Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1862 Page 9
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1 ?AL?I AT AUCTlOlt. " A UOTIOMHOTIoit'?M H CIlAKMAN. AUOTK>NKKR A MAuMirioKNr household rihtNrrcBB, I'AINTINUS, 8TA I'll A R t'. A.\U MANY KAltE ANP, . Ct.glXY WO.IKS OK ART. a At public auction, thin day (We Jnoaday) April 18, At the elegant rctidsuce 41 -Vest Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. Sale c< miucncuig at 11 oVluck, rl*:? 8KVEN OCTAVE KUnl.Wt OO PIANOFORTE, the rtohest Instrument olfcied at auction this -e ?*on, superbly carved leg* aud case, lour ruuud <uru-rs, full Iron plate, overstrung baas, all tue modern improvements, made bjr city makers, fully teaiml by compcteut judges and prououncd a superior instrument; rum-wood Canterbury, do. Stool, oover-d lu brouadt-; French cloth Cover; Boole ase and Secretary, Euoolfourrs. Lady a Work Table. Writing Desk, French Plate Pier Mirrors, ma.bin .Slabs and Brackets; two large Mant- l Mirrors, rid'ly carved frames; Embroidered Laos Ouriains, French Sha les, Coruicss, two inaguiliccnt suits Drawlug K >um FurnUur-, covered tu three colored Satin brocade of the richest d- scriptlon, carved tn solid rosewood; two Tcle-a-Tet* gofae, two Arm sad eight Oval Back Ch.iir-i, roicw >od Centre Tables, statuary marble top, to mate . the suits; Etageres, lined with satinwood, marble top, lulrrur doois and hack: King's batantB-cllning Busy Chairs, Pier, Card and Quartette Tables; OU Paintings, by Cuie, Ionian, Ingram!, Seller.*, Kglaw and other eminent artis's; Assumption Virgin Mary, from celebrated pnln'lng In iho Louvre, Parts; Storm at Bea, by Fiugeriiaglr; two superb uiaich l'aiutlugs, black walnut (fatatand, Chairs to match; Oilcloth, Stair Carpels. Chambers? English Brussels Car|M-is, rosewood marble top Dress >ng Bureaus, Bedsteads and Com mo les to match; Toilet Tabids, Shaving Stands, Rockeis. Con lies. Arm aud Oval Back <?halrs, covered In satin; Springuud Hair Maltrusaes, Pother JBeda, Bolsters and Pillows, Oral Mirrors, Pastel Paintings, Decorated China Toilet Bets, Bro atel Curtains, Ac. Upper -Chambers?Mahogany and blue c walnut Bureaus. Solas, Rockers, Wasbstands. Dining Boom?Solid carved oak Buffet, statuary marble top; Her a's patent Extension Table, Am Chair*. Couchex, elegant sols crystal una nuoj uum Decanter*, Wine*, Uolel*. Champagnes, Lenionades,TuniM*Nl Celery, Fruit end Preserve bland*; Finger Bowie, Bub* and Gold Liquor Sam, Gold and China Z>lnner bete. Silver and rtchlv Decorated Tea Set, forty-four pieces; solid silver Dinner add Tea Set*, Silverware, Coffee Urn, Casters, Cake baskets Napkin Rings, BpaCos. Forks, Ivory Handled Table Cutlery. Also Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Auction notice,?ernst roth, auctioneer. an BXTBACB JINAitf OPPORTUNITY SOU nouskkkkpkks and thk trade. AT PUBLIC At CTioN, This day, April 16, at i o olo, k pre is> ly, the elegant Furniture of the large dwelling house. No 138 Waverley p!ae, cast of Hlxih areuue, consisting of handsome Brussels and Three-ply Carpets, Glass, China and Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, rich Cut O.ass and China Ware, Tea Sets, three elegant Parlor Suits, covered in rich e ittn Lu cca tel. silk teps and amir cloth LTOwswond Etagere, with mirror buck and doors: Centre and Pier Tables, Lace Curtains, Oval French Mirror*, rich China Vases, Painting*, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus. Wasbstau Is, H.ilr Mattresses, Beds, Beddlufk Blankets, Clocks, Mirrors. Sofa Beds, Lounges, spring seat Chairs, Corner aud Boi k-lsnds, Tea and Extension Tables, Dining Chairs, Bullet, Shades, Oilcloths, Stair Carpets, Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive. A POTION SALE OF ALL THE NEW AND BLEQANT Jt\. Furniture of (hi; Hotel Butdilc-r, corner of Broadway and Eighth street.?edw.vkd a'i'ANTON, aurlioueer. will sell on Friday. April 18, at 10 o'clock A. M., all the elegant Furniture and the whole contents ot the Hot -1 Buebler, torner of Bioadway and Eighth a.r> et, consisting of large aud small oval aud square gilt iraineu Mnrors, mahogany marble <top Tables, mahogany Bureaus, mahogany and rosewood Bedsteads. Hair Mattresses. Feaihei Beds, Quilts, Blankets, a splendid set of mahogany plush Furniture, nine pieces; French Clocks, Statues, Wis Chandelier*, splendid Oil Paluliocs and Engravings, Linen, Copie Kettles and Boiler*, Knives and Forks, .Silver and Britannia Ware, ail the Glass adCrookery Ware, Kitchen L't n?lls, Ac., Ac. Hotel keepers, dealeis and p rfon* Intending housekeeping areespe dally invited to attend this sale, as every article will be sold to the highest bidder, without reserve. Term* cash, lu current money. Deposits required. Sale positive, A JOSEPH L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL this day, at 10>i o'cloc v, at 137 Eighth street, near Broadway, one Piano, three rosewood Parlor Suits, rosewood and mahogany Bedroom Suits, mahogany aud ma|>ic I Chairs; Bookers, Pier Glasses, Tables, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oil Paintings and even thing belonging to a Hist ctoeebeuse. ^ A 88IGNKK'S SALE OF FINK WATOIIES AND RICH J\. Diamond Jewelry.?A. M OKISTALAR, auctioneer, wQl Mil OH Friday, April IS, ot 1 X o'clock, at 23 Bowery, the Stuck of a Jc?veil?*r, consist u _ m imrt of Oold and S I at Hasting and Open Faoe, N.rkel Movement, Straight Line Levers, Double Tlnte, Msgl" and English Patent Lever*: Cylinders, Detaabed Levers; l.adiea' Enamelled .WMobea, Silver Qllt *n,l Philauiubla Case Wat'h.a, Ac.; chads* and valuable assortment ol Single Stone and Cluster Ylns, Rings. Earrings, Studs and Sleeve Buttons, lojr-sther with a I rge lot of Oold Jew b y, Ac., Ac. By order ot asiaae* The above sale is well wot thy of the attention of a a# trade. Catalogues at sale. Also two Sliver Plated Show Cases. ASSIGNEE'S SALE LIQl'ORd GROCERIES. AC.-S. HERMAN A CO, auctioneers, will sell on Thursday, I 10 o'clock, at 13 Bowery, 2UU cases assorled Liquors, Casks, Brandies, Rum. Whiskey, Oln, Wines, Ac.; stlsa tt baskets Champagne, 10 lb*. Oil Cognac. Ac.; klso Candles, Soapa, Qolden Syrup, Herrinjp, Mustird, Pickles, -Spies*, JUriod Apples, CoO'ee, Tea, Ac. My order of assignee Auction sale-william m. smith, auction or, will sell, on Thursday, at I0X A. M., at 13 Court atrast, Brooklyn, Furniture, Carpet,, Ac., consisting of one Black Walnut Bull, In reps; Bonkca'es, Turkish Easy Chairs, Sofa Lounge, Chamber Suit*. Feu I her Beds, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Oilchuhs, Ac. AUCTION SALE OF FURNITURE IN BROOKLYNn?is day (Wednesday). ut 10X o'clock, at 3311 Fulton street, by COLE A MURPHY, auctioneers?Maho.auy Sofas, Chairs, Bureaus, Sideboard, osk Extension Table, oak Dining Chairs, Brussels and Ingraiu Carpels, Bedsteads and Maitresses. Also one Bockaway Wagon and set ot Harness. BY WILLIAM IRVINO, AUCTIONEER.?WILLIAM IRVING will sell at auction, on Fr.dry, April IB, at 1 o'clock, In front of salesroom 33 Nassau street, a splendid Alray Messenger Horse, IRfJ IihiuLs; trots In 3%; sound, kind stndgentle In all harness; good saddle beast; very stylish; s fine family horae. TkANlBL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL JLP to-morrow (Thursday), at 10X o'clock. at the private roaldeuce U West Twenty-lourth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, tlia entire Household Ftirni4ur* contained u> the above bouse, consisting iupsrtofelefssl rosewood Parlor Suits, nine pieces, in blue and gold satin brocatel: rosewoo I I lent re Table, Egyptian *?av ble top; rich Laoe Curtains . nd Cornices, superior rose wo d aaven octave Pianoforte, mmle hv I.tnrfarmuin* A s, wood Lounge*, Yoltairc. anil Sid- Chairs, in haircloth; elepal real bron/n Mantel Clock, B...U/* Vaaen In match, Fariaa Statuettes, English, Brussels. Three-ply aud Ingrain Carpels, Gaa Chandeliers an I Br .cite a. elegant rosewood Buffet, made to order; Bxtenilon Table, Dining Chain-, Mirrors, Krennh Chin* lHuner and Tea Seta, rich cut ul miware, stlrer platedChaftng Dishes, miboaany Er-neh B.-dataaoa, Dressing Bureaua, iopa: Wasli?taiids, Work Sible*, curled Hair Ma tri'M-ea, feather Bed*, Bolsters, l'llws, Bedding. Toilet Crockery, Mirrors, Shades, Iron Be steads, PloorCloths, Sta r Bod*. wood, Hall Choirs, <ko.; also the Kitchen Puinilui-*, with which the wile drill eoan nr tee Catalogues maybe ohtaiued at the sal'sroom, 711 Haassu street, this P. M. DBUKKR, AUCTIONEER, WH.f, SELL THIS DAY. at 10t? o'clock, Ibe con isn't of the Grocery and Liquor Btore KM Elizabeth street, coria.sU g of s good lel-ciion of II kinds of (irocerlra and Llqnoisoi the finest qualities will bo sold In low or the whole. IP H. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?HANDSOME HOUSEUs hold Kurnlture at ami.ion. ? K. II. Ll'DLOW A CO. Will sell at suction, on Tuesday, April il, 1,-tU, at 11 A. M., ai lfi West Thirty-second street, near fifth svennr, the endire Turn uir* contained In aula ho ise, consUilng in part o, carred rosewood Parlor Suit, In nurooti pluah; Centre Tildes, row wood Pianoforte, 7 o< tare, made hjr .Soddjri; Pier ffiiMS, mahogany Mnfaa aud l'u ilra, in haiio oth, rich cloth snd Isce Window Curtains, m .hui'any Ereuch Bedsteads, Prnaatag It.irrauJ. Washaiandaand Commotes. marble top-; Mack walnut Library Bookcase and Tables, Collage furniture, Palllasars, Hair Mattresses. Boisier* und Pillows, Ex enaloo Table, Dining Clia.r , M .ntel C'lo k-, China an disss Ware, Hruas -Is snd In ; Carpels, Oil.*. Ac.. together with an aanrtmri.t of K.-ftuu furniture. C*lalo;ut> , St olUoe No. ,T Pine street. TN I.nnLOW. JK., AI i TIONKKB.?ROCKAWAYB Ji. TOP BUGGIES, WAGONS HAlt.NE.-B, SC. KZKA I.I'l LOW, Jr, will sell, this .lay, ai 17 o'. lo k, at salearoom-. 6! Lllierty street, lighi Cocks way* lor four per sous, lop Big;'- a, iiMtl ai dc, o Wagons sc. AUo single snd double Harn-sa, X^UWAltD SCHKNCK AUCTIONEER. Ii TINE OIL PAIN ri.NUK. By KftWARD BCIIENCK, day, Idtli last., at II o'clock, at hi* arlearoouta, 155 and l.i7 Broadivav, s collection of h'.r 4BI Palming*. many of them baring the reitllioatet Oi Ibe artists. Among them will lie found Pine W.mer Borne, by riiuet*. Sheep, l.y Rosa I'ariueman. Stable Scene, by Wouicrniuii.i. Tbe Unbidden lineal, by I'. K. Nnoh -. Two Winter Scene*. Ill l'e ilium. And several fine apccun. n> t>) J. Noi Ibeote. Tanner. Beitbins and others. Tnc Palutiiiga are now on eihibltlon, and will be positively sold without roeervr. Edward 80Wwok, bucnorae*. The celebrated Trotting Horse JACK CADE. Br EDWAltD 80IIENCK, on Saturday, 19th Ins'., a' ft o'clock r. M., at Vandewatrr'a Club House, near 12Mb dree', the celebrated Horse Jark Cade, warranted perloclly kind, oundand gentle, for which Ho: wrilUn guarantee of tl>e owner will be given; together with a |\Vagon, which ti?a onljr h-eit ttacd two w. ?ks, and llttht Harness, made bj L iwden ?o order. Also, Blanket, Whip, Ac. The whole lo be positively a >11 without reserve. Canle rm at (be prlrnte stable in Mo t Uteri, one door belou Bleecker, until day of aale. RDWARD RCIIKNi'K, AUCTIONEER spam O* t'Aht horses. tt AliO.N AND HARNESS. By EDWARD SC'IIENCK, on Saturday afternoon, April 19, at o'clock, at Vandewater'a Club Hons , near 124th street, A (pan ef elegant black Horse.*, 14>4 hands high, periectlv snatched, air and nine ye.m old) warranted sound, kind ami Knlle; a aplendld team for a gentleman: can (rid Inside of 10 tegi'ther; coat the |ir> cut owner gJ.OQn. A ?>I, ;l i Wagon, double Harneaa, lliaiikela Whip, Ac. Will he positively cold wlihoiit reserve. Can be seen at the private liable in Mott street, on* door below Bleecker, until the day of sale. Furniture hacks in Brooklyn, BY JOBKPH IIKUKMAN, AUCTIONEER. Till RAUAY. AI'KITj 17, aim'elook a. m . at No. 40 Klrsi place, between Clinton and Henry siren. nANDSOME FURNITURE?Roaewood Parlor Suit, In hronatal, sovaq pleoea with cover*; i|>l<>n<llrl French plat* Fl?r (Jlaaa, with rich carved Combe* ant Pier Table; elegant bronae and marble Mautel Clock, Lace Curtain*. Tapcati? SruaaeU Carpels, Oilcloth*. handsome mahogany Extension Table, oak Bullet and Chain, rosewood and mahogany Chamber Furniture, rich China Dinner, Breakfast and Tea Seta; rich Cut (llaai, with Kitchen Furniture, Ac. SAME DAY, Immefflatelv after Ihe above, nl l>{ o'clock P. M., al No. IC't Fnat place, between Court and Smith atreeta. HANDSOME FJURMITURE?Ko*<wnod Parlor Still. In broea telle, seven pieces, wtib ewvars; Piano, Etagere, mar We Vaaea, oral Mirror, rich metlalliun Velret Carpela, Ollclotha, rosewood and mahogany marble top Chamber Furniture, Mattresses, China and Ulaasware, Ac., with Kitchen Furm lure Catalogue* at ihe salesroom on Wednesday. Il you require the aerrlcea ui an euctloner thla season, befbreyou de.-irie, call on JOBBPII 1IKOEMAN. With a per onal eapeileuoe of twenty-one yeara in the bualneaa In th'a eltr, the Inigcat and beat arranged aalrarooraa, the tn< al obliging and faithful assistant, most of whom hare br?u with ua for ten ycart paai. and unequalled taellltlna tor the prompt and satisfactory conduct uf our bttalneai on our own original system, wa offer our service* at a uniform and moderate charge. GBORI'R IIOUIROOK, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE Bkt Broadway?Will giro his personal attention lo sales of Furniture at the resldcncea of families breaking np boosekeeping Also at Dry Cooda and Grocery Slorea, Rabions, Sc. Beat of reference given and prompt return* made. flKOROE HOI.BROOK, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE BOD U" Broadway?Will ae\| on Ft I day, April 18, In Fifteenth treat, near Mlilh avenue, tho Furniture of the huttge, conJlatlngof aflne asaortmnit of Parlor. Chamber ami Kitchen Furniture. On Hilurday, In Thiitteth alreet, a beautiful astygrtmeat of Furniture. NEW if OK SA.LKS AT AUCTION. Fooltom, ibonoiuut-UMi sale ok Hou-eho d Kurnllure, French I'late MIrrori,, Tapestry, T.,ree ply and Ingrain luriiots; Oilcloths, Curtslua, 0 hado s. if., Tn:? day, Vteduesiay. A|<iil 16, ?l IlWtf o'clock. ..! No. 220 Ore. ne street, neui Amity * reel, tlie m-re genu at Kurnllure or tlie house, comprising in part Velvet, Tapestry. Brussels anil Ingrain Carpets; Oilcloth*. Sulla of rose*o .J rarlur furniture, in bro utel; large French Kluie Mirrors. CnrtaiUM. Shades, uiatngaiiy French Be 1-teads. Iluir Mi'tre.-.-, *, Spun); B d?, I> csaiug aiitl I'laiu Bureaus, marble top C litre and Curd Tables, mahuguuy Chain., Uofuk, 11 ill uud Hal Stands, Ac. ac. AI .SO?At Ike name time a lot ol' Bonneta, finished and nn'lnialied. together with all the Counters. Fist ne.s Bigus, Ac Sale will Ire w itnoui reserve, and guilds must be leinuvcd to-d iy and t< .in rrow. Henry H. LEEDS, AUCTION hit IMPORTvNT Hl'El IAL SALE OK VBItY SL J'hltlOK OLD W1A KB, BRANDIES, KEUAKS. AC., WITUOUI' UESERt H. HENRY II. LKKDS A CO. will ki ll by aucllon on Tburt day, April 17, at II o'clock, at tbclr salesroom, No, 23 Nassau street, a In rue assortment of the ai on-, from the stock of an old e-tablisiied iinjKr, tint: and jobbing house, recently en. gaged In the business in this city, >U" tiding a reserve stock not heretofore offered, being the subatance of their Importstion ami aelectlon for the past twenty years; consisting of Stalker's Amontillado, itttj; Duff Cordon Imperial Blierry, vintage ?f 18116; Imp n ted 1-hU; very old brown and golden do.; Harmony and 1'ortilla Sherry; o.ld South Bide Madeira; very choice dry Old white I'ort Wine, of rare quality: tjrern Keal| and other line, eholee Champagnes; Cognac Brandy, i486; an Invoice of Brandy In bond; do. West India Rum; Clarets, llocks, Ae.;alao, in dozen eases, a* Imported, Wines, Brandies, Ac,, bottled by the London an J Peninsular Wlue Company; one Ullage octave very line Brandy, 1,66; Bourbon Whiskey; Holland Uin, in cases, Ac. No outer goods admitted. Also, a select linporiaiion of about 7,f-,000 Havana 8?gars, Ti/.:?Figaro, Cubannus, Cervantes, Oaviota, Root. K1 Mora, Vlgllancia, Ila.try Clay, and othrr favorite brands, in 10th hoses, consisting principally of Conchas, Zarueiaa, Lou. ?"u ?c|uhi, oiitKB, rnuMiuuB, annuo, ^euiaiuuei, which must be closed at any sj- rilice. HENRY B. HERTS, AUCTIONEER. BY HENRY WOOD * CO., Salesrooms 4 U) Broadway audi! Crosby street SHERIFF'S SALE or tHB Entire slock of an Importing and Jobbing Ilouse, consisting of HARDWARE, FINE SHEFFIELD POCKET AND TABLE CUTLERY, of Rodgur's, Wostenbolm's, Mappin's and other celebrated makers; OUN3, STORTING IMPLEMENTS, Ac., by order of james LYNCH, Sheriff or the city and county or New York, at No. 17? FULTON STREET, commencing "n THURSDAY. APRIL 17, 1862, at 10 o'clock, and to be conlloued dally until the entire stock ladiiposed of. Catalogues will be ready on Wednesday, 16th Instant, and may be bad by applying at the salesrooms or the auctioneers, No. 450 Broadway. The stock wl:l be on exhibition at the store No. 176 Fulton street, one day before the sale. Terms of sale?Cash in bankable money. Hardware auction notioe.-benj. h. seixas, Auctioneer. I>y HENRY W. VAN ANTWERP A CO , store 68 Barclay street, will sell, on Thursday, April 17, at 10 o'clot'k, a large' and desirable assortment of liariware, Cutlery, Fancy Goods, Ar? Ac. Full par.iculars on morning of sale. Terms cash, bankable money. JOHN L. V.tNDEWATER, AUCTIONEER. e| LARGE BALK AT PUBLIC At'CITON, lly A. JOUKNKAY, at salesroom, f'j Br. a Iway, Thursday, April 17. ?i U A. M., of VELVET, TATE8TBY, INGRAIN SKD VENETIAN CARPET INUS ; MATTTINOB. OILCLOTHS, RUGS, AC. J bog art, auctioneer.?by S. A j.