Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1862 Page 3
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4 IwiKTllu rot NO NaRRIBD woman, who Ji. iaal bor a*r* M>r a?d arko U< * freak brwM of milk, KM* ** Bun*. *r would uke U ai her own r*al? !? MilB>Uw.lct M. for three day* A LADTW MAID OB UOI'SKKEEfBR.?WANTED' AM* r*Hl>M?uBu * all.iation u lady'* mal.l or k "* ? ? for prtraia family, 01 tu a you*jf ladiaa' aerni **r or I*-1 Hon Uuod raf. reme fireu, and no ob>r Ma MaAa la u; city *r country. Call al UM Leilu^lun A BMflCTIBLB TOl'MO OIKL WISHES A BITt'Ax? U,? ut d, uu |i u rt, kouarwxrk of a ?m.,U family. No a ? t ir, H -i city referenced. Call at > MM *, mm h> wa, kr two kijra A tTCATMN WANTKI?-BY A COMPETENT YOI'NO Xl ?o a* au l -aiuairraa, undei atands the c .re t?- r-a yrtacilr. Oh* ft * ll.e brat of uilv r lerence. a Priu. .UM, aa 1 can b.- ?ren on tlaturdny and Mouday or mmmi o**a*m at it w?*l lhu at., between 6th and titb ati. I A fOVN OIBL WAJfTB A SITUATION AH A WAIT" ^rV u ?a m a kct i w hoi ex Call at No. 61 Weal A 0l>O? AMD || IMHBRMIID.?TWO UIKL8, IIIIAHXI ly me.. . m.i,a..l, d-aire lu city or country: I *a>- a* *?, waakrr aad Ironer; rua.c* tood broad cake and ? B- - ' oli.t-r a u.nn .it** t .aii.bcruimd and Waltreaa; UlAy "* *' ' Mtuka ?i Ay. Call at J78 nth ar. i A htv'AI ion W ante: i ?my a ke r ectable OKRJ\ *taa *ir!. a* lima- an I aramatreaa: brat of cny referenda la*.jtrc at UA Waal AJd airart. In the butcher atore. |l A TO NO WOMAN WANTM A BITUATIOIT AB COOK; I* ,A ia a a-id |.tfua cxik, * .1. r < .. t- |. Mry and wake* IB" n HI'S'I m BO rvC.l"i.b BOO or auu Iiimrrtimnuui B " 4 ?.r? Mao our aa waitraa* and , bambcriu&ld or ! aa-at w w.ahlng and ru;i " U i - n11r d; i ulU liavu the I *iu muf Miri' > oio thalr la* i |.ueu. (an be aou on kaiai<la? an I Mo i lay al 1X1 E**l l#th at., lit the grocery War** ma, h ilittl b. AblTv Ailt.N WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO (b pa 'al bim-ework; good cl'y refiTenoe. U.,n ' a tbb i'or i wo nay a at .lb tiuuaou IV., ae> ond door from T.llary ?l, Bro ,. | A SITUATION WANTED? II* A RESIE( TABLE MAUJ\. r.ftaoii.ii aa i rm or to do b itubi-rwurk and acwfi>i; ,* BBabrvl ior. A* ply at IM lib av., Ihlid Moor. A f-TAIII.B WOMAN WOlliD LIKE TO TAKE JY la a* i.u , an ., or would to nub Cull al No. 8 El"a i lb ft., loom Ko. A AVOUNO GiRL WIsHKS A SITUATION TO TEND aiBra; aag-a not ao mn U an obji rt aa employment Bfid . I r. iii;i>riahi.' H iwj |,.r mat "t r. feieu e gnen. Adtlreaa LiuIm . ornat, hr oal) u 1*. at ofll. e. A' RKKPECTA"LK tilEI, WIS,ltd A SITUATION, IN u.i'ir>, lacovk ?ldaaalat In tins waabliiR and ironing; la a "i.n.1 .no . od R?. r li. n li. a..r; no oliji it ion to do bomaworb. ll*? g ?, J rl/rcli r. ma lioui ber u*t jjtaco. * Cad at IM Carolina - t. to-d, y. 1 1 |Ol HEKKKl'LH H SITUATION WANTED?HY AN I XI Atiirri. .>11 widow la .y of ltd, without b .run or fri.'inta; I a * o.owi r'a family |ir"!e rad; or w , ild t k? a partner aha baring a ? * || * h.a liioo of t rr own. Aiiuiaa, with parI Ikuiara, iuiti Bilattly, II M. 11., ?u.t.ou K, sib a.r. 5 vituati in wanted by a i.ek in ui.o testas t < O kill, With a laimly aunul a,ailing E irope a ,u apeaka Engf.ih i.ui'utiy; oau g .od ri-.i-reuttta, uud unit be beau al 728 8tb .aa. ! QITUATUlrf WANTED?BY A KBsi'B' TABLE HIKE, J O to ?io *,euerai Ihjumi v?ik; in t fu l covii *n<l r.r*t rate I WQflir rind ir<iti? r. b-Holftj n. ivn>. C in b*? k cu In . Ri)tton4 it., b? iwim.ii UUvctis ni and L>< knib *?eoue, op9 poftUe the Citj Ho 4 iui, moo klyn. T1TANTBD, A HOME.?A YOI'NU WOMAN. ALMOST A ' IT Mraogagi?thacM>,M daaia a ?f m trios a , ItuaI Ifon In arrlvatc .a nlly; ia a go xl |i!ii n , wit and tery fond of cbildrin, and ia willing to make hit- u gin-rally intend to bur Rtn|.|oy?r, a imnie betiii- a i-r- a i r oij". t nil pennitiou; no objertmn to city or cotitiiry. Addreaa C br tail d- Howard, box 1(16 Humid oUice. I * TIT ANTED?MY A RESPECT A ltLK TOUNO WOMAN if I aituatlnti todogenrtal houaeuork; I* n good cook, . I waalter am. Ironer, an I kind to children. haa good city reft. j ranee. Call at IX. Smith at, near Hargen at., Brooklyn. It WAVTED-lt A YOUNU WOMAN, A HITCATION IN . t T a private Min i) ; is a goo 1 eoo? and ?new illenl laun* drew. Best of city re.erenee. Call at 1W We.t 37t!i at., second I Boor, from room. 1 'lirANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A g TV l a'y to wit nurse, iter out being three weeaa old; !j good reinsures giviu. Apply fur one week at 1116 Pulton av., Brooklyn. 1 YI7ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A H situation aa chambermaid and waitress aud to do pla n aawing; good el y rel i< nc -given. Call for two day a at bt j Bergen at., near jtn.lth at., Brooklyn. I WANTED?"* A RESl'ECTAHLE FERoON, WASHfV ing; will also go out to day'a work. Apply at 40 0.I ehard at., Lrsl Loor, bank rooui. J" TrtMHH WAWOIII FOR TWO OIRL8; ONK AB I Tf good cook, nni to assist in the washing aud ironing, I the other tn do < Intuit)'rwork and waiting; iioRi are capable. wtibn? and obliging, and objcc.iou to go Into the I Country, fall tbla d iy only at tin ir pttiein; euin'O/or a, XI . W ashman ?|, between Macdougal si. and bin av. _ SITUATIONS WANTED-MALES. ' A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE W1SII THE CHARGE 1 J\ o. a home for the summer Reason. Any person about I leaving the city, and wishing the above, will tlud a reaponaibte per?.n by a idrvasiug J. II. L., box 178 Herald oulce. I A LAD. 16 YEARS OF AOE, WISHES A SIT, ATION ! to 'e r.i a business i.r aoiua light trade; good references Addr, ssj. 8. I*., box 111 Yorkvlllr Post oflM AS COACHMAN.?WANTED. A SITUATION, BY A reap ctunlo man, who understands hia business, and ' has lived with some of i lie tier iHmlhes In Enroling has been 1 twelve ye.'.rs In N -w York; baa been steady for ten years , with two ia ,iit na; ha recommendalious to be aeeu from 1 hla boyUuod; understands the treatment of horsea; will be 4 found willing and oiijigtng; can unlk if desired. Address j for two days Coachman, box 117 Herald oilier. I | * YOi.NO MAR, WHO HAS BEEN CLERK IN A A country store doing a laige basinets lor six jeara, a * good salesman and bookkeeper, uesires eiupluyinrni asancli | In the city; would prefer a wholesale store. Can give tbc i beat of reicrences. Adr-aaC. O., Herald ufflie. ( I IN EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT, WHO CAN COMk A maud trade, and Is w illing to engage at a an.all salary. wmies a situation in any m an ty where nls s< rvict't can he nuiie asndnhle. Beat rciersnem. Address S. A., boi 2T2 ! Her .I t uili. e. SITUATION WANTED?BY A- YOUNG MAN AGED 17, as tohtei, assistant o.iiihr, mail hoy, or any other cap.i I city in jirluUuc biLce or ne.ts <A|>cr a imey, or a place as 1 I cl rk fn a liMci >le store; urites a good hand anil will uiake himself generally useful; em ; ?.,d rccommendiiI lions from former Lists. Address, slat lie wares, Ac., % 1. E Baldwin, ho: !Md U'-ra.d fllce. 1 TO FAtfMEliS?WANTED, BY AN ENGLISH B iT, A sltuanon npoo a farm, bent well acquainted with ilie business, or would uppientice Miom.1I lor two or three years. ' Address l*ercy, station E, Oth nr. WANTED-BY A Y0UX0 MAN, EIGHTEEN YE.VR-i of age, a,on; ran wri.t a g > >il I.a id and keep a , slight account. A Idre-S das. M il.'arly, Herald ollloe. I WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE PRACTICAL farmer, a sltna Ion as oremun on a farm or h< .? ' te.nneter. Best of city or country rea.dcace given. Andre* . Farmer, siatiuu E, am aw, N. Y. WANTED-BY A MIDDI.B A'fFO MAN, HAVING TV been cngagi d 111 the country for some years p si, u Situation down town; wi lies a good ban 1, is correct at ae. i omits, and irii rive god references. Address fur three i days G. W. H., He i aid uUiee. i 1 HE TKADEli I'l'llOTOGRAPHKR AND AMBROTYPIST WANTED.- ; dV To one who understands thn alb. men pcrfe -tly n good ' sn.iHi.un, none other use,i answer. A lilre s Dnlu, II. raid office. Machinist wanted?one used to elide lathe 1 and screw ruling; ?l>o. < up.b ? of taking charge of a 1 abop. Apply to 8. P. Ayrcs, 17tJ Kivlngton ?t , cormr or At torney. Notice to clothing manufacturers?the advertiser, a j r.c teal tailor, is in wain of a situation; ran inlloence o ne trnd ; employment the only object. Address A. B. C., IL-r.ud mil- e. . i 1mpvd uouticu smini/u m.u?m ?? UO anvxiKU J unt/f.n Trnoir.lS?IU Kin A , JT c..liH'!?r machine; 0110 wlio ihoronghjy understands * the business. Apply at Cha.bam, N. J., to J. F. Mulr. I T>AINTBKS.?WANTED, FOUR OK FIVE OnOD X bauds. Call at th? paint ?h(>i> corner C.inlun and Itt giaw its., Brooklyn. I ' mo PRINTERS OR PUBLISHERS.?THE ADVERT!' 