Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 18, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 18, 1862 Page 2
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3 m, OttoMl OlmiUad, *r Fort fmlMkl. TO TUX KOiTOB l)F THU MUtALD. Naw Took, April 16,1862 Referring to your aocouni of Goioaol Olmslead in your ge-dey's paper. If foramrly Lieutenant Olmatead, of the Artillery, of savannah, ho is the aoa of the lot# Jered yinutood, for mouy yoors coshior of the MoPin# Bonking #ad Insurance Company (now Marine Honk), of Savannah H# was born in Savannah, and is About twenty-Ave years of age. At the brooking out of the rebellion be era cashier for tb# ihippiaif audo> minercial bouae of iingham, Baldwin A Go.,of that city. His father was a native of Litchfield county, Conn., and to the day of bu death was noted for bis integrity, boaa#ty and suavity. Governor's Guard. I From tb# Nashville Union, April 12.1 this is the name of a new regiment of Union troops now organising her#. Yesterday afternoon they marched through the street, In their handsome unirorm. with drum and Afe. to pay their respects to the Governor at the Oapitol. Tb# Governor gar# thsin a very pleasant and oordial greeting and made aome suitable remarks. The Uuioa soldiers are ooming in rapidly in all parts of lha State where rebel terrorism dosa sot prevail. Governor Johnson, although hurd ued with a thousand public carat, is la fine spirits sad health. The only an. aoyanco he experiences is from rebel female complaints. (Tito Scvratyflrnt Regiment. CBMUtAL OBVKR?XO. 9. HaaoQUAKiaK* Auxruc v Guard Tltrr Raunnorr, \ Saw You, April IS. 1M2. J The oOoai* aod members of thia reguneijt willa.-sembla la full fatigue. with orerooat and haversack, with on* ttay'a return*, on Monday,the 21st day of Afril, to celebrate the anniversary of our departure for Washington, to Defend the capital of our country. The line will he formed la Band street, at seven o'clock A. M- precisely, and pro' wehd to M Now York for battalion drill. The Held and toff will appear mounted, and 'report to the Colonel oa the ground, ftfteen minutes before the hour ef formation. The aea-oommtseioned staff, hand and companiesiwilt repaid to the Adjutant fifteen minutee before seven o'clock A. M. Quartermaster Rose veil will procure 6,000 rounds blank cartridge, with caps, and one baggage wagon for trmasportatioo or ammunition and stores7&c. ' The act ion of company F In r'gard to tha aiDulsiun of Robert S. Heyt having been reconsidered, he is heraby reinstated. KUctim>?JohnR. Livermore, First Lieutenant Company B. vice E. H. Wade, resigned and returned to the war. Richard Starling, Jr., Second Lieutenant Company M, vice J. R. Livermore, promoted. By order of HENRY P. MARTIN, Colonel 71st regiment N. Y. S. M. A Ramuioa Parol, Adjutant. J FOR SAAB. ~ Arabs "chance.?for balk cheap, the mock and Futures of a fancy hosiery and ribDon business; store well located. Inquire at :t09 Fulton street, Brooklyn. A BABE CHANCE FOR ANY ONE WISHING TO EM bark in the liquor business.?For sale, one of the best and handsomest fitted up corner Liquor Store* in the elty, with four years' lease fivm the 1st of Mar. To be sold t it I consequents of the owner quitting the business. Apply for two days to KOCULER BROTHERS, 53 Lewis aire,-i. New TorkAfi8h, OYSTEB. GROCERY AND FURNITURE Store for tale. Call at 1,403 Broadway. Will sell cheap for caeh. Y>ABBEY FOR SALE?WITH A THRtE YEARS' JL> lesee, la one of the best stands in the city. Inquire on the ptymteos, 1M Molt street, between Hester and Otand sts "DOTTER STAND fob sale?IN the best market jj lu Brooklyn. Apply to LAN Eli art a bartle, 250 Fulteo street, New York. BUTCHERS SHOP FOR SALE?IN A THOROUGH" fore and good neighborhood, completely fitted up; pa' M toe home, Ac.; doing agood business. Mint be told Immediately. Apply ot 4? Broadway. C. B. HOWES A CO. orrOHER'S SHOP FOB SALE CHEAP? MARBLE X> Mab end flit are* complete; Horse and Cort if required; eaaMbeeeidaa the owner ingoing to the oountr/. Apply at 4be grocery, 98 Flatbuah arenue, Brooklyn. COAL YARD FOR SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED Ooot Yard, containing three full lota, with six years Lww,Fixtures. Ac., located at 141 Ooerck atreoi, between Stanton and Houston, for aale cheap. Address bo? S 404 Faal oMoe, or apply oo the premlaea. B. L. MORRIS. /NOIUfBR LIQUOR STORE FOB 8ALE?TilE LEASE. \J Fixtures and Stock, ir required, of the Store AM are. sue A eorner|of Fourteenth a treet. Apply on tba ptetnloao. Ho egenta need apply. TYRUO STORE FOR SALE?SITUATED ON A LEA D U tog thoroughfare, in Brooklyn; the window* and doer ere of Mate glaaa, with hesry stiver plated frames; is well looked and doing a fair business which can be greatly expended by an energetic man willing to devote il? whole attention to the buainesa; established over fifteen yeara. The tnekaad fixtures will be eold very low to a rash purchaser, or pari cash and a negotiable note. For farther particular*, appty on the premises, corner of Myrtle avenue and Pearl otreet, Brooklyn, X Y. DRUO STORE -FOR SALE. IN BROOKLYN, A SMALL Store, will be aold very cheap for caan, App;v to W. W. THAYRR. druggist, Pearl street, New York. 17 NO LI AH SHADES FOR SALE?THE BEST FITTED JCi up in Brooklet. Oood neighborhood. Eicellent chance for the right party Apply to W, MABR, Dttnlop's Ale De. pot , 14 Liberty street, N 1 TjVJR SALE-THB PUBLIC HOUSE KNOWN AS DU? bom', on Hariem lane. For particulars inquire on the premises. fjpOR SALE?IN WASHINGTON. A BOARDING HOUSE, X' in one or tne beat localities on Pennsylvania avenue, Mac aaar mom of the principal hotel*. Ha* been established over twenty yearn, and ha* a line transient custom. Would make one of the beat ataada In the city for a drat claaa restaurant. Will be sold cheap for cash. For particulars inquire of W. H. SHIELDS. cut (lata manufacturer. room S3 Mew Uaren depot, Kranklut sndBlm sir -en, Mew York. T?OR BALK?A CONFECTIONERY, ICE CREAM AMD J; I.>dica' Oyster Saloon, In one of the cast locat.oua in (be any; artll ba sold at a bircain; oal! and eee for yourself. Apply en the premise*, tit Slith areane. 1/lOE SALE?A Rl'FFLB SHOP, WITH 36 SEWING JC maehtaaa In full operation; machines run by a,"?tn power. Tbia la a rare chance for persona who Ilka a neat, tight and rery profitable business, aa the goods are in greet demand. For fell partlr<t:r.r* a( pty ou the premises, (4 Fultan street. Brooklyn, np tlalu EH)K SALE?THF. OT.T> GRAND STREET TEA AND X dotTee 8tar\ tco ti. o be one of the beat stand* in the city, cheap rent: tbe o vnri ha* mide a fortune upon the premises; prloe $400. Apply to W. H. MELICK. (07 Bro<dway. IgiOB SALE-TUBULAR STEAK BOILER, lJX.1t; feet, X but litlla uaad and very strong. also Force Pitmpe, wiib Frame aad Pulleys complete. Apply at 63 B'tgeu at.eet, Brooklyn. fOB BALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND GOOD J? will of a House Furnishing and Crockery Store. In Brooklyn. sow doing a good paying business, within two or thine biook* of the City Hall, on the best business street is he city. Will be sold low to a cash purchaser. AddP'ss U. do., Brooklyn Post oOce. rR SALB?(GROCERIES, ? HOTKLsT4 8 UdXhNS J Shales, 3 Interests in Shoe Stores, 1 Hoarding House, I Ba* BUlisrd Saloon, and other good business cbauces. F. P. RICH ARDSON A CO.. 83 and 8( Naaaau street. fjV?R BALE?AT A BARGAIN, A LIQUOR STORE, IN A r good locality, doing a good buainraa Oood reasons for aeiimg. Must be eoid. ISAAC A. B1UOB, 73 Naaaau at. IilOR SALE-TOR CASH. A THOROUGHLY ESTAB' lialied and Strictly Cash Business; good location. For fill particulars apply to HARP A. BIGG a, 73 Nassau tree'.. Fob balb-a fib mr clash river and suhmkr iloteii tne lease, stock aud flilures ran lull aad complete; al tb* steamboat landing; thousands vlaitiug it daily. * Will b* avid reasonable. ISAAC A. BIGGS, 73 Nassau street. I NOB SALE?A TEA STORE, HANDSOMELY FITTED 1 ep, doing a good cash trade; will be sdld at a valuation. a goad ebaa' e for a young maa who wanta to learn the busi- I aeaa. Apply at S76 seventh avenue. " Fob sale-one twenttfive horse horizon. ul Engine and Locomotive Boiler, with independent p imp-in complete order and condition, now running. Ap? ply in F. H OOVE, ;v Mangin atreet, who haa for aala ra? rtaua Engtaaa, Boilers. Ac. IXOB SALE?ONE OF TUE BEST LIQUOR STORES IN 1 Uia city, a corner on ona of tha bast eventis*. U^ly fitted up, with or without stock of Liquors. A long lease will he given If required. Inquire of P. ZEOLtU, IS Centra street, nr al northeast < orner of Forty-seventh etrest and Ninth ar. T.VOR MALE?THE FIXTURES OF A CLOTHING STORE. J 147 Fulton street, with Gaa Fixtures. Will be sold ' heap if applied for Immediately. david CLOSE. -L10R SALE?THE LEASE. STOCE AND FIXTURES OF r a Lidkor Store, on the northeast corner of Eighth arenue and Flft^tlilrd street Satisfactory reasons giren lor selling. Inquire on the premises, 7M Eight area ie, eornai of Fifty. third street. VOl' SALE-ONE ENGLISH BRUSSELS CARPET, X >ne Ingrain do . Siair Carpet and Rods, bror-at'-l set ruattufany sol other Chamber Furniture, Bitenaioa Tab's: hue giexle. seal j now. Housekeepers please call at Ml t .iirth arenua. LVIR HALF.?1 HK htoce, fixtubeh and good X will ?f tbaald established Hat, Cap and Fur Store 381 Canal atreel. ? Hacked la a large, wrell lighted and well ve?Uaa'ed workaaop suOriant far twenty tnlnhera, tilasmciw, wed capmakers. Apply aa above. JJIOB HALE-CIIEAP FOB CASH, THE STOCE AND X Futures. with Horse and Watom of the Oroeery stnia, ooewer of Jobnaon and l.awren* streets, Brooklyn, wt'l salt kf lusnp or inrentoty, no better m-.