework in a small family. Apply fur two day* at 101 President st., South Brooklyn, WANTED-BY A LADY ABOUT GIVING UP HOUSEkeeping, a good situation for a girl who has been with her over s year, as cook, washer and irouer; a family going a abort distance in the country for tbe summer preferred; can recommend her fully. Apply at A2 West 24ib st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE, STEADY GIRL, A situation as good plain cook and first rale washer and Iron?r, or would go as laundress: bus good city reference; no objection to tbe country. Call lor two day a at 116 West 26th st., ttrst floor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITl'Ation as cook, washer and ironer; the best city reference given. Apply for two days st 133 West 13ih St., between 7th and S lb a vs. \ITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE \Y young woman, as chambermaid and waitress in a prlvate f.iuiliy ; is a competent person, is willing and obliging, and kind to children; good city reference from her last place. Can be seen at 116 West 27th su, between 7tb and 8tti avs. Wanted-a situation, by a respectable Protestant woman, as nurse and seautaiicaa; would do the general housework of a small family; best of city reference gireu from her last place. Call lor two days at 301 West Utn si. WANTED?A RITUATION, IN A PRIVATE KA.WILY, by a tirst clasa cook, who understands ber business in all its branches, namely, soups, jellies, w ild fowl, baking, boning and larding Can be seen for two days at 13 Union court, L nirersity place. 117ANTED?by A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUAIT tluu as nurse aud seamstress, or as chambermaid and to assist with tbe washing aud ironing. Can lie recommended from present employers. Call for twouaysa; 33 West 12th st., near6lh av. 1vanted-by a respectable woman, a 81tuaYY Uol as cook and to assist with tbe washing and ironing, or would do do entire waahlug of a small family; la a good baser. City reference. Call for two day s at -'70 3d av., near 22d St., first Hour, bark room. Ur-ANTED-BY a respectable WOMAN, A BITUAVY liuu to do chanilierwurk and assist in the washing snd ,rouiiig; good eliy reference given. Call at 231 i acitK- si., Brooklyn, for two days. Wanted-by a respectable married woman, a baby to wet nurse at ber owu residen e; it will get a mother's rare and aLLrnliuu. Good citv reteiemv siven if required. at 73 West 3btU St., near bth tttuut, top floor, ir* nt rooms. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young American girl, lb year* old; uudtratauds salting; baa no objection to take care of children; has the heat of city re.'eren e. Call until engaged at S2 lOlii ave., comer of 16tn at, ov>r the liquor atore. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good plain cook, washer and Ironer. haa good city reference. Call for two days at 37t> 1st ave., between 1Mb and 1Mb Ma, second floor. TIT AN I ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ? Y young gtrl, as chambermaid sad waitress. Beat eity taf srence. Can be seen fcr two days at 83 Wyckolf at, between Smith and HoKt sta, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SMART TOUNO girl, ia a amall private family; can do general bouse, work. Oool city reference. Apply at 1063d av., top floor, back room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOt'NO OIRL, A altuation to do chatnberwork and waiting; won d have no objection to take care of children. Jlaa ?<"d city reference. Call for two days at 330 Kicks it, SCuib Brooklyn, second floor, back room. WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION lo do general homework In a small family. Apply at her prevent altuation, 133 Canton it, three 6aan fi an Amity, Brooklyn, for two days. VV"ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, TT a altuation a* ehamliermald and wallrt-i, or no ild do chambcrwork and fine washing; thoroughly understand* her bualncas, beat of city reference. Can be aecn uniU lulled at her preeent employer's, >04 6th av. YVANTED?by A RESPECTABLE yocnu WOMAN. TT speaking Krench and English fluently, a situation iu a gentleman a lamily, aa chambermaid or wa:tr> sa; no objection to travel. tfell at 193 East 19tb at, bcian-.u Id and Jd.ava. Wanted-a situation as seamstress in a private family; is a good drrs-onaker, n > uojectlou ta Uaiiie fare u! a gruwu un ctili l. Call at or addrcaa uer picsent employer, Lafuige House. tl7anted-a situation AS chambermaid AND V* line washer and iroaer: can sew neatlv. and ia roth dTll and ojlleing. C ill for lhl? week el her present employer a, M Weil 23d it., Beer lib er WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A PROTECTANT OIRL, to cook, waih and iron, or do general bouaaw.irk In a email prieate family. Ooud city reference. Ceo be eeei. el IS Id a*. 1 WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE PRO leetenl young women, to lake <are ot children and aaelat to ehamotrwork. Haa Hie beat of refeit " from her preernt employer. Apply for iwo deye at 'IS Wetl ?)ih ?t, comer j( #ib ae. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A V T aituM.on to do cheoiberwork end waliln;, or tbe Ran rkl botiaewor* of a email family. Hood eliy rrferem-e it required Oaa lie aeon for two day*, ai lib Wo?i 16m at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOUNU WOMAN, AB chambermaid end welter or plain cook in e email pri rate iaoiily. Can be eeeu for two daya at her preaaul etu11 yrr'e, 1)9 Hidka at., Brooklyn. WANTED-A BITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL; la a lirrl rate eook, waahar tad ironer alao o good biter of hrra<l and pleat umleratanda all kind* ol lamlly cantieg, llm the beat el city reierem a. Can ha aaeu lor twu daya at til 7th av? between IW'h and I9th ale. W ' V A RE-il'Ei TABLE WOMAN * A "? "nn aa (ond plain ooob. waaher and Ironer, no obje thin to do bueaewoi k for a ataell temilr; good nlty reference. Cell lor two aj at 183 Weal lOih at., corner Washington. WAHTBD-B* A RBKPBl TABLE . Ill NO WOMAN A ait .ailon im >a' ew e?i In ? nfeotlunery, h.itrry or fkney etore. Satiafmtory reference*. < an be aeen for tbred naya at lil Wuei Acta at. YVANTRD-HY A REHPP., TABCB OIRL, A HIT!) ATI ON ' ? id do general houacwork, or to uitn cere of cuildleit and clianinerwork; go id reference glren. fail at No i H ater at., top tleor, WA V. FD-HV A RESPECTABLE (HRf,, A SITI'AHon aa norae and 'e do lulu < nmnlrnn ?. or aa wattre ?