Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1862 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9353. , THE BOMBARDMENT OF FORT PULASKI. Arrival of the United States Steamers HcClellan and Star of the South. Interesting Particulars of tlie Siege and Surrender. Oenertl Order Speeifying the Range, Elevation, Bate of Firing, Charge of Powder, &e., lo be Used. Ae Xdne-of-Battlc-Ship Vermont at j Port Royal. f Return of Troops from Jacks' ville, Florida, &0., &C'i &0.4 t Th* United State* steamer McCletlan, J., Tftijth, commander, from Port Royal, arrived at this* ^>rt fariy yesterday morning. The United States steamer Star of the So aVh.WdodLmll, from Port Royal, arrived at this port last t wcnlng-. She tarings flfty four refugees from Jacksoav a,ivie. . Wis United State* ship Vermont arri ^>a oiT'Bs.y Point on Monday evening, 14th inst., havl' tg l?en towed up Prom th* bar by the steamships SU> / .0f the South and Potomac. IVrt Pulaski ie now in possesion fjt. th, ft, .ted States ^Torte*. Tho star* and bar* have ' suppuntod by the tars and Stripes. The Seventh "Connect'.cot Vol' tnr?n "Oifcnpy thequarUrs so lately occupied by the 1 irst'Georgia Volunteers. On the morning ft W-.elOtl 1 vhs "prtpc-ration* for its bombardment, under Erigad' in '(lateral Gilmore, woro completed, and a comirunicat fsm, under Cig of truce, wna forwarded to Cohmel Olrnat and. the commander of Putaskl, dersanding thvuncoQ<? surrender of tho fort. to this Colonel O. replied .'in a vdry gentlemanly and wltty-noto, staring tnat J? riv*i there "to ae.ecrt, olio surrender the for'/." Upon-receipt of this, at fly two minutes past se re* A. M, ?.* the 10th, the batlertso on Tybee openod fit h. After f.ring a few reiivis Awn tho aeverhl bittarifce -a chern shot ear tied a why Uu halliards en Pulae'tj., and' tho rebel flag "lc! -i"! tether oartb." At thhfyotntovu- Ore slackened. ' 'Onr people, tot knowgtog hnt"th* t the occupant") * 1 o Art were tiring of tb-tr sport, had oonoluded to , ie?8umb. Presently, iniJead of-tkr white flag, then ars and bars were once mere -seen waving from a temporary Jfiagfitaff onthe paraped. The batteries on Ty-boe re omemenced wtdr. redoubled vigor, and the firing ccseirued -without cessation during the remai ader of the (lay. To' wards night Con. Oilmor?,'h?'.ngs? tie fled (fremtfco affects * of {he Parrutt guns and James pro (eclilos duri ug4> > day) * of the practicability of brsscbing (ho fort, again-Slacken?Od the firing in order to make arrr uigementsTOrtlu plent-tng of more guns at tho Coat Point batteries .41 it point "heing 'Hie nearest to P-. laaki- -distance yards. Prom sunsot till twelve- aidnlf (bt no firing wt j heard. Worn then until daylight on o sessional shot- *vas dred, 'Wad on "the morning Of the 11th two cmaU- breaches were visible to us, at (the of two ) miles, - -on tho sooCeaet face of 1 the fort. By -twelve M. th- ye, tinder tha Weary and u w*U directed firing f om the Goat Petal batteries, ' had assumed most woaderful giroportlonu, and at eighteen * minutes past two o'clock (P. M. ths rebel flag was hauleddcwu and a White iflag displayed.. A boat was then sent to Pulaski, and at surrender e fort was mads. I Qoionel Olmstead stated Ahat it was tmpee-ibl# te lio.d out any danger, as Che riflomhots were fast-working 'heir way indd the magaistmr'.aad a goodly number of his guns Were , u>i acwo iuoniDre^mfWiu -.u couip.y with tieaeral Hunter's demand, Aocordlng'y, the same aifbt, .the Seventh Connecticut, Cdlonel Terry, was the Cor'.and the nvinitKmeof. war, proviMane^fco., were tamed over to the credit oMha Union. Unlet* *<oes?One k 'led, one woundedeUgh'-iyRebel '?? -Tkrts woun.ied? ampiiUtlon necessary end yak <me4 1*4 cb CM#; prison ere Sfili, Including Ow lee m keve W w/tttdrewn^rrooi Jeektur.viile, and ?k?* *, **. M men,arrived at Jbh'jon Brad on ike Qui r < tan on il>? 16th. Re Me *e trea < Urn following paaeengcra:? CM J It Mm. ? 4 tr Hen. Hunter end in obnrgc of MCpnrm* > . ie r 'if decpe'ther I. .A.Hadovi, l? ? .*er?r of <l<-patchw?; !,. C. Style*, Mac re tar y e<- u? (> at; K. C. t-'.-rd, Commission.-- Do arlinemt 4* 1~ iff I, 1? 4o.. Lieut. W. Scott, Volunteer ngineur IViu.terit-. Apt. J. J. Cooler. Twc ,ty-eighth Maaeechuee'ieanC ) ' mronare, with IS of. t o Kinds Island r?eeim ..i: Us guard, i*vrn discharged uoliiera and mechaakx. Ute tracef ,rL eUAMrn Multou, M .riou, Rt.| re t'itr, ' Oriental, B?n Ueford, lelet wid, Cuetnopulilan, Hobton, e Mattano an; M-yii'- WSr a-rc at Hilton Head. | Annexed ae* the paaaengrrefiy the Star of thaiituib ? IJcut. loloiw' Jas. V. lla.ll, Volunteer Kngiueer* Lieut. W. 0. Withers, Voluntiy ( A'iglntrars; Major Ira I,. Iiewilt, , V. 9. A. Haynua'or: 0. 0- fcAwj "or, ipo.-tal eorrenpot lent . of the Nrw Von. Hkraij>; Wt it Craue. ape- is I artist of Prtuik Lulic't I!U*Ua.'*i M*ai pi-\r~r; Jains* Mcllride A. fll cker, Jr., Mr tWalker,- franc ia Huigeb*, Uat-o .-'ale, ,diT. Kenned v..Ir Ike following awfugeaa ?? .red* by tbe fltar. of iha . St. Jam** P. MkiJball. vt\k anal two cbUdrrm Iter, llfg; Uuwitt, wife, fivo childiat un I fiorvaut, AjLc C!%r^r, WlPtjiud two children; W. P. Dcloiasy, w ife Andil+reo aM'ffcfn; W- B. FairoU'.M, wife and t breo rhildron; I tulip wbfe and all eeiidrent C L. .tlobinBnn, v Je. liirc cbUtena. acrvnut; 'lhoii.aa Steven* and wife, Mre. Granger. O. X. Keonaai.d wile, Mr. l*r Kit, .!?**?<Air doer, vanapand on* cum.). MiatiW St>wreiii, Jot* Dowd, Cabled litre \I>,C. p. I *v roux, and E. JP. J'arkar. Dri h-jwu*! w. ItobinMc. Aeiiqg APuratf of the c iterf 0ktUa.c;?nne * JlcClelUc.. and it. C. ftaicc, Ptuntr of <h> Slur of Uie .lioutb, wufjile'vaeArcepi our thank* tor lav or ( rendered. ' Priju trhcr do the <H oviJU pai Imnif. Wmmammn, April 18,1862. Ike folic*, log wa*%M'ielvedi*A tbo W" Department today from (iaueral HuhMr. ootnraandlot lie Union To. cci fa So.ith Caroline.:? 1 bar Riivm^A C., AyrII16, 1662. Wa ojiened nr batte.pea ?n Fort PuIlu k; ou morn, lag "f the 10th.;.iHtant. ylCtor Jtoura' continuous iffig a practical i breacl#?".e lCTdw,nnd pr?p.'"i?llon* for attwming werouba^t toco vnaeneo,when Ube rebel (lag rati struck. We Ut va capt.hed fortf-? ton guns, Siren Ibqueund abot and ehelle, /erly 0e? i: and po inds of powder, tbrte buudi.d oaid sixty p.taonorB, vrlth thalr aCDi.ll arm* aud 'iocM.V.'Siaenla, And t good rajpply of provisions. One or oh. wrnpr^s killed ndna wj.-.dc ?. OaurXloelasuur kU-'iil CnrrrnnoAifc n-e. 7'onr Ppjjtffs:, I Concern* tiu?\ W*.. Aftrll 13,ia?2. j f,e PrM Fl'ij ii Lout. ml?,li/K U Manx Mhw I'ottoMvi'ithe Miri in Jiuim?I'articnke* of 1*4 H<-rutin nimrxlth* CunuuttH' neixt?Signal?Gi Jcr mnd Met* of AUai-b? Or ''.-i?7*4 fir* Oponri on Tkunday, April ir re > rU, Firing on /ioth jS?ltt Inrf&Mvr?An . /( " b, \ '** Two qf OlA- (MiinxIrioiU wrt Pit >.1 '.'d~ . iArtxtU Gum of the /Vr? SiUnont?Tne MJx. "iiig Cut tea?ft it Aga.ttPMri.-iiii A fit a HKoit Laptt of Tun*?The Firtt Wight And Afgnxing of the . Itcr nd Aty?The Battle R< n*iwil?4'nt Jftrtarh Incrrat ' mi?The ftvrrei-Ur?Tke M', dr., dr."? /Tort I'ulaakl 1* our* I The rebol flag wltteh h*4 flaun?