Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1862 Page 5
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V .. I. ? .. ? ' ? bbla oommon roata war* mad* at $T par ISO pound*. Spirits larpeulmu waa firm)/ bald at 91 20. Oil*?City llaaaad waa easier, with aalaa raportad lor waahatMc. Olive oil was in food request, with Bale* of Manama* la bona at $3 60 * $3 56 for quarU aud at 96 a 94 06 for piata. Cruda whala and aparm wara uni har.ged. Petroleum was heavy and prloaa low. Hales thin week bare unbraced 600 a TOO bbla. for refining specific gravity r 42 a 45, at ll)?o. a liyc., pack ugea extra; ratlaad waa t* fair demand and sailing, for gravity of 44 * 46, at 23c. a 96a., including &6o < anetaena" and 73 petroleum naplba, 9*00 gravity, at 6)?c. a*)?c., carh, packages extra. PVovuiK.KM.?Per*?The market wan heavy and lower, wtlh a good demand at the concession in prices. Hale.- were raportad of 2,800 bbls., including new mesa at $12 02)** 112 76 for new mats, and at 910 s $10 37)? for now prime, and at 912 50 a 918 76 lor Western and city prime mess, leaf was flrm and in atsady demand, with sales of 426 bbls. at 912 26 u $14 for plain mess, a id $14 60 a $16 l'ur lira. Beef baas* ware steady, at $17 a$17 60. 1 ritae mass beef was quiet. Cut meats were in fair request, with rales at 400 packages at 4>?o. a 6c. for dry boulders, and 6)?c. a 0c. do. for bains. Baron was in good request, and prices firm: sales of 700 boxes wore made at 6^c. for Western Cumberland cut, 7;*c. for abort ribbed, and 7)?c. a 7)?c. for do. long ribbed. I.ard waa In fair roqueet, with sales of 800 bbls. and tierces at 7)?c. *$)??. ?tho latter Ugur* for prime. Butter and cbaesa ware unchanged. . Rh*?160 hags Fast India sold at 6yc. a 5 ye. 8ncn.?Sales of 10,000 mats wero made at p. t., and 12,600 do., to arrive, aho-at p. t. Sou aw.?roe market was steady, with sales of about MO hlida. Cuba muscovados, mostly within the range of 8\c. a 7yc.. with a small lot of prime at 8c., and 60 hbds. Porto Rico, included In the above, sold at ^ ana?The market for clover waa quiet at 8c. a 8)?q, Timothy was quiet at $1 76 a $2. Calcutta linseed was nominal in Boston at 92 20 per gallon. Tallow was in good request, with sales of city and astern at aye. a 8J$e., and Western at 8)?o. 19a was In good request from the trade, and prices wore sustained. Sales this week on speculation em. braced 1,750 boxes Oolong, 2,000 for export to fmidon, 9,200 Souchong in bond,aad 1,600 natural leaf Japan on , private terms. WmfTtsr The market was firmer. Sales of 2,000 bbla. Mbte were made at 24)?c. ,and 800 bbls. Western at 26c. -.1 1 SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC FOR RKW TOR*?THIS OAT. 6 Ut | noon rises eve 10 48 m 6 40) B1UU watku mora 10 20 Port of Now York, April 10, 1809* CLEARED. i 8hlp Great Western, Furber, Liverpool?Chas H Marshal A Co Ship American Congress, Woodward, London?Grlnnell, Minium A Co. Bhip Volga. Evalds, Cronata It?Funeh, Melncke A Wendt. Ship Kcarsage, Sawyer, Havana?'W O Armwsmlth. Brig St Agnes t Br), Mills, LAg'tayni?J P Whitney A Co. Brig A I) Jordan, Abbott. Cardenas?U D Brookmsn A Co. Br if Queeu of the South. Chapman, Key West?11 Benner. Brig Herald, Wing Baltimore?llrrtt, Son A Co. 8cbr Fellow Craft (Br), Lan*. Bijobiia, Pit?R F Small. BclirC 1> llorlon (Br), Mckriini>n, Havana?DKDmolf. Bebr Ann, Cole. Bablmora?Merrill A Abbott Bohr Georgia, Morris, .Smyrna, Dal?Merrill A Abbott. Bchr J B ntairord, . Newcastle, Del?Matter. Bebr Ocran Bird, Ilicka, Philadelphia--Maaler. 8ehr Mary Jane, McMnrray, Philadelphia?Master. Bchr Forest King, Rrigga, Philadelphia?J R Dow. Bohr William, , Bath?H Underwood. Bchr L Lockwood, Smith, Camden?Maaler. Behr Augusta, Perry, Bedford?Master. Bchr island Home, Allen, Gloucester?A Howes. Kehr Pilot, Eldridpe, Dennis?Master. Bchr Kinellne, Borbc, Provldenee?H 8 Racket!. Bloop Rio Grande, Burke, Chincoieague. ARRIVED. V B ahlp Shepherd Knapp, Lieut Com H 8 By tinge, from a eruiee. Ship Albion, WilRams, Liverpool, March 31, with mdseand 878 passengers, to Wm Tyson. Ship Hemisphere, Taylor, London, March 2, Isle of Wight 8th. with mdseand 16 passengers, to B B Morgan A Wiley: weehil to J A MeGaw. Had heavy gales; sprung mainmast Md main topmast; passed 12 icebergs in 1st 43, Ion 8711. March 25, Tat 43 54. ion 38 59, sa.v a three-masted schr bound X, showing while signal with tvo red balla. Ship-caravan, sanas. lsonaun, reo t*, me uowns jasrcn l, with mdie, to Howland A Krolhingiiam. March 23, 1st 38 3], Ion 4830. spoke bark Wilklns Sa indcrs, from Mntan/ax for Cork; 3d lust, lat 34 30, Ion 60 20, spoke hark Volant, for New York. Hblp J Bornton (of Richmond, Mo), Theobald, Cardiff, S3 days, with iron, to master. Ship Peqnot (of Baco). Davis, Havre, Jan IS. In ballast, to Mater. 6th lust, lat 34 17, lou 66. spoke nh'p Alice Ball, SO toys tram Havre for Boston; 13th, lat 37 04, Ion 73 64. saw hark Union, from Havre for Boston. Ship Eniilic (Brem). , Bremen, 36 days, with indue (Md 136 pasecngera, to C tailing. 7th inat, lat 43, loa 66, had a hnrrioanc from E to W; lost and split sails, Ac. Bark Bernadotle (Norw), Orccersr*. L'elt'ast, Ireland, 63 toys, in ballast, to master. April 6, lat 25 06, Ion 60 63. ?|>oke brig Quiaarc, days bence, lor Kingston, Ja. The bark bail heavy W sales mo-it or the passage. Bash Elwine Frelderika (Prusa), Zebcl, Bordeaux, t A days, With mdse, to Adnluhus Oecbs. Has bad heavy W gales Meal of the passage; lost sails, A?. Bark fitella (Breiu), Wulf, Cadiz, 58 days, via Hampton Beads4 days, with salt, to H Koop. Bark Qiulla (lul), I'renandilla, Palermo, Jan 13, Gibraltar Yeb U, with fruit, to Jks Robinson. Bark Saugeen (Br, of Padstow), Knight, Buenos Ayres, Yeb 1, with hides, to Davidson A Co. Was offSaudy [look th, but driven 8 to Capos of Delaware. Bark John Benson, Johnson, Ponce, March 38, wi'h snfsr At, to HI urges A Co, Sailed in company with brig tien Armstrong, for New Haven. Bark Throll, Brown. Ponce. 35 days, with molasses. to StnrgesACo. From lat 21 U>S5, had nothing uut light northerly winds and calms. Has hcen 8 days north of Ilattoras, with haavy gales from NE; store bulwaik-> end boat, marled top Of after house, and lost everything moveable oB' the house. March 30. lat 26 43. Ion 66 42. spoke brig "Manhattan," of Windsor, for Cfeulbegos; April 12, lat 36 24, Ion 72, sumoltaed schr Mohawk, of and for Baltimore from Porto Rico: 14th, lat 87 43, Ion 73 21, signalized a brig steering S, showing blue, white aud blue signal. Bark Almlra Coombs (of LincolnvlUe), Drinkwater, Car touts, 16 days, with sugar, to Walsh, Carver A Chase. 7IU last, olf Matantlla Reef, spoke bark Convov, from Piiiladeb BWa for Port Royal, short of water?supplied her. Bark West Wind (of Westerly), Bolger, Cienf legos. March 88, to Bridie A Pcttes. Bark Harmon. Bulk Icy, Cienfuegos, 24 days, with super, to Tupper. Sailed In company with barks K-dndeer, foi Philadelphia. Abcrdecen, for Boston; brigs P V Tinker, fur Mew York: Naiad, fordo. April 1, lat3654, Ion 7604. sp ike brig RRKirkhind, from Cienfuegos for Baltimore, 2d dujs at; 11th, 1st85 03, Ion7432, spoke schr lLtyward, from Por-? to Rico for New York. Bark Ocean Brlile fof Boston). Bureass. Neuvitas March 5, with sugar, to master. ark Mai y C Dyer, Pickett, Nentftas, Mi.r-h 30, with sugar, to Peck A Church. 6ih insl, !al37, Ion 73, epokc bark Itasca, from Boston for Port Royal. Hark Holland, White, St Jago, March 29, with sugar Ac, to J Thompson. Railed tn company with Br brig Kalndeer, for Halifax. Marob 2*. a sclir, with the (,-o:ifederate Hag, arrived from Galveston, with on'ton Mar"h So, Care Nicola Mole beating NNK 30 miles, passed an Am te rm brig showing a white signal with red ross, bound K; same iltne. ras-ed aehrTrotan, of Philadelphia, bouml N; April I, in Crooked Inland Passage, was in company with # hr North Wind, for Boston; 5th,lat27 3D, Ion 75 3ti, spoke brig M". hanir, irom Portland for Havana; 121 h, 1st 3720, Ion 74, spoke Br sohr Pnnco of Wales, of Londonderry, bound H. Bark Hadley lot B'tton), Mayo, Si .