#; good< uy relertuee can be gleen Can ne aeen Tor uc tie. * iro n I to 5 oVia.k, at 8'J Weft Iltb at . acrontl Uo >r, Let rnem. RK HERALD, WEDNESDt 8IT11TIUNH W WTED-rBMAIiKHWANTED-A^ SITUATION, BY A RKSPEOTAHLB juaiu woman, ui da general bounework in a private family; 1* a f, *t rata washer and Ir mer, goed t'*"u cook and goad baker. Beat of city ref-reuoe. Call at 4< 1 -d a?., cue door frooi Attn l., second floor. wamtbo-a situation, bit a rbhpectablb TV young girl, a* good plain oook, waahsr and troner. or to do enainberwork and take rare of children In a ama'.l private fatuity; good citjr reference: no obje. ilon 10*110 tbo country. Can be a- en for two day a at AM Went 33d at., between 9th and IOth ava, flrst floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION aa cook, washer and ironer; no objection to go a abort dtatance in the country. Call at 196 Muibeiry aU, room IS. HELP WAWTgtt-BAlJfl. Agents wanted in every state or the Union, to aell Dodln's Patent Kerosene OH Burner or Pluidltamp; baa no competition; over 100 per cent pr tit to agents. Samples aeut on the receipt of four rod atampa Call on or address Joseph Dodin, 22 Duane at., Naw York. Agents can make money rapidly by selling tV heeler's patent to prevent thieves autl burglar* from entering rooms with false keya and nippers. Retail price 26 Cental by mail 30 rams. Twelve khllllrgs per do/.en to agents. GEO. WHEELER, 603 Broadway, room 6. Agents, send for our circular, mailed tree PRIZE AND PORTRAIT PACKET, UNION AND RECEIPT PACKET, PRIZE PACKET FOR THE MILLION. EXCELSIOR STATIONERY PACKET. PACKETS WITH AND WITHOUT JEWELRY. UEADOt'AKTEUS FOR STATIONERY PACKETS. RASKINS A CO 36 ileckinun street, New York. Agent?ir you wish to invest A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Examine tba merits of the MULTOMICBOON, Call and see it, or .-end stamp for circular. 8. C. RICKAKD8 A CO , 102 Nassau atraet H T. AGENTS OP ACTIVITY AND ENERGY CAM MAKE Jx from ?." tci $10 per dav bv entrngiMi in the sale of tbo valuable Prize stationery, RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE. Our Riatmncrv is superior, and our Jewelry consists of FORTY VARIETIES, each article manufactured with ARTISTIC TASTB. For information send for a circular; mailed free. _ RICKaRDS A CO., 102 Nassau street, N. Y. Agents.?the dime package. PANPHROPHOSIL'M PRIZE PACKAGE. tkice 10 cents. the dime package contains 1# articles, *1.1. new and original. each package has a gut os jewelry. Agents can ruuke nearly 100 per cent. Send stamp for a circular. W. H. CATELY A CO., 102 Nuuu street. BOY WANTF-D-TO DRIVE HORSES AND BE GENErally useful; must be active, good tempered and slriftljr honest. aac, 12 to 20. Apply at 37 East 15th it., between 4 and 7 P. M. Boy wanted-IN A fancy store; one wiio bin been in a fancy or tlry goods store preferred; salary from (3 to $3 a wee It lor the first year. One who can come w ell recommended may apply at No. *36 Atlantic si., Brooklyn. Coachman wanted-at 21a ninth st. call be fore 10 o'clock. None but those who un teistand their business need apply. CASH BOY WANTED.-APPLY AT THE DRY GOODS store, No. 144 st, Brooklyn. ' Drug clerk wanted-immediately. apply at Kip's piiurmaoy, 3d ave., between 85th and 86lh ats. Drug clerk wanted?one wno thoroughly understand* his business. Apply at the corner of Fnlton and Classon, a?e., Brooklyn. PERFUMER WANTED?ONE USED TO mak1no ar tlclea for the toilet generally. Address, with references, Howad, boi 208, Herald otllce. SOMETHING NEW ?AGENTS, WITn A SMALL CAPItal, wanted,,to make $2 to $3 per day with a newly patented article, warned in everyhousebold. Tulaiiss bumbug. Apply to lllr.dcnlang A White, 16 QreeuwIchK. WANTED?IN A CUSTOM-HOUSE broker's OFrice, a youth about altteen years, who can write a good hand, is holiest and energetic, bud aniious to become a smart business man; such a lad, re*pe>'taoly connected and willing to accept fifty dollars for the first year, may address box 3,966 Post office, N. Y. WANTED-A STEADY, MIDDLE AGED MAN, FULLY able to take charge ot and conduct a first class fruit, tea and wine store; good reference In answer to this required as to honesty and respectability. Address box 107 Herald office. WANTED?A LARUE BOY, TO WORK IN A COFFEE mill; wages $2 per week. Apply at 69 Furman street, Brooklyn. WANTED?AN ENERGETIC GENTLEMAN, OF MAturn years and good address, to reopen an okkeetablished real estate business. Capital and every thing required will be furnished by advertiser, and a liberal Interest given without other investment than time and labor. Address, with name and references. Brokerage, He.aid office, WANTED?AN HONEST, SOBER AND INDUSTRIOUS man, to take charge of a email place in tne country, about tw enty miles from N> w York; be nmst be a first raie fardcuer, understand the earc of horse and cow, be a careful riwe?r nitil willinu tn ntakn liimm If '? iwrullv nacd?ful jaiii! C'Wie well recommended. Apply between tbe hours of 9 and 12 thia day at 136 Krout at., New York. VfTANTED?A BOY, FROM 18 TO 20 YEARS OF AGE, f V aa gardener and general outdoor servant, to go a short distance in I he country; undoubted reference reijuln d. Call at 129 4th av., between 12 h and 13: ti ?ts., from 10 to 12 A. M., when the employer will be preaout. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN IN A GROCERY. APPLY between 2 and 4 P. M. at 2<J2 Broome st., corner of Eldrtdge^ tit an ted?an intelligent lad, of about TT fourteen years, In an office. Applv by letter, In hand writing if applicant, to hot 1,570 Post "lftce. VT-ANTED-V SINGLE MAN, TO TAKE CAKE OK A TT hors" and wngons and cow; he mutt be a good groom and driver and understand milking. Address bos 4,109 Post otlice, stating his color and wags per month, with board. titanted-two conductors, two brakesmen, TT uli men for steamboats, two elerki^ f ir grocery stores, alet to travel, four girls to travel to California and Europe, one stewardess, three porters, one entry clerk, one bat keeper, two express drivers. A; ply at No. 7 Chatiiiiin square. TITANTED?A BOY, IN AN OFFICE; ONE WHO CAN H svrue a good hand and ran come well recommended. Apply at 435 East loin at.. Dry Dock, N. Y. TITANTED?IN A SKIRT FACTORY, THE FOLLOWTT lug?A man who understands assorting and packing skirts: logirls to tlpp skirts by machines; alsjboys. Apply at375 Broadway, in the skirt factory, to trth floor. WANTED-FOR SHORT WHALINO VOVAGES, TEN atom young men, also coopers, carpenters and blacksmiths. Apply immediately at 57 West St., corner of Rector at., up stairs. T1TAITER WANTED?FOR AN ENGLISH KESTAUTT rantdown town; no n ghl work or Sunday w. rk; must come well recommended for sobriety, civiliir and honesty. Apply between V and 10 ibis morning at ii6 Maiden lane. WANTED-A MAN, TO MAKE HIMSELF GENERALVr i- .I-. ,h_ t.,,? i.nMiM ?i i"T vi .. Brooklyn. WANTKD-A 6MART, ACTIVE, YOUNG MAN. AS outdoor salesman, salary $400; alao a collector and a hotel clerk. A, p.j a; 131 Kuituu ah, Merchants' Clerka' Registry oflice. Situations procured for respe jmriiea. Ke.ereucos to first clau houses. Established 1*66. WANTED -A YOEXO MAN CAPABLE ON T AMI NO lull charge of a batcher's shop, with good recommendations, may apply at the butcher's shop cany Una morning, 41)>i Hudson %*.. Brooklyn. ?1 nn -AGENTS WANTED, TO OPBNj AN OFPICB ipIUU. and take the wholesale agency in every Slate for ail of Lloyd a Great Military Maps, used by our Commanderin-Chief. The cbenpeat flaps in the wor ld. A fortune can be made an Map* In ea< h Stale. 3,CXHDOU copies of one of my maps hare already been sold. Also a man to go to California, England and Cuba. Agents also wanted 1a every county. Bend $1 for sampler and circulars. J. T. LLOYD. 184 Broadway. A1 CA -WANTED. A PERSON TO TAKE CHABOB Jpll/Ui of a small provision store, No 451 Second avenue. $5 per week and board will be given aa a recompense for the service. A single man preterred. ?OAA -HELP WANTED. A GOOD, RELIABLE mOUUi man, young or old, having $300 to loan bis employer (be?t security given), may obtain a permanent situation at $16 a week. For sale?A superior Grocery Store, 180 Elisabeth street, for $314) Apply for three days at 67 Chatbam street, room No. 2. CAA LABORERS WANTED-ON A RAILROAD IN (JU'f ?w Jersey. Wages $1 a day. Appiy na board the sieambost Aurora, foot of Robh.son at., beiure 3 o'clock each day. NPKCIA1* NOTICE*. / I REAl EAH1U1 llUN, LONDON. 1862.-VISITORS TO *JT lliegrcsl International Kshlbilion, and tourists generally. arel.vltad to Inspect the prevalent European costumes at the clothing House of H. CREED. 33 Conduit street. Bond a'r-ei. wT London Orders rue)* tfully aollolted and promptly elecutad. Under special appointments to the Vnesn, Emp. for and Empress of tba 1' reach, Prlnca Impsrial, Ac. Corresponding bouse K Rue Tallboul, Paria ^FECIAL? MR IP. O GRADY, RECENTLY OP THE O Stevens House, Broadway, has removed to 764 Broadmay, corner of Eighth street, where ha wUl be happy to weel his l irmerfriends and patrons. TO TOE BENEVOLENT Of THE CITY.?THERE 18 AN seed Amen an lady tbal la vrry sick and needs aid; bar J.iu Jiur, t.i i unijr u p'.udea r, la ? a of work, and bu c d oit of tummy on "ibiint of ainlnaaa- har toolbar la iuffaring lor Um nacaaaartea 01 lift. Sba randei at 118 Fora>lh ar'el.iu tho'i nt a? meat. Wit) the hanarolest pldian vullhar ?' ?no talo avery way worthy of aauilaooef Her Dauie tali rant. TRAVELLF.BS TO EUHOPE.-A LAUY WHO WMI1E8 to travel ou lha lontloant would ilea to lolo a raapectatj ? i irir, tu which itiara am la'liea, wi-ht?. If coaalbla, to ? iii Knalaii 1 a* **11, lha bait of rafartmoa will be (Iran and rw, ,tr Addraia, alii og wtaro an interview bid be bad. H. B b< l 1 ,17? I'oeloflice. HOTELS. ALHIOM HOI EL, AND BOARDINcA HOUBB. b3S HUD on ktruei. coi oer of Oiiarei ?Plauaal and well furnlihad ilvoim, In luiiaot aingla. auiUlile fur f.unllee or amgl g, nl entnn, wl'ta or v' hoot Board, meof gut, baihi, A;, fnagi a and aara paaa t:? door. T, liAJdBEHT. Propria tor. DKUfOMICO'8, OKUIOMlCOBk DELMOHICO'R, JlKLJIONYf 0 8. DEIMONICO B, r irnar of Fifth avenue and Fo'irlaanlh i*re..?t Corner of Kiltb avenue and Faorteenth itiaat, t.'O'nar of Kl.b aim it and Fourteenth atmet, Corner of Fnlh am.nia and vdurtrraih ureal, Co. in r of h i' i ?ven iu a d PMiiiarntli atr?et, Will. BE OPENED WILL HE OPENED to ILL. lib, Oi'tbEL. WILL HE OPENED to 11 1. lie OPENED WEONK.OAY, A I'KI I. 9, llVU rKllHKJtl'AT, APRIL 9 DfiA WEDNESDAY, APRIL 0, I'2 WEnNRnDAY, A PHIL 9, libU to I IAN i' HDAY. AI it.L % (A. IY, APRIL 16, 1862.?Till ITV&TIOlia W ANTEIVMALKI, A Mr;Kb an ? a SITUATION WANTED, BY A BE >!?< able s'ngle man, a? conductor do tome city nr, 01 a ai.utuou in some mercantile bouse or a position u? furoni in on ?ome place where he can make a respectable living. Andreas U. M. J., Times office. Ayodno nan, aged is. wishes a situation in a wholesale store or in an office to make him elf gen era'ly u-eful; is honest, and can glvogood refeiouce. Apply at 377 fib are. AS COACHMAN AND PLAIN GARDENER-WANTED, a situation, by a married man without children; the woman is a wood Cook, and exce eut washer aoil tr.ner; to h understand thei. busineHS and can give the beet of city reference. Any person wanting sueh a man and wife may address for two days, J. 8? Herald office. A YOUNG MAN FROM THB COUNTRY WOULD LIKE a situation in soinu respectable store; understands the care of horses perfect y; good city reference. Address William