1 aer, a pi actu al printer. bavin" a tout nf type ibirvUr j and nonpareil) not Li use, would like to take barge 01 so ne atnall publication or a book, to be done at bis owu I Address Printer, Herald office. . , rro SILK UAT FINISHERS.-WANTED, ONE CASSIJ. meie und lour Silk bat blushers. Apply in the silk hat I factory, 6(1 Heeltman st. ' qtO BOAT BUILDERS,-WANTED, SIX FIRST RATE , I X workmen; lo sui h good wages given. Apulv st 13) ana HQ avenue I) LEWIS RAYMOND. Wanted-a plumber at im ?th avenue, none . but s Ural rate wurainun need apply. ' MIU.1KEN A SMITH. WANTED-TWO WIlEELWRIOirrs, TWO BLACK- 1 smiths mid two helpers, to do g n. ra, wagon work; I good wates and steady employment. Cor r if 6 b and North Id SIS., Williuanlurg. FD i AKD MBEUAN. i rfanted - a mounter, to mount noTcin YI frames and tawe care ol a Mounting shop out of town. i I Impure at No, 111 E.m st. , ' WTAVTED-A BOY TO LEARN ORNAMENTAL EN( ff graving of ai.vei ware; must be a good draughtsman. I Apply, with ipectuous, to Thos. Lipp.att, IM Naaeau sinat, up bUtire ( WANTED-TIIKEE SILK HAT FINISHERS (STEADY \ work round) at ltayiuoud A Bro s., Ui Cort I landt st. _ WAN TED?THIRTY/FIVE FIRTT RATK SKOAH MA < to turn in job*. None liut very good h md* need Apply al 101 Km tl.itb it, baaemeul, Irom 7 till A. M , and ' ? io 5 )'. M. , ' IITATCIIUAKEK wanted?a good workman, i 1 YT wlm um come well recommended, may apply to J. S. < COHBN, 9(Jt Broadway, corner Diune it., between 10 and 1 o'clock. 1 SPORTING. FOR SALE-TUB FAST HAILING, SLOOP HTOUKI) yacht REBECCA. Apply for parftculara, at tbc Herald 1 I offlce. I /^UNS?FIVE THOUSAND CELEHRATBD AUSTRIAN ! U rltlcil, in bond, fur aalc. Apply to A. SCHMIDT A . I BROTHERS, lm William at roc t. ] YAOHT FOR SALK-l'RIcK $*?, COST tl.lUO TWO yaara alnrr; built by J. (MlnntitiRt'in. She ia thlriv- I I one feet III length, twelve feet l earn, lull riggi'il, rackplt Aniahed in blaek walnut, deck lull with narrow plank, '?in. 1 wide and oiled. She ta rery la d, and In good ord r. Apply | loC. BANKS, IB Naaaait alrcet, between 12 an l 1 o'clock. Yacht for sake? ten ton carin yactit, well found In etrery la on euelleiit aeit pout, ra?t and comfortable. Wilt to mid very low for enatt, iiathe owner li?i li 't ?? rI'jr, Apply at Eobokcu Yacht Club i Hotiac, llobokeu. I JN ^ ^ HELP WAWITBD?FKMALMI. _ k BONNET TRIMMER?ALSO A SALESWOMAN J\ wauled. They inuit be eipertenoed end competent Laud*. To euch a steady altuation and good pay will be given. Apply to A. L- Mould, 180 Fulton at.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE GIRL?WITH GOOD fclTT * ** renues, warned, to do geueral Loeaework In a amall lami !y. Call at 616 8th a*-, near S! th ad A COOK WANTED?AT 040 HUDSON ST., IN TUB saloon. C"tOOK AND CHAMBERMAID?WANTED. IN A FBIJ vum laimly. * nUurt duiauoo fioui the city, a iieai auu experience! cook; Frcu h, U-rui .n, Kujclixu or scotch; tnu?| bo a good baker: wages liberal; satiifactory reitreuce required. Address 63 5th a*. Dressmakers wanted?at oss Broadway.? Also makers. Apply on aecund Hour. Milliners wanted.?first class milliner8 wanted inimedial dy. nod two apprentices, at 22 Blet Cker at., between Brord-vuy and the Bowery. MII.LINER.-A FIR8T RATE MILLINER WANTED: oue who Isjagood trimmer; she muat have at last live years' experience; one who li.ia a natural taste willcoinmauil pood Writes. A'a> a aah swoman, who uodemtaude how t > keep a stock of urtllic'als iu|perlect order; must be n poo 1 saleswoman, Apply hi Ou*hman A Brook's, 163'Altar., from 7 to U A M. aud I to 3 1*. M. Servants-excellent situations, in first class families, n ady for rell.ilile help, to be obtained lm mediately, without payment, at Mrs. LOWE'S elegant aud commodious oilier, 1/ Stautou street, bctweeu Bowery and Chrystle. SKIRT HANDS WANTED?TO put spangles on skirts with a pre s, where good wages can he made. Aupli at Bradiey's Expr. as Skirt Factory, 111, 116, lit aud lid Chambers street. Wakted-a herman girl,"to go a short di8taiioe In thu couuiry; one who speaks the English language, dues ..ene.ul housework, aud can milk, Ac.; none but Germans need apply. Iii'iuire at Dr. Uuruaey's, corner of East Biualway ami Mont ,o uerj St. WANTED?A OOOD COOK IN A SMALL FAMILY IN f T (lie country, ui-ur town; Oernian preferred. Good reforence required. Apply on Thursday and Saturday itt 76 Bcuvcr St., up stuns. WANTED-A SMART, EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN tor a fancy App.y to II. id irris, 873 Broad a uy. WANTED-A OIRL TO DO GENERAL IIOCSEWORK. plain i nokiu.' arid washing and honing; good city reiereuce rii'iuirod; a Ueruian preferred. Apply at 16 Cluistoplicr st. s WANTED?TWO GOOD MILLINERS, AT 140 SPRING ?t. Call for one week. WANTED-AT III LIVINGSTON ST., BROOKLYN, A girl lor general housework. None need apply unless thoroughly competent. Kc.ercnce required, WANTED?IN* A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHout children, a woman, as eoi.kaud laundress; she must come well recommended an 1 willing to m ike herself generally usei'ii1. Also a voting woman, lo do I'gTt chainbin work .uio wait n;; mui ( oe a goou seamstress , n who can embroider preierreil. Apply, with city references, alter lo o'clock A. M., ut2t) lot.i st., between "Hh and tith avs. \l ANT ED?IN A l'RIVATE FAMILY, A NEAT, ACTIVE ?T Protestant woman, white or ' olorcd, in good cook, washer and irouur. Rest of city retorencc re tuired. Apply on Siturduy and Mondiy at 112 President st., fourth house westot Clinton, South Brooklyn. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A WOMAN TO cook, wash >u 1 irou; also a girl about 17 years old to do cliaiuberwnrk a id waiting; a Protestant preierred. Apply at 124 West 10. o St., between 9 an 112 o'clock. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND 1R0NER, also a girl to do chum bcrworn and to take care of ch'ldrun; a mother ami daughter or two sisters preferred, either, English, Scutch or G rinan. None but those who can br ng the most umiurationuble references need apply, ui Iff Ltiayetle av? Brooklyn. AIT ANTED?A GOOD WOMAN COOK FOR A FIRST fV class English en op Apply at the De Suto, 71 Bleccker stre<u, two doors east of Hruudway. WANTED?A SMALL GIRL FROM 10 TO 12 YEARS OF ag. ; one of good disposition and active ; also a person for general housework. Gall at 28 liuuveruour st. VITANTED?A NEAT, HONEST, INDUSTRIOUS GIRL ?? to do general housew ork 1,. a suiall lamiiy. Ait American and one from the country prcfcired. Apply to J. S. Br< wii, 441 Broadway. (IfANTED?A RESPEoTABLE YOUNG FRENCH WOTV man. to act at nui.-e to an Infant one year old and lo IIIMV I..:ia.ii n- * 1 ill ill liglll uouac* ill *, i aim IUUM S jH'ii* 11.: 1" nalin tongue with con. it n-as. Audrcli box 731 l'o.t ollico. U'am:;d-a- chambebxaid and laundress, a ]h> (.in ? no thoroughly nnd. ratuuila her ituaiiieaa. Apl ly at 1/ \V cut lJtp i ro.ii to to 1J u c ock. It will uc u,.eN-at to i ?li nel o.o t..c appointed U> ANTED?A MID'ALE AGED WOMAN, TO DO LIMIT l.oUH.M.rk, oue ti.ut cm wuah unit Iron ami in me boraelf uaefu I among child ei. Cail at (W3 cd a-c., tin id noor. Vlf ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FEW GOOD HANDS TO YT n a.iu in uUia nied .Anil cupa; none but tU.iso uinleri uniting .be work ne. it uppiy lo J. J..McCiicr>, Odd B.oudaruy, ooriicr of Dunne, u, ..(Ira WANTED?IN A 1'RIYATE FAMILY, A GIRL OF ii..'Hit i. te n or (utnii years ol age, to take .ur-of Inn i blliiicn, ilo light hu.nbcr wor* ami inaac lierajll gi b r.iliy ion in!; nu.d u ire r?.trcuoc?. Inquire u. No. iJi l.h at., Iro n 10 A. M. till 1 I'. M. 11TANTED?AN OI'KllATOK ON WHiiEl.K.l A tVIL V? a n .. a-luno; good ruiucra ouly necu appiy to 11. H. Sehoppe , 12 W lit c at. \ v an i ed?a girl. for uenkkvl housevvokk; V ? u. u go ,d io.HL, mat rati; waauer all., 1 roller, in .It iml tiny I . her habits, nu t count ivltU i tty r fi rcoccr Call ut tii J'.aai 31W (I., b tw. en 4tn unci M diaou UK. WrANTBD? a toclfo LADY, who is A first rats a -it. i. Apn 3 at u. fc. Acroi'a truaa udivo, 1.0 r'uuou 1., opi-o.lie .Suuda, biooilyu. WAN J El;?A LITTLE UIRL, AHOLT FOIKTEEN uai, -i'lf , iu n-'.p iuk cue o. i'uilJr .ii<iDiiiu.< ierneif generally useful. Apply -J Spring hi. tlTANiED?v.OOD Dltbs'.iM .KERN, ALSO U.VND8 TO YY wor. o.i lit r,u ill milltu. i a, our 1 r.... uitu , *i lion applVLlii;.' lu .lie ..uiiiQco ?ut Miii. S.iuiuuua', *?7 " u iUW y. Vt!ANTED?GILLS, WITH WHKELER A WIL80NM VY s.wiii, ...U .UII.Aii, y 111 1' uii.'u.. A S 0 lie . ?, .N ?. i unit 9 Mo.1 at . luree dooia J. Onailiaiu a 1 are. W'ANTEo?A rilEAUV COLORED W.J.MAN loft general house wo.. .11 a .11.any ... , iiodciate. CftialMiu. A .. ..?u..,i3 .III1. 