* booart.? Thursday, April 17, at 10>? o'clock, at 176 East Fourteenth street, genteel Household Furniture, consisting of Parlor Suits, French Plate Mirrors, Lace Curtalna, marble l ip Conlre Table. French Clock. Tapestry and Brussels GarI ?t.s, large quantity of superior Chamber Furniture; solid black walnut Dressing Bureaus, marble top Wasbstuiuls, French Bedsteads, Hair and Husk Mattresses, Feather Pillows, Bolsters, Blankets, Carpets, Diuln; Room and Kitcheu Furniture, Crockery an 1 Glassware, Ac. Deposits ruquircd from all purchasers. Catalogues on the morning of sale. MORTGAGE BALE OF SALOON FURNITURE.?WILLIAM WITTERS. Auctioneer, will sell this day, at two O'clock, at 1A4 Canal street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, the Furniture of a Saloon?Tables. Counters, Stores, Cooking Utensils, Ac. J. ANDREWS, Att'y tor Mortgagee, PAWNBROKER'S SALE ?ON THURSDAY, THE 17TH, JOHN MORTIMER will sell at No. 15 East Broadway, corner of Catharine street, a large assortment of Lailes' Wearing Apparel, consisting of Silk, Merino Delaine and ot'ier Drssaea; Shiwls, Under Garments, Qi.i'ts, Sheets, fine linen damask Table Cloths, Pillows. and a groat variety of other articles worthy the atteutim of dealers and home keepers. By order of II. BARNARD, 21 T. lrd avenue. SHERMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS, WILL SELL ON Thursday, 17th Inst., at lOJj o'clock, at 13 Bowery,a tfnnppal llianplmnnl /if UrtllO/lhoM b'lien it II on mokn,?nw tta/4 steads, B'ds, Bedding, Chairs, Tablet, Window Slides, (Mocks, Wasbstanda, Mirrors, Oil Paintinta, Olaaa Ware, Crockery, 4c. Also a large Invoice of Table and Pocket Cutlery, assorted Hardware, Ac. Also SO dozen Wire Selves, Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE.?TO BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCtion, on Friday, April 18, at 3 P. M.. at Piatt's Factory, corner HlOornfleld end Second sum s, Hoboken, N. J., all ibe Machinery used In the manufacturing of worsted and silk trimmings, comprising 0-0 i Carrier Braiding Machine*, 1-38 do., 4-18 do., 1-33 do., 2 Silk Winding do., 3 Jacqoard do., I Knitting do., 1 Warning do., 4 Crimping do., II Hand Looms, 8 Card Wheels, 7 Spool do., I Swill, and Sundries. WM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS day, St 2 o'clock, at 184 Canal street, by virtue of a chattel moitgage, 21a ge Feather Beds, Pillows,, 15 Carpets, 1 splendid Dining Table, and all other Co .la lor I'rtnily use. Also, by orddp o. Exe< tit >is, a large quaullly oi Clothing and Furniture. -IITM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS TV day, at 2 u'elo k, at 454 Canal street, nil the genteel Parlor. CnataL-er, Dining Room ?ud Kitchen Furnitzre; riih satin damask Curtains. Book aae, Pier and Mantel Mirror*, Oil Paintings, Piano, noh Velvet, Tapestry, Tnree Ply i n I other Carpets: halt and basement Olclotbs, French and other Bedsteads, liair Ma'irravs, Feather Beds, Redding, Dressing Bureaus, Washstand 4, China, Class, Ac.: rosewood \imolre-a-01ace,.'?paneee Vases, Wax Flowers, Coffee and Tea Urns, Dlnucr and Tea Sets, Cutlery, Ac. All vdapt"d to families and others. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE NO. 4 East. lir. adway, sells on tola day, at o'clock, all Mia Furniture, Carpets, Ac., contained In the five atory house No. H Neilson pla< e, between Waverley plaeo and'Eighth tnat, eo:.slating in part of mahogany Chairs and Sofas, cane ae?t do , Mirrors, Velvet and Ingrain Carpets, Parlor Suliaof rosewood, In plush and brocalel; marble top Bureaus and Tabic*, beat llair Mattresses, mahogany ami w?lr.ul Bed-tea's. Di'ing Room Furniture, Kxt-nsuiu Table, ^hir'y Bstj CUn?ware and Crn-kcry, Ae. Catalogues ready. Wr 0, HICOINS, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL ON a Thursday, April 17, at 173 West Forty-eighth atre -t, i.esr the Eighth avenue, the elegant Furniture or Mr. John Hirch, who is giving up boiiaekeeplnx. Site at 11 o'clock. FIHMTLHE. 4 bedroom suit of enamelled furniture. A in all colors, of warranted manufu' ture: also aoltd i:he-inut Clmmher Suila, plain and ornamental, at II E. FaKRINOTON'S. No. 3M Canul ?trc< t, opposite Wooster. Established in I-S48. ILL K1ND8 OF FURNITURE, LOOKINC CLASSES, . V B'd nng, Ac., below ancpon ; rices, wurranied and delivered iree, al O. W. HNHDEN's, Kl Bowery, b-two u and Houston streets, fail and oavc money. Note the n imber. Rosewood Parlor Soits cheap. t labor assortment ok household nun. A turn at private sale, at a sacri "; 7 octave rosewood i i.-in'-iui w, <o -i lor lin iniiiii; Moot aim t;o\ei. l'eil< r Suits im one do., $AU; Boon t'nses, Ktageres, (viiti r Tables, Kit u-l n Tables, BuflVi, t'mpets, Mirrors, Paintlnga, Cocks, Bureaus, Bedsteads, M .Urease*. Ac., at lull' ihi* orfglual row. Apply at .No. 70 Weat Twentvuivth Mr el, np'ii Suih ireaue, TBBAXSLLKJ) (II AM RE It SUITS OP FURNITUREI J III all color* mid styles. at wholes .le and retail; the largest stock in the ctty. Hull* $&>and upwards. Also, solid Wkianl Suits, Mallie-sea, Paillasses, An. WARKEN WARD, i77 Canal aire, t, lour doors oeat of Broidway. THIRST CLASS ENAMELLED EUMMTURE?PLAIN, 1? de? oiated and grained, solid wulnnl end oak Seta; Ktiila M Jutland upwards: Maltreirea, Spruit If da, Ac. J. W. Il.SIIER A CO., Ma II n I art II rera, Col) Broadway, between Blercker aCd Bond streets. LTUltNITURK BOUGHT?FAMILIES OiVlXO IP L housekeepingcon a -It their Furniture for .n-h.nndre. ivii a fair price, ai 4IV Third nri nne, near Thirty-fourth a1 reel. A I <a:.a or a note address d r'nrnlture, a above, a ill lie liroinpily attended to. ft I'KM TURK WANTED?1 U IL! BUY AM) PAY . ASH n' a lair valuation for about %U.iAJO w ortli of go d, p.aiu Furniture, aultabte tor a hotel or large boarding lionsc. Any party about breaking up housekeeping inay -end ,t line to or c.i'l ttjion Mr. Mathews, 113 Fulton street. LM'R.NITURK POB SAKK.-A FAMILY HIVINC UP P house e. tub to aell a Velvet Parlor Carpet, From h plato I'ier Mirror, two roaewood Sofna, In satin damask; elegant Drapery an I lane Curtains. If called for this wreck will bn sold for less than half the coat. All In line order and n arly new. Call and an- at id West Tw-nty-thtr I sir- et. C*L' RNITURK.?PATENT PORTABLE CAMP CUT' L lotinu" and chair combined, ra'ent Right for snle. (I Lit LEY A BRADY, 410 Broadway, X. Y. I/OR HAEK-T11E WHOLE OR PART OF THE FI'RNI. I tore o| a well established flist visas Boarding House, nearly loll of good, prompt paving boarders, and oue of the beat locutions In the cltv. The house can h" ten .d or leased on teasonabte terns. PoueMlon Immediate. Address II. B., Household furniture for sale.?a family, declining housekeeping from May lit, deeire to ll ihrlr entire furniture at | i Ivalo aale. It was ml purul ate I new la*( May, mid la in good order. Addreia bo* WJ Poet n?ee. PtlHIKS KUL.AK1NO UP HOUSEKEEPING, AND wishing to Roll their Furniture. will Hurt ncnlicj' oiut i>y adJresaing liue to L. T., MO Hudson atr-et. Country callaaitended to. PLIMPTON'S IMPROVED PATENT PARLOR BEDateada and other ftrat claaa Furniture, mid wholeaale anil retail; also furnlahert by monthly payments, at Kb Tenth afreet, formerly National A> ademy of Design. Wm. d. ovsterman, dealer in new and aeonnrt hand Kiirnltnre, Carprta, Berta, Oaa Plltnroa of ceery description at S7d tlraud street, betweeu Norfolk ano 8<iuolk ati aria. Ail the articled in the above line, bought, rold or eiohar ;.-d. COPAIiTMKRMIlIP NOTICES. -A TOO NO MAN WANTED, AS PARTNER. .wiWa In a brat cla>a manufacturing business. The ai l*< I* la small, but of real utility; immente sales and largo niuiilscan be raalued. Laiganrnera -in h.tnrt. References glVl n and required. P. U. KICHAKIJVON A t'O.. 88 anrt 84 Nassau atreel. 41 ^ 000 -PARTNER wANTE0, TO JOIN A QKN iPAA/.Ul/Lr. Ionian oi long eauerluuce, to manufacture an hitlrie of great; rtoinand, which has hitherto been lmportal; forty p roenl dutyaaved; 8'iio.uuo can bo turned over the Oral year. References to leading drat claaa cite W. MAlfl.AND. !(>? Hnurtway. ~ LOAN UFFICBST IT 77 BI.BECKER BTREET-TIlli HIOflEgfCASH ;V price advanced on inauiouila, Watches, Jewelry Plnnot, Dry Ooorta. Segars, A'-. N. B.?Pawnbrokers' Tick', eia bought. II. NEWTON, 77 Bleeeki i atreet, up stalre. TJAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PURCHASED FOR CASH, L of i Imhin.', Ai. On h nd and for aale, Bounces t.n i Dress Frock Coala, Caastmera Pant i loons, Fancy Vena; orat Lea Bull- ht ffl, N >. lit Rrnmne atr ct, Bum ! w >y OEOH'JE LEVIE, Uommtss ion Mm haul. K IlKKALl), WKDNESDA ron rale. -rOU SALE. A BI'KlNKUNtl ROUiB in ili* vicinity of Fifth avenue and fwen y tb.r t street. rut particular. inquire of T. B. TAI'I'E.V. IS Ea-t Tt*e I) ae^oud mret'l, coruei <d avei.ue A, bslwi on lh? bouts of 7 anil il, or si tie Koluuda Park, from 10 to 2. BL'Tl HKltH HilOP FOR BALK. IN A TUOROUGHHit and g ?k1 uriqhbnrhood, duuj >0 id Im-nites#; b*< patent ichouae: good reason for sell In/. Pull p rticula- at 82 Broadway. i 1?. UOtfES i I ' BUTTER STAND FOR SALE?IN TIIK BEST MARKET in Bookiyn. Apjily to LAN Eli ART a BAKfLE, 2o0 Fulton street, New Yotk. (lOAL YARD FOR SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED J Oiml Yard, containing tluee lull lota, with Ml yearn J. asr, Futon *, Ac., located el 141 Uoerck elrrel, luliiMU Siiintoii and Houston, l'or aalc cheap. Addci hoi 3 11)4 Post otti ,e, or apply on the preuiiaea. K..L. MOKRiS DRUG STORK FOR SALE?SITUATED ON A LKADiug thoroughfare, iu Brooklyn; the windoaa and door are of plate glass, with heavy silver plated lralnes; in well slocked und doing a fair business which can be greatly extended byanenergeticman willing to devote bu whole at lentlui to the bus,new; ei.lahllshod over Ctteen yearn. The elock and flxiures will lie aold very low to a cash purchaser, or part caab und a negotiable uote. For further partieulara, apply ou the preuilnen, corner of Myrtle avenue and Pearl atreet, Brooklyn. N Y. Drug stork.