Henry, box 106 Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young Englishman, as coachman, groom or footman; Is willlug to make himself generally useful; no objection to thecouniry. Can ehow the beet or oity reference. Can be eecn for two days at i'i&X 4th av. A BOY, EIGHTEEN YEARS OF AGE, WISHES TO obtain a situation to learn a business or some light trade; no objection to go tu the country. Satisfactory reisrenes given. Call lor two days at 66 Garden si., Hobokcu. N. J. ' AS COACHMAN.?WANTED. A SITUATION, BY A respectable man, who understands his business, and has lived with some of (ho best families in Europe; has been twel e years In New York; has been steady for ten years wuh two families; has recommendations to be seen from bis boyhood; understands the treatment of horses; will be found willlu'.' and obliging; can milk if desired. Address for two days Coachman, box 147 Herald office. CALIFORNIA.?A SITUATION WANTED, BY AN American man, single, to go to Calnornla with some respectable party, to take charge of aome first class fruit ranch or some business in San Francisco. Address G. M. J., box R)1 Times office. (10ACHMAN.?SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTJ able young man, who uuderatnndt hie business; hashed many years' experience; is a good and careful driver; hits had will be found willing and obliging; good city reference. Addrew E. D., 91 Weat 19th it., or box 319 Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GERMAN FARMER .with his eon aud daughter-in-law; a good baud. In' quire at 77 Greenwich el., iu the rear. TIT ANTED?A HOME FOR AN ORPHAN BOY, TWELVE TV yearn old, in a gentleman's family, where ho can have schooling lor h's services; In city or country preferred. Address Mrs. Martin, Grand street Pont office, Williamsburg, for one week, stating where an interview can be had; he it an American. "\X7*ANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED CHURCH SINGER VV a situation as soprano iu a good choir with a competent organist. Ail dress Mezzo Soprano, box 2n0 Brooklyn Post office. "" WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION A!porter, shipping clerk, salesman, or assistant book keeper; city references as to character and ability to till thi positions mentioned, given froin e p oy- rs of the iail i. years. Address Zouave, box 211 lkrald office. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A TV situation InawholiSile and retail gro -cry sore; bar had hut little experience at the buslucss. and that in a coui try store. Is willing to make himself generally uselul. I. employed iu a wholesale store could solicit a large amottu of trade from prominent places through the States of Pcnn sylvanla. New York and Connecticut. Can give good city a u< country references in regard to his honesty, moral chsracte: and steady habits. State when and where an interview cat be bad, when it will receive immediate attention. Will accep a moderate salary. Address G. G., box 12b Herald office, fo two days. "WANTED?A SITUATION A8 PORTER OR CLERK 11 TV a wholesale house down town, by a young Atuerlcai man, 22 years of age; is strong and active and willing t make himself generally uselul. The best of city refer-nc given as to general character. Address E. C. M., Herali office. TjrANTED?SITUATIONS, BY A MAN AND WIFE TV on a farm; understand thetrbuslnessinall its branches Can be seen for two days at 162 Washington St., room No. 2. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN (AN AMERICAN) who has had twelve years'experience, a situation a barkeeper in a Brat class botel or restaurant; can produci tbe best of city reference, both written and verba), from hti last place, where he has been etoployed for the last twi years. Please address for a few days W. S. W., station A Spring St., aud give directions where to call. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. A SITUATION Ai clerk, porter, or In any capacity in which he can maki himself useful; has good references, and will work for a mo derate compensation. Addresa D. H., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS FARMER, BY A MAR rledman; has no family; baa bad eight years'prac ticc; his wife would take charge of a dairy If required; ha good recommendations from bis last place. Address R. D. box 149 Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A MAI er; called one of the best groom* and very obliging. Can b s en at Mr. Walters' saddle and harness store, corner o Broadway and 13tlt St. WINTEir?A SITUATION, AS GROOM AND COACH man, by a young man wlto perfectly understands hi business, also ladies' horses and saddles. Can give the bes of city and country references. Address for two days G. H. box 206 Herald oflice. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE SIN gle young man, who can take care of a horse and wa gon; take care of a vegetable garden, milk cows, work on i fann, and keep a gent email's place in good order. His sis ter wains a place along with lilin: she ran cook, wash am iron and do general housework. The very best of city refe reucH g.veu. Anyone in need of such <ao apply to or ad dress T. B.. 96 East 13th St., between 3d end 4lhsvs.,fo three days. W~~ ^NTED^BT A MAN TWENTY^FOUR YEARS OLD i, situation as porter, in any store; Is very well ac ijuainted with the dry goods and hat and cap business; 1 w illing to make htra?elf generally useful, and has llist rati city references. Addrees Oliver, Herald oiflce. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE COUi'LB. SITl'A lions to take the entire charge of a house; have thi best of citv reference; desire to wash for the family If re quired. Inquire at 71 West 2Ulh St., third floor, front room. FRENCH ADYKRTlliEMENTg. ON DSMANDE?UNE GOUYERNANTE FRANCAISE dsns one famlile. 8'adresser de 8 a 10 heures du ma tin, ailon, 32 Lafarge House, Broadway. UNE F1LI.E FRANCAISE DESIRE 8E PLACER POUI bonne d enfanls et coudre. Eile jc.ut fournir de bonm recommandatlon, 8'adresser chet M. F. Uein, 1 .