*>J ted* it* brown battlement* was lowered, not My* fort jdtMdiato tb* "o^ession of It* rightful ww??r?-tho gowwrtmwt of t'e United Stat**?on Frhlay last, at atxuif '? # Vclook in tb* afternoon, after it bad undere t > %>.U .i -nont of aboat thirty six hour* Stnnij ai ton.'.:j of only nineteen hour*. It Is now nearly " "f r r.Htarred by shot ?u 1 crumbed by shelf, * It'tW" d oied and everything a general wreeb. 1U a^fendfrv, n .'Hlwring about three b'indrcd and eighty sen,*"* r' *<?'*rs of war, after a gu'lont defence?1 mat to JliM''"* aeltaawladga It so?end will. M> a day or two. be s?i < ip New *f>rk. - "f t ?. ?>/>eciiri*t| by tb* Poreoth CotfiWf *w? E NE Volunteer!, Colonel Ibrry; one somieny ef Ike Aire d Rhode 1blend artillery, and Company A, ?T the ^' jateer togtassrs, Lieutenant Brooks oomtaaediog. 1 have la a previous commentoa'.ion given s history of the besieging operations an Tybeo Island, Inrhlsg to the reduction of the fort, and 1 need now but give s i brlof aoeooat of the bombardment, which 1 propose to 1 send by vhe MoOloilaiv, tfct main despatches going by tho | Star ef the South. 1 ' On Wednesday lest, the batteries established on Tybee being complete^ order was given to open fire on the ! fbUowing morsring (Thursday), -tptll 10. Tho following i special and general orders will explain themselves;? t VNEKlL ORDERS?NO. 17. HiADgoximtss Unmo> Srsrss Foanw, > i , Tthkk Island, Ga., April 9,1W2. f "he ssfttbMes established against Fort I'ulcski will ba ?*^ried ?nd ready for serviceatbrenk of day UMttrrrow. ' se signal to be;;in the action will be one gun from the rtf/M mortar of Buttery Hal lock (3,400 yards from Uis * erk), 3 rod under the direction of Lieutenant Horace ' .Snrter, Chiof of Ordnance; chargo of mortar eleven pounf h, charge of shell eleven pounds, elevation Lb de [ grees, and length of fuse 24 seconds. This battery (two 13-4neh mortars) will continue firing at'the rate of fit tsen minutes ta each mortar alternately, varying the charge of mortars and length ef fuse, so that the shells will drop over the arches of the u <nh and 'northeast faros of t*o work, and explode Immediately after striking, but not belt re. The other batteries will open as follows, vis:? Battery htanten (throe 13-lnch mortars, 3,400 yards distant), immediately after the nigral, at iberatoof fifteen minutes for each piece, ultoruavoly from (ha right; charge of mortar fourteen pounds, charge of ahull seven pounds, elevation do degrees and. length of fuso 23 seconds, varying the charge of mortar and length of fuea as may be re.ruirod. Tho shells should drop over the arches of tho south face of the wcrlP, and explode immediately idler striking, but not before. Battery Grant (throe 13 Inch mortars, 3,200 yards distant), immediately after tho ranges for Battery Stanton have been determined, at the rate of fifteen minutes for each Dleow . alternately frost the right: ehargo of shell K?veo pounds, olevulion 45 degrees, charge of mortar and length of fuse to bo varied to suit tie range, as determine! from Bnttory StoMoe. iiio should drop over tho arches of tlie south face of the-work, and oxpkxte immediately after striking, but not before. liatlfery Lyon (three Jk'-iuoh coluinbiada, 3,100 yards from1 the work), with a curvod lire, iintnediitely after tbexbrnal, allowing ten minutes botwoon the discharges for each piece, alternating from tho right; charge of guns seventeen pounds,charge of shell tbi uo pointer elevation 20 de-scoou, and length-of fuse 20 seconds: the cuarge and length of fuse to vary-as required. The shell eh mid pare over the pirapct Into the work, taking the gorge and TTth face in revereo, and expi< ding at the moment of ririking or Immediately after. Battery Lincoln /three 8-inch columbiads, a,046 yarde "from the work), w'itb a curved flie, immediately after "the uigual, allowing six minutes butwoea discharges for each piece, alternating front the right; charge of gun ten 'pounds, 'Largo of shell 1% poun Is, elevation 20 degrees, and length of fine 20 seconds, directed the fame as But i tery Lyon, upon the north face and gorge in roverse, varying the cfjrrgo and length of fuse accordingly. Battery Burro ide (one 13-inch mortar, 2,760 yards from tho weitr), ilring every ton minutes, from the rango as obtained fur Buttery Shorman: charge of shell seven pounds; elevation 45 degrees, charge of mortar and length cf ftr'o varying as required from those obtained for Baiiery bhertcan. The shells should drop mi the arches ol Che north and northeast faces, and explode hnroodiatcly after striking, but not before. 'i'alt. ry ?h"rman (three 10-lach'mortars, 2,C5(^jarde from the work), commencing immediately after tho rouges for Ilattory Grant, have been determined, and bring at the rato of hfteen minutes lor each piece, ult/ThuMiigf-om the right; charge ofcliell seven pounds; elevation VG degrees; charge of mortar- and length of fine to be bxed to suit the range as determined from Buttery ( rant. The shells should drop-ever the ait hes of the norUi-ood'uorttieast faces. B iturv Scott (thrco 10-inchard one 3 inch GolumHad, 1,877 yards front the work), tiring so'id shot, and commeiMiHg imirediately after thebarbctto lire of the wofks has ceased. (Largo of 10-inch oolumbinds twenty pounds, elev-ctlon i}? degrees; charge of IMnch coluinbiud ten po'tBds, elevation 5 degrees. This haltery should broach therpancope between the eowth.-und southeast faces, and the-rmbrapure next to it in the southeast face; the eVeva tioa to be varied accordinglythe charge to rvmarn the smqo. Uutil the elevation is accurately determined each gun should lire once in lm jelnutm; after that, every an or eight minutes. Mattery Sigol (Ave bOpeuader Parrolts and oue f t pounder Jan:o*\ 1,620 yardc <rom the work), toepeu with 4'? seconds rnso on tbe?barbette guns of the (eat at she n?cond discharge front Battery Sherman. Charge for impounders, three and a quarter pounds, charge for 24 pot;u'!er, Ave pounds; elevatieC/40 degrees for both callMi As run as the barbette firs of the work baa keen silenced, tltia battery wit! ho directed, with percussion chells, upon the walls, to breach the pam-ope between, the couth and c luthcast faces,-and the embrasure next to It in the southeast face: the-elevation to be varied accordingly, the charge to remain.the same. Until the eleva tlon fn accurately determinMrOacb gun should firann.'o in six or eight minute*; -after that, every four or dve minutes. flattery McClelian (twodilandtwo 32 pounder Jacw", 1,620 yards from the'workl open* Are immedutely alt-r rflattery Scott. Charge for d?..pounder, eight pou-edx; charge for 32 pounder, six fmonds; elevation ot impounder, 4degrees, and.32-pounder 4 degrees. Kach ,j tecs should lire once every Uvo or six minutes after 4h? elevation lias been established; charge to remain Ihe aoiDM. ibis battery should breach tlie works in the pancope between the south and southeast faces, nnd U ? ntnbrssure next to it in the-southeast faoo. Theaitcl acraper for tba grooves et'oufck-be used after every fifth <u sixth discbarge. 