(ago,22 days, to M?son W ilk If. April 9. Iat37 (IS, Ion 74 41, raw a large Hidexvheel steamer, with a brig In tow, steering SHI'.; tlili, lat 3d St, Ion T9 02, spoke bark Reindeer, of and for Philadelphia from Ctaainegos; 13ih, Int 37 18. Ion 75 07. (| uke acbr Geo II off. an, of Kail River, hem e for I'ortSuyui. Bark Fanny Kal?r(of Brldgetuu. N.I;, Biahee, Fort Royal, Mdayatin ballast, to KeCf ady, Mott A Co. Ila.l heavy weather: sji.l sails. Ac. Brig Paulina (Port), Campos, Oporto,.70 days, with argots, to Hafenseyer ABrnnn. Brig Ma'oeora (Br), Kickett, Maxagan, 50 days, with woo) Be, toord-r. . let inet, had a tremendous gale from NW ; aanse llnte^an lat S3 2d, Ion 60, saw a bark steering SK, apCreally botiad to Bermuda, throwing over stork and hay; tb Inst. 1ft miles K of Abseouiu, spoke brig Lucy Darling, be ere, who. (-.applied us with nroviatona Brig Paul Bagusta (Pens). Mass, Hlo Janeiro, 52 daya, wlih offee, to Negagpont A Agaleeto. Brig Jafea Jf stones. Mills, Monrovia, Afri'-a, and 19 days froat Hi Thoaimbln ballast, to Jones A Whltlock. Bid Id co with ship Sbegaterd Knapp, and spoke ber a.ain on the Bd Inst. Costs HleeJjPeel, Atplowall, a dava, with mdse, to J Brta Brisk (BnX*?. Carthaeena. Marrh 27, Cap# Antony K 9 miles, sptB e brig J K Ncvlus, from Clenfuegos lor flaw York. Brig Union (of Bast on), Tripp, Kingston, Ja, 12 daye, with rtae, to A II flolowsu Brig Cygnet (Br, oi' Windsor, NS), Smith, Naguabo, 23 Baya with sugar Ac, us, A Hmlthers. _Brlg ABinltheia (Be,. of Granville, N ), Johnson, Am tJkvaa, 2!) days, with log* '"od, to Brett, Kan A Co. 10th msi, had a very heavy NK his or; lost 17 hbds mulasses olf deck, Jlhhaom, stove bulwsrkt Bo; lost the kedge anchor while Kg Beatrice fof fTanlr? gt?n), Drink wstor, Havana, Mareh BB. wkh sugar, toClBJi 'otera. Br|gNelhe (Br. of St Am trews, NB), Snellgrove, Havana, 31 Bays, with sugar, to Brett . Hon A Co. Was oil Bandy Hook fth.aito blown HO miles S. Brig Mew Globe (of Bang ir), Phillips, Havana, It days, with nuilriksr* Itr.unrf ia Id-tn nor. Put in ariih Um <,f having eiparieaeed the gale I ?f the ?tb; ?ublown oil ?? far aaiatSiJJ ? < Brig California (of RrHnl,. Hi), Camm, Waiantaa, March M, wltli molflaaca, to II I) Broo kman. Hod fight winds moot f the postage till 7th Inat. a ?"n oil Imaa (Stand, took n heavy g.ile from the eastwards nert day, broke rudder, oar ried awoy topsail. fbreaill nn<l ?. ''It atai aall, ahlpped a ?ea. Which moved part of (took l< ,l* More tbt gallnv, aud did aHher ilamag*, the gale U?ung un tvbl'h time the bug tii driven ell to the lai a 'I SI 6?- wae taken in row "V pilot boat No 16. ling Itenahaw (of Hmgor), Plen '* Metalline. 13 elnjrt, to J K Ward. Sid in rompany with )>rla ''anada, for tiagiui. Hrig Judge It at ha *aj, Cord, Cat denae, Iftdays, with aucai. to C A E J I'ctr.ra. Brig John HaHiawnv (of Newport, RI>. Townsend.Cnrde- ( t-aa. INdava. with mvUaa> a, to J Lft aihaway. HaabectrlO toys N of Hattrna, with heavy wea ther; 10th teat, In tho Uulf, John lialtoen.ol Newport, v et* id mat*, war waahed overhoard; when the body wan recovers *1 he war (Wad. Hrig Ma >b Leod IMimcIa, Oardeini* April ,t. wiah sugar, to 'neater. *th Inal, lal 27 IS, Ion 7V 40. e| vhe brig J.aaie Uby- 1 an, front Cardnna t for Liverpool. Hrig Jnm a Do via fof Hotum). BtapU* ', Car.lenaa, March 0, with ungarke,toll U Hrookinan A Co. Brig Marshal Ilnt h. Burgers, Cardenas I 'days, w'uA vu ?ai, in M Tayl< < A < o. I B Ig A V (Too/hue (Br, of Yarmouth, NS), Wi.llante,Clamft,eg,,a. id tiaya, with auger, in I'boa James. Brig Stella (of Bl'hmoml, M"), Liny, Mart ?gos, 24 day*. , toPVK Ini: A Co. i Brig \e'a,l Hr of Bermuda), Ricbardfoft , t lenfnegoa, | Marefa V>. lo Tocher g JJjg lutaojirtie. w Brta >'M Tlnk r (of Bna<nn), Carlisle, i.leaft'iegoa, Mureh IJ. with a gar, ft )V ' ? ', Carver A Chaw. *?" li JJ, IU- , tana b- at tog SE :?? nill"*, apoke 1/ * al<M?of-? ?r Marlon, at a crude,all arrll The y M T haa be, n Mdayt\* n Hat- ' teraa, wi'li liea.y N md NJB gel's. I lib tnat, i't' 1 iy tig to id the (iulf Hi team, shipped a seewhwh alawe gioata and J started ringbolts on deeh. RrtgMaiia Wheel, r (of ft (leorge, Me), fPimeld.-, Ob- .* f * ;<>*, 17 days, with an;;ar, to H l> Bremui iti A/)e. Brig Iniorene, After,Cumberland Harbor, M?a;h with _ a.ifnr, to II Torpor A Son. Hlh ina?, off Jlacoras,>puhV brig V tb lo. ir on t'lonlnegtta for I'blUnl')phla-_ Bilg Jane (Br, nl I#nni'nnd?i ry), Chiehelw, MnrAuiVJAi, ?0 . Sav-. with auger A\'O J H Whitney At*. ftilg Henrietta (Mr, of Bermuda). Mwlgd m, Manaaa<Ula>30 { data, with nulee, ui MeCall A Krltli. Itrig (> ran Traveller (of He kwlck). Fanyer, NoMrllMfr ^ laurel, ry. ,< :<h sugar. to Owen A CurncgUt i Uric Marhiaa. Hhonpt, Nanvilua, March ID. with angar> # ri.utOivcn A Hen. ml, inat, off Ui'Uraa, hjtd a aevera IK ' Ble, hauling to NIJ n the 9tb. and I lowing kravy till llfti. ? I in", inn T,-. ii. atxiko ahlutlen Bifli/tr, from Boa- \. ton for H'llii laianrt; ljth lal .10 40, l"n 74 jff nrtg A|> fr-un Philadelphia f r Motion, tvlth loas of h?r' deck load, galley, An, , Hrt^ W K hibhy (Br. of Xaaiau), Prindle, Savanllta, March gfi, and Hwin l-lai,,! 31", to .1 N Snow. * Brig Trade Wind (M Hlnehlll), Ohaee, ganta Crui, Malaya, with aogar, to t A E .1 Peters Hrig ileorge Downea (of 0 data), Talne, Trinidad, JO Ja/t, * Bit sugar to Metrall A 1) noiui. Hrig, Dow ney, All am, A(,ril 1, with angai. toUwep V A Cat neale r \ tng ? tblHU' Fmue, Ihaj, Ut rinmla, 17 , ,B bailagt, __ NBW YC to Smith, Jones A 0*. 14th hut, 100 m?M IX from toady H >ok, *p?ke brig Mystery, from Milan for Maw Tork, short of prov.tiiooa?supplied her; same Jay. brig B Q Ghatauer, from Cub* for TortUui. Had heavy aeaiher. Brig Empire, Slovens, l'orl Royal, 17 days, to ballast, to Wakemaa, Dlnion A Co, Brig Kensington, Thompson, Wye Blrar, S days, with ehlp Uuibrr. u> J H VuDiluzi'D. _ Schr Smithsonian, Davie, Buenos AvresPeb38. via St Thomas Apt ll 2, in baUasi, lo Jonas Smith A Co. Msrcb 2J. lat 8 S, Ion 38, spoke i ark Belseua, from Callao for Lisbon. Bohr Ann Leonard (Br), Dee man, Oartbagana, March 37, with hides, to master. Sehr Amello (Guatemalan), Magill, TrnxlUo. April 1, with Mill's, to Win Prithirci. 6lb inst, taw a large ship aahore on Tennessee Beef (Florida), all sail flying, apparently just gone on. Schr Llz/Je Russell (Br, of hlugstou, Ja), Todd, Old Provldenoe, Maieh 16, with bi les, to Handy A Iloadlev. hohr 1'liautoin (Hr), MeOorinxk, Antigua, 38 days, with sugar, lo <1 A J Kimx A Co. Haabeen 13days N of lfatteias; on the bth. bib and ll)th experienced a heavy NE gale; on tbe 10th, while hove too, stove galley, boat and bulwaiks, and had decka swept. ltuby, fruey, Qusyanloa, PR, 23 days, with sugar, to Thompson A Hunter. 7to inst, (at 29, long 73 16, spoke brig Chuaudain, llandy. hence, bouud 8. lbs Ruby bad heavy weather from MaueraH. Schr Abbie Forrest. Smith, Genitives, April 13, with logwood Ac, to Miller A Houghton. 6lh Inst, lat 28 35. Ion 74 56. spoke brig Tornado, of Weslport, from Portland for Matanzaa: 11th, in tbo Gulf Stream, experieneed a gale from NNW, enlit foresail, lost part of deck load, Ac. Schr Enterprise, Gould, AoxCayes, 26 days, with logwood sod coffee, to D It Dewol'. Sebr D R Dewolf i Br\ Kit/patrick, An* Caves. March 26, with logwood, lo D It Dewolf. 6th inst, off Cape St Niocla, Soke schr East Wind, trom Jeremie for Boston; 6th inst. lat Ob, Ion 7612, snoke achr Aid, from Philadelphia for Key Schr Dashaway (Br, of Halifax), Oumralnger, Jeremie, >4 day*, with coffee Ac. lo It Thicker?. Sebr Martha (of boston). Bobbins, Jeremie, 26 days, with collee Ac. to order. 8chr Loveit Peacock, Appleglt, Cienfnegos, March 26, with surar, to D Gulden Murray. Das been 9 days N of Hatleras with heavv weather. Sehr J w Hall (of Mlfonl, Del), Marshman, Remedioa, March 28, wllh sigar, to muster. 10th inst, off Barnegat, took a heavy northerly gale, and was Mown to the Capes of Virginia. Bchr War Eagle (of BooiUbay). Hoilgden, Sagna, Id days, with sucar, to master. Wu off the Hook 9th, and waa blown 280 miles south. Seiir Ann Matilda, Prtce, Trinidad, 18dayi, with sugar, to O 8 Stephenson, 8chr Maria Hull (of Pembroke), Bradford,Trinidad. March 27, with sugar. to maaier. April 4, oil' Double Headed Shot Keys, saw bark Iaaac R Davis, of Philadelphia, bound westward. Sehr Amelia (of 8t|Barta), Aekerly. St Bart?, 22 days, with old metal, to master. Had heavy weather. Sehr Hu) kaway (Br, of Bermuda), Pennistnn, B -rmuda, 14 days, with wheat and tomatoes, to Middleton i Co. Had heavy weather. Sehr Sarah Maria (of Gold Spring), Underbill, Barncoa, with Iruit, to T Uiimarltn. IIa<l heavy W and N winds the entire passage; been 8 days N of lfat'.eras,*|>lit and lost sails. April 9, list SO 30, Ion 73 45, took a heavy gale from N, which lasted 48 hour-; while bova too under close reefed foresail aud matu trysail, was struck by a whirlwind, and hove down; aliipoed a heavy sea, bursicd a new tore sail, store in fruit dock, lost dock load, shifted cargo in hold, giving I ho vcsael a very bad list, and received olber damage; was obliged to scud before the gale to right her. Sehr Equator (Br), Albury, Baracoa, 9 days, with fruit, to J Emms. Sehr Mftila L Davia (of Boston), Doaoe, Baracoa, 9 days, with fruit, to Titos Glluiartln. Sehr E N Dellart (of Georgetown), Oumengcr, Key West, 11 dnya. in ballast, to master. holtr Emily. Curtis, Newborn, NO. 4 days, with rosin, to order. 12th Inst, aid AM, llatteras bcarlogNNW 13 miles, poke sobr Sylvester Gesuer, of Newport, with loss of jib nud boat/supplied him with a sail and boat; was 5 days from Hampton lloatls for Providence. Bohr Pnlma, Terty, Newborn, 3 days. Bcltr K W Partington, Koblt.son, Newbern, 10 daya, , Sehr Clifton, Sutton, Newbern, 4 days. Sehr Kothen, Coombs, Newbern, 4 days. Sehr C?n .1 Cropper, Oonklin, Accotnar, 2 days. Bebf Elizabeth, Smith, Portress Monroe. 2 days, Kehr E I'ltaro, Jones Portress Monroe, 2 days. KcbrJ Dilton (of Union. NJ), Lsiuerdl. Portress Monroe. 