<4 East 2titl t., pour deui jours. UNE PERSONNE FRANCAISE, SAOIIANTTREP IIIE> faire leg robes collier, desire nne situation de fern no de chair,bre 8'adressrr au New York Hotel, cbatnbre 179. THBTK4DKS. A GERMAN WATCHMAKER, WHO UNDERSTAND! aceordeon, nielndeon and piano tuning and re|? ring aito soft sodder jewelry work, wishes a place. Apply at 2 Cbrystic si., room 2. File cutters wanted-to cut flat ci to 18 inches, and one to cut half round tides. Nona bu Lrst rate workmen and those who will work need apply, U Matthew Bentley, 220 North 7th St., Williamsburg. G3ARDENE11 WAITED?AN CNNAKKlttU MAN |li?K T iiihii or Scotch), to (o A nhort distance In tli? country. t take charge of a garden. Apply at 211 Wen 16th at., trot 12 to 3 o'clock. "DORTER AND PACKER-WANTED, IMMEDIATELY X a buy, about alxteen year* of age, to deliver good*, wh can pack line china, clean and plated ware aafely for ekii ping. Apply to R. M. Bmndlge, 232 Bleeoker at. mo PRINTERS -A JOB COMPOSITOR WANTED, A1 A Polgcr A Turntr'e, USVobu aliceL A Ural rate band la dlapenaable. ? ' TO PRINTERS.?WANTBD, TWO OOOD JOBBERS X actlte workmen. None othera need apply to T. R. Darn ly, aleam printer, eornar of Reade and Centre ata. WANTED-TO OO INTO THE COUNTRY, A TAILOl who underatanda cutting from meaaure and rnakia upclothea. Inqulreat tha Uirard Uonte for H. H. Hawley on Tueaday, Wedneaday and Thureday thla week, bet woe the houra of 7and 9 A. M and I and 9 P. M. WANTED-A CUTTER OP LINEN GOODS, OPERA Uvea on Wheeler A WllaonM eewlng machine*. Ironer md baiters L. DRYPOOS A CO.. 410 Broadway, up ataira. WANTED-BY A MERCHANT TAILORING FIRM, II Saratoga Springe, N. Y., a flret claaa cutter. Addrea 9 , boa 2,1)67 Poet olllce, elating real rame|anl references ao amount of aalary aaked. Apply Immediately. WANTED-A PRACTICAL SOAP BOILER; ONE WIU thoroughly underatanda bla buslneaa, can obtain a pel manent aiiuauon. Apply to A. Knight A Bona, No. 7 Coci lica slip. WANTED-TWO OR THREE OOOD PACKET MA keia. Steady job and good wage*. Apply at H. A Ri-ly'a, MM Naaaau at. W1NTED?A PRESSMAN, CAPABLE OF RUNNING . email engine, Uuo'e four cylinder rotary, and a drui cylinder piem, no nl r .work. Addreaa, elating panlculan Printer, hoi i*X H*ra. J olBce. WANTED-A K.LK HAT FINISHER, AT NO. 8 LAI r n* at. TITAN TED?CARRIAGE PAINTERS AND FINISHER YY lr. amlth ahop. None but ilrat rate workmen uuc apply at Mtlvrre A Smith a, M9 Bldrldgn it. "WANTED-A JOURNEYMAN HATTER; ONE Will Tf unucraiauua uunniui mm curnug. ?ppijr ' * J- ' Bowery. WANTKD-A 000D CARRIAGE TRIMMER; ONI uacj to working on children'* carriages preferred. I'a at HI Maiden Un?, thi? morning, oo Oh rid Ian A Aon. PORTING. A SHEPHERD DOG FOR 8UE-AT 151 ItftNtl loorth alre-l, New Turk, near Second avenue. Can > tried on ehicp. Cheap. W. T. L^OH HU.R-THE FAST 8AIL1N >. SLOOP RTGHE X* yacht HKBfcCCA. Apply lor partiunlara, at the JIaral Mho. ________ KOIl AI.E-TIIE HCIIOONER YA' HTJULIET, NBA! ly fO tone burthen, fo ir years old, drov.aou ftft WAU without her centre hoard . feat, atannelt and lo good oribAnply at 48 W?at Elo<enlh etreet. For sale-a hplrndid yacht or i?i tos burthen, coppered and In complete order; would be e: rhamp-d for good properly. App'y t) J. M. At ARUM, No. I William aireat WAN I EO?A FK.W PATPft OP LTVB Ot' Alt AND few palra of thn eommon wild H b nt, h r which a 11 ernl pit e will be pnnl Addrcaa U? hot 1 t Herald office. .yANTEO-t DOI'HI.K BARREL OUMi fcORDO It nman preferiCil. Addrcaa, abating fcaugu, Icngtn i barrel and price, llantoa, bo* 17.1 Mcntld office. \- v. ,i. FOE SALE?A AT ,1 .. RR a J about 101 ionr. gnod eca hoef, font, atmnc ind In tuln or ler; good H>r a p lot, <lc?pitch or pftticiipcr beat. Tern c. /. Sc nrities wm.u in pay, if a"od, Addrcaa bo* 3,9 Pi_?t ulln e. _______ \- A CUT i oil SAI : rilE < I I MOT TACII I \l?mi'i n', 04 rona, in he old at a barjpt n. Arpt?tnil PI. 11, I'J W .litiii am i t, third e'.ory ft i t. PLE SHEET. HEU? WAWTKD? rEMAL.CS. I A CAREFUL, KESl'Ei TAIU.E. COLORED SERVANT , wanted, lu a >1111111 lauuly; out who is > ulee plant took 1 veil obliging; Wages $4 a inontli; oue Hum ke couutiv or South preferred. Apply after 9 o'clock at 111 West Mib (., between 6th And 7th ares. A FEW FIRST CLASS MANTIIL4 AND C'Lt>AKmaker* wauled; none need apply out those who are ae latoine I lo the beat of dly work ; also a gtl I to go errands. Apply at No. 7 Ludlow place, Houston at., between Su.uvan and Mardougal. At the servants' institute, no. 149 grand itroei?Wanted, immediately A l class cooks obam >ermaida, laundi esses, re sen and t a mistresses, g:rl* lor general liouaewurk, and g.r.a lately tended, to till situation* in fliitclaat private fatniliea Ah seamstress and dressmakbh.?wanted, a woman aa seamstress, who can cui and Ht la lies' and Children's dresses aud oiieralc on Whw ler A WiUuu'sinaebine. Apply at Bookhain a Bedell's, 1W9 lib avenue, at id o'clock, where the employer can be seen. A NUMBER OF OIRLS AND WOMEN FOR THE country ?Neat, tidy, capable and civil Rood cooks, washer* and iroueriand houseworkera wunt to go out of the city; also good smart chambermaids, waitie- *cs, A ., at the Large lnditute, 133 lllh at., corner of 6lh av., at Mr*. FLOYD S laslitutc. A COOK wANTED?wrrn the best of city refereuce*. at 17b Ulecckrr at. COOK WANTED?one WBO understands her business thoroughly, *uch aa soups, meat and pastry, and who Is willing tu do the washing and Ironing of a small family of three persons. Ala > a girl In do chamberwork and waiting; must be a nest sewer aud embroiderer. None need apply unless well recoinm- n led from their last employer. Call for two day* at No. 221 West l'Jth St., near nth av. Dressmakers wanted-at tie broadway; one that can cut and tit by measure; no other need apply. An apprentice wunicd at U16 Br. awl way. Dressmakers wanted?none but exfbeuced hands need apply at lbi Oth are. /AIRL WANTED?TO DO UENERAL HOUSBWORK, VT cooking and washing. One who is wlllluKto work and has uueiceptiouable city references may hear of a omni furtabic and permanent situation by applying at lRIWeat i 36th St., from 9 till 12, tbia