-for sale, in Brooklyn, a small Store; will be aold very cheap lor cash, Apply to W. W. TllAYEK, druggist, Pearl alrcet, New York. Dentist** 01jair with machinery, for sale cheap, at 1s1 Bowery, corner ol Bioomc street. English shades for sale?the best fitted up in Brooklyn. Good neighborhood. Exrellant chance for the right parly. Apply to W. MARK, Duniop's Ale Dc. pot. <18 Liberty atreet, M Y. F)R BALE?A BILLIARD SALOON, WITH BAB AND Fixtures. Apply at 673 Uudsou street. Fob salk-a first class lager bier and Billiard Saloon, now doing a good business, in the up')>?r part of the city, in a splendid location lor the summer months. Will bo aold very cheap lor cash. Apply at 207 West Twenty-second street. For sale-the public house known as Dubois', on Harlem lane. For particulars Inquire on the premises. flOK SALE??l,2d0; BILLIARD SALOON ON ONE OF the best corners In the city; two of Bharpe's best tables, marly l stock of liquors of best quality and very low icut. The proprietor cannot give his personal attention; to an enterprising mau a capital bargain. Address Billiards, Herald office. For balk?one of the best grocery and Liquor Stores in lha city; to be sold in consequence ol' the owner going Into soma other business. Inquire at HARRIS A TUCK PAYER'S, 171 lluane street. For hale?the old established bakery no. HI Bowery. Apply on the premiere. For sale?a solid mahogany bookcase, with liity-t>vo volumes, half dozen mabojuny Cham, a Moid and one Arm Chair; price $120. Apply ai 7* Churlea street, between Souitli unit Itlee. ker. m I^OR SALE?A PUBLIC HOUSE, LOCATED IN SOUTH 1 Brooklyn: imndaonicly tltted tip, with good stock anil lioiiil t'utluiti. Will be aold cheap tor cash, on aocount of death in the family. Apply at 111 Degrawr atrcet. FOR SALE-STEAM ENGINE; ONE SO HORSE POWER Engine and Boiler, in good running order; boiler haa been tested at 130 within u year. Apply to t. HIKES, wood yard foot Thirtieth street, North river. FOR HA LB.?IP AN* PARTY WANTS A GOOD CORNER Liquor Siore and Lager Bier Saloon, with a tine three atory and basement brick Houm and Garden, with a long lease, nn' JJjU, let them apply immediately to WILLIAM II. MITCIIILL, 77 Cedar street I [TOR SALE-A WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LARGE corner Liquor Store, doing a large paying business. Leaaa three years. Everything eoinplete; coo t alock on hand. ISAAC A. BlllUS, 7> street. I [TOR SALE?DESKS, TABLE, COUNTER AND CH VIRS. also Utaaa Frame*. Partition SlulT, Pigeou llolea, Cio- k, if. Inquire at 21 Ann alreet, up atalra. FOR BALE?THE FIXTURES OF A FIRST CLASS corurr wholesale and retail Liquor Store, on the weal aide of the cliy, doing a good business: wi II lie sold for $!WJ I cash; c,?t si.ouo. Apply to T- GAFr'NKY, auctioneer, W Centre street. CTOR BALE?A OROVER A BAKER SKWINO MAA1 chine; a very Hue lnatrumoat. of their best make; mahogany c.isr; In perfect order. Price f .W. Can be seen at 36 University place, or apply at S# Front at reel. TjTOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A GOOD 1? Oyster and Dining Saloou, on a good business i orucr, doing good business; rent low; must be add, as the owner haa another and cannot attend to It. Apply in the aaloon, corner of Spring and Wooater streets. For sale?the stock, fixtures and good Will oi uu old established S-'gm Store; will b- a>ld cneap If applied for soon. Apply at 3d>i Bowery. tnoii SALE?A FIRST CLASH RIVER AND hummer X? Hotel; (uk hunt-, ?t.*;k and fixtures tieing lull and cuuiplele; at the uleaui -oat liudtug; thousands visiting It daily; wilt (j? sold reasonably. ISAAC A. BIOGS, 71 Nassau street. FOll 8AI.F.-THK STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A Cider and Yiu-gar Manufactory; a splendid chalice for ua encr?eUc man with some means to uiaxe a lortune; must l>e sold (Kin Week. For furth >r iul'ormittou call in the b isemaut, 3d Harrison street, near Wa.hingtoa street, N. Y. 1(1011 HALIi?THE LEASE OF A WET,I, KNOWN AND 1 long established I'ubllc House, four years unexpired. Lodge lt.ioina.on the third Hour, a Billiard Saloon on Hie sc. cond Hour, with six Tables, Ac.; all lbs furniture, Bar and Saloon Fixtures on the ttrst floor; ul.-olh-Sto.-k of Liquors. Wines, Ac. The house Is well tilted up, and Is now in com piste order. J. A W. DENHAM, Eighth avenue, comer of Sixteenth struet, iroui morning to 9 r. M. Flit SALE?THE FIXTURES, ETC., OF A FIRST class English Ale House; one of the best locations tor business in llie city; a lew doors 1'rorn Broadway und near the theatres; lo a solvent tenant and e ish customer a bargain laoJ-uc 1. AUdri-x* I. Wilkes, box ?10 Herald oiOce. 1 .soK SALE?THE I.I^UOR LTOUK 471 ORRENWIOH, I comer oi Waits mm, Must hoi44, a-the owner is unable to attend ti the business. Apply at 31 Domlnlck street, or on the premises. ClOlt SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES O I? a Gio-ery and Linuor Mlorr, rituated In .i thickly papa laied neighborhood. For It-rilt'-r partieulara Inquire in tb i gio.ery t -re, ltd Allen rtv--, corner ot Dclancey. No agents u- cd apply. 1,11 'K SALE?A NEW WHEELER A WILSON'S BEST J? h-wing Machiuc, at 100 Leroy slice'; pi t- 0 #oOO. l.tORSALE?THE FIXTURES OF A CLOTHING HOUSE, 1? 147 Knltou Htreet; new and stylish, and will Im- m.| i - heap if applied for Immediately. DAVID CLOSE. f^OR SALE?TO DIVIDE LOFTS, SEVERAL LARGE Sasli Windows snd SnshgDoors, with partitions; standing Show Gas- a. A so Interior Skylight Windows. Apply l<> 1'. DL'KOKT, Oil Liberty street. New York, up alalia. I.IOR SALE-TWO LUCIE PIF.R LOOKING GLASSES, with handsome g.It train a; et/.e ol |ibi:es It Wilt Im-hoa. Also, i h'sp, two stitli|ue hron/e und gilt six light water rilde Gas Chandeliers. Apply ut 17 State atieet, N. Y. 1,10K SALE?A FIRST CLASS REFRESHMENT 8A L loou and Restaurant, excellently lis u-ed and lurnlsh -d; will be sold tor less than naif lis value. Apply to \\ M. H. VANDERBURGH, til Wull slio .t, odice ol ttatuiii, Jordan A Bain. IjlOlt BALK? \ FIRST RATE CORNER LIQUOR STORE. The o . n--r would toll the p.o.iet ty If desired o.t vei_. liiv t able lei ins, as his business calls hlin abroad. Address 1'. P. 1", P., Post ofli -e. LIOR SALE-TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES, OK I IXl lure* w.lhonl Stack, of a line Li'tuor Sto-e, and in s gas! lo -nllty. Apply In Hie at ore 1177 Third avenue. OOR SALE?A HWDHOMK LIITLE TEA STORK, r titree yearn estalilishe.l; will lie avid t-i suit a ON IMNMI. Satisfactory is-aaou* for s- llln;; given by the proprietor, who l.s landlord of the pretnls -s. Apply at :s7d Seventh avenue. tjlon SALE FOR CAMl-A TllOROUUHLY UKTAlill.-hiv! und a.rictly cti*lt llualnets; ml* I* a good ohanee lor a mail to pei a goo I established bu?iue*?; good loo<ilou. For full part < ulaia ?|'l?ly to I "MAC A. BltlCH, 7,i .Sa- an trect. Ci rocery i or sale?118 fourth AVENUE, T <ornerof Twotltli street; ouu ol the b-at locution* In the city; to lie told tu consequeii c of tin: ovu ii quitting the butinesa. /GROCERY I'OR SALE.?WILL BE SOLD AT A BAIL \JC p-iln tor cash. wlih Hor?e, Wagon and Fixture*, corner S ore, low rent and caah trade; lllacaa the ruarun tor telling. * PI Ij J. t Bit " k< r treat, la the Mara, Hotel.?no. u fulton street, Brooklyn, opp site Knl'on ferry, J.>av. Furniture ai.d Fixtures lor ajlc. L"uae 1 year* to run. Ft Ice tl.*??. Noun but ra*h custoniri a need apply. Kor pur;I ular* apply on theprenila- a. HOTI.L FOR SALE?NEWLY FURNISHED THRO rollout, long Ira**, dolngaurat claa* bualnett, ImmmI n ar auutmer* and radio i1 dep. t?. Declining health of the family la the only reason fur sollm?. r. 1). RICHARDSON 1 CO, 88 and 81 Naaaatt atieet. Hotel for sale.?the prerc^tt hotel, no. so En at llouaion atreet, lor tale or lo let In n good, rrapnnaibldtnan: it t? furnished complete throughout, in perfect order, and nearly full of hoarder*. A| ply ou iho premises. JIQFOR .-TORE KOR SALE CHEAF.-rilE FIXTURES J of a neatly Utted tip Liquor Store. Satlafaetory region* girrn for telling. Apply at 170 Eaat Tliir y aeeond atreet. Rare chance ?for sale, a oko ert store, p tarIth Bur attuohed. Ahoa Kee<l Store, it it'aired, end Koumt on the aarne ttoor ol the atnre, at a eh?ap reut. Ha* hern established for thirty-lire year* and I* doing a good eath trade. R ttson for selling, the owner haa other bindm *e au.l cannot attend to it. Mutt be told. Apply at M Bed! ird atreet, corner of Ororc. CIORE FOR SALE-AT THE CORNER OP HARRISON KJ ??u un:cnw,'-n rrrv?i wru irm-N'-(i ami newj mien tip Oroc<up mi Liquor S'uie. Rvaaon for wiling rill t>? given. Apply <>o the pr-mlacA TO BARBERS.?FOR BALK, A SPLENDID FITTED up Hint cIa?a Bathing and llalrdreiatng Saloon. Tl>la In ? good hance lo make iuon?y; no rent, ilro or fa* to ttajr; m i l on Account ol' atokneaa. Apply to J. LBKMlNu'S, llalrUreaalng Saloon, between Twentieth and Twenty-tire'. atreeta, Urainemy park. TO BUTOHEK8-FOR BALE, A BUTCHER'S STALL Ire It'll, Ao. Alao a Horaa, cheap. Inquire at 197 Thitd