4lattery Tot leu (four JO-iiuih- 5.ego mortars, l/fkl yr.rris from the work) opcaa. tiro immediately utter , battery t-igel, firing each 4*c e about once si minutes; chare# of .juurtur, three aud a ball' pounds: charge ?f ale. II, three pounds; eiavation forty five iivgrees and l^s.-tn of fuse eighteen and a half seconds. The cfcurgo uiortnr ntul length of fuse t ary, so an to explode the at?U over the northeast and southeast faces of the work. u?WI J MIWIH'I ur IIIIIUIIM"') WUV.-itir IIIU WOT* Buttry rotten .should direct its lire. upou it, varying the ehagrc of mortarn and lengtfi of l uix accordingly. Tfcp1' 'e from each buttery wtUcenoo at dark, except cejM*, ?l directions ba ritcd to the contrary. A wgual oitlcer at Battery iScottj-je observe the < IT*, te of Uje.thirt'en-lnch shells, will 1>< in oomnniuicalMC with ?b."or signal officers statioueiLnsur Batterus >u.aton. t-jai.'t and Sherman, in .order,to determine the raiiy* isia these batteries in saccessiuu. Bv order of Brig. (ten. y t. tiii.i.uoRK. V. JL . M. Retire n, Firm l.ieuteuufi'. Vcl'uiteer Kngiiieers, At^.' g As* talent AdJuUfit tieucrul. arrciAL ordbim: Memkh x terms, T\Mrr Wt >sr>. tie., 1 AyrJ! a, 1-.62. J The foUuVr S reassignment# to J)(tU*a??s ate hereby male, ftx.? 1. Bauer*,!' tten, Capt. D. C ilod>uAn, r-Yventh Connecticut Voiuctsore, Capff 8. H. tiny, ^wvtatli Connecticut Volunteers; Sccnd Lieut.S. J. Corey, .t^vrith Connecticut Voluwtt -"re, with a detachment Connecticut \ ol iubf.'s In three reltora. 2 Battery McHnllaii.Capt. H. lUgtcr.", w ,tb Company II, Third Italt 1; laud Volunteer arWWnry, io.Uxee relicts 3. Battery B'gt4, Capt. C. Beldeuank. Kurty-mxth New York State Volunteers; (hpt. T. llotale, Forty t'xlh .Vcw |M r't itn YoluufTS, with-CcimoiuuwH H a?d H Forty sixth regiment iv w York Slate VtimUourc .n three reliofr 4. Battery Bcolt, i>pt Pardon Mase*.,,w:th ' yu ;uuiy F .Third IttuKic li .ui.'t . uluntcer artil.ery it three xolicie. 8. Battery Il'llcrk.,'lapt. O. S. Hambrtf. Sevpptg Connecticut Vn'nnuvre V'tpt. K. S. Mitchoeok, KtvcMI Ouu.mtticut Volnntarrs; Secon-PI-iant. 8. S. Mvrcll, gctonth C*a uectldut VoKaiieeyr, with a rielachauafttof Sesentta Q vrerticnt Vol utters In three reliefs. R F'atiery Slierw?aniCapt. D. CPKranrtn, ^vee^h i>m. nar.vit Vol no team: ifVyt. J B. tennis, * ?. ctiU) 'imi I neiU.tut Voluntscrv; Lieut. V. U, <Ummberla'n, jrlv".< dot: ctimentef Cow-th Connecticut WUnieoru .'n three tcaUefs. 7. lottery K#rnsid*?Sr|g<jujt J. K Wilson, fonepauy A, .Corps of Ktitfindt re; Sergeant P. Maguirr, Uoetpany A, -'"orp of flng.nedrn: Sergaau' Wadlie. with a detachment ?f I igi >i. daino \ki>lut?taers.?x. tbrco reliefs. fundi' Batteries Lincoln end l.yon/Capt. Xwila,n. IVpouxe 7 'teenth .nlanfry, Anting Inapes-tor Osueral \ IMuartmyai of thoSouthr w'.lhCspt. I.. C. Tourtetette, Coosj -uyB, TillrJ Rliods .lalana Volunteer artillery in 10. .''allot' Oreut. Dept.. Uihv* E. Palmer, f*i- 1 ve-ith t VmnenACht Volimlo?r?>Capl. Jerome Tourtoliekte, renth < n i 1 "t Vohimwgre; firm Lieut. Wm. K. PhU' a, h <'onnncttciM Volunteers, with a del mi. ' ipnnt of Vveti|h i ofinoctlcut'VeJunW'era id three reliefa. 11 llaiwrj .. lixton, i apt. V F. -CV inner, .Seventh Com.i otic a Vela-. ?r.t;Capt. txo UtMn, SeventhCon. nscttcut VoHtitec it; Pint Lieut. Ttieo^bwrdiok. Seventh Connect!. ut VoliinUpors. with a data. Ijj.tfnt or Bdventh Connecticut Taiuut'jot.t iu throe rnlieXe ily order of Brig. tJon.V. 4.tHJ t MOfcf. TV. I.. M. Untax. Tiwt Lieut. Col. ?ngj0tera, Anting i Arsistant Adjutant Ge&ei al. SMVJAJ. .CftDSBS-NO. 37. IhuojcakTtw* Ctkd Sfinw L'OfccM, 1 Tiute tie.. April. 11?4 A M. J F.ig Officer p. tpunt bavihp, in compliance with a re quest from the Major GenemI commanding the Depart mont ef Dm South, directed a detachment of no (lot* from .lie frigate WubasL, im<hr comt.-and of Lieu truant John S fifoTdjl nitud t'atPd Kavy, to report to Co?uiMi<Vr C ft. P. linger -, CnlGd stitee Navy, for eerviceno ono.td1 the batteries, tlfey are aaaigned to Battery Higel pint vacated by two confpanles of the Forty-sixth New fork SUte Vol ml eta, amf will take dbargo of tho thmo thirty-pounder Pa rotle And oue twcsty-fimr pound*; Janva.on tho right of that battery. The baUn. ?<>f the battery will remain with Captain Turner. Lotted Metre Army, Comtnlaeary of Kubslatenre, and will be twvni by a detachment of the Eighth Manic i regiment, turner Captejn Mr Arthur. By command of Brigadier General Q. A, DILI MOBK. TV. I. M Br wne*, Kirnt Lieutenant Colonel Engineers. Aellng /Malawi t tdjutant General. , The bombardment did not begin ae early aa was anlltl paled on XL i .Jay morning. It was postponed an hour or two in order te send a fl*? of truce, by Lieutenant TVi'aon, ef the Tepo-raphioal Engineers, to Fort l'ulaakt, til the commander of the pout, dcm*C<iiog *n Immediate i uflender p< Ibe wrrka The fcllowit^re ceylee ef the W YO NEW YORK,. SATURI nuil u4 reply, which vu received el half-past 1 even o'clock thle morning:? Hnatxic jamas, HarAsr*!** i op 'in Sooth, \ Turn I hi~and, Go . April 10, lbtiti. j to ?he r<>HWA.TDiN? OrKUKfi, Pert l'u e-ki.? 8ne -I hereby demand of you the immediate surrec ier md i ertorai ion of Fort rulaski to tho authority and ;.ua- I lercloa of the Vailed Sietee. This demand !s mode with a plow to avoiding. If poeslHe, the elTueiou of blood, which must resell from tho bombardment end attack now in readiness to be opeue 1. The nember, calibre and completeness of the batteries surrounding you, leave no doubt as to what must remit ineoMof refusal; and aa the defence, how. ver obstiaato, must eventually succumb to the aseailtnf force at tny disposal, it is hoped you will see lit to avert the use tone waeieof life. Thin communication will be carried to yon under a Sag of truce by I J. H. Wile n, Vnito<l States Army, wbo la at tbori/ed to watt any period not exceeding thirty minutes from delivery Tor your answer. I have the honor to be, sir, your moet.obedient serveut, I)AVID HUNTKlt, Major General Commanding. revl.y. llOAnqrticntHB, Four Poumn, April 10,1882. Major General David Helmut, commanding en Tybee Klard ? Kip?I have to acknowledge receipt of your communication of ihtH date, demanding the unconditional surrender of Fort I'til.iskiIn reply I can only ray that I am hera to defend the fort, not to surrender It. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, CHAS. H. OLMSTKAD, Colonel First Volunteer reglmont of Georgia, commanding post. Lieutenant Wilson was received at the wharf, and bis despatch conveyed to Colonel Olmstcatl. He remained In the boat until the reply was received, about fifteen minutes after, whon he imiuedlataly returned to Tybee and delivered It to Geuoral Hunter. Upon its contentsgo laconic and soldierly?becoming known, signal was made for the first gun to he fired. Gonoral Hunter, General Benham, Geaerhl Gilmore,Captain Rogers and others, immediately hurried out to the batteries, where a good view could be obtained. On Thursday morning, at tweuty lhroe minutes of eight, the fire was opened by a discharge of a thlrteeninch mortar from Battery Halleck, tired by Lieutenant Horace Porter, of tho Ordnance Department, the shell exnfodinr in the air: and this was succecdod bv a thir toon-inch shell from Battery Stanton, which exploded short. In a moment or two several of the mortars wore discharged from the other batteries; but none of the rhells were effective, the firing being wild and the ruses . too short. Three minutes after the firat fire Fort Pulaski responded from a ten-inch barbette gun, the shell exploding harmlessly over Tybee Island. The firing soon became generator) both sides, little damage being done by either for florae timo, as wo had not attained tho correct range, and the enemy were not quite sure of tho position of our battery. Soon, however, we Obeerved the dugt begin to fly from the pan cope, between tho south and southeast faces, and we were sitilrfod that tho breaching batteries (Halleck,Scott, Sigel, ItoClellan and Totten) on Goat Point were In full phty, sending their rifled balls,-solid ten inch shot and-heavy shell, with terrible eflbct, against the brick walls. Unfortu" uately, throngh some weaknoss of the iron carriages of tho ten-inch columbiads, two of tho Columbians which were throwing solid ten-inch shell wore dismounted 'by reooil, jumping backwards directly off tbeir carriage. ' The rilled guns were serwsd rapidly and with skill, and in an hour or so but'oos gun on the barbette wan lK play, and that fired oCly occasionally. The Are waaevideotly too hot for the rebels, as they did not stick to their gun9 very cloBely. Tjhey played at our different baStORles from their thirty-twoe and forty-twos in casemate; bat finding their range too short to reach the mortar battnrw t, they ooncoatrated 4Lelr fire upon the Coat Point batheries, occasionally giving Battery Bumside a few momente attention, when Sergeant Wilson, of tho. Sappers and Miners, who connuautte1 it,had got his range, and *r*.i annoying the fort with thirteen-iuch shells, which hurst in and over it. Ide damage was doneJit twenty miattes past eleven the flog on Pulaski canto down, tho lanyards having been out by afragment of shell from mortar No. 2, Battery Stanton, worked by Corpora) Trim/k ill, Seventh Connecticut Volunteer*. In* result ??? hautei with loud cheer*r&at extended Trot* battery to babnry along the line. '.Ho flag was down twenty minute-, or more, and then appeared hgain, on a temporary floffaff, and floated gnylpdu the breeze. The bombardment sr. tut ou all day, the ;e from ourb.itterien being mm ? effective every mir.ute. Tl.o enemy, finding that cor thirteen iuch shelle were Dot eodeetruotlveae they evfiected^begaa to wortc their barbette gunc <rith great eueagv, and give us nomotrouble. Our Parrott gnae weseebrought to?hear ?pet them, and a hot Cre was poured upon their guns, and ere or two of theta dismounted. Tbc lire from the broach.:ig balteriei bd dime more and ore disastrous to shaeiemy an the day advanced. TIM gancopo began to asnume a mottled aspect. It appeared to have the smallpox, blotches ap poaring all over it These after a eehWe ran together, and deep holee taat-e face of the wi ll cf th > pancope were discovered, w'.ich became deeper t.nd deeper, end . Anally assumed the form of a 1>reach. . 1 he broach at ' dusk, at which time the Are was temporarily suspended ,oc both side*, was* it entirely through ti.e well, except 1 r.t one small point, through which at?itam of sunUyht was caught, about sunset. During the .Pit M en occasional tflell wo* thrown rfrcm battortes iiutnslde and Ifallnrfc, . nd from the rided?(uns of Rettery .Sigel. The euemgn. .ode no reply, bnUesemed to bo - rjtfctged In repairing*, mages. We had dtr-t riot a mau dur*..g the day. aod tustamed no dajnaga of conse ./. tar e to our batterier iimli as were injured .v:ert repaired by ti-o engineers id'ii'^i.-; the night, and/in .uu made ready bgtdaylight for nnnli cr day's operation!'. At daylight on J-reUy lire was again*.pened by our beitwie*, and quickly ??. ponded to bythe enemy? w bo hail^ot their barbettegn-; in posi. ili?. ing the nlaht?with great rapidity ends <me preulsai:% <a I can testify to jn; /elf, if a lame wrist, obtained *d a rapM move men Irih (lodging a ehell, we/ be con aider*? yood authority. * A 'it- tn h ehell cutered.?s* if Uie flattery Altf wllan, and exploded .a tho battery, witi, a terrible- & A. Thomas Campbell, of Company H.C plain hope:: J'Sira iinoue teuna .artiiiery, wan eiru'ic by splinters . of the sh--ll on <go head, left log ,(*>.:oh it criabeii), end on the thigh- > ''? ?u hurled 4; the me duetto! by a loud of tund pi rown from the *4 i?/In*, lie rw-a immediately extcioated end (eel <?et.'io hospital -where ho died in Cotty (it* minute*, porfee&'y conttcKMiH .to.,tfie laet. llewue.Jho only mail kiiiedcn our aide dur eg the bombardment. A Herman tit/ tho name of .Kua^y, of Company ? wee hit by a 'ggrmont of the *?mo s?*l, but e inulf ho*: !n bts vest po.-JLpt Pave l hie li?e,.a'Uoufb It inflicted a painful contusion mi hie side. Another ifeoll.atplodod near the Sr-vP-l Lieutenants Company II, tore.U,a clothe* in remral piece* end knock ed him down, hutaC*! not knjuro hian nlatll Captain Roger*,-*, Uil* serving powder, gt tho entrance .of the niug>uiue*w?A burled by the *<ual from above, a .gheil pasting throngig^t, but doing no further damage. O110 man war kttl?d,?t our tide. .-One rebel killed; fcui wonrdnd. -,during the night all .v>r diainountcd t-en-u'ib columllUdc?one in Battery T.y*n and two in Battexy ftcott? wefC.tgAin mounted,and..>ene<i w ith effeei In the morning The James ahrlla, .which had well boraf and uboneyoombed the parnmw of the fort, had pre jvtred It well for the .operation* of the ,a-ild ten iuUi rhot, and when the columbiada from 0 it fsgnt opened the par cope -began to crttmbio. (,1m 111*1. .fI Oi W UBjr |Prv\ ll'Ul wiK-tjru, iww "lun> W. in AffnoU'l, aud .by two o clock, the rebel flag was heated ilmi ?n<l the white liag raised,* practicable breach .,1 org# enough to drive a four Wee wagon thrush, had beee formed, and our Jews aWls were priming through i/, errata jibe terra plate, cr. J breaching the magazine iter-lf. Him brought the rebel* io terms. ihoj unconditionally snr.'dvlered. , Jtt twenty fire mlnnf?e?f two 'he (rebel (leg waa rem to come down to half meet, on the temporary ?tatl upon which it had flown since yecterduv noon,and than ra.ied fain. Se veral tiieee thia maancuvre was repealed, and tt wwued that the flag caught romo bow or other , but alter a few momenta it came entirely d<*n, and a run aprm* u|Kin the parapet of the fort and displayed a white Hag. Ordere were Immediately sent along tli^ line by dipneral Gillmore, te coaee firing. The fort tired onceefter the flag want up aad then horamo aifeut, When the flag was seen, cheer after eheer rang ou^ from the batteries, and the men left Utelr guna and rushed upon their works to eeo what was to bdStescnext General (tlllmore immediately proceeded with hie dte.' and Oeneral ,'Vnbam te float's Point, where a boat waa loon obtaineiMc1 a.v?' ry'T h rare of the r1?er f RK H >AY, APRIL 19, 1862. to tho fort and communicate with the defeated rebels. I ke waves were running quite high on the it-ach, and It waa difficult to get into the email boat. General Gillinore, with Lieutenant Wil.