Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1862 Page 7
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THE SIEGE OF YORKTOWN. Operations of the Army of General McClellan. GREAT STRENGTH OF THE REBEL WORKS Daring Excursion of Four Union Soldiers. IMPRESSIVE SCENES IN CAMP. SnELLINC OF THB REBEL WORKS. Rebel Account of a Battle at Y or lit own, gtm Ac-. *? Ogt Army Correspondence. Ln'i Mill, Va., April 10, 1S6J. Ltt'l and Tomg'l Mill*?The Strength / the Rebel Defence*?Mud, Wood* and Swamp?A Skitmish?Captured Rebels?What They Said?The Capture of the fbrl Work of Difficulty?Another Skirmish?A Captured Spy, de.,dc. We bare been for the last few days in front of the enemy's works, and with a prospect of baring all the work to do that we want. Lee's Mill la on the Warwick rirer, about three miles from Young's Mill, andtW* miles from the James river. The distance from here to Yorktowu is estimated at sovon miles. The enemy have erected very extensive works on the opposite side of Warwick river, extending the distanc* of a mile in a straight lino. They are there in force, and are receiving reinforcements constantly. They have aelected the most favorable position possible for a strong defence, the approach being guarded by a dense forest, with an almost impassable road, and the ground ewampy and uneven. The river Intervening is very deep, so that we cannet crosa without bridges, thus pre venting a charge. Our forces arc in front, reaching from -the James river to a mile above. Our skirmishers reached the clearing In front of the works at noon on the 6tb, after driving In the rebel pickets. i After Immense difficulty and wading knee deep in Wind, wo were enabled to get a portion of a division through the woods and posted out. of sight, in front o ' the works. We at once opened Ore with two pieces of ortillery to get the range of their guns, which was a once replied to by the 'enemy. A scattering fire wa < kept up most of the aft or noon, with what effect wi ouuiu uob to*ru. no iwm:i snot auwn tneir flagstaff; but it wm immediately replaced. Three prisoner* from the Tenth Georgia regiment were brought in yesterday, from whom General Keyes gathered some information. Their names are Alex E. Foster, born In Albany, N. Y.; John XeKeon, horn In Kew York tlty, and John W. Antlgnae, born In Augusta, Ga. They were all privates, and membors of the Tenth Georgia, Colonel Cummings. They represent that the enemy hare ; about 8,000 men immediately In front, and 100,000 In the gen insula. General Magruder is in command, and Gene ral lie Law's command inside the fort. They say that bout two thousand negroes hare been at work here and tt Yorktown for two months. They Intend, if beaten. 4a fail back oa Williamsburg. Their camp Is on the rear at the fort. They say when they left there were about twelve funs mounted?-oseParroti.and the rest mostly front six to tea poundare?mostly iron guns. They hare * largo number of light artillery. It was romored In oump when they left that Genera' -Johnston had gone to Kentucky, taking eome of the Manassas troops. The Georgian was an Intelligent young -man, but refused te answer any questions. Thty were dressed in the Virginia homespun dloth, whloh was eosrss, but comfortable, but wers quit* deficiont In blankets, using car pots for that purpoas. The Northernare raid they enlisted bocause they could get no work. The labor of taking this fort wilt be one of great dim. aulty; but I think Genaral McClellan fully equal to the emergency. The snots of the rebels yesterday moetly -gassed orer our heeds. roe following art all the casualties on our side during the attack.? Private Joaeph Pepper, Company B, Bereatb Maine, killed. Prlrate Toby, Seventh Maine, slightly wounded. Prlrate Parker,Seventh Maine, slightly wounded. Private Milton Lewis, Company K, Forty-ninth Now York, killed. Christian Hirach, Company K, Forty-ninth New York, probably fatally wounded. Our men had been skirmishing all the morning of Sunday with the enemy, and had fired a great many shotB| but with what result we could not asoertain. Two or three men have been slightly wounded on our side. The Rhode Island regiment weut down last night oppo. Site a battery where the creek is quite narrow, and drove them out witn the aid of a few pieces cf artillery. They were so near each other that they could talk across and dare each other out. Our General has just come in, having boon over'the whole ieugth of our lines. He says he will soon have things in order to commence the battle in earnest. We 'are very mucb in need of heavy siege guns and pontoon bridges; but by the time we are ready to use them we* hope they will arrive. If we conld get across the river we could take tboir works at the point of the bayonet! We arc within a half hour's ride of the headquarters, and couriers are constantly paaeing between with despatches. Our men have juat brought in a epy caught within our Unas, mingling with the soldiers, with one of our blue overooats on that one of our mon had thrown away, ne fought like a tiger before he would bo captured; but they Anally knocked him down with a gun,and brought him In. Ue has not yat been examined, and I do not know what account ha gives of himself. Nkar Warwick Court Bom, April 11,1162. A Wari ow Escape far a General?Two Brave Men Sate the Whole of the Staff Officers?A Beconnoitsance and Who,' Was Learned?The Rebel force at the Western roint of the Wi.rht?A Curious Letter, Showing the Rebel Mode of Conducting a Retreat, dc. Oar General finds that ths position of the enemy st this placs is ons of grsat strength. Htlli he presses his preparations for a Tigorous assault with great activity) and is hlmsolf the soul of all. On Paturdar fee was twelrs hours in tho saddle, and yesterday seven, having (o that time examined personally every position along his whole