aremin, between Thirty 0fth and Thfrty-alith atreeta, To MATTRESS makkrb.-for bale, a hair pickBig Ma -hlne; alao, a large floor Scale, weighing J,001 pound*. Inquire nt IS Binh ayenue, acoond floor. TO HK BOLD CHE ap FOR oahii?TUB RESTAURANT and Bar known aa the Front Street Coflee IIo<iar, 117 Front atreet; now doing a aplendld buaineaa. Apply liurnedial' !y "it u<" premlae*. to TIIOM \d r .'Oil .V < . CREED. (SI'-inn-' ART CABII AND BALANCE OR TIME JpOUvr Splendid Light Manufacturing Bnainea* In working aider. a fine cbanre, a* pronlaare larga. II <nopoly aectireii. Apply at liiS Canal mice', lor two data, noui9 to 12 and 2 tod fltenn WILL BUY THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR V?JUVi Store on aramie A, worth 11,109. The owner la flying np, an he will aell for leaa than half lla ralue. Apply to PA VTER, 96Dlrlalon atreet. AQnn WILL PURCHASE AR EXCELLENT BIL JPOl/U liurdnnd Drinking Saloon, on a good corner on the beat Iniafuc-i* avenuo In the city; low rent and well eataMNhed. Apply to T. OAKKNEY, auctioneer, OJ Centre Mreet. y, ai'kil 10. 1862.?tk1pl r?U HAL.K. ?9 Onri c*8i' ?'OK SALE, TUB LAROE8T Ke nauraiil lu New V urk, situated cm uer of Kroa Iway, uhovr Broom** street; four euiiaules, e ? I) cu I idl-'S HI|yM r ulna. iuji-I., . . ,, 1 i:. the MMlptrfMt I order; do agents ueed apply; cheap rent and now making I money Koi pai t.; inquire arte: 12 O'clock of A. I>EUltOOT, 07 .Ma ile.i laue. SALES OK KK&L KSTATE. j Asm all kakm anu country ktoke sou sai.k ' or exchange, on Long Island, for N w York or Brook- J Ivn properIV, c m;.ting oi 15 uures oi liuprovrd Laudhad a | good dwelt im ud I oui bulldln."* storked with good fruit; J has a merer tailing well oi water; In s wilhtu 4(1 miles of New * York and within 1 mile of Long la.nod Siuud. The store Is doing a good, prulnabie hudues*. liaily eouuiiuukgitlon by a team boat. Kmf irth"r partionlnra toe owner can on seen ?t 257 and 2' 8 Kulnm Country Market. * FOR SALE-THE COINTRY RESIDENCE OK THE 1 lion. M M. Mi-lane, situate In the town of Livingston, ' Columbia comity, N. Y. The house is built of brick, has all the modern imp; or. m?nU; outbuildings nnd fences in perfect order. The place c >nialn i 70 acres, divided In grain, grass and woodland. As a residence it possess' a many ad- * vantage-. _ Kir further Information apply to WALTER L. f 1.IVIN iM'iiN, 41 Wall stmt fjanaoejrcourt), New k *rk. J TftOK SALE?AT A GREAT SAC R IK ICE, A TOUR I A' atoiy biowustom fiont House. No. 11 weal Thirty- I ninth street, fum shed, or h0"se and furniture will be sold * separately. Apply on the preiuis -a. HIOU 8 iLE-THK MANSION HOUSE AND GROUNDS, ; JC now occupied by General Do ighly, at P.eruionl. S o J advertisement in Evening Post Choice Weatcru Linda to 0 exchange tor lino class huipm: furnished preferred. In- I ?t?ire oi BENEDICT A t OUT ilti Plug sin eL FOR SALE?A CHOICE KAKM OK 24X "ACHES, SB- ' It cted lor a h nnrstiukd liy inysell, JO unlet from Now * York, 2Vt from e elr.i nf Newark ,V. J , within 20 minutes ot seven depot';, on railroad to New York; location beautiful I and healthy; pure never failing springs and streams; bcauti- ; fulgrove aud poml; soil rich and In high cultivation. Call J nt iu addres< 111 Elm street, New York, after tf A. M. J For sale or ejcciianoe-a karm or eighty acres, thirty miles la Nrw Joreey: ten acres wood, n balauoe tillable; gudd fruit anil buildings; house two story, ten rooms, one autl a half miles from two depots; healthy < location. It. 1<L VKK. 14 Chambers street. j Fob sale or exchange tor city property? a country place at Llvlugslm, Columbia county, late the re*ldeu.e ol Johnston Livingston. Tue house is of brick, MslO, with 78 I ores of laud, extensive outbuildings, garden, J Ac. Kor particulars apply to WALTER L. LIVINGSTON, 1 41 Wall at reel, or J. K. OLKSTWOKTH, No. 7 Broad street. House kor sale in jersey city -v two story, ham-merit and alia- Cottage, newly built, with all the modern Improvements. Price f1.150. Inquire on the pre- 1 mines, .Mil, South Kit III alrirt. Tk EXCHANGE-A CORNER STORE PROPERiy, centrally located pear tba water, for a distilling house centrally located in tit* lower wards, a corner preicrrud. Address, with lull particulars, W. W. W.. Post office. llOUvUS, ltOOAIS, AC., WiVVrKl). ASKOO.Nl> FLOOR WAN MSI)?BY A GENTLEMAN H i will-, Willi neither children nor Hrrrauis, in a re*peetablr neighborhood. K?ru must be moilerute. Address, aiating terms, location, Ac., .Nwiv. Herald office. CVOAL YARD WANTED-TO Pl'RCHASK OR HIRE, J with or without fixture* lor which rash will ho paid; in cut'on central. Address, with full partialis!*, Coal Dealer, Herald office, for three days. House wanted immediately?neatly kur nl-lird, with modern improvements, located between Fourth and Twenty-tilth atreeta, and rout not more than $00 pel'month. Addrea? Fort Macon, station C. Fart of a bovu wantkd-witu hasement, with but one other family. Kent not to exceed $279. Address, with nariirulsrs, Cowles, liox in) Jleruld oil c '. Rooms waxted-on the second or third Boor, for s family of two persons, in a good location, and with one family preferred; rent from $10 to $12 per nuiutb. Address K B. Ma Iisju square Pott olllce. flTANTKI) A IMI'R STORY FULL FRONT HOUSE, TV thru room* deep, with uli modern appliances, and in thorough re] air, between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Fourteenth sud Twenty-seventh afreets. Address Desirable Tenant, box tw Herald olthe. WANTED?A SECOND II AND STEAM ENGINE. WITH Boiler and Fixtures, to good outer, twenty horse power. Any persou having such to dispose of cheap lor rash may address A. S. II., Hera'd office, flTANTKD?BY TVYO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, A PLAIN, TT tvcii furnished Room, without Board, near Broadway, between Grand and Bond aireets. Address II. K., box 182 Herald olUre, alating term*, Ac. WANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURNISHed K >om in South Brooklyn witnoul Box id. Address S. 'P., Herald office. WANTED-BY A GKNTI.KMAN AND LADY. A pieananlly furnished Room. In a qnlet |iart of the ritv. Terras must lie moderalr. Address A. Batehelor, Herald ofltov, for three lay*. VI f ANTED?IX) WE 11 PART OF A HOUSE, WITH MOTV ilcrn nunrovciii-nts, consisting of trout uud back has menta, front and back parlors and two ale nlng rooms, not utiuve Slxteenilt street. Address, stating low. at ren1, N. 8. A Co., box ilti Herald office. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. NOT FAR FROM THE (Miy Hall, by s single ucn'leinuti, a nice front sitting Room and Bedroom, unfurnished: must be in a strictly private fain I Iv, and rent not to exceed $190 per annum. Adders* W. P.. Herald office. WANTED?A SMALL COUNTRY COTTAGE, IN A good nelghborbcgdt wilhin about an bour of Wall street; rent very low; location, lull description and particulars must be givru. Address 1). II., box 4,iU.1 Post office. WANTKD-TO PURCHASE, CHEAP FOR CASH. A TT Strain Punch and Shears, of large aire, combined or . separate. Address Machinist, C12 East Tenth street, Dry' Dock, staling price, full particulars and where to be seen) . HOH.SKS, CARUIAGBS, diC. ~~ Auction balk of horhkb, carriages, iiarncss, Ac.?The otienitig sale of Horses, CsrriageN, Harness, Ac., will lake place on Th.usday, April 17, at 11 o'clock, at the splendid tt^w stables, corner of seventh atrenue and Forty-second street, uanird the "Horae Mansion." at whioh time the entire ,H ock of a Circus Company will be sold. catalogues will u? ready to-morrow. t'l.KMONS A BOAKDMAN, Proprietors. GEORGE CLEMONS, Auctioneer. A GOOD TWO UOR.SK SODA WATER WAGON TO BE bo IJ cheap Can he aoen in New I'siul street. between Kax'er ami Miilham atreata, New York. l'lcase inquire at i9 Hatter street, In h i g'urn. C1ARRIAGKS FOR SALE CHEAP.-ONE SECOND/ hand Couch, suitable lor private ?r lltery use; several light, -htfitng top and no top Buggy Wagons; ome very light, one only need three time*; one light Hot Wagon and two ?< ated, shilling Mat, to he aold at h groat aarriiioe. Apply to M. CURLBY, 21 Kan Twelith street.. l.AOR PM.K-A KINK FAMILY CARRIAGE HORSE, P together with two Hit* Single !larne*?, a light Carriage, with I oie and shall*; u two sent light Wagon, oil in the beat ot ordei. The horse is a hamtBomt: bay, I tilt 16 hands, long natural tail, drlvra single or donb e, very stylish. and aonnd In every rea|iecl. Sold lor want ol' use. Apply at M Front street. 1N0R SAM.