-on and liadeau of his staff; Contain Pekmae, Inspector General of the Department m the South, who had gallantly worked Batteries Lyon arid Lincoln throughout the fire, and several other officers, gol into lbs boat, which was very mu< d crowded, and w-reebont to push off. when tho T ibut ^respondent, wi'hout invitation, loreod himself iut? the boat and seated bhn.-elf in fi" o.-nl (11 lmore's seat, the only oue vacant. This vns -bserved on the beach, and eevornl voices cried out, "Put that man with a while hat ontl" "Put hiin out; ho has no businees tlinre; bustle bim out, head ovor hlols," Ac. Hut tho Tritmnt man did not stir. Finally, General Gil future quietly informed Uim he must get out of. tho boat, and "tho man with the white hat" jumrx-d out, going up to his waist in the water, and getting tbun uglily drenched In returning to tho shore, lo .king like a" venerable rooster after a hard rain storm. The seen# gave mini-use

satisfaction to the crowd, who laughed lioartlly at the well deserved treatment the't representative receivod. When General Gtllmoi e arrived ut the south dock of the fort he seut forward Li outenunt Bade tn, Volunteer Aid , with a white (fag on his sword. Mr. B.ideau was met by Adjutant Hopkins, of tho rel ets, and Mr. Bodeaii stated the object of General Oillnriro'a unl sion. General Glllmoro and party then tame up, and were escorted throroh I lie d?nu line, and tlience into the uuartera or Colonel Olm: toad, coi amending tlie poat. Genu'ral Olllmoro demanded an unronditionai surrendqy of thofcrt and garrison, which was complied with. Anulea of capitulation were drawn up ami signed, and General Gillmore stipulated that the wounded and do--?d might be sent to Savannah. Tbuso articles are signed by both the contracting parties au<l sent to General Hunter, with u letter from Genural Gillmore, announcing the surrender of tho fort,on thoanniversary of tno first day's llrn on Fort Sumter. The troo|is ju tho fort man bed out and stack"d their arms, and the officers surrendered their swords and small arms to Major Ib'pim, of Goueral Hunter's staff, with a few remarks, as they laid down their weapons. Thoolflecrs were greatly chagrined, of course, at tho r^ suit, but talked as boldly and defiantly as ever. TKKMB OF CAPITULATION, The following nro the terms of capitulation agreed upon js>r tho surrender to tho forces of the United States of Fort ruls ski, Cock spur island, Georgia:-? A i tick 1.?Tho fort, armanent and garrison to be surrendered to tho forces of tho United States. Article 2.?The ottlcors and men er the garrison to be allowed to take with them all their privute effects, such as clothing, budding, books, &c.?this not to lncludo private weapons. Article 3.?Hie tick and wounded, under charge oC the hospital steward of tho garrison,'I*) he sont under if flag of truco to tho Confederate linen, and at the rame time tho men to be allowed to scud toy letters they may desire, subject to tho instinct ion-rf a federal officer. Higned thwt 11th day of Apflt, 1862. 'OIlA-s. H. OT.MSflCATI, Colonel First Volunteer regiment of Georgi i, l'ort Pulaski. Q. A. GIULMORE, Brigadier1 General Volunteers,commanding Crated States Forces, Tybeo Island,CPotgla. Tho document was sen? 'x> the district crnn-nsnder, and accompanied by the {Allowing communita'Aon from tlic general of the attocktuL'origade:? Fo rr Pulaski. Ga., April 11,1862. GetieH.1 fl. A. BrnuM, Commandiiig >rrtlieru District Hepartmviifcf the f?.sith, Tybeo Island, GA. Sir?1 have tho hw or to transmit Wr:-with the tormi of capitulation for the surrender to the United States ol Fort Pulaski, Gn. , -rgned bv mc thioftutb day of April 1862. I trust these turns will receive ye ar approval, they 1st :tg substantially' those authorized you as commander of tho district. Tho fort hoisted the white Hag Ft*, quarter before tw: o'clock this afternoon, after a rttMctaMe Biuce eig! ! e cjock yeaterca; morning to tiro'continuous lire of cut ' t-attories. A practicable* roach in the waWr was made in eight*it * nd a half hours tiring by dayltg*.'.. 1 have tho*#-onor to bo, vory-ospectfnlly, your mosl obedient :,erv*tU, Q. A. GlIXMORli, Brigadier tlneral Volunteer*), commanding United Status Forces* a Tybce Island, ?a. We capture-' wilh the fort aireo hundred ami -sixty prisoners, Including tho cnmmar.der, staff and ltMeCrtrs . Their uamcSure as follows:? Coloooinw:!. H. Oliustead,mmmandisg post, liujo. Jofcrt Foley. a.1 u Qust terw.ster Robert Irw*-i. CommtasurtM Robert D. \Wiiker,j.T. HeFarMe Sergeant Major Robert H. Lewi->. QourteNnastcrs Sergeant' Win. C. Crawford. Ordnance Sergeant Ilarpey Sims. OVKIOWIS OV THIS MOM<>e.M>*Y GUARD, HAVAOTMT., fit. Captain, L. J. Gilmaitin; First Lieutenant. John J Symons; Se^>r Second (lieutenant, Christopher' Hutsey Juntos# :ow l.ioutenanrt, M. Murphy. GERMAN VOtfTNTEKKS, SAVANNAH. Captain, John H. Hlaigen; Senior Secoud lieutenant Ilonry Warner; Junior Second lieutenant, Charle Umback. ooumionra uoirr iwantry, SAYAmtar. Captr<n,T. W.Sime; First Lieutenant, II. C Trutuaa Junior Second I.ienteaant, James Arkerinan. W1SK r.CAKD, MACON COUNTY, CU. Captain, M. J. MclfMlln; First lieutenant, T. W. Mont f?rt; Senior Second Lieutenant, J. D. N. LuHew; Juaio tfcfodu Lieutenant, JeStn Blow. WA>HI.\<STIMI VOttiNTHKHS, fUYANVAS, Captain, John McMahon; First lieuteuanl, Francl Malr;Sefflor Second1 Lieutenant J. C. Heestend; Jtmio Second Lteutenaet, A.. J. Mc.Arthur. the balance of the three hundred and shtty are prl r ilea and non-commfcatoned ofliccrs. With the fort wc to >k forty-seven psw, ten-Inch and eight-inch, twe r'tled, but mostly casemate 1 hJrty two's aad forty-two's Al io seven thousand shot and shei I, and in the magax!n< two found about forty thousand pounds -ef powder o serious qualities. About three mouths'supply of pro visions was taken, aaxl will be well used b e-our troops. The for that beui badly usod by our shot ar.d shell. Th< interior prnsents a melancholy aspect. The barricades or splinter proofs, are torn into pieces in many plaees [pieces of brick, timber, stones. cannon balls, une\plodo< projectile* and shells, fragments of shell, Ac.,strew tlx pa ado ground lu the interior of the work. jLt the angli ?