8<'hr Alethea, Harvey, Tan<ier for New Haveu (aud pro cceded through Hell Gate). Sehr Win Henry, Sharroit, Virginia, 2 daya Sehr Wn? Leggett, Gibson, Virginia. 2 days. Sehr A P Upshur, Wlshart, Virginia, 2 daya Sehr J W Rowley, Allen. Vienna, 3 daya 8uiir W D Pitls, Wyalt, Berlin, 2 days. Sehr Little David, Poster, Philadelphia. Sehr Cyrus Chamberlain, llallet, Elizabnthport for Boaten. Bchr Jostl e, Sheldon, Elizabeth port for Pall River. Steamer Albany (U8 transport), Lewis, Newbern, NC, In ballast Sehr E Barnes, Briggs, Ellzabethport for Pall River. Ft-hr Fannie Hazard, Miller, Hartford. Steamer P W Brum-, Poster, Baltimore. Steamer Alice. Macon. Baltimore. Steamer M Stevens. Dougherlv. Baltimore. Steamer Vulcan, Morrison, Philadelphia. Steamier Westchester, Jones, Providers. Miscellaneous. Trial Trip?The new and powerful sieamtug John W Hamcos, ownod hy Messrs Pod. Rows k Sylvester,of Jersey City, went oo -am engineer a trial trip down mo liny yesterday. She had a large party of invited guests on board, who were much pleased with the boat and the eicurslon. Her dlmenalone are?Length of keel 110 feet, on deck 124 feet, beam SI feet, width of deck 43 feet, and depth of hold 8)i feet. SOfTMcmuiT for April 15, containing additions and corrections te the American Lloyds, ia now out. It can be obtained of Messrs Taylor, Hartshorns A King, 35 Wall street. Ship Ocba.t Monarch?Capt I'-v", of Ain ship Ocean Monarch, of and from NYork for Liverpool, which was abandoned at sea in a sinking condition, hat arrived ai Falmouth, E, with those of ibe crew not before reported picked up at sea. Capt Page sailed from NYork March 6 for Liverpool, and on 8th commenced a heavy gale from KNR, veering to the north, a very heavy cross sea on. March 9, at 8 AM, shipped a heavy sea, carried away starboard bulwarks, quarter boat, stove front of cabin in, shifted cargo; noun-led pumps, found two feet'water. Wore ship, head to WNW, under two close reefed topsails, all pumps at work, and commenced throwing over cargo, ship miking one foot water per hour. At 5 P.M all the putnps became choked, with about nine feel water in the ship, (lot the boats out r- ady to leave the ship. At 10 PM the se -ond and fourth metes and twenty-two men lelt the ship In the longboat. March 10, the master left Uie ship, with three boats, wnh the balance of the -rew, first and third mates and twenty-one ineu, in lat 37, 1 m 63, ship in a sinking condition, with twemy feet water in her. March 11, at noon, was picked up by the Danish bark Jurgcn Lon-nt/.en. Rainer, from NYork for Kotterdnm, and oo 14th transferred seven men to British bark Lifu, landed at Falmouth. Capt Page adds:?"I feel much indebted, on behalf of lnys It and ne.v, to Capt Haim-i- for bis great kindness and cem-roiis treatment, for a period of twenty days, while wc were on l>o trd his snip." Bahk Hgniiuhas, that went ashore in the Coxswains Hole, Ruaian Bay, is a total loss. Cargo saved in a damaged condition. Craw ail -ale. Rauk Star Kmc, Smith, from New York Feb 27 for Port Natal, was kjHiken March 14, Ut 2-"i N, Ion 35 VY: reported being run luto three days afit-r leaving New York by an unknown sebr; and had jibboom, port Anchor, starboard rail, Ac., carried away; otherwise all well. Ba :k L?or SurvOi.k, Allen, from Boston (Peb 21) for Port su 1 iocs, encountered the gale of Feb 35, and was dismast ed. The erew, being unable te keep her I'reee. abandoned th rlrd to Bitrbai'os. Uric Hussar, Jordnn, before reported stranded at Olbraltur, hml been got ulf. reloaded, and ?ai ready for sea on the 27lh ult No appear.inee ol damage to the hull. SchkJohn Shaw?A letter received in Boston from Ospl Dn-yer, of ship llorteiiMA, from New Tort Feb 28 lor Bhattghae, dated At tea, Mai eh 15, lot 21) 20, Ion 83 10, report* that oil the third day from N-w York tell in with aohr John Shew, of Msrliias, Capt Fredk 8(WaI1ai*, from Portland for Maun/as, with loss of boats, uiAatsaiid liouepni, aud full of water, And took off the crew. The captain ami uiate were transferred to the Margup tha A Louisa, which arrived at Falniogtli. E. Scur Mrss?r6IlR i?f Mew York), from Key West for New York, in hallast. was arched on Currituck-BeRfh lOlh inst Th< crew arrived in .his city vesterday In the steamer Albany, Lewis, from Newborn, having been taken on boaid al Hwtteras Inlet. Sena Uovkr.nor, VYaUen, at Fhlladelphla front Sedgwick, Me. during a gale i.n theft:!. and 10th inst was blown 70 mile* 8 uf Cape H-nlopen, spi t foresail and sustained other alight damage. Sciih r A Barer, of l?me, struck on the bar at Xantueke1! n Saturday night aud til ed. It was supposed she would ge off Mtb. IIuro Kokg, Feb 14?The ship Magnolia, Nicholson, which alied from Foocbow tor Loudon Feb 4, went onsbora-eo the Mouth Bonk en the Sth, sad was passed on the Uth, still on (hnre,by the Cadi/ (ss>, arrived hero. There was Ittilu hope of getting her off, at least until her cargo (tea) was discharged B-versl boats were passed going to her assistance. Hue was not making any water, and her Majesty's gunboat Hardy, which left Koo-how Feb ID for Hhai.ghaa, had stopped to assist her off. LivunrooL. March 80?The Agnes, from Jamaica for Glasgow, was spoke* no the 14th March. In Ion 2tt W, having lost everything off her deck and three of the crew in a hurricane, and was supplied with provisions by the Westers Star, Knowlvs, arrived here from Man Francisco. Slsl?The Eleanor, from New York for Olouoeeter, has been abandoned; the crew saved by the Autocrat, arrived here. April 1?The Lord Dofferla, arrived this day from New Yora, encountered a ams-cMuon of heavy gales, sprung a leak and was obliged to throw part of csrgo overboard. March 14, lat 41, Ion 39, pa-s-.-d a ship bottom up, apparently about 800 tons, copi- tr new, oad about a mile from her a water cask, apparently varnished. On the lthh passed a quantity or casks and barrels, apparently of Hour. 2d?The Lochhat <lt, ('lark, which arrived here March 31 from New York, had decks swept and bulwarks cirrlcd away. 3d?The Mary Wright, Libhy, which arrived here yeeter* day from < bartestou, sailed March 2, aud repot ts she saw nothing of the blockading S'piadron till the Sth Had very firnvy weather, and Watt boa s, bulwarks, ,kc. She brings a heavy mail and several psineti/crs, and reimrts that ?ue mraanirc nan i?< "o captured of me nonfederal'' prtva* tier Sumter (I), and alio that "the federala were atill miking a'nue Uects at CTiarlmton, Savannah at 1 New flrlcaua, and tbc different In lei a of the Southern voaat'* (Mem.?The Yorkahire cle..r d at Now York torLlterpool t'tb I.) f.oapos, Aprils?The Br bark Fauderaon, Herbert, aatled frurr New Turk for <Jue*natown on the 2dlk of Dec, and hat noi ?in. e been heard of. M_Th?lnlg John MUldteton, 8*ott, cleared at New York on lie. 31 for .be I'nliad Kingdom, and baa not aluce bo o heard of. Pomr l.rwta, Manritlna, March 5?The hark Cheshire tvaa found to be in a m.tch worae a?j?te than reported by tlie diveis. Instead of 40 to00 wheels off. there were about 800. and on trying har seama thejr were found very soft. and i pen all over her bottom. Her cargo ia badly n?ma;e.i, but all lain til state or can be made eu ia being forwarded in the ablp Mercury to London. Pour ac.Pmtac*. Anrll 7?Tha British brig Sea Gull, forr.crlv the AnoTlran brig ranilllo, Cap| Mulligan, arrived on the 2Mb Feb leaky and dlaabled. Hhe waa chartered at bl Thomaalo load at HI Uomingo Clly for New York. Hhagut lo che loeivard of tn<'lalanda. and hearing sornag aleak and mea e' k. fotard li linooefdble to boa' up. Hbe oatno her., nd. at repairing she nailed agaia on the loth of March for a U, .aingo City. Bure??o??, Fob Jl?The Meteor (reported U SrieamsMp), Woodward, Iroia Bangkok lor China, pot In here Fob 14 tor K'pelra. and la Olgnliargfng. PtJouns, NF, Kelt 20?Tlie bark Robert I.eonnr.1, of Yarnonih, Nw', irom Xcw km k, with rornjhonnd to fork for orIrra, put la hereon the 14th Inat. with Soaffdf mil Jar head, vater uaeka and chBns, ahort of water and fuel, socio 70n niahal ortta damaged, and will be aold. Tee r iMA, March ft?The Eli/a Bwarfa from NYotk for lunrnetown, whl?b put Into Angra Marck' IS. leaky, d'> liargmt only About Mtyona of corn. The lerkk waa Inund ,u he rudder ceae! The cargo landed haa lie .1* rer irnmendi I y the anrvey to nut uF be reahlppod, that ifta vaaa-l nu f foered in lighter (Mm. 5?She wi'l probably tail about too (tli of Month. Tsai.r Hit, 00 H, Feb J2-'?"he A It Perms, Talbot, from Uul'iialn, before report. d, waa't ai'uorr on the If iV point of 1 ib' In Island, In n dense fof. nn morning of Pe'> a. Aslatent w?? randerrd by gieamer Albatroge, mil at the a'ftp a* I leaking op laat, 'bo rapt*(n and crow were taken n hoard the At'at rose, and ImA'd at I'iit Toivil, tvliht i* ship's pnpei* mid n lew arlii lee,?f clothing, which Wai U (boy were able to ant \ Whalrmcnr Old at Now Bedford I lib Inet, abip Ann', Glhba, Waahh irn, tlanuc Ocean and Qtidfan's Hay, H|Mikcii, iitr, Ship Kantll' a, Blwull, from Bangkok Das' 20 for lloug oitg, 'an lv', tn lat Ac (by a vc? ol at lions Knitj/). gbin Krlt tia Hint. Thompson, from Kmrachcc" ?'