11? ANTED?A UOU.EKEEi'ER. A MIDDLE AGED VY ?iu>.. pr U.. t, 1 b.< u ..oil uuo...c in arj. A ..ood piuuo for ainali ivmun -ratiun. An ir.-ai L , .<<. LU lien... OillOB. It'ANTED-TAO SMART GIRLS TO WORK ON I'KOViiYY sr..pita. Xnuao .1 Uu nare w?raa : at li.e 1 ay tpply ta.n ..ay ai i'. n ... lou'a l'..utoarapl> Gai.ury No. J L'u .main . tlTANTiiD?A SM ART 01RL TD ATTEND A B IKEKT. YY None n apply out ?uc.. aa.a.i .01.10 nrll ro o nmended .rum tlieii rial plane. App.y a. jJj hd av., near l-in it. UrANTED-A SMART, TIDVOlKL, TO COOK. WASH andiron; u.uai a a""' pin... o >k and arm *a'tiai ano I. nar, an.I 111.1k u. rae . g, Apn), wilh ml.Ton.:, a, at Odin at., 1 u.ti liuuae caat.if K.I av. iVi*. a ? CAT ANTED?TEN MILLINERS AND TRIMMERS; ALSO YY tmee aai.'.vvei.1.1. iri.i.mra; live iriininri* wanted; w.i \i ir.? 1 i-.t 111 * ..a., ri aaiitc.I. L. ilint. .....itn...- rlroaiiwuy, 6 1. a.u-j oet.i.rn id a. st. and 7 iv j4. i fift nteauy, experienced hands, to work luu mi ?n ii|>i>rlr a at oiwo.i. Hue. prrttba <1 , mi a liny; viwl wax '* an i me i.iy cinplmin.nt apply ur ' iituhtm/, at tin; caoh) skirl coui| a >y, 31 U -j ai. hxjup wamed-maleb. VuEsr-ir fou *rt?u to mvut a small capital in a i'ayino ml'sixess l',*....i'ne t!ia merits ol' tlm mcltomickoos, call ami mti it, ?r ml stamp **or circular H. 0. KICK A It 08 A CO., UN Nassau street N. T. Ydknts op activity and k.nkruy can mak'l iruui ?s in $ih |? r tiny b nt .u in; in l!n> wtm ui iu? val; aiile i'ki/.b .sta.ionery, recipe pack auk and en ? elope. oi.r sinti< in r. is i'lj ti nr. >m our jewelry - insists of porty vahifitik . carli art* in in inn a til red -. itta aitii.-rn tasib for inforuiail'n-a a mranh u ?r; trailed frue. ill i k alt da a co., 102 nassau aticct, n. t. Vcents.?the hi ?ik packaub. panpilkopiioslcm |'ki. k packaok, plilci i) ckst8. the iii mr i'a. ;.ai.k contains is articles. v.ll new asi? okiolnai. ka<*ii pick a.ik has a olpt op jewki.lty. aei'i.ta ran nukr m-atl ld> par i?al. rwn.l tlam u fur a ir- tilar. w. ii catkly a co , i0j nassau ilttst \ltfc>TS. HI.NO POll ilUKi IKCI'I.AK K il I.I.O r . PKI'.K AMI 1'UHTKAli I'AIKET, i NION ASD UK KII'T aUKKT. riUZK PAOKhT MIK IIIK MII.LIn*. K\C .l..?I'iR <TATKlNERY PACKET. PACKKTH Willi AMI" WIlllOI T JKWKl.tY. HEAD ft arte uk por .-IA 1 I* At kktb A CO.. M Beakman atrrai,V?? York. AUKNTK WA.vrfc.U t* Kt KRY rTATi. OP IIIH Union, lu-wR D"din'< Pal*iil kiaru-no Oil Horn, r or H ild Lam"; ha* nr? i-o up lll.ii.; o in t-> tgi-nl*. Bamuleo o?nl lb* la -aii* .if I .Mr ifcl aa'n|a. Call 'IU or A IJraaa Joaanta II" lln. 2i l> i* .< ?' * ? ? " ? \<IE*TA WARThll RlRRl W lIKHr?Tt> IRakiWH- I won IT a imifl I u? '?? inmg ?*' A J>-? ii|'i *i> on- | :ul*r aanl 'o any addr aa <w? th.- r. r l|.< o rr.l r ? i P. ! Sail I rum 10 A. M to t or ad.liaoi Miidfra A, Ml , I'oiilandl airai t, cnrwtr of lirw u* i li. I ? Waiter wanted?i* a dimvi *ai<*iw <>nk A * No u de.alautla ck' kamay JH?y lo Avba Rc?<a til II faml at. A BOY WANTED?1* A WHhI.RaALE P A*CY UO? I Ml limtuo h'MH. , wbo rto.d.aar.ii hu pum a baa OHIO knuMlMl ;. Of 1,10 l-ual :.? ?#, OB I too gn. Uli lo OA roicrcii' 0. K.iiiiy III nr^l jaar A4 in-?a, u bla Lai, I ari lln? La. Ilarall oli.o. A PORTER WAMTRD-IM A OEEIMIo* llol Kg. A man wbo amiar-Umla Uio hag King of hoaiorj r??hk in I who laacciia.omel lo work and 'an giro , oat ,,I* lemma aa lo honraij .mil t.-adiii-.a A. i at til l'a< a i.iaoe, 111) alaira, belwean iba boora of t and t i/rbnik. A Harmon praiarrad. Boy wamtbd?im a oooim ioiiriko ho* rr urn- laal wranta to l<'?ru Ibo mtainaaa and ro?jaa ? nto Ilia pari'Dla; a .larjr lirat jr. ai RV A .Mi i? . , . ?? narilUiK. ?'aluig ?b?, roai'l. uud oh.I rr'ar^n wa It a M I. i IM ll-ro. i nidi* ~ CNOLLE! tor anu OUT IKIor CI.IRK WANTED J in'iat lie lull) ronui'tenl on.I In a. it war ie.,a fcil lr??a J. Hall, Imi l.liitf P .at .nH aialr $ f -r ... r <? , a a uon. DIII H I I,ERIC WANTKD-APPLY TOR TWO DATA atAKiPiillon at., Ilr,?ajn. nRUil ROY R A*TED OMR UNl'Klni i ;i-i n,* nip I'lialn-dO |ir< Irrra l. f m la > r i . i a | laatrou* nt a pnrmanrnt plaor, Aj.rl) at u.? v?ru?r of Itl i ir. anil IStb at., from 8 a. M. w iu p. m. I raw YORK HERALD, SA ^ H?LP WAIT! D?MA LEI. YjtRRANS BOT WAKinBD??rikPTLT^lT^THJB~DB? Hi Good* Store, Mi Atlantic at. Brooklyn. CALESMAN WANTED?IN A RETAIL DRY GOODS O ature; i.on* but eiperlenoad hand* need apply, to w. Grandy, 106 Grand at., WUltamaburg. L. I. TIT ANTED?A SALESMAN, THOROUGHLY ACQUAINTTT rd U'ltb tb ' tn>? trade; a competent man. who can Influence a'g<.od couneetlou, may obtain a permanent altuaUou. Addieaa, with particular*, box 3,4X1 Poat olllce. \LTANTED?A FIRST CLASS ENGLISH BUTLER, VY who uudcrataudx hta butlnca* perfectly None but one who can lurumh tba hereof run rein ex need apply. Call for the next two day*, between the hours o! 12 and 1 o'clock, on Mr. PORTER, 33 vesey at., corner of Church. AllANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS B YKKl'KI'ER AND Yr clerk In a club in a neighboring city; alao a young man to lake charge of a billiard room in tlia tame establixhmeal. Addieaa Jaino.i, Herald oiUce. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE WAITER WITI CAN bring city relcrcncoa lot c , ability and n utuex.r. Aiiply at IK 2-1 av . WANTED?TWO DRY GOODS 8AI.BSMAN. NONE but those well experlem e liu retail city trade need apply from 8 to 11 A. M. or al ter 4 1'. M. Alao a alroug boy, lb Or IS year* of age, to act an porter. M. ROBERT. Jr., 1"! fltii nr. WANTED?A SINGLE MAN TO OO IN THE CO UN try, to work on a larin. Apply at IS Luroy at. Air ANTKD-IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, A BOY, WHO <T cau write a lulr h.,n I and clve references. Wage* S3 a we> k. Addreaa, in appiicaut'a handwriting, Cuunxellor, Herald olllce. . WANTED?SIX MEN FoR STEAMERS, TWO CONdueinr*, two porter* fUr stores. two bral mm, a valet logo t<> ('allium a, lour kii'i? nr travel to Europe and Cal lernla, two clerk* lorgroeeiy rtores, one iul' *uien, clerk fur a ateaiuboai. Apply at No.'7 Coathaui sqUM* WANTED?A BOY. ABOUT 14 YEARS OF AGE, TO AT* tend a b Milt and nUl ouery a ore. uuo who can wilto a plain hand and spell and, r correctly, may audrcs.r in ow.i liHiidwrdlne, giving relercttce, Ac., A. Muxc, No. 337 Bleckcrat. WANTED-A YOl'NO MAN TO TRAVEL WITH TUB advertiHcr, to ? 1111 ,lu o > ; i.e m ?t have $7j Impilro for Doctor, between it and 1 o'ciock tliix day, at 74 Cualliam at., iu the, up aiaim. WANTED-A YOL'NO MAN TO GO TO CONNECTICUT to take eaargc ut a iruit and w.ue ntorc, o..o that can loan hi* employer Iro.u twenty-.i\c to nlly ,.ol ar?. can have a permanent a.toe.ion. Adurcax L. C itlln. Herald olllce. \If ANTED?TWO ACTIVE MEN, TO SELL AN ARTIM e.e iinou iu evert au.lly and kept by all grocer*, llione who speak German cu 1 English ami hava ecquainun e with preferred. u? rn arraugciueui%iuade. Ad .iran S. L O., box llleiald o ,.c . WANTED-A LARGE, r-TKONO BOY, AS POUTER: dim ivho una mmia kuow.e.l.eo ilia paint and oil busiiieiwprelVrriM; re i ron ure-iunod, wa^u* low. Adur??a O. O. U., uux I Ho Utrali oillo*. 1,4r ANTED?AN ASBISTANT ENTBT OUODL ADTT uiu-a o a jiU Puktoiu- e, alining rof- 1Ilic.. TITANTED-A8 CI.EKK IN AN INTfcl.UMKN' K OK. V? in, n y, ii, .11 ol goo i nil' r. h?, w ij ? ii ? a *?iy gOoi Ii"ml, tin.I w.l b h .tik . wlin it inoueiaio i-alury at tii bt. A|>, ly to W. MANNING, 1j Court !., BuMaI; ii. Wanted?A KE1.1aB.-E A. AN, TO MANAGE the Unuiieia, puii ..I a pup,.la travelling ou?ni ?. 111.; rignt part.., Willi a Hale < a u c., I > . r.m ?* e.ju . II j w lib tin: a .r<-i ti.-er. H. MA. iLAND, 1J4 b.ui may. WANTED?A GOOD OEKJAN WAITER, WHO L'.V or.-, .n :* hi* bu-mu.-a nud Uaa??ol re.a erne, t'a.l At Ull Broadway Alter U A. M. ({ "I (All ? AGENTS WANTED, TO open uomoa iJiuU, uuil Uv: tne .hi. a -- a . tic, n every Suit lor ailot U.iyu i> i. eat Military M up*, .? u > > our Co.uinHiid r. .u-t-li.ct. Tito n.eapeai V|np? in beuo 1.1. A lurmuo an be made on ine <- M .pa ill ea Ii Hta.o. ?,bu .Oum-o, iea , ?ne o u.y mupa have ,. io.. v , , ii * .. , ii..,., log., to Calllorui., E:i .and ui, . C iia. A ;enl? i <i wauled in en ry CoUnty. tx-ud $1 lor ml ..pie* a.iU .c.iari. J. T. l.l.,1 i . Id ilruulway. i in ob $5301?a bam char k fob A bar V'iUU ml. I jo *ia ol A-d ui i 111 Ira.el; ar. apou*t: te iitua ion, ?s u nuurer. A mi. ii.- -t.ii u aua a gui?i mii.i y. For'.ml particular*<u,i ;.t43l.?p. .am yl..