& fhe-breach, tliv-arches have been torn out, guns dis counted ,and debris ot brick and timber, broken gul carriages. muskets, A*., fill up the casemates. Anil ii ??.e or two places, wuere biioii eDioreu mo omo av?u m awl burot insido, you ran trace tlie flight of. aach frag iMjt a* it ripped up the wood work and shattered tlx bricV work in the uaaoicatcs. Tho officers' quarters wen bad iy a battered. TJbu breach being very largo, severe riflo balls passed through it, over (ho torra plain, and he gun. to hatter the magazine on the northwest corner in i manner that carried terror to the hearts of tho enow.' Fr?nr their exp Ticnce they knew that it was poesi hie for a rifle shell to pass entirely thrcqgl the walls of the magazine and blow It up, aut. with I the fort and all ttn occu|>aiK*. This Induced a aarrendcr and the. white flag went up. It wdilcoet $50,000 to put the fort into the same ceo ditina of defence lhat it wag before we opened lire The walla,are greatly shaken, and all believe had tin continued liaaf a day long r the enllii wail of ibajkiNcetw would have fallen Into the ditch , mass ef.rujas. Trio men nm|? feel tho walls or the for tremble and quake when a hi* 1 ten Inch s'lot sl.ritck if and from tha? fact you can got. a tolerably correct ide of the imueuao force with wlu'i they atrlko. It ?i tariiUc. Out of ifteen guna and mortars m Ui'bfH.- t>u four of Horn wore serviceable. Tho babnee were dn mounted,.or otheruri*e renderrd .ncapable of uae. iiebtl Kew? nl' the Fight. A'ONUTEKIATION IN H4' ANNA II. ICorocapondcnia of tlaeKichinfud lupatoli.] Iftraa*i I. April 12,1S03. The telegepph J,an Informed Ji?i )f Ibe surrender o Fort Pahwkl, au l the corstvi'ienl , fata of excitement ym can well imagine. Tho evening or KrUlny passed in sus penae; but rse roar uaafolt that Dm gallantry ol tin garriien loot soused the silence of iae enemy'egun." which h ul not b??u bija'dv inco two ysterdny. cannot devote much tlmwic thn b >mbeadrnont, aa Iltlli is known about AtA> we?igreta hoe'say ru uora front om ' .wiiii left the fort Inimedistely previous 20 the surren .Jer?without a ward rrcen Clonal Oirnstead, command ujl the post . and ac infui cis.A :> of the > on4,ticns of ca |i dilution. There ir no fluastiua that t be flu to whirl tits fort was mitrecXad was tat?l*'ly *pt*f?'. The wilt report of str?| points! ?hal la tl o uiare*t rua-rense, ant Hny-ott guns that pioacml/a eolid wall (well constructed as.r Arm, of war slvleqr feet in Ui ckMM,) at me ah?t iSiAlunehaiieonisin I<m faring to-.rojmse upon t ny one. I u?,'i give you but a tent idea of lie consternation tbe raptwt o produced. bine* tlio abandonment of the design by the, enemy to bi ing jn jjiif)boat8;C.-<-m WallXV. tw roufidau?# of the rltirena tweame mots assured, ai.-l thi wise t U.-;>ed that the fort, which thereupon b* aufrglis key and ?afety of Puvar oah, would N# .enabled ta d<(k.'u the enemy for an indefinite lime. The blow haa bees midden and totally aril, oked far, and equally unprov Idee for. Theanemy <*111 not wail Jon* to ati/rk the hatto rlee about fort Jack"'*. Thatr heavy sblps&ave entered the riverabove Pulaski. a? high an Vecue |*olnt, only te von m I lex VI. w, and ara In plaip vlaw of I he oily ol Savannah. Htw Jong Ib-y will be able to witfettaad an ottnek. let Pulaek,. he your teacher. We will be driven from them na curtly aa we now uc yd the flout of the tee of Ptdaskl. The city has been fi Ictrnae eiciteine&t between the bitd and rapid advau-M* of tbe federal* and the terribly unnerving tape upon the ehoiihlor which the Hr<ivu satellites, under Oen.f Kvlacksnn. wlihout formoflnw or authority, InIIlet. Our citizen* (the far. who remain) tiavo^hneti arrested on tho street, dragged to ramp, hewn a lent, and informed that there tin tr babltatl n should b? And I hi# li.u Icon d >ne by a parcel of beartiKtaa bvy?, who lave I wen tni'iternd into thahtaio ervfee. Cotton ha* boon raovraJ, such aa rotnatn .d In (toi a hero, to the railroad. Ordnance atorea and every variety of equipment haa been thrown out and enrted to th? lamo receptacle for government atorea. Schooner* have been seized, and I * tne already fliled wdh enrth tire ready to be etink below, in common with tho hull* of Coin. T.ittiail'* fleet, a'hlch will nevei more venture beyond Savannah river. The Kii'.gal, which no.* lie* near fort Jacason, Is also to be sunk, and thn guni. ats, ono of whi.ik la nearly ready for launching. will, i. tho enemy oonet' Advancos, be given M the devouring flames. Womert are lonvit.g and properly of all kintl* is bclrg sent off. atwd will sow liue the Coutral.road front fyvvnn nah to kloeon,napderhig every Ing hut a palace, K iwe wood and aalin ,lorv*t'< <'?n do It. Tl? ar.s'ely to the fate of tlv# |arr?r>o la ? ERAI and ganaral. F.vtry hum* in Savannah ran mourn the ami loss ami long parting which Uiey have to endure, In addition to the thre* months of atihanre In which they have been cut oH as etivctuaily us 11 in California. The garrlaon number Ave hundred men, Cul. Olmmoiol canmandlng. A large amount ol stores fell with rho fortprovisions for at least three months, ammunition shot and shell; of ono hundred and thirty rounds for each gun on the post, not oue-fourth had been expended. Our g-eat .N'ajmleoii is still aalvep. THE SIEGE OF YORKTOWN. Continued Skirmishing and Cannonading Along the Lines. Spirited Engagement with the Rebels at Lee's Mill. Brilliant Bayonet Charge of the Green Mountain Boys. Names of the Killed and Wounded in the Combat. Reported Mutiny of an Irish Corps in the Rebel Army. Arrival of Jeff. Davis in tl?e i * Kebel Camp, *0., Ac., Ac. Deipatcben from General McGlellan. Wasiwoton. April 17, 1862. Tho following despatches were received at the War Department from lien. McCleUan:? kfcsaoqial tk1h, armv ostiik 1'otomio, 1 April 18,1862. J At about half en hour after midnight the enemy attacked Smith's position, and attempted to carry his guns. Smith ropuJrCtl him hatulE<nnnly and took some pri tenors. I have no detail*. Will forward them a* Boon as my aids return. Tho firing was very heavy. All is now quiet. My position, occupied ycsterdiy by Smith, was intrvnthod last night, eo that we have been able to prei veilt the enemy from woiking to day and kept his guns Silent. Same remit at the batteries at Tlyara's Mills. Yorktown waa shelled by our gunboats and soma of 1 rwr barges to-day, w ithout etTcct. i There has been a good deal of firing from tho Yorktown r 'land batteries. Washington, April 18,1801. The follows*,; was received at 0:60 o'clock this evening:? > Hiiaixjpat.tkrw Armt or Tint Potomac, April 18,1801. ; Aii ofUcidl report has been received at headquarter* giving a lift of the killed and wounded in the engagement > between the Tli ird Vermont regiment and the enomy on t Wednesday, mention off which was made yesterday. The Information as far as received puts the killed at ' thirty-two, andc the woundod at nicety; ten or the latter , will probably proi e fatal. The conduct of thu Vermont troops cn the occasion is spoken of in the highest terms, earning for the Green Mountain Boys laurels only to be won by tbe brave. They drove a superior number of the enemy from their fortified position, but were forced to relinquish It en the rebels beiug reinforced. Tbe leee of the enemy In this engagement must hare been heavy, as the well directed fire of our artillery mowed them by teres. ' Yesterday at tornoon, while Lieutenant O. B. Wagner, ol the Topographical Knghicers, In company with a squad el men, was making a survey of the enemy's works, a shell I struck the table on which lay the papers, and, instantly exploding, the left arm of tba Lieutenant was shattered aud waa afterwarda