front. During the skirmish a few days since a shell from the enemy's two-gun battery on onr front fell Into an ammunition ehest, and exploded all the gun cartridges, Ac ., In It. The General aad his staff were at the moment within firtoen feet of the ehest. Vociferous sheers went up from thu rebels upon the perception of their lucky hit. But a circumstance occurred almost Immediately which, if they saw and understood it, must have dashed their inollnatlon to cheer. When the shell sod general ammunition exploded there were a number Sf qpr shells In the sheet. In the ble >e the fuses of these Shells beoame fired, and thara waa danger of a much greater explosion, when two moo?Martin Roberta and David L. Smith, of Capt. Wheeler'a battery?rushed up and threw a bucket of water into the cheet, which ex. tinguiehed every fuse. Tbii position has a front of one mile on the upper bead of the river, and of about seven miles la its whole ex lent. The Warwick river, which covers all the enemy's right, Is at its mouth about hair a mile wide, and Ugh; Schooners used to ascend it) but at about two miles above IU mouth the enemy has driven sharpened piloa so as to form a complete obstruction from hank to bank. Above lbs stream narrows, and at the closed work near tlx head It is not more than eighteen reet wide, b it it >4 quite deep. To the enemy's loft there Is a milipond ami marsh, between our front and the enemy's. Two strung works are in tbat direction. There Is besld* the gtroam as 'open" of at least a .thousand yards in w id: it, every jnoh of which Is swept by the enemy's cannon, and may be swept by the great numbars of rlliamen for whom bo baa prepared pita. 80 much has bson lea ned In a largo number of rooonnoi?enncca mado by experit need Ulcers, under the particu'sr direction of th' Genera). Nearly ail the projectiles thrown by the enemy are Iwetve-pound sheila, many of which do not burst. He bae also at this point, as far as we know, another gun of beavior oatibre, whioh is an eigbtean-jviuader. Una of his guot down th# river ii a rifled niece. We beer of t NEW TO no generate id command except Magruder and McTewe. Magruder,aa we learn upon very fair authority, bad iu bis ouauuand, upon our approach, twenty-three itwuawJ lueo. lie called for twenty'thousand more, and tliey were readily sent. Theae meu were bruugtil by steamboat from Richmond, and were landed at a wharf on the James river, about twelve miles In rear of the enemy a works. How mauy of these men are In our Immediate front we cauuot possibly say; but our commander appears to think that ho has a very largo proportion of them to deal with. Laat nignt ateamb'>at whisllea were heard throughout tbu night at Intervale, and it is thought prbab'e that even more men are coming down. Experienced ears la eamp heard a gun last utght which ie confidently declared to have beeu a large mortar. All along the liue lUeeuemy lias continually made demonstrations, and wherever a body baa presented itself t baa been met with a rapid movement of men to that 1 uarter. It woa at one time fanc.ed that the oncmy was ^edging his men hither and thither, to give an idea of greater numbers; but thst appears now not to be probable. Night before laat a Urge party of the enemy's men were found to be at work In the wood with axes, beyond the Warwick river, on our extreme left. II was thought probable that they were at work upon a raft, and a batWy was sent down to ahell them out. A regiment of infantry was ssnl down to support the battery, end laid out in the marshy woods all night, and had a hard time of it. Shortly before daylight the colonel posted his men, and toon after the battery opeued and anally drove cut the axe party. After a while the enemy got down again and threw some shell ever;bui,be relinquished this attempt when h# found what a hot plaoe the battery and the infantry oonKI make of bis position. Daring Monday night again tha General received word from the front whioh Induced hlu to look out fbr the enemy on hie left. A brigade WAR drawn (ID in linn of half 1* on tha lownv n?rt of Warn. wick river, and held there all night, and evory regiment la the army had ordera to hold itactr in readiness to move. I send you a letter found at Warwick Court House, addressed to:? SRBOSAVI Bl-KNS, In charge o( Commissary Department, Warwick Court House. Camp Chkkvkr, Lib's Hill, March 27,1862. Piroiant Burns?As mauy wagons of the Tenth Georgia as can be sparod will bo sent to the Court House for tne supplies remaining there. You will remain at the Court House with the guard until the enemy is in sight, nnd then, If there are anysupplles still there, you will apply the torch to the Court House and Clerk's otHce, and then, leave. Have everythiug ready, so as to muke a sure thing of it incase of necessity. Respectfully,, ' GKO. II. CHKKVKR, A. C. S., Second division. During the time that the General has boon making ro. connolssances we havo fired from the front only an occasional gun. Our whole list of casualties up to Monday last was four Billed and nine wounded. In Camp Bhtoxo The Ixtrkxchmknth, \ Yokktown, April 12,1862. j The Calm Before Die Tempt*?Tlie Kind Attentioni of the Enemy?A Quartermaster Under Fire? An Observation of the IUhcl Territory?Great Strength of the Bethel Worki?Magn ifo.ewe of the Virginia ' Scenery?Am Imprests re Scene Before the Army?Excursion of fbur Union Soldiers to the Rebel I'ositions?Freaks of. As Enemy, Sc., do., Sc. Everything still remain* in about the same state of maateriy quietude. It is, as all believe, the stillness that presages tha coming storm, which may burst upon us at any moment. The enemy is laboring with untiring vigilance day and night upon his works, and our men are not idle. Tho rebels do not fall to remind us each day of their proximity, by seudlugover some sheila in our direction. To-day'a