-i-t, Mo. d, ....... ooiia audi o lo k, Kjiiu out prtncipala Mbd'atfpiy; rilil l.AB MRS WAICTED-ON A HAII.ItOAD IN ClUly N i. J. r.n .. Woiji n .yl a .lay. A.-py - .i b> ard ii. -to iiiiLOni Aurora, tout of Ko .ii.aou ?l., tci -.e earn nay. HEliiG/GiN NOTICES. AL'NIUN AltilY MEETING?ATI.I* BE IIKI.D IN t o. net. r nod Dutch bun b, y niMt|, m II >n? fc.r et, una r.r- ve atroi i. June) Cite, ui aid u? i. e H ..r. ui a iwi i.n nn.. ii i-.iii.ii-, vi ii.o .vriu) iiu<i iiuv), Bn V;oe* ?o omuoifiicOuk ,'i I'. M. The *fc? n o: Vmj ttniird, Hit Army Caivdaiii ami (u.or* o. lac cuuioUen, may ?#c -c?o-i to** i:i t; C8 M-r.. e i, .. ht< h w?.i ? ?>i an litt ruhun0 u. i.'uc cr. A .'.iw ia done i-?r nut met* iumi b?? <iou?* qu okiy. AU iecufaJUlly invited (Ottlt'iti AW AHMV Lb uK lib AJ ON SIN DA V cwtiii^, April *0. In Not ill Coll* in'e ou-h cmitcii, ?oraor nt \> iiiuai ami l-'aUoii ancma, uii.dci 'V Bmi . ot 1' icmil<m ii?r !ort)ifd<i)if; * ! mt> ? n.iin^ i?? toe aui >. Ho .or. term*.*}!-, will ,;r ?.do aod t -iniuct lite nr vu*M,uii'i n.akc ?;.iuiucnis iii r rf-ird 10 tin* ami op..;*to..a o; ,iu: lio u* 4. I. is c tl ut o 'h lie Ami) a? Na y v?U l e h; t "! }?r?,v'*u ol ar.ny :m.a. o.i! ? cr. Aaii<*b? j> Httl Im . MR it ? Iff be.ii*, !! ' '.HU K"oroW i Hill It .a II, M!iU bev. At-. I) ir;?/* lai ly Inu ai.e i ono vl liie j? i ?.t? ?n i Co' * g|aiii itc to raicd U i!o.i rl?tir?,h. i o amu li e tLi'ij!a l\ M. A meeting ot tit*? i op i-t iiilen>i is? Ai * ":*;> ;. h t riiiti *.<e up i??n '''u mp iuJA, -? isot".% and all aim loruuiiy invited to 1. Fh. uia U (ir W hut v.e do liltint Me m" cjateklv. k NNIVKK8AKY OF TUB riVENTlliTIl I IEB1 HUM -iV day Si hoo..?b.\ rejM-.-at Tvveiitici.i street timet* .i n?t O.itlicll, OovW 'Mi Mixta a lid rt? . aiii el e til-i > ?,?.>. iov\ *( ! tomu Ml, at .5 u floe .. Aid ?<* t My It v . I-.. 'i. I'll..4 la, ?1. T. i landi i's aiiu II. Biuiicliard, Mcrnio.i uu* H..h cr in 'Uo mo. ii ?ii* l?j ttev\ ii. v?. Hrookn. Icii?l.o; i in Ki u lUv. v|. * AN AU.iIY Mi'KTINO WILL UK iIKLl) IN Till: UK 'it t i? .t i? chaich, tV'lllUim<o ai'i,?lti?v. D' !' ?. *r, a., .or?on 8abUiih ' VCMiiri lit \t, UI Mid ?>t t .o i) >aiM ii I'm;1..iwii fvincs'tiMK rtMi^ioiai r? .u r.g to ai: army i.n . na.y. ! Dr. i'o. i i will inpi'thOiU tnn J?'?uri, mm m us .i?j. ttad l.tA. Aiidr Will be ina ?I.jr 11 \,D..H dUi, of liio klyu, Mitd Ucv. Oi. D'S Witt, ?> Vjw V ir*. i'hc mrc n; iOut 'i groil inter ' . . i Wi .o w inusi do no v tor o ir nti'K, %vom:i iro ami djritv* ^old:*'. ?. T'u'v a. e p.i^iiid u\tuy ncymat o>ir rvucL, Aiiai . -oi- a' } uV t d O alt :mT. iTTi'B I.AI'JIIT "ITKEKT rlll'lK/lI, Ooi.NK'.i O.' ^V. i?.ia'.ik an.i K,-.. i. S i\.i . . u (kill j>.?.it-li .iii S . > ui.i inn mi ol 11,..) i Tii'-Tiie I*..?* .-.up y of," .111.1 in lUo (K..U n! upon " fliu H?i. JI .. f ?t ' v NNIVEKAAiiV OK TWENl/nXll tiTKIJKT M.WUiV ii .veil,?b> r>'.ms* . 1' i.'i * i tin.- .mi ill: roll llJl* . It'i S.Xlil llinl S v., I. UVr:: .i- - . ! -mo. I n V Ic uu .i.n Ju'.l ik vs i l.y It . . ii :i. ?'l n|ifi, .. V. . in.. .r!> .iii.l U. timiiv'iiHi j. ."m i-.., mi i... i;. -1.1 in in.- ,ii,tunip. '0' Kcv. E. ll, lirmki., To.t? "Tin ,irI :.i n . !.; a?vd.r IIHOOKL.TN TABEKMAtl.K- I'llKAOII.Ml ll\ TUB 1) , ,1V|..| Hi |, Ij A. M. 'I 'll ilil.tu A:t ' in i i ; . > -p. iii/, t*i ruislia.a 11 IUm SiiMi -.v, kilarct. *h from Mivctul emiii in in n. S r.i os . ;ij u'ci k, Gin mil ok run r:.s?:xcu:xtion (mo testa . K|.|? ), !4I>. I..lull bhI.i .1' T- Itili ;. ... v Ml S xili .v.'ii">.?!>.i In,- -i'i > i i->'.. j uu., ii'/ in ill...i-, 'i. il l? u' . . ?, M 1 cif. inn., ul i'; .. In.'k. r m. i . I i , He. K. J. h 'a will |inn 1. iiimutn? uvi-n.u(. / III ECU OK 1 lie! Tit V.Sri.- lit, HXTUtS. E VST Vj I' .inly n.n !. at..-, i. v. - . > Kit i. .im-..i, ? :<.|n I ,y i-iviiin; m-i-i n e-. lliune - iv.. m will i : i-t.i iu Hi ?.-Iwire.. m?ny ..m .eiiiniliyi pv.iiii.ij, at i}? ocl- k. Bvri'io.i by kev, K uiiimI tuin", 1>. I). { tllMlSTIAM l UAI'Kf/, flEVKvrKIIMH STKKET, i.i u S.nh ;n > mi-.?Smi v... mi 1. mm s l>?y, >|>.ti yii, a |||>2 A. M nut 7,'j 1'. M I'r * i lay hi tin* j ., t r mi t . Hi .'Vier. rfu'.y. ol, mmi. nli|m-- l'(1?> K .Jtiil One A 1 iv,. u * iii " 1 In* S Tliiill V1' nthin.'' i' 1.1.111 OK THE WOl'.l.W, AllOT T I*. 1 r,.< . AO<\>K:i. i!i.iii? In mine li oi..j .iilii.ioUr >| i, it.ii>,"?I li.* l.iurih i>...iiit. of tliia v.'ili s, i.y 1.'".. Mi . II. r, Kj-in* op.i. iiiin. In ? r, n ro .m 20, On?n*;r, uii Humlny, at ?>? I'. M. b iirnw. HHOUINO MKTIIOrUST K! I t'OIME O il li I', EAST M v. ti rcnth trri t, n.mli nut.., .i. imc. ii Flrvt nmi s i > > 111 avruu' a, iici'f M iy>i'k.i. i i1 u-.*.?|).\ Ah'iritct ns I o :or, will preaoh ja Sunday rmirnlnat tinlfpanMliloVHM-k, luu i Inra ol 'In- iniiiw of ifiin us un ilie II, '.r, and m ilits evening, ?l Iiii f-iwatMvi'ii oVo"k, h-aiafri-c. birans-ra ar iMPdtally invited. \p;>ioKi\l7Vm REM. II VMMO.'H i-THP.IT, counkr all IVmrli'f plmr.?Mah p I'.' will ni'..nli l?:i:r * Inri r ol vonftrmalluu l? tuono.v tE trr) ufirruufui, and ilia II . H II. 1>i?', Jr.. will prearli m tin- rvmnnt. Hit\ a at IUj?, 3W and V.'a o'llur'.. Free iieiila. A special colic .luniu ui.tji! the church will be made nt reali ,-riles. IIEV. Dlt. THOMPROM WII.I, PHFACII AT IHK Jl Itr'iuw ny T?l>;i na I- rhinvli, tomorrow ?v. nlng, un ' tual'iill.t ol' Mankind. i?h iitii or I it-il-rnil, So-inland Mum I Ili'MiiiilitaiM'!*.'' H rvi.x; nl o <vck. ijr.V. B. .'. Bt I KI.VNli.W :r,I, HHKAi ii N IIIB 1\ Stone rlinrrli. Twenty-eighth atr.'ct, near Mro niway, toMi" afi' ntoon, ui 3 i*. M, an.l la the ricnuu at 7X F. M. KKMUIOl S SOCIETIES IN WANT OP IT VOWS ,r h a nffKi-latlo'i* will III I Tnittor'- lla''. 1*4 Writ i i ip'j ri" Mrf. i,n).nt. if Hiwawa/, ni ' iia. i;. fcUap;o.l. I ?>< win ?i fmm tlir. lofoui iiundrud, and is f .nil .m ii ?s.uipl -if Kent law. cm - , ! I'liI'V-i II If . -i O! BKOOMI.|AND O < ' r ? -ir? ?. Metr. lir. I'd'<\ r>)'i?r t'.intirin .iluti w.l' ? ad.uli I'Wr I in tui? .i~--Ii I'Mimrruw (AprliJij rv n 'v' II-.'. l?r Putter. Srvhe at7>a. The al'elMjeh Cm?ru? llHlimft Si mi i lir -? i nir. anjatAnu Ji AVT.?A PUB . in i -I ihn a-no aiiji'i'i. will ua hel l, n *? and ^ r Un Bibie So-let) in f al Vi k. At I he Bmili itapilat (In. n, 11/ w? ' t? '*iiy In th etrtri, Dlilrrvn' ?|>.ikcra *4)1 aiiaaei m- meeting. SI tXM ' t :> II HK\. T1IOS. UAIXAt HET. f- nr. * " ?i arrow ? nend, with the vine.'at I I, A 4. !* .-t I*. M., and In the al,ti lane lag* al 3 P. M. T.i io' i a h In th- ran ning au i ilio Knv K. 0. K* .it ?inu.i.t. Mraiafn.r. fill K I ON HK'i WHIN OK TIIE . IIL Hell OF THE 1 Hi-1 r ( Hi-* W llia n J. Kr 'at, rector), will lin.d tlnllr h* 'CI IU I In I. . .Iin. it O'tch ehur'h, an Third avaa., an.I E blu rrift, on Buii'lay waning, comIII** ?i I i . ? - ' f V ? K | ttD rill'UCll, KI.KVKMII RTRKBT, aw hoi in. II' ? Key. >. T KlaO lera will dellirer Ihn ma dia?. ' I'm O Ig.n, lll-tn ? and Destiny of the De< II, n. : <? r?*f nj. 7'??? nr?. hntur.-l? War In II 'arcn li l< rn .M ii el end lha Orison. M n aeirauu?Tlia uae oi a Oo I. The lira, ot a a- r on Csea. THK UKDKLL1UK. 1'WHBH STATES SANITAHY CO d MISSION, WASHl' ;i*.A rill- I *. .. Nnt? a na t >o Hotting llnapli,,. on .1 i 1 nil'. in ii. not reutllijr Tianla ta , * . > - .... li t ii * f-e ari altati >* it nurani upon the K .. II . piu-lk .. ul Ii are N ing prepared ny lite I nned hi s ' if < ' . n ill* r u'J*. a from gn.eroin ni. A. |. a ra ha in-n ... c .rre ??i u. Intelligent ami k.'irn . <-! I:> the c?. ttf lh' in an wonnde i, and fund Mam a ?i1'ly I" l"> HA.lltl. 4>'l IV.irth tvena .S Ni.k, . t n 4 ?mt 4 .i" * M. CII.K AMI HI'S, h J KI.tOA, i L Sl/K* O* IftND, t? lor ?! ! !?' il?f? dm' Trlmmlnga, Ka.-l-a K. * I ?a?l" ' -man i. i t'ainl it and fc n nil* d> i a n Silt. |l i'.' i iiKAII VM, '7 0 > 'utreet, Uaui, av\ AUH?r*?bd^f4 Kuii?, TURDAY, APRIL 19, 1862 COVRTRY BOARD. B~OA*D WANTED IN THKCOUNTBV-EOR^rHE SUNuicr. toy a young married couple; locality to be within About an hour's rule of the city, wnere enjoyment in a private family, with ttshlug, hunting and bathing in tho virin.ty^may