amputated. Re is comfortable this ' morning, and no fears are entertained as to his recovery. Joseph Luther, Jr.. of Bristol, belonging to tbe Second Rhode Island regiment, was probably fatally Injured. Daniel Tainter, of Berdan's sharpshooters, mentioned yesterday, is dead. A'tOUl on# o cock iuii m"i u.u^ ine weiuy iu iurcv at tempted to cross the dam In front of our lines, enrldentlj with the view of capturing a battery ?f onr artillery which had given them considerable trouble during th? last few days. On the rebels making their appearand tbey were opened upon by a weH directed fire from a body of infantry acting as a reserve to the pickets forcing them to heat a retreat, leaving their dead and wonnded on the dam, which they succeeded in recovering before daylight. Both parties then opened with artillery, which bai continued at intervals up to the present time. None ol our men wero killed. Onr Army C'orreapondeaee. Hkstvqpahtkjts Fora rii Army Coare, \ Wir.wio*,0. H., April 17,18?2. J AtUuk on the Ei* my'i Pofitian at Let'* ,Mill ?Heavy Artil. ley Firing on Hu'.h Sid s?The f'.umy Himttd at the Point uf the Bai/unU by the Green Mountain Boys?Natnet of the Killd and Wounded, etc., kc. The Commanding General, on tha night of tba 15th, made a further reeoonclrsanee of tha anamy's position to our extreme l ight, and after Tull deliberation with the General lnXhlef it was delormin*d to attack the ene. my'e position near to the dam abova tee's Mill, and there to shell Urge working parties that tho enemy had .out,and if circumstances Sware favorabla to push the attack and obtain a foothold within tha anemy'a Una. Yaatcrday,at about eight o'clock A. M., therefore, one i of the tl Micro 1.x of tiivialon threw ont a tarty of skir. * miFhori from tlie I'mirth Vermont (of the Vermont brlt gado) near to tbe eMmyone gun battery, at tba point munfd, an.f also advanced a New York battery. Opposite tba enemy's works at that place there is a considerabiuapace cioar of lorg*. wood, but surrounded In every direction except towardn tbe enemy by a dente forest, and overgrown with kit* shrubs and young pine. Warwiah Creek?from four to tve feat deep and about twenty rod3 vrida? separates tfcia field from tbe rebel battery. In the low shrubs and young pine the Vermont*- niado their way right up to tba edge of tbe stream, and .poured upon the enemy a rain of rifle sh<>.?. that he soon Caund it impossible to withstood. After a few moment* of dbta lb ? not a man was to be seen within tbe enemy's tines. Working, gunners, officer* with glasses, sJI <1 -/appeared, and "oover'' was the ona thing la demand. High praise is awarded to the Vermont regiment for tb Ir merksmansbip and spirit. Two places of the above meutiered battery?ten pounder Parte tu, under Lieutenant Kl> an?then took up a poaiti n in the edga of tbe wood, at .ate thousand yards from tbe euesay s line, snd opened rite, when the enetny bravely came up to the business snd responded with the !?'go gnu in bis one gun buttery, and with two otherg m a battery behind it. T JSU tenant Su. vort. witfi the second section of the ra*.>e baitory?two twelve pounder Ka poloon guna?waaoraernu up, at ww amo ida i?ii neciion, ' under l.i?nt?D"t<t CUmald. Wl h thin relnf-treeinent i Uia Or*became very heavy betw#?'ii the artillery on both i nldea; our Bklrtniitbara and rumberg of the enemy i ikiimlhhora also b'.u.od away whenever they taw a ehauce, and lit# tlftut pmniia"d to apreari until at tbotlld become ftenarnl all along the linaa. Onr Ira * ,? vary accurate. Many of out aheiltt buret to a i.lcaty ' at that Tory point in ihoir air-drawn line altera it aetpnod they rouhl aerva thai' angcrouR purpoae baet, aud the artillerymen rotirud with dalifrhf. Meant ne ;lie romatndar of tha Vara, ml brig* i? t? In tha wooda all aii un I, In aaey tllalanoa to at: ortt'v'i ,.rtb; : ami atM^har brigade, under arma,l>ty in the flehl upon thalaft. Three brigade* bad gone I -? ard fr nt tlmlr camp at ttiii point. and were held in Vp* -:* nt about two milea from the Kcvne of tha flgltt. While tha firing want on brlakly the Commanding Can aral cama up, ami icion after General Hct'lalian arrived upon the ground and made hi* b"vt(juert#ra at a house b?l<.nd the potdtlon of Ibe bniiorr. Atabout tau A. M.,after two i.-vir* sharp A ring, Ilia enemy couacd enilrely to respond, wa* thought, because tola gut* had beet, tlm ad, but becanaa our rificmaai had bin position so am ly trader tire tha' it wea about o Main death for bit > "m to be seen. \et. fitter a short Interval ha throw evcral shell lov .rd whero a body of our infantry w?* po?>,vi, b?t tpf j #u without eflect. General Mctvdj .imV lb s litre wmt . ?n to ?bo t*ttery.and wan received with jreat ? .th ?-.--e It. : >n gratulala UheCaptaiu upruh.* * mtat? ? .11 a iMniantetl the battery aa "one tha' br v tad upon." Two or three mon had been v-ounded amor, r sklr* mInhere, and the battery bVd Nwt In killed 1 wounded aaan men. When our jp is ' ck their ir*t position 'ha enemy had the exact ran. and lu three -b<>ia men red i- n No. 1 of all but a aorf.' * . man i : k:i*'1 Mid four wonodg. t * iD PRICE TWO CENTS. Tlio igh tho two rebel batteries, which had Limn fur been active, were now virtually "eilouced," 110 one, a* we have suggested, deewvd that they wero perin*ae*tly ho ; ami it ap|>eured to be woll enough understood i bat the enemy's game waste play". r>Mum" and draw uson. Yet It was now deemed necessary loknow wiihsomedegTeeol certainty tin: eiuicy'stoc at this point and his .lispoai tli n to tight. L'pon consultation between General Ifc'Tel'an and two division commanders it wan, there fore, doiormined to make a in <re decided detrioiiHlrallon of attack . and accordingly, botweeu three and lour P. M., uirr? i, tileries wero orderod forward Into the open held, and opont-d tiro at about Ave hundred yards this again woke the enemy up, and he responded warmly for twenty minutes,and thenonoe more lapsed Into i:ilet co. Not drcoived by this oi.r throe battones continued to play upon his position for some mlnutos longer, when word was brought to the General of the Vermont brigade that the creek wis easily lordable uf 8< me distance to the right of our batteries, and Colonel Hyde, In command of four companies of the Vermont 1 hird, who had Hkii mis lied in advance of all oiboro, was ordered to send two of his companies across the creek at the point where it wan said to he only koce-diep, to advance them to the enemy's left and clurgo tho work In rear. Ho according ly sunt aero.-s companies I) and K, and supported them very cloecly with compunios E anil K. Meanwhile our batteries hucarao silent. Com (males 0 and F wore led by Moutonant \Vhitteni"re.