-atlon in Broekivn, sad low rent. Inquire la the atore. Fob eais-hotel, prortiho central pake.Op Account of lh? death of my tnebend, that ?pl?n<11d mthHMflU'l Bewtnutent, fitted up iubntwoit My in, iMn long and popularly known ae the Abating Pond llc-l, onerRereoty-drat etmrtend Eighth a?rnu?, immediately f railing the ramble, mum bn aold.nn.eee I can And a nompotent partnrr, wltlPaome meene. eor per i-uUie, apply on the penal are, or to UENJIT BJndlor K. Eaq.. u > nreyih etreet *re A. TUELBri. liVJB HA LB-A TUBI LAB nTKAH BOM EB. II IIOR8B JP power, fa** ?* eononetiW complete Copper BttU end Warm. eonnnrtiona complete. Feitr gaiLo Tata Two pair M lacb Beeper clone*, wltb frame* complete, a p ylytdW.X. RQ8BA CO.. Mi edar atraet. ' OlOB HALB AT A BAROAIR?A PBIRTIRO QPMCE, r ouoaiatlng of n large quantity of Compoattioa Material. >e auper aoyal large < yllndar Taylor, ane M(M; Urge Of l.uder Mae, and one Uoidon Half Cap Preen, ali fitted fur * to 'am power. Will be cold eery low. Apply to B. t'RNER. 1 to Pulton atraet, R. T. ______ I.IOR HALE CHEAP?A LIQUOR BTORE. NICELY I lilted np, well eterked end doing* good hnaia * ; alao, e I,-?ee of the etore for three yeare Inquire on ttie pre> Kifty fourth atraet, mi-Mr *f s. eanlb afHOA |/<?B BALE, OE PARTNBJt WANTED.-THB ADVER. a l ear. euceeaafully engaged in a caah paying, remuneratiee I'telneee, requiring but email capital, eaaily managed nod no rompetltion or rtak, wlabet to extend tte aame In WiJiiamaBarg, and at Albany and Troy. A rare rhauue for tbeae wlablne agood butineaa, with email rapital. Apply to VfSl.t.ARD, M Bargee afreet, Brooklyn. R. J. C*/y.W!HRY FOR RALE-IU FOURTH AVRNUB, COR. f i?r f eflfth ettoei. one of tbe beat loeetl taa In the it Tu if aold la oonarqiance i.f tk? aw net ipmilrg the leaa'Aeaa ] VO> IJUA? G" ROCKET STOKE "FOB 8A LB. ?TH B STOCK A.KB Lmv of an old astabluhed ffrst c!iu Urooery Store, and now doing a large and profitable business, is offered for sale, and which offers a rare opportunity to those of moderate cauiial who wiah to engage In the business. Apply to ABKEB OSBORN A OQ.,~lfl Greenwich etreet. Hotel fob sale?mewly furnished thboooh out, loag lease, doing a drat class business, looatod naax steamers and railroad depot*. Declining health of the family la the only reason for selling. f. D. BICHAKDSON g CO , 82 and^Jlaeei^treet^ Hotel for sale ?the presoott hotel, mo. w East Houston street, n ir Broadway, for sale or to let to a good, rrsponsible mau, it is furnished complete throughSit, In perfect order, and nearly full of boarders. Apply on e premises _ otel fob sale cubap-or exchange fob city property. Tbe hotel is situated on the corner of the Jamaica and Oypresa HiU plank run la. formerly ooeuplrd by Hit am Woodruff. Apply to UBO. 4*. LOSBE, Uain.itou ferry, Brooklyn. ttotbl, no. u fulton stbeet, bbooklyn, opXI posite Fulton ferry.?Lease, Furniture and Piitureafor sale, lease baa three years to run. Price 91.2110. None but cash customers need apply. For particulars apply on the premises. Hotels, restaurants, saloons, groceries. and ail the various kinds of business in different parts of the city and Brooklyn, for eale on the most easy terms. In some, partuers will be taken. buu mniuk huvv, os nuaiu nreri. LARUE IRON SAKE FOR 8ALB-IN PERFECT ORDER Wilder'* No. 8, with double doors and all improvements; new this winter, 4 feell J by 2 feet 9, inside, fer sale cheap. Inquire of Mr. VERNON. SI Broadway. Coal $380. Machinists, attention.?a rare opportunity. For sale, a diet rate Planing Machine, eight feet long, at a veiy low price for cash. Inquire at the olhoe of the Machine Screws Manufactory, 610 Broadway. PRINTINO PRESSES FOR SALE.?ONE HOE'S Cylender (medium) l*i'tiss, Hand Presses, and all hinds of printers' and binders' Tools, new and second hand Type, Ac., two Ruling Machines, one Paging Machine, Ac.. Ac., to be sold at a sacriOas, at 23 Day street. STORE FOR SALE?AT THE CORNER OF HARRISON and Ureeuwtch streets; well stocked uod newly tilted up grocery end Liquor Store. Resson for selling will be given. Apply on the premises. SAFE FOR SALB-OF MEDIUM SIZE; ONE OF Stearns A Marvin's best, also two mahogany Desks. Addrsas Allen, Post oOoe. ? rpo HOTEL KEEPERS AND OTI1ER3 SEEKINO A A safe, cosh, permanent profitable business.?Owing to the prutracted 111 health of one of ths partners in one of the best located, and best paying dining rooms in New York, one half Interest is offered for sale. To the riihl kind of s man this presents an opportunity seldom met with. Best of reference given and required, gl.bUI) cash requited, balance, $1,0U0, can be paid monthly from profit*. Address J. B. Davis, box lit Herald odlir. TO BE SOLD CHEAP FOB CASH-TUB RESTAURANT and Bar known as ths Front Street CotTee House, liy Front street; now doing s splendid business. Apply immediately on the premises, to THOMAS r JOHN (\ I KKED. <J?Q nn WILL BUY A FIltST CLASS FANCY AND D0 JOOU rueati.' Bikery and Confectionery Store, well established, and doing s sate cash trade. A rare chance for a practical uian with a small family. Apply at M Univenuty place. dhO nnn CAStf?FOR SALE, THE LAROEST Reataurant In New York, situated corner of Broadway, above Broome atreet; four entrances, eighteen Indies supper rooms, marble doors, and iu the most periect -order; no agents need apply; cheap rent and now making money. For particulars tuquire altar U o'clock of A. DEGKOOT, 57 Maiden lane. Onnn ?FOR SALE, A HAT AND CAP STORE, ?D.Uuui elecnntly located and doing a large and splendid business; established twenty years; one or the best ordered and prohtabke places down toan; rare chance; sickness cause ol sale. Apply at 57 Chatham atreet. room No. 2, tor aixduyx. BPKCIAXs arOTICMN. ~ ~ ABCTURUS LODGE, NO. SI4, P. AND A. M.?THE members are hereby notified to attend the regular communication. This evening, at So'clceU, at their rooms, corner of Orand and Centre streets. By order of the W. M. WM. U. TURNER. 8 "cretery. Great exhibition, London, iasi.?visitors to the great International Exhibition, and tourists generally, are invited to inspect the prevalent European costumes aL the clothing House of H. CREED. 53 Conduit atreet. Bond street, wT, London. Order* respectfully solicited end promptly executed. Under special appointment* to the Queen, Emperor end Empress of the French, Prince Imperial, Ac. Corresponding house 17 Bne Teitbout, Peris. VTOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS.-THE NEXT ANNUAL. Jl meeting of the stockholders or the New York end New Haven Railroad Company will be held et Brewster's Hall In New Haven, on Thursday, the 8tb da v of May next, at 11 o'clock A. M. #. R. BULKLEY, President. NOTICB TO TAXPAYERS,-OFFICE of THE *COMmiasinners ef Tales and Assessments, No. 32 Chambers street, New Yoik. January 13. 