bo obtained. Address D S. M.. fool office, station COUNTRY BOARD-ON LONG ISLAND, HEALTHY lo titloti, pi. ?un family, good table, with all the coin, forte of huiue, larois moderate. luouirc at 73Power* street, Brooklyn. COUNTRY BOARD-TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN laving horse*, can b? accommodated with lioard. lor the season. at Yunkers. otic mile lrom the depot. Address J. D. W., Yunkers, New York. tlOl'NTKY BOARD.?THE MOUNT EVERETT 1IOU8E ) w ill be open for ami.Tier hoarders on the 1 t of May. The bouse is delighnuily locuted in a quiet village in Sooth, ern Berkshlr . an I is designed to furnish families from tho city with a pl> us.ui: and uonitoriable oonte lor the summer months. Its pi asaul <lrite>, escell nt roads and abundant trout at i caul*, have made ol : Berkshire l.u.iou* as a summer res...i. it ter to I. It. H i ,:er, .MO Bmuiway, or addv si the pi op. ietor, 8 B. Go-Ualc, .south Egrciuoiit, iierkehire county, Muss. COUNTRY BOtKD-l'lCR ONS DESIRING A QUIET b'Uiiu can Ootuiu one lu a prlvato family, residing In a line location a abort distaiice liointlie ciiy. Terms in meruit;. For further particulars address E. Yvooster, Jamaica, L.I. Persons having children or servauta need not answer this. CIOUNTKY BOARD-WANTED, FROM AND AFTER J M.iy 1, three or lour fainiil s io flit a pi. an utly lucat d farm house iu Connecticut, w.ur.' kind a.l. tiou, pure monutaln sir, good milk, and a w II supplied tun.e, would render their stay pica ant and agr<. aMe. For apply to OIIAS. A. 1'Ii .K, 6i New street. C10UNT11Y BOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, J auil servant, in a n.ce liotei in some quiet country vuwii wi vii a.,1- *v.i jaccui iu iiiui ot easy toiniiuui eate n v, lui tli 11 oily* The parties boin,' strangers to the vieinlly, dealre hotel keepi rs to address A. K., Lax 125 Herald oilier. CNOUNTItY BOARD IN WBSfCHESTSR COUNTY.? J Two or three >liii{!e gentlemen can obi In Hoard in an elegant private mansion, where all the comforts and IT ednui of a Inline nan bo enjoyed. Kin drive, itoo l bathing, Ac. Ample stable room. V Utatn.e one nour from New Yol k. Parlies In want of such accommodations only apply at 11) Kif.ii avenue. CAOUNTUY BOARD MAY HE HAD IN A PRIVATE KAMIJ iy, Within three hours' ride by railroad from New York, toree trams p. r day, In a pleasant, wi ll I urntshed, large house, to an airy, elevated and exc cdliigly healthy loeat.on; ae ummo tutiiina lor bore is and car. if desired, Ad<lie s W. C. Ilickok, tJ3 Broadway, or E. T. Kariiam, Bethel, Conu. CTOl'NTRY BOARD MAY HE HAD IN A PRIVATE ) fa.uiiy, within two liouro' ride by railroad IromNew Yi m (four traiiu or d?y), In a pleasan'. ?- i| furuiaiied; an exceeding healthy lo ation, with plenty ofIruit and shade trees; aecoiiitnod.ilurns or horses and rarria ;es if desired; terms mo lerute. Address J. L., BuH'eru Post olh. e, N. Y.; or II. lloliuaii, 307 Tuird avenue, Now Y'ork. (TOUNTRY HOARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE KAMIJ ly iu West In sUT cnuut;,, i y a veiuleiiiau, wife, cnild au I n s (pain .1 lion d ouly for gentleman;; plenty ol lruit t <1 itiitt j waies r 'i|iiii-nn. Amires*, Hutting ioi'-iliult auu terms, tvuli b in u*t be iuu.ii r.iie, H, (J. C., Herald o.bcu, Cnl NTiiY HOARD WANTED?IIY A LADY, ON THE Iluaeuii rivi r, at or u ar Y .inkers, wltu a respectable private family, aline there are no older b lire ami anno die rati hate lutt use or the kr piua o a a id la horse in the mdithbi r .mod Direct C. L , sU.twn D. Hlbiu iluure, giving the*. F.hASAST IIOME IN TIIB COUNTRY?TWO OR t re i*'.it'll 9in uhtiiln it' si e an tin r i i u a plvaxan'ly located lariii In Cuum c.ieut lur tin suiiinier reason, where every attention wuulil b lend m their c mfurl, ami all I ie luxuries ui t e ouniry ahorded, by applying at 0U Na M iii tir< ?t, r om !>. I States island, north shore.?two young sentlm II, doing busrOe. in the rat , tvtau to eiisagn I *rt>*i It i.trd fur the utani- r. terms m is', i < moderate. A I ic tree In read uil icr dcsiiable. Address Rustic, bux 1.017 New York Fo.i utllo'. JIIbCEIiliAATEOUS. Any okk hawmo a pate vr ice house to sell Cheap lor I asa COU apply at *a-' Urall 1 a re 1, Will.a utb r? VCI'KK' A St'RB CLUE! t KAYINti FOR TO It At' O t'KEVENTED AND CURED. Semi thirty.d\ o e c ut Po as- S" in, to O SI'OI bit Oviii, IJy Spring reel, New York city. CUMMUU KN tl.NE -Wanted. A DoUdLE THIRTY. I tw tii.-ii in a single ioi ly- i.,lil lili'h 0 Mori En In in Marl r .tilling ord -r. Address, terms, Ac., W. J. W., lleial i tilths'. (TIIINA, GLASS AND EAR Til EN WARE CHEAP FOR j cash.?Any parti' s iia .,.4 i a?li 111 .and, and -visiting to oi-ImIii the w..rlii o I ivlr 111 ii 'y in tin' a mte artl lea, van let aissi nnioiliitvd, lor thirty day*, at Hi) Chancer* t, up iair-. CVKIU a ttAXU CWHINS CUUO FOR .5 CENTS In A? H-Hl'.NIONS, t 1.a 1 Na it Nttat-rwd K-i't, x 1 e.i 't 5. it corn 1 r Cilial str.sA iiy 11 \V. K lili K, Surgeon Cairois 1 list. '. ruurli ? it It Dr. in i, O m: ii 0. na from 8 A. M. III! M IV M mrio miaoan, notvrt rrmc, AimooxkUi XJ sioiiernf Di' >ii> for N-w Voft, N Jersey. 1' . ue. lvani >, Ohio, and all the uher S aie ?t E gin avenue. TAITCII Ill'I HOI 8 K 1OT8?)OR 8! K NO PLANTINGI F A 1. .1 1 l.ul r I ' 1 ... mi 11. 1 t .1 mill i. u!a I'jr Mill CIIAlttll* UEMUAKU. .1 Nm a -i treet. AXOK. ? 1 AM HOW Stl.UXi, HAKl.RVj ISLAND V JT U mun ill Hie lin-t <|UAllv Air ir; i- tltiarUH ol l..e im *t uppiDn il klihta in <iu.kiitiiii > : > k.i.i n i;v ul llie luwent prim*. * .!(?IIN* H. SAl'DY, 5i Sou'.li ilrNkI'Jiuit o Wail, N. Y. C^AKDNEKS I.IQ rF.I'Ill raoiOXID'. I W alt it A.N j'tK?.lM.Kr, i rip.Id i? "Ok'iy A l!? ' >' pii.Va ?ain Mine-tod. M.ire r?!? ii> ? i>n la I "? r any other plr| Ul'l . i)l ilnll. SI i ra i' ' "i.i'" | i'j. ipil rf), For <artlH'a(< i . < i'i. ? .1. i. il ,1-un t'-jtir i M."Ileal Swif ui t.iiT", :? r ' .it ht i upil 'uiar*, he i " iiii'-nai D ij.ti- u' fi ' ilar." fainp'" tv'-il.'i fill II - i*i: to in \ h . nn !' ' JoSKl'll v Ai.shM, i'i A; ,i'. lit Park rut*. N. Y. JCK KOR KALE-IAO fi>VA OF BRONX KIVKR IOB umvii ii.i.iie? lui a, a <11 i r il l In i? ml. i.i", id ruil i ii>h'- r?. Apply nt tin I W " I'ipii", ii N'i .12 | M-iiinia*). SA il I I'I- .M. I llr.l -liilAN. If US. 15. Mollttl- I.Kl'il II \i RI TE It ANI> t'O.'YIaT, a?I ll HPT .'illt 'a la..; , . 1.1 i II I Ii .< < I' II "i: - I i il ID t. I .il I P. M V It T i -a hi I, han a h I Sn ni.i A n..', a Irr mn n * ignore I pail" n . r auo l. nr.H-r itIn r < y nw : m . Ma it unit a soy. . k iui i in: HIIOI. flTRRM, O.lUEK UTKilS. C"*' 'Til It'll r-l. '."r4 It 11.lii ill O ir >lo I . ? " r i? "I i in! in. ii ?, lai.ii - nilh i-l.ti ipn"-, in- trj'.i .t'B ftrtl I'-rn ; i?- ,'.r |i, tGB iim.Utnet,N. Y. >1 AK r 1II u a - H MARI'LK MANTELS.?Til R H Hw KIrfE't !N V.IKMS ii ' |.>i 4i iiiai ira . - n .i < <Ua if u,i r iu.m any |> in'ii I'I the nnfiier* I'll * a Inr ; l.i imie .I?r s 6 <l'l i ill "'"Hi it A. i Mum V.."!, I tj E mi Jl.itie itn Mr -' l * tul T.iln ui". V > V . -Ii. MAl HIXE ,Y KOR MAKIN'U WKtl'I'IVJ I Ai'EK "a I I.?Il* n pull I li.iiil I'i" In n i .u-.i, r Alii a ui .iprlrut | er mi tu #i 11 >'Hill Aii.i. .< ti Me nar?e ui inn". Aililr. ?* I'n. M 'ilii' iy, llefal i "I iaa ti'Mii.i'.is r.r.frt.'URs .viivru i istvkv is nil.. 1 I .Vlilr n?. a. 11 Ml l Tm>li. I. ?'i'l Kun 4ii I<'(lf-? coiuixwil .nl nr il- ii. in . ry ana a . tl.,c Mainiacrlit* rrviM .I at !ei>r^ Nil (i?r t *? i < - Tlir kImivii ?ill oc ul> it ntliac nr.iry Mini J' : *! ' - t ' . uOniin ti oiouifliljr vn ?. .1 in nil? . <>iii, u, mil i ail ita fhrma, in* .i.Mn* H.II- 1..V, II ...I . ? iinv an (ulrriliw ma., tic liml. i >BRP K? T rt'im X ok uirfK.ssKs ?>; " nil; iuhoit ?nu r.> nus. IIV Ol'k IN-O r Kl I IIO.l I I UK. NEW AMI AI'i'KO.Kii Mi*. I'll OK. Dit. it. hi: .miv., hk w. r in sii, lt/4 8 ? anmnr, i*i riiaral T?v> lull ?lie.*t Out* of thi! ilorlorn Miii' j in itlc iilc.',< . I IKKOft.M YOLK IVffHBK'l K.I. > PKOVMIOM JV ai rvdw*~d priai?Oilf an I i . ,..i* mrrd ttiMI IM sli v.iuti'iii, .in r.uit.ii, Br. tn r,j i* si* t ill, i.y ? q.i .ncr, J: In 5 .; Orun u u niiy 11 . '>-r, 111*, to 2u ; l.l an i anarp Ooocac, t* . I .# .*.; tr**li '?.* > K *. >.?l ...r 2Ar., warr.nili' l; all kind*. 0' ft-fali ?i>*nt? Irum if. io ?.? ill mi l jA. W. at Kltf'it.-ciuli air rt. ail at l.n N.hti. manor. Uf at hi IliC nortneaal ro. r or h..irh'?*n*M atrnel >. B.?Cut tlii. out ami Kite oa a ..all. I r.iii.a. i, Rookim; rxLT ixo uouitmitj An rxcrllrul ina ' <r |?*riuaa *nl a*ul .ipnrary r ml'a, at I| aa llm I I mil tu?