demonstrations in this regard were very moderate. About nine o'clock two bi? sholls cumo whizzing' toward us with terrifficaUy murderous Intent. They exploded without doing harm. Another wee Bent over along toward night, happily with like reeolt. Our men did not return any shote. At twelve o'clock, aa Captain Bmith, Brigade Quirtermaster, was coming up York river, with a steamboat loaded with forage, the enemy saluted him with three shote. To come up Back river to a landing Adjoining the brigade encampment, the boat had to move round a projecting bar in York river to keep the channel, which brought him within three-quarters of a milo of thalr guns. The first shot?a round one?p msed over the deck Juat aft the smoke pipe. The rem lining shots wore ehella,the first of which fell considerably short, and the last one went at a proportionately pleasint distance beTond. CUnUln Smith?as nliinkc a man m t.h* nmwi one?kept his craft moving alioid, notwithstanding thaso disagreeable saluUtions.and landed his forage safely. This afternoon I rod* down to a point three miles below us, on the York river, from which, through field, a fine view can be had of Yorktnwn, Gloucester, and the adjacent country Three of our principal generals, with their standi were there taking observations of the rsbel territory and works in the diatancs. It Is evident, from what can be aeon here. If there waa not manifold other evidenca from other aouroes, that Yorktown is very stroagly fortified, and that tho work of driving out our enemy and taking posseesion will not be a light one. Their earthworks line the water's edge, and their mounted cannon are plainly visible. Two of our gunboats lay at auchor near by, the Sura and Strlpss floating fearlessly fromttheir mi rearms is. The river and woodland scenery hare presents a beautiful view, such as a poet might make the subject of inspiring rhythm or an artist delineate with delight on can vaa?. But with such u group before me, other thoughts fill the mind than the windings of the river, shaded banks, liutu. riant lands, and all the glory of decayed Virginia dwellings, and a day of aummoilike sunshine thrown in_ Tho fata, prosperity and perpetuity of a cation is at Etako, Is oalrusted to ths purpose, will, euergy of the hoed of tho national commanders. And ho is tho centre around which all else moves. His eyes note every point and object, aod every eye notes him, and etch catches with eagerness the words falling from his lips. The observers remained there almost two hours, mojnied their horsee and left. An impressive scene occurred this afternoon inaVew York roglmont. After evening drill parade, private John Carroll, who was convicted some time sluoe op lighting a fire on gnard in disobedience of positive orders end felling asleep on his post, was brought before tbe regiment. The order was read adjudging him to be shot. A deathlike stillness pervaded the entire line. The erder dwelt upon tbe enormity of the ofTencesnd necessity of promptly meting out the prescribed punishment of death. A second order was now read of pardon. The revulsion of feeling alike on the part of tbe prisoner and the regiment tnay be imagined. Under the circumstances the morel effect was everything that could have been desired?as sa'utsry and effective In the lesson taught as though thsre had boen no reversal of the first order. Young Carroll?for he is a boy only eighteen years old?wept like a child when he was directed to resume his place in hla company. This Is the regimeut formerly under the command of Colonel Kerrigan id* uieuieusut i (ixmii dm neen promoted to too eolonelcy of tho regiment line* wo left Fortress Mouroe) bu mad* tbo regiment from tlio wont one of th? beet regiments la the service. Uwue through bis Intercession , based upon the thoroughly disorganized conditlonof tho roglmont whon tho offence wa* committed, thot the life of Carroll woo aparod. Tbo Colonel, who cornea Trom Utica, aorved in the Moslem war. I will add en pauant that two aigbta ago four of hia men weut within threo hundred roda of tho enemy a worlca, shot dead two rohola, and came away bearing,on thotT ahoul dora a huge cooking atoro, which baa prorod very serviceable atnoo. Tho Colonel and aomo of hia bob went exploring to-day about our plekot linos, lie discovered a now rood and other Important topographical facto which bo mapped and roportod to tho Ooneral of the division. Our boy* aro having a good time delving oysters out of Back crcok. Tho blvalvoo ore abundant, aid, thoogh small have a detioioualy salutary Influence when Introduced in tbo human stomach. One of tho enemy' ahello, referred to la tbo opening part of my letter, I have just learned wee directed towards our oyetar seekers. A fragment of the shell struck a rowboat, In which worn two of th^ members of a New York regiment, knocking tho boat into unseaworthiness and the oysters lying In the bottom into the river ag*la. The latter result of the explosion called mit some expletives, modelled after the style of the market woman's anathema* of Dr. Johnson. Homo of tho robots ventured out this evening, and flred tho outbuilding* attached to tbo house fronting their works,which they burned yesterday. This whlmof theirs Tor illumination, and particularly aa tbo buildings were or no value, was not interfered with. Denial Cunningham, Company F, of New York, wea hot today, while on picket, la the left leg. H tea severe but not dangerous wound. There ere no other casualties to record. Our wounded men are Improving eaoh day. RK HERALD, THURSDAY, Camp Wiwvun.ti Soot*, > In Promt or Yoasvowa, April 13,1363. j General McCMUn's General Order?Gallantry im Often and Truopt to be Hrporied to HeatLptarlsrs?Ordert of Commendation to be Issued Therefrom?A HeUel HalUna?The Solemn Semeet of Sunday Lad?The Weather, <te. The r >ll?wiug order