186J.?Notice is hereby given that the aaseasmrn' rolls of real and personal estate of the < ity of New York for the year 1362 are now open lor public inspection, and will continue open until the 30th day of April next, inclusive. All taxpayers are earnestly requested to call and examine the same, in order thai any errors In theaasesamcnu may lie corrected. Ale# all persona entitled by law to reduction of tbeir a*a*?smeuta, by reason of beluff clergymen or tor military services; and also literary or charitat le Institutions, by law exempt from taxation, are requested to make application for such reduction or exemption, previous to (he closing or the rolls on said 30th day of April. The following section of the set of April 15, 1859, la published for the Information of taxpayera:? Svctioiv 10. During the lime the books shall he open to public inspection a* hereinb<-lure provided, application may be made bgr any person considering himself aggrieved by Ibe H.'saaaad valuation of his real or personal estate, to have the name cot reeled. If such appli< ation be made in relation to the assessed valuation of real) estate, it must be mad* in writing, staling the ground or objection theieto, and thereupon the Commissioners shall eiamine iaio the complaint, and if, in their judgment, the assessment is erroneous, they shall cause the same to be corrected. If such application be made in relation to the assessed valuation of personal estate, the appll ant shall be examined under oath by the sfld CornmJesionrre, who shall be authorised to administer such oath, or any of (hem; and if, in his or tbeir judgment, the assessment is erroneous, they shall cause the e?me to be correct* d, aud fix the amount of sin b assessment as they may beileve to be just, and declare turu decision I beret, n within thuty days alter such application shall have been made to .hem. No reduction shall be made by the Board of Supervisors of any assessment on real or personal eatete Imposed under this act. unless It shall appear, under oath or amrtnathir., that the perty aggrieved was uuable to attend wllbln the period prescribed fur ihe correction of taxes, by reason of sickness or aba -nee from the city.?Laws of 1859. Chapter 303, Sections9 sad 10. A. .1 WILLIAMSON, J. W. ALLEN. J. W. BROWN, Commieeiooersor Taieeand Aasmaairnle. NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS.-THE NEXT ANNUAL meeting of the atockholdera of the New York anil N-.v Haeeo Railroad Company will be held a' Brewater'e Hall, In ihe ctty ot New llaren, on Thursday, the Sib day of May neit. at 11 o'clock A M. The tranafer booka will be cloacd :10m the lattod'.h met., incluatee. J. R. BULKLEV, President. OP. A.?Till MEMBERS OK WAYNE CHAPTER No. 12. are requeued to attend the funeral ot aur late brother, John Sharkey, on Prldaj, 18'h Inat., at lia f paal one o'clock, Irom *1 Perry etreet, without further notice. En-iao* Hemp, C. of C. M. F. BOCO* K. 3a hem. SPECIAL?MR P. O'ORADT, RECENTLY OF THE Slerena Hoiiae, Broadway, haa removed to 754 Broadmay, corner of Eighth street, where he will be happy 10 ueet hlaiormerfrlenda and patrona. LOST AND POIND. rUND-ON WEDNESDAY, THE KITH INST.. IN A Uiand atraet a tag", a Portemnnnaie. containing a small amount of money. The owner can have the aamt by proving property and paying tor thla advert.semrnt, by calling at tit) Broadway, room No. I. up itaire. IOST?NEAR THE CORNER OF CANAL STREET J and Broadway, on Wednesday, a cru-hated Puree, containing anme money and aome papera. The Under win be amiably reward d by leat log It at 97 Weat Com teenth aip-et. LOST-AT BARNL'M S MUSEUM, ON WKDNESDAY, the ISth, a Fur t'oilar. The Wader will be liberally rewarded by leaving ibe aame at Ml) Weal Tw luy-tue'. atreet, batwaen Seventh aud Eighth av?n lea. LOST-wON TUESDAY, IN MERCER STREET. BE between Amity and llleeca-r, a black and tan Slut; auawera to the t ame of Bell; haa a aore on her back. The tinder wlil be rewarded by leering hT dt the Bond Street Houae. LOST-IN CHAMBERS STREET TO PARK PLACE. A Carpet Bag, containing valuable papere and eome money 1'ii-iM ittmu It to 128 Tbompion r?et. A liberal reward will be given. Lost?in oorno from fortt-second street to 707 Bioadway (euppoeed In a Kory ? -. <,nd etr-et stu<l Headway oinnibnt), a Wallet, coatatnlag m?murandttmi and paper*, of no uve except to the owner. The tinder will be euiiably rewarded by Irevtng the tame at O'lrnte'e del>rt. 707 R?ra way. Lost-a badoe, no. e, op hose company no. ? ( a April 10. Any pereon fiading the above will pirate leave It ai carriage, comer Fifth area it tod Twrn'j. fliet ttreet and oblige an old fireman. MWAADi ' ~ ?0 REWARD?LOBT, IN OOINO FROM FULTON AND ?PO Naetau ttreet to Eldridge ttreet, an old looking Day Book, About lit Ini-bee long end 4 trchea wide The finder will re< elre the above reward by leaving It at H. Bcbreetmuller a, 122)4 Fulton etreet. N. T. REWARD.-LOST. A SMALL BLACK AND ^*>an Terrier Dot, weight about thirteen turunda, cronped care and Mraight tell The above reward will be paid to any one re'urnlng him to Hugh Fannin, l<t Broadway, corner o( Cerandt ttreet, beaeai' nt. f - REWARD-lost. strayed ob 8tolem, a J black and tan terrier Slut,, about five month* aid. boeverwlll return the tame to M Clinton place tha i rec? vr h? above reward and no queettone a>ked. REWARD -LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, AT TflREB ??> ' o'dlork. oorner of Broadway and Waverley p a e, a black Lace Veil. Any pei ton retuialng the tame te *7 Wett Twentieth etreet. will receive the above reward arurfl beward.-lobt, a pocket boo*, on Tbnreday, April 10. Is going from York* lie to t. I'B'oa ilrMl, containing |I W la, and paper* of ralti* to tb? owner The owner'? miBO ia la the boot. Any oao r'1'irning the eame to tb? owner, 4) < Union etrcet, will recolro the oboro reword. A. J. H. ifw PUBLICATION*. "flow TO MAKE MONET EV ADVERTISING. XI A PRACTICAL MAN'S ADVICE." Real for eoe thr? i eat utmD to any addreeg. ROBERTSON A CO., Si end M Naaean otroet. New Ifork dtp That curious" book ok citt women, oe int?r*atla| Pemale Cbeia lero In New Tork. Cheap ?ditioa, fit tegee llmo. price 28 ante, or mailed free. 3n cantA M.OAL'NTT, pubbther, fit Walker ttreet. New York WATCHER, JEWELRY, Ac. CASH PAID KOR DIAMONDS-DIAMOND JEWELRY aK haoged for India < amel'e llair Shewn. Money io loan. Bargains offered In Diamond Jew-liw. Apply only from ? till 10 and 2 io 1 H W, PLUMB, Diamond Broker, Hi Bioalway, opposite St. Ni bolea Hotel, TO JEWltLtM.?A RESPONSIBLE PARTY, HATINO a good atore, daelrea lo make eirangeniente with aorne parly who haa Wamhea and Jrwnlrr u> rti.poae of, t > ee|| tt,n en'ie on omtjji'alon. Aldreta Jeweller, Uiootlya Pot) j9t*. 1 \ NEW YORK HERALD, ] ? ? POSrnvBLT THB QBKATB3T BARGAINS BVER OKKEKKl) IB NEW YORK 100,000 YARDS OP BRiTltiH AND OBKMAN PROM 3 rARD 1000 yards Black Moeautblque. at 3 nab a yard. 5,500 yarda Barege Anglais, at oWo. do. 6,600 yard* Baraga Anglais, printed, at to. do. 6.000 yanla Barege Auglais. brocade, at to. do. 6,500 yarda Muaauibiquca, to all colors, at la. aai la. 3d. do. 7.500yarila Poll de Ohenr, oheek and plain, at la 3d. do. 7.500 yarda Plaid Moxambiuur Brocade, at la 5d- do. 5,500 yarda gray cheat Poplins at la 6d. 10,0.10 yarda plaid and figured I'oplina very ricb, at la. 1 oaae of Mounting Delaines at la. 1 caae of Mourning Delaines at la 3d. 1 caae of Mourning Lawn., eery fine, at 10 oenta 1 caae oI Mourning fouliua plaid aad ehene, at la. . Beaideaa apian dnl variety of all the laleat etylee of Oreaa Goods. cheaper than at any other bouae in the city. The above gooda have all barn put chased much below tho eoat of importation, and are writ worthy the attention of the public. call amd seh. __ W. B B0BBRT8. 25i Bowery. N. B.?-Be aura yoa tee the aama la the store. Mo oouneoUoa with any other etore Bargains pbom auction, in Black end Colored Silks, Broche and Stella Sbawla. Ladies win hud the prices about 50 oenta oto the dollar of their value. also 600 docra Oold Medal ParU Kid Otovea, at 61 orate per pair. Importer's prtce for these gooda $10 50 per doaeo. ion op chbap dress good* receiving dally, at W. K. PEYTON'S, 37* Bowtry. w n _?r? ? 1 - ~? *?' r%? - a^ c^ii^>n/4??"