< .at .1 in or *h ii/l' f r a la iu lai-hcnra ni.ll | .antlU * t>v IKNMS IS 1IK .rill.US. 4U I'e irlatn . t, N'V I ork. N. B.?Straw an I i.iu lata' HuarJa at nianufacturuia pi .oca. ni.nAT ri Kf.i iprii! o ?45 ~ hewixo machines. *4s oflice an i aaloaroo.n 5.17 broadway. call And ace ibatn betoiu porci. lagan, a. ii. itul'la, mi broadway. mnrhlne.a repaired. "cekk asd ye smjux kino i "8kkk and yr-shall find" "seek and yk shall kind" "sbbk and yk ~ hall kind". "seek and ye 4iiall kind" an article of ineatliiinble value, ?vhuh every man and woman should have, whh h itiuli prove o great gm?d id the nillllima (millions are tinaeipiallilcd vvilu it). it points i in way to the kriale'l possible imp, lies*. it la a lortouo lie if. no person an re/ret twnint one. it it rich in ii ht fur mankin i. co-it* only one dollar. duvet your name on an (with atanip if run wl*h it to come aealnll. enclosed to my address, aua von will raoeltro a elnnlar giving particular'!. address ri. d. humphrey, new york city. The owner ok an extensive m ynukaciory wleh<-s to make an arialig-inenl w lib a truaiwurtb) and ctpam- i ami an to deliver uligoioa in the city. the work will inipilre the uaa of one and sometime* two carta, during a p >rt only of every day, an i a permanent oe,upa;ion will be given 10 a aatlafa tory party wlio can furnlab aecurlty for the faithful |ier;or,nance of rile riot lea. in pilro nt jam-a hope a, olyinpio ilouao, corner 6f third avenue and 165th atrecl. Thomas turner, dealer in southern, west. crn and denotes k.nur, (choice ha,era' brand*,) its warren aircct. between w,t<h i niton and weal sue-la, new york. meal, urain and kccd of all kind*. mo tallow welters.-the advertiser. iiav. x li k p.vnilir faoilitlea lor laklng rough i'al, woald lie glad In make an arrangement with a one good house to raaerro it. addreaa 0. d. i'., but 1,720 i'oat often. Wanted-a ouod tow boat, krom 16 to 30 i'eet long: moat be in good order : clinker bulll preferred, A idress, with price and lull particulars, 8. e. kullman, boi 1,601 p.i-t ofllce. now york. Wanted-a nick counter, >4 to 3d kket lonu. iiiltaldo lor n bank. please aldr-sg c ii herald office. ____ 1|l|m|l famimk1 are csin<i pvi.e s 0 k. soap the demand laetlu taw.wsing. s?,d by gro.trt cuff w litre. boarding and loduixu. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A la y and gentleman, with Boarl fur the lady only; also, two or three liny I ladies can be a coinmudaled with nloa* sa nl K oms and Bnard. Eur parti, ulur* inquire at 11 East Klot entb street. AT NO. 81) NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY I lure uud Filth avenue.?Koo 111 b> i , en mi r or jungle, will! lirsttlass Board. Dluc.erat go'lock. Refer ,ices giveu and inquired. No moving In Mt\. A ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, CONTAINING OAS. b it and cold water, witb bathroom u.ijo n ug, to let to a gen'l.-uinu, or a gen1 h man and bin wim, w .li full or psrt.el Hoard; luuilly j riva o; re.< rmce? reqn rail. Apply at 2 d Leaingtou avcuue, third bun a' O-'e Tuirtyelghtn at. Attention is called ok those living in hotels .tud bonrJmg ;iu ' iloaae opened at lit) Maedu igal air,.el, an I furnished wltb eveiyimug becena.try lur iio .sekeeplu ;, in nrder that a family may baVu a cuup.ete borne and live ut a low rule. A neatly furnished ROOM on third FI.o 'R; aifi single Ruoina on aeeond. to rut to geiiUnin u, wuiiui.liiourd, huu?ti modern. a ly at ul Kourtn avenue, near Ninlb street, one block lroin U mail way. Atm west fourteenth street. oent1 emen and then wlvcaor single gentlemen Cm have p.nanuul Rooms, with U iat' l, f irnubed or uui uruisbed. Dinner ;.t i. Ueieieu.ea exebi.u > d. A lady and gentleman, or two oenti.kmen, i tu liud Bo .rd, Wt h b ul Ho :uh. wiL.i a lHti t on veulent tu all the Bioadwuy slapalso, one youu,; lady Term* reasonable to ?gmet part ee ..all atttt Went Thirty-second street. AX 208 TENTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE? tu Ie., with Hoard, In a urtt ehUs private boarding house; a Room to gentleman and wile; also two Rooms lor single gentlemen; dinner at 6. A LADY WILL LET A I'LEASA.NT FRjNT OR BACK i parlor, fi/rnixhe I, to a g. n leinuii iuid nil. ; iltor oius for three single gentlemen, wall Heard; honc li is all modei n ini| rove uieuis ; diiimrat i> o'. .oe' ; r l'eieuoe* ! given and regit: red. Apply at 221 V? est Thli ll. tl. street. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, OWNING A LARUE JY brown stone house, new, near Wash n?t ni spiare OH(r In! May line Rooms en second or third hour, w Ith Board, on very low term*. Allures* Freeman, lux D.M J Post oUlce. A GENTLEMAN WISHES ONE OR TiVO FURBISHED, wnh BreiiivlV'-t. in a private family ; loent'oii between Fourteenth and Taiiitlcth . tr.els, weal of Broadway. Address box 2,*76 Po.l olllce. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A FEW SINGLE K< n lemon, tun be accommodat-d w i h Hoard, from tl.e 1st el' .May, In a lirst flu s non e with nil ;..e,,i.<xi--i ii imp.o.enn uis, in West Fouin enlli street, between Fen tun and Eighth avenues. A.eoiiiiiioilatiniis urst oluss. Address F'uurteenili s: i eel, i.-oji l,ddj F'*s; ? i.e. A FAMILY OP ADULTS OR TWO GENTLEMEN AND tnelr wlv * may Und a pleiissnt home ni 16 Ashmnd place, corner of Wavorley place. Rooius luruislieJ or unfurnished. Dinner ut 6 o . Inclc. A SUIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, ON FIRST or second II /or, to ic , with Boa' 1; p . vice table if de. sired; alee . Terms re.tsouabie. R Terences to.changed. Apply a. I dl Levington aveuue, soa.beast corner ot Twi u y-iiiiitli street. AT 19.1 IILEECKEK I TREET, A NICELY IT KMSI! ED trout Room, suitable lor u i o lor or family; nl-o, sin b' Rooms to I't, with board, on moo .ate term*. Any I table pcr.ou wishing good accommodations wilt boo ell otcd. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING JN TAENTY THIitD street, Alaulsoii stjuarc, w o ild let an eh guilt y fiiraiihed ; Purlor and Bedroom to a gentlemen and wi.e, or gen.le lien; llrsteiuss house, with every couveiut ace. Apply to MKr. Li SH, M Fourth avi mm. A FEW BOARDERS WILL BE TAKEN AT NO. Ill West Fourteenth street, ivncre they will have uii toe to ntorts of a home. Having no board, r - sh yet, I brie i? u?w a choice o: rooms. A very desirable location"ouw good nui hborbood. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN OR A QUIET LADY can have a Front or Baca Ko mi ut u.d$7. with Board tor lady. F'niiiily Musll. At t ii| rovcnietils. No moving in May. L .rat.on cent.a. and p loasaut. Apply at -J Amu, street. A FEW GENTLEMEN WISHING TO ROOM TOGKT1Iy\ > r. . an be itccumiiiodsted w.iu a fruut Parlor on (In tirat floor, also s eolid boor, with b dionn no tblrd Hour, with Board; suitable for buslneax i. ei; near ull ih i hotels and near Br. a iwuy. Apply at Hi Greene street, lure - doors a sive Spring Street. Board.?a pleasant front room on the so. on 1 I o T, e.niiiut tubiy furuibne wnn bath room ami el. a Isnltaebed; lor one or two g. u leiuun. Apply ut lid Amity oti cel. Board?a slit of rooms on second floor, fur.ii -tied or uiii'iiinlshed, to let weili Ho it i; ontaole lor n i,vii.t-man mm win; ; accojirtio union ior I'vo i-r (lit re single jp .r.l 'turn ; koo.l house and tab'.o at a it:* do? price; dinner a: 6. Apply at 2 > Abut^dun s?p are, urxi to ti e corner of Weal Twei.iii turret. BOARD.-D^SIRAIILE KOiMS ANO IIOuK COM ioris can ce foind at Id- K vst Fourteenth sir *et. IJOARD.?llOOMB ON SECOND AND TI11KD FLOORS 1) hi moderate price -, with ?ood Boat a, uiu toe o'jtulu m at 104 Eotl tourteeuih mreet. BO A III)-GENTLEMEN ANI> VBIIi WIVES, Oil SIN*, fcle griiUe.iieii. c ui oe ft icoinik jU.uod with roj.ok, en Ru'te o.-xiiuOy,;Hi ITrt West Fourtretiui steet. kctci nO H pi veil and resulted. Term* model ate, Diuiier at 0 o cio/k. BOA UD ?PARTIES WISHING GOOD FOARD AND a coliuoiU )i? home, would no well to a 1 at 40 ivist Tmrteeiith sittct, a icw doors lrom ltio'dwa.. The 1>oua conuiUH alt Hie mo tern improvement". Family small. Boaud.-a gentleman and has wife. ou two or .hive am iseiiilemeu, can b a t o.nn.u .av-d wiib pb-fti itu Rooms and good Board at 313 West Twenty lirst tr. ct. Term* uiuleiate. House contains ail mouem ui ptoveinentM ami lairuly private. BOAI D.-WANTED BV A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A itefttly lurtii he i Rooiu, with H ?<d, in ton i?itb,rho.iii >i i o irtceinli ?ir. ? t ami ft/. uue. Terms not (o vxeved $j. Ad treat W. 11., box 12 flcrart o.lic , hoard.?a gentleman and hi- wit*. ok a J) r-lu ,.e gentleman, w ill de-liable ac. nmouiiaUoiui at the 11en. da** house tod W. *t Tnlrtjr-^vi n h ?tie i, between Kiltli and S.xtli a Tell ilea. Terms mo lenite. Board.?a respectable gentleman and lady, v\ ,iuies paitiui Hoard, Willi two *. lit; e Rooms:, in a mm ti ! I Iv ul &b l?cr week, hoik It of Ciilifti a. reel, and went ol j Hnadway. A dress A. B., bo* luO ilcrald oilic , lot one week. DOAKU.-A SMALL FAMILY OR TWO GENTLEMEN I and their wives t?e ae.