wan promulgated to-day to all the regiments of eaoh division of the Potouiac Arm/ encamped hi front of Yorktown. It s|>eak* for itself. There la a lofty tribute aud promise tn its brevity?tribute lo a gallant General, whose past services in the field, and direction of our glorious Northern urmy in tbo beginning of lta work to crush out this accursed Southern rubella a, have given him a p'lace in the niche of military fame it is not given one mau in a generation to reach; and promise of due appreciation and reward, of any and a!!, from the highest officer to the lowest private in the rauks, acquitting themselves meritoriously in battle:? osnkrai. otDaaa?no. 115. Haauttt'iKTKas, Army or tiii Potomac,) Cam' WiNrmi.n Srorr, V Naaa Yorktown, Va., April 12, 18<TA ) I. The present camp of these headquarters, aud or a'l the troops in front of Yorktown, will be known as Camp Win field Scott. II. Special instances of good conduct and gallantry on the |iart of officers or troops will be reported without delay, through the intermediate commanders, to theso headquarters. Orders of commoudation are to be issued at those headquarters only. By oummoud of Major Cenaral McCLELLAN. 8. Wuuams, Assistant Adjutant Ganeral. This forenoon a balloon hove in sight above the rebel fortifications. It rsmalned up but two or three minutes, and then disappeared as suddenly as It rose to view. This Is the first essay of the enemy in the aeronautic line. The balloon bad the appearance of being about the size of Professor t&no'e. Something in Ms construction or management Is believed to have worked wrong, from its being up such a short time. Each regimental encampment at noon to-day presented a scene whose solemn Impresslveness and character can never be eradicated from the memory of tho partici pants. The soenes were those attending the carrying out of Secretary Stanton's order, asking tho regiments to bo called out at this hour, and tho chaplain of each, at thalr head, to give a prnyor of thanksgiving for the recent victories that have crownad our arms. The position of our troops lb ths faco of the enemy; tho consciousness ofdjattlcs to bo fought and won here ; the knowlodge that every viotory gained on our sido elsowlioro Is drawing the war so much nearer to a close, and hastening the time of return home ; the cheering thought that when the war is ended the Uuion will bo restored, and peace,and Industry,rvud prosperity, resume their sway, and the sacredness of the day itself, conspired to make the thanksgiving one of heartrolt unanimity. And thus I believe it was. Professor Lowe's balloon wont up a little before sundown. It remained up about half au hour. There has been no cannonading to-day, and but littlo firing botwoon the pickets. Liko last Sunday, the day was pagsed very quietly. It has boon a clear aud beautiful day; but the sun went down in a oloud, and a change in tho atmoaphore since nightfall Indicates a browing storm. But there are lowariog clouds in the war horizon. indicating a storm ofspcod.v battle rnoro portentously foarful in thalr thraatening than any war of the element* can bo. Cam* Winfikld Scott, ) I* Front or Yoretowx, April 14,1802. f The Beginning of McClellan'i Advance on Torktounx?The Comilimenti Sent to MagrnJer?The Rebels fbrced f rotn Some Nem Batteries?Accidental Shooting of a Soldier, etc., dtc. About on* o'clook this morning the sudden booming of cannon, th* tir ing, rapid, heavy and continuous, startled ourMgimsats from th?ir slumber*. If our men wore stnrtled, tho robol troops must hare been more so, as tho firing cams from our sld*. Two of our batt*ries at this hour took position on th* brow of U? hill facing the enemy's intrenchments on tho left, ant each, having six pieces, tired thr** rounds lu rapid succession, wlion tbey withdrew. They fired shells, which were aimed at what are supposed to bs the hcadi|uarlere of G*nerai Magrudor. The enemy did aot return the abets. There has been a good deal of firing to-day from the gunboats down the rirer. The tiring was at a place on the shore opposite, about three mlloe below Gloucester, where the enemy are attempting toput up aomo new earthworks. Th* rebels ware compelled (o desist from the work. They fired at the gunboats some dozen shells, none of whicn took effect. The rebels to-day sent up their balloon again. It was only up for s moment, as on tho first ascension. A member of e Pennsylvania regiment was shot today, through the accldontal discbarge of a musket which a member of a New York regiment waa e'eaniug. Ha was shot in tba head, killing htm instautly. ' OS POQCOKfflN RIVKK. > Tork Cochtt, Vs., April 14,1862. / Situation of the Poqwmein giver?Kxodui of (he Hen from thi Plate?A Model Poulterer?Bognt Confederate Montf?ft tuck a Thing Possible I? A. Young Sprout of Stceeh, etc., dc. The division to which your correspondent 1* attached has pitched Its camp as above, and has been awaiting the arrival of Its artillery, transportation and provisions, which are now nearly all received. The location is a delightful one?dry, healthy ground, with flue clear water and everything to make a camp comfortnblo. While lying by for the transports to come up, the boys have improved the time in raking oysters, of which there are an abundance in the river. Scarcely a man can be seen in the neighborhood, the women generally roinuining to take care of the property. Wc called on one old woreau yesterday to purchase poultry. She wae smoking her pipe very quietly, and eocmed perfectly happy and pleased to dlspeco of her poultry at a dollar a pair for chickens aud a dollar and a half for turkoys. She kindly offered, in change for a quarter eagle, Confederate ehinplastors. She exhibited a stocking full of the s.tnie stufl', from $50 Confederate State bonds down to ten cent borough and individual due hills. Some one romurked