#No sooner were they in the Stream than tho water was found to bo much deeper tin. i had born stated;.the men went to their armpits, and every oltargo of their ammunition was, of course, thoroughly soaked. This attempt was mndo below tho dam, and it iH possible that the enomy, when t^snw the iutuntion to cross, lot in more water by a floodgate than hud hi on in the stream. While the men were in the stream, a large body of ihe ruemy, e-limited at throe regiments, opened upon them from a ritlo pit on tho very bank, and this terri bin Uro cut down nearly half their number. Never, how over, was a Uro received w ith greater ste idiness or more g'ortous intrepidity. Except those hit, not a man of the magnified.i .vcrmouters wavered, but ail finely pushed on, and wilh one about aruse upon the hank, and rushed upon the enemy with the bayonet, and fairly drove them out in utter rout and confusion; but tho contest wa too unequal. No supports were within proper distance; and til nigh lbs enemy was driven away from the first line of pits, and the other two companies of the Third wore in tho water to truss, those on tho other side were ordered to roi real, and did so, very reluetantly, however,aud fighting tenaciously at evory step. Once more our batteries reopened, and kopt up their fire with groat vigor until dark. Meantime the blood of the Green klou.utuin it ys was up, and at dusk the Vermont Fourth, Colonel Sioi gliton, and tho Vermont Sixth, Colonel Lord, made a bravo but ineffectual attempt to pass tho stream on the dam; hut the enemy had the gun in his one gun battery trained particularly upon this point, and they wore swept back by the combined fire of that gun and tho enemy's rifles. There was considerable Iocs in lbs Sixth,"which was in advance. Tho Division General at this time ordered the firs to ccoso,nnd our men slept upon their arms in the poeiHons they respectivc'y held, and beyond doubt the fight will bo rouewed to-day. Our loss cannot yet be positively known, but it is not far short of one hundred in killed, wounded and missing. Below we give names as fnr as wo could learn them. All agree that the loss of the enemy has been severe. were seen to fall, and they wore observed to be very busy in the removal of men on stretchers. \\ here every itv.n exhibited iho qualttles of tho soldier in such & splendid inatuior it in aimuuu tu , yet tbo names of Lieutenant Whittomore, who tod the two companies of the Third Vermont, and of Colonels Lord and Stoughton, of the Sixth and Fourth, are in all mouths an the especial heroes of the day. Thus it has b en found, rather expensively, that tbo enemy 's position is a very strong one, and that ho moans to defend it. The commander of the corps parsed along t ha whole of his tine towards the left after dark, and made mire that all there was in proper position for the night. LIST OF KILLED OF THE THIRD VERMONT. Company D. Private James Cook nun. Private Joseph I* B?>y. Private Lucius Briggs: ? Private Samuel Swcetland. Privato Seweil Panforth. "Private John Meal. Private David Campbell. Private Orlando Stevens. Private David Elliott. Private Alfred Taylor. Company J: Private Wm. Fuller. Private 0. Bay ington. Sergeant Ferry. KILLED OF THE FOURTH VERMONT. Two of Company I were killed; unable to get "firtlt Captain II. B. Atberton, wounded is groin. KILLED OF TOR SIXTH VERMONT. Captain Reynolds (from Rutland). I nable to get the uames of the other killed and WIRE* ed of the Fourth and Sixth to-night. WOUNDED OF THE THIRD VERMONT. I Company A. Private II. R. Patch, hip. Private A. A. Bailey, arm. ' Company B. i Corporal Flood, leg. Company D. Oorporal Aleeco Hutchinson, i Private Wesley Davis, shoulder. Private Joeeph Blanchard, thigh. . Private Jeremiah Bishop, thigh. Private Henry Rill, bip and arm. Prlvale T. A, Van Oellctte, arm. ' .Private Thomas Reynolds. , P .'vale Jeyson Miles, slightly. F; iv ate tioorge W. Wash burns .arm. i OmpanyM Private John Back urn. breast. Privet# E. Brown, thigh. ' Private Calvin Fuller, thigh, i Ompawy F. Captain S. E. Piuque; badly. Lieutenant ( handler; badly. Corporal Luke Fairbanks, arm. Private A. C. Reed; slightly. PrivateC. U. Roes; badly. Pr'vate Jones Smith, shoulder. 1 Private Witila Whltcomb, hip. Private R. IJ. Roweli, hip. Private K. A. Perry, thigh. Private J. H. But ter field, side. Private C. H. Page, arm. Cbmpany K. Private McCarty, leg. Private Robt. J. Hoyt, shoulder. Private James Ferris, badly in breast. Private Wm. Scott, hip and breast. Private Thus. O'Conaell, thigh. Some trom this regiment (Third Vermont) wers killed in Tossing the river and others alter having crossed, and bodies not rscovorod. MOTT'fl BATTnr. Wounded. Private Dunlsry. Private Miller. Private Henry Fitzgerald. Private Thus. Cars. Privats ?? Burholzer. i Privats ? Rhone filled. Anthony Porvillo. 1 t Ins. P. Morehouse. Finite Lambert. Oar Fortress Monroe Correspondence. Forthl-s Mo.vaos. Auril W. 1M9. Dttotere from the Rebels? Mutiny </ an frith Brigade in .the' Rebel Service, ekFrom our arm y before York town I boar tbo Boot cheering nowa. From Information reeohred from a aoi. dtrr,l loam tbat last evculog a coloaol and lieutenant colonel from tho robot army caino oror to our Unoaaud surrendered thomarlvos as prleooera of war. Tboao two officers also roport that an entire frith brigade mutinied, and by order of Jeff. Due t were deprived ef their armt and tent U> the rtc. It tbla report la true I shall undoubtedly receive full particulars from our army correspondents by tho next mail from there. Arrival of Jeff. Davie lea the Rebel Camp. baltihu, april 16, mm. The following la from tho special cor res porn lout ef the A m'rtcan ? At intervals last night nnd this morning hoavy cannonading could he beard In the direction of Yorktown A party af desertrra who came into our lioca report the arrival of JetT. Pauls In the rebel camp, and that it wna understood ho would toko command In the approaching battle. They represent the enemy to be in great foree, and the work oflnirenoMng to be progressing throughout the peninsula. Reinforcements were oonstanlly m riving from Norfolk, Fredericksburg, and even North Carolina, and the rebel generate openly declared their intention to make tutu the great battle or the war, and the strongest conviction ie sipresMd ef a triumph over the federal force* and of driving them from the penlMdla. There le almost constant skirmishing going on by the rlllemen, and occasional!/ shot and shell are thrown with great rapidity. Just as I was About to close this letter, 1 learned that tliore w*a quite n heavy skirmish this morning beyond Warwick Court House, on the Jame* river. The enemy attempted to turn our left flank. The attack was made In qnito heavy foroo; but the snemy was repulsed after a brisk artillery duel. The leer of the enemy la thought to Lava been quite heavy. We leal aboal adeaanua killed and wounded Official Bulletin. Tlia following order haa been issued;?. Wan DsriRTns.M. Anjtrran Oases it's Owkw,\ WisntifoToa, April II, lffgg. J In the present condition of military operations at forktown,no peases can bo aiven to persona aot Immediately connected with the trrxfya In amllltarv.aapaclty. The diok and wounded will be amply provided fbr by Urn govwnmont, and their ft lends a < Knot be permitted te vist them while the above prohibition le in force. L THOMAS, Adjutant ileneral.

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