-o uMnHiu ed a lilt pi a .tiit it at i,t Board, by .pi utg ftt 1H K;o. Tuny , ,urta ?tre. t iM".wr?:i Lexiupori and Tttird uvea te*. It OA KD IN A PRIVATE IfOi'BE ?SEVER vl ROOMS i") hill io ll be vwmii 111 ft I.r n: 8 hbtta) iii mh i t uv -ttu , ii ar tiie ri.pi ite. T r e r >oiuh <m third Hour, run* li i,? iron u'.mt tor ar, and two li-xuus oil s?'Cou 1 .lour. Ad'.re?ftT. P.. lleru d oil e. ? ; ?- -? ~ I | JUAItU MS A it WAS UN i ION SIJI \I(K ?IU7 WAil'.K | 1) r.llo nm * liiable tin- gentlemen or a la mil)', Uninur al 6. Kt'leniicea Mciuu^il. 1)O V K D AND LODGING DOWN TOWN ?V H W Jl ni.1,1 k nil men can IjO areomtuo la J ?Itii Bo.trr ail 1 1.0 mm.'; i.> applying at No. 1 Stale nlrt'C, ill front g. It.a Battery. No meting ?n tin l*luf May. i |?o MID waited?BY a YOL'KU W ir.OW LADY, I) nlierr lnatruclloii and lire o u pim.o wo.iid ne lak -u n li.llot i at tail pas mem. w mid fnrnn-li rami. If rei|biied; I KKrrlKt tiVrli, Add.e** Mr*. K., t'niou li|tiur< IVM uttive. Board wantkd-hy a lvdy% where there are uo oilier im iriicr-, an I bin a tma'.l latuil), In a nice niiUf, I eilM in Y'lrdi 1 't llariem or Wtilianinhur,. | re fete I. fi rm* 11111*1 bo moderate. Aodieni A. B C., lot I'oes ii.ure, N. Y. iiiuid wanted.?an insvrnished front J) Itnum, aeroml atory | rel'i r . in a >|net fuin.If, 'form* uitiftk lint rmee.l $15 per inunln. Lin* Hun Letwei u lumin and Fl teeulh gHeeta, and Hrnmd una Siit.i"Mvii,u,i?. Re liTi'ine el>i u uinl required. A.idrr** Cue i lea, Hernia alike' Board wanted?for a gentleman and wits, t. .in u ru mi ami bedroom, on Ml, or mini l.oor, ui*lu nl bi ll, Minuted between Tarenty-ihlrd and Tlilrty-fourth ? r el* ?gd Slttli nml Niiilti avenue*. A litre *, atnt nj Senna, whieh mu*tbe inodenite, 0 K, Herald ulUcc. "IJOARD WASTED?ON BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. AFTER J> 1*1 ol M iy. fur a Kent, with bath *e -omtr.o lull n*. A email room w ml I uuawer. Addr*aa W ni, New York I'ini oilier, aiming term*. BO MID WANTED-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN WISHES a . mid alced Room (on *e oii-l or tl.iru II mri and full It a il. Ill a Iirisaie lauiiiy T mi* not to exceed $<> per week. 1.1 hi on la-low Tie tiiy tnlrd etreei and h ineen tuiirlh ami HI .Hi avenue*. K er.-nr* a (lies. A d ta< U. W. D.. Utrain iihio, IJOAKD WANTED?WITH A WIDOW BY A I.ADV. AJwtieiv th<T'?r - no otba.-boardor*. and hut a mo 'I. ..mi Iv. In a IIlor c iluii. lo aU-d InYorkt I lo. Harlem urW illlan.a. bt.rd | r' ? ti iI. f. nun le tuotli nlr. A idrtaa A. U. C., tot ttl raat ojtof. _______ Kuttin wintrd-for a litTi.e otrl. aoed six irani, when' there are uo amah ml dr m, ami ran learn Minnie an I be ei.uv.nlenl ti tch.ail. Adireaa Mo tier, loi lit lleraM oflleo, aiauaf termr, which rawet lie moderate. BoAKDINO -A MCEI.V ft RMSIICll FRONT ROOM, a H.i taa. dot an.I ro I water, in a Ur.c c.oaet, will he lei, wlili Mo int. very low, at SM Wi-t Thirty.: ft la aire. t. building in i. em; l?lli ati'l waah tuba free; .l.lldrei, no obja. tion. BMOAttDIMl -KKONT Hon MR, ON SECOND AND third iloora, In l?l. Willi Board; honee haa all the modern Impmeetwriita, rnimia hainf init-fy furulabedl faintly |irilat R Vienoca avubangrd. Apply at IV Weal Twruiy ereoth airert BoAKDINO.?A HE AI ilFLLHCITOF LA HOB Koo.Mr*. from. aernnd floor, In a lirue liral .Ian Iiohm , with all mo. t- r it improvetnama, with a am.ill pr.rate r ami Ir, with C> I laid . .1 meailr , uoknu. 1,0 ""'I and i|iiiei i no boarding m?e i w.ih H.?id, may b' ha I f..r a k btleman and lady: En V, Rib u r weak, lei albin wear Hie. < ker atn-at, weal of roadway AddretaO T. 11, llerald vdb'e. BROOKLYN ?Ht I'EKIoR ACCOMMODATIONS, WITH Kaird, for geMieuieti Ala. a ball .lannirly tor, label ar.vind atory front K-om for a con pit 1|.nt?e and uhla liIcily inatclaaa. Apply atM HUia alt eel nppuane Harden all cel. ly ii. Board in br<k>klvn.-a small private fami 1/ with to dlait.aa ol tarn Kmun ou ihe ecoiid Hoar onnmunlcailng Willi clnaeii, yaa. be , a' 7'< J r.ilen o I alreel, between Clinton and II* ury, n- ar Wall aireal and South fcrrlea. would let tin in I > gentlem.a witl.out haani, BWAKU IN BKOOKLYN-WITHIN FIVE MINI "WHwalk of Wall and vunoii lerrira. A large in I |ileaaaul front Room and Bedmnin on the third #?w.r, titrely fur nlahad. A!*ol?" K oina lor a.iifia t'-aCeiai-u. Apply al lid lieury a r. i l. Iirtween Piem | nt and lark aim < Board in brooki yn ?pleasant frontkoomn, for lamiliea and aMtyla gentlemen, n.av 1 e o'diined, with B ar tM ll.ota aire d; conrenlaat to tha Wall airaat and 8 ,uih feirlea. R. terencoa ptmaiucd. Dniuar aldo'rloik. Board on Brooklyn iirioiits.?a vkkv plra* Mnt rioiil Parl r and Bedroom t<> lei, on to end Hour, lo k frwibiman and wife or alugle reiitlcm-n at No (I Poplar ire. l. w ilhin threw lamu -a wa it ol Fulton terry, and etuht of Wall treat; would prefer par ilea to furnUh thalr ro una; Iwiiaa modern. Brooklyn iif-mhta, ii? SitrwntI street, rlrer aide, orerlnol itig tha ha . ? A front Pn>in- no I Bedroom, billable fni a roll man and bl? w i e or n o alnp' gentlemen; al*o one fi . .1 CI A n tier, wilhR.ard; I u r at go'efnek; twtween Wait and I .ton ferr . a. Helcriuce roijulifd. Hiluativit ueat farnva to H o k.yn. 3 ISOAIlOIJIiU AND UNMliOt Brooklyn HEiuiirs?Two single gentlemen tail obtain ^ otl moms, wltb kooii Taole ami r ul comfort. Hotieu aliuate I In full new u' ine Ei<t rlvar, and convui.-Hi to Fuin u and W.U1 aired faiTiea. Addreae 0. K. N., bot J,*54 N Y. Foal unioa. BOARDERS' DIKE! TORY, Atil BROADWAY, WHERE pttriick wUhiiiK I'll' particular* of uo r.l m oily, vicinity Mid cMiti?i-t, ore I :k.naliad' -'y. All ? .mu, g?*nt.-?i Ui..rtliT?, in city and country, alioull apply Hoard wauled for applicants immediately. A t> HO LINE A CO. French board, French lessons ?a good opporiin itj f i pcf n> wiahinA to learn Prencii. Ilooma and b -.lio tuh > mi; aUn a Uive back Parlor, lurui.bed or uufui ulklicu, at lib E'lal Twant> -.-a ou l aired. TNRENCU BOARD, IN BROOKLYN?A GENTLEMAN 1? c a oe a oiuio.'.'uic i with .i bandtoinrly font a'n d K oiu in u 1 Fr.-ncli) private b uiae. I'l: .cr ai t>>? o lu k. Relerencei aacUanued. Apply at 'j9 Amity ulrce'., neur Henry. Families wishing board in the country f rt- mini r, can he * L I modat-d fi mn t e 1st of May -.viiii i_oui Bourn an ! pleasant Runusat Fairheld,Conn.; ? no in cuiiiim.dniiuii for Bnrw?. For particulars address*. Burn, box /<>2 Brills j oil, Cuou, F1AM1LIE- AND BIN.ILK OK.NTLE.MKN CAN OBTAIN r potu . en k or uugy ma rivam family, by upplV Ing at 1U7 r.ihhiii stn ei, : i-tw uuu Fit i rnJ b ub uvonu -*. Titn house Una been m ent.y ut... n un 1 n wly tilled up, and conti i. a ali modem improvements. Kcicieuccs givt u aud re.Hired. Furnished tari-or and bedroom to let?to a ?in .le gentleman, iu imu - .pi d by owner; no boarde.s or children; i n m.iur v w.i, . . .m ib : ferric*. Iu imro ut 345 South Fourth street, Jersey City. riURNiSUED APARTMENTS TO LET IN IlllCiO'ilyn? 1 i'o on.- or t voslii-ie g mllome . or utie oau and wile; bieakfn It re>|titre.l. In inlre Li Wait .'s . ry ?i oJ> more, Eiilr u aveune, between il .ll and It. eisun streets. Furnished rooms to let.? >ne or two h.vndhi niely (jruiHiied Rooms, iviUimU board, to a snide ge .t'i man In u , rlvate f r-ry brown aione b nine in Weat Tweni- dourth si. eel, m ar Fifth avenue. Adores.- box 3,770 1'uji illii-V. Hand. odely fkrnibiikd imon3 to let?with B- nr i. Tne houae contains all dm modem improvements and mlor.ved lit Ideariint |m ' et the rite,mm-enn-nt to botlicar- aud statu . Apply at63 We.-t Twrniy-iiiBtsireet, corner of Sixth avenue. Handsome ku inis'ied apartments to lei?in a priva'e faudiy, to ?cuilc-uen only, wi n or without partial Hoard. Apply at No. 19 F.ft'i avenue. References xi banged. 1 roboken.-neatly furnished rooms. with or .11. without fli aid, o let to ? ngl lu a private (. riiuin landly. App y at No. 4 Union pi ic *, li ounlield street, hetwecu First and Second ..tre U, thr e nflnuti s' walk from the ferry. tn brooklyn, by may?wanted. in a private A A uerienn family, l-y a genth n aa . lid wife, two Rooms, lurid dn d, ( r heuro n and -tiling room, and pi an. SubManual Heard lor th pen eman eaten to i o within I floen ininr.tea' walk of Fulton leiry. Terms to bc$S|cr weolt. Letter* addressed to <*. C. RODNEY, Hriald oflfee, N-v York, mil receive iuiineuiau-auiuiton by tue adur t sar. Mrs. m. b. summer, 22 west twenty ninth street, iu i idle the choice nf s -veral rooms to parties d, slung to niak arrange nenta for It iard for the ensuing year or trnfis.ently. (l n or lau.llh ? rema.iiin in the i ity J. r ng the.summer wit1 hna thlsamoet delightful location, References exchuugrd. PLEASANT SUITS OF ROOMS, WITH excellent J.. Bo. id, at the Ashland House, 30/ an I IX) Sou i 111 avenue, i r families. One Trent Ro mi, ov.