to her that I hey were good for nothing now. She replied, " I am afraid noli" adding, arter selecting a particular bill, " there Is one your msn p^sed here yesterday." It was a wood cut foe a.mile of (be Confederate Gvos, which are sold so commonly gt fh? news standi' throughout the North for a shilling or two a dozen. The boys probably thought if the genuine was good for poultry, theirs wae of equal or greater value, as it was printed on better paper. Has morniug it boy of somo seven or eight years, dressed as a to esh corporal, came into camp. Upon tn quiry he gave his uamo, and ?aid his father wag in the rebel army and his mother had "gono to the (lenersl's K> get a guvd stationed around her house to keep tho soldiers off." Whatever effect Cobb A Co.'a appeal might have had fur> ber South, tho women left here do not seem m : n Impressed with it; for they ..while professing the strong*.; secession feeling*, coolly exa> t overy cut they rati from the Union army, uuri clerrnnd the fullest protean u tor their property from the commanding generate. Wc hope soon to Join our iorpt <l'c.*???e at the front. Tho men are in excellent condition and eager tor the tray, and I o in promise that they w:!l give a good acco int of theme* tvos whenever an opportunity presents for the dtepley of their valor. The steemer Nelly Baker has been placed on the route between Fortress Monroe and Ship Point, and w ill make dally trips with the mails and Ueapat hot. t apUin Oaldeii, so well and favorably known to visiters to Nabint, ruts his command of th* boat. Aside from his personal popularity, hU arrival with the m ills renders hlaappearance moat welcome to alt. Our divikmn ha* bad no mall a.acs the 6th instant. Rebel Newt tfm Yorktown . [Prom the Petersburg (Va.) Express, April 14.] RBt'ORTYD KNOAOBMBNT. We team from passengers who arrived hereon Satiwday afternoon, that a brisk engagement look place Saturday morning on th? peninsula, between our force* and the felei'tile. The latter were occupied tor several days last week In Intreuclung thouiselvce but a short listened from our line-. Own. Magnifier,deeming It Important that these Intrenching operations ahruld bo Interfered with, gave the enemy battle at an early hour Saturday m- i nine, and fur a rharp engagement, which ?M protiacled tbrof?ptt eeveralhouri. exceeded iii rlrirlng the euot> y froin hie poeluon. We did not hear the number or Conic deratee engngod, but It iR atatei that thru: of our "ypmcnU suy ta'ued ameiderahle lot* in killed ami vxunled. Tha YaakoM ar 3 thought to have suffered greetty, Had the enemy been (f lowed to fortify he might, with a very mall farce, hui t menaced uml held ti? check a large body of our troept, while he could hare sent off greater gorlimof hit to upcrc'' in otA.r field*. This teacliee da from a ao .rua ? .titled to credit, hut we bay# received nothing from the telegraphic agent at Richmond, up to the hour ol thia writing, concerning the affair. It ia itat< J, further, that a general battle,!? immineat on the peninaula, and not a few In our fclty yeate. d?7 were gcop ' ed to hear of active t|htli\f at any moment, i , APRIL 17, 1B02.?TRIPLE It Is now known with certainty that MoTlellan, ?t the n bead of an imunne* army, la there, and It Is also knows that our general* have w-ule aw pie preparations to give fw tbs ossisjr a dwperato light llio mutuant ha offer* battle au IEW3 FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ? U .r^vvx.rj.-nA^An... re I The Rebel Battery Merrimac VJ Still at Norfolk. i tlx J ni The French Minister En Route w" for Richmond. u>< W' at Rebel Oomments on the Capture of jjj Fort Fulaski, Hi., Ac nn lu Fnnxnvai Moitnos, April 16,1862 "r tf. Merciar, the Frenoh Mluister at Washington, ar- dh rived here from AnnanAlia this ?>/? * *?<* Ua woo --- ? ? bo luted by the Kreuch steamer Oassendl, end subsequently, us on landing to pay a visit to General Wool, be received e a" eelute from the water battery or the fortress. This afternoon the Geseendi steamed up to Norfolk, with the de Fronoh Minister oa board. a* The steamboat Nelly Raker, Captain Caldon, formerly ?*( plying between Boston and Nahant, has boon placed as upon the line between this place and Ship Point. She will make a dally trip each way, with the mails and pas. sengers. trj The Union and Lincoln guns were each flrsd to-day, to tm try their range. The shot from the former fell a short *Cl distance off Sewall's Point. A flag of truoo from Norfolk to-day brought down twp ladies, and also the sword of the captain of tlio Freucli war veseol Proney, which vessel, it will be recollected, 1 was wrecked on the North Carolina eoast some time am since. prl Bai.tis?o?b, April IS, 1802. W? The American's spocial says, speaking of the visit of tho Fronch steamer, with the French Minister, to Nor- ^ folk:?Some speculation was entsrtained here in naval circles as to what course the French Minister and the { commander of the steamer will pursue at Norfolk. Will j' he salute the rebel flag ? And will the rebel guns salute the French flog t It is a nice point of national etiquette. No guns have yet been heard In the direction of Noriolk. Long before tho timo of closing this letter the flag of truce boat reported the Morrlmac wee not In sight, and bus evidently returned to Norfolk. The hands on jjj,' board the flag boats had somo talk; but nothing was dis- ac closed as to Ihe movemeutsof tho Msrrlmac. Somo of tho h' rebels bantered our men on the subject, saying tbsre was f' a wasting ooal, tb?S sne could come into the Roads r< sr sho ohoao to doao, and that our vessols were in t come from under tho guns of the fort aud meet R| Fortress Monroe Correspondence. a Fobtbsss Mosbok, April 16,1302. L The ReheU Out of News?Their Hopes of Success at Tork- ?