-A FINK YOU NO BLACK HAWK COLT, 0 1 \ears old, | erte. tly geutle and kind, and true In all harness; lina trolled n inilo in three minulea; will l>? sold rhesp or traded lor good furniture or earpt-iing. Apply at No 6.V2 Eighth avenue, near Fortieth street. T7J0I! SALE?A SFPKRIOR IIORNE SHOEING FORGE. P 7St30 teel, welt htted up, with two forges, bellowa, anvils, vines, Ae.. with a hire years', lea*" 1'iom the 1st of May, I SUA Apply at (he New York llorae luhrm.aiy, Ana. 150, lo2' 1)4 and i ejjane at reel, near West, North river. I/OR FALE?A BEAUTIFUL TEAM OF MATCUKD P guty llois-s. III lian Is high, 7 years old, sound and kind; driven together three year*; wart tilted. A'so a pretty gray Mara. banes Ittghi, used lor saddle; ubo a yoting, airung h'UU Mart, Id', bunds high, with Iroclor's Wagon and Karne-s; aeUing lor want or use. Also several Tight ehilitng and no top Wa jon*. Above wairaute I >4 represented, at Id Kayard street. (pOR SALE? A FINE MARK, It, HANDS lilGII FIVE r y>araold; suitable for doctor, butcher or grocer. Ala > a Wagou, espreaa buili.uinl Harness; all In guo.I order. In ilitreal <7 Park 1 IIH)R BALK CHEAP?A FINK TE VM OF BAY HORSES, 7 16 hand* h'gli. lit for earring", trunk or any business auwk Mi^i'J1U uiki iHiiirm riuiM-A wi i It" *ooi uioue 11 desired. Apply nt Ihe Central Park Hotel, COTUT of H -ventli avenue ana rlrty-tilntii street. Horse for saue-at mr. earner's livery Maids in East liroadway, near I'lke siwt. The above lloi si'n perlec.'y sound and kind. Apply on the pinnies, or at 76 Division street. MOHlOAk t MAtiNIKICKNT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO J\. tone lor sal. .?Carved lejsand cm*, overstrung bai-a, full iron plats, ina.ic M mdrr, been Ml NTM >. nih?, fully warrvntcd tor three yaars; eott $.'iU.t. for |U0h, including stool ami Cover. Alio elegant. I'urlor Sol <, > < at $'ii)n. for $133; one do., $30. Impure al No. 7d Writ Tuenty-aliih street, near S.lth V SEVEN OCTAVE hrand PIANO. OK MtOADMUrr A son's. I.nndon, mak", will be sold hen;' for ia?h, or will bo etPbsmtd lor a s?|Usre piano. Apply at 131 Utand at reot. ________ MU.-Ic.?$o | OR EIGHT LK8SOM8 ON TUB PIANO, vl'ti fnlrlleg- of dally practli-e. Pupil* attended at tbeir teaidstr -matrons $10 to $13 per (punter. Apply at 8>7gf.rrntnanth Street, near Ninth avenue. PIANOFORTE FO~r $ijti. wiitoii OOS1 ~?300~1bot nine monthi ' po; Is seven o lave; elegant rosewood we; hr.stmakr; Freip-h trend aellon; rlrh and poererfnl tone; iron frame; eliding u*sk; stool and cover. Apply at IIP,', Twentieth street near Third avenue. INSTRl T'TltlN. Ail. KCHOOL INST.. ESTABLISHED 1n5V A BUREAU OK EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION For lb ** who S"rk well qualltled [.:? her-; Fur teacher* who d?str? cnr.iuetnrnts; Forgiving parent* iniormution of Knot schools; Koi filing ami ron (inn school properties. Want' d?A gentleman to tench English blanches and elaaatc* In a fleet school in Connecticut; a lsdy ,t? assistant principal In pobllo school In Pennsylvania, to teach higher English and Krrnch; a gentleman >n se onJ HSaiatant In New York public athool: (mlary 9790. A Kranch lady to tea< b Ke nan and ratulc hi select school In New Jerseytwo teachers of music, drawing anil Kranch. Candidates for Iheae vaoaudrs must make personal application. ffr have #lao several opportunities lor lade and gentlem-u to open a too-* un their own r uponitblhtr. o. ?. woodman a co., Agents for schools, 5SH1 Broadway. OTA M ME KIN (f CURUD-IN A LBBWflitn APO pljr to O. VALE, Tea her of Navigation, Surveying, lirangr.ilng, with rerapectlre, Ar , SSI Vrtrl ttrret. <.vra?rSt Frankfort (enlianoe in Frankfurt street), N. *i. rf'o those WSTiijm k'-ficFent instruction in A Education, at the lowest price, hy an eiperten -?d gra dilate of Vale College speaking Frnneh fluently; would elcbanM for board. Address K. Dayton. No. V Carroll place, Bleecker street, or call at one or all o'clock P. M. shippifto. bHHl LIVBBPOoL-Ol.t) BLACK STAR LINK.-TDK packet ship BKLLR WOOD, 1/lng at pier 211 Last river, a ills April 21. The clipper shlu ADKL tlllK sails April IK). For passage nppiy to WILLIAMS A OUION, 40 Fulton street. F~~ OR LIVBnrOOL-TABrtCOTT'B LINE?illlP UHDRTTW KITEK. at pier .Ml Last river, sails on the 19th of Apt .1. Forpisvig to or from the old country it low rales, or drafts on England or Ireland, apply loTAl'dCOTT A CO., (Mi South street. | K SHEET. UOI/SKM, liOOHl, 4tC., TO LET. AT A RKDUCKD KENT?AX El.KG A NT FOUR bTOllY brick llouse an Houston >tr>ri, nosr UrMdvajr: uoui-e iliuO. Willi rileuion; onu talis eighteen rooms. all 1 aveuieiiL. m.d ui gcod or iur. suitable for a bouidiug luUw; Uuuiedinlc possesion given CUA-N. K. MILLS, M Cedar street. A km all PRIVATE FAMILY, having more room tbau they require, would lei the Si rood Kluur, cou.alu ug four looms, luru.s ied or unfurnished, with . rcryihing e iiiuiia tor li if required. Tin- bouse three lory brick, bi.;h stoop, uioderu iruproieuo ut., ga. chaciieiers, Uroton water on the door, occupied b.v the onm raul n lirsl rate order. Location 197 West Thirly-alou street, icai Eighth avenue. A MEDIUM SIZED UOUSE TO LET? I1IOII STOOP, cIl gits, bulb, water cloa* 1, Ac., No. 1A> East*,,tii ureet; No. 162Beat Fourte, nth street; No. 16s E.m TlnrI'cntli street; No. ISSlu.v sant cine; No. 109 St. Murk a lisee. Apply to 0. J. FOLNOM, LIS First avenue, curlier ol tiglnh sueet. A RAltE CHANCE?TO LET, THE TWO THREE ll. Klorv and basement Huu-ea Noa. 2JJ ami 211 Spring met. flate been occupied as b .urdlgg houses lor lue iuei even years The house* are In good repair, with all modern inprovi'iiients This is a chance seldom met with, as IU -1? re two families and four young men thatwil r main aa I rmaurul lioardera. Apply to JOHN H. ACM Kit No. 9 street. The huuses contalu about twi uty rooms, .'ne rem Is moderate. AN UPPER PART AND BASEMENT OP A NEAT rV. Cot-age Huuee to lei, at AT Downing street, near Var.i k. Calf of oollar, separate gaa meter, Ac. Mouse Is in perfect irder. U lit low. OASEMBNT TO LET.?ALL THAT FINELY LOCATED U Basement Ko irn, eorner of Broadway and Boml street, u one or threu divisions, suitable for a painter, plumber or iny light merhanir?l work. Apply on the premises. ^HBAP?TO LET VERY LOW TO A OOOD TENANT, VJ the elegant brown etou House No, 107 IVci i'oi t>o irtU street; has all the moderu improvements. Applv on ne premises, or to JANES, FOWLER. KIBTLAXD A CO., !M Broadway, COUNTRY FARM HOUBX?FIRNIKHKD, TO LET for six months, at Slug Sing, with garden, good or hards, roach house, stables, one eow and yard of fowls, [louse runt litis thirteen rooms la new house), surrounded by ihade-ireea. Apply at 17 Cornelia street. DWBLLINO HOUSE NO. IT WOOSTER STREET-OAS and water throughout. to lei to a amid tenant at a mod i-rate rent. Apply to JAMES R. FERUU80N, 119 and 121 Nassau street. House in clf.rmoxt avenue, Brooklyn, to rent.?Three story English basement; gaa and water. Rent low. Apply lo J. 8. DAVENPORT, corner of Oxford street and Fulton avenue, or at 195 Pearl street, New Tork, up stairs. Hotel to let-furnished, with everything complete, kept on the Europ -aa plan; the best location in (he city, ami doing a good busiuesa. Address Hotel, box 1711 Herald ofllce. Lake mahopao.-to let, a country rest. denre, furnished; the most ceulial and desirable situation upon the lake; ii.tsninciit view, iwo acres of ground, line grove, garden, carriage house. Halite, Ac. Mahopac has mountain air, and is celebrated for health, drives, scenery, >i* Knr titer! ii ttliiPfl nntilv At I.M Rimt Tliirt ??nth .'.ircnl PART OF A MOUSE TO LET?NO. II TENTH STREET, between Fifth and Sluh avenues, the S *0(111(1 Floor, containing three rooiua, two attic Rootns and Back Basement, gus and water. Rent low to a responsible tuuam. Can be aeon from 2 to 6 o'clock 1'. M. TO LET AT FORDIIAM, N. Y.?A COTTAGE AND Stablea, with three acre a of garden, containing frwi s of all kinds. Also, alxly-live acres of Pasture UhiuI. A so, a stone Moose, suitable for a boarding house. For particulars apply to E. V. WELCH, '.'3 Keade street, New Yolk. TO LET-IN A (1KNTF.EL MOUSE AND LOCATION, two Parlors, third and fourth story; gas and water, >c ; rent *350. A|>ply on the premises, 144 West Thirty ninth street, Irom 10 to lit o'clock only. fTIO LET-THE LOWER PART OP A THREE STORY X brink Moose, 177 Orch trd street, consisting of two Par. lors and 'Pes Room, two Basements and three Rooms on the third floor, with half Under Cellar; gaa and Crotun. Apply as above. TO I.KT-A FURNISHED OFFICE. SUITABLE FOR A doctor or ho ise agent. 