<* 21 for niid'ni. I "h . Ill 30 1') H, Ion I'd 3d K. Hlilp r'Jhig I loud, W n?or. iro.u llong Kor.g Dec for hfitiU, m 7, lat? F. ion JOB. V >RK HERALD, THURSDAY, hip B?rreda Brothers, Peterson, from Baesetn Dee It for Vhlmoolh, B, Fob 8,1st tS 8. Ion 1* B. Ship George 9 Patteu. 13ill. from Sunderland. B, for Bun, March 37, so let, Ac (by a vessel .'t Plymouth, ?). Ship Amelia, McKeuzle, from Philadelphia lor Liverpool, If arch 23. lat 30, Urn 14 Ship Tbalaiut, Otis, from Greenoek for United States, March M, lat 17, Ion 20. Ship Rhine, Moon-, faom NYork for London, March 30, la Eugliah Channel. bhip Uaeluiiitiam, Wilson, from Havre for United Slates, March 31, off Dover, K. Ship Uaru.ii <1, Mow, from Loudon for St John, MB, March ?, lat 48, Ion 22. Bark Algonquin, Emery, from XYork Aug 22 for Shanghai, Jan 4, In the Ombuy Passage. Bark Sooloo, Barnes, from Boston Sept for Hong KoDg, Jan 19, no 'at, Ac (by a veas< 1 at Hung Kong). Bark Trieste, bewail, from NYork Peb 10 for 8iianghae, March 2. lat 2d N, Ion 39 W. Bark Mount Yermm, Richards, from Cardiff lor Havana, March 27, lat 410?, Ion 12 37. Brig Mary Olover, from Cubefor Bangor, April 14, off Cape May. Brig Oceau B inger, from Cuba for Boston, April 14, off Cape May. An Am h -rra brig steering ESB, showing a white Bag with a red ernes, March dO, lat Solo N, ion 71 81 w. The Grace, of Uarrlnglou, steering W, March 23, let 48, Ion 18Porelgn Porta. AnnatiMan, April I?Air Matagorda, Brawn, Dublin, A.vtwert. March 28?Arr Grsee Sargent. Mitchell, Calls"; Resolute, Wallace, do:31st, .Laura, Beh roue, N York. Sid Slltb, Augclo, Peterson, XYork. Arr at Pluxhlng April 1, Rlchd A If op, Watlington, NYork. Alexandria. B, March 26?Arr Mobile, Howes, Swansea. Bid Mth, Pleetwlnp, Jaync, Palmouth, K. * Aluoa Bar, CGH, Jan 22?Arr Levlugton, Williams, New York. Bid Peb3. Monterey, Smith, Sumatra. auk Caves. March 28?in port schr Ocean Wave (Br), leK khart, for NYork 12 days. In port March 22, Miiir Annie Hicks, lar XYork. Idg. Bristol tPHI), April 2?Passed by, Billow, Nickels, from N York for Gloucester. Off do 1st, Zouave, Hansford, from NYork for Gloucester. Brlvast, March 3o?Air John Sidney, Southard, Philadelphia. Brrrkrbavkn, March 31?Ai*r Bremen (s), N York. Hamein, Jan 14?Arr Santee, Pa.k'-r, Colombo, 30ih, Industry, Linnall, 8 ngapore. B ata via, Peb 1?Arr Nestor, llowcs, Boston. Banukuk, Dec 28?Arr Lebanon, Hamilton, Hong Kong; Jan II, Daylljht. Sanger. Shungiw. Slil D< 26, Bertha, Talpey, and Malay. Wllcomb, Hong Kong; Jan 6, Levanter, Brown, do: 10th, Arab, Bellamy, do: I3lb, Herbert, Crooksr, do; 18ih, Competitor, Le.kle, do; J C Humphrey, Olsen, had 8 H Talbot, Sear a, do; 17th, Palmetto, Upton, do. Rcmbat. Murflh 12? In nnrL nhina SiiiRh CmigIiiib flhun* a op., from Liverpo >1, arr ! eh 2; Granada, Miller, Calcutta, i rr Fob 10; Minerva, Me ri-inn, for Loudon: Clara Wheeler, li Kit, and America, Fin ay, lor Li> rpool: Li/.zlc O.kiord. Kldrldge, for N r'ojv, at 911; lloouderoga, Stoughton, fur do; Bosphmus, I'mnlletou; Grace Darling, Bearse; Jacob A WesterveR, Andc.son; Maid <f the Sea, Sta. w iod;' Meteor, Porter; Morning ntar, MmtlmWh; bunoca in, Odell; Union. Sitilliug, and Vulture, GUI, i nc. Sid Feb 2, ships Niobe, Lcndholm, Straits of Sunda; 4tl', harks James Iiriant, Lovelt, Man main; tilli, Ratilesiakr, Barker, Slurapore; bin, 'hip Peter Maxwell, Marshall, Liverpool. Baiucoa, no date?In port aolir Maria L Davie, for N York 6 ria> a Carpi rr, March 29? Sid Rocket, Smith, Barcelona; 30th, St Charles, Goo way, Genoa. Cork, April 1?Arr Elvira, Snow, Mazagan. Cuxuavi N. .Mar li 22?Arr Si a k. am. Borham, Port au Prince. Sid 27th, Illinois, Lovejny, England. Capiz, March 22?Arr Louisa A Johnson, Learning, NYork; 2Td, Ghtinbora. o. .Mohan, Gibraltar. Slil 231, Northwood, Uilieit, Malaga; Richmond, Glark, Bathuret; 24ih, Herald, Simmons, Valencia. Gaktiiagkna, March 19?Sid Sparkling Sea, Munson, Palermo; 22d, Mary Matthews, Coombs. Smyrna. Colori,o, Feb 20? Sid Southern Belle, Benson, London. Galcutta, Feb 24?Sid Guiding Star. Hale, Bo,too; Mavob .1, Margaret Jane, Kussell, Bombay. In port Feb 22.??Compeer, Thompson, for Boston, at $15 pea ton; John llaveu, Porter, ler Mauritius, at rsl-11-6; H M Hayes, Elliott, for d<>, at 1 11; and others. Dbal, April 10?Arr Lemuel (Br), Whittler. NYork for Loudon; J A Staniler, Young, do lor do land and all piocceded): Peterborough, NYork for London ;Gcestrmuu lu, do for do: A Boninger, Philadelphia for do laud all proceeded); 2d, William Singer, Parley, NYork for do; Rhine, Moore, do for do;Gosben and Otillle, do fordo (and all proc :eded >. g| Passe 1 do 30th, East Indian, Lee aw, from Sainarang for Amsterdam; 31st, Cheltenham, Wilson, from Havre for Cardiff. Dublik, March 31?Arr Josephine, Condor; Jene Dowell, Page, and Wlntern, Ellingson, New York; April 1, Irene, Towle, do. Dundalk, April 2?Arr Schiller, La Hunla. NYork. Falmouth, March 31?Arr Vir.inia A Esteillna, Wllkins, i Maielo. SldSOih, Lewis A Edwards, Lines, Copenhagen; Zone. Fullerton (from Shields), Boston; Orion, Libhey ifrmn Moulmein), Geuou; let, G U Southard, Howe (from R ingoon), London. Off do 31?t, Sir Robert Peel, J urge tie, frout NewJYork for Hamburg. Foocuow, Jan 26?Sid Kremlin, Johnson, Slianghae; Feb 4, Magnolia, Nicholson, London. Ulouckstkb, April 1?Arr Merrington, Kendall, NYork. Glasgow, April 2?Arr John Kyle, Luther, NYork. Gmkmock, April 2?Arr St Louis, Berry, NYork. Arr in the Clyde 2d, Andover, Kearney, NYork. Gibraltar, March ii?In port shies John Potter, Potier, from Tr.tpani, arr 23d, for Halifax; Bethink Thayer, Pendleton, from Genoa, arr 23d, ror Gallao; Ghas Sprague, Pike, from Valencia, srr23<l, lor NYork; brlga Samson, Deniaan, i from Palermo, arr 2tkh, for NYork, all wiudbound; Hobart, Jordan, from Alexandria for the united Kingdom, be lore reported ashore, had been got off wit hout damage and was I ready for sea. Wind West 27th, and fresh. Arr at de 23d, Hannah Secor, Brooks, Alexandria, E, for Liverpool. OS do 23d. Radiant. Tavlor. from Messina for Boston: [ Ana (Am brig), bound out. Gasoa, March 20?Arr Native, Traak, and Marengo,Dough* ty, Ardrosaan. Goatanica, PR, March 24?la port aebr Mohawk, for Baltimore 2 data. Gumaivks, April 2?Iu port brig Pioo. for Boston 10 data. Havra, llti h 31?Arr O llla. Aahby, Halifax. Sid 29th, Wandering Jew, Smart, and <;h?lt:nhain, Wilson, Cardiff and United Stales. t'pl 31>.t. K Bulkley, Koss, N York. I Halifax, April 2?Arr achrs Earl Mutgmvc, Scaler, NYork; 3d, Idm.i, O'Brien, do; 4th, strainer America, Moodlc, Boston (ami proceeded for Liverpool); srhrs lukerman, Cook, N York; kiln Harmony, McCulIocb, do; 8th, Eliza Catharine, Martull, Philadelphia. Jkrkmik, March 23?lu port Br brig Mary, from New York, dbg; schra Chas H Cook, fiom da, do; Scions Helen, for do 8 days. Kokhachkb, March 10?In port abi|n Time, Homer, for Bombay; Sea Flower, Taylor, for rice porta. Slit ls<, Lorenzo, Hamblui, Calcutta. Kingston, ju, March 19? Ait solir Debouare, Philadelphia; 26lh, bt igs Surah Mernloe, Cienfuegos ,und eld April 5th for outporis); April 1st, Aid, Baltimore. Hid March 18th, scbr Alidu, unlpor.s. 2 d, bark Uuton, NYork. I.trrarooL, Maivu 3d?Air ltainbuw, <fill, Calcutta; Isabel, Ilcwuon, Ucuui.i Aj re -; AuMralia, Towart, and J il Elliott, Ilayd n, NYork; 31st, Canada (s), Boston; Magnet, Brown, ami M .Nntlebohiii, Lamb, NYork; Lincoln, Mason, Boston; April 1st, Wavericy (Br), Bonuer do; Hope (s i, Now York; Isaac Webb, Webb; Queen, Jones, and MnreiaC Hay. Chas ', NYork; Koberl, Curt r, Boston; Mallie Metcalf, Snowman, A csaudria, Egypt; Flora, Savage, Buenos Ayres; John Lealie, Given, Philadelphia; Architect, llarrimkii, Cardenas; 2d, Kowena, Wilson, Calcutta; Emily Augusta, Strickland, New York; Hubert Cnohuiau, Otis, Philadelphia; Adelaide, Swan, Charleston; 3d, City ol Washington (a), NYork; New World, Knight, do. Shi 3lst, Metropolis, Kenny, St John, KB; 1st inat, Alex I Marshall, Marshall, NYork. Old Dth, Naples, Percy, Havana; April I, Admiral, Ha.-alop, Baltimore; JcvrCaud, Stellmau, anu Ontario, llosiner, NYork; 2d, Museum^1-, McFtUau, MlrainChl; Dreadnought, Samuels, and Eastern Stale, Keating, NYork; Shields, Eraerv. Celt*. ' Eni for Idg April 1. Antarctic, Htoull'er, and Marianne Nollcbohm, Lamb, NYork; Aijuillu, Buhre, do; 2d, Potomac, Weeks, and Moonbeam, l)ow, Boston; Caroline, Strieker, I Baltimore; Arey, Wilson,, Auuswaii, M-Nair, and Hume, Falea, NYork; John Italic, tjiven, Philadelphia. London, April 1?Arr Napoleon, Cushing, Calcutta; 2d, Mtlton, Hradlord, Moutevideo; A Dunbar. Rockwell, Belize, Houd; 3d, Atalanta, Enstinan, Philadelphia; Anna D -llus, Wattendonf, NYork: N Hoynlou. Miller, do; Southern Chief, ' Iliggins, Boston; J W Spencer, opeu -er,; Viking, 1 S mitb, Altata. Kilt out 2d, Amnzom for NYork. Old 2uth, Augusta, Norwood, Sunderland and King > George's Sound; 1st, Hindustan, Small", Callao. Arr at tlravesead Slat, Jennie, Fletcher, Marseilles; lat. : Pnmroee, Ganlon, Portland, Me. MA?iL^" ?Urch?