town? they Sty it is a Sure Thing for Thews?An Itn- s; mediate Attack on JfcCte'lan Counselled? Inters of the hi Bel-elf?Sectre Comments on the Pulaski Surrender, etc. ^ I have seen to day a copy of this morning's Richmond m Dispatch. It coutained no news of importance. Under the head of telegraphic intelligence it had the startling an- ^ nouncoment " uo news from any quarter.'1 lu an editorial it prognosticates that this dead calm in affairs pi denote* an impending terrific storm which will soon "J break"forth iu fury upon the plains of Yorktown. The nc rebels insist that the impending battle on the peoin- pt sula will be a sure victory to their arms, end will for ever insure to them a national independence and tho permanency of Southern institutions. The greatest of efforts have been mide by the confederacy to ooncen* irate all the available military strength en the pec in * sola, iu order to in ?ke the blow, whoa it a ha U have been oil struck, terrific and decisive. They suggeat that no time should be f?st, and that an attack ahould be made forthwith ou tho Union army uuderGen. McClellan. In regard to tho Merrimac, the editor of tlie Ditpatch says that no more coal should be wasted to draw out the ,p Monitor to combat, inasmuch as for two days tho Merrimac has ruled llumpton lloads without tho Yankees disputing It with thorn. In the PUtpa'ih't special correspondence from Sevan nuh, dated April 12, the writer Is very severe en Colcnel Olmstcnct, the late rebel commander of Fort Pulaski,sfor surrendering that post, with only an ap- J? parent slight defence , that the breachiug of the sixteen loot walls of the fortification aud tta Capture by one Union Parrott gun bear on their face the evidence that _ Colonel Olmsteed did not make that resistance which he " should have done. ffho number of rebel prisonors taken Is five hundred, Previ?iQns for the garrison sufilcinnt to 11 have lasted three months, and a large amount of artillery and ordnance stores, were among tho trophies of tlio victory, lis oh gun had boon supplied with one hundred and thirty rounds of immii- fil ultion, of which scarcely five hundred in ths R< aggregate liad been expended when the work fell into G? Union hands. The correspondent also bewails the fate thi of tho rebel steamer Fiugal, which Is closely blockaded on at Msvannah, and is to be sunk on the approach of the th Union troops to that city. There is a new gunboat on tho stocks nt Savannah ready tor launching, which will j also be destroyed. The railroad from Savannah to Or M:n'tjti i? AuriiiMh^rA.I with hnniwkholil vfbsTila of th* on stricken rosiden'.s of Savannah. Tbore is also a severe I1''' criticism In tho rebel correspondence of the Ditpatch JY on the Brown Satellites" for Impressing all the male Inhabit ants of Savannah, who are termed "boar J less boys," iu the employ of tho State, who area scourge t the oountry, and, boiug too cowardly to tight themselves, impress others to do their work. A despatch to the rebel paper quoted above claims that General Buoll.of m< the liuicn army, was killod at the battle of Shiloah hn (Pittsburg Landing), litis they consider retribution fbr "* ihcir late brave General Albert Sydney Johnston. ll( vh Forthkm* Monro*, April IS, 1862. 1 Th'K'.'fraint on tht Prrti?7he Army Vu lurtt?Ike ,Su(. m Isr. ?Cu.iip follower;- llnw Rebel Spitilltach our Camp,? ^ 1 7A* Merrimnc and Her TilU Krpt'ta-nl?A mini of th* lor French Atirii'ttr?Salutes <-n hie Arrival?Firing Ihet'nion ' Gtttl, tfc. i The strict |>rohlbltion imposed on new paper corres- p'i pondencp in the various departtnenls of the army sua ,n I'ends, in a great measure, the duties of representatives of tho press; and for this fact tho public, In their eager- Bit ntrs for news as It transpires, must not attach any blame dr to editora or correspondents for the dryness of their shoot*. To a certain extent ibis restraint on tho press is 8,1 temporarily necessary,as apical movement is now going on in this department, and the least indiscretion of I a corre-|<oodent, might seriously alien tho plans or lb" Genera! commanding, and an unnecessary destruotmil of human life. I can only sty to the readers of ihw 1 Hv.retDbe patient. ?0'ir G"nrje,".or"llaoi" as our troops : tamiliefly c*ll General M' tletlan, ts not idle; his teal Is 1 h untiring; his troops hnve unshaken confldence in him, , and tiis sltill is beyond critic iam. A law days moro wilt _ coneborate tn> oi'in Ion. J'J fullers are as plenty here as vultures around a ear- opl ca.,4. Indeed, they may be compared to moral vul- , lure*, tliut prey upon tbe mddier's baid'eainlnga. e'.s'-g ] n.a onlw iih >uf, two hu!<tlred nmr p.mnl nrorti fm I good-, and thou have (1i? conscience to look a miu j '? nil sight in the fees. They aru Iho fdggest kind of a | mii-euco, and they should be forthwith expelled from I the limits of the army. On*.half llja mortality and ! chr al ?n*: s among our troois i? attributed to tbo uaa of | P the poor trash sold by them. Tbo recent numerous arrival* of transport* at this I < I "it.I brooglkt with them .1 host 01 camp followers, many f of whom are of doubtful character, and who mny c?n b? comi>arod to a school of sharks following the nrske of a vessel to catch up the debris. j These fellows liavs got on terra Jirma 'itspite the ?0 eCbrt* of ilie Provost Marshal to prevent U, and they ?