234 Ninth street, bestwecn First avenue and avenue A. TO LET FROM 1ST OF, MAY?A HANDSOMELY FUfinished part of a brown House with modern improvements, consisting of a large bsok parlor, front basement sud bedrooms, with or without Bosrd, in Forty-seoond street, be twven Broadway Hi*I Eighth avenue, a most delightful location tor the coming summer season; will be occupied only by a married couple without children; a party of adults would be preferred; some Rooms could be had unfurnished if desired. For particulars Inquire at|-$ West Twenty-moth st. fl'O LET?ON NORTH SHORE, 8TATEN ISLAND, A X Cottage containing live rooms, furnished or unturnlshfd, ten minutes'wulk Irom Factoryrille landing; rent $3Ut). Inquire at North Shore Post oilier, Factory villc. Ferries foot t f Whitehall and Cortlandt streets. rno LET?TWO 8T0RY AN1> ATTIC BRICK HOUSES X Noa. 78, (if) an I 84 Fourih street, between I'eiry ant Hammond streets; gas and t'roton water introduced; will b rente 1 low. Apply to F. RLANOHET 294 Sixth avenue. rpo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 269 WEST X Thirty-fourth street, consisting of four Rooms nud Bathroom; hot and rold water, gas. Ac. House tlrst class. Kent $300. For further particulars inquire on the premises. IK) LET?THE FOUR STORY STOKES NO*. 1,281 A MO 1,28(1 Biuadway, between Thirty-third and Thirty-fourth streets. Usual rent $1,0U0each; will now tent at the reduced rate of $6,50 each. Best of security requli - J. Apply to E. 1). LAWRENCE. 1,281 Broadtvsy, between Tbiriy urst and Thirty-second streets, TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND BAKBMKNT Dwelling House, brown aloue trout. No. 217 West Fiftieth street, complete with all the modern improvements. Kent to suit the tlm-s. Apply to EDWARD TIMTBON, 170 West Fiftieth street. . TO LET-A SMALL HOUSE IN EIOnTH STREET, neat Secoud avenue; desirable Houses io#Twenlyseventh street, between Fourlb and Lexington avenue*; lmm-diate possession; rents $300 to $(>00. Inquire of (J. PITT A SON, lid Lafayette place. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR, FRONT BASEMENT nnd Part of Third Floor if wanted, with bath and gas, in a good neighborhood, of house 140 West Houston street, near Mncdougal. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE 229 WEST Twenty-eighth street, one door from Ninth avenue; lour Rooms, two pantries, hot and cold water, bath and gaa, with part of Cellar: a very desirable place for a small family, In a clean, qui*t neighb irhoo I. Beat $'.?). TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A SECOND FLOOR. X two rooms and two bodrooms; or Fourth Floor, two rooms und three bedrooms, witb ass. bath and use of latin dry, put ol' cellar. Can be teen from 10 to4 o'clock at 185 East Twentieth street. TO LET-THE VKKY DESIRABLE TWO STORY AND basement brick House, with gas llitnr-s, Ac., for a email famllc, aH East Twenty-lonrlti street, corner of Fourth avenue; Vciil 15 HI. Also 1'art of a House on Lexington avenue, neur Fifty-third atrecl. Iu<tulre at 17U East Twenty-Uist stteei. . TO BE LET?A SECOND FLOOR ON NORTI1WF.ST corner ot Broadway and Twenty-aovenib atreet. runslating of four pleasant rooms, with water; rent $13; immediate possession If required. TO LET IN BROOKLYN-NO. 205 BRIDOE STREET, near Concord, one more House; ten minutes from Fulton or Wall street ferry; water, gas and rich chandeliers. Rent very low. Apply to 1'. DUFOKT, :W Liberty street, up stalls, New York. rpo LET ON STATEN ISLAND?SEVERAL NEWLY X ere. ted Cottages, In Fiedler's i'aik, in Cast lit lou Heights, within tire minutes' walk front the tirst landing. The Park Is shout twelve sores in extent, with tin ! and exlertshc tears of tk" surrounding bav and conntrv. Apply to ERNEST FIEDLER,Broa tway. rp<) LET OR FOR SALE-FURNISHED OR IJNFURX nlslicd, the two story Cottage House, with (intension. 1'Jj Nassau str ct, Brooklyn, built In the best manner, with a I modern Improvements. Apply either mi the premises, b sfow In A. M., or to OKO. \s M BAD, 257 Broadtsay, N. T. rpo RBNT?TO A HA 14. FAMILY. TBS ENTIRE M X coud Fltxtr, consisting or six rootus. ba ll, closet, ana, Ac., together with B.i <k Basement, of house KM Wist Eleyruth street, between Fifth .<ml Sixth avenues. Owner* o ettpy the house; adiHts. lb. nt$IXI. rpWO COUNTRY RESIDENCES TO LET?IN NEWJRR. X ?ey, six miles from llobnken, on the Hiickcnaack pi mk lead, half a mile from the Northern Railroad depot. One 1- a beautiful large .Mansion, in goml order, with 4Jj acres of land and an abundance of fruit; and the other is a neat House and Kitchen, one acre of land, lrnlt of various kind*. Apply to JAMES CRONKRIOHT, I A Maiden lane, coiner of MaidVu lane court. ~ PHY OOOPg. VT J. BLUXOMK'S. No. 1,117 BROADWAY, corner of Twenty-firth street, Is now opening his Spring Stock; consisting of RIBBONS. One of the argest and hneat selected astortmcut-. in ilia city; ail of new and choice designs. 2t*t Csrtoon?|of the above Goods will be openej this wee*, from recent AUCTION SALES. 81 RAW HOODS. Of which tin re Is a spl-nulil assortment, for ladles, mlaees and children. STRAW BOXNETfl, BLOOMERS, T0BBAKS, ic Icilar attention Is railed in onr stock in this line, unions wtal> b are some 01 (he lincst style* unjuir'-J. 10t)Case? will L< opened tills week, of auction goo.le. Ladle* can buy a SLMILK MAT i hamper Dom (bl* lot tbatt they ace told by the c*m down town. _ _ . J. BLL'XOME. 1,117 Broadway,cor. Twenty-ilTrtS m VXANriLLAA AND 8A( QIIKS FOR BPKIMO WEAR 1 OF THE LATEST PARIS STY LBS, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. WOODBRIHOK A KELOE. AS> BROADWAY, corner of Worth street. ANteD- TO' ~PCROifAS~E. I10,ON to ?i?,ouo worth of Dry Good* or Clothing. Payment one* third cash and two-lhlids real calala. Address A. B. C., Haraid office. X\rANTED TO l'l R? I1ASB-AT A KAIR VALUA- I TT 'Inn, a ret-.fl atnck ?l Orjr Qoo-la, of 8.UU0 or lid.OUO. nd doing a A- 0.1 hade. One-halt tbt Ain<><iB<. will bo paid iw?b. And aatlafantory aerurlty gl?en lor the remainder Addrear, atatlng where aa interview t aa be bod. Dry Ucoda, Herald "Hi' O. V^IRAW tUXMIS IN EVERY VARIETY, FOR LADIES O and children. We would Hth parti ular attention to our Straw Good* tie Cartinant, at we do know w.-have the Aneal aaaoritanat to e toiind anywhere in ihtacity. At to atylea and pucotjnu will at on e aeo liny are pretty and 'eaaonable at to nrt e?. CUSlIMAN A BROOKS. <63 Slith aven te, corner of Twenty-elan tb atraet. MILLINERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES Done In a r>>ry neat irannor at our nm-ttoie, soth arm ie I net Twi'iitveiiKhth street. CUSIIMAN A BROOKS. 9.W0 straw Bonnets, 4a., 8a., 6a. to AS WINKS AND LI?VORS. THE t Al'TAIN WAS AT FVY 9. 143 BBOADW tY. \M> hail a aupe.b lunch. Wondered whtr the Colonel did not kflriM hit apoolntment. Brln| nlong the Bull run retina ?' 12 ntilii h to-morrow, same place. Lore to Manila. Jane ia aa lively aiatrer. ?< 0OARDINO AID LODOIfQ. AJOVHO MAM DH-tlRKA HOAKO IM A fUlTATM family, where the on orta of a good hoiuo ''an b *? cured, in lofcaime forme board an ! taltinn of a young lady 'timer in , in a family tiuardiug el oil, a short liuUsno fr in 'he iiy Hr.tnl refer uoe ?iieu and r.auired. Addreaa S.. hot 109 H< ra d oiler. AT 290 HK''OMD AVKNUK. KIRST IIOt'sK AHOVM riu^ve-aai f.ark. genll-men and the wirua or ilngls it lilitiiil' n - an oe a c i nmodat' d wit plea-ant Kooma and lleui'il il.unei at 6 o i ha k. K tereuc a e?i li..ny d. AQENTIiKMAN AND HH W1KK Oil TAT? OK tiner i? ogle gentlemen, am obtain Hoard, With po-a-aiil lioouia, hy applying at Ji Yaudaiu at roe t. A1 lit VBHT TWBNTY-TMED HTltEET?A GKNTl.H iiiun an I wife aoeking the ootnforta of a home ua liinl a anlt nf Konms. on are aid door, with Hoard, in a first rla a house .<s above; a!-o Kooina fur atagle gi utlomeu He t of rrforeueea g n-u and required. A middle aukd okntlkman and wikk WAMT Hoard in a prliale family or a here ilnjr ir* bul f -<r l)"?r tera, within u a i.u ter of a mile of IIu o s iuaie, in ma qaile rcuaotivle, wlitrti inasi lie a'aled or repHea w 11 not he uoti od. Addivaa it uilor, Uu on aqaaio 1'oOltolUoe. AT Id# AND 191 WHAT KOUHTKKNTIl STlll-.KT -TW? in wilier can be nc oinin >dai- d with HuiUof Uoouu, also Roonik for two guilmurn. Diuner at 6 o'clock. A HIGHLY RKnfKCTAHLK (1K1< MAN KAMI!.*, without rbildr n, o eapyla . a Aral c ats haunt;, will aecouiiu >dat a genlleman an I hta wile or single gentlemen With Boar I Kirn h autl English spoken. Apply at id Kaat Hie - kar street. A LAST AND GENTLEMAN CAN IIP. AOHOMMODA. led tril l a spa"inna comfortably Furnish -d It aim, with full Board tor the lady, in tin- family of a widow Uily Tilde generous. House Brat class. Neighoorhood uuex epitouablr. Terui* moderate. Anplt at PS liaat Fifteenth ilrrel. A VBKY PI.EASANT FURNISHED BOOM. WITH GAA i\ at 3.17 Fourth avenue, near Twenty-uflh > I eel, for $3 M u week, no moving on ltd of May. Kueuuran.s convenient. Board.?no. ji west twkntv-foubth btbbbt. ;.<* ir Fifth ?veuu?; two or lin er gentlemen oau obiafca tint- Booms, with or without Boar I Kdereticra given and required. BOARD.-WANTKD. AN UNFURNISHED ROOM. VTTTK Board, for three Udlra. between Thirtlrth and Fortieth aircet*. when the use of piano could br bad la pari payment if deaired. Term* not to exceed $3 per week eaoh. Referenin ? exchanged. Addic-s, wiih particulars, S A. C., aulion K, Eight i avenue. Board.