and to-morrow morning. Milliner wanted?a fikht class milliner wanted. Inquire at 424 Grand at., between Attorney and Ridge at?. Only trustworthy persons and good milliners [ need make apu.ication. To oue who aims, permanent employment will Is- given. ! "Vf I LI.INK Its.?WANTED, A FIRST RATE TRIMMER 1 ill at Mrs. West's, 491 Columbia sc., neir l'i s>, B vokl.i n. Wages $7 a week. 1 \fILI.INER WANTED-ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS 1VL the business thoroughly. None o b -rs need apply at 27 bcuerinernoru si., nrookiyn. ' OERVANT8 IN BROOKLYN PLEASE NOTICE?MR 1 O MANNING has lett Tul iry street uiul opened au elegant and commo tions offlee at 15 Court street, near Joralcmon, oppoote the City Hall, and lutt now a great many excellent * situation* ready, iu the best families in Broekly u, for cooks, nurses, seamstresses, chambermaids, waiters and general J houseworkers. SKRVANT8?EXCELLENT SITUATIONS, IN FIRST class families, ready for icllable help, to be obtained t Immediately, without payment, at Mrs. LOWE'Selegatitaiid 1 commodious oillec, 1/ Stanton street, between Bowery and ' Chryrtie. 1 OIX FIRST CLASS MILLINERS WANTED?TO GO A * tj short distance iu the country. Steady work all the 1 year round, at the highest wage*. Apply to George H. Hawr kins, Ek' elsior Bonnet Frame Manufactory, 581 Canal sk, at J 12 o'clock to-dtvy. r YlfET NURSE WANTED-FOB A BABY TWO WEEKS VV old. Call to-day at 216 West 27th st. ? TIT ANTED?A GOOD WAITRESS. SHE MUST HAVE ? VV good references. Apply from I till 1 o'clock at 116 e Hicks st., Brooklyn. 1 TXT"ANTED?TWO FIRST RATS MILLINERS. NONE VV others need apply to Mrs. Hopkins, 282 4th av. WANTED-TWO FIRST CLASS MILLINERS, AT 350 Bowery. WANTED-A WAITRESS AND CHAMBERMAID, WHO thoroughly understands her business; must be a good " washer and irout r. Apply at25 Weet 41st St.. this luoruing , between 9>? and 12 o'clock. 5 TTTANTED.-A RECENTLY LEFT WIDOWER, WITH ' VV ons child, wants a New England woman of some refinement, as housekeeper. She must have the health and : strength to do the work and know how to keep a genteel s a ter the New England style. Any oue wanting small house _ a quiet home may address, wait real name, Quiet Home, Herald oflice, * WANTED?SMART, TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL .. VV housework for a small family (second Hour). Kefe, rence from last employer required. Wages $5 50 per month. ( Inquire at 56 Morton St., N. Y. WANTED?AS NURSE. A FRENCH GIRL, CAPABLE of taking the mgrc charge 01 a child; must be able to 1 sew well, w illing to make herself useful, and briitg good city . reference. Apply between the-hours of 10 and 12 o'clock at t 120 ?th at. WANTED?IMMEDIATELY, TWO GIRL8; ONE TO cook and assist In washing and ironing; the other as ? chambermaid and to assist in washing and Ironing, In anrlt rate family, Good reference required. C?U at lira. Ginochio'a, 3U6 Canal St., below Wooater. WANTED?AUIltL, FROM 17 TO 18 YEARS OR AQE (not over), as hainberomld, waitress, Ac. Apply ul 135 Schermerhorn If, Brooklyn. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN WHO 13 A 1 TT coo J cook, by a family In Brooklyn. Address H., box i. 2,030 N. Y. Po?t office. r XXrASTED?'TWO OOOD TRIMMERS ; AL80 TWO TT saleswomen, at Mm. Lazarus Isaacs', 12 Division si. Apply lor tvro days. ' WANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL; 8IIE MUST BE A TT good plain cook, a good washer and ironer and uudcrs stand baking, and be willing to in housework; good refereuco required. Apply at 78 East 27th st. ? WANTED?FOUR FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND* TT two framers, at P. Davis', 3">? Division st. WANTED-A GIRL FROM SIXTEEN TO EIGHTEEN years of age to do iho chamlierwork and wailing In a private family; wages $4 per nn,ntli; good city reference required. Apply at DO Moorman place, 33d at., between 8th ' and 2th avs. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: must be a good washer and Ironer, plain cook, and I have good city references. Wog>? $9 per month. Apply at , 289 East 10th el. . WANTED-A GIRL, IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY ; TT to do general housewoik; must be obliging; wages$4 e per month. Apply at 114 West 17lh st. WANTED?A COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS HER TT business and will do the coarse Ironing and part of the plain washing; also a chambermaid. City references ^ required. Apply between 9 and 12 o'clock at 179 Eaat 14th it. WANTED?TO GO IN THE COUNTRY, A NEAT. COMB TT petcnlgirlas nurse and seamstress; must be able to cut and fit children'* dresses. Apply this dsy, between 11 aud 1 o'clock, at 94 Fulton st., eorner of Cliff St. WANTED?IN A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE FAMILY, a German girl; she mutt be an excellent seaimt ess, speak her language correctly and have tha very best of recommendations. Address box 3,022 New York Post office. W"ANTED-TUREE OOOD SALESWOMEN; ALSO TT two good bonnet trimmers; also one to take charge of the (lower department. Apply at 221 and 223 8th are? at Wm. Klnzey's. "W'ANTED?A CHAMBERMAID, NURSE, SEAMSTRESS. TT cook, dairymaid aad a waiter girl; also two colored women; one as cook and en* a* chambermaid and waltreaa. Apply at No. 711th at., between Broadway and Unirerelty place. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, TO TRIM TV dreeaea, at SOS Waal 4th at. WANTED-A YOUNO GIRL for general house. work, who oan cook, w??h and Inm, and coma well c recommended. Apply between 10 and 1 o'cluak at 19 Gar dan !j at, Brooklyn. a ? WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. | Apply at 17 Cathaiina at * WANTED-A GIRL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK TV In a private family; mnat bo a rood waaber and Iron' ar. Apply at lit Bat-t 3tfih at, baldren S and 10 A. M. ? WANTED-EXPERIBNCED SERVANTS. II HAVE ,. TV now aeypral en "lleut place*, to cook, waab and Iron, * In g nilrman'afanillle*, at the highest waaca given. Al'C . 