<h now roam around here seeking what they may devour. The Marrimac Is the topic of general conversation | hers. Itor rscent sally out from Norfolk into the ant Toads was looked upon ae a aort of braggadocio the visit, with no ideate give the Monitor hnttla bad the latter been so disposed. The rebel orafl, while aha re- I ualned In the Roede, ran under the gone or the French Do; war voasels at every movement the Ifonltor made. This fact Is corroborated by the captain ef.ihe Oastendl, who J emphatically aeaerta that the Merrlmae la afraid of tbn Bal annoy Utile Monitor. The selture of the three Union L>if veasele by the rebel craft Patrick Heoty waa a humiliat- mo ing spectacle to loyal eyea. U could have been prevent ?'d. ed bad the military end naval authoritlea here used due Hi.1 diligence end applied the mean* they had at hand to thla n,; end. The captain of the poet, Capt. u. Mlllward, Ir., is tlao blameworthy to a certain eatent. It is bis esclustva 1 business to see that all mMoeUaasous craft are aaohered u. In eefe localities. hi thla apeeial cane Oapt Mlllward cor Instate that be did give the seised vessels proper notice ant that they were anchored la aa unsafe position Ftr Ail contra, the owner of one of the veasele ad mi to that A" Captain Mlllward eame alongside of hie vessel and lm- A11 parted some order*, hat that they were given In such n formal, hurrl*4 and dictatorial manaer that thsy were all net fhlly understood. Turning from this subject, about Ail whlohenough haa been written already, I will rntura ... again to the subject of the Merrlmae. The day subs*- A quest to her laat visit, as I wrote in a previous letter, An be, with her consorts .essayed to pay ua another visit: but oa coming out of tne Kliraboth river she grounded Ail uearOrsney Island, and retnainsd there thosntlrs day surrounded by tugboats Thert Is no doubt about this At' Another day pasted, and today la the third;but the rebel A1] craft la still In her safe harbor. It ie thought now i hat the day sho ran aground her hull wee so stratnu l by the Al heavy Iron armor ae to causa it to Inak, nod, that shs tins again gone into dry dock to re|*ir demagei , -Al The Minister of Fraooe, M Mereiei, and suite, arrived.I here to (Joy. The Fretiuh war elegc ?r flMMadt ftiev^h I <\ SHEET. I?t* *n hl? honor, followed by a similar st^p by the *iof baiter/ of the fortreee. He w *a received <>n ar vol by the KunturuiiD ?uf ji tioueial Wool, in full uufrin. and subsequently visited the fortress and its xiliariua. Ths I'uion gun wu ilrrd for bin delectation. A* I o wn this letter tho Krimch Minister and suite ara rente 'or Norfolk in thu Vreoch war steamer Uaaseildi. > will riait Kicbiiiond to look after the aafaty of larce t jbacon now in storehouses at llichmotid. a a)logod thai M. Marciar regard* tho rapture of tha > 1 capital a foregone conciliaiou lleuco hia visit to It isit af Rebels to Her Rrituunlc Majetty'a SCruiuer Kiitaldo. [From the Norfolk Day l ook, April 16.] I party or geutlemun laft line oitjr on ^turday laat in i at fimor.S. rt. Anderson and proceeded dowu the rirer. u iImi course of the day they went well over to the miy's lines, la the direction of Newport's Now*, au l lit al ougsld* bur Britannic Majesty 'a steamer I'hejr wore not permitted to go on board the Kiualdo, bur lirilaiiiiic Mvesty's gallant eubc<cta informed in that they couid hold no communication with ua. nary?Would tbey have said tbe same to a Yankoo?) r olln ers and crew, however, evinced groat pleasure the visit, and testified thei. dafiglit hy the w.'Viug or lids and hats, and responding to the clioere given t hum tboae on boaid the Anderson as they waro about iving. Alter leaving ber our boys thought tbey had not filllanlly teased the Vankeae, and in order to vox tiiam as ich as p amble they waved the "rebel" colors directly their teetli and courted a shot, but to no purpose. Tbe ebels" ruled the ltoads, and tha Vankeae manifaatad no >]*osition to dispute the ground with them, lhe above narrative we obtained from a gant'aman on erd ihe Anderson at tho time, and as he ra ated It to we wera struck very forcibly with one explosion, d tha reader has doubtless been equally as much surged as wa. Wa refer lu tha refusal f tha utiicera the English htauuer to poriuit our men to tra.ui her ok. We confess wo do not altogether understand tbair tartkHi that they had instructions to hold no comtnunilion with us; and if it be that such instructions were illy given, wo think It high time wa had taken tbe bint d thrown ourselves back upon our dignity. As wa derive no real benefit from a friendly relation tb England, we can-afford to abstain from commuulcain with hor without detriment to ourselves or our counr; and tf alio is equally independent of us?an asserHi which she will be slow to make?then no harm will eruo to either party by any agreement to disagree. The Arrest of Ex-Secretary Cameron. OUR PHILADELPHIA OORRKSPONDKNO*. Piuladslpuu , April 10,1803. rhe arrant of Hr. Simon Cameron creates much feeling i gossip in thin city. As It wag kept scrupulously vato, the frieuda of the Secretary and of Mr. Butler re surprised to And it announced in tba Hkrald bafore 'O tba moat intimate friends of either knew of the liter. it seems that Mr. Butler, Mr, Jamas W. Wall aud others wived last summor, during their confinement in Fort fayetto, to use some means to revenge tbemsolves upon a Secretary of War. Mr. Wall determined to use physi' I force in the prosecution of his design; but Mr. Butior aforred legal measures, a* th\surest means to harass d distress the ex-Seorctary. Both these gentlemen took measures to accomplish oir ends before the departure of Mr. Cameron tor Russia, d Mr. Wall lias becu assiduous iu his eirorts to meet ana rash tho Minister Plenipotentiary. Tho letter is always coinpaniod by a body guard of his friends, however, and is not been intimidated, apparently. Mr. Butler aplared, through his counsel, beforo Prothonotary Snowin yesterday, and obtaiued a writ from the Supreme mrt of trespass vi et ai-mw, assault and battery end false ilirisonment on the 10th of August last. This writ was placed by his couusel, Mesars. Campbell id Tbaxtou, in the handa of Itoputy Shot iff Kulmbold, h-> waited s jvtral hours for Mr. Cameron In the ball of ie Continental Hotel. Tho Minister dually appeared, in imiuny with Charles Uilpln, Jerry Nichols, Samuel loyd and W. Alligood, promioeut republican polllioiaus. boy wero followed down Chestnut street by the Sheriff, ho served his writ upon Mr. Cameron at the corner of. iventh street. The Secretary toolc the paper in his tuda, glauced at tho contouts, and said peremptorily:? 