^yt' "? CORSETS AND 8KIRTS AT M118. SLOE B'S.?NICE fitting Corsets (No $1; embroidered hook froeu only |1 worth $3 60; nUo 4U0 pairs Werley's Pans made, rerjr cheap, handsome Skirts from SO cents; Corset Materials, Lacings, Ac.., Ac., at aw and m Broadway, near Nineteen tWtmel. ENGLISH BtTNTINOS, CAB AMD CAKU1AOB LININGS, BILLIARD CLOTHS, PLU8HB8, DAMASKS, CURLED uaib, AC., In all colore and qualitiea, for sale low by A. W. KELLBY A BROTHER, 123 Chambers street. ME8DAMBS VTRFOLST, NO. 6 CLINTON FLAOB. N Y., would bee leave to inform their ouslomenrlhat they have just reoelved from Paris a very fine assortment of black end colored Grenadine; also Corsets, manufactured express]/ and exclusively for their house. Rh. macy 18 OPENING THIS WEEK 200 cases Ladles', misses' and children's PLAIN AND FANCY STRAW HATS. PLAIN AND FANCY STRAW HATS. PLAIN and FANCY STRAW HATS. Neapolilau llai*, Hair do., Florence do., Pedal and Canton Blooiuei-s, Cautou May Queen lints. Boulevards, Leghorn lists, Dunstaide do., and every tanety ot Straws to be round in tbr city. Latest shapes and style* at very low prices. Milliners supplied at leas than down town prices. SPRING HAT RIBBONS. SPRINO HAT RIBBONS. R. H. MACY WILL OPEN T11IS WKEK 1.000 cartons of every variety and style Fancy Spring Hat Ribbons, Plain Cord Edge do.; also, au colors In the narrow widths for trimmings. Full slock of Bonnet Silks, Velvet Ribbons, Lining Silks. A choice selection of French Flowers. RUCHKfL, HEADDRESSES An invoice of paititularly cheap Fancy Funs, Bonnet Frames, Blondes, Ac , now opening. R. H. MACT HAS OPENED A I resit imports! on ol his superior Psrla Ladies' Kid Gloves, spii:ig colors, 63 cents. R. H. MACY 2tM and 206Sixth srrnuo, two doors below Fourteenth street QPRJKO MANTILLAS O AT W. K. PEYTON'S "EXCELSIOR CLOAK AMD MANTILLA HOUSE," Nu. 874 Bower/, neor Houston street. Ladies will find a magnificent stock of Sl'KINO SACOlfES AND MANTLES. Also e large a>eortruent of BN'OLISIt WALKING BACQUES, Made and trimmed In tbe latest strlcs, AT ALL PRICES, FROM $5 UP. W. K. PEYTON. 874 Bower/. SI1LL1NERY, AC. Bonnets. Tlie new styles now ready. Also coins very prett/ styles for children. Bonnets bleached and pressed. 200cases of Straw Goods from auction. J. BLUXOME. 1,117 Broadway, corner of Twenty-fifth at. Bargains.?spring bonnets, new styles, at reduced prices; Straw Bonnets and Children's Hat", Ribbons. Old bain repaired. L. MINNS' MllUnciy, laiget in tbe world, 091 Broadway. Ml, opposiie Metropolian Hotel Notice.?Avoid mistake. MME. K. HARRIS A SON, 729 BROADWAY. WILL reeye during this month, by every aieamer, a rich and beautlfol^esoi tmeiif of Spring and Summer Bonnets and Flowers. K. HARRIS A SON, 72? Broadway Madame a. nouruit, NO. M BLEECKEK STREET. NEAR BROADWAY, luiorma the ladles ot New York that ahe baa latelv received, irom some of the very Crat houaea in Paris, a rich and beautiful assortment of SPRING BONNETS STRAW OOODS AND FLOWERS. RIBBONS AN1> TRIMMINGS. A!*o, from Brussels, a new and handsome aelrclion of POINT, CHANTILLY AND Qlfll'URE LACES. CLOTHING. At the new store, 114 third avenue, ladies and geutlenien ran dupoae oi then cast oil C'lulhii.g, Carpels, Furniture, Ac. I gcatuntee to pay lor Dresses from $d to $. ?>. for Coals Irom ft lo gl.S, lor 1'ana iromfl iota. Please do not torgetlocall on or address C. MI.SH, lit Third avcn'.e, near FonrtecutU aiieeu Ladies attended by Mia. Misfa. Attention, ladies and gentle men.-if tou wish to get the full value for your usat off Clothing, Carpe.a, Furniture and Jewelry, the beat you can do la to send a note to lbs well known dealer, F. II ARRIS, 106 Seventh avenue. There yon may be convinced von will bo dealt with to Jour aatntaciion. For Drew** 11 om fe to $.10, lor Coata from 4 to 915, for Pants from f 1 to $5. Please do not forget to call on or address K. Harris, 156 Seventh avenue Ladi-a attended by Mrs. Harris. AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT LADIES AND GENJ\ ileuieu can obtain SO perient more for their Cast Off Clothing, Furniture, Carpeti and Jewelry, than irom any othci dealer tu :ne city. Address A. Dm as, 218 Seventh avenue, between Twenty-fourth and Tw euty-tiftii sirceta, which will be punctually attended to. Ladles attended by A rare chance.?ladies and gent1.e.mex, ik you wish to get the lull value lor your rust off Clothing. Carpets, Fnrnlttire and J-welry, Rte beat you an do 1? to send a note to B. Mint/, 179 Tbiru uvenu>-; there you may b- <onvlnred you will be dealt with to your satisfaction. Please don't believe those la'se adveri.sets who otter to p.iy trom 112 to $40 tor ailk dreeaee, $w for coats or (7 for pants, ua it la finely a humbug. Don't forget, 179 Third avenue, near Seventeenth etreet. Lull's attended by Mrs. Mint'. X. tl.?l will remove on the la: of May to 1283 birth avenue, near Eighteenth street. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.?i have jtiat lecelved Jl.Ono to purchase cast off Clothing. Furnitnre and Harpeta tor the Calirornia market. I do promise i? pay the highest prices in the r||y by vailing on or a hireling a note to JS. JIINTZ, 137 Slitb aveDtte, two doora above Tenth atreet. Ladies attended to by Mra. Mtnlz. Remember, U7 KlUh avenue. At 311 seventh avenue?a larue order re vivi d from California, to purchase ladlea' and gentlemen's east off Clothing. Furniture. Carpets, gc. I guarantee to pay the full value of all articles. N. b ?Do not believe tin se false pretenders who offer such enormous prima. Pl-aae give me a call at or addr-sa No. 212 Seventh avenue, T. ROSENBERG, where you will receive the highest prie s. Ladies attended toby Mrs. Roteu' erg. A POSITIVE FACT.?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IF you want to get the utmost value lor your east off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewglrv, the best you tan do Is to send s note to A. HARRIS, 661 Third avenue, between Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth streets, east side. Thert you may depend you ?tll receive 31 per cant more than at any other dialer's in New York. Ladiee attended by Mra. Harris. AN ORDER JUST RECEUED -A LARGE QUANTITY of 'sat oil Clothing must be purthused wltbm a abort time. Ladles or gentlemen having any to dispose of oan obtain a higher prtthan ever betore by calllag on or addressing E. H.,79 Siith avenue. You ran prevent b-ing humbugged by other false pretenders; also Carpeta, Furniture and Jewelry bought. Ladies attended to ny Mrs. B. H. Pleats remember aud try 79 Stub avenue, near Waverley tikcf AT *? SEVENTH AVENCB.? ' TO *40 FOR SILK Dre?a?*. # to l'J6 t'nr Coat*. and $2 to $7 for Paula, Carpet, Ac., will l?- paid, for the Ctlliornia market. Call on or addo-aa LEVENbTYN. JOi Seventh avenue. Ladie* attraded by Mra. L. At im seven i h avenue. ladies and gentlem?n ran dlapoae ot ib'ir raat off nothing. t.'arpeta, Pur ilture and Jewelry. 1 giaranee to pay fifty per cent more tban any other dealer in ilia city, and not to be humbugged by great puff* and falae pratendera. Flear* call on or addreaa J. Anhalt, 152 Savi-nlli avenue, be! ween Twentieth anil Tw?aty-fi>tt atieata. Ladlea attended by Mr*. Anbal*. AORBAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING, FITKNITURS. t'atpe'aand Jewelry.?Ladle* and gentleman can reeetre the following price* ?For Silk Ureeaea from $t to IB; lor Goaia, lr< m $Jio fid. for Pen la, from $1 to $A. by railing on or addreaalng M. Abraban a, all - .-. mi. avenue, etwe-n T?en y-fitth and Twenty-aUtb alraetf. Ladle* pu? attended to by Mr*. A. CALIFORNIA AND PIKE'S PEAK TRADE.?A GREAT demand for ladlea' and gentlamen'a raat off Clothing, Furniture, i aipeta and Jawelry. I guarantee to pay twenty, gva per cent more than any other aatabllahment, and no humbug. Call At or aend a note to Mor 16). Wcat Broadway, between Leonard and Franklin atreata. Ladle* attended by Bra. B. Oabay, and gen'lemen by Mr. 8. Oobay. BILLURDI. TJILLIARD TABLE FOR SALE-FULL SIZE, IN GOOD II ord*r, everything complete lor $90, If applied for immediately. Inquire at 11 tan Broadway, Bri.UARD9.-TO LET, THE WELL KNOWN COLl'MMan Billiard Boo tan, northaaet corner of Broadway and Twemyeecond etreet. now occupied by Mr. KilduO, one of lb* beat looationa In the oily for tht buelneae. X. B.?Rent low. f'neeeaalon May I. Apply at No. S Eaat Twenty-eecond otroet, from > to II A. M? or I to ? P. M. J. M UEHsm. Billiard table wantf.d-full size, on rent at 170 Blub avenue, corner of Twelfth atraet. Apply fur fotjr daya. FUROTE, TUHNBR AND DEALER IN IVORY, 78 FUL. i ton etreet, corner Oold.?BID lard Ball*. Bagatelle Baila, Tm Pin Bal.a and Plna. (Tb*oka In greet variety.