1 many placea for houeework, In small families, ready thli r? day. Apply I mmedlately to Mr. t'HRI StoEHER, 10 111' ? laryat, Brooklyn, lata Manning A Co, WANTED-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER; ON? WHO TV thoroughly nndcralanda trimming; eonatant employ, mcnt to one that u tile; aleoa few apprentices. Apply at 2& Stb av.. corner of 18th at. I WANTED-TWO SMART, ACTIVE GIRLS, TO WOLK A TV in the atore department of the wholeaaln con factions *y ? eatabllahmcnt of Edward Smith, lit Giccunnb at, seat ' Cortiandl. ' For other Wait* Sea First Page. a ~ MBOAi? soTicitii KINLOCK'8 LEGATEES ?I'l RSUANT TO TilK ACT of Parliament 224 and 23d Victoria, chapter Si, entitled J "An Act to further amend the Law of Property and to Kali Leva Tnateaa." Whereat, Charlotte Oeontlna Sophia Kinlock. late of Amphitheatre row, f<atnheth, In SurreT, widow, - by her laat will and teatauiunt In writing, dated the 23d of E An, eat, lAt?, mud pmed In the Prerrgallve f',?ert <f the ,11 ArriitPahoii of Canterbury, on the lith of December. IKW, gate nito iliti t. ih CI t-1 b k (then the wife and now the _ widow of Charts# CltiUerb'tck, tnos of launbeih. It irrer, artist) (two aunts of tflO each, upon truat, to aocumulata, a> then ,n merit one.), and to twtv tha name and Ilia arcti '' imitation iter* f unto Adfue Kloloek and Ooorglnn ' Kinlo'-k r. aprc Irtly, upon their reapeetlrely attain * liik lha age Of twenty-cme yrart, or marry!rig under that ago, and an* appointed th? aald Hannah i luttei i'* tli? ml" eierutrli of lb* aald wt.l; and, 0 ? ' ?. ' ? T; rd I' a1 the aa' 1 Adln* and 0."Ii; .. id mnln. k were the children of John Kin'ock, a eon or the aald teetahii, wlu>, ll I* be,,oven, left England upward* of I M-ty-throf yaaraa'jofor Aiiiorlon, and tti?*ro mart'* I. and ( aft?rwar la wont to I e Weet Indtee and lied lh*r?, hi* fa r rnlljr r* turning to " d a. Tli* aald l>'g_cl>? not having r. hern rlatme-1, tot;-a ,? herebar gteen that, ne'e a the aald Adlne Klnlock M,d urnunw liimock, or tnelr rnepectiv* |*. gal r Li a irta ? a, a'.ull >ti or bt ? tin .'it dui uf Janu. '0 aey, tAti't, del'T I to M<-??ra. II. A K II lleer?, No A Feni. ehurcn building*. Pin hn rah etlitt, London, the eoltcitora of li (lira.ild Hanna't Ctut'erhnrk (W o la u.w reel'itii n^at I*>lffi?n), a aluiemintof the r reeieoilre claim* and ml* to - tli,i .aid Irgn ?*, tn* eaid Hainwh Llutteilnick will, a* an h A I air! miy't d - *aflnv-nu'd, rtalu the nm t-g,,i*ennd ,u ar iimulaitu! iaa belonging m her ahaolutely, tad will di*. puae of llit* .me a> cordiiikly. Dated thit idlh day of f. i-i *r? J*?i9 v M- A II. HII.LEmKY, Bollnitora. No. 8 Fenohnr h build, IVn liur h r,trout, London, AWI "H'.MKNT*. ,5 r 0VRP - OF Ml'MO, ATTENTION - IO No-f KAIL To aa J J Ml el I lh< gr< ll Moatcnl aaiherti a tuaiiht, at th? SO Hon*--of i.i.i.* _j ,t iI ...At u -i a great com 1 Ira -.ion ;'.Ida evening, among w 10m wo may men ll U A>, Kriijr Hyron, Tim berg T lli own, L'II .Illl, <i aynor, ant K lv n M All til Ilia lorne lr ao'o# Or Uiooh1)ii frlenda are rn*re<foliar netted in al tend. R. !<k ITII, Prapriato#. % AttUSBMBX-rS. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. ' WEDNESDAY APRIL 1? IIIK lA lii.x BROTHERS (frederic anu .jlitomb' in their delightful SOIREES MAtJIQlBS, which h<tve|elMled tlie moat enthualaeiie encomium* froth the moat a>-uie, cniioal end retined made of Burop*, (4'nuipiri * them u TUB MASTER KIM KITH OK TUB NBC ROM ATIO ART. TUB H BIN oRwT.lEK.-i trau>rormlng Ike Aad'mv Into * raa^nlflcenl Wizardlan CAGLlOKTKOM AN TtiECM; , , LUBINTAW CABALISTIC BOUDOIR, appointed in the hlgheet and meet artistic etjrle of eplendOT . and elegance, with an api aratu*. paraphernalia and "ml*.- en ar-i.e'' II I1*11.? ??v.ST GORGEOUS IN THE WOBLD, realiifnx all the hriilluncv of A POET'S DREAM OP TUB REALMS OP MAOIO. HARVEY B. DODWOKTU wilt conduct the Orand Or.:he?ira. The programme for thie evening will embrace a number ef i entirely new feaU, totally ?-Pp-uug anytbinit heietofor* aW tempted by the Lubtue?among oilier*, eeleotlona from the following;? IL HARLEQUIN D'lTALIA. THE MAOI'.'UB L'ARUKT. THE MYKTER10U8 CASKET. ESCAKN I'TAtiB DEM LUU1N8. KLOKA S OKI-BRING. JLK KOI i?K ROSE. LA PAVOR1TA DE LUBIW. During the evening the Orch- stra will perform DodwcMIPW favoritea?"Gem* of Kong," and the "Leap Year Polka.'* A CHANGE OP PROGRAMME EVERY EVENING. Aduiitfion M teals iNo extra charge for Reserved Beata) Proaeenlumboxce Six doImM Settle in private boxea One doila* Aniphitheaire 30 ceata Doora open at 7,'y. commence at 8 o'clock. Box office open ftorn 8 A. M. to 0 P. M. MELODBON, 63# BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRING and l'rlnce Htreela. Pioneer Concert Hall of America. .. The largest plane of amnasBMBt in tbs wontL First appearance of the cri.-bruted MARIETTA RAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL, < MARIE VIA HAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL, MAKIiTTA RAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL. marietta ravel. i marietta ravel, ? marietta ravel. ^ MARIETTA RAVEL, vim k-m nav'P.i. MA!'..Rita KoKL, marietta ravel, mauiktia ravel, M A HI K IT A KA V EL MAUIKTIA RAVEL, MARIETTA HAVEL, Wim, notwithstanding lUe clforu and unauthorized eared published by ? c rtaln managing agent, has beea engageu and will appear on THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 17. Tiila Increased attraction, added to the already unapproachable company. susians tln> chara ter 01 the MElOUEON A* the leader of the pine. ? vf amusement, the oompasy 01 wluch 1* oompoeed or the BEST EQUESTRIAN TROUPE BEST H.tScKKB, BEST OSAMA I'll; COMPANY, BEST CORl'8 OK SlNKRC BEST TitOUPB OF MINSTRELS, In the United 8 ate". The evldeuccsof thee.lh-'i 'i y if the management of tba MELOUEON, And of ihe proprletor'e efTorta t.i furulih a unique HALL OK AMI. SEMBNT, Are the opinlom of the CROWDS WHO NIGHTLY SWELL TUB AUDIENCES. No matter how hard it snows or blows. No matter how hard It hails or rains. No