-r the p-ulor, just vacated. S.ngle Roouis mid Board for fcnlleiuou, $6. Pl.EA ANT BOOMS AND BOARD .MAY HE 011ta ind wldi a prlvam family at Na 51 West Twentyluurth street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues. References e changed. Uoovs to let?With BOARD, SUITA1 I.E for ua rsi'ii or .riiiglc geutUniuu; mod** impr >v nu uibio housv; lentm nmucnti?. Apply at 37 l*an*|H r?et. rpo parents and guardians.?three or fouh X chiidrcu <an i ? B-11111 U, un<l Kilucued if r?Mpi?r???lp wh jt'i vt ry uu< utioa will be jwiiil, bo'.h inoratly ami pbyai< ul y, in a it ullhy 10 ation, privat family, aud where i?icre arc H irhlltlrrn. Apply ai l&i Slity-'iftU 8tr??Pt, four do?>r? a t of Socoml avt-nu.*, rpilE AB-'EKTI.SEIt, INTENDING TO TAKE POSSES I Stii.n s.I I Is .I'tdi ..U.S. X\ M-.a.u 1 Up.,,,1 tun .... ihs 1-t of .M iy m it, would give ihe cm dee ol K >om?, with lint clin-a Hoard, to tingle gentlemen only, for term* ami loenli. ty ot it oiini u.Ureas 11. S.J., care of N. lLndloiv, ? Brookli n. fPWO Oil THREE GENTLEMEN, OR A GENTLEMAN X anil it if and oni! luum lady may Had sup whir Hoard In n private laimly, iivin-t In a modern brown atone house, No. 110 Wr a Forty.*lxth, neur Broadway. P c mailt neighborhood, and everything hrM claw. ttierencti exchanged. rpvo OR Til It EE YOUNG GEN r I.EM EN WILL BE 1 lakrn to boar 1, In a atrleliy private family, at 173 Eaat Fifteenth street. lower number, m arly oup mite Stuyveaant puik. Hmiae brat > lam. Reference* exchanged. mUREX OP. POUR PERSONS CAN OBTAIN B >ARD IN "X a private family, wltnin mo hour*' ride of New York and a let.' minute*' walk of the depot. Peraona wishing loformullou tan add I em Damn JJepul, Conn. U,r ANTED?TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS. IN BROOKlyo, with r without Board. Must tiuve gat and watel an i he in a good m-igh lorlioo I, near a railroad, itefareueca given nmt re pi.r.'d. Please stub what boor. Ad irets Mosu. b y Miinotle, Brooklyn Putt odkc. WANTED?IN A KI R.ST CRASS PRIVATE HOUSE* with all the modern improv m oitn, locaiion between fourteenth am. Twenty-third bir eta, a tull oi Par.ora, a auit of ltooma directly ov. r too parlora, lor a lady, daughter and ina.u; will I'm tl e atuu , exieptlnj carpwa ami .Ireaalug b'ticau; private table required; unaloepl.unable re'.eren ea gin u an i re-juirc 1. No noard ho lie win Mill. Address, . uh lot pnrtrnlnni, A. M. fanning, 337 Weal Tiveuty-aeoouo an eel, or Xtt B jwery. &C TO $s?ROOMS TO LET. FURNISHED OR l?NVl) i urn Urn-J, tery low. Piltate house, In g-od basatlon. Nr. 23 ICiial Tivent. -eighth aire, t, near Mail ton avenue. O oitl nr u or gsativinuu and wile preferred. No bid up. ( l Tit STREET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HnOMS I'L to let, with Board. A.iply at 113 Eaat Fourteenth Mit el. Reference* given and required. )1 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH tJt. rvenue.?T>* o "r turn- g. n env n cum o lain tin*, with or wauout Bu t >1. Ke ocnca given and roMUirJ. 'J7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN II HO A D0 I in,, itn l Ki tii itvcui.e.?r.i.i or mice I i fa uiliee hi i three in- i nir tf"ii li'iin n ran uow lie aoco i mortal.' i with i ia iiuj iiugic Bernini, ta li la i dun*. Ke.irvucea ear CliMLg <l. ?>-? Oh CAT JONES STREET?'iBSTl.EIHM AND 01 J iheu l?"?, iTii gle gen (hum n, can t>. ui c >m. nod.tied w ' i iir ar ait K lyina ana Boara. D.uuei at li oVIock. Ki lr>v cceevt if. I "> East TWENTY TiliK0 KH..EET.?Full SALE OR ??> In i" n> In* iiH i limine lour itorv t rown a tun i* ll<i.,?e 13 hu.. Twciiiy-itiiiil ittv. i, ne r MjuI?o. avenue. App f i ; 11. LlillLBW a CO.. No. I l'ine MMt. f ? * W1>T TWENTY FOI ItTlI .STREET, BEi'WEEN 1U F.llharidS vth avi n ii'K.?1' iriii-t.e 1 i-.ii.iur. til aulua ? riiigl , mi uulr or lau.ii * or aingle prntl nn-n, ma tie bail nil rniM .liable ternm in ihr abort; oral elana ln.u r. ,-7 east twknty-emiitu street, near (J I Kuurai avenue.?A luu:Room, wan conven.eut ili.-ii?. on tin- (!iii J*, an I tine tonne I.up llnoui* on 111 i .1 it 11 IliHir, Biiila'ile for genii, men ami taelr nivei, ana II * \r 1 Hi Bonn. N i moving in May. Ke ?ri ncea eai In. 1 pcd. 7Q .'.KINO STREET, THREE LOOKS FKOK BROAD. I O May. T . li t ha . Inouu ly lun l-he l room* to lOitple 1.1 Ii'lmuvu 1 Hie local Ulll in nil* all I lie. * rat eima bu.cia aud I Us nl' aniUMimeut 1 nailing room fie-. Impure ol aNh' 'N HOt SK. (Oft KAcT TAENTYHRSr STREET, (iKAMER Y OU p ira.?To'.el, a anil o' KurnUhpu R m on, with H ., 4, o.itrr floor, miltabl" foi a fnrl'y of r> *pe lability; hone? .1*1 clone and beaiui. ully located bolw. cn Eosington and fourth aveuuea. (? ! iTkI.K I' STREET. AlitiVK MIUNO, AI.SIO.M 1*1) lln *r.? Elegantly (urnlsbeil *ulla of Kooiun, (a*. Oral in and evny co nnili ure lor ho.inekrepln.; nennouil. en ly. euRable for amall regpeetabln liuiiliiea or tingle pi nilm ii n. Knit ) <w t > |*rmauenl tenanle. 1|1(V WEBTT FOURTEENTH NTKi.ET ? A EAKOE ilj J l'a lor. Willi II dronin coiinnuiin ating. on amond flour, to let, with bratebmaM?am. Fa.i.illae. ample pen nmen ivlain 113 pnuil eec.uiiinolauuUi will tnnl It worthy their alleutiou. llo.iae ia a very linn one ami I .rati 111 unauriaaaed i ?j|; I HUM I 8 i.S STREET ? A~ KEW IESFE'TAULB lOJ >01,11 _ me.1 have jooi Board ami Weil wot liat. <1 Ro 0i.e. a an ringl* Rooma, on vrry reaaoua hc tarnia. Ball? r an and ga? ill the house. 1??? l'RINOE STKEET-ST? CLAJR IToCSE.-ELBAviv) caiillv f.irn.eheil Boom*, with Bedrooms a tacb.'d. m ih ail the cuii*. i. leu, i a i?r housekeeping complete, loelidinggn?anil Croton water, 10 let to reepcctabia families ut single gmillem 11. ilia elm ktitektTnkar spring.?flKNiauko Ael'r Apartment* lor Inuiied.ateoceupanry. Tneloweat rente In thr city, considering the cunt, nlenor of economy in t '.uaekeeping. bedding and furukoiv, with rang*, nooklag ulrnsila and linen c .mnieie; gas and Cmion. 11 iir ur0adway, between TWENTf-FlFTH .1?itj an I Twrnt.,-*lxtlv alreet?, oppoln Vadium aqwtre. -K'.'tinnt new ni y n w lie I -cu rd, furnished or un: urniahe.l, single "r In su.ta DGITIHTRT. ===== Artificial tbetll -WK continue to EXTRACT i'e Hi In two seconds, without pain, with our bouuui >lng fluid. No extra charge for l-inpmwry net* or extracting. Tc. tli inserted without extract n* the roota, on our Improved . aimospher c pressure platen. Our rhemtoa.iy pure Ohlorolortn aim Kiher adnrnl-iered without the xdgnteat danger. Piaaaerall anil eiatnlnc aiterlnc-tia before goliv; el sewIIera. Ilia. HI RUIN k ROUSSEAU, 573 Canal street, opposite Writ Broa In ay. Artificial teetii.?dr. durkin continues tc extra.t Te -Ih In two aerotid?,withoul the allghtest pain with hi* Hoatimlnnt Fluid and Kleetno Currani. No extra charge for temporary acta or eitra<tiiitf. Teclh In-crtea without eitra-Hug the roota, on my Improred aiuioapherW pr. aanre phtiea ChemicaU, pure coloro.oriu and eihcr ad mlm-tercd without the slightest danger. Flea*c rail and e* amine-P 'elmena before (.una e aewherw. DR. R. U. DUE KIN, 37JC*nal ttrrel, opposite Weal Broadway. _____ __ DR. c. At white'S LVI'R'IVED abtihiciai Teeth.?Whole aet I rnm fi upwards. Tee.h ftllcd with told from *1 rent* to$l. All ?0.It warrant, d limt rlaarf lr. geo. white, 13 Bond nreei New York. Di. C. A WHITE, 717 Arch street, Philadelphia. tkr. h'thf.r, dentist (20 vb\rfl)?removed TC XJ lot Kaat Tweniy -.ra. iid atreet; diacorerer or the aaeaM of rendetlna chloroiorin icrle tly liawn'i ?* In extracting Real artificial l eih, any atyla daaired, 80 rents to $3 80 aa. lv tl. nnliie hone Uillngs 80 c.utaj gold and plallua do. In proportion. _ Having had one tooth extracted, without leHIng any twin whatever, by Dr. J. JaV V1L1.KR* IA-, Grand "tre I, Irlifl rfnlly m o nincnd him to Humhi sun fTrlrigfrein toothache. ALBERT M. CHAPTN, h if lb arenue and Third atreet, Brooklyn. rriktil FILLED with gold IN THE RKST FOML 1 atlde manner, free of charge; teeth eit.a ted Without ar.oiid atf it, N. Y. _____ IV HOLE OR PARTIAL SETS OF TEETH, MOUNTED If are,w.ling iwlhe lateat and moat appeared pftnetr lea of i i ?l arlenee, itiltatlng r.alnre to life, and warranted, alat ir.oh .iiled or egtr.ieted without pain. Nervon* persona ant nl rctoli ng senile as well aa rel ahle operation-aie ?*pa , iai'y incited in the old fltiabH?hed r.Mimaof the undersigned ' PrtoM greatly reduced nnil" June 1, D-. BLAKENEV.W Sixth aceuu*.

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