firJIOXI.Y-A BARGAIN -KOR WALK, A ROSEWOOD iptJU Bliliard Table, In beet condition, with all reqnlaitee. Addreaa L., boi l.Wfl New York Poat ofllo*. EXPRR9BE9. RBOMERVII.I.E. PPRNIT1 HE KXPRP.HS AND . Pacatna eetabllahment, 140 V*ri< k elu-et, II 'maelui <1 Furniture board end ahl|>|w>it to all parte of the tvurld. Core red Wagoaa lift ffmotlag to aud from vho cqi tr? FRIDAY, A.PRIL 18, 1862. ell Uo*n a* an aid eatabluhtd |fmatf and liquor place To a smart, artlve man this it a rare opportunity. SaUafaotorjr reaaoas given for selling. Inquire op the premises. A BEAUTIFUL COTTA.QK, WITH TWO FULxTLOTS, A on lMth street, seai Bighth avenue, at the low arise of 81,900. Farms. Mills, Till see end <511jr Property. All prices and locations. W. H? MBL1CK. 407 Broadway. A FIRST T5LAS8 BROWN 8TONB HOUBB FOB sale?Willi or without Furniture. The uouae is four stories, 15x60, with all modorn ini|>rovements, situate on a wide street, near Broadway. The furniture is nearly new, and very handsome. Will to- sold at a final aarritioe. CtflAKLBti R. MILL*. U Oedar street. AHOUdB AND LOT FOR M.OOO-ON TBNTH 8TKBBT between F.ftli Mid Sixth avenues. The house is two lory attic and basement, 21.10x40. with gas, Ar.; very comfortable; lot ll.MlxK Mock. Very little meoey wanle l. tlHABLBB B. MILLS, >4 Cedar street. ANKW AND FIRST CLASS BROWN 8TOMB UIUH a loo ii liO'ise on Muits> lilll, a few doors from Fifth avenue, built in the very l>e? manner, and the Furniture, for sale cheap. Both the house sad furniture ere of the best quality end most exquisite style, sad made by the first artists and raoehsnics in the eouniry. No brokers need apply. Principals may address, giving uame and residence, Charles Tarbell, New York Post ofllce. CHEAP PROPERTY.?AT WK8T HOBOKKV, SOURtern acres of Land, with two good bouses, carriage houses, young grafted fruit, all that could be desired; thirty minutes' walk trom the forty, railroad or a tags', in the audit of great Improvements. Price $9,UOO; M.000 can rein?In on the premises for three years. Apply at lW West Thirteenth street, at the Lykens Valley Coal oOloe. THfM T BTORW Excellent ? acre pake, mew two stout. lleuse ud good outbuilding*, ettrt wall fruited end watered, pleasantly located, near depot and Hudson rirar, lKhooM from alt*; for sale cheap. Apply la a. a W. P. SEYMOUR, KB Broadway. r toarms op all sue*. locations and PRIOBSJ? Conveuieat to the oity, near villages, aehoota, draate and ohtnrchaa, and several eonbtry reaidenoea far (ale cheap, er arnhmigs far atty or Sreoltirn property. soutuwicx A Wood, n Naatau street. Foe sale?the oountbt residence op thb Hon. U. M. McLane, altuale in the town of Living!too, Columbia county, N. T. The house U built of brick; baa all the modern improvement*; outbuildinga and lenoee in perfect order. The place contain* 70 acree, divided In grain, (rasa and woodland. Aa a real donee it possesses many advantage*. Par further information apply to WALTER L. LIVINGSTON, 41 Wat! street (Jaunoey court), New York. For sale?at bosstillb. staten island, a two story and attic frame House, Barn, Ac., together with four aoiea of Land, very pleasantly located, near the village, on the Woodrow road, leading to the depot. The House la nearly new, in good repair, Ac. There is also a rope walk upou the premises. For terms. Ac., apply to JOHN MACOREOOB A CO., 134 Pearl street. Fob salb-a good little farm of sixty aero*, thirty miles In New Jersey, w.tli good house with nine rooms, barn, outbuildings, all fu order, with plenty of fruit of all kinds; prlos. $2,800, part cash. Inquire at 623 Greenwich street. 0. MALCOLM. For sale?a beautiful plot of ground, conUlniug from four to sis acres on i'urdhain Height*, near Kiiigabridge, on the public highway leading from the Fordham depot on the Uariein Railroad to Klngabridge, distant about four miles from the Central Park. The lite is high, oomrnaading a fine view of the Harlem river anil the soenery of the Hudson, being one of the ehoioret locutions both as to position and soeirty in the vicinity of New York. Apply to A. FINDLAY, 4S William street, up etalre. For sale?ob would exchange for a farm in New Jersey, one of the best and oldest established Grocery and Provision Stores In theolty, on s great thor >ughfare, now dolug a large en*h trade. Inquire aM-'MOieen rich street. * Fob salb-a cottage house, with one and a half acres of grouad, at Whiiesione Puiut. bou e is situated near the water and baa a fine rl w oi Long la'and Sound. The rooms are well arranged and in good order. Them is a fine vegetable garden and choice iruH trees. It Is forty-live minute* sail, by boat, from Fulton slip; by cars almost hourly. For particulars Inquire of Mr. GEORGE OWYER,,, sneet, or ou the premises, oi SIDNEY li?OR SALE?AT WAR PBIOES, a NEW FOUR STORY JD bruwn stone House IM West Forty-seventh street, finished in s superior touum* by day's work. Inquire of Mr. van duken, on the premise* or of Mr. SCIIRKYER, 2B Weal Thlrty-iiiulh street, or ef GEOKGB SMITH. 350 Hudson street. For sale-a highly cultivated farm of so ac-es, near the sboie, 37 miles on Long Island, with good buildings, plenty of iruit, wood, water, Be. Price $;,UW. Terms easy. E. A. BONCE, No. 2 City Hall r'Ace, corner ot Chambers street. For sale?four story brick house, with Store, norlliessl corner of Fifty-tour h street aad Ninth avenue. Terms emy. Apply to II. U. TITt'S, 606 Tenth aveuue, or W. L. CUTTING, 61 William alreet, room U. TTIOIt SALE?NEW YOKE HOTEL AVI) NINE ICIIV* J? of giouud, at l'enalaquit. Long laiand, on the great aoiMli Ml, opposite Eire Island, between Ka nylon unit latill. Io<,u 10 on lh? premise*. or ot lk McKINNIN, 142 Kant i intuitu mi root, New York. Fok 8ALE-the THttee story AND basement brick House, 112 West Forty-Bllh street, containing all the inodein improvement*, with ga* chandeliers and beater; mortgage $3,000; bslame in M-aeouable goods. WM. T. BOYD, 113 Nassau street. IjtOR SALE?A FINE SELECTION OK FARMS, OK ALL . Mixes, lunations, dr.; also some line Couatiy Residences and all kinds ol' City Property, and some tor eirfannae. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 32 and - ( Nassau street. LlOR SALK-A KARM OK 100 ACRES, ON TUB HUDJ? aon, in Columbia county; Ml uietdowe, 40 tillage, with stock anil larming tools, tiro orchards; cioe io schools ami ehtirehes. A large part of the purchase money can remain. Inquire of J. W. WILSON, OS Broadway, or addiess KM, 140 w?M nil tjr-illnl street. fpOR SALE?A VALUABLE FARM, CONTAINING 100 a->es ot lnnd in blgb stale ofcultlvaliou, tin" building*, shade and fruit traea, beautilully sltualed on the Rauiau river, near New Bronxwi k. luquite ot VVaRRE.N HARDEN BEROIl. M Wall street. LIOB SALE?IN BROOKLYN, AT A GRKAt BARGAIN, 1' a editable corner Lot, near Kulion avenue, admirably aiiaptet^or a gro any or bakery, together with tbr adjoining Lot and new bid-k, occupied, fur $".,200; $2.00)can remain on bond and mortgage. Apply at 2d and 30 dpruen street, New Yoik. For sale?ok woki.d exchange for resi* denies above Fourth atrcei, a brl k building, 23 by 120 leel, t nutting through from Cheery to Water street, suitable lor a Murage store, or could ea-ily be convened into tenement bouse*: en?b pi ice Fl.'.O t> Apply at .'4 Willam street, . oont Id. For sakk.-h,m will bw a bealtiful cottare containing aeren tooms and cellar, Willi tie r lots attached, in Clarencevilie, LI, hour's nde liom the . ily oi Bro klyn. Cats and stages every half hour, let ma re.non.b-. Apply to J FARLEY, P6 Voaioe sree'.imin 10 A. N. till 2 K. At, For bale?a new and handsome COTTAGE; two stori's, eight room.*, besides kitchen, s.aie roof. tine marble tnsutele, handsome large parlor*, h.ird lintshed thro ughotr ; in- PlM | 0alar in the house, ami iu a U ,muI'ul lu atlon. in a uood iietghbotbond, view of twenty miles, ud b'n' ii Hill, rtty of Hudson, ouly mo miles from llobokeu and Jereey ony fertle?; prlouly VS;y 0, witn tone city lou, north $4,'0U; this (lace : only manly iriiitlo s' time from foot of Cortlandi street. New Turk; terms with tbreo city kite for garden. Apply at IM Cedirt'roet, to the owner, or at Weal End, Jiergen station, Ji ivy Rii.road caro, of WM. BEACH. Apply early. Terms e?-y. Fob sale?cheap for cash, or wort? exchange lor city lota or good country property, twwor more opkndld brow u stone Honees, on tiie uorth cute of 1 orty.seventh street, Ifmeuo Mmn anil Tenth avenues. Aptly on the premise*, to S. W. CHUNK or RIi'HAKD PKLTON. IftOB SALE, IN BROOKLYN-TWO NBW THREE ' stors and basement bricb llousee. with heasy btpnit stone tr.turning', valued a $6 000: will lie sold for$4,WUam! 4,1*10; terms eesy. Impure of T B. .lA'KSON, on the premises, in Billotl piste, neat Fulton avenue, north side. I/OR SALE in BROOKLYN-TWO DESIRABLE BRICK JD Dwelling*. .'wAti, pleasantly lo ated on tjulncy s'reet, n at Nostiaiio t u:e ; he bouses sie fitted up with ga?. ehsndellert. o'art mantels, ve.tibtile doors, hdt tinil t o.d water, batu toon, water closet, stnt onaiy tuba, chimney heater, A , j'i?