-Arr Edirto, Fbnu, Barcelona; SKI. Qtprry, N?^b. NV < >rk; Jennie, Fletcher, do. Bid Slut. W ' Young America, Pool- Cardiff (and ildaW. lor; 35? h, Bradford. Freeman, Olbraltar. Bid 2dth. Prank Hayule, Randall, Gibraltar. MauHrtiuit, Fab 16?Arr t ommodore, i rowell, Calcutta. MiNii.ii feb 7? Arr Tropl\ Smith, llong Kmc. Bid 20th, ^."w^pl-TrfXTaora, NVork. Bid March 91, Jo1 Vwn^MarcbM^Arr Caleb Ma, Halaall, NTork. Nkuviia.* March 30?In POTlbri|l Ow u, <rom N^w Y irk, j>i?t wr; Vc?Ib, fovio 10 flays; UrA C 1-. inmoiib, %? Protimkcb, March 15?In port achiaRiuijfieber, from t^r^sgirtwsasafi- E.jc, a *. , ^1'o * c?!'Ma *1?2J?l"iHoor!?br I g* L k W Arrarrong, for Maw Haven lew dnya. Port au Pi?inck, Man.h 21?In port lurk CaruloU, Hopklna, from Llebon Cor Falmouth, Ji, lor orders, Idg. Outr.vsrowK. Mar. h 30?Ait Anu Taylor, Juhuaoa, New York; Maria, Bolt, do; Mat, Uao Pee >ody, Hunea, San Fntndnoo (and aid lat lor ??); Mary Alalia, Stewart, Malaiuns; Acme, Hairy; Advance; Margaret; Thoe Balnea; Baldmir, and Figure, NYork (Adelaide, Charleston foi Liverpool; 2d, Laminnrgler; Daphne; LUiif, Salem; Brigand; Edt-n L, and HanU, NYork. Bid 28th, II B Emery, Prrklna. Liverpool; lat, Hamlin, Davla (from Philadelphia), Antwerp; Peruvian, Roberts (from Liverpool), Boa'on. Rakooom, feb 12?Ajt Kocklnghatn. Meicber, Bristol, B. SourHAarroR, April 1?Ait O B Chaloncr, Kauury, Ulo Grande. In the Donna2-1, Uncle Joe, Pinkbam, froui Naples far Bremen, Scili.t, March 30?Olf, Wl'-lnnd, Windhorst, from XYork Burukri.ard. April 2?Att Ganges, Bvana, London. Hid March 31, Donneratag, Broho, N York., April 1?Arr RoyaUton, Kator, Bl Lucia. .Hiiiotii. April 1?Hid Sarah Mandr.U, B irch, NYork. Slico, March 27?Sid Uo<idspeed, Dumlln, NYork. SaRtNAM, March IB?In port brigs Koraue, lliggina, from Button, arr 10th; Cayenne iDilchi, from do. arr 121 h. La Plata (Dutch), for Boalou aame dag. STllRt.sRA, Feb 30?Arr Frigate Bird, Thotnpann. Rurmetier; 26th, Flying Cloud, Winaor, lloug Kong tend aid for Portsmouth). Sinus's Bat, CQH, Fob3?Hid H B Wilght, Park (from OardlflTi, Akyab; Ellen Hood, Kuby (from Lou Ion), do.

HtRiiAronr, Fell. M?Arr Meteor (reimrted American), Woodward, Bangkok. Hid 7tb, Oricfswald, Krcua,liner, NYork. Siiarotisr, Jan 2V-Arr llorer, Walah, Hong Kong. Sr. John, N B, April l^-Arr achra t.eorgta, Bueklln, Philadelphia; Clifton, Helyea, and Hatatla. Haibarle. .NYork. Old 6th, bark Fame, rattan, Badport; ?lh. ahtp Illbenila, Jonca, do; 11th, achra Humbler, Blssetl, NYork; I2tb, ahlp George Green, Fairbanks, Liverpool. Tkxri., March 3D?Arr Hussar, lion land. NTork. Tat vstr, March 20?Arr Grand Turk, Blauchard, CarthaKeTAet.RBAV,CGH, JanSO?Arr Macallan, Nichols, Maul main (and aid Feb 1 lor Falinomh, B); Feb 4, M try Crocker. Williams. Montevideo; ?lh, Delia, Farr, NYork; 7lh, B C Pelton, Welch,, do; Hid Jan 26, Bunker Hill (a), Cavanaugh (front Bomon), Shnnghae; 37th Emily Ruiter, Chuse, Melbourne; Slat, Atlantic, Knowlea (front Nfeindoti), Deao'atton; Feb ?, Huerkling Hca, Treat, Akyab; 13tb, Mary Mo> Near, McNear. feindon TuiRinAD, M trch 27?In port bark Irnta, Wortinger, fer Philadelphia next day; brig Windward, for NYork Idg; aohra LU/.le Maul, tlalav, for Philadelphia, nearly ready; Hannah Matilda, Trice, and D*nt T/nvna -nd, Towuar nd, for do, do. lining in 27th, briaLcviaihin. Si.I a few day* previous to 27 h, brig George Downea, NYork; aehrVrliua Boston. WATsaroan, Muri b .10- Air Herrmann, Currnn, NYork; "V?k*oi'Tb (Norfolk), March 31 ? Off,Core .r. pl.t. HaiUoga, for NVork. I I'kR -'TK*?Bir I'UIDI, AT HAl.trAS?Tl'.r.miMArmO.] Art fmn NTirk March A), Pilirlm, nt Valencia; !)!*:, 0?iirry. aml.leautiia, at MarH. tUea, April t, CVilar. at Cnrollf; :i,l, Zouave, An I HU'uw.Al Gfcju eAirr id, Jnr;; n 1,'jrrmcn. At llruw.'i Ahnvrii; 3d, Bhtuft ,J A R!?ml?r, Win Hlti^r, ami Goihon, akllmvrsend; 4th, K A Ha l. AU'I Houtliampton, at (^.ireseml; Cuban, and Wnhauu) In therCI/du; Neptune, and Mdra'io, al do. h- Aar frmn Philadelphia 3d, Traniplebar, ar Oral; deb. Revionr. ?' Qucenatown. \8iJ C?r N York 3d, Hpnrkllni Ware Sl.lcM.V Ttrradnaugnt, pjfc-frJ.'tiati'. and .levrtlanil. from Liverpool. gl)k f^vJaltlmurn 3d, Admiral, from Liverpool^ tb?lr<t via (jneenMown.) Air from J^york?Mirla Li'amrr, at Palermo; W >.' Naah, at Petit. Kurmtt/h *l F,l1"" .ll",i,x "'P'liia. UloucMier; O. Ourkaa, r >l mK'P,,ni1 1 f'*"1*! lartdn unij. Arr Imm Baltinm?','?Oorilln. aiidr. up o. Anvrrlrail I'nrtr. PORTLAND, ApnUI-Atr*?r?l???ie?>ip .Vnwrgiar, Li?i | , APRIL 17, 1862?TRIPL1 pool via Loud onderry; steamer Chesapeake, Crowd). New York; schr Mary Holley, Rwil, Elizabeth port. Cla Will, brig P Larrabae.D l'.ey, Mtumu. 8ALKM, April II?Arr -oijr 8 L Stevens, Studley. NYork. SAN FRANCIS O, Apill 10-Arr ablp Magenta, Jantriti, Gtbuiila. B1<1 loth, ship Ringdove, Uulbruuk, Sydney, WILMINGTON, Del, April 14-Arr tchr Chronometer, Pleroon, Portland. HOD8KII, EUOM8, A.C., TO l.Ki. A NEAT, small, THREE BTOK3. HIGH BTOOP I House to rent in West Twentieth street. ueir Eighth avenue, in order; freacoed parlors, modern oonvenlenoes, tea natures, everything oo.uplete. Rent $ot0 J K, EDWARDS. 377 West Twenty-third street Avery pretty cottaoe to rent-at yonkerh, containing II ur 13 rooms, a few minutes' walk from the depot. The lot is 50 feet by 130. R-nt t-W , poa-e. aion May 1. J. K. EDWARDS, 377 West Twenty-third street. A good three story, iiioh stoop, brown stone front House to rent in West Thirty sixth sti< et; has gas natures and furnace, Is in good order, with all tire modern conveniences. An.. Ac Kent $30). It ,s extraordinarily low. J. R. HOWARDS, 377 West Twenty-third street. A THREE STORY, HIGH STOOP, BRICK HOUSE TO r nl in Went Twenty fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Modern conveniences, Ac. Rent #5KJ. J. R. EDWARDS, ?7 West Tweuty-third street. At morrisania.-to let or kor sale, a very convenient two sory, attic and basement double Collage, with large garden; location healthy and pleasant, and easy of ac em. Apply to the owner, P. ERNST, No. 311 Sixth avenue, New Yoik elty. Aoehtbel, three story and basement high stoop Hons; la let, S8 Lexington avenue: all improvements; iretnl y painted and put In complete order, and neatly Sited up tor the owner's use; rent low. May he seen during the day and evening. Apply on premise*. A SMALL PRIVATE PAMTLY CAN LET A SUIT OP Rooma tor bouxeke. plng, to e small family without children; the house has all the modern improvements: also to let, throe I.ol is of store No. it John street. Inquire Of Mr. 1'HINBAS, in the store. AT NEW BRIGHTON.?A LA ROE BURNISHED l AHI ly Man don and Villa to rent?On the,Heights; modern impro. omenta, water works, Uower, fruit and vegetable gar, den*; stables, coach houses, extensive grounds: view unsure Iwtsstul, and live mluutes ftoin feny. Apply to T. BOND, 133 (roadway. Amity street, <7.?a desirable front, spaclone Parlor, furnished or unfurnlsed, suitable for professlona or geniacl business, with ur without front Basement Office. Also large small Bedrooms, Parlors, use of Kit-hen, Ac. Staelca It dexired. 47 Amity street A FIRST CI.ASS THREE STORY AND BASEMENT House, 25 fe. I, uear Washington square, rented to May 1 for $930, but will b- l?t to a goo l ten.-.nt for $530 for the coming year. Apply to JOI1N OULYER, 211 Thompson street, near the, who will show 'he house. A SPLENDID NEW HOUSE TO LET-NO. 121 WEST -V Flfty-'hird sheet, between Broadway ?uil KtghUi uv. nue; three story and basement, high sloop, with ell the mo dorn Improvements. w?nb $u50; will be let to a good tenant eery low. Apply Immediately to JOHN fETTltE'fCH, 418 Third avi nue, near Thlrtyllrst street. A NEAT STORE TO LET?AND BACK ROOM AND Front Basement, on fourth avenue, with good show window, suitable for millinery or fany good*; convenient to the Harlem Railroad depot. Apply to JOHN M. Kill BIN, 315 Fourth avenue. Billiards.-to let, the well known columbtan Billiard Boons, northeast corner 01' Broadway and Twenty.aecond street, now occupied by Mr. Kildutl , one of the best locations In the city for the bmilness. N. IL?Rent low. Possession May 1. Apply at No. 5 Hsat Twenty-second street, front 8 to 11 A. M., or 1 to 2 P. M. J. M. DENNIS. (NOUNTBY (FURNISHED) HOUSE. NEW MONMOUTH. J N. J., near Lower Hay, Highlands of Nevasink, Long Branch, Ac., $300 a year; less lor the season; barn; five or more a> res of lantj If retptlred; easy of acticaa per Raritan ami Delaware Bay Railroad and steamboat. Inquire on the premises, or at 47 Amity street or 824 Broadway. 'E'DRNISHKD HOUSE TO LET.?A SMALL FAMILY, 1 having a small, comfortably furnished house tn a pleasant neighborhood tip town, not above Thirtieth street, would maL e smingemcDts to rent the same to a small fatuilv w.thout children, who would be willing to board the presrn't occupants as a consideration for the rent. Address C. P., Herald office. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?IN THE VICINITY OF Union sonar*, 70 East Fifteenth street, three room* deep to and including the second story, furnished, except part of second and third stories; location desirable. Apply 1 at ?6 Broadway. Greenwich strbet store to rent-store on east aide Greenwich street, between Murray and Warren; very desirable lo atlou for a dry goods, olnthl'tg or furniture store; size 25x63. Apply to W. C. GODDAKD, 88 Cedar street. Hotel and lodging house at reduced rent to lease., 80 rooms, stores, basement, vaults, modern built, dawn on one of the great through fares. The owner will aid liberally in furnishing it Apply nt amnion store, 26 New Bowery. SECOND STORY AND PART OF THIRD TO LET?TO a small family of adults. All modern improvements. I Suitable for nice housekeeping. Neighborhood unexceptionable,. Rent $240. Apply at 223 West Thirtieth street r let?part OF HOUSE 105 sullivan street, near Spring, consisting of four rooms on second floor, also front basement, including bathroom, with hot and cold water and gas. Will be let together or separately. rLRT?THE GENTEEL THREE STORY HOUSE (IS roouia) 113 Thompson s'reet, at $550. AI no (be bandname three story House 423 Fourth street t Albion place), with every improvement, at $7t0, formerly $1,100. Great bargain. WIIX'OX, olllce Fifth avenue. rpo LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNT<HIED, THE J Dwelling House, No. 6 Si. Timothy plaen. north lidc of Fifty-he oail itrert, between Broadway and Eighth avenue; three Kiory brown atone, in firat rate order; motlern Improvement*, handsome block; convenient to cars and stages, and hut three or four minutes'walk from Central Park; rent low, to suit the times. Apply to LEONARD SCOTT, o iter, 115 Went Thirty-fourth street, or 54 Gold street. TO LET?THE VINE STOKE 573 SECOND AVENUE. suit tble for any business. Kent $300. Also, small Store 777 Sivth avenue, suitable for tailors, Ac. Item $2U0. Apply a' 1UU l'earl street. TO LET?HOUSE .148 WEST FIFTEENTH STREET. BEtween Eighth an l Ninth avenues; three story brick. wi,h Croton wafer and bath tub, gas, Ae., In good order and dev'r.ihle location, with beautiful gardens id rear. Apply to FREDERIC K. WEST, !>9 Wall si rent T'O LET-SECOND OR THIRD FLOOR ItM EAST Sixteenth street, near Itny veiutnt Park, second Ilnor coots ning five rooms, bathroom and one bedroom uu fourth floor; tent $'-'50; third door containing four rooms, two bedroom* on fourth floor anil the bath loom on scoud floor; ret. t $200. The above floors have all the modern Qon be seen fiom I P. M. to 51*. M. Tt> LET?TWO OF TIIOBB BEAUTIFUL COTTAGES near Central Park, on Fifty-fourth and Fifty til th streets bet veen Elgbtb avenue and Broadway ; very desirable for sinuM families ; In complete order. Apply to U. AGATE, 255 Broadway, 11 to 3 o elo -k. TO LET?THB ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE, NO. 1,248 Broadway, between Thirty-urat and Thirty-second streets, Containing all modern int|ir ivemrnts, with twenty, two rooms, well sdipled for two genteel families or a lirstclass boarding house ; partially turnlahed If required ; rent low. Inquire as above. riHJ littr?IHlS HEW FHAWK WITT.Mi 15, CONVKNIJLen ly titled up with nil modern improvements, and with ail lota o! laud adjoining, pie raanlly situated on the bank* of the Hudson, corner o: Broadway and ltOth tract; there ia a coinmodiuua a table ou the premises with accommodation lor fonrhoraes : the poaitiao, both as respects the surrounding scenery and neighborhood, ia unsurpassed ; rent tiOO. A poly on the premise". or at the offlea ol JOHN M. SMITHS H< INS, corner of Broad and Front streets, New York, r LET?THE FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. K2 Baet TUlrty-tlral etreet; rent $11. Alio the Third Floor of brown atone house No. 183 East Tblrty-tifth street. Also the Fourth Floor of brown atone house No. 144 Eaat Thirty first street, containing five rooms, water, gas, bath, Ac. Apply at N>>. 144 Bast Tblrty-Urst etreet. r LET-CORNER OF THIRTY-NINTH STREET AND Broadway, Buildings suitable for livery, sale or private stables, feed store, or milk depots, or for manufacturing purposes. Apply st Nil Hlx'h avenue, between Thirty thud and Tbiriy-fourtb streets. mo LET?IN BLOOXF1BLD, NEW JERSEY, A MOJL dern two story House, in good order, within ten minutes' walk of the depot. Inquire of J. CRANE A CO., No. SO Maiden lane, or ol ISAAC 0. WARD, Uloomfleld, N. J. TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR, WITH THREE HEDrooM? and back Basement, In a two story brisk dwelling, desirably situated In the central part of the city. Kent $23A Inquire on the premises, 311 Mult street, user Bleccker, or at 374 Pearl street. r LET-SECOND FLOOR OF HIGH STOOP 78 WEST Twenty-seventh street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, to man and wife without children; three rooms, eloseta, and privil-ge of bath r->om, laundry, Ae, $14; or Third Flour, three rooms and garret room, $13 per month. Tho owuer in the bonne, and no children. rro I.KT?NO. #5 BAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR X Irving place, In elegant der, juet painted; possession Imiuedlat-ly; ulae, lb* genre! three story, completely Iurnlahed House, 28 ffnt Thirty-sixth street, near Fifth avenue; location unenrpaaerd. WILCOX, 183 Filth avenue, earner Twenty-third at. TO LET-A THREE STORY BRICK SHOP, REAR OF U4 West Sixteenth street, cheap. Apply at 210 West Thirty nrat urect. mo I.ET-Tns THREE STORY BOUSE NO. 78 WE8T X Thirty-third atreet, near Sixth avenue and Broadway; It contain.-;(tax and Croton throughout, rrai low to a good tanant. Inquire of B. 0. CLIME, MX Weal atreet TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR AND BASEMENT (SUBeellar underneath) of a new House, 117 West Thirty-Brat street, belw eon Sixth and firven'h avenues; haa marble mantels, a, gaa and Croton water; rent $2i per month. Apply at 305 W est Thlrty-llrst atioot. TO I.KT?IM SOUTH BROOKLYN, A TWO 8TORY COTX tage; seven rooms, with large cellar. Cera to three ferries fa** the door averv few mlnales. Rent low to a good tenant oaaesstoh Immediately. Inquire iu Fifteenth street, Brat house west of Fifth avenue. TO LBT-THE WHOLE OR PART OF TUB ENGLISH X basement Honac No. 77 East Thirty-fifth atreet, belwetu Lexington and Park avennea. Inquire on tha premises. TO LET?AT THE LOW RENT OF $180, NO. ISO X Ea*l Thirty-eighth alroet, between Secuud and Third avenue*, the elegant three aurry high atonp linn**, with all modern Improvements, including gaa hi tares. Inquire on the premises. TO LET - POSBBRStON IMMEDIATELY -TIIB X dwelling part or tba llooso Mn. sBtlg Broadway, uear Nineteenth atreet; all the modern improvements will be put In tha house. Rent low to a responsible tenant Uaa fix lures in the house. Inquire In tho store. TO LET-FROM MAY 1. THE MODERN THREE story and basement high stoop House, with sub cellar, No. I(U Lexington avenue, corner of Thirty-first steel. Has all Improvements, Including gA? fixtures, snd Is In good order, or will be so put. Rent $700; or with furniture. tS.'iO. Can he seen from 11 to 8. Apply lo THUS. CANNING, Jr., 224 Bowery, T<) LET-A NEAT TWO HldRV HOTRK, WITH WATER X and g.ra, No. 47 West WaHiilugtun place. Inquire of RIIMHlflfJ PORTER, No. 2 Nassau street rilO LET?ON BERGEN 1IILL, NORTH WAVER LEY, X I'a Isade avenue?Aline Country itesidem e. tig all the raodegn Improyements, beautiful garden, hot house and sialics atta."bed, coniiiiaiidlug a hue view of the harbor. Cirs pars neat* the house ev. ry fifteen minutes. (Vonod* all meal) Liu out,* otiipiisiiifeiu ad el ;ht lata Rent ve.'tjpw, Apply to POLLOCK brC* IS Dey niert, Re v York 5 SHEET. houses, noons. <ko., to ust, TO LET?IN TUB MOST DKfi[It ABLE PART OK KAH wuy, a modern built ll?uae wi b ten r suns and kilehen; thehunse lias i/us throughout; atu ued in a plena d garden, containing a variety of choice irutt; stable u> let with the above, ir desired. Inquire of J. C. KLNhLK, No. :8 Broadw ay. r LET-TO a mull FAMILY. THE BE'h>ND KL< OK of house 2i5 Eli/ubeth meet, near Hi. e km str-et, e n is.iue of two rooms, bedroom and pau'rlas. Kent to sut'. the tune J. TO LET-A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE FRONT House, 231 Thirty-second street, bet we u Rig" In and Ninth afrB'i.'i, with gas fixture., and in fir-t clas< - otidiuuu. Kent iiiolcral . Iuipilrv oi Hr. LOOM1S, 1.126 Broadway, near Thirty-fourth afreet. r LET-a COUNTRY RESIDENCE, AT LOWKR R v. veuswiaid, L. I.?Cottage, carriage house ami two a ics oi ground; about three-quarters of a mile above the Thirty, fourth street ferry lamiloe at Hunter's 1'oinL Impure of Mr. ANDREWS. on the premises, or of HI RAN MKRIliTT, 48 Third av., N. Y. fro I.ET?SECOND KI.OOR OF HOUSE 7S PRESIDENT X street, Brookly n, con dsiing of lour rooms and pantries, to a small family. Kent $130. Impure at 106 Sacked st. rpo LET-A N?\T TWO STORY ATTIC HOUSE, in X the beat order, newly painted, and in a good location. 