matter bow hard the limes, No matti-r how scarce the rhaiiTi TUB MELODEON Id SEEN TO BE CROWDED BTBRY NIGHT, And the proprietor has never yet been obligad to isaoit ta profuse distribution of i rue ticket*, multiplication by reflee(ion or slim houses, dead heads and all,or other nwy ml gaseous means to disguise the public opinion of the qnnttt* of his performance or the sreuglh of his company. MADIGAN'8 GREAT EQUESTRIAN TROUPE, Comprising the most uistinguUhed STARR IN THE PROFESSION, I THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED AND BEAUTIFUL V EQUESTRIANS. ! ASTONISHING LBAPEKS, VACLTERS, * SOME USA U LTEHS, Ac. The performances are Interspersed with SWEET SONUS FROM MISS EVA BBEOTtFABOINATTNG DANCES BY MISS ADELE CALLA, M1BS FORBES, _ MI8S SEIOEUT AU kinds of acta, farces, burlesques, songs, dsnsee, Uito' SAM SHARPLEY, FATTIB 8TEWART. MR. SETGRIST, VALENTINE and a host o: others, to whkh will be added on THURSDAY EVENING. APRIL 17, IftO. . the exquisite dances ol the beautiful and aeeeKfllsbOA MARIETTA RAVEL, who will appear In two ol bur beat doiwee. REMEMBER THIS AFTERNOON, WEDNESDAY, A GRAND MAT]NEB A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINKE A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINEE A GRAND MATINEE take* glace, when all the GREAT EQUESTRIAN PERFORMERS appear. The MEI.Ol)EON In the on)/ eautli hment IU) gives an afternoon prrformaace EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY: EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY; EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY, EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY,. In which all the great aura will appear. Admission?Orchestra, 22 couu; parquet, 13 ctaUL MM free ltaf. WINTER GARDEN. This (Wednesday) evening, April 16, the will be for THE BENEFIT Of the Widow and Orphans <-r the late Thomas B. Morgan, who died in the dlsnliarg-- of hi* duty as a member at THE KIKE DEPARTMENT. The entertalnm-mi will einsra-e Tom Taylor's beat pleat, ST1I.L WATERS RUN DEEP, presented for the tirst time at this theatre, with a powerfulcast, and the beautiful drama of ROBERT MAOAIRE, with a variety of songs between the places. Thursday, BENEFIT T. B. JACKSON, Treasurer of Winter Garde*. XTIBLO'SICONCERT SALOON?THEATRE FRANCAISS. IX ei Aii.v ai?uii.-.q -KAXTKtt TUESDAY). BENEFIT UK M PAUL JUlGNET. LA DAME AUX THG18 COULBURS, Cotnulle Vaudeville en Iron aclea da M. Bayard. LE SERMENT D'UOHACE, Cemedle en un act < (Kuvrc Pnsthume) d? Henry Muflr. Referred aeat 1$. AdmleMon tlcketa fiOe., to be bad at H. Dardonvllle'i, 623 Broadway, and at tba door on lUe uifkla ?J* performance. Great Canterbury music ijall, WIS BROADWAY. EVER VICTORIOUS OVER ALL OPPOSITION, Predentin! to CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED houses a sterling and legitimate entertainment. THE GREAT CANTERBURY la Utr as!/ place Is the city possessing a cor pa ot BftiatS v. of a ' FIRST CLASS ESTABLISHMBNT. It la palronlred by the tirat men of the awe. all declare it a necessity. The only Place to apend an ere ulna and en joy TRUE AND HEALTH GIVING PLEASURE. TUB GREAT CANTERBURY Haa ffeached THE VERY ZENITH op SUCCESS. THE VERY ZENITH op SUCCESS. It la a fixed and aatabllabe.l limitation, aa much apart of' tba city as The City Hall, the Cnatom House or the Pout Office. MARK THE ARRAY Or GREAT ARTISTS. THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRBTTA, THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA, The Great Scuaatlnn of the Nineteenth Century, wheed Darlna and Graceful Feats O.N T1IE TIU1IT ROPE, 1 are pronounced by all to TOTALLY BCUPSB BLONDIN. 1 New and rtlll more'ul acta this week, axeelllag by 1 far ber wonderful FLOWER GIRL AND VIVANOIFRK ACTS. TIIE CARLO FAMILY, The Greater! PnnumilmDt* o. the a*c, In I THE GRAND RAVEL PANTOMIME. B1LI.Y H1RCH, BEN COTTON, I Tie two beat Nru: Dcllnralnra in America, In tltclr peculiar Ethiopian Comlcalluc*. gi stavb bidkaux o. oermaine, _ ? ? *harry wilson, J. A. HERMAN. In their beautiful Rnne?, Hailad* and t .honiaes. MISS KATHLKBN O NEIL, the gifted Irish Cemrdleane, In new Irish Coinic fiongf. ulU msuuw "IV*. ?? n.IF,.0,? J. HAINES W. CAPPOLO. W.M. ROSS, WM. CARLO, a. WONDERFUL BABY clown, *INhAN BUtI'iIF. ni.tNOE OF PROGRAMME. A GRAND MATINEE rv.. iia*?*,,!.? A.* l i* if ' AAA- * OUlCA-r AMERICAN MUSIC IUM. XIT 4, 4. 4, 4. 4. 444, 4, 4. 4. 4. 4, 4,. BROADWAY. , TITE Ml HIC IIAI.l. OK THK MAMlEH. Still flr/t lu lha liolJ with new atiacuoua. "ADVANCE" la the watchword with ua. The apirtt of Progren* mlea at 441. Antediluvian m*n?i?ra m.iy i* content with played oil Artmta, and drop into the "Id an.I alow atyla of management with ol.t faahlonad firm* |"-i|..rinnre, light rope danrert and antiquated pantomime*, but they art loo far behind lb? lime* lot lliia iu[? i f r>r > r ?s , tiik public patronize 144 Bacaoa* Ihry . an w.tiienv th?rr TIIK REST ENTPKTA1N.WKMT IN THE CITY. NOVELTY, VAUIl.rV AMI) BRILLIANCY. We to noi i.r .. til.. -a'.i? n'4" night ..f'ar nl lit. but NEW, FKSttll, SP\RKI.IN I. 'TJVfc" ACTS, At rrf WORTH HBT.lN't. Olher intnacera a.*,k lo popi'i?. t.ut ib<-> a."? ten alow, it la not until a performer or feature beo-mea atale with ua that tner act hold o; It, hence we arc nlwaft ahead. Our rote pan/ la the heat la America. TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, the woihl-faioed Clown, le-.u r, Lomle Singer Mid Slump (Valor. CHARLEY WHITE, lli? arc itdtt fclhlopln C median In erlaience. L. SIMMONS ,the Napoleon nl H.uij data. MI3P El'.NimrlNR IIP. KAltlE'l, VIMS LIZZIE BOH I. LTZK, MISS AMELIA WELLS. I'ACL BRILLIANTS llRAND BALLET TRolTB, and a mWtt* hoat*f 1 Mat At tint-* tnuhlly. GRAND MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY. 1 ROBERT W. MflTLHR, Sole Ir pricier an I Man get. Wantbo?tiiis day. for a cost rrt saloon. VY twu lad/NiHtrra, ' - 1 .1/*; al <? one haato I pluvei A eel" ! X. Nrwdway, between 1 and 1 a'atoab. Alio waiter uiCfc ft

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