* u!et>d. will be at Id eheap and on ea?y terms. I'll- " $10: ?ti? lot. with one bouse. If denied. Apply on he , . s, to I', t . VROOMAN, ot loOriJO hha'w B-i 14# f on I*en ytOR SALE ? . 11'?THE VALUABLE CORNER LOT Jy on m ttfcwe-- . rner of Tenth avenue and Eorty-tftb meet, fh.lxl'M teet. Also the deairable corner Lot at Hatlem, on the southr est cornei of avenue A and Utitb street, commanding a One water view* the atreet sod irenut tacli lui teet wide. Apply to N<>BLE, HAYES 4 CO IWOreenwich street. IROR HALE OR LXt HANOE?EIGHT LOIS ON THE ' corner ?/ Myrtle av*nu? and R ,aa sti -et, Btooklyn, stout ball a tnile fi in so tth Heveufh s teet terry; fine inn pntvetnenta adjoining: streeta pored; would -i. hange fo, a well located. oera'e prl ?d house in N-w Yci k. Annly to J. R. SMITH, 18 Wllllom atre?t. rr ' ros hale or exchange-Fob real estate. r the t i.eel coupe or toed Horte in New York, bav. 16 W bands, vety fast, sound, gentle and stylish. Price gLOOth Apply at Hmltb'a arables, No. 4 Rlnngton street. inOR HALE OR EXt'HANUE (NOT MUCH MONEY x wuwnj-m miw piui.t vmuurii rivuas sua i.?i, ouni expreealr for a bakery; good weil ui water ami iiablo for a" hor?e; laiba thiiving village of Uutteaburg, N 1., opposite Sen niielh r.! ??, New York. For further particular* apply toSqutre DWYER, near the premise*'or at 37 We?t Twea'yPrat street, New Tot*. rtR SALE. OR EXCHANGE FOR LARD OR LONG Ialand, or improved < tty property?A Gentleman's Furalsblng Htora, with along lease, on Fultou street, Bro kirn. Any prrmo wlablng to do a g*ud business will bod tin*a r?r* cbanoo. Address C. W., boi-117 Hatrald o?ce. For sale. exchange or to bbnt-a coirtry Rtaldenee on tba Hudson liter, at Dohba' F*rry. A good hone*. barn and outbuildings. The location 1* utisui. pa tat d. bating a flae run front, and being but lira minutes' walk froo* depot. Fruit of tarioua kind*. Apply to T. BALDWIN. Jr., Ro. ? Harrlaoa itraet, R. Y. For bale or to let-several two and three atory H?i?w. brotrn atone baeeinent and stoop*, wltb ail modern improtemants. In Kaat Sxtv-flith street, near Moond atenue. Alio aetaral Tooemept Hon tea in tbo Nineteenth ward. Innulrn c( WILLIAM A. JU''H buildar, Second ateauo, between Sixty tounb and Sixty. Ifth at reels. For salr or to let-a beautifi l hoise and three a< res of land, all modern Improtemanta, wnil stackrd with fruit and ornamental tree*, mlghhorliood ( rat class, within forty minute* of the cl>* by railroad, evary boor. Terms eaay. In piire nf H, Il'iAG, 75 I'lne atreai. la'OR BALE OR TO LET?IR JERSEY CITY, THAT DBF lfahtfull* situated three atory Brick Home, with maatio front. No. 44 Sussex aireat: baa chandeliara. bath tub, Ac. Possession given lmmedtately. Inquire o! WALTBR GREGORY, near the ferry, Jeraey City. For sale or to let-the gym nasi cm and three Howling Altera situated in Washington artmin, two donra south of Fulton atenua, Brooklyn. It wis built and baa been oae.t by a private oluh, and I* In good order. The gymnasium btflliilng would make a line billiard room. Apply to JOHN F. McCOY, 98 Cllfi etreet, N'rw York city. TTtOR SALE on TO LEASE?for A TERM OF YEARS, F eight l<ots, each 29 fast front, on th* north aide of Htghteenth street, between Sixth and Herenth avenuea, in-, longing to theeauteof John Tarme.le. deoeaaed. Apply to F BLANCIIKT 2?4 Sliih Avenue, belorgJU o clock A,'M? or pttai 4 f. R. tUM y KBU. MTAW. r? SALB OR TO LET-A FIRST CLASS RESIDENCE ml llackenaack, half m mil* from rmUromd deuot; hot mod oold water, bath room, vegetable garden. ornamental grounds, Ar ; also m Cottage, with garden, carriage houae mad stables. Apply to R. MURK. ROM A CO., 11* Faart street. OR SALE OB TO LKT-KOUK NEW HOUSES. JUSt finishing, urn Brooklyn Heights, oornrr of Columbia mad Hi.'dagh streets, three minutes' walk from Kultoa ferry. Rent $100. If mold terms moderate. Apply mt line houses or mt *7 Wposter alreot. M. f. TXOU8H FOB SALB Oil EXCHANGE FOB OTHER XI city or Brooklyn property. It ia m four aiory brown alone frail high atoop; ateble mud oarriage liouae la loo rear. For further parUeuUra adureea Beat Haute, box lib Herald oBce. IOTS AND HOUSES FOR SALB NBAB CENTRAL A Fork, on Fourth mreuun, betweeu Nlaety-eeeoud and Inety.fourth streets, and?n Ninety-fourth and Ninety third atroot, (with the threswintlulshed houaea), between Third mad Fifth mronuen, kuowa ma l'rigpect Kill. J t: FAK1HH, ia Front etieel. rBXCHANOB-A COBNER STORE FROFBBTY. reutrmliy located near the water, for m dwelling houae. centrally located In the lower warda; a oornrr preferred Address, with full particular*, W. W. W., 1'osi oilier. Vacant lots wanted.?two oh three loth T eaoh $3 leet tront, centrally located up town, worth about St,000, la exchange for city improred property, having all the modern oonrauieaoea and ia a good location. Apply at 1M Baal Twenty-aiith atreet. WANTED?A COUNTRY PLACE, NBAB THB CITY of New York, for whtoh a liar four atory Eogliih basement Houae, with all the modern Improvements, frontlag I large park la Want Twentieth street, would be exelianged at a reaaonable price for a pleaaaat place, worth about AA0U0 or $6,009, with aoaoe ground attached. Inquire Of or addrraa aTJ, QABBI8QN, Mtt Broadway. Mow York. WANTED--TBN TO FIFTEEN LOTS, WITH A LIKE ral lean, on whlob to eroet a uumber of dwelling* suited <0 tkn times. The purchase money and loan to remain oa"bond aad mortgage for a term of years. Harlem or Yorkrille preferred. Address A. C. B ? Herald often. WANTED TO BUY-A FURNISHED OR UMTOBMSBt ^ ed double House, in Ftfth^ avenue. A ^corner house. iw/ niuuvirv, |>fn<riVL AaaiTH a, v., UOI (U Herald offioe. <t^n -8* ALL FARM8 OK BO, 100, UT ACRES, llO VWW. miles from the oily; perfect title, warrantee deed, tree from encumbrance; good improred farm* near; we drefer to go and show these lend* on ueit Maadef, the 32d; uow U the Ume to get e form for little money; fere By railroad, there and return, $3; theee laud* are level and will make good farms. Apply to the owner, in butter store. 131) Bowery. <&1 QHA WIhL BUT A MBW TW0 BTOBT HOUSE ?PliOvU and Lot, lire room* and good collar, one block from the care, running to three ferries $'J0<l ho $5(10 reeb; the balaitoe $10 per month, without Iutercet. Apply at the offioe of D. 0. DANIELS, oorucr of Fifth avenue end Fourteenth etreet, Brooklyn. > <?'-> Oft A WILL PURCHASE A SPLENDID GOT. giO.fltW tage on the ITudeon river, with four Lot* ot Ground, uiled with fi-uit and ehrubbery, earring" house and other out buildings, in good order. Part ol purchase money can remain on mortgage If deal red. Addresa or oull at HO Pine street, rooui No. 8. HOUSES, ROOMS, &C? WAMTKD. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE?NO CHILDREN Ott servants, desire to rent an unfurnished Second Floor, (three or four room*) iu a modern bouee, in an uneiceptlou able locality; they believe they would be desirable tenant* to anygente< I private family wishing to reduce their expense ol rent. The beat and moat ample rrletvuoee ottered and expected. "Address, contldeotlaliy, II. W-, box 3,618.Post office. ADRUO STORE WANTED?IN THIS CITY, IN Exchange for real relate. Call on or andrrsa, elating location, 1 ,A fi D, lis Spring etreet, N. Y. A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS WOULD EXCHANGE the rent of a four alary brown atone House, partly furuiabfd, for Board, or let five or aix Booms, convenient for housekeeping; neighborhood unexceptionable. Apply at 3(7 East Fiftieth street. A COTTAGE WANTED-AT A LOW RENT, CONTAINing tiro or six rooms, between the Fourth end Eighth venues, and between Tenth and Fortieth streets. Apply to H. BARNES A CO., house agent*, 47 West Twenty-seventh atroe. A FOUR STORY BliOWN STONE FRONT HOUSE wanted?with modern Improvements, between Twelith end Twenty-eighth streets, and between Filth and Sixth avenues. Kent not above $t0). Also, o'lter good Houses In good neighborhoods. Apply te BARNES A CO., 47 Wrst Twenty -seventh sit eel, house agents. A SUIT OF ROOMS WANTED?FOR HOUSEKEEPING, by a gentleman, wife and servant, with all She modern improvements. Location In Ninth ward preferred. Term* mutt bp moderate^ Address S. Bennett, lit) I'eari street. A gentleman and wife want two rooms, turnlsbed or unfurnished, without board. on arcond lioor. iu A pleasant location, with a respectable laailly. Location preiened betweca Fourteenth and Twenty-hlth streets and Tiifnl aud Fifth avenues. Address 11 Wood. 400 Broadway. COTTAGE WANTED.?A SNtTO COTTAOE AND OCTbuildings, wlih some laud, on tbo lino of the Hiitlaon Birer Railroad and near a good School and an Kniasijial blurb, wanted, at a rent or nol over SUM, or wtlrbe yurchased ai a low mice lor cash. Apply to FRANCIS MORGAN, No. 10 Flue street. LHRMNI1KD ROOM WANTED FOR THE 1ST OF I; May by an eip~rienred teacher, in oxrbame tor thorough inatnirtton in French aud muaio (>, with the use ol liia I'iauo if wanted. Addroaa for one week, Om crou, llerald otlce. H0U8E.