22 Harrow street, third door west oi Hudson Apply at 314 Hudson street. J. W. i HATES. r LET?AT REDMED RENT, THE OLD STAND 220 Broadway, under Barunm's Mu c-iiui, torso man/ years occupied as a broker's oil tee; Hie best location in in* city lor that business. For rent apply st the Mu* uiu Ticket office. TO I ET?IN EAST TWENTY-THIRD STREET, A NICE Cottage with eight rooms; s Urge garden in front, yard lu rear. Apply at 214 Canal (treat, corner of Baxter. TO I.ET?DWELLING PART OF HOUSE M? BROOME street, corm r oi Ludlow, containing ten rooms; rent $400 per aunuin; or would he lei 40 two I'nmUacs. Apply at 67 East Broadway, near Market street, or at 211 Canal strati, near Broadway, livery slslle. TO LET-TO A SMALL GENTEEL FAMILY, THE TWO upper Floors of house 1,173 Broadway, uuutainiug four rooms, water, gas, Ac. Kent $16 per mom h. Apply st 1,169 Broadway, in the store, between Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth streets. rpO LET?THE THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE X 163 East Tlnry.ninth street; middle bd'isc lug row f twelve; has nil modern improvements; g -od yard; street paved with Belgian pavement. Impure on the premises. TO LET?FIVE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR AND Bed.ooms in the aLtie House 21 West Thirteenth street. near Fifth avenue, gns in each room. Ken: $2dj per annum. Apply at 182 Fourth ali-eet, near Siith, in the grocery. rilO LET-IN lEUSEY CITY, ONE THREE STORY JL English basemen' House. Also one three story and basement high stoop House; both conmiuiut; nil the modern Improvements an 1 1 i perfect O.'Utr. Will bj Mat reasonable rents. Also two Cottage Houses, to let or lor sale, on Hergeu 11111, contiguous to the horse car railroad, on the most reasonable terms. Situations desirable. Tor particulars inquire of JAMES Me'LAI Uill.IN. Builder, corner of Yorlt and Henderson stn en>, Jersey City. TO LET, IN EIOTITH AVENUE?GBNtBBL APARTmeiits, to a small respectable family, in house N". Ml, ? tlilrd floor, consisting of six ro >ms and pun tries; water and gas on the floor. Only one small family in the aouse?the owner's. Inquire on the premises. mo l.ET OR LEASE?THE LARUE THREE STORY J. Store and Dwelling, corner ot Third avenue and Fourteeuth streel, South Brooklyn, tlowanus. It has becu occupied for the last three years by the owuer as a grocery, Hour and feed store. I'would make an excellent stand Jor a grocery or first class bakery. The store is thirty teet front and beautifully titled up. The fixtures would be rented along with the store. Apply to GREGORY REDMOND, 290 Broad ay, New York, or on the premises. TO OARTMEN ?TO LET, 14 LEWIS STREET, SECOND Floor, consisting of seven rooms; rent $16 per month. Also Stable, in rear, three stalls; rent $6 per month. Inquire on the premises, or at 371 Orauil street, of JAMES LOYE. d?n BENT WANTED?FOR THE ELEGANT THREE PuOU story basement high stoop House 158 West Forty-ninth afreet, 20x60 feet, three rooms deep; all in perfect order. Call and see it. Possession given immediately. PKKSOJVAJL. ~ A MARRIED LADY WOULD LIKE TO ADOPT A MALE infant two or three months old or younger: it must be dark complexivned and healthy. Answer in the "Personals" of the Herald for three days, A. E. H. A FINE, INTERESTING MALE CHILD, TWELVE mouths old, to be given for adoption. A Roman Catholic family preferred. Apply at 131 Olinton street, rear build* ing, firsi bouse, second floor. FOR ADOPTION.?ANY PERSON WHO WISHES TO adopt a healthy, smart boy, about four years of age, can do so by addressing U. Miles, box 116 Herald office, slating when and where an interview can be had. CAPT. D. C. WOOSTER, FORMERLY OF SHIP CAIRO, is requested to seud his address to box 4,187 New York Post office. Eastern papers will please copy. CN1INTON X. WILL FIND A NOTE FROM IDA AT TUB J Herald office. ELBX WILL find A NOTE FROM IDA at THE Herald office. Fever has left.-address mrs. lotty clifton, l'oat office, Boitou, Mans. IF THOMAS MULLEN, WHO WAS INJURED BY A fall from aloft on board the United States frira'e Sabine, In 1H68, will apply to Capt. II. A. Adama, b ill ed Slates Mary, PbMkdelpbia, he will hear something to bis advantage. JOHN LAURITZ 18 REQUESTED TO RETURN IM. mediately to hi* uncle. Everything is forgiven and forgotten. The bakon not having kept his appointment with Marine, will please meet hitn this evening, at 7 o'clock, at lame place. STEAMBOATS. tttor bridgeport-the steamer bridgeport J will leave Peck Slip, East rtver, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at twelve o'clock, noon, arriving at Bridge, port in time to connect with all the express trains. Freight taken and wuy bill to all stations on Uousutunic Railroad. The steamboat lono island leaves for Northport, touching at the intemie Jute landings, every atternoon (Sundays excepted), from Fulton market slip, at S 1*. M. Returning, leaves Northport every morning at 30 a. M. I?OAW OFFICES. ' AT 77 BLEECKER STREET?TnE HIGHEST CASH prn* advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, Dry Goods, Segars, A . n. B.?Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought. H. newton, 77 Blecuker street, up stairs. AT 4A0 BROADWAY-HENRY 11YMAN ADVANCES ON Diamonds, set or unset, or buys tho same forcash; also on Gold Watches and Jewelry. N. B.?Will remove next week io my new office. CM Broadway, corner of Bond street, room No. A PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS PURCHASED FOR CASH at UH Broome street, four doom from Broadway, of Clothing, Ac. On hand and for sale Business Hnd Ureas Frock Coots, Casslmere Pantaloons, Fancy Vests: Oirst clssi Suits, GEORGE LEVIE, Commission Merchant. # HIPPING. _ CllEAP PASSAGE TO AND FROM LIVERPOuL-BY the old Blark Ball lino of packets.?The olipper ship GREAT WESTERN .ails this day. For passage, apply to JACOB WILSON, 108 South street. TOO LATE FOB CLASSIFICATION," Abut hg-ppuba?office ok army clothing and Equipage, corner of Broome and Greene uecta New Turk, April 10, IfW.'. Scaled proposals will be received at thla offlce until 11 o'clock on Mondav, the 21st iusWint. fir furnishing at tlM Depot of Army Clothing aod Equipage in thla city, fi,00( Packing Boaca (more or leas), to be extended to i0.0UU. If re qulalle, and lo be delivered from time to time sa may b< required. The boxea to be made of good one Inch white pine, fret from all bolea and auch knots and blemishes as would Impair the strength of the lumber; to he tongued and crooved, planed on the Inside, and covers to bo planed on both sldt-s; the ends to be battened on the outside with strips three Inrhei wide; to bo strapped with good hoop poles, the rnda of which must lap eight Inch' s on tho sides; dimensions?four feel long, two feet two Inches deep, one foot eight Inches wide. Inside measurement. All boxes will be subject to Inspection, and any thai are considered unlit will be rejected. Bidden wilt slate how how niauy they can deliver per day. Propnaals wHI be aecompantad by a proper guaranty, setting forth that If the contract Is awarded to the party named therein he will atnncc execute the same, and clvr bonds la double the amount of the contract for the faithful performance of the same. The I'nlted States reserves the right to reject all bldi deemed unreasonable. Pro resale to be endorsed "Proposals for furnishing Peeking Boies," and addressed to 1st. Col. D. H. VINTON, Deputy Quartermaster General U. 8. Army. AYOUNO MAN, TtYKNTY-TWO TEARS OK AOT, would like to torm the acquaintance of a young lady, with a view to matrimony ; she must be under twentv. Intelligent snd altSet Ions to, with a taste for literature, art ami music. Any lady isnaissing Uio qualifications referred to Will confer a favor upnu the undersigned by stat Ing where an interview may be had or correspondence cilrrcted. Ad di sss AJ ( POX IW UCIMU Ulltwr. A LABOR ASSORTMENT OP HOUSEHOLD PC K.Nature at nrtTatr sale at a enm-tHen.?S-ven o tare rowswood Planoinre, cost $900 for $290, Including Stool and Corer; Parlor Suit for SUA on* for $80, Hook.-at. 'a, Ktageres, Centre T.ihle*, EilcnMon Table*, Buffets, Carpet*. Mirror*. Painting*, Cloaks, Bureau*, Bodatoad*, Msluessns, Ac., at half tlio original coat, at 70 We*l TwcutyeMh *tr*ct, neai glith arenue. At tub oaliforntan and wf'trrn agency Store the highest price can be obtained for cast off Cloth' Ing, Carpet*. Jewelry, Ac. Por Silk Drr -se?, lYom $8 to $39; lor Coata, from $2 to $18; for Pant*, frtim $1 90 to $4. A not* aldreeerd to II. liarri*. 363 Bowery, opposite Great Jonri Ireek will be punctual ly attended to. Ladle* attended to by Mrs. IIat ria GENTLEMEN PLATING BILLIARDS WILL PINE GBAKY'S Room*, 22 Cortland! street, the mu*t elegant eitabllahment In the lower part of the olty. The table* ar? Pbeiane patent. All other* are worth leu*. rO ROSEWOOD BILLIARD TABLES?WITH Sharp'* pttletn eiaallo cushions,! being tieed only on* year, will be *old for half their coat If app led for lmmedl ately. Inqulr- at Llndoman k Hen'e Piano Ware room A 171 Mercer street, corner of Bleecker. -IjCANfcD-STORAGK POR HOUSEHOLD FURNI TT tore for *1* month* from the 1st of May. In tha elelnlt] of Hlith ayrnue and Forty-fifth street. A family not oceu pylng the Alitor second lloor of a house, who would acoep a moderate rent, ?ay $60,| please address Hudson, box 941 mi other TV-ANTRD-A PUR CARDINAL CAPB. A LADY WHO IT ha* lost a beautiful Cardinal Cape wishes to ptirchas* one, either new or but little worn, ellher sable or mink. Address, with the size, prl o and ouality, and whero lobe seen, Mr*. A. It., Herald office. ij? r; keward.