'fell Mr. Butler that I shan't obey this writ. I am the inlstor ldenlpotontiary to Russia and shall stand upon y privileges. The officer refused te touoh the writ, which Mr. imeron wished to return to "him, and the whole party alkod off unconcernedly. The oounsel for Mr. Butler were taken aback by tee loading of the Minister's privilege, and it ts generally [reed that he fears to meet the oase upon its merits one. 'It is thought, however, that Mr. Cameron does >1 wish to go to Europe, and he may make this case a etext for remaining at home. Mr. Butler, meantime, will leave no stono unturned to ish his ease. A must diegt ateful scene occurred before the residence Mr. Butler In t*ine street, noar Fifteenth,last owning, te political friends of Mr. Camsron proceeded thither 1th horse fldrtlcs, horns, tin kettles,&c., and made the ght hideous. They were pioneered by eertalu public Ucore of the republican party. Mr. Cameron is now at large and Mill circulating about :e city. PHtMDsr.rflM, April 10,1802. The writ of the Supreme Court wes served upon Mr. .moron without formelity of arrest, and surety for his ipcarance was not required. News front 8an Francisco. Saw Francisco, April 11,1802. Arrived ship Lucy Ann, Newport; bark Cuustauce, New aland. The Htoamship St. I.ouie sailed for Panama to day, king but low passengers, an 1 $015,000 in treasure for ?w York and 9209,000 for England. Ham FtAjtewco, April 13,1883. Tho Mexican Mill, on a part of the C'omatock Silver lead, aahoe, was burned yesterday. Lose about $160,000. ienrjr At Wla? and the Uonnoke Island Afltir. [from the Richmond Enauirer, April Id.J We understand that the report of General Wise, of the at of February, narrating the causes of the disaster at nuke Island, and which was sent some weeks ago to tosral linger by the War Department for his remarks eroupon, was yesterday returned by General Huger, d. together with his letter of comments, was sent to e Committee of Investigation appointed by Congross. 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Frigates Cumberland and congress. Subscriptions are still receive l in behalf ef the ne Ivorsef the crews of those ships, and for the whletsi and orphans or those who perished In the engagement with the Merrluiar; and will be Appropriated as the donor she! direct. conmrtB*. Jas. Demareat, K B Morgan, Wm B. IbHigc, Jr., Lu>yd Wpcaw.dl, Jos-'i h I*. J >y, P. M. French, E. Ricrnirdnon, Htnrjr r. N?r?n*M, And E Piatt, <? Wall street, Treasurer of the Committees FCRNITl RE.?J. BOYCK, AT HIS MANUFACTORY and Wbi*roome, 'jo end >W KmI Houston street, ?fm hi* enllhe ?tu. k of .u|>oiior custom made Furniture, of everj. description, at lea* than cost until April it, when the bataaes will bo sold .it m.c Ion, to (lone the business. Grocery and tea dealers supplied wit* Teas by the chest, or smaller quantities at same rate. CAN TOM TEA CO.. 123 Chatham street. Madame beriiard, chiropodist, respectful l.y inform* all persoo* aitlleriug i roiu Corns, H unless Inr-rled Nals, that alio etUl continues h?r auo.vaafi* pr.ictlce at ?.S8 Broad tray, near Fourth street, from 7 te I A. M. and J to 6P. M. Morton s oold pkns.-prioes to shit tiw pocket end l'ens to suit the hand of eirerf writer, nt a Melden lane. Cell or lncluse stamp for circular. dkady, xv at 8 o'clock a. m. THIS DAT, A orand do i hi,k number prank teslir'b illustrated newrpapbr, romsttnitf tue ha ft lb of pittsburg landing, And other (raphlc 8 snca skatohrd bj our Special AriMt Willi Hie did-rant Department* ?f the Union Army. j^eadt, ^ 0>cl0ce a> m tuis dat, A grand double numbkr FRANK ?LR8LIB S ILLUSTHATBD NEWSPAPER, wiuiiiss THE HATrl.B OF PITTSBI'Rtl LANDING, And other graphic Seem sketchail i?r our Rpeclnl AlTR with the different Departmenta of the Union A imp. I^BADY, ^ g O'CLOCK A. M. Tilth DAT. * A GRAND DOCHLB NUMBER FRANK ?LB8I,!Ei ILLUSTRATED NKWSPAFRR, tOKTASMtSO THE BATTLE OF PITTSBURG LANDING, And other graphic scenes sketched. ?? our Rpeetal ArMese with the dlfllrent Depertments of Nh? Cnlou Army. OMITB A BROTHER'S NBW TOR* TkL* x *U la whela, Iialf aid quarter eaahs, brcwrd fro* the ohoteeal barley mall and hop*. Brr w?r?llg aad 1*0 Wk' Blgbtaaatk uaol, between Honpth aad Eighth aranm a, ?. T. JO TUB PUBLIC. BRAMDMTH B P1U.S AM) SP.W STTLE. Th? whola object la laaiira ? can in malcana# ot atehaeaa la to ranoTt IMPl'IB 111 MOHB fatter than thry an '* ">?<; Th* ''iT' ?r ???? fS? oftnud by thla rula. lb"*, by nilng Bvniidmtha Pllla ar cording to fika prlatod dtrccilone. thn matter*la rou pear during elcknoea, irtll ba omi Icaa, I ke now wader the grataI Influence ef a aprlng aun. SEW STTLB Of BRANWiKTfl'B PILLS. Thenew ilyln la a imail baud of papn round thabai a# pillaaunolriftlon*;on tola mtss mmm aha > Tttr parrr la oorcrod w lib ib? ac worde In amall angravaS | letter* and anund the Whole la ? ploca ol All< ock'e plaeti*, 10 knap th" bn'"1 arme In lia i>:aca. Thla now etyla ananm ? "i It"?k pllla, nad lha genuine: I hot II ia not tb h? drni I, ha' nmy rwsii.vteUr dmtla.-e ?all genuine H' null nih'i I'll)* of oi l Btyle.trficeo will tia changed 1 loi a?<v atyiO, If not nrnr in<> yean bava paaar l alaoaUtaB acre In Biy pwaraalon, B BRANDAXl'll. > BBAI^?*ltTll?*,* Orriit'-kii ' tn!on ajimrg. jm Third arm uc, I fid Ninth arrnur, N u fork. *n It ?orih Eighth atroct, PM'adrl|.hla, and oornc. <u Xln h g Ktrnnlat Waahlng'on. D- O., aad H. P. ki'Mnn.j, 'o.urr 01 Hroad?j and M ,i<lrn lano, Albany. Prior V/, rente, wlih full dtrectlone. _ _ PBINI-VPAI. Orr.t-E, "-AJUL *?***T MAf^+mHilUOtVQ, IT. T.

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