-A.NV PARTY HAVING A SMALL ROUSE vacant, with car, vraler, Ac., east aid'-, not above Twenty-sixth aiicel, nUbing a (,'*"! tenant lor the eusulug jaar, a' a very low, almost nominal rent, to a email, careful and piivate Iamily, mav address, with rent and particulars. F. G.. box lit Ueral t oOlce. House wanted?a small family would like lo take charge of a furniaucd or unfuralabcd huu?that I* likely to remain vacant for a year, al n ut ol A-'.iO oi $.100 per annum. Reference giren. Address for two daya A. M. U., box Jill Herald o?U e. House wanted?in exchange for cash and a well established strictly tush paying and proritahle bnsluraa. House must bi; well built; replete witb modern I improv,-meoia; well looa-ed and bare an equity value of | 97,000 lo $4,UuU. Apply to r>. DINOEE A co . No. 8 Fiue at. T' O PROPLRTT HOLDERS-WANTED, SEVERAL Tenement Houses to rem or take the enure charge of, | by a man of soine years experience ui the buaiuesa. Address J. B.. box ICO Hi raid office. WANTED-BV A PEOMl'T PAYING TENANT, IN Brooklyn, convenient to Wail street and Fulton fernea, a moderate sized House, or lower part at a House, with gas, iva'er and bath, in a re.?i>e. ab'.e ucmbboi boou. Kent must be inodeiate. Address S. s. S., box IDA Herald olT.ce. IVANTJiD?IN BROOKLYN. A LARGE ROOM. SUITTV able lor A full sl/ed L>illiai<t table, tor private u*c.: tnusl be a> lean20x2>. AddteaxU. K. If., box JJ New York Poet office. WANTED?A PARLOR. BEDItooM AND KITCHEN, for a gentleman aud hi* wife, betweeu Tenth aud Tweutj-tlilid nip-cK, li ar Biuadwuy. Aid e?, atntiig terms. Win. Stevens, box 216 ID t aid ofl ce. WANTED? PART 01 A HOUSE BY A FAMILY OF three adults, including set out; rasi of Fuurlb avenue and nut th of Twenty-third aire-1. AddrCM, with full puttiuuiara, L. P. S., box .t.OSi Post \VANTF.D.-A I,ADY" WISHES A HOUSE TO TAKE TV charge oi dining the summer a> uaun. Inexc-iiiiun*Ule relercnce given. Address tor two dayg F. S., llciuld office, W ANTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY. THE UPPER OR TV lower part of a House, with all the mo lein Improvements, in a feral class neighborhood, u> ar the Hudson lil-. it Railroad. Iteut not to eseced $250 or $215. Address, for two days, H. U.. box 21) Heiald odbe. TV-ANTED?BY A 8MAJ.I. FAMILY, ABOUT FIVE TV Room-, with w ater and gas, on the ?e. ond tli>or, in a private house; lo aled within lllleen minutes' walk of the Cooper Institute. Rein, must be uiedoratc. Addresi B. J., ljtl East fwenty-ttist street. TETANTED?TIIE LOWER PART OP A HOUSE, IN A TV good m-ighuorbood, tor a small l.imiiy ; rent must be mudeiaie. and with only one laaitly. Adores* J. L. Z , Herald ogb e. wA.VTED-BY TWO t-ENTLEMEN DOING BUSINESS TV duwk town, a nea'le Vtmiahed Room, between i anal aud Bond slieets and nasi Broadway; inference*exchanged. Addict* fur one day, stating tern.a, Ac., box 132 H rtldouice. 11" ANTED?BY A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY, A TV Se ond Siont ol a house, in a genital uelghborhuud; location between West Twenty.nfth ?nd Forty-Arth ewerta; with ali the modern Improvement*. Rent not to exceed $2?ju per anntini. Would join a party in taking a ho iv. Call ou or addn-as C. C., I46W?# Tblrty-aixtb atreet. U 'ANTED TO HIRE-BY A GENTLEMAN, W,KE AND two children, girls, aged three aud live, the upper pari and front basement of a mo t. in House, located between Siitb and Ninth aren as, and below Thirtieth street, rent trom $2W to gAtfO. Addte?e. with particulars. T. C'., bog 2.244 Pilot office. WANTED TO HiRE-A SMALL NEAT COTTAGE, plesiantly situated, neat the ,Hudson river, abotit OU to70ulleairomtbeciiy, with one acre of land, In n good ata c of d'lhlvatton; rent not to exceed $mi to $100 per year. Address (root pstdj L. H. L.. station D, Poet office. WANTED TO RENT-AT A LOW PRICE, A FURuisbed Hutisa, directly on the Sound or sea shore, within thirty miles of the cltj. Addiew box 1.M7 Post office. WANTED TO RENT?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE going to lo- aegeeplng. twoor thiee nice R'onie In eome good .wait / below Broome at reel, east of Bowery. Terms not rnor- tnau 4150 per anudm. Address, alatlng particulars, K. II. W , box 20$ Herald office. WANTED TO RENT-ON STATES ISLAND, A SMALL, neatly furniebed House, In g od to-wllen sod near to landing, ti ui June 1 to Novtmber 1. Family oai/oftwa person*. Kererence* unexceptionable. Address, sitting erms, Ae,, Cbaa M. Ogden, Post office, New York. RBMTAVHAHTE. ~ a f ihdvb nvarRU AMI) DIVTVil Kmnif l?A ffl'T . A ion ttrael?The flneat Oyetera, Stcaka, Chop#, Cutleta, linn ?ud Eft*. Yankee*:Flab Cakea, Button Looetera, Ten, CoSee. Alea, lc. Marcbanta and otbera will find tilt arttdoa t*r??d at thia (.late the beat In tbe nun krt. T7-BEE LUNCHES FOB RESTAURANTS FURNISHED J; sn tba moat reaaonable terma, at the Commodore a, No. 7 New atrte t. N. B.?C'laba and partita can obtain Matt and Clam Cbowdera, aa food at tho ortgiual ehoa litta wade by tbe P! ?. <? Fainrra of New England. c< FENCER HAS got mo NEW IDEAS IN HIS HEAD, (j . ontequrnily he la compelled to write bit old one. The Two Serena le now open for the reception of old friendt and new cuttomert, 77 Ureenwicta avenue. SPENCER. The amende honorable will be hade furllrly to munow, at 18 o'clock, at KAY'B, 143 Broadway. Tbe coin a ataff will be praaent. Keep up your courage, and be pi ream at tbo time appointed. NEWSPAPERS. It""' TH. CAUCASIA!! TIIK NEW YORK FREEMAN H JOURNAL IS OUT. THE POST OVFICK DEPARTMENT READMITS IT TO THE MAILS ORT THIS WEEK'S NUMBER AND READ IT. Head for It. Price ttve conta. ? % J. (MASTER. Editor. - "o.i Tim tow, TH> TDftr. rHONTO OJUm? WOjL STAND TUB PRESENT ewvn An the fafm at Piuehinii Address all omuini n hat Ions ta V, P. Kcaua.jnushiag. I. I mOM WONDHit. ?THIS CKLEBUATKD SXALUON I* 1 now Handing for mama at Wllaon Lawrenca'a stable, at Pluahiug, Lone Island, At $30 the aaaaon. Maraa at lite rlak of owners; pasture oin l>a Iia<1. Addrasa aa above or tbo owner. Dr. J. B. Lawrence, St. Denis Hotel, N. Y HOJHSKS, CARRIAOH8, dscT A JENNY POB SALE?BROKE TO SADDLE. VBKf tjent.e; would auswei foi a ohild to ride. Apply at IdS Third avenue. A BINE OOLDEN BAT HOUSE. lft.K HANDS HIOH. 6 yaara old, half thoroughi red, stjli-h nnd a aiip.-rtor aaddle horse. Pur aals by TUOS. NOKKiS, 116 Clinloa place, Eighth eLeei. A GOOD TWO HORSE 80DAWATKR WAGON TO BB aold cheap. Can be aeen In New Caual sired, between Baxter and Mulberry etreeta, New York. Please inquire at 49 Baiter atreet, In the a lore. A NT PERSON HA VINO A GOOD STALLION WHICH A he wishes to put out for the season, on a good stand And in a horseman's hands, wtU please address WUaon, be* 106 Herald ofllce. A PAIR OP BLACK H0RBK3 WILL BB SOLD TOR J\ one-half their value; art) about fourteen hands high, and believed to he sound; they nre perfectly kiud end senile in single or douhle.harnass, harinx been ridden sad 2rtree by ladies and children; they hare been used by the present owner for shout three years, sod are only offered tor sate la consequence of the times. Address box 9,811 Pest ollloe. At pkitate stable no. u west thirteenth street.?For sale cheap, one six seat Bockaway. in Med order; price $900. One Brett; prioe $2U0. Also, a Side Bad die and Bridle, for $M, which oan be seen at GRAHAM's, M D niveralty place. An elegant enolisu park phaeton fob two Carriages. Apply at U West Eighteenth street, aeai butu avenue. t>AY BOB TAIL H0R8S FOB SALB-A QKBAT bab JL> HKtbi U 16)4 bends high, 8 years old, strongly buiU, Ana prompt driver, and will go lz miles an hour; suited for an} work, and stands without tying; warranted sound and kind the owner has no use (or him, and wlU soil for BUS cash Apply at 24 West Thirteenth street. Board tour morses at thr bxcblsiob Stablea, Sixth avenue and Thirtieth street.?The beat ventilated, airy over ground stable in the city. Terms low Callandaee them and be convinced. A handsome pair o? black Horses for sale. CARRIAQE HOUSES FOB SALB.