-lokt, a km all black and ?P*Jtan Terrier Doe , welsh* about thirteen pounds, erop)>ecl ar* and straight talk The abo\ e Toward will he paid to any one leturnini! hint to II orb Pannln, 1(W Broadway, corner ol Cortlanut *,re?t, bang^ut. s AMP IMBWW. "IITALLACKH. T f Doors uueii at ha - pas' 7, performances commence at 8. THE UNTIRING ACTIVITY With which the acknowledge <1 GEMS OF THE DRAMA AKK PRODUCED, TUB i UNRIVALLED CASTS, i Beautiful Soenery and Appointment*. having established the I entire and uuui.alllbd aptrob.tUon of- th-- pulilie, and attracted a tuot -etou o! crowded houses, I MR. WALLACE I Intends to pursue the same ay-mem, by producing, wtth lha utmost care, a mil) greater VARIETY. PROGRAMME EOF. TUB WEEK'. THURSDAY, Second time, Bon -teault's highiy popular Comedy, adapted and re-wrltt<-n rxpressL fur Wallack'* Theatre, of LOVE AND MONET, which was honor-d at its hrst r*'presentation with gratifying I demonstrations of approval by a crowded aud taablonable audienea. FRIDAY, THE WONDER. SATURDAY. THE I OAD TO RUIN. TONIGHT (THURSDAY), will be pieseuied, second lime, the popular Comedy, rewritten an 1 adapted by the author of "London A?uranca," "OlA Heads M?d Young Hearts,"" I/ive In a Mare," srpreasly LOVH *'11 d'heatre, cutitled AND MONEY, WITH A VERY FILL AND COMPI.F.TE CAST. Lord Fipky Mr. Lester Wallack (Originally acted by hliuj. The Mar Dunun of Duuun Mr. Ohaa. Fteber Claude l'lunUgeUct Mr. Mark Smith Sykes Mr. Norton Craveu Acton Mr lteynolde Withers Mr. Young Williams ? .Mr. Turner Helen Plantagenet Mrs. lloey Rose Lawless, pupil of Mra Fox French. .Miss Mary Gannon Lady Augusta Miss Miller R.trouesi Mrs. Reeves Mrs. Fox French.... Mra Vernon Matilda, her pupil a... MlseCrocker Bally Huigleheart, a lodging bouse keeper. .Mrs. John Sefton Mrs Warren Mts< Carman THE NEW SCENERY by I8HBRWOOD W II consist of an APARTMENT AT THE HON. MR. PLANT vGENET'S, LRAWING ROOM AT MRS. FOX FRENCH'S, A VIEW OF THE HARBOR AND TOWN OF BOULOOMB. Sir Bulwer Lytton's far famed and admirable play of IbO LADY OF LYONS. ENTIRELY NEW SCENEKY'SUPERB COSTUMES 0? THE TIME, both CIVIL AND MILITARY, lias been lone In preparation, aud will ajieedlly be rroouwo; also the line Comedies of EVERY ONE HAS HIS FAULT ana LOVE IN A HAZE. A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. Haying wen In the Herald my name advertised to appear at the t'ouoert Hall, 414 Broailway, I beg to Inform the publlo tnat the ur.e of my name wan unauthorised by me. I have never appeared in Now York at any other M u11 r Hall but the Canterbury, where I am now engaged and will shortly appear. MARIETTA RAVEL. The above card having been published in the Herald, I deem it dun to myself and frlenda to atate that It waa written ami published without ray consent or even knowledge. I am happy to Inform my fileuds that my iirat appearance will take place at the MELODEON, Thli (Tmmsiur) Evxninu, April IT, 1HB. MARIETTA RAVEL. MELODEON, 639 BROADWAY, Between Spring and Prince streets. PIONEER CONCERT HALL OK AMERICA. THE LARGEST, MOST VERSATILE AND DISTlNUUIbilED COMPANY IN NEW YORK. The continued persevering efforts of the proprietor to eontribute to the unqualified pleasure of hit uuineroua patrons, has resulted in the engagement of mi.I.K MARIETTA RAVEL, whose eelebrlty as a Danseuae draws crowds of | ADMIRING PATRONS, who are ever ready to render lust homage to REAL tALBNT, combined with , YOCfH ADO BEAUTY. Be It understood, that there has been no DIMINUTION Of TALENT, ? NO REDUCTION OK ATTRACTIONS, tojmeke rpom for this freeh and attractive feature Thn same GRAND PERFORMANCES which for the past week have given the * MELODEON en unexampled reputation, and engendered n Jealousy amoug would be rival proprietor*. No extra charge for tickets to witnesa thle COMBINED PERFORMANCE. Remember! a Grand Afternoon Performance take* place 00 WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. ALL THE EQUESTRIAN TROUPE appear et the MATINEES. jjiven expressly for the accommodation of ladles end featCommences precisely at 3. Do ore open at 2. No free Hat "IRVING HALL 1 EASTER MONDAY. A GRAND TB DRUM . WII.I. BE SDMO AT IRVING I1ALL, MONDAY KOENING, APRIL 2> Id commemoration of the reoent VICTORIES OK THE NATIONAL POHCBB. Lieut. Gen. BCOTT, (if In the cltv end well), Gen. ANDERSON. Hon. UEOROE OPDYKE, ROBERT T. HAWS, Ban., and other eminent men, have algnibed their intention to M preaent. Ticket * SO ocnta Seen red Ohalra 76 oenta. To l>e had at Ilall A Sum, MS Broadway, Irving. Hall, corner of Fifteenth street and Irving place, aud at the doora OA the evening of the Concert. SECURE SEATS. NO RESERVED SEATS SOLD AT THE DOORS A A A TnE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL. 4:44: 4, t. t, A i, 444 . 4, 4, 4, 4, 4. BROADWAY THE MUSIC HALL OK THE MASSES. BRILLIANT AND UNPARALLELED SUCCESS. EVERY PRODUCTION A GRAND TRIUMPH. There la but one critielfim to judge by at 444. Every see former e'e engage mint bo A STAR OP ACKOWLEDGED ABILITY. Active braina are ever at work aeekinf fresh novelty for ^ our patrona. * 9 WE LEAD THE VAN. 7 444 la the great Musle Hall of the i>eop|i-. The envy of the boblDd-the-age managers who do not aeem to understand thai there la no audi thing as luck, that ENERGY AND ENTERPRISE ARE TUB ONLY GUARANTEES OK SUCCESS. The people patronize 441 atmply bocan e they can aaa than the 6eat entertainment In the -ity, prevent'd hy THE BEST COMPANY IN AMERICA. Such Aral artiata aa TONY PASTOR, CHARLEY WHITE. TONY PASTOR, CIIAKIJSY WHITE. L SIMMONS, BOB HART, _ HARRY LESLIE. CHARLEY GARDNER. ERNESTINE DF. I'AIHKR, LIZZIE SCHULTZE, AMELIA WELLS, MILLIE FLORA, MONS. PAUL BRILLIANT'S BEAUTIFUL COP-PS DE BALLET, and numeroua other great light- of the proreaama. GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AKTKRNOONt. i ROBERT W. BUTLER, fi"le Proprietor and Manager. MONS. LA THORNE?Stage Manager. Lubin brothers. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. The public and the many friend* of the Lulilna will plea** read the card of explanation in the column* of the Herald to-morrow why then entertainment* bar* been discontinued for the present. Their reappearance will be duly announced. FRED. A JEROME LUBIM. _ Great Canterbury music ball, MS BROADWAY, STILL AT THE HEIGHT OF SUCCESS. Erllpointt all the entailer satellite* to the shape of Concert MOST MAGNIFICENT. most RESPECTABLE AND MOST POPCLAM PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN NEW YORE. with The best company erer seen upon one stage ALL THE STARS OF THE AGE, amonu omens '* THE BEAUTIFUL SANPRKTTA, THE BEAUTIFUL EANKRKTTA, Whose daring ^-cefnl Rfrform.^ WITHOUT A BALANCE POLE, Has earned the most Intense excitement among all theatre ,0<:r'' UPWARDS OF 80.0M PERSONS hare alreadywitnrssed her WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE. end all pronounce her THE GREATEST TIGHT ROPE PERFORMER LIVING? far superior to blond1n. She appears to-night in an ENTIRELY NEW ACT. BILLY B1KCU AND BEN COTTON, TV* ORBATEST ETHIOPIAN ARTISTS OF THE AOS. MISS KATHLEEN O'NEJL, The gifted Comedienne, in new Irish s,.ngs aad Dan see. THE CARLO FAXILT, GRAND RAVEL* PANTOMIME. gu8tavk BIDEAUX, *?. CARLO, THE WONDBRBUL BABY OLOWN. I The Sensation of the eea*un, GENERAL NUT, OF.NEVUL NUT, The smallest Comedian living. THE CLIFFORD BlBTERM AND THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS A11 appear. A GRAND MATINEE on Saturday, at t p. m. 1 mni pride and glory " . J. or mm Magnificent city Is the werld femnns M PARISIAN CABINET OF WONDER AND ANATOMY.* MS BROADWAY (nest door to Bail. Black A Co. 'el. i *n woorama wiMom, amtieerueat, mowieoga ana wvir MOfT wo.vDmrrt, gJTRAOFmiNABT, I MARVKLLOPl, thrTluwo, [ PRRURTTSSABL*. HI) FRKB, ' INHTIUJCTIfB CTCKTI nr^iwsnTPno* Open for gentlemen only, from M till 10. [ IMWMMWIHi C' ~ ARD -THE MCMoi* IN REFERENCE TO TUB Ti 1*1 Danoe which loot place at Mary I'ronxt'a lk?Un, 00 Wrdnodaj afternoon. April )#, hu born rendered In ffc. ; vgref Mr. T.J. reel, by die Judgea, gENRVJD. TOI BET, V ROBERT HART. 1 For pirtlwlare In rrferenee lo time tabic. A"-., ae? Clipper nd Spirit of th? Time*. fl>r,nn REWARD WILL BR OITEN TO AWT FKR pUU'l >oo dla-atlafted with the xukIkk to be beard on l Thuradayard Baturdtyearning! at the Ref<rm, ID*Grand I efret. Chair, Mr. King; Me?aw Brahaoi. Harding, Mag, Itrnjatuin. Ac. N H ? A ?r< at Halttta Tmiraament, oa Toe*. ' day it, mr a Gold Signet Ring, aalue ?14_ MliHUIMSOH A CUUTM, Fi Uf?'*>?%.

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