- vi ka respectable gentlemen cam be accommodated with pleasant Roouta and good B ,.ird in n private family, at reduced price*; alao a centleman and wife can he accommodate 1. loca ion pleaaaul and convenient to the ear*. Apply at 367 Bio.uue atrect, betwceu Uudaoa and Vniick. Board at 20 and 22 west thirty fifth street. near Filth avenue.?A Parlor Story, furiilal.ed or unlurn.alted; aUo a Second story, and oilier Uoouia. liooaea four stories, brow n atone, newly 1 urnlslied. Dinner at aia. Reference required. Board and lodging down town.-a pew single g ulleinen can lie accommodated with Hoard and Lodging In applying a! No. 8 Siale street, in frout o! lb* B-iltery. No moving on the 1st of May. Board wanted-in harlkm or vicinity, by a young gentleman, in a private and pleasant fam'ty. Address, ataling trrins and particulara, Board, hot 3.83d Putt MK Brooklyn.-boakd for gentlemen ob GOVpin*. Large and airy rooms, furnished or unfurnished; house and table airudly lirat clasa; location within five mlnutea' walk of .South or Wall street lerriy. Apply at No. Ad State atrect, Bruoklyu. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and his wife or two mingle gentlemen can obtain two pleaaaat Front Boom* on the aeeond floor, with Board, at 2i? Hicka it reel; near the Wall alrret anil South ferrlea. Term* moderate. Board in south Brooklyn.?pleasant rooms' with lirat clasa Board, may be obtained at M Oongreaa street, within three minutes' walk of South ferry; the houaa contains all the modern Improveuienla; water in the rooms; Dinners! o'clock. Board wanted in Brooklyn.?two sinolb C ntleinen wish to procure separate 1 too ma (adjoin lag bath room) and partial Board, in a strictly private family, convenient to Wall street ferry; a good table indiaaenaabUy Address, with full particular*. G. and O.. box IX) Herald 0 Ulce. Board ok Brooklyn heights?with flba* nit Rooms, on tlu- second ttoor, to let to a gentleman and wife, and two .single gentlrmen, at 160 Joralemou street, betwe-n Court and ('union itiveta. CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTED?IN DESIRABLE LO) caliltes, for a largr number ot applicants, watting. Alt parties looking for Board can soon be suited. We hare a da* iiqhtful place up the Hudson, and one on Long Islaud. Board Registry, Broadway. A. C. JONES A CO. /lOlTNTRY BOARD. IN WESTCIIE8TER COUNTY.? \J Two or three single gentlemen ran obtain Board In an eln. ,-ant private mansion, where all the comforts and frendo:n of a home ran be enjoyed. Fine rooms, good bathing, Ac. Ample stable room. Distance one hour from New York. Parties in want ol inch accommodation* only may apply at If Fifth avenue. Furnished front and back parlors to lbt? On the Hrst floor, to a lady and gentleman, with Board lor the lady If required, with a widow lady without children. The house la In a quiet location, contain In; all the modem improyementa. Inquire at 49 East Thirteenth street, between Broadway ana University plsor. Furnished rooms for oentlbmkn.?a neatly furnished Parlor and Bedroom on first floor; also aernral single Rooms, for gentlemen only, without Board, Apply at 19 Fifth avenue. \TR8. M. R. SUMNER, NO 3 WEST TWENTY-NINTH IvJL street, < an uow n'lci RiHims. wiin Board, for families and single pi rs >iiv w - iiing to make arrangement! lor the ensuing year. Rcfctcnces exchanged. ONE OR TWO YOITNO LATHE-, OR VOENTL'iMAN and hit wife can oniain Board In tne la oily of a widow, whete no other boar let- ar mken. Ap.dy at No. 6 Prince at. tjooms TO Ll.T?'.TRNI8HED OR UNKURNI8HBD, JV with Board, front $6 to $ti pet week, llou-r emtains all (he tiiodern linpiovenients; eonveni ul to cages and cars. No moving in MaApply at 160 Toemy-slxth street, near KlghUt areitne. WANTED?THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ALL connected, by two young ladiee attending school and one gentleman, with Board; bnaidant and dinner only AM the gentleman; will take entire cbsrge of their own rooms: between Sixth and Ninth avenuea. and Twentieth nan Fortieth streets; good location; must have the Improvements! terms moderate. Address Board, Post oQtce. A (I WEST TWENTY FOURTH 8TRBKT, RBTWBBf tU Fifth and 8inh avenues.?Furnished Rooms, Insula or single, suitable for families or single gentlemen, can bn bud on reasonable terms, in the above first cleat house. 1 7Q BI.EECKER STREE, TA NEW IIOU8B, WITH XI O a'l the modern improvements.?Unfurnished Pat* lurs huU fin Dished single R.ioins, with excellent Board, from $1?0 to $: per week. Breakfast from six lo nine, lxinner at twelve >ni(l nix. 1 lQr. BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTY-FIFTH i an l Tvv> nty. iitb streets, oppo-lte Madison square.? Elegant r<? tin nt?y n>w be secured, furnished or uu. iiruiahed. sin lo or in su.ta. asl'holody. THE OREATEbT WONDER IN THE WORU> is tub young anil accomplished Madame BYRON, from Pari*, who ran !>' consulted with the strictest confidence on all affairs ul life; restore* drunken and iiuluiihttU husbands; baa a secret to make >otl beloved by your henrt'ktdeal, and bring* together those long aeparated. L#di?* 95 oeute. Residence ft)Third avenue, above Twelfth atreet. Tar. WONDERFfL CANADIAN cl \tryotanp Oip-y Palmikt Mi i davis, will only remain a low u >vn long-r. Consult her Immediately: her prediction* aaa wonderful. 179 Weal Twelfth atreet. tactics 23 ccnla; genllrtrvn C>0cents. Ducky numbers, obai ma. WHO WORLD NOT OO WHERE FORTl.'NR IS??OO yp, aee Mo? WELLINGTON, the great English Pro. pbete.a, the beet of all, and cannat be oxc Ueil. Can be eon* edited, personally or by Irtt-r, on all affair* of life, concerning law aul'.a, |ourney?, absent friends, lere, courtship, marunite, Health, weal'Jt, aud who can reclaim drunken and unfnitbtul husband*. Miss W. I* Iba only peraon In itala eity who liaa the genuine Roman and Arabian talismans for lor*, good lock and all business attain, and are guarantee* for lite. Delay not to consult thli naturally gifted and beautiful youBk lady. Lucky number* given. Highly reapeetable city reference. Can be aaen at her reildenu*, 101 Hlitb avenue, opposite K'ghth street. 1 - BOWERY. NEAR BROOME STREET.?MADAM ft lUO WIDOKR. Clairvoyant and gifted Spanish Ldy, unveil* the mysteries of luturtly, love, marriage, absent friend*, aickneaa; prescribe* medicine* for all dlsca*ca, tells lurky numbers, property lost or stolen. Ac. ? Attention, ladies and gentlemen.?if you wish to gel the full ralue lor your cast off Clothing, Oarie ta, Kumituie and Jewelry, th" beat you can do is to *>'iid a note lo ihe well known dealer, F. II ARRIS, 1M Seventh avenue There you may be convinned you be dealt with i? your Mtisiaction. Kor Dresses tram >6 to $90, lor Coat* from $4 to $19, Ibr Pan's from $1 to $4 Please do not forget to call on or address P. Harris, 15$ Seventh avenue. Lndb*attended by Mr*. Harris. AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT LADIK* AND URNilsinen can obtain M percent more for their Cast Off nothing, Furniture, Carpet# and Jewelry, than from any oib-r dealer in lite city. Address A. Dues*. 218 Seventh are. hup, between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth streets, whioh will be punctually uttended to. Ladles attended by M rs. Dm as. A rare chance.?LADIES AND UBNTLEMBN. IF vou wish lo get the lull value lor your cast off Clothing. Carpets, Furniture and Jewnlry, the best you can do lo to scad a note to B. Mla's, 17$ Third avenue; there you may be <ouvinced you will be dealt with to your sailaisetioo. Please don't heltsv* Ihoae fnlae advertisers who olfrr to pay from $12 to $10 lor allk dresses, $90 for eo*ls or $7 for pants. f s It I* surely a humbug. Don't forget, 179 Third avenue, near Seventeenth street. Ladle* attended hy Mrs. Mint'. N. B.?I will leniovt on the 1st of May to JSSBtith avenue, near Eighteenth street. j FINANCIAL. A MERH'AN OOIJ) AND HILVEN, 7.90 UNJTBB A State* Treaaurr Notes. Cerikkates of l?d*ht*Aneea, r..ralal a*.A Alt! at lh? I total lllri bf F. P. J A MBS h tO.$ bjriera, ?5 Wall <trp?>. ~ UNITRP HTA TRU TWO YKAR SIX PER CERT Ti - - -- MirA?A< ??,. \l>TEH?t* "A FOE FIVE YKABH. AT 8KVES>Ea Tf e-iu, M enemefWore proMrtr. centrally located. to b* (vuptod by the owner If preferred ImmMtel*! I n liberal i-emmleeton el'ewnl. Additu L. L. Ia , Pott offloe, 47- JWWl TO I.OAN ON BOND AND~MORTt) AO ? J) f for one or more yam, ou proilurtiTe Rent Katef In (hlacity or Brooklyn. Apply In tbe olBse of the jwle > Firm linnienre t'ompmny, tM Wen etreet, to JOHN F. PON RET. MEDICAL. DOiTOR Ht'RTBR HIMSPaLF-THB PUTSIOTAN who relnbllehe,! the llnnteimn Dupenaary, No S INrIrion etrret, New York city, |n littA, oen b" oonanlted rw>m ft A.M. until 10 o'olnck ml night ml tbe old oOm. A privet* entrance. B< ok for nothing. Dr. ito cromrv street, corn?r or Houiton. Hour* II to 2 mint t till HI' M. IMPORTANT TO FEMAI.BS-ni.uKASBHOrrBMtI.KA ertentlflcaUy treated li? |)r. THIKKg, No. 1.117 Broadway, ncArTwrntr-ninih etr el, New York. Nentie red etempfoe Uptime sirB'tlmr, ?nd eecefs mtachwy.

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