-A PAIR OF FINB Carriage Horses, dark bays, long tails, young end food travellers, and perfectly sound in every respect, inquire at 107 West street or address box 1,881 Mew Ton Post office. rR BALE?A LOT OF GOOD DRAUGHT HOR8BB.CltAUIN f CO., sea West Twelfth street. For saijR?sgo coaches, bretth, family rook. sways, Hotel ar\d Depot Wagons, Express, Grocers'ant Business W agons of all kinds; 86 Horses and Harness, at U Nevins street, 184 Fulton avenue, and Mo. 9 Klatbush avenue Brooklyn. Fob sale?a fa.vorite saddle marb. used b> a lady In the ring and on the road; very stylish, U hands high: also a Dice driver in harness. Can be seen el Fagau'a stable, 74 West Twenty -second street. IjlOR SALE-A PAKE PHAETOM, NEARLY NEW, CITY maker, in hrst rate running order. Price $300. Apply at private stable 24 East Twenty eighth street, user Madtaoe eventie. For salh-a laroe bat horse, i?k hands high, 7 years old, perfectly sound, kind and,genUe, wiM make a good cart horse; price $160; also, a mare, Same size, price $160. Beth can be seen in Newark. They.are now la the country. Address W. A., Herald oilloe. Fob sale?a pair of carriage horses, 16\ hands high, light bay, loagtail, warranted sound end kind. Can be seen end tried at Johnson's livery stable. 16 Pearl street, near the Battery. For sale-a fine fair of wbll matched bay Horses, 16 hands high, seven years old this spring, sound and kind; have b*en used for the pest eighteen months by n manufacturing establishment in the country for express wagon and carriage use, end are suitable for any establishment wishing a good team for rxpress'work. Price $409. Apply at 166 Greenwich street, aecoud floor. IjtOR~8ALE-A CAU&DUECARRIAGE, IN OOOD OK 1 der; also e light Wagon. Will be sold cheap. Can be seen at l'bomas Norria' stables, 118 Clinton piece. TitOB SALE?A PAIS OF BAY HORSES, LONG TAILS. J? 15*4 hands high,good travellers, sound and kind; aoM for want of use; price $300, To be seen at the private stable 46 Hamilton street, near Market street, or inquire at 61 Market street. For bale?a fair of mares, sire, oabbius m. Clay, H and 9 years old; sound and kind. Apply U PETER W YOKOFl< Cypress Hill* road. Bronfclyn. IPOR HAI.K?A SUPERIOR bay marb. 11 hand* J3 high, sound, kind, gentle, and In every respect a SrM rate horse; a free traveller and Rood road borae. Also doctor * Wagon and Harness. Inquire at Mr. Sluke's, Mo. 1 Jackuon street. near Grand. For rale?five good dirt 0ART8 AND HAR neaa; also, (wo coal Cart*, oue down town Cart. 01 4 liafht Wagon and a Rood cart Horse, all aound. They will b? will cheap, separate of together. Apply to JAMESMULKk, No. 14 Essex street. IfOR SAI.E?A SORREL HORSE, 1? HANDS, 6 TEARS old , can trot now in 3 minutes to wagon. bay Hon*. 163a bands, 7 years old; can trot In 3:15. A roan Mare, MM band a, 4 years old; an excellent saddle mare. They are a! aound and kind; just from the farmer that raised them. Will be sold; worth the money. To 'bo aeon at gansmla' stables, Nov 7 and Bergen street, Brooklyn. ok sale-a pair op carriage horses, 15* ! baads high, Sand tf years old, light bay, long tall, warranted sound and kind. Cau be aeen and tried at Johnson'* lively stable, 16Pearl stieet, near the Battery. For sale-a buouy waoon, SHIPTIMO ANB leather top. To be seeo al Gould's stable, 43 Sixth avenue. DAVID CLOSE, US Pulton street. Ipor sale.?a small black horse. seven 1 years old, aound, kind and a fast trotter, will be sold cheap, as ths owner baa no further use for it. Apply at pri- I vate stable 199 East Ninth sl^t. IpOK SALE-CHEAP, A SPLENDID BLOOD BAB ' Mare, IS1; baud* high, long tail; also, a beautiful8addl? Horse, sound and kiud. Will be sold cheap tor want at usn Apply a l 96 Mareet street. LICK SALE -A KINK BAY COUPB HOh.SE, 16 HANDS 17 high. lo. sale, us the owner bas uo I urtber uae for hint. Impure of K. MctiSATH. at Peltoa's stable, Twwuty-brM street, near V irtu avenue, between and 11 A. m. For sale?a handsome, stylish driving black Mare, just in from Jersey, lti>; bands high, 8 year* old, warranted sound and kind In any harness or under the saddle. Impure of BEKKMAN A BKO., M Third aveutto. corner of Twenty-eighth street. Fob sale?a Canadian pony, about 12 hands high; is very gentle under the saddle or in harness; can he driven by s obild; will be sold cheap. To be seen at 471 Pearl street till sold. pOR SALE-A FINE MARE, 143; HANDS HIOH, FIVE X years old, suitable for a doctor, butcher or grocer. Alas a Wagon, express built, and Harness, all In good order. In quire at 47 Park street; P. B.ABBOTT. Fob sale. cheap?a punt, business waoon and 1 lai iie-v, as the owner Ins no further um for Uem. Apply at 120 C'burcb street, In the rear. IjlOK SALE CHEAP?A HORSE. SPRING CABT AND Hatueas, with the Work of a Store down town. The owner has goue Into other huaineaa, and baa no further use for them. Aiqdy at 44 Mutt street. "LftOK SALE CHEAP?A BROWN MABB, WITH FOAL, r seti n year* old, IS hands high, or will exchange for a stilt able horse. Inr|olre ht 1171 t 'harry street, nmll sold. FOR sale OR exchange?twenty-FIVE Yol'NU Ilor?es, just from Canada Weal, from four to seven years old, lonrtt eu to set ?nt?cu hands high; one Mara with foal. Also two mat bed Trains. aM sound and kind, Inquire in the Itlaeksmlth fon. 120 Norfolk street, until sold. yOR SALE, OR TO TRADE FOR A OCN)D STRONG L tlor-e?A am ond hand llockaway Coach, In good order. Would anawei for the country cnriara bank. Will aoat sis. Apply at the stable corner of Fiftieth street and Broadway. Xe.v Voia. IF THE Off*TUBMAN WHO CALLED AT NO. 4 RIVINGton stable, will call to-day, be will see tht coupe florae advertised and |be ow ner, at 11 A. M Maltese jack foe sale-thoroughbred, imnor e,l; i M hands i lgh; black; price ttKW: will trade l'- tea! e?!aie or diamonds. Can be seen at Polnemua' stable*, tji e ltd alreel, Williamabitrg, or apply to or address the owner, Dr. L . No. 4 Rivlngton street. New York. IJIMV.VTE STABLE TO LET?WITH ROOM FOR TWO horses and two carnage*. An elcgitnt English Pgrk Phaeton Ru ?ale; price S33U. co?t $1,100, and la nearly new. An)i)y at &-I W> -t Kighreenth street, nenr Sixth avenue. THIRTY-FIVE IIORFF.S FOR SALE-JCST FROM THE i-ountry. Seven pe r of uiatcbed Carnage Horses, vrrj aivilah. live Trotters, Saddle, Single end Huaiuc-a win h* sold tor fair prUee. and wart anted as represented. Apply to W. B. TITMAN, No. .VI Broad street. Newark, N. J. r HORSE DEALERS -WANTED, A PONY SUITAblr fur saddle and buggy, not over *ix years old; a parts taking a WO vcwdt.j; n a bine, out ut store, at lowest ca-h price, In p^rt payment, preferred. Prce of horse must bu stated, not to exceed $120. Addi est, for oue week, A. B. C., station D WANTED-A HOOD KOAD HORbK. ADDRESS m. R.. M IU raldoKhe. WAGON FOB SALE.?A GOOD TWO SKATED SHIFTST m Ion \V aei.ti .11 ro.,,1 older: be*-n run oalv a shoi t iii1' (ten at udirkll A Kleefe alablM, ?i and 77 E.e.Trntb a'reel. WAXTED-A NBAT. LIGHT ONI 1IOR8K hK? OND ? band Ro- kaway Carriage. AdJieea 1 I. k H T. B iruhit'ii, No. till Hndaou anet. none n'td apply hut Ibota who wlil neil cheap. WANTED TO PURCHASE-! BAY UORBE, ROT over 13banda high, pony hollt and long 'all, ha mutt be i-ound and kind ana a good roadeler. AAdrrae, with ileeetlption, amine pried and where ha< an ; ? aeca, H. A. P., hoi 1,037 Pout ofik-a. PEKHONAL. CVaI'T. ILC. WOOSTER, FORMERLY Of SHIP CAIRO, J la re.pieated to aand bla addreta to bos 4,187 Mew York | Poal itAca. Eaatcra pa para will plaaae copy. I' NEVER HAS LEFT-ADDRESS MRS. L6TTY CLIP} t"n. Foal oid, Boa'on, Ease. JOHN LACRITZ IS REQUESTED TO RETURN IM mediately to hla undo. Everything la forgiven and forj gotten. _ _ _ Madame parsaij.e has removed to mo. 741 tlreenwii'h aireet4 between Hammoad and Perry. Chitdion taaen for adopUum an l adopted o il. - DKNTlgTIl?# ~~~ 1 DR. C. A. WniYE'S IM PROVED A RTIKICIAL TEETH. Whole seta Trniu $3 upuarde; teeth tille.lVtth goWV ' centa 'o $1. Ajl work wanamed Ural elaae. Dr OH'iRtfT WHITE, Id Ha,ad aircei, Dr. C. A. Will TE, 717 Arch etreel l'hlladelph A. HAVIN.| HAD ONE TOOTH EXTRACTED W4TI10U Hellni' mr pain whatever, l>7 Or .t JAt Vllil.r lis l3A'.lrand aTi.-et, I cheerfully rno nmend htm to the*. ?U| Ihlint Itom tvJtlM he. ALRRIIT M. CIIAITIt, ki( U RT?ntt? ttnl TUud aQtot. BiooklrR. t I I

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